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Militants storm army camp in Jammu

Security forces take position during the attack at Sunjwan Army camp on Saturday. (PTI)

JAMMU, FEB 10 (IANS): A group of heavily-armed militants stormed an army camp in Jammu early on Saturday and entered the family quarters, spraying automatic gunfire at the sleeping inhabitants and also lobbed bombs, leading to a gun fight in which two persons were killed and six others, including the daughter of an officer, were injured. “The attack has been contained and the operation is still in progress,” an officer said. The sources said that soldiers at the Sunjuwan Military Station close to Jammu city noticed suspicious movement near the camp around 4.45 a.m. Sus-

WVYO, WVSU condemn DIMAPUR, FEB 10 (NPN): Wokha Village Youth Organization (WVYO) and Wokha Village Students’ Union (WVSU) has vehemently condemned the February 9 incident where a house belonging to one Khyolamo Humtsoe was burnt at New Wokha Village. A press note from WVYO president, Myanthung Humtsoe and WVSU president Echungthung Murry also condemned the incident wherein a government registered vehicle (Bolero) had fired a shot at a Gypsy belonging to the Wokha Village Council secretary. According to the press note, the Bolero was intercepted at Don Bosco School road by some officials of WVYO and on search of the vehicle by Wokha police, some explosives and several capsules of the banned spasmo proxyvon drug was found in the vehicle. The vehicle and the driver, who had been held with the vehicle, were escorted to the Police station, the press note said. Asserting that violence would not solve any problems, the organizations said that they had issued a precautionary order in 2017 but some miscreants were still trying to create problems.

pecting they could be militants, the soldiers challenged them. But the gunmen hurled grenades and opened fire from automatic weapons, the sources said. The militants then entered the junior commissioned officers (JCO) family quarters in the vicinity and holed themselves up in one of the houses. The injured include the daughter of a junior army officer who had come to visit her father during school holidays. “The attack has now been contained. Most of the families have been evacuated from the junior commissioned officers (JCO) quarters where the terrorists had entered. Before the final assault on the terrorists

Shamator organizations resolve on polls DIMAPUR, FEB 10 (NPN): Several tribal, Church and Shamator based organizations held an emergency meeting on February 9 and adopted resolutions laying out guidelines for free and fair voting during the upcoming elections. A press release from Yimchungrü Tribal Council (YTC) president, K. Keozhih and Yimchungrü Baptist Borü Amukhungto (YBBA) executive secretary, S. J Akhum and mission secretary, Khalen said that the joint meeting consisting of YTC, YBBA, Shamator Town Public Forum (STPF), Shamator Town Students Union (STSU) and Yimchungberü (women) Arihako Shamator Town (YAST), among other things, resolved to prohibit the carrying of arms, alcohol, drugs or any intoxicants. The organizations further resolved that no party or group will be allowed to damage personal or public property, block roads or cause inconveniences to commuters during the process of the election campaigning. The organizations warned that should any damage be done, the concerned individual will be held fully


responsible and will be forwarded for arrest to be incarcerated till the elections are over. Exchanging “unacceptable language detrimental to the fabric of Yimchungrü society,” processions, propagating ill against other parties, death threats etc. are also strictly prohibited, the press release warned, and added that befitting punishment will be initiated against defaulting individuals. The meeting also resolved to encourage parties setting up a single camp -- “one party-one camp”, as many camps may cause unnecessary expenditure and create anti-social elements. “Use of force or money for vote is strictly prohibited,” the release stated. The organizations also appealed to all the political parties to submit their party manifestos in writing to the YTC and YBBA office, as per the advice of the NBCC, for evaluation and to ensure its implementation after a candidate is elected. They also requested all churches under YBBA to pray that the elections are peaceful and conducive.

DIMAPUR, FEB 10 (NPN): Out of 257 nominations filed, Chief Electoral Officer, Nagaland media cell on Saturday informed that the names of 227 candidates (final list) were found to be valid after verification. According to the final list issued by the CEO’s office, papers of 30 candidates were found to be invalid while scrutiny of NPF candidate for 33Suruhuto Assembly Constituency nomination has been adjourned. Sources informed that the scrutiny of paper has been adjourned to February 12. It may be pointed out that Congress candidate including five stand-by candidates withdrew their nominations on Friday for the upcoming Assembly elections. The last date of withdrawal of candidature is February 12, 2018. The 60-member assembly is scheduled to go to polls on February 27, while the results are to be declared on March 3.

Rs. 1487 cr to Army to boost perimeter security in NE, J&K NEW DELHI, FEB 10 (PTI): Defence Ministry has sanctioned Rs 1,487 crore to the Army to fortify its bases in Jammu and Kashmir, North East and several other places to plug their security gaps and protect them from terror attacks, official sources said on Saturday. Clearing the project, defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman has set a deadline of 10 months for the Army to carry it out. The Army headquarters has been told to monitor implementation of the project, they said. Perimeter security will be strengthened at Army bases under six commands, the sources said. A security audit of military bases was carried out on the recommendation of a committee headed by Lt Gen Philip Campose which was set up after the daring terror attack on the Pathankot air base.

Give us power to de-register political parties: ECI to SC NEW DELHI, FEB 10 (AGENCIES): Supporting a plea that convicted persons should be stopped from forming political parties, the Election Commission has submitted in the Supreme Court that it must have the power to deregister a political party. At present, the EC has authority only to register a party but not to de-register. Moreover, the RP Act, 1951, has no explicit provision for de-registration of a political party. The Commission has also maintained that “inner party democracy” is “absolutely essential” in our country and it should be able to frame suitable guidelines after the legislature amends the pertinent laws to empower the poll panel. EC has conveyed its stand to the apex court through an affidavit filed by advocate Amit Sharma in response to a PIL that questioned why convicted persons, otherwise disqualified from contesting polls, should be able to form a political party by taking benefits of a dichotomy in the existing legal regime. The petition, filed by lawyer-

activist Ashwini Upadhyay, also demanded that EC should have power to ensure inner-party democracy. In the affidavit, the Commission has apparently lamented that it has been writing to the central government for last 20 years to consider amending the Act and give the Commission the appropriate authority to de-register parties but to no avail. “It is unequivocally submitted herein that the Election Commission of India should be given powers to de-register a political party and, further, should be authorised to issue necessary orders regulating registration and de-registration of political parties, particularly in view of its constitutional mandate,” maintained the affidavit filed in response to the PIL. EC pointed out that while Section 29A of the Act provides for procedure of registration of political parties, “it does not expressly confer any power on the Election Commission of India regarding de-registration of political parties.” Additionally, EC emphasised that the apex court

feature live for them messages the user. After receiving a message, the other user should relaunch the app and Payments will reflect in WhatsApp’s settings. WhatsApp was so far conducting beta-testing for the Payments feature on the Android version of the app. However, it looks like the feature is now being rolled out to both iOS and Android, though as already noted above it will not be visible for everyone immediately. Payments on WhatsApp will appear in settings. It will rely on India’s UPI to allow for direct bank transfers. WhatsApp appears to have partnered with ICICI Bank for facilitating UPI payments. Users will have to accept the terms and conditions and verify their mobile number again via SMS to activate UPI. The list of Banks supported on UPI is fairly com-

prehensive. Popular banks like HDFC, Axis, ICICI, SBI, Yes Bank, Allahabad Bank, Punjab National Bank, etc all are on the list. Here are the steps for activating UPI on WhatsApp: Go to Payments in WhatsApp> Settings. Once here, you will have to add a bank account. Tap on add new Bank account. WhatsApp will then ask you accept its terms and conditions. Once you have accepted, you will be asked to verify your number. UPI works by checking the mobile number with which your bank account is linked. So make sure the mobile phone has the SIM for the same mobile number. This mobile number should be the same for your WhatsApp account as well. Once the mobile number has been verified, the list of banks supported will appear. Choose the bank with which you have an account

in its judgment in 2002 held that the Commission does not have the power to cancel the registration of a political party for having violated the provisions of the Constitution or for having committed breach of undertaking given to the EC at the time of registration. The Supreme Court had then said a party can be de-registered only when it has obtained registration by fraud, or on certain other reasons not to be inquired into by EC. The Commission, stating that it first wrote to the Union Law Ministry in 1998, urged the necessity of giving it the power in view of the fact that many political parties get registered, but never contest election. “Such parties exist only on paper. The possibility of forming political parties with an eye on availing the benefit of income tax exemption also cannot be ruled out,” maintained EC, adding after a review, the Commission ‘de-listed’ or deleted the names of 255 political parties from its list of registered unrecognized political parties between February 2016 to December 2016.

NPCC calls for a joint secular front India secular, Dimapur, Feb 10 (NPN): Appealing to the people of Nagaland to reject outright the BJP-NDPP alliance “remote-controlled” by Hindutva forces, Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has called for a joint front of secular parties to provide secular and stable government and stop the “onslaught” of Hindutva forces in the State. Media Cell of NPCC on Saturday maintained that, the Assembly elections of 2018 will be a watershed moment in the history of Nagaland since this would not be a mere clash of political parties fighting for power, but a clash of ideologies that would define the course of politics in the State in the years ahead. On one side, there was Indian National Congress that stood by the ideology and principles of secularism and liberal democracy, and on the other there was BJP representing Hindutva forces “ably supported by alliance partners like NDPP”, the statement added. Stating that people had a choice to either accept or reject

the Hindutva forces before they were left without any choice once these forces grabbed power and started imposing their divisive agenda, NPCC pointed out that in guarding this precious choice of the people, Congress had always stood by its ideological commitment to the idea of secularism and liberal democracy all through the years and that it would not allow BJP and its alliance partner NDPP to compromise the rights of “our people and our way of life”. “Our people need a peaceful and stable secular government and not the BJP’s brand of disruptive communal politics that is inviting more trouble in our already troubled land,” the statement added. NPCC said that BJP’s “relentless pursuit” of holding Assembly elections in Nagaland by disregarding the wishes and aspirations of the people would remain a big blot in the long history of Nagas. Charging BJP, particularly Prime Minister Narendra Modi, of having no solution for the Nagas, the party said their (Cont’d on p-7) promise

WhatsApp rolls out payment feature in India Lok Adalats dispose off 41 bank recovery cases

NEW DELHI, FEB 10 (AGENCIES): WhatsApp Payments feature based on India’s Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is now live on iOS and Android. The long-awaited feature will let users send and receive (Cont’d on p-7) money directly via WhatsApp. However, it does not look like the service will support merchant payments for now. The peer-to-peer UPI payments feature has been rolled for Android and iOS versions of the app. The Facebook-owned company has not yet put a FAQ page on payments, but the terms and service page as well as privacy policy page are live. Users can check these out before turning on Payments service on WhatsApp. It should be pointed “Right now Nagaland is out that not all users will see the place where cash is the Payments option in their flowing like booze. I’m WhatsApp. However, the thinking of involving in feature gets activated after politics too.” someone with Payments

This is it!

we are making sure that no civilians are harmed in this operation,” a statement said. Sources said room-to-room intervention was going on to pin down the militants inside the Junior Commissioned Officers’ residential building. There were intelligence inputs that Jaish-eMuhammad (JeM) militants were planning to carry out an attack around the 5th death anniversary of Parliament attack convict, Afzal Guru, who was hanged on February 9, 2013 in Tihar Jail, the sources said. Para commandos of the army have been airlifted from the army’s northern command headquarters in Udhampur

town to flush out the holed up militants, believed to be three to four in number. Air Force has been providing aerial surveillance to the security forces during the operation against the militants who have been surrounded inside one of the buildings. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, who spoke earlier to state director general of Police (DGP), S.P. Vaid told reporters in Delhi that security forces were doing their duties and there was no doubt that the operation would be taken to its logical conclusion. All educational institutions within half a kilometre radius of the camp have been shut down for the day. The attack on family quarters of military personnel was a stark reminder of a similar attack in 2002 when a group of militants in army fatigues killed 30 people and wounded nearly 50 in Kaluchak near Jammu. Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti expressed her anguish over the terror attack saying, “Deeply disturbed by the terrorist attack in #Sunjwan today. My heart goes out to the injured and their families.”

Papers of 227 candidates valid, says CEO’s office

and where UPI is activated. The Bank account details should appear with the last four digits of the account being reflected. Choose the bank account which you wish to add to UPI on WhatApp. The users will then need to enter the last six digits of their debit card number along with the expiry details to create a Virtual Payee Address (VPA). Now to send money, go to a chat with any person, even in a group chat. Tap on the + symbol for attachments and you will see Payments. If the other person has Payments enabled, the feature will work. In a group chat users can choose an individual member of the group to whom they wish to send the money. If the other user does not have WhatsApp Payments, the app will alert you of the same. The other user will need to activate Payments as well.

DIMAPUR, FEB 10 (NPN): Eight Lok Adalats were held in as many districts of Nagaland at the district court buildings on Saturday where 112 cases were taken up and 41 were disposed of. The total settlement amount was Rs 15,84,000. According to a press release, the cases mostly related to bank recovery cases at pre-litigative stage, which meant that the disputes were dealt prior to approaching the court. A few cases pending before the subordinate courts were also referred for settlement, it added. A significant number of cases were disposed and the proceedings were effectively carried with upbeat cooperation by bank officials and amenable participation by litigants and debating parties, the release claimed.

A 45-year-old lady from Kezobasa, who benefited from Lok Adalat’s free settlement of dispute held at the Kohima District & Sessions Judge Court building, said being a cultivator it was difficult to repay the loan amount. She expressed gratitude to the Lok Adalat for settling her loan amount of Rs 49000 at Rs 10000 only. An official of UCO Bank remarked there was need to spread awareness among the people in the State about Lok Adalats as these were an effective means to settle disputes with minimal cost. Echoing the UCO Bank official, an employee of Bank of Baroda said with the help of legal services authorities in organising Lok Adalat the bank could pursue loan recoveries more effectively and that it saved time.

so are parties & citizens: BJP

DIMAPUR, FEB 10 (NPN): A sserting its secular credentials, BJP has asserted that since India is a secular country, the ideologies of all political parties were secular and that no citizen or religious organisation should be c o m mu n a l , i n c l u d i n g Christians, as long as they remained citizens of the secular democratic republic country. In a statement issued from New Delhi on Saturday, BJP national executive member Johny G Rengma said “non-secular leaders” were “anti-nationals” since they belong to a secular nation. According to him, non-secular politicians would not be allowed by Election Commission of India to become leaders of political parties in the secular republic as by the law established and in accordance with the Constitution of India. He added that election was part of the democratic process in the country.

Vehicle owners informed

DIMAPUR, FEB 10 (NPN): Transport cell, DC Dimapur office has asked all vehicle owners, whose vehicles have been requisitioned and not reported for checking, to do so on or before February 15. In a notice, chairman district transport management committee, Moa Sangtam has asked all vehicle owners to report to the transport cell at DC’s office during office hours. Defaulters will be penalized as per relevant section of the law, which may extend to cancellation of the vehicle permit, Sangtam stated. It may be mentioned that the requisitioned vehicles were to report on (Cont’d on p-7) February 10. K Y M C



BLLBC’s ‘fathers’ camp’ culminates

Nagaland Post, Dimapur SUNDAY, February 11, 2018

EAC Pughoboto informs parties DIMAPUR: Extra Assistant Commissioner (EAC) and Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) nodal officer Pughoboto, Nuhuta Tunyi, has informed that the second randomization of EVMs and Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) for use during general assembly elections 2018 would be held on February 15 & 16, 10 a.m. Dobashi hall, ADC office Pughoboto. According to DIPR report, EAC & EVM nodal Pughoboto has asked all political parties and contesting candidates under 13-Pughoboto Assembly to send representatives on both the days.

Northern Angami Youth organization (NAYO) silver jubilee dress code was launched by Northern Angami Public Organization (NAPO) president Neiyalie Pfüsenuo (5th from R) in the presence of NAYO president Neizolie Rüpreo and jubilee convenor organizing committee Kekhriengulie Theünuo at High school junction Kohima on Saturday. NAYO jubilee would be held on December 14 2018. (NP)

DC & DEO Zbto informs

Campers along with the pastor and special guest. (NP) sharpening the saw. Odyuo also quoted verses from the Bible and explained in detail about success. He further encouraged the gathering to put Christ first and look forward for better tomorrow. M e a n w h i l e, t h e campers were enlightened by golden crown centre founder, reverend Dr. Nzan

Odyuo as speaker. Various activities were also conducted during the camp where around 31 campers participated. The camp was led by camp directors BLLBC pastor Arhonthung Odyuo and associate pastor P. Mhonchumo Tungoe and worship was led by youth director Thungchamo Ennio.

DIMAPUR: Deputy Commissioner and District Election Officer (DC & DEO), Zunheboto, Tridibesh Roy has informed the public of Zunheboto that two general observer has reached Zunheboto. They may be contacted at 8787816523/9402053236/ 9340760821(Satya Narayan Rathore) and 9402053244/8974 in collaboration with Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) conducted 205970/9442588688 (S. Natara- Pro-rural “Garbage to gold” training on household level composting on February 3 and 10, jan) during office hours. at Kevijau colony and Lingrijan colony, Dimapur respectively.

Kohima Excise EEM duty party seize liquor

DC Mon informs on pre-recruit trg

Orgs hold meetings and call for clean election

Staff Reporter

DIMAPUR, Feb 10 (NPN): Two-day fathers’ camp organised by Bor Lengri Lotha Baptist Church (BLLBC) under the theme “be a committed father” culminated on Saturday at Life spring corner, Dimapur. At the culmination

programme, special guest, additional commissioner, taxes Wochamo Odyuo illustrated on the seven habits of highly effective people which included being proactive, beginning with end in mind, putting first things first, thinking within, seeking first to understand then to be understood, synergising and

Staff Reporter

D I M A P U R , F EB 1 0 (NPN): In view of the ensuing general assembly elections scheduled to be held on February 27, Kohima Excise Election Expenditure and Monitoring (EEM) duty party conducted a raid on Saturday at around 10:30 a.m. and seized 383 bottles of assorted Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL). According to superintendent of Excise & Prohibition and district nodal officer (EEM) Kohima, Vikikhe Aomi, the duty party, as per the order of Deputy Commissioner (DC) and District Election Officer (DEO)

The seized liquor kept in Kohima Excise office. (NP)

Kohima, Rajesh Soundararajan, dated January 19, 2018, conducted a raid in and around 11 Northern Angami-II A/C and 12 Tseminyu A/C areas. Two persons were arrested in this

connection. The raid was led by Kohima Excise superintendent and nodal officer, Vikikhe Aomi and inspectors, Vipral and Neizozelie along with other Excise personnel.

AR nab three for ‘collecting tax’

The three accused apprehended by AR.

DIMAPUR: Dimapur battalion of Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ IGAR (North) along with a police representative has apprehended three non-Nagas for “collection tax”. In a press release, Dimapur battalion

of Assam Rifles informed that based on specific input an operation was conducted on February 8 in general area GS Road and kalibari Dimapur. AR informed that during the operation “three tax collectors” namely Ra-

jendra Prasad Yadav (42) son of HR Yadav, resident of KL Shety market, GS road Dimapur; Suraj Jain (49) son of Ratan Lal Jain, resident of GS road Dimapur; and Paras Jain (46) son of Roop Chand Jain, resident of Kalibari road Dimapur were nabbed. Assam Rifles also seized Rs. 5, 53,710 and “incriminating documents including vehicle tax collection slips of UG groups”. The apprehendees along with recovered incriminating documents and cash have been handed over to East police station and sub-urban police station Dimapur for further investigation, informed AR.

DIMAPUR: Deputy Commissioner (DC) Mon, K. Thavaseelan, has informed all concerned that there would be a pre-recruit training at Mon district for the Army Recruitment Rally. According to DIPR report, as per the information received from Headquarter 7 Sector Assam Rifles, 35 Assam Rifles located at Mon, 4 Kumaon Regiment located at Tizit and 40 Assam Rifles located at Tuensang whose companies are deployed at Chenloisho, Wangti, Chaklansho, Jakphang and Tobu of Mon District would undertake pre-recruit training to prepare the local youth for the final test. The release said the pre-recruit training is for the Army Recruitment Rally which would be held from April 9-15 at Tuensang for the candidates hailing from Nagaland into Indian Army.

KMC inform on trade license renew DIMAPUR: Kohima Municipal Council (KMC) has directed all business establishment within the KMC jurisdiction to renew their trade licenses on or before March 31. All have been requested to abide by this direction, failing which, late fine with penalty will be imposed after the expiry date.

LKM CECC: Langpangkong Kaketshir Mungdang (LKM) clean election campaign committee (CECC) in a press note reminded people of Langpangkong range on the 16point resolution adopted on September 3, 2016 and November 11, 2017. A press note by president LKM, Imnakika jamir and secretary Lanu Pongen stated that clashes between political parties, use of cash for electioneering and opening of youth camps were reported which LKM CECC believed “clearly violates the resolution that were passed unanimously” on the dates mentioned at Chuchuyimlang town. In this regard, LKM CECC appealed all respective village councils, students’ union, watsu unit, gaon buras, dobashis, church leaders and citizens of respective assembly constituency to re-commit for implementations of its resolution. Further, LKM CECC stated that “elections will come and go but the people of this range will remain and will be answerable to our range” and that, “violating the common resolved resolution for the sake of personal, village or interest of a group will be a blunder for coming generations”. LKM CECC also gave a clarion call to the citizen of Langpangkong

range to adhere to what it had resolved. Orgs of Medziphema resolve: Frontal organisations of Medziphema town, led by its apex body, Medziphema Town Mechü Krotho (MTMK), i.e. public organisation held a coordination meet at CYO Hall, Medziphema, on February 10 wherein a number of resolutions were passed by the house. According to a press note by general secretary MTMK, Khrielie Iralu, while supporting the clean election campaign, it resolved that outsiders or voters that were not listed in the e-roll of Medziphema should not interfere in the democratic voting processes of any polling station in its jurisdiction on polling day. In this regard, the youths were entrusted to initiate necessary measures for a free and fair polling on February 27. The house consisting MTMK, gaon buras, Medziphema Town Women Organisation (MTWO), Medziphema Town Youth Organisation (MTYO), Medziphema Town Students’ Union (MTSU) and Medziphema Town Trade Union (MTUU) also made called upon different communities, colonies, groups, organisations, etc. to not beg or receive monetary gifts from election related matters but rather “de-

nounce such practices”. The house further affirmed that all round development of Medziphema should be its top priority and that, freebies during election will “adversely affect developments in future”. Further, the house requested voters to exercise their rights from respective polling stations in Medziphema town without leaving for their native villages and towns. DGBUN & DPON: Dimasa GB Union Nagaland (DGBUN) and Dimasa Public Organization Nagaland (DPON) has appealed to all political parties contesting in Dimapur III constituency and public in and around to refrain from coercion, intimidation, use of alcohol luring of voters and rather adhere to principles of “clean election”. A press note by president DGBU, Jiten Nunisa and president DPON, K. Naben stated that “there had been instances in the past where people from outside the constituencies barged in during the poll”. Further, the two organisations appealed all to “maintain peace and tranquility during the poll process and elect the best possible candidate who would deliver the necessities in the constituency

as well as in the state as a whole”. It hoped that the people would “practice the democratic norms in exercising our respective voting rights”. KCC resolves: In a meeting held on February 9, Kevijau Colony Council (KCC) adopted reolutions for the forthcoming elections. In a press note, chairman KCC, Er. M.Tia Jamir and secretary, Er. Nizal Tepa stated that “the council will stand for clean election as resolved in the core committee earlier and as per clean election principle, 1 man 1 vote shall be strictly be maintained”. It resolved that “no election camp or election canvassing will be allowed within Kevijau colony” and “no posters, banners shall be allowed to be put in the colony”. The council also resolved that “no outsiders shall be allowed to enter the polling stations at Kevijau on polling day except government authorised officials and stated that it will take “appropriate action against the defaulters”. Further, the council also resolved to organise a common platform for candidates on February 16, 2 p.m at Kevijau council hall, which indenting candidates have been informed to attend with their election manifesto.

St. John College observes TNSA general conference UPHC Burma Camp & UPHC Duncan at Nanyun Town Bosti conduct free medical camp ‘science day-cum-literary day’

Students of St. John College along with their exhibition models. DIMAPUR: Science club of St. John College Dimapur organised science exhibition and essay writing competition on February 8 under the theme “let science speak”. The exhibition was glorified through models

of different departments, followed by essay writing competition on the topic “role of social networking in our day to day life”. Meanwhile, the college also observed its annual literary day with programme like solo, quartet

(acapella), extempore and quiz. Certificates were also awarded to winners of the competitions. On February 7, the college also conducted NAAC orientation programme for the students.

SASRD Nagaland University informs

DIMAPUR: School of Agricultural Sciences & Rural Development (SASRD), has informed that it would be organising national symposium on “spices for doubling farmer’s income” w.e.f. March 15-17 at SASRD, NU Medziphema campus with Nagaland University (NU) and Indian Society of Spices (ISS), KoK




zhikode, Kerala along with department of agriculture and horticulture, government of Nagaland. Interested organisations/ SHG/individuals involved in spice production willing to exhibit their produce or products may contact Dr. K.K Jha at 9436262080 or 7005482927 and V. Aviboli Zhimomi at 7005637575.

DIMAPUR: Tangshang Naga Students’ Association (TNSA) second general conference was held at Nanyun Town – one of the three Naga selfadministered zone townships, Sagaing Region, Myanmar. A press release by TNSA president, Khämlan Binkhäm, informed that the conference was attended by Naga selfadministered zone chairman, Kay Saing as chief guest and Regional Hluttaw Member of Parliament (MP), Tseing Maung, as a special guest. In his speech, Saing advised Tangshang Naga Students’ Association to organise awareness campaign on the drug abuse and control the situation as drugs was being exploited in the Tangshang region. “TNSA is right wing to bring social cultural transformation, education reformation and social harmony,” said Saing. He further appreciated the Tangshang Naga Students’ Association executives for leading the

students and youths to the “right track” adding that because of the association the students in Tangshang region was seeing positive changes. In his speech, special guest, Tseing Maung, said students are the future leaders and the owners of the future generation of the Tangshang Nagas as well as Nagas in general. Others who spoke in the programme include, Naga Students’ Organization (NSO) president; Eastern Naga Students’ Association (ENSA), general Secretary; chairman of the Naga Culture and Literature Committee from Nanyun, and others spoke the short speech at the conference. During the conference Tangshang Naga Students’ Association also elected the new office bearers for the next tenure with Khämlan Binkhäm as president and Thetän Kyülzdap as general secretary along with ten other executive members, two patron board members and three advisory board members.

Patients getting tested at the medical camp.

DIMAPUR: As part of monthly activity, UPHC Burma camp & UPHC Duncan Bosti under National Urban Health Mission (NUHM) program conducted free medical health camps in the month of January at Power house, Zakiesatuo, NST, Eros Lane, Walford & Notun bosti. Tests carried out in-

cluded Malaria, HIV, RBS & Hb% along with counseling on various important issues such as ANC/ PNC check up, immunization, proper nutrition etc were given by the nurses. It may be noted that UPHC Burma Camp & UPHC Duncan Bosti have a coverage of 23 wards in urban Dimapur and conducts free medical camps

and Urban Health Nutrition Day (UHND) every month within its jurisdiction. The team lauded colony council members and urban ASHAs for their cooperation during the camps. Altogether 455 patients underwent health check-ups and were given consultations and medicine free of cost. K




Nagaland Post, Dimapur SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2018 Poll Q . : I s t h e Mo d i g ov t planning to advance Lok Sabha polls to have it with assembly elections? 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0%


–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

CCEM organise prayer service for candidates

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––



Yes. No. Can’t say.


65% 18% 17%

Next poll

Q: Is there any sign of clean

election in the ongoing electioneering?  Yes.  No.  Can’t say.


(Temperature in ºC)

Max Min

Agartala Sun and areas of high clouds

30 16


Sun through high clouds

23 12

Guwahati Partly sunny and pleasant

26 11

Partly sunny and pleasant

25 8


Itanagar Beautiful with some sun

23 11


Pleasant with some sun

20 3


Clouds and sun

20 6

Dimapur Pleasant with clouds and sun Mkg

Tuensang Partly sunny and cooler Wokha

25 11

Beautiful with clouds and sun 21 7 Clouds and sun; not as warm

Zunheboto Partly sunny

14 4 19 10 19 5

Intending candidates along with church leaders and officials of apex bodies.

DIMAPUR: Chakhesang Clean Election Movement (CCEM) organised a special prayer service for all the intending candidates at the conference hall of CBCC mission centre, T. Chikri, Pfütsero on February 10 which was attended by the 15 candidates from four constituencies including Rekha Rose, first lady candidate from Phek. Convener of CCEM, Dr. Küzhopoyo Tünyi led the service and executive

secretary CBCC, Rev. Dr. Vezopa Tetseo led the devotion and exhorted all to stand firm in their faith as baptized members and not to be swept away in such trial times as on Psalms 33:12-20. Speaking at the programme, Rev. Khrütsoyi Lüruo urged the leaders to keep their identity clear by standing firm as Nagas and as believers of Christ Jesus and to build the broken walls of Nagaland

KVK organises ‘Farmers scientist interaction’ at Chingmelen

together. Sharing concerns of the society and how elected members must commit themselves to serve the citizens, CPO president, Kekhwengulo Lea said that though the political party principles differ from one another, they all have to focus on the building of their people and bring required developments. He further advised them to keep good relations among themselves

Farm-house burnt down in Wokha Correspondent

KVK officials along with farmers at the programme.

DIMAPUR: A “farmers scientist interaction” was organised by Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) Tuensang and Eleutheros Christian Society (ECS) sponsored by Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) Tuensang on February 8 at Chingmelen. The interactive session was held “Production technologies of field crops” like rice, maize, pulses etc, with special reference to post harvest, pests & diseases and soil fertility management. A press release by KVK Tuensang, stated that in the interactive session, farmers raised various points related to their farming constraints to the panel of KVK subject experts. Some notable recommendations proposed by

the panel of experts based on the problems raised by the farmers were growing of short duration improved varieties of maize with improved soya-bean varieties and “kholar” as sequence crop which can not only increase the production but also cut down the production cost than the long duration local cultivars that engages the farmers round the year. With regard to post harvest and storage pest in cereals and pulses, penal of experts recommended preventive measures as well as mechanical measures like insect probe traps which are very effective in reducing managing storage pests. Under soil fertility management, the experts suggested that available resources like Azolla in

TRC can be used to convert nitrogen rich compost for field application. The experts further suggested women SHGs to take up input generation on site which can generate additional income. KVK also assured constant technology support. The programme was chaired by assistant director ECS, Chongshen Soted, keynote address was delivered by deputy project director ATMA Tuensang, Vinoka, and the panel of experts were assistant chief technical officer (Agronomy), Tokiho Achumi, assistant chief technical officer (Soil conservation), Imtilemla and SMS (plant protection), Elisieni. Altogether 47 farmers, mostly farm women participated in the interactive session.

KO H I M A , F E B 1 0 (NPN): A farm-house, situated at New Wokha Village, about 5 kilometres from Wokha town, near Hammock Resort was caught on fire, Friday night around 8:30 p.m. The owner, Khyolamo Humtsoe, informed Nagaland Post that he was in his neighbour’s house in Wokha town when he was informed about the fire. H u m t s o e, w h o i s a wildlife activist, said that he had been more concerned about the fire spreading to the nearby jungle and immediately informed the fire brigade and Wokha superintendent of police. The owner, who is also an ex-chairman of New Wokha Village Council said that he did find any proof of arson and therefore did not lodge a complaint. The farmhouse which was popularly called “Neverland” was completely reduced to ashes. The second-floor of the house constructed as a wooden cabin caught fire which quickly engulfed the house and reduced it to ashes in spite of the efforts to douse it.

and represent the tribe and district well to Nagaland and as a state to the country. Meanwhile, all 13 candidates who attended the service shared their mind in brief, after which the congregation prayed for the candidates. The meeting was attended by office bearers of CPO, the apex body, CMA, CYF, CSU and Church leaders of all denominations.

DIMAPUR: NPF 38 Wokha A/C has vehemently condemned the alleged incident where an attempt was made on the life of Wokha Village Council secretary, Zujanbemo Kithan and his companion James Murry on February 9 at around 6:30 p.m near Wokha Baptist Church. A press release from NPF 38 Wokha A/C president, Yiben Tungo and general secretary, Thungbemo Tsanglao said that the two victims of the incident were travelling towards Wokha town in a Gypsy, when a

KIPHIRE: General observers for 59th and 60th assembly constituency Dheeraj Kumar and police observer for both the constituency Satheesh Kumar along with DC & DEO Kiphire, Mohammad Ali Shahib reviewed the poll preparedness in the district headquarters on February 8. The observers visited and inspected control room, strong room, elecK Y M C

date and political parties, the observers informed them to strictly adhere to the rules and regulations laid down in the Model Code of Conduct (MCC), by Election Commission of India (ECI). Stating that they the meeting was conducted so as to ensure free and fair conduct of election, the observers warned against malpractices such as proxy voting, buying of votes on voting day and distribution of liquors, cash, gifts etc,

to lure the voters, which amounts to violation of the code of conduct. They added that necessary action will be initiated as per provision. Further, the observers informed political parties and candidates to seek prior permission or inform DC & DEO whenever a star campaigner was coming to address a rally or for that matter, whenever they are organising a public meeting, so that adequate security was provided for

DIMAPUR: Peren and Kiphire District Planning and Development Board (DPDB) monthly meeting was held separately at the conference hall of the respective Deputy Commissioner (DC). Peren: Monthly Peren DPDB meeting was held on Friday at old DC office Conference Hall with de puty commissioner Peren and vice chairman DPDB, Smita Sarangi as the chairperson. According to DIPR report, Sarangi told members that as nodal officers of the department in the district, each HoD was responsible for the co-operation of their staff in the overall performance for the election. She further requested the members to attend the meetings regularly. A D C, C h u b awa t i Chang, who is in-charge of manpower management and vehicle requisition for the election, informed that the district was facing shortage of vehicles and does not have enough manpower adding that exemption was not possible. The board also deliberated on the issue of housing facilities for the staff and officers at the extended headquarter and decided to approach HUCCO for construction of a

DC Kiphire, Mohammed Ali Shihab addressing the monthly DPDB meeting on February 6 at DC’s Conference Hall. (DIPR)

complex type building. Kiphire: Monthly Kiphire DPDB meeting was held on February 6 at Conference Hall under the chairmanship of DC and vice chairman DPDB Kiphire, Mohammed Ali Shihab. According to DIPR report, the DC informed the members that it was the collective responsibility of all the members to exercise their duties sincerely and impartially for successful and peaceful conduct of the elections. The members were also reminded to attend various election training, and be well versed with the changing rules and new instructions of the Election Commission of India. Urging members to avail assistance as and when required, the DC apprised of the high security measures that has been set up in the district under SP, Kiphire. Members were in-

formed of the deputy commissioner’s appointment as the district magistrate on convergence, integration and focused attention to backward district. Members were asked to use “aspiration district” in place of “backward district” as Kiphire District has the desire to develop and rise up above all forward districts. District specific study on Land Resource Development Department for the period 2014-15, 201617 were also discussed. The Department of Evaluation was assigned to conduct the study on the same as requested by the Land Resource Development Department. E.E. R&B, E.E. PHED and Power Department were asked to maintain pliable roads and provide sufficient water and power supply to all the polling station. The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks from the chairman.

Bolero behind them allegedly fired several rounds at them. They escaped unhurt, the press release said. The public nearby were able to stop the Bolero, but the occupants managed to escape leaving the driver behind, it said. The police inspected the Bolero, which was a government registered vehicle, and found gelatine sticks and spasmo capsules wrapped in a polythene bag inside the vehicle. NPF 38 Wokha A/C termed the incident an “act of terrorism” that had no

place in civilized society and urged the law enforcing agencies to accord the highest befitting punishment to the culprits. The party unit reiterated their stand for

clean elections and urged every individual, supporter and candidate to desist from destruction and violence.

Vocational training & skill development centre at Chieswema DIMAPUR: Chieswema battalion of Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ IGAR (North) in coordination with the department of Rural Development (RD) has established a vocational training and skill development centre. According to 9 Assam Rifles Chieswema battalion, in this regard a felicitation programme after completion of training was held on February 9 at Chieswema wherein DIG HQ 5 sector Assam Rifles brigadier, Sandeep S Sharda, handed over certificates and tools set to trainees. Assam Rifles informed that the objective of the skill

(L-R) Observers along with officials at election office Kiphire. DC & DEO, SP Mon, along with the three observers during a meeting with all political parties. NP)

tion office, MCMC room, transport cell and election expenditure monitoring cell. They interacted with concerned nodal officers and members of various committees and visited the office of both returning officers of 59th AC and 60th AC respectively. MON: All political party meeting with general observers and Police observer was conducted on Saturday at DC conference hall, Mon. Addressing the candi-

Peren, Kiphire DPDB meetings held

NPF 38 Wokha A/C Condemns

General observers review poll preparedness




peaceful conduct of rally or public meeting. Stating that election may be held once in five years but people coexist together, the police observer appealed to all political parties to ensure peaceful and smooth conduct of election and further warned all political parties to avoid hate speeches and speeches demeaning caste, creed and religion. Later, the observers also held a meeting with all the political agents.

development centre was to provide industry relevant skill training to local youths which will help them in securing a better livelihood. Training to local youths would be provided in carpentry, electrical works, plumbing, masonry and hair dressing. In the first batch of trainees eight youths from Tsiesema Bawe village were provided four week training on carpentry and electrical works. Commandant 9 AR, Col Rajat Tyagi, RD director, Imlimeren Jamir, joint director RD, KN Sekhose, village GBs and VCCs from Tsiesema bawe and nearby villages were also present during the event.

KVC Dmu appeals to public & political parties

DIMAPUR: Kirha Village Council (KVC), Dimapur has informed general public and the candidates to ensure clean and peaceful election within its jurisdiction. The house has also resolved that no individual or group shall use the name of the village council/youth organization/women society and approach any candidate. House informed that no candidates/agents will be allowed for door to door campaign with cash and no camp will be allowed to be set up within the village jurisdiction. Furthermore, in a press release, KVC chairman Vizokhol Angami and secretary, Vicha Kikhi cautioned that any unwanted activities or disruption during the polling day, the council shall take appropriate measures against the perpetrator (s). K Y M C


NPP will come to power in Meghalaya: Conrad


Bajengdoba, Feb 10: Targeting the ruling Congress party in Meghalaya for failing to ensure transparency, National People’s Party Supremo, Conrad K. Sangma on Saturday voiced confidence that his party will be voted to power in the state. “People have realised that there is no future in the Congress. We are extremely confident that with the united support, NPP would be able to form the next government in Meghalaya, a Meghalaya for inclusive growth and development,” he said. Sangma was addressing an election rally drumming up support for his party candidate Pongseng R. Marak contesting from Bajengdoba assembly constituency. “We have to end the Congress rule forever and choose a party that would work to create a new Meghalaya as the Congress has failed to ensure transparency in implementation of different central schemes and the end result has been that people have suffered a lot,” the lone NPP Lok Sabha member said. Voicing confidence

Conrad K. Sangma that NPP is emerged as a major political force and will secure maximum seats in the ensuing election and form the government, Sangma said, “Mukul cannot fool the people of Meghalaya anymore. The wave of NPP is strong and is only growing. People of Meghalaya have faith in us and we will not leave any stones unturned to fulfill their expectations.” Welcoming hundreds of Congress workers to NPP fold, Sangma claimed that incumbent Chief Minister Mukul Sangma will bite the dust loose from both the seats Ampati and Songsak assembly constituencies. Hitting out at the chief minister for his failure to implement the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana roads scheme in interior areas of Garo Hills, Sangma

recalled his recent journey to Kharkutta constituency and visit to most difficult Dongkongsi and its adjoining villages, where there was no proper road for about 300 villages. “The chief minister has focused only in Ampati but the fact remains that he could not even development Ampati. It is time that we wake up and ensure the end of Congress for once and all,” he added. Sangma also mocked at the Congress party for not being able to talk on issues and initiating false propaganda to create fear that if NPP is given the mandate religious institutions and minorities will face harassment as NPP is an ally of the BJP. “NPP has always raised its pitch for the indigenous people and the minorities. We have been working with the centre to ensure that development reaches not just in Meghalaya but entire North East”, he said. The tribal-centric NPP founded by former Lok Sabha Speaker late Purno Sangma to champion the cause of the minorities and people of North East, is supporting the BJP-led NDA government at the centre and in Manipur.

northeast Cross border trade resumes in Mnp Correspondent

IMPHAL, Feb 10: MorehNamphalong cross border trade (Indo-Myanmar cross border trade) activities resumed on Saturday after days of suspension following a major fire at Namphalong market. Myanmar authorities had sealed the border following the fire at a cracker shop. The fire totally gutted around 70 shops and an estimated Rs 50 crore worth properties were reduced to ashes. After two days, Myanmar authorities opened the border from today morning to resume the normal cross border trade activities. Myanmar authorities erected a temporary market shed at a small ground at no men’s land of the Indo-Myanmar border where the business transactions resumed. Namphalong is a major trade hub at the Indo-Myanmar cross border in Manipur where all kinds of goods along with crackers are sold in huge quantities. Manipur imports large quantities of essential and luxury items, furniture, electronic items, clothes, shoes, fish and even vegetables from the border trade. Small traders of Imphal survive by selling goods procured from Namphalong market. As such the fire tragedy had its impact not only in markets in Imphal but also in other places where the import items were sold.

Nagaland Post, Dimapur SUNDAY, FEBrUARY 11, 2018

22 Tripura candidates have criminal cases against them Agartala, Feb 10 (PTI): Out of the total 297 candidates contesting the Tripura Assembly polls, 22 have got criminal cases against them, an NGO working for democratic reforms claimed Saturday. T h e r e a r e g r av e charges such as rioting, murder, criminal intimidation and rape against 17 candidates, said a study by the NGO, Tripura Election Watch. Of the 17, nine are BJP nominees, three Congress, two IPFT, one Tri-

namool Congress and the rest independents. Those accused with grave charges include BJP vice president Subal Bhowmik, senior leaders such as Ratan Lal Nath and Sudip Roy Barman, IPFT leaders Dhirendra Debbarma and Dhananjoy Tripura and Congress veteran Gopal Chandra Roy. Tr i p u r a E l e c t i o n Watch convener Biswendu Bhattacharya said these information are available in the affidavits submitted

by candidates during filing of nomination papers. Election for the 60member Assembly will be held on February 18 and results will be out on March 3. The CPI(M)-led Left Front government is ruling Tripura for 35 years since 1978 sans a gap of five years from 1988 to 1993. A coalition of Congress and now-defunct Tripura Upajati Juba Samiti ruled the state during that five years. The NGO also said 47 candidates were class

eight pass, 13 others have studied till class five and one is just literate. He said 35 candidates are crorepatis and Jishnu Devvarma of BJP is the richest one with declared assets of over Rs 11 crore. The candidate from Charilam seat, however, do not file income tax return as he belongs to the tribal community. Among the top ten candidates with highest assets, seven are from BJP and three from Congress.

Three killed in road accident G a n g to k , F e b 1 0 (PTI): Three persons were killed when a vehicle carrying them lost control and rolled down 1000 feet from a mountain road in South district of Sikkim, police said Saturday. The vehicle with many passengers was on way to Ravangla from Namchi when it rolled down the hill slope near Putali Bhir locality within Ravangla police station area limits yesterday. The deceased were identified as Purna Bahadur Subba (26), Mangli Rai (30) and driver Suju Gurung (36). A search operation was Assam Rifles personnel and Thoubal police commandos along with the three arrested underway to trace the other drug and weapons smugglers in Thoubal district. A double barrel shotgun, two mobile passengers, the police said. phones, two live rounds and Rs. 9,710 was recovered from the smugglers.

Hope talks will find solution to Hmar problem: HPC(D) Senior BJP leader joins Congress in Meghalaya Hmar problem. Mizoram Home minister R Lalzirliana had recently announced that the first round of political level talks with the HPC (D) was scheduled to be held on March 5 in Aizawl. State Home department officials said that former Labour Minister Lalrinmawia Ralte, recently appointed as Political Adviser to Chief Minister was most likely to head the state government delegation. The proposed political level talks, proposed to be held before Christmas last year was delayed as Mizoram chief minister Lal Thanhawla constituted a threemember committee of legislators to examine the draft legislation on the formation of Sinlung Hills Council (SHC). The talks held during Au-

gust, 2016 and September, 2017 mainly revolved around giving more autonomy to the existing Sinlung Hills Development Council (SHDC) as also restructuring the Council. The name of the Council was proposed to be changed from Sinlung Hills Development Council to Sinlung Hills Council. The HPC was demanding a separate autonomous district council under the sixth schedule of the Constitution for the Hmar community concentrated in the north eastern part of the state adjoining Manipur, before the accord was signed. The HPC (D) recently agreed to drop the demand for autonomy under the sixth schedule paving the way for solution to the Hmar imbroglio.


Shillong, Feb 10: In a major setback to the BJP before the February 27 Meghalaya assembly polls, the party’s spokesperson Sony Khyriem joined the ruling Congress party with hundreds of his supporters. Khyriem said he took the step in protest against the party’s decision not to nominate a candidate in West Shillong assembly constituency, besides the anti-minorities stand of the BJP. “The ‘dictatorial attitude’ not to nominate a candidate in the Constitu-

ency speaks volume of the BJP’s tyrannical mindset and the despotic choice,” Khyriem said after he joined the Congress along with his supporters. “We failed to understand the idea behind BJP decision not to nominate a candidate from West Shillong assembly constituency, a seat which the BJP had won in the last Shillong parliamentary elections,” he said. The Congress has pitted Mohendro Rapsang against veteran sitting United Democratic Party legislator Paul Lyngdoh and National People’s Party

Manipur chief minister inspects ongoing projects PMO yet to confirm Modi’s presence in BJP government first anniversary


IMPHAL, Feb 10: Manipur chief minister N Biren Singh Saturday inspected the work progress of some mega projects which state government had already requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to inaugurate during his proposed visit to the state next month. Narendra Modi is scheduled to visit Manipur to attend the opening function of five-day 105th session of the Indian Science Congress being hosted by Manipur University from March 16. State chief minister N Biren Singh has also requested the Prime Minister to come to the state a day earlier to attend the one year completion celebration of BJP-led coalition government which falls on March 15. Talking to media during the inspection, Biren said that he had personally requested the Prime Minister during a meeting at Guwahati recently to attend the celebration. “However, a confirmation is to yet to be received from the PMO,” he added. However, presence of the Prime Minister at the opening ceremony of the Indian Science Congress on March 16 is almost confirmed, he said. The chief minister informed that as part of the first anniversary celebration of his government,

1,886 lakh. However, the cation of Ukhrul district,” project cost was revised in he added. 2004, 2008, 2011 and 2013. The Thoubal project is In the latest revision, the expected to irrigate 35,160 estimated cost was raised hectare of agricultural land to Rs 50847.88 lakh. per year apart from feeding Later, the chief minis- 10 MG of water per day ter who also inspected the for water supply to the work progress of Thoubal masses. Multipurpose Project told The estimated project reporters that “The project cost of Thoubal Multipuris 99.9% complete and pose Project is Rs. 1,998.99 ready for inauguration by crore while the total length the Prime Minister.” of the dam is 1074 meter. State water resources State forest and enminister Letpao Haokip, vironment minister Th who accompanied the Shyamkumar, MLAs, state chief minister, said that chief secretary RR Rashmi, all the pending issues of DGP LM Khaute and top compensation for affected civil and police officers villagers of the project of the state government Manipur chief minister N Biren Singh on inspection tour to Thoubal Multipurpose would be resolved as soon accompanied the chief as possible. “The matter is minister during the inspecProject and Dolaithabi project on Saturday. (NP) being delayed due to bifur- tion. several projects would be of the barrage would be dedicated to the public operational by March 10. from March 1 and 15. He said that governAmong them, two ment was planning to demega projects - Dolaithabi velop the project sites of Etumtha : Barrage Project and Thou- Dolaithabi, Thoubal and 1. Ekhaeyan jo matarocho Bth. na mhawoe (Residential) ekhae tssov. bal Multipurpose Project - Khuga Dams as tourist 2. NBSE, CBSE mekana State Board of Education lona joren taro chiyicho tssov. are likely to be inaugurated destinations so that local 3. Boklanthang osi oso omon ekumo phyoka sanka nnli, longtsulo ranpenthang by the Prime Minister. villagers may be benefittssov. Besides inauguration ted. 4. Matarochona Ekhumkho lo nzyui mongo tssothakcho tssov. Tolia tssocho mhon jo of some other projects, the The chief minister ochona Eloe yangrolo ejyuran kyongkata lia na jiang pidem. state government is also also assured to construct 5. Kvulo elhi tssoa vancho sana hojilona ehungpvui kako khie thev. planning to lay the foun- a market shed at Dola6. Kija ehungpvui tona kija kisu motsunga (1 recent passport photos) to thenyav. dation stone of National ithabi at an estimated cost 7. Yanpi yanthan tsothakcho tssona, ntho yanpi yanthan ehungpvui cheka yo ha thev. Sports University by the of around Rs 5 to Rs 10 N.B. : Elhi shiang tssukona jonji kako jo ombo/ompvu okhena erani, Full Address Prime Minister during his lakh while responding to tona Mobile Number to thenhyae, search Committee Convenor/Pastor thungi visit, he added. a request of the villagers erantale. Last date jo March 05, 2018 tssov. While expressing his of the area. satisfaction with the progDolaithabi project Yivon yisu zojanta tssukona shiang lo jankhoka: ress of construction works located at the borders of Cell : 9436404029, 9856263303. of the two projects he in- Imphal East, Thoubal and Sd/spected today, the chief Ukhrul districts is targeting Search Committee minister said, “Dolaithabi to provide irrigation to LBC Diphupar – B Project is almost ready for 7,545 hectare. The project Dimapur : Nagaland. inauguration”. began in 1992 with an DP-1336 All the six sluice gates initial estimated cost of Rs

Lotha Baptist Church Diphupar – B na Eloe Esopvui yanala.

nominee Havergail Bareh. Moreover, Khyriem said that his decision to quit the BJP was also because of the anti-minorities stand of the saffron party, which is unacceptable to the people of India. “Everyone is aware of the anti-minorities stand of the BJP. We have also seen in the media reports that the central government has rejected the visa application

of a global Christian leader Reverend Paul Msiza to attend 150 years of Christianity in Garo Hills region,” he said. The visa application of the Baptist World Alliance leader was rejected by the Consulate General of India in Johannesburg, South Africa, on Wednesday, a move which was criticised by the Christian community in poll-bound Meghalaya.


We the undersigned on behalf of the general public of NST Colony, Wokha Town has strongly condemned the Crude Bomb explosion at the residence of Y. Patton by unidentified miscreants on Thursday night at around 7:45 pm. The NST Colony Union, Wokha Town warns any individual or political rival groups not to indulge in unwarranted activities within the jurisdiction of NST Colony. Any individual or political rival groups found indulging in such activities shall be viewed seriously. Sd/Sd/Woben Kithan R. Nrio Humtsoe Gen. Secretary Chairman NST Colony, Wokha Town NST Colony, Wokha Town


Aizawl, Feb 10 (PTI): The Hmar People’s Convention (Democratic) leaders Saturday expressed optimism that political level talks with Mizoram government next month would find a solution to the Hmar problem. HPC(D) leaders, based in neighbouring Manipur, on condition of anonymity said that the militant outfit was yet to decide on the members of the delegation while confirming that the working president of the insurgent group Lalthalien Hmar would be in the delegation and would continue to be the spokesperson. The HPC(D) leaders expressed optimism that the peace parleys would make a headway in bringing amicable solution to the vexed


The 5 Assam Rifles Zbto District conducted Medcial Camp at Suruhuto Town on 8th Feb 2018. More than 200 patients took medical treatment with great success. The public of Suruhuto Area extend gratitude to the Commandant, high ranking officers and doctors for their valuable service rendered towards Suruhuto Area and hopefully expected to continue their best effort in near future. Khevito Awomi ATC Secretary Suruhuto Town


AFFIDAVIT I, Shri. Kamnyei Phom permanent resident of Hukphang village in the District of Longleng, State : Nagaland do hereby solemnly on oath declare as follows :1. That, I am a citizen of India by birth and resident of the above mentioned address. 2. That, in all my documents my name has been recorded and reflected as Kamnyei Phom WHEREAS due to ignorance and clerical mistake my name has been entered and recorded as Kamnyei in my SBI Account Pass book. 3. That, this Affidavit is made to declare that the name Kamnyei Phom and Kamnyei refers to same and one person only that is me 'Kamnyei Phom'. 4. That, this affidavit is made to declare that when the name Kamnyei Phom and Kamnyei appears it should be read, corrected and understood as 'Kamnyei Phom'. 5. That, the statements made in para 1 to 4 are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and nothing immaterial has been made or concealed therein. And I sign this Affidavit on this the 16th January 2018 at Longleng, Nagaland. Deponent Solemnly sworn in and declare before me by the above named Deponent on th this the 16 January 2018 at Longleng, Nagaland. 1st Class Magistrate DP-1331(A)

AFFIDAVIT I, Shri. Talem Phom permanent resident of Auching village in the District of Longleng, State : Nagaland do hereby solemnly on oath declare as follows :1. That, I am a citizen of India by birth and resident of the above mentioned address. 2. That, in all my documents my name has been recorded and reflected as Talem Phom WHEREAS due to ignorance and clerical mistake my name has been entered and recorded as M. Talem Phom in my SBI Account Pass book. 3. That, this Affidavit is made to declare that the name Talem Phom and M. Talem Phom refers to same and one person only that is me 'Talem Phom'. 4. That, this affidavit is made to declare that when the name Talem Phom and M. Talem Phom appears it should be read, corrected and understood as 'Talem Phom'. 5. That, the statements made in para 1 to 4 are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and nothing immaterial has been made or concealed therein. And I sign this Affidavit on this the 02nd February 2018 at Longleng, Nagaland. Deponent Solemnly sworn in and declare before me by the above named Deponent on this the 02nd February 2018 at Longleng, Nagaland. 1st Class Magistrate DP-1331(B)


Nagaland Post, Dimapur SUNDAY, February 11, 2018

Government to set up cyber crime reporting portal: HM

Ahmedabad, Feb 10 (IANS): Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said on Saturday that the government has decided to establish a cyber crime reporting portal to tackle cyber crimes against women. “We will also establish a dedicated cyber crime laboratory to stop crimes against women and children,” Singh said while addressing a gathering after inaugurating the 24th All-India Forensic Science Conference here. He said there is a need to increase cyber forensic capabilities in modern times as cyberspace has added new dimension and new complications. “Traditional policing is not adequate to control crime in cyberspace,” he said. “ Fo r e n s i c s c i e n c e can be extremely useful in cyberspace. Our cyber forensic experts played an important role in preventing radicalisation of our youth.

Rajnath Singh I laud the efforts of our cyber experts in counterradicalisation. There have been incidents when morphed pictures are used to create confusion and tension,” he said. The Union Home Minister said many countries have successfully utilised forensic DNA database in their fight against crime. “We are also working towards a Forensic DNA Database. Centre is preparing a huge infrastructure for crime control. We have come up with the crime and criminal tracking network and systems. By connecting

this centralised database with courts and forensic labs we will create an InterOperable Criminal Justice System,” he said. He said that new technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, cloud computing, 3D printing, robotics and internet as things are posing new security challenges before us. “ Fo r e n s i c ex p e r t s should transform these challenges into opportunities,” he said. Stressing on a need for standard operating procedures for all forensic labs in order to avoid contradictions in reports, he said that the chain of custody of samples needs to be transparent. “Our police forces need to be sensitised about forensics. They should be properly trained in forensics, specially the investigating officers should upgrade and update their forensic knowledge. There should

be ‘Forensics Pe Charcha’ at the district level,” he said. Calling upon the universities to come up with uniform syllabus on forensics and work towards quality education he said that the forensic experts play an important role in making a case foolproof. “Today’s forensic science has evolved during the past 150-200 years. Forensic lab was first established in India by the Britishers but they relied more on force than forensics,” said Rajnath. Describing detection as the biggest deterrent for crime control, he said that the forensic experts can play a major role in detection, investigation and criminal identification of criminals. “Forensics can bring a qualitative change in investigations,” he added. On the occasion, the Union Home Minister released a souvenir and gave away certificates to forensic experts.


No water, electricity in Delhi community toilets

AIMPLB likely to expel Salman Hussaini Nadvi for Ayodhya formula

New Delhi, Feb 10 (IANS): Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday asked for within a week a report on shortage of water and electricity in citys community toilets, and directed officials to take remedial measures. The Chief Minister asked Shurbir Singh, CEO of Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (DUSIB), to submit the report after complaints from MLAs and others. He directed t Singh to take immediate steps to improve the situation in the community toilets. The report will have videos of all community toilets with details of cleanliness, availability of water and electricity among others, according to an official statement. The decisions were taken in an emergency meeting chaired by the Chief Minister here on Saturday. Kejriwal also directed the CEO to visit the toilets himself during peak usage time every day till February 17.

Hyderabad, Feb 10 (IANS): The AIMPLB, an apex body of Indian Muslims, is likely to expel its executive member, Maulana Syed Salman Hussaini Nadvi, for favouring handing over disputed land in Ayodhya, where Babri Masjid once stood, for the construction of the Ram temple. Taking strong exception to the proposal, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has formed a four-member committee to take disciplinary action against Nadvi, an eminent cleric who mooted the proposal during a meeting with spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The committee comprises AIMPLB President Rabey Hasani Nadvi, General Secretary Wali Rahmani and executive members Arshad Madani and Khalid Saifullah Rahmani and it is expected to take a decision on Sunday. The deliberations at the three-day crucial plenary, which began here

Salman Hussaini Nadvi Friday, were dominated by the controversy. Sources in AIMPLB said Salman Nadvi, who teaches at Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama, a leading seminary in Lucknow, may be expelled from the board for not only taking a stand in contravention of its traditional stand on Babri Masjid but also making allegations against the board’s leadership. Addressing the meeting on Saturday, Wali Rahmani said that “some elements” are trying to misguide people on Babri Masjid issue. In his report submitted at the plenary, he said the board had taken an unambiguous stand that “once a mosque, always a

mosque”. Stating that the board is ready for negotiations, he said the same should based on justice and honour. The general body meeting of the board being attended by the executive, founder members, general members and special invitees discussed the Babri Masjid issue. With the executive meeting on Friday pulling up Salman Nadvi for his proposal, he stayed away from the plenary meeting on the second day and reportedly left Hyderabad. Earlier, talking to reporters, he alleged that two executive members Kamal Farooqi and S.Q.R. Ilyas humiliated him. Salman Nadvi defended his formula saying this would ensure peace and communal harmony. He alleged that there is dictatorship in the board and few people are controlling it. Talking to IANS on Saturday, Ilyas denied the allegations made by Salman Nadvi against him.

Gurugram to get trauma centre President Ram Kovind bats for benefits in agriculture sector

Gurugram, Feb 10 (IANS): Gurugram will get a trauma centre and a team from the central government will soon visit the city to identify the best location for this, Union Health Minister J.P. Nadda said here on Saturday. Haryana Minister Rao Narbir Singh said that the Delhi-Jaipur National Highway-48 was an accident-prone route and thus Gurugram needed a trauma centre since private hospitals here charge over Rs 15 lakh even for treatment of viral fever. Nadda

was here to inaugurate a camp to coincide with the National Deworming Day at the Government Model Sanskriti Senior Secondary School in Sector 43. Children in the age group of 1 to 19 will be given medicines for deworming across the country. In the first phase in February, nearly 32 crore children will be covered and another 50 crore in the second phase. The programme was started in 2015. Very young children will be administered syrup,

while older ones will be given albendazole tablets. The Aanganwadi and Asha workers were asked to visit labour colonies and construction sites so as to cover the slum children under the drive. In case some children miss the dose, they can get the same on February 15. Gurugram MP and Union Minister of State for Planning, Chemicals and Fertilisers Rao Inderjit Singh said that after independence, the people’s age had increased but health had declined.

Chandigarh, Feb 10 (IANS): President Ram Nath Kovind said on Saturday that global food trade has undergone revolutionary changes and that benefits this have to be brought to the farmers and the agriculture sector. Addressing first convocation of the National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management (NIFTEM) in Sonepat, nearly 200 km from here, the President said: “Our determined and committed farmers

have produced food for our country and they have it in them to produce for the world. “In the services sector, India has taken advantage of its enormous human talent and lower cost structures to build world-class industries. There is no reason why we cannot replicate this in agriculture and in food and agro-based industries.” “Indian farm products Ram Kovind -- whether rice, milk, fruits and vegetables, or even markets and feed housechillies -- can flood super- holds across the globe.

This can help us create numerous employment opportunities for our young people, in cold storages and in preservation, in food processing and along the food supply chain.” Kovind pointed out. The President said as a society, and as a people, we are obligated to make life better for our farmers and free them from the fickleness of nature and weather patterns. He said that farmers need to be protected from the unpredictability of demand and

supply. “Use of science and technology along the food chain is vital to these programmes. And this is where institutions such as NIFTEM and those who graduate from here will play a vital role,” he added. The President said as social habits had changed and as nuclear families emerged in larger numbers, especially in cities, demand for packaged and readyto-eat food products was rising in India.



Nagaland Post


Vol. XXVIII NO. 65 Dimapur, SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2018

Socio-spiritual concern


hat the Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) has done in reminding people about the anti-religious minority concept and actions of the Hinduvta forces does not escape attention. NBCC has decided to ring alarm bells about various acts of persecutions faced by Christians at the hands of Hindutva forces. In August 2017, the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) ranked India’s persecution severity at “Tier 2” along with Iraq and Afghanistan. In the past six years, India has risen from No. 31 to No. 11 on Open Doors’ World Watch List, ranking just behind Iran in persecution severity. In 2014 the Ministry of Home Affairs reported a “steep 30 per cent rise in the number of communal violence incidents in 2013 as compared to 2012, with the maximum number of cases being reported from Uttar Pradesh.” Reported incidents of abuse carried out against Christians in India went up to 177 in 2015, and escalated to 300 in 2016 the Evangelical Fellowship of India reported. The persecution of Christians in India increased sharply in the year 2016, according to a report by Open Doors India was ranked 15th in the word in terms of danger to Christians, up from 31st four years earlier. On the point of making a strong pitch against politics espoused under the ideology of Hindutva, the NBCC made no bones that the BJP, the political wing under Hindutva should not be given the benefit of doubt since the saffron party cared only about implementing its agenda of majoritarianism. The strong appeal made by the NBCC is surely not going unnoticed since there is electioneering as the entire state will be going to the polls on February 27, 2018. The Hindutva ideology of Bharat as one nation, one people, one culture and one religion is essentially fascism. The hyper nationalist fervor is militarily ensconced and like Nazi Germany, fascism is also strongly embedded in a ‘strong leader’ (dictator). The ideology would spell the end of special protective privileges enjoyed so far by minority communities like Nagas and other tribals under Article 371A or Kashimiris under Article 370. In the past, there was reason to argue that the ascendancy of the BJP to relative supremacy in Indian politics over the course of the last few years bears a direct relationship to the considerable, even dramatic, increase in violence against Christians and other minorities in India. The militant Hindus have spread a canard that the Christian population is increasing rapidly in India, and they have attempted to create the widespread impression that lower-caste Hindus are being forcibly converted in large numbers to Christianity. The Census of India, which remains the most authoritative source for population statistics, clearly shows that the Christian community has stagnated and even registered a small decline in recent years. The most common rationale offered for violence against Christians in India, namely that the community is growing at an alarming rate through forced conversions, is absurd and has been decisively rejected by the print media and the world of scholarship. On this scale, what NBCC needs to also do is to focus on reformation and bring qualitative spiritual changes especially against corruption and the easy money syndrome. On this, the BJP is the least of the problems if people learn to say ‘No’ to allurements.

DailyDevotion Is Your Ability to See God Blinded? Lift up your eyes on high, and see who has created these things… —Isaiah 40:26 The people of God in Isaiah’s time had blinded their minds’ ability to see God by looking on the face of idols. But Isaiah made them look up at the heavens; that is, he made them begin to use their power to think and to visualize correctly. If we are children of God, we have a tremendous treasure in nature and will realize that it is holy and sacred. We will see God reaching out to us in every wind that blows, every sunrise and sunset, every cloud in the sky, every flower that blooms, and every leaf that fades, if we will only begin to use our blinded thinking to visualize it. The real test of spiritual focus is being able to bring your mind and thoughts under control. Is your mind focused on the face of an idol? Is the idol yourself? Is it your work? Is it your idea of what a servant should be, or maybe your experience of salvation and sanctification? If so, then your ability to see God is blinded. You will be powerless when faced with difficulties and will be forced to endure in darkness. If your power to see has been blinded, don’t look back on your own experiences, but look to God. It is God you need. Go beyond yourself and away from the faces of your idols and away from everything else that has been blinding your thinking. Wake up and accept the ridicule that Isaiah gave to his people, and deliberately turn your thoughts and your eyes to God. One of the reasons for our sense of futility in prayer is that we have lost our power to visualize. We can no longer even imagine putting ourselves deliberately before God. It is actually more important to be broken bread and poured-out wine in the area of intercession than in our personal contact with others. The power of visualization is what God gives a saint so that he can go beyond himself and be firmly placed into relationships he never before experienced.


O, what men dare do! What men may do! What men daily do, not knowing what they do! ~ Shakespeare (Much Ado About Nothing)

Nagaland Post, Dimapur SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2018


Giving Up is Not an Option

he Naga struggle reaching thus far is an achievement worth every appreciation to the visionary leaders: past & present. The painful truth of Naga today who has the calibre to ‘thinkwrite-contribute-change’ are behaving as if the Naga struggle for self-determination is just someone’s responsibility.The facilities provided by the modern technology has given way too much space for raising concern whatever is wished, and sometime biased. But these do not give anybody the liberty to mock the Naga movement in toto. In criticism, the Nagas have lost out their objective. It’s like throwing out the baby with the bathtub. Organisations taking up arms may sometime take decisions which is contrary to the people, and armed cadres sometime may commit blunders but that cannot construe the Naga movement as a blunder. One must remember that the masses have been fashioned to think as the ruler wants and the revolutionary movement is out-rightly fighting against that institution making the masses think as the ruler wants. We the Nagas, failing to differentiate between criticisms, allegations, accusations, defamations, and humiliations to nationhood of our dream has cost us dearly. The writings by the so-called-Naga-intellectuals against the Naga Political Groups and to the brothers-in-arms without being able to separate between the two have sent out wrong message to the outside world. In the beginning of the movement almost all the Nagas: educated and uneducated, were part of the struggle. But now, the educated and the well-to-do youths have huddled in the comfort zones, without the heart to face the harsh reality of life. Suggestion and allegation from outside is doing more damage than needed though one claims to be a Naga patriot. The serene call for the educated Naga youths to join the movement and lead from the front is loud and clear! And yet, why do we still ignore this voice? Although, there would be many Nagas who dearly hold unto the Naga cause yet continue to work for the colonial governments for their existential reasons. Unlike the Nagas, the assertion of their identity and rights are fearless for the neighbouring communities. I have seen even top Indian bureaucrats boldly walking in the streets of Jantar-Mantar, Delhi when their community’s rights and identity are challenged. But sadly, most of the Nagas tend to cowardly shy away as if the Naga issue is only for the people who are not colonial government-servant. In most cases, they fail to understand the consequences on their future generations if they avoid doing their part now. One interesting observation is that,

these people after retirements talk the most about Naga issue as if they have done so much while they were in the chairs of the colonial governments. Using the Naga issue as the stepping stone, many Nagas join electoral politics for their selfishmotive. But the common masses do not only fail to accept the fact that these electoral political leaders are fooling with promises of personal profit, but the Indian electoral system is also the principal factor of dissuading from the being politically free. The master has taught the Nagas that money is everything one needs in life more precious than the Naga issue. Therefore, almost all the Nagas willingly follow the money-path even up to the extent of betraying the cause. The politicians have done enough damage with their wicked game in the journey for a nation to call our own. But giving up the cause because of them can never be justified. They are the reason that the Nagas could be divided into parochial fanatics: the love for the same dialect speaking group; the love for the range; the love for the clan; the love for the religion; the love for the money; the love for the power; and the love for quick-fame. It is time for the politicians to stop bamboozling the Nagasless they be cursed by the Nagas: both dead and the living. The selfish side of the human has gradually gripped the Nagas in destroying the principle of bonding in all levels. The Naga civil society leaders are not an exception from this predisposition. The frontal bodies have had equal share of blames for failing to realise the dream of the Nagas upon the hopes and trusts bestowed on them. But we, as a people with the capacity to rationally-think must not be disillusioned by the situation that is confronting us. It is not the organisation that is bad, but the blame should be directed to the leaders for failing to work out as per the objective of the organisation. There is no reason to defame the whole set-up where every breathing Naga is a member of it. An individual can be wrong but the founding-objective of the Naga frontal organisation(s) cannot be wrong. For every civil society, all the Nagas are solely responsible for choosing the leaders as the selection process starts from the village level. If we had failed to choose the right leader at the right time to represent us than we should be ashamed to point our finger when the leaders fail us.We all have a role to play if we are truly concern for the cause. The indigenous people across the globe are zealously asserting their rights and identity, demanding for their independent nation state. Many have internationalised their cause while some are vigorously

struggling for it. Yet, we the Nagas having every legitimate rights, and despite the fact of having been recognised by the global communities are already drowning in the halflearned concept of globalisation enforced by Hindutva brigade. Time and situation may have changed the concept of sovereignty, so could be the strategy in tackling our - issue but the aspirations for a free Naga nation should remain the same. Therefore, come what may, every young Naga should be mentally prepared even if the worstcase scenario happens anytime soon. The moment has come for the Nagas to once again seriously look together into the future. While in quest for a better tomorrow, we also should be able to bear the little hardship that may come along the journey. No matter what it takes, it is the bounded responsibility the younger generation should carry forward the hopes and dreams of the Naga people till the last living Naga soul. Failing to toil the little pain, we may soon be all assimilated within three great nations (Indian, Burmese & greater Bangladeshis) like our neighbouring communities, vanishing one after another. Giving up just because of small privations will be too expensive. What do we tell our fore-fathers and also all the people who had given supreme sacrifice for the cause when we meet them in our next life, if at all there is, as belief by our ancestors? Do we tell them that we could not be as courageous as they were due to changed of time? Or do we tell them that they have initiated something which they should not have? AZ Phizo, the founding father of our Naga Nation in his 16, May 1951 plebiscite speech said, “... neither the Nagas nor the Indians know each other. ...Indians abhor the Nagas and the Nagas despise the Indians. ...there is nothing in common between the Nagas and the Indians. The difference is too varied... The only way to live in peace is to live apart.” How true and how visionary he was. Like a prophet he has predicted the future consequences and now we are facing the reality but this is just a prelude to all the hell that is coming in our way. The present education system of India has trained us to think in the way the people in power wanted. The present media has become a tool for the elites to manipulate the common people. The political parties have become so self-righteous with their ideologies in fooling the ignorant mass with their deceitful manifesto, all for the love of power. Greater danger lurches. BoveioPoukai Duo, Lower Bayavii Colony, Kohima, ( (The article is purely personal opinion. It is in no way official to the organisation the writer works with)

Home based Careers


any students ask me how to earn from home when they are still studying. Recent graduates also ask this question and I tell them about different possible options. Options and opportunities to work from home may be different from place to place. One need to know the demand and according to the demand planning can be made what can be done by being at home. In today’s edition, we are publishing some of the options which can be done from home. One must be good in networking and communication to excel in jobs being done from home. Online Tutor: Online tutoring is the process of tutoring in an online, virtual environment or networked environment in which teachers and learners are separated by time and space. Online tutoring, as a reflection of the diversity of the wider Internet, is practiced using many different approaches and is addressed to distinct sets of users. The distinctions are in online content and interface, as well as in tutoring and tutor-training methodologies. Definitions associated with online tutoring vary widely, reflecting the ongoing evolution of the technology, the refinement and variation in online learning methodology, and the interactions of the organizations that deliver online tutoring services with the institutions, individuals, and learners that employ the services. Blogger: A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (“posts”). Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page. Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. One may start a blog or an Internet site offering expertise on a particular subject and sell advertising on the site. Blogs may be use for branding, publicity or even for online trading like selling goods through online mode. Data Entry: One needs to be familiar with computers and speed of typing using key boards. Good typing and numeric key entry skills are a common prerequisite. Knowledge of

database software, spreadsheets, and word processing is helpful. Good spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills are also necessary, as well as strong reading comprehension. There are demand for data entry operator and interested may work from home by engaging into data entry. Makeup Artist: A make-up artist or makeup artist is an artist whose medium is the human body, applying makeup and prosthetics for theatrical, television, filmmaking, fashion, magazines and other similar productions including all aspects of the modeling industry. Individual may work from home by becoming makeup professionals. There is huge demand when there are marriages or other special occasions. Flower Arrangement: Flowers are always in demand in all occasion and there is need for arranging them to make them attractive when there is any occasion. It is an organised way of design and colour towards creating an ambience using flowers, foliage and other floral accessories. There are demands when there is marriages or special events and occasions. One may start this work from home very easily. Cake Making: Cake is a form of sweet dessert that is typically baked. In its oldest forms, cakes were modifications of breads, but cakes now cover a wide range of preparations that can be simple or elaborate, and that share features with other desserts such as pastries, meringues, custards, and pies. As cakes are in demand in many occasions like birthday, anniversary, one may think of taking up this task of making cake and decorating it according to the need of the customers. There are short term training programmes for many options like cake making, designing, wealth from waste, flower arrangements, make up, etc. Aspirants may join these training programmes and start their ventures from homes. In North East, one may think of traditional jewellary designing, handloom, handicrafts, bamboo products and become successful entrepreneur. There are many other options and opportunities which can be termed as home based careers. Ranjan K Baruah, (

The city of Stalin that defied and defeated the Nazis -- myths and realities


hen we happen to recall the Second World War’s notable battles, the emphasis is more on those fought by the Western Allies -- Dunkirk, Pearl Harbor, El Alamein, Midway Island, D-Day landings and Arnhem, et al, given the large amount of books and films they have inspired. The Eastern Front rarely gets the same attention, though having equally significant clashes -- especially the one by the Volga in southern Russia. A couple of days ago (February 2) marked the 75th anniversary of the end of the largest (over two million soldiers from six nations), most bloodiest (up to two million killed, wounded and captured) and a major turning point of World War II. The over-five-monthlong Battle of Stalingrad, which marked the high point of Nazi Germany’s eastern advance, has become synonymous with urban warfare at its fiercest as well as a microcosm of war’s mix of bravery and cowardice, brutality and resilience, and ambition and tenacity. And it has its fair share of cultural depictions: In books and films, but also

music (from classical to heavy metal), poetry and video games, as well as recollections of participants as well as analyses, both general and scholarly. How authentic are they? But before we take a look at them, let’s get a brief idea of what led to the battle itself and its broad contours. Nazi Ger many attacked the Soviet Union in the summer of 1941, and despite occupying large swathes of the country, failed to capture key objectives like Leningrad or Moscow or comprehensively defeat the Red Army. In June the next year, its Army Group South began “Case Blue” to take east Ukraine and the Caucasian oilfields. Split into Groups A and B, respectively, to take the Caucasus and defend their flank near Stalingrad, the latter reached Stalingrad’s outskirts on August 23 and were ordered to capture it. Thus began the battle in the city, from which the Soviets had removed all food stocks and equipment possible but forbidden civilian residents to leave. The fighting continued for the next five months and 10 days, street by street, and house by house, before the Germans, forbidden by

Hitler to retreat, shrank into smaller and smaller areas, cut off from each other. The pitiful remnants, led by newly-promoted Field Marshal Friedrich Paulus, eventually surrendered on February 2, 1943. If we rule out the huge amount of Russian and German works, and keep to English, the battle figures in any standard, overall history of WWII but the conflict’s huge canvas precludes much detail. Those devoted to the Eastern Front like Russianborn British journalist Alexander Werth’s “Russia At War, 1941-1945” (1964) give it better play. Werth, who covered the war from Moscow and was among the first Western journalists allowed to visit Stalingrad after the battle, also gave a stark, unsettling picture in “The Year of Stalingrad: An Historical Record and a Study of Russian Mentality, Methods and Policies” (1946). More Western interest was evoked after the publication of twice Hero of Soviet Union Marshal Vasili Chuikov’s translated memoirs -- “The Beginning of the Road: The Story of the Battle for Stalingrad” (1963). Chuikov, who had commanded the 62nd Army

in the battle and was present in the city itself, played a key role with his several innovative tactics like “hugging the enemy”, where Soviet soldiers kept in close proximity to the Germans to minimise their superior weaponry and air power. While there is also the military study “Velikaia Bitva na Volge (The great victory on the Volga)” by Marshal K.K. Rokossovsky, who served as commander of the Don Front, it was Chuikov’s memoirs that would influence the next books on Stalingrad. An early one was William Craig’s “Enemy at the Gates: The Battle for Stalingrad” (1973) -- from which the three pages about the duel between famed Russian sniper Vassili Zaitsev and an unnamed German opponent formed the basis, with considerable artistic license, of the Jude Law film “Enemy at the Gates” (2001). Then there is British historian Anthony Beevor’s magisterial strategic and social account “Stalingrad” (1998) and Geoffrey Roberts’ “Victory at Stalingrad: The Battle that Changed History” (2002). Michael K. Jones, whose “Stalingrad: How the Red Army Survived

the German Onslaught” (2007), however, purports to offer a new perspective, drawing extensively from newly-released archival material and interviews with survivors and their families. American military historian David M. Glantz, who has a spate of specialised books on the Soviet experience and operational art, contends that the earlier books suffer from over-reliance on Chuikov’s memoirs, which were intended to be “propagandist”, inflating German strength and focussing more on “pure” Russian formations among others. On the other hand, if

you prefer fiction, the best is Red Army journalist and author Vasily Grossman’s “Life and Fate”, his German counterpart Heinz G. Konsalik’s “Doctor of Stalingrad” or even Canadian author John Wilson’s “Four Steps to Death” (2005). But whatever you read, fiction or non-fiction, German, Russian or other, the basic message is the same: War is Hell. And if this percolates into our minds, Stalingrad’s significance is assured. Vikas Datta is an Associate Editor at IANS. The views expressed are personal. He can be contacted at

Reader’s Post Sir,

A Clarification

An inadvertent error in the use of a name was found in the article “1st Indo-Naga battle 1955” (A corner stone of Naga history) published in the Post Mortem page of Nagaland Post on 9th Feb’18. The name of the Vice President, Naga National Council was Mr. Imkongmeren, and not as published. Kindly look into it and make necessary correction. Thank you. Family members of Imkongmeren Reader’s note: Articles or letters published in any of the columns do not reflect the view of this newspaper nor that of the Editor in any manner.


Nagaland Post, Dimapur SUNDAY, FEBrUARY 11, 2018

Modi’s backward-looking thought led to note ban: Rahul

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi.

Gandhi asserted that Modi’s “backward-looking” thought has caused demonetisation and Goods and Services Tax (GST), which he referred to as ‘Gabbar Singh Tax’. On his first visit to the southern state, where assembly polls are due in AprilMay, after he took over party chief in December, he kicked off the party’s poll campaign from Bellary, the Lok Sabha constitutency from where his mother and former Congress President Sonia Gandhi had defeated BJP leader Sushma Swaraj in 1999 general elections. Thousands of party cadres and people from different parts of the state attended the rally. “Unemployment and farmers’ crises are two of the major challenges in the country, and dalit atrocities are on the rise, but in his (Modi’s) entire speech in

Rafale deal ‘biggest issue’ of corruption today

Rahul intensified his attack on the NDA government on the Rafale fighter jet deal on Saturday, alleging it was the “biggest issue” of corruption in the country now. “Today Rafale aircraft is the biggest issue of corruption in the country. I want to tell a few things about this to you,” he said launching “Janashirvad Yatra” of the ruling Congress in the state. Gandhi said, “Modiji had gone to Paris in France. In France Modiji personally changed the contract.”

He said earlier the Rafale contract was given to defence public sector undertaking Bengaluru-based Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), which has been making aircraft for the Indian Air Force for 70 years. “If Bangalore is on its feet today, one of the reasons for it is HAL. Modiji took away Rafale contract from Bangalore and HAL and gave it to his friend,” he said. “We have asked three questions to Modi — Modiji on what basis did you give the contract to your friend after taking it away from HAL, for what reason? Why did you take away the future of its youth from Bangalore? Why did you do this to profit your friend? “Second question, did the price of the aircraft increase or decrease in your new contract? “Third question- when you took this decision in Paris and when India’s defence minister was buying fish in Goa- did you take permission from the Cabinet Committee on Security? Yes or no.” Gandhi said Modi spoke for an hour in Parliament on the motion of thanks to the President for his address but did not utter a word about Rafale.

Arrest warrant against former IPS officer Bharati Ghosh

Bharati Ghosh

cer failed to appear before the investigating officer or furnish any reply, another source in the CID said. The agency has already started search operations to track the former West Midnapore SP, who has been on

the run for the last couple of weeks, he said. The CID has already arrested two police officers - Inspector Subhankar De and sub-inspector Chitta Pal - apparently close to Ghosh, for their alleged involvement in misconduct and extortion. Pal was the officer-incharge of Ghatal police station while De was the circle inspector. The CID had last week raided residences of Ghosh and the two police officers in connection with the case.

Gold jewellery, documents and a large sum of cash were seized from the residences of Ghosh. The raid was carried out following a court order, after a person complained that some police personnel had forcefully taken money from him last year. Ghosh, who was the West Midnapore SP, had resigned from the services after she was transferred to a less significant post - the commandant of the third battalion of the state armed police - in December 2017.

Shimla, Feb 10 (AGENCIES): Struggling to contain burgeoning monkey population in Himachal, the state government has now roped in experts from the Indian Institute of Sciences, Bengaluru, to study changed eating habits of monkeys raiding crops in fields. As per the official data released by the state agriculture department, annually monkeys cause a crop loss of Rs 235 crores in the state. The marauding monkeys and birds cause an annual loss of Rs 150 crore to horticultural crops.

WVYO, WVSU condemn (From p-1) The two organizations expressed deep pain and sadness over the fire incident at New Wokha Village in particular and all poll related violence in Wokha district in general. They expressed anxiety over the fact that with Wokha Town being the headquarters of the Lothas, all the candidates from the four district constituencies were stationed there. The organizations said this results in election related incidents being reported in different places every election giving the district administration and police sleepless nights and leaving the town tense. WVYO and WVSU urged all villages, colonies and constituencies under Wokha that support different parties and candidates, to extend their cooperation to the law enforcing agencies and exercise restraint to ensure a peaceful atmosphere throughout the elections. “Furthermore, the organization warns those individuals who impersonate as IR (NAP) personals and creating problems in and around Wokha Village”, the press note added.

Chargesheet in Punjab’s Rs 1,000 cr irrigation scam filed Chandigarh, Feb 10 (IANS): The Punjab Vigilance Bureau on Saturday filed the chargesheet in the nearly Rs 1,000 crore irrigation scam in the state, an official said. The chargesheet, filed in a court in Mohali town adjoining Chandigarh, is against contractor Gurinder Singh and retired engineers of Irrigation Department in the multi-crore scam. Gurinder Singh, who is the kingpin of the scam, and five officers of the

NPCC calls for a joint secular front NCSU (Phek)

(From p-1) of finding settlement within 18 months of coming to power had now stretched to 45 months and that the Nagas would be now fed with another promise of final settlement after 2019 parliamentary elections. Cong ress said the downslide of BJP in the nation had already begun and that the people who had given them massive mandate in 2014 were now rejecting it, as was evident in massive

defeat of its candidates in the recent by-elections in Rajasthan where INC won all the three seats by huge margins against the saffron party, indicating the mood of voters. Pointing out that at stake was the future of “our people” who thrived under democratic way of life since the ages, NPCC cautioned against bartering their rights, beliefs and customs for some instant gratification that could soon destroy the entire social fabric of the State.

Lok Adalats dispose off 41 bank recovery...

(From p-1) The Lok Adalats were presided over by judicial officers and accompanied by panel lawyers as conciliators and para legal volunteers as members. The proceedings were conducted in local dialects for convenience of the uneducated and also without stressing much on legal technicalities, the release added. Lok Adalats have been given statutory status under the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987. Under the Act, the award (decision) made by a Lok Adalat is deemed to be a decree of a civil court and is final and binding on all parties, and no further appeal against such an award lies before any court of law. They resolve and settle disputes by methods of direct talks between litigants or parties amicably. The system of Lok Adalat is affordable and justice delivery is quick and effective. Lok Adalats are held at regular intervals throughout the country and the State Legal Services Authorities, which are statutory bodies constituted under the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987, act as the implementing agency.

appeals on road project

DIM A P U R , F EB 1 0 (NPN): Nagaland Contractors and Suppliers Union (NCSU), Phek District has urged the concerned authorities and the contractors to take the union into confidence regarding the SRADP Phase-I Construction (2) Laning in Phek Dist. viz “Pfutsero to Phek & Chakabama to Zunheboto.” A press release from NCSU Phek, president Kuzhoseyi Soho Alex and general secretary, Razou Lohe appealed to the “concerned authorities as well as contractors” to begin work on the said project only after consultation with the union so that they could put in a joint effort towards the project. Recalling that the “last project could not materialize causing immense loss and hardship to the people of Phek District”, NCSU Phek reminded all concerned that the authorities and the contractors, Gayatri & Maytas, had utterly failed the people last time. It also stated that the joint effort could achieve the desired result of workmanship and timely completion. The union also cautioned that no demands from any organizations would be entertained so that the project could complete successfully.


Higher Secondary School, Kohima DC-312

ASG Tushar Mehta made Special PP for 2G cases

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EMPORIUM TRAINING & CONSULTANCY PVT. LTD, India's leading Vocational Training Provider (VTP) for Hospitality, Aviation and allied sector, registered under the Directorate General of Training (DGT), National skill Development Corporation (NSDC), Tourism & Hospitality Sector Skill Council (THSSC), Government of india, is URGENTLY looking for an ACCOUNTANT having experience of at least 3 - 5 years, well versed with Tally, Accountancy and Taxation for its new skill development training centre in Nagarjan, Dimapur, Nagaland. Mail your resume/cv along with colour photograph, copies of Academic documents and AADHAAR at:Email: or call 9436000264 / 03862 - 224574. Shortlisted candidates will be called for the interview shortly. DC-1348

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New Delhi, Feb 10 (IANS): Additional Solicitor General Tushar Mehta has been appointed as Special Public Prosecutor for the 2G Spectrum Scam case to file an appeal against the acquittal of the accused by a trial court in December last year. A notification issued on February 8 says that the Central government has appointed Tushar Mehta as Special Public Prosecutor for “conducting prosecution, appeals/revisions or other proceedings” arising out of the cases relating to 2G spectrum investigated by the CBI before the Special 2G court and the appellate/revisional court. It made no mention of the fate of senior counsel Anand Grover who was appointed Special Public Prosecutor by the Supreme Court on September 2, 2014. Grover’s appointment followed the incumbent U.U. Lalit’s appointment as top court judge. He was representing both the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Enforcement Directorate. Prior to Lalit, senior counsel K.K. Goel argued the case in its initial days but he was replaced by A.K. Singh. However, Singh was dropped after he was allegedly heard in a telephonic conversation advising one of the accused how to fight the case and Goel then staged a comeback After Lalit was sworn in as top court judge on August 13, 2014, Grover’s name was recommended by now Attorney General K.K. Venugopal who at that point of time represented the CBI in 2G cases before the apex court.

department were earlier arrested by the Vigilance Bureau in this connection. Following a vigilance inquiry, they have been booked under various sections of the Prevention of Corruption Act for causing crores of rupees loss to the state exchequer in allotment and execution of various works of Irrigation Department in the state. “Officials favoured contractor Gurinder Singh in various projects worth more than Rs 1,000 crore.


KO L K AT A , F e b 1 0 (Agencies): The West Bengal CID has issued an arrest warrant against former IPS officer Bharati Ghosh for alleged misconduct and extortion from civilians, a senior officer of the investigating agency said on Saturday. “We have issued an arrest warrant against Ghosh and her (former) security personnel Sujit Mondal. She will be arrested wherever spotted,” the officer told. The arrest warrant against Ghosh was issued after the former IPS offi-

Monkeys attack crops in Himachal

Contact Administrator : 9856000360/9436212086 Last Date of Submission is 20th February 2018


Hospet, Feb 10 (IANS/ AGENCIES): Attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his recent Parliament speech accusing the Congress of yearning an “old India” of scams, Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday said Modi’s “backward-looking” thought led to note ban. “The country doesn’t want to hear about the past, it is concerned about the future. Narendra Modi is the kind of PM who drives the vehicle looking in the rear-view mirror,” Gandhi said addressing a party rally here in Hospet in Bellary district, about 350km from Bengaluru. In his recent Parliament speech, the Prime Minister chose to speak only about Congress and India’s past and not about the future of the country’s youth, farmers and labourers, he remarked.

the Parliament, he did not utter a single word on these issues,” Gandhi said in his 40-minute long speech in Hindi. It was simultaneously translated into Kannada by the state Congress unit’s Working President Dinesh Gundu Rao. The Modi government has also failed in keeping its promises of giving 2 crore jobs to the youth of the country each year, said the Congress chief. “I ask the PM to learn from (Karnataka) Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, who responded to farm crisis by waiving off their loans and kept his promises,” he added.




Need to be forward-looking on monetary policy: Patel

New Delhi, Feb 10 (PTI): RBI Governor Urjit Patel Saturday said the monetary policy decisions need to be “forward-looking” and cannot be taken on the basis of day-to-day inflation rates. Stating that it is difficult to predict global oil prices, Patel said the global charts have shown two-way movement in the recent days and there is a need to be prepared for both the scenarios of rising and falling rates. Speaking to reporters after Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s customary post-Budget address to RBI’s board, the governor also exuded confidence about improving credit growth and the encouraging trend of companies being able to raise a fair amount of funds from the capital markets. On the monetary policy framework, Patel said the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), which decided to keep the key rates unchanged earlier

Urjit Patel

this week, has explained its reasons for the decisions it takes as per the policy framework and the inflation targeting system that has been followed on account of legislative change. “We have to be forward-looking when conducting monetary policy rather than looking at inflation rates today or yesterday. “And given than MPC has explained its decision in great detail, our resolutions are possibly the longest compared to most central banks of the world... We explain our decisions carefully, twice a year we

have the monetary policy report,” he said. “I think that our decisions have been forwardlooking rather than backward-looking,” Patel said, while asserting that the GDP growth rate is showing an upward trend. Jaitley also said that he considered the MPC’s last decision to be “a balanced” one and as far as the fiscal situation is concerned, he sees it to be reasonably more comfortable next year on the revenues front. “Therefore, I cannot at this stage say there would be any slippage. I am sure we will be able to maintain the (fiscal deficit) target quite well. You cannot on basis of hypothetical situation like oil prices... What has happened in the three days nobody had predicted. So that’s entering into an area on which there is no certainty at the moment,” the finance minister said. Agreeing with the minister, Patel said the MPC decision took into account all the downside risks

and mitigating factors. “We had observed that in recent days oil prices had two- way movement. So what the finance minister has said is the correct point. We need to be prepared for movements either way because it is just very difficult to predict oil prices.” “A few months ago, June or so, people were talking about oil prices never going above USD 45 per barrel and some of the advise had come to MPC was based on that,” he said. While the global oil prices have cooled a bit in last 2-3 days, there have been concerns about the potential headwinds from a rise in crude prices. Patel also said the capital market’s contribution to fund-raising has also gone up substantially. “So we will have better equity-debt ratio (for corporates) given that the entities have been able to raise fair bit of equity. I think that... We are already at the credit growth of 11 per cent or so,” he said.

Fiscal situation to be comfortable next fy: Jaitley New Delhi, Feb 10 (PTI): Finance Minister Arun Jaitley Saturday said the fiscal situation should be comfortable next financial year and there are no worries at the moment regarding slippages in meeting the deficit targets. Brushing aside any immediate need to worry about rising global oil prices, Jaitley said an assessment should not be made based on hypothetical situation concerning crude prices as the trend in the last three days has been opposite (with prices falling again), adding that at this stage he was not worried about any slippages on the fiscal front. Addressing a press conference after meeting RBI’s board in a customary post-Budget exercise, Jaitley also said that the last decision of the Monetary Policy Committee, chaired by RBI Governor Urjit Patel that decided to keep rates unchanged, was a “balanced decision”. “... as far as fiscal situation is concerned, I see next year to be more comfortable as far as revenues are concerned. I cannot see at this stage that there would be any slippages,” he said.

Nagaland Post, Dimapur SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2018

IT majors see surge in utilisation rate C HE N N A I , F e b 1 0 (Agencies): As the tech titans grapple with digital and changing consumer behaviour, their emphasis on improving productivity of their workforce seems to be paying off with utilisation levels improving by up to 600 basis points (100bps = 1 percentage point). Assessing utilisation levels is a significant part of the financial review process as these numbers indicate the workforce efficiency of the company. With multiple winds of change impacting the IT sector — from tightening client spends to digitalisation and automation — finding the right person with the right skill, or reskilling the existing workforce, has become paramount. All the IT majors have been investing significant time and effort in reskilling and preparing their workforce for automation. For instance, in the last one year, CTS has seen a 6 per cent jump in utilisation (including trainees). The company ended the year with a headcount of 260,000, or 200 lesser than last year. The marked change in hiring plans was evident with CTS entering

colleges for campus recruitments several weeks behind schedule. It has reported 10 per cent growth in revenues year on year with fewer people. HfS Research CEO and chief analyst Phil Fersht said, “The Indian heritage IT majors are quickly working out how to deliver technology and business services with less people, through smart deployment of automation tools, AI, digitalisation and constant refinement of people delivery.” Among other tech cos, Infosys recorded a 4 per cent increase and HCL 1 per cent improvement in utilisation. While Wipro saw its utilisation levels oscillate during the year, but ended flat. In terms of additions, Wipro saw a drop, ending the year with 1.77 lakh employees — 1,625 employees fewer than December 2016. While both TCS and Infosys saw an increase in headcount in the last five quarters, of 1,928 and 12,000 respectively, there has been a steady drop in the number of additions since then with small increases in revenue.

Gold remains up on sustained jewellers’ buying New Delhi, Feb 10 (PTI): Gold maintained its upward trend for the second day Saturday, gaining another Rs 30 at Rs 31,200 per 10 grams at the bullion market today on sustained buying by local jewellers even as the metal weakened overseas. Silver, however, fell by Rs 180 to Rs 39,050 per kg due to reduced offtake by industrial units and coin makers. Traders said increased buying by local jewellers to meet the wedding season demand at domestic spot market mainly kept gold prices higher but a weak trend overseas capped the gain. Globally, gold fell 0.20 per cent to USD 1,315.70 an ounce and silver by 0.37 per cent to USD 16.43 an ounce in New York in yesterday’s trade. In the national capital, gold of 99.9 per cent and 99.5 per cent purity inched up further by Rs 30 each to Rs 31,200 and Rs 31,050 per 10 grams, respectively. It had gained Rs 220 yesterday. Sovereign, however, remained unaltered at Rs 24,800 per piece of eight grams in limited deals.

Rules on cryptocurrencies to India Post Payments Bank Volatility in markets may continue: Sebi be out soon, says Ajay Tyagi pan-India roll out from April


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The name Kekhrieselhoulie Metha and Kekhrieselhoulie are referred one and same person. Therefore by the strength of this affidavit No. 468/2017 dated 20.11.2017, I may hereafter be called, known as Kekhrieselhoulie Metha in all my official name for all legal and further correspondence. DP-1349


I, Molung Moshining Kansou, S/o Molung Moba Maring have lost my original GB Patta of my residence of H/No 847, J-Sector, Diphupar "B" Village, 5 th Mile, Dimapur-797112. Finder may please contact at the following phone No. 9862580754. DP-1335 LOST NOTICE I, Mr. Keviphruotsü Dzüvichü, applying for the duplicate of B.Sc Marksheet & Admit Card as I have lost them. Name : Keviphruotsü Dzüvichü F/name : Keduokienyü Dzüvichü M/Name : Koteno Dzüvichü DOB : 19-09-1992 Roll. No : F12030024 Regd. No : 2012030203 of 2012 College : Science College. K-422

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at 10 per cent, which is expected to bring in a revenue of Rs 20,000 crore. Speaking about the markets, Tyagi said that volatility in Indian markets may continue for some time due to global reasons like the healthy US job markets numbers. Indian stock markets have been falling in the last few trading sessions, which experts attributed to global worries. Currently, BSE’s Sensex has been hovering at 34,000 level.

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Across 1 Greek island containing black swans (4) 3 Tom’s mare could be a beast (8) 9 Wine and cake (7) 10 Tears as leading character in romance dies (5) 11 Plant trees, reportedly (5) 12 Put out vessel for recovery (6) 14 A sort of meteor? Far from it! (6) 16 Successful move by the French pair (6) 19 Run after penniless middleman (6) 21 Garden feature held back by scaremonger (5) 24 Straight line, we hear, in Cornish city (5) 25 Nought’s amiss in report (7) 26 Are Europeans allowed to dance round them? (8) 27 Erosion caused by Sunderland’s river (4) Down 1 What scouts might have to sing about? (8) 2 World War II hero ordered to join resistance (5) 4 A vehicle carrying a hundred? You can count on it! (6) 5 Revolutionary leader in Marseilles with a deserter (5) 6 Hot spot shocking puritans — one to be avoided (7) 7 U n d e r t a k i n g q u e s t a s knight? Not entirely (4) 8 Straightforward board member has no alternative (6) 13 Tower guard loses fine bird (3- 5) 15 Happy to admit copper is a metal (7) 17 Musical instruments vital to life (6) 18 A shoe, in a manner of speaking (6) 20 Tokyo, strangely, is a city in Japan (5) 22 Scot’s exclamation about colour (5) 23 A piece from your favourite magazine? (4)

"CREATIVITY IS AWESOME" 1. Basic Fine Art Course (3 Months) 2. Specialize Fine Art Course (5 Months)

be wrong to say long-term capital gains tax will have no impact at all on Indian markets. But, any such impact would be small and the global factors pose bigger risks, Tyagi added. When asked about the timing of imposing the LTCG, Tyagi said it was an opportune time as markets were booming. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, on February 1, proposed to tax LTCG on equities exceeding Rs 1 lakh


Su doku

No. 8777 Yesterday’s solution No. 8776

of Postmen and Gramin Dak Sewaks (GDS),” the statement said. In 2015, RBI had granted ‘in-principle’ approval to 11 entities, including the Department of Posts, to set up payments banks. Payments banks can accept deposits of up to Rs 1 lakh per account from individuals and small businesses. Unlike traditional banks, payments banks are not allowed to give loans or credit to customers. The new model of banking allows mobile firms, super market chains and others to cater to banking requirements of individuals and small businesses. A payments bank is a differentiated bank and confines its activities to acceptance of demand deposits, remittance services, Internet banking and other specified services.



soon and the role various regulators will play is being finalised. “The day Budget was presented, on the next day itself we have requested DEA (Department of Economic Affairs) to call a meeting of

NEW DELHI, Feb 10 (PTI): India Post Payments Bank on Saturday said that it will start pan-India roll out of its network from April this year. India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) Expansion Programme continues to make brisk progress and a nation-wide roll-out is scheduled beginning April 2018,” the Department of Posts said in a statement. All 1.55 lakh post office branches will operate as access points and 650 payments bank branches will provide them backend support. “Once the proposed expansion is completed, IPPB will be providing the largest financial inclusion network in the country, covering both urban as well as rural hinterland with ability to provide digital payment services at the doorstep with the help


NEW DELHI, Feb 10 (PTI): Amid continuing volatility in bitcoin prices and growing concerns about investors’ safety, Sebi Chairman Ajay Tyagi today said the regulations on cryptocurrencies should be out

that very quickly...We want first a policy to be framed... We have actually decided that which regulator will do what and we want that the committee should come out with the regulations very quickly and we will fully contribute to this,” Tyagi told reporters here. Tyagi, who is part of the committee formed by the government to examine the pros and cons of virtual currencies (VCs), including launching an own cryptocurrency, said that a policy in this regard should come out first and then only the role of Sebi can be outlined. The VCs are stored in digital or electronic format, making them vulnerable to hacking, loss of password and malware attack, which may also result in permanent loss of money.

NEW DELHI, Feb 10 (PTI): Volatility in the Indian markets may continue for some time due to global reasons, but there are no issues of concern for investors in terms of safety and security of the Indian marketplace, Sebi chief Ajay Tyagi said on Saturday. In the wake of concerns raised in some quarters about the re-introduction of long-term capital gains tax (LTCG), as proposed in the Budget, Tyagi said Sebi has not received any representation from investors so far against this. He, however, said it will


Nagaland Post, Dimapur SUNDAY, FEBrUARY 11, 2018

Trump blocks Democratic memo on Russia probe

Donald Trump blocked the release of classified memo on Friday. Washington, Feb 10 (AFP): President Donald Trump is refusing to declassify a high-profile memo written by Democratic lawmakers about the Russia probe. In a letter to the chair of the House Intelligence C o m m i t t e e ye s t e r d ay, White House counsel Don McGahn says the memo

Taliban kill 6 local police in Afghanistan Kandahar, Feb 10 (AP): An Afghan official says at least six local police have been killed in a Taliban attack on their checkpoints in southern Helmand province. District police chief Amanullah, who goes by only one name, said today eight others were wounded in the previous night’s attack in Nawa district. Qari Yusouf Ahmadi, Taliban spokesman, claimed responsibility for the attack. In a statement sent to media he said fighters overran three checkpoints, killing around 15 local forces. Separately, gunmen killed a district judge in western Herat province, said Iqbal Nezami, spokesman for the provincial police in Ghor province. Nezami said Mawlavi Baz Mohammad was on his way from Ghor to Herat when gunmen forced him from his vehicle and killed him in Shandand district. No one claimed responsibility.

“contains numerous properly classified and especially sensitive passages.” The Democrats’ memo aimed to counter a Republican-drafted one the president declassified and released. However, portions of the memo “would create especially significant concerns for the national security and

UN considers demand for 30-day Syria ceasefire U NITE D NATIONS, Feb 10 (Agencies): The United Nations Security Council is considering demanding a 30-day ceasefire in Syria to allow the delivery of aid and the evacuation of sick and wounded, diplomats said on Friday, although the measure is likely to be resisted by Russia. A resolution, drafted by Sweden and Kuwait, was circulated to the 15member council on Friday. It needs nine votes in favor and no vetoes by Russia, China, the United States, Britain or France. The United Nations called on Tuesday for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Syria of at least a month, a call that was backed by the U.S. State Department on Thursday However, Russian UN Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia said on Thursday: “That’s not realistic. We would like to see a ceasefire, the end of war in Syria, but the terrorists, I’m not sure

Taiwan quake toll reaches 14

Taipei, Feb 10 (IANS): Search and rescue teams in Taiwan on Saturday pulled out two bodies of five members of a Chinese family who remain trapped after a 6.4-magnitude earthquake hit the city of Hualien in Taiwan, raising the number of fatalities to 14, the Emergency Operation Centre said. The rescue mission to free the family that was staying at the Meilun Hotel, part of the Yun Men Tsui Ti building, was hindered due to severe damage caused to the building, bad weather and continuous

law enforcement interests,” McGahn wrote. FBI chief Christopher Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in a separate letter indicated that releasing this material would present concerns for the “protection of intelligence sources and methods, ongoing investigations and other similarly sensitive information.” House Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called Trump’s move to block the memo a “stunningly brazen attempt to cover up the truth about the Trump-Russia scandal from the American people.” “The president’s decision to block the Democratic memo from release is part of a dangerous and desperate pattern of cover-up on the part of the president,” she said in a statement. “Clearly, the president

aftershocks. The rescue teams struggled to gain access to the room where the family had been trapped for over 80 hours since Tuesday’s quake. The Hualien Fire Department’s rescue team leader said there were no signs of life, adding that the situation was not hopeful as severe conditions were making it hard to reach the bodies. Despite the difficulties, rescue operations would continue until all the members of the family are pulled out, Hualien Mayor Fu Kun-chi said.

Protesters tear N. Korean flags, leader’s photos in Seoul Seoul, Feb 10 (IANS): Conservative activists tore photos of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un and attempted to burn its national flag in demonstrations here on Saturday against Pyongyang’s participation in the Olympics. A flurry of demonstrations took place on the streets as Kim’s sister and other high-ranking officials visited the presidential office and North Korean art troupe Samjiyon Orchestra arrived in Seoul to perform on Sunday, Yonhap news agency reported. Some 800 anti-North Korean protesters marched and staged street performances in front of the Deoksu Palace in central Seoul, condemning the North Korean leader and President Moon Jae-in, who they regard as too soft on the North. Photos of Kim Jong-un and North Korea’s national flags were seen damaged and in tatters. Some were holding up a ripped-up “Korean Unification” flag, which was used when athletes from South and North Korea made a joint entrance at the opening ceremony of the PyeongChang Olympics on Friday night. Some people tried to burn the North Korean national flag, but were contained by police. Similar demonstrations took place sporadically around the city. The protests took place as Kim Jong-un, in a message delivered by his sister Kim Yo-jong, invited Moon to Pyongyang at the “earliest date” possible for what will be a third inter-Korean summit.

they are in agreement.” Syrian ally Russia has cast 11 vetoes on possible Security Council action on Syria since the civil war began in 2011, shielding Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government. The draft UN resolution, seen by Reuters, also “calls upon all parties to immediately lift the sieges of populated areas, including in Eastern Ghouta, Yarmouk, Foua and Kefraya.” Council diplomats were expected to discuss the text on Monday. It was not immediately clear when or if Sweden and Kuwait would put the draft resolution to a vote. Diplomacy is making no progress toward ending a war, now approaching its eighth year, which has killed hundreds of thousands of people and forced half the pre-war Syrian population of 23 million from their homes. Millions have been forced out as refugees.

has something to hide.” The previously released Republican text alleges antiTrump bias in the investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 US election that brought Trump to power. The Justice Department and the FBI had also warned against releasing the Republican memo, saying it could jeopardise US intelligence collection methods. Trump authorised its release anyway. Democrats on the intelligence committee complained the Republicans’ four-page memo cherrypicked facts and explained events out of context and was thus not accurate. They joined other Trump administration critics in calling the release of the Republican document an effort to undermine the investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Italy eyes stronger ties with ASEAN Ba n g ko k , F e b 1 0 (IANS/AKI): Italy will seek to boost its relations with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations trading bloc, its Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano said during a visit to the region. “Italy wants to strengthen relations with ASEAN and will organise the 2nd High Level Dialogue ASEAN-Italy Economic Relations in Singapore in April,” said Alfano in a tweet about his remarks during a meeting here with his Thai counterpart Don Pramudwina ahead of a meeting with Thai premier Prayuth Chan-O-Cha. Earlier, Alfano addressed the Italian-Thai Business Forum in Bangkok together with Italy’s Ambassador to Thailand, Francesco Saverio Nisio. “Discussed with CEOs accounting for over 50 percent of Thai GDP the excellent investment opportunities in Thailand in a wide range of sectors including energy transition,” he tweeted.


Moon dismisses Abe’s call to resume US-S. Korea drills

Seoul, Feb 10 (IANS): South Korean President Moon Jae-in dismissed a call by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to quickly resume the US-South Korea joint military exercises, an official said on Saturday. The unnamed official of South Korea’s presidential Blue House was quoted as saying that Abe told Moon on Friday that it was not a right time to delay the annual joint military drills between South Korea and the US. Abe said it would be important to conduct the US-South Korea joint war games, codenamed Key Resolve and Foal Eagle, as scheduled, Xinhua news agency cited the Blue House official as saying. The Japanese Prime Minister visited South Korea for the opening ceremony of the 23rd Winter Olympics at the country’s east county of PyeongChang. In response, Moon said it was a matter of South Korea’s sovereignty and its

Moon Jae

domestic affairs, noting it would not be appropriate for Abe to directly mention the issue. Moon and US President Donald Trump agreed via a telephone conversation on January 4 to postpone the joint annual war games during the Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games set to run from February to March. The South Korean President has been seeking to maintain a dialogue mood between the two Koreas by making the PyeongChang Winter Olympics “a peace Olympic”.

Polish accuses Jews of ‘passivity’ in Holocaust WA R SAW, F e b 1 0 (Agencies): An adviser to Poland’s president has said that Israel’s reaction to a law criminalizing some statements about Poland’s actions during World War stems from a “feeling of shame at the passivity of the Jews during the Holocaust.”’ Andrzej Zybertowicz made the remark in an interview published Friday in the Polska-The Times newspaper. Zybertowicz tweeted a link to the article on Friday. Polish President Andrzej Duda signed legislation Tuesday that imposes prison terms of up to three years for falsely and intentionally attributing Nazi crimes to German-occupied Poland. The law has sparked anger in Israel, where Holocaust survivors and others with roots in Poland fear it will allow the government to whitewash the role some Poles had in killing Jews during World War II.

Israel downs Iranian drone, strikes Syria; F-16 crashes Jerusalem, Feb 10 (AP): The Israeli military shot down an Iranian drone that infiltrated the country early Saturday before launching a “large-scale attack” on at least a dozen Iranian and Syrian targets in Syria. Israel called it a “severe and irregular violation of Israeli sovereignty” and warned of further action against the unprecedented Iranian aggression. The military said its planes faced massive antiaircraft fire from Syria that forced two pilots to abandon an F-16 jet that crashed in northern Israel. One pilot was seriously wounded and the other lightly. Syrian officials reported large explosions in the center of the country and the Syrian counter fire set off warning sirens throughout northern Israel. The Israeli strikes marked its most significant engagement since the fighting in neighboring Syria began in 2011 and said Iran would be held responsible for

its outcome. “This is a serious Iranian attack on Israeli territory. Iran is dragging the region into an adventure in which it doesn’t know how it will end,” Israel’s chief military spokesman, Brig Gen Ronen Manelis, said in a special statement. “Whoever is responsible for this incident is the one who will pay the price.” Gen Hossein Salami, acting commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, did not acknowledge Israel’s claim it shot down the drone. “We do not confirm any such news from Israel,” he said. Syria’s Defense Ministry said in statements on its website that its air defenses responded successfully to the Israeli operation and hit more than one plane. “The Israeli enemy has once again attacked some of our military bases in the southern area and our air defenses responded and foiled the aggression,” it said. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman

The remains of an Israel F-16 that crashed after coming under fire by Syrian air defences. were convening the top brass at military headquarters in Tel Aviv to discuss further response. Israel has mostly stayed out of the prolonged fighting in Syria, wary of being drawn into a war in which

nearly all the parties are hostile toward it. It has recently been warning of the increased Iranian presence along its border, but military spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus said today’s incident

marked the most “blatant and severe violation of Israeli sovereignty” yet. He said Israel has no interest in further escalation but that it would “extract a heavy price” for such aggression.




Dated Kohima, the

th Feb.-2018

NOTICE This is for the general information to all the Rural Libraries enlisted with the Department of Art and Culture that books for 2016-17 may be collected from the Directorate of Art and Culture from 12th Feb. 2018 to 29th March 2018 during office hours. All the Libraries must come with Library Round Seal and designation seal (President, Librarian or General Secretary), without which books will not be issued. On the expiry of the last date, books will be taken by the respective District Cultural Officers/Registering Officer to their respective Head Quarters. PUCHOSALE YORE Joint Director Art and Culture, Nagaland, Kohima




Dated : 9/2/18

Applications are invited from interested Male and Female candidate for under-going Motor Vehicle Driving Training in the NST Drivers' Training Institute, Virazouma (7th Mile), Dimapur. Courses offered : Duration 1. Light Motor Vehicle 1 (one) month 2. Heavy Motor Vehicle 3 (three) months Conditions and eligibility criteria : 1. The minimum age limit of the candidate must be 18 (eighteen) years and above on the date of admission. 2. Candidate applying for Heavy Motor Vehicle must possess Light Motor Vehicle Driving Licence. 3. Seat is limited and admission will be on 'First come First Basis'. 4. Hostel facility is available for male trainees. 5. Application form will be available at Drivers' Training Institute Virazouma (7th Mile) Dimapur from the date of publication of this advertisement. 6. Seats are available for the HMV ongoing batch i.e February to April 2018. 7. Last date for receipt of duly filled application forms for HMV-15/02/18. 8. Admission for LMV March 2018 session is going on and classes will commence w.e.f 1/03/18. 9. Last date for receipt of duly filled application forms for LMV - 28/02/18. 10. For queries and application forms, contact the Institute Office on all working days or call : +919436417130. (K. Kepen) Deputy General Manager NST Drivers' Training Institute Virazouma (7th Mile) Dimapur, Nagaland DC-311


DC & DEO Mon informs on General and Police Observers DC and DEO Mon, K. THAVASEELAN, IAS, in a notification, informed the public, contesting candidates and all concerned that 3(three) General Observers and 1 (one) Police Observer have been deployed by the Election Commission of India (ECI) for Mon District. Their details are as below- Shri. Manoj Kumar, IAS - General Observer for 42 A/C Wakching, 46 A/C Mon town, 47 A/C Aboi. Place of stay - Walo Guest House (Circuit House), Near DC Residence, Mon. Contact Number - +91-7630058809

(a) Name Designation

- Shri. Atul Kumar Gupta, IAS - General Observer for 41 A/C Tizit, 43 A/C Tapi and 44 A/C Phomching. Place of stay - Walo Guest House (Circuit House), Near DC Residence, Mon. Contact Number - +91-8974210077

(b) Name Designation

- Shri. Prabanshu Srivastav, IAS. - General Observer for 45 A/C, Tehok, 48 A/C Moka and 55 A/C Tobu Place of stay - Walo Guest House(Circuit House) Near DC Residence, Mon. Contact Number - +91 - 8974204343

(c) Name Designation

(d) Name Designation Place of stay Contact Number


Shri. Puneet Rastogi, IPS Police Observer for all 9 A/Cs under Mon District. Walo Guest House (Circuit House), Near DC Residence, Mon +91-8974248899

Anybody desirous of the meeting them; on election related matters, may do so between 3-4 PM everyday at the Walo Guest House. DC-315



Nagaland Post, Dimapur SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2018

Digital platforms boosting to indie music: Jeet Gannguli

How Clint Eastwood made screen stars of have-a-go heroes C

Clint Eastwood (2nd from right) bought the rights to the men’s book of the events.


n 2015 three Americans made headlines around the world when they halted an armed attack on a train travelling from Amsterdam to Paris. Now Clint Eastwood has made a film of the story - although as much about the three growing up together as about the violent attack itself. It was only three weeks before the first day of shooting for The 15:17 to Paris that the three young men at its centre realised the movie-making proposition had just changed radically. Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler and Alek Skarlatos had been thrilled when

Clint Eastwood bought the rights to their book about the events on a Thalys high speed train in northern France in August 2015. The friends had spoken at length with the film-maker about their schooldays in Sacramento, California. Eastwood and his team had also plotted every detail of how they stopped the Moroccan Ayoub El-Khazzani after he emerged from a toilet on the train carrying an assault rifle and a pistol with which he shot a passenger in the back. French prosecutors later said the gunman had boarded the train with the

rifle, 270 rounds of ammunition, a pistol, a bottle of petrol and a hammer. It’s remarkable that no one died in the incident. Sadler says when Eastwood got them to re-enact some of the action for the camera they thought he was just collecting material for reference. They knew the casting of actors to play them had been going on for weeks. “But one or two things Mr Eastwood said had us looking at each other. We said, so are you suggesting we should be in the picture? And Mr Eastwood said ‘Sure, why not?’” Stone, Sadler and

Skarlatos all dislike being labelled heroes. So it’s ironic that the movie came about because Eastwood, now 87, gave them an award for heroism. The men were in their early 20s when the incident happened. Sadler points out that for years their communication before Europe had mainly been on Skype or by phone. “It was a reunion after our schooldays because to a degree we had gone our own ways. They’re now engaged in a new world of acting classes and auditions. Skarlatos has already taken part in Dancing with the Stars, the US version of Strictly Come Dancing. Stone says for all of them making the film was a great experience. “Of course I hope it will be a big hit. But I also hope it makes people think. “Yes I’d had military training - but there’s not a lot you can do to prepare yourself when something like that happens. I think it will make people ask what they would do in a similar position. And why they would do it.” (BBC)

omposer Jeet Gannguli, known for his work in films like “Aashiqui 2” and “Hamari Adhuri Kahani”, has hailed social networking sites for giving a “solid boost” to independent music. Gannguli released the first song titled “Barsaat mein” from his debut Hindi album, which comprises eighth tracks, on Zee Music on Friday. The music video, shot like a concert, features Gannguli and a group of musicians playing instruments. “One day, while sitting at home with my guitar, this melody came to my mind along with the word ‘Barsaat’ (rain). So far, the melodies composed by me have been used in movies. But this time, I played the tune to Anurag Bedi from Zee Music as we were brainstorming on creating an album. “On listening to the song, he was sure that this would be the first song of our album. Rashmi Virag penned beautiful lyrics,” Gannguli told IANS. On the independent music scene in India, he said: “Music industry always had a place for independent music...think of all the lovely albums of (singers) Lucky Ali, Adnan Sami, Sonu Nigam etc.” (IANS)

Europe wins Swedish Grammis Award for ‘Walk The Earth’


ale music industry executives have called on the Grammys organisation to take “significant and robust action” following the lack of female representation at this year’s awards. Alessia Cara was the only female winner of a major award at the event last month (January 28), while Lorde was the only female Album Of The Year nominee, and the only one not invited to perform solo. After the awards, Recording Academy president Neil Portnow told reporters women needed to “step up” to advance their careers, causing huge backlash. He later announced a new task force would target “female advancement” in the industry. Female executives wrote two open letters to the Recording Academy, with one calling the group “woefully out of touch”. Now, their male counterparts have now sent their own message “in solidarity of the women who penned letters to you regarding gender disparity and ask that more significant and robust action be taken by the Recording Academy to


he visualizer video for the song “Take It To The Cross” from Stryper is taken from the band’s upcoming album, “God Damn Evil”, which will be released on April 20 via Frontiers Music Srl. Produced by frontman Michael Sweet, it is Stryper’s most powerful album to date, doubling down on the hard rock/ heavy metal sound that earned the group a worldwide fan base. “’Take It To The Cross’ is our answer to many fans asking us to do something a little heavier and even bordering on thrash,” said Michael. “The verses are heavy with (L-R) Former Ao Milen edictor and author, T Senka Ao, with the artiste Atemer Walling and Yimyu Baptist Arogo youth directorMoa Jamir, during the release of the album “Broken” on February 9 at Wave Studio, Yimyu, Mokokchung.

be the inspiration — not just trying to get a radio hit song or whatever but always to let the inspiration and the music be the guiding light, basically let the music take us to wherever it leads us. So the music is leading the way, and it’s been like that since [2004’s] ‘Start From The Dark’. And we’ve been exploring different paths and different inspirations. (Blabbermouth)

NARAS should reveal the diversity (and/or the lack thereof) of its voting members and make necessary changes to the population of the Academy to better reflect the diverse music business voices the organisation is meant to serve.” Following Portnow’s initial comments, female executives called for the academy boss’ resignation. “The statement you made this week about women in music needing to ‘step up’ was spectacularly wrong and insulting and, at its core, oblivious to the vast body of work created by and with women,” the women said in a letter. “Today we are stepping up and stepping in to demand your resignation.” (NME)

a vocal and lyric delivery that’s bold and relevant yet the chorus kicks in with a fast, thrashy vibe. We brought in Matt Blanchard (Act of Defiance, Shadows Fall) to handle the vocal growl on the choruses and the end vamp. This song is 100 percent high octane.” “God Damn Evil” is available now for pre-order in multiple configurations. Stryper will return to the road this year, kicking off the “God Damn Evil” world tour in Milan, Italy on April 28 at the Frontiers Rock Festival. (Blabbermouth)



As you dipped in the buss of thanks giving to God, we also extend our big congratulations Mr. Longshithung Tsopoe, S/o. Mr & Mrs. Wokhathung Tsopoe on being selected as Officer Scale-I, Assistant Manager, Regional Rural Bank of India, through the recent conducted IBPS examination. We humbly pray that God will support you while facing your own determination and challenges. With immense gratefulness as you wise young mind never cease to inspire and rekindle the young generations of our Colony. With best wishes Tchuyiro Colony, Youth Organization


London, England’s legendary Abbey Road studios and was produced by Dave Cobb, who also helmed the band’s previous disc. Speaking about Europe’s musical evolution leading up to the release of “Walk The Earth”, drummer Ian Haugland told the “Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon” podcast: “I think when we set out in 2004 to reunite and start the new journey, we said that we needed to let the music

answer their call.” It cited statistics noting that 90 percent of almost 900 Grammy nominations between 2013 and 2018 were male, as Variety reports, and said that NARAS, the academy’s legal name, is “meant to reflect all of the music industry and be “by the people and for the people”. “Structural flaws in the makeup of The Recording Academy itself have led to systemic issues in the selection of nominees and winners for the awards,” the letter continued. “Now is the time for NARAS to lead and be transparent and dedicated to transforming its member base to truly mirror the rich gender and cultural diversity of our community.

Stryper’s new song ‘Take It To The Cross’


u r o p e wa s h o n ored in the “Best Hard Rock/Metal” category at the Swedish Grammis awards (Swedish Grammy equivalent), which was held Thursday night (February 8) at Grand Hôtel in Stockholm. The bands were nominated for their most recent releases, all of which came out during 2017. “Best Hard Rock/Metal” nominees were as follows: * Arch Enemy - “Will To Power” * Europe - “Walk The Earth” * H.E.A.T. - “Into The Great Unknown” * The Night Flight Orchestra - “Amber Galactic” * Vampire - “With Primeval Force” “Walk The Earth” was released last October via Europe’s own Hell & Back label through Silver Lining Music. The follow-up to 2015’s “War Of Kings” was laid down at

Male music execs call for ‘significant and robust action’ from Grammys

We carry privilege as a responsibility: Amaan, Ayaan Shri. H Tovihoto Ayemi BJP Candidate


1 Dmr-1 Assembly Constituency


ALL ARE CORDIALLY WELCOME said: “I think I was 12 years old when we went to London for a concert where I played very badly. Some of the respected musicians were sitting in the front row. “We came back to the hotel room and Abbu (father) had fever... He was upset and felt embarrassed due to the bad performance. I got my life lesson. “That day, that very moment bhai and I understood what music meant to my father. And that is the responsibility we have as the son of a living legend like Ustad Amjad Ali Khan. We cannot afford to play badly or make any moment an embarrassment to our father, who is respected by the music connoisseurs worldwide. (IANS)



ell-known classical musicians Amaan and Ayaan Ali Bangash, sons of legendary sarod player Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, say they do not take the privilege lightly and instead, consider it a responsibility. “The journey of a classical musician is way long and with age and experience of life, it keeps changing. Our achievement, failure, heartbreak... everything gets transcended into music,” Ayaan told IANS. Born and brought up in Delhi, the brothers -who performed at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival here last week -- started learning sarod under the tutelage of their father and guru. Remembering one of his early concerts that gave him a life lesson, Amaan

Time : 10:00 AM Date : 12th of Feb. 2018 Venue : DDSC (Public Ground)



SL beat B’desh in 2nd Test to win series

Sri Lanka’s players celebrate after securing victory in the second Test against Bangladesh.

the Sri Lanka innings. Taijul finished with 4-76 taking his tally to eight wickets in the match but Bangladesh were always in the back foot once they started their second innings on a massively turning wicket. Sri Lanka began their victory push as Dilruwan Perera removed opener Tamim Iqbal for two in just the second over of the innings. Herath got rid of Imrul Kayes before the lunch break as wicketkeeper Niroshan Dickwella took a catch,

just a ball after he hit the leftarm spinner for a six. Herath added Mominul Haque (33) and Mushfiqur Rahim (25) to after the lunch break before Dananjaya stepped on to the scene and did the rest. Silva, who also scored 56 runs in the first innings, was man of the match. The first Test ended in a draw in Chittagong. The two teams will now play two Twenty20 internationals with the first match in Dhaka on February 15.

Tax issues could bar India GB through to Fed Cup play-off from hosting CT, WC

Dubai, Feb 10 (IANS): The Indian government’s stance of not approving a tax exemption to the International Cricket Council (ICC) could possibly see India losing out on hosting two of the biggest global tournaments -- the 2021 Champions Trophy and the 2023 World Cup -- in the next five years. The ICC board during its meeting here on Friday expressed concern, fearing revenue loss of atleast $100 million, and therefore directed its management to look out for alternative venues, beginning with the Champions Trophy, if the issue is not resolved. “The Board expressed their concern around the absence of a tax exemption from the Indian Government for ICC events held in India despite ongoing efforts from both the ICC and BCCI to secure the exemption which is standard practice for major sporting events around the world,” the ICC said in a media release, after the board meeting in Dubai on Friday. “The Board agreed that ICC management,

supported by the BCCI will continue the dialogue with the Indian Government but in the meantime directed ICC management to explore alternative host countries in a similar time zone for the International Cricket Council Champions Trophy 2021,” the release added. The ICC board meeting which was also attended by BCCI acting secretary Amitabh Choudhary, has been stung by the experiences of the 2016 World T20 (hosted by India), for which tax exemption has not yet been approved, due to which the ICC has suffered a revenue shortfall of $20-30 million. Two years on, and despite constant reminders by the ICC and the BCCI, the Indian government has not changed its stand on providing exemptions. Despite the BCCI’s attempts at facilitation, the ICC board remains wary of exposing itself to what some officials calculate could be losses of $100125 million if the Indian government fails to provide tax exemption for the Champions Trophy and the 2023 World Cup.

Lo n d o n, F e b 1 0 (Agencies): Johanna Konta and Heather Watson were victorious again as Great Britain beat Estonia to progress through to a Fed Cup play-off on Saturday. Konta and Watson both won their singles matches as Britain saw off Portugal 3-0 on Wednesday, and the pair were triumphant again on Friday against host nation Estonia in Tallinn. After Watson had thrashed 15-year-old Katriin Saar 6-1 6-1 in just 57 minutes first up, Konta emerged victorious in a much tougher encounter with world No 27 Anett Kontaveit to earn Britain an unassailable 2-0 lead in the tie. Konta served twice for the first set but ended up losing it on a tie-break as Estonia, who also beat Portugal in their opening match, drew first blood. However, world No 11 Konta hit back and eventually clinched a 6-7 (5/7) 6-4 6-2 victory to send Britain through to a play-off, where they will face the winner of Group C. If Anne Keothavong’s team win that tie then they qualify for the World Group II play-offs in April. Britain have made it to the World Group II

Johanna Konta shake hands with Anett Kontaveit after the match.

play-offs three times in the occasion. last six years - including B r i t a i n h ave n o t last year against Romania played in the Fed Cup - but were beaten on each World Group since 1993.


The funeral for the Late C. Danyi Lea, former Pastor of Naga United Village Baptist Church, will be held at his residence in Naga United Village at 1 p.m on February 11. DP-1355


Late Yanbemo N. Ngullie

(Died : 11/02/2016) It has been two years since you left us, but you are still remembered and missed. You will always be missed in our hearts and fondly remembered. Loving father, brothers, sisters & relatives




Lt. Saul Mumai


20.03.1920 – 11.02.2017 It's been a year since you left us. But your deeds and love are still fresh in our hearts. Though you are no longer with us, You are fondly remembered and treasured. Your memories are always cherished. We miss you dearly, From all your loved ones

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It's been two years without you. Life took you away from us, too early Yet never a day went by without you on our mind, You were an amazing son and a brother in our lives. You will always be our hero. You will be remembered in our hearts until we meet again. Loving mother, sisters, relatives & friends


DHAKA, Feb 10 (Agencies): Off-spinner Akila Dananjaya claimed five wickets in an innings on debut as Sri Lanka beat Bangladesh by 215 runs in the second Test to win the two-Test series 1-0 in Dhaka on Saturday. Set a target of 339 runs, a collapse-prone Bangladesh were all out for 123 in 29.3 overs in their second innings in the second session of the third day, without offering much of a challenge. Dananjaya finished with 5-24 to take his match haul to eight wickets while experienced Rangana Herath claimed 4-49. Sri Lanka bowled out Bangladesh for 110 runs in the first innings to take a 112-run lead after they made 222 runs in their opening innings. The visitors’ victory was never in doubt after they posted 226 runs in their second innings, resuming the third day’s play on 200-8. Roshen Silva remained unbeaten on 70, adding 48 runs with fellow overnight batsman Suranga Lakmal for the ninth wicket to extend their lead on a difficult pitch at the Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium. Left-arm spinner Taijul Islam bowled Lakmal for 21 to end the partnership before he trapped Herath leg-before off the next ball to wrap up



Nagaland Post, Dimapur SUNDAY, FEBrUARY 11, 2018

Born : 17-04-1950 – Died : 6-02-2018



"A noble man with a golden heart, Forever in our hearts, until we meet again" Words of gratitude seem so inadequate for all the kindness that has been bestowed upon our family during the illness and at the demise of our beloved, Lt. Mayangtemsü Changkiri. We would like to thank all individuals, friends and well wishers who stood by us physically, financially and in prayer. Your thoughts and wishes have been a great source of comfort to our family. Although we are unable to thank you all individually, it is our humble prayer that Almighty God bless you all abundantly. DP-1308

Loving family members

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Late Clement Fernandez


Born on : 28th August, 1968 Died on : 3rd February 2018


Born on : 13th June 1957– Died on : 02-02-2018

The family members and relatives of Lt. Elui Lungalang would like to offer our whole hearted gratitude to the people who showed great kindness and support during his illness and till he left us on 2nd Feb. 2018. Your kind expression of sympathy will always be remembered. Words are inadequate to repay your good deeds but it is our humble prayer that the Almighty God bless you all abundantly. With most sincere gratitude. K-420


Loving wife, children & family members

God saw him getting tired, and a cure was not to be So He put His arms around him, And whispered, "Come to me" With tearful eyes we watched him suffer, and saw him fade away. Although we loved him dearly, We could not make him stay. A golden heart stopped beating, And hands put to rest. God broke our hearts to prove us, He only takes the best. DP-1344

Loving wife-Bridget, daughter-Jennifer & friends... K Y M C



Kane soars as Spurs edge Arsenal

England forward Harry Kane rose above Laurent Koscielny and headed past Petr Cech to send the home supporters into raptures.

L ondon , F e b 1 0 ( Ag e nc i e s ) : H a r r y Kane was the scourge of Arsenal again as his fine second-half header gave Tottenham a 1-0 victory in the north London derby at Wembley. Kane’s 101st Premier League goal came from a superb towering header from 10 yards after 49 minutes from Ben Davies’ cross, his seventh goal in seven league games against Arsenal. Spurs had a flurry of chances to add a second as Kane headed just wide,

Christian Eriksen hit the woodwork from a free-kick and both Erik Lamela and Dele Alli spurned one-onone opportunities. Alexandre Lacazette missed a fine last-gasp chance for Arsenal, but the result means the Gunners have not beaten Spurs away from home in five attempts. Spurs go up to third, four points behind second-place Man Utd. During a first half lacking in opportunities, Kane came closest with a free header inside the area, nodding over Petr Cech’s

bar, before Spurs came out firing after the break. In front of a record Premier League attendance, Kane made amends for his earlier miss within four minutes, towering above Laurent Koscielny from Davies’ left-wing cross to head superbly into the bottom left corner past Cech. Kane came close with another header moments later, glancing wide in acres of space, before his fierce volley from 18 yards was beaten away well by Cech. Spurs were fully on

TFA selection trials held in Dimapur

Selected players along with Tata Football Academy coach Akshay Das at SAI ground, Dimapur on Saturday.

Dimapur, Feb 10 (NPN): Tata Football Academy (TFA) held an open selection trials for under-16 boys at SAI ground, Dimapur on Saturday. The trials were conducted under the supervision of coach, Akshay Das from Tata Football Academy, Jamshedpur, and former national player

Temjenkibang and coach Daniel Rongmei. Out of almost 80 footballers who attended the trials, 7 players were selected for the final trial round in April at Jamshedpur. They will be mentored by professionals besides providing them a platform to play for TFA. Akshay said the

initiative will provide an ideal ambience for promising footballers to develop their potential to the fullest. “TFA not only provides an intensive training but also opportunities for all-round development with facilities for formal education and vocational training,” he added.

top when Eriksen’s freekick from the edge hit the bar via the outstretched hand of Cech, while Arsenal created a rare opportunity at the other end as Jack Wilshere’s curling effort from 20 yards forced a fine save from Hugo Lloris. Alli was put through on goal by Erik Lamela with 20 minutes remaining, but poked inches wide of goal as Cech came rushing out, and Cech then did well to block Lamela’s effort while one-on-one at an acute angle. The onslaught continued as Cech beat away Kieran Trippier’s half-volley at the far post, and as fulltime approached, Lamela dragged an effort wide from an angle after again being found free behind a lacklustre Arsenal defence. Arsenal did have two last-gasp opportunities, but sub Lacazette first blazed over on the volley from 12 yards, before poking just wide after drifting behind the Spurs defenders. Spurs now go to Juventus on Tuesday in their Champions League last 16 first leg, while Arsenal are in Sweden to face Ostersund in their Europa League round of 32 firstleg clash on Thursday evening.

Former FIFA VP’s ban cut to 15 months

ZURICH, Feb 10 (Agencies): Former FIFA vice president Chung Mongjoon’s ban from soccer has been cut from five years to 15 months by sport’s highest tribunal, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). CAS said that it had found “mitigating factors” to reduce the South Korean’s ban, imposed for violating FIFA’s code of ethics, and also annulled a fine of 50,000 Swiss francs ($53,197.15). It said that, as the ban was initially imposed in October 2015, Chung was free to return to football activity immediately. CAS agreed that Chung, who has denied all wrongdoing, was guilty of ethics violations but to “a far lesser degree than found by the FIFA instances”. Chung’s plans to stand for the FIFA presidency were torpedoed in 2015 when the governing body banned him from all football-related activities for six years and fined him 100,000 Swiss francs following a probe into corruption. FIFA’s Appeals Committee subsequently reduced Chung’s ban to five years and cut the fine in half.

I came to win everything: Sanchez

L ondon , F e b 1 0 (Agencies): Alexis Sanchez says Manchester United are the biggest club in England, and he has joined them to “win everything”. In an interview, Sanchez said he has realised just how big a club United are since joining from Arsenal in January. Sanchez said, “I think that Manchester United, since I was young - and I’m not just saying this because I’m here, I’m an honest guy and I never lie - I think it’s the biggest club in England. That’s what I think.” “There are lots of big clubs, and having played for Arsenal, they are also one of them. It’s a huge club and I was there. But coming here, looking at the badge, I think United have to win everything because it’s such a big club.” Sanchez moved to United in a swap deal for Henrikh Mkhitaryan, though Premier Leagu. Sanchez firmly believes United will be picking up silverware sooner rather than later, and he insists he wants to win “everything” at the club. “I came here to win [things]. I left Arsenal because I wanted to develop and learn as a player, and get to experience a new club. United are a huge club. I came here to win everything. Otherwise I wouldn’t have come here.”

Nagaland Post, Dimapur SUNDAY, FEBrUARY 11, 2018

Australia power into Tri-Series final

David Warner is congratulated by his team-mates after running out Dawid Malan.

Melbourne, Feb 10 (Agencies): Australia booked their place in the T20 Tri-Series final with a crushing seven-wicket win over England at the MCG. The win was the third in as many games for David Warner’s side as they knocked off the 138 needed for victory with 5.3 overs to spare. Jos Buttler top-scored with 46 for England but for the second game running they were unable to apply any pressure to Australia’s batsmen as they posted a significantly under-par total of 137-7 and, even without any one standout innings, the home side were able to cruise to victory. England were again asked to bat first and looked on for another quick start as 12 came off the first over. However, three wickets in the next three overs, ending with Warner brilliantly running out Dawid

Malan (10) with a direct hit, stopped them in their tracks and they never recovered. James Vince (21) and Buttler started to rebuild but AJ Tye broke the 36-run stand with a superb slower ball yorker that bowled the former. At 70-4 in the 11th over, England could ill afford a collapse akin to the one that proved so costly in Hobart but the more circumspect approach from Buttler and Sam Billings left them needing a grandstand finish just to reach a relatively competitive total. To that end, a pair of boundaries from Billings to begin the 18th over was a good start but he was caught off Billy Stanlake (2-28) from the next ball and when Kane Richardson (3-33) had Buttler caught on the rope from the last ball of the innings, England were 137-7. David Willey had Warner (2) caught behind

in the first over to hand the tourists a glimmer of hope - the stand-in Aussie skipper’s poor form in this series continuing - but Chris Lynn soon snatched that from them. He fell to Chris Jordan in final over of the powerplay Australia were 51-2. D’Arcy Short (36no) and Glenn Maxwell took a few overs to get themselves in before taking 39 off two overs, England spinners Adil Rashid and Liam Dawson feeling the full force of the two Aussie power-hitters. Jordan (2-26) returned to dismiss Maxwell (39) but it was little consolation for England, whose defeat was confirmed when Aaron Finch (20no) bludgeoned back-to-back sixes off Willey. England must now win both their games against New Zealand to be guaranteed a place in the final.

Nagaland squad for NEC U-21 tourney announced Dimapur, Feb 10 (NPN): The Nagaland Football Association (NFA) has Friday announced the squad for the upcoming NEC U-21 Invitational Prize Money Gold Cup Football Tournament. The tournament will

be held at Guwahati from February 22-28 as part of the celebration of the Birth Centenary of Dr. T. Ao. The selected players are Dongehangbe Y. Chang, Ringham Jigdung, Imlong Chaba, Maldar Patgiri, Y.

Temsunungsang, Sarilong, Nighatu T. Sumi, Ilanger, Vikethozo Zhotso, Tongpang Jamir, Khrükhoto Resu, Kevikielie Pienyü, Kevisalie Sechü, Neikethozo Yhome, Keneinguze Pienyü, Neithovilie Chalie-u,

Kuvezo Vero and Temjenwati Ao. All the selected players have been directed to report to coach Kevilhoubi on February 12 at 1:00 PM. For details, contact 9856071784 or 7005088728.

Winter Olympics: Kalla wins first gold PYEONGCHANG, Feb 10 (Agencies): The Pyeongchang Games got off to a historic start on Saturday. Charlotte Kalla of Sweden won the first gold medal of the games and Norwegian cross-country skier Marit Bjoergen took silver in the women’s 15-kilometer skiathlon to become the most decorated female Winter Olympian ever. It was an 11th career medal for Bjoergen, breaking a three-way tie with Raisa Smetanina of Russia and Stefania Belmondo of Italy. Bjoergen thrust her arms up in the air as she crossed the finish, knowing she’d made history. Kalla won the race by more than seven seconds after breaking away from the pack in the last 2 kilometers to avenge her second-place finish to Bjoergen at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. But the 37-year-old Bjoergen, who won three

Charlotte Kalla celebrates after winning the first Olympic Games gold in skiathlon on December 10.

gold medals at Vancouver in 2010 and three more in Sochi, proved she’s still a dominant figure in the sport despite entering the competition ranked seventh in the event. Krista Parmakowski of Finland was third and Jessica Diggins placed fifth, missing a chance to become the first American woman to earn a medal in cross-country skiing. Diggins was third in the World Cup standings coming into the race.

Led by Bjoergen, Norway won 11 medals overall in cross-country at Sochi in 2014 _ including five golds _ to tie the country’s record. And they appear to be one of the teams to beat again in Pyeongchang. The Norwegians have now tied Russia for the most medals all time in women’s cross-country skiing with 37. Including men’s events, only Bjoern Daehlie of Norway has won more medals

(12) than Bjoergen. She will have a chance to pass that mark in the upcoming weeks. For Kalla it was the sixth career Olympic medal _ and third gold. Bjoergen was 14th after the first of the four laps, but bolted to the lead on the outside on the second lap. She led by less than a second at the midway point of the race as the crowd roared, sensing that history was near. But when the skiers changed skis and went from classical to freestyle technique, Bjoergen seemed to lose some momentum. The lead changed hands several times on the third lap before Bjoergen again grabbed the lead. But it didn’t last. Late in the race Kalla seemed re-energized and pulled away with a burst. She coasted the final 20 meters for the victory after leading by more than 10 seconds.

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