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2021Wrapped NICA brief 2021 report

Welcoming innovation If there’s one thing we love to do at NICA, it’s to welcome innovation. In any form: whether it is a business model, the shape of an object, a technology, a service, or an idea on paper. Understanding the potential of that innovation for the wellbeing of society and helping it reach its full potential with the help of our intelligence is our mission and in our DNA. It seemed an almost natural sign of recognition to be among the first organisations in the UK to be visited by George Freeman MP, Minister for Science, Research and Innovation.


NICA’s 2021 (at a Be the trend (instead of following them) NICA has been quoted as one of the trends of 2022 by TrendWatching, the world's leading observatory of applied business trends.

Internet of Caring Things NICA has been awarded with a 5-year project funded via North of Tyne Combined Authority till 2026 to help drive strategic change in the NTCA economy

Bringing NICA and Newcastle to the top of the world’s mind NICA was nominated as one of the 4 finalists in the urban development category (among 6,000 entries) for the Newcastle, City of Longevity project.

glance) UK-China In 2020, NICA has been awarded a £3m 3-year project funded via Innovate UK to Jan 2024. We operationally started in 2021 developing a demonstrator of innovations to help UK and China citizens to live healthier, longer lives.

Longevity as a Service™ In May we launched our flagship mission to democratize longevity - bring it out of the labs, out of the sphere of recommendations and complex scientific narrative - and directly into people’s daily lives.

Digitising the human experience The reopening of The Catalyst meant we could finalise our human data driven approach, collecting implicit data on top of explicit ones.

VOICE goes Global In April 2021 we opened our first international VOICE® citizen chapter in the USA, followed in November by the Canada chapter.


Agenda 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Communications & E Outreach Innovation, impact, rese Programmes 2022





We’ve been quoted

in The Financial Times, The Times, BBC, The Telegraph, The Strait Times of Singapore, Research Fortnight, UKSPA Magazine, North East Times,



NICA on Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch on

ITV News coverage of Gita trial on 25/03/2021

ITV News Anglia covering our appearance at British Science Festival on 13/09/2021

BBC Look North coverage of Gita trial on 24/03/2021

We’ve been quoted in BBC1, ITV, Channel 4

n 29/09/2021


Outdoor City of Longevity billboard in Times Square, NYC on 18/08/2021

Newcastle Airport advert in situ

Produced Media/T

The Carer in Us/The Skills in Us At NICA, we strongly believe in using new languages to promote a more modern narrative that better engages both new generations and stakeholders. In this vein, in 2021 we self-produced The Carer in Us series to promote the stories of informal carers and The Skills in Us series to promote the exchange of skills between generations.

Video campaigns


Hosted Events/The

A very special event, where - under screening The Skills in Us series opportunity to invite the film's pa share their stories with N


e Skills in Us

r the guise of - we took the articipants to NU students.


PFF is interested not only in NICA's research agenda but also in its community partnership model, working with various local and regional entities and organizations, so as to improve our products, refine their capabilities, and, most important of all, to contribute to the building of thriving neighborhoods and Jeffrey Schnapp, Co-Fo communities.


Piaggio Fast Forward

The Catalyst | 3 Science Square | Newcastle Helix | Newcast

ounder and Chief Visionary Officer,

tle upon Tyne | NE4 5TG


Hosted Events/Live

NICA hosted autho ‘Live Longer with A the speech of Geo Research and Inno Kippin (NTCA), Pa

e Longer with AI

or and social entrepreneur Tina Woods for AI’ on 24/09/2021. The event was opened by orge Freeman MP, Minister for Science, ovation, and involved the panellists Henry aul Watson (NICD). Prof. Lynne Corner (NICA).


Hosted Events/ Home Alone


Hosted Events/Suc

Su Th

cking Eggs

ucking Eggs, co-written by VOICE® members, was performed at Alphabetti heatre in June and projected at The Catalyst in September

Agenda 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Communications & Even Outreach Innovation, impact, rese Programmes 2022





We’ve delivered #agein Conference / Zhonggua 2021/ Evaluation Panel Innovation Challenge o Singapore Ministry of H

ngintelligence to: UKSPA various events / Beauty Trends conference / Built Environment ancun (ZGC) Innovation Forum, Beijing, 9th Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards l (EP) for the Grant Call on Caregiving Ecosystem (CareEco) under Singapore’s National on Active and confident Ageing (NIC on Ageing)/ National Medical Research Council, Health (follow)



We’ve delivered #agein Hong Kong, OK Demen

ngintelligence to: UKRI, The European Union, Center for Ageing Better, EnableFoundation ntia™ Festival, Wisr, James Cook University, Catapult (follow)


We’ve delivered #agein Università Carttolica, In Editore, Università Bico

ngintelligence to: ILC work for tomorrow, the Science Festival, 3M Diversity Conference, ntegenerational Conference, Harvard Medical School, Dorchester Collection, Mondadori occa, Tokio University


The Catalyst | 3 Science Square | Newcastle Helix | Newcast

Sanjay Lobo, Founder and CEO of onHand


n Tyne | NE4 5TG

Without NICA we simply would not be where we are today. From customer connections to investor introductions to in-depth impact studies, NICA have played a key role in the critical moments of our business growth.

VOICE going glob ®

Ageing is not a one-size-fit-all process and local socio-economic factors are key elements to be considered in designing a more equal and inclusive society as well as a healthier and engaged community for longer. We are continually developing partnerships with strategic organisations where mutual interaction, ethical principles, vision and market approach are shared and beneficial to both the actors. This is an ongoing process, leveraging our position as the UK’s National Innovation Centre for Ageing, and the commercialisation of products and services related to healthy ageing.



Existing NICA Regional Hub

Existing VOICE Chapter

VOICE chapter opening in 2022

VOICE chapter opening 2023

bal In April 2021 we opened our first international VOICE® citizen chapter in the USA, followed by the Canada chapter in November. Agreement for opening in Italy and Australia are ongoing, as well as China and Singapore. This represents a gateway to allow our clients and partners to access and understand global markets from a privileged path and engage diverse cultural and personal background.


VOICE growth ®


Th pu Ed VO im inf the

From Byker to Bournemouth: a collaboration for VOICE

The agreement via Bournemout (Public Involvement in Educatio Partnership and the Clinical Res university PPI/E teams to utilise platform to coordinate their invo initiatives, activities and program that VOICE® members across t opportunity to contribute to, sh valuable health and social care out by Bournemouth University

brand-new collaboration agreement with the University of Edinburgh

he agreement, via the Advanced Care Research Centre (ACRC), will empower patient and ublic involvement and engagement (PPIE) teams across the University of dinburgh to make use of the VOICE® digital platform tools, whilst they also grow the OICE® community in Scotland. As with all of our collaborations, this will have a significant mpact on the experience of our valued VOICE® members, as members will now be able to fluence and shape the fantastic research being carried out by the ACRC and e University of Edinburgh.

a new

th University’s PIER on & Research) search Unit will enable e the VOICE® digital olvement & engagement ms. Crucially, this means the UK will now have the hape and drive the research being carried y research teams.

The Grand VOICE® survey: understanding the demographic profile of VOICE® members to better engage them and better serve our clients

Agenda 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Communications & Even Outreach Innovation, impact, r Programmes 2022




NICA is the trend The success of NICA's applied research is measured in customer engagements and business platforms rather than in papers and conferences. To be cited as one of the trends of 2022 by TrendWatching, the world's leading observatory of applied business trends, is not only an extraordinary event, but also a testament to our approach and the

consolidation of our reputation. In fact, we don’t only just suggest trends for clients to follow, we are a trend ourselves and therefore credible by clients both in discovering and building and delivering innovation.


Publications, rese NICA co-authored DIT’s Healthy Ageing report on 16/11/2021

earch, mentions NICA is delighted to have authored the concluding chapter of the World Bank’s report on Demographic Trends and Urbanization and to be part of the global conversation on how to respond to demographic trends in urban environments.

This report draws on 24 case studies to illustrate what university-based social scientists are already doing to make places in the UK better – to ‘level up’ economic and social outcomes in different parts of the UK. NICA is one of the case studies.

Publications, rese

We co-authored the impact and feedback report from the onHand/NBS/NICA experience. A crucial source of data to understand the impact of volunteering in organization on mental wellbeing and intergenerational narratives

earch, mentions We’ve been mentioned in UKRI’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund report with our case histories.

In collaboration with CIRKEL/USA we published a first of a kind cross-national report on intergenerational dialogue in the workplace.

Digitising the hum Today, machines translate languages, recognize objects and spoken speech. Digitization has suddenly and massively increased our capacity to represent and transfer human experience by empowering us to represent new aspects which were difficult to capture and illustrate before - such as movements, space - and to provide new insights and perspectives.


The Catalyst | 3 Science Square | Newcastle Helix | Newcast

man experience Combining our decades of experience in harnessing the knowledge of citizens and their stakeholders – and now utilising the full range of cognitive technologies in our brand new Insight Suite we are developing new ways of interpreting people's experiences, transforming a wide range of information and emotions into data -generating new actionable insights for enterprises, researchers, innovation de-risking.

tle upon Tyne | NE4 5TG


The image in the background is from one of the live session of human experience digitisation run in the Insight Suite for Symphysismedical

™ Horizoning What’s on the Horizon? What’s in the pipeline? What’s the next ‘big thing”? We bring value to businesses through our evidence and data-driven horizon scanning and trend analysis programme: Horizoning™. We know how to identify the key questions, explore gaps, unmet needs and “unknown unknowns”. Involving consumers is always a core to

Horizoning report for the Newcastle’s CAV

Horizoning report for NGI and Newcastle City Council

our approach and consumers are always a core and integral part of our Horizoning ™ team – alongside global experts. We share a purpose to together challenge assumptions, change mind-sets and to imagine and anticipate radically different future scenarios. In 2021 we defined the methodologies and delivered our first three reports.


NICA is partnering with the Design Age Institute with a designer in residence at NICA looking at robots and mobility for older people (GITA with Piaggio Fast Forward) and new models of banking.

In 2021

We’ve partnered &

& worked with:

Agenda 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Communications & Even Outreach Innovation, impact, rese Programmes 2022




UK-China Project

t • £3m 3 -year project funded via Innovate UK to Jan 2024 • To develop and sustain an innovation demonstrator focussed on the development of goods & services which support the citizens of both countries to age well and remain independent for longer • Primarily examining areas of mobility & gait, and adaptations to urban environments • Initial operational focus is Beijing

Internet of Caring

• 5-year project funded via North of Tyne Combined Authority till 2026. Starting in 01/202

• IoCT: a network of connected objects and cognitive systems with a clear mission: to act people and what matter in their lives.

• Drive strategic change in the NTCA economy making the region the best place to innova and longevity, involving (all) business organizations in leading the internet-linked devices (Internet of Caring Things™) cluster that can help people live (at home) for longer and st to family and friends.

g Things


tively care for

ate for ageing s and services tay connected



Longevity as a Se Preventing people from becoming patients

• Launch on Long

• Our mis recomm the peo the initi

• Involvin cross-g lives an



hed at Longevity Leaders Conference in May 2021, is NICA’s business Engagement engine gevity

ssion – to democratize longevity - bring it out of the labs, out of the sphere of mendations and complex scientific narrative - and directly into people’s daily lives, making ople, as citizens or employees, not only the beneficiaries of longer, healthier lives, but also iators themselves – consciously and informed - of the same process.

ng consumers in the design, development and delivery of solutions – people of all ages, generations, different backgrounds and circumstances, along the different contexts of their nd experiences.

City of Longevity NCL City of Longevity is an evidence-based set of tools for cities (City councils) to help citizens and tourists live longer, healthier lives, by suggesting (not imposing) behavioral advices delivered through the high-streets in day-to-day activities like dining, shopping, walking. It is replicable, sustainable, measurable.


What’s the point of talking about the future of urban areas in conferences and papers only?

City of Longevity

NICA’s City of Longevity was nominated as one of the 4 finalists in Urban Development category. We’ve been quoted in the Nasdaq’s Times Square (NY) Billboard as part of the candidature support. Final winner was Singapore’s Changi Airport redeployment project (congrats!).

finalist at MIPIM

Agenda 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Communications & Even Outreach Innovation, impact, rese Programmes 2022




Looking forward to 2022 What are the challenges and opportunities that await us in 2022? Hard to say while we are still in the midst of a pandemic. Nobody has a crystal ball. However, if we needed any confirmation, the past year has reminded us of how discrimination and inequality in access to services, care, education, are still tangible challenges, always on a worrying accelerating trajectory, which will require much more than the efforts we have all tried to put in over the past year. However, at the same time, we have also been able to clearly intercept the signs that the demographic revolution - certainly not new, but increasingly evident represents an exceptional opportunity not so much to change the pace of acceleration as to divert its trajectory. The shift from an Ageing Society to a Longevity Society is not just a nice headline, it is a conceptual platform on which to play the game of the future. We have increasingly sophisticated tools to try to imagine a more equitable, integrated, evolved society. So where will we invest our energies in 2022 to explore and propose our approach to innovation? We will invest in redefining cities and their relationship with rural areas, communities and mobility. We will invest in exploring how increasingly promising technologies such as robotics, virtual reality, blockchain can help us live healthier longer lives, improve our relationship with others, protect our environment, while safeguarding our privacy. We will invest in creating a new class of intelligent objects and contexts - we named them “Caring Things” - that can interact with older people, their stakeholders and the things they care about in a way that is less merely functional and more human and consistent.

We will invest in workplaces and in their role as drivers of innovation to open a dialogue between generations. We will invest in data, in its collection, but above all in its interpretation, so as to offer insights with a profound meaning and related to real life, not to its ideal representation. We will invest, finally and above all, in understanding people even better, in listening to them, in interpreting their needs and desires and translating them into practical solutions for them and opportunities for innovators, researchers and business. This is perhaps what we do best and what matters most to us. Happy new year. See you in 2022.

Join us in bringing intelligence to ageing & longevity. | | The Catalyst | 3 Science Square | Newcastle Helix | Newcastle upon Tyne | NE4 5TG


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