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Letter from Board Chair Edward A. Goodrich


Board of Directors


Letter from President & CEO Alan D. Valentine


Our Accomplishments


Nashville Symphony's 2012/13 Season


Nashville Symphony Chorus

10 Nashville Symphony Orchestra 12

Community Engagement Programs and Partners

14 2012/13 Season Timeline 16 Music Education Programs 20 Annual Fund: Individual Donors 26 Annual Fund: Corporations, Foundations & Government Agencies 28 Legacy Society 29 2011/12 Statements of Financial Position and Financial Charts


y any measure, the 2012/13 season was an extraordi-

the long-term sustainability of Tennessee’s largest performing

nary one for the Nashville Symphony. Our institution

arts organization. Representing a diverse cross-section of lo-

faced major challenges and underwent significant changes,

cal leaders and citizens, we remain dedicated to ensuring the

but we have emerged stronger, more purposeful and more

Nashville Symphony’s continued success.

energized than ever. Our accomplishments included a suc-

We are profoundly grateful to the musicians and staff for

cessful restructuring of the debt on Schermerhorn Symphony

their hard work and their unwavering belief that everyone

Center, which resulted in reducing the debt by more than 80

deserves access to great music. Through their tireless dedica-

percent and reducing the cost of carrying the debt by more

tion and willingness to make personal sacrifices, they have

than 90 percent. In addition, we are now a more efficient

laid a sturdy foundation on which the Nashville Symphony

institution, having reduced our annual operating budget by

can now build a sustainable future. After witnessing their

$6 million and our annual cash needs by $10.5 million.

incredible performance amid seemingly insurmountable

These accomplishments would mean very little, however,

challenges over the past year, the Board has full confidence

if we had sacrificed our mission of providing great music and

that both management and the orchestra will continue doing

education programs for the people of Nashville and Middle

their part to move this valuable institution forward.

Tennessee. Instead, the opposite proved to be true: Our or-

We still have much work to do, but today we can say

chestra stayed busy throughout the season, performing more

that we have thus far successfully achieved the goals that we

than 140 concerts and offering a staggering 175,000 hours of

set for ourselves. We have a clear vision for the future, we are

free education and community programs to people of all ages

focused on the execution of our strategy, and we are wholly

and backgrounds. Even during moments of great uncertainty,

committed to ensuring that the Nashville Symphony serves

our musicians remained fully committed to sharing their

this community for generations to come.


Edward A. Goodrich Board Chair James Seabury III Board Chair Elect Kevin Crumbo Board Treasurer Betsy Wills * Board Secretary Alan D. Valentine * President & CEO





Janet Ayers John Bailey III Joseph Barker Scott Becker David Black James Boles Jack Bovender Jr. William Braddy Anastasia Brown Keith Churchwell Sarah Clark * Rebecca Cole * Michelle R. Collins * Lisa Cooper * Ben Cundiff Carol Daniels Robert Dennis Robert Ezrin Benjamin Folds Judy Foster James Gooch Alison Gooding * Amy Grant Carl Haley Jr.

Michael W. Hayes Billy Ray Hearn C. Keith Herron Lee Ann Ingram Martha R. Ingram * Elliott Warner Jones Sr. Larry Larkin Fred Lazenby John Lewis Robert A. McCabe Jr. Richard Miller Eduardo Minardi David Morgan Peter Neff Cano Ozgener Victoria Chu Pao Pam Pfeffer Deborah Pitts Jennifer H. Puryear Jesse Register Wayne Riley Anne Russell Michael Samis * Michael Schatzlein

Nelson Shields Beverly K. Small Renata Soto Brett Sweet Van Tucker Steve Turner Mark Wait Jeffery Walraven Johnna Watson Ted Houston Welch William Greer Wiggins * David Williams II Harry Williams Jr. * Jeremy Williams * Rebecca Willie * Clare Yang * Donna Yurdin * Shirley Zeitlin James Zimmermann * *Indicates Ex Officio

incredible talents with audiences across the region, because they recognize — as we all do — that music is fundamental to the life of our community. Throughout this momentous year of change at the Nashville Symphony, the Board of Directors has been actively involved every step of the way, working diligently to secure


2 0 1 2 / 1 3 A N N U A L R E P O RT

— Edward A. Goodrich






wo simple but profound words sum up the Nashville

city and beyond, sharing inspiration and music education

Symphony’s 2012/13 season: Thank you.

with people of every age and background.

First and foremost, all of us at the Nashville Symphony

As we look ahead, we are excited about the new and

owe a major debt of gratitude to our patrons and donors.

innovative ways we will be serving Middle Tennessee. Having

Thanks to your support, we have celebrated many amazing

overcome significant obstacles, we are positioned to engage

accomplishments over the past decade, and we have suc-

the community, enrich audiences and shape cultural life as

cessfully navigated through tremendous challenges in the

never before. We look forward to serving more people with

past year. Your steadfast belief in our mission has given us

innovative programs and partnerships, and continuing to

strength and encouragement every step of the way. We are

share great music wherever we go.

also deeply appreciative of our civic leaders, our bank lenders,

To accomplish all of this, however, we will need your

our community partners and the people of Nashville and

support. The Nashville Symphony is your orchestra, and we

Middle Tennessee for understanding the real value of what

now look to you to help us fulfill our goals and our dreams.

the Nashville Symphony brings to our region.

We have ambitious fundraising goals ahead of us, but we

Even in the midst of tumult, we had much to celebrate

know that those goals are achievable because an investment

in 2012/13. More people visited Schermerhorn Symphony

in the Nashville Symphony is an investment in our commu-

Center last year than in any previous season — over 130,000

nity. When you offer your support, you are providing Middle

ticket buyers, who came to hear music of every variety, from

Tennessee with the most powerful gift of all: music.

classical and jazz to pop and country. This was due in part

As you read through this Annual Report, I hope you en-

to a dramatic expansion of our concert calendar, which has

joy learning about all of the work that the Nashville Sympho-

enabled us to attract major touring acts to Nashville, includ-

ny has done over the past year — our concerts, our education

ing sold-out performances by B.B. King, Bill Cosby, the Silk

programs, our work throughout the community and much

Road Ensemble, Brandi Carlile and many more.

more. Thank you for believing in the Nashville Symphony!

Our orchestra musicians — who are truly our biggest stars — gave top-notch performances that would rival those of any orchestra in the country, and they weren’t content to keep their talents confined to the concert hall. They traveled to schools, community centers and public parks all over the


2 0 1 2 / 1 3 A N N U A L R E P O RT



—Alan D. Valentine

Over the past year, the Nashville Symphony has… Performed more than 140 concerts at Schermerhorn Symphony Center and at locations across the Middle Tennessee region. Reached nearly 100,000 children and adults through free education and engagement programs tailored to the needs of local schools and communities. Offered more than 175,000 hours of free programming to people of all ages and backgrounds. Welcomed more than 130,000 ticket buyers to Schermerhorn Symphony Center. Launched or completed five different recording projects championing the work of America’s leading composers. Collaborated with singers, soloists, dancers, actors and artists of all stripes to perform a breathtaking array of music, from classical and jazz to pop and country.

During this same period, through extraordinary generosity, cooperation and hard work, the Nashville Symphony has also: Improved its annual operating budget by $6 million and its annual cash needs by $10.5 million. Successfully restructured its debt, reducing the debt by more than 80 percent and reducing the cost of carrying the debt by more than 90 percent. Successfully negotiated a new labor contract with its musicians. Deepened its commitment to serving the community through expanded education and engagement programs.

As we look forward to securing an even stronger relationship with our audience and the wider community, the Nashville Symphony is dedicated to: Expanding the variety of performances and services to the community in ways that will entertain and excite a broader audience. Serving as an educational resource for both students and teachers, providing programs that meet the evolving needs of local schools. Developing innovative ideas to support and promote MUSIC and our commitment to the COMMUNITY. Continuing to build the artistic excellence of the orchestra and further its vision and “brand,” contributing to Nashville’s identity as Music City and reinforcing our role as a source of civic pride.







2012/13 SEASON




ince its beginnings in 1946, Nashville Symphony has been dedicated to the creation, promotion and preservation

and CEO Alan D. Valentine, the GRAMMY® Award-winning

Nashville Symphony has received national and international

recognition for its exceptional musicianship and adventurous programming. The Symphony performs more than 140 concerts annually, including classical, pops, jazz, a family series and a variety of special events. The Nashville Symphony’s

home, Schermerhorn Symphony Center, opened in September 2006, and has had a significant artistic, social and economic impact on the region.


2 0 1 2 / 1 3 A N N U A L R E P O RT

On September 20-22, 2012, the orchestra recorded

of American orchestral music. One of the orchestra’s earliest

Roberto Sierra’s Carnaval, a vibrant, colorful work inspired

seasons included a performance of local composer Charles

equally by the music of Robert Schumann and the rhythms of

Faulkner Bryan’s The Bell Witch, a piece based on local legend,

Latin dance. This composition is scheduled for release on the

and today the Nashville Symphony continues to give voice to

Naxos label in November 2013, on a recording that will also

contemporary American composers through an active schedule

include Nashville Symphony recordings of Sierra’s Sinfonía

of commissions, performances and recording projects. Just as

No. 4 and Fandangos.

significantly, the orchestra features these works alongside the

Led by Music Director Giancarlo Guerrero and President


At the same concert, the Symphony completed recording

standard classical repertoire, giving audiences an opportunity to

for a disc featuring works by Richard Danielpour, released on

hear how the music of today fits into a centuries-old tradition.

Naxos in September 2013. Featuring the charismatic soprano

The 2012/13 season opened with a momentous per-

Angela Brown, A Woman’s Life is a song cycle based on poems

formance of Mahler’s Symphony No. 8, popularly known as

by American poet Maya Angelou. The piece will be featured

“Symphony of a Thousand” because of the huge number of

on the forthcoming release alongside two other Danielpour

musicians and singers required. This ambitious undertaking

works, Darkness in the Ancient Valley and Lacrimae Beati.

set the tone for the rest of the season, which covered the full

In October 2012, the Nashville Symphony performed

breadth of the orchestral repertoire. Highlights included every-

and recorded two compositions by Stephen Paulus: The Veil of

thing from audience favorites such as Beethoven’s Fifth and

Tears and Three Places of Enlightenment, a concerto for string

Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique to an entire concert of music

quartet featuring the orchestra’s principal string players: con-

inspired by folk traditions, with performances of Hungarian

certmaster Jun Iwasaki, second violinist Carolyn Wann Bailey,

composer Zoltán Kodály’s Háry János Suite and Mexican com-

violist Dan Reinker and cellist Anthony LaMarchina. Both

poser Carlos Chávez’s Sinfonía India. Throughout the season

works will be featured on a forthcoming release with Paulus’

were a number of high-profile commissions, premieres and

Grand Organ Concerto, recorded in October 2013.

recordings of new music by Edgar Meyer, Richard Danielpour, Roberto Sierra and other leading American composers.







On April 12, 2013, legendary jazz saxophonist Wayne Shorter and his quartet joined the Nashville Symphony for a performance of Shorter’s concerto Gaia, which featured Esperanza Spalding on vocals. This dynamic new piece was

The Nashville Symphony Chorus had much to cel-

co-commissioned by the Nashville Symphony with Los

of Mahler’s Symphony No. 8. Already 160 members strong,

ebrate this season with the May 22 announcement of

the chorus had to expand its ranks to meet the incredible

Kelly Corcoran as the ensemble’s new director. Corcoran

demands of this awe-inspiring piece. Following its annual

is already well-known and beloved by Nashville audi-

performances of Handel’s Messiah in December, the Chorus

cluded its 2012/13 Classical Series with a performance of

ences, having served as the Nashville Symphony’s associate

enjoyed a busy winter and spring, with the men of the

Nashville-based composer/bassist Edgar Meyer’s Double

conductor for the past six years. With the beginning of the

chorus featured in a February performance of Schoenberg’s

Concerto for Violin and Double Bass, which featured vio-

2013/14 season, she will now fill the post left vacant by the

A Survivor From Warsaw and the women featured in a May

linist Joshua Bell and Meyer as soloists. Co-commissioned

retirement of the Symphony’s previous chorus director, Dr.

performance of Debussy’s Nocturnes. The Chorus closed its

by the Nashville Symphony in collaboration with the

George Mabry, in November 2011.

2012/13 season with an epic performance of Mendelssohn’s

Angeles Philharmonic, National Symphony Orchestra and


Detroit International Jazz Festival. On May 30-June 1, the Nashville Symphony con-

“I am so honored to be a part of this

Aspen Music Festival and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, this new work thrilled a full house and drew audience


members from across the Southeast.

rich tradition and very excited to continue enhancing the solid reputation of this great group of singers,” Corcoran says.


Even without this exciting news, the Chorus enjoyed

Other notable performances of music by contemporary

a spectacular year, opening the season with a performance

American composers included:

powerful Old Testament oratorio Elijah. The 2013/14 season promises to be even more momentous for the Chorus. Not only will the ensemble celebrate its 50th anniversary, but it has also been invited by the Cincinnati May Festival to participate in a performance of Mahler’s Eighth Symphony with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and the Cincinnati May Festival Chorus in May 2014.

John Adams, Harmonielehre February 7-9, 2013


Mason Bates, Violin Concerto featuring violinist Anne Akiko Meyers February 28–March 2, 2013 John Corigliano, Concerto for Violin and Orchestra “Red Violin” featuring violinist Elina Vähälä March 14–16, 2013



2 0 1 2 / 1 3 A N N U A L R E P O RT









KELLY CORCORAN Associate Conductor


2 0 1 2 / 1 3 A N N U A L R E P O RT

FIRST VIOLINS* Jun Iwasaki, Concertmaster, Walter Buchanan Sharp Chair Gerald C. Greer, Associate Concertmaster Erin Hall, Assistant Concertmaster Mary Kathryn Van Osdale, Concertmaster Emerita Denise Baker Kristi Seehafer John Maple Deidre Fominaya Bacco Alison Gooding Paul Tobias Beverly Drukker Anna Lisa HoepďŹ nger Kirsten Mitchell Erin Long+ Isabel Bartles SECOND VIOLINS* Carolyn Wann Bailey, Principal Zeneba Bowers, Assistant Principal Kenneth Barnd Jessica Blackwell Rebecca Cole Radu Georgescu Benjamin Lloyd Louise Morrison Laura Ross Lisa Thrall+ Adrienne Watkinson++ Jeremy Williams Rebecca J Willie

VIOLAS* Daniel Reinker, Principal Shu-Zheng Yang, Assistant Principal Judith Ablon Hari Bernstein Bruce Christensen Michelle Lackey Collins Christopher Farrell Mary Helen Law Melinda Whitley Clare Yang CELLOS* Anthony LaMarchina, Principal Julia Tanner, Assistant Principal, James Victor Miller Chair Bradley Mansell Lynn Marie Peithman Stephen Drake Michael Samis Matthew Walker Christopher Stenstrom Keith Nicholas Xiao-Fan Zhang BASSES* Joel Reist, Principal Glen Wanner, Assistant Principal Elizabeth Stewart Gary Lawrence, Principal Emeritus Kevin Jablonski

FLUTES Erik Gratton, Principal, Anne Potter Wilson Chair Ann Richards, Assistant Principal Kathryn Ladner PICCOLO Kathryn Ladner, Norma Grobman Rogers Chair OBOES James Button, Principal Ellen Menking, Assistant Principal Roger Wiesmeyer

CONTRA BASSOON Gil Perel HORNS Leslie Norton, Principal Beth Beeson Radu V. Rusu, Acting Associate Principal/3rd Horn Hunter Sholar Jennifer Kummer, Acting Assistant 1st Horn

ENGLISH HORN Roger Wiesmeyer

TRUMPETS Jeffrey Bailey, Principal Patrick Kunkee, Co-Principal Preston Bailey, Acting Assistant Principal

CLARINETS James Zimmermann, Principal Cassandra Lee, Assistant Principal Daniel Lochrie

TROMBONES Susan K. Smith, Acting Principal Prentiss Hobbs, Acting Assistant Principal



BASS CLARINET Daniel Lochrie

TUBA Gilbert Long, Principal

BASSOONS Cynthia Estill, Principal Dawn Hartley, Assistant Principal Gil Perel

TIMPANI William G. Wiggins, Principal

PERCUSSION Sam Bacco, Principal Richard Graber, Assistant Principal Trent Leasure HARP Licia Jaskunas, Principal KEYBOARD Robert Marler, Principal LIBRARIANS D. Wilson Ochoa, Principal Jennifer Goldberg, Librarian ORCHESTRA PERSONNEL MANAGERS Anne Dickson Rogers Carrie Marcantonio, Assistant *Section seating revolves +Leave of Absence ++Replacement/Extra




The Nashville Symphony believes that everyone should have the opportunity enjoy great music. Through partnerships with government agencies and fellow nonprofit organizations, the Symphony annually presents free programs both at Schermerhorn Symphony Center and locations throughout the Middle Tennessee region.

AUDIENCE FEEDBACK FROM THE @NASHVILLESYMPH TWITTER FEED @amybuttrey: When you can close your eyes and see the music, that’s true art.

@nash_jen: Fun watching Kelly Corcoran practically dance as she conducts. @Machinotic: Thank you @nashvillesymph for playing some incredible movie music (and classical)!


2 0 1 2 / 1 3 A N N U A L R E P O RT

@LawsOfBaking: Most memorable & profound musical experiences my family has had in Nashville have been at Schermerhorn. @dmac7623: Such a joy to see and hear @nashvillesymph tonight in the town where I was raised! Thanks SO much for coming to Lafayette!

These family-friendly summer programs present the Nashville Symphony performing orchestral favorites and popular songs at parks and community venues throughout Middle Tennessee. There were four free Community Concerts in 2012/13, at Centennial Park, East Park, Crockett Park in Brentwood and Key Park in Lafayette. In addition, the Symphony performed for a $5 admission fee at Calsonic Arena in Shelbyville and Cumberland University in Lebanon, with all proceeds going to local arts organizations in those communities.

U.S. TRUST ONSTAGE/OFFSTAGE 10 concerts | 731 attendees This intimate chamber-music experience invites the audience to join musicians of the Nashville Symphony onstage at Schermerhorn Symphony Center for a free evening of music and conversation. The Symphony’s OffStage program brings chamber ensembles to venues throughout the community, which this season included Martha O’Bryan Center, Park Center and Smyrna Public Library.

FREE DAY OF MUSIC 4,500 attendees | 19 ensembles This annual fall event invites the entire community to enjoy a full day of free music and family-friendly activities at Schermerhorn Symphony Center. Performers at this year’s event on October 21, 2012, included the Nashville Symphony, Curb Youth Orchestra, Williamson County Youth Orchestra and swing band The Establishment.

LET FREEDOM SING 1,387 attendees 2013 marked the 20th anniversary of this free concert celebrating the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This year’s concert examined Nashville’s role in the civil rights movement through a new partnership with the Nashville Public Library, which shared photographs and artifacts from its Civil Rights Collection. Guest performers including the Fisk Jubilee Singers, the MTSU Steel Drum Ensemble, the Celebration Chorus and Celebration Youth Chorus joined the Nashville Symphony Orchestra and Chorus in a performance featuring gospel, classical and popular selections.

COMMUNITY PARTNERS The Nashville Symphony is able to serve our community through a wide variety of programs, thanks to the participation and collaboration of many partner organizations in Middle Tennessee. Thank you to all of the following for helping us share the music! Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee Blair School of Music Brentwood Library Brentwood Suzuki Strings Calsonic Arena / Shelbyville Camp Lifting Lives Celebration Chorus Celebration Youth Chorus Center for Latin American Studies Vanderbilt Center for Non-Profit Management Center for Refugees and Immigrants Chase Bank Christ Church YMCA Coleman Recreation Center Community Foundation Community Health, Vanderbilt Conexión Americas Country Music Hall of Fame® & Museum Cremona Strings Ensemble Too Fannie Battle FiftyForward J.L. Turner Center FiftyForward Knowles Fisk (Jubilee Singers) Frist Center for the Visual Arts Girls, Inc at Wright Middle School Goodwill Gordon Jewish Community Center Hadley Park Community Center Hands On Nashville Jazz at the Mill Jupiter/KHS Legacy Crossing Living Truth Ministry Magic Circle Mime Company Martha O'Bryan Center Martin Center Mayor›s Office McGruder Family Resource Center McNeilly Center for Children Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools Monroe Harding Moves & Grooves Middle Tennessee Band & Orchestra Association

Murfreesboro Senior Center (St. Clair) Music City Center Music City Youth Orchestra Nashville After Zone Alliance (NAZA) Nashville Ballet Nashville Cares Nashville Children›s Theater NHC Place at Cool Springs Assisted Living Nissan Paragon Mills Church of Christ Seniors Park Center PENCIL Foundation Predators Foundation Prime Timers First Presbysterian Church Providence Baptist Church Public Library Civil Rights Room Public Library: Bordeaux Branch Public Library: Looby Branch Public Library: Main Branch Public Library: North Branch RISE (Refugee & Immigrant Student Empowerment) Room at the Inn Second Harvest of Middle Tennessee Senior Adults-West End United Methodist Church Senior Citizens - Members of Green Hills YMCA Smyrna Public Library St Clair Street Senior Center St. Mark›s Episcopal Church (Senior Group) The Heritage at Brentwood The Manor at Steeplechase Tennessee State University Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center VSA (Very Special Arts) W.O. Smith Music School Williamson County Youth Orchestra Wishing Chair Productions YMCA Silver Sneakers Program YMCA Summer Camp YWCA





COMMUNITY CONCERTS 4,800 attendees | 5 counties

September 7: Nashville Symphony launches the season with a performance of Mahler’s epic Symphony No. 8, which features hundreds of musicians and singers onstage.

September 20-22: The orchestra records Richard Danielpour’s A Woman’s Life and Roberto Sierra’s Carnaval, both slated for future release on Naxos.

October 4-6: The orchestra records Stephen Paulus’ Three Places of Enlightenment and Veil of Tears for future release on Naxos.

October 14: For the second year, Nashville Symphony partners with the Nashville Rescue Mission for Music With a Mission, which raises $140,000 in support of the homeless men, women and children of Middle Tennessee.

October 17: Nashville Symphony Board of Directors reaches an agreement with Giancarlo Guerrero to extend the Maestro’s contract through 2020.

October 23: The orchestra performs at Belmont University’s newly unveiled McAfee Concert Hall — dubbed the “mini-Schermerhorn” because of its resemblance to the Symphony Center.

December 8: Nashville Symphony presents the Harmony Award to country star Keith Urban at the 28th annual Symphony Ball fundraiser.

January 20: Nashville Symphony performs its 20th annual Let Freedom Sing concert honoring the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

February 28-March 2: Nashville Symphony gives the second performances of Mason Bates’ Violin Concerto, a stunning vehicle for soloist Anne Akiko Meyers.

March 2: Murfreesboro high school student Mary Grace Johnson is named Grand Prize Winner of the 2013 Curb Concerto Competition for her performance of the first movement from Barber’s Violin Concerto.

May 30-June 1: Joshua Bell and Edgar Meyer join the orchestra to perform Meyer’s Double Concerto for Violin and Double Bass, co-commissioned by the Nashville Symphony.

June 13: Aegis Sciences Corporation signs on as title sponsor of the Nashville Symphony’s Classical Series through the 2015/16 season.

June 19: Nashville Symphony is one of 19 American orchestras honored with an ASCAP Award for Adventurous Programming, earning third place for Programming of Contemporary Music.

June 24: Nashville Symphony successfully resolves its outstanding debt on Schermerhorn Symphony Center. Under the terms of a definitive agreement, all of the Symphony’s obligations to its commercial lenders have been eliminated.

July 19: Nashville Symphony enjoys one of the biggest single ticket sales days in its history, selling a total of 3,301 tickets for a total of $224,253.



March 11: As part of a comprehensive financial restructuring, the Executive Committee of the Symphony’s Board of Directors votes not to seek a renewal on the letter of credit backing the bond debt on Schermerhorn Symphony Center.


April 4-6: Pink Martini joins the orchestra on its Bank of America Pops Series. Among the band members performing onstage: NPR correspondent Ari Shapiro — who, it turns out, is a pretty good singer.

2 0 1 2 / 1 3 A N N U A L R E P O RT

April 9: Designer Monique Lhuillier shows her Fall 2013 Collection at the Symphony Spring Fashion Show, which raises funds for the orchestra’s artistic and educational programs.

April 25: Legendary blues guitarist B.B. King performs to a sold-out house at the Schermerhorn.

May 22: Associate Conductor Kelly Corcoran is named director of the Nashville Symphony Chorus, assuming the post left vacant by previous Chorus Director George Mabry.







the Nashville Symphony...




The Nashville Symphony demonstrated its mission-based commitment to music education this season through exceptional student experiences at Schermerhorn Symphony Center, in schools across Middle Tennessee and through afterschool programming. The Symphony served more than 60,000 students during the 2012/13 season by providing:

at Schermerhorn Symphony Center YOUNG PEOPLE’S CONCERTS offer students in grades K-12 a full orchestra performance at Schermerhorn Symphony Center, with programming tailored to specific grade levels. Teachers are provided with in-depth lesson plans that align with the Common Core State Standards to support pre- and post-concert learning and integrate the concert experience into classroom instruction.

CURB OPEN DRESS REHEARSALS invite students to observe what it takes to polish an

• The opportunity to attend a Nashville Symphony concert at the Schermerhorn for free through the Classroom Classics program.

orchestral program before the first public performance. Students also participate in a post-

• The opportunity to learn directly from professional musicians through Sectionals & Master Classes and Curb Open Dress Rehearsals.

IS IT A FIDDLE OR A VIOLIN? is presented in partnership with the Country Music

concert question-and-answer session with the conductor or guest soloist.

Hall of Fame® and Museum, giving students in grades K-5 tours of the Hall of Fame and Museum and Schermerhorn Symphony Center, as well as a live performance exploring the

• A hands-on introduction to playing a musical instrument through the Chase Instrument Petting Zoos.

differences and the commonalities between classical and country music.

CLASSROOM CLASSICS provides free concert tickets to middle- and high-school

• Enhanced educational experiences through afterschool programs with the Nashville After-Zone Alliance and advanced music education and performance opportunities with the Curb Youth Symphony.


2 0 1 2 / 1 3 A N N U A L R E P O RT

students, giving them the chance to hear the Nashville Symphony perform at Schermerhorn Symphony Center.





Crescendo Club is a young professionals’ group focused on increasing appreciation for orchestral music and encouraging support of the Symphony’s

the Nashville Symphony...

educational and artistic mission. Learn more at

…and after school

at school… INSTRUMENT PETTING ZOO is an interactive, hands-on introduction to orchestral

Nashville After Zone Alliance (NAZA) is a partnership among the Mayor’s Office, Metropolitan

instruments. Led by trained volunteers and education staff, this activity gives many

Nashville Public Schools and local nonprofits that serves at-risk middle-school students in an

children their first opportunity to explore making music.

afterschool setting. As one of the NAZA partners, the Nashville Symphony offers these youth an Instrument Petting Zoo, an interactive Sound Lab that explores the physical properties of

ENSEMBLES IN THE SCHOOLS bring small groups of Nashville Symphony

sound, and an ensemble performance and career discussion with orchestra musicians.

musicians to area schools for age-appropriate, interactive programs and question-andanswer sessions. For schools that cannot bring students to the Schermerhorn, this program

Offered in partnership with the W.O. Smith Music School, Suzuki Lessons invite at-risk

provides a wonderful opportunity for children to observe and learn from musicians in an

children in grades K-5 to study the violin through the Suzuki method. Led by Nashville

up-close setting.

Symphony violinists Deidre Bacco and Anna Lisa Hoepfinger, these lessons encourage strong family involvement as parents and guardians learn alongside their children.

SECTIONALS AND MASTER CLASSES provide a chance for middle- and high-school Curb Youth Symphony is composed of gifted young musicians from the region, selected

ensembles to receive coaching and instruction from members of the orchestra.

by audition, who work with Nashville Symphony musicians and Vanderbilt University Blair School of Music faculty during weekly rehearsals. The program culminates in the annual Side-by-Side Concert, with the Curb Youth Symphony and the orchestra performing together at Schermerhorn Symphony Center.

30 144

2,333 2,334 400 660 3 825 28,834 2,380



6,616 3,873





14 12

3,229 50 72

1,521 16 372 140

30 120




■ 1 - 50 ■ 50 - 500 ■ 500 - 2,000 ■ 2,000 - 5,000 ■ 5,000 - 30,000

Barren Bedford Cannon Cheatham Coffee Davidson Dickson Giles Grundy Hamilton Hickman Humphries Lawrence Macon Marion Marshall

Maury Montgomery Moore Putnam Robertson Rutherford Smith Stewart Sumner Trigg Union Warren Warren (KY) White Williamson Wilson

EDUCATION ENCOUNTERS 2012-2013 SEASON Young People’s Concerts: 17,518 Open Dress Rehearsals: 3,630 Classroom Classics: 1,846 Is It a Fiddle or a Violin: 1,346 Pied Piper Children’s Series pre-concert activities: 5,268 Ensembles in the Schools: 3,527 Instrument Petting Zoos: 1,514 Sectionals: 214 NAZA: 481

19 2,000 4,000


8,000 10,000 12,000 14,000 16,000 18,000

Drs. Pilar Vargas & Sten H. Vermund Mr. Vince Vinson Kris & G. G. Waggoner Deborah & Mark Wait


The Nashville Symphony is deeply grateful to the following individuals who support its concert season and its services to the community through their generous contributions to the Annual Fund. Donors as of July 31, 2013.

Carol & Frank Daniels III Mrs. Martha Rivers Ingram

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Seabury III

WALTER SHARP SOCIETY Gifts of $15,000 - $24,999 Anonymous (1) Judy & Joe Barker

Martin Brown Family Dr. & Mrs. Howard S. Kirshner

Mr. & Mrs. Cano Ozgener Mr. & Mrs. Ben R. Rechter

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Turner

Patricia & H. Rodes Hart Jan & Daniel Lewis Myles & Joan MacDonald The Melkus Family Foundation

The Honorable Gilbert S. Merritt Richard & Sharalena Miller Dr. Harrell Odom II & Mr. Barry W. Cook Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Pfeffer

VIRTUOSO SOCIETY Gifts of $10,000-$14,999 Anonymous (2) Mr. & Mrs. Jack O. Bovender Jr. Richard & Judith Bracken Mr.* & Mrs. J. C. Bradford Jr.

Janine & Ben Cundiff Mr. & Mrs. Brownlee O. Currey Jr. Giancarlo & Shirley Guerrero Carl & Connie Haley

STRADIVARIUS SOCIETY Gifts of $5,000 - $9,999 Anonymous (1) Mr. & Mrs. James Ayers J. B. & Carylon Baker Russell W. Bates Dr. & Mrs. Robert O. Begtrup Ann & Frank Bumstead Ann Scott Carell* Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Carlton Fred Cassetty Kelly & Bill Christie Mr. & Mrs. Tom F. Cone Mr. & Mrs. Kevin W. Crumbo Hilton & Sallie Dean Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Dennis Marty & Betty Dickens Dee & Jerald Doochin Laura & Wayne Dugas

Mr. & Mrs. Jere M. Ervin Annette S. Eskind The Jane & Richard Eskind & Family Foundation Marilyn Ezell John & Lorelee Gawaluck Allis Dale & John Gillmor Ed & Nancy Goodrich Jack & Jill Harmuth Mr. & Mrs. Billy Ray Hearn Helen & Neil Hemphill Mrs. V. Davis Hunt Mr. & Mrs. David B. Ingram Lee Ann & Orrin Ingram Keith & Nancy Johnson Elliott Warner Jones & Marilyn Lee Jones Anne Knauff Christine Konradi & Stephan Heckers

Ralph & Donna Korpman Mr. & Mrs. Fred W. Lazenby Dr. & Mrs. George R. Lee Jim Lewis Zachary Liff Robert Straus Lipman Ellen Harrison Martin Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. McCabe Jr. Sheila & Richard McCarty Edward D. & Linda F. Miles Anne & Peter Neff Dr. Barron Patterson & Mr. Burton Jablin Drs. Mark & Nancy Peacock Hal & Peggy Pennington Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Pruett Carol & John T. Rochford Anne & Joe Russell

Joe & Dorothy Scarlett Dr. & Mrs. Michael H. Schatzlein Dr. & Mrs. John Selby Mr.* & Mrs. Nelson Severinghaus Ronald & Diane Shafer Nelson & Sheila Shields Mr. & Mrs. Irvin Small Mr. & Mrs. Earl S. Swensson Dr. John B. Thomison* Mr. & Mrs. Louis B. Todd Jr. Alan D. & Jan L. Valentine Peggy & John Warner Ms. Johnna Benedict Watson Mr. & Mrs. Ted H. Welch David & Gail Williams Barbara & Bud Zander Mr. Nicholas S. Zeppos & Ms. Lydia A. Howarth

GOLDEN BATON SOCIETY Gifts of $2,500 - $4,999 Anonymous (2) Clint & Kali Adams Mrs. R. Benton Adkins Jr. Drs. W. Scott & Paige Akers Shelley Alexander Jon K. & Colleen Atwood Dr. & Mrs. Elbert Baker Jr. Ms. Marilyn Bell Mr. & Mrs. Louie A. Belt Mark & Sarah Blakeman Dr. & Mrs. Frank H. Boehm Jamey Bowen & Norman Wells Dr. & Mrs. H. Victor Braren Dan & Mindy Brodbeck Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Buijsman Drs. Rodney & Janice Burt Michael & Jane Ann Cain Mr. Philip M. Cavender Mr. & Mrs. Terry W. Chandler Drs. Keith & Leslie Churchwell Dorit & Donald Cochron Marjorie & Allen* Collins Mr.* & Mrs. W. Ovid Collins

Richard & Sherry Cooper Mr. & Mrs. James H. Costner Mr. & Mrs. Justin Dell Crosslin Dr. & Mrs. Ben Davis John & Natasha Deane The Rev. & Mrs. Fred Dettwiller David Ellis & Barry Wilker Donna & Jeffrey Eskind Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Ezrin Tom & Judy Foster Danna & Bill Francis Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Frist Jr. Cathey & Wilford Fuqua Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Giacobone Harris A. Gilbert William & Helen Gleason Mr. & Mrs. Fred C. Goad Jr. James C. Gooch & Jennie P. Smith Tony & Teri Gosse Mr. & Mrs. C. David Griffin Suzy Heer Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Hilton Mr. & Mrs. Scott Hoffman

Ms. Cornelia B. Holland Dr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Houff Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Israel Donald L. Jackson Mr. & Mrs. John F. Jacques Robin & Bill King Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Koban Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Kovach Robert & Carol Lampe Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Ledbetter Jr. Sally M. Levine John T. Lewis Red & Shari Martin Tommy & Cat McEwen Mr. & Mrs. Martin F. McNamara III Dr. Arthur M. Mellor F. Max & Mary A. Merrell Mr. & Mrs. Eduardo H. Minardi Christopher & Patricia Mixon Mr. David K. Morgan Ms. Lucy H. Morgan James & Patricia Munro Lannie W. Neal

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Wimberly Dr. Artmas L. Worthy Shirley Zeitlin

CONDUCTOR'S CIRCLE Gifts of $1,000 - $2,499

MARTHA RIVERS INGRAM SOCIETY Gifts of $25,000 + David & Diane Black Mr. & Mrs. John Chadwick

Art & Lisa Wheeler Mr. Thomas G. B. Wheelock Charles Hampton White Mr. & Mrs. Jimmie D. White

Mr. Mark E. Nicol Ms. Agatha L. Nolen Jonathan R. Norris & Jennifer Carlat David & Adrienne Piston Keith & Deborah Pitts Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Priesmeyer Dr. Terryl A. Propper Mr. & Mrs. Gustavus A. Puryear IV Eric Raefsky, M.D. & Ms. Victoria Heil Ms. Allison R. Reed & Mr. Sam Garza Jeff & Kim Rice Anne & Charles Roos Geoffrey & Sandra Sanderson Mr. & Mrs. J. Ronald Scott Stephen K. & Patricia L. Seale Mr.* & Mrs. Martin E. Simmons Jack & Louise Spann Christopher & Maribeth Stahl Pamela & Steven Taylor Rich & Carol Thigpin Scott & Julie Thomas Dr. & Mrs. Alexander Townes Mr. Robert J. Turner

Anonymous (12) Jerry Adams Jeff & Tina Adams James & Glyna Aderhold Mark & Niki Antonini Ms. Teresa Broyles-Aplin Jeremy & Rebecca Atack Grace & Carl Awh Sallie & John Bailey Dr. & Mrs. Billy R. Ballard Mr. & Mrs. H. Lee Barfield II Barbara & Mike Barton Mrs. Brenda Bass Mr. & Mrs. James Beckner Mrs. Norma M. Bell Betty C. Bellamy Dr. Eric & Elaine Berg Frank M. Berklacich, MD Mr.* & Mrs. Harold S. Bernard Mr. & Mrs. Raymond P. Bills Mr. David Blackbourn & Ms. Celia Applegate Dennis & Tammy Boehms Bob & Marion Bogen Mr. & Mrs. Robert Boyd Bogle III Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Bottorff Randal & Priscilla Braker Jere & Crystal Brassell Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Brown Jean & David Buchanan Dr. & Mrs. Glenn Buckspan Mr.* & Mrs. Arthur H. Buhl III Sharon Lee Butcher Chuck & Sandra Cagle John E. Cain III Mr. & Mrs. Gerald G. Calhoun Mr. & Mrs. William H. Cammack Jan & Jim Carell Ann & Sykes Cargile Mr. David Carlton Mr. & Mrs. William F. Carpenter III Clint & Patty Carter Dr. & Mrs. Dennis C. Carter Michael & Pamela Carter Anita & Larry Cash Dr. Elizabeth Cato Mary & Joseph Cavarra Erica & Doug Chappell Barbara & Eric Chazen Donna R. Cheek James H. Cheek III Mrs. John Hancock Cheek Jr. Catherine Chitwood M. Wayne Chomik Mr. & Mrs. Sam E. Christopher David & Starling Clark George D. Clark Jr. Mr. Terry Clyne Esther & Roger Cohn Ed & Pat Cole Chase Cole Mr. Brian Cook Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Cook Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joe C. Cook III Joe & Judy Cook Teresa Corlew & Wes Allen Nancy Krider Corley Roger & Barbara Cottrell Mr. & Mrs. Roy J. Covert Mr. & Mrs. Donald S. A. Cowan

James L. & Sharon H. Cox Dr. & Mrs. James Crafton Drs. Paul A. & Dorothy Valcarcel Craig Dr. & Mrs. William A. Crosby Jr. Mr. & Mrs. J. Bradford Currie Greg & Collie Daily Mr. Charles E. Daley M. Maitland DeLand, M.D. Mr. & Mrs. Daryl Demonbreun LeeAnne & Carl Denney Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Doochin Stephen & Kimberly Drake Laura L. Dunbar E.B.S. Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Eaden Dr. & Mrs. E. Mac Edington Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Edmondson Sr. Dr. & Mrs. William H. Edwards Sr. Robert D. Eisenstein Drs. James & Rena Ellzy Dr. Jack W. Erter Laurie & Steven Eskind Robert & Cassandra Estes Mr. Matthew Evers Mr. & Mrs. DeWitt Ezell Dr. Meredith A. Ezell Ms. Paula Fairchild Mrs. Nancye Feistritzer Mr. & Mrs. John Ferguson W. Tyree Finch T. Aldrich Finegan John & Cindy Watson Ford Ms. Deborah F. Turner & Ms. Beth A. Fortune Drs. Robert & Sharron Francis Ms. Bettie D. Fuller Dr. & Mrs. John R. Furman Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas R. Ganick Carlene Hunt & Marshall Gaskins Mr. & Mrs. Roy J. Gilleland III Frank Ginanni Nancy & Gerry Goffinet Dr. Fred & Martha Goldner Dr. & Mrs. James D. Green Dr. & Mrs. Allen F. Gwinn The Evelyn S. & Jim Horne Hankins Foundation Mr. & Mrs. John Burton Hayes Ms. Doris Ann Hendrix Carrie & Damon Hininger Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey N. Hinson Judith Hodges Ken & Pam Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. Dan W. Hogan Mr. & Mrs. Richard Holton Mr. & Mrs. Henry W. Hooker Mr. & Mrs. Ephriam H. Hoover III Vicki & Rick Horne Ray Houston Hudson Family Foundation Donna & Ronn Huff Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Huljak Dr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Humphrey Judith S. & James R. Humphreys Marsha & Keel Hunt Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Irby Sr. Bud Ireland Rodney Irvin Family Mr. & Mrs. Toshinari Ishii Ellen & Kenneth Jacobs Lee & Pat Jennings

George & Shirley Johnston Jan Jones & Steve Williams Mary Loventhal Jones Mrs. Robert N. Joyner Ray & Rosemarie Kalil Mr. & Mrs. James Kelso Michael & Melissa Kirby Tom & Darlene Klaritch Walter & Sarah Knestrick William C. & Deborah Patterson Koch Ms. Pamela L. Koerner Ms. Linda R. Koon Heloise Werthan Kuhn Mr. & Mrs. Randolph M. LaGasse Bob & Mary LaGrone Mr. Okey M. Landers Larry & Martha Larkin Richard & Diane Larsen Kevin & May Lavender Sandi & Tom Lawless Dr. & Mrs. John W. Lea IV Don & Patti Liedtke Dr. & Mrs. T. A. Lincoln Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Lind Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Lipman Joe & Anne Maddux Rhonda A. Martocci & William S. Blaylock Steve & Susie Mathews Lynn & Jack May Bob Maynard Joey & Beth McDuffee Mr. & Mrs. Robert McNeilly Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. McRae III Drs. Manfred & Susan Menking Dr. Mark & Mrs. Theresa Messenger Mr. & Mrs. William T. Minkoff Jr. Diana & Jeff Mobley Mr. & Mrs. William P. Morelli Patricia & Michael Moseley Mrs. Betty W. Mullens Matt & Rhonda Mulroy Leonard Murray & Jacqueline Marschak Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Nave Jr. Robert Ness Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Odom Jr. Representative & Mrs. Gary L. Odom Dan & Helen Owens The Paisley Family David & Pamela Palmer Victoria & William Pao Dr. Edgar H. Pierce Jr. Mr. Charles H. Potter Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph K. Presley Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Prill Brad S. Procter Dr. Gipsie B. Ranney Drs. Jeff & Kellye Rice Mr. & Mrs. Doyle R. Rippee Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Riven Mr. & Mrs. John A. Roberts Margaret Ann & Walter Robinson Foundation Mary Rolando Mr. & Mrs. David L. Rollins Ms. Sara L. Rosson & Ms. Nancy Menke Georgianna W. Russell James & Patricia Russell David Sampsell Paula & Kent Sandidge

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Sangervasi Samuel A. Santoro & Mary M. Zutter Mr. & Mrs. Eric M. Saul Dr. Norm Scarborough & Ms. Kimberly Hewell Mr. Paul H. Scarbrough Ms. Sandra A. Schatten Mrs. Cooper M. Schley Dr. & Mrs. R. Bruce Shack Joan B. Shayne Anita & Mike Shea Allen Spears* & Colleen Sheppard Bill & Sharon Sheriff Dr. & Mrs. Andrew Shinar Dr. & Mrs. Nicholas A. Sieveking Sr. Luke & Susan Simons Tom & Sylvia Singleton William & Cyndi Sites George & Mary Sloan Drs. Walter E. Smalley Jr. & Louise Hanson Suzanne & Grant Smothers K. C. & Mary Smythe Mr. & Mrs. James H. Spalding Mr. & Mrs. Hans Stabell Dr. Michael & Tracy Stadnick Mr. & Mrs. Joe N. Steakley Dr. & Mrs. Robert Stein Mr. & Mrs. David B. Stewart Jane Lawrence Stone Mr. & Mrs. James G. Stranch III Ann & Bob Street Mrs. Susan & Volker Striepe M.D. Bill & Linda Suchman Bruce & Elaine Sullivan Johanna & Fridolin Sulser James B. & Patricia B. Swan Brett & Meredythe Sweet Dr. Steve A. Hyman & Mr. Mark Lee Taylor Ann M. Teaff & Donald McPherson III Dr. Paul E. Teschan Dr. & Mrs. William Thetford Dr. & Mrs. Clarence S. Thomas Mr. Dwight D. Thrash Dr. Gary Tizard Candy Toler Norman & Marilyn Tolk Joe & Ellen Torrence Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Trammell Thomas L. & Judith A. Turk Christi & Jay Turner Larry & Brenda Vickers Dr. & Mrs. Robert W. Wahl Mike & Elaine Walker Mr. & Mrs. Martin H. Warren Talmage M. Watts Erin Wenzel Mr. & Mrs. James W. White Stacy Widelitz Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Wiesmeyer Mr. & Mrs. William G. Wiggins Mr. & Mrs. David M. Wilds Craig P. Williams & Kimberly Schenk Judy S. Williams Shane & Laura Willmon Mr. & Mrs. Ridley Wills II Ms. Marilyn Shields-Wiltsie & Dr. Theodore E. Wiltsie Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence K. Wolfe





Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery C. & Dayna L. Walraven Mrs. W. Miles Warfield Jonathan & Janet Weaver Carroll Van West & Mary Hoffschwelle

CONCERTMASTER Gifts of $500 - $999


2 0 1 2 / 1 3 A N N U A L R E P O RT

Ms. Katie Doyle Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Drake Joe & Shirley Draper Mrs. Sheila D. Duke Dr. Jane Easdown & Dr. James Booth Dr. James E. Edwards Mrs. Clara Elam Dr. Christopher & Wendy Ellis Mr. Owen T. Embry Mr. & Mrs. William H. Eskind Edgar & Kim Evins Jr. Dr. John & Janet Exton Bill & Dian S. Ezell Ms. Marilyn Falcone Laurie & Ron Farris Michael & Rosemary Fedele Bill Fialkowski, M.D. Ms. Fern Fitzhenry Bela Fleck Dr. Arthur C. Fleischer & Family Denise Foote Dr. & Mrs. Armando C. Foronda Patrick & Kimberly Forrest Mr. & Mrs. David B. Foutch Robert & Peggy Frye Suzanne J. Fuller Bill & Ginny Gable William Joyce & Anderson Gaither John & Eva Gebhart Dr. & Mrs. Harold L. Gentry Mr. & Mrs. H. Steven George Mr. & Mrs. Stewart J. Gilchrist Mr. Benjamin L. Gordon Mr. & Mrs. J. Michael Gould Mr. & Mrs. Richard Grant Bryan D. Graves Roger & Sherri Gray Richard & Randi Green Mr. Michael Grillot Renée & Tony Halterlein Dr. & Mrs. Carl Hampf Jay & Stephanie Hardcastle Dr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Hardy Kent & Becky Harrell Jean & Dick Hart Mark & Sylvia Hartzog Mr. & Mrs. Evans Harvill Dr. & Mrs. Jason Haslam Janet & Jim Hasson Dr. Gerald & Mary Hausman Mr. & Mrs. Philip F. Head Lisa & Bill Headley Doug & Beth Heimburger Keith & Kelly Herron Mr. David Hilley Dr. Becky E. Swanson-Hindman Mr. & Mrs. Jim Hitt Dr. Elisabeth Dykens & Dr. Robert Hodapp Frances Holt Ms. Susan S. Holt Dr. Jian Huang Albert C. Hughes Jr. & Charlotte E. Hughes Margie Hunter Nelson Hunter & Becky Gardner Mr. & Mrs. David Huseman Sandra & Joe Hutts Bob & Virginia Johnson Dr. Barbara F. Kaczmarska Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kane Mrs. Edward C. Kennedy John & Eleanor Kennedy Jane Kersten & Ray Sissom Ms. Janet Kleinfelter Mr. & Mrs. Gene C. Koonce

Nancy & Edd Lancaster Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Land Mr. & Mrs. Samuel W. Lavender Mrs. Martha W. Lawrence Mr. David C. Lehman Jr. Ted & Anne Lenz Michael & Ellen Levitt Mr. & Mrs. Irving Levy Mr. & Mrs. John Lillie Burk & Caroline Lindsey Dr. & Mrs. Nicholas Lippolis Drs. Walt & Shannon Little The Howard Littlejohn Family Mr. & Mrs. Denis Lovell Drs. Amy & George Lynch George & Cathy Lynch Tim Lynch Mr. & Mrs. Phil Lyons Mr. & Mrs. Peter C. Macdonald William R. & Maria T. MacKay Mr. & Mrs. Don MacLachlan James & Gene Manning Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Manno Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Markus Lee Marsden Mr. Henry Martin James & Patricia Martineau Mr. & Mrs. Leon May Drs. Ricardo Fonseca & Ingrid Mayer Peg & Al McCree Dr. & Mrs. Alexander C. McLeod Randy & Edina McMasters Catherine & Brian McMurray Ed & Tracy McNally Sam & Sandra McSeveney Ronald S. Meers Dr. & Mrs. Robert A. Mericle Bruce & Bonnie Meriwether Cedric & Delberta Miller Drs. Randolph & Linda Miller Dr. & Mrs. Kent B. Millspaugh Dr. Jere Mitchum Dr. & Mrs. Charles L. Moffatt Ms. Gay Moon Cynthia & Richard Morin Steve & Laura Morris Margaret & David Moss Dick & Mary Jo Murphy Lucille C. Nabors Larry & Marsha Nager Leslie & Scott Newman Lonnie & Allene Newton William & Kathryn Nicholson Mr. Brian M. Norris Jane K. Norris Virginia O'Brien D. Wilson Ochoa Mr. & Mrs. Russell Oldfield Jr. Judy Oxford & Grant Benedict Dr. & Mrs. Harry L. Page Ms. Jeanne E. Pankow Mr. & Mrs. M. Forrest Parmley Dr. & Mrs. C. Leon Partain Ms. Lisa Pasho-Coughlin Grant & Janet Patterson John W. & Mary Patterson Drs. Teresa & Phillip Patterson Dr. & Mrs. Joel Q. Peavyhouse Dr. & Mrs. A. F. Peterson Jr. Linda & Carter Philips Faris & Robert Phillips CW Pinson, M.D., MBA Gaynelle Pitner Ms. Julie B. Plexico

Rick & Diane Poen Mr. John Pope Dr. & Mrs. James L. Potts John & Fiona Prine J. Hayden Pruett George & Joyce Pust Dr. James Quiggins Mr. Edwin B. Raskin Charles H. & Eleanor L. Raths Mrs. Ida D. Read Ms. Bonnie D. Reagan Franco & Cynthia Recchia Paul & Gerda Resch Mr. Cliff N. Rhodes Mary Riddle Susan B. Ridley Mrs. Julie A. Roe Mr. & Mrs. Doug Rogers W. Don Rogers Dr. & Mrs. Jorge Rojas Mr. & Mrs. David C. Roland Laura Ross Dr. James Roth Dr.* & Mrs. Kenneth Rutherford Samuel L. & Barbara Sanders Philip & Jane Sanderson Dr. Glynis Sandler & Dr. Martin Sandler Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Robin Schlacter Pam & Roland Schneller Dr. & Mrs. Timothy P. Schoettle Dr. Kenneth E. Schriver & Dr. Anna W. Roe Peggy C. Sciotto Mr. & Mrs. Robert Scott Mr. Roderick Scruggs Drs. Fernando F. & Elena O. Segovia Odessa L. Settles Max & Michelle Shaff Mr.* & Mrs. Robert K. Sharp Mr. & Mrs. Richard Shearer Mr. & Mrs. Alan Sielbeck Smith Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Scott Smith Robert B. Smith Dr. Robert Smith & Barbara Ramsey Mr. & Mrs. S. Douglas Smith Ruth & William Smith Mr. James E. Snider Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Douglas C. Snyder Mr.& Mrs. James M. Sohr Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Sohr Mickey M. & Kathleen Sparkman Ms. Maggie P. Speight Dr. & Mrs. Anderson Spickard Jr. Mr. M. Clark Spoden Ms. Karen G. Sroufe Gloria & Paul Sternberg Jr. Dr. & Mrs. William R. Stewart Mr. & Mrs. James P. Stonehocker Mr. & Mrs. William T. Stroud Mr. & Mrs. James E. Summar Sr. Craig & Dianne Sussman Dr. & Mrs. J. D. Taylor Eugene & Penny Te Selle Gilbert Thibedore Mr. Marcus W. Thompson Mr. & Mrs. William D. Tidwell Mr. Michael P. Tortora Martha J. Trammell Mr. & Mrs. Ray Troop Mila & Bill Truan Monty Holmes & Van Tucker Bradley & Karen Vandermolen Karl & Ann VanDevender Ms. Rita R. Vann

Mrs. James A. Webb Jr. Dr. Medford S. Webster Beth & Arville Wheeler Mr. & Mrs. Fred Wheeler Alyson Wideman Joe Wieck Mrs. Marie Holman Wiggins Adam & Laura Wilczek

Mr. Robert S. Wilkinson Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Williams Vicki Gardine Williams Gary & Cathy Wilson The Rev. & Mrs. H. David Wilson Greg & Debbie Wolf Edward & Mary E. Womack Mr. Peter Wooten & Ms. Renata Soto

Patrick & Phaedra Yachimski Mr. Payton H. Young Dr. Michael Zanolli & Julie K. Sandine Ms. Jane Zeigler Roy & Ambra Zent Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Zigli

Ms. Mimi Bliss Phil & Carol Boeing Mr. & Mrs. Philip C. Bolger David L. Bone Mr. Paine Bone Mr. & Mrs. Roger Borchers David Bordenkircher Jerry & Donna Boswell Robert E. Bosworth Carolyn J. Bowlds Don & Deborah Boyd Jeff & Jeanne Bradford Mr. Mark D. Branstetter Mr. Charles Brasher Mary Lawrence Breinig Ms. Alexis Bright Betty & Bob Brodie Mr & Mrs. Larry J. & Julia Brooks Kathy & Bill Brosius Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Brown Robert Brown Tom Bruce Burnece Walker Brunson Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Bryant Mr. Nicholas M. Buda T. Mark & D. K. Buford Mrs. Robert Bundy Mr. & Mrs. John R. Burch Sr. Mr. & Mrs. David R. Buttrey Jr. Geraldine & Wilson Butts Dr. & Mrs. Robert O. Byrd Ms. Betsy Calabrace Mr. Richard Callahan Mrs. Julia C. Callaway Mr. Oscar Calles Claire Ann Calongne Mr. Richard A. Calvin Bratschi Campbell Gary E. Canaday Robert & Melanie Cansler Mr. Mark J. Cappellino Mr. T. James Carmichael Earl & Elizabeth Carnahan Mr. Colin J. Carnahan Karen Carr Ronald & Nellrena Carr Amy Carter Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Carter Valleau & Robert M. Caruthers Ms. Shalonda Cawthon Evelyn LeNoir Chandler Mr. Caldwell Charlet Dr. Walter J. Chazin Mrs. Robert L. Chickey Barry & Janie Childers Ms. Dorothy H. Chitwood Mr. Won S. Choi Mr. Joseph B. Christy Dr. André & Ms. Doreatha H. Churchwell Teresa C. Cissell Councilman & Mrs. Phil Claiborne Drs. Walter & Deborah Clair Charles & Agenia Clark Steven* & Donna Clark

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Clarkson Mr. & Mrs. Roy Claverie Sr. Keith N. Clayton Mr. & Mrs. Neely B. Coble III Dr. Clifford Cockerham & Ms. Sherry Cummings Mark & Robin Cohen Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan J. Cole Ms. Danah Coleman Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Coleman Shirley Coleman Mr. & Mrs. Wiley B. Coley Colonel (ret.) Dr. & Mrs. James R. (Conra) Collier Mr. & Mrs. Jerry C. Collins Ms. Peggy B. Colson F. Michael Combs Mr. & Mrs. Randy Cook Mr. Troy E. Cook Donna Cookson Ms. Anne G. Cooper Mike & Sandy Cooper Kathy & Scott Corlew Ms. Adrienne L. Corn Allie & Landford Correll Dr. Charles Cox & Dr. Joy Cox Mr. & Mrs. George Crawford Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Jeff L. Creasy Mr. & Mrs. David Crecraft Will R. & Jean Crowthers Ms. Kathleen M. Cullen R. Barry & Kathy Cullen The Daly-Ark Family Ms. Margaret M. DAngelo Katherine C. Daniel William N. Daniel Jr. Ms. Aurora A. Daniels Mr. M. Bradshaw Darnall III Andrew Daughety & Jennifer Reinganum Janet Keese Davies Frank C. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Daws Ms. Gloria Deaner Doug & Marie DeGraaf Dr. & Mrs. Roy L. DeHart Wade & Jeanine Denney Mr. & Mrs. J. William Denny Eustace Denton Dr. & Mrs. Henry A. DePhillips Mrs. John S. Derryberry Ms. Molly E. Devine Mr. & Mrs. Arthur DeVooght Mr. John I. Dickson Jr. Dr. Joseph & Ambassador Rachel Diggs Dominick & Lynette Dimeola Mr. Guy R. Dinwiddie Ms. Shirley J. Dodge Ms. Angelica M. Dones Kevin J. & Ellen Donovan Mr. & Mrs. William A. Dortch Jr. Mr. Eddie H. Doss Clark & Peggy Druesedow Judith A. Dudley Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Dugger

Kathleen & Stephen Dummer Mr & Mrs. Mike Dungan Bob & Nancy Dunkerley Dr. & Mrs. D.W. Durrett Burton Dye Mr. & Mrs. Jim Eades Jr. Kathryn & Webb Earthman Mr. & Mrs. Kevin B. Ebert Braces by Dr. Ruth Thomas D. Edmonds DVM Bonnie Edwards Dan & Zita Elrod Mr. Steven Eppinger Dr. & Mrs. James Ettien Ms. Claire Evans Bobby & Dawn Evans Tony & Shelley Exler Chrtistopher Farrell & Kathryn Beasley The Farris & Martin Family Mr. Edward Fedorovich Ms. Karen A. Fentress Dr. Robert G. Ferland Mr. Matt H. Ferry Vince & Dorothy Fesmire Billy & Donna Fields Jerry & Mary Ann Fife Janie & Richard Finch Ms. Jennifer Finger Dr. & Mrs. Jack Fisher Doris T. Fleischer Nellie Folsom Mr. Kent T. Forward Cathy & Kent Fourman Mrs. Katherine H. Fox Andrew & Mary Foxworth Sr. William H. & Babs Freeman Ms. Nelle L. Freemon Scott & Anita Freistat Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Debra Frey Dr. Mark E. Frisse Tom & Jennifer Furtsch Dr. Henry Fusner Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Galantowicz Dr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Galbraith Ms. Elham Galyon Mr. William Gann Mr. & Mrs. Philip Ganske Mr. & Mrs. Craig E. Gardella Mr. & Mrs. George C. Garden Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Garrett Alan & Jeannie Gaus Nancy & Ken Gentry Miss Lindsay A. George Em J. Ghianni Mr. & Mrs. Ralph T. Glassford Mark Glazer & Ms. Cynthia Stone Linda & Joel Gluck Theresa G. Payne Eric H. Goodman Susan T. Goodwin Dr. & Mrs. Gerald S. Gotterer Tom & Carol Ann Graham Jay & Suzanne Grannis Dr. Cornelia R. Graves


Anonymous (24) Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Abelman Mrs. Pamela Alexander Carol M. Allen Andy & Karen Anderson Geralda M. Aubry Jeff & Carrie Bailey Dr. Houston A. Baker Richard W. Baker Mr. Randall B. Ball Susan F. & Paul J. Ballard George E. Barrett Mr. & Mrs. Edwin R. Barton Dr. & Mrs. Jere Bass Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Bateman Katrin T. Bean Marti Bellingrath Bernice Amanda Belue Mike & Kathy Benson Dr. Joel Birdwell Ralph & Jane Black Randolph & Elaine Blake Mr. John Blanton Mr. & Mrs. Bill Blevins Dr. & Mrs. Marion G. Bolin Irma Bolster Mary K. Boyd Mr. & Mrs. William E. Boyte Mrs. Beverly J. Brandenburg Robert* & Barbara Braswell Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Braun Dr. & Mrs. Phillip L. Bressman Berry & Connie Brooks Anastasia Brown Dr. Pamela E. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Burgess Mr. Peter L. Bush Dr. & Mrs. Grady Butler James Button William & Mary Callahan Mr. Thomas R. Campion Michael & Linda Carlson Bill & Chris Carver Mr. & Mrs. Christopher John Casa Santa Ms. Pamela Casey John & Susan Chambers Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Christenberry Jay & Ellen Clayton Sallylou & David Cloyd Dr. & Mrs. Alan G. Cohen The Honorable & Mrs. Lewis H. Conner William & Margaret Connor Paul & Alyce Cooke Elizabeth Cormier Marion Pickering Couch Richard & Marcia Cowan Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Craig Dr. Robert Crants III Mr. & Mrs. Rob Crichton Ms. Susannah C. Culbertson James & Maureen Danly Kimberly L. Darlington Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Davenport Maria Gabriella Giro & Jeff Davidson Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Davis Steve Sirls & Allen DeCuyper Mrs. Edwin DeMoss Anne R. Dennison Wally & Lee Lee Dietz Tom & Leslie DiNella Karen & Steven Good Peter & Kathleen Donofrio Josephine Doubleday Tere & David Dowland

Kathryn G. Varnell Lois J. Wagner & Barbara M. Lonardi Dr. & Mrs. Martin H. Wagner Curt & Kay Wallen Mr. Donald D. Warden II Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Warner Jr. Lawrence & Karen Washington Dr. & Mrs. Mark Wathen

FIRST CHAIR Gifts of $250 - $499 Anonymous (29) Drs. Oran Aaronson & Shannon Snyder Judith Ablon The Rev. Dr. & Mrs. W. Robert Abstein Ben & Nancy Adams Eric & Shannon Adams Maryle & Tom Albin Mr. George E. Alexander Dr. & Mrs. John Algren Mr. & Mrs. Roger Allbee Dr. Joseph H. Allen Newton & Burkley Allen Ruth G. Allen Mr. & Mrs. John Allpress Michael & Charlene Alvey Adrienne Ames Wm. J. & Margery Amonette Betty Anderson Dr. & Mrs. John E. Anderson Professor Kathryn Anderson Ken & Jan Anderson Newell Anderson & Lynne McFarland Mr. & Mrs. Carlyle D. Apple Patricia & Jay Armstrong Todd & Barbara Arrants Candy Burger & Dan Ashmead Mr. & Mrs. John S. Atkins The Brian C. Austin Family Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Averbuch Dr. & Mrs. J. Kelley Avery Janet B. Baggett Lawrence E. Baggett Charles & Marjorie Bain Ms. Susie M. Baird Ms. Carolyn C. Baker Drs. Ferdinand & Eresvita Balatico Mr. & Mrs. J. Oriol Barenys Dr. Beth S. Barnett A. S. Barns Dr.* & Mrs. Thomas C. Barr Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Barr Mr. & Mrs. Jack Bass, Jr. Mr. Curtis L. Baysinger Mr. & Mrs. William Beach Ms. Michelle L. Beauvais Dr. Sammy F. Becdach Susan O. Belcher Mr. Wesley P. Belden Mark H. Bell Ron & Sheryl Bell Mr. & Mrs. W. Todd Bender Tom & Marilynn Benim Mr. Carl W. Berg Ms. Margaret P. Bernado Dr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Berry Ms. Tyler Berry Dick & Gwen Berry Dr. & Mrs. Ben J. Birdwell Bill & Donna Bissell Mr. & Mrs. Scott & Rebekah Blackburn Ms. Helen R. Blackburn-White Rick & Abby Blahauvietz Marilyn Blake Joan Bledsoe




Mr. & Mrs. Alan R. Javorcky Mr. Richard W. Jett Mr. & Mrs. Neil Jobe Mr. & Mrs. David A. Johnson John T. & Kerrie Johnson Susan & Evan Johnston Dr. Amos Jones Jr. Bridgette Jones Jane & Cecil Jones Frank & Audrey Jones Pat & Howard Jones Mr. Patrick D. Jones Dr. & Mrs. Herman J. Kaplan Mrs. Michel G. Kaplan Carly Kear Mrs. Cynthia A. Keathley Jeffrey & Layle Kenyon Mr. Jason Kesler Petter & Courtney Kihlberg Mr. Patrick Kilby Bill & Becca Killebrew Mr. Patrick Killeen Mr. & Mrs. Monty Kimble Kathleen & Don King Drs. Thomas & Vicki King Mr. Alexander W. Kirk George McCulloch & Linda Knowles Mr. & Mrs. Rick Koelz David & Judy Kolzow Dr. Valentina Kon & Dr. Jeffrey L. Hymes Mr. & Mrs. Carl Kornmeyer Mark J. Koury & Daphne C. Walker Sanford & Sandra Krantz David G. Kuberski Tim Kyne Mr. James G. Lackey III Mr.& Mrs. Timothy LaGrow Mr. & Mrs. John H. Laird Sharon H. Lassiter Danny & Jan Law Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Lawrence Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Lawrence Dr. & Mrs. James W. Lea Jr. Mrs. Douglas E. Leach* Mr. Price Lechleiter Rob & Julia Ledyard Dr. & Mrs. Donald Lee J. Mark Lee Mr. David L. Lege Richard & Deborah Lehrer Michael Leidel Dorothy & Jim Lesch Ralph G. Leverett Mr. Matthew Leverton John & Marge Lewis Judy & David Lifsey Mr. & Mrs. Ronald S. Ligon Robert A. Livingston Mr. & Mrs. Billy Livsey Dr. & Mrs. John L. Lloyd Keltner W. & Debra S. Locke Jean & Steve Locke Mr. Rufus & Evelyn Long David & Nancy Loucky Thomas H. Loventhal Kenyatta & Tracey Lovett J. Edgar Lowe Mr. & Mrs. Jay Lowenthal Terry & Larry Lowman Ms. Frances B. Lumbard Mr. & Mrs. James C. Lundy Jr. Jeffrey C. Lynch Patrick & Betty Lynch Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Lynn Sr. Sharron Lyon Herman & Dee Maass Dr. & Mrs. Joe MacCurdy

2 0 1 2 / 1 3 A N N U A L R E P O RT

Mr. John Maddux Dr. Mark A. Magnuson & Ms. Lucile Houseworth Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Maier Mr. Cosmin E. Majors Gerry & Alicia Mandel Audrea & Helga Maneschi Dr. & Mrs. N. H. Mann Jr. Sheila Mann Sam & Betty Marney Terry Maroney & Christine Sun Mr. Kevin M. Marron Carolyn J. Marsh Dr. & Mrs. Harry D. Marsh Mr. Arrold Martin Dr. & Mrs. Raymond S. Martin Abraham, Lesley & Jonathan Marx Mr. & Mrs. Brian S. Masterson Sue & Herb Mather Eva Mathis Mr. Jimmy R. Mattingly Margery Mayer & Carolyn Oehler Mr. & Mrs. John D. McAlister Mr. Paul Lorczak & Janet McCabe Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. McCall Joanne Wallace McCall Ms. Beverly McCann Dr. & Mrs. Robert W. McClure Kathleen McCracken Mary & John McCullough Mr. Evan A. McCutchen Bob McDill & Jennifer Kimball Ed & Carla McDougle Edward W. McFadden Mr. Alison S. McFarland Mr. Brian L. McKinney Dr. & Mrs. Timothy E. McNutt Sr. Dr. Larry L. McReynolds Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. McWherter Ms. Virginia J. Meece Janis Meinert Linda & Ray Meneely Sara Meredith Mr. & Mrs. Roy L. Mewbourne Ms. Brinkley Meyers Sherree Meyers Mr. & Mrs. Mike Hannold Sheila & Alan Miller Dr. & Mrs. Philip G. Miller Dr. Ron V. Miller Dr. Fernando Miranda & Dr. Patricia Bihl-Miranda Mr. Michael Mishu Mr. Hershel Mitchell Ms. Nancy Mitchell Mr. Steve C. Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Steven Moll Anthony & Ariane Montemuro Felix & Shirley Montgomery Dr. Michael F. Montijo & Mrs. Patricia A. Jamieson-Montijo Ms. Autumn E. Moore Mr. D. Mark Moore James & April Moore Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Morphett Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Morreale Scott & Suzy Morrell Lynn Morrow Mr. Gary Morse Mr. & Mrs. Jim & Sarah Morse Dr. Matthew K. Mosteller Phil Mowrey Mr. & Mrs. B. Dwayne Murray Jr. Mr. & Mrs. J. William Myers James Mark Naftel Allen & Janice Naftilan Ms. Carolyn Heer Nash

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome B. Neal Mrs. Mary T. Neblett Ms. Lynise Nelson Mr. Hunter S. Neubert Dr. & Mrs. Harold Nevels Dr. John Newman & Ms. Rebecca Lyford Al Nisley Drs. John* & Margaret Norris Judy M. Norton Mr. & Mrs. Michael Nowlin Ann & Denis* O'Day Jason & Kelly Odum Dr. & Mrs. Wills Oglesby Hunt & Debbye Oliver Mr. & Mrs. Jack Oman Philip & Carolyn Orr Frank & Dr. Amy Ortega Drs. Lucius & Freida Outlaw Wayne Overby Dr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Overfield Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Overstreet Frank & Pamela Owsley Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth H. Palm Terry & Wanda Palus Doria Panvini Dr. Fritz F. Parl Clint Parrish Lisa & Doug Pasto-Crosby Mr. & Mrs. John O. Pearce Lewis & Martha Penfield Anne & Neiland Pennington Kathy & Tom Pennington Frank Perez Mr. Adam Perkinson Claude Petrie Jr. Ms.Caroline Peyton Charles & Mary Phy Mr. & Mrs. James R. Pickel Jr. Mr. Maurice W. Pinson Dennis Pitts Gail Plucker Ms. Judith E. Plummer Ms. Carol Polston Phil & Dot Ponder Mr. Jason E. Poole Katherine M. Poole Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Kathleen Poole Stanley D. Poole Ms. Elizabeth M. Potocsnak Mr. Sean Power Cammy Price Ann Pushin Mr. Daniel L. Rader & Mrs. Leah R. Jensen-Rader Edria & David Ragosin Mr. & Mrs. Ross Rainwater Mr. Wyatt Rampy Mr. & Mrs. William C. Randle Randy & Carol Rawlings Nancy Ward Ray Buford L. & Ernestine S. Reed Don Reed & Lynne Wallman Mr. & Mrs John & Dawn Reed Mr. & Mrs. David R. Reeves Dr. William M. Regenold Jean D. Reily Lee Allen Reynolds Al & Laura Rhodes Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth & Lori Rhodes Mr. & Mrs. Larry V. Rhodes Barbara Richards Don & Connie Richardson Mr. & Mrs. Michael Richardson Mrs. Jane H. Richmond Mrs. Paul E. Ridge Margaret Riegel Rob & Tammy Ringenberg

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Roberts Mr. Steven B. Robertson Mr. & Mrs. Eugene & Susan Robinson Fran C. Rogers Dr. & Mrs. Bruce D. Rogers Judith R. Roney Rodney & Lynne Rosenblum Dr. Carolyn A. Ross Dr. & Mrs. Charles Ross Edgar & Susan Rothschild Jan & Ed Routon Dr. & Mrs. Robert M. Roy Dr. Irving Rubenstein Pamela & Justin C. Rutledge Judith Ann Sachs Mr. Stephen Sachs Mr. Douglas L. Sadtler Ms. Kaori Saito Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Sams Ron & Lynn Samuels Mr. & Mrs. Bryce Sanders Mr. & Mrs. Bobby & Brenda Sandlin Jack & Diane Sasson Mr. & Mrs.William B. Saunders & Family Mr. Donald D. Savoy Mrs. Loretta Holland Scates Dr. Alex D. Schenkman & Melissa Musser Mrs. Thomas W. Schlater III Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth P. Schnaars Molly & Richard Schneider Drs. Carl & Wendy Schofield Jack Schuett Dr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Schultenover Mr. Devin Schultz Mr. Thomas R. Schupp Mr. & Mrs. Harold Seavey Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Self Phyllis & Ray Sells Gene & Linda Shade Richard & Marilyn Shadinger Dr. & Mrs. Steven Shankle Brian Shapiro Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Shaw Ms. Vickie Shaw Mr. Paul Shearer Mrs. Jack W. Shepherd Dr. John O. Simmons Keith & Kay Simmons Mrs. Wilson Sims Dr. & Mrs. Manuel Sir Alice Sisk Pamela Sixfin Ashley N. Skinner Mr. Wesley A. Skinner Rebecca Slaughter Dr. & Mrs. David Slosky Mr. James B. Smedley Charles R. Smith & Vernita Hood-Smith Dallas & Jo Ann Smith Mr. Edd Smith Ms. Jana L. Smith Mrs. Rebecca Smith Ms. Sara F. Smith Susan K. Smith & Joe Stegemann Mr. Ryan Smokovitz Elaine & Robert Smyth Dr. Susan Snyder & Mr. William Snyder Marc & Lorna Soble Mr. Chris Song Mr. John D. Souther Nan E. Speller Tom Spiggle Mr. & Mrs. Charles Sprintz Tom Squires Mrs. Randolph C. St. John Tabor Stamper - KHS America Hilary & Shane Stapleton

Caroline Stark & Lane Denson* Lelan & Yolanda Statom Dennis & Billie Jean Stephen Mr. & Mrs. Lemuel Stevens Jr. Richard & Jennifer Stevens CAPT & Mrs. Charles E. Stewart Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Cyril Stewart Bob & Tammy Stewart Dr. Christie E. St-John Kent & Judy Stockton Mr. Timothy M. Strobl Mr. & Mrs. Samuel E. Stumpf, Jr. Gayle Sullivan Dewayne & Kristy Sullivan Frank Sutherland & Natilee Duning Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Svennevik Greg & Rhonda Swanson Dr. Esther & Mr. Jeff Swink Bishop Frederick Hilborn Talbot Bruce & Jaclyn Tarkington Ms. Jeanette Tatman Dr. Patricia Lloyd Taylor Jeremy & Carrie Teaford Mr. Christian Teal Dr. & Mrs. Edward L. Thackston Mr. & Mrs. Richard Theiss Mr. & Mrs. Bob F. Thompson Richard & Shirley Thrall Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Thurman Mr. Walter Tieck Scott & Nesrin Tift Brian & Callie Tinney Ms. Shari L. Tish Mr. Dan Tonelson Leon Tonelson Mr. & Mrs. Timothy True Mr. Phillip Trusty Richard, Kimiko, Jennifer & Lindsey Tucker Mr. & Mrs. John A. Turnbull Mr. & Mrs. James F. Turner Jr. Mr. Paul Turner Mr. William B. Turner Dr. & Mrs. Michael Tyler Mr. Frank C. Valdez Rev. and Mrs. Jan P. Van Eys Anthony & Sonya Venturella Mr. James N. Vickers Mr. Rory I. Villafuerte Kimberly Dawn Vincent Ms. Lucy A. Visceglia Ms. Maria Voss Mr. & Mrs. Fred C. Wald Mrs. Betty W. Walker Kay & Larry Wallace Mr. Matthew D. Wardle Rachel Ward-Vick Ms. Leslie P. Ware Mr. & Mrs. William Joe Warise Dr. Adam E. Watkins Gayle & David Watson Shirley Marie Watts Frank & Jane Wcislo Ms. Bernadette A. Webster H. Martin & Joyce Weingartner Dr. & Mrs. Matthew B. Weinger Ms. Karen L. Weissman Mr. Kevin L. Welsh Dr. J. J. Wendel Joni Werthan Ms. Jo H. West Franklin & Helen Westbrook J Peter R. Westerholm Linda & Raymond White Keith & Amy Whitfield Jonna & Doug Whitman Eleanor D. Whitworth Ms. Judith B. Wiens

Roger M. Wiesmeyer Jerry & Ernie Williams Frank & Marcy Williams Mr. & Mrs. Harry E. Williams Jeremy S. Williams John & Anne Williams Dr. Joyce E. Williams Tommy & Carol Ann Wilson The Wing Family Ms. Sandra Wiscarson Scott & Ellen Wolfe Mr. Robert H. Walle Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Stephen F. Wood Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Wnda Woods Dr. John Wright & Mrs. Jenni Wright Gary & Marlys Wulfsberg Kay & Randall Wyatt Vivian R. & Richard A. Wynn Ms. Na Yang Shu-Zheng & Li Li Yang Dr. Mary Yarbrough Mr. & Mrs. Samuel C. Yeager Donna B. Yurdin Jerry Zhao Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Zibart James & Candice Zimmermann Rev. & Mrs. A. Jackson Zipperer Jr.

OUR DONORS SPEAK The Nashville Symphony surveyed donors to the Annual Campaign to ask them why they support the orchestra. 58.9% of donors give to the Nashville Symphony because they believe that the orchestra contributes to the quality of life in Nashville and Middle Tennessee

*denotes donors who are deceased

21.1% of donors give because they love classical music

HONORARY In honor of Bette Berry In honor of Emily & Ralph Buck In honor of Bonnie Myers In honor of Darlene Boswell In honor of Drake Calton In honor of Marion P. Couch In honor of Jeanne Crossnoe In honor of Keelan Farrell & Ben Gager In honor of Martha Ingram In honor of the marriage of Michael Thigpen & Kimhoung Nhep

Here’s what our donors had to say in their own words:

MEMORIAL In memory of Carole Slate Adams In memory of James Bradshaw In memory of James F. Brandenburg In memory of Barbara Cagle Walker In memory of Miss Martha Carroll In memory of Steven A. Clark In memory of Ovid Collins In memory of Mr. & Mrs. Tom Crain In memory of Julian de la Guardia In memory of Ann Deol In memory of Joe Ervin In memory of T. Earl & Nora Smith Hinton In memory of Miles Stuart Hunter In memory of Mildred J. Oonk In memory of Willis Page In memory of Mrs.Bert (Emily) Parrish In memory of Lt Cmdr Alan A. Patterson, USN In memory of Katherine Ramage Love In memory of Mr. John Robert Sanders Sr. In memory of Martha B. Short In memory of Martin E. Simmons In memory of Frank Smith In memory of Dr. Sam Simon In memory of Alex Steele In memory of Caroline Suschnick In memory of Rosemary Thompson In memory of Joe Tobias In memory of Lera Van Eys In memory of Fred Viehmann In memory of Mary Lee Watson

“There is nothing like the thrill of hearing an exceptional symphony play extraordinary music. I am a believer in how essential the arts are to the human experience.” “I enjoy the concerts and the orchestra and believe that the arts contribute to living a meaningful life.” “We need to keep classical music alive and available for the people of Nashville.” “I love having a top-notch orchestra that emphasizes music by contemporary composers in my town.” “I wish to help promote the public’s awareness and appreciation of the Nashville Symphony, especially as it relates to students’ music education.”




Mr. Chris Gray Mr. Thomas A. Greene Mr. & Mrs. Luke Gregory R. Dale & Nancy G. Grimes Teresa J. Grimes Anne & Frank Gulley Mr. & Mrs. David C. Guth Jr. Dr. & Mrs. John D. Hainsworth Byron & Antoinette Haitas Ms. Leigh Ann Hale Scott, Kathy & Kate Hall Katherine S. Hall Walter H. White III & Dr. Susan Hammonds-White Mr. & Mrs. Harry M. Hanna Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Hanselman Mr. Eric Hardesty Cindy Harper Mrs. Edith Harris Dickie & Joyce Harris Mr. & Mrs. Jay Hartley Mr. James S. Hartman Dr. Morel Enoch & Mr. E. Howard Harvey Robert & Nora Harvey Catie L. Harwell Mr. Jonathan Harwell David & Judith Slayden Hayes Mr. Michael W. Hayes Peggy R. Hays Stephen & Deborah Hays H. Carl Haywood Fred & Judy Helfer Doug & Becky Hellerson Mr. Wayne Z. Henderson Jr. Dennis & Leslie Henson Michael & Karen Hernan John Reginald Hill Ronald & Nancy Hill Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Hilmer Mr. William D. Hinton Ms. Christina M. Hirsch Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Hodum Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hofe Jim & Kim Holbrook Aurelia L. Holden Mr. & Mrs. James G. Holleman William Hollings Mr. James N. Hollingsworth Dr. and Mrs. Doy Hollman Catherine J. Holsen Drs. Richard T. & Paula C. Hoos Bethany ProductionsBethany & Tyson Hoppe Mr. Gregory R. Horne Ken & Beverly Horner Diane & Bruce Houglum Dr. & Mrs. Robert W. House Allen, Lucy & Paul Hovious Samuel H. Howard William Howard Lilly Hsu Mrs. Carol Hudler Mr. Neal Hudson Dr. & Mrs. Louis C. Huesmann II Ms. Jean C. Hughes The Hunt Family Foundation Mr. Kyle Huser Cathy A. Hutchinson Michael & Evelyn Hyatt Mr. Narum Hyatt Gordon & Shaun Inman Dr. & Mrs. Roger Ireson Atat Israel Dr. Anna M. Jackson Frances C. Jackson Haynie & Patsy Jacobs Gregory & Patricia James

The Nashville Symphony is deeply grateful to the following corporations, foundations and government agencies that support its concert season and its services to the community through generous contributions to the Annual Fund. Donors as of July 31, 2013.

SEASON PRESENTERS Gifts of $100,000+

The Martin Foundation


Caterpillar Financial Services Chase Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated Ann Hardeman and Combs L. Fort Foundation Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation Griffin Technology The HCA Foundation Hearn Charitable Foundation Kraft CPAs PLLC Neal & Harwell, PLC Nordstrom Community Giving Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc. Mary C. Ragland Foundation Ryman Hospitality Properties Foundation Wells Fargo

Anonymous (1) A-1 Appliance Company R. H. Boyd Publishing Corporation Marylee Chaski Charitable Corporation Enfinity Engineering, LLC RD Plastics Co., Inc. Richard Fletcher of 511 Group Inc. Walker Lumber & Hardware Company William Morris Endeavor Entertainment Women's Philharmonic Advocacy

Gifts of $10,000 - $24,999

ARTISTIC UNDERWRITERS Gifts of $5,000- $9,999

Aladdin Industries, LLC BDO Chet Atkins Music Education Fund of the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee The Aaron Copland Fund for Music, Inc. Corrections Corporation of America Cracker Barrel Foundation Samuel M. Fleming Foundation Hampton Inn & Suites, Downtown Nashville Freeman Webb, Inc. Landis B. Gullett Charitable Lead Annuity Trust Nashville Predators Foundation OSHi Floral Decor/Studio The Elizabeth Craig Weaver Proctor Charitable Foundation PwC Tennessee Christian Medical Foundation

PRESIDENT’S COUNCIL Gifts of $75,000+ TM


BUSINESS PARTNER Gifts of $2,500 - $4,999

PRINCIPAL PLAYERS Gifts of $25,000+

Mike Curb Family Foundation

American Brokerage Company, Inc. American General Life & Accident Insurance Company AmSurg BioVentures, Inc. Blevins, Inc. Carter Haston Real Estate Services Inc. City of Brentwood Consolidated Pipe & Supply Co., Inc. Delta Dental of Tennessee First Baptist Nashville Renasant Bank Schoenstein & Company Tennsco Corporation Travelink American Express Travel

BUSINESS COUNCIL Gifts of $1,500 - $2,499

Calsonic Kansei Gannett Foundation/The Tennessean Harmon Group, Inc. J. Alexander's Corporation


GOVERNMENT Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County


2 0 1 2 / 1 3 A N N U A L R E P O RT

Mayor Karl F. Dean

Gifts of $1,000 - $1,499

BUSINESS ASSOCIATES Gifts of $500 - $999

AARP Tennessee ADEX! Homesellers Black Box Network Services D.F. Chase, Inc. Gould Turner Group, P.C. Haber Corporation J & J Interiors, Inc. Loews Vanderbilt Hotel Kaatz, Binkley, Jones & Morris Architects, Inc. Northgate Gallery, Inc. Quanta Computer Nashville SESAC, Inc. Stansell Electric Company, Inc. Stites & Harbison, PLLC Sysco Nashville Universal Lighting Technologies Volunteer Barge & Transport, Inc. VSA Arts Tennessee Walmart DC 6062

BUSINESS FRIEND Gifts of $300 - $499

V. Alexander & Co., Inc. Batten & Shaw, Inc. CB Richard Ellis, Inc. Courtyard by Marriott Downtown Nancy June Brandon, Dancy's DataMarketing Network, Inc. Demos' Steak & Spaghetti House Frank C. Davis & Associates Hoskins & Company, P.C. Hunter Marine Import Auto Maintenance, LLC INDUSCO Jack Cawthon/Jack's Bar B Que Jesse Lee Jones of Robert's Western World Kappa Lambda Omega Chapter, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Musgrave Pencil Company, Inc. National Toxicology Specialists Inc. Riley Warnock & Jacobson PLC Servitech Industries, Inc. Monte Turner/Turner and Associates Realty, Inc.





AARP Tennessee Ajax Turner Co., Inc. American Airlines American Tuxedo Crowe Horwath LLP Dulce Desserts Stephen M. Emahiser The Glover Group Hampton Inn & Suites Downtown Nashville, 4th Avenue Hilton Nashville Downton Ms. Sally M. Levine Lipman Brothers McQuiddy Printing Nashville Symphony Volunteer Auxiliary OSHi Floral Décor Studio Premier Parking of Tennessee Mr. John R. Sanders


George E. Barrett John Auston Bridges Mr.* & Mrs. Arthur H. Buhl III Barbara & Eric Chazen Donna R. Cheek Dr. & Mrs. Alan G. Cohen Esther & Roger Cohn Wally & Lee Lee Dietz Dee & Jerald Doochin Robert D. Eisenstein Mrs. Annette S. Eskind Laurie & Steven Eskind Harris A. Gilbert Allis Dale & John Gillmor Dr. Fred & Martha Goldner Mr. & Mrs. Billy Ray Hearn Judith Hodges Judith S. & James R. Humphreys Walter & Sarah Knestrick Sheldon Kurland Ellen C. Lawson Sally M. Levine In honor of Judith & Jim Humphreys Frances & Eugene Lotochinski Ellen Harrison Martin Mr. & Mrs. Martin F. McNamara III Cynthia & Richard Morin Dr. Harrell Odom II & Mr. Barry W. Cook Mr. and Mrs. Craig E. Philip Anne & Charles Roos Mr. & Mrs. John L. Seigenthaler Joan B. Shayne Dr. & Mrs. Anderson Spickard Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Robert Stein Vicky & Bennett Tarleton Mr. & Mrs. Louis B. Todd Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Byron Trauger Betty & Bernard Werthan Mr. Mark Zimbicki and Ms. Wendy Kurland Alice A. Zimmerman

Metropolitan Council






LEAVING A LEGACY, BUILDING A FUTURE The Nashville Symphony is committed to serving Nashville with world-class music and education programs not just for today, but for generations to come. If you share the same vision for your orchestra and your community, please consider a making a planned gift to the Nashville Symphony. Your gift will leave a lasting impact on Middle Tennessee and beyond! You can make a gift that costs you nothing during your lifetime — it’s true! By making the Nashville Symphony the beneficiary of your will, trust, retirement plan, life insurance Principal clarinet James Zimmermann is one of many NSO musicians who are passing along the gift of music to a younger generation.

policy or other estate planning vehicle, you’ll help guarantee our financial strength tomorrow without affecting your cash flow or your family’s financial stability today. The Legacy Society honors those who include a gift to the Nashville Symphony in their estate plans. Accepting our offer of membership allows us to honor your future gift and to say “thank you” now.

Be “instrumental” in our success by sharing your passion for music with future generations. For more information on the many creative ways to make a planned gift, please visit www.nashvillesymphony. org/plannedgiving or call Wade Kelley at 615.687.6615.


Current assets Cash and cash equivalents Accounts receivable Investments Prepaid expenses, and other current assets Contributions and grants receivable, net Deferred bond issuance costs, net Total current assets


Noncurrent assets Contributions receivable, net Insurance proceeds receivable Investments Beneficial interests in trusts Property and equipment, net Deferred bond issuance costs, net Total noncurrent assets


2 0 1 2 / 1 3 A N N U A L R E P O RT

James C. Gooch Ed & Nancy Goodrich Carl T. Haley, Jr. Billy Ray Hearn Judith Hodges Judith S. Humphreys Martha R. Ingram Elliott Warner Jones & Marilyn Lee Jones Anne T. Knauff Heloise Werthan Kuhn Sally M. Levine John T. Lewis Todd M. Liebergen Clare* & Samuel Loventhal Mrs. Ernestine M. Lynfoot Ellen Harrison Martin

Dr. Arthur McLeod Mellor Richard L. Miller Cynthia & Richard Morin Anne T. & Peter L. Neff Mr. & Mrs. Michael Nowlin Pamela K. & Philip Maurice Pfeffer Joseph Presley Eric Raefsky, MD & Victoria Heil David & Edria Ragosin Mr. & Mrs. Ben R. Rechter Fran C. Rogers Kristi Lynn Seehafer Mr.* & Mrs. Martin E. Simmons Irvin & Beverly Small Mary & K.C. Smythe Dr. & Mrs. W. Anderson Spickard Jr. Dr. John B. Thomison Sr.*

Louis B. Todd Judy & Steve Turner Alan D. & Jan L. Valentine Mrs. Johnna Benedict Watson Dr. Colleen Conway Welch & Mr. Ted Houston Welch Barbara & Bud Zander Shirley Zeitlin Anne H. & Robert K.* Zelle


12,501,667 4,409,269 22,834,568 8,637,012 101,739,095 --150,121,611

Total assets

3,167,535 619,984 7,281,956 1,806,070 5,541,457 --18,417,002 24,758,312 14,218,351 34,726,353 9,014,534 107,601,603 1,067,726 191,386,879






804,668 --3,700,484 19,393,797 85,340,000 109,238,949


1,009,788 165,032 4,195,518 2,942,416 2,930,000 11,242,754


Current liabilities Accounts payable and accrued liabilities Construction and accrued liabilities Deferred revenues Fair value of derivative instrument Bonds payable - current Total current liabilities Long-term liabilities Bonds payable Notes payable Fair value of derivative instrument Total long-term liabilities Total liabilities Net assets Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted Total net assets Total liabilities and net assets

Anonymous (2) Barbara B. & Michael W. Barton Diane and David L. Black Julie & Frank Boehm Mr. & Mrs. Dennis C Bottorff Charles W. Cagle Donna & Steven Clark Dr. Cliff Cockerham & Dr. Sherry Cummings Mrs. Barbara J. Conder* Mr. & Mrs. Roy Covert William M. & Mildred P.* Duncan Deborah Faye Duncan Annette & Irwin* Eskind Judy & Tom Foster Dr. Priscilla Partridge de Garcia & Dr. Pedro E. Garcia

9,409,963 632,117 12,288,708 2,302,936 5,519,907 1,014,561 31,168,192






85,340,000 10,000,000 10,195,932 105,535,932



51,468,555 18,057,113 2,525,186 72,050,854

60,466,150 30,057,410 2,501,635 93,025,195




61% 18% 9% 9% 3%

$17,801,438 $5,224,537 $2,735,534 $2,457,457 $965,441


41% 32% 27%







NOTE: Statements of financial position for Fiscal Year 2013 were not available at press time. To receive this information, please contact the Nashville Symphony at 615.687.6500.

2012/13 Annual Report  
2012/13 Annual Report