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hhhhhh! Fall is finally here! That was one long hot Summer! And a Great One at that! I call it the Summer of Blessings and Growth! Here at MyVegas we made some major improvements, including the following: More Staff, Better Equipment, Double Distribution, Better Events and Lower Rates! You’ll see new equipment throughout our office, we’ve doubled our distribution with the addition of Vons and Smiths grocery stores, we’ve brought in new staff and doubled our crew, and blessed with what I call… “MyVegas Rockstars”. Come in the office one day and meet Aaron, Kate, Katheryn, Chris, Layla, Fred, Mariana, Shack, Matt, Val, Albert, Cheyenne, Makayla, and Megan. And our anchors, Laura, Shelly and Sarah! Almost 20 fun, amazing, crazy and productive people I call my work family! I couldn’t do it without you! Thank you!


This year-end issue brings us thoughts of Thanks and Love as we enter the Holiday season. With October passing, our hearts hurt in remembrance of our friends and loved ones who we lost and were affected by that horrible night… We will Never Forget. As we approach Thanksgiving, our thoughts go to an amazing city of productive, fun and uplifting friends we also call our clients. They truly make a positive difference for Las Vegas and change lives for so many people. We are ever so proud to represent them. Lastly, as we near the Christmas Holiday, we wish everyone we know, love and honor, a warm holiday filled with lots of love, family, and of course, a Happy, Healthy, Productive and Prosperous New Year for all! Cheers to 2019!! MV


Ask the Mayor


of waste at the site, for the past two decades, purposeful task. For more information, visit the U. S. Conference of Mayors (a body of over 1,400 mayors of cities of 30,000 or more) has annually signed Resolutions to Congress in Coming up on the one year anniversary The UFC was one of the pioneers for opposition to the movement of radioactive of October 1, in what ways do you think major leagueCity sports in Las Vegas. and/or nuclear waste across the country. that some Lassandwiches Vegas has unified and overcomeMagazine’s From the Mayor’s Desk Our lovely Mayor Carolyn Goodman has graciously agreedof tothe answer questions from MYVEGAS delicious at the new Jimmy Council members voted -6-1 in early downtown redevelopment and what can we look Las Vegas hasOctober alwaystobeen known asa plan Why?Goodman The nation’s infrastructure the aftereffects ofthe such an floor event? readers. A special totoMayor her willingness to engage with our readers andon community of Las Vegas. John’s located the first of City Hall… move aheadthanks on forward tofor in the coming year? is rated and in walking distance MTO continues to a $200 million dollar professional the boxing capital ofbuild the world, but NASCAR at a D- level by civil engineers, and the risk thrive. Also, the Carson Kitchen, Kerry Simon’s soccerFinals stadium in downtown Vegas in whichposed by transport Certainly the momentum downtown and the National Rodeo earnedLas early these wastes through 2017 is acome date burned Q: Summertime means family fun, topoftourist destination, and our skylineOct. 1,Visitors in frominto around the new downtown hot spot, is wonderful, and Ithe a final vote is said to take place this December. continues to build. We are seeing prominence as well. Some 25 years ago a and lots of deteriorated weakened bridges, the history of Las Vegas into summer vacations outdoor tunnels, is forever changed and improved by that country (and theand world) to converge would recommend trying it if you can find a How would the development of this project more and more small businesses, couple of brash young local guysHow had an inferior roadwaysmagnifi and rail,cent threatens millions heartsin and souls allour of us whopatriotic call activities. do you and your family and the biggest observation our cityoffor huge table. help Las Vegas and what will it take to make it restaurants, shops and galleries opening. idea, and that turnedlike intotoa worldwide of citizens. The issue is non-negotiable. this fabulous celebration. community home or a wonderful enjoy summertime in Las Vegas? wheel in the world! It is unique and Naturally there are happen? What is particularly exciting has been the phenomenon: the UFC. Congratulations are place to visit. fiWe continue to face sorrow top-of-the-line, and yes I have visited, reworks exploding in the sky from With 2014 coming to a fast close, what opening of The Market on East Fremont due to the Fertitta family, Dana White, and the is the mobile prekindergarten and heads inYear’s the loss, injury and We really do like to spend time but not yet ridden it. In afact, CBS didbow our our New hotel rooftops, butyou’d during the days It is anA:amazing project that would are some Resolutions inWhat the Entertainment District as it brings entire brain trust that started this company program and how will early memory. like Thetoleading unconscionable and sick act together asaafirst-ever, family especially if I can not only bring major see Las Vegas in order to ofcelebration, much-needed grocery store toimprove an area that a special onthat the opening and lucky up tomake the nighttime and developed it into what it has become ahave deranged and vile animal will never definegalore league sports to Las Vegas (and a prosperous 2015? in the heart of Ithe live-work-play city get some orteam all of them togethera iseducation? me, was asked as Mayor to make there are outdoor activities Nevada!) rare but ithappening! would also result in hundreds in 2015 is thenationally expansion about today, a sensation. who we are, what we believe, we pursue andhow residents to enjoy. Most times in Las core. Too, coming brief comments what for tourists of millions of dollars being invested into our like to seepathway, everyone in our of the Las Vegas Premium Outlets Vegas hasitlong been the goodI would andPersonally, righteous but Oscar and Isadly usually walk in Vegas we’ll just hang around the The city ofaLas great place is. Itwhich has added great In fact, this private partnership city continue to be part of building a will be including 35 new stores anchored by Of course wecommunity. have allhouse been thrilled with what pursuing aexcitement commitment getStrip our where a it will always be by us all forever.Parade when thecarried Summerlin Patriotic barbecuing, swimming, playing toto the visitor is offering to invest close to one-half a billion great city! I’m hopeful that everyone Saks Fifth Avenue off Fifth and offer a new can. isbe hiking, horseback games, and for the Golden Knights accomplished thissure pastI’ll be serving food youngest can children to shop, ensureeat that they the yearwe 2017 willThere always marked by stroll, and enjoy a Thus unique dollars into our economy! My hope is that will make a commitment to give his/her best Cheesecake Factory. riding, golfi fishing at from start end.Las Our home is The food there is decadent,this from year in its inaugural season. Theto WNBA arewhere reading readyride. for entry into kindergarten. but, too, it will also beng, marked by and acts boating of our city staff will be able to work with these to impacting the quality of life in our entire Lake Mead, tennis, biking, and so much our children grew up (same one for Sprinkles Cupcakes to the Ghirardelli Vegas Aces are now part of our community Through our Strong Start Program we have human kindness, risk, caring, selflessness and The burgeoning restaurant scene private partners to consummate a final community. Whether it is through helping to for everyone totodo as one they celebrate the 38by years), they bringing ice cream andexploded... chocolate shop. Brooklyn and we all look forward tomid-December whatso the Lastolove making strides but not enough for ourwhat support We bonded downtown has also agreement present to be their diversifyfor ourmankind. economy, helping make an and of July inaddressing our city. children here theyinner can. city, With also something special as itremain is on the Vegas Raiders be for adding towhenever the and more little ones. We will asFourth one, indebted to those whoMV areBowl onevulnerable oris two of your favorite new thewill Citysoon Council its more-than-enthusiast impact educational front, some great planning, to the new venue for live music culinary hot aspots? Theinapproval will An result inwe’re off the cycle of homelessness working our professionalapproval. sports mix Las Vegas. NBA have two preschools up intimate and running to work held us together, and we or will alwayswith pray for A special thank you toitthe beach and then the families come onecombined with gourmet food spurring other major developments in the non-profits create a those better forever quality of life, franchise surely is next, and with any good with 3, 4, and young 5-year-olds to prepare comfortthe souls wetolost and scarred byHonorable You can’t expect me to answer that!!! heart of Symphony Park and our center city takes each of us to build a world-class city of Mayor Carolyn Goodman for her by-one to squeeze into our little condo and a bowling alley. Where else but planning, a long-awaited MLS team will come them for quality entry into the formal CCSD that night…this is Las Vegas. HowLas could I possibly pickone among community. which we are proud. Of course Iengage wish everyone willingness to with the readers of in Coronado. Vegas would fi nd such a great along sometime thereafter! program, ready to participate, ready to read. them? There are so many great the healthiest and happiestMagazine of New Years as the community MYVEGAS and combination of fun and excitementit’s While some of our pre-elementary options This issue features the Top Men of the Most locals have noticed big changes places to eat downtown that you cannot keep 2015 arrives! MV of Las Vegas! PleaseOwned email your questions Q:aHave you visited the High Roller what we do! There was recently resolution approval are terrific, for some of our population they Year and the Top 25 Women taking place in downtown Las Vegas, track of them all. The newly reopened and to: for a chance Ferris wheel yet at the Linq? What providing formal to use Yucca to are notremodeled accessible, thus we moved Businesses. Former Mayor, Oscar fromopposition a boom in local businesses El and Sombrero hashave excellent food, to have your questions answered in a are your thoughts on it, and how do Q: Fourth of July is a great holiday Mountain asand a nuclear waste repository, to go toand them. Our new Strong StartI’m bus will Goodman, and you are both very respected festivals more; what is the future of our the inside is now very chic. also a fan MYVEGAS Magazine. future issue of you think both visitors and locals will to spend in Las Vegas! What are some what will that resolution achieve? hit the streets later this year, and we are very people in business and the community. How do respond to this new Las Vegas form of 7 fun ways that you like to celebrate with optimistic about the potential it alone offers. you successfully balance work and home life? entertainment? your family and friends? Hopefully a long or permanent delay If it is viable and proves of value to children in using Yucca Mountain at all as a in preparing them for entry, hopefully, we Love, laughter, TRUST, respect, and A: The Linq and the High Roller are A: Las Vegas is certainly a great nuclear repository! Beyond our State will add additional vehicles to a new fleet honesty. MV fantastic new additions to the world’s place to celebrate the Fourth of July. representatives in Washington D.C. and our in service. Of course, we will need private My Vegas Winter 2014 - Working File.indd 7 12/4/14 10:57 AM Governor pushing to prevent further deposits support to accomplish this meaningful and How did UFC help establish Las Vegas as a major-league sports city?












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Ask The Mayor.................................................................. 3 Nevada’s Superwoman: Mary Beth Sewald........... 5 Las Vegas Fun Facts.. Did You Know?........................ 8 Las Vegas’ Top 10 Cosmetic Surgeons.............10-13 Las Vegas’ Top 100 Men of the Year..................30-57 Las Vegas’ Top Women Owned Businesses......................................... 58-64, 74 Las Vegas’ 2018 Top Power Couples.................65-68 Born and Raised ............................................................68 Las Vegas’ Top 10 Lenders...................................71-72 2018-19 Golden Knights Schedule.........................92 Las Vegas’ Top Power Players in Cannabis.........103 Come As You Are.. The Values of the Crossing......................................122 Winners of MYVEGAS!..................................... 124-125



MYBEAUTY & HEALTH Magic Myint: The Story of the Dream-Maker Plastic Surgeon..................................13 Beauty Maskerade.........................................................14 Don’t Neglect Your Neck!............................................18


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MYPETS Top 5 Foods For Fido.................................................128



MYEVENTS Top 100 Doctors and Dentists Party.......... 126-127


Nevada’s Superwoman: Mary Beth Sewald

By Dawn Gibbons


ary Beth Sewald stepped into her role as the President and CEO of the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce with the exuberance of a superwoman that she has always been. She set the pace rather quickly and has made great strides in the past seven months as a business leader in the community. As a trailblazer with many accomplishments, Sewald hit the floor running initiating a public affairs television show that showcases businesses that, for many years, have contributed to Las Vegas becoming the booming city it is today. Government Affairs is important to businesses and the residents of Clark County. Just recently, Mary Beth led a delegation of movers and shakers in the community to our nation’s capitol to advocate for the funding to construct Interstate 11, that will link Las Vegas to Phoenix. The LVMC members also spoke up strongly against Yucca Mountain becoming a wasteland for the entire country’s nuclear waste. Another issue of great importance to the Chamber’s members, particularly small businesses, is the need for having more affordable insurance. Mrs. Sewald did not let any grass grow under her feet when advocating for accessible, efficient and affordable group health plan for members. Once the Department of Labor announced their new regulations for Association Health Plans (AHP) Mary Beth seized the opportunity to create a new association plan. Sewald caught the attention of Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta. At a June meeting in Las Vegas, Secretary Acosta said, “Right now, small businesses have massive disadvantages in providing health care to their employees. But what if the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce (LVMCC) can bring all these small businesses together and bargain on their behalf as if the Chamber is the employer offering the benefit to the employees of all the small business members?” Mary Beth has already seen this opportunity and is already taking action.” Even President Trump became aware of Mary Beth’s quick engagement on the topic of offering a more affordable healthcare plan to their members. On his visit to Las Vegas the President stated in Trump-like style, “Thanks, Mary Beth. Make a good deal.”

Mrs. Sewald has a “big picture” focus for the LVMCC and she demonstrates that through her monthly public affairs television program, Like Nobody’s Business. As a former Anchor and General Manager of two NBC affiliates in southern and northern Nevada and as the past President of Nevada Broadcasters, Mary Beth simply knows how to get things done. She has great contacts. She has the ability to pick up the phone and get any number of well-established CEO’s and politicians throughout the state for interesting conversations for the show. Longtime northern Nevada friend Governor Sandoval recognized Sewald’s vast talents and appointed


her to the new Southern Nevada Sporting Events Committee. Las Vegas is the best place to be on any given day. Having leadership like that of Mary Beth Sewald only adds to the fun, glamour and greatness of living in that city. Mrs. Sewald feels very connected to the area and says, “I am so blessed to have such an outstanding team at the Chamber that I appreciate every day.” Mary Beth, from the voice of so many of your devoted friends and followers, “We are the ones blessed by having you in our great state.” MV


Meet the Writers Mayor Carolyn Goodman

Dawn Gibbons

Brenda Damian

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MADE IN THE USA Keeping America Employed

Eva Littman, MD, F.A.C.O.G. Founder & Practice Director

Dr. Eva Littman is one of Las Vegas' most trusted and knowledgeable fertility experts. She has successfully guided Red Rock Fertility Center’s exceptionally high pregnancy success rates year-after-year.

Renowned Fertility Expert

She has contributed to worldwide knowledge of specific fertility issues by publishing numerous papers in peer-reviewed journals and regularly presents at international meetings and local conferences. Dr. Littman completed her medical training at Stanford University and Duke University. Her ground-breaking research has been honored and recognized by the nation's most prestigious organizations. She was awarded the Pacific Coast Reproductive Society Prize Paper Award and the Academic Medicine Fellowship Award by the National Medical Foundation.

Community Leader

Additionally, she has been honored to receive many distinctions from the local media including being named “Top Doctor” by Vegas Seven Magazine for the past six years. My Vegas Magazine listed her as one of the “Top 100 Women”, and Vegas Inc. designated her a “Woman To Watch” in 2013. Dr. Littman is very proud to be a member of the Las Vegas valley community and is an avid participant in many local groups and activities. In 2017, the United States Small Business Administration selected her as the Nevada State Small Business Person of the Year. • 702.660.4828 • 9120 West Russell Road, Suite 200 • Las Vegas, NV 89148

Red Rock Fertility Center is Nevada’s 1st & only boutique-styled center. We specialize in personalized physician care & expertise in an intimate & cozy setting. WIN A FREE DINNER FOR TWO TEXT “MYVEGAS” TO 50505




Beauty and Health

MYVEGAS Magazine is very proud and excited to introduce our expanded Beauty and Health section! In this issue we are privileged to be able to feature many of the top beauty and health professionals in the Las Vegas Valley. With stories from our experts, you’ll learn trendy tops and get expert secrets to looking and feeling your best for any occasion, whether it’s a night on the town, or a day in the park! Get pampered with a visit to the day spa, tanning salon or beauty salon. Improve your overall esthetics at one of our Med Spa’s. Get clear at one of our Vision experts, and enjoy your beauty and health, because you deserve it!



Reveal a More Beautiful You

Actual Patients

Smith Plastic Surgery Dr. Smith offers advanced techniques for Breast Augmentations, Tummy Tucks, Brazilian Butt lifts, and an artistic approach to Rhinoplasty. Awarded Best of Las Vegas and a Top Doctor for many years running, Dr. Smith is ranked as one of the leading plastic surgeons in the U.S. He can help you achieve your goals for a sexy, more beautiful you. All surgeries are performed in the comfort of our onsite, fully accredited surgery center. 702-838-2455


It’s in the Bag! Now available at





Magic Myint: The Story Of The Dream-Maker Plastic Surgeon

by Katherine Jackson

such as children born with facial deformities, patients with eye lid cancers or tumors, tearing problems, eyelid malposition’s, eyelid and orbital trauma, orbital tumors, droopy eyelids and even those with thyroid eye disease. With all these surgical skills at his disposal, it is no surprise that he is highly sought after. But what is truly surprising is how often he steers his patients to less invasive and less expensive techniques. This is a rare trait among Western Physicians. Myint is a huge supporter of a cautious and natural approach to surgery, that always benefits the patients over personal gain. This sincere care for his patients has made him one of the most beloved plastic surgeons in Las Vegas and Beverly Hills. In addition to bringing beauty and joy to his patients, Dr. Myint is also passionate about education and the enrichment of future generations of surgeons. Dr. Myint has published five textbooks in the field of Oculofacial Plastic Surgery, which are widely recognized as the go-to books for residents and surgeons from around the globe. He has trained residents and fellows from all over the globe and has published many peer reviewed articles nationally and internationally, as well as written chapters in some of the other leading textbooks on plastic surgery. His recent book titled “Nonsurgical Periorbital Rejuvenation” has been well received by his colleagues.


f you go searching for a facial plastic surgeon, and you’re lucky enough, you will hear his name whispered in waiting rooms all over Las Vegas and Beverly Hills. The Magical, Mystical Myint; the rumored wizard of Oculo-Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Well, I have some good news: he’s real, he’s here, and you can indeed be treated by Magic Dr. Myint. But, who exactly is he? Let’s start with what he does. Dr. Myint is a board certified Oculo-Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. This is an extremely rare specialty, with only a few hundred doctors practicing this

specialty currently in the US, less than 650, total. Within this unique, super specialized discipline, Dr. Myint deals with cosmetic, reconstructive and aesthetic concerns around the eyes and face. These procedures are incredibly delicate and complex, and it takes a well-educated and practiced hand to approach them. Whether the procedure is initial (your first), or revisional (correcting or maintaining a prior procedure), Dr. Myint has a reputation for delivering beauty and balance to his patients, that is second to none. While the majority of his work is cosmetic (browlift, forehead lift, eyelift, facelift, necklift), Dr. Myint also treats a variety of medical concerns


While Dr. Myint is certainly magic, the moment you speak to him, you realize he is neither hype, nor illusion; he is concretely the real deal. A few minutes in his presence and one immediately melts into the trust he imparts. He is passionate about his discipline, and his desire for his patients to experience something that is not only transformative, but also one that is joyful from waiting-room to post-op. For a surgeon, that is true wizardry. MV 7650 West Sahara Ave Las Vegas, NV 89117 702.998.9444


Beauty Maskerade


Hair + Makeup Artist Specializing in: Cut, Color + Styling

Check out my portfolio at or @rubyfinchsalon


he goblins, ghosts, & witches of Autumn, have nothing on the ghoulish potions that are all the rage in facial beautification. Despite their frightening appearance, many of the ingredients in popular skincare masks ameliorate acne, pore appearance, tighten, brighten, and dewrinkle skin. Yet, selecting the right facial mask can be a trick or a treat, dependent on your knowledge of skin care ingredients. With the five top picks below, you’re in for a pleasant facial treat! Charcoal Mask: Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask is a best seller for the company. Customers hail this mixture as being a soft, spreadable, and non-irritating type compared to rivals. It’s known to “act as a magnet to draw out deep-dwelling pore-cloggers.” This creamy version is easily removed with a damp cloth, and no tugging like the sticky fly tape version competitors. A bonus is the price point at $28.00. Clay Mask: The Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask lacks a fancy package, but entices with talk of its legendary power in skin clearing. It is made from natural bentonite clay and has been used for centuries on faces, bodies, and hair. It is thought to lure out impurities, energize the body, control oil, moisturize/defrizz hair, and calm acne. For around $10 you can buy a jar of this mudmazing ingredient to mix with apple cider vinegar recipes available online.

3. 8975 W. Charleston Blvd {Inside Sola Salon Studios}


It is on the pricier side at around $50, but consumers seem to agree its well worth it, even if used for only spot treatment.


Hydrogel Mask: Collagen masks may reduce fine lines and wrinkles by boosting moisture and protein production. They promote plump, firm, elastic, and radiant skin. The Masqueology Collagen Hydrogel Mask tops the popularity ranks, splurging ingredients like gold, hydrolyzed collagen, and niacinamide. With a cost of only $30 for a pack of 12, this is an affordable way to reclaim your youth.


Hydroxy Acid Mask: The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution is rather extraordinary! It peels off dead cell layers to even tone, create shimmer, unclog pores, and smooth out fine lines. This concoction is brimming with premium ingredients like glycolic, lactic, tartaric, citric, and salicylic acids; Tasmanian Pepperberry (to reduce irritation), Sodium Hyaluronate, Vitamin B5, and Black Carrot. At a price around $9.00 a bottle, it’s a beautiful steal!



Sulfur Mask: SUNDAY RILEY Saturn Sulfur Acne Treatment Mask is an acne and rosacea fighting product. It quells zits and inflammation with its 10% Sulfur, calming niacinamide, zinc, and turmeric!

By Erika Kimble, MA, MS, NP Dermatology NP

Finding the right beauty products for your skin doesn’t have to be a frightening experience. Leave it to us experts to steer you in the right direction for all your epidermal treats! Erika Kimble, BSN, MA, MS, APRN is the CEO of, an e-commerce of AffordableUnique, Specialty, & Licensed Dermatology Products. She is also a Dermatology Nurse Practitioner at Linda Woodson Dermatology in Las Vegas, author, pageant queen, and Health & Beauty Journalist. MV


Looking for the best




Includes Bohyme hair and installation! Based upon length and color Lengths available up to 26”

Call now to book your FREE CONSULTATION! • Packages available including Wefts, Keratip and I-Tip installation • Full spa services available • Many products to choose from! • Clip-ins and halos also available

9310 S. Eastern Ave #120 Las Vegas, NV 89123


PHONE: 702.914.2330

INSTAGRAM: @canyonfalls



& ou g h fe . r o h T i e, mplet am of My L ow!” o C t s x N E Mo e nt a l S t a r t He r e “ T he D e l b nt You or t a Co m f e c o m m e n d g u i r e , p a t i e Ma yR H igh l ~ Dr. Pau l

Gentle, Least Toxic, State-of-the-Art, Biological, Holistic Dental Care Our Gentle Holistic Approach Supports finding For Your Health Dr. Wright Uses the Least Toxic,

Root Causes, addressing them and educating you on your Non Metal, Most Biocompatible Dental Materials and options for an Optimal, Integrative treatment plan. Solutions.

Scientific DNA Testing of Root Canals Is available Have Confidence in Knowing Dr. Jim Wright was

to support you in making excellent informed decisions.


Very Thorough Comprehensive Oral Exam • Diagnostic Testing for Cavity Decay • Low Radiation Digital X-Rays • Dual Oral Cancer Screening - Visual & Cellular • Periodontal Gum Evaluation • Mercury Analysis

Ozone Water Disinfection with Non-Fluoride Cleaning • No Toxins or Chemicals • Disinfects Teeth & Gums • Kills Bacteria & Pathogens • Aids in Preventing Gingivitis

mentored by Dr. Hal Huggins, the Father of Modern Holistic Dentistry. Dr. Huggins chose Dr. Wright as His Dentist. Dr. Wright follows Huggins-Wright Protocols® and Standards for Safe Removal of old Mercury-silver Amalgams fillings and all dental treatments.

Dentists, Specialists & Medical Practitioners • Zirconia Dental Implants; Non-Metal, Diamond Strong • Oral Surgery & Periodontal Gum & Sinus Surgery • Sedation/Relaxation - 5 Options for Your Comfort • SAFE Removal of Mercury-silver Amalgam fillings • On-Site Lab with Latest Technology - 1 Day Crowns

Digital WrightSmile™ Imaging and Cosmetic Dental Consultation

• LUMINEERS® No Drilling or Shots in most cases • Traditional Veneers - Instant Orthodontics • INVISALIGN® - Holistic Clear Removable Braces • WrightSmile® Removable Smile Orthodic


• Detox, Anti-Aging, CBD & Stem Cell Consultations • Professional Referral to Functional Medicine Experts

Dr. Jim Wright

DDS, AIAOMT, AIABDM Board Certified Holistic, Biological Dentist


FOUR SEASONS DENTAL SPA 8855 W. Flamingo, Suite 101 • Las Vegas, NV 89147

Fo u r S e a s o n s D e n t a l S p a . c o m

Now offering Month to Month Memberships!

Don’t Neglect Your Neck!


t’s often the most neglected part of our daily skincare routine. What is it? Our necks! The skin in this area of the body is sensitive and thin and over time can make us look prematurely older than we really are. As we age our skin looses moisture, but with a little added attention to your neck each day you may be able to combat this issue and keep your youthful appearance a little longer. Just like your face, your neck needs a daily SPF of at least 30 or greater to prevent winkles and brown spots from occurring. It’s equally important to cleanse your neck along with your daily face routine. Always use gentle upward movements when applying cleanser or cream to this area. No rubbing or pulling of the skin as this will only irritate and cause further damage. And although scrubs are great for exfoliating the body they should never be used on such a sensitive area as the neck.

Okay so now you have your face and neck cleansed. Do you really need a cream specifically for your neck alone or will a combination face and neck cream work just as well? There are some experts that will tell you that a cream specifically designed for your neck area is the only cream you should be using. However do you really want to add another product or step to your daily routine? What really matters is what works for you. There are a lot of creams on the market that can be used on your face and neck without having to purchase two separate products. Shop around and check reviews since these creams can get rather pricey. MV Copyright © 2018 Tammy Kincaid All rights reserved

Personal Training Cross Training Fitness Equipment Cardio Machines Diet/Nutrition Weight Loss Smoothie Bar Pro Shop Tanning 702.483.5412 7375 S. Durango Drive

South West corner of W. Warm Springs and Durango 18

By Tammy Kincaid


Nevada Pediatric Specialists Quality Healthcare for Children

Congratulations to


for being named one of the Top 100 Doctors and Dentists of the Year

Dr. Zilberman is Board-Certified in Pediatrics and Pediatric Emergency Medicine. He has been certified by the American board of Pediatrics in General Pediatrics since 1995 and in Pediatric Emergency Medicine since 1998. Dr. Zilberman is also fluent in Russian, French and Spanish.

Nevada Pediatric Specialists is a pediatric practice in Las Vegas, Nevada. It exists to provide quality healthcare for children up to the age of 18. Continuity of care is our top priority and as much as possible we try to schedule you with the pediatrician or nurse practitioner of your choice.

(702) 457-5437

3201 South Maryland Parkway, Suite 608 • Las Vegas, NV •


Ask the Pro:

Meet Samantha Whittemore with Play Glam


How did you get your start with the beauty industry?

I’ve always had passion and the skillset for the beauty industry. I’m a creator and giver and makeup gave me the opportunity to do both so when the time came to choose my career, I wanted to go to cosmetology school. My dad didn’t agree so I ended up studying business at University of Nevada Las Vegas for 2 years. It was a great learning chapter of my life but did not serve as my purpose. After taking the leap of faith to become a licensed esthetician and certified makeup artist, my entrepreneur spirit then created Play Glam Mobile Studio.





How did you form the idea for a mobile beauty service?

In beauty school we had to create a beauty related business. I made the blueprint for a high end full-service salon, created the name, and then realized the need for a mobile salon (Uber inspired me). This day and age is all about what’s easy and convenient and nothing is more convenient than bringing your glam team right to your doorsteps. What were some challenges or difficulties with starting your own business?

Owning a business is you constantly putting out fires! For me one of my challenges, from choosing not to get investors, was the overhead costs. Having another source of income in the startup phase and using sites like helps.

By Mark Shaffer

What is your favorite thing about owning and operating your own business?

Every day I get to do what I love while impacting the lives of others. It’s more than applying makeup and giving confidence and happiness. It’s about inspiring people daily to be themselves, love themselves, and treat themselves. And creating my brand, Play Glam, has giving me the opportunity to do so. What is the basic process to starting your own app?

The #1 step to starting any business venture is research! Thoroughly research the competition and your potential app development team. Gain some knowledge and ideas of the design and features so you have a clear vision on what you want before reaching out to an app development team. You will be working long hours and days with them, so you want to choose the best fit for you and your brand.


Any words of advice for women wanting to start their own business?

I would say to never get discouraged, give up, and/or compare yourself to others. If it is meant for you, it is going to happen. Be patient and have open arms to all the challenges because it doesn’t get easier, you just get better.


How do artists become vendors on your app?

Go to ‘careers’ on our website:, submit your resume, and fill out the form. You will receive an email with instructions for auditions. We hand pick our stylists to ensure our clients are booked with the best professional stylists. On our website you can find more information about the girls at Play. MV



The Forum Shops at Caesars 3500 Las Vegas Blvd. Unit S35/Forum Shops LAS VEGAS, NV 89109 (702) 733-6205



By Marie Mortera KSNV Anchor Facebook: mariemortera Twitter: mariemortera

WORK HARD PLAY HARDER Play Glam is here to bring some glam into your

Selfie Season

life with On Demand beauty services!

Book make up, blowouts, tanning, lashes, facials and more in the comfort of your own home, hotel room, office or anywhere!


t’s summer vacation season and if you’ve been to a tourist hotspot lately, you may want to call it the selfie season. It’s no secret, vacationers want to broadcast the trip highlights to the social media world but if you take too many, you may not be just missing out on real life fun. You may have a bigger problem.

We are fun, affordable, and bring the pampering to you! Treat yourself deserve it! Get the Play Glam mobile app at the App store and on Google Play.

A recent study focused on students, mostly under the age of 25, and broke down their selfie actions into 6 categories: self-confidence, attention seeking, mood modification, environmental enhancement, conformity, and social competition.

We Come To You! • 702.660.0231

In the end, the Exploratory Study of “Selfitis” concluded “selfitis,” the obsession with taking selfies, is real. “People are trying to treat their brain; stimulate positive chemistry and there’s a social comparison thing going on as well. We look at other people – they’re having great lives – I want to look like I’m having a great life, so I post my best moments or best photos out on the internet,” says Dr, Scott Bea from the Cleveland Clinic. While the psychologist did not participate in the research, he says focusing too much on ourselves can amplify bad feelings. “When that self-awareness becomes intense, we’re often chanting about what’s wrong with us.” The Cleveland Clinic even points out a reported rise in plastic surgery to attain that perfect look on social media. But the advice isn’t to put down the phone all together. Instead, Dr. Bea says set social media limits for yourself. So perhaps, take in the sights, and less selfies. MV


25% OFF OF


7250 S. Durango Drive 702.453.TANN (8266)

Life is Better When You’re Bronzed. WIN A FREE DINNER FOR TWO TEXT “MYVEGAS” TO 50505

Maggie’s Wellness


A Boutique Pilates Studio •

1st Session Free*

Tone, strengthen and tighten your body

Personalized workouts

Perfect for men and women of all ages and fitness levels

Private Appointments

702.772.6233 *Call for Details

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UV RAYS IS ONE OF THE #1 CAUSES FOR PREMATURE AGING AND WRINKLES LAS VEGAS averaged 105 DEGREES and maxed out at 115 DEGREES for June and July of 2018. Are you curious to find out how your skin held up to the most extreme radiation?

Bring a friend or family to receive a FREE skin evaluation and Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Hydrafacial Holiday season is coming up, let us prepare your skin for all the holiday photos!

Call us now to book your appointment: 702.876.0350 Use Promo: MYVEGAS10 - and receive FREE LED treatment upgrade • • 1811 S. Rainbow Blvd. Suite 108 • Las Vegas, NV 89146 WIN A FREE DINNER FOR TWO TEXT “MYVEGAS” TO 50505



Over 20 Years Of Comprehensive Medical and Surgical Care in Las Vegas Kevin Rayls, MD, FACS Stephen B. Horsley, MD, FACS

• General Surgery • Laprascopic Surgery • Minimally Invasive Robotic daVinci Surgery 8530 W. Sunset Rd., Suite 240 Las Vegas, NV 89113

Phone: 702.796.0022


Seven Hills 10608 S. Eastern Ave., Suite H SevenHills Hills Seven Summerlin Seven Hills (Eastern & Horizon Ridge in the Smith’s Plaza) Ave., HAve., 10608 S.Eastern Eastern Ave., Suite H Suite 7664 Summerlin W.10608 Lake Mead,S. Suite 107 10608Suite S. Eastern H Hills Seven 702.617.2750 (Buffalo &(Eastern Lake Mead in the & Horizon Ridge in the Smith’s Plaza) & Summergate HorizonPlaza) Ridge in(Eastern the Smith’s Plaza)

(Buffalo & Lake Mead in the Summergate Plaza) (Eastern & Horizon Ridge in the Smith’s Plaza) 7664 W. Lake Mead, Suite 107 10608 S. Eastern Ave., Suite H 702.254.6222 702.617.2750 702.254.6222 702.617.2750

(Buffalo & Lake Mead in the Summergate Plaza) (Eastern & Horizon Ridge in the Smith’s Plaza) 702.254.6222 702.617.2750 Northwest Southwest Northwest Southwest 702.254.6222 702.617.2750 4343 N. Rancho Dr. Suite 116 6455 Rainbow, Suite 100 Northwest Southwest 4343 N. Rancho Dr. Dr. Suite Suite 116 116 6455 Suite (Southwest corner of RanchoRainbow, & Craig) (At Rainbow,100 one block North of 215 Beltway) 4343 N. Rancho 6455 Rainbow, Suite 100 Northwest Southwest 702.802.4390 Southwest 702.656.6144 Northwest (Southwest corner corner of of Rancho Rancho & & Craig) Craig) (At Rainbow, one one block block North North of of 215 215 Beltway) Beltway) (Southwest (At Rainbow, Store Hours: 4343 N. Rancho Dr. Suite 116 4343 N. Rancho6455 Rainbow, Suite 100 Dr. Suite 116 6455 Rainbow, Suite 100 702.656.6144 702.802.4390 702.656.6144 702.802.4390 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday | 8:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday (Southwest (At corner of Ranchoone & Craig) (At Rainbow, one block North of 215 Beltway) (Southwest corner of Rancho & Craig) Rainbow, block North of 215 Beltway) Store Hours: Seven Hills Summerlin 702.656.6144 702.802.4390 Store Hours: 702.656.6144 702.802.4390 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday | 8:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday 7664 W. Lake Mead, Suite 107 10608 S. Eastern Ave., Store Suite H 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday | 8:00am to 1:00pm on Hours: Saturday Store Hours: (Buffalo & Lake Mead in the Summergate Plaza) (Eastern & Horizon Ridge in the Smith’s Plaza) 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday | 8:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday 702.254.6222 702.617.2750 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday | 8:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday



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(At Rainbow, one block North of 215 Beltway)


Store Hours:

Academic Dermatology of Nevada is a full service practice offering a wide variety of cutting edge treatment options for skin diseases and cosmetic beautification. Dr. Samlaska specializes in all forms of cutaneous diseases, ranging from routine acne vugaris and warts to more complicated disorders like severe psoriasis, blistering conditions, genetic disorders as well as skin cancers.  Board certified in Internal Medicine and Dermatology, Dr. Samlaska has written extensively, having published over 72 articles and textbook chapters.   Our mission is to provide the most up-to-date medical care that meets your individual needs.  From your first consult to every follow-up visit, we strive to build a lasting relationship based on integrity and mutual respect.  We pride ourselves in not only taking care of you, but your family also.  Our office setting is professional yet informal and children and family members are welcome.  you deserve the finest quality of care, and it is our mission to provide you with the best.    We have the latest in cosmetic treatments, including Botox, dermal fillers, facial rejuvenation, Ulthera, Liposonix, as well as vein sclerosing.  Please visit our website for more details.  We look forward to serving you.

2839 St. Rose Pkwy, Suite 100 Henderson, NV 89052 P: 702.837.8988, F: 702.990.5269


By Megan Mathis (702) 269-9290

In Search of Overall Health & Wellbeing


hen I turned 60 years young I started to notice subtle changes in my physical abilities and my overall health. Since I hold a strong resistance to aging, I leaped at the chance to add more cardio, increase the weights, take more vitamins, drink more good water, etc. The years keep passing and I continue to search for the perfect diet, the perfect supplements, and the perfect exercise program for optimal health and wellbeing - but to no avail. Even though there is an overwhelming amount of information on this subject, I have simply found the whole process exhausting! No matter what I try or where I look for answers, I could not seem to find a combination that works for me. Then I read something that changed my perspective entirely – that we are all microcosmic universes. This means that one diet, or supplement or exercise program is not going to work for everyone. While I really liked this idea, it seemed to put more pressure on me to keep trying new things. We are a full service salon, day spa and medical spa.

Seek first your peace of mind and overall health & wellbeing will follow. Can I get an Amen?! MV

Services we offer:

Ravi Ramanathan, M.D. Family Practice

Voted 2 Consecutive Years as Top 100 Men in the Community

Primary Care, Medically Supervised Weightloss, Physicals & Testing, Personal Injury 2 LOCATIONS:



Hair Cuts, Color, Styling, Extensions Manicure, Pedicures, All Nail Services Massage, Makeup Application Facials, Waxing, Chemical Peels, Botox, Dysport, Juvederm Eyelash Extensions Microblading, Permanent Makeup Threading, Laser Hair Removal Are you a Salon and Spa Professional looking to join our family? We currently have space available to rent.


I shared the notion with a lovely lady in the Cleveland Airport while waiting for our flight, and she agreed completely. Then she added – “But if you don’t find peace of mind first, you will never find perfect health.” Wow! I have been searching for perfect health so I could have peace of mind – just the opposite is true.

4280 S. Hualapai Way Suite 200 • Las Vegas 89147 702-233-2020 • @iconsalonspa



A HEALTHY BODY FOR A BETTER WAY OF LIFE! We offer a personalized approach to health care. Treating the person not the symptom. Helping you live longer and better. • Hormone Replacement Therapy • Weight Loss • Fatigue/Stress • Cosmetic Treatments


Cristy Thomas

for being named one of the Top 100 Doctors & Dentists 2018

5765 S. Fort Apache Rd., Ste. 100 Las Vegas, NV 89148 702.731.1200

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY Events Headshots Weddings Products Corporate Portraits PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY

Dr Cristy Thomas DNP, FNP-BC, APRN Board Certified in Family Practice



Headshots Events Weddings Headshots Products Weddings Corporate Products Portraits Corporate Portraits

Luxury Eyewear | Sunglasses | Contacts | LASIK* w .j a www.ja q queline uelinean andrea drea.c .comom




2010 Festival Plaza Dr. #195 Las Vegas, NV 89135 702.858.4362

queline and



702724.6806 702



Studio 2510 Anthem Village Dr. Henderson, NV 89052 Suite 150

*LASIK procedures are performed off site by refractive surgeon.


Studio 2510 Anthem Village Dr. Henderson, NV 89052 Suite 150

Studio 2510 Anthem Village Dr. Henderson, NV 89052 Suite 150


Julia Grambo



Las Vegas Entrepreneur Kema Ogden Wears Multiple Hats in Spearheading Community Projects As a long-time Las Vegas community-minded business entrepreneur, philanthropist and CEO Kema Ogden wakes up every morning refreshed and eager for the daily challenge of advancing remarkable community changes. Kema takes pride, for example, that in 2008 she founded The Ogden Family Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization along with her husband, Jonathan Ogden, a former professional

cannabis dispensary as co-owner of Top Notch THC, a minority-owned dispensary and cultivation business based in Las Vegas, NV. Top Notch’s parent company is Nevada-based Global Harmony LLC. Top Notch offers a wide variety of cannabis as well as an abundant selection of edibles that are produced locally in Las Vegas. “Health and wellness has always been a passion of mine,” Kema says. “I’m fortunate to have been able to bring health and wellness strategies to the community for over 10 years as an entrepreneur.” And just recently, Kema joined the board of the national organization Doctors for Can-

football player who played offensive tackle with the NFL Baltimore Ravens and inducted into the Pro

nabis Regulation, the first and only physicians’ organization dedicated to the legalization, taxation and effective regulation of cannabis for adult use. Kema will be serving on the

Football Hall of Fame. The Foundation’s goal is to provide homeless,

development committee of the eight-member board based in Washington, D.C.

foster and at-risk youth, as well as underserved families, with programs and services that support families, unite communities, and promote healthy lifestyles in southern

“ I am extremely honored and humbled to be selected as one of the Top 100 Women in

Nevada. Mrs. Ogden is also executive director of the Community Outreach Medical Center, a nonprofit clinic that provides medical and behavior services for low-income and high-risk Southern Nevada populations. COMC offers a wide-range of medical services that include: prenatal care for teenagers and women ages 16 to 40 in partnership with the University of Nevada School of Medicine and University Medical Center Hospital’s Baby Steps Program; an extensive HIV/AIDS program; cancer screenings; family planning services for women such as PAP smears, mammograms, pregnancy tests, gynecology services and birth control and services for men that include testicular exams, prostate screening, nutritional counseling and safe-sex counseling. Kema has the distinction of being Nevada’s first female minority owner of a

Southern Nevada by MYVEGAS magazine and to be acknowledged as someone helping to make positive changes and differences in people’s daily lives,” Mrs. Ogden says. “Southern Nevada is my home and I hope to be very involved for many years to come as an active leader inspiring individuals to reach for their dreams, while pursing healthy bodies and strong minds.”





Managing Partner of Nevada Brain & Spine Care Neurosurgeon Aury Nagy, MD, FAANS, is managing partner of Nevada Brain & Spine Care. Prior to opening this medical practice, he was a partner for nearly 10 years in Las Vegas Neurosurgery & Spine Care. A Las Vegas native, Dr. Nagy graduated from Bishop Gorman High School, Yale University and Baylor College of Medicine. He is board certified through the American Board of Neurological Surgery and received his fellowship training at LSU and at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Nagy serves as Spine Committee Chair and Neurosurgery Section Chief for Spring Valley Hospital as well as an adjunct clinical faculty member for Touro University. He is a product development consultant, Speakers Bureau clinical lecturer and educator for Integra Neurosciences.

2471 Professional Court Las Vegas, NV 89128 Main Telephone: 702.901.4233

New Patient, Referral and MA: 702.998.6520 • Surgery Scheduling and Prior Approvals: 702.998.7629

Psychic Consultants of Las Vegas Readings By Katherine and Lisa

Katherine and Lisa have a combined experience of over 40 years Telling past, present and future. Offering Palm,Tarot & Psychic Readings. Meditation Sessions Reiki Healing and Chakra Balancing. Are you looking for answers, or perhaps would like to receive a confirmation your life is on the right track? Whatever the reason may be, you’ve come to the right place. We love helping people develop the tools they need to cope with all of life’s challenges, and We get great satisfaction from seeing them heal and thrive. Contact us today and let the healing process begin. Available for parties,



events, and gatherings.


Katherine 702-927-5670

— or —

Lisa 424-653-7045




Las Vegas’


TOP 100 MEN OF THE YEAR MYVEGAS Magazine polled over 100,000 of our readers to find Las Vegas’ Most Successful Top 100 Men of the Year; these men make a difference in Las Vegas and positively impact our local community. We receive tons of Top 100 Men of the Year nominations each year, and although nominations don’t guarantee a position in the Top 100 Men of the Year, and we’d love the ability to feature the majority of the incredible nominees, the list has been narrowed down to these Top 100 Men of the Year for 2018. These extraordinary men have made a positive impact in our community and are both nominated and voted by our readers, through their service, commitment, charitable contributions, and big hearts. These men continue to give more than they receive, and they help make Las Vegas one of the most fascinating places to live, work and play. They are important men in our lives who we would like to honor and show our appreciation to. Featured are a diverse group from various organizations, including Gaming, Politics, Finance, Government, Arts, Entertainment, Education, Health Care, Philanthropy and more. Along with well-known leaders, and the new rising stars, this year we are proud to publish the “Top 100 Men of the Year”. You may recognize some friends and familiar faces, and some have credentials too many to list; however please note that their talents and contributions go far beyond what we had space to print. This year’s recipients are amazing men, who have achieved great success in Las Vegas and influenced the community we live in. We truly hope you enjoy reading this special feature section as much as we enjoyed putting it together! MV


Lusso Auto Spa:

Where Custom Cars Are Created

by Katherine Jackson


he Las Vegas automotive scene is a rich and diverse wonderland of classics, customs and exotics. The density of amazing cars within our desert valley is staggering. But where do all those cars go to get taken care of? When you see an amazing wrap on a brand-new Lamborghini, where did it come from? Where can super cars and hyper car and luxury cars, and yes, even basic consumer cars go to get this kind of special treatment? The Answer is Lusso. Lusso Auto Spa & Design is the haven for anyone who loves their car and wants to treat it with the highest form of love and care. But you may wonder, who, or what is Lusso? The company is the brainchild of John Rhee. Rhee has a background in finance and investment banking and has been very successful in those endeavors. He is a car-guy himself, boasting an impressive collection of exotics which includes,


but is not limited to, a gold-leafed Bugatti Chiron (customized by Lusso, of course) and a pair of Pagani Huayras. That’s right; one of the most beautifully designed hyper cars in the world. With the vision of Horatio Pagani, a legendary, uncompromising madman, who gave mankind the Zonda. By some stroke of genius, he somehow managed to follow it up with something more aggressive, more beautiful and more powerful than the Zonda. John Rhee has two: the original Huayra, and the roadster, of which only a 100 will be made in the world. John appreciates craftsmanship and beauty, that is certain, but he also understands the lifestyle that is cars. John Rhee is a well-traveled person. As he noted in our interview, other cities have upscale places to take your vehicles to be cleaned, detailed and customized. But there simply were no such places

in Vegas, that is until Lusso opened. The only businesses that came close to what Lusso offers were stereo shop and tinting places. He noticed that these businesses did not offer the complete list of services he was looking for, and they were dirty, industrial and not at all welcoming. He knew he could do better, and so he did. There are two different kinds of people in the car world. Some that view cars as transportation, and others that view cars as an extension of themselves. Some people feel pampered when they get a massage or a pedicure, and some people feel pampered when they get their car detailed, or order new wheels, or add a body kit. Lusso is a company that caters to the latter. “Lusso” is the Italian word for “luxury”, and that is the guiding theme from the very moment you walk through the door. The showroom is wide


open and welcoming. The Chiron and Huayras are there, in all their gleaming glory. There are fluffed chairs and a pantry at your disposal, which I personally found surprising, with just about every automotive business having coolers with snacks, but never for free. John responded by affirming that he is in the automotive business, not the snack selling business. He expressed that those free snacks and drinks are such a small thing, but they make a big impact on his customers. He wants people to feel welcomed and encourages them to take a seat, relax with some snacks and beverages, and to watch as the talented team of experts take care of your car. The showroom

itself is fitted with a wall of windows that look out onto the workspace, with every detail of what is happening visible. John expressed to me, “Your car is like your house, it is personal…you want to know what is going on with it, so we want people to be able to stay and watch every part of the process if they want to.” Combined with the gorgeous floor to ceiling salt water fish tank, it is a visually dazzling, yet relaxing, atmosphere. Exactly like a spa. If you’re thinking that this place sounds amazing, but you personally drive a Camry or an F-150,


and you think you might not be the sort of customer that can afford to have their car worked on at Lusso; you could be forgiven for making that assumption, but you’d also be wrong. Yes, the Bugatti casts a long shadow, but if you look closely, you’ll also see that Lusso does not discriminate. I, myself, drive a 2012 Chevy Volt, and John was more than happy to talk to me about options for changing the wheels and adding an awesome, new wrap. Everyone is welcome, in the owner’s own words, “Lusso is for anyone who really cares about their car, no matter what they drive.” MV


TOP 100 MEN OF THE YEAR Aaron Lelah started designing jewelry from the early age. He came to Las Vegas in 1982. A superb reputation of great service and value. Aaron Lelah Jewelers is a custom jewelry store. Buy from the manufacture, with jewelers always on the premises and “while you wait repairs.” Aaron has a large selection of jewelry. Come in and find the jewelry you like or he will make it. Shop online 

Adam Vander Heyden is originally from Eagle, Wisconsin. After graduating from Thomas Cooley Law School in Michigan, he has dedicated himself and his career to helping people through a difficult time in their lives as a criminal defense attorney. When he’s not in the courtroom Adam enjoys hiking, reading, playing hockey, and competing in NPC Mens’ Physique competitions.

Andrew Aranda is the proud owner of Pure Plumbing. Andrew has earned the respect of his peers and has become a role model in the industry. He truly embodies the Zig Ziglar quote “You can have everything you want in life if you just help enough people get what they want.”

Anthony Knight is a Public Speaker and Managing Broker/ Partner of Platinum Real Estate Professionals, which has won Best of Las Vegas, the last 3 years in a row. In addition to being recognized as America’s Best Real Estate Agent by, Anthony was named Top 40 Under 40, by the Young Professionals Network (YPN), three consecutive years and inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2016. He is the Creator of Foster Friday, a program that helps abandoned and abused pets find loving and safe homes every Friday of each week.


Anthony Lai is the Student Affairs Program Manager at The International School of Hospitality (TISOH). He assists students with career placement and networking opportunities within the industry.  Anthony’s extensive hospitality experience includes roles as Hotel Manager, Guest Service Manager, and Hospitality Implementation Consultant.  

Aury Nagy, MD, FAANS, is managing partner of Nevada Brain & Spine Care. Prior to opening this medical practice, he was a partner for nearly 10 years in Las Vegas Neurosurgery & Spine Care. A Las Vegas native, Dr. Nagy graduated from Bishop Gorman High School, Yale University and Baylor College of Medicine.

Anthony Paglia’s grandparents and mom moved to Vegas from Cuba for a better life. Arturo was the first licensed Hispanic architect in Nevada.  His son, Arthur Cambeiro, is Vegas’ premier plastic surgeon.  Clients get Anthony’s cell number. Call 702.830.7070 and visit www.anthonypaglia. com for a free consult. 

Bahador Emamzadeh Owner and operator of Stacks and Yolks Las Vegas. He was born in Iran and raised in Las Vegas since the age of 6. He opened the Breakfast & Lunch joint in 2009, and now has 2 locations in Vegas. Stacks is known for their breakfast skillets, delicious pancakes, and generous portions.

Anthony Potter started his company in 2016 to help people to learn how to protect themselves better. The company teaches Self Defense, Firearm courses, Home Defense/ Safety Audits and does many upgrades for home hardening. Give them a call today to help you BE SAFER TODAY.

Bert Adams is a third generation real-estate developer in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. In 2014 he got into the cannabis industry and got licensed by the state of Nevada. He built a state of the art cultivation facility and, in-turn, created the most sought after brand in the state, Cannabiotix.

Anthony P. Sgro of Sgro and Roger is a “death qualified” criminal defense attorney, also practicing in the areas of personal injury, entertainment and business law. Mr. Sgro also serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Boys Town Nevada, an organization dedicated to helping Nevada’s youth.

Bob Ansara is co-owner and operator of Ricardo’s Mexican Restaurant and Catering since 1979. Bob and his wife Darlene have been Las Vegas residents for 37 years. Ricardo’s focus has always been on love of food, warm hospitable service, excellent quality and consistent operations.  The Ricardo’s team is proud to have served the community since 1979.  He and his family also own and operate Professional Estate Administrators.   




Elite Media is best known for our work in Las Vegas providing large scale building wraps, wallscapes and digital spectaculars for national advertisers and convention exhibitors. Setting new standards in OOH opportunities for over 15 years, Elite Media’s installations are internationally recognized. Elite Media’s building wraps surround one of the world’s largest convention centers – The Las Vegas Convention Center – and attract the attention of all convention visitors boosting brand awareness. Elite Media brings big ideas to life.  Our body of work includes the largest special event building wraps across the country. “Elite Media’s goal is to realize conscionable profits. We service brands that are targeting specific markets, events, conventions or tourism, through out-ofhome media. These brands buy from us because we consistently meet all four points of the “Elite Experience” – honesty, expertise, quality and satisfaction.”


TOP 100 MEN OF THE YEAR Byron Brooks Managing Partner of Brooks Brothers Bail Bonds, a Veteran owned and operated agency. Shares managing duties with his brother who is a Wounded Warrior Project Alumni, and Wounded Warrior Project certified Peer Mentor. Born and raised in Las Vegas and watched the landscape change into what the city is today.

Chad Hirschi, president of Hirschi Masonry, has worked in the construction industry for more than 25 years. Since founding Hirschi Masonry in 2009, he has grown the company to employ more than 500 with unsurpassed passion and leadership. Hirschi Masonry continues to be a highly sought after company to work for.

Chad McCullough is President of Elite Media; outdoor advertising specializing in building-wraps, wallscapes and digital spectaculars. Graduate of Harvard Business School’s OPM Program.  Recipient of 2015 SBA Nevada Business Person of the Year, 2014 Top 40 Under 40 Las Vegas Professionals and 2014-2018 Las Vegas’ Top 100 Men of Success.

Chris Chiodo is the founder and executive director of The Vision Centers. The Vision Centers consist of four convenient locations in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson, and have been providing vision care to many of the valley’s residents for more than 20 years. Another passion for Dr. Chiodo is the Nevada Blind Child’s Foundation.


Chris Rubeis is a 44-year-old husband and father of four. He has been in real estate as a licensee since 2005 and has been in the top 10% of top producers every year. His motto is “Giving is Living” and has donated over 25k year to date to Veterans and Law Enforcement. He’s a Navy Veteran and he likes the woods, camping, fishing, and hunting with family and friends

Damian R. Sheets has worked as a prosecutor and defense attorney in criminal, family and appellate law, having handled over 7,000 cases from DUI to murder. Only three years after opening his own successful practice in 2007, he accepted a senior partnership at the firm Mayfield, Gruber & Sheets.

Chris Yakimchuk is a Canadian businessman residing in Las Vegas. He owns and operates Yak’s Fitness which features some of the best fitness equipment in the city for his members.  Chris hand-picked some of the finest personal trainers in the Vegas Valley to work out of his facility providing the ultimate gym experience.

Daniel T. Gerety, founder and president of Gerety & Associates, CPAs, specializes in estate and income tax planning. He provides tax and accounting advice to high wealth clients, closely held businesses, their owners and families. Dan is a CPA and certified Trust and Estate Professional (TEP).

Christian Seabrook is the manager of Cultivate dispensary in Chinatown. For several years he has consulted in both financial analysis and cannabis operations. He is an advocate for ethical business, ending the drug war, and communal growth in Las Vegas, where he has lived for 20 years.

Darin Feinstein is a venture capitalist, attorney and entrepreneur. He owns multiple companies in the financial, technology and food and beverage spaces.  Mr. Feinstein specializes in distressed and value add projects as well as participates in a number of charitable causes across the west coast.

Dr. Curt Samlaska specializes in all forms of cutaneous diseases and cosmetic procedures from Botox to Ulthera. Board certified in Internal Medicine and Dermatology, Dr. Samlaska has written extensively, having published over 72 articles and textbook chapters. Our office setting is professional yet informal and children and family members are welcome.

David Corbett A resident of the Las Vegas area for over 50 years, and a proud local Farmers® agent at the Corbett Insurance Agency. With over 22 years of insurance expertise, his main priority is educating and protecting his customers as well as their assets and families.


AGGRESSIVE. EXPERIENCED. RESPONSIVE. CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEYS SERVING LAS VEGAS, NEVADA DUI/DWI Criminal Defense Traffic Violations Internet Crimes Drug Crimes Sex Crimes Domestic Violence

726 S. Casino Center Blvd. Suite #211 Las Vegas, Nevada 89101 702.598.1299

TOP 100 MEN OF THE YEAR Derek Parent is a 20-year mortgage veteran, and his clientele ranges from first-time homebuyers to seasoned investors. Along with helping hundreds of families per year secure a home, he has also been an integral part of establishing traditional financing options for over 100 condo projects in Las Vegas.

Dr. Devin Luzod CEO of Spinal Care of Nevada and Gentle Pain Care Centers, authored the book, “Live to 100… and Want To!,” was awarded the Sid Ribley Scholarship for outstanding achievement, and is a panel speaker for the 2018 Complimentary Medicine Conference. An active community member, loves tennis and spending time with family.

Eric Marshall of Marshall Injury Law has practiced for over a decade. Eric speaks Spanish and Portuguese. He began with a simple concept: take care of your clients and your clients will take care of you.  This simple concept has grown into millions of dollars collected for our clients.  Marshall Injury Law treats you like family so come visit today.

Erik Ahlander has been practicing personal injury law in Nevada for thirteen years. He graduated from the William S. Boyd School of Law (UNLV) in 2005.  Due to his success in representing his valued clients, he opened his own personal injury firm three years ago.


Fabian Vincent is a long-time resident of Las Vegas and is very well known as a local and international banker; He has had a career as a senior bank officer with Nevada’s most prestigious banks and is presently an independent Licensed Mortgage Banking Consultant and a partner with the New York-based firm, NAMM Advisors that sources loans for their clients globally.

Jack Zunino, FASLA, has over 30 years of experience in the fields of landscape architecture and land planning. He founded the office of JW Zunino Landscape Architecture in 1989 and has dedicated his career to designing projects that are environmentally sensitive and appropriately help save our planet.

Garrett T. Ogata attended The University of Maryland – School of Law. He began his career as a law clerk for Judge Michael Douglas in Clark County, Nevada. He focuses his practice in DUI defense and criminal defense. Garrett is knowledgeable, aggressive, and responsive providing excellent representation for his clients.

Jason Rylan Owner of Sky Ambient Productions, a Vegasbased audio-visual production company, this California-born artist is electrically eclectic. He has an innate ability to blend EDM, electronica, dance, and pop together with a little rock. The result is an amazing amalgam of music, his compositions are meaning-filled musings written to lift others up.

Dr. Harry Zilberman is a Pediatrician who practices in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is Board-Certified in Pediatrics and Pediatric Emergency Medicine.  Dr. Zilberman earned his medical degree at Laval University School of Medicine, Canada in 1991. He completed his internship and residency in Pediatrics and Fellowship in Pediatric Emergency Medicine at McGill University and the Montreal Children’s Hospital in Montreal, Canada.

Jeremiah Richardson Owner and operator of Wag N’ Wash Las Vegas, along with his beautiful wife, Christie McLean. Their passion for animals and excitement to heighten awareness about better nutrition for your furry family members, helps to provide a fun, pet loving, family friendly environment to feed ’em, wash ’em, and spoil ’em.

Ian Seidenberg is a top Live Event Producer, produces the annual exclusive After-Party for Cirque du Soleil’s charity event “One Night for One Drop” in which the event has raised over $35 million over 6 years to support One Drop’s mission. He is currently the General Manager for Shepard Exposition Services which organizes and executes some of the largest trade shows in North Americas.

Dr. Jim Wright is an internationally accredited dentist specializing in general, holistic and cosmetic dentistry. He and his wife, Debby, support many local charities. Dr. Wright has been a recipient of the St. Therese Center’s Yellow Rose Award and was chosen to work with the Nevada contestants of the Miss America Pageant.


Gerety & Associates, CPAs congratulates

Daniel T. Gerety on his nomination for

Top 100 Men of the Year by MYVEGAS Magazine!

“Our sole purpose at Gerety & Associates, CPAs is to provide our clients with highly personalized tax, accounting and financial advice for their business and their family.� ~ Daniel T. Gerety, CPA

Daniel T. Gerety, CPA

6817 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 101 Las Vegas, NV 89119 (702) 933-2213

TOP 100 MEN OF THE YEAR Joe Caldera, AAMS®, AIF®, CRPS® As President/Financial advisor of Caldera Wealth Management, Joe is Accredited Asset Management Specialist, Accredited Investment Fiduciary and a Chartered Retirement Plan Specialist. After 20 years as a licensed advisor, Joe educates investors how simple financial adjustments can help grow and protect their net worth.

Joe Geeb is a Fire Captain with the Clark County Fire Department. Not only does he serve his community as a first responder but he is dedicated to maintaining the legacies of those that have served before him by participating with the Nevada Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund, a local non-profit.

John Barnes Vice President of Marketing at Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions for the company’s 78 stores across the country. He is responsible for creating the ultimate customer experience, product expansion, branding and web campaigns for all Sunburst stores.  Barnes is a dedicated husband of 30 years and father to 3 wonderful children.  He is an avid fan of the arts, home décor and most sports.

John Rhee Owner and operator of Lusso Auto Spa & Design. His company specializes in only topquality detailing, paint protection and window tint products. The best shop to take either your old, beat up car or your new Ferrari.


Joseph Abood Esq. is a Chief Deputy Public Defender in Clark County Nevada. He has been representing persons charged with murder for the last 20 years.  He began his legal career as a Staff Judge Advocate at Nellis Air Force base where he served as the Chief Prosecutor.

Dr. Kevin Rayls is an incredibly passionate and dedicated general surgeon. Since 1997, Dr. Rayls has been a local practitioner in Las Vegas, where he founded Mountain West Surgical. He provides quality and innovative surgical care while continuing to address the individual needs that each patient requires.

Josh Zwagil began as a chess prodigy who ultimately went to university on a chess scholarship. But when he recognized how long chess and studies would procrastinate his career as a serial entrepreneur, he left college to build companies that have generated tens of millions of dollars in sales.

Dr. Lane Smith is a board Certified Plastic Surgeon. He has trained at some of the finest medical centers and has received several awards for his advances and research in the field of cosmetic surgery. His keen scientific mind combined with an artistic eye for beauty has helped him build one of the largest plastic surgery practices in the United States.

Dr. Julio Garcia moved to Las Vegas in 1988, entering the private practice of Plastic Surgery.Dr. Garcia has also been providing Regenerative Medicine technology since 2013. Dr. Garcia is the president for the Aesthetic Society Education and Research Foundation. He is also the chairman of Crime Stoppers of Nevada

Mason VanHouweling As the CEO of UMC, Mason VanHouweling leads a diverse team of 4,000 employees who dedicate their careers to delivering Nevada’s highest level of care. While guiding the state’s most respected academic medical center, Mason’s bold strategic vision supports UMC’s ability to save and improve the lives of community members.

Kamyar Zargari is originally from Los Angeles. He received his BS in Psychobiology before going on to establish the Triumph brand in 2006. Through the success of his property management company, Mr. Zargari founded Triumph Luxury Homes; now one of the leading providers of some of the finest homes throughout Las Vegas.

Michael Skoy is the creator and owner of The Vault Bicycle Shop, a full-service repair and retail store. His passion is helping people rediscover their love of bicycles. The Vault has a display of antique and collectible bicycles that will give you that “Walk down memory lane feeling.”


Congratulations ANDREW ARANDA for making Top 100 Men in Business



Andrew Aranda has been in the plumbing industry for over 20 years. His career began in Santa Fe, New Mexico at his family’s plumbing business. Because of this experience as well as his years of experience in construction, Andrew and his wife Alexis have continued to quickly grow their plumbing business here in Las Vegas. One of his desires is to improve the lives of his employees by creating an incubator for success. Andrew truly embodies the Zig Ziglar quote, “You can have everything you want in life if you just help enough people get what they want.” Through his determination, Andrew has earned the respect of his peers and has become a role model in the plumbing industry. He continues to demonstrate his innovation and creativity; this has delivered lasting results for his community and business. Andrew constantly strives to exemplify the virtues of a great leader. PHOTO BY: Studio N Inc.


TOP 100 MEN OF THE YEAR Mike Tarantino, alongside stepdaughter Gina Sferra, created Tip Top Child Development Center as a solution for all working parents in need of reliable, flexible, affordable childcare for their children ages 6 weeks to 12 years. Their unique 24-hour daycare provides care for 250+ children and growing.   

Mitchell Britten Founder and CEO of two THRIVE Cannabis Marketplace dispensaries in Southern Nevada, as well as a North Las Vegas growing facility. Previously, he worked in Colorado’s cannabis industry from 2009-2014, and grew their company tenfold, making him a definite veteran in the industry.

Dr. Neville Campbell is a board certified anesthesiologist and a board certified interventional pain management physician. He completed both his medical training and his anesthesiology residency in New York City at renowned Mount Sinai School of Medicine and State University of New York at Downstate respectively. After completion of residency training, he returned to Mount Sinai Hospital to complete an ACGME-accredited pain medicine fellowship program, in the department of Anesthesiology.

Nick Kasik, a national construction executive for over 25 years, is experienced with local casinos, the Government, developers, and private builders. Currently leading USI Silver State, as the Valley’s leading insulation, garage door, fireplace, mirror and glass contractor, Nick is fortunate to lead the top subcontracting team in the industry.


Nick Pomponio recently opened his own law firm, Pomponio Injury Law, in order to focus on providing the highest level of customer service to all of his clients, believing that each client is not a number, but rather a part of the family.  Give Nick a call today!

Dr. Ravi Ramanathan is the Founder of Family Doctors of Green Valley, which was established in June 2000. He had a vision of broadening his scope of quality family care by expanding services with a state-of-the-art clinic serving the Green Valley, Henderson, and Las Vegas communities.

Dr. Paul Lanfranchi is Board Certified with specialty certification in Facial Plastic Surgery by the American Osteopathic Board of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery. He is also a fellow of the American Osteopathic College of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, an Associate Staff Member at Spring Valley Hospital, and Medical Director of The Lanfranchi Center for Facial Plastic Surgery & Rejuvenation in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Richard “Mr. Q” Querney is the broker and realtor with Centennial Real Estate who has built his real estate success on “putting the client always first” above everything else. He believes in good communication and making himself available for his clients 24-7.  He has the experience, technology skills, knowledge and negotiation skills to handle any issue or obstacle that may appear while he pays attention to the details.

Paul Powell is more than just a prestigious personal injury lawyer with a reputation of never taking more money than his clients. In 2017, Paul founded his own non-profit organization, Paul Pays It Forward. Most notably, a portion of each settlement is donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to assist in the fight against childhood cancer.

Richard Wilk A respected casino executive and influencer in Vegas for 20+ years. He’s known for taking care of Hollywood’s biggest names.  He’s held executive positions in Vegas’ top hotels/ casinos, reporting directly to CEOs.  He merges his network and marketing background to create a “buzz” - a passion he calls “buzz marketing”.

Dr. Ralph Carullo is a certified venous and lymphatic medicine physician. He’s coowner with his wife, Dr. Fauzia Carullo, of Las Vegas Urgent Care and Las Vegas Vein Center.  Dr. Ralph Carullo is dedicated in the Las Vegas community to increasing public awareness about venous disease and promoting recognition of signs and symptoms.

Roger Croteau has dedicated his firm to solving complex legal and financial problems utilizing the law to create intelligent and cost effective solutions. Mr. Croteau focuses on litigation matters involving commercial / business disputes, personal injury matters, bankruptcy and family disputes. Each member of the firm handles your legal problems with competency, compassion and concerns.


Congratulations CHAD HIRSCHI

for being named TO THE TOP 100 MEN LIST TWO YEARS IN A ROW!

HIRSCHIMASONRY.COM NEVADA CONTRACTORS LICENSES: C-18 (#0074204); B-2 (#0075957); C14C (#0081676); C17 #0083795




Protect, Invest, Achieve with Westpac Wealth Partners

By Jenna Hoeg

Unlike its competition, WestPac Wealth Partners has an advisor for every income level and does not have a firm minimum for an advisor to meet with a client. Each advisor at WestPac is essentially allowed to find their niche and create a practice around it themselves. The clients at WestPac range from middle America, every day families to higher net worth, larger income clients. WestPac prides itself on educating their clients on which decisions are best for them and their families. There is no set agenda for the advisors, which allows them to be very fluid when it comes to a client’s needs. Scribner states, “We want to provide education around money and create strategies and safe guards for our clients to allow them to enjoy their lives forever. Understanding how money works is key. We speak on behalf of the future version of our clients as opposed to the current version of them. WestPac can be described as a financial concierge service to our clients in the sense of helping to make their lives easier.”


hen the words Financial Advisor arise, The Wolf of Wall Street quickly appears in our heads. The speculation of this coupled with the uncertainty that the individual may not have enough investable assets or does not make enough money to warrant having an advisor can lead to pause for many to seek help. WestPac Wealth Partners’ Managing Partner, Travis Scribner, is no stranger to this misconception. He has helped form the company to a magnitude that is incomparable to its competition by structuring it around the needs of their customers. As a graduate from The University of Nevada Las Vegas, Scribner began his journey into secondary finance, working with some of the top banks on Wall Street. During this time, he obtained


his passion of educating others in financial management. Scribner’s course with WestPac Wealth Partners began in 2011 where he made tremendous strides, which led to his promotion to Managing Partner in 2014. “I wanted to help create a firm that was different than any other Id seen. One day I thought to myself, what is the culture of WestPac Wealth Partners? As a team, we established a culture of collaboration, sharing, and love within the company. The employees have a love and respect for one another as well as for their clients. We created a positive place to work where people are excited to come every day and take pride in their careers,” said Scribner.

Honor and integrity are the core of Scribner’s beliefs. His drive to educate individuals on financial management has been highly recognized throughout the industry. Scribner also hosts a weekly radio and podcast show, “Las Vegas Money Resource,” which focuses on local business owners in the community. His radio show provides a platform for individuals who are interested in starting a business but are struggling with where to begin. Each week Scribner invites current business owners to share their stories. “Las Vegas Money Resource” can be found on, iTunes, Google Play and Spotify. The show also airs weekly on Thursdays at 9:00am on 101.5fm. Travis Scribner continuously strives to meet his clients’ needs without hesitation while also maintaining a commitment to help and make a positive impact for those under his advisement. WestPac Wealth Partners is fortunate to have Scribner as a Managing Partner, as he has been a large part of the company’s success and will forever be as essential asset in the world of financial advising and management. MV


Congratulations to UMC CEO Mason VanHouweling. Leading the team responsible for delivering Nevada’s Highest Level of Care.

Nevada’s Highest Level of Care Nevada’s ONLY Level I Trauma Center, Nevada’s ONLY Designated Pediatric Trauma Center, Nevada’s ONLY Burn Care Center and Nevada’s ONLY Center for Transplantation


Building Las Vegas

Meet United Subcontractors


merging from the low point of the 2012 economic recession, USI / Silver State has become the Las Vegas Valley leading construction services provider of installed insulation and related specialty contracting services for custom and production builders, contractors and homeowners.

that provides an immediate solution to the construction industry, along with a long term benefit to the social fabric of the community.” Mr. Torres describes it as a chance to provide opportunities that change lives. “An opportunity to develop a skilled workforce, and provide opportunity.”

Since Kasik, and Torres teamed up to lead USI / Silver State, they have invested in new equipment, more service vehicles, recruiting top level management, workforce development, and developed new market offerings. The business has continued to grow, performance has improved, and a new standard in the industry is being established. MV

Since Nick Kasik, and Isac Torres took leadership at the start of 2018, USI Silver State has displayed double digit growth to become the leading provider of construction services to local, regional and national builders in the Las Vegas metroplex. From its North Las Vegas location, the company serves both the residential and commercial markets including fiberglass, spray foam, and cellulose insulation, mirrors and shower surrounds, garage doors, fireplaces, storefront glass installation, and commercial specialty services. The Kasik / Torres leadership team has reinforced a renewed commitment to high quality, customer-focused construction services, and expanding their market presence through enhanced value for both current and future customers. As an executive level leader in the national construction market for well over two decades, Mr. Kasik brings a greater vision and culture to the business that fosters growth, efficiency, and clear direction. With an entire career devoted to the insulation and specialty contracting market, Mr. Torres brings an operational culture, which encourages the entire USI team to focus on customers, quality and safety, which has propelled the business to new record highs. This dynamic leadership team is fueled by a pronounced desire, not only to build USI Silver State to be the largest and best company in the market sector, but to be viewed upon by their employees as the premier company to work for. Both Kasik and Torres are committed to building a culture of workforce development, working to create training programs, educational opportunities, and opportunities for people in the workforce to develop skills that will benefit their families for generations. “It’s not just about the business” explains Mr. Kasik. “It is about building something
















. 8



. 6




Derek Parent

it is extremely important to me that I leave a lasting impression on my community. My mindset is that every day is an opportunity to grow—not only in my career, but also in my own development. It has always been my honor to be a stepping stone in others’ lives on the road to accomplishing their goals, and my career has enabled me to do that in a big way. With twenty plus years of experience, I have had the opportunity to work with an array of clients, including first-time homebuyers, high net-worth individuals and local heroes such as: our beloved veterans, police, firefighters, teachers and medical workers. Being that no one transaction is the same, the exposure to such a vast assortment of scenarios has given me a level of expertise that allows me to handle any situation. In such a dynamic industry, an open and creative mind will generally succeed; so personally, I believe that my duty is to always keep an adaptive perspective. With one of the most unique real estate markets in the country, this same mindset has been the foundation of how my team and I have been able to fulfill a desperate need for conventional condo mortgage options in Las Vegas; and despite a volatile real estate collapse in 2008, we have re-established traditional financing options for over 65 condominium projects—ranging from $70,000 to $3 million—throughout the region. So whether you’re planning to purchase a single family home, condo, primary residence or investment, these wins—the difficult ones—are the scores that count, and setting ourselves apart in a world where most are intimidated is something in which I continue to pursue daily, understanding that it will give my clients more opportunity, less stress and most importantly, trust in their mortgage advisor to always have their backs. AS A SEASONED MORTGAGE PROFESSIONAL,


for mortgage information and to find out the benefits of homeownership at


Contact PERL Today! PERL Mortgage, Inc is an Illinois residential mortgage licensee (MB0004358) and equal housing lender. Licensed by the California Department of Business Oversight under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act. NMLS #19186, California License # 4130865 - Licensed by the Department of Business Oversight under California Residential Mortgage Lending Act


• 2x Top 100 Men of the Year • YPN Top 40 Under 40-3x winner & Hall of Fame Inductee • 3x Best of Las Vegas- Gold, Best Real Estate Company • Best of Las Vegas-Silver, Best Luxury Real Estate Company • 2x Best of Las Vegas-Silver-Bronze, Best Real Estate Agent • America’s Top 100 Real Estate Agent • Nevada’s 10 Best Real Estate Agent • Founder- Foster Friday

702.797.LIST • 5588 S. Fort Apache Rd. Suite 100 Las Vegas, Nevada *Commissions are not set by law. All commissions are negotiable. There are no standard commission rates. Each seller decides total commissions paid. Commissions may vary. Call for full details

“A Good Settlement is No Accident.” ~Eric L. Marshall Esq.

Slip & Fall Auto Accident Wrongful Death Big Rig Accident Animal Attack Motorcycle Accident Cycling Accident Traumatic Brain Injury CALL ERIC NOW FOR YOUR FREE CASE REVIEW

3333 East Serene Avenue | Suite 120 | Henderson, NV 89074 | 702.489.5700 |

You Don’t Have To Live With It…

NUCCA Chiropractic Method Achieve and Maintain a PAIN FREE Lifestyle – We Can Help! “Don’t Let PAIN Affect Your Active Lifestyle” Successful Solutions Towards: Sports Injuries • Disc Problems • Chronic Stiffness • Fatigue Back, Neck Pain • Pinched Nerves • Headaches/Migraines • Joint Pain

Dr. Devin Luzod, DC

We help treat many symptoms or complaints!

Dr. Daniel Hecker, DC

Free Consultation Summerlin: Dr. Devin Luzod DC • 1930 Village Center Cir #11, Las Vegas NV. 89134 • Phone: 702.566.HOPE (4673) Henderson: Dr. Daniel Hecker DC • 55 S Valle Verde Dr #235, Henderson NV 89012 • Phone: 702.565.HOPE (4673)


STRONG free song download at Heartfelt Tribute Song to Victims of Vegas Shooting Available 10.1.18 through iTunes and all major music distributors.




NOMINATED BY MYVEGAS MAGAZINE READERS AS ONE OF THE TOP 100 MEN IN LAS VEGAS - Excellent work ethic - Commitment to service - Positive influence in the Las Vegas community

“I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. Congratulations, you deserve this.” – Jesika Towbin-Mansour, Wife and Managing Partner, Towbin Motorcars

“We have never met someone with as strong of an ability to relate to people and inspire growth in our team. A perfectly suited nomination. Congratulations!” – David Reunert and Rich Kansky Towbin Motorcars, Sales Director and Service Director

TOP 100


Get The Legal Representation You Deserve Call Today For A Free Consultation 7455 Arroyo Crossing, Suite 220 Las Vegas, Nevada 89113 Phone: (702) 888-3887 • Fax: (702) 754-2570 54



Our goal is to provide you with ways to BE SAFER TODAY, in every aspect of your life. While at home with custom doors, gates and home defense upgrades or even window security film. Self defense classes/privates Home defense class Home safety audits Firearm courses and CCW Home hardening Custom iron doors and gates

Anthony Potter Owner

NRA Certified Instructor NEVADA CCW certified Instructor JUDO black belt BJJ purple belt Krav Maga Practitioner Home Defense expert

Make your appointment today! • • 702.610.1836

M. Erik Ahlander, Esq.

We never forget the person in personal injury. Personal Injury Attorney

Call us at 702.996.7400 FREE CASE CONSULTATION

5532 S Fort Apache Rd #110 Las Vegas, NV 89148 WIN A FREE DINNER FOR TWO TEXT “MYVEGAS” TO 50505



HONESTY. INTEGRITY. TIMELY RESULTS. Flavor Consultants, Inc. has been importing and exporting high quality, low cost food ingredients all around the world since 1995. We offer a wide variety of food ingredients and specialty products. Working closely with our suppliers and clients on an individual basis, we create and match customized flavors while keeping the lowest possible prices. Our worldwide relations give us the ability to find the best sources for ingredients and raw materials, while our unsurpassed customer service will assist with your technical questions and inquiries in a timely manner. Our objective is to provide high quality products at the lowest cost, as well as effectively coordinate the needs and requirements of our customers.

High-IG Yeast

Natural Roast Type Flavors

Tomato Powder

Dairy Flavors

Honey Powder

Soy Sauce Powder

Amino Acids


Yeast & Yeast Extract

Custom Flavors

Bases, Mixes & Seasonings


Flavor Consultants, Inc. 2875 Coleman Street, North Las Vegas, NV 89032 Email:

Phone: 702-643-4378


Kami Zargari

Triumph Luxury Homes is the leading provider of high-end, luxury homes throughout Las Vegas. Through our exceptional range of properties, we can assist you in the search and purchase of your dream home.

(702) 799-9999 9030 W Sahara Avenue, Suite 668 Las Vegas NV, 89117



Providing expert maintenance, modifications and avionic services for privately owned aircraft and corporate jets worldwide since 2009.

Excellent reputation in turbine, piston and rotorcraft maintenance and repair.

We provide meticulous full-service avionic services for corporate and general aviation. Henderson Exec. Airport (KHND) 1410 Jet Stream Drive Suite 100 Henderson, NV 89052 (702) 735.2739


The Nevada State College The Nevada State College internship program at our The Nevada State College internship program at our firm helps students find internship program our firm helps studentsat find employment. firm helps students find employment. employment.

Our factory trained techs are fully equipped to take superior care of your aircraft.

Call... 702.735.APEX 24/7 AOG SUPPORT! Our "Go-Team" is a global mobile repair team with no borders. ANYTIME... ANYWHERE!

North Las Vegas Airport (KVGT) 2634 Airport Drive Suite 106 North Las Vegas, NV 89032 (702) 636.6555


TOP 100 MEN OF THE YEAR Rony Mansour moved to Las Vegas from Egypt when he was 14. As a son, father and husband, his family have made Las Vegas their home for the last 25 years. Rony is General Manager of the AwardWinning, Towbin Motorcars, representing the finest marques in the automotive business.

Scott Bullock Retired Air Force, President & CEO of Apex Aviation, a company he created to service one segment of the aviation community and which now, in a few short years, services all corporate and general aviation aircraft from Apex locations in Henderson and North Las Vegas.

Scott Mauro has more than 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry. He is currently the West Coast regional manager of Blue Martini. He oversees three stores, with a potential in Hawaii. He always motivates everyone to be the best, which is why he’s known to run the “best bar in the business.”

Shaun Marion With over 30 years in Las Vegas and over 20 years as a Realtor, this is the only industry Shaun has known. He has dedicated himself to his clients and now as the Team Leader of his Keller Williams office, he is now dedicated to the success of his agents.

Dr. Shoib Myint is a board certified Oculofacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. He has published five textbooks in the field of Oculofacial Plastic Surgery for surgeons around the world. Currently he is an Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery at the University of Nevada School of Medicine and spends his time between his practices in Las Vegas and Beverly Hills.

Steve Dimopoulos is Las Vegas’ up-andcoming personal injury attorney. Recent highlights include his receipt of the National Trial Lawyers Top 40 under 40 recognition as well as his launch of two additional legal representation brands (Crash Cashers Injury Attorneys and Ticket Trashers Traffic Citation Attorneys). 

Tim Wallace is the owner of Flavor Consultants. The Las Vegas company has been exporting and importing food ingredients worldwide since 1955. They handle promotion, sales and distribution for 20-plus manufacturers and sell their product in 45-plus countries. For two consecutive years they have enjoyed more than 40 percent growth, expanding both building and

Tony Siao Founder and President of Silver Springs bottled water. Las Vegas Silver Springs Water was started in 2004. Taking an innovative approach to bottled water has made Silver Springs Water one of Nevada’s fastest growing home and office delivery water companies. Launching such products as Planet Ion sport bottles.

Travis Scribner was born in Oxford, England while his father served in the United States Air Force and moved to the United States at age 11. After graduating from the University of NevadaLas Vegas, he began a career in secondary finance working directly with some of the largest banks on Wall Street. Travis joined WestPac Wealth Partners in 2011 and was promoted to General Agent and Managing Partner in 2018. (702) 989-8688

Tom Clarke brings a forward-looking, professional perspective to the cannabis industry. Tom has decades of experience coordinating and training teams to accomplish missions in the defense sector, where teamwork and efficiency save lives. He applies these same principals to innovative, efficient, and ultimately successful companies as a respected member of the Las Vegas community. These are the foundations Tom is building upon within the cannabis industry with his latest venture, a cannabis incubator, Hytiva®.



as Vegas is home to many inspiring women that have worked diligently and tirelessly to make their dreams a reality. MYVEGAS L polled over 100,000 readers to help us find the Top Women Owned Businesses; these are the women that truly make a difference in Las Vegas. We at MYVEGAS Magazine cannot wait to unleash this new Special Feature for our readers! We have found the most influential, glass-ceiling breaking, and inspiring Women Owned Businesses, and we are very proud to grace these pages with this outstanding group of women. (The Top Women in Business below are In no particular order). alexis aranda

is the proud co-owner of Pure Plumbing. She has been the driving force behind her husband Andrew and has modeled grace and elegance, breaking barriers in a tough industry. She leads a phenomenal administration team and is the brains behind the marketing that developed Pure’s excellent reputation.

danielle heyman

Champagne Life is Las Vegas' #1 Gift Basket company since 2013. We design and create customizable and luxurious gifts that feature Champagne, Wine, Liquor and Beer. We can add yman e h le corporate branding and d a niel logos to our entire product collection. We gladly offer same-day delivery 7 days a week and nationwide shipping.

debbie drummond

ond umm d e bbie dr

followers on social media.

has been a full-time Realtor in Las Vegas since 2003. From investment property to luxury homes and high-rise condos, she's a local expert. She has a strong online presence with her website and thousands of

gigi roundtree

is the Founder & President of Common Tree. A local 501c3 Non-Profit that helps local students in need and provides relief to those experiencing challenging circumstances. Since dtree n u 2016, Gigi and her g igi ro Phenomenal Board Members have been servicing our community with hope and love.


carolyn a. matzinger, m.d.

dr. amel youssef

ussef l yo d r.ame

each individual patient.

and her staff are dedicated to providing a community-driven, family friendly eye care practice. With one of the most successful optometry practices in Las Vegas, they offer a wide range of eye care services and personalized attention for

dawn houlf

Possessing more than 20 years of experience in sales, negotiating, marketing and customer service, Dawn Houlf brings her indispensable resources and execution to every real estate lf u o h transaction. A resident of dawn Las Vegas since 1978, Houlf has seen many changes in the last 30-plus years. She dedicates her skills and expertise to assisting clients and other Realtors.

With her passion for healing, she built her career around the premise that the most important aspect of treatment is creating a connection with each individual patient. Her style combines cutting edge nger, M.D. atzi research and diagnostics in Carolyn A. M anti-aging medicine with the personal attention missing today in modern medicine.

debbie banko

has been the driving force of the company’s success since its founding in 2000. With more than three decades of commercial and government consulting experience, her customer focus and nko a b e commitment to quality debbi have been key to providing innovative solutions that exceed customer requirements within cost and schedule constraints.

dr. eva littman

is Las Vegas' most trusted and knowledgeable fertility expert. The Founder and Practice Director of Red Rock Fertility Center, she was trained at some of the world's leading institutions including Stanford and man t t i l Duke University and has d r. eva been named “Top Doctor Fertility” for the past five years.

dr. fauzia carullo

is a board certified Internist and co-owner of Las Vegas Urgent Care, Las Vegas Med Spa, and Las Vegas Vein Clinic, along with her husband Ralph Carullo M.D. Dr. F. Carullo rullo a ca earned Top Doc’s in Vegas d r. fauzi Inc. 2015 and 2016, as well as Leading Physicians in The World 2015

jill geeb

jaqueline andrea

a native of Guatemala City is founder of Jaqueline Andrea Photography. Jaqueline specializes in multi-modal photography. With a rich history in the business, Jackie runs now a successful studio. ndrea a e Jaqueline creates visual j a q uelin communications that make your brand irresistible and portraits that capture the essence of you and your family.



and local schools.


is the owner of CT Rose Salon & Spa. As an expert stylist committed to her craft, she enjoys providing opportunities to the burgeoning population of young beauty professionals. She dedicates her spare time to her community

Carolyn A. Matzinger, M.D. Helping those with Dementia, Lyme Disease,

Mold Toxicity, Neurological Conditions, and much more... “Dr. Matzinger took the time to learn about my health background and provided a solution to help my body heal! Her compassionate & caring approach has been the best doctor-patient relationship I have ever experienced! “ SM “I am very grateful for the service that was provided to me.

I am so thankful for my recovery. Thank you so much.”

Matzinger Institute Of Healing,


uniquely addresses key components necessary to optimize

your health by utilizing the technology of Epigenetics and evaluating Cell Membrane Healing with Lipid Therapies. Additional areas of examination include Nutritional status, correction of hormone imbalance

for men and women with Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and the key component of the Gut-Brain Connection

Matzinger Institute Of Healing focuses on improving the immune system and decreasing overall

inflammation. This results in the improvement of various medical conditions, which include Lyme disease, Mold Toxicity, Valley Fever, PANDA’s, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, Neurodegenerative disorders, Neuropathy, Dementia, Diabetes, Cancer, Autism, Seizures and more.

Matzinger Institute of Healing is privileged to serve not only the Henderson and Las Vegas communities, we are at the forefront of medical tourism in which we serve patients from several geographical areas around

the US and worldwide. Our commitment to servitude has lead to our expansion into our customized, new Healing Center. Our enhanced facility allows us to provide additional, state of the art therapies for a broader range of medical conditions.

1740 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy, Henderson, NV. 89012 |

Tel: 702.778.6100 | Fax: 702.778.6101


From Humble Beginnings, a Science-based Approach to Safety


hen Virginia Toalepai started her safety subcontracting business, World Wide Safety (WWS), five years ago in Las Vegas, she was a recently divorced mother of four young daughters who had $12 to her name. Her ex-husband had worked in the construction safety industry. During their marriage, Toalepai learned the role and importance of being a safety inspector.

and to be worldwide,” stated Toalepai. WWS is a company that is passionate about educating its clients and assisting them with their safety health and goals. “I want to make sure that the clients we serve every day, that their employees make it home safely to their families every night, so I created an Inaugural Safety Awards program,” said Toalepai. “It’s one of the things that sets us apart.”

From those humble beginnings, WWS was founded in August 2013 and assists general contractors, subcontractors, corporations and businesses of all sizes. It has become the largest safety consultation company in Nevada and one of the most successful construction consultation companies in the U.S., a multimillion-dollar operation with 30 employees, and services more than 150 companies and 10,000 workers in several states throughout the nation. Toalepai believes, “If you dream big, work hard and never give up, you can achieve greatness and what you desire.”

WWS will be hosting its “3rd Annual Safety Awards” on January 17, 2019 at the Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort (10325 Nu-Wav Kaiv Blvd.). The celebration will be a traditional luau-themed affair, kicking off with a cocktail mix and mingle beginning at 5:30 p.m. The dinner and luau show will start at 6:30 p.m. The awards presentation, recognizing more than 40 organizations – ranging from small boutique operations to large corporations – that are committed to putting safety first, will follow. TV Host/Producer Courtney Perna from “Las Vegas Now” on KLAS-TV 8 is emceeing the program.

WWS works closely with countless well-known general contractors and a number of specialty trade subcontractors in the development of safety training programs and practical hazard controls. These programs include health/safety program development and implementation, safety leadership training, job-site safety inspections, regulatory compliance, emergency management, fall protection, construction safety, respiratory protection, forklift training, SDS/ hazardous materials/waste clean-up operations, health and safety management OSHA required training, and design and implementation of loss prevention initiatives.

WWS’ previous inaugural Safety Awards have attracted sold-out crowds with more than 200 attendees at each event. “It’s an absolute pleasure and a privilege to show recognition to the companies and individuals leading these organizations that have demonstrated their commitment to safety excellence,” said Toalepai “They are passionate about keeping

their employees safe in the workplace and have excelled at building, facilitating and promoting safety programs that are clearly preventing accidents and saving lives.” Additionally, WWS will honor two dynamic, non-profit organizations with funding as its “Giving Back” recipients. WWS will be opening up nominations for the awards on September 15, 2018, so check on their website at www.worldwidesafety. org if you know of a company or individual deserving of this recognition. Toalepai credits much of her company’s success to her employees, stating, “My amazing employees are my company’s most valuable intangible assets.” She said, “You surround yourself with people that challenge you, are smarter than you, and that focus on your company growth, and nothing can stop you!” Not a lot of company managers have regular one-on-ones with their employees, but Toalepai says she consistently has informal conversations with all of her team members about workload, team dynamics, performance and learning and development, so she can provide immediate feedback and guidance. “It is only with the determination and dedication of our people that we can serve our clients and contribute to the broader public,” said Toalepai. For more information about WWS’s progressive services, visit or call 702-355-4979. MV

“Safety never sleeps,” says Toalepai. “We rely on the fundamentals that have worked over the decades. Safety is part science, part experience. If we stick to the book, all of our teams go home safely at night.” With its corporate headquarters in Las Vegas, WWS also has offices in Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Palm Springs and Livermore, California. “When I came up with my company name, I had the vision of being the biggest company there is



jenna zwagil

built an energetic career in sales before joining Josh—first as a colleague in business, then as a partner in life—to create the HempWorx brand. Inspired by her own physical struggles and agil w z ultimate success with CBD je nna oil, Jenna participated in creating a sales phenomenon for MyDailyChoice that continues to grow.

julia grambo

is a reliable, knowledgeable and resourceful “real estate matchmaker” in Las Vegas, guiding buyers and sellers effortlessly through the process so they have the best Realtor experience. She mbo a r g consistently makes her j ulia mark as a top producer year after year. Grambo is remembered and often referred to as “G-Rambo” by her clients.

lacy colson

What an honor to be chosen as a Top Women In Business for doing what I am most passionate about. Being one of Las Vegas’s few Psychic Realtors, it is a privilege to continue n o s col touch the lives of lacy everyone around me in such an impactful way thorough homes and healing.

margaretha breytenbach

Born and raised in South Africa, Las Vegas resident Margaretha Breytenbach moved to the United States in 2004 after extensive travel throughout Europe. Whether working with a tenbach brey first-time homebuyer or a margaretha seasoned investor, Breytenbach enjoys assisting with the entire process of buying or selling a client’s investment in Las Vegas.

samantha whittemore

tracy a. gallegos

Play Glam Mobile App, a is a partner in the Las platform connecting Vegas office of Fox freelance beauticians and Rothschild LLP, a national clients, was founded in law firm with 800 attorneys 2016 by Samantha in 21 offices. Her practice Whittemore. She is a Las spans corporate, real estate Vegas native, an entrepreand regulatory law, with an emore egos hitt gall neur, and a lover of all samantha w emphasis on clients in the t r a cy a. things beautiful. She is both cannabis industry. She a certified makeup artist and licensed esthetician. She speaks fluent French and Tagalog. believes you can't put a price on the feeling of making others look beautiful and feel confident.

kema ogden

is an entrepreneur that has been able to bring her passion of health, wellness and education to southern Nevada. She founded the Ogden Family Foundation which provides programs for under-served families n e ogd for over 10 years. She also kema has the distinction of being the first female-minority co-owner of a cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas, Top Notch The Health Center.

samantha oughton

Owner and operator of All European Auto Repair for the last three years, but has been diligently working with the company since 2007. All European strives to do the job right the first hton oug time with excellent service s a m a ntha and prices, with the quality of work you would expect from your dealer.

virginia toalepai

is the founder and president of World Wide Safety (WWS), the largest safety consultation company in Nevada and one of the most successful construction consultation epai toal companies in the U.S. v i r ginia She has been involved in thousands of workplace inspections and hundreds of accident investigations in construction and general industry.


continued on page 63

Rock it Out Hair Makeup • Hair color specialist

• Haircuts & styling for men & women • Facial waxing

• Bridal/Special occasion hair Renee Milton Owner

• Bridal/Special occasion makeup featuring custom airbrush foundation • Hair extensions

7155 S Rainbow Blvd. Suite 212 Las Vegas, NV 89118

702.683.3963 Renee_milton78



Renee is amazing. She’s living her passion, and that passion shows in every minute you spend with her. She listens to you, takes the time to understand your hair, and educates you throughout her entire process. I originally went to her after a really bad cut & color experience with a “prestigious” salon owner. My husband (who is also a client for life) finally convinced me to see Renee, and I left that day with so much gratitude for her. I feel beautiful again, and total strangers now stop me on the street to ask who does my hair. I am so proud to say it’s Renee, the best stylist in town!

~Bree Rothman

Get Social!




Lauren Luckey:

From Army Captain to Entrepreneur


f you want to be successful in your business ventures, career, or whatever your pursuits in life are, take a cue from former Army Captain turned Entrepreneur, Ms. Lauren Luckey. It’s not by luck, as her last name suggests, that the once Army captain has become a local business success. It was being a visionary, understanding the needs of local consumers, realizing where a gap existed, and taking the risk when the opportunity presented itself. Above all, it took grit for her to be where she is now. Ms. Luckey has come a long way in her career and has a track record for success, with her career starting in the Army. Having that experience prepared her for the stress that comes with the uncertainty of becoming a business owner, she said, “If you’re not being shot and you’re just in the real world, it’s really not that bad…I can handle a lot of stress. And I just think it makes me a better overall leader, to be able to change with every situation, because every small business or launching business or growing business, it changes by the minute…”

Present owner of Mint Locker, a 24-hour dry cleaning service, she believes lockers are the way of the future. She strives to revolutionize the dry-cleaning industry, mostly by eliminating the stress that comes with making it before closing time to drop off your dry cleaning at a traditional dry-cleaning store. Mint Locker offers 140 commercial/residential buildings and four store fronts, located throughout the Las Vegas valley. One simply drops off their dry-cleaning or other laundry items at one of their highly secured lockers, any time that is convenient for them, and Mint Locker turns it around in 1-2 days. The service also offers shoe repair. Prices range from $2.50 for a laundered shirt (business/button up) to $55 + for a leather jacket. There are 3 easy ways to request service: on-line at, via text, or through the mobile app Mint Locker. Wanting to further grow her business, Ms. Luckey proudly shared that she recently launched a new business called Kensington, a private butler service. With this new business venture, she is expanding her services to the next level.

Download the Mint Locker and Kensington mobile apps today! Available in the Apple Store and Google Play.


By Brenda Damian

Currently the mobile app, Kensington, offers dry cleaning, but in 60 days they will be adding services from house cleaners to car detailing. Every 60 days, a new feature will be added on the Kensington Mobile app. Ms. Luckey said, “We’re pretty excited about it because we’ve done a lot with Mint Locker, but this is the end-all, be-all for service. We want to create the same company that will do your laundry, clean your house, and clean your car. A one-stop shop for services”. Becoming a business owner has not come without sacrifices for Ms. Luckey. However, the challenges are always having to be on call to answer to employees, to customers, and to meet other business demands. But, the rewards of having her vision come to fruition are rewarding and worth the hard work for an ambitious, gogetter like Ms. Luckey. She had this advice for anyone that is looking to open a business, “I just think if someone doesn’t have that self-starting drive, then it’s not going to go too well, because if you’re easily deterred from what you’re trying to do, then there’s so many distractions in this world…I believed in this one goal that, hey, one day Mint Locker would be here. And one day, we would launch [Kensington]. At the end of the day, you’re going to lose a lot of friends…You’re going to run into a lot of people that don’t understand you. But, if you believe in yourself and your path, and what you’re doing ... I always try to make the right decision…as long as it’s moral and ethical… and not just the easy choice, so that you can go to sleep every night and say…I did the best that I could”. MV






eest da f a man

f alisha

ord rexf

c h ristine

glieta cug

abie ie m m agg

rcus h ma d e b bie smit

m o net t

ault heir


d ebby

ght wri

eck verb r e n ee o



The Woman Behind the Camera:

Jaqueline Andrea


hen I moved from Guatemala to the United States in 2004, I was a stay-athome mom. I had very young children and found myself in a country, and culture, that was vastly different from my own. In Guatemala, I was fortunate to study communications, with an emphasis in photography. Of course, this was before the digital age, when photography was really about capturing raw moments. When I thought about what I could do, I knew the one thing I always had was a camera. Nothing fancy, but it was good enough to capture the most important things in my life, my kids. Before becoming a photographer, I was a former model in Guatemala. When I was modeling, I was paying attention to lighting, the way they set up their equipment, and I was known for asking questions. Being a model before being a photographer helped me understand the feeling of being on the other side of the camera. I know how to pose my models, and enjoy sharing tips that make them feel more comfortable during a shoot.

subjective and, within reason, no one can tell you to stop doing what you’re doing. For many shoots, I have the control, meaning that I get to call the shots. (pun intended) I would say that my specialty is portraiture, personal, and corporate photography, along with promotional photography, book covers, author photos, family portraits, and weddings. I like to say that I am like the lens of the camera, “I capture what I see.” Jaqueline Andrea Photography freed me from my past and allowed me to carve my present and future in my own way. My personal confidence

by Sarah Moninger stems from trusting what I can do, and to then look for ways to accomplish what I can’t do at the moment. What inspires me to continue are my two main role models; my mom and dad. My mom taught me to work hard and be adventurous, and my dad, who used to be a motivational speaker, taught me to be driven. They always supported me and encouraged me to make my mark in life. They made my who I am. Thank you mami y papi. They taught me that when you enjoy what you do, IT SHOWS. There is great excitement in the fact that my business is growing and changing, and I learn to adapt at every turn. My career truly keeps me on my toes. MV

Within a couple years, I was inspired to start a formal business. Honestly, there is no greater feeling than owning your own business, mainly because you get to see your dreams become reality. I fought for a life where I could move past my comfort zone to bring beauty to the world. One of my biggest accomplishments is being an immigrant that is making a difference in this country. I want to be part of the large group of Latinos that, far from taking away from a country that has given me so much, contributes to the community. When I came to the U.S., I didn’t really know the language, and I can now say that my business serves the English and Spanish speaking communities. My accomplishment was representing what America is about, the land of opportunity.   Very early in my photography journey, I realized that photographing people matched perfectly with who I am. I think that all photographers say this, but, my clients are the essence of my business. I’m a visual storyteller, and my approach is driven by my clients’ unique stories and needs. Photography is a great creative outlet and it works wonders for stress relief and can be rather therapeutic. It’s all



TOP T P OWER PO Couples as Vegas, the land of love! MYVEGAS Magazine is proud to announce Las Vegas’ Top Power Couples! With Nevada having one L of the highest marriage (and Divorce) rates in the nation, only the strongest of couples survive! Some of Las Vegas’ most successful businesses are ran and operated by couples! These nominated couples are in-love, heavily involved in the community, hard-working, reliable, and are truly outstanding businesspeople. In Las Vegas today, love emanates the town; and we would like to showcase that with this special feature. MYVEGAS is pleased to present our favorite Pairs in Power. (The Top Power Couples below are In no particular order).

alexis and andrew aranda

dan and judy del rossi

fauzia and ralph carullo

jill and joe geeb

Juggling high powered careers, marriage, and children may sound like a challenge, but this is exactly what this couple accomplishes daily. When asked what drives them both, the answer is simple, “We are in a constant competition to be better than we were yesterday. We are obsessed d n a a ar rew with reaching our full potential!” alexis & and They are a great team because they are extremely motivated but have different skill sets. Andrew is inspiring and Alexis is systematic. They believe there is power in relationships. When two people entrust in each other and commit to reaching their goals and dreams the possibilities are endless!

The Carullos first met in England in 2000 when they both were in medical school and quickly became best friends. After 15 years together (9 married), Fauzia and Ralph remain so. The couple agrees that any success in their respective careers can primarily be their shared core belief: l o l u r a c “Practicing medicine is intellectually difficult and lph fauzia & ra emotionally draining, but always a gift.” The Carullos sum their relationship in with a “math problem”: nine years of marriage, plus two demanding schedules, plus one combined commitment to helping others while still finding time for each other.

will and gigi roundtree

are from 2 opposite ends of the world. This couple was destined to find each other based on similar life goals to make the world a better place. Will and Gigi both have a passion for helping others all across the country. After falling in love and starting a life together, both Will and Gigi dtree n u i ro have successfully engaged themselves on their will & gig mission. Will having started his financial services company - WE Management Services and Gigi forming her own successful Non-Profit - Common Tree. Both Will and Gigi are also first-time authors who share the same vision. They both have instilled the love that they share for each other with their two beautiful children, Brianna and Elijah.

oodman ar g caroyln & osc

c had & kate

ullogh mcc

are second generation dry cleaners continuing the reputation of impeccable dry cleaning and outstanding customer service. In 2005 they took full ownership and have opened 3 stores, expanded to 5 ssi el ro delivery routes and built a 7500 sq. ft. dy d dan & ju processing plant, which was awarded Outstanding Production Facility in 2016 in the dry cleaning industry. Tiffany Couture Cleaners cares about what you wear!

are the owners of CT Rose Salon and Spa. Centrally located in the heart of the Vegas Valley, these long-time locals are happy to serve their community for all their beauty needs. Trends come and go, classics remainand we are here to stay. Our commitment to our clients and meticulously personalized customer service, is what keeps our salon and our hearts full.

jill &



josh and jenna zwagil

are constantly enthusiastic, deeply emotionally invested, and equally committed to the product experience of HempWorx Customers and the business success of MyDailyChoice Independent Affiliates. To those ends, they have turned their originality, experience, and skills into a business phenomenon that grows exponentially from month to month.

chiodo essa c hris & van


debby &

ight jim w

zwagil nna josh & je


l mpbel & ca



CT Rose Salon and Spa:

Picture Perfect Pair


What do you feel that you offer at your salon, that others don’t?


What’s the best service offered at the salon ?

There’s this movement towards minimalism in salons that often times comes across as sterile and uninviting. The Rose celebrates a more classic salon environment, where the proprietor is accessible and hospitable....a camaraderie amongst the stylists that allows patrons to feel like they are amongst dear friends. A salon that embodies full service from the moment you walk in the door. We also invest in our stylists, we constantly provide continuing education opportunities for all of our employees during their tenure. By offering these courses we ensure that we can always meet and exceed the needs and desires of our clients.


With the salon business being so competitive, how do you manage to keep steady business and stay current?

To spend the day at CT Rose is taking the time to make an investment in yourself. There are a lot of choices for salon services in Las Vegas.... but the answer is in our name...CTR... Choose The Right Salon. We are in the business of making you FEEL and LOOK your best, and for us to be celebrating the 20th year of our establishment, we can say with great confidence that Las Vegas has continually made the right choice. Trends come and go, classics remain- and we are here to stay. Our commitment to our clients and meticulously personalized customer service is what keeps our salon and our hearts full. MV

The best service offered in our salon would be our overall customer service. In an industry that can sometimes feel intimidating and exclusive, our salon strives to remind you that being YOU is beautiful. Every salon experience doesn’t have to be this physically dramatic transformation... it’s amazing how much better a client can feel after adding a splash of color, a relaxing massage, or some attentive nail therapy. To be able to deliver that kind of confidence on a daily basis is extremely rewarding.

2660 E Sunset Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89120, 702.597.2500







Judy & Dan Del Rossi

Maintaining the finest wardrobes in Las Vegas since 1970

FREE Pickup and Delivery

3 LOCATIONS TO SERVICE YOU: 2797 S Maryland Pkwy LV, NV 89109 4199 S. Fort Apache Rd. LV, NV 89147 10445 Spencer St. Henderson, NV 89183


Family Owned and Operated

BORN & RAISED: Meet a Las Vegas Local Madison Hall High School: Palo Verde High College: College of Southern Nevada

What is your favorite thing to do in Vegas? Hiking in Red Rock canyon! What is your go-to local restaurant? The Bite

What’s your favorite thing about living in Las Vegas? The atmosphere and the overall ambiance of the city. You can meet the absolute nicest people here, but you can also meet the craziest people and I think that’s something that is so unique about Las Vegasthe people and the way they are. I also love the view of the city lights at night. What is the typical response you get when you tell people you were born and raised in Las Vegas? People typically tell me how sorry they are for the heat us Vegas babies grew up being forced to endure. Overall, people thinks it’s super cool because this is a city people dream of vacationing to and I get the pleasure of living here and seeing the strip every day! 68



BRENDA CASAS for Being Named one of the Top 10 Lenders in Las Vegas

702.499.6556 340 E. Warm Springs Rd., Ste. 2B | Las Vegas, NV 89119 Corporate NMLS 3029 | Individual NMLS 366261 | CA-DBO 366261

We are proud to help make people's  dreams of homeownership come true  Are You Ready to Start #YourLoanJourney ? Contact us today! (702) 810-8110 or visit us online:


VP of Sales, Leslie McGarry

nominated for Top 100 Women & Top 10 Lenders in Las Vegas 6585 High Street, Suite #100, Las Vegas NV 89113. Local Office NMLS # 1570159 (877) 255-3554 Your actual rate, payment and costs could be higher. Get an official Loan Estimate before choosing a loan. This is not an extension to lend credit. Licensed by the Virginia State Corporation Commission (Lender License # MC-5493/ Broker License #MC5493). Not all applicants will qualify. Licensed by the Department of Business Oversight under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act. Loans made or arranged pursuant to a California Finance Lenders Law license. Licensed by the NJ Department of Banking & Insurance. Georgia Residential Mortgage License #23300. Regulated by the CO Division of Real Estate - AZ Banker License #0921685. Licensed by the Mississippi Department of Banking and Consumer Finance. Licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Banking. Equity Prime Mortgage LLC NMLS #21116. All rights reserved. Copyright © 2018.




The Las Vegas real estate market has been on an uphill spike for a while now. We here at MYVEGAS love to feature the top

Realtors that keep the market booming! But, an entire real estate transaction may not even be possible without Mortgage Lend-

ers. They are a silent, but pertinent part to the purchase of a home, estate, townhome, etc. Choosing the right lender might be difficult as there are more than 1,000 options in the valley. We would love to share our Top 10 nominated and chosen Lenders in Las Vegas, and we hope it helps you secure the perfect fit for your needs! (The Top 10 Lenders below are In no particular order). crystal schultz

c r ystal

ultz sch

is a Loan Officer with Pinnacle Lending Group. Her ultimate goal is to help families and individuals realize the American dream of homeownership. Crystal offers wholesale rates and VIP service. In her spare time, she is an avid road cyclist and loves to raise money for charities. Call Crystal for your home loan needs.

n ilso

vi f abian

t ncen

———————— • CMG FINANCIAL Shelia Ledsema

is a Branch Manager and licensed mortgage professional of 13 years. In that time, she has helped more than 1,600 Las Vegas families become homeowners. She has been especially dedicated to providing homeownership opportunities to the Hispanic community through homeownership education and an expertise in down payment assistance programs.

Whether you’re looking to buy, build or refinance your home, our experienced mortgage professionals are here to help. Here at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, we offer a variety of loan options that can help you achieve homeownership with the speed and service you deserve.

is a 20-year mortgage veteran, and his clientele ranges from first-time homebuyers to seasoned investors. Along with helping hundreds of families per year secure a home, he has also been an integral part of establishing traditional financing options for over 100 condo projects in Las Vegas.

fabian vincent

leslie mcgarry

is a long-time resident of Las Vegas and is very well known as a local and international banker; He has had a career as a senior bank officer with Nevada’s most prestigious banks and is presently an independent Licensed Mortgage Banking Consultant and a partner with the New York-based firm, NAMM Advisors that sources loans for their clients globally.


sas a ca b rend

derek parent

bill wilson

b i ll w

brenda casas



Serving the Mortgage Industry for the past 19 years, Leslie excels in operations, sales, management, and originating. Presently, working for the Equity Prime Las Vegas Office as the Vice-President of Sales. Leslie leads a team of diligent mortgage professionals and is inspired by the drive to serve the community in the greatest of manner.



d erek

nt pare

arry mcg l eslie

———————— • ALTERRA HOME LOANS Arturo Pradera



I make getting

Hard Loans Easy Trustworthy Highly Experienced



Crystal Rose Schulz 6475 S. Rainbow Blvd., Ste. 102 Las Vegas, NV 89118

Fabian M. Vincent Loan Consultant


NMLS License #390745

NMLS # 14699941

(702) 336-8426

NMLS # 344850 Our National & International, traditional and non-traditional lending sources, offer the flexibility and creativity to fund the most difficult of projects. THE MAGAZINE FOR LOCALS

It’s in the Bag! Now available at


Call or email me now with any questions! National & International TYPES OF LOANS:

• • • • • • • • •

Commercial Residential Hospitality Gaming Clean Energy Multi Family Medical Raw Land Land Development • Assisted Living


• • • • • • • • •

Acquisitions Construction Permanent Refinance Bridge Hard Money Joint Venture SBA Sovereign Government Guarantees Southwind Financial Mortgage Broker NMLS License #9462



Debbie Drummond

Debbie Drummond has over 15 years experience in Las Vegas Real Estate. She and her team know how to produce the best possible results for your real estate goals. Debbie specializes in the luxury home, golf course and high rise markets. She is a full-time Realtor who has achieved numerous designations. Her knowledge of the local market will help you make the most informed decisions. Debbie is a skilled negotiator. Whether buying or selling she will help you get the best price and terms. She will make sure your interests are protected. She and her team will stay on top of your transaction from the initial offer to closing.

Her job is to help you achieve your real estate goals.

702.354.6900 • •

Selling My City: CASH CASH CASH!


n today’s hustle and bustle of fabulous Las Vegas, we have been seeing what some would call a unique market, to say the least! Right now, homeowners are cashing in on $100s of thousands of dollars in equity and purchasing upgraded homes after paying off bills and becoming virtually debt free in an instant. This can be a tricky dance because all things need to be done correctly from realtors, lenders, and title companies, with deadlines met to completion to not throw the entire process off.

faster than free entry to a strip club. The investors are doing quick fix/flip rehabs, or holding for long term rentals. Sellers are cashing out fast and moving on. This can be exciting for all parties because there is less stress for the home owner to fix items in the home and the closings are normally 3-15 days!

by Lacy Colson

At this time it will be interesting to see what happens next, with all of the growth in Vegas, it is going to be difficult to know if the market will eventually level out or continue to rise with the increasing interest in our beautiful city!! Call me today to find out more on how you can get a piece of this delicious real estate pie! MV To see more, visit Lacy Colson Signature Real Estate Group 702-830-0428

Another huge part of today’s market is cash Investors looking for a deal! These buyers will purchase anything, and I mean anything. I have seen over 20 offers on a home infested with mold, trash, and a huge hoard of other unimaginable items! These homes are flying

CAREERS Worth Having



Worth Living


LEGACIES Worth Leaving

Central Summerlin Location 2 Offices for your Convenience Summerlin & Green Valley


It’s in the Bag! Now available at

and Shaun Marion 10000 W. Charleston Blvd., Ste 130 Las Vegas, NV 89135 702.877.2500



Residential and Commercial

Shining the Bright Light on the Real Estate Market

702.236.6266 • 316 South Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89107 WIN A FREE DINNER FOR TWO TEXT “MYVEGAS” TO 50505




702. 792.2378

Born and Raised in South Africa, Margaretha has been living in the USA since 2004 after extensive travel through Europe. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, invest as a first time home buyers or a seasoned investor; it would be Margaretha’s honor to apply her strong negotiating skills to your transaction. “Top 100 Women in Real Estate in 2017” by MYVEGAS Magazine and been consistently in the Top 10 Real Estate agents with Urban Nest Realty

702.813.1770 • 10220 W Charleston Blvd #3, Las Vegas NV 89135

Buying or Selling a Home in Las Vegas?

— To Own this Spot! —

To learn more about what we offer, please contact One Nevada REALTOR® Jenna today at (702) 480-7730 2645A South Mojave Rd




Home and Garden

There are many ways to improve your home this season! And it’s never too late to make those upgrades! Add to your interior with premium shutters or sleek new cabinetry. Painting an old room makes a huge improvement and sometimes the entire house needs a paint facelift! Sometimes adding new carpeting can increase the value to your home! Looking to enhance your curb appeal? Get a luxury outdoor living space designed uniquely for your home and your family. Replace that rusty backyard gate! Change out your old landscaping! Bushes and shrubbery can overgrow and look old. New furniture and appliances are the perfect way to update your look without breaking the bank. Find a store that offers diverse selections that combine class and comfort to give your home that luxury feel. If your home is overloaded, book a storage unit to help you clean and declutter your home or business with ease. Tis the season to give your home the TLC it deserves, and we know the best pros for the job!

SMART IS THE BEST APPROACH. Whether you are on or off the course, you can never be too smart about your next move. That’s why Farmers agents arm you with the knowledge you need and the coverage you want. Get started at


DAVID CORBETT | Your Local Agent 101 S RAINBOW BLVD STE 25 • LAS VEGAS, NV 89145 •

America’s Most Popular Shutters Polywood® Shutters are Beautiful, Durable and Environmentally Friendly

Give your windows the treatment they deserve with Polywood® Shutters. Polywood is exclusive to Sunburst Shutters and adds tremendous value to your home. ❖

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The Right Water can Change Your Life!

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4230 S. Pecos Rd.

9325 W. Russell Rd.

2700 E. Flamingo

990 S. Boulder Hwy.

787 E. Centennial Pkwy.

7485 S. Eastern Ave.

7650 S. Durango Dr.

8856 W. Centennial Pkwy.

4515 W. Ann Rd.

8265 W. Sahara

2480 W. Craig Rd.

702-734-2700 702-454-3700 702-396-0090 1501 N. Buffalo Dr.


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Anna Maries Italian Cuisine

By Michele Polci, CPCE, CMP and Shauna B. Lederman, CPCE, CHE

ne of us got to Anna Marie’s Italian Cuisine a bit early and had the opportunity to take in the vibe of the tail end of Happy Hour at this neighborhood eatery. During Happy Hour, subtle contemporary, jazzy, rat pack music filled the air but we noticed throughout the evening that the music flowed through a variety of different styles of music that fit the change in clientele as the night went on. We both loved the Happy Hour vibe that allows you to enjoy the music but have a conversation at the same time and once Happy Hour was over, the thoughtful way the music set the mood of a comfortable weeknight meal.  This place makes you want to eat but at the same time, you know you can take your time and dine. We would be remiss if we didn’t share a bit about the sleek and stylish decor that you might find in a hip New York City restaurant. The bar area was comprised of a 15 seat bar surrounding four large TVs that are big enough to allow one eye on the game but not overwhelm the room and make you feel like you are at a sports bar. Two high communal tables complemented the bar area, making the space great for large groups or to act as an extension of the bar.  All the décor was unique and one of us could not help but look at every single contemporary light fixture. Each of the four walls was different and begged to be touched; one with abstract tiles that reminded one of us of “flat” Legos, one with metallic highlights, one with shattered mirrored tiles, one with hip grey wallpaper. After a long day, it makes sense to treat yourself with an order of garlic knots.  It was perfection.  We cannot even find the words.  The outside was crisp to the bite and as your teeth sink in, the inside is doughy and soft and the kick of garlic fills your mouth.  One of us even ate these with a knife and fork so as not to waste any of the garlicky goodness.  The other one did not want to dip in the yummy Pomodoro because they were just that good.  Do yourself a favor and go get these.  Then get in touch with us and tell us how you would describe them.

did not have too much breading and was not overly greasy.   We both love a Classic Caesar Salad and this did not disappoint.  As a classic Caesar should, it was comprised of all the usual suspects, romaine lettuce, croutons, Parmigiano cheese, and real anchovies in the dressing.  The dressing made this salad the surprising star of the evening, as it was indulgently creamy and perfectly garlicy.  It had a velvety mouth feel, the romaine was perfectly coated, and it remained crisp.  One of us thought that the two different forms of Parmigiano, grated and shaved, elevated the salad and added amazing texture as you ate the salad.  One of thought the Penne Pasta with San Marzano tomatoes, simmered with vegetables was cooked perfectly al dente and the tomatoes sauce was bright and fresh.  The sauce had just the right amount of acid and just the perfect bite that a red sauce should have. 

We could not pass up the special of the day, Chicken Verde. Broccoli and cheese topped impeccably tender chicken sautéed in white wine, lemon, and butter sauce.  The tartness from the lemon woke up your palette but the smoothness of the butter made it decadent and adding broccoli to a meal always makes one of us feels like we were eating healthy.  To make sure we got a few more greens in our meal, we ordered a side of spinach.  We were pleasantly surprised that the baby spinach was sautéed with not only olive oil but also whole cloves of garlic and pine nuts and it complemented our chicken entrée nicely.  One of us stays away from pancetta but loves Veal Marsala.  Everything is scratch made at Anna Marie’s so this was easily accommodated without losing any flavor.  The veal was tender, the Marsala sauce was rich, and had a rustic flavor, coming from the Marsala wine and diced mushrooms…. Visit for more on this story! MV

One of us loves calamari and was pleased with the ample portion offered. The spicy marinara had just enough of a kick and the calamari itself



Best Restaurants

Las Vegas is home to thousands of quality bars and restaurants, with one of the largest nightlife scenes in the US. From coffee shops and breakfast joints, to dinner restaurants and classy bars, this city has it all!  In a city teeming with locals of all ages, there’s always something for everyone, and we at MYVEGAS know all the hottest spots.  Whether it’s a family outing or ladies’ night out, we’ll help you find the perfect place to wine, dine and unwind!


Chef Spotlight: Bar Boulevard

by Katherine Jackson

FREE RECIPE! “ In-tune-ah-melt “

A plant based tuna melt


hen you think “vegan restaurant” you probably don’t think about a hot, gooey Philly cheesesteak on a pretzel roll. You probably don’t think about a classic, comforting tuna melt of soft, tangy sourdough. You probably don’t think about the crispiest, most irresistible house made onion rings you’ve ever had. You probably don’t think about those things when you think “vegan restaurant,” but maybe you should. Angel Alonzo and Steven The Vegan (yes, really!) have changed the game when it comes to healthy, plant-based foods. Bar Boulevard is the perfect fusion of classic, down-home tavern, comfort food diner, and new wave health food, all rolled into one delicious package that will satisfy even the most picky of eaters. I am not a vegan, I am not even a vegetarian, I am certainly a carnivore, and I will admit to being skeptical when I walked in the door. But all that skepticism vanished when I bit into the most perfect Philly cheesesteak I have ever had. It wasn’t just “good for being vegan”, it was honestly, truly the tastiest, most indulgent bar sandwich! These two chefs took something classic and recognizable, they took something iconic and purely American, and delivered to me a new and improved version.


A saucy, gooey, melty mix of seasoned tofu, peppers, and onions, with a vegan cheese sauce that instantly made me feel at home in their restaurant, and at ease with the idea of trying anything else they wanted to throw at me. It was so good, I ordered a second one to take home. Half of it didn’t make it through the car ride, it was THAT good. From the protein pancakes to the raw Pad Thai, Angel and Steven are working hard to redefine what it means to be a vegan. They completely raised the bar when it comes to healthy food, because it is no longer enough for it to be good for you, it needs to actually taste good too, and Bar Boulevard accomplishes this in the best possible way. The ambience is homey, yet modern. The outdoor dining area is welcoming and beautiful. The bartenders are scientists, working hard to whip up the most primo, organic cocktails you’ve ever tried, and it all comes together in this perfect, resolute expression of what a restaurant should be, vegan or otherwise. They include everyone, exclude no one, and are the ideal entry point for curious newcomers who wonder what the vegan world has to offer. Give Bar Boulevard a chance, you won’t be disappointed. MV

Ingredients 2 cups chickpeas 2 tbs plant based mayo 1 tbs Yellow Mustard 2 tbs Sweet Relish 1 tbs Capers 1/2 Cup Celery Chopped 1 tsp Maple Syrup Salt & pepper to taste Sourdough Bread Follow your heart cheese Plant based butter Preparation: 1. Add chickpeas, mayo and mustard to a large mixing bowl and mash with a potato masher 2. Add remaining ingredients to the bowl and mix until everything is evenly combined 3. Pre-heat non-stick pan on medium flame 4. Spread butter on two slices of sourdough, place both slices butter side down on pan 5. Add Cheese to one slice of bread 6. Add desired amount of tuna to the pan until cooked all the way through 7. Toast bread until golden brown add tuna to bread 8. Cut in half and serve with a pickle


HAPPY HOUR Monday-Friday 2pm-7pm Saturday and Sunday Open-7pm Discounted Appetizers and Drinks Cantina Only

11020 Lavender Hill Drive Las Vegas, Nevada, 89135 702.982.0111

Mon-Thu: 11am-9:00pm Fri-Sat 11am-10:00pm Sun 10am-9:00pm

Pancho’s is the place to be!

One of the oldest and best known landmarks in Southern California


Honey Salt

A review by Kate Johnson and Mark Stevens-Andro

Photo by Bill MIlne


ood with a conscience, finding sustainably sourced local and regional ingredients that are good for you and taste amazing! I had been hearing great things about this restaurant for a few months, and finally decided to do a review to share the well known secret that is, Honey Salt. I invited my Co-Reviewer, and incredible Husband, Mark, with me and we made it a date night out! Let us be the first to say that everything was amazing! From the hostess, Ashley, immediately greeting us with a warm, welcoming smile, to the charming “Farmhouse Chic” atmosphere that was soft to the eyes, yet light and bright at the same time.


We couldn’t get enough. As a matter of fact, Rick packed it up for us, and I had it for lunch the next day. All in all, this is comfort food, elevated and with a conscience. A great spot for date night or even a family dinner. The food is amazing, and the prices won’t break the bank. We will be back! MV 1031 S Rampart Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89145 Photo by Anthony Mair

came by to check on us and refill our beverages. They were very attentive and didn’t let a detail go unnoticed. Now, for to the entrees we ordered Mary’s Free Range Chicken, and the Farm House Meatloaf. You wouldn’t think to order meatloaf at a restaurant, much less at one this beautiful. But, this was our favorite thing out of everything we tried! It had caramelized onions, with roasted brussels sprouts and a life changing tomato jam. This was not your mother’s meatloaf. It was elevated to something out of this world! Photo by Bill MIlne

Angie, the Manager, came over to greet us and suggested that we try the Farmers Toast. It is grilled sourdough toast with Bellwether Farms Ricotta, Easter Egg Radishes, hazelnuts, spiced honey, and local peaches. We couldn’t get enough! Although it may seem like a lot of different ingredients, it was perfectly balanced. Following the amazing toast came the Prosciutto Flat Bread. With, again, the Bellwether Farms Ricotta and local peaches, but also had baby arugula and just the lightest drizzle of balsamic vinegar. The crust was perfect! We genuinely had to stop ourselves after eating 3 slices each, but didn’t want to! Rick came to check on us and made a couple of adorable jokes. Then, came the Big Eye Tuna Poke. We’ve never had Tuna Poke this good, ever, from anywhere! It was a very simple and clean dish, with the Tuna being the absolute star. I, myself, only got a couple of bites in because Mark fell in love with it and devoured it all. That was his favorite out of the wonderful selections. Again, Rick and Adrian

Farmers Toast

Turkey Meatballs


Photo by Bill MIlne

We were seated right away, in front of the Chef’s open kitchen and plating station. It was neat to see a dedicated employee quality check and put the finishing touches on everything before the plates went out. Our Waiter, Adrian, and Assistant Waiter, Rick, were wonderful and kind. Rick came out right away with a Cheese Flatbread and delicious Honey Butter. We wanted to spread that butter on everything! (We even took some home per Rick’s advice!!) Then, we decided to try a “mocktail.” We went for the Sicilian Punch with Fresh Blood Orange Juice, fresh basil and club soda with a little orange peel. It was like drinking summer in a glass. Incredibly refreshing and the perfect start to an amazing experience!




Best Restaurants



MTO Café

Block 9 Thai

10970 Rosemary Park Drive Las Vegas, NV 89135 (702) 982-0770

10595 Discovery Dr Las Vegas, NV 89135 (702) 331-1088

Chef Nittaya pays homage to roots of her family and her native county. Whether you grab and go, or dine in and enjoy the casual fresh and fast atmosphere, you will savor the unique food experience from the streets and culture of Thailand.

Makers and Finders Coffee 2120 Festival Plaza Dr unit 140 Las Vegas, NV 89135 (702) 586-8255

Rollin Smoke BBQ

4115 S. Grand Canyon Drive Ste 100 Las Vegas, NV 89147 (702) 816-3634

Makers & Finders is a restaurant coffee bar specializing in Latin comfort food. The locally grown company expanded to a second outpost in Downtown Summerlin in 2017.

Marché Bacchus 2620 Regatta, Suite #106 Las Vegas, NV 89128 (702) 804-8008

You will find both traditional and contemporary French dishes at Marché Bacchus with something for everyone including a variety of meat and seafood dishes, as well as Vegetarian/Vegan, and Children’s menus. Committed to using only the freshest ingredients, menus change seasonally and Chef’s specials change daily for Lunch and Dinner.


What happens when you take a couple of ambitious locals and a bunch of hungry Las Vegas patrons? You get a unique breakfast and lunch café committed to serving fresh comfort food. MTO Café is your neighborhood go-to. Turning fast into fresh and easy into epicurean.

Rollin Smoke BBQ 2 is proudly serving the people in Spring Valley and Summerlin area with a taste of the South! This father and son team aim to please with their southern hickory smoked ribs, brisket, pulled pork and Mama’s famous meatloaf are some of the delicious BBQ options available!  D-Licious! 

Vintner Grill

10100 W Charleston Blvd #150 Las Vegas, NV 89135 (702) 214-5590

Vintner Grill is a lively American bistro nestled in Summerlin. From working lunches to formal dinners, casual date night to family celebrations, Vintner Grill’s pleasant and inviting ambiance makes it perfect for a variety of occasions. The menu features American dishes infused with flavors from Spain, France and Italy. WIN A FREE DINNER FOR TWO TEXT “MYVEGAS” TO 50505


Taste of Downtown Epicurean Event

New Vista Wine Walks

October 25

October 27

Plaza Hotel & Casino

Downtown Summerlin

1 Main Street

1980 Festival Plaza Drive

Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Las Vegas, NV 89135


Join New Vista for a wineventure!

This event offers guests the chance

Featuring live music, incredible food

to immerse themselves into the

and shopping like no other. Guests

surroundings of Downtown while

will receive a custom wine glass and

enjoying Live Entertainment, DJ, and

event passport.

Silent Auction! Proceeds from event

will go to the Nevada Restaurant


Association’s education and scholarship

$30 in Advance, $35 at door.

programs! $65+

Wine Dinner Series at Milos December 6

Food & Wine Crawl Las Vegas November 1-3

Estiatorio Milos at The Cosmopolitan 3708 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109 Patrons dining at Milos-Las Vegas will

Vdara Hotel & Spa

have the opportunity to experience

2600 West Harmon Avenue

organic and world-class wines,

Las Vegas, NV 89158 food-and-wine-crawl-las-vegastickets-36640847762 Great event for first timers who have never experienced a true Wine and Food Crawl! Visit multiple restaurants and enjoy what each has to offer! Three

produced from local varieties by outstanding winemakers. Includes a six-course tasting menu.

Text “Stacks” to 57827 For Deals! events/922587461229777 $79 plus

day visit to the Vdara Hotel! $300-$500 for tickets.




Mexican Restaurant Gaming r Cantina r Catering

1 mile west of The Palms 4930 W. Flamingo Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89103


Siena Italian Authentic Trattoria

We’re a family oriented restaurant that you can come and enjoy a truly authentic homemade Italian meal with your significant other or your whole family! We also have a great banquet room for any special party or event!

Join The Pulse of the Nevada Restaurant Industry…

Good Coffee Good Friends Good Times

Here’s why you need to join: “On top of all the cost saving programs provided by affliated vendors of the NvRA, being part of the Association allows me to keep up with the pulse of the industry from a political standpoint and to the actual health of it. With such insight it’s easier to plan long term and adjust short term. Joining the NvRA has definitely been one of the smartest decisions I have made.”

~ Luciano Pellegrini, Executive Chef, Las Vegas


9500 West Sahara Ave Las Vegas, NV 89117 90

9440 W. Sahara Avenue Ste. 145 LV, NV 89117

Go to: for information. Call us at: 702.878.2313. Email us at:




Golden Knights 2018-2019 Schedule WEEK DAY









7:00 PM





7:00 PM





12:00 PM





5:00 PM





4:00 PM





10:00 AM





7:00 PM





7:00 PM





7:00 PM


Tampa Bay



3:00 PM





5:00 PM





5:00 PM



St. Louis


5:00 PM





7:00 PM





4:00 PM





4:30 PM





4:00 PM





4:00 PM





7:30 PM


St. Louis



7:00 PM





5:00 PM





6:00 PM





6:00 PM





3:00 PM


San Jose



7:00 PM





5:30 PM





7:00 PM





7:00 PM





7:00 PM





7:00 PM



Los Angeles


1:00 PM





6:00 PM



N.Y. Islanders


5:00 PM



New Jersey


5:00 PM



N.Y. Rangers


10:00 PM





4:00 PM


N.Y. Islanders



7:00 PM





1:00 PM


Los Angeles



5:00 PM





7:00 PM



Los Angeles


1:00 PM





5:00 PM


Los Angeles



6:00 PM





7:00 PM


New Jersey



1:00 PM

Top 10 Golden Knights Bars by Joel Jarvis


Born and Raised 7260 S. Cimarron Rd. 10050 S. Eastern Ave.   From dance squad appearances by the Golden Aces, to fans being knighted in medieval armor with a tap of a sword. Giveaways have included game-used and signed memorabilia, a trip to see the team on the road, and weekly season ticket handouts.  Considered the official bar for locals, this one’s a no brainer!


Mackenzie River Pizza 1550 S. Pavilion Center Dr. Located at the practice facility for the Golden Knights, inside City National Arena, it’s kind of a one-sided crowd daily!  Pizza, burgers, beer, hockey, and free practice daily!  How can you go wrong?  Team store attached for apparel needs.


Brooksy’s 9295 W. Flamingo Dedicated owner that loves the sport and offers drink and food specials on game days.  League hockey play on the ice rink next door, so signup for a league! Serious hockey fans only.


Starboard Tack 2601 Atlantic St. East side fans can apply for the bar-food offerings and drink specials as they raffle for jerseys on game days. They’ve also done some ticket giveaways!  East siders be warned.. this is your spot!


Steiner’s 8410 W. Cheyenne Multiple locations, but the NW location is a hockey fan heaven, with the NHL package. While they love the Knights, they just love hockey. The food, drinks and gaming are stellar, but remember, it’s a smoky bar, so be warned.


The D Hotel 301 Fremont St Located on East Fremont Street, and right in the thick of it, they have a connection to the Knights, so they turn up the volume on game day! Drinks, gaming, and if you get bored, stroll on Fremont Street for a gander at the “performers”, you won’t miss the party here!


Nacho Daddy 3663 S. Las Vegas, Blvd #595 Partner with the Golden Knights, donating one dollar for each sale to the charity of record on beer and nachos. The game, the nachos, forget about it!


Beer Park Paris Las Vegas 3655 S Las Vegas Blvd. The only rooftop hockey party a local could find. Check out Hat Trick Hockey Night, meaning beer specials and a big ole beer and hockey party!


McFaddens Restaurant and Saloon 6593 Las Vegas Blvd #222 Hosts a special fan club night whenever the Knights play a game. Exclusive discounts on fish and chips, bar food, beer, and real Irish Whiskey. Doesn’t Irish Whiskey kind of go with Hockey?


Hop Nuts Brewing 1120 S Main St., #150 For the more low-key beer and hockey fans, check out this working brewery with a special Golden Knights beer available all year long. Hop Nuts is a fan favorite for hockey and beer enthusiasts. Happy hour specials, like $4 pints between 4pm-7pm, drink up, drunky!


By Lori Nelson Station Casinos

Concert Hot List RED ROCK RESORT: October:

Cool Down With Hot Updates From Station Casinos


Jesse Cook at Rocks Lounge on Friday, Oct. 12 at 8pm. Tickets are $45, $55, $79 and $125 plus tax and applicable fees.

iving School Children a Smart Start! Now in its 18th year, Station Casinos’ is proud to partners with the Clark County School District with its “Smart Start” program to provide year-round support to 11 high need elementary schools throughout the valley. Each hotel-casino provides needed financial and volunteer resources, support and initiatives to encourage children, in the most at-risk neighborhoods, with love, guidance and encouragement to stay in school and get the best grades possible. Since 2000, Smart Start has provided more than $2.6 million of funds to assist schools, their teachers and most important, the students. Station Casinos’ team members provided new back packs and an array of school supplies for every single child throughout all 11 schools to help the children get their school year off to a great start.

Toby Keith’s “Should Have Been A Cowboy Tour XXV” at Sandbar Poolside Stage on Friday, Oct. 26. Doors open at 6:30pm and tickets are $88 plus tax and applicable fees for general admission and $100 plus tax and applicable fees for VIP pit admission.

November: Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up Paula!” Tour at the Red Rock Ballroom on Saturday, Nov. 10 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $39, $50, $70 and $90 plus tax and applicable fees.

More Great Eats! You can always count on having a great variety of dining choices throughout Station Casinos’ properties and this Fall is no exception. Arriving will be Letecia’s Mexican Cocina inside Fiesta Henderson, a new BBQ restaurant inside Texas Station, Salud by San Diego Taco Company inside Palace Station and Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya at Red Rock Resort. While we know you love your staples of our steakhouses, oyster bars, buffets and cafes, we like to mix it up a bit and bring you new restaurants as yet one more commitment to bring you the best.

GREEN VALLEY RANCH RESORT: October: A Tribute to the Eagles at Grand Events Center on Saturday, Oct. 27 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $15 plus tax and applicable fees for general admission. November: World of Dance Live at the Grand Events Center on Friday, Nov. 2 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $35, $42.50, $49 and $55 plus tax and applicable fees.

More New Happenings! Boulder Station is currently undergoing a fabulous renovation inside its bingo room. Look for a new stateof-the-art bingo room later this year that will mirror the incredible new rooms recently unveiled inside Santa Fe Station and Palace Station. 98 Degrees brings their 98 Degrees at Christmas Tour to the Grand Events Center on Saturday, Nov. 7 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $27.50, $37.50, $49.50 and $57.50 plus tax and applicable fees.

Lastly, have you checked out Palace Station as it concludes its $192 million modernization that has completely updated the entire hotel-casino, expanded it and brought a variety of new gaming, dining and entertainment offerings to the area. The final piece, Regal Cinemas’ boutique 9-screen luxury movieplex with all-luxury recliner seating and food and beverage offerings delivered right to your seat will debut in December. We hope to see you at one of our great entertainment destinations soon. MV

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About the National Atomic Testing Museum Las Vegas: Looking for something really interesting to do in Las Vegas? Visit the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas where secrets are revealed and histories are told. Find out the history of the atom bombs and witness what employees were forbidden to speak of. This almost 10,000 square foot building hosts the pictures of history where, in the 1950’s, travelers would come to see the famous ‘mushroom clouds’. Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that out of the 928 nuclear tests that were announced, 828 of them were conducted underground? Come visit The National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas and see why this historical part of our culture is so iconic that it put Vegas on the map for something other than gambling. 755 E. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119 General Information 702-794-5151 Admissions 702-794-5124


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Steve Dimopoulos of Dimopoulos Injury Law

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What do I do if I am struck by a vehicle that does not have insurance?

There are other potential sources of recovery to consider. For example, the driver of the at-fault vehicle might be insured by an auto policy other than that of the vehicle driven at the time of the crash (consider a borrowed car situation for example).    You might also be entitled to uninsured / underinsured motorist  (“UM/ UIM”) compensation.  You should consider the policy of the vehicle you occupied at the time of the crash as well as your own auto policy (if different from the vehicle you occupied).   


An Uber driver crashed into my vehicle.  Does the driver’s personal liability policy apply or does Uber’s?  

Which liability policy will apply generally depends on the Uber driver’s “status” at the time of the crash.  Here is an overview of the different statuses and their respective coverages:   OFFLINE (the vehicle is driven solely for personal use and the app is not active): The driver’s personal liability coverage will apply.  AVAILABLE (the driver has activated the rideshare app and is ready to accept passengers): Uber provides a $50,000 per person injury limit and a $100,000 per incident injury limit (in the event that more than one person is injured).  EN ROUTE (the driver has accepted a passenger request and is en-route for pickup): Uber provides $1.5 million in liability coverage.  ON TRIP (the driver is transporting a passenger to their destination): Uber provides $1.5 million in liability coverage.  Due to the limited nature of this article I cannot thoroughly evaluate and answer the question presented.  Please give my office a call for a proper consultation.  


My boyfriend and I were arguing, and I called 911 and lied that he hit me. The police arrested him, and his arraignment for battery domestic violence is next month. We’ve since made up, and I feel terrible for getting him in trouble. What can I do to get the charge dropped? This is a very common scenario. Logically, you’d think that prosecutors would dismiss the charge if the alleged victim (you, in this case) simply fessed up that you fabricated the allegation. But prosecutors are skeptical, and they presume that victims have ulterior motives for recanting, such as bowing to pressure from the accused’s family. In short, confessing to the police that you lied probably will not coax the prosecutors into dropping the case, at least not initially. But as time passes, the prosecutors may recognize that it will be hard for them to prove your boyfriend’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt without the alleged victim’s (your) cooperation, especially without witnesses or injuries. So it is possible that as the trial date approaches and no damning evidence emerges, the prosecutors may elect to dismiss the case or else offer a plea deal to a lesser charge. As for you, you are taking a risk by telling the truth: The prosecutors may try to press charges against you for filing a false police report and for malicious prosecution. And if the case does go to trial and you ignore the subpoena to testify, the judge can issue a bench warrant for your arrest. This does not always happen, though; in many cases prosecutors let recanting victims off the hook, but there’s no way to know for sure. It’s best to seek out an attorney for yourself to discuss the specific facts of your case and weigh your options.

What do you do when your employer falsely accused you of lying about having a disability (when you have doctoral proof ) and terminates you because of it? Nevada is an “at-will” employment state, which means that employers can fire employees for any reason…but there are some exceptions: One exception is if the firing somehow violates “public policy.” In other words, the firing may be unlawful if it threatens public health, safety, welfare, and morals.  Another exception is if the firing violated the terms of a written, oral or implied contract between the employer and employee.  And under federal law, employers are prohibited from firing employees on the basis of race, age, sex, religion, disability, or pregnancy.  On the basis of what you said, I would argue that your former employer violated public policy by firing you for “lying” about having a disability when you have medical proof that you did not lie. But I would need to know more details about your situation to advise you, so I recommend you consult with an employment attorney as soon as possible to discuss whether your case falls under one of the aforementioned exceptions. MV

Please be advised that you should still seek legal advice to further elaborate, this is a general summary and proper legal advice cannot be given in such a forum.


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GARRETT T. OGATA 3841 W. Charleston Blvd. Ste. 205 Las Vegas, NV 89102 702.366.0891


Debbie Banko for your “Women of the Year” honor.

Link Technologies is one of the very few successful female-owned and operated IT businesses in the country. Your influence and leadership are an inspiration to women and men all over. We are proud to work with you and help connect companies with the most talented IT professionals and services.



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Growing a Successful Cannabis Law Practice


hen Fox Rothschild LLP partner Tracy A. Gallegos took on her first Cannabis Law matter in 2010 for a startup business in the San Francisco Bay Area, she quickly realized that the industry has unique needs in nearly every area of the law. Despite a wave of state laws that have legalized cannabis for either medical and/or recreational purposes, the status of the drug under federal law adds a layer of complexity to nearly every business transaction – from banking and corporate structuring to real estate and taxes. As a result, when Gallegos first started her work in the space eight years ago, there were very few attorneys practicing in this area. But Gallegos also saw cannabis as an exciting field because it was attracting a new generation of entrepreneurs who could see the many opportunities in launching a business in a wide-open market. Gallegos – who splits her time between the Fox’s Las Vegas and San Francisco offices – is primarily a corporate attorney, with extensive experience in corporate financing, mergers and acquisitions, and real estate acquisitions, dispositions, leasing and financing. “My first cannabis client arose from a real estate acquisition, and it was my background in real estate and corporate matters that made me particularly adept at serving the cannabis industry,” Gallegos said.

Today, Gallegos said, cannabis accounts for nearly 90 percent of her legal practice. And the industry’s growth shows no signs of slowing, which Fox recognized several years ago when it formally launched its Cannabis Law practice group. “Most of the big, established law firms are hesitant to venture into this arena because of the status of cannabis under federal law, and the handful that are now in this space do not have the robust presence that Fox has established,” Gallegos said. As a result, Gallegos said, Fox has emerged as a leader in Cannabis Law, not only in California and Nevada where Gallegos is admitted, but nationally. For cannabis clients, Gallegos said, the value of working with a larger law firm is the economic benefit of a one-stop shop, as well as tapping into the reach and resources of a truly national team.


“Inevitably, my real estate and corporate clients will have other issues that arise – an employment matter or a tax question – and I am able to connect them with a quick resolution by reaching out to a colleague at Fox,” Gallegos said.

Innovation and creativity are essential traits for the cannabis lawyer, Gallegos said. “This is a brand new industry and those of us who got in at the beginning are, of necessity, writing the rules and establishing the ways these businesses are going to be structured and how they are going to interact with each other,” Gallegos said. Since joining Fox in 2013, Gallegos has represented cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, retailers and distributors and a slew of other businesses that provide ancillary services to such businesses. While understanding regulatory and compliance issues involving cannabis is important, Gallegos says, her prior transactional experience makes her uniquely positioned to address how corporate and real estate issues are affected by very rapidly evolving cannabis regulations. “At the end of the day, my job is to help my clients succeed,” Gallegos said. “That’s why they put their time and energy into launching a business. So I’m there to minimize their risks and maximize their opportunity. And Job No.1 is making sure that we are always staying on the right side of the law, because, in a highly regulated business like this one, it can be devastatingly costly if you fail to comply with every regulation.” Gallegos said she was thrilled to see the Cannabis Law practice group at Fox grow into one of the leading practices in the country. “I think Fox had a few key elements that primed us for success in the cannabis sector,” Gallegos said. “First, we already had a strong corporate practice that

focuses on emerging companies and the needs of entrepreneurs. Second, we had a world-class gaming practice, which gave us a foundation in regulatory and compliance work. And finally, we have a dynamic and talented team that just happens to be in all the right geographic markets.” In Nevada, Gallegos said, medical marijuana was legalized in 2000, but recreational cannabis is only on the cusp of launching – and those with experience will be at an advantage. “There’s been some confusion about Nevada’s licensing scheme and the regulations can be especially tricky for someone who’s not wellversed in them,” she said. “My advice to the cannabis entrepreneur or investor who is looking at Nevada would be to find a seasoned lawyer who has been through all of this before in another state,” Gallegos said. “In other words, someone like me.” MV


elcome to the new age of Cannabis, nice to meet you! Since it became recreationally legalized in January of last year, the W industry has found unmeasurable success. With many different elements and ways to manufacture the plant, there is nothing stopping it! Now flashing forward to October of 2018, there are ‘cannapreneurs’ galore, gaining prosperity in a wide variety of sectors in the industry. This Fall issue, we recognize and applaud the Top Power Players in the Cannabis field. These hard-working men and women have gone above and beyond to pursue and create the best product imaginable. From the packaging of the plant to the best CBD oil you can find. This special feature will be sure to not only teach you about the growth Cannabis has made, but how to find and secure the best product for you! MYVEGAS is delighted to congratulate the Top Power Players in Cannabis. (The Top Cannabis Power Players below are In no particular order). joel bordeaux

eaux ord j o el b

His passion for natural healing began from watching is father fight a losing battle with arthritis and cancer. Through years of research on cannabis and the healing benefits of a plant that has been wrongfully placed in a negative light.

tracy A. gallegos

t r a c y A.

egos gall

French and Tagalog.

is a partner in the Las Vegas office of Fox Rothschild LLP, a national law firm with 800 attorneys in 21 offices. Her practice spans corporate, real estate and regulatory law, with an emphasis on clients in the cannabis industry. She speaks fluent


sells the finest, purest CBD products at the lowest prices you will find anywhere. With over three decades of combined experience in the CBD industry, PharmaXtracts is a Band of Brothers who ts c a r axt decided the CBD market p h arm needed a serious intervention. Committed to saving the world one person at a time!

mitchell britten

Founder and CEO of two THRIVE Cannabis Marketplace dispensaries in Southern Nevada, as well as a North Las Vegas growing facility. Previously, he worked in Colorado’s cannabis industry from n e t t i ll br 2009-2014, and grew their mitche company tenfold, making him a definite veteran in the industry.

jillian nelson

is a Las Vegas native and has been a part of the Nevada cannabis industry since its inception. Jillian graduated from UNLV and worked at one of the largest law firms in Las Vegas before transitioning to n elso n cannabis. She currently is jillian the Operations Manager for Nevada’s largest edible company, Evergreen Organix. She has been an integral part of Evergreen Organix and has lead the company in developing its operations, branding, social media, compliance, licensing, and product menu.

christian seabrook

is the manager of Cultivate dispensary in Chinatown. For several years he has consulted in both financial analysis and cannabis operations. He is an advocate for ethical rook seab business, ending the drug c h ristian war, and communal growth in Las Vegas, where he has lived for 20 years.


tom clarke

brings a forward-looking, professional perspective to the cannabis industry. Tom has decades of experience coordinating and training teams to accomplish missions in the defense sector, where teamwork arke l c and efficiency save lives. t om He applies these same principals to innovative, efficient, and ultimately successful companies as a respected member of the Las Vegas community. These are the foundations Tom is building upon within the cannabis industry with his latest venture, a cannabis incubator, Hytiva®.


is a licensed, state-of-the-art cultivation and production facility currently serving dispensaries in Nevada with luxury marijuana flower, infused products, extracts and premium disposable O V vapes. Our line of topicals is NL formulated with naturally concentrated cannabis and a blend of essential and fruit oils. As science uncovers more reasons why cannabinoids work so well to provide beneficial properties to the body, NLVO continues to be at the forefront of creating innovative cannabis products.

josh zwagil

began as a chess prodigy who ultimately went to university on a chess scholarship. But when he recognized how long chess and studies would procrastinate his career as a serial entrepreneur, he l i g zwa left college to build josh companies that have generated tens of millions of dollars in sales.






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Josh and Jenna Zwagil


osh Zwagil was a Chess Expert who gave up pursuing a university scholarship to jumpstart his career as an entrepreneur. Jenna Zwagil was a Military E4 Specialist who Josh says still can break his arm as easily as he captures a pawn. If that sounds like an odd couple to start a multi-million-dollar business, welcome to MyDailyChoice, the company they founded with a commitment to natural wellness and to changing lives around the world. This month more than 2,000 MyDailyChoice Independent Affiliates and Customers will come from all over the world for a convention at the Red Rock Casino and Hotel. What are the skills that have made the two serial entrepreneurs so successful? It’s hard to get Jenna or Josh to talk about themselves, but they’re eager to talk about their Affiliates, and about the life-changing, innovative, category-creating products that have brought them all together.

“The great thing about our business,” Jenna says, “is that we share it with the greatest people I’ve ever known. Like Josh and me, they don’t want to work 9-to-5 in a business they don’t own. And they certainly don’t want a job that acts like it owns them. They want to spend their time doing good for others while at the same time doing well for themselves. Josh and I both take on important roles which has allowed us to create an incredible partnership. While he is planning the future and taking the business to the next level, I’m on Webinars and Training calls, driving sales within the organization. We make a great team and love serving our Affiliates and Customers.” That philosophy of caring and sharing is partly the result of Jenna having had her fair share of trials, which has given her the right perspective to be the leader she is today. After growing up a couple hundred miles from Las Vegas on a dirt road in the Mohave desert, she found her way into the military before being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. That was 2014, and it was a big year for Jenna: she got sick, she met her future husband and business partner Josh Zwagil, and she was persuaded by Josh to take a look at a concept he had for a direct selling company…a company to which she would soon bring its biggest-selling product. The unlikeliest of teams was about to become the likeliest of partnerships, in love and in business.

Josh may be more deliberate in his methods and personality than the mercurial Jenna, but he is no less enthusiastic about their products and mission. “You hear people talk about changing the world, and it seems like too big a vision to come true. But we are changing worlds every day. Just like Jenna’s world was changed when she found the help she needed for her illness, our Independent Affiliates are changing their worlds on a daily basis by sharing these great products.” One of the reasons for the productivity of the Affiliates is that unlike many direct selling companies that make most of their sales to their sales reps or distributors, MyDailyChoice has tens of thousands of new Customers every month. And those new Customers become returning Customers…because the products are unique… and they work. Despite the success they’ve had, Josh and Jenna still put in 16-hour days serving their Customers and supporting their Affiliates. “Building this business is much more than just about money for us,” they agree. V“For us it’s about long-term relationships and meaningful experiences. We want to spread the word about these incredible products and this dynamic business model we’ve developed.” MV



f you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of CBD, but how much do you really know about it? Here’s a little summary. Cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today, and for very good reason! People who suffer from all kinds of ailments are getting relief from cannabinoids, but there is one in particular that arguably shows the most promise, and this very special cannabinoid is cannabidiol, or CBD.

CBD is similar to other popular products. The consumer has many choices, and CBD products are vastly different in quality and price. Many CBD products are made using concentrated CBD extracted from industrial hemp. Concentrated CBD typically comes in two forms: CBD full spectrum oil and CBD crystalline isolate. The difference between these two forms is important. As the name implies, CBD full spectrum oil contains all of the compounds that were originally in the plant with, perhaps, the exception of THC. CBD isolate as the name implies has been isolated, meaning the oil extracted from the plant undergoes


or it was not a full spectrum product. Don’t get me wrong, CBD isolate is a wonderful product that has worked well for millions of people, but we are starting to realize full spectrum oil is actually the much better option. With that being said, not all full spectrum oils are created equal. There are a lot of CBD brands out there, but the truth is very few of them actually extract there own CBD oil, so what ends up happening is full spectrum oil is being mass produced and sold to many other companies for them to use in their products, and sometimes during this mass production, quality suffers, short cuts are taken, many important purification processes are completely eliminated, and the resulting oil can be contaminated with pesticides, heavy metals, and THC.

PharmaXtracts Word Search

PharmaXtracts Word Search

CBD is a cannabinoid found in cannabis just like the very popular cannabinoid THC. However, unlike THC, CBD does not get you high. CBD has many health benefits, especially when it comes to its anti-anxiety, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. There is also something very important you should know, not all CBD is created equal.

many advanced processes needed to isolate pure CBD. As great as CBD isolate products can be, what we are learning is when you leave all the compounds together like we do in our new full spectrum oil, they work synergistically to create what is called the “entourage effect.” This provides a much more effective and natural CBD effect. For some medical uses, the difference is massive! If you have tried a CBD product and were disappointed with the results, it could very well be because the dose was either not high enough

by Patty Gold

Here at Pharmaxtracts, we take every possible step to create the purest, most potent full spectrum oil possible. We apply artisan techniques secretly practiced for years in the THC community that are often never thought about by large scale CBD manufacturers. The complete process is considerably more expensive, but by using our exclusive, proprietary technique, we have created the Pharmaxtracts “Gold Line.” A CBD full spectrum oil product with an incredibly beautiful, golden glow, and far superior in quality to anything else ever offered. Far superior. So, if you rely on CBD to improve the quality of your life or have been let down by other CBD products, give Pharmaxtracts’ new Gold Line full spectrum CBD a try! It could completely transform your experience with this amazing cannabinoid. MV

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PharmaXtracts Word Search

“Not All CBD Is Created Equal”


This knockout West Coast cannabis variety produces sparkling golf ball style nuggets that pack a pungent lemon fuel-like taste. This top-level OG kush has racked quite a few accolades as it was awarded 1st place Best Indica Flower in both the 2013 High Amste Times Amsterdam Cannabis Cup and 2015 High Times Jamaica World Cup and deemed one of High Times Top 10 Strains of 2014.

This indica’s ability to relive

tension with powerful waves of euphoric, relaxed energy and amplified senses make it a great strain for patients suffering from chronic pain, anxiety or insomnia.

Amsterdam 2013


Award Winning Flowers & Concentrates Based in Las Vegas, Nevada


CBD Is Nothing New


hat if I told you that cannabis is nothing new and that it used to be an everyday part of our food chain without realizing it? There are many misconceptions amongst the general public when it comes to cannabis and what we now call CBD- the oil extracted from the non-psychoactive, agricultural hemp plant. Hemp is a cannabis sativa plant that used to contribute to America environmentally, economically and industrially, but its health effects were undiscovered. The correlation between cannabis and the human body isn’t something we learned about in school because farming hemp in America has been prohibited since 1937 and up until the past 30 years we have been unaware that all mammals have an endocannabinoid system. Researchers claim the only way to activate and replenish our endocannabinoid system is found in, you guessed it- cannabis, hence it’s extracted and bottled version, CBD oil and CBD oil is non-psychoactive because it is produced by the hemp plant.

cattle were antibiotic, steroid, and hormone free because the hemp based feed contained CBD that balanced the endocannabinoid systems within livestock. Their meat and milk were free from disease and therefore kept animals and humans healthy as CBD was passed into human bodies through consumption and breastfeeding. Direct heath effects from CBD weren’t realized because CBD functioned as if a nutrient in the everyday food chain. The homeostasis of mankind’s health changed when farming hemp in America was prohibited under the Marijuana Tax Act of1937. The major differences of THC levels within all plants that fell under the umbrella term cannabis, including hemp and marijuana, were disregarded and all were federally determined a schedule one drug. Americans continue to discover that consuming CBD oil for the first time feels rejuvenating to the body as if it had been

By: Taylor Burk

given a drink of water after nearly 100 years of dehydration. With the resurgence of interest in the healing properties of CBD oil, scientists are studying how CBD positively affects the mammalian central nervous system (including the brain) and peripheral nervous system. Various cannabis plants are currently being studied and used in the medical field. CBD can be used for a multitude of health related goals as it has digestive, anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties without the psychoactive effects at a bare minimum.  Who knew that cannabis plants could make such a difference in the health of all mankind and cause so much controversy? The prohibition of hemp stifled opportunities for farmers, lead to the creation of synthetics that are destroying our planet’s survival and health and thus, biological change in American anatomy shifted with its new CBD free environment.  MV

The history of our endocannabinoid system can be traced back to the beginning of civilization when animals ate hemp plentifully and our ancestors consumed the livestock and their byproducts. Our endocannabinoid system (ECS) is responsible for regulating the health of humans and animals. According to Dr. Dustin Sulak and other integrative medical clinics, the endogenous cannabinoid system is the most important physiologic system involved in establishing and maintaining human health. Endocannabinoids and their receptors are found throughout the body: in the brain, organs, connective tissues, glands, and immune cells. In each tissue, the cannabinoid system performs different tasks, but the goal is always the same: homeostasis- the maintenance of a stable internal environment despite fluctuations in the external environment.  There are over 50,000 eco-friendly uses for hemp and it was commonly consumed as source of protein before it’s prohibition. David Wise of Hemp Fed Beef Company attended the North American Industrial Hemp Council meeting and explained that before its prohibition, livestock ate hemp because it grew almost everywhere, the high oil content and fatty acids helped animals digest it and hemp was cheap for farmers. Hemp-fed



Game Changing Hemp CBD Nano - Global CBD, LLC From one of the most cannabis adverse States in the United States, thrives a company that is making waves in the Hemp CBD world. Joel Bordeaux owner and founder shares “Global CBD, LLC started because our family and friends needed CBD”. Idaho residents were not able to get purchase cannabis products and were previously forced to drive sometimes hours to get products or have them shipped from people they do not know and/or trust. Global CBD, LLC and are leaders in the CBD industry with their doctor recommended products created from agricultural hemp CBD with No

to honey to CBD water and more. If you have products that you would like to launch into the Hemp CBD space you can save money and time working with Global CBD, LLC for your raw material. Testimonials of Global CBD, LLC customers speak for themselves. “When you are saving people money, providing benefits and improving peoples lives, it really makes you feel good about why you get up everyday.” Shares Stephanie Thurmond, one of Global CBD’s other business owners.

THC. They are the first only hemp CBD store in Idaho, their full line of premium products are 3rd party tested, employee drug test safe, and taste great. Global CBD, LLC has thousands of clients that have experienced the known health benefits of hemp CBD. At you will find all natural tinctures, vapor, chocolates, skin care products, massage oils, and their award winning Nano CBD products.

Global CBD’s Pure Relief Ultra Nano is one of the most raved about products in the CBD industry and won 2017 Supply Side West top five products for pain relief. Most non-nano products have a 15-24% absorbency rate within the body. Global CBD’s Nano products have 98% absorbency rates. “That means if you purchase a $100 worth product and get only 24% absorbency you are only getting $24 value, with our products you get $98 value” Joel explains. Their award winning Nano products are a game changer and should be a first choice for people with chronic pain cancer and other known conditions. For more information visit or visit their facebook page at globalcbd. Their retail store is located at 205 N. 1st Ave., Sandpoint Idaho 83864. Global CBD, LLC is one of the few companies that actually posts their physical address along with their domain online.

Global CBD, LLC also provides an affiliate program, retail, wholesale, distributor accounts and consulting services to help others begin or expand their Hemp CBD business’. Their wholesale division provides bulk wholesale isolate, distillate, full spectrum oils, and water soluble powders at competitive rates. They are working with several new lines of products from beauty serums Advertorial 112













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471 45 2

SIMPLE. DISCREET. PRECISE. CanTabsTM were developed for delivering a convenient and measurable cannabinoid micro-dose with an exact and consistent experience with each use. The discreet packaging along with the simplicity of the product itself allows for a no-nonsense and sustainable approach to Cannabis consumption at any time and in any situation.

You can find CanTabs at your local dispensary. TM

For any inquiries please email


Keep Out of Reach of Children For Use Only by Adults 21 Years of Age and Older




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W A B I S A B I V A P O R . C O M




Work to Impress:

The First Steps at New Job


his column is often given over to tips on how to get your next job, how to get your dream job, or how to get that promotion within your organization. This time, owning to some recent questions from students and a few colleagues, I thought I’d provide some info on how to make a good first impression once you do land that new position. The first few weeks at a new organization, especially, can be stressful and challenging as you learn about expectations and organizational culture. Below are a few tips to help you hit the ground running with an impressive start. Punctuality Although this sounds like fundamental information, it cannot be stressed enough that you do not want to arrive for work even one minute late. There are a few ways to make a manager start questioning their hiring decision, one being showing up tardy as a new hire. A

By Anthony Lai

useful tip to really impress your new boss: strive to be the first one in the office and the last one to leave. Overtime Put in those few extra hours at work demonstrates to everyone that you are willing to go above and beyond your job requirements. Your manager will appreciate the extra effort and learn quickly that they can depend on you when extra work is needed. Innovation You may be new, but that doesn’t mean you have to turn off your critical thinking skills. Most managers appreciate a different perspective, and

a clear set of eyes. When possible, suggest ways to improve your position and duties. That said, don’t be overly critical. Keep things positive and accept the fact that you’ll prove yourself in due course. Curiosity Within the first few weeks, keeps your eyes peeled and thinking-cap on. It is common to feel a bit overwhelmed with new requirements, so prioritize your responsibilities and don’t ignore those that are uncomfortable for you. Instead, dive right in, ask questions, and know that you’re not going to get everything right the first time. Sociability Make friends with your coworkers. Although your manager is the most important person in any room, acknowledge the people around you. Your coworkers can be a support system and your manger will appreciate your willingness to become part of the team. Follow Through Even though you have a lot of projects on your plate, it is important to consistently complete tasks and then follow up with your new manager. Early on, this type of behavior will prove that you are on top of your responsibilities and will demonstrate that you’re willing to face any mishaps due to your relative inexperience. Your manager will appreciate it, I promise. Now that you have read a few tips on how to become that star employee, take some time to reflect on what you’ll do tomorrow, and put some of them into action! MV






It’s in the Bag!

Now available at


Common Tree is a 501c3 Non-Profit that helps local students in need and provide relief to those experiencing challenging circumstances. The organization raises funds to support their activities, raises the visibility of the need to support these members of the community with the general public, and coordinates efforts to deliver goods and services such as food, clothing, hygiene kits and etc. At Common Tree we strive to bring back the idea of community purpose. Together, we can truly make a difference for those less fortunate. With the utmost of respect and compassion for the disenfranchised segment of the Las Vegas population, Common Tree’s goal is to raise the visibility of the needs of these people such that communities rally together to support Common Tree in providing them with the necessary services to support their daily needs. Common Tree has also adopted Walter Jacobson E.S. in efforts to support their needs, mentorship, and bring smiles to their students faces. Thank you for your continued support and efforts. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, community partner or a volunteer, please contact us: • 702.738.8694

Inspiring SU



MOVE AHEAD OF THE CLASS WITH SYLVAN Whether your child needs an advanced challenge to stay engaged, has a big entrance exam for private school or college, or has bigger academic goals, Sylvan will make the difference. Our personal learning approach will propel your child to the head of the class.

Inspiring Inspiring SUCCESS InspiringSUCCESS SUCCESS Inspiring SUCCESS

MOVE MOVE AHEAD OF THE CLASS SYLVAN AHEAD OF THE CLASSWITH WITH SYLVAN Sylvanchild of Summerlin Sylvanchallenge of Henderson Whether child needs advanced Whetheryour your needs an an advanced challenge to stay to stay eng 702-795-7323 for engaged, private702-876-4090 school college, or has bigger academic goals, S has a bigorentrance exam for private school or S. Fort Apache Rd. & W. Sahara Ave. N. Green Valley Pkwy. & Wigwam Rd. SQUARE #130 LEGACY BUSINESS PARK #8C Our personal approach propel your child to the h college, or VILLAGE has learning bigger academic goals,will Sylvan will make the


SCHOOLapproach AND BEYOND SAT/ACT - Reading Writing - IN SYLVANLEARNING.COM - Homework Test Prep - Math difference. Our-personal learning will propel -your

MOVE OFWITH THECLASS CLASS WITH SYLVAN MOVE AHEAD OFAHEAD THE AHEAD CLASS SYLVAN MOVE OF THE WITH SYLVAN child to the head of the class. of Summerlin S your child needs anSylvan advanced challenge to stay engaged, has a big entrance exam IN SCHOOL AND BEYOND Whether your childWhether needs an advanced challenge to stay engaged, has a the bigdifference. entrance Whether your child needs an advanced challenge to staywill engaged, has a bigexam entrance exam for private school or college, or has bigger academic goals, Sylvan make for private for school or orcollege, hasapproach bigger academic goals, Sylvan make the private school or will has bigger academic goals, Sylvan willdifference. make the difference. Ourcollege, personal or learning propel your child to the head of will the class. MOVE AHEAD OF THE CLASS WITH SYLVAN Our personal approach will propel your child to the head of the class. Ourlearning personal learning approach will propel your child to the head of the class. Whether your child needs an advanced challenge to stay engaged, has a big entrance exam


Sylvan of Summerlin

Sylvan of Henderson





for private school or or has bigger academic Sylvan will make the difference., Fort Apache Rd. & W. goals, Sahara Ave. Our personal learning approach will propel your child to the head of the class.

VILLAGE SQUARE #130ofPkwy. Sylvan of Summerlin Henderson Sylvan ofRd.Summerlin Sylvan S. Fort Apache & W. Sahara Ave. N.Sylvan Green Valley & Wigwamof Rd.Henderson


N. Gre LEG

702-876-4090 702-876-4090 702-795-7323 SAT/ACT - Reading - Writing702-795-7323 - 702-795-7323 SYLVANLEARNING.COM 702-876-4090 Sylvan of Summerlin

Sylvan of Henderson

SAT/ACT - Reading - Writing - SYLVANLEARNING.COM - Homework - Test Prep - Math

S. Fort Apache Rd. &Apache W. Sahara S. Fort Rd. Ave. & W. Sahara Ave. S. Fort Apache Rd. & W. Sahara Ave. VILLAGE SQUARE #130 VILLAGE SQUARE #130 VILLAGE SQUARE #130

N. Green Valley Pkwy. Valley & Wigwam N. Green Pkwy.Rd. & Wigwam Rd. N. GreenBUSINESS Valley Pkwy. PARK & BUSINESS Wigwam Rd. PARK #8C LEGACY #8C LEGACY LEGACY BUSINESS PARK #8C

SAT/ACT -SAT/ACT Reading Writing - - Writing - Homework TestPrep Prep - Math -- Reading SYLVANLEARNING.COM - Homework - Test Prep - Ma SAT/ACT - Reading -SYLVANLEARNING.COM Writing - - SYLVANLEARNING.COM - Homework -- Test - Math 120


Come As You Are… The Values at the Crossing


veryone’s church preference, or experience, is different. Whether the person enjoys the location, the size of the church, the people, or even the message the church sends. Opinions vary vastly, and where you go to service depends on your individual values. Pastor Lee of the Crossing Church says, ‘Wherever you are, whether you have the faith you grew up with, whether you walked away from that or whether you’ve never had it at all, this is a place that you can come as you are.’ The Crossing is unlike any other Christian Church. There is not only a welcoming feel as soon as you walk in, you genuinely feel noticed and appreciated for being there. If personal growth is your mission, the Crossing might be a perfect fit!

by only caring about how many attend or by members making their children follow, etc. At the Crossing, they encourage everyone to follow their own path with Jesus to create their own journey to faith. They are proud of their unique values that reflect who they are, so that they can do things differently. Wherever you are in life, they support those who truly want their own journey in discovering Jesus.

Whatever church you attend, the main mission of the church will be Jesus’ Great Commission, which is going all around the world to make disciples, which can be as simple as inviting someone to join you at the next service.

The Crossing is a place that today’s Christians have fought for. Their number one value is, “Come As You Are,” which they do mean literally. You can show up late in sweatpants if need be, as long as you are there and present. Pastor Lee Coates, Executive Pastor of the Crossing Windmill campus, is an amazing leader and during his sermons, you will be in awe by their sense of acceptance. Not only do they preach it, they show it! They support where you are at with Jesus. Whether you are not sure, need guidance, or have questions, they will help you with every step.

Unfortunately, too often with other organizations, that mission gets distracted by other agendas or other missions. Sometimes, people end up going the wrong way to make more disciples, possibly

“Purpose over Preference...” Another useful value of the Crossing. Meaning simply that why you’re there is much, much more important than your personal preferences. These preferences



can be what you initially expect in a Christian church, what you believe a church should be, etc. Lee says “Can you set aside your ‘Preference’ to accomplish the ‘Purpose’?” The ‘Purpose’ being their mission, which is such an important message, as you can apply this to many other aspects of your life. Over time, the church yearns to be filled with people from all sorts of stories and backgrounds. When you initially step in for a service, you will be asked to speak with a pastor to further understand why you are there and what you’d like to accomplish. Lee says that, ‘Transformation is the Expectation.’ While speaking and engaging with others and the pastors, you will transform from the inside out. ‘Who you are will change and what you value will change.’ Encouragement to be the best version of you through Jesus is their and, should be, your mission. People may have different practices that work for them, and the Crossing respects and encourages you to explore your faith. If you have been searching for not only an accepting Church, but a welcoming one, the Crossing is the place for you. We invite you to come by and sit in for a service! It may be everything you’ve been looking for! MV


al 8thAnnu Date:

Saturday, October 20th


7:30am Open 9:00am Start


5k Fun Run &

1.5 mile Fun Walk & Roll $20kdult $15ktudkkt Includes t-shirt

Ektky Fkk Wkthout kkmkkk

Sammy Davis Jr. Festival Plaza Lorenzi Park

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Event & Registration Open 5k Fun Run Starts 1.5 mile Fun Walk & Roll Raffle Prize Giveaways

Seaynoah & Helen Mayfield

Family 4 Pack $40 Includes 4 t-shirts

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Cosponsored by Councilwoman Tarkanian and Councilman Crear Fok kk up to dktk lkkt of ouk kkkkkouk kpokkokk vkkkt kkk.kvpkp.okk


Your Time,Talent, Treasure!

Give Your Time, Talent or Treasure and Make a Difference in Someone’s Life.

A Home for Spot | 702.239.7986

DJs for PJs® | 702.944.2464

NV Childhood Cancer Foundation 702.735.8434 |

Adam’s Place for Grief | 702.339.0848

Dress for Success of So. NV (DFSSN 702.684.6412 | www

Olive Crest | 1-800-550-CHILD

Adopt a Rescue Pet | 702.798.8663

Family Promise | 702.638.8806

Opportunity Village | 702.259.3700

Alzheimer’s Association Las Vegas 702.248.2770 |

FUPI Forclose Upon Pets | 702.272.0010

Pawsitive Difference Pet Rescue 702.435.6422 |

American Cancer Society | (702) 798-5938

Global Charity Foundation | 785.608.7129

Pekes, Paws and Tails Rescue

American Heart Association | 702.367.1366

Goodwill | 702.214.2066

Project 150 | 702.721.7150

Andre Agassi Foundation | 702.227.5700

Habitat for Humanity | 702.638.6477

RAD Foundation (Real Autism Difference) (702) 463-6723 |

Angels Haven Charity | (800) 205-8913

Heaven Can Wait Animal Society | 702.227.5555

The Rape Crisis Center | 702.385.2153

Baby’s Bounty | 702.485.2229

Helping Hands Surgical Care | 702.242.5393

Refuge for Women Las Vegas | 618.567.1918

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Sounthern Nevada 702.731.2227 |

Hope For Prisoners | 702.586.1371

Ronald McDonald House | 702.252.4664

Boys and Girls Club | 702.367.2582

Horses 4 Heroes | 702.645.8446

Safe Nest | 702.877.0133 |

Boys Town | 702.642.7070

Impact Las Vegas | 702.285.4838

C4S G.I.R.L.S. Club | 855.246.6678

i.m.perfect | 702.807.8433

Calvary Downtown Outreach | 702.474.3030

Just One Project, The | 702.480.2215

Southern Nevada Newborns in Need 916.276.6171

Candlelighters | 702.737.1919

Las Vegas Binky Patrol | 702.459.4464

Speedway Children’s Charities | 702.632.8242

Caring 4 Kids Foundation | 702.544.1400

Las Vegas Rescue Mission | 702.382.1766

Sprit Therapies | 702.373.7607

CASA - Child Appointed Special Advocates for Children | 702.455.4306

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Southern Nevada | 702.436.4220

St. Jude’s Ranch | 702.294.7100

Casa De Luz | 702.684.5866

Lights of Love | 702.489.6007

Catholic Charities of So. NV | 702.385.2662

Miracle Flights for Kids | 702.261.0494

Calvary Downtown Outreach | 702.474.3030

Muscular Dystrophy Association of Southern Nevada | 702.822.6920

The Cupcake Girls | 702.879.8195 Diabetes Association (JDRF) | 702.364.5604 Dinosaurs and Roses | 702.277.3752 Divorced & Widowed Adjustment, Inc. 702.735.5544 |

Salvation Army | 702.870.4430 Shade Tree | 702.385.0072

Superheroes 4 Sully | 702.672.9483 Three Square | 702.644.3663 Trial by Peers | 702.333.8277 United Blood Services | 702.228.4483

Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation 702.735.6223 |

United Way of Southern Nevada | 702.892.2300

Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth 702.383.1332) |

Urban Seed Foundation | 702.850.8575

Nevada SPCA | 702.873.7722

Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada 702.967.0530 |

New Vista Ranch | 702.457.4677

WestCare | 702.385.2090













Top 5 Foods for Fido!

By Jeremiah Richardson of Wag N Wash


o you know what’s really in your dog’s food? The single largest contribution you can make to your pet’s health and longevity is the quality of food you provide to them. Here are 5 of the best choices you may find at Wag N’ Wash Las Vegas:


Canidae Raw Coated Formulas – Perfect for any size dogs and diet need! Freezedried and raw for the most nutritious meal possible! From fresh fish recipes to lamb, including fruits and vegetables, like carrots and blueberries! Pet food by Pet People™



Purevita Limited Ingredient Diet – Carefully prepared using holistic and natural ingredients, this dog food will keep your fido healthy! Purevita offers a wide range of products including Dry, Canned, Grain-Free, and Organic meals. Known for its nutritional values, this is the wholesome choice!

Northwest Naturals Raw Diet – A nutritious, raw, freeze-dried diet, even perfect for senior dogs! A family owned company, with pride in its ingredients, vitamins, and processing. All products contain natural ingredients and the highest quality of meats!


Firstmate from Canada – Made with pride and values, Firstmate is a Canadian brand, open since 1989. Fished from the seas of the North Pacific, they offer real fish and ocean meals, as well as a nutritious and hearty Chicken and Lamb meals. This is quality you can trust!


Earthborn Holistic – An international brand, Earthborn Holistic offers the holistic approach you’ve been waiting for! From real Squid recipes, to Duck meals! According to customer testimonials, the quality is unmatched! These amazing brands can be found at Wag N Wash. MV

We are a one stop shop for all dog and cat needs.

We are more than just a locally owned and operated grooming shop.

15% OFF

not including grooming services Mention MYVEGAS15 for Discount.

• • • •

Professional grooming Pet Self Wash 2000sq.ft. of Pet Supplies In-House Bakery and Deli for Pets. 7060 S. Durango Dr. • Las Vegas, NV 89113 702-650-3663 (FOOD) •



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