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OUR MISSION Word of Honor Fund provides a continuum of support that facilitates milestone events for the surviving children of SEALs and Special Operations personnel who die while assigned to a select Naval Special Operations Group. Our word is our bond and it is the purest form of trust. The most sacred of all is a father’s promise to his children. Word of Honor Fund is committed to fulfilling the intentions of each of our fallen heroes by ensuring his children experience life as he had planned before his sacrifice. His untimely passing challenges his promise. Who will honor his word? We will.

WHAT WE DO Aspire to posthumously honor the promises made by fathers to their children in a manner that would have honored those whose lives were cut short in the line of duty.

OUR PURPOSE Many of those who pay the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms, leave behind an unwritten, unfulfilled legacy in their children. This is where the Word of Honor Fund begins. In recent years, two major wars have taken significant tolls on our nation and our families. The overwhelming loss of so many heroes has created a void in the lives of their surviving children. It’s impossible to gage the pain and confusion endured by the children who are left behind as they attempt to navigate life without their fathers. The brutal reality for these kids is that they will grow up without the guidance of a hero and mentor, a beloved dad and male father figure. The affect of such loss cannot be measured. As the brethren of fallen heroes, it’s imperative that we step in to help these kids during the intervening years that lead to adulthood. It’s our goal, and our responsibility to identify the means to honor promises made to them by their fathers, and see those promises through fruition to the best of our abilities.


We will honor promises through the gracious support of our donors, the trust of the surviving families, and the mentorship provided by the members of our special operations community.

KEEPING THE PROMISE Together we will fulfill the wishes and promises fathers made to their children. Directly supporting the children of fallen Navy SEALs and Special Operations personnel who die while assigned to a select Naval Special Operations Group.

Word of Honor Fund is focused on honoring the wishes and promises of a father to his children, as he would have if still alive. “The Word of Honor Fund is a blessing that is difficult to describe until you’ve come face to face with the reality that your husband and the father of your children is not coming home. Staying connected to the community and having men in my children’s lives who were connected to their father is so important to us all.” - Surviving Mom

WHAT IT’S ABOUT Honoring the promises or intentions of a father and fallen soldier made directly to his children, spouse or other survivor prior to his death. Addressing emotional and developmental needs of surviving children after immediate needs have been met, and throughout the child’s journey to adulthood, through the age of 18. Mentoring surviving children in a manner consistent with the father’s known value system, character and spirit. Fostering • Positive reflection of the father through carefully planned events • Personal growth through long-term interaction within the Special Warfare community • Community engagement outside the NSW community Connecting the child/children with teammates or friends of their father while interacting in a personalized, shared experience and environment.

WHEN IT BEGINS Upon the Death of the Father, surviving children are eligible for support any time deemed appropriate by the surviving parent. Support for the surviving child will be provided upon registration by the surviving parent, and will continue for the child through the age of 18, at which point that same child has the option of becoming a mentor. Registration methods for families include: • Website: visit • Email: Kathy Collins: Rosalie Shepard: • Via your Command: Contact your Family Support Coordinator • By Mail: Family Information brochure & registration form *Word of Honor Fund respects the privacy and readiness of each family. It is our policy to provide information through outreach mechanisms that are congruent with NSW community norms and do not violate NSW community sensitivities.

WHERE IT HAPPENS Support Events can take place at any location deemed appropriate by the surviving spouse and in accordance with the Word of Honor Fund Support Continuum. An approved mentor will accompany the surviving child to events based on location parameters outlined below: Location Parameters & Guidelines: • Immediate Area Events for ages 1-6+ • Out of Immediate Area Events for ages 7-10+ • Domestic Out of State Events for ages11-15+ • Continental / Intercontinental Events for ages16-18+ *Location parameters are based on the proximity of a given event to the child/ mother’s home

SURVIVOR SUPPORT CATEGORIES & DEFINITIONS KEYSTONE: A cohesive source of support and stability; the central building block CORNERSTONE: Like the first stone laid in the construction of a foundation by a mason. It’s a point of reference for all other stones in the foundation and dictates the integrity of the entire structure MILESTONE (Support is designed around Milestones) A significant event in one’s life; a stone marker placed along side a road to indicate distance traveled; a turning point CAPSTONE A final touch; a crowning achievement; a culmination

KEYSTONE outreach events The Keystone component of communication in the program takes the form of outreach and serves as the vital link between the families and the benefits offered by the fund. Although outreach largely refers to any form of communiqué, it also implies the physical act of reaching out and acknowledgment of significant dates in the child’s life.

CORNERSTONE mentor-building events

Mentor-Building events foster the pairing phase of the mentor and child by creating local, affordable events that do not require extended travel outside of the immediate area.

• Outdoor Activities • Sporting Events • Seasonal Activities–Skiing,

• The Arts–Ballet, Music, Exhibits • Educational Activities

Climbing, Surfing, Horse Riding

CORNERSTONE group events Group events require exceptional consideration, since they do not fall within an individualized category for the child/mentor experience. As a result, they are distinguished by the following separate categories:

GROUP EVENT • Involving two or more child/ mentor pairs

• Requires a 1:1 Child/Mentor ratio • Serves as a Mentor Building event in a group setting • Must adhere to the set funding parameters

FAMILY EVENT • Typically required when the surviving child is female

• Can involve the mother’s

participation based on a given circumstance • Requires the mentor be thoroughly briefed on his role as a mentor • Can be a Milestone event

MILESTONE developmental support events Developmental Support events can be provided to the child to assist in keeping him/her involved in an ongoing activity consistent with the father’s intent or an activity that is deemed beneficial to the child’s development. Support for these activities also facilitates the child/mentor pairing process, and serves as a simple way to ensure that the child’s developmental trajectory remains true. Developmental Support Events are precursors to Milestone Significant Developmental events Developmental Support events include:

• Activities that prepare a Child/

Mentor pair for a Significant Milestone Event • Access to Arts Activities (Music, Dance, Theatre) • Support for Sports Leagues and/ or Progression Sports

• Support for School Membership Activities

• Sponsorship to attend Charitable or Church Activities

MILESTONE significant developmental events Significant Developmental Milestone events are the basis of the fund’s mission and require a great deal of forethought and consideration. Milestone events are tailored for each individual and are designed to become a defining moment of development and reflection for each child/mentor pair. A Milestone event should:

• Be carefully crafted and

designed around the child’s personal growth trajectory and individual needs

• Begin at approximately the age of 7

• Be scheduled at least 4-6 months in advance

CAPSTONE CULMINATION A Capstone event is the final event for a teen that has benefited from the Word of Honor Fund and reached the end of the support continuum. Although, it marks their last Word of Honor Fund experience, it also prepares them to return to the support continuum as a mentor. Special consideration is required when designing this event, as it will most likely involve travel outside of the continental US. As a defining moment in the child’s life, we make every effort to facilitate this event with individuality, reflection and honor in mind. A Capstone event may include one or more teen/mentor pairs.

SUPPORT CONTINUUM EVENTS PER AGE PER YEAR The Support Conitnuum is designed to builid upon each child/mentor event. Every year a child is in the program they will experience coordinating events that are designed specifically for his or her developmental trajectory based on what the father would have wanted.





Keystone Cornerstone

Keystone Cornerstone Milestone

Keystone Cornerstone Milestone

Keystone Cornerstone Milestone


16-18+ Keystone Milestone Capstone

OPPORTUNITIES FOR GIVING INDIVIDUAL OR CORPORATE GIVING Checks are accepted through the mail, or with an online credit card donation to below addresses: Word of Honor Fund P.O. Box 777 Bellevue, ID 83313 PLANNED GIVING Create a gift in your estate plan. By leaving Word of Honor Fund in your will, you will continue to support children in our NSW community for years to come. MATCHING CORPORATE GIVING Increase your giving power by combining with your company match program, if offered by your employer. TRIBUTE Make a donation in honor or memory of someone in lieu of flowers or gifts. IN-KIND GIFTS We gladly accept gifts or services that can be used for our fundraising efforts. For further information on ways to give please contact: (208) 720-2111 All donations are tax deductible in accordance with federal tax laws. EIN 47-3063401.

Word of Honor Fund P.O. Box 777 Bellevue, ID 83313 (208) 720-2111

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