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Foodie finds from Markets to cool cafes



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New bottles are available for pick up at Cozie Swimwear Turn to Pg 6 for more information • 450 Ml Spring Water / shopcaloundra 2 Shop Caloundra | Autumn 2021

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Creating a better future for Caloundra Proud to serve – a message from Jason Hunt Caloundra Business Alliance initiatives Local retail guide Caloundra art Foodie guide Proudly supported by:

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Foodie finds from Markets to cool cafes



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Creating a better future for Caloundra The Caloundra Chamber of Commerce and Caloundra Business Alliance join forces.



To complete the survey go to www.businesshealthchecksurvey.com.

here is no greater power for change than a community which works together under a shared vision. This has never been more clearly illustrated than this past year in the wake of COVID-19. This past year mired with uncertainty and change has only strengthened the resolve of the Caloundra Business Alliance and the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce to work together to create confidence and successful outcomes for Caloundra. It is as important now as it has ever been to support the ongoing needs of the business community. With a shared goal of creating a brighter future for Caloundra, these two business organisations have forged a strong and mutually beneficial relationship which has already resulted in a number of great local outcomes. This includes the fantastic Jingle by the Beach event in 2020, which brought the community together to celebrate family, community and Christmas. With ongoing discussions between both organisations, locals can expect a full calendar of activities and events in 2021, which will contribute to the town’s vibrant and creative culture. There are so many exciting opportunities ahead of those in Caloundra right now, but it is

up to the community to get this right. One example of this is the Sunshine Coast Council’s Create Caloundra program, where the community has been asked to help shape the vibrant new community and creative hub in the CBD. This project, which includes a new library, regional art gallery and town square, will provide significant cultural, social benefits as well as broader economic outcomes for the region. Another example is the Business Health Check Survey, which has been designed to better understand the health of local businesses and the well-being of business owners. This survey is a comprehensive yet practical tool which is open for submission by business owners in Caloundra and Kawana and will be used to advocate for the needs of local businesses. If you would like to get into contact with either organisation, please head to caloundrachamber.com.au or shopcaloundra.com.au. And if you would like to help us create a better future for Caloundra, complete the Business Health Check Survey at businesshealthchecksurvey.com.

4 Shop Caloundra | Autumn 2021

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Proud to serve An introduction from State Member for Caloundra, Jason Hunt.

Photo credit: Blueys Photography

Jason Hunt MP pictured with family


ince the election result of October 31 I’ve not had much time for quiet reflection, or even noisy reflection for that matter. Family time has become harder to come by, so I do tend to make the most of it when it comes. That’s okay however, nobody forced me to run for parliament. In fact, if I’m not busy as your MP it means I’m doing it wrong. Starting as a new MP is a daunting business, they even send you to ‘MP School’ for a week where you are expected to learn all there is to know about being an MP. It’s a wild ride and to be honest, nothing can prepare you for it. Within a few weeks the new MPs had to attend ‘school’, get sworn in during the ceremonial opening of the 57th parliament,

hand down a state budget, and take part in the estimates process. Oh and while that was going on we were all desperately trying to set up our electoral offices back in our respective electorates. Mercifully, fate handed me two of the most able and gifted young women to run my office while I was away. If you have ever been to the office you will have met Charli and Ash. No MP has ever had better staff in their electoral office. Early on I was given a very sound bit of advice from Chris Whiting, the member for Bancroft. I was writing my maiden speech which is considered something of a big deal in parliamentary circles, so its important that you get it right for yourself and for the people who put you in parliament. Chris said to me: “Leave your thank you’s till last because nearly everybody chokes up.” Never a truer word spoken. I thanked the people of Caloundra, my volunteers and my immediate family

members. I thanked my mum and dad and wished that they had lived to see me get sworn in. This is roughly when the tears began to flow rather freely. What I did not manage to do, because the words could not pass the lump in my throat, was to properly and adequately thank my wife and son; even writing this now has caused my vision to blur slightly. When my lad Liam was born I was taken to another room after our family was first united and told to nurse Liam while the staff looked after my wife Justine. For almost 15 minutes It was just Liam and I getting to know each other, and it was the most transformative 15 minutes of my life. In that moment, something in me ‘broke’ but in a good way. By that I mean that since becoming a dad, I wear my emotions so much closer to the surface these days... and I love it, even if it does mean I blub a bit more than I used to.

The truth is I will never be able to properly thank my wife and son for the sacrifices they have made to help get me elected. The times I have missed the play, the walks, the bedtime stories. My beautiful wife has taken on so much to allow me to campaign and now to try to be the best MP I can be. I could not do it without her, and I will never be able to acknowledge all that she has done for me in the way she deserves. One of the other things that stands out to me is the sheer joy of being the MP for your hometown. Apart from my time in the military and at university, I have lived in Caloundra and Currimundi since my family moved here in 1973. From school captain of Caloundra High in 1987 to MP for Caloundra in 2020 is a big leap with a lot of years in between, but I am completely honoured to be the MP for Caloundra and I hope I can represent the area as it surely deserves to be represented. Shop Caloundra | Autumn 2021 5

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Caloundra Welcomes the Shop Caloundra Local Gift Card


he Caloundra Business Alliance has been working together with Why Leave Town Promotions to launch the local gift card for the Caloundra business community in time for Easter trade. The Shop Caloundra gift card is an initiative to help keep money in the local community. The campaign is set to run over several years to encourage and continue the flow of business into the Caloundra economy. The gift card works just like an eftpos card and is available to purchase at two locations in Caloundra: Kerry’s Korner Shop and Caloundra News agency.

Promoting the

Please head to the Shop Caloundra website for more information on participating stores and locations to buy your Shop Caloundra gift card. Shop local, support local, buy local, together we can make a difference!

Scan the QR Code for more information

Shop Caloundr a Eftpos card

The New Shop Caloundra Bottles have arrived


he Caloundra Business Alliance recognises that the plastic bottle has become an icon of environmental damage and needless human waste, so in a first for Caloundra, the business alliance has produced a range of Shop Caloundra reusable water bottles to be made from 100 per cent aluminium – the most recycled and recyclable packaging available. Each limited edition series will have a sensational image of one of our beautiful

beaches here in Caloundra Bottles are filled with 450 ml of spring water and will be available from selected stockists within the Caloundra SEA BD A big thank you to Blueys Photography for all photography. Bottles are available to all Caloundra Business Alliance Members to purchase. Cost to you $60.00 per carton 24. Retail price $3.50 to $3.90.

Shop 1, 18 Bulcock Street, Caloundra

Phone 5491 4836



6 Shop Caloundra | Autumn 2021

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Children's books with to the Sunshine Coast

'How to Make a Friend in 6 Easy Steps' by Dhana Fox

Planet Arcades WE


'Cloud Conductor' by Kellie Byrnes 'Colin Cockroach Goes to Caloundra' by Chris Mckimmie

Planet Arcades have two fun-filled locations on the Sunshine Coast, Kawana Shoppingworld and 11 Bulcock Street, Caloundra. This fantastic family entertainment centre has some of the hottest new arcade games available. Planet Arcades deliver excellent customer service in a safe, friendly and clean environment. Whether you’re looking to celebrate an event or just want a fun time out of the house, bring your friends and family for an unforgettable time at Planet Arcades Kawana or Caloundra.



'The Things You Can Do with Blue Whale Poo' by Chris Collin 'The Little Lighthouse' By John Bradley

All products available from The Bookshop Caloundra

Shop Caloundra | Autumn 2021 7

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6 Key skillsets for small business success


ver wonder why some people succeed in business and others fail? What are the key skillsets that those successful small business owners possess? More importantly, how do you get them? With over 20 years’ experience working in the SME market across a wide variety of industries, business advisor and chartered accountant, Dianne Brown, believes the following six skillsets are the key to small business success: 1. Time management It might sound simple, but sometimes it’s the simple things that make the difference. As a small business owner, you are constantly juggling multiple demands of clients, staff, other external stakeholders, finances, family, and health. But working constant 12-hour days is not the answer. Rather, it’s a fast track to burnout and an indication that your internal systems are not as efficient as they should be. Good time management means you have planned and prioritised your day, week, month and acted/delegated accordingly. Don’t forget that you also need

to plan time to deal with those little emergencies that arise and more importantly, plan your 'down time'. 2. Communication Communication is the lifeblood of business. Successful business owners can identify and connect with their clients, stakeholders and staff using multiple communication formats; verbal, written, email, text, social media, Zoom, Teams … the list is endless. Successful communication is about knowing when and how to use the different mediums, developing effective listening and questioning techniques, understanding the impact of body language, displaying empathy, and knowing how to negotiate. 3. Financial literacy It’s surprising how many small business operators start their business with little or no understanding of financial literacy. This is akin to starting to drive without first reading your learner’s manual. Knowing how to set up and monitor a business budget, understanding the importance of cash flow,

how to read a profit & loss and balance sheet and more importantly, understand why profit does not equal cash in your bank account, is critical to business success. 4. Strategic business planning How do you know how to get there if you haven’t planned where you want to go? Identifying and creating your business vision will help you determine where you want to be. Once you know where you are now, have identified where you want to be in two to five years, then you can map out action items to help you work out how you’re going to get there. Successful small business owners are those who understand that a strategic business plan is not a 'set and forget' process. It is a living document that embodies your business vision and provides you with a clear plan to achieve that vision. 5. Problem solving As a small business owner, the buck stops with you. Vital to your small business success is your ability to firstly recognise problems or potential problems, then deal with them appropriately. It’s about

recognising what the issues are, not the symptoms, and putting in place solutions to address those issues. That means thinking creatively, researching the impact and potential solutions, considering the impact the problem has on you and others and how this can be handled. 6. Sales skills Don’t consider yourself a salesperson? Think again. Every successful small business owner knows what their product or service is, who their target market is, why their market needs their product or service and more importantly, has a sales process or structure to access that market and achieve those sales. No one knows more about your business, product or service or is as passionate about your business as you. You are the key driver of your sales success. SRJ Walker Wayland provides several solutions to assist small business owners develop, improve, and refine the above skillsets. Please contact one of our advisors on (07) 5301 9957.

8 Shop Caloundra | Autumn 2021

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A fabulous


We are a local business supporting the Caloundra community and we live and shop locally. Our store has been servicing Caloundra for over 15 years. Being a husband and wife team with great staff, we believe in impeccable service, quality products and great prices. You will find everything for your home from a new bed and mattress to that new lounge or dining suite and everything in between. Being part of two major buying groups, FURNITURE COURT and BEDS R US, gives us a wide range of products and product knowledge. We pride ourselves on being able to find what you need and within your budget. We can also provide interest-free terms. Our staff are trained bedding specialists with excellent product knowledge and listen to your needs to be able to match you with the perfect mattress. If you’re not sleeping, have a bad back or are just uncomfortable, it is probably time to pay us a visit, we would love to help you. Our mattresses are Australian made using Australian steel and Australian-made foam.




1 2 3 4 5



Climatex Quilt











Celebrate our new release Swisstek Premium Amour Mattress

Beds R Us is celebrating the launch of the exclusive SWISSTEK Premium mattress range all models, all sizes including Super ing - now HALF PRICE! With 7 support zones, luxurious comfort, Dreamfoam, and temperature regulating comfort layers, this model adds up to a perfect sleep!

47 CALOUNDRA ROAD, CALOUNDRA. TEL 07 5492 7188 * Conditions apply. At participating stores for a limited time. Discounts off the recommended retail price. Pictures for illustration.

Shop Caloundra | Autumn 2021 9

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boutique SR Pink White Flower Long Necklace, $48.90



Stockist for Ironic MOR Marshmallow Fragrant Range Beautifully made Linens, Made in Italy

Shop gorgeous casual shoes in store now

Earrings in store starting from $12

All products available from Lured Lifestyle

Lifestyle clothing, handbags and jewellery.

0403 369 094 Shop 5b/38 The Esplanade, Bulcock Beach, Caloundra luredlifestyle.com.au

10 Shop Caloundra | Autumn 2021

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18/03/2021 2:48:16 PM


Stunning Elk Catja Dress

New-season styles for every wardrobe.


Elms and King Bowery wallet

danscottstyle .com.au

WE LOVE: We love these gorgeous bags: the New York Camera Bag Petrol & the New York Camera Bag Winter Check

Elk Beate Trainer Elk Jens swirl earring

Style Tip: Pair these on-trend sneakers with your favourite jeans and blouse for the perfect autumn look.

Elk leaf clip on earring






Shop 6/38 The Esplanade,Grand Pacific Resort, Bulcock Beach

All products available from Dan Scott Style


0423 353 933

w w w. d a n s c o t t s t y l e . c o m . a u Shop Caloundra | Autumn 2021 11

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Handmade in Sydney with full hand cut leather, hand tooling and dying with hand stitching. Vintage daisy hobo pink.

Beautiful Bohemian Jewellery

Leather Leopard Boot

All products available from Tirzart Boutique

beautiful Clothing • 100% Recycled hand made Jewellery Sterling Silver Jewellery • Leather Bags

Find Your Unique 0402 820 708 Shop 2, 104 Bulcock Street, Caloundra www.tirzart.com.au @tirz.rose


12 Shop Caloundra | Autumn 2021

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SHOP CALOUNDRA Jacques Du Manoir Watch $229


Wear your dream

Art Deco Style Onyx & Diamond Ring $1,750

Vintage Style Diamond Engagement Ring $8,499 / Wedding Ring $1,999

Najo Curl Earrings $109 Custom Designed Diamond Ring

‘mrs By Monika Selig’ Polished Clutch on leather $325

Dancing Diamonds Huggie Earrings $3,995

‘Janene’ Sapphire & Diamond Ring $16,750

All jewellery available from Selig Jewellers




(VALUED AT $1,000) see instore for details

Shop Caloundra | Autumn 2021 13

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Style &

comfort Bamboo Dreaming Collection shirt

New Season Thomson & Richards dress shirts in store now

New season Kingston Grange casual shirts in sto store New Season shoes in store now All products available from Chaps Menswear

Tailored for style and comfort Ranging from casual wear through to formal wear for that special occasion - Chaps menswear can provide you with it all! Carrying a large range of labels including Ben Sherman, John Lennon by English Laundry, Thompson and Richards, New England, Ferracini and Hush Puppies Boston, Studio Italia, Gloweave and City Club plus more and staff to assist you with sizes and style. WELCOME TO CHAPS!

47 Bulcock Street Caloundra Phone 5491 1137

Locally Owned and Operated Company

14 Shop Caloundra | Autumn 2021

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Spend this season in beautiful swimwear & clothing from

Cozie All products available from Cozie

Baku Swimwear Seafolly Sunseeker Sunsoaked Sea Level Jantzen Poolproof Back Beach Sea Level Australia And more Cozie specializes in all cup sizes A-F Large range of ladies boardshorts and rashies

38 Bulcock St, Caloundra

Phone 5437 2523 | OPEN 7 DAYS

Shop Caloundra | Autumn 2021 15

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18/03/2021 2:19:07 PM




New oversized totes are now available

This gorgeous lightweight dress is available in store now.

Shop these amazing candles and soaps from Beauty Bar in store now.

Beautiful luxury hand wash and hand lotion from Black Milk



Stay stylish and comfortable with this gorgeous lightweight dress available in store now.

Beautiful new season accessories in store.

All products available from Cherylrose Homewares & Gifts

Visit in store for beautiful homewares, keepsakes, clothing & gifts... 5341 8395

Shop 4/28 Minchinton Street, Caloundra

16 Shop Caloundra | Autumn 2021

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18/03/2021 2:19:24 PM

Guaranteed to find the perfect




Thinking of sporting footwear, clothing and beach equipment? Put Sportfirst Caloundra at the top of your list. Helping people for 25 years with top brands – their fully-trained staff will fit you with footwear that best suits your needs.

SPORTFIRST CALOUNDRA is your local specialist in fitting sports footwear, daily activities, walking and running. They offer a wide range of all the major brands and labels e.g. Asics, Nike, Adidas, Mizuno and New Balance. They cater for all seasons sports including a large range of water sports equipment and apparel. Visit them at Bulcock Street, Caloundra.


CALOUNDRA Bulcock Street, Caloundra SPORTFIRST would like to thank the people of Caloundra for their loyal support over the past 25 years!

FIRST FOR FOOTWEAR Shop Caloundra | Autumn 2021 17

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18/03/2021 2:19:42 PM



Just beautiful Visit K Smith & Sons and browse through their selection of in-house jewellery that is available for purchase right now. You will find everything from colourful stone rings to engagement rings, wedding bands and watches.

new-season styles in store New season tops in store now.

New accessories in store - pe perfect for your new season wardrobe. All products available from Mannequin Lane.


All jewellery available from K Smith & Son Jewellers.

Manufacturer and Retailer of fine Jewellery


for our relaxed coastal lifestyle Large range of quality fashion and accessories Exceptional Customer Service

Call in and visit us today.

Custom handmade Jewellery Engagement & Wedding Rings Diamonds Restorations & Remodelling Jewellery Repairs Valuations Watches & Clocks Extensive range of Giftware

Family owned and operated in Caloundra for over 40 years

1/8 Ormuz Ave, Caloundra Tel: 5491 6499

40 Bulcock Street, Caloundra Phone 5491 8733 www.ksmithandson.com.au

18 Shop Caloundra | Autumn 2021

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18/03/2021 4:52:09 PM



range at Frangipani Cutting Crew CPR BRINGS HAIR TO LIFE CPR products are formulated with the perfect balance of natural, botanically sourced proteins, moisture, vitamins and minerals to bring your hair to life.

THE CURLY SOLUTION Formulated with organic Australian macadamia oil & organic South American quinoa protein, the curly solution enhances your natural curls leaving them perfectly defined, shiny, bouncy, and feeling weightless. ss.

What is Cryobody Revolution?



Cryoskin is fat freezing for everyone. A non-invasive procedure possible on almost any body part, it destroys your subcutaneous fat through a freezing process. Its revolutionary technology seeks out and destroys the stubborn fat, particularly difficult to eliminate through normal diet and exercise. Since 2013, Cryoskin’s approach to fat freezing has made the process available to more people in more communities. Using the latest in fat freezing technology, Cryoskin’s powerful approach cuts out any need for nitrogen or suction cups and has revolutionised the fat freezing process by combining safety with effectiveness. Cryoskin is one of the most popular fat freezing devices on the market.

Mother's day specials Book a CryoFacial Valued at $350 and receive a

free Inika Mothers Day pack valued at $188.

or Shop 4, 115 Bulcock Street, Caloundra

Phone 5491 2002

Book any single CryoSlimming or CryoTonning treatment valued up to $550 and receive either a free Inika Mothers Day pack valued at $188 or bring Mum and she will receive and single treatment or CryoFacial treatment 1/2 price. cryobodyrevolution.com.au | 0422 183 368 Shop 4, 2a Ormuz Avenue, Caloundra Shop Caloundra | Autumn 2021 19

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18/03/2021 4:51:11 PM


Frames and sunglasses at Better Vision Shop new season frames and sunglasses in store at Better Vision Eyewear. y

We love

Shop in store for beautiful Escada frames and sunglasses in gorgeous colours for that special look.

All products available from Better Vision Eyecare.



Whitepepper Home is situated in Caloundra’s main street at 26 Bulcock Street. The iconic building is home to beautiful wares to help make your house, your home. They specialise in beautiful bed linen, ceramics, textiles, lighting, plants and pots, basically anything gorgeous! This year, they celebrate their 10th anniversary in Caloundra, five years in their current location. They also support five individual lady startup businesses, run by five extraordinary local women, who all have their own pods within Whitepepper. The beautiful plant conservatory is the latest addition. whitepepperhome.com insta@whitepepper



All products available from Whitepepper Home.

whitepepper Home BEAUTIFUL HOMEWARES and home to our lovely PODS @whitepepper


@goforzero_au @willelaine.aromatherapy @blushingivy_hf

@bespokeplants @organicnights @chloe.collective

26 Bulcock St Caloundra ph: 0428 821 251 New store: 27 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington www.whitepepperhomewares.com wp

20 Shop Caloundra | Autumn 2021

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18/03/2021 2:20:45 PM



Shannon’s Shoes stocks the best in quality comfortable footwear and accessories. Brands include FRANKiE4, Django & Juliette, Mollini, Zeta, Revere, Bueno,Kompanero, Taos and many more.

All products available from Shannon’s Shoes.


32 Bulcock Street, Caloundra | 5491 1303 Shop Caloundra | Autumn 2021 21

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18/03/2021 3:21:05 PM


Art in the Heart of





aloundra is establishing itself as an exciting hub for artists. Grace McClymont, co-founded Red ink Rodeo because she believes that, “A community is strengthened by a vibrant and visible presence of its artists”. She welcomes people to drop into her creative studio in the iconic Strand building, where she creates locally inspired artworks and displays both her paintings and the artwork of various other artists. Grace is a QUT Fine Arts graduate with 22 years’ experience as an artist. Captivated by the landscapes and characters of the Sunshine Coast, with its breathtaking beauty as a background for life, Grace paints artworks that are relatable. “I love that viewers revel in recognising the subject of my paintings, and I see that this recognition breeds a kind of belonging and sense of community.” Visitors are welcome to the studio right throughout the year.

Grace McClymont, co-founder and artist


The Tea Merchant

oin us at our Tea Bar for not just a cup of tea but a tea experience! We are Artea The Tea Merchant, serving organic loose leaf tea blends in iconic downtown Caloundra, right at the entrance of Bulcock Street. Founded by a local tea enthusiast in 2018, we have been providing cafes around town with our artisanal tea blends. Now we have a dedicated tea bar where you can enjoy our entire tea range, served hot and cold as well as specialty tea drinks and of course teas to take home. All our blends are hand curated on the Sunshine Coast from ethically sourced 100 per cent natural ingredients. We blend an assortment of unique and traditional teas and powders to suit any occasion or taste. We also carry a range of ethically produced white, green and black teas from around the world. With good intentions, we create small batch, award-winning, organic fairtrade and vegan loose leaf teas, herbal tisanes and powder blends without artificial colours,

Monica the owner & tea blender behind ARTEA The Tea Merchant. flavours or additives. Our goal at ARTEA is to fill your cup with tea in its purest form so you can turn your tea time into a special ceremony.

22 Shop Caloundra | Autumn 2021

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18/03/2021 2:21:11 PM

Caloundra arts Caloundra is home to a thriving creative arts scene. From the Caloundra Regional Gallery to smaller galleries and studios, there is a space to create and exhibit to suit everyone.

Caloundra Regional Gallery Caloundra Regional Gallery presents a changing exhibition program featuring leading local and national artists. Professional curators and education staff develop and deliver a range of exhibitions and public programs exploring the unique culture and character of the Sunshine Coast. Caloundra Regional Gallery 5420 8299, 22 Omrah Avenue, Caloundra.

The Art Hub


The Art Hub is a paint & sip studio and art supply store located in downtown Caloundra. This amazing group of local artists works extremely hard to help cultivate the inner creativity in all of its students and guests who come to the studio. Its goal is to inspire and enhance everyone’s creative spirit. Make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun by joining them today. The Art Hub 0447 799 878, 19b, 11 Bulcock Street, Caloundra.

Sub Tropic Studio Sub Tropic Studio is home to a lightbox gallery, artist studios and workshop space for hire. It is a creative space located in a subterranean bus station, designed as a testing ground for contemporary, experimental art and design. It is a place to meet and a space for subculture to thrive. Sub Tropic Studio, hello@subtropicstudio.com 23 Cooma Terrace, Caloundra.

Seaview Artists Gallery Follow these businesses on Facebook or Instagram to see latest events and information!

Seaview Artists Gallery is the longest-running, artist-run gallery on the Sunshine Coast – perhaps even in the whole of Queensland. Established in the mid 1990s, Seaview Artists Gallery is ideally placed just 100 metres from Moffat Beach and nestled amongst fine restaurants and other retail shops. The gallery regularly refreshes itself by the introduction of new talent, ensuring that the work on display is never stale. Seaview Artists Gallery 4 Seaview Terrace, Moffat Beach 5491 4788. Shop Caloundra | Autumn 2021 23

23.indd 1

18/03/2021 2:21:27 PM






Whether you are in a hurry and need a quick bite to eat or feel like hitting the town for a stylish night out, Caloundra has dining options for all. With spectacular ocean views or cosy twilight street settings, sharing a meal with friends and family in Caloundra will become one of your favourite things to do.

Follow these businesses on Facebook or Instagram to see their latest offers and menu updates!

Happy Birthday 4 Ingredients

Kim McCosker, creator of 4 ingrediens

Can you believe 4 Ingredients is 14? 14 years ago my very first title - 4 Ingredients - a green jacket book that the 'experts' said "will never sell" to having my 39th title "The Easiest Air Fryer Cookbook Ever" as the 3rd bestselling Non-fiction book in the country this week. Sometimes I have to pinch my - 14 years - 39 books, 3 continents, 9 million sales, International Rights, 3 TV shows, software, cookware and over 1.25m followers. Thank you Caloundra, the Sunshine Coast and everybody for all the love and support you have showered on 4 Ingredients. You will never know how appreciated it has been. In return, here is the world's easiest cupcake recipe.

Coffee & cake deal Visit Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s cafe between Monday and Friday and get a cake and coffee deal for two people for $12, a saving of nearly $4. Gluten-free options are available. You must mention this advertisement to receive the deal. Red Hot Chilli Pepper 5491 8870 redhotchillipepper.com.au

2-ingredient cupcakes Makes 12 • 340g packet Vanilla Cake Mix • 1 cup soda water Preheat oven 180C. Line a 12-cup cake tin with liners. Into a bowl, place cake mix and soda water and mix to combine. Pour batter across each cup. Bake 12-15 minutes or until centre bounces back when gently pressed. Optional: I topped with vanilla buttercream frosting and 100s & 1000s



Great value and views for days Visit Monday to Wednesday and treat yourself to a $20 lunch including a glass of wine, beer or soft drink. Enjoy delicious fish, chips and salad, beef burgers and chips or an avocado and haloumi salad. Sandbar Caloundra 5491 0800 sandbarcaloundra.com.au

24 Shop Caloundra | Autumn 2021

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18/03/2021 2:21:45 PM

In the market for some fun?

As fresh as it gets Our vegan-friendly Cheezy Pasta Recipe in a Jar is the perfect easy Friday night meal! Keep on hand to whip up as a healthy meal for the kids. Ditch ordering takeaway and put together in no time by simply adding water and olive oil. One jar makes a quick dinner for two! Available in-store now, only while stocks last. Source Bulk Foods facebook.com/thesourcebulkfoods Caloundra 5491 1579, Maleny 5429 6726, Maroochydore 5443 4441

Every Sunday from 8am to 1pm, Caloundra main street hosts the lively markets. Featuring 100 unique stalls, enjoy fresh local food and produce, fresh juices, breakfast, lunch and delicious treats. Caloundra Street Fair 5492 5977 caloundrastreetfair.com.au

The place to be in


Baringa Tavern is a new addition to the Caloundra foodie scene, offering wood-fired pizza, Asian inspired dishes and classic Australian pub meals. The tavern boasts a superb curved bar as its centrepiece with a perfect northeast facing deck for casual outdoor dining. Baringa Tavern 5318 7200 baringatavern.com.au

It’s all


Fancy french wine, cheese and charcuterie? How about French pastries and bread, gourmet sandwiches and craft beer? Then head down to one of the newest venues in town. One Third French, 0499 909 992 Follow on Facebook

So fresh

Caloundra Cafes & Restaurants Red Hot Chilli Pepper

5491 8870

Sandbar Caloundra

5491 0800

The Caloundra Cafe

5341 8485

Source Bulk Caloundra

5491 1579

One Third French

0499 909 992

Baringa Tavern

5318 7200

Yummiest salad ever Y

The Waves Club

5491 1961

Ha you tried Waves Club Caloundra’s menu yet? Have Try the chicken caesar salad with baby cos lettuce, crispy bacon, anchovies, a poached egg, garlic croutons, shaved parmesan, and an freshly made dressing for $20.50. Vegetarian and gluten free options fre are also available. Th The Waves Club 5491 1961 thewavescaloundra.com

Caloundra Street Fair

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Everything you need AT KERRY’S KORNER SHOP

Penang Chinese

We are a family-owned shop with a small, friendly group of staff who will always do their best to help you. We stock a selection of everyday items such as: groceries, snack foods, lollies including a great pick and mix selection, toiletries, extra cold drinks and frozen Coke, tobacco products, newspapers, ice-creams including Frosty Boy soft serve cones and sundaes,

Located in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Penang Chinese Cuisine is a family owned and run business that offers quality Chinese food with the influences of Penang Malaysia. Vincent Liew learnt his trade in restaurants in Penang Malaysia, and after 10 years decided to move to Australia, where he worked in restaurants on the Sunshine Coast for 15 years. The restaurant has been trading now for 18 months and we would like to thank all of our customers from Caloundra and surrounds, who have supported us, and that they continue to enjoy Vincent’s blend of Chinese and Malaysian Styles that has got everyone talking about how enjoyable his meals are. Vincent has always wanted to satisfy his customers with the taste of his Malaysia and make them happy they have been to his restaurant. Please visit us here at Penang Chinese Cuisine, Caloundra.

milkshakes and thickshakes, fresh and frozen products and ice, barista style coffee at prices you won’t believe. We also have a fresh range of ready-to-eat meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus hot pies and a selection of other hot foods to go. We are proud to offer a range of locally produced products and enjoy being part of our local community.

Fully licensed. BYO Wine ONLY, Corkage applies.

Open extended hours 365 days a year FULLY LICENCED BYO WINE - CORKAGE APPLIES GLUTEN FREE OPTIONS AVAILABLE Conveniently locat ed in the heart of town. Locally owne d and operated

eal keaway m offee & ta c le ty s Barista options

Why not come in and say hi!

BUSINESS OPENING HOURS Lunch: Tuesday - Sunday 11.30am Till 2pm Dinner: Monday - Sunday 4.30pm Till Late Everyday grocery an d fresh food items. 20/50 Bulcock St, Caloundra Ph: 07 5491 8624

(07) 5499 7075 3/18 Bulcock Street, Caloundra www.penangchinesecuisine.com.au

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Caloundra loves Bakies has a wide range of hot and cold drink choices and a heap of tasty treat options including sweet, savoury, traditional, gluten free, diary free, vegan, raw & more! Wholesale supplier of tasty treats to cafes right across the Sunshine Coast since 2016.

Beautifully made coffee by owner and baker Tanya.

Check out the incredible sweet and savoury cabinet, filled with fresh tasty treats daily.

Espresso bar ✴ Teahouse Tasty treat options including sweet, savoury, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, raw and traditonal. Coffee, tea's, milkshakes and more.

www.bakies.com.au 17 Bulcock Street, Caloundra

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The future of Caloundra is bright – and creative! An update from the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce.


aloundra’s community organisation stalwarts are in many ways the custodians of the region’s longstanding culture and lifestyle. From sporting clubs, men’s sheds, surf clubs and Rotary to business organisations and school P&C’s – the work that is done by these dedicated volunteers should be a point of pride for all of us who call Caloundra home. In early March, The Caloundra Chamber of Commerce held an inaugural President’s Breakfast event to show our appreciation for the work that is done by such organisations. Making the most of this opportunity, the Chamber also posed a simple question to the group: What are the top three priorities for Caloundra?’ The answers: (1) Infrastructure projects which enhance our transport connectivity; (2) Youth development; (3) Taking advantage of the

Southeast Queensland Olympic Bid. Caloundra’s appetite for creative and cultural events was once again on display at the brand-new Sunshine Coast Chamber Music Festival’s launch, with over 200 people in attendance. The Caloundra Chamber of Commerce is proud to have supported this SOLD-OUT event, in partnership with the festival organisers, at the often-overlooked Strand Arcade. Once again, this has proven the viability of cultural entertainment in our town. As an ongoing example of this, you need not look further than the monthly Caloundra and Currimundi Twilight Markets and the Caloundra Street Fair, Sunday market. As normality has returned, there has been growing local support for these community markets which continue to bring joy to so many.



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Caloundra Business After Hours at Toyota

Chamber of Commerce

Business Health Check project Launched

Caloundra Street Fair

Caloundra Twilight market

Caloundra Street Fair

Currimundi Twilight Market

Guests enjoying a Chamber event

Caloundra Twilight market

Caloundra Twilight market

Guests enjoying a Chamber event

Caloundra Twilight market


David Crisafulli leader of State LNP at Business After Hours

Caloundra Twilight market Shop Caloundra | Autumn 2021 29

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Dissco overr the beaches, cafes an nd opp pin ng of Caloundra to ownsh hip p, sho me forr the day or stay the week kend!! com

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on the cover

Bluey’s Photography


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? e s i u r c t ’ n a C   ³ ´  ! 6 CALOUNDRA


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07 5491 2000

info@accomcaloundra.com.au www.accomcaloundra.com.au 32.indd 1

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Caloundra On Sale - Autumn 2021  

Featuring all things Caloundra, shop local this Autumn.

Caloundra On Sale - Autumn 2021  

Featuring all things Caloundra, shop local this Autumn.