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UNSELECTED WORKS 2016-31/8/2018

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If form follows fiction, we could think of architecture and buildings as a space of stories -- stories of the people that live there, of the people that work in these buildings. And we could start to imagine the experiences our buildings create. - Ole Scheeren


An undergraduate student of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember. Architecture is my main playground, but likely to capture moments freeze or unfreeze. Designing is a full-time work and practicing creative ideas is extracurricular activity. Loves to travel and eating. I think the worth of someone or something is in the story, and I hope I will bring stories in my architecture works. Early warning about me: I do crazy (good) stuff when I’m in stress. March 29th, 1998 Jakarta, Indonesia


2016-ongoing bachelor degree in architecture at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya 2013-2016 scientific high school degree at 87 Jakarta Senior High School

work experience

may 2018-june 2018 created and edited profile video for ITS Team Sapuangin, Surabaya may 2018 redesign and digitizing logo of BigRoof International, London jul 2011-oct 2017 created, shot and directed short films, action sketches and various webseries in Vegas HD FIlms, Jakarta jul 2017-sep 2017 designed brochure and business card for TeqnologiX Limited, London apr 2017-aug 2017 designed layout for SKALA Magazine, Surabaya oct 2015-aug 2016 teached Physics in USMA2016 2010-2016 became radio announcer in Radio Komunitas Twitter Indonesia (RKTI) oct 2012-dec 2012 edited submission video for BeliebThisProject Indonesia

volunteer experience

feb 2018-apr 2018 shot and edited teaser and documentation video for Archproject 2018 jul 2017-jan 2018 shot and edit videos needed and documented the event for Ini Lho ITS 2018 oct 2017 shot documentation video for Jazz The Fifth - ITS Jazz

jul 2017-aug 2017 edited documentation video for Gerigi ITS 2017 mar 2017-jun 2017 shot and edited teasers and documentation video for Movement Based on Issue Archproject 2018 may 2017 shot and edited teasers and documentation video for Farewell Party - FTSP ITS

organization experience

dec 2017-sep 2018 creative media staff in Himpunan Mahasiswa “Sthapati” Arsitektur ITS may 2017-dec 2017 hunting and tutoring staff in UKAFO ITS oct 2017-dec 2017 active member in ITS Model United Nation Club oct 2016-present active member in UKAFO ITS mar 2014 founder of Kinema 87 Film Club mar 2014-oct 2015 general director of Kinema 87 Film Club


apr 2018 gave speech about videography on Basic Media Schooling - HMPL ITS apr 2018 gave speech about presentation technique on Basic Media Schooling - UKAFO ITS feb 2018 gave speech titled “what architecture has made me into?” on Indonesian Architecture Convention 2018, Surabaya feb 2018 attended Masterclass and Architalks in Indonesian Architecture Convention 2018, Surabaya

nov 2017 gave speech about journalistic photography on Basic Media Schooling HIMASEATRANS x HMTF ITS nov 2017 gave speech about videography on Basic Media Schooling - Vocation Faculty ITS sep 2013 learned filmmaking from Toto’s Filmmaking Class Batch #1

awards & honors

oct 2017 2nd position in landamark design in Lomba Icon PWK by Urban And Regional Planning ITS with Nabila Dwiputri and Anom Satvika Danta (built) nov 2016 winning photography competition on Section On The Spot ITS Expo 2016, Surabaya dec 2015 chosen as ambassador of Seni Rupa Kita by Jakarta Biennale 2015 nov 2014 2nd place on student film in Festival Film Pendek Indonesia 2014 by KompasTV with Kinema87


SketchUp 2017 Adobe Photoshop CC2017 Adobe InDesign CC2017 Adobe Illustrator CC2017 Adobe Premiere Pro CC2017 Adobe After Effects CC2017 Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC2017 Corel Draw X7 Vray 3.4 Lumion 6 Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2019 Student Edition


Native in Bahasa Indonesia Fluent in English (TEFL 527 on 2016, CEFR Level B2 on 2014) Elementary in Javanese

personal information

address in jakarta: pondok pucung indah 1 merak d4/78 pondok aren 15229 south tangerang, banten address in surabaya: klampis semolo tengah I - f20 sukolilo 60119 surabaya, east java contact: email : phone : (+62)8118829788 social : @namagueitu

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tamantunggu .2 foodjockey .4

.1 collective shelter .3 sahaja home and laundry

.5 lib n shop .6 brainstavaganza

.1collective shelter

As a “hero city� and the second largest city after DKI Jakarta, Surabaya has a region image that is neat and comfortable to live in. However, there are still areas in Surabaya that still need to be considered, one of them Kayoon Road.

Academic Project

Basic Architecture Design 2 Form, space and order at the level of Formal and Spatial environment Year: 2017 The objective of the project is to be able to explore the sensitivity of space, Has a sensitivity of space relations and the surrounding environment.

Kayoon Road is one of the Kalimas River area that is currently used as a place to sell crops and ornamental flowers. In addition to being a place of business, Kayoon is also a residential area for the sellers. In other words, there are people who live and live there and there is a socialization process. My design approach in this project is by analysing site issue and trying to solve current problems through the design. I managed to analyse the absence of place to do social acitivities and place for kids to play. Then, I responded to the issue by creating Collective Shelter with open concept as a gathering place, play and activity for residents of Kalimas River in Kayoon, with the potential of mothers who are gossiping, the fathers who often have coffee together and many children who play on the banks of the river.


Front Elevation

Side Elevation

Concept Draft #1

Concept Final

.2taman tunggu

Institutional Competition Entry Lomba Desain ICON Department of Urban and Regional Planning of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya. Year: 2017

The purpose of this competition is to create icon design and triangle park near PWK ITS parking area and give innovation of Icon making materials with budget already provided. Team: Anom Satvika Danta Nabila Dwiputri Award: 2nd Finalist, Built Responsibility: Concept Generator Visualization Designer Narration Designer

Man in essence needs to gain recognition. Anything related to humans also needs recognition. One of them recognition of an institution or organization. The recognition of an organization can be shown in a visual or verbal object, but can have and be the hallmark of what it claims to be. Similarly, a Department needs to have distinctive features and recognition. In the field of Architecture, this recognition can be created in visual form. The shape of an architectural object can serve as a useful landmark in characterizing or representative. The purpose of this design is how the Triangle Park area near the PWK Department of ITS can be a representative, recognition and characteristic for PWK ITS in the form of architectural object that is suitable with the land and useful for the people of PWK Department of ITS. This design was approached by analysing the needs of PWK Department, and a suitable function of the object. “Waiting shelter� is our respond of the issue.


.3sahaja home and laundry Academic Project

Architecture Design 1 Beyond Of Home Year: 2017 The objective of this project is to design a home for a client, which also could be used for small business.

Sahaja House begins with a retired private company who wants a house on a small plot located in the city of Surabaya. Together with his wife who works as a civil servant and his son who is in high school <they make the house as a place to rest from all activities that occur outside the home. In addition, as additional income, the family wanted to open a laundry business, in cooperation with a large laundry company. Of all the three activities of the residents in this house, it is appropriate if the house serve as a place to rest from daily activities. Because of that simplicity in this house is required to support the atmosphere in the rest. In the search of the design, the first done the isolation of land that is 12x6 meters. Then made a height of 3.5 meters for the floor 1 and 3 meters for the 2nd floor. Then change the shape following the arrangement of space in it. The house is divided into three zones: Business, Public and Private. Public Area is defined as a zone that can be accessed by other than the permanent occupants of this house. While Privat can only be accessed by this small family only.

.4food jockey

International Competition Entry Non-Architecture Competition: EATING ALTERNATIVE DESIGN FOR RESTAURANTS Year: 2018 The aim of the “Eating” competition is to develop a design proposal for the restaurant typology, intended as a place of preparation and consumption of food. It is asked to the participants to create innovative and unconventional projects on this theme, questioning the very basis of the notion of the restaurant. Team: Adi Iman Wicaksono Adam Bimoaji Ega Rahadianto Arwani Hasbullah Akbar Datin Intan Baktara Award: Competition Entry Responsibility: Concept Generator Visualization Designer Narration Designer

Ab initio, eating was only needed to survive and restaurant was a mere place to restore energy. You read the menu, choose the meal, order, eat, pay, and leave. But beyond that, soon, we might see that eating is no more an activity to keep living. We see food, cooking, and eating as a form of entertainment. Hence, food is an art object, restaurant is an art venue, the kitchen is a performing stage, chefs are the performers, and cooking is a form of dance. Visualize a restaurant, but it does not offer any menu. We pick our own ingredients from a machine, then the chefs are challenged to decide what food would be served. The kitchen, which is the main stage, showered in beautiful lighting while watching the ingredients “dancing” on the hands of talented chefs. The stage is surrounded by many large monitors, providing many angles of details to see “the dance”. Then foods are served with stage lighting, focus on the food as if it is a shining star. Finally, take part on the last stage of entertainment by eating them with full enjoyment after watching series of art performances.

Presentation Image

Technical Image

Functional Image

.5lib n shop

Academic Project

Architecture Design 2 Personal Space in Commercial Building Year: 2018 The objective of this project is to design 2-3 floors of architecture, in which the students should be able to present the continuity between the human personal space (private space, personal space, social space and public space) in architectural design with commercial functions and is expected to form synergies with quality good space as well as showing a new order that impacts the quality and image of an area in the city.

The personal space is a distance to communicate, where the distance between individuals is also the distance communicate. In controlling the disturbances, humans adjust their personal spacing with others. From the explanation can be interpreted that the personal space has a function as protection and communicate between individuals. Commercial buildings desperately need the proper processing of human space for the convenience of interacting and spatial urgency, as well as producing a new quality of space as an image for a city. Scale in the realm of architectural design can lead to the impression of a human being as a user of a design work. Taking into account the scale of people in designing students is expected to be able to bring a certain atmosphere to be achieved through the design of architectures with commercial functions. Located in Mulyosari, Surabaya, Lib N Shop is here to answer the needs of mulyosari residents in providing learning facilities for students and students. The library wrapped with the bookstore is expected to fulfill this. The human scale used in the design process of this architectural object is to use the 5x5 meter module method, with the various module types with the space requirements of each.

Isometric view

West Elevation

North Elevation

Interior View


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International Competition Entry

Year: 2018 The aim of the “thinking” competition is to develop a design proposal for the office typology, intended as a space to process, organize and generate information. In other words, a place for mental work. Team: Adam Bimoaji Ega Rahadianto Aulia Putri Qur’ani Risa Nurachmah Harahap Shofia Khairunissa Award: Competition Entry Responsibility: Researcher Concept Generator Visualization Designer

Get ready to queuing in line Let’s get everything done While you got some fun!

Presentation Image

Functional Image

Technical Image

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Adhitanto Nabil Shobirin Architecture Portfolio 2016-2018  

My unselected architecture projects since 2016. Will always be updated and changed periodically.

Adhitanto Nabil Shobirin Architecture Portfolio 2016-2018  

My unselected architecture projects since 2016. Will always be updated and changed periodically.