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JR.NADmag Fall/Winter 2018

A close up image of Vanessa saying "I Love You' on her cheeks in front of other YLC leaders.

RECAP on what happened this summer!

TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 From NAD Youth Programs 4 Q & A Session with Domonic Gordine 5 Liliana's Experience 6 Meet our Jr. NAD Delegates 9 Photo Gallery 15 Front Page Competition

From NAD Youth Programs Hello! Did YOU have a great summer and a great start to your school year? I hope so because we, the NAD Youth Programs, did too! This past summer, we had several youth programs going on: College Bowl, Youth Ambassador Program, Jr. NAD Pages, and the Youth Leadership Camp (YLC)! We had an awesome group of students from different states that volunteered as Jr. NAD pages at the NAD Conference in Hartford, Connecticut. The Jr. NAD pages assisted with different workshops, supported the Council of Representatives, participated in the luncheons, and helped with the NAD@Night events. In this issue, Liliana Tapia Ortiz, Annie Kvamme, and Dylan Christoffels will share their experiences! We also had a wonderful YLC session with 62 leaders from 28 different schools! Each leader came with an open mind and adopted our leadership tools. I am confident that each of them will bring what they’ve learned to your school. If you know someone who went to YLC last summer, be sure to ask them questions! If you’re interested in attending YLC 2019, please apply! The deadline is on February 1st, 2019 -- go to page 14 to learn more.

Chanel and Liliana are smiling facing the camera (caught on the side).

Chanel is waving her hands towards to her left.

Last but not at least, there is an exciting contest for the next Jr.NADmag issue! We are looking for creative artwork to be featured as the cover for our next issue. Yes, this means your artwork could be selected and used as the front cover! Submit your artwork by March 1st! I look forward to seeing your creativity! Enjoy the issue!

Chanel Gleicher Chanel Gleicher NAD Director of Youth Programs

Group photo of YLC 2018 Builders.


Q & A SESSION WITH . . . Domonic Gordine, NAD Youth Ambassador 2018 - 2020 Image of Domonic

Q: What was your favorite memory during the Youth Ambassador Program?

A: The Opening Ceremony was my favorite memory during YAP competition. Before that night, four contestants, the former Youth Ambassador and I practiced for hours - between our meals, breaks, and field trips. That night, we performed on stage for the last four minutes of the show. As soon as we ended our dance, influential people came to join us on stage, one by one. I was so inspired by having them join us - they were the same people I grew up learning about. That was one of my favorite memories, a memory I will never forget.

Q: Where do you prefer to go? a. Mountain b. Beach  c. Desert d. City  Q: Tell us about the project you are working on. 

A: I have developed a business timeline to establish a mentorship program across the country. We are in the process of creating a website about the program and a Facebook page for everyone to join and learn. As of now; I am selecting members for our program. Stay tuned and look out for an exciting announcement soon!

Q: What's your favorite movie?  A: Avatar

Q: What is on your pizza? a. JUST Cheese b. ALWAYS Pepperoni c. VEGGIE Deluxe d. EVERYTHING!!  e. I Don't LIKE Pizza  Q: What cheers you up?  A: Nature

Q: Which activity would you do? a. Skydiving b. Bungee-jumping c. NEITHER

Q: Do you have any advice for Jr. NAD members?  A: Be confident when you lead your team with a purpose.


LILIANA's EXPERIENCE at the NAD Conference

Hello, my name is Liliana Ortiz Tapia. I am a junior at California School for the Deaf, Fremont (CSD). I proudly represent CSD and Jr.NAD as the Jr. NAD Ambassador for 2017-2019. My platform focuses on recognizing Deaf Latinx youth at California School for the Deaf, Fremont. My goal is to expose Deaf Latinx students to our Latinx history and to find our identities. I am currently the President of Raza De Sordx Club (Deaf Latinx Club). We are planning to host a Youth Lideres Training on February 21 - 24, 2019. It’s a very special event for us, where many deaf and hard of students from deaf and mainstream schools in the states come together at CSD. The purpose of this event is to explore our leadership skills and gain knowledge about our Latinx history. On July 3-8, I was given the honor to attend to the 54th biennial National Association of the Deaf conference in Hartford, Connecticut as one of the Jr. NAD Pages and emcee for the Youth Luncheon. I felt thrilled and nervous since it was my first time flying alone and getting out of my comfort zone to go to a new place by myself. On the first day, there were 23 Jr. NAD pages and most of them were new to me. Day by day, we got to know each other more through attending various workshops, the Council of Representatives meeting, and extracurricular activities.

Group photo of Jr. NAD Pages.

Our main role as Jr. NAD Pages was to provide assistance through various duties. It Photo of Liliana was a thrilling experience. There were several workshops that impacted me, such as women’s rights, American with Disabilities Act and Deaf Education. We all also studied how the Council of Representatives were led and saw how many delegates strongly expressed their perspectives on different issues. From all of that, my insight on the workshops and meetings had encouraged me to motivate my Raza De Sordx Club (Deaf Latinx Club) to excel and contribute more to the Deaf Latinx Youth community. I was also an emcee for the Youth Luncheon - it was a full house! That made me a bit jittery. I knew it was an excellent opportunity for me to build my self-confidence. Linsay Darnall, Jr. As I went up on the stage, presented her the "Youth Service" award. I introduced the Junior NAD Pages, College Bowl teams and Youth Ambassador Program contestants. Then, I shared my personal experience about what I have accomplished to be a Jr. NAD Ambassador at the Jr. NAD Conference in Omaha, Nebraska. There was a short video showing Jr. NAD members lined up saying a word to express the unforgettable experience they had at the Jr. NAD conference. I wrapped the program with Linsay Darnall Jr., Region II NAD Board Member and the Youth Service awards. I was also honored to receive the Youth Service award. When the Youth Luncheon concluded, I had never been prouder of myself. By the end of the week, I was devastated to leave but I was beyond eager to share my remarkable experience with my family, friends and CSD!


MEET OUR Jr. NAD DELEGATES I am Dylan Christoffels from Massachusetts, I am one of two Jr. NAD Delegates. The NAD Conference week was a really amazing experience for me. We had tasks to do, like being involved with the Council of Representatives (COR) meetings for three days. We listened to their discussion and voted on the top five priorities for the NAD Board to work on for the next two years. I felt a little overwhelmed, but at the same time, I learned a lot about what deaf people needed and also the issues in the U.S. I didn’t know that there were serious issues. I did chat with some of the delegates from different states to learn about their opinion and perspective of what was discussed.

What did you do during the NAD Conference? What advice will you give to your Jr. NAD chapter and to all Jr. NAD members?

The General Forum happened on the second day. That was where people discuss several issues to be proposed at the COR for that day. There were six different sub-forums. I was involved with two: captioning for stadium and theater and the AASLI. AASLI was a proposal to change where people get certification for interpreting.

"My advice to Jr. NAD members: grab time to talk with your state association delegates before going to the NAD conference." Don’t be afraid to get involved. I learned so much about what deaf people need. I suggest that the next Jr. NAD delegate for 2020 Conference in Chicago, Illinois, you should grab time to talk with your state association delegates before going to the NAD conference. You will able to understand and listen to their opinion. That way you will be ready to be involved with the COR. You might have an idea to bring up during the COR discussion. The NAD delegates and participants value the ideas and opinions of deaf youth.

Jr. NAD Page Aubrie interviews Dylan.

Your opinion might change the session. Don’t be afraid to be involved in the NAD conference!

- Dylan Christoffels


Our Jr. NAD Delegates were selected at the National Jr. NAD Conference in Nebraska in November 2017. My name is Annie Kvamme and I was one of the Jr. NAD Delegates. As a Jr. NAD delegate, I got the opportunity to attend to the 2018 NAD Conference in Hartford, Connecticut. At first, I was nervous and unsure of what to expect. I was worried that as a young adult, my opinions wouldn’t be valued or taken into consideration. When I arrived, all my worries were for nothing. People at the NAD were understanding, friendly, and willing to educate me.

They listened to my ideas and took my opinions seriously. They also carried on conversations about current problems such as Child Protection Services related to deaf children and police treatment of deaf people and/or deaf prison inmates.

Annie sitting on a panel on stage.

It was a rich experience since I learned so much about how the parliamentary procedure worked, the issues that deaf people face everyday and how it impacted their lives.

Worry not, my experiences were not only attending meetings but at The entire week I participated in the nighttime there were fun activities for General Forum and Council of all of us to unwind from all day. Some Representatives (COR) meetings, of the fun that I had was watching the where other delegates/members and I live auction relating to deaf art, discussed about the issues and various vacation trips, and more. whether they should become one of the Another night event I liked was NAD priorities. One of the discussion I watching the College Bowl was involved in concerned open competition. College Bowl is similar to captions. While I was in favor of open academic bowl but tougher since captioning in theaters, stadiums, and points can be taken away which other public places, I also did not think makes the competition more fun and it should be considered a major priority. challenging. I really enjoyed watching Since the NAD has only five priorities to the College Bowl since I’m a former vote on, I felt those priorities should be academic bowl member. The last bigger and for more serious-impacting event before I went home was ASL issues. I spoke my opinion and several Rocks where Dack Virnig, Rosa Lee, other people agreed with me. I also and various other well-known deaf participated in the COR meetings people performed. where the voting process of priorities and NAD members took place. Most of the COR averaged around three hours.

I highly recommend all Jr. NAD members and students to try and participate in becoming a Jr. NAD delegate or at least participate in the Jr. NAD conference because the experience is rich and truly benefits your self-growth and self-identity. This is a safe place where you can form opinions and often times, solutions to issues that Deaf people face everyday. I advise all younger Jr. NAD members to keep in mind: just because you are young and do not know everything yet, does not mean you do not have valuable opinions or solutions to give. One mistake I regretted was not speaking up more during discussions and conferences.

We all have an opinion, no matter how young or old you are. You can make an impact. Go out in life and make changes!

- Annie Kvamme


- #NAD2018 -

NAD Youth Ambassador Program Contestants are on stage with different NAD members. Emcee Melvin is in front. Pictured at the Opening Ceremony.

- Opening Ceremony -

Jr. NAD Pages are on stage with Laurent Clerc and Melvin for the Opening Ceremony.

-Jr. NAD Pages-

Jr. NAD Pages, Aubrey and Caitlin are talking to a table at the Senior Citizens Luncheon.

All Jr. NAD Pages and Coordinators Daniel and Jennifer are waving their hands!


A wide shot of the College Bowl Finals. L to R: Gallaudet, RIT, and CSUN. There are five boxes on the large screen.

- College Bowl Winner: Gallaudet University Runner-Up: Rochester Institute of Technology Third Place: California State University Northridge Close up shot of the winning team (Gallaudet). The team is holding the trophy. Scores are shown in the background: Gallaudet- 92, RIT - 91, CSUN -30.

Other Teams: Lamar University University of Minnesota

Silly faces from the CoBo players!


- Jr. NAD Workshop -

Karla is signing on stage with five other Jr. NAD students.

Liliana is signing on stage with others on the panel.

- Youth Ambassador Program -

A close up shot of TanĂŠa signing "now".

Franly and Domonic holds up Mariah. All are on stage with black shirts and sunglasses.

Everyone is looking and waving hands to Domonic. Domonic is waving his hands to the audience.


-Youth Leadership Camp-

Traditional YLC group photo - all builders and leaders are lined by rows in front of the forest.

Leaders are learning how to tie ropes.

"I want to thank YLC for supporting me to be positive and friendly. I feel proud of myself." - PJ Billimon, Hawaii School for the Deaf and Blind

YLC 2018 Leaders and Builders are posing with Domonic Gordine at fireside.


"Never give up. Continue until you reach your success. #LongLiveYLC18!" - Ny'Kel Best, California School for the Deaf, Riverside Camp Awards All- Around Leader Terrell Mitchell, Indiana School for the Deaf Hidden Gem Steven Salmon, Lexington School for the Deaf

Everyone is huddled up during Sko Flores' workshop.

“Stay positive, work hard and make it happen. Thank you, everyone, from YLC." - Jameson Healy, Rocky Mountain Deaf School 

Most Improved Leader Jameson Healy, Rocky Mountain Deaf School Most Optimistic Leader Ny'Kel Best, California School for the Deaf, Riverside Congeniality Award Jameson Healy, Rocky Mountain Deaf School & PJ Billimon, Hawaii School for the Deaf and Blind

YLC 2018 Camp Project Committee are posing with their new painted canva sign.

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NAD Youth Programs



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