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RESUME ACADEMIC 1 Kayak Park in East Providence Bold Point Park, 2015 2 Experimental Design in RISD Farm Barrington, 2014 3 The Finest Drawing Room Providence, 2015 4 Coloring South Side Trinity Square Historic District, 2015 5 Unearth the Fading Land Zhengzhou, 2013 6 Learn From Vernacular Enshi, 2012-2014 7 Activate after Tsunami Japan, 2012-2014

INSTALLATIONS & EXHIBT DESIGN PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE TRAVELOGUE Architectural Images by my hand Europe, 2012-2013||401-834-4688

EDUCATION Rhode Island School of Design Master of Landscape Architecture, 2014-2016 Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) Master of Architecture, 2012-2014 Wenhua College, HUST Bachelor of Engineering, 2008-2012 PROFESSIONAL BIG -Bjarke Ingels Group|Externship, full-time, Jan-Feb, 2016, New York City EXPERIENCE Concentrated on Google Project in Mountain View, California, a collaboration between BIG and

Heatherwick Studio. Participated in the co-workshop; assisted the team in studying the site strategies from research and comparison to programing and zoning; tested details about edge conditions between interior and exterior space; contributed renderings and diagrams for several presentations to Google. Also responsible for physical models in canopy structure and landscape contexts, requiring comprehensive grading interpretation.

WET Design|Design Intern, full-time, June-August, 2015, Los Angeles Collaborated in the design of three kinds of water features in three locations: a cultural center renovation, a memorial, and a commercial fountain. Engaged in pre-design research and cultural study for Al Faisaliah, an islamic cultural center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Completed design projects for clients SRP, a hydropower company in Arizona, and the Butler Center, a commercial shopping district in Florida, which included cultural research, concept generation, engineering collaboration, final presentation, and product design based on new technology. Also took on the responsibility to test the style guide and standardize the design of plan representation systems.

Green Building Research Center, HUST,|Graduate Assistant, 2012-2014, Wuhan, China Acted as Project Leader in Architectural Design of Daughter Village in Enshi Grand Canyon recreation region, and also as Main Designer in its hotel region. Involving in this project for more than two years from the first field analysis to DD phrase. 3D modeling, analysis the site with program like GH, as well as cooperation with urban engineer or landscape architect, and communication especially with clients are all the skills I gained. During this period, I also assisted the Green Technology Pavillion for 10th China(Wuhan) International Garden Expo and some planning projects in lots of renderings and communication between Thomas Herzog Architekten and Wuhan delegation.

Central-South Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd|Intern, part-time, 2010-2014, Wuhan, China Fundamental CAD drawing assistant with Renovation of Yellow Crane Tower and Renovation of Residential Community and Kindergarden.

Oskar von Miller Forum|Volunteer and Interpreter, 2013, Munich, Germany Helped to arrange the Wuhan China Engineering Design Exhibition, and stayed there as interpreter at the exhibition for half month. I also worked as translator for a professor from Tech University Munich in academic exchange with the exhibition.

EXHIBITION "Image Landscape", RISD Museum, Providence, 2015 "Skyline from Shanghai to West Sichuan", HUST, China, 2012

From Landscape to Architecture and always back to Nature




Art Happened When Scale Shifting


INSTALLATION DESIGN Instructor: Colgate Searle Group Work with Ziqing Chen&Brianna cato It is independent temporary work in the site analysis of Tillinghast Farm. We used wood sticks and plastic fabric mesh to build series screens in perspective directional arrangement like a parallax on the sandy area between the beach and marshland. It can frame the whole sequence of thersholds from beach to marsh land to the woods. However before we can see these diversity colorful layers through the frame, we usually hardly notice this sublime as we moving from the uplands all the way down to the sea as final destination. Since we seldom turned around and look back intentionally, the installation can work as a reminder: leading people from upland to discover it, go through it, experience it in different distance, different scale, and send people a surpurise at the moment you turning back found the parallax and transitions in it. We also wanted to creat a kind of film experience that inviting you to build the plots the clemax by yourself.

EXHIBIT DESIGN Instructor: Douglass Scott Project Left: Chemical Element Ca exterior space design Project Right: Architect Sculpture for Pier Luigi Nervi interior space design

Professional Practices


Nandi lu portfolio2016 |Full Version|  
Nandi lu portfolio2016 |Full Version|