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PREVIEW Not so sweet experts say aussies are eating more sugar than they realise

Rosie Batty

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A pass to Coolum Skyline Ferris Wheel ON THE COVER Domestic violence campaigner Rosie Batty. Story, page 10.

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Like most of us, I was already familiar with the name Rosie Batty before I interviewed her recently ahead of her upcoming visit to the Sunshine Coast. The Victorian mother became a household name when her son was tragically murdered by his father in 2014. I have read many articles about the brave domestic violence crusader over the years, but I will admit that preparing to chat with her personally about such a difficult topic was quite daunting. As a mum of three myself, I can’t even begin to image the trauma of losing a child. Yet somehow this remarkable woman has found the strength and courage to speak out against domestic violence and become a beacon of hope and a voice for those who need it most.

As I spoke with Rosie, it reminded me just how strong the human spirit is and what we can do to make a positive change if we work together. Turn to page 10 to read her inspiring story. In other news, we take a look at the hidden sugars in everyday foods that may just surprise you, plus we bring you seven pages of the latest health and wellbeing news and expert advice. You’ll love our style pages this week, packed with fabulous fashion, beauty products, jewellery and more. As always, we bring you right up to date with what’s happening on the Sunshine Coast as well as all the latest local news. Until next time, stay safe and enjoy the read!

Ingrid Nelson

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Revealed:The hidden dangers in our food

9 POPULAR FOODS THAT ARE SURPRISINGLY HIGH IN SUGAR Low-fat yoghurt – Low-fat products such as low-fat yogurts often contain added sugar to enhance flavour. A single cup can contain about 11 teaspoons of sugar. Tomato sauce – It is one of the most popular condiments worldwide, but a single tablespoon of ketchup contains nearly one teaspoon of sugar.

We are what we eat and a worrying trend towards higher levels of sugar and artificial sweeteners in packaged products indicates our national food regulations aren’t working, as a recent study shows.

Fruit juice – There can be just as much sugar in sugar-sweetened fruit juice as there is in a sugary drink such as Coke. Choose 100 per cent fruit juice when possible.


ustralians are inadvertently consuming more sugar and sweeteners than they were 15 years ago, as manufacturers hike up the amounts they slip into foods and drinks. The levels of added sugars in packaged foods across the Asia Pacific region increased by 39 per cent between 2007 and 2019, a study by Deakin University found. Over the same period, the amount of artificial sweeteners in drinks increased by 47 per cent. That’s a cause for concern when it comes to people’s health, lead researcher Cherie Russell says. “People may think that artificially sweetened food and drinks are healthier than sugar-sweetened products, but these additives are also linked to poor health outcomes, including weight gain, changes to the gut and even cancer,” she says. “You only find artificial sweeteners in ultraprocessed foods, which is ‘junk food’.” Drinks being loaded with artificial sweetener does not correlate with a drop-off in the amount of sugar in them,

the study found. Rather, added sugars in drinks increased by 14 per cent in the Asia Pacific over the study period, showing companies are increasingly using sugars and artificial sweeteners in their products. That was also the case for packaged food, in which the level of artificial sweeteners increased by 39 per cent.

“Eating sweet food can influence our palates and encourage us to want more sweet food” “In the main, food companies are using more artificial sweeteners in their products but they’re not using less sugar,” Ms Russell says. “This is a worrying trend as eating

sweet food can influence our palates and encourage us to want more sweet food. “It is of particular concern for children who are still developing their lifelong taste preferences.” The findings reveal national food regulations, which are designed to reduce the amount of sugar in people’s diets, are not working, Ms Russell says. World-wide, added sugars in packaged foods increased by nine per cent over the study period, while they decreased in drinks by 12 per cent, reflecting a significant drop off in the United States. Artificial sweeteners increased by three per cent in food globally, and by 36 per cent in drinks. WORDS: Daryl Higgins, Australian Catholic University and Sophie Havighurst, University of Melbourne. This article originally appeared at

Sports drinks – Sports drinks can often be mistaken for a healthy choice. However, a standard bottle of sports drink will contain about nine teaspoons of sugar. Flavoured coffee – The amount of hidden sugars in these drinks can be staggering. A large flavoured coffee drink can contain about 11 teaspoons of added sugar per serving. Iced tea – Most commercially prepared iced teas will contain about the same amount of sugar as a bottle of Coke. Protein bars – Many contain around 20 grams of added sugar, making their nutritional content similar to that of a chocolate bar. Cereal – Many breakfast cereals – even those marketed towards children – are loaded with sugar. Canned baked beans – One cup of regular baked beans contains about five teaspoons of sugar.

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A work of fiction

Do you remember? The PDA

Did you know? English, Portuguese, Latvian, Pashto and Greek all sound very different today, but these languages all have a common ancestor called Proto-Indo-European. Though we don’t have any written examples of it, linguists have worked backwards from a variety of modern languages to try to reconstruct it. Using their reconstruction, the sentence ‘The king wanted a son’ would be written as ‘H3rḗḱs súhxnum u̯l ̥nh1to’.

The forefather of the modern mobile phone, the personal digital assistant (PDA) offered limited access to a lot of modern capabilities we’ve come to expect, including internet access, word processing, touchscreen functionality and more. They quickly became obsolete when smartphones started to gain favour, but before that time they were a firm favourite with businesspeople across the world.

By the numbers Bram Stoker was an Irish author who is now best remembered for his gothic horror novel Dracula. Partially set in Transylvania, a mountainous region in central Romania, the story cemented the legend of the vampire in mainstream European and American culture. Despite Stoker’s many world travels, he never visited Eastern Europe – and, by virtue, Transylvania – at all.


1914 – Britain declares war on Germany. Seen by many as the decision that began the First World War, Britain declared war on Germany after Germany refused to accept its ultimatum of getting out of Belgium. 1944 – Anne Frank is captured. One of the most well-known figures of the 20th century and a victim of the Holocaust, 14-year-old Frank and her family were captured and arrested by the Germans from their hiding place in Amsterdam. 1983 – A military coup in Upper Volta installs Thomas Sankara, a captain in the Upper Volta Army, as its president. A year later, he changed the name of Upper Volta to Burkina Faso.

Quote of the week “But man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated.” – Ernest Hemingway

Today in history – August 4

The cheapest new car on the market in Australia is the Mitsubishi Mirage ES.

$3.6 billion The costs of the new Queen’s Wharf development in Brisbane.

$40 million Australian company Boost Juice sells more than 40 million juices per year.

Word of the day Pathos Refers to some element of an experience or of an artistic representation that evokes compassion or pity.


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Breaking the

silence Speaking with My Weekly Preview ahead of her visit to the Sunshine Coast, domestic violence crusader Rosie Batty says much more work is needed to ensure the safety of survivors. Words: Ingrid Nelson.

Rosie Batty, and inset, Rosie’s son Luke


osing a child is every parent’s worst nightmare, but when their death is at the hands of someone who is supposed to love and protect them, it’s almost impossible to fathom. Rosie Batty’s horrific story of her 11-year-old son’s tragic death eight years ago sent shockwaves around Australia and the world. Her only child, Luke was murdered by his father in front of horrified bystanders during cricket practice in their hometown of Melbourne. Since then, Ms Batty has used the unspeakable tragedy to become an outspoken and dynamic crusader against domestic violence, winning hearts and minds all over Australia with her compassion, courage and grace. During the past eight years she has spoken about a lack of communication between services, about public perceptions of domestic violence, about a lack of funding, and about legal procedures that she felt disempowered her ability to protect herself and her son. Her tireless advocacy and bravery have brought the uncomfortable conversation to the fore and forced governments to seriously rethink their approach to tackling family violence. Ms Batty was named Australian of the Year in 2015. Yet still, in 2022, it’s hard to believe that on average one woman a week is

10 My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022

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killed by a current or former partner. So, what has changed in the past eight years? Why are we continuing to read about these shocking statistics and why are men, women and children still losing their lives at the hands of family members and those closest to them? Ms Batty says while there is still a long way to go, there have been some significant changes since she first began her crusade in 2014. In fact, her story was instrumental in the establishment of the Royal Commission into Family Violence in her home state of Victoria in 2015. “When you look at the statistics, it doesn’t look as if anything is improving,” Ms Batty says. “But when my son was murdered and I started speaking out about family violence, it was something we didn’t really talk about. It was like a dirty little secret, it was kept behind closed doors. “But things have changed. We are definitely more aware of family violence; we recognise and understand it more as a significant social issue and we have improved in our responses.” Ms Batty says it’s important to remember, not all domestic abuse is physical, and some types of abuse can be hard to recognise. She says emotional, financial and sexual abuse are just as harmful, and we need to start recognising the warning signs. “We are still grappling with the

different forms of violence and maybe not recognising the risk and danger of the different forms. The term ‘coercive control’ has been highlighted recently by the horrific death of Hannah Clarke and her children,” Ms Batty says. Coercive control is a type of domestic abuse that can be harder to identify than some other types of abuse. It refers to a pattern of behaviours used by an abuser to control their partner and create an uneven power dynamic. It generally involves manipulation and intimidation

“A woman and her children are at their most significant risk of fatality or extreme harm when they are planning to, or have left a relationship” to make a victim scared, isolated, and dependent on the abuser. Ms Clarke, her son and two daughters died when her husband doused them in petrol and set them alight in the Queensland suburb of Camp Hill in 2020. It was later discovered Hannah had suffered years of coercive control at the

hands of her husband and their murder resulted in landmark changes in domestic violence laws in Queensland. Coercive control is set to be criminalised by the end of 2023 as part of a $363 million domestic violence funding package. The Clarke family has set up the Small Steps 4 Hannah Foundation, a charity to help support domestic violence services, educate the community about coercive control, and push for the behaviour to be criminalised nationally. Citing lack of safe accommodation as one of the biggest obstacles facing women who are considering leaving an abusive relationship, Ms Batty says we need to do more to ensure the safety of domestic violence survivors. “Ultimately, one of the biggest obstacles for a woman who is considering leaving is where will she go and how will she afford to live. They are serious considerations, which we now appreciate even more because of the impact of COVID on the rental market, housing affordability and cost of living,” she says. “A woman and her children are at their most significant risk of fatality or extreme harm when they are planning to or have left a relationship.” Focusing her advocacy on primary prevention initiatives such as education from an early age through schools, Ms Batty has spent years trying to end the culture of blaming underlying mental

1/08/2022 2:12:54 PM


WHAT IS COERCIVE CONTROL? health issues or substance abuse as the cause of domestic and family violence. “We need a long-term strategic plan for how we educate communities,” Ms Batty tells My Weekly Preview. “This isn’t a mental health issue; this is a choice. It’s about power, control and revenge. Sitting with that stark reality can be too confronting, so we try to think it’s happened because the perpetrator has mental health issues or drug and alcohol addiction. “We try to explain it away because to think that this was a calculated and planned act is something that is really hard to understand.” Perhaps one of the hardest battles Ms Batty has faced during her crusade against domestic violence is the notion that victims could have done more to prevent the abuse. “What is even more horrible is the people who blame you and that’s inevitably always going to happen,” Ms Batty says. “They believe that in your situation they would do something different and apportion the blame to you because you didn’t do enough. This is something I have tried really hard to challenge.” Despite her horrific ordeal, Ms Batty

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These are just some common ways coercive control might be used in a relationship. • Isolating from friends and family • Monitoring activity • Restricting autonomy • Controlling the body • Degradation • Financial control • Jealousy and possessiveness • Threats and intimidation. continues to be a source of strength and inspiration for survivors of domestic and family violence through her public speaking and says she is grateful to be a voice for Luke so he will never be forgotten and his death will not be in vain. “I still can’t believe people’s kindness and the way they embrace me. I am humbled and amazed.” WomenKind Australia Inc welcomes Rosie Batty and local experts to discuss the issues of domestic violence at an intimate lunch at Noosa Boathouse on Friday, September 2 from 11.30am-3pm. The event is supported by Super Fierce and Noosa Boathouse. Lunch includes two courses and a beverage and an interesting and lively panel discussion. Tickets are $75. For bookings, visit


BY THE NUMBERS • One in six women have experienced physical or sexual violence by a current or former partner. For men it’s one in 16. • One woman a week and one man a month is killed by a current or former partner. • 75 per cent of victims of domestic violence reported the perpetrator as male, while 25 per cent reported the perpetrator as female. • Overall, one in five women and one in 20 men have experienced sexual violence. • One in three clients (29 per cent or about 82,300 clients) seeking assistance from homelessness services said domestic and family violence was the main reason for seeking help. • 41 per cent (or 119,200) of people seeking help from specialist homelessness services in 2019-20 had experienced domestic and family violence. • One in six women and one in nine men experience physical or sexual abuse before the age of 15.

• Of the adults who experienced current partner violence, 86.8 per cent indicated that their child saw or heard violence in the past 12 months. • Around 2.5 million Australian adults (13 per cent) experienced abuse during their childhood; the majority knew the perpetrator and experienced multiple incidents of abuse. • Indigenous people were 32 times more likely to be hospitalised for family violence as non-Indigenous people. • In 2017, the majority of Indigenous assault victims recorded by police were victims of family violence. • People with disability were 1.8 times as likely to have experienced physical and/or sexual violence from a partner in the previous year (when compared with people without disability). • People with disability were 1.7 times as likely to have experienced sexual violence (including assault and threats) since the age of 15. Source:

If you are experiencing abuse or violence there are support services that can help you. If your life is in danger, call 000. For 24/7 domestic violence counselling call the National Sexual Assault, Family & Domestic Violence Counselling Line on 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732).



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BEEFYS.COM.AU My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022 11

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SCBWN July Soiree Featuring guest speaker Caroline Hutchinson, the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network’s July Soiree at Pavilion Mooloolaba was a great opportunity for members and guests to meet and mingle with a variety of talented and inspiring business women to create new connections while also catching up with familiar friends. Images: Empire Art Photography

Leigh Kuryj, Claire Foster

Roz White, Caroline Hutchinson

Lizzie Henebery, Vanessa Nock

Naomi Elliott, Alister Eiseman, Sarah McIntosh

Nichole Hamilton, Paula Gowland, Roxanne McCarty-OKane

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12 My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022

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Cancer fundraiser More than 140 guests gathered for the inaugural Sunshine Coast Head & Neck Cancer fundraiser night at Headland Golf Club recently. The event raised awareness of head and neck cancers as well as much-needed funds. Annette Sym of Symply Too Good was emcee and Reuben Park of Ray White Maroochydore was auctioneer. The event raised more than $13,000 on the night. Images: Supplied Em Rankin, Candice Harvey

Elenore Erickson, Bobbi Walsh, Evelyn Mann Front row: Lorri Carroll, Marlina Carvell

Prue Byrnes, Terri Aitken

Renee Jarrett, Ann-Maree Akeroyd, Rebecca Wiley

Ebony Hetherington, Yvette Adams, Nadia Rosin

Kevin London, Laura London, Jacquie Kittson



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17 Corbould Rd, Coolum Beach

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JUST THE TICKET TO PUT DIVERSITY IN SPOTLIGHT Inaugural hinterland festival aims to bring community together in more than 30 events across four days. WORDS: Caitlin Zerafa.


vibrant first-of-its-kind festival where “everybody belongs” will set a new precedent for diverse and inclusive events in the


The inaugural Rangebow Festival is coming to the Blackall Range from August 10 to 13 and will celebrate togetherness through more than 30 curated events. Across the four days, the program includes pageants, First Nations experiences, symphonies and workshops. Festival director Wayne Parcell has always dreamed of creating a community festival and after suggestions, including a mardi gras, he knew he needed something that was more inclusive. With foundations in diversity, inclusion, sustainability and reconciliation, Mr Parcell says the festival is a vehicle to amplify these themes to people in a way that is not confrontational. “The four festival themes came about because they are central to everyday life and should be celebrated for the value they bring through individuals together for our community,” he says. “It was fundamental that the festival embraces everyone. “No one should be left out. No label, no acronyms – because everyone belongs. “The moment we start using acronyms, we start excluding people, and that would not be inclusive. “This is a chance to foster social

Rangebow Festival artistic director Skye Parker and festival director Wayne Parcell

change that is achieved through entertainment, education and outdoor activities. We can embrace change through lived experience.” Mr Parcell says the festival program – with events in Maleny, Montville, Flaxton, Mapleton and Nambour – reflects the immense diversity of life experiences in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

He says there will be events to cater for everyone and every budget, including in the Enchanted Garden, which will feature in-conversation experiences and entertainment. “Beyond the many free events like The Enchanted Garden, the festival will surprise and delight the foodies with a celebration of Indigenous food and culture in Forage Fire Feast and the

Glasshouse Mountains Dreamtime stories told by a Jinibara man,” Mr Parcell says. “The Pageant of Pineapple Queens and Bunya Kings offers individuals of different ages and abilities the opportunity to participate in drag performance workshops and then parade their creativity and flair on a runway in Maleny. “If you like tennis or bowls, there is a chance to incorporate fun outdoors with entertainment and humour.” The Moonlight Symphony on the Friday will see local primary school musicians, who make up the The Rangebow Children’s Orchestra, play original compositions with the Sunshine Coast Symphony Orchestra. “Music lovers will share a unique creative experience that culminates in an orchestral performance never before experienced,” Mr Parcell says. “For those looking for something a bit racier, the Cabaret events after the Moonlight Symphony will be just the ticket.” There is a Bunya Bears Brunch with Indigenous and multicultural foods for children and families in Montville on the Saturday, as well as free live entertainment throughout the main street of the town. Mr Parcell hopes the Rangebow Festival will become an annual event and is grateful for the continued community support.

For the full program and tickets, visit

superman was raised by foster parents...

are you ready to raise the next

14 My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022

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Specials on sale Wednesday 3rd August until Tuesday 9th August

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Noosa Junction Plaza Cnr Noosa Drive & Sunshine Beach Rd NOOSA HEADS QLD 4567

1 Old Gympie Rd YANDINA QLD 4561

Village Shopping Centre 1 Bingera Terrace CALOUNDRA QLD 4551

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LIFELINE MARKS 40 YEAR MILESTONE Lifeline Sunshine Coast is this month celebrating its 40th anniversary. Launching on August 1, 1982 with a warehouse in Maroochydore and a telephone counselling centre, the service now encompasses 13 retail shops, corporate training, crisis Pam Murphy and Lifeline crisis support and community support trainer Mick Gilbert recovery services. Service lead Pam Murphy says the dedication of volunteers and staff is incredible. “We have trained locals to be fully qualified crisis supporters for 40 years now, which directly helps our community in so many ways.” All Lifeline shops across the region will hold in-store specials through the month. Find you nearest store at For crisis support phone Lifeline on 13 11 14.



To help protect water users across southeast Queensland beaches, the state government is investing $6 million across the next three years to expand the trial of shark spotting drones. The SharkSmart drone trial began in September 2020 in partnership with Surf Life Saving Queensland. Drones were trialled in five locations across the state, including Alexandra Headland and Coolum north. During the program, only three sharks were spotted at Alexandra Headland, while there were zero sharks spotted in the Coolum region. As part of the new investment, the trial area will be expanded to include Noosa Main Beach before the 2022 summer school holidays.

STEP BACK IN TIME TO CELEBRATE THE QCWA The QCWA Beerwah branch has been busy working on a special project to celebrate the Queensland Country Women’s Association turning 100. A 1920s-themed 2023 calendar will pay homage to the organisation’s achievements during the past centenary. The calendars will be sold at the QCWA Beerwah Scone Festival, which will take place on August 11, as well as the Beerwah Tower Green Markets through to December. Funds from calendar sales will go towards future community projects. The Scone Festival, to be held at Beerwah Community Hall, will feature live entertainment, a morning tea with homemade scones, prizes, guest speakers and a scone-baking demonstration. Tickets for the event are available at Search ‘QCWA 2022 Scone Festival’.


HISTORICAL FLIGHT 001 LANDS LOCAL Bonza’s first aircraft touched down at Sunshine Coast Airport on Monday landing a massive coup for our region. In one of the largest launch announcements in Australian aviation history, Sunshine Coast Airport in February was named as the first Bonza base and head office location for the nation’s only independent carrier. The arrival of the first aircraft, which left Seattle on July 29, flew to Honolulu July 30 and then left Fiji on Monday morning, marks a major milestone for the company. It is the first Boeing 737 MAX to be based in Australia and will be part of a fleet of new and fuel efficient aircraft. They will cater for Aussie travellers flying to an initial 17 destinations on 27 routes. Destinations soon to be available for Coast residents include Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Whitsunday Coast, Rockhampton, Coffs Harbour, Melbourne, Port Macquarie, Newcastle, Albury, Tamworth, Avalon, Mildura.


A specialised service providing support to Sunshine Coast victims of sexual violence is receiving $480,000 to keep up with extra demand. Laurel Place in Maroochydore provides counselling and education to adults and children aged over 12. This state government funding is on top of $2.5 million annually provided for the organisation. Attorney-General Shannon Fentiman says the demand increase is a result of police investigations relating to several alleged sexual assault incidents in the area. “This type of violence has absolutely no place in our community. This will ensure the service can continue to deliver appropriate sexual assault support, with two additional counsellors made available over the next 24 months.” For help call the Sexual Assault Help Line on 1800 010 120.

Their spirit. Your love. Our encouragement.

GOING GREEN PAYS OFF FOR COAST BUSINESS An emerging Sunshine Coast business is being recognised across the Tasman for its sustainable innovation. Coolum-based ethical home cleaning brand, Pleasant State, is one of four companies crowned winners at the Trans-Tasman Innovation Pleasant State’s Ami Bateman and Sian Murray with Australian Prime Minister and Growth Awards 2022. Anthony Albanese and New Zealand The annual awards celebrate vision, innovative Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern approach, growth and impact of small start-up businesses in Australia and New Zealand. Since launching in 2020, Pleasant State is now in more than 16,000 homes across Australia and New Zealand and is saving around 85,000 single-use plastic bottles going to landfill.

Pacific Lutheran Early Learning Centre

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16 My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022

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OPENING A PRECIOUS GIFT Wishlist honours philanthropic Sunshine Coast couple as vital centre takes shape.

Wishlist CEO Lisa Rowe with Nola and Roy Thompson


building honouring the philanthropic generosity of a Sunshine Coast couple is set to be unveiled this week as stage one of Wishlist Centre nears completion. The Roy and Nola Thompson Building recognises Mr and Mrs Thompson’s $2 million gift towards the construction of the Australian-first facility in Birtinya, opposite Sunshine Coast University Hospital. The philanthropists say it is the specific services to be offered within the four-level Wishlist Centre that strike a chord with them. “We were particularly inspired by the adolescent and young adult support services the Wishlist Centre will

provide,” Mr Thompson says. “These are our young people and our families – the future of Australia. I believe we all have a role to play in providing a solution to a growing problem. So, Nola and I are proud to give to a project that will help to keep our kids out of hospitals.” Wishlist CEO Lisa Rowe says the milestone in the construction of Wishlist Centre signals the countdown to its much-anticipated opening in November. “It’s really exciting to reach this point and see the project taking shape,” Ms Rowe says. “We’re in the final stages of preparing to open doors to patients and families in the coming months, which has been years in the making. We honour Roy and Nola Thompson by naming Wishlist Centre Stage One after them – the Roy and Nola Thompson Building. “Their incredible contribution to the treatment being offered to Sunshine Coast youth, as well as the many others who will benefit from these services, can’t be overstated.” Wishlist Centre will be Australia’s first facility to offer patient accommodation, primary healthcare and complementary therapies under one roof. Wishlist Centre will include support for cancer patients and their families, a GP service, youth mental health programs, affordable transitionary accommodation and more. A community open day will take place in November for locals to tour Wishlist Centre before its opening. Keep up to date at

Your Mates’ Matt Hepburn and Christen McGarry

CHANGES BREWING IN BEER BUSINESS From humble beginnings in a makeshift garage bar, one of the Coast’s best-known craft beer businesses is about to undergo a frothy expansion. National demand for Your Mates is growing, prompting an $8 million investment to increase beer production and expand the Brewhouse. Mates Matt Hepburn and Christen McGarry began the brewery in 2013 and soon the team will go from brewing one million to five million litres a year. The expansion will see Your Mates take on the lease next door to its current production facility in Warana after a 12-month search. “Not only will the site be able to cater for our future growth to more than five million litres, it will allow us to keep our team under the same roof, which is extremely important to us and our cultural objectives,” Your Mates states in a release. “The additional space is also going to allow us to expand our hugely popular Brewhouse, with the potential to host more functions and bigger music and entertainment events amongst the tanks.”


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18 My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022

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Travel Associates Caloundra 1300 212 896 Travel Associates Mountain Creek 1300 667 603

1/08/2022 3:23:32 PM


WHERE ART AND THE DIGITAL WORLD MEET The Sunshine Coast has made history, becoming the first region in Australia to open a permanent NFT gallery.


n Australian-first gallery has opened on the Sunshine Coast and is unleashing a whole new world of relatively unknown technology forming part of a billiondollar global industry. Meta Collect at Baringa is dedicated to Web3 non-fungible tokens, otherwise known as NFTs. Web3 is a new iteration of the world wide web that supports technology including token-based economics. It also advocates emphasis on user privacy and ownership of data. NFTs are a digital asset that links ownership of unique physical or digital items to a person and these items can include artwork, real estate, music or videos. Often considered as modern-day collectibles, tokenising these real-world assets increases efficiency in trading, purchasing, and selling while lowering the risk of fraud. Meta Collect CEO Kenny Lienhard says the 195-square-metre space has the capacity to exhibit collections as well as host crypto meetups, education seminars and networking events.

About META COLLECT META COLLECT is a Web3 development studio and the creators of Finney, The Crunks, and Mongs NFT brands. The team is also behind the UNDRGRND NFT art brand consisting of a publication and soon-to-launch gamified NFT marketplace. The upcoming $COLLECT ecosystem token will tie their brands together and gamify the UNDRGRND marketplace.

John Williamson, Kenny Lienhard and Jimmy McRae from Meta Collect “The global NFT community is worth billions of dollars, and we are only at the cusp of NFT’s growth as it extends across business, sport, art and the wider community,” he says. “As far as we know this is Australia’s first, permanent NFT gallery, which will

also act as our headquarters for Meta Collect,” he says. “The gallery and event space blends art and technology seamlessly and our goal is to make the Sunshine Coast a hub for both artists and tech enthusiasts.” Mr Lienhard says the gallery is fitted

with market-leading high-quality TokenFrame screens for authenticated NFT art activations and has the ability to exhibit collections from across the globe on demand. Launching the community-driven crypto publication, Cryptowriter, in 2018, Meta Collect has since gone on to create this platform for upcoming NFT artists. The Meta Collect gallery is on Matheson Street, Baringa and open to the public every Saturday from 10am to 4pm or by appointment. Visit

Become a ‘Sun ‘‘Suncarer’ Become a ‘Suncarer’ and go home every day knowing you have made a positive difference. Suncare offers challenging and rewarding roles across a number of positions and we’re hiring now! At Suncare we are committed to making people’s lives better. We are a leading provider of in-home care and health services that enable our customers to live safely and happily at home.

Visit, email Joanna or Sheree at or call the team on 1800 786 227 to find out more.

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My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022 19

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Your Council rate notice should have arrived in the mail or your inbox and payment is due by Friday 19 August. Register now through MyCouncil to receive future rate notices by email and you’ll go in the running to win up to $1000 off your next rate bill. MyCouncil also lets you manage your pet registrations, set up a rate payment plan or make requests to Council.


It’s on the Horizon Horizon Festival is just weeks away, bringing with it 10 days and nights of music, theatre, visual arts and family experiences.


icking off on 26 August, the Horizon Festival will showcase more than 50 free and ticketed events across 25 locations. The performances will be as diverse and unique as the Sunshine Coast itself. Festival Central is The Wonderland Spiegeltent. This opulent travelling pavilion will be located in Cotton Tree Park, offering a huge variety of shows throughout the festival. The Spiegeltent gardens will be home to free kids’ activities and live music every day, giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy the festival. In exciting news, a brand new, world class act has been added to the Spiegeltent program. Circa’s Peepshow will present six shows

throughout the festival, combining thrilling acrobatics and comically playful performances. Audiences can expect teetering towers of balanced bodies, extreme bending, beguiling burlesque and devilishly precarious aerials. Other highlights from the Spiegeltent include the amazing Kate Ceberano, comedy act Steven Oliver and Circus Wonderland. Kids and families are well catered for, with a solid kids’ program ranging from showstopping fun, song, comedy and dance to events that invite children to slow down and connect. You’ll find Justine Clarke from Play School who will sing and dance with her band, Babushka’s Right to Party will present a high-

energy cabaret and Holy Bin Amoley will deliver a riotous comedy sketch for the whole family. You may also choose to press slow mode with creative play from the Wildings Forest School, Creative Bubs with New Dreaming Art or the Horizon Kids family hours. In a wonderful celebration of First Nation’s culture, there are 12 unique events from live music and visual art to comedy and ceremony. And from Eumundi in the north to Glass House Mountains in the south, the vibrant hinterland program brings with it a medley of events from visual art to intimate concerts and celebrates the unique locations of our region. You’ll find all this and much more at

Jump aboard the voodoo train with 55-time Guinness World Record holder The Space Cowboy as he presents his devilish cast in a Buskers by the Lake Side Street Shock Show. International Sideshow Sensations will bend their bodies as they contort your mind, performing side-splitting comedy and dangerous acts of the unimaginable with swords, sparks, flames and power tools. Tickets are on sale now at Venue 114’s website

The 2023 Heritage Calendar Competition is on now and we’re calling for entries

On the Move:

How we travelled the Sunshine Coast

will capture the various ways we travelled, from cars, bikes and boats to skates, trams and trains, maybe even horse and cart! Share old photos of how you got around the Sunshine Coast for a chance to be included in the 2023 Heritage Calendar. A canvas print of your image Invitation to calendar launch event Five complimentary calendars to share with family and friends

To enter visit:

220048K 07/22

Win - Your image included in the 2023 Heritage Calendar 07 5475 7272 20 My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022

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1/08/2022 2:09:01 PM


DID YOU KNOW The latest Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) grant round is open! Funds are aimed at the development of emerging and established artists, creative practitioners and producers and are awarded to projects that align with the Sunshine Coast Arts Plan 2018 – 2038. There are five funding categories and three RADF funding rounds per year with closing dates of 1 March, 1 July and 1 November. For more information, visit Council’s website. RADF is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Council.

FACT Council’s waste collection service picks up 250,000 bins a week! And they want

CONTACTING COUNCIL NOW MADE EASIER You can now contact Council via text message. If you have a simple enquiry like reporting a pothole or a missed waste service, shoot us a text on 0485 813 130 with as much detail as possible. The SMS service is only available during business hours, so if the enquiry is urgent, phone it through to 5475 7272. Visit for more information on how to get in contact with Council.

to get every one right.


So please, put your bins out the night before so yours is not missed. If your bin has been missed, wait until 6pm to report WHAT WILL YOU DO TO #SHINEALIGHTONRACISM? The Sunshine Coast is our home and the uncomfortable truth is that racism exists in our communities. Council has launched a region-wide campaign calling on the community to #DoTheWork to become anti-racist. It is up to all of us to eliminate racism in all forms and to address its impact in our communities. Visit Council’s website to download your free digital assets.

it to Council.

JOIN THE CONVERSATION @sunshinecoastcouncil @councilscc @sunshinecoastcouncil @sunshinecoastcouncil @ @sunshinecoastcouncil


If you’re buying, building or renovating a Sunshine Coast home, then get your hands on the Cool Homes booklet and compass to help you discover what makes a comfortable home all year round. Learn how to take advantage of the climate and create a home that doesn’t need air-conditioning running all summer and heating all winter. Understand the benefit of room orientation and outdoor gardens, building materials to consider and how to maximise light and breezes. Head to Council’s website for your digital copy or Sunshine Coast Libraries for a hardcopy booklet.

FROM THE MAYOR Hi everyone, For a number of years, Council has been working with the Queensland Government and Unitywater to deliver Blue Heart Sunshine Coast. The innovative project is committed to protecting, managing and restoring a 5000-hectare area on the Maroochy River floodplain. I’m extremely pleased to share with you that the Blue Heart project has been successful in securing a $2 million grant through the Commonwealth Government’s Blue Carbon Ecosystem Restoration Grant. The project is one of five successful grant recipients across Australia. As Blue Carbon ‘farming’ is a potential economic opportunity for Blue Heart private landholders, the grant funding provides a timely opportunity to demonstrate Blue Carbon restoration and the associated benefits. This news is great encouragement to the project and reinforces just how important the Blue Heart, one of our major green spaces, is to our region. The Blue Heart is a crucial aspect of achieving our vision of Australia’s most sustainable region – healthy, smart, creative. I encourage you to visit Council’s website to learn more.


Australia Day Awards 2 0 2 3

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My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022 21

1/08/2022 2:10:55 PM



Poppy is petitioning for a ramp at the Mooloolaba playground

POPPY POWER IN ACTION A young petitioner is showing us all how to play advocate for change to ensure access and inclusiveness for all. WORDS: Caitlin Zerafa.


he is only seven, but Poppy is determined to make an inclusive change for people with a disability to access a popular Coast playground. Last week, she submitted a petition, with about 1190 signatures to Sunshine Coast Council to make the play space at Mooloolaba Beach wheelchair and pram friendly. The inspiration came after she burst into tears seeing a child, similar in age to her, excluded from playing with other children as she could not enter the

park. The playground, outside Mooloolaba Surf Club, does not have ramp access. The petition also asks the council to reconsider keeping a children’s playground in the future redevelopment of the Mooloolaba foreshore. There are currently no plans to include a playground between the surf club and Loo with a View, only a chidren’s water play area. Showing his support for Poppy and her campaign, division four councillor Joe Natoli tabled the petition at the council’s Ordinary Meeting, held on July 28.

Poppy, whose full name is Poppy-Evie Oceania, says she is deeply saddened to see that not all children can play at one of her favourite parks. “It’s an idea so that kids with disabilities can go into the park and play with everyone,” Poppy says. “One day, I saw a kid who couldn’t get into the park and it made me feel sad and I got tears in my eyes. Then I saw a man in a wheelchair who could not play with his children.” Poppy’s mother Kahlia says she is extremely proud of her daughter for addressing an issue beyond the means of most primary school students. “When this all happened at the park that day, she burst into tears and asked me to build a ramp,” Kahlia says. “I said I couldn’t build a ramp but that I would write a letter to council. Little did I know that when we went to meet (Cr Natoli), he would jump on board. “Every Sunday, Poppy has been taking this petition down to the park and asking for signatures. I’ve learnt a lot advocating with Poppy in the community. If we listen to our children more and see how they see the world … we could learn a lot as adults.” Cr Natoli says he is amazed by Poppy’s initiative to make a difference. He says while legislation does not dictate a need for greater accessibility, Poppy is sparking an important call-to-action. “It has taken a seven-year-old to point this out to everybody, including myself, that we are aware of the need but have not given it serious thought,” the councillor says. Cr Natoli says he already has an officer looking at the opportunities of enabling disability access to the playground. To support Poppy, the petition is digitally available at Search ‘Access for those living with a disability at Mooloolaba playground’.

SENSES IN THE FRAME Two Coolum community groups have united to help a young visually impaired girl thrive through sensory learning. The Coolum Men’s Shed and Coolum Women’s Shed have come together to create and decorate an accommodating space for the child, who lives in foster care, to use at home. This six-year-old girl was diagnosed with a genetic condition requiring her to use a wheelchair for most of her day. The young girl is also visually and hearing impaired and is flourishing from using a similar sensory frame at her school. Maroochydore-based Life Without Barriers, which works with individuals to reach their full potential, approached both sheds to initiate the project. The Men’s Shed built the frame while the Women’s Shed decorated it with various materials, colours, lights and textures to create an ideal immersive experience. Life Without Barriers youth worker Rebecca Deighton says this new frame will improve the day-to-day life of the six-year-old. “Having a sensory frame at home will allow her to have a great sensory experience when she needs to be in her chair, keeping her entertained and expanding her senses,” she says.

LOCAL NEWS Do you have a news tip? Let journalist Caitlin Zerafa know about it! Phone 5444 0152 or email


wins two top awards

While they might be 1,400km apart, Moffat Beach-based Jewellery designer Rita Williams has a love affair with Winton in Central Queensland. Rita’s designs, which are all manufactured in her studio using ecologically sustainable reclaimed & recycled materials, recently won two first prizes in the 2022 Queen Of Gems Boulder Opal Awards. “Euphoria” an intricate and stunning 18ct gold cuff bracelet featuring Cairns Birdwing butterflies

in boulder opal with Argyle diamond studded orchids, was awarded First Prize in the Professional Jewellery 1B Category. “Enigma” a bold modern design crafted in sterling silver and 14ct yellow gold, Queensland boulder opal and West Australian diamonds proved most popular, securing first place in the People’s Choice category. You can view these award-winning jewellery pieces at Sunstate Jewellers.


SUNSTATE JEWELLERS 22 My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022

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2 Allen Street, MOFFAT BEACH | 5491 1733

Open 9am - 5pm Weekdays. Private appointments available

1/08/2022 3:49:39 PM


WILLS, INHERITANCE AND DECEASED ESTATE LAWYERS FOR 44 YEARS GEOFF LYONS (Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws majoring j g in Wills & Estates)

ENGINEERING INNOVATIVE PATHWAYS FOR NEW-AGE PILOTS A Burnside educator has been named one of Australia’s most inspiring teachers for helping his students soar to new heights through an innovative aviation program. Burnside State High School’s Adrian Casten has been recognised as one of Australia’s most inspiring teachers in the prestigious 2022 Commonwealth Bank Teaching Awards. With a background as a mechanical engineer and a passion for advancing STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education, Mr Casten runs a dedicated STEM Drone Engineering Makerspace.

This allows students design, build and fly drones. The engaging program, which is attracting national attention, has also become the first in Australia to introduce a Certificate III in Aviation – Remote Pilot for its students. “As a teacher, I am proud to be recognised for developing project-based subjects that promote an understanding of STEM industries – in particular, engineering,” Mr Casten says. “This award will go a long way to supporting these subject and leverage interest from the engineering community.”


P: (07) 5491 2422 e: Cnr. Centaur Street & Omrah Avenue, CALOUNDRA

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3/2 Dual Avenue, Warana My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022 23

1/08/2022 4:44:10 PM




Babies born on Kabi Kabi land will now have a special way to connect to country. Buderim Private Hospital is introducing baby milestone cards recognising the Indigenous heritage of the land where the hospital stands. Reading “Born on Kabi Kabi Country”, the new baby milestone cards have been produced in consultation with local Elders and forms part of a pack of other cards given to new parents. Parents are encouraged to use the cards to mark milestones throughout their baby’s first year of life and share photos of their baby’s growth and development with family and friends. New parents Danielle and Curtis Schulz are proud their daughter Maddison, who is one of the first to access the new cards. “We understand how important it is to respect our (region’s) history and heritage and think this will be a wonderful memory for Maddison in the future to reflect on how she was born in Buderim on Kabi Kabi land,” Ms Schulz says. Buderim Private Hospital is part of UnitingCare, which has a reconciliation vision to be culturally responsible and committed to social justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, and be unified, positive and healthy. “For a child or ‘jarjum’, knowing the

LiveLife Pharmacies and Tewantin Noosa Lions Club have joined forces to create and distribute care packs to SunnyKids and support individuals in need. Through the joint initiative Care Packs for Those in Need, more than $30,000 worth of products has been donated from LiveLife Pharmacies across Queensland. Lions volunteers then filled and distributed hundreds of packs, which include essential health care and personal

care products, plus beauty and first-aid items. Several care packs have been presented to SunnyKids to help the men, women and children they support locally, while others will go to small communities across Queensland. “These care packs go a long way for the women and children experiencing hardship that struggle to maintain access to these everyday essentials,” SunnyKids service team leader Alex Comino says.


lands on which they entered the world is powerful and begins their walk with First Nations peoples and culture with small but significant steps of reconciliation and learning,” the UnitingCare Reconciliation Action Plan reads.

A Sunshine Coast TAFE graduate is being recognised for his commitment to achieving excellence in training. After studying cyber security at TAFE Queensland, 34-year-old Jarrad Rogers has won Vocational Student of the Year at the North Coast regional final of the Queensland Training Awards. Mr Rogers completed a Certificate III in Information Technology and a Certificate IV in Cyber Security at the Mooloolaba campus, after making the decision to leave his job of seven years as a civil engineering draftsman to pursue a new career. “While I’d always enjoyed my work, I just found myself wanting a change in direction,” Mr Rogers says. “When I started working in identity protection and helping victims of cybercrime, I had this feeling of: ‘This is what I’m meant to be doing’.” Mr Rogers will now advance to the state finals of the Queensland Training Awards on September 17.

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1/08/2022 3:51:25 PM


Cr Christian Dickson, Division Six

Lisa Rowe, Wishlist CEO Forest Park

Welcoming new projects Sunshine Coast Council’s 2022-23 budget recently delivered an exciting future for residents, and I’m pleased to see a diverse and valuable mix of projects for division six. Among the highlights, I’m grateful to see funding committed towards the new Forest Park West, library and community venue at Sippy Downs, plus significant upgrades to local parks, gardens and cycling and pedestrian facilities.

Bin reminder You may have noticed our new-look waste trucks driving around the streets, as our new waste collection contractor, JJs Waste and Recycling, has started service across the region. Your bins will be collected on the same weekday, but the time may be earlier or later. A friendly reminder to put your bins out the night before your normal collection day. Thanks for your patience during this major change.

Lighting up Chancellor Village New pathway lighting at Chancellor Village will soon be installed. Following the consultation and project news earlier in the year, nine new LED post top lights will provide safe passage through the park for the community. The works are set to be completed this month, weather permitting.

Homegrown hits on the horizon There’s a lot for residents to look forward to at this year’s Horizon Festival from August 26 to September 4. The program is out now, jam-packed with free and ticketed arts events. Book your experience at or follow @ horizonartfest for updates on socials. Don’t forget if you have any questions, please contact me at email: Christian. and follow my Facebook page for regular updates: @CouncillorDickson.

ONE OF LIFE’S GREAT CERTAINTIES IS CHANGE From its humble beginnings in a demountable at the back of Nambour Hospital 21 years ago, Wishlist has faced its fair share of changes over the years. And we continue to change and adapt as we enter a new era of supporting hospital patients and their families, against the backdrop of a burgeoning population with diverse physical, emotional and mental health needs. The ways we’ve raised funds over the years has changed. We’ve also changed how we’ve helped families relying on local hospitals. Gone are the days where the bulk of our funding went towards medical equipment in our hospitals. Much of the $1.8million pledged this year will fund innovative therapy support services and project positions aimed at positively influencing patient care and keeping

people out of hospital. With the support of superb volunteers, we’re continuing to provide comfort to patients, visitors and staff through Wishlist Coffee Houses at Nambour and Gympie hospitals, and affordable accommodation in two centres near Nambour Hospital and Sunshine Coast University Hospital. What’s changing is that in September, we are adding to that provision of service through the new Wishlist Centre opening. The centre will offer more accommodation and primary healthcare options, and support therapies through collaborative partnerships. Put all the pieces together and you start to understand the growth of Wishlist in recent years. While I take long-service leave, our general manager Brendan Hogan will take the reins as acting CEO, leading our organisation through this period of growth and change. That work will continue on my return as our very busy Wishlist team works together on the job at hand – making our charity more sustainable extending our partner network and having greater impact than ever before on the health needs of our community. I know this incredible community will be there with us every step of the way. Thank you for all you do for Wishlist.


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Petrol unleaded, 2.5 Litre 4 Cylinder 4WD sports automatic 4 speed sedan. This car is a credit to previous owner. Full Dealership log book service history with interior & exterior in excellent condition. Great car for travel or around town with good fuel economy and handling.

2012 Holden Commodore


You can’t beat the practicality of a station wagon to get you & the family around in comfort. This car presents extremely well & is great value at $16,990,00 drive away, Dual climate control aircon, 18” alloys, Aux/USB & bluetooth connectivity, Reverse parking sensors.

2012 Honda CRZ ZF MY12 $18,990 2020 Mitsubishi Express Hybrids are all the new craze being powered by both electricity & fuel you get the best of both worlds. This vehicle has been owned by a fastidious lady who has always kept the car garaged & has great service history. Leather trim, climate control aircon, 16” alloys.

$43,990 1965 Ford Fairmont

Diesel 2 Litre 4 Cylinder FWD 6 Speed Sports Automatic Dual Clutch LWB Van. Excellent condition van with current service history, log books & low ks ready for work or camper conversion. Fuel Consumption (Urban) 7.5L/100km, (Extra Urban) 7.2L/100km.


Take a trip back to the 60’s with this beautifully presented XP Fairmont one of 280 built, guaranteed to put a smile on your face everytime your behind the wheel, dedicated gas, fitted with a triflow race radiator, remote central locking, Electric power steering, Verex exhaust system, digital speedo.


25.indd 1

My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022 25

1/08/2022 3:52:21 PM



W H AT ’ S

Aug 5 TAKE A STROLL THROUGH TOWN’S HISTORY Hear the story of the settlement by predominantly Germanic immigrants and their influence on the future of Maleny. Presented by Dale Jacobsen, co-author of Teutoburg to Witta and assistant editor of Aurora, the quarterly journal of the Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition club. When: Friday, August 5, 10-11am. Where: Bankfoot House, Old Gympie Rd, Glass House Mountains. Tickets: Free event. Register via

There’s loads to explore and plenty to do on the Coast, so pop these fun events into your diary so you don’t miss out.

Aug 7

Aug 5

Aug 5 TALENTED ARTISTS ON STAGE IN CLUB BOHEMIA Club Bohemia is about to opens its doors at The Events Centre, Caloundra. The premier music event for St John’s College, Nambour, will hit the big stage on August 5 and is set to be the best Club Bohemia to date. From 6.30pm, a huge variety of performances will take to the stage, including rock bands, orchestras, concert and stage bands, pianists, singer songwriters and many more artists and musicians. When: Friday, August 5, 6.30pm. Where: The Events Centre, 20 Minchinton St, Caloundra. Tickets: $30 via,

Aug 6 & 7

LEARN HOW TO BECOME A BREWER FOR A DAY Join Brouhaha Maleny’s lead brewer, Thijmen, and learn the art of crafting great beer. The Brouhaha Brewery Brewer for a Day is a hands-on experience where participants are invited into the brewery to gain an understanding of processes behind brewing beer. Learn what’s behind brewing a limited-release beer – from milling in the malt in the morning to adding hops during the boil, and finishing off with transferring the beer into the fermentation tank. Throughout the day, experience tasting and pairing sessions, a “Brew and A” session with the lead brewer and a tasty lunch to finish the day off. When: Friday, August 5, 6.30-11am. Where: Unit 5/39 Coral St, Maleny. Tickets: $150, via

JOIN TAYLOR MOSS’S COUNTRY HITS PARTY Heads Of Noosa presents the Taylor Moss Country Hits Party (Sunday session) – a fun-packed afternoon of smoking-hot tunes and ice-cold beers in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Australia’s freshest country pop star Taylor Moss and her band will perform all of her hits (including her latest #1 song Get It Girl). The support acts will be Brisbane country heartthrobs The Wet Whistles and local favourites Col Finley and Gemma Kirby. The massive singalong finale will see the Country Hits Party All Stars perform the biggest Nashville hits. Hosted by Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson. When: Sunday, August 7, 12pm. Where: The Pavilion, Maleny Showgrounds. Tickets: $66.30, via

GOOD FORTUNE FOR YOUR MOUTH Join renowned Melbourne chef Victor Liong as he brings the taste of Lee Ho Fook to The Tamarind in Maleny. Victor will join forces with Daniel Jarrett, of The Tamarind, to showcase the nuances of modern Chinese cookery to celebrate the Curated (side) Plate festival. Guests will enjoy a succulent banquet-style lunch including beverages. When: Saturday, August 6, or Sunday, August 7, 12-3.30pm. Where: Spicers Tamarind Retreat, 88 Obi Lane South, Maleny. Tickets: $295,

weekday special offer rotisserie for two $40 (usually $52) available mon-thurs 5PM-9pm 02%3%.4 4()3 #/50/. 4/ /52 34!&& 4/ 2%$%%- %80)2%3

8 the avenue, birtinya (stockland birtinya) 26 My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022

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1/08/2022 3:59:45 PM


Aug 6

Aug 6

Aug 8-9



Popular surf sports legend and Sports Australia Hall of Fame inductee Kristy Munroe will interview inspiring athletes at the forthcoming Zonta Club of Caloundra Marathon Lunch. The panellists include fourtime Olympian Lisa Weightman and renowned wheelchair athlete Natasha Price, who will both be participating in the Sunshine Coast Marathon this year. Media personality Rosanna Natoli will MC the event. The lunch is being held to raise funds to support women and children escaping domestic abuse on the Sunshine Coast. When: Friday, August 12, 12pm. Where: Alex Surf Club, 167 Alexandra Parade, Alexandra Headland. Tickets: $90,

First Nations voices will come together at the second First Nations SelfDetermination, Representation and Wellbeing Forum at Novotel Twin Waters. The forum will celebrate International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples on August 9. This forum will provide updates, explore best practice, offer case studies and give the community the tools to grow, using a strengths-based approach. Various ticket options are available, including one for the Saltwater Eco Tour. When: Monday, August 8, and Tuesday, August 9. Where: Sunshine Coast Convention Centre, 270 Ocean Drive,Twin Waters. Tickets: Free to $150, via



Arioso Chamber Ensemble will bring its distinctive performances of Baroque music to Caboolture and the Sunshine Coast in the coming months. The ensemble is Judit Molnar (soprano), Margaret Caley (baroque violin), Daniel Curro (baroque cello) and Janet Brewer (harpsichord). The concert program will include JS Bach’s sonata for violin and obligato harpsichord in A, BWV1015, arias by Handel and Telemann, and a cello sonata by Vivaldi. When: Saturday, August 6, 2.30-5pm. Where: Eudlo Hall, 19 Rosebed St, Eudlo. Tickets: $32, via

Get your feet tappin’ and your hands clappin’ at Norton Music Factory’s first Blues Club show – Bronwyn Street Blues. Everyone on this bill is “all killer, no filler”. If you like your blues music with some whisky rock’n’roll flavours, this is the one for you. The talent on show here will leave you wanting more. Coupled with great food and drinks at a top live-music venue, this will be an incredible night out. When: Saturday, August, 6-11pm. Where: Gym Caloundra, 13 Bronwyn St, Caloundra. Tickets: $20, via





























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NIGHTQUARTER My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022 27

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Aug 7

Aug 6

Aug 7 Aug 7 BRUNCH ON THE BALCONY You’re invited to the launch of Mapleton Public House’s Sunday Brunch on the Balcony, with a bonus panorama of the Sunshine Coast. Sit back and enjoy the likes of sourdough crumpets, house-made cottage cheese, cured line-caught fish and pickled vegetables straight from The Falls Farm – all served to share, direct to your table. Cold-pressed juices, Bloody Marys, champagne and coffee and tea will also be on offer. When: Sunday, August 7, 10am-12pm. Where: Mapleton Public House, 2 Flaxton Dr, Mapleton. Tickets: $40 via,

COOL JAZZ COMES TO TOWN Relax into an afternoon of classic saloon bar jazz with acclaimed Australian singer Gregg Arthur and his touring band. His program, with tracks from his recent album of the same name, includes classic jazz standards by Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, Cole Porter, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Michel Legrand and Eden Ahbez, plus new songs written by Gregg Arthur and Peter Locke. When: Sunday, August 7, 2-3.30pm. Where: 23 Maple St, Maleny. Tickets: $35 or $30 for members, via

NRL: RABBITOHS VS WARRIORS NATURAL STEP IN JOURNALING The Maroochy Wetland Sanctuary is a very special nature reserve, brimming with wildlife, fascinating vegetation and songbirds. This course builds on nature journaling skills. It helps participants become more familiar and practised with drawing and observation techniques. In turn, the course also helps create more deeper connections with the natural world while undertaking the work. On the visit to the wetlands, please remember that all plants and animals are protected and cannot be removed from the sanctuary. When: Sunday, August 7, 9.30am-12.30pm. Where: Maroochy Wetland Sanctuary, Sports Rd , Bli Bli. Tickets: $90 via,

The South Sydney Rabbitohs will return north to the Sunshine Coast Stadium this winter for Round 21 of the NRL Telstra Premiership. The Rabbitohs will take on the Vodafone Warriors in a Saturday afternoon clash. Round 21 will be the fourth time the sixth-placed Rabbitohs have been the home team at Sunshine Coast Stadium. When: Saturday, August 6, 3pm. Where: Sunshine Coast Stadium. Tickets: From $30, via PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID and changing circumstances, it is recommended to check with the venue before attendance to ensure the event is going ahead. All events were correct at time of printing.

VOTING NOW OPEN 2022 HIA BlueScope TRUECORE® steel Sunshine Coast & Wide Bay Housing Awards Vote for your favourite custom built project from the exceptional entries received in this years HIA Bluescope TRUECORE® steel Sunshine Coast & Wide Bay Housing Awards.

Vote online at: Voting closes August 22, 2022 at 5:00pm


28 My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022

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DECADENT SWEETS NOW LIVE ON DESSERT STREET NightQuarter is set to reimagine its ‘foodie playground’ with a series of delicious new offerings. The popular Birtinya destination now has a permanent Dessert Street full of decadent treats for those with a sweet tooth – delivered on rollerskates. After launching on July 29, Dessert Street takes over three large shipping containers where customers can watch their desserts drizzled with sauces and loaded with toppings. Treats will include ice-cream cookie sandwiches, glazed cake donuts, rainbow mini-pancakes and Biscoff sundaes. NightQuarter is located at 8, The Avenue, Birtinya and open every Friday and Saturday from 4pm to 10pm. For more information on upcoming events, and to purchase an entry pass, visit Meanwhile, on August 7 from midday to 3pm Malt Shovel Taphouse will host a Sunny Coast Crab Lunch as part of The Curated (Side) Plate. Guests will enjoy this long lunch inspired by the region’s best seafood with three courses including oysters, prawns

29.indd 1

and spanner crab, perfectly paired with matching beverages.

Tickets are $95 and available at

My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022 29

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COASTAL COOL Coastal cool Designer eyes

Shine bright Avenue J Jewellery takes pride in its exquisite collection of antique, Art Deco and modern jewellery. Avenue J Jewellery, Mooloolaba 5444 4422,

The team at Eyes on Buderim offers a personal approach to your eye-care and eyewear needs. Visit them in beautiful Buderim. Eyes on Buderim, 5477 0293

Diamond D &p pear shape aq aquamarine halo h ring $3500 $ 18-carat white gold diamond set bangle with ith cross over design, $22,400

Large Art Nouveau blue enamel butterflyy brooch, $2795

Floral blues The Nifus dress by Rubyyaya will be your new season spring/summer wardrobe staple thanks to its gorgeous pop of coastal colours. Shop Rubyyaya, Lulasoul and Lulalife now! Onyx Poppy Boutique, Sippy Downs 5370 9222,

Early spring This two-piece set is matchy-matchy but sold separately. In transit now from Italy– black and cream as shown or opposite colourway with cream background. Available in three size options. Resort and loungewear is perfect for spring… comfy, casual yet chic. Italy & Co Fashion, Sirocco Resort, 0456 693 329

Pink Australia an Argyle diamond daisyy earrings, $27,50 00

STRUGGLE TO FIND THE RIGHT BRA? TRACEY G PROSTHETICS AND LINGERIE CAN HELP YOU To save you time, Tracey G Prosthetics and Lingerie is a true one stop shop having the largest range of prosthesis, beautiful lingerie and mastectomy apparel available. Tracey G now also stocks a great range of large cups sizes, maternity, and sports bras. So we now truly have something for every woman. • We help you understand your Medicare paperwork and claims process • All cup sizes AA-K to sizes 8-34 in all leading brands • Mobile service we can come to you

UNIT 6, 1 NORVAL COURT, MAROOCHYDORE Phone: 0466 828 144 ALSO AT - 967 STANLEY ST, EAST BRISBANE • 0466 828 143

30 My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022

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Baby blues Dahlia aqua linen dress, $129.95. Available now online and in store at Boutique Bliss Fashions & Accessories, Cotton Tree, 5479 1876.

Simply exquisite Whether you are looking for a bespoke hand-crafted piece or one from the delicately selected retail brands, all of the knowledgeable team is excited to help you find what you desire. To Hold & To Have provides a beautiful, inspiring space for your jewellery to be created, repaired and cared for. To Hold & To Have, Buderim, 5477 0561

Rose oil tan

Floaty & feminine

BY KATIE LAWRENCE has been designed for all skin types and features two products – tanning mousse and tanning water. Both are enriched with Moroccan rose oil and smell delicious on the skin. Stocked at Katie Lawrence + Co, Mooloolaba

This gorgeous blue and beige floral chiffon dress is a flattering fit and elegant with its sheer sleeve. Perfect for the races, special occasion or to wear to a wedding – even a girls luncheon! Available in sizes six to16. Treasure Store, The Wharf Mooloolaba, 0488 288 250.

Coastal home

Tracey G can help

Madras Link Capricorn side table $450. Available now online and in store at Coast Store, Cotton Tree, 0423 247 372.

Tracey G stocks a great range of large cup sizes, maternity and sports bras. There is something for every woman. Tracey G, Maroochydore, 0466 828 144,


Skin serum


Frankie 4 Sophie is the ideal shoe for our coastal lifestyle. Comfort, support and style – all in one lovely shoe. Available in other colours. Shop now at Pure Footwear, Buderim, 5456 4440.

Australia Hifu has developed this unique serum to assist the skin feeling smooth and protected. Jojoba oil is a humectant ingredient, this means that it works to seal your skin with a protective barrier to keep it from losing moisture. Which in return is very anti-aging. “Liquid gold” we like to call it. Jojoba oil has anti-inflammatory and healing properties, applying this on the face daily will leave you feeling smooth and hydrated. $150, available at Australia HIFU, 0408 200 059 or

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My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022 31

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Jane Stephens wonders how we allowed anonymous, feel-good acts of generosity towards others to become such marketable commodities.

Ashley Robinson reckons everyone is entitled to their opinion on the pride debate or other tickly issues, as long as everyone agrees to disagree.


see the attention as kind. She told media her quiet had been disrupted and she felt patronised – as if all older women should be tickled pink by the gift of flowers from a stranger. Now, she is upset at being the subject of global pity, given no say in the exchange or its publication. Despite the seemingly warm and fuzzy intent, the video is not a true example of kindness. Kindness would be connecting with that stranger, sharing a smile or offering a hand. It would have been showing a little human caring instead of capturing a marketable moment. Four years ago, University of British Columbia psychology researchers John-Tyler Binfet and Camilla Enns identified the notion of “quiet kindness” through a series of experiments. While they found this to be far less prevalent than planned or responsive kindness, they found these acts – for the good of another and characterised by their stealth-like quality and the desire of the initiator to remain anonymous – occurred more than people might expect. If that was to spread like wildfire, for real instead of virtually, what a truly wonderful world it would be.

indness is a type of behaviour marked by sympathy, benevolence, generosity and consideration without expecting praise or reward in return. So dictionaries say. But what if you are motivated by pursuit of praise? And what if you do receive something in return – not from the subject of your kindness, but from sponsors? Random acts of kindness have become a social media phenomenon. The virtual world is captivated by watching strangers do kind things for others, with whole channels dedicated to discussing them. Those among us who believe in the power of positivity feel a little heartened that in an unpleasantly topsy-turvy world, goodness is at last getting attention. But the trend has tipped over a rather sharp edge. And kindness has been left behind. A few weeks ago, Melbourne TikTok content creator Harrison Pawluk filmed himself giving a bunch of flowers to an older woman sitting alone. The video went viral and has now been viewed more than 65 million times. The reason for the manic viewing is that the woman did not

Jane Stephens is a USC journalism lecturer, media commentator and writer.


t the time of writing, there was much debate about Manly and its ‘rainbow jersey’, as well as discussion on Pauline Hanson walking out of parliament as she didn’t approve or support the Welcome to Country. With regards to the Manly protest by a number of players and supporters, I guess in my mind it is a free country. If you don’t want to support a ‘rainbow jersey’ with the intention of celebrating inclusiveness, that is totally your right. But in saying that, if you do want to show your support, it’s your right as well. Surely in the year 2022, we can all have different opinions without outrage. If the Manly players chose not to play in the jersey, it is not for me to reason why, or anyone else. If there is fallout inside the club because of it, well, that is the path they chose. My opinion is, I am totally for what the Manly Club tried to achieve and in a way, it probably has highlighted what inclusiveness should really be and that we probably still have a fair way to go. A few folk brought up the fact that some people’s

beliefs are against gambling and alcohol, yet there’s no issue with that on a jersey, so why is a rainbow any different? But I won’t argue about it. If someone asks my opinion, I’ll tell them but I won’t argue the point unless I see someone being vilified – then I will. Welcome to Country is something I am totally comfortable with, unlike Ms Hanson. In fact, I am a firm believer that our flag and our anthem should include our traditional owners. Again, I will not get into any arguments over it if people disagree, as “everyone” is entitled to an opinion – as long as they respect others. As they say, religion and politics are deadest two topics we should all stay away from. We should all be capable of treating people respectfully and judge them by what type of humans they are. As a chap called Pat Wadors said: “When we listen and celebrate what is both common and different, we become wiser, more inclusive, and better as an organisation.” I reckon if we changed the last word to ‘community’, it pretty well sums it up. Pat sounds a bit wiser than Pauline ... in my opinion, that is.

Ashley Robinson is the manager of Alex Surf Club and the chairman of the Sunshine Coast Falcons.

The opinions expressed are those of the authors. These are not the views of My Weekly Preview publishers.

Dilemma for retirees in low-interest world How are you funding your retirement in a low interest rate world? To learn more, Start a Conversation with Ord Minnett today. A Proud Heritage of Excellence, Ord Minnett Sunshine Coast upholds traditions of integrity, service excellence FSI UWZIJSY VZFQNY^ ąSFSHNFQ FI[NHJ Ord Minnett Limited Australian Financial Services Licence 237121

for retirees in low-interest world 261W X95H 280521 V1.0.indd 32Dilemma My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022

32.indd 1


28/05/2021 12:10:36 PM

1/08/2022 2:44:46 PM


BOOK IN FOR PURE GOLD NIGHT OUT Sami Muirhead finds a novel way to escape with some ‘old friends’ on a big-screen adaptation of one of her favourite murder-mystery stories.


ome books stay in your mind for decades after you read them. Where The Crawdads Sing will be one of those treasures for me. It is written beautifully. It is so sad it makes your wholebody ache for happiness for the lead character, who is a little girl and then a young woman. It is a love story and a story of survival. It is a murder-mystery story where nature shines. Most of all, author Delia Owens has page after page of escapism at its absolute best. I was given the book as a gift from my dear friend Mel, and it started me reading again after too many years with towers of unread books stacked next to my head at night. Those unread books taunted me as to how many things I am not achieving in life. But still I let them gather dust and sit there stubbornly because I knew one day the tide would turn and I would return to my true love of reading. And so, I did. I was nervous to see the movie adaptation of one of my favourite books. The big screen never lives up to pages, in my opinion. I know just about everyone has that

same arrogant opinion. There is only ever one exception to my rule and that is Harry Potter. The movies do each character justice. So, off I tiptoed with trepidation to see Crawdads. I splurged on Gold Class because I needed wine and Angus beef sliders to get me through this anxious test of stacking the flick against the novel. I also had a side of caramel churros for dessert, just to fuel my courage and fill my greedy stomach. Gold Class is surely a great night out in anyone’s books. It blows my mind that you can sit in a big ol’ comfy leather chair and someone will serve you food. It must be how my kids think life is every night at home. Gold Class is the greatest form of therapy a girl could invest in for herself. Anyway, there I sat in total bliss for two hours watching my beloved characters come to life and they were how I had always imagined them in my mind. The movie is a little more cheesy than the book, but I can highly recommend escaping reality and watching it. And make sure you order the dessert, too. You deserve it.

Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami, tune into Mix FM.

Get Rea ady fo or SPR RING! Streett Appea al with Leisa Thomas-Lark...


rom the moment your property is on the market, it is on display. People will be driving by and assessing it. If its DIY or hiring professionals here are some inexpensive ways to maximise your homes street appeal with improvements that will give your home a better perceived value. Lets get started. Stand on the curb and write yourself a checklist. Miss nothing from the solar lights with blown bulbs to the faded street numbers on the mailbox and the neighbours palm leaves hanging over the fence. Tidy Up – remove old or unused outdoor furniture. Find a new home for, shoes and bikes and don’t forget the dead potted plants from last spring. Keeping the entry to your home clear and clean. An outdated or faded and dirty mailbox could be a quick fix. Cleaning - Pressure washing paths and driveways, steppingstones, and garden edging. Fences and gates fountains or garden features anything that will benefit from a high intensity wash. Now for the



house. Start up high with gutters and down pipes and finishing off with the patio and entry. Weeding your lawn and trimming the edges and using a good fertiliser will do wonders. It will also show that you care about all aspects of your property. Add some fresh colour with mulch, this will help keep moisture in your plants, make your garden easier to maintain during sale time and give your yard a fresh finish. Replacing gravel and pebbles will also bring a fresh and tidy look to paths or garden beds. Landscaping- remove fallen fronds and leaves and any dead blooms or branches from trees and bushes. Trim or remove vines and hedges. Pruning your plants also encourages new growth so pruning a few weeks before going to market should mean your plants are looking fresh and at their best. We can even organise instant green grass. Ask me how? Viola - now your home is ready for market! Leisa Thomas-Lark Aura Property










Looking for the latest information on retirement living? Visit

The Sunshine Coast Retirement Village & Resort Expo Sunday 21st & Monday 22nd August 2022 Maroochy RS RSL Club (Memorial Ave, Maroochydore) 10am-3pm both days | Free Admission 10am-


33.indd 1

Don’t miss this life changing event!

On display will be the latest resort style developments as well as established villages from different offering a wide range of services & facilities, sizes, prices and locations, all under one roof. organisations. All offe My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022 33

1/08/2022 2:45:09 PM

Health &

wellbeing Feature



o you want to get in shape? Are you looking to improve your fitness and confidence but not sure where to start? Surf Getaways – a learn-to-surf and surf travel company for women by women – has developed a fitness program that will help you get fit, strong and achieve your fitness goals in a safe and encouraging environment. Designed by surfers and personal trainers, the Surf Fit program

goes for six weeks with two sessions a week to ensure maximum results. Experienced female coaches will guide, motivate and challenge you to push your limits in a safe way so you reach your goals and feel like your best self. If you’re a surfer, this program is the ideal accompaniment to help boost your surfing and gain confidence in the water. If you’re not a surfer, it’s a fun and different way to head outside and get fit.

Throughout the duration of the program, you’ll work on four key areas that aim at increasing surf fitness, improving paddle technique and building strength and confidence. BREATHWORK: Breathwork techniques help you control your reactions when you’re underwater. PADDLING: Surf paddle training ensures correct technique and improves efficiency and endurance.

SWIMMING: Ocean swimming techniques encourage confidence when you’re without a board. STRENGTH: Land-based strength movements maximise surfing potential and minimise injury.

Join a group of like-minded women, support, motivate and empower each other and get into a healthy routine with Surf Getaways. Find your nearest location at

Is pain holding you back?

Do you have hip or knee pain? The team at our Musculoskeletal Centre are here to help.

Sunshine Coast Musculoskeletal Centre

Focussing on non-operative pain management techniques, you can get expert assessment, advice and a plan for treatment quickly and efficiently.

No referral required Minimal wait times

Get back to doing what you love and contact us today.

No referral needed and all imaging is bulk billed. The team treats a wide range of hip and knee musculoskeletal conditions and sporting injuries.

Phone 07 5493 8038 Appointments available in Part of the Sunshine Coast Orthopaedic Group.

34 My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022

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Birtinya, Buderim and Caloundra.

1/08/2022 4:20:39 PM



Dr Tan

Dr Wilson

Dr Oberoi

Before and after

People with missing or broken teeth often put off treatment due to dental anxiety, fear of dental impressions, a strong gag reflex, claustrophobia or time constraints. But now a solution may be in sight. Mrs L, a 60-year-old female patient, was treated by a team of Sunshine Coast specialists – Dr Ramman Oberoi and Dr Ian Wilson – using a digitised guided surgical approach known as AuDentes®, developed by a Melbourne prosthodontist, Dr Philip Tan. Her existing compromised teeth were replaced by new implant-supported fixed bridges in a single surgical procedure in a day surgery setting in a hospital. Popular procedures claiming ‘immediate teeth’, in reality provide teeth in three to five days, requiring intervention and impressions in a

post-surgery swollen and uncomfortable mouth. The temporary bridge placed in the procedure then needs to be changed to a final one in a few months. AuDentes®, however, offers instant teeth with the removal of existing teeth, then implanting placements and final fixed bridges. That is all done in one day under one procedure, with comparable costs and minimal time. Some costs may be covered by your Medicare and private health cover, too. If you are unhappy with your teeth or dentures and are considering options to replace them, seek a consultation or more information on this exciting, new treatment option.

Call Ramman Oberoi Prosthodontics on 5444 5679 or email bookings@

BEWARE LASER POINTER EFFECTS ON CHILDREN’S EYES Toys with laser beams and pointers may seem harmless to play with, but they can be extremely damaging to eyes. In fact, these toys and devices are not something you want in the hands of your little ones. While adults can also cause self-inflicted damage to their eyes with laser pointers, children are at greater risk as they are drawn in by the appearance of them. Children lack the protective mechanism of gaze aversion and blinking that we, as adults, have. In recent years, there has been an increase in paediatric patients admitted to emergency departments with injuries to their retina caused by playing with a laser pointer or toys that emit laser beams. Damage to the retina has serious irreversible consequences for their sight, compromising their reading and driving vision for life. The Food and Drug Administration in the US makes these suggestions: • Never point a laser pointer at anyone. • Don’t use a laser pointer over reflective surfaces. • Don’t buy laser pointers for children. • The power of a pointer should not exceed 5 milliwatts. Anything over that power decreases the time for safe exposure, and permanent damage to the eyes and skin can happen quickly.

• Always check the label on a pointer. It should indicate the name of the manufacturer and the date it was made, and include a warning to avoid exposure to laser radiation. It is important to note that if a pointer is bought online, manufacturers use several keywords that may indicate the laser is more than 5 milliwatts. These may include: ‘powerful’, ‘bright’, ‘ultra’, ‘strong’, ‘super’ and ‘military’. Blue or violet light lasers are more dangerous as the human eye is less sensitive to these colours, so blinking or the dislodging response will be slower.

Dr Sonia Moorthy is an adult and paediatric ophthalmic surgeon at the newly established EyeHub, located in Buderim. Call 5220 8990 or visit

yoga for everyone

YOUR VISION reimagined • spacious air conditioned studio

Here at EyeHub we specialise in a range of eye conditions for adults and children alike. We help you maximise your full visual potential. p

• 20+ classes to choose from per week

We specialise in the following:

• friendly, experienced teachers

Cataract surgery and Advanced technology lenses Strabismus Surgery Paediatric Ophthalmology Laser treatment for glaucoma Injections for macula disorders Pterygium surgery with graft

Dr Sonia Moorthy Adult and Paediatric Ophthalmic Surgeon The latest children’s eye sub-specialist on the Sunshine Coast

Lid biopsy, blepharoplasty, ectropian repair

• wonderfully inclusive community of yogis • classes for all levels, including beginners


Call our friendly ‘EyeHubbers’ for an appointment today y

Expertt Ad E Advice. i LLeading d di T Technology. h l P Personalised li Care.

35.indd 1

Ph. 07 5220 8990 Unit 1, Nucleus Medical Suites, 23 Elsa Wilson Drive, Buderim

C2/177 Brisbane Rd, Mooloolaba 0414 219 478 My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022 35

1/08/2022 4:21:07 PM



WEEKEND ESSENTIALS TO TRAVEL WELL WITH PETS Winter is a popular time for weekend adventures. And whether it be to visit family, a quick camping trip, or a short break cottage stay, there is a good chance that, as a pet lover, you’ll want to take your pet with you. Preparation is the key if you want to make sure you both can have a great mini break. Before you hit the road, ask yourself if your pet is: • A good traveller? Have they travelled in your car for long periods before? Do you have secure seating for them like a Happy Ride booster seat? • Social? Some pets love new people and places. Others, not so much. Take something with you that helps to

maintain control, such as an Easy Walk® Harness that will keep them feeling safe and secure, no matter where they are. • A lover of home comforts? Does your pet just love their Pet Fountain or their Automatic Ball Launcher? Then pack these luxuries for your pets and make the transition to the holiday home a little easier for them. • Wearing ID? It is very important to ensure that your pet is wearing sufficient ID and that their chip details are up to date before you take off for your adventure together.

PetSafe® Australia is making the weekend break even easier with 10% off the entire Weekend Essentials range. Just head to and use the code WEEKENDS10 at the checkout. This promotion ends on August 31.

A workhorse of the skin rejuvenation world, IPL Sq’s ability to target multiple skin concerns at each consultation is seeing it recognised as one of the new go-to treatments for quick, visible results. Providing an impressive range of benefits, IPL Sq is remarkably inexpensive and quick, requiring no downtime. And, according to Dr Carina Joubert, from Nunkeri Beauty, it can make a dramatic difference to the appearance of the skin. “Because it can treat multiple conditions simultaneously, IPL Sq really is an ideal skin rejuvenation treatment for people across all age groups and for a variety of issues,” Dr Joubert says. “It stimulates collagen regeneration to improve volume and elasticity, it fades age spots and sun damage and it treats acne, rosacea, spider veins and broken capillaries, meaning it really offers something for most people, and often fixes more than one problem at a time.” IPL Sq delivers intense pulses of light to varying depths in the skin, which is why it can be tailored to the specific needs of the client to achieve optimal results. “For pigmentation, we target the intense pulsed light at the darkened areas

of pigments, causing it to heat up and then break down. For rosacea and broken capillaries, the light affects the oxyhaemoglobin in blood vessels, sealing the vessel and reducing redness,” Dr Joubert says. “With acne, the pulsed light unclogs pores, destroys bacteria and shrinks the sebaceous glands, while removing the topmost layer of dead skin cells and stimulating new skin growth. “And to top it off, with the IPL Sq’s ability to promote new collagen growth, it’s also a great tool to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and give you a smoother, creamier complexion.”

IPL Sq is offered by Dr Joubert at her skin rejuvenation clinic, Nunkeri Beauty, at Forest Glen. Visit

Choose the no surprise hearing specialists Did you get a nasty surprise when you visited the retail hearing aid shop? Did they want you to spend a lot of money on hearing aids?

Do you wish you had of seen the local and independent team at Hear4Good? You could save a lot of hard earned money!

We have Digital Bluetooth hearing aids from only

$800 We are the best place to get honest advice and a second opinion that will save you money. The Hearing Centre, 5/56 Landsborough Parade, Golden Beach. Ochre Health Hub, 20 Kalinga Street, Caloundra.

Ph: (07) 5477 0144 36 My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022

36.indd 1

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Non-invasive facial rejuvenation with REAL RESULTS

THE HIDDEN SIGNS OF REFLUX Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GORD) is a common condition. Silent reflux affects about 40 to 50 per cent of patients who have GORD. It is referred to as ‘silent reflux’ because it does not present with the classic symptoms of reflux: heartburn, a lump in the throat and regurgitation. Symptoms of silent reflux range from a chronic cough, recurrent sore throats, loss of voice and persistent throat clearing to chest pain, choking, wheezing and shortness of breath. When diagnosis and treatment are delayed, chronic GORD can increase the risk of serious health complications. In June 2021, X-Ray & Imaging partnered with Professor Hans Van der Wall and introduced the Gastroesophageal Reflux Test to the Sunshine Coast. The first of its kind, this patented nuclear medicine imaging technique precisely identifies contamination of reflux fluid throughout the head, throat and chest. “Many patients do not present with classic symptoms of GORD but are suffering from typical upper-respiratory tract symptoms such as chronic cough, dysphonia and globus,” Professor Van der Wall says. “This is due to reflux fluid contaminating the maxillary sinuses, throat, middle ears and laryngopharynx. “It may also contaminates the airways and lungs, causing asthma-like symptoms, breathing difficulties, chronic cough and recurrent bronchitis or pneumonia. We frequently see patients with a diagnosis of ‘atypical asthma’, which often turns out to be GORD with entry of reflux into the airways.”

IPL-Sq can make a dramatic difference to the appearance of your skin. It can treat multiple conditions simultaneously: it stimulates collagen regeneration to improve volume and elasticity, fades age spots and sun damage, and treats acne, rosacea, spider veins and broken capillaries. Historically, GORD has been diagnosed using pH monitoring, fluoroscopy or endoscopy. So how does the Gastroesophageal Reflux Test differ to these tests? Although pH monitoring is 50-80 per cent sensitive and 77-100 per cent specific in the presence of heartburn and regurgitation, it is limited to oesophageal disease only – particularly the lower oesophagus. Endoscopy is effective as an anatomical diagnostic tool but has a poor sensitivity for GORD (less than 30 per cent) and is limited to detecting reflux disease that is severe enough to damage the oesophagus. Fluoroscopy or Barium Swallow is insensitive and has a high radiation burden and only demonstrates oesophageal disease. The Gastroesophageal Reflux Test is 90 per cent sensitive and provides an effective, inexpensive, simple and non-invasive screening tool for reflux and lung aspiration, detecting contamination throughout the maxillary sinuses, throat, middle ears, laryngopharynx, airways and lungs.

For more information visit xrayimaging.




ONLY $160

Other skin rejuvenation treatments available at Nunkeri Beauty: • Ultherapy – skin lifting and tightening • Micro-needling – large pores, fine lines & wrinkles • Microdermabrasion – improve skin tone • LED Light Therapy – skin rejuvenation & aids the healing process • Cosmetic Injectables – a range of cosmetic and clinical applications

Frown lines before and 30 days after cosmetic injectables Nunkeri Beauty is proud to stock Dp Dermaceuticals, a range of skincare products designed to enhance your Microneedling treatment by utilising breakthrough skincare science. See Dr Carina at Nunkeri Beauty and begin your skin rejuvenation journey. @beautyatnunkeri


Call for a free consultation today. Tel: 0493 547 966 e:

Wellbeing Wednesday The first Wednesday of every month SAVE 20% off all vitamins & supplements *For members only, it’s free to join in-store | Not in conjunction with other offers.

330 Mons Road, Forest Glen, QLD 4556

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EASY SUPPLEMENTS TO HELP BOOST YOUR GUT HEALTH Poor digestive function and gut health problems can affect most of us at some point in our lives. Maintaining a healthy gastrointestinal tract (GIT) can help to support our immune and digestive systems. Ultimately, a healthy digestive system means a healthy you. LOOK AFTER THE MICROBIOME: Probiotics and prebiotics work as a team and help nourish and enhance the gut’s microbiome, home to more than 50 trillion bacteria of about 1000 different species. Although we typically think of bacteria as bad, it’s helpful to understand there are good types of bacteria as well, particularly in the gut. Probiotics are living organisms that may help boost and balance the gut’s good bacteria. This good bacteria aids in digestion, nutrient absorption, plus much more – potentially including brain function. You’ll find probiotics in some fermented foods, such as cultured yoghurt and sauerkraut, as well as in powder form to add to smoothies and capsule form to take daily. Though introducing probiotics can be beneficial, it’s important to provide an optimal environment for the ‘good’ bacteria to thrive. You can do this with prebiotics. Prebiotics are non-digestible carbohydrates that feed the good bacteria in your gut. Jerusalem artichoke, onions

on your GIT. If this proves too hard, you can try digestive enzymes. Digestive enzymes support the process of digestion, allowing you to digest food more easily. STAY REGULAR: Having regular and complete bowel motions is important for your digestive health. Ensure you’re consuming adequate amounts of fibre from foods including vegetables, fruit, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. And be sure to drink at least two litres of water a day to help the movement of fibre through the intestinal tract to improve bowel regularity.

HERBAL AND NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT: and garlic are prebiotic foods you can add to your diet to promote digestive health. Feeding the good bacteria may help them thrive and produce favourable effects on the immune system, skin health and digestion. IMPROVE YOUR DIET: Eating large amounts of processed foods and consuming alcohol can lead to an imbalance in digestive flora, which could lead to digestive symptoms such as bloating and bowel irregularity. Avoiding these types of food will help you sustain your gut bacteria. WORK ON YOUR DIGESTION: Good health relies heavily on the absorption of nutrients from your GIT. Remember to chew slowly and thoroughly to lighten the digestive load

Support the health of your gastrointestinal system with nutrients and herbs such as: L-Glutamine – an amino acid, this is a source of fuel for intestinal mucosal cells and supports intestinal health. Licorice – helps to maintain healthy mucous linings in the digestive system. Calendula – a herb traditionally used in Western herbal medicine as an antiinflammatory to help relieve mild gastrointestinal tract inflammation. Kunara Organic Marketplace has qualified naturopaths offering free advice on health and wellbeing. If you’ve been experiencing poor digestive, skin or immune health, visit the team for the best approach to your wellness journey. A positive balance of good bacteria in the gut

will support digestion, nutrient absorption, the immune system, brain function, mood, metabolism and skin conditions. Having a balanced gut microbiome also supports functions of the liver and cardiovascular system among many other bodily functions. While it is important to support the gut microbiome with foods that are rich in probiotics, prebiotics are also important. Prebiotics are food for probiotics – these are essential to keep the good bacteria thriving. Include plenty of fibre-filled foods such as artichokes, asparagus, oats, flaxseed, legumes, bananas, grapefruit, leek and many other fruits, vegetables and grains. Try high-fibre green banana flour in baking and, if needed, look for a prebiotic supplement for added support. Probiotics are plentiful in foods such as yogurt, kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, pickles, miso, tempeh, kimchi and sourdough bread. But if you have a poor diet, have had recent digestive issues, stress or taken antibiotics, you may benefit from a probiotic supplement. These supplements have more probiotics in a small, concentrated dose than food-based probiotics for a boost of good bacteria in a short time.

WORDS: Assunta Hamilton, Kunara Organic Marketplace qualified naturopath

Suffering shoulder pain? Shane Blackmore is a highly experienced orthopaedic surgeon with fellowship training in London and New York, specialising in the management of shoulder disorders. He is trained in the latest minimally invasive and keyhole techniques. He has specific interest in the management of: • Shoulder disloca ons • Rotator cuff tears • Shoulder arthri s Shane also sees pa ents for hip and knee complaints. Telehealth appointments available for regional pa ents. Dr Shane Blackmore Orthopaedic Surgeon

Contact us today to discuss your treatment op ons.

Phone: 07 5493 8038 38 My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022

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WALK AWAY FROM THE DEVICE AND STEP ON TO THE MAT Do you have ‘screenagers’? Have you considered the physical and psychological effects of device overuse – on our children and ourselves? Yoga to the rescue. With mobile device technology being relatively new on the landscape, we have not yet witnessed what damage a full life of device usage may do to our physiology. However, we can make a fairly accurate guess. Poor posture, back pain and chest-muscle atrophy are some of the already common physical ailments, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, before delving into psychological conditions. Yoga (as well as other forms of exercise) is a wonderful foil to this problem, and can counteract both the physical and psychological infirmities that may be associated with our devices over usage. All of our classes at Yoga Vida focus on remedying poor posture, strengthening core, lengthening our spine, resting the nervous system, and creating overall wellbeing. An hour on your mat is an hour away from the outside world and the clutches of your device. With screen time starting at such a young age, ideally we should be counteracting its use at an early age, too. At Yoga Vida, we’d love to see more

teenagers rolling out the mat, rather than scrolling on their device. So much so that we’d like to offer the next 10 families to reach out a free membership for each teen, when joining with a paying parent. Let’s do this together, mum and dad! Most of us adults could do with a wee break from our devices, too.

Contact Bryan via call or text to secure this deal. Phone: 0414 219 478

RESTORATIVE STIMULATION COULD TAKE AWAY THE PAIN OF ONGOING THERAPY SESSIONS AND MEDICATION Chronic mechanical lower back pain is something that can dramatically affect a person’s lifestyle and wellbeing. While most back pain only lasts a short while and can be treated with medication or physiotherapy, for others it can be ongoing and negatively affect their everyday life. Thanks to advancements in medical technology, Sunshine Coast patients may now finally be able to find a solution to their chronic mechanical lower back pain. Restorative stimulation therapy is designed to help patients who have not responded to other methods of treatments such as medicines and physical therapy. The small, implantable device has two leads that are positioned outside the spine, next to the dorsal ramus nerves that control the spine’s stabilising muscles. In patients with chronic mechanical lower back pain, impaired muscle control may arise after even a single incidence of injury. To avoid pain, the brain automatically limits activation of the most important stabilising muscle of the low spine: the multifidus muscle. Restorative stimulation overcomes neural inhibition and allows the body to regain control of the multifidus, allowing it to provide functional lumbar stability

The Multifidus muscle is an important stabiliser of the lumbar spine and reduce mechanically based pain. By stimulating the innervating nerves of the multifidus directly, this efficient, effective therapy can be delivered with minimal effort by the patient and provider. “This therapy is for a select group of patients whose back pain is due to a specific back muscle dysfunction,” Dr Thomas, Pain Specialist at QPain, says. “Indeed, we have had great results in terms of pain relief and functional improvement in this group of patients.”

Every patient is different, so discuss your condition with a specialist. Contact QPain on 5318 7275 or visit

Current treatment not working? Still in pain? We can help help QPain is one of Australia’s leading specialist pain clinics, offering: • Advanced pain management techniques • Innovative interventional treatments • Multidisciplinary assessment & management Now offering consultations and procedures right here on the Sunshine Coast.

“If your current treatment is not effectively managing your pain, there is still hope” Dr Frank Thomas, Pain Specialist QPain (Pictured)

5318 7275

Vitality Village, Birtinya

Find out more:

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DIFFICULT TO PRONOUNCE AND EVEN HARDER TO HEAR It may sound like a weird jungle disease but presbyacusis actually has a far greater impact. With your eyes, presbyopia is a similar condition: when the fine detail is hard to see. Presbyacusis is a progressive, usually bilateral, sensorineural hearing loss ( also known as nerve deafness) that occurs in older people as they age. It is a complex process determined by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. It can range from being occasionally annoying to severely disabling in its effects. In moderate-to-severe cases, it can cause the older person to become isolated and depressed. It may also significantly worsen age-related disability/cognitive impairment and dementia. It is easily correctable using rehabilitative measures and its successful treatment can vastly improve quality of life for the older patient. However, the majority of those who would benefit from hearing aids do not present for assessment or use them when issued. Sadly, allowing stories from ‘Grandpa’s time’ to influence your decision against getting help will cause you and your loved ones great concern. Do yourself a favour, book a hearing test with a local and independent hearing clinic. You have

nothing to loses except the mumbles.

Mark Paton, is a senior clinician at Hear4Good, a hearing clinic in Caloundra and Golden Beach. Phone 5477 0144. Or visit

Reflux Testing NOW AVAILABLE

Sometimes, the symptoms of reflux are more sinister than heartburn or regurgitation, and could be causing, or contributing to, other health conditions. Contamination of reflux throughout the head and neck can be the cause of ear and sinus infections, sore throat and a difficulty in swallowing. Reflux can also irritate the airways and be aspirated into the lungs causing chronic cough, breathing difficulties, recurring chest infections, bronchitis or pneumonia.



Turning up is a great habit

Phototherapy a great option for skin

Last week I started my eight-week wellbeing program with young people. This program is about helping them to become mentally stronger and more resilient so they can cope with life’s challenges. Following the first session, I reflected that we are all stronger than we realise. There were kids that lived an hour away and had no way of getting there after school or TAFE, so they skateboarded or jumped on multiple buses to attend. Sometimes it’s easy to say, “I can’t do this”, or, “I can’t get there”, but if you really want to grow as a person there is always a way to turn up, achieve the goal and work through your challenges so you can grow those brain/neural pathways to build your resilience one day at a time. Some of the kids that came along last week had valid excuses for not being able to get there but they each made the decision that they wanted to better themselves and were willing to find a way to do so. We are much more resilient than we realise, and at times it’s as simple as just turning up and learning to be temporarily uncomfortable. Turning up becomes a great habit in life, in much the same way that not turning up adds no value to your life.

Phototherapy is a great option to consider for sun damage and to combat age changes. Phototherapy uses nonthermal, non-invasive light to achieve a range of therapeutic outcomes. Modern advances have introduced light-emitting diodes (LED), which has led to clinical application for a variety of medical and cosmetic uses. Phototherapy enhances and accelerates wound healing, decreases scar formation in surgical wounds, has demonstrated clinical benefit in the treatment of psoriasis and is an effective treatment in acne and rosacea. It is also a highly effective method to improve the cosmetic appearance of mild to severe sun-damaged, oily, blemished, and aged skin on all areas of the body. Photodynamic therapy (PDT) combines phototherapy with a photosensitizer agent to be an effective treatment for actinic keratosis, precancerous skin damage, and superficial skin cancers (both basal cell and squamous cell variants). DermaSurg uses MediLUX LED phototherapy technology. This incorporates five different treatment wavelengths (blue, green, yellow, red and infrared) for a wide range of treatment objectives.

Do you think reflux could be the cause of your symptoms? Visit for more information.

Bulk Billed


Appointments & Enquiries 40 My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022

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No Waiting Lists 07 5436 0888



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24 25 26 27



1 8 9 10 11 12 16 17 18 23 24 25 26 27

2 3 4 5 6 7 12 13 14 15 19 20 21 22

Authoritative order (5) More direct route (8) Marsh (5) Precipitate (8) Blazing (5) Charge for service (3) Northernmost US state (6) Proclaim widely (6) Touch lightly (3) Less than (5) Nostalgic (8) Group of conspirators (5) Thoroughly cooked (4,4) Farewell (5)


4 5

4 1 5 1

2 9

9 4

8 3

6 1 5





Monday looks frustrating, and Tuesday looks stressful, when the Venus/Pluto opposition highlights problems at work or home. Then the full moon stimulates your friendship zone. It’s a good week to network with your peer group and catch up with friends.

With the full moon activating your career zone, proceed carefully with a complicated professional project. If you are too stubborn, then you’ll experience communication problems. Simmer down, Scorpio, otherwise you risk turning a minor matter into a major obsession.





Saturn and the full moon activate your neighbourhood zone, so find more meaningful ways to connect with loved ones and contribute to your local community. Education and short trips are highlighted, plus expect plenty of phone calls, snail mail, texts, tweets and emails.

Don’t be too hard on yourself or others. Striving for perfection will be fraught with frustrations (especially on Monday and Sunday), so try to take things as they come. If you’re feeling stressed, turn to a friend for some advice and words of wisdom.

The full moon and Saturn light up your sign. So it’s time to tap into the essence of what makes you the quirky and avant-garde Aquarian you were born to be. Don’t let pandemic problems, relationship rumbles, work worries or financial fiascos diminish your style.

Saturn and the full moon are visiting your seclusion zone. So slow down and reflect on where you’re going, and where you’ve been. Mars and Neptune encourage you to be proactive about healing the past, as you head towards a brighter future.

Complete the list by changing one letter at a time to create a new word at each step. One possible answer shown below.


_ _ _ _


_ _ _ _

_ _ _ _

_ _ _ _

_ _ _ _


4 3

QUIZ 1. Is the natural light display aurora borealis also known as the northern or southern lights? 2. Llamas are native to what continent? 3. What type of food is mulligatawny: soup, baked dessert or cocktail? 4. Who wrote and directed the 1960 comedy-drama film La Dolce Vita? 5. Which country has the internet code .bs?


SINCLAIR TOUR & TRAVEL Day Tours - with Pick ups 2 Sep 3 Sep 9 Sept 10 Sept 1 Oct 25 Oct

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Ph: 5494 5083

Extended Tours - Small Groups!

Sinclair Birthday Party Brisbane Riverfire Cruise/Dinner - Only a few seats left! World of Wonder High Tea and Tour – Museum of Bris Blackbutt Avo Festival Your Song - Elton John Tribute - QPAC Andrea Bocelli – Bris Ent Centre 2 & 19 Nov Mary Poppins – QPAC James Morrison/Big Band – QPAC 4 Nov Phantom of the Opera – Twelfth Night Theatre 12 Nov Qld Ballet’s The Nutcracker – QPAC 3 Dec


6. Bucket, beaver, skull and pork pie are all types of what? 7. How many points are awarded for a goal in wheelchair rugby? 8. Jonah Hill (pictured) was co-writer and star of the film adaptation of which classic 1980s TV show? 9. At what age did The Doors lead singer Jim Morrison die? 10. The taka is the official currency of which country?




VIRGO (AUG 24-SEP 23) This week Saturn and the full moon stimulate your job and daily routine zone. Expect relationship rumbles or work frustrations. It’s also a time when unresolved issues from the past could resurface. Spending time with your favourite four-legged friend will lift your spirits.



8 1 9

Ruin (8) Consist of (8) Steal (6) Self-respect (5) Exclusive news story (5) Point in development (5) Short-lived fashion (3) Recede (3) Denied (8) Be humiliated (4,4) Way up (6) Ostentatious (5) Suggest (5) Into reserve (5)

LEO (JUL 24-AUG 23) The full moon and Saturn (in your relationship zone) highlight your inclination to jealous, possessive or overbearing behaviour. It’s time to loosen your intense grip on a loved one, Leo! Otherwise you’ll drive them away. Strive to be more discriminating and diplomatic.

1. Northern lights 2. South America 3. Soup 4. Federico Fellini 5. The Bahamas 6. Hat 7. One 8. 21 Jump Street 9. 27 10. Bangladesh


CANCER (JUN 22-JUL 23) This week’s full moonbeams are in the unpredictable sign of Aquarius. So prepare to be at your stupendous best and your tempestuous worst! If life becomes too stressful, you’re likely to withdraw into your shell where you can rest, recuperate and rejuvenate.

CROSSWORD: Across: 1 Edict 8 Short cut 9 Swamp 10 Headlong 11 Afire 12 Fee 16 Alaska 17 Blazon 18 Dab 23 Under 24 Homesick 25 Cabal 26 Well done 27 Adieu Down: 2 Downfall 3 Comprise 4 Thieve 5 Pride 6 Scoop 7 Stage 12 Fad 13 Ebb 14 Gainsaid 15 Lose face 19 Ascent 20 Showy 21 Imply 22 Aside


GEMINI (MAY 22-JUN 21) This week your travel zones are activated by Saturn and the full moon. Find weekend escapes that are closer to home and plan to explore further afield in 2023. With Venus visiting your financial zone, it’s a good time to work hard and save well for future escapades.


10 11

TAURUS (APR 21-MAY 21) Expect some professional or domestic dramas, as Saturn and the full moon stir up old grievances. Use your diplomatic talents to help find solutions but, if you just sit back and let others make decisions, you’ll feel paralysed. Strive to be more self-sufficient.

4 7 2 1 6 5 8 9 3


ARIES (MAR 21-APR 20) Are you procrastinating about which project to pursue? A bored ram is a recipe for trouble. With the full moon activating your aspirations zone, focus on your goals for the future. On the weekend, be extra compassionate towards a close friend.

6 1 3 2 9 8 5 7 4


9 8 5 7 3 4 1 6 2


7 2 9 4 1 3 6 8 5


5 4 8 6 7 9 3 2 1

4 8

3 6 1 5 8 2 9 4 7


2 3 4 8 5 6 7 1 9


1 5 6 9 2 7 4 3 8



8 9 7 3 4 1 2 5 6


6 Sep 23 & 27 Sep 18 Oct 26 Oct 3 Nov 11 Nov 18 Nov 16 Dec 20 Feb 23 Mar April 2023

Norfolk Island 8 Days Toowoomba Carnival Flowers O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat Launceston to Hobart Grafton Jacaranda Festival Port Macquarie Tassie’s East Coast Drive Stanthorpe – Steam Train and Christmas Fruit Lord Howe Island Lady Elliott and Fraser Islands Outback Adventure – Longreach to Emerald

14 April 2023 Hawaiian Island Cruise Return flights Honolulu. 7-night cruise around the Hawaiian Islands. 1 night Honolulu before and 3 nights after. |

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property styling | design | furniture packages

Blink Living has the furniture solutions for you: ●

Property styling to help you sell

Designer only furniture suppliers such as GlobeWest

Home and holiday furniture packages

Visit our retail showroom in Noosaville for your complimentary one-on-one consult with an experienced designer. Open Mon to Fri 10am-4pm or by appointment.

Free Property Styling Quote + 8 Weeks for the Price of 4 3/100 Rene Street, Noosaville I 5455 5015 I 42 My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022

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REALITY CHECK IN PROPERTY MARKET Realistic prices see the light of day in new conditions. WORDS: Gail Forrer


he boiling hot Sunshine Coast property market is starting to simmer with REIQ Sunshine Coast Zone Chairman Matt Diesel describing the climate as shifting from “nuts to normal”. This is backed up by June quarterly figures recently released from real estate company Domain, which reveal the first decline in house prices in a little more than three years. The figures show a 2.4 per cent quarterly decline - the biggest since 2011. However, they are still almost 21 per cent higher over the past 12 months. While these figures have spurned plenty of talk about a change from a sellers market to a buyers market, Mr Diesel says, “Properties are still selling, but buyers are just not prepared to pay the over-pricing they have been for the last two years.” Despite this, he notes that because of continuing low supply and high demand for Sunshine Coast property, the market is still very active. “It is still a great time for sellers to sell, they are still getting fair market value for their homes.” However, he warns that overpriced properties are either not moving or getting

little traction. He advises that it is crucial to understand the true value of your home prior to marketing. “This ensures you are not over or under pricing the home, allowing for minimal days on market increasing competition for your property, and getting the best all round outcome. Further data shows Sunshine Coast

median house price remained at about $1 million and unit prices declined 1.8 per cent over the quarter to $655,000 - the steepest quarterly decline in three years. Looking at the bigger picture, Ray White economist Nerida Conisbee acknowledges the change in market conditions and says, “The fact is people buy and sell houses every day. They upsize, downsize, move away and move home as

everyone’s personal circumstances are different. Selling is a personal decision.” Furthermore, she says Australian house prices are either declining, or starting to see a more sustainable rate of growth depending on what method you use. “Nevertheless, we’re clearly in a new cycle where the red hot market of 2021 has come to an end. Median house prices have increased by 3.4 per cent in the first five months of this year but this is a distinct slowdown from the 9.8 per cent increase experienced in the final five months of 2021. “The Australian market is high functioning with high turnover, with not too much of a gap between buyers and sellers. We know we’re in a new cycle but there are a number of reasons why prices aren’t likely to drop dramatically. Since the RBA flagged the start of their monetary policy tightening cycle, borrowers were told to expect four to five interest rate rises. As a group we take nothing for granted and know we can achieve competition for property in any market. We’ve been in business for 120 years and right now we continue to defy the headlines.”


123 McKees Road, Palmwoods

2.84 Ha Residential Land

TIGHTLY HELD 7-ACRE PARCEL, PERFECT TREE CHANGE! Located on the outskirts of Palmwoods in a dress-circle acreage belt is this 2.84 hectare parcel of land offering an exceptional opportunity to purchase and custom-design your lifestyle masterpiece without fear of overcapitalising. Tightly held by same owner for decades – this is the FIRST time it’s been offered to market since purchased in 1971. Contact Agent today to arrange your private inspection.

• • • • • • •

Powered site, cleared driveway access Fully useable land, rich fertile soil 3-bay shed, garden shed and rainwater tank Delightful water causeway with little waterfall 5 minutes to Woombye and Palmwoods 5 minutes to quality schools FIRST time to market in 51 years

Price: Offers from $995,000 Inspect: By appointment only View: 21017578 Jai Barber 0492 855 196 RE/MAX Property Sales

ADDRESS 50 Lowe Street Nambour QLD 4560

Each office independently owned and operated

OFFICE 5470 7000

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Seller turns $25k into $250,000

Spring is on its way, and it is one of the best times of year to sell. WHY WOULDN’T BUYERS BE LINING UP TO LIVE IN BEERWAH

Get access to $25,000 now!

• Average property value increase per day: $601 • Capital Growth (FY21/22): House & Unit 39.1% • Medial Price (FY21/22): House & Unit $725,000

INTEREST FREE. FAST APPROVAL If you’re thinking about moving or simply want an updated estimate on your home, give me a call. Want to sell but cash flow prohibits placing your home for sale? Now you can put the finishings touches


on and be rewarded by the return.

- I just couldn’t believe

Vivian Leigh

how simple the process

0460 421 163

Things like:

was. It was a huge relief

• Repair the front deck

and I highly recommend

• Internal repaint or replace selected floor coverings


to anyone who wants to

• Resurface timber floors in living room

get the best price.”

• Repaint eaves and window trims • Pressure wash all walls, roof and paths • Prune overhanging trees and landscape gardens

Dean Heale Home Owner

If you’ve ever considered selling but fell short of cash flow, Aura Property can now provide the opportunity to maximize you investment.

Tarley Osborne

Darren Jansen

T 07 5438 8005

Kingsley Elmer



AJ Milner

Adam Morris

Madeline Fabian

Armin Ataei

Vivian Leigh

Andrew MacCulloch

Leisa Thomas-Lark

Andrew Gooch

Andrew Aquilina








44.indd 1

1/08/2022 2:40:38 PM

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1/08/2022 2:44:22 PM

• Prime escarpment position with never to be built out 270 degree views


Foote Ridge BUDERIM

• Sublime grand design, quality and location • Incredible Moreton Island to Noosa panorama • Sparkling Oxiswim pool - a healthy alternative • Zoned ducted air conditioning throughout • Lift access to all levels • A privileged and elite locale set amongst multi million dollar homes

4+ bed | 4 bath | 2+ car

46.indd 1

• Minutes to world class beaches, cafe & shopping precincts

1/08/2022 2:52:23 PM

Price ACT FAST - Expression of Interest on or before Tuesday 9th August Inspect By prior registration Karen Jones 0405 122 526

47.indd 1

1/08/2022 2:52:39 PM

Feel at home


Phone (07) 5476 3579

4 Bed

2 Bath

20+ Car

96 Crohamhurst Road, CROHAMHURST

64 Acres FOR SALE

64 acres of rolling hills with pockets of rainforest and natural waterways, this private paradise is a rare find. With current DA’s in place, MALI is a sought after Eco Tourism destination. Excellent facilities cater for corporate functions, an exquisite wedding venue, private parties and fitness retreats. The property can also be utilized for horses or cattle, with lush, fenced paddocks and the framework of a 40 x 40m sand arena. This property offers great opportunity and versatility. Vendors have purchased elsewhere and are keen for an immediate sale. • Elevated classic Queenslander • 4 bed / 2 bath, landscaped gardens • Fireplace, A/C, 4.6kw Solar • Salt-water pool with 6.5 x 6.5m gazebo • 58,000L water, bore, dam, creek • Rustic barn, outdoor kitchen, bar • Gym, outdoor amphitheatre, guest amenities

For Sale: Present All Offers Inspect:

Contact Agent

Darren Rix 0416 188 259 Jenny Rix 0404 256 495 48 My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022

48.indd 1

1/08/2022 2:55:38 PM

Feel at home


Phone (07) 5476 3579

3 Bed

1 Bath

6 Car

101 Knobby Glen Road, KANDANGA

29.67 Acres FOR SALE

Elevated on a gentle ridge with 360º views of the surrounding lush countryside, this is prime acreage that offers superb country lifestyle and privacy. The versatility afforded makes this a great property for families, horse lovers, or tradesmen/business owners. Outstanding horse facilities which must be seen to be appreciated. An abundance of water and improved pastures it comfortably supports 50 horses and an additional 30 head of cattle. The modest home offers all the essential creature comforts. Motivated owners have bought elsewhere and are keen for an immediate sale. • • • • • • •

21 stables, 26 day paddocks 80 x 30m sand arena Undercover round yard Fully fenced (electric) 2 dams, 75,000L tank, plus bore New 13.3Kw solar system Fertile, usable 29.67 acres

For Sale: Present All Offers Inspect:

Saturday, 6th August, 3-4pm

Darren Rix 0416 188 259 Jenny Rix 0404 256 495

49.indd 1

My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022 49

1/08/2022 2:56:12 PM




n the sought-after Mary Valley district, this lush property has been home for a family of champion horse trainers, riders and breeders. Horse enthusiasts are spoilt with infrastructure including an 80 by 30-metre arena, undercover round yard, 21 stables, six day pens, wash bay and tack room. The 12 hectares are divided into 26 paddocks of improved pasture with irrigation and electric fencing. The fertile land would suit the livestock of your choice. The sheer size and number of sheds could house a family collection of dirt bikes or a king-sized army of machinery. The options are endless.

101 KNOBBY GLEN ROAD, KANDANGA 3 bed, 1 bath, 6 car For Sale: Present All Offers The Property League 5476 3579 Darren Rix 0416 188 259 Jenny Rix 0404 256 495



169 Winston Road

• Picturesque Bushland On The Property • Land Bank & Rent Out Or Live In • Fireplace In Main Living • End Of Street Location • Double Garage Shed + Workshop A property filled with potential in a desirable acreage enclave!


0410 21 21 21

50 My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022

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4 Ha







On-site at 9.00am Saturday 6th August

8.30 - 9.00am Saturday 6th August

07 5445 8505

1/08/2022 3:34:34 PM

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1/08/2022 3:08:43 PM



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1/08/2022 3:09:14 PM


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1/08/2022 3:09:29 PM

this week’s auctions Fri, 5 Aug, 5pm

Sat, 6 Aug, 10am

Sat, 6 Aug, 1pm

Open from 4:30pm 10 Chesterton Crescent, Sippy Downs Dallas Foster 0426 817 163

Open from 9:30am 13 Nature Place, Buderim Brodie Rodgers 0406 501 684 Jai Bellhouse 0448 110 266

Open from 12:30pm 10/2 Mantra Esplanade, Bir nya Dan McNamara 0458 010 889

Open from 9:30am 2/8 Bahlaka Street, Mooloolaba Peter King 0408 798 346

Sat, 6 Aug, 12pm Open from 11:30am 22 Waterway Drive, Bir nya Jus n Wijaya 0479 135 990

Sat, 6 Aug, 2pm

In Rooms Breakfree Grand Pacific 100 Bulcock Street, Caloundra Thurs, 11 Aug, 11am

Open from 1:30pm 9 Cu er Street, Wurtulla Dan McNamara 0458 010 889

Unit 25,32 Queen of Colonies Parade, Moffat Beach Andrew Garland 0403 851 777

Open from 1:30pm 2/18 Fort Street, Buderim Kylie Kis 0411 579 795

17a Maltman Street North, Moffat Beach Andrew Garland 0403 851 777

Open from 1:30pm 115 Tepequar Drive, Maroochydore Rob Horne 0429 508 705

24 Elinya Street, Ba ery Hill Carol Carr 0435 807 324

this week’s open homes & private inspections Alexandra Headland


18 Yakola Parade

4 bed 2 bath 2 car

Fri 5th 10-10:30am

38/34 Canberra Terrace

12 Yakola Parade

4 bed 2 bath 2 car

Sat 9-9:30am

18 Yakola Parade

4 bed 2 bath 2 car

Sat 10-10:30am

Caloundra West

22/4 Buderim Avenue

2 bed 2 bath 1 car

Sat 12-12:30pm

15 Gipps Street

12 Yakola Parade

4 bed 2 bath 2 car

Thurs 11th 4-4:30pm


Baringa 51 Paddington Circuit

Sat 1:30-2pm

24 Elinya Street

3 bed 2 bath 2 car

Fri 5th 12-12:30pm

24 Elinya Street

3 bed 2 bath 2 car

Sat 11-11:30am

5 bed 2 bath 2 car

6 Springfield Avenue

3 bed 2.5 bath 2 car

Ma hew McAuliffe 0412 111 608

Sat 11:30am-12pm

4 bed 3 bath 2 car

Sat 9-9:30am

3 bed 3 bath 1 car

Sat 10-10:30am

Co on Tree 7/50 Beach Parade

Bir nya 10 Sunny Lane

4 bed 2 bath 2 car

Sat 1-1:30pm

Coolum Beach

Ba ery Hill


Sat 10-10:30am

22 Waterway Drive

5 bed 2 bath 2 car

Sat 11:30am-12pm

1/1 Kalana Road

58/15 Shine Court

1 bed 1 bath 1 car

Will Van den Dungen 0438 130 188


Bli Bli

Open from 4:30pm 5 Linder Place, Buderim Jake Loiero 0448 000 933

You are welcome to attend our open homes or please call the agent to arrange your private inspection or virtual tour.

Mooloolaba 4 bed 3.5 bath 2 car

247 Dales Road 4 bed 2 bath 1 car

Thurs, 11 Aug, 5pm

747 Diddillibah Road

3 bed 2 bath 2 car

Sat 10-10:30am

4 bed 2 bath 8 car

Sat 11-11:30am

85 Atkinson Road

6 bed 3 bath 4 car

Tony Benne 0424 855 224

24/38-46 David Low Way

2 bed 1 bath

Ma hew McAuliffe 0412 111 608

25 Bli Bli Road

4 bed 2 bath 3 car

Natasha Hackenberg 0401 601 691

285 Diddillibah Road

4 bed 2 bath 8 car

Tony Benne 0424 855 224

1/69 Clearwater Circuit

3 bed 2 bath 2 car

Natasha Hackenberg 0401 601 691

57 Clearwater Circuit

4 bed 2 bath 2 car

Natasha Hackenberg 0401 601 691


34 Cu ers Way

4 bed 2 bath 4 car

Natasha Hackenberg 0401 601 691

5 bed 2 bath 4 car

Natasha Hackenberg 0401 601 691

4 Do erell Drive

3 bed 2 bath 2 car

Ma hew McAuliffe 0412 111 608


18 Grebe Crescent

3 bed 2 bath 2 car

Rachel Meyers 0411 699 619

1 Honeyeater Place

4 bed 3 bath 3 car

Cameron Hackenberg 0421 504 479

297 Glenview Road

2/8 Bahlaka Street

2 bed 1 bath 1 car

Sat 9:30-10am

2B/135 Parkyn parade

2 bed 2 bath 1 car

Sat 10-10:30am

2/63 Neerim Drive

2 bed 1 bath 1 car

Sat 11-11:30am

606/25 First Avenue

2 bed 2 bath 1 car

Sat 11-11:30am

4/19 Carinya Street

2 bed 1.5 bath 1 car

Sat 11-11:30am

9/11 Foote Street

2 bed 1 bath 1 car

Sat 11-11:30am

3/2-6 Douglas Street

3 bed 2 bath 1 car

Sat 12-12:30pm

129 Amarina Avenue

4 bed 2 bath 4 car

Greg Clarke 0418 239 067

204/25 First Avenue

2 bed 2 bath 1 car

Will Van den Dungen 0438 130 188

30 Suzen Court

6 bed 2.5 bath 4 car

Sat 12-12:30pm

9 Sugar Gum Drive

4 bed 2 bath 4 car

Sat 12-12:30pm

30 Suzen Court

6 bed 2 bath 4 car

Sat 12-12:30pm

Mooloolah Valley

Mountain Creek 15/3 Urambi Court

2 bed 1 bath 1 car

Sat 11-11:30am

14 Lanata Crescent

4 bed 2 bath 1 car

Sat 12-12:30pm

12 Frangipani Place

4 bed 2 bath 2 car

Will Van den Dungen 0438 130 188

68/11 Crayfish Street

3 bed 2 bath 1 car

Jodi Price 0412 278 658

4 Corkwood Court

3 bed 2 bath 2 car

Dianne Deem 0434 581 365


69 Bushland Place

4 bed 2 bath 2 car

Thurs 4th 5-5:30pm

Golden Beach

11 Elizabeth Street

3 bed 1 bath 4 car

Sat 9-9:30am

28 Na onal Park Road

3 bed 1 bath 1 car

Sat 10:30-11am

7 Loparo Court

4 bed 2 bath 4 car

Sat 11-11:30am

3 bed 1 bath 2 car

Tony Benne 0424 855 224

land: 32.8 acres

Tony Benne 0424 855 224

4 bed 3 bath 6 car

Ma hew McAuliffe 0412 111 608

3 bed 1 bath 1 car

Natasha Hackenberg 0401 601 691

3 bed 2 bath 2 car

Sat 9-9:30am

16 Primrose Court

3 bed 1 bath 2 car

Sat 10-10:30am

146-148 Woombye Palmwoods Road

3 bed 2 bath 4 car

Sat 11-11:30am

38 Paskins Road

7 bed 4 bath 7 car

Sat 12-12:30pm

5 bed 2 bath 2 car

Will Van den Dungen 0438 130 188


26 Honeyeater Place

4 bed 3 bath 2 car

Cameron Hackenberg 0421 504 479

10 Jacana Avenue

4 bed 2 bath 2 car

Cameron Hackenberg 0421 504 479

26 Wavell Avenue

3 bed 1 bath 2 car

Fri 5th 11-11:30am

13 Summerfield Court

3 bed 1 bath 2 car

Cameron Hackenberg 0421 504 479

26 Wavell Avenue

3 bed 1 bath 2 car

Sat 11-11:30am

North Arm

5 bed 3 bath 4 car

Sat 1-1:30pm

74 North Arm Yandina Creek Road

15 Whistler Street

5 bed 2 bath 3 car

Cameron Hackenberg 0421 504 479

120 Esplanade

22 Whitecross Road

3 bed 2 bath 3 car

Rachel Meyers 0411 699 619

27 Willis Road

4 bed 3 bath 3 car

Rachel Meyers 0411 699 619


17 Woodswallow Crescent

4 bed 3 bath 3 car

Natasha Hackenberg 0401 601 691

10 Bangalow Street

958 Yandina Bli Bli Road

4 bed 2 bath 3 car

Natasha Hackenberg 0401 601 691

Kawana Island

11 Yaringa Avenue

4 bed 3 bath 2 car

Sat 10-10:30am

6/99 Lowanna Drive

2 bed 1 bath 1 car

Sat 11:30am-12pm

25/3 Pacific Boulevard

4 bed 3 bath 2 car

Sat 12-12:30pm

3 Aroona Avenue

4 bed 2 bath 5 car

Adam Budd 0411 808 595


North Deep Creek 5 bed 3 bath 1 car

Sat 9:30-10am

288 North Deep Creek Road

Pacific Paradise

29/1 Grenada Way

3 bed 2 bath 2 car

Sat 12:45-1:15pm

524 David Low Way


Maroochy River 198-278 Burtons Road


72 Jensen Road

Land: 39.85acre

Tony Benne 0424 855 224

115 Tepequar Drive

4 bed 2 bath 2 car

Thurs 4th 1:15-2pm


46 Tranquility Way


10 Wyndlorn Avenue

3 bed 3 bath 2 car

Thurs 4th 1-1:30pm

15/1 Amity Avenue

3 bed 3 bath 1 car

Sat 9-9:30am

8 Quorn Close

3 bed 2 bath 3 car

Thurs 4th 2-2:30pm

1/53 Boongala Terrace

2 bed 1 bath 1 car

Sat 9-9:30am

22 Royal Drive

4 bed 2 bath 2 car

Thurs 4th 3-3:30pm

115 Tepequar Drive

4 bed 2 bath 2 car

Sat 1:30-2pm

2 bed 1 bath 1 car

Sat 3-3:30pm

2 An gua Court

3 bed 3 bath 1 car

Thurs 11th 4-4:30pm

Pelican Waters

4 bed 2 bath 2 car

Fri 5th 10-10:30am

2/26 Amaroo Drive

2 bed 1 bath 1 car

Thurs 4th 4-4:30pm

1/53 Boongala Terrace

13 Nature Place

4 bed 2 bath 2 car

Sat 9:30-10am

15/1 Amity Avenue

2/26 Amaroo Drive

2 bed 1 bath 1 car

Sat 10-10:30am

18 Elizamay Close

5 bed 4 bath 4 car

Sat 10-10:30am

Meridan Plains

13 Nature Place

4 bed 2 bath 2 car

Sat 10-10:30am

83 Buderim Pines Drive

4 bed 2 bath 2 car

Sat 10-10:30am

5 Whitebeech Street


11 Kuthar Street

5 bed 2 bath 2 car

Sat 11-11:30am

5 Millennium Circuit

6 bed 3 bath 2 car

Sat 12-12:30pm

4 bed 2 bath 2 car

Sat 12-12:30pm

5 Whitebeech Street

4 bed 2 bath 2 car

Sat 10-10:30am


3 bed 2 bath 2 car

Sat 1-1:30pm

199 Panorama Drive

8 Brushwood Court

4 bed 2 bath 2 car

Sat 10-10:45am

13/5 Forest Park Street

22 Royal Drive

4 bed 2 bath 2 car

Sat 11-11:30am


1 Melaleuca Avenue

3 bed 1 bath 2 car

Sat 11-11:30am

5 Linder Place

3 bed 2 bath 2 car

Sat 12-12:30pm

10 Quiet Valley

5 bed 3 bath 3 car

Sat 12-12:30pm

Moffat Beach

Sippy Downs

8A St Vincents Court

5 bed 3 bath 2 car

Jodi Price 0412 278 658

10 Chesterton Crescent

3 bed 1 bath 2 car

Fri 5th 4:30-5pm

2 Bainbridge Circuit

4 bed 2 bath 2 car

Sat 9-9:30am

17 Coonang Crescent

3 bed 1 bath 2 car

Sat 11:45am-12:15pm

7 Langura Street

4 bed 2 bath 2 car

Will Van den Dungen 0438 130 188

6 bed 4 bath 7 car

Sat 10:15-11am

4 bed 2 bath 1 car

Adam Budd 0411 808 595


16 Hoop Pine Court

4 bed 2 bath 2 car

Sat 12-12:30pm

17a Maltman Street North

4 bed 3 bath 2 car

Fri 5th 11-11:30am

10 Wyndlorn Avenue

3 bed 3 bath 2 car

Sat 1-1:30pm

25/32 Queen of Colonies Parade

2 bed 1 bath 1 car

Fri 5th 12-12:30pm

7 Schwartz Street

3 bed 2 bath

Sat 1-1:30pm

17a Maltman Street North

4 bed 3 bath 2 car

Sat 11-11:30am

13 Nature Place

4 bed 2 bath 2 car

Sat 1-1:30pm

198/8 Starling Street

3 bed 2 bath 2 car

Sat 1-1:30pm

25/32 Queen of Colonies Parade

2 bed 1 bath 1 car

Sat 12-12:30pm

2/18 Fort Street

2 bed 1 bath 1 car

Sat 1:30-2pm

8 Quorn Close

3 bed 2 bath 3 car

Sat 2-2:30pm

202 Western Avenue

3 bed 2 bath 6 car

Sat 11-11:30am


18 Oakmont Drive

4 bed 2 bath 1 car

Jodi Price 0412 278 658

202 Western Avenue

3 bed 2 bath 6 car

Wed 10th 11-11:30am

10 Chine Place


Woombye 30A Kiel Mountain Road


5439 0300


5491 5055


5443 2000

Mountain Creek

5477 7600

Bli Bli

5450 8111

Golden Beach

5492 2100


5444 3455


5354 6000


5445 6088


5354 6012

Mooloolah Valley

5306 1700

Pelican Waters

5343 6900

54.indd 1

1/08/2022 4:32:04 PM

"$! ! $ $ !


2 0 2 1 R E S U LT S





68&&(66 5$7(

,1 6$/(6

Contact us to be a part of the Sunshine Coast’s



55.indd 1

1/08/2022 3:16:37 PM

Auction 3

5 Linder Place, Buderim As Neat As They Come, Value In The Pines! • Fully fenced, flat 801m2 block • Family friendly cul-de-sac • Owner occupied: Move in ready or rent out • Gorgeous high raked ceilings • Multiple living / dining spaces • In the Mountain Creek SHS catchment zone

Aucঞon On site Thurs, 11 Aug, 5pm



Jake Loiero 0448 000 933

View Sat, 6 Aug, 12-12:30pm

Auction this weekend 4

115 Tepequar Drive, Maroochydore Position Perfect with Potential • Classic one owner since being built • Modern single level home • Fully fenced 800 sqm site backing onto reserve • Room to store caravan or boat • Opportunity for renovation or surefire investment

Aucঞon On site Sat, 6 Aug, 2pm View Thurs, 4 Aug, 12-12:45pm Sat, 6 Aug, 1:30-2pm



Robert Horne 0429 508 705 Sally Horne 0409 561 638 56 My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022

56.indd 1

1/08/2022 3:20:58 PM

25/3 Pacific Blvd

Auction 4

25/3 Pacific Boulevard, Buddina Luxurious Beachfront Penthouse Living – Forget the Rest! • • • •

First time offered for sale in 20 years Split level penthouse with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and dual living zones 300 degree panoramic views from every room Choose 1 of 6 balconies all with different views of the stunning coastline

Aucঞon On site Sat, 27 Aug, 2pm



Ryan Bradeley 0418 793 670

View Sat, 6 Aug, 12-12:30pm 57.indd 1

1/08/2022 3:24:00 PM



12 Yakola Parade, Alexandra Headland • • • • • •

2-storey home in sought-after Alex precinct Walking distance to patrolled & surf beaches North-easterly aspect ensures breezes Four bedrooms, 2 bathrooms Full-size kitchen with huge island bench Ideal investor property or family home



Aucঞon On site Sat, 13 Aug, 11am

Pam Thomas 0438 272 096

View Sat, 6 Aug, 9-9:30am Thurs, 11 Aug, 4-4:30pm

Megan Murray 0414 734 929

Auction 58 My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022

58.indd 1

580 MOUNTAIN VIEW ROAD, MALENY 3 bed, 2 bath, 1 car Price by negotiation Maleny Realty 5499 9994 Jess Luthje 0438 616 064

Auction 3

1 Melaleuca Avenue, Buderim Buderim’s Best Buy • Entry level buyers, first home, renovators • Neat and tidy, needs some TLC • 822m2 block, north facing • Walk to Coles and IGA • 10 minutes to beach & Maroochy CBD

This immaculate colonial-style property is positioned on a generous 3000m2 parcel of lush rainforest surrounds and situated just down the road from McCarthy’s Lookout. The home offers high ceilings, natural timber flooring, fretwork features and bay windows. Zoned, ducted air conditioning and a wood fire provide comfort for all seasons. The kitchen has quality fixtures and finishes, featuring stone benchtops, premium appliances, gas cooking, ample bench space and plenty of storage. Two of the bedrooms are serviced by the stylish main bathroom and the main has a separate ensuite. The back garden consists of lush rainforest surrounds providing a sense of tranquillity.

Aucঞon On site Sat, 27 Aug, 10am View Sat, 6 Aug, 11-11:30am



Mitch Rowe 0418 456 176


199 Panorama Drive, Rosemount Value, Affordable, Immaculate • Big living, 3 bedrooms upstairs • 2nd living, workshop downstairs • Huge covered deck, huge fenced backyard • Legal height, potential dual living • Private gardens, feels like acreage

Aucঞon On site Sat, 20 Aug, 1pm



Mitch Rowe 0418 456 176

View Sat, 6 Aug, 12-12:30pm

1/08/2022 3:58:42 PM

Value packed family abode The classic Queenslander home is one of substance and character, perfectly blending




into its attractive surroundings in the most private of positions. With more than enough space for the largest of families, the two-level layout offers the potential for dual living or a

5,952 SQM

For Sale EOI Close Wednesday 10th August 12pm View Saturday 6th August 10.30am - 11am & 1.30pm - 2pm

teenage retreat.

Dan Smith 0438 120 776

23 Topview Drive, Mons

Modern family sanctuary in a coveted position With natural bushland surrounds ensuring the utmost privacy and tranquility, you’ll




fall in love with the idyllic environment and picturesque hinterland views. An easy flow has been created between the open-plan living and the outdoor entertaining, adjoining the level lawns and the stunning inground pool.

6,963 SQM

For Sale Contact Agent View Saturday 6th August 12.30pm - 1pm

Dan Smith 0438 120 776

21 Hideaway Place, Mons

Live the dream, minutes from everything! Secure your small acreage paradise now with this well presented, spacious family




6,197 SQM


home on just over 1.5 acres of land. Offering the perfect entry to a prestigious and ultraconvenient pocket near Buderim Village, there’s unlimited potential to create a dream lifestyle for your family.

View Saturday 6th August 11.30am - 12pm

Dan Smith 0438 120 776

86-92 Glenmount Road, Mons Sold.

73 Mons School Road, Mons

For Sale Contact Agent


58-70 Mons School Road, Mons


124 Mons School Road, Mons DanSmithTheAgency

Buying in Mons? Selling in Mons? Researching the area?


It’s a ‘no brainer’. Engage a specialist who not only knows the area inside out but works tirelessly to deliver exceptional results. dan-smith-agent

Dan Smith 0438 120 776

59.indd 1


1/08/2022 3:29:12 PM

AUCTION SENSATIONAL NORTH FACING ALEXANDRA HEADLAND HOME – AUCTION THIS SATURDAY 8 George Street, Alexandra Headland Situated in what is arguably the most esteemed street in the Golden Triangle, 8 George Street is now ready for the next lucky owners to move straight in, without needing to lift a finger. This home has been well thought-out and is offered to the market in outstanding condition. Why try and build in this current climate when you can jump straight into this magnificent, finished beach home. Walk to the patrolled beaches in minutes, grab a coffee or take in dinner at outstanding restaurants nearby.

60.indd 1




• North facing modern home

Auction: Saturday 6th August at 2pm Onsite

• Dual living opportunity

Inspect: Saturday 6th August 1:30-2pm

• Solar power

Richard Scrivener 0416 799 188 Loren Wimhurst 0415 380 222

• Fully ducted air conditioning • Space for a pool • 414m2 indoor/outdoor living (approx.)

1300 400 777

1/08/2022 4:23:03 PM

AUCTION MAGNIFICENT MINYAMA MASTERPIECE – STUNNING RENOVATED HOME 31 Coomaroo Crescent, Minyama After undergoing an outstanding full renovation, 31 Coomaroo Crescent is the epitome of elegance and waterfront living. This is a well-constructed home and has now been brought up to 2022 standards. The clever design offers an abundance of living spaces both inside and out, and has some of the most spectacular views out to the pristine waterway. With deepwater access straight out to the Pacific Ocean, quality homes like this one are few and far between. This property must been seen to be appreciated.

61.indd 1




• 8m pontoon, jetty & boat ramp

Auction: Saturday 20th August at 2pm Onsite

• Stone fireplace

Inspect: Saturday 6th August 3-3:30pm

• New inground pool

Richard Scrivener 0416 799 188 Loren Wimhurst 0415 380 222

• Quiet cul-de-sac location • High end appliances • Ducted & split system air-conditioning

1300 400 777

1/08/2022 4:29:04 PM

AUCTION ICONIC BUDERIM HOME WITH OUTSTANDING NORTHERLY VIEWS – SELLING SATURDAY! 18 Songbird Court, Buderim Tastefully renovated and sitting on a huge 3249m2 (approx.) lot, this property combines privacy with sweeping

• Magnificent northerly views

north-facing views out to Old Woman Island. The property’s private and peaceful surroundings make it feel like

• Full size synthetic tennis court

you are within your very own haven in the heart of Buderim. With 5 well-appointed bedrooms, multiple living

• Bionizer resort style pool

areas, chef’s kitchen and butler’s pantry, this is a family home.

• Covered screened wrap-around verandah

With wrap around verandahs, the dining area, kitchen, living and master bedroom all capture the Pacific Ocean

• Separate large studio/home office

and coastal views which light up the skyline at night, a panorama to admire. The second living area exudes

• Ducted/split system air conditioning

warmth and charm and is an ideal space to relax in front of the open fire for those cold wintery evenings, read a

• Organic vegetable garden/fruit trees

book or rest and enjoy the serene surroundings.

• Close to top private and state schools

62.indd 1

1/08/2022 4:41:22 PM




Auction: Saturday 6th August at 11am Onsite Inspect: Saturday 6th August 10:30-11am Richard Scrivener 0416 799 188 Loren Wimhurst 0415 380 222

1300 400 777

63.indd 1

1/08/2022 4:42:22 PM



This is a stunning contemporary beach house with breathtaking panoramic views of the Alexandra Headland coastline, Mount Coolum and beyond. Commanding a desirable northern aspect, this perfectly positioned elevated home, in one of the Sunshine Coast’s most prestigious addresses is sure to leave you breathless. Sitting in an elevated position above the treetops, this magnificent family abode captures the Sunshine Coast lifestyle to perfection.

• Beautiful designer home



• Perfect northerly aspect

Auction: Saturday 27th August at 11am Onsite Inspect: Saturday 6th August 12:30-1pm Richard Scrivener 0416 799 188 Loren Wimhurst 0415 380 222

• Amazing panoramic views • Resort style in-ground pool • Multiple living zones

1300 400 777



This fully renovated property offers the ultimate low maintenance coastal lifestyle. Situated in a quiet cul-de-sac within popular Mountain Creek, along with a separate studio will be your own piece of paradise this summer!

Price: Buyers Low to Mid $1 Million Inspect: Saturday 6th August 1-1:30pm Kristen New 0417 852 501



1300 400 777



Superbly located top floor unit with private use rooftop terrace. Located just a few hundred metres to beautiful Maroochydore beach and the vibrant Cotton Tree cafés and shopping precinct. Inspect to appreciate what’s on offer.

Price: $1 Million Plus Buyers Inspect: Saturday 6th August 12-12:30pm Carmel La Macchia 0400 300 545

64.indd 1



1300 400 777

1/08/2022 4:51:02 PM

AUCTION BRAND NEW, NORTH FACING UNIT IN HOT NEW BOKARINA BEACH ‘SEANNA RESIDENCES’ 605/21 Kombi Street, Bokarina Unit 605 ‘Seanna Residences’ is in one of the Sunshine Coast’s hottest new subdivisions. Situated on the beachfront, this new Bokarina Beach development is in a position of outstanding quality. With breathtaking ocean views, this property has 3 well-appointed bedrooms with the master offering beautiful northern views down to Point Cartwright and beyond. The open plan living and dining spaces are generous in size, and the modern kitchen has high-end appliances and a walk-in pantry.

65.indd 1




• Step onto the beach in seconds

Auction: Saturday 13th August at 12pm Onsite

• Stunning pool yard & BBQ area

Inspect: Saturday 6th August 9-9:30am

• Restaurant on your doorstep

Richard Scrivener 0416 799 188 Loren Wimhurst 0415 380 222

• 2 secure car parks • Brand new and ready to go • SCUH within easy reach

1300 400 777

1/08/2022 4:48:44 PM


Mooloolaba, 3 Applegin Court

Location is Everything! Massive Block in Mooloolaba

OPEN HOME: Thursday 4th August 4-4.30pm & Saturday 6th August 1-1.30pm

As soon as you arrive at this property in this quiet and peaceful cul-de-sac you instantly feel like your home. Set on a massive 858sqm block, this property will be sure to impress any family, couple or investor looking for that perfect piece of magic.

VIEW AT: AUCTION: On Site Saturday 20th August at 1pm

• 4 generous size bedrooms with built ins • Large ensuite & walk in robe to main bedroom • 2 living areas with separate dining • Double garage with remote & internal access

• Within Mountain Creek & Mooloolaba State School zone • North facing with loads of natural light • 3.6x6 shed & side access for boat or caravan • Fully fenced yard with ample space for a pool

AGENT: Matt Dellow 0435 403 361





Mooloolaba, 14/22 Meta Street


A Quaint Oceanic Lifestyle Featuring a Private Rooftop Terrace! Freshly renovated living, contemporary finishings, along with charm and location, complete with a private rooftop terrace perfect for the entertainer. We welcome Apartment 14/22 Meta Street to the market. Oozing style and comfort, Apartment 14 is located at the top of the Admirals Court complex and covers a total of 176m2, with only a short 300m stroll away from stunning Mooloolaba beach! Whether you are looking to owner occupy or for an investment property to add to your portfolio. This property will always be in high demand as a holiday rental or with permanent tenants.

OPEN HOME: Saturday 6th August 10-10.30am VIEW AT: AUCTION: On Site Saturday 20th August at 12pm AGENT: Grant Whisker 0415 856 575





Caloundra West, 42 Feathertop Circuit

Modern Family Home Close to All Amenities! This well presented, low maintenance home ticks all the boxes. Creatively designed, the thoughtful floorplan lends itself to comfortable family living. Offering four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a spacious open-plan living, kitchen and dining room, this home is perfect for owner occupiers or an attractive investment proposition. Located in the heart of the booming lifestyle precinct of Aura, with easy access to amenities including Unity College, Baringa Primary School, Baringa Community Centre and Stockland Baringa Shopping Centre.

66.indd 1

OPEN HOME: Saturday 6th August 12-12.30pm VIEW AT: PRICE: Contact Agent AGENT: Ross Cattle 0410 625 758





1/08/2022 3:38:10 PM



Mooloolaba, 17 Palm Drive

Ultimate Family Entertainer in the Heart of Everything!

OPEN HOME: Saturday 6th August 10.30-11am

Positioned in the heart of Mooloolaba, this entertainer’s dream home has been cleverly designed to maximise the space where indoor meets outdoor living. This brand new luxurious build set upon 3 levels, boasts 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a crystal blue swimming pool and amazing high ceilings.


• Grand master bedroom with a large walk-in wardrobe • 4 additional well sized bedrooms with ample storage • Luxurious media room • Large remote controlled double garage with through access

AGENT: Jordan Barden 0422 990 824






• Modern designer home in sought after central location • New build, only 2 years old • Entertainer’s kitchen fitted with top of the range appliances • Covered North facing outdoor entertaining patio

AUCTION: On Site Saturday 6th August at 11am


Meridan Plains, 17 Satinash Street

Spacious Family Home or The Perfect Investment

OPEN HOME: Saturday 6th August 12:30-1pm

This beautifully presented, low maintenance home ticks all the boxes. Creatively designed, the thoughtful floorplan is perfect for owner occupiers or an attractive investment proposition. Located in the heart of Meridan Plains, with easy access to amenities.


• • • •

67.indd 1

Open-plan family living and dining area Kitchen with stone benchtops and quality finishes Master bedroom with walk-in wardrobe and ensuite 3 additional bedrooms with built in robes

• • • •

Tiled floors, high ceilings throughout with expansive windows Internal laundry with plenty of space Undercover alfresco area Double lock up remote entry garage

AUCTION: On Site Saturday 6th August at 1pm AGENT: Ross Cattle 0410 625 758





1/08/2022 3:41:01 PM



RECORD PRICE FOR MOOLOOLABA APARTMENT It’s been a stellar sale week across the board with Nambour also proving to be a hot commodity. WORDS: Gail Forrer.


efine Property agent Grant Whisker has secured the record price of $850,000 for a two-bedroom unit in Mooloolaba’s Seamark on First complex. The trendy unit at 202/29-37 First Avenue, which boasts two bathrooms and car accommodation, was purchased sight unseen via a phone bid by the interstate buyers. Mr Whisker says there were seven registered bidders and about three active bidders vying for the apartment. “There was good, active bidding,” he says. The buyers intend to use the unit as a holiday apartment.

NEW FUTURE FOR WARANA BLOCK A house and land fetched $1.1 million at Warana, but the house won’t last for long as the new owners have an alternative vision for the site. Ray White agent Mandy Leahy says the couple who made the purchase at 17 Bandaroo Street intend to knock down the existing abode to build a dream home to raise their family in the area. There were two registered bidders for the 558m2 block, which is zoned for medium density.

LUCKY NUMBER THREE Ray White agent Michael Scott is celebrating after successfully selling three Nambour properties under the hammer last week. Mr Scott reports there were smiles all round when the four-bedroom, twobathroom home at 7 Dream Court fetched $750,000. “It was a fantastic price,” he says. A retired New South Wales couple have purchased the home. In addition to the fantastic sale, Mr Scott says a two-bedroom unit at 106 Perwillowen Road, Burnside sold for $590,000, while a two-bedroom unit at 7/68 Carter Road, Nambour sold under the hammer for $430,000. The success of the three auctions has secured Mr Scott a 100-per cent clearance rate since the start of the financial year.

AUCTION RESULTS The easiest way to check the latest auction results. 202/29-37 FIRST AVENUE, MOOLOOLABA SOLD UNDER THE HAMMER FOR $850,000 2 bed, 2 bath, 1 car, Define Property Grant Whisker 0415 856 575

68 My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022

68.indd 1

202/29-37 First Avenue, Mooloolaba 2 BAINBRIDGE CIRCUIT, SIPPY DOWNS PASSED IN, NOW LISTED AT $729,000+ 4 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, Ray White, Dallas Foster 0426 817 163 1/13 LARKIN STREET, MAROOCHYDORE PASSED IN, NOW LISTED AT $640,000 3 bed, 2 bath, 1 car, Ray White, Rowan Woodbine 0497 076 418 7 DREAM COURT, NAMBOUR SOLD UNDER THE HAMMER $750,000 4 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, Ray White, Michael Scott 0488 969 970 14 LANATA CRESCENT, MOUNTAIN CREEK PASSED IN, NOW LISTED AT $875,000 4 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, Ray White, Peter King 0408 798 346 17 BANDAROO STREET, WARANA SOLD UNDER THE HAMMER FOR $1,100,000 3 bed, 1 bath, 2 car, Ray White, Mandy Leahy 0425 709 442 21 BERNHEID CRESCENT, SIPPY DOWNS SOLD PRIOR TO AUCTION 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, Ray white, Dallas Foster 0426 817 163 14 BALYATA STREET, WARANA PASSED IN, NOW LISTED AT $1,150,000 6 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, Ray White, Mandy Leahy 0425 709 442 106 PERWILLOWEN ROAD, BURNSIDE SOLD UNDER THE HAMMER $590,000 3 bed, 1 bath, 1 car, Ray White, Michael Scott 0488 969 970 16 PRESTON ROAD, DIDDILLIBAH PASSED IN, NOW LISTED AT $1,490,000 6 bed, 4 bath, 5 car, Ray White, Drew Colliver 0417 467 737 11 JACARANDA DRIVE, MOOLOOLABA PASSED IN, NOW LISTED AT $995,00 4 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, Ray White, Mandy Leahy 0425 709 442 7/68 CARTER ROAD, NAMBOUR SOLD UNDER THE HAMMER FOR $455,000 2 bed, 2 bath, 1 car, Ray White, Michael Scott 0488 969 970 3/81 BIRTINYA BOULEVARD, BIRTINYA SOLD UNDER THE HAMMER FOR $560,000 2 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, Ray White, Ryan Bradeley 0418 793 670 *As supplied by contributing real estate agencies


This neat as a pin family home in Alexandra Headland is in one of the most sought-after locations on the Sunshine Coast and presents an excellent opportunity for a buyer to add their own personal touches. Perfectly liveable as it is, this home has beautiful timber floors on the upper level, a huge family kitchen, plantation shutters, entertainer’s deck and would be an excellent investment for those looking to expand their portfolio. It would also serve as a wonderful renovation opportunity for those looking to put their own stamp on their new dream home. The home boasts a wonderful beachside position where you can walk to Alex Beach, the surf club, restaurants, cafes and more.

3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car Auction on site Saturday, August 13 at 11am Ray White Maroochydore 5443 2000 Pam Thomas 0438 272 096 Megan Murray 0414 734 929


Sunshine Coast Car Buyers NEED TO SELL???

Your Car or Commercial If you have a surplus vehicle, can no longer drive or going O/S maybe I can help. NO RWC needed & I come to you! NO waiting around for people who don’t turn up. I’m a local motor dealer with 40 years experience. Call if you think I can help.

Steve 0407 788 999 NO Obligation - LMD BUILDING & MAINTENANCE ➤



PRESSURE CLEANING NG It’s nice to come e!! Chemical fre home to a clean driveway!

FROM $35 Phone Peter for a quote

0466 557 255


Dog Walker and

Pet Minder Cotton Tree Available 7 days

Contact Greg Car Ports Decks & Pergolas Framing/Construction/ Plastering Renovations Hard Working & Reliable Experienced in Modern Architecture & Design

0416 463 017 RUBBISH REMOVAL ➤

2-GO Clear-Space!! RUBBISH CLUTTER CLEARED Fridges • Beds • Lounges etc.

Call for a FREE No Obligation Quote

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Monday - Friday 6am - 6pm Saturday morning by arrangement For Good Service & FREE Quote CALL NOW!

0477 772 138

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Terry Healion


Licensed Electrical Contractor tor Lic: 36780 30 Years Experience

Domestic & Commercial Specialising in DECORATIVE & STENCILLED CONCRETE


Locally owned, meaning the person you speak to is the person doing your work. Prompt & friendly service. Servicing Caloundra to Maroochy and West to the Ranges.

Own ABN. Fully Insured

Contact Rob 0401 655 011 PLUMBING ➤

SENIOR and PENSIONER Card holders discount. Eftpos | Credit Card Available

CALL FRASER 0434 685 009

FREE QUOTES & ADVICE 07) 5456 4603 Phone Darren 0418 157 998

A/H 5496 7155 QBCC Lic No. 700727 ELECTRICIAN ➤


0432 278 487 | 07 5353 0417 GROUT CLEANING & RESTORATION ➤

Sick of Scrubbing with NO RESULT? Have your Tiles, Grout & Hard Surfaces Restored to Perfection GUARANTEED!! Leaking Shower Solutions Silicone Seal Replacement Slippery Surface Treatment Tile, Grout, Stone & Hard Surface Cleaning & Sealing Epoxy Grouting & Tile Re-Grouting Glass Restoration & Glass Protection Low Cost Shower Restorationss


PLUMBING Quality Service - Affordable Price

6.6KW from $3,290 Secure cost-free electricity with a choice of affordable night batteries. We deconstruct and take away old solar power systems cheaply

Call 0419 991 557

Local Electrician Old fashion values, modern day solutions Services include: ● Electrical Health Reports ● All types of Electrical Work ● Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

Senior’s Discounts available

24/7 Emergency Service

For a FREE Quote Call 1800 959 697


Commercial & Residential Blocked Drains • Leaking Taps • Hot Water Units • Renovations 24hr Maintenance QBCC 1162630

)XOO\ /LFHQFHG 4XDOL¿HG ,QVXUHG &$53(175< 3/80%,1* 7,/,1* 3$,17,1* (/(&75,&$/ &$%,1(75< 3/$67(5,1* *$5'(1 0$,17(1$1&( %$6,& +20( 0$,17(1$1&(


69.indd 1

Blocked drains-cleared fast with high pressure jetter & camera inspection

CALL FRASER 0434 685 009 07) 5456 4603


QBCC rules apply

• Lawns • Gardens • Pressure Cleaning • Soft Washing Looking after your assets 0402 630 365 /jacksonandgoodmanpropertyupkeep




07 5493 8281





Willem Lombard 0435 576 822

Phone 5327 3414 Visit our 100m2 interactive showroom

Security Doors Plantation Shutters Insect Screens

NAMBOUR HANDYMAN SERVICES We Love the Jobs You Hate! Servicing Nambour and neighbouring communities over all trades.

Covering the Coast from Caloundra to Gympie Book your free quote today!

Hot Water Systems, Taps Toilets Water Filters Gasfitting Maintenance Work Water Leaks & Detection



Stirling Charlish Ph: 0403 428 922 E:

Lic No 19698

QBCC 15049318

p. 0417 709 182 e.


0407 738 025

Ask us about our Stain Free Grout Option




Specialising in: Household Repairs • Installations • Lights • Fans Power Points • Safety Switches

DRIVEWAYS PATHWAYS SLABS Plain & Exposed Aggregate Decorative Seamless Flooring Concrete Cleaning & Resealing




Taps Toilets & Vanity basins L.P.G. gas, full installations Cooktops, BBQ points, heater points Emergency repairs All hot water systems replace/repair Gutters, downpipes All filtered/chilled/boiling systems installed Blocked drains cleaned & repaired Licensed & insured

• All Aspects of Tiling • All types of Ceramic Tiles • Renovations • New Builds • Repairs • Friendly Service • 40 Years Experience nce

Small jobs...not a problem Away from 23rd Aug - 31 Oct Call now for a quote

Member of the Master Plumbers Association

(07) 5493 5077 or 0417 640 758

Call Rolf 0407 657 224 My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022 69

1/08/2022 4:34:30 PM








6pm The Drum. 7.00 ABC News. 7.30 Movin’ To The Country. (PG) 8.00 Joanna Lumley’s Britain. (PG) Part 2 of 3. 8.50 Miniseries: Time. (M) Part 2 of 3. 9.50 Baptiste. (M) 10.45 News.

8.30pm Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. Day 8: Night. 10.00 Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. Day 8: Late.

6pm Nine News. 7.00 A Current Affair. 7.30 Rugby League. NRL. Round 21. Manly Sea Eagles v Parramatta Eels. From 4 Pines Park, Sydney. 9.55 Golden Point. 10.35 MOVIE 48 Hrs. (1982) (MA15+) Eddie Murphy, Nick Nolte. A cop reluctantly teams up with a criminal.

6.30pm The Project. A look at the day’s news and events. 7.30 The Living Room. Chris Brown surfs Fiji’s world famous break. 8.40 To Be Advised. 10.40 Just For Laughs Australia. (M) Hosted by Nick Cody. 11.40 The Project. A look at the day’s news and events.

6pm The Cook Up. (PG) 6.30 News. 7.35 Britain’s Beautiful Rivers: Derwent. (PG) 8.30 Rebuilding Notre-Dame With Lucy Worsley. A look at the restoration of Notre-Dame. 9.35 World’s Most Scenic Railway Journeys: Mexico.


6pm David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef: Survival. 7.00 ABC News. 7.30 Grantchester. (PG) Geordie investigates a vagrant’s death. 8.20 Endeavour. (M) Part 1 of 3. 9.50 Mystery Road: Origin. (M) Jay unmasks the “kelly gang.” 10.45 Miniseries: Capital. (M)

8.30pm Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. Day 9: Night. 10.00 Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. Day 9: Late.

6pm Nine News Saturday. 7.00 Rugby League. NRL. Round 21. Cronulla Sharks v St George Illawarra Dragons. 9.30 NRL Saturday Night Footy Post-Match. 9.50 MOVIE Exit Wounds. (2001) (MA15+) Steven Seagal. 11.50 A+E After Dark. (M)

6pm Luxury Escapes. 6.30 Wildlife Rescue Australia. (PG) An echidna has arrived for a check-up. 7.30 The Dog House. (PG) Sammy the retriever is moping again. 9.30 Ambulance Australia. (M) A crash involving a motorcyclist occurs. 10.30 To Be Advised.

6.30pm News. 7.35 World’s Most Scenic Railway Journeys. (PG) 8.30 Secrets Of The Tower Of London. (PG) Takes a look at the Tower of London. 9.20 Gone Fishing With Mortimer & Whitehouse. (M)


6.30pm Compass. (PG) 7.00 ABC News Sunday. 7.40 Spicks And Specks. (PG) Hosted by Adam Hills. 8.30 Mystery Road: Origin. (M) The Kelly Gang’s plans come to a head. 9.30 MOVIE Suffragette. (2015) (M) Carey Mulligan. A woman becomes a suffragette.

7pm My Kitchen Rules. (PG) 8.45 Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. Day 10: Night. Featuring a variety of events from the XXII Commonwealth Games. 10.00 Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. Day 10: Late.

6pm Nine News Sunday. 7.00 The Block. (PG) 8.40 60 Minutes. Current affairs program. 9.40 Nine News Late. 10.10 The First 48: Bad Tempered/ The Bully. (M) 11.05 Suspect Number 1: Crime Wave. (M)

6.30pm The Sunday Project. A look at the day’s news. 7.30 The Masked Singer Australia. Hosted by Osher Günsberg. 8.45 NCIS: Hawai’i. (M) NCIS crosses paths with Whistler’s team. 9.45 FBI. (M) A teacher goes missing after an altercation. 11.30 The Sunday Project.

6.30pm SBS World News. 7.30 Mysteries From The Grave: Titanic. (PG) A look at the sinking of the Titanic. 9.00 Hindenburg: The New Evidence. (PG) An investigation into the Hindenburg. 10.00 Billy Graham. (PG) Explores the life of Billy Graham.


7pm ABC News. 7.30 7.30. 8.00 Back Roads. (PG) 8.30 Four Corners. Investigative journalism program. 9.15 Media Watch. (PG) 9.35 China Tonight. 10.05 News. 10.20 The Business.

6.30pm News. 7.00 Home And Away. (PG) 7.30 My Kitchen Rules. (PG) 9.15 Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. Day 11: Night. 10.00 Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. Day 11: Late.

6pm Nine News. 7.00 A Current Affair. 7.30 The Block. (PG) 8.45 Emergency. (M) Catriona fears a tradie might lose his sight. 9.45 100% Footy. (M) Features the latest rugby league news. 10.45 Nine News Late. 11.15 Manifest. (M)

6.30pm The Project. 7.30 The Masked Singer Australia. 8.45 Have You Been Paying Attention? (M) Hosted by Tom Gleisner. 9.45 Just For Laughs Australia. (M) 10.15 Lawrence Mooney: Like Literally. (MA15+) 11.45 The Project.

6pm The Cook Up. (PG) 6.30 SBS World News. 7.30 Saving Lives At Sea. (M) 8.35 The Queen’s Guard: A Year In Service. (M) Part 5 of 5. 9.30 24 Hours In Emergency: Lasting Legacy. (M) An elderly man is rushed to St George’s. 10.25 SBS News.


7pm ABC News. 7.30 7.30. 8.00 Great Southern Landscapes. (PG) 8.30 The Science Of Relationships: A Catalyst Special. (PG) A look at science and technology. 9.25 Art Works. 9.55 Anh’s Brush With Fame. (PG)

6pm Seven Local News. 6.30 Seven News. 7.00 Home And Away. (PG) 7.30 My Kitchen Rules. (PG) Hosted by Manu Feildel and Nigella Lawson. 9.10 Harry Palmer: The Ipcress File. (M) An ex-soldier becomes a spy. 11.30 Comm Games: Closing.

6pm Nine News. 7.00 A Current Affair. 7.30 The Block. (PG) 8.45 The Hundred With Andy Lee. Comedy panel show. 9.45 My Feet Are Killing Me. (M) 10.45 Nine News Late. 11.15 Law & Order: Organized Crime. (MA15+)

6.30pm The Project. 7.30 The Masked Singer Australia. Hosted by Osher Günsberg. 8.30 The Cheap Seats. (M) Presented by Melanie Bracewell and Tim McDonald. 9.30 NCIS. (M) The team investigates a hit-and-run. 11.30 The Project.

6pm The Cook Up. (PG) 6.30 News. 7.30 Who Do You Think You Are? (PG) 8.30 Insight. Presented by Kumi Taguchi. 9.30 Dateline: Afghan Athletes On The Run. 10.00 SBS News.


6pm The Drum. 7.00 ABC News. 7.30 7.30. 8.00 Win The Week. 8.30 Shaun Micallef’s MAD AS HELL. Hosted by Shaun Micallef. 9.00 Aftertaste. (M) 9.30 Adam Hills: The Last Leg. 10.15 News.

6pm Seven Local News. 6.30 Seven News. 7.00 Home And Away. (PG) 7.30 My Kitchen Rules. (PG) 9.00 Martin Clunes: Islands Of The Pacific: French Polynesia. (PG) Part 1 of 3. 10.10 Air Crash Investigation: North Sea Nightmare. (PG)

6pm Nine News. 7.00 A Current Affair. 7.30 The Block. (PG) 8.45 After The Verdict. (M) Four jurors begin to doubt their decision. 9.45 Family Law. (M) A woman returns to her father’s firm. 10.45 Nine News Late. 11.15 Chicago Med. (MA15+)

6.30pm The Project. 7.30 Shaun Micallef’s Brain Eisteddfod. 8.30 Ghosts. (PG) Sam is commissioned to write an article. 9.30 Bull. (PG) The team is forced to adjust to the new normal. 10.30 Good Sam. (M) 11.30 The Project.

6pm The Cook Up. (PG) 6.30 News. 7.35 New York: The City That Never Sleeps. (PG) 8.30 Secret Scotland: The Trossachs And The West. (PG) Susan Calman visits Inveraray Castle. 9.20 Miniseries: Too Close. (MA15+) 10.15 SBS News.



6pm The Drum. 7.00 ABC News. 7.30 7.30. 8.00 Foreign Correspondent. 8.30 Q+A. Public affairs program. 9.35 Courtney Act’s One Plus One. 10.05 ABC Late News. 10.20 The Business.

6pm Seven Local News. 6.30 Seven News. 7.00 Home And Away. (PG) 7.30 Home And Away. 8.30 Crime Investigation Australia: The Cangai Siege. (MA15+) A look at the 1993 Cangai siege. 9.55 Police Strike Force. (M) 11.00 The Front Bar. (M)

6pm Nine News. 7.00 A Current Affair. 7.30 Rugby League. NRL. Round 22. Penrith Panthers v Melbourne Storm. From BlueBet Stadium, Sydney. 9.50 Thursday Night Knock Off. Post-match NRL news and analysis. 10.35 Nine News Late. 11.05 The Equalizer. (MA15+)

6.30pm The Project. 7.30 The Dog House Australia. (PG) Narrated by Dr Chris Brown. 8.30 Law & Order: SVU. (M) A schoolgirl goes missing. 9.30 To Be Advised. 10.30 Law & Order: SVU. (M) 11.30 The Project.

6pm The Cook Up. (PG) 6.30 News. 7.35 World’s Most Scenic River Journeys. (PG) 8.30 Scotland’s Sacred Islands With Ben Fogle: Inner Hebrides. Part 1 of 4. 9.30 The Queen At War. (PG)


Programs are correct at the time of print and are subject to change by the networks.

We make home care more local, trustworthy and loving. 70 My Weekly Preview | August 4, 2022

70.indd 1

1/08/2022 3:52:51 PM


7TWO (CH72)

7MATE (CH74) 9GO! (CH82)

9GEM (CH81)




7.30pm Spicks And Specks. (PG) 8.00 Hard Quiz. (PG) 8.30 MOVIE Trumbo. (2015) (M) Bryan Cranston, Diane Lane, Helen Mirren. 10.30 Doctor Who. (PG) 11.15 QI. 11.50 The Games.

6pm Day 8: Fringe. 7.00 Day 8: Evening. 8.30 Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. Day 8: Night. 10.00 Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. Day 8: Late.

6.30pm Pawn Stars. (PG) 7.00 AFL: Friday Night Countdown. 7.30 Football. AFL. Round 21. Melbourne v Collingwood. From the MCG. 10.45 MOVIE Lethal Weapon. (1987) (M)

7.30pm MOVIE The Divergent Series: Allegiant. (2016) (M) Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Jeff Daniels. 9.45 MOVIE The Invisible Man. (2020) (MA15+) Elisabeth Moss.

6.30pm Antiques Roadshow. 7.30 Children’s Hospital. 8.30 MOVIE Top End Wedding. (2019) (M) 10.30 MOVIE The Change-Up. (2011) (MA15+)

6.30pm MacGyver. (PG) 7.30 NCIS. (M) 8.30 Blue Bloods. (M) 10.20 Evil. (MA15+) 11.15 Star Trek: Discovery. (M)

6pm Friends. (PG) 8.00 The Big Bang Theory. (PG) 9.30 Mom. (PG) 10.30 Charmed. (PG) 11.30 Frasier. (PG)


7.30pm Spicks And Specks. 8.00 QI. 8.30 Live From The BBC. 9.20 The Stand Up Sketch Show. 9.45 Whose Line Is It Anyway? 10.10 Would I Lie To You? 10.40 Doctor Who.

6pm Day 9: Fringe. 7.00 Day 9: Evening. 8.30 Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. Day 9: Night. 10.00 Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. Day 9: Late.

6pm Pawn Stars. (PG) 6.30 AFL Pre-Game. 7.00 Football. AFL. Round 21. Geelong v St Kilda. From GMHBA Stadium, Victoria. 10.30 MOVIE Lethal Weapon 2. (1989) (M) Mel Gibson.

7.30pm MOVIE School Of Rock. (2003) (PG) Jack Black, Joan Cusack, Mike White. 9.45 MOVIE Nacho Libre. (2006) (PG) Jack Black, Ana de la Reguera. 11.30 Up All Night. (M)

5.30pm MOVIE Invitation To A Gunfighter. (1964) (PG) Yul Brynner. 7.30pm MOVIE Tenet. (2020) (M) John David Washington. 10.35 MOVIE The Purge. (2013) (MA15+)

6.30pm Scorpion. (PG) 7.30 NCIS. (M) 8.30 NCIS: New Orleans. (M) 9.25 NCIS: New Orleans. (MA15+) 10.20 Blood And Treasure. (M) 11.15 48 Hours. (M)

6pm The Big Bang Theory. (PG) 9.20 The Big Bang Theory. (M) 9.45 The Big Bang Theory. (PG) 10.15 Friends. (PG)


7.30pm Compass. 8.00 You Can’t Ask That. 8.30 Louis Theroux: Law And Disorder In Johannesburg. 9.30 Miriam Margolyes: Australia Unmasked. 10.35 Hitsville.

6pm Cities Of The Underworld. 7.00 Day 10: Evening. 8.30 Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. Day 10: Night. 10.00 Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. Day 10: Late.

6pm Day 10: Fringe. 7.00 Day 10: Evening. 8.30 Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. Day 10: Night. 8.45 MOVIE Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix. (2007) (M)

7.30pm MOVIE Battleship. (2012) (M) Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgård, Rihanna. 10.00 MOVIE Pacific Rim: Uprising. (2018) (M) John Boyega, Scott Eastwood.

4.55pm MOVIE McLintock! (1963) (PG) John Wayne, Maureen O’Hara, Patrick Wayne. 7.30pm To Be Advised. 11.30 Chicago P.D. (MA15+)

6pm Bondi Rescue. (PG) 6.30 MacGyver. (PG) 7.30 NCIS. (M) 10.20 48 Hours. (M) 11.15 Star Trek: Discovery. (PG)

6pm The Big Bang Theory. (PG) 10.10 To Be Advised. 11.00 Friends. (PG)


7.30pm David Attenborough’s Galapagos. 8.25 George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces. 9.15 Restoration Australia. 10.15 Catalyst. 11.15 Adam Hills: The Last Leg.

6.30pm Bargain Hunt. 7.30 Doc Martin. (M) 8.30 A Touch Of Frost. (M) 10.15 Criminal Confessions. (M) 11.15 To Be Advised.

6pm Day 11: Fringe. 7.00 Day 11: Evening. 8.30 Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. Day 11: Night. 9.15 MOVIE Starship Troopers. (1997) (MA15+) 11.50 Storage Wars.

6pm 3rd Rock From The Sun. (PG) 6.30 That ’70s Show. (PG) 7.00 Young Sheldon. (PG) 7.30 RBT. (PG) 8.30 MOVIE Blade II. (2002) (MA15+) 10.55 MOVIE Blade: Trinity. (2004) (MA15+)

5.30pm Murder, She Wrote. (PG) 6.30pm Antiques Roadshow. 7.30 Death In Paradise. (M) 8.40 Poirot. (PG) 10.40 Law & Order: SVU. (MA15+) 11.40 Antiques Roadshow.

6.30pm MacGyver. (PG) 7.30 NCIS. (M) 10.20 Blue Bloods. (M)

6pm Friends. (PG) 8.00 The Big Bang Theory. (PG) 9.30 Seinfeld. (PG) 10.00 Seinfeld. 10.30 Seinfeld. (PG) 11.00 Frasier. (PG)


7.30pm Spicks And Specks. 8.00 Would I Lie To You? 8.30 Adam Hills: The Last Leg. 9.15 Friday Night Dinner. 9.40 Rosehaven. 10.05 Aftertaste. 10.35 Black Books.

6.30pm Bargain Hunt. 7.30 Rosemary & Thyme. (PG) 8.30 Judge John Deed. (M) 10.30 Wild Bill. (M) 11.30 Miniseries: Flesh And Blood. (M)

6.30pm Pawn Stars. (PG) 7.30 Highway Patrol. (PG) 8.30 Outback Opal Hunters. (PG) 10.30 Jade Fever. (M) 12am Esports. LPL Pro. Rainbow Six Siege. Season 1.

6pm 3rd Rock. (PG) 6.30 That ’70s Show. (PG) 7.00 Young Sheldon. (PG) 7.30 MOVIE Deepwater Horizon. (2016) (M) 9.35 MOVIE Escape Plan. (2013) (MA15+) 11.50 Young Sheldon.

5.30pm Murder, She Wrote. (PG) 6.30pm Antiques Roadshow. 7.30 New Tricks. (M) 8.40 The Closer. (M) 9.40 Rizzoli & Isles. (M) 10.40 Law & Order: S.V.U. (MA15+) 11.40 Chicago P.D. (MA15+)

6.30pm MacGyver. (PG) 7.30 NCIS. (M) 8.30 Bull. (M) 10.20 48 Hours. (M)

6pm Friends. (PG) 8.00 The Big Bang Theory. (PG) 9.30 Mom. (M) 9.55 Mom. (PG) 11.10 Frasier. (PG)


7.30pm Walking Man. (PG) 8.00 Art Works. (PG) 8.30 Jeffrey Smart. 9.30 Anatomy Of A String Quartet. 10.20 Great Southern Landscapes. (PG) 10.50 Inside The Met. 11.40 Talking Heads.

6.30pm Bargain Hunt. 7.30 Heartbeat. (PG) 8.30 Lewis. (M) 10.30 Miniseries: Bancroft. (M) 11.30 Hard Sun. (MA15+)

6.30pm Pawn Stars. (PG) 7.30 Family Guy. (M) 8.00 American Dad! (M) 8.30 MOVIE Captain Marvel. (2019) (M) 11.00 Billy The Exterminator. 12am LPL Pro. VALORANT Oceania Tour. Stage 2.

6pm 3rd Rock. (PG) 6.30 That ’70s Show. (PG) 7.00 Young Sheldon. (PG) 7.30 MOVIE Godzilla. (2014) (M) 10.00 MOVIE Jumper. (2008) (M) 11.45 Young Sheldon.

5.30pm Murder, She Wrote. (PG) 6.30pm Antiques Roadshow. 7.30 As Time Goes By. 8.50 Midsomer Murders. (M) 11.00 Chicago Fire. (MA15+)

6.30pm MacGyver. (PG) 7.30 NCIS. (M) 8.30 Hawaii Five-0. (M) 10.20 Blood And Treasure. (M) 11.15 Evil. (MA15+)

6pm Friends. (PG) 8.00 The Big Bang Theory. (PG) 8.55 The Big Bang Theory. (M) 9.20 The Big Bang Theory. (PG) 11.00 Frasier. (PG)



7.30pm Spicks And Specks. 8.30 Would I Lie To You? 9.00 Shaun Micallef’s MAD AS HELL. 9.30 Win The Week. 10.00 Penn & Teller: Fool Us. 10.45 Mock The Week. 11.15 Doctor Who.

6.30pm Bargain Hunt. 7.30 Father Brown. (M) 8.30 Murdoch Mysteries. (M) 11.30 An Hour To Catch A Killer. (M)

6.30pm Pawn Stars. (PG) 7.30 Storage Wars. (PG) 8.30 Pawn Stars. (PG) 9.30 American Pickers. (PG) 10.30 American Restoration. (PG) 11.30 Desert Collectors. (PG)

6pm 3rd Rock. (PG) 6.30 That ’70s Show. (PG) 7.00 Young Sheldon. (PG) 8.30 MOVIE Jupiter Ascending. (2015) (M)

5.30pm Murder, She Wrote. (PG) 6.30pm Antiques Roadshow. 7.30 RBT. (PG) 8.30 Paramedics. (PG) 9.30 New Amsterdam. (M) 10.30 Law & Order: SVU. (MA15+) 11.30 House. (M)

6.30pm MacGyver. (PG) 7.30 NCIS. (M) 8.30 Bull. (M) 10.30 Elementary. (M) 11.30 48 Hours. (M)

6pm Friends. (PG) 8.00 The Big Bang Theory. (PG) 9.30 Seinfeld. (PG) 11.00 Frasier. (PG)


SURF REPORT with MWP’s man in the water

The typical mixed bag of conditions for the weekend and week ahead; winds should be offshore early then swinging around to mess thing up. At least we may be clear of the showers. Time to don the colours and settle in for some “Aussie Aussie Aussie” green and gold dominance at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games. Have fun, and as always, play nice. My Weekly Preview (“MWP”) is locally owned by Sunshine Coast Alliance Publishing Ltd ACN 124 476 142 and is published by 20/20 Publishing Pty Ltd ACN 131 089 793 (the “Publisher”). The contents of MWP are subject to copyright. Reproduction in whole or in part without the written permission of the Publisher is prohibited. The publication of editorial in MWP does not necessarily constitute endorsement of the views or opinions expressed by the Publisher. The Publisher does not accept responsibility for statements made by advertisers. All prices in MWP are correct as at the time of printing but are subject to change. Refusal to publish in print and or online The Publisher reserves the right to and may without prior notice refuse to publish; or cease to publish any advertising material in print and or online or inserted material within the publication without providing a reason.



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