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NATIONAL TEEN SELF-ESTEEM DAY Who loves word search!?


Hello Jr. NAD members, Spring is here! Who is ready for the festivities in the Spring - the prom, final exams, and graduation? Spring has always one of my favorite seasons. I love seeing the flowers bloom, feeling warm from the shining rays of sunshine, and seeing butterflies (also inspired by Tiffany’s front page design!) I hope you had the chance to read the Jr.NADmag special issue of the National Deaf Youth Day. The issue featured wonderful leaders across the nation. If you haven't read it, ask your Jr.NAD advisor for a copy or an online ISSU link. On March 6th, National Deaf Youth Day, we had mock interviews at: the Model Secondary School for the Deaf (MSSD) in Washington, DC; Jr. Nebowa chapter at Omaha, NE; Texas School for the Deaf in Austin, TX; and California School for the Deaf, Fremont in Fremont, CA. The students had the opportunity to meet real employers from Starbucks, Uber, Facebook, and more! Learn more about their experience in this issue. Before we get ready for the summer, be sure to breathe and enjoy the spring air. Enjoy! Best, Chanel Gleicher Bonheyo


ABOUT THE DESIGNER My name is Tiffany Kutsov. I’m a junior at California School for the Deaf, Fremont. I always love trying new things, including drawing. I stopped drawing for a few years when I was younger. After seeing my sister draw since she was a child. I got inspired by my sister and tried to get back to drawing. As I started to draw, I felt weird and exciting sensation. Now that I am older, I draw everywhere. Every time I see a paper, I draw. Somehow, my friend recommended me to try out this competition to design for the front page of the Jr.NADmag. At that time, I did not know much about Jr.NAD. I asked my friend to explain me what Jr.NAD is about. She showed me several old covers of Jr.NADmag. That helped me picture what Jr.NAD is and created the Jr.NADmag cover. My purpose of creating this is to get people to read about Jr.NADmag. In this illustration, I drew flowers two different flowers - have meaning behind it. A slightly pink and yellow flower called Alstroemeria. It is a delightful flower that also means the recipient wants to accomplish an important task or goal. The red flower, called Chrysanthemum, means sharing and cooperation. The reason I choose these flowers because the flowers resemblance Jr.NAD. Also, I drew red hands signing, "flying like a butterfly" with the butterfly flying away into the sky. The red hand represents one of Jr.NAD colors. I choose butterflies because they flock together as they move different place, and they fly into sky - that represents as the thrive of Jr.NAD members and chapters that stays together as a team. I hope you enjoy this illustration. Thank you for taking the time to read this. - Tiffany Kustov California School for the Deaf, Fremont Tiffany is smiling outside..


MOCK INTERVIEWS For the first time this year, the NAD co-hosted a mock interview event with four Jr. NAD chapters, one from each region, for deaf and hard of hearing students. Find out what they learned from this experience!

A close up of Kylie. There is a student sitting behind Kylie.

During our mock interview, I felt brave to take an interview with the Starbucks manger. I was so happy to take this opportunity. I shook his hand and he started to asked me questions. I used my knowledge from past interview that I had job for Teen Center. They asked me how do I make coffee and from there I knew they will ask me some questions that applies about their company. I also learned that they will ask some questions about my previous job experience to see if I am a good candidate for the job. I felt great because I used my past experience and brought it out to the table. After the interview, I realized that I know I do enjoy working with my hands and would love to work in Iowa. My goal is to work around on the farm and maintenance farming equipment. When I received the evaluation paper, I learned I was confident and knowing how to answer some question appropriately. I really enjoyed this mock interview and I look forward to learn more. Hopefully, this will happen again!! -Austin Stage, Jr. Nebowa Chapter

During the interviews, I learned how to directly break the ice with the interviewers and I was very nervous, anxious, and excited. I tried to do my best and overcome my nervousness. The interviews went better than I expected and I received good feedback which made me proud and happy that the interviews went well. It was a very great experience for me and I think it will prepare me for the future in any job interviews. This mock interview also gave me the opportunity to get an idea of what the big or small corporations look like. The bottom line is it gave me a very good experience and I think it prepared me well. -Tyler Wells, Model Secondary School for the Deaf


An employee is looking at the interviewee, Tyler .

MOCK INTERVIEWS Before my interview, I was confident. But the moment I got on the stage, I became nervous. I was shaking but I tried my best to not make it obvious. They asked me questions and I tried to give the best answer. Once the interview finished, I asked them which is more important: work at the job you hate but earn a good salary or work at the job you enjoy even if the salary is low. The interview committee gave different and similar opinions about my question. That interview experience was a good experience for me. I received some feedback on my resume and made some changes. I am thankful for this opportunity and I believe every high school student would benefit from this opportunity before entering the real world. - Anastasia Mena Vergara, California School for the Deaf, Fremont

It was my first time to have an interview with an employer. I was so nervous, but it was definitely worth it. It was nice having the opportunity to experience the interview. Yes, it was awkward, but it was fun! - Yamila Davis, Texas School for the Deaf

Neva is shaking hands with the employers who are sitting together in a row.

The mock interview was great. I got to acknowledge a real life experience of what it was like. I definitely gained more knowledge and will be able to use that experience in the future. Thank you! - Kodi Lee, Texas School for the Deaf

Two employers are looking at a student. The image is captured behind the student.


MOCK INTERVIEWS The mock interview was an outstanding event which helped students develop interview skills. Students were nervous because they were to be interviewed by professionals in different fields. I got crazily nervous; my nerves were racking every part of my bones and muscles in my system. I was worried about what I would wear because I wanted to impress the “bosses” and look professional. My best friend Samuel Brown was a natural at this and he told me, “Be easy homie and go with the flow.” When I went into the cafeteria, I saw the students practicing their interviews, reviewing their resumes, and giving advice on what they should say or do during the interview. Staff and students gave me excellent advice; when it was my turn on stage I felt like a natural thanks to the advice I received. I was happy that I got to share my thoughts and asked the “bosses” how they felt about their careers. We enjoyed this because we learned something new and built confidence with our interviewing skills. We now know we need to dress well, have a good attitude, and give a good first impression during our interviews. Thank you NAD and Starbucks for sponsoring this and hosting this event; we enjoyed it. - George Quirie, California School for the Deaf, Fremont

Three employers are sitting in a row, facing the left side of the room.



It was truly a enriching experience.


The mock interview allowed me to have a better understanding of what an interview is. It is a experience I will always be grateful for. - Joe Cherichello, Texas School for the Deaf

Before my mock interview, I was so nervous about what kind of questions they would ask. I had to think about how I can be better prepared. I wore something nice for the interview. When I started the interview, I was sweating and they asked me a question that I didn’t understand, so I asked them to repeat the question. This experience will help me to know what to expect for my next real interview. They liked that I am a good leader, organized, and willing to give them feedback on how to communicate with other deaf and hard of hearing. They liked how I believe it is important to include awareness of the deaf and hard of hearing community. I learned that they will ask if I have any questions for them at the end of the interview. When I got my evaluation back, they said I should ask a few questions about the company. Such as, what is the dress code, what is the salary or their expectations. This was a great experience for me, so I can be better prepared for the future. -Nathan Weigel, Jr. Nebowa member


DID YOU KNOW... May is the National Teen Self-Esteem Month! The NAD Youth programs is doing a social media campaign featuring our deaf youth. Check out our social media daily posts during May 1-May 31, 2019.

NATIONAL TEEN SELF-ESTEEM DAY Who loves word search!? Find words that are related to the National Teen Self-Esteem Day.




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