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f there’s one good thing to have come out of this crazy year, it’s the potential for Christmas to be more meaningful; a quieter and less commercial celebration. After a year of lockdowns, border restrictions, cancelled holidays and community health fears, it represents the chance to get together and rediscover the value of family. As a generation, we are fortunate to have come this far without having to face real misfortune — no world wars, no queues for food and, for the most part, plenty of opportunities to pursue what we want out of life. And so Christmas rolls around again, a time we have seen blow out from seasonal treats of cream biscuits, fizzy drinks and a leg of ham, to ever

Contents more extravagant gifts and bigger and brighter decorations. Year on year, it has become harder to make Christmas special but Covid and its impact on household budgets could change all that. For families separated by borders and cancelled flights, hugs from a grandchild will be special. Children who have been unable to get home will be welcomed to the table to celebrate making it through the year. Tinsel, baubles and beribboned gifts can take a backseat to fellowship and friendship. Julie Lake takes a look at what we can expect this Christmas, but however it turns out, hopefully it will be a time of peace and goodwill. The team at Your Time wishes readers a happy, healthy and safe Christmas season. We look forward to bringing you more news and views for our generation in 2021. Meantime, you can keep up with all the news from everywhere for free at sunshinecoastnews.com.au It’s everything the Sunshine Coast has been waiting for — our own real news site, and no paywall. Read all about it on Page 31. Dorothy Whittington Editor

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w w w. c o a s t a l h o m e . c a r e . c o m . a u December 2020 / YOUR TIME MAGAZINE 3

26/11/2020 10:09:49 AM


How Covid (nearly) stole Christmas The Covid pandemic brought a whole new set of rules to life in 2020, but after a year of lockdowns and limited socialising JULIE LAKE is confident that for all but the Grinchiest, Santa Claus is still coming to town.


f you were dreaming of a white Christmas this year, you’ll be disappointed because trips to snowy northern climes are on hold, but there are plenty of ways to celebrate the festive season in south-east Queensland. Traditionalists will be glad to know that the churches are still planning a busy Christmas program in compliance with government requirements for appropriate indoor social distancing. The popular St Stephen’s Cathedral sound and light show in Brisbane is delighting after-dark visitors from now

until Christmas Eve and other churches are making similarly imaginative efforts to bring some joy to their many parishioners who have had a tough year. For example, the Goodlife Community Church based in Buderim is planning a Christmas Day waterside BYO picnic lunch, open to everyone, at nearby Cotton Tree (though, please note, there is no wet weather option). Those who like to share the Christmas story with their grandchildren will find plenty of child-friendly activities close to home, from carol singing to nativity

scenes. Those unable or unwilling to attend services can tune in online. Churches everywhere are, however, advising people to keep checking for updates to Christmas services and programs, due to the unpredictability of the Covid situation. This is particularly important for those whose churchgoing is confined to Christmas and Easter and who won’t be getting this information in their parish news updates. The information is readily available online for Sunshine Coasters.

The site weekendnotes.com/quickguide-christmas-church-servicessunshine-coast is a good guide to church and other events, and includes Covid updates. It appears that for the average Your Time reader Christmas 2020 is not going to be strikingly different from those of previous years. “This shows how lucky we are,” says retired school bus driver Daphne Pilger, who had intended to visit her daughter in Tasmania in December, but is now planning a Christmas Day gathering of other family members at her newlyrenovated home. “I think the feeling is ‘stay close to home, keep safe, enjoy what you’ve got’,”Daphne says. She adds that in our region what we’ve got is great beaches, warm weather, big backyards and lots of lovely countryside in which to take day trips and picnics. Indeed, almost everyone interviewed mentioned the beach as the focus of their Christmas activities this year. However, there are a couple of differences about Christmas 2020. For one thing, significant numbers have chosen to buy gifts online rather than risk crowded stores, and this includes the traditional Boxing Day sales, known electronically as Cyber Boxing Day. Other online “click” sales have already dominated November’s Christmas shopping sprees. To meet this demand, suppliers have had to gear up their delivery procedures and take on extra staff. Australia Post also hired thousands of extra workers to help them handle the


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Sunshine Coast

26/11/2020 10:10:07 AM


bigger-than-usual number of parcels and mail being sent interstate and overseas to families separated by travel restrictions. Executive general manager of business Gary Starr says it has been the busiest festive season ever for the organisation. According to Queensland University of Technology marketing professor Gary Mortimer, the trend is here to stay, with the consistently-growing online retail sales figure doubling this year. Another difference is that for the first time in decades, Queenslanders have first dibs on holiday accommodation. Victorians and others from south of the border who usually book up the beachside units, holiday homes and

“This year of Covid just may set the course for more restrained celebrations in the future.� campsites are not coming. Even those who are allowed to travel here are reluctant to risk it in case of a sudden Covid outbreak ramping up restrictions, as happened to South Australia last month. And locals have been quick to grasp the opportunity, with accommodation owners reporting healthy bookings by people from around the state, according to Visit Sunshine Coast’s interim CEO Craig Davison. The organisation has been encouraging Queenslanders to holiday in their own regional backyard through

 + $  &   $( &+  Sunshine Coast

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The Goodlife Community Church based in Buderim is planning a Christmas Day waterside BYO picnic lunch, open to everyone, at beautiful Cotton Tree, Maroochydore

strategically-targeted marketing campaigns. Michael Harper of Luxury Afloat in Noosa says bookings for his houseboats are slightly down this year and tend to be shorter in duration, but regardless, he is still largely booked out for Christmas and New Year and expects to fill remaining vacancies before Christmas. His bookings are all from Queensland, mainly Brisbane, inland and up to Hervey Bay. In fact, he is not taking interstate bookings at all right now because a Covid outbreak could see him having to pay refunds and risk losing viable Queensland business. South of Brisbane, hot air balloon operator Greg Daven says business is definitely different this year without international visitors who tend to go for the lifetime adventure market. He is also finding that some of the approximately four million people of south-east Queensland are prepared to take up some of the adventure tourism slack this

Christmas. Last-minute bookings are still available. While young families are prepared to risk going away — some places are promising refunds if Covid returns — many older people are cautiously opting to stay home. Or else are not going far ‌ for example 60-something realtor Nicola P. and her family –husband, son and grandchildren – plan to holiday in the Noosaville unit where they have spent Christmas for the past 15 years with one major difference this year – no presents. “My daughter-in-law was laid off her job in events management and my son, a pilot, has also been out of work for months, finding driving jobs where he can,â€? Nicola says. “My student granddaughter can’t find the usual holiday season retail job, so we are pooling our resources for a bang-up Chrissie dinner and that’s it!â€? If Christmas 2020 is proving to be largely business as usual for most

south-east Queenslanders, New Year’s Eve is likely to be much more subdued. Restaurants and clubs are reporting good bookings but for many it’s a case of minimising risk. Brenda Clemm says in her younger days she always enjoyed seeing in the New Year with a drink and a song but, “since we retired we don’t go to big parties any more; we just get together with a few friends, go out to dinner, then watch the fireworks on TV. “This year we’re not even doing that because it seems prudent to stay away from places where people are kissing and hugging and singing,� she says. “Instead, my partner and I are going to celebrate New Year’s Day, which when you come to think of it makes more sense. We’ll avoid the beach crowds and find somewhere quiet in the country to have a family picnic and celebrate how lucky we are to live in Queensland.� The times they are a changin’ and this year of Covid just may set the course for more restrained celebrations in future. The commercialism that has been steadily increasing year-on-year for decades has been pulled up. “I hope this year’s more subdued celebrations will remind people of the true spirit of Christmas – caring and sharing, peace and goodwill, not just an excuse for a party and extravagant presents,� was a sentiment commonly expressed. In fact, doing it differently has become something of a challenge for those not haunted by the ghost of Christmas past, such as the couple who have booked a balloon flight complete with champagne and hamper as a present to each other. It gives a whole new meaning to Ding, Dong Merrily on High! Merry Christmas everyone, and a happy New Year.

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December 2020 / YOUR TIME MAGAZINE


26/11/2020 10:10:22 AM


LETTERS I READ Cherrell Picton’s letter (YT Oct) and wondered for just one moment whether I had actually written it myself. I applied the morning after the grant announcement was made and was told to go via Maroochy Home Assist which I did. I was asked to email a scan of the back and front of my pension card and send it to them plus a short summary of our problem which came under the risk to health and safety part of the criteria. I received a call from Maroochy Home Assist to inform me that, as it was a bathroom, we would not be considered because it would cost $10,000 or more. I then started on a journey with the Department of Housing to try to establish whether, should you have a quote already (which I did for $4850), would I still be able to apply for a grant. Here was a question that nobody could answer. From there the story is almost identical to Cherrell Picton’s. I have spent a considerable amount of time over many months trying to find someone to fix our problem which is an accident waiting to happen to any aged person but especially to my husband who is very unsteady on his feet. I decided to see if I could track down some transparency on the grants so went to Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works and searched “Recipients of $5000 grants for seniors’

home improvements” and it popped up at the top of the page: Results 1-10. I couldn’t see any list and moved to page 2 and results 11-20 and then page 3 and 4. Mystified I rang the department and asked how to open the document and was told there was no such document. I decided it should have come up in the annual report so waded through 130 pages of “very interesting” information about the department but no list of grant recipients. I agree with Cherrell that there are possibly thousands of very unhappy Queensland seniors and I am one of them. Carol Burls WHEN I had my annual bowel scan the results indicated I needed to have a colonscopy. I had heard stories about this and thank Cheryl Lockwood for her account of her experience (YT October). I began by asking what other options I had and said that I was quite prepared to put it in writing and sign that I had been advised to have a colonscopy and refused. To the lady’s credit she accepted this and did indeed ask me to sign to that effect. Doctors and medical professionals are in an invidious position in these days of litigation. Still, I hope my story will encourage elderly persons not to be intimidated into accepting treatment they have reservations about. Val Wigzell

CHRISTMAS CAKES KEEP GIVING HANKERING for a decent Christmas cake or pud without having to cook it yourself? Mooloolaba Lions Club will look after it all for you. Lions Christmas Cakes are $13 for a 1kg cake, $17 for a 1.5kg cake and $13 for a 900g pudding. Purchase online for free delivery in the Mooloolaba, Mountain Creek, Maroochydore, Bli Bli, Brightwater, Sippy Downs local areas. To order email xmascakesmooloolabalions@gmail.com and be sure to include your contact and delivery details, or call 0403 905 076. Alternatively call in at the Blue Market Van at the popular Fisherman’s Road Sunday Market. Lions Christmas Cakes and Puddings are an important fundraising project that enables Mooloolaba and other clubs to support local communities.

IN THE GARDEN — with Penny I LOVE this time of the year with so much colour in the garden. The jacarandas are such good value with their various shades of mauve and purple, and a white form, as they provide welcome shade for both plants and people. Plant some hollyhocks for height, with double and single flowers in shades of red, pink and white. Also in flower are paper daisies, statice, sunflowers, anthuriums and pentas. It’s time to purchase some of the gorgeous desert roses. Prune any plants that are scraggly, fertilise and mulch, and pop a few annuals in for Christmas flowering. Keep the vegetable garden happy with fertiliser and water for all summer salads Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all gardeners.

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6 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / December 2020

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that December 25 was not called Christmas until the 9th century? And in the 17th century, Oliver Cromwell’s Puritan regime outlawed Christmas, claiming it had heathen associations. Soldiers were ordered to tear down seasonal decorations and stop any celebrations. America’s Pilgrim Fathers, also Puritans, took the Christmas prohibition to America where it was banned until 1836.


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December 2020 / YOUR TIME MAGAZINE 7

26/11/2020 10:10:56 AM


by Mocco Wollert

ONCE upon a time, a long, long time ago in 1970, I sat down, as usual, to write my Christmas cards, working down the list of relatives and friends. When I finished, I counted 35 cards. I was heartily sick of writing the same message over and over to everyone.

Then, a friend changed all that. When I opened her card to me, it contained just a single piece of paper – no card. Her letter was full of news and Christmas wishes. I could see that she had photocopied the page but at the bottom were a few personal words for me in her own handwriting. There was my answer! Write it once and then copy it 35 times or more, depending on the list of friends. In those days it was a bit of a task to find a photocopier, but a friendly newsagency owner came to the rescue. And so it was, that in December 1971, I sent out my first Christmas letters rather than cards. It was sheer bliss to ramble on, tell happenings in detail and finish off with some loving and personal greetings. I wondered, how my Christmas letter would be received. The reaction was certainly not unanimous. Quite a few objected to the impersonal letter, and not a hand-written card. Weren’t they worth the effort to be written to individually? However, as the years passed, most of my friends all started to write Christmas letters. I started off with one page but, of course, I had a lot to tell so the number of pages grew. With modern technology, I managed to insert photos, relevant to my stories. I must confess that sometimes I went

overboard, like the year when my Christmas letter was 12 A4 pages long. Well, we had been travelling a fair bit that year. I guess my letter had become a travelogue as well. Writing proper letters was something my generation was taught. If a gift was received, a thank-you note had to be sent. Birthday greetings to relatives had to be written by hand and finely crafted. It was a chore none of us liked. I disregard all this training when writing my Christmas letters. I still like to compose a decent letter but on the whole, I write straight from the heart as if I were talking to this person. It makes writing – and doing it only once – an enjoyable task, fun and no longer a chore. Apart from saving me a lot of time, I realised recently, that my Christmas letters had become a chronicle of our family life from 1971 onwards. A question came up in conversation about what had happened in 1993. Nobody could remember. Neither could I. Then a light came on. I went to my folder of Christmas letters and found 1993. And there it was, all the things that had happened, in black and white, bringing the year back to life. May you receive many Christmas cards and at least one long Christmas letter.


by Cheryl Lockwood

December already! Have I left it too late to send a note to the big guy in the red suit? No harm in trying. Dear Santa, You’re probably a bit snowed under at this time of year, but I have a Christmas wish. Is there any chance that there is cargo space in the sleigh for a lawn mower? I put in efforts to tame the old one, but there are times when one has to admit defeat.

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AGES & STAGES The other day, wanting to surprise my hard-working husband, I decided to mow the lawn. Surely that’s worth some Brownie points. The old mower spluttered and roared to life after only four pulls on the cord and minor muscle damage to my arm. Off I went, bum out and head down around the back yard. All was well until the catcher fell off at my feet. After some investigation, I found that a plastic moulding had broken. Questioning the worth of the old bit of machinery, I set about a repair. Two hours and a few scratches later, I managed to fix it. The odd assortment of nuts, bolts and brackets wasn’t pretty, but it held. I managed a few more laps before the mower gave a little cough and died. I deferred the rest of the job until the following day. Thankfully, the beast fired up for Round 2 – the front yard. Pleasantly surprised that my handiwork was holding, I ploughed on. After a short fuel break for both of us, I tried restarting the mower. No go. Hot, sweaty and running low on patience, I gave the cord one last pull. It was almost a dance. I threw my whole body into the motion and found myself, quite suddenly, several steps away. The

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tattered edge of the pull cord now dangled limply from my hand. I pushed the silent mower back to its spot in the garden shed and shut the door. Having things to do elsewhere, I left a note for hubby explaining that the misbehaving mower had been sent to its room with no supper. Day 3 – handy hubby fixed the cord and finished the job himself. There you have it, Santa, justification for my Christmas wish. I tried to be good. It’s the thought that counts, isn’t it? Love, Cheryl xx PS: Happy Christmas to all of life’s adventurers.

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December 2020 / YOUR TIME MAGAZINE


26/11/2020 10:11:29 AM


Fulfilled life comes straight from the art Age is simply a changing palette in what has been a fascinating and colourful life journey for these acclaimed artists, writes GLENIS GREEN.


artners for 30 years, Rex Backhaus-Smith and Judith Laws are still helping each other grow and change even as their amazing works of art do, and there is certainly no sign of slowing down as the years pass. In fact, they are both more prolific than ever – planning new works and exhibitions as well as more of the travel adventures, once the Covid-19 pandemic calms down. They have now downsized – well, sort of – to a retirement villa. They compromised with a four-bedroom residence so they could each have an art studio. Somehow Rex also managed to snaffle the double garage for his enormous acrylic and mixed media works, as well as the upstairs bedroom for his watercolours. Judith has her colourful studio in one of the downstairs bedrooms. Studios aside, their home is really one big work of art with paintings they have given each other for special occasions on the walls along with the many sculptures and other craftwork they have created. Even the bird bath has been delicately covered in mosaic by Judith

Judith Laws and Rex Backhaus-Smith surround themselves with colour. who loves her colour and who painted the outside dining table and canvas deck chairs with her inspirations. Judith jokes that she would even paint Rex - literally - if he sat still long enough. The artist’s eye is everywhere in their eclectic home and while Judith

Brand new homes

from $505,000

bustles about saying “housework is not on my agenda because there are so many other interesting things to do” everything looks perfectly in place. The couple, who were both married – Judith with five children and Rex with two – when they met through art 30 years ago, seem to have a synergy that

brings out the best in each other and their work. Already a well-known face on the world art scene, Rex was tutoring while Judith, who had always been creative, was struggling with traditional oil painting lessons in another class. She had been a fan of Rex’s work and went to all his exhibitions so when he suggested she was more of an abstract artist than a traditionalist, Judith took it on board and found her niche. “Romance blossomed and we’ve been together since 1990,” Judith says. Their blended family of seven has now grown into 17 grandchildren around Australia and they are champing at the bit to see them all again. While Rex was already exhibiting around Australia and overseas, Judith’s first was at Linton Gallery in Toowoomba in 1979 – above a chemist shop – and it went well. “She’s had 48 solo exhibitions,” says Rex proudly, while admitting he’s lost count of his own. Mixing with Australia’s art elite from Clifton Pugh, to the Boyds and

Sundale’s limited new unit release at Coolum Waters combines the best of outdoor living and entertaining with a low-maintenance lifestyle. 9MJSJ\GZNQIGQJSIXXUFHJFSI‫ܫ‬T\\NYMLJSJWTZX GJIWTTRXQFWLJTUJSQN[NSLINSNSLFSIFQKWJXHTXUFHJXFSI FHMJKѣXPNYHMJSHTRUQJYJ\NYM\FYJWKFQQXYTSJGJSHMYTUX 9MJRFXYJWXZNYJHTRUQJYJ\NYMJSXZNYJFSI\FQPNS wardrobe is perfectly positioned at the rear of each home for UWN[FH^FSIXJHQZXNTS\MNQJYMJFNW^GFYMWTTRXKJFYZWJ‫ܫ‬TTW to ceiling tiles and luxe features.

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10 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / December 2020

10.indd 2

Sunshine Coast

26/11/2020 10:11:50 AM


Frank Hodgkinson, Rex also has been to England to study William Turner. “I was fairly traditional, but not anymore,” he says. “I did steam trains and old buildings. I was fascinated by light.” At one point he was also running 100 watercolour painting schools including sessions on ancient architecture all around Australia and while he still has a soft spot for watercolour, he now enjoys painting large dramatic acrylics on canvas, usually featuring his signature Australian native birds. Judith says her works are nowhere as big as Rex’s but still usually range up to 150cm square. They both take to the countryside and sketch and take photos, which are only a record of the area – they never paint from the photographs. Generally, they both work every way and both have also published books. Rex is still working on his now 30-year project – an art book featuring the Greek Islands. They have travelled extensively around the world, sketching and painting as they go and also have an affinity for Australia’s Outback. When not painting, they love to go out for coffee and make the most of

their retirement village’s facilities with gym and aqua aerobics. Not many people realise Rex started his career as a primary school teacher, where he began teaching art. While he has no formal training, he did complete a course of applied art at a school in Brisbane. He resigned from teaching in 1976 to take up painting full time, admitting he was “very brave” but when his first exhibition sold out he realised this was his new life and admitted “they were heady days”. Since then, he’s been selling about 100 works a year. He also admits to being rather attached to those first works and even resented selling some pieces. “But I soon got used to it,” he says. He still gets feedback from buyers and former students. In fact, during a visit to GOMA, they were approached by a young man who said “Mr Smith, you taught me art – it was because of you I became an architect.” It turned out that the young man and his wife were the GOMA architects Kerry and Lindsay Clare. “We’ve had a carefree life for 30 years,” Rex says, while Judith adds: “When you’re doing stuff you love it makes a big difference.”

WILLS, INHERITANCE AND DECEASE ESTATE LAWYERS FOR 40 YEARS GEOFF LYONS (Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws majoring in Wills & Estates)


P: (07) 5491 2422 Cnr. Centaur Street & Omrah Avenue, CALOUNDRA

OFFERING THE LATEST IN JOINT REPLACEMENT TECHNOLOGY Dr. Daevyd Rodda leads a multidisciplinary team using the latest innovative practices and technology in hip and knee replacement surgery. Sunshine Coast Orthopaedic Group offers: Anterior Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement Augmented Reality Knee Replacement Kinematic Alignment Total Knee Replacement Robotic Knee Replacement

Dr. Daevyd Rodda Orthopaedic Surgeon

Contact us today to discuss your treatment options. Phone: 07 5493 8038 www.scorthogroup.com.au Sunshine Coast

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December 2020 / YOUR TIME MAGAZINE 11

26/11/2020 10:12:04 AM


Coastal road unites outposts as the Sunshine Coast Today we travel the Nicklin Way and David Low Way complaining about congestion, but there was a time when a through road along the coast was just a dream, writes AUDIENNE BLYTH.


hen the coast was still known as the North Coast or Near North Coast in the 1960s, planners talked of a coastal road that could link Caloundra and Noosa. In the ’50s, many roads were gravel or just narrow strips of bitumen. Access to Caloundra was by a single road running in and out from Landsborough. Likewise, Maroochydore, was accessed from Nambour. A narrow road wound through scrub. Coolum access was from Yandina and the road was often partly under water crossing the big swamp. A mail boat service delivered visitors from Yandina to Coolum, while visitors for Maroochydore could take a tram to Cedar Tree, about two miles out of Nambour, and then catch the boat onwards. Noosa was connected to Eumundi and Cooroy by narrow and winding roads, akin to goat tracks. As early as 1948 the Near

12 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / December 2020

12.indd 2

The official opening of the Mudjimba to Marcoola road section constructed by Suncoast Development Ltd on August 12, 1961, when the Maroochy Airport also opened. Picture: Sunshine Coast Council Heritage Library

North Coast and Mary Valley Council of Progress Associations agitated for a coastal highway which could open up thousands of acres of unused land for settlement. In 1954, they proposed an airport but roads and bridges were needed to access the site. These projects developed

together. July 13, 1959 marked the beginning of the coast road from north of Coolum to Sunshine Beach. The first sod was turned on the boundary of Noosa and Maroochy Shires. The road from Caloundra to Noosa was built in sections. Developer T.M. Burke Pty Ltd was to fund the northern section

and in return receive the leasehold of surrounding hundreds of acres while creating urban areas such as Peregian. Deals were done between councils and developers. Alfred Grant obtained the lease for the area we know as Kawana, a swampy area of wallum where tea tree, banksia and mangroves grew. Prior to this, the area had only a few sandy tracks with access by boat along the Mooloolah River. There were protests from environmentalists against the destruction of the landscape. Hinterland farmers considered their roads were more important than a coastal highway and also voiced objections. On June 5, 1965, Queensland Premier Frank Nicklin officially opened the Nicklin Way, from Caloundra to Mooloolaba, a distance of 12.5km. This was the first step heralding boom times ahead. Nicklin had been a Palmwoods pineapple farmer

and was elected to parliament in 1932. He served as premier from 1957 to 1968. One of his priorities was to see the coastal strip developed so it could bring population and employment. Nicklin’s fellow politician was David Low, the member for Cooroora from 1947 to 1974. He was also Maroochy Shire chairman from 1952 to 1967. His influence and enthusiasm sustained work on both the coast road and the Maroochy Airport. The David Low Bridge at Bli Bli opened in 1959 and assisted the sugar industry as well as providing a link in the coast road. The David Low Way extends for 36km to link Maroochydore to Noosa. The Nicklin Way and the David Low Way make up one coastal road. The alternative is the Sunshine Motorway which opened in 1990, as a toll road. Audienne Blyth is a member of the Nambour Historical Museum, open Wednesday to Saturday 1pm-4pm.

Sunshine Coast

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Buderim’s first lifestyle community designed exclusively for over 50s is surrounded by rainforest yet minutes from the beach. The architect designed homes start from $529,000 and are located near the $13.2 million Lifestyle and Wellness facilities and landscaped gardens. Come in and discover what will truly be the Sunshine Coast’s premier lifestyle community.

2 RE T RE AT D R I V E, B UD ER I M , QL D, 4 556 ( OF F W H I TES RD) – 1 800 050 050

Halc yon, Australia’s most awarded lifestyle communities. 13.indd 3

26/11/2020 10:12:33 AM


Gifts that keep on giving year-round As Christmas rolls around again, many of us find it’s a great excuse to upgrade the phone or purchase a new TV or computer. NATHAN WELLINGTON suggests some alternative gift ideas to enjoy throughout the year.


ITH the year we’ve had, it’s not surprising we’re ready to get out of the house for some retail therapy to signify the end of a difficult year, but have you considered a subscription? Many of my clients have begun dipping their toe into the ocean of content available online and have found that once they start getting the hang of it, they don’t look back. Here are a few options to consider going into 2021. Streaming TV subscriptions (in no particular order) • STAN, the only home-grown Australian streaming service offers some fantastic classic and recent television series and movies starting from about $10 a month. • AMAZON PRIME VIDEO starts at about $6.99 a month and is one of the cheapest online subscriptions. It has a great range of movies and television series. • APPLE TV+ is the relatively new kid on the block. It is $7.99 a month and is developing content. There is a vast range of pay per view titles and a humble amount of new subscription content. • DISNEY+ is also new to the market but has a vast back catalogue and is great value at about $8.99 a month. It’s not just for kids!

14 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / December 2020

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• NETFLIX is the staple for many households and although it is in the upper price bracket starting at $11 a month, it has an enormous catalogue. • KAYO offers live and on-demand sport and its price reflects this, starting at $25 a month. • Honourable mentions include Foxtel Now & YouTube Premium. • KANOPY is a free service available through the Sunshine Coast Council Library website. MUSIC STREAMING: The lion’s share of music streaming is with Spotify, with

more than 50 million songs. For the music buff, $11.99 is worth the starting price. If you’re looking for an alternative, iTunes has an enormous library to purchase an online copy, otherwise YouTube music is a great free option. BOOKS: There are many and varied online book subscriptions. Many choose Amazon Books for online purchases read on a smart pad. Those with impaired vision subscribe to Audible to listen to their favourite books. It starts at $16.95 a month. The Sunshine Coast Council Library offers various eBook and audio book services. All

you need is library membership. For me the value in these services is that they give access to so much more content than is available if you purchase a copy of one artist on CD or DVD. The cost of one CD or DVD equates to up to two months of an online streaming service. You do need the appropriate equipment to take advantage of these, but even if you don’t have a Smart TV, a small smart pad is all you need to get going. Many of these subscriptions offer a free trial period to explore content. If you’re a classical music buff you have hundreds of thousands of compositions to choose from, or if you love comedy romance movies, there are thousands to choose from. The days of buying a CD or DVD are slowly coming to a close but a world of much more varied and richer content is available at a relatively cost effective price and at the touch of a finger. As always, if you are not sure how to go about purchasing a subscription or need some help you can always contact us. We wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas and safe and fulfilling new year. Call 1300 682 817 or email nathan@ hometechassist.com.au

Sunshine Coast

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More than just in home care ✓ Daily Care Experts

✓ Peace of Mind

✓ 24/7 Availability

✓ Home Care Packages

✓ High Caliber Caregivers ✓ Low Fees ✓ No Long-Term Contracts ✓ Promotes a healthy

What our clients say “Thanks to Kendall and Robyn (my carer), my life has improved immeasurably. I now have regular outings with Robyn who also helps me at home. I absolutely recommend Home Care Assistance to anyone who is looking for help.” Jocelyn, Nambour

mind, body & spirit

Call today to speak with a home care expert and arrange a FREE in-home consultation.

Sunshine Coast (07) 5491 6888 |

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Kendall Morton Director


26/11/2020 11:22:44 AM


Stress less and have a good night’s rest Eight hours of sleep each night hasn’t always been the recommended norm. KENDALL MORTON explores what we think we know about sleep and finds some refreshing surprises.


LEEP is essential. As we sleep our brains lock in and organise the memories from the day. Cerebrospinal fluid does a major wash through the brain during the non-REM sleep cycle. It cleans out waste products such as potentially damaging betaamyloids that are a hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease. Being deprived of sleep can lead to slower reaction times, poor decisionmaking and accidents. Yes, a good sound sleep is essential. What we don’t need though, is anxiety about what is “normal” sleep. Let’s examine a few myths. MYTH 1 – You need 8 hours of continuous sleep a night. There is much debate about exactly how long an older person needs to sleep to feel rested the next day. Some experts advocate eight hours as the standard. Others say anywhere between seven and nine hours is fine. As you age, sleep requirements can change, after all your body is changing. It makes less melatonin. This hormone is manufactured in the pineal gland and is released to help you sleep at night. According to Daniel Lieberman, academic and author of Exercised, the call for eight hours of sleep was adapted from a slogan for workers’ rights. In the 19th century, workers would shout “eight hours for work, eight hours for rest, eight hours for what we will!”. Research in the USA shows most adults sleep seven to 7.5 hours a night and do fine. Recent studies have looked at groups who do not live by the electric light and television programming. For instance, the American Amish people who shun electric light sleep 6.5 to seven hours and so do the farmers in Madagascar. Both these groups live active outdoor lives yet manage fine on less than eight hours of sleep.

A MATTER OF CARE REGISTRATION with My Aged Care is essential for those over 65 to gain approval for government-funded services. Registered nurse, Kerryn Palmer, of Coastal Home Care says it is so important that free assessments are offered to help register and access services or approval for a home care package. “I am passionate about working with seniors to see they remain living independently at home and having happy and healthy lives,” she says. Coastal Home Care offers choice and control over the home care package and provides professionally trained care givers. A mobile app allows clients and families to view the roster and services to help monitor when staff sign in and out and the tasks to be completed, as transparency is important. Call 5293 8304 or visit coastalhomecare.com.au

DO IT YOURSELF OPTION MYTH 2 – Being awake during the night damages your health. If we look at the human health over the centuries we can learn much. It was common to have two sleeps a night, called the first and second sleeps. There was an hour or two of wakefulness between them. In the space between the first and second sleep, people would stay in bed where it was warm, and rest, talk or have sex. They would also check on their animals or attend to other household tasks. Being awake was normal. It was not a cause for stress and did not lead to illness. While wandering around your house at 2am may not suit your spouse or other housemates, this historical evidence for two sleeps as a normal human pattern may help you feel better about wakefulness. This two sleeps pattern was the subject of a book by historian A. Roger

IRT Queensland Retirement Villages Enjoy independent retirement living with IRT. Rest easy knowing you're part of a secure and connected community, where you can enjoy quality time with family and friends.

Ekirch called At Day’s Close: Night in Times Past. Ekirch found fewer references to the first and second sleep as modern industrial society took hold from the 17th century onwards. Interestingly, in the late 19th century the “problem” of insomnia appeared. So where does this leave you and senior family members? The key is to find your own sleep patterns. Listen to your body. Be alert to everyday impediments to good sleep, such as external lights or moonlight. Using a mask can help. Note whether your sleeping changes with new medication. Research shows that exercising earlier in the day can help you sleep. Above all, stress less about sleeping. Kendall Morton is the Director of Home Care Assistance Sunshine Coast to Wide Bay. Call 5491 6888 or email kmorton@ homecareassistance.com

IRT The Ridge

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RETIREES can self-manage home care packages, just like a super fund, and engage independent support workers with shared interests. Research by aged care advocate Sarah Russell, found self-managed home care packages could offer choice and control unavailable through providermanaged home care packages. Dr Russell said participants described provider-managed packages as giving them no choice of support workers and no control over the time of day support workers visited. The research, commissioned by online platform Mable, investigated the pros and cons of consumer-directed care from the perspective of older people who self-managed their package. Dr Russell said said she had not expected the strength and consistency of the participants’ views in support of self-management. Visit mable.com.au

Call 134 478 or visit irt.org.au 16 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / December 2020

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Sunshine Coast

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A whole new life. Over-50s living redefined.

GemLife offers luxury resort-style living with world-class lifestyle facilities on your doorstep. No entry fees, exit fees or stamp duty Friendly community Pets welcome Gated neighbourhood Extensive first-class facilities Luxury homes Caravan and boat storage*

GemLife over-50s lifestyle resorts. New homes now selling.

Retain your capital gain Ageing-in-place solutions

Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast locations • B R I B I E I S L A N D • M A R O O C H Y Q UAY S • PAC I FI C PA R A D I S E • PA L M WO O D S • *Terms & conditions apply

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Cheap and easy to handle without the bells and whistles The compact Ignis, now in its second iteration, adds to Suzuki’s reputation for reliable, value-for-money transport, writes BRUCE McMAHON


he little Ignis four or five-seater, five-door hatchback is a bit of a motoring throwback – in a good

way. The Ignis eschews a deal of today’s driver aids, places more onus on the driver to stay in the right lane, to not run into the car stopped ahead and to switch on the wipers when summer rains pour down. It is a city and suburbs car not overburdened with buzzers and bells and interfering, mollycoddling assistance systems. The newest Ignis isn’t that much different to the first version aside from a rework of the front grille for a little more macho style plus some extra body colours. So the basics remain a 3.7m long by 1.7m wide, front-wheel drive car powered by a 1.2 litre engine with 66kW of power at 6000rpm. The $18,990 GL model uses a five-speed manual transmission or a Constantly Variable Transmission while the GLX, from a driveaway $20,990, arrives with a CVT. The dearer GLX, a four-seater, sits on 16-inch alloy wheels while the GX is a five-seater on 15-inch steel wheels.

Other differences include more sophisticated sound system and air conditioning for the GLX and extra cosmetic touches. All are cheap and cheerful machines. Sure, a fair bit of throttle is needed to get the Ignis under way. And sure, the GLX on its 16-inch rubber, isn’t always too happy about running over speed bumps and man hole covers. But with its small body, light

steering and a 4.7m turning circle, the Ignis is a handy run-around and easy to place in traffic or the parking lot. Indeed some at Suzuki suggest not only is this hatchback a prime choice for young apartment-dwelling urbanites in crowded cities but also for more mature folk downsizing their car looking to the benefits of lower running costs and stress-free parking in over-50s villages. It’s not all old-school here. The

Find your new home among the gum trees this Christmas Affinity Sheep Station Creek – Over 50s Lifestle Community

Suzuki Ignis arrives with most of today’s technological conveniences from USB ports to Bluetooth, from smartphone access for Apple CarPlay and others to satellite navigation and rear-view camera on the 7-inch touch screen. That brings on the other quibble – alongside the Suzuki’s not-so-great suspension. The lack of a volume knob for the stereo (and phone calls) will irritate older drivers; the slide control on the screen can be a slippery, greasy pain to shift and the tiny steering wheel controls hard to find. (Plus, and today this is a losing argument right across motoring, where’s the CD player? Older folk still use them.) Still, this is a handsome little city car in the ubiquitous SUV style and a cheap machine to buy and run. Fuel consumption should be under 6 litres per 100km for CVT versions, less for the manual, and there’s a five-year factory warranty. Suzuki also offers the option of further customising the Ignis with splashes of different paint colours and decals for both the body and the cabin to individualise the hatchback and help it stand out from the crowd.



Purcha se a ho me befo 31 Dec re 2020 an d receiv a $3,00 e 0 VISA Gift Card

Nestled between nature reserves against a backdrop of soaring trees, with views down to the creek, Affinity Sheep Station Creek is so much more than just a place to live! T T T T

No entry or exit fees Gated entrance with security features Pet friendly with an off-leash dog park Three new display homes available for private tours.

To arrange a COVID safe private tour or request a brochure call 1300 or visit affinitylifestyle.com.au

386 156

70 Amy Street, Morayfield, QLD 4506

Full terms and conditions available at www.affinitylifestyle.com.au/offer. Promotion starts 06.11.20 and ends 4pm AEST 31.12.20. Promotion open to Australian residents. To be eligible for a $3,000 VISA Gift Card (Offer), an individual must place a deposit for a New Home Build or Display Home at Affinity Sheep Station Creek (Affinity) by 31 December 2020 and settlement must be completed in full by 01.03.21. Offer not available for established homes. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. VISA Gift Card subject to card issuer terms and conditions including expiry. Serenitas reserves the right to remove or alter offer at any time. The Promoter is Affinity Sheep Station Creek, Serenitas Development Pty Ltd ATF Serenitas Development Trust (ABN 78 498 179 049).

18 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / December 2020

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Sunshine Coast

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Memoirs from the Monday Mob Taking the first step on a path to a new venture can lead to places you never imagined. ANNE MOORHOUSE introduces the Monday Mob.


he birth of Random Stories from The Monday Mob, which began early in 2018, was just such a step on an amazing journey that saw the beginning of a new community. Each of the writers who contributed to this book attended one of my ancestry writing presentations which were held at various libraries around the Sunshine Coast. They knew not what lay ahead – but came simply to learn how to write their family history. They left wanting more. It seems many of us are keen to write our family stories. What happened next was purely serendipitous. Those who chose Mondays at 1pm became the Monday Memoir Class. After completing the initial five-week course, they asked to continue. Despite diverse backgrounds and vastly different personalities, all shared the common bond of a love of writing and telling stories. There is something about reading your writing aloud and sharing with others that encourages you to dig deeper. You want to write more, and so the Fiction Class came into being as well. Instead of merely sticking to the facts of memoir, imagination was given free rein and the class blossomed. It even took

The Monday Mob, from left, Jan Willacy, Robynne Milne, Anne Moorhouse, Beverley Souster, Helen Druett and Michael O’Flaherty. a new name, “The Monday Mob”. When 2020 brought lockdown, a member guided us to Zoom online classes. Despite the odd hiccup, we made it, six of us on screen together. Retired we may be, but we don’t give up easily. When the idea of compiling a book to share with family and friends was floated, another learning curve began. If you are interested in telling your story and leaving a legacy for your family, take the first step. New classes with limited numbers begin next month or there is a five module online course. Call 5477 0484 or email annemoorhouse@outlook.com

Sunshine Coast

Heritage Plan 2021-2031

D E B E L B A T S U ADJ SALE What our customers are saying:

100% Australian made mattresses

“The service was beyond excellent. The queen adjustable bed is pure heaven. I would recommend these beds to anyone”. – Vicki “The staff here are so nice. I went in there to order a bed for my son for this upcoming major surgery and they were so helpful. Thankyou so much XO”. – Melinda

Adjustable bed specialist

Find your closest store: 520 Kessels Rd, MacGregor. Ph 3849 4803 Homemaker Centre, 18 Commerce Dr, Browns Plains Logan Hyperdome, Loganholme Noosa Civic, 28 Eenie Creek Rd, Noosaville Ph 0438 962 943

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December 2020 / YOUR TIME MAGAZINE 19

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0 4


! F OF





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26/11/2020 11:23:49 AM







5 2 1 7 7 0 0 0 13 www.fdshutters.co


Sale ends Thursday 31 December 2020.

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Popular over 50s resorts packed with paperwork

VISITATION SERVICE Try on shoes in the comfort of your home! Shop: 155 Brisbane Rd, Mooloolaba. 07 5444 8009.

Among the different retirement living options, the over 50s resort style of living is becoming increasingly popular. DON MACPHERSON explains.

Discuss your needs with us. Browse our website or receive a personalised catalogue to indicate your preferences. We bring up to 20 pairs for you to try.



CARAVANS WANTED Wanted to buy, all caravans and motorhomes. • We come to you • Fast settlement • Finance Paid out If you want a quick no hassle sale please contact Joe for a price 0418 876 395

ver 50s resort living arrangements come under the Manufactured Homes Act, and deal with ownership (theoretically) of relocatable homes within a manufactured home park. The term “over 50s resort” is really a marketing term and doesn’t have any legal definition or meaning. The crucial difference with manufactured homes is that unlike a retirement village unit, you actually own the home in which you live. Retirement village units are held as leases or licences. With manufactured homes you do not own the land and pay a site rental to place your home on the land owned by the operator. Usually the site rental payment would be higher than the service fees payable for a comparable level retirement village unit. There are a series of differences between a manufactured home and a retirement village arrangement. Some of the major differences are: RETIREMENT VILLAGE > You don’t own the home > You pay service fees > Usually no capital gain

> Significant exit fees > Focus on community > Usually more expensive to “buy” MANUFACTURED HOME > You own the home > You pay site rental > You get the gain on the home > No exit fees > Limited community engagement > Usually cheaper to buy In 2019, the State Government brought in significant changes to the legislation in relation to manufactured homes, introducing greater transparency for purchasers, but also very detailed forms to be disclosed. The forms 1A, 1B, 1C and 2 that must be reviewed, digested and signed can often run to more than 100 pages all up. Accordingly, the government strongly recommends prospective purchasers obtain experienced independent legal advice prior to entering into this complex contract documentation. Don Macpherson is founder of Sunshine Coast Elder Law, experts in the complex documentation required when purchasing a manufactured home. Call 1800 961 622 or visit sunshinecoastelderlaw.com.au

Are you interested in


or Retirement Living

and don’t know how or where to start?... Then call Margaret at Inspired Outcomes for some answers. One stop shop for Seniors moving forward 22 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / December 2020

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Call Margaret today for a Free, no obligaঞon consultaঞon on:

0448 201 884 Sunshine Coast

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Good tidy-ings ready for seasonal bounty


Whether you’re planning a busy or a quiet Christmas, JUDY RAFFERTY has a proposal – decluttering now to find emotional and psychological space, as well as physical.

CHRISTMAS spending is likely to drop this year, with householders set to cut back on gift purchases, social events and holidays. A survey of a nationally representative panel of 1013 Australians commissioned by financial information platform Money.com.au found that 39 per cent will spend less on Christmas gifts, 32 per cent will pay for December-January expenses on some form of credit and 31 per cent plan to dip into their savings to pay for Christmas. And nearly four in five households will spend less or completely forego Christmas expenses. The change in consumer behaviour is expected to have a significant knock-on effect on the retail sector. The local travel industry is also likely to suffer alongside cash-strapped households. Even with States open for regional travel and some borders open, 38 per cent of respondents will forego a holiday this summer, while 20 per cent will reduce their holiday budget. The findings also reveal 28 per cent of households will spend less on Christmas celebrations and Christmas lunches or dinners this year – and 10 per cent won’t have a Christmas celebration at all. Overall, 44 per cent of households will spend less on Christmas celebrations, food, gifts, and a summer getaway this year, compared with previous years. Purchasing gifts and other expenses for the December-January period can be a major financial stressor for households. The Money.com.au survey found that nearly a third of respondents are making financial sacrifices to be able to afford some holiday expenses. “With many households experiencing financial hardship this year – and with an uncertain economic recovery – it may be wise to cut back spending on Christmas and holiday expenses,” financial adviser Helen Baker said. “I encourage households to review their financial situation now to determine how much they can spend and to be conservative in spending.”


f you are having a busy Christmas, family or friends might be coming to stay or visit. It is easier to prepare for them if you have already removed the unfinished sewing from the spare bed and sorted the clothes that really should go to Vinnies from the spare wardrobe. Then there are the piles of books and magazines – the too good to throw away, the waiting to be mended/fixed, the might be useful, the adult children’s belongings and the things that adult children MIGHT want to have. If you are having a quiet Christmas, a decluttered home means you might be in a better space – not just in your home but also in your head – to participate in Christmas. You might get organised and make a toy to donate or you might bake, invite a friend or two for coffee and Christmas cake or wine and rum balls. Count me in for the latter. Busy or not, you may be the recipient of gifts. You will be able to be more gracious and enthusiastic if you are not imagining trying to shove the gift into your over-full cupboards as you offer your thanks. It is not easy to declutter. Do you say goodbye to that which has been in the family for a long time and holds memories, even though it is no longer useful or beautiful? How do you say goodbye to beautifully tailored clothes which you might fit into again one day? How do you decide to get rid of a duplicate piece of equipment when you suspect that as soon as you donate it your other one will stop working? How do you know what your children will want when they finally settle down or buy a house? Decluttering is a tiring job as each item seems to require a decision. For those readers who are feeling smug and uncluttered, let me give you a task. Look into each cupboard category – linen cupboard, plastic containers drawer,

gift wrapping box, elastic bands container (the ones on the bottom will have lost their stretch and recoil capacity!), the bookcase, the might-be-useful jar of nails, the tool box – and from each group remove and delete a minimum of one item. Remove three items if you believe you deserve your smugness as a hard line declutterer. I often quote Marie Kondo’s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Her bottom line for keeping an item is that it must give you a sense of joy. If not, sell it or give it away. Beware passing on your now unwanted items to others. They may not value them as you expect or desire. Giving to your children is also fraught. Make sure that each child is given the same opportunity to make a claim on that which you are offering. Also make sure that your children do not feel they must take what you are offering in order to make you feel better. It is something of a phenomenon that when people retire or move house – often to downsize – a major clearing out of possessions occurs.

It is also notable that as we age, we are usually keen to streamline and reduce belongings. You may have experienced this and acted to significantly minimise your possessions. However, life in a consumer-focused society, along with the pleasure of acquisition and the reluctance to let go of good quality or useable items, leads to a sneaky build-up of STUFF. An annual clear-out is a great idea and there is no better time than Christmas. It is the junction between the close of one year and the beginning of the next; an opportunity for a fresh start. Make this Christmas one of giving. Give away all the extra possessions in your life that are causing clutter and not giving you pleasure. Soon enough, after your “out with the old” there will be an “in with the new” starting with the bounty that Christmas brings. Happy clutter-free Christmas! Judy Rafferty is the author of Retirement Your Way, A Practical Guide to Knowing What You Want and How to Get It. Available at all good bookshops and online.

Practical Common Sense Legal Advice for you and your loved ones Premier Legal Advisors for: • Estate Management • Wills • Estate Disputes

• Retirement Village Contracts • Protection from Elder Abuse • Elder Law

With over 30 years experience


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1800 961 622 | www.sunshinecoastelderlaw.com.au | Maroochydore and Birtinya December 2020 / YOUR TIME MAGAZINE 23

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BILL MCCARTHY This is the second book by Australian screenwriter Christian White. The action is set on an island somewhere between Long Island USA and Phillip Island Victoria. It annoyed me that some of the terminology was not Australian. The widow, Kate, discovers that her husband has left his employ, is now dead and potentially murdered on the island. Her attempts to unravel this mystery occupy the main part of the story. The other part involves the islanders Ray and Abby who are struggling financially. Abby worries about her husband’s activities while like most mothers is concerned about her children’s behavior. The plot follows fairly conventional lines until the amazing twist. This is the piece de resistance of the novel and may leave you scratching your head for a few minutes. All together it’s a good read and this novel should meet with the same success as the first.

MARY BARBER This was an interesting thriller set on a small island off the coast of Victoria. The two central characters, the wife and the widow, take a chapter each in turn. The chapters are short and end with a threat or a promised revelation. This kept me turning the pages at first, but it became overdone and tiresome as the plot thickened. The character who changed the most was Kate, the widow. She tackled challenges that she had not dreamt of before her husband’s murder. Late in the book the timelines and characters seem to get muddled. If this was a planned device, it didn’t work. It was confusing and distracting. I can rate this novel only as a 3-star read.

TONY HARRINGTON SUZI HIRST This is a quick, easy read and has a twist that I did not see coming. The book is written in alternating chapters of the wife and the widow. The story is effortlessly written and Christian White has very cleverly written the book by the intertwining of two stories and two timelines. It kept me turning the pages eager to know the storyline and although I kept thinking I knew what the outcome would be I was proved wrong a few times. I would add I much preferred his first book The Nowhere Child, but this is definitely a page turner. 7/10

BOOK review

THE WIFE AND THE WIDOW by Christian White

JOHN KLEINSCHMIDT The author of this book is an Australian and the setting is a fictional town off the coast of Victoria although you would not know that from his description of the island and its residents. Certainly I did not get that vibe. I enjoyed the writing style of Christian White but felt his character description and scene development could have been better. I am used to authors reverting from present to past to provide background and cultivate a twist to the plot. White has done this in a new and different way, although a little confusingly at times. Worth the time to read.

Set in an eerie island town in winter, this unsettling thriller is told from two perspectives: Kate, a widow whose grief is compounded by what she learns about her dead husband’s secret life; and Abby, an island local whose world is turned upside when she’s forced to confront the evidence of her husband’s guilt. But nothing is quite as it seems, and only when these women come together can they discover the whole story about the men in their lives. This page-turning thriller by an Australian author takes readers to a cliff edge and asks the question: how well do we really know the people we love?

JO BOURKE This is the perfect book to read when one wants to switch off over a weekend or a long flight. The story moves along at a cracking pace with the author’s use of imagery cleverly introducing the characters, each with their idiosyncrasies and their contribution to the whole mystery. I enjoyed the contrasts in this story – from the prologue with the sinister intruder strangely recognised by the homeowner to the first chapter normality of waiting at the airport for a loved one to arrive. And there the normality ends as the many characters twist and turn to the conclusion that I did not see coming. This is Christian White’s second book after the huge success of The Nowhere Child. I look forward to following him as he adds to his bestsellers in the future.

Rubbish and Clutter Cleared


pace !! Clear-S

Our specialist rubbish removal service, takes away, redundant, dis-used, obsolete and worn-out furniture and white goods... beds, mattress’s, lounges, fridges etc. Can be one item or several from both low-set and high-rise residence to CLEAR-SPACE !!. For a FREE QUOTE and friendly service, contact Barry NOW !!. The Clear-Choice !!.

Ph: 0477 772 138 24 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / December 2020

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After an agonizingly slow start with the author taking more than 50 pages to set the scene I didn’t want to continue, but I did, and I’m sorry I did. I found the writing style too descriptive and the analogies a little odd. The characters were uninteresting and at times unrealistic. The setting and the story concept were good but this book certainly wasn’t a gripping thriller or page turner. The alternating chapter stories of each woman were cleverly woven and brought together in an over the top ending. The plot twist and timeline jumping didn’t work for me. It was hard to finish this novel. 3/10

Security, Independence & Peace of Mind Providing privacy & independence with the security of proximity to family. Glendale Granny Cabins provide comfortable, self contained accommodation for elderly relatives on the same site as the family home.

• One Bedroom Cabins and Studios • Two Bedroom Cottages • Undisputed industry leader

• Over 5600 satisfied Glendale owners • 6½ year structural warranty • Over 38 years experience



BSA License No. 42372

Obligation free site inspections freecall 1800 801 710 www.glendalehomes.com.au Sunshine Coast

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Clear the way for a good night’s sleep Stress built up from old injuries and even old infections can keep you from sleeping. TRUDY KITHER investigates reasons and remedies for sleep problems.


trigger for sleep apnea can be high levels of cortisol that elevate and shrink the hypoglossal nerve. This nerve goes straight to the nasal passages and when it shrinks, it shuts down the air, so you can’t breathe at night. It is usually okay during the night and is activated at night. The other issue is that your bladder causes you to wake up. If you wake up to go to the toilet during the night, you may have adrenal issues. Adrenal problems will have you continually going to urinate during the day and even the night. A lack of calcium from acid urine and consuming lots of acid foods will also deplete your calcium levels, as will high levels of cortisol. The sensation of calcium depletion makes it challenging getting to sleep because your brain won’t wind down. Your head is tired, but you can’t relax. Ideally, you would need to take calcium citrate or calcium lactate supplementation. When you have mental stress and think a lot, you deplete vitamin B1. This vitamin helps the nervous system counter stress.

If you take B1, be sure to consume it naturally in nutritional yeast form from the health food store or as a fat-soluble vitamin called Benfotiamine. The B vitamins are water-soluble, so they are depleted from your body as soon as you are stressed, injured, or unwell. It is also essential to keep in mind that when you take a particular vitamin such as B1, that you take the full spectrum of B Complex vitamins simultaneously. Taking only one vitamin, such as B1, will deplete all the other B vitamin. Consume them together to reduce the chance of co-factor depletion.

Vitamin B1 is fantastic for taking away the nervous, restless feeling when you are sleeping, and allows you to feel like you have more tolerance for stress. The next important issue is waking up and feeling refreshed every day. Do you wake up feeing grumpy, tired, or exhausted? When it’s dark and less light is shining into your eyes, the pineal gland, which turns serotonin into melatonin, is activated. Melatonin makes you feel tired. Taking melatonin supplements is not the long-term answer as it stops your

body from needing to produce melatonin, and it starts to make less. Ultimately, it is not going to be the perfect solution for sleep issues. Also, as you age, melatonin decreases, which causes poor sleep and immune function. It can also cause inflammation in your body. Any time between 9pm and 11 pm, depending on the time you wake each morning, is the optimal time to go to bed. You can enhance melatonin production before bed by: • Turning lights out before bed • Use a water filter in your drinking water to remove the fluoride which is a neurotoxin. • Reduce blue light exposure – television, computer, phone, and even clock radio • Keep your bedroom cool for sleeping • Avoid EMFs (electrical, magnetic frequencies) in or near your room as much as possible. The suggestions given in this article are by no means meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Consult your qualified natural medicine professional for further advice. Trudy Kither is a naturopath and owner, Nature’s Temple. Visit naturestemple.net

ĆȓǾȪ͗ĆʀɜʗǀǾȖȖźȪƱǀ ĆȓǾȪ͗6źȪƱǀɜ͗6ǀȪɰɜǀ ˗͗ŠȪȪȵʗźɰǾȵȪ͗úźɜȓʘźʣ̯͗5ǾɜɰǾȪʣź

ő…GÁ͗őĆ͗Ŝ×Ģþ͗²ĆĔ͗ Ć°ŠÁ͗6Á6Gþ͗6…G6°̶ ĆȓǾȪ ƱźȪƱǀɜ ƱźȪ Ȗȵȵȓ ʗǀɜ ʣ͗ ǾȪȪȵƱǀȪɰ͗ źȪƸ͗ Ǿɤ͗ ȵǰɰǀȪ͗ ǾȪʗǾɤǾưȖǀ͗ ɰȵ͗ɰǹǀ͗ȪźȓǀƸ͗ǀʣǀ̯͗ʘǹǾƱǹ͗Ǿɤ͗ʘǹʣ͗ əɜȵǰǀɤɤǾȵȪźȖ͗ɤȓǾȪ͗ƱźȪƱǀɜ͗ƱǹǀƱȓɤ͗ ɤźʗǀ͗ȖǾʗǀɤ̵͗ Ćǀǀ͗ɰǹǀ͗ĆʀȪɤǹǾȪǀ͗6ȵźɤɰ̹ɤ͗Ȩȵɤɰ͗ ɰɜʀɤɰǀƸ͗ ĆȓǾȪ͗ 6źȪƱǀɜ͗ =ȵƱɰȵɜɤ͗ ǰȵɜ͗ʣȵʀɜ͗əǀźƱǀ͗ȵǰ͗ȨǾȪƸ̵ 6źȪ͗ʣȵʀ͗ɤəȵɰ͗ɰǹǀ͗ȨǀȖźȪȵȨź̶͗ =ɜ͗=ȵȪźȖ͗°ǀɜɜǾȪ


ĔǹǾɤ͗ɰǾȪʣ͗ɤəȵɰ͗ʘźɤ͗ƸǾźDzȪȵɤǀƸ͗źɤ͗ȨǀȖźȪȵȨź͗ ɰǹźɰ͗ƱȵʀȖƸ͗ǹźʗǀ͗Ʊȵɤɰ͗ɰǹǀ͗əźɰǾǀȪɰ̹ɤ͗ȖǾǰǀ̵͗



Sunshine Coast

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6źȖȖ͗˗˖˕˚͗˚˚˚˛͗ȵɜ͗ưȵȵȓ͗ȵȪȖǾȪǀ͗źɰ͗ ʘʘʘ̵ɤȓǾȪƱźȪƱǀɜƱǀȪɰɜǀɤ̵ƱȵȨ̵źʀ̻ưǾɜɰǾȪʣź December 2020 / YOUR TIME MAGAZINE 25

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Secret ingredients to the stars


Scribbled in notebooks and illustrated with stains that speak of countless meals shared, are the time-honoured recipes of the generations but, writes KIMBERLEY LINGARD, some have been tweaked over the years.



Repair and regenerate your body with a natural product that releases your own stem cells. I am now 69 and have no more brain fog, sore joints, ĚŽŶ͛ƚǁĞĂƌŐůĂƐƐĞƐĂŶĚŵŝƌĂĐƵůŽƵƐůLJƉůĂLJƚĞŶŶŝƐϰƟŵĞƐĂǁĞĞŬ͘

Marita Mason – Phone 0432 986 655

Acupuncture ChiropracƟc Massage Reflexology Naturopathy Herbal Medicine Kinesiology Counseling IntegraƟve Wellness Coaching

ere are some of the more controversial secret ingredients that have been added to or exchanged in classic family staples. Cottage Pie: Google “secret ingredients to Cottage Pie” and you’ll find everything from baked beans to real shepherds, and that is the beauty of this dish. This dish can be everything to everyone. Lasagne: The traditional Italian dish takes on a distinctly Aussie flavour by adding a teaspoon of Vegemite to the beef along with diced tomatoes, tomato puree and oregano. It enhances the flavour and enriches the stocky, salty flavour. Quiche Lorraine: Eggs, bacon, pastry, cheese – it seems the most controversial additions to this comfort dish make it healthier. By lowering the meat content and upping the veggies, this quickly becomes an every week meal-time winner. Macaroni Cheese: Is there anything as delicious as a creamy macaroni and cheese? But I challenge you to find any dish that has as many variations. Macaroni and cheese cocktails, add chocolate to turn

savoury to sweet and replace macaroni with two-minute noodles. Beef in Guinness Pie: Secret ingredients may not always be for the better, but it’s said that a true chef is eager to experiment. It would be a bold home cook who adds cola to their Beef in Guinness pie. What are your recipe secrets? Share with us by emailing hello@mealezy.com.au Meal Ezy delivers homestyle, fresh and affordable meals to your door. Kimberley Lingard is owner and head chef at Meal Ezy. Visit mealezy.com.au


Take a deep breath, relax & reconnect GiŌ Vouchers, Senior Longevity Vouchers & EssenƟal oils available 6 Mary Street, Noosaville Online Booking available

Looking for the right surgeon isn’t rocket science it’s brain surgery.

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AGEING is characterised by a progressive loss of muscular strength and mobility which increases the risk of falling and reduces quality of life. It also causes skeletal muscle decline. Why do children heal quickly and we age so quickly, especially after 50? The answer is stem cells. From birth to 30, we are almost bullet proof with radiant skin and flexible bodies. After 30, a large percentage of stem cells are no longer available. Our bodies start accumulating aches and pains, loss of elasticity (wrinkles) grey hair, and so on. After 50, the natural stem cell migration slows by 50 per cent and at 65, there’s a 90 per cent loss of circulating stem cells – and that’s why the signs of ageing then increase so dramatically. Many

doctors agree that one of the key elements of optimal health is regular exercise. However, a continual process of breakdown and renewal occurs from doing any form of exercise – especially athletic type of training. The key to maintaining optimal health is to balance the breakdown and renewal of the body. The role of stem cells is to patrol the body and migrate into areas needing assistance. Stem cells are the only known source for rebuilding the body. Stem cell therapy is costly (and temporary), but stem cell nutrition can naturally release millions of your own stem cells to regenerate every organ and function of your body. Visit maritamason.com

Sunshine Coast Neurosurgery is the specialist practice of Dr Stephen Byrne, where we apply cutting-edge technology and the latest techniques to deliver world-class healthcare and personalised medicine. Sunshine Coast Neurosurgery have a specialist interest in minimally invasive brain & spine surgery and use their extensive experience to treat many common conditions such as: Cervical and Lumbar degenerative conditions, Brain, Spine & Pituitary tumours, and Chiari malformations. All patients receive one-to-one pre-operative counselling and tailored personalised care using the latest techniques. Please contact us - or speak with your GP for a referral - and we look forward to helping you along the road to recovery. Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital Suite 17, 3 Doherty Street, Birtinya Q 4575

T 07 5437 7256 E info@scneuro.com.au www.scneurosurgery.com.au

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Sunshine Coast

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AGEING WISELY TRIAL SEEKS PARTICIPANTS MANY older Australians are not getting the mental health support they need, but a new program from Macquarie University is offering a cost-effective approach online. About one in 20 Australians over the age of 65 have a diagnosable depressive or anxiety disorder, says Director of the Centre for Ageing, Cognition and Wellbeing at Macquarie University Professor of Psychology Viviana Wuthrich. Depression is linked to suicide, and suicide rates in older men are four times that of women, and twice that of teenage males. “This is not an issue that we’re dealing with adequately as a society,” Prof Wuthrich said. “Older adults in Australia have the least access to mental health treatment of any age group.” To tackle this growing issue, she and her team have developed a novel online program called Ageing Wisely Online. It’s part of a stepped approach that encourages older people to follow self-directed treatment, by using either an online program or a work-at-home workbook over 10 weeks. Participants also have a 15-minute weekly phone consultation with a mental health clinician. Prof Wuthrich hopes to roll out Ageing Wisely Online across the country if the trial is

successful. Actor Noeline Brown, who voices one of the characters in the Ageing Wisely videos, says keeping friendships strong is important for good mental health. “You’ve got to tend your friends like a garden. Send an email. Phone people. It takes work – especially during Covid-19 when you can’t just go out and have a cup of coffee but it’s worth keeping those friendships going,” she said. Common triggers for depression in older people are often related to loss and change which lead to social isolation. Ageing Wisely Online addresses many of the barriers because participants take part in the privacy of their own home. They don’t have to travel to see a mental health clinician and also from a government perspective, it should be more costeffective. If the trial succeeds, she hopes to roll it out nationally. There are no costs for participating in the clinical trial which is co-funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council and Beyond Blue. Participants can sign up at mq. edu.au and search for stepped care trial

What makes self funded retirees angry? Overpriced Hearing Aids! You spent your working life making sure you could look after yourself in retirement, you want to make sure you enjoy it, so you look to get some help for your hearing, only to have some salesperson try to make you spend thousands of dollars.

Don’t get angry get a second opinion.

Digital Hearing Aids from


The Hearing Centre, 5/56 Landsborough Parade, Golden Beach.

Ph: (07) 5477 0144

Wearing dentures can be frightening, uncomfortable and embarrassing. If you’ve ever experienced denture fall out when you laugh or yawn, you’ll understand. Osseo-Frame™ offers a whole new solution. Start talking, eating and smiling again!

Once you decide on Osseo-Frame™, Coast OMS will arrange the rest – just get ready to rediscover your smile, enjoying food and loving your social life and … throw your old denture away... for ever!

Osseo-Frame™ is a surgical dental implant option that is completely predictable to allow you to wake up with new teeth! A more positive lease on life! There is no discomfort from dentures! No dentures falling out! No embarrassment at having to take them out to clean your mouth! The Osseo-Frame™ is often covered by your private health fund.

Phone Coast OMS on 1800 623 338 or contact info@coastoms.com.au. www.coastoms.com.au Located at Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital.

T 1800 623 338 E info@coastoms.com.au Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital Consulting Room 1, 3 Doherty Street, Birtinya Queensland 4575 Sunshine Coast

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December 2020 / YOUR TIME MAGAZINE 27

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Lessons in value of exercise to be learnt from ancestors If you like finding a book in your Christmas stocking, TRISTAN HALL recommends a fascinating new read from a Harvard University researcher who specialises in studying human evolution and health.


XERCISED by Daniel Lieberman explains why it is so difficult for some of us to get started with exercise. He says we did not evolve to exercise. In traditional societies, our ancestors were active for a reason. They hunted, gathered food, built shelters and had sex. Being active was either necessary for survival, fun or both. Dancing was for fun, ceremony and storytelling. It was not considered exercise. Hunting and food gathering was generally done in groups or with at least one other person. The tedium of stalking game for hours or digging for tubers was alleviated by the company of other people. Energy was generally conserved for these necessary activities. Today, those of us living in industrialised countries don’t expend much energy in daily survival. We drive

to the grocery store. We don’t gather wood to build a fire but use an oven and microwave. We don’t walk to a well and carry water. It’s on tap, literally. Although our bodies may crave activity to replace this idleness, Lieberman argues that our instincts can rebel against unnecessary activity. So what’s the answer? There’s no doubt that exercise is good for your health but Department of Health data shows that more than half of all Aussies are not active enough.

Let’s review some benefits: 1. Exercise can improve your mood as it stimulates the production of dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. 2. Exercise strengthens your heart and increases the oxygen levels in your blood. 3. A targeted program at home or elsewhere can improve your balance and reduce your risk of falls and bone fractures. 4. Regular exercise can help manage osteoarthritis by building up muscle

strength and increasing the flow of blood and lubricating fluids around the knee joint. So, getting back to Daniel Lieberman, what can we learn from our ancestors? One lesson is to add a social element to your exercise. Meet a friend for a walk and coffee. Join a dance class. Find a rowing group. Do something that is fun for you. Secondly, make a start. Those happy hormones won’t kick in until you get active. The longer you have been inactive, the more time they will take to reactivate. Reward yourself for progress and hang in there. With patience, exercise can become an enjoyable and essential part of your life. And it will pay you back tenfold. Tristan Hall is an exercise physiologist at Full Circle Wellness. Visit fullcirlcewellness.com.au

FIT HAPPENS With Tom Law THE other day a mate of mine who is doing well with his weight reduction returned from holidays. He turned up at our exercise session on Saturday morning with his wife who also exercises with our group. Michael has lost about 30kg by reducing his beer intake, keeping an eye on his nutrition and exercising. His weight reduction program has been, I believe, the way it should be – gradually and naturally. It is certainly working for him. I asked Michael for his latest weight as

he would regularly message me about how he was doing. He replied that was not tracking his figures because he was on holidays. It reminded me that we don’t survive this life and enjoying yourself is paramount. It is easy to become obsessed with reducing weight, getting fitter or stronger or faster, particularly for those with an addictive bent. Some constantly weigh or measure themselves and what may be a gradual sensible program to get fit, lose some

weight or just generally get into shape can become almost obsessive. Michael was right. The objective of going on holidays is to enjoy yourself – see the sights, explore a new location, visit family or friends and indulge a little in the nice things in life. Exercise can, and should, take a back seat from time to time and priorities readjusted accordingly. For those who want to keep a little bit more active on holidays, there always seems to be plenty of options available. Walk instead of taking the car, do a

bike tour, take a hike around the new town, stop for a coffee. Although Michael and his wife did not plan any formal exercise while on holiday, they visit the various war memorials that take pride of place in most regional towns. You may miss the gym for a little while, or your favourite walk, jog or pool session but the break and change of routine can be a good thing and you return home refreshed and ready to go again. Tom Law is the author of Tom’s Law Fit Happens. Visit tomslaw.com.au






@maryvalleyrattler Historic Gympie Station 10 Tozer Street Gympie, QLD. 07 5482 2750 28 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / December 2020

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Visit the website for tickets to our upcoming events:

www.maryvalleyrattler.com.au Sunshine Coast

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THE Sunshine Coast’s Independent Theatre, the Indee Comedy Theatre, now in its 25th year, is taking a new approach to staging plays in 2021. Rather than being at a set venue, the group will take its comedies into retirement villages for in-house performances. It first tested the idea out about a decade ago and found that while it was most successful, it was short-lived due to a heavy workload with a full program in its theatre. The Indee team has a wealth of stage experience. Most of its actors have been performing in live theatre for decades, covering the full gamut of musicals, comedies and dramas. However for the past five years, the Indee has concentrated on its reputation as a comedy theatre and has attracted packed house, for original shows such as The Op Shop Ladies, Bow Wave 1 and Bow Wave 2 – about the love affairs retirees have with the cruise industry – The Crumbletop Caper about retirement villages and Every Crook and Granny, about a newly-formed Gray Power Party winning a federal election. To start the ball rolling, the shows being chosen for retirement village performances will be programs of two one-act comedies, many of which have won awards. This will be an extension of the

THE Queensland Pops is thrilled that it will be able to present its New Year’s Eve concert for the 36th consecutive year. Maestro Patrick Pickett CSM has crafted a concert with a Carnival of Venice atmosphere packed with virtuosity, colour and movement – as is the Pops tradition. It’s the perfect occasion to celebrate the end of a tough year and look forward to 2021 with optimism and joy. As the countdown to January 1 begins, Patrick and the orchestra are looking forward to being joined by a star cast of exceptional and gifted musicians. For NYE 2020, internationally

renowned tenor Kang Wang, soprano Katie Stenzel, violinist Cherin Lee, and the Voices of Birralee will join the musicians of the Queensland Pops Orchestra at the QPAC Concert Hall. After the second lavish stage spectacular guests can head up to the QPAC rooftop to hear Bruce Grice pipe in the New Year at an exclusive black-tie function with champagne and nibbles. Tickets are limited so book now. As has become the tradition, there will be two performances of the New Year’s Eve Gala – 6pm and 10pm. Visit qldpops.com

Lindee Moon, Carol Burls and Rita Walker. Laughternoon Series established over the past three years, and the new direction will be based on the success of those shows. Already there has been much interest and a good response with two Coast villages already firming up dates for their in-house shows early next year. Theatre manager Carol Burls said social secretaries or lifestyle committees of retirement villages were invited to contact her for details of performance availability and programs. Call 5472 8200 or email iIndeetheatre@gmail.com


CELEBRATE Christmas Gatsby-style when the Sunshine Coast Jazz Club presents the Caxton Street Jazz Band. This hot swinging jazz band always gets an enthusiastic response from

audiences. Members include some of Australia’s leading jazz players as well as instrumentalists who are also vocalists. It appeals not only to jazz enthusiasts but to anyone who likes live music. While their roots are firmly in the hot jazz of the early 1900s, many other influences are represented. These include big band swing, mainstream jazz, folk, country, rhythm and blues and popular tunes from the 1930s, ’40s and ’50s. Caxton Street Jazz Band is guaranteed to get the audience singing and swinging at the same time. Caloundra Power Boat Club Sunday, December 13, noon and 4pm Call Richard 0427 782 960 or visit sunshinecoastjazzclub.net.au

Delivering Real Food, Real Ezy Fresh, homestyle Sunshine Coast meals delivered to you. Catering for vegans, vegetarians, gluten free, dairy free and low FODMAP diets.

FREE DELIVERY on your first order* *Use code FREE2ME at checkout

Call us or order online today!

0415 371 615 | www.mealezy.com.au


8 the avenue, birtinya (stockland birtinya) Sunshine Coast

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maltshoveltaphouse.com.au - book a table now!


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HOMES BUILT TO CHANGE WITH YOU ADAPTABLE Living Homes, a range of housing designs aimed at making home easier to access, navigate and live in, and more “adaptable” to future modifications, has been created by Independent Builders Network for DBC Homes. A display home has opened in the Everleigh Estate at Greenbank. DBC Homes director Keith Carling said it was the only display home in the country to be awarded “gold level” by Livable Housing Australia. “We came up with the name Adaptable Living Homes because we’d had a good look at current building practices and realised there was a need for a product that would reflect the ongoing changing characteristics of the property owners,” he said. “We looked into creating a product that would cater for the aging, injured or disabled family by essentially future-proofing the home to cater for any changes that life might throw their way. “A new home should be designed and built to meet the ever-changing needs of the homeowner over their lifetime,” Mr Carling said. Adaptable Living Homes follows the Livable Housing Australia guidelines which making homes easier to access, navigate and live in.

“By doing this as part of the building process we are providing a more cost-effective way to adapt to changes in life and make it easier to change your home to suit, as opposed to changing afterwards which can be an extremely costly experience,” he said. “Our aim is to build homes to meet the ongoing needs of the ageing community.” Homes meet the everchanging needs of the occupants. These include a safe, level, continuous and step free path from the street; at least one step-free entrance; and internal doors and corridors that allow comfortable and unimpeded movement between spaces; At least one toilet is at ground (or entry) level; reinforced walls around the toilet, shower and bath support safe installation of grabrails; any stairways reduce the risk of injury and enable future adaption and at least one bathroom has a hobless shower recess. “Almost all of our 120 standard designs can be modified to suit,” Mr Carling said. “We also have a range of designs already modified. This covers two, three and four bedroom homes as well as acreage homes.” Call 0414 322 900 or visit independentbuilders.com.au or dbchomes.com.au

WORK has commenced on a state-of-the-art clubhouse at over 50s lifestyle resort, Affinity Sheep Station Creek at Amy St, Morayfield. Excited homeowners attended the onsite sod turning by Malcolm and Merilyn Chisholm who were the first to purchase a home in the community and moved in 2018. The new clubhouse complex will include a gym, bowling green, cinema and a heated magnesium pool and spa. Rob Nichols, CEO of Serenitas which owns and operates Affinity Sheep Station Creek, said the project would provide state-of-the-art facilities for homeowners. “The jewel in the crown will undoubtedly be the heated magnesium pool and spa, which will provide additional therapeutic benefits for our

community,” he said. “Swimming in a magnesium pool is like bathing in a health spa, with the magnesium absorbed through the skin. There are only a handful of them in Queensland, and we are delighted Affinity homeowners will soon experience all the benefits they offer.” Resident Pauline Minnis said homeowners were excited to see work start and were looking forward to having the magnesium pool. “My physiotherapist always tells me to exercise in a pool as it’s very safe and effective and doesn’t put unnecessary pressure on my joints, particularly my lower back,” she said. “I know many homeowners are going to enjoy the additional benefits of having a magnesium pool, along with exercise equipment to use in it. I can’t wait to get out the


OSSIE and Jo Feiner are now living in their second Sunshine Coast Halcyon community, after moving from Bli Bli to a new home at B by Halcyon in Buderim. The couple, originally from Brisbane, chose Halcyon Lakeside in Bli Bli three years ago and loved the many leisure and recreation activities on offer. “We knew from the first visit that Halcyon was where we

were coming when we retired. We did had it has been the best,” Jo said. “We have tried everything at Halcyon Lakeside, from pottery to painting, tennis and lawn bowls. I’m not the sportiest person, but I’ve had a go at everything. I can hit a tennis ball and now I can bowl.” Ossie said they loved living at Halcyon Lakeside, but decided they wanted to be one of B by

Affinity’s first homeowners Malcolm and Merilyn Chisholm with Warren Ahern of PBS Building. bathers and into a new exercise regime.” Stage 1 has sold out and due to high demand, Stage 2A has been launched with three new display homes open for private viewing. The clubhouse is due for completion mid next year. Call 1300 295 807 or visit affinitylifestyle.com.au

Halcyon’s first homeowners. “Coming in at ground level, you get the opportunity to form different groups and be a part of creating a community,” he said. “We are looking forward to work starting on the community’s facilities, which are due to be built by April next year.” B by Halcyon will feature 5-star health and wellness facilities including a 25m covered and heated magnesium salt pool with spa, outdoor resort pool, gymnasium and circuit room, yoga lawn, massage and therapy treatment rooms and beauty salon. Also planned is a creative arts precinct which includes an art room, pottery workshop, music studio and work shed. Call 1800 050 555 or visit lifebeginsathalcyon.com.au

Quality respite aged care for less than $53 per day With 7 beautiful homes from Buderim to VJG4GFNCPFU, call McKenzie today to learn more about how we can assist you and your loved ones.

1300 899 222 | mckenzieacg.com 30 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / December 2020

30.indd 2

Sunshine Coast

26/11/2020 11:27:46 AM


The best digital news you’ll get all day


his is the news the Sunshine Coast has been waiting for. The region is welcoming its first major FREE and independent digital daily news website: sunshinecoastnews.com.au. It represents a vital investment in independent journalism at a time when the big media corporations are turning their backs on our community. A unique, homegrown digital news platform, it will deliver the stories that matter most to the region’s 330,000-strong population, which is predicted to hit 500,000 by 2041. A team of experienced reporters will inform, connect and celebrate the region, providing high-quality news, sport and lifestyle coverage, all produced daily. Sunshinecoastnews.com.au will also provide the top state, national and world stories of the day. The site will feature amazing pictures and offer local organisations, businesses, sporting clubs, schools and special interest groups the chance to share their successes with our community (contact: news@sunshinecoastnews.com.au). You can also look forward to compelling, entertaining and insightful columns from a range of writers and experts in their fields. The new site is brought to you by a 100 per cent local media business that

publishes Your Time, as well as the popular weekly lifestyle publication My Weekly Preview and the lifestyle favourite, Salt magazine. Managing director Darryl Olson said that sunshinecoastnews.com.au would fill a local news void in the region. Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson welcomed the new digital news platform, which would provide daily, immediate access to local news to readers at no cost. Multi-award-winning journalist Peter Hall has been appointed editor of sunshinecoastnews.com.au. Mr Hall has held key roles, including Sunshine Coast bureau chief for The Courier-Mail and assistant editor and chief subeditor of The Sunday Mail. Before this, he was chief-of-staff at the Sunshine Coast Daily. To survive and thrive, sunshinecoastnews.com.au needs readers to register – which will be FREE and easy. By simply adding your name and email (see subscribe tab on website home page) you will help shape the future of FREE news. We also need you to tell your family and friends to subscribe, too, so they can receive our daily sunshinecoastnews. com.au bulletins direct to their inboxes. Having your own FREE news website is the best news you’ll get all day.



NEW DISPLAY HOMES WITH HUGE RV GARAGES NOW OPEN Discover why Latitude25 in Hervey Bay, is the perfect mix of home and lifestyle, with modern, luxury designs, huge RV garages and resort-style facilities. Learn more about the newest Display Homes, state-art-of-the-art Clubhouse and the brand new Health Hub including a tennis court, pickleball courts, gymnasium, bowling green, swimming pool, golf chip & putting green, plus much more!

1800 025 025 visitlatitude25.com.au 1 Latitude Boulevard, Nikenbah, QLD

To receive a free information pack sent to you, call Jane on 1800 025 025.

Sunshine Coast

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December 2020 / YOUR TIME MAGAZINE 31

26/11/2020 11:28:33 AM



The attorney sold the house This is the third in our series answering common questions about estate and probate disputes. It is a common feature of estate planning for a person to appoint someone to act for them in the event they lose capacity. This is typically done through an enduring power of attorney. The role of an attorney is becoming more complex and so are the obligations of the attorney. An increasingly common scenario is a need for a person’s house to be sold to fund an aged care facility accommodation bond – which can easily be in the order of several hundred thousand dollars. What if the well-meaning and wellintentioned attorney sells the house but the incapacitated person’s will gifts the house to a (soon to be disappointed) beneficiary? That is exactly what happened in a recent case before the Queensland Supreme Court (Outram v. Public Trustee of Queensland [2020] QSC 80). Does the beneficiary miss out? Was the Attorney at fault? Read the outcome on our website krugerlaw.com.au/news.


32 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / December 2020

32.indd 2


Vitamin C – are you getting enough?



Take the worry out of Centrelink issues

Lifestyle villages a whole new world of retirement living

Vitamin C is essential for the production of healthy collagen, the major protein that gives structure to your skin, bones and connective tissues. It is also crucial for wound healing and helps absorb iron from your diet. As it is powerful antioxidant, it protects bone cells from damage. It is also anti-inflammatory. Older Australians who are housebound and people who rely on packaged meals are most at risk of Vitamin C deficiency The recommended daily intake of vitamin C for adults over 70 is 45mg. There are many summer fruits with good supplies of vitamin C, including mangoes, pineapples, papaya, rockmelon, berries, citrus, tomatoes, broccoli and capsicum. If you enjoy coleslaw, one cup of cabbage has about 36mg of vitamin C. Vitamin C levels drop once fruit is cut, so prepare when you are ready to eat. Check with your doctor before taking vitamin C supplements. Excess is excreted via the kidneys and an oversupply can put a strain on your renal system. If you are concerned about your diet or that of an older family member, speak to your doctor. You may be eligible for support from a dietician.

In recent weeks media attention has focused on Centrelink and Robodebt, which occurred when the Centrelink computers wrongly issued debt notices to 400,000 customers. The government has announced that the ”wrong will be righted” via a compensation package totalling $1.3 billion, but how about the stress felt by those who received the notices and the time taken to resolve the issue. This issue arose because of computer errors … they happen. Imagine the workload on Centrelink staff if computers did not exist. Knowing that your Centrelink information and records are up to date could have helped resolve the debt issue quickly and reduced the stress. At CAPA Services, we have over 30 years’ experience of dealing with Centrelink. Our ongoing service ensures that your Centrelink account is reviewed and updated at regular intervals and any issues resolved. We also assess pension eligibility and ensure clients are receiving their maximum entitlement. We complete the paperwork, handle correspondence and deal with any other issues or complications. We work with individuals, SMSF and business structures both simple and complicated, and yes, we spend the time waiting on the phone.



Over 50s lifestyle villages are not the same as retirement villages. They operate under the Queensland Government Manufactured Homes Act 2003. This means that you own the home outright and lease the land. The (site agreement or Form 2 under Queensland legislation) has a start date but no end date, so you have the right to use the land forever. There are no exit fees or stamp duty payable on these homes. They are proving a hit with over 50s who enjoy this type of living because it means they are surrounded by like-minded people and they can easily engage and socialize. There is usually a recreation centre with bowling, tennis, pool, cinema, library, gym and so on, which encourages interaction and a healthy lifestyle. Some also offer caravan storage. Villages have community guidelines or rules. You can buy a home anywhere but when you are looking to buy in an over 50s village you are looking for something more, usually lifestyle and security. Don’t think about downsizing, think about “life sizing”. If you have any questions, or need solutions or support just give me a call.


26/11/2020 11:28:59 AM




Book makes the perfect gift idea

Surgery a last resort when it comes to joint pain

Spend time on health and save money on illness When I was a young man most people worked hard physically and ate simply. Fast forward to 2020 and life is a very different story. My book Tom’s Law Fit Happens contains all you will ever need to know to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle for as long as possible. It covers the science involved in exercise and good nutrition, as well as government recommendations on type of exercise and for how long and the exercises you should do. A whole chapter is dedicated to nutrition, called How to Never Diet Again by Mitch Peterman APD, AEP, ESSAM The book makes an informative and useful Christmas gift and is available from Amazon, Apple Books and Smashwords, for $25 plus postage. As a special offer to Your Time readers, buy the book direct from me and I will pay postage for any Queenslander. Order now so it can arrive before Christmas. This could well be the best $25 you will ever spend.


Sunshine Coast

33.indd 3

Pain in the joint can be caused by many different conditions, one of the most common is osteoarthritis. The pain caused by osteoarthritis can often cloud patient’s judgement when it comes to seeking advice and treatment. It can feel like there is no help available, or there is so much information but none of it makes any sense. This can often result in poor decisionmaking or incorrect treatment of your symptoms. A very effective way to treat osteoarthritis is with a correct diagnosis and the right education provided by a health professional. Talking to a specialist will enable you the best possible treatment options to help with managing your pain. Often it is recommended to seek treatment with an allied health professional such as a dietician or physiotherapist. Surgery should always be the last option to treat joint pain. With the right tools and education, surgery can be delayed or even avoided. I would recommend speaking to a specialist about your joint pain today. Remember, never be afraid to ask questions.



Seek help to navigate the aged care system Some tasks related to aged care are just too complex and too important to do on your own. Navigating the way through the system and the jargon is not easy – especially if decisions are being made in a time of crisis and emotions are running high. Three key mistakes we see people make when they don’t get the right advice are: • Selling the home without understanding the implications • Being afraid to pay a lump sum (refundable accommodation deposit) for residential care accommodation and missing out on Centrelink concessions • Not generating enough cashflow. This is where we can help. As financial advisers with aged care advice experience we can help guide you through the process. Financial advice isn’t just about superannuation and investments. Advice can help show you how you can afford the care you need and provide clarity to understand how it all works.

You might be looking for advice for yourself or for a family member. Or you might be thinking about the future so you can plan for quality of life, even when care needs start to creep in. Let us take some of the stress. Contact us today on to make an appointment to discuss your current or future aged care needs.


December 2020 / YOUR TIME MAGAZINE 33

26/11/2020 11:29:20 AM


Top destinations to discover at the top end

Pristine Groote Eylandt in Arnhem Land is famous for its fishing.


ith borders opening up, travellers can start to expand their horizons and there’s never been a better time to head north by north-west to the Top End. Whether travelling by road for the long haul or taking a flight into Darwin for a short escape, there are plenty of options to explore parts of the country that have remained a well-kept secret. In fact, there are many good reasons to tick the Northern Territory off the bucket list. Here are some suggestions: TIWI ISLANDS A short ferry ride from Darwin are the

Tiwi Islands, nicknamed the Islands of Smiles. Comprised of two main islands, Bathurst and Melville, the Tiwis are known for friendly locals, a love of AFL, rich indigenous culture and unspoilt beaches. SeaLink’s Tiwi By Design is an immersive art and cultural day-tour introducing the Aboriginal community of Wurrumiyanga. It includes a Welcome to Country with a smoking ceremony and totem dances, and a screen printing workshop at Tiwi Design to print your own traditional Tiwi souvenir. The shores of Paddle Pop Rainbow

Beach resemble the pastel pinks of an ice cream and are the perfect backdrop to set up the picnic blanket and watch the sunset. Off the coast of Bathurst Island,The Tiwi Islands Retreat is a private, beachfront resort with options for a hotel-like stay or glamping. ARNHEM LAND One of Australia’s last true wildernesses, Arnhem Land was voted by Vacaay as one of the top five micro-regions to see in 2021. It hosts Garma Festival, Australia’s largest Indigenous cultural gathering, and offers a diversity of landscapes, from monsoonal forests to savannah woodlands, wetlands, wild coastlines, deserted tropical islands and soaring escarpments. In East Arnhem Land, pristine Groote Eylandt is famous for its world-class fishing. At West Arnhem Land, stop at Injalak Arts and Crafts, a gallery showcasing the work of more than 200 Indigenous artists, or spend a day in Garig Gunak Barlu National Park, which is fringed with white beaches. KAKADU Dual World Heritage-listed and the largest terrestrial national park in Australia, Kakadu is an incredible nature

Girls On Tour


2021 Tours taking bookings now!

Experienced staff to keep your pets happy, healthy and safe while you enjoy your time away. Caloundra Pet Resort is a boutique kennel with lovely surroundings.

THE TOP END 14 days ‘Alice Springs to Darwin’. Departure date tba

Including Iceland Golden Triangle, Norway and Svalbard 13 day cruise onboard ‘The Greg Mortimer’. Departuring 29th June for 28 days. Limited places left!

More fun than a mailman with a wooden leg THE KIMBERLEY

0409 057 417 | info@girlsontour.com.au | www.girlsontour.com.au PO Box 5307, Maroochydore BC Qld 4558 *twin share, ex Brisbane. Other capital city departures available on application. Facebook @girlsontouraustralia

34.indd 2

• Beautifully landscaped surrounds • Delicious meals twice daily • Daily cleans • Departure bath • Soothing music • 24 hr onsite cared • Handy location

16 days departing 8th August 2021

Send your expression of interest for our upcoming Aussie and New Zealand tours as they are announced to info@girlsontour.com.au

34 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / December 2020

The Tiwis are a short ride from Darwin.

need pet daycare?

Women only travel Fully escorted . Small groups


reserve, teeming with monsoonal forests, wetlands and waterfalls. The park is home to a quarter of all Australian freshwater fish species, one third of bird species and the Territory’s crocodiles. Some of world’s most incredible Aboriginal rock art can be found here at Ubirr. Jim Jim Falls is one of the Kakadu’s most recognisable and photographed destinations. Surrounded by monsoonal forest and dramatic cliffs, the 200m waterfall cascades into a deep plunge pool and family-friendly beach. LITCHFIELD Located 90 minutes’ drive south of Darwin, Litchfield is a favourite among

153 Grigor Street, Moffat Beach

Phone 5491 1516

CALOUNDRA pet resort

www.caloundrapetresort.com.au Sunshine Coast

26/11/2020 11:29:34 AM


locals thanks to its accessibility and pristine natural beauty. One of the park’s most popular cascading waterfalls, Florence Falls, has panoramic views of the valley, sandstone plateau and lush monsoon forest. Hundreds of Magnetic Termite mounds stand up to 2m high and are thought to be at least 100 years old. RED CENTRE Stretching for more than 100km east of Alice Springs, the East MacDonnell Ranges were part of a short lived gold rush and have since lived in the shadow of the West MacDonnell Ranges. Now fondly known as the East Macs they offer some of the best outback spots and landscapes for bush-walking, camping and four-wheel driving.

Walk in Trephina Gorge Nature Park, known for its quartzite cliffs and River Red Gum-lined watercourses and see the history of Central Australia’s first-ever town, Arltunga, once a gold mine site. FINK GORGE NATIONAL PARK A handy day trip from Alice Springs, Finke Gorge National Park is an important wilderness reserve, home to the Finke River, one of the oldest rivers in the world, and Palm Valley, which shelters groves of red cabbage palms. Drive to the park’s various hiking tracks, including Kalaranga Lookout, which offers amazing views of sculptured sandstone amphitheatre, and the Mparra Walk, which introduces travellers to an Indigenous dreamtime story when walked in clockwise direction. RAINBOW VALLEY Rainbow Valley, 75km south of Alice Springs, is renowned for its scenic sandstone bluffs and cliffs. The rock bands change from ochre and red to orange and purple in the early morning and late afternoon, offering some of the Territory’s most magical sunrises and sunsets. ULURU-KATA TJUTA Considered the spiritual heart of Australia, this park should be on everyone’s travel radar. It is home to Uluru, the world’s largest monolith as well as the lesser known soaring rock domes of Kata Tjuta (the Olgas).

DAY TRIP ON THE RATTLER – AND POOCH IS WELCOME TOO LOOKING for an escape close to home? Prepare to join the famous Mary Valley Rattler heritage steam train – and you can bring your pooch with you for a day out. The Rattler operates a range of services from Gympie Station to Amamoor in the Mary Valley. The three-hour journeys capture the beauty and history of the rich agricultural – and former gold mining – region from the comfort of beautifully restored heritage carriages. Access is available for everyone with special facilities for wheelchair and other assisted-access passengers, and now the new “Pets On Board” service means passengers can share the experience with their favourite furry friend. The service was launched with one of the Sunshine Coast’s most special dogs on board – Bear, an Australian Koolie or herding dog. He is part of the team at the Detection Dogs for Conservation Centre at the University of the Sunshine Coast and has been trained to detect live koalas through the scent of their fur. Recognising that dogs are playing an increasingly important role in the lives of humans, the Rattler has configured a carriage with two segregated booths that can accommodate up to six people each, with up to two pets per booth from the same family. “Pets for many people are part of the family and they would like to travel and

share the experience with their favourite pets,” Mary Valley Rattler general manager Michael Green said. “We have had many requests from passengers who would like to bring their dogs. Naturally we’ve allowed passengers with Guide Dogs to travel on the Rattler and everyone has been supportive, so extending the opportunity to other passengers to bring along a well-behaved pet was a logical evolution.” It is part of the philosophy of making the Rattler available to everyone in the community. An all-access carriage specially designed to facilitate wheelchair passengers was introduced last month. “We believe our pet-friendly facilities will also encourage greater inclusion and participation,” Mr Green said. Pets can travel on board the Rattler on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Visit maryvalleyrattler.com.au

holiday with confidence

that feeling up to

30% off

departures from April 2021 zero risk with free cancellation*



p: 07 5447 1011 w: tewantintravel.com

Sunshine Coast

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p: 07 5446 1727 w: coolumcruiseandtravel.com.au

December 2020 / YOUR TIME MAGAZINE 35

26/11/2020 11:29:50 AM


All aboard for new adventures in 2021


fter a year when travellers were forced to re-think their way of doing things, it’s time to move on and accept that getting out and about to explore will have to be done differently. Although the days of lockdowns are over – hopefully – trying to plan air and sea travel remains tricky, but with the new year coming up, it’s time to start planning how to make it memorable. International travel plans may be stymied for a while longer, but it presents an opportunity rather than a threat. It’s a chance to discover all the wonders of Australia and, as state borders re-open, to find the places that you have heard about but not quite got around to seeing, or that have been put off until a time when air travel is off the agenda. That time is now, and coach travel is filling the void. There are plenty of good reasons to book your next trip on a luxury coach. “Forget 2020, let’s go travelling and making memories in 2021,” says Paul Brockhurst of CT Travel. “A spacious, modern air-conditioned luxury coach is the most comfortable and safest way to get out on our highways and by-ways.” Passengers can sit back and enjoy the views without stress; chat to neighbours and socialise rather than having eyes glued to the road – no road maps, leave the GPS at

Lightning Ridge is one of the few places in the world where you’ll find the prized black opal. home and enjoy the experience without worrying about traffic or where to park. “You’ve got your own private chauffeur who knows exactly where to go and who to meet,” Paul says. It’s also economical – fuel prices aren’t your problem and accommodation and most meals are part of the package. On top of that, there’s a direct line to the locals to tap into their knowledge of their home. Put away the guidebooks and meet real guides. Whether it’s a three-day getaway or a two-week adventure, Paul has created a range of itineraries that make coach travel the way to go. If you’re ready to head interstate, discover the charm the Blue Mountains, and cruise the Nepean River aboard the

TOUR WITH A LOCAL! Explore Glasshouse Country in comfort with local operator, Judy. Judy brings the past and present to life with tales passed on from local elders, and introduces you to the other locals – farmers, artists and foodies.

old-world Nepean Belle paddlewheeler, in February. This nine-day adventure includes an invitation into the home of artist Norman Lindsay and uncovers an eclectic collection of tea pots! Or you could spend Easter in Port Stephens, the “blue water paradise”, on an eight-day tour that absorbs the laid-back lifestyle of an idyllic coastal town where volcanic peaks and crystal clear bays provide magnificent views. Then head to the flourishing wine country of the Hunter Valley and sample the produce. Try your luck at finding an opal at Lightning Ridge. A seven-day trip in July heads to the only place in Australia, and one of the few in the world, where the prized black opal is found. Stop in to see the sights at Miles, Roma

and St George before crossing the border for three nights in Lightning Ridge. Attractions include the Grawin, Glengarry and Sheepyard Opal fields. Closer to home, spend seven days in March getting to know Bundaberg, Bargara and Lady Musgrave Island. Venture on to Fraser Island and while staying at the Kingfisher Bay Resort, visit Central Station, Lake McKenzie, 75 Mile Beach, Eli Creek and the Maheno wreck. A four-day tour in April heads into the World Heritage-listed Lamington National Park. Just one hour from the Gold Coast, it is filled with natural attractions to visit while staying three nights in luxury accommodation at O’Reilly’s Rainforest Resort and its gourmet dining. Journey into the south-west Queensland Outback’s endless landscapes, pioneering history, and fossil rich lands to meet the locals over 11 days in July. “Wherever you choose, you can sit back and enjoy the ride,” Paul says. A complete list of tours and itineraries is available on the CT Travel website, where you can sign up for the Travel Club to receive regular updates and specials. Tours can also be planned for groups, clubs and organisations who want to set off adventuring together. Visit cttravel.com.au

Australian Travel to suit your Budget in 2021 Join Sunshine FM Presenter Penny Hegarty on these fabulous tours! TOOWOOMBA & PITTSWORTH OVERNIGHTER



15th & 16th February 2021

12th - 14th March 2021

25th - 29th March 2021

The van is clean & comfortable, ideal for COVID-19 conditions, as it caters for small groups of up to 5 people. If you don’t want to share with others, you can book the van for your exclusive use. Quote code YT09 when booking for a free bottle of Mt Beerwah Natural Spring Water.

Phone Judy on 07 5494 9047 or 0408 445 988 joinus@glasshousecountrytours.com.au | www.glasshousecountrytours.com.au

SINCLAIR TOUR & TRAVEL Day Tours - with Pick ups 6 Dec 8 Dec 14 Dec 20 Dec 12 Jan 13 Jan 26 Jan 31 Jan 10 Mar 22 May

Redcliffe Markets Christmas Shopping DFO Ikea N’Lakes Kingaroy Christmas Tree Farm & Lunch A Christmas Carol QPAC Bremer River Cruise Scenic Drive to the Scenic Rim Australia Day Lunch Cruise Australian Outback Spectacular Lychee Divine Farm Tour and Lunch Beauty and the Beast Ballet QPAC



Per person, Twin share Single Supplement $875





22nd - 27th June 2021

Late September 2021

6th - 16th October 2021

Details - TBA

Details - TBA

Extended Tours - Small Groups! 15 Dec 9 Feb 25 Feb 2 Mar 14 Mar 24 Mar 1 Apr 18 Apr 26 Apr

Granite Belt 2 Days – Stone Fruit Fire Zone Recovery Tour Lady Elliott & Fraser Islands - 5 Days Norfolk Island - Foundation Day Barossa Valley, Kangaroo Island and Murray River Silo Art Trail – Adelaide to Albury Lightning Ridge Easter Festival Outback Along the Kidman Way High Country Autumn Colours

info@sinclairtours.com www.sinclairtours.com

36 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / December 2020

36.indd 2

Ph: 5494 5083


Per person, Twin share Single Supplement $455



Per person, Twin share Single Supplement $4695

Includes Pickups (conditions may apply)• Flights (where applicable) Accommodation • Coach Travel • Entry Fees Meals (as per itinerary) • Your touring expectations are my priority.

Penny Hegarty 07 5441 2814 | 0416 028 787 penny.hegarty@gmail.com

Travman Tours 03 9606 0188 info@travman.com.au | www.travman.com.au Sunshine Coast

26/11/2020 11:30:07 AM


3 2 6 8 4 5 7 1 9

1 5 7 6 9 2 8 4 3

9 4 8 3 7 1 6 5 2

2 8 3 1 5 7 4 9 6

6 7 1 4 3 9 2 8 5

4 9 5 2 8 6 1 3 7

5 1 8 3 4 2 7 6 9

2 9 4 6 5 7 8 1 3

6 3 7 8 9 1 4 2 5
























1 7 2 5 8 9 6 3 4

9 5 3 4 1 6 2 7 8

4 2 6 7 3 8 5 9 1

7 8 1 9 2 5 3 4 6

Secret message: Follow the recipe

P S O L RWA I Y H F G T 16

8 4 9 2 6 3 1 5 7




3 6 5 1 7 4 9 8 2





5 6 9 7 1 8 3 2 4

1. In The Twelve Days of Christmas what were there two of? 2. According to the Bible, what were the gifts the Three Wise Men brought for the baby Jesus? 3. What colour are the leaves on mistletoe? 4. Which item associated with Christmas was invented in Germany in 1610? 5. Feliz Navidad is Merry Christmas in what language? 6. Ebenezer Scrooge is a character in which Dickens novel? 7. Which of Santa’s reindeers shares a name with an astronomical phenomenon? 8. Who wrote and sang Here Comes Santa Claus in the 1940s? 9. In which country is the sweet bread panettone traditionally eaten at Christmas? 10. Complete this song title: All I want for Christmas is… 11. True or false: December 25 is mentioned in the Bible as the birth datee of Jesus. 12. From which country did the tradition of having Christmas trees in houses ouses originate? 13. How the Grinch Stole Christmas and what other movie are considered the highest-grossing Christmas movies? 14. As thanks for British assistance during World War II, the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square comes from where? 15. In what two oceans are there islands called Christmas Island? 16. From what song do these lyrics come: Come they told me, pa rum pum pum pum 17. Traditionally, what is Santa’s usual method of entry into a house? 18. What animated 2004 movie is about a train that carries kids to the North Pole? 19. What traditional Christmas decoration is actually a parasitic plant? 20. Traditionally, by what collective name are Balthasar, Gaspar and Melchior known?


7 1 4 5 2 3 9 6 8

With Quizmaster Allan Blackburn

8 3 2 9 6 4 5 7 1


WORD STEP LOVED, LIVED, LIKED, LIKER, BIKER, BAKER There may be other correct answers

deferent, DEFERMENT, dement, dent, emend, enter, entered, entree, erne, fend, fender, ferment, FERMENTED, fern, freedmen, freemen, mend, mender, ment, need, nerd, rend, rent, rented, teen, tend, tender, tern, trend

1. Turtle doves; 2. Gold, frankincense, myrrh; 3. Green; 4. Tinsel; 5. Spanish; 6. A Christmas Carol; 7. Comet; 8. Gene Autry; 9. Italy; 10. My Two Front Teeth; 11. False; 12. Germany; 13. Home Alone; 14. Norway, specifically Oslo; 15. Pacific and Indian; 16. Little Drummer Boy; 17. Chimney; 18. The Polar Express; 19. Mistletoe; 20. The Three Wise Men or the Magi.

Reliable Support Workers just a phone call away ✓ 24/7 Availability ✓ No Long-Term Contracts ✓ Reliable ✓ Your choice - our responsibility ✓ Home Care Packages Call today to speak with our core support experts.

Kendall Morton Director

Sunshine Coast (07) 5491 6888 www.homecareassistancesunshinecoast.com.au Sunshine Coast

37.indd 3

December 2020 / YOUR TIME MAGAZINE 37

26/11/2020 11:30:31 AM



ACROSS 1 7 8 9 10 12 14

15 17 18


No. 2568


Poisonous vipers, ogres and such as are apt to promote change (11) Bolt down almost half of creation (3) Less refined cares or worries (7) I see, I say a third of lyrics in a cold way (5) See the way charred wood can hide things away (5) Steer around the woody pillars (5) Stormy wind surrounds, Feeling pretty yuck, hair tossed - Cry out for more verse (5) Copy the parcel I deliver (7) Demand the blockage be removed from damask (3) Severely scorn secret propriety (11)


3 4 5 6 11 13 14 16

The choir priest remembered something about a time before records were made (11) Give the motor a quick tune, oil change etc. That should give you a general, overall picture (7) Appearing stony but not firm (5) Finally marks labels and studs (5) One Science fiction reflection has possibilities (3) Give the frightened squeaker a new hat when he has the tremors (11) Article I partner to give life to (7) I hear it’s the fashion with which one scales the fence (5) The centre of our planet exploded! (5) The average vicar is without his son (3)




























Copyright © Reuben’s Puzzles www.reubenspuzzles.com.au. Refer to the website for a cryptic solving guide.

Tamworth CMF Australia’s Largest Festival 50TH ANNIVERSARY 2022 JOIN THE FUN...


No. 041



The leftover letters will spell out a secret message No. 041 BISCUITS


















SUDOKU Level: Medium

5 3 4 6 9

No. 862


9 4 7


1 4 7 1


4 9

8 5 2


7 8 2 5

2 5 9 8 6


The Great Western Play & Stay Musical Tour 2021…

B Bed & Bus, B Breakfast

M d 20/09/21 Monday to Thursday 30/09/21 Bus, Bed, Breakfast, Nightly Meals & Entertainment

$850 $

$2900 per person

T Tuesday 18/01/22 tto Sunday 23/01/22 TAMWORTH CMF 2021!

per person p

11 Day Musical Tour with 12 Country/Western, Rock n Roll Artists. See the Outback like you’ve never seen it before!

For more information or enquiries please contact GREG & DONNA ROSS. PH: (07) 4129 7132 OR 0427 297 132 e: rossbuscharters@bigpond.com www.ganddrossbuscharters.com.au 38 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / December 2020

38.indd 2

Sunshine Coast

26/11/2020 11:30:48 AM



No. 3669



No. 041

Level: Easy

Today’s Aim:


14 words: Good 21 words: Very good






29 words: Excellent


Using the nine letters in the grid, how many words of four letters or more can you list? The centre letter must be included and each letter may only be used once. No colloquial or foreign words. No capitalised nouns, apostrophes or plural words ending in “s”.


ACROSS 1 4 10 11 12 13 14 15 19 20 24 25 27 28 29 30

Deciphers (6) Muddy (6) Fragrance (5) Appalling (9) Food (9) Avoid (5) Maul (6) Gray (4) Medicine container (4) Previously (6) Uncertainty (5) Globe-trotter (9) Artificial language (9) Outranking (5) Purchasing (6) Bug (6)

DOWN 1 2 3 5 6 7

8 9 16 17

18 19 21 22 23 26

Trade (8) Optional (8) Murdering (7) Blasphemous (7) Fair-haired (6) Animation pioneer (6) Measure (4) From the UK (7) Choosing actors (7) Kicking a ball between two of these gives a score (7) Find and fetch (8) Ex-soldier (7) Raise (7) Meaning modifier (6) Provide (6) Riding (4)

No. 041

No. 861

6 4 2 5 4 8 7 4 8 5 9 7 8 3 6 9 8 5 1 7 6 5 7 2 6 2 1 4 5 1 8 WORK IT OUT!

Complete the list by changing one letter at a time to create a new word at each step. One possible answer shown below.


_____ _____ _____ _____ BAKER December 2020

David Wise Solicitor Retirement Village Lawyer Specialist advice for residents, former residents and prospective residents

Contract Reviews - Village Exits - Dispute Resolution Estate Administration - Discount Probate

0412 254 080 www.davidwisesolicitor.com.au Sunshine Coast

39.indd 3

December 2020 / YOUR TIME MAGAZINE 39

26/11/2020 11:31:03 AM

0 ATE qualif 0 5,0 REB ber to 2 $ ’S em



R Dec E Y 31 BU efore



s ha



With all the current uncertainty in the world, there’s never been a better time to make a decision about your retirement. Major events such as the current pandemic inevitably bring a change in perspective. In these uncertain times, the safety and security of a village environment offers some much-needed comfort and assurance. Residents have the peace-of-mind knowing that all the regular maintenance is taken care of so they can just focus on what’s important, at the same time knowing that the village manager or a caring neighbour is never far away.

SALES & EXPERIENCE CENTRE NOW OPEN Monday to Friday 10am – 2pm | 3/18 Anning Ave, Golden Beach Display Home open by appointment

1300 367 155

40.indd 2


w w w.oak treegroup.com.au

26/11/2020 11:31:15 AM

Profile for My Weekly Preview

Your Time Magazine Sunshine Coast - December 2020  

Welcome to Your Time magazine, your 55+ baby boomers to seniors magazine on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. We hope you enjoy the read and...

Your Time Magazine Sunshine Coast - December 2020  

Welcome to Your Time magazine, your 55+ baby boomers to seniors magazine on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. We hope you enjoy the read and...