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Pawat Chaijinda

4th Year Student Study at Faculty of Architecture and Environmental Design Maejo University , Chiangmai , Thailand May, 3 1995 21 years old Address: 3 Mahachok 9, Chang Puak, Maung, Chiangmai 50300

Experience 2014 Internship at Destroy Dirty Thing Architect , Thailand 2015 Join the Team winner of “ Kuang Luang Vieng Keaw ” Competition in Chiang Mai

Workshop & Event ArchSchool Workshop by FAED and Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna At Omkoi,Chiang mai,Thailand (2015) INSEE Smart Camp Baan Maetha School by INSEE at Meatha,Lamphun,Thailand (2015)

Skill • SketchUp • 3ds Max • Rhinoceros • AutoCAD • Vray Renderer • Corona Renderer • Lumion • Adobe Photoshop • Adobe Illustrator • Adobe Lightroom

Award Winner 1st Prize SOMETIME AT SAMOENG RESORT Competition 2016 15 Finalist AMAZON AWAKE AWARD Competition 2016

Contact: | T:084-1741141 | FB: Nammon Chajd



Design Studio 2nd Year Year 2013

RESORT AND ORGANIC FARM “ SOMETIME AT SAMOENG Competition Project of Resort at Samoeng Year 2016


CREATIVE OFFICE Design Studio 4th Year Year 2016



Competition Project of Amazon cafe Year 2016

ARTIST RESIDENCE Design Studio 3rd Year Year 2015

CHIANG MAI LANDMARK Design Studio 3rd Year Year 2015


De Steel

Steel Shop & Workspace Design Studio 2nd Year

Steel Shop Improvement Project The project is located In San Pa Koi in Chiangmai. Which originally ground this is an area where the colonization of Chiangmai because of the commercial area near the river, which is the transportation The neighborhood has many artisans. Currently, steel shop has moved to a warehouse outside the city. As a result, this space is a Retail for ordering The idea is to improve this area. To Work and generate income for the owner. And surrounding communities From the marketing analysis Chiangmai has found that designers and artist more people every year. Many people interested in Steel. Small company, Student, Designers, but they don't have space to work own The idea is to create the new space to generate income for the project and community. And creative activities for the area.


Top : 2nd Floor Storage Buttom : Overall

Creating a new programming for rent the workplace for steel works.The project has fully equipment for those interested. There are people trained and administer by a Local artisan.When completed work it can sell in the gallery.The project has created impulses and spirited back again.And help local artisan.

Architecture Programme -Steel Workshop -Gallery -Cafe -Retail & Store -Relaxing area Top : Sale Gallery and Workshop Buttom : Workshop

800 sq.m 400 sq.m 350 sq.m 600 sq.m 150 sq.m

In designing this iron stores, it have to embraces the core elements of the steel, to showcases features from the collection of steel and steel cross section, which is the main elements of the design. It is interesting that the Facade of the building and the area in front of the building was set unlawfully, so long as is green area providing shade.

“ Sometime at Samoeng � Resort and Organic Farms Winner Competition Project of Resort at Samoeng

The resort project SOMETIME AT SAMOENG located at Samoeng district, Chiang Mai Province has organized a contest to find creative ideas to build a small resort and by limited budget . Samoeng is popular tourist destination during winter season in Chiang Mai as a place for camping vacation and walks to pick strawberry, which is the highlight of this area.

The project started with one question in mind, “What should we do to make this project last through-out the year?� Because with a limited budget and tourism that last only during winter season, many project in Samoeng had loss. We found that Samoeng has other interesting activities that can occur in other seasons, such as farmers market, winery teaching, planting organic vegetables, strawberry wedding, music garden and etc. So, pick up a design and planning for the project that can generate revenue continuously.

Resort and organic farm “ Sometime at Samoeng ” Relaxing and Enjoy the weekend

This area scope was divided into three sections, in which narrow front section is adjacent to the road, therefore place as a zone for coffee shop and market for processed products in the project. And can be converted as farmers market. The next section of the project is for creating events to draw people, the central section will be place as a full activities zone. To create a serenity atmosphere, the section for guest accommodation will have strawberry farm, flower fields, organic vegetable greenhouse, winery and activity area.

Resort and organic farm "Sometime at Samoeng” 2016

01 The idea for creating entertainment within the areas, as shown on left image, it is by converting the traditional agricultural. Therefore, by expands the walkway into the activity area from the middle of the garden or farmland, we can create a new form of visual interest for the project.

02 We can create more versatile activities area by converts 2 meters within farmland for resting area or area for eating in the middle of garden.

03 When we convert 4-6 meters within farmland, we can able to create areas such as winery, area for workshop activities or even planting trees to create shades for garden trip.

Resort and organic farm "Sometime at Samoeng� 2016

Creative office center Architect & Designer office Design Studio 4th Year

Creative office center Architect & Designer office

This project is the office building for creative designer. This office building is where creative works created, which mean the areas needs to be inspiring and can make the body relaxed. The office also has the area that can be shared together such as Library and Photo Studio. And it also has area for activities, exhibition, fashion shows and meeting. The building will have 8 floors; first floor will be Building Maintenance Office, Restaurants and Exhibition area; second floor is a Library and Photo Studio; third floor will be offices for architects and research; fourth floor is offices for Interior Designer and meeting rooms; fifth floor is office for landscape architects and a meeting room; sixth floor is a graphic design office; seventh floor is fashion design office; the rooftop will be recreation area.

Design Process For design process it will be started by creating the building perspective, afterward, divide the area into two sections, this way it will allows the light

getting into the main building. Next is to open the perspective by separating the building cluster out from the perspective. Final step is to made a puncture hole for building lighting and increase the green areas.For the building Facade features starting from the problem that the building facing south, thus making it getting sun throughout the day. So, the designs for the sunshade will extended from the building and adjust the sunshade into each staircase that connecting each floor together, so the area around the staircase can be use for product display or private area for discussion.

Architecture Programme Hall Core Meeting room Relaxing room Fabric Store Restroom Model Library Making Model room Research Photo Studio CEO room Product Design Storage

AMAZON CAFE Competition Project of Amazon cafe

This project is a Competition design of Amazon Coffee, which looking for the new model of the shop that can show the identities to target consumers for premium coffee, thus making the needs to establish an identity or brand identity clearly, with Amazon Coffee slogan, “Close your eyes and release your mind" which is the important Keyword in the design. Started by analyzing the design of original store that divided the area between the garden and the building apart, thus making the customers does not exposed to nature directly. Therefore, from combination of two areas together, it creates a semi-brick area in between inside and outside. As the usage of new design to bring new experiences, that area can be use as refreshing area that can makes you feels refreshed, at ease and relaxed.

Concept Design The concept of this coffee shop start by analyzing the stores old models as shown on the left side. It shown that, it clearly separate the areas from nature as inside-outside and the garden, thus making the building separated from the nature. Therefore, the concept is to create a coffee shop that blend with the nature as unity, as shown on the right. And, if it can be applied in the city areas, it will be like an oasis for the city green areas as well as giving the city more trees and also can attract the customers to come.

From the needs to bring the nature to be combined with the coffee shop, the concept is to create a building that blending with the nature itself, which not seems like the building situated now. But, it shows sparsely line of pillars from structural steel and also the use of mirror to reflecting the nature context for customer’s perception.

Process Design

Define area requirement

Push up mass

Setting function on site

Push down mass for view

Asembly Diagram



Artist Residence Design Studio 3rd Year


IN-BETWEEN IN THAI VERNACULAR ARCHITECTURE The project is for residence with inclusion of artist, which tries to find something that can build driving force for the artist creativity. This project is interested in one of condition in vernacular architecture to be use in the area between the outside and inside of the terrace , which serenade with the environment, by opening awareness of five senses to communicate with many things. When the senses are stimulated awareness frequently, thus making the artists aware to consider something thoroughly and build keener awareness for the artist, which will be driven to work.

Architecture Programme - Residential 18 Room - Lobby - Restuarant -Buiding Mainternance

2100 sq.m 600 sq.m 400 sq.m 300 sq.m

Top: Villa

This building has taken the characteristic of vernacular architecture expansion up proportionally. By creating a semi-brick senses and have split the building into two sides, to create a senses of the outside – inside, in order to stimulate sensory perception. It also has pond that reflecting the building composition and water control to achieve steady concentration condition use for the vegetation of native plant to create a local atmosphere to the project.

Left : Restaurants Right : Lobby

Top : Restaurants Buttom : Interior Villa Right : Bathroom

Chiang Mai Landmark Design Studio 3rd Year

SOUND OF LANNA Chiang Mai is the center of the Lanna Kingdom in the past, which is the area of the project. The selected area is the Three Kings courtyard, because in the past this area is a glass walled city or the center of the kingdom, but the current building was built as a town hall with western architecture style. Therefore, to try to find the Lanna through dimension of sound on which is the noise that generated power or disclosure the spirit of Lanna was. The background of Silent Silence is important ritual, sanctity, concentration; it is different with the current which full of noise. For that, the sound of silence is taken as the main element in design this work.

Design Process

Architecture Programme - Municipality office - Technical Division office - Finance Division office - Administration office - Auditorium - Activities court - Beverage shop - Copy Shop

400 400 400 500 900 2500 100 80

ตร.ม ตร.ม ตร.ม ตร.ม ตร.ม ตร.ม ตร.ม ตร.ม

Public space for city events For the exterior section of the building can be creates as a recreational activities area, that can be a city-level activities such as city renewal, Three King worship, exercise, public area, art exhibition, to create a multidimensional aspect of the area as the center of the city, to reveals the spirit of Chiang Mai to be able to recall the Chiang Mai landmark in the past through visual and perspectives of the other dimensions.


This meeting room area is importance for this project, as a core of the city administration there was turning point in decisions that take place in this room, thus it is thought to be relevance to build the awareness of this place from the past. The work for Chiang Mai, which upper area to be sacred activity area, can be able to make people that gather aware of the importance that relayed through the image below.

Architecture Photography ©2016. Pawat Chaijinda

Wat Khao Phutthakhodom Fuji XT1 ©2016. Pawat Chaijinda

Phimai Historical Fuji XT1 ©2016. Pawat Chaijinda

Ming Mongkol Park Fuji XT1 ©2016. Pawat Chaijinda

Faculty of Architecture Maejo University Fuji XT1 ©2016. Pawat Chaijinda

Faculty of Architecture Chiang mai University Fuji XT1 ©2016. Pawat Chaijinda

Residential in Nara , Japan Fuji XT1 ©2016. Pawat Chaijinda

Kyoto Station , Japan Fuji XT1 ©2016. Pawat Chaijinda

Awaji Yumebutai , Japan Fuji XT1

©2016. Pawat Chaijinda

Shiba Ryotaro Museum Fuji XT1 ©2016. Pawat Chaijinda

Awaji Yumebutai , Japan Fuji XT1 ©2016. Pawat Chaijinda

Awaji Yumebutai , Japan Fuji XT1

©2016. Pawat Chaijinda

Ryoanji Temple , Japan Fuji XT1 ©2016. Pawat Chaijinda

Tenryuji Temple , Japan Fuji XT1 ©2016. Pawat Chaijinda

Kinkakuji Temple , Japan Fuji XT1 ©2016. Pawat Chaijinda

Ninnaji Temple , Japan Fuji XT1 ©2016. Pawat Chaijinda

Tenryuji Temple , Japan Fuji XT1 ©2016. Pawat Chaijinda

Ninnaji Temple , Japan Fuji XT1 ©2016. Pawat Chaijinda

Green Village , Bali Fuji XT1 ©2016. Pawat Chaijinda

Green Village , Bali

Green Village , Bali

Fuji XT1

Fuji XT1

Green Village , Bali Fuji XT1

©2016. Pawat Chaijinda

©2016. Pawat Chaijinda

©2016. Pawat Chaijinda

Architecture Model ©2016. Pawat Chaijinda

Carpenter House ©2016. Pawat Chaijinda

De Steel : Steel Shop ©2016. Pawat Chaijinda

Architecture Sketch ©2016. Pawat Chaijinda

Chikatsu Asuka Historical Museum , Japan ©2016. Pawat Chaijinda

Baan Bor - pu , Chiang Mai ©2016. Pawat Chaijinda


Vernacular Architecture

Baan kaotan Luang , Chiang Mai Š2016. Pawat Chaijinda

Thank you Pawat Chaijinda

Architecture Portfolio Pawat Chaijinda 2016  

Pawat Chaijinda 4th year student

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