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From the Publisher

Mark Shaffer

98 Degrees Jeff Timmons with Publisher Mark Shaffer

Welcome to MyVegas! And our new baby… MyNashville! As my plane is humming along at 32,000 feet, heading for Music City, I am filled with excitement as I write my publisher’s letter for this issue, to announce our sister publication launching September 1, 2019! In many ways, Vegas and Nashville have so many connections. The fun, the excitement, the entertainment, the population, the universities, the professionals, it’s all so close. Only thing, Nashville has a little twang to it. Lol. And it’s much greener. Lol. Oh, and a river runs through it! The Cumberland River. Now, if you haven’t been to Nashville, you should go! I totally recommend you make it there at least once! It’s so amazing and awesome! I’ll be there for the next 5 days, meeting with the Mayor, a visit to Tim McGraw’s fitness gym, interviews with three new country artists, setting up distribution with a new company, the Grand Ole Opry on Saturday night to see Tyler Farr, and setting up plans for our Grand Opening Launch Party in September, at Dierk’s Bentley’s bar and restaurant on Broadway! When the premier issue comes out, I’ll keep a few copies in Vegas for ya!! Speaking of Vegas, as the “Local’s Favorite” inside this issue of MyVegas, you’ll find all the local “Who’s Who” and “Where to Go” for Everything Vegas, including the Vegas Golden Knights new schedule, updates on the Raiders arrival, and the Top 100 Men of Success! Now these guys are shaping Las Vegas! From Doctors, to Lawyers, to Realtors, Plumbers and Cannabis, these are the movers and shakers in our city! They are Men on a Mission, bringing you the best Las Vegas offers! This year we are proud to showcase these Top 100 Men as our award-winning professionals! In case you didn’t know, MyVegas and MyNashville are not simple feats of success and there’s no way I could do this alone. It takes a village! A team! And boy have we got a great one! Allow me to introduce my amazing staff I call our


“Work Family” that are the muscles and brains behind both of these powerful magazines. Roger, efficient and fun, everybody loves Roger. Isha, the Money Girl, she knows where every penny is! Shelly, our bookkeeping Goddess! Fred, our graphic artist for MyVegas, super talented and builds the entire magazine. Love his hard work! Rachel, our new graphic artist for MyNashville, she’s building it from the ground up! Layla, when we need to go public, she handles all our Special Events! Sarah, unbelievable, at 21, she surpasses the skills I’ve seen in 30 and 40 year olds, she’s our Editorial Manager, and wow, just amazing. Laura, our top dog, our General Manager and Production Manager, been with us the longest, Laura brings an element of grace, class and finesse to our company, that makes us all proud to work with and for her. Laura knows everything about the company! Sometimes more than me! Lol. Kate, one of our Sales Managers, has been with me on and off for 15 years. She is loved by everyone! Probably because she is so warm, personal and caring! Love her!! Katherine, wow… Simply Amazing! This gal, another one of our Sales Managers, knows how to make business happen, and wears her heart on her sleeve. She can bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan! Her “Can Do” attitude makes our clients successful! John, Rob, Courtney and Matt round out the Rock Stars on our sales team! Paul is super amazing!! He makes sure the magazines are all over town, does special deliveries, customer service and always with a smile! His happy attitude is one everyone could learn from. Marie, my personal assistant is unbelievable in her interpersonal skills, warm heart, and caring personality, she supports everything I work on! And finally, who “Comes Back” to an old job?? Who does that? Why would they come back to MyVegas? Well in the last couple of months,

Jennifer Miller and Brittany Gray both came back to open arms! And Why? Why would they want to come back? First, because MyVegas is more Honest than any other magazine! We are faithful, true, never lie, treat each other with respect, we are solvent, pay our staff on time, everytime, we offer special fringe benefits, we’re a drug-free business and we’re built on fun! We work hard at making our company a fine-tuned machine, that’s fun first, and yes hard work, but worth every bit of it in the end! We care about our staff and their kids, that they are happy, and having their own successes in their personal lives. We are a faith-based company, and truly believe God is running the show! I just wanna shout out to all our amazing staff, thank you each of you, for your hard work, commitment to excellence, and professionalism you bring to MyVegas and MyNashville!

Of our 350,000 readers, we thank you especially for reading this, and please check out our favorite charities page in the back!! Giving back is part of our foundation: “MyVegas Cares.” And be sure to meet us at one of our MyVegas Parties where we sponsor a different Charity each event!! Sign up for MyVegas online at: Here’s wishing you and your family amazing, healthy, and prosperous life this season, full of love and success!

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Sagar Raich of Raich Law PLLC


What are your success habits? What drives you to push through difficult times?

MYVEGAS had the distinct pleasure of speaking with the Managing Partner and Attorney of Raich Law, Sagar Raich, and asked the questions below. Raich Law is an upstanding Business and Full Service Law Firm in Las Vegas. Learn more about Raich Law by visiting

Part of being successful is having to deal with the stress that comes from being an entrepreneur. Waking up early is one of my habits as it gives me more time to accomplish tasks throughout the day. Having at least one hobby, one that has nothing to do with your career, is also a good habit to have. I try to have a few hobbies that meet such a goal. Regarding difficult times and getting through them, family is my number one motivation to get through the difficult times that I have faced. I want my family to see me as support for them in every way possible – thus, being strong and getting through the tough times is par for the course.


What does success mean to you?

True success, to me, is not a monetary value to be achieved, but rather is being able to do what I love. It is being able to help those around us and those in need in our community that I use to determine success. The more people I can help, the more successful I am. I also take tremendous pride in our team’s efforts to develop a strong culture built on a shared passion for providing community members with Nevada’s highest level of care, in addition to unmatched service and compassion.


This issue, we are congratulating the Top 100 Men of Success. Do you have any advice for businessmen yearning for success in Las Vegas?


Tell us about a program or accomplishment that you consider your greatest personal or professional success since beginning your career.? Opening my own law firm was one of my greatest professional and personal accomplishments. Having worked tirelessly for other law firms, I realized that I wanted to help others in ways that fit my personality and demeanor. While it was difficult to start my own law firm nearly six years ago, it has paid off and then some. I can help many more people that I thought I could and can give back to those in need.


As an attorney, how do you affect or make changes in the community?

I believe that part of the duty of an attorney is giving back to the community. I participate in doing pro bono law work for the people who need help but are unable to pay for an attorney. Additionally, I try to help as many non-profit organizations as I can and am proud to work with and be on committees of various organizations including Three Square and UFASN.


Las Vegas is a very small community. One of the biggest pieces of advice that I can give is to do the right thing – whatever that is in your profession or business – regardless of who is watching. Since our community is small, if you’re good, everyone will know; if you’re not good, everyone will know. Part of the advice is also to always stay true to your personal morals. You should not compromise your values for anyone or anything, let alone monetary gains. Do good and be good. The rest will take care of itself. MV

Does being an entrepreneur affect your relationships (friends, family, etc)? How do you balance work and home life? One of the challenges of being an entrepreneur and an attorney is managing time. Between client meetings, depositions, State and Federal Court hearings, etc., it certainly can get a bit hectic. It is essential for me, however, to set aside time for the people in my life, of which my family and friends are a crucial part. To balance work and life, I focus on being mindful of everyone in my life – family, friends, and clients – and make time for each, as much as possible.

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Raich Law PLLC 6785 S Eastern Ave #5, Las Vegas, NV 89119 Hours: 9AM-5PM (702) 758-4240


MYVEGAS Ask the Professional: Sagar Raich...............................3 Summer Summer Summertime..................................7 The Heart of a Champion..............................................8 What’s New In Las Vegas?...........................................10 Events Calendar.............................................................12 Local Love: Free Parking!............................................14 Las Vegas’ Top 100 Men of Success...................34-77 Big Boys and Their Big Toys .......................................76 This is What Success Looks Like.........................78-79 Born and Raised...........................................................111 Soccer HighLIGHTS!...........................................126-127 Las Vegas’ Power Couples 2019..............................135 Las Vegas’ Top 10 Insurance Agents......................136 Top 25 PR & AD Agencies.........................................149 Celebrating 40 Years of Publishing!.............150-151


MYVEGAS Top 100 Doctors Party!................152-153 SafeNest 8th Annual Spring Tea....................154-155 Tuff N-Uff Night!..................................................156-157

Top 100 Men of Success

Art and Wine Event!................................................... 158 Worldwide Safety Awards........................................159 Wag N’ Wash Pets & Their People...........................160

MYBEAUTY & HEALTH Las Vegas’ Top 10 Personal Trainers.........................16 HELP! I’m Drowning!.....................................................20 4 Common Vacation Skin Woes................................22 Oops.. I Forgot Again....................................................24


MYCANNABIS Hemp Seed Oil................................................................80 Las Vegas’ Top 10 Power Players in Cannabis....81-90

MYRESTAURANTS AMORE Taste of Chicago.............................................92 Chef Spotlight: Gina Marinelli...................................94 Forte Tapas...................................................................... 96 Best Restaurants: Summerlin South.......................98 BirthdayPak Takes Las Vegas!..................................100 Staff Favorites: Oriental Restaurants.....................101

92 4

Graze Supper Club......................................................102 Local Food and Beverage Events...........................103

MYREAL ESTATE 10 Important Things When Buying Your First Home............................................................104

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contents: MYHOME & GARDEN

Las Vegas’ Top 5 A/C Contractors........................... 112

MYENTERTAINMENT Mr. Overnight, Jeff Timmons................................... 118 Station Casino Concert List...................................... 120 Nascar Returning to Las Vegas!.............................. 120 Grilling and Glamping in Vegas, with Camper Chef....................................................... 122 Tuff N-Uff........................................................................ 124 Vegas Golden Knights Schedule............................ 125 Meet the Locals: LV Lights FC ........................ 126-127

MYBUSINESS Just Laid Off?................................................................. 128 The $99 Will................................................................... 130 The Art of Self-Promotion........................................ 132 Networking Groups in Las Vegas........................... 134 Top 8 Business Tips..................................................... 146

MYKIDS & FAMILY Buckle-Up!...................................................................... 141 Forty Fun Things to Do Under $40............... 142-143


Jeff Timmons Mr. Overnight


MYCHARITY Staff Favorites: Charity............................................... 144 5th Annual Ogden Family........................................ 146 Outreach Volunteers and Charitable Drives...... 148


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MADE IN THE USA Keeping America Employed

Summer Summer Summertime!

By Monica Jackson


o better words have ever been spoken when referring to my ABSOLUTE favorite season of the year- SUMMER!! And, as of June 21st, IT’S ON BABY!!

The third thing I do to optimize my summertime experience here in Vegas is, I plan a family VAYcation and a romantic STAYcation. Thankfully, in Vegas, I have alotta choices.

When I think of this time of the year, I get so excited because, well, I live in the Las Vegas valley, and there are a million-and-one things to do...on and off the Las Vegas Strip.

The family part of my plan usually consists of a nice drive to San Diego, and a relaxing stay at a kid-friendly hotel. I know you’re thinking, “that’s not Vegas,” but, as parents, we try to make sure that our son has an unforgettable experience during this time of year as well. San Diego is his favorite city (he wants to be a Marine Biologist when he grows up), so we expose him to an environment that’s conducive to his goals.

Every pool is open, every band in town has booked a regular gig at an outdoor venue, every bar offers up cute lil’ girly drinks at discounted prices, the concert line-up is overwhelming, weddings are happening every second of the day, festivals pop up every other week and you’re guaranteed to see more celebrities in town than probably any other time of the year. It’s the perfect city to get the most out of this sensual season. And speaking of getting the most out of this time of year, I do a couple things to enjoy and absorb the magic in the air. The first thing I do is find an unforgettable summertime fragrance that’s light and airy, yet unforgettable to the senses. My husband is the best judge of how well I’ve chosen, and after over 30 years together, I’m happy to report that I’ve done pretty well. The second thing I do is shop for cheap, cute Summer clothes. And ladies, if you’re like me when it comes to saving money, I focus on stretching the almighty dollar. In other words, I only shop the sales racks. However, I don’t compromise on my style. Sexy-classy is how I roll.

LIC#: BS.0143796

As for the romantic STAYcation, my husband and I usually book a cool, sexy suite at a Strip property (Mandalay Bay has always been our favorite) for about 3 days. We have breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday - via room service - and we chill at the pool, while sipping on our spirits of choice. And, if we’re feelin it, we may even take in a show or two. Of course, on both adventures, we take more pics than anyone should, but what the heck...that’s the fun of it. Oh, and I’d absolutely be remiss if I didn’t mention some of the OTHER cool places that are off-the-beaten-path, but we still find them perfect for a fun and/or romantic day/night out in Las Vegas during the Summer months. I’m talkin about The District, Town Square, Tivoli Village, downtown Summerlin, downtown Las Vegas and Lake Las Vegas. These areas offer up cool, affordable restaurants, fun shopping experiences, water features, people watching, entertainment and more. Even though these spots aren’t as popular with the tourists, locals like us, indulge in the offerings throughout the Summer months. Honestly, I could go on-and-on about my love of the Summer, but I think you get the picture. Bottom line: Enjoy this magical time of year. If you live in Vegas, make sure to take in at least some of the sights and sounds of our ever-growing town. If you plan on visiting, enjoy that world famous street, but don’t be afraid to venture out into the unknown. And by all means, live, laugh and love...A LOT!! MV

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The Heart of a Champion, “Faith Over Fear”

By Dawn Gibbons


he heart of a champion is made up of many parts. Training, pain, exhaustion, skill, dedication, commitment and something that defies description, but it must exist in each one in order to rise to the top of the pyramid. Actually, Leilani and Malia Lindsey, teenage daughters of Natascha and Bryan Lindsey, not only rise to the top, they join fellow athletes building human towers, flipping and twirling from dizzying heights in split-second drills that defy gravity. The ‘Lindsey Girls’ are members of the award-winning California Allstars Las Vegas, a Christian based cheerleading organization recognized as one of the toughest cheer groups in the country. Their breathtaking stunts, reserved for the most courageous, begin and end with stealth precision as they land in a full split with their heels well placed in the palms of their equally fearless, and well prepared, teammates. Their motto, “Faith Over Fear”. The Lindsey girls’ dedication to their sport began long before competition cheerleading, ballet lessons and Tai Kwan Do. Former boxing referee, Judge Mills Lane, has a saying, “children learn what they live”. Parents, Bryan, a former competitive wrestler, and Natascha, competitive swimmer, are no strangers to healthy mental and physical lifestyles. “Bryan and I teach our daughters to be present and focused. We encourage them to do what they love, follow their passion, and not focus on other people’s expectations.” This means daily conditioning to gain and protect the flexibility, muscular strength and cardio respiratory capacity necessary to lift, toss and catch fellow teammates. It means at least three times a week, team training drills lasting hours, giving up holidays and summer vacations and traveling around the United States for competitions. That means their parents commitment as well. Leilani, sensitive and compassionate, is artistic like mom, seeing value in small details. It’s no stretch to see why she won the highly prized cheer award as Most Inspirational. Her innate sweetness is evident when asked about her parents. “My mom and dad always remind me that I am the only one responsible for my actions as well as my own happiness. They are my greatest role models.”


Malia, like dad Bryan, has unstoppable energy, with a serious ‘let’s get it done’ attitude, well mixed with her special brand of good humor and fairness. Her well-deserved award for “Best All Around” is a compliment to her personality as well as athleticism. She is known for her special talent for debate, which could definitely help her future plans for education. “I know that whatever I am doing, or dreaming, my parents are present. I am so lucky! They set an excellent example for my sister and me.” The discipline and accountability of these young ladies carries into all areas of their life. Leilani, 16 and Malia, 14, were on the Honor Roll and Principal’s List and acknowledged for their Christian Character during junior high. This fall both will be attending Coronado High, and are on track for the Congressional Award for Youth, a gold medal earned through four areas of achievement.

“They are willing to do whatever it takes to be the best they can be and really live up to their potential. They’ve learned to be coachable, to respect their coaches, to show up each and every day with a positive attitude and the drive to push through when things get tough. No excuses. Do what you came here to do. Encourage and motivate your teammates,” says Bryan. “A positive mindset for an individual is powerful; for a team, it’s unstoppable.” Well said, dad. Because the Lindsey girls are great examples of the sky being wide open if you fly high enough. MV register-now/register-online/

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What’s New In Las Vegas?

By: Sarah Moninger

1 Underground at the Mob Museum: Recently unleashed, the Underground at the Mob Museum has multiple new exhibits, including a Speakeasy. Locals will have to chance to truly witness what Prohibition meant for America. Learn more at and “immerse yourself into the Underground!”

2 Las Vegas Ballpark: America’s favorite game, and now with a matching new stadium in Summerlin! Catch the next Aviators game at this incredible space with new pool and eatery spots, and also new mesh airflow seats which will make fans much more comfortable watching a game in the hot summer months.

3 Vanderpump Cocktail Garden: Did someone say Crudité? Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Lisa Vanderpump, is offering tiny bites, desserts and great cocktails along with a cozy, bar atmosphere. Her new lounge can be found at Caesar’s Palace, more info at

4 Kind Heaven: Culture in Las Vegas is about to meet its match with Kind Heaven, opening in 2020. A deep dive into Southeast Asian culture, art, and music, the Linq Promenade will be home to an immersive “360 omnichannel experience.” Read more at

5 Def Leppard at Planet Hollywood: A definite don’t miss. Famous 80s rock band, Def Leppard, will have a home in Las Vegas for the Summer of 2019. Famed and talented one arm drummer, Rick Allen, will be having an art showcase, that can be purchased at the Zappos store outside the show. Each purchaser of Rick’s art will have the chance to sit down one on one with him! Portion of proceeds will be going to Project Resiliency’s Warrior Resiliency Program.

8 Resorts World Las Vegas: A world renowned hotel chain, found in destinations such as the Bahamas, Malaysia, the Philippines, and New York City, is making its way to Las Vegas in late 2020. Resorts World international has plans to use their 87 acre lot to open an 8,000,000 sq ft resort, just to the east of the I-15.

9 Unfinished hotel to be Marriott Hotel:

6 AREA15:

The well-known half finished hotel on the Las This out-of-this-world venue, opening in late Vegas Strip went bare after Fountainbleau’s 2019, will be an eclectic and interactive space for project went bankrupt. Coming in late 2020, the entertainment, retail, art, and business. With over hotel will now be home to a JW Marriott, the first 126,000 square feet of leasable space, and art of its kind to be a casino. covering the walls and hallways, this platform will be and immersive and artistic expression for all. 10 Another LV Convention Center expansion: See more at As Las Vegas is accustomed to construction, so 7 Jimmy Kimmel Comedy Club: is the LV Convention Center. A new $935 million Get ready to laugh your socks off! Famed dollar Phase two expansion project is already comedian, writer, and late night talk show host, underway, bringing 600,000 sq ft of new Jimmy Kimmel, has a new comedy club at the leasable space. Projected completion is in Linq Promenade. With the bar open all night and time for CES 2021. MV new comedians featured each week, this will be your new laughter one-stop shop.


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Country Club

Country Club

More Than Great Golf


No Food & Beverage Minimum / Complimentary Locker & Bag Storage Casual and Gourmet Dining With Michelin Star Chef Andre Rochat Men's & Ladies' Card Rooms / USGA Handicap Service / 12 Tennis Courts 2 Aquatic Centers / Fitness Facility / Barber Shop / Year-Round Social Calendar

CALL TODAY TO LEARN MORE Jim Sherouse, Membership Marketing Director, 702-678-1023, Spanish Trail Country Club 5050 Spanish Trail Lane Las Vegas, Nevada 89113


OCTOb e r

Nascar – South Point 400 Weekend September 13-15 Its back and it’s not here to stay! Take advantage of Nascar’s second appearance this year in Las Vegas, this September! You might still be able to score tickets for you and your car lovers at nascar/south-point-400/

Oktoberfest October in Las Vegas means brew festivals and bar hopping weekends. Don’t miss out on the great culture and events on the LV Strip all month long. Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction - October 3-5 Calling all car lovers! This one’s for you. A three day event spanning the Mandalay Bay Events Center, so bring your best walking shoes and a good camera, because you won’t want to miss a single car. Ticket prices vary, and three day passes available at Journey Comes To Vegas - October 9-26 It seems that 80s rock bands are making their comeback in Las Vegas this year. Journey is making their name known once again in October at The Colosseum, Caesars Palace for just 9 shows.

Au g u s t Fun in the Sun Stay cool this summer by getting your tan and fun on at Wet N’ Wild, and don’t forget sunscreen! Want to skip the lines? Opt in for an Xpress Band that waits in a virtual line for you. Photo Provided by LVMS

San Gennaro Feast – September 11-15 An Italian-American festival, originally a religious commemoration event, but now is a local favorite festival that comes once a year. The schedule for this festival can be found at as well as the booths that will be there! Def Leppard Comes To Vegas August 14– September 7 Pour Some Sugar on Me is already playing in your head, why not see the show? The famed rock band will have a short residency in Vegas from mid August through early September. Affordable tickets on sale now at Back to School ! – August 12 Clark County School District heads back to school! Grab your school supplies early and make sure your little one’s sleeping schedule is back on track! Good Luck CCSD Students!

Las Vegas Lights FC 2019 Season Soccer season this year has been a hot one! Don’t miss out on the fun this summer at Cashman Field, season ends October 19. Games are always hyped with confetti, cheering, and crowd involvement! Their schedule can be found at


Life is Beautiful – September 20-22 A local festival, housed in about 15 blocks of Downtown Las Vegas, that musicians, artists, and even comedians, come out to perform at once a year. Similar to events like the iHeart Radio Festival, this weekend event is always a smash hit, as they accept all-ages. Find ticket information at Las Vegas Greek Food Festival - September 13-15 Located at St. John Greek Orthodox Church on El Camino Rd, the block will be full of vendors, entertainment, art, and so much culture. Admission is only $7 this year, in its 47th year. Las Vegas Golden Knights Preseason - Sept 15 Hockey is back soon and we are all waiting on pins and needles for this season. The Golden Knights start their preseason on Sept 15, playing the Arizona Coyotes. Regular season to begin October 4th. Life is Beautiful – September 20-22 A local festival, housed in about 15 blocks of Downtown Las Vegas, that musicians, artists, and even comedians, come out to perform at once a year. Similar to events like the iHeart Radio Festival, this weekend event is always a smash hit, as they accept all-ages. Find ticket information at iHeart Radio Festival - September 20-21 In its ninth year, this annual Music festival is a two-day event that features 20+ of today’s favorite music artists and groups. Held at the T-Mobile Arena, find such artists as Halsey, Alicia Keys and the Zac Brown Band.

Monster JAM All-Star Challenge - Oct 11-12 Monster trucks are still cool, right? Get all your fill of big trucks and tall wheels all weekend at Monster Jam. This year they have added a best trick competition and it will be a showstopper. Tickets on sale at PRIDE - October 11-12 Joining forces with Las Vegas’ LGBTQ community, the Downtown LV Event Center will be hosting the PRIDE night parade and family festival. Both days of the celebration will have over 100 vendors, pop up drag shows, and live entertainment. Tickets on sale now.

Monster Energy Cup/AMA Supercross Futures October 19-21 Sam Boyd Stadium is about to get sporty this October when the Supercross comes to town. The elite of the elite will compete on the 19th, following amateurs and future motorists will be training and competing for the last two days.

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:



Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

Beauty and Health

MyVegas Magazine is very proud and excited to introduce our expanded Beauty and Health section! In this issue we are privileged to be able to feature many of the top beauty and health professionals in the Las Vegas Valley. With stories from our experts, you’ll learn trendy tops and get expert secrets to looking and feeling your best for any occasion, whether it’s a night on the town, or a day in the park! Get pampered with a visit to the day spa, tanning salon or beauty salon. Improve your overall esthetics at one of our Med Spa’s. Get clear at one of our Vision experts, and enjoy your beauty and health, because you deserve it! Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:


top 10 personal trainers Aareon Smith a former UNLV football player and Alumni, is the founder of a very successful local gym called A.C.E Fitness. The brand is dedicated to developing the mind, body, and soul. Aareon, along with his team, have inspired and motivated individuals to reach their fitness and lifestyle goals. Dina Barela A VIP Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, and founder of GET FIT RESULTS in Las Vegas, open since 2012 . Dina enjoys sharing her passion for fitness and health with others. Her team of fitness experts and herself have helped thousands of people to become healthier, leaner & fit.

Jayson Castor a native New Yorker, owner of PURE Performance LLC in Henderson and creator of the PURE Performance Training System. Over 10 years of functional, corrective exercise and post rehab training experience. Jeannette & Josh Catalano have been servicing clients through exercise and fitness for over 30 years combined. This highly motivated and experienced coaching duo has helped hundreds of clients achieve their personal fitness goals. They offer a professional, fun, educated, safe, and encouraging environment for clients. Located in Anthem Henderson, Refined Personal Training offers 3 separate service room for all your fitness needs.

Mick Smooth has over a decade of experience in the fitness industry, and is here to change the way you look, think and feel about yourself. He is specialized in developing and providing safe, healthy, and highly effective fitness programs and meal plans for both men and women. Quincy Taylor Las Vegas born native, has competed in Mr. Olympia 5 times. An actor, model, and pro IFBB bodybuilder. He has been personal training for 30 years, out of multiple LVAC locations. Quincy Taylor can help you get the train, rehab, lose weight, gain weight, do it all!



Don’t take our word for it‌ read our reviews:

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:



Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:




Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:


Now offering Month to Month Memberships!

HELP! I’m Drowning!


ou know you’re guilty of it, those free samples you just can’t live without. Everywhere you turn today whether it’s at your favorite fragrance counter or beauty store someone is anxious to give you a free sample of their product. Not to mention if you travel a lot you probably already have a huge selection of hotel brand shampoos, conditioners and body washes. Who can resist, right? Until one day you discover just how much you have been hoarding. It’s true nobody likes investing in a full-size product and being disappointed so a free sample to try beforehand seems like the perfect answer. Is it really though? Today most beauty stores allow you to buy with assurance. If you try the product and don’t like it simply return it. So what do you do with all those samples? Actually try to use them! Organization is the key to knowing exactly what you have. But even with organization you might still be so overwhelmed with the sheer volume that they don’t get used in

a timely manner. One solution is to simply throw them away, if you can bring yourself to do so. Better still donate your unused samples to shelters that can always use shampoos, conditioners and body washes. You’ll feel good in the process knowing someone will use and appreciate them. Another fun concept is to host a get together with your friends, who you know suffer from the same dilemma and swamp samples that you might actually use. With a little thought beforehand you can be creative and wise in your quest of finding the perfect new product and stop drowning in the process! MV Copyright © 2019 Tammy Kincaid All rights reserved

Personal Training Cross Training Fitness Equipment Cardio Machines Diet/Nutrition Weight Loss Smoothie Bar Pro Shop Tanning 702.483.5412 7375 S. Durango Drive

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By Tammy Kincaid

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4 Common Vacation Skin Woes


ummer travel adventures are all fun and games until someone gets burnt, or bit…. or scraped! So how do you keep those kodak moments intact without forgoing the fun? Travel with knowledge and the skin care ammo to attack any ailment that dares ruin your day!

Sun Induced Dermatitis This is the most common skin problem post a day full of beach bumming, surf, and sand. Surprisingly, many people believe the theory of “getting a base tan” before vacation will help prevent burns---Wrong! Skin that naturally lacks melanin density (i.e. pale, Gwyneth Paltrow like) will still burn, and faster than most. That would be genetics. However, whether pale or mocha, skin will react to excessive exposure of sun through reddening/ darkening, peeling, or blistering. The only product that helps decrease the risk (not completely eliminate it) is sunscreen SPF 30 or higher. But remember the rules of application: Slather on 30 minutes before outdoor exposure, a shot glass worth for whole body coverage, and re-application every 2-4 hours. Nonetheless, physical barriers, like clothing, hats, and glasses are still a great protective method. Yet, if a rash does ensue, calendula lotion and cortisone cream are the best ways to beat the burn. Plant Rashes A common post vacation rash that lands in dermatology clinics, is that of plant life plus sun exposure causing a phytophotodermatitis. This often appears between the thighs, on the hands, wrists, arms, or around the mouth as dark streaky patches. The locations give an indicative clue that make sense after that Mexico getaway. If you remember the Corona you conveniently stabilized between thighs and sand…well the lime juice cresting the bottle reacts with sunlight to cause a dark splashed rash. The oils from brushing against certain other plant leaves may also cause these types of rashes on arms and legs. Cortisone cream helps in the initial stages, but to rid or the dark color, a hydroquinone cream is needed.


By Erika Kimble, MA, MS, NP Dermatology NP

Insect Bites The pesky buzz and suction of mosquitos is on the radar of most vacationers, but the burning grasp of fire ants and intense itch of sand flea bites are not as recognized. The large sand mound abodes of fire ants should be a visual warning to stand clear, but with concentrations as high as 200 per acre in states like Florida, Puerto Rico, Georgia, and much of the SouthEast, these buggers can be hard to miss. If stung, institute cool compresses, an antihistamine like Claritin, and a soothing agent like Sarna lotion. Sand Fleas are another annoying vacation pest. They are most active in cool temperatures, so avoid the beach at dusk and dawn, and while there apply bug-spray. If you happen to still suffer their wrath, apply cortisone cream, calamine, or baking soda and water pastes to sooth the itching. Ocean Ailments Those lapping crystal waves can be mesmerizing, but that call to the great blue wild can yield some water induced eruptions. The most common culprit is the sting of nematocysts, which is the thorny structure found on coral, sea anemones, hydrae, and jellyfish. Although the adult creatures are easier to avoid, the babies or larvae of these are microscopic menacers. These stings will cause red, bumpy, itchy rashes or hives concentrated under swimsuit areas or legs. Treatment is dependent on unattaching the catapulted spines. Affected areas should be rinsed with seawater and inactivated by dousing with rubbing alcohol. For difficult to remove spines, mix a salve of baking soda, flour or talcum, and seawater to area, let dry, and scrape off once dried. Cool compresses and cortisone cream also help to sooth inflammation. For severe reactions, always see an emergency specialist. With the proper knowledge and preparation, your vacation should be smooth sailing, despite the attempts of any creatures to ruin your fun. MV Erika Kimble, MA, MS, NP. Erika is a Dermatology NP, Author, Pageant Queen, and Founder of Beaute Lab Dermatology Store (

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Maggie’s Wellness


A Boutique Pilates Studio •

1st Session Free*

Tone, strengthen and tighten your body

Personalized workouts

Perfect for men and women of all ages and fitness levels

Private Appointments

702.772.6233 *Call for Details

1137 South Rancho Drive Ste 110 • Las Vegas, NV 89102 (Rancho & Charleston)



when you mention this magazine




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By Megan Mathis (702) 269-9290

Oops... I Forgot Again!


25% OFF OF


t seems to me that more and more people are experiencing memory loss or forgetfulness and age is not a factor. Could it be that we are all being affected by the same thing? What could that something be? When I Google “Causes of Memory Loss” there is a wide range of possibilities. Excluding Alzheimer’s disease, here is a partial list of possibilities: Medication, Depression, Hormone Imbalance, Poor Sleep, Stress and Anxiety.

7250 S. Durango Drive 702.453.TANN (8266)

The suggested cures can be prescription medication, nutritional supplements, diet, meditation, exercise and the list goes on. I’m not convinced that any of these things can help on their own.

Life is Better When You’re Bronzed.

I’m beginning to believe it’s more about what we are ingesting into our spirits. I know that may sound a bit airy fairy, but we are spiritual beings are we not? Are we not spiritual beings having a human experience? Externally we are bombarded with news, noise, contact with others, life stressors and it goes all day, everyday. Even when I receive a simple text message I can feel an urgency to answer right away or it haunts me. If we were to disconnect, go off the grid sort of speak for at least 3 days it might just save us – save our spirits and our minds. Folks who go camping probably get it – they know how to unwind. Being away from the city with no cell phones, (only for emergencies) spending time out in nature. I’m not a camper, but a hotel in another city with peaceful energy and room service might do the trick. Utah here I come! MV


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Academic Dermatology of Nevada is a full service

Las Vegas dermatology practice offering a wide variety of cutting edge treatment options for skin diseases and cosmetic beautification. Dr. Curt Samlaska specializes in all forms of cutaneous diseases, ranging from routine acne vulgaris and warts to more complicated disorders like severe psoriasis vulgaris, blistering conditions, such as pemphigus vulgaris, and genetic disorders (such as Proteus syndrome), in all age groups (newborns to geriatrics). Board certified in Internal Medicine and Dermatology, Dr. Samlaska has written extensively, having published over 68 articles and textbook chapters.

We have the latest in cosmetic intervention, now offering Ulthera, visionary aesthetic ultrasound, the newest treatment for nonsurgical face lifts. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment to meet with caring professionals who are completely dedicated to your well being and the best Las Vegas skin care medicine has to offer. We offer many cosmetic treatments also, please visit our Cosmetic Page on our website for more information. We look forward to serving you.

Our mission is to provide the most up-to-date medical care that meets your individual needs. From your first consult to every follow-up visits, we strive to build a lasting relationship based on integrity and mutual respect. We pride ourselves in not only taking care of Academic Dermatology of Nevada you, but your family also. Our office setting is profession2839 St. Rose Parkway, Suite 100 Henderson, NV 89052 al yet informal and children and family members are P: 702.837.8988 I F: 702.837.8988 welcome. You deserve the finest quality of care, and it is our best.take our word for it‌ read our reviews: 26 mission to provide you with theDon’t

Looking for the best




Includes Bohyme hair and installation! Based upon length and color Lengths available up to 26”

Call now to book your FREE CONSULTATION! • Packages available including Wefts, Keratip and I-Tip installation • Full spa services available • Many products to choose from! • Clip-ins and halos also available

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PHONE: 702.914.2330

INSTAGRAM: @canyonfalls

Canyon Falls

SPA & SALON | HAIR EXTENSION COMPANY | LAS VEGAS, NV Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:




Managing Partner of Nevada Brain & Spine Care Neurosurgeon Aury Nagy, MD, FAANS, is managing partner of Nevada Brain & Spine Care. Prior to opening this medical practice, he was a partner for nearly 10 years in Las Vegas Neurosurgery & Spine Care. A Las Vegas native, Dr. Nagy graduated from Bishop Gorman High School, Yale University and Baylor College of Medicine. He is board certified through the American Board of Neurological Surgery and received his fellowship training at LSU and at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Nagy serves as Spine Committee Chair and Neurosurgery Section Chief for Spring Valley Hospital as well as an adjunct clinical faculty member for Touro University. He is a product development consultant, Speakers Bureau clinical lecturer and educator for Integra Neurosciences.

2471 Professional Court Las Vegas, NV 89128 Main Telephone: 702.901.4233

New Patient, Referral and MA: 702.998.6520 • Surgery Scheduling and Prior Approvals: 702.998.7629


Over 20 Years Of Comprehensive Medical and Surgical Care in Las Vegas Kevin Rayls, MD, FACS Stephen B. Horsley, MD, FACS

• General Surgery • Laprascopic Surgery • Minimally Invasive Robotic daVinci Surgery 8530 W. Sunset Rd., Suite 240 Las Vegas, NV 89113 28

Phone: 702.796.0022

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Tammy Berry

(702) 757-7592 10880 S. Eastern #104 Henderson, NV 89052 Military & Seniors $15 cuts $65 Color and Cut special


POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT. POSITIVE ATTITUDE. POSITIVE RESULTS. Manual Therapy Trigger Point Dry Needling Spine Therapy • Balance Training Kinesiotaping • Hand Therapy Cupping • TMJ • Sports Assessment and More

We are a full service salon, day spa and medical spa.

Services we offer:

Hair Cuts, Color, Styling, Extensions Manicure, Pedicures, All Nail Services Massage, Makeup Application Facials, Waxing, Chemical Peels, Botox, Dysport, Juvederm Eyelash Extensions Microblading, Permanent Makeup Threading, Laser Hair Removal

Ravi Ramanathan, M.D. Family Practice

Primary Care, Medically Supervised Weightloss, Physicals & Testing, Personal Injury

Are you a Salon and Spa Professional looking to join our family? We currently have space available to rent.

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Most insurance accepted including Medicare



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Voted 2 Consecutive Years as Top 100 Men in the Community

4280 S. Hualapai Way Suite 200 • Las Vegas 89147 702-233-2020 • @iconsalonspa

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2019 Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:



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Seven Hills 10608 S. Eastern Ave., Suite H SevenHills Hills Seven Summerlin Seven Hills (Eastern & Horizon Ridge in the Smith’s Plaza) 10608 S. Eastern Ave., HAve., 10608 S. Eastern Ave., Suite H Suite 7664 Summerlin W. Lake Mead, Suite 107 10608Suite S. Eastern H Hills Seven 702.617.2750 (Buffalo &(Eastern Lake Mead in the & Horizon Ridge in the Smith’s Plaza) & Summergate HorizonPlaza) Ridge in(Eastern the Smith’s Plaza)

(Buffalo & Lake Mead in the Summergate Plaza) (Eastern & Horizon Ridge in the Smith’s Plaza) 7664 W. Lake Mead, Suite 107 10608 S. Eastern Ave., Suite H 702.254.6222 702.617.2750 702.254.6222 702.617.2750

(Buffalo & Lake Mead in the Summergate Plaza) (Eastern & Horizon Ridge in the Smith’s Plaza) 702.254.6222 702.617.2750 Northwest Southwest Northwest Southwest 702.254.6222 702.617.2750 4343 N. Rancho Dr. Suite 116 6455 Rainbow, Suite 100 Northwest Southwest 4343 N. Rancho Dr. Suite 116 6455 Suite (Southwest corner of RanchoRainbow, & Craig) (At Rainbow,100 one block North of 215 Beltway) 4343 N. Rancho Dr. Suite 116 6455 Rainbow, Suite 100 Northwest Southwest 702.802.4390 Southwest 702.656.6144 Northwest (Southwest corner corner of of Rancho Rancho & & Craig) Craig) (At Rainbow, one one block block North North of of 215 215 Beltway) Beltway) (Southwest (At Rainbow, Store Hours: 4343 N. Rancho Dr. Suite 116 6455 Rainbow, Suite 100 4343 N. Rancho Dr. Suite 116 6455 Rainbow, Suite 100 702.656.6144 702.656.6144 702.802.4390 9:00am to 5:00pm 702.802.4390 Monday - Friday | 8:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday (Southwest (At corner of Ranchoone & Craig) (At Rainbow, one block North of 215 Beltway) (Southwest corner of Rancho & Craig) Rainbow, block North of 215 Beltway) Store Hours: Seven Hills Summerlin 702.656.6144 702.802.4390 702.802.4390 Store Hours: 702.656.6144 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday | 8:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday 7664 W. Lake Mead, Suite 107 10608 S. Eastern Ave., Store Suite H 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday | 8:00am to 1:00pm on Hours: Saturday Store Hours: (Buffalo & Lake Mead in the Summergate Plaza) (Eastern & Horizon Ridge in the Smith’s Plaza) 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday | 8:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday 702.254.6222 702.617.2750 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday Friday | 8:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday


Northwest 4343 N. Rancho Dr. Suite 116 (Southwest corner of Rancho & Craig) 702.656.6144


6455 Rainbow, Suite 100

(At Rainbow, one block North of 215 Beltway)


Store Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday | 8:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday

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Las Vegas’

TOP 100 MEN OF SUCCESS MYVEGAS Magazine polled over 100,000 of our readers to find Las Vegas’ Top 100 Men of Success;

these men make a difference in Las Vegas and positively impact our local community. We receive hundreds of Top 100 Men of Success nominations each year, and although we’d love the ability to feature the majority of the incredible nominees, the list has been narrowed down to these Top 100 Men of Success for 2019. These extraordinary men have made a positive impact in our community and are both nominated and voted by our readers, through their service, commitment, charitable contributions, and big hearts. These men continue to give more than they receive, and they help make Las Vegas one of the most fascinating places to live, work and play. Featured are a diverse group from various organizations, including Gaming, Politics, Finance, Government, Arts, Entertainment, Education, Healthcare, Philanthropy and more. Along with well-known leaders, and new rising stars, this year we are proud to publish the “Top 100 Men of Success”. You may recognize some friends and familiar faces, and some have credentials too many to list; however please note that their talents and contributions go far beyond what we had space to print. We truly hope you enjoy reading this special feature section as much as we enjoyed putting it together! Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:


Anthony Diaz What is Zenza Capital Holdings? Zenza Capital Holdings comprises of various International Companies focusing on Health, Wellness, Beauty, Finance, Personal Development, Film Production and Entertainment. Why have you chosen those industries? I was very passionate about each of these industries at a young age. Growing up, I was always into boxing, martial arts, health and wellness, as well as maximizing the human potential through physical and mental discipline. I studied to be a filmmaker in my college years but never had the opportunity to explore beyond that. So, as my businesses became successful, I naturally gravitated to my first love, which is the Entertainment Industry. Through film, we have the ability to evoke an emotional and lasting impact on people through effective and compelling story telling in such a short amount of time. My latest endeavor is in the Digital Asset Market - from protecting intellectual property through smart contracts to digital currency. This market is so vast and encompassing that I believe it will have a lasting impact on every person and industry around the world.

Anthony Diaz Founder & Chairman Zenza Capital

What does Zenza mean and why was this company created? From the onset, I didn’t want to have a company that would limit my interests like most traditional businesses would have. I created this company to allow me the freedom to explore many different industries that interest me. Of course, choosing the right name was so important to me. From a Japanese perspective, the words Zen and Za have very deep meanings. “Zen” is a state of calm attentiveness in which ones actions are guided by intuition ra the r tha n a c ons c ious e ffort through the filter of preconceived ideas and opinions. “Za” means a guild, association, company, society. So we combined Zen and Za to form Zenza, which means uniting people and industries for intuitive collaboration to create positive and effective change. Describe your company’s culture. In every industry that we are in, I encourage my team to always question the status quo without limitations. We look for the holes in each industry we are in to find unique and dynamic ways to fill them. Through this strategy, we have a trend-setting culture that paves new ways of execution in every industry we are involved with.

What motivates you? Everyday I wake up with the same excitement I had when I was first starting out. I think one of the biggest mistakes successful people make is to fall into complacency. Embracing the passion and motivation with unlimited possibilities that you had in the beginning allows you to explore beyond the jaded lenses that we often get through living. What are your 3 biggest accomplishments? First of all, my four kids. They are all college graduates from UNLV. You have to understand that I barely made it through high school, so to see them grow as young adults pursuing their passions and contributing to society in a positive way is my greatest legacy. Second, for almost three decades, I’ve contributed to helping hundreds of thousands of people globally through a unique marketing platform that encourages entrepreneurship, personal development, mental and physical discipline.

Share with us one of your personal quotes. “On our own we are vulnerable, but united we stand invincible.” I am living proof of this quote because throughout my career, I realized that to bring my vision to reality, I need very smart people around me that are also passionately united in that vision. This quote has served me well. © 2019 Zenza Capital, Ltd. All rights reserved.


The third is in development now. We are launching a game changing platform in the Digital Asset Market initially in Japan, which I’m certain will have mass appeal on a global scale.

How do you unplug from the daily grind? I have a different perspective on that. To me, the daily grind is a means to refining and polishing your vision and outcome.

Explain how you got to this point in your life? Early on, I have always followed my passion, belief and intuition even when people around me told me I was just a dreamer. Although it was discouraging at times, it was also a massive motivator. It was more important to prove to myself that I was on the right track, rather than to prove to others that they were wrong. I believe that your opinion about yourself is the most important opinion in the world. This simple concept has guided me throughout my career which has allowed me to grow with confidence in myself to pursue my passions successfully.

Many people like to break away and go on vacation. I feel that when you find something you’re really passionate about that makes you happy, it’s like you’re on vacation everyday, while getting paid for it! Although I must admit as an added benefit, my business endeavors do take me to exotic places around the world, which is icing on the cake.

Give me one word that describes you the best. “Unpredictable” - Although I’m always very methodical in my execution, I am also very spontaneous in my decisions. If I think about things too deeply before I make a move, it often leads to less than expected results. However, when I review “On our own we are vulnerable, the facts and have a positive feeling in but united we stand invincible.” my gut, I proceed without hesitation... which always leads me to success. - Anthony Diaz Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:


uccess top 10 0 men of s Adan Saldana is a Las Vegas born Mortgage Originator. A staple in our local community, Adan has earned the title “The Loan King” for his true passion for Mortgage Banking. Beyond being a prominent mortgage banker in Las Vegas, Adan prides himself in raising two young boys alongside his partner Erika Calleros. Adan is different from other Branch Managers because he enjoys meeting with as many clients to walk them through the loan process.

Anthony Diaz Anthony Diaz is a renowned business innovator, consultant, marketing maverick, motivational speaker, life trainer, and strong demonstrator of hands-on leadership. For the past 30 years, his philosophies, trainings, personal empowerment and business concepts have been adopted globally and continue to transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

Chris Hammond is the owner and Regional Director of Anago of Las Vegas. Chris is a trusted commercial cleaning advisor to clients large and small spanning many industries. Chris helps individuals in the Clark County Area build successful commercial cleaning businesses while ensuring clients receive best-in-class cleaning.

Allen Cap has been representing victims of personal injury accidents since 1984. He has appeared before the Nevada Supreme Court on several occasions to change the law to help people receive compensation for their injuries. Mr. Cap is Certified as an expert in

Anthony Knight has achieved many accolades in his real estate career, such as YPN’s “Top 40 Under 40” award, induction into their Hall of Fame, and Best of Las Vegas 2016, 2017 and 2018. Anthony is also the Founder of Foster Friday, which raises money and awareness for abused and abandoned animals.

Chris Rubeis passion to pursue real estate stems from a memory as a child. His parents’ happiness from when they became homeowners motivated Chris to give that same joy to more families. After the Navy, where he received the National Defense Service Medal and Southwest Asia Service Medal, Chris moved on to be a top producer and lead sales person in his brokerage. He maintains the highest level of ethics treating clients with dignity and respect. Christopher Chavez is the Marketing Manager at Office1, an office technology solutions company. Prior to Office1, he was a news producer. Diagnosed as a type-1 diabetic at age 6, Christopher is passionate about inspiring others while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle as a Spartan SGX coach and certified personal trainer.

personal injury.

Anand Nair is the bestselling author of the book Financial Malpractice: The Financial Secrets Most Medical Professionals Never Hear About. Anand’s team works closely with medical professionals, business owners, executives, and professional athletes by protecting and growing their wealth. He specializes in business development & business exit strategies.

Anthony P. Sgro is a partner with the law firm of Sgro & Roger. He has dedicated more than 30 years to serving our community in the areas of criminal defense, personal injury and business litigation. Mr. Sgro currently serves as Chairman of the Board for Boys Town, Nevada. He owns several dining establishments, including 172 at the Rio, offering elevated Asian cuisine and live music.

Andrew Aranda is the proud owner of Pure Plumbing. Andrew has earned the respect of his peers and has become a role model in the industry. He truly embodies the Zig Ziglar quote “You can have everything you want in life if you just help enough people get what they want.”

Antonio Castelan has worked in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Texas covering some of the most memorable stories. This includes “Hurricane Katrina,” the Oprah Winfrey trial in Amarillo, and the 2000 Republican and Democratic national conventions. He won many awards covering the viciousness of Mexican drug cartels. Antonio also won the National Edward R. Murrow, Emmy, Associated Press, and L.A. Golden Mike award.

Christopher C. Roth is a seasoned entrepreneurial executive with 29 years of experience in acquiring, integrating and developing HVAC businesses. He’s the owner and CEO of Climate Control Experts and NTI. He has assembled and managed teams that have installed more than 50,000 HVAC systems, completed over 500,000 service calls and taught more than 5,000 students.

Andrew DeMaio has been a fixture on the Las Vegas strip for the past 18 years. He knows his breadth of experience includes developing and managing Las Vegas attractions, and working in the trade show industry on a national basis. He knows the value of referral networks which are vital to the success of patrondependent ventures and founded C2GO to maximize the marketing potential of such ecosystems and to bring to it the power of next-generation payments technology.

Aury Nagy, MD, FAANS is managing partner of Nevada Brain & Spine Care. Prior to opening this medical practice, he was a partner for nearly 10 years in Las Vegas Neurosurgery & Spine Care. A Las Vegas native, Dr. Nagy graduated from Bishop Gorman High School, Yale University and Baylor College of Medicine.

Christopher S. Connell, Esq. received his J.D./M.B.A. from UNLV and was a member of Law Review, the Duberstein National Moot Court Competition team, and is a founding member of the Rebel Venture Fund. Mr. Connell has argued cases before Federal and State courts, as well as the Nevada Supreme Court.

Anthony B. Golden Attorney Anthony B. Golden (“Tony”) is one of the founding partners of Anthem Injury Lawyers. He represents employees to protect their rights in the workplace and handles cases in various areas. With a proven track record of representing employees in administrative claims, arbitration, and lawsuits. Tony practices in the areas of personal injury and immigration. Tony has achieved an “AV” rating in Martindale-Hubbell, which is the highest peer review rating measuring both ethics and skill.

Chris Chiodo is the founder and executive director of The Vision Centers. There are four convenient locations in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson. For more than 20 years, the team has been providing vision care to many of the valley’s residents. Another passion for Dr. Chiodo is the Nevada Blind Child’s Foundation.

Corey Wood has spent more than 25 years in the mortgage banking industry developing his knowledge with hands-on experience in wholesale and retail originations, underwriting, operations, capital markets, finance and accounting, risk analytics, and mortgage servicing. In addition to Mortgage Banking, he embodies a high level of leadership by leading his staff for over twenty years. If you’re a lender in Las Vegas, contact Corey.


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Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:



Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

The zwagil empire While other kids were learning how to ride a bike, Josh Zwagil was mastering chess. By the age of 12, he was training with the best and at 14 was a top-ranked champion chess player for his age group. Although he could of went to college on a chess scholarship, he left business school by 18, selling a $600 drum kit to pay for his entry into the network marketing world. With strong guidance and leadership, Josh rose through the ranks quickly to become a top income earner with a team of over 50,000 people around the world within 6 years. This career gave him a front row seat to the challenges the industry presented, like the turmoil caused by changes in product offerings or compensation structures and shifts in ownership and management. He watched as distributors and their incomes were negatively impacted by choices made on a corporate level. That’s why after creating massive success at the age of 21, he walked away from a six-figure income to start MyDailyChoice—a health and wellness company—because he wanted to provide an opportunity that put the needs of the Affiliates first and gave equal opportunity to everyone who joined, regardless of their level of experience. Josh is not your typical corporate leader, but that’s by design. Leading from the trenches rather than from behind the computers and conference tables, he was intentional about creating tools, rewards and products that give affiliates every opportunity for success. He is known for asking one very important question, “What did I want when I was an Affiliate?” and then creating the resources and business model around the answer. It’s why the MyDailyChoice’s corporate structure remains lean, order fulfillment is dealt with in-house, and an unmatched compensation plan that pays out up to 85% of BV to Affiliates—an amount that is nearly twice that of the average industry compensation plan. The goal is for Affiliates to find success, regardless of whether the person is new to the company or a veteran. This was the formula that took the company from $9 million in revenue in 2017 to $100 million at the end of 2018. Even his marketing style reflects his nontraditional roots and caring personality, with Facebook Live videos instead of slick commercials and in-person meet and greets in place of the usual once-a-year appearance at conventions. As he continues to grow the MyDailyChoice name, Josh hopes to create a new normal within the industry, where the voices from those working outside the corporate walls are heard as loudly as those who work from within. Now, Josh continues to build the company he wished for when he was trying to get started in the industry years ago; a company where Affiliates are undeniably the top priority. MyDailyChoice is on track to double if not triple their revenue by the end of 2019.

uccess top 10 0 men of s Dr. Curt Samlaska specializes in all forms of cutaneous diseases and cosmetic procedures from Botox to Ulthera. Board certified in Internal Medicine and Dermatology, Dr. Samlaska has written extensive pieces, publishing over 72 articles and textbook chapters. Their office setting is professional but children and family members are always welcome. Damon Dias has been a solo practitioner for the past 11 years. His primary area of focus is bankruptcy, both consumer and business, chapters 7, 11 and 13. He primarily represents Debtors, though he represents creditors as well. He also handles Divorce/ Custody, Personal Injury, contracts and other transactional matters. Dana Wagner joined News 3 in 2001. Currently, he co-hosts “News 3 Today” with his wife, Kim. He is also a meteorologist, having received a Bachelor’s Degree from Mississippi State University in Geosciences. Dana has reported on a wide range of stories from Yucca Mountain and the state legislature, to the UNLV-UNR rivalry and snowstorms.

Donald Contursi is the president of Lip Smacking Foodie Tours, the premier culinary walking tour in Las Vegas, which in just a short time has earned a host of impressive honors. Its variety of dining experiences offer guests personalized service and VIP access to the best tables in the house at the city’s most acclaimed restaurants.

Civil Trial Advocacy.

Donald Kudler has been representing victims of personal injury accidents since 1993. He has appeared in nearly 100 Trials, including Short Trials, on behalf of his injured clients when he is unable to reach a settlement. Mr. Kudler is certified as an expert in Personal Injury and

Douglas Ross , MD, FACEP a Board-Certified Emergency Physician, founder of Ross Medical Group, and continues to provide hospital-based emergency care to the community. Dr. Ross and his staff are committed to providing quality, efficient, and compassionate care. He has developed an interest in Personal Injury, helping people through a difficult traumatic experience.

David C. Johnson, Esq. is the Senior Partner at Johnson & Johnson, PC, an estate planning and probate firm, which has received the Preeminent Law Firms in America distinction by Martindale Hubbell. He is AV-rated and has provided 27 years of competent and compassionate legal services to his clients.

Efi Mashiah is well known as the talented artist and art entrepreneur who creates his widely-collected 3-D screw paintings and owns the chain of galleries, Elena Bulatova Fine Art in California, Nevada and Florida. His paintings are featured in many Hollywood shows.

Dertrez Pressley comes from a concierge background having worked at a Forbes 5-star resort. He applies those skills to his Real Estate career which has earned him the privilege of being named to GLVAR’S top 40 under 40 for both 2018 and 2019.

Eric L. Marshall founded Marshall Injury Law on the principle that client relationships aren’t defined by their case alone. Eric has helped thousands of clients and collected millions of dollars in compensation for their injuries. Eric is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, National Trial Lawyers Top 100, Lawyers of Distinction, NAOPIA Top 10, and received the lifetime achievement award as one of America’s Top 100 Attorneys.

Dr. Devin Luzod completed his pre-med studies on the Dean’s List of Scholars at WIU. Then he graduated from the prestigious Life Chiropractic University in 1999. He has appeared on numerous radio and television programs, and has lectured extensively on the gentle and safe NUCCA chiropractic procedure and holistic wellness.

Eric Mendoza started his real estate career in 1998. He currently sits on the Professional Standards Committee, is a member of Women’s Council of Realtor’s, Veteran’s Administration Real Estate Professionals, and holds his Business Broker License. He partners with his ex-wife, Michelle Mendoza, Ex-Spouses Selling Houses, selling houses with Simply Vegas Real Estate.

Garrett T. Ogata attended The University of Maryland–School of Law. He began his career as a law clerk for Judge Michael Douglas in Clark County, Nevada. He focuses his practice in DUI defense and criminal defense. Garrett is knowledgeable, aggressive, and responsiveproviding excellent representation for his clients.

Gerard Ramalho anchors the weekend evening newscasts on News 3 covering the big stories that affect our community. Gerard is a 5-time Emmy recipient for excellence in journalism. In 2008 and 2012 Gerard was voted “Best Anchor” in Las Vegas by the LVJR Staff. He has also received Electronic Media Awards for Best Anchor and Best Reporter. Gerard was added to Nevada’s list of Distinguished Women and Men for professional and civic achievements. Dr. Godwin Maduka founded Las Vegas Pain Institute and Medical Center in 1999 which has expanded to a total of six locations throughout Southern Nevada. Each facility is a one-stop destination for a wide array of medical services, including primary care, urgent care, physical therapy, radiology, lab work, and outpatient surgery. Ian Seidenberg an award-winning live event producer, is currently the Director of Event Operations for Encore Event Technologies. Produces the annual exclusive After-Party for Cirque du Soleil’s charity event “One Night for One Drop.” He is also a Part-Time Professor at UNLV, and Head Soccer Coach for the Special Olympics of Southern Nevada.

Leadership Las Vegas.

Jacob Bundick is a shareholder at Greenberg Traurig, focusing his practice on litigation, aviation, banking, and operational matters, as well as regulatory compliance. Jacob currently serves on the board for Make-A-Wish of Southern Nevada and is a graduate of

Jeremiah Richardson Owner and operator of Wag N’ Wash Las Vegas, along with his beautiful wife, Christie McLean. Their passion for animals and excitement to heighten awareness about better nutrition for your furry family members, helps to provide a fun, pet loving, family friendly environment to feed ’em, wash ’em, and spoil ’em.

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WE HELP YOU PERFORM BETTER. Your business, that is. We do results-driven marketing and we fix your business. We use our crafted combination of digital marketing and business strategy to help your business grow and succeed.

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myvegas top 100 MEN OF SUCCESS

PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT, the Best Offense for your Company

By Steve Smerick


’m the first to say, “YES” to defense. I fought in too many sweaty deserts and planned too many special operations missions “across the pond” not to recognize our nation’s need for a strong defense. I also worked with some pretty incredible defense weaponry as well as every gadget-lover’s mecca of offensive planning tools. My time spent on overseas military missions as well as stateside anti-terrorism efforts taught me what it takes to be successful. When you get down to it, a balance between strong defense and smart offense wins every time. Too often in today’s society, law enforcement agencies are forced into high-risk incidents and have to react in a defensive manner to those incidents, rather than having offensive tools already in place. So, I began to develop my business plans for PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT, which offers a modernized crisis management solution for many high-risk scenarios we face. Throughout my career, I have been very fortunate to be a part of many teams and agencies, that seemed to have an endless budget. I often had access to intelligence gathering capabilities or mission enhancing resources that many other military or law enforcement personnel didn’t have or even knew existed. I rarely ever had a commander or supervisor tell me, “no” when I said I needed the latest and greatest upgrade to my current gear. I was often told, “order two of them in case you break one.”

Following my military assignments, I moved into law enforcement surveillance and was able to work more often with state and local law enforcement, crisis management task forces, and SWAT teams. What I saw there was simple: not all teams are operating with adequate resources. I realized how spoiled I was with the high-end gear and assets provided to me for both offensive and defensive situations. What I realized is that many teams are forced, through no fault of their own, to operate with an out-of-balance playbook. They were reacting to incidents defensively. Ideas for implementing a tool that would enhance offensive capabilities began to take shape. Just as many great ideas often start, I was sitting by a campfire, drinking a beer, and decided to put on my thinking cap. I thought, “How do I get the most vital information needed, for many crisis management incidents, into the hands that need it most?”

in special operations units and those that local and state departments needed, who often face similar issues. Okay, I actually moved back with excitement to throw back a few drinks and enjoy the freedom of walking the streets of Savannah with a Solo cup in hand. (If you’ve been to Savannah, then you know what I mean. If not, you need to experience it.) But THEN, I got down to business and PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT continued to form.

The needs of teams that citizens more regularly see, the teams of crisis management workers and first responders who are on shoestring budgets working “front line” jobs became suddenly clear.

As an Army Ranger in the Army Special Operations and law enforcement community, I didn’t think it was fair to know that terrorists had higher end weapons than local police, or to see organized crime rings with better access to intricate planning and technology. Wanting to level the playing field naturally made me want to start passing out services or products for free, but that isn’t how to run a business. The time came to expand my vision in order to help balance the playbooks for those in many parts of the Crisis Management world. I couldn’t offer something for nothing to those teams…. Or could I? What if I opened my business to the civilian market and placed offensive power into civilian hands that would, in turn, benefit and potentially save lives of emergency response teams? This was a win-win game plan and I called it PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT.

That’s how PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT started. Then I finally took the plunge, moved back to Savannah, GA and hammered out my vision. My plan was to “bridge the gap” between resources I had become accustomed to during my time

In talking with my clients, it only became more evident how frustrated these men and women had become in a post-9/11 America, where instead of more resources being provided to combat the increasing numbers of mass shootings, terrorism, and extremist group violence, it seemed less was being done to find ways to fund those on America’s front lines, the front lines here on our own soil.

What is PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT? I had to figure out a way to take many years of military and law enforcement lingo and acronyms and write it so the average civilian could understand it. But, the “What is it?” question is the most challenging question to answer most days! Verbally explaining PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT is tricky because what I quickly discovered was that it is a “must see to understand” product.


Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

Put simply, imagine your child’s school has experienced a mass shooting. We all know this isn’t farfetched and we all hate to let our minds go there, but that’s the idea of PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT - offensive thinking. Some cowardly excuse for a human has entered the building, shots have been fired, and emergency teams arrive. Or maybe a natural disaster has occurred, and search and rescue teams would be able to assist survivors more quickly, by studying a virtual imagery of the building before it collapsed. Or a chemical spill has occurred, and HAZMAT teams have arrived, using a PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT to virtually walk through the contaminated building from a safe distance. Planning the quickest and safest route to the source of the HAZMAT site. Now is not the time for the Crisis Coordinator and the entry team to gather information about which way doors open, which room the assailant is suspected to be currently barricaded in and how to get to that room with the least risk, which areas of the school students may be hiding, and the details of the school Intruder Drill, as well as information related to where emergency vehicles can park, where MEDEVAC helicopters can land, and how to manage media and communications during what quickly becomes chaos. Obtaining all that information takes time.

Now, imagine a real estate agent’s “virtual tour” on steroids.

a response from a safe distance outside the affected area.


Each PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT also includes a MEDEVAC survey in the area of your facility, to best coordinate the evacuation of multiple casualties by rescue helicopters. That information is then embedded into the PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT, depending upon client needs. The product is placed into the hands of that Crisis Coordinator and the high-risk entry team and you’ve saved time and potentially lives. You have taken the guesswork out of their job, you’ve virtually “breached and cleared” the building to some degree. You have provided that perfect balance of offensive and defensive action.

PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT, a complete 360-degree digital, virtual tour of a building, enables law enforcement officers and first responders, the ability to view the interior and exterior of a building. Then, plan their most effective entry method, analyze floor plans and structure materials, to determine breaching tools needed to enter, and to study a specific location within the building before making their high-risk entry. Fire departments can view what a building looked like, before it was engulfed in flames. A search-and-rescue team can view what a building looked like before it collapsed during a natural disaster. PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT’s expertly designed Aerial Reference Guide (ARG), provides updated overhead imagery taken by one of our highresolution drones. Both law enforcement ground and aviation units can quickly and accurately relay vital information to responding units and coordinate efforts in a more controlled and timely manner. ARG can also be used during many hazardous material emergencies to better prepare emergency response personnel before entering the contaminated site. Personnel on scene can use our up-to-date ARG to accurately depict the contaminated location and plan

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

After many trials, research and development, and vast exposure on the East coast, I decided that PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT was ready to hit the streets of the West coast. I moved my company headquarters to Las Vegas, NV, in order to expose PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT to a larger demographic. As the owner and designer, I’m confident that PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT will greatly assist emergency management personnel during many high-risk incidents and one day save lives. MV PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT 9030 W. Sahara Avenue #214 Las Vegas, NV 89117 (912) 508-1024


uccess top 10 0 men of s Jeremy Shugarman is the owner of All Kinds of Insurance. It is an independent full service agency which help both individual and businesses with all of their insurance needs. Originally from Southern California, Jeremy has been residing in Las Vegas since 1991. Jeremy is very involved in the local community.

Jonathan Adams Winner of the 2019 GLVAR YPN’s Top 40 Under 40, and is a Top 100 Men of Success in his first year of real estate. He prides himself in working with a lot of clients who turn into an extended ray of family and friends.

Kaine “Kong” Marzola Las Vegas native, graduated from Las Vegas High School and served in the USMC from 2003-2011. Kaine was a part of 2/5 Fox Company “BlackHearts” the most decorated unit in USMC history. A professional fighter who won two MMA titles, a motivational speaker, and cofounded Veteran’s Vitality.

Jerimy West is the operations manager for Wild West Guns, llc, Las Vegas. Jerimy worked in his father’s Gunshop where he learned to appreciate the fine mechanics of custom firearms. Jerimy also grew up competing in action shooting sports with his Father and Stepmother and still competes today.

Jonathan Moretti and Joshua Burns are a Team of Best Friends covering the entire Las Vegas Real Estate Market. Both being Born and Raised in the Las Vegas Valley, Josh is a Combat Veteran and Jon has his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

Kami Zargari His passion, drive and undimmed devotion define his work ethic. His Las Vegas company, Triumph Property Management, is an innovative, high-touch approach to management perfected by his team. Zargari has access to the people, benefits and expertise needed to properly manage his clients’ assets. In recognition of his commitment, Zargari has been the recipient of the many awards.

Joseph Riccio Partner at Vegas West Attorneys. He has been practicing law in Nevada since 2008, and is well known for advocating for clients in need of both family and personal injury matters. Joe is A/V rated by Martindale-Hubbell, has a perfect rating on AVVO, and proudly serves the Las Vegas Community.

Keith E. Galliher Jr. has been a Las Vegas Lawyer for 45 years. He is a Trial Lawyer, Judge, Arbitrator and Mediator. He has received numerous accolades and is ranked in the top 1% of Lawyers in the United States. Most importantly, he has no plans to retire anytime soon.

Jim Snyder an Emmy Award Winning Anchor, lived in the Northwest through college and graduated with a B.A. Degree in Broadcast Journalism. Jim worked his way up the ladder starting in Wenatchee, Washington, in 1987. “After spending time in Las Vegas, I began to appreciate the fantastic quality of life here, and now, this is ‘home.”


Joe Caldera principal at Caldera Wealth Management, is celebrating his 21st anniversary as a licensed Financial Advisor in Southern Nevada and serving client in 18 other states. He’s known well for making life simple and helping clients navigate through all financial

Josh Zwagil CEO and Founder of MyDailyChoice is not your typical corporate leader. He went from working in the industry as an affiliate to owning a multi-million-dollar company. His rise to success is attributed to his incredible drive and willingness to improve the lives of those around him.

John Barnes Vice President of Marketing at Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions for the company’s 78 stores across the country. He is responsible for creating the ultimate customer experience, product expansion, branding and web campaigns for all Sunburst stores. Barnes is a father and dedicated husband of 30 years.

Joshua Burns and Jonathan Moretti are a Team of Best Friends covering the entire Las Vegas Real Estate Market. Both being Born and Raised in the Las Vegas Valley, Josh is a Combat Veteran and Jon has his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

Dr. John Pierce is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and has a special certification from the American Academy of AntiAging and Regenerative medicine. He has been the Medical Director of Ageless Forever since 2007. He received his medical training from Western University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific.

Dr. Julio Garcia moved to Las Vegas in 1988, entering the private practice of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Garcia has also been providing Regenerative Medicine technology since 2013. Dr. Garcia is the president for the Aesthetic Society Education and Research Foundation. He is also the chairman of Crime Stoppers of Nevada.

Keivan A. Roebuck is a personal injury lawyer at Nettles | Morris. He began his career as a law clerk for Judge Susan Johnson. He then represented multinational insurance companies while working at a national law firm. Keivan now exclusively represents injured victims in their fight against the insurance companies.

Kendall Tenney Founder & CEO With two decades of experience as an Emmy-Award winning journalist, he has become a thought leader in the realm of crisis communications and media training. Tenney launched10e Media in 2010 and has since assembled an experienced team of former journalists and public relations experts to offer a range of services.

surgeons in the country.

Dr. Kent Wellish has an impeccable quality of care, a passionate love of his work and a commitment that endears him to his patients. His skills as a surgeon and level of experience have gained him wide recognition among his peers as one of the leading vision correction

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Calm, personable, genuine and confident, Dr. Kent Wellish has an impeccable quality of care, a passionate love of his work and a commitment that endears him to his patients. His skills as a surgeon and his level of experience have gained him wide recognition among his peers as one of the leading vision correction surgeons in the country.

Our Services • All-Laser LASIK • Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery with Premium IOLs and Astigmatism Correction • Advanced Dry Eye Treatments with LipiFlow®, BlephEx™ and IPL • Dry-Eye Treatment Center of Excellence • Glaucoma Treatment and Management • Diabetic Ocular Screening Exams and Management • Pterygium Removal • Cross-Linking • ICL Implants for High Levels of Nearsightedness • Ocular Screening for People Taking Plaquenil

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myvegas top 100 MEN OF SUCCESS

Keith Galliher Jr.: The Rockstar Next Door

By Katherine Jackson


as Vegas is, and always has been, an entertainment city. The hot glow of the neon lights has long promised travelers an oasis of music, gambling and excess in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Standing on the edge of town, looking out into the vast and desolate landscape, you can easily imagine this land untouched by human hands. You can forget about The Red Piano, about Celine, about the stadiums and concert halls. Turn yourself the other way around, and you see the gleaming metropolis of the entertainment capital of the world. It is sort of dichotomous, a fully modern city existing within the quiet remains of a prehistoric seabed, now turned to dusty desert, and that might be part of the magic of Las Vegas. The dual nature of the place we live shapes the sights and sounds of the city, and it also shapes the people. I recently had the opportunity to get to know one of these magical, dual natured individuals and what I saw was nothing less than miraculous. Enter stage right, Keith Galliher Jr.: The Rockstar Next Door. And I am serious about that. If his name sounds familiar, it is because Keith is no stranger to MYVEGAS Magazine. Earlier this year Keith was

voted by our readers as one of the Top Attorneys of Las Vegas, and you probably read about him in that issue in a story called “The Singing Attorney” and sing he does! What began as a clever way to lavish affection upon his beautiful wife, Linda, has become a full-fledged music career that he maintains concurrently with his legal practice. I did tell you he was dual natured, did I not? Keith has been practicing law in Las Vegas for decades and has long been a respected figure in our legal community, but when you enter his office, you notice the walls are absolutely COVERED with awards. Since you are standing in the office of an attorney, you could be forgiven for assuming the plaques on the walls are all legal accomplishments, and many of them are. But if you get just little closer, if you scratch the surface just a little bit, you realize that a huge quantity of these awards is for his music. Awards for ‘Top Pop Single’, and ‘#1 Easy Listening Single’ and similar are everywhere! In fact, to date Keith has earned 70 international music awards for his songs. Among these songs is his rendition of “Ain’t No Sunshine” which has topped the Niger Africa Easy Listening Chart for 58 weeks as # 1, 12 weeks as #2, and now 110 weeks as # 3. Not bad for the only English language song on the chart! He has received awards originating from countries all over the world. As you’re standing there, looking at these accolades, you might ask yourself, “Why haven’t I heard any of Keith’s music before?” And that is when you are likely to notice that the awards come from places all over the world. Keith is indeed a Rockstar, and he is indeed famous, just not in the United States. It began in 2008 when Keith was racking his brain for a Christmas gift for Linda. He explained to me, “Over the years I have given my wife just about every object a man could think of, and so I wanted to do something different, something special.” He knew her favorite song was “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton, and so he called up his friend, Clarence Collins, and asked him to help him record the song for his wife. The results of their efforts together turned out a rough mix. Keith took Linda out to dinner and surprised her with the recording in the car, and when she was through expressing her delight at the thoughtfulness of the gift, she encouraged him to continue singing. And so he did.


“Keith is incredibly versatile! He sings everything! Pop, blues, R&B, reggae, you name it! He has a very fresh sounding voice. Keith’s range is 3-4 octaves wide, and that makes it very easy for me as a producer to get him to sound like almost anything.” - Clarence Collins To date Keith has recorded 9 albums, with the 10th due to be completed this year. I was fortunate enough to get to join Keith and his team at the recording studio at The Palms, a space known for hosting legendary artists over the years. Keith arrived casually dressed, not at all the lawyer I met previously. He was positively glowing. Linda was with him as well, and there was something special about seeing the two of them together in that space. What began as a gift for Linda has now become a gift for listeners every where. I sat and listened as Keith entered the booth. Clarence played the backing track and Keith began to sing “I wanna be with you”. Clarence working furiously on the boards, closely scrutinizing the oscilloscope, and all the while, this crisp, clear voice coming from the recording booth as Keith passionately rang out with the lyrics. I had been given Keith’s previous recordings before hand and listened to them all (my favorite is Hodgepodge, and I strongly advise you give it a listen!), but no recording could ever be as wonderful as hearing it live. It made me ask if we’d ever have the pleasure of Keith’s performance in front of a live audience with a band. Clarence expressed that he feels Keith would do very well on the road in Europe because Europeans do not care about age like American’s seem to (a foolish thing to focus on, if you ask me), and his music is already on the radio there and doing very

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

well. Keith asserts that it is all about having the time for such a thing, and he says the law keeps him plenty busy. Clarence is a critical guiding hand in Keith’s musical process. His own accomplishments include being a member of the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame and the Founding Member of Little Anthony And The Imperials. And just what does the legendary Clarence Collins have to say about his friend turned protégé? “Keith is incredibly versatile! He sings everything! Pop, blues, R&B, reggae, you name it! He has a very fresh sounding voice. Keith’s range is 3-4 octaves wide, and that makes it very easy for me as a producer to get him to sound like almost anything.” Keith’s range is impressive, and the variety in his style is no joke. Again, this writer must urge you to investigate Hodgepodge! Clarence goes on to say, “Keith records his vocals for pieces in less than an hour of studio time, and it’s because he studies. When you study like Keith does, when you work as hard as he does you just know it, you know the pieces and you can just do it. Here’s a guy that never sang before, he’s been an attorney all his life, but he has a love for it and so it works. He never knew that he’d be getting all these awards and radio play all over the world, he just loves the music and that’s what comes out, and that’s why it works.” Only in Las Vegas could a legendary attorney also genuinely be an undercover Rockstar. Do yourself a favor, look him up online and give him a listen. The blend of styles is mesmerizing and the passion behind the voice drives the feeling home. Don’t take my word for it, go look him up yourself! His music is currently being played on Spotify, IHeart Radio, Reverbnation, Soundcloud and 150 XR Radio Stations throughout the world. He is a fascinating individual with accomplishments in both the law and his music, and it is for these reasons that it is my pleasure to present to you, our readers, Keith Galliher Jr., one of MYVEGAS Magazine’s Top Men of Success. MV Facebook: @KeithGalliherJrMusic Keith Galliher Jr and Clarence Collins may be contacted in care of Imperial Plus Records 1850 E Sahara Ave, Suite 107, Las Vegas Nevada 89104 702-735-3316 Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:


uccess top 10 0 men of s Kevin Janison The Janison’s moved to Las Vegas in 1994, where Kevin worked at KLAS until he proudly moved to News 3 in 2007. Kevin is responsible for building the Neighborhood Weather Network, which placed weather stations and provided curriculum in meteorology in over 100 schools. National Weather Association Seal of Approval holder.

Lester Chip Madsen Resident since 1997, with over 11 years of practicing real estate helping all types of needs from luxury housing, residential and commercial land, office buildings and leasing. Top producing agent for 6 years in his brokerage. His attention to detail and relationships with his clients make for smooth and successful transactions.

Michel S. Rantissi, Jr. received a Masters of Occupational Therapy in 2001 and continued for a Doctorate of Physical Therapy in December 2002. Mike also obtained his Manual Therapy Certification from USA in 2003. He specializes in all spine, hand, & orthopedic dysfunctions and practices a manual therapy hands-on treatment approach and believes in “quality patient care”.

Dr. Kevin Rayls is an incredibly passionate and dedicated general surgeon. Since 1997, Dr. Rayls has been a local practitioner in Las Vegas, where he founded Mountain West Surgical. He provides quality and innovative surgical care while continuing to address the individual needs that each patient requires.

Dr. Lindsay T. Hansen a native of Southern California, graduated from UCLA School of Medicine in 1991. Board Certified in internal medicine, with private practice in Las Vegas since 1997. In addition, Dr. Hansen has been active in long-term care. He has been medical director of El Jen convalescent hospital and Plaza Regency Skilled Nursing Facility.

Nicholas Wooldridge is a skilled advocate. Wooldridge, a Nevada native, began his legal career, as a lawyer, in New York City and amassed significant experience handling high profile litigation. After 10 years in New York City, Wooldridge returned home to Las Vegas, the City he says is the best in the World.

Kurtis Waniker is the CEO of NeONBRAND, a Las Vegas-based strategic marketing firm. He is also the co-owner of Work in Progress, a coworking space in downtown Las Vegas. He worked in business consulting for years before beginning his entrepreneurial journey as the head and brains behind multiple successful businesses.

Mark McGuire Successfully built and sold 3 Mortgage companies, each with Multi-State Licensing, In-House Escrow Services, and Marketing “call centers” with direct mail house. A Nationwide funder for Commercial Real Estate, he has personally funded over 2,500 Mortgages. Also, developer of 3 Residential communities, and 2 Commercial Multi-tenant parks.

Lawrence C. Hill is a top-rated trial attorney licensed to practice in all courts in Nevada. Larry practices primarily in the area of personal injury for persons hurt due to the negligence of others, criminal defense, and immigration. He was named to Super Lawyers–Rising Stars of Mountain States list in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Mark Wiley Mark’s experience as a real estate broker/salesperson includes working with clients of varying needs, including first-time buyers to luxury, and seasoned investors. His sales volume ranks in the top 1% of Realtors in the valley and he attributes his success to his focus on providing the absolute highest level of customer service.

Peter Bregman With over 25 years in practice as a podiatrist, Peter J. Bregman, DPM, has often been recognized as an expert in complex foot and ankle conditions, as well as sports injuries. As the founder of Bregman Foot-Ankle & Nerve Center in Las Vegas, Dr. Bregman welcomes new and existing patients to the practice.

Lawrence Saunders opened his first Jon Smith shop in 1988 in Palm Beach County, FL with the singleminded commitment to serve total quality experience, along with the absolute highest quality overstuffed, marinated grilled sirloin steak and real chicken breast subs. Jon Smith Subs prepares everything they serve in each store every day.

Mario Gonzalez Co-founder of Veteran’s Vitality, a premium CBD line created to bring a greater quality of life to all veterans, alongside good friend Kaine “Kong” Marzola. Mario is an internationally acclaimed entrepreneur and hustler. Veteran’s Vitality CBD launched in November 2018, and hopes to bring healing to PTSD, chronic pain, sleep and more.

Philippe Ziade CEO and founder of Growth Luxury Homes, one of many companies under the Growth Holdings corporate umbrella. Philippe is quickly gaining a reputation of disrupting any industry he touches with innovation and inspiration. Industries such as Real Estate, Construction, Technology & Hospitality are a few innovated by Growth Holding.

Leo Bletnitsky The President of LV Med I.T., which provides Managed IT Services to Business & Healthcare Organizations. 24 years of experience in Infrastructure/Security Management, Virtualization, VOIP and HIPAA. US Coast Guard Veteran. Education includes: B.A., UCSD, Graduate Certificate National Security, UNH, FBI Citizen’s Academy and Police Academy graduate.

Mauricio Bustos is a 12-year veteran at PWI Construction – a general contractor specializing in luxury hospitality, restaurant and retail construction – where he serves as Director. With 15 years of construction experience, Mauricio is dedicated to developing the next generation of construction leaders while strengthening PWI Construction’s national presence.

Puneet K. Garg is one of the founding partners of Anthem Injury Law. He has vast experience serving various clients with different needs. Puneet’s representation of clients has included serving as counsel to Fortune 500 companies, large and small healthcare providers, celebrities, large and small businesses, and personal injury victims.

Nick Pomponio recently opened his own law firm, Pomponio Injury Law, in order to focus on providing the highest level of customer service to all of his clients, believing that each client is not a number, but rather a part of the family. Give Nick a call today!

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• 6785 S Eastern Ave #5, Las Vegas, NV 89119 • 702.758.4240 •

myvegas top 100 MEN OF SUCCESS

CEO Mark McGuire: The Perfect Business Partner


s you are reading through this issue of MYVEGAS Magazine which features our annual Top Men of Success list, you will no doubt notice that a great deal of our Top Men are Entrepreneurs. With this category being open to men from just about any industry imaginable, we are fortunate to see an astonishing variety of people and businesses represented int this issue. “Small business” is anything but small. It is the lifeblood of our local economy. When most people think of Las Vegas, they think of the casinos, but in reality, there are far less casinos than there are small businesses. There are just over 100 casinos in Las Vegas, but literally THOUSANDS of small businesses. But where can a small business owner go when they have outgrown their current space, are ready to expand, or just need some operating capital in the short term in order to maintain the arc of their growth? The answer is Merchant Banking Resources. I personally wear many hats at MYVEGAS Magazine, but by far, my favorite is handling the nominations for our reader’s choice categories. I love reading directly from the readers about who they feel we should acknowledge in our publication. Several nominations came in for the subject of this article, Mark McGuire, CEO of Merchant Banking Resources. I had no prior knowledge of the company, or of Mark, but as I got to know him, I was delighted to be able to feature him in this issue and to bring attention to his company. Let’s begin with the most obvious question: What is Merchant Banking Resources? Merchant Banking Resources is a Licensed Lender which provides working capital to businesses nationwide, and commercial mortgages nationwide. This sounds simple enough on its surface, but when you really think about it, you begin to see what a critical service this really is. Merchant Banking Resources is the perfect partner for a wide variety of situations. When a company is ready to grow, and needs the capital to do so, a call to Merchant Banking Resources can quickly solve that problem. When a business needs inventory, equipment, increase their marketing efforts, hire additional staff or has outgrown its current space and is looking to invest in a bigger facility, or an additional location, that company can turn to Merchant Banking Resources to solve these problems and maintain their momentum. Since 2011, Merchant Banking Resources has been successful in helping its clients solve the sort of short-


term funding issues that can hold a company back and hamper growth. They boast some impressive stats, such as the fact that they are debt free (a desirable characteristic in any business which loans money), and they have an 84% renewal rate, which tells a story of excellent customer service. At the helm of this successful lending enterprise is Mark McGuire. In my interview with Mark, he stressed the importance of the Standards of Excellence for their customer service, and how his prior experience in real estate propelled him into his current career. Mark’s journey began in real estate. He told me a story of a young man in need of direction and being fortunate enough to be mentored by his father’s cousin, a legendary figure, Jerry McGuire (yes, really!). Jerry took Mark under his wing and brought him into the world of real estate. Jerry and his son Jerry T. are the top real estate brokers in the area and taught Mark everything they knew about the business. Mark was an excellent student and learned everything that Jerry and Jerry T. we’re willing to teach. He was given a strong foundation in real estate law, practice and real estate fundamentals and with this incredible training, he was able to pass the real estate license exam on his first try. He started real estate sales and did very well at that for a number of years. In time, he advanced in his real estate career and became a broker at the age of 23. At that time, he was one was the youngest real estate broker in the United States. He eventually switched from real estate sales to mortgage sales, and this proved to be a critical turning point. He made the leap from selling properties to selling mortgages because as a real estate broker, he found he couldn’t get his mortgage loans approved for his clients fast enough to keep everyone happy. He went to the lender he was using for home loans at the time and asked what he could do to get his loans approved faster and was told “you’d have to just become a Lender yourself.” Most people would take it as sarcasm, perhaps dismiss it and go back about their business, but Mark simply said, “great, I’ll do that!” He was told what lending courses he needed, secure a surety bond and where to go to apply to become a Lender, and off he went. Mark brought his Mortgage Lending application and surety bond with him to the state office and filled it out in the waiting room. He was immediately told that he couldn’t do that, so he asked what the usual process

By Katherine Jackson

was. The clerk said, “Here’s the application, fill this out and send it back to us by Federal Express so we can track it, and we’ll get back to you within six to eight weeks with any questions we have.” He asked, “Well, what if I fill it out right now?”The clerk was puzzled, evidently no one had ever tried this before. The clerk responded, “I’m not sure you can do that.” Mark explained, “I’m here right now, let me fill this thing out, turn it in, and you can give me a receipt showing that I turned it in today,” and he sat down and did that very thing. He was approved as a mortgage lender the next week. As Mark was telling me this story, I was delighted by his tenacity, by the fact that he simply didn’t take “no” for an answer when it came to reaching his goals. I will also admit to being tickled by the image of a bureaucrat squirming under the scrutiny of one creative mind. Mark explained that he had to be tenacious that day in the clerk’s office. He had deals on the line, he had clients that were counting on him, and he wasn’t about to keep those people waiting. The more we talked, the more I could see the kind of person Mark McGuire is. It became clear why he was nominated for our annual Top Men of Success list, nothing stands between Mark and success, not even the dreaded RED TAPE. Within a year of his exuberant start to becoming a Mortgage Lender, he found himself selling more mortgages than properties, and they were closing in less than 30 days, which, at the time, was all but unheard of. This talent for serving the funding needs of his clients so well and so efficiently propelled him to the position he is in today. Now, fast forward to 2019, Mark McGuire is the CEO of Merchant Banking Resources, serving the funding needs of his clients to this day. If you’re a small business owner in need of operating capital, or in need of a commercial mortgage, you couldn’t do better than Merchant Banking Resources, and you couldn’t ask for a better ally than Mark McGuire, and for these reasons we are proud to introduce him to you as one of MYVEGAS Magazine’s Top Men of Success. MV Merchant Banking Resources 2831 St Rose Pkwy #444, Henderson, NV 89052 888.875.7916

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:


uccess top 10 0 men of s Robert Gluskin Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Robert Gluskin was raised in Las Vegas, NV. In late 2014, Robert got his real estate license and immediately began closing 49 homes in his first year, followed by 51 homes in his second year. In his free time, he enjoys spending time

Scott Meier is the President of Right Now Air, providing Air Conditioning service to Southern Nevada for 33 yrs. A recognized leader in the HVAC industry, having served on numerous boards and committees. His company has won national awards for exceptional client service and awarded the Southern Nevada Contractor of the year.

Ralph Rodriguez of Movoto Real Estate, is ranked in the top 1% of Las Vegas Realtors. A 20-year veteran of the US Armed Forces, Ralph is a Certified Military Relocation Professional. His business approach is direct and honest, and he works hard to get his clients the best deal whether buying or selling a home.

Roger Croteau has dedicated his firm to solving complex legal and financial problems utilizing the law to create intelligent and cost effective solutions. Mr. Croteau focuses on litigation matters involving commercial / business disputes, personal injury matters, bankruptcy and family disputes. Each member of the firm handles your legal problems with competency, compassion and concern.

Seth Stokes Healthcare Professional, Philanthropist, Texan, and Christian. I’m not a fan of a self-bio. I am a fan of philanthropy. Those individuals who live by a code understand the highest noble undertaking of service to others. When you serve your communities, you become a part of that exceptionalism.

Dr. Ravi Ramanathan is the Founder of Family Doctors of Green Valley, which was established in June 2000. He had a vision of broadening his scope of quality family care by expanding services with a state-of-the-art clinic serving the Green Valley, Henderson, and Las Vegas

Ryan Mitchell D.O., FAACS, FAOCO brings his artistry and expertise to the practice of facial, plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr Mitchell has devoted his practice to helping patients achieve an beautiful and natural, whether it’s through surgery or non-invasive procedures. He has built a reputation throughout the Las Vegas Valley as a doctor dedicated to providing the safest and most advanced techniques in plastic in cosmetic surgery of the face and body.

Shea Arender CEO of the Las Vegas Symphony Orchestra & Orchestra Health Solutions, Broadway producer, entrepreneur and entertainer. Shea is also an associate producer of the Tony Award nominated musical “A Night with Janis Joplin” he received an International Peace Award from the United Nations for his global humanitarian efforts.

Dr. Ralph Carullo is a certified venous and lymphatic medicine physician. He’s co-owner with his wife, Dr. Fauzia Carullo, of Las Vegas Urgent Care and Las Vegas Vein Center. Dr. Ralph Carullo is dedicated in the Las Vegas community to increasing public awareness about venous disease and promoting recognition of signs and symptoms.


across the country.

with his wife.

Reed Cowan is an Edward R. Murrow and Emmy winning journalist with three decades of experience in broadcasting. Reed anchors News 3 Live at 3, 6 and 7 and reports for News 3 at 5 & 11. Reed has covered some of the biggest stories to hit local and network television screens

Reynaldo Herrera Jr. In a short time, Reynaldo Herrera made a name for himself as one of the top producing lenders in Las Vegas. Reynaldo enjoys seeing beyond traditional ways to find business. As an art collector and creative, Reynaldo fused his love for helping families achieve home ownership inside a very colorful social space.

Richard “Mr. Q” Querney is the broker and realtor with Centennial Real Estate who has built his real estate success on “putting the client always first.” He believes in good communication and making himself available for his clients 24-7. He has the experience, technology skills, knowledge and negotiation skills to handle any issue or obstacle that may appear.

Sagar Raich is the Managing Member of Raich Law PLLC, a Nevada Law Firm serving Businesses of all size – from startups to companies generating nine figure revenues. Mr. Raich has successfully handled many complex litigation and transactional matters.

Stephen Nwogbe A second-generation Las Vegas native, Mr. Nwogbe takes great pride in providing elite legal representation to his community. His firm exclusively handles personal injury matters, and his zealous dedication to recovering maximum compensation for those injured in accidents is unparalleled. He is currently listed as a Top 40 under 40 Lawyer by the NTLA.

Scott Bullock Retired Air Force, President & CEO of Apex Aviation, a company he created to service one segment of the aviation community and which now, in a few short years, services all corporate and general aviation aircraft from Apex locations in Henderson and

Steve Dimopoulos is Las Vegas’ up-and-coming personal injury attorney. Recent highlights include his receipt of the National Trial Lawyers Top 40 under 40 recognition as well as his launch of two additional legal representation brands (Crash Cashers Injury Attorneys and Ticket Trashers Traffic Citation Attorneys).

Scott Mauro has more than 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry. He is currently the West Coast regional manager of Blue Martini. He oversees three stores, with a potential in Hawaii. He always motivates everyone to be the best, which is why he’s known to run the “best bar in the business.”

Steve Smerick is the owner of PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT. With over 20 years of experience in overseas military special operations missions and federal law enforcement surveillance operations, he has gained the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to successfully prepare for many different emergency management scenarios that first responders encounter on a daily basis.

North Las Vegas.

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Stem Cells and Exosomes, The Latest Therapy with Dr. Bregman


ith over 25 years in practice as a podiatrist, Peter J. Bregman, DPM, has often been recognized as an expert in complex foot and ankle conditions, as well as sports injuries. As the founder of Bregman Foot-Ankle & Nerve Center in Las Vegas, Dr. Bregman welcomes new and existing patients to the practice. You might recognize his name, as he was recently awarded as one of MYVEGAS Magazine’s Top Doctors, and today it is our pleasure to introduce him to you once again, this time as one of our Top Men of Success. Dr. Bregman is certainly worthy of these accolades. He has consistently been in the top 3 best foot doctors since he came to Las Vegas. He has treated professional athletes from the NFL and NHL as well as celebrities. Patients travel from all over the world in order to have Dr. Bregman perform surgery when needed. One of the things which sets Dr. Bregman apart from others is his relentless pursuit of the most modern and cutting-edge treatments for his patients, and this includes regenerative medicine. For those of us who might not be especially familiar with regenerative medicine, Dr. Bregman was kind enough to provide us with a detailed introduction to these extraordinary techniques. Regenerative medicine aims to improve the regeneration of damaged, malfunctioning, and missing tissue and organs. Mounting evidence supports that stem cell therapies may be promising in this field on the basis of potential therapeutic use of stem cells in damaged areas such as spinal cord injury, retina diseases, and other tissues in the body. In addition, stem cells-based therapy may be a prospective way for diseases that are irreversible and incurable at present. Specifically, regenerative medicine contains two goals: one is efficiently and safely transferring stem cells into injured tissues, which may replace the need for surgery in the near future; the other is to develop strategies in order to improve the regenerative potential and function of adult stem cells residing in various organs. In the last decade, numerous preclinical studies confirmed the therapeutic potentials of stem cells. Stem cells involving embryonic stem cells (ESCs), induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), and adult stem cells manifest respective merits and drawbacks. Some types of stem cells are being evaluated in clinical trials with promising results. These stem cells, such


as mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), are relatively safe, but therapeutic strategies avoiding direct use of living stem cells are more likely to provide a safer way to prevent disease progression. Although direct and indirect mechanisms such as growth factors and cytokines have accounted for the therapeutic effects, paracrine secretion seems to play a predominant role. A key component of paracrine secretion is extracellular vesicles (EVs), particularly the exosome fraction that mainly contributes to the action of stem cells in which genetic information can be horizontally transferred between stem cells and tissue-injured cells. On the basis of the ability of microvesicles (MVs) to mimic stem cell properties, it is speculated that stem cell-derived MVs especially exosomes represent a relevant therapeutic option in regenerative medicine. Exosomes, a group of vesicles originating from the multivesicular bodies (MVBs), are released into the extracellular space when MVBs fuse with the plasma membrane. Numerous studies indicate that exosomes play important roles in cell-to-cell communication, and exosomes from specific cell types and conditions display multiple functions such as exerting positive effects on regeneration in many tissues. It is widely accepted that the therapeutic potential of stem cells may be mediated largely by the paracrine factors, so harnessing the paracrine effects of stem and progenitor cells without affecting these living, replicating, and potentially pluripotent cell populations is an advantage in terms of safety and complexity. Increased evidence indicates that exosomes might be the main components of paracrine factors. To put it simply Exosomes are the more efficient way to deliver the necessary proteins and signals to injured or damaged cells to regenerate or heal. Unfortunately, this therapy is NOT covered by insurance and is relatively expensive. But if looking to avoid surgery or nothing else has worked it is a great option for people to consider the future is here now. If you are getting older and injuries just don’t heal as quick or your tendinitis won’t go away then Exosome treatment might be for you. Do you have arthritis and you don’t want surgery or do not want to keep taking prescription medication that has side effects, then Exosome therapy might be for

By Katherine Jackson

you. It can be given into joints including the knee and ankle and foot. It can be given IV for a more overall effect and even can be used intra-nasally. For athletes this new therapy can allow you to train harder and push through plateaus like never before! As a personal sufferer of arthritis, recurring knee injuries, ineffective surgeries and all of the chronic pain that comes along with these things, I am overjoyed at the knowledge that medical science is advancing in such positive ways. At the time of my life-altering knee injury, there were very few options, and ultimately my doctor asserted that my best hope was to have my meniscus removed completely. The result has left me with only partial function and constant pain. After meeting and speaking with Dr. Peter Bregman, I am beginning to find out that there are more options now than there ever have been before. Dr. Bregman is a rare treasure. Dr. Bregman has invested in a class four cold laser which can treat a variety of problems and is especially helpful with wound care and he is an expert in diabetic wound care as he has all of the current best treatment practices available to the patient. This includes laser, and amniotic tissue grafts and when necessary, taking the patient to the operating room to fix the underlying problem. You can rest assured that you are in very capable hands with Dr. Bregman as well, as he has also lectured all over the world in Lithuania, Canada and of course the USA. He authored or co-authored over a dozen articles in his field. He is currently working on several projects to develop new equipment and hardware for use in foot surgery. You can learn more about Dr. Bregman and his practice at https://, the thoroughly modern website is full of useful information and is very easy to navigate. Dr. Bregman’s commitment to bringing his patients the very best medical treatments available the world over is nothing less than commendable, and that is why we are proud to present him to you as one of MYVEGAS Magazine’s Top Men of Success. MV “Where passion and experience meet to provide the best possible foot and ankle care.” Bregman Foot-Ankle & Nerve Center 702-703-2526 7150 West Sunset Rd, Suite 110 Las Vegas, NV 89113

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:


uccess top 10 0 men of s Steve Wolford is a four-time Emmy Award winner and a 2006 inductee into the Nevada Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame. Steve joined the staff of KSNV in December 2018, and brings more than 30 years of broadcast journalism experience to News 3, including more than a decade in Las Vegas.

Terry Kennedy is the award-winning President/CEO of Appreciation Financial, a financial services company specializing in helping educators retire with dignity. Appreciation Financial was ranked #1583 on Inc. 5000’s 2018 list of fastestgrowing private companies in America. Appreciation Financial is the preferred service provider in the CCSD and hundreds of districts nationwide.

Tommie Battaglia is the man behind the Gaetano Brand, a proud partner of the Vegas Golden Knights and has been designing custom suits for all the players, executive coaches and the owner. Tommie has always loved innovating and developing new creative concepts but truly found his passion when he started Gaetano Brand. Tony Vane Originally from Canada, Tony has been a proud Las Vegas resident since 2006. With a hospitality background, he prides himself on his circle of friends throughout the city, his unmatched customer service and above all being driven by a fierce work ethic.

Tim Wallace is the owner of Flavor Consultants. The Las Vegas company has been exporting and importing food ingredients worldwide since 1995. They handle promotion, sales and distribution for 20-plus manufacturers and sell their product in 45-plus countries. For two consecutive years they have enjoyed more than 40 percent growth, expanding both building and personnel.

Touraj Habashi DD of Gardens Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Las Vegas has decades of experience as a practitioner. His focus and passion have led to specialization in cosmetic, restorative, and implant dentistry. Dr. Habashi has completed all courses at Engel Implant Institute while mentoring cosmetic dentistry in Las Vegas.

Tom Hawley can claim to be a Las Vegas native, having been born in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Tom has been reporting traffic from a helicopter and the studio since 1988 and joined the News 3 family in 1995. In addition to covering current traffic conditions, Tom does feature reporting on transportation issues.

Will Roundtree CEO of WE Management Services, offering a variety of services such as credit strategies for individuals and businesses. He often travels across the country to teach financial literacy to many communities. He is also the Co-Founder of Common Tree, a local Non-Profit that services local students by empowering them through mentorship.


Willie Garrett is the Director of Marketing for KSNV-TV (News 3) and is not only one of the ultimate television marketing broadcasters in the state of Nevada, but in the entire county. A 27-yearveteran in the television broadcast industry, Garrett returned to Las Vegas to lead the Marketing for KSNV-TV.

Zia Khan is a skilled Interventional Cardiologist with a large practice and a tremendous reputation. He is the recipient of numerous awards and accolades for teaching and community involvement. He actively supports state, public and charitable institutions. He heads the Imagine Foundation that serves those affected by tragic circumstance.

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LIC#: BS.0145082

LIC#: BS.0145131

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Art of Healing, Dr. Godwin Maduka


r. Godwin Maduka is not only a good physician, but a good businessman. He is a leader, a husband, a father, a brother, and most importantly, a healer. He was born in Umuchukwu, Nigeria, in a tiny village, where he was 1 of 8 children. His father was a holistic doctor in his village, and Dr. Maduka frequently got the opportunity to assist him with house calls. At merely 10 years old, this is where his passion for healing truly began. Dr. Maduka says, “The art of healing started with my dad. The way that my father would interact with his patients and colleagues was very inspiring.” When his father passed away, Dr. Maduka made an important promise. He said, “Dad, I am going to be a medical doctor and make you proud.” By his young adulthood, his goal was to study and practice medicine. Realizing that options for schooling and training were sparse in Africa, he had an opportunity for a full scholarship at Rust College in Mississippi to study chemistry. However, he needed financial support to cover his moving expenses. Fortunately, his younger brother was able to help cover the expenses, with money he had saved from auto repair work. His brother said, “Don’t worry, you’re the smart one. Here’s the money. Maybe the family can now have a chance in life.” With additional financial help from other relatives, Dr. Maduka made his way in 1982 to the United States of America. He secured scholarships for two more colleges, including Mercer University School of Pharmacy in Atlanta and University of Tennessee School of Medicine in Memphis. He later arrived to Harvard Medical School in Boston, where he aced Anesthesiology and Pain Management. When looking back at his education and inspiration from his father, there was one important factor, “I was given a gift, academic brilliance.” After schooling, he had what he calls, “ammunition of passion,” to help heal. Dr. Maduka decided to pursue his dreams in Las Vegas, NV, and began working as an anesthesiologist. 2 years of rising and grinding later landed him the opportunity to start his own practice. In 1999, Las Vegas Pain Institute and Medical Center was born to its first location, on Jones Blvd. With the practice growing and a team of hardworking professionals behind him, Dr. Maduka’s best decision for the sake of medicine


was to open a full-fledged Medical Center for housing outpatient procedures. “We started with a pain management center, but we realized we had to do more for our patients.” Under one roof, you will find a Pain Clinic, Urgent Care, Radiology, Laboratory, Physical and Aquatic Therapy and an Ambulatory Surgery Center. Over the years, Las Vegas Pain Institute and Medical Center developed and opened 5 more locations: Henderson, Centennial, Northeast near Nellis Air Force Base, Sahara, and Blue Diamond. Each center is strategically located near a major hospital to ensure patients have quick access to whatever care is needed. With 6 Medical Centers open in the valley today, Dr. Maduka says, “I never thought I would get this far; I have an incredible team of support. Leadership is more than leading,” Dr. Maduka says, “it is being active with your community and working along with them.”

Dr. Maduka’s team is Las Vegas Pain Institute’s biggest asset. His motto, “Treat patients with care, and care with excellence.” Dr. Maduka’s innovative approach is so detailed, and even carries over to wearing a business suit instead of a traditional, white lab coat. But, the most important factor is offering each patient understanding and empathy. “The art of healing is learning to relate to patients, listening to them and learning to communicate effectively.” Dr. Maduka is proud to create a space for comradery, mutual respect, teaching, and family values. Dr. Maduka’s mission with these state-of-the-art Medical Centers is to provide and treat people without causing a chemical dependency on medication. In most cases, by gaining the pathology of the condition, and the appropriate treatment care, patients

By: Sarah Moninger

leave LVPI pain-free and not needing to come back or be on medication permanently. “We are in the business of healing; a business of helping people feel better.” He often calls his team his, “Family with a purpose.” Leadership is more than leading,” Maduka says, “it is being active with your community and working along with them.” Each day spent at his practice is one for saving people from suffering, while learning, teaching, and enjoying the process. Dr. Maduka’s father taught him that before you can heal, a person must be comfortable with you and trust you. Once you reach that level of confidence with someone, anything is possible. Whether he is at his home in Nigeria or right here in Las Vegas, Dr. Maduka is passionate about giving back and healing. As an active philanthropist, Dr. Maduka has built over 50 homes, a police station for security, a church for a place of prayers, a residence for priests, village hall, civic center, and hospital for medical care. He has also built a school complex for primary, secondary and adult education. With the support of his community, he has also built a State High Court so people from his hometown can have access to legal rights. Dr. Maduka says, “I am living the American dream and I’m doing all I can through philanthropy to help the people where I came from and the people here in America to live a better life too.” Recently notable is a 17-story medical research facility, expected to be equipped with state-of-the-art technology in medical science. First of its kind in Africa, the center will be used to assist students in clinical training and provide resource materials for lecturers and medical research. Dr. Maduka’s future desire is to have his team provide medical missions across the world to help treat malaria and other tropical diseases, as his constant goal in life is to further help humanity.

Las Vegas Pain Institute and Medical Center (702) 880-4193

Jones: 3835 S. Jones Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89103 Henderson: 2705 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy., Henderson, NV 89052 Centennial: 7175 N. Durango Dr., Las Vegas, NV, 89149 Nellis: 1900 N. Nellis Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89115 Sahara: 1050 E. Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89104 Blue Diamond: 8828 Mohawk St., Las Vegas, NV 89139

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Shea Arender Las Vegas Symphony Orchestra

By Katherine Jackson


s a writer at MYVEGAS Magazine, the most wonderful thing to work on is an issue which recognizes the excellence of a wide variety of people from a wide variety of industries. This is perhaps no more evident than in our recognition of Shea Arender, CEO and owner of the Las Vegas Symphony Orchestra and Orchestra Health Solutions. Originally from Louisiana, Shea got his big break in New York City when he was originally an actor/ singer in “The Wonderful Wizard of Song” the Harold Arlen - (composer of the Wizard of Oz) Broadway musical. He later became the producer and took the show around the globe on a music theatre tour. Shea returned to Las Vegas to become part of our booming entertainment scene. Shea is a Tony Award nominated Associate Producer, along with Jerry Rosenberg & associates for the production of, “A Night with Janis Joplin”, another Broadway musical. Given his depth of experience in the vocals, production and arrangement of music, he is uniquely qualified to take the traditional sound of a symphony and turn it on its ear (pun intended).

that assists medical executives and physicians, under the conducting of Shea Arender, OHS has partnered with Gabriel Durand of Gabriel Paris LLC, presenting the famous “Neck Sofa: the Ultimate Support Pillow”. This is a physician recommended device that helps anyone suffering from muscle pain, stiffness, fatigue and tension. The product makes its presentation debut in London, United Kingdom this fall, along with the symphony orchestra!

It is clear the moment you sit down to speak with Shea that he is passionate about not only his work, but about how his efforts impact the community and the world. His nature is both lighthearted and hardworking, a combination which serves him well in all his creative and philanthropic endeavors. For these reasons, and so many others, it is our privilege to introduce our readers to Shea Arender, CEO and Owner of The Las Vegas Symphony Orchestra, and one of our Top Men of Success. MV

His talent and influence don’t end with the Symphony & entrepreneurship, Shea also has a talent for giving back. For example, he was given the International Peace Award from the United Nations for his charity work in Asia. The award given to him by Spmuda International & Global UN Ambassadors for stopping violence against children. He also gave to cancer charities, invested in healthcare, spent time at the Philippine School for the Deaf and gave to support children’s’ education programs while on an international tour. We spoke at length about his influences growing up and how much he was impacted by witnessing the charitable work of the musicians he admired as a child.

In the Spring of 2019, the LVSO recorded “The King Symphonic” at The Hideout Studios here in Las Vegas. “The King Symphonic” is a stroke of genius and a symphony celebration of the music of Elvis Presley and not an impersonation. Shea & the LVSO conductor, Steve Rawlins, has arranged classic songs from the Elvis Presley songbook and has found a way to reintroduce those old favorites to us in a whole new way. Shea will be singing lead vocals on this project and I am personally excited by the notion of this, as the music of Elvis has a very special place in the heart and history of Las Vegas. In addition to being an entertainer and producer, Shea is also a successful entrepreneur. He is a shareholder in several businesses, one of those being a popular local furniture store, known for its celebrity clientele, featuring cool modern furniture with hip new Hollywood themes called “A New Concept Furniture”. The business of Shea’s that is currently making global headlines is Orchestra Health Solutions (OHS) as they are conducting the future of health and wellness. Aside from being a healthcare conglomerate


Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:


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How an Iconic Car Inspired a Lifestyle!


n 2013, Philippe Ziade, founder and CEO of Growth Luxury Homes and luxury automobile aficionado, drovea Tesla for the first time -- and he had an epiphany. He’s driven a Bentley, Ferrari, and Rolls Royce, but the Tesla was different; it immediately appealed to him on many levels. “It’s timelessly modern with uncompromised efficiency and performance that is environmentally friendly with extreme functionality. Featuring highlighted minimalism with soft and understated luxury,” he says. “I thought, ‘How do we translate this iconic industrial design into a differentiating residential architectural design? How can I build a home that makes me feel the same way this car makes me feel?’ ” Fast-forward five years, and Ziade’s company is poised to begin construction on a groundbreaking new development that could change the way the world builds homes, all inspired by his Tesla experience. Located in the southeast Las Vegas community of Henderson, The Hills will be the first homes in the world to be built with a car in mind and sourced by alternative energy. Built specifically for self-driving cars and featuring edible landscaping (harvesting services can be provided for homeowners), the community takes the term

“eco-friendly” to a whole new level. In a land known for bright lights and strong air conditioning, The Hills community will actually produce more energy than it needs, and be capable of storing the excess in Tesla commercial batteries known as Powerpacks. “We are no longer selling a house, we are selling a lifestyle,” Ziade says. Homebuyers will receive a fully autonomous lifestyle living environment to include Amazon technology-- and, of course, a Tesla car. “Our houses are built to last, and so smart they can actually help make you healthier. This is the future. In a decade, other homes will be obsolete.” The community of 59 homes will feature both one - and two-story floor plans,

complete with solar panels and desert-friendly outdoor space. Ziade says over 70% of the water will be reused, a plan given the highest marks by the Southern Nevada Water Authority, and the company is working with the U.S. Department of Energy to achieve the highest certification in energy-efficiency programs. Residents can log into the GLH lifestyle app that tracks how much money is saved versus typical household bills, and can monitor allergens in the air, or alert homeowners to the best times of day for car-charging for maximum energy-efficiancy. Growth Luxury Homes 8890 Spanish Ridge Ave, Las Vegas, NV, 89148 702-836-9836


Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:


myvegas top 100 MEN OF SUCCESS

Feeling Ageless Forever Feeling Ageless Forever

By: Sarah Moninger


r. John J. Pierce, D.O and the Ageless

r. John J. Pierce, D.O and the Ageless

Forever staff, pride themselves on being Forever staff, pride themselves on being an integrative anti-aging source in Las an integrative anti-aging source in Las

Vegas, NV. Dr. Pierce took over Ageless Forever Vegas, NV. Dr. Pierce took over Ageless Forever in 2007 with the goal of encouraging Las Vegas

in 2007 with the goal of encouraging Las Vegas to take charge of their health. Dr. Pierce is a passionate provider,provider, and he proves with passionate and he that proves that with each patient interaction. His practice is focused each patient interaction. His practice is focused on longevity, patient satisfaction, and most on longevity, patient satisfaction, and most importantly overall health and well-being. importantly overall health and well-being.

to take charge of their health. Dr. Pierce is a

imbalance symptoms will vary, but HormonalHormonal imbalance symptoms will vary, but commonly, Pierce hears from both men and commonly, Dr. PierceDr. hears from both men and women something along of, “I have women something along the linesthe of,lines “I have low sex drive, depressive mood, and decrease low sex drive, depressive mood, and decrease muscle mass”. of the right and things and of muscleofmass”. “I eat all “I ofeat theallright things exercise weekly, yet can’t lose weight”. Often

exercise weekly, yet can’t lose weight”. Often patients visit their standard physician with their patients visit their standard physician with their wide range of symptoms, where hormonal

wide range of symptoms, where hormonal imbalances can be overlooked, or even possibly imbalances can be overlooked, or even possibly misdiagnosed as other conditions. As a result misdiagnosed as other conditions. As a result of this, many are prescribed medication with side of this, many arethat prescribed medication with side effects may make them feel worse. This is effects that may make them feel worse. This is surface. why Dr. Pierce strives to get beneath the why Dr. Pierce strives to get beneath the surface. Ageless Forever creates an experience tailored Ageless Forever creates anneeds experience tailored to an individual’s by delivering quality medicine, takingbythe time to listen to patients’ to an individual’s needs delivering quality and regular monitoring of lab-work medicine,concerns, taking the time to listen to patients’ concerns,results. and regular monitoring of lab-work results.

Dr. Pierce and his staff make sure their patients listen to their needs, and Dr. Pierce feel andcomfortable, his staff make sure their patients take special care of each individual. Your first feel comfortable, listen to their needs, and consultation with Ageless Forever is completely take special care of each individual. Your first free, and questions are encouraged. What really consultation with Ageless Forever is completely sets Ageless Forever apart is their comprehensive free, and questions are encouraged. What really blood work. In each initial consultation, Dr. Pierce patients with the most current treatment plan he sets Ageless Forever apart is their comprehensive the most current treatment plan he takes the time to properly educate and create a patients canwith recommend. blood work. In each initial consultation, Dr. Pierce can recommend. custom plan of treatment for each patient. takes the time to properly educate and create a With twelve years of happy and thriving patients custom plan of treatment fortherapy, each patient. With twelve yearsofofhighly-qualified happy and thriving patients Alongside hormone Ageless Forever and a team and passionate and a medical team of assistants highly-qualified and passionate offers special modalities to their patients that behind him, Dr. John Pierce overall sexualAgeless health, performance, and medical says, “I’ve never worked a day my life. Every Alongsideinvolve hormone therapy, Forever assistants behind him, Dr.inJohn Pierce wellness. Cosmetic procedures, regenerative day never has been a blessing an honor. When offers special modalities to their patients that says, “I’ve worked a dayand in my life. Every day medicine, stem cell and extra-corporeal you alive everyday with it will you never be involve overall sexual health, performance, andshock has been blessing and an passion, honor. When live therapy are just the tip of the iceberg, with everyday work, it will be youritpurpose”. wellness. wave Cosmetic procedures, regenerative with passion, will neverDr.bePierce work,and it come. Pierce aspires to continue his will beAgeless Forever’sDr. intent is toand spread medicine,more stemtocell andDr. extra-corporeal shock your purpose”. Pierce the longevity Ageless education, and stay abreast of innovations in and wellness across the Las Vegas Valley, while wave therapy are just the tip of the iceberg, with Forever intent is to spread longevity and wellness medical literature and therapy to prescribe his educating everyone they can along the way.

more to come. Dr. Pierce aspires to continue his education, and stay abreast of innovations in medical literature and therapy to prescribe his



across the Las Vegas Valley, while educating everyone they can along the way. Contact Ageless Forever for a free Meet & Greet

Contact Ageless Forever for a free Meet & Greet

consultation Learn consultationwith withDr. Dr.John JohnJ.J.Pierce Pierce today. today. Learn more about hormone treatments, including HRT more about hormone treatments, including HRT (estrogen/progesterone replacement therapy) (estrogen/progesterone replacement therapy) and TRT (testosterone by and TRT (testosteronereplacement replacement therapy) therapy) by visiting our website visiting our

6020 S Rainbow Blvd Suite C

6020 S Rainbow Blvd Suite C Las Vegas, NV 89118 Las Vegas, NV 89118 702-838-1994 702-838-1994

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

• Personal Injury • Car Accidents • Employee Rights Puneet K. Garg, Esq.

Anthony B. Golden, Esq.

(702) 987-0202 || || 3145 Saint Rose Parkway, Suite #220, Henderson, Nevada 89052

• Litigations & Trials • Healthcare • Labor & Employment • Appellate Practice (702) 850-0202 || || 3145 Saint Rose Parkway, Suite #230, Henderson, Nevada 89052





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myvegas top 100 MEN OF SUCCESS

Joe Riccio: The Best Advocate A Person Can Have

By Katherine Jackson


oe Riccio is an attorney in Las Vegas practicing for almost 12 years. He has practiced family law and personal injury throughout his career. While becoming acquainted with Joe, I wanted to know the reason for him braving more than one area of the law. Joe explained that he personally experienced a need for both kinds of attorneys in his life. In law school, he found himself in need of a family law attorney. He sought out one of the best family law attorneys around. The attorney volunteered to take his case pro bono as he was a law student at the time. Joe was grateful for the services rendered but couldn’t help but feel that his case was “slipping through the cracks.” He just wasn’t getting the same level of service and attention as the other paying clients. This motivated him to practice family law and see that it never happened to any of his own clients.

Later, after Joe became an attorney, he experienced a major auto accident and found himself in need of a personal injury attorney. This time he was treated with the utmost respect. This experience inspired him to learn more about the craft of personal injury and incorporate this area of law into his practice. He spoke about the hype surrounding personal injury law in Las Vegas, the way our community is saturated with advertising which expresses that any accident can quickly and easily be converted into a monetary reward. “Getting a settlement check when you have been hurt is a good thing, truly it is, but how much is that check cut for? Will the client require ongoing care due to the injuries sustained in the accident? Are they receiving the proper care? What provisions are put in place for that care? It’s more than just getting a settlement check quickly. It’s my job to advise my client about the actions that would be in their best interests, not just the actions that result in a speedy settlement.” In personal injury cases, quick settlements seem to be the goal with an effort to avoid litigation. While in family law, litigation may not easily be avoided. Many firms simply won’t litigate cases, but Joe doesn’t shy away from litigation in the slightest. “I take great pride in knowing that I


can settle a case if it is in the client’s best interest; however, if settlement is not the best option, I can also litigate the case. I wanted to provide a service where I can help someone from the beginning to the end with equal effectiveness, and I like to believe that I have at least done that for almost 12 years.” To my knowledge, MYVEGAS Magazine has never published one of the nominations sent in by our readers, but as the author of this piece, I wanted to share with you the nomination that got my attention and made me want to learn more about Joe Riccio. This nomination was sent in by a client of his: “Mr. Riccio truly fights for his clients. He is honest and upfront. He doesn’t take work or charge me for things that I do not need. He offers his advice as a professional, but it feels more like a friend or

the best advocate a person could have. He is a natural leader and treats his staff respectfully and like his equal. I have never met another attorney with a moral compass like Joe. He will be my attorney for life and recommend him to anyone in need of his services.” Joe Riccio is the kind of Las Vegas local we like to shine a light on when bringing you Las Vegas’ Top 100 Men of Success. He defines success for himself as showing up each day fighting for his clients and their needs. In reading the nominations for Joe and speaking with his clients, it is clear he has attained success in this regard. Congratulations Joe and thank you for your continued service within the Las Vegas community. MV Vegas West Attorneys 5594 S Fort Apache Rd Suite 120 Phone: (702) 629-7553

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LIC# S.0068564

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myvegas top 100 MEN OF SUCCESS

Banking Out of The Box: The Future of Las Vegas Mortgage Lending


esidential Bancorp pride themselves on being the easy choice for your mortgage lending needs. With multiple locations open in the valley, they aim to treat each customer as an individual, never just a number.

families achieve home ownership, inside a very colorful social space. The goal behind the colorful designs was to create a modern and creative feeling when approaching the home-buying process.

They are certified Fannie Mae, Ginnie Mae, and Freddie Mac seller servicers, which means they can save time to provide a fast and smooth closing process. Founded in 1989 on the basis of integrity, honesty, and service, Residential Bancorp is committed to making the homebuying experience easy and enjoyable for its customers.

The Henderson Branch, managed by longtime friend of Reynaldo, Adan Saldana, holds a sleek modern feeling and prides itself in customer service. Adan Saldana, also a Top 100 Man of Success, is a Las Vegas native and passionate Mortgage Originator. As a staple in our local community, Adan has earned the title “The Loan King” for his true passion for Mortgage banking. Beyond being a prominent mortgage banker in Las Vegas, Adan prides himself in raising two young boys alongside his partner, Erika Calleros. One thing that sets Adan apart is that he truly enjoys making the loan process clear to his clients by walking them through it from start to finish.

Each branch is given liberty to possess their own style. The first to open in the Las Vegas valley, the Downtown LV branch, is home to an old Holsum Bread Factory, and is designed to be a social space for clients and the real estate professionals, thus, adding a community-based element to mortgage banking. Talented and hard-working Branch Manager, Reynaldo Herrera, was chosen as one of MYVEGAS’ Top 100 Men of Success, who in a short time has already made a name for himself as one of the top producing lenders in Las Vegas. Reynaldo Herrera Jr. has resided in Las Vegas for 7 years, and graduated from U.C.L.A. He is proud to stand out of the crowd, seeing beyond traditional ways to do business. As an art collector and creative, Reynaldo fused his love for helping

Unlike many mortgage companies, CEO, Corey Wood is a resident of Las Vegas which, in turn, facilitates better service to clients and real estate partners. Corey Wood has spent more than 25 years in the mortgage banking industry developing his knowledge in wholesale and retail originations, underwriting, operations, capital markets, risk analytics, and mortgage servicing. Beyond being an incredible mortgage professional, he is a born leader and embracing company values with his team members.

Reynaldo and Adan alike embrace the company’s motto of “Your Mortgage Team,” by supporting each other in service and business development alongside their CEO, who is heavily involved and supportive in their projects. “At the end of the day, we feel that we are not just writing mortgages, but we are also helping families own their piece of the world,” says Reynaldo, and this statement holds true across all Residential Bancorp branches. It is more than serving a client, it is helping people with their legacy as homeowners. For these three Top 100 Men of Success, the sky is just the starting line. These men live without limits, and they cannot wait to assist you with the home buying process. Contact Reynaldo Herrera and Adan Saldana for all of your mortgage lending needs, they will be happy to assist you every step of the way! MV If you’re a lender in Las Vegas, feel free to contact Corey Wood, CEO DTLV Location: Reynaldo Herrera – Branch Manager 231 W. Charleston Blvd., Ste. 110-120, Las Vegas, NV 89102 Office: (702) 832-7760. Mobile: (626) 991-9540 Henderson: Adan Saldana – Branch Manager 3333 E Serene Ave # 100, Henderson, NV 89074 Office: (702) 987-1482 Mobile: (702) 376-2643


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Company Highlights For more than ten years, Appreciation Financial has been dedicated to helping people make and save money. Appreciation is not just our name, it’s a way of doing business. Giving back in the communities that we serve is the cornerstone of our company.


Helping you make and save money.


ARM, 1,300

Our mission is to help public employees because they deserve to have a comfortable retirement.













FLOW: $26,410,465 TRANSFER: $190,522,140 LIFE: $4,556,758

Do you have a passion for helping others? We are looking for qualified candidates to join our mission. Contact us today!


(702) 272-2019


Get social with us!

Like us on Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews: ©APPRECIATION INSURANCE & FINANCIAL SERVICES, LLC

For more information, please visit


myvegas top 100 MEN OF SUCCESS

Gardens Cosmetic & Family Dentistry Dentistry, twenty-two years ago. His passion for the field has deepened over the years, and he clearly enjoys helping his patients feel healthier, happier and more confident. Marrying just before graduation, Dr. TJ and his then-wife went on to have three children now aged sixteen, nineteen and twenty-one. Unfortunately, the marriage ended in divorce in 2015, but Dr. TJ derives tremendous joy from being a father, and has a close relationship with his kids, whom he describes as, ‘the best thing that ever happened to me.”


In a fast-paced modern city like Las Vegas it isn’t common to encounter a true, Old-World gentleman, but if you are fortunate enough to visit Summerlin dentist Touraj Habashi, D.D.S. (fondly known by his patients and colleagues as “Dr. TJ”), of Gardens Dentistry, you will feel transported to a kinder, gentler time when the local dentist was not only highly respected but the much-loved heart of the community, serving friends and neighbors, never “numbers”.

Dr. TJ is the kind of old-fashioned family dentist who inspires not only respect and admiration in his patients and employees, but genuine affection. In a medical system that can be soulless and mechanistic, his practice is an oasis of warmth and human connection, and in a field that can sometimes seem like a coldly clinical assembly line, Dr. TJ reminds us of that long-lost, much-missed figure: the small-town gentleman dentist – but with big city expertise, education and technological savvy. While his skillset is cutting edge, Dr. TJ’s bedside manner is professional but seasoned by twinkly-eyed humor. In a field fraught with anxiety for many, Dr. Habashi’s affable, jovial manner makes patients feel comfortable, and his fondness for cracking jokes soon dispels any unease.


Dr. T.J. attributes his philosophy of gratitude to his humble beginnings and the many adversities he and his family overcame on his path to success. The son of an academic in cultured, sophisticated and liberal pre-Revolution Iran, young Touraj’s family as part of the Westernized, educated class were viewed as enemies by the religious extremist government after the 1979 Iranian Revolution. In fear for their lives, Touraj’s family of mother, father and siblings fled, undertaking a dangerous and arduous international journey that eventually brought them to the United States - where they arrived with little more than the clothes on their backs and a ferocious work ethic. At just thirteen years old, he had to adapt to a new life, new culture and a new language, while his family struggled through poverty to rebuild their lives. Touraj and his siblings decided early on they would move heaven and earth to become successful in America, and set about achieving that goal with a succession of humble jobs, such as dishwasher, waiter and gas station clerk - and a whole lot of education. It took many years of struggle, but the young Touraj worked his way through high school, university, dental school and a fellowship at the world-renowned Las Vegas Institute – all while studying in a second language – and eventually became a Doctor of

Professionally, Dr. Habashi continues to go from strength to strength. A Summerlin resident since 2017, he bought Gardens Dentistry last year, and the practice is flourishing. Dr. TJ takes pride in his team of dedicated staff, which he describes as being “blessed” to find, and how quickly the practice has grown - aided in part by the number of loyal patients who followed him, some whom he has treated for twenty years. Dr. TJ also takes pride in his role as lecturer at Engel Institute, NC where he teaches implantology and dental surgery and mentors dentists entering the field. Today, Dr. TJ’s family is the quintessential model of an American success story. One brother is a mechanical engineer, the other is also a dentist who practices in California and his sister is an aeronautical engineer. But he never forgot his experience of starting from nothing and working long and hard towards a better future. Dr. TJ is a man who loves what he does, but having seen at an early age how quickly the material trappings of life can be stripped away, he takes nothing for granted and has never lost his sense of gratitude for his success. And it turns out that along with having a first class professional skillset, being warm, kind, funny and humble means Dr. TJ is the dentist his patients never dread visiting. MV Gardens Cosmetic & Family Dentistry 3575 S Town Center Dr #120, Las Vegas, NV 89135 Products and Services: Appointments: O: 702- 869-5700

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Providing expert maintenance, modifications and avionic services for privately owned aircraft and corporate jets worldwide since 2009.

Excellent reputation in turbine, piston and rotorcraft maintenance and repair.

We provide meticulous full-service avionic services for corporate and general aviation. Henderson Exec. Airport (KHND) 1410 Jet Stream Drive Suite 100 Henderson, NV 89052 (702) 735.2739

Our factory trained techs are fully equipped to take superior care of your aircraft.

Call... 702.735.APEX 24/7 AOG SUPPORT! Our "Go-Team" is a global mobile repair team with no borders. ANYTIME... ANYWHERE!

North Las Vegas Airport (KVGT) 2634 Airport Drive Suite 106 North Las Vegas, NV 89032 (702) 636.6555

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myvegas top 100 MEN OF SUCCESS

BIG BOYS and their BIG TOYS! 5

Parachuting and skydiving is a cult with crazy people in it with iffy planes! But, what a rush! Visit Boulder City, Las Vegas or indoor at Vegas Indoor Skydiving! 200 Convention Center Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89109


Drones that have cameras are a boys/ man’s dream of flying. Alpha Drone is a local supplier in Las Vegas, for the novice and serious drone pilot. Check them out online or at their store in

Paintball fights in the desert are a ritualistic match of welt pain, I know requires a signed release! Only for the young and stupid seeking pain. Visit Combat Zone today for your daily adrenaline rush!


By Joel Jarvis

Gyms are for gym rats, and some men treat their bodies like Zeus and Adonis, so I guess this is the ultimate place to find the Ultimate Boy Toy! Try Yak’s Fitness, Real Results Fitness or Smash Iron, I love the names! 7375 S Durango Dr #101 Las Vegas, NV 89113 13011 S. Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89044 8512 W. Sahara Ave Las Vegas, NV 89118


Jeeps, Off Road Vehicles, and fully decked out “Quads” are the ‘norm’ in the desert off road community. With over 50 local jeep trails, check out their website.

Guns are a man’s best friend, along with dogs, but guns more! Check out the many incredible Guns stores and things to do with guns and ammo! Believe me it’s a BLAST! Gun ranges are a great spot to do manly things with your Boats, jet-skis, wakeboarding and “the lake” is a life to its own for a boy, teen or man; visit 615 W. Lake Mead Henderson, NV 89015


Electronics for some reason make men go into a haze, try Fry’s Electronics or Best Buy, men come here in droves for computers, computer games, Virtual Reality and anything that has a blinky light!


manly friends.

Golf clubs and the act of golfing is a man’s version of shoe shopping! Visit one of the golf centers like Galaxy Golf or Las Vegas Golf, then hit one of the over 60 in the area. You have arrived in golf heaven. 5999 Dean Martin Dr Las Vegas, NV 89118 Car clubs and men are an institution. Try Ferrari, Lotus, Porsche Viper, BMW, Corvette, Mustang, even Miata and Cadillac clubs.

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LIC#: S.0175637

“Gotta Get Ogata”

Cap & Kudler

3202 West Charleston Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89102

(702) 878.8778

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anthony knight

Nick Pomponio

Marshall Injury Law

Platinum Real Estate Professionals

Pomponio Injury Law

meet the men of success 78

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Sagar Raich

Brian Vasek

Cory Lange

Raich Law

Vasek law

Gentle Pain Care Centers


uccess has many meanings. You can succeed in life, in business, in faith, or, what most people believe, financially. But, the most meaningful way to succeed is through yourself, by using determination and drive to create a worthwhile life. In the dictionary, success is defined as a desired result of an attempt. What everyone should take from the word ‘success’ is being grateful for what life has unfolded to you, and running with it as far as you can. From their humble beginnings to opening their own offices, these men are the perfect example of being successful within your own boundaries. They have all succeeded in themselves; by working hard, chasing their dreams and finding what makes them tick. We are so proud to feature these 6 men in the finest clothing that Town Square has to offer, a boutique named Kech, a daughter company to Vercini. If you are interested in looking just as elegant as these fine men, stop in and visit... Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews: 79 Kech - Town Square, 6671 S Las Vegas Blvd, and their Vercini - Galleria Mall location in Henderson, NV.


Hemp Seed Oil: The Hero Beyond The Hype


ultibillion-dollar beauty and personal care empires have banked on subliminal media campaigns and Hollywood hype to convince women and men into believing that instant results actually exist. It turns out, they certainly do! And the hero beyond the hype is cold-pressed hemp seed oil! Gone are the days of purchasing self-care products that contain a long list of chemicals difficult to pronounce that do no justice. We are in the midst of a massive movement upon wellness spearheaded by millenials and as a result, it is expected that major beauty retailers and Hollywood glam squads level up by supplying the demand for earth-aligned, botanical hemp seed oil derived products that compliment a health-focused lifestyle. Integral, organic ingredients are the new normal and cold-pressed hemp seed oil infused skin and hair care collections have no trouble selling out. Global sales via word of mouth testimonials have peaked an all time high- no pun intended,


as loyal hemp advocates love recommending latest hemp products that produce dramatic results! However, now that Nature’s miracle plant products are finally placed upon marketplace shelves after generations of remaining unobtainable, established non-hemp beauty brands have come to realize that competition is critical. They can no longer rely just on Instagramworthy packaging or celebrity endorsements to drive sales when products that heal are closing the deals. Hemp and the oils it produces have accumulated a lot of misinformation, but simply put, its benefits are all gain and no pain. Hemp is a species of cannabis plant family classified as nonpsychoactive, meaning it contains no THC (the psychoactive component found in other species of cannabis plants) or scientifically trace amounts that are otherwise considered undetectable. Hemp seed oil is the oil collected from organic hemp seeds after they have gone through a process called cold-pressing. This particular oil is not to be confused with CBD oil, which is the oil

By: Taylor Burk

from the leaves of the hemp plant, not the seeds. Both hemp seed oil and CBD oil are extremely beneficial for our internal and external body, kudos to its high protein content and fatty acid profile of Omega-3, 6, and 9. This combination, including its gamma linoleic acid (GLA) adds up to a promising recipe to heal dry, damaged hair and achieve healthy hair goals styled by Mother Earth. As an added benefit, cold-pressed hemp seed oil stimulates the scalp with microcirculation needed to combat hair loss as well as treats existing infections and itchy skin with its anti-microbial properties. Whether we choose to cook with organic hemp seed oil or incorporate it into our self-care rituals, hemp seed oil is naturally the hero beyond the hype for all ages in the pursuit of health and beauty. With a clean track record of producing no negative side effects, there seems to be little to no excuses for curious consumers to not see for themselves if organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil can be their holistic household hero. MV

Don’t take our word for it‌ read our reviews:

y ers a l p r e w o p s i t op 10 cannab elcome to the new age of Cannabis, nice to meet you! Since it became recreationally legalized in January of 2017, the W industry has found unmeasurable success. With many different elements and ways to manufacture the plant, there is nothing


E S L ! P U O C

stopping it! Now flashing forward to Summer of 2019, there are ‘cannapreneurs’ galore, gaining prosperity in a wide variety of sectors in the industry. This Fall issue, we recognize and applaud the Top Power Players in the Cannabis field. These hard-working men and women have gone above and beyond to pursue and create the best product imaginable. From the packaging of the plant to the best CBD oil you can find. This special feature will be sure to not only teach you about the growth Cannabis has


made, but how to find and secure the best product for you! MYVEGAS is delighted to congratulate the Top Power Players in Cannabis. (The Top Cannabis Power Players below are In no particular order).

alexander council Oversees all procurement for MedMen, NV since 2018. After spending nearly 2 decade’s working in the Entertainment Industry, he has found his way in the cannabis industry. Alex partners with CEOs, executives and solopreneurs to grow their personal and professional cannabis brands in the Las Vegas Market. Alex has been recognized as one of the Best in the industry leading the forefront on how cannabis is procured in the State of Nevada.

T O P 25 PR &

jillian nelson


is a Las Vegas native and has been a part of the Nevada cannabis industry since its inception. Jillian graduated from UNLV and worked at one of the largest law firms in Las Vegas before transitioning to cannabis. She currently is the Operations Manager for Nevada’s largest edible company, Evergreen Organix. She has been an integral part of Evergreen Organix and has lead the company in developing its operations, branding, social media, compliance, licensing, and product menu.

ENTS G jenna A E C and josh N A R zwagill U S TOP 10 IN david housey and glenn truitt

Ideal Business Partners in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a business law firm focused on the healthcare industry. Due to the complexities of business ownership and the need to maintain strict regulatory compliance, turning your business into a successful and profitable one sometimes feels impossible. This is where we come in. Our diverse team of highly experienced professionals is ready to help you successfully find your footing in this wide-open, green field. (Pun very much intended)

Jenna and Josh Zwagil are constantly enthusiastic, deeply emotionally invested, and equally committed to the product experience of HempWorx Customers and the business success of MyDailyChoice Independent Affiliates. To those ends, they have turned their originality, experience, and skills into a business phenomenon that grows exponentially from month to month.

r s o t c a r t n o c c t o p 5 a/

Continued on page 84

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the power couple of cbd the power couple of cbd


company culture that is 100% dedicated to helping Josh & Jenna Zwagil are the Founders of MyDailyChoice their Affiliates win. This field-first ideal is at the core of and the HempWorx brand. They have grown their what makes MyDailyChoice and the company culture successes individually and collectively as one of the company culture that is 100% dedicated to helping Josh & Jenna Zwagil are the Founders of MyDailyChoice so unique. It's what guides every decision at the home industry’s most dynamic couples. their Affiliates win. This field-first ideal is at the core of and the HempWorx brand. They have grown their office. what makes MyDailyChoice and the company culture successes individually and collectively as one of the Leadership is undoubtedly what makes MyDailyChoice so unique. It's what guides every decision at the home industry’s most dynamic couples. Not only did Founders, Josh and Jenna Zwagil start so unique. Josh and Jenna Zwagil didn’t begin their office. from the field, but they broke all the rules of Network careers in the corporate world and then simply take the Leadership is undoubtedly what makes MyDailyChoice Marketing when building MyDailyChoice. You’re not reins of a Network Marketing company. They both Not only did Founders, Josh and Jenna Zwagil start so unique. Josh and Jenna Zwagil didn’t begin their supposed to build the field before building corporate, started out in the field as Affiliates, learning what it was from the field, but they broke all the rules of Network careers in the corporate world and then simply take the but they did. You’re not supposed to make $100 million like to build a network and a business. It’s that field expeMarketing when building MyDailyChoice. You’re not reins of a Network Marketing company. They both in your fourth year, but they did. You’re not supposed to rience that has enabled them to create such a unique supposed to build the field before building corporate, started out in the field as Affiliates, learning what it was pay out 85% of business volume to your affiliates, but opportunity. but they did. You’re not supposed to make $100 million like to build a network and a business. It’s that field expethey do. MyDailyChoice isn’t just a company, it’s an in your fourth year, but they did. You’re not supposed to rience that has enabled them to create such a unique industry-leading movement with a mission to help Culture and community are the backbones of MyDailypay out 85% of business volume to your affiliates, but opportunity. everybody win. Choice. Their mission is to be a company that leaders can they do. MyDailyChoice isn’t just a company, it’s an always call “home.” Josh and Jenna both continue to lead industry-leading movement with a mission to help Culture and community are the backbones of MyDailyfrom the trenches every day which results in a unique everybody win. Choice. Their mission is to be a company that leaders can always call “home.” Josh and Jenna both continue to lead Don’t take in oura word for it… read our reviews: from the trenches every day which results unique

y e a r l s p r e w o p s t op 10 cannabi kaine ‘kong’ marzola and mario gonzalez



ShowGrow started with the belief that the Cannabis industry deserves a better dispensary. That's why they exist today: helping, growing, and cultivating change. They intend to lead cannabis into the 21st century by starting with the basic principles of a globally trusted experience. Expanding nationally, so no matter where you are, they can provide a consistent and amazing experience with a dispensary near you.


Founded by Kaine “Kong” Marzola and Mario Gonzalez after coming together to provide top quality full-spectrum CBD products designed specifically for Veterans. It all started after Kaine’s service in the Iraq war. After bravely serving his country, he came back and followed a path that too many veterans know, PTSD. Given prescriptions and opioids the battle at home was almost as tough as the battle in Iraq. That was until he discovered cannabis. It freed him. Kaine teamed up with his good friend Mario Gonzalez, an internationally acclaimed entrepreneur and hustler, to create Veteran’s Vitality CBD. Launched in November 2018, Veteran’s Vitality CBD hopes to bring a greater quality of life to all veterans.

riana durrett, es

T O P 25 PR &


I C E S N E G torian j. A D A dysonwolfe

As Executive Director of the NDA, attorney Riana Durrett, Esq. coordinates the association’s government affairs efforts, performs community outreach, and is responsible for responding to issues that affect Nevada dispensaries, including the need for compliance and regulatory education. NDA’s live and online courses cover the complex issues and interests of Nevada’s marijuana industry and in July 2019, Durrett will teach marijuana industry introductory course “Green Collar Jobs” at the College of Southern Nevada.

Born in Inglewood CA and raised in Las Vegas Torian J. Dysonwolfe has always had big dreams, an affinity for the finer things in life, a healthy lifestyle and a goal to help others be their best physically and mentally. Growing up on the hardship of Eastside Las Vegas and also losing his father at a young age from a LAPD traffic stop he has been able to use that struggle and pain to prevail and bring those dreams to life with Olympus Gardens Premium CBD Dispensary where he is dedicated to help heal the pain and anxiety of many others. At Olympus Gardens you’re s’mores than a costumer, you’re family.

N TS E G A E C N A R U S TOP 1shanna IN tom 0 perry clarke

Shanna Perry has been involved in the cannabis sector for longer than most. From marketing and sales to research and development to consulting on regulation and infrastructure. Also, known as Shannabis, she is an expert in her field. A native of South Florida, she has lived and worked in many cities, and has consulted globally. Miss Perry has been mostly a resident of Las Vegas since 1998. Shannabis has launched her first product line Purple Leaf Hemp. Her Hemp botanicals are one of the only to self-regulate through testing and compliance for quality control and consumer safety.


brings a forward-looking, professional perspective to the cannabis industry. Tom has decades of experience coordinating and training teams to accomplish missions in the defense sector, where teamwork and efficiency save lives. He applies these same principals to innovative, efficient, and ultimately successful companies as a respected member of the Las Vegas community. These are the foundations Tom is building upon within the cannabis industry with his latest venture, a cannabis incubator, Hytiva®.

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Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:



The Making of a Modern Law Practice: IDEAL Business Partners

By Justin Iger


entists, tax accountants, and lawyers all have one thing in common. They’re all professionals most people need, but few people want to need.

It’s true. No one talks excitedly about going to a law office, including the people and professionals that work there. Ever wonder why? Glenn Truitt, a founder of IDEAL Business Partners, knows the answer. It’s everything he wanted to avoid at IDEAL. “Most firms treat junior employees harshly, expecting them to put in long hours on the worst jobs for less pay. Some firms accept it as compulsory hazing,” says Truitt. “All it does is spill over in how firms behave. Senior and junior lawyers engage in unethical or outright wrong behavior, attempting to shield themselves by calling it ‘advocacy.’” While some people think the problem is part of the profession, Truitt points to a litany of symptoms that suggest management. It’s not uncommon to see law firms with 15-20 percent turnover rates, even among partners. Many have a cognitive bias that distorts their ability to weigh


risks. Most double down distortion by using jargon, which reinforces the notion that lawyers are aloof, academic, and disconnected from everyday people. “When we founded IDEAL, we knew we could do better,” says Truitt. “In short, I followed a small bit of advice from a fellow law student: ‘If you can’t find a good firm, start one.’” The concept behind IDEAL was to create a firm that was as good to work for as it was to work

with as a client. Truitt and his partners started with the premise that to deliver a great work product, you need a great workforce. To have a great workforce, you must provide talented professionals with training, support, and opportunities to excel. “It’s not hard to understand. Quality work and financial success are not mutually independent aims,” says Truitt. “So, we rejected all the toxic notions regarding office-time requirements, putting juniors through the ritual wringer,

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without being coddled; where opportunities were a function of ability and desire rather than time-in-grade or the identity of your parents; a place where you fit in by not fitting in elsewhere,” says Truitt. “We are nerd and geek friendly. We have pool, air hockey, and foosball tables in common areas. We go to opening night screenings of Marvel and Star Wars releases. We have robust discussions of new board games because we play them.”

and causing employee duress. People need challenging work, not a challenging work environment.”

— there are few reliable forms, document solutions, or corporate structures. They must develop, vet, and revise completely original answers.

The first thing many notice is that the firm isn’t named for lawyers. IDEAL Business Partners conveys that the firm is bigger than any one partner. It’s also a way to remind clients, prospective clients, and job seekers that everybody who works at the firm and with the firm are partners.

Collaboration. IDEAL attorneys say, “law is not practiced with the door closed.” Modern services cannot be effectively performed alone — regardless of experience, skill, or dedication. Instead, every project is a team project. They have the opportunity to lead, interact with clients and outside counsel, review the work of others, and draft correspondence. Operating as a group is regarded as better than operating as individuals.

“Partnership is a nearly universal human concept. A partner is neither a martyr nor a profiteer. A partner wants to succeed with you because his or her success is your success,” says Truitt. “Reasonable minds can differ about the role of an attorney, but there’s little argument about a partner in a partnership. A partner doesn’t just do what it’s supposed to do; a partner does whatever it can do.” To drive the point home, IDEAL is a valuesdriven practice with three critical values that are reflective of every member of the firm. While some consider such values outliers, IDEAL calls them essential. Advocacy. Being a fiduciary means putting clients’ priorities ahead of your own, and it is the core function of IDEAL. It’s a level of service that requires attorneys to become well-acquainted with every aspect of his/her clients’ business(es) and ensure that the right recommendations are made. The best fiduciaries become client champions, recognizing opportunities for their clients even when the client hasn’t asked. Creativity. Creativity defines modern business. In an economy where automation is increasingly commoditizing ministerial work, only innovation leads to market advancement. Because IDEAL focuses on nascent practice areas — cannabis, private medical practice, financial technologies

“We’ve had the opportunity to work with Nevada and California state regulators and officials in developing law and policy surrounding legalized cannabis,” says Truitt. “This required some very creative work, especially while working with municipal and county administrators in two states on licensure, land use, and other issues.” Recently, IDEAL was asked to offer draft county regulation to accommodate the lobbying efforts of one of their healthcare clients and expect that work to become law. They took over management of the largest ambulatory surgery center while it was insolvent and then returned it from the brink of bankruptcy to a $2.5 million annual profit. IDEAL was asked by the State Treasurer’s office to author a white paper on cryptocurrency as a banking solution for cannabis and now represents Nevada’s only publicly-traded cannabis company. They are undertaking innovations in public finance for one of their clients and represents the Canadian public company in what became Nevada’s first international cannabis company transaction. “We really wanted to create the kind of firm that we were looking for when we first graduated — where you could endlessly and aggressively learn

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

Truitt says it’s all about taking on hard work, but not long hours. Call it a “lifestyle firm” if you want, he says. They just prefer the most challenging work and complete it in the shortest amount of time. It means never having two days with the same kind of work. “We love it that way. For anyone else who does, there’s no a better place,” he says. “We are early adopters in technology, with full implementation of cloud-based practice management software, Slack, and Zoom. You’ll find standing desks, docked laptops, and streaming TVs. You’ll find pop-up conversations about everything from the Vegas Golden Knights to Game of Thrones. We’re a big, nerdy, brilliant, creative family.” Even with all this, Truitt thinks the best part of the practice is yet to come. He says the reason is that IDEAL doesn’t belong to the managing partners, it belongs to the lawyers they haven’t even met yet --- the ones who will own and manage the firm long after they are gone and the clients who bring the most exciting challenges right to their doorstep. It’s a place, Truitt says, where the best and brightest young legal and financial minds come to do more than just a job. They come to find purpose in the work they do with a team that wants to help them achieve it. So, if that sounds like the IDEAL law firm to you, Truitt will be happy to take your call.

IDEAL Business Partners 552 E Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104 (702) 852-6601



Life is Beautiful with ShowGrow


ince the legalization of recreational cannabis in Nevada after the election in 2016, we have seen dozens of dispensaries pop up all over the valley. Each dispensary has its own flavor, its own unique selection, and its own style of bringing its customers the good-good. Whether you are a competent cannabis consumer, or a nervous neophyte, the sheer variety of choices available to you can be overwhelming, especially when planning your consumption around the upcoming Life is Beautiful festival. Luckily, the fine bud-tenders at ShowGrow have an answer for that very thing.

Edition 1

Curious newcomers to cannabis, and experienced veterans of flower alike are rejoicing over the ShowGrow Festival Pack. It is a MUST HAVE for anyone interested in experiencing all cannabis has to offer. ShowGrow has partnered with the best brands in the biz to bring you the highest quality and best variety of cannabis products in their new Festival Pack: *1 Moxie Dart Battery + the 2 Dart pods: Cannabis has recently gone high tech! Cartridges are a great way to experience the desirable effects of cannabis without the need for ignition. Convenient, discreet, fast, and easy to use, cartridges utilize high quality cannabis concentrates in a vaporizer delivery system. This is a quick and easy way to enjoy cannabis during your festival experience. The Moxie brand is known for producing cartridges with both great flavor and tremendous effectiveness. Cartridges are a must have for the modern cannabis consumer turned festival goer! *3 Virtue prerolls: I personally LOVE a good old fashioned smokeable all ready go, and these fit the bill perfectly! With a variety of 3 different prerolls from Virtue, you are sure to have the perfect smoke to light up your festival experience! No need to roll your own, Virtue has already done it for you, just grab and go! * Two grams of flower from Desert Bloom: Flower is cannabis in its most pure form, and a choice of two different grams is sure to start your festival experience off right! Even better, the flower is from one of my personal favorite growers, Desert Bloom. Known for extremely high-quality strains which are


By Katherine Jackson

Edition 2 formulated for both potency and complex terpene profiles, Desert Bloom flower brings you the best quality experience you could hope for. The gramsized portions are perfect for bringing with you on your festival journey! *One custom merch item: The specific merch item is still a secret, but we do know it will be something complimentary to your Life is Beautiful adventure! Rest assured, ShowGrow takes pride in providing you the highest quality items, from flower to merch, everything is top drawer! All of these goodies will be packaged in an exclusive fanny pack, ready to head out to the festival grounds, just grab and go. ShowGrow has partnered with a local artist to create a custom design which presently a closely guarded secret. Whenever ShowGrow releases a custom design of anything at all, it always sells out quickly, so make sure you don’t miss it! I have personally experienced the awesomeness of the ShowGrow Festival Pack. I was attracted by the tremendous value (the items on their own are valued at more than $200!), and when I got home

and opened my pack, I was not disappointed! The variety of flower and pre-rolls alone was wonderful, but the goodies just kept on coming! The cartridges were particularly impressive, boasting the highest quality of concentrates possible for a tasty, smooth vaping experience that is incredibly EFFECTIVE, to say the least. And when I was through consuming all my goodies (they lasted a LONG time!), I had a wonderful ShowGrow branded fanny pack, which I take with me everywhere now! If you’re planning on attending the Life is Beautiful festival, ShowGrow has the PERFECT thing to help you have the best possible experience, The Festival Pack. This writer HIGHLY recommends it! (pun intended!). MV

ShowGrow Medical + Recreational Dispensary 7am - 2am 4850 S. Fort Apache Rd. Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89147 (702) 227-0511

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Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age or older.


Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

Best Restaurants

Las Vegas is home to thousands of quality bars and restaurants, with one of the largest nightlife scenes in the US. From coffee shops and breakfast joints, to dinner restaurants and classy bars, this city has it all! In a city teeming with locals of all ages, there’s always something for everyone, and we at MYVEGAS know all the hottest spots. Whether it’s a family outing or ladies’ night out, we’ll help you find the perfect place to wine, dine and unwind!


AMORE Taste of Chicago

By: Roger Cooper


ave you been looking for that little piece of Chi town in Las Vegas? Well look no further than Amore: Taste of Chicago, located near Flamingo and Durango Drive. Upon first walking in with my creative assistant and friend, Isha, I was overwhelmed with a sense of Chicago, everywhere! Everything, from the Cubs to the Blackhawks to the Bears, flooded the walls, and even the TV screens, with games playing on them. An extremely welcoming environment made us excited for what the evening had in store. Multiple employees greeted us as soon as we walked in, and it would be an understatement to say we were ready to dive in. We were greeted by our host, Caroline. She happily guided us to our table, reserved especially for MYVEGAS Magazine, and it immediately made our hearts warm. We had the pleasure of being served by Jessica, the General Manager, who has been with Amore for over 10 years. She was very well-versed with the restaurant’s history, as she has seen the company grow since she started. She explained to us that they have grown so much over the years, with expansions and new menu items coming out like no other. She served us complimentary bruschetta, which is available after 5pm, and you could taste how fresh the basil was! The tomatoes also added the perfect taste on top. The main dish is what we came here for, though, and Momma didn’t raise no quitter. I opted for the thin crust, my favorite, and Isha was brave enough for the deep dish. My thin crust was incredible, I could tell by the fact that I finished it in about 4 minutes flat. Isha did not stop raving

about her deep dish for the entire night, and even made a Yelp review to spread the love. Yes, that is how good. She said, “The thin crust was really good, but the deep dish is what you need in your life. I have never actually enjoyed deep dish pizza, but their technique was life changing! Think of a buttery, savory dough drenched with fresh tomatoes sauce exploding with flavors of basil and garlic on top. AMAZING. Trust me. Make a trip and get a deep dish.” You heard it here first. Amore Taste of Chicago’s deep dish is the best around. I almost forgot to mention about their Handcrafted Sangria cart! They offer 4 different flavors of Sangria: Berry, Classic Red, White Peach, and Strawberry. So what if we tried all of them? It’s research data! My favorite was the White

Peach, which mixed Apricot Brandy, Pinot Grigio, and Peach Schnapps to create the perfect blend of sweet goodness. Try them all if you get the chance! And, don’t forget about the Cannoli’s! Isha fell in love with them, saying, “The flavor of the fillings was the perfect balance of sweet and ricotta; absolutely ruined any other one I’ve had before and will have in the future.” We ended up going home with completely stuffed bellies, leftovers, and not just the want, but the need to come back. With great service, smiles all around, and incredible food, it hit all our points and then some! Isha also added that you can feel the Chicago love from the décor inside, down to the food. If you feel you’ve been missing that touch of home in your life and your cuisine, Amore Taste of Chicago is going to be your new watering hole. Try them today and let them know MYVEGAS sent you! MV REAL Chicago food in Las Vegas, by REAL Chicagoans. Amore Taste of Chicago Pick-Up, Delivery, or Dine-In! 3945 S Durango Dr Las Vegas, NV 89147 702-562-9000


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Chef Spotlight: Gina Marinelli Reemerging as Executive Chef of La Strega upon its opening in 2019, Chef Marinelli has brought her years of expertise to the forefront of the modern Italian restaurant and continues to maintain one of the busiest kitchens in the greater Las Vegas area. When not in the kitchen, Marinelli enjoys running, traveling with her fiancé, watching movies and spending time with her two dogs, Beau and Alejandro. An avid football fan, Marinelli’s father is on the coaching staff of the Dallas Cowboys, and her brother-inlaw is on the coaching staff for the Los Angeles Rams. Her love for music is a close second to her love for food. So at La Strega, her two passions will merge to take guests on a multi-sensory culinary journey that includes delicious food paired perfectly with wine and thoughtfully curated music. In addition to her extensive culinary experience in the kitchen, Marinelli has participated in a roster of valley-wide culinary events, including Bon Appetit’s Uncork’d, Motley Brews, Life is Beautiful and Whiskey in the Wilderness. She’s appeared on “Late Nite Chef Fight” on FYI hosted by culinary enthusiast and former world champion boxer, Laila Ali, and chef/restaurateur, Vic “Vegas” Moea. MV


ith a passion for cooking you can taste, Chef Gina Marinelli is the Executive Chef Partner at La Strega, Las Vegas’ new bewitching Italian ristorante and locals’ hotspot featuring Marinelli’s farm-totable Italian cuisine in the heart of the renown Summerlin community. Gina Marinelli ignites an authentic Italian cultural rejuvenation by inspiring exploration of the traditions of flavorful, fresh and innovative Italian cuisine with her modern, regionally- based dishes inspired by her European travels.

La Strega, which means “witch” in Italian, is fueled by Marinelli’s desire to captivate her guests and take them on a personal adventure across Italy. As La Strega’s executive chef and partner, Marinelli has created a menu that highlights her unique twists on Italian favorites infused with contemporary, fresh yet simple flavors.


Gina Marinelli has always found love and happiness in the kitchen and a strong sense of connection to not only eating Italian food – but creating it. With grandparents from Lake Como and Sicily, Marinelli credits the beginnings of her gastronomic journey to her family’s kitchen and in the company of those she holds dearest to her heart.

La Strega Trattoria 3555 S Town Center Dr., Suite 105 Las Vegas, NV 89135 (702) 722-2099

Upon graduating Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Orlando in 2006, Marinelli packed up her belongings for the bright city lights of Las Vegas where she worked alongside iconic chefs including Michael Mina at Nobhill Tavern, Sven Mede at American Fish at Aria and Shawn McClain at Sage at Aria where she played an instrumental role in its grand opening. After parting ways with Sage, she took a reflective twomonth trek throughout Europe, during which she gained a more holistic point of view on food and enhanced respect for her craft. Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:



Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews: WE ENCOURAGE OUR PATRONS TO DRINK RESPONSIBLY



Forte Tapas

By Michele Polci, CPCE, CMP and Shauna B. Lederman, CPCE, CHE


ou probably have passed by this nondescript strip mall on Rainbow and Flamingo a million times before. Next time, keep an eye out, and you will see Forte Tapas, nestled between a Mexican market and a liquor store. From the outside, Forte looked like it could be any video poker bar in Las Vegas. Once inside, we discovered it was far from that. Everything about this little gem fit the bill. First order of business (believe it, or not); water. House water is served in a Kurant Crystal Vodka decanter and set on the table is quite the conversation starter!

Water served in a vodka decanter whet the appetite for one of us and seeing that all syrups, infusions, and juices are made in house, a KGB Dirty Martini with house infused garden vodka had to be ordered. The herbaceous martini was garnished with all the perfect accoutrements; a gherkin, an olive, and a rosemary sprig and it did not disappoint. It was time to indulge in the menu now! Octopus in olive oil was served with Spanish Herb Rice and lemon. The octopus was tender and fresh, tasting as if kissed by the sea. The rice was buttery and bright notes of lemon awakened our palates. There was so much to taste, and the next dish was a favorite for one of us. The peppers were tender and the filling, flavorful when it came to the Bulgarian Stuffed Sweet Peppers with dill and yogurt sauce. The yogurt sauce was creamy and rich but not overwhelming and allowed the fresh dill to shine. Beef & Lamb Confit “Plov” Uzbeki Style Rice Pilaf was an equally satisfying dish. The beef and lamb had just the right amount of salt, currants incorporated a bit of sweetness to the rice, and cornichons garnished the plate providing a briny, bright crunch. We both are fans of Borscht and rarely see it on menus, so getting to have a bowl as the weather in Las Vegas was getting ready to change, hit all the right marks. Leaving the skin on beets gave it an earthy flavor, the broth was nice and light with just enough salt, all balanced by the requisite sour cream. Of course, we had to try the Marcona Almond Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Dates. They were rich and


sweet. The bacon was crunchy and the balsamic reduction brought the whole dish together nicely. We were not done yet. Varenki, a menu item that captures the essence of true European home cooking, had just enough cracked pepper and fried onion to create the perfect bite of these decadent pillows (they’re actually potatoes). In a nod to the ultimate street food, we had just enough room left for Chebureki, and one of us was certainly glad she did. This was her favorite bite! Deep fried Georgian beef dumplings, topped with fresh dill and green onion. They were crispy and salty and a delightful way to end the meal. As dinner wound down, we were fortunate enough to chat with the owner (and sometimes chef) Nina Manchev. Her menu is full of comfort food made with family recipes that cover the gambit of cuisines from Bulgaria, Hungry and Serbia. Her passion for the food and the authenticity was impressive and there is no surprise that there was a big buzz in town as she celebrated her 10-year anniversary a few months back.

Attached to the restaurant is a small market place with wines, meats, cheeses, and the like. If you are a wine lover, this is definitely your next Wine Wednesday spot as all wines purchased can be consumed on-site with just a $10 corkage (it’s $20 any other time, which still isn’t a bad deal). With an intimate, funky, eclectic vibe, the restaurant is filled with small tables and incredibly comfortable banquettes that can be reconfigured as needed to accommodate a variety of party sizes. We both thought it was the perfect atmosphere for an early bite but one of us could see herself stopping by for a snack and a nightcap too… and that’s what she said. MV Forte Tapas is proudly celebrating 10 years! Forte Tapas 4180 S Rainbow Blvd #806 Las Vegas, NV 89103 (702) 220-3876

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

HAPPY HOUR Monday-Friday 2pm-7pm Saturday and Sunday Open-7pm Discounted Appetizers and Drinks Cantina Only

11020 Lavender Hill Drive Las Vegas, Nevada, 89135 702.982.0111

Mon-Thu: 11am-9:00pm Fri-Sat 11am-10:00pm Sun 10am-9:00pm

Pancho’s is the place to be! Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

One of the oldest and best known landmarks in Southern California 97


Best Restaurants:

SUMMERLIN SOUTH Bowlology is a family owned and operated company that got it’s start right here in Las Vegas. We are dedicated to providing fast, nutritious and delicious food in an ever growing community of health conscious consumers. With 11 locations throughout Las Vegas and Southern California, Bowlology is just the right place to enjoy one of a kind acai bowls, poke bowls, protein bowls, smoothies, fresh squeezed or cold pressed juice and more.

Ori’Zaba’s Scratch Mexican Grill is a Vegas born restaurant that opened its first location in 2001 with old world Mexican flavors in mind. They have continued to serve the Las Vegas Valley through the years including the Summerlin area as Ori’Zaba’s is one of the original Downtown Summerlin Mall restaurants. Visit

Bowlology 10870 W Charleston Blvd #140 Las Vegas, NV 89135 (702) 233-0151

Ori’ Zaba’s 11015 Sage Park Dr Las Vegas, NV 89135 (702) 901-4333

Our philosophy at Elia is to serve traditional Greek dishes prepared simply with the best of ingredients. We believe that dining with us should be a culinary experience which will reflect the subtle nuances of the Greek culture through its traditional cuisine. Our aim is to transport you to the streets of Athens and to the beautiful islands of Greece. Elia LV 4226 S Durango Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89147 702-284-5599

Using only the freshest ingredients along with signature sauces and crusts, award winning Pieology offers handcrafted, personally-inspired pizzas in unlimited flavor combinations that are stone oven fired in ten minutes or less. Founded in 2011, Pieology was created from the simple idea to turn America’s most craveable food into an affordable and interactive experience. Pieology Pizzeria 10965 Lavender Hill Dr #130 Las Vegas, NV 89135 (702) 331-4454

La Strega is Las Vegas’ premiere Italian eatery nestled in the affluent community of Summerlin where Executive Chef Partner Gina Marinelli ignites an authentic Italian cultural rejuvenation by inspiring exploration of the traditions of flavorful, fresh and innovative Italian cuisine with her modern, farm-to-table regionallybased dishes. La Strega Trattoria 3555 S Town Center Dr Ste 105, Las Vegas, NV 89135 (702) 722-2099


Public School is a chef-driven gastropub serving exclusively craft beer and delivers, “An Education in the Art of Food & Beer.” We use only the freshest quality ingredients, sourced from local Farmer’s Markets whenever possible. Public School Restaurant + Bar 1850 Festival Plaza Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89135 (702) 749-3007

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:


Mexican Restaurant Gaming r Cantina r Catering

1 mile west of The Palms 4930 W. Flamingo Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89103


Siena Italian Authentic Trattoria

We’re a family oriented restaurant that you can come and enjoy a truly authentic homemade Italian meal with your significant other or your whole family! We also have a great banquet room for any special party or event!

Good Coffee Good Friends Good Times 9701 W Flamingo Rd. Suite 2 Las Vegas, NV 89147


9500 West Sahara Ave Las Vegas, NV 89117

9440 W. Sahara Avenue Ste. 145 LV, NV 89117

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

702.778.7093 99


BirthdayPak Takes Las Vegas!


irthdayPak recently welcomed a new franchise owner, Dawn Zepeda. Dawn is the owner of the BirthdayPak of Las Vegas franchise. Filled with some of the best restaurants and shops around, Las Vegas is going to be a great new venue for BirthdayPak! BirthdayPak just celebrated being awarded #1 in their category of Direct Mail Marketing and Advertising in Entrepreneur Magazine. Our national footprint is in 21 states and 35 markets. What is BirthdayPak? BirthdayPak combines gifting and trackable marketing that works! Through a tasteful gesture of a Birthday Card, BirthdayPak builds excitement with affluent women that live local to your establishment.


She receives her BirthdayPak in the mail the first week of her Birthday month, and she’s paying attention! Now she has 8 places to go during the next 90 days to treat herself, invite friends and family to visit your restaurant, bakery, day spa, clothing boutique, and more! BirthdayPak is exclusive so there is limited space. There are only 8 offers per territory, so that is what makes it special. It’s not your average direct mail program. It’s upscale marketing that is personalized with her name, again, it arrives on the first week of her Birthday month. The promotional gift cards are also personalized with her name. It starts in the mailbox and quickly goes to the inbox for more branding for your business! MV

Dawn Zepeda Owner/President 925.200.8654

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:



We asked the MyVegas staff “What’s your favorite Asian Restaurant?” and here’s their top picks!



Musashi Japanese Steakhouse

Naked Fish

I really love going to Oyshi! Whether if it's for a family night out or an intimate dinner with my husband, Oyshi always pleases the palate.

Tiger is the best with his great, fun and humorous personality and makes all the food fantastic! The atmosphere is always fun, and the entire staff is amazing.

I’ve been eating at Naked Fish for about 7 years now, the sushi is always fresh, and the staff is absolutely wonderful! They are open late as well!

— Jennifer Miller, Publisher’s Assistant

— Layla Hooper, Events Manager

— Kate Johnson, Sales & Marketing Director

Osaka Summerlin

Sapporo Revolving Sushi

Daisho Sushi

I really enjoyed the variety of rolls on the revolver They had everything from inari, yellowtail and basic Cali and Philly rolls.

Daisho sushi has happy hour times where you can buy one and get a roll free. Who can beat that?

— Isha Paymuo, Business Manager

— Sarah Monigner, Editorial Manager

Orchids Garden

Hokaido Sushi

Pho Kim Long

Locals love this old-school Chinese joint for authentic all-day dim sum (yum cha) that won't burn a hole in your wallet.

I was introduced to me when I first moved to Vegas My husband, and I have been coming here for years. It is one of our favorite places to go on our date nights. and I have been hooked ever since! I love their Crispy Calamari and Spicy Beef Noodle Soup. They have amazing food and customer service.

— Fred McClure, Graphics & Design

— Rachel Schmitz, Graphics & Design

— Roger Cooper, Publisher’s Assistant

The Magic Noodle

The Geisha House

Gorilla Sushi

My favorite is the Spicy Beef Soup with the Original Noodles and the Spicy Wontons for an appetizer! Perfect for anytime to eat!

A very family friendly restaurant. They offer kids meals and adult meals with large portions! Nice atmosphere, entertaining chefs, and great food.

Great family place! The owner, Joy, IS WONDERFUL. You have to try the Hottie roll so delish!

— Laura Damian, General Manager

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews: — Rob Wilson, Sales & Marketing Director — John Zappola, Sales & Marketing Director

This place offers Korean BBQ and AYCE sushi. The fish is the freshest and best I have had in Vegas, and the customer service is OUTSTANDING!

— Katherine Jackson, Sales & Marketing101 Director


Graze Supper Club


very great conversation started at a dinner table. Loran and Brenda Lichty, owners of Lyman Porch Catering Company, have this monetary goal in mind, to bring people together for a meal and witness the magic it creates. Which started out as a passion for cooking, Brenda Lichty, master chef and proprietor, says, “It’s really a culmination over the years of cooking for others, that really turned into a passion for people enjoying a meal together, and getting to know someone they may have never met, if not for this meal.”

The idea behind an interactive experience is based upon bringing a group of people together to share ideas and opinions. Bringing food into the mix starts a conversation and allows the path of networking or friendship to grow and flourish. Loran and Brenda’s goal is to create these relationships and, not to mention, share their love of food with as many as they can. Lyman Porch Catering is the brawn behind Graze Supper Club, a boutique social dining experience, fully-served in a home for 10 or more people who may or may not know each other. The feeling of community and interaction is something we all need more of these days, and that is exactly what Loran and Brenda are serving up each month. Before official ideas were put into place, they were excited to study about what exactly they should bring to the table, no pun intended. They were pleasantly surprised to find interesting

By: Sarah Moninger What makes things extra fun for Brenda, is her wholesome heritage, filled with an arsenal full of recipes passed down through generations and over many tables. Additionally, travelling has helped them to gather a stock full of flares and spices that make their meals just a dash more than traditional. A crowd favorite, their Carrot Ribbon Salad, is piled high with mint leaves, basil, chili-lime almonds, and goat cheese. (pictured below) You will beg for another serving! Before you walk into the house, you will get that whiff of homemade food and feel like you’re at your family’s house again.

company, precarious conversation, and an overall unique environment, with not just the food being the focus, but the comfortability of the space. Graze Supper Club offers a 6-course tasting menu, with small portions so you can finish everything, and have room for dessert. The location of dinner varies, but it will always be in a comforting and welcoming space. There is a limit of participants at each meal, normally around 14 people, so that it remains personable and intimate. It can be a planned affair with business affiliates or family, or something new for you and a couple girlfriends to try on the weekend.

Like a home cooked meal, the passion behind a good meal is understood and shines through the experience. Graze Supper Club and owners emanate this true passion for food and people, and it drives their entire company, almost on autopilot. In the next year, Lyman Porch and Graze are looking forward to broadening their horizons by integrating guest or celebrity chefs into the dining experience. By doing so, they’re able to provide different and unique cuisines to their clients, and this is just the beginning! Loran and Brenda cannot wait to serve you!

“I had the pleasure of trying Graze Supper Club and was blown away! With impeccable presentation, on top of delectable food and great company, I would go every week if I could! Publisher approved!!” - Mark Shaffer, Publisher 102

For your catering needs, contact Lyman Porch Catering today! MV Have dinner with us! Find out more about Graze Supper Club today by visiting our website! Brenda and Loran Lichty 253-736-4027

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Local Food and Beverage Events Inaugural Beerfest Hosted by the D & Golden Gate Casino

Las Vegas Food & Wine Festival

September 14, 2019 | 5PM

Tivoli Village

Golden Gate Casino Hotel 1 Fremont St Las Vegas, NV 89101

Las Vegas, NV 89145

Featuring more than 60 craft beers from 50 breweries around the globe. Starting at 5 p.m., the D invite guests to gather in front of the historic Golden Gate on the Fremont Street Experience for a brew-filled festival.

Grapes & Hops Festival September 28, 2019 | 10AM-2PM Springs Preserve 333 S Valley View Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89107 Sample fine wines, a unique selection of beers and food from some of Las Vegas’ finest restaurants – while helping to raise money for a good cause-at the Springs Preserve’s annual Grapes and Hops Festival.

October 3-6, 2019 | 8pm 400 S Rampart Blvd A night of food, wine, beer and spirits at Tivoli Village Las Vegas get ready for the Las Vegas Food & Wine Festival GRAND TASTING EVENT October 4 & 5. Ticket prices vary from $100 – $150

Downtown BrewFestival October 19, 2019 Clark County Amphitheater 500 S Grand Central Pkwy Las Vegas, NV 89155 Enjoy craft beers, an evening of live music entertainment and delicious food served up fresh by local food trucks and restaurants. More information being announced soon.

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Text “Stacks” to 57827 For Deals!



10 Important Things When Buying Your First Home!


o, you want to buy your first home?!

You are nervous and don’t know where to start, so you go where everyone else goes- the Internet/Google/Zillow. Wrong place to start.

You actually start looking at homes online, you go to Open Houses, you talk to different agents, you hear different things. You go through a lot of trouble to look at homes that might not even be suited for your budget. You do all of this. But you are not willing to do “The right thing,” which is to find a knowledgeable agent to answer ALL of your questions. Someone that you feel comfortable with and is communicative, and explains the process from start to finish- the right way. With all this in mind, let’s get to the steps!

10 Tips When Buying Your First Home:

1. Find an Agent you feel comfortable with and is knowledgeable

2. Get Pre-approved before you start looking (your agent can guide you in the right direction). Don’t look at any homes before you know what you can afford. Remember: if you find ‘the right home,’ but you don’t have a pre-approval in your hand, you cannot even write an offer as no one will take you seriously. You wouldn’t want to miss out on “the right home” just because you were unwilling to get pre-approved first, now would you? A good agent will make sure you understand this before they drive around showing you homes! 3. Don’t start calling the other party’s agents or other agents other than your own.

By Lilly Ruiz

When everybody does their part, there is no need for extra stress. Life has enough sometimes! Buying a home shouldn’t be that stressful as long as EVERYONE involved does their part! I remember when I bought my first home. Oh Gosh, I did not get any advice. Lender was terrible, I had no idea what I needed to do back then. I never want anyone to go through that, so when you chose to work with me, you better have a great experience! You should never feel like just a number. When you can’t remember your agent’s or lender’s name- that is definitely not a good sign! Schedule your appointment today! You will be happy that you did!

4. Don’t feel like you are “bothering’ your agent our job is to be there for you, to answer questions and, most importantly, communicate. If your agent is refusing to show, then find another but 5. Don’t be too picky, mostly... There is no such thing as the perfect home, (depending on your budget) so be REALISTIC. Make a list of ‘needs vs. wants’ and if the home has 2-3 things you must have, you will more likely make a good choice! 6. Make sure you have enough money for closing costs, down payment and make sure you have extra money in your bank account. (Ask me about FREE Money/Grants) 7. Don’t leave yourself “House Poor.” (Spending a large proportion of monthly income on your home.)

8. Don’t close any credit card accounts 9. If you are a cash buyer: Provide proof of funds to your agent before you start looking-especially if you are looking at high end properties, the seller will want to make sure you have the funds before looking. The truth is many people are just “lookers,” that just want to look at multimillion-dollar homes, because they want to know how they look… So, provide the proof of funds to your agent right away, that shows that you are serious. 10. Keep your paperwork together and provide it right away for a super smooth transaction.


Connect with me: Facebook: LillyRuizRealEstate Instagram: LillySellsDreams YouTube: LillyRuiz1 for more useful videos! Best wishes, Lilly Ruiz- Your Las Vegas/ Henderson areas REALTOR and proud USMC Wife Certified Military Relocation Professional! 702-635-1105 or

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Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:


LIC#: B.1001798


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LIC#: S.0073912 LLC

Photo Credit - The Martin Photo Group

Debbie Drummond

Debbie Drummond has over 15 years experience in Las Vegas Real Estate. She and her team know how to produce the best possible results for your real estate goals. Debbie specializes in the luxury home, golf course and high rise markets. She is a full-time Realtor who has achieved numerous designations. Her knowledge of the local market will help you make the most informed decisions. Debbie is a skilled negotiator. Whether buying or selling she will help you get the best price and terms. She will make sure your interests are protected. She and her team will stay on top of your transaction from the initial offer to closing.

Her job is to help you achieve your real estate goals.

LIC#: BS.0142985

702.354.6900 • • 108

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Born and Raised in South Africa, Margaretha has been living in the USA since 2004 after extensive travel through Europe. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, invest as a first time home buyers or a seasoned investor; it would be Margaretha’s honor to apply her strong negotiating skills to your transaction. “Top 100 Women in Real Estate in 2017” by MYVEGAS Magazine and been consistently in the Top 10 Real Estate agents with Urban Nest Realty

LIC#: BS.0145540

702.813.1770 • 10220 W Charleston Blvd #3, Las Vegas NV 89135 LIC#: S.0066415

LIC#: BS.0045734 Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:




Crystal Rose Schulz 6475 S. Rainbow Blvd., Ste. 102 Las Vegas, NV 89118 702.730.2085 NMLS # 14699941 NMLS # 344850

CATHY V ROJAS, ABR, CRS, CDP Signature Real Estate Group/ REALTOR® 9525 Hillwood Dr., Suite 120 Las Vegas, NV 89134 Cell:(702) 355-8807 LIC#: S.0072862

CAREERS Worth Having



Worth Living


LEGACIES Worth Leaving

Central Summerlin Location 2 Offices for your Convenience Summerlin & Green Valley LIC#: S.0036268

LIC#: BS.0145214


Shaun Marion 10000 W. Charleston Blvd., Ste 130 Las Vegas, NV 89135 702.877.2500 Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:





BORN & RAISED: Meet a Las Vegas Local Shane Doucet Birthdate: March 9 High School: Basic High School College: UNLV Alumni

Favorite thing to do in Las Vegas? I am a foodie, and love discovering new eating spots Favorite Local Restaurant? The Noodle Man

Favorite Thing about living in Las Vegas? The convenience of everything. You can get anything at any time, and there is always something to do. Typical response you get when you tell people you were born and raised in Las Vegas? When people find out I was born and raised in Vegas, they usually respond by saying, "Really? I didn't think anybody is from Las Vegas??!

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r s o t c a r t n o c c t o p 5 a/


e scoured the Las Vegas valley for the best of the best in the Air Conditioning and Heating industry. Las Vegas is infamous for its hot summers, and we try our best to avoid sweating and burning steering wheels at all possible. These 5 contractors below are qualified, highly-trained, and a reliable source for all your heating and cooling needs. Contact them today!

christopher c. roth

scott meier

Christopher is a seasoned

Scott is the President of Right Now

entrepreneurial executive with 29 years

Air, providing Air Conditioning service

of experience in acquiring, integrating

to Southern Nevada for 33 yrs. He is a

and developing HVAC businesses. He’s

recognized leader in the HVAC industry

the owner and CEO of Climate Control

having served on numerous boards and

Experts and NTI. To date, he has assembled and managed teams that

committees for local and national trade associations. His company has

have installed over 50,000 HVAC systems, completed over 500,000 service

won national awards for exceptional client service and been awarded the

calls and taught more than 5,000 students.

Southern Nevada Contractor of the year.







Beat the Heat this Summer!


as Vegas is heating up as we speak, and MYVEGAS is here to help you keep your A/C running all summer long! We are serving up the best ways to keep your energy bill down, while staying cool inside!

1. The best temperature to leave your unit on


when you are away from your home is 80-82 degrees.

2. The best temperature to leave your unit on when you are at home is between 76-80 degrees.

3. You can go to NV Energy’s website and create

an Energy Assessment, which will show you when you are using the most energy.

4. Unplug appliances or items when they are

not in use - computers, microwave, coffee maker, phone chargers, etc.

5. Turn lights off to reduce heat in a room.

Use the Washer/Dryer and Dishwasher after 7pm.

8. If you experience a problem with your

A/C cooling, check the batteries in your thermostat first before calling for service.

9. Keep your A/C filters changed on a

regular basis.

10. Get a regular A/C Checkup or Tune-up! They are relatively affordable and if done twice a year, regular maintenance should help your unit run effectively all summer. Check out any one of our Top 5 A/C Companies for the best service and quality in the Valley!

6. Ceiling fans and floor fans cool people


not the room!

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myvegas Top 5 ac contractors

Becoming the Climate Control Expert


ommitment and passion are the keys to becoming successful, in more than just business. While Chris Roth, owner and operator of 6 Climate Control Experts locations and 2 HVAC training institutes, had many mentors in his life who influenced his career path, he learned true entrepreneurship from his parents. From a young age, his mother instilled in him a sense of responsibility and inspired him to lead by example. His father, a successful investor, whose aspirations and ambitions encouraged him even as a child, taught him to not only to achieve his goals, but to become a leader. Chris perpetuates these skills and values by teaching and guiding his businesses, employees, and students every day.

Rather than party weekends and LV Strip nights, Chris’ high school years were spent studying HVAC at SNVTC, now SECTA, and learning what HVAC professionals do every day: solve problems. Roth says, “Heating and cooling technicians need to be able to look at a system, figure out why it isn’t working, and make the repair. It takes mechanical skill, technical aptitude, practical knowledge, and the ability to look at the entire system and fix the problem. I wish that every student had the opportunity to learn a skilled labor in high school, unfortunately most schools no longer offer these programs.” Before graduating, he had already began working for Carl’s AC, a residential HVAC contractor based in Henderson. Learning these skills, especially as young as he did, became a catalyst into his future.

One thing to know about Chris Roth, teaching is his passion. He decided to tap back into his entrepreneurial roots in late 2002 and started a stand-alone HVAC trade school that is still in operation today. He also acquired National Technical Institute (NTI) years later and serves as CEO. “When I see students succeeding, it makes me extremely satisfied,” says Roth. “I love being asked a question and having the knowledge to answer it properly. I truly believe that education is the key to success. Before a student can be successful outside of school, they must first be successful in school.” In Roth’s classroom, he doesn’t want the students to memorize facts necessarily, rather he wants them to learn and retain the information while becoming hands-on problem solvers. Today, Chris Roth owns and operates 6 nationwide locations of Climate Control Experts, a heating, air conditioning and plumbing company. Chris dedicates most of his time to recruiting the best people to be part of his businesses. In fact, Climate Control’s leadership team engages in strategic meetings where the focus is on the future needs of the business, while precisely aligning those needs with the company culture. “I find that the perfect balance between managing multiple businesses comes when I surround myself with talented people who support the core vision. Every decision made within his businees has the following core values in mind: driven, proactive, works well under pressure, encourages teamwork, accountable

By: Sarah Moninger

and trustworthy. We instinctively know our vision and brand, and we hand pick employees who know the job - and fit the company,” says Roth. They have clearly defined and articulated the organization’s culture –values, goals, and practices - and weave this understanding into the hiring process. At the end of the day, a company is its employees. When you have a business comprised of people who match up with the company’s core values - that’s when the magic really happens. While managing his businesses and trying to remain “present,” as Chris likes to call it, finding that work-life balance can be a daily struggle. Your mindset plays a huge role. Developing greater determination, willpower, and drive are the best ammunition for success. But Chris knows that the biggest factor in his success has been in choosing his partner in life, his wife Mary, who has always juggled the needs of his family, while achieving her own goals and keeping them balanced. “I couldn’t do it without her, or the support of our two children. As vital of an endeavor it is to find the right fit for my business hires, I recognize that finding the right fit for your life partner is the real key to success and happiness.” Climate Control Experts is proud to announce their expansion into their 6th state, Colorado, this summer! National Technical Institute is opening its doors to a second campus in Phoenix, AZ! Recognized by INC 5000 for the last 3 years for one of the fastest growing companies in America!

Contact Climate Control Experts for all of your heating, air conditioning and plumbing needs. For Appointments Phone: 702-483-3333 Las Vegas Location: 3070 E. Post Rd. Suite 200, Las Vegas, NV 89120


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Home and Garden

There are many ways to improve your home this season! And it’s never too late to make those upgrades! Add to your interior with premium shutters or sleek new cabinetry. Painting an old room makes a huge improvement and sometimes the entire house needs a paint facelift! Sometimes adding new carpeting can increase the value to your home! Looking to enhance your curb appeal? Get a luxury outdoor living space designed uniquely for your home and your family. Replace that rusty backyard gate! Change out your old landscaping! Bushes and shrubbery can overgrow and look old. New furniture and appliances are the perfect way to update your look without breaking the bank. Find a store that offers diverse selections that combine class and comfort to give your home that luxury feel. If your home is overloaded, book a storage unit to help you clean and declutter your home or business with ease. Tis the season to give your home the TLC it deserves, and we know the best pros for the job! Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:


Don’t take

OUR word for it! Read the Reviews:


Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

LV Magazine Ad_6th_page_10-30-13.pdf 1 10/30/2013 10:26:03 AM LV Magazine Ad_6th_page_10-30-13.pdf 1 10/30/2013 10:26:03 AM

The Right Water Can Change Your Life!



4230 S. Pecos Rd.

9325 W. Russell Rd.

2700 E. Flamingo

990 S. Boulder Hwy.

787 E. Centennial Pkwy.

7485 S. Eastern Ave.

7650 S. Durango Dr.

8856 W. Centennial Pkwy.

4515 W. Ann Rd.

8265 W. Sahara

2480 W. Craig Rd.

702-734-2700 702-454-3700 702-396-0090

702-453-6600 702-616-2440


Alkaline 9.0 PH

(at time of bottling)

702-386-8660 702-656-1155




No ridiculous contract to sign

Call Us Toll Free: 877-917-7990 •

No obligation

1501 N. Buffalo Dr.


3869 E. Sunset Rd.

2 FREE 5 gallon bottles


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Jeff Timmons, Mr. Overnight


as Vegas was not always the stomping grounds for founding member of 98˚, Jeff Timmons, but today he calls this eclectic and mysterious city his home. Since the golden years of 98°, 1997 to 2001, Jeff has been staying busy with his wife and children, while touring with band members, and tending to his multiple entrepreneurial projects. In case you are at all unfamiliar, 98° is the overnight sensation of the late 90s, after being discovered on live television. They are an R&B quartet formed in Los Angeles, CA, and originally signed by Motown records. While getting famous quick can be a whirlwind, these men still handle it with grace, high jinx, and making the most of the moment.

After years of enjoying stardom and touring the world, 98˚ took a hiatus after touring, which turned into about 12 years. Jeff and his then girlfriend were pregnant with their second baby and about to be married, which made him eager to settle down and create a lifestyle. The next 8 years for Jeff Timmons were spent being a dad, while tending to his new and growing family. Although, Jeff was still adamant about keeping busy with work, with several “behind the scenes” projects in the boiler including producing records for others and staying in the studio. After splitting with his wife, Jeff thought that he’d never find love again, that is until he met the woman of his dreams, Amanda, in 2011. He has now been married for 8 happy years with daughter, Ariana, who is 7 years old. He says that she has completely changed his life, by letting him create and do what he loves, while being his biggest cheerleader.

The beginning of 98’s journey started in sunny Los Angeles, the birthplace for all stardom and talent. Jeff Timmons was your average artist, struggling from a small town, needing a break, and needing some beer. His band mates at the time decided to ditch the dream and head back to their small towns. Jeff, however, still had his eye on the target. He landed the opportunity to meet Nick Lachey, then a bar singer, and knew this was the start to something big. Soon, Nick’s brother, Drew, was involved with the project and a close friend of his, Justin Jeffre.


Photo by: Dallas Ausbury

Jeff was and still is heavily influenced by Boyz II Men. In fact, they were one of the inspirations that lead him from a small town in Ohio to the city of dreams. The boys secured tickets for an upcoming Boyz II Men’s concert but weren’t really interested in watching it. It wasn’t long until they were at the edge of the stage screaming in song for the Boyz to hear. Most groups like this would have been kicked out, but a local radio station personality liked their sound and invited them backstage to perform at Boyz II Men’s Backstage BBQ event on live television. Excited and what seemed like dreaming, they sang and ended up pulling off a great performance. All at once, they were signed to Motown records and were famous. After working with producer, George Jackson, they had a hit single out, Invisible Man, which made it to number 12 on the charts. Soon, their faces were plastered on Winnebago’s and t-shirts, making them a household name. They landed duets with huge stars, including Stevie Wonder for the Mulan movie, and, later, Mariah Carey.

The business side of Jeff is really what keeps him going. From being the host for the Chippendales show on the strip, to the other side of the playing field, making and producing music and television. Each played a key role in him growing as an entrepreneur and an artist. Being the

By: Sarah Moninger

During Jeff Timmon’s Exclusive Interview with Publisher, Mark Shaffer

host of the Chippendales for about 3 years got some good buzz going around his name and for98˚, which got him to make his own sleek and modern version of a male review, Jeff created the Men of the Strip. He was the host and singer, and eventually landed the men on an insider’s documentary-movie for the E Network. Jeff has also been involved with: a Discovery Channel series called Droned, 7-11 TV marketing, and a promotional company in India which brings American acts to experience Indian culture and arts, which will be launching this October. Jeff is also producing a new boyband tribute group, called Overnight, and surprisingly, no, he did not pick the name. They are a group of 4 men that can all dance, sing, and make girl’s knees weak. They have rocked the socks off of the Orleans Casino this past March, and cannot wait to tour the country. The men of 98˚ are currently on their 2019 tour, called “An Evening with 98 Degrees.” They are playing all across the United States and Canada, making their final stop in Honolulu, HI in 2020. Jeff is thrilled to be back with his boys, and it is such a better feeling to only have one or two shows a weekend, while still having time for his family during the week in Las Vegas. He has loved staying involved in the music scene, but will always know that being a father and family man has and always will be his favorite project. MV Stay up to date with 98 Degrees and all that Jeff Timmons is serving up. Visit for tour dates and more information.

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Las Vegas Top Talent


ARTISTS: Sign up for FREE! VENUES: Complimentary Agency - NO FEE!

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returning to LVMS this September!

Concert Hot List SEPTEMBER

Richard Cheese & Lounge Against the Machine at Rocks Lounge inside Red Rock Resort on Friday, Sept. 6 at 8pm. Tickets are $40, $50 and $65 plus tax and applicable fees.

Boz Scaggs

AUGUST The Bacon Brothers at Rocks Lounge inside Red Rock Resort on Saturday, Aug. 3 at 8pm. Tickets are $39, $49 and $59 plus tax and applicable fees. Boulder Blues featuring Jimmy Thackery on Thursday, Aug. 8 at 6pm. Tickets are $5 plus tax and applicable fees. Must be 21 years or older. Wanted – A Tribute to Bon Jovi at the Grand Events Center inside Green Valley Ranch Resort on Friday, Aug. 9 at 8pm. Tickets are $15 plus tax and applicable fees. Cover to Cover – A Tribute to The Police at Rocks Lounge inside Red Rock Resort on Saturday, Aug. 24 at 6pm and 8pm. Tickets are $15 plus tax and applicable fees. Boz Scaggs: Out of the Blues tour 2019 at the Grand Events Center inside Green Valley Ranch Resort on Saturday, Aug. 24 at 8pm. Tickets are $35, $45, $55 and $67.60 plus tax


Cover to Cover – A Tribute to U2 at Rocks Lounge inside Red Rock Resort on Saturday, Sept. 7 at 6pm and 8pm. Tickets are $15 plus tax and applicable fees. Hollywood U2 at the Grand Events Center inside Green Valley Ranch Resort on Saturday, Sept. 21 at 8pm. Tickets are $15 plus tax and applicable fees. Peter Frampton brings his FINALE – The Farewell Tour to the Sandbar Poolside Stage on Saturday, Sept. 28. Doors open at 7pm and tickets are $40, $65, $75 and $95 plus tax and applicable fees.

OCTOBER Boulder Blues featuring Rick Estrin on Thursday, Oct. 3 at 6pm. Tickets are $5 plus tax and applicable fees. Must be 21 years or older. Boulder Blues featuring Jason Ricci on Thursday, Oct. 17 at 6pm. Tickets are $5 plus tax and applicable fees. Must be 21 years or older Cover to Cover – A Tribute to Rush: Permanent at Rocks Lounge inside Red Rock Resort on Saturday, Oct. 26 at 6pm and 8pm. Tickets are $15 plus tax and applicable fees.

(Information and photography provided by LVMS)

Boulder Blues featuring Guitar Shorty on Thursday, Sept. 5 at 6pm. Tickets are $5 plus tax and applicable fees. Must be 21 years or older.


ngines will be roaring and the rubber flying when NASCAR returns to Las Vegas Motor Speedway this September! The 1.5-mile speedway will host a terrific trifecta during South Point 400 race weekend Sept. 13-15 as the world’s best drivers converge upon Las Vegas to do battle for the checkered flag.

The World of Westgate 200 NASCAR Gander Outdoors Truck Series race kicks things off on Friday, Sept. 13, with Grant Enfinger looking to defend his title. Then, the NASCAR Xfinity Series will be on display on Saturday, Sept. 14, as talented drivers like Las Vegas local Noah Gragson will look to follow Ross Chastain as the Las Vegas 300 race champion. Sunday’s South Point 400 will kick off the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs for the second consecutive year, with Brad Keselowski returning to defend his title and Joey Logano looking for a 2019 sweep at LVMS. All three races will finish under the lights for the first time ever, helping fans beat the heat and enjoy top-quality racing, and they can even take a dip in a wading pool in the Turn 4 Turn Up area above the speedway’s fourth turn. NASCAR has always been a family sport, and LVMS offers free tickets to children 12 and under – when accompanied by a ticketed adult – on Friday and Saturday of race weekend and for just $10 on Sunday. Going to the races at LVMS is a great way to spend a weekend with the family in a fun and affordable way, and the memories will last a lifetime! Special ticket packages that include VIP treatment, upgraded seating, Neon Garage access, specialty parking and shuttle service are available to everyone. For tickets and more information, log on to or call 1-800-644-4444.

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Laurence“Coole High” For The Love of Sound If You Love Sound, You’ll Love Laurence • • • • • •

Artist/Producer Musician Studio Engineer Mixing/Mastering Private Recording Lessons Studio Setup

Call for a personal appointment

Tel : 347.871.8077 Email:

Music is My Business

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Grilling and Glamping in Vegas!


he question remained, where am I going to pitch my glamping tent for the funniest man on earth?

Steve Trevino, Americas favorite husband, born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, is a true American legend in the super successful world of comedy. While still arguing with ‘Captain Evil’, his beautiful wife Renae, he travels from state to state, from venue to venue to perform sold out shows. We invited Steve Trevino at Tivoli Village, here in Las Vegas, for what will become a historical, or should I say hysterical, cooking interview in front of my glamping tent. While people and fans roam around the set, Steve and I cook an amazing meal on the Cobb Grill, that little dome shaped grill that I brought along, to make the best steaks this town ever saw.

be a place for me at a venue. I see what I see, Vegas attracts millions of visitors and that creates leverage for people like me. Look at Celine Dion. Who thought, 16 years ago, that she would be setting a new standard here. Like 1,141 shows, 4.5 million fans and a massive turnover of 700 million dollars. Now, that is what I mean. I belong here, right? I have been performing at Brad Garrett for many years and Brad and I became friends for life, it really feels like home here. In fact, my sons middle name.. Check my show and you will find out how important Brad’s influence is to me. The support that I got here is out of this world. Of course, I make a good living out of it and, yes, I love to travel. Coming to Las Vegas feels a bit like home, like I said. We are looking into setting foot on the soil here and leave a mark in this industry.

Steve wouldn’t be Steve if he didn’t show up with his partner in crime, the one that actually makes his show, Captain Evil.

Steve is ready and so is Renae, we are grilling steaks today with baked potatoes and fresh veggies in a slightly different way than you would expect. We even add a traditional Belgian Leffe Beer to the veggies that we steam on the grill.


Welcome to Vegas! What’s on the agenda for your visit?


I love Las Vegas, you know, one of my biggest dreams to achieve is to get myself a residency here in town. Vegas is the capital of comedy these days and we can’t deny the fact that this is where the real magic happens. With daily shows all over the strip, there must



Why is “Captain Evil”, so valuable as a character in your shows?


Well, Captain Evil is obviously my wife Renae, and I love her to death. I really do. We are partners for life and she dedicated her life to me and our son. We travel together and live a life on the road most of the time, so we are blended in, if that makes sense. In every way. What works well in my shows is that most of you,

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

Take my grills and my stage away and Steve Trevino will be off the scene. Gone with the wind! I would say steak... Yep, steak is my favorite, if I have to choose. We live and love in the south and what comes from my heritage is cooking, grilling and good company. Cooking brings people together; Bart and I like that. To me, that is like blowing off steam. I am in charge of the grill; my wife is not allowed to come close to the scene, and in exchange for food she leaves me alone for a while. Now, that is a great deal right there and my little happy place.


What about Camping?

“men” recognize my issues that I face on a daily basis being a husband. It’s a struggle. Sometimes I joke about the fact that I don’t make fun of her, but this is my real-life man! She drives me absolutely crazy at times and here I am looking at it like a kid. What just happened to me. All those little issues, or call it misunderstandings, are tiny little ingredients for my show. Like you cook soup, all your spices and ingredients create an awesome soup. My life is a soup, haha. Now, I really have to take the trash out at home and she really eats my McDonalds. Hence where that, “Let me send you a text” joke comes in to place in my recent show. You can all laugh about it but I have to deal with it. Real life! But you know what? I couldn’t live without her, thank God I walked into that women years ago. She is an important prop for my content so I am forced to keep her on board, and that is fine.


How did this all get started?


Back in 1997, I was 19 years old and working at a comedy club in Addison, Texas. That is where the bug bit me. I got so inspired by jokes and the smiles on people’s faces by other comedians and I knew back then, looking at that stage, that this was my calling! I knew I was going to be making a living as a comedian and I am going to show the world that I will be among the best this world has ever seen. I gave myself 3 years that day. Well, it took 20 years, a wife, a son and lots of failures and lessons learned but that’s fine. Here I am, proud to say that I did it. Of course, I work hard and keep on creating new content but nothing will stop me, ever, from performing as much as I can. It’s my calling!

We travel a lot! Shows in every city in the US of A and Europe is on the bucket list. So, we spend a lot of time in airplanes, cars and recently in an RV. But yes, I love to camp. In fact, your glamping tent is super cool. I need to get me one of those, like next week. As well as this little grill. I can imagine myself and my family roaming around from state to state in a truck and a tent. I will take my grill with me and cook along, from venue to venue. That would be awesome.


Tell us about your recent tour!


‘Til Death’ is my latest show, and I put a lot of effort into this one. I feel this is my master piece. Like the Rubix Cube, that all of a sudden shows the full color on every pallet. It gives us an honest inside view on daily life, the issues, the daily joy of marriage. I became a household name and it’s fun to share my knowledge or experience. Like I said, the success of my shows is what I have to go through. We all face it and undergoing this battle is hard, man. But, it is fun! At the end of the day it’s called ‘Til Death, some see it as the root of all evil because you are married, but to me it is the root of all love. I love her! She is my bestie.

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Last but not least, what is the ultimate dream?


Staying in this moment for many years to come. I enjoy every second of it. And that tent and grill, gotta get me those.

Go check out Steve Trevino here: and find his shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Find my “Steak with Steve” recipe in my upcoming cookbook and follow @camperchef on Instagram and FB for more cool recipes and interviews.

Photos: Derrick Adabashi Partners: Cobb Grill USA, Denver Tent and special thanks to Tivoli Village for pitching my tent in their backyard, that was fun! Last but not least, Hamptons Las Vegas here in Summerlin for the steaks that turned out yummy! Chef Jay never lets me down when I need some support. You rock!



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Soccer HighLIGHTS!


hen you think of Downtown Las Vegas, what comes to mind? Bright lights, showgirls and Elvis, to name a few. Now add professional soccer into the mix and you have a Saturday night at Cashman Field. The Las Vegas Lights FC is bringing a twist to your typical professional sport’s team. With an Elvislike mascot, Cash, riding into the field on a Harley Davidson motorcycle, to showgirls announcing the second half, the Lights are sure to get you “lit.”

Amongst the roster, we have Jonathan Levin #32 and Santiago Echavarria #29. Levin, a defensive midfielder and center back from Mexico City, Mexico is no stranger to the game. He was part of the USL Championship’s Tulsa Roughnecks for the past two seasons. Echavarria, a forward from Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia makes his debut as a professional soccer player (what better start than with the LV Lights?). His courageous attitude, drive and eagerness to keep growing his professional career makes him a fan favorite. I had the chance to catch up with Levin and Echavarria, who were more than happy to answer some questions after a long morning of practice.


The Las Vegas Lights are very involved in the community with different charities and organization, what have been some of your favorite moments?


This one time we went to a soccer tournament and we handed out popsicles and ice cream to the people that were watching the game and supporting their families, that was pretty cool. We also do a lot of clinics with little kids so that’s amazing!


By: Laura Damian


With practice, games and community involvement how do you balance your schedule and still have time for you?


This is pretty much a 24/7 profession. I try to do everything I can to improve and recover. If I do have a little time for myself, I try to relax at home with my two dogs, Chamaco and Becks.


After every home game the team gives their team jerseys to the fans in the stadium, with so many fans to choose from how do you pick just one?


The season ticket holders are selected at random, after the game they come down to the field holding our jersey number and that’s who gets our jersey.


For someone who has never been to a Lights game on a Saturday night what can they expect?


They can expect excitement, noise, confetti, fun and for sure a good show.


What’s your favorite part of playing for the Las Vegas Lights?


The friendship I have with my teammates. We have a very great group and we’re very united and I like that very much!

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:


How did you feel when you received the phone call to join the Las Vegas Lights?


I felt great; and happy because it was my first opportunity as a professional player, in an important city with a growing team. Thank you to God that I am here.


Was it difficult leaving your hometown of Colombia and family behind?



Do you ever feel lonely being away from all your loved ones?


Yes, sometimes I feel quite alone, but God is always by my side. And I have found friends in my teammates who have welcomed me, and always invite me out to do something. God willing, I will be reunited with my family very soon.

Yes, it was difficult, but I see it as a great challenge for me. I want to learn new customs and learn the language. With the help of my teammates, I have been learning and growing day by day.


What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a professional soccer player?


The first advice I would give is to have a lot of faith. Trust in God and work very hard. Always give 100%, and sooner or later, your opportunity will arrive.



In your first game debut you got called in as a substitute, within the first couple of minutes you scored your first goal, what emotions did you experience?


I felt a lot of emotions because it was my debut as a professional soccer player. It is what I’ve been dreaming about since I began playing at a young age. It felt great knowing that my family was watching and supporting me from a distance. It was the most beautiful feeling. Every professional soccer player dreams of having that moment when they make their debut. Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:



Just Laid Off?


Build your online presence An application isn’t enough today to land you a job. Employers will seek you out and look for your presence online via sites like LinkedIn and even FaceBook. A useful approach to getting back on the job market with an enhanced online presence is to create or recreate a complete LinkedIn profile. Be sure to fill your profile with terms and previous work duties associated with the type of employment you’re looking for. Ask for endorsements (testimonials on your profile that indicate expertise in various skill areas) from colleagues and friends. Also, check back regularly, as employers are increasingly contacting applicants through the site.

ayoffs, unfortunately, are a part of life in just about every industry. Though being laid off can make you anxious, and worried about the future, you are presented with the chance to start anew. Your immediate response must be to start applying for jobs. You will face challenges, but with a proper plan, you can restart your career, or a jumpstart a new one by applying some of the principles below. Network with the Right People Avoid using the word “fired” and other negative associations with your past employment. When discussing your job loss to your close friends and former colleagues, always reflect positively and discuss this new opportunity to pursue different avenues in your career. You should respond to prospective employers in the same fashion.

Reinvent your resume Instead of only updating the dates of employment from your last job in your updated resume, you should also list any additional skills

By Anthony Lai

you have acquired or any new credentials you have earned during the period that you were employed. Did you received an award or achieve a sales goal? Do you see a particular project to fruition, or participate in any professional development courses? Recalling, and recording, these achievements on your resume will help you rise above the competition for a new job.

Expand your network Usually when you get laid off, you don’t feel like communicating to the outside world. However, this will place you as a disadvantage because you are ignoring the potential opportunities that may come your way. Reconnect with people in your professional network as this will be the best time to touch base with your connections. The more people you connect with, the more likely in which your connection(s) can get you your next job. Keep learning Go back to school and educate yourself with a job skill that you don’t have but would like to acquire. You have more free time, and might as well spend it usefully. Your job search can take more than a few months and you will have to explain to your employer what you have been doing during this period of no work. Furthering your education is one example of proving to your employer that you are being productive while not employed. The most important takeaway when getting laid off from the job is to recognize your own professional value and the effort you put into your past work experiences. Once you acknowledge your own self-worth, make it your job to put it in into writing (i.e resume, LinkedIn profile) or verbally express it though the connections you have made. The more you apply yourself to the steps above, the better the chances of restarting your next career move from being laid off. MV


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Shemilly Briscoe is the founder of Briscoe Law Group with a focus on reasonable and exceptional service related to personal injury and construction transactions and litigation. Shemilly assists contractors and business owners with Nevada State Contractors Board compliance. She is committed to her clients and family.


1060 Wigwam Parkway • Henderson, Nevada 89074 702.941.7474 •

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The $99 Will: Why You Should Never Buy Your Will From a Cheap Lawyer or Groupon


hinking about getting a $99 Will, or perhaps you already have one? Of the handful of major life events that require your serious consideration, few are as emotionally charged as how to leave your assets for loved ones at the time of your death. This often complex process is accomplished via testamentary documents such as wills and trusts, which have recently become available for purchase online as standard forms or promoted by cheap lawyers. The assets you have acquired during your life and the ways that you own them are often far more complex than a standard legal document or online service can anticipate. When you make that all important decision to create a will or put your assets into a trust, you need an experienced estate planning attorney to guide you, so that your wishes for life and death can be carried out without risk of your family getting stuck in court or conflict, when it’s too late. Your incapacity or death will be an emotional time for your family. During this time, they need guidance, not a set of documents, which may not have even been kept up to date or adequately cover after-acquired assets. In certain cases, such as being married multiple times, having minor children, or owning a small business, legal assistance is especially necessary. There may also be a variety of different tax or asset protection implications for your inheritors. The right lawyer can advise you on the best way to handle the different assets you own, such as real estate, investments, a small business, or personal property.


Is a trust right for your situation? Is there a way to transfer an asset before you pass, so that it will be protected from claims, creditors or taxation? Groupon can’t help you with that. You may save money initially if you have a simple, small estate with few assets, by just using a form that you find online or one that you get from a document preparer or traditional estate planning attorney. However, if you become incapacitated before death, your family could get stuck with a long drawn out court process, as they attempt to get control of your financial assets. And, if your document is unclear, contestable, or wholly or partially invalid, it’s your family who will be paying the price down the road. We want to make sure your plan works when your family needs it. Find out how to create an estate plan that protects you and your loved ones by attending one of our free upcoming events or webinars. We don’t just draft documents, we ensure you make informed and empowered decisions about life and death, for yourself and the people you love. That’s why we offer a Family Wealth Planning Session, during which you will get more financially organized than you’ve ever been before, and make all the best choices for the people you love. You can begin by calling our office today to schedule a Family Wealth Planning Session and mention this article to find out how to get this $750 session at no charge. MV Register to attend an upcoming complimentary Wills & Trusts Workshop or Webinar: or schedule online here: YOUNG LAW GROUP Attorney Shane Jasmine Young 6910 S. Cimarron Rd., Suite 230 Las Vegas, NV 89113

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Thank you Las Vegas for naming Roger Croteau as one of the Top 100 Lawyers!

Our Team of Experienced Problem Solvers Provides Practical Solutions and Effective Legal Representation in Las Vegas. Commercial/Business Matters Personal Injury Serious Accidents Work Accidents Bankruptcy Family Law Wills, Trust, and Estates Litigation Let us put you back in control of your life! Protect your business, home, car, wages, family, and future before it is too late.

Call 702.254.7775 Today!



Consistently providing effective legal representation through his team of legal professionals in Las Vegas Don’t take our word for it‌ read our reviews:



The Art of Self-Promotion


hen I was studying for my MFA at the University of Illinois UrbanaChampaign, everyone used to tell me that I wasn’t afraid to get my foot in the door or find a way into a company. I would be the one making phone calls, sending emails, and also thriving on the art of the follow-up. (More on those techniques later.) I got so used to networking and trying to find the next opportunity that I decided to take gigs as a self-employed stage manager. Working for and promoting myself became a habit. I found myself in full-time positions, but I missed being a free agent and the al-a-carte production person who would get things done and be the one that companies would thank for coming in to do the job. That excitement, freedom, and variety was what I always came back to. However, with the price tag of freedom and self-employment comes the art of self-promotion. This skill is something you must master and not overdo in order to sustain your career no matter what journey you find yourself on in your business. In this day and age, promoting yourself is a necessity.

Self-promotion IS an art form. Promoting oneself can be a scary thought. Agents know how to sell their talent and how to negotiate. They also understand who to market and sell to. I don’t have an agent. Most people who do production jobs: producers, stage managers, crew do not have agents. They may be part of a union that advocates for them, but they do not have one person assigned to them to help shop them around to people who may need their services. Some actors and artists choose not to have an agent. For those of us who choose to be our own agent, we have to master the art of selfpromotion and persist. We must understand our purpose and make sure that we are marketing not only our skills, but our personalities as well. That being said, I’ve put together some tips for self-promotion that have helped me along the way in my career. Through much trial and error, I’ve come up with.


Claire Friday’s Top 5 Tips for Self-Promoting: #1 - Don’t be afraid to tell people who you are and what you do. This is huge. You are the only one who knows who you are and what you do. Tell people that. Most people don’t know who they need to hire or what skills they need. Make sure you are specific on what role(s) you can fill and why you are the person for the job. And also don’t be afraid to tell people that YOU are the one they need to hire. Confidence is key. Be the resonating voice that sticks out among the noise of this world. #2 - For goodness sake, pick up the phone or walk in the door. Don’t hide behind texts and emails! Our phones and laptops control us. Get away from that. I used to work for someone who would always email and hardly ever pick up the phone or take an in-person meeting. Don’t be like that. People need to see a face, hear a voice, and shake a hand. Be personable, be approachable, and be yourself. Technology isn’t the face of who you are. Walk into an office and ask to meet someone, set up a coffee meeting, take an executive to lunch. When people know you’re serious, they will go out of their way to pay attention to you. #3 - Your career is a marathon. Don’t be afraid to change it up and pace yourself. You have to be willing to try things and find the thing that you love doing. Life is too short to be miserable and do something that isn’t fulfilling to you. Think of your career like a marathon. You have time, but then again you don’t. You’re trying to make your best time, but your race is long. Are you going to take career breaks? (which is ok!) When will you speed up? When will you slow down? These are only questions that you can answer, but ask them to yourself on a regular basis.

By Claire Friday

#5 - There is fortune in the follow-up. Always, always, always follow up with contacts. Assume they will forget about you the next week or even the next day. Many jobs I’ve received come in the form of reminding people who I am and what I do. Low and behold, they respond with something like, ‘You know, this just came across our desk and we thought of you,’ or ‘it’s funny you should reach out to me because I was thinking about you for....’ You want those responses. Be memorable and always remind people that you’re out there. (Tip: Don’t be obnoxious when following up. You don’t want to bombard people every week. I learned my lesson years ago. I’ll do a webinar someday on this very topic as many people misunderstand the art of the follow up.) All of the above are tips and skills that you should practice on a daily basis. Even if you have a full-time job, get in the habit of networking and promoting yourself and what you do to others. Don’t stay comfortable! Remember, even if you work for someone else, your skills and talents are your calling card. Practicing the above will help you get over your fear of self-promotion. Build new relationships every day. You will see the positive outcome of those relationships down the road. Trust me. MV Claire Friday is a special events producer, writer, and career consultant who resides in Las Vegas. She writes a weekly blog entitled Done By Friday that focuses on career advancement advisement and success strategies for the self-employed entrepreneur. More information can be found on her website at

#4 - Looking for people who you want to work with and understand who you’re talking to. Life is too short to work with people who you don’t want to work with, or people who don’t want to work with you. The right people will understand you, your talents, and your worth. Undermining yourself for the sake of trying to get someone to like you is the wrong move. Go where there is an opportunity for you to grow, learn, and shine. Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:


Debbie Banko for your “Women of the Year” honor.

About the National Atomic Testing Museum Las Vegas: Joanna M. Myers is Of Counsel in the firm’s Technology and Intellectual Property Group. She represents clients in a wide range of intellectual property and entertainment law matters. Her practice focuses on assisting clients in the development, protection, licensing, and enforcement of trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, publicity rights, and domain names, domestically and internationally. She has extensive experience in international trademark protection, enforcing clients’ rights on the Internet, and resolving disputes before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board and through the Uniform Domain Name Resolution Policy. She also handles defamation and First Amendment issues and has successfully negotiated a wide array of intellectual property deals, including publishing agreements, option and shopping agreements, and licensing agreements. Holley Driggs Walch Fine Puzey Stein & Thompson 400 South Fourth Street, Third Floor

(702) 791.0308 Ms. Myers is licensed to practice in Nevada and California.

Looking for something really interesting to do in Las Vegas? Visit the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas where secrets are revealed and histories are told. Find out the history of the atom bombs and witness what employees were forbidden to speak of. This almost 10,000 square foot building hosts the pictures of history where, in the 1950’s, travelers would come to see the famous ‘mushroom clouds’. Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that out of the 928 nuclear tests that were announced, 828 of them were conducted underground? Come visit The National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas and see why this historical part of our culture is so iconic that it put Vegas on the map for something other than gambling.

Link Technologies is one of the very few successful female-owned and operated IT businesses in the country. Your influence and leadership are an inspiration to women and men all over. We are proud to work with you and help connect companies with the most talented IT professionals and services. Link Technologies 9500 Hillwood Drive Suite 112 Las Vegas, Nevada 89134 702-233-8703 755 E. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119 General Information 702-794-5151 Admissions 702-794-5124

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Networking Groups in Las Vegas “Succeeding in business is all about making connections.” - Richard Branson Las Vegas is an incredible town for business. And while these 7,000 businesses in town run smooth all on their own, networking creates connections, meetings, and proposals that may have never happened. Get to know new people and make new and exciting connections with these groups below! Cosmopolitan Connections Owned and managed by by one of our Top 100 Women, Yvette Auger. As one of Las Vegas’ most successful networking groups, they have over 13,000 members and meet weekly at local lounges. This group is for likeminded individuals who are looking to meet others and create contacts. Visit their website to subscribe to the newsletter and get special invitations,

an application process to be a member. Visit to get started and join! National Association of Women Business Owners – Southern Nevada The Southern Nevada Chapter of NAWBO has been around since mid-1990, and started with just 52 members. This is an amazing group of women who help each other evolve and grow their business by sharing resources and group discussions. Visit their website to become a member today! American Marketing Association of Las Vegas An association with many chapters across the nation, the Las Vegas Chapter is quite advantageous for us- as this is the city of marketing. Become a member and get benefits of many companies, as well as different monthly meetups and speakers to learn and grow.

Visit www. to learn about the chapter and join! Las Vegas eWomen Network An online source of women business owners and entrepreneurs to create contacts and business plans while culminating strategic alliances. A community of women helping women! Visit to get involved! Business Leads Group An independent professional business lead organization built to guide success and relationships through word-of-mouth. They meet weekly to share leads and goals with other members, always at the PT’s Gold on W Lake Mead Blvd. Learn how to become a member at To get your Networking Group listed, please call the MYVEGAS office at (702) 792-2378.

Bruce Merrin’s Stirling Group The Stirling Club is operated by Bruce Merrin, of Bruce Merrin PR. They hold monthly Luncheons to meet other business owners and leaders, with guest speakers giving a powerful message to the guests. This group is open to the public! Men’s Republican Group Established in 1981 by the conservatives of Las Vegas, this group is for educating people on current events, issues, or new people to be elected in office. Visit their website to learn more, and to become a member. Las Vegas Empowered Women’s Network A group of professional, women business leaders who are driven to build relationships and business through respect, compassion, and integrity. They hold monthly Lunch & Learns to all discuss business ideas and ways to make your business better. Visit their website to become a member of this incredible group! Social Register Las Vegas An organization in Las Vegas that helps you promote and grow your business and meet quality connections. They hold 3-5 network or educational events a month and do require


Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

PLES! U O C R T O P P OWE as Vegas, the land of love! MYVEGAS Magazine is proud to announce Las Vegas’ Top Power Couples! With Nevada having one L of the highest marriage (and Divorce) rates in the nation, only the strongest of couples survive! Some of Las Vegas’ most successful


businesses are ran and operated by couples! These nominated couples are in-love, heavily involved in the community, hard-working, reliable, and are truly outstanding businesspeople. In Las Vegas today, love emanates the town; and we would like to show-

T O P 25 PR &

case that with this special feature. MYVEGAS is pleased to present our favorite Pairs in Power. (The Top Power Couples below are In no particular order).

elena bulatova and efi mashiah

mayor carolyn and oscar goodman


Oscar Goodman was the mayor of Las Vegas from 1999 to 2011, with his beautiful wife succeeding him. Carolyn G. Goodman became the mayor of the city of Las Vegas on July 6, 2011 and has devoted herself to volunteerism and education in Las Vegas. Their love didn’t begin so romantic as one would think, but, after discovering just how brilliant his mind is, Carolyn said she was smitten. They made their partnership eternal in June of 1962 and have been deep in love ever since. Las Vegas would not be the epic city it is today without the leadership of these two love birds.

Modern and glamorous couple Elena Bulatova and Efi Mashiah are exceptional artists, art dealers and gallerists, showcasing their art in the chain of galleries Elena Bulatova Fine Art they own in California, Nevada and Florida. Their paintings and sculptures are collected worldwide and are featured in many Hollywood TV shows and movies.

ors t c a r t n o c c t o p 5 a/

eric mendoza and michelle mendoza

dean and michelle hymel

The Hymel’s are Corporate Business Developers for the hottest growing Japanese Wellness Company, coming to America, called “Club Sparkle”. Together, they are leading the USA Expansion, for this inspirational Lifestyle Company, that helps people LOOK GREAT, FEEL GREAT & BE GREAT! Club Sparkle's unique paradigm shift, called DCM (Direct Connect Marketing) is proven in Japan where it has helped tens of thousands of people achieve better health, wealth and personal development. Now, they're expanding to the USA! Please contact Dean or Michelle at or for more details.

Eric Mendoza and Michelle Mendoza met in 1987, were married for 13 years, and have been divorced for 6 years. They partner together at Simply Vegas Real Estate as the only divorced real estate team in the country. Ex Spouses Selling Houses has 29 years of combined experience working with buyers, sellers, and investors. They share two children, Charlie, 14, and Ameena, 25.

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YVEGAS thrives on bringing you the best and brightest in the valley. This time, we are helping you stay covered, with the Top 10 Insurance Agents in Las Vegas. From the level of care they provide to the knowledge they bring forth, these agents below are trusted and ready to help with your insurance needs, including auto, home, life, pet, business, renters, umbrella and so much more. Contact these agents today for premium and personalized coverage!

ors t c a r t joel g. david n o jarvis t o p 5 corbett a/c c A resident of the Las Vegas area for over

Joel Jarvis is a client manager at

50 years, and a proud local Farmers®

Kaercher Insurance Brokerage in the

agent at the Corbett Insurance Agency.

public entity division. Joel holds

With over 22 years of insurance

dual bachelor degrees in accounting, finance, and law from Illinois State

expertise, his main priority is educating and protecting his customers as well as their assets and families.

University, where he graduated in 1993. He has extensive experience developing property and casualty programs for clients.

jeremy shugarman

misty chadwick

Shugarman is the owner of All Kinds

And her brother, Joey, opened their

of Insurance. It is an independent

Allstate agency in 2003. They support

full service agency which help both

local nonprofits like HopeLink of

individual and businesses with all of

Southern Nevada, Soroptimist

their insurance needs. Originally from

International of Greater Las Vegas and

Southern California, Jeremy has been residing in Las Vegas since 1991.

DogCatchers Youth Foundation. Stop by and see them in the Desert

Jeremy is very involved in the local community.

Shores community. “Welcome to the family. Let ours take care of yours.”

joann cuevas

sharlene acosta

JoAnn was born and raised in Las

Sharline Acosta, an experienced risk

Vegas, NV. Prior to opening her

manager in commercial and personal

agency in 2014, she was a stay at

lines insurance. She prides herself

home Mother for her 4 children and 2

in identifying her customer’s needs,

stepchildren. JoAnn and her team of

building relationships that create value

licensed Insurance Professionals are to help get you the most out of your

and trust, and helping families and businesses make the right decisions

Insurance coverage that matches your specific needs.

in protecting their future. She would love to help you evaluate your needs for auto, home, life or commercial insurance.



Brittny Perry

Monica Garin

Allstate Insurance

Charleston Insurance Group

Monique Mclemore

Michael Payne

Farmers Insurance

Legacy Insurance GrouP

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SMART IS THE BEST APPROACH. Whether you are on or off the course, you can never be too smart about your next move. That’s why Farmers agents arm you with the knowledge you need and the coverage you want. Get started at


DAVID CORBETT | Your Local Agent 101 S RAINBOW BLVD STE 25 • LAS VEGAS, NV 89145 • Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:



Be Protected Properly

By Katherine Jackson


mong our Top Men of Success, we have the pleasure of introducing our readers to Jeremy Shugarman, owner of All Kind of Insurance. The name speaks for itself, as he does indeed offer all kinds of insurance, and when I sat down to learn about him and what he does, I will admit to being largely ignorant about insurance at the start of our conversation, but by the end, I had been gifted with a wealth of knowledge that will benefit me for the rest of my life, and that is because Jeremy is a fantastic teacher. Jeremy moved to Las Vegas from Southern California where he was raised and developed software for a large construction company. The recession hit in 2008 and all construction projects stopped, so he went to work for someone he knew that helped seniors and individuals on disability, gain access to Medicare. He found that he had an interest in helping clients attain the coverage and protection they needed but felt limited in being able to only offer just the one product, Medicare. As he discovered a love for the insurance industry and began to voraciously learn everything he could, Jeremy was also realizing the limitations of working for a captive insurance carrier. This sparked the desire to start his own independent agency. He didn’t want to be limited to offering just one kind of product from one carrier to his clients, he wanted to be able to provide them with All Kinds of Insurance, and so that is literally what he called his new business.

I asked him to explain to me the difference between a captive carrier and an independent broker, “Because we are an independent brokerage, we can offer literally all kinds of insurance products from 100’s of insurance carriers, while a captive carrier must limit themselves to the products of a single company, a single brand. Being independent gives me more choices when it comes to providing the best possible protection for my clients. I feel I can do a better job of meeting the needs of my clients when I am not limited to just one product, or the products of just one company.” He went on to explain that a client’s needs will change greatly over time. For example, a client might start out needing just auto insurance and some basic renter’s insurance. Over time, that same client will grow, perhaps get married, have children, buy a home, etc. As these life changes take place, it is


the job of a good agent to make sure that they have the best protection possible at the best rates. In order to ensure he can always provide the best coverage at the best price, Jeremy remains independent and vigilant. Seeing Jeremy get excited and passionate about his work made me excited about it too! He went on to explain that “this is really a relationship business, and unfortunately, with so many do it yourself direct carriers these days, there is no relationship, just an 800 number to call. Being compliant with the law is good, but it takes a knowledgeable agent to guarantee you are getting the right coverage that won’t leave you vulnerable to all sorts of risk. As an agency, we’re here to make sure that you’re protected properly.” The fact is, we all need insurance, but many of

us don’t know if we have the right insurance. If you’re currently getting your insurance through an online carrier, you’re likely just covered enough to be compliant with the law, but the odds are good that should something happen you won’t have the coverage you need to keep you protected. If this is your situation, I highly recommend seeking our Jeremy Shugarman, owner of All Kinds of Insurance. He will take the time to listen to your needs, to educate you about your options, and to work out coverage that best suits both your needs and your budget. We are proud to introduce him to you as one of Las Vegas’ Top Men of Success. MV All Kinds of Insurance 5532 S Fort Apache Rd #100, Las Vegas, NV 89148 (702) 534-4697 Appointments:

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

Insurance Spotlight:


Sharline Acosta


harline is a vibrant, born and raised Las Vegas native. She graduated from UNLV with a degree in risk management. She chose to pursue that specialization because she has always known she wanted to go into the insurance industry and has been happily working in insurance for the last 16 years! Why work with Farmer’s? Sharline chose Farmer’s because she was given an opportunity to do what she loves best: commercial insurance. She is given the flexibility to work with her clients directly in order to see that their commercial insurance needs are met and that they have the best protection possible for themselves and their business. Why choose to specialize in commercial

By Katherine Jackson

Why choose to specialize in commercial insurance? Commercial insurance is incredibly complex. Every business is unique. Every owner has different needs. No successful business owner can rest easy without knowing that everything they have worked so hard to build is properly protected. Understanding the unique needs of each business and the different challenges that each of them face is no simple task, however, it is critical when it comes to producing a policy that provides the appropriate level of coverage and protection. Sharline lives for the challenges associated with designing customized commercial insurance coverage for her clients.

If you are a business owner and you need a competent, thoughtful, and qualified agent to help you make sure you have the coverage you need, call Sharline. If you already have coverage but you aren’t quite sure your policy is comprehensive enough, call Sharline. If you have questions about anything insurance related at all, CALL SHARLINE! She is professional, knowledgeable, kind and very passionate about what she does. You’ll sleep better at night knowing the protection of your autos, home, life, and business are in her capable hands! Farmer’s Insurance 8053 N. Durango Dr., #110 Las Vegas, NV 89131 (702) 660-3777

We’Ve seen A Lot, so We KnoW A Lot  Auto

 Home

 Business

Let me help you get smarter about your insurance.

Call me today! 702.660.3777 Sharline Acosta Your Local Agent 8053 n DuRAnGo DR ste 130 LAs VeGAs, nV 89131 SACOSTA@FARMERSAGENT.COM

Insurance underwritten by Farmers Insurance Exchange and other affiliated insurance companies. Life insurance is issued by Farmers New World Life Insurance Company, 3120 139th Ave. SE, Ste. 300, Bellevue, WA 98005. Each insurer has sole financial responsibility for its own insurance. Visit for a complete list of companies. Not all insurers are authorized in all states. Not all products, coverages, and discounts are available in all states. See agent for details.

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:



JoAnn Cuevas State Farm Insurance


oAnn Cuevas has been an agent with State Farm for 6 years, but in that brief period of time, she has accomplished more than most could manage in a decade or more. On the cusp of opening her second location, as well as owning another company with her husband Marco, JoAnn manages to achieve greatness while still dedicating herself to be the kind of mother she wants to be. Given this incredible balancing act, it is no surprise to me that she was nominated to appear in our Top Insurance Agents category.

During my interview with JoAnn, she illustrated that the path to her success has not been a straight line. She is originally from Las Vegas but married and moved away. During that time, she was a stay at home mom. Time passed and she eventually endured a divorce and decided to move back home to Las Vegas to build something she could call her own. A friend who was already in the insurance industry urged her to get her insurance license. She was skeptical at first, but ultimately made the choice to obtain the credentials needed to help people obtain the protection they need for themselves and their families. This choice was a fateful one. Joann ended up having quite a talent for connecting people with the perfect plans for their needs. Within 6 months of becoming an insurance agent, she knew she wanted to be at the head of her own agency.

I asked her, “given that you have accomplished so much, so quickly, what’s next?” She replied, “I know I could be doing more, so I’m opening up a second agency, this time in Henderson, so I can service that community as well.” I will admit to being flabbergasted. In producing this category for top insurance agents, I have learned that is unheard of for an agent to open their second agency in less than a decade of their tenure with State Farm, but JoAnn was sincere and resolute. The new location will be opening up in August 2019 and will be located at St. Rose & Amigo in the Costco Shopping Center.

By Katherine Jackson

“My family motivates me. My husband and our 6 beautiful children are my reason for everything. And my team keeps me going. I am fortunate to work with such dedicated professionals; they make every day at work a joy.” If you have a need for the protection that an insurance policy can afford you and your loved ones, we advise you contact JoAnn Cuevas. We are proud to present her to our readers as one of Las Vegas’ Top Insurance Agents. MV State Farm Insurance 7010 N. Durango Dr., #110 Las Vegas, NV 89149

Her life is clearly a whirlwind, so I asked her how she keeps going. She responded simply,

(702) 910-3200

JoAnn has since remarried, and, as though being a stellar insurance agent wasn’t enough, JoAnn also co-owns a business with her husband called M&J Enterprises Construction Inc., which focuses on building cell towers. (M&J stands for “Marco & Joann”!) Both her insurance agency as well as her construction business have experienced incredible success under her and her husband’s leadership. JoAnn’s accolades from the insurance world continue to pile up. State Farm classifies its agents performing in the top 3% nationwide as members of the Chairman’s Circle. Out of over 19,000 State Farm agents nationwide, only 550 can claim this distinct honor, and Joann is one of those hard working few.


Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:


Don’t take

OUR word for it! Read the Reviews:

By Marie Mortera KSNV Anchor Facebook: mariemortera Twitter: mariemortera

Seatbelt-Skippers More Likely to Drive Without Buckling Kids That’s the headline from the Cleveland Clinic, after a study found when the driver of a vehicle did not buckle up, child passengers, up to age 15, were 16 times more likely to be unbuckled compared to the children of buckled drivers. “In today’s day of constant media - phone use, messaging and everything else which we do – appropriate restraint and focused driving is so important,” says Purva Grover, M.D., of Cleveland Clinic Children’s.

Inspiring SUCCESS


While she didn’t take part in the study she added the risk of injury after a crash is especially high for children, because of their anatomy, which is why there are specific laws in each state for proper restraint. For example, NHP trooper Jason Buratzuk says drivers caught with a buckled child can get a child neglect charge.


MOVE AHEAD OF THE CLASS WITH SYLVAN Whether your child needs an advanced challenge to stay engaged, has a big entrance exam for private school or college, or has bigger academic goals, Sylvan will make the difference. Fortunately, Nevadans are doing a pretty good job at buckling up – usage is over 95%, says Our personal learning approach will propel your child to the head of the class.

Inspiring Inspiring SUCCESS InspiringSUCCESS SUCCESS Inspiring SUCCESS

MOVE MOVE AHEAD OF THE CLASS SYLVAN AHEAD OF THE CLASSWITH WITH SYLVAN Andrew Bennett with the Department of Public Sylvan of Summerlin Sylvan of Henderson Safety but there’s always roomaforbig improvement. Whether your child needs an advanced challenge to stay engaged, has entrance exa Whether your child needs an advanced challenge to stay “Unfortunately, over half of our fatalities at the 702-795-7323 for engaged, private702-876-4090 school college, or has bigger academic goals, Sylvan will make the difference has a bigorentrance exam for private school or time of a collision for occupants are unbelted,” S. Fort Apache Rd. & W. Sahara Ave. N. Green Valley Pkwy. & Wigwam Rd. SQUARE #130 LEGACY BUSINESS PARK #8C Our personal approach propel your child to he the says.head of the class. college, or VILLAGE has learning bigger academic goals,will Sylvan will make the


SCHOOLapproach AND BEYOND SAT/ACT - Reading Writing - IN SYLVANLEARNING.COM - Homework Test Prep - Math difference. Our-personal learning will propel -your

The key: double check to make sure everyone MOVE OFWITH THECLASS CLASS WITH SYLVAN VE AHEAD OFAHEAD THE AHEAD CLASS SYLVAN MOVE OF THE WITH SYLVAN child to the head of the class. is ‘clicked in’ before moving the car. This alert of Summerlin Sylvan of Henderson Whether your child needs anSylvan advanced challenge to stay engaged, has a big entrance exam IN SCHOOL AND BEYOND ther your childforneeds an advanced to staygoals, engaged, has a the bigdifference. entrance Whether your child needs an orchallenge advanced challenge to staywill engaged, has a bigexam entrancecomes exam private school or college, has bigger academic Sylvan make as Southern Nevada authorities step up rivate for school or orcollege, hasapproach bigger academic goals, Sylvan make the private school or will has bigger academic goals, Sylvan willdifference. make the difference. Ourcollege, personal or learning propel your child to the head of will the class. MOVE AHEAD OF THE CLASS WITH SYLVAN their efforts to save lives during the “100 deadly personal approach will propel your child to the head of the class. Ourlearning personal learning approach will propel your child to the head of the class. Whether your child needs an advanced challenge to stay engaged, has a big entrance exam


Sylvan of Summerlin

Sylvan of Henderson





for private school or or has bigger academic Sylvan will make the difference., Fort Apache Rd. & W. goals, Sahara Ave. Our personal learning approach will propel your child to the head of the class.

VILLAGE SQUARE #130ofPkwy. Sylvan of Summerlin Henderson Sylvan ofRd.Summerlin Sylvan S. Fort Apache & W. Sahara Ave. N.Sylvan Green Valley & Wigwamof Rd.Henderson


days of summer,” an annual rise in traffic fatalities

N. Green Valley Pkwy. & Wigwam Rd. attributed to more drivers on the road. News 3 LEGACY BUSINESS PARK #8C learned NHP, LVMPD, NLV and Henderson police

702-876-4090 702-876-4090 702-795-7323 SAT/ACT - Reading - Writing702-795-7323 - 702-795-7323 SYLVANLEARNING.COM 702-876-4090 Sylvan of Summerlin

Sylvan of Henderson

SAT/ACT - Reading - Writing - SYLVANLEARNING.COM - Homework - Test Prep - Math

S. Fort Apache Rd. &Apache W. Sahara S. Fort Rd. Ave. & W. Sahara Ave. S. Fort Apache Rd. & W. Sahara Ave. VILLAGE SQUARE #130 VILLAGE SQUARE #130 VILLAGE SQUARE #130

- even CHP at the state line – will join forces to keep impaired drivers off the roads. MV

N. Green Valley Pkwy. Valley & Wigwam N. Green Pkwy.Rd. & Wigwam Rd. N. GreenBUSINESS Valley Pkwy. PARK & BUSINESS Wigwam Rd. PARK #8C LEGACY #8C LEGACY LEGACY BUSINESS PARK #8C

- Homework - Test Prep - M

To read the story and learn more, visit:

/ACT -SAT/ACT Reading Writing - - Writing - Homework TestPrep Prep - Math -- Reading SYLVANLEARNING.COM - Homework - Test Prep - Math SAT/ACT - Reading -SYLVANLEARNING.COM Writing - - SYLVANLEARNING.COM - Homework -- Test - Math Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:



Forty Fun Things to Do in Las Vegas Under $40 1 If you are a thrill seeker, The Big Apple Coaster







14 The Las Vegas Natural History Museum is

Canvas offers a variety of themed events that allow you to paint the perfect Unicorn or create your own Golden Knights merch! You can secure your spot in one of these classes starting at $29

located at New York- New York is a great attraction for both screams and fun! A single ticket will cost you $15 and for only $5 more you can grab a pair of VR goggles and be transported to a whole new world!


8 Like to pair your arts & crafts with wine? Wine and

By: Roger Cooper

both a fun and educational day for the kids! There are 11 different exhibits that take you from the ancient mummies in Egypt to the beautiful creatures deep underwater. Children 3-11 are $6, Senior/Military/Student $10, and Adults $12.

9 Interested in playing your

The Mob Museum which is located Downtown educates you on how organized crime influenced the very foundations of Las Vegas. Recently added exhibits include The Underground, Crime Lab Experience, and Organized Crime Day exhibit. Make sure to take advantage of the guided tours and the interactive Police Training Experience. General Admission tickets which grants you access to all exhibits are $16.95 while the premier pass at $35.95 includes 2 interactive experiences.

old favorite games? The new Pinball Hall of Fame has the world’s largest pinball machine collection, including Medieval Madness and Captain Fantastic & The Brown Dirt Cowboy! There are over 200 games for you to enjoy when you visit this gamers paradise.

Dive In movies at The Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino is a weekly event that shows new and classic movies in a fun pool setting! The cost for admission is $7. Daybeds and cabanas are available with reservation.


10 The 2019 series for Super Summer Theater at Spring Mountain Ranch is packed with classics like Annie, Chicago, and much more! For just $15 per ticket you can enjoy amazing local talent out in the open air.

Looking to cool off on a warm summer day? The beautiful Lake Las Vegas is full of activities and fun for your family to enjoy! You can rent a water pedal bike, kayak, or paddle board for under $40!


11 If you haven’t crossed the Grand Canyon off your bucket list, the time is now! Wake up the kids, pack a picnic lunch, and get ready to enjoy an integral part of our history. Park entrance fees are $35 per vehicle.

exhibit located on UNLV’s Fine Art Campus. The Barrack Museum carries work from both local and international artists.


a trip to Goat Yoga Las Vegas might be in order! For $30 you can have a beautiful yoga practice and bond with these friendly babies!

Kiss Mini Golf at the Rio Hotel & Casino is an exclusive KISS themed mini golf course. This 18hole mini course with a live DJ is a great place for birthdays or throwing a work event. Prices start at $11.95 per golfer. The V-Theater at Planet Hollywood is home for the Mark Savard Comedy Hypnosis show. This show includes audience participation and tons of laughs! General Admission Tickets are $40.


Downtown Las Vegas hosts the first immersive cannabis museum. At the Cannabition Cannabis Museum you can find over 20 exhibits, immersive art, and the world’s largest bong! Bring your Best Buds!

Hamburger Mary’s Las Vegas is back and better than ever! If you like tasty drinks, delicious food, and amazing drag entertainment this is the place for you! You can catch Coco Vega’s Gospel Brunch every Sunday from 11am – 1:30pm with a Buffet and Bottomless Mimosas for $32!

17 The Marjorie Barrack Museum is a FREE

12 If you like yoga, bleating baby goats, and nature;

Want to get the kids away from their tablets and phones? A day at the Springs Preserve offers a full day of learning and fun! Make sure to check out the Butterfly Habitat a seasonal exhibit that closes May 27th. Admission under $10 for locals!

A Mid-Day Sightseeing Cruise at Lake Mead is a great way to spend the afternoon with your family! This 90-minute cruise is relaxing and connects you with the beautiful waters of Lake Meade. Prices are $28 for Adults and $14 for Children 2-11.



Fall in love with The Fountains of Bellagio while taking a stroll down the strip. You can catch this beautifully choreographed water show every 30 minutes from 12pm – 12am. This FREE attraction will leave you feeling both romantic and inspired! Located at the Container Park is the Tree House & Play Zone which is a great place for kids to explore and have fun! There are slides, jungle courses, foam ball pits, and a stage for shows and story time! Every night at 9pm, the park changes from family friendly to adults only. You can enjoy a cocktail while enjoying the playground equipment, let your inner child run free! The Flamingo Wildlife Habitat at the recently renovated Flamingo Hotel & Casino is the place to go if you want to take a walk on the wild side. These exotic birds, fish, and turtles are in a serene habitat from dawn to dusk with two live feedings per day.

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:









Need proof you survived a gnarly Vegas weekend? The Welcome to Las Vegas sign is the best place to capture your souvenir photo! Area now features ample parking for sightseers Looking for a way to connect with nature? Choose from one of the 26 trails that are at Red Rock Canyon! Check www.redrockcanyonlv. org to get information about trail difficulties and the average time it takes to complete. Only $15 per vehicle entering the park. Want to fill the shoes of a Network Executive for a day? The CBS Television City Research Center at the MGM gives visitors an opportunity to rate which new TV series should be on the air or not! Free Admission for this research center. While you are visiting Downtown Fremont, make sure to applaud and tip your fellow Fremont Street Performers that give their heart and soul to the spectators of downtown! Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is a three-story architectural beauty that is for your enjoyment! This sophisticated lounge has tons of free seating and signature cocktails that are out of this world!

Can’t afford a trip to Paris? While you’re saving for that once in a lifetime vacation the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel is the next best thing!




30 Only the cool kids know where to find Secret Pizza inside the Cosmopolitan. If you are lucky enough to find this gem, your taste buds will thank you! This New York style pizza place is the best around town!



M&M World Las Vegas is the first world store location! This place is a real treat if you are interested in personalizing items as gifts or even for yourself. Free Admission The Dome at Container Park gives you a 4k movie entertainment experience that you can’t get anywhere else in town. The dinner and a movie package starts at $25 per person.

33 Scared to take a seat at a Poker or Craps table

The High Roller at the LINQ is one of the most popular attractions on The Strip! This 550-foot observation wheel gives you excellent views! Prices start at $22 per person. The Slotzilla Zip-Line Downtown was voted the Best Extreme Adventure in Vegas! Starting at $25 per ride, you can experience flying through The Fremont Experience from beginning to end.

Looking to dust off your skates and get back into action? Or take your little ones skating for the first time? Crystal Palace is the place to be! $9 Admission and $3 Skate Rental. Also, a great place for parties!

something a little less strenuous, Bumper Cars and Mini Golf are always a good option! You can grab an All-Day Play Pass for $35!


Whether you are in a playful or competitive mood, Glow Zone’s got you covered! Be prepared to get a little winded or even sweat after taking on the Skyscrapers Ropes Course or the timed Ninja Course! If you are looking for

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

Ladies night at Stoney’s Rockin’ Country is where it’s at on Thursday nights! What better way to prepare for the weekend than LineDancing with your crew? Cover is $5 for all locals and drinks are $1. Paint & Puff is new to town and has been a hit! $40 per session includes painting supplies, snacks, and a free CBD cartridge!

38 Ever thought about adding new elements to your normal bowling routine? Cosmic Bowling at Red Rock is packed with neon lights, bumpin’ music, and good vibes! For just $5.50 plus shoe rental you can enjoy the more colorful side of bowling and with a side of Beer. Fridays and Saturdays ONLY!


because you aren’t familiar with the rules? Lucky for you MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, South Point, and more offer Gambling 101 classes for your enjoyment.


As summer is upon us, it is important to find fun and creative ways to stay cool. Cowabunga Bay has 9 amazing water slides and 6 attractions for your enjoyment. The current price is $19.99 per ticket.


Ninja Karaoke, a new spot Downtown has most definitely attracted locals due to its catchy theme and amazing room prices. For just $25 an hour you can secure a private room for you and your squad to belt anything from Elton John to Bruno Mars! Pino’s Palate is the perfect way to unwind with friends and get your creative juices flowing while enjoying your favorite wine! Classes start at $39 with three locations in the Vegas Valley. MV




We asked the MyVegas staff “What’s your Charity?” and here’s their top picks!

FAVORITE CHARITIES SafeNest I love this cause!!! Great staff and they do amazing things for their people! I helped to raise over $1,500 from my birthday fundraiser on Facebook! Check out to see how you can support!

— Mark Alan Shaffer, Publisher

Merging Vets & Players


MVP is an organization that helps athletes and veterans transition from military service and professional sports back into civilian life style. It is meant as a support group that focuses on mind, body, well-being, with emphasis on finding purpose motivation and support for others helping to live more manageable lives and give a sense of community.

My baby brother Mikey suffered from SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type1). He lost his fight when he was 8 months old. Hundreds of children and adults die from this terrible disease every year. It’s important to donate to research and treatment because a cure can be found in our lifetime! Http://

— Kate Johnson, Sales & Marketing Director

— Layla Hooper, Events Manager

The Miracle League Gives children and adults with disabilities the opportunity to play sports which stimulates their mind, teaches them to work as a team and brings a smile to their face.

— Laura Damian, General Manager

Deaf Centers of Nevada


I firmly believe that the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community accommodations are very unknown to most of Nevada and DCN is a great resource to get involved in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community or just to learn more about their culture and rights.

Nevada’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has served Las Vegas finding homes for our furry friends in need.Their website is full of animals to be adopted; you can find more information how to donate at Also, volunteer at their shelter to wash animals, walk them, and bathe them!

— Isha Paymuo, Business Manager

— Sarah Monigner, Editorial Manager

The RAD Foundation

They give kids the best possible treatment while granting wishes for the children and alleviating hospital expenses. Love this cause!

RAD Stands for Real Autism Difference. The work this organization does to raise awareness for autism is incredible. They also strive to build a more inclusive world by arranging experiences for children on the spectrum. They have been able to accomplish a great deal in the short time since they were founded.

— Rachel Schmitz, Graphics & Design

— Katherine Jackson, Sales & Marketing Director

— Roger Cooper, Publisher’s Assistant

Community Cat Coalition

Broken Chains Ministry

Project 150

of Clark County is an awesome place it is an all-volunteer organization working to prevent unnecessary euthanasia of healthy feral and free-roaming cats by providing trap, neuter and return. If you are like me and love kitties, go to and get involved!

Having dealt with the demons of addiction in my own family and knowing that Pastor Cody Huff has dealt with the same in his gives him the experience and back ground to not only help people recover from their addictions, but also the loved ones left in the wake of it. 1-844-PSALM-23 (772-5623)

Currently serves more than 6,000 high school students in need. 3,300 registered homeless and 3,100 non-registered homeless, displaced and disadvantaged high school students at 58 high schools in Southern Nevada. High School is tough.

— Rob Wilson, Sales & Marketing Director

— John Zappola, Sales & Marketing Director

— Fred McClure, Graphics & Design

St Jude’s Hospital

Three Square I love Three Square mission on how to provide food and resources for those in need. They team up with many local businesses to stop hunger in our community.

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:



5th Annual Ogden Family Celebrity Bowl and Golf Event!


he world of sports and entertainment joined Jonathan and Kema Ogden in support of the 5th Annual Ogden Family Celebrity Bowl recently at Red Rock VIP Bowling Suites. The sold-out bowling event benefitted the Las Vegas non-profit organization co-founded by the Ogden’s. The weekend included a golf tournament hosted by Reflection Bay Golf Course at Lake Las Vegas. Proceeds from the event support disadvantaged schools, families and children in Southern Nevada. “We are grateful for the continued support from all of our sponsors and community partners supporting the event,” said Kema Ogden, Co-Founder and President of the Ogden Family Foundation. “This year we are now able to provide health services to the families within our pro-grams by partnering with a local non-profit, Community Outreach Medical Center (” Hundreds of supporters enjoyed a weekend of delicious food and beverages, as well as fun golfing and bowling all made possible in part through the generosity of event sponsors: Linx, Land Rover, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Beasley Broadcasting Group and News 3.

Joining Jonathan Ogden was a diverse list of celebrity guests that included former professional athletes Byron Scott and Napoleon McCallum, former NFL coach Jim Fassel as well as entertainers Flava Flav, Jin Jin Reeves and actor Bob Torti and many more. Entertainment featured a brief performance by Nashville country/rock singer Megan Ruger. KSNV, Ch. 3 newscasters Kim and Dana Wagner served as masters of ceremony and Hall of Fame radio personality Zenja Dunn from 105.7 FM entertained the crowd. “This is one of our many events that we put on throughout the year that I always look forward to. Supporting disadvantaged schools, families and children in our community is a key mission of the Ogden Family Foundation,” said Jonathan Ogden, Co-Founder of The Ogden Family Foundation and NFL Hall of Famer. Celebrity guests also joined golf enthusiast Jonathan Ogden as the main attraction at the golf event hosted at Reflection Bay Golf Course. There was also a welcome reception in con-junction with Lake Las Vegas Days celebration during the food and wine festival with a special performance by noted Las Vegas entertainer Frankie Moreno.

Rounding out an exciting weekend of activities was the free youth football camp hosted Sunday for approximately 100 kids at the University of Nevada Las Vegas Soccer Field. Camp counselors helped teach campers football technique and life skills. The Ogden Family Foundation stresses the importance of healthy bodies and healthy minds through health wellness education both on and off the field. Kids worked with volunteer coaches and were given gift bags, t-shirts, smoothies, and snacks. MV The Ogden Family Foundation 10624 S Eastern Ave, Henderson, NV 89052 (702) 617-4763

Celebrities and Sports Figures Came Together For a Weekend of Fun and Games Benefiting Underprivileged Families


Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

HAVE A HEART FOR ART Busy Bee Art Studio has two amazing programs that need your support: PROJECT LILYPAD Project Lilypad is helping hospital bound children take flight. When a child is connected to a IV pole, their mobility is limited. The wooden Lilypads are attached to bottom of the pole and allow the children to sit and ride their way around the hospital. BUSY BAGS Busy Bags include a variety of art supplies that can either be used as a distraction for the children in the hospital or a fun activity when they are healing at home. It has been proven that art can foster recovery and mental well-being. Sick kids deserve to be kids, just the same. DONATE TODAY WWW.BUSYBEEARTSTUDIO.ORG (702) 336-1565

Don’t take

OUR word for it! Read the Reviews:

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:



Outreach Volunteers and Charitable Drives

By Olivia Kuntz


t the crux of volunteering for a charitable cause is the willingness to give back to the community, and share one’s time to help people in need. There are a slew of nonprofit organizations, and even social media has taken to fundraisers in lieu of gifts to celebrate milestones. Albeit monetary donations are a great way to contribute, there are those who find that giving one’s time through volunteer work is equally gratifying. Meeting and talking with some of the volunteers for the Outreach Ministry at St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton (SEAS) parish in Las Vegas affirm that people are willing to help in any way they can. These volunteers assist in the various charitable drives and activities throughout the year. Some of these charitable drives include Back Pack Drive, Easter Basket, Thanksgiving and Angel Tree during Christmastime. The Back Pack Drive is aimed at helping kindergarten through 12th grade students by providing them with a backpack full of school supplies. Candies, chocolates and other goodies fill the Easter Baskets, and turkey was given away at last year’s Thanksgiving drive. Angel Tree is a massive undertaking wherein requests for gift items are the ornaments hanging from the holiday tree in Church and parishioners bring back those items as donations. Volunteers sort them out and help with the distribution.

Tom Murphy is one of the SEAS Outreach Ministry volunteers who assists in most of the drives such as Easter Basket and Thanksgiving. For the Back Pack Drive, Murphy says: “I think it’s a really good idea,” adding that the initiative “helps the community and kids who might otherwise not afford the stuff donated.” He was also impressed by the high quality of donated materials. In retirement after working as a diplomat for the Department of State, Murphy also volunteers for the Red Cross where he assisted people affected by the California wildfires. He also received a call from the Red Cross to help with victims of the One October shooting here in Vegas. Asked why he volunteers, Murphy says “Helping others in the community with our time isn’t charity. It is what we owe each other as human beings.”


Nancy Hauser is another volunteer for the SEAS Outreach Ministry. “I volunteered because I think this is such a wonderful thing for families and children who are struggling financially,” Hauser commented on the Back Pack Drive. She also said “When the kids come and you see the look on their faces, it brings joy to my heart.” Hauser is retired but likes to “keep busy.” She worked as Operations Manager at Barry University in South Florida and also taught faith formation in the past. “When you retire, you get a sense of who or what am I now…” Hauser expressed. “I don’t want to sit around all day and watch TV. I don’t need another job,” Hauser added. “You like to know you’re helping people,” Hauser said.

Patti McGuire, SEAS Outreach Coordinator, has this to say about the volunteers: “I can’t do it without everybody,” and “we have competent people.” All volunteers need to go through finger printing and training. The ministry also has food-centered outreach and social justice based on Catholic teachings. Other charitable drives at SEAS are Boo Bash, Service Days at Catholic Charities, St. Therese Hygiene Drive, Ride Share, Rosary at Assisted Living, and Outreach to the Homeless in Summerlin. As an outreach volunteer also, this writer can attest to the heartfelt thanks from those on the receiving end of these charitable drives. And that makes the experience worth it and truly indelible. MV

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

T O P 25 PR &



ver the last 20 years, we’ve had the pleasure of working closely with every PR and Ad Agency in Las Vegas. To date, there must be about 200 of them in our city locally. At MyVegas, we only recommend the ones that are truly fun to work with, amazing at what they do, very professional, make smart decisions, keep good company, and stand out above the crowd, making a huge difference for their clients and ours. If your business needs to “Get the word out,” then rest assured, you can call with confidence, any of the following firms, who we strongly recommend above all others. Here are MyVegas’ Top 25 PR and Ad Agencies!


Kendall Tenney / President 10080 Alta Dr #115, Las Vegas, NV 89145 I 702.476.1010


Kathryn Palmer / Kate Stowell I 702.203.3044


GEARY COMPANY ADVERTISING Jim McKusick / Managing Partner 3136 East Russell Road, Las Vegas, NV 89120 I 702.382.9610


Brian Rouff / Managing Partner 3037 E Warm Springs Rd #200, Las Vegas, NV 89120 I 702.837.8996


Reshawnda Jones / President 8414 W Farm Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89131 I 702.781.2636


Natalie Huck / Vice-President 2851 Business Park Ct, Las Vegas, NV 89128 I 702.307.4007


Eileen Lopez / President 5565 S. Decatur Blvd, #106, Las Vegas, NV 89118 I 702.472.7692


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Chuck Johnston / President 900 S Pavilion Center Dr #170, Las Vegas, NV 89144 I 702.203.3044


Michael Coldwell / Kurt Ouchida (Managing Partner) 8948 Spanish Ridge Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89148 I 702.862.4242


Virginia Martino, Founder/CEO 8925 W Post Rd #102, Las Vegas, NV 89148 I 702.257.2345


Gregory W. Ferraro / President 9205 W. Russell Road, Suite 340 Las Vegas, NV 89148 I 702.367.7771


Mark Fierro / President 803 S 6th St, Las Vegas, NV 89101 I 702.385.7300


Solveig Raftery / President 6157 S Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89118 I 702.739.9933

KIRVIN DOAK COMMUNICATIONS Dave Kirvin / Bill Doak 5230 W Patrick Ln, Las Vegas, NV 89118 I 702.737.3100


Leslie LaGuardia / President I 518.533.8360


Tom Letzia / President 410 S. Rampart, #390., Las Vegas, NV, 89145 I 702.726.6900


Glenda Lippman / President 7115 Bermuda Road Las Vegas, Nevada 89119 I 702.595.4896


Paula Yakubik / President 2230 Corporate Cir #210 Henderson, NV 89074 I 702.443.4331


Megan Fazio / CEO 1025 S 1st St #170, Las Vegas, NV 89101 I 702.673.0667

Alissa Kelly / President 5576 S Fort Apache Rd #100, Las Vegas, NV 89148 I 702.696.1999

PREFERRED PR & MARKETING Michele, James / President 2630 S Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89146 I 702.254.5704


Diego Velásquez / President 900 S Pavilion Center Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89144 I 702.228.0222


Kathy Topp / President 8689 W Sahara Ave #280, Las Vegas, NV 89117 I 702.489.2777


Sarah Thornton / President 10161 W Park Run Dr #150, Las Vegas, NV 89145 I 702.851.5800


Stephanie Wilson / President 5765 S Rainbow Blvd #101, Las Vegas, NV 89118 I 702.868.4545

If you are using a PR or Ad firm who is not on this list, call our Publisher, and he will connect you with a Top 25 Firm that will truly make a difference! Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:






40 Years of Publishing!


was the year it all started. I remember sitting at my kitchen table, laying out my first magazine, “Let’s Go Disco.” I was designing the first issue, on the kitchen table, while my first daughter was only one year old, in diapers, sitting on the living room floor watching tv, and my second daughter was about 4 months along, still in her mama’s belly. She wasn’t even born yet. Back then, computers were very rare. I didn’t know anybody who had one, so I had to cut out paper logos from newsprint, and use a glue stick to put it in place on the paper… When I needed “text”, I had to run down to the local “Typesetter” to get text and whatever I needed to “glue” down and make a page. Haha. I remember my baby’s mama saying, “Take all that off the table, dinner is ready!” I built my first magazine on the dinner table, not knowing that 40 years later, that I would end up with four decades of amazing print magazines, and this beautiful business I am in! As the 80’s went by, big hair bands, home computers invading America, and lots of people Desperately Seeking Susan, I found myself in the entertainment business, and working on the Carnival Cruise Lines, both as an entertainer and managing the cruise newsletter. Now, as fun as that was, one can only drift around the middle of the ocean for so long. So, after the cruise years at the beginning of the 90’s, I found myself back on land in Orlando, Florida, in a wedding business that was booming. There, an amazing offer was presented to me, to “own” the Perfect Wedding Guide. I said, “Show me the Money…” and they did. At the time I took ownership, there were only two cities active and publishing, Orlando, and my hometown, Las Vegas. And I saw this as an opportunity to move


back to Vegas, and build a future for myself, that I knew I could manifest into success. So I took the Perfect Wedding Guide, built my UFOC, applied for my Franchise License in Washington DC, and for the next 12 years, created America’s #1 Wedding Magazine, opening over 60 cities around the country with a magazine that helped plan the weddings of thousands of brides, from coast to coast. Headquartered in Las Vegas, I managed and opened Perfect Wedding Guides everywhere! Chicago, Kansas City, San Diego, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, Boston, Phoenix… just about every city you can think of! And a different story for each city as well! I have some great stories!

a collective understanding of what was going on in America at that time. You may remember during the recession, that many 25-year-old young adults were moving back in with their parents, to save money for both, and “consolidating” their resources. That was it!! The answer! Consolidate! So, in the shower, I thought, I will bring all seven of my magazines “together” as one! With tabs to separate the sections, Restaurants, Beauty and Health, Home and Garden, etc. But what would I call it? There were many magazines on the Strip, about Blue Man Group, Celine Dion, and everything for tourists, however as a lifelong local Las Vegan, I didn’t feel that was “MY” Vegas… Voila… the name was born! I remember standing in the steamy shower and writing the logo on the shower door glass. MyVegas Magazine.

I said,

“Show me the Money”

In 2003, I sold the Perfect Wedding Guide that left me with a bank account larger than life. I was ready for the next chapter! It was 2003 when I launched The Best Restaurant Guide, and food and fine dining had now come to be a passion I was hungry for. I featured the Best Restaurants in Las Vegas, joined the Board for the Nevada Restaurant Association, and attended Foodie Events everywhere! But I wasn’t done yet. With my desire to “stay” in Vegas, and not travel so much, I soon thereafter went on to launch a series of new local Vegas magazines including Las Vegas Home and Garden Magazine, Las Vegas Health & Fitness Magazine, Dine Out Magazine, Las Vegas Woman Magazine. I remember meeting a new entertainer, and friend, Zowie Bowie and Marlee Taylor, who were then, my first cover models on my newest magazine… Las Vegas Bride! When the great recession hit of 2007-2008, things shifted, and many businesses around Vegas couldn’t sustain. Things slowed down, in all seven of my magazines. But that didn’t stop me either. Somehow, when things get tough, the tough get going… or as I like to say, God steps in, and fills me with HIS plans… And MyVegas was born.

Today, as I celebrate 40 years later, with MyVegas and the Super Amazing MyVegas Team I have as Staff, I couldn’t be more proud! Over the years, from that kitchen table, I learned the hard way how to create a magazine. I learned how to open franchises around the country, I learned how to train others to succeed and duplicate my work, how leaders replace themselves with other leaders, how to manage awesome employees, how to overcome challenges, how to beat corporate terrorism, how to forgive the haters, the jealous, the past “bad hire” employees, and mostly how to give it all to God. Just by doing that, God has blessed us with miracles this last year! Our business has increased four-fold, our staff doubled, and now this year, we are launching the new MyNashville Magazine! What’s next? MyTampa, MySanDiego, and MyRetirement!!

...and they did!

MyVegas was born in 2010, from the idea that literally came to me in the shower one day, with

In closing, let me say, that all the Glory belongs to God! With God in your life, everything is possible! These days, I like to say that “God” owns MyVegas, not me… I just manage it for HIM! God Bless! Thank you, Mark Shaffer, Publisher MyVegas Magazine

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19 7 9 - 2019 40 Years of Publishing History... Ahhh, the memories of the 80’s!! Disco was everything, and Vegas was on fire! We had every nightclub in town in Let’s Go Disco Magazine. We featured all the club DJ’s, the Top Ten Dance Hits every issue, restaurants, stories and articles on celebrities from around the world. There was a local radio station called KLAV DISCO 123, where we were partnered to blow up the disco club scene! Maybe you remember Tower Records on Maryland Parkway and Odyssey Records on the Strip at Oakey, the two best places to pick up vinyl! I remember my highlight was getting an interview with the Indian in Village People! Felipe Rose! So fun in those days!! We listed all the hot clubs of the day. Bogies, The Brewery, Disco Fever, Epaminondas, Jubilation, Oz, Rumors, TGI Fridays, Tiffany’s, and Victoria’s Disco. Those were the days of innocence. I still have three copies left here in my office and cherish those memories

As a part time wedding singer in the 90’s, an opportunity came my way to own the Perfect Wedding Guide. After a brief lunch and meeting with the lawyers, I signed the papers and began a journey that would eventually become America’s favorite wedding planner. Only 4x7, this little guide fit in your pocket and a bride-to-be could plan her wedding on the go! Everything was in there! Gowns, Tuxes, Cakes, DJ’s, Photographers, Limo’s, just about everything you need to plan the Perfect Wedding! With established markets in Las Vegas and Orlando, I began to put together a national marketing plan that would create a Franchise System like no other! I registered my UFOC and Franchise system with the FTC in Washington DC, and things took off! By 1998, I had established over 60 cities with my Franchise System, and it seemed everyone in America was planning a wedding! Business was booming and in 2003, I was offered a buyout paycheck- that was AmAziNg! So, I accepted the offer and began a new chapter of magazines!





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Photo provided by Steve Dimopoulos


TOP 100










WOMEN OF Photo provided

by Jaqueline

1979 and the




The 2000’s opened up more opportunities for me. I took my profits from the Perfect Wedding Guide, and reinvested into a new magazine… The Best Restaurant Guide of Las Vegas! I loved food, and loved dining out! So, it was a good fit! Shortly thereafter, I launched Las Vegas Home and Garden, Las Vegas Health Magazine, Las Vegas Bride Magazine, Home Improvement Guide, among others, and then I saw Las Vegas Woman Magazine on the shelf at Albertsons. I called the Publisher and Editor, took them to lunch, and four weeks later, I owned it… And the best part… I bought it for TEN DOLLARS! Lock, stock and barrel! They weren’t doing very well, and the price started at $50,000, I said no thank you, dropped to $25,000, then $10,000. I said I appreciate that, but there’s not many advertisers in the magazine, I would just start my own, called “New Woman Magazine”. They called me a week later, and I bought it for… Ten Dollars. Yes, that was the price! And everyone was happy.


The Great Recession of 2008 changed everything! Money was tight and the market was crashing. There were a few years of tough times. But my daddy always told me… When the going gets tough, the tough get going! So, I did! With 6-7 struggling magazines, I came up with the idea to “Bring them all Together” in one City Magazine. And MyVegas was born! MyVegas was well received, our clients liked the name and soon everyone wanted to be in it. Over the years, our attraction grew fast as we added the Top 100 Lists of Doctors, Lawyers, Women, Men, and our local Real Estate Professionals. Today, MyVegas is the Who’s Who of Las Vegas, as we now celebrate our 40th year in publishing! With the launch of our newest baby, MyNashville Magazine!

2010 — to —







Thank you to everyone that I’ve met over the 40 years! You were either a Blessin’ or a Lesson! But most of all, I thank God!! I tell everyone, this company actually belongs to God, I’m just managing it for Him!

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RS PARTY! O T C O D TOP 100 Doctors and Real Estate Professionals were congratulated and honored at the Blue Martini for the Spring Issue Release Party this past May. Swag bags were awarded to the First 100 guests to donate to SafeNest. That night, we raised almost $400 in support of SafeNest!





o p e le! p r i e p e t s a nd t h 152


Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

a w rds! a y t e f a

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:


8th ANNUAL SPRING TEA! The 8th Annual SafeNest Spring Tea was held at The Four Seasons this past May. The event featured high tea, live and silent auctions, cocktails and conversation. 100% of the fundraising done at the event will be allocated in support ending domestic violence homicides in Clark County. To learn more about the cause, visit



p e t s a n d t h e i r p eople!

world -wide safety awards!

n i e a rs r t l a top 10 person


Don’t take our word for it‌ read our reviews:

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:


T NIGHT! H G I F F F TUFF-N-U Superfans of fighting gathered at the Green Valley Ranch outdoor Amphitheater on June 15th, 2019 to watch punch after punch after punch. Like nothing you’ve seen before, don’t count yourself out until you’ve seen it for yourself! Get tickets at!


PHOTOS: RK Fleming Productions



o p e le! p r i e p e t s a nd t h world -wide safety awards!

n i e a r r s t l a top 10 person 156

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:




MYVEGAS Magazine partnered with Sotheby’s International Realty Premier Agent, Yelena Brezhneva, and TPC Summerlin for a Charity Art & Wine Event on April 3, 2019, dedicated to the Inspiring Children Foundation. The evening included music, art, wine, hors d’oeuvres, raffle & great company.

o p e l p e! r i e p e t s a nd t h

world -wide safety awards!

top 10 personal trainers


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world -wide safety awards! The 3rd Annual Safety Awards, ran by Virginia Toalepai of World Wide Safety, was held at Emerald at Queensridge this past January. This event honors and recognizes those who put safety first in the construction industry. To stay in the loop for future events, visit

top 10 personal trainers

Don’t take our word for it‌ read our reviews:


p e t s a n d t h e i r p eople! world -wide safety awards!

top 10 personal trainers

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5564 S Fort Apache Rd., Suite 100. Las Vegas, NV 89148