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EDITOR FRESH NEW SPRING/ SUMMER 2013 TRENDS.. What should YOU be wearing this season? Find out inside!

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From London to Paris...

S T N E T N CO Editor’s Note pg.01 ||

Spring/Summer trends 2013 pg.02 ||

LONDON FASHION WEEK pg. 35 || Key Pieces of the Season pg. 37 || This Generation... pg. 43 ||

From London to Paris pg. 57-58 || Vintage galore pg. 59-60 ||

Welcome, to the magazine edit of the season! THE EDITOR is all about street style and high street must-haves reflecting the Spring/Summer 2013 trends. Not only is there fashion updates, there are must-download music playlists, upcoming new artists and street style from the artists! As well as that we will provide you with make-up trends of the season, it’s all here and at affordable prices too! This is a special edition, as we go to Paris and capture street style of the beautiful city and also hunt down the must-go vintage shops with the bargains which we all love. However, we don’t forget about our own city, London; we capture the street style, and how people are wearing the latest trends. AND, we visit the one and only London Fashion Week!

, Y L U R T S R YOU . . d e the

Read away and enjoy!

Sound of Summer ‘13 pg. 65-66 ||

When In Paris...

The Editor Magazine


1) Bright Whites ...

2) Sharp Suiting

3) 90’s nostalgia 2


Nouvelle Japonisme



prabal gurung

Topshop Unique

Photography and Styling: Natasya Lund

The Editor Magazine 4

The Editor Magazine 5


The Editor Magazine 7


Suiting Photography and Styling: Natasya Lund

The Editor Magazine 8

The Editor Magazine 9

The Editor Magazine 10



The Editor Magazine 13


Photography and Styling: Natasya Lund

The Editor Magazine 14



The Editor Magazine 16

The Editor Magazine 17



Topshop Unique

The Editor Magazine 20

Phillip Lam

The Editor Magazine 21

Photography and Styling: Natasyalund

The Editor Magazine 22

Vieienne Westwood

Nouvelle Japonisme

The Editor Magazine 23



26 27

Diane Von Furstenburg


Haider Ackermann Stella McCartney

The Editor Magazine 28

The Editor Magazine 29

Smart suits

Bright Whites

Rita Ora Rihanna

Emma Roberts

Miley Cyrus

KE$HA Jameela Jamil

Jennifer Lawrence

Janelle Monae

River Island, £50

Topshop, £6

River Island, £45

New Look, £27.99

River Island, £45

River Island, £15

River Island, £50

Topshop, £18

River Island, £25 River Island, £22 River Island, £25

H&M, £29.99 Zara, £39.99

River Island, £30

H&M, £19.99 River Island, £35 River Island, £25


New Look, £22.99

H&M - £24.99

New Look, £24.99

River Island, £60


Nouvelle Japonisme

90’s Nostalgia

Little Mix

Alexa Chung

Nicole Richie

Rita Ora

New look, £9.99

New Look, £4.99

Topshop, £38 H&M, £24.99

Topshop, £28

River Island £22

Topshop, £20

Topshop, £55

River Island, £40

Miss Selfridge, £32 New Look £24.99 River Island, £30 Topshop, £40

River Island, £15

New Look, £24.99

Office, £65


River Island £35

Topshop, £58

H&M, £29.99

River Island, £32


The Editor headed down to London Fashion Week on the last day to collect some street style and as we entered Somerset House, it was like a different world; so many different styles, from vintage to in trend to harajuku girls too! People were literally expressing themselves through their styles and creating art with clothing.

Street Style

It was a beautiful atmosphere, with the sunshine lighting up somerset house, with guests such as Molly from The Saturdays and superstar athlete Kelly Holmes causing photographer’s to go wild and putting smiles on fans faces. LFW is a must-go in your life.

The Editor Magazine 34

The Editor Magazine 35

Out in the Town Jumper, £19.99, New Look | Blue Leather Skirt, £20, Beyond Retro | Black Boot Heels, £15, Tesco | Earrings and Watch, Model’s Own |

Hard at work Shirt, 1€, ‘FREE’P’STAR’ Paris | Blue Leather Skirt, £20, Beyond Retro | Black Wood Platform Heels, £30, Ebay | Earrings and Watch, Model’s Own |

The Editor Magazine 36

Bon Appetite Leopard Print Blouse, £18, TK Maxx | Blue Leather Skirt, £20, Beyond Retro | Black Wood Platform Heels, £30, Ebay | Earrings and Watch, Model’s Own |

Party hard Gold Sequin Crop Top, £5, Bango Mango | Blue Leather Skirt, £20, Beyond Retro | Bronze Strap Wedges, £45, Topshop | Earrings and Watch, Model’s Own |


Bon Appetite

Out in the Town

Zebra Print Midi Dress, £5, Primark | Black Wood Platform Heels, £30, Ebay | Earrings and Watch, Model’s Own |

Green, Leather Sleeved Jacket, £15, Primark | Zebra Print Midi Dress, £5, Primark | Nike Jordans, £70, Footlocker |

Hard at work

Party hard

Sleeveless Blazer, £15, H&M | Zebra Print Midi Dress, £5, Primark | Lace Up Boot Heels, £7, H&M |

Zebra Print Midi Dress, £5, Primark | Black Wedges, £25, Matalan | Earrings and Watch, Model’s Own |



Bon Appetite

Out in the Town

Maroon Striped Shirt, £80, Catali | Black Midi Skirt, £10, Primark | Black Wood Platform Heels, £30, Ebay | Chain, £7.99, H&M |Watch and Earrings, Model’s Own |

Maroon Striped Shirt, £80, Catali | Navy Jeggings, £24.99, Zara | Brown Trainer Wedges, £30, Topshop | Watch, Chain and Earrings, Model’s Own |

Party hard

Hard at work

Maroon Striped Shirt, £80, Catali | Ankle Boot Heels, £19.99, New Look | Chain, £7.99, H&M |Watch and Earrings, Model’s Own |

Maroon Striped Shirt, £80, Catali | Floral Palazzo Trousers, £20, New Look | Brown Wedges, £50, Dune | Watch, Chain and Earrings, Model’s Own |



Especially for this issue of The Editor; we are appreciating and encouraging this generation’s talent and dreams. Here, we show you how we gave them an opportunity to work with The Editor’s stylist and photographer to create their own photo-shoot, also starring in it! We’ve chosen these two candidates, as we believe that they are perfect examples of how we can portray that anybody is capable of achieving their dreams, they’ve just got to believe it. Giving them this chance of doing this, we hoped that it would boost their confidence and let them go from this and believe that they do have a bright future ahead of them; it just requires hard work and self-belief. Kurt and Ella are both from Buckinghamshire, England and coming from a country side, they don’t believe that there is anything good for them here and want to move into the city of London, however don’t think that can do it. What are they missing? Confidence. Kurt is studying business at college at the moment and will be moving onto carrying on studying this at University, however he’s always had an interest in the modelling industry but being only 5’8 and insecure, he doesn’t think he can ever get into that kind of career, hence why he is just going to study business. Here at The Editor, we told him otherwise; there are such things as petite models and we reckon Kurt has the look therefore should go ahead and try applying to agencies, which yes, we told him! This was before the photo-shoot, and mind you, he came to us being so shy and quiet, as soon as he got in front of that camera, he had a completely different personality. It was lovely to experience this with him. On the other hand, Ella; younger and slightly more confident. She is studying AS textiles, business and media at the moment and looking to going straight into work or internships as she believes that she doesn’t belong in education anymore. She knows what she wants to do and wants to go into it with a high head, however, the only stopping her is her family, her father disagrees her decision about not carrying on her education life, he reckons that she is too young and not ready for the work life yet so here we helped her to try and talk to her dad and make him understand clearly how and why she made this decision; as we told her this, she started tearing up and we noticed how much this is actually affecting her, we believe that every parent should support their children through everything and be happy with any decision they make about their life, just as long as it comes to an advantage for them. Her career aspiration is to become a fashion stylist so with her photo-shoot, we had a different outlook on things, as instead of just choosing the location, and just starring in it; we gave her the opportunity to work with our stylist and help choose outfits for her photo-shoot. It was incredible to see how inspired she was, the talent and knowledge coming from such a young person was beautiful. After this photo-shoot, she was so pleased with the final shots and asked if she could show her father, and of course we said yes, if only she allows us to give her the chance to be our cover girl for this issue, and obviously, she accepted! We wanted to help her as much as we could to persuade her father because she deserves to be able to do what she wants with her life, she’s got the talent and knowledge for it and we reckon she could go very far in this industry. So here it is, the final shots from these great couple of days with Kurt and Ella. Enjoy and appreciate their hard work put into these photo-shoots.

The Editor Magazine 42

‘Ever So Shy’ Photography: Natasya Lund Styling: Kurt Mroncz with the help of Natasya Lund Editing: Kurt Mroncz




‘I felt like a completely different person as soon as I went infront of the camera’

Photography: Natasya Lund Styling: Kurt Mroncz with the help of Natasya Lund

What outfit did you like this most?

‘The 3rd one with the Hawaiian shirt because it isn’t something I’d normally wear or imagine putting together but actually quite liked it’ 46


Walking In The Dark Photography: Natasya Lund Styling: Ella Hall







‘I hope once my dad sees this, that he will see the potential I have and consider my life choices’

How did you feel when you got asked to be the cover girl?

‘I couldn’t explain my emotions, I was so overwhelmed with the whole opportunity, just all seemed unreal to me!’

Photography: Natasya Lund Styling: Ella Hall


The Editor Magazine 56

The Editor Magazine 57

When The Editor were in Paris, we decided to check out the iconic vintage flea market The Marche Dauphine, although it was quite a hunt before we found the place. But once we got there, it was just beautiful.

When in Paris, exploring; we came across 4 amazing vintage stores. And the best thing about them were that they’re all neighbours so no need to travel far to explore through these vintage stores! They were all filled with bargains such as boxes full of clothes going for only 1 EURO! We couldn’t believe it either, Free ‘P’ Star and the other stores are a must go for all vintage/retro lovers!


arke M a e l F

nning offering stu ks, s p o h s n re, boo Run dow g, furnitu in th lo c e vintag vinyls etc.

8 rue Sainte-croix de la Bretonnerie. Paris 4è. Métros : Rambuteau, Hôtel de Ville, Saint-Paul. Lundi-Vendredi 11h-21h. Samedi-Dimanche 12h-21h. Ouvert les jours fériés. Tel : 61 rue de la Verrerie. Paris 4è. Métro : Hôtel de Ville. Lundi-Samedi 11h-21h. Dimanche 14h-21h. Ouvert les jours fériés. Tel : 20 rue de Rivoli. Paris 4è. Métro : Saint-Paul. Lundi-Samedi 10h-21h. Dimanche 12h-21h. Ouvert les jours fériés. Tel :



Make-up trends - stand out eyes - naked face - grunge - neon - pretty in pink - 60’s

60’s baby!

Taking inspiration from Twiggy’s iconic photograph, 2013 are bringing back the full on brows and retro liner


Opposite day; Do what you wouldn’t do this season smudge your eyeliner, clump your mascara, pulling this all off with a ‘cool to care’ unbrushed hair look; grunge it out

Jump into spring having knowledge of the make-up trends straight off the catwalks; from the smoky eye, to the neon lips, we’ve got it covered..

‘Look into my eyes’ Thought metallic and bold party season make-up died? well, you’re wrong, the trend is here to stay for the SS13 festival season!

Au naturel? Grab yourself concealer, tinted moisturiser and powder to create glowing, natural looks for SS13.

Au Naturel?

MAC Studio FX fluid, £20.50

Opposite day...

MAC Studio Fix Powder, £20.50

2true 2 True Effortless Eye Liner 3, £1.99 MUA Undress Mee Too Eye Palette £4.00

MAC Powder Blush. £17.00

Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion Mascara, £11.99 MAC Studio FX fluid £20.50 MAC Studio Fix Powder £20.50 MAC Powder Blush, £17.00

‘Look into my eyes’ Barry M Dazzle Dust (Gold) £4.59 Barry M Fine Glitter Dust (Silver), £4.59 2True Colour Duo Eyeshadow Shade 13 £1.99 2 True Effortless Eye Liner 3 £1.99

The Editor Magazine 62

60’s baby!

MAC eyebrow pencil £15.00

2true 2 True Effortless Eye Liner 3 £1.99 MUA Undress Mee Too Eye Palette £4.00 Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion Mascara £11.99 Mac Studio FX fluid £20.50 Mac Studio Fix Powder, £20.50 Mac Powder Blush £17.00 MAC eyebrow pencil £15.00

The Editor Magazine 63

AlunaGeorge The London-based electronic duo were also part of the BBC sound 2012 poll and were voted 2nd. Their great connection come across in their music and are described as ‘Thrillingly futuristic’.


Angel Haze Defined by her intensity, and honesty in her music. Voted 3rd in the BBC sound 2013 poll, being signed to a major label, she has a bright future in the music industry. Laura Mvula Voted 4th in the BBC sound 2013 poll, the English soul singer/ songwriter has her debut akbum scheduled to come out March 2013, keep a look out!

Ben Howard Multiple brit-winning acoustic singer/songwriter, who is glad he can still walk around unnoticed even with a high profile, not for long Ben!

Nina Nesbitt Having toured with Ed Sheeran, the acoustic singer/songwriter will no doubt be taking over charts soon with her pure voice and beautiful melodies.

Macklemore With his number 1 hit single ‘Thrift Shop’, also creating controversy with his single ‘Same Love’ being a Hip Hop rapper supporting gay marriages and relationships

Justin Timberlake Timberlake’s back and already taking over the charts with his new-hit single ‘Suit and Tie’ featuring the ‘King of Hip Hop’ Jay-Z.

The Editor Magazine 64

Haim 3 sisters from Los Angeles, are frequently compared to Fleetwood Mac with their new sound they are introducing to the charts. Say hello to the 90’s.

Alt-J The band name was decided after a band member saw that alt-j makes a triangle shape on a mac which they thought was cool, so instead of using the shape, they used something pronounceable. That’s Alt-J.

The Editor Magazine 65

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The Editor Magazine 66

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BTEC Level 3 Fashion & Retail Year 2 Final Major Project

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