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preneurial spirit, we want YOU! We now offer the amazing opportunity through License Agreements, for YOU, yes YOU, to open your own magazine business, in Any City you desire!! If you love MyVegas, and always wanted to become a Publisher, please call me or text me anytime, on my cell, 702,497.5715, and I will work overtime, to make your dreams come true!! Includes full training, exclusivity, content creation, writers, graphic artists, photographers, and the entire corporate team, to help you be come our next Publisher! See the inside front cover of this issue, for more details.

And Two Big Announcements! We just had Babies here at MyVegas! Our very own Sar ah, who oversees and edits every story in this magazine, has just had her first baby… and it’s a Girl!! We have all been waiting 9 long months for this big day, and she’s such a cutie!! Both mom and baby are healthy and happy, and we wish Sarah and Noah an amazing blessed life of parenthood as they begin loving and taking care of their new little girl! (And Sarah, hurry back to work! We need your uncanny editing skills, amazing work ethic, and outstanding office



of Success, we had so much fun here at MyVegas, bringing together the Top 100 Men of the Year who, without a doubt, are the Most Successful Men in Las Vegas! And “Success”, as you may know, comes in a variety of different values and visions. Some are successful in Business, some in Family, while others find success in Community Service, and yet others in Poli tics and still others in Charity work. There are so many amazing ways our local men can make a difference and be “Successful”. Please enjoy as you cruise the pages inside this issue, and see if you don’t recognize a few of these remarkable men! They are all approved and recommended by the read ers of MYVEGAS. We are proud to tell their stories and honor them in the following pages. Hope you have as much fun reading about them, as we did putting this feature




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baby is our newest edition… we just launched MyAustin Magazine! Two of our awesome team moved to Austin just a few weeks ago, have taken over the MyAus tin market, and already have 30 clients onboard!! This is going to change the way we do business, as we now offer the chance for everyone to Own-Your-Own Magazine Business! Did I say “everyone”? Yes, that includes YOU TOO! If you have the entre


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On behalf of the staff, management and crew here at MYVEGAS Magazine, we pray for a healthy, happy Vegas, and we wish you the best for the rest of 2022, and a life full of love, happiness and success! MV


ell, the kids are back in school, the heat is about to turn down, and the best time of the year is now upon us… Fall. Everyone loves the Fall as much as the Spring. In Vegas, it’s the time for back yard bbq’s, weddings, family fun, and Football! The Raiders kick off a brand new season of excitement that brings so much camaraderie to our commu nity, and it’s a great time of the year when all things come together. Love, Family, and

Andtogether!didyou know, you can meet the “Top 100” every issue at the MyVegas Top 100 Awards Gala, which is open to the pub lic! Get up close and personal with Vegas’ Best!! It’s a night to remember and if you haven’t been yet, you won’t wanna miss the next one. To make sure you get your personal invitation, make sure you join the MYVEGAS CLUB online at www.MyVegas

There's a lot of choices in Las Vegas for legal help. We sort that out.

LAWYERS 17 31 52


Fine individuals who can make your real estate dreams come true!!




These professionalshealthcarecome highly recommended.

Expert secrets to looking and feeling your best for any occasion.

Give your home the TLC it deserves, and we know the best pros for the job!



Ah, Las Vegas, the capital for entertainment in the United States.

Tips for your small business, online business, and information for you.



We’ll help you find the perfect place to wine, dine and unwind!

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My favorite time of year is here, and who can blame me? The weather is cool and crisp, pumpkin patches and haunted hous es on every corner, and the holiday season slowly approaching! With that being said, that means kids are back in action for the 2022-2023 school year and as a parent my self, school safety is a top priority. There are many ways we can voice our concerns and help make positive changes. Check with your school district on ways to be in volved as each may be different. The No

I also want to thank the rest of my staff for all their continued hard work. Joe who de livers our magazines throughout the Vegas valley, Shelly who keeps our books in order, Leslie and Daryl our dynamic sales and PR duo, Steven, Kelly, and Patty our sales su Ifperstars.youwould


like to be a part of this team, send in your resume, we are always look ing for more awesome people to join our team. I promise I am a great leader, once I have my coffee of course! Resumes can be emailed to

We polled more than 100,00 of our readers and found the 2022 Top 100 Lawyers in Las Vegas. These prestigious group of men and women come highly recommended by our readers. They provide guidance, protect our rights and advise us on what’s best for the situation at hand. In this special issue, we have a diverse group that practice various types of law. From the heavy hitters to the rising stars and everything in between, you can find the perfect attorney for your case within these pages. This year’s recipients have contributed in many ways in and out side the courtrooms. With their positive inf luence within our community, I applaud every one of them as well as all the nomi nations we received. Thank you for protect ing our rights!


7 ummer is winding down and I can already smell the pumpkin spice around the corner which means only half a year left in 2022… how’s that for spooky?



vember elections also play a crucial role in our educational system. Being well in formed on the ballots and candidates be fore hitting the voting polls will help in the long run. Stay informed!

A lot of you might’ve already known that our Publisher, Mark, ran for Nevada Sen ate in the primary elections. It was his first time in the political world and although he didn’t move on to the general elections, his staff, including myself are very proud of him for the accomplishments and growth we have seen throughout the years. We’re so proud of you Mark! It truly warms my heart when we can promote within the company. Our web, social media and con tent creator, Gio, is such an asset to the company, with his creative, out of the box thinking, he has implemented some pretty amazing things. Make sure to tag @myve gasmagazine to be featured! We added two rockstars to our staff, Cody and Amanda. Both bringing their own flare to the com pany. Cody’s background in photography, writing, and fashion is adding value to our brand while Amanda’s attention to detail in all her beautiful graphic work seals the

deal. Blessed to have them both! Finally, my partner in crime, my Editor, Sarah. I can go on and on about how amazing she is, but we all know that. I just want to congratu late her on being a new, first-time mommy. You’re going to be great at motherhood. I’ll try not to pull my heart out during your maternity leave. Enjoy your bundle of joy and we can’t wait to have her join the MYVEGAS fam.


SIGAL CHATTAH Attorney sigalchattah.comGeneral TIMOTHY TREFFINGER Clark County District Attorney JESSICA GOODEY Justice Court Dept. 6 SUZAN BAUCUM Justice Court Dept. 13 AMY WILSON Justice Court Dept. 7

A practicing attorney for 20 years, Sigal Chattah will put her experience to work and be guided by the law and the Constitutions of the United States and Nevada, not partisan politics or special interests. Sigal never has and never will be held under pressure by any outside government and and will fight public corruption regardless of partisan politics left and right, and she’s ready and able to work for us, the People.




Judge Baucum was elected to the bench in 2010, and has served with distinction as Justice of the Peace for Department 13 of the Las Vegas Justice Court to the present day. From January 2019 to December 2020, she was the Chief Judge of the Las Vegas Justice Court.

Paid for by: Judge Suzan Baucum for Las Vegas Justice of the Peace, Department 13 WITH DISTINCTION AS OUR JUSTICE OF THE PEACE SINCE 2010 FOR JUSTICE COURT, DEPT. 13

- Timothy Treffinger



I am the nomineeRepublicanforthe2022 Clark County District attorney’s race. I am a longtime resident of Nevada. Initially, I worked for the Storey County District Attorney in Northern Nevada. Later I escalated my career to the Nevada Attorney General’s Office prosecuting sex crimes and those committing crimes against women and children, earning an exceptionally high conviction rate. Over the last five years I have been in private practice serving our community.



I think that the DA’s office is an important one at the county level, it has massive implications for crime, safety, family courts, and other things in the community, and I’m happy to bring some conservative values back to this office.

TIFFANY JONES State Assembly District 35

State Assembly District 23

JIM MARCHANT Secretary of State

State Assembly District 24


JENANN LOGAN State Assembly District 8



State Senate District 12


State Assembly District 28

State Assembly District 41



RHONDA KNIGHTLY State Assembly District 29


MATTHEW BUEHLER State Senate District 13



JEFF STONE State Senate District 20

State Assembly District 12

State Assembly District 42

SAM KUMAR State Assembly District 25



State Assembly District 18

U.S. House District 3

BILLY MITCHELL County Commissioner G

County Commissioner F



State Senate District 16 MARK ROBERTSON U.S. House District 1

STEVEN BANG State Assembly District 15


State Assembly District 7

STAVROS ANTHONY Lieutenant Governor

KATHRYN RIOS State Assembly District 6 LEO HENDERSON State Senate District 2

State Assembly District 27

State Assembly District 33

State Assembly District 36


State Assembly District 17

State Senate District 8 JOHN EVANS County Recorder

JOSHUA LEMACK State Assembly District 3


HELEN OSEGUERA County Assessor

State Senate District 9

STACY BUTLER State Assembly District 34


RYAN FLEMING State Assembly District 9



JESSE "JAKE" HOLDER State Assembly District 16

SANDIE HERNANDEZ State Assembly District 10

THADDEUS "TOBY" YUREK State Assembly District 19

STAN VAUGHAN State Assembly District 20


ADAM LAXALT U.S. Senate ANDY MATTHEWS Nevada Controller



State Senate District 21

JACOB DEAVILLE State Assembly District 37

SHAWN STAMPER State Assembly District 14

HEIDI KASAMA State Assembly District 2


U.S. House District 4

JON S. PETRICK State Assembly District 21




Do you dream of a new Las Vegas strip hotel? Well, someone did! The Dream Hotel Group has landed in Las Vegas for a “rejuvenation and revitalization of the south end of the strip.” Mandalay Bay Resort and the Bali Hai Golf Club will receive a new neighbor in Dream Las Vegas. Opening its doors in late 2024, this new lifestyle hotel will feature gaming and nightlife unlike any other, including 12,000 sq ft of meeting space, a 20,000 sq ft casino floor, and luxury hotel rooms.

Nothing new to Las Vegas, but always a staple: NASCAR returns to Vegas for the annual South Point 400 for Fall NASCAR weekend, now in October. Crowds can be excited to spend the weekend outdoors- in hopefully much cooler weather. Weekend packages and single day tickets are available now, and don’t forget- bring your kids 12 and under for only $10!





Photos by DLR GROUP

USHER IS BACK FOR MORE Vegas couldn’t get enough of Usher, and Yeah! He listened! Back for more at Dolby Live at Park MGM, Usher just kicked off The Vegas Residency, his 2022 residency with an even more immersive experience for 90’s lovers everywhere. With a limited concert date range from August to October, don’t miss this up close and personal performance.




Everyone heard of the postponed WEEKENDS WITH ADELE Residency at Caesars Palace, and ticketholders in and out of state have been highly anticipating the announcement of new dates. Kicking off in November, fans can look forward to 24 rescheduled shows and 8 new show dates through March of 2023. Of course, priority goes to ticketholderspreviousand those waitlisted, however access will be limited to those wanting in on the fun, so get your tickets now!





If we didn’t have enough Instagrammable spots in our city, we’re adding a really cool one to the mix. Randy’s Donuts, known famously for their original California location – fit with a giant donut on the roof- is making its way here and we couldn’t be more excited. Set to open in mid-August, Randy’s, located on Rainbow Blvd. near Sahara Ave., will offer over 60 varieties of donuts from simple to fancy. Keep an eye out for pop-up events around the valley and you may get some free donuts!

Inside Summerlin Hospital’s NICU, Meghan and Mark spent weeks in a cu bicle, beside state of the art ‘space cap

By: Dawn Gibbons

Some parents anticipate the possibility of preterm supportive care, but Meghan and Mark were caught off guard with the unexpected delivery. At Summerlin Hos pital, in a surgery suite filled with teams of doctors, nurses, support services and more, Fynn and Josephine Ladwig arrived weighing under 2 ½ pounds. They were so tiny that they fit into the doctor’s hand, theirs heads the size of a golf ball and perfect fingers, so small they didn’t wrap around a pencil. They gave a welcome cry as they were slipped into plastic bags, placed in incubators, and whisked away to the NICU for an eventual 109 days of intensive care to assist and monitor their growth to healthy, full-term babies.

ways monitoring, managing, teaching, and encouraging us. They were the trust ed constant while our babies grew. We learned how to confidently manage the expected, as well as the unexpected.”

The hospital provided individual, pri vate 24-hour video cameras focused on each baby so parents can watch remote ly, since not every parent can be bedside. It also gave grandparents their first look since COVID restrictions prevented any contact other than parents.


NICU staff’s dedication extended past their working hours, from thoughtful notes of encouragement and small gifts to celebrating milestones and holidays, including tiny crochet hats to fit the preemies, and ornaments with footprints to commemorate a first Christmas. “We spent our first Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year as a new family in the NICU and the staff became a second family to us. Their encouragement and kindness, the constant focus on our babies, and on every baby, was remarkable. Staff was al

sules’ that mimicked a pre-birth envi ronment, low lights- as their vision had not developed significantly, monitored temperatures, and oxygen levels critically calculated to assure a balanced breathing level -as too much or too little is equally

16 hakespeare said, “Though she be but little, she is fierce!” A mantra shared by those taking great care of preterm babies in the Las Vegas community.


After a long, successful journey through IVF, first time parents, Mehgan and Mark Ladwig celebrated the impending birth of twins around Valentine’s Day. But the babies arrived before Thanksgiving, three months


has risen to the much-needed level of care with multiple and exceptional NICU’s, Neonatal Inten sive Care Units, to support their very tiny and newest Nevada citizens. Because of these dedicated professionals, the hercu lean effort of premature babies to meet the daily challenges, once thought im possible, is being achieved.

a thin wall of an envi ronmental natal bubble, they could talk to and touch the babies, until they were safe for ‘skin to skin’ Kangaroo bonding contact. Drops of valuable breast milk were provided for many weeks to nourish the babies with natural antibodies. Even tually, each baby graduated to an open bassinette, a less restrictive schedule and more parent interaction.


The highly skilled NICU teams have decades of cumulative experience in preterm care, intensely focused, able to anticipate issues and proactively manage the ups and downs of the first few critical weeks. “No parent wants to end up in a NICU, as every case is completely differ ent. Every baby has their own story. We saw no judgement, only compassion and excellent care. The threads of humani ty may have seemed insignificant, but it lessened our anxieties. We felt confident going home at night for a few hours of sleep. Our trust in the NICU staff was un


family is home now, hap py, and healthy, meeting the expected benchmarks of full-term babies. “We are eternally grateful for everyone we en countered. Doctors, nurses, all the thera pists, even the housekeeper came by daily to see ‘their twins.’”





MYVEGAS Magazine is very proud and excited to introduce our Beauty and Fitness section! In this issue, we are privileged to be able to feature many of the top beauty and fitness professionals in the Las Vegas Valley. With stories from our experts, you’ll learn trendy tips and get expert secrets to looking and feeling your best for any occasion, whether it’s a night on the town, or a day in the park! Get pampered with a visit to the day spa, tanning salon or beauty salon. Improve your overall esthetics and get toned with our awesome amazing workout tips. Get clear at one of our Vision experts, and enjoy your beauty and fitness, because you deserve it!

7391 W Charleston Blvd, Suite 130 Las Vegas, NV 89117 (702) Wavebodysculptinglv.com279-4119

This is where I can help. What if I told you there is an alternative way to get rid of that stubborn bulge or your trouble area without having surgery? Would you be lieve me? It’s true. And the process is so much easier. In fact, it’s quite enjoyable.

I offer body sculpting services by us ing the latest technologies called Laser Lipo, Ultrasound Cavitation, and Radio Frequency. Unlike surgery, these three treatments are completely noninvasive, safe, has no downtime, and it’s FDA ap proved. And, the two best parts; it’s very affordable, and as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle, you get to keep your

cause fat cells to shrink and liquify which eventually travels though the lymphatic system and expel from the body. Within a few sessions, clients will notice their body start slimming. Results will vary; howev er, most people will only need about 4 to 6 sessions. And as mentioned earlier, you can keep your results!

Wave Body Sculpting Owned and Operated by Sheila Petrillo

does it work? To word it simply, Laser Lipo and Ultrasound Cavitation use methods of low-level laser and sound waves to target body fat. These methods


What if I told you there is an alternative way to get rid of that stubborn bulge or your trouble area without having surgery? Would you believe me? It’s true.

If only there was another option. But there is.


ut what if you are already eating healthy and exercising regular ly? What if you’ve reached your goal weight or close to it but still struggling to lose that stubborn fatty area that won’t go away? You know, the pouch right underneath the belly button. Sur gery can help but it’s usually not the an swer for most of us. It’s extremely expen sive, invasive, high risk, and the painful recovery process can take weeks for your body to heal.

Interested? Or are you thinking it’s too good to be true? Please understand that I’m not offering a magic pill. There is no such thing. However, the service does re quire participation on your end which is explained during your consultation. But the expectations from you are very min imal and most of you who come visit my office are already doing what is required to enhance your results. You just have to show up to your sessions.


Let’s get rid of that stubborn fatty area once and for all! MV

What about it? All of us have it; however, most of us feel we have more than we would like. It seems like everywhere you turn there’s a new diet fad or trend telling you how you can magically lose weight. Whether it’s a pill, shake, detox tea, or fasting, it never seems to work, at least not long term. The only true and healthy way to lose weight is, of course, through proper diet and exercise. Plain and simple.

Do I have your interest? Let’s schedule a consultation. I will explain in full de tail how the process works and what you should expect. I promise you will love the treatment and the results you will get.



Dr. Linda Woodson is a Board Certified Dermatologist who has been serving her patients in the Valley since 1994. She is a member of the American Acad emy of Dermatology, the American Board of Dermatology and the American Medical Association. Dr. Woodson provides the finest in quality care to her patients treating all skin conditions plus she also performs a variety of cosmetic treatments to address issues including Sclerotherapy and laser treatments for spider veins, is expert in cosmetic injections. Fat Reduction and Tattoo Removal are other services of her practice. Dr. Woodson is a three time winner of the Best of Las Vegas and a nine time winner of the Best of Henderson.

19 | 702.202.2700


Just as many businesses around the world that have been hit hard by the pandemic, Vegas truly showed a domino effect due to many businesses and industry’s that rely on each other to succeed, the beau ty industry being one of them. Times like these are a true test to see if business owners have prepared or can adapt to hard times. It was important from the be ginning to start Lash Queen International on the right track by creating an LLC and keeping her financials organized. It was her initial intention to be able to show that her business was profitable to buy a house and protect her financial future. “Putting in the work of creating a legit imate business would ultimately help me to keep it from going under,” Ariane adds. It is very common for many beauty professionals to not claim their income, such as sub-contracted workers that do not keep track of their income and spend ing. This put many of them in very tough situations throughout the pandemic and were forced, in many cases, to find oth er career paths or jobs. The change and uncertainty have made a lot of us feel uncomfortable, but for Ariane, once she adapted to this unfortunate situation, it was time to find ways to use this down time to step back and evaluate how she could improve her business and come back strong. Resilience is built in those who can get through and learn from tough times in life. She is now hoping to help others in the beauty industry to be better self-employed or business owners because a Queen is only as strong as her kingdom. MV


With 15 years of experience in the beauty industry as a Hairdresser, Aesthetician, Make-Up Artist, Lash Artist and Cosme tology Educator, Ariane has put all this knowledge into choosing the right prod

With Las Vegas being the entertainment capital of the world, there’s no doubt that the majority of women who work in many of the industries in Sin City need to look their best.

ucts and has refined her skills to offer the best service in this oversaturated market. Consequently, this has led to many refer rals and continuous bookings that have kept this lash queen busy. This hasn’t stopped her from taking the next step in creating a brand that offers a line of luxury lash products and training to help other lash artists provide better service. With the launch of lashqueeninterna, an online store, all her Lash Queen products are available along with registration for artist training and oth er helpful resources. “Once I was able to reach a level of success in my business,


Lash Queen International Learn more Lashqueeninternational.comat(626)437-2929 MYBEAUTY AND FITNESS

my passion for being an educator encour aged me to empower others to contribute to improving the quality of service in my industry,” says Ariane.


ash extensions have become one of the must-have beauty essentials in maintaining their daily beauty routine. With the demand for service in any industry, the quality can sometimes be compromised. For Lash Queen, Ariane Lazo, quality, and longevity is something that can’t be compromised when apply ing lash extensions.





AirSculpt is a patented and precision-engi neered technology that removes fat cell by cell through a freckle size hole. It is a min imally invasive fat removal procedure that does not use needles, scalpels, or stitches and provides smooth, customized results. Typical downtime is about 1-3 days, and everything is done under local anesthesia, so you are awake the entire time! We need our patients to complete a complimentary consultation, in person or virtually, prior to their procedure.




AirSculpt, performed exclusively at Elite Body Sculpture has a new state-of-theart, luxury location in Las Vegas! CEO and Founder of AirSculpt®, Aaron Rollins has entrusted Dr. Nalluri and Dr. Mosharrafa to continue setting the standard in permanent fat removal. I had the pleasure of conduct ing an interview with Elite Body Sculpture on the benefits of AirSculpt® technology, and why it is incomparable in the field of cosmetic surgery. The following is a Q & A regarding this revolutionary procedure.



here's a technological revolution happening in the world of cosmet ic surgery, and Elite Body Sculp ture is at the helm.


There is no need to alter lifestyle before the procedure. It is important, however, to commit to a healthy lifestyle to ensure the best, longest lasting results. I recommend a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and exercise regimen and all medical condi tions addressed.

Results! There are many tools to use to remove fat. Among them, there have been some significant advances over the years. Airsculpt ® combines mechanical energy and gentle management of the surround ing soft tissues to optimize fat removal in our patients.

The ideal candidate is anyone with stub born, unwanted fat pockets. We do not have a BMI requirement or weight limit for AirSculpt. If you can pinch it, we can take it! We recommend a healthy diet and exercise to enhance and maintain your AirSculpt results.

Optimal contour and sculpting results with minimal to no downtime, the ability to naturally enhance the breast and or but tock, no need for general anesthesia, and no need for potentially habit medication.

Our Instagram, website, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube real patient experiences at various stag es of the procedure and their journeys, all with different body types explaining experience and the results from their per sonal perspective. This is very relatable for patients and gives them a realistic idea of what they can expect.

Dr. Nalluri: I am extremely appre ciative of all of the people that have raised, helped, taught and support ed me through my journey and still do. I came to realize that in my pri vate practice, my limitation of what I can do to help people through their individual transformation are my two hands, and I can only help one patient at a time. With Elite Body Sculpture I’ve become a part of something that is much bigger than myself and is one of the most rapidly growing aesthetic companies because of all of the wonderful things the team together has been able to achieve for many more people than I could have on my own. BODYBODY

Most patients walk in, have the minimal ly invasive procedure done, and walk out. They are able to even go out to dinner that same evening if they want to. They usual ly resume light work the next day but I ask them to refrain from exercise for about two weeks to allow the body time to heal. Pa tients that have had previous procedures by older techniques experience Airsculpt ® and tell me that Airsculpt recovery was a breeze compared to their previous proce dure


The Nevada desert is lled with amazing and stunning colors. And it’s also drryyyyy. Just like the desert, Nevadans come in a multitude of beautiful colors and textures. And frankly, most of us are dry, just like the landscape. But there’s a new option to SkinCeuticals,help!the

So if you’ve been searching for a perfect multi-functional product that you can use daily, Phyto A+ Brightening Treatment is here for you. Come check it out at The Spa at Lakes Dermatology today.

Lakes Dermatology | 8861 West Sahara Avenue, Suite 290, Las Vegas, NV 89117 | 702 869 6667 |

powerhouse brand behind the top selling antioxidants in the world, has created a luxurious and multi-functional moisturizer that’s good for all skin types, even the most sensitive! It’s called Phyto A+ Brightening Treatment and it’s available at SkinCeuticals’ only Flagship in Nevada – The Spa at Lakes Dermatology.

Phyto A+ Brightening Treatment was crafted with synergistic modulation technology to enhance tone, texture, clarity, and overall radiance of the skin. Key ingredients like 2% alpha arbutin, 3% azelaic acid, and 5.75% phyto botanical blend (a SkinCeuticals proprietary blend for soothing), help to achieve these e ects. But what does this mean for your skin? It means it will be less in amed, less red, less irritated, and have less discoloration. And on the ip side your skin will be brighter, clearer, and smoother, without the use of harsher products like hydroquinone or retinols that some people in Vegas simply cannot tolerate. Plus it’s gentle enough to be used up to twice daily.

Moist, Hydrated, Beautiful Skin in the Desert? YES – It’s Possible! Meet SkinCeuticals’ newest innovation – Phyto A+ Brightening Treatment

“I can tell you from a recent patient poll that over 98% of people who come in my o ce are looking for help with discoloration and moisturization. Until Phyto A+ Brightening Treatment came along, that product simply didn’t exist. Now it’s here and it’s amazing!” according to F. Victor Rueckl, MD, board-certi ed Dermatologist. “Personally, I have dry and sensitive skin. Certain products sting my skin. So I try to nd ones that don’t and am continually looking for a moisturizer that isn’t heavy or greasy. It’s nally here.”

Advertorial BeautifulHydrated,Moist,SkinintheDesert?YES–It’sPossible! Order:




It may be an assumption that sunscreen is only nec essary when the sun is blaring in your face during the summer, that is certainly not the case. Sun damage can happen during any month, and yes even when it’s a cloudy day. Use it daily!


As much as vitamins are beneficial for your body on the inside, it can directly translate to your skin health. It’s recommended to gain these vitamins through your diet, so eating well can take care of your daily need, however supplements can also help you hit that goal.

You’ve heard it time and time again that drinking wa ter is incredible for your body inside and out, same as your daily dose of vitamins. But it really can change your skin game greatly during the dry seasons. Never doubt the power of water!

Seems like a no brainer but moisturizing daily can actually save you from developing dry skin through out this season. Ensuring that you apply moisturizer right after a shower, your skin will retain and lock in all the moisture needed to face the weather.

While these tips can help your skin health during the entire year, they are especially helpful after seasonal changes and during especially dry months. Keep your skin glowing and moisturized and you’ll be falling in love with your skin every day!

As we near the fall months (FINALLY), we must remember that skin care can be even more important during the colder months. Not just climate change, but cold air can be a culprit to dry skin and a variety of changes in our skin. Get your best skin through all seasons with these protective skin tips!




Many may not know the benefits of regularly exfo liating, but it can truly make your skin look and feel better. Dead skin cells building up on the skin can ac tually make it harder to moisturize, so try an exfoli ating cleanser or mask for your face and body- you’ll see much smoother skin below the surface!

der vinegar as a natural fat burner with no side effects. You also should be taking iodine, selenium and zinc.


to struggle with weight, then we need to jump on a call and get this handled for you. Once you master your body, you master your life so that is why I feel so passionately about getting people results and you are the next per son, I want to help!


By: Tana Ashlee Weight Loss Expert

If you are struggling to lose weight with hypothyroidism, there’s a lot to consider.

Eating these foods will definitely help you drop weight, just stay mindful and see how your body responds.

As far as supplementing, you do have to be careful with fat burners because you can’t take too much caffeine, but you can lean towards turmeric and apple ci

If you have been doing HIIT workouts, in terval cardio, and training 6 days a week with little to no results then I would say it is time to relax a bit and try superset workouts, walking or steady cardio and adding in an extra rest day to switch it up. Sometimes, we believe going as hard as possible is the only way to go, but that’s not always the best way to burn fat. This is especially true for those who are al ready under a lot of stress so try switch ing things up and see how your results


Things that would normally help with weight loss actually backfire, so I want to break things down nice and easy, so you don’t have to struggle anymore.

24 million people struggle with thyroid disease and only 60% of them know it. A majority of those people have hypothyroidism. That is when your thyroid is performing slow, so it makes it harder to lose weight.

Don’t get disheartened reading this list. You can still have this stuff, just in mod eration. The first few foods I listed are usually a major shock to people, the other half are pretty normal to avoid in abun dance when trying to lose a few pounds.

And of course, I am going to recommend exercise. This is always a benefit, but if you are overdoing it, it can certainly hin der seeing visual results.


his is no small feat, considering the fact that they opened their doors right in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic when surety and stability in business were virtually non-existent, and consumer confidence was at a low. The technicians and stylists at Vegas Hair Color Masters not only sur vived the quarantines and social distanc ing mandates but grew in stature, experi ence, and knowledge of their craft as well. Vegas Hair Color Masters and Ellie Jam shidi specialize in coloring, and offer several services to clients including ba layage, hi-lights, color correction, and hair treatment, just to name a few. Their website gallery of before and after photos speak for themselves, they are actual art ists when it comes to the palette of hair.

exceptional perseverance through the trying times, as well as the ingenuity she displays in the way she operates her business in general. Ellie and her team are truly the Vegas Hair Color Masters!

Call today for your next coloring or cut: 702-456-0026

Visit to meet the stylists! MV

By Daryl K. Jones

Any business is only as good as the team members who run its operations on the day-to-day. This is a sentiment that Ellie is more than familiar with, as evidenced by the remarkable team of technicians she has assembled herself.

VEGAS HAIR COLOR MASTERS 8174 South Las Vegas Boulevard Las Vegas, Nevada 89123


The driving force behind this level of excellence lies in the leadership of the company itself. Ellie, who is a student of the industry and has worked it inter nationally, earned her stripes from Utah to Turkey to Iran where she was granted her instructor credentials. As the owner of a growing business and leader of her team, Ellie’s performance has remained at the top standard of quality service, by all accounts. We celebrate Ellie for her

Leading the way in her industry as the owner of the most popular hair salon on the Las Vegas Strip, Ellie Jamshidi, owner of Vegas Hair Color Masters, has made an exceptional name for herself, her salon and her fellow technicians. Masters

Solidifying their status as keen service providers, they even offer a free cleanup cut between your appointments. They easily switch roles from tactical techni cians to cut/color consultants when they add the final touch to services provid ed: making it a priority that no one leaves without having solid advice on how to keep hair healthy.





Dr. Lane Smith, the owner and lead sur geon, continuously amazes his clients


Accompanying Dr. Smith, the practice welcomes a new talented plastic surgeon to their docket, Dr. Malcolm D. Paul. A highly decorated surgeon, included as one of America’s Top Plastic Surgeons and Top Cosmetic Surgeons across the country, Dr. Paul is recognized most for his work in facial aesthetic plastic surgery as well as aesthetic breast surgery and body contouring procedures. His results truly speak for themselves, impressively completing face and neck lifts with ease.

It is no secret that behind the success and national recognition of Smith Plas tic Surgery is a team of highly accredited surgeons, a staff of talented assistants and medical professionals, and an incred ible facility to host their many success ful procedures. And they do this by al ways changing and bettering themselves and their systems. This past year, Smith proudly introduced a hyperbaric chamber this past year to help patients in boost ing the recovery process after procedures, which has maintained the unceasing theme of elevation in their practice. At Smith Plastic Surgery, you will find an el evated experience, elevated results, and elevated beauty. MV

is an immediate feeling of luxury when stepping into Smith Plastic Sur gery’s state-of-the-art facility, and peo ple from all over the globe travel to Las Vegas just to have a consultation with one of their leading surgeons. Boasting their full-service med spa, Chic La Vie, and complete plastic surgery clinic, the services available encompass your needs and wants from head to toe, including both surgical and non-invasive proce dures to reveal your most beautiful you.

Visit Smith Plastic Surgery today 7650 W Sahara SmithSurgery.com702-838-2455Ave.

and the community with his work, as is known for being the busiest plastic surgeon in North America, completing thousands of procedures every year. Dr. Smith holds 4 board certifications for Plastic Surgery and has over 20 years of experience, making him one of the most sought-after Plastic Surgeons in the Western US. Dr. Smith and Smith Plastic Surgery are always bringing the beauty industry to the next level.


Smith Plastic Surgery has been known and recognized as one of Nevada’s best Plastic Surgery Institutions, and for good reason.


hey are always staying ahead of the curve, offering only the best board-certified surgeons, the most cutting-edge procedures, and a world class experience to patients. It seems that they get better year by year, and their elevation does not go unno

Finding the perfect pout is made easy with Dr. K’s extensive study and research in the Russian Lip Technique. Typical fill er of the lip can vary client to client, how ever the Russian Lip is focused on both lips being perfectly plump, even, and aes thetically pleasing.




EMSCULPT NEO® EMSCULPT NEO supports fat burning and muscle building simultaneously, making it ideal for sculpting and contouring the body. This procedure is also noninvasive, which is an advantage for many patients hoping to tone their bodies without down time and scars. Through High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) tech nology, EMSCULPT NEO induces 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions in just 30 minutes!


Dr. Yekaterina Khronusova is a graduate of Yale – St. Raphael Internal Medicine residency program. She is board-certified in Internal Medicine and has been prac ticing for over 20 years. Her passion for wellness on many levels comes from be lieving in treating beauty, body, and mind as a whole – through achieving the har mony and balance between all three com ponents. Dr. K can help you with weight loss, IV vitamins infusion therapy, body contouring, incontinence treatments, Bo tox injections, fillers, skin rejuvenations, hair restorations, non-surgical eye lids treatments, non-surgical neck tighten ing, plasma treatments- all using cutting edge technology and the latest research.

K Las Vegas’s Most Popular Body Wellness Center State-of-the-Art Technologies Aesthetic Services & Body Shaping Call Dr. K today to schedule your free consultation! Dr. K Beauty 7710 West Sahara Avenue • Suite 102 • Las Vegas, NV 89117 • 725-500-9979 GET $50 OFF ANY SERVICE, SCAN THE CODE BELOW!

Skin resurfacing is a new aes thetic treatment that can help improve skin texture and ap pearance. Traditional skin re surfacing treatments use lasers to remove the outermost layers of skin, which encourages the growth of new, vibrant skin.


Want to have a face lift, but with no sur gery? Look no further than the Non-sur gical Face Lift done by Dr. K! During your first free consultation, Dr. K will analyze your needs and goals to create a custom ized plan for you. The plan usually con sists of PDO Thread Lift, fillers, Botox, and some skin rejuvenation techniques can be added for incredible results.

Although with serious lasers resurfacing, you are looking into seri

“Your Beauty is My Mission”-Dr.

ous down time, up to few weeks in some cases. Opus uses new technology, called fractionated electrical plasma, which achieves comparable results with mini mal down time. Opus fractionated plasma helps to improve the appearance or com pletely eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the eyes and mouth, improve acne scars, tighten the skin and dramatically improve stretch marks.

Q: What is the best recovery advice you would give to someone who just received a breast augmentation?

the upper third of the face, can help the frown and forehead lines, low brows, and the appearance of extra skin on the upper eyelids. I prefer to do endoscopic brow lifts because of the ease and noninvasive ness of the procedure which creates natu ral results that are consistently obtained. In certain cases, you can see some subtle elevation of the face and jawline, but in general it is not effective for sagging skin affecting the central face and neck.

Q: What is the best age to begin Bo tox or filler as a preventative measure against wrinkles and fine lines?

A: Protect the chest by sleeping on your back and minimizing excessive upper body movement for three weeks to allow healing of the pocket and to decrease risks for complications. Be prepared for unusu al appearance changes to the breasts as the implants sit high and feel firm. Do not judge results too early as it takes months for the implants to drop and settle into the natural breast pocket.

r. Hayley Brown, surgeon and owner, loves to offer her exper tise to patients and those who have questions before even step ping foot in her practice. We have asked Dr. Brown these thought provoking questions below:

A: Injectables should be considered be fore lines get too deep and are just start ing to appear. Age 30 is a good time to start for most people but because every one ages differently, has different skin tones and habits, individuals in their late 20’s to 40’s typically seek out injectable facial treatments.

A: I would not say that, but it certainly can optimize results of any facial reju venative procedure. A brow lift elevates

Q: Liposuction and fat transfer are continuously sought-after procedures. What are the most common myths you hear about these procedures?

From mommy makeovers to filler, Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center offers an all-encompassing menu of plastic surgery options to their patients. And questions often arise, from the first initial consultation to surgery day.


A: Liposuction improves resistant fatty deposits and the overall silhouette of the individual. It typically does not result in any sort of weight loss or clothing size decrease unless a patient does their part with diet and exercise. It is true if you gain weight after liposuction, it can come back both in treated and non-treated areas. Many people think it helps with cellulite and offers a skin tightening effect, but that is a myth. The skin retraction seen is mostly a function of an individual’s skin tone rather than the surgeon or the tech nology used for liposuction. Although certain thermal heating liposuction de vices may offer some skin retraction, re sults can vary and be unpredictable. Fat transfer can also be unpredictable, as a portion of the fat transfer may absorb re quiring more than one session.

Dr. Hayley Brown

Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center

To learn more about Desert Hills Plas tic Surgery Center, visit deserthillsplas MV



10001 S. Eastern Ave, Ste. 406 Henderson, NV 702-260-770789052

Q: Is the brow/forehead lift the new face lift?


Q: Does filler need to be dissolved be fore more filler is added?

A: Filler is not normally dissolved before the addition of more filler. Syringes are usually layered upon each other for the desired effect and to maintain results. Dissolving filler with an enzyme called hyaluronidase has risks of allergic reac

tions, thinning, redness, and bruising of the treated area, so dissolving product is best suited for unsatisfactory results or complications associated with filler.


Las Vegas is blessed with amazing health care professionals from doctors to nurses, dentists to surgeons, optometrists to chiropractors and everything in between! They work tirelessly to ensure the health and wellness of the people of Las Vegas, continually putting the needs of the community before their own and serving only the best care to their patients.


Nathan Adelson Hospice partners with patients and families to bring relief, com fort and dignity. Our vision is that no one should end the journey of life alone, afraid or in pain. MV

We have been recognized by Modern Healthcare as one of the 100 Best Places to Work in the country nine times in the last decade. We value our colleagues, and that allows them to provide the highest standard of care to our community.

Have you or your loved one spent more time in and out of the hospital, than at home? Are you or your loved one strug gling with getting out of bed and getting dressed daily because you are physical ly not able? Have you have considered looking into hospice care for support? If so, you are not alone. Understandably, people find this period stressful and un familiar with the new responsibilities. As overwhelming as it may seem, choosing hospice will be a wise choice. As your trusted partner on the journey of care, we bring compassion and hands-on support in the patients home during difficult days ahead.

We are recognized as a national leader in hospice and palliative care, and have helped more than 80,000 patients since we opened our doors over forty years ago. It is our privilege to be part of our city’s rich history and to continue to care for all who need it.


As the largest and only non-profit hospice in Southern Nevada, we are often asked questions about what hospice is and how it can help someone at the end of life.







Scan here to watch videos to help you learn more about hospice and the service available to you and your loved ones.

Our clinical staff offers support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our inter-disciplinary teams provide care wherever someone calls home — private residences, assisted living centers, and nursing homes. We have two inpatient locations in the Las Vegas Valley – our 20-bed Swenson facility and our 18-bed Tenaya facility.


We raise funds to provide care to unin sured and underinsured members of our community and support needed pro grams and services such as meal delivery, complementary therapies, transporta tion, and families in need.

t’s important to understand that hos pice is not a place, but rather a philosophy, that focuses on the well-being of the whole person. It is a journey of care for a patient. When a prognosis of a life-limiting illness is six months or less, it is time to consider hospice.

Centennial Dermatology & Skin Cancer 5550 Painted Mirage Rd., Suite #200 Las Vegas, NV 89149 P (702) 432-3800 • F (661) 425-0045 Henderson Dermatology & Skin Cancer 2960 St. Rose Pkwy., Suite #120 Henderson, NV 89052 P (702) 558-5100 • F (661) 425-0045 Pahrump Dermatology & Skin Cancer 1470 E. Calvada Blvd., Suite #600 Pahrump, NV 89048 P (702) 727-9800 • F (661) 425-0045 Dermatology & Skin Cancer of Las Vegas 5731 S. Fort Apache Rd., Suite #130 Las Vegas, NV 89148 P (702) 272-1600 • F (661) 425-0045 Mesquite Dermatology & Skin Cancer 340 Falcon Ridge Pkwy., #202B Mesquite, NV 89027 P (702) 346-3875• F (661) 425-0045 Box Canyon Dermatology and Skin Cancer 2615 Box Canyon Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89128 P (888) 993-3761 • F (661) 425-0045 SKIN AND CANCER INSTITUTE Dr. Richard Winkelmann, FAAD QUICK APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE! We offer quick appointments including next-day and same-week availability. Book online and select the appointment window that works best for your schedule. FACIAL DIAMOND GLOW FACIAL$ 99 INTRODUCTORY OFFER  20% OFF BOTOX, SKINCAREJUVEDERM&PRODUCTSLIMITEDTIMEOFFERCALLTOBOOKYOUR APPOINTMENT! 725-226-3745 SCHEDULE YOUR ANNUAL SKIN EXAM Dr. Daniel Taheri Board-Certified Dermatologist & Mohs Skin Cancer Surgeon Dr. Bobby Farah &Board-CertifiedDermatologistAwadellaMohsSkinCancerSurgeonMarcusPace,PA-C•CyrilJoseph, PA-C • Aaron Mccook, PA-C Alexis Elliot, PA-C • Aaron Storey, PA-C

Dr. Richard Winkelmann, FAAD is a double board-certified Dermatologist and Mohs Micrographic Surgeon. Following undergraduate studies in jazz music performance at Northwestern University, Dr. Winkelmann transitioned to medical school at the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine. Prior to residency at the OhioHealth Riverside Hospital Dermatology program, Dr. Winkelmann developed a passion for skin cancer during a year-long cutaneous oncology research fellowship with Dr. Darrell S. Rigel, Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the New York University Medical Center. Following his residency training, Dr. Winkelmann went to complete another year-long fellowship in Mohs surgery at University of North Texas Health Sciences. Dr. Winkelmann’s research and academic interests include photoprotection, the surgical management of skin cancer, and education for dermatologists.

All the midwives are wonderful. I always felt empowered to make the best decisions for baby and me. I looked forward to my visits and enjoyed my pregnancy journey.

Choices, Education, Empowerment, Respect, and Support.


Call (702) 269-6018 for a FREE consultation to learn more about how Serenity can support you. MV

When you choose Serenity Birth Center, you choose a knowledgeable team of pro fessionals who offer excellent care with a sweet, calming spirit. Their passion for women’s health allows them to serve and empower this wonderful community of all populations and cultures.

April and Serenity Birth Center welcomed their first baby in April of this Licensedyear.and

~Ms. Xhi August serenitybirthcenter.com2021IG:@serenitybirthlvFB:serenitybirthcenter

erenity Birth Center is Nevada’s first state-licensed Free-Stand ing Birth Center and has received National Accreditation through the Commission of American Birth Cen ters. These two certifications require the center to be at the highest compliance for patient Appropriately,safety.

April Clyde is the owner and founder of Serenity Birth Center. Her vision for more options for women and families spans two decades. Opening Serenity Birth Center is a dream realized.

Birth centers are an integrated part of the healthcare system and are guided by pre

Birth Centers are proud of connecting, working, and being involved in their community. Our center offers child birth classes, lactation groups, postpar tum groups, mom, and baby activities. We have a collaborative relationship with University Medical Center Hospi tal (UMC) and UNLV’s School of Medi cine OB/GYN department to ensure safe quality Serenitycare.Birth



332 S. Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89107 702 info@lvbirthcenter.com269-6018

vention, sensitivity, safety, appropriate medical intervention, and cost-effective ness. The Birth Center respects and facili tates a woman’s right to informed choice. We support families to make health care choices for mother and baby based on the family’s values and beliefs. As she defines it, the woman’s family is welcome to participate in the pregnancy, birth, postpartum period, and well-woman care.



Centers is a home-like atmosphere that provides routine and emergency care. The serene birth suites include birthing tubs, private shower room, and queen size beds. It is easy to

enjoy the top-notch expertise and service while respecting your privacy throughout your birth center stay.

The midwives and staff at Serenity are exceptional at what they do, and I could not be more grateful for their practice and my experience with each of them. This is how birth should be. At Serenity, they truly care about what is best for birthing people and babies—and it shows.

accredited birth centers are approved as a safe place for healthy, lowrisk women and babies by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecolo gists. Additionally, the midwifery model of care improves outcomes for maternal and infant health. Preterm birth rates and cesarean sections rates are reduced. Infant birth weights are increased. Satis faction among mothers is increased while costs are reduced.


The entire team is welcoming, friendly, and a joy to work with. During visits, everyone was attentive to my needs and wishes for my pregnancy. They provided personalized follow-up and made every effort possible to ease my mind about

~Noelle K, September 2021

RELIEF from NECK/SHOULDER/BACK/JOINT PAIN ADVANCED PROCEDURES & EFFECTIVE TREATMENTS NO SURGERY • MINIMALLY INVASIVE • JUST RESULTS Do You Suffer from NUMBNESS, TINGLING, STABBING, HEADACHES, RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME or CHRONICRobertPAIN?Odell,MD, PhD Pain Management Specialist Barbara Ruscingno FNP-BC, APRN-BC Accident Liens, Cash Patients, Medicare, and most Other Insurances Accepted. GET YOUR LIFE BACK! CALL 702-257-PAIN 8084 W. Sahara Ave. Suite B • Las Vegas, NV 89117 • 702-257-7246 • Monday - Friday • 8am - 5pm • 25+ YEARS OF SUCCESSFULLY TREATING PAIN

they call “Literally” the Coolest thing on four Catchwheels!Glacé

As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Forbes Magazine!

Cryotherapy’s Mobile Spa at some of Las Vegas’ upcoming events! If you’ll be attending EDC and want to find some cool relief, visit this year’s Wellness Center in the VIP lounge. And what’s even more “COOL” is that they will be assisting and offering their services at local High School Football games starting August 19th to November 12th, as well as broadcasting through Sinclair Broadcast ing Group on Channel 3, CW Las Vegas, and


had new tattoo work done, if you’re an athlete, or maybe you just had a surgery and want to recover very quickly – this is pretty much a great treatment for any age group if you fall between the ages of 11-85 years old. And a fun fact for all you Fitness Gurus, Cryotherapy can help burn between 5-800 calories per session, and one session only lasts (3) minutes.

Glacé Cryotherapy also offers a variety of Cryotherapy modalities, including Full body Cryotherapy, Localized Cryo therapy, Glacial Facials, Celluma L.E.D. Low level Light Therapy Facials, Infrared Sauna treatments, Theragun Massages and Compression therapy for your Legs, Hips, and Arms. And now you can have therapy come to YOU! Glacé just went MOBILE! And is the only one in the state of Nevada with this type of state-of-theart service. Offering these same services to private parties and sports events, and any Venue that you could use this type of service at. So catch some coolness around town in their new mobile trailer, what


Now more than ever, it is a crucial time to stay up to date with the best solutions to our Health and Wellness. Lucky for us, we live in a time where that has become so vast in possibilities and solutions with where to go.

For more information, www.vegascryotherapy.comvisitorcall702-685-9777.

Glacé Cryotherapy can help to boost your health and wellness and protect you from COVID-19. Also ask them about “Literally” The Coolest Thing on Four Wheels Mobile services for your next event! MV

t the rate of technological ad vancement in healthcare, one of the newest medical trends we want to bring to your at tention an establishment that has OUR attention, called Glacé Cryotherapy. For those that have never heard of it, Cryo therapy is a Holistic treatment that uses a Liquid Nitrogen stand up sauna to trigger your body’s natural pain and inflamma tion fighters, which then activates the body’s restorative process. The result from this gives you pain relief, a decrease of inflammation in the body, heightened energy levels, faster muscle recovery, and more. This treatment is perfect if you suf fer from Arthritis, Psoriasis, Hangovers (yes, we said it Vegas), or even Migraines, and is a great way to boost your immune system as it aids in White Blood Cell pro duction, the fighter cells that kills virus es. So, why not protect yourself against YouCOVID-19?willgreatly benefit from cryothera py if you have any skin conditions, just


EXCELLENCE in HEART and VASCULAR CARE A full-service Interventional Cardiology practice. Complete in office testing for all Cardiac Vascular Diseases. A fully accredited on-site Vascular lab for treatment of Peripheral Arterial and Venous disease. Phone: 702-822-2273 Fax: 5785702-734-3278SFortApache Rd Suite A100 Las Vegas NV Desertcardiovascular@gmail.com89148

Q: What are your hobbies?

We provide the following services under lien: spine care, neurosurgery, traumatic brain injury evaluations and treatment, initial PI patient evaluations, post trau

Dr. Khavkin: Khavkin Clinic is a multi specialty practice that includes Las Vegas Neck and Back, Las Vegas Sinus and Las Vegas Headache. We pride ourselves on the comprehensive approach to the diag nosis and treatment of the diseases of the nervous system and the spine.

After finishing spine fellowship at Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Khavkin became the director of the neurosurgical spine program at Northwestern University be fore moving to Las Vegas in 2010. One of only a few fellowship trained spine neurosurgeons in Las Vegas, Dr. Khavkin pioneered a number of spine surgery techniques and was the first surgeon in Nevada to perform complex spine onco logical procedures such as sacrectomies and en bloc spondylectomies.

r. Khavkin started medical school in Moscow when he was 16 and, after his family relo cated to the US, transferred to medical school at the University of Chi cago, where he also completed his neuro surgical training.

Q: Do you do any personal injury work?


We also have been performing a signif icant number of spine surgical proce dures in a surgery center setting which allows our patients to be discharged home the same day. It improves pa tient’s experience and outcomes. This also minimizes patient exposure to the hospitals and potential infection in cluding exposure to Covid.


Dr. Yevgeniy Khavkin, the founder of Khavkin Clinic, was raised in Moscow, Russia. He was Inspired to go into the medical field by his mother, a pediatric surgeon, and started his exposure to medicine at age 14 by assisting his mother in surgeries.

Q: Tell us about your practice.

matic ENT related symptoms treatment (tinnitis, vertigo, hearing problems), traumatic facial injury treatments, expert reports, and life care plans.

Dr. Khavkin: My favorite thing to do is spend time with my family and watch my three kids develop into unique indi viduals. We are a musical family. My wife and I have performed a number of times at the Smith Center for Nathan Adelson foundation fundraisers. We look forward to going back on stage as the world is re turning to normal. MV


Dr. Khavkin: Our focus is on the qual ity of care and especially customer ser vice. Our clients’ experience is of utmost importance for our organization. This certainly sets us apart from a lot of other practices in town.

Even though my expertise is in spine sur gery, most of our patients fortunately do not require any surgical treatment and we guide them down the non-surgical path to make sure they get better and return to the pain free life.

Dr. Khavkin: Yes. We have a dedicat ed team that focuses on personal injury work. We make sure that our clients get scheduled within several days and get seen by our providers with very minimal wait time. We are in constant commu nication with attorneys’ offices to make sure we get our reports out within 24 hours of seeing our patients.

To learn more about Dr. Khavkin and the specialties offered at Khavkin Clinic, please visit or call (702) 888-1188.


We can always accommodate lien pa tients within a week and pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and cre ating great experience for our clients.

Learn more about Khavkin Clinic below:

Q: What differentiates you from other sim ilar practices in Las Vegas?

39 702-733-2020 • All-Laser LASIK • Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery with Premium IOLs and Astigmatism Correction • Advanced Dry Eye Treatments with LipiFlow®, BlephEx™, IPL and Amniotic Membranes • Dry-Eye Treatment Center of Excellence • Glaucoma Treatment and Management • Diabetic Ocular Screening Exams and Management • Pterygium Removal • Cross-Linking for Keratoconus • ICL Implants for High Levels of Nearsightedness • Ocular Screening for People Taking Plaquenil EAST LOCATION 2110 East Flamingo Road Suites 210 and 211 Las Vegas, NV 89119 WEST LOCATION 2555 Box Canyon Drive Las Vegas, NV 89128 HENDERSON LOCATION 10424 S. Eastern Ave. Henderson, NV 89052 SOUTHWEST LOCATION 6710 S. Ft. Apache Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89148 WellishVision.comCall for an appointment today WELLISH VISION INSTITUTE, ONE OF LAS VEGAS’ LEADING TOTAL EYE CARE PROVIDERS You may know Dr. Wellish as being one of the Top 100 Doctors. Now meet the rest of the team! During this Covid Crisis, Wellish Vision Institute follows all CDC Safety Guidelines Matthew Chiapa, OD • Tigran Kostanyan, MD • William May, MD Kent L. Wellish, MD • Eissa Hanna, MD • K.C. McCandless, OD, FAAO Left to Right COMING SOON

All of us at the Robotic Institute of Las Vegas are proud to be at the forefront of minimally spine invasive surgery, using robotic technology to provide patients with less pain, faster recovery times, and better results. Our spine techniques can help people who have been living with chronic back or neck pain get their lives back on track without having to deal with long hospital stays or extensive blood loss. You can go home after your surgery feeling like yourself again! It’s not just about getting rid of your pain; it’s also about restoring your quality of life so you can feel great again. Our goal is to help our patients return to their active lifestyles quickly and safely by providing them with excellent care from some of the most highly-trained spine surgeons in the country.


e are one of the few cen ters that offer efficient ro botic, minimally invasive spinal surgery to our pa tients and we want to help you too!

The spine is a complex structure, and there are many different reasons for pain in the back or neck. Dr. Kornelis Poels tra, from the Robotic Spine Institute at The Nevada Spine Clinic, has personal ly helped to develop the latest and most modern surgical robots and techniques that have cured patients with spinal con ditions, including herniated discs, sciat ica, stenosis, scoliosis, degenerative disc disease and more. We’ve taken a moment to sit down with Dr. Poelstra to talk to him about his techniques:

The Robotic Spine Institute of Las Vegas (888) 61-SPINE

7140 Smoke Ranch Rd. Ste. 150, Las Vegas, NV 89128



Monday - Friday 8 am - 5pm


You’re not alone. In fact, over 10 million people in the United States suffer from back pain every year. But, there is hope! The Nevada Spine Clinic and the Robotic Spine Institute of Las Vegas have been helping patients for over 25 years with incredible results.

A: Spine surgery doesn’t mean what it did in the past. With our techniques, hospital stays are very short, soft tissue recovery is fast, and blood loss is minimal, along with substantial complication reduction due to the experience with- and accuracy ofour technology. We use software to pre cisely pre-plan each-and-every surgery individual to each patient’s needs and use cutting edge instrumentation to com plete our procedures with highly reduced operative time, allowing for a much faster recovery.“



Q: Dr. Poelstra, what is one example of a situation where surgery may the most minimally invasive option for a patient?

A: “Well, I think, first off, that patients deserve to be educated about their diag noses and the technology we are now able to utilize for their problem. We never out of the gate, as typically, hunremitting due to failure could allow ourto. No large in cisions or soft tissue dissection, as place ment of 4 pedicle screws with the robot now only takes maybe 10-12 minutes and causes only a few tea spoons of blood loss. Traditionally, that process could take up to two hours with lengthy hospital stays.

Do you have a herniated disc, stenosis or other spine condition?

Dr. Kornelis Poelstra, MD PhD

SERVICES: Physical Exams • Walk-In Clinic • Annual Exam • Circumcision • Well Child Exam • Lab Tests • Telemedicine • Newborn Care Prenatal Meet And Greet • Sports Physical • Immunization • Asthma • Sick Visits • Pediatric Care • ADHD •Obesity • Teen Health Nevada Pediatric Specialists provides high-quality care to infants, children, and adolescents throughout the diverse Las Vegas Valley. Established in 2008, the practice has two convenient office locations in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. When families enter Nevada Pediatric Specialists, a team of experienced and compassionate medical professionals welcomes them. The team is composed of both board-certified physicians and nurse practitioners. They provide exceptional health care and aim to inspire children to reach their full potential throughout every developmental stage. 3201 S Maryland Parkway Suite 608 • Las Vegas, NV 89109 880 Seven Hills Dr Suite 100 • Henderson, NV 89052 • 702.457.5437

Las Vegas Neurology Center, where Dr. Janda practices along with fellow welltrained and Board-Certified Neurolo gists, provides inpatient and outpatient neurology services at numerous hos pitals throughout the city. The Center continues ongoing research in stroke, vascular neurology, headache disorders, movement disorders, epilepsy, neu romuscular disorders, dementia, and cognitive disorders. Expanding his own knowledge and understanding of the latest improvements and advancements in neurology, Dr. Janda is able to pro vide each and every one of his patients with state of the art and up to date tech nology and guidelines.


As a Neurologist-Attorney, you may be wondering how this incredible man can balance and continue to stay passion ate in both industries. Dr. Janda greatly enjoys both medicine and law, mainly because both fields involve helping peo ple. He loves to see the intersection and synergy between medicine and law. While he does not practice law directly, he uses his knowledge and experience in law in a teaching aspect. A vast majority of this hardworking doctor’s time is spent in the field of neurology, especially relating to teaching. His family, patient care, and teaching are the true passions that fuel the caregiver of Nevada, Dr. Paul Janda.

A prominent enjoyment for Dr. Janda is giving back to his community. He exhib


Looking back, Dr. Janda always had fond memories of his best teachers, resulting in his love and passion for teaching. A great teacher can have a tremendous impact on his or her students, while also experiencing the fun of watching oth ers learn and succeed. He is especially fond of his work as it involves lifelong learning and there is always something new to learn, a great deal of his time ex

panding his education on medicine and life in general.

its his love and care for the community by participating in charities, especially ones relating to disabilities and provid ing food. In the field of Neurology, he is a member of the American Headache Society, American Epilepsy Society, and Neocritical Care Society He also greatly enjoys providing patient education and student education whenever he has the opportunity. Being the Neurology Resi dency Program Director at Valley Hos pital Medical Center, Dr. Janda cherish es his time with the neurology resident physicians, while preparing them to be board-certified neurologists.

Las Vegas Neurology Center 2020 Wellness Way #300 Las Vegas, NV,


hrough the balance between the two industries, Dr. Janda is fueled by helping people in the commu nity, whether that be through pro viding, teaching, or giving back.



Dr. Paul Harlan Janda is the true embodiment of a caregiver, being the first and only Board-Certified NeurologistAttorney in the State of Nevada. Dr. Janda graduated at the University of California at Berkeley as a double major in Psychology and Molecular and Cell Biology, following that he attended the William S. Boyd School of Law.

tients is the study of how phantom limb sensation and phantom limb pain affects amputees. It has been discovered that, in some cases, amputees deal with phantom limb pain for the rest of their lives. Not on Dr. Hillock’s watch! The doctor has seen promising results in this regard through Osseointegration, as well. The coupling of prosthesis with an osseointegrated con nection anchored into the bone (the fe mur or tibia) is a solution that minimizes, and even has the potential to eliminate, phantom limb sensation for patients.


This groundbreaking surgery and tech nology can finally be made available to all surgeons, as well as generally available to the public. Once they’ve completed the final phase of the FDA authorization process, an Investigational Device Evalu ation or IDE, they will no longer be lim ited in the number of surgeries they can


“Osseoperception” is the return of some sensation to the limb or limbs, allow ing for the patient to feel the texture of things like grass or gravel. The resto ration of this ability (Tactile Feedback) is extremely vital to the quality of life of pa


The next innovation in the care and treatment of amputees is a procedure called Targeted Reinnervation. Wherever there is a damaged nerve, the scarring is removed, and the nerve is placed inside a muscle not previously related to itself. This repairs and utilizes the nerve in a way that improves the patient’s overall


ince the last time we spoke, there have been a few new develop ments regarding the procedure of Osseointegration (OI) and its sta tus as a novel solution for amputees. Pre viously, the procedure (which eliminates the need for suction socket prosthesis, as well as the discomfort caused by their usage) was not available to all amputees. A new form of OI is now available for pa tients with peripheral vascular disease or diabetes mellitus. Presently, Dr. Hillock is diligently working on a solution that will make new treatments available to those who do not qualify for the original trans cutaneous Osseointegration surgery.

By: Daryl K. Jones

Another effort being made in the fur therance of Osseointegration and the improvement of the quality of life for pa

There is also a new treatment for those who have diabetes and had amputations as a result of their condition. This option (not Osseointegration) is also available to those with Peripheral Vascular Disease, which is a condition that is mostly due to problems from tobacco use, causing restricted blood flow, thus not delivering enough oxygen to vital parts of the body.

available to the general public is not as simple as one may believe. However, Dr. Ronald Hillock and his team are gearing up to do just that. They’re in the final phase of clearance for FDA certification. They must first under go the Investigational Device Evaluation, part of the FDA certification process.


Dr. Ronald Hillock can be reached at


Going behind the blade and beyond the fray with Dr Ronald Hillock, the champion of Osseointegration, is always an eye-opener.

has vast experience and has worked with everyone from wounded sol diers to athletes in the Paralympics. His work will continue to be a beacon, direct ing the surge of innovation in surgery and staying above and beyond the fray of the medical profession. MV

tients. The benefits include the return of some motor functions and better balance.

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created a rehabilitation program specifically designed for his needs using advanced technology and innovative treatments. And he was cared for by a highly trained, experienced staff that showed professionalism and compassion throughout his recovery. Now I know why they are the trusted choice of medical professionals.

When my dad suffered a stroke, it was my turn to help him with important decisions, like making the right choice in rehabilitation. I asked the medical professionals that treated him who they trusted for the best care and outcomes. They said Encompass Health, the nation’s largest system of rehabilitation hospitals. There, they

specifically designed technology and innovative by a highly

recovery.professionalismtrained,andNowIknowwhymedicalprofessionals.©2021:Encompass Health Corporation:MyTurn

as psychiatric consult services at med ical hospitals in Nevada. Dr. Park says, “By having a presence at various differ ent levels of care, we are able to provide continuity of care.”

Both Dr. Suba and Dr. Park are thankful for the ability to serve their patients’ needs but they also believe that helping to educate future psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants is extremely important in order to con tinue to further improve access to qual ity mental health care in Nevada. In ad dition to seeing patients, a substantial amount of their time is spent mentor ing, lecturing, and rounding with stu



a need and wanted to be part of the solution,” said Dr. Suba. “We would constantly hear how long it was tak ing for patients to get in to see a psy chiatrist. We hoped by opening a large practice, we would be able to help some of these patients find consistent and compassionate care.” Founded in 2016, Alliance Mental Health Specialists has grown from 3 psychiatrists in Las Vegas, to 29 Psychiatric providers with an of fice in Las Vegas and Reno. Their highly qualified team consists of Psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician As Insistants.addition

“For me, Alliance is not just a business, it’s a family,” says Dr. Park. “We have known most of our providers since they were students or fellow residents. This familiarity and comfort level facilitates a supportive work environment.”


Dr. Suba and Dr. Park, along with their Partner, Dr. Ying-Chia Cheng, have worked tirelessly to provide high quality psychiatric care using evidence-based medicine. Through their efforts, they have earned the respect of patients, therapists, Doctors, and the community of Las Vegas. MV NV 89103


r. Faisal Suba and Dr. Dan iel Park, two of the founding members of Alliance Mental Health Specialists, envisioned changing this statistic when they were in their Psychiatric Residency pro gram through the University of Ne vada-School of Medicine. They often talked about opening a small practice together when they graduated, but nei ther of them ever imagined that their practice would grow to the size that it is “Wetoday.saw

to outpatient care, Alliance Mental Health Specialists also provide services at inpatient psychiatric hospi tals, Skilled Nursing Facilities, as well


trusted with the development of a young mental health professional is an honor and a privilege that we don’t take lightly,” says Dr. Suba. “Teach ing students ensures that we keep our knowledge up to date. It’s also fulfilling knowing that these students will take what they learn from us and be able to help a countless number of people in the years to come. In Arabic, it is known as ‘Sadaqa Jaariah,’ which is a good act that is continuous even after you pass.”

Did you know that according to some national polls, The State of Nevada is ranked 50th in the nation when it comes to mental health services?


Las Vegas Office 311 North Buffalo Drive Ste A Las Vegas, NV 89145 Henderson Office 1701-7B N. Green Valley Parkway Henderson, NV 89074 Cimarron Office 6930 S. Cimarron Rd. Ste 260 Las Vegas, NV 89113 TRUST MedicalRegenerativeHormoneAccidentWorkmanIndependentPhysicianExpertSpecialistEXPERTS!THEinPersonalInjury,Witness,LifeCarePlansMedicalExams,CompCases,InjuryReplacementTherapy,Medicine,andWeightLoss. Tashi Campbell RNBC, MAed, MT(ASCP) Business Coordinator • (702) 476-9700 •


As an expert in the latest micro invasive techniques, Dr. Grabow can safely cure both conditions in the office under local anesthesia!

Utilizing local anesthetic medication to numb your hand, and the latest techniques in patient pain and anxiety reduction, you are immersed in a comforting cocoon of your favorite sights and sounds minimizing any stress or anxiety throughout your procedure as your carpal tunnel or trigger finger is cured.

Trigger Finger causes a painful locking or catching sensation in a finger when trying to open the fingers from a closed hand.

While the procedures are revolutionary, the cost is not. Cash pay payment, financing, and insurance are all accepted.



Using the same sterile techniques as an operating room, and specially designed ultrasound equipment - Dr. Grabow obtains a detailed LIVE VIEW of your hand anatomy to guide the revolutionary UltraGuideCTRTM device from Sonex Health – to cure your carpal tunnel in minutes with an incision less than half the width of a dime. No Pain. No Stitches. Minimal post procedure discomfort. You are allowed to drive, use a walker or cane, and perform light activities the day of your procedure. Most patients return to their normal activities in under a week.

Two of the most common hand conditions: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome causes tingling or decreased sensation in the thumb, index, and long fingers. Patients may even drop things due to the lack of sensation.

CONCIERGE CARPAL TUNNEL and Hand Surgery 3175 St. Rose Parkway Henderson, NV 89052 (833) HAND – VIP No Sedation Hand (833) HAND – VIP


No Pain. No Sedation. No Nausea from anesthesia. No need for preop testing by your doctor or specialists!

r. Ryan Grabow of Concierge Carpal Tunnel and Hand Surgery is the only hand specialist in the country trained and experienced in the two micro invasive techniques currently available in treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Trigger Finger.



Using the same LIVE View ultrasound equipment - Dr. Grabow places a special cutting device thru a micro incisionreleasing your trigger finger in minutes! No Pain. No Stiches. Minimal post procedure discomfort. Hand use as tolerated the very next day.



Relax to your favorite music while your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Trigger Finger is cured under local anesthesia in the office with revolutionary Micro Invasive techniques!

Chiropractic | Physical Therapy | Stem cell East Desert Inn Wellness • 1090 E. Desert Inn Road, #102 • Las Vegas, NV • 702-333-1995You’vewww.yourlasvegaschiropractor.comonlygotonespine.Take great care of it with supportive chiropractic care.

51 SURGICAL • General Surgery • Laprascopic Surgery • Minimally Invasive Robotic daVinci Surgery 8530 W. Sunset Rd., Suite 240 Las Vegas, NV 89113 Over 20 Years Of Comprehensive Medical and Surgical Care in Las Vegas Kevin Rayls, MD, FACS Stephen B. Horsley, MD, FACS WE CAN HELP YOU LOOK & SEE YOUR BEST! 4 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Store Hours: Summerlin 7664 W. Lake Mead, Suite 107 (Buffalo & Lake Mead in the Summergate Plaza) 702.254.6222 Northwest 4343 N. Rancho Dr. Suite 116 (Southwest corner of Rancho & Craig) 702.656.6144 Seven Hills 10608 S. Eastern Ave., Suite H (Eastern & Horizon Ridge in the Smith’s Plaza) 702.617.2750 Southwest 6455 Rainbow, Suite 100 (At Rainbow, one block North of 215 Beltway) 702.802.4390 4 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Store Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday | 8:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday Summerlin 7664 W. Lake Mead, Suite 107 (Buffalo & Lake Mead in the Summergate Plaza) 702.254.6222 Northwest 4343 N. Rancho Dr. Suite 116 (Southwest corner of Rancho & Craig) 702.656.6144 Seven Hills 10608 S. Eastern Ave., Suite H (Eastern & Horizon Ridge in the Smith’s Plaza) 702.617.2750 Southwest 6455 Rainbow, Suite 100 (At Rainbow, one block North of 215 Beltway) 702.802.4390 WE CAN HELP YOU LOOK & SEE YOUR BEST! 4 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Store Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday | 8:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday Summerlin 7664 W. Lake Mead, Suite 107 (Buffalo & Lake Mead in the Summergate Plaza) 702.254.6222 Northwest 4343 N. Rancho Dr. Suite 116 (Southwest corner of Rancho & Craig) 702.656.6144 Seven Hills 10608 S. Eastern Ave., Suite H (Eastern & Horizon Ridge in the Smith’s Plaza) 702.617.2750 Southwest 6455 Rainbow, Suite 100 (At Rainbow, one block North of 215 Beltway) 702.802.4390 WE CAN HELP YOU LOOK & SEE YOUR BEST! 4 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Store Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday | 8:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday Summerlin 7664 W. Lake Mead, Suite 107 (Buffalo & Lake Mead in the Summergate Plaza) 702.254.6222 Northwest 4343 N. Rancho Dr. Suite 116 (Southwest corner of Rancho & Craig) 702.656.6144 Seven Hills 10608 S. Eastern Ave., Suite H (Eastern & Horizon Ridge in the Smith’s Plaza) 702.617.2750 Southwest 6455 Rainbow, Suite 100 (At Rainbow, one block North of 215 Beltway) 702.802.4390 WE CAN HELP YOU LOOK & SEE YOUR BEST! 4 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Store Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday | 8:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday Summerlin 7664 W. Lake Mead, Suite 107 (Buffalo & Lake Mead in the Summergate Plaza) 702.254.6222 Northwest 4343 N. Rancho Dr. Suite 116 (Southwest corner of Rancho & Craig) 702.656.6144 Seven Hills 10608 S. Eastern Ave., Suite H (Eastern & Horizon Ridge in the Smith’s Plaza) 702.617.2750 Southwest 6455 Rainbow, Suite 100 (At Rainbow, one block North of 215 Beltway) 702.802.4390 WE CAN HELP YOU LOOK & SEE YOUR BEST! 4 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Store Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday | 8:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday Summerlin 7664 W. Lake Mead, Suite 107 (Buffalo & Lake Mead in the Summergate Plaza) 702.254.6222 Northwest 4343 N. Rancho Dr. Suite 116 (Southwest corner of Rancho & Craig) 702.656.6144 Seven Hills 10608 S. Eastern Ave., Suite H (Eastern & Horizon Ridge in the Smith’s Plaza) 702.617.2750 Southwest 6455 Rainbow, Suite 100 (At Rainbow, one block North of 215 Beltway) 702.802.4390


MYVEGAS Magazine polled more than 100,000 of our readers to find the 2022 Top 100 Lawyers in Las Vegas. These lawyers and law firms come highly recommended by our readers and for good reason! As dynamic as Las Vegas is, their service to locals within the community make our city still one of the safest places to live, work and play.  They provide guidance, protect our rights and advise us. They know the laws when we don’t and represent us so that we see justice. We would like to honor and show our appreciation to them. Featured in this special issue are a diverse group of lawyers practicing various types of law. Along with wellknown leaders, and the new rising stars this year, we are proud to publish the MYVEGAS Top 100 Lawyers in Las Vegas.  As we love to celebrate our locals that live in the community, you may recognize friends and familiar faces. Many have credentials too many to list, however note that their talents and contributions go far behind what we had space to print. This year’s recipients are amazing attorneys who achieved great success, contributed in more ways than one can name but most importantly, have had a positive influence in the community we live in.



I’d like to think that fate played a hand in it but either way it does make for a great

Ha ha yes… I guess I should have thought that through. Once I graduated college, I was accepted at Seton Hall Law School back in New Jersey. So, we packed every thing up again and moved back to the East Coast. Living back there was very tough, it was great to see family and friends, but we had very little money and I was deliv ering pizzas to get by. We were living in a converted two car garage, which was small for a growing family, cold, and not what we had become used to in Las Vegas.





You know the lure of Las Vegas and the beauty of living here is tough to get out of one’s system and of course the oppor tunities here are unlike anywhere else. We wanted to move back. I had a friend I dealt craps with whose wife played golf with a Judge and gave out my resume to the Judges in Clark County. Judge Bonaventure, one of the most highly re spected and acclaimed jurists in Las Ve gas, was looking to hire a law clerk and took a chance on me. So, for the last time, we once again packed up the U-Hauls and made the final trip back across the coun try to Las Vegas. I was very fortunate in that one of the first cases I worked on as a law clerk was the infamous and worldwide publicized case of the Ted Binion murder trial. I also was the Law clerk for the Jeremy Strohmeyer re-hearing and the Margaret Rudin “Black Widow” murder trial. Those cases really gave me an “into the frying pan” experience in learning the law. I learned much more than anything I ever learned in any law school class. Later, I would be privileged to be hired by the best criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas, Dominic Gentile, who taught me a lot about defending my clients.



many ways attorney Al Las so is the epitome of what Las Vegas is all about. Giving up on the security of complacency, throw ing caution to the wind, betting it all and winning big in the end. This is what Al Lasso did and it paid off not only for him in winning some of the largest verdicts in the United States, but also for the safety of thousands and thousands of people he will never meet. We recently caught up with Al to discuss his journey from casino dealer to one of the most respected attor neys in Las Vegas.

My journey is a little different than most attorneys. I grew up in New Jersey, in a blue-collar family. My mom was a home maker and my dad a fireman. When I graduated from high school, I decided that college was not for me. So, while I always wanted to be an attorney, I did not go in that direction right away. In fact, I opened my own One Hour Photo business in my hometown.

My brother was involved in a very severe car crash that caused him to be paralyzed from the waist down and I saw firsthand how badly he was treated by insurance companies and even attorneys. I made a vow to myself that I would one day be come an attorney and make sure that none of my clients were treated that way. That I would always take care of the “lit tle guy” like my brother that no one else seemed to care about. 10 years out of high school I decided it was time to follow my dream.

That is very true, but that did not stop me. I was 28 years old, and I knew it would take 7 years to complete my dream. I figured, I am going to be 35 either way, so I could be doing the same thing I am doing, or I could be an attorney helping people. I decided to sell my business, sell my home, and move to Las Vegas where I could learn how to deal craps and be able to go to school full-time while working in a casino at night full-time so I could make a living. That is what I did, packed up the family, enrolled in dealers’ school, became a craps dealer, and went to school full time at UNLV. I even worked as an extra in movies such as “Casino” to make additional money while in school. Only in a 24-hour town like Las Vegas does that opportunity present itself.


I was selected to be Judge Bonaven ture’s Law clerk, we had no money to get back to Las Vegas. Basically, we had spent everything we had getting me through law school. The move back would be cost ly. I just could not ask family and friends, without who we never would have made it that far, for anymore help. At the last minute, I had entered my name in a New York Radio station contest.


702.625.8777 For a

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We are a boutique firm; we do not accept every case that walks in the door. I do not want Lasso Injury Law to become one of those giant firms where non-attorneys work on the cases and they do not even know who you are. We are very selective



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Many people think it is the money and do not get me wrong, I am very happy that my clients will be taken care of for the rest of their lives. However, to me, it is knowing that the home improvement store has changed their watering polices all over the country in an attempt to en sure that no one else will suffer the brain injury my client did. It is also to know that HOA’s everywhere will now inspect their swing sets monthly to ensure that the metal parts are not rusted out and in danger of collapsing, saving young chil dren from severe head injuries. That is truly the most satisfying thing about be ing a trial attorney and I will continue to always fight for my clients like they are family.

Font - Cinzel Bold

It was a contest where if you heard your name on the radio, you had 20 minutes to call in. Once you called in, thirty-six of us would meet on the beach and pull a key out of a fishbowl. Then each of us would have a chance to start a Jeep Wrangler, if your key starts the Jeep, you win two Jeeps. A month later, I found myself on that beach, the 21st in line, as everyone in front of me tried to start the Jeep with the key they had pulled out. With no one in front of me having started the Jeep, it was my turn. I prayed for my key to work as I turned it in the ignition and after a couple of coughs and sputters, the Jeep started, and I won the two Jeeps. We took those winnings and used it to get us all to Vegas and start my legal career.

about our cases because when we take on a case, we dive into every detail and personally speak to each and every client. Being a small firm allows us to devote the time needed to each of our cases. We are a hands-on firm, but we also spare no expense for our clients when it comes to experts, investigators, and co-advocates for trials.

CONTACT AL AT Free Consultation

Although my brother has now left us, I like to think I am still fighting for him. From the smallest of cases to the biggest ones, I treat all my clients like family. I have dedicated my law practice to fight ing for the people who have been injured by the negligence of others and to hold them accountable for their actions. I fo cus on getting my clients the most com pensation they deserve so they can move on with their lives.


The attorneys at Heidari Law Group are fighters, and there are several other factors that make them different from other law firms. First, they are not a trial-only firm. They are involved in the process from A to Z. Also, they are not a personal injury "mill." Firms like that get a case and pass

Heidari, the principle of the Heidari Law Group, was inspired to practice law because he wanted to have a positive impact on the rights and civil liberties of his clients. To understand what drives him, you have to consider the entire story. Like so many other exceptional people, attorney Sam Heidari started as an immigrant to the US. His passion was sparked by what he had seen happen to others around him as a boy. Growing up in a country which by his own admission had a justice system which pales in comparison to what we have here in the States, he felt a responsibility to help oth ers at an early age.

Heidari Law Group, P.C. for being a beacon of hope for the infirmed, and a champion for the rights of those who are suffering. Simply put, Heidari Law Group puts the "personal" In personal in jury representation. It is no wonder then, that Sam Heidari is one of our Top 100 Law yers and one of the Best of MyVegas 2022. We thank them for their diligent service.

For those looking to hire an attorney, Heidari advises that one should do their due diligence. "If the attorney is practicing in the field of personal injury and charges you a consultation fee, that's a red flag for me," states Heidari. While this approach isn't unethical, personal injury clients are often unable to work, dealing with expen sive and accruing medical bills, and are under great psychological pressure as well. The last thing they need is to have to pay a consultation fee up front to speak to an attorney. It is this protective "watchdog" mind state and commitment to best prac tices that makes Heidari Law Group one of the fastest growing law firms in Nevada, with a track record of recovering millions for their clients.

Attorney Sam Heidari started out doing business litigation. However, this did not fulfill his urge to make a difference in the lives of individual citizens. The hallmark of their service is "competent and ethical lawyering." The people that Heidari Law Group services are injured, hurt, or had their personal rights infringed upon, and Sam Heidari feels that helping these people is his true calling.


By: Daryl K. Jones


it off to another firm to handle the litiga tion if, and when they drop the ball. Not the Heidari Law Group. They take a case, and if it needs to be litigated, they handle the litigation from the drafts of the lawsuits all the way up to the final judgment after tri al. This is a massive undertaking but they take the phrase "protecting your client's interest" very seriously. They pride them selves on the 3 D’s: Diligence, Determi nation, and Dedication. According to Sam Heidari, these three words encompass the core values of Heidari Law Group, P.C., in the courtroom, the conference room, and out in public.

So, what's next for Heidari Law Group? They have multiple trials starting in both Nevada and California, and their lawyers are already in that "full-court press" mind state. Also, they will continue to look to wards expansion to be able to bring more of the competent, ethical representation from which they have become known. They already serve clients in Las Vegas, Sacra mento and Orange County, but they never take their eyes off the ball regarding when and where they can protect the rights of the


Adam S. Kutner Injury Attorneys has been providing trusted legal representation to injured victims for more than 30 years. We understand how stressful and overwhelming a car accident can be for victims. Our team of expert lawyers will help you navigate the legal system and claim fair compensation for your injuries and suffering.

BEST Team. BEST Results. BEST Client 702.382.0000

With a background in family law, estate planning, and criminal defense, as well as experience with workers’ compensation, Joel Hengstler became a partner of THE702FIRM injury attorneys in 2021. Attorney Hengstler has handled thousands of personal injury matters, exclusively representing injured parties. THE702FIRM In jury Attorneys have three $3,000,000 settlements, and consistently receive referrals from other pre-litigation attorneys. This makes them the “lawyer’s lawyer”, in effect. According to Attorney Kane, “We take cases that other firms would turn down because they’re too complex or they don’t see a way to win. But we find ways to resolve them.” Perhaps, this is yet another factor that makes them different from the others.



With this vast expertise, THE702FIRM Injury attorneys are the ones to call. Along with Attorney Kane, attorneys Bradley J. Myers (the other principal of the firm) and Joel Hengstler (who was elevated to partner by Brad and Mike in 2021) are involved in the case pro cess from beginning to end with their clients, and that includes all case prep as well. It’s assuring to have the support of attorneys like Bradley Myers, who handles injury cases of all magnitudes, but primarily focuses on catastrophic injuries and wrongful death for THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys. This includes motor vehicle acci dents, insurance bad faith, slip and fall, wrongful death, dog bite, and product liability cases. Attorney Myers previously worked with insurance companies as well. Needless to say, he’s a valued asset when litigating, and he has been one for 18 years and counting.


By: Daryl K. Jones

400 South 7th Street Fourth Floor Las Vegas, NV 702.776.333389101

One factor that makes THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys dif ferent from other legal practices is the leadership. One of the principals, Michael C. Kane not only has prolific legal experience, but a degree in biological science. This gives THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys an advantage. They have access to a wealth of knowl edge regarding the injuries sustained by their clients, as well as the quality-of-life experienced while, and after their clients recover. It’s kind of difficult to fool these attorneys if you’re on their radar. Attorney Kane used to represent the insurance companies himself. He first worked on the defense side of the aisle, and the irony is that he went from representing the “big guys” to standing up for the “little guy”. Therefore, he has extensive experience with the way insurance companies structure their defenses, what loopholes they seek to use, and many other tricks and tactics employed by the in surance companies. I’d rue the day that I would have to face these attorneys in court if I was one of these corporations.

Well-rounded attorneys, great service, and desirable results. These are the hallmarks of a great firm. We celebrate THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys for protecting us from the greed of the bad apples in the insurance industry, and being there for us as a source of support in our most trying times. We can hardly wait to see what's next for this firm


Contact At Ease Law at 702.602.5004 or visit WWW.ATEASELAW.COM


900 E Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89104


My clients can expect the best. We represent our clients to the best of our ability- every single time. We also value the custom er service aspect of busi ness. We strive to make our clients feel like they have a friend walking them through the chal lenges they are facing. We know that when faced with any legal issue, knowl edgeable, friendly, and caring support is necessary while getting results. We’re proud to offer an ease that can’t be found anywhere else.


I circle back to my passion to help people, and wherever I can do that is where I want to be. People come to me with a problem for me to solve for them. Whether the prob lem is a recent arrest or citation, a custody battle or divorce, or taking care of family members when they are not able to, I get to help them navigate the legal system and achieve their goals.

My family moved here when I was a senior in high school. I attended college at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. After that I went back to Ohio for law school, but it was here that was my home so as soon as I completed law school I came back. I love the diversity and various cultures that you can find here. I love the world class enter tainment, the weather, and the restaurants. Las Vegas is home.


Melissa Barry, the firm’s Owner and Lead Attorney, has one goal in mind: tackling your legal problems with ease. With her focus set on criminal defense, family law and estate planning, Melissa has a passion for helping people with their most personal and serious cases. We are pleased to intro duce Melissa to our readers as one of our MYVEGAS Top 100 Lawyers of 2022.

I focus on criminal defense and estate plan ning, while also doing a significant amount of family law. Each of these areas of law are surprisingly related. My passion is helping people when they need it the most. These areas of law let me help people in ways that play to my strengths so I can be the best advocate for them.

ts name inspired by making even the most stressful legal processes pain less, At Ease Law is Las Vegas’ bestand easiest- choice for legal represen tation in Las Vegas.


I love the competition. I always joke, or maybe not joke, that “I don’t come to play. I come to win.” And it’s true. But it’s not just about winning. I prepare thoroughly so that I know the case better than anyone else. It’s the challenge. As a trial lawyer, I must know the law of my case without having to research. I must actively listen to questions and answers and know the ob jections. I must preserve my client’s rights for appeal. A lot of that is done in the courtroom and takes a very specialized expertise.





“So grateful for Southwest Injury Law. I am a mom of 2 young girls who were t-boned by a cab, my van was totaled. Thankfully, I was able to get in pretty much right away … along with my two girls. Luis & his staff are top notch. I can always get help when I need it, including a call back. They are very responsive & treat you like a friend. I am grateful and I fully recommend.”

8716 Spanish Ridge Ave., Suite 120 • Las Vegas, NV 89148 • 702.600.3200 CAR ACCIDENTS • SEMI-TRUCK ACCIDENTS • BICYCLE ACCIDENTS RIDESHARE ACCIDENTS • WRONGFUL DEATH • CONSTRUCTION SITE ACCIDENTS DOG BITES • SLIP AND FALL • NURSING HOME ABUSE & NEGLECT NO FLASH ALL RESULTS We’ve Helped Over 10,000 People Get Their Life Back. Here to make it right when you’ve been wronged.

~ Kristi H. (Actual Client)

Borja Law firm prides itself on pro viding high quality, responsive legal service and personalized attention to clients. Driven to give back to her com munity, Jennifer has volunteered with KIND (Kids in Need of Defense) for their immigration proceedings; she also volunteers for the Legal Aid of South ern Nevada. Jennifer balances her work with spending time with her family and relieving stress while hiking, boxing, taking yoga and Pilates.


practice, Jennifer has assisted clients from over 35 coun tries to obtain their US lawful perma nent resident status or their US citi zenship. Jennifer represents clients in removal/deportation proceedings and requests for relief so they may obtain legal status in the US. She is driven to assist clients who are survivors of child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, and other felonies to obtain U-visas or Special Immigrant Juvenile Status. Jen nifer acquired some of her immigration, as well as corporate, law experience while an associate in a New York bou tique law firm.

charges faced by her nonimmigrant and immigrant clients to avoid removal/de Jenniferportation.graduated


Jennifer has extensive experience in family law, ranging from annulment, contested and uncontested divorce matters, custody/parenting time, spou sal support/alimony, child support, and issues involving distribution of marital assets. In addition, Jennifer worked as a contract attorney with the New Jer sey Office of Parental Representation to defend parents in abuse & neglect allegations and termination of parental


establishing Borja Law, Jennifer focused on employment law and crim inal defense of public employees, such as teachers and police officers, for the State of New Jersey. Through this ex perience, Jennifer has acquired a keen understanding of the potential conse quences that criminal charges may bear upon on one’s current or prospective employment, especially in the pub lic sector. Today, Jennifer applies her criminal defense experience to analyze the legal ramifications of the criminal

Jennifer founded Borja Law, LLC in New Jersey. Ten years thereafter, she expanded her law practice in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she moved to be closer to her family. Jennifer recognized the opportunity to grow her business in the booming economy of Las Vegas.


Jennifer Borja will handle your case from start to finish while providing a cost-effective solution to her client’s legal needs. For your legal needs, con tact Borja Law for a consultation at (702) 848-2838. MV

Borja Law, LLC 10845 Griffith Peak Dr., #2 Las Vegas, NV 89135



62 hen making the decision on who you would like to repre sent you in your legal matter, it is incredibly important to choose a firm that is passionate about advocating for your rights. Jennifer Borja of Borja Law, LLC is primarily focused on immigra tion and family laws; however, she can assist you with many aspects of the law, including, but not limited to, personal injury, bankruptcy, and corporate law

from Rutgers Uni versity with a Bachelor of Science, dou ble major in Computer Science and Eco nomics. She earned her Juris Doctorate from New York Law School. During law school, she served as a judicial extern to the Honorable Doris Ling-Cohan, Justice of the New York Supreme Court. Jennifer also worked as a legal intern and Summer associate for a Wall Street based insurance defense firm where she assisted in defending personal injury

63 Our Team of Experienced Problem Solvers Provides Practical Solutions Commercial/Business Matters Personal Injury Serious Accidents WorkBankruAccidentsptcyFamilyLaw Wills, Trust, and LitigationEstates Let us put you back in control of your life! Protect your business, home, car, wages, family, and future before it is too late. for naming Roger Croteau as one of the Top 100 Lawyers! Thank you Las Vegas Call 702.254.7775 Today! | |


Christopher S. Connell, the Managing Partner for Connell Law, is as passionate about law as they come.

I am originally from Canada and when I first decided to become a lawyer, I sent law school applica tions for the schools with the best aver age weather temperatures. I got into law schools on both coasts but UNLV offered me a scholarship and so I came to visit the school and fell in love with this city and the people here immediately. I love the small town feel with big city ameni ties that Las Vegas has to offer – there is no other place like it on earth.

I’m not sure how many practicing lawyers really choose to become lawyers – I’m starting to think that they were just born that way. You hear people all the time talking about how good they would be as attorneys be cause they love to argue and I’m always glad that those people never end up ac tually doing law. Being a lawyer is about representing people. The best lawyers I know are skilled negotiators who focus on getting the best results for their clients, they are not people that enjoy argument for its own sake. At the end of the day, this is a people business, and helping people is my main priority each and every day.

What areas does your practice primarily focus on?




Christopher S. Connell, Esq. LicensedAttorneyinNevadaCONNELLLAW


The main thing that my clients appreciate is that we answer our phones and strive to provide the very best in customer ser vice to each and every client. I am always surprised when I hear that simply answering our phones or re sponding timely is what the customer is most impressed by.

I am absolutely enamored with this city and my firm takes a great deal of pride in our local citizen ship. We have sponsored amateur athlet ics, including the Boys and Girls Club of Southern Nevada, we have participated with multiple fundraising efforts, and we have taken on several cases, pro bono, for the benefit of this town and the people who live here. MV



What can a client expect when they choose you to represent them?


How do you enjoy getting in volved in the Las Vegas commu nity?



emaining in love with Las Vegas and all that the city has to offer, Christopher loves to give back to the community through his work in the law and with groups such as the Boys and Girls Club of Southern Nevada. We had the chance to speak with Christo pher about his firm and why his work is important to him.

What initially interested you about the law industry and what keeps you coming back?

What brought you to Las Vegas? And what do you love about Las Vegas?

Connell Law focusses in the areas of Personal Injury, Real Estate, and Business Litigation.

Phone: (702) CONNELL (266-6355) Fax: (702)


6671 Las Vegas Blvd. Suite 210 Las Vegas, Nevada 89119


For over 120 years combined, our experienced attorneys have provided aid to the injured or wronged in Las Vegas. Schedule your initial consult to learn how we can help you. Whether you have been seriously injured, are facing serious criminal charges, or are locked in a business-related dispute, the need for qual ity legal representation is paramount.

Beyond the Billboards Real

More than 100,000 Cases Handled 710 South 7th Street, Suite B • Las Vegas, NV 89101 •

Contact our team at (702) 240-7979 to learn more about our legal services and how we can protect your rights. Se habla español.  Lawyers for Problems Real

At Christiansen Trial Lawyers, we have extensive experience handling personal injury and criminal defense cases for clients throughout the Las Vegas, Nevada area. If you or someone close to you has been injured in a serious accident or by the careless actions of another, we can help you seek compensation. If you have been arrested, it is important to have an experienced, court-tested lawyer in your corner. We are prepared to protect your rights.


Communication is the key. As we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, and consid er the future, Harris & Harris has found new ways to stay in touch with clients more easily and efficiently. By staying in closer contact with clients, it makes

why he prefers to run a 3-lawyer practice, his answer is simple: accountability. “My priority is focusing on client care. When you have 3 lawyers in the firm, we all focus on getting the best result in each and every case. I work on every case for every client. Ultimately, the buck stops with me. That is a respon

Brian K. Harris is the managing part ner of Harris & Harris Injury Lawyers, a three-lawyer firm with a focus on excel lent personal client representation and achieving the best possible result for each client in every case.

sibility I take incredibly seriously. I’m not satisfied until I know I’ve achieved the best result for every client.” When asked how Harris & Harris has continued to thrive during the current pandemic, Bri an says, “No matter the challenge faced, or how we shift strategies to face them, our focus is always the same. We know the value of each case and the impact and challenges each client is facing as a result of their injuries. We fight to get the best possible result for every client. By making client satisfaction a central part of our mission, communicating closely with our clients (especially during difficult times), we are able to make sure their needs are being met. Nothing is more important to me as the managing partner.”

Achieving success as a trial lawyer is no accident. For over 20 years, Brian Harris has been a Plaintiff’s trial lawyer with one goal in mind—consistently winning for his clients. Of course, over two decades, it hasn’t been easy.

it easier for them to understand exactly what is happening in their case. Says Bri an, “By taking some of the lessons we’ve learned in the pandemic, and incorporat ing them into our long-term plans for the firm, we are able to ensure success for our clients. Only when we achieve the best outcome for our clients, can we achieve success for ourselves as lawyers. I am sat isfied with nothing less than success.”

If you’ve been injured and need legal ad vice, call Brian at 702-384-1414. MV



owever, with every challenge faced, Brian has been able to keep his focus steady. When asked how he has managed to build a successful law practice even through the recession, the pandemic, and other challenging times, Brian has a sim ple answer: anticipate, plan ahead, and always stay focused on what matters, the client. Over the course of his career, Bri an has been part of large law firms with many partners. In 2008, he and his wife and current law partner, Heather Harris, decided they wanted to do things their own way and founded Harris & Harris In jury




1645 Village Center Cir, Suite 60 Las Vegas, NV harrislawyers.com89134

Jacqueline Bretell, Partner & CEO Get a Free Consultation at or Call 702-710-4722 An Attorney Who Rides and Wins Cases for Motorcycle and Motor Vehicle Accidents


The personal injury field is one of the most dynamic parts of the legal world. Christian Morris, of Nettles Morris Law Firm in Las Vegas, loves to take on challenges.

“Becoming a trial lawyer is something I was born for, but I am grateful I have my family, my friends and a support system that allows me to be a trial lawyer. They hold up my world while I work to make other peoples’ worlds better.” She is a mom, a wife, a managing partner, and an amazing trial lawyer. Christian Morris is one of the most professional, hard-work ing, and passionate lawyers we have had the chance to congratulate, we are very proud to call her one of our Top 100 Law yers of the Year. MV

Christian explains that it is hu man tragedies that land her in the courtroom and it is her job to tell the stories of those tragedies and protect our communi ty. She is determined to make life safer for all of us, one verdict at a time.Christian is strong, powerful, and a force

o matter how long the case lasts, how difficult the case is to win, or the amount of work it will take, Christian works hard to bring Justice to her clients. When asked what being a trial lawyer means to her, Christian says, “Being a trial lawyer means you are someone who can survive the loses and cherish the wins. The court room is where lives are changed, and peo ple Followinglisten.”her recent win at trial for the family of Chantel Giacalone, where she recovered $31 million for her client, Christian recalled, “It was an honor and privilege to represent such a beautiful person, and the interests of a loving and caring family that needed closure.”


to be reckoned with in the courtroom. She is proud to be a female trial lawyer in a predominantly male profession. Chris tian was awarded Top Lawyer of the Year by the Nevada Justice Association, the second woman in the past two decades to be awarded the honor. This honor is not something Christian takes lightly. She takes her job seriously as the last line of defense against insurance companies.

CHRISTIAN MORRIS, ESQ. Nettles|Morris Nevada Trial Lawyers 1389 Galleria Drive Ste 200 Henderson NV 89014 Office: (702)

69 3202 West Charleston Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702) 878.8778 Cap & Kudler MEDIASOCIALUSFOLLOWON

Call: 702-450-4868 Text 24/7: 702-600-0032

Attorney Laura Payne has the right combination of experience, dedication and compassion.

When pursuing my undergrad at UNLV, I majored in journalism and worked at the school newspaper and radio station. One of my favorite things about that experience was interviewing people and learning about the issues they were facing.

My reply is always the same: “You aren’t bothering me. I work for you, and if you have a question, never hesitate to call or text me!” I treat every client as though they are my only client.

t’s not something anyone likes to think about, but statistics indicate that most of us will be involved in an accident at some point. When that happens, anxiety can really kick in. We’re constantly bombarded by billboards, commercials, and ads for personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas—what should you look for when choosing representation?

What sparked your interest in becoming an attorney?

What legal services do you provide?

I grew up here. It’s where my family and friends live and where I am raising my three sons. I’m just as passionate about our community as I am my clients. I sup port several youth sports leagues and volunteer frequently with community outreach charities. When I am not work ing or attending my sons’ baseball games, you’ll find me practicing yoga, skiing or riding ATVs. MV

treat you as a number—and how frustrat ing and painful that can be.

What do you love about Las Vegas?


I considered becoming a public defender, but after two years working in the crim inal system, I decided I wanted to advo cate for people who had been wronged by large corporations and insurance companies. What better way to prepare myself to do that than by working within that system?


I represent every client on a personal, compassionate and professional lev el whether they were involved in a car, truck, boat, bus, motorcycle or slip- andfall accident. I’m licensed to practice law in all courts in the state of Nevada and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. I am also admitted to practice in Texas and California. I’m a member of the Ameri can Bar Association, the Clark County Bar Association, and the Southern Nevada Women’s Bar Association.

And while journalism helped me shine a light on people’s problems, it didn’t provide a path to help. That’s what I love so much about the law. Now, I still get to hear people’s stories, but I’m also able to help them solve their problems, too.

Why did you choose to focus on personal injury law?

I spent over nine years as a staff attorney for large in surance company. There, I gained the experience and knowledge to not only try cases but to understand how insurance companies review and determine the value of cases. This has given me an insight into the business that few other attorneys possess.

What sets your practice apart?

recently asked her to share with us what has motivated her to provide exempla ry legal representation with a decided ly personal touch for over twenty years.

My primary strengths as an attorney are person al service and years of experience. I have pur posefully kept my prac tice small so I can provide one-on-one help to each of my clients. I understand how insurance companies

It’s important to find an attorney that is not only experienced in personal in jury law, but is tenacious, compassion ate, and attentive as well. Those are at tributes Laura Payne has in spades. She is the attorney behind TheOneLawyer. com and also heads up the valley’s pre mier boutique personal injury firm. We

When you retain me, you work directly with me. My clients are often stressed, fearful and confused at our first consulta tion. They frequently tell me that no one else has explained or listened to them as clearly as I have. They’ll start the conver sation with, “I don’t want to bother you.”

Jared has recovered millions of dollars for his clients.


For all of your legal needs, visitFullclearcounsel.comThrottleLaw




At the end of the day, there is no replacement for personal service to your clients.

W. JONATHAN WEBER, ESQ weber-lawfirm.com702-538-5761

To learn more about Full Throttle Law, visit

Attorney Jonathan Weber has experienced many approaches to the attorney-client re lationship in his 21 years of work at larger Las Vegas firms, small firms, defense and plaintiff’s firms, in litigation, mediation and in pre-litigation. And no matter the law firm, clients need answers to their ques tions and concerns, details of progress, and an overall view of how their case is going. Personal attention, paired with timely and consistent client communication is a stan dard he holds himself to as a personal-inju ry solo practitioner in an increasingly com petitive arena dominated by billboard law firms with million-dollar ad campaigns and slick media slogans.

“I don’t think there is a more diverse, yet close knit group in all the world. All drawn together for the love of the sport, the love of the road, and a love of the freedom of being on a bike,” Jared states, regarding his love for the motorcycle community.

his event inspired Jared to do the same for others, ultimately graduat ing with a music degree and entering law school. After three years of train ing in litigation at a major law firm, Jared started representing personal injury victims and came to the realization that this was his calling. After representing one motorcycle rider, over the years Jared represented more and more riders and became friends with many of his clients, eventually buying a Har ley Davidson of his own.

Most law firms employ an army of legal assistants and paralegals that effectively “wall off” the handling attorney from actu ally speaking to clients. (Try calling a large law firm and ask to speak with an attorney – at best you’ll talk to a paralegal who can’t give legal advice, or just be transferred to the attorney’s voicemail - that’s it.) Jon athan takes calls directly from his clients and reaches out proactively. Direct commu nication regarding case status gives Jona than’s clients the level of personal service they need and respect they deserve. It’s the difference between simply being a number, and having your needs taken seriously. It’s Jonathan’s personal service for his client’s personal injuries. MV

Jared says the freedom of the road is like nothing else, but the dangers are very real. No matter how tough and skilled you are, being on a bike causes you to be vulnerable to external forces beyond your control. To promote rider safety, Jared actively supports riding seminars and regularly offers scholar ships to accident scene management cours es. One important case the firm has coming up involves motorcycle riders and their civil rights. Jared and his team have taken this case to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, only one step below the United States Supreme Court. The ruling of this court will affect all Nevadans and help protect their rights.

1671 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy, Suite 200 Henderson, NV 89012 (833) 702-7433

Jared is not just about protecting the cycling community. The team is hoping to resume providing free wills as a service to local se niors, which has been put on pause due to the COVID-19 shutdown. The team at Full Throttle is also co-sponsoring with a lo cal rider and driver’s education foundation MATTRS, hoping to encourage drivers to be more aware of motorcycle riders and help riders find greater safety on the road. MV

Jared Richards wasn’t always interested in law as he is today. Originally focused on his music career, Jared sang in musicals and operas, planning to get his masters and PhD. in music. Until Jared’s family suffered a tragic loss in his final year of college. His uncle, a lawyer, stepped in and acted as a crisis manager for the family.

But there is an advantage to managing your own solo law firm: you know your clients very well, and they know you.

Victor and Rosario look to do more. They are the regular producers of informative legal videos on social media. For two years they presented their radio show, Le galmente con Victor Cardoza, on ESPN’s

“Legalmente” with Attorney Victor Cardoza and Journalist Rosario Grajales: Explaining the Law to the Latino Community on Univision!

understand di verse legal issues, Victor and Rosario are a team providing an incredible resource for those needing legal questions an swered or representation in tough situa tions. They are proud to provide great information on television and social media. The truth is: We will never see an acci dent coming. But the best thing you can do is be prepared and have a great time behind you! MV


Attorney Victor,NV89101



Born in Los Angeles, California, to Mexi can immigrant parents, Victor was raised to appreciate the value of obtaining an education. He studied and graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles. After working as a clerk for sev eral law firms in Los Angeles’ Westwood and Century City communities, he then moved to Moscow, Idaho, to begin his studies at the University of Idaho College of Law. His law school class was honored to have the great trial lawyer, Mr. Gerry Spence, as the graduation speaker. Mr. Spence stressed that lawyers should work to help people, to help the community, and to share their skill with those in need.

Rosario is a bilingual journalist, entrepre neur and author. She was born in the Re public of Panama and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. She started her ca reer at a national TV station in Panama and is a former news anchor/reporter with Univision in Las Vegas. During the span of her career, Rosario has had the oppor tunity to interview and meet many high profile personalities, including Senator Bernie Sanders, President Bill Clinton, champion boxers Floyd Mayweather and Mike Tyson, actress Eva Longoria, and many others celebrities and newsmak ers. Rosario currently owns and operates a media and communications consulting company based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

ccident? Injured? Arrest ed? Most people have no plan when bad things happen. Even worse, most people do not know what to do to protect their legal rights. Attorney Victor Cardoza and Jour nalist Rosario Grajales work daily to be a source of information and education for the people of Las Vegas using social me dia posts, video podcasts, and their tele vision show, “Legalmente”, airing weekly, between 8 am and 9 pm, Thursday morn ings on Univision. Victor and Rosario are devoted to helping people understand their legal rights and options.

A lawyer’s goal should not be to just get a job with a “big corporation”. Victor has never forgotten this. A licensed Nevada attorney since 1995, Victor has become an experienced civil litigation attorney, practicing primarily in the area of per sonal injury law. To date, he has taken thousands of cases to court.

Radio Las Voz De Nevada on 1460 AM, pro viding news and legal information for our great Las Vegas community. Last year, Vic tor and Rosario moved on to Spanish televi sion, taking their awesome show to screen where it is now Legalmente on Univision De Nevada. Recent shows have addressed diverse legal issues, including the law relat ed to the COVID-19 pandemic, automobile collisions, insurance law, legal rights con cerning the 2nd and 4th Amendments, and accidents in the workplace. Victor and Ro sario are proud to announce that they have now completed over 50 television episodes of



remarkable track record of results, while taking on many “out of the ordinary” cases. The Firm offers a wide range of criminal representation, including but not limited to federal crimes, sex crimes, murder, theft, and fraud. The Draskovich Law Group’s tenacity is unmatched, not only offering 28 years of trial experience to any case, but also applying strategies that are unheard of in most criminal law firms. These attorneys go the distance for their Beingclients.aboutique


he Draskovich Law Group is led by founder and owner, Robert Draskovich, and Criminal Defense Attorney, W. Michael Horvath. To gether, they are a team to be reckoned with, and a pair of MYVEGAS’ Top Law yers of the Year.

Upon meeting Draskovich and Hor vath, they may joke and laugh with their easy-going, sarcastic dialogue, but these attorneys are as capable and serious as they come. MV

Innovation and the art of advocacy are alive and well at The Draskovich Law Group. “We successfully defend cases year in and year out,” states Draskovich. “Our law firm fights hard for our clients, standing up for people when no one else will.” Robert Draskovich has earned many accolades, including being recognized by Super Lawyers every year since 2007; he is named in US News’ Best Lawyers of America; He has received an AV Preemi nent rating from Martindale Hubble “the highest rating a lawyer can achieve”; and has been included in The Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers since 2011.

Robert Draskovich began his practice in 1997. Possessing an industrious spirit, Mr. Draskovich has always been drawn to a trial practice. Similarly, W. Michael Hor

Since their inception, The Draskovich Law Group has continuously delivered a

For further information regarding legal representation, contact The Draskovich Law Group at 702-474-4222 or www.Draskovich.comvisit

law firm, The Draskov ich Law Group calls upon a qualified team of experts and provides unparalleled in vestigation of their cases. “We bring a substantial amount of experience, cre ativity, and the use of science into each client’s case,” states Draskovich. Being a trial lawyer is what some might call a meticulous endeavor. However, Draskov ich and Horvath find no impediment to fighting every detail that they can.

vath was initially attracted to becoming a trial lawyer while working in a firm as a high school student; later, he found that The Draskovich Law Group was the perfect place to hone his skills. Although many criminal cases are negotiated, the firm believes that it is better to negoti ate a case from a position of strength and knowledge, based upon solid trial prepa ration, than merely to negotiate a case “hat in hand” with a prosecutor suspect ing that defense counsel is not prepared to prevail at trial.


Nationally recognized as being the masters of their trade, The Draskovich Law Group in Las Vegas, NV, is distinguished in the field of Criminal Defense. Based on over 28 years of dedicated and knowledgeable representation, the firm has defended over 100 cases through trial with cutting-edge advocacy.

75 MEET THE Featured in this special issue are a diverse group of lawyers practicing various types of law. We are proud to publish the MYVEGAS 2022 Top 100 Lawyers in Las Vegas. To view the complete Top 100 Lawyers, please visit our website or visit us on social @MYVEGASMAGAZINEmedia ADAM S. KUTNER Law Offices of Adam S. Kutner BRIAN BOYER  The Injury injuryfirm.702.800.0988Firmvegas AL LASSO Lasso Injury Lassoinjurylaw.com702.625.8777Law BRIAN K. HARRIS Harris & Harris Injury Lawyers Harrislawyers.com702.384.1414 ALLEN CAP Cap & Lasvegaspersonalinjuryexperts.com866.412.7166Kudler BRIAN VASEK Vasek Law, Vaseklaw.com702.755.1441PLLC ANTHONY MODARELLI DiMarco Araujo Damfirm.com702.466.1492Montevideo BRADLEY MEYERS The702firm.com702.776.3333The702Firm

76 ROGER P. CROTEAU  Roger P. Croteau & croteaulawgroup.com702.254.7775Associates MEESHA ARIACH, ESQ.  Adam S. Kutner Accident & Injury MARK ROUSE Bighorn Bighprnlaw.com702.935.6209Law SAGAR RAICH  Raich Law Raichattorneys.com702.758.4240PLLC MELISSA BARRY At Ease Ateaselaw.com702.602.5004Law SAM RYAN HEIDARI Heidari Law Heidarilawgroup.com702.722.1500Group MICHAEL I. GOWDEY  Law Offices of Michael I. Gowdey VICTOR CARDOZA  Law Office of Victor DAVID O. CREASY  The Gage Law Firm, PLLC thegagelawfirm.com702.517.5369 DONALD C. KUDLER  Cap & Lasvegaspersonalinjuryexperts.com866.412.7166Kudler JENNIFER ISSO Lowest Price Lowestpricelawyers.com702.434.4424Lawyers JOEL HENGSTLER The702firm.com702.776.3333The702Firm CHRISTIAN MORRIS, ESQ Nettles Morris Nevada Trial Lawyers nettlesmorris.com702.434.8282 CHRISTOPHER S. CONNELL, ESQ Connell connelllaw.com702.266.6355Law JOSH BERRETT Bighorn KEELY A. PERDUE  Christiansen Trial

77 MICHAEL KANE The702firm.com702.776.3333The702Firm W. JONATHAN WEBER, ESQ Weber Law weber-lawfirm.com702.538.5761Firm PAUL JANDA The Janda Law Thejandalawfirm.com702.758.8888Firm W. MICHAEL HORVATH  The Draskovich Law Group draskovich.com702.381.6590 PETER S. CHRISTIANSEN  Christiansen Law WHITNEY J. BARRETT, ESQ.  Christiansen Trial ROBERT M. DRASKOVICH  The Draskovich Law Group Draskovich.com702.381.6590 JENNIFER BORJA Borja Law Borjalawfirm.com702.848.2838Firm IVY GAGE The Gage Law Firm, PLLC Thegagelawfirm.com702.517.5369 JACQUELINE BRETELL  Bighorn JARED RICHARDS  Full Throttle KENDELEE LEASCHER WORKS  Christiansen Trial KIMBALL JONES  Bighorn LAURA PAYNE  Law Office of Laura Payne LUIS AYON  Southwest Injury Law southwestinjurylaw702.600.3200.comToviewthecomplete TOP 100 LAWYERS , please visit us on social @MYVEGASMAGAZINEmedia

78 MYVEGAS THE STATE OF REAL ESTATE Residential Homes 2022 SOURCE: $482,000 MEDIAN SALES PRICE LEAST EXPENSIVE$259,000 MOST EXPENSIVE$1,530$1,300,000MEDIAN RENT 100% MEDIAN PERCENT OF LIST PRICE 5,021 INVENTORY 22 MEDIAN DAYS ON MARKET $259 PRICE PER SQUARE FOOT % ARE YOU A MEMBER YET? a member of NAHREP G Greater Las Vegas you will enhance your visibility within the industry, grow your business and engage in a vibrant community thousands of your professional peers. ARE YOU A MEMBER YET? As a member of NAHREP Greater Las Vegas you will enhance within the industry, grow your business and engage in a vibrant of thousands of your professional peers. Here are just some to be a member • HispanicawarenessadvocacyOpportunityeffortsandcommunity. • professionalsNetworking • Ability to Member-Onlyparticipate • Exclusive discounts national events to join your local chapter, vist: nahrepgreaterlasvegas org Memberships start at only $49 ARE YOU A MEMBER YET? As a member of NAHREP Greater Las Vegas you will enhance your visibility within the industry, grow your business and engage in a vibrant community of thousands of your professional peers. Here are just some reasons why it pays to be a member of NAHREP Greate • Opportunity to take part in advocacy efforts to bring awareness and solutions to the Hispanic community. • Networking with the top professionals in our industry • Ability to participate in our Member-Only events • Exclusive discounts to local and national events and much more! to join your local chapter, vist: nahrepgreaterlasvegas org Memberships start at only $49 Here are just some reasons why it pays to be a member of NAHREP Greater Las Vegas: • Opportunity to take part in advocacy efforts to bring awareness and solutions to the Hispanic community. • Networking with the top professionals in our industry • Ability to participate in our Member-Only events • Exclusive discounts to local and national events and much more! As a member of NAHREP Greater Las Vegas you will enhance your visibility within the industry, grow your business and engage in a vibrant community of thousands of your professional peers. ARE YOU A MEMBER YET?

The local Las Vegas Real Estate market is on fire and is set to be cooking for the next few years! With the onset of our national sports teams, the Vegas Golden Knights, the Las Vegas Raiders, and the Las Vegas Lights, this town is set to explode with real estate values. In this market, many properties are receiving multiple offers and same day deals which means homes are flying off the market. Many lenders are offering a grant program to assist you with the entire down payment, so if you thought you could never buy a house, a home is possible now!


MV DARREN darren@huntingtonandellis.comHuntingtonPOHL&EllisS.176163.LLC(702)757-8369

Huntington and Ellis, I have challenged myself to deliver personalized service. I have helped hundreds of fam ilies obtain homeownership across all different price points and product lines. I assist clients with moving, lease backs, new construction timelines, contingen cies, and even cleaning homes before a final walk through. Every transaction I facilitate is done with the utmost care, re spect, and empathy. I strive to further my knowledge through education with Title Companies, Lenders, Builders and com munity leaders to better serve my clients. My client testimonials are a reflection of

Las Vegas is an incredible city with so much opportunity. We have year-round sunshine, incredible resorts, fashion, cuisine, sports, and entertainment. With such a large amount of REALTORS join ing the industry in the Las Vegas Valley, I find it extremely important to maintain a high level of standards, ethics, and com passion for our communities and clients. Homeownership is becoming increasing ly challenging given today’s market con ditions and it’s why now, more than ever, consumers must align themselves with a


moved to Las

perspective that

TIPS FOR MY SELLERS: We’re in a high ly competitive market with suppressed inventory, so it’s easy for sellers to think they can list their home without posi tioning the property right from the be ginning. It’s important for sellers not to get “lazy,” or try and undercut certain processes to save money. With so many buyers purchasing homes site unseen, I

I personally live in Summerlin and LOVE all the lifestyle benefits it offers. When I’m not selling Real Estate, I am spend ing time with my wife and son. We enjoy Downtown Summerlin, walks in the park, Baseball games, and a great glass of wine and steak. Las Vegas has been the perfect home for my family and, I’m sure, for families across the valley. I would love to help you when you’re in search for your next real estate venture or plan to sell your home.

Real Estate Brokers, Real Estate became imbedded in my everyday life and gave me


love interior design, architecture, and the excitement of the “sale.” On a dai ly basis, I get the opportunity to help someone navigate one of the largest milestones in their lives and exceed cli ent expectations.


For several years, I had the opportunity to work with a large homebuilder and sell multiple product lines across the Las Ve gas Valley. I consider it a huge value-add when you can speak to the processes of a New Construction Build. It’s extreme ly important to set expectations with surrounding build timelines, deposit re quirements, design options, lot premi ums, incentives, and be able to navigate builder’s individual purchase agreements. Buying a brand-new home is an amaz ing experience but can be overwhelming with the amount of information a client has to absorb. It’s a lot of decision mak ing up front and in the majority of cases, you’re in contract 9-12 months before closing, so it’s important to stay engaged throughout the process and keep a con sistent dialogue. I always strive to set my clients up for long term success and make sure they don’t “over-content” the home, so they are in a strong equity position amongst the neighborhood.


A Seattle native, I Vegas 12 years ago and haven’t looked back since. Growing up in a family with an “insider” most don’t get

to experience. MYREAL ESTATE

my persistence and ongoing support to help achieve their individual goals.

Darren Pohl Shares His Industry Insight

advise all my clients to ensure they have exceptional photography, Matterport tours, drone shots, home videos and vir tual staging/regular staging if the home is vacant. It doesn’t matter if the home is $200k or $12 million, a consumer will spend 30 seconds or less viewing their property online. Your photos and listing verbiage need to highlight the features and benefits that make the home unique, and create a proposition for a buyer that’s intriguing. It’s also important that sellers understand who they are marketing their home to. Is it a lifestyle buyer? Family buyer? Active adult? If you know your de mographic and spend the time to position correctly, you’ll typically bypass most ob jections and secure a sale faster!






For over 25 years, our mission has been supported by community members like you. By giving a one-time or recurring donation, you can help us provide essential resources for your fellow Southern Nevadans as we address the affordable housing crisis here at home.

As the state’s largest 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the financing, development, construction, and management of 35 communities throughout Southern Nevada, our mission is to provide affordable housing and supportive services to low-income seniors and families. We offer life-enriching services to our over 8,000 residents to encourage financial stability, health and wellness, education, and community engagement. Through the support from donors and partners, we empower every resident to live well and call their Nevada HAND affordable apartment unit, “more than a home.”

Make a difference today at state’


is deeply ingrained work ethic is a quality that his parents, Pe ter and Geri, instilled in him at an early age and is what drives him to set a great example for his daugh ter. A legacy of pushing beyond the limits is what motivates him to work tirelessly to achieve his best and help others do so as

comes wisdom, and Ky preos knows that to accomplish amaz ing things you need a dynamic team alongside you. He strives to inspire, mentor, and partner with agents to not only excel personally and professionally but, to ensure that as an industry, real estate profes sionals meet the high standards of providing Valley residents with their dream home buying or selling


George’s enthusiasm for creating strong bonds in the community comes from his experience as a former


to be a Las Vegas and Green Valley native and is focused on showing locals, transplants, and visitors just how wonderful, resilient, and inspi rational our city really is. He is propelled by a profound respect for the deeply per sonal connection families have in choos ing the place they call home. Kypreos is dedicated to ensuring that his clients’ needs, wishes, and time are of the utmost priority. George’s passion for real estate and helping to strengthen the commu nity has not gone unnoticed. He and his brokerage have earned various accolades for their dedication to providing excel lent client service and assisting them in finding their perfect place in the Valley to live for years to come.




professional Chef at his family-owned restaurant. As a result of his years of giv ing his customers a memorable, comfort ing taste of what Las Vegas has to offer, his flair for making those who he meets feel at home, comes from the heart. It is of no surprise to find George’s cre ative intellect and genuine love for peo ple extends to the real estate industry. He knows that without a talented team, providing effortless service would not be achievable. For this reason, he enjoys collaborating with agents within and out side of his brokerage to help them realize their unlimited potential.

With more than 25 years in business, George is also no stranger to hard work. He understands that through times of adversity, there is always an opportuni ty to renew your focus, lean on others when needed, be the one who provides a helping hand, or simply be a resource of added motivation for those who just need a little guidance in challenging times. In these exceptional times, we are reminded that situations may not always be familiar or comfortable. However, this provides the opportunity for us to push the boundaries of what we never thought were possible. In that fashion, George ap proaches these times with optimism and excitement of what is yet to come for our communities, our families, the real estate industry, and us as individuals to empow er each other to exceed our greatest aspi rations. Carpe diem.


“No limit” is his motto and he welcomes the opportunity to inspire others to reach their goals. George shared some insight to what has contributed to his success over the years. “What I find is the big gest mistake people make in their career is they're afraid to ask for the business. A very wise man once told me, ‘If you don't ask, you won't get.’” George recollects one of the many instances where that advice rang true. “True story, that isn’t my dog in the picture. A lady was walking by while I was taking some photos and I asked her if I could borrow her dog for one of them. This proves my point, speak up and ask for what you are looking for. What's the worst thing that can happen?”



“Help your community and give to others and your life will be full.”

here is nothing stronger than the power of motivation. MYVEGAS has seen this power come to life within Jared Weiss, a local real estate investor and owner of Motion Properties, who has remained dedi cated and motivated since a young age. There was nothing he couldn’t do once he set his mind to it, and along the way, realized that the real reward in success is being able to give back and serve.

After remodeling, Jared thought it would be important to let the whole world see the newly remodeled pink home. When Muhammed sadly passed away, the funer al procession drove by the home and the people were so grateful to see the same color it was when he was a child. Jared recalls, “Thousands of people came and dropped flowers and saw it, and I felt so proud that it wasn’t left how it was

how new the city was and how much development still needed to be done, Jared began laying his claim in the Real Estate industry. After the pur chase of his first home, he started to fix up houses to later sell and flip for prof it. There was so much potential in some older homes that just needed some TLC to get it to a good selling point. Jar ed enjoys the process of the remodel. While it started with just one house, it began building into a business model for Jared, expanding from one house at a time to thousands.

Your surroundings or upbringing does not define you. You are defined by your fight and grit.”

Jared shares his experience of seeing Mu hammad Ali speak during Black history month with Mike Tyson, while he was a student at UNLV. He remembers being moved by his inspiration and attitude, and felt that they had much in common, believing that anything is possible and can be done if you put the work behind it. When he saw Ali’s childhood home in shambles, in that moment, purchasing the home in Louisville, Kentucky and remodeling it to its original 1940’s glory would be the right thing to do. It would be the chance to let not only the neigh borhood kids, but the whole world see where the greatest of all time came from. Proving to Muhammad’s fans that, “Your surroundings or upbringing does not de fine you. You are defined by your fight and grit,” as Jared says.

Jared opened his own real estate compa ny called Motion Properties, noting his constant motivation to stay in motion. In Jared’s eyes, no means yes and stop means go. And he has always been this way, it’s how he was made. But it’s got ten him where he is, so we’d firmly say it’s working for him. “It’s how I’m able to stay

Originally from New York, Jar ed made his way to Vegas when he was 19 years old to attend the University of Nevada Las Vegas, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts. Bring ing with him nothing but a dream and the motivation to be a true en trepreneur, Las Vegas met him with incredible opportunities. A city full of growth and potential, Jared got to Realizingwork.

motivated flipping houses and doing Real Estate in Las Vegas, just with the satisfac tion of watching my city grow and boom. They now get to see what I’ve always seen in Las Vegas,” says Jared.

Although Jared would admit that prof it was always something he’s gone after, there was so much more to what he was able to accomplish. Along with the op portunities he was able to seize, he want ed to create his own opportunities for people to benefit. He saw a chance to use his real estate skills to help people see the true value of preserving the history of Muhammad Ali’s childhood home.



before.” The home was in media around the world and featured on the cover of The Wall Street Journal, and it inspired him to do more for this small Kentucky “Thatcommunity.made me feel like it needed to be open for the world to see and not only that, but it started my nonprofit- allowing the rest of the neighborhood to be remod eled and redone so all of the people that are from the west end of Louisville could have new life breathed into their commu nity.” And with the addition of the Mu hammad Ali Childhood Home Museum, the Nonprofit was born. The walls inside filled with memorabilia of Ali’s greatest fights and memories, you can truly feel the essence of Muhammad Ali when you walk through the home.

By: Sarah Moninger

Jared’s wife, Laura, is a licensed mar riage and family therapist, and co-owns the Rooted Life Counseling Center. She has always had a heart for families and children, and together, they feel strongly about being a voice for foster care in our community. Not only to help children and work with the parents, but also to be a voice for the change that needs to happen in the system. “My wife and I are adopting twins out of the foster care system that we’ve had since birth they’ll be an addi tion to our family making us the parents of six children,” Jared adds.

Motivation and the drive to do anything he wants to accomplish has landed Jared Weiss in incomparable success. Success to Jared is his ability to give back to the community that has given him so much.

thing Jared can do, as long as he stays in motion. In his words, “Help your commu nity and give to others and your life will be full.” MV

Jared shines when he is serving his com munity, wherever that may be. His moti vation to help and serve led him to an other opportunity to give back. As many people may be unaware, there are a cou ple thousand children in foster care in Clark County alone. Jared says, “We start ed fostering a few years back and have had five babies in our home. The joy of giving them a safe place to heal and a safe

place while their parents heal is a very re warding process.”

Jared Weiss MotionMotioncorp.comProperties702-262-9000

Learn more about the Muhammad Ali Childhood Home Museum

“I think what I’ve loved most about my journey is God showing our family that giving back and serving is where all the reward has come from,” Jared attests to his dedication. Whether it’s through his appreciation for boxing, his persistence and knowledge in real estate investing, or helping families, there is always some




Regardless of the industry in which one participates, the one thing that connects us all is that we are all con sumers. As consumers, we all have the realistic expectation of great service. Drawing from his own experiences with this, Nate Strager is empathetic to the plight of both the buyer and the seller, and is determined to provide just that, excellent service. There is a huge differ entiation between the brand of service that Mr. Strager offers, and that of other realtors. “It doesn’t matter if I’m listing a $300,000 condo or a $3,000,000 house, I treat every client as luxury,” submits Nate. One way he accomplishes this is by absorbing the costs of such things as maid services, landscapers, profession al photographers, aerial overlays, and even the drones themselves. He also provides virtual staging and 3D tours for his client’s properties, and this is all done out of his own pocket. This “skinin-the-game” attitude is something on which Nate Strager prides himself. What’s more, Nate also has two market ing teams who will market your proper ty via social media, and other channels as well, which all but guarantees the proper exposure for your listing(s). Mr. Strager will even go so far as to throw housewarming parties for his clients, with the only motive of providing them with an extraordinary experience, and nothing less.

By Daryl K Jones

We congratulate realtor Nate Strager as one of the trailblazers of real estate and foresee great innovations coming from his camp, as they work to revolutionize the industry with their redefinition and embodiment of service.

Even though the company is called Lux ury Estates International, it is import ant to note that Nate deals in all things real estate, at every price range. These offerings include everything from single family homes, condos and townhomes to multifamily homes and even land deals. The “luxury” in Luxury Estates International is only indicative of the level of treatment that his clients re ceive and does not symbolize or reflect any one specialty or price point, as Nate is not one to be pigeon-holed or limited in his endeavors. Mr. Strager also makes himself available to his clients twen ty-four hours daily and answers his own calls despite having several staff mem bers at his disposal. This allows Mr. Strager to provide a much-needed per sonal touch that is essential in not only the real estate industry, but in business as a whole. Yet another feather in the cap of Nate Strager as it relates to the provision of service excellence.


or 18 years, Nate Strager has been successfully helping his clients receive the best possible advan tages in their real estate transac tions. From residential to commercial, Mr. Strager has used his expertise to give every potential property owner the kind of service that is usually reserved for only millionaires. Born in Long Beach, Cali fornia, Nate Strager moved to Las Vegas around the age of five. Being a resident of the Silver State for that long gives him a unique perspective of not only the mar ket, but the people who comprise that market. This is partly what drives him to adopt the business model that he has im plemented for over a decade.



So, what’s next for realtor Nate Strager? Currently, Nate is making plans to ex pand his brand into the San Diego, Cali fornia market. Luckily for them, the peo ple of the Golden State will be receiving the same opportunity to work with Nate Strager as those in the Silver State.

Philanthropist and owner of Rhythms Event Center, Nate Strager is a rare breed of realtor. He’s constantly exploring ways to add more value to every situation with which he is involved. Nate Strager built his business with Luxury Estates International primarily on two core values: “Service is everything” and “You deserve great service.”

But, like most real-estate undertakings, there are lots of moving parts and you must have the plan and operation to pull it all together. They do.


You can contact Patty oldvegasrealtor@gmail.comat and


The requirements, at that time, did not “assure” the investor that once they purchased a property, they would be ap proved with proper permitting, and other requirements. As a result, she elected to stay out of that area of practice, UNTIL a faithful client shared with her, who and how, he was operating a success ful Airbnb with. Finally, she found her new Airbnb partner.

The strategy is to stay within close prox imity of Las Vegas’s top spots for tourism, conventions, shows, and the great Raid er’s Stadium. We do allow ourselves to expand beyond that radius a bit, but we want to be identified as the “go to proper

Beginning in 2013, Patty had people be gin to approach her wanting to “invest” into the Airbnb market. Since she is al ways committed to “complete” under standing of a topic, and awareness of the subject responsibly passed through to the client, Patty dove in, head first, to in vestigate this newly developing platform and communicate the information to the clients. “I had extensive conversations with city and county officials, obtaining the requirements for my clients, the steps they’d need to take in order to create a successful and “legal” Airbnb investment operation,” she said.

We have very strict noise and property care agreements and with our own con cierge services and maintenance, our properties are kept in pristine condition. Every property is unique to the next but having a complete support system in place will allow you to maximize your return-on-investment portfolio. Our partnership and commitment to owners and investors goes hand in hand with our success. With the right investors and the right property portfolio, our company supports everyone’s investment.

t the helm of a unique Airb nb model, she has joined with a partner whose system of management has never before been executed with such dynamic results. Combined, they skillfully harness the real estate ownership side and the extensive Airbnb operations, proving they have what it takes to “generate and anchor” huge results for their clients.


Patty Linson is Vegas Born and Raised, licensed since 1988. She comes from a thriving multi-generational, Vegas Born family, which translates into knowledge of Vegas that is systemic to her. MV

With her skill set of buying, selling, and identifying real estate for clients, as well as negotiating and “landing” the properties for her clients, coupled with her partner’s understanding of the Airb nb world, they work together like peanut butter and jelly.

When it comes to mastering the real estate market, encompassing luxury real estate, high-rise, new homes, and Airbnb, Patty Linson has what it takes to pull it all together.

Like most real-estate undertakings, there are lots of moving parts and you must have the plan and operation to pull it all together.


Randy Milmeister, Lic# BS.0064289

Probate can cost 5-20x the cost of setting up a proper Trust and can take 6 months to years, tying up the assets. In addition to eliminating Probate, it, a) ensures that your assets and beneficiaries have some privacy, b) minimizes claims and, c) elim inates ongoing court costs and attorney

The best piece of advice that I can give any property owner to avoid this costly mistake is to set up a Living Trust

The Biggest Mistake I See People Make with Real Estate

Smart people, high net worth people, know to buy as

sets, like residential and commercial real estate, as inflation hits a 40 year high. In addition to more money moving into RE investment because of inflation, the cost of building homes, for example, increas es dramatically. Construction costs are a factor of both materials and labor. Does anyone think either will be cheaper in the next couple of years?

The most compelling reason behind low home inventory and rising prices are Institutional investors, includ ing pension, insurance, hedge funds. They have been buy ing homes for rentals since 2008. So, there are tens of thousands of homes that are off the market forever.

has caused me to analyze my level of service. I’m offering anyone a complimentary hour with my high-pow ered Estate Planning attorneys because I don’t want to see anyone I know go through the expense and stress of Pro bate. Call me to get a consultation with an attorney who specializes in protecting families, and ultimately wealth in real es tate. MV

It’s hard to believe, but there are still a lot of people who think a real estate crash is coming. I say, “Tell me that you don’t know anything about real estate, economics, nor current affairs without telling me.”


tial amount of stress, aggravation, time, and money could have been saved if they protected the estate.

a lot of fami lies over the years as a Pro bate Real Estate Specialist, I’ve found that a substan

The best piece of advice that I can give any property owner to avoid this costly mistake is to set up a Living Trust. Most of our estate plan is to live forever. Es tate planning is the only way to protect assets, reduce tax obligations, and avoid probate. Only about 5% of property own ers have their real estate protected in a trust. Not having your property in a trust is like filing a civil lawsuit against your own estate, with the government left in charge. Do you want a judge to appoint his friend… or your sister who you hav en’t talked to in 10 years…or the son who will blow it all in 6 months to be in charge of your life wealth?



he only thing crashing now, or the near future, is the value of the dol lar. Because of that, and other fac tors, real estate values in Las Vegas will continue to increase. Even though home prices in town have increased over 30% in the last 2 years, I predict they’ll continue to rise almost 1% per month for 2022, barring another black swan event.

This leads to builders not being able to keep up with current demand and growth, adding more pressure on prices. There were less homes built in the last 10 years than any decade since the 1960’s. Babies are being born faster than homes being built. CNBC published an article stating, “The U.S. is short 5.24 million homes, an increase of 1.4 million from the 2019 gap of 3.84 million.”

Keller Williams Marketplace Las Vegas & RandySellsLV@gmail.com702-239-8400Henderson

I heard recently from 2 acquisition managers that they expect to buy almost twice as many homes in 2022 as they did in 2021. And, they’re not limited to resale, but homes as they’re being built directly from Homebuilders. Call me for more details about what’s really happening in real Afterestate.helping

Quick Cash Offers No Showings, Close When You Want! Traditional Retail Listing Without the Traditional Commissions Pre-List Home Improvement Loans Flexible Commission Programs Premium Color & Digital Marketing Marketing Performance Guarantee Worldwide Real Estate Agent Connect Concierge Level Property Management Maybe Selling is Not Your Best Option Total Real Estate Solution has helped hundreds of Sellers in the Las Vegas market! Tim Kuptz @ teamKUPTZ RE/MAX Advantage 702-683-7329 NV Lic# B.1000625 Learn More! text tkSOLUTIONSto59559 (no need to talk to an agent)

Scofield Realty is a “FOR YOU” driven Real Estate Agency


T he brokerage’s team of experi enced agents can answer every question and provide guidance that makes the home buying and selling process as smooth as possible.

Are you interested in getting involved and beginning your real estate career with the Scofield team? Visit www.Sco and apply directly! Kirby’s superstar wife assists the team with interviews and will get you into a school as soon as possible if it is the fit for you. MV


overhead and can solely focus on the cli ent. The brokerage provides agents with a marketing department, social brander, photographer, videographer, and drone pilot to utilize for self-branding and pro motion. Items like signs, lockboxes and coaching are provided as well, should they need it to market their listings. Sco field Realty also offers agents revenue share to refer agents in, plus a mentor ship program that allows team members to receive revenue while educating new additions to the brokerage. Scofield Real ty gives agents the opportunity to thrive while in a great environment with “good vibes,” as Kirby states it. “I make it a pri ority to invest in every single one of my team members, regardless of whether that person is brand new or has been with us for years. My team is always growing, and I want to keep it that way.”

Scofield Realty is a “FOR YOU” driven Real Estate Agency. The team of highly skilled agents makes sure the consumer is the top focus. “Our team values our cli ents and maintains the relationships that are built over time. To maintain those relationships, we continually do what’s right. That’s our top priority,” says Sco field. “By choosing Scofield Realty, you not only gain a professional that will always look out for your best in terest, but you’ll also get a friend that is always there to help you along the way.”

Trusted by Zillow, Scofield Realty was selected for the Flex Program Partners to serve the Las Vegas Val ley. The brokerage is taking business to the next level by provid ing agents with the best tools to serve their clients. “Our brokerage model and the agent’s benefits and training allow us to grow. It is amazing to see people commit to themselves and hit the commitment over and over,” says Kirby. “Our agents are con stantly looking for ways to raise the bar. We want to evolve, innovate, and theythevidesScofieldtureIt’simprovecontinuouslyourselves.notinournatobeidle.”Realtyproagentswithbestresources,sohavelittletono

The key to a great real estate company is support. Scofield Realty, owned and brokered by Kirby Scofield, exemplifies that very value. Tailored to giving people options, the mission is to help clients get the results they desire without unnecessary stress.

Scofield provides a scholarship program for people interested in becoming li censed agents. The program pays for all the schooling required to succeed as an agent. Scofield Realty also gets new hires prepared for their career by having every one enter a six-week boot camp, partner with an accountability requirement men tor and join weekly accountability meet ings as well as providing biweekly paid for coaching and training.

For existing agents,!

95 FOR SALE: 1106 E. HendersonAthens89015 MLS # 2.332294923acres 180° view of the entire Valley Build up to 3 homes! @ Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices NV (702) 498-9338 John W. Williams V Your friend in Real Estate. Let John’s Midwestern work ethic pay off for you! Through excellent communication and dedication, John focuses on the needs of his clients, whatever they may be. Let John ease the stress of buying or selling with his contemporary, fresh knowledge combined with a pro-active approach. CURRENT LISTING

best at his craft while contributing to the greater good and unwaveringly serving the Startingcommunity.thisyear

If interested in joining Scofield Realty, visit the link below and fill out Sponsor ship Program and mention you were re ferred by MyVegas Magazine Team. MV

is keen eye is focused on the future realtors of the industry, and not only with his own suc cess. At the beginning of 2021, he decided to mentor a group of profes sionals whose businesses were affected by the pandemic. These brave souls came from several different industries, some from other states and one from another country. They were looking for a sustain able change and wanted to try their col lective hands at real estate. Having intri cate knowledge of the industry, Mikey Del Rosario was absolutely the one who could help them achieve that mission. Deter mined to pay it forward, Mikey states, “My goal was to help them all be success ful professionals, be there as they face their fears through unfamiliar situations and failures and build their confidence when looking down a seemingly scary road through a completely new career.”

Mikey Del Rosario & His Evergrowing Real Estate Team


as a small boutique bro kerage with 10 licensed agents, Mikey and his team have come a long way. Growing to 75 agents, after being selected as an exclusive Zillow Flex Partner, and pro jecting to reach over 150 agents by the end of the year, it is easy to see that guid ance and patience can take a team far past what they can imagine.

into the world of real estate that Mikey provides for these aspiring professionals is not only to help them succeed but is imparted with the hope that one day they will be in a position to pay it forward themselves. He drives this point home, stating, “I wish them all the best of luck and I’m hopeful that they will all take a mentorship role in the future.” We respectfully celebrate Mikey Del Ro sario for being a well-versed real estate professional who remains one of the

Mikey Del Rosario is a realtor like no other. This may sound like a platitude, but with Mikey it means much more.

Mikey Del Rosario

NVDRE# mikey@scofieldrealty.comScofieldS.0175577Realty(702)



When Mikey started mentoring these professionals, the number one virtue needed to be effective in guiding them to success was patience, and by his estima


By: Daryl K. Jones

tion, “more patience than ever.” He noted this fact after assisting with the mentor ship program reminded him of the hard ships he once faced as a new professional in the business himself. This ensures that his patience was also coupled with com passion, as he could relate to his group in ways they didn’t even know they need ed yet. Luckily, the mentorship program provides unparalleled support, thus mak ing it an easier transition into real estate than he could’ve imagined for these pro Thefessionals.insight

97 VOTED 2020 BEST PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANY more service. less fees. 702.478.8800 | | low start up no lease renewal fee 6-10% mgmt fee tenant guarantee low price guarantee Tod Wever - Principal/Broker, PRM® Brigham Young University, BA 40 Under 40 Top Realtor Award LVR (2018) Lic# B.144020.LLC, PM.163809.BRK

t’s no longer enough to offer state of the art technology and mass market exposure. Every brokerage should be offering that to their sellers, at the very minimum. Let’s face it, it is a sell er’s market. Priced right, a home should sell and sell quickly. So, how does Reside Luxury do better? It’s simple, they offer services to increase the seller’s maximum Residepotential.Luxury’s

Please contact Lori Walker, Reside Luxury Director at Interested215-850-9457inbecoming a Reside Luxury agent?


Please contact Michael Kruse, Broker at forVisit702-286-3434residelv.commoreinformation. B.0146101

in-house profession al staging offers clients the ability to have their homes professionally staged, whether they are vacant or occupied. Some agents might say, “Why bother? It’s a seller’s market. It will sell if we just throw a sign in their front yard.” That is true, but at Reside, the goal is not to just sell the home. The goal is to sell the home for the maximum amount in the shortest amount of time. Having a home profes sionally staged has proven time and time again, that it works. Homes sell faster and for more money when staged. With Re side Luxury, staging is incorporated into the agreement, so that no outside costs are incurred. The seller does not need to set an extra appointment, pay upfront fees and incur extra monthly expenses, while the home is staged. It’s just one of the concierge services that Reside pro

Interested in listing your home?


marketing could be geared toward buyers who are professionals that belong to a golf club and own at least 4 cars. Having your listing agent actively search for the perfect buyer is just another service pro vided by Reside Luxury to their clients, to make sure they are completely satisfied.

What else does Reside Luxury offer to ensure their clients are completely sat isfied? They also provide professional photography, drone photography, virtu al tours and digital floorplans, because, obviously, first impressions matter most when it comes to selling a house. When Reside Luxury’s listings are profession ally staged and photographed, they’ve just increased the likelihood that more buyers will be interested in scheduling an appointment to view the home in person, and of course this increases the chances for more offers to be submitted!


That is the question that Reside Luxury agents always ask themselves.

• Lori: Lic# S.0186446

vides, that helps them “do it better than anyone else.”

Reside Luxury is a concierge-driven bou tique real estate agency that is constantly striving to offer their clients more than anyone else. In this seller’s market, it is not enough to just list a home. They are driven to make sure that when a client entrusts them with what could possibly be their biggest investment, that client receives the highest level of service available and realiz es the largest profits possible. MV

How can we do it better than anyone else?

One more very important service is also included, which is Direct Target Market ing. With this type of marketing, Reside’s Certified Luxury Consultants connect with the most likely potential buyers, based on their interests, hobbies, and fi nancial ability. They are able to zero in on who would be most interested in purchas ing the property and connect with them in a way that is more personable and help them realize their dream of owning the perfect home. For example, if a single home with a four-car garage was locat ed on an exclusive golf course, the direct

Mike: Lic#

Mobile: (702) 501-2300 Office: (702) 212-2222

Beall Group at Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas


License #S.0183487

Call Shane today at: (702) 501-2300

Shane began his career in real estate in 2018 and earned Rookie of the Year for the largest Keller Williams in Las Vegas. Since then he has been named Top 100 Las Vegas Real Estate Professionals with MyVegas Magazine every year since. Shane takes a methodical and dedicated approach to his client’s needs. If you are looking for an agent with professionalism and personality, Shane and his team will meet your needs.

Shane Beall


would have an exit plan to learn how to be on their own successfully.



Kelly Bishop’s Mission to House Nevada

This is an incredible need on so many lev els, here in Las Vegas and in other cities. My hope and dream is to create awareness and multiple homes for the people who truly need to be cared for. The youth are our future. If we don’t step up and help them become better, who will?

It is more than just real estate or running a business. It is what owning those businesses means to be able to create through connections and improve and change lives around us.

have always had a heart for children; being a step-mom, foster mom, adoptive mom and having two daughters of my own has meant the world to me. I became a therapeutic foster parent for many years and also worked as a Court Appointed Special Advocate, not only be ing on the Board of Directors but handling several cases as well. When I discovered the overwhelming number of homeless

children and children lost in our systems here in Las Vegas, I was compelled to help make a difference. I had experienced a situation many years ago where I found myself in the middle of North Dakota in 40-degree weather due to a family emer gency and had nowhere to stay for the few weeks I would be there. I was con nected to a home where a family had a house that was designed for a donation basis only, for people like me, stranded with someone in the hospital. There were people staying in the home with me that were undergoing cancer treatments, etc. I was inspired to do something like this for others. It was such a huge blessing to me at the Whentime.Istarted Vegas Strong Real Estate Group, it was our goal and mission to create a 501c3 to build a “Vegas Strong House” - and that is what we have done. We created the Vegas Strong Charitable Foundation and will soon be launching fundraising endeavors to build or purchase a home, which will initially provide transitional housing for teens 17-21. The concept behind this is to help these teens, primarily through mentoring, teaching them valuable job skills, how to build a resume, prepare for a job interview, and how to budget. They

For more information, to volunteer, fund raise, make a donation or to inquire for open positions on our advisory boards, please contact me directly or Jesse Luce

ro, the Vegas Strong Real Estate Group by visit ing MV Kelly Owner/CorporateBishopBrokerLic#B.1002019 Vegas Strong Real Estate Group 183 N. Gibson Rd #150 Henderson, NV kelly@vegasstrongreg.com89014

Not only do we want transitional hous ing for the youth, we have already put in place a plan to help Veterans who may also be experiencing an “in-between” housing situation. We also plan to have a third home, for those families that need to come to Las Vegas for specific treat ments or surgeries that require extended stays away from home and need a more family friendly environment.


created the Vegas Strong Charitable Foundation and will soon be launching fundraising endeavors to build or purchase a home, which will initially provide transitional housing for teens 17-21.}

Congratulations Courtney Murphy for being recognized as a “Top 100 Women of Influence”


f you have recently been in the mar ket for a home, whether it was to sell or buy, chances are the first place you went for information and resourc es was the internet or perhaps you’ve strolled through your social media and seen listings. People’s behavior towards home buying and selling has evolved with the abundance of digital technology. Long gone are days people’s primary re source to hunting down the perfect home was through home ads, radio, or Televi


Made up of an all-female team, Realty Rae Group is leading the way in Real Estate. They have embraced the new age way of doing Real Estate and thus has led them to an extreme amount of success.



time as well as current market and sta tistic updates. Their website (realtyrae shows trends on Median price per sq ft., Total active listings, Market action index, and Median list price over a 12-month period to the current month. The Realty Rae Group has a proven suc cess track record that has landed them several accolades including Carley Rae, being nominated for the 30 under 30 in the nation for realtors and being featured on a cable television show called “The American Dream,” a show that highlights lifestyle and real estate across the coun try and is told through the eyes of the best

Realty Rae Group

are looking for fresh listings, sta tistical, and current market trends, Realty Rae is your Real Estate digital resource go to. The Realty Rae Group offers direct ac cess to clients to everything they need to know about properties up for sell in real

Carley Rae, LIC# S.0181447

Keller Williams Southwest 6180 Brent Thurman Way, Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV, Realtyraegroup.com702.460.306389148


By: Brenda Damian


while fostering cre ativity and innovation is one of the key contributing factors to staying relevant in

a market that is saturated with thousands of competitors. Carley Rae said they are changing the game of Real Estate by dif ferentiating themselves through a unique position of utilizing technology to have a competitive advantage and staying con nected to the community through vari ous social platforms. This leading female team is the way of the Real Estate future and is your key to making your next real estate adventure a successful one.

103 LO NMLS # 1105530 | NC # I-59204 | NV # 61382 VETERAN Serving Your Veterans Caitlin VA Mortgage Lender 702-575-1041 Licensed by the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation. Residential Mortgage Lending Act License number 4131047, Finance Lenders Law License 60DBO61986.


arvey Blankfeld is a REALTOR® who is backed by Berkshire Ha thaway and helps listeners in Las Vegas with his knowledge of the market. Las Vegas Real Estate Now, with Harvey Blankfeld is on Saturday mornings at 11AM and airs on KDWN 101.5FM and 720 AM.

That’s why Blankfeld’s motto is to “Ed ucate, Empower, and Engage.” He ed ucates the general public on the state of the market. He empowers those who would like to participate in the real es tate market by arming them with not only the correct knowledge, but with the most effective guidance as well. He engages by lending a hand in matters and personally facilitating the most advantageous transactions possible for the


Lic #

Estate Now with Harvey Blankfeld has proven to be an invaluable resource to listeners in the Valley. In the words of Rick Cenname, Title and Es crow professional, “If you’re interested in learning more about how to get involved in real estate, tune in to the show.” MV


The goal is to educate the general pub lic on any and all matters relative to the Las Vegas Real Estate market, as well as


or guest offers a dif ferent expertise. The show doesn’t only address what one should do, but maybe

more importantly, it debunks myths and directs the listener as to what not to do.


“Educate, Empower, and Engage.” MYREAL ESTATE

A common topic discussed on Las Vegas Real Estate Now with Harvey Blankfeld is Wire Fraud. Blankfeld warns that there are “bad guys watching (your emails) at all times.” He brings awareness that these criminals watch and wait specifically for real estate transactions to be made. “They mimic the escrow company or the lender to encourage you to send a large wire off to them.” Blankfeld strongly sug gests that the way to combat this type of fraud is to “make the phone call,” mean ing call your lender or escrow company to verify that these new instructions are

The show started 8 years ago, after Harvey Blankfeld was recruited by the Real Estate Radio Network to host for them. In 2014, Blankfeld went to San Diego for radio broadcast training, and started the show in March of that same year. The first it eration of the show continued until 2017, at which point Harvey Blankfeld decid ed to go independent. He continued his relationship with KDWN, creating a new show that emphasizes how he is “turning around the narrative on real estate”.

real estate processes and procedures in general. It is Blankfeld’s position that there is a lot of fear and misconceptions of the real estate industry, and most of that fear is being perpetuated by the media. “Owning your own home is still the best way to increase your personal wealth,” states Blankfeld.

According to contributor John Ingram of Prosperity Home Mortgage, the show is to serve as a tool for those looking to make decisions on real estate. Harvey Blank feld and his contributors including Mr. Ingram, actively enjoy educating people on the industry and sharing the reality of what changes are happening. They find real value in their role of translating the complexities of real estate into “real peo ple speak”. In short, Harvey Blankfeld’s radio show consists of timely insights into the real estate market from people without an agenda.

To educate, empower, and engage. This is the mission of Harvey Blankfeld, a real estate professional who shares his expertise with the public on his radio show Las Vegas Real Estate Now, with Harvey Blankfeld.

For more lvrealestateradio.cominformation:702-315-7591 S.48897

By: Daryl K Jones

Number 1 Cash Buyer In The West Coast


“I meet with potential California buy ers and explain not only the tax bene fits of residing in Nevada, but also the luxurious lifestyle Vegas has to offer. We have the best restaurants, enter tainment, shopping, and now the best sports! Together we’ve sold thousands of houses, condos, penthouses, and estates to buyers from California, es pecially over the past few years, and it looks like we are going to continue to be very busy,” adds Michelle.

Shari’s clientele is based off referrals, and she has a plethora of connections throughout the world. Michelle trav els from Vegas to her second home in Newport Beach to meet with potential California buyers. She educates them on the many benefits of living in Las Vegas. Together, they have created a formula, bringing in large quantities of California buyers over the past 15 years.



hey are multi-million produc ers annually and have a reputa tion of being two of the hardest working Realtors in Vegas.

“Inventory is very low, and we are looking for listings to present to our buyers,” says Shari.

“We work 15 hours a day, six days a week and love what we do,” says Shari.

Michelle Manley Realtor®


Michelle Manley and Shari Sanderson are two of the most powerful Realtors® in Las Vegas.

107 Top 25 Agents of Berkshire Hathaway 2021 Top 4 Agents of Berkshire Hathaway Summerlin 2021 BHHS NV Lic.702-306-2233Properties•finestofvegas.comS.0071376 10226 Jade Gardens SOLD: $1,550,000.00 11280 Ansel Ct. SOLD $2,525,000.00 1920 Redbird Crest SOLD: $2,118,150.00RECENTLY SOLD!


Nevada for growth are endless. With new industries locating to southern Nevada and professional sports franchises expanding here along with Nevada’s favorable tax environment, it is the perfect place to open a title insurance, escrow, and 1031 exchange services company.” He also noted that it is an extra advantage to be able to offer a wide range of employment opportunities to local southern JeffNevadans.Harris’

Security 1st Title of Nevada is a full-service title and escrow company providing title insurance and escrow services in Nevada. Founded in 1944, in the heart of the Midwest, Security 1st Title of Nevada is one of the largest independent title insurance providers in the nation.

it comes to picking a title and escrow company, you have a choice of whom you go to.

We celebrate Security 1st Title for being a trendsetter in their industry, and we salute Jeff Harris for his trailblazing and leading the charge. MV

get the best result at the best price for a consumer who is closing on a real estate transaction. Security 1st represents multiple underwriters and can offer a solution to any closing. As an industry leader in title insurance, Security 1st Title has established a reputation of integrity, expertise, and a commitment to customer service. In short, they get the consumer the best price for the services they need.

Security 1st Title of Nevada with locations currently in Summerlin, Boulder City, andSummerlinPahrump

According to Harris, there are three things that he wants our readers to

Boulder City 517 Hotel Plaza Boulder City, NV 89005 (702) 832-0659

3. We are all about southern Nevada!


9500 Hillwood Dr Suite 110 Las Vegas, NV 89134 (702) 476-6400

“I was hired by Western Title as a sales representative. In 1989, I moved from Western Title to Chicago Title Agency of Las Vegas, and I purchased the company, which a few years later became United Title of Nevada,” recalls Jeff Harris, regarding his experience in the title and escrow services industry. After much hard work and many long hours, he retired in 2018 to spend more time with his golf clubs and his family (he’s a proud grandfather of five little southern Nevadans). After hearing about Security 1st Title’s national expansion plans from Tony Hale, Security 1st Title’s Senior Vice President, he found himself back in the game as President of Security 1st Title of WhatNevada.makes

Entering the local market in January 2021, Security 1st Title of Nevada has become one the fastest growing title companies in Clark County. The growth can be attributed to an all-star management team comprised of the industry’s finest and some of the longest serving land and title professionals in market. Denny Burg, Eileen Bechtol Carlson, Tracey Baumgardner, Shain Moody, and Andre Williams, alongside Harris together have more than 200 years’ experience in southern Nevada real estate. When asked why Nevada was the perfect place to expand and open Security 1st offices, Jeff Harris said, “Opportunities here in southern


Green Valley – Coming Soon!!

Pahrump 3190 NV-160 Suite C Pahrump, NV 89048 (775) 727-8888

2. Know who you are dealing with. Why not work with a company that gives you a choice, hires local people, and spends their money with the local businesses that help our community grow?

he Nevada operation, headed by longtime Nevadan Jeff Harris, has three, soon to be four, offices in the Southern Nevada area, and handles residential, commercial, and new housing, as well as having a 1031 Exchange* company, all of which are operated by individuals from southern Nevada.

Security 1st different is its people. The firm hires locals who know the lay of the land, figuratively and literally. Employees of Security 1st relate to southern Nevadans because they are southern Nevadans. Another key differentiator is the value that Security 1st adds to every transaction by giving the consumer options. They write title insurance for several underwriters, which affords them the opportunity to

love for the Silver State developed when he arrived from Claremont, California, in 1976. Harris moved to Las Vegas to play his last two years of football for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). He played on Special Teams and was given an athletic scholarship to become a Rebel as a Punter in 1977.

Las Vegas is home to one of the fastest growing and most competitive markets in the nation. With so many real estate transactions happening each day in Las Vegas, it is important that each buyer or seller finds a realtor they can put their trust in. For the past 17 years, Chip Madsen has been a top producing agent, gaining respect and trust in all he works with. Whether it’s residential, industrial, land, office space, or retail, Chip has a successful and proven track record of handling it all. Recognized and awarded for the fourth year in a row as one of MYVEGAS’ Top 100 Real Estate Professionals and Top 100 Men of Success, Chip proves that success is not given, it is earned and accomplished through passion and hard work.

Living and loving Las Vegas since 1997, Chip has gained a lay of the land, particularly in the luxury home market and commercial space. But before luxury homes and attending showings filled his days, Chip was the director of sales for a $500 Million-dollar telecommunications company and learned quickly that trust and communication will get you very far in the business world. Now in the honorable position of assisting home buyers and sellers, Chip loves to build relationships with clients and help them build one of the most personal and important investments a person can make in their lifetime.


As part of the Ivan Sher Group, the #1 producing Berkshire Hathaway team in the state as well as the world, Chip and his team of 14 agents have sold over $750 million in Real Estate in the last year alone. Chip’s real estate career has truly been one to watch, and his life outside of Real Estate is just as fruitful. His golf game is continuously unmatched, and he is also part owner of a winery in Washington. He is blessed with his beautiful wife, Jessica, stepson, AJ, daughter, Ivy Rose, and recently welcomed a new member to their family in 2020, daughter, Peridot. Chip’s passions have led him to great successes in Real estate, in his entrepreneurial opportunities, and his growing family. MYVEGAS is proud to name him- yet again- as one of our MYVEGAS Top 100 Real Estate Professionals.


©2022 BHH Affiliates, LLC. An independently owned and operated franchisee of BHH Affiliates, LLC. Equal Housing Opportunity. | 702-420-3332 LIC. #S.0073912 | @chippness

THE NAGHDI GROUP AT CORNEL REALTY   5575 S Durango Dr. #107  • Las Vegas NV 89113   702-859-ROSE (7673)  •  • FOCUSING ON... LUXURY. HIGH-RISE. First Time Home Buyers• Investments • Probate • Culinary/Bartenders Union Lic#: S.0176112  Looking to buy or sell, we are the team that puts more money in your pocket. ASK HOW WE PUT MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR EXCLUSIVE BUYER AND SELLER CREDITS AT CLOSING!

There are many ways to improve your home this season! And it’s never too late to make those upgrades! Add to your interior with premium shutters or sleek new cabinetry. Painting an old room makes a huge improvement and sometimes the entire house needs a paint facelift! Sometimes adding new carpeting can increase the value to your home! Looking to enhance your curb appeal? Get a luxury outdoor living space designed uniquely for your home and your family. Replace that rusty backyard gate! Change out your old landscaping! Bushes and shrubbery can overgrow and look old.

New furniture and appliances are the perfect way to update your look without breaking the bank. Find a store that offers diverse selections that combine class and comfort to give your home that luxury feel. If your home is overloaded, book a storage unit to help you clean and declutter your home or business with ease. Tis the season to give your home the TLC it deserves, and we know the best pros for the job!


Communication and Positivity. Accountability and Integrity. Respect and Teamwork.

he youngest woman to hold a C2 Electrical Contractor License in the history of the State of Neva da, Alexia Cooper is a powerhouse who bought out Bell Solar’s founder, Trevor Bell in 2020 to take full control of the company. She began with the compa ny in 2017 as Director of Operations, and by December 2020 she had already been listed on Forbes 30 Under 30 in Energy.

Alexia Cooper’s resolve to be the best version of herself that she can be, fully translates in the way that Bell Solar does business under her leadership. She ex presses that integrity is the number one core value for both herself and the com pany. “We say what we mean and do what we say we’re going to do,” explains Alex ia. The company’s mission, “Rewiring the world to build a sustainable future for generations to come,” signifies that the focus is not only on the “now”, but more importantly on the future of alternative energy resources.

These are the core values of Bell Solar & Electric Systems, as set forth by its CEO, Alexia Cooper. With her “Just Focus and Do It” attitude, she has revolutionized not only the space in which she operates, but also the way business is done in general.


Alexia Cooper is an industrious, re sourceful, and generous player in the energy industry. Since taking over the company in 2020, she has not only made a difference externally, but in the lives of



By Daryl K. Jones

Along with her trailblazing activity in the Solar and Electrical Systems sector, and in assisting members of the industry, she also offers many solutions to consumers. Bell Solar has released a free download able eBook, available on their website, entitled “The Solar Panel Buyer’s Guide for Next Steps.”

For more information on Bell Solar and Electrical Systems and Alexia Cooper, visit MV

her employees as well. Believing in the sentiments of the quote by Walt Disney, “Whatever you do, do it well,” Alexia makes sure that while the staff of Bell Solar hold each other accountable to en sure the highest quality of work, they also take the time to celebrate one another’s professional achievements. In the words of Richard Branson, “If you take care of your employees, your employees will take care of your customers.” This is a tenet of business that is not lost on Alexia and may very well be the reason the company has maintained a high regard in the re newable energy space.


One method that she and Bell Solar em ploys to fulfil their objective to “rewire the world” is executed through the vehi cle of philanthropy. The most impactful change that Alexia has instituted would be her Community Involvement policy. Alexia Cooper and Bell Solar take pride in serving their communities both on the clock and off. They have their hand in everything from participating in ef forts with the Contractors Association, to helping to facilitate food banks for under-served families. Forging a partner ship with Give Power Foundation, Bell Solar has committed $80+ of every install to be allocated as charitable donations to the foundation. Needless to say, their col laborative efforts have made an invalu able difference in the lives of those here in the United States, as well as countless lives around the world.

Bell Solar & Electrical Systems Alexia Cooper, CEO Call today! 702-914-9393

Fostering relationships and focusing on the people of her industry is important to Alexia, to her credit, she also firm ly believes in creating opportunities for

women in the construction industry. She doesn’t focus on being a woman in construction herself, she does concede however that the industry is dominated mostly by males, but this has no bearing on how she operates. She would rather focus on adding value to the conversa tion, and that is what earns her respect in these proverbial smoke-filled rooms where men make major deals.

Whether you need help with a residential or commercial property, our team has the experience and knowledge to see it through. 5580 S DECATUR BLVD., UNIT 103 • LAS VEGAS, NV 89118 • 702.914.9393 • BELL@BELLCOMPANIES.NET BELLELECTRICALSYSTEMS.COM SOLAR PANELS | LED LIGHTING RETROFIT | EMERGENCY SERVICE | INSPECTIONS LANDSCAPE LIGHTING | CIRCUIT BREAKER SERVICE | BACKUP GENERATOR SERVICE

If you need a house remodeled, staged, or impeccable, give Design by Sasha a call today: (702) 337-8553


Design by Sasha is a boutique design, staging and real estate staging firm, specializing in huge projects, remodels, and new builds. Sasha Good, the owner of this award-winning interior design firm, is known to take on big, challenging projects, but you will come to learn- there is nothing Sasha can’t do!

Do you remember the incredible Panora ma Towers Penthouse Sasha remodeled, with the stunning view of Allegiant Sta dium? Well, there is another one coming,


and Sasha shares that it will be a great one to watch for.



asha is in the business of taking ordinary spaces and making them extraordinary. It is no wonder that her business has grown even more over the past year, especially with people spending much more time in their homes through the pandemic. Design by Sasha is the one-stop-shop you’ve been looking for. Taking on the most intricate projects from beginning to end, Sasha loves to take on any challenge, in fact these are the projects that she prides her self

successful remodels on Span ish Trails estates, one of Las Vegas’ most well-known golf clubs, she was invited for a very special remodel. One of her new est projects is adding the “Sasha touch” and revamping the entry at Spanish Trails Country Club. This is a project we cannot wait to see the results of, and it’ll surely dazzle us all.

Every challenge for Sasha is just anoth er opportunity to put her heart and soul in and leave everything on the table. For herself personally, she purchased a huge property in her hometown of Croatia. Sit ting right on the beach, she will be able to enjoy an escape away from the madness, after she remodels the 2 large houses on property, of course! This will be a breath taking and eclectic space for her to bask in, and I am sure we will all be patiently awaiting the photo reveals.

If you haven’t found out already, Sasha Good is the Interior Designer, the re modeler, the staging expert, and firm you have been waiting to find. It is a MYVE GAS promise that you will be dazzled, ev ery time. Don’t wait, and call Sasha today for your next project! MV


CUSTOM WINDOW TREATMENTS FINEBEDDINGFURNITURE WALL & FLOOR CreativeSTORAGECUSTOMACCESSORIESLIGHTINGCOVERINGSCLOSET&SOLUTIONSOUTDOORLIVINGANDMORE…Design SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR TASTE, YOUR BUDGET and YOUR LIFESTYLE Call TODAY for your complimentary in-home consultation! 702.885.6391 Tanya Owner/InteriorKash www.tkash.decoratingden.comtkash@cloud9interiorsinc.comDecorator Ready to get your project started? Best of all, we come to you with our large supplier network in the comfort of your own home. No lost weekends, no running around, no wonder we’re North America’s premier in-home decorating service!




y primary concern as Associate Director of Academic Affairs at the International School of Hos pitality is the curriculum; our students expect practical, up-to-date content that will prepare them for jobs and I do my best, with our faculty, to provide that. Over more than a decade in education though, I’ve learned that it’s not enough to focus on the vocational, hard skills re quired in the hospitality industry … em ployers demand soft skills, too.

By: Sean M. McCray


The 2020 GMAC Corporate Recruiters Survey shows that 81% of recruiters iden tify interpersonal skills as important. Most job announcements list excellent written and oral communication as re quirements. Other skills like active lis tening and the ability to inspire people are showing up more frequently, too. So, what can you do to practice or learn ad ditional soft skills before that next inter view or performance review?

Whether you’re looking for a new job or looking to move up in your current one, soft skills are essential. As we get farther into the second half of the year, there will be plenty of opportunities to brush up on interpersonal interactions. Take those opportunities when they arise, reflect, and keep your eye out for short courses

will pay dividends for your soft skills rep ertoire and have the added benefit of pro viding useful networking opportunities. After your return into the social, do take some time to reflect. Intentionality is essential; evaluate your soft skills prog ress, look for weak spots, and review the interactions you’ve had, the texts, IMs or emails you’ve written, and your be havior and feelings about all of them. Try to remember how you felt and how you perceived others’ feelings during your engagements. You’ll be surprised at what you can recall and should use your thoughts to improve your engagements in the Anotherfuture.more focused way to improve interpersonal skills is by taking classes. Online learning platforms like LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, and Udemy offer tens




Business breeds proud in Las Vegas. From running a business to finding the right business for your needs, MYVEGAS is here to serve you the best information and the brightest business leaders in the valley. Find tips for your small business, online business, or just information you should know! Find what you’re looking for in many industries, including insurance, supplies, and a variety of products and services you need. Within these pages are companies we know and trust, and we’d like to share them with you, our loyal readers! This issue, it’s not just the MyBusiness section, it’s MyVegas’ Best Businesses! Featured in this section, you will find the Top 10 Vegas Born Businesses. Nominated and chosen by our readers as the best locally born businesses, we are so proud to congratulate and honor these hard-working local business leaders.

As much as Shannon and Troy enjoy pro tecting and serving local business’ cyber security, they are just as invested in serving the community they love to live and work in. They are both active participants in the Southern Nevada InfraGard chapter, sup porting information sharing and the pro tection of U.S. Critical Infrastructure. They founded the Healthcare Heroes Foundation in early 2020 amidst the global pandemic, as a way to give back to first responders. They have successfully raised thousands of dollars to help our heroes with ne cessities during these challenging times.While they are both deeply pas sionate about cybersecurity, they are both believers in supporting our local community both per sonally and professionally. Las Vegas was the perfect place to grow their business, their support network, and their family. Shannon and Troy are happily married and are the proud parents of three girls. Shannon and Troy are the per fect pair, providing protection and support to everyone they possibly can.



Tego Cyber’s, Shannon and Troy Wilkinson, Share a Passion for Cyber

TegoSecurityCyberInc. 8565 S. Eastern Avenue, Suite 150 Las Vegas, NV 89123 855

yber-criminals attack a computer in the US every 39 seconds, and businesses can face over 4,000 at tacks daily. Having the right cyber security for your business and digital assets is crucial, and local cyber geniuses, Shannon and Troy Wilkinson, play a vital

role in the safety and cybersecurity for the Las Vegas community. Together, they co founded Tego Cyber Inc. where they dutiful ly keep enterprises from being compromised in the city they call home.

Contact Tego Cyber today to learn more about their intelligent, state-of-the-art cy ber intelligence platform. MV

Shannon is a woman that thrives on peace, being a 12-year service member overseas with the United Nations. During her peace keeping missions, where she built critical software platforms for the UN, she met her husband Troy, and as they say the

You will come to find that Shannon and Troy fit together like puzzle pieces; Both driven and passionate about serving oth ers and keeping the peace, technologically of course. They cofounded Tego Cyber in September of 2019 as a cyber-threat intelli gence company. They’ve developed the Tego Threat Intelligence Platform, which identi fies potential threats based off research and data, making cybersecurity for enterprises easier and allowing cybersecurity teams to work faster. Tego Cyber uses big data ana lytics to compare threat data using machine learning to find the needle in the haystack.

rest is history. Troy played an integral role in the United Nations and European Union during his missions, as a top cyber investi gator into political corruption, organized crime, and terrorism.

GET A QUOTE TODAY Auto Repair • Auto Collision Repair & Body Paint • Auto Brake Repair & Oil Change Transmission Repair • Truck Body Paint & Repair • Auto A/C Repair 5585 Spring Mountain Rd • Las Vegas, NV 89146 • (702) 754-6774

We are one of the best auto body repair shops in the Las Vegas Valley. Custom er-focused auto collision repair facility, our goal is to repair the damage to your vehicle according to the high-quality specifications established by the manu facturer of your automobile and motorcy cle. At our Collision Repair Shop, we work on all vehicle makes and models. Our col lision repair center is staffed with trained experts to get your car looking like new


receive a free estimate for repairing the damage to your vehicle, including an

Having your car repaired on time is the most important element for prolonging its life. However, finding an auto repair shop that offers exclusive services with steadfast solutions is even more neces sary. Universal Motorcars offers top of the line auto repair services that you can count on.


ting your vehicle back to its pre-collision condition and on the road.

Universal Motorcars strives to provide the most efficient auto painting services in Las Vegas. We are committed to doing our paint job well the first time so you can take your car, truck or SUV home fast and without hassle. Whatever the color or design, we have the know-how to paint your car well and fast for you. Our expert auto and truck painters are certified and retrained throughout the year. We stress this level of training and expect nothing but the best paint job for your vehicle

Universal Motorcars Auto Repair pro vides Auto Body, Collision Repair, and Car body paint services to the Las Vegas Valley. We have established a reputation for dedication, integrity, and excellence. Our Certified Professionals and expert buy research papers customer writing technicians understand the importance of your vehicle and are committed to get

itemized list of body shop repair services, and an estimate for time of completion. We accept all collision repair and paint refinishing work in cooperation with ev ery automotive insurance carrier.





This year, PFI has much to look forward to. Their new tactical supply store is called “Protective Force Tactical” and will not only supply all security operations and PFI em ployees gear but will supply the public with high quality selections of excellent brands.

Jonathan and the Officers at PFI want to protect and make a difference in the com munity, whether that be providing security, providing the city with tactical gear, or con tributing to local charities. Jonathan says, “We do what’s right and stick by our motto, “We are Here”.” MV

basic security/safety plan but continual ly learn to adapt and overcome not only client’s needs, but society’s ever-chang ing climate. Every client is different, every area of operation is different, and tailoring to client’s needs is their specialty. To the community, PFI enjoys getting involved, volunteering, and monetarily contribut ing to local charities, and even have their own Non-profit (501-c3) called “Protective Force International CDC” (Community De velopment Corporation), hoping to provide resources to Military Veterans and others in the Onecommunity.ofthemost

rotective Force International, founded by Chief Jonathan Al varez and Deputy Chief Andre Scott, began with the hope to fill Nevada’s need for better security stan dards for others to follow.

Jonathan and Andre built PFI based on serving the community through many aspects. To their clients, they provide a

impactful aspects of PFI’s growth can be attributed to in vesting back into its employees through higher-than-average pay and great ben efits. Another great aspect is their abil ity to train and equip Security Officers, providing them with the confidence and knowledge to address issues that arise. Additionally, PFI owns its own training institute - “Protective Force Internation


In a world of uncertainty, security has become an almost indisputable need for events, celebrities, government officials and much more. Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world, homes one very special security organization that shines above the rest.

What started out as a few hundred dollars, a laptop, and the dream of having a pre miere security service that is equipped, trained, and able to respond to a multi tude of incidents, Jonathan and Andre have already made a difference in the Las Vegas community. Protective Force Inter national, PFI for short, has transformed into Southern Nevada’s support for com munity service and security operations in just under three years. PFI provides Un armed Security Officers, Armed Security Officers, Investigators, Patrol Operations, K9 Officers, and Security Consulting.

al Training Institute” where they profes sionally train their Security Officers.

CHIEF JONATHAN ALVAREZ, CCTP Protective Force International 2620 Regatta Dr. #102 Las Vegas, NV 89128 (702)






In addition, Kristin Kirui-Case is the host of Educating Your Money Podcast, a show that its Mission is to educate current or prospective business owners on a variety of topics and answer the questions that keep them up at night, so they can make the appropriate business decisions for themselves.

Kristin Kirui-Case is the Founder and CEO of MattNik Bookkeeping and Tax Solutions where you can get custom, fast and reliable Bookkeeping and Tax Solutions to your business. They’re located in Las Vegas, Nevada however, they do business all over the states.

With our innovative physician revenue cycle management system, Crest Pointe Medical Billing Solutions strengthens all aspects of RCM, including patient scheduling, payor credentialing, insurance verification, charting and coding review, claims management and much more.

We strive to nurture the financial health of your organization and relieve the administrative burden of dealing with insurance carriers. We provide medical billing services for all specialties in an all-inone solution to streamline your billing process and obtain maximum revenue for your practice.

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3. Clean, visible stripes around your parking spaces and easily iden tifiable pavement markings can improve safety in your parking lot. Drivers will experience less confusion, and pedestrians will be able to identify the safest route between their cars and your en trance. When you need to re paint your markings and stripes, ask you contractor to check your parking lot design to ensure that traffic flow is optimized to elim inate congestion areas. It would be best if you also asked your contractor to verify that your de sign meets ADA requirements.


Affordable Striping & Sealing is com mitted to helping customers get the most from their paving investments. We specialize in parking lot maintenance for properties throughout the Las Ve gas Valley. Our services include traffic sign and bumper block installations, sealcoating, parking lot design, asphalt crack repair, and parking lot striping and pavement markings. We have an

Your parking lot’s overall condition, the age of the pavement, the amount of maintenance it has received since its in stallation, and the traffic your lot receives can affect the type and frequency of the procedures it needs. However, parking lot maintenance companies typically recom mend the following.


impeccable reputation for integrity, high-quality work, and exemplary ser vice. Call 702-222-9009 to request a free pavement evaluation and quote. Vegas,

If you do not maintain your asphalt pave ment, it will deteriorate at an accelerat ed rate. The sun can dry out the binder holding the pavement together, cracks will form, and potholes can develop. The foundation can become destabilized, and an unstable foundation can lead to alligator cracking, larger potholes, and deeper cracks. Your parking lot will have a shorter life and require costlier repairs. However, there are other potential conse quences if you neglect your parking lot. The safety of those using your lot can be impacted, and you could find yourself as a defendant in a lawsuit if someone suffers a personal injury or damages his vehicle. You could lose business if customers or tenants find your parking lot unwelcom ing, and your reputation as a responsible, caring company could be tarnished. Fur thermore, if your parking lot layout does not fully comply with the ADA require ments for safety and design, you could possibly be sued or fined.

1. Apply sealcoating once your new pavement has fully cured, then repeat the procedure every two to five years. Sealcoat blocks the ra diation from the sun that leaves asphalt faded and dry, and it can retard the progress of automotive fluids that can create soft spots in the pavement. Sealants can also restore the color of the pavement.

NV shonda@affordablestriping.comAffordableStriping.com89115 MYBUSINESS



4. Remove piles of sand, gravel, or trash that can damage or stain your sealant. Oil and other petrochem ical spills should be thoroughly cleaned as soon as possible; they will be easier to remove while they are fresh. As petrochemicals will eventually penetrate your seal ant and reach your pavement, you should not let these spills remain for more than a few months.


Well-constructed asphalt pavement has a luxurious dark color that is aestheti cally pleasing and a smooth, even surface that provides excellent safety features. If the pavement is engineered correctly and receives the maintenance needed, an asphalt parking lot can last for up to 30 years before it needs a significant re pair or reconstruction. However, parking lot maintenance companies know that a neglected pavement can fail in as little as eight years if it receives no maintenance. It can fail within 15 years if it only gets a little care on a haphazard schedule. Although asphalt is an economical pav ing choice, it is always less expensive to maintain your parking lot than replace it. Furthermore, a poorly maintained, di lapidated parking lot can leave you with other potential costs.


2. Have your contractor repair signif icant cracks every 6 to 12 months. The longer that cracks remain open to the elements, the more likely it becomes that the damage can extend to all layers of the struc ture. Cracks never grow smaller.

LAS VEGAS PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR Surveillance Workman’s Compensation Investigations Insurance Fraud InvestigationsInfidelity Child Custody/Parental Neglect Background Investigation Locate/Missing Person Search Asset Investigation Bug Sweep/DetectionandMore Jennifer Knight, CEO Serving the State of Nevada Nevada Private Investigator License number 1960 (702) 902-2730 TRUE to our clients. TRUE to the craft. TRUE Investigations.

A: Everyone is beautiful! Beautiful is the courage to be yourself. That’s the true beauty in my opinion. As the photogra pher, it is my responsibility to recognize that in my clients and convey it into an actual image.

A: Huh, thank God there are still many to cross off! I believe you should always have some challenges lined up in your life! Not circumstantial, set by you! Do not stop challenging yourself in personal and professional development through out life. As my good friend Scott used to say to me when I was just starting, “Sky is the limit.” In the near future I would love to do a wedding photo and video ses sion in Alaska or on Mount Kilimanjaro, and more locally, Sequoia National Park.

Q: Photography, Videography, Photo Studio and Photo Booths. A one-stopshop by the looks of it. How much is this a decision-making factor for your clients when they decide to book your services?

Q: Do you shoot B&W photography?

Q: What are some big-name companies you worked with?


Q: What makes LV Photography different from other photographers?

Q: The photo shoot you still want to do. Something that would push your limits as the artist and the photographer?

MYVEGAS had the chance to sit down with Nikola Prvanovic, the owner, photographer, and videographer of LV Photography, and learned all about his love for photography. We asked him some burning questions that our readers were dying to know, see his answers below!

A: It is a big factor for sure! Imagine your big wedding day is coming up or your tech company is part of a convention at the Las Vegas Convention Center, you have to book all three services from different vendors. Three different vendors, person alities, locations, meetings, emails and text correspondences and work styles. It can be a bit cumbersome. When the opportunity presents itself that you can commission all three services with one studio, where all three teams work in uni son and with one goal, there is little to think about. It’s usually just, are you are available for our date?

A: Besides wedding photography ser vices locally and outside of Vegas when I can, my studio also provides wedding vid eography and photo booth services. Ad ditionally, I’m available for commercial photo shoots, portraits, headshots, senior photos, family shoots, or even fitness or modeling photo shoots. We strive to pro vide a genuine and positive experience paired with top quality work. I encourage all who read this great magazine to Goo gle us.

A: Yes. Absolutely. I believe that the B&W photography gets under the skin, you get to really see the person. But I do enjoy shooting both.

Wherever you want gorgeous, authentic photos, you can rely on Nikola Prvanovic of LV Photography. Throughout his years photographing, Nikola has captured hun dreds of events. With his experience, he can make suggestions on the best light ing and locations and is happy to suggest makeup and hair artists, florists, venues, and hotels for your wedding celebrations.

A: Well... to skip the long story and not fill the article alone just by answering that one question: I would say that my love for photography was born through people that have influenced me throughout my life and sustained by all that inspires me!

Q: As a photographer, how do you make sure that the person you want to shoot looks beautiful?

For all your photography needs, contact LV Photography at 702-741-5763 or visit

A: When Amazon opened their facility here, we recorded and photographed the grand opening. We have also completed commercial photography work for Mi crosoft and many other companies. I’m looking forward to seeing the Las Ve gas Convention Center reopen and start working with new companies and our regular companies on big productions.

Q: Let’s start with the most important question. How did you develop an inter est in photography?

While Building Your Brand With Your Own Show on the Everyday Woman TV Channel! What if you could have your own TV show streamed across over 19 streaming platforms? and be featured with your own show on Everyday Woman Online TV? It’s Your Time. To Get More Visible And Get More Clients Visit us

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Las Vegas Judge was booted off the Clark County Family Court Bench back in 2014. He ran again for the Family Court Bench and was defeated once again in 2020. Now he is making one more desperate at tempt in 2022 for the Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Bench. This judge appears to be seeking security in the (PERS) Public Em ployees' Retirement System of Nevada.

This same Judge presided over a case of a divorce and custody battle between a Veteran and his wife of 18 years with two children. The Veteran had limited income, yet did his best to fight for fair custody of the children and to compel the Judge to en force the custody and visitation orders that were in place. The mother kept denying the Veteran his fair time with the children, costing the Veteran thousands of dollars in legal fees to appear before the Judge, to ask him to enforce the orders and to hold mom in contempt. The Judge refused to hold the mother in contempt and the mother continued to refuse contact between the Veteran and the children, causing severe depression and financial problems for the Veteran. Orders of the Court must have bark and bite and not be a “toothless tiger.” In a case like this, when a litigant knows that they will not be held accountable for their actions, it is no wonder that people enjoy the “Kangaroo Court” put in place by this Judge. After countless motions that were never enforced by the Judge, thou sands of dollars in legal fees, and depres sion from not seeing his children, the Vet eran committed suicide. RIP brother.

Our mission is: To educate, organize, and awaken our veterans and their families to select, support, and intelligently vote for those candidates who would help create a better world, to protect ourselves from our government(s) in a culture of corruption, and to be the political voice for those in other groups who do not have one. Veter ans In Politics claims sole responsibility for this story.

someone disabled based on substantial medical information, who is a Clark County Family Court Judge to believe they can go rogue and ignore the facts of the case?



Further misappropriations from this Judge include violating the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, Discrimination against a US Ma rine Veteran. The point is Clark County can sure do better and this Judge has got to stay gone! He is a total disappointment to the Bench and every member of our US military past and present!

Veterans In Politics International (VIPI) with overwhelming evidence declares it a fact that this Judge is no friend to our US Veterans he has earned the thumbs down based on the years of incompetence on the bench. This is because of his unfair treat ment of litigants, especially US Veterans. The Judge once ruled that a 100% Service Connected Disabled Veteran is “willful ly” unemployed, despite the fact that the veteran was deemed unemployable and housebound by the Department of Veter ans Affairs after years of medical exams, , and evaluations by doctors and Whilespecialists.the evidence submitted during the trial had nothing to do with the employ ment status of the Veteran, this Judge took it upon himself during the ruling to go beyond the scope of the evidence and rule that the disabilities were for “carrying guns and military equipment in the Army,” and had no relevance to civilian life or the ability to work, therefore the Veteran was willfully unemployed and the basis for his decision to deny modification of financial obligations that put the Veteran at risk for




judges may bring certain biases to the bench, they need to do the job that they are elected to do and rule on the facts of the case. Here, this Judge over-stepped his boundaries and believed that his opinions and the needs of one able-bodied litigant superseded the facts of the case and the other litigant’s ability to pay. If the Federal Government deems


By: Steve Sanson, Veterans in Politics

Veterans In Politics International, Inc.: Es tablished in 1993: Veterans In Politics In ternational, Inc.

135 BOUJEE PARTY SUPPLY BOUTIQUE BACKDROP & SPECIALTY WALLS BALLOON INSTALLATIONS THEMED PROP CENTERPIECESRENTALS 922 Lake East Dr. • Las Vegas, NV 89117 • 310-435-7676 • @pictureperfectpartydecorlv BRING YOUR EVENT TO THE NEXT LEVEL Come and visit your newest local party supply store Full event decor design consultation also available Dr. Jason Sulliban Dr. Jamie Sulliban Dr. Anne Beckes Dr. Erin Knickerbocker The warm, compassionate, quality service that you and your pets deserve. Come experience the Aloha Animal Hospital difference! OFFICE HOURS: Monday-Friday: 8AM – 6PM Saturday: 8AM – 1PM (702) 567-5222 • Dogs Cats Birds Small Mammals Reptiles

Check your mind to make sure it is filled with positive thoughts related to the vi sion of how your mate looks. Examine to detect the presence of whatever it is that is holding you back.

Bring together or into contact so that a real or notional link is established. Watch your vision become a reality. Start at tracting who you want.

Step 4 - CONNECT



your declaration, say, “I am the one who determines and decides who I want to at tract into my life.” The infinite has given this to you and it is up to you to deter mine this. According to your acceptance of this belief be it done unto you. How much are you willing to accept? You have the secret sauce inside of you to start at tracting, setting your intention sets the tone for the attracting of who you want.

By: C. Regi Rodgers #1 Relationship Coach


“Experience dating from an expanded conscious perspective.” - C. Regi Rodgers

Who do you see yourself with? Decide who you want to attract. You must con nect with your intention to have them, then you must believe that you will re ceive what you ask for. Pour all your energy and concentration into seeing it becoming a reality. Everything you want will happen, but it will happen at the right time. You must keep believing. I want you to see, hear, smell, and touch the mate you’re looking to create. Make it as real as you possibly can, feel them as if you have them already. Add as many details as you can, focus on the end result of attracting who you want. Consider that thoughts are things, and that thinking in a certain way can create concrete changes and attract to you what you desire. Everything that you are ready for is ready for you.

Everything begins as a thought that turns into an idea. All of the material things in your life are manufactured out of the ideas of your mind. Developing an orig inal and creative idea requires thinking. We are constantly broadcasting through our thoughts what we are attracting in our physical realm. A manifestation is where your thoughts and your energy can create your reality. The first thing to do when manifesting is to take a look at your thoughts and feelings. If you are constantly being negative, then you are going to attract negative energy. Your personality becomes your personal real ity. You are the one who determines and decides who you want to attract in your life. I want you to affirm this. Make this


Regi’s “SECRET SAUCE” to attraction:

The secret sauce is within you. The term “secret sauce” has come to mean the thing that you do that makes you unique. But first, you must determine what makes you unique.

Step 1 - CLEAN

Everyone serves their own individual idea of what they desire. You must be clear, and specific in regards to what you want to attract. There is a consciousness on the individual level and each one of us has our own concept of what we formu late by way of an idea in our mind. You relate to your own individual concept of what you want to attract. Once again, you determine what you want to attract by CLEANING, CREATING, CHECKING and CONNECTING. When you recognize this secret sauce, you then understand this power that you have within you. You can attract to you who you want.

iscover the thing in you that would cause someone to be attracted to you. Do you real ize that you are a magnet? You can attract a conscious partner. You will become the source to what it means to attract what you want. It’s nothing magi cal, it’s just understanding how to attract your conscious mate on a spiritual and energetic level. Please note, you have the secret sauce to fulfilling what you desire. You must be deliberate and you must be intentional. This secret sauce can become the power of your imagination. As much as you can see yourself attracting who you desire, you will attract them. As much as you can feel yourself having them, you will have them. Let your imagination ex pand, this becomes your secret sauce.

Do everything possible to clean and de clutter your thoughts so that you can do everything possible to achieve what you desire.

Step 3 - CHECK

Step 2 - CREATE

Create the vision of what your mate looks like. Bring it into existence.


– Audrey Hepburn

Michael and his associates help their cli ents choose their structure, plan for tax es, life events, growth, and ideally to one day, live a great retired life. Of course, they help people with taxes, but the real benefit is the planning before taxes are due. “Small businesses are the best fit, they tend to need the most help, and ben efit the most from our services.” But ev eryone can benefit from having an ally on your side to help you grow and flourish your financial health!

Follow GrossaFarms on Facebook and stay tuned to see what grows this year! MV


ichael Grossa, of Grossa & Associates CPA, is a pro at building everything from the ground up. Being sur rounded by growing and caring for gar dens with his family growing up became an incredible foundation for what is now a large part of his life. Starting his career in accounting with other firms and open ing his very own firm in 2004, Michael is familiar with putting in work to see the final Gardeningresult.

2445 Fire Mesa Street #100 Las Vegas, NV


was always something his family did all together, although like most parents, they did most of the work. From digging in the ground to playing with lady bugs, planting seeds and harvesting the vegetables, Michael remembers it as a positive experience in his life. Today, he loves devoting time to the things that take time to flourish. In his own home, he has grown 3 generations of gardens in his space, over nearly 20 years. He has even made the incredibly fertile dirt that fills the gardens via composting yard waste.

in various aspects of ac counting, construction, fast food and even being a paperboy as a young man, the mix in Michael’s life experiences gives him a unique ability to see both sides of most issues, challenges and solutions. In gardening planting next to a wall might give you shade, but it might also radiate plant killing heat, and the same might be true for your business.

“I feel like when I help my clients grow, it is something we grew together,” says Michael. Growing anything, from a garden to a business takes a plan, patience and hard work.

Michael Grossa and Associates

“I have had very good luck with the gar den staples, like beans, cucumbers, peas, but things that are rare here are more re warding. I have grown some incredibly hot peppers, bitter melons, strawberries, grapes, and even peaches,” proudly pro claims Michael. It may seem like Las Ve gas may not be the best climate to grow these incredible fruits and vegetables, but it is all about preparing; finding the right watering habits, soil, and placement to get it right. Similar to his business, it may take a different approach, condition, or preparation to get your finances in the right





No amount of success can make up for failures in your health and home. Be Better at MattersWhat

The bathroom in a condo I was renting had the most awful showerhead. It came with three settings: bearable, rip your skin off water pressure, and barely a driz zle. I chose the bearable setting most

Be Better at MattersWhat

was the bearable setting proved erratic. The nozzles spewed water in ran dom directions, including out onto the bathroom f loor, and up into my eyes. Most sprayed at a normal forward trajec tory, but a few went rogue.

There is space for venting. It’s when the venting devolves into consistent grum bling that it crosses a line. Once we start “venting” as often as anyone will listen, we’re doing something else. If we revive the same frustrations over and over only to feel frustrated, it becomes pointless. Stressing doesn’t make anything better. Complaining has never changed a con dition, remedied a single problem, or re paired any damage. It doesn’t even make us feel better. In fact, complaining often makes us feel worse. More upset. More irritated. More defeated. Less powerful. With an assist from Amazon Prime ship ping, a new, more precise showerhead was sitting on my doorstep about six hours after my epiphany. I hooked it up and took it for a spin. The water ran down my back in flawless streaks. Immersed in familiar but since forgotten bliss, a fitting quote popped into my head to accompa ny the lesson of which I’d been reminded.

The situation made me think about how we do this in life with issues of greater consequence. How we so often gripe about things within our control while taking no action to address the matter. Futile fussing becomes second-nature.





No amount of success can make up for failures in your health and home.

May we

I wasn’t looking for a fix. I was content to complain. Turning on the shower and lamenting how terrible it was became an intuitive habit. I wasn’t think ing about how I could improve the condi tion, only that it was undesirable.



for having waited so long to arrive at this solution. For having been so frustrated with something so fixable. Why wasn’t replacement my immediate thought after taking the first substan dard

Now booking 1:1 Coaching, Business Consulting & Team Workshops

For two years, I complained about this despicable showerhead that left me with choosing the lesser of three evil options. I grumbled and rolled my eyes just about every morning I stepped in to battle the spraying water. The process helped me start my days at peak annoyance.


Now booking 1:1 Coaching, Consulting & Team Workshops



Lindsey Paoli, MS www.lindseypaoli.comMFT702-754-8798

I complained until one day it dawned on me that I could replace the contraption. I could simply unscrew and swap the aw ful showerhead for a better one. Then change it back when I moved out of the

Now booking 1:1 Coaching, Consulting & Team Workshops

Be Better at What Matters.


Lindsey Paoli, MS

Be Better at MattersWhat No amount of success can make up for failures in your health and home.

all be agile and active partici pants in the shaping of our lives. MV

No amount of success can make up for failures in your health and home.

Lindsey Paoli, MS www.lindseypaoli.comMFT702-754-8798


Whether your child needs an advanced to stay engaged, has a big entrance exam private school or college, or has bigger academic goals, Sylvan will make the difference. personal learning approach will propel your child to the head of the class.

Looking for something really interesting to do in Las Vegas? Visit the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas where secrets are revealed and histories are told. Find out the history of the atom bombs and witness what employees were forbidden to speak of. This almost 10,000 square foot building hosts the pictures of history where, in the 1950’s, travelers would come to see the famous ‘mushroom clouds’. Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that out of the 928 nuclear tests that were announced, 828 of them were conducted underground? Come visit The National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas and see why this historical part of our culture is so iconic that it put Vegas on the map for something other than Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119 • Information and Admissions 702-409-7366 9:30am-3:30 must prior 2pm to themselves time to see everything.

MOVE AHEAD OF THE CLASS WITH SYLVAN Whether your child needs an advanced challenge to stay engaged, has a big entrance exam for private school or college, or has bigger academic goals, Sylvan will make the difference. Our personal learning approach will propel your child to the head of the class. SAT/ACT - Reading - Writing - SYLVANLEARNING.COM - Homework - Test Prep - Math Sylvan of Henderson 702-795-7323 N. Green Valley Pkwy. & Wigwam Rd. LEGACY BUSINESS PARK #8C Sylvan of Summerlin 702-876-4090 S. Fort Apache Rd. & W. Sahara Ave. VILLAGE SQUARE #130 Inspiring SUCCESS


Sylvan of


SAT/ACT - Reading - Writing - SYLVANLEARNING.COM - Homework - Test Prep - Math

Henderson 702-795-7323


& Wigwam Rd. LEGACY BUSINESS PARK #8C Sylvan of Summerlin 702-876-4090 S. Fort Apache Rd. & W. Sahara Ave. VILLAGE SQUARE #130 Inspiring SUCCESS




N. Green Valley Pkwy.


Whether your child needs an advanced challenge to stay engaged, has a big entrance exam for private school or college, or has bigger academic goals, Sylvan will make the difference. Our personal learning approach will propel your child to the head of the class.




About the National Atomic Testing Museum Las Vegas:


pm. Guest

gambling.755E. Flamingo

Closed on Wednesdays SAT/ACT - Reading - Writing - SYLVANLEARNING.COM - Homework - Test Prep Sylvan of Henderson 702-795-7323 N. Green Valley Pkwy. & Wigwam Rd. LEGACY BUSINESS PARK #8C Sylvan of Summerlin 702-876-4090 S. Fort Apache Rd. & W. Sahara Ave. VILLAGE SQUARE #130 Inspiring SUCCESS IN SCHOOL AND BEYOND MOVE AHEAD OF THE CLASS WITH SYLVAN Whether your child needs an advanced challenge to stay engaged, has a big entrance exam for private school or college, or has bigger academic goals, Sylvan will make the difference. Our personal learning approach will propel your child to the head of the class. SAT/ACT - Reading - Writing - SYLVANLEARNING.COM - Homework - Test Prep - Math Sylvan of Henderson 702-795-7323 N. Green Valley Pkwy. & Wigwam Rd. LEGACY BUSINESS PARK #8C Sylvan of Summerlin 702-876-4090 S. Fort Apache Rd. & W. Sahara Ave. VILLAGE SQUARE #130 Inspiring SUCCESS IN SCHOOL AND BEYOND MOVE AHEAD OF THE CLASS WITH SYLVAN Whether your child needs an advanced challenge to stay engaged, has a big entrance exam for private school or college, or has bigger academic goals, Sylvan will make the difference. Our personal learning approach will propel your child to the head of the class. SAT/ACT - Reading - Writing - SYLVANLEARNING.COM - Homework - Test Prep - Math Sylvan of Henderson 702-795-7323 N. Green Valley Pkwy. & Wigwam Rd. LEGACY BUSINESS PARK #8C Sylvan of Summerlin 702-876-4090 S. Fort Apache Rd. & W. Sahara Ave. VILLAGE SQUARE #130 Inspiring SUCCESS IN SCHOOL AND BEYOND MOVE AHEAD OF THE CLASS WITH SYLVAN Whether your child needs an advanced challenge to stay engaged, has a big entrance exam for private school or college, or has bigger academic goals, Sylvan will make the difference. Our personal learning approach will propel your child to the head of the class. SAT/ACT - Reading - Writing - SYLVANLEARNING.COM - Homework - Test Prep - Math Sylvan of Henderson 702-795-7323 N. Green Valley Pkwy. & Wigwam Rd. LEGACY BUSINESS PARK #8C Sylvan of Summerlin 702-876-4090 S. Fort Apache Rd. & W. Sahara Ave. VILLAGE SQUARE #130 Inspiring SUCCESS



Whether your child needs an advanced challenge to stay engaged, has a big entrance exam for private school or college, or has bigger academic goals, Sylvan will make the difference. personal learning approach will propel your child to the head of the class.

biggest Italian food and music festival held bi-annually in honor of the Saint Gennaro, the Patron Saint of Naples, Italy. The festival features a wide variety of ethnic food vendors, arts and crafts, home exhibits, pony rides & petting zoo, face painters, live international acts hourly on the main concert stage, and amusement rides and games fun for the whole family!



M 12300ResortLas Vegas Blvd S, | Henderson, NV 89044


FEAST SEPT 21-25, 2022

for one of our most sensational events yet. The Las Vegas Food & Wine Festival offers every extravagance right at your fingertips, and is set against the luxury backdrop of the exclusive Tivoli Village. Savor the exceptional at every turn as you delight in the finest cuisine and spirits that Las Vegas has to offer.


Tivoli Village | 400 S Rampart Blvd | Las Vegas, NV 89135



Downtown Summerlin 1825 Festival Plaza Drive | Las Vegas, NV 89135

guests have the opportunity to socialize, sip, stroll, and stop at over 18 tasting stations that feature an eclectic mix of wine. All while the proceeds benefit New Vista, a local charity of 35 years whose mission is to provide people of all ages with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, equal opportunities and supported living arrangements so that they may experience life to the fullest!







Las Vegas is home to thousands of quality bars and restaurants, with one of the largest nightlife scenes in the US. From coffee shops and breakfast joints, to dinner restaurants and classy bars, this city has it all! In a city teeming with locals of all ages, there’s always something for everyone, and we at MYVEGAS know all the hottest spots. Whether it’s a family outing or ladies’ night out, we’ll help you find the perfect place to wine, dine and unwind!

Owners Giuseppe Bavarese and his wife Jenny worked hand-in-hand during a nine month build out to create a restau rant that brings people together to lavish in fresh, authentic Italian dishes. In No vember 2019, they officially opened their doors to the public, and gained the com munity’s support right away, as Bavarese recalls serving over 300 guests a night for dinner in the first weeks of opening.

Sunday-Thursday,8245LIMONCELLOW.SaharaAve702-888-11444:30-9 p.m. Friday-Saturday, 4:30-10 p.m.



A wonderfully unique and welcoming feeling will overcome you as you enter the space that once was the wellknown Macayo’s Mexican Restaurant.

Have we mentioned their fresh seafood display case, where you can choose your catch for the night? Seafood lovers will be in awe, especially with their South Af rican prawn, featured for a limited time per season. As for their pasta, Bavarese says, “People love the Pappardelle Bolog nese and the Amatriciana with guanciale (cured pork jowl), and we’re doing car bonara the original way, real Italian.” For those who enjoy the classics like Chicken Parmigiana or even Pizza, you will find your new favorite place for these delica

There is truly no stone left unturned at Limoncello. It is hard to imagine that the famous Macayo’s restaurant was ever in its place, as it seems the community has been waiting for a restaurant like Limon cello. Enjoy fresh Italian cuisine and the flavors of the Amalfi coast; Visit Limon cello for your next night out. MV

ow, a completely different atmosphere of culinary Med iterranean fusion, you will find Limoncello Fresh Italian Kitchen. Featuring broad menu options and one-of-a-kind surroundings, Limon cello has created an upscale restaurant with a casual, refined ambience, and the menu of your Italian dreams.

Contact Limoncello for your next event!


During the pandemic, Bavarese made the decision to close for two months to refine the menu, to ensure he can still provide the same overall experience through a changing world and dynamic. Now a din ner-only restaurant, with a shortened menu, guests can still expect the same incredible service and freshness. A 35year restaurant industry pro, and owner of several restaurants over the years, Ba varese believes in quality over quantity.

When dining with Limoncello, you can expect freshness from the pasta to the prime meat, and everything in between. While fresh doesn’t always mean healthy, in Limoncello’s case, it pretty much does. Their chef Eric Gaitain, from New York, cooks on the healthy side, so it’s not a cheat meal unless you opt for dessert too! But still expect impeccable flavor and sa vory to every choice on their menu, it is something they hold very strongly.


is simply unmatched. Their private rooms are the perfect place for your next event, whether it be for special events, wedding, corporate events, and more. Find ease in parking for guests and find bliss in their event menus.

Giuseppe, who also developed Prosecco Fresh Italian Kitchen in the southeast area, is the kind of restaurateur that Las Vegas strives for. Requiring only the best ingredients, the highest quality beef and poultry, and the most traditional meth ods of cooking for their signature dishes, it is no wonder that Limoncello has re ceived such praise after two years.

After developing and opening Prosecco to full capacity, he and his wife sold their shares to build a more structured and refined setting with private rooms in Li moncello Fresh Italian Kitchen. Giuseppe Bavarese knows a pandemic cannot slow down the people out there that appreci ate quality flavors and dishes.

foot space, able to host event groups of up to 325 people and private rooms able to seat up to 80 peo ple, Limoncello’s philosophy is the best is just good enough. Exceeding the best, their restaurant offers an ambience that


ustin Sinclair is Executive Chef at Westgate Las Vegas’s award-winning and highly acclaimed Edge Steakhouse. Dustin is a key part of the team that has taken Edge Steakhouse to the top of the Las Vegas dining scene, now TripAdvisor’s number 1 rated Las Vegas steakhouse and top-rated restaurant overall.

Jamaica, Dustin said “my career path so far has taken me on a journey that has meant so much to my development as a chef.” He added “each experience has provided something new to savor and given me new ideas.” Dustin was trained at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and brings a unique and creative multi-cultural approach to his culinary style.

Prior to his role at Edge Steakhouse, Dustin was Sous Chef at Westgate’s Fresco Italiano where he helped take that restaurant to TripAdvisor’s number 1 rating among Las Vegas Italian restaurants. Dustin’s resume includes the Triple George Grill and the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas as well as Floataway Café, Bacchanalia and Iberian Pig in OriginallyAtlanta.from 3000 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89109-1267 #1 RESTAURANT INSTEAKHOUSE&LASVEGAS



John soon realized that not a single BBQ restaurant around the valley resembled the true Southern roots of home. He de cided it was time to take his mobile smok er/grill to the side of Russell Road, in a hardware store parking lot with his dad and brother to put the true taste of the South in everyone’s mouth. The first day, the team sold 3 sandwiches. The second day, they sold 7 and continued to grow their business, deciding to open their first brick and mortar location in 2012. Shortly after, Rick Harrison and his father became regulars at the restaurant, eventually of fering them a partnership in the plaza next to Gold and Silver Pawn Shop.

The moment you walk through the door of any of their three Las Vegas locations, you are met with genuine Southern hos pitality. The meats are smoked with Hick ory wood and prepared with the “low and slow” process, and you can taste the love and effort put into the mouthwatering meats at Rollin Smoke. Some of the most famous dishes at the restaurant include the Fried Catfish, Beef Ribs, and Smoked Meatloaf. The diverse menu and home made sauces cover a range of palates, es pecially the BBQ craving ones.

Serving delectable barbeque is not the only astounding act that John and his team bring to the Vegas community. At the Highland location, they have a special menu where a portion of the proceeds go to “Critical Care Comics,” an incredible

In the next ten years, there are exciting plans of expansion to bring their BBQ and southern love all over the United States. They also offer sauces and rubs on the website, as well as catering services for 10 to 10,000 people. Stay tuned as they con tinue to keep Rollin’! MV

John had no idea that his once small mo bile smoker/grill would grow to this ex tent, and continuously expand. Winning numerous BBQ competitions, receiving national recognition in the top 16 Hottest New Barbeque restaurants, recognition as Top 20 best Barbeque restaurants in the country, being featured on channels like Food Network, Discovery Channel, and many more are just a few of Rollin Smoke’s accomplishments over the years.

The moment you walk through the door, you are met with genuine Southern hospitality.



Visit Rollin Smoke BBQ today! Original Location 3185 S. Highland 702.836.3621DriveDowntown 725 S. Las Vegas 702.462.9880Blvd.Summerlin 4115 S. Grand Canyon Blvd. 702. 816.3634 T-Mobile Arena in Section 10 Allegiant Stadium in Section RollinSmokeBarbeque.com123

Since a young age, John Holland, Executive Chef and Owner of Rollin Smoke Barbeque, knew that cooking was in his bones. Growing up, John would ask his mother to prepare the Thanksgiving desserts, and even grilled for his friends and co-workers after long days in the Arkansas oil fields.

group that dresses up as comic book char acters and reads to sick children. They also enjoy participating in Pigs for Kids charity cook-off and the Best Dam BBQ in Boulder City. They donate to a plethora of organizations throughout the city and continue to look for more opportunities to give back.

t only 24 years old, John de cided to pursue his culinary dream and move to Las Vegas to attend La Cordon Bleu.


The menu is really what sets the bar here. ‘Creating unprecedented combinations with high quality ingredients import ed from different countries while paying

tribute to Mediterranean and Italian cuisines with an interna tional touch’ is their goal, and they reach that with every menu item. The gourmet flavors and textures will be sure to conquer your senses. And the same goes for their delicious, hand-crafted cocktails. Their well thought out drinks with incredible tableside presentations make for the per fect Instagram video. Get your camera ready for “The Zeus” sampler, it is served in their famous candelabra display, how cool is that? Different packages that include food and drinks are available for larger Locatedgroups.inthe

By: Laura Dee

From the outside it looks like your regular trendy lounge, but once you walk through the front doors, you’re instantly immersed into mythological paradise. Roman my thology to be exact. You are greeted by a friendly host(ess) who walks you over to what you think is just a bookshelf, but to your surprise it is actually a hidden door which leads you into one of the three rooms. Once inside, they guide you through each of the rooms and let you pick which one sets the vibe for the mood you are in. Firstly, you have the Garden room, which is very classy, set with all-white décor. Then the Sports Bar room, stacked with tv’s sur rounding the bar area, making it the per fect place to catch a game. And lastly, we have the Lounge room which is the perfect place to unwind, have a drink and smoke hookah. On weekends, you’ll come for the

148 ave you ever been transported into another world through a hid den portal? What about your din ner being served on a candelabra? Well, this is Las Vegas, and anything goes. Especially at Candelabra Café and Lounge. Described as an eccentric experience, this luxe social club is circulating well deserved buzz throughout the city.

gas strip, it is sure to bring both the local crowds as well as tourists, especially with the various viral TikTok videos showcas ing the venue. Come and experience it for yourself everyday starting at 5pm (closed Mondays). Reservations are highly en couraged. If you’re looking for a date night or a girl's night out, want great food and delicious cocktails while listening to the hottest music, make sure you check out Candelabra Café & Lounge, you won’t be disappointed. Piece of advice: charge your phone, because you will be taking photos and videos all night long!


heart of Silverado Ranch, and only 15 minutes away from the Las Ve

food and stay for the DJ’s and belly dancers. Prepare to be entertained! This place has it all, great atmosphere, entertainment, food and drinks.

We hope to see you soon at Pampas, the original Las Vegas Strip churrascaria. MV

PAMPAS LAS VEGAS Miracle Mile Shops 3663 S Las Vegas Blvd #610, Las Vegas, NV pampasusa.com89109702.737.4748

Honoring the Gaucho culture and cui sine, Pampas brings traditional Brazilian

ou will probably be drawn in with an incredible aroma of spit-roasted meats, or the South American music playing. But what will keep you coming back is the never-ending variety of meats and sides, and the unceasing hospitality.

ion, our staff keeps the food coming until the customer is satisfied. Now that’s an Thereexperience!”isnothing

There will be many exciting things com ing this year for Pampas, as they are ex cited to announce a multi-million dollar remodel that will elevate the dining ex perience, as well as a new and updated menu. Celebrating over 17 years of serv ing Las Vegas, Pampas Churrascaria of fers a unique, authentic experience that is truly one of a kind. For lunch or din ner, it is all about bringing families and friends together to enjoy the best Brazil ian barbecue that Las Vegas has to offer.

barbecue into a contemporary setting and style. They’ve graciously created a welcoming atmosphere to serve endless meats, and the passadores (servers) to present the food with pride and knowl edge. Guests are presented with an enticing parade of meats, are taught what each cut of meat is, and can even choose the level of doneness they prefer. Manager, Kevin Lopes, says, “In true rodizio fash




And if you thought that you can only en joy delicious meats at their location on the Strip, think again! Pampas offers full catering services so you can enjoy Brazil ian barbecue wherever and whenever you need it. There are also four banquet and special event areas, able to accommodate up to 350 people. From your wedding re ception to your office holiday party, Pam pas does it all!


For visitors and locals, Pampas Brazilian Steakhouse is the original, favorite Las Vegas Strip churrascaria, found in the endless roads of Planet Hollywood’s Miracle Mile Shops.

better than a perfectly cooked cut of meat, and Pampas has that down to a science. Their most well-known cuts of meat include the picanha, which is their top sirloin seasoned with kosher salt and cooked slowly with its fat cap over an open flame, so it bastes naturally while it’s roasting. The result is a tender and flavorful cut of beef. Along with their quality selection of meats you will also find an endless buffet of sides and salads. Among them, make sure to try the pão de queijo, also known as Brazilian cheese bread, which always comes fresh from the oven. Don’t forget to take advantage of their full bar, with traditional options and Brazilian classic cocktails.

7155 S Rainbow Blvd #120

Eastern 9711 S Eastern Ave #H-10 Las Vegas, NV 89183 (702) 314-0520


West Sahara 8320 W Sahara Ave #140

Las Vegas, NV 89118 (702) 790-2233

Valid at

Making Birthdays a Cakewalk

all four Las Vegas Locations. MYVEGAS Expires 12/31/21. Limit one (1) coupon per quest. Coupon must be presented at time of purchase. Valid only at the bakery(ies) listed. No cash value. Valid only on baked good; not valid on retail items. Coupon may not be reproduced, transferred or sold. Internet distribution strictly prohibited. Must be claimed in baker during normal business hours. Not valid for online orders. Not valid with any other offer. Discounts applied before tax. BundtletFree when you present this coupon

5765 Centennial Center Blvd #160 Las Vegas, NV 89149 (702) 410-6933


Centennial Hills

Las Vegas, NV 89117 (702) 871-6301

Las Vegas-SW

Deli: 702-736-8424


In their unique family-oriented restau rant, enjoy a truly authentic homemade Italian meal for your next family dinner or date night, featuring a newly remod eled patio & bar. Also enjoy live enter tainment Wednesday through Saturday in the bar lounge starting at 7:30 till closing. Don’t forget about the daily happy hour specials served from 3pm-7pm every day.

Ask about Siena’s banquet room for your next special event. MV

hard-to-find imported & domestic meats & cheeses. The in-house bakery offers homemade Italian cookies, pastries, des serts, and fresh baked bread made daily.

Italy, Giancarlo started in restaurants at a young age, starting with the family business. Developing his pas sion for cooking and the restaurant busi ness in general, he was driven to further develop himself and his craft. Motivated and fascinated with learning different types of cuisine, he was met with opportu nities that would guide him to some of the most revered and respected restaurants in Italy, France, and the United States, lead ing to him beginning his own restaurants. At the age of 27, Giancarlo opened his own restaurant in Sacramento, California, Café Vinoteca, an Italian Bistro and Wine Bar.

Siena Italian Trattoria & Deli is proud to offer a variety of different homemade specialties and grocery products in the new deli section along with all kinds of

stablished in 1978, Siena Ital ian Deli has served the Las Vegas community for over 40 years and features a large selection of home made specialties. Today standing as a deli, bakery, and full restaurant and patio, Siena continues to provide quality ingre dients and authentic Italian fare to the Raisedcommunity.inMilan

From Italy to the United States, Executive Chef Giancarlo Bomparola has made his mark in different countries and cities in America. His most recent venture has landed him in the heart of Las Vegas to revamp one of the oldest Delis in town, Siena Deli.


Siena Italian Trattoria & Deli Restaurant: 702-360-3358

Las Vegas, which he jumped at. They re vamped and relocated the business to the west side Summerlin Las Vegas, and in time they expanded the deli to include a large restaurant. The restaurant was de signed with full service/tablecloth atmo sphere. Along with a full-scale bakery and the ability to offer full-service catering, they added a revamp to the name, making it into Siena Italian Authentic Trattoria & GiancarloDeli.

continues to reinvent him self and has been awarded and recog nized time and time again. A successful self-starter, Chef Giancarlo Bomparola has gained an abundance of experience in every aspect of the restaurant business and continues to rise in the restaurant ranks as a sought-after chef and restau rant expert. Come and enjoy the gener ational recipes that embody the spirit of northern Italian cooking inspired by Gi ancarlo’s heritage.


After some years, Giancarlo was offered a partnership with Antonio Accornero in one of the oldest deli’s, Siena Deli in




STEINERS 8168 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89123 (702) 214-6700

STEINER’S 8410 W. Cheyenne Ave Las Vegas, NV 89129 STE (702)#107395-8777

HASH HOUSE A GO GO 555 N Stephanie St Henderson, NV 89014 (702) 898-4646

8168 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89123 (702) 214-6700

STEINER’S 8410 W. Cheyenne Ave Las Vegas, NV 89129 STE (702)#107395-8777

7320 S. Rainbow Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89118 (702) 998-9780

TONY’S MEXICAN RESTAURANT 5752 S. Fort Apache Rd. Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89148 (702) 597-4795

400 S Rampart Blvd #10165, Las Vegas NV, 89145 (702) 684-5853

MAMA CIMINO’S PIZZA 310 E Warm Springs Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89119 (702) 262-7222

5752 S. Fort Apache Rd. Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89148 (702) 597-4795

STEINERS 1750 N Buffalo Dr. Ste. 115 Las Vegas, NV 89128 (702) 304-8084

L, B214, Town Square Las Vegas, NV 89119 (702) 949-2583


HASH HOUSE A GO GO 10810 West Charleston Blvd Las Vegas NV 89135 (702) 718--4646


JUAN’S FLAMING FAJITAS 9640 W Tropicana Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89147 (702) 823-1400


8245 W. Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89117 (702) 888-1144




GRAPE STREET 2120 Festival Plaza Dr. #160 Las Vegas, NV 89135 (702)478-5030

Downtown Summerlin 2120 Festival Plaza Dr Unit 140 Las Vegas, NV 89135 (702) 586-8255

MAMA CIMINO’S PIZZA 310 E Warm Springs Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89119 (702) 262-7222


HASH HOUSE A GO GO 6800 W Sahara Ave Henderson, NV 89146 (702) 804-4646

DW BISTRO 9275 W. Russell Rd. #190, Las Vegas, NV 89148 (702) 527-5200

STEINERS 1750 N Buffalo Dr. Ste. 115 Las Vegas, NV 89128 (702) 304-8084

SOUL FOOD CAFÉ 7320 S. Rainbow Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89118 (702) 998-9780

PANCHO’S 11020 Lavender Hill Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89135 (702) 982-0111

7150 S. Durango Dr. #140 Las Vegas, NV 89113 (702) 992-3304

VENTANO ITALIAN GRILL 91 S Arroyo Grande Blvd, Henderson, NV 89012 (702) 944-4848

LIMONCELLO 8245 W. Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89117 (702) 888-1144

HASH HOUSE A GO GO 10810 West Charleston Blvd Las Vegas NV 89135 (702) 718--4646

2120 Festival Plaza Dr. #160 Las Vegas, NV (702)478-503089135

ROLLIN’ SMOKE BARBEQUE 4115 S Grand Canyon Dr Ste #100 Las Vegas, NV 89147 (702) 816-3634

Downtown Summerlin 2120 Festival Plaza Dr Unit 140 Las Vegas, NV 89135 (702) 586-8255

BLUE MARTINI 6593 S. Las Vegas Blvd L, B214, Town Square Las Vegas, NV 89119 (702) 949-2583

555 N Stephanie St Henderson, NV 89014 (702) 898-4646

SIENA ITALIAN TRATTORIA AND DELI 9500 W. Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117 (702) 360-3358

BROOKLYN’S BEST PIZZA AND PASTA 5270 S Fort Apache Rd Unit 320 Las Vegas, NV 89148 (702) 786-0103

ROLLIN’ SMOKE BARBEQUE 4115 S Grand Canyon Dr Ste #100 Las Vegas, NV 89147 (702) 816-3634

BORN & RAISED BAR 7260 S Cimarron Road Las Vegas, NV 89113 (702) 405-0875

DOM DEMARCO’S 9785 W. Charleston Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89117 (702) 570-7000

7150 S. Durango Dr. #140 Las Vegas, NV 89113 (702) 992-3304

PICK UP YOUR FREE COPY AT THESE FINE RESTAURANTS $4.95 TAKEFREE 2022 THE SIGN OF SUCCESS RESTAURANTSFAVORITE PICK UP YOUR FREE COPY AT THESE RESTAURANTSFINEAND PASTA 320 MAMA CIMINO’S PIZZA 310 E Warm Springs Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89119 (702) 262-7222 PINCHES TACOS 9205 W. Russell Road, #190, Las Vegas, NV 89148 (702) 818-4208 PANCHO’S 11020 Lavender Hill Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89135 (702) 982-0111 ROLLIN’ SMOKE BARBEQUE 4115 S Grand Canyon Dr Ste #100 Las Vegas, NV 89147 (702) 816-3634 SIENA ITALIAN TRATTORIA AND DELI 9500 W. Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117 (702) 360-3358 SOUL FOOD CAFÉ 7320 S. Rainbow Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89118 (702) 998-9780 STACKS & YOLKS 7150 S. Durango Dr. #140 Las Vegas, NV 89113 (702) 992-3304 STEINER’S 8410 W. Cheyenne Ave Las Vegas, NV 89129 STE #107 YOUR FREE RESTAURANTSCOPY $4.95 FREEMECOPY!HOME 2022 THE SIGN OF SUCCESS RESTAURANTSFAVORITE

PINCHES TACOS 9205 W. Russell Road, #190, Las Vegas, NV 89148 (702) 818-4208

SIENA ITALIAN TRATTORIA AND DELI 9500 W. Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117 (702) 360-3358


JUAN’S FLAMING FAJITAS 9640 W Tropicana Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89147 (702) 823-1400

5270 S Fort Apache Rd Unit 320 Las Vegas, NV 89148 (702) 786-0103

PANCHO’S 11020 Lavender Hill Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89135 (702) 982-0111


6593 S. Las Vegas Blvd


9275 W. Russell Rd. #190, Las Vegas, NV 89148 (702) 527-5200

HASH HOUSE A GO GO 6800 W Sahara Ave Henderson, NV 89146 (702) 804-4646



PINCHES TACOS 9205 W. Russell Road, #190, Las Vegas, NV 89148 (702) 818-4208

VENTANO ITALIAN GRILL 91 S Arroyo Grande Blvd, Henderson, NV 89012 (702) 944-4848

7260 S Cimarron Road Las Vegas, NV 89113 (702) 405-0875



400 S Rampart Blvd #10165, Las Vegas NV, 89145 (702) 684-5853


Ah, Las Vegas, the capital for entertainment in the United States. What started in the 50’s as lounge acts like the Rat Pack and performers such as Elvis Presley and Wayne Newton, we have now evolved into a mecca for artists and entertainers to nest and grow with our community. From places to perform lining the Strip up and down, and arenas- the T-Mobile Arena and the new Raiders Stadium growing daily, we are sustaining ourselves as the one stop shop for all things entertainment. Keep up with us at MYVEGAS as we unleash a quarterly Event Calendar so you can stay up to date with all of Las Vegas’ new events, concerts, and games!

mate setting of Myron’s Cabaret Jazz at 7 PM, this promises to be an unforgettable evening of the iconic musical treasures and stories as Michelle Johnson and Mark Hartman celebrate this Broadway legend. Act early and get your tickets now, as these shows tend to sell out quickly. See you there! MV


More about Michelle Johnson at Myron’sSundaywww.michellejohnson.comSeptember2ndat7pmatTheSmithCenterinLasVegasTickets:


several musical guests, this heartfelt, musical nod to Stephen Sond heim will have you spellbound by the incredibly complex, beautiful, stirring music that made Stephen Sondheim a household name. Presented in the inti


Together these two entertainers are mag ical, which was evidenced at their last show together Home: A Return to Broad way, a sold-out Smith Center production celebrating the long-awaited post pan demic reopening of Broadway last fall. This time they are digging even deeper and delving into the genius of Stephen

r. Sondheim is arguably one of the greatest musical the ater composers of all time, and this show features some of late composer’s greatest songs from shows like West Side Story, Follies, Into the Woods, Company, Gypsy, Sunday in the Park with George, many more. As a veteran of Broadway herself, the show is a nod to the musical theater roots and her long-time love affair with the music of Stephen Sondheim.


… And The Smith Center

Known as “Las Vegas’ First Lady of Jazz,” critically acclaimed vocalist and local favorite Michelle Johnson returns to her performing home at Smith Center on September 2 with A Sondheim Scrapbook: Celebrating the Music and Stories of Stephen Sondheim.

Joining Michelle as Musical Director and pianist is three-time MAC Award winning Broadway veteran Mark Hartman, whose credits include Sondheim on Sondheim, Avenue Q, The Fantasticks, Feinstein’s/54 Below, Café Carlyle, Birdland, Jazz at Lin coln Center, Carnegie Hall, and more.

Michelle Johnson is known for her soaring vocals, versatile repertoire, and consistently sold-out productions at The Smith Center and in performing arts centers across the country. She has also performed, toured, or recorded with legendary artists including Gladys Knight, Paul McCartney, Barbra Streisand, and others. Michelle’s liquid voice and unique storytelling style will engage you from the first note to the last.



Maybe the most instagramable place since Café Lola, the Halloween Emporium has only been open for a couple of months and has already taken over influencer profiles as the place for all things horror and, well, tea. The bright orange sign and friendly ghost mascot may have caught your eye on Fort Apache Rd, or you’ve seen highlights on social media, but however you find out about this place, know that it’s definitely worth checking out. When I noticed it on my way home after work, I nearly swerved right into the parking lot and checked it out myself. Thankfully, I grew some patience and waited to fully review the experience with my partner in crime.

Michael Myers, AKA the perfect photo opp! Take a keepsake Polaroid with Mikey but don’t get too handsy with him, we may or may not have broken him while we were there. Talk about haunting!

After your photoshoot, you will pass a haunted mirror that I wouldn’t look in for too long, and you’ve made it to the Ouija room. Filled with Ouija related items, spell books, witch hats, jewelry and more, it is the most witchy part of the store and, to us, had the coolest things to look at.

Being an October baby myself, I’m always lured into spooky related things, and this was right up my alley. It’s also a great place to go for gifts for us October babies, just putting it out there! As long as you are remotely into Halloween or have an affinity to coffee and tea like us, this will be a place for you and the family to enjoy no matter what time of year it is.


loween- yes, it’s open all year long! Spirit of Halloween, who?


When you make your way back around to the front, don’t forget to grab a tea on your way out! You will not be disappointed with the many flavors and brands of loose-leaf teas, coffee, decorative mugs, and even decaffeinated teas for the kiddos.

4555 S Fort Apache Rd Suite 106, Las Vegas, NV 89147 TO GET DAY OUT IN VEGAS


On one very chilling afternoon, in the middle of summer, Laura and I arrived at our next day out in Vegas. When you first arrive and open the door, you are greeted by an 8-foot-tall skeleton and something to look at in every single corner. There is literally so much to look at that you could probably spend an hour in here just circling the room over and over, because maybe you missed something the first time. From decor to collectibles, ghost hunting equipment to costumes, there is so much for your eyes (and wallets) to

uch more than a circus actually, Lost Spirits Distillery made its appearance in Las Vegas as an attraction for those that love to be entertained, and liquor lovers everywhere. And isn’t that what Vegas is all Bringingabout?together cirque, burlesque, and the love of alcohol, Lost Spirits Distillery has quickly become a destination for everyone’s Friday night. And ours was up next. We were scheduled for the 7pm entry and made sure to be right on time. You first line up to get your tickets checked, you’ll receive your boarding pass and then you’re off to the races. Which also means, you get your first taste of alcohol.


Now this is a distillery, so prepare to have some serious drinks in your hands. I’ll be the first to say that the drinks served are not your everyday cocktail, but I did make sure to taste all of the drinks presented to us. With the ticket choice that you select, you will have a certain number of drinks included which are all 90 proof and above. Their website and their rules strongly discourage pregaming before and driving after your visit.

On your journey around, you also will find plenty of space to sit and relax and enjoy the next liquor drink on your tour, and maybe snap a few photos for the memo-




ries. Normally, during a cirque show, you wouldn’t have the opportunity to talk with your party about what you’ve just watched, but that is more than possible here at Lost Spirits. In fact, this is the perfect spot for a date, as you’re slowly drinking more, you’ll have more than enough to say between each show.

A circus from the outside, and much more on the inside, Lost Spirits Distillery is one of the most immersive experiences you can find in Vegas. An almost underground circus, maybe the lost spirits are referencing more than just the alcohol? That’s for you to find out!

Basically a show tasting and a drink tasting in one, your experience is self-guided, so enjoy your freedom through countless rooms of performances and shows unlike anything you’ve seen before. From snake charmers to mind readers, you will be constantly entertained without a doubt. Called a “full blown cirque show” just without the seats, you’ll find yourself within feet of some of the best performers in the world.





We caught up with Zach King, marketing genius and Co-owner of the brand RESID 3NCY. The brand’s goal is simple: rep your residency. It’s all about being proud of where you come from, and we got the in side scoop from one of the leading minds of the brand. Get to know Zach below!

RESID3NCY is a lifestyle hat brand dedicated to making people feel proud about either where they are currently living or from.


Our design team sets the direction for which cities are launched and where we go next. We won’t launch a city unless we are absolutely in love with the design/city logo. We pride ourselves in providing great service and quality products. So, it’s very important that our growth plan reflects that. We want people to feel proud and comfortable wearing our products.


I think the first goal is to partner with retailers throughout the US so we can have our products showcased in their respective stores. This will allow us a broader reach and enable us to service more customers.



Our goal is to pull on heartstrings and touch people and cities. We want to make people feel excited about repping places that they keep near and dear to their hearts, but doing so in style and through fashion.

Individually - Kanye… If we’re talking about a company or brand, Nike, Fear of God, and Supreme.


Our other Co-Founder, Angelo Iseppi, had an extensive background in the fashion/

RESID3NCY overall is currently in 12 US Markets, but all the owners of Resid3ncy, Angelo Iseppi, Andrew Rivas and Zach King, have ties in Las Vegas. It has always been a special part of our lives in some way or another. Very proud to see what this city has become, and the direction in which Vegas is going.

retail industry and approached me with the idea in 2018. We both felt that cities were underrepresented, and that we could really focus on the lifestyle fashion aspect while keeping cities at the forefront.





My favorite local spot in Vegas is Drai’s Nightclub. Not only because of the music, but I feel they do a great job with their various artist residencies. They have a wide range of artists constantly coming each week, and you can literally see the crowd reacting and enjoying themselves. I think they hit a market that was underserviced, which was what we are trying to do at RESID3NCY!


For 2022, we have 4 cities identified that are launching... Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, and Cincinnati!

161 ALL TIMES PACIFIC TIME PRESENTED BY: regularPREseasonseasonWk1 Sept. 11 At Los ChargersAngeles 1:25 PM Wk 2 Sept. 18 VS CardinalsArizona 1:25PM Wk 3 Sept. 25 At TitansTennessee 10:00am Wk 4 Oct. 2 VS BroncosDenver 1:25PM Wk 5 OCT. 10 At Kansas City Chiefs 5:15PM BYE Wk 7 OCT. 23 VS TexansHouston 1:05PM Wk 8 OCT. 30 At New SaintsOrleans 10:00AM Wk 9 NOV. 6 At JaguarsJacksonville 10:00AM Wk 10 NOV. 13 VS ColtsIndianapolis 1:05PM Wk 11 NOV. 20 At BroncosDenver 1:05PM Wk 12 NOV. 27 At SeahawksSeattle 1:05PM Wk 13 DEC. 4 VS Los ChargersAngeles 1:25PM Wk 14 DEC. 8 At Los RamsAngeles 5:15PM Wk 15 DEC. 18 VS New PatriotsEngland 5:20PM Wk 16 DEC. 24 At SteelersPittsburgh 5:15PM Wk 17 JAN. 1 VS San 49ersFrancisco 1:05PM Wk 18 JAN. 7/8 VS Kansas City Chiefs TBD TBD RESULT RESULT RESULT RESULT RESULT RESULT RESULT RESULT RESULT RESULT RESULT RESULT RESULT RESULT RESULT RESULT RESULT GameHOF Jacksonville Jaguars Aug 4 - 5:00PM (canton, OH) PRE 1 vs Minnesota Vikings Aug 14 - 1:25pm RESULT RESULT Pre 2 at Miami Dolphins aug 20 - 4:00pm PRE 3 vs New England Patriots aug 26 - 5:15pm RESULT RESULT

For bookings and other inquiries Theshowoutmarketplace@gmail.comcontact

162 • Artist/Producer • Musician • Studio Engineer • Mixing/Mastering • Private Recording Lessons • Studio Setup Laurence“Coole High” Call for a personal appointment Tel : 347.871.8077 Email: Music is My Business For The Love of Sound


Photo credit: Carlos Tucker Jr. @carlostuckerjr

To stay updated about all things TSOMP follow them on Instagram @theshowoutmarketplace

several months TSOMP will be concentrating on staying true to their Vegas roots and performing around the city as well as taking their show on the road hitting surrounding west coast states and beyond!


“Where showing out is the supply, and demand!” has to be the perfect tag line to describe this Vegas born band. The Show Out Marketplace is a musical melting pot with an eclectic sound.


ursting on the Las Vegas music scene early September 2021 this band covers a mix of jazz, top 40’s, and well beyond. The Show Out Market Place is a pro spec band des tined for the casino lounge/party circuit. Formed by husband-and-wife duo Jeremy & Jessica Brooks both sharing an extensive musical background in their own right. The band includes the following members Jeremy “Bunny” Brooks (Drummer & MD), Jessica Brooks (Manager), Nichole Gardner (Emcee), Bleu (Vocalist), Chris Dian (Vocalist), Jes sie Devine (Vocalist), Jacob Grabner (Bass), Greg Reust

Love Sound, You’ll Love

If You Laurence



Las Vegas’ 2022 Top 100 Doctors and 2022 Top 100 Real Estate Professionals gathered at Red Rock Country Club this past June for dancing, fine dining, and, of course, awards! The first Awards Gala of many, Top 100’s received Business Awards and xwere honored and celebrated for their ever-growing success.

Photos by: Suade Studios




Las Vegas, NV 89153


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Customer Service: (702) 228-RIDE (7433)

500 S Grand Central Pkwy. Las Vegas, NV 89155

Customer Assistance: (877) 860-6020

Outages & emergencies (702) 402-2900

Emergencies (Police only) 3-1-1

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Emergencies (Police, Fire, Medical): 9-1-1

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Suspect a leak: Call 911 (877) SWGas.com860-6020

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Since our recent growth across the country, as well as our newest Las we are adding to our team!

Much more than a magazine and it all starts here at our because passion brought us here.

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