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August 2013


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| August 2013


SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 14,,2013 6:30–10:00 P.M. AT THE SHOPS AT CANAL PLACE PLEASE JOIN THE GREEN PROJECT FOR THE 6TH ANNUAL SALVATIONS THE eco elegant green gala celebrating the best + the brightest in sustainable style + local craftsmanship

DRINK craft cocktails poured with William Grant premium spirits

DINE on local cuisine from over 30 culinary + pastry masters

DANCE or just swing + sway to the musical stylings of The Small Batch String Band + Linnzi Zaorski

DESIGN outbid them all on live + silent auctions of locally made, hand crafted, one of a kind, artisan furnishings + lighting pieces to benefit The Green Project!


AFTER AUGUST 14 $60 members / $75 future members

Complimentary parking generously provided by the Shops at Canal Place.



New Orleans



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Recover Health with Less Risk by Kathleen Barnes


A Brave New World of Effective Natural Therapies by Linda Sechrist



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Natural Awakenings is your guide to a healthier, more balanced life. In each issue readers find cutting-edge information on natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, creative expression and the products and services that support a healthy lifestyle.

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Help Children Thrive by Pamela Bond



Game On: Ways to

Shrink Our Footprint by Randy Kambic

26 The Center for

Mind-Body Medicine Ordinary people making

extraordinary differences in Southeastern Louisiana by Linda Sechrist

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RenĂŠe Peterson Trudeau Explores Soulful Parenting by Meredith Montgomery


Singing Heals Our Soul, Sets Us Free by Jan Kortie



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without pipes by Colleen Morgan

36 PREVENTING SEIZURES Natural Dog Remedies

Can Out-Do Drugs by Dr. Shawn Messonnier

natural awakenings

36 August 2013




he top three reasons for ill health today are poor nutrition or malnutrition, exposure to environmental toxins, and stress. We experience these so regularly that we count such conditions normal rather than the abnormal. When these factors combine or become extreme, we become sick or diseased; yet conventional medicine still continues to treat symptoms instead of seeking to remedy the underlying cause. When I was in private practice as a nutritionist, a businessman being treated for heart disease was referred to me because his blood work failed to improve despite what his doctor judged to be a fairly healthy diet, regular exercise routine and the correct medication. My role was to reevaluate his diet. When we met, the man seemed angry. When I asked if he was angry about being there, he responded by pounding on the desk and shouting, “I am not angry!” He realized, of course, that he had just proven my point. Talking together about his life, it became clear that he was highly agitated about being betrayed by a friend. His diet was not so much the issue, as his doctor had thought. So, I recommended helpful sessions with a therapist. Today, I would also have recommended an appropriate mind-body therapy to keep both everyday and major life stressors in check. This all speaks to a complementary approach to conventional medicine. And here’s another one: How often have we heard someone say, “It’s all in your head”? When it comes to our physical and emotional well-being, mental health is being increasingly admitted to be a primary factor. Certainly, modern medicine has brought sometimes helpful drugs, sophisticated surgeries and advanced technologies, but none of these substitutes for ongoing self care and our own healing powers; often that’s all that’s needed. Thankfully, more conventionally trained doctors and healthcare workers are recognizing this, and moving to the forefront of the emerging movement of health care versus sick care. Dr. James Gordon is one of the pioneers at the cutting edge. Trained as a psychiatrist and now a professor at Georgetown University School of Medicine, he is also founder of The Center for Mind-Body Medicine, in Washington, D.C., which is active in Louisiana. Gordon discovered mind-body medicine as he sought to free himself from depression. He and his team of professionals bring mind-body medicine to bear in helping people traumatized by community-wide disasters, including Katrina, Rita and the BP Gulf oil spill. They train local professionals, who in turn teach others in affected communities in how to use mind-body techniques to deal with issues they are experiencing. In the process of serving, they are also demonstrating to the wider community that mind-body medicine works. For more about their ongoing work in our region, read Linda Sechrist’s feature article, “The Center for Mind-Body Medicine: Ordinary People Making Extraordinary Differences in Southeast Louisiana.” A sought-after expert, we are fortunate that Dr. Gordon has agreed to be the keynote speaker at the first NOLA Healthy Living & Sustainability Expo, on October 12. His dynamic presentations are full of inspiration and humor. Invite your friends and neighbors; everyone needs to hear his message.

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Be healthy, be happy,

Lolita Werhan, Publisher Natural Awakenings is printed on recycled newsprint with soy based ink.


New Orleans



Where Art Meets Environment at the Gala


200,000 Diapers and Still Washing


his summer Better Bottoms Diaper Delivery will celebrate the company’s fifth birthday and the nearly 200,000 diapers they have cleaned for babies all over the New Orleans area. That’s 200,000 disposable diapers that did not go to the landfill. When JoAnn Hirshhorn first came up with the idea of starting a cloth diaper service here, her partner MichelleVargas says she thought it was crazy. Yet Michelle could not get the idea out of her head. “I guess I was a bit crazy too,” she quipped. The company picks up, washes and delivers soft, clean cotton diapers to customers’ doors. According to Vargas, in addition to environmental benefits, babies using cloth diapers have less diaper rash and toilet train sooner than those in disposables. These cloth diapers cost less over the long haul too. Cloth diapers have come a long way – no leaks, no safety pins, easy to use and they come in fashionable designs. During the anniversary celebration the usual startup fee will be waived in addition to discounts given on the first merchandise purchase to new customers. Call for details.

he Green Project will host the 6th Annual Salvations on September 14 at the Shops at Canal Place (third floor) from 6:30 to 10 p.m. Partygoers will feast on food from over thirty local culinary masters and craft cocktails served up by William Grant & Sons, while enjoying live music by The Small Batch String Band & Linnzi Zaorski. Over 40 pieces of one of a kind artisan created furniture and lighting will be auctioned off to benefit this nonprofit. 6:30–10:00 P.M. AT THE SHOPS AT CANAL PLAC The Green Project launched nearly 20 years ago as the inspired brainchild of 6:30–10:00 P.M. AT THE SHOPS AT CANAL PLA Linda Stone, who wanted a place to dispose of waste paint responsibly. Since then PLEASE JOIN THE GREEN PROJECT FOR THE 6TH ANNUAL this nonprofit remains not only the sole paint recycling facility in the Gulf South THE eco elegant green gala celebrating the best + the brightest in sustainable style + region, but now offers a warehouse that GREEN is a haven for all things building related PLEASE JOIN THE PROJECT FOR THE 6TH ANNUA from sinks to doors, tiles and hardwood flooring. “If you can find it at the big box style THE eco elegant green gala celebrating the best + the brightest in sustainable boys, you can find it with us and for 20% of what you’d pay elsewhere,” says Christal DRINK White, Director of Development and Marketing. Salvations is The Green Project’scraft only fundraiser and signature event.spirits cocktails poured withtheir William Grant premium DRINK White says it is an opportunity for the organization to host an eco elegant green craftwho cocktails William Grantmaterials premium spirits gala while highlighting the local talent workpoured magic with byDINE repurposing to create stunning masterpieces. “Each on piece has a story and we love to help share local cuisine from over 30 culinary + pastry masters DINE them,” she explains. DANCE on local cuisine from over 30 culinary + pastry masters Early bird tickets available through August 14 are $65, $50 for Green Project members. just swing + sway to the musical stylings of The Small Batch String Band + After that tickets go up toor$75 for nonmembers and $60 for members. Complimentary DANCE parking is being provided by the Shops at Canal Place. For more information call DESIGN 504-945-0240 or visit See the adstylings on page just swing + sway to the musical of 2. The Small Batch String Ban



outbid them all on live + silent auctions of locally made, hand cra one of a kind, artisan furnishings + lighting pieces to benefit The Gree


outbid them all on live + silent auctions of locally made, hand c

one of a kind, artisan furnishings + lighting pieces to benefit The Gr PURCHASE TICKETS AT WWW.SALVATIONS2013.EVENTB EARLY BIRD TICKETS AVAILABLE TILL AUGUST 14 $50 members / $65 future members

AFTER AUGUS $60 members / $75 fut

PURCHASE TICKETS AT WWW.SALVATIONS2013.EVENT Complimentary parking generously provided by the Shops at Canal Place.

EARLY BIRD TICKETS AVAILABLE TILL AUGUST 14 $50 members / $65 future members

AFTER AUG $60 members / $75 f

Complimentary parking generously provided by the Shops at Canal Place


To contact Better Bottoms Diaper Delivery call 504-731-7500 or visit See ad on page 30.


DELGADO COMMUNITY COLLEGE w w w. b a yo u r e b i r t h . o r g 480.621.2237 | natural awakenings

August 2013


Simply Summer

Simple ingredients, incredible tastes, amazing meals; by you, with oils and vinegars. Enjoy our selection of over 50 ontap oils and vinegars Taste, choose a bottle and fill! Save your bottle so you can bring it in for a refill!

Need recipes? We can help.

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October Native Plant Symposium


ocal nonprofit Bayou Rebirth will hold a Native Plant Symposium in New Orleans on Friday, October 11 in an effort to present opportunities and barriers for utilizing native plants to help manage storm water. The event, which is to be held at Delgado Community College, is made possible through funding by the Louisiana Native Plant Society and the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry’s Urban and Community Forestry Program. Natural Awakenings is also a sponsor of the event. This one day conference will introduce planners, engineers, botanists and community members to native plants as a resource for solving water-related problems, as there has been a resurgence of the use of biological systems, wetlands in particular, to manage water. So-called green infrastructure include green roofs, rain gardens, rainwater catchment systems and other strategies that retain storm water runoff and reduce the burden on the drainage system. Developers and designers will have the opportunity to learn from native plant experts and growers about how best to use natives for function as well as form. Networking of these groups will also help develop the commercial market for native plants. The symposium will offer speakers and panels, site visits where native plants are used around the city, and breakout sessions with mini design charettes facilitated by Delgado Horticulture students. These sessions will allow for attendees to contribute their expertise and work together to apply their new knowledge to pilot projects. Bayou Rebirth’s Native Plant Symposium will be held the day before the NOLA Healthy Living & Sustainability Expo, hosted by Natural Awakenings, which is working together with Bayou Rebirth to help promote and host both inspirational events. Bayou Rebirth is celebrating its fifth year working with volunteers to restore wetland sites in southern Louisiana through wetland plantings, rain garden installations, education programs and neighborhood nurseries around the city. The team of interns and part-time supervisors is lead by Bayou Rebirth’s Founder and Director Colleen Morgan, who is also Natural Awakenings’ Environmental Editor. For more information on the event, or for those interested in sponsorship opportunities, visit the website at, email or call 480-621-2237. See ad on page 5. – a quaint oasis in the heart of old metairie –

MASSAGE • FACIALS • BODY WRAPS BOTANICAL PEELS • WEIGHT LOSS • B12 Dr. Edmond Wood combining western medicine with eastern philosophy

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Akashic Reiki

Farm to Table Symposium


he first Farm to Table International Symposium will be presented August 2nd to 4th by the New Orleans Convention Center and the Southern Food and Beverage Institute. The event will explore the cultivation, distribution and consumption of food and drink sourced locally to globally with presentations by leaders in the growing farm to table movement. Topics include farming and aquaculture, fisheries, sustainability, social and digital interactive media, food security and safety, food law and policy, food science and GMO, artisanal and slow food and drink as well as fair trade. The cost to attend is $150 for one day, $250 for two days and $400 for the full conference. To register for the conference go to:

Feel: FREE 15 minute Demonstration B lissful A ligned L ightened Activated Nourished C onnected E nergized Delightful Call David Redbord, MPH

Usui Reiki Master and PSYCH-K Facilitator

Phone: 504-233-8555 Website: Location: New Orleans Healing Center at 2372 St. Claude Ave, Suite 220

Energetic Facelift Workshop


dd one more option for tightening the skin and looking younger – the Energetic Facelift, a technique that uses light touch and photonic energy to rejuvenate the face. On Saturday, September 28, Cindy Daigle of the Center for Enlightened Transformation will teach participants how to use this hands-on technique. Daigle explains that the technique works at the cellular level to eliminate lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging on the face and body, using light to energize and lengthen the telomeres. The telomeres are found on the ends of the DNA strands and are known to shorten in aging cells. After the class attendees will be able to use the Energetic Facelift on themselves and others. Daigle is also available for private sessions. The six-hour workshop, running from 10 a.m. to 4 pm., costs $74. The maximum number of slots for the workshop is twelve, so early registration is recommended. The deadline to register is September 21. To reserve a slot or for more information contact Cindy Daigle at (504) 931-6494 or or visit See ad on page 24. natural awakenings

August 2013


New Metairie LocatioN!! Indoor + Outdoor Potted Plants

Artistically arranged in antique, vintage, or repurposed pots Locally grown in composted soil & rainwater fed

504.300.6847 • Inside Home Décor Exchange 708 Aris Avenue, Wed-Sat, 9-6 Metairie, LA 70005 504.265.8736 Like us on

The most beautiful

thing in the world is, of course, the world itself. ~Wallace Stevens

Budding Master Naturalists Must Wait Until Spring to Attend Popular Program


oon after the first class of Master Naturalists graduated in June, the fall program had a waiting list and the spring class was filling fast. The nine-session program, sponsored by the LSU AgCenter and the Louisiana Sea Grant program, brought the 20 students to various sites around the region to teach them about the Louisiana’s unique ecosystems. The Louisiana Master Naturalist Program (LMNP) is led by Robert A. “Bob” Thomas, director of the Loyola University Center for Environmental Communication and president of the LMNP’s Greater New Orleans chapter. Program participants commit to 20 hours of service in addition to attending 54 hours of instruction and nighttime hike. “One of the biggest things in Louisiana is how to deal with coastal loss, and the average person has no concept of what that means,” Thomas said. “But people who come to a program like this — or people who have degrees in this field — have an understanding of how everything in nature is interconnected.” Field trip sites included Jean Lafitte National Park, Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge, Northlake Nature Center, Big Branch National Wildlife Refuge, Turtle Cove Environmental Research Station, UNO’s Coastal Education and Research Facility (CERF), The Louisiana Nature Center, and Bayou Dupont. Students learn about the ecosystems they visit from the perspective of botany, mycology, zoology, hydrology, geology, and lichenology. “Through careful observation, students were trained how to look at nature in its complexity, in an attempt to understand and capture the beauty of ecosystems of Southern Louisiana,” wrote Andrew Loyd, the LSU AgCenter’s extension agent for Orleans Parish. Classes will be offered every spring and fall. For those interested in getting on the La. Master Naturalist-GNO list serve email For more information on the program go to


New Orleans

Green Restaurant Group Launches in New Orleans



ifeCity, LLC is announcing a new partnership with NATCO Fo o d S e r v i c e a n d E c o Products, which launches the city’s first-ever Green Restaurant Group and green purchasing program. The purpose of the group is to provide restaurants with a way to buy collectively as a group to reduce the price of socially and environmentally responsible cutlery, beverage containers, and packaging solutions. “New Orleans is known for its food but not for its recycling,” said Steve Watson, owner of Mid Way Pizza. “It’s time we do what we do best – the culinary arts – while also protecting the environment.” In addition to getting volume discounts, The Green Restaurant Group members can share strategies, build community, and brand recognition among restaurant leaders in the city. LifeCity members French Truck Coffee, the New Orleans Food Coop, the Composting Network, and Verti Farms enjoy the benefits of group membership ranging from wholesale pricing to discounts on composting services. LifeCity is a local business that supports and leverages a strong community of organizations and individuals committed to developing sustainable change. The company strives to achieve its mission by offering a Green Businesses Certification, building a Green Card community of individuals who live more sustainable lives, hosting networking and educational events that connect the LifeCity members, and recognizing the most successful and highest achieving members at the annual Green Games Award Ceremony.

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The Green Restaurant Group is a program of LifeCity restaurant members. For more information on how restaurants can save money through this program, contact or visit

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Umbilical Cord Bingo

Glories of Growing Up Grateful



ratitude gifts teens with better mental health, according to researchers at California State University. Thankful teens are more apt to be happy and less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol or have behavior problems at school than their less grateful peers. The researchers asked 700 students, ages 10 to 14, to complete questionnaires initially, and again four years later. Teens that reported practicing the most gratitude at the end of the study enjoyed a 15 percent greater sense of meaning in life, became 15 percent more satisfied with their life overall (at home, at school and with their neighborhood, friends and themselves) and grew 17 percent more happy and hopeful about their lives, plus experienced 13 and 15 percent drops in negative emotions and depressive symptoms, respectively. “These findings suggest that gratitude may be strongly linked with life skills such as cooperation, purpose, creativity and persistence,” making it “a vital resource that parents, teachers and others that work with young people should help youth build up as they grow up,” says lead author Giacomo Bono, Ph.D., a psychology professor at California State University-Dominguez Hills. “More gratitude may be precisely what our society needs to raise a generation that is ready to make a difference in the world.” Source: American Psychological Association’s 120th annual convention


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4350 HWY 22 • MANDEVILLE • 985.727.3482

he Manchester Guardian reports that childbirth experts in the United Kingdom are urging the National Health Service (NHS) to reverse its policy on early clamping and cutting of a newborn’s umbilical cord. A recent Swedish study of 400 full-term infants from low-risk pregnancies published in the British Medical Journal found that delayed cord-clamping at birth resulted in infants being 5 percent less likely of being anemic two days later or iron deficient four months later. The latter problem has been associated with impaired brain development. The practice of separating infants from the placenta within 10 seconds of delivery has been commonplace since the 1960s, as supported by the UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, which advises the NHS. However, several doctors, medical organizations and the nonprofit National Childbirth Trust (NCT), plus the World Health Organization, disagree; they advocate leaving the placenta untouched for at least 30 seconds up to whenever it stops pulsating naturally (usually between two to five minutes). Exceptions would be if the baby’s or mother’s health necessitates medical intervention. “At birth, about a third of the baby’s blood is still in his or her cord and placenta,” explains Belinda Phipps, NCT chief executive. Unfortunately, “It is still accepted practice to deprive the baby of this blood.”

A Tribute to the American Elderberry


he International Society for Horticultural Science named the elderberry its 2013 Herb of the Year for good reason. In June, scientists gathered in Columbia, Missouri, to share research on the potential of elderberries and elder flowers for preventing and treating illnesses at the first International Elderberry Symposium. For example, Dennis Lubahn, director of the University of Missouri’s Center for Botanical Interaction Studies, and his team are researching the molecular mechanisms behind elderberry’s folk medicine legacy; specifically, how the berries might help prevent strokes, prostate cancer and inflammation while boosting an individual’s resistance to infectious diseases. Preliminary results show that just two tablespoons of elderberry juice per day appear to offer protection against prostate cancer. Madeleine Mumcuoglu, Ph.D., from the Hebrew University Hadassah Medical Center, in Jerusalem, explained how the yet unnamed active principle in elderberry blocks viruses from entering human cells. She believes that elderberry extract holds significant potential for preventing and reducing symptoms of the flu, including avian flu and swine flu, plus HIV and the herpes simplex virus. The effective dose may be just one tablespoon a day. While Mumcuoglu believes elderberry extract is safe, she does not recommend it for pregnant women or those with autoimmune diseases, because it is a known immune system stimulant. “It may be completely risk-free,” she says. “We simply don’t yet have adequate data for proof.” For more information, visit

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og a

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Another Plus for Natural Birth


team of researchers at the Yale School of Medicine, in New Haven, Connecticut, has found that vaginal birth triggers the expression of a protein, UCP2 (mitochondrial uncoupling protein 2), in the brains of newborns that improves brain development and function in adulthood. It influences neurons and circuits in the hippocampus, the area responsible for memory. The protein is also involved in the cellular metabolism of fat, a key component of breast milk, suggesting that induction of UCP2 by natural birth may aid the transition to breastfeeding. The researchers also found that this protein expression is impaired in the brains of babies delivered by Caesarean section. These results suggest, “The increasing prevalence of C-sections, driven by convenience rather than medical necessity, may have a previously unsuspected lasting effect on brain development and function in humans,” observes Tamas Horvath, chair of Yale’s Department of Comparative Medicine.

Blogging Away Teen Troubles


dolescent angst, formerly vented in private “Dear diary” entries, is now shared with others in blogs—with positive effect. According to a recent study published in the journal Psychological Services, interactively engaging with an online community is an effective way for teens to relieve social distress. Researchers recruited 161 teenagers that exhibited some level of social anxiety or stress and asked them to blog, with one group opening their posts to comments. Bloggers that wrote about their problems and allowed readers to respond reported the greatest improvement in mood. The comments on blogs were overwhelmingly positive, offering constructive support.

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globalbriefs GM-Oh-Oh

GMOs Threaten Wheat Exports America lags behind the world in limiting, banning or even labeling genetically modified (GE, GM or GMO) crops, and now Japan has suspended some imports from the United States because of the discovery of unapproved GM wheat in Oregon. The European Union is weighing similar action. Serious economic implications stem from the fact that many countries will not accept imports of genetically modified foods, and the U.S. exports about half of its annual wheat crop. The Washington Post reports the presence of GMO wheat on an 80-acre field in Oregon as a mystery. Monsanto tested a similar strain in Oregon between 1994 and 2005, but the product was never approved for commercial use. The strain was identified in the state when a farmer tried clearing a field using Monsanto’s herbicide and discovered that the wheat could not be killed. Blake Rowe, CEO of the Oregon Wheat Commission, says that reductions in Northwest wheat sales would affect farmers in Idaho and Washington as well as Oregon, because the wheat is blended together. Oregon sold $492 million of wheat in 2011; 90 percent of it went overseas.

A peer-reviewed Massachusetts Institute of Technology report published in the scientific journal Entropy points to evidence that residues of glyphosate, the chief ingredient in Roundup weed killer, manufactured by Monsanto and sprayed over millions of acres of crops, has been found in food. The residues enhance the damaging effects of other food-borne chemicals and toxins in the environment known to disrupt normal body functions and induce disease, including Parkinson’s, infertility and cancers. Reuters reports that environmentalists, consumer groups and plant scientists from several countries have warned that heavy use of glyphosate is harming plants, people and animals. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is conducting a standard registration review of glyphosate to determine by 2015 if its use should be limited. Yet Monsanto continues to claim that glyphosate is safe and less damaging than other commonly used herbicides.


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Shifting Priorities

A Dose of Awe Can Make a Teen More Caring A meta-analysis published in the Personality and Social Psychology Review suggests that experiencing awe helps young people focus less on themselves and more on the world around them. Exposure to natural wonders and accounts of great human accomplishments can do the trick. It’s a helpful strategy, given that narcissism is on the rise and college students have become dramatically less empathetic over the years, particularly since 2000. Sixtyfour percent of respondents ages 18 to 25 surveyed thought getting rich is their most important goal, while only 30 percent believed that helping others in need is important. Awe humbles us in the presence of something greater than ourselves. Experiencing it during adolescence, a period crucial in the formation of self-identity, could help coax teens out of their, “I am the center of the world,” funk and put them on a path to a life lived in compassionate connection with others. Source:

Usui Shiki Ryoho

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Capturing Energy from Asphalt Roads Asphalt roads throughout the country are well known for soaking up the sun’s rays. Now, new piping technology from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, in Massachusetts, is offering a way to trap heat and use it elsewhere, potentially transforming blacktopped streets into giant solar energy collectors. It works by using the sun-warmed asphalt to heat water pumped through tubes embedded a few inches below the road surface. This can help to cool asphalt by utilizing some of the heat that would have remained in the material to heat the circulating water to produce electricity. Researchers are testing different pipe materials and conductive aggregates to add to the asphalt to improve heat absorption. Costs relative to potential returns have yet to be quantified. Source:


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with #1 Best Selling Author

First Eat Local, Then Dress Local Buying local isn’t just about food choices. In supporting community businesses and reducing our ecological footprint, fiber is another important consideration, encompassing farmers that grow cotton and hemp or raise sheep for wool, fiber artisans and textile designers. The U.S. presently imports about 95 percent of Americans’ clothing, reports the Ecology Global Network (, with most manufactured in countries where sweatshops and human rights abuses are common. Polyester and nylon, the most commonly used synthetic fibers, are derived from petroleum and processed and dyed using synthetic, often toxic substances. According to a 2010 report by China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection, the textile industry is that country’s third-worst polluter. The nonprofit Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture’s (cuesa. org) Fibershed program raises public awareness of the issue in Central California. Robin Lynde, a shepherd, weaver and teacher at Meridian Jacobs Farm, in Vacaville, also sells yarn, fleece, felt, lambskin, hand-woven garments and blankets. “Fiber producers, users and designers may not know that there are sheep 10 miles away from them and they can get that fiber,” she says. Fibershed also promotes a Grow Your Jeans program, comprising area sourcing, dyeing and sewing of a limited run of jeans. While textile sustainability in any given region is developing, the organization recommends that residents mend, instead of discard, old clothes, swap clothing or buy used, while resisting marketing pressure to augment wardrobes every season to keep up with trends. Someday, we might be able to visit a nearby field where our clothing is grown. The Sustainable Cotton Project (, based in Winters, California, conducts a Cleaner Cotton program that helps conventional growers transition to more sustainable practices using non-GMO varieties and integrated pest management practices to more gently solve ecological challenges. A big part of the challenge is to get the word out. “To get cleaner cotton to a spinner, someone has to request it,” says Executive Director Marcia Gibbs.

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Nature’s Antibiotics Recover Health with Less Risk by Kathleen Barnes

We live in a world of microbes: bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogens that can make us sick. Most of the time, our immune systems are able to fight off microbial attacks, yet we’ve all experienced unsettling infections.

When Use Becomes Overuse

In recent years, conventional medicine has increasingly used antibiotics as a universal remedy against all kinds of microbial attacks—even though they are ineffective against anything except bacterial infections. It’s best to use them selectively and cautiously when nothing else will do the job, because by definition, they are “opposed to life.” The worst-case scenario is what we have now: overuse creating “superbugs,” able to multiply out of control, sometimes with fatal consequences, even when treated with antibiotics that used to work. “Antibiotics are helpful and effective when used properly when there is a bacterial infection such as strep throat, urinary tract infection, bacterial pneumonia or a wound that has become infected,” explains Doctor of Naturopathy Trevor Holly Cates, of Waldorf Astoria Spa, in Park City, Utah. “But antibiotics are so overused and overprescribed that bacteria are changing in ways to resist them. This has become a significant public health problem.” National and global public health officials have expressed increasing concerns about dangers posed by such bacteria, including methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE), which are often transmitted

between patients in hospital settings, and a multi-antibiotic-resistant form of tuberculosis. The problem is compounded by the use of antibiotics to enhance growth and production in livestock. A variety of superbugs have been found in meat, poultry and milk products, according to the nonprofits Center for Science in the Public Interest and Environmental Working Group. Chris Kilham, a worldwide medicine hunter who teaches ethnobotany at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, explains the transmission. “When you eat conventionally raised meat, you’re not getting antibiotics, but you are getting bits of self-replicating genetic material that transfer antibiotic resistance to your body, which can prove fatal.”

Preferred Alternatives

Fortunately, there are many natural substances that have proven to be effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi and other infectious microbial pathogens—all without dangerous side effects. Here’s a short list: Propolis, sometimes called “bee glue”, produced by bees to seal their hives and protect them from infections, is “the single most powerful antimicrobial we have in the plant kingdom,” advises Kilham. That claim is backed by numerous studies from institutions such as Britain’s National Heart and Long Institute, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Harokopio University, in Greece. In 2005, a study by Turkey’s Hacettepe

Enjoy a More Vibrant Life – Look and Feel Your Best with EB Pro Cellular Cleanse eB Pro is a state-of-the-art ionized foot bath shown in clinical trials to restore the body’s electromagnetic energy balance and body pH. this facilitates and aids the body’s natural detoxification processes. 2 detox sessions EB Pro and Sauna $50 ($135 value)

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University showed that propolis killed both MRSA and VRE bacteria. Other studies by Italy’s University of Milan have shown propolis’ effectiveness in combating upper respiratory infections and Candida albicans fungal infections. Propolis is also available in pill form. Pelargonium sidoides is a favored option for Cates to abbreviate both the duration and severity of cold and flu, including any lingering cough or sore throat. This South African medicinal is also known as African geranium. Usually used in tincture form, it’s also useful against a large range of microbial infections. One study from the Russian Institute of Pulmonology reported that nearly 70 percent of participating adults with bronchitis received relief within four days—more than double those that became well taking a placebo. Olive leaf extract was first mentioned in the Bible and recent research confirms its effectiveness against a wide variety of microbial infections. A U.S. Department of Agriculture study published in the Journal of Food Science confirms that olive leaf extract is effective in fighting food-borne pathogens like salmonella and E. coli, labeling it a broad-spectrum antimicrobial. New York University School of Medicine research published in Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications showed that olive leaf extract reversed many HIV-related changes in the immune system. Retired medical journalist Dr. Morton Walker, author of Nature’s Antibiotic: Olive Leaf Extract, wrote that olive leaf extract “inhibits the growth of every virus, bacterium, fungus, yeast and protozoan it was tested against… and is effective against a minimum of 56 disease-causing organisms.” In a worst-case scenario, “If antibiotics are the only alternative to treat a labconfirmed bacterial infection, it’s vital to replace the beneficial intestinal bacteria inevitably wiped out by the drug,” concludes Cates. “Sometimes a few servings of a good natural yogurt (without sugar or fruit) will suffice. If not, look for a high-quality probiotic to restore the digestive system’s natural bacterial colony.” Kathleen Barnes is a natural health advocate, author and book publisher (

Discover The LIMU Experience What is The LIMU EXPERIENCE? A way to FEEL better–A chance to LOOK better–An opportunity to LIVE better–with LIMU MOUI nutrition from the ocean, the cradle of life.

LIMU ORIGINAL® is fortified with proprietary Fucoidan-rich limu extract. It strengthens the immune system, improves mobility, boosts metabolism and has anti-aging properties. Its refreshing nectar flavor is free of chemicals and toxins. Introducing LIMU LEAN® for weight loss and LIMU ENERGY®, for performance. Together with LIMU ORIGINAL® they create a family of products designed to help you feel, look and live better.

• • • • • •

Help Your Body Perform Better Healthy Immune Function Improved Joint Mobility More Restful Sleep Increased Energy Smoother, Softer Skin

What is LIMU? Used by people in the South Pacific as a nutritional and medicinal staple for 3,000 years, limu moui seaweed is harvested from the pollution-free waters around the Island of Tonga. It contains the supernutrient Fucoidan, supported in hundreds of scientific studies.

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CANCER A Brave New World of Effective Natural Therapies by Linda Sechrist


usan Silberstein takes her message for preventing cancer and recurrences to medical and nursing schools, continuing oncology nursing education programs and universities from her headquarters in Richboro, Pennsylvania. The nonprofit organization provides research-based education and counseling on how to prevent, cope with and beat cancer through immune-boosting holistic approaches. Since 1977, it has helped nearly 30,000 cancer patients and more than 50,000 prevention seekers.

“Early detection is better than late detection, but it’s not prevention,” says Silberstein, who taught the psychology of health and disease at Pennsylvania’s Immaculata University. “We focus on building up patients—minimizing treatment side effects, enhancing immune system function, improving nutritional status and addressing the reasons for sickness in the first place.” “Conventional medicine never addresses the cause, which is a process that needs to be understood so the individual can turn it off,” elaborates Massachusetts Institute of Technologytrained scientist Raymond Francis, author of Never Fear Cancer Again: How to Prevent and Reverse Cancer. Based on his experience beating cancer and research into cellular biochemistry and molecular biology, he concluded that the disease is a biological process that affects the entire body, not something that can be cut out, killed or poisoned. “Central to healing and prevention is the elimination of things that fuel the growth of cancer cells, such as sugar, toxins, heavy metals, nutrient-deficient processed foods and an acidic environment in the body,” observes Francis. “Regular exercise, a daily, high-quality multivitamin and detoxification are equally crucial to restoring the body’s biological terrain.” Doctor of Naturopathy Judy Seeger, founder of and host of CancerAnswers.TV and Cancer Winner Radio, recommends both a regular detoxification regimen and ongoing healthy nutritional plan to help maintain a healing alkaline environment. While this helps cleanse the body of environmental toxins, the toxic emotions and stress that produce acid, weaken the immune system and create an environment for cancer to propagate, must also be dealt with. Experts generally agree on a range of basic, commonsense preventive measures that include a low-fat, plant-based diet; aerobic, flexibility and strength exercises; healthy sleep habits; and other stress-reducing activities. “These are basic ingredients for maintaining sound health, and can be crucial toward improving the health of an individual with cancer,” says Dr. Keith Block, the “father of integrative oncology,” and author of Life Over Cancer. He founded The Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment, in Skokie, Illinois, that customizes care plans based

A Holistic Approach To Dentistry If you are a person who…

1101 Robert Blvd., Ste A Slidell, La 70458

We help people move

• places a high value on your oral health, toward wellness. • believes that the health of the mouth is intimately related to We are aggressively the health of the whole body, conservative and practice • is looking for a dental practice that listens to you without minimally-invasive dentistry. judgment and will help you get what is important to you, • understands that excellence is a choice that is made each day,

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on each person’s medical, biochemical, physical, nutritional and psychosocial needs.

Nourish Biochemistry

Thousands of cancer patients have outlived their “medical expiration date” by using alternative nontoxic treatments and approaches, many of which are documented in Outsmart Your Cancer, by Tanya Harter Pierce. Lou Dina, a cancer survivor who like Francis, underwent a journey of intensive research, became a patient advocate and authored Cancer: A Rational Approach to Long-Term Recovery. Dina speaks at conventions hosted by the Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy (FACT), founded in 1971 by Ruth Sackman. He also appears with other survivors in the FACT documentary based on Sackman’s book, Rethinking Cancer: Non-Traditional Approaches to the Theories, Treatments and Prevention of Cancer. From decades of findings by international clinicians, FACT educates practitioners and patients to view chronic degenerative diseases as systematic malfunctions caused by breakdowns in the balance of body chemistry that are subject to bio-repair. However manifested, they are viewed as correctable and controllable via an individualized program that includes a balanced diet of whole, unprocessed, organic foods— spurred by Gerson therapy that floods the body with organically grown nutrients— supplementation and detoxification. Other key measures involve body temperature therapy, cellular and stem cell therapies and the use of botanicals. “Nutrients in food directly impact the mechanisms by which cancer cells grow and spread,” explains Block. “They also indirectly impact cancer by changing the surrounding biochemical conditions that either promote or inhibit the progression of malignant disease. This is why targeting only tumors is not enough to quash cancer. Conventional cancer therapies almost inevitably leave behind at least a small number of malignant cells. Your internal biochemical terrain plays an integral role in determining whether a tumor will regain a foothold after treatment, metastasize to distant sites or stay where it is without posing a threat.” Block notes that a healthy biochemistry can help prevent unpleasant and possibly

“When it comes to one’s lifetime risk of cancer, healthy diet and lifestyle choices can make all the difference.” ~ Susan Silberstein, Ph.D., founder and president of the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education life-threatening, complications. An anticancer biochemical terrain will even boost a patient’s overall quality of life. At the Block Center, detailed assessments identify disruptions in six defining features of patients’ biochemical terrain— oxidation, inflammation, immunity, blood coagulation, glycemia and stress chemistry. Cancer thrives on terrain disruptions, which also can impair treatment.

Focus on High-Impact Foods

Kathy Bero, founder of NuGenesis Inc., in Stone Bank, Wisconsin, asks, “How many other lives could be saved if doctors prescribed a diet primarily focused on plant-based, angiogenic-inhibiting foods for all cancer patients?” Angiogenesis is the development of new blood vessels. Cancer turns the body against itself by hijacking the angiogenesis

process and keeping it permanently activated, ensuring that cancerous cells receive a dedicated, uninterrupted blood supply. “To effectively prevent cancer, inflammation and angiogenesis need to be controlled before a tumor can get a foothold,” advises Bero. Bero has personally beaten back two unrelated aggressive forms of cancer and credits the angiogenic-inhibiting foods in clinical research at the Medical College of Wisconsin, in Milwaukee, and the University of Wisconsin-Waukesha. Examples include green tea, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, apples, grapefruit, lemons, tomatoes, cinnamon, kale, grape seed oil and pomegranate. “These foods also played a significant role in strengthening my immune system and restoring my overall health, which was radically affected by many rounds

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Your body has the answers! NEW! EUROPEAN THERMOGRAPHY Now Available THERMAL IMAGING A thermogram is like your body’s fingerprint for your unique health profile. It is able to detect the very NORMAL ABNORMAL onset of functional changes PATTERN PATTERN throughout the body. AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST

Karin Nielsen, ND, CCT 1528 Delplaza Drive, Suite B Baton Rouge, LA 70815 225.229.6107 natural awakenings

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“I talk to people who do all the right things to improve their biochemistry, but without an emotional detox and spiritual connection to something larger than themselves, their healing process tends to stall.”

Natural Awakenings Singles Site

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ccess many thousands of health-conscious, eco-minded, spiritual singles now!

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~ Doctor of Naturopathy Judy Seeger of chemotherapy and radiation,” remarks Bero.

Boost Recuperative Powers

Patrick Quillin, Ph.D., a former vice president of nutrition for a national network of cancer hospitals and author of The Wisdom and Healing Power of Whole Foods and Beating Cancer with Nutrition, recommends a triple threat. “Cancer requires a threefold treatment

When a Woman’s Sex Drive Goes MIA, There Is Help! Testosterone Hormone Pellet Insertion Bio-Identical Hormone Balancing Hypothyroidism Type 2, Chronic Fatigue Syndromes, Metabolic Syndrome/Insulin Resistance Ideal Protein Diet Physician Monitored & Guaranteed Weight Loss

Our Mission

To improve health and reverse chronic illness by helping people achieve optimal potential through hormonal and energetic balancing along with nutritional supplementation.

Understand the Connection

KATHLEEN POSEY, M.D. Diplomate American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Diplomate American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine


&Wellness Institute, llc

377 Highway 21, Suite 101, Madisonville, LA 70447 Phone 985-845-4111 • 20

New Orleans

approach to create a synergistic response. Teaming up to reduce the tumor burden without harming the patient, re-regulate the cancer to normal healthy tissue and nourish the patient’s recuperative powers is far better than any one approach,” says Quillin. He maintains that restrained medical interventions, appropriate nutrition and naturopathic approaches can bolster nonspecific natural defense mechanisms to reverse the underlying cause of the disease. “Nutrition and traditional oncology treatments are synergistic, not antagonistic, as many oncologists believe,” advises Quillin. Glenn Sabin, founder of FON Therapeutics, similarly suggests that multiinterventional, outcome-based studies, akin to Dr. Dean Ornish’s approach to prostate cancer, could greatly benefit conventional oncology. Sabin recounts his Harvard Medical School-documented remission of advanced leukemia in his upcoming book, N-of-1: How One Man’s Triumph Over Terminal Cancer is Changing the Medical Establishment. Sabin turned to therapeutic nutrition, neutraceuticals, stress reduction and exercise to become a 22-year cancer “thriver” without the aid of conventional therapies. He also emphasizes the importance of the psychological and psychosocial aspects of healing with the cancer patients he coaches. “If you don’t have your head in the game, it’s hard to make anything else work for you,” counsels Sabin.

Silberstein and other leading physicians, including Dr. Tien-Sheng Hsu, a Chinese psychiatrist and author of the Secret to Healing Cancer; Dr. Jingduan Yang, a board-certified psychiatrist and founder and medical director of the Tao Institute of Mind & Body Medicine; and Seeger, believe that the mind and spirit play a significant role in healing. “Cancer begins in the spirit and ends up in the body, which is why I recommend that anyone positively diagnosed read the Cancer Report,” remarks Silberstein. Cancer Report, co-written by John R. Voell and Cynthia A. Chatfield, discusses psychoneuroimmunology and the powerful role that the mind, emotions and spirit play in contributing to or resisting disease and healing even the

most terminal of cancers ( VoellCancerReport). Yang and Hsu, who also use acupuncture protocols, believe illness is a reflection of inner problems that disrupt the body’s naturally powerful immune system. “Cancer is a symptom delivering a message: You need to take better care of yourself—emotionally, chemically, physically and spiritually,” says Yang. As a faculty member of the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, Yang sees firsthand how few patients understand that the trauma of a diagnosis and treatment can reactivate past traumas, unresolved issues, blockages and repressed emotions. Both he and Hsu offer mind/body/spirit interventions to help patients cope better. “I talk to people who do all the right things to improve their biochemistry, but without an emotional detox and spiritual connection to something larger than themselves, their healing process tends to stall,” Seeger observes. Her online talk shows feature long-term cancer survivors like Dr. Carl Helvie, author of You Can Beat Lung Cancer Using Alternative/ Integrative Interventions. “It all comes down to the microcosm of the cell. If we give our 73 trillion cells everything they need, the macrocosm of the body will function properly,” says Francis. The authors of Cancer Killers, Dr. Charles Majors, Dr. Ben Lerner and Sayer Ji, agree. Up till now, they attest that the war on cancer has been almost exclusively an assault on the disease, rather than an enlightened preventive campaign that clearly identifies and counters how cancer develops. “The battle can only be won by instructing people in how to boost their body’s immune responses to kill cancer cells before they face a full-blown diagnosis and showing them how to aggressively address the hostile exterior agents that turn healthy cells cancerous.” The best winning strategy is to naturally nurture a body—structurally, chemically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually—so that the inner terrain naturally kills cancer cells and stops them from growing.


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Regain Control of Hormone Imbalances by Repairing Stress Glands Remove Unwanted Toxins with All-Natural Complete Body & Cell Cleansing Re-Educate Yourself on the True Meaning of Health & Wellness

Linda Sechrist is a senior staff writer for Natural Awakenings. Visit ItsAllAbout for the recorded interviews. natural awakenings

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Kid-Smart Supplements

The Right Choices Help Children Thrive by Pamela Bond


s youngsters head back to the classroom, parents can get their children off to a smart start by giving them key supplements. Here are some experts’ top picks.

Build Brains Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Because the brain’s nerve cell membranes are made of fat, ingesting a healthy fat—DHA— helps them stay lithe and limber enough to successfully fire off neurotransmitters, sharpening kids’ mental abilities. “Attention, focus, processing efficiency, memory—they’re all dependent on cells working effectively, and DHA will help,” says Randall Neustaedter, a doctor of Oriental medicine and author of The Holistic Baby Guide. A contemporary study published in Clinical Pediatrics found that 4-year-olds that ingested 400 mg a day of DHA for four months

showed improvement in listening comprehension and vocabulary acquisition skills. Because finding an effective dose of pure DHA (at least 300 mg a day) can be difficult, Dr. Robert Rountree, co-author of Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child, recommends administering liquid fish oil in a daily child’s dose of 800 to 1,500 mg at a ratio of 60 percent eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) to 40 percent DHA. “Anti-inflammatory EPA can help allergies and inflammation from colds and other viruses kids get,” explains Neustaedter. Algae can be a vegetarian substitute for fish oil, Neustaedter continues, but it contains only DHA, not EPA. Another vegetarian option, echium oil, internally converts to EPA at a one-to-one level, but not to DHA. Flaxseed oil is mostly alpha-

linolenic acid (ALA), which converts to DHA and EPA at a rate of only 3 to 7 percent. Phosphatydylserine (PS). This form of fat facilitates communication among brain cells. “It’s a natural substance your brain makes,” notes Neustaedter. Already highly regarded for its ability to enhance memory performance in older adults, it may also improve attention, concentration, learning, behavior and school performance in youngsters. PS is found in small amounts in foods

Individualized Medicine

Experience the difference that Homeopathic Medicine and Functional Medicine can bring to your health. The safe alternative—Less need for prescription drugs—Stimulation of your innate healing force. Some of the many conditions successfully treated with an Individualized Approach are:

Irene Sebastian, M.D., Ph.D.

Sports Injuries n Children’s ADHD/Behavior Problems n Anxiety and Depression n Allergies Recurrent Infections n PMS, Menstrual Cramps n Hormonal Imbalances n Chronic Fatigue Headaches n Any Painful Condition Call TODAY to schedule your appointment with Dr. Sebastian.

“It is much more important to know what sort of a patient has a disease than what sort of a disease a patient has.” ‑ Sir William Osler, father of modern medicine


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ntegrative Medicine


401 Veterans Blvd, Ste 203 Metairie, LA 70005

Learn more at

like eggs and soy. Therefore, Neustaedter recommends dietary supplementation of 100 mg a day for children that could use a brain booster. The best PS supplements are made from soy.

Improve Immunity Vitamin D. “It’s my top immune supplement choice for most children,” says Rountree. The vitamin is crucial for triggering the body’s natural immune system to react to and fight off infections. A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that daily 1,200 international unit (IU) supplements of vitamin D3 reduced cases of seasonal flu in schoolchildren by more than 40 percent. Neustaedter recommends that school-aged children supplement with 2,000 IU of vitamin D3 a day. Unlike D2, D3 is natural and nontoxic, he says. Probiotics. These “friendly” bacteria help reestablish beneficial intestinal flora to both assist digestion and immunity. “Eighty percent of the immune system is produced in the small intestine,” says Neustaedter. “Having a healthy small intestine will lead to a healthy immune system. Probiotics will go a long way to accomplishing that.” Rountree recommends children receive a mixture of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria—at least 15 billion colonyforming units a day. A study by an international team published in Pediatrics showed that probiotic supplements may reduce the incidence of fevers, coughs, runny noses and other infections in young children. Elderberry. “If kids get frequent colds, elderberry can be helpful,” notes Neustaedter, who suggests that children take such extracts according to label instructions for acute sickness during the cold and flu season. He considers it a worthy antiviral and immune system stimulant. Elderberry’s immune-boosting potential may be due to its ability to enhance antioxidant activity. Several studies, including one issued by the National Institutes of Health, have shown that black elderberry extract may shorten the duration of a bout of flu.

to sleep, calcium and magnesium will help,” Neustaedter advises. As a calming mineral, magnesium trumps calcium; because kids tend to need more calcium for their bones, the two nutrients are usually given together, adds Rountree. He recommends that children take 100 to 300 mg of magnesium daily, depending on their age and weight. Lemon balm (melissa officinalis). To soothe anxiety, Rountree points to lemon balm as safe and gentle, yet effective. St. Mary’s Hospital, in Madison, Wisconsin,

reports that researchers have found that lemon balm, in combination with other herbs like valerian, may ease restlessness, anxiety and sleep disorders. Kids can drink one to two cups of freshly brewed tea daily. For a tasty and convenient option, substitute glycerites; tinctures that use glycerin to extract the active constituents from herbs. Pamela Bond is the managing editor of Natural Foods Merchandiser and former editor-in-chief of Delicious Living magazine.

“You too can move away from the past and towards a life of vitality, wholeness and fulfilling relationships.” Individual, Couples & Family Therapy Attachment Psychotherapy / EMDR Andrea Scheele, LCSW, LMFT 1303 Amelia Street New Orleans, LA 70115 (504) 899-2686

Soothe Stress Magnesium. “If kids have a hard time turning their minds off and going natural awakenings

August 2013



Go Plastic-Free Game On: Ways to Shrink Our Footprint by Randy Kambic

Science Sounds the Alarm

Looking around us, we see plastic everywhere.


esides the customary “The biggest Beth Terry, author of food and product lesson since Plastic Free: How I Kicked packaging, plus store the Habit and How You Can bags, consider all the nooks I started is the Too, points out compelling joy of less—of reasons to take personal and crannies of our lives that plastic now permeates: buying less stuff action. In 2007, this Oakland, eating utensils; baby and pet and making do California, resident saw a toys; computer keyboards photo of the decomposed with what I and accessories; pens; carcass of a Laysan albatross eyeglasses; athletic footwear; already have.” riddled with plastic bits in an backpacks; lighters; beauty article on water pollution. ~ Beth Terry care and pill containers; “For several seconds, household cleaning bottles; I could not breathe,” she ice cube trays; shaving razors; tool writes. This seminal moment led her to handles; hairbrushes and toothbrushes— further research, by which she realized, even some facial scrubs, shampoos and “This plague of plastic chemicals is chewing gum. harming everyone, and especially the

Center for Enlightened Transformation - Upcoming Events Wednesday Night Classes

– Subject Matter: Chakras, Auric Field Indicators of blocks on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels and how to balance and shift the energies. Held 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month - 6:00pm @ Journey Into Wellness Center.

Light Language 1 Workshop

– Create powerful 7 shape personal Chakra grids to manifest the life you want.

Workshop Friday, August 2nd - 6:00pm @ Journey Into Wellness Center.

Light Language 3 Workshop

– Learn to write powerful 144 shape grids to shift energies and create the life you desire! Workshop August 16-20 - 9:00am - 5:00pm.

Youthing Ceremony

– There is one single night of the year that the energies of the moon meet with the energies of the earth in such a way that energetic and physical youthing can occur. This is the night of the Harvest Moon. Join in this sacred ceremony for turning back the clock of aging. Allow the powers of youthing to welcome you once again as it was passed on from master teacher to student. Held on the Harvest Moon, September 19, 2013 - 6:00pm - till.

Energetic Facelift Workshop

– Learn a powerful hands-on technique that uses light touch and energy to rejuvenate the face. It is deeply relaxing and works at a cellular level to eliminate lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging in the face and throughout the body. After learning this technique, you will be able to do it on yourself and others. September 28, 2013 - 10:00am - 3:00pm. Limited availability. Call Cindy no later than one week before event to register.


New Orleans

most vulnerable members of our planet— children and animals—and that is both unacceptable and unfair.” She’s been working on going plastic-free ever since. “I made a game of it; a fun, creative, step-by-step challenge,” she advises. “You can’t go through the house and think you can get rid of all plastic immediately. As items get used up, you’ll find alternatives.” Once we are in the habit of staying alert to the plastic scourge, we’ll naturally spot opportunities for healthy change-ups.

In 2011, Harvard School of Public Health researchers made news by discovering that consuming one serving of canned food daily for five days led to significantly elevated urinary levels of bisphenol-A (BPA). This plastic and epoxy resin ingredient is found in the liners of many food and drink cans and sometimes in plastic bottles. It’s known to be a serious endocrine disrupter. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, altered functions of reproductive organs and other ailments have been linked to high BPA levels in several studies, including one cited in Endocrine Reviews journal. The Manchester Guardian also recently reported that the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety has stated that an unborn baby’s exposure to BPA through the mother could be linked to many health problems, including breast cancer later in life. When plastics are subjected to stress—like heat, light or age— undisclosed additives used in their production for strength, flexibility and color can leach out and even contaminate lab results, as the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry found. Such chemicals can migrate into our digestive systems and through our skin; they can also off-gas into the air, according to a recent study by Weber State University’s Energy & Sustainability Office, in Ogden, Utah. Plus, unrecycled plastic materials can enter waterways and kill marine life through ingestion or entanglement (ocean garbage patches are major examples). Reducing our own plastic footprint can both safeguard family health and prove that we are serious about pressuring industry to produce less of it. The key, according to Terry, is not to be intimidated

Milo Cress, of Burlington, Vermont, launched the national Be Straw Free campaign at age 10, when he realized that restaurants routinely give customers a plastic straw whether they want it or not. or overwhelmed by plastic overload, but persist in taking baby steps (see

How to Begin

As a starting point, Terry notes that plastic enables the long-distance food distribution system. Reducing food miles associated with our meals helps cut down on the use of plastic. In the kitchen, use airtight stainless steel containers or glass jars or simply refrigerate a bowl of food with a saucer on top to hold leftovers for the next day. Compost food waste. Reuse empty plastic food bags and line garbage cans with old newspapers instead of plastic bags. Terry cautions, “People assume everything that carries the triangular symbol is accepted at all recycling facilities. This is not the case. What isn’t accepted is landfilled or even incinerated.” Also, according to the city of Oakland’s Waste Management Department, she learned that “Much of what we put out for recycling goes to China, and their processing standards are not as strong as ours.” In Plastic Free, the author provides scores of tips for borrowing, renting and sharing products; buying used plastic equipment if it’s a necessity; and avoiding disposable packaging and paper products. Areas for improvement range from personal care and household cleaning products to bags, bottles, grocery shopping, takeout food, portable leftovers and lunches, plus durable goods. Activists will move on to also participate in area cleanups, donate to green organizations and write their legislators. Randy Kambic, a freelance editor and writer in Estero, Florida, regularly contributes to Natural Awakenings.

Phenomenal Monthly Circulation Growth Since 1994. Now with 3.8 Million Monthly Readers in: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

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The Center for Mind-Body Medicine Ordinary people making extraordinary differences in Southeastern Louisiana by Linda Sechrist

“After Katrina, I received mops and buckets from disaster relief. From the Mind-Body Center for Medicine, I got my life back.” ~ Mindy Milam, Licensed Clinical Social Worker


n the midst of the chaos practitioners through CMBM. experienced during post“MBCLA is the only nonHurricanes Katrina and profit organization in this area Rita, Haiti’s 7.0-magnitude systematically and consistently earthquake, the Sandy Hook applying, teaching, studying, Elementary School tragedy, and integrating a mind-body and the Gaza, Syrian and approach that complements Kosovo wars, who among us traditional biomedical and could believe that it is possible psychological models of care,” for people traumatized and says Toni Bankston, MBCLA beleaguered by such dire Director. Additionally, it is circumstances to find comfort, deeply committed and has a Dr. Gordon with Theresa Close and Mack McClendon, ED of calm and hope? It’s even more proven track record of making Lower 9th Ward Community Village Center after Katrina challenging to envision that it the services available and could be found in something accessible to people who as simple as a deep breathing exercise or a guided imagery ordinarily have challenges with access due to economic meditation. However, Dr. James Gordon, founder and director disadvantage or living in remote areas of the state,” says Bankston, of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington DC, never who has also served as a member of Gordon’s international team. doubts that such practical and scientifically grounded mind-body By 2005, Bankston was a veteran psychotherapist of 25 techniques can do just that. years, who had already been significantly involved in working The Mind-Body Medicine Center of Louisiana with trauma and disadvantaged populations. However, nothing Gordon, a world-renowned expert in the use of mind-body prepared her for the personal mind-body trauma she experienced medicine to heal depression, anxiety and psychological trauma, or what she witnessed post-Katrina. When Gordon and his team along with his team of health and mental health professionals arrived Bankston was more than ready to leap into the opportunity arrived in New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina and Rita. With to learn the CMBM model that includes Gordon’s “soft belly” compassionate hearts, they taught Gordon’s model of proven breathing meditation. skills for self-care and wellness to 80 health and mental health professionals in the Gulf Coast Region. This evidence-based, Self-empowering “Soft Belly” culturally sensitive model is still in use at the Mind-Body Center “Anyone can close their eyes and breathe in through the nose of Louisiana (MBCLA), located in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. and out through the mouth,” says Gordon, whose soothing voice The non-profit educational organization formed in 2009 and makes it easy to follow his slowly delivered instructions to let is dedicated to addressing the health and mental health needs the belly be soft and take oxygen into the lungs. In “soft belly,” of Louisiana residents. MBCLA’s faculty of 10 experienced, breathing deepens and the muscles relax naturally without effort. licensed health care and mental health providers, case managers Thoughts are allowed to come and go without intellectual pursuit. and nursing professionals are certified as mind-body medicine When the eyes are opened and the individual’s attention returns to 26

New Orleans

the outer environment there are noticeable differences. Sometimes the shoulders are lowered, the heart is beating a little slower, and there is a lessening of tension in the body. “Soft belly shows people that they have the capacity to do something to help themselves—to create a state of relaxation that slows their breath, relieves their tension, changes their mind’s focus, slows their mental chatter and produces a more relaxed state within. Just one experience can produce a very self-empowering insight—they are capable and can learn things that help them reduce and control their stress levels,” advises Gordon, who notes that many of the simple techniques he teaches are in his Unstuck: Your Guide to the Seven-Stage Journey Out of Depression. “I use dozens of them. One is not better than the other.” The Rippling Effect of Self-Empowering Education To make clear the rippling effect that these techniques have, Gordon describes a recent experience in Gaza. “The worst badly behaved 5-year olds sat enthralled like angels, did soft belly, noticed the changes, and then went home to teach their parents. Kids love to experiment because they haven’t been told that they aren’t capable of doing it, programming that is too frequently part of an adult’s belief system,” he says. Self-Care is at the Heart of Health Care According to Bankston, CMBM team members were entrenched in New Orleans’ communities off and on for two years and offered approximately 10 weeks of training as well as ongoing supervision, whereas other organizations came for a weekend and left. “It was obvious to me that CMBM’s work and actions were


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Grand Isle after BP Oil Spill. James Gordon, M.D., Toni Bankston and Grand Isle resident.

Nancy D. Gravel, D.C.

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totally aligned with their motto—“Self care is the heart of health care”,” notes Bankston. While her impetus for attending the trainings was the universal appeal to her clients, she quickly understood that practicing selfcare came first. “You can’t teach people what you are not doing yourself and in this case, I had to live the practice from the inside out,” remarks Bankston, who along with several other individuals identified as leaders by CMBM received ongoing phone supervision. “While implementing what I learned within the community, I didn’t just have a how-to manual collecting dust on my shelf. I had an expert on the phone helping me troubleshoot while I was sitting in a FEMA village trying to apply what I learned and discern what came next. That’s priceless,” she enthuses.

Dr. Gordon at Orphanage in Haiti “we’re here to work on ourselves and not fix others” is supported by the introduction of many traditions and numerous techniques that work with cognition, the body, and the social environment, as well as spiritual dimensions that add meaning and purpose. The model is playful, fun, and provides ongoing supervision for leaders and teachers. “While there is

CMBM’s Holistic Model CMBM’s holistic model, developed over a period of 20 years, is unique for several reasons. It emphasizes small groups in which people can learn, share their stories without analysis or interpretation, and bond in close relationships. A primary focus of


A place for meditation and spiritual practice to uplift and heal. Retreats • Workshops • Facility Rental Magnolia, MS

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New Orleans

tragedy, and at times people are sad and serious, when they are willing to be present without judgment and interpretation, it opens the door to the surprise of the joy and celebration beneath the sorrow,” says Gordon, who notes that another primary focus of the model is creating an ongoing community of support. “Toni is doing this in numerous Louisiana parishes because a sense of community is profoundly healing for whatever we suffer from—a chronic physical illness, a psychological trauma, or the sense of loneliness and isolation that is endemic in our society. By our very nature, we are communal animals created to be in relationship,” emphasizes Gordon CMBM Training is Open to Everyone While CMBM’s model is documented with scientific evidence, taught and practiced largely by health care professionals, training sessions, such as the upcoming October 5- 9 training in Redwood City, California, are open to anyone interested in sharing it within their community. “Community organizers, administrators, and church members are often at training sessions,” says Gordon, who expresses concern for the lost arts of medicine, intuition and human connection. “We are so impressed by technology that we have lost the art of trusting a sense of connection to something powerful within ourselves. The perennial journey to this invisible part of us, that allows us to call out the most appropriate response, is one we read about in spiritual traditions. It’s a sense of connection to our own wisdom and something greater than ourselves. Relearning this is critical to our survival,” he advises. Positive Outcomes Bankston is in agreement with Gordon because she knows how her life has been impacted. “Practicing what I learned helped me overcome burnout, gave me staying power and helped me fall in love with my work again. I felt empowered and fearless as opposed to helpless in the face of so much trauma and massive destruction,” says the self-admitted traditional “Louisiana Girl”, who became emboldened enough to take her knowledge and experience of what was working in her own backyard to Haiti and Gaza. “The beauty of seeing people in remote places with scarce

resources find joy and ways to make life worth living was not only inspirational and put everything else in perspective, it also taught me how to work in my own Louisiana community. Fortunately, I think my four children have vicariously learned these lessons through me and are now feeling more self-empowered. The other exciting rippling effect is that our mind-body medicine model is now used in local universities, primary care clinics and schools in Southeastern Louisiana. Dr. James Gordon is the keynote speaker for the NOLA Healthy Living & Sustainability Expo on October 12 at the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner. For info on the expo call 504-330-2157 or email For more information on The Mind Body Center of Louisiana, call 225-678-9950 or visit

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HAPPY PARENTS HAPPY KIDS Renée Peterson Trudeau Explores Soulful Parenting


and desires in the present moment. Am I responding with compassion when I make mistakes? Am I saying no when I need to say no? Did I ask for and receive help when I needed it? This is self-care in day-to-day life. When we feel nurtured in ways aligned with our deeper needs, we’re able to more fully express our potential and relax into being who we truly are.

How does such caring show up in family dynamics? When I’m feeling grumpy or irritable, I

How can individuals achieve know that my inner cup is empty and I’m out of sync with my needs. When we more peace? We realize peace by nurturing our hearts and souls with self-care, by slowing down and being gentle with ourselves. It requires us to attune and respond to our own needs

practice self-care, we are more present with our partner and children. We feel more generous, loving and playful, and it’s easier to weather crises and

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It’s empowering for a family to anchor together around one key core value. Once you identify it, you all can make more conscious decisions. The value that my own family has chosen is compassion for one’s self and others. Creativity, spirituality, service or learning are others. As kids grow into adolescence, it becomes more challenging to maintain balance; there are so many demands on a family’s time and attention. Mentally, we’re often overwhelmed by an expanding scope of activities and decisions. At any age, a lot of us are just reacting to whatever comes at us. But when we identify the values most important to us, it’s easier to know when to say yes and no to things, so that our actions become aligned with our priorities.

What is behind the rising appeal of living more simply? Simplicity is alluring at a most basic level of our being; we crave it. We want to invest less energy in making decisions and have more space for life to organically unfold. We want to hit the pause button because we are overscheduled, overworked and overloaded with too much information. It can feel so good to be productive, and American culture rewards output. But we need to be mindful of balancing the harder task of ‘being’ with the seduction of doing, for we are at our most powerful when both of these energies are equal.

If we are not currently living in alignment with what matters most to us, we can stop what we’re doing and course-correct. We have to define what simplicity looks like for us and can start by just slowing down. Do less to experience more. Unplug from

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Why is it important for families to define what they value most?

Where do we start?

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~ Jonah Trudeau, age 9 uncertainties. I believe that modeling selflove is one of the best ways to influence children’s self-esteem.

by Meredith Montgomery

h e o l d e s t o f s e ve n Montessori-inspired children and mother of one, Renée Peterson Trudeau serves as a life balance coach, speaker and president of Career Strategists, a coaching and consulting firm. Thousands of women in 10 countries participate in Personal Renewal Groups based on her first book, The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal. Now, in a new book, Nurturing the Soul of Your Family, Trudeau helps empower families to handle the challenges of everyday life with harmony and ease.

“Mom, tell them to surprise their kids—listen to them, have fun with them and just spend time with them.”

technology. Try spending unscheduled, media-free time together. My family feels most nourished after weekends that we hardly did anything and just enjoyed connecting through simple pleasures.

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What role does spirituality play in fostering a healthy family life?

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I hear a lot of parents say that they used to think that spirituality was separate from parenting. Then they woke up to the idea that being a parent is a spiritual practice, maybe the most profound one they will ever have. Connecting to the sacred in everyday life yields nurturing gifts we can enjoy with our children, not separate from them.

504-452-6964 1909 Airline Dr. Metairie (located in Premier Fitness)

What is the most valuable advice that you offer to parents? Pause to breathe in compassion and realize that our outer state is a reflection of our inner state. It helps us release whatever we’re dealing with and reconnect with ourselves and loved ones. For more information, visit Meredith Montgomery is a regular contributor to Natural Awakenings.

Five Reconnection Points n Be mindful of how and when the family uses technology. Put people first. n Tap the healing power of nature together. Take hikes, picnics and explore a local greenbelt. n Love the ones you’re with. Schedule regular time together to make sure it happens. n Define your family’s values and honor them. n Slow down. Do less to experience more. Fewer choices and a lighter schedule can make for a happier family. Source: Nurturing the Soul of Your Family: 10 Ways to Reconnect and Find Peace in Everyday Life, by Renée Peterson Trudeau. natural awakenings

August 2013


Small Daily Practices Make a Huge Difference by Renée Peterson Trudeau


regular spiritual practice grounds us and helps us navigate the challenges of just being human. It helps us stay awake, begin to let go, trust the rhythm and flow of life and relax into the beauty of our true nature. Create Ritual – Meaningful rituals can be carefully planned events or casual, but regular remembrances, such as voicing gratitude before a family meal or greeting one another with a hug. Marking transitions and milestones in the lives

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of family members likewise connects everyone to the sacredness of daily living. We remember that life is more than todo lists. Cultivate Stillness – Quiet private contemplation through stillness, prayer, meditation or reflection is a daily way to connect with our inner wisdom and/or embrace a higher power, and can make the whole day better.   Practice Service to Others – The more we reach out and are present to one another, the stronger we become and the easier it is to understand our interconnection— that we’re all one.   Live in the Present – Many great spiritual teachers believe the answer to everything is to just “be here now,” and that our suffering and emotional distress would end if we simply stopped resisting the present. When we temporarily suspend our desire to change things, we can embrace that where we are is exactly where we’re supposed to be.   Choose Happiness – Can we only be happy if things are going our way? Experts suggest that we’re born with the innate capacity to experience inner well-being and joy; it’s our birthright to feel good. We must remember to choose happiness in each present moment.

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Our Own Ode of Joy Singing Heals Our Soul, Sets Us Free by Jan Kortie


efore singing was part of any human culture, it was part of nature. Nature never tries hard; it just is. It grows and blossoms and flows. So does heartfelt singing—as a joyful expression of soul, of one’s essential being. It is giving and sharing. Most of all, it is alive. Singing like this doesn’t ask for effort. But it does ask for courage. In expressing our longings, hopes and love, we may encounter fear, shame

or sorrow. That’s part of the beauty and surprising simplicity of liberating ourselves through song, which can be equally cheerful, lighthearted and humorous, or insightfully confronting the challenging issues in our lives. Some people make every effort to sing eloquently, but the joy of singing is just as fully accessible for those that can’t master the technical qualifications or even carry a tune. All we really need

to do to achieve personal satisfaction is to sing what’s inside us, enabling who we are to emerge. That’s why singing is healing; it helps make us whole. Giving emotional space to ourselves in song allows us to be heard in a special way; no two voices are alike because each is exactly suited to the individual. Our innate tendency to sing, like other forms of music, connects us with others and reminds us of ways in which we are attuned to one another. More natural than talking, the vibration of a singing voice is the most magical, direct way to connect our internal and external worlds. It’s comforting to note that we can only sing off-key if we compare our voice to another’s. No child ever decides by himself that he can’t sing. A child spontaneously sings, dances and draws without preconception until an authority figure steps in with a discordant opinion. Singing is a natural phenomenon as intuitive as breathing. It’s our right to sing freely, and so share our hearts and music with the world. As a soaring expression of love it contributes greatly to the well-being of individuals, communities and society. Jan Kortie first introduced the idea of voice-liberation in the Netherlands 30 years ago, developing a joyful approach to personal and professional singing that extends beyond traditional methods and techniques. His book, Your Soul Wants to Sing, available in Dutch, is the primer for his Academy of Voice Liberation, where he serves as director.


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Natural Control of Pesky Caterpillars in the Garden

with Dr. Emu’s Rx for Pain Enjoy safe and effective relief from: • • • • •

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hile most gardeners want butterflies fluttering through their yard, they find the larvae stage of these beauties of nature can be problematic. The small white webworms eating leaves off of trees and shrubs are the most prevalent offenders this season. Normally noted on pecan trees in the fall, the early summer blight this year is the harbinger of more infestations to come. While the affected plant will recover from a webworm infestation, it may be left in an unsightly state. The most effective solution to webworms is to catch them early and simply remove the webs and the affected leaves. The caterpillars are readily apparent on the underside of the leaves. Placing affected leaves in plastic bags to suffocate them is not effective as they will emerge. It is more efficient and kinder to stamp the affected leaves with a foot on concrete. Another solution is to open the webbing with a stick so that wasps and birds can eat them. The webbing protects the caterpillars from these natural preditors. As a last resort, an organic spray such as Bacillus thuringiensis, or plant oil products or Spinosad products may be sprayed, but only on the plants that are under attack – and always at dusk to avoid harming bees, butterflies and other good garden bugs that are active during the day. See the calendar in this issue for the monthly Parkway Partners second Saturday education program and plant sale at 1137 Baronne St., New Orleans, 70113. Visit: for more information.

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Urban water series Dealing with storm water without pipes by Colleen Morgan


he discussion on water management in Orleans Parish has reached a fever pitch this summer, as visiting experts and local advocates have gathered together to talk about “green infrastructure” as part of the Urban Water Series. The five-part series, hosted by the Greater New Orleans Foundation, brought in water managers from across the country to share innovative methods for dealing with storm water without using pipes. During the June 27 session, Charlotte Kaiser from The Nature Conservancy outlined the ways that the Philadelphia Water Department – the first in the country – has developed strategies for financing storm water-friendly landscaping installations. The most important aspect is the city’s drainage fee, which assesses commercial developments a fee based on the size of the property and the percentage of impervious surface on it. For developments that install catchment or detention systems to reduce runoff or add pervious surface, the fee is reduced or waived. “Cities turn rain into pollution - it falls on a roof, picks up dirt and oil and goes into a sewer and goes into a waterway,” Kaiser said. “Green infrastructure is turning it back into rain by recharging the groundwater. In this country, 10 trillion gallons of polluted water goes into waterways.”

Keiser is involved in a consortium of organizations and agencies working on financing options for green infrastructure, and Philadelphia’s fee and credit strategy seems to be working, for the most part. The group is working on turning the strategy into a financing opportunity. “But it turns out fee isn’t high enough – not enough to pay for itself. There needs to be a financial carrot.” Brian Van Wye, who works at the Washington, D.C. drainage department, which looks out for the water quality of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, outlined that city’s drainage fee and the voluntary storm water management program that works with homes, schools, condominium associations and small retail establishments to reduce the impacts. In

addition, the RiverSmart Rewards program discounts the fee for those who retain water from a 1.2-inch storm. Most importantly, these programs are combined with a storm water credit system the department has instituted, so that one development that needs to retain stormwater can “buy” up to 50 percent of their their retention “offsite” from a development in another part of the city. He said he hopes this “credit trading” will encourage storm water retention systems in the periphery of the District, where there is more land and the tributaries are more vulnerable, he said. The finale of the water sessions brought together many of the attendees of the series as well as several council members, Deputy Mayor Cedric Grant, New Orleans Redevelopment Authority Executive Director Jeff Hebert, and the head of the Sewerage and Water Board, Marcia St. Martin, to discuss the next steps for the city on water management. The two hours of discussion was punctuated by the announcement that the estimated cost to repair the city’s storm water system is $11 billion. The consensus was that the strategies presented by the series showed that green infrastructure is a less expensive option and that the city should work on developing pilot projects around the city to see how these projects will work in this climate and culture. For more information about the Urban Water Series or to watch the videos of the sessions, logon to urbanwaterseries. Co l l e e n M o r g a n i s a f r e e - l a n c e environmental writer. She may be reached at

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High quality bamboo fencing is durable, renewable and beautiful. Create your dream from our selection of natural products. • Bamboo Flooring • Shades • Cabinets and Counters • Cork flooring • Bamboo Fencing • Rainwater harvesting systems See it all at Now located in The Art Egg Studio – 1001 S. Broad Street • 504-486-0052 • fax 504-486-0053 natural awakenings

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Drug-free treatment for common conditions with acupuncture. House calls or office visits by appointment.

Georganna Ranglack, DVM, PhD Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist

Greater New Orleans Area, North Shore & West Bank


I strive to heal your beloved pet’s whole being, not just treat the symptoms. Acupuncture Chinese Herbal Medicine Food Therapy Nutritional supplements Trigger Point Therapy

Janice E. Posey, DVM

985-898-3623/504-466-9129 315 Lee Lane, #104 Covington, LA 70433 36

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Preventing Seizures Natural Dog Remedies Can Out-Do Drugs by Dr. Shawn Messonnier


eople often seek out a holistic veterinarian due to concerns about conventional medications. One new client recently inquired about her 3-yearold female poodle diagnosed with epilepsy last year. The traditional veterinarian’s prescription for phenobarbital was helping to control the seizures, but the owner questioned the long-term consequences of feeding her pet the drug for the rest of its life. Surely, she thought, there must be a natural alternative. There are many causes for canine seizures, with epilepsy being the most common. Epilepsy is the term used when the cause is unknown, so testing is needed to ensure other factors are not present. These might include toxicities, especially in younger dogs and puppies (may include vaccines); brain tumors, more common in older dogs and certain breeds such as boxers and Boston terriers; infections, as in meningitis, or immune disorders such as the neurologic disease granulomatous meningoencephalitis,

or GME; parasites, including aberrant heartworms; and regional diseases such as tick-borne illnesses like Lyme or ehrlichiosis. Common testing includes a physical examination, food hypersensitivity and blood tests, tick serology, urine, fecal and cerebrospinal fluid analyses and a brain scan, which is usually a computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan. Not all tests are needed on all pets because the veterinarian will rule out issues during the process. If other causes are ruled out and the problem is labeled as epilepsy, phenobarbital can be helpful, although side effects can occur as a result, including liver disease. In every case, the animal should be examined at least two to four times a year for possible complications from the drug, starting with a blood profile and urinalysis. It’s always best to supplement such treatment with natural remedies to help

protect the liver, including milk thistle and choline. Alternatively, natural therapies don’t usually lead to side effects or require the same intense regimen of regular evaluation. Patients have experienced good results with phosphatidylcholine, which works to stabilize brain cell m e m b ra n e s , a n d s o r e d u c e a n d prevent seizures, while also providing detoxification support for the liver. Phosphatidylcholine supplements are also used to prevent and treat another common neurological problem in pets—cognitive disorder (akin to Alzheimer’s in humans). Dimethylglycine supplementation aids in treating seizures, as well. It both supports the nervous system and provides energy to the body’s cells. Herbs, including valerian, passionflower, kava, gastrodia (tian ma), uncaria (gou teng), ostrea concha (mu li) and buthus martensi (quan xie), can also be helpful. Because they can be powerful natural medicines that could interact with each other and with prescription medicines, use them only under veterinary supervision. Homeopathic remedies are also widely incorporated into natural treatments of seizures such as tinctures of stramonium and belladonna. A twice-daily homeopathic detoxification treatment for pets experiencing seizures f r o m a ny c a u s e , u s i n g b e r b e r i s , nux vomica and lymphomyosot, is recommended, as well. Due to the overwhelming success of using natural therapies for pets with epilepsy at our Paws & Claws Animal Hospital, most do not need to rely on medications for the problem. Those pets that arrive on a regimen of strong anticonvulsant drugs are slowly weaned off of them, resulting in improved health, lower vet bills and better control of recovery. Most never have another seizure, as long as they stay on the natural therapy protocol prescribed. S h aw n M e s s o n n i e r, a d o c t o r o f veterinary medicine practicing in Plano, TX, is the award-winning author of The Natural Health Bible for Dogs & Cats and Unexpected Miracles: Hope and Holistic Healing for Pets. Visit

ongoingevents Note: All Calendar events must be received via email or online by August 10 for the September issue. $15/Event Calendar or Ongoing Calendar listing. $25/Upcoming Events, $59 MarkYourCalendar. Qualified free community wide events are listed for free as space is available. Email for guidelines and to submit entries. No phone calls please.

sunday Kundalini Yoga – 5-6am. Taught by Elizabeth Eckman. Clear the obstacles that limit life and awaken to fullest potential. Morning meditation follows from 6-8:30am. Free. Divine Yoga Center, 1223 Baronne St, NOLA Contact: New Orleans Chapter AMORC Rosicrucian’s – Meetings held on Sundays and Wednesdays as listed in event calendar. 2801 Loyola Ave. Suite 4, Kenner Location. Call 504-472-5635 for times and more information. Do You Have Too Much Stuff? Free 20 min. consultations by professional organizer, Stasia Cymes. If you’re open to the process of change, you can reclaim your space & peace of mind. 3 hr sessions are available. Call 504-920-1800 for appt.

monday Mindfulness Meditation Group – noon-1pm. Reduce stress, improve coping skills, maximize personal wellness. Based on work by leaders in medical and mental health fields. All faiths invited. Cost: $15. Women’s Center for Healing & Transformation, Abita Springs. Call Clarke McBee, LPC at 985-705-1398 Guided Meditation – 5-6:30pm. Strengthen your overall health as you are guided through meditation. Great for beginners and those experienced. Uptown Holistic Center, 723 Hillary, New Orleans. Dr. Jess Tregle 504-352-6418. Gentle Yoga – 6-7pm. (also 7:15-8:15pm & 8:309:30pm) Becky Bazile, 500 RYT, Certified Yoga Teacher. 6-Week ongoing sessions. Studio space limited to 8 students, pre-registration required. $60/ session or $12/walk-in. Yoga Village Studio, 3443 Esplanade Ave. NOLA. Info/Reg: 504-782-4432 or Basic/Beginners Aikido Classes – 6:15-7:15pm. Practice a martial art of peace for every body whose benefits include self-defense, flexibility, strength, balance, stress reduction, concentration, community, and fun! First class is free. Comfortable, loose-fitting clothes suggested. NOLA Aikido, 3909 Bienville St., Suite 103 (near Canal and Carrolton intersection) in Mid-City. More info: 504-208-4861, Yoga Diva in Harahan – 7-8pm. (also Wed 5:156:15pm) Relax the body, focus the mind, deepen self-awareness w/ a systematic approach for flexibility, strength, concentration, breath & range of motion. All levels. Mats/props provided. $60/month ($15/class x 4). 5700 Citrus Blvd (in Curves), Call Karen before coming: 504-220-5325.

natural awakenings

Introduction to Nichiren Buddhism – 7-8:15pm. Learn how to activate your greatest potential, increase your compassion and achieve absolute happiness. Free. SGI-USA Buddhist Center, 1331 Prytania St, NOLA. Info: 504-310-2011.

tuesday Crescent City Farmers Market/Uptown – 9am-1pm. Open air market with fresh locally grown fruits, vegetables, seafood, baked breads and pies, bedding plants, dairy products, freshly cut flowers. Located in the parking lot of Uptown Square. Northshore Chair Yoga – 10-11am. A therapeutic combination of gentle and challenging yoga poses modified in a chair. Appropriate for beginners, seasoned students and those with limited mobility. Peaceful environment with mats/chairs/props provided. 60 minutes at $5/class. Yoga School, 603 S. Tyler St., Covington. Contact Erin, 200-RYT: 985-705-4110 or Northshore Hatha Yoga – 5:30-7pm. Gentle and challenging yoga poses for rejuvenation & relaxation. Appropriate for beginners to advanced students. Peaceful environment with mats/props provided. 90 minutes at $10 per class or $48 for 6 classes. Yoga School, 603 S. Tyler St., Covington. Contact Erin, 200-RYT: 985-705-4110 or Emotional Intelligence (EQ) & Peacebuilding Class – 6:30-8:30pm. No experience necessary. Bring unlined journal/sketch pad. $10/class or $80/10 classes. Affordable Healing Arts in New Orleans Healing Center, 2372 St. Claude Ave, Ste 220. To reg: 504-669-1020 or N.O. Insight Meditation Group – 7:30-9pm. This is a peer led group that meets for practice, study and discussion. No experience necessary. Location: 2134 Magazine St, 3d fl, NOLA. Info: call Larry at 504-343-8378.

wednesday Better Bottoms Merchandise Sales – 9am-3pm. Open to the public every Wed. Cloth Diapering Moms on site for questions and advice. Call to arrange for other dates or times. 1500 Edwards Ave, Ste F, Harahan, 70123. 504-731-7500. German Coast Farmers Market/West Bank – 2:306pm. Open-air market offering fresh produce, rotisserie & fresh meats, fresh pastries/breads, sausage, kettle corn, cracklins, prepared foods, soy candles, goat milk soap and lotions. Arts and crafts 4th Wed. Located at 12715 Highway 90, St. Charles Plaza Shopping Center, Site of the old K-mart building, Luling, LA

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3 Yoga Classes – 4:30-5:30pm Chair Yoga, 6-7pm Gentle Flow, 7:30-8:30pm Restorative Yoga with Becky Bazile, Certified Teacher. 6-Week ongoing sessions. Studio space limited to 8 students, pre-registration required. Chair yoga ($45/session for senior adults) other classes $60/session or $12/walk-in.Yoga Village Studio, 3443 Esplanade Ave. NOLA. Info/reg: 504-782-4432 or Northshore Yoga – 5:30pm. Gentle, challenging and relaxing classes focusing on breath and movement appropriate for beginners and seasoned students. Pleasant, stress-free environment with mats/props provided. 90 minutes @$10/class or 6 classes/$48. Yoga School, 603 S. Tyler St., Covington. Info/ Mary Ann, 500RYT. 985-630-7242 or Basic/Beginners Aikido Classes – 6:15-7:15pm. Practice a martial art of peace for every body whose benefits include self-defense, flexibility, strength, balance, stress reduction, concentration, community, and fun! First class is free. Comfortable, loose-fitting clothes suggested. NOLA Aikido, 3909 Bienville St., Suite 103 (near Canal and Carrolton intersection) in Mid-City. More info: 504-208-4861, Qigong with Suzanne – 6:30-7:45pm. Gentle movement with breath, self-massage, and visualization to calm the mind, strengthen the body and bring awareness to blockages in chi. $40/month for 4 weekly classes. Women’s Center for Healing & Transformation, 71667 Leveson St, Abita Springs. Sign up w/ Suzanne Harper 985-789-9321 or

thursday Crescent City Farmers Market/Mid-City – 3-7pm. Farmers Market at 3700 Orleans Ave, American Can Co. building, New Orleans, rain or shine.

Moderate Yoga – 6:30-7:30pm. Moderate yoga with cert. yoga teacher Sally Meredith. Learn to establish a strong foundation to move deeper into each pose. 6-Week ongoing sessions. Limited to 8 students, pre-registration required. $60/session or $12/Walk-In. Yoga Village Studio, 3443 Esplanade Ave. NOLA. Info/Register: 504-782-4432 or

friday Aikido of New Orleans – 7-8:15pm. The martial art of power and movement. Free introductory class for adults. 2134 Magazine St, 3d fl, NOLA. Info: or 504-561-0123.

saturday Vietnamese Farmers Market – 6-9am. Over 20 vendors set up shop on blankets spread with produce, beyond the courtyards are shops selling Vietnamese baked goods and imported groceries. 14401 Alcee Fortier Blvd, New Orleans East. Crescent City Farmers Market/Downtown – 8amnoon. Open-air market with great selection of fresh locally grown fruits, vegetables, seafood, baked breads and freshly made pies, bedding plants, dairy products, fresh flowers. Cooking demos by some of the city’s most acclaimed chefs. Located at 700 Magazine, corner of Girod, New Orleans. German Coast Farmers Market/East Bank – 8amnoon. Open-air market offering fresh produce, rotisserie meats, fresh meats, fresh pastries/breads, sausages, kettle corn, cracklins, prepared foods, soy candles, goat milk soap and lotions. Arts and crafts 2nd Sat. Ormond Plantation, 13786 River Rd., Destrehan. For info call 985-359-0190.




AA – DRINKING IS YOUR BUSINESS. STOPPING IS OURS. C a l l A l c o h o l i c s Anonymous. 504-838-3399.

PRODUCTS OR SERVICES HERE. To Place a Classified Listing Email to Must be received by the 10th of the month prior to publication. $1 per word. $20 minimum. Must be prepaid.

For For more information about about advertising and and how how you you can can participate, call call

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ROOFING, SIDING & REMODELING – Residential Contractor and Insurance Claims – Enjoy $200 off any service over $2k. FREE ESTIMATES – 504-920-0424. OMINIHOMES.COM. VEGETARIAN MEETUP GROUP meets at least once a month for a veggie meal. See calendar of events at members/7165804/

volunteer opportunities BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES CURRENTLY PUBLISHING NATURAL AWAKENINGS MAGAZINES – For sale in Mobile/Baldwin, AL; Little Rock/Hot Spg, AR; Los Angeles, CA; North Central, FL; Tallahassee, FL; Ashville, NC; Las Vegas, NV; Portland, OR; Grand Strand, SC; Greenville, SC; Richmond, VA; Madison, WI. Call for details 239-530-1377.

St Tammany Humane Society – Help foster pets, many tasks for fundraising, help with animal socializing, many more. Call for wish list. Contact 985-892-7387, X 106. The Humane Society of Louisiana needs volunteers. To find out how you can help contact Jeff Dorson at 901-268-4432 or

calendarofevents Note: All Calendar events must be received via email or online by August 10 for the September issue. $15/Event Calendar or Ongoing Calendar listing. $25/Upcoming Events, $59 MarkYourCalendar. Qualified, free community wide events are listed for free as space is available. Email for guidelines and to submit entries. No phone calls please. THURSDAY, AUGUST 1 Camellia City Farmers Market – 8am.-noon. Featuring baked goods, herbs, vegetables, honey, jams, poultry, crafts, flowers, eggs, plants, soap, trees. 155 Robert St. (City Parking Lot), Olde Towne, Slidell. Info: 985-640-8291. Gretna Farmers Market – 8:30am-12:30pm. Featuring fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, baked goods, dairy, native fruit wines and garden plants. Located in the old train depot, 300 Huey P. Long Ave, between 3rd and 4th streets, Gretna. Info: 504-362-8661. Westwego Farmers & Fisheries Market – 8:30am12:30pm. Open year round, rain or shine. Free parking. Featuring fresh produce, seafood, bakery items, dairy, plants, prepared foods & hand-crafted items. Plus live music & kids activities. 484 Sala Ave, corner of 4th St., Westwego. Contact 504-341-3424, x 209. Covington Farmers Market – 8am-noon. (also 10am-2pm Wed) Offering fresh produce, fresh baked breads, prepared foods and plants. Located at Covington City Hall, 609 N Columbia St, Covington. Mandeville Trailhead Community Market – 9am1pm. Fifty-plus vendors weekly: Gourmet foods, art, produce and plants. Tai Chi at 9:30am. Parking lot of the Mandeville Trailhead on the St. Tammany Trace off LA59. For vendor/entertainment info: Donna Beakley 985-845-4515. Sitting Meditation Group – 10-11am. Come practice zazen (sitting meditation) as well as walking meditation. Instruction and discussion also available. 3909 Bienville St, Ste 103 (near Canal and Carrolton intersection) in Mid-City. More info: contact Brian by email at or call 504-644-7351. Sankofa Farmers Market – 10am-2pm. Weekly market in the Ninth Ward offering fresh produce, seafood, baked goods, and plants from local farmers and fishermen. New location at 3819 St. Claude Ave. Info: 504-872-9214 or Hollygrove Market & Farm – 10am-4pm Sat & Sun (noon-7pm Tues thru Thurs). CSA-style market selling each week assorted fresh local and organic fruit and vegetables. $25 boxes of selected seasonal produce available. 8301 Olive St, NOLA (across from Carrollton Boosters). Instore Tasting Series – 1-3-pm. Stop by for a World of Taste at Oil & Vinegar. Taste samples from salad dressing combinations to risotto to simple appetizers. Oil & Vinegar, Colonial Pinnacle Shopping Center, 6111 Pinnacle Pkwy, Covington (between Hobby Lobby & Kohl’s). Contact: Louisiana@ or call 985-809-1693. Do You Have Too Much Stuff? Free 20 min. consultations by professional organizer, Stasia Cymes. If you’re open to the process of change, you can reclaim your space & peace of mind. 3 hr sessions are available. Call 504-920-1800 for appt.

Second Degree Reiki Class – Inquire for further dates/time with Reiki Master Elizabeth Ohmer Pellegrin. Oku Den (The Deeper Knowledge) is available for Reiki Students with 6 months experience in Usui Shiki Ryoho. For private classes and residential retreat information call 504-376-8518 or 504-388-2356 text.


Swedish Massage Clinic − 12:45pm & 2:15pm. (also 8/23 & 30). Help students with their education at the student massage clinic. Swedish is good for overall relaxation & increasing flexibility. $30/ by appointment only. Blue Cliff College, Clearview Mall, across from food court, Metairie. Info: 504-293-0972. Happy & Healthy Hour − 5-7pm. Relax and refresh with Reiki, reflexology, massage, Ayurvedic oleation treatments and herbal iced teas. Free. Affordable Healing Arts in the New Orleans Healing Center, 2nd floor upper. 504-408-2266. Light Language I – Cindy Daigle of Center for Enlightened Transformation will show how to shift energies in one’s aura by creating a personal 7-shape chakra grid. Journey into Wellness, 3939 Houma Blvd, Bldg 3, Ste 15, Metairie. Details: 504-931-6494.


Saturday Morning Massage Clinics − 9:15 & 10:45am. Help students with their education at the student massage clinic. Swedish: 8/3 & 17; Deep Tissue: 8/10; NMT: 8/24 & 31. $30/by appointment only. Blue Cliff College, Clearview Mall, across from food court, Metairie. Info: 504-293-0972. Paint Drop-Off/Uptown − 10am-2pm. Drop off old paint to Arabella Station Whole Foods Market. The Green Project’s tent is at the corner of Magazine & Joseph St in good weather and inside near the massage table in bad weather. First Degree Reiki Class – 11am-7pm. (also 8/3 & 4) w/Reiki Master Elizabeth Ohmer Pellegrin. Reiki promotes and accelerates healing of the body, mind and spirit. Learn to do Reiki for yourself and others. No experience needed. Private classes and retreats on request. Pre-registration required. $250. Info/ registration: 504-376-8518 or text 504-388-2356. Freret Market – Noon-5pm. 90 vendors with food, art, music, flea market, children’s play area and pet adoption. 4400 block of Freret St, NOLA. Info: 504-638-2589. Chalk Painting Workshop − 4-5:30pm. Home Decor Exchange will hold a “how to” demonstration on chalk painting. 708 Aris Ave, Metairie. For more information: 504-265-8736.


Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program – 12:30pm. Dr. Debbi Hannan presents: The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program at Chiropractic Health Center, 101 Clearview Pkwy at Airline Dr. Free. Reservations required: 504-454-2000.

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Neuromuscular Therapy Clinic − 6:15 & 7:45pm. (also 8/22). Help students with their education at the student massage clinic. NMT is a partial body massage focused on a specific problem area. $30/ by appointment only. Blue Cliff College, Clearview Mall, across from food court, Metairie. Info: 504-293-0972. Avatar® Info Hour − 6:30-8pm. Before taking on the world, we need to master our own mind. The Avatar Course opens a window to the inner workings of our own consciousness. Free. For location and reservations: Michele 985-774-3853 or Peggy 985-707-3395. La Leche League/New Orleans – 7-8pm. Monthly meetings. Open to all women interested in breastfeeding. Chance to learn more, receive help and meet other breastfeeding mothers. Led by trained and accredited La Leche League leaders. ZukaBaby, 2122 Magazine St, NOLA. Contact: Courtney Landry Tai Chi-Chi Gong Group Class – 7-8pm. Reduce stress, relieve pain, gain flexibility and balance. Celebrating 30 years of health & wellness. Reserve space by 8/5. Tamashii Karate and Tai Chi Center, 8132 Willow St, Uptown. Info: 504-866-2241.


ASTROLOGY WORKSHOP Astrology 101: Exploring Your Natal Astrology Have you ever been curious about how astrology worked? How do they come up with that "daily horoscope"? Some days it fits, and some days it doesn't? What about metaphysics & your Soul? This one-day workshop was developed to help BEGINNERS explore those questions and read the message of their own chart in a meaningful manner. Using an easy-to-follow method, the workshop will cover the planets and houses, as well as ways to use astrological influences in a positive way. -- TWO DATES -Saturday, August 17th, 2013 OR Sunday, August 18th, 2013 10:00 am to 4:00 pm (Lunch, Natal Chart & Workshop Materials Included) LOCATION: The Women's Center for Healing & Transformation, 71667 Leveson St., Abita Springs, LA MORE INFO & REGISTER AT: August 2013



Deep Tissue Massage Clinic − 12:45 & 2:15pm. (also 8/9, 14 & 17). Help students with their education at the student massage clinic. Deep Tissue is muscle specific and really works out the kinks. $30/by appointment. Blue Cliff College, Clearview Mall, across from food court, Metairie. Info: 504-293-0972. La Leche League/Jefferson – 6:30-7:30pm. LLL of Jefferson meets first Wednesday each month. Open to all women interested in breastfeeding. Learn more, ask questions and benefit from a community of breastfeeding mothers. Free. Destination Maternity meeting room, Causeway & 17th St, Metairie. Info: 504-952-3951 or Intro to Hypnosis Class & Other Mind Matters – Get the facts about hypnosis along with tools and techniques to navigate the mind field and regain personal power. A free monthly class. Seating limited/pre-registration required. Slidell. Details contact: Bonnie Miller: or 985-726-9333, ext 118.


Tai Chi Group Class − 9:30-10:20am. Reduce stress, relieve pain, gain flexibility and balance. Celebrating 30 years of health & wellness. Reserve space by 8/7. Tamashii Karate & Tai Chi Center, 8132 Willow St, Uptown. Info: 504-866-2241. Swedish Massage Clinic – 6:15 & 7:45pm. (also 8/13 & 29). Help students with their education at the student massage clinic. Swedish is good for overall relaxation & increasing flexibility. $30/by appointment only. Blue Cliff College, Clearview Mall, across from food court, Metairie. Info: 504-293-0972. Psychology Meets Numerology & Mayan Astrology Workshop − 7-9pm. Attendees will determine their Myers Briggs personality type, Life Path Number and Mayan Birth Calendar and compare these pieces of information to learn more about themselves. Laptop &/or Smart Phone required. Love Offering Appreciated. Akashic Reiki: 504-233-8555.


Happy & Healthy Hour − 5-7pm. Start the weekend with a pick-me-upper: Ayurvedic oleation treatments, Reiki, massage and herbal iced teas. Free. Affordable Healing Arts in the New Orleans Healing Center, 2nd floor upper. 504-408-2266.

Reiki Practitioners’ Sharing – 6-8pm. Practitioners Level I and above, all lineages. A brief group prayer/meditation and general discussion and the giving and receiving of Reiki sessions. Suggested donation $5 plus. Women’s Center for Healing & Transformation, Abita Springs. RSVP to Kelly McGee: or 504-913-6155.


Personal Growth Workshop − 9am-4pm. Personal Growth Workshop that explores the Enneagram personality system. $89. Women’s Center for Healing and Transformation, Abita Springs. Call Ann with Enneagram Insights for details: 985- 773-2307.

DNA Skincare − 5pm. Jahnel Profit, Licensed Esthetician, discusses the benefits of this skincare line. Royal Nubian Skincare Studio in Classy Shears Salon & Spa, upstairs suite, 3815 Frenchmen St. Please RSVP: 504-406-0509.

OCH Art Market – 10am-3pm. Local artists, food and music. 2nd Sat each month with different monthly themes. 1618 Oretha C. Haley Blvd, Central City, NOLA. Info: 985-250-0278.


Plants that are Super – 9am-noon. Allen Owings (10am) from the LSU Hammond Research Center will speak on LA Super Plants and the plants that grow most easily in New Orleans. Free talk. Herbs, sun loving tropicals and LA SuperPlants for sale at the greenhouse. Parkway Partners, 1137 Baronne St, NOLA.


Reiki Circle − 11am-1pm. Master Thea Bashful and Akashic Master David Redbord inform, guide and channel universal energy for healing and relaxation in a community setting. Open to anyone interested in the practice of Reiki. By donation. Affordable Healing Arts in the New Orleans Healing Center. Info: 504- 491-9952.


Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program – 5:30pm. Dr. Debbi Hannan presents: The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program at Chiropractic Health Center, 101 Clearview Pkwy at Airline Dr. Free. Reservations required: 504-454-2000. Holistic Education Monthly Meeting/Metairie − 6:30-7:30pm. Sponsored by Holistic Center for Health & Healing, Inc. Speaker: Tanya Simmons on Brain Heart Conference. Discussion follows. Free/ open to public. Old Metairie Library, 2350 Metairie Rd. Info: 504-812-1332.


Mindfulness Stress Reduction & Healing − 7-9pm. Presentation of a video of Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD of the Center for Mindfulness Medicine at Univ. of Massachusetts, who gives guidance and insight into Mindfulness and how it can work for us. Presentation followed by discussion. Love offering appreciated. Info: Akashic Reiki 504-233-8555.


Light Language III – 9am-5pm. A 5-day workshop (8/16-8/20) led by Cindy Daigle of Center for Enlightened Transformation. Learn powerful 144 shape grids created to shift the energy in ourselves, realizing our life purpose or to effect change in a national or global arena. Also on Skype. Fee: $1100. Journey into Wellness, 3939 Houma Blvd Bldg 3, Ste 15, Metairie. Info: 504-931-6494.


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First Degree Reiki Class – 11am-7pm. (also 8/17 & 18) w/Reiki Master Elizabeth Ohmer Pellegrin. Reiki promotes and accelerates healing of the body, mind and spirit. Learn to do Reiki for yourself and others. No experience needed. Private classes and retreats on request. Pre-registration required. $250. Info/registration: 504-376-8518 or text 504-388-2356.

Reiki Level One – 10am-7pm. Learn the powerful and spiritual practice and healing art of Reiki. A gentle and empowering training led by Reiki Master Dr. G. Love. $250, includes course material fee. Pre-reg. required. Contact: 5directionswellness@ or call 917-881-8507.

Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program – 12:30pm. Dr. Debbi Hannan presents: The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program at Chiropractic Health Center, 101 Clearview Pkwy at Airline Dr. Free. Reservations required: 504-454-2000. Free Family Self Defense Class – 6-7pm. Tamashii Karate & Tai Chi Center, 8132 Willow St, Uptown. Registration required: 504-866-2241. Deep Tissue Massage Clinic − 6:15 & 7:45pm. (also 8/27). Help students with their education at the student massage clinic. Deep tissue is muscle specific and really works out the kinks. $30/by appointment. Blue Cliff College, Clearview Mall, across from food court, Metairie. Info: 504-293-0972. Avatar® Info Hour − 6:30-8pm. Before taking on the world, we need to master our own mind. The Avatar Course opens a window to the inner workings of our own consciousness. Free. For location and reservations: Michele 985-774-3853 or Peggy 985-707-3395.


NeuroMuscular Therapy Clinic – 12:45 & 2:15pm. ( also 8/28). Help students with their education at the student massage clinic. NMT is a partial body massage focused on a specific problem area. $30/ by appointment only. Blue Cliff College, Clearview Mall, across from food court, Metairie. Info: 504-293-0972.


Meditation Class − 5:30-7pm. (also 8/29). Learn to practice Vipassana meditation and relaxation in a 3 class series. Presented by Sue McCann, LPC-S, LMFT, LAC, RYT. $60/three meetings. Insights of New Orleans, 2412 Athania Pkwy, Metairie. Space limited. Reservations required: 504-832-4096 or Monthly Sustainability Series – 5:30-7pm. Sponsored by Global Green, AIA and USGBC, a monthly panel presentation and discussion series on issues of sustainability and environmental responsibility. Location: AIA New Orleans, 1000 St. Charles Ave., NOLA. Info: 504-525-8320. Change Your Mind Change Your Brain − 7-9pm. A video presentation about how neuroscientists concluded that molecular biologist and Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard was the “happiest man alive.” Discussion follows. Love offering appreciated. For details: Akashic Reiki 504-233-8555.


Parents Night Out – 7-10pm. (also 8/26). Drop off your child and have a parents night out. Fee & registration required by 8/22. Tamashii Karate and Tai Chi Center, 8132 Willow St, Uptown. Info: 504-866-2241.


Using Mother Nature’s Medicine Cabinet − 10amnoon. Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Use medicinal grade essential oils to replace toxic pharmaceutical drugs to resolve health concerns and live healthier, longer. Includes samples, biosurvey assessment. $15. Holistic Life Approach, 107 N Theard St, Covington. Contact Janice: 228-7317731 or First Degree Reiki Class – 11am-7pm. (also 8/25) w/Reiki Master Elizabeth Ohmer Pellegrin. Reiki promotes and accelerates healing of the body, mind and spirit. Learn to do Reiki for yourself and others. No experience needed. Private classes and retreats on request. Pre-registration required. $250. Info/ registration: 504-376-8518 or text 504-388-2356. Detox Your Body Using Essential Oils − 1:303:30pm. Explore basic techniques to eliminate toxins using a variety of simple strategies, including essential oils, to cleanse the body gently and naturally. Includes handouts, samples and biosurvey assessment. Door prizes. $15. Holistic Life Approach, 107 N Theard St, Covington. Contact Janice: 228-731-7731 or


Registration for Children & Teen Karate Classes – Children learn confidence, respect, discipline and more. Tamashii Karate & Tai Chi Center, 8132 Willow St, NOLA. Info: 504-866-2241.


Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program – 5:30pm. Dr. Debbi Hannan presents: The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program at Chiropractic Health Center, 101 Clearview Pkwy at Airline Dr. Free. Reservations required: 504-454-2000. Avatar® Info Hour − 6:30-8pm. Before taking on the world, we need to master our own mind. The Avatar Course opens a window to the inner workings of our own consciousness. Free. For location and reservations: Michele 985-774-3853 or Peggy 985-707-3395.


Meditation Class − 5:30-7pm. Learn to practice Vipassana meditation and relaxation in a 3 class series. Presented by Sue McCann, LPC-S, LMFT, LAC, RYT. $60/three meetings. Insights of New Orleans, 2412 Athania Pkwy, Metairie. Space limited. Reservations: 504-832-4096 or


First Degree Reiki Class – 11am-7pm. (also 9/1) w/Reiki Master Elizabeth Ohmer Pellegrin. Reiki promotes and accelerates healing of the body, mind and spirit. Learn to do Reiki for yourself and others. No experience needed. Private classes and retreats on request. Pre-registration required. $250. Info/ registration: 504-376-8518 or text 504-388-2356.


Take Control of Your Health Care – 6:30-8:30pm. Medicine cabinets often contain drugs that are synthetic, toxic, expensive and even dangerous. Use medicinal grade essential oils to resolve health concerns and live healthier, longer. Includes samples, biosurvey. Free. Castine Center, Pelican Park, 63350 Pelican Blvd., Mandeville. Contact Info: (985) 6267997 or

communityresourceguide Connecting you to the leaders in natural healthcare and green living in our community. To find out how you can be included in the Community Resource Guide email to request our media kit.


Erin Kenning, MSOM, Dipl.OM, LAc, LA Lic.# ACA.200039, NAET specialist 9515 Jefferson Hwy., River Ridge 504-715-2317

Experience a Pain-free body, a Peaceful mind, and a Greater overall vitality. Take the first step to a life of ultimate wellness. Visit us on the web or call for more information. See ad on page 13.


LA Lic.# ACA.200012 530 E. Rutland St., Covington 985-869-3299

Acupuncture Works! It is a safe, drug-free approach to managing many common health concerns. Specializing in herbal medicine, pain, stress, women’s health, and more.

PANGEA ORGANICS Rachelle 520-907-5314 Cynthia 985-768-0691

Your Beauty Ecologists! Our organic and ecofriendly skin care products are free from GMO’s, Gluten, Sulfates and Synthetic Ingredients. What goes on your body is as important as what goes in. See ad page 9.

ROYAL NUBIAN SKINCARE 3815 Frenchmen St. 504-406-0509

A specialty beauty & wellness spa for all skin types for whole body anti-aging and skin repair through facials, body treatments, detox, and more. Contact Jahnel Profit, nationally trained, master esthetician. See ad page 28.

animal holistic medicine JANICE E. POSEY, DVM

315 Lee Ln., Ste. 104, Covington 985-898-3623/504-466-9129

Offering a holistic, integrative approach to healing your beloved pet through acupuncture, herbal medicine/nutritional supplements, and food therapy. We treat the patient, not the symptoms. See ad on page 36.

Beauty & SkinCare ELITE SKIN SUITE

1909 Airline Dr. (Inside Premier Fitness) Metairie, LA 70001 504.452.6964

Holistic approach to skincare using certified organic products. Customized sessions that will address and correct your skin conditions and concerns in a relaxed atmosphere. Holistic approach to skincare using certified organic products. See ad on page 31.

natural awakenings


Linda L. Strickland, BA, CHt, RM, LMT 601 Lafitte St., Mandeville 985-727-9665

Discover the difference & feel the peace through massage/bodywork, select spa services & energy work. Integrative, intuitive, customized approach. Aromatherapy at all sessions. LA 1479/E2445. See ad on page 27.

BODHISATTVA TEA SPA 3021 N. Arnoult Rd., Metairie 504-888-9299

A unique tea boutique and spa offering a variety of whole leaf teas, herbs and tea accessories. Spa services include Massage Therapy, Infrared Sauna, Esthetics, Usui Reiki, Qi Gong and Yoga. Call for appt. See ad on page 14.

August 2013


HOLISTIC LIFE APPROACH, LLC Karen Boudreaux, LMT#5214, CHHC 985-276-8119

We offer a “Whole Person” Approach to Health, Wellness, Stress Reduction and Balance. Personalized massage modalities support you in Nurturing Yourself. We add result-oriented health and diet coaching, to help you reach your Goals! See ad page 11.

breathwork JACK ANTHONY FONTANA Breathing Coach 3200 Lake Villa Dr., Metairie 504-453-9161

Let me guide you through a breathing experience that can release stress, fear, suppression, anxiety and create a space of healing, acceptance and physical and emotional well being. Come Breathe, Relax and Let Go!

There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children. ~Nelson Mandela

breathwork BREATH OF LIFE, LLC

Patricia Stout, LCSW Cert. Integrative Breathwork Facilitator 985-264-8089

Breathwork journeys for women only--individually or in group setting. Invite Your group to a breathwork retreat at the Women’s Center for Healing & Transformation in beautiful Abita Springs. Release, renew, refresh. Breathe.


1515 Poydras St, Ste 1010, NOLA 70112 (504) 799-4260

The New Orleans Chamber supports local business development and growth through educational seminars and networking opportunities and more. In 2011 a Green Committee was formed to foster sustainable business development in the Greater New Orleans area. Check the website for the Chamber’s next networking event.


Alternative Health Consultant 504-897-9670

Stress, poor circulation, headaches, back pain, insomnia, depression, stroke, asthma, weight loss? You name it! Oxygen heals! Free one week in- home trial! See ad on page 14.


chiropractic/wellness CARE CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC 2201 11th Street, Mandeville 985-626-4422

Dr. Nancy Gravel offers pain relief and total health care to her patients, specializing in relief of neck and back pain, headaches, spinal rehab, sports injuries, auto accidents, drug-free pain relief during pregnancy. Accepting most insurance/affordable payment plan. See ad on page 27.


Dr. Debbi Hannan 101 Clearview Pkwy. at Airline, Metairie 504-454-2000 Experience the difference! We offer total wellness care: Chiropractic, detoxification, nutrition, endermologie, DRX-9000 nonsurgical spinal decompression, cold laser, EB-Cellular Cleanser, Far Infra Red Sauna and the Ideal Protein Diet plan. See ad page 16.


128 W. Harrison Ave., New Orleans 504-488-1800

Rebuild, repair and renew your body today! Family wellness consultant, Dr. Joshua Rilette, helps alleviate aches and pains through specific chiropractic care and offers weight loss plans, cold laser therapy, nutrition, body cleansing, detoxification and orthopedics. See ad on page 21.

counseling and psychotherapy ANDREA SCHEELE, LCSW,

LMFT 708 Aris Ave. LA 70005 “You too Metairie, can move away from the past andAttachment towards Psychotherapy 504-265-8736 a life of vitality, wholeness and fulfilling relationships.” 1303 Amelia St., New Orleans 504-899-2686 Upscale consignment Individual, Couples boutique at affordable & Family Therapy prices. Large & small home /décor & Attachmentfurniture, Psychotherapy EMDR accessories, jewelry, Andrea Scheele, LCSW, LMFT handbags and home1303 party products. Amelia Street Accepting New Orleans, LA 70115 new consigners weekly. (504)Rental 899-2686Space available for home party products. Wed-Sat 10-6. See ad page 13.


New Orleans

Relational Well-Being: in individuals and couples. Trauma Resolution (EMDR): loss, childhood neglect and abuse & other traumatic events. Alleviate Anxiety and Depression. Emotional Support for a Healthy Lifestyle: weight loss. See ad on page 23.


PSYCH-K & Mediation 504-723-2899

day spa THE WOODHOUSE DAY SPA 4030 Canal St., New Orleans 504-482-NOLA (6652)

A results oriented approach to growth & healing that is designed to restore balance & harmony to body, mind and emotions. Marylou also guides couples in conflict to peace through the gentle process of sacred mediation. See ad on page 27.


From beginning to end, our dedicated spa teams ensure your journey enhances your well-being and enlivens your spirit. Over 70 massage, facial, body and nail treatment options. Special packages and group events also available. See ad page 21.


2313 Metairie Rd., Metairie 504-338-4268

Quaint oasis in the heart of Old Metairie, with a massage therapist with over 10 years experience. Physician, Dr.Edmond Wood combines western medicine with eastern philosophy. Other services offered: Massage, Facials, Body wraps, botanical peels, Weight loss, B-12. See ad page 6.


1101 Robert Blvd., Ste. A, Slidell 985-641-8058

Offering a holistic and patientcentered approach to dentistry, because we believe the health of the mouth and overall health cannot be separated. We help those we serve make decisions that are in their best interests, based on their values and goals, by providing state of the art information within a trusting relationship. See ad on page 18.

energy psychology GAIL GILLESPIE, PH.D

Child and Adolescent Psychologist The Healing Center 2372 St. Claude 337-458-1965

Traditional approaches are combined with powerful yet gentle acupressure point stimulation (Emotional Freedom Technique) to efficiently and effectively reduce or eliminate physical and emotional pain. Family-centered and holistic treatment for mind/body/spirit healing.

A woman’s time is short, health a priority. BodyFusion brings training -Cardio, Strength, Flexibility -conveniently to your home. BodyFusion works within Your crowded schedule. To reserve a free individual fitness analysis call Debbie today.


Australian Bush Practitioner & Teacher 504-388-2356

Practitioner and teacher of Australian Bush Flower Essences. Many custom blended essences available, including: Detox, Calm & Clear, Stress Relief, Confidence, Cognis, Woman, Travel Ease, Adolescence, Yoga. National LMT/CEU classes available. See ad on page 14.

Health Coach EARTH GIRL HEALTH Lisa Guillot 985-231-8006

Together, we will discover the food and lifestyle choices that best support you. Making gradual, lifelong changes enables you to reach your current and future health goals. Schedule a free one-hour health consultation. See ad on page 12.

HOLISTIC LIFE APPROACH, LLC Karen Boudreaux, LMT#5214, CHHC 985-276-8119

We offer a “Whole Person” Approach – customized to fit YOU, Your Lifestyle! One-on-One Support, Kitchen Raids, Grocery Field Trips. We support you in reaching YOUR Goals of Health, Wellness, and Balance. See ad on page 11.

natural awakenings


& Aromatherapy

GREEN OAKS APOTHECARY 2259 Carey St. Slidell, La 985-285-9215 Find us on Facebook

Handmade in Olde Towne Slidell, we offer aromatherapy and herbal remedies for the body and home that are made from organic/organically raised earth origin ingredients: absolutely NO petro-chemicals, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, formaldehyde, or any other junk! See ad page 13.

holistic healing Centers AFFORDABLE HEALING ARTS Located inside the NOHC 2nd Floor Upper, Ste 200 985-467-0900

AHA! is a Community of healing Arts Practitioners in a beautiful, comfortable space where practitioners and clients meet. Independent practitioners find affordable shared office space in a community environment. Clients find practitioners with their best interests in mind. See ad on page 29.

WOMEN’S CENTER FOR HEALING & TRANSFORMATION 71667 Leveson St,. Abita Springs 985-892-8111

Non-profit center with events, classes, support groups and on-site professional appointments for women, by women. Massage, health and fitness coaching, holistic and body-based psychotherapy, spiritual consultations, and more. Large room rental for women’s workshops. See ad on page 11.

ABITA HEALING ARTS in The Women’s Center for Healing Suzanne Harper, LMT, MHealthEd 985-892-9322 Virginia Davis, BSRN, LMT 985-400-8933

Massage Therapy, Chi Nei Tsang, Tai Chi, Continuing Ed. for LMT’s, Qigong classes & workshops. Food for Longevity & Healing workshops. Integrative Health Coaching, Mind-Body Skills Groups. Refer to Women’s Center ad on page 11.

August 2013


holistic/energy healing CENTER FOR ENLIGHTENED TRANSFORMATION Cindy B. Daigle 504-931-6494 North shore and New Orleans area

Cindy utilizes powerful energetic healing methods to shift and balance the auric field, chakras and the cells of our body. Health, Joy, and Balance within, attracts the same externally. See ad on page 24.

DR. JESS TREGLE Metaphysician 504-352-6418

Dr. Jess specializes in a type of natural healing that makes you feel more relaxed, very peaceful, and much lighter! Release anxiety, sadness, anger, guilt, pain, and all other negative feelings! Gain your inner-freedom back!

STEP’S HOLISTIC INFORMATION & REFERRAL SERVICES L.E. “Step” Stepteaux, Jr., C.Ht. 504-236-4687

Connecting People With People and Information Around The World. I enjoy helping people to reach their goals, from around the country to around the world via the Telephone & the Internet.


Methodist Health System Foundation Bonnie Miller, Director 985-726-9333 ext 118

Hypnosis is an effective means of communicating with your mind to overcome blocks and achieve goals. Individual, group and corporate programs. Locations in Slidell, LA and Hattiesburg, MS. See ad on page 9.

integrative medicine IRENE SEBASTIAN, M.D., Ph.D

401 Veterans Blvd., Ste. 203, Metairie 504-838-9804 Experience the difference that Homeopathic Medicine and Functional Medicine can bring to your health. The safe alternative— Less need for prescription drugs— Stimulation of your innate healing force. See ad on page 22.


New Orleans

Dr. Kathleen Posey, M.D. 377 Hwy 21, Ste. 101, Madisonville 985-845-4111

Our mission is to improve health and reverse chronic disease through hormonal and energetic balancing and nutrition. A practice of preventive medicine and wellness with a holistic approach to women’s gynecological and overall health. We offer a healthy medically supervised weight loss program. See ad on page 20.


massage schools BLUE CLIFF COLLEGE Clearview Mall, Metairie 504-293-0972

Train for an exciting, new career as a Licensed Massage Therapist. Earn an Associates degree upon completion of advanced massage training. Inquire about financial aid. See calendar for information about our $30-student massage clinic. Visit our retail shop for massage supplies: Biotone & Therapro Cremes & Oils, aromatherapy products, books & more. Monthly specials! See ad on page 9.

Kenner and Metairie Locations 504-441-5555 PMAWellness.US

Multidisciplinary, Integrative approach to healthcare, including primary care, weight loss management, food intolerance testing, allergy testing, hormone balancing (in-house laboratory) and a vast array of aesthetic services. See ad page 12.

life coach APRIL STOLF MNLP, RYT 504-982-9642

Life, Yoga, Fashion. A unique combination of services from an NLP Master Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, and Fashion Expert to support you in becoming your best Self. Overcome obstacles, regain enthusiasm, build confidence, improve overall health, and discover your personal style. See ad on page 15.


Coach/ Peacebuilder 504-669-1020

natural baby & child BETTER BOTTOMS

Diaper Delivery 504-731-7500

Better Bottoms is an affordable cloth diaper service that has serviced hundreds of New Orleans Metro area babies! Keep baby happy and healthy while keeping diapers out of landfills! Check our website for diaper options and accessories. See ad on page 30.


2122 Magazine St., NOLA 504-596-6540

ZukaBaby specializes in cloth diapers, breastfeeding supplies, baby carriers, natural toys and locally made baby items. Hosting monthly community events: La Leche League, Babywearers Meetup, nutrition classes and Wee Hands baby sign language. See ad on page 32.

Works with groups and one-on-one to promote progress and peace using whole-brain processes working to prevent/resolve conflicts creatively, use emotional intelligence (EQ) skills and leadership and meditation for stress relief. See ad page 9.

natural foods & supplements

martial arts TAI CHI-QI GONG

Shifu King Lam 8132 Willow St., Uptown 504-866-2241

Asian Arts to improve health, fitness, personal safety, rejuvenate energy. Achieve a better mind, body and spirit. Serving New Orleans community for 35 years. See ad on page 7 and calendar for classes.


Jeff Landry 985-273-8411

Seaweed in a bottle. Fortified with proprietary Fucoidan-rich limu extract. Helps strengthen your immune system, improve mobility, boost your metabolism and has antiaging properties. Need extra income? Business opportunities available. See ad on page 17.

MARDI GRAS ZONE SUPERMARKET 2706 Royal St, NOLA 504-947-8787

Original supermarket offering a great selection of organic and vegetarian healthy foods, natural pet supplies, and wellness products. Sustainably integrated, providing fresh and pickled produce, free-range eggs, and aged beef fresh from the 100%™ farm. See ad page 33.

THE NUTRITION COMPANY 4350 Hwy 22, Ste H, Mandeville 985-727-3482

“Where Healthy Tastes Good.” Featuring organic juices, wheatgrass, all natural, sugar free smoothies, full service organic coffee bar. Also freshly prepared organic salads, soups, chilis, free range burgers and grilled sandwiches, wraps, paninis, vegetarian & vegan specialities. Delicious Swerve baked goods! Dine-in/take-out. Catering available. Open Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5, closed Sun. See ad on page 10.


Jeanie Leclere 504-888-4464/504-319-3665

Nourish your body with all natural, food-sourced vitamins, minerals, glyconutrients and antioxidants. Simply mix with food or beverage without affect taste. Enjoy the benefits of energy boosting with immune system-supporting nutrition


6111 Pinnacle Pkwy., Covington 985-809- 1693

An interactive gourmet specialty shop packed with international food and cooking products in alluring, Mediterranean-style surroundings. See, Smell and Taste the many flavors while enjoying an un-matched shopping experience with an international flair. See ad on page 6.


3308 Cleary Ave., Metairie 504-888-3077

Pharmaceutical quality nutritional products, vitamins, minerals, herbs and natural hormones. Natural hormone balancing consultations. Counseling on pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals by a registered pharmacist and clinical nutritionist. Alkaline water available as well as sessions with Photon Genius. See ad on page 47.

naturopathic doctor DR. CATHERINE WILBERT, ND Phone: 985-727-3482

Nationally recognized weight loss & wellness expert, author of the book, Mending Your Metabolism. Stop treating symptoms and start getting well! Diabetes, blood sugar control, weight management, women’s health, detox, performance nutrition and more. Ask about out 12-week “Set on Success” Weight Loss to Wellness Program. End dieting forever!

NATURE’S LINK WELLNESS CENTER Kristine Devillier, ND 337-332-2705

Kristine Devillier, ND offers natural health consultations to empower clients to begin the journey towards health. Using lifestyle improvements and natural supplements, she has helped clients with diabetes, hormone imbalances, weight management, stress reduction, & many other concerns.

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All natural, vegan soaps, skin care, and other thoughtful gifts made by hand and packaged in cute and quirky designed packaging, printed on tree-less paper. Born and bred in Louisiana, based in New Orleans. See ad on page 15.

personal growth ENNEAGRAM INSIGHTS

Ann Galloway, Cert. Enneagram Teacher 985-773-2307

The Enneagram is a personality typology combining psychology and spirituality. The purpose of the Enneagram is to help us become more present, awake, and connected. Workshops/ Groups/Individual Coaching. Northshore/Southshore. See website!

professional organizer CLEAR THE CLUTTER Stasia Cymes 504-920-1800

Guiding you through the process of decluttering, downsizing & getting your home organized. This Grade A business on Angie’s List offers 3 hour sessions & free consultations. Removal of recycling & donations included! See ad on page 15.

nutritionist DANIELLE PACIERA, LDN, RD, CCN 5002 Prytania St., New Orleans 504-889-8771

Visit our new website!

personal Care Products

Cutting edge holistic nutrition services. Specializing in complementary and alternative medicine, therapeutic uses of foods, supplementation, vegetarian nutrition, women’s health, sports performance, eating disorders, depression, addiction, and more. See ad on page 33.

natural awakenings


Reiki Master, PSYCH-K Facilitator 504-233-8555

Offering healing support for relief from mental, emotional, and physical issues; especially anxiety, depression, stress, and physical pain. Reaching for peace on all levels. Working with universal will, wisdom, love, joy, wholeness, peace, and freedom. See ad on page 7.

August 2013



Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner 504-388-2356

Offering 23 years experience in Reiki – Usui Shiki Ryoho, upholding the highest standards in Reiki classes and Reiki sessions. Reiki can be a personal tool for healing and growth, a way to give energy to family and friends, or a gentle complementary therapy in holistic medicine. See ad on page 14 and calendar for classes.

FIVE DIRECTIONS WELLNESS Geryll Robinson-Dr. G. Love, DN Naprapath,Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner New Orleans 917-881-8507

Enter our r/Evolutionary healing space and connect to your birthright as a Universal Energetic Be-ing! We offer Usui Reiki Attunements, Community Supported Continuing Education, Spiritual/Emotional Healing, Spinal Alignment, Food/ Lifestyle Counseling, and Cross-cultural Shamanic Apprenticeships.


2605 Ridgelake Dr., Metairie 504-529-SUN9

Since 2007, South Coast Solar has helped more than 500 clients start saving money with solar energy using best-in-class products and installation practices. 100% locally owned and operated. See ad on page 34.


Usui, Karuna & Rainbow Reiki Master 3939 Houma Blvd., Bld. 3, Ste. 15 Metairie 504-909-3723

Certified & experienced Master Teacher offering sessions & classes to the Greater N.O. Area. Healing Touch, Pranic Healing, Crystal Healing, Reiki Drumming and Animal Reiki practitioner. Visit our website for full information. See ad on page 29.

retreat center DOLORES WATSON

621 Opelousas Ave., New Orleans 504-905-4090

Elegant, donation based retreat center in quaint, quiet Magnolia, MS just 1 1/2 hours from New Orleans, Baton Rouge or Jackson. Ongoing retreats in meditation and yoga. Ongoing meditation group in New Orleans. Vegetarian. Available for rental. Capacity for 40 people. See ad on page 28 and ongoing calendar.


New Orleans


1223 Baronne St.

Kundalini Yoga is considered to be the most comprehensive of yogas, combining meditation, physical practice and breathing exercises. All levels of experience are welcome to all classes. See ad on page 31 and calendar for events/classes.



The Avatar® Course is a series of experiential exercises that empowers a person to spiritually awaken as a source being. Free mini-courses on forgiveness and belief management are offered by appointment. Two-day workshops also available. Peggy Verret & Michele Beisler Licensed Avatar Masters. See ad on page 23.

Gambit’s ”Best Place to Take a Yoga Class” ten years in a row. Over 40 ongoing classes per week for beginners and experienced taught by skilled teachers in a peaceful, positive atmosphere. Offering courses, workshops, retreats and concerts. See ad on page 11 and calendar for events/classes.




THE WELLNESS CENTRE OF BR Dr. Karin Nielsen, ND, CCT 1528 Delplaza Dr., Ste B Baton Rouge, LA 70815 225-229-6107

Offering full body Thermography, detects abnormalities in the earliest stages, to find underlying causes of disease as it looks at the entire body’s BEHAVIOR after being stressed. Consultations/ follow up care are offered as well. See ad on page 19.


Sue McCann, LPC-S, LMFT, LAC, RYT 504-832-4096

Insights of New Orleans, your easily accessible wellness center collaborating with each client to rejuvenate, restore, and inspire with offerings of compassionate holistic healing modalities. Metairie location.Visit our website for list of modalities. See ad on page 6.

4842 Perrier St., New Orleans 504-899-0047

yoga teacher training YOGA SCHOOL, L.L.C.

603 S. Tyler St., Covington 985-893-8834 YogaSchoolCovingtonLA

Offering Yoga Alliance registered teacher training with certification at the 200 hour and 500 hour levels. Also a state licensed Yoga Therapy training program. Visit website for more information. See ad on page 27.

yoga therapy AMY ARCHINAL, RYT, PRYT Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy 504-899-6167

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy combines meditation, assisted yoga postures, breathwork and client-centered dialogue to promote self-awareness. Discover the wisdom of your body. See ad page 21.

NOW AVAILABLE AT CASSO’S WELLNESS STORE & GYM Hello Everyone, Seek first the “Kingdom of God” not the “Thingdom of Man”. LUKE Chapter 10:27 You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your being, with all your strength, and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.

The Renua Medical

3-D BODY ANALYZER The first truly non-invasive, non-X-ray, non-MRI, non-blood test technology on the Planet!

Our 3-D Body Analyzer looks at the functioning of your insides, just like these pictures.

Please go to It’s crucial to read the messages from March 16, 2013 forward and use these messages to prepare your spiritual life. Have no fear because this is God reaching out to us in these times with Love. Please say the Crusade Prayers attached to these messages.

With this analyzer we may see advanced warning signs of aging and of major and minor health problems before they happen, in these organs and systems:

Abiding as Love in Each Present Moment The peace of Christ depends on your willingness to abide in the present for no other reason than to extend creation. To be one who receives Love, acknowledges the presence of Love, breathes Love, and then allows it to flow through the body-mind, through the voice, through the handwritten word, through the wink of an eye… whatever it is. Then you are done with it and you are on to the next moment.

Need advice about nutrition and holistic solutions to your health problems? Or help managing your own personal Anti-Aging program? The Renua Medical 3-D body analyzer is the answer. Quick, easy, informative… the only one of its kind!



Holy relationship, then, is where any two beings choose to come together and each of them, individually, chooses to be in the presence of Love. Then, whatever happens, happens. Perhaps one will sit in a chair and read a book while another one watches a movie. Perhaps they will come together and create a beautiful dinner. It really becomes quite irrelevant because they will be moved by the mysterious energy of Love itself, which is the will of God creating experience through His creations. And when that moment is gone, it is gone. The mind of each of them simply finds itself in a new present moment. Please love and pray for each other all over the world.




The mind then, that is free… free from the egoic need to make, to control, to shape… is free from identification with the past and anxiety over the future, abides in the perfectly eternal now. For no other reason than to receive the awareness that it abides in Love’s perfect presence, and then allows that mysterious reality through that mind… right where it is… as it is. It does not need to make a show. This is not about having a prescribed set of activities to do. You are merely present in the moment, and Love lives you.

Love Y’all, Mike

• Heart • Brain • Liver • Stomach • Intestines • Bowel • Bladder • Prostate • Uterus

Welln s ’ o s


The peace of Christ comes only to that mind that withdraws valuation from the past and the future, and surrenders into the present. For only in the present can Love be felt, known and extended. Such a mind is a creator. And through that mind, the perfection of Love’s extension flows… without impediment, without obstacle, and without mistake.

The Newest Revolution in Whole Body Health and Anti-Aging Analysis

FINALLY, get ADVANCED Information about your: • Energy levels • Adrenal functioning • Diabetes • Thyroid functioning • Blood Circulation • Oxygen concentration • Hormone functioning

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• Massage with Elise Peytral (LA # 1306) • Hypnosis with Charles “Chaille” DeLerno • Reiki with Reiki Master Marlene Chaplin • Body Building & Defining Products • % Body Fat Analysis • Alkaline Enhanced “Wellness” Water • BioMat – Infrared Technology • Scientific Hand Analysis Like Us! • Somatics “Muscle Movement Therapy” with Danny Burke

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August 2013


Be part of the region’s largest

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…a great opportunity for your business to reach the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health & Sustainability) market, the fastest growing consumer sector.

Saturday, Oct 12, 2013 10am to 6pm – Pontchartrain Center, 4545 Williams Blvd., Kenner Featured Keynote Speaker

James Gordon, M.D. Founder and Director of Center for Mind-Body Medicine, Washington, D.C. Professor of Psychiatry & Family Medicine Georgetown University Medical School

Panels, Workshops & Presentations All Day! Learn about Integrative Medicine, Energy Efficiency, Complementary Therapies, Sustainable Businesses, Fitness, Nutrition, Socially Responsible Investing, Locavore Eating, Holistic Approach to Dentistry, Anti-aging and more.

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Monthly magazine with editorial focus on health, wellness, fitness, environment and sustainable living in the Greater New Orleans, Louisiana...

Na nola aug13 digital  

Monthly magazine with editorial focus on health, wellness, fitness, environment and sustainable living in the Greater New Orleans, Louisiana...

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