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Voted Australia’s best retirement living development – Come and see us today

should have done this years ago ” “ We The Village Yeronga Residents






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The T Th e Vill Village lllag ge Redcliffe Redc edc cliliffe ffe 3204 32 04 11884 884 88 4

The Village Taigum T 3865 8120

Brisbane Br B risba rris bane ane n The Village Coorparoo 3397 1122

The Village Yeronga 3892 5454

Toowoomba The Village Toowoomba 4636 7777

Brand New Apartments and Villas from $390,000

Cinematic Surprise

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Room for Grandkids!

Recreational Garden

Brisbane Based & Family Operated

Highly Awarded

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We guarantee to purchase your home should you wish to move out and haven’t sold after 6 months*

The Terraces, Forest Lake Tropical gardens, spectacular rainforest and resort-style luxuries every day – life at The Terraces offers both relaxation and recreation in a spectacular location, with all the convenience of inner-city living.

Visit us for a personal tour of the village and to view the range of homes available Find out more about our 6 month purchase guarantee.

100 | $299,000* • • • •





139 | $325,000* • • • •

Modern kitchen and appliances. Ensuite to master bedroom Private courtyard Single lock-up garage

141 | $375,000* • • • •



Architecturally designed Beautifully appointed Modern kitchen with quality appliances Solar panels





131 | $339,000* • • • •

Spacious open plan living Modern appliances Remote control double lock-up garage Elevated position

154 | $399,000* • • • •



Immaculately presented elegant home Landscaped rear garden and all-season patio Modern kitchen with quality appliances Located close to amenities





Impeccable design Quiet cul-de-sac position Elevated views Solar panels

165 | $430,000* • • • •



Stunning elevated views Open plan living/dining area Separate all-season room Private outdoor area

Call Pete for more details on 07 5502 7222 or visit The Terraces, 34 Tewantin Way, Forest Lake QLD 4078

*6 month purchase guarantee offer available for selected units, to new residents only. Full terms and conditions are available from our dedicated sales team. Pricing and availability correct at time of printing but subject to change without notice. Information about services and facilities is correct at time of printing. Photographs are for illustrative purposes and may depict items not provided by Lendlease, like furniture. Buyer must also enter into a separate contract with the retirement village. November 2018. Published by Lendlease RL Realty (QLD) Pty Ltd ABN 25 138 535 814. TDW7758 02/19

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Editor’s note


ike many of us, I thought I was way too worldly-wise to get caught by a scammer, yet here I was, kicking myself that I had fallen into a cleverly-set trap. I had opened an email link. For me, it was a matter of timing. The day after I had sent an email to Coles complaining about emails from their Flybuys program, I received a message saying Coles apologised and here was a gift. Foolishly, I didn’t check the address of the sender as I normally would have and clicked my way through to a site offering me all manner of things I didn’t want while asking for more details about myself. Luckily, I twigged at about this point and cancelled out, removing as many traces of myself as I could along


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Contents the way. I was so annoyed at myself for falling for such an old trick. I didn’t lose anything except my dignity, but others have been more cruelly attacked. As Pauline Clayton discovers in her investigation into phone scams, nobody is exempt; we all have an achilles heel that makes us vulnerable to very clever confidence tricksters. Even though I have registered with the government’s Do Not Call register ( or phone 1300 792 958) the only calls to my landline (I don’t even know the number myself) are from callers I don’t want to hear from. I stopped answering it years ago. Pauline decided to investigate after she noticed the sheer volume of calls coming in to herself, friends and neighbours. One reported receiving 12 calls from around the country, two from the same number in London. He didn’t recognise a single one, so didn’t answer. It’s a cautionary tale that demonstrates that no matter how hard we try to avoid them, there are those who will do anything for an easy buck. Dorothy Whittington, Editor

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Strangers on the line Modern day burglars enter your home via telephone and internet. PAULINE CLAYTON investigates the nefarious world of the scammer who trades on wiles and patience to take your hard-earned.


OAN politely answered a call from a Telstra technician who, introducing himself as Mick, said he was calling to let her know her computer had been hacked and contained a virus. The 60-year-old Brisbane woman had no reason to believe a professional cyber-criminal was rubbing his hands with glee. He had a target – his victim hadn’t hung up. Now he set about working slowly and resolutely to gain her confidence. Supposedly completing the service to remove the virus the caller went on to suggest Joan (not real name) was the type of person who could assist Telstra catch these vile criminal hackers. So how did a member of the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN) feel having to tell Joan that she would never see her savings again? “It hurts every time,” a member of the ACORN team said.


06.indd 6

“There’s nothing we can do to recover funds for victims such as Joan who have sent funds overseas, including via gift cards.” Soul destroying for the Queensland Police cyber-crime team is the daily occurrence of the same scams. “We see the same thing over and over again.” Before you shake your head and say how could anyone be so stupid to hand their money to a stranger over the phone, just know that the ACORN team’s victims include professionals, academics and the young. A detective with ACORN is quick to explain that anyone can be a victim. “We have had police officers scammed, we see doctors, lawyers, teachers, people who have worked hard for their money,” he said. The detective added that thinking that only the mature aged and computer

illiterate were the targets is a misconception. “The younger generation think they are smarter, but they are more likely to click on things and download malware. The older generation has more money and so they are singled out,” he said. “The 40-year-olds with children and mortgages cannot afford to pay a scammer.” Even so why would a hard-working, honest person buy $88,000 worth of gift cards for a stranger over the phone? Because they are of the generation to have respect for authority and care for their community. They are anxious to make a difference by helping an authority such as Telstra to trap cyber criminals. Implausible as it sounds, the gift card scam that late last year stripped Joan of her life savings is becoming increasingly common. The day I asked, the Queensland Police ACORN team had responded to five gift card scam victims, individual losses ranging from $200 to $19,000. Here’s how it works. After using the old trick posing, for example, as Microsoft, Telstra or Optus to say there’s a computer virus, scammers add the twist that with the victim’s help they can use their computer and online banking to trap these evil scammers. The victim is told the method used to trap the criminals is via the purchase of gift cards. The cyber-criminal then pretends to deposit funds into their victim’s bank account for this purchase. They adjust their script and when Joan said she didn’t have a car, the scammer said Telstra would pay for a taxi.

The scammer then transferred funds into the account Joan was looking at but, unbeknown to her, it came from another of her accounts. Often scammers will transfer from a credit card or mortgage account. Following precise instructions from her “handler”, over two days Joan went from store to store purchasing 185 gift cards, most at $500 each. The scammer stayed on the phone with her for up to six hours. Some large retailers question a purchase of more than $2000 of gift cards, but the scammer quickly says: “Say they are for your grandchildren”. A Queensland Police Snr Constable said there were so many cards in this case that Joan carefully wrote down the serial numbers before reading them back to the scammer. “The moment she tore off the strip and read the code to the scammer the cards are redeemed and sold on, often at a discount. The plastic card is then useless,” she said., Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Deputy chairman Delia Rickard put out an alert in September 2017 announcing that during the previous 12 months, 1236 Australians lost nearly $540,000 by gift cards being used as fake payments. The previous year, the losses were $480,000. “This is a growing trend and scammers can become threatening and aggressive if they sense they are ‘losing’ their victim or if they are starting to cotton on,” she said. The rule to follow is that you never, ever give remote access to your computer to a stranger over the phone. And no company, including Centrelink,


21/03/2019 11:22:24 AM

COVER STORY asks for payment with a gift card. But there’s more. The long running: “This is Microsoft and we are calling to advise your system has been hacked,” has been upgraded to more threatening calls such as: “This is Telstra and your internet will be shut down in one hour.” But less obvious and more cunning is the use of fake accounts from known authorities including the Australian Taxation Office, Centrelink, banks, energy providers and constant favourites, the telecommunication companies Telstra and Optus and now, even the wholesaler (they do not talk to users), the National Broadband Network (NBN). This writer took a call a few days ago. “Hi. I’m Nicole from the Australian National Broadband Network, we are disconnecting the internet your area and need your cooperation.” Knowing this to be a scam I stayed on line to see just where I was to be led. First, after hitting the one key on my phone I was addressed by a chap with an American accent advising me I was being transferred to a technician. Then it was on to David who revealed he was from the Philippines but with Optus in Sydney. (I’m with Telstra). He led on with the tried but untrue script that he needed to access my computer to “fix up the internet connection”. Pleading senility, I said my son would have to fix the connection when he came home and please give me a phone number. He did. When I duly called (02) 800 51472 Frank answered saying he was a Telstra technician. He hung up when I said I was writing a story on scammers. From boiler rooms around the world, and now in Australia, professional criminal cyber gangs are updating their scams in style and from landlines to mobile phones

Queensland police officers Tracy Reynolds and Suzie Kobez with the 185 gift cards and receipts that cost the victim $88,000 but are now worth nothing. and emails. Claiming to be from the Australian Government offering a solar rebate of up to $5000 is currently common. “I’ll check with my federal member,” is a wise response. Claiming to be from an insurance company regarding a member of the family involved in an accident is also doing the rounds. Alarmingly, scammers are now using the actual company logos to produce fake invoices, and even stocks and shares. The ACCC reports that people over 65 are being targeted with fake power bills. Hang up instantly and then check your previous account. Missed calls on mobile phones are also

now in play by scammers. The area codes are for Belarus, Latvia, Serbia, Valparaiso and others, or often simply 02 or 03 suggesting Sydney or Melbourne. If you hit recall you have opened the back door to your house and into your phone which, of course, contains your contact list, banking, credit card and often passport details. Then there’s the scam messages i.e. “You missed a call on 07 xxxxxxx and a lost suitcase is being filed under your name. Call back immediately.” The range of scams is exotic and ever evolving. Your car has recently been involved in an accident and there is an outstanding claim. Your computer has a virus. You owe money and a warrant is being issued in your name. There is a warrant out for your arrest due to unpaid taxes, fines, insurance etc. The moment you respond, a scammer will work to gain your trust until they have your money. Ding, they are gone. You gave voluntarily.

ARE YOU in control? Or is there an unseen stranger in your house? Who to contact if you believe you have been scammed. Queensland – Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN) at 3364 6622. Federal – Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) to report a scam or subscribe to Scamwatch. Victims of identity theft can contact: ID Care – Cyber Security. 1300 432 273.

DID YOU KNOW? THE Australian Institute of Criminology’s: ‘Estimating the costs of serious and organised crime in Australia 2016–17’ report tell us: Consumer fraud has been estimated to cost Australia almost $1 billion annually, although the full extent of the losses is unknown as many choose not to officially report their experiences. Although victims of scams can lose as little as $1, some send substantial amounts to criminals, occasionally exceeding many hundreds of thousands of dollars. Those who send such large amounts frequently feel ashamed of what they have done, or apprehensive that they might have acted illegally. Victims may also receive little sympathy for having been victimised and may be blamed for being gullible. These factors act to deter victims from formally reporting the scam to police. When the full circumstances of cases are known, however, the sophistication of the deception makes it clear that victims have been enticed by a serious and concerted campaign of trickery which preys on their weaknesses and vulnerabilities.









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21/03/2019 11:23:23 AM


The mother I can’t forget As a trainee midwife in far north Queensland, SUE CURRIE met a young mother who gave birth to twins and had to give them away.


had twins, didn’t I?” she said. Her voice was no more than a whisper as we waited for her train to Bowen. It is late 1964. The question surprised me. “Yes.” I said. “Two identical little boys with red hair like yours.” Her brown eyes searched my face for more clues. It was the first time she’d made eye contact since her admission to


08.indd 8

Maternity a week prior. “Your babies weighed four and a half pounds each. They’re in an isolette together and they’re doing fine,” I said. “We call them Peter and Paul.” “What will happen to them?” “They’ll be adopted” I said. “A nice couple without any children have already been in to see them.” “Thanks,” she said.

She climbed into the train and was gone from my life, but not from my memory. I do not remember her first name, only her surname. I clearly remember that brief exchange so long ago, just before noon at Townsville station because as a student midwife, I’d “accidentally” delivered her first twin. It was 1.30pm on a warm Wednesday

afternoon when I came on duty for my shift in the labour ward. There were three delivery rooms in a row. All of the senior medical and nursing staff were busy with a breech delivery in the middle room and the one on the left was occupied by a woman in early labour. Breech babies were not automatic caesarian sections back then. Sister James told me to admit the new patient into the room on the right. While I prepared her for delivery I tried to obtain a history of her pregnancy. Like many young unmarried women in those days, she’d received no ante natal care and had done her best to hide her shame from the prying eyes in her home town. She’d fled from Bowen to Townsville several months before, when she began to “show”. The most I could extract from her was a soft “yes” or “no” as she avoided my eyes. Shy, embarrassed and withdrawn, she’d waited until her contractions were strong before coming into the hospital. She lay on her back with her eyes tightly closed while the junior Resident Medical Officer (RMO) palpated her


21/03/2019 11:24:15 AM





09.indd 9

I had a special proprietary feeling about “my twins”. I’d hurry into the nursery at the start of each shift to say hello to them and check on their progress. Their mother was placed in the corner bed near a window in a room with five other women who had their babies with them … perhaps a policy of silent rebuke? She was given an injection, male hormone tablets and a tight breast binder to dry up her milk. Each time we approached her she’d turn her face to the window. We were young and inexperienced, not much older than she, and nurses were not educated about the emotional care of their patients in those days. We felt uncomfortable by the wall of silence she built around herself, so we left her alone. Her heart must’ve been breaking. I don’t remember seeing social workers or any other counsellors in that hospital, but somebody must have arranged the adoption – presumably without the mother’s consent; otherwise, why would she have asked me that question on the station? Several weeks after the young woman went home, a well-dressed couple, twice her age, came in to collect their twins. I was relieved when I heard they were taking both babies. There was no guarantee that twins would go to the same home back then. I’ve thought about that young woman many times over the years, especially after I, myself, became a mother. As societal attitudes have changed I’ve had to acknowledge that I unwittingly participated in one of our society’s cruelest punishments for women who gave birth outside of marriage. I have wished many times that I could tell her how sorry I am. Visit Call 3358 6666 or Jigsaw’s Forced Adoption Support Service 1800 21 03 13

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abdomen to discover the position of her baby. Her tummy was not particularly large and this was in the days before ultrasound and electronic foetal heart monitors were used in north Queensland. The doctor was satisfied that the baby’s head was fixed in its mother’s pelvis and that the labour was progressing normally. He made a small cross in blue biro on the girl’s skin above where he’d located the baby’s heartbeat then left the room asking me to call him when she was ready to push. I monitored her contractions and listened to the baby’s heart sounds every 10 minutes. The contractions were strong and frequent but she didn’t make a sound. She was in her late teens, her face was pale, her dark red hair lay damp and limp on the pillow and her eyes remained tightly closed. My attempts to talk to her were met with silence, although she co-operated with position changes when I asked her. I suppose that’s why I can’t remember her first name. I never got to know her. None of us got to know her. Within an hour she was needing to push. I called the RMO and we positioned her on her back. He asked me to scrub for the delivery. The baby was born surprisingly fast for a firstborn. I stood near the foot of the bed holding a pale, limp, baby boy by his ankles so mucous could drain from his nose and mouth. “Gosh, he is so small,” I thought as I looked down and saw a tiny blue hand protruding from the mother’s birth canal. I let out an exclamation and the doctor also saw it. Pandemonium ensued. Senior staff rushed in from the breech room and the RMO scrubbed hastily to deliver the second baby (student midwives were not supposed to deliver twins). “My” twin was taking a long time to breathe and another doctor grabbed him from me and commenced resuscitation. The second twin was born quite easily in spite of having his hand in front of his head. He was blue and still. The doctors worked frantically on both babies and eventually had both of them pink and crying after what seemed to me like forever. They were whisked away to the nursery in an isolette while their mother lay, virtually forgotten, staring at the ceiling. I washed her after everyone had gone. She didn’t speak; neither did I. We both had eyes full of tears; neither of us knew what to say. The babies were tube fed for a few weeks until they were strong enough to take bottles. They thrived and became the darlings of the nursery.

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Jigsaw Queensland (post Adoption Resource Centre) is a non-profit, member-based organisation providing free professional and peer support and advocacy for people affected by past adoptions. Experience shows that information and support changes everything. “We work with and for everyone affected by adoption, regardless of where or when the adoption took place,” says Dr Jo-Ann Sparrow. “Our priority is to give our attention to each person’s unique needs, no matter who they are.”


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Mum’s medicine chest cures all ailments For any childhood ailment – stubbed toes, sore throats, ear ache, tick bites, boils, carbuncles, wind burn, sunburn, school sores, cold sores, any sores – my mother had a remedy on hand, writes KATE CALLAHAN.


hen two children from a neighbouring farm, Raymond and Sandra, came to stay with us for a week in 1965 due to a family emergency, Raymond arrived with an ugly carbuncle behind his knee. I’d never seen a carbuncle before, but Mum had. “Bad diet,” she said as she headed off to the kitchen to prepare a poultice. After heating some milk on the combustion stove, she added a handful of cooking salt, simmered the concoction for a bit, and then thickened it with stale breadcrumbs. Dividing the mixture into several poultices, she applied one to Raymond’s boil every half-hour for the next couple of hours. Raymond earned my respect that day. He didn’t cry once but it must have hurt like Hades. I won’t go into the gory details of what happened next but by the end of the week, the carbuncle was gone and so was Raymond. Mum had worked her magic once again. The main stay of the medicine chest was Castellani’s paint, or Castellani’s for short. An intensely purple paint in a tiny bottle, it was the invention of Italian

physician, Aldo Castellani, who was a specialist in tropical diseases. Mum swore by it and applied it with gay abandon to cuts, grazes and gravel rash, ingrown toenails, warts, infected finger nails, tick bites and – gasp – school sores. I had a serious dose of school sores when I was eight. It all started when a shellback tick burrowed into the crown of my head. A liberal dose of good old Castellani’s should have seen the end of it, but the wound site was attacked by bacteria and I had a head full of school sores. This was one of the few times when Mum’s arsenal of home remedies failed, and medical treatment had to be invoked. Though better forgotten, the whole dreadful episode is indelibly etched in my memory bank, so let’s just change the subject … to Agarol. For the uninitiated, Agarol is an old-fashioned vanilla-flavoured laxative that contains agar-agar, a gel-like substance that bulks up the gut. These days, agar-agar is a prime ingredient of gluten-free baking, where it performs a bulk-up function similar to real gluten. Mum had a morbid fear of

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constipation, perhaps a legacy of wartime food rationing, so she used Agarol prophylactically. We got a dose every Saturday whether we needed it or not. My older brother loathed Agarol and would do everything in his power to avoid a dose. But this was the 1960s, a time when parental authority prevailed. If necessary, Mum would pin him down and prise his mouth open with a wooden peg. Dad had no sympathy. “Better than castor oil” was his view.

During the winter, the Vicks VapoRub invariably made an appearance. It worked its magic when rubbed on the chest, smeared in the nostrils or used as a steam inhalation. But warning, warning! Avoid getting Vicks in the eyes. I learnt this lesson at age 10 when I used Vicks as a substitute for petroleum jelly to make my eyelids gleam, just like the glamorous models in the Woman’s Day. Dumb, yes, but perhaps not quite so dumb (or damaging) as depositing your used chewing gum behind your earlobe. I can tell you that chewing gum sticks with incredible tenacity to human skin and is resistant to lanolin, hot water, vinegar, methylated spirits and kerosene, all of which Mum tried before resorting to brute force. These days I still use some of Mum’s remedies for various ailments. Bicarbonate of soda for mouth ulcers; warm salty water for sore throats; raw onion for insect bites; apple cider vinegar for indigestion; egg yolks for dry hair; nutmeg for cuts. But childhood experiences can be formative. I haven’t gone near Agarol since the late 1960s and I’ve maintained a lifelong aversion to chewing gum and Vicks VapoRub.

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10 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / April 2019

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6/14/2018 11:14:51 AM

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In a spanner of meaking


Dr William Archibald Spooner was born in London in 1844, and is remembered not so much for his prowess as a scholar and Oxford lecturer, but for his frequent speech errors, writes BARBARA BUFI.


poonerisms, as they have come to be called, occur when initial letters or sounds of adjoining words are transposed for mostly humorous results. Although it is believed that his students may well have been responsible for many of the slips of the tongue attributed to Dr Spooner, one of his genuine examples during World War I was, “when our boys come home from France, we will have the hags flung out.’ Another emerged at the end of a wedding ceremony at which he was officiating: “It is now kisstomary to cuss the bride”. Live radio broadcasts can provide good instances of embarrassing spoonerisms. Years ago, a Sunday morning presenter on the (at that time) very proper and appropriately spoken ABC, described a vessel he was observing in a sail-by as a “three basted marque”. This was followed by a short, strained silence, before he launched calmly into the remainder of his commentary. That’s aplomb. Another incident which occurred on


11.indd 11

ABC radio during a live broadcast from the Houses of Parliament was not a spoonerism but is most certainly memorable. The female Speaker of the House was involved in a discussion as to whether or not “Mr Speaker” was the correct form of address. “Thank you, Mr Speaker will be quite appropriate,” she replied. “I have no sex in this position.” Dead silence, then the House erupted. On one occasion our usually impeccable TV weatherman observed that the district would be subject over the next day or two to shattered scowers. Not to be outdone, the morning forecaster on the radio noted next day that should showers occur, they would queer clickly. Some home-grown spoonerisms have become part of our family vocabulary. My daughter-in-law produced a classic during a discussion on the difficulty of buying suitable footwear these days. “My feet have to be comfortable,” she remarked. “I just can’t stand ill-sh---ing foos.” Well, who can?

One of her fellow teachers, a proper, carefully spoken man, was in the staffroom after school when some students came to the door bearing jars of jam which they were busy sampling with their fingers. “Want some of this jam I made, sir?” asked one boy, offering his jar. “Not likely. I’m not eating anything you’ve had your finger stuck in,” was what he meant to reply. What actually came out transposed consonants between “finger” and “stuck”, causing the poor man great embarrassment, although the listeners thought it was hilarious. When tongues lag behind thought processes, which can happen more frequently as our bits and pieces age, verbal confusion is often the result. Many of the resulting spoonerisms are unique and well worth preserving, so don’t trust to sometimes unreliable memory – jot them down (being sure to remember where you put the piece of paper), use them often, and enjoy a good chuckle. They say a hearty lelly baugh can be most beneficial to health, and as medicines go, what could be cheaper?

THE French biologist, microbiologist and chemist Louis Pasteur is famous for his accomplishments in disease prevention in the 19th century. He proved the germ theory of disease and developed a vaccine for rabies, anthrax, and chicken cholera. Pasteur (1822-95) discovered that microbes were responsible for souring alcohol which led him to the process to which he gives his name – pasteurisation – a process in which bacteria is destroyed by heating beverages and allowing them to cool. So next time you open the pasteurised milk, give a nod to Louis. The Austrian physician, Franz Mesmer (1734-1815) believed that all living things were related in some way to magnetic fluid. This led him to use magnets and the power of suggestion to address ailments – until his theories were debunked. He theorised that there was a natural energy transference between animate and inanimate objects, and called it animal magnetism or, as it later became known, mesmerism. The founding father of hypnosis, his name became the verb, mesmerise.

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Master Builders Association Award Winning Resorts 2017 for Best Resort, Best Country Club and Best Home and 2018 Best Sporting and Leisure Facility

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Beachmere Bay

Caloundra Cay

Our Beachmere Bay resort is a breath of fresh air, inspired by the timeless Hamptons style. Our gorgeous homes are filled with beachside class and are designed for casual, relaxed living. The Hamptons Country Club is the jewel at the heart of the resort, designed with more extravagance and opulence than a Gatsby party. Join us at Beachmere Bay for a world of bayside grandeur.

Caloundra Cay spirits you away to the pristine beaches and lushness of Hemingway’s Caribbean. With our exciting Hemingway’s Country Club opening soon, this is your last chance to purchase select homes in prime locations before prices rise. All homes come fully finished with solar, ducted air-conditioning, landscaping, European appliances and luxury inclusions as standard.

Freecall 1800 338 382

Freecall 1800 55 66 77

194 Bishop Road, Beachmere

96 Village Way, Little Mountain


Toowoomba Pinnacle

With sand in our toes and salt in our hair, we created an amazing new community designed for laid-back, classic living with coastal cool. Our homes are a statement of elegance, infused with classic Noosa style that is specially tailored for the Queensland coastal climate. Set in lush, tropical surroundings, residents also enjoy exclusive access to our world class Pavilion Country Club.

Palm Lake Resort Toowoomba Pinnacle is the epitome of style and country chic. Every home blends the latest in easy living with architectural elegance including designer facades and beautifully landscaped gardens to create the perfect retreat. The lavish country club boasts an infinity edge swimming pool with spectacular views of the surrounding ranges, the perfect place for a sunset cocktail.

Freecall 1800 885 851

Freecall 1800 280 129

19 Trading Post Road, Cooroy

97-161 Hogg St, Cranley

*Subject to change without notice. Images may depict fixtures, finishes and features such as furniture, homewares, refrigerators, window coverings and decorative lighting which are not supplied by Palm Lake Resort. Whilst every endeavour has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information, Palm Lake Resort cannot be held responsible for any consequences resulting from misdescription or inadvertent errors contained herein.

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There’d no holding back our veterans of stage and screen Many will remember Benita Collings as the smiling Playschool presenter, but now, nearing 80, she’s back touring, writes ANGELA BENSTED.


he veteran actor has featured on Australian screens for almost as many years as we’ve had them. With television credits including Homicide, Cop Shop and Division 4, Benita’s longest gig was playing the straight guy to John Hamblin’s Ham on Playschool, reading stories and singing songs beside Big Ted, Little Ted, Humpty and Jemima. But touring is a new challenge for the 78-year-old who still hasn’t conquered the art of packing. “I had to buy a new suitcase because the old one was too old and heavy,” she says as she prepares to leave Mackay for her next performance in Canberra. “The new one is much lighter, but when I put the packed case on the scales it weighs exactly the same,” she says with a sigh. “You wouldn’t believe I used to backpack.” The actor is touring Australia with Senior Moments, a sketch revue mocking ageism, which comes to southeast Queensland in May. The tour is the second road trip for Benita and her fellow acting veterans – Max Gillies, John Woods, Russell Newman and Kim Lewis - none of whom

14 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / April 2019

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Benita Collings has a senior’s moment with Geoff Harvey, Max Gillies and John Wood. show signs of slowing down. “Bits of the company have a few ails and ills but they keep on keeping on. That’s what we do,” the actor says, crediting her own stamina to healthy eating, gentle gym classes and regular walks. Her favourite sketch from the show is called Old School, a playful poke at children’s television. Benita plays Miss Jane and Geoff Harvey (Midday) is Mr Music in a tongue-in-cheek mash-up of kindergarten classics.

“It’s a real send-up of childhood shows that used to be around way back when. It’s fun,” she says. While some of the show’s gags might rely on longer memories for a giggle, Benita says her 18-year-old granddaughter found plenty to laugh at. “She said she kept turning to her mother and saying, ‘that’s you’, so she was getting the point from that generation,” Benita says. A war baby with a “regular upbringing” in Sydney, Benita says she knew from a young age she wanted a life on stage. Even so, she took her mother’s advice to learn typing and shorthand first, skills that saw her through her early years in the industry. Once acting jobs started flowing she abandoned secretarial work, but Benita doesn’t regret her time behind the desk. “When computers arrived, I was the smartie pants who could say ‘guess who can touch type?’” she says with her familiar laugh. The longest-serving presenter, Benita fronted Playschool’s cameras for the last time in 1999, 30 years after she’d started and just months before being unceremoniously let go.

“I can’t remember the exact words they used,” she says. “They were just getting rid of some presenters. Nobody was told why. It wasn’t an age thing because some of the people they got in were our age.” With casting calls from other studios also petering out, Benita did what many people in their 50s do; she changed tack and sought new challenges. “I didn’t want to wait on tables or work in a call centre,” she says. Instead, she retrained to teach presentation skills, starting her own company along the way. Since then she’s been picked up by the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA)’s corporate performance program and later NIDA Open, where she runs short courses in television presenting. It’s a busy dance card, but despite the demand for her teaching skills it’s clear Benita Collings is unlikely to pass up a chance to be on stage herself. “I enjoy doing it,” she says. “I won’t do anything if the word ‘fun’ isn’t in there somewhere.” Events Centre Caloundra. Friday May 24, 1pm and 7.30pm; Saturday May 25, 2pm and 7.30pm. Tickets $55-$69. Bookings 5491 4240 or


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Life’s better together at Aveo Durack

Call 13 2 to book 8 36 a tour

Friends & family are welcome at any time

Pet friendly community (Pets subject to approval)

24/7 care and support staff available

Modern restaurant open 7 days

Wide range of social activities & events


Independent Living Villas & Apartments

$149,000-$565,000* 1-3 bed

1-2 bath

1 car

Group exercise classes

*Prices correct at 18/2/2019. AVQ1602B

We all know that life’s better when it’s shared with the ones we love. In fact, research shows that being connected to others can help improve our mental and physical wellbeing. Aveo Durack retirement community is a place where life-long friends are made and new experiences are had. It’s where family is always welcome and a friendly ear is around every corner. It’s where a conversation turns into a connection, a place where lives are enhanced and the whole community looks out for each other.

Feel free to drop in to Aveo Durack and have a chat with us. To book a tour call 13 28 36 or visit to find out more.


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Aveo Durack 356 Blunder Road, Durack

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Reading about the off-beat or quirky often provokes the response Struth! DAVID ELLIS introduces a new column investigating the weird and wonderful.


WE GET AROUND – You never know quite where Your Time might turn up – even Antarctica. Judy Polkinghorne, who recently stopped off at Neko Harbour during an adventure with her Girls on Tour, had a browse while out on the ice with the penguins. Now that’s on location! THE END IS NIGH If you are interested in reading about the rise (and rise) of cults, then Jonathan Moore’s new book Doomsday Cults is for you. It’s subtitled “Death destruction and despair inside the world’s most dangerous cults”. Moore, who has degrees in history and English, reveals how cult leaders such as Charles Manson, Marshall Applewhite, David Koresh, Ervil LeBaron and David Berg declared that they were God’s representative on earth and promised followers that only through their teachings could they

survive doomsday. Monstrous crimes were committed in God’s name and each cult experienced its own horrific Armageddon. “For hundreds of years seers and prophets have used the Bible’s Book of Revelations to whip up hysteria and fear,” he says. “The last book of the New Testament declares that all but the true believers will be wiped off the face of the earth and doomed to eternal suffering; only those who follow ‘the word’ will survive the coming apocalypse.”

A 1978 Ford Fiesta MkI that has never been registered and has racked up all of 141 miles (227km) in its 41 years, has just sold through online auction in the UK for £14,950 ($27,338), believed to be a world record for the model. Said to be still “just like new” today, the time-warp little hatchback was brand new when it arrived at a London dealership. It had not even got around to registering it when it was bought by the London Science Museum. It was to appear in a Glimpses of Medical History diorama, a showcase of technology the museum was developing to help the elderly get into and out of a car more easily. It remained at the museum until earlier this year when the floor housing it was closed for refurbishment. It was decided to put

the hatchback up for sale at somewhere between £6500 and £8500. Even the museum was bowled-over when it was knocked down through online auction house H&H Classics for an amazing £14,950. H&H head of sales, Damian Jones, said the car’s remarkable condition when it went to auction was doubtless due to it having been displayed within the Science Museum for all those 41 years. “It is a highly original and authentic Fiesta. Go see if you could find another like this one,” he said. “It is perhaps the lowest mileage Ford Fiesta MKI in existence.” With just 227km on its speedo after four decades it’s unlikely to be challenged in a hurry.

We provide care that ensures you feel cared for Our homes

Our community

Our advice

We offer a range of residential living options and are dedicated to finding the right one for you. Our residential staff provide high quality personalised care and are passionate about creating a home-like environment where you feel valued, connected and independent.

If you prefer to remain at home, as a leading provider of community care services we have a wide range of services to support your choice. We offer home care packages which we can customise to suit your needs and preferences, as well as in-home respite and allied health wellness programs. We also offer day and overnight respite where you can join the group or individualised e activities at our home-like cottage Multi Service Centres, promising you a socially enjoyable experience.

As Queensland’s dementia experts, we’re here to support you and your family with advice and information. With carer support groups and our advice line we provide information on all forms of dementia, health and wellness programs and many other supportive aged care services.

Our advice line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Freecall: 1800 639 331

For further information please call 07 3422 3000 0 or visit us online:

16 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / April 2019

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Who Are You? Identity after leaving fulltime work Since the introduction of superannuation, money has been the main focus when it comes to leaving fulltime employment and, writes STEVE MENDL, it’s often to the exclusion of all else.


here are many different facets when it comes to preparation for retirement. The challenges are numerous – mentally and physically, psychologically and energetically. These areas are rarely focused on. A survey conducted through the Trans America Center of Retirement Studies in the US revealed that 41 per cent of respondents reported moving out of fulltime work as being more stressful than either the transition into marriage or changing previous jobs. Most indicated that they had not been prepared enough for the reality of having another 35-60 hours a week on their hands. A more recent survey of 1000 new retirees (within five years of retirement) conducted by the Centre for Ageing Better in the UK discovered that 20 per cent of people found the transition difficult. This is particularly the case for successful men. Part of this is due to a crisis of identity. For 60,000+ years, the primary role of men has been to provide for the family and/or the extended social community. As society has developed, we have moved away from hunting and gathering to earning money.


17.indd 17

In his book David and Goliath, Malcom Gladwell looks closely at Samuel Stouffer’s concept of relative deprivation and how it plays out in various environments. Relative deprivation is the idea that by comparing and evaluating yourself against a cohort or people with whom you spend a lot of time, there is the perception that you are not doing as well as others. Relative deprivation is also called the “Big Fish Little Pond Effect”. In the study explored in the book, Stoufler found that there were similar statistics across many universities, regardless of whether they were prestigious or poorer or less selective public institutions. In a nutshell, it’s not how smart you are, it is how smart you feel relative to other people in your various environments that drives your self-perception. Really, it’s how you feel that matters. In a university situation, the smarter you think your peers are, the dumber you feel. The dumber you feel, the more likely you are to drop out. So how does this idea of relative deprivation relate to the journey out of fulltime work? When leaving employment, relative

deprivation can combine with relevance deprivation. When leaving employment, relative deprivation may arise in the perception that another man who has just entered the next stage of their life may be doing better than you, that they have “their s--t in order” so to speak: they have a better car, they have just been on a luxury cruise etc. The danger here is that relative deprivation (comparing your internal experience with others in a similar situation) combined with the concept of relevance deprivation (the fact that the phone has stopped ringing and there are not as many invitations has a big effect on your confidence and sense of identity. When leaving fulltime work, many men lose a sense of their identity. They’ve been able to answer the question, “what do you do?” with certainty for so many years and have normally associated themselves with a certain role. The question becomes harder when you’re no longer working. You suddenly have to think about what you are going to say. For many successful men, there is an addictive quality to having relevance within a group or company. This is

inherent to many of the patriarchal aspects of the western society. This institutionalisation starts with schooling and continues right through our lives. Our ego needs to be fed and one of the ways to do this is through the creation of imaginary and illusionary temples and templates that support industry and commerce. However, there is a price to pay when tying your identity to your career – the emotional withdrawal that occurs once the status is removed in the movement out of fulltime work and into the next stage. In a business setting and hierarchy, it is easy to measure your success and relevance. When leaving fulltime work, the status and relevance goes … and with that can come feelings of loss and uncertainty. This is why the mental preparation for the shift out of full-time work needs to come well before the shift itself. It is time to be your own man, to be yourself, not a label you’ve worn in a company or business – never mind how many years you’ve worn it. Be free. Steve Mendl is the author of Beyond the Money and specialises in career to retirement transition.

April 2019 / YOUR TIME MAGAZINE 17

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Make a culinary journey to Sicily Chef and food advocate Dominique Rizzo heads off to Sicily next month to lead a bespoke tour of selected gourmet experiences showcasing tradition, family and culture. If you can’t make it to Sicily, Dominque, renowned for her fresh culinary style and healthy whole food recipes, this month offers a selection of favourite recipes from her book My Taste of Sicily. If you’d like to know more about joining a food, wine and cooking tour, visit

More great ideas:

Antipasto salad with torn rosemary croutons An easy entertaining idea has always been a quick Italian inspired antipasto platter. This recipe brings your platter to life turning it into a fresh salad leaves with crunchy rosemary baked croutons. Serves 6-8 | Difficulty: Easy | Preparation: 20 min | Cook: 15 min • 1 loaf of crusty bread, torn into 4-5cm pieces • 1/3 cup virgin olive oil • 2 sprigs of rosemary • Salt and pepper • 1 clove of garlic • 2 heads of curly leaf lettuce or 1 x 200g bag of salad mix • 700g IGA antipasto ingredients including sun dried tomatoes, olives, roasted capsicum, artichokes, roasted eggplant, baby bocconcini • 6 slices of thinly sliced prosciutto • 100g thinly sliced chorizo sausage • 1 punnet of cherry tomatoes • 1 long cucumber, sliced • ½ bunch of parsley, leaves picked • 100g block of parmesan cheese METHOD Preheat the oven to 180c. Place the chunks of bread into a bowl, combine the olive oil, rosemary leaves, garlic and salt and pepper in a food processor and blend to combine. Tip this over the bread and with your hands toss the bread with the rosemary oil and the sliced chorizo. Place the bread on a tray and bake until golden brown about 15 minutes. Wash and drain the lettuce and place it into a large serving bowl, scatter over the antipasto mix, prosciutto, the salami, halved cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumber and with a peeler shave the parmesan scattering this over the top. Top this with the chunky rosemary croutons and the parsley and serve. Substitute Ingredients: Swap the lettuce with cold pasta, cooked rice, quinoa or cous cous add a squeeze of lemon or drizzle of balsamic for another easy salad idea. 18 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / April 2019

18.indd 18

Try this: Another great idea for a take anywhere dish is cut the top off a crusty cob loaf and hollow out the centre alternately layering it with a mixture of antipasto ingredients, lettuce or spinach and slices of tomato, shaved parmesan. Leave it to sit in the fridge pressed down for at least 20 minutes, place the lid on and slice to serve. For a delicious tart, lay down a sheet of puff pastry, scatter over the combined antipasto mix and then fold up the edges baking the pastry in a hot 200c oven for 25 minutes until puffed and golden, slice to serve. For a party, make a basic bread dough, rolling it out and scattering it with a mixed assortment of antipasto ingredients, roll it up like a roulade and slice it in the round baking it on the oven for a take on the pinwheel Tips when plating up ingredients for an antipasto platter: Consider having the items in small decorative dishes so that the oils and flavours don’t all mix together Roll a thin slice of prosciutto around a bocconcini ball and fasten it with a tooth pick; drizzle these with olive oil a squeeze of lemon and a pinch of salt Wrap pieces of marinated eggplant around a piece of sundried tomato and a slice of parmesan cheese and a leaf of fresh basil Open up olives remove the seeds and stuff them with whipped fetta, closing them back up and wrapping them with a basil leaf and fasten with a toothpick Chop together deseeded olives, sundried tomatoes and marinated capsicum with a handful of parsley leaves and serve this onto toasted French stick as a bruschetta topping.

Baked fig and rice tart • Short crust pastry to fit a 20-22cm spring form tin • 15 fresh figs, sliced in half • 4 tablespoons Grand Marnier • 4 cups milk • 1 vanilla bean, split • ½ cup Arborio rice, rinsed • Pinch of salt • ¼ cup plus 2 tblsp of sugar • 3 eggs, beaten • 2 tablespoons heavy cream • ¼ cup melted unsalted butter METHOD Preheat oven to 180c. In a small bowl combine the sliced figs and the liqueur and set aside. In a small saucepan combine the milk and vanilla bean and bring to a gentle boil. Add the rice, a pinch of salt, ¼ cup plus 2 tablespoons of sugar and cook over low heat for 30-40 minutes stirring until the rice is soft to bite. If the rice gets too dry add in a little more milk until the desired texture is achieved. Basically, you want it to look like risotto. Allow to cool slightly and beat in the eggs, cream and the liqueur from the figs, reserving the fruit. Grease spring form tin well and place the pastry into the tin, it doesn’t need to come all the way up the sides. Pour the rice into the tart case and top with the figs. Bake for 30 minutes or until golden and slightly firm to the touch. Allow to cool before removing from the tin. Slice to serve and add a dollop of cream or natural yoghurt. Brisbane

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Downsize to more

LARGE RESIDENCES |NORTH-FACING VIEWS STUNNING LAP POOL | PROPOSED MARINA 30 luxury residences on Bulimba’s absolute riverfront. Exceptional penthouses, apartments & town homes. Perfect for downsizers. Construction underway. Discover Bulimba’s best luxury riverfront address today. Deal directly with the local developer and know who is creating your forever home.

Brad Miller 0421 812 288 | Simon Miller 0411 220 284 | Sales Display: 39 Byron St, Bulimba

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Righting the harms caused by past wrongs In the winter of 1841, German missionaries reported there were up to 3000 Aboriginal men, women and children fishing at Toorbul. It was a regular event at this time of year and the fishing was good, writes AUDIENNE BLYTH.


fter the fishing season, they dispersed and set off back to their homes in the hinterland, looking for pickings along the way. On their return to the hinterland during October and November, they found sheep were an easy meal at stations at Kilcoy, Collington and Cressbrook in the Brisbane Valley, which were occupied from 1841. The various tribes had been peacefully going about their routine for eons. They didn’t understand or appreciate the white man’s possessiveness about his animals. The white landowners were annoyed by the effrontery of these people taking their sheep and took matters into their own hands to deal with these “pests”. The following January and February of 1842, Aborigines gathered for the bunya feasts and it was early in February when a large number of Aborigines, about 60, were massacred on Kilcoy Station. They had raided a shepherd’s hut and eaten poisoned flour and meat specially left for them. Two shepherds were blamed. The owners were elsewhere and could not be implicated, it was said. There is no documentation of the

Kilcoy massacre, so the full story will never be known. But there were others, in other places. On the 11th anniversary of Kevin Rudd’s Sorry Speech, the Beulah Community of Buderim met on 13 February to recall the injustices to Australia’s first people. Brisbane historian, Frank Uhr recalled the stolen generation and the forced removals and shared his research of these massacres. The deaths of so many led to organised resistance to white settlement by strong tribal alliances across southeast Queensland. Fourteen or 15 clans met at Tiaro and decided to take revenge. And so began organised “frontier wars” or “black resistance”. There have been just two inquiries – in 1843 and in 1979 – to determine what actually happened to cause so many deaths. The details remain a great mystery as evidence is difficult to find. Kabi Kabi traditional owner, Melinda Serico told of how her family survived the massacre. From family oral history she has learnt that her ancestors were out fishing at the


Queensland Health

Have you had a breast screen yet? Are you overdue? Please don’t put it off – make an appointment today

Early de detection saves lives. es. If you are a woman over 50 Phone 13 20 50 for your FREE breast screen or book online at breas east sc www.b Brisbane City • Chermside • Keperra • Kippa-Ring • Indooroopilly • North Lakes

Authorised by the Queensland Government, William Street, Brisbane.

20 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / April 2019

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A gathering of Kabi Kabi in about the 1880s. Image: John Oxley Library time of the massacre, otherwise they too would have died. She also told the story of her grandmother, Lucy, who was born at Tuchekoi on the Mary River. Lucy was six when, with other family members, she was forcibly removed to live at Barambah now known as Cherbourg, near Murgon. Aborigines from different groups were all lumped together and their lives were changed forever. Saltwater people were mixed with desert people. Their culture and language were lost as strict laws forbade them practising their customs. They needed permission to travel into Murgon and generally were not allowed to leave Cherbourg. Lucy was nine when she was placed

with a white family to work as a domestic. She was treated so poorly she had to be returned to Cherbourg. She recalled diseases such as chicken pox causing deaths among Aborigines. It raises questions of the deliberate introduction to the community. In the spirit of reconciliation between Aborigines and Europeans many people express their own “sorry” stories. Australia-wide, the stolen generation, the forced removals and the massacres are a terrible blot on our history. While some of us may doubt the sincerity of apologising, it is a step forward. Hopefully, healing and reconciliation occurs where there is an understanding of past wrongs and the harm caused by them.

EXHIBITION AT VICTORIA BARRACKS The exhibition at the Army Museum South Queensland, the “Aftermath of WW1” shows how WW1 changed the world politically, economically and culturally. Nations worldwide were plunged into financial stress. Empires ended and new countries were established. Millions of lives were lost, nations grieved and monuments and memorials were built. This exhibition shows the incredible artefacts and history of the aftermath of WW1 and a world changed forever. The exhibition runs until July10

Capt Adele Catts and Capt Stephen Beck setting up a display case Brisbane

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â&#x20AC;&#x201C; just like you!



Please compare us with the rest. We think weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re the best!

LUXURY NEW HOMES FROM $363,000 If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re looking to buy into a Lifestyle Resort and havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t yet visited Living Gems Caboolture Riverfront, then youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll probably end up paying too much. CHECK US OUT TODAY!

176 Torrens Road, Caboolture 1800 860 356 |

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The unwritten yet understood laws of the queue The only country that insists on queueing appears to be the UK, writes TERRY DYER, whether it’s a bus stop, cinema or a butcher’s shop you’ll always find a queue.


oming to Australia, I noticed that habit had not really caught on here. The one with the loudest voice who pushed to the front was served first. In the UK, the standard procedure – if you can call it that – was if you arrived first you stood at the head of the queue. People arriving after would stand in a line behind you, and be served in order. Australia was different. If you entered a shop, and I’m not talking about supermarkets, conversation would begin as soon as you entered. As more customers entered the shop and joined the rousing conversations, there was no worrying about queueing. Everyone seemed to know each other, but as soon as the first person was served, there would be a chorus of requests from the assembled group. The loudest voice appeared to be served first. This occurred when the shop assistant called “who’s next?”. The exception would be the oldest in the group, usually an old lady who everyone seemed to know, and the voice

would proclaim an opening to the counter for Mrs Watson. Once she was served and had left the shop the competition for service would begin again. In the UK, when queueing you stand in line, don’t talk and look straight ahead at possibly nothing. I’m using a queue for a bus in this example. When the bus arrives, everyone shuffles forward. No matter what happens you can’t afford for anyone to push in front, so there is slight panic when a recalcitrant heathen who arrives late tries to get into the middle of the line. In that case, you push up to close any gap and glare at nobody in particular. Nothing physical really happens; the pusher-in, gradually gives up in a huff, and goes to the back of the queue. Buses in the UK were nearly always double deckers and had conductors who controlled the passengers. Because there was a limit to the number of passengers allowed on a bus, particularly on the top deck, the conductors would check the space available and then stand on the

Thelma & LOIS Living it up.

entrance platform as the bus arrived at the stop, and call “two upstairs and one inside”. It was the same at cinemas (this was before television) where the queue would snake out on to the foot path. Normally there would be two or maybe three shows. During this time people would leave the cinema due to illness or boredom or whatever. This would allow seats to be free in the auditorium, in which case a staff member would walk the queue calling “two in row six, one in row ten, one in row twelve”. Once you had paid for your ticket, you were escorted into the darkened room by the usherette who guided you to your seat with the aid of a torch. Next was the queue for the toilet in large auditoriums. Let’s take the Sydney Opera House and the disparity in numbers of female to male toilets. In the Opera House, the bar is quite long with four bartenders, so the assembled customers in the interval was akin to a scrum, and it appeared the one with the loudest voice got served. After 20 minutes I was getting concerned, that my wife was either lost

or gone home. Telling the bartender to hold the drinks, I went looking and just as I arrived she came out of the toilets. The queue waiting to get in was still formidable. The reason was that the allocation of male to female cubicles was equal. What is this madness? Women need much more room in a communal toilet block than men. They need more cubicles. Architects need to put a lot more thought into this. These experiences were in the 1960s to the 1990s, so maybe it has changed in the 21st century. From the time, you are born you have to line up. All through school you have to line up. It’s the order of life and I haven’t mentioned the armed forces, where it’s impossible to do anything without lining up. Talking to friends who had lived in the old Soviet Union, “the queue” was the indicator that something important was being sold, like food. You even have to get in line to vote, not that being at the head of the queue makes much difference. So maybe queuing with its rules that everybody knows but don’t talk about, is ingrained, or maybe we just like fairness.

BETROTHED By Barry O’Farrell “You are betrothed,” said Granddad, leaning in to admire the new jewel on the hand proffered by his granddaughter. The diamond solitaire ring sparkled in the glorious afternoon light of the family room. “It’s a lovely ring,” he said quietly. “This shows you have pledged your troth. You are engaged.” “Thank you Granddad. He is a marvellous person with all the manly qualities I admire. Do you think it was

about time I was engaged?” “There’s nothing wrong with engagements. I like engagements. In fact I think I’ve been engaged five times,” he answered with a gleam in his eye and a light smile on his lips. “Really?” “Yes. I was engaged twice in Grade One, once in Grade Two and again in Grade Three. When I was 30 your beautiful grandmother swept me off my feet. She was my fifth engagement.”

If you’re not slowing down just yet, join our over 55s community at IRT The Ridge, full of people having as much fun as you are. IRT retirement villages. You’re in good company.

Villas now selling at IRT The Ridge. Visit or call 134 478 to book a tour.

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Meet new friends and be part of a welcoming, safe and supportive retirement community 830#*3##"!*'p#,"0',-p#02&#'"#**'$#127*#5&#0# 7-3!,12#.3.,"#,(-7#170#2'0#+#,2*'4',%@ ,(-75-,"#0$3**'$#127*#!*-1#2-#4#072&',%7-3,##"@'2&1.!'-31/3*'27 .02+#,21A0#1-02127*#$!'*'2'#1A,"!!#112-!0#,"13..-02A2&#!&-'!#'1#17@ &# #12572-#6.#0'#,!#2&##17*'4',%*'$#127*#'12-2)#.#01-,*'1#"4'**%#2-30@

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OPEN FOR INSPECTION M-,"72-&301"7ts+2-tu.+

CALL ANGELA 07 3155 2101

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830#*3##"!*'p# 91 Anzac Ave Email ',$-:830#*3##"!*'p#@!-+@3 555@830#*3##"!*'p#@!-+@3

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They call among us every day The number of people regularly being contacted by scammers is now bordering on epidemic, writes NATHAN WELLINGTON. Stay one step ahead, as these callers are smart, determined and unscrupulous.


Never too old for the job … As Ita Buttrose takes over the chairmanship of the ABC at the age of 77, KENDALL MORTON reflects on the importance of being needed at any age.


n the last few weeks we have seen Ita Buttrose AO OBE, the 2013 Australian of the Year, take on the chairmanship of the ABC. Ita is 77 and this is a five-year appointment. Ita, (I am calling her by her first name, as she is a household name, right?) has a lifetime of skills, media experience and good sense. And she’s obviously ready to give it her all. It’s a very encouraging story because here she is making plans for living, not dying and taking on new roles in her late 70s rather than deleting them. Too often when we age, we are encouraged to drop roles and responsibilities and we encourage our loved ones to do the same. But having a purpose and being useful to others is one of the great joys and motivators in life. An elderly relative who is caring for his frail spouse, mowing his own lawn and shopping each week, has a clear purpose. He’s needed. If you take those roles away from him, his health can suffer. Of course, there are risks involved, but having the freedom to take risks is important too. Being socially connected is also important. Researchers now consider a lack of social connection to be a major risk factor in predicting cardiovascular disease, dementia and depression. If your loved one is receiving home care support, it should be more than practical help. It should include conversations, news of the day, a recipe or a few jokes. It’s all about connection. Atul Gawande, an American doctor who specialises in geriatric care has written a very informative book called Being Mortal. In it he describes many illuminating stories about older Americans and their experience of ageing. Gawande stresses the importance of purpose and social connections as we age. For instance, meet Alice. Alice Gavrilles lived alone. She was

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underweight and had poor balance. Her toenails were untrimmed, and her feet were swollen. Alice was at risk of falling. Her doctor booked her in for a monthly podiatry appointment. He modified her drugs and told her to throw out low-fat foods. They arranged for friends and family to drop in and share meals with her. With this new regime, Alice put on a few kilos and continued to live independently. Connecting had sparked her appetite again. In another example, Gawande describes a nursing home in New York State where Dr Bill Thomas convinced the management to introduce pets to overcome what Thomas called the Three Plagues of nursing homes: boredom, loneliness and helplessness. They went big and brought in a greyhound, a lapdog, four cats and some parakeets. It was a major cultural shift. The goal was for the animals to become an integral part of the residents’ lives. Thomas said that it was pandemonium at first, but the place came alive. “People who we had believed weren’t able to speak started speaking,” Thomas said. “People who had been completely withdrawn and non-ambulatory started coming to the nurses’ station and saying, ‘I’ll take the dog for a walk’.” So, on reflection, before giving up a role you have or encouraging an older relative to lighten their load, pause and think. A simple task such as picking up a loved one’s prescriptions from the pharmacy is a chance to get out of the house, see some new scenes and have a chat with the staff. With fewer roles and responsibilities, our lives can become smaller, not richer. Kendall Morton is the Director of Home Care Assistance Sunshine Coast to Wide Bay. Call 5491 6888 or email

very single week I meet clients who have been contacted by scammers masquerading as an online technician, phone company, bank, the Federal Police or the ATO; and every week many are inevitably parted with extraordinary amounts of money by a sophisticated scam that heavily relies on fear tactics and bullying. Clients often contact me while they are actually on the phone with the scammer to ask if this is a legitimate call. I always recommend they hang up the phone immediately and if they are on the computer, to power it off immediately and unplug it from the wall ready for me to come and clean it. Unfortunately, I have seen many lose thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars. One was scammed $70,000 by a syndicate that claimed to be Telstra who, over a period of three days, convinced the client to transfer money to a bank account. He was stopped by his local bank teller who queried why he was transferring large monies. These vulgar con-artists prey upon the elderly and trusting by using intimidation and threats of legal action or worse. They are trained to bully the innocent into allowing access to their personal details to take their money. Once the victim has been scammed, they are then bombarded with more phone calls demanding more money from different narratives. These scams are generally not located within Australia and are generally beyond the law as the technology to call from around the world at a relatively cheap price means they rely on a system that has no global jurisdiction. Websites such as ACORN (Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network) or SCAMWATCH can do little more than record the event and look for patterns in the activity to coordinate with local governments from other countries to expedite criminal charges. By the time this is coordinated, the scammers have long since disbanded. This is of little consequence to the thousands of victims who, as recently as January and February this year, have already lost more than $1.2million to hacking, phone and online scams. It is sad that we tend to receive more phone calls from scammers or tele-sales than from friends and family. My first recommendation is to get yourself a new set of walk-around phones that have an answering machine and caller ID. Start screening your calls. If you recognise the phone number that appears

on the phone screen answer it, but if you don’t, then let it go to the answering machine. If they leave a message, don’t trust the phone number they leave but check online or in the phone book before calling back. The receiver can then confirm or deny the validity of the message. Secondly, there is no institution that should call you for any reason other than returning your enquiry, and if one does, ask for a reference number and you will return their call through the proper customer service number. Thirdly, don’t ever, not ever, let anyone who calls you have access to your computer remotely. There is no reason for any company to want to access your computer no matter what reason! Lastly, if you find you are on the phone with a scammer or tele sales person, just hang up! You have no obligation to stay on the phone with them or engage in conversation. If they call again, let the call go to the answering machine. That way they will eventually register your number as a dead phone number and will likely not call again. If you find you may have been the victim of a phone scam and your computer has been accessed, close down your computer and call a technician to clean up any malware straight away. If you don’t have a technician, I am on 1300 682 817 or email me nathan@ Brisbane

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Holden moves to claim its share of the SUV market Holden is re-organising its stable of machinery – and its marketing – with hopes of reviving the fortunes of its Sports Utility Vehicle, writes BRUCE McMAHON.


new SUV-focused strategy for the beleaguered Holden comes with a new marketing campaign, tagged “This is How We SUV”. All this fits with the current consumer appetite for SUVs of all shapes and sizes. And it fits well with the know-how of the firm’s latest managing director Dave Buttner, for many years the boss of Toyota Australia which owes its No.1 sales crown to SUV and light commercial vehicles. Then there’s Holden’s latest line-up – the one without any Australian-made cars among them but with a fair variety of SUVs on offer. So, according to Mr Buttner, Holden’s “globally sourced and locally tuned SUV portfolio will underline the Lion brand’s commercial strategy in 2019”. He says that SUVs and light commercial vehicles (such as the Colorado) will make up more than two-thirds of the company’s sales this calendar year. “SUVs have replaced passenger vehicles as the dominant segment in Australia and New Zealand’s new vehicle markets and Holden is very well positioned to grow our share of sales in this segment,” Mr Buttner says.

“We have sourced a highly competitive range of SUVs from the global operations of General Motors, a world-leader in SUVs. We have also gone the extra mile, with our team at the Lang Lang proving ground engineering the SUV range specifically for local driving conditions. “Holden’s SUVs have American DNA fused with Aussie ingenuity.” Mr Buttner and his crew are setting out to broaden Holden’s brand positioning to grow share in the SUV and

ute segments plus better leverage Holden’s relationship with GM which has a fair handle on SUVs and light trucks (or big utes) such as the Silverado. For now the Holden SUV line-up runs from the compact Trax through to the new, family-sized seven-seater Acadia. There is also the svelte, more car-like Commodore-based AWD Tourer wagon. Holden marketing director Kristian Aquilina reckons This How We SUV is an important step in transforming this famous brand once synonymous with

large passenger cars to being a brand of choice for SUV buyers. “While Holden has a 70-year history in the market, we are a challenger brand in SUVs,” Ms Aquilina said. “We have great products, many of which are entirely new nameplates for our market. Holden is embracing the challenger mindset; offering great vehicles, sharp pricing and awardwinning customer service to steal share from SUV segment leaders.” It’s lucky Holden is plugging SUVs because the road ahead looks a bit rough for Australian vehicle sales this year. The total market was down 7.4 per cent in January and followed a soft finish to 2018 results; even sales among that ever-popular SUV crowd have slowed. Among that sobering news in January was a 27 per cent slump in Holden sales so Mr Buttner and the Holden honchos are facing a challenging, possibly branddefining, 2019. There is no doubt that Holden has some decent product in its SUV range, the problem is that so do the competitors. And that loss of local manufacturing means Holden has lost much of its local identity – it’s now just another brand in one of the world’s most competitive car markets.

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easy reach



New Haven Village


Iona Village


Ibis Court Village


Tangara Village




Carramar Village

0-+}uusAsss? Nandeebie Village


Bethania Haven Village

0-+}uusAsss? Yurana Village


Self-contained, newly refurbished units

Wesleyville Village **$-04'* '*'27

Wirunya Village **$-04'* '*'27

Close to shops, transport and health services



Safe and secure

Brassall Village


Elandra Village


p-0" *#0#2'0#+#,2 4'**%#1!0-113##,1*,"0# -.#,$-0',1.#!2'-,; 30#17*'4',%0#2'0#+#,24'**%#1-p#07-30,%#-$p-0" *# 0#2'0#+#,2*'4',%!&-'!#1!0-113##,1*,"5&#0#7-3!,#,(-7*'$# ',0#*6#"A!-+$-02 *#A1#!30#,"1$##,4'0-,+#,2@

Easy access to Blue Care Help at Home -#6.#0'#,!#2&##17*'4',%*'$#127*#!**-04'1'22-"72-2)# .#01-,*'1#"2-30@

*Prices valid at time of print.

For more village locations visit #17*'4',%0#2'0#+#,24'**%#1@!-+@3


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RETIREMENT: IT’S ABOUT MUCH MORE THAN MONEY THERE’S a lot more to think about in preparation for retirement than how far the super is going to go. The real wealth goes far beyond the dollar, says Steve Mendl who last month launched his book Beyond the Money, a practical guide for successful men leaving fulltime work. Steve talked to thousands of 45 to 60 year-olds about life after work, to formulate the framework he presents in his book that addresses why so many men struggle with the transition. His main message is that there is much more to be considered than the money. “This is not a book about finance, because the focus is always on money. Just google it and you will see it all comes up about super and financial planning,” he says. He lists three main reasons for problems in retirement: • Fear, frustration, confusion and stress –natural emotions natural in times of massive change, but difficult to manage. • Lack of purpose and direction, with some men succumbing to post-work depression. • Loss of identity –who are they now they’ve left the working world? “After 40 to 50 years in the workforce, it can be hard to know yourself,” he says. “You’ve spent all those years going to

Steve Mendl at his book launch work to provide for your family and then it just stops. What are you going to do with the extra 40 to 60 hours a week? It can lead to fear, confusion, stress and depression.” Steve says there are more than 12 wealths beyond money and the book addresses seven of them. These include location, relationships, lifestyle and legacy. “Where are you going to live? Do you want to sell up house and move closer to family?” he says. “It’s about time, not money. Don’t fall of the retirement cliff.” Beyond the Money is available now at good bookshops and online. Visit Steve will discuss the issues of Beyond the Money in his monthly column in Your Time. See Page 17.

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New village contracts commence The new Retirement Village Contract Regime commenced on February 1. The new regime is designed to provide greater certainty and clarity for prospective retirement village purchasers. In essence there are two parts to any retirement village contract: 1. The compulsory section under the Retirement Village Act; 2. The individual contract for the particular retirement village. The compulsory section under the Act has two main parts: 1. The village comparison document; 2. The prospective costs document. Each village is required to complete the standard clauses in the compulsory section with their individual information. The village comparison document requires the retirement village to set out such things as: 1. The formalities of ownership and operator of the village; 2. Any applicable age rules for occupants; 3. The type of tenure (e.g. lease, licence, ownership); 4. Disability accessibility, and parking; 5. Whether there are plans for further construction or expansion on the site; 6. What facilities are available, including any co-located aged care facility; 7. What services are available for residents (included, or at additional cost); 8. Security, and emergency assistance; 9. Estimated incoming costs; 10. Estimated ongoing costs; 11. Whether there is an exit fee, and how it is calculated; 12. What happens with reinstatement and renovation costs; 13. What happens with capital gains, or losses, on resale; 14. How and when the exit entitlement is paid; 15. Financial management of the village; 16. What are the insurance responsibilities; 17. Whether there’s a trial/settling in period, and what are the rules with pets; 18. The accreditation status of the retirement village;

19. Whether there’s a waiting period. Each village fills in the required information in the statutory form based on their individual circumstances. The prospective costs document gives details about: 1. The costs of entering that retirement village; 2. The estimated ongoing costs of living in that village; 3. The estimated costs paid if a purchaser leaves after 1,2,5 or 10 years; 4. The estimated exit payment that would be received after 1,2,5 or 10 years. The village comparison document, and the prospective costs document are supposed to be provided at least 21 days prior to signing any contract, though that period can be waived by the purchaser in certain cases. Under the Retirement Village Act there is a 14-day cooling off period after signing a contract (though some operators, such as Aveo, offer an additional seven days cooling off). As specified in the village comparison document itself a purchaser should: “Seek independent legal advice about the retirement village contract – there are different types of contracts, and they can be complex.” Brisbane Elder Law are experts in retirement village contracts. Contact us on 1800 961 622.

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A pharmacistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s guide to headaches and migraines From tension headaches to cluster pains, head pain is one of the most common health problems doctors and healthcare professionals treat, writes MELISSA HUI, and more than six million Australians suffer from headaches and migraines.


any people describe moderate to severe headaches as migraines, however there are specific criteria used to differentiate the two. Tension headaches can be momentarily debilitating to a patient, but they cause little risk. On the other hand, migraines are a neurological disorder that is often disabling. Migraines can be defined by a pulsating feeling on one side of the head. The feeling of a migraine can be severely intense when aggravated by physical activity and can lead to waves of nausea. There are more than 30 types of head pain that can be experienced in the form of pulses, throbs, and piercing pains. It is essential to identify what variety you are experiencing. Cluster headaches are also a common head pain, which causes a considerable amount of pain around one eye, resulting in a drooping eyelid, a watery eye and nasal congestion. If you are experiencing re-occurring head or facial pain, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s vital that you see a trusted healthcare practitioner. While there are many factors that can cause a migraine or headache, triggers are not the same for everyone; diet, physical activity, environmental factors, emotions and medications can all have an impact. Genetics can be one of the reasons for head pain but the way our brainâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s nerves

exercise can reduce headache and migraine attacks in some people. By doing light cardio activities, drinking around 1.2 litres of water every day and avoiding caffeinated beverages, the occurrence of head tensions can decrease. Keep a headache diary. Recording the details of the attacks can be useful to make an informed diagnosis and help recognise the trigger factors and warning signs.

Breathe new life into your body.

communicate while we are eating and exercising, can make us more sensitive to it. Globally, about 70 per cent of migraine sufferers are women, with many head tensions triggered by elements including food intolerances, weather changes, lack of sleep and hormonal cycles. In women, migraine frequency and severity are affected by hormones and often change during adolescence, pregnancy, and menopause. Head tensions are likely to increase during reproductive years and decrease around menopause. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s important to know how to manage headache pain by putting lifestyle and behavioural measures in place. While heat packs and cold press towels can relieve tension, there are preventative measures. Research suggests that maintaining a healthy body through whole foods and

See how Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy 1oÂ&#x2020;Ń´7_;Ń´rÂ&#x2039;oÂ&#x2020;oÂ&#x2C6;;u1ol;vo[ŕŚ&#x17E;vvÂ&#x2020;; u-7b-ŕŚ&#x17E;ombmfÂ&#x2020;uÂ&#x2039;Äş )_;mÂ&#x2020;v;7=ou1-m1;u|u;-|l;m|ġu-7b-ŕŚ&#x17E;om1-m vol;ŕŚ&#x17E;l;vblr-1|_oÂ&#x2030;oÂ&#x160;Â&#x2039;];mr-vv;v|_uoÂ&#x2020;]_ |_;vo[ŕŚ&#x17E;vvÂ&#x2020;;v|_-||_;0o7Â&#x2039;u;Ń´b;vom|o u;1oÂ&#x2C6;;u-m7u;r-bub|v;Ń´=ÄşÂ&#x2039;Â&#x2020;vbm]-ru;vvÂ&#x2020;ubv;7 ;mÂ&#x2C6;buoml;m||obm1u;-v;oÂ&#x160;Â&#x2039;];mŃ´;Â&#x2C6;;Ń´vbmÂ&#x2039;oÂ&#x2020;u 0Ń´oo7ġÂ&#x2039;r;u0-ub1Â&#x160;Â&#x2039;];m$_;u-rÂ&#x2039;1oÂ&#x2020;Ń´7_;Ń´r Â&#x2039;oÂ&#x2020;oÂ&#x2C6;;u1ol;vo[ŕŚ&#x17E;vvÂ&#x2020;;u-7b-ŕŚ&#x17E;ombmfÂ&#x2020;uÂ&#x2039;ġ -m7];|Â&#x2039;oÂ&#x2020;uŃ´b=;0-1hĺѴom]Â&#x2030;b|_0;bm] o m momĹ&#x160;bmÂ&#x2C6;-vbÂ&#x2C6;;ġv-=;-m71ov|Ĺ&#x160;;@;1ŕŚ&#x17E;Â&#x2C6;;ġ|_bv -|||l l |u |u;-|l;m|bvl;7b1-Ń´Ń´Â&#x2039;ruoÂ&#x2C6;;mĹ&#x2039;-1hmoÂ&#x2030;Ń´;7];7 0Â&#x2039;;7b1-u;-m7lov|_;-|_=Â&#x2020;m7vÄşv- 0 Â&#x2039; ;7b1-u;-m ;  ; ;7 -u; m7 m7 7 Ń´Ń´bŃ´b1;mv;77-Â&#x2039;_ovrb|-Ń´Ń´o1-|;7Â&#x2030;b|_bm|_;);vŃ´;Â&#x2039; bb1; 7-Â&#x2039;Â&#x2039; _ ovrb|-Ń´ru;1bm1|ġÂ&#x2030;;-u;=Â&#x2020;Ń´Ń´Â&#x2039;;tÂ&#x2020;brr;7-m7 o o rb| rbb|-Ń´ r ruu ġÂ&#x2030; Â&#x2030;;-u; ; u; u;-7Â&#x2039;|o_;Ń´rÂ&#x2039;oÂ&#x2020;u;1oÂ&#x2C6;;u=-v|;uÄş u;u; ;--7 ; ;-7Â&#x2039; -7 7Â&#x2039;Â&#x2039; |o |o _ _; ;Ń´Ń´r ;Ń´ r Â&#x2020;u; Â&#x2020; ;11 Â&#x2020; To llearn m more ore ore e about H Hyperbaric y Oxygen y, visit v ou ur we w eb e b Therapy, our website or get in touch with uss to On y your next GP visit, ask ttoday. od d O ra al.ll.. for a referral.

WATCH YOUR BACK BACK pain is an increasingly common problem, with 70-90 per cent of Australians experiencing back pain at some point in their life. In 2014-2015 alone, 3.7 million people reported back pain, equivalent to 1 in 6 people, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. There are a number of simple lifestyle changes individuals can make daily to

Key points to record include when the headache started, the pain level and the pain type, be it throbbing, piercing or coming in waves. Melissa Hui is a pharmacist at Discount Drug Stores which have a pain management service to help better manage symptoms. Bookings can be made online or in-store. Visit

improve their spinal health and reduce the risks associated with back pain. Spinal surgeon Dr Michael Wong suggests five ways to improve spinal health in the long-term: 1. Reduce sitting time to 45 minute increments. 2. Consciously correct your posture. 3. Sleep on your back. 4. Stretch your muscles. 5. Focus on a healthy diet Visit


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Tripping up on guilt – free yourself Guilt is a necessary emotion, writes ANDREW HACKETT. It’s our way of helping us correct our path when things get out of hand.


nfortunately, guilt has a nasty habit of hanging around for much longer than it was intended to. It’s all too easy for a guilty person to embrace guilt as though it were a penance in its own right. It’s not. Feeling guilty for doing something wrong is a good thing. It’s healthy, but living in guilt all day, every day? It’s a disaster for you mentally and emotionally and if it goes on for long enough it can even take a physical toll. So here are five tips to help you let go of your guilt: Acknowledge that you did the best you could. Sure, you may have got it wrong but back at the moment of action, you were acting on the information you had to hand in the best way possible. You might have had anger, fear, anxiety or even just plain old distraction to deal with. Once you recognise that you acted in the right spirit even if the consequences were wrong, you can start to forgive yourself. Acknowledge that hindsight is 20-20. I refuse to believe that we deliberately sabotage ourselves, but it can certainly feel like it when we look back on something

and have all the information including the end result to hand. It’s not the way life works. You’re being unfair to judge yourself in this light; again you do what you can when you have to. Let it go. If you have survived an incident when someone else has not, it can help to just stop and think, and truly internalise that you do not carry any blame for somebody’s

death (unless you acted to take their life deliberately). “Survivor’s guilt” is a real and debilitating form of guilt but it’s a misplaced feeling. You hold no guilt whatsoever. The more you repeat that message, the easier it is for your brain to grasp it. Ask if you are attributing a motive to an action that you didn’t have at the time you took action? This sounds complicated but it’s not. Our memory is not real. It’s a carefully constructed story that our brain tells us to give us a sense of coherent self. Much of it is pure fabrication. So, when something goes wrong, it’s perfectly possible for the brain to justify that by deciding we acted in spite or with malice – when we really didn’t. Ask yourself, are you given to acting in mean spirits? If not, let it go. You almost certainly weren’t acting that way at the time either. Recognise that your own standards may be too high. Some of the best people on earth set themselves impossibly high standards, the kind of standards that Mother Theresa or Gandhi might struggle to meet and which we lesser mortals are going to miss constantly.

Perfectionists are especially likely to feel guilty. It’s time to recognise that nobody’s perfect even you. These five tips are really simple. They ought not take more than an hour to work through in your head and they can free you up from guilt almost immediately. When guilt becomes a burden, it’s time to take action to get rid of it – you don’t need it and you don’t deserve it. Visit

Andrew Hackett is a teacher and author of the new release Free from Fear. He has more than 20 years of experience helping people think outside their limitations and move beyond their fears so they can accomplish amazing things in their life, business, and relationships.


- Joyce, Bromilow client

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d Establisheca re community provider

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Hearing it as it is The State of Hearing Report 2019 surveyed more than 6000 people, 1051 of them aged over 60, in five countries – Australia, Germany, Japan, UK and US – in December last year to get a global perspective of how hearing affects individuals and communities. Here are some key findings: Seven in 10 Australians believe hearing loss is unavoidable with ageing. This rose to eight in 10 for Australians aged 65 and above, who have some form of hearing loss. More than half of those surveyed in Australia have a close family member with moderate to profound hearing loss. Only two in 10 surveyed Australians

Australians recognising the ability to hear as important for overall quality of life, only 37 per cent have had a hearing test in the last two years. Hearing loss creates an estimated Australian financial burden of almost $16 billion. “As Australians, we all cherish the relationships with our loved ones, so it’s important we take care of our hearing,” medical director of the Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre and 2017 NSW Woman

believe that businesses provide facilities in the workplace for employees with hearing loss. 54 per cent agree that hearing loss has an impact on performance and earning potential. In a global comparison, Australia outperformed the US, UK, Germany and Japan on how people rated the provision of education about preventing and treating hearing loss Australia also ranks among the best overall in how people rated the availability of support facilities such as hearing checks, public facilities such as transport, and access to treatment. Despite 96 per cent of surveyed

Visit or call 1800 875212




– Tony Hayden-Smith has an explanation Ageing is characterised by a progressive loss of muscular strength and mobility that is a high risk factor for falls and a decreased quality of life. This also causes skeletal muscle decline. Why do children heal so fast and why do we age so quickly after 50? The answer is the amount of adult stem cells in our circulation. Many doctors agree that one of the key elements of optimal health is regular exercise. However, a continual process of breakdown and renewal occurs from doing any form of exercise – especially athletic type of training. The key to maintaining optimal health is to balance the breakdown and the renewal of the body. The National Institute of Health identifies 74 treatable diseases using adult stem cells, including auto-immune, diabetes, arthritis, strokes, liver and kidney diseases, etc. The role of stem cells is to patrol the body and migrate into areas needing assistance. Stem cells are the only known

of the Year Associate Professor Cathy Birman said. “Hearing loss is preventable and treatable. It’s time for a cultural shift to make hearing checks a regular part of our healthcare routine.” Hearing loss affects an estimated 3.6 million people in Australia, or one in seven people, a number that is expected to more than double by 2060.

source for rebuilding the body. They replace damaged or worn out cells and can become virtually any other cell in the body – brain, kidney, liver, skin, heart, cartilage, muscles etc From birth to 30, we are almost bullet proof. However, after 30, a large percentage of our stem cells are no longer available (they get stuck in the bone marrow). Our bodies start accumulating aches pains, loss of elasticity in our tissues (wrinkles, grey hair etc.) Adult stem cell natural release rates from the bone marrow decline as we age: At 35 our stem cells drop by 45 per cent; at 50 we only have 50 per cent and at 65 we only have 10 per cent migrating into the bone marrow – that’s why we age so quickly then. Stem cell therapy is costly (and temporary). But there are a number of other ways to naturally increase the circulation of stem cells in our body.

Come and hear this Leading Expert talk about the only clinically proven product in history that triggers the release of our own stem cells.

Thursday Evening 4th April SAFE, EFFECTIVE and AFFORDABLE Phone Tony 0416207795 to book or for information on the product Repair and Regenerate your body with


Call Tony 0416 207 795



BOOK TO HAVE YOUR HEARING CHECKED NOW! • We supply a large range of hearing devices • No obligation consultations • No ongoing costs and no limit to the • Hearing Checks appointments you have. • Swim plugs - Custom made • Batteries/repairs are included for 3 years Medicare & Health Fund Rebates - Interest free terms available* - Pensions and DVA Each person’s journey is as unique as they are, we are here for you every step of the way. Our staff can access hearing aids from any manufacturer and do not work on commission or incentive scheme to fit particular devices. Brisbane

31.indd 31

Shop 5/6 Thynne Road, Morningside

6/119 Colburn Avenue, Victoria Point

PHONE 3399 8081

PHONE 3207 9731 April 2019 / YOUR TIME MAGAZINE 31

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RIGHTSIZING NOT DOWNSIZING – ADVANTAGES TO VILLAGE LIFE While downsizing isn’t for everyone, baby boomers are taking advantage of the. A survey by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute has revealed that 43 per cent of Aussies aged 50 to 59 have either moved or downsized in the years leading up to their retirement - a huge shift from the 3 per cent reported in early 2000. Many homeowners agree that living in a larger home leads to greater stress and upkeep. From cleaning, maintenance, furnishing, outdoor home upkeep and the cost to run all of these factors can lead to a home that is stressful. Downsizing your home can be the first step to a minimal and streamlined life. You will be surprised how reducing your daily chores and maintenance will free up your time for leisure activities, spending time with your family, getting more rest, and maybe loving your home more than loathing it.


For Lendlease resident Lyn Hosking, the most rewarding aspect of living in the village has absolutely nothing to do with money. “We all get on so well here. You have to allow half an hour to get to the rubbish bin because you have so many conversations along the way,” she says. “And if you’re unwell there’s always someone knocking on your door with soup or something. It’s a real feeling of community. Moving here was the best thing I’ve ever done.” Discover Lendlease Retirement Living in your local area. Visit www. or call 1800 550 550.

RESORT LIFESTYLE ALL YEAR ROUND The idea of living a resort lifestyle all year round seems to have caught on for retired Australians. Whether home or away, retirees are seeking that “relaxed holiday feeling”, every day. In fact, the 55+ age group spends more nights away from home caravanning than any other age group, staying a whopping 22.8 million nights away in 2018. Caravans, campervans and RVs have long been a popular way for retirees to see more of Australia and caravan parks around the country have been evolving to offer more resort-style facilities for discerning travellers. Live resort-style every day, whether home or away. At Nature’s Edge Buderim, the RV traveller can have the best of both worlds, living in a new home in a gated community with awesome leisure facilities and being able to store the RV in a secure lock up garage when not travelling.

32 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / April 2019

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play against yourself and no one takes it too seriously.” “It’s a real plus to have our very own private bowling alley and it adds to all the other activities on offer here.” “What with aqua aerobics, tai chi, crafts and line dancing to name a few, it’s getting hard to fit everything in,” said Mrs Wyer. The ten pin bowling alley is housed in Living Gems Caboolture Riverfront’s award winning Country Club, home to over 20 recreational activities including tennis, swimming pool and spa, cinema, grand ballroom and lounge. Visit or call 1800 288 918


The spacious, architecturally designed RV homes feature extra-large garages, perfect for caravans, motorhomes and RVs, making it easy to pack up and leave when it’s time to hit the road. With a tranquil rainforest setting, vibrant social scene and an awardwinning $4 million Leisure Centre precinct, Nature’s Edge Buderim offers an affordable lifestyle. Get “a home for me … and one for the RV”. A limited number of RV lifestyle homes are ready to secure now. Call one of our lifestyle advisers on 1800 218 898 or visit

LESS RETIREMENT AND MORE EASY LIVING. Azure Blue Carina offers the best in premium retirement living in an inner city location. Beautifully appointed apartments, nestled in a bushland hilltop location allow you to relax, socialise and enjoy the lifestyle you deserve. Azure Blue’s range of facilities include a swimming pool, barbecue area, gym, café, library and media room, hair and beauty salon, children’s playground and so much more. Low maintenance living leaves you with less to do and more time to enjoy.

Residents at Living Gems Caboolture Riverfront can strike it lucky every day of the week if they wish - with their own purpose-built ten pin bowling alley. A unique addition to this over 50’s lifestyle resort, the three-lane bowling alley is a popular place for residents to spend time with friends and family. Resident, Carol Wyer, meets up with friends from the Resort every Saturday to play a couple of games and catch up. “It’s a fun thing to do every week and a great way to keep social and stay fit at the same time. “My grandchildren also love having a few games when they come to visit. Living Gems have thought of everything with ball guide ramps and even little bowling shoes available for them to play in,” she said. Set up as a professional ten pin bowling alley, there is electronic scoring, lane gutters and an automatic pin setter. After a game, residents can stop by the Country Club for a drink or coffee for that all important post game debrief! “The bowling alley is open to everyone who lives at the resort. You

Azure Blue has an extensive range of apartments, complete with designer kitchens, modern bathrooms and beautifully landscaped gardens. Residents can access a range of Blue Care Help at Home services from assistance with housework and transport around town through to allied health services such as podiatry and physiotherapy. The village also has a state-of-the-art residential care facility. Call Azure Blue Carina on 3155 2126 to book your village tour or visit www.

LIKE many couples facing the need for more care, staying together in their local area was Ken and Sue Watson’s main priority. When Sue’s early onset dementia started to make it harder for the couple to remain in their own home, they both started to look for somewhere that would support them to stay living together. They found Seasons Sinnamon Park. “I couldn’t find an appropriate place for us to be together, and this was a godsend for us to move in here together. So, I can be with her and she can be with me,” says Ken. “I did look around at other options, but I wanted somewhere that was not like a nursing home or an aged people centre.” As well as staying together, both Ken and Sue were looking to remain living in their local area to stay connected to family, friends and the local community. “I wanted somewhere that was close

to where we lived because all our friends live here. I didn’t want to move out of the area. “It’s like a small community. It’s a community of aged people, and to me, that’s ideal. We all get on well with one another and have a laugh, tell some stories. It’s good fun. I enjoy it.” Moving to Seasons has given Sue the support she needs to stay active and involved, while Ken has more free time to keep doing the things that are important to him. “Knowing that Sue has care, I can keep doing what I’ve been doing in the past. I volunteer at the Wesley Hospital one day a week, I like to play bowls on a Friday and Saturday, and this allows me to do that because I know she’s being looked after.” For more information on Seasons Aged Care, visit or call 1300 732 766. Brisbane

21/03/2019 11:50:33 AM

REWIND TO SIMPLER TIMES ...with the sunny, seaside lifestyle of Margate. Stroll the boardwalks, look over to picturesque Moreton Island and enjoy the calm lifestyle available just a few minutes from Redcliffe and 40 minutes from the Brisbane CBD. Our luxury apartments feature stylish interiors that are a delight to return home to. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll enjoy two, three and four-bedroom apartments complete with contemporary kitchens, spacious rooms and generous balconies to relax and entertain on.


C Breeze is a boutique complex, featuring only nine luxury units and a lift for your convenience. Each unit has ample carparking and our high-end, custom designed interiors are fitted with stylish brands. C Breeze also offers a number of two-level apartment options, plus one apartment with a large courtyard area.



A B O D E P R O P E R T I E S ~ B R E N D A N 0 4 3 1 1 0 3 5 0 3 ~ L I N D S AY 0 4 3 8 8 3 0 3 2 2

33.indd 33

21/03/2019 11:51:57 AM


VINCE JONES – A PERSONAL SELECTION: A RETROSPECTIVE (AND MORE) If there was one voice in Australian jazz more recognised than any other, it would be that of Vince Jones. A contemporary jazz tour de force, with a revered 20-album international career, Jones returns to Brisbane Powerhouse to share a lifetime of audience favourites plus brand new works. A leading vocalist, interpreter, trumpet player and composer Vince Jones has entertained and informed audiences for decades with his elite group of musicians. Experience one of Australia’s great jazz vocalists for one night only as he shares A Personal Selection. Friday 24 May, Powerhouse Theatre, Book tickets at



On Sunday 19 May, Queensland Symphony Orchestra presents Kings and Queens, a relaxed Sunday morning concert in the beautiful QPAC Concert Hall. Prepare to lose yourself in the opulent and triumphant world of royalty, with a feast of processions, waltzes and marches. Delight in Handel’s Entrance of the Queen of Sheba, Elgar’s Imperial March, and the beautiful slow movement from Beethoven’s 7th Symphony, immortalised in The King’s Speech. This concert will charm and enchant. Sunday 19 May 11.30pm, QPAC Concert Hall. Book at

HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL & PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE – 60th Anniversary Screenings. Sunday April 2pm A double feature of the B-grade 1959 movies. House on Haunted Hill - screening 1pm A millionaire offers $10,000 to five people who agree to be locked in a large, spooky, rented house overnight with him and his wife. Starring Vincent Price

HITS OF 1955-1975: A DANCE PARTY Dance into the evening to more than three hours of iconic 50s, 60s and 70s hits. Dress up in your favourite era and rock the night away to the music of Buddy Holly, Elvis, The Beatles, Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield, ABBA, Skyhooks, Suzi Quatro and many more. Complete with with DJs, dancefloor and licensed bar. On Saturday 13 April 5pm. New Farm Bowls Club, 969 Brunswick St, New Farm. Tickets: $10.00 + booking fee (all ages event)

PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE screening 2.30pm Evil aliens attack Earth and set their terrible “Plan 9” in action. As the aliens resurrect the dead of the Earth to destroy the living, our lives are in danger. With intermission entertainment by the B Movies Live team Metro Arts 109 Edward St Brisbane City. Tickets: $12.00 one movie + booking fee (18+ event) 1986 MOVIE DOUBLE FEATURE Tuesday April 16 A double feature of the 1986 cult movies: Flight of the Navigtator - screening 6.30pm In 1978, a boy travels eight years into the future and has an adventure with an intelligent, wisecracking alien ship. Highlander - screening 8pm: Dress-up screening.

Redland Performing Arts Centre presents

An immortal Scottish swordsman must confront the last of his immortal opponents, a murderously brutal barbarian who lusts for the fabled “Prize”. Starring Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery Metro Arts 109 Edward St Brisbane City. Tickets: $12.00 one movie | $16 two movies + booking fee The 4th Annual JOHN WATERS MOVIE FEST. Wednesday April 17 A double feature of modern movies by the cult filmmaker John Waters. Cecil B Demented - screening 6.30pm An insane independent film director and his renegade group of teenage filmmakers kidnap an A-list Hollywood actress and force her to star in their underground film. Starring Melanie Griffith. A Dirty Shame - screening 8pm Dress-up screening. An uptight, middle-aged, repressed woman turns into a sex addict after getting hit on the head, and she then falls into an underground subculture of sex addicts in suburban Baltimore. Starring Johnny Knoxville, Tracey Ullman, Chris Isaak and Selma Blair Metro Arts 109 Edward St Brisbane City Tickets: $13.00 one movie | $17.00 two movies + booking fee (18+ event)

Redland Performing Arts Centre presents

New Farm Nash Theatre


FLIPSIDE CIRCUS ransform, Contact, treimagine, loop, – revolve a musical comedy Book, Music and Lyrics by

DAN GOGGIN Director Brenda White

Musical Director Stuart Crisp

The Brunswick Room, Merthyr Road Uniting Church 52 Merthyr Road, New Farm

The award-winning Orava Quartet bring their unique sound and breathtaking intensity to the classics of the string quartet canon. HAYDN String Quartet in G Major Op. 76, No. 1 KILAR Orawa arr. Urbanski BRAHMS String Quartet in A minor Op. 51, No. 2

Friday 17 May, 7.30pm Redland Performing Arts Centre - Auditorium 34 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / April 2019

34.indd 34

Thursday 30 May, 7pm Redland Performing Arts Centre - Concert Hall This whirling cacophony of wheeling wonder brings together 14 of Queensland’s youngest circus stars, experienced artists, and a live DJ to create a show that is bursting at the seams with energy and fun.

Tickets: $20-$30 Bookings: 3829 8131 or

Tickets: $19-$24 Bookings: 3829 8131 or

Booking fees: $4.30 by phone & $5 online per transaction Photo: Dylan Evans, courtesy of Universal Music Australia

Booking fees: $4.30 by phone & $5 online per transaction


21/03/2019 11:53:34 AM



The Downton Abbey team of writer Julian Fellowes, director Michael Engler and actor Elizabeth McGovern come together in the film adaptation of Laura Moriarty’s best-selling American novel The Chaperone. Norma, played by Elizabeth McGovern, (best recognised as Downton Abbey’s Lady Grantham) whose life is changed forever when she chaperones a young, beautiful, talented and soon to be famous dancer Louise Brooks (Haley Lu Richardson) to New York for the summer. Set in the tumultuous early 1920s, one of them is eager to fulfil her destiny of dance and movie stardom and the other hopes to unearth the mysteries of her past. It also stars Miranda Otto and Blythe Danner. The Chaperone is in cinemas from April 25.

WIN A FREE DOUBLE PASS Your Time has five double passes to The Chaperone to be won. Simply email editor@ with a sentence about why the film appeals to you, and your postal address. Passes will be sent to the winners in time for The Chaperone season opening on April 25. Passes are valid for most cinemas.


35.indd 35

HILARIOUS CREW OF NUNS novice who is determined to be the world’s first ballerina nun and a wacky, childlike nun, who lost her memory when a crucifix fell on her head. What can you expect from this motley crew? What you get is hilarious entertainment including solo star turns, madcap dance routines, and even an audience quiz. So put on your Sunday best and come along and join the fun. Find us in The Brunswick Room (at Merthyr Road Uniting Church), 52 Merthyr Road, New Farm.

A musical comedy book by Dan Goggin, the Nash Theatre’s Nunsense, has 48 nuns dead and buried and four in the freezer with no money for their burial – how can the convent raise the funeral funds? Five of the surviving nuns decide to stage a variety show in their school hall and you are invited. Participating in the project are a former circus performer who simply can’t resist the spotlight, Mother Superior’s second-in-command, a streetwise nun, a

THE LAST NIGHT OF THE PROMS Queensland Symphony Orchestra present their annual The Last Night of the Proms event, a night of flag-waving and fun. Enjoy a feast of music from around the world, including Rossini’s William Tell Overture, Saint-Saëns’ Organ Symphony, and Australian composer Nigel Westlake’s Oboe Concerto performed by Brisbaneborn superstar Diana Doherty. Complete with a flurry of British classics and an invitation to sing along, this concert is set to have you smiling all the way home. Saturday 4 May 7.30pm, QPAC Concert Hall. Book at special-events/last-night-proms

There’s a licensed bar plus soft drinks, tea, coffee and snacks. There’s a preview at 7.30pm on May 10 with all seats $15. Opening Night (including supper) is May 11 at 7.30pm adult $30, concession $25 member/child $20. Performances are on May 17, 18, 24, 25, 31 and June 1 at 7.30pm with a matinee May 19 at 2pm adult $25, concession $20, member/child $17. To book: Phone: 3379 4775

APRIL 2019 PROMOTIONS Saturday 13th April 1.15pm – 2.50pm Champions Free Game $2,000 Treble 13 x $300 Trebles, 2 x $2,000 Trebles + Bonus $5,000 Calls Champions $2,000 Treble- $500 - $500 - $1,000

Saturday 13th April 7.30pm – 9.00pm Champions Free Game $2,000 Treble 14 x $300 Games, 2 x $1,500 Trebles Kitty Kash $10,000 in Calls Champions Treble $2,000- $500 -$500-$1,000

Friday 26th April 7.30pm – 9.00pm – 10.30pm 13 x $1,000 Trebles, 1 x $2,000 Treble, 1 x $2,000 Full House, 1 x 7,000 Treble + Night Owl.

Info Line: 3340 3961 76 Mt. Gravatt Capalaba Rd Upper Mount Gravatt Phone: 3340 3960

April 2019 / YOUR TIME MAGAZINE 35

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THE Orava Quartet was the first Australian string quartet invited to sign with Universal Music, and they have been hailed by Limelight magazine and The Australian as ‘the most exciting young quartet on the block’, ‘world class’, and ‘the real deal’. Earning a reputation for their thrilling performances, the Quartet brings its unique sound and breathtaking intensity to the classics of the string quartet canon.

Selected by Deutsche Grammophon Australia for the label’s first ever recording release, Orava has performed throughout North America, the UAE, and Asia, working closely with the worldrenowned Takács Quartet, and winning top prizes at the 2013 Asia Pacific Chamber Music Competition. Since returning to Australia, the Quartet has performed at major festivals from BBC Proms to New Zealand Festival, VIVID Sydney, AFCM, Bleach Festival and the Melbourne, Canberra and Queensland Music Festivals. Based in Brisbane, Orava Quartet is Camerata’s 2019 Artist-in-Residence and will perform for the first time at Redland Performing Arts Centre on Friday May 17 at 7.30pm In this concert, the Quartet will inject their signature passion and vivacity to works by Haydn, Brahms and Polish composer Wojciech Kilar. This will be a magnificent night of music not to be missed with ‘impeccable balance and pinpoint intonation’ (Limelight Magazine). Book your tickets now for $20-$30 by

PEEP INTO THE PAST Discover the Historic Houses of Sandgate Walks which start at 9.30am for an easy two-hour stroll. Cost per person - $20.00 Numbers are limited so bookings are necessary. For more details please call The Sandgate Museum – 3869 2282 or Pam 0410 327 095.

36 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / April 2019

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Ukebox, who formed at Liverpool’s Hope University in 2012 and now packs out audiences around the world, will join the lineup. ARTISTS from the UK, USA and all around Australia will be performing and teaching their own styles at the 6th annual Sunshine Coast Ukulele Festival. The ukulele is now the most popular instrument to play world-wide. The festival’s special event this year will be a Mary Valley Rattler train ride to Gympie and back, playing ukuleles and singing all the way. The festival will present workshops to suit all standards of play and workshops on singing, dancing and drumming. There’ll be plenty of merchandise including music books, CDs and new

ukuleles, and the annual songwriting competition offers great prizes. As well as open mic sessions at the Kenilworth Hotel, there will be spontaneous jam sessions popping up all over the festival site. The joy of playing the ukulele and singing along in a big group brings everyone together like nothing else. Bring your tent or caravan. Kenilworth Showgrounds. April 11-14. For ticket and site bookings visit or email:


21/03/2019 11:55:29 AM

The WORLD in Your Hands

Travel in Your Time

Tripura – a hidden secret of India Neermahal Palace is an imposing edifice in the middle of a tranquil lake in Tripura, where SANDIP HOR is attending an International Tourism Mart focused on tourism in north-eastern India. the ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity of the population – currently less than 3 per cent of India’s 1340 million. As a tourism destination, Tripura finds it difficult to compete with big brothers Rajasthan, Kerala or even Goa, but the state has many attractions to lure visitors for a few days. Besides splendid nature, its 10,000plus sq km offers a variety of sights from royal leftovers and stimulating rock art, to Hindu temples and rich craft and culture. It’s enough to trigger any traveller’s quest for discovery. As per history books, Tripura achieved its golden era under the Manikya dynasty which ruled for almost

Neermahal Palace


s this the famous Lake Palace of India?” asks Jenny from Australia, as we wait for our boat transfer. It’s not unusual for first time visitors to confuse it with the much-hyped Lake Palace in Udaipur in Rajasthan, as both were built by maharajas to beat the summer heat. I have seen images of the other one, but now I stand before this glistening white royal residence on red-brick foundations and crowned with several Mughal-styled domes. It is eye-catching in its beauty. Its reflection on the greyish lake water sprinkled with pink waterlilies amid green foliage creates a scene so magical that I, like other onlookers, try to lock in my camera.

This 20th century built regal abode, about 50kms from the capital Agartala, is a highlight of tiny Tripura, one of India’s 29 states tucked away in the north-east frontier of the nation. At first sight, Tripura appears different from the rest of India with the typical crowd, chaos and cacophony missing. It’s predominantly a hilly, landlocked region decorated with lush valleys, rivers and streams, spreading lakes and pristine forests. Calmness and tranquillity – a rare commodity in vibrant India – can still be sensed there. Often referred to as the Daughter of Mother Nature, the grace and grandeur of Tripura’s green landscape is heightened by its rich human resource reflected in

“Often referred to as the Daughter of Mother Nature, the grace and grandeur of Tripura’s green landscape is heightened by its rich human resource” 500 years until joining the independent Indian Union in 1949. Their leftovers are always ranked at the top of any visitor’s itinerary. As well as the Neermahal Palace, the other site of great significance is the Ujjayanta Palace in the heart of Agartala city. Inside a manicured Mughal-style garden on the banks of a small lake, the palace has a similar look to the famous Victoria Memorial in Kolkata, particularly with its white fascia and

neoclassical design, which was widespread during the early 20th century. Martin & Burn, a reputable Indo British company of the time, built this palace which, curiously, remains largely unnoticed by the architecture buffs in India and abroad. It’s most likely lack of promotion, as today this palace, which once housed the royal family, is home to their belongings. It’s the State Museum displaying memorabilia proclaiming past glory Religious tourism is big in Tripura, the region being a treasure trove of the Hindu and Buddhist faiths. Archaeological ruins around Unakoti, Pilak and Devtamura, 170km from the capital, display gigantic rock-cut carvings continued over>

Chashma monkeys

Enjoy a 5 day all-inclusive getaway to north Queensland! ONLY

$799 per person twin share $250 Single Supplement


• 5 night accommodation with island views • Transfers to & from Rockhampton rail • Breakfast & Dinner daily

4 Adelaide Street, Yeppoon -


37.indd 37

• Daily itinerary • 3 night entertainment • Lift access, pool & bar

• We specialize in group bookings of ten or more

Call Today 07 4939 4500 April 2019 / YOUR TIME MAGAZINE 37

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TRAVEL <from previous page

Ujjayanta Palace and stone images of Shiva, Vishnu and other Hindu gods and Buddhist creeds. Experts believe them to be more than 1000 years old. There are many Hindu temples throughout the state, the most significant being Tripura Sundari, a version of Goddess Kali. It’s located in Udaipur, 56km from Agartala where, as per Hindu mythology, one of the 51 body pieces of Mata Sati fell, thus becoming a “pith” or a revered holy

site. No visit to Tripura is complete without paying a tribute at this pious junction. Similarly, it will be a big miss if anyone leaves Tripura without seeing the spectacled monkeys, a rare and endangered species. Tripura and parts of the northeast are their stronghold. Luck permitting, they can be spotted in the wild. Otherwise Sepahijala Wild Life Sanctuary, 28km from the capital, is the place to meet them.

This 18sq km forest is a zoo where the star attraction is these rare langurs with white circles around their eyes. Tripura is very close to Bangladesh, sharing more than 850km of land boundary. A border post is only a few kilometres from Agartala. A military showbiz around sunset has become Tripura’s newest tourist drawcard. This pageant is similar to the famous “Beating the Retreat” ceremony at the India-Pakistan border at Wagah in northern India, but obviously of much lesser grandeur. Still, it’s worth watching the pomp, which basically involves trumpet blowing, uniformed guards marching and then almost on sunset, lowering the nation’s flags. Efforts are now being made by both India and Bangladesh to make this a major tourist attraction for both sides. When leaving Tripura, most visitors find it to be one of India’s best-kept secrets and wonder why it’s still an off-the-beat tourist conclave. The destination has a good resume but needs brushing up by the state and national tourism agencies to make it more attractive for travellers.

Temple City Agartala

Girls On Tour


14 days departing 14th July 2019

ACCOMMODATION: Modest accommodation at private hotels and government guest houses. Agartala Ginger Hotel is most popular. LOCAL TOUR MANAGERS: and VISIT Tripura Tourism Feature supplied by:

THE BIRDSVILLE RACES 6 days departing 4th September 2019

0409 057 417 | | | PO Box 5307, Maroochydore BC Qld 4558 *twin share, ex Brisbane. Other capital city departures available on application.

38.indd 38

GETTING THERE: Singapore Airlines to Kolkata and then a regular flight to Agartala.

Women only travel - Fully escorted - Small groups 2019 Tours...Taking bookings now!

THE REAL TRANSYLVANIA 29 days departing 6th October 2019

38 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / April 2019

Temple of Tripura Sundari

UK AND REPUBLIC OF IRELAND 33 days departing 2nd October 2019

Facebook @girlsontouraustralia Brisbane

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Australia & New Zealand Visit Auckland • Tauranga • Napier • Wellington • Picton • Akaroa • Port Chalmers • Fiordland • Hobart • Melbourne • Sydney Departs 23 November 2019

14 days from $2,509*pp

East Asia Visit Hong Kong • Xiamen • Shanghai • Naha • Ishigaki Island • Keelung • Kaohsiung • Manila Departs 07 December 2019

14 days from $2,629*pp

Legends of the Pacific Visit Yokohama • Hiroshima • Nagasaki • Amami Oshima • Naha • Saipan • Guam • Jayapura • Wewak • Madang • Rabaul • Ghizo Island • Noumea • Ile Des Pins • Sydney Departs Ăĉƫ1#1/0ƫ2019

29 days from $4,729*pp

Book before 15 May 2019 and receive:^ • PREPAID GRATUITIES • REDUCED FARES FOR KIDS • 50% OFF DEPOSIT

BOOK WITH YOUR LOCAL TRAVELLERS CHOICE AGENT CITY CBD - SAVENIO - 3368 3733 NORTH Stafford - DISCOVER TRAVEL & CRUISE - 3356 0600 • Clayfield - CLAYFIELD TRAVEL PROFESSIONALS - 3862 1215 EAST Carindale - CREATE TRAVEL - 3736 0040 • Cleveland - LATITUDE CRUISE & TRAVEL - 3286 7900 WEST Corinda - HERMAN’S TOURS & TRAVEL - 3379 6255 Forest Lake - CREATE TRAVEL - 3279 9144 • The Gap - DISCOVER TRAVEL & CRUISE - 3300 5300

*Conditions apply: Prices are per person twin share & in AUD unless otherwise specified. Prices are correct as at 18 Mar 19 & are subject to change without notice & availability at time of booking. Seasonal surcharges & single supplements may apply, & prices may vary due to currency fluctuations & changes to taxes & surcharges. Prices includes all taxes, fees, port expenses & discounts. ^Offers are per stateroom based on twin share for 1st & 2nd guests & excludes 3rd/4th guests, except as provided herein. Offer is valid for sale until 15 May 19, is available for new bookings only, apply only to the cruise portion of Alaska Land+Sea Journeys on selected 2019/20 departures, are not combinable with any other discounts & are not transferable or refundable. Prepaid gratuities (hotel service charges) - Holland America Line pre-pays room gratuities on behalf of guests. Gratuities for bar, dining room wine accounts, or spa/salon services are not included. Kids or third/fourth offer is based on sharing a stateroom with 1st & 2nd guests. Reduced deposit is valid for new bookings only. Bookings made on voyages requiring immediate final payment are not eligible for a reduced deposit. Further conditions may apply. Booking, cancellation & credit card service fees may apply. ATAS No. A10430.

39.indd 39

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Jock’s Road revisited – a day in the highlands This drover’s track has stood the test of time and comes down to us as a valuable right of way, writes RUSSELL HUNTER.


aving travelled his road through Scotland’s Grampians as man and boy I, and no doubt many others, perpetually wondered who on earth Jock was. Now with the advent of the internet and Professor Google, I’m informed he was none other than Jock Winter, a local shepherd who in 1887 along with the Scottish Rights of Way Society, successfully challenged the landowner and established Jock’s Road as a Right of Way. Old Mr Winter did us all a favour for Jock’s Road survives to this day as a walking (several have tried cycling) track that follows his droving route from Braemar to the market in Glen Clova. The route took him through part of Glen Doll, past the Capel Mounth and on to Glen Clova which has an inn and a car park that offers a suitable point of departure to do the walk to Glen Doll following part of the route old Jock would have taken on his return journey, weighed down one hopes by the proceeds of his sale if not by the resultant full stomach (and bladder). So we’re heading for the Capel

It wasn’t always so but today’s Jock’s Road is clearly signposted

Mounth and thence to the high plateau of Dreish and later down into Glen Doll with views of dark Lochnagar brooding in the distance. Our plan was to be dropped at the Glen Clova car park from where the path up and over Capel Mounth begins, passing the Capel’s “sma” and “meikle” paps – you’ll understand when you see them – and on towards the ascent to Dreish. The hardy can take a diversion to scale the meikle pap where I have a memory of leaning on the wind when my body weight might have allowed it. It was a while back. Once up on Dreish, though, we’re in true highland wilderness. Here there’s a large herd of red deer, those magnificent beasts that roam free in these parts and at least a couple of pairs of golden eagles whose 2-metre wingspan holds them effortlessly aloft seemingly for days as they soar on the wind and scan the heather-clad ground for prey. The sight of either or, for the lucky few, both is ample reward for the climb. But we have to get on and find the path that will take us down the steep slope to rejoin Mr Winter’s road which


2014 • 20 1

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Quote code YT100 e m when you book. abl on e a t T h e S t a ti



017 • 2


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100 pp voucher

$ e


6 01


May or Octo pril, be ro A


5 nights accommodation Starlight’s Cruise Experience Cobb & Co Stagecoach Experience Nogo Station Experience (including the station safari) Winton Discovery Day Tour Qantas Founders Museum Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame VIP gift... and so much more



*Includes all accommodation, many meals, plus ground transfers. Enquire about travel options to Longreach.

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The track winds through rugged mountains seems to have existed long before absentee landlords. It’s said that many of the defeated clansmen came this way in 1746 as they escaped from the battle at Culloden away to the north (though few could have escaped the ethnic cleansing that was to follow – but that’s another story).


41.indd 41

So after picking our way down the path from Dreish we’re now on the floor of Glen Doll and have a fairly level walk to the head of the glen where we hope to be met and on to the highland town of Ballater where refreshments, we earnestly pray, await. This has been a whole day’s walk suitable for the reasonably fit. There are other routes in this special part of Scotland that the same Professor Google will point you to – but you need to treat this place with respect. You’ll need stout boots with a “grippy” sole, a map (one-inch Ordnance Survey is preferred), warm windproof and waterproof clothing (it can be balmy and sunny in the glen but blowing a fierce gale on top) and, yes even in these days of GPS, a compass and the ability to use it. This is a summer walk – from late May to perhaps early September. If you’re not an experienced mountaineer wise in the ways of crampons, ropes and ice axes, don‘t even think of attempting this in winter. People have died up here. Getting there: Glen Clova is easily accessible by road from Dundee and Perth and only slightly less so from Edinburgh. You’ll need your own transport. And unless you want to retrace your steps the next day it’s best to arrange to be met at the Glen Doll carpark.

The Great Wall of China – just one of the many places Australians enjoy travelling to and one of the many offered by the fast-growing TripADeal agency

A 20-YEAR JOURNEY THAT’S FAR FROM OVER Call it luck, change of a twist of fate, but when retailers Richard Johnston and Norm Black rented two nearby shops in Byron Bay more than 20 years ago, they began a journey that would see them become owners of one of Australia’s fastest growing companies. By 2011, their friendship, combined with a shared love of travel and a keen eye for business, led the duo to launch TripADeal - an online travel agent offering bucket list experiences at great prices. Fast forward seven years, and TripADeal now employs more than 100 local staff at its Byron bay headquarters and will send more than 50,000 eager travellers around the globe this year. “The world is opening up like never before with Australians travelling to places

they would never have considered in the past,” Johnston says. “In the time poor world we live in, people are looking for convenience and value for money something our packages deliver in spades.” From the Great Wall of China, to the rice paddies of Vietnam, the icy waters of Alaska to the mighty fjords in Scandinavia, TripADeal is reinventing the package holiday for a new age. “More than anything, the amazing feedback from our customers is what spurs us on,” says Black. “There are so many great stories that find their way back to us from people who are transformed by one of our trips.” Find out more about TripADeal specials at Travel Redcliffe

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ROAD RULES SURE TO CONFUSE TRAVELLERS their equivalent of a motorway or highway – you’re not actually forced to follow any kind of speed guidelines. That might sound somewhat scary if you’re a beginner, but it isn’t too bad. People are allowed to travel at whatever speed feels best for them – with different lanes offering varying acceleration. Worryingly though, stopping or breaking down is illegal – meaning you can’t head out if you even remotely suspect you might be in danger of either of those things happening.

Traffic on a German highway in Frankfurt, German autobahns have no general speedlimit and rank as the fifth longest highway system. It’s hard enough trying to remember all the laws of your own country, let alone memorising those from overseas. When you’re next in any of these countries, make a note of these driving laws which could catch you out. 1. DON’T STOP FOR PEDESTRIANS – CHINA Kicking it off with a doozy, this Chinese law actively encourages you to continue forwards, even if you see a pedestrian coming.

That’s a little harrowing when you think about it – and certainly something you’d need to watch out for if you’re a stranger in the country. While jaywalking might be actively punished in places like the US, there’s still an expectation on the part of the driver to stop. On the brutal streets of China, that apparently isn’t the case. 2. NO SPEED LIMIT – GERMANY If you’re out for a nice drive on the German autobahn network – effectively


3. 6-EYES – SPAIN For some reason, Spanish law states that if you require glasses, you must carry a second pair when driving. I suppose the concern is the first pair might break – but then, it begs the question as to how that could happen without already having crashed? Glasses don’t tend to fall apart off their own steam – they need something to cause them to break in the first place… thus making the second pair somewhat superfluous. 4. BLIND DRIVING – USA Only the good old U.S. of A could pump out such an obscure law, yet, amazingly, in the state of Alabama it’s illegal to

drive while being blindfolded. It speaks volumes this would even need to be implemented as a regulation in the first place and does leave one wondering how it came about. Whatever the circumstances which brought in this bizarre rule, I guess we can’t argue you definitely shouldn’t drive without being able to see. Well done Alabama, I guess? 5. DRINK AND DRIVE – COSTA RICA It’s perfectly legal for people driving in Costa Rica to have a pint of beer while they’re out for a casual drive. Wow, talk about liberal views on drink driving right? Wrong. Despite that rule, it’s an instant jail sentence if you’re caught with more than 0.75% of alcohol in your blood. It’s not really clear why a nation would be so casual in one regard, yet so stringent and authoritarian in another. The simple solution to avoid catastrophe is to avoid drinking and driving at the same time altogether. These are just five of the most bizarre driving laws from across the globe which could catch you out. Make sure you don’t fall for any of these when you’re next in any of these countries, or else you could find yourself in a spot of bother.


Highlights Singapore • Hanoi • Halong Bay • Ho Chi Minh City


Call 3889 3999 | 32 Baynes Street, Margate |

HERMAN’S TOURS & TRAVEL DAY TOURS & EXTENDED HOLIDAYS 2019 Saturday 6 April......................... Pumicestone Passage Cruise ...........................................$85* Saturday 22 June...................... Numinbah Valley – Tyalgum..............................................$92* Saturday 14 September............ Laidley Spring Festival.......................................................$55 Sunday 29 September .............. Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers.......................................$82 * lunch included

*Conditions apply. All information is subject to change & availability. Selected departure dates &/or cities may incur a surcharge. Offer valid for sale 30 Jan - 01 Jun 19, unless sold out prior. Full payment required at time of booking due to offer being heavily discounted & available for a limited time only. Further conditions may apply, please ask for more details. ATAS No. A11979.

Create your

perfect holiday with Travellers Choice

Travellers Choice agents can genuinely offer you a world of experience and are the leading network of accredited, independent travel agents in Australia. Itinerary planning

Car rental & rail passes

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Contact your local Travellers Choice agent (refer pg ) or visit




19 to 22 April 2019 019

10 to 12 August 2019

From $1060

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per person twin share

21 to 23 October 2019 per person twin share



21 October to 28 October 2019

19 to 29 December 2019

From $5765

Featuring 2 nights Sydney & 2 nights Perth

From $2329 per person twin share interior cabin

per person twin share Gold Class Cabin Extended Holidays include return home transfers (Brisbane Metropolitan Area) Itineraries and prices quoted are subject to change.


CALL 3379 6255

ABN: 27862101744

Travellers Choice ATAS Accreditation Number: A10430

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An Aussie experience you can comfortably afford VOTE D








43.indd 43

dedicated to explorers, foodies and music lovers. Get closer to each destination at Explorations Central™, where you can engage in local language lessons and expert-led talks. Enjoy unrivalled experiences in food, wine and spirits on ship and on shore, including awardwinning dining influenced by our Culinary Council® of seven worldrenowned celebrity chefs and cooking demonstrations at America’s Test Kitchen. Give your cruise a great soundtrack with live music at Lincoln Center Stage, Billboard Onboard, B.B. King’s Blues Club and more. No matter what type of adventure you’re looking for, you’ll find it here. Visit

Plus applicable rail fare*


See Cowboys in action at Texas Longhorn Ranch, visit Historical Charters Towers, Caves at the incredible Undara Lava Tubes and Castle Ruins of Paronella Park. 8 Days from $1390* lus applicable discount rail fare*


Visit Uluru, The Olgas, Alice Springs, The Western MacDonnell Ranges, Simpsons Gap and experience the global phenomenon that is the Field of Light created by internationally acclaimed artist Bruce Munro. 7 Days from $3690.


Travel the Gulf Country of northern Qld aboard the legendary Gulf & Savannahlander Trains. Visit the Atherton Tablelands, Georgetown, Cobbold Gorge, Finnegans Rest & Mt Surprise and traveling back to Cairns on the through lush tropical rainforest aboard the Kuranda Scenic Railway. 10 Days from $2,490


With carefully crafted itineraries that take you to magnificent destinations, Holland America Line’s perfectly sized, refreshingly uncrowded ships will give you a one-of-a-kind experience. Unforgettable northern landscapes and equatorial jungles. Ruins ravaged by time and cultures enriched by its passage. Dazzling capitals, quiet ports and beaches off the beaten path. Our fleet of 14 ships visits more than 470 ports of call in 98 countries connecting with all seven continents. Holland America Line offers an array of options to transform your ideas about the world. Holland America Line lets you make the most of your journey with exclusive programming, events and entertainment


There’s plenty of fascinating things to see and do in the heart of Qld. Visit the Qantas museum and Stockmans Hall of Fame or Winton — the birthplace of Waltzing Matilda and it’s Age of Dinosaurs Museum. 7 Days from $1,340




Step back in time to where Captain Cook ran aground. Cooktown later it became a bustling port, exporting gold with 47 licensed pubs. Visit Cairns, Port Douglas and The Daintree. 8 Days from $1490* Plus applicable discount rail fare*


Even to the same destination and supposed ‘star ratings’, there are huge variations in standards, service, the actual product (the comfort of a coach, quality of meals, plushness of your bed for example), that combined, make all the difference to your overall experience. Great Value Holidays offers the best destinations in Australia, touring with only the best and most experienced operators, enjoying first rate accommodation and meals. So check your diary and see when and where you can picture yourself. Overlooking the Coral Sea perhaps? Or travelling by coach on day tours in beautiful locations. Or you could treat yourself to an escorted rail adventure to Cairns, Cooktown, Townsville and The Whitsundays or the Outback towns of Longreach and Winton. Or try combined fly/coach tours to Tasmania, Canberra, Floriade, Uluru, The Kimberleys or a plethora of other destinations. And if a cruise feels more you, then jump aboard the Pacific Explorer to trace the steps of the Bounty mutineers across the South Pacific. For more information about these or any other tour visit www.




t doesn’t get much more inspiring than planning, booking and going on a great tour around this vast and stunning country of ours. The variety and diversity of destinations – from the Uluru to the Opera House – really are second to none. With so much to see and do, it’s no surprise millions of Australians hit the road (or rail) each year to do just that. And whether they’re towing their own caravan or on a hosted organised tour, the highways and byways are frequented by baby boomers/grey nomads/senior travellers more than any other demographic, all on their way to explore this country’s wonders. And when you’re wholly dependent on a tour operator for your schedule, meals, accommodation, guidance and service, you really want to be assured you’re entrusting your experience to a quality and experienced operator. In addition, while we’ve all laughed about ‘SKI’ (spending the kids inheritance), regardless if you’re a cashed up superannuant or a budget conscious traveller, we all want to know we are getting the best possible tour for the best possible price. One tour is not the same as the next.


Tasmania, “the Island of Inspiration” is an island of dramatic coastlines, quaint villages, convict-built heritage and magnificent food and wine. Incl Hobart, Port Arthur, Derwent Bridge, Tamar Valley, Beauty Point, Cradle Mt & Gordon River Cruise. 11 Days, $3,490. Departure Dates: 26th October 2019

Plus applicable rail fare*


There’s no better way to appreciate the sheer breadth of Australia than by crossing it Gold Class Style. Stepping aboard the mighty Indian Pacific, you’ll feel a real sense of anticipation as this unforgettable Australian adventure begins to unfold. 8 Days from $3,990


The most unique mining town in Australia, Lighting Ridge boasts with over 100yrs of opal mining history. Fossick for your own treasure on lands that 100mil years ago dinosaurs roamed. Visit Museums, Mines and Caves and even an artesian pool! 5 Days from $1,390


Tulip Time in Bowral — one of Australia’s oldest & best loved floral Festivals and The Canberra Floriade — Australia’s biggest celebration of spring — showcasing a million flowers throughout Canberra’s Commonwealth Park. 7 Days from $1,990. Departure Dates: 28th September 2019


Experience a region of diverse history that was home to dinosaurs and attracted many pioneers. Enjoy a campfire dinner, see shows and visit museums, centers and sights that share the regions rich, geological, ecological and human history. 7 Days from $1,340 Plus applicable rail fare*

Visit or phone 1300 722 661 Terms and conditions apply: See website for details.

Our Industry Partner: April 2019 / YOUR TIME MAGAZINE 43

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This cleverly written book started at a cracking pace. Funny, insightful … I was looking forward to reading this whodunit. Then suddenly, I was shocked out of any further enjoyment of this grisly tale. If it was the author’s intent to profoundly shock the reader, he got me. It was too macabre for my taste. Maybe some other reader may enjoy solving the riddles at the beginning of each chapter.


This crime thriller by a young Canberra author is an interesting and enjoyable read. The story line is very engaging, imaginative and well written. The main protagonist is an orphaned, homeless, puzzle and brilliant contract crime solver for the Houston FBI. He became a cannibal by nutritional necessity and then became addicted to it. His constant necrocannibalism certainly turned me off eating the log of prime beef fillet I had in the fridge. Despite his psychological aberration he is quite a likeable character. A female FBI agent falls in love with him. He also has complex feelings for her and his dilemma is, will he consummate their relationship, devour her, or both? The story moves at a good pace and has an exciting finish. The ending suggests a sequel will follow soon. This book could turn you towards vegetarianism 7/10.

BOOK review JOHN KLEINSCHMIDT From the outset, the storyline of this book is preposterous with the central character a criminal enlisted by an operative in the FBI to help solve kidnapping cases that the FBI apparently cannot solve. Then he is rewarded by his FBI handler with bodies of executed criminals to feed his taste for human flesh. Apart from highly tuned observation skills, Timothy Blake shows the reader nothing special in a rather twisted, perverse and violent plot. Blake cannot trust himself to kiss his cop partner for fear of taking a piece out of her. An unrealistic and repulsive read with a groan-worthy ending.


HANGMAN By Jack Heath

A 14-year-old boy vanishes on his way home from school. His frantic mother receives a terrifying ransom call. It’s only hours before the deadline, and the police have no leads. Enter Timothy Blake, codename Hangman, a genius, known for solving impossible cases. He’s also a psychopath and the FBI’s last resort. The kidnapper is more cunning and ruthless than anyone he’s faced before, and Blake has been assigned a new partner, a woman linked to the past he’s so desperate to forget. Blake has a secret, one so dark he will do anything to keep it hidden. And he also has a price. Every time he saves a life, he takes one…

I have to admit the book is well written and although Timothy Blake is slightly unbelievable (thank goodness) it is a page turner. At times I had to put it down as I felt physically sick. I love a good crime book and this is one, but the likes of which I have never read before. The story is complex and twisted from the very beginning and I have to admit I had no idea who the bad guy was until the very end of the book. Will I read the follow-on book Hunter, due out in March? Not sure my nightmares can take it. Not for the squeamish. 8/10

CARAVANS WANTED We come to you All areas. Cash today!


44 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / April 2019

44.indd 44

This is a fast-paced thriller set in Houston Texas. It’s funny at times, gruesome at others. The main character, Timothy Blake, has a talent for seeing clues other people miss. But he’s a complex man living on the fringes of society. I was reminded of the character Dexter. The writing was tight. (Jack Heath is an Australian writer.) The author uses fresh original descriptions but he doesn’t overdo it. It’s easy to imagine the characters he draws. The story moves along well. This book won’t appeal to everyone but if you like gruesome and bizarre, it’s great entertainment.

Hangman is crime genre with a difference. Rarely have I found a main character so revolting yet likeable, even humorous in a few instances. I found this book strangely compelling despite it being far-fetched, bordering on fantasy and often distasteful (pardon the pun). It is likely readers will be divided in their opinions, with some hanging out for the sequel (based on the opening chapter of Hunter enticing us at the conclusion of Hangman). Personally, I am not interested in reading more about Timothy Blake and his dark modus operandi. Jack Heath is a skillful writer and as a crime story it moved quickly with a few twists and turns, culminating in a challenging conclusion. It is probably movie material – move over Hannibal Lecter!

Security, Independence & Peace of Mind Providing privacy & independence with the security of proximity to family. Glendale Granny Cabins provide comfortable, self contained accommodation for elderly relatives on the same site as the family home.

• One Bedroom Cabins and Studios • Two Bedroom Cottages • Undisputed industry leader

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• Over 5600 satisfied Glendale owners • 6½ year structural warranty • Over 38 years experience



BSA License No. 42372

Obligation free site inspections freecall 1800 801 710 Brisbane

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5 1 2 6 8 3 4 9 7

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7 3 8 2 5 1 9 4 6

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1. What is the antonym of “antonym”? 2. What ordinal number comes after seventh? ds of an 3. How many degrees are between the hour and minute hands analogue clock at six o’clock? n? 4. By what name is the life-saving device AED usually known? 5. The Internet domain extension for Australia is .au. What is it for Switzerland? 6. By area, what is the largest Spanish-speaking country? % 7. Who is credited with saying, “Genius is 10% inspiration, 90% perspiration”? 8. Who was president of the US between George Bush Senior and George Bush Junior? 9. Which months have four syllables in their name? 10. “Old Blighty” is a slang term for which country? 11. How many millions did Queensland’s population reach in 2018: two, four or five? 12. How many national AFL teams are based in Queensland? 13. What alliterative phrase refers to edibles like hamburgers, fish and chips, pizzas, etc? 14. What Australian territory became self-governing in 1978? 15. Which boxer has the nickname “The Hornet”? 16. What is eau de Cologne usually used as? 17. What relation is your cousin’s mother to you? 18. In what month of 2018 were Harry and Meghan married? 19. According to the saying, if two are company, how many are a crowd? 20. In a small Sudoku square, what is the smallest total of any row?

4 5 3 1 6 8 2 7 9

With Quizmaster Allan Blackburn

6 8 9 7 4 2 5 3 1


Secret message: floorplan


OQ K V G I E A T C U Z L 3












WORD STEP GLADE, GRADE, GRADS, GRABS, GRUBS, DRUBS There may be other correct answers

anus, astray, cast, causa, crust, crusty, curtsy, cyst, nasty, rust, rusty, sacra, SANCTUARY, saran, satyr, saucy, sauna, scan, scant, scanty, scar, scary, scat, scut, star, stay, stray, stun, sutra, sync, tansy, trans, tsar, unsay

1. Synonym; 2. Eighth; 3. 180; 4. Defibrillator; 5. .ch; 6. Argentina; 7. Thomas Alva Edison; 8. Bill Clinton; 9. January and February; 10. England or Britain; 11. Five million; 12. Two; 13. Fast food; 14. Northern Territory; 15. Jeff Horn; 16. Perfume; 17. Aunt; 18. May; 19. Three; 20. Six. ADVERTISEMENT



Neurophysiology Testing Do you suffer from: • Pains in your feet or legs? • Tingling or numbness in your hands? • Poor balance? • Burning foot pain? • Calf pain with exercise?

Ask your GP for a referral today

(07) 5503 2499

Diabetes can cause these symptoms

Brisbane  Gold Coast  Ipswich  Logan *Please see our website for further details.


45.indd 45

Diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases amongst Australian seniors, with the ABS reporting that one in six people over 65 are affected (this rate has doubled in the past two decades). It is the seventh leading cause of death in Australia and is a major cause of pain and disability.

muscle pain with exercise, preventing exercise such as with golf, tennis and bowls.

Much is reported about diabetes; yet its neurological toll on sufferers is still widely unrecognised.

Proper testing is important – not simply to identify the diabetes itself, but also to pinpoint any related nerve damage and monitor progress.

Diabetes results in a dramatically increased risk of stroke and other cardiovascular diseases, which can cause a ‘domino effect’ on the body’s central and peripheral nervous systems. It can also cause dementia (“vascular cognitive impairment”). Peripheral nerve damage is a major complication of diabetes. This may cause pins & needles, numbness, tingling, “burning” pain in the feet and poor balance due to accelerated ageing of the body’s longest nerves. Foot pain often makes barefoot walking painful and burning pain may turn night-time attempts to sleep into misery. Diabetics also often experience

The good news is that early diagnosis, medical interventions and lifestyle changes (especially weight-loss and exercise) can greatly relieve symptoms and also improve long-term outcomes.

Corbett Neurophysiology Services (CNS) provides bulk-billed, premiumquality nerve testing (NCS) performed by qualified Neurologists and Scientists who specialise in neurophysiology. NCS testing also helps to exclude other underlying, co-existing disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, which is more common in diabetics. CNS provides same-day results and specialist management-recommendations to GPs. We also explain the test results to patients in the same-day consultation. For more information visit or ask your GP for a referral.

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Deal Directly With The Crematorium No Middle Man Mark Up Or Delay Best Price Guarantee Contact us today for more information


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PHONE 07 5575 5141

Ph: 1300 137 988


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Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s well known that ACV has been a staple product in many pantries over the years, and we have used this wonderful ingredient as the base of our all-natural health tonics. With benefits such as: 9 9 9 9 9 9

Reduced bloating in the belly Lowering Cholesterol Managing Blood Pressure Levels Assisting with anxiety, headaches, nausea Colds and sore throats 100% organic ACV, roots, herbs & spices Brisbane

47.indd 47

April 2019 / YOUR TIME MAGAZINE 47

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Custom-built RV lifestyle homes

Home for me. Home for the RV!

Resort-style living every day

• • • • •

Designed for passionate travellers: new RV lifestyle homes on the Sunshine Coast. Nature’s Edge Buderim over 50’s lifestyle resort has a limited release of purpose-built RV lifestyle homes ready to secure now! Created with the RV traveller in mind, the spacious architecturally designed homes are free-flowing, with ample natural light and a lock-up garage big enough for an RV and a car. Centrally located in the Buderim foothills, close to shops and services, Nature’s Edge Buderim offers a tranquil rainforest setting and a vibrant social scene.

Resort-style living every day

• $4 million Leisure Centre • 20-metre heated indoor pool • Tennis court • Bowling green • Cinema and much more

Designer homes Living in a secure, gated community means you can simply pack up and hit the road any time the travel bug bites. When you’re at home, make the most of the resort-style facilities, including a 20-metre swimming pool, tennis court and bowling green. If you’re a discerning adventurer looking for the perfect home base, Nature’s Edge Buderim is it!

Range of floorplans available. Spacious garage for RV and car. Garage access height 3.4m. Architecturally designed. RV wash bay on-site.

“We are looking forward to a big lifestyle change and the freedom and flexibility of going away and knowing that everything is taken care of.” Kieran & Des Stewart

No exit fees No stamp duty Keep 100% of capital gain

Call 1800 218 898 to speak with one of our lifestyle advisers today.

Visit our new display homes any day at 25 Owen Creek Road, Forest Glen Open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm Saturday 10am-4pm, Sunday 10am-3pm Telephone 1800 218 898

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Profile for My Weekly Preview

Your Time Brisbane edition - April 2019  

Welcome to Your Time magazine, your 55+ baby boomers to seniors magazine on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. We hope you enjoy the read and...

Your Time Brisbane edition - April 2019  

Welcome to Your Time magazine, your 55+ baby boomers to seniors magazine on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. We hope you enjoy the read and...

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