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Achieving & Maintaining Your Ideal Weight By Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine

GROWING NAKED POTATOES FROM SCRAPS IN 4 STEPS: 1. Cut organic potato(s) into two pieces, making sure each half has at least one to two "eyes". 2. Let pieces sit at room temperature for a few days until they’re dry to the touch. 3. Plant them about one foot apart in 8 inches of soil. 4. When the plants are fully grown, potatoes can be harvested for several months.


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NAKED TRUTH Who’s The “Biggest Loser"? By David Katz MD


NAKED PLANET From Food Desert To PlantPure Oasis! By Alex Brown



NEW YEAR, NEW US! I am especially excited for this New Year. There will be many changes and many new exciting things coming for all of us. The world seems to be waking up and listening this message. Many of us are on this journey for strong and honest reasons, and because of that, I believe this year will be the best we have ever seen. Our movement has grown exponentially, and it will continue to do so in the next 12 months. I would like to send out a heartfelt welcome message to those transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle. In the next few weeks you will not only discover amazing foods and meals, but also, you will have a higher sense of consciousness and awareness about your planet, animal farming, and the crucial point we are all at as a species. Yes, incredibly enough, all of that comes from the awareness of eating plants! Thank you to all plant-based eaters and vegans. Your strength, awareness, and kindness are changing the world. I am honored to be with you on this journey. Last but not least, I want to give a warm welcome to Nelson Campbell, one of the hardest-working, kindest, and most genuine individuals in the plant-based movement. He brings with him the wonderful message of the PlantPure realm into Naked Food magazine. We are all in this together, and we are all making strides because we have one another. Have a happy, prosperous, and healthy new year!


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Margarita Restrepo Founder and Editor-in-Chief



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Sweet & Fab Pumpkin Salad Yield: 6 Servings. Recipe developed by the Naked Food Chefs. Recipe type: Naked! Low-Fat, Whole Food, Plant-based, Vegan, Organic, Sustainable Approved for: Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, Weight Loss, Athletics, Optimum Health Free of: Animals, Eggs, Dairy & Lactose, Sugar, Oil, Peanuts, Gluten, Wheat, GMOs, Alcohol, Chemicals, Colorants, Additives, Preservatives

INGREDIENTS • 1 small pumpkin or winter squash • 1 cup filtered water • 2 Tbsp. tamari • 1 tsp. dried thyme • 1 tsp. dried rosemary • 1/2 cup walnuts, chopped • 2 pitted dates • 1/4 cup filtered water • Juice of 1 organic orange • 2 handful organic spinach • Pinch of ground pepper METHOD 1. Peel the pumpkin or squash, discard the seeds and stringy fibers, and dice into small pieces. Transfer pumpkin/squash into a pan with 1 cup of filtered water. Add the tamari, thyme, and rosemary and sauté, covered, for about 10 minutes over medium-low heat. Add extra filtered water as necessary to prevent the pan from drying out and add extra tamari to taste. 2. In a food processor chop walnuts and set aside. 3. Place the dates, ¼ cup filtered water, and the orange juice in the food processor and puree until liquid. Set aside. 4. Place the spinach on a serving dish. Top with the pumpkin/squash. Add a pinch of ground pepper to taste. Garnish with date-orange juice and sprinkle with the chopped walnuts. Voila!


Naked Food Magazine

The sweet-salty combination of the sautĂŠed pumpkin, dressed with an orangedate dressing, along with the slight crunch of walnuts and fresh spinach will have you savoring every bite!

Naked Food Magazine



Naked food: The new voice of the

plantpure movement BY NELSON CAMPBELL


am pleased to write the

sage of plant-based nutrition,

litical system is not only cor-

first of what I hope will be

but our ambition does not

rupt, but also too far removed

many articles for this won-

end there. We also are mo-

from the people it governs to

derful publication. Margarita

tivated by the idea that real

build a more just and compas-

Restrepo, the founder of Naked

social change must happen

sionate society. Indeed, it is so

Food Magazine, is a shining ex-

locally; it cannot be dictated

distant and complex that only

ample of what it means to live

from a distance by government,

the rich and powerful know to

a purposeful, compassionate

especially one so beholden to

pull its levers. We need look

life. When I first began talking

powerful special interests.

no further than to our complex,

with Margarita, I was impressed

government-regulated system

by her passion and humility.

As many of you may know,

of healthcare for an example. I

She welcomed me with open

the PlantPure organization has

don’t know very many people,

arms, as I did her. We both

been spearheading an effort in

if any, who can really make

know we are on a difficult

southwest Florida to demon-

sense of this system and what

journey, and that we need

strate what is possible when a

must be done to fix it. Yet, the

fellow travelers to join us

community comes together.

many well-trained and funded

along the way.

We are working with the local

pharmaceutical lobbyists know

health system, public schools,

just how to work our political

In the past, I have talked

employers, faith-based groups,

leaders so that we continue

about the need for people in

and others to show how a

to use toxic drugs, rather than

the plant-based community to

problem as serious as our

food, to treat disease.

come together in launching a

healthcare crisis can be solved

grassroots movement. We are

locally. We hope that this

Let’s face it: our government

joining hands with Margarita

example will prompt the ques-

has become a government of,

and her team to help build

tion, “If we can do this with

by, and for the rich and pow-

a magazine that we hope

health, could we do the same

erful. And the people know

will become a mouthpiece

for other serious problems?”

it, which is why they are des-

for this movement. Our goal is to communicate the mes-


Naked Food Magazine

perate for something differI have long felt that our po-


Unfortunately, the only

competing approach that has been offered is the strong-armed claim of the autocrat, who says that he (and it is always a “he�) has what it takes to singularly remake our society. But this is not a real alternative. Anyone making this claim is nothing but a character in another sad chapter in the same old story. This is a story based upon the thesis that top-down solutions, whether by a corporatist government, or a strong-armed ruler, are the right medicines for an ailing society. It is this thesis that is the source of everything that ails us. Just as a toxic drug marketed by the pharmaceutical industry or the knife blade of a surgeon cannot fundamentally heal the human body, reductionist top-down solutions cannot fix the problems of intergenerational poverty, crime,





malaise, and all the other issues that affect real people in their daily lives. Only the human body can heal itself, and for that, it needs the right inputs, most important of which is a whole plant-based diet. With the right nutrition, the body’s trillions of cells and other countless constituent parts come together in an unimaginable complex orchestra of players to produce a mysterious melody of healing. Similarly, we need a new political paradigm for bottom-up social change, wherein the constituent parts of society, namely people and local community-based organizations, can join together to make healing change. This also will require the right inputs, such as organization, connection, education, sharing of information, and financial resources. Just as the human body requires the right nutrition, so does this approach. Naked Food Magazine





problem, in a way that a dis-

back to our proj-

tant government or corporation

ect in Florida. We

never could. Perhaps this is

are using a social networking

what makes our approach most

platform to organize people

different from the professional



politician wanting to remake


society through government

engaging large anchors in the

or from the alluring claims of

community to help supply ex-


pertise and other resources

tic autocrat. Unlike theirs, our

(such as the health system), and

approach is a humble one.










are using our social platform to facilitate the sharing of

I am excited that PlantPure is


partnering with Naked Food Magazine. We need more fel-








low travelers like them on this


journey. As we move forward,




we will continually look for

community, but that we make

other opportunities like this to

enough progress to give peo-

join with like-minded people.

ple a serious glimpse into the

None of us—individually or

potential of the new paradigm


I am advocating. If we can do

alone; we need each other.

this, perhaps we can create a

And you know what? It’s a

ripple that eventually builds

whole lot more fun when

to a wave, washing through

you can travel with other like-


minded souls.









beginning with those cities and towns where we have already established nascent PlantPure Pods. We believe in the Power of Example, because this is a power that recognizes the ability of





PlantPure, Inc. and its non-profit arm, PlantPure Communities, to lead a grassroots movement to promote the health benefits of

others to follow an example. It

plant-based nutrition. He also is

recognizes the inherent abili-

the Executive Producer, Director

ties within each of us to rise to

and Co-Writer of the documentary

the challenge of fixing a nearby

film, PlantPure Nation.

Naked Food Magazine



Raw Caramelized Carrot Truffles Yield: 12-14 Truffles. Recipe developed by the Naked Food Chefs. Recipe type: Naked! Low-Fat, Whole Food, Plant-based, Vegan, Organic, Sustainable Approved for: Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, Weight Loss, Athletics, Optimum Health Free of: Animals, Eggs, Dairy & Lactose, Sugar, Oil, Peanuts, Gluten, Wheat, GMOs, Alcohol, Chemicals, Colorants, Additives, Preservatives


1/3 cup coconut flakes

3 medium to large organic carrots, cleaned

1 cup dates, pitted

1 tsp. lemon juice

1/4 cup walnuts

1/4 tsp. ground cloves

Cezerye is a traditional Turkish confection, commonly made with caramelized carrots and sugar. We’ve reimagined this tasty treat using whole foods, no added sugar, and left it raw—a whole and naked delight.

(optional) •

1/4 tsp. ground cinnamon (optional)

1/4 tsp. ground ginger (optional)

METHOD 1. Spread the coconut flakes into a small round bowl. 2. In a food processor fitted with the S blade combine the remaining



process until somewhat smooth. 3. With wet hands, scoop out a tablespoon of the mixture and form a round ball. Transfer the ball into the bowl with the coconut flakes and moving the bowl carefully in a circular motion, the ball will cover itself with the flakes. Repeat the process with the rest of the carrot mixture and serve. The balls will keep refrigerated in an airtight container for about a week.

Naked Food Magazine



The real




ging is a normal part

and there are presently 80,000

have been found of people

of life; a process that


older than 50 years. 2 With few

cannot be stopped or

who have reached 100 years).1


reversed. However, age-associ-

Interestingly, almost all of these

starvation, or infection ended

ated diseases can be prevented


lives before any of the signs

and our functional lifespan can

saw a doctor until after age 90;

of old age—graying of the

be prolonged… but for how


hair, wrinkling of the skin,

long? The maximum human

longevity had nothing to do


lifespan is believed to be about

with medical intervention.1




survivors” their



125 years, but so far no one for





The oldest person of authen-


tic record was a French wom-

The average life expectancy


an who lived to be 122 years

was 25 years or less during

ment of civili-

old. About 50 people are alive

most (99.9%) of human exis-

zation people

today at 110 years or older,

tence. No prehistoric remains


Naked Food Magazine




certain has reached this limit.



appeared. With develop-


Naked Food Magazine


NAKED WISDOM control their environment and

• Inflammatory reactions scar

years for women and 78.64

better protect themselves; with

the heart muscle and decrease

years for men—four to five

these advances some people

its function.5

years longer than people fol-

then lived to a ripe old age.

Passages from the Bible, writ-

chemicals mutate the cells into


ten more than 2,500 years ago,



report that death from old age

• Excess animal protein causes


typically occurred at 70 to 80

important loss of kidney func-

88.6 years and men to 85.3

years, and predict a maximum



lifespan of 120 years. Since then what has changed is only the number of people who enjoy these later years. Over





Even with all this disease from malnutrition, the average life span for American women is 79.9 years and 74.5 years for



biggest boost in lifespan was due to the introduction of antibiotics, immunizations, and proper sanitation. Life expectancy has increased since the beginning of the 20th century from age 47 to the current 77 years by effectively stopping infectious diseases that killed people from birth to young

men. 3

Observing the health

and longevity of people who eat




provides clues to the potential gains from reducing chronic diseases.



ple who eat a diet based on



vegetables) with little meat and no dairy products have an average lifespan of 85.59


the Next Big Boost





better living,



do wom-



In fact, a direct com-






white vegetar-

ian Adventists live an average of 10 years longer.4 However, these vigorous vegetarians still include way too much dairy, eggs, soy protein, and vegetable oils in their diets to achieve the full potential of human longevity,









more “good” years for people who are fully informed. In November 2005, an issue of National Geographic magazine carried an excellent article


called, “The Secrets of Living Longer.” They reported on 3

People living in North Ameri-



groups of long-lived people

ca, Europe, Australia and New

Classical Greece


from Okinawa Japan, Sardinia

Classical Rome


Medieval England


Italy, and Loma Linda Califor-

USA 1800


USA 1900


they followed a plant-based

USA in 1950



At the very end of this

USA in 2002


Japanese in 2002




All Adventists    


Zealand eat a rich diet that shortens their life in many ways: • Fat and cholesterol infiltrate their arteries, eventually causing ruptures and blockages (heart attacks and strokes).

Vegetarian Adventists     87




Naked Food Magazine

nia—and all had in common




“Do It Yourself” article with the subtitle, “Go Vegetarian.”


the Real Deal Since antiquity, overindulgence in foods has been blamed for causing disease and the shortening of useful lives. Beyond



dietary restriction is the only life-prolonging



cepted as effective by the scientific community. In animal


gout—he started a restricted diet where he limited his food to 14 ounces a day and cut way back on his meat intake.


lived to almost 100 years. He provides an example of how this therapy can be started later in life with profound benefits.

Restriction without Punishment The




prolonging in








metabolism, fatigue, reduced libido and sexual inactivity. Can you live that way? Is it worth the suffering?

experiments a 50% increase in


Is there

an alternative?

longevity has been observed


with a 30% to 60% decrease in

have demonstrated that the


calorie intake.

benefits of dietary restriction

lessly restricts calories, fat and

are primarily from reducing

protein by its natural compo-

In 2006, researchers reported

intake of fats and proteins

sition without requiring hun-

similar benefits in people for

rather than simply restricting

ger. Switching from meat, dairy

the first time.

food and calories.11 These same

products and processed foods

people who had followed a



to starches, vegetables, and



food restriction must be cou-

fruits will cause you to con-

calorie diet resembled those of

pled with optimal nutrition for

sume 400 to 800 fewer calories

younger people, with better

increased longevity. Bad food,


function and fewer tenden-

even if only a little is eaten,


cies to become inflamed and



scarred. People in the study

causes diseases. You have wit-



had averaged only six years

nessed many very trim peo-





ple with heart disease and

the foods have relatively few

their hearts looked 15 years

cancer—the results of eating

calories and are very satisfy-


half a hamburger and a small

ing for the appetite. In addi-

bag of greasy chips, washed

tion to the 20% to 40% de-

The first description of calorie

down with a regular size diet

crease in calories that occurs

restriction to prolong life was



with a healthy diet; your fat

of an Italian nobleman, Luigi

who are thin won’t live longer,

intake decreases from 50% to

Cornaro, who in 1550 wrote The

even if they exercised to make

7% and protein from 20% to

Art of Living Long.

themselves trim, as long as

12% of calories and you don’t

they eat poorly.

have to ever be hungry.

The hearts of








at the age of 35 from diseases











day—without the




consciously amount eat.12


of This



Naked Food Magazine



Youth-Preserving Antioxidants A plant-based diet is also very high in another big player in the aging of our bodies’ tissues: antioxidants. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are highly reactive substances which damage cells and contribute to aging as well as encouraging many serious diseases, such as heart disease and cancer.13 Substances with strong antioxidant activity are found in starches, fruits and vegetables. These include: Vitamin A, B-6, C, E, beta carotene, folic acid and selenium. (Get your nutrition from foods not pills. When antioxidants are isolated and concentrated into supplements they actually increase the risk of death and major diseases.14)




40% longer. As these mice get


older they look younger, and re-

is seen with the isolated soy

sist diseases. The mice are not


just longer-lived, but healthier:

foods, from candy bars to burg-

they have good eyes, joints,

ers. This concentrated protein

brains and immunity.16 Present-

is an even more powerful pro-

ly, researchers believe our best

moter of IGF-1 than is cow’s

hope for increasing longevity is

milk. 23


levels. of used


this in

good effect


Lowering your IGF-1 activity is Within a single species of ani-

as simple as making sensible

mals, those that are larger have

food choices and this benefit is

higher levels of IGF-1 activity.

seen in people. A study of 292

These bigger animals also have

British women ages 20 to 70

shorter life spans. Dogs are a

years found the serum IGF-1

well-recognized example.16 Big

activity was 13% lower in the 92

dogs, such as Dobermans and

women who followed a vegan

Rottweilers live an average of

diet, compared to 99 meat-eat-

ten years. Chihuahuas and small

ers and 101 lacto-ovo-vegetari-

terriers live for 13 years—and

ans.24 Similar effects have been

have lower levels of IGF-1 than

found in men following vegan

big dogs.18 People show the


same inverse relationship beFOODS THAT RAISE IGF-126-28

(and heavier) people have short-


er lifespans.19


Reducing IGF-1

growth factor-1 (IGF-1) resem-

Animal foods, and especially

bles insulin in its chemical struc-

cow’s milk, raise IGF-1. 20-22 You

ture and has special actions that

should not be surprised by

accelerate the rate of growth of

this fact because the purpose

normal (like bone) and diseased

of cow’s milk is to accelerate

(like cancer) tissues.15 Animal

the growth of a cow from 60

experiments show that genetic

to 600 pounds. Protein is for

defects in mice which lower

growth and an excess rais-

Naked Food Magazine


by lowering IGF-1 activity.17

tween size and longevity—taller

Growth Hormone Promotes Aging The

IGF-1 levels cause them to live

Meat Fish Soy Protein


Protein in General

Eating plant foods, smaller amounts of food and exercising all lower the activity of this powerful growth hormone.29

Successful Living Means Graceful Aging In 1797 Benjamin Rush studied octogenarians and found them





recommendation for a happy old age, therefore, was not to overcome the laws of nature,

low doses of otherwise harmful substances and activities cause improvements in the body’s function. 30 Exposure to mild stresses for brief periods may challenge the body to adapt to better maintain and repair itself,

but to understand them in

which prolongs life. This may

order that the aging individu-

explain why moderate drink-

als remain productive mem-

ers have less heart disease and

bers of society. As is commonly

live longer than complete ab-

believed, age is not a demean-

stainers. The stress of moderate

ing disease that destroys the

exercise may work to improve

mind and body; but an oppor-

health by the same mechanism.

tunity to be valuable, useful

Even low doses of radiation

and creative. We should all

improve lifespan in animal ex-

seek long lives free of disease

periments (whereas high doses

and disability, and then die

kill). In practical terms, horme-

quickly and quietly when we

sis works for moderate people,

reach the end of the normal

but most of us cannot limit

lifespan; when we are worn out

ourselves to low doses of

through our natural processes


of aging. With the elimination

and death too soon follow our

of disease a proper death from

enthusiastic (lustful) behavior.


old age comes peacefully; ideally, one night we simply fall



References on Page 56

asleep and we pass on. John McDougall, MD is a board-

Perfection May Not Be Ideal: the Theory of Hormesis

certified internist, author of 11

There may be some benefits

medical director of the 10-day,

from being a little bad. Horme-

live-in McDougall Program. Visit

sis is the phenomenon in which


national best-selling books, host of the nationally syndicated television show McDougall M.D., and Get started on the path to fabulous, whole food, plant-based living at Naked Food Magazine



naked Cannellini al Pomodoro Yield: 8 Servings. Recipe developed by the Naked Food Chefs. Recipe type: Naked! Low-Fat, Whole Food, Plant-based, Vegan, Organic, Sustainable Approved for: Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, Weight Loss, Athletics, Optimum Health Free of: Animals, Eggs, Dairy & Lactose, Sugar, Salt, Oil, Peanuts, Gluten, Wheat, GMOs, Alcohol, Chemicals, Colorants, Additives, Preservatives


2 cups cannellini beans*

6 cups filtered water, divided

1 medium-size organic onion

4 cloves organic garlic

4 medium-size organic Roma tomatoes, diced

1 Tbsp. organic, non-GMO miso paste or 2 Tbsp. tamari

½ tsp. turmeric

½ tsp. dried oregano

1 dried or fresh bay leaf

Fresh or dried basil for garnish (optional)

METHOD 1. Soak the beans in water for at least 24 hours, and replace soaking water at least 3 times during the 24hour period. 2. Place the beans in a large pot with 4 cups of filtered water. Cook over medium-high heat, covered, for about 30 minutes or until the beans are soft but not broken. Discard the cooking water and set the beans aside. 3. In a food processor chop the onion and garlic. Transfer to a large pan and sauté with a cup of filtered water over medium heat for about 5 minutes. 4. Chop the tomatoes in the food processor and add to onion-garlic pan. Add the cooked beans, a cup of filtered water, the miso or tamari, turmeric, oregano, and bay leaf. Let simmer for another 10-15 minutes stirring occasionally. Remove and discard the bay leaf, and garnish with the basil. Serve with your favorite rice recipe, potatoes, and vegetables. Enjoy! Chef’s Note: Although the recipe calls for cannellini (white) beans, it can be made with black, red, pinto, or any other bean.


Naked Food Magazine

This satisfying dish is packed with protein and fiber and flavorful savory herbs. Use as a sauce or topping for rice or vegetables, or serve as a side on its own.

Naked Food Magazine



10 Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle

Jonathan Slavin with

Jonathan Slavin is currently starring in ABC’s hit comedy “Dr. Ken.” Along with being a actor, Jonathan is also a devoted activist and dedicates  much of his time to animals rights and living a 100% vegan lifestyle.


Naked Food Magazine

1. I first do no harm. I am, first and

5. I get involved with my food. If I

junk food, took in fewer calories and fat,

foremost, an ethical vegan. I know what

prep it, I will eat it. I have a bag of

and got my growing butt to the gym.”

I do not eat, and why. I love the plant-

prepared, roasted Brussels sprouts that

It is not sexy, it is not fast, and it is hard

based movement, but for me, it begins

has been in my freezer since 2011. I have

to advertise, but it works.

with this: I do not kill animals so that I

no relationship with those Brussels

can eat them, and I do not pay anyone

sprouts, so I do not think to eat them.

8. I eat first to feel good. In the

else to.

But the pumpkin seed milk I make

beginning, this was hard. But ultimately,

weekly, soaking the seeds overnight,

I am less concerned with how it tastes

2. I keep it simple. You know what is

blending until smooth, straining through

and more concerned with how it makes

delicious? A whole head of cauliflower,

a nut milk bag? Cannot get enough of

me feel. And the cool thing about that

roasted to a deep, caramelized brown

that stuff.

is that the more I eat food that makes me feel good, the more I find that food

and sprinkled with some hemp or sesame seeds. Or an avocado mashed with some

6. I try new things. New recipes, new

delicious and have started craving it. This

apple cider vinegar, some nutritional

foods, new flavors. I currently have,

seems impossible but it actually is true.

yeast and poured over a giant bowl of

warming in my dehydrator, almonds

greens. For me, the more ingredients

flavored with apple cider vinegar,

9. I plate it. This is key for me. I get

something has, and certainly the more

dulse flakes, and mushroom powder. I

my food on a plate, in a bowl, (my

it’s processed, the greater chance my body

absolutely despise sea vegetables and

husband refers to my salad bowl as “my

will not know what the hell to make of it.

mushrooms (I know), but I rolled the

trough”), and make time to sit and eat

dice on this recipe and now it is one of

it. 10 minutes if that is all I have got,

3. I avoid the hype. There is a disturbing

my favorite go-to snacks. Tastes change.

but when I am rushing like crazy and

amount of diet fads out there. Remem-

I give new things a shot so I do not

start scarfing almonds or pistachios or

ber the low carb/no carb diets in the 90s

get bored.

snow peas directly from the bag, I have literally zero idea if I am hungry, sated,

Photo Credit Russ Levi Photography

when suddenly fried pig skin was supposed to be good for you, but lord help

7. I already know what works. I really

your heart if you ate an apple? “We are

do. Last year, I spent some time getting

concerned that you are at risk for heart

to know all the fabulous vegan restau-

10. I move my bod. I will never, ever,

disease, type 2 diabetes, and high blood

rants around my area of Los Angeles. I

ever be someone who really loves

pressure because you eat cantaloupe

had vegan pizzas and vegan Chinese

exercise. I have gamely gone to the gym,

and quinoa” said no doctor, ever.

food delivered, and went to brunches

gone to yoga class, gotten on my bike,

where I had a wonderful time making

a treadmill, a mountain, and always

4. I eat enough. Here is a simple,

the acquaintance of vegan pancakes

people have told me that I would end up

uncomfortable truth of mine, when I

and beignets. As a result, I gained

loving it. Those people are liars. I do not

am ravenous, I care infinitely less about

weight. Then I stopped doing all that,

love it. But I love the result I get from

what I eat, and I am much, much more

recommitted to eating whole, unpro-

it, so I go. I lift the weights my trainer

likely to grab a spoon, and that jar of

cessed foods and went back to the gym

tells me to, I run a few times a week, I

junky peanut butter. So when I starve my-

and dropped close to 20 pounds. When

hit a yoga class when I can. An hour goes

self for health or weight loss, the pendulum

I see people, they always ask the same

by so quickly, I can spend an hour doing

can only swing the other way, and swing

thing. “What did you do?” I want to reply

something I kind of hate.

hard. I eat regularly, and I eat enough.

“You know what I did. I stopped eating

or full to bursting.

Naked Food Magazine




Detoxing methods typically include juicing fresh fruits and vegetables and/or using herbal pills, powders, or laxatives to cleanse our cells, liver, bowels, or gallbladder. These "miracle" cleansers and detox diets aren't supported by doctors like myself who utilize plant-based nutrition as medicine. Frankly, these "miracle cleansers" don't work or support optimal health. Without a doubt, many of the concoctions that claim to magically pull toxins from the body can be harmful. One such detox method involves drinking a laxative solution that supposedly cleans out years of hardened food and fecal matter that's stuck to the lining of the colon. Doctors who have performed thousands of sigmoidoscopies and colonoscopies affirm that this is simply not true. Dr. Michael Klaper's DVDs Sense and Nonsense in Nutrition and Digestion Made Easy explain how these products (and their false claims) are to be avoided.

The New Year brings with it an opportunity to think about ways in which to improve our lives. Eating healthier and losing those unwanted pounds is the most common New Year's resolution. In an attempt to start fresh, and "cleanse" the body, many turn to different methods of "detoxing." Each method promises successful weight loss and excellent health. But are these "detoxing" claims really true? 26

Naked Food Magazine

The best way to "detox" is to avoid eating the toxic substance in the first place. This would include






products (toxins concentrate in animal fat and are intensified when cooked), refined and processed foods, fast/junk food, alcohol/tobacco/ narcotics and other stimulants such as caffeine, synthetic vitamins (even natural ones, when taken in excess), refined sugars and sweetened drinks like colas, refined oils, and pharmaceutical and over-the-counter drugs. Limiting our exposure to pesticides and herbicides is also encouraged. These foods and substances promote cellular damage, inflammation, free radical damage, oxidative stress, and







cellular toxicity. In addition to avoiding toxins, we should consume a wide variety of colorful whole plant foods on a daily basis. These foods promote excellent health, and, because they are "low on the food chain", they simply aren't toxic. Remember,


health doesn't come in the form of a pill, powder, or laxative! True internal cleansing and keeping the body functioning optimally is an




comes from eating a diet rich in whole, natural plant foods. is






every plant-based meal you eat provides the body with powerful phytochemicals and antioxidants that support a strong, disease-fighting immune system.

Linda Carney MD is boardcertified by ABEM and her advice is available via consults at Dr. Carney runs a Family Practice near Austin, TX. Visit Naked Food Magazine





NATURALLY LEAN Author: Allyson Kramer Da Capo Lifelong Books, April 26, 2016 RATING (1 to 5): 4 AAAA

Chickpea Flour Does It All Author: Lindsey S. Love The Experiment, April 8, 2016 RATING (1 to 5): 3 AAA

WHAT IS NEW: Naturally Lean takes a whole-foods approach to cooking, cutting out much, if not all, refined sugar and oils. While some of the recipes in Naturally Lean still contain small amounts of vegetable oils, the majority—70% do not, and are clearly marked with an “OF” (Oil-Free) designation. WHAT IS AUTHENTIC: In the introduction, Kramer shares her personal experiences with disordered eating: struggling with weight, addiction to “comfort/junk foods”, the compulsion to eat less instead of healthfully. Each recipe in Naturally Lean is vegan, gluten-free, and made with whole-food ingredients. WHAT IS KIND: For those who still prefer to count calories or track their food intake, the nutritional value per serving is listed in a helpful sidebar for each and every recipe. The recipes are quite easy to follow. There is also a listing at the end of the book for “Pairing Suggestions” for combining pairs of recipes. WHAT IS ENLIGHTENED: Naturally Lean is a standout among plant-based cookbooks. There still are some recipes, however, with oil and/or salt added; the only reason this cookbook narrowly misses the 5-star mark. IS THIS BOOK FOR YOU? Full of relatively easy-to-prepare, healthful meals with enough variety that you’ll never get bored, this is a great cookbook for those transitioning to a wholefoods plant-based diet. There are only two caveats: 1) some of the recipes (about one-third) do contain added oils, and 2) the book is organized in such a way as to have the different courses— (beverages, salads, desserts, etc.)—dispersed throughout the book rather than grouped together in chapters. IS IT NAKED FOOD CLUB RECOMMENDED? Yes. Recipes with added oil are easily spotted by the absence of the “OF” symbol next to the title.

WHAT IS NEW: An entire cookbook devoted to ONE ingredient: chickpea flour! Protein-packed and gluten-free, chickpea flour (or garbanzo flour) is an incredibly versatile substitute for traditional flours. WHAT IS AUTHENTIC: The author is not only a recipe developer, but a food photographer as well, and it shows in this book. Each recipe is accompanied by a beautiful full-color photo. The recipes in this book are divided by season, starting with the winter months. This can helpful when making recipes that utilize seasonal ingredients and flavors. In addition, Ms. Love shares her personal journey of discovering the connection between the connection between diet and her symptoms of indigestion, anxiety, and depression. WHAT IS KIND: There are 96 recipes in this book, and only 49, just over half, are vegan and clearly marked with a “V”. Unfortunately, most of those still contain added oils and sugars, but there are still a handful that meet Naked Food standards, like the Chipotle Queso Dip and the GingerShiitake Miso Broth with Chickpea Tofu. WHAT IS ENLIGHTENED: Chickpea Flour Does It All is an informative book and the timing is perfect as chickpea flour is just starting to gain popularity in the United States. However, although all recipes are dairy-free and gluten-free, it is unfortunate that so many of them contain eggs, honey, oil, and sugar. IS THIS BOOK FOR YOU? If you are unfamiliar with chickpea flour or are just looking for new creative ways to use it, you may find this book helpful to spark some new ideas. However, if you follow a plant-based diet, you would need to be willing to overlook (or modify) half of the recipes, which are not vegan. IS IT NAKED FOOD CLUB RECOMMENDED? No. Only half of the recipes are vegan, and most of those contain added oils and sugars.

Naked Food Magazine


Winter Detox Green Smoothie Yield: 2 large / 4 small Servings. Recipe developed by the Naked Food Chefs. Recipe type: Naked! Low-Fat, Whole Food, Plant-based, Vegan, Organic, Sustainable Approved for: Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, Weight Loss, Athletics, Optimum Health Free of: Animals, Eggs, Dairy & Lactose, Sugar, Salt, Oil, Peanuts, Gluten, GMOs, Alcohol, Chemicals, Colorants, Additives, Preservatives

INGREDIENTS • 1 handful organic spinach • 1 handful organic chard, chopped • 1 organic orange, peeled • 1 cup organic grapes • 1 Tbsp. chia seeds • 2 cups filtered water METHOD Combine all ingredients in a high-power blender and process for 10 seconds or until smooth. Serve immediately.

Green smoothies are great any time of year, but we may find ourselves needing a detox even more in the winter, to offset the cluster of holidays where we may overindulge festive foods. Naked Food Magazine




Some people get sick, which



When people begin making positive changes in their diet and drinking a lot of water, it is not unusual for them to experience detoxification. Some of the most common

stored in the fat tissue are now circulating in the system. The fat tissues are the storage depot for all of the pharmaceutical and over the counter drugs that have been taken, and food additives,



and other negative things that have been consumed. It is not unusual for people to develop rashes or skin disorders, since

ncreasing water and fiber

some of the stored “garbage”

intake begins to “chip away”

may come out through the skin.

at the accumulated fecal mater,

I have known former cancer

causing gas and diarrhea. The

patients who experienced che-



motherapy drugs they took 10

one is, the more toxic they are,

years ago coming through their

generally speaking. There are

skin when they converted to a

two options, and which one is

high-fiber, high-water diet.


best determined by the personality of the individual. Some

It is common to ask how long

people would like to get the

the unpleasant symptoms will

ing, and diarrhea. One of

detoxification process over as

last. This varies from person

the reasons for this is that

soon as possible. Others have

to person, based on how long

more difficulty dealing with the

they have been taking less than

symptoms and should gradually

adequate care of themselves,

increase the good foods until

how much body fat they have,

their bodies can tolerate it.

and how sweeping the changes

symptoms are gas, bloat-

during the years when people consume a diet deficient in water and fiber, the colon accumu-

are that they are making. Increasing



lates a lot of waste be-

tion to an appropriate amount

A person who makes a complete

cause it does not have the

usually does cause more trips

shift to a plant-based diet and

to the bathroom, particularly

begins an exercise program at

in the beginning. Eventually

the same time will detoxify fast-

this reduces after the body has

er than a person who begins the

had a cleaning out.

process more slowly.

proper materials to clean itself out properly on a regular basis. 30


is natural since all of the toxins

Naked Food Magazine


lso, it is not unusual to

mean starting the process over

in your body die and are re-

experience detoxification

again at some future time.

placed, even the DNA of your

several times during a period

There really is no short cut.

genes. When you start feed-

of a few years. Changing your

Unlike drugs, nutrients do not

ing it better, you have to wait

lifestyle is like peeling an onion,

have rapid effects. No quick fix.

on your body to grow new

and as the body heals and re-

The purpose of nutrition is to

improved cells.

builds it may, from time to time,

build a better body. This pro-

continue to purge. The hard part

cess has to wait on nature to

Dr. Pam Popper is a naturopath,

is getting someone to stick it

turn over body cells. A blood

an internationally recognized

out until the symptoms resolve.

cell lasts 60-120 days. In 3-4

expert on nutrition, medicine

However, it is always better to

months your whole blood sup-

and health, and the Executive

have the “stuff� out rather than

ply is completely replaced. In 6

Director of The Wellness Forum.

in, and discontinuing will only

months almost all the proteins


Naked Food Magazine



New Year, New You:




portions, no calorie- or carb-

but then the veg diet pulled

only appear to guard

counting. A review of all such

ahead. When people are put on

against getting diabe-

studies found that individu-

plant-based diets cholesterol

tes in the first place, they may

als following plant-based diets

comes down so much it can

successfully treat the disease



actually reverse the atheroscle-

better than the diabetic diets

tions in blood sugars, body

rosis progression, reverse the

patients are typically placed

weight, and cardiovascular risk,

progression of heart disease.


compared with those following






cholesterol. Diets based on


whole plant foods can re-









cial effect of a vegan diet on controlling weight, blood sug-


loss without any limits on

Cardiovascular risk is what kills

ars, cholesterol, insulin sen-

portion size or calorie count-

diabetics. People with diabetes

sitivity, and oxidative stress

ing, because plant foods tend

are more likely to get strokes


to be so calorically dilute.

and more likely to experience

diabetic diets, but what about



heart failure. In fact, diabetes

quality of life, or mood? How

broccoli, tomatoes, or straw-

has been proposed as a coronary

did people feel after mak-

berries, with 100 calories of

heart disease risk equivalent,

ing such a dramatic change in

chicken, cheese, or fish. People

which means diabetic patients

their diets? In a randomized

just can’t seem to eat enough

without a history of coronary

controlled trial, study subjects

to compensate for the calorie

disease have an equivalent risk

were assigned either to a plant-


to that of non-diabetic indi-

based diet group or control

viduals with confirmed heart

group. The plant-based group


at a diet of vegetables, grains,



Most importantly, it works bet-



beans, fruits, and nuts with ani-

ter. A plant-based diet beat out


We know about the benefi-

the conventional American Dia-

A newer study used a technique

mal products limited to a maxi-

betes Association diet in a head-



mum of one daily portion of

to-head randomized controlled

sensitivity. Improved on both

low-fat yogurt, while the control

clinical trial, without restricting

diets in the first three months,

group got the official diabetes

Naked Food Magazine



diet. Quality of life improved on both diets in the first three months, but within six months, the plant-based group clearly pulled ahead. Similar results were experienced with depression scores: depression dropped in both groups in the first three months, but started to rebound in the control group. Bottom-line, the more plantbased diet led to a greater improvement in quality of life and mood. Patients consuming a vegan diet also felt less constrained than those consuming the conventional diet. Those eating vegan were less likely to binge, and the veg group folks tended to feel less hungry, all of which helps with sustainability in the long term. Not only do plant-based diets appear to work better, but they may be easier to stick to. With the improvement in mood, patients may exhibit desired



"...Cardiovascular risk is what kills diabetics. People with diabetes are more likely to get strokes and more likely to experience heart failure."

only in physical, but also in mental health. Michael Greger, MD, is a physician, author, and speaker on nutrition, and public health issues. He is the Director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture at The Humane Society of the United States. Visit Naked Food Magazine



Beet, Potato, and Jicama Winter Salad Yield: 6 Servings. Recipe developed by the Naked Food Chefs. Recipe type: Naked! Low-Fat, Whole Food, Plant-based, Vegan, Organic, Sustainable Approved for: Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, Weight Loss, Athletics, Optimum Health Free of: Animals, Eggs, Dairy & Lactose, Sugar, Salt, Oil, Peanuts, Gluten, GMOs, Alcohol, Chemicals, Colorants, Additives, Preservatives


2 large organic russet potatoes

1/2 cup jicama, peeled or 1/2 cup organic, nonGMO firm tofu

1 large or 2 medium size organic carrots

3-4 medium size organic beets, peeled

3 Tbsp. tamari

1/2 tsp. dried oregano

Juice of half a lemon

A few sprigs of fresh parsley

Sprinkle of black pepper

METHOD 1. Place the potatoes in a medium pot, fill with water to cover, and boil for 25-30 minutes or until potatoes are soft but not broken up. Drain the water and set potatoes aside on a cutting board. Slice the potatoes in half then small dice. Place the diced potatoes in a large mixing bowl and set aside. 2. Dice the jicama and add to the mixing bowl. 3. Chop off the stem end of the carrot and dice the carrot as small as possible. Add to the mixing bowl. 4. Rinse the beets and peel carefully under water. Pat dry with a paper towel. Dice 1 of the beets as small as possible and add to the mixing bowl. Add the tamari, oregano, and lemon and blend carefully. 5. Using a mandolin, slice the remaining beets on the smallest width and set aside. 6. Select the largest beet slices and place them on a serving dish, forming a circle. Place a few spoonfuls of the salad mixture in the center of the circle to create the first inner layer of the salad. Add a second layer of smaller sized beet slices forming a smaller circle, creating a sort of a rose pattern. Refer to the recipe photo for guidance. Add the second layer of the salad mixture in the center of the dish again and another layer of smaller sized beet slices forming a smaller circle until the dish is complete. Enjoy!


Naked Food Magazine

What could be better on a dreary, gray winter’s day than a blooming beautiful ruby red salad? And if you’ve not had jicama, you’re in for a treat! This juicy, crunchy tuber tastes a bit like a savory apple and adds fun flavor and texture to any dish to which it’s added. Naked Food Magazine







et, such profound improvements in these medical conditions, and many others, are

routinely seen during water fasts lasting more than a few days. I am on the clinical staff of TrueNorth Health Center in Santa Rosa, California (about one hour north of San Francisco), a nutritionallybased clinic specializing in reversing chronic diseases. The most powerful tool to improve our health is a whole-foods, plant-based diet. After all, virtually all the debilitating chronic diseases






societies are the result of their high-fat, overly-processed, salt-, sugar-, and-oil-laden, animal-based food stream that people pour through their tissues hour after hour, day after day, year after year, courtesy of the

If there were a pill that effectively treated high blood pressure, overcame Type II diabetes, consistently produced dramatic improvements in autoimmune diseases such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and psoriasis, and provided effective relief for asthma attacks and migraine headaches it would be seen as a wonder drug of the highest order. 36

Naked Food Magazine

Standard American Diet (SAD). When a truly health-promoting food stream based on whole, plant-based foods is run through the body, day after day, month after month, year after year, most disease processes stop in their tracks and





The real healing power is in a whole




not in a water fast, per se, although a water fast can be a very powerful way to initiate healing and to bring rapid and dramatic improvement to common and lifethreatening diseases. Most people’s experience tells them that going a day or two

Naked Food Magazine


NAKED LIFESTYLE without solid food produces

Why more energy, and not

ings, and other signs of inflam-

profound hunger and discom-

less? So much of the energy

mation subsiding.

fort. The thought of going

that the body uses all day

two or three weeks or longer

goes to digesting our food

Water fasting cleanses the body




on a deep, cellular level. All of

incredulous, and certainly not

tions of the intestine, chemical

us in our body cells, have

eager to undertake such a trial.


remnant molecules of every

After supervising hundreds of


fasts, many lasting 2-3 weeks,

digestive enzymes as well as


and some up to 30 or 40 days,

the billions of immune cells in

dessert we have ever eaten.

I can report the happy news

the intestinal lining that inter-

There are flavorings, colorings,

that the reality is nothing

rogate the chemical nature of

preservatives, dough condition-

like the feared image people

the food going by in the diges-

ers, stabilizers, and thousands

hold about fasting. How can

tive tract. When that function


this be?

is no longer required on a fast,

compose the chemical soup of

all that energy is freed up and

modern cuisine in all the cells in

For the first 24 to 48 hours

people surprisingly—but pre-

our body.

after beginning a water fast, the

dictably—feel very light and

body is burning off circulating

energetic for the first several


blood sugar and sugar stored

weeks on the fast.

late in our tissues over time,




muscular used



synthesize bile,












in the muscles and liver in






the form of glycogen. The

It is quite counterintuitive. The

of chronic fatigue and bodily

“real” metabolic fast does not

commonly-held image of a long

dysfunction. A water fast has

begin until one metabolizes

water fast is of a person lying


their blood sugar, in approxi-

on their bed, weak, hungry and

cells through the car wash”

mately 2 to 3 days. At that

whimpering, trying not to think

where day after day, noth-



about food, when actually, the

ing but pure water washes

burn fat tissue for fuel. When

reality is quite the opposite.

through each and every cell.

that happens, molecules called

People at our TrueNorth Health

This markedly lowers the con-

ketones come into the blood

Center who are on a water fast


circulation. These ketones have

frequently stop me in our court-

disruptive molecules. It is no

some very interesting prop-

yard and say “Doctor, I haven’t

wonder that people predict-

erties. For the person fasting,

felt this good in years! I haven’t

ably emerge from a water fast

the main welcome property of

eaten for three weeks, but I feel

feeling lighter and cleaner on

ketones is that they suppress

wonderful!” It really is quite re-

the inside, because they really

hunger. By day four or five of

markable. It is during this time

are. Any water fast lasting lon-

a water fast, hunger is usu-

that we observe blood pressure

ger than three days should be

ally gone and is replaced by a

and blood sugar readings nor-

done in a facility where medi-

feeling of great well-being.

malizing and most pains, swell-

cally-trained staff can supervise




Naked Food Magazine








the process. Such supervision is

force for healing, especially if

necessary so that pulse, blood

one is used to consuming a

pressure, and other clinical pa-

meat-based, highly processed

rameters can be checked daily

diet. But, again, the key to last-

and laboratory tests can be

ing health is not the fasting,

performed on a regular basis.

but the quality of the diet after

There is an art to supervising

the fast.

I eat real food.

a fast, and experienced health professionals are essential to

The water fast is broken in a

make sure that all goes well

gentle matter, starting with

and that the fast is ended

vegetable juices or fruit chunks

before any significant problems



gressing through phases of




gradually increasing fiber conThe action of all medications,

tent, namely raw vegetables,

herbal supplements, vitamins,

steamed vegetables, and even-

etc. are all potentiated on a

tually denser foods like rice

water fast. For that reason, all

and beans. One of the greatest

medications except thyroid re-

benefits of a fast is that it

placements, must be stopped

“re-tunes� the tongue’s taste

prior to the fast. (Dosage of

buds through a process called

thyroid medication is cut by

neuroadaption. Whole, natu-

half during the fast.) For people

ral foods begin to taste really

who are on medications that

delicious again. This opens

they cannot stop, like predni-

the way for one to retool their

sone, antidepressants, etc., a

dietary choices and let a truly

water fast is contraindicated.

health-promoting food stream

These people should not wa-

of whole, plant-based foods

ter fast, but rather, do a juice

pour through the body every


day, thus creating lasting and glowing health.

A juice cleanse, done with freshly



Dr. Michael Klaper practices

based juices, is a wonderful,




healing program. One does not

based medicine. He is the Direc-

experience the ketosis that oc-

tor of the Institute of Nutrition

curs during a water fast, but a

Education and Research, and

few days or weeks on health-

as a member of the American

ful juices, can be a very potent

Medical Student Association.

#PLANTSRULE Naked Food Magazine



Gourmet Eggplant Rollatini Yield: 4-6 Servings. Recipe developed by the Naked Food Chefs. Recipe type: Naked! Low-Fat, Whole Food, Plant-based, Vegan, Organic, Sustainable Approved for: Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, Weight Loss, Athletics, Optimum Health Free of: Animals, Eggs, Dairy & Lactose, Sugar, Salt, Oil, Peanuts, Gluten, Wheat, GMOs, Alcohol, Chemicals, Colorants, Additives, Preservatives


Naked Food Magazine

INGREDIENTS • 6 medium size organic potatoes (about 2 lbs.), with skin, washed • 2 cups filtered water, divided • 1 Tbsp. organic, non-GMO miso paste • 1 large organic eggplant • 1/2 organic onion • 3 cloves of garlic • 3 sprigs of fresh rosemary, chopped • 1 handful organic spinach, washed, pat dried, and chopped • 4 Tbsp. nutritional yeast • 2 Tbsp. tamari, divided • 3 Tbsp. pomegranate seeds • Fresh basil leaves, for garnish

Traditional eggplant rollatini are stuffed with two or more cheeses and topped with even more cheese—a fat- and cholesterol-laden nightmare. This Naked version uses a mashed potato mixture instead, with nutritional yeast imparting the desired “cheesy” flavor.

METHOD 1. Fill a large pot with water halfway full and bring to boil. Add the potatoes and cook for about 35 minutes or until soft. It’s ok if the potatoes break a bit. 2. In a food processor or bender, mix one cup of the filtered water with the miso. Set aside. 3. Slice the eggplant using a mandolin set on the thinnest setting. Place the slices in a large grilling pan and add one or two tablespoons of the water/miso liquid. Sauté the eggplant slices on both sides adding increments of the water/miso liquid as needed to avoid burning. Set the eggplant slices aside on a flat surface. 4. In a food processor chop the onion and garlic. Add to a pan and sauté with the remaining cup of filtered water over medium heat until the onions are soft and fragrant. Transfer to a large mixing bowl and set aside. 5. Transfer the cooked potatoes to the mixing bowl and add the sautéed onion and garlic, rosemary, spinach, yeast, and tamari. Using a fork, potato masher, or your bare hands, break down all the ingredients and mix them all together. 6. Place about 3 tablespoons of the potato mixture near the end of an eggplant slice. Roll it up and pat both sides of the roll so that the mixture stays inside. Insert a bamboo stick vertically at the finishing end of the roll to help it stay together. Repeat the process with the rest of the mixture and eggplant slices. 7. Sprinkle with some pomegranate seeds and garnish with fresh basil leaves. Enjoy immediately.

Naked Food Magazine



Detoxing your kitchen

In order to detox your kitchen, even if doing it in a few-days’ time, start with the following:

is essential! The kitchen is the place where you not only prepare your food, but where some of the most dangerous toxins can enter our system.


Naked Food Magazine

1. Rethink your utensils. Plastic kitchen tools, cookware, plates, utensils, or glasses should not be used, and should be discarded properly. Remember that one of the biggest problems in our oceans is the amount of discarded plastic we have tossed through the years. A recent study estimates an average of about eight million tons of plastic — everything from water bottles to garbage bags to food packaging —is improperly disposed of every year.




Naked Food Magazine



2. Check your cookware.

4. Make it a conscious kitchen.

If your nonstick coating is chipped, scratched, or damaged you must dispose of it immediately. When shopping for new cookware, make sure it is non-stick, Teflon®free and chemical-free cookware. Acceptable cookware materials include stainless steel, glass, non-stick coated pans and bakeware, silicone-coated bakeware, solid silicone bakeware, and ceramic. Ceramic cookware is ideal. We recommend ceramic skillets such as Xtrema® Cookware and Le Creuset®. When storing your new cookware, do not pile them on top of each other as this could damage the coating. When cooking, avoid using metal utensils with your cookware, and never use steel wool to clean the nonstick coating. Use sponges, and let the cookware soak in water to loosen burnt food.

Recycle, recycle, recycle. The present and future of the Earth starts right from your kitchen. Set up an easy and convenient way to do your daily recycling and make sure you differentiate glass, plastic, paper, and organic matter.

3. Scrape the junk. Say goodbye to the processed and nutrientempty foods in your pantry. The goal is not to waste the food, but knowing the damage these foods cause, think about the benefits of actually not eating them. Though not ideal, give these foods away if they are still sealed, give to a food bank, or to someone in need.


Naked Food Magazine

5. Stock up on useful tools. Besides a refrigerator and oven/stove, you may need only a few large kitchen tools: Highpower blender, food processor, water filter, glass containers, and silicone trays for baking. Make sure your new items are BPA, PVC, Phthalate-free, aluminum-, copper-, and leadfree. Though most kitchens have a microwave, we don’t recommend using it at all. Although warming up food takes longer on a standard stove, it’s not as damaging to the food as the microwave oven. However, if you must use a microwave, as a rule of caution, never use plastic or metal containers to warm up food in a microwave. In a Naked kitchen, a microwave is not an essential tool. Other smaller tools you may want to acquire include a set of quality knives, a julienne peeler, a mandoline slicer to grate, slice, or cut, bamboo cutting boards as well as bamboo or silicone cooking utensils. Other less essential but great tools you may want to get are a fermentation crock, a dehydrator, and a spiralizer for making vegetable and fruit noodles and a variety of creative slices.

6. Go shopping! Now is the time to get all kinds of beautiful, live, and disease-fighting foods. Before trying your local supermarket, do a bit of research and see if there is a local farmers’ market near you. Depending on where you live, you may have the ability to source local food quite easily. Most farmers prepare for weekend sales and have a regional or city venue where they gather. Find your local market, and get to know your farmer. Not all local farmers’ markets source organic food, so make sure you mention to your farmer that you want organic foods. If we all create a demand for it, they will start growing more organic foods. Even if they are not able to switch to organically grown foods right away, they will certainly start looking into it.

Detoxing Tip...

Going Vegan Can be a Gas! We tend to become more flatulent (we fart more) when we switch to a plant-based diet. Here is why: 1. When replacing animal-derived foods (meat, dairy, eggs) and processed food with whole plant foods, the body starts a naturally ignited detox process that allows great quantities of toxins to be eliminated. This process can make us bloated and gassy during the first week of detoxing. 2. Whole foods have lots of fiber, while animal and processed foods don’t have any. When our system is not used to fiber, this can produce gas. 3. Beans produce a certain chemical when exposed to moisture; therefore, soak any legumes in water for at least 24 hours before cooking. Replace the soaking water a few times to ensure the beans release the chemical

When purchasing any kind of packaged foods focus on the ingredient list first. The ingredient rule of thumb is: Whole, plantbased ingredients (that you know and can pronounce), vegan (animal-, dairy-, and eggfree), oil-free, sugar free, and low in sodium.

while in the water and not while being digested.


are packed with enzymes that aid digestion.

Even when living in urban environments, we can grow at least some of our food. Herbs can be grown on a windowsill, as well as some fruits and vegetables like pineapple, celery, ginger, and even potatoes. It doesn't hurt to try and it's certainly beautiful to see them grow at home. It doesn't get any more local than that either.

How to Combat Flatulence 1. Drink lots of water. Squeezing fresh lemon in your water will help flush your kidneys and liver, making the detox process even faster. 2. Eat more fruits. Fruits are great digestive helpers and 3. Drink ginger-turmeric tea. Ginger and turmeric are a great aid for pretty much anything, including digestion. Add anise, cinammon, or clove to spice it up as well. 4. Stay away from processed food. Whether it is vegan or not, processed food is not good and may cause a lot of gas. 5. Gluten? One of the side effects of eating a lot of gluten is bloating and gas. Try cutting gluten out of your diet for a week and see if that helps. Naked Food Magazine



Detoxing Simplified 1. Eat Real Food: A diet of real, whole,

5. Drink (filtered) water. We don’t gain

9. Get some Zs. Lack of sleep catches

plant foods is a perennial detoxing tool.

any benefits drinking water laden with

up on you after a while. The body wears

Eating tons of green, red, blue, yellow, and

chemicals and toxins. Clean water can

down and this shows through in a com-

orange fruits and vegetables as well as le-

help flush out your system naturally.

promised immune system that means you

gumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds help

Proper water intake can contribute to

get sick more easily. Sleeping for at least

you maintain a healthful intestinal flora.

clearer skin, properly functioning organs,

7-8 hours each night gives your body a

and a more effective circulatory, respira-

chance to rest and recuperate.

2. Buy organic and Non-GMO: Be dili-

tory, and digestive system.

gent about reading labels, and staying

10. Use plant-based cleaners. Whether

away from engineered and pesticide-laden

6. Replace coffee with tea. Though an

they are made at home with vinegar,

foods. Making healthy choices like this

occasional cup of coffee is fine, if you are

baking soda, and apple cider, or store-

will really help you to get rid of toxins

after detoxifying the body, then you want

bought, make sure your detergents, soaps,

that you were previously ingesting.

to change things up a bit. Green tea of-

shampoos, skin care, and other products

fers important antioxidants that our body

are plant-based, biodegradable, phthalate

3. Exercise for at least 25 minutes

needs in the most natural form and it offers

free, and cruelty-free.

a day. Activity helps keep your brain,

a slight caffeine boost, just as coffee does.

bones, and muscles, including your heart,

11. Embrace meditation. Breathing and

healthy. Sweating is the best way to de-

7. Avoid alcohol and tobacco. Though

relieving stress helps the body to cleanse

toxify, so make sure to include some good

the occasional glass of wine is not go-

in a very natural and effective way. Taking

cardio, and even 10 minutes in a sauna

ing to kill you, drinking alcohol often

some time during your day to be grateful

once in a while.

destroys the liver, the kidneys, the intes-

and send yourself good vibes is not only

tinal flora among others. Alcoholic bev-

comforting but energetically positive.

4. Add a daily probiotic. A large percent-

erages contain loads of sugar, as well as

age of your immune system lives in your

carcinogenic colorants and preservatives.

intestinal track. A basic probiotic can help


12. Give love. Be loving to yourself. Love is the most precious gift we can give to

restore the intestinal flora, and provide

8. Fast for a day or two every month.

ourselves, to others, to animals, and to

you with the good bacteria essential for

Fasting and replacing foods with home-

our beautiful Earth. Practicing the gift

a healthy, disease-free body.

made juices made from fresh fruits and

of kindness, love, and compassion toward

vegetables or simply filtered water helps

everything around us brings us to a higher

the body get back to its natural balance.

and more positive state of mind.

Naked Food Magazine

Naked Food Magazine



Glorious LENTIL SQUASH Soup Yield: 6 Servings. Recipe by the Naked Food Chefs. Recipe type: Naked! Low-Fat, Whole Food, Plant-based, Vegan, Organic, Sustainable Approved for: Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, Weight Loss, Athletics, Optimum Health Free of: Animals, Eggs, Dairy & Lactose, Sugar, Oil, Peanuts, Wheat, GMOs, Alcohol, Chemicals, Colorants, Additives, Preservatives

Nothing hits the spot on a cold winter’s day like a hot, hearty bowl of soup. With aromatic herbs, colorful veggies, and barley, rice, and quinoa, this soup will not only warm you up, but fill you up as well. 48

Naked Food Magazine


1/2 cup brown rice

1 cup quinoa

1 cup green lentils

1/2 winter squash, diced

1/2 cup barley

3 sprigs parsley

6 leaves of chard, chopped

2 cloves garlic

2 Tablespoons miso paste, non GMO

1/2 tsp. rosemary

1/2 tsp. bay leaves

METHOD In a large pot, combine all ingredients with 8 cups of filtered water.

Cook, covered, for about 30 minutes

on medium heat or until veggies are tender and rice and quinoa are done.

Add extra filtered water if

necessary, and garnish with a bit of ground pepper if desired.

Naked Food Magazine



Achieving & Maintaining Y our


The message is simple: Cut out the foods that are high in fat and devoid of fiber, and increase the foods that are low in fat and full of fiber. This low-fat, vegan diet approach is safe and easy—once you get the hang of it. Changing eating habits is the cornerstone of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight permanently. There is no way to “lose 20 pounds in two short weeks” and make it last. Very lowcalorie diets or low-carbohydrate, high-protein diets may cause major health problems and are very difficult to maintain for the long term. The old myth was that pasta, bread, potatoes, and rice are fattening. Not true. In fact, carbohydrate-rich foods are perfect for permanent weight control. Carbohydrates contain fewer

Of the many ways to lose weight, one stands out as by far the most healthful. When you build your meals from a generous array of

replacing fatty foods with complex carbohydrates automatically cuts calories. But calories are only part of the story. The body treats carbohydrates differently than

vegetables, fruits, whole grains,

fat calories. The difference comes from how the

and beans—that is, healthy

body stores the energy of different food types.

vegan choices—weight loss is remarkably easy. And along with it come major improvements in cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, and many other aspects of health. 50

than half the calories of fat, which means that

Naked Food Magazine

It is very inefficient for the body to store the energy of carbohydrates as body fat. When your body tries to turn carbohydrate into fat, it wastes 23 percent of the calories of the carbohydrate. But fat is easily converted into body fat. Only 3 percent of the calories in fat are burned in the process of conversion and storage. It is the type of food that affects body fat the most.






almost the same number of calories per gram, foods that are high in protein—particularly animal products—are also usually high in fat. Even “lean” cuts of meat have much more fat than a healthy body needs. And animal products always lack fiber. Fiber helps make foods more satisfying without adding many calories, and it is only found in foods from plants. Exercise helps, too. Aerobic exercise speeds up the breakdown of fat and makes sure that muscle is not lost. Toning exercises and weightlifting help firm muscles and increase muscle mass. The trick is to find activities that you enjoy and that fit your lifestyle. Walking is a good way to start. You can do it anywhere at just about any time. The best weight control program is a highcomplex





complemented by regular exercise. This is the best choice for a healthier, longer, happier life. If you are making the switch to a vegan diet for its health benefits, you’ll be pleased to find that there is a wonderful additional benefit to vegan eating: it’s a delicious and fun way to explore new foods. A vegan meal can be as familiar as spaghetti with tomato sauce, as comforting as a bowl of rich, potato soup, or as exotic






Mushrooms. The switch to a vegan diet is easier than you might think. Most people, whether vegans or meat-eaters, typically use a limited variety of recipes; the average family eats only eight or nine different dinners repeatedly. Naked Food Magazine


NAKED FOOD You can use a simple, three-

for a week or so until you find

Because egg shells are fragile

step method to come up with

three new recipes that are

and porous and conditions on



delicious and easy to make.

egg farms are crowded, eggs

that you enjoy and can prepare

Just like that, with minimal

are the perfect host for salmo-


changes to your menus, you

nella: the bacteria that is the


will have nine vegan dinners.

leading cause of food poison-



meals that you already

After that, coming up with

often used in baked products



vegan options for breakfast and

because of their binding and

are vegetable stir-fry, vegeta-

lunch is easy. Try muffins with


ble stew, or pasta primavera.



smart cooks have found good


French toast, or cereal for break-

substitutes for eggs. Try one


fasts. Sandwiches with spreads

of the following the next time

pes that you prepare

like hummus or white bean

you prepare a recipe that calls

regularly that can easily

pâté with lemon and garlic,

for eggs:

be adapted to a vegan menu.

pasta salads, or dinner leftovers

• If a recipe calls for just one or

For example, a favorite chili

make great lunches.

two eggs, you can often skip








recipe can be made with all

them. Add a couple of extra

of the same ingredients; just

tablespoons of water for each

replace the meat with beans


or texturized vegetable pro-

Many people choose not to

the moisture content of the

tein. Enjoy bean burritos (using

use eggs in their diet. About 70


canned vegan refried beans)

percent of the calories in eggs

• Eggless egg replacers are

instead of beef burritos, veggie

are from fat, and a big portion

available in many natural food

burgers instead of hamburg-

of that fat is saturated. They

stores. These are different from

ers, and grilled eggplant and

are also loaded with cholester-

reduced-cholesterol egg prod-

roasted red peppers instead

ol: about 213 milligrams for an

ucts, which do contain eggs.

of grilled chicken in sandwich-

average-sized egg.

Egg replacers are egg-free and

egg eliminated to balance out

es. Many soups, stews, and

are usually in a powdered form.

casseroles also can be made

Replace eggs in baking with a

into vegan dishes with a few

mixture of the powdered egg

simple changes.

replacer and water according


to package directions. Check out some vegan

• Use 1 heaping tablespoon of

websites or cookbooks

soy flour or cornstarch plus 2

from the library and

tablespoons of water to replace

experiment with the recipes


ing in this country. Eggs are

Think of three vegan

Naked Food Magazine

each egg in a baked product.

• Use 1 ounce of mashed tofu in

• Make smoothies with enriched

place of an egg.

vanilla soymilk or drink an

• In muffins and cookies, half of

ice-cold glass of your favorite

a mashed banana can be used

non-dairy milk with your meal

instead of an egg, although it

or snack.

will change the flavor of the

•“Leave off the cheese, please.”

recipe somewhat.

Order your entrée or salad with

• For vegan meatloaves and

no cheese. Many dishes can be

burgers, use any of the following

easily made cheese-free. Ask

to bind ingredients together:

for guacamole, rice, or extra

tomato paste, mashed potato,

salsa in your burrito or on your

moistened bread crumbs, or

tostada instead of the cheese.

rolled oats.

Put more vegetables on a



dinner salad or add some beans, nuts, or baked tofu chunks

Dairy-Free Dining

instead of cheese.

If you are curious whether dairy

• Most recipes calling for milk

foods are contributing to your

can be made with soymilk

allergies, skin problems, asthma,

instead. If it’s a soup or other

stomach upset, gas, diarrhea,

savory dish, be sure to purchase

or constipation, or you’d like to

plain soymilk for cooking.

see how your body feels when

it is dairy-free, just give it a try

desserts using silken tofu in

for three weeks. It takes about

place of sour cream or cream

three weeks to break or cre-


ate a habit. And in that short

• Sprinkle nutritional yeast on

time, many people experience

popcorn or pasta for a cheesy

major benefits, such as a drop

flavor instead of parmesan.









weight loss, relief from allergies,

The Physicians Committee for

asthma, indigestion, or chronic

Responsible Medicine (PCRM) is

stomach problems.

a non-profit organization, which

Here are some simple ideas to

promotes a vegan diet, preventive

get you started:

medicine, alternatives to animal

• Top your oats or cold cereal

research, and encourages higher

with fortified rice or almond

standards of ethics and effective-


ness in research. Visit

AND EVERY OTHER NUTRIENT YOU NEED. 1 bunch of spinach (340g) contains 336mg of calcium or 33% of the daily RDA.

#NAKEDFOOD Naked Food Magazine



WILD ROASTED POTATOES Yield: 4-6 Servings. Recipe developed by the Naked Food Chefs. Recipe type: Naked! Low-Fat, Whole Food, Plant-based, Vegan, Organic, Sustainable Approved for: Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, Weight Loss, Athletics, Optimum Health Free of: Animals, Eggs, Dairy & Lactose, Sugar, Oil, Peanuts, Gluten, Wheat, GMOs, Alcohol, Chemicals, Colorants, Additives, Preservatives

INGREDIENTS • 6 Russet or Yukon gold organic potatoes with skin; scrubbed and patted dry • Sprinkle of turmeric • 3 garlic cloves, thinly sliced lengthwise • 1 organic onion, sliced • 2 cups filtered water, divided • 2 Tbsp. tamari • 3 Tbsp. capers • 1 Tbsp. dried rosemary • 1Tbsp. dried thyme • 1/2 tsp. of salt-free seasoning • Ground pepper to taste • 2 sprigs parsley for garnish METHOD 1. Preheat oven to 400°F with a rack in the lower-middle position. 2. Dice the potatoes and spread in a single layer on a baking tray lined with a silicone mat or parchment sheet. 3. Sprinkle the potatoes with a bit of turmeric, and bake for 45 minutes. Turn the baking tray around and bake for another 25 minutes, or until the potatoes are crispy on the edges and fork-tender. Transfer to a serving dish. 4. Add the onion and garlic to a pan. Add a cup of filtered water and sauté over medium heat for about 6 minutes. Add the other 1 cup of water to keep the vegetables from drying out. Add tamari and capers and sauté for 2 minutes. 5. Pour the sautéed vegetables over the baked potatoes. Sprinkle with rosemary, thyme, saltfree seasoning, and pepper. Garnish with fresh parsley and enjoy.


Naked Food Magazine

This savory potato dish, in which the tubers are roasted with herbs, onion, and punctuated with tiny bursts of tang from capers, makes a satisfying side dish any time of year, but especially in the heart of winter. Naked Food Magazine




Naked Food Magazine


"BIGGEST LOSER?" The True “ Reality” of America’s Obesity Epide mic BY David Katz, MD

The article cites the work of Kevin Hall, a researcher at National Institutes of Health

A feature article in The New York Times chronicles the unfortunate fate of participants in the reality show “The Biggest Loser” after the spotlights dim, the TV cameras stop filming, and some time goes by. They regain the weight. Some of it, most of it, all of it, or even all of it plus some.

(NIH) and leading expert in the dynamics of energy balance whose important work I have profiled before. I have tremendous respect for Kevin, and share his penchant for reality TV, although in my case, that’s mostly limited to singing and dancing. I have never enjoyed weight loss as entertainment. In my case, that’s a bit ironic, because I actually “starred” in a weight loss reality show. VH1 asked me to be one of the judges on Celebrity Fit Club, at a time when The Biggest Loser was just a twinkle in NBC’s eye. I agreed, thinking I might genuinely help the “celebrities” struggling with their weight and health, both on camera and off. I declined to go back after a successful first season, for two reasons. First, the back and forth to Los Angeles for weekends of filming, with red eye flights on Sunday night, and back to work on Monday morning, were pretty Naked Food Magazine



es have known all along that

In that context, weight regain

clearly, and perhaps predict-

though challenging, weight loss

after loss with such fanfare

ably, more interest in titilla-

is rarely the rate-limiting prob-


tion and drama than sensible

lem. Sustaining the weight loss

failure. Dr. Hall’s work, and this

approaches to losing weight

is where most efforts fall down.

attention to it, say loud and




and finding health. So, one



clear: it’s not your fault! That’s a Dr. Hall’s work on energy bal-

vital message that participants

ance has shed light on this be-

and spectators alike need to

Other than that, I have never

fore, and the new work appar-


watched “weight loss TV,” be-

ently dials up the illumination.

cause I think it tends to sensa-

What it shows, in essence, is

tionalize and mislead. It turns

that the sequence of severe

the prevailing struggle with


weight into spectacle, and I

drastic weight loss activates

personally don’t care for that.

the body’s primitive defenses

It also implies to the viewers at

against starvation, which is,

home, (all too many of whom

in effect, what it is experienc-

are struggling with their own

ing. Metabolism slows, fuel

weight): you can do this, too!

efficiency is enhanced. In the

But the main reality about

context of Stone Age priva-

reality TV is that it’s a whole

tions, these are highly adaptive

lot of TV, and very little real-

responses, and we are likely

ity. What you can do in front of

here today only because our



ancestors had them. In the

trainers, and cooks, and spon-

context of willfully addictive

sors, and so on—you can’t

junk food, and the bountiful

necessarily do on your own, at

ubiquity of it, it is a metabolic

home. I think the insinuated


season was enough.











invitation to failure, shame, and

The most welcome part of this


story, and such high-profile attention to the matter, is the



I can do little to add to the Times’ excellent discussion of the physiologic implications of all this. Yes, we need to understand better the body’s native responses to such weight loss. Yes, we need to devise new ways to help ensure the weight stays off for more such people, more of the time. But I think the Times neglects the principal implication.



can almost always, and should almost always, be prevented in the first place. If ever an ounce of prevention was worth many pounds of cure, this is the time. Participants on “The Biggest Loser” have severe obesity. Severe obesity is the fastest growing segment of the

What The New York Times tells

relief it may provide the “vic-

us today, to no surprise to those

tims,” reflected in quotes in-

modern epidemic. A TV show

of us who have worked directly

corporated throughout the ar-

can make spectator sport of

with severely obese patients

ticle. Our society has a shameful

a problem our culture is fo-

over the years, is that failure

tendency to blame the victims

menting, but it cannot fix

overtakes the show participants,

of this obesity epidemic we

it. Why? Because in our culture,

too. Those of us in these trench-

have contrived, largely for profit.


Naked Food Magazine




devised to be, for all intents and purposes, addictive. In a society




feigns after




carbs, after cutting fat, the best available evidence suggests we never actually cut anything. We just kept adding more calories from new varieties of junk food exploiting the current nutrient fixation. We lament the prevalence of obesity and its often-dire com-

grandmother’s uterus, and one

"...Big Food profits from causing the problem; Big Pharma profits from treating the problem..."

of those eggs provided half the genes that produced you. Those genes, per se, were not directly altered by your grandmother’s behaviors, environment, or weight. But most of our chromosomal real estate is not our genes; it is the epigenome: large expanses of molecular “switches” that determine what genes do. These switches absolutely are influenced by

plications, especially in chil-




dren, but blithely continue—as

combating the problem; and

weight. So the native position of

you have likely heard me say



epigenetic switches, including



profit from telling us about

those affecting insulin respons-

ored marshmallows as part of

the problem in the customary

es, metabolic rate, and weight,

a complete breakfast. We ped-


is set not just before birth, but

dle soda as a source of happi-


ness, rather than diabetes. We

when afflicted.








pretend that fruit roll-ups have

before the birth of our parents. The good news is that epige-

anything to do with fruit. We

There is one more crucial con-

netic switches can be altered

market ever bigger pizzas, with

sideration here, a product of

by our own behavior; we have

ever more cheese in ever more

our new and rapidly evolving

aggregating proof of that. But

places; and ever bigger burgers,

understanding of epigenetics.

the switch positions we are

with ever more bacon.

We are creating newborns al-

born with have early and obvi-

ready predisposed to be obese.

ous implications for our health

Let’s not mince words here:

Consider that the egg that made

and weight. The current gen-

marketing obesity is big busi-

you formed in your grand-

eration of obese, young adults

ness, and a wide array of busi-

mother’s womb! How so? Well,

are offspring of parents and

nesses are feeding on it. They

your mother, obviously, formed

perhaps even grandparents al-

include, but are not limited to,

in your grandmother’s womb.

ready caught up in an obesity

Big Food which profits from

When your mother was born,

epidemic going back enough

causing the problem; Big Phar-

her ovaries already contained all

decades to transcend genera-

ma, which profits from treating

the eggs they would ever house.

tions. It would not be a great

the problem; Big Tech, which

Those ovaries, and the eggs

stretch to say: they never had a

profits both from causing and

in them, thus formed in your

fair chance. Naked Food Magazine


NAKED TRUTH We will be dealing with the

the relentless predations of Big

consequences of this for a long

Food and Big Soda.

time to come, and should do so with considerable compas-

I am hopeful Dr. Hall’s work, and

sion, along with the insight and

attention to it by The New York



Times, will cultivate both sci-

work like that of Dr. Hall. But it

entific advances and empathy,

is past time to acknowledge

but this will all be a squandered

that all of our ex-post-facto

opportunity if we allow our-

responses to obesity are a bit

selves to believe the implica-

like efforts to put Humpty

tions are limited to physiology,

Dumpty together again, and

as we keep running on profit-

cannot begin to compare favor-

able junk.


ably to prevention. Human physiology is the same We know that obesity can be

as it ever was. The metabolic

prevented, because most of

defenses against starvation are

history prevented it. We have

the same as they ever were. As

seen history in fast forward in

we work to understand them

places like China, where obe-

better, we should not overlook

sity was rare just a matter of

the modern culture, all around

years ago, and is skyrocketing

us, that is the same as nothing

with adoption of all the cultural

in our prior history; and that

practices we are so adept at

exploits our native vulnera-

exporting. Salutary cultures, like

bilities for profit as a matter of

those of the Blue Zones, defend


both health and healthy weight, but are losing ground, too, to

David FACPM,








founding director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center. He is a two-time diplomate of the American Board of Internal




certified specialist in Preventive Medicine/Public Health, and a clinical instructor in medicine at the Yale School of Medicine.


Naked Food Magazine

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naked Indian Wild Rice Yield: 4 Servings. Recipe developed by the Naked Food Chefs Recipe type: Naked! Low-Fat, Whole Food, Plant-based, Vegan, Organic, Sustainable Approved for: Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, Weight Loss, Athletics, Optimum Health Free of: Animals, Eggs, Dairy & Lactose, Sugar, Oil, Peanuts, GMOs, Alcohol, Chemicals, Colorants, Additives, Preservatives


1 cup brown rice

1/2 cup wild rice

3 1/2 cups filtered water

2 sprigs of fresh parsley, chopped

1 sprig of dill, chopped

1 Tbsp. organic, non-GMO miso paste

Pinch of paprika (optional)

1 tsp. turmeric

1 cup cooked legumes such as chickpeas, black beans, or pinto beans

1/2 cup goji berries or raisins

Pinch of ground pepper to taste

METHOD In a non-stick pot, add both types of rice to 3 1/2 cups of filtered water and bring to a boil. Add the parsley, dill, miso, paprika, and turmeric and cook, covered, for 35 minutes or until the water has evaporated. If the rice is still hard, add ½ cup of filtered water and cook for another 10 minutes. Stir in the legumes and the goji berries or raisins and a pinch of pepper if desired. Serve and enjoy.

This tasty salad combines the nutritional power of two types of rice with goji berries, turmeric, and fiber-rich legumes. Naked Food Magazine




ust over 50 million people

vides us with a wonderful

live in areas of the United

opportunity to plant seeds of

States known as “food

knowledge and help transform

deserts,” where the poverty

a food desert—where people

rate is 20 percent or higher

suffer and perish unnecessar-

and access to healthy food

ily—into a PlantPure Oasis,

is more than a 1/2 mile away

where healthy, whole, plant-

in urban areas or 10 miles in

based food is easy to access,

rural areas. This population

affordable, and people are


refreshed and thrive.



on a daily basis, suffering from the highest rates of chronic

The PlantPure Oasis Jumpstart

disease in the country in spite

Program, administered by the

of the fact that most of

nonprofit organization Plant-

these diseases are completely

Pure Communities (PPC), offers


healthy meals and nutrition education in low-income com-

In addition to the factors of

munities, food deserts, and

low-income and low access, a


lack of awareness plays a major



role in these dire health statis-



tics. Herein lies the tremen-


dous opportunity. W. Clement

afford it. The Program offers

Stone, the successful business-

participants the opportunity

man and philanthropist, said,

to learn about the benefits of

“Every adversity has the seed

a plant-based diet, while en-

of an equivalent or greater

abling them to experience

benefit.” The lack of awareness

firsthand the powerful health

in these neighborhoods pro-










From Food Desert To


Naked Food Magazine

Naked Food Magazine



"...[participants] who were on prescription drugs were able to reduce or discontinue those medications after just 10 days..."

The Jumpstarts taking place in neighborhoods with our 2016




are modeled on the Jumpstarts conducted in Mebane, North Carolina, that were documented in the film PlantPure Nation. The Jumpstart program has

• Instruction in mindfulnessbased stress reduction • Access to whole food, plantbased (WFPB) school meals • WFPB nutrition classes, cooking demos, and grocery shopping tours • WFPB lifestyle support groups • Workshops on financial literacy

been fully validated: the majority of participants in the Me-

An underlying tenet of the

• Training in effective communi-

bane Jumpstart who were on

Oasis Program is to use the

cations and human relations

prescription drugs were able

10-day Jumpstart as the catalyst

• Physical fitness/movement

to reduce or discontinue those

to attract and deliver a large,

medications after just 10 days,

cooperative set of activities

In conjunction with the 10-day

and many people with diabetes,

all working synergistically to

Jumpstart, these supplemental

high lipids, arthritis, and other

achieve lasting change in the


chronic conditions found relief

health and well-being of the

place over a 13-week period

by the end of the program.

participants and community.

where participants learn how

While it is anticipated that

to implement them incremen-

Through the Oasis Program,

participants will be inspired to

tally, on a weekly basis. Given

PPC is working with faith-based

make changes when they see

the fact there are 52 weeks in

groups, food banks, businesses,

the biometric data that proves

a year, participants will be



the powerful benefits of eat-

able to use this framework to

systems, and local nonprofits

ing plant-based in just 10 days,

repeat the process three more

to carry out neighborhood-

other elements are also being

times over a 12-month peri-



built into the Oasis Program

od, individually or as part of a

affordable and can be cross-

that will improve the likelihood

group, and develop long-term

subsidized. PPC is also work-

of success in the short-term


ing to establish a system that

and lasting change over the

allows people to use SNAP











accomplished primarily through

benefits (aka food stamps) to


• Access to farmers’ markets

pay for the food. Also under-

We have identified the follow-

our Oasis Pilot partners and

way are efforts to establish

ing supplemental programmatic

their relationships with other



activities and services as being

entities in their communities.

financial support that will flow

potentially important to the

Here's an example outline of


participants and their communi-

the 13-week program, begin-

provide long-term support for


ning with the 10-day Jumpstart:

the Oasis neighborhoods.

• Training in gardening

• Announcement of Oasis Pilot


sources resources

Naked Food Magazine


(press release, community cen-

ticipants may, for example, take

ter postings, church announce-

part in a culturally appropri-

ments, etc.)

ate dance class one day a

• Participant enrollment

week. They will be encouraged

• Biometric testing of partici-

to develop their own individual

pants (Ideally, at least 3 days be-

fitness goals and practices as

fore they begin the Jumpstart)

well. Finally, weeks 9-13 provide

• Film screening of PlantPure




• 10-day Jumpstart (food distrib-

reduction one day a week for

uted to participants)

four weeks. This will include

• Biometric testing of partici-

meditation, yoga, and other

pants (on last day of Jumpstart)

activities. During the last week,

• Celebration and testimonials

another celebration will take






place and participants will be Where possible, participants will

encouraged to start or join a

be given access to fresh produce

group within a PlantPure Pod.

through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program

All of these activities require

run by a local farm. Where none

coordination with local lead-

exist, local community organiza-

ers, educators, community or-

tions will be exposed to infor-


mation that will allow them to

This is why the local nonprofit

create community gardens and

Oasis Pilot partner plays such

farmers’ markets.

a major role. PPC is working



to implement these activities During weeks 1-5, which in-

with an eye toward scalability

clude the above Jumpstart, par-

in order to build stronger,

ticipants receive whole food,

healthier, and more sustainable

plant-based nutrition educa-

communities in neighborhoods

tion, a grocery shopping edu-

across America.

cational tour, cooking demos, and a workshop on effective

Alex Brown serves as the Director

communication. The education

of Neighborhood Programs and

and cooking demos take place

Information Technology for

once a week for 5 weeks.


Weeks 6-8 involve the physi-

munities. Find out more about

cal fitness and financial literacy

PPC and the Oasis Program at

portions of the program. Par-


the Com-

#PLANTSRULE Naked Food Magazine



ENLIGHTENED Farmer’s Power Bowl Yield: 2 Bowls. Recipe developed by the Naked Food Chefs.


1 cup fresh pineapple, peeled

1 cup non-dairy milk

1 banana, peeled

1 cup organic oats

1 handful organic grapes, halved

1/4 cup pomegranate seeds

1/2 cup walnuts

This is truly a bowl of power! It’s loaded with vitamin C for immune support, and packed with fiber and protein to keep you satisfied and energized all day. 66

Naked Food Magazine

2 Tbsp. chia seeds

Sprinkle of dried coconut flakes

METHOD In a high-power blender combine the pineapple, nondairy milk, and banana for about 20 seconds. Transfer into two individual serving bowls. Add the rest of the ingredients, dividing them evenly between the bowls. Enjoy immediately.

The most ANTICIPATED cookbook of the year is finally here!



Naked Food is an independent global health initiative that proposes the switch from the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) to the New Authentic...


Naked Food is an independent global health initiative that proposes the switch from the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) to the New Authentic...