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Pasta Pals Pasta Pals Noodles With Oodles of Fun Pasta Pals Pasta Pals Adventure second to none We don’t always have it together But together we have it all! Pasta Pals!


There are more than 600 different pasta shapes made around the world!

Thomas Jefferson, America’s third President, is

credited with bringing pasta to America in 1789! ‘Al dente’ is used to describe pasta when it is cooked to perfection. ‘Al dente’ in Italian

literally means “to the tooth.” Pasta that is ‘Al dente’ should not be overly firm, nor should it be overly soft!

The word ‘pasta’ comes from the Italian for

paste, meaning a combination of durum, wheat, semolina, and water!

Pasta existed for thousands of years before

anyone put tomato sauce on it! In fact tomatoes didn’t exist in Europe until 1519 when Spanish explorer Cortez brought them!

If Italians ate their average yearly intake of pasta in spaghetti shape, it would stretch around the Earth 15,000 times!

The first documented recipe for pasta

was found in the year 1,000 in the book “De Arte Coquinaria per Vermicelli e

Macaroni Siciliani” written by Martino Corno, chef to the powerful Patriarch of Aquileia!



What is Pasta?

Pasta is food, and it is a delicious food. Families all over the world eat pasta. Very often pasta is part of their main meal of the day.

What is Pasta Made From?

Pasta is made from durum wheat semolina, which is mixed with water, made into shapes, and then dried. Eggs are sometimes mixed with flour to make pasta dough.

Pasta +

Sometimes pasta may contain other ingredients such as eggs or vegetables. These ingredients can be mixed into the dough before it is dried, like in the case of egg pasta, or they can be added as a filling, in the case of filled pasta like ravioli.


Pasta can be served with delicious sauces and foods such as tomatoes, olive oil, cheese, vegetables, fish, clams, shrimp, meat, and beans, so it tastes good, too!

Pasta Shapes

Pasta is made in many fun shapes. Some shapes are like long strings, such as spaghetti and linguini. There are hundreds of other different shapes including shells, ribbons, wagon wheels, bow ties, and stars. There are also filled pastas, such as tortellini, where the pasta is wrapped around meat, cheese, or vegetables.

History of Pasta

Children and parents have eaten pasta for a very, very long time. Wheat flour was one of the first foods of our distant ancestors. To make the flour, they crushed the kernels of wheat between two rocks. Then they mixed the flour with water, and cooked it. We know this from drawings they made on the walls of the ancient caves where they lived. The ancestors of Italians, called Etruscans, made drawings that show them making a food from wheat that looks like pasta. It was not very long after that the Romans made a food they called “lagana” which we now call “pasta.” The Romans traveled to many countries, carrying pasta with them, and taught other peoples how to make and cook pasta.

1. Pasta is quick and easy to cook. 2. Pasta, and pasta meals, are delicious. 3. Pasta, and pasta meals, are nutritious and healthy. 4. Pasta is convenient and easy to store, thanks to its long shelf-life. 5. Pasta is not expensive. 6. Pasta can be served hot or cold. 7. Pasta can be served as a main dish or a side dish. It can also be served in soups, salads, and even in desserts! 8. Pasta is also environment-friendly, thanks to its packaging that permits 100% recovery of the materials.


1. Science says eating a balanced variety of different foods is more important for good health than worrying about any single food or ingredient.

7. Doctors, nutrition experts, and other health experts should tell their patients to eat more healthy pasta meals. Olive oil is used in many pasta sauces.

2. Traditional ways of eating are usually healthier than today’s popular foods. Pasta and pasta meals are an important part of most traditional ways of eating, all around the world.

8 Pasta meals are enjoyed in cultural traditions worldwide, as they are versatile and easily adaptable to national/regional seasonal ingredients.

3. Too many calories—not any one food— can contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle 4. Pasta is not expensive, and it is easy to find in stores and prepare at home. 5. Pasta and pasta meals give our bodies a steady supply of energy—a good thing. They do not cause sugar in the blood to rise quickly. 6. Pasta meals help people to eat more vegetables, legumes, and other healthy foods.


(tons) Italy 3.316.728 Hungary 66.000 United States * 2.000.000 Rep. Dominicana 65.000 Brazil 1.300.000 Ecuador 56.000 Russia 1.083.000 Austria 54.778 Turkey 851.830 Romania 52.600 Iran 560.000 Australia 50.000 Egypt 400.000 Switzerland 46.470 Venezuela 341.554 Bolivia 43.000 Germany 334.179 Guatemala 38.000 Mexico 330.000 United Kingdom 35.000 Peru 297.162 Netherlands 23.335 Argentina 324.437 Slovak Republic 22.000

Spain 252.208 Costa Rica 20.873 France 241.933 Sweden 20.200 Tunisia 183.000 Jordan 20.000 Canada 170.000 Croatia 13.000 Poland 160.000 El Salvador 13.000 Greece 145.000 Syria 9.005 Japan 144.500 Slovenia 6.261 Colombia 131.270 Lituania 5.976 Chile 126.080 Panama 4.364 India 100.000 Latvia 1.845 Portugal 76.000 Estonia 1.400 Czech Republic 70.000

(tons) United States 2.700.000 Chile 144.000 Italy 1.540.846 United Kingdom 135.000 Brazil 1.195.000 Greece 115.000 Russia 1.128.188 Hungary 74.000 Germany 650.000 Switzerland 73.600 France 513.008 Portugal 69.000 Turkey 448.309

Austria 61.111 Iran 360.000 Czech Republic 60.000 Venezuela 350.213 Ecuador 54.800 Argentina 321.225 Croatia 30.216 Peru 243.000 Slovenia 10.672 Spain 236.424 Costa Rica 14.444 Poland 190.169


Penne is a beautiful girl who has a big crush on Mac. They escaped from the Pasta factory in Parma, Italy along with The Angel Hairs, Elbows, Ziti and many of their relatives. They sought refuge America in every place they could find from old warehouses to abandoned buildings. They now live on a shelf in an old grocery store in Brooklyn, New York that is closed temporarily, but time is running out. There is a For Sale sign on the door. They do not want to get separated and they do not want to get into any hot water. Oh, the doom and gloom of hot water!! Yikes!!! Penne has to think fast. Mac and the gang is just hanging out, playing games and wasting time. The Angel Hairs are in a big competition with The Elbows as to who is the most popular noodle on the shelf. Let’s ask The Big Cheese, says Ziti. Parma, The Big Cheese says, “Oh, I love all of you. I never met a Pasta noodle I did not like. I sprinkle all my love on you, my beauties.” “Who cares about this???” screams Penne, “we are all going to go to different homes and never see each other again unless we can think of a plan.” “We need to find out about our history so we can help plan our future and be safe.”

“Let me go around the shelves to see if I can find any books about the history of Pasta. Our history and facts about our ancestors may be able to help guide us now.” “I will go with you” shouts Mac. “Don’t forget us!” cried The Angel Hairs and Elbows. Soon they all followed. Everyone was ready to embark on their quest to trace their history. “This is a great adventure” said Spaghetti. “Yes!!” shouted Vermicelli and Capellini. “Oh my, our group is growing so large I don’t think we can navigate these narrow shelves.” “Hey Penne!” calls Mac. “La-La has a good idea.” “Oh no! Lasagna is too big, too wide!” exclaims Penne. “How can they come along? Let’s just see what they have to tell us.” says Mac. “We are all in this together, my bella Penne. The La-La’s are BIG but they are also BIG thinkers.”

When Penne and Mac arrive at La-La Lasagna Land they are greeted by Linguine and Fettuccini. “Pretty Penne and Elbow Mac how nice to see you!! It’s been a long time. Let us tell you a story about our history. We have studied this for a long time. Some historians say we were discovered in the 13th Century by Marco Polo, who introduced pasta in Italy upon returning from one of his trips to China in 1271. In the Books of the World’s Wonders, Marco Polo talks about the pasta in China. In our opinion, our history goes much further back, back to the ancient Etruscan civilizations, which made pasta by mixing cereal and grain. This made us very healthy and nutritious. Our roots in ancient Rome, Africa, Greece, Arabia and China made us who we are today. STRONG! DIVERSE! POWERFUL! We helped expand the Roman Empire!! Roman Cicero one of Rome’s greatest speakers and poets said he loved pasta! We have LOVE from all over the WORLD! This gives us hope. My friends with all we have gone through I think we can find our way to a safe happy place. Maybe we can give some love back.”

Everyone was cheering after Lasagna finished speaking. Then the lights came on and they heard the emergency warning. People’s voices! They scrambled back to their boxes and posed on the shelf as if nothing was wrong. “I’m scared!” cried little Pastina. “Sheesh!!!!!!!! Let’s listen” whispers Penne. “We have throw most of this out. Yea, what is the shelf life on this? Ok, let’s do it tomorrow. Most of the pasta can stay. The dates are still good on the boxes. They look a little shabby to me. We’ll see.” “Penne! Mac! Ziti called out. Are you OK? Is everyone OK?? Yes, we are fine. We need to escape before tomorrow” said Rigatoni. “Parma, why are you crying?” “My best friend Tomato Sauce is gone. They took him.” No one was able to really sleep. Time was running out. When the sun peered in from the store window they realize it is morning and they hear Farfalle happily singing.


“What on earth is going on?” says Penne. “I am painting” said Farfalle. The others laughed. “Are you painting Bow Ties ??” “Ha! Ha! Ha! No I am painting us. Our picture.” “Huh?” they all shout in unison. “Here have some fun...Jump, dive into these beautiful pools of colors. The food coloring shelves were so helpful. I did not realize how many friends we have on that top shelf.” “When did you do all this?” asked Mac. “I explored all night after our pep talk from Lasagna. Then I painted. Look!!” Farfalle displays his beautiful painting of how it looked outside their window from their factory in Italy. It was magical! All blue skies, rolling hills, olive

trees, purple mountains and a sparkling blue sea in the distance. “This brings back so many memories” cried Fettuccini and Linguini. “Come on, lets get colorized!! DIVE IN, EVERYBODY” shouts Manicotti with her clipboard organizing placements. “Rotini has mats. After we dry we can jump into the picture that matches our colors. A PASTA PAINTING!!” “Ok, Farfalle, Your painting is beautiful and we are so proud to be a part of it but I don’t get it. Now what??” cries Penne. “Penne, Penne, Penne! We are now ART! We can be on display, even if we are sold, we can all be together. Art lasts forever” says Farfalle.

“Your Pasta Painting looks AMAZING!!!” said Marylou Meyers, to our store’s new owner Mario Martelli. Marylou is a regular customer of the newly opened Brooklyn Market. All day long Penne, Mac, Farfalle, La-La Lasagna, Rigatoni and their entire gang get compliments on their beauty. There is always laughter in the new store. They have so many new friends and big groups of all their happy friends on the shelves, are finding “forever homes”. Most importantly, the Pasta Pals are all together and safe from the doom of HOT WATER! “Life is good!” exclaims Penne. She is very grateful to Farfalle’s great idea to create such a beautiful painting. “We all worked together to make it happen! That is why our Pasta Painting is so magical”, says Penne. “It expresses the magic of love and friendship!! Pasta Pals Team Work!” cheers Mac. Fettuccini and Linguini are singing now in perfect harmony:


“Pasta Pals, Pasta Pals, We are noodles with oodles of fun! Pasta Pals, Pasta Pals, Adventure second to none, We don’t always have it together, But together we have it ALL! Hooray for Pasta Pals!” they all shout amidst a sea of giggles. “Penne, I have a secret and I’m afraid to tell someone”, whispers little Pastina. “Oh my, You can tell me”, says Penne while she is hugging Pastina. “I heard a lady ask Mario if she can take our painting to the museum and put it on display. Mario said he would think about it, but then the lady said she would pay him. I guess Mario though fast, because then he said OK, come back tomorrow.” Penne’s mind is flooded with a million questions.... “Oh My! What would this museum be like as our home?” “How can I tell everyone? How can we leave our shelf friends? I will miss the store and all its

laughter, warmth, sweet smells and sharing. The store has become our “forever home” or so we thought. Time to break the news to everyone”, Penne laments. “Ok, Ok, let us all stay motivated and positive!” says Mac. Let’s try to sleep and by morning we may find out we do not have to move to the museum. Farfalle lies awake and splashes more colors everywhere. “STOP! You are making us even more beautiful!!” screech The Angel Hairs. “Yea! that is why we are in this mess”, says Rotini. “I’m scared”, cries Pastina. “Please settle down, everyone”, says La-La Lasagna... “We can figure this out, I know we can. Things are always better in the morning.” Penne has a restless night, while her mind is racing. She still has so many questions but no answers. Mac comes over to cheer her. “Penne, my Bella, One joy can scatter a million sorrows! You are my one JOY, Penne!”

“Oh Mac!” cried Penne. “I love you.” Everyone is awakened bright and early by Margaret Green the Museum curator banging on the front door. She gives Mario her check and Mario gives us one long last wistful look. But, he puts us in a bag anyway. “I am too sentimental, ehh Margaret?? This painting pulls on my heart strings. It reminds me of where I was born. Oh, the memories!” “You are doing the right thing, Mario”, says Margaret crisply. “You are sharing culture and history with all the right people now! Cultured people. Educated people.” “Margaret are you saying my customers are stupid and not cultured? If so, you are VERY WRONG!” says Mario firmly. “Bye now!” Margaret quips, as she leaves. There is so much emotion and commotion because now we are stuffed in a bag and our fate lies in the very cold hands of Margaret Green. We are off to a new home we know nothing about. Our dreams of living happily ever after in the

Brooklyn Market are dashed. “Finally!” says Vermicelli. “I thought she would never take us out of the bag.” “Why is it so cold in here?” asks The Angel Hairs. “It is too quiet here”, says Mac. Now even Penne was crying. “Hi! Welcome! I am Andy.” They all stared at the large soup cans painting, it made them home sick for their shelf friends. “Wow! that is cool, Andy”, says Farfalle. “Is this your work?” “Yes, thank you”, says Andy. “I do Pop Art and I have a couple rooms here. I wanted to come and greet you because I know what it is like to be different. Your work is great and very unique, Farfalle. It is the whole group of us who creates this magic. I understand” says, Andy thoughtfully. Spaghetti is So Slippery, by Andy Warhol, 1958.... “Look at this, everyone! Our new friend Andy is very famous”, exclaims Penne. “I LOVE his spaghetti painting!!! He is awesome!” says Mac.

“Maybe Andy Warhol can give us some advice, on how to adjust to the museum and fit in.” “FIT IN???? WHY WHY DO YOU WANT TO FIT IN??” came a shout from another room. They follow the shouting and see paintings of beautiful landscapes, starry nights, red vineyards, wheat fields and sunflowers.! “These are amazing”, says La-La Lasagna. “Such color and emotion”, says Farfalle. “It is pure love”, says Mac as he gazes at Penne. “I can’t hear everything you are saying, but I want to tell you, to not try to be like everyone else!! I am Vincent and I learned that the hard way many years ago. Just enjoy being different.” Andy Warhol pops in and announces, “My adorable Pasta friends, I would like to introduce you to Vincent Van Gogh. His painting style is so different it started an entire new art form.”

“What is it called?” asks Pastina. “Post Impressionism”, says Andy. “Vincent, why are you talking to yourself?” asks Pastina. “Sheesh”, says Penne. Vincent has a lot going on his mind, thinks Penne. Farfalle is taking notes. “I think we can truly learn a lot from our two new museum friends: Andy Warhol and Vincent Van Gogh.” “Where is Mac?” asks Penne. She discovers him as he is standing, captivated by a painting. “This smile reminds me of yours, Penne”, says Mac. Mona Lisa, it says here by an artist named Leonardo DaVinci, says Penne. “Jump in! Come fly with me! Dream Discover with me!” They all hear this big voice but they can’t see anyone. “Look up”, says Rotini. It is a flying machine. It swoops down and gathers them into it like a bunch of flowers and they are flying high across the rooms of the museum. “Welcome to this flight”, says

Leonardo. “DREAM WITH ME!” Penne and Mac are holding hands tightly as their new adventure begins.

“Thanks Leonardo”, Penne and Mac exclaim as the rest of the Pasta Pals cheer! “Flying in your flying machine was amazing!!” “Oh just call me Da Vinci! All my special friends call me that. Well, I have to stop over to Michelangelo’s now... see ya soon,” says DaVinci. “Penne, why are you crying?” asks Mac. “I MISS HOME!!” “There, there...we will get back to the market, soon ‘mia bella’”, comforts Mac. “NO NOT THE MARKET, MAC...ITALY! OUR REAL HOME! The place where we were born. I miss the sounds, the smells and the heart and soul our home”, laments Penne. “Yes, yes, Penne.... That is why they call it “ home sick”.... But you look too beautiful to be sick, ‘mia amoure’” says Mac affectionately. “Hey everybody, look what I found, A TIME MACHINE!! WOW! shouts, Rigatoni!!! Oh my this is so COOL...look an whole book about time travel and everything.”

“Who is H. G. Wells??” asks little Pastina. “It looks like he was an artist and a writer...Very interesting!!” exclaim the Angel Hairs. “The Time Machine is a science fiction novel by H. G. Wells, published in 1895 and written as a frame narrative. Wells is credited with of the concept of time travel by using a vehicle that allows an operator to travel forward or backwards in time. The term “time machine” was coined by Wells...” they read aloud in wonder. “Oh, Mac...look at all this. We can travel back in time”, says Penne enthusiastically. “We can go back to Italy and see everyone. PLEASE!!!!!!!!”, cries, Penne. La La Lasagna guides everyone to a large room where a man appears to be teaching a class. “This is H. G. Wells, and he is talking about his book: The Time Machine”, whispers LaLa Lasagna. “Maybe he can help us”, says Mac.

HG Wells! H.G. Wells was a writer of science-fiction works—including The Time Machine and War of the Worlds—who had a great influence on our vision of the future. Born in England in 1866, H.G. Wells’s parents were shopkeepers in Kent, England. His first novel, The Time Machine was an instant success and Wells produced a series of science fiction novels which pioneered our ideas of the future. His later work focused on satire and social criticism. Wells laid out his socialist views of human history in his Outline of History. He died in 1946.

“Hi Mr.Wells, we love your art and your writing.... My friends and I were wondering if you can help us actually travel back in time”, asks Farfalle. “Here is the model, based on my sketches and book, but it has never actually been used to time travel”, explains, H. G. Wells. “But that does not mean it would not work, right?” says Mac. “You are correct!!!” confirms, H. G. Wells. “Tell me where you want to go and I will program the machine accordingly, Also, remember, if you want to return, there are two time travel trips involved here, not just one. It is very complicated science”, explains H. G. Wells. “Thank You, Mr. Wells!!!” cried Penne. “Give me some time to work on this tonight and come back in the morning”, says H. G. Wells. Pasta Pals all have so many questions but they quietly exit the room, so H. G. Wells can work on his Time Machine. They all vividly imagine the magic of seeing their home again, before they were sent to America.

“Mac?” “Yes”, my dearest, Penne. “I’m afraid”, says Penne “Oh Penne, our time together is beautiful no matter where we are. Let’s cherish our time here, now and forever”, says Mac. The Pasta Pals drift off to sleep, dreaming of home...back to the special night when Uncle Enrico is singing his famous song and the concert hall is full and so much love is in the air. “Well, are we all ready to try this time travel thing?” announces Farfalle, nervously as they all awaken. Questions and chatter fill the room. Many worried faces are looking at each other. “Where are you going?” Penne, asks Mac. “I am going to thank Mr. H. G. Wells for his help, but tell him we can’t go today. Mac, when I hear Uncle Enrico in my dreams, my memory brings that special night back when we met.

I don’t need a time machine, because the memory is in my heart”, says Penne, thoughtfully. “Penne, Penne, Penne, you always amaze me”, says Mac.. OUR LOVE IS FOR ALL TIME!!!

“It’s Vegas Baby!!” scream the Angel Hairs “Oh look there’s Elvis!”cries Bella Stellina Pastina “Where’s La-La?” says Penne “Relax Penne,” comforts Mac “La-La is probably getting us registered with the convention people.” “THE INTERNATIONAL PASTA EXPO !!!” announces Dr.Ravioli ! “Just think Penne, everybody at this convention is celebrating US!!” exclaims Mac. “Yes, Pasta is connecting people GLOBALLY!: replies, Penne. “So we go dancing, see some shows, go to the rooftop swimming pool and.... Penne, what on earth are you writing??” implores Mac “I am doing the POWER POINT for our Pasta Pals Product Line,” retorts Penne firmly... ”Mama Mia, all you think about is business,” says Mac. “I’m going to hang out with the Elbows and Vermicelli, Ciao Bella!!” says Mac affectionately, as he leaves.

“Hi Penne!” exclaim the Elbows as they breakdance across the room. “Hi Elbows, I have a great Talent Showcase for you,” says Penne. “I brought the Bavettes in to do a big dance number with you for the Al Dente Party. So just imagine their chorus line and your breakdance moves,” says Penne excitedly; “It will be AMAZING!” scream the Elbows. “Okay, let me coordinate and in the meantime you create the choreography,” instructs Penne. The Elbows

leave the room dancing toward their task at hand. “Kick-Ball-Change, Jazz Walk, Kick-Cross StepSide-Kick and Turn...while the Chorus Line does a Step-Kick-Step-Kick, brainstorm the Elbows, under their breath as they leave. This dance will be great,” Penne mutters to herself. “Penne, do you need any help? You must be exhausted,” says Dr Ravioli . “Well, now that you asked we still need to

choose a partner for our Pasta Pals product line.” “I agree dear,” says Dr. Ravioli , warmly. “Since we have the Magic Water of Life from Yemaya , now we can spread that magic and joy to children all over the world through our Pasta and never be afraid of the water again,” says Dr. Ravioli . Penne and Dr. Ravioli chant while holding hands:

Yemaya’s Song! Magic Water of Life Round and Round and Round we go... Up Up Up And down below Going through the Water of Life... Hand in Hand we all Jump in Let the magic spell begin Going through the Water of Life Just let yourself go Friends will catch you If you fall... Let yourself swim free The magic water calls Love is with you One in all!

“Oh, I am so glad I found you two,” gasps La-La Lasagna. “Hi La-La!!! What’s going on??” ask Penne and Dr. Ravioli , still holding hands from their chanting. “A million things...” says La-La, taking out a large notebook and a stack of forms. “We need to have all of this filled out by tomorrow,” La-La says emphatically. “I am sending a text announcement to everyone now,” says Penne. “Inform all our Social Media Platforms, let’s design and print our business cards,” instructs, Penne. The Ziti Twins Cheer... “Fettuccini and Vermicelli!! We need them to write the code for our APP.” “I will go find them,” says Rigatoni. “Hi Penne, look at this huge computer room I found,” squeals Bella Stellina Pastina! “GREAT,” says Penne. “We can just work through the night,” says Penne optimistically. “Our SHOW WILL GO ON!” Penne, La-La and Rigatoni announce

confidentially in unison. On Show Night... “Bravo! The Bavettes are amazing dancing with the Elbows,” says Mac loudly, as the crowd roars with applause. “Wow, Farfalle did his best fashion design work ever on those dance costumes,” says Mac. “Your slide show presentation was the best I have ever seen,” Penne, compliments, Spaghetti. “YES!” exclaim the Angel Hairs. Tagliatelle was passing out the veggie pasta. While Parma served a BIG Cheese plate. Capellini set up a big TV screen and The Pasta Pals saw their show made the news. The Pasta Pals gather round for a group hug and present Penne with a big bouquet of roses. “Thank you!” exclaims Penne as she passes out a rose to everyone. “This belongs to all of us, each and every one of pasta family. I love you all,” says Penne, sentimentally. “Now let’s go to that rooftop Pool Party!!!” Mac and Penne shout out in unison.

The calls are pouring in after an extremely successful convention. The Pasta Pals New York Office is bustling with excitement. “Hello This is Pasta Pals; Hold please”....says Bella Stellina Pastina. “Penne!” calls Mac. “Yes…Farfalle is handling our Fashion Line. Taglatalle is running our Publishing Company and Book Deals Beckettes run our Dance Company… Yes, Yes, thank you... we will have the proposal sent to you by tomorrow”, says Penne, very business like. “What is it, Mac?”..Penne whispers. “My favorite CEO”, Penne, coos Mac...”I have a surprise for you”. Mario called me, to congratulate us, he heard about our popularity and impact at the Vegas Pasta Convention, and he has a group who want to build a PASTA PALS THEME PARK,” Mac recites proudly.

“Oh Mac, Leave it to you,” says Penne proudly. “We have a lot of work to do if we are going to design an entire theme park”, Penne says excitedly. “Sure...Games, Rides, Food Court, Live Shows, the works”, confirms Mac. But I was hoping this would be FUN!” Mac announces. “It will be fun AFTER the work,” says Penne emphatically. Penne hears Mac muttering something about understanding fun, before you can provide fun... “Okay, Penne, I am going to go hang out with The Elbows,” pouts Mac. “MAC!!!!” Penne, called, but he was already gone. “Oh hi La-La, I have a question for you”, asks Penne thoughtfully. “Sure, what’s on your mind”, says La-La. “Am I FUN???” asks Penne, very seriously. La-La starts laughing hysterically. “What’s so funny?” questions Penne. “I am sorry, Penne, but you are working all the time, and you know how much I love you and appreciate all you do for us and how you are running all our business deals”... La-La rambles on.

“So in other words, you do not think I am fun anymore...Mac is right,” sighs Penne. “Sometimes you can find yourself by finding fun”, councils Dr. Ravioli. “Fun is not hard to find; you just have to look for it”, chorus the Angel Hairs. Farfalle hands Penne a book: The Art of Having Fun. “Thanks everyone,” says Penne sentimentally. “Group HUG!” says Parma. “I have an idea”, says Penne excitedly...”Oh NO,” says Mac as he comes in and dances by Penne and spins her around in a dance turn. Tomorrow is FUN DAY! shouts, Penne I love your idea, Mi Amore, says Mac affectionately. Penne continues...”Games, food, activities, dancing, let’s have everyone do their most fun thing and share it, with each other,” brainstorms Penne. “I REALLY LOVE YOUR IDEA”, says Mac. “Penne is serious about fun,” chuckles Mac to himself.

Fun Day has begun and the Pasta Pals are in an outdoor area that is filled with large Pasta Pals Theme Park Rides, Pasta Booths and all flavors of Music and Dance. Each one of them contributed their most fun thing that they love. Squeals of joy and laughter are heard all around the park. Pasta Adventure Land is AWESOME!! shouts Bella Stellina Pastina! So is the Noodle Go Round, squeal The Ziti Twins. Tageltalle is doing the Tarantella at the Dance Booth, while The Farfalle Wheel is spinning round over the beautiful Magic of Life Water Fall and Pasta Pals Water Slide with the statue of Yemaya. The Rotini Coasters are racing around like colorful ribbons in the sky. WHOO-HOO!!! screams Penne as she and Mac twirl, in the Pasta Pals Bowl of Fun Ride designed by Farfalle and The Angel Hairs. “I am so proud of you, Penne”, yells Mac... “Why? I am just having FUN”, laughs Penne. Dearest Penne, Einstein said “Creativity is

intelligence having FUN! recites Mac. This park, OUR park, is a combination of all our creativity and our love for each other. You motivated us and in the process found your own fun,” Mac elaborates. “Oh, Mac!” gushes Penne Listen...Mac whispers, as The Catalonia Choir sing Everything is Pastable!

Arrivederci Roma Song is playing on the radio... “Arriverderci Roma Goodbye, goodbye to Rome City of a million moonlit places City of a million warm embraces Where I found the one Above the faces far from home... Oh Mamma Mia Penne! Why are you making yourself homesick?” says Mac affectionately. “I am thankful for the beautiful memories of our home in Italy,” says Penne. “This song by Uncle Enrico brings all that magic back, doesn’t it?” asks Penne. Mac answers by swirling Penne about with a dance. The Angel Hairs applaud. “You two are stars,” cheers Rigatoni! “So I guess Thanksgiving here in the Museum will be lonely,” says Little Pastina. “Oh Pastina, there! there! We will make our own party,” comforts, Penne. “We have a lot to be thankful for, Pastina,” says Penne. “We are all together!”

“Hey where is Mac?” asks La-La Lasagna C’est Bon Song is playing loudly in the café... “It means that it’s so good Ah c’est si bon (Si bon si bon) Vincent, thank you! Thank You! ..This café truly reminds me of an enchanting starry night in Paris,” reminisces Mac. “Any time!” says Vincent “I painted this café at night because I wanted to use violets and blue colors to set the mood I miss my home,” laments Vincent. “Everyone is homesick today!” says Mac. “It’s so good!! Just wandering around, Arm in arm, arm in arm, And Singing songs” recite Mac and Vincent together! “Hi Leo!” says Rotini “Oh hi, have you seen Andy?,” says Leonardo DaVinci “Andy was throwing some silver balloons here a

William Shakespeare! William Shakespeare was an English poet, playwright and actor, widely regarded as both the greatest writer in the English language, and the world’s pre-eminent dramatist.

little while ago,” says Rotini. “I wanted to see if he wanted to go on a ride in my flying machine,” says Leonardo wistfully “What’s wrong Leo?” chimes Penne. “Oh I am a little homesick, you know, and it’s Thanksgiving.” says Leo, “You think of home.” “GREETINGS MY FRIENDS!” shouts ANDY! “I have soup for EVERYONE! Not only the cans but actual soup in them. Many different flavors,” says Andy with pride. “Thanks Andy,” says Penne! Somewhere in the distance Penne hears poetry being read, she follows the beautiful words...

Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity.

Love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds, Or bends with the remover to remove: O, no! it is an ever-fixed mark.

“Wow! I love this guy,” says Penne. “I knew you would,” says Mac. “Penne, I would like to introduce you to my new friend Will. William Shakespeare. He writes poems, sonnets, plays the works!” says Mac proudly. “Penne is awe struck as she listens to Will’s greeting, All the world’s a stage, Penne! And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts,”

“Will what are you doing for thanksgiving?” blurts out Penne. “Oh well hmm...actually I was feeling a little nostalgic and homesick and that is why I was reading my poetry aloud to remind me of my plays and live theater.” “I have an idea,” grins Penne. “Oh no,” chuckles Mac. Thanksgiving in the Museum Exhibition THERE’s NO PLACE LIKE HOME! PRESENTED by PASTA PALS says the banner outside and is read by Margarit and many others, the crowd was growing and so was the ling line to get into the museum. Inside there is a magical atmosphere: ART, MUSIC, DANCE from every culture and art lectures from ANDY WARHOL, VINCENT VAN GOGH, a flying ride presented by LEONARDO DAVINCI, and POETRY READINGS by none other than WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. “Penne, you have outdone yourself again.” says Farfalle.

“Thank you, I was just trying not to be homesick myself only to find out by helping everyone else, I found such joy. Home is where the people are Penne,” says Mac lovingly. “Look at our beautiful family here. We are truly blessed.” “Hi my friends, How I have missed you, all.” “Oh my goodness!!!!” exclaims the Angel Hairs “It’s MARIO MARTELLI our Brooklyn Store owner.” “Yea, the guy who SOLD us says,” Ziti. “Now come on my friends, it’s Thanksgiving...I miss you so much cries,” Maro. They all gather for a group hug. “I have a proposal for all of you,” says Mario ...the La-Las are dancing in a chorus line and the crowd is cheering and going wild. “It is so AMAZING what you have done here in this museum, how you brought people together and that is why I want to take you to my new store in Italy,” says Mario, officially. There are gasps all around, and everything grew silent for a moment.

“Well, wanted a Thanksgiving like HOME.” “Oh my, Mac!” “I am so happy,” cries Penne! “Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving to All!” exclaim, the Angel Hairs.

William Andy Leonardo Warhol Shakespeare Vincent Van Gogh DaVinci

Thank You ! s l a P a t s a P

“Well Penne, are your suitcases all packed?” asks Mac. “Italy, here we come! as Mario’s official Pasta Ambassadors.” “Pastina, don’t cry we’ll be back before you know it,” comforts Penne. “Penne, Mac I will miss you both SO MUCH...!!!! Christmas will not be the same without you!!” cries little Pastina. Rigatoni and Ziti hug Pastina tightly. “Hi Everybody!” shouts Andy. “Are you all coming to my Warhol Christmas Art Festival???” “Oh my,” says, Penne...”did you forget to tell Andy??” “Things happened so fast, Penne, I really meant to but I forgot,” says Mac. “Christmas Painting Workshop! Christmas Painting Workshop!” announces Vincent Van Gogh. “Hi Vincent,” chimed Penne, Mac and Pastina. “What’s this?”

“Oh I just thought I would do a watercolor workshop as a gift for Andy’s Christmas Art Festival. Can’t wait to see you all there!!” “Another event we will miss, Mac,” says Penne. “Penne, I get the feeling you want to go to the place you call home, but you are discovering HOME IS WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE...the people you love, mia amore,” says Mac. “Oh Mac, how do you know me better than I know myself??” asks Penne. “It’s a lot of love, Penne!” exclaims Mac. “I had my gift for Uncle Enrico all planned, too” says Penne. “SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” shouts Mac, Rigatoni, The Angel Hairs, Lttle Pastina and Uncle Enrico! “UNCLE ENRICO! YOU ARE HERE!!!!” cries Penne. UNCLE ENRICO SINGS AVE MARIA!” The museum is filled with the awe and harmony and spirit of friendship and working together!

“Our Christmas party is complete and home is truly where the people are!” says Mac. The next day...The museum is bustling with people, visitors from all over the world enjoying carols, cookies and hot chocolate. Lectures and art workshops from Andy Warhol, and Vincent Van Gogh and HG Welles. Leonardo DaVinci even designed a special Christmas flying machine. “We have a special guest from Italy , Mac announces over the microphone and in his honor,” Penne prepared a song dedicated to our wonderful Uncle Enrico!! Penne sings Autumn Leaves along with Uncle Enrico. The crowd roars with applause and cheers. “Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas! Mac,” whispers Penne. “Bon Natalie, my Penne,” says Mac. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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