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BOARD MEMBERS Debbie Waller, Board President Patricia Battle, Vice President Hank Rainer, Treasurer Brett Mayfield, At Large Jim Hornbeck, At Large Thomas Carson, Consumer Council Harriette Mastin, Representative Gloria Mwase, Representative Joseph Kinnan, Representative Lynn Gilbert, Representative STATE OFFICERS Tameka Tobias Smith, Executive Director Kawanna Jenkins, Education Coordinator Sitaniel Wimberly, Office Manager Melissa March. Walk Manager Jamie Kurlej Community Outreach Manager Julia Willcoxon , Youth Outreach Specialist Wesley Hannaford, Youth Outreach Specialist Luke Norton—Public Policy Intern

AFFILIATES Central Mississippi Gulf Coast Hattiesburg Vicksburg Meridian Oxford Yazoo City The NAMI Mississippi newsletter is funded by donations from members and partners and is published to inform, educate, and strengthen the community of individuals and families affected by serious mental illness. The articles and opinions within are not necessarily those of the NAMI Mississippi organization. Content is not intended to endorse any political candidates, viewpoint, treatment, or medication.

SUMMER 2016 NAMI MISSISSIPPI BOARD MEMBERS Congratulations to our six new members of the NAMI MS Board of Directors who will take their seats July 1st!

Jesse Coppenbarger Hanne Gaycken Marcus Ginn Sharon Turner-Davis Auvergne Williams Christiane Williams Returning members: Patricia Battle Brett Mayfield Jim Hornback Thomas Carson Harriette Mastin Gloria Mwase Joseph Kinnan Lynn Gilbert


Letter From Outgoing President At our April meeting, it was with great sadness that I announced I would end my tenure as President of National Alliance on Mental Illness —Mississippi. It has been a privilege and an honor to have served you as President. I am pleased about the accomplishments that have occurred over the last few years, although I certainly cannot take credit for them. This belongs to the hard-working, talented and dedicated board members, volunteers and staff. Over the course of the last few years, we have: 

Implemented revisions to the Bylaws

Implemented Affiliate Guidelines

Upgraded our website

Had strong participation in our course offerings and meetings;

Hosted a variety of excellent, respected speakers; and·

Worked to improve the content and frequency of our communications.

I would like to sincerely thank the 2016 Board for their service. “Thank You,” Hank Rainer, our outgoing Treasurer, who was responsible for overseeing fiscal policies and procedures and provided the leadership and guidance to ensure our good standing with state and federal agencies and compliance with required reporting; Beverly Pettigrew, NAMI Yazoo City Affiliate Representative, for her heartfelt dedication to not only the NAMI Yazoo City area but the entire Peer Support Group; Patricia, Harriette and Thomas, for your service and commitment to the organization over the years! You were invaluable assets to our team. I would like to also like to recognize our newly minted members Joe, Brett, Gloria, Jim and Lynn. I applaud you on your wonderful efforts in helping to support the mission of NAMI MS. As I move from the position of President to Past President, I am glad this is not farewell, but just a change of roles. It is a pleasure to work with the board and members that care about improving and elevating our organization. I wish everyone a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you at events in the coming year! Sincerely,


Clinical research is an essential component in improving mental health treatment. That's what the Central MS Affiliate members learned during its forum on clinical research, presented by Precise Research Centers, which is located in Flowood, MS on March 29, 2016. Clinical research studies or trials enable researchers to determine if particular drugs they are investigating are safe and effective, providing additional treatment options for psychiatrists and other mental health practitioners. New studies begin frequently, and Precise Research Centers is always looking for eligible individuals who can participate in these studies. Clinical research studies draw participants from across the state and seek to engage a diverse group of participants from the outset. The criteria for eligibility in each trial varies, but individuals who are not eligible for one trial may be eligible for another. Individuals selected receive compensation for their time and travel to participate in the trials. Participants can also stop participation in the trials at any time. Several research studies are currently underway or getting started. For example, one study is seeking to improve the communication receptors in the brains of individuals with schizophrenia, so that they respond less to delusional voices in their brains and focus more on real voices in the world around them. Another study is focused on alleviating mood swings for people with bipolar disorder, mania, and depression. The knowledge gained and treatment options advanced through this clinical research can great improve the recovery and quality of life for people living with mental illness. To learn more about the current trials and how you can get involved, contact Kat Jones, Precise Research Centers Clinical Research Coordinator, at 601-420-5810. We will have our bi-monthly affiliate meeting on Tuesday evening, July 19th, at 6:00pm in the library of Madison Central High School. Email namicentralms@gmail.com for additional information. NAMI Central Mississippi was thrilled to meet so many of you at the NAMI State Convention! We hope you can join us for our upcoming meeting. As always, check us out on Facebook at NAMI Central MS. Education Committee: NAMI MS is seeking members living with mental illnesses or family members who would be willing to teach or lead one or more of our signature programs. We will be organizing training opportunities beginning this fall. Email brettmayfield@aol.com if you are interested.

Submitted by Brett Mayfield and Gloria Mwase


NAMI PINEBELT Our affiliate has a new name! Previously, we were “NAMI South”; however, we felt that might become confusing if a new affiliate was formed south of us. We are, thus: NAMI Pinebelt Affiliate. We are still heavily committed to stigma-busting! This year has been exciting, for sure. We’ve hosted some excellent speakers at our monthly meetings. We’ve had the Director of the Edwards Street Fellowship brief us on her organization’s ministry to the poor and homeless. The Jones County Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Coordinator, Major Jamie Tedford, has kept us well-informed on the CIT developments in our area. Linda Foley, the lead grantwriter for Pinebelt Mental Healthcare Resources (PBMHR), has invited three of our NAMI affiliate members to assist in CIT training of law enforcement officers. Other excellent speakers at our meetings have included Dr. Rita Porter with PBMHR who informed us concerning the federal grant that has enabled our area to host a Sequential Intercept Mapping System (SIMS) Program. This collaborative effort will bring together judges, law enforcement officers, consumers, family members, advocates, providers, and other community leaders for training this September. The program is designed to discover gaps in our law enforcement and mental health processes and to develop “intercept” points for us to help people receive mental health treatment in lieu of incarceration. NAMI is very pleased to be a part of this vital community effort. The NAMI-MS State Conference in May was a huge success. We were blessed to have the NAMI National CEO, Mary Giliberti, join us and enlighten us on the latest NAMI news. She met with all the affiliate leaders and state board members to discuss a myriad of topics. The speakers at the State Conference were superb. To sum it up: we learned a lot and made many new friends who share our passion for stigma-busting! Looking forward very much to our second annual Minority Mental Health Forum in Hattiesburg on July 23rd. Our AKA team members have, once again, joined forces with us to produce a dynamic forum with experts in mental health care and law enforcement. Some of the topics include suicide prevention; jail diversion; de-escalation; and youth mental health issues involving law enforcement. Come to Hattiesburg to learn with us and to fellowship with other advocates! Call Sandy Kinnan at 601-264-6994 for details. Well, until next time, we wish you a very wonderful summer of helping people discover their “giftedness”. Indeed, we are all “companions on the journey”, and we are making solid progress!

Submitted by Debra Dale, NAMI MS Pinebelt President


Greetings from the River City! NAMI Vicksburg has had some great opportunities this year to reach out and network with a variety of groups. The Affiliate has been invited to participate in the Vicksburg Health Network’s activities, a great benefit since the network is far-reaching and is made up of many organizations which promote good health for everyone. The VHN keeps NAMI Vicksburg apprised of outreach opportunities in the community where NAMI can be of service. The group recently sponsored a Senior Health Expo at which several NAMI Vicksburg members shared NAMI resource materials. The NAMI Vicksburg Affiliate held a quarterly meeting April 26th, and in lieu of a guest speaker, the meeting focused on the election of officers, the establishing of committees, planning for facilitator trainings for Connection and Family Support Group leaders, and other business. The trainings, held May 4-5, were led by Sandra Caron and Randall Williams and produced six certified FSG and five Connection facilitators. As a result, the Vicksburg Connection Support Group will begin meeting again Tuesday, June 7th, at 4:30 p.m., in the Merit Health River Region West small Conference Room. Each month, a newly trained Connection facilitator will work with the experienced leader Thomas Carson to sharpen skills learned at the training. The new FSG facilitators will likewise help in their monthly first-Tuesday Family Support Group meetings at 6 p.m. in the Merit River Region West large Conference Rm. In assessing its outreach to the community, the Vicksburg Affiliate has noted the value of maintaining membership in the Chamber of Commerce, providing NAMI resource materials to other organizations upon request, attending health fairs and events held for other orgs as a NAMI presence, continuing the Dutch-treat Breakfast at Shoney’s to provide regular fellowship and contact with both membership and newcomers, providing quarterly birthday parties for the Wisconsin Cove Apt. dwellers, linking with the schools for activities, partnering with AKA for events such as their Mental Illness Awareness Impact Day in Fayette on April 9th with affiliate member Deloris McGee. In its outreach on behalf of veterans, NAMI Vicksburg is particularly proud to have three well-qualified individuals who submitted applications to be considered as a state rep to the National Veterans & Military Council, an advisory council to the NAMI National Board of Directors. Those three individuals, along with other interested veterans from around the state, will be the nucleus of the newly formed NAMI State Veterans Council. The Affiliate members who attended the NAMI MS State Conference May 12- 13 enjoyed the diverse professional presentations and a great discussion with NAMI President Mary Giliberti, who is now the proud owner of a NAMI Vicksburg Volunteers T-shirt! Our own Deloris McGee, serving as NAMI MS Walk Chair, spoke to a lively group gathered after hours at the Pig and Pint on May 12th for a WALK Info Party. Jim Hornback, NAMI MS Fundraising Chair, gave the opening remarks. Our Affiliate is looking forward to getting underway with our WALK preparation and fundraising opportunities. Newly elected 2016-2017 Affiliate officers making up the Leadership Committee are Chair Elizabeth Cantrell; ViceChair Janice Garner; Secretary Denise Mounger; Treasurer Bill Mounger; and member reps James Hughes and Shirley Williams. The next Affiliate meeting will be Tuesday, July 26th, at 6 p.m., Warren-Yazoo Men. Health Conference Room, 3444 Wisconsin Ave., Vicksburg. Guest Speaker: Ms. Amy Deason, SPED Director for Vicksburg-Warren School District. Everyone is invited!

Submitted by: Harriette Mastin, Board Member and NAMI Vicksburg Affiliate Representative


Hello, Fellow NAMI Members and Friends! It has been a very busy Spring for the NAMI Meridian Affiliate with the first quarter ending by attending and presenting a display at the Eliza Pillars Registered Nurses Of Mississippi’s Health Fair, March 19.

Weems Community Mental Health Center held a public event regarding addiction March 22. Our affiliate attended and presented a display table there as well. The second quarter began with a “Let's Talk: Diversity In Action” workshop on April 25. We had a lively discussion to determine we need to work to be more diverse and inclusive. A Peer-to-Peer class ended April 26 at Central Mississippi Residential Center (CMRC) in Newton, and a Family-to-Family class concluded its 12 week classes on April 28 at Wesley House Community Center in Meridian. Our affiliate elections were held May 3. Officers include: Patricia Battle, President; Jennifer Mackrell, Vice -President; Kathy Faust, Treasurer; Jill Walsh, Secretary. Two at-large members will be Wade Johnson and Carol Nason. Also, affiliate representative to the NAMI Mississippi Board of Directors will be Patricia Battle; Advocacy Committee Chair, Christine Scott; Walk Chair, Jill Walsh and Kathy Faust; Program Chair, Marshia Moody; Public Relations, Jennifer Mackrell; Affiliate Development Chair, Gaynell Hall. Jill Walsh represented the Meridian Affiliate through an invitation to speak about stress management at a meeting for the Meridian Realtors Association, May 10. She also offered helpful tips to staying well which related to both the realtors' personal and professional lives. We had five affiliate members that attended the NAMI Mississippi 2016 State Conference. The sessions were very informative and diverse. All of our attendees were reached. And it was a great honor to have Mary Giliberti, NAMI National Executive Director, as a participant, speaker, and leader. Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training was held May 23-27, followed by a graduation ceremony at City Hall on May 27. NAMI Meridian Affiliate members participated in another great training, and attended the graduation for the 12 officers from across the state. As a way to promote May's Mental Health Awareness Month, a Membership Meet and Greet was held on May 26 at East Mississippi Electrical Power Association (EMEPA) as a way to promote the Meridian Affiliate's Member-Get-A-Member Campaign. Returning members and new members watched the affiliate “get out of the mud” and on toward pay dirt. This mud analogy was used to symbolize the affiliate members' perseverance in getting NAMI to become a household conversation piece throughout Lauderdale and sur-

rounding counties. We have been working very hard the last few years, and are gaining a little traction in this proverbial mud. But without participation, it seems we are only moving slowly through a muddy patch … the way some people feel how their minds move … people who suffer from mental illness. The event was complete with made-from-scratch Mississippi Mud Cake, and yielded more than a dozen new and renewed memberships so far.


For the Older Americans Month Health Fair, May 27, we set up a booth and provided literature and water for the participants. Our program for National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, called “Voices of Hope”, is currently being planned for July 21. Connection Support Group has had an average of 9 people each Tuesday evening at the Wesley House. Debbie Waller stated we may look at starting a Connection group for younger adults, as we could use more young people in order to become more diverse. Hopefully in the fall we will have another Family-to-Family and Peer-to-Peer class, with a Basics class soon to follow. The Meridian Affiliate's 2016-2017 proposed budget was presented and approved. We decided to proceed with a big fund-raising event, tentatively to be held in May 2017, to raise awareness for NAMI Meridian Affiliate and for Crisis Intervention Team (CIT). We will again promote February as CIT Awareness Month. Plans are underway for February 2017 to show appreciation for the CIT officers. We will also get proclamations signed again by Mayor Percy Bland, the Board of Supervisors, and hopefully Governor Bryant. In addition, we will need to have a few small, local fund-raisers throughout the year to be able to sustain affiliate functions and affiliate business. The Meridian Affiliate will support the NAMIWalks 2016 with a walk team. Until next time … P.S. Anyone want any Mississippi Mud Cake? We have enough to share! :-)

Submitted By: Jill Walsh, Secretary

The NAMI MS Board approved our affiliate application and we are in the final steps to becoming an official affiliate. It has been a long road BUT we hung in there! Also—A vote to participate in NAMIWalks was passed by a majority of the group membership. We are excited! Our goal is to not only develop community partners but to raise awareness within our affiliate area.

Stay Tuned!


Youth Advisory Council With Say It Out Loud in mind, NAMI MS has now introduced the Youth Advisory Council. The council is directed towards raising awareness among youth and young adults about the realities of mental illness. Approximately one in five youths live with mental illness. Yet, often times, this topic remains to be seen as undiscussable among the younger generations. The Youth Advisory Council aims to provide an accepting atmosphere, while educating and advocating for mental health. No one should ever feel ashamed or silenced due to an illness. The council hopes to see more of Mississippi’s youth gain a greater interest in how to cope with/seek treatment for mental illnesses. Mental health is very important, and is something the community needs to talk about.


Say It Out Loud In conjunction with the Build It Together Initiative NAMI MS has been using the Say It Out Loud campaign to encourage mental health communication. Many people veer away from the topic of mental health, due to fear of offending someone or creating uncomfortable situations. However, we are trying to put an end to the misconception that mental health awareness is a taboo subject. In reality, approximately 1 in 5 youth will experience a severe mental disorder at some point in their life. Also, approximately 43.8 million adults in the U.S. experience mental illness in a year’s time. If you think about it, mental illness is fairly common; therefore, mental health is something that we need to be talking about. NAMI MS has recently been working with the development of a Youth Advisory Council. Jamie Kurlej and Julia Willcoxin are both involved with this council, as well as the Say It Out Loud Summer Road Trip. The road trip will consist of Jamie and Julia driving across Mississippi spreading the Say It Out Loud message. They will be presenting on this subject, while expanding the range of individuals reached through traveling. The tour dates are listed below.

Road Trip Tour Dates June 13—1:00 pm

Yazoo City, B.S. Ricks Memorial Library

June 20—12:30 pm

Hattiesburg, Library of Hattiesburg Petal & Forrest County

June 29—12:30 pm

Meridian, Meridian-Lauderdale County Public Library

July 6—12:00 pm

Vicksburg, Warren County-Vicksburg Public Library

July 11—1:00 pm

McComb, McComb Public Library

July 18—11:30am

Gulfport, Orange Grove Library

July 21—2:00 pm

Oxford, Lafayette County Library

August 10—12:30

Tupelo, Lee County Librar y

August 15—12:30 pm Columbus, Columbus Lowndes Public Library August 18—6:00 pm, Morton, Morton Library

We would like to extend a special thanks to: Department of Mental Health, Mississippi Children’s Home Services, Department of Human Services and Mississippi Library Commission and NAMI MS Affiliates


Ride Against Stigma July 23, Friends of Fallen Riders Motorcycle Club will participate in Ride Against Stigma to raise awareness regarding minority mental health and reduce the stigma association with mental illness. The ride will begin at 10:00 am at the Save-A-Lot located on I-55, Jackson, MS and end at the Jackson Medical Mall for the mental health town hall meeting.

Bebe Moore Campbell Minority Mental Health Town Hall Meeting Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Rho Lambda Omega Chapter will host the Bebe Moore Campbell Minority Mental Health Town Hall Meeting Saturday, 1:00 p.m., July 23, 2016, Jackson Medical Mall-Center Stage. The focus is children's mental health with an emphasis on the cultural issues in the diagnosis and treatment of African American Children with behavior problems.

Be part of NAMI’s Support Network Access to FREE ‘Evidence-Based Practice’ Education Classes Access to FREE Support Groups for individuals and families Access to FREE recovery support Access to FREE education and facilitator trainings Regular news updates on national, state, and local mental health issues Stay INFORMED through our FREE quarterly newsletter and magazine The Advocate Annual Conference scholarship opportunities Networking opportunities Volunteer opportunities

Advocacy opportunities Be PART of a FAMILY ALSO: On the last Wednesday of every month, 130,000 NAMINow subscribers receive the latest news stories, blogs and upcoming events from NAMI.org. Subscribing is easy! If you are registered on NAMI.org, simply click “Edit My Subscriptions” on your myNAMI page and select NAMI Now from the subscriptions list. Don’t have a NAMI.org account? Go to www.nami.org/join to sign up and you’ll be automatically subscribed when you optin to receive email from NAMI.


NAMI Central Mississippi, the local affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness – Mississippi, will offer its Basics Education Program for the summer, August 18th-20th. It will be held at 6:00 pm to 9:00 p.m. at 5425 Executive Place Jackson, MS 39206. What is Basics? NAMI Basics is a free, six session program designed for parents and other family caregivers of children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral difficulties. NAMI Basics helps parents and other family caregivers of children to understand the illnesses that are causing these behavioral difficulties and the critical role families play in the treatment of those illnesses. The program is taught by trained teachers who are also the parents/family caregivers of individuals who experienced emotional or behavioral difficulties prior to age 13. The course is free but registration is required. Contact us 601-899-9058 or stateoffice@namims.org to register for this NAMI Basics class!

REMINDER Teachers, Facilitators and Presenters Please attend the monthly 2016 Technical Assistance Calls: NAMI Education, Training and Peer Support Center

Interested in becoming a Teacher, Facilitator or Trainer? Contact us stateoffice@namims.org


Join us as we not only combat stigma but we work to make NAMI a household name.

Good news! On April 22, 2015, The Governor signed House Bill No. 1171, Section 18 of the bill—beginning on page 57, provides for the production of personalized NAMI Mississippi tag. What’s Next? 300 tags must be presold before the Department of Revenue will begin production on our NAMI MS distinctive tag. When the Department receives the 300 applications, the appropriate fees ($31.00 per person), and a design provided by the organization and approved by the Department, the tag is sent for manufacturing. Next, the applicant is notified by the state office when his tag may be picked up at the tax collector in his county of residence. The tax collector’s offices will have a list provided by the Department of people who have already paid their fees and are entitled to one of the first 300 tags. The applicant should pick up his tag as soon as he is notified that the tag is available at the tax collector’s office. There is 60 days allowed from the time the organization is notified by the Department for the vehicle owner to pick up the license plate. If the applicant chooses to wait to pick up his tag, the special tag fee must be paid again at the time the special tag is picked up.

Interested in purchasing a tag? Contact stateoffice@namims.org



Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

July 23:

MS Minority Mental Health Awareness Day


Back To School Rally


Mental Health Recovery Month

September 16:

NAMIWALK Kickoff Luncheon


Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

October 2-8:

Mental Illness Awareness Week

October 6:

National Day of Prayer for Mental Illness Recovery and Understanding

November 5:



Caregivers Awareness Month


GOAL $40,000 DATE November 5, 2016. 9:00 a.m. VENUE The Mississippi Museum of Art THEME #Act4MentalHealth and Voting HONOREES Legislatures and Elected Officials For additional information, contact Melissa March, Walk Manager at walkmanager@namims.org

NAMI Highlights (2016) Annual State Conference This year’s Annual State Conference was held at the UMMC Conference Center with the theme of “Build It Together”. NAMI was blessed with fantastic speakers, including, Senator Tammy Witherspoon and Mary Giliberti, CEO of NAMI. Some of the topics covered included A ddressing Stigma, Mental Health Needs of Children in Foster Care, and Veterans Living with Mental Illness.

“Diversity is about all of us, and about us having to figure out how to walk through this world together.” – Jacqueline Woodson

Memorial Day Picnic This year’s Memorial Day, the Youth Advisory Council hosted a kick-off picnic in Belhaven park for the Say It Out Loud Summer Road Trip. This event attracted a wide range of people and was well accepted among the local Jackson community. The council saw a positive eagerness from the crowd for NAMI and what we do. Youth Advisory Council member, Julia Willcoxin said, “there was a lot of genuine interest among the people, and they seemed excited about what we have to offer at NAMI for our youth and young adults.”


NAMI Mississippi Affiliate & Support Group Contacts CENTRAL MISSISSIPPI Monthly Affiliate Meeting: Contact Brett Mayfield - 601-259-0522 www.facebook.com/namicentralms Capital Area Family Support Group Meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm in the Basement by Cafeteria of St. Dominic Hospital, Lower Level. Patricia Montgomery Jackson Consumer Support Group Meets Thursday at 1:30p.m.— 3:00pm, Books a Million on I-55 in Jackson, Mississippi John McFadden—601-942-4943 OXFORD MISSISSIPPI Oxford Family Support Group Meets the 2nd & 4th Saturday of each month at 10:00 a.m. at North MS Regional Center, Administration Bldg. Hwy 7 South Contact Hanne Gaycken 662 -234-9572 or 662-801-6530 Oxford Connection Consumer Support Group Meets Sundays 3:30-5:00 p.m. in the Baptist Memorial Hospital Magnolia Room, Clarice Ivy, 662-801-2944. GULF COAST Family and Consumer Support Group TBA

NAMI VICKSBURG 1st Tuesday Monthly Connection Support Group – 4:30 p.m., Riv. Reg. West Small Conf. Rm. 1st Tuesday Monthly Family Support Group – 6 p.m., Riv. Reg. West, Large Conf. Rm. th 4 Tuesday Quarterly Affiliate Meeting (Jan., April, July, Oct.) – 6 p.m., Warren-Yazoo Conf. Rm. Contact Harriette Mastin - 601-630-9470 or Mary Pope 601-437-3156 Email: namivicksbur g@gmail.com NAMI MERIDIAN Meridian Connection Consumer Support Group Meets Tuesdays 6:00-7:00 p.m. in the Wesley House Community Center, 1520 8 th Avenue, Meridian, MS, Jill Walsh, 601-917-1474. YAZOO CITY Monthly Affiliate Meeting 1st Tuesday of Each month |Warren Yazoo Mental Health Yazoo City Parent & Family Support Group Meets Thursdays from 5:30 - 7:30 pm at Warren-Yazoo MHC Contact: Beverly Pettigrew - 662-571-3902 or Lashell Steward - 662-746 -5712

For specific meeting locations and additional information, please call the contact person



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Summer 2016 Newsletter  

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