NAQI essentials: Skin Deep Love - The power of science behind the brand

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NAQI® Essentials The power of science behind the brand Skin deep love 2/2023 New and existing trends in functional cosmetics

Skin deep love

The power of science behind the brand

Skin deep love

NAQI’s goal is to inspire a “Skin deep love” for the skin and all its facets and complexity. Join us in our mission to provide professional skincare solutions that nourish, protect, and strengthen the skin’s integrity. . .

The skin is an incredibly complex organ, serving as the largest organ in the human body and performing numerous vital functions. Its complexity lies in the various layers, cells, structures, and processes that work together to protect us, regulate the body temperature, provide sensory information, and contribute to overall health.

The skin is a multilayered structure and is composed of three main layers: the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis (subcutaneous tissue). Each layer has distinct functions and is made up of different types of cells and tissues. EPIDERMIS

The outermost layer of the skin is the epidermis , which acts as a protective barrier against external factors like UV radiation, pathogens e.g. bacteria, and chemicals.


The dermis lies beneath the epidermis and is thicker. It contains a variety of cells, such as fibroblasts, as well as collagen and elastin fibers that provide strength, elasticity, and support to the skin. Blood vessels, nerves, hair follicles, and sweat glands are also found in the dermis.


The hypodermis is the deepest layer of the skin. It contains fat cells (adipocytes) that act as insulation and energy storage and help regulate body temperature.

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The complexity of the skin makes it a highly dynamic and adaptable organ, responding to various internal and external factors to maintain overall health and well-being. Its intricate structure and functions make it a fascinating area of study for dermatologists, scientists, and NAQI R&D skincare experts !

“ Skin Care is not just about the outer beauty. It’s about building a strong foundation from the deepest layers upwards. ”

Skin deep love

The power of science behind the brand

Skin deep love

The power of science behind the brand

Meet the team

NAQI R&D Skincare Experts!

Greet Claes

- Master (Dentistery), DDs (Dermato-Cosmetic Sciences), Head of R&D NAQI ® nv -

NAQI Founder and as head of R&D she is responsible for the creation of all NAQI products right from the start. She combines her medical background with a profound knowledge of the skin and its intricate structure to meet the high demands of skin care for professionals. She finds joy in cycling, immersing herself in literature and frequently attends an opera house.

Pauline Desmet

- Master (Pharmacy), Master (Dermopharma), R&D Assistant Manager NAQI ® nv -

Pauline is NAQI R&D assistant and NAQI Quality Assurance Manager and is responsible for NAQI’s medical device procedures and follow up. Pauline is Mrs Claes’s right hand for the development and improvement of NAQI products. Her innate ability to select the optimal ingredients plays a significant role in realizing flawless products. When summer arrives, you might chance upon her at music festivals both in Belgium and abroad, or dedicating her time as a volunteer at summer camps.

Elies Baeten

- Medical laboratory technician, post graduate Cosmetic Sciences, NAQI ® Lab Assistant and Quality Supervisor -

Elies holds the position of NAQI Lab Assistant and Quality Supervisor. Her responsibility lies in ensuring that both incoming and finished products consistently meet the required standards. She puts all products through rigourous testing to ensure you receive only the best. With a strong focus and unwavering dedication, Elies also leads the NAQI production team. Beyond her professional pursuit, she has a passion for tennis, relishes in healthy competition, appreciates fine cuisine, and values her strong connections with her loved ones


Skin deep love

The power of science behind the brand

Skin deep love

NAQI® Massage Therapy Lotions

NAQI® Massage lotions are specifically developed for professionals to exceed their expectations and deliver exceptional results without fault.

Each lotion has a different purpose, complementing the therapist’s treament.

Moreover, the NAQI® Massage lotions are specifically developed as liquid crystal type emulsions to create a unique and effective delivery system for active ingredients in skincare

Its advantages include:


Enhanced Penetration:

The organized structure of liquid crystal emulsions allows for better penetration of active ingredients in the skin layer such as cetearyl ethylhexanoate, canola oil, panthenol and allantoin (just to name some) into the skin, increasing their effectiveness.


Improved Stability:

Liquid crystal emulsions help stabilize and protect sensitive or easily degradable ingredients, prolonging their shelf life and preventing them from breaking down.


Moisturizing and Hydration:

Liquid crystal emulsions have excellent moisturizing properties, as they can effectively lock in moisture and prevent water loss from the skin, leaving the skin of both therapist and client/ patient soft and well hydrated.


Skin Barrier Support:

The structure of liquid crystal emulsions mimics the skin’s natural lipid barrier, making them compatible with the skin and supporting its function. NAQI lotions help maintain a healthy and strong skin.


Smooth Texture:

Liquid crystal emulsions provide a smooth, luxurious feel on the skin, contributing to an enjoyable application experience.


Massage Lotion SPORT

Skin deep love

The power of science behind the brand





Excellent oil-rich massage lotion with super glide. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Massage Lotion ULTRA

Good glide, non-greasy, suitable for sensitive skin. Ideal for use in clinic.

Massage Lotion MEDIUM

Good glide, non-greasy, suitable for sensitive skin. Paraffin oil free.

Longer massages & sports massages. Especially suited for hairy skin. App. 45min massage.

Massage Lotion LIGHT

Limited glide, quick absorption, nongreasy. Suitable for sensitive skin. Extra skin care.

For all your therapeutic treatments. Appr. 30min massage.

For all your therapeutic treatments. Without paraffin oil. Appr. 30min massage.

Daily treatments, provides extra skin care skin care. Short massage. Appr. 15min massage.


Skin deep love

The power of science behind the brand


Massage Lotion


Good glide. Warming lotion, improves blood circulation. May cause redness to the skin.

Massage Lotion


Massage Lotion


Good glide. Warming and cooling sensation. Increases blood circulation and cools the skin. May cause redness to the skin.

Warming massage, suited for the treatment of sore muscles, and muscle fatigue.

Appr. 30 min massage.

Massage Lotion RELAX

Good glide. Cooling effect. Immediately refreshing.

Massage Lotion PLUS

Good glide. Increases blood circulation, relaxing and soothing. No warming effect.

To cool the skin and increase the circulation. Ideal after sports. Appr. 30 min massage.

After sports and during warm weather. Refreshing feel. Appr. 30 min massage.

Relaxing massage, relieves sore muscles.

Appr. 30 min massage.

Good lubriccant & dispersion properties. Gentle heat effect.

For a gentle warming massage. Leaves a soft and pleasant feeling of warmth with a long-lasting effect. Appr. 15 min massage.

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