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Welcome YEAR 13 We’ve hit out terrible teens and another year of celebrating everything short. In some ways dealing with that teenage anxiety, the peer bullying, body changes, alcohol, drugs, accidents, mood swings, hormones, sex and sexuality – it’s all just another year in our short film world. But in other ways we’re entering an unknown arena. Online you need to be ever more savvy with You Tube, Vimeo, Hulu, Netflix and Facebook (etc) - it seems the more successful you are in your virtual worlds the more likely you can crowd fund your next project, sell your next production, successfully promote your next show. We also face an annual wave of technology washing over us with cheaper/faster ways to create content with an ever-increasing arena in which to showcase that work and all the while we have the advertising community circling our short film world looking for the newest, most relevant and engaging ideas, searching for the next generation of filmmakers and the next film to promote their brand. It’s an exciting world to be growing up in and it’s going to fascinating to see where it takes us. The future is bright... (I’ll leave the sentence at that). Back to 2011. We’re returning to our favourite haunts and working with our favourite folks. We’ve spiced things up a bit this year with our film making challenge, Orbital London and we’ve teamed up with Fuji Film Shorts to celebrate their filmmakers shooting on film. We’ve also built in a daily routine for our festival followers: Weekday mornings will kick off at The Hospital Club, lunch and afternoons hanging out in Soho and with a quick visit via The Apple Store, it’s down to the ICA in the evenings. Curzon Soho is our daytime delegate centre and for our festival delegates we’ve struck a deal with Mooli’s look in your delegate bag for your free Mooli voucher – worth checking out and you’ll find the festival team there at lunchtime! The weekend is focused on Curzon Soho, ICA, The Hospital Club and BAFTA. We’ll be screening 18 film programmes over Saturday and Sunday alongside 18 events being held across Flicker Alley Festival and the BAFTA/Rushes Short Filmmakers Market. There’s a huge amount going over the 10 days and much of if is free, the best way to find out what’s happening is visit our website and look at the daily diary. You’ll find the list of daily activities online as well as in our festival brochure to help you navigate the madness. We always like to proclaim that each year is bigger and better than ever before, and each year is, but that same old tag line we roll out doesn’t do you or us justice. Whatever the state-of-the-nation re recession and government cuts we’re not seeing filmmakers let that stop them create great content. We had 5659 unique users on our entries platform this year. Admittedly they came from 94 countries but half of those were UK folk signing up and getting ready to enter. We received over 1200 entries by the end of April and we’ve had a blast looking at all the work (it’s the part of the festival we most enjoy.) Unfortunately the highs are always followed by the lows - selecting the final work for competition is never a fun process, it means heated discussion and debate followed by a sickening, gut wrenching feeling as you make the final call. At the end of the process 148 films, just 12% of the initial entries, have made competition. I can assure you there were many more we would have liked to include and we will hopefully get to promote those in future events. Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter their work - it starts with you and without that initiative and commitment we wouldn’t be here. We’re all looking forward to seeing you at the festival and we hope you can make the most of the events and activities we’ve planned. All the companies and organisations involved with our festival are passionate about filmmakers and film, if you need more information about a particular company or event and you cant find that on our website, just let us know at and we’ll do what we can to help. See you soon! Joe

Joe Bateman, Festival Director


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Festival Team Joce Capper . . . . . . . Managing Director Joe Bateman . . . . . . Festival Director Geoff Lown . . . . . . . . Head of Operations Sharon Hill . . . . . . . . Head of Media traffic Clare Candler . . . . . . PR & Marketing Leon Grant . . . . . . . . Head of Media Transfer Costas Charitou . . . . Festival Designer Thom Trigger . . . . . . Festival Producer Fred Rowson . . . . . . Events Producer Amelie Thille . . . . . . Festival Coordinator Agar Beiro . . . . . . . . Festival Coordinator Li Wen Chang . . . . . . Graphic Design Vik Patel . . . . . . . . . . E-Comms Officer Rosa Vaquero . . . . . . Orbital PR & Marketing

“Latent Image” by Rodrigo Damian

“Terminal Vision” by Rodrigo Damian

The winner of this year’s Festival Cover Design Competition is Rodrigo Damian from Argentina. Rodrigo entered two pieces that form our front and back cover of this year’s magazine. You can see his online portfolio at: For more information email Rodrigo:

Magazine printed by Tandy Group Published by Rushes

BAFTA Lectures

2010 Winners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Inside The Human Body . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Newcomer Category . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Joce Capper: Rushes MD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Short Film Category . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Addictive TV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Documentary Category . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NXT GEN VFX . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Animation Category . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Angry Bird Mania . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Music Video Category . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Supersizing Rushes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Broadcast Design Category . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . International Category . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Long Form Category . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fujifilm Shorts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Diary: Wednesday 20 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Diary: Thursday 21 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Diary: Friday 22 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Diary: Saturday 23 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Diary: Sunday 24 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Diary: Monday 25 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Diary: Tuesday 26 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Diary: Wednesday 27 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Diary: Thursday 28 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Diary: Friday 29 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Guest Programmes 2011 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tickets, Venues & Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Thank You Judges! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . See our website for more info:

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66 Old Compton Street London, W1D 4UH +44 (0)20 7437 8676 7



2010 Review 2010 saw almost 5000 attendees take part in over 50 events and 60 screenings. Filmmakers in 639 cities across 80 countries chose to consider entering the festival with filmmakers in 49 countries fully completing registration and submitting their work. 1,050 films were received, 170 of which were chosen, from 23 countries. We screened the work selected for competition at the ICA, selling out 80% of our screenings (get your tickets early this year!!) Here are a few nice comments from people (we didn’t threaten them, honest!): “I’ve always loved the Rushes Soho Shorts Festival, but in recent years especially it has become a true barometer for creativity in the film industry. People from all around the world are getting involved and I love the fact that cutting edge animators and motion graphics designers are represented alongside the brilliant live action directors.”

“Rushes Soho Shorts reminds us every year that length isn’t everything, it’s what you do with it that counts.” Neil Bennett (Digital Arts)

Garrick Webster (Journalist)

“One of the capital’s essential short film festivals, Rushes is a great place to have your work seen, plus its networking events and discussions are vital for anyone breaking into the industry.” James Rocarols (BBC Film Network) “Talent needs a showcase. This festival is that showcase.” Phil Claydon


“The Rushes Soho Shorts festival showcases an impressive variety of the year’s best creative content – from the obscure to the mainstream – both in the awards and the enticing, creatively-focused events of festival week.” Jake Bickerton (Televisual) “Every year I find myself inspired by the superb quality of the films that are selected for Rushes. The festival has become an important calendar event for filmmakers and audiences alike and being part of this festival is a great honour for all of us.” Tanya Franks (Actress, Producer)

2010 Winners Last years winning films were: SHORT FILM AWARD: “Sis” Dir. Deborah Haywood (Anthem Films)

ANIMATION AWARD: “Fly” Dir. Alan Short (Aardman Animations)

NEWCOMERS AWARD: “ Two Men and a Car Park ” Dir. Federico Forcolini (Well Fed Films)

AUDIENCE AWARD: “Hard Hat” Dir. Karan Kandhari (Oslo Beach Films)

LONG FORM AWARD: “Wish 143” Dir. Ian Barnes (Union and Swing & Shift)

BROADCAST DESIGN AWARD: “Harmonix – The Beatles

INTERNATIONAL AWARD: “West of the Moon” Dir. Brent Bonacorso (Joyrider)

DOCUMENTARY AWARD: “Unearthing the Pen” Dir. Carol Salter (Rock Salt Films)

Rock Band Intro Cinematic” Dir. Pete Candeland (Passion Pictures)

MUSIC VIDEO AWARD: “Kid British – Our House is Dadless” Dir. Emil Nava (Between the Eyes)


Shooting People is the international networking organisation dedicated to the support and promotion of independent filmmaking. 12


INSIDE THE HUMAN BODY Presented by Michael Mosley, BBC One’s recent documentary Inside the Human Body explored the extraordinary processes our bodies must undergo in order to sustain life. Produced as a four part series the work utilised spectacular graphics, based on real images, and the latest scientific research. We were taken on a fantastic voyage through the workings of our own, inner universe and offered a visual representation of life, from beginning to end. Alice Harper, Series Producer, commissioned Rushes Film&TV for VFX on three out of the four episodes. The brief outlined the creation of fully CGI sequences that would show the wonder and surprising beauty inside every one of us: from the life cycle of a red blood cell to watching your immune system wage war against a common cold.

With the storyboard completed the team moved on to the ‘look development’. This meant a complex process combining artistic and scientific knowledge to achieve a visually engaging, factual representation with each sequence keeping its own identity to the processes being portrayed. Hayden explains, “During the creation of the embryo sequence I would use Zbrush to sculpt a version of the character and send it over to David Barker, researcher, on the production team who would then send it onto relevant experts in the field to check the science. This would then be fed back and the model altered accordingly until we were sure that the CGI was as accurate as possible”.

Louise Hussey, Rushes’ VFX Producer, comments ‘the exciting aspect of this project was the overall artistic approach to the VFX. The production team were very clear that they wanted to see the visuals in a more unusual and artistic way than human body graphics normally require. The inspiration for the look came as much from paintings and photographs of landscapes as it did from a medical textbook” Hayden Jones, VFX Supervisor, adds “It was an amazing opportunity to bring these microscopic worlds to life, but with such a wide variety of characters and environments I knew it would be quite an artistic as well as technical challenge.”

Work on each sequence was started by the creation of the animatic, a moving storyboard that would allow the production team to see more accurately how each CGI section would fit into the show. Rushes’ Lead Animator, Craig Travis, undertook the creation of the animatics for all of the sequences, bringing together his animation experience coupled with a great understanding of cinematic camera work. 14

INSIDE THE HUMAN BODY With a large variety of characters, looks and environments Rushes utilized it’s Film&TV pipeline to make sure they could keep the highest possible visual quality whilst rendering minutes of HD content. Autodesk’s Maya was the backbone of the pipeline, with Zbrush integrated for organic modeling and texturing. The sequences were rendered using Pixar’s Academy award winning renderer Renderman, allowing the artists to

create feature film quality, multi pass and high dynamic range renders. Mark Pascoe, Lead Technical Artist used Renderman’s point based subsurface scatter algorithms to create realistically organic materials and looks. He also harnessed the power of Renderman’s delayed archives, a system that allows extreme amounts of geometric detail to be computed.

The renders were composited in Nuke from the Foundry. Hayden continues, “With Nuke’s speed and fully floating point workflow it allowed us great flexibility in the composite to experiment with the look of the rendered CGI. With multiple passes for each layer of rendered footage we could fine tune every element in the composite to get the required look.” Louise Hussey, VFX Producer, goes on to say, “We are incredibly proud of the standard of the VFX that we have produced – some of the images are breathtaking and unlike anything you will have seen before”. The series is currently available on BBC iPlayer. For more information contact: Louise Hussey 020 7437 8676



Newcomer Category

The Newcomer Category (1h 50min)

For fictional, live action work by new filmmakers in the UK and under 12 minutes Buy tickets online or call 020 7930 3647


THE CAKE Dir. Esther Richardson (Anthem Films) UK, 8m 50s

JANE’S LIFE Dir. Monique Le Blanc (Northern Film School) UK, 8m 35s

Mrs Anderson bought the same cake from the same shop every Saturday for the last 35 years, but today there’s only one left.

It’s her 42nd birthday. Jane feels unappreciated by her husband and kids, overworked and undervalued at work.

SEXY PIG Dir. Robert Ford (MoNoPo Films) UK, 6m 30s

FEET Dir. A. D. Cooper (Hurcheon Films) UK, 9m 9s

A curious burglar gets himself into a sticky situation. A tale of eggs and flour and phone sex.

In the darkness of a stalled underground train, two strangers get their feet swapped by mysterious energy.

UNCLE FRAN Dir. Mike Forshaw UK, 12m 27s

STILL WATERS RUN DEEP Dir. Michael St. John Savva UK, 12m 36s

Fran drank because the world was beyond him. The world is beyond Fran because he drinks… Today is his mother’s funeral.

A wife is convinced her husband is having an affair. To her shock horror she learns the perculiar truth behind his desires.

GIRL FIGHT Dir. Mark Triller (Goldsmiths University) UK, 2m 35s

NADYA’S CIRCUS Dir. James Lawes (Saloon Films) UK, 10m 36s

Busybody Nancy Tuckatuck decides to heckle gamerchick Bridget Check for smoking, Bridget responds.

Nadya and her friends excitedly head for London, but what awaits them in this foreign City?

Newcomer Category Official Screening Time Day 20:45 18:15

Saturday, 23 July Monday, 25 July

TRAINING DAY Dir. Sam Hoare (Imperial House Productions) UK, 8m

A young boy growing up in a sleepy seaside town puts his Grandfather through his paces. WORSHIP Dir. Calum MacDiarmid UK, 10m 43s

The true story of a psychiatrist who delves deep into his dreams to confront his father’s religion.






£6 to £10 £6 to £10

Booking Required Booking Required

GOD VIEW Dir. Billy Lumby UK, 7m

From an unusual perspective, we follow Philip around Hackney. He is mentally unwell and misses his wife and daughter very much. REVELATIONS Dir. Matthew Docherty (Big Feast) UK, 5m 2s

Chris has been dreaming of the desert, Louis is obsessed with Chris. When they meet all hell breaks loose.

WARDANCE Dir. Ed Edwards (Ragged Crow) UK, 2m 47s

STARCROSSED Dir. Tactful-Cactus (Tactful-Cactus) UK, 3m 2s

The soldiers assemble, the music starts to play. The soldiers dance to the death…

A scientist struggles to find the solution to an equation which will reveal his true love.


tamed by: matt turner . simone grattarola . denny cooper 18

Joce Capper 2011 and emotions. No moodiness or stomping upstairs to our rooms for us! The Festival has a great sense of individualism and fun, loves to socialise, enjoys (way too much!) meeting new and old friends, is determined to be experimental, assert independence and be free thinking, help encourage and support debate, stand up for what it believes, ask many questions, seeks opinions, takes risks and nurtures a little rebelliousness to promote a culture of creativity.

Joce Capper Managing Director Rushes Welcome to Rushes Soho Shorts 2011! RSSF is one of the most creative, wide reaching and most popular film festivals in the UK. We do all we can to promote great filmmaking. I’m very proud of all the festival has achieved and the respect it earns year on year. We try to reach as many people as we can, to showcase exceptional talent and people. Rushes have always nurtured new talent and we believe in helping to push barriers and find new ways for Creatives to express themselves. This exists at the very heart of the festival and is our ethos as a company. The Festival was started in 1999 and I can’t believe we are now in our 13th year. It has grown up so quickly, grown from being a fledgling to now, officially a teenager! No problem behaviour for us though this year. No moodiness or stomping to our rooms. Whilst there may be few perfectly behaved teenagers, the Festival has always been wise beyond its years. And, with our newly enhanced maturity we will display our very best teenage behaviour

Watching the Festival growing up and becoming established has been a great privilege for all at Rushes. Joe Bateman our Festival Director really is the most fantastic Parent and Guardian. Joe, like all great parents is passionate about what he does, ensures the team who work on the festival love it unconditionally, no matter how hard it can get (and sometimes it is!) they are totally involved in its life, always try to do what matters, are consistent when setting rules and boundaries, give respect to the festival and all the filmmakers, foster independence and aspire to great things. And like all parenting this is often challenging, mostly fun and very hard work. Please join me in saying a huge thanks to Joe and the Festival team for all their efforts. I really hope you enjoy this year’s festival, they’ve couldn’t have tried harder to make sure you do. And Happy 13th Birthday Rushes Soho Shorts!

66 Old Compton Street, London, W1D 4UH +44 (0)20 7437 8676 19


Short Film Category

The Short Film Category (1h 50min)

Showcasing fictional, live action work (under 12 minutes) created by experienced UK filmmakers. Buy tickets online or call 020 7930 3647


MODERN TIMES Dir. Ben Craig (HLA) UK, 4m 45s

PRIDE OF DOVER Dir. Joseph F Fawcett (French Kiss Productions) UK, 10m 58s

A science fiction short where the past is acknowledged by the future. A love letter to film and film making.

Liam has never left England. His girlfriend has persuaded him to emigrate with her to Poland. They’re leaving on the morning ferry.

PAPER HEARTS Dir. Rob Brown (Highly Unlikely Productions) UK, 9m 43s

COLOURBLEED Dir. Peter Szewczyk (Light + Mathematics) UK, 8m 40s

A dysfunctional father and son make a surprising discovery about each other.

A young girl, creative and idealistic, dreams of brighter days in a forgotten Eastern European city.

MISSING Dir. Luke Rodgers (Latent Talent) UK, 5m 1s

PAPA Dir. Schuman Hoque (Spool & CazSchu) UK, 11m

A stressed-out Stephen is running late to see his daughter when Sarah, a girl reported in his paper as “missing”, sits next to him on the bus.

Sophia goes to work with her stern emotionally distant father. Tony, a bitter factory worker comes between them.

DUST Dir. Ben Lavington Martin (Stylus Films) UK, 10m

HITLER & HENRY VIII Dir. Jane Gull (Sunflower Films) UK, 6m

A technical fault leaves Astronaut Glenn Gordon stranded and completely alone on the moon.

A disaffected teacher, unable to cope with the daily war of apathy and aggression, uses extreme measures to restore order.


Short Film Category Official Screening Time Day 19:00 18:15

Sunday, 24 July Tuesday, 26 July





£6 to £10 £6 to £10

Booking Required Booking Required

INITIATION Dir. Alex Hardy (Hardy Productions) UK, 6m 59s

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT Dir. Michael Davies (Spellbound Films) UK, 12m 40s

Giorgi is presented with the deadly proposition of what it takes to gain respect but nothing could have prepared him for the truth.

Do you believe in love at first sight? When Arthur spots Ruth he knows in his heart that it’s true...

CAPTURING SANTA Dir. Peter Cattaneo (Sprout Pictures) UK, 11m 21s

0507 Dir. Blaine Brothers (Charlie Productions) UK, 2m 18s

Unsettled by stories of Santa coming down the chimney? Resentful of always receiving handme-down presents? This is for you. THINKING STRAIGHT Dir. Ric Forster (Honey Hole Productions) UK, 9m 4s

Confused, sexually, relationships don’t come easily to Sam, who learns to both find and accept what life is about.

Sometimes an iPhone makes your life that little bit harder…


Dir. Sean Gray

(Outhouse Productions) UK, 2m 25s

A bite-size comedy starring Peter Capaldi. A hungry restaurant diner gets a lot less than he bargained for.

The Foundling Dir. Barney Cokeliss (Ridley Scott Associates) UK, 6m 50s

A young man, abandoned as a child, has an encounter with a stranger. Set in the world of a 1930s circus and freak show.


ADDICTIVE TV Once so eloquently described as ‘next level shit’ by Grandmaster Flash, British electronic duo Addictive TV create music with a difference; it’s music you can see. They are “responsible for mind-bending live entertainment” according to UK newspaper The Times. American music magazine XLR8R described them as “light years beyond the gallery realm of masters like Bill Viola” while US entertainment magazine Paste said “Addictive TV completely blew my mind! …a compelling popculture audio/visual avalanche!” In their extraordinary work, Addictive TV delve deeply into movies and videos hunting for sounds and images to sample, creating dance music that fuses everything from fidget and electro to drum ‘n’ bass and rock. Borrowing from hip-hop’s cut ‘n’ paste methodology, as British newspaper The Guardian put it, “Addictive TV continue to take hip-hop’s scratch philosophy into the cyberpunk age”. They create their music by keeping the audio and video samples together, so their fans get to see more than just a DJ, more than just graphics or visuals; they get to experience music in a genuinely unique way. Everything from the World Cup to Star Trek gets


remixed. It’s entertainment Jim, but not as we know it! Criss-crossing the music and art worlds, Addictive TV have appeared everywhere from the Pompidou Centre in Paris and the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Shanghai, to international clubs such as Razzmatazz in Barcelona, Womb in Tokyo and Paradiso in Amsterdam. They’ve now played in more than 40 countries, at events including the UK’s Glastonbury Festival and the Winter Olympics 2010 in Vancouver. Addictive TV’s line-up is now founder Graham Daniels and mash-up guru Mark Vidler, aka Go Home Productions. The pair met in 2005,

AddictiveTV @ Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

The road to an Orchestra of Samples through EMI, working together on Mark’s album track Rapture Riders, mixing Blondie (Rapture) with The Doors (Riders on the Storm). And when one of the duo releases the first ever officially cleared mash-up album and the other is twice voted #1 VJ in the World in the DJ Mag annual poll, something unconventional and interesting was bound to emerge. Addictive TV @ Koko London 2010

including Iron Man, Fast & Furious and Danny Boyle’s Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire. ‘Working this way forces us to be image conscious, quite literally’ says Graham, ‘as well as being driven by the beat and melody, we’re having to think visually. It’s absolutely like editing a movie and producing dance music at the same time!’ Graham and Mark’s shared passion for film and music, plus their parallel journeys through VJ and mash-up DJ cultures, have brought the guys to where they are now; entertaining audiences and winning new fans by playing and making music their own way, audiovisually.

On the directing and sound design front, Addictive TV have created commercials and video installations for the likes of Adidas, EA Games and Red Bull. Hollywood studios including Paramount, Universal and 20th Century Fox, have all used their movie mashing talents to create alternative trailers for films

Addictive TV’s latest long-term project involves filming musicians from around the world to create exactly what the title will be – an ‘Orchestra of Samples’.



Documentary Category

The Documentary Category ( 1hr 50mins)

For factual and fictional work by filmmakers from around the world and under 12 minutes. Buy tickets online or call 020 7930 3647







Dir. Mat Sheldon (Crushfilm Ltd) UK, 1m 54s A poetic ‘spoken word’ expression of what it is like to be a teenager in East London.

Dir. James Henry (Love Commercial Production Co.) UK, 5m 34s Passionate punk, travelling troubadour and songwriter extraordinaire. Dir. Tim Band UK, 9m 59s Untold for over 60 years; a civilian disaster during World War II that shocked a close-knit community in London’s East End into silence. LEGEND: A FILM ABOUT GREG GARING

Dir. Emily Branham (Work and Serve Productions) USA, 7m 57s He played with every country & bluegrass superstar. Now he has a year to live.


Dir. James Herd (University of Portsmouth) UK, 5m 46s A study of the community surrounding Portsmouth Football Club.

Dir. Jo Gewirtz, Sarah Mottershead, Miek Teunissen UK, 5m 42s Following the life and hobby of Mr. Rush, an octogenarian corn-dolly maker.

Dir. Orlando Von Einsiedel (Grain Media) UK, 9m 15s A beautiful film that follows the lives of two young skateboarders from Afghanistan. FLOTSAM & JETSAM

Dir. Sam Walkerdine UK, 13m 4s On Texel, one of the largest Frisian Islands just north of mainland Holland, 2 tons of flotsam and jetsam is washed up on the beaches every day.


Documentary Category Official Screening Time Day 18:15

Saturday, 23 July





£6 to £10

Booking Required





Dir. Shafiur Rahman (Six Oranges) UK, 3m 54s Street art in the Shoreditch scene unexpectedly reflects some sad social realities of 21st century London.

Dir.Rita Ribas UK/Portugal, 5m 53s The daily rituals of an archivist who has spent 15 years cataloguing and displaying the various objects offered to the local Saint. PAINFUL BLISS

Dir. Caitlan O’Connor (Wa Screen Academy) Australia, 5m The human experience of pain is rarely embraced. When individuals indulge in pain, they are deemed unusual, ill or obscene. LOCOMOTIVE

Dir. Geoffrey Feinberg (Weathered Features) USA, 5m 10s New York - city of sounds, few are soothing. As a bike messenger, Nathan has an antidote to the sirens, horns and drills.

Dir. Peter Montgomery UK, 3m 48s Manuel played baseball from a young age and by 2003 was planning to turn professional, but then he lost a leg.

Dir. Rachel Stevenson (Guardian News & Media) UK, 13m 43s A unique look at what it is to love someone. PS YOUR MYSTERY SENDER

Dir. Benjamin Wigley (Artdocs & Scottish Doc Institute) UK, 9m 10s Searching for the meaning behind the unwrapped and unusual objects that Paul Smith, the fashion designer, has been receiving in the post for the last 20 years, from a mystery person.


NXT GEN VFX Next Gen VFX: A landmark report sets out how the UK can be transformed into the world’s leading talent hub for video games and visual effects. The visual effects industry, while still enjoying very rapid growth, is having to source talent from overseas because of skills shortages at home. The issue needs to be tackled urgently if we are to remain globally competitive. At over £2 billion in global sales, the UK’s video games sector is bigger than both its film or music industries, and visual effects, the fastest growing component of the UK’s film industry, grew at an explosive 16.8 per cent between 2006 and 2008. Though there maybe differences between these industries they combine art and digital technology, and rely on a highly specialist, yet flexible, workforce that can adapt to furious rates of technological change. They have all the attributes the UK needs to succeed in the 21st century. Yet, the sad truth is that we are already starting to lose our cutting edge. Why? Or maybe more appropriately, how? How can we reinvigorate our VFX industry? Re-animating our education system is the key to our future success... 26

Kinect Sports © Microsoft Game Studios

Ian Livingstone Life President of Eidos ‘One thing I know from our industry is the importance of real computer skills – and how hard it is to recruit them in the UK. The report highlights the poor quality of computer teaching in schools as one of our biggest obstacles to economic growth. If you consider that the software, computer games and electronic publishing industries alone are worth close to £30 billion to the UK’s economy, the potential for education in computer science to be a benefit to the country’s economy is clear. This frustration at lack of computing skills is also common to other sectors not usually associated with computing: in a computerised world, Rolls Royce and GSK depend on great programming as much as games developers and visual effects companies do. Computing is no longer a marginal skill for experts and geeks – it’s the lingua franca of competitive, innovative businesses. It is from the combination of computer programming skills and creativity by which world-changing companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Zynga were built. I hope Michael Gove will forgive me if I say that computer science is the new Latin.’

NXT GEN VFX Alex Hope Founder & CEO at Double Negative ‘A look at the films nominated for the best VFX Oscar reveals that at least one British company has been represented in five of the last six, with one win (for films including The Golden Compass, The Dark Knight, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe). The UK’s VFX capabilities are now a major draw to big budget US films coming to the UK. And they have helped drive inward investment from film to $920 million in 2010. British VFX success is not limited to film. The UK has long been a global post-production centre for commercials, productions that are filmed both in the UK and around the world and then transformed into slick films in British VFX studios. VFX is also playing a larger and larger part of the programmes we watch on TV, from Dr Who to Walking with Dinosaurs. This is a young industry that will play an ever-increasing role in film, TV, broadcast and the web. Its technologies will become standard tools for any image based content creation business. If you’re creating content, you are using computers, and the skills needed are common to both VFX and games. This is all great news. But it could be even better. UK VFX companies are turning away millions of pounds of work every year for one reason: they can’t find the skilled people they need. Industry, educators, and government must all play their part in transforming the education system at every level to ensure that the UK stays at the centre of one of the industries of the future, rather than being left behind.’

Joce Capper Managing Director at Rushes

Bravo Ident © Rushes

‘The UK’s VFX industry is something we can all be very proud of. We produce the best and most innovative work in the world, bring in millions of pounds in inward investment, make a huge contribution to the Exchequer. It is an industry that employs thousands of people and, importantly for all to understand, is a market sector that continues to show sustained growth. That’s pretty amazing! For the UK to continue to win these huge and high profile projects, we must compete against the best companies in the world and we must also have the ability to bid competitively to for all work. We can only do that if we have enough of our greatest asset, our staff. All companies working across the games, film, TV, commercials and web based sectors require skilled and trained staff. These industries do not operate separately, we all have much in common. We use the same computers, software, rendering and techniques. All VFX artists require common knowledge. That is why it is so important for industry to work with training academies and higher education throughout the country. We want and need to play our part in helping the education system impart the skills that are actually needed and that their very many students have successful careers in an industry that continues to do well.’ ‘Next Gen’ details a set of 20 recommendations for government, educators and industry. You can download the report at: Dark Knight © Double Negative



Animation Category

The Animation Category (1h 50min)

Music promos by filmmakers from around the world and under 12 minutes. Buy tickets online or call 020 7930 3647

FOUR Dir. Margherita Premuroso & Luca De Rios (InkyMind) Italy, 3m 10s

A spritely tale of changing of seasons.

Peter’s answers to life lie in the brain of a beetle.

ISAAC AND QUINCY – THE TV SHOW? Dir. Tea & Cheese (Tea & Cheese) UK, 3m 44s

SPIN SPUN SPAN Dir. Emily Howells & Anne Wilkins UK, 4m 31s

LA MESSICOLE Dir. Hannes Stummvoll (Central Saint Martin’s College) UK, 1m 55s

MARVIN Dir. Mark Nute (Baby Cow Animation) UK, 7m 11s

OCCUPATION: MOVEMENTS II & III Dir. Eric Schockmel (Watergun) Luxembourg/UK, 6m 31s

SCREWED UP Dir. Kris Hofmann Austria, 4m 45s

HELL, HEAVEN AND THE OTHER BODY PARTS Dir. Rodrigo John (Osso Produções) Brasil, 7m 33s

NOKIA ‘DOT’ Dir. Sumo Science (Aardman Animations) UK, 90s

Two super fly detectives serve up justice in the big city.

Chloé is distracted from work at the wheat harvest by some strange, beautiful creature.

An ecological narrative reminiscent of video games & Sci-fi.

A dog with a broken heart perceives his reality in a very peculiar way.


THE EAGLEMAN STAG Dir. Mikey Please (Royal College of Art) UK, 8m 55s

A surreal journey through the cotton factories of the North West of England.

Marvin was born with a hole in his head. He wasn’t born stupid he wasn’t born dead.

Time and time again we have to come to terms with the notion of not knowing a good thing until its gone.

A tiny 9mm girl wakes up in a magical, magnified world to discover her surroundings are caving in around her.


Animation Category Official Screening Time Day 15:30 17:30

Saturday, 23 July Tuesday, 26 July





£6 to £10 £6 to £10

Booking Required Booking Required

FIXING LUKA Dir. Jessica Ashman (DigiCult) UK, 11m 26s

BIG BABIES Dir. Jon Riche (BBC) UK, 2m 14s

Lucy thinks her brother Luka is broken and should be fixed, but how?

A creative medley giving an overview of the BAFTA nominated CBBC show.

YOU MUST BE JOKING Dir. Michael Cash (Wonky) UK, 5m

OIL STORY Dir. Pete Bishop (The Shop) UK, 2m 30s

MANHATTAN 4.33PM Dir. Lizzie Oxby (Lizzie Oxby Productions) UK, 35s

A MORNING STROLL Dir. Grant Orchard (Studio AKA) UK, 6m 47s

A day dream to remind me of the joy of the New York skyline.

A New Yorker walks past a chicken on his morning stroll...

PLAYING GHOST Dir. Bianca Ansems (NFTS) UK, 9m 53s

I FALL DOWN Dir. Jesse Collett UK, 3m 10s

Years of experience as a stand up, come into their own.

A mother and daughter deal, in their own ways, with the recent death of the father. ALL CONSUMING LOVE (MAN IN A CAT) Dir. Louis Hudson (Dice Productions) UK, 9m 4s

A past, present, future glimpse into mans relationship with oil and insatiable greed for more.

A giant toad who lives on a mountain of rubbish is going about his daily business when suddenly his reality is shattered.

Yorkie lives inside a cat. After becoming infatuated with the cat’s new owner he decides to introduce himself. 29

FORGET BIRD FLU Since it’s launch into society in December 2009, Angry Birds has accumulated 50 million users with purportedly some three trillion pigs being popped to date, roughly 3000 times the number of actual pigs in existence. Finland-based creator Rovio has suggested that combined daily playtime by users is in excess of an incredible 200 million minutes which equates to an equivalent 16 years in each hour of the day. Apparently using a slingshot to fire wingless birds at pigs is addictive. Who knew?

huge Angry Bird flying over your head directly hitting said structure. While you watch the toy piggies castle fall about the place you may even experience a strong feeling of contentment. “Is that a three star, top score shot?” You might ask yourself. For those in Barcelona’s Plaça Nova de Terrassa in May – that was a very real question. T-Mobile offer multiple smartphone platforms, including the iPhone, Android and Symbian and they too are joining in on the fun world of apps and there is no bigger app in the world right now than Angry Birds. Much like they did earlier this

Seminal gaming it may be, especially as it is possibly the most popular cross-platform game currently in existence. But it doesn’t stop there. A movie, TV cartoon series and a 3D version of the game are also in the works. Bird fever has also reached in to our real-time lives, you can now hire bird outfits; well over sixty thousand Angry Bird soft toys have already been sold (presumably to throw at pigs?), ’Hottest Bird on the Block’ T-shirts are available to buy along with cakes, muffins and most recently cookery books. On the first anniversary of its release, 2,405 people in 756 cities worldwide wasted even more of their time holding events in celebration of “Angry Birds Day”. So it may come as only a small surprise when one day, walking through a square or wide open space, that you come across a huge, towering structure of wood and bricks (in this case made of foam/rubber) containing pigs (not real). It may surprise you only a little more to see a


IT’S BIRD MANIA year with their Royal Wedding spoof Ad, T-Mobile teamed up with Saatchi & Saatchi to create an engaging Ad where they have reproduced a life-size version of the popular puzzle game. A booth was set up with a smartphone running the game. The screen of the phone was linked up to a larger display nearby, and as the slingshot is pulled back and released, a large, life size replica of the bird is seen shooting out of the side of the screen. The whole effect is pretty amazing complete

with real shooting birds and exploding pigs, and (as you can see in the video) before long there is a large crowd of people gathered around joining in the fun, with a live band playing the familiar Angry Birds theme. See the video here: “lifeisforsharingDT” Read more about this and the post production involved at:

T-Mobile “T-Mobile Angry Birds Live!” Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi



Music Video Category

The Music Video Category (1hr 50mins)

Showcasing music promos (under 12mins) from new and established talent from around the world. Buy tickets online or call 020 7930 3647





FOOD – Matthew Garton


ISLES – Little Comets

IRON - Woodkid



ONE (YOUR NAME) – Swedish House Mafia


MARCHING SONG – Esben & The Witch


Ben Daure (Grape Productions) UK, 5m 12s

Darren Robbie (ChopsyAnimation) UK, 2m 42s

Samuel De Ceccatty (Cat&Bear Pictures) UK, 3m 6s

Aoife McArdle (Agile Films) UK, 3m 13s

Jamie Hewlett & Pete Candeland (Zombie Flesh Eaters & Passion Pictures) UK, 4m 21s

Henrik Hanson (Hanson&Hanson Stockholm HB) Sweden, 3m 21s

Peter King & David Procter (Agenda Collective) UK, 4m 24s


William Stahl (Good Boy! Creative) Denmark, 4m 41s

Kathryn Marshall UK, 1m 21s

Dan Shipton (Good Egg) UK, 4m 10s

Yoann Lemoine (Caviar / HSI London) France, 3m 45s

MJ Delaney (Love Commercial Production Co.) UK, 3m 26s

Saam Faramand (Partizan) UK, 3m

Henry Scholfield (Partizan) UK, 3m 5s


Music Video Category Official Screening Time Day 20:45 20:00

Friday, 22 July Monday, 25 July





£6 to £10 £6 to £10

Booking Required Booking Required


RUNAWAY - Devlin


TIME FLIES - The Heavenly Spheres

LET YOU GO – Chase And Status


Ben Newman (Pulse Films) UK, 3m 37s

Emil Nava (Pulse Films) UK, 3m 22s

Thirtytwo (Pulse Films) UK, 4m 1s

Emil Nava (Pulse Films) UK, 3m 36s

Yuki Nishimura Japan, 4m 56s

Alex Sufit (Lexitricity Productions) UK, 2m 59s

THUNDER ON THE MOUNTAIN - Wanda Jackson ft. Jack White

BOMBAY – El Guincho

Thirtytwo (Pulse Films) UK, 5m 44s

Canada (Partizan) Spain, 5m 40s

KIDZ – Take That

I KNOW – David Lynch

MIAMI – Foals

BLIND FAITH - Chase & Status feat. Liam Bailey

Mat Whitecross & Eran Creevy (Pulse Films) UK, 5m 8s

Dave Ma (Pulse Films) UK, 4m 22s

Sam Pilling, Chris Lee, Paul Storrie UK, 4m 5s

Daniel Wolfe (Somesuch & Co.) UK, 9m 19s


Supersizing Rushes on the Gower Peninsula

During a sunny day over Easter in Wales, on a

glorious stretch of beach in the Gower Peninsula, the land art collective blackprojects teamed up with Matt Lawrence, Lead Creative at MGFX Studio, to create a massive scale sand version of the legendary Rushes logo. Weeks of planning were involved both to find a suitable location with the perfect conditions of flat sand and tidal movements and also to create a scaled constructional plan to work from of the Rushes “R” logo. The coastal location of Rhossili Beach was chosen for having perfect conditions for our sand 34

art. Bikes & bike trailer were loaded with the construction kit, cameras, rakes, food and kids... then we cycled out a good mile to get a nice clean section of beach to ourselves. Three and a half hours later the design was finished with the manpower of three sand artists and their rakes including Matt’s son James. The design lived for a total of 48 minutes which gave us just enough time to get some photos and then watch as the sea washed away all our hard work. Inevitably land art creates attention so towards the end of the construction process we had a small audience of fishermen and children who

seemed quite baffled by our activities! The end result was a huge success, the final design measuring a whopping 53 x 40 metres which was visible from miles away, even from the top of the coastal cliffs far behind the sand dunes. Watch the film at For more information contact: Matt Lawrence 020 7437 8676 Title: “Sand Rushes� Beach Art Logo Creation Production Company: blackprojects Construction Diagram: Martin McKinney Sand Artists: Martin McKinney, Matt Lawrence, James Lawrence Photography: Martin McKinney, Matt Lawrence, Michaela Taylor, James Lawrence Rake Cam Operator: Martin McKinney Child Control: Michaela Taylor Additional Sandcastles: Oliver Lawrence Post Facility: MGFX Studio Editor: Matt Lawrence C4D: Matt Lawrence After Effects: Matt Lawrence 35


Broadcast Design Category

The Broadcast Design Category (1 hour)

Showcasing work, under 5minutes in length, including branded content, commercial sequences, titles, idents, spots, digital posters and word designed for multi-platform distribution. RSVP through

Love in the mountains


Eliza Jäppinen (Anima Boutique) Finland, 1m 30s

Aldi MJ Delaney (Love Commercial) UK, 20s



Science Museum


Deep Silver - Dead Island Stu Aitken (Axis Animation) UK, 3m 7s Head Room Leo Bridle (Beakus) UK, 2m

Lorcan Finnegan (Lovely Productions) Ireland, 54s











Swarovski Bruno Aveillan (Believe Media, UK) Austria, 3m Conran Shops Jake Mavity (Tantrum) UK, 1m 25s Lego Temujin Doran UK, 1m 21s

The Body Shop Koja UK, 1m 08s

Museum of Club Culture Kate Jessop UK, 34s


Volswagen Terry Hall (Love Commercial) UK, 27s

Media Trust Gavin Toomey (Media Trust) UK, 3m 19s

Simon Levene (Mustard Films) UK, 2m 16s

Coca Cola Fx & Mat (Nexus Productions) UK, 1m

Venables Bell & Partners Smith & Foulkes (Nexus Productions) UK, 1m 45s

Smith & Foulkes (Nexus Productions) UK, 1m 00s


Broadcast Design Category Official Screening Time Day





Thursday, 21 July

Deluxe Soho


Booking Required


Thursday, 21 July

Deluxe Soho


Booking Required



SKYPerfect TV! Hirosinante Murakami (KOO-KI) Japan, 30s

MTV Nick Scott (Nick Scott Studio Ltd.) UK, 1m















COS Karan Kandhari (Oslo Beach Films) UK, 1m 30s

Channel 4 Keith McCarthy & Marc Reisbig (Passion Pictures & 4 Creative) UK, 1m AIDS Againstallods (Passion Pictures) UK, 2m 20s Specsavers Darren Walsh (Passion Pictures) UK, 30s Mnet Jannes Hendrikz (Passion Pictures) South Africa, 1m

Shy The Sun (Strange Beast) UK, 2m

John Nolan (Streetlight Films UK Ltd) UK, 1m 30s

Viasat Jake Mavity & Rich Mitchell (Tantrum) UK, 45s Laphroaig Scotch Whisky Ted Marcus (Trade Marked, Ladeson Prods) USA, 1m Paul Donnellon (VooDooDog) UK, 1m 13s Diesel Tomi Dieguez (Punta) Argentina, 1m 52s Peugeot Jean-Paul Frenay (Infected) Germany, 22s

Volkswagen Jean-Paul Frenay (Latcho Drom) Germany, 40s

Nike Jean-Paul Frenay (Postpanic) Holland, 1m 05s


Rushes Advert: MGFX




International Category

The International Film Category (1h 50min)

Fictional, live action work by filmmakers outside the UK and under 12 minutes. Buy tickets online or call 020 7930 3647


Dir. Luke Eve (More Sauce) Australia, 13m 30s Accidentally run over by his wedding car, Charlie is given another chance at life. Reincarnated as a cockroach he tries to convince his grieving widow that he has returned. VIA GORI

Dir. George Barbakadze (Iluminar pty ltd) Australia/ Georgia, 13m As Russian planes begin to bomb Georgia, a Russian woman and her daughter board a bus to escape – but will they be discovered? KETCHUP

Dir. Konstantinos Frangopoulos (Futre Productions) Greece, 7m A long-running quarrel between an elderly father and his middle-aged daughter – a divorced mother of two – ends in tragedy. TWO LEGGED RAT BASTARD

Dir. Scott Weintrob (Large Eyes Films) USA, 12m 20s Eddie, a cantankerous old alcoholic, attempts to connect with his son Winstead. In the course of their conversation Eddie reveals how he lost his leg - in a high stakes poker game 30 years ago. BREAK A LEG

Dir. Jesse Shamata (Lot 2B Films) Canada, 7m 3s A hit-man meets his mark for breakfast to discuss his assassination. MASALA MAMA

Dir. Michael Kam (Akanga film asia) Singapore, 8m 27s The young son of a struggling rag-and-bone man is constantly distracted by daydreams of drawing comic book superheroes. One day, he steals a comic from a gentle Indian shop owner…



International Category Official Screening Time Day 16:30 20:00

Sunday, 24 July Tuesday, 26 July





£6 to £10 £6 to £10

Booking Required Booking Required


Dir. Elite Zexer Israel, 12m Tasnim, a strong and opinionated 10-year-old, lives in a Bedouin village in the Negev. A visit from her father forces her to confront the conservative norms of the family tribe. LA VIEILLE DAME QUI NE SOURIAIT PLUS

Dir. Guillaume Levil (Les NoUS) France, 12m 50s Right before retirement, a policeman gets a mission : find those who steal coloured bottles. MARICHEN

Dir. Katja Sambeth Germany, 8m A young woman is looking for her lost child. She talks to strange kids in the train and on the streets, to convince herself that she is their mother. WINTER NIGHT

Dir. Henrik Hanson (Hanson&Hanson Stockholm HB) Sweden, 1m A homeless on a cold winter night. Winters are harsh for homeless people who survive streets. Loneliness takes over as a girl has lost her love. I EXPECT NO ONE

Dir. Kristoffer Borgli (Fantefilm) Norway, 3m A short film about happiness. TWO LAPS

Dir. Owen Trevor (Lanky Boy and Luscious International) Australia, 5m Two friends. One race. Two Laps. No prisoners.


Framestore is an Oscar-winning visual effects company and the UK’s Framestore an Oscar-winning visual effects company and the UK’s Framestoreisisisan anOscar-winning Oscar-winningvisual visualeffects effectscompany companyand andthe theUK’s UK’s Framestore leading authority on Stereoscopic 3D. leading authority on Stereoscopic 3D. leading authority on Stereoscopic 3D. Framestore is leading Framestore an Oscar-winning is anon Oscar-winning visual effects company visual and the company UK’s and the UK’s authority Stereoscopic 3D. effects leading authority leading on Stereoscopic authority oninnovative 3D. Stereoscopic 3D. Framestore uses talent and technology to hi-end images for every Framestore uses talent and technology totocreate create hi-end for every Framestoreuses usesinnovative innovativetalent talentand andtechnology technologyto createhi-end hi-endimages imagesfor forevery every Framestore platform -- working workinginnovative for Hollywood Hollywood studios, studios, advertisers, create ad agencies, agencies, images production and platform for advertisers, ad production and platform -working working for Hollywood studios, advertisers, adagencies, agencies, production and Framestore uses Framestore innovative uses talent innovative and technology talent and to create technology hi-end to images create for hi-end every images for every platform for Hollywood studios, advertisers, ad production and gaming companies, companies, gaming gaming platform - working platform for Hollywood -companies, workingstudios, for Hollywood advertisers, studios, ad advertisers, agencies, production ad agencies, and production and gaming companies, gaming companies, gaming Current companies, film projects projects include: include: War War Horse, Horse, Captain Captain America: America: The The First First Avenger, Avenger, Gravity, Gravity, Current film Currentfilm filmprojects projectsinclude: include:War WarHorse, Horse, CaptainAmerica: America:The The FirstAvenger, Avenger,Gravity, Gravity, Current Sherlock Holmes: A A Game Game of of Shadows, Shadows,Captain Harry Potter Potter and and the the First Deathly Hallows: Hallows: P2, P2, Sherlock Holmes: Harry Deathly Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: P2, Current film projects Current include: film projects War Horse, Captain War Horse, America: Captain ThePotter First America: Avenger, TheDeathly First Gravity, Avenger, Gravity, Sherlock Holmes: Ainclude: Game of Shadows, Harry and the Hallows: P2, Clash of the Titans 2 and 47 Ronin. Clash of the Titans 22and 47 Ronin. Clash of the Titans and 47 Ronin. A of Game of Shadows, A2Game Harry ofRonin. Shadows, Potter and Harry thePotter Deathly and Hallows: the Deathly P2, Hallows: P2, Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock Holmes: Clash the Titans and 47 Clash of the Titans Clash 2of and theprojects 47 Titans Ronin. 2 and 47Harry Ronin. Recent film include: Potter and the Deathly Hallows: P1, Recent film projects include: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: P1, Recentfilm filmprojects projectsinclude: include:Harry HarryPotter Potterand andthe theDeathly DeathlyHallows: Hallows:P1, P1, Recent The Chronicles of Narnia: The Dawn Treader, Your Highness The Chronicles of Narnia: The Dawn Treader, Your Highness The Chronicles of Narnia: The Dawn Treader, Your Highness Recent film projects Recent include: film projects Harry Potter include:and Harry the Potter Deathly and Hallows: the Deathly P1, Hallows: P1, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Dawn Treader, Your Highness The Chronicles The of Chronicles Narnia: The Dawn Narnia: Treader, The Dawn Your Highness Treader, YourinHighness Framestore will of be hiring across all departments departments 2011. Framestore will be hiring across all in 2011. Framestorewill willbe behiring hiringacross acrossall alldepartments departmentsin in2011. 2011. Framestore Framestore will Framestore hiring an across will be all hiring departments across allupcoming in departments 2011. opportunities in 2011. please send your details to Tobe express interest in current and To express an interest in current and upcoming opportunities please send your details toto Toexpress expressan aninterest interestin incurrent currentand andupcoming upcomingopportunities opportunitiesplease pleasesend sendyour yourdetails detailsto To To express an interest To express in current an interest and upcoming in current opportunities and upcomingplease opportunities send your please details send to your details to V our careers website VVisit isit our careers website isit our careers website Visit our careers website Visit our careers Visit website our careers website



Longform Category

Official Screening The Long Form Category, Programme One (1h 50min)

For fictional and live action work by filmmakers from around the world between 12 and 30 minutes Time





18:15 18:15

Friday, 22 July Wednesday, 27 July


£6 to £10 £6 to £10

Booking Required Booking Required

Programme One HERMANN

Dir. Hana Geissendorfer (GFF KG) Germany, 26m “Hermann” follows the story of an aging gay man, who hasn’t given up hope of finding a partner. He distracts himself from his loneliness through friendship to his budgie Gloria and a rigidly structured daily routine - then he meets Joerg. NANCY, SID AND SERGIO

Dir. Craig Pickles (Ipcress Films) UK, 19m Whilst God and the Devil are on a rock climbing weekend trying to call a truce, they discover Nancy slumped on a ledge at the bottom of a cliff and persuade her to join them on a day of adventure. JAM TODAY

Dir. Simon Ellis (Bub / Mad Cow films) UK, 14m 40s Robert is stuck on a boating holiday with his parents in the English countryside. Impatient to grow and become a man, an unexpected sight cracks his world open. HOLLOW

Dir. Rob Sorrenti (Future Time Pictures) UK, 20m Hollow is a sensitive observation about the nature of addiction. Exploring the idea that love isn’t always enough, when it comes to getting clean and the inevitable sacrifice that comes with sobriety. DEEPER THAN YESTERDAY

Dir. Ariel Kleiman (Victorian College of the Arts) Australia, 19m 43s After three months submerged underwater, the men have become savages. Oleg fears that losing perspective may mean losing himself. GIN & DRY

Dir. Oscar Plewes (Capture) UK, 15m A romantic booze heist in an O.A.P Residents Care Home.



Longform Category Official Screening The Long Form Category, Programme Two (1h 50min)

Buy tickets online or call 020 7930 3647 Time





17:30 20:45

Monday, 25 July Monday, 27 July


£6 to £10 £6 to £10

Booking Required Booking Required

Programme Two MAM

Dir. Hugo Speer (Vigo Films) UK, 14m 40s When Mam won’t get out of bed, twelve year-old Danny must fend for his brothers and sisters - whilst trying to protect a secret that threatens to break up the family forever. NOREEN

Dir. Domhnall Gleeson (El Zorrero Films) Ireland, 18m Two policemen learn life lessons on a house-call in rural Ireland; Frank is young and heartbroken… Con is middle-aged and weary… They’re both alone. They’re both idiots. TORTOISE

Dir. Jae-Ha Myung (NFTS) UK, 23m 24s When Jack finds out his father has got an illegal shipment coming in, he sees an opportunity to prove himself in their exotic animal business. RITE

Dir. Michael Pearce (Digicult) UK, 17m A father tries to connect with his estranged son by taking him out for his 18th Birthday. HAPPY CLAPPER

Dir. Ton Marshall (Vita Nova Films) UK, 23m 25s Wannabe gangster living alone in a caravan gets a visit from a born again Christian, but this is not a random visit, they have both been waiting for this moment to come. BAD NIGHT FOR THE BLUES

Dir. Chris Shepherd (Chris Shepherd Films) UK, 16m It’s your turn to take your aunty to the conservative club, should you bite the bullet or do a runner. 45

Fujifilm Shorts The Fujifilm Shorts, Programme One (1h 35min)

This year’s competition programme of work shot entirely on Fujifilm Motion Picture film stock, completed after 1 January 2009. Time






Saturday, 23 July


£6 to £10

Booking Required

CRITICAL EYE Director of Photography: Trevor Forrest Director: Dan Nathan Producer: Alexandra Stone and Carly Stone Miserable critic, Brian Tanner, is famous for his vicious film reviews then one day his wife changes his view on life forever. LA PLAYA Director of Photography: Clara Kraft Director: Elisa Cepedal Producer: Marianna Murillo Ana lives in a remote village on the Spanish plateau. An encounter with two youths from a awakens her desire to escape FLAK Director of Photography: Ed Rutherford Director: Finn McGough Producer: Finn McGough and Claire Reynolds Inspired by A START IN LIFE by Alan Silitoe, FLAK is a coming-of-age drama about adolescence, burgeoning romance and betrayal. PEARLS OF JEWISH WISDOM Director of Photography: Dan Trapp Director: Malcolm Green Producer: Simon Goodman With all the experience of your lifetime, what one pearl of wisdom would you pass on from your generation to the next? BABY Director of Photography: Lol Crawley Director: Daniel Mulloy Producer: Ohna Falby A young woman intervenes when she witnesses men mugging a girl. Now one of them won’t leave her alone. HARD HAT Director of Photography: Bjorn Bratberg Director: Karan Kandhari Producer: Karan Kandhari and Fredrick Herneoja Three immigrants meet on a cash-in-hand construction job in today’s England. 46

Fujifilm Shorts The Fujifilm Shorts, Programme Two (1h 40min)

Buy tickets online or call 020 7930 3647 Time






Sunday, 24 July


£6 to £10

Booking Required


Director of Photography: Emma Dalesman Director: Janis Nords Producer: Judy Naidoo Cocksure bailiff, Duncan,has heard every excuse under the sun and has an answer for each of them – until he meets the enigmatic Anna. THE PIT Director of Photography: Urszula Pontikos Director: Rupert Raby Producer: Julian Bird An old man saves a boy from drowning but mistakes him for his dead son. SIDNEY Director of Photography: Pablo Rojo Director: Gareth Warland Producer: Noelle Rodrigues A World War II veteran struggles and attempts to come to terms with his emotions after the arrival of a new employee at his care home. SKATEISTAN: TO LIVE AND SKATE IN KABUL Director of Photography: Franklin Dow Director: Orlando Von Einsiedel Producer: Louis Figgis The story of two young skateboarders from Afghanistan and their search for escape from the brutalities of war through skating. 13 ½ Director of Photography: Edu Grau Director: Haris Vaffiadis Producer: Yiannis Exindaris Aphrodite is thirteen and a half. Aphrodite is in love with Lou and wants to grow up.

ONE MAN AND HIS DOG Director of Photography: Stuart Bentley Director: Jonathan Hopkins Producer: Maddy Elles-Hill and Humphrey Elles-Hill A gentle alien visits the troubled planet Earth. He is a galactic peace ambassador and mankind’s only hope of salvation. 47



international short film festival nijmegen, the netherlands



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Wednesday 20 July Time






Opening Night Reception & Film



By Invitation

POM Wonderful presents: The greatest movie ever sold 19:00 / Apollo Cinema / By Invitation

POM WONDERFUL PRESENTS: THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER SOLD Director: Morgan Spurlock United States 2011 89 min

Morgan Spurlock (Director)

He’s given his body over to fast food, and searched in vain for Osama Bin Laden. Now gonzo documentary maker Morgan Spurlock brings his unique brand of tongue in cheek film-making to investigate the pervasive use of product placement in movies. Spurlock became intrigued by the ever more blatant branding aimed at teenagers driving Hollywood blockbusters, and decided to investigate. Typically he eschews a traditional talking heads and archive format, and opts instead for the Supersize option: the $1.5 million film about product placement is exclusively financed through product placement. He takes us behind the scenes to the pitching process, as he tries to convince big companies to back him, making them and their products the stars of the show. Volkswagen and Nike declined, but luckily for us, many others said yes, including Pom Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice. Mmmmm, tasty. (Synopsis courtesy of Carol Nahra, Sheffield Doc/fest) Morgan Spurlock (Director), Mane n’ Tail Photo by Daniel Marracino

Morgan Spurlock (Director) and Quentin Tarrantino. Photo by Daniel Marracino


Thursday 21 July PITCHING PANEL 10:30 / The Hospital Club / Free / RSVP on Hosted by Vision Pictures

With funding increasingly scarce it has become even more essential that filmmakers are able to deliver the perfect pitch. In association with Vision Pictures, this event will give an in-depth look at the pitching process. Filmmakers will pitch live to an industry panel, giving you, as an audience, a rare glimpse into the dynamics of this process and an insightful listen to the fed back on offer.

MICRO-BUDGET MOVIE-MAKING: THE MICROWAVE ROAD 12.30 / Deluxe Soho / Free / RSVP on Hosted by Film London

This session will focus on feature filmmaking on a micro-budget, using the Film London production scheme ‘Microwave’ as a template. Created in 2006, the Microwave scheme challenges filmmakers to shoot a feature film for no more than £120,000 with cash and in-kind support. Recent alumni of the scheme include director/writer Eran Creevy, Shifty - who is now working on his second feature, Welcome to the Punch, Ridley Scott exec producing - and currently in post-production is Ben Drew’s (aka Plan B) first feature film Ill Manors. This session will illustrate the journey from Script to Screen of the latest Film London feature to complete: Strawberry Fields – in particular focusing on the script development and the practical production issues the film had to face. The film’s director/writer Frances Lea will be in conversation with Film London’s Microwave Creative Executive Mia Bays.

FUJIFILM SHORTS: SECRETS OF CINEMATOGRAPHY 14:30 / Deluxe Soho/ Free / RSVP on Hosted by Fujifilm

Meet the Directors of Photography from previously shortlisted FujiFilm Shorts. Screening their work from previous years, the DPs will discuss their role in the creative process and the choices they made in the production with the director and production designer. The seminar looks at the inner workings of cinema to entertain and emotionally move an audience and the issues for a Director of Photography working in the highly collaborative process encompassing performance, editing and music.

THE FUTURE OF ADVERTISING 17:00 / Applestore/ Free / RSVP on Hosted by the Advertising Producers Association

This event will consider the ever-changing nature of the industry and the current outlook for commercial production companies, evaluating the impact of new media and looking at how it is essential for advertisers to stay ahead of the curve. With virals and internet based campaigns now par-of-the-course, advertisers need to find new and inventive ways to engage and excite consumers. Join us for an opportunity to be inspired by leading industry insiders. 50

Thursday 21 July Time





10.30 12:00

Vision Pictures Hollyshorts (USA)

Hospital Club Curzon Soho

Free Free

Book. Details p50 Just pop along

12:30 14:00 14:30 16:00 17:00 18.15 19.00 19.00 19.30

Film London: Microwave DC Shorts (USA) Fuji Films Q&A SHORTS Film Fest (Australia) Future of Advertising Official Screening: Broadcast Design ORBITAL London Festival Judges Reception Official Screening: Broadcast Design

Deluxe Soho Curzon Soho Deluxe Soho Curzon Soho Applestore Deluxe Soho Venue TBC Rushes Deluxe Soho

Free Free Free Free Free Free Free n/a Free

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ORBITAL LONDON 19:00 / Venue TBC/ Free / RSVP on Hosted by RSSF, Kino London, Rotoreliefs, The Smalls and

The London Short Film Festival From humble beginnings screening at a warehouse in Barking in coldest January, Orbital London has blossomed into a panmetropolitan, all-encompassing journey through and around our city, documenting the most fascinating and eclectic elements of London life. Dozens of films, three minutes each, all depicting journeys made around the edge of the London, all screening in secret locations, each one hosted by one of London’s top short film bodies. Join Soho Shorts as we go guerrilla and discover the vast breadth of stories that this city has to offer. At the time of writing, the location(s) of the Orbital London screening(s) are still a secret. However, by the time that this text is in your hands or on your screen, details will have been revealed at:


Friday 22 July 99 minute film school 10:30 / The Hospital Club / Free / RSVP on Hosted by Raindance

In just one morning you can emerge from this special Raindance session with your head bursting with useful facts about the different aspects of filmmaking. Elliot Grove, the founder of Raindance will be teaching and advising on how to acquire a practical yet intriguing script, finding the most fitting actors to fill the character roles and crew to assist you in bringing it all together. The issue of money is also tackled, how to get sponsors and how to get paid are of high priority, and this can often be the most challenging task. In addition to all that, getting your movie out there and distributed for the largest number of people to see is often every filmmaker’s ultimate goal and every resource should be taken advantage of. With modern social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter, drawing attention and creating hype for your film is more facilitated than ever before.


All too often nowadays sound is considered something that can take a back seat during pre-production and shooting, more and more thought of as an element that can be remedied in post. Aimed at producers and industry professionals, this seminar will layout a best practice approach to getting sound right on your production, highlighting key steps and tips. Giving consideration to all the elements of the sound department, the seminar will guide us through the workflow of sound designers, editors, mixers and composers via case studies from within the profession. There will be a Q&A session for the last part of the seminar where the professionals can offer general opinions and specific advice in response to the audience’s questions and queries. Attendees should walk away from the seminar with answers to these questions: How should I approach sound in pre-production? How do I maximise my budget when it comes to the sound department? How should I prepare a sound department workflow in post-production? How do I avoid common pitfalls?


SHORTS Film Festival showcase 14:30 / Deluxe Soho/ Free / RSVP on

Shorts Film Festival stands alone as Australia’s only national film festival and competition entirely dedicated to championing the specialist art of storytelling through film. Founded by acclaimed Australian producer David Lightfoot, Shorts offers its filmmakers one of the country’s most lucrative and largest prize pools including a coveted first prize trip to Cannes Film Festival. Selected on the basis of outstanding storytelling in 20 minutes or less, this year’s program offers a showcase of the winning films from the 2011 Shorts Film Festival. 52

Friday 22 July Time





10:30 12:00

99 Minute Film School Kerry Film Festival (Ireland)

Hospital Club Curzon Soho

Free Free

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12:30 14:00 14:30 16:00 17:00 18.15 20.45

Sound Production Dazzle Films (UK) Shorts Film Fest (Australia) Bornshorts (Denmark) Addictive TV Showcase Official Screening: Long Form 1 Official Screening: Music Video

Deluxe Soho Curzon Soho Deluxe Soho Curzon Soho Applestore ICA ICA

Free Free Free Free Free £6 to £10 £6 to £10

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An audience with addictive tv 17:00 / The Applestore / Free / RSVP on Hosted by Addictive TV

When it comes to sampling films and remixing audio and video, London based artists Addictive TV have been leading the way for a number of years now, with their winning mixture of bootlegs and commercials. Having officially remixed films for nearly all the major Hollywood studios as alternative trailers, including the Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire, Addictive TV have certainly broken new ground in their time - in 2008 they even remixed the Olympics Games live for television! Having just played last month in post-revolution Tunisia, the guys have now clocked up performances all over the globe from the Glastonbury Festival to Shanghai’s Museum of Contemporary Arts. Playing an exclusive short set of their work from over the years, the guys will treat the Applestore audience to favourites past and present before opening up to a Q&A with screenings of one or two rare unseen treats.


Tenderpixel Gallery Tenderpixel is pleased to present: T E N D E R F L I X : A week of experimental film screenings From 23rd to 30th July Tenderpixel is, for the fourth year running, collaborating with Rushes Soho Shorts, providing visitors with an opportunity to view some of the most intriguing contemporary experimental films from all over the world. There are multiple creative ventures occurring in the gallery and on Cecil Court throughout the festival, so be sure to stop by to catch a flick from talented emerging short filmmakers.

Saturday 23 july - CECIL COURT: FLICKER ALLEY From 13:30 / Cecil Court/ Free Hosted by Tenderpixel

At the dawn of this new decade Cecil Court looks towards the future by
embracing the flickering memories of its past. This summer it will
host a Flicker Alley themed series of events; a festival that will
both explore the heritage of this unique British thoroughfare and
celebrate its contemporary presence. Flicker Alley was the nickname
given to Cecil Court during the time it was the central hub of the
early British film industry (early 1900’s). In the decade leading up
to the First World War almost 40 filmrelated businesses had premises
on the street including many famous names in early cinema: Hepworth,
Nordisk, Gaumont and American Vitagraph. Today, Cecil Court is known
worldwide for its independent, experienced and knowledgeable shop
owners. This enchanting Victorian thoroughfare hosts an eclectic
selection of specialist shops that trade in first edition books,
antiques, art, prints, engravings, and maps. Present day Cecil Court
remains an indispensable destination for a variety of ‘one-of-a-kind’
objects and precious collector items.

13.00 Silent Film Screenings accompanied by Live music by British-based pianistJohn

He has played for silent films since
1990 at venues including Riverside Studios Cinema, National Film
Theatre, Nottingham Broadway and the Barbican Centre. He has also
worked extensively in contemporary dance, composing music for
choreographers Viola Farber, Sarah Fahie and Andreja Rauch. John also
works as a pianist for Rambert Dance Company and En-Knap. He can be
heard regularly playing for silent film at the National Film Theatre
on the South Bank in London).

15.30 KING ARTHUR: John Matthews

(a world expert on King Arthur) will talk about King Arthur’s representation in film, and will show several clips


Unveiling the experimental shorts.

Saturday 23 July Time





12:00 13.00 (UK) Fujifilm Shorts Programme One

Curzon Soho ICA

Free £6 to £10

Just pop along Book. Details p46

13:30 14:00 15.30 15:30 16:00 16:30 17:30 18.15 20.45

Silent Film Screenings Curtocircuito (Spain) Official Screening: Animation John Matthews' King Arthur View Fest 2011 (Italy) Parallel Lines Screening Tenderflix Premiere Official Screening: Documentary Official Screening: Newcomer

Tenderpixel G Curzon Soho Deluxe Soho Tenderpixel G Curzon Soho Hospital Club Tenderpixel G Venue Venue

Free Free £6 to £10 Free Free Free Free £6 to £10 £6 to £10

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PARALLEL LINES 16:30 / The Hospital Club / Free / RSVP on

The Gift

In spring 2010 Philips revealed their campaign “Parallel Lines”. Philips had selected a single unifying theme and challenged RSA’s directors to create a cutting-edge short film in a genre of their choice to showcase the cinematic capabilities of Philips TVs. The concept and creative hook behind the film series revolves around a six lines of dialogue, with no direction, setting, or timescale. These six lines of unified script form the basis of the six short films, thus creating Parallel Lines and binding the films into a truly unique experience, proving there are many ways of interpreting a story. The films: Futuristic action thriller, The Gift, by Carl Erik Rinsch Touching drama, El Secreto de Mateo, by Greg Fay Animation adventure, Jun & the Hidden Skies, by Hi-Sim Mystical horror, The Hunt, by Jake Scott Noir sci-fi thriller, Darkroom, by Johnny Hardstaff 3D Fantasy, The Foundling, by Barney Cokeliss

UNIFIED SCRIPT: This is the script that is used throughout all six films thus creating Parallel Lines... What is that? It’s a unicorn Never seen one up close before Beautiful Get away, get away I’m sorry 55

SHORT FILMMAKERS MARKET BAFTA and Rushes combine for a third year of collaboration, presenting a day of discussions, debates and declamations, with all-day screenings, talks and seminars, delivered by some of the top media and film organisations in the UK and beyond. The day will begin with a breakfast sponsored by Skillset, running from 10:00 to 11:30, and then move on to other exciting events, taking place across four different spaces. Throughout the main part of the day, we will also host an expansive market, at which will be represented by all of the major contributors to the event, along with other festivals, groups and companies; the perfect place to do a bit of networking. Companies present will include YouTube, Industrial Scripts, Shots Magazine, and many more... Book at

princess Anne theatre

PLAY IT UP: INNOVATION, FILMS AND GAMING 11:30 – 13:15 / £5 Presented by onedotzero Videogames and films are quickly converging, with films becoming increasingly interactive, and many videogames seeking to emulate the narrative sophistication of the movies. With this event, onedotzero are taking videogame making and filmmaking back to basics, looking at bedroom innovators in both mediums, and showing us what we can learn from people creating great work for little money. THE DIMENSION DEBATE: IS 3D WORTH IT? 13:45 – 15:15 / £5 Presented by Sci Fi London Sci Fi London is going to kick up a storm here, interrogating both pro and anti 3D pundits, in an attempt to get to the bottom of one of the most divisive issues in modern cinema. Encapsulating 3D from both a technological and an artistic perspective, and giving time to critics and filmmakers alike, this event is not to be missed. BY POPULAR DEMAND: CROWDFUNDING YOUR FILMS 15:45 – 17:30 / £5 / Book through BAFTA Presented by Shooting People, Sheffield Doc/Fest Crowdfunding is becoming an increasingly popular way to finance a film, especially for short filmmakers. BAFTA and Soho Shorts are pleased to be to giving this space to Shooting People and Sheffield Doc/Fest, who will discuss and debate the technique with a panel of industry experts.


DAVID LEAN: Film school

FINANCING THE SHORT FILM 10:30 – 12:30 / £5 Presented by the London Film Academy A discussion that will provide inspiring and practical advice on the best ways in which to get your short film financed. The London Film Academy assemble a roster of professional film financiers to give you tips from the front line on what they’re looking for in a short film, and how to make the most of your search for a budget. PERFORMANCE ANXIETY: WORKING WITH ACTORS 13:30 – 15:00 / £5 / Book through BAFTA Presented by the National Film and Television School How does a director get the best from their cast? From working with casting directors and managing casting sessions, to tips on directing performance on set, The National Film and Television school will give an insight into improving your directing skills in this crucial, but often overlooked area. DISTRIBUTE IT! 16:00 – 17:30 / £5 Presented by the London Film School The London Film School explores the expanding world of film distribution, from online screenings through to guerrilla tactics and more traditional methods of getting your work out there. Incorporating elements from their MA in Film Curating, this promises to be an illuminating event for any short filmmakers easing their work out of post-production.

Sunday 24 July Time





10:30 12:00

Short Filmmakers Market La Noche De Los Cortos (Peru)

BAFTA Curzon Soho

Free Free

Book at Just pop along

14.00 14:00 16:00 16.30 19.00

Fujifilm Shorts Programme Two Cinefiesta (Puerto Rica) Las Garzas (Panama) Official Screening: International Official Screening: Short Film

ICA 1 Curzon Soho Curzon Soho ICA 1 ICA 1

£6 to £10 Free Free £6 to £10 £6 to £10

Book. Details p46 Just pop along Just pop along Book. Details p40 Book. Details p20



SATUSFACTION: FILMS Starting off with a sure-to-be-packed 11:00 – 12:30 / Free/ Presented by Satusfaction Q&A with EIFF director, James Mullighan, the Boardroom will be host to the Meet the Pro sessions, informal roundtable discussions with some of the UK’s most experienced industry insiders. Each sessionwillseatonly25,soit’llberestricted to a first-come-first-served format, but it’ll be worth arriving early, for audiences with everyone from SargentDisc, to Production and Location Managers who have worked on some of the UK’s biggest features. BEST OF THE FEST: EIFF QUIZZED 10:45 / £5 / Presented by the EIFF AN AUDIENCE WITH YOUTUBE 12:30 / £5 / Presented by YouTube LOCATION MANAGEMENT 14:00 / £5 / Speaker TBA BUDGETING AND SCHEDULING 15:15 / £5 / Presented by SargentDisc PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT 16:30/ £5 / Speaker TBA

Satusfaction bring us the second year of their unique screenwriting competition, in which a winning screenplay is filmed twice, by two production teams. Here, they’ll screen the final films, get the screenwriter’s (hopefully ecstatic) reaction and discuss such questions as how to turn the tables on an editor and get them to direct a film themselves. SHOOTING PEOPLE: FILM OF THE MONTH 12:45 – 14:00 / Free/ Presented by Shooting People Each month, Shooting People honours one of their members’ films as Film of the Month, with a celebrity guest judging the finalists. Here, they present a 70 minute compilation of the best of these shorts, in a varied and compelling programme of work. DOCUMENTARY SHORTS 14:15 – 15:15 / Free/ Presented by Sheffield Doc Hot from Sheffield, this screening will be of the best work from this June’s Doc/Fest. NFTS SCREENWRITERS’ SHORT FILMS 15:30 – 16:15 / Free/ Presented by the NFTS A selection of short films ranging from fifteen minutes to 5 minutes, from Time Travel drama to dramatic monologue. What they all have in common is that each one has been authored by a first year screenwriter at National Film and Television School – an enthralling demonstration of a range of talents. SONUS SPIRITUS and GHOST RADIO 16:45 – 17:45 / Free/ Presented by ArtHertz and LSFF Rounding out the day in the Run Run Shaw Space is a unique event, presented by London Short Film Festival: a screening of Sonus Spiritus, a short film by ArtHertz, depicting a secret society. This will be accompanied by content programmed by LSFF, and followed by an audiovisual extravaganza by Spacedog, entitled Ghost Radio.


Monday 25 July The devils rock Q&A : making shorts & features 10:30 / The Hospital Club / Free / RSVP on Hosted by Rushes

Paul Campion’s 2008 short film Eel Girl came second at that year’s RSSF. This year, he blasts back onto the filmmaking scene with The Devil’s Rock, his debut feature, a claustrophobic WW2-set horror, featuring Nazis, demonic possession and copious amounts of gore. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Paul, in which we’ll get to the bottom of that nagging question: just how did he go from a successful short to a distribution deal on a feature in just three years? Taking in work with Peter Jackson and digital effects roles on features such as Sin City, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Clash of the Titans, we’ll chart Paul’s inspiring success story for what promises to be an unmissable event”

Insurance: get the correct protection for your production 12.30/ Deluxe Soho / Free / RSVP on Hosted by Towergate Camerasure

From covering equipment to cast, crew and locations; every filmmaker must consider what they could be made liable for should disaster strike. This session will provide a guide to the essential covers that should be considered, and will offer a fascinating insight into what claims have been made when things do go wrong, and how they were handled. Presented by Towergate’s entertainment insurance experts, topics will include ‘understanding your risks’, ‘selecting adequate cover’ and ‘minimising your claims exposure through effective risk management’. A Q&A with insurance experts will follow the presentation.


14.30/ Deluxe Soho / Free / RSVP on Hosted by RADA

Presented by Edward Hicks (Head of Film, TV & Radio). A chance to see a selection of short films from both experienced playwrights and new emerging writers featuring the latest graduates from the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. If you want to see some of the brightest emerging acting talent from the coming generation, this is the place to be. This event will be followed by a Q&A with Edward Hicks.

Future of Documentary 17:00 / Apple Store / Free / Pop along and listen in Hosted by the Documentary Filmmakers Group

Integrated, cross-platform media is a Holy Grail being sought across most genres of filmmaking but how does that effect documentary filmmakers? Does hard-hitting documentary filmmaking on serious subjects hold a place in the changing media landscape or will it be overtaken by ‘constructed reality’ and mockumentary? How will independent documentary find a home among branded entertainment? Indeed, what can documentary filmmakers learn about engaging audiences from their entertainment-led competitors? Just perhaps, some of these questions will be answered. 58

Monday 25 July Time





10:30 12:00

The Devils Rock Q&A TenderFlix Programme

Hospital Club Curzon Soho

Free Free

Book. Details p58 Just pop along

13.00 14:00 14:30 16:00 17:00 17.30 18.00 18.15 19.00 20.00 20.45

Towergate Camerasure: Insurance Dazzle Films RADA: Directors & Actors Aesthetica Magazine Shorts Future Of Docs with DFG Official Screening: Long Form Prog 2 Brain Wash: A Special Form of Denial Official Screening: Newcomer UK Screen Onion Session: VFX Official Screening: Music Video straight 8 Programme One

Deluxe Soho Curzon Soho Deluxe Soho Curzon Soho Applestore ICA Sugarlesque ICA MPC ICA ICA

Free Free Free Free Free £6 to £10 Free £6 to £10 Free £6 to £10 £6 to £10

Book. Details p58 Just pop along Book. Details p58 Just pop along Just pop along Book. Details p45 Just pop along Book. Details p16 Book. Details p59 Book. Details p32 Book. Details p59

UK Screen Onion Session: VFX creating an identity 19:00 / Moving Picture Company / Free / RSVP on

Hosted by UK Screen Association A look at the recent history and future of motion graphics and VFX Revisiting the decade that gave birth to digital compositing, a panel of leading VFX/MGFX specialists share their experiences of an evolving VFX industry and how the scale of that industry has grown and continues to do so grow. Covering both long and short form projects they will delve in to the inspiration and creative thought process behind the scenes while considering the change in budgets and technological development. The event forms part of Onion Training Sessions – a series of educational events created by UK Screen Association for members starting out their career in the industry.

straight 8

20:45 / ICA / £6 to £10 / Book at the ICA Hosted by straight 8

Straight 8 is open to anyone anywhere. This is one of two programmes. The brief is to shoot a film on one three-minute cartridge of super 8mm cine film. No editing is allowed, and the cartridge containing the film must be handed over exposed but undeveloped, along with a separate original soundtrack. Because there’s no creative brief the resulting selection of films is always wildly diverse and the quality of the best films is astounding. “There are no other film screenings that I know of where the audience sits with the directors, actors and crew to watch their film for the first time”, says straight 8 founder Ed Sayers, “apart from looking at the film through a viewfinder, they haven’t seen their work yet. Watching your film this way feels like both the fastest and slowest three minutes of your life at the same time. And it’s brilliant that Rushes share our whole enthusiasm for that rawness of approach: ironic and refreshing coming from an organisation that’s all about technically polishing film.” 59

Tuesday 26 July SCRIPT TO SCREEN: WORKFLOW FOF FILM/TV & commercials 10:30 / The Hospital Club/ Free / RSVP on

Presented by Adobe Take your creative idea to the next level. Adobe’s video products are being used on everything from national soap operas to international feature films (and everything in-between). In this seminar we’ll show how to get your ideas from Script to Screen in a seamless Adobe workflow, that allows your creativity to flourish every step of the way. Whether your focus is script writing, editing, effects, sound or delivery (or all of the above) this seminar might just change the way you do things forever!

DIGICULT: NEW TALENT, NEW POSSIBILITIES? 12.30 / Deluxe Soho / Free / RSVP on Presented by DigiCult

With the new look BFI taking shape, Rushes opens the lid on talent development and short film production across Britain. Hosted by DigiCult – the home of Digital Shorts, Incubator and the Story Room in Glasgow – an exciting panel of creative executives and independent film-makers will wrestle with the thorny questions faced by every person aiming to make their mark on UK cinema. How do I get myself noticed? How do I get my hands on some funding? But are people asking the right questions? DigiCult’s panel will discuss the qualities which set the successful film-maker apart from the wannabee. And what makes one film great and another forgettable.

SCOTTISH SHORTS SHOWCASE 14:30 / Deluxe Soho / Free / RSVP on Presented by Digicult

Digicult presents some of the best recent shorts from north of the border. Partnering with Creative Scotland, Screen Hi, VMS and GFF in 2011, over the last ten years, Digicult has established itself as one of the longest running and most successful independent talent development organisations in UK film. This showcase features some of the Cult’s recent award winning films plus other exceptional live action, animation and documentary shorts from the best emerging Scottish talent. It’s time to join us:

Future of Animation: CREATIVE ADVERTISING 17:00 / Apple Store / Free / Come and hear what they have to say. Hosted by Animated Encounters

The production of commercials continues to be the ‘bread and butter’ for many animation companies and often provides the only revenue that funds other productions such as short form and experimental work. With the prevalence of CG work expanding alongside traditional forms such as hand-drawn and stop-motion what are the pressures and constraints facing commercial animation production in today’s market especially with the need to consider a multi-platform approach? Our panel of established and creative professionals will consider implications in choosing CG over stop frame, cost vs creativity, and deliberate on what commercial agencies want and what school’s are providing. 60

Tuesday 26 July Time





10:30 12:00

Adobe: Script to screen Kirin Beer Films

Hospital Club Curzon Soho

Free Free

Book. Details p60 Just pop along

13:00 14:00 14:30 16:00 17:00 17.30 18:00 18:15 19:00 20:00 20:45

DigiCult: New Talent & Possibilities Hollyshorts (USA) Scottish Shorts Showcase (UK) Future of Animation with Encounters Official Screening: Animation Brainwash: A special form of denial Official Screening: Short Film Festival Networking: Boat Party Official Screening: International straight 8 Programme Two

Deluxe Soho Curzon Soho Deluxe Soho Curzon Soho Applestore ICA Sugarlesque ICA Tattershall C ICA ICA

Free Free Free Free Free £6 to £10 Free £6 to £10 Free £6 to £10 £6 to £10

Book. Details p60 Just pop along Book. Details p60 Just pop along Just pop along Book. Details p28 Just pop along Book. Details p20 Book. Details p61 Book. Details p40 Book. Details p59

BRAIN WASH presents: a special form of denial

from 18:00 Sugarleasque / Free / RSVP on Hosted by Brainwash

Short film body Brain Wash has teamed up with lingerie boutique Sugarlesque and Rushes Soho Shorts to present a series of shorts by acclaimed filmmaker Marc Blackie. Taking inspiration from Japanese erotic art and nudey shows of yesteryear, Blackie delves into the beautiful and twisted world of voyeurism, exhibitionism and erotica, with sometimes disturbing and comic visual metaphors in his series titled A Special Form of Denial.

festival boat party with Mosaic Networking Night 19:00 / Tattershall Castle Boat Party Free / (RSVP on essential!)

Celebrating 10 years of mosaic networking. In association with Mosaic Networking, Directors’ Guild of Great Britain, WFTV, Fujifilm, Adobe, Towergate Camerasure and many others, we bring you an evening of revelry on board the Tattershall Castle. As well as celebrating mosaic 10th anniversary this is the perfect opportunity to meet new contacts as well as catch up with old ones. This informal networking could help you get your next project up and running. Stands from key sectors of the industry will be offering essential advice and information on various aspect of filmmaking. Or, if you want to relax and enjoy the view from the banks of the River Thames, you can do that too!


Wednesday 27 July the reel: breaking into commercials 10:30 / The Hospital Club / Free / RSVP on Hosted by The Reel

This seminar hosted by The Reel will take a look at how to break into the world of advertising. With a panel including directors in the commercial field and representatives from some of the leading production companies in London, the panel will examine what it takes to get noticed when starting out and how best to propel your career from there on.

THE SMALLS SHORT STORIES 12:30 / Deluxe Soho/ Free / RSVP on Hosted by The Smalls

In this creatively packed show and tell session brings together a panel of successful short filmmakers and within the typical duration of a short film gives them 10 minutes each to share their ‘making of’ stories and filmmaking experiences. The session hopes to provide inspiration and insight for aspiring short filmmakers through the ‘making of’ stories, anecdotes and filmmaking experiences of the panel. The panel will be chaired by Andi Granger from the Smalls who will introduce each of the panel members and their film or films that they wish to talk about. Each panel member will then be given 10 minutes to talk about how they made their films and the things they learned along the way.

Future of Short Film: why make a short film? 17:00 / Apple Store / Free / RSVP on Hosted by Directors UK

With advancements in digital technology and the explosion of the internet, both the making and watching of short films is more popular than it’s been for decades. But what role do short films have in the industry? And what are the benefits of making a short for a filmmakers working today? Short films can bring a director attention through online plays or prestige from festival awards, get them signed to a commercial production company or help them progress towards a feature project or a career in television. Some shorts can even turn a tidy profit in their own right from plays on iTunes and by being picked up by distribution companies. Once your short has been completed the strategy for putting it ‘out there’ can vary greatly depending on what outcome a filmmaker is hoping for. Should you publish it online for free straight away? Or hold back and send it to festivals first? This session will take a look at the varied paths filmmakers have taken to putting their films out there, via case studies and with a panel professionals brought together by Directors UK.


Wednesday 27 July Time





10:30 12:00

How to get a Rep in Advertising Renderyard Live Action

Hospital Club Curzon Soho

Free Free

Book. Details p62 Just pop along

12.30 13:30 14:00 14:30 15:30 16:00 17:00 17:30 18.00 18.15 19.00 20.45

The Smalls Short Stories TenderFlix Programme Bornshorts (Denmark) DC Shorts Renderyard Animation Fables: Streetwise Opera Future of Short Film Renderyard Docs APA Reception & Screening Official Screening: Long Form 1 Rotoreliefs Official Screening: Long Form 2

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APA Reception and Screening 18:00 / Framestore / Free / RSVP on

Hosted by the APA The Advertising Producers Association returns once again to Rushes to screen the CFPE/ shots Young Directors Award Programme. This Award offers outstanding new directors a significant boost to their careers. Entries come from all over the world and showcased directors are provided with an excellent promotional platform for their work. This is the first showing of the YDA following its premiere in Cannes Lions and is now an established and very popular part of Soho Shorts.

Rotoreliefs 19:00 / The Roxy / £3 (Pay on the door)

Hosted by Rotoreliefs On Wednesday Rushes Soho Shorts will be joining forces with Rotoreliefs to showcase a choice selection of film submissions from this year’s festival, from some of the UK’s most exciting emerging film talent. All the filmmakers will be present to give a short Q&A about their films, and share ideas and industry experiences. Rotoreliefs is a networking platform dedicated to supporting the independent film sector through a series of events designed to promote and inspire emerging talent, break down industry barriers, showcase great short films and create an ongoing dialogue between audience and artist.


Thursday 28 July RADAR MUSIC VIDEOS: HOW DO I FIND REPRESENTATION? 10:30 / The Hospital Club/ Free / RSVP on

This session will take a look at how to progress your career as a music video director through getting representation via being signed to a production and/or distribution company. With a focus on those involved in the distribution and exhibition of music videos, this seminar is an opportunity to hear from a panel formed of leading industry professional’s including agents and production companies, plus you’ll also have the opportunity to hear from, and ask questions to, directors who’ve recently been through the process of being ‘signed up’.

MAKERS: OUR STORY 12.30 / Deluxe Soho/ Free / RSVP on

Presented by Renderyard/ AMO Productions A celebration of UK creative talent, this uplifting documentary shows the passion and commitment of a generation of new and existing filmmakers as they share their experiences working in a challenging industry. The documentary gives a rare insight into the work of the indie filmmakers who work outside of the Hollywood studio syndicates whose films are watched by millions all around the world. The trailer is now available to view online at

HOLLYShorts SHOWCASE 12.30 / Deluxe Soho/ Free

HollyShorts Film Festival (HSFF) features over 200 projects and highlights a host of stars and filmmakers including David Arquette, James Caan, John Dahl, James Franco, and Kirsten Dunst. The 7th Annual HSFF will take place August 11-18, 2011 in Hollywood and will feature a marquee opening night, short film, webisode, music video, documentary, commercial and feature film screenings, industry panels and exclusive parties.

Future of Music Video 17:00 / Apple Store / Free / Pop along and have a listen Exciting things are happening in the world of music videos. For starters, there are more bands around and nearly all of them needs or wants a music video. However, with labels working harder to make ends meet and less money being spent on most bands now, you can be sure music video directors are not making any kind of living from making music videos. But we’re about to enter the era of connected TV, when our living room/ bedroom/kitchen screens will also broadcast from the internet. Music videos are already one of the most popular forms of content on the internet and platforms such as Spotify have proven people can put up with advertising alongside their music consumption. Are music videos about to become an important source of revenue for labels and artists - and maybe even music video directors? Caroline Bottomley from Radar Music Videos will be talking to the new distributors and

content platforms, looking at what they are already bringing to the table and what the future holds for the music video. 64

Thursday 28 July Time





10:30 12:00

RADAR: How To Get Rep In Promos TenderFlix Programme

Hospital Club Curzon Soho

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12:30 13:30

MAKERS: Our Story Curtocircuito (Spain)

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Kirin First Cut Films Hollyshorts Kerry Film Festival (Ireland) Future of Music Video: RADAR La Noche De Los Cortos (Peru) The RUSHES Awards CLOSING NIGHT PARTY

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The Rushes Awards ceremony 18:30 / Curzon Soho / By Invitation

The three teams from each category, that receive the highest commendations from the judges, will be invited to attend the Awards Ceremony to find out if they have beaten their peers to a Rushes Gong. This year the eight competitive categories are joined by the finalists from the Fujifilm Shorts Competition 2011.

festival CLOSIng night party 20:30 / Curzon Soho / By Invitation

A celebration of all things short. Screenings of winners and select programmes will continue for a few more days but this evening is a chance for all those involved in this years festival to get together along with select industry professionals over a few drinks and shaking of the toosh. The evening will host Addictive TV’s unique video jockeying talents with drinks kindly sponsored by Jameson and Kirin.


ambitious, independent, risk-taking cinema from around the world


Villain (Akunin)

New Releases


Poetry Opens 29 July Winner of Best Screenplay at Cannes, this gripping, emotional rollercoaster is one of the stand-out films of the year. A grandmother struggles to come to terms with her young nephew’s terrible crime.

A Feast for Open Eyes: Jack Smith 7—18 September This two week season of screenings, performances and talks dedicated to the work of legendary American artist, filmmaker and actor, Jack Smith (1932–1989) features a selection of films from the restored collection and works by him and his close collaborators.

Dir. Lee Chang-dong, 2010, Korean with English subtitles

Our Day Will Come Opens 29 July Produced by and starring the ever-unpredictable and charismatic Vincent Cassel, this blistering feature debut by controversial young director Romain Gavras is a gloriously nutty road movie – equal parts Artaud and Beckett.

Cinema in Muslim Societies 23—25 September Presented by Third Text and the ICA, this series of screenings and talks showcases film from Muslim societies across the world including Turkey, Egypt, Syria & Senegal.

Dir. Romain Gavras, 2010, French with English subtitles

Villain (Akunin) Opens 19 August Winner of 5 Japanese Academy awards, Villain is a thrilling crime film that transcends its genre trappings with its young lovers on the run. Dir. Lee Sang-il, 2010, Japanese with English subtitles

Guilty of Romance (Koi no tsumi) Opens 30 September ICA favourite Sion Sono returns with this murder mystery exploring sexual identity through hallucinatory visuals. Dir. Sion Sono, 2011, Japanese with English subtitles 66

Don’t miss a thing Become an ICA Member from just £25. Enjoy free monthly film previews and cinema tickets for just £7. /membership Institute of Contemporary Arts The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH 020 7930 3647

Friday 29 July Time





10:30 12:00

RSSF 2011 Winners RSSF 2011 Winners

Hospital Club Curzon Soho

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13:00 13:30 14:00 15:30 16:00 17:30

RSSF 2011 Winners DC Shorts (USA) RSSF 2011 Winners Las Garzas (Panama) TenderFlix Programme View Fest 2011 (Italy)

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RSSF Winners SCREENINGS Multiple times & Venues / Free / RSVP on From the original 1200+ films submitted to the festival, 148 (showcasing 27 countries) were chosen for competition. These productions were then viewed and reviewed by over 100 judges who took in to consideration the originality of the work, production quality, success at communicating themes or story lines and the entertainment value (just a few of the areas we ask out judges to consider.) Here you have a chance to see the work that received the most acclaim through that judging process, the winners of the Rushes Soho Shorts Festival 2011.

See you in 2012! If you’d like to help host a screening of work from the festival or if you would like to contact any of the filmmakers you’ve seen showcased at the festival, email us at: Next year will obviously be a big year for London and our dates will be overlap a rather popular sporting event happening in the city. If you live abroad and are thinking of attending next year please do book your accommodation early as it’s likely to be quite busy! Dates for your diary: Open for 2012 Submissions 1 January 2012 Close for 2012 Submissions 20 April 2012 2012 Festival Dates 18 - 27 July 2012 Find out about all this and more on: Facebook: Search for Rushes Soho Shorts Festival and join our Fan Page 67





WHICH SHORT GETS YOUR VOTE? This inaugural short film competition encouraged budding short film makers to submit their finest work around the concept of “First Press”. The shortlist of four will be screened in the Curzon Mezzanine Lounge (see programme listings). Vote for your favourite at The shortlist will also be shown at the Kirin Ichiban “Pop-Up” Yatai Restaurant, Brick Lane, August 3rd-8th. Winner to be announced at the 55th BFI London Film Festival in partnership with American Express in October 2011 and at the London Short Film Festival in January 2012. WORKING IN PARTNERSHIP WITH:

/KirinFirstCut /KirinFirstCut @KirinFirstCut


Guest Programmes AESTHETICA



The Cultural Arts Magazine Aesthetica, a leading UK arts and culture publication, is a strong supporter of short film and the annual Aesthetica Short Film Competition offers filmmakers from across the world an opportunity to broadcast their work to a wider audience. This year’s programme showcases the winner and finalists from the 2011 Aesthetica Short Film Competition and is a stunning celebration of international short film and creative talent.

The Bornshorts Film Festival takes place in Denmark on the Bornholm Island - the most iconic landmark of Denmark. It’s the perfect backdrop for a spellbinding programme of Short Films, Animations and Music Videos. Bornshorts is a filmmakers’ paradise but don’t take our word for it - try it out for yourself.

No Booking Required Monday 25 16.00

Curzon Soho

No Booking Required Friday 22 16:00

Curzon Soho

Saturday 30

Tenderpixel G.

Wednesday 27

Curzon Soho


All screenings are free & last approx.90 min.


All screenings are free & last approx.90 min.



Curtocircuito International Short Film Festival started its Explora competition 5 years ago; a selection which happily overlooks traditional narrations and classical film references to interlace genres, orchestrate collisions between expression modes and give birth to creations which combine animation, live action, street art, internet, dance, music videos, documentaries. Direct from Santiago de Compostela comes this selection of eclectic, electric and widly entertaining examples of the art of the short film.

The DC Shorts Film Festival (September 8-15, 2011) turns the spotlight on truly independent short films, created by new and established filmmakers in an era when the art of filmmaking is opening to all. They select films of every genre and niche for their competition screenings — with a special focus on films created by metropolitan Washington, DCbased directors and writers. No Booking Required Thursday 21 14.00

Curzon Soho

No Booking Required Saturday 23 14.00

Curzon Soho

Wednesday 27


Deluxe Soho

Thursday 28

Tenderpixel G.

Friday 29


Tenderpixel G.


All screenings are free & last approx.90 min.

All screenings are free & last approx.90 min. 69


Guest Programmes HOLLYSHORTS

HollyShorts Film Festival (HSFF) features over 200 projects and highlights a host of stars and filmmakers including David Arquette, James Caan, John Dahl, James Franco, and Kirsten Dunst. The 7th Annual HSFF will take place August 11-18, 2011 in Hollywood and will feature a marquee opening night, short film, webisode, music video, documentary, commercial and feature film screenings, industry panels and exclusive parties.

Kerry Film Festival (KFF) brings films and filmmakers to the world’s most beautiful location. With screenings all over Kerry, high calibre guests and a wide variety of screenings and films KFF is not to be missed. No Booking Required Friday 22 12.00

Curzon Soho

Thursday 28

Tenderpixel G.


All screenings are free & last approx.90 min.


No Booking Required Thursday 21 12.00

Curzon Soho

Tuesday 26


Curzon Soho

Thursday 28


Deluxe Soho

All screenings are free & last approx.90 min.


VIEWFest is an international festival on 3D cinema and animation, organized every year by VIEW Conference which screened important world previews, the best of 3D production, retrospectives, movies, short movies, video clips, music, workshops for schools and exclusive events. No Booking Required Saturday 23 16.00

Curzon Soho

Friday 29

Tenderpixel G.



All screenings are free & last approx.90 min.

Renderyard is an International Digital Video Platform operating as both an Independent Film Festival and a Distribution Agency to provide aspiring and award-winning filmmakers, musicians and visual artists with the chance to watch a groundbreaking film catalogue, upload, screen, promote, sell and distribute a rich selection of work from documentaries, animations, online series, independent films to new music from around the world. As a film resource, Renderyard also provides a strong network facility for emerging new talent and dedicates an important part to work in partnership and build creative collaborations with leading video search engines and video platforms in Europe, USA and abroad. No Booking Required Wednesday 27 Live Action


Curzon Soho

Music Videos Documentary

15:30 17:30

Tenderpixel G. Tenderpixel G.

All screenings are free & last approx.90 min. 71

Guest Programmes NOCHE DE LOS CORTOS

La Noche de los Cortos (“The Night of the Shorts“) is an International Festival and a permanent and itinerant screening of Peruvian and international short films organized by Jarkat productions and directed by actress Kathy Serrano, a theatre director and producer and Roberto Barba Editor, Producer and Director in Lima, Peru. One of the main goals of the Festival is to encourage young filmmakers through various contests to create new audiovisual languages, exchange of experiences and an approach to new technologies. No Booking Required Sunday 24 12:00

Curzon Soho

Thursday 28

Tenderpixel Gallery


All screenings are free & last approx.90 min.


Established in Panama City, Panama in 2003, the Festival Internacional de Cine Las Garzas works to provide an open and equal platform for young, urban, international, and Latin American artists and filmmakers to exhibit and develop their work. No Booking Required Sunday 24 16:00

Curzon Soho

Friday 29

Tenderpixel Gallery


All screenings are free & last approx.90 min. 72

Shorts Film Festival stands alone as Australia’s only national film festival and competition entirely dedicated to championing the specialist art of storytelling through film. Founded by acclaimed Australian producer David Lightfoot, Shorts offers its filmmakers one of the country’s most lucrative and largest prize pools including a coveted first prize trip to Cannes Film Festival. Selected on the basis of outstanding storytelling in 20 minutes or less, this year’s program offers a showcase of the winning films from the 2011 Shorts Film Festival. Previous Shorts winners have continued on to be awarded or nominated for the Australian Film Institute Awards and Cannes Film Festival’s Palme d’Or, among others, and have also gone on to work on Academy Award winning films. Shorts entries are judged by up to 50 respected practitioners across the film and media industries

No Booking Required Thursday 21 16:00

Curzon Soho

Friday 22


Deluxe Soho

Saturday 30


Tenderpixel G.

All screenings are free & last approx.90 min.

Guest Programmes CINEFIESTA


CINEFIESTA, the International Short Film Festival of Puerto Rico, is the fastest growing short film festival in Latin America. From modest beginnings (24 short film from one country) in 2003, CINEFIESTA’s submissions passed the one thousand mark with 1,187 last year. Seventy two countries were represented. The ninth edition (July 2011) will set new participation records.

Now in its second year, the Short Film Competition showcases a diverse and engaging selection of shorts including this year’s finalists and winners. The contest, which gives filmmakers a chance to win £10,000, provides with a platform to support creativity and help one filmmaker take an important step in their career. Next year’s competition opens for entries in autumn 2011

No Booking Required Sunday 24 14:00

Curzon Soho

All screenings are free & last approx.90 min.

No Booking Required Saturday 23 12:00

Curzon Soho

Tuesday 26

Curzon Soho


All screenings are free & last approx.90 min.



Short film darlings DAZZLE have delved deep in to the short film vaults at their Hoxton HQ and have found some veritable delights for all you RUSHES SOHO SHORTS peeps to feast your eyes on. They will be treating us to some tip-top, topnotch, award-winning British short films including festival favourite MODERN LIFE IS RUBBISH by DANIEL J GILL starring RAFE SPALL. Contact, info + anything else you would like to chit-chat about email:

See full details on page 55

No Booking Required Friday 22 14:00

Curzon Soho

Monday 25

Curzon Soho


In spring 2010 Philips revealed their campaign “Parallel Lines”. Philips had selected a single unifying theme and challenged RSA’s directors to create a cutting-edge short film in a genre of their choice to showcase the cinematic capabilities of Philips TVs. The concept and creative hook behind the film series revolves around a six lines of dialogue, with no direction, setting, or timescale.

All screenings are free & last approx.90 min.

No Booking Required Saturday 23 16:30

Hospital Club

All screenings are free & last approx.90 min. 73




Kirin have inspired budding short film makers from students, aspiring amateurs through to professionals, to submit their finest work, created on a variety of platforms from film to phones. The only criteria is that short films entered should be based around the concept of ‘First Press’. Here you can see the shortlisted films. Entries had to be original work from 1 to 10 minutes in length and use one of the following production techniques: live action, animation, narrative/experimental or documentary. No Booking Required Tuesday 26 12:00

Curzon Soho

Thursday 28

Curzon Soho


All screenings are free & last approx.90 min.


Fables is a group of four short films, created by some of the UK’s leading composers and filmmakers working with 150 Streetwise Opera performers, who have experienced homelessness. These critically acclaimed films are based on traditional fables ranging from the classic, The Boy Who Cried Wolf to Shinishi Hoshi’s contemporary tale, Hey! Come on Out!


straight 8.

one super 8 cartridge no editing

Straight 8, which has become one of Rushes’ most popular events, puts filmmakers into the unique position of seeing their own rushes at exactly the same time as the audience. The brief is to shoot a film on one threeminute cartridge of super 8mm cine film. No editing is allowed, and the cartridge containing the film must be handed over exposed but undeveloped, along with a separate original soundtrack. Because there’s no creative brief the resulting selection of films is always wildly diverse and the quality of the best films is astounding. “There are no other film screenings that I know of where the audience sits with the directors, actors and crew to watch their film for the first time”, says straight 8 founder Ed Sayers, “apart from looking at the film through a viewfinder, they haven’t seen their work yet. Watching your film this way feels like both the fastest and slowest three minutes of your life at the same time. And it’s brilliant that Rushes share our whole enthusiasm for that rawness of approach: ironic and refreshing coming from an organisation that’s all about technically polishing film.” Straight 8 is open to anyone anywhere – more details and past films are at:

‘A glorious avant-garde show that was as musically interesting as it was spiritually stirring’ - Evening Standard. No Booking Required Wednesday 27 16:00 Saturday 30


Curzon Soho

Book through the ICA Monday 25 20:45


Tenderpixel Gallery

Tuesday 26


All screenings are free & last approx.90 min.


All screenings last approx.110 mins. 75

Venues & Ticket Information

Apple Store, Regent Street

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The Hospital Club 24 Endell Street London WC1 9BU

Apple Store 235 Regent Street, London W1B 2ET

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CURZON Soho 99 Shaftesbury Avenue, London W1D 5DY

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Deluxe Soho 8-14 Meard Street, London W1F 0EQ

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Framestore 19-23 Wells Street, London W1T 3PQ

Sugarlesque Boutique 1st Floor Kingly Court, Carnaby Street, London W1B 5PW

Moving Picture Company 127 Wardour Street London W1F 0NL

Tattershall Castle Victoria Embankment Whitehall London SW1A 2HR

Box Offices BAFTA 195 Piccadilly, London W1J 9LN

BAFTA Online Booking Only: (Short Filmmakers Market)

ICA The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH

ICA Box office: +44 (0)20 7930 3647 Open daily 12.00 to 20.00 Buy tickets online: (Official Selection Programmes)

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Judges Adam Glen Adam Woods Adam Woodward Alejandro R. Gonzรกlez Amaka Ugwunkwo Amy Hardie Ana Santos Andy Greenhouse Andy Morahan Andy Spooner Ben Clark Caroline Bottomley Charles Gant Chee-Lan Chan Chris Tidman Claire Spencer Cook Clare Binns Daisy Allsop Damian Spandley Dan Jolin Dan Simmons Darren Jones Dave Bedwood Dave Knight David Wilkinson David Pope Dawn Sharpless Dom Delaney Don Boyd Edward Caffrey Edward Hicks Elliot Grove Erica Luke Eva Yates Garrick Webster Gavin Lucas Hannah Patterson Harvey Somerfield Ian Barnes Jake Bickerton James Christopher James Mulligan James Rocarols James Wilkinson Jamie Dolling Jamie Madge Jason Wood Jerry Deeney Jessica Manins John Hough John Park Jukka-Pekka Laakso Julia Short Kathy Serrano Kerry McLeod Kirsten Ruber Larushka Ivan-Zadeh Lawrence Garwood

Lee Mason Leila Bartlam Lisa Ogdie Lisa Ter Berg Lorraine Geoghegan Louis Savy Luis Collar Luis J. Cruz Luis Mariano Gonzalez Maggie Ellis Mariela Artiles Mark Reid Mark Adams Mark Roalfe Matthew Gyves Michael Bonner Mike Connaris Mira Bajagic Missy Papageorge Neil Bennett Neil McCartney Nick Bradshaw Nigel Daly Nik Powell Oli Harbottle Patricia Dobson Paul Rothwell Paula Mackersey Pegah Farahmand Pejman Danaei Peter Barlow Phil Claydon Philip Ilson Quiche Campbell Remco Vlaanderen Rob Sprackling Roger White Rosie Crerar Russell Benson Sefton Woodhouse Shanida G. Gutierrez Simon Trewin Simon Young Simone Pyne Stephen Woolley Steve Davies Susie Innes Suzie Blake Tanya Franks Tim Dams Tim Redford Tim Page Tim Goodchild Tom Leggett Trevor Beattie Wouter Jansen Zoe Barlow

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FOuNDATION BAR AND DINER 50% off drinks and platters 4-8pm L

















en, London, WC2H 9JA 5 Langley Street, Covent Gard

Find us on...

The Foundation Bar


020 7836 5005

Selected Shorts goes off the beaten track. LABO WORKS, the 12th edition on this label, is an adventurous ‘best of’ five years of LABO-programming at the International Short Film Festival Leuven. A particularly colourful mix of digital art, non-narrative videos, abstract works, weird documentaries, intriguing animated films and playfull visuals. In other words: there is nothing ordinary about these shorts. Like the previous editions, this Selected Shorts compilation too contains many internationally acclaimed titles.

Selected Shorts is a project of the International Short Film Festival Leuven (see below). More information about Selected Shorts – the label and the webshop – can be found on the Selected Shorts website:

17th edition - December 3 - 10, 2011 Arts Center STUK / Leuven / Belgium European Competition - Flemish Competition Short Films for Kids - Focus on Ireland - Shorts From Down Under - Animation Nations - The Labo. Over 300 shorts from all over the world and 125 screenings in 5 venues. For more info, please check:


SCREEN ACTING SHORT COURSES RADA offers an exciting series of screen acting short courses including: - workshops in screen acting using professional HD camera equipment - practical experience in shooting scenes and exercises - additional topics such as finding work and castings To find out more please email:

62-64 Gower Street, London WC1E 6ED 83

Rushes Soho Shorts Festival Magazine 2011  

Covering the full program of this years Rushes Soho Shorts Festival. Find details about the Short Film, Newcomer, Animation, Doucmentary, In...

Rushes Soho Shorts Festival Magazine 2011  

Covering the full program of this years Rushes Soho Shorts Festival. Find details about the Short Film, Newcomer, Animation, Doucmentary, In...