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We love what we do, which is why we are recognised as one of London’s largest and most complete providers of fully integrated post production services.


Welcome Year 11 Here we are again! We’ve all travelled a bumpy road in the last year, it’s certainly not affected the quality of our productions or the enthusiasm with which we embrace making film. That is very evident in the work we received during the entry period. Competition felt tougher than ever this year, it’ll be great to see what you think of the films. And so, to our festival… We’re very proud to be able to bring you the London Premiere of feature film The Calling (starring Brenda Blethyn, Pauline McLynn and Rita Tushingham) as our opening night screening. The film was written and directed by Jan Dunn and produced by Elaine Wickham, both of whom have had some wonderful shorts in our programmes over the years. We feel privileged to be able showcase their film on our opening evening. They’ll be here to introduce their film along with members of their cast and crew so come join us celebrate their film and our opening night, on Wednesday 22 July. Our main programme of officially selected work will be held at the Institute of Contemporary Art each evening and you can buy tickets online at or call 020 7930 3647. The ICA have very kindly given us a special offer, quote “Festival Filmmaker, Friends & Family” for your £5 ticket to any of the screenings. Please note this can only be done in person or over the phone. We’ve got our regular slew of (free) weekday seminars and panel discussions on product placement, the future of advertising, animation, documentary work, short film, editing, sound and music production. This year we’ve added a Short Filmmakers Market Day at BAFTA (Sat 25) where you can meet Screen Agencies at our breakfast/brunch, get insights into law and finance, tips on movie make-up from MAC Cosmetics and learn about latest innovations in shooting your film, tapeless or other wise. If that’s too overwhelming you could always pop along to London Film Academy (Sun 26) for our Filmmaker Bar-B-Q with free beer, demos, seminars, Q&A’s, presentations, plus the premiere of some great Aussie Short Films. We’ll be welcoming back long time partners, Think Sync Films with their annual awards party, the Advertising Producers Association with their celebration of the CFPE/shots Young Directors Award programme. John Foxx is presenting his latest work, The Quiet Man, alongside an extraordinary exhibition of art, entitled DNA, that has been inspired by his music. Tenderpixel Gallery have joined us once again to screen experimental work and will also feature an amazing exhibition by Mimi Leung (her work is on the front cover). Guest screening programmes include work from straight 8, BBC Comedy Shorts, Dazzle Films, Kerry Film Festival, Tenderpixel Tenderpix, Renderyard Film Festival, Encounters Film Festival, Boards Magazine, Cinema Extreme, Propeller TV, Babelgum and Little Song Films. These are free and will be held throughout the 10 day period in Curzon Soho and Teatro Members Club (directly above Curzon Soho). Enjoy the festival! The Festival Team PS Don’t forget for daily festival itineraries and latest news visit: 5

We are proud to be supporting Soho Shorts again this year. Following our recent film lab expansion we have added a range of digital lab services to extend the support we offer to filmmakers. Get in touch to find out how you can take advantage of these new processes.



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Festival Team Joce Capper . . . . . . Joe Bateman . . . . . Geoff Lown . . . . . . . Sharon Hill . . . . . . . Dori Halliday . . . . . . Costas Charitou . . . Eleanor Rogers . . . . Paul Jones . . . . . . . . Jon Kerby . . . . . . . . Pete Armitage . . . . Festival Interns Ji Eun Lee (Gina) . . . Elif Obdan . . . . . . . . Ahmad Swaid . . . . . Lisha Yan . . . . . . . . . Lee Morgan . . . . . .

ICA Screenings

2008 Winners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 08 Paul Andrew Williams . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Managing Director Newcomer Award . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Festival Director About Rushes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Head of Operations The Festival Promo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Head of Library Short Film Category . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Head of PR & Marketing Motion GFX . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Graphic Designer Documentary Category . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Senior Librarian Resolve . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Library Assistant Animation Category . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Library Assistant Copper, Wool or a Desk Top Set? . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Encoding Music Video Category . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 The Hide . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Broadcast Design Award . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Industry Liaison Features Work . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Press Manager International Category . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Online Manager Longform Category . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Events Coordinator Wednesday 22: Opening Night Premiere . . . . 43 Online Developer Thursday 23: Diary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 Friday 24: Diary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47 Saturday 25: Short Filmmakers Market . . . . . . 49 Sunday 26: LFA Reel Summer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 Monday 27: Diary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53 Front Cover: Tuesday 28: Diary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 Goodbye Turdbrains Wednesday 29: Diary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56 by Mimi Leung Thursday 30: Diary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59 Tenderpixel Gallery Friday 31: Diary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61 July 16 to August 10 Australian SHORTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 Guest Programmes: straight 8 and friends . . . . 64 Venues & Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70 & 71 Thank You Judges! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72

66 Old Compton Street London, W1D 4UH +44 (0)20 7437 8676

See our website for more info: Magazine printed by Tandy Group Published by Rushes 7

2008 Review

For 2008 we introduced the ten day extravaganza and our Awards night was once again held at the infamous Café De Paris. We received amazing support from celebrated professionals including Joseph Fiennes, Jaime Winstone, Lois Winstone, Matt Barbet, John Hough, Ashley Walters, Sophie Wilkinson, Jaye Griffiths, Nick Moran, Magenta Divine and Tim Pope joining us to help announce the winners…


ANIMATION AWARD: “Standup” Dir. Joseph Pierce (National Film and Television School)

MUSIC VIDEO AWARD: “Mika: Lollipop” Dir. Bonzom (Passion)

SHORT FILM AWARD: “Souljah” Dir. Rikki Beadle-Blair (Team Angelica)

NEWCOMERS AWARD: “Love Does Grow on Trees” Dir. Bevan Walsh (Keel Films)

BROADCAST DESIGN AWARD: “1 in 7 Children” Dir. Susannah Hayes (Ferocious Films)

DOCUMENTARY AWARD: “A to Z” Dir. Sally Arthur (Arthur Cox)

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Time Out

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Little White


“It ’s worth Rushing to the Soho Shorts Festival”

The London Paper


Festival Spokesperson Rushes Soho Shorts are both excited and delighted to welcome British film writer and director Paul Andrew Williams as Spokesperson for this year’s Festival. Paul Andrew Williams, writer and director of the recent Brit gangster-horror ‘The Cottage’ featuring Andy Serkis and Jennifer Ellison, is probably best know for his first feature film ‘London to Brighton’ for which he received huge critical acclaim and saw him collect the coveted ‘New Director’s Award’ at the 2006 Edinburgh International Film Festival. The film has also won the Jury Prizes at Dinard and Raindance and earned three nominations at the British Independent Film Awards as well as a BAFTA nomination.

He says that he found it very hard handling all the attention, “Mainly because being put on this plinth as ‘the new director on the scene’ was something I never asked for…. I just feel a lot came with the film in terms of the budget, what it stood for and the energy behind the whole thing, that made it stand out as it did.” About his second feature film, ‘The Cottage’, he comments, “I am not a horror fan in general. I had been working on this before ‘London to Brighton’, but it hasn’t been the life long dream of mine to make this. I am very proud of the film and I have learnt a lot from the whole experience…” Paul began his career as an actor but over recent years has become a prolific writer and director, working on a number of successful pop-promos, viral ads and short films. “The whole process of collaboration and creating was my passion and I thought I would try hard to bring that to something else, which happened to be directing. After my first film, my love of the frame composition and the piece as an entirety came to be equally important.” What he mostly likes about directing is the process and working with a team of people, who all have the same creative goal. “I would happily direct someone else’s work and have been desperate to do a couple of projects that haven’t materialised. It is all about the project itself and it wouldn’t bother me if the cat had written it as long as it was good.” 10

Paul Andrew Williams In 2001, Paul wrote and directed the short film ‘Royalty’ which would later inspire ‘London to Brighton’. ‘Royalty’ premiered at the London Film Festival in 2001, screened on UK television and later at BAFTA. In 2003, Paul was the only UK-based director to be picked up by the Fox Searchlight Director’s Lab. His short film, ‘It’s Okay to Drink Whiskey’, made through this programme, premiered at 2004’s Sundance Film Festival. His UK TV debut, ‘Naked’, was pick of the day in Time Out and was well received by audiences and critics alike. Paul is determined to help support and encourage fellow filmmakers in getting their projects off the ground. He explains how he became involved with the Rushes Soho Shorts: “I presented an award at the last festival and met everyone there. I think any sort of festival that promotes new film makers should be encouraged and this one is getting more and more prestigious every year.” He continues, “Soho Shorts and other similar events are so important to new filmmakers, in the way they can inspire, educate and be an introduction to the ‘glamorous’ world of media. On a more serious note, I am positive I will get a nice T-shirt out of this thing, an invite to a couple of parties and the odd free lunch, and in this day and age, who can refuse that?” Festival Director, Joe Bateman, is delighted to have Paul on board: “Paul and I were chatting, a while back, about our ongoing efforts to support short form work and I asked Paul if he’d be up for being spokesperson, he said ‘Yes’ with no hesitation and was very willing to join in as much as possible. Just fantastic. It was only a while afterward that he then mentioned his short films back in 2001 and 2002 had not made the shortlist for Rushes Soho Shorts, of course I denied all responsibility but we hope to make reparations this year! It’s really tough programming so much good work but it just goes to show we don’t always get to shortlist everything that we’d like to.” Paul thinks that RSSF is great because it highlights new talent in many different areas, from the short, to the music video, to animation. “A lot of film makers start from some of these mediums so it is great to have your work not only viewed by a great many professionals but also being a part of a growing community of film making talent.” His advice to the people who don’t get through to the main event is just to keep going. “This happened to me every time I entered. With all respect to Rushes, and I am sure the organisers would agree with me, success at the festival is not a prerequisite for going on to be a successful film maker. As great as it is to be involved in a festival like this, and maybe even win an award, the bottom line is that getting in, or not getting in won’t determine your career. So always keep on making films.” See more information about Paul, previous spokespeople and our festival judges on 11



Newcomer Category THE CONTRACT Konstantinos Frangopoulos (NFTS) UK, 3m 10s Lonely old men are not always what they seem.

TIGHT JEANS Destiny Ekaragha (Pollibee Pictures) UK, 8m 44s An unusually enlightening debate on race and culture.

THE PARTY GAME Kevin Curtis (Hotspur & Argyll) UK, 3m 11s An after dinner party game that’ll kill you!

SWIPE Max Blustin (New Planet Films) UK, 3 mins Interesting measures are taken to borrow some cash.

QUIETUS George Taylor (Lucky Red Ball) UK, 13m 27s Two Women. One Crime. Nineteen Cats…..

MY POLSKA Aran Hughes/Joseph Fawcett (Independent) UK, 12m 40s Double dating with your dad. Would you find the perfect match?

SUNDAY Joon Goh (Chindise) UK, 5 mins Summer sun creates jealousy but inspires forgiveness.

THE WEDDING Federico Forcolini (Independent) UK, 3m 22s Is your family looking forward to your unforgettable day?

EYES ON THE PRIZE Omar R. Hamilton (London Film Academy) UK, 7m 30s John’s broke but he’ll get that coconut!

FRESH MEAT David Beauchamp (Logic Films) UK, 8m 11s Not all old ladies are helpless.

Sponsored by ROAD KILL Will Kenning (Asalva Films) UK, 3m 11s The road ain’t big enough for Man and Rabbit!

PATRICK Luke Snellin (Luti Media) UK, 11 mins Patrick receives a present with extraordinary consequences.

I STOOD UP Lucy Tcherniak/James Willis (Partizan) UK, 3m 11s Innocently, you offer your seat to someone who dies.

SALTMARK Robin Haig (Blindside Productions) UK, 10m 40s Is your grandfather’s dignity more important than your own?

GOOD AS GONE Luke Sullivan & John Thornton (Mucho Mojo Films) UK, 12m 58s Red is determined to go straight. his friends have other ideas.

LOVE HOUND Lawrence Page (Sane & Diddly) UK, 7m 47s Lucy isn’t getting attention from her boyfriend. Desperate measures are needed.

The Newcomers Category Showcasing the freshest and most exciting, new and emerging talent in fictional filmmaking (under 12 minutes in length) from the UK. The programme includes innovative attitudes to race and culture with fantastical adventures in revenge and poignant takes on memorable happenings, self sacrifice, escaping life and dealing with guilt.

ICA Screenings

23 July, Cinema 2, 21.00 (2hrs) 26 July, Cinema 2, 16.00 (2hrs) Buy tickets online or call 020 7930 3647


Joce Capper the need to evolve, the emphasis seems always to be placed on technology rather than talent. We need to fully appreciate that a strong, vibrant, technically excellent and competitive post industry is essential to achieve great creative work. There needs to be more value placed upon what we all do and the expertise we possess. It needs to be about people, about nurturing talent and developing skills.”

Joce Capper, Managing Director, Rushes “It’s a challenging climate that we’re all operating in, everyone knows that.” comments Rushes’ Managing Director Joce Capper, “We are all managing through the worst economic crisis since the Second World War and the uncertainty of our market place means that there is a real and ongoing requirement for all of to ensure we are working as effectively and efficiently as possible. “Despite the challenges, Rushes will continue as we have always done, to produce some of the best work in the UK and worldwide with the support of our global sister companies within the Ascent Media Group. Now more than ever it ’s essential that companies effectively utilise their resources and capitalise on their strengths.” “As a Board member of UK Screen and the Chair of the Commercials group, I find it frustrating that the talent and expertise of UK companies is being so severely challenged. Many extremely talented and experienced creatives and support staff have lost their jobs across all sectors of the industry and whilst we all understand 14

“That’s why the festival is so important. Celebrating its 11th year, Rushes Soho Shorts has become one of the largest and most popular film festivals on the circuit, promoting great filmmaking across all genres. I’m proud of what the festival has achieved and the ever increasing respect it earns each year from industry professionals. It’s about reaching as many people as we can and showcasing the exceptional talent out there. Rushes has always nurtured new talent and promoting and finding ways for creatives to express themselves through filmmaking has been at the very heart of our mission.” “Yes, Rushes is about the latest equipment and state-of the art technology. We need to be, to remain competitive and at the forefront of the industry but much, much more importantly, it’s about truly exceptional and unique talent. I work with individuals who go above and beyond the call of duty everyday, with enthusiasm and total commitment, to ensure the festival is such a brilliant event, to be enjoyed by everyone.” “I’d like to thank everyone for their continued support of the festival - our sponsors, judges, volunteers, the Rushes team and all of you who come along to the screenings and events. Enjoy the festival!”

Rushes, 66 Old Compton Street, London, W1D 4UH +44 (0)20 7437 8676

Making the Gong Promo

Conceived by Paul White and directed by Trevor De Silva, Rushes have produced their own version of the J. Arthur Rank title sequence to introduce this year’s short film festival. Festival Director Joe Bateman comments: “The original Rank gong is resident at The Movieum in County Hall and as they’re enthusiastic supporters of the festival, they were more than happy to let us use this original piece of film history. We received amazing support from On Sight and Arri Lighting which meant we could give DOP Ed Rutherford and Gaffer Shawn White all the equipment they needed. The gong looked incredible on set.” “We also opted to shoot on RED (provided by Deane Thrussell) as it was more financially viable and meant we could send our chosen rushes directly to Final Cut where they could be carefully selected for post production.” Rushes’ Senior Designer and Head of Motion GFX, Matt Lawrence comments: “This take on the J. Arthur Rank brand was a fun job to be involved with. The Rushes crew did a great job of recreating the look at the shoot. I used Cinema 4D to create the custom font that was complimentary to the hand painted artwork from the classic original. Compositing and

subtle film grain was added using After Effects to complete the piece. Finally, sound was added by Bulb Ideas who teamed up with Paul Foss recreating the Foley sounds for the little man and gong sequence (the gong swipes came from a tennis racket and the powering down of a jet engine!). J. Arthur Rank employed five gong beaters: The 6’ 5” Carl Dane started banging in 1932 and kept banging until 1948. Dane was the first man to open a J. Arthur Rank film. He was succeeded by Bombardier Billy Wells (1946-1948), the only beater to have had a beer named after him. Then there was Phil Nieman, (1948-1955) who was only able to bang for a short time, but considered by many to be a master beater. Ken Richmond (1955-1978) a 6’5” 265 lb. pro wrestler turned Jehovah’s Witness. And finally there was Martin Grace, the Milk Tray Stuntman, despite his golden locks he remained on the cutting room floor while Richmond’s footage continued to be used until 1980, when the Rank Studios closed. You can see more info about the Making of the Festival Promo on including contact details for all the crew. 15



Short Film Category WAYFARING STRANGER Richard West (Sentinel Entertainment) UK, 10m 40s Bobby Brewer is out of jail, but his dad is up to his old tricks.

WASHDAYS Simon Neal (Deeply Vale Films) UK, 10m 30s Embarrassing problems are definitely worse when you get caught!

ENEMY LINES Michael Steel (FNA Films) UK, 4m 45s Returning from war isn’t the end of the battle.

HAMMERHEAD Sam Donovan (Independent) UK, 14 mins Oddball Boris has a passion for sharks. It could save his life.

WHAT’S VIRGIN MEAN? Michael Davies (Spellbound Films) UK, 2m 30s Sometimes little questions need big answers.

ROYAL OPERA HOUSE ‘DON’ Susannah Hayes (Ferocious Films) UK, 2 mins When a classic gets contemporary…

MRS OLSON Sadie Frost (Flynn/ Blue Flower) UK, 12m 50s What happens when you bring a stranger in to your home?

GEORGE’S DAY David Whitney (DWE Ltd) UK, 12m 08s Father and son have a shocking confrontation of truth and discovery.

TRANSIT Chris Roche (Pogo Films) UK, 7 mins The savage reality of life can make you grow up very quickly.

THE BLACK HOLE Phil and Olly (HSI London) UK, 2m 34s A sleep deprived office worker discovers a Black Hole at work…

CLOSER Jorn Threlfall (Outsider) UK, 1m 31s Human trafficking is closer than we think.

DROP Gavin Toomey (Beautiful Train Ltd) UK, 11m 30s A brief encounter can lift your outlook on life.

Sponsored by POST IT LOVE Si & Ad (Academy Films) UK, 3m 16s Girl meets Boy with sticky paper.

THE WEDDING DRESS Joshua St Johnston (Size 9 Productions) UK, 10m 04s A shamelessly uplifting fairy tale about a bride to be… or not.

NOT COMING IN Carolina Giammetta/ Schuman Hoque (Growp/Studio Schoque) UK, 2m 30s An ordinary couple who do ‘oddinary’ things.

PANT EATER Lorrin Braddick (One Small Step) UK, 3 mins A self-proclaimed victim of a pant eater attack tells all.

MARY & JOHN Julius Amedume (NFTS) UK, 5m 43s After 50 years of marriage the truth is hard to bear

The Short Film Category The programme showcases a captivating selection of the very best shorts (under 12 minutes in length) from filmmakers based in the UK including a rollercoaster of work covering deeply moving truths about life, humorous takes on the loss of innocence and how to stretch science to its very limits in the work place.

ICA Screenings:

23 July, Cinema 1, 18.30 (2hrs) 25 July, Cinema 2, 21.00 (2hrs) 29 July, Cinema 1, 21.00 (2hrs) Buy tickets online or call 020 7930 3647


Rushes Award Winning Motion Graphics & Design Department After Effects • Cinema 4D • Photoshop • Illustrator 18

Matt Lawrence and Motion GFX Senior Designer, Matt Lawrence who joined Rushes in 1997 after completing an MA in Design for Film and Television at Kingston University, was instrumental in the creation of the Motion Graphics Department and now heads up the team. Utilising an array of the latest software including Photoshop, After Effects and Cinema 4D, Matt and has worked on everything from websites to commercials, music videos and title sequences including ITV1 drama ‘Demons’, feature films ‘Lesbian Vampire Killers’, ‘Hard Candy’ and ‘Blindsight, idents for the National Television Awards and drama ‘The Take’ for Sky1. Matt was asked by film title designer Matt Curtis of AP Designs to help create the vibrant Bollywood-inspired end titles for Danny Boyle’s Oscar-winning “Slumdog Millionaire”. A “poster world” of scenes from the film were created, utilising footage, stills and textures and were given a vibrant Bollywood style poster treatment using After Effects which were intercut with a lavish dance routine using Victoria’s Depot train station in Mumbai. Matt comments, “This was such a great project to be involved in. I got the chance to produce something I’m really proud of within a tight schedule and with the help of the amazing team at Rushes.” Matt’s latest collaboration is for the title sequence of a soon to be released major feature film. “We actually shot all the letters for the title sequence for real and then dissolved them with paint thinner … it’s been great fun! Nothing beats actually creating these effects for real then manipulating the results digitally. It gives you an analogue feel you just can’t get any other way.” The work of titles designer Kyle Cooper has been an inspiration to Matt. “I remember the first time I watched the opening titles to David Fincher’s “Se7en”, the fact he built the back story to the film through the abstract

choppy imagery I found very impressive and made me appreciate the power of titles design in features.” Having worked on acclaimed features, Matt is an award-winner himself. His work helped Rushes collect a Gold World Medal for Best Place-Based Media at the New York Innovative Advertising Awards for Sony Bravia’s “Bouncing Balls’. This collaboration with A-Vision Creative Director Andrew Smith saw the breakthrough use of digital escalator panels deployed throughout the London underground network. If you’d like to learn more about Motion GFX contact Matt Lawrence: 020 7437 8676

Slumdog Millionaire ©2009 Fox Searchlight Pictures

Sony Bravia “Bouncing Balls” (Digital Escalator Screens)




Documentary Category AVATAR DAYS Gavin Kelly (Piranha Bar) Ireland, 4m 04s Reflections on a virtual world from Avatars present in ours.

RUDELY INTERRUPTED Nicole Precel & Nick Ahlmark (Independent) Australia/UK, 9m 30s An up and coming Australian rock band who live with Aspergers, Down Syndrome and Blindness.

DOG MAN Sara Raisbeck (Independent) UK, 8m 36s The inventor, the producer, the costume maker, the voice, the legend… Dog Man.

STILL LIFE AQUATIC Zac Assemakis (Dumpling Productions) UK, 3 m 53s Under the waves of the Caribbean sea lies the world’s most unusual art gallery.

DOCOBANKSY Dominic Wade (Wade Productions) UK, 5 mins Thoughts on the elusive artist. But who is responsible for the film?

STEPPING OUT Joe Cohen (Independent) UK, 00m 00s A poetic reflection on the complexities of transgender.

ROY Luke Dormehl (Egmont UK) UK, 12m 15s A humorous look at the career of Britain’s greatest comic footballler, Roy Of The Rovers.

DOES MY MUSIC OFFEND YOU YEAH! Dave Graham (Pulse Films) UK, 5m 42s How accurate is your perception of a kid playing his music too loudly?

CHINA’S WILD WEST Urszula Pontikos (Sterling Pictures) China/UK, 11m 30s China’s remote Xinjiang region is home to a “gold rush” in jade mining.

LUTHIER Emma Hardman (Emma Hardman Films) UK, 9m 20s The life, ambitions and aspirations of a violin maker.

Sponsored by THE MADMAN AND THE CATHEDRAL James Rogan (Mix Up Film/ Brit Doc) Spain/UK, 13m 30s In 1963 Justo Gallego Martinez laid the foundation stone. Today, he’s still building.

A PATAGONIA TALE Santiago Burin des Roziers (Burning Feet Films) Argentina/UK, 3m 22s A heart warming glimpse of Egidio’s solitary life in the mountains.

IRENE Lindsay Goodall (Blindside Productions) UK, 10m 18s Irene, a feisty 92yr old with Alzheimer’s, doesn’t want to be put in a home for the elderly.

NAMING PLUTO Ginita Jimenez (Father Films) UK, 12 mins An extraordinary story of Venetia Phair who named Pluto when she was 11 years old.

The Documentary Category Showcases a moving and thought provoking range of factual work (under 12 minutes in length) made from both personal experiences and keen interests. The programme takes you through the streets of London and Ireland, across the mountains of Patagonia, the seas of the Caribbean and through the city’s of Spain and Australia. All the while looking at how we perceive identity, how we see ourselves through our ambitions, aspirations and how that can affect the world around us.

ICA Screenings:

26 July, Cinema 1, 19.00 (1hr 50m) 27 July, Cinema 2, 18.30 (1hr 50m) Buy tickets online or call 020 7930 3647




WORKFLOW SOLUTION da Vinci’s RED Raw workflow solution is affordable, powerful and visionary. With the Resolve R-100 and an intuitive Impresario control panel at your fingertips, color grading .r3d files in real time accelerates your workflow and repositions your facility with customers. With da Vinci’s RED Raw workflow solution, .dpx file conversion is a process of the past. Instead, load RED Raw files onto a SAN to immediately begin real time color grading the full dynamic range of debayered .r3d files. It’s that simple. It’s that fast. And, it is surprisingly affordable. With the scalable Resolve R-series color grading systems, purchase the performance you need and seamlessly upgrade as your business grows.

Think outside the box. Think about a da Vinci.

David Green


Da VinCi ReGional SaleS ManaGeR

t. +44 1920 444042 22 M. +44 7747 607140

Gerald Vickers ManaGinG DiReCtoR

da vinci workflow solutions

task-a 01438 812790 • 07717 488 492

The House of Colour Correction The Power To Control Colour with Resolve In September 2008 Rushes invested significantly in its colour grading capabilities with the acquisition of a da Vinci Systems Resolve digital mastering suite for grading and DI finishing, giving Rushes’ team of award-winning colourists revolutionary technology at their fingertips. Rushes were the first commercials post facility in the UK to purchase the Resolve non-linear grading suite and as Adrian Seery, Director of Colour Grading at Rushes, comments, “it’s the best digital mastering suite out there and gives us more options than ever before. It’s the future of grading and post production today.” Resolve is ideal for grading animation sequences for example, in-frame stop-animation, Flash and fully CG animation. It’s also the perfect fit for the explosion in digital cinematography, fully compatible with all digital camera systems including RED. Most recently you’ll have witnessed Resolve’s ‘power to control colour’ in adverts such as Lucozade Sport ‘Evolution’, Kettle Chips ‘Simple Is Better’ and the Anchor free range butter campaign featuring a bovine Steve McQueen in full Fuzzy Felt glory in ‘The Great Escape’. HouseOfColour_Withsticker.indd 1

12/11/08 10:55:28

The Anchor advert was a great opportunity to put Resolve’s amazing capabilities to the test as Adrian explains . “The look we were aiming to achieve was simplistic yet sophisticated. By subtly enhancing the vibrant colour palette and accommodating the tiny nuances in shades, a very definite look is created without detracting from the obvious humour of the piece and the brand message. It was an extremely quick turnaround of 3 hours producing an amazing end result. A phenomenal amount was achieved in the time available it was a really good example of the increased speed of production and greater flexibility given to us by Resolve throughout the grading process.”

Why not come along and see for yourself? For find out more about colour grading at Rushes and how we can help you tame your colour, contact Adrian Seery on: 020 7437 8676




Animation Category Breaking The Mould Rebecca Manley/ Luca Pauli (Independent) UK, 3m 30s An adventurous apple’s colourful journey through life.

Pesticide Cameron Kerr (Vile Bile Productions) UK, 5m 40s Bob’s computer has been possessed by a malicious virus...

THE SEED Johnny Kelly (Nexus) UK, 2m 10s Nature’s life cycle, following the trials and tribulations of a humble apple seed. GLUTEUS MAXIMUS Mick Elliott & Brendan Cook (Picture Drift) Australia, 3m 56s A tale of how man invented bottoms.

Txt Island Chris Gavin (Tandem) UK, 3m 20s An island paradise! Then men arrive...

Brat & Bear: New Best Friend Steve Smith (Trunk Animation) UK, 1m 50s Psychological and physical abuse of a bear.

Real Estate Jonathan Weston (Independent) UK, 3 m 38s What lies behind those glossy property adverts?

Little Face Matthew Walker & Ben Cole (Calling The Shots) UK, 11m Meeting friends from the distant past can be awkward.

This is where we live Ben Falk & Josiah Newbolt (AsylumFilms & APT) UK, 2m 48s A journey through a vibrant, bustling literary world.

Dog’s Day Afternoon Avgousta Zourelidi (NFTS) UK, 2m 30s A story about an old lady, a dog and some donuts.

Suburban Myths Michael Cash & Joe Wood (Wonky) UK, 2m 10s Stories so far fetched, they must be true.

Tv Dinner Simon Tofield (Tandem) UK, 2m 35s That hungry cat persists in getting its owners attention.

Crained Merlin Crossingham (Crossingbeche) UK, 1m 30s A story about two men, one crane and a very big box.

Nikai Zomeki (The Noisy 2nd Floor) Yusuke Fujikawa (Fuji TV Network) Japan, 11m 05s Classic comedy story based on Nikai Zomeki.

Sponsored by carbon footprint Matt Lambert (Jellyfish Pictures) UK, 2m Urban decay on a street near you!

Friendly Fire Andy Kaiser (The End Of The Pier) Germany, 7m 40s WW1, a German soldier and a French pilot are thrown together.

Photograph of Jesus Laurie Hill (Pendulum Pictures) UK, 6m 40s What photographs do you search for in an infinite archive?

This Way Up Smith & Foulkes (Nexus) UK, 8m 37s Laying the dead to rest has never been so much trouble.

Ain’t Got Nobody Asa Lucander (12Foot6) UK, 5m A story about a man with no body but a great voice.

chicory ‘n’ coffee Dusan Kastelic (Bugbrain Institute) Slovenia, 8m Simple things are the hardest to say.

The Surprise Demise of Francis Cooper’s Mother Felix Massie (South West Screen) UK, 7m 25s The cycle of life.

The Girl with Liquid Eyes Charlotte Boulay-Goldsmith/ Adam Smith (Bush Baby Films Ltd) UK, 4m 17s A beautiful tale of love and loss.

Cabaret Kadne Marc Riba & Anna Solanas (Stop Motion) Spain, 4m 50s Two cabaret artists, fill their life with their passion.

The Animation Category Showcases a mythically eclectic selection of both new and established talent, based in the UK and abroad, taking you on the journey of life, from how we evolved our ‘bottoms’ to how we live our lives, how we cope with nuisance friends be they two legged or four and our attitudes to death and the life there after.

ICA Screenings:

24 July, Cinema 2, 18.30 (1hr 50m) 28 July, Cinema 1, 21.00 (1hr 50m) Buy tickets online or call 020 7930 3647 25


Louise Hussey & Jonathan Privett: Copper, Wool or a Desk set? We are celebrating that we both launched Rushes 3D, Film & TV 7 years ago. A traditional 7 year anniversary gift is something made of copper or wool - in these modern times, it is, apparently, a far more prosaic desk set. So far, there has been no sign of saucepans, sweaters or pens but you never know!

On arriving in 2002, Rushes 3D dept was small but perfectly formed, focussing predominantly on commercials, with a rich heritage of wonderful work including the seminal early 3D animation in Dire Straits “Money for Nothing” and the Steve McQueen Ford Puma commercial. In order to diversify into new arenas, Rushes’ MD, Joce Capper, hired us, Jonathan Privett from the world of Film and in the case of Louise Hussey, TV. We immediately set about building a team of exceptional experience and 7 years later we have a whole dept dedicated to Film and TV work. We have grown our full time staff from 1 to 12, many of them have been with us since 2002. They and the next generation of artists and production staff continue to astound us with their commitment, creativity, humour and talent.

titles for Slumdog Millionaire and Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, created on-stage effects for 3 ENO productions, helped bring to life TV drama, comedy and documentaries such as The Take, Moonshot, Blackbeard, Ruddy Hell It’s Harry and Paul, Sharpe’s Challenge and Rome and walked the red carpet in L.A for our EMMY nominated VFX work on “Human Body: Pushing the Limits”. What doing all this has brought home is that we love the process of creating 3D animation and VFX. We love working to squeeze every last creative pip and explore every technical nook, using the best of our team’s skills. Our place has moved to that of an integral part of the production process, we work from the very inception to bring film makers’ vision to the screen. Challenges differ for each fresh piece of work and in these difficult times we are using our expertise to bring beautiful VFX to fruition on ever decreasing budgets. No one is immune from the pressure to deliver inexpensive but stunning results. Rushes has the depth of experience to make this happen. The very fact we are covering so many strands of creative output allows ideas to pollinate from one genre to the next; enabling us to bring fresh solutions to all of our clients. If there is one lesson we have learned on our 7 year journey it is that brilliant, committed people are the foundation upon which everything depends. We are fortunate at Rushes to have them in abundance. They have made us the world class facility we are today and many in our dept are about to receive a desk set of their own. For more info about Rushes 3D, Film & TV work, contact Louise Hussey or Jonathan Privett on 020 7437 8676

The Take ©2009 Company Pictures

We have been very fortunate to work with many brilliant and talented people and have completed commercials for Shell, Ribena, Heineken, Honda, Hyundai and Sony, provided Film VFX for RockNRolla, Stardust, 28 Weeks Later, Red Road, Telstar, Fish Tank, Scouting Book for Boys and Lesbian Vampire Killers,

The Take ©2009 Company Pictures




Music Video Category Hey Guy Ben Shetrit (Anova Music) Israel, 3m 50s

hauschka: Morgenrot Jeff Desom (Fatcat Records) Luxembourg, 3m 35s

pigeon horse sex tennis: Bottle of WinE Joseph Ernst (Christel Palace) Netherlands 3m 50s

Kraak & Smaak: Squeeze me Henk Loorbach/ Andre Maat (Dimitri Stankowicz) Netherlands 3m 24s

BIM: STAY IN My Memory Katy Davis (Gobblynne Animation) UK, 4m 18s

Paul Steel : Take It or Leave It Dimitri Stankowicz (Passion Pictures) UK, 2m 40s

Casiotone For the Painfully Alone Julia Pott (Picasso Pictures) UK, 2m 06s

round Kirk Hendry (Th1ng) UK, 5m 40s

no corras tanto (take it easy) Cesar Diaz (Cesar Diaz) Spain, 4m 44s

yeah yeah yeahs: zero Barney Clay (HSI Productions) UK, 4m 47s

McFly: Lies Ben Foley/ Chris Hopewell (Collision Films) UK, 6m 02s

Coldplay: Life in Technicolour II Dougal Wilson (Colonel Blimp) UK, 3m 30s

absentee: boy did she teach you nothing Fogg (Shaven Ape Ltd) UK, 2m 46s

Goldfrapp: Happiness Dougal Wilson (Colonel Blimp) UK, 3m 30s

rex the dog: bubbilicious Geoffroy De Crecy (Partizan Lab) France/UK, 3m 15s

Alesha Dixon: The Boy Does Nothing Michael Gracey (Partizan) UK, 3m 30s

Sponsored by U2: Get On Your Boots Alex Courtes (Partizan) UK, 4m

Turner brothers: Geek Sheek Dan Storey/ Patrick Turner/ Anthony Turner (HiGrade Cinematics) UK, 4m 58s

Dick Annegarn: Evening Sun (Soleil du Soir) Michel Gondry (Partizan) France, 3m 30s

ASHLEY WALTERS: With You Dewi Bruce Konuah (AD82 Productions) UK, 4 mins

jemapur: maledict car Kosai Sekine (Taiyo Kikau/ W+K Tokyo Lab) Japan, 4m 04s

RĂ–yksopp: Happy Up Here Rueben Sutherland (Joyrider Films) UK, 2m 49s

Chalk Alex Sufit (Lexitricity Productions) UK, 4m 45s

Will Young: Changes Martin de Thurah (Academy Films) UK, 3m 41s

One Eight Zero Joseph Mann (Slinky Pictures) UK, 3 mins

We Are The Physics: You Can Do Athletics Colin Kennedy (Sigma Films) UK, 3m 16s

The Prodigy: Warrior Dance Corin Hardy (Academy Films) UK, 3m 28s

Metronomy: A Thing For Me Megaforce (El Nino) France, 3m 49s

Pixie Lott: Mama Do Trudy Bellinger (Crossroads) UK, 3m 18s

Alpha Male Jon Richie (Broken Biscuits) UK, 2 m 34s


This programme showcases no-budget classics to high end masterpieces made by newcomers and professionals from the UK and abroad.

ICA Screening:

24 July, Cinema 1, 21.00 (1hr 50m) Buy tickets online or call 020 7930 3647



Case Study: The Hide

The Hide © 2008 Poisson Rouge Pictures

The Hide, a razor sharp rendering of Tim Whitnall’s play about a couple of birdwatchers, is Marek Losey’s first film. He’s a successful advertising man, the winner of a Saatchi Award and creator of high-profile campaigns for Cadburys, Diesel and Coca Cola. It’s not what you’d expect from the person who matched Matt Lucas and Creme Eggs. A brilliantly balanced, understated drama, The Hide is a prize of a film. (Film 4 Review) Adrian Seery, Rushes’ Colourist and Director of Telecine, was delighted to be able to grade The Hide, Marek Losey’s debut feature. In this dark thriller, Roy Tunt (Alex MacQueen), a prematurely aged, mildly obsessive-compulsive bird watcher, receives an unexpected visit to his bird-hide from a wild-looking stranger Dave John (Phil Campbell). Dave is seeking refuge from a storm and the two men soon discover that they have a good deal in common but, after news of a police manhunt, their fragile relationship is driven to a tragic conclusion. The engrossing film, produced by Poisson Rouge Pictures and Solution Films, was shot at two main locations using the Arri D-20 camera by cinematographer George Richmond, who has recently worked as Camera Operator on James Bond film “Quantum of Solace” and The Coen Brothers’

Adrian Seery

“Burn After Reading”. Seery, who last year won the award for Best Telecine in a Music Video at the UK Music Video Awards for his work on KT Tunstall’s “If Only”, comments, “Shooting on uncompressed HD on an Arri D-20 was perfect as this gives you the latitude to really push the grade further as opposed to any HD format.” The interior of the hide was constructed in the studio and George Richmond lit the set to recreate the natural light. Adrian continues, “In post, we sought to maintain this light, keeping it consistent so as not to distract from the drama. Once we got the right look we just worked to maintain it as we didn’t want the grading to intrude on the story, rather complement and support the foreboding mood of the piece.” “The exterior shots we had a lot more freedom with. They were really quite spectacular shots of the Suffolk landscapes. It was important for the grading to reflect the mood of the film and never compete with it.” The film premiered to critical acclaim at the Dinard British Film Festival 2008. For information about Colour Grading at Rushes contact Adrian Seery on: 020 7437 8676 31



Broadcast Design Category Journey to the east Jamie Hewlett, Pete Candeland (Passion Pictures)

Greener Future Peter King (Agenda Collective)

Harmonix ‘Rock Band II’ Pete Candeland (Passion Pictures)

Observer ‘Book of Inventions’ Blac Ionica (Anothe Film Company)

Match of the Day Euro 2008 Busty Kelp (Aardman Animations)

Innocent ‘Felicity’ Blac Ionica (Another Film Company)

Polo Loop Darren Dubicki (Aardman Animations)

Virgin Media Shorts Blac Ionica (Blac Ionica)

Fusion Fall Victor Newman (Free Style Collective)

bbc2 city season Jellyfish Pictures/ Sophie Orde (Jellyfish Pictures)

Doritos: Learn To Share Fogg (Shaven Ape TV)

paul merton in india Tim Smyllie (Jellyfish Pictures)

Holland animation film festival ‘robin’ Pete Bishop/Lee Wilson Wolfe (The Shop)

Medieval Mind Trip James Price (Strange Beast)

peking 1935 Lu Canhai (Forest & Land 3D Studio)

Compare the market ‘ALEKS’ Darren Walsh (Passion Pictures)

mirrorball 2008 Eric Lerner (Partizan Lab)

Audi ‘Unboxed’ Aaron Duffy/ Russell Brooke (Passion Pictures)

oxfam: swap it Frater (Partizan Lab)

Cancer Research UK ‘Breast Awareness Guy’ Susannah Hayes (Ferocious Films)

ENough Peter King (Agenda Collective)

fast and furious addictive tv remix Graham Daniels (Addictive TV)

Sponsored by slumdog millionaire addictive tv remix Graham Daniels (Addictive TV)

Scrabble ‘Sumo’ Irina Dakeva/ Clement Dozier (WIZZdesign)

Cornered Chloe de Carvalho (Neath Films/ Rare Pictures)

Telstar (Title Sequence) Nick Moran (Aspiration Films)

Plan Abu Dhabi Alice Scott (Squint/Opera)

Coca-Cola Swelter Stopper Tom & Mark (Nexus)

East End Film Trailer Lucy Izzard (Slinky Pictures)

Because We Are All Connected Celyn (Nexus)

MTV Slash Theo Delaney (Hotspur & Argyle)

NSPCC Handscape Carolina Melis (Nexus)

FA Respect ‘Two Rays’ Theo Delaney (Hotspur & Argyle)

Cravendale Slurp & Bad BulL Pic Pic Andre (Nexus)

Formula One Vic Martinez/ Asra Alikhan (Liquid TV)

RBC Muffin man Tom & Mark (Nexus)

ITV england Victor Martinez (Liquid TV)

Coca-cola Avatar Smith & Foulkes (Nexus)

Manifesto Diamond Dogs (HSI London)

Red Light Kai Hatterman (

CBBC Idents Layla Atkinson (Trunk)

Slumdog Millionaire Danny Boyle (Celador)

THE BROADCAST DESIGN CATEGORY A crazily diverse range of work is showcased here with entries from the UK, USA, Holland and China,

Curzon Screenings: Thursday 23 Tuesday 28 Thursday 30

12.00 12.00 12.00

Curzon Soho (1hr) Free Curzon Soho (1hr) Free Curzon Soho (1hr) Free


Focus on Features The three creative businesses that form part of the Ascent Media Group in London offer one of the most innovative and artistic post production services in Europe. Working together Rushes, Soho Film Lab and 142 form a relationship that is more than the sum of its parts. There is nothing else quite like it in the UK, combining the personal service of a boutique company with the scale of a large post production organisation. Our remit covers film and HD dailies, VFX, online, offline, sound, DI grading and bulk printing. Autonomous but tightly bound to our sisters under the Ascent Media umbrella, each company has many years experience working within its chosen speciality In collaboration, the group has recently completed Telstar, Fish Tank (Cannes Films Festival 2009 award winner), Lesbian Vampire Killers (the first theatrically released feature film to originate entirely on Red), Scouting Book for Boys, Garden of Eden, The Disappeared, Red Road and RockNRolla. Collaboration and synergy can be greatly beneficial to projects as it is commonly known that dealing with a single supplier reduces the lines of communication and focuses those


that are in operation which inevitably saves time and money. Each production requires individually tailored, bespoke services which Ascent Media can provide. Vitally, the senior members of staff throughout the group are in constant contact so projects move smoothly between each segment of post. The tight knit team use their many years of combined experience to ensure the best approach possible is taken on each job and if necessary to guide and advise through the minefield that is 21st century post production.

Lesbian Vampire Killers Quad 10:Lesbian Vampire Killers Quad 10



Page 2

We realise ideas for creative storytellers across the globe. With world-class talent and facilities, we simply provide everything you could possibly need. Give us a call if you would like to talk through your production. Planning ahead inevitably will save you time, money and could provide you with extra resources you hadn’t considered.

020 7878 0000 020 7437 8676 020 7468 8600

Left: Telstar ©2009 Aspiration Films Above left: Fish Tank ©2009 BBC Films, UK Film Council Above right: Quantum of Solace ©2009 Danjaq, LLC Above and bottom of page: Lesbian Vampire Killers ©2009 AV Pictures



International Category THE LIFT 2 Director: Roel Welling (LEV Productions) Netherlands, 12 mins A young security guard is confronted by a series of strange happenings one night. MULTIPLE CHOICE Director: Mike Goode (The Feds) Australia, 4 mins Three hapless engineering students lie, trying to outwit their lecturer. CHARLIE THISTLE Director: Bragi Schut (Gallantyne Pictures) USA, 14 mins A frustrated and disillusioned government bureaucrat dreams of a better world. FREE JOLITO Director: Marcos Bucay (Independent) Mexico, 10m 20s When Mexican culture clashes with the American dream… SUPPORT Director: Borkur Sigthorsson (B-Pictures) Iceland, 1m 30s A dying man in intensive care decides to take his life into his own hands. HEIKO Director: David Bonneville (Calouste Gulbenkian F.) Portugal, 13 mins A 70 year old aesthete’s fetish relationship is taken to extreme exoticism. PISTACHIO EFFECT Directors: Nick Ball & Gus Johnston (Jam Roll Films) Australia, 7m 30s A philosophical comedy about love, hate… and pistachios.


Sponsored by FAMILIAR FACES Director: Frank Madone (LCC) USA / UK, 12m 40s An ordinary guy, living without money, resorts to eating dog food. 18 segundos Director: Zacharias & MacGregor (Zacharias & MacGregor) Spain, 7 mins The first meeting between a man and a woman. BAGATELLE Director: Ben Adler (Swift Pictures) France / UK, 8m 25s A short comedy, exploring conflict between personalities from different nationalities. next floor Director: Denis Villeneuve (PHi Group Inc) Canada, 11m 34s Pampered, spoilt guests gorge on a banquet in an absurd and grotesque universe. OCTOPUS Director: Sam Bennetts (The Feds) Australia, 4m 52s A classic allegory of a modern relationship‌ with an Octopus.

The International Category Showcases fictional work (under 12 minutes in length) made outside the UK from a selection of both new and established talent. This award is in its inaugural year and presents many questions on cultural values, attitudes to greed, relationships and eating pistachios. The answers are not always what you expect.

ICA Screenings:

25 July, Cinema 1, 18.30 (1hr 50m) 28 July, Cinema 2, 18.30 (1hr 50m) Buy tickets online or call 020 7930 3647



Skillset Screen Bursaries It’s the money for training give-away! If you work in TV or Film please visit for details All stills are from feature films that have contributed towards the Skills Investment Fund (SIF). Thank you to all companies for your generous permission to use these images.

SS4174_Scrn_bursad.indd 2

9/6/09 17:56:12


w .9 0 No £34.50 y £ nl was


Aesthetica The Arts & Culture Magazine

June July 2009 Issue 29

veNice bieNNale

Daniel Birnbaum on Making Worlds


Chinese art rises again

peter saville

Design and the aesthetic environment


A guide to the art of making short film

£3.90 UK €4.90 Europe $7 USA

Also featuring Sophie Cooke • Colson Whitehead Eleanor Catton • Polish Art • 10 Recommended Exhibitions Morton Valence • Cortney Tidwell • Kill It Kid • Pour Elle The Observer • Daniel Charny

Engage with critical debate on the latest in visual arts, film, theatre and new writing with Aesthetica Smith and Borders 40 Six issues per year. Available nationwide from newsagents, galleries, WH


Longform Category

sponsored by

ROMANS 12:20 The Shammasian Brothers (Independent) UK, 27 mins Malky, a tattoo covered nightclub doorman is looking for redemption. BOY Joe Morris (Picture Palace North) UK, 14m 31s Ed spends time on the allotment, away from his wife, to reflect on his unwanted feelings for Ryan, a 12yr old boy. GARDENS WITH ROSES Richard Oliver (Silver Films) UK, 15m 58s Dominic and Debbie live with Grandad but dream of getting a place of their own SOCIAL CIRCLES Andrew Cumming (Kinetic Media) UK, 14mins An uncompromising coming of age drama exploring the cycle of depravation THE POND Sonja Phillips (AndSome Films) UK, 16m 49s Maisie and the boys hang out at the pond unaware of its deep, dark secrets. DANZAK Gabriela Yepes (Kunay Films) Peru, 20 mins Nina, ten years old, is faced with fulfilling her fathers last wish

The Long Form Category Showcases fictional work under 30 minutes in length, made in the UK and abroad, from a selection of both new and established talent. This award is in its inaugural year with a programme that has a strong theme of morality and loss of innocence presented with deceptively calculating intentions.

ICA Screenings:

27 July, Cinema 1, 21.00 (2hrs) 29 July, Cinema 2, 18.30 (2hrs) Buy tickets online or call 020 7930 3647





Wednesday 22 July OPENING NIGHT THE CALLING (London Premiere) 18.30 Curzon Soho £12.00/£10.00 Conc. Box Office: 0871 7033 988 Celebrating the opening night of this year’s festival, at one time celebrated short filmmakers now three times feature film writer/ director and producer team, Jan Dunn and Elaine Wickham, join members of their cast to talk ‘shorts’ and introduce their latest film.

The Calling Written & Directed by Jan Dunn Produced by Elaine Wickham You enter for one reason, you stay for another Faced with her looming graduation from university, Joanna (Emily Beecham) decides to face up to a truth she has been avoiding her whole life. Since she was small, she has had the desire to become a Nun and is set on joining a closed order of Benedictines. Her best friend cannot believe it, her boyfriend is devastated while her mother feels it’s just a phase. Her only encouragement comes from the family’s religious housekeeper, Consuela (Harriet Thorpe). Finding spiritual fulfilment does not come easily however, especially with the help of a politically active Novice Sister, Ignatious (Brenda Blethyn), a psychotic Mother Superior (Susannah York), an alcoholic football fan in charge of the vineyard (Rita Tushingham) and an over-pious floor mopper, Sister Hilda (Pauline McLynn). Joanna must first discover something in herself that, once revealed, will challenge the foundations of the convent, the community and her destiny as a Sister. Newcomer Emily Beecham, in her first leading role, is joined by a stellar British cast led by twice Oscar nominated Brenda Blethyn, (Secrets and Lies/Little Voice), fellow Oscar nominee Susannah York (They Shoot Horses/Superman/Battle of Britain) and multi BAFTA winning actress Rita Tushingham (Taste of Honey/Dr Zhivago) in, this time for Dunn, a lighter touch on a social comment about faith and our need to belong. CAST: Sister Ignatious . . . . BRENDA BLETHYN Joanna . . . . . . . . . . . . . Emily Beecham The Prioress . . . . . . . . Susannah York Sister Gertrude . . . Rita Tushingham Sister Hilda . . . . . . . . . Pauline McLynn Sister Kevin . . . . . . . Joanna Scanlan Sister Ambrose . . Susannah Harker Consuela . . . . . . . . . . . Harriet Thorpe Trish . . . . . . . . . . . Amanda Donohoe

The Bishop . . . . . . . . . Corin Redgrave Vivie . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Chloe Sirene Father Kieren . . . . . . . Justin Salinger Priest . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . James Norton Clive . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tom Stuart Vince . . . . . . . . . . . . David Bark Jones Joanna as a child . . . . Emelia May Fox Ben . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Billy Keefe 43

Calling all Filmmakers: Filmmakers’ Festival Fund Film London’s Filmmakers’ Festival Fund supports the development of filmmakers’ and moving image artists’ careers by assisting them in promoting themselves and their short film projects at overseas festivals and markets. Short filmmakers accepted into competition at international film festivals on the Film London qualifying festivals list, can apply for travel grants of up to £250 for attendance at one of the named overseas festivals, and a contribution of up to £500 towards the cost of striking a first 35mm film print or production of a digital master where required by a festival for screening. For more information, guidelines and a list of our qualifying film festivals, please visit

Microwave Online Do you have a small budget for a feature film, but big ideas? Microwave is a Film London and BBC initiative, with extensive support from Skillset that blossomed in 2006. It challenges London-based filmmakers to shoot a feature film for up to £100,000 with cash and in-kind support, all supported by an extensive Training Programme. Get inspired and learn more about Microbudget film production: As part of the Microwave training Programme, Film London has developed a Microwave website which provides inspiration, support and information to aspiring feature filmmakers on all things micro-budget. Get Inspired Learn about the 7 Microwave projects currently being made and about the successful Microwave filmmaking teams – their visions, and follow them throughout the process to completion and release Get the Knowledge To get the most out of the Microwave site, register now and start using the learning modules, giving you exclusive access to an interactive information portal containing in-depth advice on specialist areas of micro-budget film-making Get the Resources Access podcasts, useful links and top tips from industry experts Get the News Keep up to speed with micro-budget news from around the globe Get inspired, Get the Knowledge, Get the Resources, Get the News:


Thursday 23 July Daily Guide 12.00 13.00 13.00 14.00 15.00 16.00 17.00 18.30 19.00 21.00

Broadcast Design Catgeory Curzon Soho Babelgum Stanza

SFL Seminar: Get Exposed!

Soho Film Lab Kerry Film Festival Programme Curzon Soho BBC Comedy Shorts Stanza DAZZLE Films Programme Curzon Soho

Future of Advertising

Apple Store Official Screening: Short Film ICA London Short Film Festival Tenderpixel Official Screening: Newcomers ICA

Tips of the Day:

The SFL: Get Exposed Seminar with Film London is a definite ‘must attend’ - you’ll learn a load of tricks to practice though-out the festival. Check out a few guest programmes after that then hit the Advertising chat at the Apple Store to discover how you could make Adverts so you can self fund all those shorts you want to make!

Film London Get Exposed: Making the most of your film at International Film Festivals 13.00 Soho Film Lab Free RSVP on Get expert tips on making the most of attending your film festival; successful networking, marketing your film and how to promote yourself to an international audience. Join our festival experts Christine Bardsley, Film Programmer at the British Council and Mark Cosgrove, Film Programmer at Bristol’s Watershed Cinema and Encounters Short Film Festival, to gain an insight into the international festival circuit. We will also be joined by an experienced film-maker who will feedback their views on attending festivals and markets in the UK and abroad. This session will also highlight the Film London’s Film-maker’s Festivals Fund which aims to support the development of film-makers and moving image artists’ careers by assisting them in promoting themselves and their short film projects at overseas festivals and markets. For more information please visit: Handout guides to festivals around the world will also be available.

THE FUTURE OF ADVERTISING 17.00 The Apple Store Free RSVP on Advertising is racing to stay ahead of the swift changes in new media. Advertisers and ad agencies are constantly looking for ways to reach and influence new and existing audiences. Different advertising formats call for vastly different techniques, and an understanding of the visual language of contemporary media has never been more important. Britain’s current economic downturn means that agencies have to play clever to generate interest in a product. What new opportunity does this present to filmmakers? How can planners and creatives stay ahead of market trends? This panel looks at these and other issues, and offers clues as to what to expect from advertisers in the future.


Š John Foxx The Pleasures of Electricity 46

Friday 24 July Daily Guide 12.00 13.00 13.00 14.00 15.00 16.00 17.00 18.00 18.30 21.00

BOARDS First Awards 09 Curzon Soho Westminster Arts Stanza

SFL Seminar: Satusfaction Soho Film Lab Cinema Extreme Curzon Soho Propeller TV Stanza Renderyard Animation Curzon Soho

John Foxx: The Quiet Man

Apple Store Experimental Film Premiere Night 1 Tenderpixel Official Screening: Animation ICA Official Screening: Music Video ICA


RSVP on A presentation on the craft of editing with film editor, Brian Hovmand (Extraordinary Rendition, Sucker Punch, Amazing Grace, Hell to Pay, Whistleblowers, Dispatches, Top Gear, Banged Up Abroad), director Roberto Gómez Martín (Sucker Punch, Hell to Pay) and MD of Satusfaction Post Production, Satu Lawrence. How can you change the dynamics or meaning of a scene by cutting it in different ways? And, how can good editing technique improve your film’s dramatic impact and production value? These questions and many more will be considered.

Tips of the Day:

SFL Seminars are free but you can RSVP online at for a seat for any of the days. If they are oversubscribed there’ll be a waiting list and we’ll let you know as soon as a seat becomes available. Last year’s performance by John Foxx was very well attended so get there early if you want a seat!

John Foxx presents ‘The Quiet Man’ 17.00 The Apple Store Free Accompanied by VJ Karborn on visuals, John Foxx will read extracts from his novel, The Quiet Man, a character he’s been developing and exploring for the last 30 years. ‘The origins of the novel are firmly cinematic,’ states Foxx. ‘I found an old grey suit in a charity shop in the 1970s. Over the years, I got some friends to wear the suit in various locations in London. I filmed them just walking or sitting in cafes or apartments. As I did this,

The Quiet Man story began to emerge. It’s about London becoming overgrown, about the suit being alive somehow, and the way cities can alter us and our memories.’ 47

Saturday 25 July BAFTA & Rushes Soho Shorts present The Short Filmmakers Market Welcome to our day of screenings, discussions and seminars highlighting all aspects of film production, with a focus on short format work. A single all-day ticket will get you access to case studies with short filmmakers from across the UK and a session on moving from shorts to features, technical demos, finance seminars as well as presentations on product placement and online exhibition. Plus you’ll have an opportunity to network with your peers and meet sales agents, production companies, film schools and screen agencies Buy your tickets directly from BAFTA: (online booking only)

MAC Masterclass Garboesque – The Art of Super Beauty 10.30 BAFTA Princess Anne Theatre £6.00 Masterclass Entry Only or £15.00 for All Events

Martina Luisetti, Senior Artist for M.A.C Cosmetics and film archivist Jenny Hammerton discuss the makeup styles of iconic film stars and take a glimpse into the wonderful world of Hollywood high glamour. Live demonstration will re-adapt old school techniques making them modern, whilst drawing on the innovative and glamorous icons of the era.

©The Kobal Collection

The Future of Film Production 12.45 BAFTA Princess Anne Theatre £6.00 Masterclass Entry Only or £15.00 for All Events Matt Platts-Mills, CEO at 4K presents a discussion simplifying the digital workflow process offering invaluable insights on how to make the most of this revolution in filmmaking. From footage shot live during the morning MAC Cosmetics Masterclass you will be able to follow the management of data through to the edit suite and beyond. Paul Collard: VP, Film & Digital Services at 142 will continue the discussion on digital workflow bringing light to the process of scanning at resolutions up to 6K, conforming on non linear editing systems, dropping in special effects and guided through colour grading.

The Journey from Shorts to Features 15.15 BAFTA Princess Anne Theatre £6.00 Masterclass Entry Only or £15.00 for All Events A guide to film production with an insight into budgeting, funding and distribution. Case study’s will be presented by Patchwork Productions (Christine Hartland, Producer ‘wmd’), Film London (Maggie Ellis, Head of Production, Microwave) and The Bureau’s Tristan Goligher will present a screening and Q&A with Tony Grisoni’s, ‘Kingsland’ and talking to Andrew Haigh who, having recently made Cinema Extreme short ‘Five Miles Out’, is now making a big splash on the American Film Festival circuit with his feature ‘Greek Pete’. 48

Saturday 25 July Daily Guide 09.30 10.00 10.00 10.30 11.00 12.00 12.00 12.45 13.00 13.30 14.00 15.00 15.15 15.30 16.00 17.00 18.00 18.30 21.00

The Short Filmmakers Market How To Finance Film Film London presents... MAC Cosmetics Masterclass Screen South presents... BFG: Product Placement Screen West Midlands presents... The Future Of Film Production North West Vision presents... How To Finance A Film Screen Yorkshire presents... EM Media presents... The Journey From Shorts To Features Should I Put My Film Online Northern Ireland presents... Northern Film & Media presents... BAFTA Experimental Film Premiere Night 2 Tenderpixel Official Screening: International ICA Official Screening: Short Film ICA

SCREEN AGENCY PRESENTATIONS 10.00 and each hour thereafter BAFTA Run Run Shaw £15 (as part of the all day ticket)

Bringing work to us from across the UK, eight of the screen agencies will present a recently made short film with members of the crew who made to talk about their experiences. See Online details for more info.

SHOULD I PUT MY FILM ONLINE? 15.30 BAFTA Board Room £15 (as part of the all day ticket)

It’s a tough choice and views differ greatly. Does a million viewers mean future work? What’s the value? Where’s the benefit? A panel considering online exhibition with a broad range of online companies providing presentations on what they do, taking filmmakers through a tour of their site and answering your questions.

Big Film Group present: Product Placement Presentation 12.00 BAFTA Board Room £15 (as part of the all day ticket) Product placement has been in the news recently as the independent television broadcasters look for a relaxation in the laws as a way of boosting advertising revenue. But what is the history for this practice and what are the expectations from both sides, what are current laws on film and television and how it is growing online.

How To Finance A Film 10.00 BAFTA Board Room 13.30 BAFTA Board Room £15 (as part of the all day ticket)

Financing a film is crucial to any film maker or producer, who wants to take a film from an initial idea to the cinema. Topics covered will include: Where has the money gone? (Or why the past is of little help to producers) Where should producers look for money. The importance of co-production partners. Where to go to get pre-production money.What is the least painful and time consuming method of closing finance. How not to get ripped off by the financiers. Strategies if the finance starts going wrong. Organsied by:

Tips of the Day:

To get the best value out of today buy the all day ticket for BAFTA. Not only will you get breakfast but it means you can dip in and out of all the lectures and discussions. After the daytime activities there’s some intriguing work screening at Tenderpixel and, of course, our evening screenings at the ICA. 49

Sunday 26 July LFA OPEN HOUSE: REEL SUMMER From 13.00 London Film Academy Free Discover all about the production process as you chill out on a summer Sunday afternoon. RSSF and London Film Academy (LFA) invite festival-goers to LFA Open House: REEL SUMMER, a programme of free training activities covering the key technical and creative aspects of filmmaking and the chance to mingle with the film & TV industry in our barbecue and relaxation area.

Learn from:

• •

• • • • • • •

Editing, Writing and Producing Surgeries to which emerging filmmakers can sign up for 20-minute one-to-one sessions to discuss their projects with an LFA tutor * Practical camera and lighting workshops using Arri equipment – plus Chameleon dolly with hydraulic jib arm! Editing demonstrations on both Final Cut and Avid packages An introduction to digital special effects for low-budget productions with VFX Supervisor Alan Marques (‘Vertical Limit’) and Post-production Supervisor Dave Barnard (‘MirrorMask’)* CV advice from Skillset, the industry body that ensures the UK creative media industries maintain their world-class position* A seminar from BAFTA-winning Director Richard Kwietniowski (‘Love and Death on Long Island’), ‘Anatomy Of A Scene’, which explores the working relationship between actors and the director, as he takes two professional actors through building a scene, from reading and rehearsal to blocking and shooting * A tutorial demonstrating how to use Entertainment Partners Budgeting and Scheduling production-management programmes, the industry-standard software *

Look at:

• • • •

The LFA’s green screen in LFA Studio 1 Screenings of graduation films from LFA Filmmaking Diploma students. The UK premiere of short films from Australia’s SHORTS Film Festival in the LFA Screening Room. An introduction to the new advanced documentary, writing and shorts to feature courses available at LFA from the autumn. A Q&A session with actors Camilla Rutherford (‘Gosford Park’) and Craig Parkinson (‘Control’) after a screening of romantic short ‘The Taxidermist’, in which they star.

* These events require pre-booking on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve your place,

email Vicki Mitra at: or call 020 7386 7711 before 23 July. 50

Sunday 26 July Daily Guide 13.00 LFA Open House: Reel Summer 13.00 13.00 13.00 13.00 14.30 15.00 16.00 19.00

London Film Academy Production Surgeries (all day) Film Camera Demos (all day) Editing Surgeries (all day) Taxidermist Q&A SHORTS premiers from Australia Richard Kwietniowski Lecture All the above and more at LFA Official Screening: Newcomer ICA Official Screening: Documentary ICA

Tips of the Day: You’ll be able to get updated event listings for the REEL Summer Bar BQ from Get to the LFA early and book in to the events, talks and demos. Drink the beer, enjoy the ambience, meet folks and have fun but dont forget you can jump on the District Line back to the Embankment and take a leisurely stroll up through Trafalgar Sq and Admiralty Arch, to the ICA for the Newcomers & Documentary screenings!

London Film Academy

The Old Church, 52a Walham Grove, London SW6 1QR All events are free (though charges apply for Moosh food and drinks) and take place at LFA’s purpose-built premises in west London (Fulham Broadway Tube). For an up-to-date schedule of events and directions, please visit:

Lounge with: Finest-quality barbecue food and fresh juices provided by Moosh – the real fruit & smoothie café. Acoustic music sets from music producer and composer James Wilkinson. A networking zone 51

52 56

Monday 27 July Daily Guide 12.00 Little Song Films Curzon Soho 13.00 Australian SHORTS Stanza 13.00 SFL Seminar: WFTV Pitching Soho Film Lab 13.00 Experimental Prog 1 Tenderpixel 14.00 Renderyard Shorts Curzon Soho 15.00 Kerry Film Festival Programme Stanza 16.00 Foughtnight Curzon Soho 16.00 Experimental Prog 2 Tenderpixel 17.00 Future Of Documentary Apple Store 18.00 John Foxx Private View The Horse Hospital 18.30 Official Screening: Documentary ICA 21.00 straight 8 Curzon Mayfair 21.15 Official Screening: Long Form ICA

Tips of the Day:

Have you booked your tickets for the evening screenings? There’s Docs and Long Form at the ICA or straight 8 at Mayfair. You can just fit in the 12.00 screening before the WFTV Pitching Panel. Then check out… The John Foxx PV is invite only but if you email with your details, you may get invited along!

WOMEN IN FILM & TV: THE PERFECT PITCH 13.00 Soho Film Lab Free RSVP on WFTV are excited to be back at the Rushes Soho Shorts festival to hold a Q&A session on pitching! Find out the best ways to pitch yourself and your film project with our panel of experts, including top voice coach Sarah McCloughry, writer of comedy and drama Jan Etherington, producer Cassandra Sigsgaard and development executive Samantha Bakhurst. The panel will be chaired by WFTV’s Chief Executive Kate Kinninmont.

DO YOU WANT A FUTURE IN DOCUMENTARY? 17.00 The Apple Store Free So you want to make documentaries. Should you take a job, develop an idea or make your own film? How can you turn your short documentary into a passport to future opportunities? This session aims to help aspiring documentary filmmakers to work out the best strategy to develop their careers. What story do you want to tell and why? What genre or narrative approach should you adopt? How best to plan a production. How do you direct other talents to get the best results? What distribution or broadcast possibilities exist? Should you sell it or distribute on the internet? Do different mediums require different styles? How do you make your story something others will want to watch? Taking stock of developments in documentary and factual programming, Directors UK and the Documentary Filmmakers Group bring you a panel of professionals to answer these questions and more. 53


13.00 Soho Film Lab Free RSVP on

Lifesize Pictures delivers all of the short film schemes for the UK Film Council’s New Cinema Fund, including Digital Shorts, Digital Nation, Completion Fund and Cinema Extreme. Lifesize will present a brief overview of UK Film Council short film funding followed by a more in depth look at making a Digital Short. They will be joined by Ben Pullen , producer of two 2008 Screen South Digital Shorts, Wayfaring Stranger & The Fishdance Kid, to discuss the challenges and benefits of producing Digital Shorts. TM

The Future of Animation 17.00 The Apple Store Free

TH E SH O R T F IL M C H A N N E L A discussion focusing on how the lessons and techniques of the past continue to inform the future. Animation stretches across all sectors of the creative media industry. Animated content is found online, on mobiles, on television, in feature films, commercials and is the language of gaming, one of the fastest growing cultural and creative forces. This panel will take a look at some of the most recent projects to hit our screens and will highlight advances in software, skills and digital techniques asking what this means for the future of animation. Is there still a place for traditional techniques, and where is technology taking us?

Two works in this year’s ‘Broadcast Design Award’ category Award-Winning International Production






Tuesday 28 July Daily Guide 12.00 13.00 13.00 13.00 14.00 14.30 15.00 16.00 16.00 17.00 17.00

Broadcast Design Catgeory Curzon Soho DAZZLE Films Programme Stanza

SFL Seminar: Funding Your Films Soho Film Lab Experimental Prog 2 Tenderpixel Westminster Arts Programme Curzon Soho John Foxx Films The Horse Hospital Australian SHORTS Stanza Propeller TV Curzon Soho Experimental Prog 1 Tenderpixel Little Song Films Curzon Soho

Future of Animation

Apple Store 18.30 Official Screening: International ICA 19.00 Patchwork Networking Night The Movieum 21.00 Official Screening: Animation ICA 21.15 straight 8 Curzon Renoir

Patchwork Networking night 19.00 The Movieum Free Guestlist RSVP on Patchwork Networking organises informal drinks events in central London for everyone working in the video, TV and film industries. Set up in 2004 by Director Christopher Gavin and Producer Christine Hartland, Patchwork Networking is an informal platform for commissioners, freelancers and creative talent to meet new contacts and to catch up with existing ones. This year, Patchwork Networking Night is in association with the BSC Guild, Directors UK, Fuji Film Recorded Media, Skillset, Women In Film and Television, the New Producers Alliance, Pinewood Studios, Activ8-3D and Green Film Practices and in partnership with Rushes Soho Shorts Festival. For more information on Patchwork visit:

Tips of the Day:

Check that you’ve RSVP’d for the networking night tonight! It’s a busy event and you’ll bump in to plenty of very interesting folks!



RSVP on Contentertainment is the digital strand of the Encounters International Short Film Festival that celebrates entertaining content. We explore the latest ways in which short films are used across multiple digital platforms, focusing each year on a different emerging digital trend. Contentertainment invites influential content creators to share their secrets, preview their upcoming work and discuss how they have shaped the digital landscape. In previous years, Directors such as Joel Veitch and speakers from the BBC, Nickelodeon and Aardman Animations (to name but a few) have been invited to look at themes ranging from virtual worlds to pervasive media. This year Contentertainment will bring the best of Bristol to Rushes Soho Shorts to share their fresh thinking, innovative content and predictions for the future.

THE FUTURE OF SHORT FILM: It’s Rubber & It’s Wonky 17.00 Apple Store Free

The digital strand of the Encounters International Short Film Festival continue their exploration in the latest ways in which short films are used across multiple digital platforms, focusing on a range emerging digital trends in online advertising for both niche and mainstream audiences. This will include the current movement away from raucous 45 second clips to a broader range of approaches. From using an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) to promote box office movies to creating a buzz around radio, demonstrating how short films can be used to make different forms of entertainment ‘internet famous’. There will also be a showcase of compelling interactive film experiences or ‘Movies on the Move’, that viewers can watch on mobile devices and control as they move around outdoor spaces or landmarks. This is a new genre of film offering an immersive mixed reality experience where the film happens around you and in reaction to you and your physical surroundings. Find out how viewers can become a part of the film they are watching!


Rubber Republic offer knockout online social media campaigns which draw on our deep conviction in the power of entertainment and our proven ability to seed content and get brands ‘internet famous’. In the past 12 months we have worked for brands such as PlayStation, Triumph Motorbikes, Paramount Pictures International, BBC, Channel 4, JVC and the Home Office (COI). We have also worked in collaboration with some of the industry’s top advertising agencies to distribute and consult on their own campaigns, they include: BBH, AMV, Glue London, VCCP, Mother, McCann Erickson and Fallon.

WÖNKY is a full service, high-end animation studio that specialises in 2D, 3D and stop-frame animation. We work as a ‘Creative Collective’ composed of talented animators, character designers, illustrators and musicians with specialists in niche areas ranging from claymation to street art. As WÖNKY, we approach digital media from another angle, offering innovative digital strategies as well as producing content for multiple platforms. Clients include production companies, broadcasters, digital agencies and artists. Recent projects have meant developing animated content across online, mobile and TV with work ranging from public service announcements (COI) and art installations (Ryan Gander) to viral mini-series (Channel 4), online games (CBBC) and avatar designs (Nokia).

Matt Golding | Director | Team Rubber | Bristol & London | 0845 6800 575

Vicky Brophy I Head of Digital I WÖNKY I Bristol I 0117 9537 740



Wednesday 29 July Daily Guide 12.00 13.00 13.00 13.00 14.00 14.30 15.00 16.00 16.00 17.00

18.00 18.30 19.00 21.00 21.15

BOARDS First Awards Curzon Soho Cinema Extreme Stanza

SFL Seminar: Contentertainment Soho Film Lab Experimental Prog 1 Tenderpixel Babelgum Curzon Soho John Foxx Films The Horse Hospital BBC Comedy Shorts Stanza Renderyard Animation Curzon Soho Experimental Prog 2 Tenderpixel

Future of Short FIlm: It’s Rubber & Wonky


APA Reception & Screening

Curzon Soho Official Screening: Long Form ICA Think Sync Party The Roxy straight 8 Curzon Mayfair Official Screening: Short Film ICA

Tips of the Day: Afternoon: Seats are going to be scarce for the 13.00 SFL Seminar but the presenters will also be at the Apple Store, Regent Street at 17.00 so you can catch them there! Evening: Double check you’ve emailed either the APA or THINKSYNC about tickets. If you plan it right you can get to a party plus go via the ICA and see either the 6.30pm or 9pm Film Screening!

Presenting: THE CFPE/ SHOTS YOUNG DIRECTORS 18.00 Curzon Soho Free Tickets RSVP The Advertising Producers Association returns once again to Rushes to screen the CFPE/ shots Young Directors Award programme. The Award offers outstanding new directors a significant boost to their careers. Entries come from all over the world and showcased directors are provided with an excellent promotional platform for their work. This is the first showing of the YDA following its premiere in Cannes Lions and is now an established and very popular part of Soho Shorts.

THINKSYNC FILMS PARTY 19.00 The Roxy Free Tickets RSVP RSSF is delighted to be teaming up with ThinkSync Films for the third year. ThinkSync Films is a short-film competition and event in its fourth year, bringing together the independent film and music industries. It searches out, celebrates and rewards new independent film-making talent, paying particular attention to the role music plays. The aim is to create a mutually beneficial platform for both independent filmmakers and musicians. 57

  

 

    Time Out Time Out          


       

     

Thursday 30 July Daily Guide 12.00 13.00 13.00 13.00 14.00 14.30 15.00 16.00 16.00 17.00 18.00

Broadcast Design Category Curzon Soho Rednderyard Shorts Stanza

SFL Seminar: Sound Production Soho Film Lab Experimental Prog 1 Tenderpixel Westminster Arts Programme Curzon Soho John Foxx Films The Horse Hospital Australian SHORTS Stanza Foughtnight Cuzon Soho Experimental Prog 2 Tenderpixel

SOUND PRODUCTION: COMBINED THINKING WITH 142 13.00 Soho Film Lab Free RSVP on Planning a project or production? It’s always worth giving the post production house a call to check things out. Sound designers, editors and mixers will always give you a few minutes to guide you through foreseeable issues. Planning your approach to sound, from the out set, is essential if you are going to maximise your possibilities and keep your budget down. Meet the people who’ll make your sound happen and discover some key pointers in delivering your production.

Music In Film: Bulb Ideas Apple Store

The Rushes Awards (Invite Only) Curzon Soho

Tips of the Day:

The penultimate day of the festival and all eyes are on the awards. Tickets for the awards are scarce, it’s an invite only event but the 3 finalist filmmakers from each category (as chosen by over 50 judges) will be have been announced on Monday 27th July. They’ll be invited along to the ceremony where they get to discover which of them has won the award for their category in front of the good and the great of London’s Advertising, TV, Film and Media Industries. Check out the winners on Friday 31 July

Making Music For Film: How To Start A Revolution! 17.00 Apple Store Free Bulb Ideas, Paul Foss and Some Velvet Morning are experts in music and sound creation, film music placement and music rights clearance. The Making Music For Film team will demystify, inform and explain to filmmakers and musicians the process of successfully putting music to film without compromise. With the support of the Music Industry and core organisations within it including the PRS for Music (Performing Rights Society), UK Music and the British Academy of Composers, they will be live performance helping both filmmakers and musicians understand the correct process of music rights clearance. 59



TENDERPIX EXPERIMENTAL FILMS Tenderpixel has joined forces once again with Rushes Soho Shorts to host the experimental component of the film festival in July. The selected experimental films will be previewed at the gallery over the course of two premiere evenings, (24 & 25 July). The gallery will then remain converted into a cinema from the 24 to 30 July continuing to screen the selected Tenderpix Experimental Films. (Screenings occur in Tenderpixel twice daily - 13.00 & 16.00). Viewers are invited to vote for their favourite film and the winner will be announced on the 31 of July. Be sure to pick up a programme, stop by the gallery or visit us online: www.tenderpixel/rushes09.html

Coinciding with Rushes Soho Shorts festival Tenderpixel Gallery proudly presents gallery visitors and cinema-goers with an opportunity to view the work of artist Mimi Leung. Leung captures the most inner-workings of her mind, combining memories with the force of life. The outcome: colourful, concentrated and intense illustrations that focus on superfluity in all its glory. Leung currently works as an illustrator and her work has been featured in Vice Magazine and Time Out. Leung has had work commissioned by The Guardian and Dazed and Confused. Most recently, she participated in Heavy Pencil: Live Drawing and Music at the ICA in London (2009). Goodbye Turdbrains is Mimi Leung’s first solo exhibition in London and runs at Tenderpixel from July 16 to August 10.

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: July 16 Mimi Leung : Goodbye Turdbrains Private View (18.00) July 16 to August 10 Mimi Leung : Goodbye Turdbrains Exhibition


July 22 July 23

Rushes Soho Shorts Festival Begins Premiere shorts evening courtesy of the London Short Film Festival

July 24 & 25 July 25 to 30

Tenderpix Experimental Film Premiere Nights Tenderpix Experimental Daily Screenings (13.00 & 16.00)

July 31 July 31

Mimi Leung : Artist Talk/Q&A & Rushes Closing Drinks Reception (16.00) Tenderpix Experimental Films Award given to the competition winner

Friday 31 July Daily Guide 12.00 13.00 13.00 14.00 14.30 15.00 16.00 16.00 18.30

Winners 2009 Curzon Soho Winners 2009 Soho Film Lab Winners 2009 Stanza Experimental Prog 1 Tenderpixel Gallery John Foxx The Horse Hospital Winners 2009 Stanza

Mimi Leung Q&A

Tenderpixel Gallery

VJ Masterclass

The Horse Hospital

Pink Party

Stanza Restaurant 21.30 I HEART 80’s: P&B MASH UP Curzon Soho

It’s A Wrap!

Check out the finalists and winning films from this year’s festival. If you’ve not yet visited the exhibitions at Tenderpixel and the Horse Hospital, today’s your last chance. Get to one or other for 16.00 and you’ll have a chance to meet the artist or learn the secrets of mixing sound and vision. After that there’ll be celebrations and commiserations for the final night of the festival at Stanza and Curzon Soho with plenty of cocktails, fun, dancing and films. Come join in the frivolity and be sure to ring your most outlandish outfit!

The Pink Party 18.30 Stanza Free RSVP on

Come celebrate the end of the festival at Stanza’s 2nd Birthday Party, Vodka cocktails will be warming you up for an evening of entertainment, both at Stanza and later at Curzon Soho.

I HEART THE 80S: PINK & BLUE MASHUP From 21.00 Curzon Soho Tickets from Curzon Soho Box Office: 0871 7033 988

What were you like at high school? Were you Pretty in Pink? Or did you wear Blue Velvet? Now… the choice is yours! Arrive early to enjoy a free pink or blue cocktail whilst grooving to the tunes of the legendary Prince Nelly (Popstarz, Guilty Pleasures) then choose between the Bratpack classic or David Lynch’s maniacal masterpiece. Plus your ticket gets you entry to the after party where we have an exclusive music/video mash up set from Straight To Video (DJs Freelance Hellraiser and The 20th Century Fox), a late bar and 80’s karaoke on the big screen! Dress code: Blue or Pink only. PRETTY IN PINK (15) BLUE VELVET (18) Director: Howard Deutch Director: David Lynch Starring: Molly Ringwald, Starring: Isabella Rossellini, Andrew McCarthy, Jon Cryer Kyle MacLachlan, Dennis Hopper USA 1986. 96 mins USA 1986. 120 mins


Shorts FilmFestival Australia 2009

“Championing theartof storytelling throughfilm”


ShortsFilmFestival stands alone as Australia’s only national film festival and competition entirely dedicated to championing the specialist art of storytelling through film. Founded by acclaimed Australian producer David Lightfoot, Shorts offers its filmmakers one of the country’s most lucrative and largest prize pools including a coveted first prize trip to Cannes Film Festival. Selected on the basis of outstanding storytelling in 20 minutes or less, this year’s program

offers a showcase of the entries to the 2008 Shorts Film Festival. Previous Shorts winners have continued on to be awarded or nominated for the Australian Film Institute Awards and Cannes Film Festival’s Palme d’Or, among others, and have also gone on to work on Academy Award winning films. Shorts entries are judged by up to 50 respected practitioners across the film and media industries.

Premiere Screening: Sunday 26 14.30 London Film Academy Weekday screenings: Monday 27 13.00 Stanza Tuesday 28 15.00 Stanza Thursday 30 15.00 Stanza

ShortsFilmFestivalRushesProgram Don’t miss your chance to check out some of the best emerging talent down under in a showcase of Australian short film…

WhiteLines Screenwriter/producer/ director: Craig MacLean

When a stake-out goes wrong, a rookie sets out to avenge his fallen partner.

TheLastDays OfConnieHays Screenwriter: Luke Preston. Producer/director: Dana-Lee Mierowsky

Connie gets a visit from a grumpy neighbour.



Screenwriter/director: Eddie White. Producer: Sam White

Screenwriter: Trent Christie. Producer: Jaqui Gillies. Director: Matt Palmer

A bittersweet love story between a dog and Chinatown.

Giving care with love and passion can sometimes be hard work…





Screenwriter/producer/ director: Carl Heron

Screenwriter/director: Julian Argus. Producer: Jeff Asselin

Screenwriter/director: Adam Bostock. Producer: Donna Molan

Screenwriter/director: Ben Wade. Producer: Adam Grant

Bored and isolated in his job, a man laments the lack of meaning in his long days.

A farmer faced with adversity takes matters into his own hands.



Screenwriter/director: Chris Frey. Producer: John Sandow

Screenwriter: Tim Dylan Lee. Producer: Ben Commens. Director: Amy Gebhardt

Sam, 16 and pregnant, is an outsider in a group of outsider street kids.

Errol is forced to question his idyllic life when a former love returns.

A lonely postman learns how to reconnect through an unlikely friendship.

Bob loves to tell a joke, but sometimes getting to the punchline can be an effort in itself!

ChickenOfGod WINNER:GoldShorts2008 Screenwriter/director: Frank Woodley. Producer: Jodi Satya

When a chicken’s comb proves to hold a surprise, Yirri and Theresa’s vineyard becomes the site of an adventure of 63 biblical proportions.

Guest Programmes Monday 27 Tuesday 28 Wednesday 29

21.15 Curzon Mayfair 21.15 Renoir 21.15 Curzon Mayfair

Book online: Curzon Mayfair Box Office: 0871 7033 989 Renoir Box Office: 0871 7033 991


straight 8, which has become one of Rushes’ most popular events, puts filmmakers into the unusual position of seeing their own rushes at exactly the same time as the audience. In an event devised to get people to shoot films instead of just talking about it, directors are set an inventive and excuse-free challenge to create a mini-masterpiece. The brief is to shoot a three-minute twenty-second epic using super 8mm cine film. No editing is allowed, and the cartridge containing the film must be handed over exposed but undeveloped, Along with a separate original soundtrack. Filmmakers do not see the film until it screens in front of a huge audience. “There are no other film screenings that I know of where the audience sits with the directors, actors and crew to watch their film for the first time” says straight 8 founder Ed Sayers. “Apart from looking at the film through a viewfinder they haven’t seen their work yet. Watching your film this way feels like both the fastest and slowest three minutes of your life at the same time. And it’s brilliant that Rushes share our whole enthusiasm for that rawness of approach: ironic and refreshing coming from an organisation that’s all about technically polishing film.” straight 8 is open to anyone anywhere – more details and past films are at:

Thursday 23 16.00 Curzon Soho Tuesday 28 13.00 Stanza They’re free so just pop along! dazzle is one of Europe’s leading short film sales agents and distribution labels, handling UK and world sales for some 500 titles. Known for championing new directors and producers, dazzle have a refreshingly innovative approach to the sales and distribution of shorts. This year Rushes Soho Shorts and dazzle will be screening a selection of beautiful, moving, surreal, gritty and challenging titles from the UK’s hottest short-film talent. 64

Guest Programmes

Shorts Programme Monday 27 14.00 Thursday 30 13.00 Free Animation Programme Friday 24 16.00 Wednesday 29 16.00 Free

Curzon Soho Stanza Curzon Soho Curzon Soho

Renderyard is an International Digital Platform operating as an International Film Festival and an Independent Distribution Agency to provide film makers, musicians and visual artists with the chance to watch and distribute independent films and new music from around the world. Renderyard also provides a strong network facility for emerging new talent and dedicates an important part to work in partnership and build creative collaborations in Europe and abroad.

Monday 27 to Friday 31 july 1pm & 4pm Please check Daily Itinerary for programme Free Tenderpixel return to RSSF hosting the experiemental film strand Tenderpix - a series of experimental films and shorts selected by Tenderpixel’s very own judging panel. Also being exhibited is work by Mimi Leung. Tenderpixel also has a few exciting events in store throughout the festival, so be sure to check out the website for more information:

Friday 24 12.00 Curzon Soho Wednesday 29th 12.00 Curzon Soho Free Boards is a brand focused on bringing the international commercial production industry community together for dialogue, debate and discussion about the global business of commercial production. Read monthly by over 13,000 agency producers, creatives, production and post-production company executives, artisans and reps, Boards keeps readers informed about emerging creative talent, business practices and trends. The Boards Directors to Watch presentation spotlights the new talent you need to know about as selected by the extremely discerning Boards editorial staff. Combing through hundreds of reels to find the best and boldest of the new breed, we’ll present the highlights of their reels at this screening. 65

Guest Programmes FOUGHTNIGHT

Monday 27 16.00 Curzon Soho Thursday 30 16.00 Curzon Soho Free

Foughtnight is an independent company specialising in digital media, creating short films, documentaries and educational resources. Offering a variety of services including on-site filming, pre and post production, digital editing and DVD encoding, Foughtnight’s mission is to always provide clients with a diverse range of options to expand their perceptions for the uses of digital media. This programme of work provides a peak into their world.

PROPELLER TV Friday 24 15.00 Stanza Tuesday 28 16.00 Curzon Soho Free

Propeller is an award winning filmmaker service which works to support, showcase & distribute short film content. Broadcast from Yorkshire, propeller is the first digital satellite television channel in Europe to screen 100% new and original programming. Working with Screen Yorkshire and other parties including the BBC, ITV, Sony and Skillset, the channel’s stated aim is to establish a showcase for emerging talent in television and film, while providing individuals with production facilities.

BBC FILM NETWORK presents… Thursday 23 15.00 Stanza Wednesday 30 15.00 Stanza Free

BBC Films and BBC Comedy in association with Film Network, approached filmmakers and comedy writers with the challenge to make 5 original new comedy short films. The chosen projects received a co-production budget to create a new innovative film, and include star turns from Derek Jacobi, Matthew Horne, Imelda Staunton, Nic Burns, Hugh Bonneville and James Corden, plus the Oscar-nominated, sumptuous 3D animation from Smith and Foulkes.


Monday 27 12.00 Curzon Soho Tuesday 28 17.00 Curzon Soho Free 66

Little Song Films is a niche web gallery that exhibits short films that express the poetics of the moving image. They aim to provide a portal for work that might otherwise be lost on the ‘multiplex’ www. They are independent and self funded. LSF currently exhibits the work of poets, film-makers and musicians from Sweden, Brazil, Chile, Norway, Spain, Malaysia, Poland, Canada, USA, France, Germany and UK. “We’d like to thank RSSF for inviting us to exhibit in 2009.”

Guest Programmes WESTMINSTER ARTS Westminster Arts are a charity offering funding and support to a wide range of local groups, organisations and individuals, and develop projects that enrich the arts in the community. Working closely with Westminster City Council they ensure services benefit people living, working or studying in the City of Westminster, annually funding between 30-40 creative arts projects. They support a number of different art forms and here is your chance to see a few of those films produced through their Film & Digital Bursary Award. For information on the Professional Development Bursaries for Artists visit:

Friday 24 13.00 Stanza Tuesday 28 14.00 Curzon Soho Thursday 30 14.00 Curzon Soho Free

CINEMA EXTREME Cinema Extreme was created in 2002 by the UK Film Council’s New Cinema Fund and Film4 to seek out and develop filmmakers with a distinctive directorial voice and cinematic flair. The UK Film Council and Film4 appointed The Bureau to manage the scheme. Cinema Extreme is the only scheme of its kind in the UK, a place where serious filmmakers can explore their vto finance their first feature. See their selection of showcase work in this programme.

Friday 24 14.00 Curzon Soho Wednesday 29 13.00 Stanza Free

DNA The DNA exhibition celebrates John Foxx’s influence on a wide selection of musicians, film-makers, visual artists, graphic designers and even Manga comics. ‘If I could only make a movie as textured and evocative as John Foxx’s music I would be a happy man’ says Alex Proyas, director of I, Robot , The Crow, Dark City and Knowing. Tuesday 28 to Friday 31 The Australian director’s film, GROPING is one of a number of short 14.30 Horse Hospital films that will shown through the week-long event. Free

BABELGUM ONLINE FILM FESTIVAL 2009 The Babelgum Online Film Festival is the first web-based film festival chaired by renowned film maker Spike Lee. Babelgum’s mission in organising the festival is to promote independent filmmaking and provide a global showcase for budding filmmakers from all over the world. See the winners of this years Thursday 23 13.00 Stanza festival in this programme. Wednesday 29 14.00 Curzon Soho Free


Ideal venue for any occasion 167-169 Wardour Street, London W1F 8WR

Tel: 020 7287 4243 Tube: Oxford Circus/ Tottenham Court Road


Freshly prepared Indian Tapas at great value in the heart of Theatreland Office Lunch Box available from £4.95

20% discount 68

Off your final food bill, when dining from à la carte menu. Offer valid daily, max party size of 6. Present voucher to your server. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Guest Programmes Kerry Film Festival The Samhlaiocht Kerry Film Festival promises a wealth of the best Irish and International Short Films. They offer Awards for Best Irish Short film, The Audience Award , Best Film, Best Animated Short, Best International Short and Best Documentary Short. Thursday 23 This programme offers a great selection of work from their festival 14.00 Curzon Soho in 2008. Monday 27 15.00 Stanza Free

London Short Film Festival The London Short Film Festival (previously known as Halloween Festival) is an annual short film festival (normally held in January) that shows short films, alongside multi-media events. See a fantastic selection of shorts, available for one night only!

Thursday 23 July 18.30 Tenderpixel Free

Like your cinema offbeat and left-field? Join the club.

SUBSTITUTE: Black for white, stranger for lover, master for servant, robot for human, cross-dresser for femme fatale. The SUMMER 09 issue of Electric Sheep magazine is now on sale.


Venues & Ticket Information Apple Store, Regent Street

Apple Store 235 Regent Street, London W1B 2ET

Tenderpixel Gallery 10 Cecil Court, London WC2N 4HE

The Horse Hospital Colonnade, Bloomsbury, London, WC1N 1HX

Soho Film Lab 8-14 Meard Street, London W1F 0EQ

Stanza & Teatro 93-107 Shaftesbury Ave, London W1D 5DY

The Movieum County Hall, Riverside Building, London SE1 7PB

Roxy Bar & Screen 128-132 Borough High St, London SE1 1LB

Soho House 21 Old Compton Street, London W1D 5JJ

Box Offices


Curzon Soho 99 Shaftesbury Avenue, London W1D 5DY

CURZON Soho Box Office: 0871 7033 988 (Opening Night)

Curzon Mayfair 38 Curzon Street, London W1J 7TY

CURZON Mayfair Box Office: 0871 7033 989 (straight 8)

Curzon Renoir Brunswick Centre, London WC1N 1AW

CURZON RENOIR Box Office: 0871 7033 991 (straight 8) Book online:

BAFTA 195 Piccadilly, London W1J 9LN

BAFTA Online Booking Only: (Short Filmmakers Market)

ICA The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH

ICA Box office: +44 (0)20 7930 3647 Open daily 12.00 to 20.00 Buy tickets online: (Official Selection Programmes)

Map The Horse Hospital, Renoir

Apple Store

Soho Film Lab Soho House Stanza

Curzon Soho



. r St



Curzon Mayfair nt Street Ha



nt ee t






e Jam









Tenderpixel Gallery



a ll M


e uar

The Movieum, Roxy Bar & Screen


Judges We’d like to send a huge ‘Thank You’ out to our fantastic team of judges, who have had the unenviable task of deciding this year’s winners…

Adam Woods Amaka Ungunkwo Amy Hardie Andy Morahan Andy Greenhouse Caroline Bottomley Charles Gant Claire Spencer Cook Daisy Allsop Damian Spandley Dan Simmons Dave Knight David Pope Dawn Sharpless Dom Delaney Don Boyd Fadi Dagher Garrick Webster Gary Davy 72

Jake Bickerton James Wilkinson Jamie Dolling John Offord Julia Short Julia Stephenson Kerry McLeod Larushka Ivan-Zadeh Lawrence Garwood Lee Mason Lucy Doyle Lyndy Stout Maggie Ellis Mark Adams Mark Roalfe Michael Bonner Mike Connaris Mike La Salle Neil Bennett

Thank You!

Neil Rutherford Nick Moran Nik Powell Paul Rothwell Phil Claydon Philip Ilson Roger White Sandra Hebron Sefton Woodhouse Simon Trewin Simon Young Simone Pyne Stephen Woolley Steve Davis Tanya Franks Tim Dams Tim Goodchild Trevor Beattie Ty Burr

Directors UK are pleased to support the Rushes Soho Shorts Festival 2009. We congratulate all this year’s entrants and winners. Directors UK is the single voice for British film and television directors. As a membership organisation and collecting society, with a current membership of nearly 4,000, Directors UK represents the creative, economic and contractual rights of directors working in the UK. We support British directors by raising awareness of the role of the director in film and television, campaigning for directors’ rights and encouraging new talent. 20-22 Bedford Row, London WC1R 4EB Tel: 020 7269 0677

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Image © The Kobal Collection MAC Masterclass: Garboesque – The Art of Super Beauty Saturday 25 July, 10.30 BAFTA Princess Anne Theatre 74

Rushes Soho Shorts Festival Magazine 2009  

Covering the full program of this years Rushes Soho Shorts Festival. Find details about the Short Film, Newcomer, Animation, Doucmentary, In...

Rushes Soho Shorts Festival Magazine 2009  

Covering the full program of this years Rushes Soho Shorts Festival. Find details about the Short Film, Newcomer, Animation, Doucmentary, In...