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Featuring Jennifer Kapala of Jennifer Kapala Photography


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Hello friends!

Our world is abloom! As we spring forward into the season, we invite you to

join us in digging deep to find your own inspiration this time of year. Whether it’s spending time with loved ones, surrounding yourself with all things beautiful, or planting the seeds of possibility, delight in March madness with us!

This month’s featured photographer is Jennifer Kapala of Jennifer Kapala

Photography. Jennifer finds renewal through devoting her time and talents to several charities and organizations, specifically those connected with Autism awareness. The Calgary, Alberta resident and award-winning photographer makes it her mission to serve Tiny Light Foundation, a wonderful nonprofit that provides professional photography for children and families affected by life-altering diagnoses. We are proud to call such big-hearted NAPCP members part of our extended family.

Blossoming with new tools to help your business excel, our updated NAPCP

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Last, but definitely not least – judging for the 2015 Image Competition is

almost complete. The final results will be announced soon, so stay tuned. Until next time – happy spring!


The NAPCP Team

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Newsletter March 2015

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Newsletter March 2015

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Images by Jennifer Kapala of Jennifer Kapala Photography


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ennifer Kapala of Jennifer Kapala Photography is this month’s featured photographer. Hailing from Calgary in Canada’s

Alberta providence, Jennifer is an award-winning family and child photographer. Dedicating her time and talent to organizations focused on Autism awareness, Jennifer is using her lens to shed light on the effects that Autism has on individuals and families. We are honored to have Jennifer as a member of NAPCP, as she continues to inspire each of us to use our own skills to serve others. Continue reading on to catch a glimpse of her work that’s impacting people across her community and beyond!


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1. Started photographing when? 2008 2. Officially opened business? 2010


3. Favorite camera? Hasselblad, but in reality Canon 5D M3 4. Lens of choice? The depends on what I want to say 5. Favorite Film? Portra

7. Favorite lab? Caribou Film Lab/Resolve Photo for prints

Jennifer Kapala 09 | NAPCP

Newsletter March 2015

8. Favorite framer? Framed on Fifth (local to Calgary and super-awesome)




8. Favorite age to photograph? All ages! 9. Favorite movie? Love Actually – it was the movie that my hubby and I saw our first Christmas as a couple and we have watched it every Christmas since then. It’s the only movie I have ever re-watched! 10. Recent favorite read? Light, Gesture and Color by Jay Maisel 11. Favorite client product? Fine art prints 12. 3 things you can't live without? My three boys - Gabriel, Evan and Liam


Exclusive interview with Jennifer Kapala! NAPCP

Newsletter March 2015 | 10

Tell us your story. How you started and how your photography, brand, and business transformed over the last few years? I have always had a love of the arts and oil painted (which I loved) and acted in high school and university, as well as took a few dark room classes. It was when I had my own kids though that I became aware of how precious each little moment was to me, and I was determined to master a camera. At the same time, I was also looking to get back into art, but as a mom with small kids, I found I never had much time for oil painting, so I turned to photography as a way to express my artistic side. That, combined with a natural customer orientation I have, really drove me to open a business. For me, getting clear on what mattered, why I pursued photography and how I wanted to connect with my clients has transformed my approach to my business and how I define success.

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Newsletter March 2015

I am really looking forward to completing that work and am re-branding this year as one of my business goals – so watch out for that! Your 365 Projects is really fabulous! Can you share how this has affected your personal and professional work? First off thank you very much for your kind words!! I am in the middle of my second 365 project and I would say that as a personal project it is by far the best and most profound thing I have done for my photography. Just the act of shooting daily and the commitment to that type of work has pushed me technically as well as creatively, because believe me after day 150 you get incredibly bored and you start to stretch yourself. Professionally, not only has it given me a solid understanding of all my gear and different techniques, it’s also given me confidence to


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Newsletter March 2015

shoot in a variety of light conditions which lends itself well to client work. More than anything, it’s given me a lot of confidence. The first project I felt compelled to share everything, this one, not so much. There are photos that are just for my family and that’s really why I am doing it at the end of the day. What is the most valuable business lesson you've learned so far? In a world where there is a saturation of images coming at us daily, I believe it’s so important to shut out that noise and get really clear on why you press the shutter. Not only will you improve your craft, but also you can take that why and carry it throughout your business and leverage it into marketing, branding, etc. I believe that people connect with why you do what you do, not just with what you do; so for me, that connection with the why is critical.


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Newsletter March 2015


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You have been an Award Winner for the NAPCP Image Competitions, and you recently received a nominee in the 9th Annual Black & White Spider Awards, AND your work is on display for the Exposure Photography Festival. WOW! Can you share what these types of competitions and awards mean to you? At the heart of it, for me, it means that I have clients who trust my vision and allow me to play, and a family who has my back, supports me and is incredibly understanding. All of it wouldn’t be possible without those two things first. I find it humbling when my peer group recognizes my work and am very thankful for the opportunities that organizations like NAPCP provides photographers. There is nothing like pushing yourself to enter a competition or a gallery show to really learn and grow as an artist and I would encourage everyone to be courageous and take those personal and professional risks.

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Newsletter March 2015

You have some stunning underwater photography on your website. How did you get started with that? Do you offer this service to clients? Thank you . I got started with underwater photography a few years back. I remember coming across some underwater photos that made my heart leap, and then I heard how difficult underwater photography was. At that point, I just knew I had to try it and was hooked the first time I put my camera in a cheap plastic housing. I have another personal project “In The Flow” that explores water and water based imagery, which I am very excited to continue developing. We just moved to a lake community late last summer and will have access to a beach at the end of our street. The move was very intentional on a number of fronts; I feel that the community and location will lend itself well to expand that aspect of my business, so it’s definitely in the works to offer underwater sessions – I can’t wait to get started!


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Where do you see your life 5 years from now? If it all goes to plan, in five years, we will have pulled our kids from school and will be living abroad for a year. I believe that an international experience can open your perspective and really help shape who you are, so am committed to that happening for our family and am curious to see what effect that has on my photography journey too. What are you most grateful for? My family and friends first, but also for the incredible opportunities I have been afforded because of photography. I have met such awesome people through my clients; have friends in a number of countries because we share a love of the craft; have had great travel experiences at retreats and workshops and really been privileged to be a part of a larger community, like NAPCP. It’s like I have found my tribe and I am forever grateful for that.step up often to help out when I need a babysitter or a hot meal after a long day of shoots. I am pretty darn fortunate to have them all. To see more of Jennifer's work, please visit her site here!

Thank you so much Jennifer!


• A ton of fast CF cards • Canon 50 mm 1.4 (broken) for freelensing • Canon 50 mm 1.4 • Canon 70-200 2.8L V2 • Lensbaby Edge 80 • Canon 5D Mark 3 • Antibacterial hand sanitizer (working with babies and kids I am super concerned about germs) • Canon 24-70 2.8 L V2 • Lens Cloth • Silicone Grease to seal my housing • Goggles to see underwater • Ikelite Underwater Housing for my Canon 5D3 • Isco 1.9x Anamorphic Lens • Jupiter 85 mm lens • Wet bag


Typically we share Instagram photos on this spread, but Jennifer was kind enough to give us a



sneak peak at her 365 Project images that we could not pass up the opportunity to share here!.

( C ) H I L A RY C A M I L L A R I - O N E F O R T H E W A L L



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