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Editor’s note


auline Clayton’s cover story this month strikes a personal chord with me. I have relatives – a couple in their mid-70s - who have a mid-40s daughter gone off the rails. And that’s putting it mildly. Alcohol abuse is the problem as a result of which the poor woman’s lost husband, home and family. Her parents who care very, very deeply for her are at their wits’ end. They’ve showered her with love (that was the easy part) and even had her institutionalised. But nothing seems to work. Her welfare and very survival are


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Contents a constant worry for her parents. Money doesn’t help. If they give her money she drinks it. If they rent a home for her she wrecks it. The screaming fits and the violence have twice led to police intervention. Her parents are now left to watch helplessly as their darling little girl continues on her voyage of self destruction. It must be our fault, they tell themselves. We must have done something wrong for her to end up this way. Few if any of us would agree but they can’t help thinking that. Any parent would. They’d absolutely agree with Pauline that the first step on the road to recovery is to get her to admit that she – not the world – has a problem and that help is available. The hardest part, it seems, is to persuade her to take that step. Meanwhile her parents endure an agony they don’t deserve, especially at this stage of their lives. I’m going to send them a copy of our July issue as they live overseas. It may or may not help them. But it certainly will assure them that they’re not alone. Russell Hunter, standing in for Dorothy Whittington who is on leave










































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Enduring conflict with children No matter your age parenting can come with its challenges, but it’s important to know that you are not alone. With a little tough love, self-care and support you can get through this, writes PAULINE CLAYTON.


he cooks as she waits for her son who will visit for a few days. He is an alcoholic and living in assisted housing in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, which he hates. Five years ago, his wife filed for divorce asking him to leave their northern suburb family home, and he has been virtually homeless and lurching in and out of rehab ever since. His retired parents Janet and Hugh*, feel helpless as they are forced to stand-by and watch as their eldest son is controlled by a deadly addiction. “He has moments of lucidity, but then when he gets lonely, he binges,” Janet says. “He can drink a bottle of sav-blanc in

about four gulps.” Mental illness, which includes alcohol, illegal and prescription drug use, and the medically recognised issues caused by bipolar, manic depression, histrionic personality disorder, to name just a few, is not restricted to dysfunctional households. Nor from any one socioeconomic group. One of the best known examples of this is the tragedy of Harriet Wran – the 31 year-old daughter of the late Neville Wran (former New South Wales premier) and Jill Hickson Wran – whose anti-social and illegal acts have resulted in her arrest and national news headlines. Jill Wran, now in her early 70’s, has stood by her daughter who, three years

ago, narrowly missed serving jail time when involved in a drug deal gone wrong. When Harriet went into rehab, she admitted to being ‘hopelessly addicted’ which is evident following her arrest again earlier this year. Her mental illness is the potent and deadly illegal drug crystal methamphetamine, known as ice. This time, Harriet acknowledged that her mother was, “…devastated, and barely able to look at me. She suffers as a result of my failure”. A cruel dilemma for ageing parents is having to make the decision to walk away from their ill child to focus on caring and assisting their grandchildren, and in some cases, great grandchildren. It took many sessions with a psychologist for mother of identical twins, Lenore*, 72, to cut herself off from one of her daughters. For decades, Lenore has battled to accept and understand her daughter’s unpredictable and often bizarre life, which she shares with questionable partners. “The type of men you don’t trust to have in your home. You certainly locked up any cash when they were around,” Lenore reveals. “One, who lived with her off and on, finally left when she became pregnant. At one stage he threatened to kill us all. “My psychologist described my daughter as narcissist with a borderline psychotic disorder.” Lenore worried for her grandchildren, often finding them unfed and missing school. “While my daughter had a full-time professional job, she was irresponsible with money. “She stopped paying her mortgage and

the bills piled up. Finally I said we couldn’t keep paying two mortgages. We needed to support her children. “She looked at me with so much hate in her eyes, as though I was the root of all evil, and it was my fault she was this way.” Only then could Lenore take the hardest steps any parent can make. She cut off all contact with her daughter. Increasingly grandparents are turning to psychologists to ease the stress and emotional trauma of their adult children, and to find an explanation for their behaviour. It isn’t always only the emotional pain; the unplanned and unexpected financial cost can be considerable. Helen*, 78, worked 50 years and finally retired with a modest self-managed superannuation fund topped in part by the age pension. “My late husband and I supported our daughter from the time she left school at 15,” she says. “But I always believed, sooner or later, she would start to care for herself, but it is not to be. She cannot hold down a job, and has been on anti-depressant medication for most of her life. “She is a heavy user of marijuana, which she says her psychiatrist agrees with as it is necessary for her health. I have to believe her, she is an adult. “But how would I know? Privacy laws make it impossible for parents to gain access to their adult child’s medical and/or police records. “It is only now, since her children have left home, that I know there were times when she left them alone without food for days at a time.” Helen finally made the decision to stop

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being involved in her daughter’s life, and to stop helping her both physically and financially. She is focusing on her grandchildren. “I went to a financial adviser who worked out a budget for me and what I could afford annually to give to my 47-year-old daughter. “Then I wrote her a formal letter advising her of the same. She rejected this of course, with a torrent of abuse, but then, she must have gone to her psychologist or psychiatrist (I have no idea who she sees) and she has now accepted this new regime. “She has now stopped shouting at me, and we chat as acquaintances. “But still I walk on egg shells. “It is heartbreaking, but at least manageable, and of course I still worry about her.” Helen says her daughter has made moves to take over the responsibility of her finances: “ are getting older mother and I see you are getting frail.” Brisbane-based financial planner John McIntosh says financial planners and superannuation fund managers are

aware of adult children attempting to take control of their ageing parents’ finances. “We are living longer, and are most likely to be fitter than previous generations,” John says. “Retirees are also enjoying their retirement, evident by the increase in cruising holidays, which sometimes can lead their children to take the view that this is their inheritance being spent.” Australia does have an excellent welfare system, and support groups for sufferers, including NDIS, Headspace, Opens Minds and Carers Australia, but first the sufferer has to accept and agree to treatment. This happens when they are young and in full parental control, but as Helen’s daughter told her when she turned down a government disability pension: “I don’t want to be seen as a mental case.” “I miss the friendship we should have had,’’ Helen admits. “I miss loving my daughter. There’s always a hole in my heart.” *Names have been changed.

MAKING TIME FOR YOURSELF Supporting someone who is using drugs and alcohol is difficult and exhausting. Leading Australian support service Beyond Blue offers many tips on how to help struggling loved ones. • Help them stay connected with friends and family who are good influences. • Introduce a positive hobby like hiking, bike riding or swimming. • Ask what you can do to help them. • Provide practical support, such as helping with cooking or chores. • Encourage them to talk with you or someone they trust. The Beyond Blue team says it is important to take care of your own health

and wellbeing during this time. Look after your physical health, take time out to do things you enjoy, and have your own supportive friends to call on when you need it. Here are some useful self-care ideas. • Make time for yoga or meditation • Meet with friends who you trust, and whose company you enjoy. • Take a break. Remove yourself from the situation for a while. • Take care of your own physical health. For more information or support, visit or call 1300 22 4636.

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Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions. This is the wording on the sign hanging in Sunshine Coast psychologist Rachael Reed’s office. Rachael says that as she has aged, so too have her clients, and she is seeing an increasing number unable to cope with their adult children. “I even see some children in their early 20’s terrorising their parents,” she tells Your Time. “Parents, set out to raise self-sufficient children, but there are some who cannot or do not want to deal with a drama, with someone, or with life, and they hook the parent in and make a triangle. “If the parent tries to pull away from the drama and break out of the dance, the child ups the ante and pulls them back.” Rachael says some adult children with mental and social issues, play on the guilt button. “This is the hardest time for a parent,


to switch off that guilt button,” she adds. “Some have learned to play the victim and the parent steps in to rescue them. “This can go on for decades. “Common is the scenario that when the result is not what the child wants, the rescuer, i.e. the parent becomes the perpetrator. It is all your fault.” It is the ever present fear of opening the door to find police officers bearing the news that something has happened to a child that makes elderly parents hopeful they can “make everything right.” “There can be alarming consequences, once parents step out of the triangle as they then show their child that they are now on their her own journey. “Significantly, they are also declaring they no longer owe them any favours, and they have to be self-sufficient and live within their means. “They have always found money for drugs, or alcohol and by supporting them financially parents are enabling this.”


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^ŽĐŝĂůĂĐƟǀŝƟĞƐClose to medical īŽƌĚĂďůĞůŝǀŝŶŐPet friendly

WůĞĂƐĞĐĂůů<ĞƌƌLJŽŶϯϴϲϯϰϰϭϵƚŽŝŶƐƉĞĐƚĂǀŝůůĂŽƌĨŽƌŵŽƌĞŝŶĨŽƌŵĂƟŽŶ ϭϰϰŽƌǀŝůůĞZŽĂĚ͕ĂƌƐĞůĚŝŶĞϰϬϯϰY>ͮůŝďĞƌƚLJƐĞŶŝŽƌůŝǀŝŶŐ͘ĐŽŵ͘ĂƵͮŝŶĨŽΛůŝďĞƌƚLJƐĞŶŝŽƌůŝǀŝŶŐ͘ĐŽŵ͘ĂƵ Brisbane

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MAKING a world of difference was the theme for this year’s National Volunteer Week, but one special couple of The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation’s legendary ‘Charlie’s Angels’ has taken that to a whole new level. Volunteering has united them. Along with the rest of the ‘Angels’, they not only make a ‘world of difference’ to the patients, visitors and staff who walk through the doors at Brisbane’s, The Prince Charles Hospital, but to each other. Lindsay Gamble, 66, joined the ‘Angels’ five years ago, after chronic fatigue forced him to give up work as a wardsperson at The Prince Charles Hospital. Margaret Thomas, 76, had become an ‘Angel’ a year earlier, touched by the support and comfort the ‘yellow shirts’ had provided for her late husband, Rob, during his final days.


08.indd 2

The pair met in the hospital corridors last August, and the rest as they say, is history. “It’s the greatest thing it really is, unexpected but absolutely wonderful,” Margaret said. “At the moment I don’t want anything to change, Margie’s just terrific, a fantastic lady, best thing that ever happened to me,” said Lindsay. So, could this volunteering romance end up in a ‘yellow shirt’ nuptials one day? “I don’t know, if it happens it happens, ok … we’ll put it that way,” Lindsay conceded. But it’s a shared love of selfless volunteering that really gets Margie and Lindsay’s hearts racing. “I love volunteering, I love helping people. It just brings a big smile inwardly when you get the feedback, often you get feedback from the public, and people say you Angels do a great job, makes me feel good,” said Lindsay. “Because we have so many friends at Prince Charles, we love Prince Charles, we have a great deal of affection and commitment to this hospital,” Margaret said. “It’s not just helping out the public, but the paid staff as well, because they just come up and say, we’d be lost without you in every single department where there is a volunteer,” said Lindsay.


Every year, from mid-March to mid-May, seven million bulbs flower across 32ha of one of the world’s largest park gardens. The Keukenhof southwest of Amsterdam has a variety of garden styles – an English landscape crisscrossed with winding pathways; a European garden with older varieties of bulbs; a nature and water garden; Japanese garden; and others ablaze with rainbow colours of massed carnations, irises, daffodils, roses, lilies and orchids. It takes 40 gardeners three months to plant fresh each year, and

amazingly, they are dug up and fed to local livestock at the end of their flowering season. Situated on 15th century hunting grounds that were also a source of herbs for the country house of Jacqueline, Countess of Hainaut, it was later home to Castle Keukenhof (“kitchen garden” in English) that was built in 1641. The idea to open the gardens every Spring came up in 1949 when the local mayor and a group of Netherlands flower growers decided to show-off their flowering bulbs and give a leg-up to exports.


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READING Kate Callahan’s story Back in the hair and now (YT May ) took me back to 1976 when as a first year apprentice hairdresser (shampooing and floor sweeping ) I bore witness to the numerous requests for Farrah Fawcett’s hairstyle. I lost count of the number of women entering the salon holding a magazine cut out of the American model and actress. No amount of explaining from the senior salon staff would convince them that she was on a movie set with a team of hairdressers styling her hair constantly throughout filming. They were under the illusion that they would jump out of bed, run a brush through their hair while putting on flares and platform shoes and be out the door to face the day. Alas I was not blessed with curls (not even a bend) so I tended to look more like singer Kiki Dee with her shiny straight bob. That was until the fateful day the salon was quiet and I was informed the third year apprentice would be practising her perming skills on me. I was now sporting a FRO, easiest style ever to maintain. Shampoo, condition, comb through with the ole AFRO comb and go. Brisbane

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THE popularity of the British Antiques Road Show, Bargain Hunt and others like American and Australian Pickers, highlight the global interest in all things “retro”. Your June article “Looking for gold in the oldies” definitely demonstrates “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. The value of an article is not so much based on its age, provenance or style, but more on popularity or sentimentality. Our own Australian show The Collectors was similarly popular for we have in Australia treasures brought to this country from afar. Our indigenous culture, art and artefacts are highly valued. Our “op shops” are rich in someone’s beloved items. No longer worth keeping to the family, they’re discarded and indirectly purchased by shoppers who see value in them, as decorative items or keepsakes, to add to their own collection and start a family dynasty of their own collectibles. My own collection is a product of my Dutch heritage and culture, some of which has been passed on to me by family connections or seeking out, like a detective and opportunist, the genuine Blue Delft hand-painted, fine china pieces, or anything to do with windmills, in thrift shops wherever I venture. Will my offspring value the sentimentality of these treasures, or, like many, see no worth in keeping them? Storage then becomes a problem. Adult children have their own interests and may not see value in them. Vintage clothes, jewellery, cars and paraphernalia, books, toys and practical items are highly sought after in many flea markets, garage sales and opportunity shops by canny prospectors, who either know their true value, or just for the love of it. All that glitters may not be gold, but can still be treasured. Eloise Rowe

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COULD someone please explain how towns such as Nambour, Woombye, Palmwoods, Buderim, Mapleton etc have become suburbs and if so what of? Also since when did Maroochydore become a city? Geoff Malcolm


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Child health grew from women’s business In the Victorian era and for centuries before, the maternal and infant mortality rate was very high, writes DIANA HACKER.


any confined women who were treated by a doctor succumbed to infection introduced by the doctor himself who did not practise strict hygiene; often moving from a cadaver, to an infected patient and on to the labouring mother without washing his hands. Delivery by a midwife or family member was often a safer option. Infants succumbed to fevers, malnutrition and disease before their first birthday. Older children suffered from the same fevers and diseases exacerbated by dysentery and accidents. Until the age of five childhood ailments were treated by their mothers who had little or no nursing experience. Not until after the age of five were they not eligible to be admitted to hospitals and were then nursed among adults. At the furthest extent of the empire the wives of four colonial governors and one passionate mother began the work of establishing professional medical care for mothers and children. The Countess Diamantina di Roma, Lady Bowen, wife of the first Governor of Queensland, resided in the state from 1859 until 1868 and during this time surrounded herself with women whose husbands were influential. Through her efforts the first lying-in hospital in the new state was established in her name. This hospital for the confinement of women served the community until the construction of the Women’s Maternity Hospital in the late 1930s. In addition, she supported the development of the Diamantina Orphanage. Lady May Lamington [c1890] was most instrumental in establishing the Lady Lamington Hospital which treated women’s diseases. Lady May was personally interested in nursing and often claimed that had she not married then she would have taken up the

Children’s Hospital Committee members. profession of nursing. By the first decade of the 20th century medical support for mothers became a topic for the press through the publication The Queenslander. Wife of the then Governor Lady Chelmsford, herself a mother together with Mrs Kidston, wife of the Premier chaired a public meeting to air this problem. With the support of several women’s organisations, such as the WCT and QWEL, and influential and outspoken doctors, the Queensland Government of 1917/18 funded the establishment of maternal and child welfare clinics. The qualified nurses who staffed these clinics advised mothers on the care and feeding of their babies. In 1906 the president of the Qld Branch of the BMA, Dr Wilton Love, had stated that if the infant mortality rate “had occurred to the same extent

within flocks and herds then action would be taken at the highest level”. The efforts of Mary McConnel [1824/1910] the wife of David McConnel who settled Cressbrookin in the Brisbane Valley and the women who assisted her resulted in the establishment of the first hospital specifically for children. Initially situated in a small cottage in Leichardt Street, in 1878, the hospital was staffed by a nurse selected my Mary’s brother a doctor practising in Scotland, Miss Hellicar. She was assisted for a short time by two young women, one of whom died and the other married shortly after their arrival in Queensland. By 1883 the hospital was overcrowded, and with the assistance of the Hospitals Act, land at Bowen Hills [Herston] was provided and a children’s hospital built, furnished and staffed

under the management of the hospital committee. Mary was honoured by the naming of the McConnel Ward and she remained patron of the hospital until her death in London in 1910. The hospital remained under committee management until c1928 when a new Government Act took over the management and financing of all hospitals in the Brisbane and South Coast area. The hospital treated children until its recent closure and removal of treatment to a new facility in South Brisbane. At its inception and opening the new children’s hospital was named for a prominent Queensland doctor who many mothers knew for her sound advice, written in the newspaper columns under the name “Medical Mother”. Lady Phyllis Cilento was a working mother and it is unfortunate that the naming of the hospital is under review. In New Zealand in 1907 at a meeting in Dunedin, Dr Truby King brought to the notice of the public the poor treatment of children. His most influential supporter was Lady Victoria Plunkett [1873/1968] wife of the then Governor of New Zealand. A Society for the Protection of the Health of Women and Children was formed and became known as the Plunkett Society. Nurses trained by the society promoted a more healthy and responsive way of rearing infants. With better knowledge and medical treatment, no longer just women’s business, the maternal and child mortality rate has thankfully sunk to a rate once unimagined. Diana Hacker is archivist for the Queensland Women’s Historical Association based at Miegunyah in Bowen Hills. Tours are available. Visit

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White Puss inspired a writing career Jean Peel clearly remembers the night a decade ago when, unable to sleep, a rhyme about a cat came to mind. She tells DOT WHITTINGTON that her new life as an author of children’s books began at that moment.


unt Sally is an old, grey, fat cat who has lots of adventures and although Jean Peel had never owned such a cat, the puss came creeping into her head one night in 2009. “I couldn’t sleep and rhyming verses about this old grey fat cat called Aunt Sally just wouldn’t go away,” she says. “I had to get up and switch on my computer and then the story wrote itself.” The result is How Aunt Sally Got her Name, and it’s the first in a series of children’s books about a cat which is loosely based on her long-deceased pet called White Puss, for obvious reasons. “Nobody told me that you had to put sunscreen on a white cat’s nose and he got skin cancer,” she says. “We were living in North Queensland and during his 14 years he had been caught in a bushfire, nearly drowned in a dam and got lost in Cairns. These all became adventures for Aunt Sally too.” Jean has now written nine books in the series, two of them published, and is working on an autobiography. She’s also working on a novel about murder and mayhem on the Sunshine Coast called Dead Easy. It’s about a young coroner who ends up in a small town


11.indd 3

wanting to learn from a renowned pathologist when a headless body turns up on the beach. It’s a plot that’s a long way from an old cat. Although she has been writing all her life, Jean never aimed to be an author. As a teenager growing up in Scotland, she wanted to be a hairdresser but ended up working with numbers as a Tax Officer Class 1 in Glasgow, where she was born in 1945. Then, when she was 24, she became one of the last “£10 Poms” and boarded a boat – alone – bound for Australia. “Life seemed so grey there,” she says. “The walls were grey, the cars were grey, the streets were grey and the skies were

grey. I needed sunshine so I applied for assisted passage and within three months I was on my way. It has been 50 years and I’ve never looked back”. Jean arrived three days after the last tram rattled off the streets of Brisbane in 1969, and soon obtained a job with an accountant in Moorooka. And she ended up getting more sunshine than she could have imagined. Five years later, she met Bruce Peel at a dance. He worked as a public servant with the Department of Aboriginal Affairs, and Jean soon found herself in remote North Queensland communities. “I spent a lot of time in remote communities for a girl from Glasgow,” she says. “As a manager’s wife, I had to quit work as there was an unwritten law that unless you were a teacher or a nurse, then you didn’t work there.” In 1989, the family, now with two boys, returned to Brisbane and Jean could return to work. She was a finance officer with Queensland Health for more than a decade until a run-in with cancer forced her retirement in 2010. Her husband had died in 2007 just after his 60th birthday. Throughout, Jean continued to write her stories and poetry. And then Aunt

Sally came along. All of her book titles start “How Aunt Sally” and then “…got her name … beat the burglars, … went to sea, …went to the zoo”. These days Jean is busy promoting her books, and reading stories to children at local kindergartens and schools. And writing. Her books are now in the UK and Canada and are aimed at children from about three to eight years. “They’re great for grandparents as reviews indicate the adults enjoy them as much as or more than the kids,” she says. “It has become my business: ‘Jean Peel, author’; although I’m not expecting to have a tax problem.” “I believe with all my heart that in these days of so much other stuff like Xboxes and iPads children could miss out on part of their literary education if they have no access to poetry,” she says. And so, you wonder, how did Aunt Sally get her name? Simple: Because she was found in an Aunt Sally stall in sideshow alley. For those who aren’t familiar with the traditional English game of Aunt Sally, it’s any of those stalls where you throw a ball to win a prize. Visit to meet Aunt Sally


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Toowoomba Pinnacle

With sand in our toes and salt in our hair, we created an amazing new community designed for laid-back, classic living with coastal cool. Our homes are a statement of elegance, infused with classic Noosa style that is specially tailored for the Queensland coastal climate. Set in lush, tropical surroundings, residents also enjoy exclusive access to our world class Pavilion Country Club.

Palm Lake Resort Toowoomba Pinnacle is the epitome of style and country chic. Every home blends the latest in easy living with architectural elegance. The lavish country club boasts an infinity edge swimming pool with spectacular views of the surrounding ranges, the perfect place for a sunset cocktail, along with other features such as a ten pin bowling alley and a movie theatre.

Freecall 1800 885 851

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19 Trading Post Road, Cooroy

97-161 Hogg St, Cranley

*Subject to change without notice. Images may depict fixtures, finishes and features such as furniture, homewares, refrigerators, window coverings and decorative lighting which are not supplied by Palm Lake Resort. Whilst every endeavour has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information, Palm Lake Resort cannot be held responsible for any consequences resulting from misdescription or inadvertent errors contained herein.

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Airport experience takes off Arriving at Brisbane domestic airport early in the morning to allow plenty of time to check in and take advantage of this rare experience BRIAN ROBERTSON found things had changed a lot in six years.


’d been brave enough to check in, on-line, the night before our flight. But it was past my normal bedtime and weary eyes failed to follow the instructions. I completely screwed it up. I did not realise that seats were required to be chosen for both outward and return journeys. I was waiting patiently for the software to confirm the outward-bound seats only. This resulted in the system eventually forcing me to accept seats that were completely apart. Computers are great! So there we were in the Qantas area complete with our crappy seat allocation print-outs wondering what to do next. I vaguely remembered that six years ago there was much queuing at airports so we joined the first one we saw only to discover that no one else had baggage — oops! Looking around we saw people, with baggage, at a group of strange stands in the middle of the concourse, each with a small screen. Careful observation informed us that these stands were spitting out white strips of paper. Turned out they were luggage tags. Who would have believed it? Presenting our seat allocation print outs to

these magic machines we finally obtained our very own bag tags. I am unsure if the instructions are adequate or perhaps it was my ignorance but after careful reading about ‘peel here’ and ‘stick there’ I still managed to get the label on my case inside out. My wife helpfully noted that the labels could not be read in this position. With great difficulty I managed to peel it off and re-stick it the other way around. We were then able to approach the next bank of automated airport machinery—the baggage acceptor. As our bags disappeared along the conveyor I had a great feeling of achievement and freedom. All that remained was to enjoy the airport facilities until our plane was called. This feeling did not last long. We approached the security check. I placed our cabin bag on the conveyor and my coins into one of the trays as my wife placed her handbag into another. They disappeared into the tunnel and Marjorie went through the body scan. I followed her. She was successful, but I was beeped. The security lady, with no compunction, ordered that I take off my

Bag tags cannot be read inside out trouser belt. I did as requested; went back and put my belt into another tray, all the while holding up my oversized trousers. (I’d been slimming.) I staggered through the gate and was beeped yet again. Suddenly I remembered my new metal security card wallet in my back pocket. I reversed again, still operating one handed, and off loaded the metal case into yet another tray. It would have been faster to take my trousers off. I came back through the gate, this time successfully, but by now feeling very vulnerable and the centre of attention

from passengers and security staff alike. Still holding on to my trousers I went over to the conveyer to recover my belt, coin, credit-card case, and what little dignity I had left. I noticed the young male security at the end of the belt shaking his head and laughing to the young female security officer. “Got a problem mate?” I said to him as I fastened my belt, immediately regaining my composure. He looked away. Just wait, your turn will come sooner than you think lad, I thought. The process had taken so long that we had little time left to enjoy the airport facilities. The flight was called. At the gate a very obliging Qantas lady noticed we were not sitting together. “How did that happen I wonder?” came the rhetorical question. I shrugged in reply. But with magic fingers she typed on her keyboard and our boarding passes were produced. “There, that’ll be much better for you,” and she smiled as she handed them over, listing seats opposite each other across the aisle. People are so much better to deal with than computers.

We provide care that ensures you feel cared for Our homes

Our community

Our advice

We offer a range of residential living options and are dedicated to finding the right one for you. Our residential staff provide high quality personalised care and are passionate about creating a home-like environment where you feel valued, connected and independent.

If you prefer to remain at home, as a leading provider of community care services we have a wide range of services to support your choice. We offer home care packages which we can customise to suit your needs and preferences, as well as in-home respite and allied health wellness programs. We also offer day and overnight respite where you can join the group or individualised e activities at our home-like cottage Multi Service Centres, promising you a socially enjoyable experience.

As Queensland’s dementia experts, we’re here to support you and your family with advice and information. With carer support groups and our advice line we provide information on all forms of dementia, health and wellness programs and many other supportive aged care services.

Our advice line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Freecall: 1800 639 331

For further information please call 07 3422 3000 0 or visit us online:


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Live well in the heart of it all

Artist Impression: McKenzieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bar, Aveo Carindale.

Welcome to Aveo Carindale â&#x20AC;&#x201C; a new retirement community conveniently located across the road from Westfield Carindale and adjacent to beautiful parkland. Live well in a 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartment and enjoy access to the exclusive residents Lifestyle Centre featuring a pool, restaurant, cinema, bar, craft room, beauty salon, gym and more.

NEW APARTMENTS SELLING FROM $295,000 - $952,000*

Call 3022 8188 to book a sales appointment *Prices correct as of 17/6/2019. AVQ1841

Aveo Carindale

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| 19 Banchory Court, Carindale |

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CHICKEN COTTAGE PIE SERVES: 2 | Difficulty 2 FILLING • 2 cups (175g) pkt frozen carrot, cauliflower, broccoli mix • 2 tablespoons frozen peas • 2 tablespoons frozen corn kernels • ½ cup water • 200g skinless chicken breast • cooking spray • ½ teaspoon crushed garlic (in jar) • ¼ cup onion diced • 1 tablespoon cornflour • 1/3 cup skim milk • 4 teaspoons Spring Vegetable Simmer Soup mix (sachet) • ½ cup evaporated light milk • pepper POTATO TOP • 300g potatoes • 1 teaspoon (5g) Flora® Light margarine • ¼ cup skim milk • 2 tablespoons 12.5g) 30% reduced fat tasty cheese freshly grated METHOD: 1: Filling: Microwave all frozen vegetables in ½ cup water for 7 minutes on high. 2: Cut chicken into bite size pieces then place into a medium saucepan or boiler that has been coated with cooking spray. Sauté chicken for 2 minutes then add garlic and onion, cook a further 2 minutes stirring frequently. 3: Drain water off cooked vegetables then add to pot. 4: Add cornflour to skim milk with soup mix and blend together then pour into pot with evaporated milk stirring continuously until mixture has boiled. Add pepper to taste and leave on low temperature until potato is ready. 5: Potato top: Peel potatoes then cut into small dice.

Thelma & LOIS Living it up.

Now’s not the time to pack on the kilos As the days get cooler and healthy summer salads become a distant memory, it’s tempting to start reaching for unhealthy comfort foods. Winter doesn’t have to mean weight gain. ANNETTE SYM provides two delicious low fat, healthy recipes from her latest cookbook. Annette Sym is bestselling author of the Symply Too Good To Be True cookbook series 1-7 and has sold over 4 million copies. Her latest cookbook – Cooking for 1 or 2 people – is perfect for single, couples, grey nomads and empty nesters. These simple, easy and tasty recipes have made weight loss deliciously healthy.

6: Microwave on high in a little water until cooked (about 10 minutes). 7: Once cooked drain then mash potato. Add margarine and milk and continue to mash until smooth. 8: Assemble: Place heated filling into a small lasagne or casserole dish. Using a spoon and fork place small dobs of potato over top of filling then run a fork over top to blend potato evenly. 9: Sprinkle grated cheese over potato then place under grill until cheese has browned. Suitable to be frozen for 2-3 weeks. DIETITIAN’S TIP: Having lots of vegetables in this recipe provides vitamins and minerals making it healthy and the extra fibre will fill you up. To lower the GI use Nicola potatoes.

© Annette Sym 2019 | SYMPLY TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE – Cooking for 1 or 2 people | Used by permission from author

STICKY ORANGE PUDDING MAKES: 2 | Difficulty 1 • 1 egg white • 1½ tablespoons white sugar • 1 tablespoon fresh orange juice • 1 tablespoons (15g) Flora® Light margarine melted • 1/8 teaspoon bicarb soda • ¾ teaspoon finely grated orange rind • 1/3 cup self-raising flour • cooking spray • 2 tablespoons brown sugar • ¼ cup fresh orange juice METHOD: Preheat oven to 180ºC fan forced. 1: Beat egg white and white sugar for 30 seconds in a small size mixing bowl using an electric beater. 2: Combine orange juice with melted margarine and bicarb then add to bowl, mix well. 3: Add orange peel then sifted flour and mix together using a wooden spoon. Divide mix into two small ramekin dishes that have been coated with cooking spray. 4: Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of brown sugar over the top of one pudding, then gently pour half of orange juice over top. Repeat this with other pudding. 5: Bake 20 minutes or until firm to touch in centre. Leave to rest for 10 minutes before serving to allow the syrup to thicken. Suitable to be frozen. DIETITIAN’S TIP: This is a celebration pudding for that special occasion. It’s not a suitable dessert for everyday weight management.

If you’re not slowing down just yet, join our over 55s community at IRT The Ridge, full of people having as much fun as you are. IRT retirement villages. You’re in good company.

Villas now selling at IRT The Ridge. Visit or call 134 478 to book a tour.


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Pay No Exit Fee at Keperra Sanctuary A range homes selling from $330,000

Choose your way to pay*

Prepaid Plan

Refundable Contribution

Pay no EXIT fee.

Pay no EXIT fee.

Any capital gain from your home is yours.

Feel secure you can change your mind within six months of moving in.

Your purchase price is guaranteed back when you decide to leave the village.

Feel secure you can change your mind within six months of moving in.

280 / 998 Samford Road $330,000*

261 / 998 Samford Road $350,000*

234 / 998 Samford Road $400,000*

104 / 998 Samford Road $435,000*







This delightful home with stylish open plan layout is just a short stroll to a host of community facilities. Features include a spacious kitchen, air-conditioning and builtin robes. Complete with a peaceful rear garden this home is a must see.



Located in one of the most sought-after positions at Keperra Sanctuary, green thumbs will love this charming home. It features an open plan living/dining area, single lock up garage and a lovely lawn at the rear of the home with raised garden beds.



Nestled in a natural bushland setting complete with creek views and private rear garden this freestanding home offers privacy and space for entertaining. Enjoy cooking for friends in the modern open plan kitchen or retreat to the comfort of your airconditioned lounge.



Make the most of your retirement in this modern home, ideally located in a popular pocket of Keperra Sanctuary. Home cooks will love the modern kitchen while social butterflies will enjoy the close proximity to the bustling club house.

Three bedroom homes available - join our wait list today and stay up to date.

Call to book your private viewing on 1800 550 550 or visit

TDW7756 02/19

Keperra Sanctuary, 998 Samford Road, Keperra Qld 4054 * Exit Fee refers to the Deferred Management Fee (DMF). Other fees may still apply – see residence contract for full details. If you exercise the 6 month change of mind guarantee, you will only pay fair market rent and service fees. Full terms and conditions of these offers are available from our dedicated sales team. Pricing and availability correct at time of printing but subject to change without notice. Information about services and facilities is correct at time of printing but subject to change. Photographs are for illustrative purposes. June 2019. Published by Lendlease RL Realty (QLD) Pty Ltd. ABN 25 138 535 814.

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Life has its stages and phases. CHERYL LOCKWOOD turns 55 and decides that life’s an adventure, while octogenarian MOCCO WOLLERT revels in life in the slow lane.

by Mocco Wollert I am not obese by any means but over the years my skirts have become tighter and my dress size has gone up by two. I had tried various methods to slim down. After listening to a television guru prattling on about the power of the mind, telling the audience that we could think ourselves slim, I tried it. Standing in front of my mirror I closed my eyes, and thought slim. When I opened them, my tummy was still its fat, round self. I have tried the diets. Finally, I decided to attend a WW meeting. I left my car in a remote spot and furtively entered the building through a back door. I was not keen for any acquaintances to see me. Weight Watchers Anonymous I called it in my mind. I would attend anonymously, and emerge free of my chocolate and wine addiction beautiful, minus ten kilos. Inside I joined the queue to be ‘weighed-in’. I was given a little book into which my weight would be recorded

every week until I reached ‘goal weight’. Foolishly, I told them that it was my aim to lose ten kilos. Now I am committed and faithfully trot off to the meetings once a week. Oh, that dreaded moment when the WW leader says with her Cheshire Cat smile ‘Step up on the scales dear, let’s see how we went last week.’ I know exactly how we went last week - not good. I had no breakfast and only a small sip of water before leaving for the meeting, so the damage should not be too bad. After an ominous silence she proclaims in a tragic voice ‘Well, you have gained 0.2kg last week.’ I immediately fall into a deep pit of despair. I knew I should have gone to the bathroom before the weighing-in. When an alcoholic ‘falls off the wagon’ he or she is strongly encouraged to go to the next meeting for support. Members of WW are also encouraged to go back. ‘What, do think, caused your relapse, dear? Was there anything special that put the scales up AGAIN this week?’ my WW counsellor asks me. Of course, I know what it was. It is called FOOD and WINE and CHOCOLATE. Do I need to say more? I collect my little book, hang my head and promise meekly to do better next week. May your days be full of chocolate and wine

Hot and steamy but good for the thyroid. Hot yoga can be bring you out in a sweat CHERYL LOCKWOOD discovers. Camel, turtle, rabbit, cobra – a zoo perhaps? No! I was at my first ever yoga class. Not just your run-of-the-mill yoga either. This was hot yoga. I’d heard of downward dog, but these other animal inspired poses were new to me. With the temperature at a steamy 38 degrees Celsius, we laid out mats and towels. Limbs were stretched in readiness for the 60-minute class. I chose an inconspicuous spot at the rear. Turned out, I got a view of someone else’s rear. Clad in skintight togs, the gentleman in front twisted about leaving little to the imagination. I tried hard to avert my eyes, but oh so many mirrors. Our cheerful yogi entered and we started with some breathing and warming up. As it was my first time, I was told to aim for staying in the room for the entire class. Too hot to handle for some, apparently. Her voice was soothing as we progressed through a variety of poses. She added information on the part of the body that would benefit from each move. “Shoulders relaxed, stomach in, arms straight, elbows locked, thumbs crossed”. My brain tried to process it all and send

the instruction to the body. At times, communication was lost! “Good for the thyroid”. I hoped my thyroid appreciated it. “Breathe!” I did forget a couple of times. You’d think I would have the hang of that by now. Less than half way through and I had never sweated so much in my life. There was a constant drip on to my towel. At one point, sweat trickled into my nose. As for balance, I thought mine was adequate, but I began to tire and swayed like a stack of child’s building blocks. I checked the space between myself and the next person, fearful that if I teetered we’d all go down like dominoes. A pile of pretzels…wearing Lycra! “Relax”. That part I could do. The door opened and in came a nice flow of cool air. Session over. Prior to the class, I had little interest in yoga. Yet there I was feeling relaxed and somehow refreshed despite my saturated clothes. Sadly, I discovered my flexibility levels are not the best, perhaps a good reason for a return visit. I wouldn’t say no! Ah, life is a sweaty adventure. Namaste!

Questions about retirement living? Retirement Living Expo 1 - 3pm, Tuesday 23 July Hear from industry experts about a range of retirement-related topics, from costs and contracts to finding the right community. Afterwards, tour our display suite, chat to stallholders and learn about our brand new villas and apartments over afternoon tea.

Register today at or on 3289 3372 18 Camp Mountain Road | | 3289 3372 18 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / July 2019

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That ‘down’ feeling and what causes it TRUDY KITHER has the lowdown on what adrenal fatigue really is and the adrenal body type.


O No pe w n

o you have trouble sleeping? Do you wake in the morning feeling exhausted and flat with no motivation for the day? Or do you drag yourself through your day, needing some type of pick-me-up in the mid-afternoon to get you through to the evening? Then, when it’s time to go to bed and sleep do you find yourself not sleepy but actually tired and wired? If you answered YES to any of the above, the chances are you are suffering from adrenal fatigue. But don’t worry. You’re not alone. It is more common than you think and it is treatable. The adrenal glands control stress. In the presence of stress, they produce cortisol. The typical fight and flight response to perceived danger, it was designed as a survival mechanism to alert us to take action. However, if it produces too much cortisol then belly fat will develop as a hormonal response. The adrenal glands are also the backup glands to the ovaries in women. This is why when women have hormonal issues, they most often will have adrenal issues at the same time and vice versa. When people have adrenal fatigue, they can’t sleep and then they don’t have enough energy to generate their body’s

fat burning ability because fat burning occurs in the deep sleep cycle. The adrenal glands have one job to do and that is to counter stress. Emotional stress and physical stress are the big contributors of cortisol release and yet emotional stress can actually deplete the adrenal glands 1000 times more than physical stress can. That is why the loss of a loved one or a traumatic event in a person’s life can create a major problem with a person’s health. The adrenal body type person will almost always have belly fat. Or at the very minimum, they will have more belly fat than they used to. The fat in the belly comes from cortisol. Why does the adrenal body type person always gain weight in the belly? Because that is where our vital organs are, in the mid-section of our body. As a survival mechanism back when we were hunters and gatherers, the belly fat would increase so as to protect our bodies during war and famine. We hold it in that region because it is our body’s way of feeding ourselves should the worst happen. When you’re 18 cortisol is at its lowest. When you’re 58, that is when it is at its highest because it accumulates over

time. All stress is accumulative. So basically, we are like a bucket that fills up and up over time, until it’s so full that it starts to create problems. Then the next major issue that happens with adrenal fatigue is the effect on the body’s cognitive (brain) function. The adrenal type person will always be thinking and thinking and not be able to turn off that thinking mind. Especially when they are meant to be winding down for the sleep cycle. It creates excessive thinking, affects memory and focus (brain fog). The adrenal person will have less tolerance for certain personality types. For example, slow drivers and incompetent people will drive an adrenal body type person crazy. Even to the point that some people are so burnt-out that even the sound of a ticking clock drives them crazy. These are some very extreme cases, yet don’t be fooled because they are actually very common. I see many people in my practice with these symptoms. Most don’t realise it is not normal to feel this way and that they are symptoms of a very debilitating health issue. If left untreated it can result in chronic fatigue syndrome. Unfortunately, adrenal fatigue is a

process that can happen over a long, slow period of time without the sufferer even realising what is happening. The symptoms will be seemingly unrelated that are one of many and they can’t perhaps put their finger on what’s wrong. Other symptoms can include dizziness, depression, feeling weepy, gut issues, constipation, dry skin and hair, brittle nails, indigestion, a feeling of “on edge” with no energy, motivation or “joy for life”. They may go to their family doctor who may do some blood tests and pronounce all is okay because there is nothing glaringly obvious. However, there are very effective treatments to nourish and heal the adrenal glands and to correct the health issues that manifest as a result of this debilitating health issue. Next month we will discuss some treatments that can turn adrenal fatigue around and start sleeping and feeling better as soon as possible and taking back your motivation and enjoyment for life. Trudy Kither, Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbal Medicine Practitioner is owner of Nature’s Temple, Palmwoods, QLD 4555. Visit or email

You’ll Love Living at

Rosemount Retirement Community at Sinnamon Park

Open Day Saturday 27th July 10am - 2pm Come and join us for high g tea and a tour of the complex

Rosemount is Wesley Mission Queensland’s newest retirement community. Located at Sinnamon Park, Rosemount offers over 65s a premiere lifestyle of independence, security, and relaxation. Co-located on site with the Sinnamon Village residential aged care community it features a gourmet café, heated swimming pool, library, gym and landscped gardens. Residents can also enjoy access to the Sinnamon Village wellness centre, including the hydrotherapy pool, right from their doorstep. Only moments from the Jindalee Homemaker Centre and DFO precinct, Canossa Private Hospital and specialist medical centre, public transport, Rocks Riverside Park and the Brisbane River, Rosemount retirement community is river city living at its finest. Call our friendly sales team today to find out how you can secure your own perfect slice of retirement life. Phone 0417 661 912, email us at or visit Convenience and Lifestyle at it’s Finest


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Beds to beat the bends Gardeners, like divers, can suffer from the bends but, writes JULIE LAKE, in their case the “bends” are the pain and discomfort that come to knees, back and hips from long hours of bending over garden beds.


aised beds are the obvious answer and Green Zeen Garden Technology has taken this basic idea a lot further to make growing flowers, vegetables, herbs and shrubs much more accessible for the ageing and physically challenged. Green Zeen Garden Technology was formed in 2017 by Graeme Rickards and Ross Richardson to develop raised wicking beds. The beds are branded as Green Zeen Garden Beds and the current model is named The Woodlands. They are constructed from 200mm x 50mm aluminium box

section with round corners made from fibreglass reinforced plastic. Ross Richardson says A Green Zeen garden is principally conceived as a ‘wicking bed’. Wicking technology provides an on-board reservoir to create a saturation zone which lowers soil levels and the term refers to moisture being drawn upward, by capillary action, from more saturated to less saturated soil. This concept is familiar to most gardeners as a way of developing strong root growth, reducing inputs, maintaining stable, healthy soil and eliminating the need for surface

watering. Plants that are not subject to over or under-watering stress are less prone to pests and disease. The Green Zeen beds do away with the top-filling inlets common to other raised aluminium-sided growing beds and instead feature the discreet integration of side-filling and overflow drainage. The side-mounted overflow incorporates a visual water-level gauge and the development of specific lightweight wicking and growing media means that the soil can be maintained in an uncompacted, moist, light and friable condition, ideal for minimal digging and deep root penetration. Another major design consideration is the elimination of risk factors associated with gardening – including raised bed gardening - such as: • sharp corners • heavy manual activities • gardeners’ loss of balance while

reaching from a standing or seated position • loose gardening tools and equipment • loose hoses and heavy watering cans • a less-than-ideal ergonomic height of gardening surface • inefficient size of beds – beds need to be large enough to facilitate optimal growing area in relation to mass and volume (of the raised bed) in a variety of residential or community contexts • loss of structural stability of beds over time leading to potential for collapse • loss of surface integrity over time leading to splintering or sharp, rusted edges The robust construction and stability of the beds provides reliable physical support to gardeners who may need to lean against the bed while planting or interacting with produce. The top timber surround acts as a hand-rail.

Ross says he became aware of the need for an improved raised garden bed model when his father’s lifelong interest in gardening began to wane, due to diminished mobility and the risk and discomfort involved in working safely at ground level. When he built a new raised garden his father’s interest, joy and physical activity returned. So Ross and Graeme set out to design above-ground beds which would suit people of all ages and special needs. Those needs include homes where space is restricted; they are ideal for courtyards because they have little impact on existing level surfaces such as paving. For some older or physically challenged gardeners a monthly rental can be covered by a Home Care or NDIS package. Your Time readers wanting to know more about Green Zeen will be able to inspect the beds at this year’s Queensland Home Garden Expo in the kitchen gardens section.

HAVE YOU BEEN AFFECTED BY BREAST CANCER? R? WE CA CAN HELP YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE AND LOOK BEAUTIFUL IN YOUR OWN CLOTHES To save you time, Tracey G Prosthetics and Lingerie is a true one stop shop having the largest range of prosthesis, beautiful lingerie and mastectomy apparel available. We have trained fitters who understand what needs to be done to ensure your comfort is achieved first time.

• We help you understand your Medicare paperwork and claims process • All cup sizes AA-K in sizes 6-30 in all leading brands • Mobile service, we can come to you NOW AT STANLEY ST, EAST BRISBANE


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of luxury inclusions as STANDARD

BRAND NEW HOMES AND LIFESTYLES FROM $363,000 WR ²QG WKHUH¬V VRPHWKLQJ WR VXLW \RXU green and cinema (and pretty much every need and budget. everything in between). Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s plenty of FUN to be had! Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not only about fancy homes; our latest award-winning and premium top- Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been doing this for decades, so class facilities lead the market. Enjoy we know what youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re looking for. With a range of architecturally prepared your very own sauna, gymnasium, ³RRU SODQV DYDLODEOH \RX¬OO EH SOHDVHG workshop, Grand Ballroom, bowling At Living Gems, we believe our homes lead the way in terms of value, size, build quality and standard inclusions. To put it simply, what others call â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;extrasâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; â&#x20AC;&#x201C; we call â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;standardâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;.


176 Torrens Road, Caboolture 1800 860 356 | *Conditions apply

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This is an extraordinary story calmly told. The Second World War is over and Lewis Morgan, a colonel in the British Army, has been given the task of rebuilding the German city of Hamburg. On meeting Lubert, the owner of his sumptuous abode and his not quite teenage daughter, Lewis invites them to share the house with himself, his wife Rachel and son Edmond. German is the main language spoken by the maids in the house. But behind this facade of normality people are starving. There’s looting going on while the underbelly of this despair and ugliness is about to pop. And so this heartfelt story begins. Highly recommended reading and beautifully written story.


This is a very well written novel about entwining stories of an English and a German family thrown together in Hamburg in order to rebuild after it was destroyed during WW2. It is unusual in that most novels have prewar or war themes. People don’t remember the rebuilders or integration stories of opposing countries and their people. Not being a literary aficionado the author’s sesquipedalian style led me to read this book with an online dictionary beside me. That being said, I enjoy learning new words. Themes of love, hatred, grief and loss, romance, guilt, decency and forgiveness are perfectly woven together. The story has lots of interesting twists and turns with a happy but probably unrealistic ending. I enjoyed this book. 8/10


This book opens in Hamburg a German City destroyed by Anglo-American bombing in 1943, killing more than 40,000 inhabitants and displacing one million others. British occupation reveals a myriad of tensions. Relationships between occupation forces, their families and the defeated, hungry and homeless Germans, a small band of resistance fighters, are examined. More personal tensions are between the British Morgan family and the German Lubert family who share the house requisitioned by the conquerors. The author writes almost entirely about the destruction of Hamburg and little about the circumstances that led to it. Easy reading but predictable.


THE AFTERMATH By Rhidian Brook

I read this book in a flash. It is easy reading and an engaging story that opened up a new perspective to me about post war Germany - an era I had no real knowledge of. The intertwined lives of the British and the Germans living together, yet apart. Trying to build bridges after being at war would have been very hard. The love lost and found, the affair that brought two lost souls back to life, the effect on the children and orphans are all well created. The fact that it is based on a true story made it all the more interesting. I did however feel that the book ended abruptly with more to be told. 8/10

Thousands remain displaced in the British Occupied Zone in Hamburg in 1946. Charged with overseeing reconstruction of the city and the de-Nazification of its people, Colonel Lewis Morgan is requisitioned a fine house on the banks of the Elbe, where he will be joined by his grieving wife, Rachael, and only remaining son, Edmund. But rather than force its owners, a German widower and his traumatised daughter, to leave their home, Lewis insists that the two families live together. In this charged and claustrophobic atmosphere they all confront their true selves as enmity and grief give way to passion and betrayal.


MARY BARBER This novel gave me an insight on what life may have been like in post-war Germany. It was well-written with great characters. I particularly liked the ragtag gang of ‘motherless children’ who survived by stealing and trading cigarettes, coal, pills and whatever else was going. Brook gave you an idea of the complexity that faced the Allied occupiers in a divided Germany. The north had the factories and the south had the farmland. The Russians would not release food to the north, such as Hamburg, without the factories closing. Some historical novels throw all their research at you, whether or not it moves the story along. Brook doesn’t make that error.

I was not aware of the British involvement in the re-building of Hamburg in 1946. Animosity and resentment between the residents and the British would have been tangible and explosive with the residents being forced to relinquish their homes. The action of the British Colonel deciding to share the home with a German and his daughter would have been criticised and abhorred by many – most of all by the Colonel’s wife grieving for their son killed in a bombing raid. There are so many grieving characters in this novel and the author portrays them vividly, as they each deal with it in their own way. I know I have enjoyed a book when it encourages me to research. It was interesting to find out that the author’s grandfather had actually shared accommodation with some residents in the re-building and the interview with Keira Knightley and the director revealed more about the film’s background. An interesting read!

Family History Memorabilia made easy There’s a variety of products available to you: Heirloom Photo Restoration Family History Books +W‫ٺ‬MM<IJTM*WWS[




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Security, Independence & Peace of Mind Photograph Scanning .IUQTa<ZMM[WV" • Canvas; • Metal; • Glass.

Call now for more information and a quote. ph: (07) 3172 5860 mob: 0418 623 557 PO Box 225, FERNY HILLS QLD 4055

Providing privacy & independence with the security of proximity to family. Glendale Granny Cabins provide comfortable, self contained accommodation for elderly relatives on the same site as the family home.

• One Bedroom Cabins and Studios • Two Bedroom Cottages • Undisputed industry leader

• Over 5600 satisfied Glendale owners • 6½ year structural warranty • Over 38 years experience



BSA License No. 42372

Obligation free site inspections freecall 1800 801 710 Brisbane

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Over 50’s Resort Living! Resort Living

Recreation Centre Tennis Court Bowls Clubhouse

Greenbank Gardens is a pet-friendly lifestyle resort with top class facilities for over 50’s. If you’re too young & healthy for a retirement village, then this is the place for you!

Swimming Pools

Our village adjoins 100 acres of bushland reserve and is conveniently situated on the outskirts of Brisbane.

Choose from a range of two and three bedroom established homes ✔ No search fees ✔ No legal fees


Bowling Green

✔ No stamp duty ✔ No hidden costs ✔ No deferred management fees

Book an appointment to view our facility today! 3651 Mount Lindesay Hwy, Park Ridge Qld. Ph: 3800 1475.

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Managing a deceased estate When a person dies their will must be administered, their assets must be dealt with, their debts must be paid, and any bequests to beneficiaries must be distributed. beneficiaries according to the wishes of the deceased. An executor must not make distributions to beneficiaries until he or she is sure that there is no likelihood of a claim being made for a share of the estate. What steps does an executor need to take? The executor’s first task is to determine the assets and the liabilities of the estate.


n executor is the person named in a will who the deceased wishes to administer the estate. If there is no will, then someone must apply to the court to be appointed as administrator of the estate. The executor or administrator is responsible for the deceased’s property and for payment of all outstanding debts and taxes from the estate funds before distributing the assets of the estate to the beneficiaries of the will. THE EXECUTOR OR ADMINISTRATOR’S DUTIES INCLUDE: • Protecting and auditing the deceased’s assets and obtaining valuations for assets; • Applying to the Supreme Court for a

grant of probate or letters of administration; • Contacting the beneficiaries of the estate to advise as to entitlements under the will (or the next of kin in an intestacy); • Collecting and recovering (where appropriate) the deceased’s assets; • While assets are being collected, and debts paid maintaining the assets of the deceased in the interim; • Paying any debts of the deceased owing prior to death and any incurred during the course of the estate’s administration; • Defending the will of the deceased where litigation is commenced against the estate; • Obtaining advice in relation to and attending to any tax liability of the

deceased; • Ensuring that a statement of assets and liabilities is maintained and provided to beneficiaries upon request and at the conclusion of the administration of the estate; and • Making a distribution of the deceased’s assets to those beneficially entitled in accordance with the will or the intestacy rules. An executor also acts as trustee of the estate in holding assets on trust for the beneficiaries, for example where beneficiaries are minors or are otherwise unable to hold their entitlements under the will. A trustee manages money, investments, or assets on a continuing basis for the benefit of certain

A SOLICITOR WILL THEREFORE REQUEST THE EXECUTOR SEND TO THEIR OFFICE THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS AND PAPERS: • Original death certificate once it has been received from the funeral home; • Any cheque books or passbooks for the deceased’s bank accounts; • Details of private health insurance and Medicare; • Registration details for any vehicle or boat held by the deceased; • Any accounts payable by the estate; and • Any other relevant documentation (including details of term deposits, life insurance policies and any documents held by the deceased’s accountant). On receiving this information, a solicitor can then correspond on behalf of the executor with the asset holders (e.g. banks) and with the creditors to determine the financial details so that a comprehensive statement of assets and liabilities can be finalised. The role of an executor is onerous, challenging, and often fraught with family tension. It is better to engage a solicitor who is familiar with the tasks involved, and without any emotional tensions, to carry out the necessary tasks in the shortest possible time. Brisbane Elder Law are experts in Estate Management, Estate Disputes, and Wills and other Estate Planning matters. Contact them on 1800961622 or visit

We believe in making it personal. Wills aren’t about lawyers, they’re about you, and your desire to ensure that the results of all your hard work are well protected. Our mission for over 30 years has been to provide easy to understand wills that are custom made for you and flexible enough to change as your circumstances change. We are pleased to announce our bespoke estate planning tool, to assist you in creating and updating a professional legal Will easily and efficiently online. To find out more visit or call us today on 3221 9744.


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Understand the terminology What is in a name? NARELLE COOPPER navigates a way through the Centrelink maze.


his month I am staying away from ‘figures’, and before I write anything else, I need to clarify a couple of points from my May editorial. My ‘explanations’ earnt me a slap on the wrist. Don’t get me wrong my figures were correct, just not enough IFs and BUTs, which is a problem when trying to explain Centrelink matters in limited space. It is not my intention to be ambiguous, these articles are about covering some of the intricacies of Centrelink’s assessments in an attempt to inform. I always encourage readers to seek further advice as everyone’s situation is different, and one size does not fit all. Subsequent to previous advice, Centrelink have told me firmly that there will NOT be a dedicated line for those looking for assistance relating to the ‘work bonus’. That said and not to be discouraged, I want to move on and explore the new Centrelink Lifetime Annuity rules. Over the years, there have been a number of changes to the calculations used to assess Income Stream Products. Whilst we are not talking along the lines of Einstein’s theory of relativity, E=mc2, some of the maths can be confusing. I would like to explain it as E=maths+Centrelink is too complicated. But first the terminology needs to be understood. In relation to the July 2019 changes to Lifetime Annuities, my aim is to demystify the wording, to assist when viewing the Centrelink website. Firstly though, life insurance and superannuation companies change the name of their products and add different features all in an attempt to attract customers. This does not help when navigating the ‘wordology’ of these products (yes that one from a dyslexic). Annuities form part of ‘Income Stream Products’ where Centrelink describe them as: Account based or market linked:

Products that allow you access to your capital, the account balance generally changes depending on market movements. Whilst they can have guaranteed terms and rates, along with other nuances, mostly we know them as Allocated Pensions or Allocated Annuities. Defined benefit pensions: Generally referring to pensions from public sector superannuation schemes and some larger private sector employee schemes. Non-defined benefit pensions: This category covers current Lifetime and Term Annuities. Now that that is cleared up… In relation to the new assessment of Lifetime Annuities, Centrelink seem to be using the words “Lifetime Income Streams (LIS)” or “Pooled Lifetime Retirement Income Streams Products”. This gives us a new category, but don’t forget if you currently have a Lifetime Annuity you come under the old rules! OK if you feel the need to take a break and lie down in a very dark room, totally understandable, that is where I am headed! Let me just say the new rules around Lifetime Annuities may be worth a closer look, particularly if you are a part pensioner under the asset test. But, before you take action, you need to understand the nature of Lifetime Annuities and how they could fit into your overall financial plan. The above information is presented as ‘general information’ and should not be relied upon in isolation. The complexity of Centrelink’s assessment processes means that your individual circumstances affect the results and differ from person to person. Always refer to Centrelink or a Centrelink expert for advice relating to your personal situation.

WARNING ON NBN SCAMS AUSTRALIANS are losing more money to NBN scams, with reported losses in 2019 already higher than the total of last year’s losses. Consumers lost an average of more than $110,000 each month between January and May this year, compared with around $38,500 in monthly average losses throughout 2018. “People aged over 65 are particularly vulnerable, making the most reports and losing more than $330,000 this year. That’s more than 60 per cent of the current losses,” ACCC Acting Chair Delia Rickard said.

Narelle Cooper is director of the Centre for Age Pension Admin Services. Call 1300 043 197, visit

“Scammers are increasingly using trusted brands like ‘NBN’ to trick unsuspecting consumers into parting with their money or personal information.” It is important to remember NBN Co is a wholesale-only company and does not sell services directly to consumers. “Never give an unsolicited caller remote access to your computer, and never give out your personal, credit card or online account details to anyone you don’t know – in person or over the phone – unless you made the contact,” Ms Rickard said.

had enough of centrelink paperwork?

CAPA Services can organise and help manage your Age Pension, by providing ongoing administrative support and liaising with Centrelink on your behalf. Our professional staff can take the stress out of the process, while ensuring that your best interests are being represented with integrity and diligence.

07 5354 0144

Are you interested in


or Retirement Living

and don’t know how or where to start?... Then call Margaret at Inspired Outcomes for some answers. One stop shop for Seniors moving forward Brisbane

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Call Margaret today for a Free, no obligaঞon consultaঞon on:

0448 201 884 July 2019 / YOUR TIME MAGAZINE 25

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Home care or residential care Deciding between the two can be a very weighty decision, writes MARY BARBER.


s it time to leave the family home and move into a nursing home? Can I get enough help to stay at home in my final years? Are my days of living independently coming to an end? Many people struggle with these questions for themselves and their family members. This article explores these questions with two local health professionals. Simone Arlott is a placement consultant with Aged Care Guidance on the Sunshine Coast and Gympie. She helps seniors navigate the rules, fees, jargon and paperwork that come with moving into residential care. She’s an independent source of information for families when they are faced with difficult decisions. Kendall Morton is the Director of Home Care Assistance, Sunshine Coast to Wide Bay. When a person over 65 has an ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Team) assessment, depending on their level of need, they may be approved for a home care package, respite services and residential care at the same time. Ms Arlott and Ms Morton noted that choosing is not always an either-or question. A person may use their home care package for many years and then decide to move into residential care. As the ACAT approvals do not expire, this change is always an option. The first option for older Australians needing support is Home Care Packages. Many are now choosing to access this support rather than leave home. Kendall Morton, director of Home Care Assistance Sunshine Coast to Wide Bay, tells us why: “At home you can choose your own carers, get the help you want at the times that suit you. People like the comfort and independence of being in their own homes. They have their memories here.” Home care support is different for everyone. “It’s about sitting down and making a home care plan that suits that person’s needs and goals so they can have

grandmother there, I wouldn’t tell someone else to send their relative there,” she says. Without this guidance, moving into aged care can be daunting. Very often sons and daughters with busy jobs and young families have to find a placement for an elderly parent in a hurry. “It’s a very emotional and stressful time when you’ve just been told that your mum has had a fall. She’s in hospital and can’t go home. Families don’t know where to start. There may be 20 facilities in their area to choose from. It’s overwhelming,” Ms Arlott says. “There’s paperwork for DVA (Department of Veteran Affairs) or Centrelink along with application forms for each facility which can be up to six pages long.” Then there’s the financial aspect. Ms Arlott said this is very complex and she recommends people seek out an aged care financial adviser to help. In brief there could be up to four different fees. It all depends on your financial situation and choice of facility. “There’s a lot of confusion. It’s essential that you get the right facts for your individual situation,” Ms Arlott points out. Ms Arlott offers an independent service. She is not affiliated with any care facilities. She meets people face to face to find out their needs and budgets. She then guides them through every step and takes care of the paperwork. When it comes to moving into care, Ms Arlott said there is no set time. It all depends on each person’s situation. “If you are using your home care package to the max and still not coping, then it’s time to think about it. Someone may be having falls or be very isolated. Their health may be deteriorating. It’s about the level of risk you are in if you stay at home.” She recommends people use their residential respite care allowance to try out a facility. Also, if you have moved in

a safe and fulfilling life at home. It’s a tailor-made personal service,” she explains. “For instance, you can have help such as phone call reminders about medication, support with self-care and meals, exercise programs, assistance to get to a social event or the supermarket. It all comes down to the individual.” Your home care provider can also help you to make your home safer. For instance, they can arrange better lighting, ramps, alarm services and 24-hour phone support. Evening care, weekend care and overnight stays are all available. Ms Morton states that with good planning, it is possible to live well at home until the end of your life with support. “Moving into residential care does not have to be seen as a natural progression.” “If your Home Care Package is not enough and you really want to remain at home, there are ways to make it financially possible,” she adds. Residential care is the second option. For some families, as Ms Arlott knows, moving into residential care is scary. “A lot of people have this perception about aged care facilities that it is jail and the end of everything. They worry that they will lose their independence, their social contacts,” Ms Arlott says. Over the last decade, facilities have improved greatly according to Ms Arlott. “They now have endless activities. The places are pleasant and homely. They have gardens, social groups and frequent outings.” On arrival each person is assessed so their care needs can be met. Residential care means you are supported and safe 24 hours a day. Some facilities have specialist dementia units to best cater for the well-being of these residents. Ms Arlott visits facilities regularly. She knows what each place offers and whether it will suit your family member. “If I wouldn’t send my own mother or

and are not happy, you can put your name on a waiting list for a different facility. “Where you live is your choice. We help you get the best place to suit you,” says Ms Arlott. Over the last decade, a range of residential care facilities have been built on the Sunshine Coast to supplement the older existing options. People can now choose between spread-out single level older style facilities or newer multi-storey resort-style living. She noted that the older facilities are regularly refurbished to stay inviting and fresh. Ms Morton and Ms Arlott agreed that deciding between home care and residential care comes down to your personal situation. It’s about being well-informed and taking an active role in planning your final years. After all, it’s your life.

Kendall Morton and Simone Arlott Kendall Morton is the Director of Home Care Assistance Sunshine Coast to Wide Bay. Call 5491 6888 or email Simone Arlott is a Placement Consultant with Aged Care Guidance, on the Sunshine Coast and Gympie. Call 0408 889 795 or email her at simone@



BOOK TO HAVE YOUR HEARING CHECKED NOW! • We supply a large range of hearing devices • No obligation consultations • No ongoing costs and no limit to the • Hearing Checks appointments you have. • Swim plugs - Custom made • Batteries/repairs are included for 3 years Medicare & Health Fund Rebates - Interest free terms available* - Pensions and DVA Each person’s journey is as unique as they are, we are here for you every step of the way. Our staff can access hearing aids from any manufacturer and do not work on commission or incentive scheme to fit particular devices. 26 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / July 2019

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Shop 5/6 Thynne Road, Morningside

PHONE 3399 8081

6/119 Colburn Avenue, Victoria Point

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DOES EXERCISE HOLD THE KEY TO PREVENTING DEMENTIA? A team of researchers needs volunteers to help find out

Exercise may be great for the mind and body, but can it prevent dementia? Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the question a group of researchers at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) Ipswich have asked in a new clinical research study. PhD candidate and lead researcher Edward Bliss said more than half of Australian dementia cases were preventable through healthy lifestyle choices, and this new study will dig even deeper. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Dementia is the second leading cause of death in Australia and the number of people living with dementia is expected to triple over the next

20 to 30 years,â&#x20AC;? Mr Bliss said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Exercise improves the health of our heart and blood vessels in our body, and weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re exploring if it can also improve the health of small blood vessels in the brain that are responsible for the delivery of nutrients the brain needs to function at its best. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Our research team believes that if we can improve the health of these vessels, then we may be able to prevent or slow the progress of cognitive disorders, such as dementia.â&#x20AC;? Mr Bliss said they were looking for more than 130 volunteers, aged 50 to 80, to participate in a 16-week trial at USQâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new Clinical Research

Facility at Ipswich. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We are seeking older adults who are not physically active but are keen to see if aerobic exercise, such as fast-paced walking, can help them make a lifestyle change and improve their health and wellbeing,â&#x20AC;? he said. Participants will be divided into two different groups: an exercise group and a waitlist control group. Participants in the exercise group will exercise up to four times a week for 16 weeks under the supervision of an accredited exercise physiologist. The study will bring together a team of experts in medical pathology, exercise science, cardiovascular physiology, psychology and biomedical science. The team will use cutting-edge diagnostic equipment and non-invasive techniques to assess blood vessel and cognitive function, as well as basic health tests. To get involved in the study, or to learn more, contact Edward Bliss at edward.bliss@ or phone 4631 1488.


Queensland Health

Have you had a breast screen yet? Are you overdue? Please donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t put it off â&#x20AC;&#x201C; make an appointment today

Early de detection saves lives. es. If you are a woman over 50 Phone 13 20 50 for your FREE breast screen or book online at breas east sc www.b Brisbane City â&#x20AC;˘ Chermside â&#x20AC;˘ Keperra â&#x20AC;˘ Kippa-Ring â&#x20AC;˘ Indooroopilly â&#x20AC;˘ North Lakes

Breast Cancer! The words that no lady ever wants to hear but unfortunately so many do. The good news is, survival rates are improving due to better screening procedures, community awareness and medical advances. Many breast cancer survivors choose the reconstruction path, but for those who donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no reason why you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t look beautiful in your own clothes. Gone are the days where a mastectomy patient has to settle for second best in terms of look and fit. No being uncomfortable all day in a poorly fitted bra and definitely no more â&#x20AC;&#x153;frumpyâ&#x20AC;? lingerie ever! Firstly, breast forms, which have come a long way in recent times. There are literally dozens of shapes, weights and sizes to choose from which will match your remaining breast perfectly. There are also breast forms that can be used whilst swimming or exercising, so your lifestyle doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have to change. Post mastectomy wear such as lingerie swimwear sportswear and casual wear have also gone

ahead in leaps and bounds in terms of support style and comfort. There are many beautiful colours and designs available. The other good news is that the federal government will cover the cost of your breast prosthesis up to $400, per breast every 2 years for the rest of your life. Many private health funds also cover the cost of post mastectomy garments. The key to enjoying your fitting, and looking beautiful in your own clothes again, is to have a professional fitting by a trained lingerie and prosthesis fitter. At Tracey G Prosthetics and Lingerie Maroochydore and East Brisbane the team are Amoena trained and certified fitters and wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be satisfied with your new look unless you are. Additional services include surgical garments and lingerie for ladies with larger bust sizes. Tracey G Prosthetics and Lingerie are now located in East Brisbane at 976 Stanley Street East. Contact the store on 0466 828143 or go to

Have you previously undergone u-7b-ŕŚ&#x17E;om=ou_;-7-m7m;1h1-m1;uÄľ oÂ&#x2039;oÂ&#x2020;moÂ&#x2030;;Â&#x160;r;ub;m1;-7uÂ&#x2039;loÂ&#x2020;|_Ĺ&#x2039;*;uov|olb-Äľ *;uov|olb-bv|_;lov|1ollom1olrŃ´b1-ŕŚ&#x17E;om bmr-ŕŚ&#x17E;;m|vÂ&#x2030;_o_-Â&#x2C6;;_-7u-7b-ŕŚ&#x17E;om|o|_;_;-7 -m7m;1h-u;-=ou|_;|u;-|l;m|o=1-m1;uÄş "-Ń´bÂ&#x2C6;-uÂ&#x2039;YoÂ&#x2030;l-Â&#x2039;1omŕŚ&#x17E;mÂ&#x2020;;|o7;1Ń´bm;=ouÂ&#x2020;r|o v;Â&#x2C6;;u-Ń´lom|_v-[;uu-7bo|_;u-rÂ&#x2039;Äş$_;u;-[;uġ vol;u;1oÂ&#x2C6;;uÂ&#x2039;bvrovvb0Ń´;Â&#x2020;r|oĆ?Ć&#x2018;|oĆ?Ńś lom|_v-[;uu-7bo|_;u-rÂ&#x2039;7;r;m7bm]om|_; u-7b-ŕŚ&#x17E;om7ov;u;1;bÂ&#x2C6;;70Â&#x2039;|_;v-Ń´bÂ&#x2C6;-uÂ&#x2039;]Ń´-m7v -m7|_;Â&#x2C6;oŃ´Â&#x2020;l;o=v-Ń´bÂ&#x2C6;-uÂ&#x2039;]Ń´-m7bm1Ń´Â&#x2020;7;7 bm|_;buu-7b-ŕŚ&#x17E;omC;Ń´7vÄşoÂ&#x2030;;Â&#x2C6;;uġ];m;u-Ń´Ń´Â&#x2039;ġ Â&#x160;;uov|olb-7;Â&#x2C6;;Ń´orvbm|o-mbuu;Â&#x2C6;;uvb0Ń´;ġ Ń´b=;Ĺ&#x160;Ń´om]ruo0Ń´;lÄş u;Â&#x2039;oÂ&#x2020;Â&#x2030;bŃ´Ń´bm]|or-uŕŚ&#x17E;1br-|;bm-v|Â&#x2020;7Â&#x2039;|o blruoÂ&#x2C6;;|_;v-Ń´bÂ&#x2C6;-uÂ&#x2039;YoÂ&#x2030;=ou|u;-|l;m| o= uÂ&#x2039;oÂ&#x2020;|_Äľ )b|_|_;u;7Â&#x2020;1;7v-Ń´bÂ&#x2C6;-YoÂ&#x2030;ġb|1-Â&#x2020;v;v -11Â&#x2020;lÂ&#x2020;Ń´-ŕŚ&#x17E;omo=7;m|-Ń´rŃ´-tÂ&#x2020;;-m7bm1u;-v;7 u;|;mŕŚ&#x17E;omo==oo7r-uŕŚ&#x17E;1Ń´;v0;|Â&#x2030;;;m|;;|_ġ ruoloŕŚ&#x17E;m]u;1Â&#x2020;uu;m|1-ub;vÄşov|u-7b-ŕŚ&#x17E;omġ |_;v-Ń´bÂ&#x2C6;-r-m70Â&#x2020;@;u1-r-1b|Â&#x2039;bvŃ´oÂ&#x2030;;u;7ġ ruoloŕŚ&#x17E;m]]uoÂ&#x2030;|_o==Â&#x2020;m]Â&#x2020;vġ-m7b7--Ń´0b1-mvġ -vÂ&#x2030;;Ń´Ń´-v-11;Ń´;u-|;7|oo|_Â&#x2030;;-uġ7;m|-Ń´ ;uovbom-m7bm=;1ŕŚ&#x17E;omÄş

v-Ń´bÂ&#x2C6;-|;v|bv-m;Â&#x160;1;Ń´Ń´;m|Â&#x2030;-Â&#x2039;o=0;bm]-0Ń´;|o b7;mŕŚ&#x17E;=Â&#x2039;r-ŕŚ&#x17E;;m|vÂ&#x2030;b|_|_bvr-uŕŚ&#x17E;1Â&#x2020;Ń´-uruo0Ń´;lġ -m7b|ruoÂ&#x2C6;b7;v|_;=u-l;Â&#x2030;ouh-uoÂ&#x2020;m7Â&#x2030;_b1_ Â&#x2039;oÂ&#x2020;ul-m-];l;m|1-m0;0-v;7Äş Step 1: Saliva test is at the beginning of your treatment Step 2:"-Ń´bÂ&#x2C6;-|;v|-[;u|_;1oÂ&#x2020;uv;o= Â&#x2039;r;u0-ub1Â&#x160;Â&#x2039;];m$_;u-rÂ&#x2039;Ĺ?$Ĺ&#x2018; Step 3:"-Ń´bÂ&#x2C6;-|;v|-|vbÂ&#x160;Â&#x2030;;;hv-[;u|_;;m7 o=|u;-|l;m|o=$ u_ml-uÂ&#x2020;m]ġġ"ġ ,ġbv|_; ubm1br-Ń´mÂ&#x2C6;;vŕŚ&#x17E;]-|ou=ou);vŃ´;Â&#x2039;Â&#x2039;r;u0-ub1Äş

=Â&#x2039;oÂ&#x2020;Â&#x2030;oÂ&#x2020;Ń´7Ń´bh;|o0;bmÂ&#x2C6;oŃ´Â&#x2C6;;7bm |_bvv|Â&#x2020;7Â&#x2039;oum;;7lou;bm=oul-ŕŚ&#x17E;omġ rŃ´;-v;1om|-1||_;=ub;m7Ń´Â&#x2039;|;-l-| );vŃ´;Â&#x2039;Â&#x2039;r;u0-ub1Äš Phone 07 3371 6033 l-bŃ´u;1;rŕŚ&#x17E;omĹ Â&#x2030;;vŃ´;Â&#x2039;_Â&#x2039;r;u0-ub1Äş1olÄş-Â&#x2020;


07 3371 6033 Authorised by the Queensland Government, William Street, Brisbane.


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RESIDENTS of De Paul Manor Estate Retirement Village were on a sightseeing trip when they stopped for lunch at the same venue as another tour group in Mudgeeraba. A lady from an adjacent table asked one of them where they were all from “De Paul Manor Estate” was the reply. She then asked “What’s it actually like there as I keep hearing about that village?” The resident questioned turned to her fellow lunch companions and asked, “What do we think of De Paul Manor” to which they all raised their arms and shouted out “WE LOVE IT!!”. When we ask our residents why they love it – replies include great activities,

awesome facilities, lifelong friendships, retaining their independence and modern apartments. They love that transport is provided to the local shopping centres every week, they keep fit in the pool winter and summer or work out in the gym or can just relax and take in a movie every Tuesday afternoon without having to leave home. The lady at lunch has since organised to see for herself what her fellow diners were all so happy about. Call Sue Benseman, community coordinator on 0429 198 576 or (07) 5582 799 au and


For those looking to escape the hustle and bustle and retire in idyllic surrounds, Samford Grove Retirement Village is an ideal option. The Samford community is just 20 kilometres out of Brisbane but feels like a hinterland retreat thanks to its scenic bushland backdrop and sweeping valley views. Residents have every convenience at their fingertips, with Samford Village and its offering of shops, services, cafés and attractions just a short walk away. The village offers maintenance-free, independent living and has a friendly, social atmosphere, with regular activities 28 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / July 2019

28.indd 2

and social events available for those who choose to take part. Construction will start soon on a range of villas and apartments, along with a brand new clubhouse containing dedicated resident facilities including a swimming pool, cinema and bar. Villas will be available in a range of unique floor plans with two or three bedrooms, a large kitchen with stone bench tops, expansive living and dining room flowing to an outdoor entertaining area and either a single or double garage. Set atop the Homestead, the apartments will offer one or two bedrooms, an open plan kitchen, dining and living space, modern bathroom and laundry and a large balcony with spectacular views. To learn more, come along to Samford Grove’s Retirement Living Expo from 1-3pm, Tuesday 23 July at 18 Camp Mountain Road, Samford. Guest speakers will cover everything you should know before moving to a retirement village and visitors can also chat to residents and take a tour. Register your interest at or by calling (07) 3289 3372.

HOUSING OPTIONS JUST GOT BETTER CARSELDINE Gardens, on Brisbane’s northside, is offering an affordable and flexible accommodation option. Previously operating under the Retirement Villages Act, the village has recently been deregistered and is now a Freehold Strata Title, allowing the option to buy or rent a 1 or 2 bedroom villa in a purpose built village, owned and operated by specialists Liberty Senior Living. “There is a shortage of flexible and affordable accommodation options for seniors, particularly in metropolitan areas that give easy access to services. Carseldine Gardens offers an affordable environment designed for seniors who are downsizing, working or not. And they will be paying substantially less than for a similar property in the same post code.” says sales manager Sarah Sinclair. “You have a freehold title to your villa, modest body corporate fees and the usual outgoings associated with any normal property ownership. Plus you can

benefit from any capital gain without costly exit or entry fees.” she says. One-bedroom villas start from $292,500 or two-bedroom villas are available for less than $307,500. Internal upgrades packages are available. There are also community services available such as on-site management, a community bus and community centre. Rents start at $340 per week and if you are in receipt of an age pension, you may be eligible for additional rental assistance. Call 0402 462 071 or visit

MAKE DECISIONS ABOUT YOUR LIFE ON YOUR TERMS IF you’ve helped move an elderly relative into care, you know it can be a huge undertaking. A growing number of baby boomers are learning from the experiences of supporting their own parents and are choosing not to travel that same path. New residents of Wesley Mission Queensland’s Rosemount Retirement Community at Sinnamon Park, Norm and Marjorie Gough, are a case in point. “Mum lived independently for 20 years but had become increasingly isolated in her home and neighbourhood, yet still couldn’t be convinced to move into retirement living,” Norm said. “An incident with an intruder became a catalyst for the move, and she was so happy with her simplified, but very social new life, and couldn’t understand why she hadn’t done it 10 years earlier when she was more mobile. “Marjorie and I were determined not to

do the same thing. We thought very carefully about this next phase of our lives and got organised, downsized and made the move that was right for us. “We didn’t want decisions to be made for us because we were too old to make them ourselves or too buried in the stuff we’d accumulated throughout our lives.” Marjorie agrees recalling how she’d been overwhelmed with emotion when she stepped into their beautiful new apartment at Rosemount. “It was like the weight of the world was lifted off our shoulders and the whole process was so easy. We worked hard and planned well and felt like we could now embrace our new stress-free life in a safe, friendly and wonderful community,” Marjorie said. “And we can honestly say, we haven’t had a moment of regret.” Call 0417 661 912 to secure your perfect retirement lifestyle.

RETIREES ENJOY A RESORT LIFESTYLE ALL YEAR ROUND THE idea of living a resort lifestyle all year round seems to have caught on. Whether home or away, retirees are seeking that “relaxed holiday feeling”, every day. With a tranquil rainforest setting, vibrant social scene and an awardwinning $4 million leisure centre precinct at its heart, Nature’s Edge Buderim offers an affordable resort lifestyle for over 50’s. Residents enjoy a wide range of social activities with an ever-growing calendar filled with daily activities, from happy hour on the rainforest deck to table tennis, movies in the state-ofthe-art cinema, line dancing and craft groups. You’ll need a diary to keep up.

Affordable luxury in the Buderim foothills is possible. Right now, securing your dream home is even more affordable, with Nature’s Edge Buderim offering up to $20,000 cash back on a range of selected homes only. But hurry, this offer is limited and conditions apply*. If you’re ready to enjoy resort-style living with up to $20,000 in your back pocket, call one of our lifestyle advisers on 1800 218 898, visit naturesedge or email info@ *Offer available only on unconditional contracts signed by 31 July 2019 on a selected range of homes. Brisbane

20/06/2019 12:22:57 PM


Hydrogen gas ‘game changer’ With all the talk and talk these days about all-electric vehicles perhaps it’s also time to consider fuel-cell electric vehicles, writes BRUCE McMAHON.


uel-cell vehicles, developed by the likes of Hyundai and Toyota run with tanks of hydrogen which, combined with oxygen, produces onboard electricity for electric motors. Out the tailpipe dribbles water. Now Hyundai’s NEXO, a road-ready, hydrogen-powered SUV already on sale in Europe, is slotted for sale in Australia. It’s been labeled ‘a game-changer’ in Britain. Autocar magazine credits Hyundai as “a world leader in advancing alternative fuel technologies, and developing them to production maturity before its rivals”. NEXO’s electric motor produces 135kW and gets its power from an under-bonnet fuel cell stack which combines outside air with hydrogen from three high-pressure storage tanks. An electrolyte, cathode and anode produce a DC current to drive the motor, and charge the battery, while water vapour is the only ‘waste’; Hyundai reckon it’ll run more than 650 kilometres with full tanks, refuelled in a matter of minutes. As a pioneer FCEV, the Nexo isn’t cheap - some suggest prices north of $85,000 when it lands here. There are advantages - better range, quicker refuelling for instance - over electric cars. There are disadvantages -

higher costs just yet and refuelling infrastructure. Yet is it easier to have hydrogen stored in Thargomindah or an extra power station? Plus another 240-volt outlet 300 kilometres back down the track? Toyota also have FCEVs in sight and prototypes driven across Los Angeles four years ago proved quick enough to refuel and keep up with the cut-and-thrust of freeway traffic. And very quietly too. Back then the LA hydrogen price was

mandated at about twice that for a gallon of petrol, but with at least twice the mileage at a conservative 88 kilometres per kilogram. Despite the issues, FCEVs are the right solution at the right time, according to the US National Fuel Cell Research Centre’s director Scott Samuelsen. Professor Samuelsen accepts that the combustion process, which turns fuelbound energy into thermal energy, has provided useful power for 80 per cent of

the world’s transportation and power generation for decades. But it has also given us carbon emissions and greenhouse gases, some 90 per cent of the world’s pollutants, and uses around 90kg of oxygen per tank of fuel. FCEVs, he says, are 66 per cent efficient at releasing energy from fuel compared with a petrol engine’s 16 per cent efficiency and electric-petrol hybrids — and hydrogen-burning combustion engines — at 32 per cent. Fuel cells date back to 1842 but there was little development until the 1950s-1960s space age, when these became a perfect fit for space exploration. Today Professor Samuelsen believes fuel cells are “ kind of the only business model which will survive for a vehicle production company”. Fuel cells are already used across the US to power forklifts and some buses. Studies of California’s refuelling needs have found that motorists, given cars with better fuel consumption, would need just 15 per cent of current filling stations. Professor Samuelsen says in the real world it’d be more like 30-35 per cent. (As long as there’s one in Thargomindah so we can get to Innamincka.)



Celebrate life and all its possibilities NOT TO BE MISSED! COME ALONG AND BE INSPIRED

(Fashion Parade only)

VENUE 114 (formerly known as Lake Kawana Community Centre) 114 Sportsman Parade, Bokarina

For more information please visit or phone Tanya on 0407 748 773 WITH THANKS TO OUR EVENT SPONSORS:


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Seniors love-in returns to Logan Always fun and entertaining this year’s Logan Loves Seniors event is shaping up to be the best one yet.


ouncil will celebrate Logan Loves Seniors Day on Tuesday 20 August 2019 at Logan Entertainment Centre. There will be more than 40 exhibitors and a number of workshops which promise to inform visitors about the services and products available to our senior residents. There’ll be everything from garden and cooking workshops, yoga and Zumba sessions and free massages.

This year’s edition will also feature a concert by the Carpenters from Kempsey, a tribute to the great brother/sister duo behind such hits as Yesterday Once More, A Kind Of Hush, Rainy Days and Mondays, Ticket To Ride and Close To You. The Carpenters From Kempsey have toured extensively throughout the capital cities and regional centres of Australia, playing to sell-out seasons at venues including the Crown Casino Melbourne,

Star City Casino Sydney, Empire Theatre Toowoomba, Queenbeyan Performing Arts Centre, Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre and two sell-out seasons at the acclaimed Adelaide Cabaret Festival. They have also been headline acts aboard The Dawn Princess, Sun Princess, 3DFL¿F6XQDQG3DFL¿F'DZQFUXLVH ships. Another must see will be the crowning of The City of Logan’s Senior Ambassador for 2019. The Senior Ambassador award gives the winner recognition for their service to the community and the opportunity to inspire others to make Logan an even better place to live. Additional to this annual event, Logan City Council is dedicated to helping our Seniors live their best lives through a UDQJHRISURJUDPVDQG¿QDQFLDOFRQFHVsions. The discounts include the Council Cab service which enables pensioners to travel from their home to the nearest major shopping centre for only $2 per person each way and pensioner remissions and concessions for rates. The Live Well Logan program as well as library and environment activities are another way Council is helping Seniors engage positively with the world around them. For more information on the Senior Ambassador and the Logan Loves Seniors event, visit: / logan-loves-seniors



Tuesday 20 August, 2019 FREE Seniors Expo

FREE tea and coffee. Lunch available for purchase

Gala entertainment

Activities, stalls and workshops from 9am to 1pm

Featuring the Carpenters from Kempsey at 9.30am and 1pm Tickets on sale now.

Nominations for Senior Ambassador 2019 are open till 21 July. Nominate online today:

Logan Entertainment Centre 170 Wembley Rd, Logan Central 3412 5626 |


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KATE CEBERANO AND PAUL GRABOWSKY TAKE TRYST ON THE ROAD WITH FIRST STOP QPAC Kate Ceberano and Paul Grabowsky are taking their first duo recording Tryst, on the road, with Brisbane the first stop on Friday 16 August in Queensland Performing Arts Centre’s (QPAC) Concert Hall. The Tryst tour is a very personal and intimate journey into words and music by two of Australia’s most respected musicians reinterpreting some of the great love songs of our time. Kate and Paul deliver stripped back, soulful renditions of songs that have influenced them both at some point in their lives. Released by ABC/Universal Music Australia in early May this year, Tryst debuted in the Top 40 on the ARIA Physical Album Chart. The repertoire on the Tryst Tour will be as diverse as love itself – from 60s pop with Cilla Black, to 80s Aussie rock with the Divinyls, and flirtations into jazz and chanson along the way. Don’t miss the chance to catch these two powerhouse musicians bare their hearts and souls in QPAC’s Concert Hall for one night only Friday 16 August 2019. Visit: for ticket info.

My Brilliant Divorce is the radiantly witty and warm personal account of Angela, who seeks to take on the world after a divorce that she was the last to see coming. The show was a hit on London’s West End when it starred Dawn French (Vicar of Dibley, French and Saunders). Angela recounts her journey back to happiness, using a wonderful mixture of comedy and pathos. Now a new Australian production is touring across the nation starring Mandi Lodge, one of the country’s most popular and in-demand actresses. “With one in three marriages in Australia ending in divorce most people in our audience will either have been or know someone who’s been through it,” said Mandi, star of the show. “As with any upheaval, people can find funny things happen amongst the drama, and it

is those lighter moments that help us get through and find perspective. Our show works as either a funny, heartfelt time in the theatre, or it can give people a chance to recognise the ups and downs of divorce and hopefully feel a bit better about those moments, and laugh at some of the sillier stuff that goes on,” added Mandi. After her sell-out performances in Always … Patsy Cline and Shirley Valentine, Mandi Lodge is looking forward to returning to the Redland Performing Arts Centre (RPAC) stage on Friday 9 August at 7.30pm, as she knows the RPAC audience “love a good laugh, but also have a thoughtful, caring side. Tickets are $39-$47 and can be booked by calling the RPAC Box Office on 3829 8131 or by visiting www.rpac. (booking fees are $4.30 by phone and $5 online per transaction).

HANDEL’S ANTHEMS & FIREWORKS TRIUMPHANT, rousing, glorious! Handel’s first Coronation Anthem Zadok the Priest is Baroque music at its most bold and breathtaking. Written for the Coronation of George II at Westminster Abbey on 11 October 1727, this stirring anthem has been performed at every British Coronation since. Performed with the triumphant Music for the Royal Fireworks, Handel’s Coronation Anthems are among the

great composer’s most beloved works and will sparkle on the Brandenburg stage with pomp and pride. As a very special treat, internationally acclaimed Baroque oboist Emma Black will return from Vienna to perform a musical jewel: Handel’s sublime Oboe Concerto No. 3 in G minor. Brisbane 30 July. Visit www.qpac.

On Sunday 4 August, Queensland Symphony Orchestra presents Sounds from the Deep, a relaxed Sunday morning concert in the beautiful QPAC Concert Hall. Enjoy some of music’s most famous depictions of water – from Handel’s sprightly Water Music, to Tchaikovsky’s mesmerising Swan Lake, and Johann Strauss Jr’s Beautiful Blue Danube. This concert also features world renowned Queensland guitarist Karin Schaupp in a not-to-be-missed performance. Hosted by the entertaining Guy Noble, this is a beautiful way to spend a Sunday. Book at sounds-deep

DNA DOWN UNDER SEMINAR HAVE you ever wondered about getting your DNA done and tracking your family history? By coming along you’ll gain a clear understanding of DNA and how it can help you further your research using a new tool. In addition to learning about Y-DNA and mtDNA, we’ll learn about the newest tool available to genealogists, autosomal DNA. Genealogists can use these tools together with traditional research to explore their ancient ancestry. DNA enthusiasts will discover valuable secrets to help solve family mysteries. You will have the opportunity to meet other researchers. Even though our 18th and 19th century ancestors have been dead for decades, their DNA still survives in their descendants. Learn how to use autosomal DNA to attack and potentially solve genealogical mysteries and brick walls for ancestors who were born or lived in the 1800’s, 1700’s, and beyond. We’ll also examine some of the ways that leaders in the field have attacked or solved their 18th and 19th century mysteries using autosomal DNA. Wednesday 14 August. The QB Centre at 53 Prospect Road, Gaythorne. Book online at: www.dnadownunder.





I N C LU D E S M US I C BY H A N D E L • TC H A I KO VS K Y • B R I T T E N J S T R A U S S J R • W E S T L A K E • S M E TA N A


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Lady Beatle starring UK-born, Australian stage and screen star Naomi Price is a rollicking magical mystery tour soundtracked by The Beatles’ biggest chart toppers. Flanked by a live band, Price transports audiences to 1960s Liverpool. Taking the audience along for the ride, she riffs off the cuff and invites them to join in the big numbers, and ultimately has them dancing in their seats at the show’s epic, mega-mix finale. Fans of The Beatles will love discovering all their favourite hit songs again, all with Price’s fresh and original interpretations and unique behind-the-scenes

glimpses into the lives of the Fab Four. Lady Beatle proved a runaway hit when it premiered at La Boite in 2017, drawing a full house and standing ovations. With tremendous heart and charm, world-class musicianship, striking design and a triumphant central performance from Price, this will be one show you won’t want to miss at Redland Performing Arts Centre on Thursday 22 August at 7.30pm. Tickets are $38-$50 and can be booked by calling the RPAC Box Office on 3829 8131 or by visiting (booking fees are $4.30 by phone and $5 online per transaction).

MUNCH ON GOOD FOOD MONTH GOOD Food Month presented by Citi returns to Brisbane in July. The Night Noodle Markets at South Bank from July 24 August 4 will once again be packed with exciting and oh-so-fresh Asian-influenced flavours. There’ll be returning favourites such as Hoy Pinoy, Gelato Messina, Shallot Thai, Bangkok Street Food, What the Pho, Bao Wow, Bao Brothers, Twistto & Waffleland, as well as some new stallholders. The much-loved Let’s Do Lunch presented by Church Road series returns, opening up Brisbane’s lunch offerings at Good Food Guide hatted restaurants, for a specially curated price of $45 including a glass of Church Road, beer or soft drink throughout July. Friends of Good Food Month also returns, which sees a whole host of the city’s favourite restaurants offer unique food events.

appointed GOMA’s executive chef in May 2018 and is inspired by the creative environment of the gallery, so for something truly unique, we decided to hold this special collaborative dinner in the gallery itself. Heading the kitchen at GOMA are chefs Matt Blackwell and Michael Bickford, who previously worked alongside each other at Peter Gunn’s Ides Restaurant. It was during their stint in Melbourne that Matt and Michael shared their mutual admiration for the iconic two-hatted Lûmé Restaurant. There are certain characteristics that John Rivera’s food at Lûmé shares with one-hatted GOMA; both are edgy, creative, and have a spirit of experimentation about them. The team at GOMA and Rivera are a match made in creative culinary heaven. Tickets include six courses with matching wines and beer supplied by James Squire.

GOMA x Lûmé | Gallery Of Modern Art | Friday, 12 July, 7.30pm | $160 Douglas Innes-Will was

Young Chefs Lunch presented by Citi | OTTO | Sunday, 14 July, 12.30pm | $155 They are the future Marco

Redland Performing Arts Centre presents The Little Red Company & Critical Stages Touring production of

Pierre Whites and Stephanie Alexanders; the up and coming generation of talented young chefs, and it’s their time to get the spotlight. Join three of the hottest rising chefs from Brisbane’s top restaurants as they take over the kitchen at OTTO under the guidance of head chef, Will Cowper. Tickets include three courses with matching wines and beer supplied by James Squire. Adam Liaw at Donna Chang | Donna Chang | Thursday, 4 July, 6.30pm | $180 Adam Liaw, television host of Destination Flavour and author of five cookbooks, knows a lot about Asian cuisine. He’s a walking Wikipedia on food, and he’s inviting you on a cultural and culinary journey at Brisbane’s coolest, and tastiest, modern Chinese restaurant, Donna Chang. After his two sell-out Canberra Good Food Month events in March, we anticipate tickets will sell out quickly. Tickets include six courses with matching wines and beer supplied by James Squire.


JULY 2019 PROMOTIONS Saturday July 20 Champions Jackpot Daily 1.15pm & 2.50pm 13 x $300 Games, 2 x $2000 Trebles + FREE Champions game $2000 treble

7.30pm & 9pm 14 x $300 Games, 2 x $1500 Trebles Kitty Kash $10,000 in calls + FREE Champions game $2000 treble

Friday July 26 Christmas In July 7.30pm – 9.00pm – 10.30pm 13 x $1,000 Trebles, 1 x BSG Rewards, $2,000 in House Prize, 1 x $5,000 Treble, 1 x $10,000 Treble + Night Owl



A kaleidoscopic journey through the Beatles’ most monumental hits The producers of the sell-out shows Rumour Has It and From Johnny to Jack return to the RPAC stage with their latest must-see smash-hit.





If you loved Shirley Valentine you will adore the irresistibly funny ‘stand-up tragedy’ My Brilliant Divorce!

Redland Performing Arts Centre – Concert Hall


Tks: $38-$50 via 3829 8131 or

Redland Performing Arts Centre - Concert Hall

Booking fees: $4.30 by phone & $5 online per transaction

Tickets: $39-$47 via 3829 8131 or

Info Line: 3340 3961 76 Mt. Gravatt Capalaba Rd Upper Mount Gravatt Phone: 3340 3960 32 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / July 2019

32.indd 2

Booking fees: $4.30 by phone & $5 online per transaction

Created by Adam Brunes & Naomi Price. Originally produced by La Boite Theatre Company. Photo: Dylan Evans.


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The WORLD in Your Hands

Travel in Your Time

Beach holidays with Aussie appeal their Sino-Portuguese architecture, Chinese shrines and tea houses. The town seems to house mainly elderly people who sit chatting in front of their homes or walk or ride bicycles to the local market. It is very much a laid-back attraction but if history or architecture have any interest to you, it is easy to spend several hours wandering around.

Little Amazon cruises on small inflatables offer a host of beauties


t was once one of the fastest growing tourism areas in Thailand. Then it was hit by a massive tsunami. Now it is a charming retreat from the hustle of Phuket. With excellent accommodation options, several interesting attractions, and a growing reputation in the trade, Khao Lak is proving to be an appealing destination for many Australians. Before you go, you need to understand the pros and cons of this destination. The pros are nice beachside resorts, white sandy beaches, a laid-back vibe ideal for relaxing, and some enjoyable attractions. The cons are the spread-out nature of the area, a lack of tourist transport, little nightlife, and limited shopping opportunities. Perhaps the last two are actually pros! Here is what makes the area appealing to me. LITTLE AMAZON At the Little Amazon entrance. The sign says “Welcome to Thailand river jungle version of the Amazon. Here you will

experience ancient Banyan trees, exotic animals, and other beauties Thai nature has to offer.” Perhaps this is overstating it a little bit but the one-hour trip in small inflatable canoes with a paddler/guide was fascinating. You cruise slowly through the swamp and you can see monkeys, egrets, monitors, mangrove snakes, and mud crabs. The huge banyan trees with their spreading roots are quite spectacular. Unfortunately, our trip was dampened by a heavy tropical downpour but in fine weather this would be a photographer’s paradise. OLD TAKUA PA TOWN Well known to local tourists but largely shunned by foreigners, the old Sri Takua Pa district, located about 7 km south of the main Takua Pa town, features picturesque old architecture that comes from Takua Pa’s glory days as a tin mining and port centre. Both sides of the main Si Takua Pa Road that bisects the old town are dotted with period buildings conspicuous by

KHAO LAK BEACHES The Khao Lak beaches are the main reason why many people choose this tranquil area of Phang Nga Province as their holiday destination. Khao Lak Beach is the most southerly developed strip of sand and this gives its name to the whole area from here to Banglut Beach many kilometres to the north. Stately trees line the edge of the beach and a headland blocks this beach from its neighbours to the north. The most peopled beach is Nang Thong Beach - La On Village. The half-dozen resorts that front the beach have sea-view pools so some guests don’t ever make it all the way to the sand. Bang Niang, immediately to the north, is the second most populous beach. There are a few longtail boats here, while resorts overlook the beach, and basic-butcheap Thai restaurants and massage huts are found nearby. Further north again, Khuk Khak Beach, with only a couple of resorts tucked among the pine trees and palm groves, runs north to Pakarang Cape. POLICE BOAT MEMORIAL Nothing brings home the power of the 2004 tsunami better for me than seeing Police Boat 813 that was swept 2km inland and is still sitting on site, now as a memorial. This boat and another that sunk killing all on board was anchored about a kilometre out at sea as a


Khao Lak, Thailand – Now recovered from a devastating tsunami, LEN RUTLEDGE finds it good for a relaxing beach holiday, perfect as an attractive retreat from the bustle and noise of Phuket.

Police Boat Memorial protection to members of the Royal Family holidaying in Khao Lak. Adjacent is a two-storey International Tsunami Museum created by an American university in association with the local authority. A visit here helps to put things in perspective and your entrance fee and anything you buy contributes to help the local community. The Ban Nam Khem Tsunami Memorial Centre is further north near the coast in an area that suffered very badly. Unfortunately, this doesn’t appear to be well managed and some visitors are quite disappointed in the faded photographs and cracking concrete. ACCOMMODATION We stayed for several nights in the excellent Khao Lak Laguna Resort which fronts the Andaman Sea. The resort has villas and extremely large well-furnished rooms set in delightful gardens. There are several restaurants, a spa with excellent service, two beachfront swimming pools, gym, sports facilities and a lounge with evening entertainment. There is some budget accommodation but this tends to be away from the beach. GETTING TO KHAO LAK There are buses and vans from Phuket International Airport. It takes about 45 minutes to reach the main part of Khao Lak. There are also buses travelling the long route 4 from Bangkok. Feature supplied by:

MOST FREQUENT & DIRECT SHARED SHUTTLE SERVICES DELIVERED TO THE DOOR! ✔ To/from Brisbane Airport to: • Brisbane Hospitals • Transit Stops • Gold Coast Hotels



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• Brisbane Hotels (CBD) • Cruise Terminals • Sunshine Coast Hotels

Book Online Phone

1300 CONXION 2 6 6 9 4 6

10% OFF YOUR TRANSFER* to redeem use Promo Code:



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“Gorilla” – apparently the first time the word was recorded was circa 500BC by a Carthaginian explorer whilst on an expedition along the west African coast. The name was derived from Ancient Greek Γόριλλαι, meaning ‘tribe of hairy women’. I contemplate this as I have sat amongst a family of these

huge, impressive, awe-inspiring and yet nurturing, compassionate and gentle great apes. We had set out into the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, hiking through the low clouds and immediately the scene was set for “Gorillas in the mist”. Several hours later we sat with the troop as they casually went about their daily business, almost oblivious to us only metres from them at times. A youngster descended from a tree right next to us – we had been totally unaware he was even above us – then ran across and lay in a huddle with his mother and two other troop members. But it hadn’t started out so calmly. We had been hiking about three hours and were aware the troop were very, very close. The porters were instructed to stay behind, whilst the tourists moved forward. I was at the back of the group, only an armed ranger behind me. I was concentrating on something and felt the ranger push and move very quickly. I turned to find the alpha male gorilla standing less


than two metres away, the armed ranger was hiding behind me! It certainly set my pulse racing. I froze and avoided eye contact. For what seemed like an age we stood like that, but this obviously satisfied him and he slowly strode off. You are strictly limited to one hour with these magnificent animals – an hour is certainly not enough, but it is a priceless experience and it is an hour that you will have etched in your memory forever. For more information visit

WHERE did I put the keys? how much for meals? How do I find the way to the museum/rental car/airport etc, which accommodation is best? The list of questions when planning a holiday goes on and on. That’s where hosted tours come in. Whether you want to cross the country by rail, uncover hidden gems in the outback and/or cruise your way up the Queensland Coast, with a hosted holiday you simply enjoy the ride. So let’s look at the many reasons that make hosted tours a great holiday option. Fully inclusive Hosted tours normally include flights, hotels, transportation, transfers to the airport/hotel, most meals and sightseeing. With no more than a couple of nights in each location, tours are designed to fit a whole lot of interesting things along the way and prices include much of the sightseeing and regular out of pocket expenses. Sit back, relax and let someone else organise all the details for you. Fully hosted

Hosted tours give you the opportunity to travel and feel much safer as there is always someone there watching out for your interests. Everything is much more enjoyable when you don’t have to worry about costs, schedules, what to see and do and trying to find things. When two’s a crowd Single travellers will want a single rooms and associated options whilst still having the opportunity to enjoy amazing experiences with like-minded people. Including many other single travellers. It’s a great way to meet people and make new friends. Safe and secure Great Value Holidays is a family owned, Australianbased business whose customers can talk directly with the owner operators at any time. No offshore call centres. They also include free travel insurance with every tour. Visit www.great or call them on 1300 722 661

GREATT MIGRATION N 2020 0 TANZANIA A I 10 0 Dayss I Maximum m off 14 4 guests Sean n Luess from m Journeyss Worldwidee willl bee leading g thiss exclusivee safarii in n Februaryy 2020.. Join n Sean n and d thee Tanzanian n based d Wildlifee Explorerr team m on n thiss ten n dayy African n journeyy . Photographicc opportunitiess likee no o d ass youu witnesss thee calving g season n off overr a million n wildebeestt and d zebraa ass theyy otherr willl bee presented pausee from m theirr greatt Migration n trekk in n thee world d famouss Serengeti.. Visitt thee animall rich h haven n off thee Ngorongoro o Crater,, thee famouss elephantt herdss off Tarangire Nationall Parkk and d thee beautifull Plantation n Lodge.. Simply losee yourselff in n thee stunning g scenery,, romancee and d adventuree thatt Eastt Africaa hass to o offer.. Phone: +61 7 3221 4788 I Email: 34 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / July 2019

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Europe River Cruising 2020 E! E R F Y L F BINS,

ALL CA ES!# T ALL DA A Travelmarvel river cruise brings you more of Europe, in premium comfort and style. Simply unpack once and discover Europe at your own pace, as we perfectly balance comprehensive inclusions and free time.



Highlights Amsterdam • Cologne • Brühl • Rüdesheim • Miltenberg • Würzburg • Bamberg • Nuremberg • Regensburg • Passau • Melk • Dürnstein • Vienna • Budapest Add a Paris and Prague city stay from just $2,695*pp! Departs 30 November 2020

15 days from $5,595*pp

All river cruises include Premium cruising – Travel onboard one of Travelmarvel’s Classic or Contemporary Class river ships • Expert services of a Travelmarvel Cruise Director and Entertainment & Activities Coordinators • Key sightseeing – Visit the must-see sights with expert local guides and enjoy Travelmarvel’s unique Insider Experiences for an in-depth discovery • All meals with a choice of onboard dining options and soft drink, beer and local wine included with lunch and dinner • Transfers, port charges, tipping and Wi-Fi

BOOK WITH YOUR LOCAL TRAVELLERS CHOICE AGENT CITY CBD - SAVENIO - 3368 3733 NORTH Clayfield - CLAYFIELD TRAVEL PROFESSIONALS - 3862 1215 • Margate - TRAVEL REDCLIFFE PENINSULA - 3889 3999 Stafford - DISCOVER TRAVEL & CRUISE - 3356 0600 • EAST Carindale - CREATE TRAVEL - 3736 0040 • Cleveland - LATITUDE CRUISE & TRAVEL - 3286 7900 WEST Corinda - HERMAN’S TOURS & TRAVEL - 3379 6255 • Forest Lake - CREATE TRAVEL - 3279 9144 • The Gap - DISCOVER TRAVEL & CRUISE - 3300 5300

*Conditions apply: Prices are per person twin share ex AUS in AUD unless otherwise specified. Prices are correct as at 18 Jun 19 & are subject to change without notice & availability at time of booking. Seasonal surcharges & single supplements may apply, & prices may vary due to currency fluctuations & changes to taxes & surcharges. Advertised price is inclusive all discounts & savings (if applicable). Valid for new bookings only & not combinable with any other offers unless otherwise specified. Price based on EUTC15: 30 Nov 20 departure (Cat. E Contemporary Class). #FLY FREE: Flights are based on wholesale economy airfares in (W) Class with Singapore Airlines or an airline of Travelmarvel’s choosing. Includes taxes of up to $300pp from SYD/MEL/ADL/BNE/PER. Fly Free is not offered for Land Only Journeys. +EARLY PAYMENT DISCOUNT: Price includes Early Payment Discount of $400pp. Tour must be paid in full 10 months prior to travel. Limited suites on set departures are available and are subject to availability. DEPOSITS: A first non-refundable deposit of $1,000 pp must be paid within seven days of booking. Further conditions may apply. Booking, credit card & cancellation fees may apply. ATAS No. A10430.

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o.1.1 NNo





COOKTOWN Step back in time to where Captain Cook ran aground. Cooktown later it became a bustling port, exporting gold with 47 licensed pubs. Visit Cairns, Port Douglas and The Daintree. 8 Days from $1490* Departing 21 Sep Plus applicable discount rail fare*

COWBOYS/CAVES See Cowboys in action at Texas Longhorn Ranch, visit Historical Charters Towers, Caves at the incredible Undara Lava Tubes and Castle Ruins of Paronella Park. 8 Days from $1390* Departing 12 Aug Plus applicable discount rail fare*

Travel the scenic cost of Queensland in comfort and revel in it’s highlights including: Mossman Gorge & World Heritage listed Daintree National Park. You’ll also visit the Great Barrier reef aboard luxury catamaran, Green Is, Magnetic Is, Airlie Beach & the Whitsundays. Townsville, Cairns & Port Douglas. 10 days from $1,990. Departing 3rd Aug. Plus discount rail*

GULFLANDER ADVENTURE Travel the Gulf Country of northern Qld aboard the legendary Gulf & Savannahlander Trains. Visit the Atherton Tablelands, Georgetown, Cobbold Gorge, Finnegans Rest & Mt Surprise and traveling back to Cairns on the through lush tropical rainforest aboard the Kuranda Scenic Railway. Departs 31 Aug & 14 Sept. 10 Days from $2,490 Plus applicable rail fare*


* TO

CANBERRA FLORIADE & BLUE MOUNTAINS Tulip Time in Bowral — one of Australia’s oldest & best loved floral Festivals and The Canberra Floriade — Australia’s biggest celebration of spring — showcasing a million flowers throughout Canberra’s Commonwealth Park. 7 Days from $1,990. Departure Dates: 28th September 2019

ECCENTRIC LIGHTNING RIDGE The most unique mining town in Australia, Lighting Ridge boasts with over 100yrs of opal mining history. Fossick for your own treasure on lands that 100mil years ago dinosaurs roamed. Visit Museums, Mines and Caves and even an artesian pool! 5 Days from $1,390 Departing 16 Sep

TOTAL TASMANIA Tasmania, “the Island of Inspiration” is an island of dramatic coastlines, quaint villages, convict-built heritage and magnificent food and wine. Incl Hobart, Port Arthur, Derwent Bridge, Tamar Valley, Beauty Point, Cradle Mt & Gordon River Cruise. 11 Days, $3,490. Departure Dates: 26th October 2019



etting sail from Amsterdam to Budapest and vice versa, Travelmarvel’s most popular European Gems River Cruise showcases the history and ever-changing scenery of Europe from the comfort of their premium river ships. In 2020, Travelmarvel’s Contemporary Class river ship will set sail on Europe’s waterways for the first time. This stylish vessel has been custom-designed specifically for Europe’s waterways and features a terrace garden, rooftop bar and heated whirlpool located on the sun deck. Another new addition is McGeary’s Bar, offering pub-style meals in a relaxed and social atmosphere. The ship’s 91 spacious cabins feature a host of superior inclusions such as recessed blackout blinds, ensuring the perfect night’s sleep. The middle and upper deck cabins feature wide horizontal electric windows which create a French style balcony when lowered, making the most of cabin space no matter the weather. The new ships will be joining the Travelmarvel Diamond and Jewel on Europe’s waterways, both of which have been fully refurbished in 2018, sporting a modern and fresh feel. Onboard all of Travelmarvel’s

European Gems river ships, dinner in the fine-dining restaurant is a fourcourse affair, where regional specialties are always featured. Or if you would prefer, a lighter buffet option is also available in the lounge. No matter where you choose to dine, dinner is always accompanied by regional wine and beer, as well as soft drinks. Both the main restaurant and Vista Lounge feature floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows on board Travelmarvel’s Contemporary Class ship. What’s more, the Vista Lounge’s bi-folding windows open out to the front verandah, allowing for uninterrupted airflow and outdoor access. When it comes to sightseeing, Travelmarvel focus on giving you more choice and with their newly introduced Flexi-Tours, you’ll be able to experience all of the must-see sights, while still enjoying plenty of free time to explore independently. Set out on a guided city tour, indulge in a bit of retail therapy, head to a local vineyard, or grab a bike and explore. For more information or to book your Travelmarvel 2020 Europe river cruise, contact your local Travellers Choice consultant today on 1300 78 78 58 or visit

Featuring more than 1200 performers from around the world. The Sydney show, will blend a thrilling mix of music, ceremony, military tradition, theatre and dance. Combined with a 2 night visit to the Blue Mountains including Jenolan Caves. 5 Days, $2395pp, Single add $450 Departing 14th Oct incl. return flights to Sydney

PERFECT HOLIDAY with Travellers Choice

CAIRNS CHRISTMAS CAPERS Cairns, Kuranda, Port Douglas, Mossman Gorge, Daintree River Cruise, Sky Rail, Reef Casino Xmas Lunch, Dundess Restaurant, Harbour Cruise 8 Days from $1590, Single add $400 Departing 21 December Plus discount rail*

* On all tours up to $3,000 value

A GOLDEN COAST CHRISTMAS Gold Coast, Broadwater Cruise, Mermaid Beach, Tweed River Cruise, Xmas Day Lunch at The Star Casino, Coolangatta, Byron Bay, Mt Tambourine, Lunch at St Bernards with magical views over the Gold Coast. 5 Days from $1,590, Single add $400 Departing 23 December

Visit Visit or phone 1300 7221300 661 722 661 or phone Terms and and conditions conditions apply: apply: See See website Terms website for for details. details.

Our Industry Partner:


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As Australia’s leading network of accredited, independent travel agents, Travellers Choice can offer you a world of experience. • Tailor-made holidays • Cruise holidays • Flights & accommodation • Escorted tours

• Car rental & rail passes • Travel insurance • Group bookings • Travel money & visas

Contact your local Travellers Choice agent (refer pg ăĆ) or visit ATAS No. A10430


20/06/2019 12:34:26 PM


5 3 9 4 6 8 1 2 7

K L V B S O C X Y GW I J 15















Q F H A P Z NM R E U D T 3










4 2 6 9 7 1 8 5 3

7 8 1 2 3 5 9 4 6

3 7 2 8 5 9 6 1 4

6 4 8 7 1 3 2 9 5

1 9 5 6 4 2 3 7 8

9 6 4 3 2 7 5 8 1

8 5 7 1 9 6 4 3 2

2 1 3 5 8 4 7 6 9

Secret message: Time to wake up



acme, ahem, amen, calm, came, camel, cameo, CHAMELEON, clam, coma, come, enema, helm, holm, home, lame, lemon, loam, loma, mace, macho, male, mane, manhole, meal, mean, n, ha, melon, menace, moan, mocha, mole, name, nome, omen

1. John Farnham; 2. Red; 3. Mongolia; 4. Victoria; 5. West; 6. Anh Do; 7. 14,000km; 8. 171; 9. Two; 10. Mate; 11. Foolish; 12. Dean Lukin; 13. Winter; 14. Plane; 15. Tsonga; 16. Shakespeare; 17. Eruption of Mount Vesuvius; 18. Big Top; 19. Church; 20. Metronome.

View over 50 homes at

2 4 5 3 6 7 9 1 8



1 8 7 9 4 5 3 2 6

Call Kelvin 0423 028 468

6 3 9 8 1 2 5 7 4




Cobaki Broadwater - Tweed Heads West

4 1 2 7 5 3 8 6 9

Call Kelvin 0423 028 468


9 7 6 4 8 1 2 5 3


There may be other correct answers

139 Minjungbal Drive Tweed Heads South Phone (07) 5523 3431 Mobile 0423 028 468

Mr Property Services Noble Lakeside Park - Kingscliff


8 5 3 6 2 9 7 4 1

1. Which singer had an album called Whispering Jack? 2. What colour is the shell of a cooked mud crab? 3. In what country is a traditional camp called a “gur” or a “yurt”? t”? 4. Daniel Andrews has served as premier of which Australian state? 5. A person is facing south and then turns 270 degrees anticlockwise. ckwise. What direction are they facing? 6. Who is the artist in the TV series called Brush with Fame? 7. What is the approximate least distance to circumnavigate Australia: 14,000km; 20,000km or 30,000km? 8. What is 250 minus 79? 9. How many scapulae does a normal human have? 10. The texting abbreviation “M8” means what? 11. Complete the saying: “penny wise, pound …” 12. Who is the only Australian to have won an Olympic gold medal in weight lifting? 13. In Australia, in what season is the end of the financial year? 14. What kind of transport is a Tiger Moth? 15. What is the family name of the French tennis player with the given names Jo-Wilfred? 16. What playwright was known as the Bard of Avon? 17. What momentous event occurred in Europe in AD79? 18. What is the name of the main tent in a circus? 19. Seats called pews are usually found in what building? 20. What pendulum-like device keeps time in music?

7 6 4 5 9 8 1 3 2


5 2 8 1 3 6 4 9 7

With Quizmaster Allan Blackburn

3 9 1 2 7 4 6 8 5


Tweed Broadwater - Tweed Heads Sth

Palm Lake Resort - Banora

Call Kelvin 0423 028 468

$ 339,000

Call Kelvin 0423 028 468



Mr. Property Services was established over 10 years ago to offer a professional and dedicated service at reasonable rates to the 'Buyers' and 'Sellers' of manufactured homes located in Lifestyle Villages and Residen al Parks in the Tweed Valley and the southern p of the Queensland Gold Coast. Mr. Property Services’ primary goal is to provide “a home for every budget”, and has the most extensive range of homes at Lifestyle Villages and Residen al Parks located from Carrara, north of the border, down to Po sville, south of the border. Mr. Property Services has over 40 homes ranging from $59,000 to $376,000 located at 15 Lifestyle villages and Residen al parks, “we are confident that we will have a home for you!”


37.indd 3


19/06/2019 3:43:12 PM







3 6 7 9 11 13 15 18 20 21 22 23 24

Man servant has no time for Glen? (4) Ah, the wonder of some uncultivated land (5) The informal reverend left the voyager to his mystical exercise (4) The old guitar makes a “booty-ful” sound? (4) It’s the get up and go that makes the U.S. post fasten up (3) Initial subtraction makes nine a few less! (3) They are not professionals yet they are as mature as they should be? (8) Somehow learnt to be patient (8) Mixed alcoholic drink for an outdoor picnic spot (3) Admirer cools off (3) Artificially coloured whirlpool spins around (4) Having the necessary courage to read out the challenge (4) Expressions for employment periods (5) Ships in the deep blue (4)

2 3 4 5 8 10 12 14 16 17 18 19 21

No. 2551

The evil lady disguises her house (5) Look at part of the potato (3) I was in a daze, hard pressed and confused. Yet I took the risk (8) Tending to slap about the higher places (4) Dug up Navaho axe head and found it wasn’t what it seemed (4) What he ate, somehow (3) Bounces back about the limits (8) Element found in the environment (4) Three of them, sightless and without tails, according to the song (4) Only a few of the many are chosen, no matter which (3) The time of this present revolution? (5) Treasure lost in Waterloo triumph (4) Australian air force gets about at a distance (4) Chicken thief’s home to a nasty end (3)


No. 024






























The leftover letters will spell out a secret message No. 024



SUDOKU Level: Medium


A story filled with love, loss and adventure. It is a history that is priceless to family. It is a history that usually relies on faded memories, tired photographs and unreliable anecdotes. All those pieces of the jigsaw can be put together to make one big, beautiful, flowing narrative – A LIFE STORY Michael Taylor has written his own memoir, & six books for Sunshine Coast locals...biographical tales of creative non-fiction that create a legacy for future generations Talk to Michael about preserving your own true history

Ph: 0413 994329 38 YOUR TIME MAGAZINE / July 2019

38.indd 2

6 1 8

9 2 3 5 1 5 8 9 2 7

Copyright © Reuben’s Puzzles Refer to the website for a cryptic solving guide.

everyone has a story

2 8

No. 828

4 5


4 7 3 1 4 2 7 6 8 3

LOVE YOUR TIME? Your Time’s growth and success has been remarkable. However if you want more news, stories and entertainment, the best thing you can do is...

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Your Time Your premier 55+ magazine


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No. 3652


No. 024

Today’s Aim:


17 words: Good 25 words: Very good






34 words: Excellent


Using the nine letters in the grid, how many words of four letters or more can you list? The centre letter must be included and each letter may only be used once. No colloquial or foreign words. No capitalised nouns, apostrophes or plural words ending in “s”.


ACROSS 1 5 9 10 11 12 15 17 18 19 20 22 23 26 27

Biking (7) Keepsake (7) Come together (3) Chance (11) Objects of worship (5) Unspoken (6) Keenness (6) US state (7) Merriment (3) Section of a book (7) Water-surrounded land (6) Half-conscious state (6) Wildlife (5) Purchase order (11) Help (3)

28 Reading or copying machine (7) 29 Carefree (7)

23 Conclusive (5) 24 Weapons (4) 25 Prefix meaning water (4)

7 8 13 14 16 18 21

Level: Easy

No. 827

5 7 9 4 2 9 6 7 3 1 7 5 5 6 7 8 6 3 2 6 4 9 3 5 7 1 5 1 3 4 6 WORK IT OUT!

Complete the list by changing one letter at a time to create a new word at each step. One possible answer shown below.

DOWN 1 2 3 4 5 6



Awareness (10) Informal (10) Golf clubs (5) Plaster ingredient (6) Sharpshooter (8) Indian Ocean nation (9) Metal fastener (4) Ornamental quartz (4) Knowledge of words (10) Female servant (10) Exaction (9) Limit (8) Acme (6)


_____ _____ _____ _____ PORKY July 2019

Deal Directly With The Crematorium No Middle Man Mark Up Or Delay Best Price Guarantee Contact us today for more information


39.indd 3

PHONE 07 5575 5141

Ph: 1300 137 988


20/06/2019 12:35:12 PM

Affordable luxury in the Buderim foothills.

New display homes now open

Ready to move now? Secure one of a limited selection of exclusive homes by 31 July 2019 to receive up to $20,000 cash back.* Right now, Nature’s Edge Buderim over 50’s lifestyle community has a limited range of brand new homes ready to move in from now until the end of August. At Nature’s Edge Buderim, residents enjoy a resort lifestyle, with a $4 million Leisure Centre at the heart of the village. Just a quick walk from home, swim laps in the heated indoor 20-metre swimming pool, catch a movie in the boutique cinema, play a game of bowls on the true-roll synthetic green or enjoy Happy Hour on the rainforest deck.


$20,000 CASH BACK*

The homes are architecturally designed to make the most of the tranquil rainforest setting and feature high end inclusions and free-flowing designs.

Lot 93 – $549,000 less cash back 2



+ Multi-purpose room

Call now to arrange a personalised tour. But hurry, the cash back offer is limited!

No exit fees No stamp duty Keep 100% of capital gain

Lot 101 – $589,000 less cash back 2



+ Multi-purpose room

Visit our new display homes any day at 25 Owen Creek Road, Forest Glen Open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm Saturday 10am-4pm, Sunday 10am-3pm *Terms and conditions apply. Offer available only on unconditional contracts signed by 31 July 2019 on a selected range of homes. IMAGES: Display homes, for illustrative purposes only.

40.indd 2

Telephone 1800 218 898

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Profile for My Weekly Preview

Your Time Magazine Brisbane - July 2019  

Welcome to Your Time magazine, your 55+ baby boomers to seniors magazine on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. We hope you enjoy the read and...

Your Time Magazine Brisbane - July 2019  

Welcome to Your Time magazine, your 55+ baby boomers to seniors magazine on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. We hope you enjoy the read and...