509 Italy June 2020

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International Day of Light: The Parallel Earth and the Seasons 2020

Parallel Earth to Watch the Season ACTIVITIES TO CARRY OUT AND SEND Perform the Parallel Earth Experience after reading the description of the proposal and submit Table 1 completed with the acquired data and one or more attached images of the experience. If you wish, also send a photograph of a solar clock made by your students.

Table 1. Parallel Earth Data Teacher's name email

Barbara Callerani Barbara Callerani <barbara.callerani@ymail.com


I.E.S.S. European High School

City, Country Latitude, Longitude Day and hour

Reggio Emilia

44°41’6” N


10°36’24” E June 20th, 12:00

Note: it is very important that the photographs correspond to the place, day and time mentioned in Table 1

Optional: to complete the experience, those professors and students who wish may send photographs of a solar clock made by them. Project launch: March 20, 2020 (equinox) The activity will be open until: September 23, 2020 (equinox)

The results are framed within the initiative of the International Day of Light