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9 Patch Wonder Block Potholders Tutorial

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Instructions: Step 1 Make a nine patch block out of 4" squares. You will need 4 patches of fabric A, 4 patches of fabric B, and 1 patch of your accent C fabric. Arrange blocks like in the picture with your accent C fabric patch in the center, fabric B in the corners and fabric A around the accent patch. Three fat quarters should yield four potholders and you change the fabric from A to B, then C, and change the accent C fabric to A or B for each new potholder you make. Each of your four potholders with have the same fabrics but in different locations on the 9 patch block so they will all be a little different.

Step 2 Fold this nine patch block in half with right sides together and sew the two short sides with 1/4" seams.

Step 3 Now open it up and match the two side seams. Pin the long diagonal center seam leaving a 3" opening near one end. See Step 4/Picture 4 for details.

Step 4 Be sure you don't leave the opening at the very end, but stitch about 3/4" in (which will later create a corner), then leave the 3" opening and then continue sewing across, all using a 1/4" seam. The 3" opening will be used to turn it right side out along with the Insul-Bright batting,when it is time in Step 7.) Flatten the block out. The side with this seam and the 3" opening is the back of the potholder/quilt block turned inside out.

Step 5 Since you will end up with a potholder/quilt block 7 1/4" square, cut two pieces of Insul-Bright batting 7 1/4" square. I stitched these two pieces of Insul-Bright batting together all the way around the square with 1/2" seams. This will help keep them together. They seem to want to slide around so that is why I used the 1/2" seams.

Step 6 Place the double layered Insul-Bright square on the table and the front side of the potholder down on top of the Insul-Bright. Remember the potholder is still wrong side out. (I tried spraying the Insul-Bright with 504 spray and then placing the potholder on it, but they do not stay stuck to each other through out all of the turning inside out, so I just skipped the spray on my last potholders.)

Step 7 Now, turn the whole potholder inside out along with the Insul-Bright batting. It is a bit of a struggle turning inside out with the Insul-Bright batting through that 3" opening, but it does turn inside out and will flatten out nicely. Remember to use a tool of sort to point out the corners because once you stitch the 3" opening up it will be too late. Press and pin the 3" opening shut.

Step 8 Hand stitch the 3" opening shut as I did in my first completed potholders and you are finished.


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Nine Patch Wonder Block Potholders Tutorial  

Here is a great tutorial for making 9-patch wonder block potholders. These will become addictive. Make them for all your quilting friends.

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