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Mohammad Kibria Its great pleasure to know about Tareque’s 1st Solo Art Exhibition. His drawings and dealing with forms and space express a fascinating possibilty. I wish his debut in the realm of Art a grand success.


Shishir Bhattachar ya It is the freedom of life and his expression which engrossed Najib Tareque about art and consequently to be a Student of Fine Arts Institute. Being a Student Tareque Started facing the open conflict between preoccupied sense of free thinking and the conventional academic treatment, Though the foundation system does not permit to gratify one's appetite freely but Tareque got the favorable cooperation from me as much as possible without ignoring the inevitable skill of drawing and painting. As far I know, since '87. after two years of his study he started trying to explore himself freely . Especially he. who has the confidence and faith on himself . does not try unnecessary further to search or discover him, But Tareque tried. had done a lot of works of different subjects with different media and styles and then stumbled for the moment. Sometimes stumbling helps to review the movement. Process of reviewing himself and then moving has been given him a

Massege continuous way of working and which is concentrated now as his first Solo Art Exhibition, Possibly Tareque is now on the right track enriching his visual cognition. Though he is giving priority to build up a composition or a picture first but it is there the fascinating quality of an art work. Most formal repeated human posture with a playful distortion and the relevant organic forms as metamorphic design handled with spontaneous black lines. colours and the over all texture of wax and ink sensation of blank space indicate the characteristics of his recent works. Leaving his paintings for the judgment of audience and critic Tareque feels quite comfortable of continuing works. So. congratulation and proceed on.


5th September. 1970. Dinajpur

Education: 1986 1989 1994

S.S.C. Rajshahi Collegiate School. Pre-B.F.A. B.F.A. on print Making institute of Fine Art, Dhaka University.

Solo Exhibition 1994

1st Solo Art Exposition. Gallery De L, Alliance Francaise de Dhaka.

Group Exhibition 1993

"Zainul Utsab" Art Exhibition '93, Institute of Fine Art, Dhaka University. Greater Dinajpur Artists' Exhibition '93, Dinajpur High School, Dinajpur. 1st Tone National Miniature Art Exhibition '93, Gallery Tone, Dhaka. 6th Asian Art Biennial Bangladesh '93, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy. Dhaka


"Zainul Utsab" Art Exhibition, institute of Fine Art, Dhaka University. 2nd contemporary Young Artists Exposition '92, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka. "OBSESSION" Group Show, Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka. 10th National Art Exhibition '92, Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka. 1991 "Zainul Utsab" Art Exhibition, institute of Fine Art, Dhaka University. "20 years of Victory water Color Exhibition", Institute of Fine Art, Dhaka University. "EXPRESSION 91" A group show, Bangladesh National Museum. Dhaka. "Exhibition of 101 Artist' Institute of Fine Art, Dhaka University. Greater Dinajpur Artists' Exhibition '91, Lokobhaban, Dinajpur. 1st Contemporary Young Artists Exposition '91, National Museum, Dhaka.


A group show by Nine Young Artists, German Cultural Centre. Dhaka.

Address: 2811, Block-F, Bobar Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207 Phone:


FROM THE SHADOW OF NAJIB TAREQUE'S EXISTENTIAL ONTOLOGY 1986-1993 The birth of art is in the deepest part of the brain death is also there. An art piece is the skeleton of art. In the sells market art is not sold, skeleton of art is sold there. The buyer builds- up his own taste by buying art pieces. A quadrilateral is the geometric form of anxiety and awaitness. Creativity is the process of preservation and expedition of existence. A tree Stables it's place by the root, procreates by flower and fruit; men, joining his body and mind creates art philosophy- science which disregarding his physical existence is the maker of immortality. Only by procreation man's sociability is not proved, his sociability can be proved in his work - which is controlled by organic intelligence. Pure practice of body or mind is not the work of men. That's way a child gradually becomes merely a living being named human being. A child creates art in order to prove it's existence. Without expression it has no other way to prove it's existence. With the growth of age it's fact of expression grows more. According to the clash of different opposite fact, the child gets attracted by different social rules & regulation, in addition with that, sexual role or the recreating power which is to preserve the existence or creativity, hides his spontaneous form of expression. Social existence becomes as his own existence when he feels that he and the society are the different forms of the same existence, he is the unit of the society, his creativity becomes spontaneous again. Abstraction is not a style. The soul of art is found in abstraction. The extreme delicate angle of vision creates abstract art or breaks down the temporary impenetrable wall. Post modernist art is not interested in one metrical practice of intellectual power or exposition of skill. The aim of post modernist art is pointing a man and his feelings by genius humanism which wants to unfastens the inner side of a man. Death starts after birth. Journey in the revert path of it is life. He, who is forceful against ruination and death, is great.

For so long a time, man was kneed down to god. Now, it's the age of media. He is submitted to unknown person. The man whom "I" Don't know, my book is written or art work is done from lying on his bed, which is the symbol of insisting form of his love or urge. The total form of these type of insignificant men is the contemporary human society. God is the symbol of loving urge, sexuality is the proof of creativity. Great art-works challenges the viewer's experience. The perception of ignorance made from the challenge rebuke him to the path of thrive. In the social evolution, the more man acquires sociability, the more social realism will have the importance as the subject of art. There is no paradises there is no journey to paradise of death. As the great men are the path demonstrators at present, no great man can be born. So, sensitive man only can be today's man, One, who makes the proper use of sensational experience, is the one, who makes the proper use of sensational experience, is the "hero" of today. Art is the feeling of acquiring, controlling and dominating (the cave paintings were done from the propensity of killing or hunting). Modern man wants to have controlled on other people, therefore , not nature, it is man who is the subject of modern art. According to the direction of unconscious one's conscious attempt creates art. Society is included in art. Art is not included in society. When art is comprised in the society, compromisation starts then. An artist builds his language with the social analysis , the art language can't be built up without it. Art is priceless without society, artless society is like a machine. Art is life, the description of the introvert and extrovert side of life. That means, wonder! Philosophy is to find out the reason of life, science is searching for the source of life. When a person's individuality is guaranteed only then democracy gets proper dimension. An individual's dream or the trial to establish his theory kills democracy. Initially, there is no past or future of democracy. Democracy is ever present. If good work is done by some one, he's great man or god, if evil work is done by him, he's devil. There is no way to become a per fect man. Religious books were not found miraculously. In order to make the

extra ordinary talents, thoughts and the document of humanism of noble man acceptable to the common miraculous shelters were taken. The ecstasy of art is to discover the probability of human tendency. People who are not limited within from birth to death are ought to know history. Art is manufacturing of personality. A genuine man is never alone. He becomes a single person by leaving his companions. Academy is the certainty created by repetition. An artist's individuality is concealed in his thought of form. Adam and eve acquired knowledge or nudity or sexuality by eating the "Kandam". Sexuality is the media of the creation's flow. Civilization has a strange way to describe a perfect man, that is "The one who has got the sexual feeling is a perfect man". Therefore, the system which sells sexuality in the ethical packet, the system which makes sexuality the reason of morality, how much can the system bear the creation? Creativity, therefore, strikes the morality again and again. Morality is a social matter of a specific clan only. Life is the magic of logic, logic it is the magic of law, law is the magic of reality and reality it is the magic of creation. According to the judgment of prevalent conception, the thing which is accurate that is skillfulness. An original artist passes through a dreading stone hard black night and he never backs behind. Adapted by Mahera Khalek Joya

Ugly Dukling




Step to Crown


Joy of Humanity  

1st solo Exhibition by Najib Tareque. Shishir Bhattacharya write on his work- Most formal repeated human posture with a playful distortion a...

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