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5 Tips for Living Well with a Student Budget Student life is not easy. Between readings, work, exams and final discounts, there is often little time to work or even sleep! By spending too much time at work, your academic results will suffer, but by working an insufficient number of hours, it is impossible to complete your budget. So here's a series of simple tips that will help you save money to better live with a student budget.

Avoid Overloading It is easy to get caught by some bills, such as the electricity account or that of the phone. However, some simple precautions can considerably limit the damage. On particularly cold days, reduce your electricity consumption (shorten the shower, avoid washing), and limit the heating , even when donning warmer clothes. This avoids higher rates.

For telecommunications (telephone, Internet, combined services, etc.), bother to compare the packages to choose the one that best meets your needs and get the best price possible.

The magic of planning your budget! By carefully planning your expenses, it is possible to achieve significant economies of scale. For example, by purchasing your household goods in large volumes, then spreading this bill over several weeks, you will see a difference at the end of the month. Also take time to prepare a menu that will allow you to limit the number of ingredients and buy them in larger volume. Learn to cook and freeze your meals while avoiding restaurants. Your wallet and your health will do better!

Location, location, location ... This old saying goes not only to the owners. The area in which you choose to rent your apartment will impact the price of your rental . Do your homework and visit more than one before making your choice. Among your criteria, do not forget to consider transport. When choosing a home near your school or public transportation (bus, train, subway), you can avoid the large expense that represents a car.

Become a second hand ace

No need to pay hundreds of dollars to fill your wardrobe or accessorize your apartment . Frequent second-hand shops or give free rein to your creativity and give a second life to objects destined for the trash. You will save money while having fun!

Ask for help If you are lucky enough to have a family that offers support during your studies, do not be ashamed to accept. Sometimes a simple helping hand is enough to make your experience of studying much more enjoyable. If you do not have that chance, take some time to explore the support programs available to students . The government offers loans and scholarships under certain conditions and some educational institutions also have special programs that you could take advantage of. It's worth the trouble! Read more student rental blogs at Circlapp

Five tips for living well with a student budget  

Student life is not easy. Between readings, work, exams and final discounts, there is often little time to work or even sleep! By spending...

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