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Entertainment IS Las Vegas, with Live Shows, PR events, movies, television, commercials, and plenty of action happening around the town.

For all these fun and dynamic activities going on in our city, there is usually a Stuntman or Stuntwoman gripping and rousing the crowds as they are not identified or heard; they are the unsung heroes.

Rich Hopkins has lived in Las Vegas for 33 years and has been in the Film & Television Industry since 1988. Hopkins has done over 300 productions. He is a respected businessman in our town. He started his company Thrillseekers Unlimited in 1992. His everyday job is coordinating stunts that are extremely dangerous. With three decades of experience (and a little luck), Hopkins and his stunt partners have not been seriously hurt in any of their stunts, and perhaps that is why he puts SAFETY first in his business.

“Safety is important, particularly when you are the Stunt Coordinator of a production.”  Hopkins is responsible for ensuring the safety of his stunt team, and the entire cast and crew.  “Every stunt is unique,” he adds. Hopkins works with directors to

create their visions for a scene. For instance, Hopkins must collaborate with all departments. He directs the stunt sequences and works with his team to ensure that everyone is prepared to Go to Camera. Calculations are important, especially if the scene involves scaling the Tropicana Casino, which Hopkins has done! He’s also performed a 1000’ Skyscraper descent in Dallas as “Spiderman” for Blockbuster.

Hopkins has had an interesting life with the long list of celebrities he has worked with, including Sir Richard Branson, Ben Affleck, Mel Gibson, Mickey Rourke, Mark Hamill, and Wesley Snipes to name a few. Don’t forget the Locals in Vegas. “I have worked with Nicolas Cage, Celine Dion, Criss Angel, Carrot Top, The Killers, Imagine Dragons, Pawn Stars, and American Restorations. Most recently, I was a ‘Stunt Driver Double’ for Andre Agassi and former VGK player, Max Pacioretty, for Toyota.”

Hopkins has enjoyed great press over the years in The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, USA Today, Local Print & Network TV, dozens of times. National Shows include Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, The Today Show, I Dare Ya, MTV Sports, multiple ESPN Shows, and more.

Hopkins states: “Most Stuntmen or Stuntwomen should have a primary background such as military, auto racing, martial arts, Cirque, gymnastics, action sports, equestrian, etc.

In addition, Stuntmen and Stuntwomen should be self-disciplined, such as going to a gym, eating healthy, and doing as many athletic activities as possible. My non-stunt passion is Disc Golf.”

Hopkins also works as an “Action Actor,” too. His recent supporting role was with Nicolas Cage in “Sympathy for the Devil” and a pivotal scene with Mel Gibson in “Boneyard.” In stunts, he has put himself in treacherous situations with high falls, body fire burns, car stunts, helicopters, and building rappels. He simply goes into a death trap and walks away without a scratch.

Hopkins wrapped it up with, “I have been waiting for three decades to see our Las Vegas film family prosper with the new SONY/Summerlin Studios. This can be a film local’s dream. Las Vegas is ripe to have many films shot here, as it is the best place for filming movies, television, commercials, and anything and everything one can imagine.”





We at MYVEGAS are having an incredible year so far and we’ve got a lot more in store!

From our custom digital magazines to more expos and shows, we’re coming in hot! Vegas is always going a thousand miles an hour! And so are we!

We’re looking forward to our home improvement event coming this May… The MYVEGAS Home Show! Brought to you by MyVegas Magazine. This expo will encompass all things for your home, from custom patios to window coverings, and kitchen remodels to interior design. This will be the show that homeowners won’t want to miss.

Also, the second Las Vegas Beauty Expo is coming this August! The show was such a hit last year that we’re bringing it back, and better than ever! More prizes, more beauty services, more fun! We hope you join us!! Free tickets are available now at

We hope that you’ve been reading Beautiful Magazine! We have now released two issues!! Be sure to view the digital edition online or pick up a copy at your favorite

beauty location. The beauty industry is booming in this town, and there is no better place to curate incredible content and showcase the best this city has to offer. We can’t wait to keep creating and come out with the next issue! Keep up with Beautiful Magazine at and be sure to follow us on social media @ BeautifulMagazineLV.

At MYVEGAS Magazine, we strive to bring you the very best of Las Vegas. This issue, we are bringing you the Top Lawyers in Las Vegas! I know there are hundreds in Las Vegas, making a positive difference in this city every day! And we’ve been looking all year! Please enjoy and read all about them in the following pages. These legal professionals are the movers, the shakers, the givers, the ones making a difference in our town. We congratulate and honor each and every one of them.

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On behalf of the staff, management and crew here at MYVEGAS Magazine, we hope you have an incredible start to the year! There’s so much in store for 2024!!


Here at MyVegas, we are very proud to collaborate with and support the NAHREP organization. In Las Vegas, the Latinx community is ever growing and thriving, and a powerful part of our city. NAHREP is an organization of amazing real estate professionals that help all Las Vegans reach their dreams of buying a home. Call the pros at NAHREP! Visit to learn more!

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We’ll help you find the perfect place to wine, dine and unwind!

Expert secrets to looking and feeling your best for any occasion.

These healthcare professionals come highly recommended.

MYVEGAS is proud to showcase Las Vegas’ Top Lawyers


Incredible real estate professionals who make a difference in so many lives.

Ah, Las Vegas, the capital for entertainment in the United States.

The one stop shop for all things automotive in Las Vegas.

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elcome to our latest issue. In this edition, we delve into the heart of what makes our city tick: the people. From the trailblazers shaping our future to the everyday heroes who make a difference, we bring you stories that inspire and entertain.

This special edition features a diverse group of lawyers practicing various types of law. Alongside well-known leaders and the rising stars of this year, we take pride in presenting the MYVEGAS Top Lawyers in Las Vegas. Many have credentials too numerous to list, but it is important to acknowledge that their talents and contributions extend beyond what we had space to print. This year’s recipients are exceptional attorneys who have achieved remarkable success and made significant positive impacts in our community. If you are in search of legal representation, these come highly recommended.

I am excited to announce that we just published the second issue of Beautiful Magazine. The first issue was well received with our readers, and I can’t wait to share what we have in store for the next few issues. We will also be having our 2nd annual Beauty Expo sometime this fall. Make sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date on all our events.

I want to thank everyone for the continued support. Happy Spring!

LAURA DAMIAN withlove,


Bringing Country to Las Vegas!

Blake Shelton has brought country flare right here to Las Vegas. As the latest addition to Blake’s honky-tonk empire, Ole Red Las Vegas is a sprawling 27,000-square-foot venue, turning up the western heat with its blend of southern hospitality and electrifying live performances.

Ole Red isn’t just a venue; it’s a lifestyle and entertainment brand inspired by Shelton’s iconic chart-topper, “Ol’ Red.” From its inception, Ole Red has been about bringing the best of country music alongside Shelton’s irreverent charm to audiences far and wide. And now, with its newest location in the heart of Las Vegas, Ole Red continues to redefine what it means to get your country on, no matter where you are.

Located at the corner of Flamingo and Las Vegas Blvd, this new honky tonk is set with 686 seats and a 4,500-square-foot rooftop offering panoramic views of the iconic Strip. Ole Red Las Vegas is eager to have guests explore their new country music haven, “where the neon glows just a little bit brighter, the music plays just a little bit louder, and the drinks flow just a little bit smoother.” Blake Shelton himself is brimming with excitement about the venue, declaring, “This venue is unbelievable!”

Step inside, and you’ll be greeted by the unmistakable sounds of live country music resonating from the main stage- complemented by their unmissable 40-foot screen, ensuring every seat a good seat. The first and second floors boast a laid-back dining area where patrons can indulge in a

Shelton-inspired menu of mouthwatering dishes. And as the sun sets, the venue transforms into a pulsating honky-tonk, complete with dance floors and VIP areas for those looking to revel in true Vegas style.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Ascend to the third floor, and you’ll discover a haven of luxury and sophistication, where lounge seating, advanced audiovisual technology, and high-end decor create the perfect setting for intimate gatherings and private events. Meanwhile, the rooftop offers panoramic views of the Las Vegas skyline, making it the ideal spot to unwind with premium cocktails and live music under the stars.

Where down-home charm and Vegas-style extravagance meet, you’ll find Ole Red Las Vegas. Whether you’re a die-hard country fan or simply looking for a taste of that good ol’ countrified energy, Ole Red invites you to swap your stilettos for boots! Get ready for “Two-steppin’, Hell-raisin’, country-lovin’ fun!”



3627 South Las Vegas Boulevard

Las Vegas, NV 89109

21+ after 10:00pm

/ Opry Entertainment Group


Las Vegas is home to thousands of quality bars and restaurants, with one of the largest nightlife scenes in the US. From coffee shops and breakfast joints, to dinner restaurants and classy bars, this city has it all! In a city teeming with locals of all ages, there’s always something for everyone, and we at MYVEGAS know all the hottest spots. Whether it’s a family outing or ladies’ night out, we’ll help you find the perfect place to wine, dine and unwind!



Since a young age, John Holland, Executive Chef and Owner of Rollin Smoke Barbeque, knew that cooking was in his bones. Growing up, John would ask his mother to prepare the Thanksgiving desserts, and even grilled for his friends and co-workers after long days in the Arkansas oil fields.

At only 24 years old, John decided to pursue his culinary dream and move to Las Vegas to attend La Cordon Bleu.

John soon realized that not a single BBQ restaurant around the valley resembled the true Southern roots of home. He decided it was time to take his mobile smoker/grill to the side of Russell Road, in a hardware store parking lot with his dad and brother to put the true taste of the South in everyone’s mouth. The first day, the team sold 3 sandwiches. The second day, they sold 7 and continued to grow their business, deciding to open their first brick and mortar location in 2012. Shortly after, Rick Harrison and his father became regulars at the restaurant, eventually offering them a partnership in the plaza next to Gold and Silver Pawn Shop.

John had no idea that his once small mobile smoker/grill would grow to this extent, and continuously expand. Winning numerous BBQ competitions, receiving national recognition in the top 16 Hottest New Barbeque restaurants, recognition as Top 20 best Barbeque restaurants in the country, being featured on channels like Food Network, Discovery Channel, and many more are just a few of Rollin Smoke’s accomplishments over the years.

The moment you walk through the door of any of their three Las Vegas locations, you are met with genuine Southern hospitality. The meats are smoked with Hickory wood and prepared with the “low and slow” process, and you can taste the love and effort put into the mouthwatering meats at Rollin Smoke. Some of the most famous dishes at the restaurant include the Fried Catfish, Beef Ribs, and Smoked Meatloaf. The diverse menu and homemade sauces cover a range of palates, especially the BBQ craving ones.

Serving delectable barbeque is not the only astounding act that John and his team bring to the Vegas community. At the Highland location, they have a special menu where a

The moment you walk through the door, you are met with genuine Southern hospitality.

portion of the proceeds go to “Critical Care Comics,” an incredible group that dresses up as comic book characters and reads to sick children. They also enjoy participating in Pigs for Kids charity cook-off and the Best Dam BBQ in Boulder City. They donate to a plethora of organizations throughout the city and continue to look for more opportunities to give back.

In the next ten years, there are exciting plans of expansion to bring their BBQ and southern love all over the United States. They also offer sauces and rubs on the website, as well as catering services for 10 to 10,000 people. Stay tuned as they continue to keep Rollin’! MV

T-Mobile Arena in Section 10 Allegiant Stadium in Section 123

Visit Rollin Smoke BBQ today! Original Location 3185 S. Highland Drive 702.836.3621 Downtown 725 S. Las Vegas Blvd. 702.462.9880 Summerlin 4115 S. Grand Canyon Blvd. 702. 816.3634


Abuela’s Tacos 4225 E Sahara Ave Las Vegas, NV 89104 702.431.0284 El Dorado Cantina 430 S Rampart Blvd #110 Las Vegas, NV 89145 702.333.1112 Hussong’s Mexican Cantina 740 S Rampart Blvd #7 Las Vegas, NV 89145 702.778.2160 Pinches Tacos 9205 W Russell Rd #190 Las Vegas, NV 89148 702.818.4208 Tacos El Gordo 3041 S Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89104 702.331.1160 Tony’s Mexican Restaurant 5752 S Fort Apache Rd #100 Las Vegas, NV 89148 702.597.4795 Juan’s Flaming Fajitas 9640 W Tropicana Ave Las Vegas, NV 89147 702.823.1400 La Neta Cocina y Lounge 1770 Festival Plaza Dr Las Vegas, NV 89135 702.476.5484 Lindo Michoacan 2655 E Desert Inn Rd Las Vegas, NV 89121 702.735.6828 Pancho’s 11020 Lavender Hill Dr Las Vegas, NV 89135 702.982.0111 listed alphabetically SOUTHWEST 7150 S DURANGO 702-992-3304 NORTHWEST 3200 N. JONES 702.656.0464 SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES • INSTAGRAM @STACKSANDYOLKS
JOIN US FOR HAPPY HOUR • DAILY SPECIALS 3 PM – 6 PM AUTHENTIC MEXICAN FOOD & DRINKS MEXICAN FOOD, DRINKS & SPORTS Great VISIT ONE OF OUR THREE LOCATIONS MAKE RESERVATIONS AT WWW.JUANSFLAMINGFAJITAS.COM TROPICANA 9640 W Tropicana Las Vegas, NV 89147 (702) 823-1400 HENDERSON 16 S Water St Henderson, NV 89015 (702) 476-4647 CENTENNIAL 2660 W Centennial Pkwy North Las Vegas, NV 89084 (702) 473-5529 Our flavors are inspired by traditional Mexican dishes like Chile Rellenos, Carnitas, Enchiladas de Mole, and of course, our sizzling fajitas. From tender marinated meats and seafoods to vegetarian dishes and authentic desserts we invite you to come and enjoy your next meal at our restaurant & cantina.


Abuela’s Tacos has been serving up mouth-watering Mexican cuisine to the community since 2011.

The founder, Leslie Valdes, was inspired to start the restaurant after a difficult experience at Sunrise Hospital with her grandmother, Abuela Sara. The doctor had warned them that Abuela Sara might not make it through her surgery because of her age, and it hit Leslie hard to think that she might lose her.

Having just graduated with her MBA, Leslie decided to honor her grandmother by opening a restaurant dedicated to her. Abuela Sara was known for her delicious Cuban food, and Leslie wanted to bring that same passion and flavor to the community. Despite the recession and the odds being stacked against them, Leslie signed the lease for an old mechanic shop in her childhood neighborhood and opened Abuela’s Tacos on January 21, 2011.

The recipes at Abuela’s Tacos come from the main cook, Rita Ayala, who uses her Abuelita’s recipes from Durango, Mexico. Leslie and her team knew that they had to make everything homemade and from scratch to ensure that the food tasted just like it was made by someone’s grandmother. Even with very little staff at the beginning, everyone put their hearts into the restaurant to make it a success.

The first five years were critical for the restaurant’s survival, but just when they had made it past that milestone, COVID-19 hit. It was a challenging time for Abuela’s Tacos,

but Leslie knew that some of her staff relied on the restaurant to make ends meet. They pivoted to curbside and delivery options, and with the support of their loyal customers, they were able to keep the doors open and continue serving the community.

Now, twelve years later, Abuela’s Tacos has not only survived but thrived. They sponsor as many youth teams as they can and hold car washes and fundraisers to help the community when in need. And they have been recognized for their outstanding food and service, having been voted Best Tacos LV twice with the Review Journal, once with the Las Vegas Weekly, and even featured on Netflix’s Tacos of Chronicles. In 2021, the restaurant was even honored to be part of the Allegiant Stadium, with two stands inside the stadium. They’ve even won an award with the Vegas Knights.

Leslie credits her success to her amazing staff, including her kids and her mom, who have helped her tremendously over the years. But more than anything, it’s the passion and love for Abuela Sara that drives Leslie and her team to keep making amazing food and giving back to the community.

Abuela’s Tacos is not just a restaurant, it’s a symbol of the power of love and dedication. As they continue to grow and evolve, it’s clear that Abuela’s Tacos will always be more than just a restaurant - it’s a living legacy of Abuela Sara’s spirit and the enduring power

of family, love, and great food. Abuela’s Tacos is proof that with passion, determination, and a little bit of love, anything is possible.

Spice up your next special event with Abuela’s Tacos catering! MV

Abuela’s Tacos 4225 E Sahara Ave

Las Vegas-SW 7155 S Rainbow Blvd #120 Las Vegas, NV 89118 (702) 790-2233 West Sahara 8320 W Sahara Ave #140 Las Vegas, NV 89117 (702) 871-6301 Centennial Hills 5765 Centennial Center Blvd #160 Las Vegas, NV 89149 (702) 410-6933 Eastern 9711 S Eastern Ave #H-10 Las Vegas, NV 89183 (702) 314-0520 Valid at all four Las Vegas Locations.
Expires 12/31/21. Limit one (1) coupon per quest. Coupon must be presented at time of purchase. Valid only at the bakery(ies) listed. No cash value. Valid only on baked good; not valid on retail items. Coupon may not be reproduced, transferred or sold. Internet distribution strictly prohibited. Must be claimed in baker during normal business hours. Not valid for online orders. Not valid with any other offer. Discounts applied before tax. Free Bundtlet when you present this coupon Making Birthdays a Cakewalk 10/1/24.


When the craving arises for quality ingredients and indulgent flavors, we’d like to introduce you to BBQ Mexicana.

BBQ Mexicana offers a tantalizing fusion of Mexican influence and traditional barbecue, with a commitment to “conscientiously sourced ingredients.” The brains behind BBQ Mexicana have been in the culinary scene for many years, opening familiar restaurants like the iconic Border Grill at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. BBQ Mexicana housed its first location across from the original Border Grill and continued to open locations inside Allegiant Stadium, T-Mobile Arena, and the Las Vegas Ballpark.

Led by celebrity chefs, Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken, their focus has always been on using quality products, whenever and wherever possible. From seasonal, locally grown produce to meats raised without antibiotics or hormones, every dish is as fresh as you can get.

BBQ Mexicana has recently opened its newest location in the Southwest Las Vegas area and we couldn’t wait to taste it for ourselves! We had the pleasure of touring the menu with the Regional General Manager, Yancy Perez, who was amazing at capturing the

essence of their brand and their mission: Quality. At first glance, we knew we were in for a killer meal!

We first tried the Avocado Chicken Burrito, which is a crowd favorite and we can understand why! The mesquite smoked chicken is tender and perfectly complemented by the creamy avocado cream and crunchy cilantro coleslaw. Similarly, the slow-smoked brisket in the Smoked Brisket Taco melts in your mouth, and you can tell the attention to detail in each bite. Their menu also features perfectly crafted taco pairs, as well as indulgent and nutritious salads that are packed with flavor.

No meal at BBQ Mexicana is complete without indulging in their sides. The freshly made chips paired incredibly with their Guacamole. And, you have to try their freshly made BBQ Chicharrones with Guacamole, it’s a combination you don’t expect! For something a bit more decadent, the Chipotle Mac and Cheese is a must-try, offering a comforting blend of creamy cheese, a dash of smoky flavor, and the perfect crunch.

Save room for dessert, as BBQ Mexicana’s peach empanada is a sweet conclusion to any meal. And if you’re in the mood for something extra special, their chocolate chip cookies sprinkled with a touch of salt are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

So, the next time you find yourself hungry for fresh, unbeatable flavors, make sure to pay a visit to BBQ Mexicana. Your taste buds will thank you for it!

Let them know MYVEGAS sent you! MV BBQ MEXICANA

8480 West Sunset Road Suite #200, Las Vegas, NV 89113 (702) 552-0111


The Tea Terrace FANCY


In the heart of Las Vegas, there is a quaint little tea room that transports you to the English countryside with every sip of tea. The Tea Terrace is a charming, woman-owned establishment that offers afternoon tea, a British tradition that has been enjoyed for centuries.

But what makes this place unique is not just the delicious scones and perfectly brewed tea, but the empowering story of how it came to be.

Inga Parunyan, an inspiring woman with an exquisite taste in teas, opened her doors in the summer of 2020, amidst the chaos of the pandemic. While many businesses were closing down, The Tea Terrace was born out of the determination and passion of its owner. Inga had always dreamt of opening a tea room, a place where people could gather, connect, and enjoy a cup of tea. But she never thought she would be doing it in the middle of a pandemic.

Like many others, Inga was faced with uncertainty and fear. But she saw an opportunity to create something beautiful amidst the chaos. Inga and her daughter Valeria spent months researching and planning, perfecting every detail to create the perfect tea room experience. From the dainty tea sets to the delicate floral arrangements, every aspect of The Tea Terrace is carefully thought out to provide an authentic British tea experience.

are brewed to perfection, and the sandwiches are made with the freshest ingredients. But the star of the show is the scones. They are freshly baked, warm, and served with clotted cream and homemade jam. The scones are a true testament to the skill and dedication of the tea room’s bakers.

The Tea Terrace’s signature offering is the afternoon tea, a beloved British tradition that dates back to the 1800s. It is a meal that is taken between lunch and dinner and consists of a selection of tea, sandwiches, scones, and cakes. The Tea Terrace’s version of this tradition is a feast for the senses. They offer a large selection of exclusive teas that

The Tea Terrace is more than just a place to indulge in tea and scones. It is a space that celebrates women empowerment. Inga’s vision for the tea room was not only to create a beautiful space, but also to provide opportunities for women. She wanted to create a space where women could gather, connect, and support each other. And she has done just that.

The Tea Terrace’s commitment to women empowerment extends beyond its walls. They source their tea and other ingredients from local, women-owned businesses. Inga believes in supporting women-owned businesses and creating a community of strong, empowered women.

As you sit in the tea room, surrounded by the aroma of freshly brewed tea and the gentle chatter of women, you can’t help but feel a sense of warmth and comfort. The Tea Terrace offers group reservations for all sorts of celebrations; from Bridal Showers to Baby Showers and everything in between.

In a time when the world feels uncertain and chaotic, The Tea Terrace offers a glimpse of hope and beauty. It is a reminder that even in the darkest of times, we can create something beautiful. Inga’s story is a testament to the power of determination and passion. She took a leap of faith, and now she has created a space that not only brings joy to others but also empowers women. The Tea Terrace is a beacon of hope and a reminder that when women come together, they can create magic. MV 6830 S

Las Vegas,
89118 702.931.0562
Blvd Ste. 140


Introducing Chill Bar and Grill: a restaurant that boasts a complete menu inspired by dishes from southern Italy with a Mediterranean twist.

They are best known for taking wellknown favorites and elevating them to a level well beyond the norm. This includes items such as their fresh specialty pizzas prepared to perfection in their brick pizza oven. There’s the 10”, 12” Neopolitana, 14” and 12” gluten-free options. Choices include Pizza Margarita (Passata tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, basil leaf, and olive oil), Pizza Prosciutto (Passata tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, burrata, prosciutto, and basil leaf), Pizza Pepperoni, Pizza Fig & Balsamic (Fresh ricotta cheese, caramelized onion, figs, and gorgonzola), Pizza Supreme (Mozzarella, sausage, pepperoni, mushroom, onion, bell pepper and black olives), Pizza Diavoletta (Passata tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, hot capicola ham, basil leaf, and chili oil), Pizza Meat Lovers (Passata tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage,

ground beef, ham, and pancetta), Pizza Con Acciughe (Passata tomato sauce, mozzarella, anchovies, and oregano), Pizza Formaggio Burrata (Passata tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, basil leaf, and burrata), Cheese Pizza, and Pizza Al Pesto (Fresh made pesto sauce & fresh mozzarella cheese).

The restaurant serves Italian and Mediterranean dishes, as well as American favorites such as their six-piece bone-in chicken buffalo wings. Chill Bar and Grill also offers specialty menu items, which include house-cut French fries tossed in truffle garlic sauce with sautéed mushrooms and a parmesan crisp. Those are only a couple of the appetizers that they offer!

Other menu items include gourmet pastas (Paccheri Boscaiola, Gnocchi Al Gorgonzola with chicken or shrimp, Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken or shrimp, and Penne Alla Bolognese), sandwiches (Bison Burger, Panino Al Pollo Sandwich, and Prosciutto Sandwich), salads (Greco Salad, gluten-free Popeye Spinach Salad, Caprese and Caesar salad), seafood (Shrimp skewers, Fried Shrimp, Salmon, and Calamari served with aioli sauce), and gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options as well.

Entrees include Parmigiana Di Pollo (Breaded

chicken breast topped with marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, and Parmigiano cheese, served with spaghetti), Salmon Alla Griglia (Fresh Atlantic grilled salmon served with sauteed vegetables), Chicken Kabob (Mediterranean Chicken Kabob served with rice, grilled zucchini & tomatoes), Mediterranean Strudel (Assortment of grilled veggies wrapped in puff pastry), and Lamb Chops (Marinated grilled chops served with veggies and rice). Chill Bar and Grill also offers desserts such as Cannoli, Gluten Free Flourless Chocolate Cake, and Crema Catalana: a traditional Spanish crème brulé.

Conceived by the great culinary mind of Giancarlo Bomparola, owner/operator of the popular Las Vegas Italian restaurant Siena Italian Authentic Trattoria, Chill Bar and Grill provides a casual-dress atmosphere where diners can enjoy a relaxing ambience, hence the name. When asked what inspired Giancarlo to open Chill Bar and Grill, his response was simple; he was looking to embark on a new culinary “adventure.” Located at 7905 W. Sahara Avenue, Suite 102-103, Chill Bar and Grill also hosts live performances every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. They also host a happy hour menu twice a day, from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM with a reverse happy hour starting at 9:00 PM and lasting until closing. The restaurant is also available for events and all-day buyouts, so they are well-equipped to service all your leisure or corporate needs. MV

For more information, be sure to visit, or contact the restaurant at (702) 202-4218.



310 E Warm Springs Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89119 (702) 262-7222


9205 W. Russell Road, #190, Las Vegas, NV 89148 (702) 818-4208


11020 Lavender Hill Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89135 (702) 982-0111


4115 S Grand Canyon Dr Ste #100 Las Vegas, NV 89147 (702) 816-3634


9500 W. Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117 (702) 360-3358



7260 S Cimarron Road Las Vegas, NV 89113 (702) 405-0875



6593 S. Las Vegas Blvd L, B214, Town Square Las Vegas, NV 89119 (702) 949-2583

5270 S Fort Apache Rd Unit 320 Las Vegas, NV 89148 (702) 786-0103



7260 S Cimarron Road Las Vegas, NV 89113 (702) 405-0875

9275 W. Russell Rd. #190, Las Vegas, NV 89148 (702) 527-5200


BROOKLYN’S BEST PIZZA AND PASTA 5270 S Fort Apache Rd Unit 320 Las Vegas, NV 89148 (702) 786-0103


2120 Festival Plaza Dr. #160 Las Vegas, NV 89135 (702)478-5030

9785 W. Charleston Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89117 (702) 570-7000



555 N Stephanie St Henderson, NV 89014 (702) 898-4646

9275 W. Russell Rd. #190, Las Vegas, NV 89148 (702) 527-5200



6800 W Sahara Ave Henderson, NV 89146 (702) 804-4646

2120 Festival Plaza Dr. #160 Las Vegas, NV 89135 (702)478-5030


HASH HOUSE A GO GO 555 N Stephanie St Henderson, NV 89014 (702) 898-4646

10810 West Charleston Blvd Las Vegas NV 89135 (702) 718--4646


HASH HOUSE A GO GO 6800 W Sahara Ave Henderson, NV 89146 (702) 804-4646

9640 W Tropicana Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89147 (702) 823-1400


9205 W. Russell Road, #190, Las Vegas, NV 89148 (702) 818-4208


11020 Lavender Hill Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89135 (702) 982-0111


7320 S. Rainbow Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89118 (702) 998-9780


7150 S. Durango Dr. #140 Las Vegas, NV 89113 (702) 992-3304


8410 W. Cheyenne Ave Las Vegas, NV 89129



10810 West Charleston Blvd Las Vegas NV 89135 (702) 718--4646

400 S Rampart Blvd #10165, Las Vegas NV, 89145 (702) 684-5853

JUAN’S FLAMING FAJITAS 9640 W Tropicana Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89147 (702) 823-1400


8245 W. Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89117 (702) 888-1144



400 S Rampart Blvd #10165, Las Vegas NV, 89145 (702) 684-5853


Downtown Summerlin 2120 Festival Plaza Dr Unit 140 Las Vegas, NV 89135 (702) 586-8255

8245 W. Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89117 (702) 888-1144



Downtown Summerlin

310 E Warm Springs Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89119 (702) 262-7222

2120 Festival Plaza Dr Unit 140 Las Vegas, NV 89135 (702) 586-8255

310 E Warm Springs Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89119 (702) 262-7222


4115 S Grand Canyon Dr Ste #100 Las Vegas, NV 89147 (702) 816-3634


9205 W. Russell Road, #190, Las Vegas, NV 89148 (702) 818-4208



9500 W. Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117 (702) 360-3358

11020 Lavender Hill Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89135 (702) 982-0111


ROLLIN’ SMOKE BARBEQUE 4115 S Grand Canyon Dr Ste #100 Las Vegas, NV 89147 (702) 816-3634

7320 S. Rainbow Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89118 (702) 998-9780


7150 S. Durango Dr. #140 Las Vegas, NV 89113 (702) 992-3304

SIENA ITALIAN TRATTORIA AND DELI 9500 W. Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117 (702) 360-3358



7320 S. Rainbow Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89118 (702) 998-9780

8410 W. Cheyenne Ave Las Vegas, NV 89129 STE #107 (702) 395-8777



7150 S. Durango Dr. #140 Las Vegas, NV 89113 (702) 992-3304

1750 N Buffalo Dr. Ste. 115 Las Vegas, NV 89128 (702) 304-8084



8410 W. Cheyenne Ave Las Vegas, NV 89129 STE #107 (702) 395-8777

8168 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89123 (702) 214-6700


1750 N Buffalo Dr. Ste. 115 Las Vegas, NV 89128 (702) 304-8084

TONY’S MEXICAN RESTAURANT 5752 S. Fort Apache Rd. Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89148 (702) 597-4795

STEINERS 8168 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89123 (702) 214-6700

VENTANO ITALIAN GRILL 91 S Arroyo Grande Blvd, Henderson, NV 89012 (702) 944-4848


5752 S. Fort Apache Rd. Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89148 (702) 597-4795

VENTANO ITALIAN GRILL 91 S Arroyo Grande Blvd, Henderson, NV 89012 (702) 944-4848



MYVEGAS Magazine is very proud and excited to introduce our Beauty and Fitness section! In this issue, we are privileged to be able to feature many of the top beauty and fitness professionals in the Las Vegas Valley. With stories from our experts, you’ll learn trendy tips and get expert secrets to looking and feeling your best for any occasion, whether it’s a night on the town, or a day in the park! Get pampered with a visit to the day spa, tanning salon or beauty salon. Improve your overall esthetics and get toned with our awesome amazing workout tips. Get clear at one of our Vision experts, and enjoy your beauty and fitness, because you deserve it!




In a world where flawless skin is often elusive, Sarit Shoshani, the owner of Skin Shine Stetic, stands as a beacon of hope for those struggling with hyperpigmentation and other skin issues.

As an advanced aesthetician, Sarit has not only overcome her own battle with hyperpigmentation but has also developed a unique approach to skincare that has garnered attention and admiration from her clients.

Skin Shine Stetic, located in Summerlin, Las Vegas, offers a boutique-like experience with personalized attention and a focus on achieving lasting results.

Sarit’s journey to becoming a skincare specialist stems from her personal struggle with hyperpigmentation, which haunted her for two decades. Despite her tireless efforts to find a solution, she was left disappointed by the lack of effective treatments and spent years relying on heavy makeup to conceal her skin imperfections. The turning point came during a fateful summer in Mexico, where Sarit experienced the devastating effects of hyperpigmentation firsthand, despite taking precautions. Determined to find a real solution, she embarked on a mission to become the professional she had always sought, but never found.

At Skin Shine Stetic, Sarit has crafted a comprehensive skincare approach centered around the 20/80 system. This unique methodology emphasizes that 20% of the results are achieved through in-clinic treatments, while the remaining 80% is dependent on the client’s commitment to consistent athome skincare. By empowering her clients to take charge of their skincare routines,

Sarit ensures long-lasting and transformative results. Her treatments cater to individuals of all skin tones and address a range of concerns, including acne and aging, with a special focus on hyperpigmentation.

Central to Sarit’s success are the professional skincare products she utilizes, sourced from an Israeli brand. These products have played a pivotal role in her journey, offering remarkable results in a short span of time. Combining advanced ingredients and optimal synergy, these formulas provide fast and effective solutions for her clients. The skincare line’s concentration and safety make it suitable for all skin types and tones, targeting various types of hyperpigmentation, including solar, hormonal, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

At Skin Shine Stetic, the client’s journey begins with a comprehensive consultation and a thorough understanding of their medical history, skin concerns, and goals. Sarit believes that understanding a client’s previous experiences and lifestyle choices is crucial to tailor treatments effectively. During each treatment session, Sarit takes the time to educate her clients about the techniques used and the benefits they can expect. This personalized approach sets Skin Shine Stetic apart from conventional aesthetician services, ensuring that clients are well-informed and actively involved in their skincare journey.

By providing comprehensive kits containing all necessary products, Sarit ensures that her clients have everything they need to achieve optimal results. She firmly believes in the significance of maintaining skincare routines at home and emphasizes the importance of melanin inhibitors and the prevention of further damage, making homecare an essential component of the treatment process.

Sarit Shoshani, the visionary behind Skin Shine Stetic, is an inspiration for those seeking to conquer their skincare challenges. With a focus on personalized attention, advanced skincare products, and empowering her clients through education, Sarit has emerged as a trusted professional in the field. Visit Skin Shine Stetic today and take the first step towards the radiant, flawless skin you deserve. MV, skinshinestetic



Canyon Oral & Facial Surgery / Head & Neck Surgery is focused on providing an exceptional patient experience. Established in 2015, we are the only comprehensive implant specialists reconstructing smiles from simple to complex. We are focused

on listening to your needs and providing optimal care. Our specialized team provides the highest level of care in our new state-ofthe-art surgical facilities. We have not only board certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons but also Otolaryngologists / Ear, Nose and

Throat Surgeons. Since inception, Canyon has grown to become the largest oral and facial surgery practice in Las Vegas. We have 3 convenient locations located in the Centennial Hills, Summerlin and Henderson areas that serve the Las Vegas community.



Drs. Falk, Moody, Yau, Sorenson and Tsai are all board certified and hold the highest level of accreditation and training. Within our practice, we are qualified to provide specialized comprehensive care in dental implants, bone grafting, tooth extractions, wisdom tooth removal, corrective jaw surgery, TMJ surgery, cosmetic surgery, head and neck oncology, microvascular surgery, facial trauma, advanced sinus and obstructive sleep apnea surgeries.

We partner with local, top-tier hospitals in Las Vegas to deliver seamless patient care. We stay involved in academic teaching centers to stay at the forefront of surgical advances and new treatment modalities in our specialty. We are always learning and are very passionate about what we do. From the front office to the exam room, as your doctors we are focused on your comfort and look forward to seeing you in our practice. MV



702.263.4300 851 S. Rampart Blvd., Suite 250 Las Vegas, NV 89145 26

Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry

Las Vegas Prosthodontics specializes in comprehensive, patient-centered care. With a background in art, Dr. Renk has a passion to improve people’s lives by combining art and science to create beautiful, healthy smiles. Our team includes a dental lab technician who works solely at our onsite lab and dedicates her focus to our patients only. Have you had dental work done that doesn’t look natural or hasn’t turned out the way you hoped? Do you want to preserve your natural teeth, enhance your smile, or restore a more youthful appearance? If you’re looking for a doctor who is innovative, creative, and focuses on individualized treatments, then please call our office today.

Scan here for
more information
Dr. Josh Renk, DDS, MSD


These are words often used to describe Anna Stewart Billings. Among other things, Anna has a desire to empower women and children to be the best they can be. Her desire to help and uplift others comes from a lifetime of learning – about people, about business, about hard knocks, but most importantly -- about herself.

The name Anna means grace and Anna is indeed a woman of grace. She was born in Bisbee, Arizona of German, Mexican, Cherokee Indian, and Scottish descent. As she watched her mother raise her five siblings, she learned what it took to take positive action to get things done. Her mother is her inspiration and the light that has guided her to achieve greatness.

This inspiration and strength is what Anna has had to lean on during what has been the most difficult year of her life – her son Gabriel Vian suddenly passed away in 2023. A mother’s worst nightmare - she misses his daily phone calls, fun-loving teasing and how he brightened her days. The shining light in all this darkness is that Gabriel left her with her beautiful grandson, Braunsin, who will continue his dad’s legacy. Anna is dedicating this article to her son Gabriel.

Anna’s giving and caring spirit touches everyone in the community. She cares deeply about disadvantaged women and children. As the manager for the Anne Fontaine boutique in the Forum Shops for the last 18 years, she has contributed generously to many charities, including St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Women United and the Forgotten Song Foundation, with her unique events and fashion shows. Giving back is especially important to Anne Fontaine, which is what inspired Anna to get involved.

That giving passion crossed over to her home life when Anna and her husband adopted their youngest nearly 20 years ago – a

special needs baby from a troubled home. She knew that they could make a difference in the young man’s life. Their caring devotion was rewarded when their son Evin graduated high school and is now pursuing a career. Family life is especially important to Anna, they have a total of three sons and three grandchildren.

Despite Anna’s humble beginnings she always sets her aspirations high. Many opportunities were placed in front of her throughout her life – each one building on the next. If someone tells Anna she cannot do something, it only drives her to do that –and better than anyone else.

That desire to do it better than anyone else shows up in everything Anna does. Fiercely competitive, it is a rare day you will find Anna quietly managing the boutique, which is why her store consistently ranks as #1 in sales in the world for Anne Fontaine. Even with her commitment at work, she finds the time to not only volunteer, but to be a leader. Anna currently is the Soiree Fashion Chair for the St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Viva Las Vegas 2024, and Fashion Chair and Ambassadress for Women United. Her energy is endless.

Anna’s has earned her numerous awards, including the ATHENA International Award, Best Buddies Champion, Women’s Hall of Fame of Nevada, and Top 100 Women, to name a few.

With great humility, Anna openly admits that her strength and grace are gifts from God. She believes that women want to be recognized as powerful, smart, strong, and beautiful – and that is what she strives for every day. MV



Dr. Minoli is a triple board-certified plastic surgeon backed by years of experience.




Revision Rhinoplasty

Body and Breast Surgery


5735 S Fort Apache Rd, Suite B Las Vegas, NV 89148 (702) 459-3223
Bringing Patient-Focused Care to LasVegas
DENTAL SERVICES: Dental Implants • Invisalign • Cosmetic • Restorative Friendly Staff. Beautiful Smiles. Welcoming Environment. Call 702-558-5788 or text 702-550-9515 60 S Stephanie St, Ste #100 • Henderson, NV, 89012 • Dr. Adam Lousignont


Seeking a sun-kissed glow is a timeless pursuit, prompting individuals to weigh the pros and cons of various tanning methods like salons, outdoor sunbathing, and redlight therapy.

Navigating the world of tanning is important to us here at Vegas Tan, whether at a salon or under the natural sunlight, requires a thoughtful approach to ensure a healthy and radiant glow. Here are the do’s and don’ts of both tanning salons and outdoor suntanning:



• Understand Your Skin Type: Consult with Vegas Tan staff to determine your skin type and set appropriate tanning times.

• Use Indoor Tanning Lotions: Enhance results and protect your skin with lotions designed for indoor tanning.

• Wear Protective Eyewear: Shield your eyes from UV rays with provided eyewear.

• Follow Recommended Session Limits: Gradually increase tanning sessions to build a base tan and avoid overexposure.

• Moisturize: Keep skin hydrated for an even and long-lasting tan.


• Overuse Tanning Beds: Stick to recommended session frequencies to avoid skin damage.

• Neglect Skin Protection: Cover tattoos and use lip balm to protect lips during sessions.

• Combine Tanning Methods: Avoid indoor and outdoor tanning on the same day to prevent overexposure.



• Use Sunscreen: Apply broad-spectrum sunscreen suitable for your skin type and reapply as needed.

• Take Breaks: Avoid prolonged sun exposure and rest in the shade to reduce the risk of sunburn.

• Stay Hydrated: Counteract dehydration caused by sun exposure by drinking plenty of water.

• Protect Your Eyes: Wear sunglasses blocking UVA and UVB rays to prevent eye damage.


• Skip Sunscreen: Regularly apply and reapply sunscreen to prevent sunburn and skin damage.

• Tan During Peak Hours: Avoid intense UV rays between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. and opt for morning or late afternoon sessions.

• Ignore Warning Signs: Seek shade if your skin turns pink or feels hot to avoid sunburn.

• Underestimate Water Reflection: Be cautious around water, as it reflects UV rays, increasing exposure.


Red light therapy, embraced by Vegas Tan, offers non-UV alternative using low-level red and a near-infrared light. This stimulates cellular regeneration, boosts collagen, reduces fine lines, and promotes a youthful appearance without harmful UV exposure. Red-light therapy is particularly attractive to those with sensitive skin or those avoiding traditional tanning risks.

The choice between tanning methods depends on individual preferences, lifestyle, and health considerations. Vegas Tan provides a controlled option, outdoor sunbathing offers natural vitamin D, and red-light therapy presents non-UV skin rejuvenation. Whether basking in the controlled environment of a tanning salon, enjoying the outdoor sunshine, or embracing the power of red-light therapy, the path to a luminous Vegas tan is as diverse as the choices available. MV

Visit Vegas Tan! 5447 South Rainbow Blvd, Suite E8 • 725-292-9036 • Monday - Friday: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm • Saturday: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm • Sunday: Closed 32
4530 S Eastern Ave #8 • Las Vegas NV 89119 • (702) 955-3825 • BY APPOINTMENT ONLY Reclaim Your Body’s Healthy Connections Discover the ultimate health and wellness experience with our cutting-edge onsite clinic and mobile service. All services rendered by a Registered Nurse $50 OFF all IV services performed at the clinic $50 OFF lymphatic massage performed at the clinic Hours of Operation: M-F 9am-7pm, Sat 8am-12pm


One local esthetician has made it her mission to supply quality, stylish lash extension supplies, at affordable prices. Linsey Caoagdan is the owner of NV’ied Lash, a local lash supplies shop and online store for lash artists, and now a new luxury lash salon to get lash extension and brow services.

Coming from the food and beverage industry to working for herself, Linsey has an entrepreneurial heart that she knows many other lash experts can relate to. Starting her business amid COVID was full of uncertainty,

but with the help of social media and the drive within her, an online store branched out to two salons and a storefront right here in Vegas.

Online at, lash artists will find lash extension trays, adhesive, tweezers and pretty much everything you need for lashing. With style, of course.

Choose from luxe, color, and silk eyelash extensions at the best prices. And don’t forget the NV’ied Lash merch!

Prepare to be pampered at NV’ied Lash, located on Rainbow Boulevard in Las Vegas. Make it a lash day or take advantage of other services, including waxing, brow lamination, and brow tint. Call 702-550-4737 to book your appointment today!

N’Vied Lash Lounge and Supplies 5960 South Rainbow Blvd Suite 300 Las Vegas, NV 89118


Instagram @nviedlashlounge

Dr. Linda Woodson is a Board Certified Dermatologist who has been serving her patients in the Valley since 1994. She is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology, the American Board of Dermatology and the American Medical Association. Dr. Woodson provides the finest in quality care to her patients treating all skin conditions plus she also performs a variety of cosmetic treatments to address issues including Sclerotherapy and laser treatments for spider veins, is expert in cosmetic injections. Fat Reduction and Tattoo Removal are other services of her practice. Dr. Woodson is a three time winner of the Best of Las Vegas and a nine time winner of the Best of Henderson. | 702.202.2700



Galleria Orthodontics

Nestled in Henderson, a new small family-owned business has emerged as a dedicated and exceptional orthodontic practice. Driven by the passion for creating beautiful smiles, Dr. Casey Rehrer has established Galleria Orthodontics, a place for patients to achieve healthierand straighter-teeth!

Dr. Casey, with years of experience and a deep commitment to providing exceptional care, has become a trusted name in the field of orthodontics. Supported by his loving spouse and their six incredible children, Dr. Casey’s journey to opening the orthodontic practice has been a true family affair.

As seen on the front cover, Dr. Casey and his family’s strong bond and unwavering support have been the cornerstone of their journey. Opening a successful orthodontic practice requires more than just professional expertise; it demands sacrifices from the entire family. Their children, Izzi, Kenna, Rocco, Ruby, Hazel, and Havana, have all lent a helping hand during the practice’s initial setup, and provided support and encouragement along the way.

Dr. Casey and his wife dedicated countless hours, pouring their hearts and souls into building a practice that would make a lasting impact on their community. Their unwavering commitment meant long nights, missed family events, and financial sacrifices. Through it all, their six children proved to be an integral part of this journey, stepping up and becoming pillars of support.

With the doors of their orthodontic office now open, Dr. Casey and his family are eager to make a positive impact on the community they serve! Their commitment to excellence, personalized care, and genuine compassion have already earned them a reputation for transforming smiles and lives. Through community outreach programs and educational initiatives, they aim to spread awareness about the importance of orthodontic health

and provide access to quality care for all.

Galleria Orthodontics is a practice built on a foundation of love, trust, and a genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of their patients. The entire office will welcome you with open arms and a dedication like no other. For the best orthodontic care in the valley, choose the family that cares about your smile- Galleria Orthodontics! MV

IV & Injection Therapy | Hormone Replacement Therapy | Lab Testing Weight Loss Treatments | Aesthetic Services WELLNESS CLINIC & MEDSPA Elevate Your Well-Being at Quench Hydrate
Contact Us and Elevate Your Wellness! 702-829-0121 SMS: 702-829-5554 @quenchydrate 11251 S. Eastern Ave, Ste 150, Henderson, NV 89052
Sarit Hovav, M.D., FAPA Founder & Medical Director
Dr. K Beauty in LV is a boutique medical spa near the Summerlin neighborhood of Las Vegas. As one of the most popular and highly rated medical spas in Las Vegas, the practice specializes in non-surgical aesthetic treatments such as BOTOX, dermal fillers, skin rejuvenation, and tightening. Dr. K uses cutting-edge technology including EMSCULPT NEO & other specialty lasers to help patients achieve amazing results. Not only does Dr. K focus on aesthetic enhancements but also offers wellness solutions such as, Hormone Replacement, and Lymphatic Massage. We look forward to becoming your consultant and guide in your journey to wellness, anti-aging, and beauty. BEFORE AFTER 725.999.1686 • 7710 West Sahara Avenue, Suite 102 • Las Vegas, NV 89117 • @dr.kbeauty BODY FACE WELLNESS


IV Therapy: Tailored Solutions for Your Well-Being

Revitalize Wellness takes pride in offering ad vanced IV therapies designed to address various ailments and boost your overall health:

• Hangover Rescue: Rehydrate and rejuvenate after a night out with our effective hangover recovery IVs.

• Muscle Recovery: Accelerate recovery after intense workouts and enhance your athletic performance.

• Energy and Immune Boosts: Recharge your energy levels and fortify your immune system for optimal wellness.

• Customize Your IV: Replenish your body with a customized IV for your individual needs.

Therapy, a cutting-edge treatment promoting

Our comprehensive weight loss programs, guided by medical professionals, focus on sustain-

Massage Services

Indulge in the healing touch of our skilled therapists, offering a range of massage services to relax your body and mind.

Acute Care Concierge Medicine

Take advantage of on-site Quick Care. Receive prompt attention for minor illnesses such as colds, flu, or UTIs in the comfort of your own space. Forgot your medications? No worries. We coordinate with your local pharmacy to ensure you get the prescriptions you need.

Embark on a holistic journey to wellness with Revitalize Wellness—where personalized care meets transformative results.

Disclaimer: Consult with our healthcare professionals for personalized advice. Results and experiences may vary. Connect with Us! 702-332-3349 8440 W. Lake Mead Blvd. Ste 211 Las Vegas, NV 89128 Follow Us on Social Media!

For 13 years, J. Nicole has been operating as a cosmetologist in the state of Nevada, but her motivation for making people their most beautiful self is rooted deeply in her personal journey.


It never ceases to amaze how the most beautiful things can grow out of the most tumultuous of circumstances (similar to the flower lotus) evoking joy, and inspiring amazement to all who encounter them. As a child J. Nicole was bullied because of her hair. This experience would inspire her to start styling her own hair, and she quickly realized that she had a creative knack for styling hair that would not go unnoticed. So much so, that even her bullies started requesting her services. Before long, she was doing their hair (as well as their parent’s hair), and getting paid for it at the tender age of ten years old.

Currently, J. Nicole is a skilled and professional cosmetologist/barber, as well as an educator on hair care who styles all textures and types of hair. She has also designed a line of hair care products. “I realize that I can be creative using the person’s hair, as well as educating them on their hair, providing the information they don’t have on how to take care of their hair”, proclaims J. Nicole. Through her tireless work, J. Nicole is changing the narrative concerning what is considered “good hair”, while fostering the love that people feel towards themselves. Aside from being a hair care impresario, she is heavily committed to community involvement. J. Nicole founded a nonprofit called “So Amazing Kids” whose mission is to first, provide free hair care services to children who are in the foster care system. Secondly, she provides this sector with education on how to properly care for their hair. Furthermore, she provides mentorship (and scholarships) for those children who would like to pursue a career in the hair care service industry. A noble and worthy cause, indeed. She considers this her greatest achievement, due to the impact she’s having on these children’s lives.

Aside from the strides that she has made in her chosen trade, J. Nicole is also a parent, and an author. She’s written a book on parenting which is available on Amazon and Audible entitled “The Chaos Theory”. This work explores the

path into parenthood, and how it can surprise you. She examines what it can feel like when you are “on a winding road of emotions ranging from satisfaction and joy, to some not-so-pleasant feelings like anxiety and frustration”. Mixed emotions aside, it is her motivation to set a great foundation for her children. She wants them to know that anything is possible, as long as you have a vision. J. Nicole is the perfect personification of the concept that there are no limits in life, only those which you impose on yourself.

It is very important to note that anyone who supports J. Nicole and her undertakings is supporting a brand whose core values are paying it forward, promoting a sense of self- worth, and keeping integrity in everything you do. To get the full Hair by J. Nicole experience, you can book online at www. Also, you can find her on IG and Facebook at hairbyjnicole. If you are a business owner who wants to donate, a stylist that wants to be a part of the mission, or a foster parent who wants to sign up their kids for her nonprofit programs, visit for more information. MyVegas Magazine is proud to be a part of J. Nicole’s objective to bring hope, light, and beauty to the world, and we congratulate her on being one of the most exemplary businesses in Las Vegas. MV

9850 S Maryland Parkway Suite 401 Inside MY SALON Suite MYBEAUTY&FITNESS
Hair by J.Nicole
REBUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE WITH SCALP MICROPIGMENTATION SMP is the newest and #1 hair loss solution with natural, undetectable results. NO SURGERY, NO WAITING, NO SCARS, NO MORE WORRYING. SCHEDULE YOUR FREE CONSULTATION 4015 S. El Capitan Way Suite 100 • Las Vegas, Nevada 89147 (702) 623-7894 • VOTED #1 SCALP MICROPIGMENTATION COMPANY IN THE COUNTRY AT SCALP SHOW 2023


Improve health, happiness & your body with simple workouts

As an online coach, I work from a desk 8 hours a day, 5 days a week!  Mostly, I am sitting in a chair, doing zoom consultations, creating meal and workout guides for clients, replying to email,s or writing articles for magazines or other businesses.

And let me be honest... it makes it easy to crash mid-day!

I used to drink more caffeine to get a quick pick me up until that started disrupting my sleep, which also affects brain fog, joy, cravings, and weight loss. So, if you want to improve your health, happiness, and body, then this switch-up will help you.

We all know  the importance of movement, so instead of reaching for coffee, start reaching for light workout bands and get a quick 5 or 10-minute walk in. Indoors or out! Doesn’t matter... just move! Workout bands are a great option for the office because they take up no space and you can feel the burn without getting sweaty.

Here is a quick and easy desk workout that can be done with or without bands:

• Chair squat (squat over your chair, allow your glutes to barely tap your chair then back up, repeat)

• Glute squeeze (you can do this while sitting, clench your glutes, hold for 3 seconds, release and repeat)

• Shoulder press (you can do this with or without bands)

• Bent over row (you can do this with or without bands)

Do each exercise 15 reps, 3 sets and then walk around your building so you can clear your mind, get some fresh air, and some extra energy. Even if it is only a quick walk to the water cooler. Water is another important tool to staying refreshed and alert through the day.

I’ll leave you with some extra office health tips, so you can truly thrive this year with your health and happiness!

• For breakfast, do a protein packed meal with a healthy fat instead of a sugary, overly processed muffin. Having protein and fats will help keep your blood sugar levels more stable through the day making it easier to stay focused and less hungry

• Pack a lunch with your favorite healthy meal so you aren’t tempted to order food

• Stop snacking and grazing all day, a lot of my clients who work in office’s struggle with this. A huge myth is eating every 3 hours will boost your metabolism but it actually doesn’t, especially for us ladies. It spikes our blood sugar levels which means you can’t be in fat burning mode because when insulin is spiked, it signals for storing fat versus burning it. It is better to stick with 2-4 solid meals a day, whichever fits your schedule best. Don’t stress about over eating all the time!

• If you eat a sugary snack or treat that someone brings in, don’t let this bring you down. Enjoy, refocus, and move forward with your day

• Stay on top of your water. Bring a large BPA-free water bottle so you can easily stay hydrated throughout the day, this can help you stay awake and even help with cravings as well as hunger.

I hope this helped you! For more tips, check out my IG where I offer easy-to-follow meal guides, workouts, and weight loss hacks! I look forward to helping you be the best you this year!  MV

Your coach, Tana Ashlee



Las Vegas is blessed with amazing health care professionals from doctors to nurses, dentists to surgeons, optometrists to chiropractors and everything in between! They work tirelessly to ensure the health and wellness of the people of Las Vegas, continually putting the needs of the community before their own and serving only the best care to their patients.


In the vibrant community of greater Las Vegas, PAM Health has three state-of-the-art hospitals, each dedicated to healing and renewal for individuals recovering from serious illness, injury, or surgery.

Sabrina T. Patrick

Market Director of Strategic Initiatives 725-272-5052

PAM Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Centennial Hills Fast Facts

• Inpatient and outpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapy

• Private rooms with accessible private showers

• Convenient in-house pharmacy

• Training kitchen, bathroom, and laundry suite

• Negative air pressure flow rooms

• Inpatient and outpatient therapy gyms

• Relaxing outdoor walking and mobility garden

• Advanced therapeutic equipment including the EksoNR™ robotic exoskeleton

PAM Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Henderson Fast Facts

• Inpatient and outpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapy

• Private rooms with accessible private showers

• Convenient in-house pharmacy

• Training kitchen, bathroom, and laundry suite

• Negative air pressure flow rooms

• Inpatient and outpatient therapy gyms

• Relaxing outdoor walking and mobility garden

PAM Health Rehabilitation Hospital Centennial Hills 6166 North Durango Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89149


Located in Northwest Las Vegas, PAM Health Specialty Hospital of Las Vegas specialized in treating medically complex patients in need of extended hospitalization before transitioning to home or the next level of care.

When a patient needs additional care at an inpatient rehabilitation hospital, PAM Health has two options nearby: PAM Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Centennial Hills and PAM Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Henderson. Our Centennial Hills hospital is located 10 minutes away and features 44 private rooms and state-of-the-art equipment to help patients on their road to recovery. Our Henderson hospital is just south of Las Vegas and opening soon.

All three PAM Health locations are staffed by an experienced team of physicians and specialists, compassionate caregivers, and supportive therapists. Their shared goal is to help individuals reclaim their independence and achieve their highest level of functioning. The entire team focuses on fostering the spirit of hope and determination in patients as they navigate their personal challenges.

PAM Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Henderson 930 N Gibson Road, Henderson, NV 89011

One of the hallmarks of PAM Health hospitals is their emphasis on communication. Our team collaborates closely with the patient and their family throughout their stay to update them on progress. When it is time for the patient to be discharged to their home or another level of care, we work with the patients to make the transition as seamless as possible. If the patient is returning home, our therapy teams provide education to the patient and their caregivers, if needed, to help prevent a readmission. With our outpatient services, patients can continue to build upon their progress as they return to their normal daily activities.

PAM Health Specialty Hospital of Las Vegas, PAM Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Centennial Hills, and PAM Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Henderson are incredible resources in the Las Vegas community for patients recovering from acute illness and injury, including stroke, traumatic brain injury, cardiac conditions, neurological conditions, Parkinson’s disease, wounds, respiratory conditions, and other serious medical concerns.

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PAM Health Specialty Hospital of Las Vegas Fast Facts

• 24-hour onsite physician care

• Ventilator weaning

• Advanced wound care

• Hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis

• Cardiac monitoring

• Pharmacy services

• ICU-equipped rooms

• Bariatric accommodations

Pam Specialty Hospital of Las Vegas 2500 N Tenaya Way

James Jape Director of Strategic Initiatives 725-233-1016
Vegas, NV 89128

The first outpatient A ANEM accredited neurodiagnostic facilities in Nevada.

Leo Germin, M.D., FA ANEM Medical Dir ector Triple Boar d Cer tified Neur ologist Practicing neurolog y in Las Vegas for over 26 years

• Expedited New Patient Scheduling

• All Board Cer tified Neurologist s Accreditation Mat ters!

• Expedited Repor t Turnaround

• Ex tensive In-House Electrodiagnostic Testing

New Physician Accepting New Patients










Dr. Anup Panduranga, M.D. Board

Serving Southern Nevada for over 25 Years
Certified Neurologist & Epileptologist
FACILITIES Las Vegas | Henderson Call (702) 804 - 4949
Medical Degree from New York Medical College in Valhalla, NY with fellowship in epilepsy and clinical neurophysiology at Oregon Health & Science University & the Portland VA Medicla Center.

UNLOCK YOUR CHILD’S POTENTIAL: Excellence in Speech Therapy

Is your child struggling to speak, or having difficulties with comprehension?

At Sounds Good, we help kids find their voice & communicate with confidence.

In the heart of vibrant Las Vegas, we bring you an exclusive haven of excellence in speech therapy for your precious ones of any age.

Our practice prioritizes family-oriented, personalized care built on real relationships. Our team of dedicated experts is committed to nurturing your child’s speech development with utmost care.


Our caring parents and guardians understand the value of education and communication in shaping their child’s future. They entrust us with what’s most important to them and we honor that trust with exceptional service.


We’re more than a speech therapy practice; we’re a partner on your child’s journey to success. With top-tier expertise and unwavering dedication, we’ve helped countless young voices find their clarity, confidence, and charisma.

Join us at Sounds Good and find the joy of communication. Together, we’ll unlock your child’s potential, one word at a time.

Visit us at or call (702) 640-0631 to embark on this transformative journey today.
can, One Word at a time.

What is a Home Health Care

Home health care is a wide range of health care services that can be given in your home for an illness or injury. Home health care is usually less expensive, more convenient, and just as effective as the care you get in a hospital or skilled nursing facility.

The goal of home health care is to help or treat an illness or injury, helps you get better, regain your independence, and become as self-sufficient as possible in the comfort of your own home.

Who is Eligible

Patients must have a medical need for the skilled services of a nurse and/ or therapist that can adequately be met at home.

Patients are entitled to receive home health services under Medicare benefits or meet their specific private insurance requirements.

Who Will See You:

• Registered Nurse/ Licensed Practical Nurse

• Physical Therapist

• Occupational Therapist

• Speech Therapist

• Medical Social Worker

• Certified Nursing Assistant Services

• Disease Management

• Medication Management

• Pain Management

• CHF Management

• Diabetes Management

• Catheter Care

• Wound And Ostomy Care

• Post- Surgical Management

• Stroke Rehabilitation

• Durable Medical Equipment

• Bathing And Personal Care

Service Areas: Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, City of Henderson, and Boulder City 1771 E. Flamingo Rd., Ste. 119B Las Vegas, NV 89119 702.665.6666 CONTACT US
Call us today! 702.665.6666 for FREE assessment. Executive Care home health does not discriminate and does not permit discrimination, including, without limitation, bullying, abuse or harassment, on the basis of actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, gender, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression or HIV status, or based on association with another person on account of that person’s actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, gender, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression or HIV status. Notice that a patient or resident who has experienced prohibited discrimination may file a complaint with the Division at 775-684-4200.


As the largest and only non-profit hospice in Southern Nevada, we are often asked questions about what hospice is and how it can help someone at the end of life.

It’s important to understand that hospice is not a place, but rather a philosophy, that focuses on the well-being of the whole person. It is a journey of care for a patient. When a prognosis of a life-limiting illness is six months or less, it is time to consider hospice.


Have you or your loved one spent more time in and out of the hospital, than at home? Are you or your loved one struggling with getting out of bed and getting dressed daily because you are physically not able? Have you have considered looking into hospice care for support? If so, you are not alone. Understandably, people find this period stressful and unfamiliar with the new responsibilities. As overwhelming as it may seem, choosing hospice will be a wise choice. As your trusted partner on the journey of care, we bring compassion and hands-on support in the patients home during difficult days ahead.


We have been recognized by Modern Healthcare as one of the 100 Best Places to Work in the country nine times in the last decade. We value our colleagues, and that allows them to provide the highest standard of care to our community.


We are recognized as a national leader in hospice and palliative care, and have helped more than 80,000 patients since we opened our doors over forty years ago. It is our privilege to be part of our city’s rich history and to continue to care for all who need it.


Our clinical staff offers support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our inter-disciplinary

teams provide care wherever someone calls home — private residences, assisted living centers, and nursing homes. We have two inpatient locations in the Las Vegas Valley –our 20-bed Swenson facility and our 18-bed Tenaya facility.


We raise funds to provide care to uninsured and underinsured members of our community and support needed programs and services such as meal delivery, complementary therapies, transportation, and families in need.


Nathan Adelson Hospice partners with patients and families to bring relief, comfort and dignity. Our vision is that no one should end the journey of life alone, afraid or in pain. MV

Scan here to watch videos to help you learn more about hospice and the service available to you and your loved ones.

Restore Your Confidence! STRESSING OVER HAIR LOSS? 9060 W. Post Road, Suite 100 • Las Vegas, NV 89148 Pre-Op Pre-Op 1 Year Later 1 Year Later Joseph L. Williams, MD Diplomate, American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS) Where “Artistry” and Unique Techniques Merge: Delivering Exceptional Results, One Patient at a Time CONTACT Advanced Medical Hair Institute at 702-257-0888 or visit


In our diverse culinary world, understanding how our bodies react to different foods is crucial. Recognizing and managing food allergies, often overlooked, stands as a cornerstone in maintaining health. Food allergy testing plays a significant role in this, helping us avoid harmful inflammatory reactions.


Food allergies often silently disrupt our body’s equilibrium, leading to sustained inflammation, which can result in various health issues like digestive problems and cardiovascular diseases. Numerous studies have emphasized the damaging effects of unchecked inflammation, underscoring the importance of identifying food allergies.


Early Detection and Timely Intervention Food allergy testing is a proactive strategy for health. It allows for early detection of allergies, enabling timely intervention and preventing minor reactions from escalating into serious health complications. This knowledge empowers individuals to take control of their health, acting before issues become severe.

Personalized Nutrition for Better Health

Understanding your body’s reactions helps in creating a personalized nutritional plan, aligning your diet with your physiological needs, and promoting a healthier, happier life. This tailored approach to nutrition ensures that you are eating foods that are beneficial to your unique body needs.

Preventing Chronic Diseases

Food allergy testing serves as a preventive measure against chronic diseases like irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, and certain cancers. Avoiding allergenic foods significantly reduces the risk of developing such ailments, contributing to long-term health.


Balanced Gut for Overall Well-being

A well-balanced gut is foundational to health. Addressing food allergies enhances digestion and nutrient absorption, fostering a robust gut microbiome, which is pivotal for overall well-being.

Strengthening the Immune System

The immune system is often compromised by food allergies. Testing helps individuals avoid allergenic foods, nurturing a stronger immune response and enhancing the body’s defense mechanisms against various diseases.

Looking Ahead: Integrating Testing into Healthcare

With the rise of global health issues, proactive health management, including food allergy testing, is not just beneficial but essential. This testing method promises a way towards comprehensive health and vitality.

Educating for Awareness

Educational initiatives focusing on the importance of food allergy testing are vital. They foster a culture of informed decision-making and awareness, encouraging individuals to manage their health proactively.

Incorporation into Healthcare Systems

Integrating food allergy testing into regular health check-ups establishes a systematic approach to combating the negative impacts of food allergies, offering a structured way to health management.

Unchecked food allergies present a silent yet potent threat to our health. Food allergy testing equips us with the knowledge to better understand our bodies, fostering a future of enhanced health and well-being. It is time to advocate for food allergy testing as an essential tool in our health journey.

At Summit Integrated Health, we aim to provide knowledge about personal food allergies, empowering you to formulate proactive health plans for a healthier, happier life. Embracing food allergy testing is a step towards understanding and proactive care for a brighter future. MV


Nevada Pediatric Specialists provides high-quality care to infants, children, and adolescents throughout the diverse Las Vegas Valley. Established in 2008, the practice has two convenient office locations in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada.

When families enter Nevada Pediatric Specialists, a team of experienced and compassionate medical professionals welcomes them. The team is composed of both board-certified physicians and nurse practitioners. They provide exceptional health care and aim to inspire children to reach their full potential throughout every developmental stage. 3201 S Maryland Parkway Suite 608 • Las Vegas, NV 89109 880 Seven Hills Dr Suite 100 • Henderson, NV

SERVICES: Physical Exams • Walk-In Clinic • Annual Exam • Circumcision • Well Child Exam • Lab Tests • Telemedicine • Newborn Care Prenatal Meet And Greet • Sports Physical • Immunization • Asthma • Sick Visits • Pediatric Care • ADHD •Obesity • Teen Health
• 702.457.5437


At 68 years young, Dale Parkinson’s journey through life has been nothing short of a rollercoaster, but he remains an inspiration for those grappling with the challenges of time.

Known affectionately among his fitness peers as Mr. Buff, Dale has prioritized his health since he was a young adult. And when he did, it came all at once, in 1976 when the iconic movie “Rocky” was released. “I was a scrawny 20-year-old,” Dale recalls with a chuckle, “but something about watching Sylvester Stallone doing pushups (along with that incredible theme song) lit a fire deep inside me.” And so, armed with determination and a Rocky-inspired playlist, he started doing pushups—30, 40, 50, until he conquered a staggering thousand each night.

Dale’s fitness journey took an unexpected turn when the toughest kid from his high school, Dan Powell, became his lifelong best friend and mentor. Dan offered Dale a simple choice: believe in yourself or face a pummeling. Opting for the former, Dale found himself under the wing of a relentless motivator who propelled him to great heights.

In 1983, at 28, Dale competed and won the Grand Championship at the “Mr. Idaho” State Bodybuilding Championship. Fast forward to age 60, and Dale found himself grappling with the consequences of a lifetime dedicated to weightlifting. Surgeries, injuries, and health scares became short and life changing chapters of his story. Eight major surgeries, including shoulder and knee replacements, torn tendons, countless stem cell and cortisone injections for pain, and obesity—all served as formidable adversaries.

A stretch of inactivity from age 60 to 66 left Dale 60 pounds heavier. Yet, with the help of Dr. Graham Simpson, a guardian angel in the form of an anti-aging doctor, Dale gradually reclaimed his long-lost physique, reentering the world of training at the age of 66. The photo taken on his 68th birthday is a representation of his resurgence, as he adds, “Most people can’t believe I’m 68 with 10 grandkids!”

As the inspirational Mr. Buff, Dale imparts wisdom to fellow geriatric gym mates asking how he does it. His advice? “The way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.” Start with a small goal for today and exceed it tomorrow. It’s the same philosophy that powered his journey from 30 pushups to a thousand.

Clint Eastwood says, “Don’t let the old man in.” Dale says, “I don’t even let him make it to my doorstep!”

Dale’s mantra are the sentiments of Rocky Balboa: “It’s not about how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.” In his words, he adds, “They say that Father Time is undefeated, and I suppose that’s true. But your health and fitness goal should be like Rocky Balboa’s: Go the distance and don’t get knocked out in the 3rd round, like so many do.”

Clint Eastwood says, “Don’t let the old man in.” Dale says, “I don’t even let him make it to my doorstep!” Dale Parkinson is proof that age is just a number, and the best is yet to come. Retired and residing in Las Vegas with his beautiful wife Brenda and their two dogs, Dale continues to inspire, proving that the only person capable of writing the final chapter is the one who refuses to stay down.

DALE AT 248 lbs
JUST IMAGINE YOUR LIFE WITHOUT PAIN. At Neuropathy & Pain Centers of Las Vegas, That’s Our Job. Our doctors deliver a complete range of life-changing personalized treatment solutions, from minimally invasive to advanced pain management therapies. So you can focus on what’s ahead. 702.257.PAIN 8084 W. Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89117


Real Autism Difference (RAD) is a nonprofit organization in Southern Nevada dedicated to providing services to those affected by autism in the greater Las Vegas area.

President of RAD, Ms. Radhika Shah, founded this initiative in 2018 for her 16th birthday. Her younger brother, Amar, has severe autism and was the main inspiration behind launching this organization. Since its launch over five years ago, RAD has successfully implemented afterschool, weekend, and summer care respite services for families affected by autism. Radhika spent years volunteering in Amar’s special education classroom and witnessed that many parents had few respite care options that would allow their children to be watched outside of school hours, making it nearly impossible for parents to work fulltime jobs without having care for their children. By being one of the first organizations

in Southern Nevada to address this shortage in respite care and implement respite services, RAD has made a profound impact on the lives of those affected by autism in the Las Vegas community.

RAD has also collaborated with many partnering organizations to provide services to those affected by other disabilities along with autism. Most recently, RAD collaborated with the Down Syndrome Organization of Southern Nevada to provide classes for those in the disability community. Uniquely, RAD offers a Resource Autism Directory on their website, which is a compiled list of all available resources in Southern Nevada, categorized by type of service and population it serves. Founder Radhika Shah witnessed the immense challenges that many families experienced in searching for resources to help their children. Autism Spectrum Disorder currently affects 1 in 36 individuals according to the latest report from the Centers of Disease Control, but each individual on the spectrum is unique, with some individuals being high-functioning while others are nonverbal and require 24-hour supervision. Because the needs of those on the spectrum are so unique, RAD implemented this Resource Autism Directory on their website, so parents can easily find the resources that cater towards their child’s specific needs.

RAD constantly receives requests to expand its program offerings, and RAD continues to bolster its fundraising efforts to raise money for their programs. RAD’s largest annual fundraiser, the RAD 5k Walk/Run, took place on April 6th, 2024. RAD also continues to collaborate with other community organizations to create new programs and reach as many people in the community as possible.

Get involved! Learn more about the RAD Foundation at MV

Get involved! Learn more about the RAD Foundation at

Chiropractic | Physical Therapy East Deser t Inn Wellness • 1090 E. Deser t Inn Road, #102 • Las Vegas, NV • 702 - 333 -1995 You’ve only got one spine. Take great care of it with suppor tive chiropractic care.


Dr. Paul Harlan Janda is the true embodiment of a caregiver, being the first and only Board-Certified Neurologist-Attorney in the State of Nevada. Dr. Janda graduated at the University of California at Berkeley as a double major in Psychology and Molecular and Cell Biology, following that he attended the William S. Boyd School of Law.

Through the balance between the two industries, Dr. Janda is fueled by helping people in the community, whether that be through providing, teaching, or giving back.

Las Vegas Neurology Center, where Dr. Janda practices along with fellow welltrained and Board-Certified Neurologists, provides inpatient and outpatient neurology services at numerous hospitals throughout the city. The Center continues ongoing research in stroke, vascular neurology, headache disorders, movement disorders, epilepsy, neuromuscular disorders, dementia, and cognitive disorders. Expanding his own knowledge and understanding of the latest improvements and advancements in neurology, Dr. Janda is able to provide each and every one of his patients with state of the art and up to date technology and guidelines.

A prominent enjoyment for Dr. Janda is giving back to his community. He exhibits

his love and care for the community by participating in charities, especially ones relating to disabilities and providing food. In the field of Neurology, he is a member of the American Headache Society, American Epilepsy Society, and Neocritical Care Society He also greatly enjoys providing patient education and student education whenever he has the opportunity. Being the Neurology Residency Program Director at Valley Hospital Medical Center, Dr. Janda cherishes his time with the neurology resident physicians, while preparing them to be board-certified neurologists.

Looking back, Dr. Janda always had fond memories of his best teachers, resulting in his love and passion for teaching. A great teacher can have a tremendous impact on his or her students, while also experiencing the fun of watching others learn and succeed. He is especially fond of his work as it involves lifelong learning and there is always something new

to learn, a great deal of his time expanding his education on medicine and life in general.

As a Neurologist-Attorney, you may be wondering how this incredible man can balance and continue to stay passionate in both industries. Dr. Janda greatly enjoys both medicine and law, mainly because both fields involve helping people. He loves to see the intersection and synergy between medicine and law. While he does not practice law directly, he uses his knowledge and experience in law in a teaching aspect. A vast majority of this hardworking doctor’s time is spent in the field of neurology, especially relating to teaching. His family, patient care, and teaching are the true passions that fuel the caregiver of Nevada, Dr. Paul Janda. MV

Las Vegas Neurology Center 2020 Wellness Way #300 Las Vegas, NV, 89106 (702)432-2233



Star Hodge & Her Entrepreneurial Journey in the Medical Field

he intensive world of healthcare is home to one individual who has not only dedicated over two decades to nursing, but has also embarked on a transformative entrepreneurial journey. Meet Star Hodge, a seasoned nurse with 24 years of invaluable experience, who decided to redefine comfort in the medical profession by venturing into the world of entrepreneurship.

Star’s journey began with a simple realization – the importance of comfort during long hours in the medical field. Having spent the majority of her career donned

in uniforms, she intimately understood the need for comfortable attire that could withstand the demands of her job. This insight became the driving force behind her decision to enter the world of business.

Two years ago, Star took the plunge and launched her online scrub store, specializing in medical scrub uniforms and accessories. She curated a collection that prioritizes both comfort and func tionality, addressing the unique needs of healthcare professionals working tirelessly on the frontlines.

Star’s mission is to provide affordable, accessible, high-quality, trending healthcare

Shop online at! (800) 931-9492 • 59


Did you know that according to some national polls, The State of Nevada is ranked 50th in the nation when it comes to mental health services?

Dr. Faisal Suba and Dr. Daniel Park, two of the founding members of Alliance Mental Health Specialists, envisioned changing this statistic when they were in their Psychiatric Residency program through the University of Nevada-School of Medicine. They often talked about opening a small practice together when they graduated, but neither of them ever imagined that their practice would grow to the size that it is today.

“We saw a need and wanted to be part of the solution,” said Dr. Suba. “We would constantly hear how long it was taking for patients to get in to see a psychiatrist. We hoped by opening a large practice, we would be

able to help some of these patients find consistent and compassionate care.”  Founded in 2016, Alliance Mental Health Specialists has grown from 3 psychiatrists in Las Vegas, to 29 Psychiatric providers with an office in Las Vegas and Reno. Their highly qualified team consists of Psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants.

In addition to outpatient care, Alliance Mental Health Specialists also provide services at inpatient psychiatric hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities, as well as psychiatric consult services at medical hospitals in Nevada. Dr. Park says, “By having a presence at various different levels of care, we are able to provide continuity of care.”

Both Dr. Suba and Dr. Park are thankful for the ability to serve their patients’ needs but they also believe that helping to educate future psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants is extremely important in order to continue to further improve access to quality mental health care in Nevada. In addition to seeing patients, a substantial amount of their time is spent mentoring, lecturing, and rounding with students.

“Being trusted with the development of a young mental health professional is an honor and a privilege that we don’t take lightly,” says Dr. Suba. “Teaching students ensures that we keep our knowledge up to date.  It’s also fulfilling knowing that these students will take what they learn from us and be able to help a countless number of people in the years to come. In Arabic, it is known as ‘Sadaqa Jaariah,’ which is a good act that is continuous even after you pass.”

“For me, Alliance is not just a business, it’s a family,” says Dr. Park. “We have known most of our providers since they were students or fellow residents. This familiarity and comfort level facilitates a supportive work environment.”

Dr. Suba and Dr. Park, along with their Partner, Dr. Ying-Chia Cheng, have worked tirelessly to provide high quality psychiatric care using evidence-based medicine. Through their efforts, they have earned the respect of patients, therapists, Doctors, and the community of Las Vegas.  MV

4270 S Decatur Blvd B6

Las Vegas, NV 89103

(702) 485-2100

SURGICAL • General Surgery • Laprascopic Surgery • Minimally Invasive Robotic daVinci Surgery 8530 W. Sunset Rd., Suite 240 Las Vegas, NV 89113 Over 20 Years Of Comprehensive Medical and Surgical Care in Las Vegas Kevin Rayls, MD, FACS Stephen B. Horsley, MD, FACS WE CAN HELP YOU LOOK & SEE YOUR BEST! 4 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Store Hours: Summerlin 7664 W. Lake Mead, Suite 107 (Buffalo & Lake Mead in the Summergate Plaza) 702.254.6222 Northwest 4343 N. Rancho Dr. Suite 116 (Southwest corner of Rancho & Craig) 702.656.6144 Seven Hills 10608 S. Eastern Ave., Suite H (Eastern & Horizon Ridge in the Smith’s Plaza) 702.617.2750 Southwest 6455 Rainbow, Suite 100 (At Rainbow, one block North of 215 Beltway) 702.802.4390 4 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Store Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday | 8:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday Summerlin 7664 W. Lake Mead, Suite 107 (Buffalo & Lake Mead in the Summergate Plaza) 702.254.6222 Northwest 4343 N. Rancho Dr. Suite 116 (Southwest corner of Rancho & Craig) 702.656.6144 Seven Hills 10608 S. Eastern Ave., Suite H (Eastern & Horizon Ridge in the Smith’s Plaza) 702.617.2750 Southwest 6455 Rainbow, Suite 100 (At Rainbow, one block North of 215 Beltway) 702.802.4390 WE CAN HELP YOU LOOK & SEE YOUR BEST! 4 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Store Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday | 8:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday Summerlin 7664 W. Lake Mead, Suite 107 (Buffalo & Lake Mead in the Summergate Plaza) 702.254.6222 Northwest 4343 N. Rancho Dr. Suite 116 (Southwest corner of Rancho & Craig) 702.656.6144 Seven Hills 10608 S. Eastern Ave., Suite H (Eastern & Horizon Ridge in the Smith’s Plaza) 702.617.2750 Southwest 6455 Rainbow, Suite 100 (At Rainbow, one block North of 215 Beltway) 702.802.4390 WE CAN HELP YOU LOOK & SEE YOUR BEST! 4 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Store Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday | 8:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday Summerlin 7664 W. Lake Mead, Suite 107 (Buffalo & Lake Mead in the Summergate Plaza) 702.254.6222 Northwest 4343 N. Rancho Dr. Suite 116 (Southwest corner of Rancho & Craig) 702.656.6144 Seven Hills 10608 S. Eastern Ave., Suite H (Eastern & Horizon Ridge in the Smith’s Plaza) 702.617.2750 Southwest 6455 Rainbow, Suite 100 (At Rainbow, one block North of 215 Beltway) 702.802.4390 WE CAN HELP YOU LOOK & SEE YOUR BEST! 4 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Store Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday | 8:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday Summerlin 7664 W. Lake Mead, Suite 107 (Buffalo & Lake Mead in the Summergate Plaza) 702.254.6222 Northwest 4343 N. Rancho Dr. Suite 116 (Southwest corner of Rancho & Craig) 702.656.6144 Seven Hills 10608 S. Eastern Ave., Suite H (Eastern & Horizon Ridge in the Smith’s Plaza) 702.617.2750 Southwest 6455 Rainbow, Suite 100 (At Rainbow, one block North of 215 Beltway) 702.802.4390 WE CAN HELP YOU LOOK & SEE YOUR BEST! 4 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Store Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday | 8:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday Summerlin 7664 W. Lake Mead, Suite 107 (Buffalo & Lake Mead in the Summergate Plaza) 702.254.6222 Northwest 4343 N. Rancho Dr. Suite 116 (Southwest corner of Rancho & Craig) 702.656.6144 Seven Hills 10608 S. Eastern Ave., Suite H (Eastern & Horizon Ridge in the Smith’s Plaza) 702.617.2750 Southwest 6455 Rainbow, Suite 100 (At Rainbow, one block North of 215 Beltway) 702.802.4390 61


MYVEGAS Magazine polled more than 100,000 of our readers to find the 2024 Top Lawyers in Las Vegas. These lawyers and law firms come highly recommended by our readers and for good reason! As dynamic as Las Vegas is, their service to locals within the community make our city still one of the safest places to live, work and play.  They provide guidance, protect our rights and advise us. They know the laws when we don’t and represent us so that we see justice. We would like to honor and show our appreciation to them. Featured in this special issue are a diverse group of lawyers practicing various types of law. Along with well-known leaders, and the new rising stars this year, we are proud to publish the MYVEGAS Top Lawyers in Las Vegas.  As we love to celebrate our locals that live in the community, you may recognize friends and familiar faces. Many have credentials too many to list, however note that their talents and contributions go far behind what we had space to print. This year’s recipients are amazing attorneys who achieved great success, contributed in more ways than one can name but most importantly, have had a positive influence in the community we live in.  MV



When making the decision on who you would like to represent you in your legal matter, it is incredibly important to choose a firm that is passionate about advocating for your rights. Jennifer Borja of the Borja Law, LLC is primarily focused on immigration and family laws, however, can assist you with many aspects of the law, including, but not limited to, personal injury, bankruptcy, and corporate law matters.

In her immigration practice, Jennifer has assisted clients from over 35 countries to obtain their US lawful permanent resident status or their US citizenship. Jennifer represents clients in removal/deportation proceedings and requests for relief so they may obtain legal status in the US. She is driven to assist clients who are survivors of child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, and other felonies to obtain U-visas or

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status. Jennifer acquired some of her immigration, as well as corporate, law experience while an associate in a New York boutique law firm.

Jennifer has extensive experience in family law, ranging from annulment, contested and uncontested divorce matters, custody/parenting time, spousal support/alimony, child support, and issues involving distribution of marital assets. In addition, Jennifer worked as a contract attorney with the New Jersey Office of Parental Representation to defend parents in abuse & neglect allegations and termination of parental rights.

Prior to establishing Borja Law, Jennifer focused on employment law and criminal defense of public employees, such as teachers and police officers, for the State of New Jersey. Through this experience, Jennifer has acquired a keen understanding of the potential consequences that criminal

charges may bear upon on one’s current or prospective employment, especially in the public sector. Today, Jennifer applies her criminal defense experience to analyze the legal ramifications of the criminal charges faced by her nonimmigrant and immigrant clients to avoid removal/deportation.

Jennifer graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Science, double major in Computer Science and Economics. She earned her Juris Doctorate from New York Law School. During law school, she served as a judicial extern to the Honorable Doris Ling-Cohan, Justice of the New York Supreme Court. Jennifer also worked as a legal intern and Summer associate for a Wall Street based insurance defense firm where she assisted in defending personal injury claims.

In 2009, Jennifer founded Borja Law, LLC in New Jersey. Ten years thereafter, she expanded her law practice in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she moved to be closer to her family. Jennifer recognized the opportunity to grow her business in the booming economy of Las Vegas.

Borja Law firm prides itself on providing high quality, responsive legal service and personalized attention to clients. Driven to give back to her community, Jennifer has volunteered with KIND (Kids in Need of Defense) for their immigration proceedings; she also volunteers for the Legal Aid of Southern Nevada. Jennifer balances her work with spending time with her family and relieving stress while hiking, boxing, taking yoga and Pilates.

Jennifer Borja will handle your case from start to finish while providing a cost-effective solution to her client’s legal needs. For your legal needs, contact Borja Law for a consultation at (702) 848-2838. MV

Borja Law Firm

10845 Griffith Peak Dr., #2 Las

Vegas, NV
Hair & Make-up By: Carolina Salas
BEST Team. BEST Results. BEST Client Satisfaction. 702.382.0000 Adam S. Kutner Injury Attorneys has been providing trusted legal representation to injured victims for more than 30 years. We understand how stressful and overwhelming a car accident can be for victims. Our team of expert lawyers will help you navigate the legal system and claim fair compensation for your injuries and suffering.


The Brilliant Legal Mind at the Helm of Pitaro & Fumo Chtd.

Criminal defense in the Las Vegas Valley is home to the name Kendall Stone, quickly becoming synonymous with unwavering dedication and exceptional prowess. A vital force within the mid-size law firm of Pitaro & Fumo Chtd, her trajectory from a law clerk to the Senior Associate overseeing all criminal matters in the busy office stands as a testament to her unparalleled commitment and legal acumen.

In just four years, Kendall Stone has solidified her place as a beacon of excellence in the legal community. Her journey commenced with a relentless pursuit of justice, exhibiting a zealous defense for her client’s Constitutional Rights that has become the hallmark of the firm’s ethos.

Born and raised in Northern Nevada; she earned her undergraduate degree at UNR and her law degree at Boyd Law School, in Las Vegas. Kendall Stone has what it takes to deal with all types of people and all types of cases. What truly sets Kendall apart is not just her relentless dedication, but her formidable intellect. A legal luminary in her own right, she brings an unparalleled level of brilliance to every case she handles. This has been exemplified through her extraordinary track record: conducting over 10 jury trials across state and federal courts in Nevada—an achievement nothing short of remarkable for a young attorney, currently in private practice. She is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and fight for the Lawful rights of her clients.

Behind her monumental success lies a culmination of invaluable mentorship under the seasoned guidance of veteran trial attorneys, Thomas F. Pitaro and Ozzie Fumo. Fumo. Fumo an esteemed Associate Professor of Law at Boyd Law School at UNLV, and his partner Tom, who has earned a place in the pantheon of legal immortals. have provided Kendall with a reservoir of wisdom and expertise that has shaped her into the exceptional legal mind she is today. As their protege, Kendall Stone embodies the very essence of what it means to advocate fiercely for justice. Her strategic brilliance, combined with a tenacious attitude towards every case, makes her the go-to figure for those navigating the tumultuous waters of legal challenges. Her rise from a law clerk to a Senior Associate supervising pivotal criminal cases within the firm is not just a testament

to her talent but a beacon of inspiration for aspiring legal minds.

When faced with legal woes, one name resonates as a symbol of hope and steady support: Kendall Stone. Her dedication, brilliance, and determined work ethic to her clients’ causes stand as an assurance that with her at the helm, justice will prevail. Her unwavering pursuit of Justice in the courts has inspired Fumo to give her the nickname “Stone Cold Kendall.”

Whether it is a misdemeanor battery, a DUI, or a murder case, Stone Cold Kendall brings her A game and has stirred every other attorney in the firm to do the same. MV

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Pitaro & Fumo

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Jacqueline Bretell, Partner & CEO Get a Free Consultation at or Call 702-710-4722 An Attorney Who Rides and Wins Cases for Motorcycle and Motor Vehicle Accidents




Cameron Law is changing the way that people view lawyers, one relationship at a time.

Daven Cameron, founder of Cameron Law, is here to help those who’ve been wrongfully hurt in an accident. In this exclusive interview with MYVEGAS, we learn about Daven’s commitment to the community and how his extensive knowledge becomes your greatest asset in the courtroom.

What do you love about living and working in Las Vegas?

Though not native to Vegas, I moved here as a teen and have witnessed its remarkable growth. The city’s diverse offerings, from Mt. Charleston’s snowy peaks to Red Rock’s nature hikes, and Lake Mead’s water-sports, are all within a 30-minute reach. With top-tier restaurants, entertainment, and professional sports teams, Vegas has firmly secured its place on the map. Its status as a melting pot, with people relocating from all corners of the globe, allows me to meet people from various walks of life.

As a Personal Injury Attorney in the country’s entertainment capital, there is no shortage of car accidents, falls, and various injuries. Nevada’s laws ensure injured victims receive proper justice. Leveraging my local network, we frequently refer clients to one another. In a city where reputation is crucial, maintaining integrity is incredibly important to me.

In your early career, you worked as an insurance agent, and today, you’re helping people fight insurance companies. How has your experience helped you get the upper hand as a Lawyer?

During my undergraduate studies, I worked full-time for a major insurance company, selling policies. Obtaining licenses required extensive classes and tests. This experience provided valuable insights into insurance intricacies and insurer’s obligations to their insureds, proving immensely beneficial in my legal career.

As a PI lawyer, I leverage my understanding of coverage and insurers’ obligations to ensure

accountability and maximize benefits for clients. My prior job experience enables me to quickly review policies and identify coverages, exclusions, and vulnerabilities. I’m able to translate complex information into layman’s terms for my clients and optimize all available insurance coverages.

Why did you open your own firm?

In my early legal career, I initially practiced business and civil litigation. However, as the firm dynamics shifted, I realized it wasn’t fulfilling for me long term. Exploring other areas, I found plaintiff personal injury law deeply rewarding.

At the start of the pandemic, I recognized my lack of control over my family’s financial security as an at-will employee. Determined to take control of my destiny, I saw owning my own firm as the solution. With ownership, I bear sole responsibility for success or failure.

Recognizing the negative stigma around PI lawyers, I founded Cameron Law with a focus on exceptional client service and results.

I started Cameron Law three years ago and have never looked back. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else with my career. I get to help people get better after an injury, help clients heal by connecting them with trustworthy doctors, fight for their rights, and I get to deliver compensation for their injuries. It’s the best of both worlds.

I’m passionate about representing my clients, building my firm, and constantly improving as a lawyer and business owner.

If you were to provide a single legal tip, what would it be?

Know your insurance coverage. In Nevada, insurers are required to offer every insured with an auto policy uninsured/underinsured (UM/UIM) motorist coverage. Due to the added premium, many overlook this crucial protection.

You can’t control whether others drive without insurance. Nor can you predict accidents or medical bills. However, you can control your own protection measures.

UM/UIM coverage comes into play when you get hit by someone with no insurance OR they do not have enough insurance to cover your medical bills and pain and suffering.

My advice to everyone is to add UM/UIM coverage. It adds protection for you and your family.

Bonus tip: If you’d be uneasy hearing something read aloud in court, don’t put it in writing!

Is there anything exciting on the horizon in 2024?

We’ve recently moved to a new office, off 215 and West Sunset. The process of building and designing was both enjoyable and stressful. We’re now in our own space, which I personally designed. We’re also ramping up our litigation practice, so expect more of me in court fighting for our clients. MV


8930 W Sunset Rd Ste 290, Las Vegas, NV 89148

Tel: 702.745.4545



When it comes to facing a criminal case, the stakes can seem insurmountable. Having the right legal representation can make the difference between exoneration and conviction.

In any legal battle, The Defense Firm is the ultimate team to stand by your side. Led by the esteemed attorney K. Ryan Helmick, this firm has carved a niche for itself in providing unparalleled legal representation to clients facing criminal charges. With a commitment to justice and a reputation for excellence, Ryan and his team stand ready to defend their clients with vigor and determination.

Established with a vision to uphold the rights of individuals entangled in the complexities of the system, The Defense Firm is your trusted advocate. With years of collective experience, thousands of cases handled, and a deep understanding of criminal law, the firm has earned the trust of clients across

Las Vegas and beyond. Under the leadership of Ryan, the firm’s mission is clear: to provide top-tier legal defense while prioritizing the well-being and satisfaction of every client.

What distinguishes The Defense Firm from the rest is not just their impressive track record but also their unwavering commitment to client care. Unlike larger firms where clients may feel like mere case numbers, The Defense Firm takes a personalized approach to every case. Ryan and his team understand that behind every legal matter is a person in need of support and guidance. As such, they go above and beyond to ensure that clients feel heard, understood, and well-represented throughout the process.

Over the years, Ryan has handled some of the most high-profile cases in Las Vegas. He has also appeared on two episodes of the show on A&E called “The Accused: Guilty or Innocent”, that were specifically for his cases. Additionally, Ryan has authored the book, The Defense Begins, which can be found on Amazon. However, Ryan’s most proud and valuable learning came from the mentorship of the legendary Las Vegas lawyer, the late Bill Terry. In addition, he has trained at The Trial Lawyers College under the guidance of the famed lawyer Gerry Spence. Ryan and The Defense Firm have garnered numerous accolades and recognition within the law community. From being voted Best Criminal Defense Firm of Las Vegas to being honored by prestigious organizations such as the National Trial Lawyers, Super Lawyers, the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorney’s, Lawyers of Distinction, as well as receiving client-choice awards for excellence in legal advocacy, Ryan’s dedication to the law has not gone unnoticed.

In the courtroom, having a skilled advocate by your side can make all the difference. If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges, don’t hesitate to reach out to The Defense Firm. With Ryan leading your case, you can rest assured that your case will be handled with the utmost care, dedication, and expertise. Contact The Defense Firm today to schedule a free consultation and take the first step toward securing the legal representation you deserve. MV

Ryan Helmick, Esq 702-HELMICK (435-6425) 70

Beyond the Billboards

Real Lawyers for Real Problems

More than 100,000 Cases Handled

For over 120 years combined, our experienced attorneys have provided aid to the injured or wronged in Las Vegas. Schedule your initial consult to learn how we can help you. Whether you have been seriously injured, are facing serious criminal charges, or are locked in a business-related dispute, the need for quality legal representation is paramount.

At Christiansen Trial Lawyers, we have extensive experience handling personal injury and criminal defense cases for clients throughout the Las Vegas, Nevada area. If you or someone close to you has been injured in a serious accident or by the careless actions of another, we can help you seek compensation. If you have been arrested, it is important to have an experienced, court-tested lawyer in your corner. We are prepared to protect your rights.

Contact our team at (702) 240-7979 to learn more about our legal services and how we can protect your rights. Se habla español.

710 South 7th Street, Suite B • Las Vegas, NV 89101 •


Achieving success as a trial lawyer is no accident. For over 20 years, Brian Harris has been a Plaintiff’s trial lawyer with one goal in mind—consistently winning for his clients. Of course, over two decades, it hasn’t been easy.

However, with every challenge faced, Brian has been able to keep his focus steady. When asked how he has managed to build a successful law practice even through the recession, the pandemic, and other challenging times, Brian has a simple answer: anticipate, plan ahead, and always stay focused on what matters, the client. Over the course of his career, Brian has been part of large law firms with many partners. In 2008, he and his wife and current law partner, Heather Harris, decided they wanted to do things their own way and founded Harris & Harris Injury Lawyers.

When asked why he prefers to run a 3-lawyer practice, his answer is simple: accountability. “My priority is focusing on client care. When you have 3 lawyers in the firm, we all focus on getting the best result in each and every case. I work on every case for every client. Ultimately, the buck stops with me. That is a responsibility

I take incredibly seriously. I’m not satisfied until I know I’ve achieved the best result for every client.” When asked how Harris & Harris has continued to thrive during the current pandemic, Brian says, “No matter the challenge faced, or how we shift strategies to face them, our focus is always the same. We know the value of each case and the impact and challenges each client is facing as a result of their injuries. We fight to get the best possible result for every client. By making client satisfaction a central part of our mission, communicating closely with our clients (especially during difficult times), we are able to make sure their needs are being met. Nothing is more important to me as the managing partner.”

Communication is the key. As we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, and consider the future, Harris & Harris has found new ways to stay in touch with clients more easily and efficiently. By staying in closer contact with clients, it makes it easier

for them to understand exactly what is happening in their case. Says Brian, “By taking some of the lessons we’ve learned in the pandemic, and incorporating them into our long-term plans for the firm, we are able to ensure success for our clients. Only when we achieve the best outcome for our clients, can we achieve success for ourselves as lawyers. I am satisfied with nothing less than success.”

Brian K. Harris is the managing partner of Harris & Harris Injury Lawyers, a three-lawyer firm with a focus on excellent personal client representation and achieving the best possible result for each client in every case.

If you’ve been injured and need legal advice, call Brian at 702-384-1414. MV


1645 Village Center Cir, Suite 60 Las Vegas, NV 89134

ARIZONA | CALIFORNIA | COLORADO | FLORIDA | MISSISSIPPI | NEVADA | NEW JERSEY NEW MEXICO | NEW YORK | SOUTH CAROLINA | TEXAS | UTAH | UNITED KINGDOM FIRM OPERATOR: 866.800.5040 | RLATTORNEYS.COM Mitchell J. Resnick is the co-founder and managing shareholder of Resnick & Louis, P.C.—a renowned name in insurance and institutional defense litigation, representing hotels and casinos, retail stores, restaurants, transportation companies, as well as insureds for specialty lines, construction defect litigation, professional liability, bodily injury, transportation (auto/ trucking/rental car), life and disability litigation, employment law, intellectual property, insurance coverage, first party property, and damage claims. Institutional Civil Defense Through Experience, Diversity, and Creativity



Nationally recognized as being the masters of their trade, The Draskovich Law Group in Las Vegas, NV, is distinguished in the field of Criminal Defense. Based on over 28 years of dedicated and knowledgeable representation, the firm has defended over 100 cases through trial with cutting-edge advocacy.

The Draskovich Law Group is led by founder and owner, Robert Draskovich, and Criminal Defense Attorney, W. Michael Horvath. Together, they are a team to be reckoned with, and a pair of MYVEGAS’ Top Lawyers of the Year.

Robert Draskovich began his practice in 1997. Possessing an industrious spirit, Mr. Draskovich has always been drawn to a trial practice. Similarly, W. Michael Horvath was

initially attracted to becoming a trial lawyer while working in a firm as a high school student; later, he found that The Draskovich Law Group was the perfect place to hone his skills. Although many criminal cases are negotiated, the firm believes that it is better to negotiate a case from a position of strength and knowledge, based upon solid trial preparation, than merely to negotiate a case “hat in hand” with a prosecutor suspecting that defense counsel is not prepared to prevail at trial.

Since their inception, The Draskovich Law Group has continuously delivered a

remarkable track record of results, while taking on many “out of the ordinary” cases. The Firm offers a wide range of criminal representation, including but not limited to federal crimes, sex crimes, murder, theft, and fraud. The Draskovich Law Group’s tenacity is unmatched, not only offering 28 years of trial experience to any case, but also applying strategies that are unheard of in most criminal law firms. These attorneys go the distance for their clients.

Being a boutique law firm, The Draskovich Law Group calls upon a qualified team of experts and provides unparalleled investigation of their cases. “We bring a substantial amount of experience, creativity, and the use of science into each client’s case,” states Draskovich. Being a trial lawyer is what some might call a meticulous endeavor. However, Draskovich and Horvath find no impediment to fighting every detail that they can.

Innovation and the art of advocacy are alive and well at The Draskovich Law Group. “We successfully defend cases year in and year out,” states Draskovich. “Our law firm fights hard for our clients, standing up for people when no one else will.” Robert Draskovich has earned many accolades, including being recognized by Super Lawyers every year since 2007; he is named in US News’ Best Lawyers of America; He has received an AV Preeminent rating from Martindale Hubble “the highest rating a lawyer can achieve”; and has been included in The Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers since 2011.

Upon meeting Draskovich and Horvath, they may joke and laugh with their easy-going, sarcastic dialogue, but these attorneys are as capable and serious as they come. MV

For further information regarding legal representation, contact The Draskovich Law Group at 702-474-4222 or visit

People Focused. Trial Ready.
car accidents, slip & fall, wrongful death, and more...





THE MISSION: To be a major law firm in the legal community; owned and staffed by professionals diverse in age, background, gender and ethnicity, committed to providing superior legal services to our clients and leadership to the community. The vision: To be a multicultural law firm serving the legal needs of the global community. These are the sentiments of Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs, also known as IMW. When someone is considering hiring an attorney, the determining factor is almost always experience. Fortunately for their clients, IMW has over 70 years of handling everything from civil rights litigation to sports and entertainment law. IMW was founded in 1943, and first organized in Los Angeles by retired Superior Court Judge, Earl C. Broady, Sr. The firm became Ivie and McNeill in 1980 after Judge Charles R. Scarlett and Judge Robert L. Roberson, Jr. received their judicial appointments. Thereafter, the firm name was changed to Ivie McNeill & Wyatt in 1991 and became Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs in 2019. IMW is a certified minority business enterprise. I had the pleasure of speaking with one of the partners of the firm, Attorney Rodney Diggs. The following is a Q and A from our conversation:

WHAT IS UNIQUE ABOUT YOUR FIRM? Our firm is unique for many reasons. First, there aren’t many black owned law firms that are our size and that have been around as long as we have – since 1943. We are an institution with a national and international presence. Our firm is unique in that we are truly diverse. Our firm has also produced 6 judges.

For a small/midsize firm to produce that many judges is rare.


Excellence – we are committed to providing superior legal services to our clients and leadership in the community.


Employment and Civil Rights


What inspired you to practice law? I realized after I tore my hamstring running track at UCLA and my dreams of the Olympics would never be a reality, I needed to focus on a plan B. It was between law school and business school and I realized I could do more to make an

indelible impact on the world by being an attorney. It was actually while at Howard University School of Law during my 3L year and taking a trial advocacy class did it click that I wanted to be a litigator. It brought back that feeling of competitiveness I missed (being an athlete) and longed for. That was more of my inspiration to do litigation instead of transactional.

WHAT MAKES YOUR FIRM DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS? We are truly trial attorneys. Some firms advertise they are trial attorneys, but (we) are always engaged in trials and obtain favorable results for our clients. Also, we are truly diverse. I always say if a client is looking for diversity, you cannot get more diverse than our firm.



$25,000,000.00 unanimous verdict, all compensatory damages.

WHAT'S NEXT FOR YOUR FIRM? ANY PLANS FOR EXPANSION? We plan to expand to other jurisdictions (i.e. Atlanta, Houston/Dallas, DC) and expand our presence internationally.

7455 ARROYO CROSSING SUITE 220 LAS VEGAS, NV 89113 800.584.6007
702-302-2277 • Accidents • Personal Injury • Wrongful Death • Workers’ Compensation Specialist* *Certified by the State Bar of Nevada as a Workers’ Compensation Specialist. Se Habla Español




ts name inspired by making even the most stressful legal processes painless, At Ease Law is Las Vegas’ best- and easiest- choice for legal representation in Las Vegas.

Melissa Barry, the firm’s Owner and Lead Attorney, has one goal in mind: tackling your legal problems with ease. With her focus set on criminal defense, family law and estate planning, Melissa has a passion for helping people with their most personal and serious cases. We are pleased to introduce Melissa to our readers as one of our MYVEGAS Top 100 Lawyers of 2022.


My family moved here when I was a senior in high school. I attended college at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. After that I went back to Ohio for law school, but it was here that was my home so as soon as I completed law school I came back. I love the diversity and various cultures that you can find here. I love the world class entertainment, the weather, and the restaurants. Las Vegas is home.


I focus on criminal defense and estate planning, while also doing a significant amount of family law. Each of these areas of law are surprisingly related. My passion is helping people when they need it the most. These areas of law let me help people in ways that play to my strengths so I can be the best advocate for them.


I circle back to my passion to help people, and wherever I can do that is where I want to be. People come to me with a problem for me to solve for them. Whether the problem is a recent arrest or citation, a custody battle or divorce, or taking care of family members when they are not able to, I get to help them navigate the legal system and achieve their goals.


I love the competition. I always joke, or maybe not joke, that “I don’t come to play. I come to win.” And it’s true. But it’s not just about winning. I prepare thoroughly so that I know the case better than anyone else. It’s the challenge. As a trial lawyer, I must know the law of my case without having to research. I must actively listen to questions and answers and know the objections. I must preserve my client’s rights for appeal. A lot of that is done in the courtroom and takes a very specialized expertise.


My clients can expect the best. We represent our clients to the best of our ability- every single time. We also value the customer service aspect of business. We strive to make our clients feel like they have a friend walking them through the challenges they are facing. We know that when faced with any legal issue, knowledgeable, friendly, and caring support is necessary while getting results. We’re proud to offer an ease that can’t be found anywhere else.

Contact At Ease Law at 702.602.5004 or visit

900 E Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89104


Meesha Moulton, the award-winning attorney and founder of Meesha Moulton Law, is a lawyer who stands out for her dedication to making a real difference in people’s lives. Specializing in Personal Injury and Immigration law, Moulton’s firm stands out for its personalized legal services and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Moulton’s passion for the law was evident from a young age. After earning her undergraduate degree in Environmental Science from York University, she attended Michigan State University for law school before eventually relocating to Las Vegas in 2014. Inspired by the ability of law to effect meaningful change, Moulton wanted to focus on areas where she could directly assist individuals, rather than corporations.

The decision to establish her own law firm stemmed from Moulton’s drive to provide a more personalized experience for her clients. Drawing from her years of experience at a high-volume law firm, she recognized the need for a boutique-style practice that prioritizes client services. At Meesha Moulton Law, clients are never just another case; they receive direct contact, personalized attention, and comprehensive oversight from Moulton herself.

With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by individuals in Personal Injury and Immigration matters, Moulton’s specialization is rooted in her own life experiences. Growing up with immigrant parents, she witnessed firsthand the profound impact immigration

has on people’s lives. This led her to become a trusted advocate, guiding her clients through the complex immigration process and easing their financial and emotional burdens.

Moulton’s commitment to her clients goes beyond legal expertise. She ensures that her clients feel supported and heard throughout their legal journey. From the initial intake to the final resolution, she and her team make themselves available for phone calls and meetings, providing regular updates and maintaining open lines of communication. Moulton believes that transparency and empathy are key to establishing strong attorney-client relationships and ensuring her clients’ peace of mind.

Balancing the demands of running a law firm with single motherhood is no small feat, but Moulton manages it with grace. Supported by a healthy co-parenting dynamic and a reliable team, she navigates the challenges of both worlds. Her daughter even gets to experience the world of law firsthand, occasionally joining Moulton at the office.

Looking ahead, Moulton has exciting plans for the future. Her firm will be moving to a new office space in the Axiom building in the Southwest area of Las Vegas, further solidifying her presence in the legal community and her dedication to serving her clients.

Meesha Moulton is not just an attorney; she is a force for positive change. Dedicated to making a difference, Meesha and her team are ready to provide the support and guidance you need.

For exceptional legal representation in personal injury and immigration cases, call Meesha Moulton Law and schedule your consultation today (702) 602-7500 . Visit 80
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We are a network of personal injury doctors and lawyers in Las Vegas. ...and the pros are here! Injured accIdent? vIp In an call the pros!
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Heidari, the principal of the Heidari Law Group, was inspired to practice law because he wanted to have a positive impact on the rights and civil liberties of his clients. To understand what drives him, you have to consider the entire story. Like so many other exceptional people, attorney Sam Heidari started as an immigrant to the US. His passion was sparked by what he had seen happen to others around him as a boy. Growing up in a country which by his own admission had a justice system which pales in comparison to what we have here in the States, he felt a responsibility to help others at an early age.

Attorney Sam Heidari started out doing business litigation. However, this did not fulfill his urge to make a difference in the lives of individual citizens. The hallmark of their service is "competent and ethical lawyering." The people that Heidari Law Group services are injured, hurt, or had their personal rights infringed upon, and Sam Heidari feels that helping these people is his true calling.

The attorneys at Heidari Law Group are fighters, and there are several other factors that make them different from other law firms. First, they are not a trial-only firm. They are involved in the process from A to Z. Also, they are not a personal injury "mill." Firms like that get a

case and pass it off to another firm to handle the litigation if, and when they drop the ball. Not the Heidari Law Group. They take a case, and if it needs to be litigated, they handle the litigation from the drafts of the lawsuits all the way up to the final judgment after trial. This is a massive undertaking but they take the phrase "protecting your client's interest" very seriously. They pride themselves on the 3 D’s: Diligence, Determination, and Dedication. According to Sam Heidari, these three words encompass the core values of Heidari Law Group, P.C., in the courtroom, the conference room, and out in public.

For those looking to hire an attorney, Heidari advises that one should do their due diligence. "If the attorney is practicing in the field of personal injury and charges you a consultation fee, that's a red flag for me," states Heidari. While this approach isn't unethical, personal injury clients are often unable to work, dealing with expensive and accruing medical bills, and are under great psychological pressure as well. The last thing they need is to have to pay a consultation fee up front to speak to an attorney. It is this protective "watchdog" mind state and commitment to best practices that makes Heidari Law Group one of the fastest growing law firms in Nevada, with a track record of recovering millions for their clients.

So, what's next for Heidari Law Group? They have multiple trials starting in both Nevada and California, and their lawyers are already in that "full-court press" mind state. Also, they will continue to look towards expansion to be able to bring more of the competent, ethical representation from which they have become known. They already serve clients in Las Vegas, Sacramento and Orange County, but they never take their eyes off the ball regarding when and where they can protect the rights of the people.

We celebrate Heidari Law Group, P.C. for being a beacon of hope for the infirmed, and a champion for the rights of those who are suffering. Simply put, Heidari Law Group puts the "personal" In personal injury representation. It is no wonder then, that Sam Heidari is one of our Top 100 Lawyers and one of the Best of MyVegas 2022. We thank them for their diligent service. MV

400 S 4th St # 500 | Las Vegas, NV 89101 702-722-1500


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The local Las Vegas Real Estate market is on fire and is set to be cooking for the next few years! With the onset of our national sports teams, the Vegas Golden Knights, the Las Vegas Raiders, and the Las Vegas Lights, this town is set to explode with real estate values. In this market, many properties are receiving multiple offers and same day deals which means homes are flying off the market. Many lenders are offering a grant program to assist you with the entire down payment, so if you thought you could never buy a house, a home is possible now!



Rick’s passion for living every day with purpose is deeply ingrained in all that he does. Throughout his life and career, his focus has been to transcend the challenges he experienced from his humble beginnings growing up in Oxnard, CA, and to make a meaningful impact on those who may have had similar obstacles in their environment.

He urges his fellow real estate agents in his daily interactions with them to stay focused on why they embarked on a career in the industry in the first place.

“We want to get up every day and be in charge of ourselves. Be able to empower ourselves and be able to make an impact on people’s lives. Never take it for granted. Put in that work because your time is precious.” Ruiz said.

Rick credits everything he is to his mother. He’s inspired by the leadership and the selflessness she exemplified every day to provide for her family. His passion for life and real estate stems from his experiences growing up in challenging environments and knowing how invaluable it is to be able to trust someone helping you search for one of your most dear assets – a safe, comfortable place to call home. Rick recalls an instance that had a profound effect on his interest in real estate. Instead of attending college away from home, Rick’s commitment to his mother and family led him to stay local and buy a home with her. The experience with the agent he worked with broadened his view of the importance of dedicated real estate professionals.

“We trusted him with my life savings and my mom’s credit…and he delivered. I remember the look on my mom’s face, the pride she had, the relief. Right then, I learned about impact, subtle but real impact. Dave took great care and responsibility for his job, knowing that he impacted our lives.”

Each of our journeys in life are unique, and Ruiz was not always certain where his path would take him. He pursued and earned his degree in finance, with the goal of becoming a financial advisor. However, once he graduated, the economy took a turn, which caused him to reevaluate his job prospects. At the same time, he was expecting his first child. So, he decided to teach high school economics instead. In the meantime, Rick applied to several graduate programs. From there, he took a leap of faith, left his home state and attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. His initial plan to stay for a couple of years and pursue real estate part-time during his studies quickly turned into something more. He soon fell in love with the real estate industry and the city. His parttime focus blossomed into a 60-hour a week commitment of learning and growing. Nearly two decades later, he is still here in the Valley helping his clients find their dream home. Rick offers some words of advice to those who may face adversity on their path to success.

“We get caught up in our goals but, if you have the “why” it’s huge. That will keep you grounded. Don’t let your day happen to you. You have to have command of your day.”

Although Rick made many of the right choices early on—earned a steady income, invested, and saved for lean times, the Great Recession brought uncertainty and a financial strain that was almost insurmountable. During this period, Ruiz suffered a lot of loss – his income, his investments, and his family. Being a successful 29-year-old with a lovely family, six houses, and two apartment buildings, disappeared during that tumultuous period. Even though his future looked bleak in that moment, he continued to stay focused and remembered the strong example that his mother set for him to persevere.

“Embrace the challenge. Know that you are going to wake up every day and play a tough game. There are going to be headwinds. If you’re not ready for it, it’s going to hurt but, be prepared for it and take your licks on the chin. We all do. I get rejected every single day. It’s part of the process,” said Ruiz to his colleagues in a recent sales meeting.

He knows the benefit that mentorship and inspiration can have on others and credits

some prominent leaders in the real estate industry for helping to grow his knowledge in this area and hone his skills. Rick’s dedication to sharing his wisdom with his colleagues and to help them achieve their goals is evident. He spends countless hours outside of serving his clients to leading coaching calls, team sales meetings, one-on-one mentoring sessions – whatever it takes to build long-lasting relationships and provide the best service to our communities.

Rick’s ultimate goal is to build a Boys and Girls Club, which provided a safe place for him and his friends to play sports and remain inspired to achieve their best. He is driven to lead by example and help others make their dreams a reality. He knows that the beauty of the struggle is to emerge on the other side of it with more clarity and wisdom to share with others and encourages us to pay it forward every day. MV

Photo Credits: Liliya & Albert, Chernogorov Photography

PROPERTIES RICK RUIZ Lic # BS.0054121 702-445-6015


Here we are. It’s 2024. We’ve all been catapulted through so many issues, one leading to another. The masses have now locked arms, knowing that united we do stand and divided… well, you guessed it, we fall.

Let’s take a short review of “Airbnb,” aka Short Term Rentals (STR). Airbnb was born in 2007 when two hosts welcomed three guests to their San Francisco home and has since grown to over 5 million hosts who have welcomed over 1.5 billion guest arrivals across the globe.

This new vacation rental business was launched and homes were shut down due to people using them as “party houses.” This caused a commotion with neighbors, the city, and the county, to file a complaint to begin squashing these unwanted pests. And, in many cases, the complaints were valid and substantiated. Like any new business model, there can be massive growing pains.

Licensed as a realtor since 1988, my first client who wanted to buy into the short-term rental industry approached me in 2016. I did my due diligence, meeting with the city (not county yet), and understanding the requirements for licensing, and we found a couple of properties. However, at the core of me, this task felt incomplete. How can I help my client find a property, close on the sale, and send them off into the unknown? That’s not how I operate as a professional realtor and business person. We stopped the process and waited.

By 2018, my client contacted me to buy a short sale I listed and told me, “I have somebody who is managing my short-term rental and I’m doing great!” I immediately met with this person, a skilled expert at hosting, and we partnered up. I’m the realtor, he’s the STR host.

For the next several years I bought a couple of STRs and sold many, but I now had our legal advisors, my STR host, our renovation team, all booking tools in place, and stringent “Ground rules” written. There are strict consequences when any rule is violated. Everybody was successful.

Then, many were experiencing a wave of disturbing visits from the county and city.

Homes were being approached by code enforcement officers demanding information from guests. Heavy fines were being imposed. Some people expressed fines over $50K and the largest (I heard about) was $240K.

Many of the STR owners are retirees, small investment operators, and big investors. Due to the pressures being put on them as STR owners and hosts, a businesswoman named Jackie Flores (Founder), collaborated with Lous Koorndyk (Co-Founder) to form the Greater Las Vegas Short Term Rental Association (GLVSTRA) and began to invite other property owners and hosts to join in a synergistic movement to even the playing field for everyone.

I’m a strong supporter and volunteer of the Association, through fundraising and PR. In February 2023, Judge Jessica K. Peterson stated, “Clark County’s effort to comply with a new state law requiring regulation of short-term rentals is unconstitutionally vague and overbroad.”

The county was given permission to issue permits to their approved applicants, but the court’s ruling put the Clark County shortterm rental rules on ice.

The Association sued the county after commissioners passed an ordinance for licensing 2,850 units. GLVSTRA asked the court to declare the state and local laws unconstitutional.  Our owners are willing to work from a place of empathy and awareness, yet are unyielding when it comes to constitutional rights. We no longer are fighting 1 on 1, we are a collective 1300, going straight to the Supreme Courts.  To join the organization, we are asking all members to pay a $50 monthly fee. Packages are available if an owner is fighting fines that were given without proper consent.

We have discussed the county and its potential income from the permits. There are about 12,000 STRs. At $1500 each,

that is $18,000,000 to the county. We also disagree with the belief that STRs take away from the hotel’s profit potential. On the contrary, people have more money to spend to gamble, play, and visit local businesses.

This new industry is designed to help people financially grow and live, while wholeheartedly assisting the tourism industry.

For more information about STRs in Las Vegas, please contact Patty Linson, Life Realty. For further information about GLVSTRA, please contact Jackie Flores, founder.

Remember, change takes an open mind, a neutral and nonjudgmental stance, and a desire to be the solution, not the problem. MV

Patty Linson, Life Realty-Licensed Since 1988

Vegas Born & Raised Cellular: 702-353-3844

License: S.21590

2225 Village Walk Dr. #200, Henderson, NV 89052

Jacqueline Flores, Founder

The Greater Las Vegas STR Association (GLVSTRA)

“Without Property Rights, No Other Rights Are Possible”

Tel: (702) 530-1126

Fax: (702) 920-8667

We are a non-profit 501(c)(4) organization that advocates and fights for the property rights of short-term vacation rental owners.

3042 S. Durango Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89117 NV#S.0176688 SIMPLY VEGAS INNER CIRCLE AWARD 2023 WHAT I DO AS YOUR LISTING AGENT: DIANE HINTZ 702-994-3161 As a seasoned real estate professional, I possess the knowledge and skills necessary to guide you through the home buying or selling process.
Consult in preparing your home for sale.
Professional photography including drone and virtural tours.
Use of effective marketing and advertising , including social media.
Home staging, open houses and more.


Realtor and TV Show Host Spreading Positivity

Natalie Cunningham, a leading realtor in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV, has joined the American Dream TV Show as a host. The show, known for its positive stories, aims to combat negativity by showcasing inspiring tales from communities and real estate. As a top producer and community advocate, Natalie brings a fresh perspective to the show. Her role will not only spotlight remarkable individuals but also feature homes on the market, intertwining narratives of sellers with uplifting community stories. Natalie’s mission is to inspire optimism in every aspect of life, one story at a time.

If you would like your home considered to be featured on the show, please contact Natalie Cunningham.

Natalie Cunningham

Simply Vegas Real Estate

Top Producing Realtor

3042 S. Durango Dr. La Vegas, NV 89117

LIC# .0181670

If you’re buying or selling in the Las Vegas and Henderson markets -“How

I consider working with Sellers as being part of a team and now more than ever, you need a trusted advisor who knows how to get your property sold. From getting the property ready for market, to negotiating an offer, and then keeping everything and everyone on track for the Closing -- these are just some of the reasons you absolutely need an experienced agent. I have been helping Buyers and Sellers in Las Vegas for the past 21 years -- call me today and let me help you next!

• FREE house cleaning at time of listing or move-out

• FREE landscape clean-up/trim/system check at time of listing

• FREE repair/remodel consultation so you know what needs to be done prior to showings

• Expert knowledge and experience with Probate & Trust Sales, 1031 Exchanges and Relocations

• FREE carpet cleaning at time of listing or move-out

• FREE partial staging as needed

• FREE professional photography, including drone shots

• FREE Seller’s coverage Home Warranty

• Trusted vendor referrals for Estate Sales, Junk Hauling, Moving, Painting and Repairs

Top 500 REALTORS® in Clark County Top 5% of REALTORS® at Simply Vegas 20 Best Agents in Henderson Inner Circle Award 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

License #S.55525.PC “Semper
United States Marine Corps Combat Veteran 2023 at Your Luxury Residential Expert
Can I Help?”

Discover the difference with our real estate expertise – always ready to assist you in achieving your property goals. Whether you’re seeking personalized advice to find the perfect home or entrusting us with the seamless handling of showings and negotiations, consider it done! Our seasoned team specializes in the dynamic Las Vegas real estate market, having successfully guided numerous clients through the intricate processes of buying and selling homes. Renowned as one of the city’s leading real estate firms, our consistent ranking underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional service. Join us on your real estate journey, where excellence meets success, and your story unfolds in the pages of achievement.

is no wealth like knowledge, and no poverty like ignorance "

your best effort, because you are worth your best effort "

believe business is built on relationships, make building them your business
-Scott Stratten Core Values PROUD PARTNER 702-545-0020 5588 S Fort Apache Rd #110 Las Vegas, NV 89148 ANTHONY KNIGHT Managing Broker BS.0144328
-Robert Collier


Lilly Ruiz has been assisting Home Buyers and Home Sellers in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas for more than 12 years, and she is committed to providing exceptional service to her clients. Learn more about Lilly through this in-depth interview:

Q: Can you briefly describe your experience in the real estate industry?

A: I have over 13 years of experience in the real estate industry. I am not only a seasoned real estate professional, but also an author with several books to my name, including titles such as “Mastering Real Estate Investing-Strategies for Success,” and “The Essential Guide for New Real Estate Agents: What You Need to Know” among others....

Q: What motivated you to pursue a career in real estate?

A: My passion for helping people achieve their homeownership dreams and investment goals was a significant motivator. Real estate allows me to make a meaningful impact on clients’ lives.

Q: What qualities make a great real estate agent?

A: Great real estate agents possess strong communication skills, local market knowledge, integrity, and the ability to adapt to changing market conditions. I am also Luxury Homes Certified and a Military Relocation Professional (MRP) certified, and C2EXRealtors Committed to Excellence Certified, ensuring that I bring specialized expertise to my clients.

Q: How do you stay informed about the latest real estate market trends and developments?

A: I stay ahead in the ever-evolving real estate industry by attending industry seminars, constantly reading market reports, and collaborating with other professionals. My commitment to ongoing learning is never ending.

Q: What strategies do you employ to help first-time homebuyers navigate the buying process?

A: For first-time homebuyers, I provide personalized guidance, explain the entire process, recommend trusted lenders, and help them understand their budget and options.


Q: How do you determine the optimal listing price for a property?

A: I conduct a comprehensive market analysis, considering recent sales, market conditions, expired listings, and property features to determine a competitive listing price. This strategy has consistently led to successful sales, as a matter of fact one of my most recent sales resulted in a sale of $70,000 over asking price...

Q: Can you explain the importance of negotiation skills in real estate transactions?

A: Negotiation skills are crucial for securing the best deals for clients. They involve effective communication, understanding client needs, and finding common ground with other parties. I am also a strong believer that real estate success is built on collaboration, not ego. Putting clients first should always be our top priority.

Q: What advice do you offer to sellers looking to stage their homes effectively?

A: Each property is different, but for the most part I advise sellers to declutter, depersonalize, and make necessary repairs. Professional staging can also enhance a property’s appeal to potential buyers. These strategies help homes stand out in a competitive market.

Q: How do you handle challenging or competitive real estate markets?

A: In challenging or competitive real estate markets, I thrive by combining swift responsiveness, strategic market analysis, and creative negotiation techniques. My goal is always to secure the best outcomes for my clients, no matter the market conditions.

Q: What sets you apart from other real estate professionals?

A: My dedication to client satisfaction, commitment to continuous learning, and in-depth market knowledge set me apart. I strive to exceed client expectations at every stage of the real estate process, consistently delivering outstanding results.

Lic. # BS.145724 The
Designated Certified
Relocation Professional 702.635.1105
Lilly Ruiz Group at Monticello Realty
WAKING UP IN VEGAS Call or Text: 702.635.0431 Email: Dee Dee  Realty One Group  CA# 02191342 NV# S.0197984 Sharon Realty One Group   NV# S.0197993 Real Estate Done Right! Residental, Investment & Vacations Properties


“We often forget that the real estate market is propelled by changes in one’s lifestyle.” These words from Eiwin Mark, a seasoned REALTOR® with Select Properties Group in Las Vegas, perfectly capture his passion for the real estate industry. Eiwin believes in the transformative power of finding the perfect home for his clients.

Eiwin’s enthusiasm for real estate is evident in his belief that it can significantly improve people’s lives. He says, “My favorite thing about being in the real estate industry is that you make a profound change in the quality of people’s lives for the better when you help them get into the home of their dreams.” For Eiwin, real estate isn’t just about transactions; it’s about facilitating life-changing experiences. Whether it’s a growing family, a new job, or simply a desire for something better, he is dedicated to understanding his clients’ unique needs and matching them with the perfect property.

When clients choose Eiwin as their REALTOR®, they can expect a personalized and attentive experience. Eiwin believes in the power of listening. He carefully listens to his clients’ needs, concerns, and preferences. Armed with this information, he meticulously evaluates properties, highlighting their best features, and tailoring his approach to target potential buyers that align with the property’s strengths, almost like a matchmaker between people and their ideal homes.

In Las Vegas’ vast market, Eiwin employs a comprehensive strategy to promote properties in an extraordinary fashion. Beyond traditional methods, he harnesses the power of modern marketing. Eiwin utilizes various platforms, including print, online, social media, and direct mail advertising, to ensure maximum exposure for his listings. Additionally, he goes the extra mile by creating professional video tours of his properties, allowing prospective buyers to virtually explore their potential future homes. His commitment to embracing technology and innovation sets him apart from the crowd.

Eiwin’s vision is to be the “go-to” real estate agent in Las Vegas, and he’s well on his way to achieving that. His passion for real estate, personalized approach, and innovative marketing strategies make him a standout choice for anyone looking to buy or sell property in the Las Vegas area. With Eiwin by your side, you can trust that your real estate journey will be guided by someone who truly understands the significant impact it can have on your life.

In a city known for its diverse and unique properties, Eiwin Mark is the REALTOR® who will help you find a home that suits not just your needs, but your lifestyle. When you choose Eiwin, you’re not just getting a real estate agent; you’re getting an ally who will help you turn your dreams into reality. MV

Eiwin Mark, REALTOR® Lic. #S.0175582 Select Properties Group 415.971.3379 Eiwin Mark Elite Luxury Real Estate 98
A LEADER IN LAS VEGAS LUXURY REAL ESTATE TOP 2% Berkshire Hathaway Nevada Realtor 4TH RANKED Out of 241 agents in Summerlin BHHS NV Properties Lic. S.0071376 702-306-2233

Nosotros somos the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals®. We are The Voice for Hispanic Real Estate® and proud champions of homeownership for the Hispanic community. Our role as trusted advisors and passionate advocates is to help more Hispanic families achieve the American Dream in a sustainable way that empowers them for generations to come.

Mission Statement

NAHREP is a purpose-driven organization that is propelled by a passionate combination of entrepreneurial spirit, cultural heritage and the advocacy of its members. Our mission is to advance sustainable Hispanic homeownership. NAHREP accomplishes its mission by:

• Educating and empowering the real estate professionals who serve Hispanic homebuyers and sellers.

• Advocating for public policy that supports the trade association’s mission.

• Facilitating relationships among industry stakeholders, real estate practitioners and other housing industry professionals

Alfredo Rosales Maira Arellano Andrea Fernandez Iris Ramos-Jones Esmeralda Villeda Michael England Louie Gamboa Nichole Renteria Jani Spadora Sharlene Ruiz JAVIER BARAJAS Teresa Mendoza JC Castillo VIKKI GONZALEZ MANNY RODRIGUEZ

Las Vegas resident since 1997, Chip Madsen has been a top producing realtor specializing in the luxury home market and commercial properties for over 16 years. Through his attention to detail and close relationships with his clients, he has attained the #1 agent position in his brokerage for the past 7 years straight. Chip has built a well-deserved reputation for honesty, hard work, and success. This reputation has earned him the utmost level of respect from colleagues around the country and led him to IS Luxury, the #1 luxury team in the entire nation for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices.

702.420.3332 2130 Park Centre Dr., Ste 120 Las Vegas, NV 89135 License #S.0073912 FINDING THE PERFECT PROPERTY AT THE RIGHT PRICE IS MY ONLY OBJECTIVE Chip




3,471 1,160






After a sluggish year for local home sales in 2023, Las Vegas REALTORS® statistics show sales have been bouncing back so far in 2024.

LVR reported a total of 2,426 existing local homes, condos and townhomes sold in February. Compared to February 2023, sales were up 10.1% for homes and up 17.8% for condos and townhomes.

According to LVR, home sales in Southern Nevada slowed down in 2023, which was the slowest year for existing local home sales since 2008. During 2023, LVR reported a total of 29,069 sales of existing local homes, condos and townhomes. That was down from 2022, when LVR reported 35,584 total sales. That followed a record year for existing local home sales in 2021, when LVR reported 50,010 total properties were sold.

As for prices, LVR reported that the median price of existing single-family homes sold in Southern Nevada through its Multiple Listing Service (MLS) during February was $460,000. That’s up 8.2% from $424,995 in February of 2023. Local home prices are still below the all-time record of $482,000 set in May of 2022.

The median price of local condos and townhomes sold in February was $283,000, up 11.0% from $255,000 in February 2023. That’s approaching the all-time high of $287,000 set in August of 2022.

By the end of February, LVR reported 3,471 single-family homes listed for sale without any sort of offer. That’s down 25.6% from one year earlier. Meanwhile, the 1,160 condos and townhomes listed without offers in February represent a 0.4% increase from one year earlier.

The sales pace in February equates to a local housing supply of just under two months. One year earlier, Southern Nevada had nearly a three-month housing supply.

A persistently tight housing supply and rising mortgage interest rates have been slowing down the housing market for months. But there are reasons for optimism in 2024, with national experts predicting that more homes will be available and sold this year than during 2023.

It’s encouraging to see that we’re selling more homes so far this year, even with the headwinds we’ve been facing in the housing market. Here’s hoping our national

experts are right in predicting that things will continue to pick up as we head into the spring and summer months, when we traditionally see sales increase.


Las Vegas REALTORS® (formerly known as GLVAR) was founded in 1947 and provides its nearly 17,000 local members with education, training and political representation. The local representative of the National Association of REALTORS®, LVR is the largest professional organization in Southern Nevada. Each member receives the highest level of professional training and must abide by a strict code of ethics. For more information, visit

Information courtesy of Merri Perry, Las Vegas REALTORS® President


8850 W Sunset Rd Suite #200 Las Vegas, NV 89148 Direct: 702-267-6994 Office: 702-735-0411  E-Mail: | LIC# BS.144995  PM.166340 RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL SALES | LEASING | PROPERTY MANAGMENT JOSHUA CAMPA, ARM ®, RMP ® Berkshire Hathaway Home Services- Nevada Properties, McGarey Campa Group


Everyone has their own spiritual journey with faith and their own unique relationship with God. Here at MYVEGAS we celebrate and embrace these relationships with this section we call MyFaith. In this section, we feature local churches, a comprehensive church directory, and inspiring personal testimonials and success stories from locals who have elevated their lives through their faith and relationship with God.



What was the happiest time of your life?

There was a study done by Princeton University1 to determine the answer to that question. They interviewed 23,000 people ages 17 to 85 and they identified two ages when happiness tends to peak. The first was 23, the age when your education is behind you and you are finally earning an income. It is a season that is full of optimism and hope about the future. The other was 69, the age when the stresses of raising a family and earning a living are behind you and there is optimism about retirement.

My guess is you are somewhere in between these two ages. So does that mean you are destined to be miserable until you finally retire? Not if you choose to change what you chase after. Happiness is based more on our circumstances, but joy and contentment

come from a deeper place. Consider the words from one of the greatest chapters in the Bible, Psalm 23:

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.  He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul. 2

This is a picture of contentment. These words are born out of the life of King David, who experienced some of life’s highest highs and lowest lows. As a teenager, he killed a giant by the name of Goliath. He was made King and achieved enormous success. But, he also experienced some of life’s greatest heartbreaks. He lost a child after birth, lost the throne to a son who tried to kill him and had a tumultuous relationship with his children.

But in the midst of these circumstances, he writes, “The Lord is my shepherd.” He has

a personal relationship with his Heavenly Father: The Lord is my shepherd. David knows what it means to be a shepherd. He spent years watching sheep. However, David doesn’t write this psalm from the vantage point of a shepherd, he writes it from the perspective of the sheep. If the Lord is my shepherd, that means I am His sheep. That seems odd because sheep aren’t very bright. A few years ago in eastern Turkey, there was one sheep who went over a 50-foot cliff into a ravine and another 1,500 sheep followed him off the cliff. The first 400 of those sheep died, but the other 1,100 sheep survived because they landed on the pile of pillowy soft sheep.3 You would think that one of them would pause for a minute and say, “You know Eddie went over the cliff and never came back. Maybe I ought to reflect on that for a moment before I keep walking.” Sheep don’t have the best track record at making good decisions.

This isn’t a psalm about sheep. It’s about people. It’s about you and me. David reminds us that when you let the Lord be your shepherd; when you let God direct your path; that is when you lack nothing. That is where contentment is found.

It would be a few hundred years later when Jesus would say: “I am the good shepherd.” 4 (emphasis mine). Jesus is personifying Psalm 23: “You know that Psalm about the Lord being my shepherd? That’s me. I’m the good shepherd.”

So as we embark on a new year, what would it look like for you to make the Lord your shepherd? That is when you will find true contentment and refreshment for your soul.

Shane Philip is the founding Senior Pastor of The Crossing Church Las Vegas. MV


2 (Psalm 23:1-3, New International Version)


4 John 10:11a, New International Version


We’re gathering this Sunday, and you’re invited! Whether you join us in-person or online, there is a seat saved for you.



The Crossing Windmill

9AM • 11AM • 6PM 7950 W. Windmill Lane Las Vegas, Nevada 89113

The Crossing Midtown

9:30AM • 11AM 3535 W. Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, Nevada 89102

Online Campus

9AM • 11AM • 6PM

@thecrossinglv / thecrossinglv


Faith, often described as the cornerstone of spirituality, is a concept that transcends religion and encompasses a profound trust in something greater than oneself. Faith is a deeply personal and multifaceted conviction that shapes our worldview, guides our actions, and sustains us through life’s trials and triumphs.

But what exactly is faith? It’s more than a set of beliefs or rituals; rather, it’s a state of being – a steadfast confidence in the unseen and the unknown. Faith empowers us to navigate the uncertainties of life with courage and resilience, anchoring us in a sense of purpose and meaning.

How do you have faith? Or, how do you build faith?

While it may seem intangible, it is a quality that can be cultivated and nurtured through intentional practice and reflection. Here are some ways to foster and strengthen your faith:

1. Cultivate Trust: At its core, faith is about trusting in something beyond ourselves –whether it’s a higher power, the universe, or the inherent goodness of humanity. Cultivate trust by embracing uncertainty and surrendering control, knowing that there is a greater plan at work.

2. Nurture Spiritual Practices: Engage in spiritual practices that resonate with your beliefs, such as prayer, meditation, or acts of service. These actions can serve as anchors, providing moments of connection and clarity amidst the chaos of daily life.

3. Seek Inspiration: Surround yourself with sources of inspiration – whether it’s sacred texts, uplifting music, or the wisdom of spiritual teachers. Seek out experiences that nourish your soul and deepen your understanding of the divine.

4. Embrace Doubt: Paradoxically, faith often coexists with doubt. Embrace your doubts as opportunities for growth and exploration, rather than obstacles to belief. Allow yourself to question, wrestle, and ultimately emerge with a deeper, more nuanced understanding of your faith.

5. Find Community: Share your journey of faith with like-minded individuals who can offer support, guidance, and encouragement along the way. Whether it’s through religious gatherings, community service projects, or online forums, finding a sense of belonging can strengthen your faith immeasurably.

Faith is not a destination to be reached, but a journey of discovery and transformation. It is a lifelong pursuit – a dance between trust and doubt, certainty and uncertainty. By embracing the essence of belief and nurturing the seeds of faith within us, we open ourselves to a world of infinite possibility and profound connection. Take a leap of faith! MV

110 We exist to impact the world for  Jesus  through our love. Located at: 8425 West Windmill Lane Las Vegas, NV 89113 702-530-8045 Sundays at 4pm powerhousechurchlv @powerhousechurchlv


We get lost in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. It’s true. And it’s easy to overlook the profound lessons hidden in the simplest of things. Take, for instance, the mustard seed – a tiny, seemingly insignificant speck. Yet, in the teachings of Jesus, we find this humble seed serving as a powerful metaphor for the transformative nature of faith.

Consider for a moment the imagery Jesus paints: a mustard seed, small and unassuming, yet capable of growing into a mighty tree. It’s a reminder that faith, no matter how small it may seem, has the potential to bring about remarkable growth and change in our lives.

But how do we cultivate such faith in our own lives? How do we unleash its power to transform us from within? The answer lies in embracing a few key principles.

First and foremost, faith requires surrender – a willingness to let go of our doubts and fears, and to trust in something greater than ourselves. It’s about relinquishing control and allowing God’s plans to unfold in our lives, even when they don’t align with our own.

Moreover, faith demands perseverance. Just as the mustard seed must weather the storms of wind and weather before it can blossom into a tree, so too must we endure the trials and tribulations that life throws our

way. Yet, in the face of adversity, our faith serves as an anchor, grounding us in hope and guiding us through the darkest of times.

But perhaps most importantly, faith invites us to dream big – to envision a future filled with God’s abundance and blessings. When we dare to dream, we tap into the limitless power of God’s grace, enabling us to accomplish far more than we could ever imagine.

As the ups and downs of life continue, let us take heart in the wisdom of the mustard seed. Let us nurture our faith, however small it may seem, knowing that God can work miracles with even the tiniest of seeds. And as we journey forth in faith, may we be like the mustard tree – capable of big things. MV


Central Church is a place where it is okay to not be okay, dedicated to introducing people to Jesus and helping them follow Him. Senior Pastor, Jud Wilhite, has served at Central Church since 2003, helping Central grow from one location in Henderson, NV, to a multi-site church with physical locations throughout Nevada, Arizona, Florida, Mexico, and Australia.



Saturday at 5:00 PM Sunday at 10:00 AM & 12:00 PM

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Watch live or on demand at

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Pastor: Derek Neider

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There are many ways to improve your home this season! And it’s never too late to make those upgrades! Add to your interior with premium shutters or sleek new cabinetry. Painting an old room makes a huge improvement and sometimes the entire house needs a paint facelift! Sometimes adding new carpeting can increase the value to your home! Looking to enhance your curb appeal? Get a luxury outdoor living space designed uniquely for your home and your family. Replace that rusty backyard gate! Change out your old landscaping! Bushes and shrubbery can overgrow and look old.

New furniture and appliances are the perfect way to update your look without breaking the bank. Find a store that offers diverse selections that combine class and comfort to give your home that luxury feel. If your home is overloaded, book a storage unit to help you clean and declutter your home or business with ease. Tis the season to give your home the TLC it deserves, and we know the best pros for the job!



Clara has been in the remodel design & flooring industry for over 20 years and has extensive experience remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, and more. Her background began in operations, where she managed projects from start to finish for two of the largest flooring companies in Chicago. This led to sales & design consultation when she first moved to Las Vegas.

Clara’s love for working with clients, bringing their dreams and vision to reality, and overseeing everything from the initial design planning to installation, has earned her many happy clients and direct referrals over the years. She makes remodeling effortless, assuring that projects are on time and budget.

Whether it’s a small remodel project or an entire home, a new home build, or a commercial space renovation, Clara’s eye for design transforms every space into a beautiful yet functional design.

Clara Napolitano

Serving Southern Nevada before after


Includes appliance removal, mattress removal, general junk removal & more!


We will remove any construction waste, dirt removal, shingle removal, and clean up left over debris


Full service clean out and furniture removal in residential and commerical properties

Don’t wait! Let us take care of the hard work today.
Junk Removal, Landscape and Pressure Washing Service


When your home’s flooring is in need of serious TLC, the Vegas Valley Carpet

Meet Edward and Matt, the duo behind Vegas Valley Carpet Pros (VVCP). Around two decades ago, Edward, armed with experience in carpet sales, and Matt, a logistics and distribution specialist, found themselves thrown together during a company-wide training on synthetic lawn technologies. Fate intervened, and they were teamed up for a project aimed at improving sales and distribution. Little did they know, this chance collaboration would spark the beginning of Vegas Valley Carpet Pros.

Recognizing the potential in their synergy, Edward and Matt took the leap, launching Vegas Valley Carpet Pros with a focus on providing top-notch installations, personalized design solutions, resilient commercial options, and meticulous repair and maintenance services. Their diverse offerings cater to a range of needs, ensuring your flooring experience is both seamless and tailored to your preferences.

Offering a diverse range of carpets, laminate, and vinyl options, VVCP caters to your unique taste and style. With over two decades of

Pros are here for you!

experience, their installation experts work their magic, ensuring your chosen flooring not only looks amazing but stands the test of time. Whether you’re aiming for a chic residential upgrade or a durable commercial solution, VVCP has your floors covered, literally!

They’re also well-versed in carpet damage and repair. Whether your carpet is dealing with tearing, pet-related wear and tear, stubborn stains, unsightly wrinkles, or more, the team is well-versed in a variety of repair, patching, and stretching techniques. You can rest assured that regardless of the current state of your carpet, they can do their best to make it look brand new!

VVCP isn’t your run-of-the-mill carpet and flooring company; they are industry leaders. Upholding straightforward values that prioritize quality, transparency, and eco-friendly practices, VVCP stands out as a reliable choice for both residential and commercial clients. Their commitment goes beyond trends – they’re dedicated to staying at the forefront of industry advancements.

Edward and Matt are in this to make a difference in your home and your community. Their passion for the industry, commitment to quality, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact drive their daily grind. When every fiber counts, choose the company that makes them count! MV



When a major plumbing disaster happens, it can quickly become an EXTREME event! But fear not, Extreme Plumbing is now available in Las Vegas through Atlas Plumbing.

The technicians at Atlas Plumbing are certified in extreme services, such as wastewater diving repairs and manhole bungee replacement services. This team is prepared mentally and physically to navigate any risky or hazardous plumbing challenge in both residential and commercial settings.

Atlas Plumbing is the local industry leader in providing innovative solutions using the latest technology, equipment, and materials. Their team is committed to doing whatever it takes to get the job done right, no matter how tough the challenge. This culture is the company’s driving force, coupled with their sheer grit and determination to win against all odds and their knowledge and experience to back it up.

Extreme Plumbing services, such as trenchless pipeline repairs, have been available for many years, yet were just approved here in Clark County. These services, along with the latest technologies in the plumbing industry, can enhance your connected home network and allow for a less invasive means of plumbing repairs.

Atlas Plumbing offers several trenchless rehabilitation techniques including pipe bursting, descaling, and cure in-place pipe lining.

Pipe bursting is a method by which the existing pipe is split outward by a bursting tool

head (shark fin). This hydraulic expansion head is pulled through the existing pipeline while pulling the new pipe into its place.

Cure-in-place pipe lining is an innovative process that creates a long-term, structural pipe inside the existing host pipe. The host pipe is first prepared for the liner through a mechanical descaling service. Descaling is an aggressive mechanical sanding process, where high-speed, chain drill heads break down and smooth the inside diameter of the pipe. Then a fiberglass casing is saturated with a two-part epoxy resin and inserted into the existing compromised pipe. A secondary calibration tube (a balloon) will be inflated into the saturated liner until the line cures into the new pipe structure.

Atlas Plumbing also offers Extreme Bathroom Remodeling. It’s the latest craze in home improvement! Atlas always comes out ahead in the race to replace tubs or shower enclosures, often completing the job in just one day.

These exclusive shower wall systems are only offered through Atlas Plumbing. The wall panels are engineered using the most advanced materials on the market and are

made of a composite stone that mimics natural stone in both appearance and structure, without the cost or maintenance of real stone. Installation is fast and efficient with large stone panels of 7 feet or more, which utilize a grout-less application, resulting in seamless design patterns.

Choose from a wide range of colors, styles, and patterns to perfectly complement any decor. With endless options, including custom designs, indulge yourself in creating the ultimate bathing experience.

Atlas Plumbing can also elevate your home to the next level by integrating smart technology to digitally connect your plumbing fixtures and appliances. Now, control of your household plumbing is at your fingertips.

You will instantly recognize an Atlas Plumbing technician. They will arrive wearing a dapper uniform, which includes an impeccably placed bow tie. Atlas Plumbing only delivers the best of the best service and set the bar in all areas of the plumbing trade, delivering top-notch service wearing the best uniform! Now that’s EXTREME MV

ATLAS PLUMBING 702.766.9139
Amalia Rubio Asst. Designer & Wallpaper 702.290.1444 Keith Phyfer Principal Designer 702.321.3656 " M o b i l e W a l l p a p e r S h o w r o o m f r o m W a l l s t o W O W "

This year, Sierra is proud to announce that they are now offering full plumbing services. This will include service and maintenance to Water Heaters, Drains, Water Filtration & Softeners, Sump Pumps, Gas Lines, Septic Tank, and General Home Plumbing (bathroom, kitchen, etc.). While plumbing is not a new service for Sierra Air, as they slowly introduced this sector of their company in 2019. COVID couldn’t keep Sierra down for long, and today, they are excited and ready to service this valley as a fullfledged Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing company.

Sierra is known and recognized for setting the standard of service. The sun hits hard in Sun City, so keeping your home running is important. Especially in a city where the weather can be extreme in both directions, your home’s heating or A/C can break at the most inconvenient of times. No matter the time, Sierra is here for your emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because they know that in 110-degree weather, your home’s temperature can turn from perfect to dangerous quickly. Sierra’s team will save the day, and clients can always expect expert technicians, no hidden costs, upfront pricing, free estimates, and fast, reliable service, every time.

In sunny Las Vegas, there is no company that shines as bright as Sierra for your heating, cooling, indoor air quality, and now, plumbing needs! Locally owned and operated, Sierra has been servicing the Las Vegas valley for over 30 years. Known as the service that soars above the rest, Sierra is here to cool Las Vegas!


Our advanced system features new upgraded filters that effectively reduce: VOCs, PFAS, Chlorine, Iron, lead, Chemical Taste and Odor. Experience the benefits:

✓ better tasting hydration,

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Concerned about the safety and quality of your municipal water?

Introducing the upgraded AquaRev Whole Home Water Purification and Softening system - the ultimate solution for clean, healthy water from every tap in your home!

HDC Products offers the only patented NSF Certified, low-maintenance, compact system of it’s kind!

JELENA HAPPILY RECOMMENDS THE AquaRev™ PRODUCTS HOME DEVICE. We like the water system very much. Taking a shower is a joy, no more slippery feeling but when I dry off and my skin feels clean and smooth. Also, I notice there are less water spots on our dishes and in the sink, and my windshield glass looks a lot cleaner. Our grass and plants look greener and healthier, like you said, which makes us very happy. I happily recommend this system to anyone looking to improve their wellbeing Thanks, Keith for answering my questions so quickly.

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✓ happier lawns and gardens


Ron Quince (Ron Q) has become a man on a mission. The 40-year Las Vegas businessman, and father of two young daughters realized a few months ago that building a future for them should include a foundation of giving to the families in need around him. Quince, an accountant and entrepreneur, believes that his Filipino upbringing helped to shape a desire for giving.

“We have always taken care of each other in the Filipino community, but reaching farther out has brought me great joy,” says Quince. “I have worked very hard in my professional and family life. I also have a desire to help shape the world that my girls will grow up in,” and adds, “Seeing the results of giving to others in Southern Nevada has changed the way I look at my family, my profession, and the world around me.”

“but we were blessed to have Ron Quince, a great member of the community, step up and deliver thousands of dollars’ worth of turkeys to our foodbank. Plus, he stayed all day and handed them out. Nobody ever does that!”

Ron Quince (Ron Q) has become a man on a mission. The 40-year Las Vegas businessman, and father of two young daughters realized a few months ago that building a future for them should include a foundation of giving to the families in need around him. Quince, an accountant and entrepreneur, believes that his Filipino upbringing helped to shape a desire for giving.

“We have always taken care of each other in the Filipino community, but reaching farther out has brought me great joy,” says Quince. “I have worked very hard in my professional and family life. I also have a desire to help shape the world that my girls will grow up in,” and adds, “Seeing the results of giving to others in Southern Nevada has changed the way I look at my family, my profession, and the world around me.”

Ron Quince’s first stop was at The City Impact Center, a community center with one of the largest food banks in Las Vegas. He was able to make last Thanksgiving Day a truly special one by providing whole turkeys with all the trimmings to hundreds of Las Vegas families.

In addition, he was involved in giving out snacks to elementary school kids at Arturo Cambeiro Elementary school in North Las Vegas. He has a passion for working tirelessly to support our troops and works with the USO to send our troops various packages during the holidays, as well as working with Troops with Paws, an organization that provides veterans with support dogs.

Ron Quince’s first stop was at The City Impact Center, a community center with one of the largest food banks in Las Vegas. He was able to make last Thanksgiving Day a truly special one by providing whole turkeys with all the trimmings to hundreds of Las Vegas families.

Vic Caruso, the Executive Director of City Impact Center, knows that Thanksgiving is one of the most important days to meet the needs of families in the center of the Las Vegas Valley. “We had a lot of concern that the families in our area would not be able to afford a Thanksgiving dinner,” says Caruso,

Vic Caruso, the Executive Director of City Impact Center, knows that Thanksgiving is one of the most important days to meet the needs of families in the center of the Las Vegas Valley. “We had a lot of concern that the families in our area would not be able to afford a Thanksgiving dinner,” says Caruso, “but we were blessed to

When asked about his political platform, Ron Q believes that climate change and abortion are issues that need to be discussed. On climate change Ron states, “I am not a climate change denier. I am a climate change realist. Of course, as a father, I am concerned for my children and my children’s children. We all want a world with clean energy and less carbon emissions. It is certainly our goal. But it is not realistic to support an all-electric world at present.” He goes on to say that we do not have the infrastructure or power grid to support going fully electric, and that the impact on Americans would be dramatic. “We would face frequent blackouts, brownouts, power outages, rising fuel costs, that would do more harm,” explains Ron. “Let’s help the environment with a process that works, not ‘woke’ wishful thinking. Let’s build a path to a better environment but continue to service our country with available resources while we work on these solutions.”

When asked about his political platform, Ron Q believes that climate change and abortion are issues that need to be discussed. On climate change Ron states, “I am not a climate change denier. I am a climate change realist. Of course, as a father, I am concerned for my children and my children’s children. We all want a world with clean energy and less carbon emissions. It is certainly our goal. But it is not realistic to support an all-electric world at present.” He goes on to say that we do not have the infrastructure or power grid to support going fully electric, and that the impact on Americans would be dramatic. “We would face frequent blackouts, brownouts, power outages, rising fuel costs, that would do more harm,” explains Ron. “Let’s help the environment with a process that works, not ‘woke’ wishful thinking. Let’s build a path to a better environment but continue to service our country with available resources while we work on these solutions.”

have Ron Quince, a great member of the community, step up and deliver thousands of dollars’ worth of turkeys to our foodbank. Plus, he stayed all day and handed them out. Nobody ever does that!”

In addition, he was involved in giving out snacks to elementary school kids at Arturo Cambeiro Elementary school in North Las Vegas. He has a passion for working tirelessly to support our troops and works with the USO to send our troops various packages during the holidays, as well as working with Troops with Paws, an organization that provides veterans with support dogs.

Immigrating to the United States from the Philippines when he was only 5 years old, Ron Q touts himself as the true personification of the American Dream. He believes he can make help make changes and help forge policies that will make our economy work again and allow young people to live that same American Dream. He is a tax expert by Trade, and built a very successful accounting firm and therefore, has the financial expertise to do so. This is one of the reasons he will be running for office. He is currently completing his master’s degree in Emergency and Crisis Management.

Immigrating to the United States from the Philippines when he was only 5 years old, Ron Q touts himself as the true personification of the American Dream. He believes he can make help make changes and help forge policies that will make our economy work again and allow young people to live that same American Dream. He is a tax expert by Trade, and built a very successful accounting firm and therefore, has the financial expertise to do so. This is one of the reasons he will be running for office. He is currently completing his master’s degree in Emergency and Crisis Management.

Regarding abortion, interestingly enough, Ron takes issue with his own party, but holds strong to his Catholic values as a way to navigate the troubled waters, which is the abortion rights issue. “Republicans failed to properly address this issue after Roe vs Wade was overturned,” submits Ron Q. “To be clear, as a Catholic, I am personally not in favor of abortion. However, as a father of two girls, I support women’s rights to have options, certainly in cases of rape, incest and the health of the mother.” Ron views the prospect of abortion up to the time of birth as unacceptable, but also believes that this is not just a women’s rights issue or something that women should be tasked with alone. “I also believe in accountability,” he says. “Men need to step up, and no one should use abortion as birth control. I support women, but I support babies as well. This is a conversation we must have.”

Regarding abortion, interestingly enough, Ron takes issue with his own party, but holds strong to his Catholic values as a way to navigate the troubled waters, which is the abortion rights issue. “Republicans failed to properly address this issue after Roe vs Wade was overturned,” submits Ron Q. “To be clear, as a Catholic, I am personally not in favor of abortion. However, as a father of two girls, I support women’s rights to have options, certainly in cases of rape, incest and the health of the mother.” Ron views the prospect of abortion up to the time of birth as unacceptable, but also believes that this is not just a women’s rights issue or something that women should be tasked with alone. “I also believe in accountability,” he says. “Men need to step up, and no one should use abortion as birth control. I support women, but I support babies as well. This is a conversation we must have.”

Ron Q believes that the job of a public servant is to represent the values and views of their constituents. Everyone keeps talking, but Ron wants you to know that he is listening.

Ron Q believes that the job of a public servant is to represent the values and views of their constituents. Everyone keeps talking, but Ron wants you to know that he is listening. MV

He also believes that as a minority, he is the new face of the Republican Party. He wants to show the world that the Republican party is a party of diversity; a party of the people.

He also believes that as a minority, he is the new face of the Republican Party. He wants to show the world that the Republican party is a party of diversity; a party of the people.



The direction we take Nevada is guided by the people that take interest and participate in the shaping of our great state. We are delighted to present this section called MyPolitics, where we showcase local politicians, informative articles, and thought-provoking opinion pieces on laws and bills that we all are affected by. We hope that this section will empower you to have informed discussions and shape your own political thoughts on what we can do, to make a better Nevada for us all.



Whether devising strategies for marketing companies in their transition to national success or aiding new real estate investors in portfolio expansion, he demonstrates a proven ability to identify and foster success across various industries. His demand extends both within the U.S. and abroad, thanks to his adept networking, relationship-building, and constancy in delivering results. Richard’s passion for developing success through relationships, innovation, and steadfast vision has propelled him to run for the Nevada State Senate. When elected, he will apply his unique leadership and business skills to secure legislative success for the people of Nevada, bringing a commonsense decision-making process grounded in logic to Carson City.

Richard is taking a bold new step in his commitment to help others as the “tough on crime” candidate for the Nevada State Senate. Richard has made his position very clear, stating, “It’s time to put the people

Richard Frederick, a distinguished business executive, presents a proven record of facilitating success for those around him. With a solid vision and a strong work ethic, he has crafted a career marked by groundbreaking achievements.

over politics and pass common sense legislation that will bring safety back to Nevada’s communities.” Among other things, he proposes dramatically lowering the threshold of grand larceny to $250 and revamping the current legal structure that is limiting both business owners and law enforcement in fighting retail crime. But, retail crime is just one component of Richard’s vision for reform in Carson City.

He meets with law enforcement officials, joins police ride-alongs, and speaks with community leaders about top issues they face. This leads Richard to advocate strongly for increasing law enforcement numbers statewide. “I’m knocking on doors, talking to the people and, just like me, they are fed up with the lack of common-sense leadership shown from our elected officials.” Richard promises a campaign that speaks to the people as a fellow concerned citizen, not a politician, and feels confident that his relatable approach will connect with the people of Senate District 5 and propel him to be

the choice of the people for the June 11th primary and then the general election this coming November.

Richard Frederick’s journey to the Nevada State Senate is rooted in a desire to enact meaningful change and address the pressing issues facing the state. In addition to his proposals on crime and law enforcement, Richard is also passionate about parental rights, education reform, better economy, and healthcare access. He believes in a collaborative approach to governance, working closely with stakeholders from all walks of life to build consensus and drive progress. Richard’s candidacy represents a fresh perspective and a departure from politics as usual, offering voters a genuine alternative focused on results and accountability. MV

Learn more about Richard Frederick’s platform at

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Richard Frederick


BEYOND POLITICS: A Fresh Vision. Bringing new eyes and fresh perspectives, and real-world practical solutions to transform our community, one-proactive-step-at-thetime.

CAREGIVER AT HEART: Your Needs First. With 28 years as a nurse, placing YOU first is second nature to me. My mayoral mission is to foster an inclusive city that prioritizes every citizen.

BUSINESS SAVVY: Bold Leadership. 22 years in business have taught me that focus and perseverance turn vision into reality. Expect visionary and practical solutions to tackle key challenges, such as education, homelessness, healthcare, and economic vitality.

TRUSTED LEADER: Proven. Prepared. Uniter. Bringing over 20 years of servant leadership, tested, and proven through multiple crises, to cultivate a city that is safer, stronger, and united.

RIGHT PERSON. RIGHT TIME. The perfect balance of vibrant energy and seasoned wisdom to lead our city forward.



NevadansCan was formed in 2017 to bring much needed support to the Conservative Movement in Nevada. We are a not-for-profit Grassroots Citizens Action Network. Our mission is promote grassroots activism in the liegislative process. JOIN US AS WE: • Protect and Promote Faith, Freedom and Family values in our communities. • Testify on key bills to uphold Constitutional principles. To join in our efforts contact us at • Build a strong precinct action plan to elect representatives who share our values. • Launch a Ballot Assistance Program for 2024. The Mission of Nevada Wins PAC is to Win Republican Majorities in both Nevada Legislative Houses by targeting Non-Partisan Voters in Competitive Races For more information or to donate visit 128


Ah, Las Vegas, the capital for entertainment in the United States. What started in the 50’s as lounge acts like the Rat Pack and performers such as Elvis Presley and Wayne Newton, we have now evolved into a mecca for artists and entertainers to nest and grow with our community. From places to perform lining the Strip up and down, and arenas- the T-Mobile Arena and the new Raiders Stadium growing daily, we are sustaining ourselves as the one stop shop for all things entertainment. Keep up with us at MYVEGAS as we unleash a quarterly Event Calendar so you can stay up to date with all of Las Vegas’ new events, concerts, and games!


The Legends

estate near the Vegas Strip. John acquired the Legends Ranch in 1986 and built it out to be the most sought-after place for celebrations. Their 5 children were raised on the ranch in a 5,000 sq-ft home remodeled by John and Alex, with 24 horses in the barn, which has now been remodeled into a beautiful western event center.

John and Alex’s story began in June of 1963 at a Mormon church dance in Long Beach, CA. John, the entertainer and singer that night, was halfway out the door when his friend insisted that he come back and “see this girl.” With boldness, he approached her, interrupting her dance with another suitor. Little did they know, this encounter would set the stage for a lifelong partnership.

John Stuart is known for being the “Father” of the impersonation world, and founder of the iconic Vegas Show, “Legends in Concert.” John and Alex also founded Legends Ranch in Las Vegas, a wedding and entertainment venue and Creativity, passion, and love. These are the characteristics of the late Alex Stuart, a remarkable woman cherished by all who knew her. Alex’s journey through life was intricately intertwined with her beloved husband, John Stuart. Inseparable for 62 years, they crafted a legacy that continues to inspire to this day.

Within a mere two weeks, John and Alex found themselves deeply committed to each other’s hearts. Three months later, they were engaged, and a year and a half later they would be married.

On December 14, 1964, within the sacred halls of the Mormon temple in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, John and Alex exchanged vows and became husband and wife for time and eternity.

Before their ascent to Vegas stardom, John and Alex shared their love for entertainment at Knott’s Berry Farm, where John’s talents as a performer shined at the Bird Cage Theater. Within 4 months, John got Alex hired at the Bird Cage also. Alex would play the Heroin and John, the Hero, alongside the current actor and famous comic, Steve Martin.

Alex was a gifted dancer and performer, starting lessons at age 8. Even before marriage, she and John ran “Alexandra’s Studio of Dance” in Santa Ana, CA. Alex taught dance while John instructed tumbling. She also danced in some of John’s shows over the years.

Together, John and Alex made their mark on the Las Vegas entertainment scene for decades. They created “Legends in Concert”

of Las Vegas

She left behind a legacy that continues to shine brightly in the hearts of all who knew her.

on May 5, 1983, now known as John Stuart Day, a show that would go on to become the longest-running show in Vegas history. For 41 years, John and Alex produced shows in Las Vegas and throughout the world. At one time, they had 24 shows running, not only Legends, but other themed shows as well. Their work would earn John a star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars, in front of the Paris Casino.

John currently has three production shows at Planet Hollywood in the Miracle Mile Mall: Piano Man Tribute to Elton John + Billy Joel, The Jets, The Carpenters Legacy, and is opening soon Legendary Icons in Concert, The Real Tops and Temptations.

Alex’s generosity knew no bounds, as evidenced by her selfless acts of kindness, such as the time she rescued a homeless mother and son in a field living in a cardboard box. She put them in her white Rolls Royce and took them to the guest house at the ranch and let them live there until she could provide them with shelter, employment, and hope for a brighter future.

She left behind a legacy that continues to shine brightly in the hearts of all who knew her.

The star reveals that John and Alex are the original creators of the impersonation and tribute artist world. The shows recreated impersonation tribute artists of the superstars of yesterday and today. Alex paid the greatest tribute to the cast portraying tribute to the superstars. She also paid tribute to her husband, John, by paying tribute to all the various themed shows he did and is currently doing. In fact, Johnny and Alex are currently executives of the world’s largest tribute production company, Elite Success Talent Group.

John and Alex’s partnership extended far beyond the bright lights of the stage. Together, they raised a blended family of eleven children: five of their own, Missy, John Michael, Shane, Cory and David, and helped raise six others whom they nurtured and loved as their own. Alex always wanted to give herself to help other people, children, or adults. She was always willing to assist in any way she could. Her and John adopted their son, David, at age 7, in a school for special needs because he had spina bifida. He was born paralyzed from the waist down. He passed away at the Legends Ranch at age 42.

As Johnny became famous for creating the world-famous Legends in Concert, impersonation tributes to the superstars, his absolute favorite supporting star was his wife. Because Alex was not an impersonator, she was the real thing.

In loving memory of Alex Stuart, a great, marvelous, beautiful woman, loved by all, passed away on her son Cory’s birthday, February 27, 2024, of Dementia. She will be buried next to her mother, father, and one son, David. MV

Together, John and Alex made their mark on the Las Vegas entertainment scene for decades. They created “Legends in Concert” on May 5, 1983, now known as John Stuart Day, a show that would go on to become the longest-running show in Vegas history.



Amanda Bowler, the infectiously energetic DJ and dance instructor at Stoney’s Rockin Country, isn’t just your ordinary Vegas local, she’s a force of nature, blending her love for music, dance, and adventure into a remarkable career spanning over 13 years.

Amanda’s journey at Stoney’s began in 2010, where she started as a beer girl during the early days of the venue. Over the years, she witnessed the evolution of Stoney’s, from its humble beginnings in a strip mall near the South Point to its current vibrant location at Town Square. It was during this time that Amanda’s role expanded, embracing gogo dancing and teaching line dance lessons. Reflecting on her journey, Amanda fondly recalls the night Michael Phelps graced Stoney’s with his presence, just one small example of how eclectic Vegas’ nightlife can be.

The pandemic brought unexpected opportunities for Amanda, leading her to step into the DJ booth at Stoney’s. What started as a temporary gig soon blossomed into a fulltime role, seamlessly blending her years of experience and passion for music.

Teaching line dance lessons adds another layer to Amanda’s dynamic career, where she’s encountered everything from bachelorette parties to UFC fighters eager to learn the steps. Her adaptability and energy shine through as she navigates between honkytonk nights at Stoney’s and electrifying festivals like Life is Beautiful and Route 91. She added, “No matter what I always try my best to give people an experience that they will remember and hopefully want to experience again.”

Beyond her love of Vegas, Amanda’s heart lies in her love for travel. With a wanderlust spirit, she’s explored destinations like Thailand, Mexico, and Costa Rica, cherishing each experience shared with loved ones. Thailand holds a special place in her heart, not just for its breathtaking landscapes but for the memories created with her closest friends and family. Yet, Amanda’s thirst for exploration remains insatiable, with dreams of venturing to Japan or Italy on the horizon.

In a city where the party never really stops, Amanda prioritizes her well-being with a keen focus on work-life balance. Sundays and Mondays are sacred, reserved for cherished moments with her boyfriend and their three beloved pit mix pups. Whether it’s soaking up the sun at Lake Mead or cheering on the Vegas Golden Knights, Amanda finds comfort in the simple joys of life. And amidst her bustling schedule, she ensures there’s always room for adventure, planning annual getaways to fuel her free bird spirit.

You can always expect Amanda to be lighting up the dance floor and living out her travel dreams. She adds, “I’ve always been a big ‘I don’t live to work, I work so I can LIVE’ person,” emphasizing how great it is to always have something planned, and something to look forward to. “I love to be on the move and have something exciting and new waiting for me down the road.” With a vibrant spirit, she’s an inspiration in embracing life’s endless adventures! MV

Catch Amanda at her next line dancing lesson!

Stoney’s North Forty inside Santa Fe Station - Tuesdays & Wednesdays

Stoney’s Rockin’ Country at Town Square –Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays Dance lessons start around 7:30pm-8:30pm.


DALE DAVIDSON: Las Vegas TV Personality

Dale Davidson was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He played four different sports in high school and was hoping for a college football scholarship when he was struck down by spinal meningitis in his late teens. After a lengthy hospital stay and rehabilitation, he graduated with his class and was voted to be the graduation speaker. He spent a summer with the Cleveland Playhouse Youth Theater, acting in dramas and comedies.

He matriculated at the University of Denver, majoring in Mass Communication and hosted his first television talk show on the college TV station at age 20. He continued that work until graduating and then joined the Associated Press as a Broadcast Editor in the AP’s Denver hub. Later, he and his wife moved back home to Ohio where they raised three children, as Dale rose to the position of Director of Advertising for the largest electric utility in the state.

By the age of 30, he was Vice President of an advertising agency in downtown Cleveland where he remained until he was recruited to head up a large television production facility. After several years of successful TV innovations, which included the first post-production session for the ESPN Network, Dale moved on to form his own advertising agency in the quaint suburb of Hudson, Ohio. He, his partner, and his staff won many creative advertising awards, working for such companies as Cadillac and AT&T. This is where he began writing speeches, white papers, broadcast commercials, and public

relations projects for political candidates. He worked on 16 state and national campaigns, culminating in writing for President Ronald Reagan.

An encounter with the Living God while in his 40s led Dale down a far different path that changed his life and made his pathway clear to him. Leaving an executive role in a Fortune 50 utility company, he began a broadcast ministry that has encircled the world. He is now the President of the Las Vegas Tonight Media Group and Co-Executive Producer and Host of “Las Vegas Tonight with Dale Davidson,” a network television show that has appeared on a Christian network for 15 years in primetime and has been added to streaming apps like ROKU, Vegas+, Asian Culture TV, Vegas Life TV, WCETV Chinese TV, and others. The show is also now a popular podcast.

into the Nevada Broadcasters Hall of Fame and has taught media and business courses at the university level. He is the author of Las Vegas Tonight: From Sin City to Vegas Saints. He is a graduate of the University of Denver with degrees in communications and political science. He has done graduate work at Trinity University Seminary and holds an MA degree in Theology from Bethany University. His charitable work includes fundraising campaigns for his children’s parochial schools, coaching and co-founding Challenger Little League for disabled children, and pro bono speaking at colleges, universities and schools, and volunteering at his church. He speaks in church settings about his faith and his two near-death experiences and how these have informed his Christian worldview. He is married to Lorri and the proud father of four children and ten grandchildren. MV

He is the winner of numerous broadcasting industry awards, including an Associated Press Award for “Best Talk Show” and a National Addy Award for the best national advertising campaign. He has been inducted



For decades, the Las Vegas Cue Club has been a hub of entertainment and camaraderie, drawing in locals and visitors alike. Now under the guidance of Managing Partners Katy and Adam Scott and their dedicated team, the Cue Club is undergoing an exciting transformation.

Katy, with the support of her husband, Adam, and partners Tracy Jones and Josie, is bringing new life to this iconic venue. However, the journey hasn’t been without its difficulties. “One of the biggest challenges has been overcoming the loss of previous owner, Henry Nogiec in July 2023,” Katy reveals. “Henry and Henry’s daughter, Julie, were big shoes to fill, he was a larger-than-life personality and Julie was the sweetheart of the Vegas pool scene.”

As the owner since 1988, Henry, alongside Tracy Jones, played a pivotal role in shaping its identity and fostering a sense of community. Bringing people together to make incredible memories has been their main mission for over 60 years and continuing that goal has been a huge honor. Katy and her team are determined to continue his legacy while ushering in a new era for the Cue Club. Katy enthuses, “If you haven’t visited lately, you’re in for a surprise!” Katy intrigues us with the new and improved look, featuring brightened rooms, new lights, equipment, furniture, and a fresh coat of paint. This revitalization gives the place a fresh, modern look while still capturing the nostalgic feel of years past.

Amidst the renovations, the Cue Club, located at the Historic Commercial Center, has been also going through changes recently. Katy adds, “The County is going to great lengths to revitalize this area.” Hoping to be an extension of the Arts District, the area is getting the boost it needs with new restaurants and businesses coming in.

As the Cue Club prepares to celebrate its 60th anniversary, Katy and her team are excited for what the future holds. “We have been the place where people were able to make connections for over 60 years. Now we

are improving the Cue Club for more generations to come and create memories of their own with us.”

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer, there’s a place for you here. Offering a variety of entertainment, explore a great selection of 7 and 9-foot tables, 2 Tornado foosball tables, and one of the only 10- foot snooker tables in town. Indulge in their full bar, gaming, and full kitchen!

Come experience the new look of the Las Vegas Cue Club, open 24/7! It’s more than

just a pool hall – it’s a piece of Vegas history, reimagined for a new generation. MV

LAS 134
VEGAS CUE CLUB 953 E Sahara Ave Suite 15A (702) 735-2884


For over two decades, Stabile Productions has been at the forefront of entertainment in Las Vegas, captivating audiences with their exceptional shows and innovative productions.

Led by the dynamic husband-and-wife team of Angela and Matt Stabile, Stabile Productions created the best adult entertainment the Strip has to offer, including crowd favorite shows like “X” Burlesque, “X” Country, and the acclaimed comedy show, Piff the Magic Dragon.

What sets Stabile Productions apart is the remarkable family behind its success. Angela, Matt, and their children represent a diverse array of entertainment expertise and embody the true spirit of the Family of Entertainment. Angela’s journey from being a Las Vegas Showgirl to becoming the visionary producer behind Stabile Productions, while Matt was brought up in show business, with his parents managing the legendary Jerry Lewis.

The family’s entertainment DNA extends further with their two children as well. Tiffany, growing up in show business and Frankie, as a member of Slash featuring Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators, Mammoth WVH, and the owner of the iconic Hard Hat Lounge. This multifaceted family truly embodies the spirit of entertainment in all its forms. The Stabile’s passion for entertainment runs deep, and their children’s involvement in the industry was always a natural progression. Angela shares, “Working in entertainment in all capacities is our passion!”

Recently, Stabile Productions expanded its family, introducing two new members to the working team. They are proud to announce their new Company Manager, Emilie Condamine, and Assistant, Danielle Aveyard.

As Stabile Productions celebrates its 21st anniversary, their flagship show, “X” Burlesque, continues to captivate audiences year after year. Recognized as a staple on the Strip, the company received the key to the city from Commissioner Tick Segerblom during their momentous 20th year, a testament to their enduring presence and impact.

Currently, Stabile Productions runs and produces three outstanding shows, while also working tirelessly on exciting projects behind the scenes. Each of their shows dominates prestigious Las Vegas Strip hotels, drawing both visitors and locals who seek unforgettable entertainment experiences. From the iconic “X” Burlesque show to the

seductive “X” Country, Stabile Productions creates the sexiest and most captivating topless revues in Las Vegas. Stay tuned for their upcoming new and “X”citing announcements! MV

tickets, call 702.777.2782. Visit



Learn to Ballroom dance with the master, LOUIS BAR

Yes, “it’s time to date your wife again.”

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s easy for couples to get caught up in their routines and responsibilities, sometimes neglecting the essential spark that brought them together in the first place. Relationships, like fine wine, require nurturing and attention to maintain their flavor. One often-overlooked avenue for rekindling that romantic flame is the timeless art of ballroom dancing. Here’s why this age-old pastime can reignite the flames of passion in your relationship:

1. Quality Time Together: In today’s fastpaced society, finding quality time for each other can be challenging. Ballroom dancing is an opportunity for you to spend time rediscovering your spouse and reigniting your passion.

2. Physical Intimacy: Dancing is a physical activity that encourages closeness and physical touch. The sensual movements of ballroom dancing can awaken desire and affection in ways you never knew were possible.

3. Communication: Successful partnerships in ballroom dancing rely on effective communication and cooperation. Use ballroom dancing as an opportunity to practice clear communication, patience, and understanding– skills that can enhance your relationship off the dance floor.

4. Variety and Excitement: Trying something new together can inject excitement into your relationship. Learning different dance styles, from the sultry tango to the playful cha-cha, keeps things fresh and intriguing.

5. Shared Goals: Setting dance goals as a couple, whether it’s mastering a particular routine or achieving a certain level of proficiency, fosters a sense of teamwork and achievement that can spill over into other aspects of your life.

6. Romantic Ambiance: Ballroom dance events often take place in elegant settings with romantic atmospheres–the perfect ambience for revitalizing that loving spark.

Louis Bar, a seven-time Ballroom World Champion, can help you create new

memories and reawaken your admiration for your spouse through dance. Louis, a fun and genuine Frenchman, works with both high-level dancers and beginners. His teaching methods, recognized worldwide, deliver fast results. So, whether you’re an experienced dancer or just starting out, Louis can help you learn to dance and fall in love all over again with your spouse.


A Date Night to Remember Louis Bar, 7 time Ballroom World Champion, presents a spectacular Dance show featuring a tribute to the Platters.

Prepare to sweep your wife off her feet and transport her to an enchanting world where grace meets rhythm, and timeless melodies fill the air. In 2024, an unforgettable evening of sheer elegance and musical magic awaits you and your wife as Louis Bar, a 7-time Ballroom World Champion, takes center stage, joined by the legendary tribute to the Platters. This extraordinary collaboration promises to be a night of unrivaled entertainment and sophistication.

Louis Bar, a name synonymous with creativity and mastery on the dance floor, has enthralled audiences around the globe with his unparalleled talent and charisma. His performances are a mesmerizing blend of passion, precision, and elegance mixed with fun, playfulness, and surprises. With each step and twirl, he enchants his audiences with emotionally powerful stories. One onlooker was overheard saying, “I need a cigarette and I don’t even smoke.” Louis, known as a force of nature on the dance floor, has earned his place as a seven-time world champion.

But that’s not all, the enchantment continues with the timeless harmonies of The Platters tribute. With hits like "Only You," "The Great Pretender," and "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," The Platters have etched their name into the annals of music history. Their smooth, soulful tunes have serenaded generations, and their presence on stage is nothing short of legendary.

As Louis Bar presents the Tribute to The Platters and shares the spotlight with them, the synergy between dance and music will be nothing short of magical. Audiences will experience the beauty of ballroom dancing in perfect harmony with the iconic melodies of The Platters. It's a night that promises to be an unforgettable fusion of artistry, romance, and nostalgia.

So, mark your calendars as Louis Bar, 7-time world champion, presents a Tribute to the Platters in 2024. MV

For more information, please visit: or call 913-219-7600

By Laura C. Cantu

Your local directory of teachers and tutors. a division of ® ®


Las Vegas has gained a new attraction that’s revolutionizing the traditional golf experience. Atomic Golf, a sprawling 99,000 square foot venue, is the place where every swing promises an explosion of fun. Trust us, this should be your next day out in Vegas!

Upon entering Atomic Golf, visitors are greeted by an animated ambiance filled with colorful drinks and delectable food options. The impressive four floors house over 100 hightech golf bays and eight different games, catering to both seasoned golfers and newcomers alike. The venue’s design encourages social interaction, making it an ideal spot for group events or casual get-togethers. With a variety of games available, each bay offers a unique challenge, ensuring that the experience remains fresh and engaging.

Part of Atomic Golf’s allure is the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology with the beloved game of golf. The high-tech bays allow players to track the trajectory of their shots on-screen, providing instant feedback and analysis. This digital and physical play not only enhances the golfing experience

but also makes it accessible to a broader audience.

No Las Vegas venue would be complete without a focus on food and drinks, and Atomic Golf delivers on this front. The menu features a range of options, from classic comfort foods to inventive cocktails, all crafted to complement the energetic vibe of the venue. Whether you’re celebrating a birdie or commiserating a bogey, the culinary offerings are sure to satisfy.

Atomic Golf is more than just a place to play, it’s an opportunity to bring people together. The venue’s multi-use spaces and meeting rooms provide the perfect backdrop for corporate events, parties, or simply a night out with friends. The inclusive environment ensures that everyone,

regardless of their golfing prowess, can enjoy the Atomic Golf experience.

Atomic Golf represents the next evolution of golf entertainment. A city known for its endless entertainment options gains another must-visit destination to its roster. So, whether you’re a local or a tourist, make sure to swing by Atomic Golf – where every visit is guaranteed to be a blast! MV


Adjacent to the Strat



We’ve discovered the ultimate adults-only night out in Vegas, where you can embrace your inner child for an evening of pure fun. It’s the ideal destination for a group of friends who thrive on competition. Known as the “Most Playful Bar in Vegas,” bring your game faces to Play Playground. Located in the Luxor Casino, this 15,000 sq-ft land of entertainment has outdone itself in terms of fun.

As you step inside, the first thing on your agenda will likely be (or you’ll be encouraged to) conquer the towering giant slide. Standing two stories tall, it might seem daunting, but it’s the perfect kickstart to your adventure. From there, you’re off to the races. You can take aim at the targets in their oversized cactus game or head straight to the bar for one of their signature cocktails—no judgment here! The bar boasts a selection of specialty drinks, offering the perfect refueling between games.

Immerse yourself in a world of interactive games, where you’ll feel like you’ve stepped

into a giant playground. Rediscover beloved childhood games, supersized for maximum enjoyment. “Perfect Popper” puts a new spin on the classic Perfection game, while “Move It” offers a larger-than-life version of the Bop-it toy. One of our favorites was “Doctor! Doctor!”, a life-size rendition of Operation, where you test your skills at matching colored blocks. But you also won’t want to miss bouncing in their giant bounce castle, dodging poker chips at “Poker Parkour,” and sticking to their velcro wall of human dartstrust me, it’s INCREDIBLE!

With ticket options starting at just $37 for the day, it’s an affordable outing for your entire friend group or family, promising the ultimate showdown of fun. These games are designed for groups, ensuring there’s something for everyone—or at least a chance for everyone to shine in their own way.

With wall-to-wall games and classic competition, plus a bar stocked with signature cocktails, this is a night you’ll cherish long after it’s over.

Tell them MYVEGAS sent you!

PLAY Playground

Atrium Level at the Luxor Resort and Casino

3900 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

Book Online at
Photos By: Gaby Duong

Nelia Ross, an internationally renowned singer-songwriter, musician, producer and Founder of the Independent Label and ASCAP Publisher BISCROMA RECORDS LLC (, is thrilled to announce her upcoming shows!

Nelia is set to mesmerize audiences with the ultimate “Tribute to Celine Dion: The Show of a Lifetime,” on Saturday, May 4th at 7:30 pm, at Allure Gardens LV in Las Vegas. Accompanied by the breathtaking Salvadorian Orchestra and produced by the visionary Frankie Muñoz, Nelia’s performance promises to be an unforgettable journey through the hits of one of music’s greatest legends. Tickets are available now on

On May 1st, catch NELIA ROSS as the special guest at the Composers Showcase at the Smith Center - Myron’s. She will be gracing the stage with her original hit “True Light,” a song that has already captured the hearts of over 100k YouTube viewers!

Nelia Ross is not just stopping at live shows. She will be producing a TV show on the web and a Live Variety Show streaming worldwide from a fabulous hotel! Stay tuned for more information on the launch!

Stay connected with Nelia Ross Facebook & Instagram @neliaross.official


PICK UP YOUR FREE COPY AT THESE GUITAR CENTERS! 8621 W. Charleston Blvd Suite 110 Las Vegas, NV 89117 (702) 228-3858 6587 S. Las Vegas Blvd Suite B172 Las Vegas, NV 89119 (702) 450-2260


Buckle up! This is MyTransportation, the one stop shop for all things automotive in Las Vegas. Discover a curated selection of top-notch auto repair, auto detail, and auto body companies, ensuring that you have access to trusted professionals who can keep your prized vehicle running smoothly and looking its best.



Sandy Wolff is a champion of survival and has proven that even pancreatic cancer can be beaten.

“You build your house of cards, carefully placing one card upon another hoping that the base is significant enough to withstand the toppling of the tiers.  If a card weakens or distresses or merely gives way for no apparent reason, the cards come tumbling down. No matter how you plan, when something tumbles or gives way it takes on a life of its own,” says Sandy.

This is how Sandy Wolff felt in January of 2023 when she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  You see, the pancreatic diagnosis was Sandy’s 4th cancer diagnosis.  She had already survived bile duct cancer, uterine cancer, and colon cancer over the course of 20 years.

Although the news was bleak, Sandy did not give up.  She believes, “It is up to us to determine the fate of the story.”  She did her best to navigate through the next steps, even though several institutions denied treatment.  Those that know Sandy will agree that she is just not a quitter.

By February, Sandy was admitted into a clinical trial at UCLA under the direction

of Dr. Zev Wainberg.  She received 5 types of chemotherapy in combination with immunotherapy, for a total of 6 months.  Dr. Wainberg’s protocol was an aggressive treatment designed to shrink the tumor in Sandy’s pancreas so that it would then be operable. At this time, the only known cure for pancreatic cancer is removal of the tumor. Sandy not only had great physicians, but long-time friends and an employer who made the schedule possible.

Working for Fletcher Jones, a small family-owned business, made it possible for Sandy to have a flexible work schedule during the height of her illness.  And a longtime friend, Johnny Ribeiro, owner of Quail Air Center, provided many of the flights to

UCLA. The aggressive therapy took its toll and Sandy saw notable physical therapist, Scott Pensivy of Prism PT to help her through the grueling process of rehabilitation. She also incorporated IV therapy into her regiment so she didn’t get too dehydrated during treatment.  Her well-being was literally treated day to day depending on how her system was reacting to the chemo and immunotherapy.  The clinical trial regiment was completed in June of 2023 and Sandy was scheduled for the Whipple surgery at UCLA.

In July of 2023, Dr. Timothy Donahue of UCLA performed a successful Whipple surgery replacing the artery and vein in Sandy’s pancreas with veins from her legs as well as removing the tumor.  Wolff was allowed to return to Las Vegas under the care of Oncologist, Dr. Karen Jacks of Comprehensive Cancer Centers, and her two daughters, Kristine Creel (Allan) and Dr. Shannon Michelson (Andy) after remaining in the hospital for 12 days.

“Major success is all too rare to be taken lightly,” says Sandy, grateful and surrounded by loving family members.

At 66, Wolff is now a 4-time cancer survivor, as she officially went into remission in November of 2023.  Sandy celebrated with her 4 grandchildren Cash and Allyn Marie Creel, and William and Charles Michelson.

According to Wolff, she is optimistic and follows her doctor’s orders to the letter.  It is her determined attitude and willingness to take on life that has led to her success, whether she is hiking in the Redrocks, skiing in the Sierra Nevada mountains, selling a Mercedes Benz or surviving cancer. MV

Sandy Wolff is inspiring and knowledgeable and can be reached at or 702-364-2700.


Hello Loren,

I have a 2016 Jeep with the start-stop feature. A few weeks ago, the engine began to run very rough, and the check engine light started flashing. The start-stop feature is no longer activating. The fuel mileage went way down. I went to a parts store to find out the codes. They tried to sell me spark plugs and ignition coils for over $350.00. They said that should fix it. I am not confident. My Jeep has 192,000 miles on it. What do you suggest?

Thank you, Flashing and shaking

Hello Flashing and shaking,

First, you should never operate a vehicle with a flashing check engine light. This can damage the catalytic converter, leading to added expenses. A flashing check engine light tells you the engine is misfiring. This will disable the start-stop function. The first step would be a compression test. If that checks out, then testing all secondary ignition components would be the next step. If that checks out, then test the fuel delivery system: injectors, fuel pump, etc. By now the engine oil may be fuel-contaminated. Throwing parts at a problem is not a good idea. Let me know how else I can help.

SCHOLARSHIP WINNER!  702-568-4053  • 1251 American Pacific Dr., Suite 101


You never realize how important it is to have a great mechanic until something serious breaks on your car- or, worse, the oh-so ominous rattle sound begins. You know the type, the kind that makes you turn your radio volume up. The perfect mechanic to take on those mysterious sounds and rumbles, including, but not limited to, everything from electrical to engine/ transmission replacements, is right around the corner. For pretty much everything from bumper to bumper, just see My Mechanic! Led by owner, Bonnie Curtis, My Mechanic Auto Services is the neighborhood’s most trustworthy place for all your auto needs.

A woman owned business, Bonnie adds the much-needed feminine touch to a male dominated industry, which sets them miles apart. While she didn’t know much about the industry when she began, she took on the challenge with the assistance of her son who was a well versed and experienced technician. She soaked up the information like a sponge. They say a woman’s drive is a powerful thing, and Bonnie’s passion to master the car industry 8 years ago has led her to an incredible team, business, and a community of lifelong clients.

Bonnie and her team pride themselves on being the customers advocate. Along with the importance of having quality, high skilled

service technicians, it’s also important to Bonnie that her team translates problems and solutions in a way that the customer can understand. Being transparent and having respect for the customer is always the priority. She shares, “We are never after the quick buck. No way. We are hoping and looking to earn people’s trust for a long-term relationship.” While some might try to have their customers in and out, My Mechanics are efficient, thorough, and, if necessary, put their heads together to figure out the most puzzling issues.

Where some auto service companies lack, Bonnie and her team shine. Bonnie is confident in saying, “My service advisors have years experience and care about all concerns of their client.” My Mechanic’s reviews speak for themselves. Again, transparency at its finest!

In Vegas especially, car maintenance is so important. Getting everything you want in an auto repair shop, in one place, might have been challenging in the past. But My Mechanic provides talent, trust, and the time it takes to provide quality service. Bonnie would add to that, “Our honesty, customer service, humor, and down to earth mentality. And did I say honesty?” They are visible proof that a great business is run on great people. It has never been easier to trust My Mechanic!


means LAS VEGAS business


JOE CALDERA Caldera Wealth

In today’s world, financial literacy is the key to unlocking a secure future, and the role of a seasoned financial advisor cannot be overstated. One individual who has risen above the rest in this crucial field is Joe Caldera, a name synonymous with expertise, professional, and financial success.

In this exclusive interview, we delve into the insights and strategies that have propelled Mr. Caldera to the pinnacle of financial advising, earning him the prestigious title of MYVEGAS’ Top Financial Advisor.

Mr. Caldera’s journey into the world of finance was a revelation driven by the power of compounding. Initially drawn towards a career with the FBI, his perspective shifted when he encountered the transformative concept of the rule of 72 – the compounding magic that doubles money over time. This epiphany sparked a passion for sharing financial wisdom, leading Joe Caldera to embark on a career dedicated to guiding individuals towards pursuing financial prosperity.

Navigating through partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions, Caldera’s decisions were consistently guided by a commitment to choosing the best options for his clients, even when faced with lucrative financial incentives. A 25-year tenure licensed, currently through LPL Financial, further solidifies his extensive experience and expertise.

What sets Joe Caldera apart is not just his experience but also his commitment to continuous learning and excellence. He stands among a select group of only seven advisors in the country¹ holding prestigious credentials as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Certified Kingdom Advisor, and a Chartered Retirement Plan Specialist. These certifications underscore his dedication to providing valued advice and comprehensive financial solutions.

For Joe Caldera, serving clients is not just a job; it’s a mission. His advice transcends the complexities of the financial world, advocating for clients to prioritize their goals and work with a certified professional to pursue and regularly evaluate them. From increasing net worth to reducing tax liability and boosting retirement income,

Caldera’s strategies are grounded in proven, time-tested principles.

¹ LinkedIn search of CFP®, CKA®, and CRPS® as of December 5, 2023. CRPS conferred by College for Financial Planning.


When Staci Maione learned the severity and depth of human trafficking that runs through the moral fabric of the country, she realized something had to be done to create a solution. She realized that this issue touches the youngest people in our society.

Agape Rescues Children, otherwise known as ARC, founded by Staci Maione, harbors a grand vision - to establish holistic healing homes and aftercare facilities for children rescued from the clutches of trafficking. Maione’s journey began with a stark realization: the vulnerability of our society’s youth to the horrors of trafficking. “I discovered a vast number of young children are kidnapped or sold into trafficking, often at birth,” Maione revealed. “With all the research that I’ve done, I discovered there was a huge void in what happened to them after they were rescued. I wanted to create places for the young children to call home if they couldn’t go back to their families.”

While Staci’s final visions for ARC are massive projects, in the meantime, she knows the importance of starting on a grassroots level. She adds, “I believe education is key to spotting and ending child trafficking.” She began engaging with County commissioners’ meetings, getting involved with local politics, and more. Collaborating with her friend Susan Ross, Staci developed an educational manual an ARC educational manual, which teaches the signs to look for, how predators lure children, the grooming process, etc. Staci explains, “I basically teach people, ‘If you see something say something! This is what to look for’ It could save a child’s life.”

From schools to nail salons, Maione takes her message wherever ears are open. Yet, she adds, “My ultimate goal with the educational manual is to get it into schools. Teaching kids to look out for one another…,” expressing that education is key.

As she continues to find ways to make change, Maione joined forces with Tara Sheahan. Tara is the founder of Breathelab, the founder of Oniya, and is building the first healing center for ARC to help children. This powerful duo, as well as other compassionate souls, joined to create Ameliorate Your Life, a holistic healing company that provides techniques and tools for an inspired existence. “We’ve consolidated various healing practices onto one platform,” Maione explains. These healing classes include breath classes, yoga, meditation, nutrition, gardening and connecting with nature, all in the privacy of your own home. The best part? Staci says, “Proceeds from Ameliorate helps ARC, ultimately you’re helping to heal and finding your power, while you’re helping the children of ARC.”

Staci envisions the connection between ARC and Ameliorate, adding, “We want to create these healing homes to be based on Ameliorate.” A sanctuary where rescued children can get their heads strong and begin working at their holistic modalities.

While ARC’s monumental projects take shape behind the scenes, Maione’s vision remains her ultimate intention. She adds, “I’ve always believed we can do something to help humanity and people that are struggling… we all go through difficult times in life.” By creating initiatives and envisioning projects like hers, Staci is well on her way to making a real difference in the lives of children and people everywhere.

Learn more about Agape Rescues Children & Ameliorate Your Life! MV


ELEVATE your image with Starlit Love Photography, where every shot tells a story. Whether it’s professional headshots, family pictures or business photography — We got you covered!


Personalized Experience

Your vision is our guide. We collaborate with you to capture your personality or brand!

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The hospitality industry is one that’s full of talkers … and that’s usually a really good thing. But business takes place quickly and dynamically. Sometimes there isn’t time for a lengthy discussion, a two-thousand-word email, or even a long goodbye. In such cases, clear and concise communication is more than just a desirable trait; it’s essential for success in business and career advancement. Skill in clarity and concision can streamline teamwork, improve productivity, enhance client relations, and foster a healthy workplace culture. Let’s take a (quick) look at how mastering the art of brevity can enhance your career development.

Save time with Precision

Every minute spent deciphering unclear messages is a minute lost in productivity. By being clear and concise in your communication, you reduce the time required to understand your message. This not only improves your personal productivity but also contributes to saving time for everyone. People will notice and that can lead to additional opportunities for you.

Develop Valuable Relationships

Clear and concise communication isn’t just important internally; it also plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy client or guest relationships. Clients appreciate straightforward, concise information that allows them to make informed decisions quickly. For example, rather than sending a lengthy email filled with jargon, a concise communicator would provide a summary of the key points. By mastering this skill, you can build

strong relationships with clients, which can lead to increased business opportunities and career growth.

Streamline Teamwork

Good communication skills are vital in any industry. They can enhance collaboration and teamwork and improve outcomes. When you communicate effectively, you eliminate misunderstandings that could potentially derail projects. By being concise, you ensure that your main point isn’t lost in a sea of words. For instance, instead of saying, “We need to possibly consider the idea of perhaps brainstorming some potential strategies for our upcoming project,” a concise communicator would say, “Let’s brainstorm strategies for our upcoming project.” This results in a more efficient team that works well together, boosting your value as a team player and enhancing your career prospects.

Positive Workplace Culture

Effective communication fosters a positive workplace culture. Leaders who promote open and clear communication create an environment where employees feel valued and heard. Clear and effective communication contributes positively, creating a ripple effect that can improve morale and productivity at your company.

So, to wrap it up in time for you to get back to work, concise communication is a powerful tool that can boost your career development. It saves time, fosters healthy client relations, supports effective teamwork, and contributes to a positive workplace culture. Invest time in honing your communication skills—everyone, including your career, will thank you. MV


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Manifestation is a powerful force that can shape our lives and lead us to success and inner peace. Few understand this as deeply as Melissa Acob, known affectionately as Coach Mel, a Business Mindset and Energy Coach who has dedicated her life to helping others unlock their true potential.

Melissa’s journey to coaching began as a personal quest for answers during the 2020 pandemic lockdown. Immersing herself in mindset, energy, and manifestation programs, she discovered the importance of addressing the wounds of her inner child to manifest success and inner peace. Motivated by the possibility that others might be silently struggling with past trauma, she enrolled in a Master Life Coaching program and launched her business as a Master Life Coach.

Coach Mel’s coaching style is deeply influenced by her own experience in reprogramming her own mindset for success. After leaving her 6-figure corporate job of 23 years and diving into her business full-time, she faced a sudden halt in the opportunities that had initially motivated her decision. Doubts crept in as she questioned if she could build a successful business with limited savings. Taking a leap of faith, she invested $9,700 in a 90-day business program and set clear intentions to create a high-ticket program, clarify her niche, master lead generation, and make her investment back. Just three days before the program ended, she signed new clients amounting to $10,000 in revenue. This experience propelled her to give her business her all, leading to ongoing prosperity and unexpected opportunities.

Today, Coach Mel enjoys being a full-time Business Mindset and Energy Coach with a mission is to empower business owners and their team of employees to reprogram their mindsets and find both success and inner peace. Through her one-on-one coaching sessions, she witnesses remarkable transformations as individuals and teams overcome mindset blocks and achieve their goals. Her approach is grounded in the understanding that manifestation is not limited to specific moments but is constantly at work. Our thoughts, emotions, actions, and self-talk all contribute to the energy we attract and the experiences we encounter.

When working with Mel, clients can expect a transformative journey. It begins with a Free Strategy Zoom call, where deep connections are formed, and goals are explored. For those who are ready to level up their business, Coach Mel offers 3 customized programs. These programs, which offer one-on-one as well as team coaching, goes beyond simple business coaching, incorporating personal development and empowering clients to overcome limiting beliefs. With a tailored action plan and Coach Mel as their dedicated accountability partner, clients gain the tools and guidance needed to achieve their goals.

While manifestation often remains a mysterious concept, Coach Mel brings clarity and practicality to the process. Through her unique blend of mindset coaching, energy work, and personal development, she empowers individuals to tap into their true potential, manifest success, and find lasting inner peace. If you’re ready to transform your life and reach your goals, Coach Mel is the guiding light you’ve been searching for. MV

SOUL VIBE & ENERGY HIGH Coach Mel, Business Mindset and Energy Coach
702.458.7440 DAVID C ORBET T | Your Local Agent 101 S RAINBOW BLVD STE 25 • LAS VEGAS, NV 8914 5 • SMART IS THE BEST APPROACH. Whether you are on or o the course, you can never be too smart about your next move. That’s why Farmers agents arm you with the knowledge you need and the coverage you want. Get started at 702.458.7440 DAVID C ORBET T | Your Local Agent 101 S RAINBOW BLVD STE 25 • LAS VEGAS, NV 8914 5 • SMART IS THE BEST APPROACH. Whether you are on or o the course, you can never be too smart about your next move. That’s why Farmers agents arm you with the knowledge you need and the coverage you want. Get started at
and when to SMOKE ‘EM know when to ROLL ‘EM Keep out of reach of children. For use by adults 21 years of age or older. CSNLV, LLC. C180 P113
(702) 844-2092 1235 Paiute Cir, Las Vegas NV 89106 "Where Vegas Never Sleeps: Nevada’s Only Cannabis Lounge and Event Hub BUY ONE GET ONE FOR A PENNY ON CANNACOCKTAILS GET 15% OFF ANY SKY HIGH LOUNGE TABLE PACKAGE Cannabis use is for adults 21 years of age or older. Keep out of reach of children. NuWu Cannabis Marketplace D801 Located inside of:
8 5 5 - 4 0 3 - 2 4 3 3 I N F O @ C H E F B O Y L E . C O M


Enterprise Bank & Trust Celebrates Two Years Serving Las Vegas

Since our founding in 1988, Enterprise Bank & Trust has focused on guiding people to a lifetime of financial success. We empower privately held businesses to succeed, help families to secure their financial futures, and invest to advance the quality of life in the communities we serve.

We know that every business — and every person — is unique. We’re built on trusted, personal relationships, and are dedicated to getting to know our clients and their businesses. With deep roots in Las Vegas, our local team strives to understand each client’s unique needs. This allows us to tailor our banking, trust and financial advisory services to best serve you.

With a growing presence in Las Vegas, we focus on more than banking transactions. Enterprise entered Las Vegas in 2021 and serves the region by investing in regional economic development initiatives and offering educational resources and networking opportunities to not only our clients, but also the wider community.

Our dedication to providing high-value resources to the community is showcased by our signature business education program, Enterprise University. The program meets a need for continuous business skill development for leaders and their teams. Each spring and fall semester offers a lineup of more than 30 live, 90-minute virtual classes, covering leadership and management,

finance, human resources, marketing and sales, and other trending topics. The courses offer insights and actionable strategies that attendees can implement to make their teams and organizations stronger.

We’re proud to expand Enterprise University to reach Las Vegas professionals. Enterprise University has always been available to not only clients, but the broader business community as a testament to our belief that we only succeed when our community succeeds. To truly invest in the growth and continuous improvement of business owners and their teams, the decision to ensure accessibility of the program was an easy one.

In addition to supporting our communities through education, Enterprise partners with local and national nonprofit organizations that focus on community development, diversity, equity and inclusion, affordable housing, green initiatives and more. Supporting our external partners goes hand in hand with advancing these efforts — in addition to volunteerism and philanthropy — within our organization. Our annual Community Impact Report offers data and stories that demonstrate the impact of our partnerships, including an inspirational story about a Las Vegas man who gained a new perspective on life through his experience with Special Olympics Nevada.

As we reflect on the connections we have made and the businesses we have partnered with in the past two years, we are grateful to

Las Vegas for accepting us into the community. You have given us the opportunity to further our mission of guiding people to a lifetime of financial success. To our clients, thank you for choosing Enterprise as your banking partner and allowing us to help you reach your financial and business goals. We look forward to helping you grow your business and strengthen our community for many years to come. Together, there’s no stopping Las Vegas! MV

Nevada Regional President Enterprise Bank & Trust 725-465-1922 Office 8311 W. Sunset Rd., Suite 140, Las Vegas, NV 89113











heartbreak into breakthrough?

heartbreak into breakthrough?


Are you ready to transform heartbreak into breakthrough?




Are you ready to transform heartbreak into breakthrough?





Are you ready to transform heartbreak into breakthrough?

Are you ready to transform heartbreak into breakthrough?


Are you ready to transform heartbreak into breakthrough?

ready to transform heartbreak into breakthr


Are you ready to transform heartbreak into breakthrough?

You will discover:




You will discover: GOING ON NOW THROUGH MARCH 21

You will discover: PST

Strategies to rebuild trust

Strategies to rebuild trust



Thursdays at 6:30pm PST

How to set new goals for yourself


You will discover: GOING ON NOW THROUGH MARCH 21

How to set new goals for yourself


How to improve your selfawareness through self-discovery

You will discover: GOING ON NOW THROUGH MARCH 21

You will discover:

You will discover: GOING ON NOW THROUGH MARCH 21

You will discover: GOING ON NOW THROUGH MARCH 21

You will discover:

Thursdays at 6:30pm PST

Thursdays at 6:30pm PST

And so much more...

And so much more...

Thursdays at 6:30pm PST

How to improve your selfawareness through self-discovery

Thursdays at 6:30pm PST

Thursdays at 6:30pm PST

Workshop Host:

Workshop Host:

Karen Williams

Karen Williams Relationship and Conflict Resolution Strategist

Relationship and Conflict Resolution Strategist

Workshop Host:

Karen Williams


Strategies to rebuild trust

Strategies to rebuild trust

Strategies to rebuild trust

Strategies to rebuild trust

Strategies to rebuild trust

How to set new goals for yourself

How to set new goals for yourself

How to set new goals for yourself

Thursdays at 6:30pm PST

How to set new goals for yourself

How to set new goals for yourself

Workshop Host:

How to improve your selfawareness through self-discovery

How to improve your selfawareness through self-discovery

How to improve your selfawareness through self-discovery

And so much more...

How to improve your selfawareness through self-discovery

And so much more...

And so much more...

And so much more...

How to improve your selfawareness through self-discovery

And so much more...

Workshop Host:

Workshop Host:

Workshop Host:

Workshop Host:

Karen Williams

Karen Williams

Relationship and Conflict Resolution Strategist

Workshop Host:

Karen Williams

Relationship and Conflict Resolution Strategist

Karen Williams Relationship and Conflict Resolution Strategist

Relationship and Conflict Resolution Strategist

Relationship and Conflict Resolution Strategist

Relationship and Conflict Resolution Strategist

Karen Williams Relationship and Conflict Resolution Strategist

new goals
to rebuild trust How to set
for yourself How to improve your selfawareness through self-discovery And so much more...
Karen Williams


Randy Anderson’s Mission to Empower Through Bravo 1 Defense

Meet Randy Anderson, the CEO and Lead Instructor at Bravo 1 Defense. With a decade of special operations experience as an Army Green Beret, Randy’s commitment to excellence and passion for protecting others drive his mission to empower individuals, families, communities, and businesses through weapons safety, tactical proficiency, and home & personal defense training.

Randy’s journey began with his induction into the prestigious Green Berets, an elite group of highly trained soldiers specializing in unconventional warfare. Throughout his years of service, he tackled complex missions that demanded exceptional courage, adaptability, and strategic thinking. From hostile terrains to clandestine operations, Randy became adept at utilizing a wide array of weapons and mastering intricate tactical maneuvers.

Recognizing the importance of sharing his expertise and helping others harness their own personal defense capabilities, Randy decided to establish Bravo 1 Defense. Combining his extensive operational

experience with his unwavering dedication, he now imparts invaluable knowledge to individuals seeking to safeguard themselves and their loved ones.

To bring his vision to fruition, Randy partnered with Kloud 9 Consulting, a concierge consulting firm founded and led by Gabriela Smith. Together, they crafted the essence of Bravo 1 Defense’s concept. Kloud 9 then customized a business development strategy and continues to provide marketing and branding support. This partnership enables Randy to effectively communicate his vision and witness its transformation into a thriving business. Moreover, it allows him to focus his energy on teaching his skills and meeting clients’ personalized needs.

At Bravo 1 Defense, Randy creates a safe and controlled environment in his classes, where he educates participants on weapons safety protocols, instilling in them a deep respect for the power and responsibility that comes with handling firearms. He emphasizes building foundational knowledge by teaching students to master the fundamentals. Drawing from his real-world experience, he imparts essential tactical skills, honing their ability to respond effectively and confidently in critical situations.

Beyond weaponry, Randy places significant emphasis on fortifying home and personal defense strategies. His teachings cover a wide range of topics, including situational awareness, home security measures, self-defense techniques, and disaster preparedness. Through practical exercises, simulations, and insightful discussions, he equips his students with the tools and mindset needed to protect themselves and their loved ones in any scenario.

Committed to his craft, Randy continually updates his knowledge and skills to provide the most up-to-date training available. Through Bravo 1 Defense’s training

programs, he aspires to empower individuals with the confidence, skills, and mindset necessary to navigate an increasingly uncertain and dangerous world.

Bravo 1 Defense offers training programs for individuals at every proficiency level, catering to both novice and advanced shooters. Their meticulously tailored curriculum helps individuals achieve their specific goals. One key aspect of their approach is maintaining a high level of personalization in their classes and services. Typically, they provide one-onone sessions with Special Forces instructors, ensuring focused attention and guidance. To maintain an optimal learning environment, the instructor-to-student ratio is limited to no more than five participants per instructor.

Their extensive range of classes and services includes pistol and rifle fundamentals, tactical pistol and rifle instruction, specialized courses for women, couples, and families, comprehensive home defense training, survival courses, and much more. Bravo 1 Defense’s diverse offerings accommodate various interests and needs, ensuring individuals can find the ideal course to enhance their skills and knowledge. MV

Additional info Contact & Credits: Bravo 1 Defense - Featured Company Website-

Instagram - @bravo1defense Facebook - @bravo1defense

Kloud 9 Consulting – Business Development & Marketing Website –

Instagram - @kloud9consulting

Photos: Anthony Brown







Well, I know I did.

After COVID-19 had left my body tired and worn down, my usually active lifestyle had been reduced to never feeling fully rested. I couldn’t cope with that tired feeling all the time.

Istarted searching everywhere for that return of energy, from shots to natural energy patches. I needed that good solid natural energy boost and I needed it fast. A friend recommended Glutathione shots, but they began hurting my budget as well as my feelings. I wanted something that would give my active body the best rate of recovery.

One recommendation of Neumi Nutriswish, with its fast acting Glutathione blend, has

been the ultimate life saver for me. My energy soon returned quickly, as well as my rest. Since then, my workouts have been amazing, knowing that my body is getting everything that it needs to heal itself naturally.

Glutathione is the #1 antioxidant that you probably have never heard of, but you’ll never forget once you do. There is also a specifically formulated “Her” formula that fights problems associated with PMS &

Menopause. I found Neumi & my whole world has changed and several of my friends have too.

I’m Brian Roberts and I highly recommend that you try NEUMI & it’s formulation of Hydrostat Nano at or directly at MV

Brian Roberts

About the National Atomic Testing Museum Las Vegas:

Looking for something really interesting to do in Las Vegas? Visit the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas where secrets are revealed and histories are told. Find out the history of the atom bombs and witness what employees were forbidden to speak of. This almost 10,000 square foot building hosts the pictures of history where, in the 1950’s, travelers would come to see the famous ‘mushroom clouds’. Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that out of the 928 nuclear tests that were announced, 828 of them were conducted underground? Come visit The National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas and see why this historical part of our culture is so iconic that it put Vegas on the map for something other than gambling. 755 E. Flamingo

89119 • General Information and Admissions 702-409-7366
Road, Las
Hours 9:30am-3:30 pm. Guest must arrive prior to 2pm to allow themselves time to see everything. Closed on Wednesdays
Se Habla Español!
SAT/ACT - Reading - Writing - SYLVANLEARNING.COM - Homework - Test PrepSylvan of Henderson 702-795-7323 N. Green Valley Pkwy. & Wigwam Rd. LEGACY BUSINESS PARK #8C Sylvan of Summerlin 702-876-4090 S. Fort Apache Rd. & W. Sahara Ave. VILLAGE SQUARE #130 Inspiring SUCCESS IN SCHOOL AND BEYOND MOVE AHEAD OF THE CLASS WITH SYLVAN Whether your child needs an advanced challenge to stay engaged, has a big entrance exam for private school or college, or has bigger academic goals, Sylvan will make the difference. Our personal learning approach will propel your child to the head of the class. SAT/ACT - Reading - Writing - SYLVANLEARNING.COM - Homework - Test Prep - Math Sylvan of Henderson 702-795-7323 N. Green Valley Pkwy. & Wigwam Rd. LEGACY BUSINESS PARK #8C Sylvan of Summerlin 702-876-4090 S. Fort Apache Rd. & W. Sahara Ave. VILLAGE SQUARE #130 Inspiring
IN SCHOOL AND BEYOND MOVE AHEAD OF THE CLASS WITH SYLVAN Whether your child needs an advanced challenge to stay engaged, has a big entrance exam for private school or college, or has bigger academic goals, Sylvan will make the difference. Our personal learning approach will propel your child to the head of the class. SAT/ACT - Reading - Writing - SYLVANLEARNING.COM - Homework - Test Prep - Math Sylvan of Henderson 702-795-7323 N. Green Valley Pkwy. & Wigwam Rd. LEGACY BUSINESS PARK #8C Sylvan of Summerlin 702-876-4090 S. Fort Apache Rd. & W. Sahara Ave. VILLAGE SQUARE #130
your child needs an advanced challenge to stay engaged, has a big entrance exam for private school or college, or has bigger academic goals, Sylvan will make the difference. Our personal learning approach will propel your child to the head of the class. SAT/ACT - Reading - Writing - SYLVANLEARNING.COM - Homework - Test Prep - Math Sylvan of Henderson 702-795-7323 N. Green Valley Pkwy. & Wigwam Rd. LEGACY BUSINESS PARK #8C Sylvan of Summerlin 702-876-4090 S. Fort Apache Rd. & W. Sahara Ave. VILLAGE SQUARE #130 Inspiring SUCCESS IN SCHOOL AND BEYOND
AHEAD OF THE CLASS WITH SYLVAN Whether your child needs an advanced challenge to stay engaged, has a big entrance exam for private school or college, or has bigger academic goals, Sylvan will make the difference. Our personal learning approach will propel your child to the head of the class. SAT/ACT - Reading - Writing - SYLVANLEARNING.COM - Homework - Test Prep - Math Sylvan of Henderson 702-795-7323 N. Green Valley Pkwy. & Wigwam Rd. LEGACY BUSINESS PARK #8C Sylvan of Summerlin 702-876-4090 S. Fort Apache Rd. & W. Sahara Ave. VILLAGE SQUARE #130 Inspiring SUCCESS IN SCHOOL AND BEYOND MOVE AHEAD OF THE CLASS WITH SYLVAN Whether your child needs an advanced challenge to stay engaged, has a big entrance exam for private school or college, or has bigger academic goals, Sylvan will make the difference. Our personal learning approach will propel your child to the head of the class. SAT/ACT - Reading - Writing - SYLVANLEARNING.COM - Homework - Test Prep - Math Sylvan of Henderson 702-795-7323 N. Green Valley Pkwy. & Wigwam Rd. LEGACY BUSINESS PARK #8C Sylvan of Summerlin 702-876-4090 S. Fort Apache Rd. & W. Sahara Ave. VILLAGE SQUARE #130 Inspiring SUCCESS IN SCHOOL AND BEYOND AHEAD OF THE CLASS WITH SYLVAN Whether your child needs an advanced challenge to stay engaged, has a big entrance exam private school or college, or has bigger academic goals, Sylvan will make the difference. personal learning approach will propel your child to the head of the class. MOVE AHEAD OF THE CLASS WITH SYLVAN Whether your child needs an advanced challenge to stay engaged, has a big entrance exam for private school or college, or has bigger academic goals, Sylvan will make the difference. Our personal learning approach will propel your child to the head of the class. INCREASE VISIBILITY AND SALES BOOST YOUR BUSINESS ADVERTISE WITH US! 171
Inspiring SUCCESS


We had an unforgettable evening at the MYVEGAS Winner’s Night at Blue Martini on March 6, 2024. Celebrating your MYVEGAS win and enjoying the company of like-minded individuals like Special Guest, Ron Quince Candidate for Nevada’s 1st Congressional District.




We had an unforgettable evening at the Professionals Singles Business Mixer at Via Brasil Steakhouse on March 14, 2024. From sparking conversations to forging new partnerships, every moment was electric. Stay tuned for the next one!




City Hall 495 S. Main Street

Las Vegas, NV 89101 (702) 229-6011 (TTY 7-1-1)


Las Vegas Office

555 East Washington Ave., Suite 5200

Las Vegas, NV 89101 (702) 486-2880

Fax: (702) 486-2888



Las Vegas Area: (702) 486-4368


600 S. Grand Central Pkwy., Suite 350 Las Vegas, NV 89106

Customer Service: (702) 228-RIDE (7433)

Paratransit CS: (702) 228-4800 For hearing impaired: (702) 676-1834


400 S. Martin L. King Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89106

Emergencies (Police, Fire, Medical): 9-1-1 Emergencies (Police only) 3-1-1

General Info: (702) 828-3111


500 N. Casino Center Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89101

Emergencies (Police, Fire, Medical): 9-1-1

General Info: (702) 383-2888


Charleston Campus (Main) 6375 W. Charleston Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89146 (702) 651-5000


4505 S. Maryland Pkwy.

Las Vegas, NV 89154 (702) 895-3011



6226 W. Sahara Ave.

Las Vegas, NV 89146

Customer Service (702) 402-5555

Outages & emergencies (702) 402-2900


5241 Spring Mountain Rd.

Las Vegas, NV 89150

Customer Assistance: (877) 860-6020

Suspect a leak: Call 911 (877) 860-6020


1001 S. Valley View Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89153

Customer Service: (702) 870-4194


315 Cheyenne Ave.

North Las Vegas, NV 89030

Customer Service: (702) 735-5151



Clark County Nevada

Clark County Government Center

500 S Grand Central Pkwy.

Las Vegas, NV 89155

General Info: (702) 455-0000


301 E. Clark Avenue, Suite 100

Las Vegas, NV 89101

Emergencies (Police, Fire, Medical): 9-1-1

Emergencies (Police Only): 3-1-1

General: (702) 455-5400


575 E. Flamingo Rd.

Las Vegas, NV 89119

Emergencies: 9-1-1

General Info: (702) 455-7311


911 E. Sunset Rd.

Las Vegas, NV 89120 (702) 455-7710

176 KOcasesupport com

$12.00 10115 W. Twain Ave., Suite 110 Las Vegas, NV 89147

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