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DON’T MAKE LIFE’S DECISION ON THE BASIS OF YOUR MOOD. IT IS A DANGEROUS STATE OF MIND; IT CAN CRUSH REASONS UNDER THE WEIGHT OF FEELINGS. The IAS Special edition of JIPC Newsletter is being released by (from left) Dr.(Smt.)S.Sudha, Principal, Maharani’s Science College for Women, Mysore and from Manasa Gangothri, Mysore - Dr.(Smt.) Usharani, Prof. in Journalism & Communication, Prof.Meva Singh, Dean (Science Faculty) & Department of Psychology, Prof.B.A.Doddamani, Department of Sanskrit, and From Govt. Science College, Hassan - Prof.A.Narayana Prasad, Head Dept. of Hindi, Prof.H.V.Lakshminarayan, Principal, Sri.Balakrishna, Head, Dept. of Computer Science.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF CIVIL SERVICE OFFICERS Civil Services consist of all the services which are responsible for administration of different central and state government departments. There is no doubt that civil services are considered to be one of the most respectable professions. The importance of civil services is very high since it is about running the country. There is no doubt that civil services is among the most prestigious careers one can choose but it is much difficult to become a civil officer. Every year there are millions of candidates who apply for posts in civil services through an examination conducted by UPSC for a few hundred posts. Therefore, one needs to really have the potential, drive, passion and be ready to put in lots of effort to become a civil officer. There are a number of departments in civil services. Indian Administrative Services is really important as IAS officers serve as the right hand of the Government. They are responsible for framing and handling policies and administrating various Government departments. They also act as advisors to the ministers and are also responsible for overlooking the development work in the assigned areas. IAS officers include District Magistrates, Sub Divisional Magistrates, Joint Secretary etc. Indian Police Service is responsible for handling law and order in the country and providing safety and protecting fundamental rights of the citizens of the country. There are various subdepartments within the IPS like Crime Branch, Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Home Guards and Traffic Bureau. Indian Foreign Services Officers are responsible for handling external affairs matters of the country. IFS Officers are posted in Indian embassies in different countries around the world. Services like Indian Railway Services, Indian Postal Services, Indian Customs and Central Excise Service, Audit & Accounts Service, Indian Information Service and Indian Revenue Service are responsible for administering and handling the concerned departments. As a civil officer one should be very duty oriented, disciplined and ready to serve the country in the best possible way. Remunerations and perks offered to civil officers are truly amazing.




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Preparation tips for Civil Services Examination (Preliminary), 2010 Many candidates make a mistake of overloading themselves with lots of information and end up remembering nothing. One should be able to differentiate between relevant and irrelevant information. Since the preliminary exam is an elimination round, the candidate should learn to focus only on the information needed and filter the rest. Keep discussing with friends and teachers but, for the optional subject, the most reliable way is to solve previous question papers whereas, for the general studies paper, one should keep abreast with current events and information related to them. An important thing to remember for this exam., is that, to understand the concepts well instead of memorizing facts, figures and remember information. The questions asked in the General Studies paper are of 10+2 level whereas, for the optional subject it is graduation level. Therefore emphasis has to be laid on conceptual clarity. Any concept has to be understood with its origin, merits and de-merits, then it needs to be analysed with other relevant topics and lastly it has to be correlated with the events that took place during the year. The preliminary exam requires candidates who have the acumen and the ability to choose the right option of many given options. This needs a proper method of elimination. It is a good idea to go through previous years and model question papers and solve as many as possible. Taking a mock test of a certain number of G.S. questions and optional questions would be a good practice and help to pick out the most appropriate option. Even though each prelims paper is for two hours, lot of time is wasted in signing attendance sheets etc., Therefore, there is a need for effective Time Management, not only for the exam but during the preparation as well. It is not enough to know the right answer but it has to be marked correctly on the answer sheet. Speed and Accuracy are important, so solving model question papers on a regular basis would be of great help. A good presence of mind is needed to eliminate the least appropriate options and arrive at the right one. Tick the least correct answer first and go on to the next option. Even when faced with a question for which you do not have a ready answer, with basic common sense and a good presence of mind, it is possible to make your guess a smart and a correct one. Throughout the preparation for the prelims exam, it is important to remember that any topic or concept should not be studied in isolation. It is better to understand and establish a correlation between related concepts from other subjects and current events and happenings. Even with all these preparations, it is necessary to have a positive attitude and a great amount of will power to succeed in achieving your goal of getting through the civil services examination with flying colours! Chief Editor: Prof.H.V.Lakshminarayan, Editor : Prof.A.Narayana Prasad.,, Student Editor : Arun.D.C, Final PMCs

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