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20th Anniversary Winter 2010 - 2011

N 1991 DI


Dear Friends of SETCH:

As you may already know, Kristy Pigeon, the Founder of SETCH has retired as the Executive Director after 19 years of dedicated service to the organization she founded. She is an extraordinary person who had the vision to start a riding program for disabled people at her Sagebrush Arena. She then inspired others to join with her as volunteers, instructors, donors and riders to build it into a program that serves over 200 physically, mentally, and emotionally challenged riders each year at no cost to them. Kristy has been working toward retirement for the past several years, turning more and more of the operational responsibility over to the staff and the Board of Directors. She has promised to keep in touch with the program so this will definitely not be goodbye. As in the past, SETCH will continue to lease the Sagebrush Arena from Kristy. We are fortunate that Leslie Benz, the Vice-President for Development on the SETCH Board of Directors, will be working as the Acting Executive Director until a new Executive Director is hired. The biggest “thank you” we can give Kristy is to continue the work she started so the program will continue to serve the needs of our riders. But I hope you will join us at the 20th Anniversary Cowboy Ball on July 7, 2011, as we personally honor and thank Kristy for the foresight, commitment, dedication Photo taken in 1995 and love she has exhibited over the past nineteen years. On behalf of the SETCH Board and all of us who delight in knowing her we wish her …Happy Trails!

Esther Ochsman President

Mission Statement Sagebrush Equine Training Center for the Handicapped 100 Let’er Buck Road - Hailey, ID 83333 208-578-9111

SETCH is a 501 (c)(3) Idaho non-profit corporation founded in 1991 to provide equine-facilitated therapy for challenged adults and children. Our goal is to provide physical, cognitive and emotional benefits that will encourage independence, help develop life skills and improve quality of life.




Esther Ochsman, President Ann Leonardo, Executive Vice President for Finance Mary Ahern, Vice President for Governance Lynn Kaplan, Vice President for Administration Leslie Benz, Vice President for Development Kristin Orr, Secretary Scott Porter, Treasurer Liz Brown Elizabeth Bunce Pam Goetz John McDonald Susan Passovoy Miren DuPont Sanchez David Stoecklein Jeffra Syms Teri Szombathy Kim Taylor Penny Weiss STAFF Kristy Pigeon, Founder Leslie Benz, Acting Executive Director Lindsey Jameson, Program Director Sarah Marsh, Program Assistant Aileen Reney, Equine Manager Kate Ristow, Instructor Trudy Peterson, Instructor Lisa Scales, Instructor Robert Olson, Assistant Instructor Larry Smith, Facility Manager Alfonso Contreras, Maintenance Tyler Jaramillo, Maintenance VOLUNTEER STAFF Hugh Blue, Instructor Cally Galpin, Instructor Judy Grigsby, Instructor Bill Postlewait, Maintenance

Little did I know when I built the Sagebrush Arena in 1991 that the therapeutic riding program would have such a strong impact on so many special people! Since the early works of Hippocrates the horse has been recognized for its healing properties. During my own discoveries over the past 25 years of working with horses and people, I have witnessed profound results in improved physical skills, cognitive function and social interactions that all add up to overall life enhancement. The most fascinating aspect of our work is the vast applications of horse therapy that can be employed to address a broad range of disabilities. For example: through responding to the multi-directional movement of the horse, a child with cerebral palsy can improve balance and coordination that may assist in gaining the strength required to learn to walk. Autistic riders can learn to communicate verbally and physically with their horse, and in turn, receive an immediate response when their horse reacts to their cue. In addition, the Sagebrush provides a safe, nurturing environment where “at risk� youth can develop accountability and improve self-esteem. Please visit the Sagebrush to witness, firsthand, the many ways humans can benefit from horses! THANK YOU patrons and volunteers for your strong commitment to help our students to make incredible life strides one hoof beat at a time!

Kristy Pigeon

Founder Retired Executive Director as of August 15, 2010 HORSES Bentley Blaze Blue Captain Charlie Brown Chile Drifter Dublin Fortune Henry Jack Max Patches Vic Yum Yum

C harlie PROBABLY won t win cutting HORSE of the year but he will ...GIVE TERESA A BETTER LIFE “I don’t know the science behind therapeutic riding, I only know that it works, and it works like nothing else. I can’t say why the six-way motion -- forward, backward, side-to-side, up and down -- of a moving horse produces results in the human body, even when said body is supposed to not be working. In my case, a C4 quadriplegic paralyzed from the shoulders down, there is no reason to expect that sitting astride a horse will stimulate core muscles to help provide stability and balance to a body that has lost all its function. And yet it has. I’ve tried other therapies, and I’ve tried to simulate the benefit of equine therapy. But as it turns out, there is no substitution for the back of a horse--and a group of willing helpers to realize the impossible.” “Living with disability, particularly with the consequences of injuries as severe as mine, is not only isolating and frustrating but staggeringly expensive. Everything I once did for myself, by myself, without a thought, I must now pay others to do for me, round-the-clock, for life. At the same time, a feasible path toward earning any portion of that living is obscure at best. For a program like SETCH to exist and be

accessible to people like me, at no cost, is an incalculable benefit. It really is a life-changing service that these professionals provide. They are breaking down barriers in so many ways...rebuilding physical strength & selfconfidence, restoring an avenue for social interaction, and, not coincidentally, chipping away at assumptions, myths and prejudices held by the misinformed ablebodied majority--of which I was formerly a member. “ “If you had a sibling, spouse, parent, child or best friend who became disabled, there is no way you would not want for them what Sagebrush can provide. May donors continue to recognize, and make possible, the benefits of their existence for a long time to come.”

from the Director

Sagebrush is about connecting the basic rhythms of life. With rhythm comes change and opportunity. While we say goodbye to Kristy as Director, her inspiration and years of dedication to the SETCH program will continue to grow. What better time than our 20th year to celebrate the achievements realized under Kristy’s direction and to explore new adventures for everyone who makes the SETCH dream a reality? In the rush of 2010, SETCH welcomed many returning faces while adding to our ever-growing family of riders, volunteers and staff. Our 19th year brought 140 volunteers through the Sagebrush Arena who provide varying levels of therapeutic services for more than 130 riders. In the spring, SETCH hosted a NARHA Advanced Workshop and is proud to announce that two of our instructors earned their advanced certifications. Camp Rainbow Gold is always a highlight and was expanded to two days of trail rides giving every child time to shine, Sagebrush style. The 3rd Annual Sagebrush Stampede brought entries from all over southern Idaho and was a tremendous success for riders as well as the Sagebrush family. Finally, this year’s Cowboy Ball, themed “Mustangs & Moonlight”, absolutely transformed the arena and was truly a magical event. THANK YOU to everyone who made that night (and all of our 2010 events) a huge success. The services provided through SETCH impact families from all walks of life and from every angle. It is through our community, patrons, businesses and foundations that we are able to offer services to any child or adult in need at no cost. As Acting Director, I am honored to be involved in such a strongly supported program and I often wonder who benefits most, the riders in need or those of us assisting them.

Leslie Benz Acting Director

SETCH Programs

RANCh HANDS is a summer work/study program for at-risk teenagers. Teens learn

responsibility and accountability by working with adult mentors through assisting with equine-assisted therapy sessions and performing maintenance projects. Each participant signs a contract at the beginning of the summer and receives a bonus at the end once fulfilled. YOUTh HORSEMANShIP - Course for children ages 9-13. Focused on improving social skills, building confidence and cognitive processing, SETCH provides transportation and a two-hour course once a week during the summer which includes a mounted riding lesson and complete horsemanship instruction on the ground. BLAINE COUNTy SChOOL PROGRAM - SETCH provides an equine-assisted learning

class for students in a special education classroom or on an IEP (independent educational program). Over 60 students from eight classrooms participate weekly in therapeutic riding.

COMMUNITy SERvICE PROGRAM - Suspended or expelled Blaine County School

students are referred to perform community service at the Sagebrush. These students learn life skills and improve accountability in a safe, positive environment by assisting with therapeutic riding lessons and performing maintenance chores.


- Students participate in weekly riding sessions focusing on utilizing the multidirectional movement of the horse to improve strength, balance, and coordination. In addition, the students experience improvements in cognitive processing, confidence and social interaction.

TRAIL RIDING - With the use of SETCH designed saddles, students who have progressed from equine-assisted therapy to independent riding are taken on trail rides. Our saddles allow people faced with serious physical conditions to experience the beauty of the Wood River Valley astride a horse. SAGEbRUSh STAMPEDE - SETCH hosts an annual adaptive rodeo and horse show for riders with physical or cognitive challenges. Participants and their horses come from all over southern Idaho to compete and have fun in events such as barrel racing, pole bending and ranch sorting. SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS - SETCH

provides horseback riding for children at Camp Rainbow Gold, the Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind and Dreams Come True Programs. EQUIPMENT DESIGN - SETCH is the forerunner in adaptive riding equipment design. This research is available to other therapeutic riding centers and individuals worldwide. Our design for adapted western saddles to help challenged individuals ride with greater independence is published in the textbook, Therapeutic Riding, Strategies for Instruction and Rehabilitation. INSTRUCTOR INTERNShIP - People interested in learning about therapeutic riding

instruction and pursuing their instructor certification through NARHA (North American Riding for the Handicapped) can intern with SETCH. Interns will have an opportunity to gain teaching and riding experience with the guidance of a NARHA certified instructor.

“In riding a horse we borrow freedom.� - Helen Thomson

I saw a child who couldn’t walk, Sit on a horse, laugh and talk. Then ride through a field of daisies and yet, he couldn’t walk unaided. I saw a child, no legs below, sit on a horse and make it go through woods of green and places he had never been to sit and stare, except from a chair. I saw a child who couldn’t crawl mount a horse and sit up tall. Put it through degrees of paces and laugh at the wonder in our faces. I saw a child born into strife, Take up and hold the reins of life and that same child, I heard him say Thank You for showing me the way... by John Anthony Davies


“The riding program at Sagebrush has had an amazing impact on Diesel and helped encourage and strengthen his building blocks of communication. Since he began riding over two years ago, now five years old, he continues to grow with each session and expand his abilities by challenging him to do more and more each time. It has been very empowering for him to know that he can control such a large animal and can communicate to it what he wants it to do. He has built strong bonds with his instructors at Sagebrush, not to mention his connection to the horses. This extraordinary place is an environment in which Diesel feels comfortable, happy, welcome and most of all special.” – Kory Ward, Diesel’s mother. Diesel, diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, currently receives equine-facilitated therapy once a week.

BLAZE may no longer be the QUEEN’s mount

Blaze, one of SETCH’s newest equine residents, was purchased through a generous donation by Colin and Jill George & John F. Smiekel Foundation. Students and staff immediately fell in love with Blaze’s gentle personality, kind eyes and wild mane. First discovered in Idaho Falls, it wasn’t until Blaze had settled into his new home that we learned of his history in the valley. Blaze’s previous owner, Brooke Selisch, a devoted equestrian who took lessons at Sagebrush lost her life to a car accident in 2008. She had competed in local jumping and dressage competitions with Blaze before going on to become the 5th District High School rodeo queen. Brooke’s parents were happy to hear he was back in the valley and working with the SETCH program. “We trusted him with Brooke,” they said after reuniting with Blaze at Sagebrush. “We feel her spirit is in that horse.” Blaze quickly adapted to his new life as a therapy horse and continues to be a favorite among the many riders he carries.

...but he has jumped right into our hearts


“I first came to Sagebrush when I was in the fourth grade. I was nervous, but it didn’t take long for me to trust the horses and the staff. I soon came to look forward to horseback riding as the best part of my week. I later came back to work during the summers as a ranch hand. I love that the staff treated me like an adult; I learned how to do things that I wouldn’t have learned anywhere else. Working at the Cowboy Ball and making such a difference made me feel important. Now when I come to Sagebrush, everything I have going bad is gone. I have learned to not take life for granted. The staff have given me confidence and made me who I am today, and I am happy with that person. Sagebrush gave me hope and gave me a new life. I honestly can say that I wouldn’t be here without this place.”

Tyler currently works part time and volunteers the rest of his time assisting with therapeutic riding lessons.



SETCH owns a number of horses, many of which have been funded through contributions from our patrons. To view their complete profiles please visit





Charlie Brown










Yum Yum

Horses loaned to the SETCH program: HORSES


Drifter – Frank Gerlits Richie – Judy Grigsby Captain – Adrienne Lyle Blue – Trudy Peterson



Dublin – Sarah Marsh Yum Yum - John Bass Shorty - Teri Szombathy


Camo (30) and Otis (29), owned by Kelly Cole, have retired after 19 and 12 years, respectively, of service to the therapeutic riding program. They will be missed, but will enjoy their golden years eating fresh grass and running freely.

Artex, owned by the Irby family, passed away on December 30, 2009 after four years of dedicated service in helping challenged children in learning to walk, to talk, and to build confidence through learning to ride. She is greatly missed.

Trigger passed away on June 1, 2010 after three years of service as a therapy horse. He served disabled adults including injured Iraqi war veterans and individuals with traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. He was also our vaulting horse, allowing children to perform gymnastics on his back! He was a one of a kind guy.

We couldn’t have done it without you!


Leslie Benz & Vince Baertschi Rufus & Liz Brown Michael & Esther Ochsman Kristin Orr & Jason Lynch $5,000

Jack & Elizabeth

Bunce Cally Galpin & Chuck Christopher Bob Kaplan & Susan Passovoy Roger & Sheron O’Connell Peter and Mona Prudden Sandor & Teri Szombathy Thrasher Koffey Foundation


Peter & Toni Breck Henry & Janne Burdick Chip & Sandra Fisher Donna & Jon Gerstenfeld Dick Hare & Patti Duetting Bruce & Lynn Kaplan Joe & Vicky Kruger Norman & Carol Nie Steve & Marylyn Pauley


Steve & Nancy Bareilles Roger & Janet DeBard Michael & Beverly DeCheverieux Claudia & Frank Fiaschetti James & Sandy Figge Jack & Janie Flammer Jackie & Chris Flanigan

Cally Galpin & Chuck Christopher Colin & Jill George Frank & Suzanne Gerlits Joe & Cheryl Goitiandia Ronald & Susan Green John & Ann Leonardo

Wilson & Lisa McElhinny Gerry Moffatt Kirk & Kathy Riedinger Gary & Mimi Schulze Lon & Gail Stickney Peter & Jane Sturdivant Doris Tunney & Craig Delagardelle $500

Pat Aluisi Lesley Andrus William & Devon Burak Steve & Cheryl Crowe Bob & Linda Edwards John & Sandra Flattery David & Edyth Goodman

Mick & Jennifer Halverson Lynn & Steve Heidel Joan Katz Lanny & Anne McLean Scott & Sara Nelson Robert & Beverly O’Neil

Marshall Peterson John Phillips & Barbara Wilson Jeff & Julie Ward Richard & Penny Weiss Wayne & Christine Willich Nick & Sharon Purdy Terry & Susie Ring $250

Tim & Christie Black Martin Chandler & Mimi Crocker Bob & Sylvia Cook Terry Fowler & Robbie Sawyer Michael & Brooke Freilich Caroline & George Hubman Joy Kasputys Toby Lambert John & Ann Leonardo Roland Nickerson & Debbie Mills

Perry & Marlys Solberg COWbOy BALL DONORS AC Houston Lumber Company Allsop Home & Garden Kirk Anderson Apples Bar & Grill Armstrong - Root Connie Aronson Vince Baertschi Barry Peterson Jewelers Gerry & Audrey Bashaw Leslie Benz Big Wood Bread Bigwood Cinema, Hailey Bigwood Golf Bird & Co Framing Tim Black Bluebird Day Cafe Scott Boettger Paula Bonner Botanica The BrickHouse Bar & Grille Sue Bridgeman Liz & Rufus Brown Jack & Elizabeth Bunce Candy & Bart Burnap Robert Burns Linda Bushell Kelly Byrd Richard Calcagno Pat & Patty Carter The Cellar Pub Charles Stuhlberg, Inc. Thia Christenson Christiansen Implement - Twin Falls Christopher & Company Ciro’s Restaurant J. Kristiansen Coe Jorunn Coe Cosmic Canine Camp for Dogs Cristina’s Restaurant

Da Vinci’s Judy Davison Dean Tire & Automotive Janet DeBard Sue Dumke - Pure Love Jewels Elements Salon by Tamra Elephant’s Perch Elizabeth Lucas Home Elkhorn Golf Club ESS Eyepro Fall Creek Wild Rice Dick & Diana Fassino Claudia Fiaschetti Sandy Figge Chip & Sandra Fisher Annette Frehling Sister Sue & Mort Fuller Feli Funke-Reihle Galena Lodge Derek & Andrea Gallegos - Three Ten Main Rex Garner & Shiela Daniels-Garner Pat Garrett & David McKenzie Donna Gerstenfeld Stephanie Giacobbi -diVine Alain Gilot Glass Cockpit Aviation Globus Restaurant Glow Pam Goetz Juliette Gutierrez Halo Hair Studio Dave Hack Hair House Dick Hare E.J. Harpham Christina Healy High Altitude Fitness Icebreaker Iconoclast Il Naso In & Out Salon In-N-Out Nails Lisa Jenner Jensen-Stern Bob Kaplan & Susan Passovoy

Seven L. Karassik, M.D. Ketchum Grill Ketchum Kitchens Kim Stocking Band Kara Kissel - Sun Valley Beauty Salon Barbara Kline Page Klune Diane Kneeland Carol Knight - The Toy Store Rick Koffey Jayee & Quentin Koffey Renee Kuross Lava Lake Lamb Robin Leavitt & Terry Friedlander Ann & John Leonardo Les Schwab Tire Centers Doro Lohmann Lola Belle Jewels Luminessence Skin & Body Bob Lynch - Tim Black Custom Cabinetry & Furniture Maggie’s of Sun Valley

Magic Lantern Cinema Maison et Cadeaux Mark Martems - All Seasons Landscaping Hollyn Martin Tickled Ink Karin Martin Whiskey Jacques George Maurtua Dave & Molly McGary Paddy McIlvoy Gary & Mari McStay Meadow Creek Inn & Spa Kerri Melynn John Milner Moss Garden Center Mountain Dreamworks Mountain Fairy Shuttles Mountain Tour Ice Gina & Rich Mull Cynthia & Kingsley Murphy Terry Murphy Bellissimo

Nails by Sherine Esther & Michael Ochsman Kristin Orr First Lady Lori Otter Panache Penelope’s Café Perry’s Restaurant Valerie & Bill Phil Platt Electric Supply Wade Port, Lifeworks Chiropractic Scott Porter & Maria Reeser Brenda Powell Purdy’s RR Fishing Club Lori Rainey Rancher’s Supply Rasberrys Reinstein/Ross Resource Salon Jeff Rice, Peak Realty Peggy Richards Rickshaw

Rico’s Kathryn Riedinger River Heron/ Sun Valley Massage Rocky Mountain Hardware Rolling in Dough Lois Rosen Meggi Rothgeb Satmya Ayurveda Sawtooth Tack & Feed Leah Schutte - Sun Valley Beauty Salon SCOTTeVEST Scott USA Jack Sept -Cutom Leather Design Silver Creek Outfitters Simply Skin & Laser Center Marcy Sligar, R.N. Erin Smith & Lenny Barshack Smith Optics Smokey Mountain Pizza Spa Beleza SPEAR Tactical Sports Connection

Dr. Jody Stanislaw David Stoecklein Mike Storey - Idaho Electric Diana & Steve Strandberg Sturto’s Sue Bridgeman Florist Sun Valley Animal Center Sun Valley Eyeworks Sun Valley Opera Kraig Sundberg Teri & Sandor Szombathy Tater Tots The Board Bin

The Coffee Grinder The Computer Doctor The Kneadery The Massage The Moose Girls Cafe & Bar The Nature Conservancy in Idaho The Picket Fence The Pioneer Saloon The Roosevelt The Sawtooth Club The Valley Club Carol Thielen Steve Thies - Tastevin

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Robyn Watson Webb Maryanne & Gerry Whitcomb Gene & Judy Whitmyer Susan Witman Jane Wooster Scott Wrap City Zenergy at Thunder Springs Zion’s Bank Zou 75 COWbOy BALL VOLUNTEERS Mary Ahern Julia Augustus Michelle Banducci Rob Beck

Leslie Benz Marianne Bidart Hugh Blue Kathleen Blue Sandy Bongard Teresa Bosch Bill Bozzuto Renee Bozzuto Jill Bradburn Julia Broderick Lisa Broderick Craig Brooks Laurie Brooks Liz Brown Elizabeth Bunce Nat Campbell Nicole Campbell Ellen Campion Franny Cheston Marie Cochran Sam Cochran Coldwell Banker Conklin & Co.

Richard Countryman Trier Craig Mimi Crocker Sarah Curtis James Dean Jan DeBard Denise Delisser Corinne Delius

John Dornfeld Miren DuPont Sanchez Bobette Fehlman Sandra Fisher Kathy Gaillard Juan Garcia Josh Garfein Barbara Gehrke Krista Gehrke Pam Goetz Judy Grigsby Sarah Hammack Caren Harris Aki Hasegawa Eve Heart Lucas Hengel Sue Henry Bob Hoskins Lindsey Hosler Tyler Jaramillo Lia Johnson Chrissy Johnson Lori Johnston Megan Johnston Randi Kanelitsas Lynn Kaplan Rod Kegley Page Klune Tifny Lago Ann Leonardo Erik Lisk Kelly Lynch Dawn Makin Stasha Maricich Robyn Marrelli Sarah Marsh John McDonald John Mills Gay Miremont Kim Nalen

Grant Nelson Sandy Nelson Esther Ochsman David Olbum Debbie Olbum Robert Olson Kristin Orr Tiffany Orr Jeff Orr Cameron Packer Jim Paisley Susan Passovoy Scott Porter Bill Postlewait Joyce Pratt Nicole Pratt Pete Prekeges Linda Reed Maria Reeser Aileen Reney Peggy Richards Kate Ristow Sherry Roscitto Daniel Ruiz Kathy Sanger Lisa Scales

George Stewart David Stoecklein Beau Stuart Susan Witman Kein Sutton Kristi Sutton Teri Szombathy Kim Taylor Barbara Thrasher John Vladimiroff Wanda Vladimiroff Peggy Wagener Nicole Wark Emilie Wark Robyn Watson Julie Wells Christine Willich Mary Jo Woods Pat Woods Rod Woods Anna Yates Carol J. & Chuck Galpin & Christopher The Curtis W. McGraw Foundation The Danielson Foundation Colin & Jill George Suzanne & Francis Gerlits Samuel Jon Gerstenfeld Morley & Deana Golden Joyce Gordon J.H. & C.K. Walton Fund Michael & Esther Ochsman


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HORSE SPONSORS One Month Sponsorships John Blackburn & Lena Parker – Camo Pam & Chris Gammon – Vic

Three Month Sponsorships Richard & Penny Weiss – Bentley Jack & Janie Flammer – Fortune

Six Month Sponsorships Lois Rosen – Charlie Brown Lois Rosen – Jack Toby Lambert – Drifter

One Year Sponsorships Peter & Jane Sturdivant – Captain Cally Galpin & Chuck Christopher – Dublin Jim & Elma Cannavino – Patches

SPECIAL THANKS! To the Idaho Power Company for selecting SETCH to participate in a made for television commercial entitled “Powering Dreams, Powering Lives”. Please visit to preview a beautiful video expose about our work. In addition, IdaCorp and the Idaho Power Employee’s Fund have been generous patrons for over 15 years!

Thank You!



Important Dates – 2011 20th Annual Cowboy Ball Thursday, July 7th

N 1991 DI

Our enefit al b ance, ” is annu r/d y Ball un e n n i d owbo lous, f C s then“ly a fabauccounte th f o noteoning but f l o ev r over hqauired tH fo ds re SETC fun erate year! op or one f

Camp Rainbow Gold Saturday & Sunday, August 1-2 Sagebrush Jr. Rodeo & Horse Show Saturday, August 13 Sagebrush Stampede Saturday, August 20

Save the Date The 20th Annual “Cowboy Ball” Benefit Dinner/Dance Is Scheduled For July 7th

It is not too early to reserve seats, or better yet a table, for the Cowboy Ball. For additional information and reservations please contact Lynn Kaplan at:

the perfect gift

Please consider making a donation to SETCH in honor of a friend or relative and SETCH will send them a card stating your message! Please contact: or telephone: 208-578-9111 ext. 101.

THANK YOU to the following 2010 “Cowboy Ball” Committee members: “Cowboy Ball” Chairpersons: Leslie Benz, Kristin Orr Live Auction: SETCH Board of Directors Silent Auction: Esther Ochsman, Ann Leonardo, Lynn Kaplan, Kristin Orr Food and Entertainment: Leslie Benz, Miren Sanchez, Liz Brown Decorations: Penny Weiss, Sandra Fisher Reservations: Lynn Kaplan Check-in/Check-out: Teri Szombathy Bar coordinators: Rob Rheinschild Volunteer coordinator: Lindsey Jameson 100 Let’er Buck Road - Hailey, ID 83333 - 208-578-9111 -


Sagebrush Sagebrush Sagebrush Round-Up Round-Up Round-Up 9 1 Winter 2010 - 2011 Photo taken in 1995 100 Let’er Buck Road - Hailey, ID 83333...