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Improve Your Chances of Breast Growth By Nancy Newton

Many people have tried to grow their breasts but failed miserably. On the other hand, there are equally many if not more who have tried growing their breasts and succeeded, some by as much as 2 cup sizes. What makes the difference? That was what I sought to discover. So I did some pretty extensive research to find out. And I did one crucial experiment to confirm the accuracy of the results of my research. I’ll let you know what experiment I am talking about at the end of this article. So I got my hands on anything I could find about how women’s breasts grew. My research took me to medical websites, journals, online and offline articles, library books and lots of other resources. I discovered that there are a few factors that influence the size and shape of a woman’s breast. Some of these factors are controllable while others are not. Those that are beyond your control are your age and genes. It is virtually impossible to grow your breasts after menopause. The genes you are born with also play a role in determining breast size and shape. Other than these 2 uncontrollable factors, the rest are well within your control and you should take advantage of them to grow your breasts.

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Among the factors within your control are: Diet Lifestyle habits Emotional and mental conditioning These 3 factors combine to grow your breasts if you know how to utilize them. The first vital factor is your diet. You should eat a diet rich in phytoestrogen which is plant estrogen. Since estrogen, the female hormone, is responsible for the growth of your breasts in puberty, consuming more estrogen in its natural form will grow your breasts. Certain herbs and plants are rich in plant estrogen. They include wild yam, fenugreek, saw palmetto and soy products. Besides that, a protein-rich diet also helps as protein is converted into fats in your body and most of your breast is made out of fat tissue. But beware of saturated fats like animal fats as they cause health problems. Consume polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats like olive oil, vegetable oil, canola oil

and deep sea fish oil. You should also maintain a balanced diet with the right proportion of trace minerals as they help to absorb the phytoestrogen and proteins in your body. Secondly, a healthy lifestyle with enough rest, little or no smoking and consumption of alcohol and enough exercise is vital in growing your breasts. Some people think that exercising the chest makes the breasts grow. That is not true although chest exercise does cause the chest muscles underneath your breasts to grow. Hence that generally increases your bust size but your breasts are not influenced by exercise. So do not overdo the exercises. Finally, a positive attitude and good mentality also contributes to the growth of your breasts. Keep negative thinking and attitudes to a minimum. Do not harbor grudges, be pessimistic, critical or complaining. Learn to be contented and at peace. I found the perfect method for breast growth that describes all the required elements in detail in Nancy Newton’s ebook, “How I made my breasts grow bigger naturally”. Nancy’s methods work because it does not just focus on the diet aspect (like how most other products do); instead it also includes how to use your imagination and mind to grow your breasts. Well, the only way to prove whether my discoveries were accurate was to try Nancy’s method. So I became my own experiment. I am proud to say that after 3 months implementing Nancy’s method, I have grown my breasts from a size 32A to a 32C. I am so excited! So if you want to grow your breasts, get Nancy Newton’s book. Learn More about grow bigger breast naturally, natural breast enlargement, natural breast enhancement

Improve Your Chances of Breast Growth  

And I did one crucial experiment to confirm the accuracy of the results of my research. I’ll let you know what experiment I am talking abou...

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