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NAD Board Members and students from Wisconsin School for the Deaf are in the crowd, waving hands.

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Hello Jr. NAD members, Who celebrated the National Deaf Youth Day on March 6th? We at the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) applaud those of you who celebrated along with us!  Our celebration began with a tour at Maryland School for the Deaf, Columbia led by two students. We had lunch with middle school students, developed stories with elementary kids, engaged in storytelling to younger elementary kids, and provided leadership training to Student Council. Our visit to MSD reminded us of the importance of having deaf youth in a place where they can thrive.  The mission of the NAD Youth Programs is to prepare young deaf and hard of hearing Americans to become future leaders and 

NAD staff huddles with students from Maryland School for the Deaf, Columbia.

advocates by building confidence and developing their self-determination. This is why we founded Junior National Association of the Deaf (Jr. NAD) in the 1961- 1962 academic school year. In honor of National Deaf Youth Day, we are featuring Jr. NAD chapters that celebrated #NationalDeafYouthDay in this issue. If you don't see your school, please share photos with chanel.gleicher@nad.org. Enjoy! Best, Chanel Gleicher NAD Director of Youth Programs

Sean and a student discussed about his storyboard.


Students gather with their local police officers.

Students raised their hands to ask questions of the police officers.

Students from Parkland High School in Pennsylvania visited their local police department and educated the detectives about interacting with deaf individuals. They were featured on their local news.

MARCH 6, 2018 Students at Indiana School for the Deaf (ISD) did a door decoration contest. Doors were related to role models, deaf culture, unity, accomplishments and deaf pride. 

ISD Jr. NAD Officers standing and posing in front of their door.

Deafbox (an imitation of Redbox)

Door with flyers of school's activities and National Deaf Youth Day


Students and advisors posed with a "Broadway" sign.

Jean Massieu School for the Deaf in Utah hosted its first school dance night. It was a success! Students playing "musical chairs".


Students lead a school-wide assembly.

MPS student filming elementary students.

Marie Phillip School in Massachusetts celebrated with the theme, "Deaf CAN!" by making films and had a school-wide assembly.   | PAGE 04

Door promoting Deaf Women United Students and staff smiling, wearing t shirts from deaf organizations.

Door promoting Deaf Olympics

Students at California for the Deaf, Fremont wore t-shirts from deaf camps, organizations and conferences. They also did a door decoration contest recognizing deaf organizations. 

YOUTH DAY Students fundraised by cooking and serving tacos.

Students gather for a group photo.

Students from Wisconsin School for the Deaf (WSD) did a taco fundraiser when the NAD Board was in town!

Students at Rhode Island School for the Deaf gathered for a group photo and posted on social media.

NAD Board Members with WSD students.


Jr. NAD Youth Ambassador Hello, my name is Liliana Ortiz Tapia. I am currently in 10th grade at California School for the Deaf, Fremont. I have been a proud CSD student for 5 years and counting! I enjoy playing sports such as softball, basketball, and volleyball. I am also the Jr. NAD Ambassador for 2017-2019. I never thought I would be a Jr. NAD Ambassador but I’m glad I am. My journey as a Jr. NAD Ambassador started at the Jr. NAD conference in Ashland, Nebraska. All students were required to sign up for a special project. There were media, ASL skits/stories, and the Jr. NAD Ambassador Program. I was on the fence about signing up but my group from CSD encouraged another CSD student and me to sign up and so we did. The moment I won - I was surprised and proud. I knew I pitched my heart out and represented my school and the Deaf Latinx students well. As the only deaf child in a large hearing family, I struggled with my Deaf Latinx identity. I felt left out and lonely often. My goal as a Jr. NAD Ambassador is to recognize the Deaf Latinx students and to provide more opportunities for them.  I have recently accomplished one of my goals, a project called: “Not Brown Enough.” To accomplish my project, I asked some of the Deaf Latinx students at CSD to tell one of their bad experiences as a Deaf Latinx student.

I noticed that when I first asked them, they were speechless. They couldn’t find words to explain their experience. It was heartbreaking and eye-opening for me and for others to realize how much Deaf Latinx students have gone through in their lives. The purpose of this project is to teach people not to assume that people are Latinx based on the color of their skin. It is frustrating when people make this assumption. This project is a step forward to accomplish that.

"Not Brown Enough" with images and experiences from Deaf Latinx students.

Liliana smiling with Marlene and Frank R. Turk

Liliana and other students interviewing Frank R. Turk.

Last December, CSD Jr. NAD Chapter and I were invited to go to California School for the Deaf, Riverside to meet with their Jr. NAD members. We helped each other out with brainstorming ideas for National Deaf Youth Day. Some of the ideas included questioning Deaf students and filming their answers or hosting a big event for everyone to come together. We wanted to do this because we know how important National Deaf Youth Day is to our Deaf community. It was a productive meeting. Everyone at Riverside made us felt welcome! On March 6th, known as National Deaf Youth Day, our CSD Jr. NAD Chapter had the opportunity to interview Frank Turk. We spent the whole day with him. He truly inspired me with how he interacted with others. He has a very kind, humble personality. He kept saying the young people, like us, are the future and that we have to push ourselves harder so we can do anything. It was a very productive day and an amazing experience I’ll never forget. 

Liliana poses with students of CSD, Riverside.

Our CSD Jr. NAD Chapter also hosted a door decorating contest for National Deaf Youth Day. Different departments and grades were involved in the contest. The theme was Deaf organizations and it was successful! I enjoyed seeing some of the doors, some were very creative! As a Jr. NAD Ambassador, I have been given this amazing opportunity to go to the NAD Conference in Hartford, Connecticut. I’m excited to share my goals and accomplishments with others. It would be a very thrilling experience for me. I hope to represent the Deaf youth well across the nation.

Students of CSD, Fremont pose with Marlene and Frank R. Turk.


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Jr. NAD Pages Program @ the 54 th   Biennial NAD Conference Youth Luncheon & College Bowl Competition


Youth Ambassador Program Competition


Youth Leadership Camp begins!


TT ii dd bb ii tt ss CURRENT CHAPTERS REGION I JrNAD.Region1@nad.org American School for the Deaf Delaware School for the Deaf Governor Baxter School for the Deaf Lexington School for the Deaf  Marie Philip School  Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf  Model Secondary School for the Deaf  Mt. Lakes School for the Deaf Parkland High School Rhode Island School for the Deaf Rochester School for the Deaf St. Mary's School for the Deaf  Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf 

REGION III JrNAD.Region3@nad.org Alabama School for the Deaf Arkansas School for the Deaf Atlanta Area School for the Deaf Georgia School for the Deaf Miami Dade Chapter North Carolina School for the Deaf South Carolina School for the Deaf Texas School for the Deaf

REGION II JrNAD.Region2@nad.org

Indiana School for the Deaf Iowa School for the Deaf Kansas School for the Deaf Metro Deaf School Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf Nebraska/Iowa Chapter Ohio School for the Deaf Wisconsin School for the Deaf 

REGION IV JrNAD.Region4@nad.org Alaska School for the Deaf California School for the Deaf - Fremont California School for the Dea f- Riverside Jean Massieu School for the Deaf Oregon School for the Deaf Phoenix Day School for the Deaf Washington School for the Deaf

Don't see your chapter? Contact your Region Representatives!

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National Association of the Deaf Attn: Junior NAD 8630 Fenton St. Suite 820 Silver Spring, MD 20910

Down 1. First name of our Jr. NAD Youth Ambassador. 3. Which school hosted their first school dance night? 4. A Youth Program established in 1961. 5. In which month will the 54th NAD Biennial Conference take place? 

ACROSS 2. Name one school for the deaf that did a door decoration contest. 6. What happens on March 6th every year?  7. Who did Liliana meet on March 6, 2018?  8. Which high school had a meeting of its students with their local police station on March 6th? 

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