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An escape in the middle of the city and only a few footsteps away from all the excitement, Omni Nashville offers the city’s perfect balance of hideaway and hospitality for when you need a night of bliss. With three restaurants serving everything from homemade biscuits at Kitchen Notes, award-winning hot wings at Barlines and our Wagyu steaks at Bob’s Steak and Chophouse, we are your culinary destination. We serve coffee from our own Bongo Java, Nashville’s oldest and most esteemed coffee roaster and our proud to have our own general store, Five and Tenn, selling Tennessee brands from Draper James to Colonel Littleton. Our award-winning Mokara Salon and Spa offers skincare services, including the popular and invigorating Hydrafacial, body treatments from hot stone massages to body wraps, and salon services from nail care to hair and makeup.



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LILY ALDRIDGE T he super model next door



58 | ICONIC STYLE T he unforgettable icon Jane Dudley is the inspiration for moder n glamour

68 | GET GLOWING Expert advice for amazing skin

72 | A CREATOR’S HAVEN W hat works for beauty brand founder Jen Auerbach



Predator Roman Josi’s souther n retreat


Dolce & Gabbana’s glamourous evening in Nashville

FARM-WORTHY FASHION R e c o r d i n g a r t i s t E m i l y We i s b a n d showcases this season’s best pieces

94 | SUNDAY MORNING SOLUTIONS Br unch picks across the city

98 | THE HARVESTED GARDEN A s n e a k p e e k i n s i d e t h e p l a n s a n d t a l e n t s fo r October’s most exciting culinar y affair


C R A F T E D C A R E F U L LY. D R I N K R E S P O N S I B LY. W O O D F O R D R E S E R V E S T R A I G H T B O U R B O N W H I S K E Y 4 5 . 2 % A LC . B Y V O L . T H E W O O D F O R D R E S E R V E D I S T I L L E R Y V E R S A I L L E S , K Y


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W hat federal protection experts are doing about the local crime scene

MODELS INC. Behind the scenes of this thri vi ng i ndust r y


Hugh Howser’s fall dinner party r ules



PARTIES Photos and highlights from summer’s best events







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ne of the first projects we took on as a group when starting the Edit venture last October was working with the team at goop to help cultivate a spectacular outdoor event. The beautiful Lily Aldridge served as the honorary hostess for the gathering and dinner and it was that night that we knew we wanted the siren for one of our first covers. Even several months pregnant her appearance was stunning, but it was her friendly demeanor and gracious disposition to all that sold us on all things Lily. After reading about this supermodel mom in our feature story on page 26, there’s no doubt you’ll become a fan if you aren’t already following her adventures online. While she’s definitely one of the most recognizable faces in fashion throughout the world, she’s not the only famous runway talent making her home in Music City. In fact, our investigation into the modeling industry and local players showcases just how many wildly successful models are working in our midst. It’s fascinating to learn just how much is going on behind the camera literally right next door as major brands and design houses migrate south for photo shoots and campaign work. We’ve done a bit of shooting ourselves to showcase the impact that fashion is having at the moment. Musical talent Emily Weisband is featured wearing the season’s most sought-after pieces shot by our own Alaina Mullin at the gorgeous La Pearla Ranch, while Milton White choreographed a set including pieces once owned and worn by style icon Jane Dudley. Whether your taste is casual or couture, or runs the gamut of all things in between (like ours), you’ll fall in love with this edition’s inclusions. This being our second issue, we’re starting to get into a groove for covering and including more. The majority of our community, social and wellness coverage is still online (and updated multiple


times each week with fresh content just for you!), but we’ve found space to do a bit more in our limited print editions starting with the magazine you’re holding. Our fresh section on neighborhoods rounds up what’s current and cool in various areas around town and you’ll find even more neighborhood haunts in our best brunch selections. While getting out and enjoying all that the booming city has to offer is a job perk (or a hazard, depending on the size of your wallet), it’s no secret that I believe the most special times are more often enjoyed at home or in secluded places with friends and family. There’s nothing as rewarding as entertaining, which is why you’ll find a couple of perfectly executed dinner parties I’ve been involved with featured on our pages. From a Champagne dinner to a night with Dolce & Gabbana under the stars, there’s endless inspiration on how to craft your own fall fete with style. We can’t wait to do this ourselves as we host our first Garden Harvest Party (page 98) in October. There’s no way to list all of the items of interest you’ll find on the pages ahead. This will be a keepsake you’ll refer to again and again over the next few months. If your copy somehow disappears — we’ve noticed lots of “borrowing” when it comes to the coveted copies — don’t worry. The complete issue, as well as all of our content, is available and complimentary on our website every day. We hope you’re following along because we’ve got even more exciting things just ahead. Cheers —


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I love the styles of Atomic Blonde, Blade Runner 2049, and John Wick Chapter 3. A bit of tailoring combined with streetwear and some attitude. Subtle details with an influence of the art subculture & small touches of accessories to complement.”

FOUNDER AND EDITOR Stacie Standifer |


Be sure to add live entertainment or music, not to mention heaps of candles and a soup course served inside a pumpkin. Find out more ways to vamp up a fall dinner party in ‘Autumn Entertaining’ (page 86).”


There’s nothing like the crispness of Nashville’s fall air, the crunch of leaves underfoot and our annual attempt to hold onto the last vestiges of summer.”


There is so much amazing live music happening year-round, yet the colorful leaves and perfect weather elevate those outdoor concerts to a whole new level.”



Jumpsuits, jumpsuits and more jumpsuits. You just can never have enough! They are definitely not going anywhere, so feel free to stock up, as I’ll be doing for sure! Oh yes, and anything utilitarian mixed with neon accessories, mixed-floral Gypset, and anything ruffled.”


My number one ritual for fall is doing a lot of journaling in order to let go of the past and bring in the best for the future. My intention is to put any negative thoughts on paper. I go through a lot of notepads because life isn’t always easy and certainly has its frustrations!”


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Nashville’s Guide to Living Well




From ce l e bri ty prof i l e s to be h i n d- t h e - s ce n e s insigh t on t h e m os t intrigu i n g i n di v i du al s a n d eve n t s i n ou r c i ty

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people |

people MOVERS, SHAKERS & MENTORS Our thriving city is now home to some of the most interesting people you’ll find anywhere. From Nashville Public Radio’s newest leader to supermodel Lily Aldridge and other amazing women, learn what they are loving in Nashville right now.


| people


Bringing spirit and metropolitan impact to the city’s most informative radio programming WORDS BY STACIE STANDIFER PHOTOS BY ASHLEY HYLBERT

Based on the exploding number of high-rise developments and the scores of cranes visible in every direction, it’s no secret that Music City’s growth is literally “up in the air.” But the city’s growth also expands to the airwaves, and it particularly applies to Nashville Public Radio as they add new leadership to guide the beloved format into the future. Following a long stint with CBS radio in Washington, DC, and after running multiple stations in NYC, Steve Swenson is definitely the man for the job. With big plans and a big personality, this newcomer to Nashville is falling in love with his new home one day at a time. Here, he shares with us a bit about his life, interests and, of course, all things Nashville Public Radio.

people | TNE: Since you’ve joined the Nashville Public Radio, what do you find to be the most rewarding aspect of your role? What about the most challenging? SS: My entire career has been on the commercial side of news radio which is, frankly, broken. My soul is once again being fed by getting to work with the incredible, nonpartisan, service missionfocused journalists we have at 90.3 WPLN. Our civic news organization is thorough, accurate and fair, and an outpost of civility, credibility and transparency. I think public radio is carrying the torch for great journalism and I’m over the moon to now be a member. The most challenging aspect is also our biggest opportunity. We are a relatively small organization and we want to have an even bigger impact on our community through more local coverage. That will require significant growth in staffing and revenues to support it.

TNE: Tell us a little about your daily routine.

seem, we enjoy “staycations.” We love to check into a local hotel and just chill for a weekend.

SS: I’m currently living in the Gulch and I wake around 5 a.m. each morning. The building I’m in has a great gym, so I work out with a trainer three mornings a week. After my sweat, I usually return to my condo and go online to ready myself for the day. I hit The New York Times, the Washington Post, The Tennessean, the Nashville Post, the Nashville Business Journal and our website for After making myself a smoothie, I hop in the car with my dog, Oliver, and head to work. Yes, we allow folks to bring their dogs to work and many do, including

TNE: Any hobbies or regular activities?

SS: Historically, we have primarily carried national programs with our news team doing short-duration local inserts. Our goal is to create a local Nashville news show where we can better showcase our great journalists but also have more time to devote to telling Nashville’s stories. We believe there is a gaping hole in our community for strong, locallyproduced news programming focused on meeting the information needs of our community in areas such as government, environment, education, social and criminal justice and public health.

SS: One of the biggest enticements for me in coming to Nashville was our Board of Directors. They are an amazing group of business and community-minded servants. They care so much about Nashville and making Nashville Public Radio a strong civic and cultural institution. They are incredibly supportive, enthusiastic, and just plain fun! The Board Chair during my interview process was Bill Carpenter, who was the CEO of LifePoint Health. Bill’s calm, steady demeanor but quick sense of humor is so reassuring to me and our team. And our new Chairwoman, Betsy Wills, is head of marketing for Diversified Trust. Betsy has been amazing in getting me introduced to the movers and shakers of Nashville! She’s known in all circles as someone who gets it done—and she does!

TNE: What’s the best thing you’ve discovered about living in Nashville thus far? What about the most surprising thing you didn’t expect? SS: I’ve lived in very large cities my entire adult life: LA, NYC and Washington, DC. The best thing so far about Nashville is that it has everything we love, but in a much more manageable city! I love seeing the growth. I know many Nashvillians are a bit concerned that the growth is changing the character of the city, but I find it exhilarating and energizing. At the top of my list for surprising is how incredibly nice everyone is. Truly, authentically nice! The second most surprising thing that I didn’t expect are the bachelorette parties — wow! Look out for the pedal taverns!

TNE: What can listeners expect from Nashville Public Radio over the next year?

TNE: Can you tell us a bit about working with the local board of Nashville Public Radio—what you’ve learned from a few notable personalities devoted to the effort?

SS: I love playing golf but I wouldn’t say I’m very good at it. But it’s a sport I can play with my parents, my husband, and my kids. Not too many sports where three generations can play together. Plus, I enjoy riding my bike and, shhh, sometimes hopping on a scooter!

TNE: You chose the high-rise 1212 for your first home in the area. Tell us what inspired you to choose this building.

me. Oliver, by the way, is a French Bulldog. I’ve been meeting a lot of people, so I regularly meet up with someone for a drink or dinner. My husband, Stewart, and I are foodies, having lived in NYC and Washington, DC. We’re loving exploring the great food scene here in Nashville. Many of our favorites so far are in Germantown. TNE: How often do you travel for pleasure? What are your top destinations? SS: My husband and I love to travel! Without a doubt, travel fills our souls. We’ve been to Italy about eight times. We love Europe and have pretty much traveled to most of the European countries. My Mom’s family is from Spain, so we’ve been to Madrid, Seville and Barcelona. The last three years we’ve hit Amsterdam and Paris. And I certainly don’t want to leave out London. I was so excited to find out that British Airways flies nonstop from Nashville to London! And, as crazy as this may

SS: My husband and I own a home on Nantucket. He is a many-times-published author and a college professor, so his schedule allows him to head up to our Nantucket Shangri-La in mid-May for a couple of months. Since I knew I would be crazed with my new job when I headed home at the end of the day, I wanted a place that was in a neighborhood where everything is walkable. Plus, since I’d be alone, I wanted an active place, which The Gulch certainly is! TNE: What are some of your favorite “walking neighborhood” stops? SS: I’ve become a regular at Del Frisco’s Grill, Moto and Kayne Prime. I also love breakfast at Milk & Honey. My favorite place to grab a drink is the rooftop of the Thompson Hotel. And my dog Oliver and I enjoy walking to get him treats at Pet Wants on Division. I also enjoy walking over to watch the trains slowly move through The Gulch and then I’ll head up to Demonbreun and the Frist Art Museum [continued on page 142].


No Sleeping Beauty

Nashville’s most beloved supermodel is blazing trails in the beauty world while juggling motherhood & marriage to Kings of Leon’s Caleb Followill BY STACIE STANDIFER PHOTOS BY BJORN IOOSS




people |


n the sunny, late-summer morning I’m catching up with Lily, she’s in full-on mom mode. It’s her son, Winston’s, six-month birthday and they’ve just returned from his first Mommy and Me class. Sounding enthusiastic, warm and energetic, she talks about the typical things you’d expect from any busy modern mother, which is exactly how she views herself at the moment. But while the parental topics are clearly relevant, she’s definitely worlds apart from what most would consider the typical local mom juggling the family schedule. Today might be all about children and nursing, but she could just as easily be posing for a camera in a remote location across the globe. Such is the life of this Nashville-based supermodel of international fame. If you haven’t heard of Lily Aldridge, chances are you recognize her frequently photographed face. Early on in her career, she was the face of brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, before graduating to seriously influential fashion brands such as Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors and Carolina Herrera. She’s also been regularly shot for features in publications such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle, among many others. If you open any fashion magazine this month, you’ll likely see her gorgeous face at the center of advertisements for luxury jewelry design

house Bulgari. She’s also widely recognized for her role as an angel for Victoria’s Secret, as well as for her steamy photographs for Sports Illustrated’s famous swimsuit editions. She comes into the modeling world honestly, if family ties are any indication. Her brother is an acclaimed fashion photographer, her father is a well-known artist and her mother and sisters have all been models. The California-born beauty went to school in London and lived in New York prior to making her home in Music City after falling for Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill. After meeting him at a music festival in Southern California, the two began dating and married soon after. Since Followill is a long-time local resident, it made sense that the couple would be based out of Nashville—an excellent decision, according to Lily. She gushes when talking about all of the things she loves about her current (and, hopefully, forever) hometown. “I’m amazed at the growth that’s happened since I moved here. I loved Nashville from the start, but it just keeps getting better and better. There are so many new things to explore from interesting neighborhood spots to fine dining,” she says. Curiosity and interest about the “new” Nashville has also been instrumental in keeping her life as grounded as possible when it comes to work. “I’ve been fortunate to work with many companies who are extremely supportive of my position as a working wife and mother. And, because Nashville has become so intriguing to the outside world, those brands now are eager to come here to shoot campaigns and covers. I get to work from my home-base and show visitors the best of the city. It’s the perfect place to be.”

“I’ve been fortunate to work with many companies who are extremely supportive of my position as a working wife and mother. And, because Nashville has become so intriguing to the outside world, those brands now are eager to come here to shoot campaigns and covers. I get to work from my home-base and show visitors the best of the city. It’s the perfect place to be.”

She may be globally recognized as a model and ambassador, but the most important role for her over the past seven years has been being a mother. Bringing their daughter, Dixie Pearl, up in the south has been a dream come true for the whole family. Now, with Winston joining the Followill crew, they’re even happier about having such a wonderful place to raise children while still being very active in the fashion and entertainment industries. Like other famous personalities who call Nashville home, they’re able to be a real part of the community without the hassles often experienced in more media-frenzied locales. Not only do Lily and her husband love their surroundings, they also get involved with local causes and happenings as often as they can. One of the most rewarding (and fun) efforts is the upcoming Music City Food and Wine Festival, which Followill co-founded. This year’s event is slated for September 20-22, and Lily says she cannot wait for the weekend. “The festival is


| people

such a great way to check out all of the things happening with the local food scene. You get to sample things from all of the new chefs and restaurants and catch up with people who are in town for the event. I also love Harvest Night for the music and entertainment along with the food. It’s the perfect situation for Caleb, too, since he really wanted to be a chef.” The festival has been steadily growing and drawing famous food personalities to participate since its inception when Followill and members of Kings of Leon got behind it. In fact, MCFW is now one of the most recognized culinary festivals in the nation, bringing thousands of visitors to the city each fall. Some of those visitors could easily be other runway sensations, as Lily reports that she often entertains industry friends who come to town to enjoy the festivities. At the moment, she may be on a bit of a strict regimen due to the nursing schedule, but she’s saving up to enjoy a bit of fun during the celebration nights. “I am a huge tequila fan,” she admits with a giggle. “My favorite at the moment is Casa Dragones, but I enjoy trying it all.” Music City Food and Wine may be a fall highlight, but it’s not the most exciting thing happening in Lily’s world. She’s also fulfilling her dream of becoming a true entrepreneur and launching her own brand. Her ongoing partnership with Levi’s has been a source of pride for the model, and this season they’ll release her special capsule collection, which she describes as casual, timeless and classic. That alone would make most people feel accomplished, but it’s just one of the things on Lily’s list. She’s also been preparing for the global launch of her fragrance line, which is a bucket-list milestone. “I am a total beauty junkie and have always wanted to be more involved with the industry,” she reports. “I’ve wanted to do something under this umbrella for years, and now I have my own company.” She didn’t just jump into the industry or offer her name to another company, but has actually been involved in every facet of the brand’s development and associated campaigns. The first scent, Haven, is a musky, peony-rose floral and will be released this month. In December, the second fragrance in the line, Summit, a spicy blend of leather, tobacco and cinnamon notes, will arrive. She says it’s based on the smells she associates with the Great Smoky Mountains. “I’ve been very selective in the scents, but also in the direction and mission of the brand. I did a great deal of research and learned so much from beauty industry experts. Makeup artist Rose Marie Swift has been a huge help and inspiration. I love what she’s done with her natural line. I tend to gravitate toward natural products, especially with motherhood and nursing. You’ll find items from Swift’s line, RMS Beauty, in my bag as well as favorites like the reparative moisturizer from Tata Harper. My friends are also now big fans of Windsor Edward lip balms, since I always stock up on extras to give away.”


Lily’s taking her appreciation for naturally created beauty and love for gifting to the next level with her brand, and that starts with the packaging. “The fragrance box is also the shipping box, which reduces waste for more sustainable packaging. There’s also a wooden element to the bottle.” She’s happiest to report L I LY ’ S FAV O R I T E that each scent will be linked to a N A S H V I L L E DA T E - N I G H T particular charity, offering the chance to give back to worthy DE S T I NAT ION S : causes while growing the business. We always love going to visit Tandy “While I was pregnant, and clearly Wilson at City House. Newer discoveries not doing runway work, I put all on rotation are O-Ku in Germantown of my creative energy into this for sushi and Bourbon Steak at the JW project. We shot the promotional Marriott. campaign at Blackberry Farm shortly after I gave birth, and now MEALS OUT I’m ready to deliver this ‘baby.’ It’s WITH THE KIDS: surreal, exciting, and something I Giovanni Ristorante is like a second home look forward to developing across for us. The people are like family. We also multiple product lines.” enjoy all of the offerings at True Food Kitchen in Green Hills. For now, she’s enjoying all of the launch activity from her home in Nashville, although frequent FOR BUSINESS MEETINGS travel is expected soon. “We’re & CATCHING UP WITH all adapted to travel. It’s part of FRIENDS: our lives. When Caleb’s on tour, Café Roze in East Nashville has a great we pack up and go with him. If vibe, and I also really enjoy the coffee bar I have to shoot in New York or at Noelle downtown. abroad, I bring the kids along. One of the jokes in the family is L O C A L FA S H I O N F I N D S : that Dixie has been to both Rome and Venice, two places Caleb I’m in Nordstrom in The Mall at Green has yet to see,” she laughs. “I feel Hills often. In fact, I just purchased a blessed to get to visit extraordinary beautiful Celine bag there that I’m really locations and to share them with excited about for fall. I’m also a big fan my children. But most of all I’m of Burberry and frequent the store here. grateful that I’m able to return to Tennessee and to be home as much FOR T H E MO S T as possible. Family is everything to E XC E L L E N T GI F T S : me, and the center of that for us is White’s Mercantile on 12South is my here.” When asked what else she one-stop-shop for “all the things.” Holly might be looking forward to in the Williams does an incredible job of months just ahead, she pauses for curating clothing, jewelry, kitchenware, a moment and states that, honestly, candles, books and kids’ stuff. They also she can’t wait until winter. “We sell amazing bath salts that I love. hunker down and hibernate. Caleb cooks, making lunch for all of us, and we just enjoy our time together at home in Nashville. There’s nothing better.”

FOR RE C RE AT ION : We always enjoy taking the kids on a hike through Percy Warner Park. It’s beautiful! SUPPORTING ROLE: Lily is dedicated to her work with causes including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, World of Children and Levi’s Every Town Charity.

Superior Care for the Entire Family & New Patient Specials


BOOK AN APPOINTMENT WITH DR. PATEL TODAY N A S H V I L L E D E N T I S T R YC O.C O M | 6 1 5 - 6 4 9 - 7 70 5 | H E L L O @ N A S H V I L L E D E N T I S T R YC O. C O M

How to be a Visionary For this issue’s Girl Crush column BY ANASTASIA BROWN PHOTOS BY ALAINA MULLIN To get the writing juices flowing I looked up the word “visionary” in a thesaurus. I was surprised to find words like “starry-eyed” and “unrealistic” as synonyms. When I call someone a visionary, I think of words more along the lines of “bold,” “creative” and “fearless.” Two women immediately came to mind when I was pondering my focus for this column—I’ve known both for decades and watched them create from a front-row seat. When I asked both the Oscar and Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Allison Moorer and the awardwinning celebrity interior designer Kathy Anderson how a person becomes a visionary, they had the same answer: “Practice.” I didn’t expect that answer, so I did a deep dive with both of them and learned a few things along the way.

I met Allison back in 1997 when she was A SURVIVOR, PUBLISHED AUTHOR a recording artist for & BRILLIANT SONGWRITER MCA. After Tony Brown signed her to the label, he introduced us for artist management consideration. I had been co-managing Keith Urban, Junior Brown, John Berry and Paul Jefferson and also working with Peter Frampton as his local day-to-day manager at the time. We had several great meetings and I felt positive that we’d be working together. Enter my brilliant partner at the time, Miles Copeland, who flew to town to meet Allison for the first time. We all decided to have lunch at Valentino’s, where he proceeded to interrupt Allison the entire time. As I felt her slipping away, I gently kicked Miles under the table. He boldly asked aloud why I kicked him, so I told him that he was interrupting an artist I wanted to work with! But it was too late. Allison didn’t vibe with Miles, and we lost her. That’s not to say that I didn’t love working with Miles for eight years—I did—but in hindsight I should have demanded he leave the business closing to the ladies. Thankfully, that experience didn’t squelch our mutual girl crush.

That alone would cause a person to become jaded, but no, God thinks she’s a bit stronger.

Now, let me give you some background on Allison. When she was 14 years old, her father shot her mother and himself while she and her older sister, Shelby Lynne, were all inside their small home in Alabama. I know she heard it, but I’ve never asked her what she saw.

I have watched Allison experience huge highs and lows over the last 22 years—from watching her perform the Oscar-nominated song she penned for Robert Redford on the biggest stage in the world in 1999 to hearing her concern about John Henry’s safety in their previous home



Fast forward 13 years and she welcomes a baby boy into the world. He’s got her vibrant blue eyes and a touch of her red tones in his hair. All is well until he approaches two, when his speech begins to regress until he doesn’t speak at all. Diagnosed with autism, Allison does what she always does. With grace and determination, she puts one foot in front of the other. She found the best doctors, schools and information to give John Henry his best life. When he was only six weeks old, Allison was asked to speak with Maya Angelou on her radio show. When Maya inquired about Allison’s upbringing and family, Allison explained, “I gave my answer that I always give: ‘My parents were troubled, but their lives were more important than the way they died.’ Then Maya asked me what I was going to tell John Henry.” That interview set her on the path to write her memoir and record a companion EP, both entitled BLOOD, which will be released in October of this year.


of NYC just last year. At the age of nine, he’s gotten to be strong. On a walk one typical day in New York recently, the noises scared him so much that he broke free and ran into the street. I learned of this not because Allison was having a moan, but because she automatically went into problem-solving mode. When I asked her how she stays so positive—because I’ve never heard her complain—she replies, “I have always had a deep desire to be healthy. How you actually get there, there are a million ways, and I’ve tried them all. You can surrender to living a dysfunctional life or not. I’m not going to be a fucked-up person.” When I asked her what she would advise her younger self, she quickly replied, “Don’t worry so damn much, and especially don’t worry about what men think.” While listening to Richard Rohr’s podcast “On Being,” she got inspired about being a woman and growing older, stating, “Richard was saying women past the age of 40 rise, while men start to go in the other direction, but we come into our own around that time. There is truth to that. We have to be fearless.” Adding the role of entrepreneur to her career, watch out for Allison Moorer this fall. She’s compiled a great team

to help her do business the way she wants to and create music, books, and content she believes in. At 47, she’s going to be proving Richard Rohr right. After experiencing so much in one lifetime, Allison says, “I’ve got a lot to offer because of that, and I’m not afraid to back up my ideas and my opinions with that experience.” When I asked my two girl crushes about how to become a visionary, as I mentioned, they both said, “practice.” I have believed in artists, songs and movies as well as in creating a self-sustaining film, TV and scoring industry here in Nashville before many other people did, so does that make me a visionary? Or bold? Or simply naive? I asked both of them how they do it, to which they responded, “Practicing having vision means having a real identity to what your center is first. A person who’s not deeply connected to their core values cannot be a visionary. They could be talented, but never change someone’s mind.”

“I have always had a deep desire to be healthy. How you actually get there, there are a million ways, and I’ve tried them all. You can surrender to living a dysfunctional life or not.”




If you’ve spent any time in downtown Nashville, you’ve seen Kathy’s thumbprint everywhere. Whether you’ve been backstage at The Ryman, Blake Shelton’s Ole’ Red, Black Rabbit, Sinema or Alan Jackson’s Good Time Bar, you know Kathy’s design. And if you’ve looked through articles with photos of the homes of Carrie Underwood, Reba or Kid Rock (among many others), you’ve witnessed Kathy’s skills there, as well. I go way back with Kathy—back to 1996, to be exact, long before she became a “big time” business mogul. We were both working single moms raising three boys from ages four through ten, mine being the youngest. It was a great scenario: when she had to work late I got the boys, and when I worked long hours, she took over. It takes a village to raise children while growing a business on


your own. Well, she did it, all while changing the Nashville skyline and taking care of her family and mother who suffers from seizures. She’ll take ten meetings and create multiple designs all before driving to her mother’s home to coordinate her medications. No victim mentality with this one—Kathy’s mom, Jessie, must have instilled into Kathy the “can-do” way of thinking, because that’s how she rolls, too (even with her physical limitations). A good lesson for all of us: the words and emotions we send out are the same as we receive. I’m about ten years younger than Kathy, so that means I watched and listened carefully, soaking up her philosophy about business and life. The “practice” theme came into play again as she said, “Everyday I practice visualization. I’ve been fortunate to do it for

clients for the last 30 years. Running on their ideas initially, I finally found the freedom to do that for myself.” I was there when her first crazy idea came about. Standing on a cliff on the small island of Isla Mujeres, Mexico, Kathy bought, or rather leased, this run-down piece of property from the country of Mexico. She proceeded to build a stunning villa on that cliff, and loads of Nashville music industry leaders followed suit. It happened again on 2nd Avenue North, when she saw the potential growth downtown long before anyone else. Her amazing office and home are now worth five times what it was when she believed in downtown and bought a run-down two-story 1890s building five years ago. Now that is visionary [continued on page 142].

“Everyday I practice visualization. I’ve been fortunate to do it for clients for the last 30 years. Running on their ideas initially, I finally found the freedom to do that for myself.”

4027 HILLSBORO PIKE, SUITE 703 615.760.5701



SUMMER MEMORIES While we are quickly moving into fall, that doesn’t mean we aren’t still savoring memories from a perfect Nashville season. From spring’s Hunt Ball and Symphony Fashion Show to the Frist Gala ̶ we captured some of the best moments to share. Gorgeous people, fashions and philanthropy are a few of our favorite things, and this summer, they were on display at all of these fantastic events.












After months of working behind the scenes, we launched the first issue of The Nashville Edit to rave reviews and a night of unforgettable celebration on MStreet. We were so pleased by the turnout of movers, shakers and supporters for our launch event, that we just had to share a few of the highlights. Our guests mingled inside the new Virago space, sampling from the sushi haven’s best offerings, along with bubbly from Moet and libations from Woodford Reserve and Belvedere Vodka. We can’t thank all of those involved enough for helping us get the new magazine off of the ground! PHOTOS BY ADRIAN MORALES










660 S. MT. JULIET RD, STE. 211

615.269.9007 | VEINRELIEVER.COM


CELEBRATING WOMEN The Omni Nashville’s expansive pool deck provided the ideal setting for our first public-facing event. So many incredible brands and sponsors came on board to help us host and entertain the city’s most interesting influencers for a night of music, conversation and cocktails. While we posted dozens of pictures on, we just had to save a few key shots for these pages to share this beautiful evening with you. CHANEY DELONG & JORDYN BURKE



WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR STYLE, THE PERFECT FIT IS IMPORTANT. You can quickly name what you want in a bank. That’s why there’s one name that guarantees a good fit. At FirstBank, we’ve strived since 1906 to live up to our label as a great community bank. Let us show you how our full range of services and local lenders fit you perfectly.

For a location near you visit


BODY + SOUL Dozens of health-minded women showed up in their best athleisure attire for a day of learning, activity and pampering. Multiple vendors were on hand to share the latest in healing teas and juices, massage techniques, yoga flows and skincare routines. A light but delicious lunch from Chef ’s Market was beautifully displayed and enjoyed by all in addition to pressed-juice infused mimosas, cocktails and cold brew coffee treats. Benefiting the projects of Thistle Farms, Body + Soul was a day of wellness that


several guests suggested would be welcomed every weekend of the year. Leaving mindful and less stressed with their goodie bags and Rhapsody Spa candles, the women were certainly enthusiastic participants in this very special Saturday escape. Scroll through our gallery of the event online at NashvilleEdit. com. PHOTOS BY ALAINA MULLIN








The Nashville Wine Auction is a cause we can definitely get behind. Not only are the supported causes near and dear to our hearts, but their annual events provide such amazing opportunities to learn more about one of our favorite things. From an exciting live auction on select bottles to an array of captivating wine pairings dinners, every gathering is perfection. We can’t wait to see what this organization comes up with next! PHOTOS BY ADRIAN MORALES




A PLACE TO GATHER always fresh. always local. visit us today!

7007 River Road Pike | Nashville, TN 37209 | | (615) 942-7169



style |

style THIS SEASON’S TOP LOOKS & WHERE TO FIND THEM This season brings an array of coveted fashions and jewelry from our favorite designers and retailers. From casually elegant country attire to stunning couture, find your style inspiration for every occasion.


| style

Free Spirit



hen brainstorming who we wanted to feature in our fall fashion editorial, there were many names thrown into the mix. None, however, were backed up with as much enthusiasm as Emily Weisband’s. The Virginia native moved to Nashville a few years back to pursue her career in music—one that we can affirm is already set up for success.

During her years as a songwriting major at Belmont University, Emily met Rusty Gaston, General Manager and co-owner of THiS Music Publishing, where she signed her very first publishing deal along with Warner Chappell in early 2014. She has since had songs recorded by many notable artists including Keith Urban, Lauren Alaina, Natalie Grant, Hillary Scott and Family, Lady Antebellum, Thomas Rhett, Selena Gomez, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, among others. Her success may be inevitable given a voice that appropriately matches her unique beauty, but that doesn’t stop this rising star from remaining unapologetically real with her followers and fans. She’s often posting goofy videos on her Instagram, making funny faces and showing girls everywhere just how freeing it is to be yourself. Running around the fields of Vincent Peach’s and Michelle Garcia’s La Pearla Ranch in Kingston Springs,


Emily’s free spirit shined through on the already sunny day. We all stood and laughed as Emily made joke after joke, nailing each shot with a captivating glance followed by her bursts of laughter. Her self-deprecating humor was refreshing, especially for a town that seems to thrive on the illusion of perfection. Being fully human might be what’s setting Emily apart in this age of fake flawlessness and flaunting one’s highlight reel online. Emily, I quickly decided, wasn’t one to shy away from her true self. As she shared with us what was on her mind throughout our shoot day, I couldn’t help but think about her latest single at the time, “Naked”—a song that asks the question every woman secretly asks herself when her ex finds a new lover: “Does she look better than me naked?” Those thoughts, probably as vulnerable as they come, are what propel this young pop artist forward — vulnerability, authenticity, and the ability to not take herself too seriously. With her charming wit and playful attitude, Emily shared with us her very own recipe for success. Go to to read about how she spends her mornings and get even more insight into what makes this rising pop star tick, and be sure to listen to her latest single, “Mixed Emotions,” which will be released in September of this year.

Free People floral print prairie dress, e. Allen; Cartier tank watch, King Jewelers; Black NASHVILLEEDIT.COM | 49 rain boots, Frye

Lauren by Ralph Lauren black floral blouse, Dillard’s; Free People floral skirt, e.Allen; Pearl Drop Earrings + multiband ring, Vincent Peach; Cartier tank watch, King Jewelers; Black rain boots, Frye



Joseph Ribkoff leopard faux-fur bomber jacket, Gus Mayer; Mother boxy knit “Howlin” sweater, H. Audrey; Sanctuary silk cargo pant, e. Allen; Yellow gold diamond chunky ring, Vincent Peach


Free People cream and black v-neck dress, e.Allen; Sanctuary chunky knit cardigan, e.Allen; White gold earrings + snake and art deco cocktail rings, King Jewelers; Hunter green rain NASHVILLEEDIT.COM | 53 boots, Dillard’s

BURU cotton jumpsuit, H.Audrey; Cartier tank watch, King Jewelers; Golden Goose black western ankle boots, H. Audrey; Jennifer Behr yellow gold star earrings, 54 | NASHVILLEEDIT.COM H. Audrey

Antonio Milani cap-shoulder dress, Dillard’s; Lack of Color cream felt hat, H. Audrey; Yellow gold & diamond art deco bracelet, King Jewlers; Yellow gold thick cuff bracelet, King Jewelers; Yellow gold ring, King Jewelers 56 | NASHVILLEEDIT.COM

Teri Jon by Rickie Freeman cream and gold belted coat, Gus Mayer; AGOLDE distressed denim, H. Audrey; Yellow gold studded hoop earrings, Vincent Peach; Sapphire diamante pig pendant necklace, Vincent Peach Creative Director: Ellen Williams Photographer: Alaina Mullin Stylist: Courtney Kivela Robinson Hair & Makeup: Kaylee Wilson Photo Assistant: Jessica Dimiento Styling Assistant: Lucia Sánchez Photographed at Vincent Peach’s & Michelle Garcia’s La Pearla Ranch in Kingston Springs, TN


| style

Style Icon Jane Dudley BY ELLEN WILLIAMS


rominent international socialite and philanthropist, Jane Dudley, was born in Nashville in 1925. In 1963, she was the founding chairman of the Swan Ball, beginning preparations for the first event in 1962. The Swan Ball continues to be known as the most exclusive party in Nashville, even prompting Town & Country magazine to write: “If you receive an invitation to the Swan Ball, drop everything else and accept at once!”

Jane Dudley and Lynn Wyatt photographed by Peyton Hoge Model on right wearing one of Dudley’s unforgettable pieces Dudley’s gowns for this shoot were provided by The Nashville Fashion Council


Through the decades of countless events, Dudley’s love for luxury and all things glamorous only grew. Among her many undertakings, she also served on the board of Tiffany & Co., managing their corporate accounts for nearly two decades. She was even given the honor of being inducted to the International Best Dressed List, where such honors have also been given to legendary females like Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel and Sophia Loren. It is no wonder then that her renown style and sensible wardrobe are still relevant to this day.

“Not only was her wardrobe an inspiration for decades of social and fashion coverage in the media, but also lives on to inspire a new generation of young women seeking unforgettable style.”

There is no doubt that Dudley loved a party, chairing over 25 charity events around the world and raising millions of dollars in her lifetime. She planned each party meticulously, refusing to overlook any particular detail and ultimately having the final say in each decision. It is needless to say that those details were evident in both the events themselves, but also in her immaculate sense of style.

In this editorial, the stylist shows how some of her pieces are beyond timeless, as elegant today as they were when selected by Jane initially for her many appearances. Not only was her wardrobe an inspiration for decades of social and fashion coverage in the media, but also lives on to inspire a new generation of young women seeking unforgettable style.

| style

There is something about incorporating Nashville’s WESTERN roots with timeless CLASSICS that we are really loving this fall. Add a bit of TEXTURE with feathers & sequins to complete the effortless look of cowgirlCHIC. PHOTOS BY ALYSSE GAFKJEN STYLING BY MILTON WHITE


Renegade Spirit blue suede fringe jacket, Maximalist; Brunello Cucinelli sand suede pants, The Luxury Label; Whittall & Shon woven hat, Belle Meade Plantation Gift Shop


Fiandaca ivory gown with feather hem detail, Nashville Fashion Council Archives; Whittall & Shon blue hat with studded crown, Belle Meade Plantation Gift Shop; Belt with dueling guns buckle, The Style Pantry; Dolce & Gabbana silver cross body with large embellishment, The Style Pantry; Escada black studded boots, The Luxury Label 62 | NASHVILLEEDIT.COM

Elie Tahari ivory blouse; The Luxury Label; custom sequin pleated skirt, Nashville Fashion Council Archives; black rhinestone studded belt, The Luxury Label; Escada black studded boots, The Luxury Label; Whittall & Shon black & white hat, Belle Meade Plantation Gift Shop


| style

Fiandaca green & yellow beaded gown, Nashville Fashion Council Archives; Mui Mui gold-quilted handbag with gold chain & Swarovski crystal detail, The Style Pantry

Fashion Editor: Milton White, The Fashion Office Photographer: Alysse Gafkjen Model: Ashley Fisher, AMAX Makeup Artist: Clarence Jerigan Hair Stylist: Holly Johnson, Style House Salon Photo Assistants: Lindsey Mogan & Russell Waddell Photographed at the Belle Meade home of Steve & Milah Lynn




The Westin Nashville, Third Floor


Gift cards available for purchase online.


g lo w |

glow BEAUTY & WELLNESS FOR YOUR BEST SELF We’re all about natural ingredients with a bit of insight from one of the city’s most innovative beauty entrepreneurs. And if you’re ready to get serious about skincare this fall, we’ve rounded up the treatments you’ve been looking for. NASHVILLEEDIT.COM | 67

With the hot days of summer behind us and the holidays just around the corner, fall is the perfect time of year to gift yourself with your next self-care treatment. 68 | NASHVILLEEDIT.COM

g lo w |

Cosmetic Intervention

REVEPEEL ENLIGHTEN MASK Jennifer Stieber, MS, MPH, AGACNP-BC of SLK Clinic 5202 Centennial Blvd Suite 110, Nashville

“One of the top skincare concerns we try to address immediately following the end of summer is the brown pigment that accumulates See what the experts are recommending this season, during the sunny months from getting the perfect contoured jawline to saying in the form of freckles, sun good riddance to those pesky spider veins. spots and darkening of melasma. The production of melanin (the brown pigment that constitutes WORDS BY ELLEN WILLIAMS freckles and sun spots) PHOTOS BY JAMI-LYN FEHR SCLEROTHERAPY is easily stimulated by MAKEUP BY ISABELLA ROSALEN sunlight, thus as soon as the cooler months arrive Roger A. Bonau, MD, FACS, and clients are spending more time indoors FACETITE Vascular Surgeon of The Vein Centre and wearing longer clothing, this gives us an opportune window of time to begin 4535 Harding Pike, Suite 304, Nashville 125 Cool Springs Blvd, Suite 250, Franklin removing the stubborn deposits of brown Jacob G. Unger, MD of 660 South Mount Juliet Rd, Suite 211, Mt. Juliet pigment that would otherwise take years Maxwell Aesthetics to fade on their own. 2020 21st Avenue South, Nashville “If you’re sick of those bothersome spider veins that are evident in the Unlike lasers or photofacials that remove “Fall is a great time to have skin treatments warmer months, then fall or winter is pigment from the skin’s surface but do because the weather is cooling off and it’s an ideal time to get those taken care of. not address the melanin production easier to wear scarves and jackets to hide Sclerotherapy—injecting the veins with at its root cause, at SLK we use the any short-term swelling or bruising when a solution—is the treatment of choice for revolutionary Revepeel Enlighten Mask out in public (it’s certainly easier than those aggravating spider veins, as lasers to deeply penetrate the skin with skinbeing in a bathing suit on the beach!). The are not nearly as effective. Most patients brightening ingredients which paralyze the same goes for bodywork, as compression will require multiple sessions to obtain production of melanin for a long period garments may be needed to help ensure a the best results. Generally, I recommend of time. This Enlighten Mask formula great result, and these are certainly easier one to two weeks of wearing support contains six bioactive skin-lightening to tolerate as the weather cools down. stockings after sessions, depending on the ingredients including hydroquinone, size and number of veins. Sun avoidance retinol, kojic acid, arbutin, niacinamide This means treatments like FaceTite and after treatment is recommended to reduce and an oil-based form of Vitamin C that NeckTite are great to do in the fall. These staining. Although sclerotherapy is done penetrates much deeper than your typical procedures use radiofrequency energy to year-round, this recommendation is tailorVitamin C serum. Normally, a patient shrink and tighten the skin around the made for the cooler months. Side effects would have to buy four or five different jawline and neck to improve the overall include some inflammation and staining skincare products to obtain all of these contour of the lower face in a powerful as veins collapse and may take several ingredients, but Revepeel Enlighten Mask way. It requires a few days of downtime weeks to disappear. Most importantly, allows us to deliver clinically effective doses and possibly some bruising for about a results are best weeks after treatment. of all these ingredients in just a 30-minute week. Swelling is present for about one to Therefore, treating in the fall and winter appointment. I advocate receiving a two weeks. These procedures are usually is encouraged in preparation for the spring Revepeel Enlighten Mask right at the start coupled with some liposuction to get rid and summer fashions. I usually wait two of fall so patients can enjoy their results of unwanted fat in the jowl area and to three weeks between sessions to let the through the holiday months and beyond.” underneath the neck. This is an extremely solutions do their job.” powerful option for those patients who feel like they have some saggy skin or a double chin, but don’t have enough extra skin to need a more-involved procedure like a neck or facelift. It’s great for individuals in their 20s through 50s, depending on skin quality and skin laxity.”


| g lo w

“Fall is a great time to have skin treatments because the weather is cooling off and it’s easier to wear scarves and jackets to hide any short-term swelling or bruising when out in public.” BOTOX + DERMAL FILLER Grayson Woods, MD of Woods Aesthetics 4322 Harding Pike, Suite 329 Nashville

“The dynamic duo of Botox and dermal filler is always the perfect pair of treatments for holiday prep, as results are seen quickly and downtime is minimal. Combined, these services smooth wrinkles and plump where you want, giving you a natural, refreshed look. A cheek pop with filler is the easiest and fastest way to look more refreshed and a mini lip plump can have you party-ready in minutes. Botox and filler can also be used very effectively to contour the face. Most everyone knows of the standard cosmetic use for Botox. The latest trend, Microtox, is great for relaxing wrinkles on the neck, chest and under the eyes without looking overtreated. The results of dermal filler are immediate. It takes about two weeks to see the full results of Botox. We recommend all of our patients see us at least two to three weeks prior to an important event to allow for last-minute touch-ups and any possible bruising to resolve.”


KYBELLA Jill Fichtel, MD of Transformative Dermatology 1909 Mallory Lane, Suite 302, Franklin

“If you’ve been thinking about Kybella treatments for your double chin, ‘tis the season! With the fall weather, you can wear turtlenecks and scarves to hide any swelling, redness or bruising that can last from a few days to several weeks. With two to six sessions usually required every four to five weeks, you can also stay covered up through the fall and even the winter while your fat cells continue to get zapped (most people start noticing an effect after their second treatment). Each session uses one to two vials of Kybella at an average cost of $750 per vial, with discounted packages for repeat treatments in most cases. Starting in the fall gives you time for skin tightening if you have slack skin after the treatment, and for neuromodulators like Botox, Jeaveau or Dysport to relax the neck bands hiding behind the fat pad if you still have that saggy chin look. Your reward? A new chin and jawline to greet the spring!”

PEARL LASER Beth Higney, NP of Complexion 158 Rosa L Parks Blvd., Nashville

“The Pearl Laser is a unique resurfacing device great for evening out stubborn, superficial sun damage that many of us notice after a summer full of beach trips and pool time. It also addresses fine lines and wrinkles, minor acne scars, and hyperpigmentation (brown discoloration). The Pearl Resurfacing Device targets the entire superficial layer of the skin and has been referred to as a “laser peel.” It removes a layer of older, damaged skin to reveal newer skin underneath. Recovery after Pearl skin resurfacing treatment is typically one week and is ideally performed in fall or winter months, when less sun exposure can be expected. Pearl resurfacing may be performed on the face, neck, chest and hands in the office under topical anesthetic.”



AN AUTHENTIC LIFE Jen Auerbach opens up about safe beauty products, married life with Dan of The Black Keys, and working from The Barn BY LILY HANSEN PHOTOS BY CLAIRE FOTH


hile it appears that Jen Auerbach has been living in the lap of luxury over the last few years, in reality, the young mom and business owner has just been trying to survive. Already on her fourth cup of caffeine as we chat one morning, she explains, “I’m too tired to crop my life or be anything but real.” As the owner of Clary Collection, the small-batch beauty line she co-founded with musician Adriel Denae, she’s as resolute about posting candidly on Instagram as she is about displaying her products’ ingredients on the front of each bottle. After living a very complicated life, the blunt and uniquely beautiful entrepreneur has scaled back in order to discern what is important to her: simplicity, sisterhood, and giving back to the communities in which she finds the space to be creative. Authenticity is synonymous with Auerbach and Clary Collection, whose staple products include all-purpose balm, body oil, face serum, and renewal oil repair. After starting the company in Auerbach’s kitchen as two sleep-deprived mothers in search of safe beauty products for their children, the line has grown beyond their comprehension. It was as if one day Auerbach turned to Adriel and said, “We’re starting a business,” and the next day they turned around and Clary was in 200 stores nationwide and a few boutiques in Singapore and Paris. While they spent years perfecting the formula and testing it on friends, neither had any idea how big Clary would be. Dropping out of school at age 15 may have worked well for Auerbach, but she wouldn’t encourage everyone to do it. Prior to producing organic beauty products in her Belle Meade backyard and becoming wife to The Black Keys lead singer and producer Dan, the witty and wisebeyond-her-years Auerbach hailed from the seaside town of Southampton, England, where she was born, and Australia, where she was raised. Moving around every six months made Auerbach durable and gave her the gumption to embrace every situation she found herself in. “You can throw me anywhere, and because of my upbringing, I’ll survive,” the chameleon jokes.



You can throw me anywhere, and because of my upbringing, I’ll survive.”

Similar to Auerbach’s musician husband, who is an introvert, harmonizing perfectly with her extroverted nature, her mother and father also had complementary personalities: “My mum was a midwife and Suzy Homemaker type, and dad an adventurer with his own painting company,” she explains. The couple bought rundown properties, like the houseboat Auerbach was raised on, and renovated them. She credits her parents for her business savvy, independence and extreme work ethic. At age 77, her father, a war baby, will paint Auerbach’s house, weed the garden, and clean the gutters. Similarly, she went straight from the hospital after giving birth to her son early to attend her stepdaughter Sadie’s school play. Auerbach is a doer who will not stand still.

not burn the house down, she thrived on her own under the guidance of the older girls at the office and peers like London-based journalist Amy Hanson, with whom she co-founded UK charity Small Steps Project in her early twenties. The charity provides emergency aid, shoes (a requirement to attend school in countries like Cambodia, India, and East Timor), food, and liaisons to education and employment to children living on municipal trash sites around the world. Auerbach, whose soft spot is for children after her own experiences of fending for herself as an adolescent, flew around the world managing projects and raising money for Small Steps while most people her age were attending fraternity parties.

After her older sibling left home, Auerbach went on a house renovation tour around the world with her parents. At age 15, the family moved back to England, when she famously gave them an ultimatum: her parents wanted to buy a home in Tasmania and teenage Auerbach was not going to leave friends. Being the industrious person that she was, she asked her boyfriend’s dad, who owned a mortgage company, for a job as a receptionist, and asked her parents to allow her to stay in their apartment for a six-month trial period. Not only did Auerbach

“After a Skype call with Amy, who was introduced to me by a friend and had already visited trash sites in Cambodia, I said, ‘Fly to Sidney, I’ll raise some money, and we’ll go to Cambodia together,’” Auerbach remembers. The two flew to Cambodia and visited a burning trash site the size of a high-rise apartment building where children picked plastic over a 12-hour period to earn a dollar. Despite the horrific circumstances, Auerbach felt like her calling had revealed itself, which is to connect face-to-face with other humans.




g lo w | While Clary donates often to organizations, Auerbach admits she misses the hands-on work. “I will say to my husband that I really miss working on trash sites and he’ll respond, ‘Your charity is at home now because you’re providing people with products that help them every day,’” Auerbach says, smiling at his consistent support. Following a brief stint in London, during which Auerbach helped to establish an office for Small Steps funded by a Vodafone grant, she made her way back to Australia where she ran charity projects remotely. One day, Auerbach received a fortuitous invitation from a friend in New York City to come stay for a winter in her spare bedroom. In the Big Apple, Auerbach spent three months networking and meeting other like-minded nonprofit people. She was in the midst of crafting a plan to move to NYC when she met her future husband at a bar. After Dan offered to buy her a drink, and she cheekily responded, “I can afford my own!” the pair spent the rest of the night talking. Auerbach believes they got married because of her cluelessness about— and lack of interest in—his storied music career. “In New York, everyone is a someone, and I’m no VH1-watching groupie,” she quips, remembering how she even forgot his name at the end of the night. Not too long after that, Dan asked that she relocate to Nashville, a city that she’d never heard of. Auerbach remembers getting picked up at the airport six years ago and seeing her Uber driver in a red pickup truck wearing a cowboy hat. Upon hearing her posh English-Australian accent, locals would ask if she knew the Duchess of Cambridge. But while the culture shock was intense, Auerbach found Nashville’s Southern hospitality to be charming. “When we moved into our house, all of the neighbors came by and asked if we needed anything, which, as a big city girl, made me suspicious at first,” she jokes. In reality, the greatest gift came the night Auerbach met her business partner, Adriel, who became an immediate comfort blanket in her new life. After living in Nashville for a few weeks, she asked her husband for phone numbers of old friends. “I said, ‘Listen, it’s awfully quiet around here, so provide me with some human interaction!’” That day, she sent a text message to fine artist Buddy Jackson, inviting him and a few friends over for BBQ and a game of Texas Hold ‘Em. In walked Adriel that night—proceeding, incidentally, to beat her at poker—with Buddy and her husband, musician Corey Chisel. At 8 ½ months pregnant, with a nonalcoholic beer in her hand, Adriel was a goddess in Auerbach’s eyes. The pair connected immediately, having lengthy conversations around motherhood and their inability to find nontoxic skincare. Not too long after, Auerbach found out she was pregnant and became even more attached to Adriel with her husband on tour and family overseas. “I was scared, but what better environment do I function in than a challenging one?” she remembers. Auerbach absolutely lights up when speaking about Adriel, who she describes as kindness and warmth personified. “She is everything that I’m not— rational, patient, and good at numbers,” says Auerbach, who, having failed math at school, instead handles the marketing, customer service, and design sides of their business. Like any great team, the pair brings different skill sets to the table. They also have a lifelong bond that comes from Adriel spending 26 hours at Auerbach’s bedside wiping her sweat during the birth of her first child. “She is the godmother of my child and sister for life,” gushes Auerbach, who sees their partnership continuing long after they go grey. Together, the two wild horses reined in their desires to create a slew of products and instead focused on making a desert island survival kit. With the market already oversaturated, they structured Clary for their own ideal consumer experience: an edited collection of safe, honest, and effective products. The company, which recently became SAFE Certified (meaning everything is scientifically tested and stamped organic), debuted after two years of formula testing [continued on page 142].



LEVERAGING REAL ESTATE RESOURCES WITH A CREATIVE & TENACIOUS SPIRIT 198 E. Main St. #200 Franklin, TN 37064 (615) 790-7400 (615) 300-8285 Lic. #00059191

The LCT Team of Parks Realty are experts in delivering a synergy of success for each client. We are ready to help you buy or sell a home in Franklin, Brentwood or Nashville – and we have the experience and knowledge to make the whole process easier on you.












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living DESIGN & DINING INSPIRATION Fall’s the perfect time to feather your nest, entertain friends and plan a memorable dinner party. From finding the perfect brunch spot to getting some home design inspiration, we’re focused on the best of the season.



A CAPTAIN’S RETREAT Nashville Predator Roman Josi and his family live in the perfect southern home designed by architect Wade Weissmann BY STACIE STANDIFER | PHOTOS BY JAY WINTER & ALYSSA ROSENHECK

EDITOR’S NOTE: After deadlines for final publication, additional credits for this home were realized. The builder on the project was Castle Homes ( This acclaimed building group was heavily involved in the design, construction and interiors of this project from the start. Additionally, since the home was photographed, the owners have engaged a new interior designer, April Tomlin of April Tomlin Interiors (www. to update their interior spaces. We’re hopeful to be able to share the interior updates of this talented designer in a future feature.


When it comes to designing spaces, Wade Weissmann first considers himself a storyteller. His belief in shaping living areas that serve as a set for the daily interactions of the inhabitants is comparable to the way a director views staging for a film. In so many of the projects he and his team have worked on, this approach is evident. A perfect example is the home he created in Nashville that was later purchased by one of its most notable couples. With offices in Milwaukee, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Santa Barbara as well as Nashville, Wade’s firm designs homes all over the country, always keeping a sense of place in mind. For this Southern Contemporary project, the Nashville aesthetic was carefully

considered. Given the busy lifestyles of active young newlyweds Roman Josi of the Nashville Predators and model Ellie Ottaway, it serves as the perfect haven. While many of the project’s challenges involved the building site and expertly dealing with issues like setbacks and shielding the home from road frontage, what we love most are the interior spaces. There are numerous nods to classic southern architecture, with elements such as a dramatic staircase and timeless millwork, but it’s the modern-living layout that’s even more inviting. Large, high-ceilinged rooms seamlessly flow into one another with carefully appointed details apparent in each. Touches such as a striking fireplace and expansive island in the chef ’s kitchen are instantly warming to visitors as they take in the surroundings. It’s the kind of


For a look behind the scenes at many of Wade We i s s m a n n ’ s m o s t memorable projects, be sure to check out the book Heirloom Houses.



place that feels well-planned but also welcoming and lived-in. With interior detail directed by local designers including Rozanne Jackson, Julie Couch and Mark Simmons, the neutral palette is peppered with unique lighting, cabinetry and fixtures throughout. One unexpected highlight is the master bath, which feels more like a southern sun porch with its surrounding windows and suspended mirrors. In fact, every room in the house has a bit of noticeable detail that complements the structure’s intended design. The interiors may have tempted us to come in and stay for a while, but the wall of French doors in the expansive great room beckon visitors to go right back outside to enjoy the multiple areas for gathering. We can just imagine the young couple


entertaining friends and family with the doors open as people drift from one conversation area to the next. The outdoor living space is an extension of the understated neutral interior, with nature providing the backdrop. Designed for four-season use, a fireplace, cozy seating and well-placed fans and lighting on the porch and in the courtyard truly extend the home’s living space. Inside or out, the Josi home is an impeccable example of how expertly crafted architecture can marry the old and new. The timeless southern style blended with contemporary space design is just one of the reasons Wade Weissmann is such a sought-after talent. We hope that the spirited young owners enjoy his efforts on this carefully crafted retreat for years to come.


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W Autumn Entertaining Taking your dinner party to the next level this season BY HUGH HOWSER PHOTOS BY ASHLEY HYLBERT


hen it comes to hos ting in any season, I often call on our party guru, Hugh Howser, for help. This was definitely the case when Veuve Clicquot Champagnes asked me to put together a Nashvillebased dinner party to showcase a few of their select vintages. With Hugh’s help, we roped in our friend Holly Williams to serve as honorary hostess and started on the VIP guest list. Aside from the attendees and showcasing the brand, I left all of the other details to Hugh. He not only put together a gorgeous setting, but created something truly special inside the intimate Southernaire Market downtown. It required moving out some kiosks and shelves of goods but also provided the bonus of refrigerated cases along the wall

where we could display endless bottles of the bubbly. The end result was a fall-themed dinner party (with the Veuve “yellow label” being the color inspiration) catered by The Southern restaurant, which is adjacent to the market. While the décor is obviously autumn, the intent was to embrace the season in a tasteful way. Although individual color preferences will vary depending on location and personal style, it’s important to not go overboard when trying to stage an entertaining space. Instead of all kinds of seasonal accessories, more subtle hints result in a theme that is obvious but perfectly understated. Using his tips and this dinner party as a guide, you can easily come up with ideas on hosting your own celebration this season.

THINK OU TSIDE THE DINING ROOM Just as we decided to host our dinner in the eclectic shopping market instead of a private dining room, you can get creative when choosing your own location. Here are a few of Hugh’s favorite ideas. LEE ANN WOMACK & DIERKS BENTLEY


Consider an open-air market (or your nearest farmers' market). Set a dinner table in the middle of produce sections, add candles and serve a fall feast. A farm or barn can also be stunning with wooden tables and natural garlands on the chairs.


I have always wanted to place a long dinner table in a shallow creek. This sounds insane, but guests would receive invitations that instruct them to wear rain boots. An even better idea is to give wellies as favors and provide them to guests upon arrival. I imagine chandeliers hanging suspended from tree branches above the setting and lots of lanterns and candles for lighting.


Head to the nearest park or spot of land and create an elegant blanket picnic for a group. Various quilts layered vertically (to form a long “table”) centered with baskets filled with a variety of wines, produce and bread. Bring a pop-up table and tablecloth to complement the quilts and set up a side-buffet for the food and drinks.


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HUGHs & DON’Ts FOR AU TUMN ENTERTAINING Let’s make those pilgrims proud! This time of year, burnt oranges, deep rust hues and chocolate brown accents seem to take over the nation. Rather than making your décor look like an elementary school fall-fest, try a few of my Hughs and Don’ts:

Use one monochromatic color this year for your table. A setting with cream-colored pumpkins and all-white flowers makes a subtle statement, especially in a world obsessed with white marble kitchens and brass hardware. Don’t forget to place white candles everywhere. Fall is all about candlelight.


Let the décor complement the environment—don’t randomly place an ear of yellow corn in a vase on the entry table and think you’re done. Guests will think you need help with your groceries. Use a color that works for the space. Painting fresh pumpkins in the color of your choice can also be a fun but tasteful way to center a tablescape.


Do not use silk fall leaves or faux gourds, they immediately look like a bulletin board in Mrs. Burgess’s classroom.

Do not spray pumpkin spice scent anywhere. No one wants to smell like they’ve just left a Cracker Barrel. BEN & GEN SOHR


And lastly, do not incorporate any tacky scarecrows! Enough said!

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La Dolce Vita An Italian-inspired evening of food, flowers & fashion BY STACIE STANDIFER PHOTOS BY JASON KEMPIN


here’s nothing quite as special as a dramatic dinner party. That’s especially true when the setting includes a gorgeous outdoor backdrop and well-appointed details. All of these things were components of a recent gathering hosted by a few notable personalities along with one of our favorite international fashion houses. When the opportunity came up to be involved with Dolce & Gabbana’s plans for an elegant yet relaxed party in Nashville, I was instantly intrigued. The plans included all of the things we love at Edit—abundant flowers and candlesticks, chic celebrities, craft cocktails and an overall high-fashion vibe.




The fact that such a highly influential global fashion force has taken an interest in this market (without even having a local store) is testament to the growing impact our most recognizable residents are having in the arena of sought-after style. The evening began with the familiar faces among the guests giving hugs, taking snapshots and swooning over the various Dolce & Gabbana ensembles peppering the setting with bright splashes of color and florals. Catching up on everyone’s summer was a conversation starter during a cocktail hour on the patio and grass, which led to a spectacular seated dinner under the stars. Representatives


from Dolce & Gabbana got to know a few local fans and followers as Music City’s most stylish stars are clearly drawn to the brand’s designs. Though sporting favorite pieces while enjoying an amazing dinner among friends was alone a great deal of entertainment, Tyler Hubbard took it up a notch by encouraging everyone to jump into the pool in their clothes at the end of the night. This finale was a big hit with everyone—including the most pregnant of women in the crowd—and the perfect ending to an unforgettable evening.


THE HOSTS Tyler and Hayley Hubbard with John and Clea Shearer THE GUESTS A mix of the host group’s friends, including local fashion personalities and a number of top-tier country music stars SETTING Gorgeous outdoor space for cocktail hour followed by dinner under the stars via an open-air tent LIBATIONS Negronis, Aperol Spritzes and Champagne

MENU Trevor Moran ̶ previously of Catbird Seat ̶ created Italianinspired fare including shrimp carpaccio and lemon custard granitas TABLE SETTING Crystal chandeliers, tall taper candles, clusters of pomegranates and citrus fruits with custom imprinted Dolce Gabbana menus and placecards Party and setting details handled by Sarah Blair Events with garden rose floral arrangements from A Village of Flowers NASHVILLEEDIT.COM | 93

Easy Like Sunday Morning 5 Brunches in 3 Weekends – Foodie Manuel Zeitlin dishes on his weekend brunch tips and the restaurants that make getting out of bed worthwhile BY MANUEL ZEITLIN PHOTOS BY ALAINA MULLIN

“Ultimately, what it comes down to is the third question; is it worth getting out of our PJs for, or can we wear them to the restaurant?”



hen I think of brunch, I think of lazy Sunday mornings. Unfailingly, about 10:00 a.m. when hunger kicks in, it triggers multiple questions: Are we really awake? Are we as hungry as we think we are? What’s worth getting out of our PJs for? What’s worth the drive? What feels like our mood this sunny/cloudy/warm/cold/hungover morning? Ultimately, what it comes down to is the third question; is it worth getting out of our PJs for, or can we wear them to the restaurant? I’m writing this on a full stomach, a very full stomach, after having just finished our fifth brunch in three weekends. I have to admit that when I recently received the deadline for this article, I had known about it for months. Brunch may be the

perfect meal for procrastinators like myself but, as a result, we’ve had to down five brunches in three weeks, which meant we had to get dressed, plan ahead... and be on time, for all of them. I’m not sure why I even agreed to this regimen. Isn’t this counter to our idea of brunch in the first place? But as always, a deadline was probably a good idea, since we hadn’t been out to one single brunch in at least three months. It’s exciting, to a grubnasaur like myself, that these days there are lots of great brunch options available in Nashville. Given the criteria listed above, our choices came down to these six (in no particular order): Henrietta Red, The Old School, Husk, Stay Golden, The Garden Brunch Café, Graze, and Hathorne. Several of these spots are women-owned or feature women chefs creating amazing meals. We’re certainly glad they’re in Nashville!

Left to right from top: Brunch donuts f rom Hathorne, Peach Truck peach hand pie f rom Husk, crispy yeasted waffle from Stay Golden and the French omelette f rom Hathorne

We wanted to support Garden Brunch Café because of their early commitment to the revitalization of the historic Jefferson Street commercial district. The Old School provides work opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities at their biodynamic farm and their farm to table restaurant. Graze made the list as one of several new vegan restaurants serving brunch on the weekends. Given the compressed time period, a group of five of us experienced each brunch so we could taste a variety of each menu. There’s an art to picking the best time for brunch. We tended to go between 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., depending on where we were going, but some mornings it was hard to wait and others, we wish we waited longer. Our biggest quandary may be whether or not to rave about The Old School. We want it to have continued

success, but we don’t want it to get too crowded. We appreciated the restaurants that had alternates to plastic straws and recommend that the ones who don’t, at least ask patrons before providing. We didn’t have room to try every brunch spot we would have liked to, but we’ve compiled a list of even more places we like that offer delicious brunches. All in all, the food was fantastic and I’m still stuffed, but now we have some more important choices to make: Nap time? Or, nap time? That’s about our only option after all those delicious meals. In lieu of compensation for his piece, Zeitlin has asked for a donation to the Nashville Food Project.

TRY THESE: CAFÉ ROZE | Savory Oats or Egg Bowl FENWICK 300 | Bacon & Egg Fried Rice and Buckwheat Pancakes NICKY’S COAL FIRED | Brunch Za’s STAY GOLDEN | Crispy Yeasted Waffle HATHORNE | Brunch Donuts SILVER SANDS | Salmon Croquette PASTARIA | Wood Oven Baked Eggs or Bucatini alla Carbonara M.L. ROSE | Green Chile Brisket Hashbrowns HUSK | Peach Truck Peach Hand Pie VON ELROD’S | Malted Blueberry Pancakes PROPER BAGEL | Smoked Salmon Toast with Smashed Avocado, Pickled radishes and Onions



chefs in the garden Why this fall’s party at Green Door Gourmet is the most exciting new event


ne of the things we enjoy most at The Nashville Edit is interacting with our fascinating audience and introducing them to talented people and captivating experiences. In October, we’re combining a few of our favorite things for an intimate group gathering at one of Middle Tennessee’s most magical properties. Imagine an evening filled with food, wine, cocktails and music, along with lively and interesting guests. This isn’t a long, drawn-out fine dining ritual, but rather a casually elegant four-course meal served by some of the most notable chefs in the country. Instead of speeches or windy descriptions of food and vino, you’ll be chatting it up with

the chefs and the winemakers as they move through the guests in conversation throughout the night. Once the plates are cleared, those lucky enough to attend will be escorted to Green Door Gourmet’s gorgeous barn venue for live performances and a bit of humorous storytelling by some of the area’s most captivating singer/ songwriters led by Grammy Award-winning Hall of Fame member Tim Nichols. Keep up with the details online as we close in on this unforgettable night, and be sure to secure your seat early because we’re keeping the crowd extremely small to ensure exclusivity and enjoyment.


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Imagine an evening filled with food, wine, cocktails and music, along with lively and interesting guests. �


amount of global press and praise he received when launching and running The Catbird Seat. He then went on to create a more casual menu for local fun spot Pinewood Social. He’s been recognized by The James Beard Awards several times throughout his career and is now leading the culinary charge at the Michelin 3-starred Coi in San Francisco. Like Robbie, his background in the food world is vast. He spent time early on in the kitchens of Thomas Keller’s famous Napa Valley restaurant The French Laundry. RICHARD JONES Both Robbie and Erik are fortunate that we’ve chosen Richard Jones to host them at local farm Green Door Gourmet. Rather than going into the upscale restaurant business, Richard took a different route after working with acclaimed chefs like Sean Brock. He utilized his skills to become a sought-after private chef and opened a catering business, which included satisfied clients such as Keith Urban, U2 and The Zac Brown Band, among others. He took his interest in food a bit further when joining Green Door Gourmet in 2012. The focus is on quality produce and ingredients, and includes components on educating consumers as well as providing organics to CSA programs and local chefs with the highest standards. The Farm to Table movement is alive and well under Richard’s leadership, and we are looking forward to a sampling of locally cultivated ingredients on our plates at the dinner.

OUR GUEST CHEFS ROBBIE WILSON If you’re a fan of creations with a cult-like following such as the kale salad and corn crème brulee at Kayne Prime, or of inventive brunch items such as the pretzel pancakes and red-velvet waffles at Tavern, then you’ve tasted just a bit of what Robbie Wilson has accomplished. He won the praise of countless patrons, writers, critics and other chefs during his tenure over MStreet’s menus and kitchens during his multi-year stint in Music City. From there, he’s gone on to even higher acclaim, opening the wildly successful Bird Dog restaurant in the heart of Silicon Valley. His latest project, Fantastique in San Francisco, is set to receive national recognition. But no matter how much time Robbie spends in California, the friends and lifestyle of Nashville continue to call his name, as he’s been spotted a few times over the past year or so visiting old haunts and checking out new places in the market. Rumor has it that the visionary is opening a new restaurant here and that it’s just a matter of finding the right space, which is a work in progress. ERIK ANDERSON If you’ve spotted Robbie, then chances are he might have been with one of Nashville’s most recognized faces in the foodie world, Chef Erik Anderson. The two pals are working on the possibility of jointly operating a place here, which would be an incredible addition to our dining scene. Erik is best known locally for the tremendous

THE CAUSE Anyone invested in a community cares about the quality and availability of its food. The Nashville Food Project isn’t the typical hand-out set up with canned food collections. Their mission is helping educate the community to grow food and cook meals while also operating a program to share healthy, fresh food with those in need. The goals are impressive, and their efforts in this area have been tremendous. We are so happy to support such a worthy organization. For those unable to attend the dinner, you can still donate to this group doing great things for so many in and around our city.

L I B AT I O N S Guests will begin with hand-crafted Woodford Reserve cocktails and a sampling of hors d’oeuvres carefully paired to marry well with the cocktail flavors. Mingling with mixologists and bourbon enthusiasts will be part of the experience. You’ll learn to craft, sip and savor prior to moving on to fine wines for dinner.


Amazing Grazing Impressive. Abundant. Affordable. Let us create a custom Grazing Table for your next event.




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culture OUR LATEST OBSESSIONS Explore what’s new next door in our Neighborhood Edit section. Plan an exotic vacation or city escape and learn what the exploding modeling industry looks like behind the scenes in Nashville.


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models inc. BY ELLEN WILLIAMS PHOTOS BY HANNAH BURTON, ALAINA MULLIN, JAMES TINNELY & BRETT WARREN Nashville has a reputation for spitting out legendary musicians on the regular. Just this year, local artist Kacey Musgraves won Album of the Year at the Grammys. We’re home to legends like Sheryl Crow, Kings of Leon, The Black Keys and Dolly Parton. People from all over the world move to Nashville in hopes of pursuing their dreams in the music industry. While we may forever be known as Music City (not to mention a national healthcare hub and, apparently, Tourist Town), Nashville has also become home to a number of legends of another sort — supermodels.




“This city is such a creative place, with such kind people. We’re a small melting pot. Our models often come from families of musicians, academics, farmers, healthcare workers—both from Tennessee and from all over the world.”



culture |


hortly after transplanting to Nashville, I found myself back in front of the camera, modeling for the tenth year of my life. Having been signed with credible agencies in both Chicago and New York prior to my move to the south, I was lucky that the first modeling agency I looked into happened to be top-tier: AMAX Talent Agency. Open call led to a meeting with the agency’s director, Cherylann Stephens, which resulted in a contract. I remember sharing my goals within the modeling realm with Cherylann and her team. I wanted to eventually move back up to New York to model for big names like Dolce

Nashville market, being led by their team of dedicated agents and a city that tends to keep one ambitious, yet rooted. With top “role models” living in the same town as the scene’s freshest faces, it’s no wonder that Nashville has seen a rise in the careers of their young talent. In fact, Laura Hanson Sims (a Nashville native and now in-demand international model) spoke with Wonderland Magazine about what it’s like having some of the industry’s top models in your neck of the woods, stating, “Karen Elson is my inspo for life. Her whole career is what I aspire to. She lives in Nashville—my hometown—and she put her number in my phone at a party one night.”

“The modeling work in Nashville was more of a hobby in 2005, with a strong emphasis on classes and paid test shoots.” & Gabbana, Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta. I didn’t want to model in Nashville forever, I wanted a “real” market. Yet, as time passed, I had quite the reality check when I found I was getting more work in this market than in any other I had dipped my toes in. What was this town? Could a fairly small—if growing—city that for so long has been known for its country music scene and downtown honky-tonks also be home to a burgeoning fashion industry? The next couple of years in my life revolved around the Nashville modeling scene. With the help of my agency, my eyes were opened to a world I never knew existed this far south and inland. I grew to admire the fact that supermodels such as Lily Aldridge, Josephine Skriver, Niki Taylor, Karen Elson, Taylor Hill and Emily Sandberg didn’t just see this place as a launchpad (like most transplants), but actually call Nashville their home. Coincidence? I think not, considering Lily, Josephine and Karen all have rock star counterparts. The age-old cliché of rockers marrying supermodels has truly come to life here, and it has shaped our town in a way none of us ever expected. The wave of notable names has demanded more from Nashville, both economically and industrially. While these particular supermodels didn’t get their start here, models such as Binx Walton, Laura Hanson Sims, Sofie Rovenstine, Briggs Rudder, Maggie Greene, Ellie Ottaway and Dylan Stephens have all been part of the

Cherylann, charmingly known by all her models as CA, is their mother here in this booming city. Between AMAX and other local agencies like The Block Agency and Tribe, their young models are groomed and developed into professional, working models, many of whom now play in the big leagues. But just over a decade ago, the fashion scene in Nashville was pretty much nonexistent, or at least for the high-fashion market. When talking to Cherylann about the industry’s growth, she reminisced about the scene she stepped into nearly fifteen years ago. “In 2005, there wasn’t much of a market for professional models. We had music videos and some advertising, and that was about it,” explained Cherylann. While AMAX has technically been around for quite some time, Cherylann bought the agency in 2008, revamping its business model and turning it into a commission-only agency. Having been an agent in Los Angeles before moving to Nashville, Cherylann noted the difference between LA’s market and Nashville’s upon arrival, explaining that LA had an established fashion, catalog and editorial market for years. “The business was very professional [in LA], and the clients and models understood and appreciated the professionalism. The modeling work in Nashville was more of a hobby in 2005, with a strong emphasis on classes and paid test shoots,” she explained.

MODELS MAGGIE GREENE | Maggie has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, and worked in New York, Miami, LA, London and South America and her clients include Express, Cuup lingerie, Maidenform, Leonisa and Universal Standard. ELLIE OTTAWAY | Ellie is an internationally-published model and has been published in Sports Illustrated and walked for Victoria’s Secret. SOFIE ROVENSTINE | Sofie Rovenstine made headway as Miss Tennessee Teen USA and was eventually signed to the major modeling agencies Women Management and Iconic Management. She has done both runway and print for Victoria’s Secret, among many other fashion editorials. BRIGGS RUDDER | Briggs has been featured in campaigns for Glossier and Estée Lauder, as well as done editorials for both Elle and Marie Claire. She has also walked the runway of Valentino. LAURA HANSON SIMS | Laura Hanson has been in editorials for Vanity Fair Italia and Marie Claire Mexico among others and has walked for major designers like Anna Sui, Moncler and Desigual. DYLAN STEPHENS | Dylan has appeared in several fashion editorials and walked the runways of many top designers. Most notably, Dylan appeared in campaigns for Marc Jacobs. BINX WALTON | Binx has appeared in both American Vogue (as well as many international Vogue publications), Elle, and i-D. She has walked the runways of Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein, Valentino, and Oscar de la Renta, among many other notable designers. She’s appeared in countless campaigns, some of which were for Tom Ford, Vera Wang and Dior.




culture | SUPERMODEL S With such an influx of prominent men and women in the fashion industry moving to Nashville, there’s no doubt that the industry here will keep developing. While the market has undoubtedly been growing—slowly but surely—it will continue to adapt for the affluent groups relocating from major cities. Mark Block, owner of The Block Agency in Nashville and Denver, explains, “As more companies move here, their advertising work will follow … Our proximity to the film and TV market of Atlanta has led to many of our actors and models booking jobs on hit movies and television shows.” And, as we’ve seen, it also has those very stars purchasing homes in our neighborhoods. It seems that Nashville’s down-to-earth demeanor mixed with its newfound

“Nashville is a very innovative, growing and ambitious city. More of our fashion designers are getting national attention, and our models are landing successful campaigns.” So, what is it about our city that has aided in producing successful models in recent years? According to Ginny Edwards Maxwell, AMAX’s Director of Scouting and Development, it’s Nashville’s roots. “This city has a very nurturing environment with an extremely supportive fashion industry. Thanks to this, our models are able to test the waters in a safe way through auditioning and walking in Nashville Fashion Week and the Nashville Symphony Fashion Show, as well as working with some smaller local brands while they learn whether this is a path that is right for them. This city is such a creative place, with such kind people. We’re a small melting pot. Our models often come from families of musicians, academics, farmers, healthcare workers—both from Tennessee and from all over the world.” It might just be those very roots that also draw those previously named legends to create their homes here. It isn’t surprising that celebrities have chosen to relocate from major cities to our charming Tennessee town. The oddity about Nashville in recent years is that you never know who you may run into, or who might just be your new neighbor.

industry growth has helped in boosting the success of such models, and brought a wave of already-established models along with it. The question I have now is, can Nashville sustain the fashion industry? According to Cherylann, we absolutely can. “Nashville is a very innovative, growing and ambitious city,” explains Cherylann. “More of our fashion designers are getting national attention, and our models are landing successful campaigns. [These accomplishments] help put us on the radar of creatives worldwide. We are fun to work with and fun to be around, and our easy-going yet professional approach to our jobs allow clients to work here with great talent. Models, actors, hair and makeup artists, wardrobe stylists and our infrastructure of support crews allow for a highly-competitive product.” In short? This is only the beginning.

LILY ALDRIDGE | Lily has appeared in major magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Glamour and Porter. She has had campaigns with Ralph Lauren, Rag & Bone, Victoria’s Secret, Bulgari and Carolina Herrera (just to name a handful). KAREN ELSON | Karen has been on the cover of several major magazines, including Vogue Thailand, British Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Elle and Nylon. She has walked the runways of Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana, Versace, and Gucci, among others. TAYLOR HILL | Taylor has modeled for H&M and Victoria’s Secret, among many other notable designers. She has appeared in several magazines, including Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar, and has walked for designers like Versace, Valentino and Chanel. EMILY SANDBERG | Emily has been the face of Clinique, Donna Karen, Versace and Fendi and has graced the covers of Italian Vogue and Italian Marie Claire. She also appeared in the movie The Devil Wears Prada back in 2006. JOSEPHINE SKRIVER | Josephine has appeared in magazines all over the world from Vogue to Elle, and is a Victoria’s Secret Angel. She has landed major notable campaigns and walked for some of the most high-end brands such as Balmain and Versace. NIKI TAYLOR | One of the original supermodels that came out of the ’90s, Niki Taylor has graced the cover of Vogue, Allure, Elle and Marie Claire, among many others.

Cherylann Stephens of AMAX Agency photographed by Ashley Hylbert AMAX Stylist Molly Free AMAX Hair & Makeup artist Tina Davis using MAC Cosmetics & R+Co Hair Products



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How Safe Is Our City? A federal security expert offers insight into some of today’s biggest threats to our safety BY STACIE STANDIFER PHOTO BY ALAINA MULLIN


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e’ve seen so many positive things with the recent growth of our city. International companies relocating to the area boosting the economy, a plethora of new entertainment options and major profile-raising events in the community are just a few of the perks of being in a boom town. As happy as most of us are with all of the possibilities and opportunities this provides, however, it does come with a few problems. Of course, what first comes to mind is the traffic and the construction that makes it worse. You hear more complaints about this than anything, but that’s just growing pains and, in the big scheme of life, not an issue we can’t handle. Unfortunately, the growth has also resulted in a rising crime rate and particular threats specific to the area that really haven’t been as visible in the past. Topics like international terrorist threats, mass or targeted shootings and human trafficking are now all too real throughout the local community. It’s because of these issues that some of the country’s most welltrained and experienced experts have located operations in Nashville in an effort to both educate consumers and protectors as well as provide services to prevent these types of crimes and targeting methods. In speaking with Timothy Gill, who

Along with his partner, a seasoned US Army military police veteran and high-threat protection specialist, Gill moved operations from Washington, DC to Nashville to assist the increasing number of those based here with threat risks. They’re making an impact in fighting truly horrible crime statistics in many arenas while preparing local residents on how to avoid and prevent their own personal harm.

TAKEN With the words “human trafficking,” suspenseful movies or images of faraway places in other parts of the globe come to mind. The fact is, this just isn’t true. Human trafficking is a $34 billion-a-year industry in the US and the second-fastestgrowing crime sector in Tennessee following illegal drugs. The organization End Slavery Tennessee reports that, on average, 94 victims are trafficked here each month. Their average age is 13. Not only are the numbers staggering, but the thought of this kind of activity in our own backyards is quite terrifying, especially when it comes to thinking about protecting family members who fall into the target demographic, which is primarily children

“I’m currently advising a high-end client in Nashville whose child was on the verge of being trafficked by an international gang with connections to cartels in the Caribbean and Latin America. The threat is high in Nashville.” is one of the leading forces behind Specter Security, I learned of their efforts in helping clients avoid kidnapping, identity theft, harassment, and even death. Gill’s background is beyond impressive, with a list of accolades and government awards both long and deep. His career involving work for the FBI, CIA, EPA and CRSA among others has included everything from risk protection and human intelligence to international terrorist work. “Most of my experience comes from working domestically and overseas as a US Intelligence Community clandestine officer for the CIA and FBI, as well as many years working executive protection operations for Fortune 500 executives,” he explains. “I’m a multi-US Government award recipient for counterterrorism managing several overseas counterterrorism operations. Most recently I was invited to present Specter Security Group’s domain threat assessment to the Nashville Economic Club focusing on the continually evolving threat environment in Nashville to include gangs, terrorism, and human trafficking. All three crime elements have some form of financial and physical exploitation for which the wealth and entertainment population in Nashville need to be aware of. In fact, I’m currently advising a high-end client in Nashville whose child was on the verge of being trafficked by an international gang with connections to cartels in the Caribbean and Latin America. The threat is high in Nashville.”

and teenagers (girls and boys) along with young women. It’s a topic that definitely has law enforcement’s attention in counties like Williamson and Davidson, where evidence of activity is on the rise. Knowing that local and federal protection agencies are aware of and engaged with stopping the crimes is encouraging, but that probably isn’t enough when it comes to many individual situations. Basically, to be truly protected relies on being educated on how the system works and in developing protocol. “Social media is a huge issue when it comes to being vulnerable,” says Gill. He explains that the majority of people involved in these crime rings first use the internet to troll for abductees by using certain tactics to gain information and lure young people into compromising situations. “Each case is unique depending on the operator as well as the target, and there are countless ways to open up your lives to criminal activity without realizing it,” Gill shares.

“Social media is a huge issue when it comes to being vulnerable . . .”


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REAL LIFE EXAMPLES OF AT - R I S K Y O U T H There is a somewhat studious teenager who tends to be a loner, with parents that go out often and frequently travel to far-flung locations leaving the child behind. They’re sharing their trip experiences on Instagram in real time, alerting abductors that their child is unattended at home. From there, it’s easy to trace the goings and comings of the teenager, usually also through social networking posts or, if the situation has elevated, with surveillance. That child is literally a walking target, no matter how nice the neighborhood. A teenage girl with busy parents who are often away and rely on a nanny is secretly seeking attention and acceptance. She is getting a bit on the wild side at school, hanging with a fast-moving, older crowd, trying to fit in. At the same time, she’s scouring the net for sites on substances and pills to lose weight. She’s offered some uppers from the older crowd she’s been mingling with. They take her to a party and that same night, she loses her virginity, being raped by ten different men. She can’t tell her parents or the police, as they have threatened to kill her parents and her whole family. The same threat applies if she doesn’t agree to come back the next night. And so the cycle begins.

He goes on to explain that there is actually a huge ring of trafficking activity within the geographic circle of Washington, DC, Atlanta and Nashville. He attributes the easy access to multiple interstate systems as well as the Cumberland River to making this a key spot for this type of crime to steadily occur. While shutting down these operators is always a goal for law enforcement and organizations like Specter, Gill explains that their work ideally begins early on, where they can actively educate household members on safer

technology use and monitoring social media accounts. For parents looking to be cautious, he says this should be a given. Everyone should be watching their children’s activity to prevent suspicious communication with unknown or suspect persons as well as considering their own sharing habits. This is even more important in more rural areas where kids often use the internet to reach out to what they believe is a more exciting world. Moving to the suburbs or a small town on the outskirts of the city does nothing in terms of protection with today’s technologically savvy traffickers [continued on page 142].

A vulnerable teenager is posting cryptic messages on her Facebook page. Phrases that indicate sadness or emotional weakness such as breaking up with a boyfriend, a fight with parents or even a family death can be red flags for an abductor to begin watching. The more personal sharing, the easier it is to determine her mindset. But those same posts lead to others where the child is sharing her night out with friends with instant posting, which instantly offers up the unsupervised location to those who have the protocol to work quickly to swoop in and take the victim.

Websites to find additional information about human trafficking statistics, occurrences and prevention methods:









NEW TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD HILTON NASHVILLE GREEN HILLS 3821 Cleghorn Avenue Finally, Green Hills has added some much-needed hotel space to the bustling retail neighborhood. The recently completed Residents Inn and Hilton Hotels are not only a blessing to those staying for business in the area but are attracting lots of local visitors as well for their drinking and dining options. We especially love Skybar at the Hilton, which is adjacent to the gorgeous rooftop pool. Enjoying the views and sipping on bubbly just feels right in this tucked away spot.



DAVID YURMAN | 2126 Abbott Martin Road High-end jewelry, watch, eyewear and fragrance designer has opened a new store in The Mall at Green Hills.


CHOPT | 2126 Abbott Martin Road The delicious and efficient salad restaurant is opening at The Mall at Green Hills, so gone are the days of driving all the way out to Brentwood for a quick, healthy salad.


NORTH ITALIA | 3825 Green Hills Village Drive Visit North Italia for delicious pasta, pizza and Italian cuisine.


WARBY PARKER | 2126 Abbott Martin Road The eyewear company has opened a new store in The Mall at Green Hills, featuring glasses for adults and children, sunglasses, accessories and books.


WHITE’S MERCANTILE | 4015 Hillsboro Pike, Suite 104 Holly Williams opened another modern-day general store in the Hill Center in Green Hills.


CORZINE & CO. | 4005 Hillsboro Pike, Suite 103 Corzine & Co. offers an extensive collection of china, crystal, silver, distinctive gifts and accessories, as well as antiques for your table. They’ve just moved, so check out their new location on Hillsboro Pike.

EMMY SQUARED 3821 Green Hills Village Drive Recently opened in Green Hills, Emmy Squared is known for their Detroit-style pizza, originally from New York City. The location will be their second in Nashville. Their menu isn’t just limited to pies, so be sure to try their array of salads, sandwiches and burgers.


Your home. Our mission.

$25 million Total Sales Volume in 2018

26 Homes Sold Jan. - July 2019

Whether buying or selling a downtown condo or country estate, The Michelle Maldonado Team is here to help you find and sell your home. Neighborhoods We’ve Sold in this Year: Gulch, Midtown, Downtown, East Nashville, Sylvan Park, 12South, Crieve Hall, Cleveland Park, Brentwood, Franklin, Leipers Fork

$14.5 million Sales Volume Jan. - July 2019

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c: 615.200.0667 | o: 615.475.5616

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The Michelle Maldonado Team is a team of real estate licensees affiliated with Compass RE, a licensed real estate broker and abides by equal housing opportunity laws. To reach the Compass RE office, call 615-475-5616.








A DESIGNER’S DAYDREAM The Nashville Design Collective Opens New Showrooms 510 Merritt Avenue Nashville’s first designated design destination, N D C , is welcoming many new and relocated showrooms to their Wedgewood-Houston location. Their two buildings will offer leasable showroom space and private/semi-private office space for interior designers, architects and trade professionals. N D C will offer an outdoor deck, multiple meeting spaces, conference rooms and dedicated event space for product launches, book signings and trunk shows. A casual café and surface parking will also be available. The space is designed to integrate seamlessly into Nashville’s group of designers, architects and builders.



BEINGS & TIME 221 2nd Avenue North Come hear artist Alfred Conteh in conversation with Chief Curator Alice Gray Stites. The evening starts with a reception at 6 p.m., so enjoy a cocktail for the discussion at 7 p.m. on September 27th, 2019.


SEP. 12 | LENNY KRAVITZ Ascend Amphitheater

OCT. 1 | THE BLACK KEYS Bridgestone Arena

SEP. 22 | LEANN RIMES The Ryman Auditorium

OCT. 3-5 | TRISHA YEARWOOD Schermerhorn Symphony Center

SEP. 24 | SHERYL CROW The Ryman Auditorium

OCT. 18 | MAREN MORRIS Ascend Amphitheater

SEP. 27 | CARRIE UNDERWOOD Bridgestone Arena

OCT. 29 | RAY LAMONTAGNE The Ryman Auditorium

Perhaps the best part about our city is the endless amount of live music we are able to experience. Here are a few of the shows that we are looking forward to the most this fall. Go online for full show listings.











ARTISAN NIGHTS The wildly popular monthly Gulch Night Market is moving into its fall season. On select Thursdays until December, the Gulch Night Market takes place from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on the corner of 11th and Laurel Street, offering attendees local artisans, food and drink vendors, entertainment, and a live DJ. Follow @gulchnightmarket or @thegulchnashville on Instagram to keep up to date on this family and pet-friendly community event. The bonus? Admittance is free.

NEW TO CAPITOL VIEW 1100 Charlotte Avenue

Vici Collection California-based women’s clothing boutique will open a brick-and-mortar retail shop in late 2019.

Drybar Schedule your next blowout at Drybar, located in the North Gulch’s new development, Capitol View Nashville.

RUKUS CYCLE STUDIO | 1008 Nelson Merry Street Jump into a live 30, 45 or 60 minute high-energy and exhilarating ride. With a variety of unique ride types, each class is curated with the personal touch of your CyclePro.


SOMETHING TO BARK ABOUT For all the pet owners living in The Gulch, we’ve got some good news for you! A neighborhood dog park is currently in design to be located behind The Turnip Truck grocery store this fall. MarketStreet Enterprises is spearheading this and other exciting projects soon to come in this neighborhood. Stay tuned!











STAYCATION The Harpeth Hotel 130 2nd Avenue North, Franklin Nestled on the banks of the Harpeth River, a new luxury hotel exists right in the heart of historic downtown Franklin. Rediscover Franklin while simultaneously discovering the stories of the Harpeth, some dating back to The Civil War. Sip on some of Tennessee’s finest whiskey, dine on delicious artisanal food and simply revel in the hotel’s pampering services.

A BEAUTIFUL SPACE The Parlour Room 7016 Church Street East, Brentwood Beauty industry guru and celebrity stylist Melissa Schleicher is adding hostess to her long resume. In addition to owning go-to establishments such as Parlour 3, Barber 3 and Hunter Paige, she’s now in the events business with an incredible new space for rent in the heart of Brentwood. Perfect for parties, weddings, showers or even club meetings, the Parlour Room (we love the name!) reflects Melissa’s personal style and many talents in art and décor. If you are seeking an environment that will photograph beautifully, this is the place.

RUBY SUNSHINE 231 Public Square, Franklin This New Orleans originated all-day brunch restaurant is serving unique breakfast and brunch options with delicious cocktails!


COMMUNITY EVENTS OCT. 5 | 46TH HERITAGE BALL at Eastern Flank Battlefield Park OCT. 12 | 2019 PARADE OF HOMES in the scenic gated community in the College Grove area OCT. 26 | 36TH ANNUAL PUMPKIN FEST on Main Street in Franklin

Pro Grand Steam Range

B E S T. D E C I S I O N . E V E R . For projects of any size, perfection often requires making difficult decisions. Allow the experts at Ferguson to make things easy by introducing you to an extensive collection of stylish products from


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NEW TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Meet the Future Tenants of Charlotte Avenue’s Newest Development, L&L Marketplace 3820 Charlotte Avenue


CYCLE BAR | Burn calories on Charlotte Avenue at CycleBar’s newest location


PENNE PAZZE | Your stop for authentic Italian cuisine right here in Tennessee


FIVE DAUGHTERS BAKERY | Treat yourself with these delectable donuts at this local, family-owned business


HAPPILY GREY | Shop at influencer Mary Lawless Lee’s brick-and-mortar for all things Happily Grey


MASAYA & CO. | Redecorate your home while also saving the environment at this sustainably-run home store


4210 Charlotte Avenue

The team behind the popular Headquarters Coffee Shop has ventured into the spirits game with the fresh new cocktail bar, Otto’s, in the continually improving Charlotte Avenue area near Sylvan Park. Set in a former auto-repair shop, expect a relaxed vibe but upscale selection of imbibing choices. It’s such a gift for all of us seeking happy hour solace outside of downtown on weeknights.


SKIN DEEP SLK Clinic 5202 Centennial Blvd., Suite 110 Shedding your summer skin is more convenient now that the lovely new SLK Clinic has opened its specialty practice. SLK Aesthetic Dermatology has a carefully curated selection of effective solutions backed by science (they are serious about skin!) that ensure results to those invested in their treatments and routines. In addition to all things face, they also have an array of treatments for body shaping and slimming… just in time for all of this fall’s parties and events.

WEST END WELCOMES LUXURY CONDOS AT THE MANNING 120 Woodmont Blvd. Nashville welcomes resort living with its unrivaled ease, comfort and privacy.


G R A C E C L AY T O N . C O M

@ G R A C E C L AY T O N N A S H V I L L E R E A L T O R




Visit us at the 2O19 James Hardie Parade of Homes October 12-27 at The Grove


Under Moroccan stars





t’s no secret that Morocco is a photographer’s paradise. Ethereal and colorful, the lure and mysticism surrounding this extraordinary country has captivated the hearts of travelers for centuries. As a photographer myself, I had often fantasized about visiting this stunning North African country. So when a group of fellow photographers and friends asked me to join them on a two-week trip to Morocco, I did not hesitate to accept.


Of course, five photographers on a two-week-long Moroccan excursion means we collected enough content to fill an entire magazine with photos and tips from our travels. In fact, making selections from our archives of this adventure proved to be quite challenging. Instead of rambling on about the dos and don'ts of this journey, I decided to highlight my favorite Moroccan cities with suggestions of what to do in each, and let the imagery do the rest of the talking.



Marrakech Marrakech acts as a central location and the best jumping-off point for visitors looking to explore all that Morocco has to offer. Perusing the shops and kiosks at Jemaa el-Fnaa yields sensory overload of the best kind—if returning home with a suitcase full of handmade jewelry, caftans, leather mules, and a rug or two is what you envisioned after vacationing in Morocco, then you’ve come to the right place. Magicians, fortune tellers and acrobats dance around tourists in an attempt to charm money from their pockets. In the souk, considerable strength is required to keep from filling your bags with the myriad of beautifully crafted artisanal goods lining the alleyways. Merchants here are much more aggressive than in other parts of the country, and if you all but glance at an item on display, prepare to be preyed upon. While this can be irritating at times, it provides the opportunity to return home with quality items at incredible prices… that is, if you’re able to stand your ground. Haggling is customary, so don’t settle on a price right away. If bargaining is not your forte, there are a number of boutiques just outside the souk with fixed prices. The appointment-only atelier Ministero del Gusto (reportedly a favorite of Kate Moss) has a remarkable selection of custom jewelry, or, if you’d like a curated selection of artisanal goods, try 33 Rue Majorelle.

The shopping is great and the food delectable, but Kech’s natural beauty can’t be beat. Marrakech is home to two of the country’s most famous botanical gardens. The Majorelle Garden, created by the French Orientalist artist Jacques Majorelle, is a two-and-a-half-acre garden located just north of the medina. In addition to cubism-inspired architecture and beautiful flora, the gardens house the Islamic Art Museum of Marrakech, Berber Museum, and the recently opened Yves Saint Laurent Museum, a tribute to the famous designer and his ties to Marrakech. Though a bit further out from the central part of the city, the Menara Gardens are a must-see, as well. The olive groves and massive reflection pool have been a fan favorite for tourists and locals alike. Gazing at the reflection of the Atlas Mountains on the water’s surface amidst the intoxicating smell of fresh olives is an experience that is sure to take your breath away.


If you aren’t exhausted by the end of the day, a nightcap and delicious meal from Le Salama near Jemaa el-Fnaa are the perfect ending for your explorations in this captivating city. From here, the rest of Morocco awaits.





Essaouira Located on Morocco’s Atlantic coastline, the small town of Essaouira was our reprieve from the frenetic clamor of the bustling Marrakech streets. With a population of roughly 78,000, Essaouira’s proximity to Marrakech makes it the perfect weekend trip for any traveler looking to escape the city and relax near the ocean. The area is known for its wildly fresh fish, and fishermen can be heard long before they’re seen at the pier, shouting out prices and species of fish at any passerby willing to listen. The shops and markets in the medina are much less crowded than in most major



cities in Morocco, and shopkeepers are ostensibly uninterested in hag g ling with customers, which makes the experience altogether more enjoyable. Essaouira is a hidden gem, mostly undiscovered and untainted by the throngs of tourists that pack the major cities’ streets. Get here before they do. Pro tip: book your accommodations within the medina and be sure to check out Galerie la Kasbah, an art gallery built into a restored 18th-century riad. Finish off a day of walking the artisan-filled streets with a pastry from Pâtisserie Driss, a beautiful bakery and cafe just off the main square (the cake balls are a must).


Chefchaouen While the number of tourists visiting Morocco increases every year, none can deny the significant attention Chefchaouen, in particular, has garnered through the rise of social media. A popular destination among Europeans, the small town nestled in the Rif mountains is famous for its azure streets and buildings. This “Blue Pearl,” as some call it, resides in the northernmost region of Morocco, and while there are several theories as to why the city’s walls were painted its varied shades of blue, many believe that it was meant to symbolize the sky or heavens and thus encourage those who look upon it to lead a spiritual life. With the Rif mountains surrounding the city by 360 degrees, nature lovers will no doubt get their fill here. Rising 6,500 feet above the Mediterranean, these lesser-known cousins to the Atlas mountains boast some of the best hiking routes in Northern Africa. Taking the 30-minute taxi ride outside of Chef to explore the Rif and its unbeatable panoramic views is a must for travelers visiting this region. For the more adventurous type, the two-day trek to Talassemtane National Park proves quite the spectacle. This national park was created in 2004 to

conserve the last of the Moroccan fir forests and spans nearly 400 square miles. Popular day hikes in the area include God’s Bridge, a beautiful rock formation resembling a stone archway that spans a river, and the Cascades d’Akchour, where hikers can cool off in the rock pool basins below the breathtaking waterfalls scattered along its trail.


It should come as no surprise to hear locals speaking Arabic, French and Spanish in Chef, as the region was under Spanish rule from 1920 all the way up until Morocco gained independence in 1956. Despite its complicated and tumultuous past, the Chefchaouen we know today boasts a culturally rich tapestry: a coalescing of Moorish, Jewish, Muslim and Berber culture in quite possibly the most beautiful mountain town I have ever seen. A stop here is well worth the time, and travelers will no doubt experience the peace and quiet it offers even despite its growing popularity among tourists. Escape the crowds by popping into La Lampe Magique at Aladdin’s for lunch on the rooftop or watch the sun set over the city from the Spanish mosque’s stunning hilltop.







The Sahara Whenever I’m asked about our trip to Morocco, my mind immediately returns to the desert. I will never forget hiking to the summit of the nearthousand-foot dunes, the rolling, golden hills stretching out for miles before us. I remember our guide pointing out the border of Algeria and Morocco, but whatever delineation between the two countries was lost in the waves of red and gold sand. Never in my life did I think I would see the Sahara desert. A bucket-list destination in its own right, traveling to Morocco without spending a night under the stars here seems a flagrant lapse in judgment.


The Moroccan Sahara runs along the eastern border of the country and requires a full day of travel to get to, anywhere from 8-12 hours when coming from Marrakech or Fez. While you can rent a car for this journey, I would not recommend driving out into the desert yourself. Hire a driver. The landscape’s harsh terrain and lack of proper road demarcation means all too many uncontrollable variables for an amateur to be piloting an expedition into the desert on his or her own. Fortunately, most desert camps and private tours arrange transportation to and from accommodations in neighboring towns, and provide guests with guides to accompany them on their excursion. The experience can then be stress-free and require little to no navigating on

your own part, and should be kept that way. The two primary desert destinations in the Moroccan Sahara are Erg Chebbi and Erg Chigaga. The Erg Chebbi sand dunes, the most accessible and sought-after of the two, are located minutes from a variety of housing options found in Erfoud or Merzouga, giving travelers the option of spending their nights in the comfort of a modern hotel with their days free to explore the desert. For those that like to travel off the beaten path, though, the Erg Chigaga sand dunes further south offer a more adventurous experience. Getting to these dunes from Zagora or Foum Zguid is laborious and takes nearly two hours by car.


We chose this route and suffered an unfortunate flat tire amid the rocky, barren landscape of the desert in the process; we now recall the tale in amusement, though at the time it did not seem to be a laughing matter. The Moroccan kindness and hospitality we had come to know so well on our trip proved itself again when a group of travelers selflessly donated their only spare to our cause. The rest of the trip went on without a hitch, but to save yourself the potential headache, I’d recommend beginning your maiden journey into the Sahara at Erg Chebbi instead. Of course, no matter the route you decide to go, Erg Chebbi or Erg Chigaga both will offer you opportunities to ride a camel, sleep under the

stars, traipse the immaculate dunes and run the golden sand through your fingers. If you do stay at a hotel in one of the neighboring cities, private overnight tours or accommodations at desert camps can be booked in advance if you’d like to spend a night or two out under the stars of the Sahara. The Desert Luxury Camp in Merzouga ( is a popular one, but there are countless others that provide the same services.

spent traveling is worth it, and the journeying is just as beautiful as the destinations themselves. This article only begins to scratch the surface of all that this country has to offer. If a sense of wonder if what you’re aiming for, Morocco is your destination. There’s no question that you’ve arrived in a foreign land. Full of color, magic and thrill, you may just never want to come home.

A trip to Morocco is no four-day getaway — it’s a week-long commitment at the very least and requires planning for ample amounts of time to travel between cities. But don’t let this adventure scare you off; I can assure you that every minute



NEW YORK IN THE FALL A guide to making the most of your trip to the Big Apple BY STACIE STANDIFER PHOTOS BY ALAINA MULLIN & TIM NICHOLS


et’s face it, visiting any city different to our own always brings a bit of excitement. Whether you are a true planner with a daily itinerary of stops and sites scheduled, or the type that just likes to leave time to explore and decide what’s next based on your mood or the weather, a city trip provides endless ways to be entertained and inspired that you won’t find laying on a remote beach. There’s no better time of year to explore the dynamics of a metropolitan landscape than in the fall, and this is especially true for New York City, which literally bursts with glamour and experiences from the first sign of turning leaves through the glorious holiday season. The air is brisk, the stores are full of the most stylish merchandise and the city lures visitors with countless events and attractions in every community and neighborhood. It’s also an incredibly easy trip from Nashville, with multiple airlines operating direct flights to and from several convenient airports each day. It’s an adventure you can plan for months or simply take on a whim when you find that you have a free upcoming weekend. Another reason to love New York.


| culture

st ay No matter where you’re visiting next, the place you choose to stay greatly impacts your level of satisfaction and enjoyment. NYC has multiple options that I am absolutely certain will provide a level of luxury and service that make each visit special. If it’s checking out one of the city’s newest structures recommended by trusted friends, or returning to one of my go-to NYC classics, I know that there’s no wrong choice when it comes to booking at any place on this short list.

NEW & UNIQUE | TWA HOTEL AT JFK If you’re a fan of period movies like The Aviator, there’s now a chance to experience a bit of retro-inspired relaxation without ever leaving the airport. This incredible project is a huge hit with those who love planes and aviation (hello, husbands!). With upscale accommodations like the expansive Howard Hughes suite, the world’s largest hotel fitness center and multiple shops and dining options, a stay at TWA definitely isn’t what you would expect from anything near the airport. An overnight here is perfectly suited when planning international travel out of the busy airport, giving you a night to refresh and recharge before a long jaunt across the globe.


| EQUINOX HOTEL NYC may have the reputation of being the city that never sleeps, but for those who prefer a bit of solid rest between navigating the bustling city streets and nightlife, this soothing new sanctuary is sure to please. Staying in one of their carefully designed, soundproof suites ensures that you keep your wellness regime in check. There’s also the bonus of being able to try some of the hottest fitness classes in the nation, as well as innovative spa treatments in the exclusive membersonly club that’s accessible to hotel guests.

| FREEHAND HOTEL This eclectic new hotspot in the Gramercy and Flatiron District has a bit of a hipster edge with uniquely decorated suites that feel more like an apartment than hotel room. The funky rooftop bar or clubby downstairs lounge are the ultimate places to relax at the end of the day over craft cocktails. There’s also a cool all-day diner and inventive coffee shop on the premises. This neighborhood is one of my favorites for shopping and dining, and Freehand is a good stopping point between excursions out into the busy streets.

| ONE FINE STAY I first discovered this company when staying in Los Angeles for long intervals, and quickly found that they handle retreats in most all of my favorite cities. The properties in and around the Big Apple do not disappoint. You can choose from cozy lofts, expansive townhouses, modern condominiums and even homes with large outdoor terraces or gardens. In almost every desirable neighborhood, One Fine Stay offers curated properties to suit discriminating travelers’ needs. The accommodations are always upscale and include a full screening and carefully managed process to meet strict guidelines set to ensure a luxurious experience no matter where you elect to put up your feet in the city. Living like a local in a building with affluent residents for a few days can also really enhance the full NYC experience.

culture | CLASSIC NEW YORK STAYS | THE CARLYLE I can’t say enough about all of the reasons I love this hotel. The neighborhood (located in the Upper East Side) is top-notch, offering countless adjacent streets of residential buildings to stroll by and pine for. This is some of the most impressive and interesting architecture for homes in the entire city and the regal hotel’s façade blends seamlessly into the landscape. From the soaring tower suites to the designer apartment-style rooms, evidence of total luxury is in every detail. One of Manhattan’s most acclaimed cocktail lounges, Bemelmans Bar is a martini-lover’s idea of heaven and the onsite Café Carlyle is likely the best place for dinner and a show in the city. Live music from famous artists is a regular attraction at both venues. Just a few steps from Central Park and upscale shopping, The Carlyle is a locale that continuously provides the ideal location with the upmost in luxury and personalized service you will find anywhere in the world.

| BACCARAT If you love all things sparkling, the top choice for retreating in the heart of the city is definitely Baccarat Hotel. While it doesn’t have the history of the other classic luxury hotels listed here, the soaring property has all of the elements of a landmark locale. Visiting here is a bit like being in a personal jewel box, with dramatic touches of the brand’s crystal creations literally everywhere, from the chandeliers and sconces to the glassware used in the restaurant, bar and rooms. Striking notes of signature red complement the French style masterpiece that is the Grand Salon. With the first La Mer spa in the US, this is also a destination for all things pampering. If you don’t have time for one of their incredible skin services, you can still enjoy the rich La Mer products provided in every room. There are majestic suites for the true royal treatment, but at Baccarat even the standard rooms are beyond chic while being comfortable and easily accessible to every attraction in the city. To get there, jump into the house car, a red 1970 Ciroën DS that’s as much of an Instagram attraction as any of the celebrities you might find breezing through the hotel.

| ST. REGIS If your city plans revolve around shopping or viewing holiday window displays, no spot is better situated than the St. Regis in Midtown. The storied property is home to the legendary King Cole Bar, a favorite backdrop in some of Hollywood’s most iconic films. The rooms are all designed to impress and pamper, but for an experience that will forever raise your hotel expectations, book the meticulously created Dior or Tiffany suite. Each are themed around the iconic brands and do justice to their namesake. The additional perks of a round-the-clock personal butler to help with every detail or to simply deal with unpacking is an unexpected thrill, as is riding in the house car, a top-of-the-line Bentley. Mr. Big would certainly approve.

| THE LOWELL If you check into one of the specialty suites at The Lowell, chances are you will end up trying to extend your stay. Set in the posh section of the Upper East Side, this historic property has been beloved by visitors for a century but fresh renovations with every modern amenity make it feel very modern when it comes to the comforts of home. You’ll find gourmet kitchens, built-in espresso makers, wood-burning fireplaces and even soaring shelves of curated reading material with books being plentiful in every room. The common areas are classically appointed. Expect lots of white tablecloths, fresh flowers, fine service and service-ware and enjoy traditions such as formal afternoon tea.


| culture


With thousands of Italians and Italian Americans perfecting their cooking styles in NYC over the years, it’s no wonder that the city is home to arguably some of the best Italian restaurants in the world. From hole-in-the-wall neighborhood spots with unbelievable pizzas to romantic cafes and delis, the options are endless. To keep it simple for Italian food lovers seeking some memorable dining experiences, these are my top three not-to-miss foodie stops.

| DEL POSTO In my opinion, this is the most incredible date night or special occasion Italian restaurant on the planet. A leisurely yet elegant meal is served in multiple courses by candlelight. If you truly want to treat or impress someone, make this reservation, stat.

| EATALY Some argue that this vast market is too commercial, but I disagree. It is a wonderful emporium to discover imported Italian foods that you can stock up on at home, as well as hundreds of gifts, books and kitchen gear. There are also multiple restaurants and even an authentic gelato bar within the space, which make for a perfect lunch spot to try a new dish or to share a dessert with someone special.

| SAINT AMBROEUS Whether in the West Village or on the Upper East side, it’s likely that at least one of my meals will be enjoyed at this authentic eatery. A haunt that lures in models, socialites and actors as well as the pasta-loving public, each dish is hand prepared by talented chefs and served with love by the enthusiastic staff. No matter what is on the menu, it’s always delicious.


HEALTHY & DIFFERENT In the interest of maintaining balance while traveling, we’ve included some wellness-centric food options. I tend to choose locations that don’t feel like a health food store, but that do have a health-focused vibe. I can usually tell by the patrons if it’s my kind of place, and these discoveries are proof that a little people watching can pay off when it comes to choosing a spot to refuel without going overboard. Here’s my list of top spots for mean, green fare:

| THE BUTCHER’S DAUGHTER I love this Nolita spot not because it’s so airy and beautiful (although it is), but due to what their culinary team can do for vegetarian fare. Their meatless burger creations can be trusted to please most carnivores and their salads are unforgettable. They even offer a menu of wellness lattes, allowing you to mix in superfoods and nutrients straight into your daily caffeine fix. It’s probably my favorite place in the city for a relaxed weekend brunch.

| JAMS Fans of Adele’s Nashville may not all realize that the founder, Chef Jonathan Waxman, was named Best Chef in NYC by the James Beard Foundation. His influence on bringing California-style cuisine to the masses is definitely evident at his Jams dining room at the 1 Hotel Central Park (another place to add to your hotel list!). The fresh, sustainable-driven menu doesn’t read as being super healthy, but preparation and sourcing ensure that choices are as nourishing as possible. You can indulge in a buttery steak, but it will be organic and from grass-fed pastured cattle. There are enough vegetable and salad offerings to make it a great choice for vegetarians. Even the mixologists can boost the “clean” in your cocktail with creations that combine ingredients like kale and celery with top-shelf gin or vodka along with citrus, herbs and bee pollen.

| GRAMERCY TAVERN This beloved restaurant doesn’t have to fall under the healthy category, as there are too many temptations offered nightly to always be good. It is one of my all-time favorite restaurants in the country and I will never turn down an opportunity to go. While I swoon over hand-made pies and rich sauces along with other diners, I’ve found that it’s also a wonderful place to stay on track with eating well while not sacrificing anything at all. The seasonal approach here is legendary. I like the bustling, casual vibe among the tables in the bar area, where seasonal a la carte menu items always include inventive flavors with vegetable dishes and perfectly prepared fresh fish options.


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There are certain things that I feel lucky to squeeze in whenever I have free time, even if it is on a work trip. That always includes a stroll through Central Park and often a walk on The High Line. It’s also fun to take advantage of some live performances or educational opportunities. Those on my list here are sure to suit almost anyone interested at all in culture or simply having fun. Trust me.

| WHITNEY MUSEUM When getting some exercise at The High Line, you really can’t miss the chance to browse the collection on display at the Whitney Museum of American Art in the Meatpacking District. It’s also a wonderful venue to engage in live performance acts which are regular occurrences. Depending on your travel dates, you can easily secure tickets well in advance.

| NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY I’m a big fan of libraries everywhere, especially in Nashville where you can load up on reading material for free. The library is likely the one place you would least expect to be a spending temptation, but their wellstocked bookstore with a truly impressive selection guarantees a bag of finds upon exiting the gorgeous landmark building in Bryant Park.

| THE MET While I am always in awe of the modern collection at MoMa, when it comes to making a choice of which to visit on a single trip, The Metropolitan Museum of Art gets my vote, hands down. It’s bigger, the art collections represent periods and talents throughout history, and there’s usually some captivating fashion exhibit that draws me in. A museum might not be the place that you think of when it comes to happy hour, but at their dining space on the fourth floor, you will find little groups of stylish, in-the-know locals taking advantage of the daily late-afternoon discounts. Expect to be surprised with cocktail specialties like The Flamingo — a concoction ordered “for the table” that’s a tipsy mix of rosé wine sorbetto, tequila, rosé, lime and prosecco. Even the mojito comes with a cotton candy cloud garnish. Like the food presentation, each cocktail is presented as a beautiful piece of art, which makes imbibing seem somehow more virtuous and sophisticated, especially when you’re sipping in the name of culture.


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Music-loving visitors are in for a treat that feels very close to home this season. Visit Music City has partnered with Grimey’s to curate a pop-up shop on 11 Bond Street in Manhattan that will be open to shoppers from October through January. The concept is based on collections of vinyl records that have ties back to Nashville and Tennessee. In all genres of music that have been written, recorded, produced and created around Music City, vinyl records will serve as a bit of history for those who “pop” into the store, slated to be called Spin On. Look for it, share with your friends and definitely make time to browse if you’re in the city. It’s such a great way to showcase some of Nashville’s most dynamic talent to a world of new listeners and collectors alike.

| VINTAGE PARADISE You may have visited local boutique Gus Mayer when they have hosted a trunk show featuring incredible vintage couture pieces. The swoon-worthy items are often curated from the collection at What Goes Around Comes Around, a vintage store that will convert even those who claim to hate all things retro. Amazing collector’s edition designer bags, jewelry, gowns and watches are just a few of the highlights. You’ll find sought-after clothing items for men and an array of wearable art for women. Think denim, leather jackets, furs and every item in between sourced from all over the globe. Their period pieces from the 1880s to the 1990s draw vintage enthusiasts all over the world, and their Soho store in Manhattan is a haven for treasure seekers.

| NEXT LEVEL NESTING Fashion may be at the top of many shoppers’ lists when it comes to visiting the city for a spend, but I really prefer to spend more time strolling through stores and boutiques that offer unique furnishings and décor for home and entertaining. Nothing fills my cup like an afternoon (and I can make it a long one) at ABC Home. Each sprawling floor is filled with every kind of piece you can imagine. From modern to traditional to mid-century, their collections are filled with selections hand-selected by their incredible team of


tastemakers. There’s also the advantage of being able to choose from the two dreamy onsite restaurants (ABC Kitchen is my favorite), where everything from the lighting to the chairs and even the linens are for sale. ABC is an ideal place to spend some time when it is cold or raining outside, as you can enjoy so much under one roof without having the bother of dealing with coats and umbrellas tripping in and out of shops along the streets. I never miss a stop here when in town.

| TRADITION OF STYLE If this were a book instead of a magazine article, I could really get into all of the specialty retailers I love in the city. But I find that kind of discovery is often best left a surprise to others, where window displays lure the eye and you find something new along your path. But one quiescently NYC shopping haunt that checks all the boxes without a doubt Bergdorf Goodman. The luxury department store is a longstanding favorite for all types of personalities. Stylists are always checking here, where the selection is only upscaled by the impeccable service. It’s bustling, filled with laughter and Champagne and it’s always a treat to explore.


STEVE SWENSON [continued from page 25]: TNE: You are a self-described “foodie.” What makes a great restaurant, in your opinion? Any dining favorites in Nashville to mention? SS: A restaurant that cares about atmosphere and experience [is what makes one great]. I love great architecture, which I think helps create the diner’s experience. And, of course, the food. When you take a bite and your eyebrows rise and you want to blurt out “wow!” then you know you’re eating food from a chef who cares deeply about making amazing flavors and textures. The night I took a bite of the sausage and cheddar biscuits at 5th & Taylor was one of those moments! The fish I had at Geist was another great dining experience. Living in DC, I was able to enjoy Bourbon Steak in Georgetown, so my husband and I headed to the top of the JW Marriott to celebrate a recent anniversary in the Bourbon Steak bar that protrudes from the oval building with a fabulous view of Nashville’s skyline. TNE: What’s the one thing you haven’t tried in Music City yet that you’re looking forward to? SS: I’ve been to the symphony at the Schermerhorn, I’ve gone to the ballet at TPAC, I’ve watched one of our NPR shows live at the Ryman and I’ve attended a Nashville Sounds game. I’ve eaten at Swett’s and Hattie B’s. I’ve enjoyed the restaurants on 12South. I’m looking forward to attending a concert at the Grand Ole Opry and going to the Belcourt Theatre to see an indie movie. TNE: What do you miss most about living in a more urban city? SS: So far, nothing. I guess the one thing we don’t have that NYC does are restaurants serving food after 11 p.m. It is called the city that never sleeps. But Nashville has everything else minus the crowds! TNE: What would people be most surprised to learn about you? SS: I like singing opera. I had a chance, once, in Venice, to sing with two Venice opera singers at an event we were hosting. It wasn’t something I expected but I had a blast. I’m not that good of a singer, just really loud! I practice in the shower. HOW TO BE A VISIONARY [continued from page 34]: “My husband, David Malloy, will comment that he wishes he could see what I see,” she confesses. “When I was growing up, my dad was a house flipper before it was a television show. By the time I was 14, we’d lived in 12 different houses. We always lived in construction.” Like Allison, Kathy rarely complains or sees a negative as a negative, but instead as a learning experience. “It’s never one stumbling block, never one thing, it’s constant change,” she says. “It’s never like, ‘I’m rolling now, I don’t have to worry about anything.’ There’s always a new challenge, or, as I call it, a ‘design opportunity.’” To that end, Kathy and David enjoy a hobby they call “Free Dreaming.” The next project is a farm in Springfield, TN, for a weekend getaway and party space. As if designing and becoming a real estate mogul wasn’t enough, she also, in her spare time, launched her own line of pillows, rugs and wood flooring. You can find these items in her design studio on 2nd Avenue North. How does one become a visionary, I ask again? Kathy


simply replies, “To be bold, you must be fearless. Once you start, it becomes a practice. Like you, Anastasia— your ears are so practiced, while listening to music you can hear a song that no one else would notice.” Hmm, now I get it. I do practice what I love every day. Thanks to all of my fearless girl crushes, past and future—you teach and inspire me. AN AUTHENTIC LIFE [continued from page 77]: According to its customers, whose letters Auerbach and Adriel sift through every morning, Clary’s products help everyone from those suffering from eczema to patients undergoing chemotherapy. The altruistic Auerbach says there is no better feeling than looking at those beforeand-after-pictures. The pair is also passionate about incorporating traditional herbal recipes (based upon the belief that what worked then is still relevant now), and plants inherently grown in the South. “Recently, I was stung by a bee and grabbed a plantain leaf from my backyard, chewed it with my saliva, and applied that to the sting,” she offers as proof of her love for natural remedies. Every Clary product is produced in-house at The Barn, the company headquarters located in Auerbach’s backyard, and former home to her husband’s vintage motorcycle collection. (The pair struck a deal one day that if she could find Dan’s bikes a new home, then she could have the space. Auerbach astutely called the Lane Motor Museum, who agreed to house the vintage Harley-Davidsons.) After bringing in two turn-of-thecentury apothecaries that Dan had purchased from a science lab in upstate New York, The Barn was easily converted into a production facility. Currently, Clary has three employees who hand-craft, label, infuse, and package all products. Even as the company grows—and despite Auerbach’s fervent desire to replace Vaseline in all drugstores—she insists that the line, made with intention, will stay in-house. “The best legacy in life would be leaving behind a product that helped people for generations,” explains the ambitious entrepreneur. Watch out, Walgreens. HOW SAFE IS OUR CITY? [continued from page113]: Large-scale events in metropolitan areas have always been a point of concern for anti-terrorism agencies, with national security often releasing a great deal of protocol before big events such as a Super Bowl or Olympics celebration. In recent years, Music City has become quite the destination for those seeking entertainment. It seems that downtown, the party never stops. Gill laughs about the phrase “Las Vegas of the South,” which is sadly not an inaccurate description of some of the nightly activity. While most of it is all in good fun, it still brings up the need for tighter personal protection actions and community awareness. During large gatherings that often accompany events like CMA Fest, New Year’s Eve, Fourth of July and special occasions such as a playoff game or the recent NFL Draft, those actions become even more important. “Certain factors make Music City an ideal target for fanatics associated with ISIS and other major players,” Gill notes. “First, the south is primarily Christianitybased, which isn’t in line with these terrorists’ goals and beliefs. Secondly, country music is also very much about belief in God and in country as well as being pro-military. Choosing happenings here as a target would accomplish multiple things in the minds of these criminals, effectively harming and impacting a community based on issues they’re firmly against. And

with so many country music stars living and performing here, there’s also the opportunity for major national and global impact with any attack.” Gill believes that their proven methods and tactics used in political cities where everyone is always on alert can be applied effectively in those situations by bringing security up to speed, making sure that they know who/what to look for as well as dozens of other minor preparation and monitoring actions to keep crowds safe. HIGH PROFILE TARGETS But it’s not only the crowds and mass-shooting scares that are the focus—in fact, Gill and his team of experts with Specter spend a great deal of their time developing security for those entertaining the crowds. With such a strong background in executive and government protection, he explains that they apply the exact same philosophy to securing a music artist or well-known CEO as would be used in security for heads of state. “In so many cases, we’ve found that security consists of a high-school friend or relative who did a stint in the army or played football. These types of security guards may be tough physically, but most often they’re not trained to deal with risk prevention,” he says. He then explains that they’re not interested in taking out existing security, but rather on training them to be more proactive in every way. “When we work with someone, we look at every angle and every facet of their organization and lifestyle,” Gill continues. “The threat could be damaging a reputation or brand using technology and online media, a kidnapping scenario, financial loss or unsettling stalking behavior. By covering all the bases, our clients are protected on multiple levels.” The same way that they might look at a celebrity client is how we as individuals can examine our own surroundings to be generally safer at all times. They examine every individual in a person’s core circle before looking into their secondary connections. This could include bodyguards, road crew members or even a merchandise salesclerk on tour. “We won’t work with anyone who is involved with drug use in any way. We also make sure that those in constant contact are also clear of drug use or abuse. There have been situations where disorders such as bipolar behavior have come into play with aggravated activity, and those individuals need to be identified before having access to any situation where they could be a threat.” Another factor they consider in background processing is whether individual employees in proximity are in financial trouble. “Debt creates a strong motive, so we’re always on alert for any signs of desperation.” Gill goes on to say that they’re also very aware of exploitation due to phones. “In a secure space within the government, no phones are ever allowed, but put away. This should be the case for any unknown or untrusted persons in proximity to someone high-profile, such as backstage workers or even friends of friends showing up to an artists’ bus. “We’re not the moral police,” he insists. “We just subtly reduce risks by taking proactive measures customized to each client and situation.” Monitoring threats online and blocking access to questionable participants is also routine. They take care of everything in a non-invasive way, leaving any individual or family free to enjoy life without being constantly worried about an incident. No matter what this team of international military experts is working on, we’re just glad that they’re here, protecting the homeland and especially all of us living in Music City.



planning menus and themes in advance and going beyond the burger to create fare that elevates the entire experience for you and your friends. Getting back into a routine isn’t always easy, but it can be personally rewarding if you focus on more than just work and chores around the house. Explore many of the boutique fitness operations now available at studios and gyms all over town and sign up for a program or new classes that offer a challenge along with a bit of fun. With apps like ClassPass, you can try out the newest or most popular workouts without obligations, and most fitness centers welcome those seeking a trial run before the commitment of membership. If you have a regular routine, take the opportunity to shake it up and explore different ways to stay in shape that lift your spirit and skill set. Hitting the open road is always something to look forward to and taking to the highway doesn’t require intense advance planning. Rent a fantastic convertible or roomy SUV, pack a bag and go on a real road trip adventure. Getting out of the city and taking scenic highways to any destination can feel like an escape, and this time of year it’s especially uplifting. Where you’re headed isn’t that important, but one great choice is to hit the beach towns along the Gulf Coast. With tourist season being over, there are fewer visitors, making last minute reservations at resorts and restaurants easy to find. It’s also the most beautiful time of year to enjoy being on the sand without the intense heat that summer visitors have to endure.

Fa l l P l ay b o o k BY STACIE STANDIFER Finally, the blasting heat of the summer months is releasing its grip on our comfort levels, allowing all of us to breathe deeper as autumn sets in. It is the time of year for new beginnings in our routines and a chance for our team spirits to soar. We love all things fall and making the most of it can be as easy as trying a couple of new things or simply tweaking a few traditions. It all starts with our mindsets, which can be lifted easily with lots of time outdoors and relishing every facet of the season’s best offerings. There’s no shortage of ways to embrace this beautiful time of year. Here are a few ways we’re planning to make the most out of this incredible season. New pencils, notebooks and folders at the start of a new school year helped you feel more prepared as a kid. Invoke that same organized feeling by investing in a new planner this season. There are so many unique versions available and having a paper diary of notes and appointments is somehow more reassuring than just keeping a digital record. It’s also the place to jot down ideas and last-minute additions without having to constantly be on a device – freeing and grounding at the same time. One tradition we love in the south are celebrations centered around football weekends. Make it a challenge to go beyond the typical gameday rituals by entertaining your friends on site. This year, up your tailgate game by making a few purchases that will last all season and beyond. A stylish new cooler and mini-grill, a few pieces of sustainable but portable flatware and a great carry-all for supplies are just a few instant ways to improve your approach. Make it even more fun by


Get your home ready for the months ahead by going into full-on nesting mode. Buy some new throws and blankets for cozy nights, a fresh set of ultra-luxe sheets and pillows for better sleep or even new tabletop items for nightly meals. Clear the clutter, add a few comforting elements and change out candles to reflect scents of the season. Stop into your neighborhood bookstore and pick up a few lovely volumes to display on your coffee table or nightstand, which offer the added bonus of leisurely reading while embracing downtime in your newly enhanced space. Don’t just focus on the indoors. Before winter sets in, take advantage of the mild weather by creating or improving any outdoor space that you have at home. Arrange comfortable seating, get some lanterns or consider a fire pit and make plans to grill dinner outdoors for friends and family every week. As the evenings bring a fresh chill to the air, linger a little longer outside and enjoy wrapping up in your cozy new throw. Scour the community calendars on sites like and choose a few events to attend that aren’t a part of your typical routine. From live music outdoors to lively benefits and art crawls, there are endless options to choose from happening every week throughout the city. Take in a show at TPAC or The Symphony or head to downtown Franklin for one of the Main Street festivities. Attending and engaging in the culture offered all around us is the perfect way to embrace our thriving communities throughout Middle Tennessee. Pick Something! From wildflowers to apples, heading out on a scouring adventure can truly feel like a treasure hunt. Many farms throughout the area provide public picking opportunities and the process is always satisfying. Take the family for a day in a pumpkin patch or to an orchard for gathering fruit. Pack a picnic, bring along some blankets and make a day out of harvesting joy for all involved.

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