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Interior DEsign

Table of COntents

REtail REciprocal COmpression COmmunity Framework

Residential Changing Tempo

Hospitality CUltural Core

Installation & Furniture FLowing Flooring ERgonomic Contrast

Reciprocal Compression Housing WOrks Thrift Store

A Reciprocal relationship between diverse individuals defines the Housing Works Nonprofit Organization. Dedicated to providing quality care to all regardless of race gender or financial situation, Housing Works relies on the continued reciprocity of its diverse donors, volunteers and former clients. In a thrift store environment this translates to a spatiality with a reciprocal patterning of public and private space. Individuals can shop in private aresas yet simultaneously be aware of a larger unified space. A neutral color scheme and slight textural changes create an environment where thrift items are highlighted and honored.

Reciprocal Banding

Reciprocal Bands create an alternating public and private shopping experience.

Tranvserse Section at Entry

Patterning of Public & Private Space

Tranvserse Section Cutting Through Stair

View of Cashwrap


First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

View into Store

Display Design

Acrylic Shelves

Fluted Plastic Display

Resin Floor

Wood Structure

Reciprocal Translucent Display Design

Longitudinal Section Showing Display

View of Entry

Community Framework Moore Street Market

Moore Street Market located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn has a long, rich history as one of La Guardia’s original immigrant markets. Today, the market is home to a largely Puerto Rican & Dominican demographic. This community has envlivened the market with a rich culture. Recently, the market has been suffering from low foot traffic and vendor participation. The proposed redesign is an approach to remedy these conditions by both respecting and highlighting the existing culture and at the same time attracting new customers and vendors through a central entrepreneurial workshop space. The Proposed Moore street Market design is a celebration of entrepreneurship, culture and creative spirit.

EntrepReneurial CEnter

View of Core

Plans & Sections

First FloorPlan

Basement Floorplan

Mezzanine Floorplan Program

Section Showing Workshop Side of Entrepreneurial Core

Section Showing Kitchen Side of Entrepreneurial Core

Stall Design

Product Stall: allows Service Stall: offers customer to interact with a more private and products more closely expansive space for service vendors

Interior Food Stall: Integrates seating to build strong customer/ vendor relationships

Interior/Exterior Food Stall: Activates the exterior plaza

Section Showing Stalls & Seating Area

View of Entry

CHanging Tempo

Multigenerational DWelling The frequently changing occupancy of an urban family home neccesitates an adaptable spatial orgranization. A flexible sliding parition system allows for the shift from a free and open spatial Organization to a more intimate and divided organization. Grandmother and child enjoy the open space, as the child can move freely througout the space and the grandmother can visually monitor. When the entire family is home, the space becomes More intimate and divided. The family’s beloved record player is the inspiration for the space. Channels of the moving paritions act as markers of the changing conditions, similar to the grooves of the record.


Open Partitions: open spatial organization for grandmother and child

Dining Room Partition: translucent plastic for lighting effect

Closed Partitions: divided spatial organization for intimate family connection

Bedroom Partition: dark acoustic felt for privacy between bedroom and play area

Living Room Partition: white fabric on one side for projector screen

View of Dining Area


Plan With Open Partitions

Second Floor Plan With Open Partitions

Plan With Closed Partitions

Second Floor Plan With Closed Partitions

View of Entry

MAteriality & COlor










1.Glass Tiles: bathroom 2.Translucent Glass: kitchen cabinets 3.White Corian: kitchen counters 4. Upholstery

Bathroom Elevation

7. Teak: flooring & partitions 6. Brushed Steel: stairs, metal detailing 7.Carpet 8.Concrete: flooring 9. accents Kitchen Elevation

View of Play Area

CUltural COre

Group Project: Hostel in Istanbul The HAYAT Hostel encourages exposure to the community culture of istanbul whilst maintaining the essence of a traditional turkish home. We invite both local and guests to interact in the space by placing a mini bazaar by the entry on the ground floor, providing a sense of hospitality and culture. Tradtional Turkish homes follow a centralized arrangement with different room in the perimeter of the house which intersect through an open hall. The hostel follows this organization by emphasizing the most social and shared areas as the core element of every floor, providing an open volume that encourages interaction between all user groups. Due to the limitations of space, each room’s characteristics encompasses the idea of multifunctional spaces. Through the idea of buiilt in and creating a progression of soft boundaries between programs, the hostel is able to serve overlapping programs in order to incorporate the fundamental amenities for the hostel.


Third Floor: Communal Bath

2nd Floor: Communal Kitchen

First Floor: Public Bazaar Seating

Lighting Sequence

Perspectival Section Showing Communal Core


Private & public


View from Entry


Private & public

* Personal Contribution


View of Kitchen (Personal Contribution)


Private & Public


View of Bathhouse


PRatt Studios Installation Ordinary floor boards flow naturally and unexpectedly into a space of interaction, communication and relaxation within the industiral environment of Pratt studios. The metal underside mimicks the existing industrial piping, while the soft carpeting creates a moment of ease in an otherwise busy, hectic environment.


Oak Floorboards: match existing

Floorplan Grey Carpet: Under flowing floorboards

Longitudinal Section

Tranverse Section

Stainless Steel: Structural Underside

View of Different Seating


Ergonomic curves contrast with a rectilinear chair profile, balancing simplicity of form with the subtly of human comfort.



Top Elevation

Front Elevation



Side Elevation


Assembly Materials

View of Chair

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