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Featuring Our January 2014 International Image Competition Winners



A Sneak Peek at the 2015 NAPCP Retreat in Whistler, British Columbia

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Hello friends!

And with the blink of an eye, June has flashed past us and we’re in the heat of

summer. It won’t be long until school is back in session, Labor Day plans are made and holiday shopping lists start to form. Don’t worry, though – we still have a slew of summer excitement stored in our bag! Sticking to the sunny side of things, the July 2014 Image Competition is now underway! Submissions will be accepted through August 14th so be sure to submit soon! Past winners hail from Hong Kong to D.C., and everywhere in between. Praised for their creativity and detail to the craft, the January 2014 Image Competition winners are this month’s featured photographers.

Our annual Photographer of the Year competition has been a hallmark of NAP-

CP since its inception. Each year, we are awarded the pleasure of viewing hundreds of submissions from individuals across the globe. In an effort to recognize our inspiring craft, new to 2014 is the Photographer of the Year prize package -- which includes Lifetime Membership to NAPCP; the winning image displayed in New York City’s Times Square; an official press release to hundreds of media outlets; a feature in all NAPCP publications and social media; the prestigious Winning Seal of Distinction and prizes from our premier sponsors.

So grab your calendar and pull out your parka because NAPCP is heading to

Whistler Mountain, Canada for the 2015 NAPCP Retreat! What is sure to be a serene weekend of fellowship and fun, we are delighted to be able to share this adventure with all of you. Stay tuned for dates and additional details!

Until then, we’re following Emerson’s advice, “live in the sunshine, swim the sea

and drink the wild air.”


The NAPCP Team

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NAPCP always strives to recognize the accomplishments and creative excellence of its child photographer members. For this very special issue, we are highlighting the winners of our January 2014 Image Competition by featuring the artist behind the winning image and some fun details about each. Enjoy!

Images by Jennifer Dell of Jennifer Dell Photography

HILARY CAMILLERI 2013 Photographer of The Year

2 n d Place | Fa m i l y 2 n d Place | S eni o rs/Twe e ns "Comfor t In Love " & "Au t u m n " Tell us about your essential gear? My trusted Nikon camera, 85 mm, Photo Mechanic and a pair of Hunter boots. What is your favorite part about this NAPCP winning image? My favourite part of this image is her little leg up in the air. She laid down in her Mama's lap and gave me the cutest grin.

She is a shy and sweet little girl so this image means a lot to her parents and to me. Who or what inspires you to be creative? After five and a half years and hundreds of sessions my inspiration stays the same. The people I photograph. The stories, the relationships and the moments we have created together bring a new source of inspiration to me daily. Words you live by? Always say please and thank you. NAPCP

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CONNI E LAW S O N 1st Pl ac e | Ne wbor n s "Dad ' s Love " When did you start your photography business? Four years ago next month :) Tell us about your essential gear? Canon 5d mark 111 & a mark 11, 35mm, 50mm, 70200mm, Alien Bee 400 and my 4ftx4ft Soft Box; I have a Jill-E Rolling Bag & a Kelly More Bag and love love them both. What is your favorite part about this NAPCP winning image? There is nothing sweeter than the love between a Daddy and his little girl! Who or what inspires you to be creative? My Girls, Smiles, the smell of the beach, Families, Books, Instagram :) god the list is endless. Share some of your "favorite things?" So many favourite things - Christmas Camping at Brunswick Heads, Friends. the sweet sounds of Placebo’s new album “Loud Like Love”, Red wine, cherry ripes, laughing out loud to “Offspring” which is an Australian TV Show, music festivals, hanging with my friends and family, Sand in my toes, the beach, our dog Cleo... life is full of so many favourite things.

L AUR E N PAR K E R 3 rd Pl a c e | Si b l i n g s " Si st e r S e c re t s"

Who or what inspires you to be creative? I think what inspires me to be creative are the things I find myself gravitating towards in my everyday life. The items in an antique shop, the textures or fabrics in clothing or color palettes I am drawn to. I am a huge lover of natural, organic and vintage styles and it seems to always have a heavy influence on me. Share some of your "favorite things?" One of my favorite foods happens to be pizza, more specifically Stouffer's french bread pizzas, I know, lame favorite. As far as shows, I have been glued to Supernatural since day 1 and love House of Cards with Kevin Spacey. I also LOVE scary movies, BUT I am of course the one who is always terrified and the biggest chicken after I have went on and on how excited I am! When did you start your photography business? I officially opened my photography business in January 2013. I decided to finally open a business part time and hoped to gain enough experience and exposure while working my current full time job I had been at for almost 7 years. I eventually hoped to do photography full time, but ended up losing my full time job a few months after opening Lauren Grayson Photography. It was the absolute best thing that ever happened to me (in retrospect of course) and I haven't looked back since. What gets you fired up? What gets me fired up are the children and the cause. I worked with children with special needs for years before I did photography professionally, and learned so much about families who fight everyday for an answer, a cure or help. I've known so many little ones who even without special needs, have been born prematurely and fought harder than you could imagine. I worked closely with the March of Dimes this year to raise awareness on premature birth and love being able to help in any way I can for any little one in need.

LIISA S EF TO N 3rd Pl ace | Fam ily "Love in C h aos"

it is quickly becoming my new favourite. For tighter spaces, I use my 50mm f/1.4 and the 24-105mm f/4L.

When did you start your photography business? I started my portrait photography business in 2011. Before that, my photography portfolio consisted of freelance work that I did for local newspapers and publications.

What is your favorite part about this NAPCP winning image? I love how this image captures a little bit of reality for this family. I can only imagine how life with two young boys can be quite the whirlwind at times. I love how this image illustrates and freezes what life is like for this family at this stage in their life.

Tell us about your essential gear (camera, lenses, bags, gadgets)? I currently shoot with a Canon 5d Mark ii and I almost always shoot with my 70-200mm f/2.8 lens. I recently added a 100mm f/2.8L Macro too my bag and

Who or what inspires you to be creative? The quest for perfect light definitely inspires me to be creative. I love looking at and analyzing images with beautiful light... it makes me want to play around with light whenever I can.

STEP H A NI E N E AL 2 n d Place | Mat e r ni t y "Unt it l e d "

Tell us about your essential gear (camera, lenses, bags, gadgets): Things I couldn't function without‌ Canon 5D Mark III, 50mm, 85mm, and 24-70mm lenses, Photovision pocket calibration target, X-Rite Colormunki, and Wacom 21UX tablet/monitor. What is your favorite part about this NAPCP winning image? I really like it's simplicity. When you strip away the backdrop and color, you're left with just the gorgeous form of the pregnant body. What gets you fired up? Who or what inspires you to be creative? Light inspires me like nothing else. The best is at the end of the day when a storm has just passed through. The worst is when that happens and I don't have my camera with me!! Words you live by: These are the "good old days"‌savor each moment!

S ARA B R E N N AN - H ARRE L L 3 rd Pl a c e | S e ni o rs/Twe e n s "Every Little Thing Is Going Be Alright"

Who or what inspires you to be creative? Nature and color inspire me to be creative. Share some of your "favorite things?" My biggest passion other than photography is working on my small farm. Getting dirty in the garden with the kids and connecting to the animals (we have chickens and goats) always rejuvenates me. the wonders of nature always inspire me. Words you live by: "Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass." - Paul Meyer

TRACY SW EENEY 2nd Pl ace | Siblin g "Wi nter Won de r lan d" When did you start your photography business? I started my business in 2010 upon my move back to my hometown in New England. I was still working full-time (as a high-school English teacher), and like many new photographers, I struggled to balance a full-time job, caretaking for my then 2 year old son, and building my photography business. Shortly after, I became pregnant with my twin girls. It was while home on maternity leave the following summer that I made the paramount decision to pursue my photography business full time. What is your favorite part about this NAPCP winning image? I often dream images before taking them, and I had been in reverie over this image for a while. I love to embrace our four seasons, but New England is fickle. We can have snow in October, or may not have any until January, so I had no idea when my vision would come to fruition. I bought these gorgeous emerald coats and pill box hats for my girls the season before with the intention of photographing them in the snow. The first snowfall we had, I pounced. One of my favorite things about this image, all of my images, is being able to actualize my dream. But more importantly, it’s a picture of my identical twin girls, being them, just holding hands, adoring each other. Their kinship is evident, and the emotion, juxtaposed against the sparse chilled setting, warms me.

RYA D UN C K L E E 3 rd Pl a c e | Mat e r n i t y " A Ne w Fe e l i n g " When did you start your photography business? January 2011 What is your favorite part about this NAPCP winning image? That is was taken underwater at one of Florida's many beautiful national forests. When people think of Florida they think of Disney World in Orlando or the trendy white sand beaches of Miami, but what many people don't not know is that Florida is also home to so many beautiful little alcoves and natural wonders, like underwater springs. I think this shows us that you don't have to go far to create an impactful image. Sometimes your own backyard can uncover a hidden gem. Share some of your "favorite things" (food, books, shows, apps, hobbies, anything at all): The South Pacific, a really good book, the time to read a really good book, mint + chocolate, anything by David Sedaris, scuba diving, adventure travel, learning something new, long lunches with old friends, 1000 thread count sheets, my grandmother's house... Words you live by? Before I took the leap into photography full-time, I worked in the publishing and advertising world for over 8 years. For inspiration and motivation, I had pushpinned to my cubicle wall a torn piece of scrapbook paper and hand-written a quote on it from American writer Mark Twain. Every day I would stare at it and long for the days that I could actually have the courage to live by this idea. To date, I still live by these words that acted as the catalyst toward my pursuit of my passion for the craft of photography. “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.� -Mark Twain

What is your favorite part about this NAPCP winning image? My favourite parts of the winning images were how absolutely spellbound the little girl was with the dandelions. When she crossed her feet and turned her head to look at the falling seeds, it was magical. With the second image, I couldn't believe my luck with the duck swimming by! To me, it adds to the story and really shows how sometimes all things converge to make a photo.

JEN NIF ER K A PA LA 1st Place | Children & Toddlers

"Enchanted" & "Re flec t ion s"

What gets you fired up? Personal projects for me are essential. I have a few that I am working on this year, one is a film project, which is forcing me to slow down, take my time and work with a medium format camera. The other one is an exploration of water based and underwater images. Water has such a magical, yet challenging element to it that I am finding quite fascinating. To me, personal projects are a way to try new things, step out of your comfort zone and recharge your soul.

RYA B OYC E 3rd Pl ace | Mat er n it y "Dad ' s Love"

When did you start your photography business? January 2011 What is your favorite part about this NAPCP winning image? That is was taken underwater at one of Florida's many beautiful national for

K ARA WE B B 1 st Pl a c e | Si b l in g s " B ro t he rs " What is your favorite part about this NAPCP winning image? The submitted image “Brothers” has a special place in my heart because it symbolizes the protective nature a big sibling has for the younger. The protecting arm holding the trusting brother and the connection between the two make me smile. I also loooooove the contrast of the squishy baby and skinny older brother. Even though they have the same parents they are built completely different. What gets you fired up? Drama. I hate drama. The internet is a great thing but we’ve lost the “human” element in our daily interactions. If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face then you shouldn’t type it on your computer. Who or what inspires you to be creative? Different things inspire me and I’m trying to carry a notebook around to jot all my ideas down before I forget them. Sometimes I’ll wake up with a great idea and forget it by the time I get to my desk, so having a few notepads around the house helps to get all the ideas out of my head. Of course now I have lots of post-its and paper scraps scattered around the house… A few of your favorite things? My favorite things to do are garden, eat at small local restaurants, listen to books on tape, and drink wine. If I had an unlimited amount of money I’d be a Parrothead on a beach/yacht somewhere. With paid armed guards because I’m paranoid of pirates.

BA RB S U B I A 3rd Pl ace | Toddlers "Li ttl e Ex plorer " When did you start your photography business? In 1998 - though I originally started out in commercial photography and graphic design, and made the switch to my current business as a family & child photographer in 2007. What is your favorite part about this NAPCP winning image? I love that it depicts the essence of toddlerhood - the wonder and excitement as he discovers the world around him, and the wobbly stance after just having learned to walk. Who or what inspires you to be creative? I'm most inspired by children's lighthearted, spontaneous ways, and my vibrant, colorful surroundings here in Hawaii. Share some of your "favorite things"? I love the ocean, sunshine, surfing, volleyball and anything else that takes me outdoors, papayas, instagram, being barefoot, and stripes. Words you live by: "Always be a little bit kinder than you need to be."

WH I T N E Y S C H LOS S 1 st Pl a c e | Mat e r n i t y " He ' s Al m ost Here " When did you start your photography business? I started my business in 2011 right after my second child was born. It was then that I realized how truly important capturing all of lifes moments were in photographs and I wanted to be able to share that with others. Tell us about your essential gear (camera, lenses, bags, gadgets): I shoot with a Nikon D600 and my absolute favorite go-to lens is my 85 1.8 - I would be lost without that piece of glass, but I also love my 50 1.8! What is your favorite part about this NAPCP winning image? Definitely the emotion you can feel just from looking at it. Even when I was setting the shot up I could immediately see how it would look as a still image. It spoke to me and told me a story from the moment I created it to the moment I finished the post processing on it and everyday that I've looked at it since. Who or what inspires you to be creative? My children are a huge inspiration for me. I see everything in life through a lens, even when I'm not behind the camera. But my kids see life with such innocence and excitement. I try to always keep that at the forefront of my photography. I think of them, and try to see everything in life as if I'm seeing it for the first time, through the eyes of a child. Do this and you will never be short on creativity. Share some of your "favorite things?" I am such a glutton for The Mindy Project, ALL things Harry Potter and 'melted' M&Ms LOL

a bit of a gear-addict but those things are my tried and true favorites. What is your favorite part about this NAPCP winning image? My favorite part about this NAPCP award-winning image is the contrast between dad's rough, gritty, dirty hands and baby's soft, flaky, delicate feet.

C HELSEA BLATC H FO RD 2nd Pl ace | Ne wbor n "Fi ngers an d Toes " Tell us about your essential gear? My essential gear would be my Canon 5D Mk III with a scarf strap from Camera Straps Made With Love, my 85 1.2L, my 50 1.2L and some delicious light. Tuck the gear into my Epiphanie bag with my iPhone and iPad and I'm set! I am, admittedly,

Who or what inspires you to be creative? The biggest creative inspiration to me is light! I find myself drawn to places/angles with yummy light and start imagining what I could do with it or how I could use it to shape an image. We live in the country, on our farm, and I love to sit outside in the summer after the kids have gone to bed and watch the sun bathe the land in a warm glow as it sets behind the mountain. Once I have found the light with a subject in front of me, I like to see the emotions unfold. Whether it's almost seeing the wheels turning behind a baby's eyes as he tries to comprehend the workings of his truck or the connection of rothers who gravitate toward each other, even when focusing on different things.

KRISTEN M O NTGO M ERY 3rd Pl ace | Ne wbor n "Wo r t h T h e T hree Year Wait" What gets you fired up? My husband laughed when I read him this question. With two energetic toddlers, it's pretty much anything they're doing that they shouldn't be. Share some of your "favorite things?" I love nutella and most anything chocolate (except white chocolate)! I really need either of those everyday in order to maintain my sanity. I love The Mindy Project and think it is the funniest and most underrated show on TV. I grew up playing tennis and have just now started to play again, it feels great to be back on the court again. Currently I am addicted to Dots and Two Dots on my iPhone...I am actually writing this as I wait for my lives to regenerate on Two Dots! I know that I should just delete them...

LUN TAN G 1 st Pl a c e | Fa m i l y "Hotel On The Sea"

When did you start your photography business? I started my photography business for 5 years. Tell us about your essential gear? My gear is Canon 5D MarkII, 35L, 50mm, 70-200 2.8 Who or what inspires you to be creative? My family, my wife and my daughter What is your favorite part about this NAPCP winning image? The people in the picture are my family. Share some of your "favorite things?" Travel: there are lots of inspirations during travel!

N I C O L A TO ON 2 nd Pl a c e | C hi l d re n "Farewell To Fi ve " What is your favorite part about this NAPCP winning image? I find my best images are done spur of the moment with very little planning. This image is of my son. It was the day of his 6th birthday party and we were on our way home with his balloons for the party. When we drove by this misty field on that winter morning I just couldn't resist. I knew the contrast of the brightly coloured balloons on the barren landscape would be fab. I love that this represents him on the cusp of being six. What gets you fired up?Music. If I could do an entire session with headphones on, I would. I find music so inspiring in everything that I do. Who or what inspires you to be creative? I truly find inspiration everywhere. I think that's what makes us true artists. We look at the world around us just a wee bit differently and see beauty in the mundane.

ELISH A G U EST 2nd Pl ace | Toddlers "Pretty in Pin k " When did you start your photography business? I started my photography business in December 2010. My business started out part time. I decided to take my business full time in January 2013 and have never turned back! What is your favorite part about this NAPCP winning image? My favorite part of my NAPCP winning image is the sweet innocence of this baby. She is absolutely so delicate just like the setting I created for her first birthday. Who or what inspires you to be creative? Absolutely everything in my surroundings and daily life inspire me. I look at the beauty in everything that I come across. The older and more rustic something is the more potential it has in my photographs.

When did you start your photography business? I started my business about 4 years ago, after a friend asked me to take some pictures of her pregnant. I walked out of her home on such a high, knowing I wanted to do something much more than just 'take pictures'. What is your favorite part about this NAPCP winning image? My favorite part (OK, two favorite parts) about the image is the way Brooklyn and her daddy are looking at each other and her little feet standing on daddy's. Who or what inspires you to be creative? My kids constantly inspire me to be creative and going out on long runs, being in nature is another huge inspiration for me.

C H ERYL S PAUL D I N G 3 rd Place | C hi l d re n "Dan cin g Wi t h Da d d y "

Share some of your favorite things? Favorite things are running, the beach, water, trees, pretty much anything in nature- except spiders, and of course, large bugs! I love reading historical fiction when I have time, chocolate (of course!), thai food, Modern Family and Dumb & Dumber- yep, I love that movie!!


The July 2014 NAPCP International Image Competition opened last week and will close at 11:59PM EST August 14th, 2014. The purpose of NAPCP’s Image Competitions is to recognize the accomplishments and creative excellence of our members, rewarding their talent with medallions, priority listing on our directory, vendor endorsements, member points, titles and professional recognition. Members each receive a total of 2 Competition Credits per Competition with their Membership. We cannot wait to see what you submit!

See the full competition details here!

We could not be more excited about our talented panel of judges including Lori Nordstrom, Tim Walden, Sandy Summers Russell and Kate T. Parker! To learn more you can find bios and portfolio links here!


Whistler, British Columbia J A N UA RY 1 8 - 2 1 Nita Lake Lodge

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that NAPCP's 2015 Retreat will be held in gorgeous Whistler, British Columbia at the cozy Nita Lake Lodge. We will be rolling out additonal details in the coming weeks including speakers, agenda, and much, much more! Stay tuned and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the big reveal!

We hope to see you there!




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