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Nadia Serhani-Eltobgi, PHR

Global HR Manager, Pact Inc. Founder & HR Director, Global Support Services llc

What’s your reason for poor retention? Since 2011 we have seen major gaps in terms of staffing and how company are facing challenging recruiting and retaining the right candidates. It is not a temporary symptom, it is not a massive trend that targets all industries but one: Technology companies are in luck. Top 3 reasons why employees leave: •

Money (of course),

Personal reasons (most cited are the negative relationship with the immediate supervisor or not agreeing with the company’s culture and approaches)

And finally the company size. Indeed, who would have thought that it would matter whether you are small, medium or large.



Size of Organization

In fact, contrary to the common assumption, small companies are no longer patient with poor performers as was the case in the past. Companies do realize now the need for speedy optimization of their workforce mainly when they are small and trying to claim market shares. It is no longer the era of mentorships that last a decade before handing over the keys to the safe (because there is no safe to start with, only a keyboard and perhaps a dial pad). Small companies in the Tech business are the perfect example of how fast you can go between start up, expansion, getting bought out by a giant or dying in silence. So, if you are a small, medium or large company does know that your size drives your recruiting and retention philosophies. And always remember, no assumptions hold true when dealing with the human factor.

Why employees leave  

The top 3 reasons of poor retention and the constant churn and turnover.