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Journal - Vol. 01

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My Name is Nariswari Kris Adiningsih, I was born on Sept 6th, 1996 and currently live in Bandung, Indonesia. My experience areas including Graphic Design and Videography, especially layouting, brand promotion (advertising), photography, and also motion graphic. Learning new things is fun and I will try my best to get the hang of it. Hope you enjoy reading my portfolio, cheers!

REACH ME: +62 819 5912 6996 @nariswka LINE




Graphic Design


Motion Graphic

Editorial Layout

LANGUAGE Bahasa Indonesia English

EDUCATION Senior High School 7 Bandung 2013-2015

Institut Teknologi Harapan Bangsa Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication Design 2015-2019













Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Premiere

After Effect

Adobe Photoshop

Lr Adobe Lightroom

Id Adobe Indesign



Division of Publication

Open Trip App

of Skema DKV ITHB 2017-2018

Intern Videographer & Video Editor

SKEMA is an organization of student group for DKV Student

Travel application that lets you join open trips held by trip leaders to various destinations in Indonesia.

Division of Documentation

Dessert Daily Notes

of Harapan Bangsa Outbond 2018

Founder & Food Photographer

Harapan Bangsa Outbond is an event during student orientation at ITHB

Madefake E-Sport

Publication Divition Coordinator of NOL SATU Exhibition 2018 NOL SATU DKV ITHB is an exhibition of student and lecturer work that held in Paris Van Java

Division of Publication of Festival Harapan Bangsa 2017 Festival Harapan Bangsa is a joint six competition for High School students in Bandung and West Java

Freelance Videographer & Video Editor

PT. Kurnia Ciptamoda Gemilang (Charles & Keith dan Pedro) Intern Videographer & Video Editor An Indonesian retail fashion company since 1998 and currently piloting Charles & Keith, Pedro, and Emporio Armani (EA7)

Table of Content.

Hello! I’d like to show you the project that i did

Social Media

Graphic Design & Motion Graphic





Hope you like it. This portfolio contains my personal artwork during 2017 until 2019. Informations, images, datas in this portfolio are copyrighted by the owner and should not be distributed, modified, reproduced, or any other activity without prior or permission of owner.

01. Editorial Answer

Instagram Stories Charles & Keith Charles & Keith is a Singaporean fast-fashion footwear and accessories retailer. Charles & Keith's first major distributor in Indonesia located at PT. Kurnia Ciptamoda Gemilang, in Jl. Buntu, South Jakarta. I worked here as Intern Videographer and Graphic Designer, responsibility to arranged the layout of e-learning materials

Type: E-Learning Materials (Social Media) Software: Illustrator & Photoshop


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02. Social Media

Asean Day Poster I made this poster (Instagram) to commemorate Asean Day. I’m responsible to manage social media of Festival Harapan Bangsa 2017.



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03. Social Media

Buka Bersama Poster Breakfasting






Graphic Design

04. Brand Activation Pluffy! Candy From unbranded plastic jar jelly candy that can be found in local market and traditional market in Indonesia, into a brand new packaging with playful design and friendly packaging. Type: Branding & Design Packaging Software: Illustrator

Event Promotion Pluffy! Road to Carnival Event Promotion can be very usefull to increase Brand Awareness. So i made “Pluffy! Road to Carnival� with some primary media to support the event promotion. Included: Poster, Wobbler, Social Media, Video Promotion, etc. Type: Event Promotion Kit Software: Illustrator

Sunco New Packaging



Graphic Design

05. Editorial Sunco New Packaging Magazine In this project, i created design for Sunco brand new packaging and made design layout for information product magazine Type: Magazine Software: Illustrator

06. Graphic Design

Event Promotion Nol Satu Art Exhibition Poster In this project, i created event promotion materials such as poster, brochure, social media, etc for Nol Satu Art Exhibition. Type: Promotion Kit Software: Illustrator & Photoshop

07. Graphic Design

Advertising Sleek Poster Sleek is one of Kino's product brands. cleaning and detergent products for needs.The poster wanted to bring of Sleek, with clean and safety

This brand offers baby equipment up the benefit design concept.

Type: Advertising Software: Illustrator, Lightroom & Photoshop

Graphic Design


Social Campaign Texting while Driving A sosial campaign to increase awareness to motorcycle drivers who often use gadgets while driving that can be very dangerous to their own safety. It is expected that this campaign can minimize the increase of fatalities caused by accidents due to using gadgets while driving (out of focus).

Primary Media Primary media were adjusted with the target behaviour that included: - Social Media Instagram & Facebook - Magazine Ads - Video Campaign - Newspaper - etc

You can also watch this Campaign Video:

Type: Social Campaign Software: Illustrator

Motion Graphic Video Texting while Driving The video technique used 2D vector animation and then combined, moved one by one with effect control. The tagline "Don't Let The Grim Sit On Your Backseat", which can be interpreted as a death threat (symbolized by Grim Reaper) about the danger of using gadgets while driving because it can cause an accident and take your life. Type: Social Campaign Software: Illustrator, After Effect

Motion Graphic

09. Galantis - No Money

This typokinetic video is one of my collaboration with my partner. I made a vector-basic and adjusted it with the tempo of the song (Galantis - No Money) using the control effects . Type: Typokinetic Software: Illustrator, Adobe Effect, Adobe Premiere

You can also watch this Typokinetic Video:

Motion Graphic

10. Motion Graphic & Ads Open Trip Application

I worked as Video Editor and i created Motion Graphic (based on vector) Videos for Open Trip Advertising. This promotion intended for travelers throughout Indonesia. Type: Promotion Brand Software: Illustrator, After Effect, Premiere

You can also watch this Open Trip Ads on Youtube:

UI & UX Design

11. Vejite (Vegan Cathering)

I made a vegetarian-cathering online based on application. I made this innovation that can be ordered customized (vegetarian & fruits) and adjusted to the costumers needs. Type: UI & UX Software: Illustrator

UI & UX Design

12. Wanderer Social Network

Wanderer is a web-based social network. This website is intended for travelers, especially traveler Open Trip (which is currently starting to develop in the world of traveling nowadays.) There are several features in it, a traveler can search for fellow travelers spread throughout Indonesia. They can have their personal profile, share moments (videos, photos), etc. Type: UI & UX Software: Illustrator


13. Food Photography Dessert Daily Notes

Dessert Daily Notes is an account that provides information about famous culinary (mostly dessert) in Indonesia. I have the responsibility to take photos and provide information related to the food and cafe. Type: Social Media Content Software: Lightroom


14. Product Photography Freyja Accessories

Freyja Accessories is an online shop that provides handmade jewelry . This product photography was done by showing the uniqueness and quality of Freyja's products

Type: Social Media Content Software: Lightroom


15. Corgi Coffee Shop

Corgi Coffee Shop is a local coffee shop company. Our design needed to address the casual characteristics of the brands.

Type: Branding Software: Illustrator

Collor Pallete: R: 35 R: 86 G: 31 G: 53 B:32 B: 30

Thank You

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