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22.06 — 17.11


The voyages of the Vikings created a cultural network that stretched from the North Atlantic to the Caspian Sea. The ship was a crucial factor, represented by Roskilde 6 – the heart of The National Museum’s 2013 Viking exhibition. The life of the ship from newly built warship to wreck has inspired the four

themes of the exhibition: The Viking World, Raids & War, Power & Glory and Belief & Ritual. In this way the exhibition sets focus on the Vikings’ society, religion, peaceful – and violent – expansions and international connections through both old and new archaeological finds.

1st Floor Egmont Hall Power & Glory 4 Belief & Ritual 4

Teaching/ Seating Area


4 Formed by the Ship

The Viking World

4 4

Raids & War


6 8


Viking shop


Seating 2 Area 2

1. Game chip collection 2. Game login 3. Entrance (have your ticket ready) 4. Game stations 5. Dress as a viking 6. Interactive runestone 7. Exit 8. Recycle box for this flyer

Age: 10 and upwards

THE FIRST RAID is an interactive computer game at the VIKING exhibition. The game is about wealth, strength, power and belief and can be played across several interactive game stations. These are activated by a chip. You can get the chip and login at the exhibition entrance.

The game remembers your actions and leads up to a Viking raid, which tests whether or not you have become a REAL VIKING. At the end of the game you can share your results on Facebook.


Viking Catalogue (Available in English and in Danish) 198 kr. / 27€

Thor´s Hammer in sterling silver 598 kr. / 80€

High quality Viking helmet for children 148 kr. / 20€

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Practical Information Access to Viking requires a ticket. Please note that the ticket entitles you to a one-hour visit in the exhibition. To ensure a pleasant visit for all, we kindly ask you to respect this. Tickets can be collected in the information stand in the lobby on the ground floor. Tickets are also available on (online booking fee 10 kr.) Exhibition texts can be enlarged on all touch screens. Also available for downloads on smart phones via QR tags placed outside the exhibition. Free public Wi-Fi: Natmus_Free_Wifi Public guided tours of about 50 minutes duration are available in English and Danish. Price 30 kr. (Free under 18 years). Tickets are on sale at the information stand or online on Book a guided tour (max. 30 persons) in English or Danish on Price from 800 kr. Backpacks, large bags, food and beverages are not allowed in the exhibition. Flash photography is not allowed. New Nordic Viking food is served in the cafe on the ground floor and in the restaurant on the first floor. The exhibition travels: London: March — June 2014, Berlin: September 2014 — January 2015

The exhibition is a result of a collaboration between British Museum, London, Museum für Vor- und Frügeschichte, Berlin and Nationalmuseet, Copenhagen.