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“SHARP LOVE” SCRIPT SCENE 1 INT. BEDROOM- MID-DAY AMELIA looking at her ring while sitting on her bed. Thinking. AMELIA gets off her bed and walks towards her mirror desk. She opens the box of rings and looks at her own ring in her hand as well. Turns to the mirror and rolls her tongue over her teeth closely. Amelia goes back on her bed and calls her fiancé PHONE RINGING REECE (cheerful) Hello, soon to be Mrs Oke… AMELIA (Slight half chuckle) Hi… REECE Oh, you seem very dull… what’s wrong? AMELIA I know you’ve just come back from work but can we meet up? REECE Err sounds bad… my parents are home now so meet me at the café? AMELIA Urm no actually somewhere more private? REECE

Okay… park, don’t think there will be many People around at this time

AMELIA Yeh sounds good… REECE Ok.. See you in 15... I love you too

AMELIA Yeh, love you too

Amelia hangs up and gets up. Puts on her coat and grabs her keys. SCENE 2 EXT. IN PARK- SUNSET AMELIA waiting as REECE walks towards her. Fades into flashback. SCENE 3 INT. LIVING ROOM- EVENING (FLASHBACK SCENE) KATRINE (Mother) holding AMELIA’s hand, looking at her ring. Let’s go of hand in anger. KATRINE NO, NO! You are not doing this, you can’t do this to me again! Please just listen to me and stop all this. AMELIA

Mum please we go through this every time! But I must, you know what the deal was. It’s for the best! KATRINE You can’t keep listening to them, its ruining you. AMELIA It’s not ruining me mum! I do love him but I have to. KATRINE Then don’t do this, stay with me. I’m always here for you, you know that! AMELIA Yes but I have no choice it’s too late, I’ve already accepted! It’s the last one mum… this will never be repeated again. KATRINE No! It’s not too late, you can always tell him! I don’t want to lose you. Every time you listen to him, he takes a piece of MY Amelia with him! You’re all I have, just stay with me. KATRINE bursts into tears and sits on the couch with her head in her hands. I can’t take this… I don’t want to lose you. You’re

all I have…

AMELIA goes to her mother and kneels in front of her and holds her mother’s hands AMELIA Mum I’m sorry I do love him and I have to do this. You won’t lose me; I’ll be here whenever you need me. KATRINE No, no, no! He’s taking you away from me. MICHEAL gets up and escorts AMELIA out the room with his arm around her. MICHEAL You don’t have to listen to her. You do what’s best for everyone. This is the rest of your eternity we are talking about. Make the right decision. MICHEAL steps closer to her ear and whispers… You are paying back your fathers dept. Don’t forget that

FADES BACK TO PRESENT DAY Reece approaches Amelia. Both exchange hug.

REECE You alright?

AMELIA Yeah Straight cut to AMELIA and REECE sitting on the bench. REECE puts arm around AMELIA. AMELIA looking at ring. AMELIA …I told my mum about our engagement.

REECE Oh, great… I’m guessing it didn’t go so well?.. AMELIA Well it was alright, wasn’t too excited about it after Dad passed away. REECE Hmm… so what do you think? AMELIA and REECE exchange looks. AMELIA You know how much I love you right? REECE Oh I can see this isn’t going so well? AMELIA I’m so sorry but I have to. I have no choice. AMELIA looks at her watch- 20:58pm REECE

Have no choice about what? You’re worrying me. I love you and want you to be with me forever. AMELIA I’m so sorry but I must. REECE gets up in frustration. REECE Tell me clearly. I don’t understand. AMELIA Don’t worry. You’ll be with me forever. REECE So what’s wrong? AMELIA hugs REECE. REECE hugs her back. AMELIA (Whispers in ear) I’m so sorry. Our love is eternal.

REECE pulls her slightly away and looks her in the eyes (confused). AMELIA puts her hand on his neck gently. Goes to kiss his neck. AMELIA’s fangs appear and attacks (bites) his neck. Screen turns black. MICHEAL from flashback scene re-appears and slowly walks AMELIA away as she looks deeply at REECE’s body on the floor.

MICHEAL I’m proud of you. You have proved Your loyalty as well as your fathers loyalty. AMELIA turns head back to see REECE’s body. Ending shot of AMELIA with a sympathetic look. THE END

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