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Drawn towards the waters edge, Nathaniel Ebert finds inspiration along the oceans waves and below its surface. His work focuses on the surreal allure provoked by the ever-changing romance of light and liquid. Its along the surface Ebert captures this dance, but below he dives into an entirely new realm: a submerged state of serenity. The complexity of coral heads and diversity of sealife make for the subjects of his underwater excursions. The influence from surrealism is driving Ebert to experiment with his approach through compelling compostitions and thought provoking scenes.

Belize Colorway I, Belize, 2016

Belize Colorway II, Belize, 2016

Sinking Slow, Belize, 2016

Hues of Home, Belize, 2017

Searching for a Breeze, Key Largo, 2018

Submerge, Florida Gulf, 2017

Thunder Ahead, Key Largo, 2018

Peaked, Florida Gulf, 2018

Velocity, Belize, 2017

Electric Waters, Belize, 2017

Flash Storm, Belize, 2017

The Calm, Florida Gulf, 2017

Pulse, Florida Atlantic, 2018

Static, Florida Atlantic, 2017

Rawr, Florida Atlantic, 2018

Slow Dance, Florida Atlantic, 2018

Gradient, Belize, 2017

Into the Dream, Belize, 2017

Dazed, Belize, 2017

Lucid, Florida Gulf , 2017

Ends & Beginnings, Florida Atlantic, 2018

Stark, Florida Gulf, 2017

Trails, Florida Atlantic, 2018

Pipe Dream, Florida Atlantic, 2018

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Hues of home  

Nathaniel Ebert photography portfolio

Hues of home  

Nathaniel Ebert photography portfolio