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On cover: Michael Cook UNDISCOVERED #3 2010 125 x 100 cm Inkjet print Purchased 2010. Collection of National Gallery of Australia, Canberra. Courtesy of the artist and Andrew Baker Art Dealer.

Copyright in the content in this brochure may also reside in persons and entities other than, and in addition to the Gallery. The Gallery seeks to share our artworks with as many people as we can. We are fully committed to respecting the intellectual property rights of others and always use our best efforts to obtain permission for artwork images used. Please contact us should you have any queries about this. Unless otherwise mentioned, all artwork images have been provided through the courtesy of National Heritage Board and artworks featured are National Gallery Singapore collection. The Gallery Guide is published by National Gallery Singapore. All rights reserved. Materials in this publication may not be reproduced in part or in whole without written consent of the Gallery. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information within this brochure. However, changes are sometimes unavoidable and the Gallery reserves the right to make modifications to the programmes and ticketing policy without prior notice. Please visit for the most updated information. The views and opinions expressed by speakers, facilitators and docents at the workshops and tours do not necessarily represent the position of the Gallery. Published in December 2016. All information is correct at time of print.


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GALLERY U N V E I LI N G M O D E R N S I N G A P O R E A N D SOU TH E A S T A S I A N A R T National Gallery Singapore is a visual arts institution which oversees the largest public collection of modern art in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Situated in the heart of the Civic District, the Gallery is housed in two national monuments— City Hall and former Supreme Court—that have been beautifully restored and transformed into this exciting venue. Reflecting Singapore’s unique heritage and geographical location, the Gallery features Singapore and Southeast Asian art from Singapore’s National Collection in its long-term and special exhibitions. The Gallery also works with international museums to jointly present Southeast Asian art in the global context, positioning Singapore as a regional and international hub for the visual arts.

BOARD MEMBERS Hsieh Fu Hua (Chairman) Jose Isidro N (Lito) Camacho Chew Choon Seng Chong Siak Ching Rosa Daniel Jane Ittogi Kwee Liong Seen Dr Kenson Kwok Kathy Lai Benson Puah Dr Suriani Suratman Wee Sin Tho



Dear friends, 2016 was a whirlwind year for the Gallery with its fair share of pleasant surprises and new milestones. In the last quarter, we opened our second international exhibition Artist and Empire: (En)countering Colonial Legacies; unveiled the first showcase of the Ng Teng Fong Rooftop Garden Commission series by award-winning conceptual artist Danh Vo; and capped off the year with a celebration of our first anniversary at the Light to Night Festival, which featured over 60 programmes across two weekends. On the international stage, we were thrilled to be awarded “Museum Opening of the Year” at the Apollo Awards and recognised at the World Architecture Festival in Berlin. We also won the awards for “Best Attraction Experience”, “Breakthrough Contribution to Tourism” and “Best Customer Service (Attractions)” at the prestigious Singapore Tourism Awards. These are a testament to the dedication of our staff and strong support that we have received from our visitors. In 2017, we will continue to bring new and inspiring experiences to all our visitors. We kick off the year with a slew of programmes in conjunction with Singapore Art Week 2017 that invite you behind the scenes of a museum. Gallery ticket holders and Insiders can also enjoy a 20% discount on entry passes to Singapore Biennale 2016 which closes in February. In March, we launch two new ink exhibitions, which showcase the art of Chen Chong Swee and the extensive Xiu Hai Lou Collection. Don’t miss the chance to visit your favourite spaces at the Keppel Centre for Art Education. The Centre will be closed at the end of March to make way for four exciting new spaces in May. We look forward to welcoming you—be it for the first time, or back again—to National Gallery Singapore

Eugene Tan Director, National Gallery Singapore




DID YOU KNOW? Ibrahim Hussein was a renowned Malaysian artist who developed “printage� in the 1960s pop art era. This was his own approach which combined print and collage. View this work at UOB Southeast Asia Gallery 9.

Ibrahim Hussein Farewell to New York 1969 Printage, acrylic on canvas Collection of Zain Azahari








ART TALK (p. 25) Iskandar Jalil: Inspired and Inspiring By Dr Suriani Suratman

NEW YEAR OPEN HOUSE (p. 22) Free admission to all galleries

8 SUN WORKSHOP (p. 24) Collograph Printing Workshop: You Are You, Truer Than True By Mary Bernadette Lee Image: The SBT Trio


10 FRI


SPECIAL TOUR (p. 21) Artist and Empire: (En)countering Colonial Legacies

WORKSHOP (p. 24) Collograph Printing Workshop: You Are You, Truer Than True By Mary Bernadette Lee

Led by Low Sze Wee (Director, Curatorial, Collections & Education, National Gallery Singapore)

Image: Mary Bernadette Lee

Andrew Gilbert. British Infantry Advance on Jerusalem, 4th of July, 1879. 2015. Mixed media. Variable dimensions. Collection of the artist. © Tate, London 2016.





10 FRI

ART TALK (p. 27) Raffles: National Identity and the Aesthetisication of Colonial Power


By Dr Chris Hudson

Led by Low Sze Wee (Director, Curatorial, Collections & Education, National Gallery Singapore)

Artist and Empire: (En)countering Colonial Legacies

11-22 WED-SUN

28-30 SAT-MON



(p. 22)

Free admission to all galleries

15 SUN ART TALK (p. 25) Iskandar Jalil: Preparing For A Disaster By Iskandar Jalil Image: Lawrence Chong

12 SUN RESONATES WITH (p. 23) FAMILY WEEKENDS (p. 30) Sketch Sundays

25 SAT ART TALK (p. 26) Civilisations in Ruin: Raffles and the Course of Empire By Dr Sarah Tiffin

11 SAT



Zhang Daqian. A Cottage Amidst in Mount Xishan. 1947. Xiu Hai Lou Collection.

STROKES OF LIFE: THE ART OF CHEN CHONG SWEE (p. 16) After Bath. 1952. Chinese ink and colour on paper. 76 × 119 cm. Gift of the Family of the Late Chen Chong Swee.


LONG -TERM EXHIBITIONS SIAPA NAMA K AMU? Art in Singapore since the 19 th Century Ongoing | City Hall Wing, Level 2, DBS Singapore Gallery Chen Wen Hsi. Two Gibbons Amidst Vines. Undated. Chinese ink and colour on paper. 49 × 70 cm. Gift of Dr Earl Lu. Collection of Singapore Art Museum. On display at DBS Singapore Gallery 2.

“Siapa Nama Kamu?” means “What is your name?” The inaugural exhibition of the DBS Singapore Gallery poses this question, inviting visitors to consider how art may relate to issues of self and community, and what it means to look at Singapore through its art. Siapa Nama Kamu? weaves together a rich and captivating narrative of artworks in a broadly chronological sequence, covering Singapore’s art history from the 19th century to the present day. Drawing on close to 400 works, it explores the influences and practices that have shaped and transformed Singapore art. Liu Kang Gallery Located within the DBS Singapore Gallery, this space commemorates pioneer artist Liu Kang’s role in the development of modern art in Singapore. In 2003, Liu Kang (1911–2004) and his wife Chen Jen Pin (1913–2009) generously donated over 1,000 paintings and works on paper to the National Collection, forming the largest donation of a single artist’s work to the Collection to date. The DBS Singapore Gallery is made possible through a gift by DBS Bank.


BET WEEN DECLARATIONS AND DREAMS: Art of Southeast Asia since the 19 th Century Ongoing | Supreme Court Wing, Levels 3–5, UOB Southeast Asia Gallery

Housed in the former Supreme Court building, the UOB Southeast Asia Gallery presents an exhibition on the art of Southeast Asia through shared artistic impulses across the region. Starting in the 19th century, the history of Southeast Asian art is characterised by a continuous encounter with the new, and is inseparably linked to the region’s tumultuous social and political history. The meaning and expression of art was constantly negotiated as artists of Southeast Asia sought to incorporate and reinvent local expressions and aesthetic traditions as they grappled with modernity. Travel Back in Time: Peer through the lens of a stereoscope. This optical instrument will give you a glimpse of life in the 19th century in 3D. Be Inspired: How do artists find inspiration? From an artist’s sketch to a poem, different pieces reveal more about the creative process behind the works. The UOB Southeast Asia Gallery is made possible through a gift by United Overseas Bank.

Chuah Thean Teng. Morning. c. 1960-1963. Batik on cloth. 112 × 173 cm. Collection of National Gallery Singapore. On display at UOB Southeast Asia Gallery 8.


SPECIAL EXHIBITIONS ISKANDAR JALIL: KEMBARA TANAH LIAT (Clay Travels) 1 Sep 2016–28 Feb 2017 | Concourse, Level B1, The Ngee Ann Kongsi Concourse Gallery & Concourse Gallery 2

Iskandar Jalil. 3 Gundus. 2006. Cobalt and copper barium glazes, mixed clay. Various dimensions. Collection of Far East Organization. On display in The Ngee Ann Kongsi Concourse Gallery.

This is the first major survey of leading Singapore ceramicist and Cultural Medallion recipient Iskandar Jalil’s career. Drawing on close to 200 works from the 1960s till today, this exhibition traces the journeys and diverse cultural sources which inform his works and practice of ceramic art. Iskandar’s deep relationship with clay has shaped his practice as a potter and his philosophy on life. Kembara Tanah Liat (Clay Travels) in the exhibition title refers to his life-long dialogue with clay and belief that the material is imbued with the identities and characteristics of the land from which it comes. This exhibition explores the practice of ceramic art, challenges the conventional view of it and underlines its place in the history of modern art in Southeast Asia and beyond. 10

ARTIST AND EMPIRE: (EN)COUNTERING COLONIAL LEGACIES 6 Oct 2016–26 Mar 2017 | City Hall Wing, Level 3, Singtel Special Exhibition Gallery Thomas Jones Barker. 'The Secret of England’s Greatness' (Queen Victoria Presenting A Bible in the Audience Chamber at Windsor). c. 1863. Oil on canvas. 167.6 × 213.8 cm. Collection of National Portrait Gallery, London. © National Portrait Gallery, London. On display at Singtel Special Exhibition Gallery 2.

Present your Singapore Biennale 2016 ticket at our Ticketing Counters to enjoy a 20% discount on this special exhibition.

Organised in association with Tate Britain, the Gallery’s second international exhibition explores the different ways in which the British Empire has been represented and contested through art. It critically examines art produced for the British Empire from a contemporary perspective, and features viewpoints from Southeast Asia. The exhibition also takes a close look at the relationship between colonial experience and the rise of modern art in former colonies such as Singapore, with a special focus on Sir Stamford Raffles. Ranging from the 16th century to the present day, Artist and Empire: (En)countering Colonial Legacies draws upon close to 200 works from international and regional collections as well as Singapore institutions. The Singtel Special Exhibition Gallery is made possible through a gift by Singtel. ORGANISED BY





Organised by the National Archives of Singapore (NAS) and the National Library Board (NLB), this exhibition explores the history of Singapore’s constitutional development from a British colony in 1819 to its emergence as a sovereign republic in 1965. It presents a selection of 23 rare documents from the NAS and NLB's collections, each capturing a key moment in Singapore's legal history and journey to independence.




Third Charter of Justice, 1855 This document affirmed the reception of English law in Singapore and provided the settlement with its own professional judge (then known as a Recorder).

NG TENG FONG ROOF GARDEN COMMISSION: DANH VO 4 Nov 2016–31 Aug 2017 | City Hall Wing, Level 5, Ng Teng Fong Roof Garden Gallery

Vietnamese-born Danish artist Danh Vo presents a series of compelling new sculptures as part of his first outdoor installation in Singapore. Vo’s work often draws upon personal experience to explore broader historical, social or political themes, particularly those relating to the history of Vietnam at the close of the 20th century. A continuation of his existing practice, this installation explores issues of cross-cultural identity and the definition of cultural values. This is the inaugural exhibition of the Ng Teng Fong Roof Garden Commission series, which invites leading international artists to create site-specific installations at the Ng Teng Fong Roof Garden Gallery, made possible by a gift from the family of Ng Teng Fong.



SPECIAL EXHIBITIONS WU GUANZHONG: A WALK THROUGH NATURE 吴冠中:风景哪边好 Ongoing | City Hall Wing, Level 4, Wu Guanzhong Gallery

Wu Guanzhong travelled widely across China in his lifetime, covering numerous cities and drawing inspiration from the rivers, mountains and towns that he encountered. This exhibition explores about 16 works which Wu painted of China from the 1960s until the 2000s. Join Wu on his search for beauty—not only in the landscape, but also within the painted forms in his work. This is the first in a series of exhibitions at the Wu Guanzhong Gallery. On an annual rotation basis, this dedicated space showcases works donated by Wu and his family, within the wider context of ink aesthetics and art history. The most valuable donation ever made to a Singapore museum to date, this is the largest holding of his work in a public museum in the world.


(left) Wu Guanzhong. Red Lanterns. 2000. Oil on canvas. 80.9 × 65.5 × 3 cm. Gift of the artist and his family. (right) Wu Guanzhong. Jungle at the Foot of the Yulong Mountains. 1978. Oil on canvas. 76.3 × 65.3. Gift of the artist and his family.

REDISCOVERING TREASURES: INK ART FROM THE XIU HAI LOU COLLECTION 袖中有东海:袖海楼水墨藏珍 11 Mar–3 Dec 2017 | City Hall Wing, Level 4, Wu Guanzhong Gallery

Xu Beihong. After a Poem of the Six Dynasties. 1939. Chinese ink and colour on paper. 101 x 202 cm.

The Xiu Hai Lou Collection is the largest and most established private collection of Chinese painting and calligraphy in Singapore today. Founded by the late Mr Yeo Khee Lim, it encompasses a rich variety of styles and genres, including works from different regional schools and esteemed masters. Drawing on close to 100 works from the Collection, this exhibition offers visitors a rare insight into the evolution of modern Chinese painting from tradition to modernity. Kids & Families: Young Collectors Step into the shoes of an art collector! Stop by the Gallery Cart, located outside the Wu Guanzhong Gallery, and learn about the practices of art collecting through fun hands-on activities.


SPECIAL EXHIBITIONS STROKES OF LIFE: THE ART OF CHEN CHONG SWEE 生机出笔端:陈宗瑞艺术特展 11 Mar–3 Dec 2017 | City Hall Wing, Level 4 Gallery

Chen Chong Swee Ice Kachang Vendor 1950s–1960s Chinese ink and colour on paper 51.4 × 53.3 cm Gift of the family of the late Chen Chong Swee

Chen Chong Swee was an important early Singapore artist and educator who made significant contributions to the development of the Singapore and Malaya art scenes. He was amongst the first artists in Singapore to incorporate local subjects in his works, depicting Malay village scenes in his ink paintings from as early as the 1930s. This show features key works from his six decade-long career. It highlights his proficiency in both Chinese and Western art traditions as well as his exploration and experimentation with Chinese painting techniques. Kids & Families: Young Collectors Step into the shoes of an art collector! Stop by the Gallery Cart, located outside the Level 4 Gallery, and learn about the practices of art collecting through fun hands-on activities. 16


This detailed scale model of the former Supreme Court and City Hall buildings presents a fascinating cross-section of the two neo-classical monuments and showcases the complexity of the Gallery’s extensive design. Gain insights into the challenges of integrating old and new architectural elements, and explore the seemingly labyrinth corridors at a single glance.

UNREALISED From Apr 2017

Unrealised is a virtual exhibition, accessible only via the Gallery Explorer. Three artists— Heman Chong, Ho Tzu Nyen and Erika Tan—have been commissioned to create new work specifically for a digital platform, in conversation with the narratives explored through the Gallery's long-term exhibitions. Available at the App Store and Google Play store from April 2017 onwards.

17 Images: Erika Tan's Apa Jika, The Mis-placed Comma


Climb a tree house, play with colour and light, and work in an artist's studio. The first dedicated art facility of its kind in Singapore and the region, Keppel Centre for Art Education offers a dynamic environment that will stimulate children's creativity and curiosity. Inspiring learning in new ways, it features four vibrant spaces conceptualised by artists and a digital interactive playscape. The Keppel Centre also provides an exciting line-up of programmes for youth, children and families all year round (p. 28) .

LAUNCHING MAY 2017! Look out for dynamic new spaces in the revamped Keppel Centre. Children will explore an immersive seascape, walk through a ceramic studio and create artworks inspired by the National Collection.

Located on Level 1 of the City Hall Wing, the Keppel Centre is easily accessible to schools and families with young children. Admission is free. The Keppel Centre for Art Education is made possible through a gift by Keppel Corporation.


G ALLE RY TOURS Explore the rich history of our buildings and collections by joining one of our guided tours led by trained docents. Registration opens 20 minutes before each tour at the Tours Desk located at Level B1. 20 slots are available on a first come, first served basis. Tours are free but admission fees to exhibitions may apply. Please note that there will no Mandarin tours from 27–30 Jan. BUILDINGS HIGHLIGHTS English daily 11am & Sat–Sun 3pm | Mandarin Fri–Sun 11.30am DBS SINGAPORE GALLERY HIGHLIGHTS English daily 2pm & Sat–Sun 10.30am | Mandarin Fri–Sun 2.30pm UOB SOUTHEAST ASIA GALLERY HIGHLIGHTS English daily 3.30pm | Mandarin Fri–Sun 4pm HIGHLIGHTS OF ISKANDAR JALIL: KEMBARA TANAH LIAT (CLAY TRAVELS) (Until 26 Feb) English Fri–Sun 10.30am HIGHLIGHTS OF ARTIST AND EMPIRE: (EN)COUNTERING COLONIAL LEGACIES (Until 26 Mar) English daily noon & Fri–Sun 2.30pm | Mandarin Fri–Sun 4.30pm | Japanese Sat 1.30pm (From 14 Jan) HIGHLIGHTS OF CHEN CHONG SWEE, XIU HAI LOU AND WU GUANZHONG EXHIBITIONS (From 24 Mar) English daily noon | Mandarin Sat–Sun 4.30pm LAW OF THE LAND HIGHLIGHTS English Sat 7 Jan, 21 Jan, 4 Feb, 18 Feb, 4 Mar, 18 Mar


G ALLE RY TOURS SPECIAL TOURS Gain deeper insights into the artworks and narratives of the exhibitions on special tours led by our curators. 20 slots available per tour. Tickets available through the Gallery and SISTIC websites and ticketing counters.

SPECIAL EDITION: OUTDOOR BUILDING HIGHLIGHTS TOUR (户外建筑特点) Sun 22 Jan, 26 Feb, 26 Mar English 9.30am & 9.45am, Mandarin 10am | Free Meet at the Jubilee Walk marker, Padang Atrium Entrance | 30 slots In collaboration with Car-Free Sunday, join us for a morning docent-led tour and discover the rich history and architecture of the former Supreme Court and City Hall buildings. Note: In the event of rain, tours will be conducted inside the Gallery.

INSIGHTS TOURS: LAW OF THE LAND Every Fri | 6.30pm | 45 min | Free Led by National Library Board curators To register, please visit


ISKANDAR JALIL: KEMBARA TANAH LIAT (CLAY TRAVELS) Fri 13 Jan | 7.30pm | 75 min | $25 Join Syed Muhammed Hafiz (Assistant Curator, National Gallery Singapore) and commissioned artist Gerald Leow as they discuss their trip to Japan with Iskandar in December 2015, and how this led to Leow producing his installation artwork, Some of you may be asked to leave, for the exhibition.

ARTIST AND EMPIRE: (EN)COUNTERING COLONIAL LEGACIES Fri 10 Feb, 10 Mar | 7.30pm | 75 min | $25 Led by Low Sze Wee (Director, Curatorial, Collections & Education, National Gallery Singapore) Andrew Gilbert. British Infantry Advance on Jerusalem, 4th of July, 1879. 2015. Mixed media. Variable dimensions. Collection of the artist. © Tate, London 2016.

GALLERY EXPLORER AUDIO TOURS Note: Earphones are required.

Artist and Empire Highlights

mrbrown meets High Commissioner Scott Wightman

22 stops | 45 min

6 stops | 15 min

Enrich your visit to Artist and Empire: (En)countering Colonial Legacies with the Gallery Explorer app. Explore key highlights of the exhibition or enjoy a light-hearted commentary by popular local blogger mrbrown and British High Commissioner Scott Wightman. INNOVATION PARTNER



NEW YEAR CELEBRATIONS Sun–Mon 1–2 Jan | 10am–5pm | Padang Atrium | Free admission to all exhibitions

Kick off the new year with a dose of art! Craft out your New Year’s resolution through a fun hands-on activity, explore the galleries on a family trail and enjoy a repertoire of pop, jazz and funk tunes by the SBT Trio.

ART WEEK AT THE GALLERY Wed–Sun 11–22 Jan | Various timings | Various locations

Go behind the scenes at the Gallery this Art Week. Get a rare glimpse into the Gallery’s archives, learn about the process of setting up an exhibition, and attend talks and screenings on topics ranging from the digitisation to conservation of artworks. Please visit see-do/highlights for more details.

CHINESE NEW YEAR Sat–Mon 28–30 Jan | 10am–5pm | Padang Atrium | Free admission to all exhibitions

Usher in the Year of the Rooster with a range of special activities or embark on a family trail to discover artworks that depict scenes from around Chinatown. Qi Baishi. Protecting its Young. 1945. Chinese ink and colour on paper. 68.5 x 34.5 cm. Xiu Hai Lou Collection.



RESONATES WITH Resonates With is a series featuring cross-genre collaborations between musical ensembles and contemporary musicians. The series is anchored by elements in the Gallery’s collections, architecture or building spaces that serve as catalysts for creative dialogue between musicians. Sat–Sun 1–30 Jan | 2pm, 3pm, 4pm | 30 min | Padang Atrium | Free

There’s no better way to begin the new year than with a host of feel-good performances. Delight in an eclectic mix of ethnic fusion pop music by the dynamic SBT Trio, classical music by the likes of Mozart and Crusell performed by Sparks Chamber Clarinet and rousing renditions of Chinese New Year festive tunes by your favourite local musicians. Sat–Sun 4–26 Feb | 2pm, 3pm, 4pm | 30 min | Padang Atrium | Free

Love is in the air this February! Enjoy music inspired by love and friendship, including a performance by gifted violinist and composer Kailin Yong in collaboration with notable local and international musicians. Sat–Sun 4–26 March | 2pm, 3pm, 4pm | 30 min | Padang Atrium | Free

In celebration of International Women’s Day, an all-female line-up of musicians across the genres of pop, jazz and musical theatre take the stage this March. Student musicians from the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music will also be presenting a selection of classical music.



Image: Mary Bernadette Lee

COLLOGRAPH PRINTING WORKSHOP: YOU ARE YOU, TRUER THAN TRUE Sun 8 Jan, 5 Feb, 5 Mar | 2–5pm | City Hall Wing, Level 1, Keppel Centre for Art Education Workshop 1 & 2 | $50 per session | Tickets available through the Gallery and SISTIC websites and ticketing counters | 20 slots per session

Echoing the themes explored in Artist and Empire, participants will create works that reflect how one’s sense of identity is shaped by culture in this workshop. Learn about the printmaking process and design your own collograph plate using cut shapes, texture media and other found materials. Yasmine 24


ISKANDAR JALIL: INSPIRED AND INSPIRING Sat 7 Jan | 3–4pm | Supreme Court Wing, Level 5, Glass Room | Free

Join academic and ceramic artist Dr Suriani Suratman, who trained under Iskandar Jalil, in a conversation with Syed Muhammad Hafiz (Assistant Curator, National Gallery Singapore). Dr Suriani will share her personal insights on Iskandar’s teaching philosophies and how his legacy continues to have an impact on the local art scene.

Image courtesy of Lawrence Chong

ISKANDAR JALIL: PREPARING FOR A DISASTER Sun 15 Jan | 3–5pm | City Hall Wing, Level 5, Rooftop Studios | Free

Don’t miss this rare chance to hear from Iskandar Jalil himself and observe him at work. In this exclusive programme developed in conjunction with Kembara Tanah Liat (Clay Travels), Iskandar will discuss his artistic practice and conduct a live pottery demonstration. To register, please email with participants' names and contact numbers



CIVILISATIONS IN RUIN: RAFFLES AND THE COURSE OF EMPIRE Sat 25 Feb | 3–4pm | Supreme Court Wing, Level 5, Glass Room | Free

When Raffles published his landmark book The History of Java in 1817, ruins were far more than mere architectural detritus of a former age. Images of ruins reminded people of the transience of human achievements, and stimulated broader philosophical enquiries into the rise and decline of entire empires. This talk by Dr Sarah Tiffin examines the picturesque appeal of ruins featured in The History of Java and the role that these images played in Britain’s own imperial ambitions in Southeast Asia.



Many images of imperial power in Singapore—such as the statue of Sir Stamford Raffles at the Raffles Landing Site—remind us that the nation began as an outpost of the British Empire. References to colonialism in places like Raffles Hotel, however, raise questions about how Singapore’s colonial past is remembered. This talk by Dr Chris Hudson will examine the creation and preservation of the Raffles brand in Singapore, its association with ideas of luxury and prestige, and the imagining of modern Singapore as an exotic and timeless relic of the colonial era.





Inspired by topographical maps of waterways of Singapore, colours, shapes and lines intersect to create a lively colour scape at the Art Corridor. Move colourful chips over hidden paths in the artwork, discover your favourite colour combinations and travel the longest distance without losing your chip.



A fantastical play area inspired by the idea of “entering a painting”, Sandra Lee's The Enchanted Tree House invites young visitors to meet Fynn the Fish-on-Sticks and his forest friends as they explore a magical forest and roam through a labyrinth. Discover mysteries, unexpected surprises and stories of friendship and courage along the way!




Home-a-Sapiens is an immersive environment that encourages creative thinking through hands-on experience. What might our future homes be like? What if our homes were mobile and could rise to the skies? Be inspired by the floating sculptures at Project Gallery and build your own homes of the future. Special activity kits are available at $4/kit





Step into the Children's Museum and enjoy a display of artworks, experiments and art tools that provide insights into the artistic process. Discover a wall of unusual objects created from found materials and create your own mini sculpture or "visual postcard" for the artist. Pocket sculpture starter kits are available at $2/kit



An interactive platform featuring a dayto-night forest-scape awaits the most curious visitor. Create your own hybrid animals using fantastical colours and patterns and discover how they interact with other animals in the woods. Receive a paper template via email to build your own animal at home.



Explore over 170 artworks from the exhibition Siapa Nama Kamu? on the multi-touch Social Table. Send an artwork to someone across the table and kickstart a dialogue about art, explore artist connections or create a poster of your favourite artworks.

Look out for new toddler and teen programmes as well as an upcoming Kids’ Club! 29

E V E NT S & AC TIV ITI E S FAMILY WEEKENDS Enjoy a line-up of parent-child programmes at the Keppel Centre for Art Education that use the Gallery’s collection as a springboard to introduce little ones to art. Designed in collaboration with artists and art practitioners, the programmes offer interactive experiences to awaken children’s natural curiosities and stretch their imagination to new levels.



ART EXPLORERS Sat–Sun 14–15 Jan, 11–12 Feb, 11–12 Mar | 11–11.30am, 1.30–2pm | Free*

Gain a new perspective on an artwork in the Gallery’s collection. Learn more about the artist and the art-making process through close-looking and hands-on exploration. SKETCH SUNDAYS Sun 15 Jan, 12 Feb | 2.30–4pm | $20 per adult-child pair | Tickets available through the Gallery and SISTIC websites and ticketing counters



Draw inspiration from the architecture of the Gallery’s historic buildings! This artist-led session imparts basic sketching techniques and skills.



STORIES IN ART Sat–Sun 14–15 Jan, 11–12 Feb, 11–12 Mar | 3.30–4pm | Free *

Dive into a world of stories that make artworks come alive! Listen and imagine along with storytellers and actors as you journey through a treasure trove of art in the galleries.



DROP-IN CRAFT Sat–Sun 14–15 Jan, 11–12 Feb | 1–6pm | Free

Get creative as a family through art-making activities inspired by artworks in the Gallery. * Please visit for registration details.


Step into the shoes of an art collector and learn about the practice of collecting Chinese ink paintings. Stop by the Gallery Cart located outside the Wu Guanzhong Gallery on Level 4 of the City Hall Wing. 30

SCH OOL PROG R AM M E S Our school programmes support teaching, learning and research in art and museum education. Guided school tours engage students and teachers in active discussions, developing visual observation and interpretation skills. Each tour lasts 70 minutes and slots are available on Mon–Fri, 10am–4pm. Studio workshops develop creative and critical thinking skills through art-making activities conducted by our Gallery educators. Each workshop lasts 120 minutes and slots are available on Mon–Fri, 10am–3pm. This quarter, our school programmes focus on artworks in our permanent galleries and special exhibitions. Registration is required 4 weeks in advance. Please email for enquiries or to register.

KINDERGARTEN Students will develop an appreciation for art through story-telling and acquire tactile sensibilities through hands-on exploration of art materials.

PRIMARY SCHOOL Students will understand the connection between art and history and learn more about artists, art and creativity through group discussions and activities.

SECONDARY SCHOOL Students will discover different narratives in art and develop visual literacy and interpretive abilities. They will also learn about social, cultural and historical contexts in art and deepen their understanding of the connection between art, society and history.

TERTIARY Students are encouraged to go on a self-guided tour using the Gallery Explorer App.


E D U CATOR S’ PROG R AM M E S The Gallery offers a variety of programmes to support educators in connecting students with art. These are designed to develop visual literacy, art interpretive skills and museum-based educational strategies. Each tour-cum-workshop lasts between 2 to 3 hours and requires a minimum of 20 participants. Note: This is a paid programme. Please email for enquiries or to register.

THROUGH THE EYES OF NANYANG ARTISTS Learn about Nanyang artists and the Nanyang style. This programme begins with a tour of the DBS Singapore Gallery, followed by a hands-on workshop where participants will create collages inspired by the Nanyang style and scenes around them.

IDEAS TO FORM Discover the parallels between thoughtful design and a well-crafted education programme. This programme begins with a tour of the Gallery’s buildings, followed by a workshop where participants will create their own roof designs using everyday materials.


LOOKING THROUGH A FRAME Gain insights into the history and stories of the former Supreme Court and City Hall buildings. This programme begins with a Building History tour, followed by a sketch walk where participants will try their hand at illustrating the buildings’ features.

LET’S TALK ABOUT ART Always wondered how to engage pre-schoolers in imaginative conversations about art? This workshop will guide you in developing activities and discussions that encourage young ones to explore and share ideas about art.


GALLERY PUBLICATIONS The Gallery publishes books on the visual art of Singapore and Southeast Asia. We are continually expanding our range of titles and have to date published a collection of children’s books, exhibition catalogues and albums, as well as research titles. Our books are available for purchase at our museum shop. For more information on our books, please email

COMING SOON NG TENG FONG ROOF GARDEN COMMISSION: DANH VO Published to accompany the inaugural Ng Teng Fong Roof Garden Commission by Danh Vo, this catalogue delves deeper into Danh’s practice and broader discussions surrounding cross-cultural identity through essays by leading scholar Professor Nora Taylor and National Gallery Singapore curator Charmaine Toh alongside full-colour images of the commissioned work. STROKES OF LIFE: THE ART OF CHEN CHONG SWEE Chen Chong Swee is celebrated as one of Singapore’s foremost artists, noted for his distinctive incorporation of local subject matter into the medium of traditional Chinese ink painting. This exhibition catalogue provides an overview of his practice and features full-colour image plates, curatorial essays as well as a biographical timeline of the artist. Chen Chong Swee. Fruit Market. 1961. Chinese ink and colour on paper. Collection of Mr and Mrs Chen Chi Sing. Image courtesy of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

REDISCOVERING TREASURES: INK ART FROM THE XIU HAI LOU COLLECTION The Xiu Hai Lou Collection, founded by the late Mr Yeo Khee Lim, is feted as one of the most extensive ink collections in Singapore. Showcasing the breadth of the collection, this exhibition catalogue features full-colour image plates, curatorial essays as well as an interview with the Yeo family, who continue to oversee the collection today. Pan Tianshou. The Joys of Autumn. Undated.


PUBLICATIONS ARTIST AND EMPIRE: (EN)COUNTERING COLONIAL LEGACIES Paperback | 164 pages | $42.80 inclusive of GST ISBN 978-981-11-0608-8 This catalogue furthers the themes of Artist and Empire: (En)countering Colonial Legacies and presents a thought-provoking exploration of the ways in which artists have negotiated conditions of colonialism over time. It features essays from leading scholars, a selection of key artworks accompanied by curatorial texts, and a comprehensive timeline spanning four centuries that reflects the dense networks between artist and Empire. ISKANDAR JALIL: KEMBARA TANAH LIAT (CLAY TRAVELS) Paperback | 364 pages | $74.90 inclusive of GST ISBN 978-981-11-0190-8 Hardback, collector's edition | 364 pages $353.10 inclusive of GST ISBN 978-981-11-0189-2 Published on the occasion of the artist’s first major survey exhibition, this catalogue illuminates Iskandar Jalil’s enduring relationship with clay and the pivotal role he plays in expanding the practice of ceramics. It includes over 160 full-colour reproductions of works in the exhibition, newly commissioned essays and an exclusive interview with the artist. A collectors’ edition features exquisite hand-finished production techniques. No two covers in this numbered edition of 300 are alike. REFRAMING MODERNISM: PAINTING FROM SOUTHEAST ASIA , EUROPE AND BEYOND Hardback | 248 pages | $96.30 inclusive of GST ISBN 978-981-09-9561-4 What is modernism in Southeast Asia? What is modern art, as embodied in the paintings of Southeast Asia? These questions and more are answered in Reframing Modernism: Painting from Southeast Asia, Europe and Beyond, published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name. Featuring 217 works, in full colour, by 51 Southeast Asian and European artists, from the Centre Pompidou and National Gallery Singapore, as well as other Southeast Asian collections in the region and beyond, this catalogue tells the compelling story of modernism as it developed across continents, and reveals artists’ powerful, and sometimes surprising, responses to modernity. 35

GALLERY PUBLICATIONS PUBLICATIONS THE MAKING OF NATIONAL GALLERY SINGAPORE Paperback | 168 pages | $75 inclusive of GST ISBN: 978-981-09-7343-8 The Making of National Gallery Singapore animates the story of the origins and physical transformations of the City Hall and former Supreme Court buildings into National Gallery Singapore. Accompanied by stunning photographs, the chapters flesh out the colonial past of the buildings, the conception and organisation of the architectural design competition, and the ambitious ten-year envisioning, design and building process.

SIAPA NAMA KAMU? ART IN SINGAPORE SINCE THE 19TH CENTURY: SELECTIONS FROM THE EXHIBITION Paperback | 120 pages | $12 inclusive of GST ISBN: 978-981-09-7384-1 This album offers an overview of Siapa Nama Kamu? through an inspired selection of 100 works from the exhibition. Beautifully reproduced images and accompanying curatorial texts tell the story of nearly two centuries of art in Singapore—one of diverse influences, shared impulses and ceaseless flux.

BETWEEN DECLARATIONS AND DREAMS: ART OF SOUTHEAST ASIA SINCE THE 19TH CENTURY: SELECTIONS FROM THE EXHIBITION Paperback | 120 pages | $12 inclusive of GST ISBN: 978-981-09-7385-8 This album presents an overview of Between Declarations and Dreams through 100 works from the exhibition. A thoughtful look at art of this region, it features beautifully reproduced images accompanied by curatorial texts that flesh out the themes and sections of the exhibition.


NATIONAL GALLERY SINGAPORE: ART SPACES Paperback | 64 pages | $12 inclusive of GST ISBN: 978-185-75-9987-9 Situated in Singapore’s two national monuments, the building of National Gallery Singapore balances the need to create a distinct identity for the art spaces with a simultaneous celebration of the architectural, cultural and historical significance of the Gallery. In collaboration with Scala Publishers, this book featuring photographs of the Gallery's development traces the transformation of these magnificent buildings through time, telling a story of competition, challenges, preservation and innovation.

SIAPA NAMA KAMU? ART IN SINGAPORE SINCE THE 19TH CENTURY Hardback | 310 pages | $75 inclusive of GST ISBN: 978-981-09-7352-0 Published to accompany National Gallery Singapore’s inaugural exhibition Siapa Nama Kamu?, this catalogue presents a survey of Singapore art through 400 works from the 19th century to the present, charting major themes across broad time periods. Essays offer insight to the exhibition that considers the parameters of time and nation in relation to the history of art in Singapore.

BETWEEN DECLARATIONS AND DREAMS: ART OF SOUTHEAST ASIA SINCE THE 19TH CENTURY Hardback | 294 pages | $75 inclusive of GST ISBN: 978-981-09-7349-0 Between Declarations and Dreams is National Gallery Singapore’s inaugural exhibition of the art of Southeast Asia from the 19th century to the present. This catalogue with over 300 artwork images and a selection of essays provides curatorial insight to a task that is at once monumental and intricate—the positing of an art history of a region as diverse as Southeast Asia.


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BEST FRIEND OF THE GALLERY (BFG) The BFG programme offers passionate individuals and corporate partners the chance to contribute meaningfully to the Gallery, and gain exposure to the workings of a major visual arts institution in a range of roles. Volunteers who are dedicated to sharing art with the public can also apply to become docents. Our extensive docent training programme introduces them to our collection and equips them with the presentation skills to lead daily guided tours. For learn more about becoming a volunteer, please vist

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SHOPPING & DINING SHOPPING & DINING GALLERY & CO. City Hall Wing, #01-05–#01-17 Sun–Thu 10am–7pm; Fri–Sat 10am–10pm This progressive retail and dining destination presents a curation of art and design products alongside the Gallery’s unique and exclusive brand of food and goods to complete your museum experience.


DINING AURA RESTAURANT City Hall Wing, #05-03 | Tel: 6866 1977 Daily noon–2.30pm, 6.30–10.30pm Aura Restaurant treats diners to classic Italian cuisine and a world-class contemporary dining experience. The menu is an extensive expression of Italian creativity, showcasing a variety of antipasto, pastas and wholesome mains that feature the finest, freshest ingredients from the land and the sea. AURA SKY LOUNGE City Hall Wing, #06–02 | Tel: 6866 1977 Daily 11.30am–1am Fronted by the spectacular skyline of the Marina Bay, Aura Sky Lounge is a stylish lounge and bar with a strong Mediterranean focus. Moving from day to night with its Mediterranean lunch and high-tea options in the afternoon, it becomes the ultimate rooftop bar with happy hours in the evenings. NATIONAL KITCHEN BY VIOLET OON SINGAPORE City Hall Wing, #02-01 | Tel: 9834 9935 Daily noon–3pm, (afternoon tea) 3–5pm, 6–11pm Helmed by local celebrity chef Violet Oon, National Kitchen is a celebration of fine local flavours reflecting Singapore’s colourful culinary heritage. Dine indoors in an elegant dining hall or enjoy sweeping views of Singapore’s skyline with local bar bites and sunset cocktails on the veranda.

ODETTE Supreme Court Wing, #01-04 | Tel: 6385 0498 Mon 7–9.30pm; Tue–Sat noon–2pm, 7–9.30pm Two-Michelin star Odette reflects Chef-Owner Julien Royer’s respect for seasonality, terroir and artisanal produce. Using classic French techniques, Royer presents the world’s finest seasonal ingredients in their purest form and flavour.


SHOPPING & DINING DINING OWL CAFÉ POP UP City Hall Wing, Level 1 Sun–Thu 9am–6pm; Fri–Sat 9am–8pm Specialising in Straits Asian food, Owl Café serves authentic and modern interpretations of local dishes alongside a selection of traditional kuehs, cakes, toast and beverages.

SAHA SIGNATURE INDIAN RESTAURANT & BAR Supreme Court Wing, #01-03 | Tel: 6223 7321 Tue–Sat noon–3pm, 6–11pm; Sun noon–3pm Experience modern Indian cuisine with an innovative twist by renowned Chef Patron Abhijit Saha. Saha’s menu offers an array of eclectic flavours inspired by the rich culinary tapestry of various Indian regions.

SMOKE & MIRRORS City Hall Wing, #06-01 | Tel: 6384 5595 Mon–Fri 3pm–1am, Sat–Sun noon–2am Enjoy magnificent panoramic views over the Padang and Marina Bay while savouring a drink from a meticulously curated menu including signature cocktails, wines and craft spirits.

YÀN C ity Hall Wing, #05-02 | Tel: 6384 5585 Daily 11.30am–2.30pm, 6–10.30pm Yàn offers diners the best in Cantonese cuisine. The sophisticated and innovative signature dishes crafted with diverse ingredients alongside familiar flavours promise to tantalise your taste buds.


TICKETING INFORMATION Tickets are required for admission into all exhibition galleries except for the Concourse Galleries and the Ng Teng Fong Roof Garden Gallery. SINGAPOREANS AND PRS Ticket Type



General Admission



All Access Pass (Artist and Empire + General Admission)





General Admission



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All Access Pass (Artist and Empire + General Admission)




ADMISSION IS FREE FOR: • Children ages 6 and below • Local students and teachers • Persons with disabilities (PWD) and their caregiver

CONCESSIONS APPLY WITH VALID VERIFICATION TO: • Children ages 7–12 • Seniors 60 years and above • Full-time National Servicemen (NSF) excluding foreign personnel • Overseas students and teachers • All Gallery ticket holders and Insiders can now enjoy 20% discount on entry passes to Singapore Biennale 2016. • Singapore Biennale 2016 ticket holders can also enjoy 20% discount on Artist and Empire and complimentary General Admission access.

GROUP VISITS COMMUNITY GROUPS The Gallery provides free admission to groups from non-profit community organisations, specifically Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs), Non-Govermental Organisations and benificiaries, based on the Gallery’s eligibility criteria. To request an appointment, please email SCHOOL GROUPS Refer to p. 31 for more information.

CORPORATE OR OTHER GROUPS Please email for more information. 43

GENERAL INFORMATION EXHIBITION OPENING HOURS Mon–Thu, Sun and Public Holidays 10am–7pm Fri–Sat and Eve of Public Holidays 10am–10pm Sale of tickets and transactions ends 30 minutes before closing time.

bulky items including umbrellas should be stored at our lockers located at B1.

ACCESSIBILITY WITHIN THE GALLERY The Gallery is committed to making its collection, programmes and facilities accessible to all audiences. Please visit our website to learn more about our access services.


LOST & FOUND Please approach the Information Counter or Visitor Services located at B1.

FOOD & BEVERAGE Food and drink (including bottled water) is not permitted in the galleries and public spaces. Food and drink should be consumed at cafes, restaurants and bars only.

SKETCHING Stools are available for loan from the Information Counter located at B1.

PROTECTING THE ARTWORKS Please do not touch the artworks. Even clean hands can damage surfaces. Running, shoving, horseplay or other physical acts that may endanger works of art are prohibited in the galleries. Young children should stay close to their minders and parents at all time. All large bags and 44

An accessible path to the Gallery’s Coleman Street Entrance is available along the Art Connector at North Bridge Road. The Art Connector begins at City Hall MRT’s Exit B, and can be accessed via an elevator at Exit D. Taxis and other vehicles may use the Coleman Street Entrance to drop off and pick-up visitors with disabilities.

ACCESSIBLE PARKING Designated parking spaces are available for visitors with disabilities on a first come, first served basis.

ACCESSIBLE TOILETS There are accessible toilets at every level except the Padang and Coleman Decks on Level 6 of City Hall Wing.

WHEELCHAIR ACCESS Lifts are located on all levels of both wings of the Gallery for easy access to the galleries. Please seek assistance at the information counters or from the Gallery’s security.

Manual wheelchairs are available free of charge on a first come, first served basis from the Information Counters. Unfortunately, the Gallery cannot assist wheelchair users around the museum.

SERVICE DOGS Service dogs are welcome. Visitors with service dogs are encouraged to email the Gallery two days in advance at

GETTING TO THE GALLERY We are located at 1 St Andrew’s Road Singapore 178957. By bus (Stops at Parliament Place) 195, 961 By MRT 5-minute walk from City Hall MRT station via the Art Connector

By car Drop-off point for cars is located at Coleman Street entrance.

10-minute walk from Clarke Quay and Raffles Place MRT stations  y taxi B The nearest taxi stands are located at Coleman Street entrance of the Gallery and The Adelphi.

 arking is available at the Gallery on P B2 and B3. Entrance to the carpark is only accessible via Fullerton Road. Gallery Parking Rates Daily, including Public Holidays 7am–6pm $1.30 per half hour 6pm–1am $3.20 per entry $1.00 per entry for motorcycles




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