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Ask the Mayor



What are your first orders of business peaceful about riding in our beautiful desert We have long been ripe for being a now that you have been reelected? landscape. Of course I love to spend time with home to major league sports and From the Mayor’s Our lovely Mayor Carolyn Goodman haswhat graciously agreedof tothe answer questions from MYVEGAS Maga City Council members Desk voted -6-1 in early downtown redevelopment and can look delicious at the Jimmy my family and all my grandchildren whowe are now issome nosandwiches different. With 2.1new million A special totoMayor Goodman for her willingness to engage with our readers and the community of Las Vegas. October move aheadthanks on a plan forward to in the coming year? John’s located on the first floor of City Hall… out of school in the summer. We like to plan residents and 41 million tourists, it’s about $200 milliona dollar professional and inFortunately walking distance MTO continues to Webuild haveanot missed beat at the city time with them. time. Mr. Foley and the Maloofs soccer of stadium in downtown Las Vegas in which Certainly the momentum downtown thrive. Also, the Carson Kitchen, Kerry Simon’s Las Vegas and we are continuing to see our readiness, so here is to having an NHL Q: Summertime means family fun, top tourist destination, and our skyline Visitors come in from around the a final vote said to take placethe thisworld-class December. continues build. We are seeing new downtown is wonderful, workistoward creating What eventstoand activities does the city franchise be the hot firstspot, of what I hope is a and line Iof summer vacations and lots of outdoor is forever changed and improved by that country (and the world) to converge How would the development of this project more and more small businesses, would recommend trying it if you can find a city that our residents and visitors have come have planned for the 4th of July? several major league franchises. I love it and activities. How do you andityour family magnifi cent and the biggest observation in our city for our huge patriotic help Las Vegas and what will it take to make restaurants, shops and galleries opening. table. to expect and want. I have several goals going am hopeful that we are selected. like to enjoy summertime in Las Vegas? wheel in the world! It the is unique and celebration. Naturally there are happen? but What is particularly exciting has been forward, of great priority is the continued top-of-the-line, yes I have visited, Las fi2014 reworks inwhat the sky from opening ofSummerlin The MarketPatriotic on East and Fremont With to a fastcity, close, growth of the Las Vegas Medical District, the The Parade has Vegas is acoming “Zero exploding Fatality” but A: We really do like to spend time but not yet ridden it. In fact, CBS did our hotel rooftops, but during the da It is an amazing project that would in the Entertainment District as it brings a are some New Year’s Resolutions you’d future home of the UNLV School of Medicine. become a Las Vegas tradition, and there are now talks about raising together as a family especially if I can not only bring a first-ever, major much-needed grocery store to an area that like to see Las Vegas make in order to a special on the opening and lucky leading up to the nighttime celebrat Having a quality school of medicine which will this 21ST year it will begin at 8:30 the speed limit to 80mph. With the league sportsor team to and Las Vegas (and is in on theSaturday, heart of Ithe live-work-play city have a prosperous 2015? get some all of them togethera a.m. me, was asked as Mayor to make there outdoor activities attract top physicians to teach train new July 4TH. Participating unfortunate number ofare vehicular incidents on the galore Nevada!) but it would also result in hundreds core. Too, coming in 2015 is the expansion doctors torare practice in our community is central will comments be representatives of our aboutrise… yourtourists thoughtsand on this subject? to enjoy. residents happening! Most times in Lasas in the past, brief nationally whatwhat arefor I would like to see everyone in our ofbuilding millions of dollars being invested into our the outstanding of the Las Vegas Premium to a world-class environment. & Rescue Department and Personally, Oscar and I usually walk Vegas we’ll just hang around aFire great placeOutlets it is. Itwhich has added great city continue to be part of building community. In fact, this private partnership will be including 35 new stores anchored by many floats excitement and bands. Soto as the you make confines (Las Vegas) aParade wh thecity Summerlin Patriotic house barbecuing, swimming, playing Stripyour where a visitorWithin the great city! I’m hopeful that everyone is offering to are invest closeyour to one-half a billion Saksdown Fifth the Avenue off route Fifth and offer a new What some favorite summer way parade or sit on the not support any increase to can. There is hiking, horseback games, andoffor sure I’ll be serving food can stroll, shop, eat and enjoy a uniqueI wouldwe will make a commitment to give dollars activities into our economy! My hope is that Cheesecake Factory. to enjoy in Las Vegas? grass, you’ll enjoy the patriotic grandeur and our speed limits. However,his/her in the best rural riding, golfing, fishing and boating a from start to end. Our home is where ride. The food there is decadent, from to impacting and the quality of lifemore in our entire our city staff will be able to work with these celebration that we know how to do. It is a communities throughout desolate Lake Mead, tennis, biking, and so m our children grew up (same one for Sprinkles Cupcakes to the Ghirardelli The burgeoning restaurant scene community. Whether it is through helping private partners to consummate a final grand sight with all the American flags and areas of the state, I would be supportive of to for everyone to do as they 38 years), so they love bringing their ice cream and chocolate shop. Brooklyn downtown has also exploded... what diversify our helping make an celebrate agreement by mid-December to Las Vegas is a great city to forpresent outdoor great music! Please come out and celebrate increasing theeconomy, limits. Rides fromtoLas Vegas of July our city. children here whenever they can. our With also something special asinto it is areBowl one oris two ofthe your favorite new impact onstretches theFourth educational front,in addressing the City Council for its recreation and ismore-than-enthusiast a mecca for activity country’s birthday at parade! long of desolation suggest an MV some great planning, we’re off to the a new intimate venue for live music culinary hot spots? the cycle of homelessness or working with approval. The approval will result in even in the hot summer months. increase; our motorists and our pedestriansour A special you toitthe Honor beach and then the families come onecombined with gourmet comfort foodto pay better non-profits to create a bettertothank quality of life, spurring other major developments in the Southern Nevada has the most magnificent Sadly, we won’t be getting a soccer have attention keeping our takes each of us to build a world-class city heart of Symphony Park and our center city You can’t expect me to answer that!!! Mayor Carolyn Goodman by-one to squeeze into our little condo and a bowling alley. Where else but golf courses; beautiful parks; Lake Mead stadium anytime soon, but now the streets safe to help save lives. I support theoffor her which we areprogram proud. Of course wish community. How could I possibly pick among National Recreation Area; and world famous public’s turned to the Fatality and I know thateveryone the city the reade willingness to Iengage with in Coronado. Lasattention Vegas has would one find such a Zero great the healthiest and happiest of New as the comm them? There are so many great climbing and hiking at the Red Rock Canyon National Hockey League. What your does all to make our streets asYears safe as Magazine and combination ofare fun and excitementit’sit can MYVEGAS 2015 arrives! MV Most locals have noticed big changes places toon eatthe downtown thatteam you cannot Natural Conservation Area and Mount thoughts Foley-Maloof bringingkeep possible.






Q: Have you visited the High Roller


what we do!

taking in I’ve downtown Vegas, track of them all. The newly reopened and Charleston; but place for me, always Las loved Ferris wheel yet at the Linq? Whatprofessional hockey to Las Vegas? from a boom in local businesses to remodeled El Sombrero has excellent food, playing tennis and going horseback riding. are your thoughts on it, and how do Q: Fourth of July is a great holiday festivals and more; what is the future of our and the inside is now very chic. I’m also a fan There is just something that is perfect and

you think both visitors and locals will respond to this new Las Vegas form of entertainment?

to spend in Las Vegas! What are some fun ways that you like to celebrate with your family and friends?

of Las Vegas! Please email your ques to: for a ch to have your questions answered in future issue of MYVEGAS Magazine.


On Our Covers Every issue, MyVegas Magazine brings you multiple covers featuring people and places that make Las Vegas one of the best cities in the world! This summer issue is dedicated to our area TOP DOCS & DENTISTS and features: Dr. Crovetti of Crovetti Orthopaedics; Dr. Utley of Boston Dental Group; and Dr. Zimmerman of Las Vegas Laser & Lipo.

Photo By: Emotions of Light

On the Cover: Dr. Crovetti Having recently treated his 1,000th patient, Dr. Crovetti founded Crovetti Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine in 2000, The Coronado Surgical Center in 2008 and the Coronado Surgical Recovery Suites in 2010. His passion for joint replacement and orthopaedic surgery has resulted in the creation of a surgery and recovery center that is the first of its kind.

Pictured: Mary Alan, Mark Shaffer, Mindy Tatti

Photo Credit: Michael Rogers


Mark Shaffer

TOP 100


If there’s one thing we all know about living in Las Vegas, it’s that summers get hot in this city! But the temperature isn’t the only thing heating up! MYVEGAS Magazine is pleased to unveil another amazing issue, featuring some of the hottest new businesses, restaurants, people and events that we have to offer!

Readers Choice



Dr. Utley


On the Cover: Dr. Utley Dr. Utley has been with Boston Dental Group for 6 years and is a top provider in the Las Vegas Valley. He was born and raised in Las Vegas, attended UNLV, the University of the Pacific, and served in the United States Army. He is also the Director of Social Responsibility for BDG and has helped develop a “pay it forward” program called Project BDG.

Chef Alex Stratta: FREE Recipe Inside! FREE COPY!


And though the near-perfect weather is always a plus, it’s the community that makes this place sizzle! By Reader’s Choice, MYVEGAS is proud to honor the 2015 TOP DOCS of Las Vegas. We dedicate this issue to the many doctors and medical professionals in our community that help keep us safe, healthy and happy all year long!

Photo Credit: Ella Gagiano

Las Vegas is full of opportunity and MYVEGAS is excited to share it with you! As the weather warms up, keep cool with current news, information and adventures relevant to our city and your lifestyle! Stay on top of the hottest community events, MYVEGAS rewards and get all the current updates for locals by visiting us at! TOP 100

Readers Choice


As always, thank you for being part of the fantastic and ever-growing MYVEGAS community. It is such an honor to serve our locals, and we hope to see you at one of our many fabulous upcoming MYVEGAS events! MV



of Las Vegas Laser & Lipo




Photo Provided By Las Vegas Laser & Lipo


On the Cover: Dr. Zimmerman Dr. Zimmerman is an Adjunct Clinical Professor of Cosmetic Surgery at Touro University School of Osteopathic Medicine. He directs Las Vegas Laser & Lipo, a State licensed, nationally accredited surgical facility dedicated to the refinement and delivery of safe, surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures.



Meet the Writers MYVEGAS MAGAZINE 5540 S. Fort Apache Rd., Suite 110 Las Vegas, NV 89148 Phone: 702.792.2378

Lisa Lynn Backus

Michele Polci

Lori Nelson

Lisa Lynn Backus, CMP, CPCE, is Catering and Convention Services Manager. She has worked in the hospitality industry for over 25 years, including management with Marriott International and owner/operator of a full service DMC. She has worked with The International School of Hospitality, Past president of the Las Vegas Chapter of NACE. Her honors include recognized at the 2010 NACE Experience 2009 George Zell Spirit of NACE, Caesars Entertainment 2006 Chairman’s award for Community Service.

Michele Polci has dedicated her career to building and shaping the Las Vegas catering industry, contributing to the greater good of our economy. Her contributions include leadership in industry organizations, as well as advising and teaching courses at local institutions. She currently oversees catered event sales at Caesars Entertainment’s eight Las Vegas properties.

As the Vice President, Corporate Communications for Station Casinos, she is responsible for the Company’s public relations activities and serves as the Company spokesperson. She serves on the Governor’s Planning Commission for Nevada’s 150th celebration, is a 1999 graduate of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Leadership Las Vegas and served as president of Child Focus at St. Jude’s Ranch.

Dawn Gibbons

Michelle Velez

Carolyn Goodman

Dawn Gibbons is a successful businessperson and has received many accolades including: Business and Professional Women Woman of the Year: Who’s Who in Business; Who’s Who in Politics; Who’s Who of Women; the Attorney General’s Role Model of the Year, 2014 Distinguished Women of Nevada’s Excellence in Media Award, and the Las Vegas Women to Watch Award. She is a graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno (B.G.S). Ms. Gibbons has served on prominent boards in Nevada and supports the local community with her background in business, politics, and the media. Dawn is a former state legislator (State Assemblywoman 1991, 1999-2004) and the First Lady of Nevada (2007-2010).

Michelle Velez is on Wake Up With the Wagners and on weekend mornings on News 3 at Sunrise and News 3 Today. She joined the News 3 team after spending four years at KSNV’s sister station in Yuma, Ariz. Michelle devotes a lot of her time to cancer fundraisers and related events. Before moving to the Desert Southwest, Michelle lived in San Diego where she attended San Diego State University and earned a degree in Journalism and Political Science. Over the span of three years and three different stations, Michelle worked her way up from an intern to a producer and then made the move to Arizona to start her broadcasting career.

Carolyn G. Goodman became the mayor of the city of Las Vegas on July 6, 2011. Carolyn has devoted much of her life to volunteerism and education in Las Vegas. She has been recognized with the“Distinguished Nevadan” award, and become a Sarah D. Barder Fellow in the The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth and an Alumna of the Year in Education at UNLV. Goodman continues to prove her deep commitment to the community and devotes herself to the highest quality of life for all southern Nevadans through her efforts and dedication.



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MADE IN THE USA Keeping America Employed

Freelance on a Whole New Level:

Michael Rogers Photography

By Abi Wright

Calendar. This trip home though, decided his fate as a photographer. Michael lost his trucking job, but took this as his sign to focus on photography. In September 2015, with nothing else to lose and everything to gain, he packed up his van & camera and headed for Las Vegas. He says, “I wasn’t going to quit. That’s why I came to Vegas- I was going to get into the game.” Michael Rogers has most definitely gotten into the game. Immediately upon arriving, he took the shot that he says, ‘started it all’ called, “The Observation Wheel.” Michael states that, “It was a weather thing. I was taking a picture of the clouds that day and the wheel got in the way.” His photograph was well received by magazines and publishers alike and one of his images is even now included in a book. Shortly thereafter, he did a one-shot-take entitled “Red Rock Canyon” that gained the respect of a high level CEO. Before he knew it, Michael went from living in his van, to being flown on a private jet and shooting on location across the country. Work hasn’t stopped since.


ichael Rogers grew up reading National Geographic as a child, fueling his passion for travel and dreaming of the many places he would like to one day travel to. Never did he think his dreams would land him a place like Las Vegas. Michael had been a successful meteorologist, radio & TV personality for over 30 years in Alaska, Idaho and Maryland. As a father of 10 children and going through a bad divorce, his life was completely turned upside down upon losing his family. He admits that even though he didn’t know it at the time, Rogers had in fact, suffered a nervous breakdown. Looking to rebuild his life and start anew, he joined a trucking company and took to the open road. Driving got lonely and as a past time, Michael had a 3 mega pixel camera that he used to snap photos along his routes… taking pictures of all the places he grew up reading about in

magazines. Saving money along the way, he got a Canon T3I with a Rebel kit lens in 2008. He eventually moved to Buhl, Idaho, to stay with a friend. While there, his friend took his camera, printed and framed 10 of his images and hung them up around the house. When he returned, he was astonished at what his art looked like displayed, and his friend insisted that he start selling his work.

Michael says, “We all go thru bad spots in life, but it’s how you look at it. I know how to evoke an emotion out of a person with a picture… that’s what I aim for. I see what you see. If I keep shooting, I will not fail and I’m taking freelance to a whole new level.” MV

Michael took his friend’s advice and started selling his prints, which landed his first cover photo in Idaho Magazine, July 2013, of “Downtown Buhl.” He continued to shoot while on the road and as his photography gained more exposure, he knew he had a decision to make: continue driving, or pursue his passion for photography. He traveled back home to Alaska to wrap up some loose ends, snapping his second cover shot along the way for Alaska Magazine’s 2015

For inquiries and examples of Michael’s work, go to:, email or contact (702) 250-2114.


TOP 10 Ways to Cool Off This Summer!

By Joel Jarvis


ummer is upon us and here in the desert, temperatures can easily rise beyond 110 degrees. So when things get hot, us locals are always looking for creative options to keep cool. Whether you’re lounging around a pool or wanting to make waves of a different kind… Las Vegas has a little bit of everything to enjoy- you just have to know where to find the fun! Look no further- our very own Joel Jarvis has the Top 10 Ways to Cool Off!





Minus 5: In the Minus 5  bar at Mandalay Bay, enjoy a drink in a 23-degree chill. The entire bar is made of ice including your glass for your drink; it’s an ice rocks glass. There is a 30-minute time limit. So you don’t freeze. Qua Baths & Spa Arctic Ice Room: It contains the only Arctic Ice room in Vegas, which features snow descending from a domed ceiling. Ice chips are available to refresh the senses, as well as exfoliate the skin and cool you down. Lake Mead: If you are up for a beach, jump in the 75+- degree waters and float awhile. Hemmingway Beach at Boulder is calm and very family friendly. Other options include renting a boat or calling your friend with a boat… bring water regardless!


Mount Charleston: Vegas locals go up to cool off at Mount Charleston where it is 25 to 40 degrees cooler than on the valley floor.


Fiesta Ice Arena: Ice skating isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the desert, but Vegas does have an ice arena that provides the perfect escape from the summer heat. 


A “Wet” Vegas Casino Pool: Favorites for locals include: M Resort; Red Rock Pool; Caesars Palace; or Mandalay Beach. If you are really hot, go for the TOPLESS pools, like Bare at Mirage, or Moorea Beach Club at Mandalay Bay.


Whitewater Adventure on the Colorado River: Below the Hoover Dam on a kayak or a boat, tours abound, the water temps are 65+- and down-right cold! Jump in, paddle, jump in, repeat!


Waterparks in Vegas: The new Cowabunga Bay and Wet and Wild waterparks will rock your little water world! Fun for all ages! Get Wet!


Adventuredome at Circus Circus: How about a climate controlled day inside, riding roller coasters called El Loco and Canyon Blaster? Talk about cool!


Leave Town: Driving options include: Los Angeles; San Diego; Lake Tahoe; Flagstaff, AZ; Brianhead; plus Salt Lake City and Provo, Utah, are all great options to get away! MV




Here Comes The Sun… The Right Water can Change Your Life!

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s the weather heats up so does our quest for that perfect glow. But often times that perfect glow comes with a price that many choose to ignore. Yes, we all love to have that sun-kissed completion, but in doing so, you have to be careful. Skin cancer is no joke and neither is wrinkling at an early age. So before you head to that backyard pool or beach, be sure to take some precautions. Choose to apply a water-resistant sunscreen at least 15 minutes before sun exposure instead of a sunblock. This will give you some tanning ability but still block the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Also it’s best to avoid peak times when the sun’s rays are at their strongest, usually between 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. If exposure to the sun’s harsh rays is a concern, then perhaps the “fake” tan is the way to go. Huge strides have been made over the years with


products to eliminate that ugly orange color of years past. Today there are many products on the market that are just fine to achieve the color you are looking for. Recent winner of Allure’s Best of Beauty 2014 recommendation St. Tropez Self Tan Express is a fast-acting foaming self-tanner for the body that allows you to customize the depth of your self-tan, $44. However, remember always start with a good body scrub to eliminate any dead surface skin cells. This is an important step not to be missed if you want an even tan. Remember to take precautions this summer while in the sun, or play it safe by getting your tan in a bottle by choosing products that work best for your skin type. MV Copyright © 2015 Tammy Kincaid All rights reserved

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The Glamorous Life The LGlamorous Life



ife should be about ‘Glitz, Glam and Giving’. As I get older, the more I learn to appreciate the simple things in life. I’m not saying that I don’t like nice things, but I’ve learned to shop wisely and take care of everything I spend money on. So with that being said, work hard, appreciate everything you have and always ou don’t have to be rich to feel glamorous remember to give back! and beautiful. Beautiful is a feeling that starts on the inside. Everything else just helps you express it on the BOX outside. GLAM BEAUTY


Brush and Lipsticks Holder Here are some beauty tips to help get you ​Glam Beauty Box is an acrylic makeup organizer is started from the inside-out: an absolute necessity for storing and organizing your1)beauty products. Brush Holder Bumble and beautiful hair! is amazing for keeping all your brushes organized. The by I’ve discovered some new hair products LipstickBumble Holderand is perfect to sit all your lipsticks. Bumble, which is a salon based out of New Yorkbeauty City! Bumble and Bumble No matter what your organizational their own product line which needs developed are, the Glam Beauty Box is clearly the is carried in select, local hair salons such as ‘The most versatile choice for all your beauty product Standard Hair Salon’ in Summerlin. Ask for needs.  Sable-she’s an amazing hairstylist in Las Vegas. Bumble & Bumble products that I love include:

Glam by Elena 702.524.3566

Glam by Elena 702.524.3566

equipment that sends trains of pulses with a variable pulse repetition frequency to specific areas using skin contact electrodes. This helps detox your body and shed a few pounds… and it’s also another great holiday gift for men and women! Call for your appointment: 702.800.6461

4) Best brush forward! Beauty brushes make a difference! Some of my favorite and best brushes to do makeup with are from Coastal Scents and the Morphe Brushes line… reasonably priced, they can Aloette be a thoughtful gift for your female friends and Eye loved ones forPro Christmas or Valentine’s ​Advanced Recovery with DermaBind Day! Go to or www. is meant to be applied morning and evening. for more information. When I do my makeup, I first use the Aloette under my eyes, along with one small drop of the Bb Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil- Sulfate Free 5) Seasonal scents sense! Hydrating B5 all over mythat face,make before applying Shampoo and Conditioner. They have 6 Smell great this season! A few amazing anything else. feather light oils to help soften, silk, tame, fragrances for Christmas and Valentine’s de-frizz, detangle and protect hair. Day gifts forthe both men and women include: You can purchase Aloette products Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf; Ferragamo; at Madame et Monsieur Reshape Summerlin. 2) Flawless skin is huge! Narciso Rodriguez; Chloé; Tom Ford; Dior; Marc I’m hooked on Adore facial products from Jacobs; D&B The One; Prada; and Burberry. BEAUTY AND BLEND Dead Sea and I love the way my face feels Men or women can never have enough ​Being a makeup artist is a lot of fun because you when I use them. They last at least 4-6 months, fragrances! The more, the better and one CLEANSE AND REFRESH SKIN are always learning new tricks and using new so it’s definitely worth theYOUR investment and for every occasion! products and what works best you and your they make great holiday gifts for men Herbalife clients. I am always investing in new products and SKIN women! 6) Rain and Shine! ​Polishing Citrus Cleanser - for normal to oily and new material to write Rain Cosmetics is forabout. the modern woman . Dead Sea skin. Polishing jojoba beads in aGel-Deep citrus-infused I can definitely say thatthe M.A.C Cosmetics is Facial Peeling with an around clock lifestyle. They’ve cleansing gel remove impurities and makeup, my obsession their blushes, lipsticks Cleaning Treatment created for a product line that lasts all&day and leaving skin clean and revitalized. Paraben-free, eyeshadows: into the   night and requires little-to-no touch . Dead Sea Regenerating Facial Cleanser sulfate-free, dermatologist-tested.  • Braveups. RedWorldwide Lipstick by development M.A.C has helped Hypoallergenic, for all skin types • Flamingo by M.A.C themLipstick create unparalleled, high-quality . Adore Essence Facial Hydrating Cream SkinCeuticals  • Sweetformulas, & Sour Lipstick M.A.C makingby Rain Cosmetics the perfect ​Hydrating B5 GelInnovation, - Moisture-enhancing geldry that’s • Peaches Blushfor bythe M.A.C makeup woman on-the-go. Organic for normal to skin enriched with vitamin B5 and is amazing for your • Soft & Gentle - Mineralize Skinfinish by M.A.C . Adore Advanced Firming Eye Cream-Organic skin. It contains hyaluronic acid and is enriched • So Baked Bronzer - Heat Wave 132 by Hard For more details or to learn more about Innovation, for all skin types with vitamin b5. This hydrating gel maximizes CandyRain Cosmetic  Cosmetics, email me: . Go to: the benefits your daily moisturizer and is or • Brown Script Eyeshadow by M.A.C optimal for all skin types. • Phloofi Eyeshadow by M.A.C for pricing. MyCream way ofHydratant living life is: If you want that bad,• Strobe Lumineux by it M.A.C you’ll find a way to get it! With the products hydrating-b5-gel-1-oz-30-ml.html • Prep+Prime by M.A.C 3) Ridding your rough fat! listed above, it doesn’t make it hard to do! On I’m obsessed with ‘Electro-Slim’ by Ria and that note, live life and take care of yourself Celeste at Madame et Monsieur Reshape because we aren’t getting any younger! Summerlin. Electro-Slim treatment utilizes

Some favorite products in my GIVING TO OTHERS makeup kit include: ​Carestream is a nonprofit charity that brings hairstylist and volunteers together, to provide Nailservices & Skin to Therapy free haircuts andLip, other the less Made with all natural ingredients, fortunate in our community. In their first year, it moisturizes, heals and conditions. $7.95 they gave over 500 haircuts, 50 massages and 4,000 supplies. Carestream works with shelters, veterans and hospitals to empower men, women and children in need. They have witnessed the transformation and newfound confidence as Conceal Reveal these people look in the mirror. It’s their desire Flawless Foundation to remodel an Airstream into a mobile salon Tanold Teddy, SPF 15, to provide free haircuts and other services to Oil-Free $28 our community. Founder, Julie Johnson says, “I believe every human should be treated with dignity and kindness.” Follow her on her journey and support the cause. MV Instagram: carestreaminc Twitter: @carestreamlv Facebook: julieadamscarestream Beach Club Bronzer Cabana Boy Bookings and Inquiries Casanova $24 email: Facebook, Twitter & Snapchat: GlamByElena Instagram: eeeelena__

Diva Eye Shadow “Express your individuality, embrace your femininity Quad - Poker $32 and explore your sensuality as woman!” ~Elena Kmetz



Offers OffersExpire Expire6/30/15 6/1/14

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A Day of Pampering for You & Your Fab Friends • Specializing in Express Beauty Treatments for all skin concerns • Exclusively customizable Mineral Foundations & Powders for all skin types, including advanced skincare additives • Custom Make-Up application featuring Mineralized Motives Cosmetics line • All Treatments and Services performed by Dunia Antunez, a Licensed and Certified Esthetician and a Member of the Association of Skincare Professionals


730 South Rampart Blvd. Las Vegas, Nevada 89145



By Erika Kimble Dermatology NP

Queen of Tresses

Vegas is a city that beckons its beholders with behemoth sparkle and lights. Yet, it’s the people of this desert metropolis who own the true allure of its glamour. Vegas women epitomize the fashionista dress, artistically flawless skin, and sinfully coifed hair to be envious of. Many of these women not only uphold beauty on a personal level, but also as industry professionals. Particularly, in local pageant circuits they sashay the runway and by day they reign in a salon near you. So here is the inside scoop from the ladies and crew holding crown and scepter, to share their secrets for tresses worthy of a Queen.


Pictured: Jadee U’ilani



Washing A daily scalp scrub is unnecessary unless your mop is pooling with oil. Most people can get away with every other or three, so as not to strip natural conditioners off the strands. Use of a Sulfate-Free shampoo like Pureology, Aveda, or Philosophy will ensure maintaining the hairs natural oils. To lock in color and create maximum shine after washing, Amelia Cline-Cooper (Amelia C. & Co.), hair and make-up artist for multiple Mrs. and Ms. United States contestants, recommends a vinegar rinse. “Though it can be hard to think about swapping lather and sweet scents for vinegar, it truly is a miracle worker.” Conditioning “My personal favorite is It’s a 10 with Keratin,” says Jadee U’ilani, Mrs. Nevada United States 2015, and retail Salon Manager. Nourishing products like It’s a 10, Yarok, or Kérastase are important after washing to promote strong and minimally damaged hair. Yet, for those who have an oily scalp tendency, prevent that petrolatum spill by conditioning the ends of hair only.


Product When choosing products to style your mane; think heat protection, shine, and SPF fortified. According to Lavetta Schneider, Mrs. Nevada America 2014, who is also a Michael Boychuck Salon Stylist, “Kérastase hair line is the hair care Bible! In my opinion there’s no other product that works better.” In particular Lavetta recommends KérastaseNectar Thermique as a leave in conditioner but also likes Bumble & Bumble Curl Conscious Cream for frizz prone hair. Amelia C. flaunts the power of Sunshine Drops by Yarok for nourishing processed or heat styled manes. While Jadee endorses Chi Iron Guard for heat styling and Awapuhi Moisture Mistby Paul Mitchell for protection and repair. Style Hair styling equipment is just as important as product. The consensus among these stylists is to stick with a boar bristle brush with a metal core. “While the bristles smooth the strands, the metal core acts as a heat conductor with the blow dryer to create lift, curl, and bounce,” says Amelia C. “Queen hair is all about big, beautiful, bounce,” says Amelia C. To master the hair bounty of a Queen, clip in extensions are the best option. Jadee U’liani recommends Halo Hair. “It has a clear band that goes over your head and it works with your natural hair. You take it on and off like a hat everyday.”


Environmental Stress The libations of Sin City impose their own strains on keeping Queen like tresses. For those smoke-filled nights on the town, Amelia C. Recommends Lush Cosmetics dry shampoo to work into roots for a “pick-meup on the smell situation.”

Pictured: Lavetta Schneider”

Pictured: Amelia Cline-Cooper If you think a daytime dip in the pool will resolve smoky tresses post- late-night debauchery, think again. Besides turning hair green, chlorine can turn the shiniest tresses into straw. Lavetta Schneider relays that most people don’t think about hairs ability to soak up chlorine like a sponge. For pool damage prevention, she advises getting hair wet with regular water and a leave in conditioner before jumping into that cooling chlorine oasis. Pools, parties, and glamourous events shouldn’t be a roadblock to keeping your tresses like a true Vegas Queen. With the help of these inside secrets, you can maintain hair fit for the royal throne. MV Erika Kimble, BSN, MA, MS, APRN is a Dermatology Nurse Practitioner at Linda Woodson Dermatology in Las Vegas. She is an award winning author of the Malcolm Finney, Medical Detective, children’s health series, as well as health interest articles. The author has no formal affiliation with the products listed.


NO EXCUSES By Marie Mortera, KSNV Anchor Facebook: mariemortera Twitter: mariemortera

No excuses: are you living up to those 2 words? I have to admit, as a new mom, finding time to work out is not easy… so it’s come to this: 50 squats with my infant in my arms; 1 minute of burpees before I get ready for work; a few yoga poses before I go to bed. Yes, that’s enough to get my heart rate going. What I’ve created is an incredibly basic form of Tabata training, named for Professor Izumi Tabata. In an interview with Ritsumeika University, Tabata explained its start. He analyzed a Japanese speed skating team’s workout regime: “Repetitions of 20 seconds of intense work, followed by 10 seconds of rest….the exercise can be completed in only 4 minutes if repeated 8 times.” He found those were powerful minutes: “This exercise can improve the aerobics and aerobic metabolism of athletes.” What do 4 minutes mean to you? In TV news, that’s less than two typical commercial breaks, which means if you’re on the couch watching, you have the time to move, to find energy, to say “NO EXCUSES.”


As always, check with your doctor before taking on a workout, no matter the length of time. MV

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ISTS DOCS and DENT FEATURING Crovetti Dr. Michael J.

TOP 100



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Dr. Ed Zimmerman of Las Vegas Laser & Lipo







Motor Vehicle Accidents, Medically Supervised Weight-loss programs with Zerona lipo laser and Preventive Care Wellness Physicals for seniors.

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MY BEAUTY & HEALTH By Dr. Evan Allen Doctor Allen Wellness & Medical Center 1701 N Green Valley Pkwy, Henderson, NV 89074 702-754-4900

The Coconut Craze: Why Coconut Oil is Actually Bad for You

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1 Month of Red Light Therapy for $30 Summer sun can make you happy, and when you really want to rehydrate your skin after soaking up some rays there’s nothing better for your skin than coconut oil. It can soothe dry skin very effectively because it is a saturated fat and solid at room temperature. But something strange has happened. People are taking a perfectly good moisturizer for their skin and eating it. Over and over my patients ask me about the health benefits of eating coconut oil. I’ve got to tell you, it’s like asking me the health benefits of smoking ten packs a day of Camels… I can’t think of any.

also raises triglycerides. Coconut oil has more saturated fat than butter or bacon grease!

When you leave bacon grease out after using it, it congeals into a greasy, flecked whitish-yellow muck that is solid at seventy degrees. This means it’s a saturated fat. Here’s the thing: coconut oil is actually worse for you than bacon grease (and no, bacon grease isn’t good for you).

Unless you have a specific, rare disease that a doctor is treating with MCTs, they are just another saturated fat. If your doctor recommends getting MCTs, just take those, not oil. Having diabetes and high blood cholesterol is horrible for you, and since coconut oil is one of the worst fats for raising cholesterol, it should be avoided.

The selling point that makers of coconut oil claim is that it contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). Studies show this is only good for gaining weight. For example, if you can’t absorb enough calories from your food, then they can help you through an absorption crisis because they absorb more easily which helps you gain weight. Most likely, this is not your particular problem, though. We have actually checked to see if people lose weight when they replace their saturated fats with MCTs; the answer is no. Does it improve any of the main diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease? No, in fact it usually makes them worse. It raises cholesterol dramatically as well as insulin levels and it


A study published by Dr. McGandy, in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 1966, showed that of the oils, coconut raised cholesterol the most in people on either low or high sugar diets, even when compared to olive oil or safflower oil (neither of which I recommend either). Cholesterol in the coconut oil group averaged 250 mg/dL, with olive oil averaging 203 and safflower oil 168. All of those are too high, but coconut oil is definitely the worst.

For a long, healthy life with silky smooth skin, keep coconut oil on your outside and put healthy foods on your inside. MV

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Get Your Fitness On

By Tsikki Thau

It’s time to stretch back into happiness! Enough with the complaints and the feelings of unworthiness; one stretch a day keeps the doctors away. Get healthy, build stamina, and replace old programs with new ones. Delete the lazy thought patterns and develop an exciting attitude towards the new season.

The great thing about stretching your body is that there are no specific laws and regulations. You stretch at your own pace and time. You could even stretch during work hours, bathroom breaks, going up and down the stairs, while in the bath, and even while laying down. There are so many opportunities to get flexible right now!

How do you start a day with sunshine and excitement? With Motivation!

Call it yoga, dance, Pilates, ballet, fitness, or a simple stretch, it all adds up to your fitness goal of achieving happiness and maintaining a perfect flow in your life. My favorite ways to stretch are: ballet, ballet barre and yoga.

How do you get ready for your bikini? With Fitness attitude! How do you end each day? With a smile knowing that you are accomplished! The Most common question that I’m regularly asked is, “How long should you stretch for?”

Stretching is not just a part of a workout; it is, and can be a workout in itself. So ladies and gents, it’s getting hot in town and with that said... Get your fitness on!! MV Happy Stretching!

Pictured: Sole Intensity Dance Studio

My answer: Anywhere from 10 minutes to one hour a day! Yes that’s it!

Love, Tsikki


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Tamra’s Tips: Getting Your Body “Bikini Ready” this Summer!

By Tamra Trainer

Summer is upon us! Here are several tips to get your body “Bikini Ready” this season! •

Download the “Myfitness Pal” app and track your meals and all activity. It’s a great app to see how many calories that “healthy salad” or chicken breast sandwich with “secret sauce” has.

Our body digests smaller meals much easier than it does larger ones. Instead of eating 1-3 big meals a day, break them up into 4-6 smaller ones that are spread out every few hours.

Set a target weight for how much you want to lose, but remember that as you lose weight and start to build muscle, the scale may rise again because muscle weighs more than fat.

Eat protein at every meal; 3-7oz depending on your body type. Always eat proteins first, then greens second and carbs and fats last.

There’s a saying that goes, “One good meal won’t make you healthy, just like one bad meal won’t make you fat,” but if you keep on doing one or the other, it definitely will! Be consistent with your diet!

Remember 3500 Calories = 1 pound. You have to burn 3500 calories on top of what you consume in order to lose 1 pound.

Get a spray tan! A nice healthy glow looks great, helps you feel better and can hide some of our slight imperfections.

If you have challenges with figuring out what clean eating looks and feels like, try an online meal company that will weigh, cook and ship your food straight to you.

Take a good multi-vitamin/mineral supplement and make sure to take them daily.

Try something new like Yoga, Pilates or Kickboxing every week so you won’t get bored. One hot-yoga session can burn up to 1000 calories.

Cut back on salt. Sodium is already in almost everything we eat or drink, so there’s no need to add any more.

Drink wild dandelion root herbal tea; it helps lower your cholesterol, reduces inflammation and water retention, aids in digestion and so much more!

Instead of splurging on food and drinks whenever you lose a few pounds, treat yourself to a massage or spa day. Shift your mindset and replace old bad habits with healthier, new ones.


1216 S. Main St., Las Vegas, NV 89104 Monday-Saturday 11a-7p | Sunday 12p-5p

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If you have any questions, or comments feel free to email: Also visit me on: Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: Train2behealthy

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Las Vegas’ TOP 100 20

DOCTORS and DENTISTS Here at MYVEGAS Magazine, we polled 100,000 local Las Vegas readers to ask them who they think is the best in the Valley when it comes to Healthcare. With the help of our local readers, we are pleased to present to you the results of the 2015 Readers Choice Poll for the Top 100 Docs & Dentists! A special thank you to our readers for your submissions and recommendations, and a warm congratulations to the 100 Top Docs and Dentists! Enjoy this special section featuring the MYVEGAS locals’ favorites! 21

Readers Choice

TOP DOCS AND DENTISTS A Nevada native, Dr. Utley was born and raised in Las Vegas. He attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and continued his education at the University of the Pacific where he finished his Bachelor of Arts and received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery. Prior to returning home to Las Vegas, Dr. Utley served in the United States Army. Stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, he served our great country to improve the oral health and dental readiness of the Military Police and Special Forces. Dr. Utley has a passion for dentistry and an eye for detail. He strives to educate and guide patients towards making good lifetime oral health decisions. Dr. Utley’s kind, gentle, and caring manner will put any patient at ease. Dr. Utley is an active member of the American Dental Association, Nevada Dental Association, Southern Nevada Dental Association, and the Academy of General Dentistry. Locally, he is a leader for the Boy Scouts of America and participates in various other civic organizations. When Dr. Utley is not practicing his passion for dentistry, he spends most of his time with his lovely wife and four children. He is active and enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, and wake boarding. Dr. Utley has been a part of Boston Dental Group for 6 years and is one of the top providers in the Las Vegas Valley. He is also the Director of Social Responsibility for BDG who has helped develop a “pay it forward” program called Project BDG. About Project BDG Project BDG was developed by members of Boston Dental Group to provide dental care to those in need. Our objective is to give back to the community by not only giving complimentary dental care to patients that otherwise could not afford it, but to also to show the meaning of “paying it forward”. We believe that if we help a patient they should in return help somebody else and so on. We plan on changing the community one patient at a time. Project BDG sees 40+ patients per month, patients are handpicked by local nonprofits to ensure we are helping those most in need. MV

Dr. Utley has been a

part of Boston Dental Group for 6 years

and is one of the top providers in the Las Vegas Valley 22

Readers Choice

TOP DOCS AND DENTISTS Dr. Teddy Sim is the owner and a chiropractic physician at the ChiropracTED, LLC in Las Vegas, Nevada. After serving 8 years in the military, Dr. Sim came to understand the harsh undertaking the human body experiences from long work hours and heavy equipment carried by our military personnel. The treatment Dr. Sim received from his own chiropractor helped him to realize the importance of chiropractic care and propelled his desire and commitment to chiropractic medicine and to creating world-class care for his patients. Dr. Sim received his Bachelor’s in Kinesiological Sciences from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Soon after, Dr. Sim relocated to Portland, Oregon where he attended University of Western States where he earned both his Doctorate in Chiropractic and a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Human Biology both in 2010. As a Chiropractic Physician, Dr. Sim brings many years of diverse experience utilizing multi-dimensional education technique specializing in systemic teach-back modality to educate patients about realigning the body with proper biomechanics and addressing spinal subluxation. Beyond chiropractic care, Dr. Sim has become a physical health advocate both through his health blog (http://drteddysim. as well as his work as a Zumba ® Fitness Instructor in the Las Vegas area in which Dr. Sim has received numerous accolades by local news outlets for promotion of utilizing Zumba ® in promotion of charitable contributions. In February 8th 2014, Dr. Ted lead the largest Zumba ® class in America, here in downtown Las Vegas with 6,218 students in attendance, collecting over 4,000 books, which was donated to the Clark County School District. As a result of his continuous efforts to provide better healthcare and health education, Dr. Sim has received numerous recognitions including: Congressional Recognition from Congresswoman Shelly Berkley for his Dedication and Support to Education in southern Nevada (2011) and recognition from the Center for Academic Enrichment and Outreach McNair Scholar of the Year of the University of Nevada Las Vegas (2011). He also had Senatorial recognition from Senator Dean Heller for his involvement in “Ending Stroke” Zumbathon with the American Heart Association. For more information on Dr. Teddy Sim, please go to his website: ( whether you want to have a spinal adjustment, involved in a car accident, or even attend one of his Zumba ® or Kickboxing classes! MV

Dr. Teddy Sim is the

owner and a chiropractic physician at the

ChiropracTED, LLC in Las Vegas, Nevada


Readers Choice

TOP DOCS AND DENTISTS Hayley Brown M.D. is a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic surgery of the face, breast, and body. She has been in practice in the Las Vegas area since 2000. “I grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona, in a family of doctors and received my undergraduate degree in Bioengineering at the University of California, San Diego.” “From a young age, I always knew I wanted to be a doctor. I have always had a passion for creativity and the world of art. I am continually engaged in various art projects, both sculpture and wall art. Plastic surgery is the only surgical specialty that combines art and science.” Dr. Brown received her MD degree with honors at the University of Texas in Houston, in 1994. She was elected into the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society for her outstanding performance in medical school, graduating in the top 10% of her class. She completed a general surgery residency in Phoenix, Arizona, followed by a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. Dr. Brown started her private practice in Henderson, Nevada, and was the first plastic surgeon at St. Rose Siena Hospital. Her office remains located at the Del Webb Medical Plaza, attached to the Siena Hospital on Eastern and St. Rose Parkway. Early on in her career, her practice shifted from a mix of plastic and reconstructive surgery to purely cosmetic surgery. Dr. Brown is married to a physician and is the mother of four children. The demands of raising a family combined with a very active plastic surgery practice is challenging, rewarding, and very satisfying. She has a boutique style word-of-mouth practice and her cosmetic surgery patient base has grown not only locally, but also nationally and internationally. MV

Hayley Brown M.D. is a board certified plastic surgeon

specializing in cosmetic surgery of the face, breast, and body 26

REVEALING THE REAL YOU “Gifted and Caring” “An excellent surgeon” “You’re the best at what you do” “Both you and the results were awesome” “Such great care during my surgery” “Truly never felt so comfortable with a doctor” “A caring brilliant perfectionist” “You go above and beyond” “She is half surgeon, half artist and knows how to make a woman’s body look its best”

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Hayley Brown MD, FACS

Specializing in Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery of the Face, Breast, and Body and servicing Las Vegas and Henderson as a Top Plastic Surgeon since 2000

Call Dr. Brown: 702.260.7707

Readers Choice

TOP DOCS AND DENTISTS Eva Littman MD, FACOG Red Rock Fertility Center specializes in helping couples achieve their dreams of becoming parents and assisting patients in preserving their fertility so that they are able to have children at the opportune time in their lives. Founded in 2008, by Practice Director Dr. Eva Littman, Red Rock Fertility Center has grown to be one of the most successful fertility centers on the West Coast. Dr. Littman specializes in challenging cases and helping patients that other doctors have deemed as having a slim chance of conceiving. Along with having an amazing, compassionate spirit, Dr. Littman completed her medical training at some of the world’s leading medical centers and universities, including Stanford University and Duke University. Shannon McGrath, Red Rock Fertility’s nurse practitioner, has been working in the field of reproductive endocrinology for 14 years. She received her degree from the University of California, San Diego and received her Master’s in Nursing from Vanderbilt University with the highest honors. Shannon works closely with Dr. Littman to provide the highest quality of care to the patients at Red Rock Fertility Center. Dr. Littman has contributed to worldwide knowledge of specific infertility problems by publishing several articles in peer-reviewed journals and regularly presenting at international meetings and local conferences. She has also helped mentor future OB-GYN residents by serving as an associate clinical professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University Of Nevada School Of Medicine. In 2013, she was named a “Women to Watch,” honoree by Vegas INC. Some of her previously recognized work has been for her groundbreaking research. She was awarded the “Pacific Coast Reproductive Society Prize Paper Award,” for research entitled, “IGF2 Imprinting of Pre-Implantation Mouse Embryos.” In addition to this, she has received the “Academic Medicine Fellowship Award,” by the National Medicine Foundation. Dr. Littman is the only female reproductive endocrinologist in Las Vegas and one of the Valley’s most trusted, knowledgeable and honored fertility experts. She offers an outstanding level of empathy and a broader amount of compassion for her patients, given that she has personally undergone some of the procedures involved with fertility treatment. Dr. Littman has three children of her own, and she understands the desires of her patients to conceive. Dr. Littman frequently assists patients with less than a five percent chance of pregnancy to welcome new lives into their families. MV


Dr. Littman is

the only female reproductive

endocrinologist in Las Vegas

Readers Choice

TOP DOCS AND DENTISTS Arthur M. Cambeiro, M.D. is a native of Las Vegas and is a graduate of Bishop Gorman Preparatory High School. Dr. Cambeiro graduated from the University of Southern California in the Psychobiology Honors Program and received his Doctor of Medicine Degree from the University of Colorado. He continued his education, specializing in cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery at the world famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. At the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Cambeiro volunteered with Global Health Outreach, donating his surgical skills to correct congenital facial defects on Vietnamese children. His experience at the Mayo Clinic has been invaluable and he is extremely proud to have been a part of an organization whose hospitals are consistently ranked as one of the top hospitals in the nation (US News and World Report). Dr. Cambeiro is an extensively experienced Cosmetic Surgeon. He is a triple board certified surgeon through the Nation Board of Medical Examiners, American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery and consistently scored in the top 95th percentile in the nation on his certifying exams. Dr. Cambeiro has been recognized nationally, regionally and locally with multiple awards for his skills, compassion and aesthetic results. He has been named one of “Americas Top Plastic Surgeons” and one of “Las Vegas’ Top Doctors” in plastic surgery every year since 2005. He also has been named “Top 40 under 40,” and has been featured in Glamour, Allure and Newsweek magazines. Continuing to give back to his community, he serves on the Foundation Board of Directors and the Community Board of Directors for all three St. Rose Hospitals. Dr. Cambeiro has been awarded an appointment to NOVO, the National Advisory Council for Leaders in Breast Aesthetics, an elite group of fewer than 100 plastic surgeons who are at the forefront of aesthetic breast and facial surgery in the United States. Dr. Cambeiro utilizes his knowledge in psychology coupled with his surgical experience and technical skills to focus on the patient’s needs of physical beauty as well as their inner-self. Dr. Cambeiro’s new multimillion dollar plastic surgery, skin and laser center located in Henderson, allows patients to achieve their goals through various traditional and safe innovative means. Through his new center, Dr. Cambeiro continues to offer superior leading edge facial, body and advanced breast surgeries. Additionally, candidates for non-invasive or minimally invasive facial or body improvements can benefit from cutting edge advancements offered through this center. Dr. Cambeiro and his exceptionally trained staff can guide patients to the treatments that best suit them and at Dr. Cambeiro’s office, the needs and safety of the patient always come first. MV

Dr. Cambeiro

is a nationally recognized

and extensively experienced

Cosmetic Surgeon 30




Readers Choice

TOP DOCS AND DENTISTS TrimCare™ Medically Supervised Weight Loss Clinics can help you lose weight fast and keep it off! The doctors at TrimCare™ help you make better lifestyle choices that contribute to improved health. Innovative Care Physicians and Dr. Ivan Goldsmith are committed to providing the highest level of overall health and wellness. With Medicine in Reverse, a program that helps you get healthy on the inside by also improving the outside, we are here for you every step of the way. Trimcare’s philosophy has always been to utilize the best practices of both allopathic and alternative or complementary medicine. Countless hours of research and innovation enables us to offer the latest in medical breakthroughs arising from cutting edge research. At Trimcare, our mission has always been to enhance wellness, life expectancy and quality of life through product offerings that encourage patients to participate with us in this journey! Program Highlights • An annual comprehensive physical evaluation focused on disease prevention by determining your potential health risks. • Guaranteed same or next day appointments. You will always see Dr. Goldsmith when he is in town. When he is away, his assistants will grant you the same level of access. • No wait time for appointments. When you arrive, we will have a room ready for you. • Appointments will take as long as you need. Stay until all of your concerns are addressed. • The personal cell phone number of Dr. Goldsmith will be given to you when the Agreement is executed. Important medical questions no longer have to wait for an appointment time. • Up to 5 times a year, Dr. Goldsmith will arrive early or stay late to accommodate you at his office. • Prompt and thorough follow-up calls for test results, prescription refills, referrals or any other concern. • Complimentary body fat analysis anytime you request it during a visit. Program Description The Concierge Program is limited to 250 patients. This allows Dr. Goldsmith more time to provide personalized service and convenience. Our comprehensive program emphasizes early detection to prevent major medical conditions before they arise. Some insurance companies cover basic annual physicals but do not cover preventive health programs that provide additional specialized services that last the entire year. Real Doctors. Real People. Real Weight Loss. 5375 South Fort Apache, Las Vegas, NV 89148 (702) 878-8888 •


Real Doctors Real People

Real Weight Loss

Get Ready for Summer! Get Ready For The Rest Of Your Life!


Services Offered  






CASH SERVICES! MYVEGAS readers only. Mention this ad and receive a buy one get one free Trimslim procedure. A brand new cutting edge fat reduction / mesotherapy procedure. 5375 S. Fort Apache Blvd Suite 103 Las Vegas, NV 89148 702.878.8888


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TOP DOCS AND DENTISTS The Faculty Dental Practice at the UNLV School of Dental Medicine is a Center for Excellence in Dentistry, right here in Las Vegas. Located near UMC in the Medical Corridor, this dental office is staffed by Professors at the Dental School who actively teach and practice dentistry in this private-practice setting, providing direct patient care to our community. MyVegas TOP DOC, Phil Devore, DDS serves as the Director of The Faculty Practice after 35 years of private practice in California and Nevada, as well as over 28 years as a part-time instructor at both UNLV and UCLA. All of the doctors enjoy the use of the University’s cutting edge technology and employ the latest techniques in their respective specialties, which they are also teaching to the students on campus as well as to practicing dentists through the continuing education program. The Faculty Practice includes all of the dental specialties as well as a number of experienced general dentists who work in the state-of-the-art facility. Oral surgeons, periodontists, orthodontists, endodontists, prosthodontists, oral pathologists, dental radiologists and general dentists work in a collegial atmosphere, consulting and advising one another in order to maximize excellence in patient care and outcomes. The faculty performs most every dental procedure available today including sedation, implants, complex restorations, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, dentures, oral surgery, root canal therapy and challenging diagnosis of oral disease. This creates a true multi-specialty group with the most comprehensive care available in any dental setting anywhere in the Valley, performed by the same people that are training the dentists of tomorrow at the School of Dental Medicine in the adjacent building. The dentists of The Faculty Practice are passionate about dentistry. They are mentors and teachers to the students in the School of Dental Medicine, they teach in graduate classes to other dentists, they perform research, they serve as expert witnesses to the legal profession and they take care of patients in The Practice itself. Since they only treat patients part-time, they are able to take the time to provide individualized, meticulous care to the patients whom they are privileged to treat, and they enjoy the opportunity to put into practice that which they teach. The Faculty Dental Practice is located on the campus of the School of Dental Medicine at the corner of Shadow Lane and Charleston Blvd. at 1001 Shadow Lane, Las Vegas, NV, 89106. The office is open from 9am until 9pm, by appointment. Interested patients may call the office at 702.774.8000 to schedule a visit with The Faculty. MV


The UNLV School of Dental Medicine is a Center for Excellence in Dentistry

Call for appointment


Faculty Dental Practice

We Practice What We Teach

We provide all aspects of dental care: General Dentistry

Oral Surgery

Dental Implants


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TOP DOCS AND DENTISTS Dr. Umbach is a nationally recognized, board-certified and fellowship-trained bariatric surgeon. He’s been recognized as one of the nation’s top bariatric surgeons by Newsweek and Time magazines. Dr. Umbach’s other notable achievements include being named New Economy “Best Health Care Consultants” for 2013 and 2014, “Best Bariatrics Surgeon” for 2014 and “Best Medical Tourism Provider” for 2012 and 2013. He was also named as one of the “Best Weight Loss Management Physicians” for 2011, 2012 and 2013 by U.S. Commerce Association. Why did you enter the field of Bariatrics? Bariatrics has always been my passion. My practice is 100 percent devoted to helping obese clients achieve healthier lifestyles. It brings me great pleasure to see my clients shed their excess weight and enjoy the simple pleasures of life again—playing with their children or grandchildren, riding a roller coaster for the first time or dating. I understand you develop a close relationship with your patients. I offer my clients my personal cell phone number and an offer to call me anytime, day or night. I want my clients to be able to reach me 24/7 with any questions or concerns they have before surgery and for as long after surgery as they feel they need me. Most of them are amazed when I hand them my cell phone number and even more amazed when I answer their calls and treat them as friends. What services do you offer? I offer gastric sleeve resection, gastric banding, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and revisional surgery. I use special protocols to achieve exceptional pain control for my clients, which increases their comfort. I also feature comprehensive pre- and post-surgical programs. My pre-surgical program is aimed at maximizing client safety and increasing their chances for excellent surgical results. My postsurgical programs include nutrition and fitness counseling, support groups to help them adjust to life after bariatric surgery and psychological and emotional counseling to help empower them toward a better quality of life. What can someone expect when they first walk into your office? Visiting clients can relax and enjoy the warm, friendly atmosphere at Blossom Bariatrics with my team taking as much time as clients need to feel comfortable. We are dedicated at all levels to care for the bariatric patient. This commitment includes an exclusive center of excellence physician medical director, a certified bariatric nurse coordinator, specialized operating room facilities, exclusive bariatric patient rooms and a dedicated nursing staff. MV


Dr. Umbach is a

nationally recognized, board certified and Fellowship trained Bariatric Surgeon


Lost 107 pounds “Resolved high blood pressure and avoided pending open heart surgery.”


Lost 84 pounds “No more joint pain, migraines, or restless legs. And no more medications.”

Healthier You

From sleep apnea and joint pain to diabetes and hypertension, your weight affects more than your appearance – it affects your life. Now is the perfect time to permanently lose weight, improve your health, and add a little spring to your step with Dr. Tom and Blossom Bariatrics.

Start your journey to a renewed life and download Dr. Tom’s free report today!

Call 702-803-3685

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Edward M. Zimmerman, MD, has degrees from Johns Hopkins, Georgetown and the George Washington University School of Medicine. He is a Diplomat of the ABFP and the  American Board of Laser Surgery.   Zimmerman is a Fellow of the ASLMS since 1994; member of the American Society of Cosmetic Laser Surgery; the American and European Academies of Cosmetic Surgery and the American College of Phlebology. Dr. Z currently serves as President of the American Board of Laser Surgery and is a member of the Board of Trustees of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.  He received the “Best of Las Vegas” award for Cosmetic Surgery, 2009; was selected as an  “America’s Top Surgeon,” 2010, 2012 and 2014, by the Consumer’s Research Council of America; and elected a lifetime member of Cambridge’s Who’s Who registry. He was a PSP “Top Doc” in 2010 and 2011. His office has been acclaimed for “Excellent Customer Care,” by CMUS Talk of the Town: 2010-15. He was voted Silver State, “Best Cosmetic Surgeon 2013,” and again in 2014.  For 15 years, Dr. Edward Zimmerman, MD, PC, has cared for the cosmetic needs of the people of Las Vegas, performing in-office laser and liposuction procedures along with other cosmetic procedures. He has lectured nationally and internationally for nearly two decades, published articles and chapters on the use of Lasers, Light and Toxins, is a co-author of the comprehensive Study Guide of the American Board of Laser Surgery, and he has hosted hundreds of physicians for preceptorships in the state of the art office that he helped design.  He is a life-long student, teacher and innovator with a passion for Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Z is an Adjunct Clinical Professor of Cosmetic Surgery at Touro University School of Osteopathic Medicine. He directs Las Vegas Laser & Lipo, a State licensed, nationally accredited surgical facility dedicated to the refinement and delivery of safe, surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures. 

Dr. Z directs Las Vegas Laser & Lipo, a State licensed,

nationally accredited surgical facility dedicated to the

refinement and delivery of

safe, surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures 38

d Pediatrics

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hood Pediatrician TOP DOCS AND DENTISTS

omprehensive general pediatric ere our Nudrat littleR.patients and their Nauman MD, believes in offering the type of umber to us. Wehealthcare pride that ourselves in for many families, personalized has disappeared by generic HMOs where insurance guidelines often ey werereplaced our own!

dictate the type and quality of care. “At Advanced Pediatrics our mission is to provide comprehensive general pediatric care in Most major insurances accepted.** a boutique setting where our little patients and their families ncy Phone Support. are not just a chart number to us. We pride ourselves to be the neighborhood pediatrician’s office where we know our patients inside and out.” While the type of care that Advanced Pediatrics provides has become more and more rare, it is still accessible to many families since they accept most insurance plans.

Program. Enrollment is limited. t more details.

-F 8-5

It’s the personal connection with her patients and continuity of care that first motivated Dr. Nauman to dedicate her life to children’s health, and it is what continues to inspire her after years of practice. She describes her decision to become a pediatrician with fondness, “The thought of becoming a doctor was rather daunting to me. However, as I explored it more, the awe of discovering the human body, the honor of being trusted to give advice, the gratitude for helping someone through a difficult illness especially in the case of children, was enough for me to make up my mind. I knew I wanted to be a doctor and a Pediatrician at that.”

Nudrat Nauman, MD

230 |


With a flourishing practice, Dr. Nauman has fulfilled her commitment to promote children’s health with passion and success. Advanced Pediatrics is a full service health care office offering basic services checks;NV school and sports Mead Blvd., Suite such 281as:• well Lasbaby Vegas, 89128 • 702.750.1230 physicals; pre-op clearances; office consultations; immunizations; growth and nutritional evaluations; developmental assessments; behavioral/ADHD evaluation; sick visits; adolescent care; newborn circumcision; and ear-piercings to name a few. Their concierge program goes a step further to offer those in this limited plan, additional benefits such as: Same day or next day appointments; minimal or no wait time; 24 hour ability to send a secured email to the doctor; phone answered promptly and professionally; appointment scheduling process via your preferred communication method; online access to some of your child’s medical records; prenatal visits; and discussions about what to expect after delivery. (*The actual visits will be billed to the insurance.)


We pride ourselves to be the neighborhood

You can visit Nudrat Nauman MD at Advanced Pediatrics located in the Pueblo Medical Center suite 281, 8551 west Lake Mead Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89128 or via phone at (702) 750-1230. Advanced Pediatrics also has a Facebook page and are on LinkedIn and Zocdoc. Their website is: MV  


pediatrician’s office where we know our

patients inside and out

Advanced Pediatrics Your Neighborhood Pediatrician

Our mission is to provide comprehensive general pediatric care in a boutique setting where our little patients and their families are not just a chart number to us. We pride ourselves in treating your children as if they were our own! **Accepting New Patients. Most major insurances accepted.** 24/7 Emergency Phone Support.

We also offer a Concierge Program. Enrollment is limited. Please give us a call to find out more details.

Nudrat Nauman, MD

OPEN M-F 8-5

705-750-1230 |

Pueblo Medical Center • 8551 W. Lake Mead Blvd., Suite 281 • Las Vegas, NV 89128 • 702.750.1230 •


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TOP DOCS AND DENTISTS Dr. Naren Chelian (aka Dr. C) spent most of his childhood in San Diego, California. He received his bachelor’s degree in biology along with a minor in economics and an area of focus in visual arts at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). He completed his doctorate of dental surgery at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and graduated with gold medal honor. He then moved to Nevada to complete his postgraduate training as a specialist in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). Dr. C has extensive teaching experience and has lectured in physics, biology, and economics as well as multiple topics in clinical dentistry and orthodontics. He received an ‘Excellence in Teaching’ award by the department of biology for his teaching accomplishments. Dr. C has contributed to a number of research projects in dentistry and orthodontics including cone beam computed tomography, temporomandibular condyle position analyses, soft tissue orthodontic analyses, and bonded retainer bond strength analyses. Dr. C has been actively involved in leadership positions in undergraduate and graduate schools including serving as the class president of his dental school class at UCLA School of Dentistry. Dr. C continues his involvement in leadership by serving as the Alumni President of his orthodontic residency. He also contributes regularly to the alumni funds at UCSD, UCLA, and UNLV. Dr. C has volunteered at multiple free clinics throughout his academic career to provide dental treatment for underprivileged children. He has received awards for his contributions to the community. He received a preventive dentistry award from the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) and he was also awarded a grant by the Salvation Army which he used to establish a free dental clinic for underserved children during his dental career at UCLA. Dr. C believes in helping those less fortunate and donates on a regular basis to multiple charities including St. Jude’s, Smile Train, Child Fund, American Cancer Society, Salvation Army, UNICEF, American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, No Kid Hungry, USO, Opportunity Village and ASPCA. Dr. C has a passion for orthodontics and strives to provide his patients with a great smile and exceptional service. His enthusiasm for orthodontics and ability to make a connection with his patients make every visit an entertaining one. His knowledge of orthodontics and experience with the latest orthodontic advancements including Invisalign, gives his clients the confidence to expect an excellent result. Dr. C is the owner of Aloha Orthodontics and works at both of his locations in Summerlin and North Las Vegas. MV


Dr. C, the owner of

Aloha Orthodontics,

strives to provide his patients with a great

smile and exceptional service

Board Certified Neurosurgeon

Specializing in:

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Tumors & Trauma of the Brain and Spine Non-Fusion and Motion Preservation Innovative Treatments for Disc Pain Spinal Stenosis and Scoliosis 10105 Banburry Cross Drive, 445 • Las Vegas, NV 89144 (702) 363-3336 •


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Dr. Scott Lamprecht, APRN, FNP-BC, RN is the Chief Clinical and Education officer for Complete Medical Consultants (CMC) in Henderson, Nevada. He has been in healthcare for thirty years with 25 years as a Registered Nurse (RN). His primary area of practice has been in Critical Care including Emergency Services and Transport, Intensive Care, Cardiac Care, and Cardiology/ Stress Testing. Scott has also opened two new healthcare facilities and served as Assistant Director of Nursing, Nurse Manager, and Hospital Supervisor. Scott began working in academia in 2005, and completed a Master’s of Science in Nursing (MSN) and Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP). During this period, Scott was elected Chair of the American Heart Association’s Regional Faculty Working Group and appointed to the newly formed Nevada Emergency Cardiovascular Care State Committee and Grassroots Advocacy Taskforce. In 2011, he was elected to the Nevada Nurses Association (NNA) State Board and became the NNA President in 2012. Scott and his wife Lynette started CMC in 2002, and trained one hundred students that year. CMC has grown to offer multiple professional and community education programs and trains 8,000 students annually. Educational programs include American Heart Association courses (BLS, ACLS, and PALS), Nursing Continuing Education CEUs, Nevada Registry courses, and Community Education classes. While completing his MSN and DNP, Scott developed a Pre-participation Sports Physical screening program to find adolescents with risk factors for Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). Locally, over 300 adolescents have been screened, with fifteen referred for additional testing and/or intervention. Scott has been to both Washington, DC and Carson City, Nevada to meet with policy makers regarding cardiovascular and other health related issues. In September 2012, CMC opened a Family Medical Clinic after Scott completed his Family Nurse Practitioner. The clinic offers low-cost cash pay office visits for individuals and families without insurance and had over 3000 patients since opening. CMC became a Nevada Medicaid provider at the end of 2013 and continues to see an increase in patient visits. CMC has also participated in multiple community events sponsored by the American Heart Association, American Lung Association, Susan G. Kolman Cancer Walk, Asian Community Resource Center, Workforce Connections, and Clark County School District. The patient care services, educational programs, and research work offered at CMC by Scott and staff provides valuable services to our underserved Southern Nevada community. MV


Dr. Scott Lamprecht is the Chief Clinical

and Education Officer for Complete Medical Consultants

“You Can’t Make Me Go To Any Other Dentist!” Las Vegas Review Journal’s

Fourth Generation Dentist

“TOP DENTIST” for the Henderson area every year since 2010

Meet Dr. Foutz & Staff Online Before Your Visit

FREE! Online Self-Diagnosis Guide


(702) 792-5929

2510 Wigwam Prkwy Ste 100 (near I-215 & Pecos) Henderson


Over 20 Years Of Comprehensive Medical and Surgical Care in Las Vegas Kevin Rayls, MD, FACS Stephen B. Horsley, MD, FACS

• General Surgery • Laprascopic Surgery • Minimally Invasive Robotic daVinci Surgery 8530 W. Sunset Rd., Suite 240 Las Vegas, NV 89113

Phone: 702.796.0022 45

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Dr. Michael Schneier has a true passion for neurosurgery. It is his desire to provide comprehensive, minimally invasive, state of the art neurological and spine care; utilizing the most current technology available, to assure that you get what you need out of surgery. Dr. Schneier’s interest in Neurosurgery began during medical school at New York University when he was granted a Levin Foundation Grant to do research at the Weitzman Institute of Science. He continued to cultivate this interest during his neurosurgery training at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine with award winning research in CNS transplantation and neural regeneration, which resulted in university held patents and recognition by the NYC Neurosurgical Society and the Leo Davidoff Society Residency Award. Dr. Schneier is a board certified neurosurgeon at Centennial Hills Medical Center where he has helped to bring forth to the Las Vegas valley cutting edge technologies. Through these technologies and systems he is able to provide high-quality images of a patient’s anatomy in real time and a large field of view in both 2-D and 3-D. As a result of his continuous efforts, Dr. Schneier is able to perform less invasive procedures and improve accuracy. “It is my desire and obligation to provide comprehensive, minimally invasive, state of the art Neurological care; utilizing the most current technology available, to assure that you get what you need out of surgery. With these technologies, I aim to propel the treatment of brain and spine tumors, low back pain, herniated disc, and both degenerative and traumatic processes of the brain and spine, into a concise plan that will return you to the healthy, productive lifestyle you deserve.” Currently he practices in Summerlin in the offices of the MOB building at Summerlin Hospital and Monos Healthcare. He performs surgeries at Centennial Hills Medical Center and the 215 Surgery Center. You can find Dr. Schneier on the web at or contact his office at 702-363-3336 to make an appointment. MV


Dr. Schneier is a board certified neurosurgeon at Centennial Hills Medical Center

If Not Now... When? Call Now 702.309.4600





per mo.



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*Or we will bill your insurance company at our regular rates.

Change Your Look With A “Pearly White” Smile! YES! WE TAKE YOUR INSURANCE! Our excellent AAA Dentists accept most PPO Dental Insurance Plans!



Dr. Jim Wright, DDS AIAOMT, AIABDM (Mentored by Dr. Hal Huggins)


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TOP DOCS AND DENTISTS For more than 25 years Dr. Barton H. Foutz, a fourth-generation dentist, has provided Nevada with the finest dental care that commitment and technology can provide. He was born in Japan where his father served in the United States Air Force as a dentist, making it clear that dentistry is in his blood. Following in his father’s, grandfathers, and greatgrandfathers footsteps, Dr. Foutz decided to make a career out of dentistry. He attended Brigham Young University and graduated with Honors from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry. He was inducted into the Omicron Kappa Upsilon Dental Honor Society in recognition of his commitment to the dental profession. Dr. Foutz has also received Advanced Dental Training in Rehabilitative Dentistry, Implant Surgery, and Periodontics. After completing his General Dental Practice Residency at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Salt Lake City, he moved back to Las Vegas in 1986. Since growing up in Las Vegas and attending Chaparral High School, Dr. Foutz has made a point to be active in the community. As a young man, he earned the rank of Eagle Scout and remains active in the BSA as a Venturing Crew Advisor. Dr. Foutz also volunteers with Smiles for Central America - a humanitarian group offering free dental and medical services to thousands of teenage and young adult patients in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. Participation in this endeavor reaffirms to Dr. Foutz the life-changing difference dental care can make in people’s lives. “My great grandfather would be astounded by today’s technology,” Dr. Foutz said. “When he began his practice in Utah in the 1880’s, dental drills were pedal-operated and the only anesthetic available was whiskey. By the thirties (my grandfather’s era), nitrous oxide and x-rays were in general use, and when my father started his practice here in the sixties, the high-speed drill was the latest invention.” However, according to Dr. Foutz, the most high-tech dental advances have occurred in just the past decade. His practice offers painless Waterlase drills, low-radiation digital x-rays, 3-D oral imaging, and computerassisted, precision-milled porcelain crowns. All procedures and services available from Dr. Foutz are explained and illustrated on his extensive website. You can meet the doctor and his staff online, watch streaming videos, and see before-and-after images of the various procedures. There’s also a Dental Glossary, Frequently Asked Questions, and the popular “Self-Diagnosis Guide”. MV


For 25 years Dr. Barton H. Foutz has provided Nevada with the finest dental care that commitment and technology can provide


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Dr. Curt Samlaska graduated from the University of Minnesota Medical School and is double boarded in Internal Medicine and Dermatology.  He is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and the American Academy of Dermatology.  He has published extensively and was a major contributor to the 2000 edition of Andrew’s Diseases of the Skin.  He has been practicing in Las Vegas since 1996, and is a Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the Nevada School of Medicine. MV Curt Samlaska, MD, FACP, FAAD Academic Dermatology of Nevada 2839 St. Rose Parkway, Suite 100 Henderson, NV  89052

Dr. Curt Samlaska is a Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the Nevada School of Medicine

Botox Fillers Ulthera & Liposonic Vein Sclerocis Thermage Pediatric Dermatology Geriatric Dermatology

CONGRATULATIONS DR. JOHN BEDOTTO HealthCare Partners thanks Dr. Bedotto

for his contributions to the community and congratulates him for being named a 2015 MYVegas Top Doctor! 2839 St. Rose Parkway, Suite 100 • Henderson, NV 89052 Phone : 702-837-8988 • Fax : 702-990-5269 • Email : 49

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TOP DOCS AND DENTISTS Dr. Jim Wright has always been fascinated by science… It was a way to escape an impoverished boyhood in inner city Chicago. In those days, the only way kids got out of his neighborhood was through sports scholarships. Thanks to his love of science, he rose from a tough vocational high school to enrollment invitations from Georgetown, University of the Pacific, Northwestern University, Loyola, etc. This was a dream come true for an inner city kid. Post dental school, he continued to study and earned accreditation from two international academies. Jim had the great fortune to study one-on-one with and be mentored by the incomparable genius, Dr. Hal Huggins, an extraordinary dentist, brilliant scientist, researcher and author. He developed protocols for safe removal of old (silver mercury) amalgam fillings, protecting the patient, dentist and dental assistants. He also pioneered revolutionary surgical procedures. During his life, Dr. Huggins selected Dr. Wright as one the few dentists he trusted for his own dental care. Dr. Huggins once told Dr. Wright, “I’m not here just because I like you son, it’s because I respect you. You are one of the top 1% of Dentists in the world.” Dr. Wright was beyond touched and replied, “Thank you Sir” as he wiped his eyes. Dr. Wright’s holistic knowledge and artistry bring patients from many states and countries. Famous musicians, entertainers and artists seek out Dr. Wright because of his reputation, and word of mouth recommendations. The transformations he has performed are featured on magazine covers the world over… You would never know it because he achieves such a natural look on his patients. But it’s not all celebrities and the famous for Dr. Wright… He often works late nights with those truly in need, changing lives, one patient at a time. Dr. Wright’s patients are smart people who do their research and want the very best. He fondly calls them Google Doctors. He happily answers their questions and sometimes learns from them. Typically they are Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe’s shoppers, who understand the benefits of organic foods and avoid toxins, chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, GMO’s and BPA’s… People who do their research and make healthy choices for themselves and their children. His patients want a dentist who is committed to the best quality and understands the impact of dental health on the whole body, as opposed to a doctor who allows insurance companies to dictate treatment and downgrade materials. Dr. Wright has championed safe removal of mercury fillings for over 20 years. This is who Dr. Jim Wright really is... A down to earth, sincere, humble, holistic guy who cares. MV


Dr. Wright’s holistic knowledge and artistry brings patients from many states and countries


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Dr. Christian A. Pham has a real passion for dentistry, as is evident in his commitment to continual education. Dr. Pham had his dental training at Boston University School of Dentistry, with a scholarship from the United States Air Force. Upon graduation, he entered active duty status as a Captain and was stationed at Edwards Air Force Base. For three years, he served the men and women of the Air Force and from there, Dr. Pham went on to the University of Maryland School of Dentistry. With advanced and comprehensive training in the art of dentistry, Dr. Pham entered private practice and has been contributing to the improvement of the public oral health.  Dr. Pham continues to take dental courses to keep updated on the advances of dental sciences and technologies including a twoyear program in Orthodontics with an advanced level in Dentofacial Orthodontics, given by the world renowned Progressive Orthodontics and Dentistry Group. Dr. Pham then went to the International Medical College in Munster, Germany, where he completed a two year Master Program in Orthodontics, advancing his knowledge in conventional orthodontics, invisible lingual orthodontics, and invisible clear aligner orthodontics. Then, he completed a two year program in Dental Implantology with the Progressive Orthodontics and Dentistry Group, enhancing his knowledge on the latest and most advanced techniques and acquiring the latest technology in 3D digital guided implant surgery. In light of his commitment to higher education, Dr. Pham is recognized as “America’s Top Dentist,” by the Consumer’s Research Council of America and “Top Dentist of Nevada,” by The International Association of Dentists. MV

Dr. Pham is currently practicing at Crestview Dental, 60 S. Stephanie St, Ste# 100, Henderson, Nevada Office Phone: 702-558-5788

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Dr. Chris Chiodo is the Founder and Executive Director of The Vision Centers. The Vision Centers consist of four locations and have been providing vision care for over 20 years. One of the keys to the success of The Vision Centers is hiring and training the best staff – enabling patients to receive the best eye care available. Staff training is both technological and customer service oriented. Dr. Chiodo personally recruits, hires and trains all of the Optometrists. Their patient’s ocular health is their number one concern, “We’re quality people providing quality eye care”. Another goal within the practices for Dr. Chiodo was to create an environment where patients had the ability to “look great and see their best”. Whether patients are experiencing a medical eye problem, have a need for glasses or contact lenses, they handle it all. All of their doctors are very knowledgeable and experienced. Dr. Chiodo believes that their eyeglass frames selection is the best locally. They have styled Pierre Omidyar (founder of EBay), Anthony Zuiker (creator of the CSI TV series), and Tony Weeks (pro boxing referee) to name a few. If you have a face- they have a frame for it. Another passion for Dr. Chiodo is the Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation. This is a local organization that was founded by a good friend of Dr. Chiodo’s. Dr. Chiodo accepted a nomination to become a board member three years ago.

Dr. Chris Chiodo is the Founder and Executive Director of The Vision Centers

When not busy handling all of his many duties, Dr. Chiodo enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife Vanessa and their two lovely daughters, Noelle and Natalia. MV


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Dr. Kevin Rayls is an incredibly passionate and dedicated general surgeon. Dr. Rayls has been a local practitioner since 1997, right here in Las Vegas, where he founded Mountain West, through which he built a lifelong dream of providing quality and innovative surgical care. He strives to offer elective, urgent and emergent care while continuing to address the individual needs required by each of his patients. Dr. Kevin Rayls was born in Kokomo, Indiana, where he obtained a B.A. in Chemistry at Indiana University and he earned his medical degree from Indiana University in 1990. He went on to his residency in general surgery at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Pontiac, Michigan, graduating in 1995. Dr. Rayls is a certified American Board of Surgery surgeon who just successfully recertified for a second time. He has been elected as the Chief of Surgery at Sunrise Hospital, Chief of Staff at Southern Hills, Spring Valley Chief of Surgery and Chief of Surgery North Vista Hospital. He has acquired numerous award‐ winning distinctions including the “Top Doctor” by Las Vegas Life magazine and was named as one of “America’s Top Surgeons” several years in a row and has been given a commendation by the American Medical Association. Dr. Rayls is also a member of the Clark County Medical Society and has been added to “America’s Best Doctors” registry again this year for 2015. Most notably, he is a member of the Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgeons, American Society of Abdominal Surgeons, America Society of Breast Surgeons, Surgery of the Alimentary Tract and the American College of Surgeons. With such incredible distinctions and awards, it is no surprise that Dr. Kevin Rayls is one of the Top Doctors in our city, who together with his experienced staff delivers care and results of the highest standards. Dr. Kevin Rayls and his partner, Dr. Stephen Horsley, offer you a complete range of state of the art surgical and nonsurgical procedures. Services include endoscopy, advanced laparoscopic and innovative state of the art “robotic surgery” of cholecystectomy, reflux surgery, bowel/colon surgery, hernia repair and also treatment of skin and breast cancer. Dr. Rayls is truly committed to providing optimal surgical care and being there for each one of his patients. His goal is to continue to provide excellent care and serve our fabulous Las Vegas. Mountain West Surgical is located at 9280 W. Sunset Rd, Suite 242, Las Vegas, NV 89148. To schedule a consultation please call their helpful staff for an appointment at 702- 796- 0022. MV


Dr. Rayls has been a local practitioner since 1997, right here in Las Vegas, where he founded Mountain West

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As a cardiologist specializing in interventional care, Dr. John Bedotto has been helping his patients live longer, heart-healthy lives for more than 20 years. His first priority as a doctor is to provide excellent, personal, and compassionate cardiac care to every patient he sees. As the first fellowship-trained interventional cardiologist in Las Vegas, Dr. Bedotto brought a critically needed skill to the Las Vegas region. He has been providing life-saving cardiac treatment since returning to his hometown in 1991. Dr. Bedotto’s training and skill are independently recognized through his certification as a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association. In addition, he is the Chief of Cardiology at Sunrise Hospital and has served in the position for over eight years.

CONGRATULATIONS DR. JOHN BEDOTTO HealthCare Partners thanks Dr. Bedotto

Board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine in: Internal Medicine Cardiovascular Disease Interventional Cardiology (Recertified in 2010)

for his contributions to the community and congratulates him for being named Dr. Bedotto is committed to providing compassionate, comprehensive a 2015 MYVegas Top Doctor! cardiovascular care utilizing state-of-the-art technology and preventive medicine to ensure the best possible cardiac care and heart health for his patients. MV

Dr. John Bedotto is a cardiologist specializing in interventional care


Opening Fall 2015

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Mobile Personal Kids Care

Tell your out of town guests about our morning after group treatment! (702)-802-9400 702.368.6778

Visit us at or call us at 702.749.3300


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TOP DOCS AND DENTISTS Dr. Allen was born in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. He lived there until he was four and then returned with his missionary parents to the US. He grew up in California and attended Pacific Union College as an undergraduate, graduating with honors in 1987. He graduated from Loma Linda University Medical School in 1991 on a scholarship from the US Air Force, and completed a residency in Family Practice at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, California in 1994, receiving the “Goff-Hougas Award” at graduation. He is certified in Family Medicine by the American Board of Family Medicine. After getting out of the Air Force, Dr. Allen became a regular family doctor, a job he has continued to hold ever since. After working in several locations and job positions in southern Nevada, he elected to open his own office to better serve the local population. He created Total Care Family Practice in 2007 and has been gratified to help thousands of patients over the years. Life changed a bit for him, though, when he had a child in 2011. He discovered some health problems that he had been previously unaware of and started to research the links between lifestyle and health. After significant changes to his diet and lifestyle, his health returned completely and in only six months. This experience drove him to start Doctor Allen Wellness & Medical Center in 2014, as a way to use lifestyle and scientifically valid nutritional treatments as a method of reversing disease caused by diet and other lifestyle factors. The results have been remarkable! Patients with chronic, severe heart, liver and endocrine problems have been able to solve their issues and return to normal life with none of the typical medications used in cases where nutrition is not addressed. Patients with rheumatoid arthritis or chronic type two diabetes have been completely reversed without the use of medication. Dr. Allen likens most modern medical care to plumbers who are good at sopping up water. He is excited about stopping leaks. Dr. Allen has been named as one of the “Top Family Physicians” in the nation. He is also involved in the teaching of medical students. He is a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and has had a letter published in the New England Journal of Medicine. MV


Dr. Allen has been

named one of the top Family Physicians in the nation


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Dr. R. David Smith is a Pediatric Emergency Physician working at St. Rose Siena Hospital in Henderson and also at Sunrise Children’s Hospital. Receiving his Bachelor’s Degree at Cornell University and his medical degree from Ohio State University, Dr. Smith went on to train in pediatrics and pediatric emergency medicine at Akron Children’s Hospital in Northeast Ohio. During more than 15 years of practice, Dr. Smith has also worked extensively in pediatric critical care, which allows him to bring a broad knowledge of office, emergency, and intensive care medicine to the children he sees in Southern Nevada. Dr. Smith is married to healthcare marketing and business development specialist, Crystal Barber, and with a blended family that rivals the Brady Bunch, Dr. Smith is no stranger to what it means to be a parent and a father, in addition to being a practitioner. This unique combination of medical knowledge, first-hand experience, specialized techniques and unique perspectives in the care of children has made Dr. Smith one of the most skilled and popular pediatric practitioners in the Vegas Valley. Whether rescuing a toddler in heart failure or reassuring nervous first-time parents, Dr. Smith is at home in the care of children in any setting or situation. MV

Dr. R. David Smith is a Pediatric Emergency Physician working at St. Rose Siena Hospital in Henderson

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Edwin Suarez is an experienced physical therapist who has enjoyed working in a wide variety of clinical settings with pediatric, adolescent, and adult populations for the last 12 years. He graduated from California State University Long Beach with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with an exercise science emphasis. Thereafter, he graduated from UNLV with a Master of Science in Physical Therapy. Edwin has made it his mission to provide his patients with the most quality / expertise-driven and comprehensive physical therapy rehabilitation. Primarily, healing patients for return to their prior level of function, or maximizing the patient’s current level function, where it has been lost in order for the patients to obtain a higher quality of life. We continually recognize and respect the rights, dignities, and healthcare needs of all patients. About our clinic: With two locations to serve you, Edwin Suarez Physical Therapy clinicians are experienced in the treatment of pediatric and adult patients w/ traumatic & chronic musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. We have a low patient to clinician ratio that allows us to provide a truly “hands-on” approach along with access to progressive and evidence-based cervical / lumbar traction decompression, Low-level-laser-therapy, Acoustic Shockwave therapy, and more to further tailor your treatment plan.

Edwin Suarez is an experienced physical therapist

Please visit our user-friendly website and/or call us for additional information and list of contracted insurances*: or 702-368-6778 *Attorney liens accepted. MV


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TOP DOCS AND DENTISTS Dr. Lane Smith has been in practice in the Las Vegas area for nearly 14 years and is one of the most successful plastic surgeons in the Western United states. Dr. Smith has had the privilege of take care of patients, and celebrities from all over the world. Dr. Smith received his training at some of the finest medical institutions, including Stanford University and the Mayo Clinic. This training and experience, has helped shaped his philosophy regarding the specialty of plastic surgery, “I feel I have been blessed to have a very artistic sense, and I treat every surgery as if it is a work of art, something that I want to be proud of when it is finished.“ His pursuit of excellence, including new surgical innovations, combined with an artistic eye for cosmetic surgery, has created a high demand for his services making him one of the busiest plastic surgeons in America. Dr. Smith has won several awards for his research and surgical techniques. Currently Dr. Smith’s technique for combining liposuction with abdominoplasty (tummy tuck surgery), was featured in the May issue of the prestigious Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal. This medical journal is considered the most important plastic surgery journal in the world. Dr. Smith has also made advances in Breast Augmentation Surgery (best cosmetic paper 2008), Rhinoplasty (best overall paper 2008), and Buttock Augmentation (best patient enhancement 2014). Dr. Smith is the only surgeon in Nevada to have Smart Liposuction Laser technology, Vaser ultrasonic liposuction technology and traditional liposuction. Dr. Smith is the director of the Smith Plastic Surgery Institute, which consists of a plastic surgery clinic, an advanced medi-spa and an accredited surgery center. This allows the surgery team, the staff and the skin care team to work seamlessly together to provide total care of the cosmetic patient in one location. Like the clinic, the medi-spa (called Chic La Vie), is equipped with the most advanced laser technology in Nevada, including hair removal lasers, the Dual Fraxel Laser for skin resurfacing, several other lasers and intense pulsed light. The institute also provides the most advanced hair replacement technology, Neograft, and cool sculpting for non-surgical fat removal. Dr. Smith strongly feels that nothing replaces good oldfashioned values such as true caring and concern for patients. It is the philosophy of Dr. Smith and the entire Smith Plastic Surgery staff to treat each patient as if they were personal friends. “We are not perfect, but we do our best to treat others in a manner that we would want ourselves or our family members to be treated.” MV


Dr. Lane Smith has been in practice in the Las Vegas area for nearly 14 years and is one of the most successful plastic surgeons in the western United States

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Dr. Burke is a board certified anesthesiologist, trained at Duke University. He has been a practicing anesthesiologist for over ten years with extensive OR and ICU experience. He is the first physician in the United States to formally dedicate his career to the study and treatment of veisalgia, the medical term for the common hangover. Dr. Burke has treated more hangovers than any other doctor in the world and is the world’s first “Hangover Specialist.” After treating thousands of hangovers, Dr. Burke and his team have become very proficient in treating even the worst hangover. No two hangovers are the same and there are sex and ethnic differences in hangover symptoms. Dr. Burke is currently launching the Hangover Heaven Research Institute, whose goal is to end hangovers as the world knows them today.  The field of medicine has done a generally poor job of addressing veisalgia and it is time to end this scourge. Dr. Burke is a native of Charlotte, NC, and has lived in Las Vegas for seven years. He completed his undergraduate degree in Classical Studies (ancient Greece and Rome) at the University of North Carolina and then went on to complete his Doctor of Medicine at UNC as well, then traveled to Duke, where he completed a four year residency in Anesthesiology. MV

Dr. Burke is a board certified anesthesiologist


and non-invasive procedures to enhance your appearance "An Artisan's Eye...with a Surgeon's Hand"

Call Us (702) 407-9990 7260 S Cimarron Rd. Ste 150 Las Vegas, NV 89113

6020 S. Rainbow Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89118 (702) 870-0058 57

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TOP DOCS AND DENTISTS Dr. Ram was raised and completely trained in Nevada; he has seen Las Vegas grow by leaps and bounds in the last 20 years. He started his private practice, Family Doctors of Green Valley ( in June of 2000. Dr. Ram had a vision of broadening the scope of quality family care by expanding services with a state-of-the-art clinic in Henderson, Nevada. He views private practice not as a business, but as a traditional ‘Family Practice’ where the Doctor knows the entire family personally by their names and interests and provides them with quality care utilizing the latest technology and treatments that modern medicine has offer. Family Doctors of Green Valley strives continually to be the best primary care practice in southern Nevada. They are committed to delivering personalized healthcare for the whole family. Family Doctors of Green Valley also offers multiple weight loss program options including Body Composition Analysis and Zerona Laser treatments and accepts many insurances including Medicare. Most of our programs include an initial doctors exam, EKG, vitals check, and an InBody 520 Body Composition Analysis. Depending on the program you choose, some programs will include several weeks of weight loss enhancing medications, weekly energy and fat burning injections, and progress tracking as well. Dr. Ram’s use of best practice principles, comforting bedside manner, and caring attitude have helped him grow his practice. He is always looking for more ways to serve his patients. You will find Family Doctors of Green Valley to be a friendly, empathetic and connected group of dedicated healthcare professionals providing Family Care, Annual physicals, Medically-Supervised Weight Loss Programs and Personal Injury. MV 291 N. Pecos, Henderson, NV 89074 Phone (702) 616-9471


Dr. Ram started his private practice, Family Doctors of Green Valley in June of 2000

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TOP DOCS AND DENTISTS Dr. Angela Catalano is a native of Las Vegas with a passion for providing dental excellence in her practice at Innovative Dentistry. The practice offers some of the most technologically advanced equipment and treatments in cosmetic and general dentistry. She devotes her time to her community by donating her time to under privileged children and educating the geriatric population about sustaining their oral health. She gravitates towards excellence by providing her patients with exceptional dentistry. Her passion for dentistry is expressed throughout her work and patient relationships. Dr. Catalano is devoted to providing her patients with healthy, beautiful smiles.  MV

Dr. Angela Catalano provides dental excellence in her practice at Innovative Dentistry

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Dr. Julio Garcia completed his medical training and moved to Las Vegas in 1988, entering the private practice of Plastic Surgery. He is board certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery as well as the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He has become a nationally recognized surgeon, medical practitioner and business executive who has appeared on the Discovery Channel to audiences 16 times. Dr. Garcia is a member of the Board of Directors for the Aesthetic Society Education and Research Foundation, an entity that raises funds to allow plastic surgeons to perform ground-breaking research relative to cosmetic surgery. He performs the full gamut of cosmetic surgery as well as noninvasive and minimally invasive techniques. He is also well-versed in the use of dermal fillers as well as products such as Dysport and Botox. He has patients that travel from as far as the Middle East, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia to have Dr. Garcia care for them. Dr. Garcia also provides options for patients with injuries and chronic disease with the use of fat-derived stromal vascular fraction, which contains stem cells and cytokines to assist the body in healing these conditions. He welcomes you to come in for a personal consultation and obtain information on what your options may be for both cosmetic and regenerative needs. MV

Dr. Garcia is board certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery as well as the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery



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TOP DOCS AND DENTISTS ANESTHESIOLOGISTS Dr. Jason Burke & Dr. Cohen Hangover Heaven 3281 S. Highland Dr., Suite 806 Las Vegas, NV 89109 702.749.3300 Dr. Neville Campbell Nevada Pain 7220 S. Cimarron Rd., Suite 270 Las Vegas, NV 89113 1681 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy. Henderson, NV 89012 702.912.4100 Dr. Daniel E. Fabito Comprehensive and Interventional Pain Management 10561 Jeffreys St., Suite 211 Henderson, NV 89052‎ 702.990.4530 BARIATRICS Dr. Ivan Goldsmith Trim Care 375 S. Fort Apache Rd., Suite 102 Las Vegas, NV 89148 702.878.8888 Dr. Thomas Umbach Blossom Bariatrics 3235 E. Warm Springs Rd., Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89120 702.463.3300 CARDIOLOGIST Dr. John Bedotto 9280 W. Sunset Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89148 702.534.5483 CHIROPRACTORS Dr. Katharine Gerber Gerber Chiropractic 6600 W. Charleston Blvd., Suite 136 Las Vegas, NV 89146 702.878.0056 Dr. Devin Luzod Spinal Care of Nevada 55 S. Valle Verde Dr., Suite 235 Henderson, NV 89012 702.565.HOPE (4673) 1930 Village Center Circle, Suite 11 Las Vegas, NV 89134 702.566.HOPE (4673) 8910 W. Tropicana, Suite 6 Las Vegas, NV 89147 702.944.HOPE (4673) Dr. Teddy Sim ChiropracTed 871 Coronado Center Dr., Suite 200 Henderson, NV 89052 702.277.1371


DERMATOLOGY Dr. Curt Samlaska Academic Dermatology of Nevada 2839 St. Rose Pkwy, Suite 100 702.524.8470 Dr. Linda Woodson Linda Woodson Dermatology 2800 N. Tenaya Way, Suite 203 Las Vegas, NV 89128 702.202.2700 FAMILY PRACTICE Dr. Evan Allen Wellness and Medical Center 1701 N. Green Valley Pkwy. Henderson, NV 89113 702.754.4900 Dr. Scott Lamprecht Complete Medical Consultants 1485 W. Warm Springs Rd Suite 109 702.566.6429 Dr. Michel M. Joffe & Dr. Joseph Julian Lopez 1 World Medicine 3110 S. Valley View Blvd., Suite103 Las Vegas, NV 89102 702.445.7031 Dr. Ravi S. Ramanathan Family Doctors of Green Valley 291 N. Pecos Rd. Henderson, NV 89074 702.616.9471 FERTILITY Dr. Eva Littman Red Rock Fertility 6410 Medical Center St. Las Vegas, NV 89148 702.262.0079 DENTISTRY Dr. Phillip R. Devore UNLV School of Dental Medicine, Faculty Dental Practice 1700 W Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89106 702.774.8000 Dr. Angela Catalano Innovative Dentistry Las Vegas 7260 S. Cimarron Rd., Suite 150 702.407.9990 Dr. Michael Duboff Smile Designers 5670 W. Flamingo Rd., Suite B Las Vegas, NV 89103 702.364.2373 Dr. Barton H. Foutz 2510 Wigwam Pkwy., Suite 100 Henderson, NV 89074 702.792.5929

Dr. Mike Golpa Smile Designs by Golpa 6420 Medical Center St., Suite 101 Las Vegas, NV 89148 702.641.7111

HAND SURGEONS Dr. David M. Fadell Dr. Jedediah W. Jones Dr. Colby P. Young Hand Surgery Specialists of Nevada 9321 W. Sunset Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89148

Dr. Dawn L. Green 3900 Paradise Rd., Suite 251 Las Vegas, NV 89119 702.369.7444

4530 S. Eastern, Suite 1 Las Vegas, NV 89119 702.645.7800

Dr. Gregory Greenwood & Dr. Jennifer Cha Dental Implant Institute 6170 W. Desert Inn Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89146 702.763.6182

INTERNAL MEDICINE Dr. Christopher Choi Comprehensive Wellness Center 10105 Banburry Cross Dr., Suite 130 Las Vegas, NV 89144 702.463.8080

Dr. Rick D. Hargrave Silver Creek Family Dental 9708 Gilespie St. Las Vegas, NV 89183 702.897.1300

Dr. Paul Tomasic & Dr. Nicholas A. Tibaldi Southwest Medical Associates 2316 W. Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89106 702.877.8600

Dr. Matthew Masaki Durango Dental Group 3140 S. Durango Dr., Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89117 702.362.1856

NEUROLOGISTS Dr. William D. Smith, Dr. Jason E. Garber, Dr. Stuart S. Kaplan, Dr. Gregory L. Douds Western Regional Center for Brain & Spine Surgery 3061 S. Maryland Pkwy., Suite 200 Las Vegas, NV 89109 702.737.1948

Dr. Narem Chelian Aloha Orthodontics 6592 N. Decatur Blvd., Suite 160 702.648.2564 Dr. Christian A. Pham Crestview Dental 60 S. Stephanie St., Suite 100 Henderson, NV 89012 702.558.5788 Dr. Douglas Sanchez Infinity Dental 8940 W. Tropicana Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89147 702.248.4448 Dr. Jared Utley Boston Dental Group (BDG) 9484 W. Lake Mead Blvd., Suite 2 Las Vegas, NV 89134 702.304.8338 Dr. Jim Wright Four Seasons Dental Spa 8855 W. Flamingo Rd., Suite 101 Las Vegas, NV 89147 702.930.8009 DIAGNOSTIC RADIOLOGY Dr. Michael A. Carducci Desert Radiologists 2020 Palomino Ln., Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89106 702.387.6900

NEUROSURGEON Dr. Michael Schneier 10105 Banburry Cross Dr., Suite 445 Las Vegas, NV 89144 702.363.3336 Dr. John Anson The Spine & Brain Institute 8530 W. Sunset Rd., Suite 250 Las Vegas, NV 89113 702.851.0792 861 Coronado Center Dr., Suite 200 Henderson, NV 89052 702.896.0940 6850 N. Durango Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89149 702.948.8788 Dr. Yevgeniy Khavkin Khavkin Center for Brain and Spine Health 653 N. Town Center Dr., Suite 308 Las Vegas, NV 89144 702.242.3223 OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY Dr. John V. Martin OBGYN Specialists 2050 Mariner Dr., Suite 120 Las Vegas, NV 89128 702.255.2022 ONCOLOGY Dr. Michael J. Anderson & Dr. Farzaneh Farzin Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada 3730 S. Eastern Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89169 702.952.3400

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TOP DOCS AND DENTISTS Dr. Dan L. Curtis Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada 655 N. Town Center Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89144 702.233.2200

Dr. Alana Saxe Saxe Orthodontics 3555 S. Town Center Dr., Suite 104 Las Vegas, NV 89135 702.541.7070

OPTHALMOLOGIST Dr. Jack Abrams Abrams Eye Institute 6450 Medical Center St., Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89148 702.304.9494

Dr. Robert H. Thalgott 1945 Village Center Cir., Suite 110 Las Vegas, NV 89134 702.608.0894

8605 S. Eastern Ave., Suite B Las Vegas, NV 89123 702.304.9494 OPTOMETRISTS Dr. Chris Chiodo The Vision Centers 4343 N. Rancho Dr., Suite 116 Las Vegas, NV 89130 702.656.6144 6455 S. Rainbow Blvd., Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89118 702.802.4390 10608 S. Eastern Ave., Suites H & I Henderson, NV 89052 702.617.2750 7664 W. Lake Mead Blvd., Suite 107 Las Vegas, NV 89128 702.254.6222 Dr. Alyin Chen, Dr. Kent Wellish, Dr. KC McCandless, Dr. Jefferson Langford, Dr. Jay Mattheis Wellish Vision Institute 2110 E. Flamingo Rd., Suite 210 & 211 Las Vegas, NV 89119 702.733.2020 Dr. Eva I. Liang Center For Sight 5871 W. Craig Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89130 10521 Jeffreys St., Suite 100 Henderson, NV 89052 4475 S. Eastern Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89119 702.724.2020 ORTHODONTISTS Dr. Steven Chenin & Dr. David Chenin Chenin Orthodontics 10730 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 100 Henderson, NV 89052 702.735.1010 Dr. Feller Feller Orthodontics 2871 N.Tenaya Way Las Vegas, NV 89128 702.341.8668 Dr. Sharon Kim Kimodontics Orthodontics 8981 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 210 Las Vegas, NV 89117 844.200.7878

ORTHOPEDIC SURGEONS Dr. Andrew M. Cash Desert Institute of Spine Care 9339 W. Sunset Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89148 702.630.3472 Dr. Michael Crovetti, Jr. Crovetti Orthopaedics 2779 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy., Suite 200 Henderson, NV 89052 702.990.2290 Dr. Andrew S. Martin ASM Orthopedics 5546 S. Fort Apache Rd., Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89148 702.898.2663 Dr. Archie Perry Spine Institute of Nevada 2800 E. Desert Inn Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89121 702.239.3787 OTOLARYNGOLOGISTS Dr. Joel Lubritz, Dr. Sina Nasri & Dr. David Harbrecht Lubritz & Nasri 3201 S. Maryland Pkwy., Suite 300 Las Vegas, NV 89109 3150 N. Tenaya Way, Suite 575 Las Vegas, NV 89128 702.706.8002 Dr. Walter Shroeder Ear, Nose & Throat Consultants 8530 W. Sunset Rd., Suite 230 Las Vegas, NV 89113 702.792.6700 PAIN MANAGEMENT Neville Campbell M.D. Pain Management 7220 S. Cimarron Rd., Suite 270 Las Vegas, NV 89113 1681 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy. Henderson, NV 89012 702.912.4100 Dr. Daniel E. Fabito Comprehensive and Interventional Pain Management 10561 Jeffreys St., Suite 211 Henderson, NV 89052‎ 702.990.4530

PEDIATRICS Dr. Nudrat Nauman Advanced Pediatrics 8551 W. Lake Mead Blvd., Suite 281 Las Vegas, NV 89128 702.750.1230 Dr. David Smith Vegas Innovative Pediatrics Concierge Services 3001 St. Rose Parkway Trail Henderson, NV 89052 702.802.9400 PERINATOLOGISTS Dr. Joseph Adashek, Dr. Paul T. Wilkes, Dr. Van Reid Bohman, Dr. Alan D. Bolnick, Dr. Donald L. Roberts, Dr. Joel Schwartz Desert Perinatal Associates 5761 S. Fort Apache Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89148 3001 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy. Henderson, NV 89052

Julio Garcia Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic Dr. Julio Garcia 6020 S. Rainbow Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89118 702-870-0058 Dr. Edwards, Dr. Anson & Dr. Higgins Anson, Edwards and Higgins Plastic Surgery Associates 8530 W. Sunset Rd., Suite 130 Las Vegas, NV 89113 702.822.2100 Dr. Jeffrey Roth Las Vegas Plastic Surgery 9280 W. Sunset Rd., Suite 236 Las Vegas, NV 89148 702.450.0777

10105 Banburry Cross Dr., Suite 430 Las Vegas, NV 89144 702.341.6610

Dr. Lane Smith Smith Plastic Surgery 8871 W. Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89117 702.838.2455

Dr. Brian K. Iriye High Risk Pregnancy Center 2011 Pinto Lane, Suite 200 Las Vegas, NV 89106 702.382.3200

Dr. Frank L. Stile Frank L. Stile, MD, FACS 8954 Spanish Ridge Ave., Suite 1 Las Vegas, NV 89148 702.243.9555

PHYSICAL THERAPY Edwin Suarez Edwin Suarez Physical Therapy 3620 E. Sunset Rd. Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89120

Dr. Edward Zimmerman Las Vegas Laser & Lipo 8930 W. Sunset Rd., Suite 140 Las Vegas, NV 89148 702.360.6686 PODIATRISTS Dr. Anthony Ricciardi, Dr. Peter Jay Bregman, Dr. Gary Dorfman Foot, Ankle & Lower Leg Center 7135 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 201 Las Vegas, NV 89117

4955 Durango Dr., Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89113 702.368.6778 PLASTIC SURGERY Dr. George John Alexander Dr. Alexander & Co. 1725 Village Center Cir., Suite 150 Las Vegas, NV 89134 702.242.6776 Dr. Hayley Brown Desert Hills Plastic Surgery 10001 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 406 Henderson, NV 89052 702.260.7707 Dr. Arthur Cambeiro SurgiSpa Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery 2370 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy., Suite 130 Henderson, NV 89052 702.566.8300 Dr. Orna Fisher The Fisher Center 6539 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Suite 111 Las Vegas, NV 89119 702.362.5960

3175 St. Rose Pkwy., Suite 320 Henderson, NV 89052 702.878.2455 TREATMENT CENTERS Dr. Mel Pohl Las Vegas Recovery Center 3371 N. Buffalo Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89129 702.515.1373 SURGEONS Dr. Kevin Rayls Mountain West Surgical 8530 W. Sunset Rd., Suite 240 Las Vegas, NV 89113 702.796.0022



Crovetti Orthopaedics:

1,000 Patients and Still Going Strong


hen patients claim they heal quickly at Crovetti Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, they don’t just talk the talk; they walk the walk— literally. At this one-of-akind surgery center, patients are astonishingly up and walking within the same day as their medical procedures. Dr. Crovetti was recognized over a year ago for having reached his 500th patient. A mere eighteen months later, this number has doubled and the team at Dr. Crovetti’s center rejoices in a great milestone: their 1,000th patient. To Dr. Crovetti and his staff, there is something noticeably powerful about this number. This unbelievable but true success is all thanks to Dr. Crovetti’s hands-on approach and innovative surgical techniques. What might sound controversial or too risky for some doctors is exactly what makes Dr. Crovetti’s practice worth noting. Dr. Crovetti’s less invasive surgeries and unprecedented recovery process are all made possible in his state-of-the-art orthopedic surgery center. Dr. Crovetti began his practice 16 years ago, and since then, he has completely transformed what it means to be an orthopedic surgeon. Unlike the usual protocol for knee and hip replacement procedures that would require patients to limit their mobility during recovery, Dr. Crovetti encourages his patients to do the opposite: get up and move around. By doing this, patients will not only prevent blood clots, infections, and pain, but they will also significantly cut down on their recovery time. Incredibly, someone undergoing surgery could be walking down the hallway in just a matter of a few hours. It is truly a sight to see. This remarkable process, along with Dr. Crovetti’s oneon-one approach with patients, is not something you’d find at any hospital. Treating 1,000 patients in his surgery center is surely something to be celebrated, but like all ingenious ideas, Dr. Crovetti’s proposals were initially met with extreme skepticism. Due to his revolutionary tactics, it took Dr. Crovetti quite a bit of convincing to get to where he is today. Before he could make his dream of a surgery center possible, he was often turned down with opposition and doubt. He also had to endure many challenges, ranging from

By Brooke Dillman

licensing to insurance. However, much like he encourages his patients to do, Dr. Crovetti kept up his momentum. He can now proudly say that to get to his 1,000th patient, it has taken a total of approximately 5,000 knee replacements and 3,000 hip replacements along the way. While his creative techniques may sound doubtful to some doctors, many others are taking notice of Dr. Crovetti’s success and have already jumped on board with his unique methods. Dr. Crovetti is currently training and working with surgeons from all over the nation who are willing to adapt to these groundbreaking procedures. He can recall giving talks among doctors from some of the most elite medical centers in the country; hardly anyone could believe Dr. Crovetti’s practice is located in none other than the Las Vegas area. No matter how these doctors may regard (or disregard) Las Vegas, it is this exact town that is producing some of the most advanced and original ideas that have completely shaken up the orthopedic medical field. Dr. Crovetti admits that one of his favorite things about his growing success is the “I told you so” aspect of doing something that others were quick to reject. So how does Dr. Crovetti prove that he can, essentially, “walk the walk?” If hearing it straight from mouths of 1,000 happy patients isn’t enough proof, Crovetti Orthopaedics also provides plenty of data to show the successful outcomes. Dr. Crovetti takes pride in the fact that what sets his surgical center apart from others is the amount of credibility surrounding his practice. The center is associated with a western Institutional Review Board (IRB), which examines patients in approved research. Not only has Dr. Crovetti healed 1,000 patients, but he has also studied them thoroughly and carefully to ensure that there is evidence of these success stories readily available. The entire atmosphere at Crovetti Orthopaedics radiates motivation. Patients can find an inspirational quote on any given wall, and as if that weren’t enough, the main hallway is modeled after a football field to really get patients into the mindset of producing movement and achieving goals. In the following

quote seen on one of his walls, Dr. Crovetti puts it best when he says, “Enter this place as a patient, but know you will leave as a friend. What challenges we overcome here will bond us forever.” It was this positive setting that helped the healing process of Dr. Crovetti’s 1,000th patient, Walt Hawkins, who underwent a total hip replacement surgery. “I like the energy and enthusiasm here. I heal quicker in a happy environment,” Hawkins says. Hawkins also explained that aside from the comfort of his recovery suite, what made his experience so memorable is Dr. Crovetti’s undivided attention to each and every one of his patients. Dr. Crovetti individually visits his patients multiple times throughout the day to make sure their needs are being met. It was because of finding Dr. Crovetti that Hawkins finally decided to go through with the procedure he had been putting off for several years. Not to mention, it doesn’t hurt that the food options are delicious; the patients here are provided with meal choices from local restaurants that hospital patients could only dream of having. In addition to those thousand people, Dr. Crovetti has subsequently impacted thousands of family members who get to see their loved ones recover and live a healthy life. With this, Dr. Crovetti says he enjoys “renewing their faith in healthcare.” It is clear that Dr. Crovetti’s surgery center exudes success and growth. It’s no wonder that Dr. Crovetti and his staff have instilled the phrase, “Recover like a rock star,” because it is this very idea that seems to resonate through the rooms of the surgery center. Whether it’s because of knee, hip, or joint problems, any potential patient seeking Dr. Crovetti’s expertise will be taking a huge “step” in the right direction. MV



Starting a Small Business

By Samira Knight, Esq Tarkanian & Knight Law Group


tarting a business can seem overwhelming and very expensive. When owning a small business, people attempt to prioritize their expenses to save as much money as possible without going broke. Unfortunately, the one area new business owners try to cut costs, is also the one area that can make or break a business: preliminary legal issues. The legalities of your future business should be a forefront investment for a new business. It’s important to seek legal counsel before setting up your business, as one legal hiccup can bankrupt a business; and if not done correctly, you personally. Before seeking advice from an attorney, it’s very important to first have a clear business plan that should outline investor opportunity, future partners, disbursements, long-term and short-term objectives, etc... Once these items have been strategically outlined, this allows an attorney to properly advise you on the legal structure, agreements, and state and federal law requirements that you must follow to allow your company to succeed in the long-run.

Here are the first few steps to consider when establishing your business plan. One of the first legal considerations a new business owner confronts is the legal structure and ownership of your business. Which legal structure a company chooses is most important for purposes of personal liability, company’s liability and taxes. The most commonly used business structures today are Limited Liability Company and a Corporation. Each structure has its own liability, tax, and legal planning issues associated with it. The proper legal structure for your business will depend on multiple factors that have been identified in your business plan and objectives. Often times business owners don’t register under a business structure and fall subject to the liabilities of a sole-proprietorship and partnerships. In its simplest form, these allow the business owners to also be personally liable and offer no protection against them in litigation. Once you have registered your business structure, it’s important to obtain a business license at the state level and in the city or county you’re operating in. After you have obtained your business license, you’re able to register for your Employment Identification Number, and move forward with additional legal matters. MV


Family Law:

Our team will help you to achieve the best support and custody arrangement possible. Family Law requires speciic attention to the needs of you and your family - we can help. Don’t go to court without someone to represent you on the most important decisions a family can make.

Business Law:

Our attorneys are well-acquainted with the challenges of the state’s business climate. While many of our clients are based here in Nevada, we represent those from across the nation - helping their operations take best advantage of Nevada’s business-friendly environment.


Criminal Law:

If you’ve been accused of a crime, don’t wait to contact an attorney. You need to protect your interests from the very beginning. Whether you’ve been arrested or not, if you’ve been accused of a crime, contact us right away and protect yourself.

Personal Injury:

Whether your injury is a result of a traffic accident or a workplace incident, we can help you get the best settlement possible. Having the right lawyer makes all the difference. We will help you seek compensation, medical attention, and security for you and your family.

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By Chaibia Sarhrou


5 Ways to Use HASHTAGS to Grow & Market Your Business on Twitter

ssuming you already have a Twitter page for your business, hashtags should also be a big part of your social media marketing strategy. In case you are not familiar with hashtags, let me give you a brief definition. Hashtag is a word or phrase followed by the hash or pound symbol (#) in order to identify messages around a specific topic or category of interest. Clicking on a hash-tagged word in any message shows you all other Tweets using that same hashtag. Now that you have an idea on what hashtags are, let’s dive in to how you can use them to market and grow your business:




Use them to be found: Make sure to use commonly used hashtags in your tweets so they are easy to find and show up on searches. Keep in mind that your hashtags need to be relevant and simple. My favorite tool for determining which hashtags to use is, you can type in the Twitter handles of the leaders in your industry and Twitonomy will give you a list of their top 10 hashtags. Why reinvent the wheel? Use them to monitor your online reputation: Search for hashtags related to your brand or product on a regular basis. This will allow you to see what users are saying about you. People will have conversations about you, your service or your product. You might as well be in the know and part of the conversation. Use them to target your best audience: You can send your message to a specific audience by using relevant hashtags. For instance if you’re a real estate agent, you can use a hashtag like #homeforsale, then anyone who’s searching Twitter for that hashtag will be able to see your message.


Use them to keep an eye on your competitors: Search for hashtags with your competitors’ brand, product or service. It’s always good to see what people are saying about them and how they’re handling their customer service through social media. This will allow you to find ways to set yourself apart and provide a better service/product to your customer.


Use them to promote your events, deals or contests: Come up with a catchy, easy to remember hashtag for your event, promotion or contest to make it easy for people to share. Have your followers use that hashtag in their tweets, this will also make it easy for you to track your campaign.

I want to leave you with one final tip; when it comes to social media marketing, consistency in delivering value to your followers is a big key to success. Have fun tweeting! MV


Kaercher Campbell is a leading provider of insurance brokerage, risk management, technology and financial services to a diverse group of corporations, institutions and individuals on both a national and international level. Specializing in nearly every industry and line of insurance coverage, our practice areas include, but are not limited to the following: association/ affinity, construction, entertainment, hospitality, financial institutions, fine arts, healthcare, employee benefits, life insurance, logistics, manufacturing and distribution, non-profit organizations, public sector,

Turned Down for Financing? First Horizon Business Loans specializes in turn-down and second chance financing. Unlike a bank, or local lending institution, First Horizon Business Loans can usually find the financing you need. • Equipment Leasing • Merchant Account Cash Advances • Accounts Receivable Financing • Construction Equipment Financing • Medical Working Capital Loans Please contact us today for a free, no obligation analysis of your financing needs.

real estate, transportation and specialty risks.

Contact Joel Jarvis at: 702.591.8008 or 68


Get a FREE Home Valuation: • YOUR personal CONCIERGE, providing EXTRAORDINARY resources to assist you in obtaining your AMERICAN DREAM. • Whenever you’re ready to make that MOVE, whether you’re BUYING or SELLING you’ll achieve Better, Faster, RESULTS with The Toumaian Group. • A partnership you can TRUST!

Commercial & Residentia l

by Executive Chef Aram Bakalian

702.430.9168 LOLIK is a boutique style personal chef/catering service that specializes in creating meals and events by singular style, exceptional service and exquisite cuisine. We offer personal chef service for private events, dinner parties, corporate events, gourmet gifts, cooking classes and fully catered family meals.

Call To Book Your Holiday Dinners and Events!

Chris Upshaw

Cell: 702.296.4981 Fax: 702.953.7471 CALL FOR MONTHLY SPECIALS 69


How to Choose a Realtor to Assist You with Your Real Estate Goals

By Leah Soares


uying and selling homes are some of the highest dollar business and legal agreements you can participate in. To ensure the most successful outcome, you must choose the best professional representation. Just as you do when hiring an attorney, a doctor, or an accountant, consider the individual’s professional credentials.

The following are five mistakes to avoid when choosing a professional to negotiate the sale of your home or to represent you in the home buying process.

Mistake #1 Hiring a Friend or Family Member Blood or friendship shouldn’t be the sole consideration when hiring a professional. You do not want to risk damaging a friendship or family relationship by choosing a person not truly qualified to represent you. Ask the same important questions to qualify them as you would a stranger.

Mistake #2 Choosing a Part Time or Inexperienced Agent It’s not accurate to assume that all Realtors possess the same skills and experience. Agents who are not full-time Realtors and have their time split between another “job” will not meet the most basic requirements of being available and effective with timely communication and negotiations. Real estate transactions involve deadlines and legal processes that require full time attention. Choose an agent who has been a full time Realtor for at least 5 years and has specific experience in the aspect of real estate you need assistance with.


Mistake #3 Hiring a Realtor Who Agrees with Everything You Want

Mistake #5 Not Pricing Your Home Properly or Making Necessary Repairs

Some agents will simply tell you what you want to hear. Unless that is backed by information based on the market, it will not benefit you. You need a professional that is willing to provide you accurate information and professional guidance and not merely agree with you to get the deal. The condition of your home and proper pricing is critical and can seriously impact your success and time-line. Choose a Realtor that is able to give you their professional opinions based on the current market, without the need of sugar coating the facts to get your business.

The first few days your home is on the market are the most critical. This is when your home gets the most attention from other agents and buyers. Over pricing your home or not preparing it to be in its best condition will only cause your competition’s home to look more attractive. If a property is priced properly, in good condition and presented well, it will last mere days on the market before you will receive offers from qualified buyers. If not, it will linger on the market causing buyers to fear unknown problems and make you look desperate, resulting in low offers.

Mistake #4 Hiring an Agent Based on Lowest Commission Some incorrectly believe that the only important factor in selling a property is to have it listed in the Multiple Listing Service so potential buyers can see it. Selling a home involves numerous professionals, each playing a role in this time sensitive legal process. Hiring a cut rate agent may get your home listed in the MLS, but provide little additional effort or representation from your agent. Choose the real estate company that will provide you with the level of service that you desire and need.

Buying and selling homes should be like any other important business transaction. You need a professional that will serve your best interests. Choose an agent who will do the most effective job of marketing the property, negotiating favorable terms and conditions, and communicating with all necessary parties to make the process as smooth as possible. MV Leah Soares Realty Investments of Nevada, LLC 702.553.8939

71 29

“Living the Highlife”


e have watched Las Vegas grow for years and it continues to grow. Many come to Las Vegas to gamble and now with almost 7,000 people moving to the valley every month, it has become one of the fastest growing cities in America, and one of the wealthiest cities in the country… a true metropolitan city. “Las Vegas has really diversified as a city. It is a place where people want to be.” - Eric Trump High Rise condos have been developing since 2007, and now, you can now experience ‘The Cosmopolitan Lifestyle’ by living in one of the fabulous high-rise condos or condo hotels that sit along the Vegas Strip. Here are a few examples of what our beautiful city has to offer:


Olga Kotelnikova Luxury Condos Specialist Tel: (702) 349-3497

City Center Since the City Center Project was completed, Las Vegas took its own turn into a new era. “The most expensive privately funded construction project in U.S History.” The City Center is an 18 million square foot metropolis with $8.5 billion funded into the project and $40 million invested into modern sculptures and installations by world famous artists, including Maya Lin, Nancy Rubins, Herry Moore, Jenny Holzer, Richard Long, Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggens. City Center earned six LEED Gold Certifications for Hotels, Residences and Retail District. Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas, and Veer Towers were also awarded LEED Gold Certification. The world-famous Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas’ triple five star hotel, is only one of six in the United

States. The Interior of the hotel was executed by American interior designer, Adam D. Tihany. It has approximately 392 hotel rooms and 225 condominium residency units. Residents can enjoy a fitness center, complimentary valet, five star restaurants, a spa and one of my favorites, a tea lounge, with an unbelievable view of the Las Vegas Strip. MV Read more about “Living the High Life,” the Veer Towers and additional Condo Hotels in Las Vegas… this article continues online at

LV Magazine Ad_6th_page_10-30-13.pdf 1 10/30/2013 10:26:0



*per unit

Repairs Maintenance Installation Complete HVAC

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• Roaches

• Spiders • Rats/Mice And Much More!


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IKEA Breaks Ground in Las Vegas


here can you get a gourmet meal while browsing through 10,000 exclusive designer items, all in the same place? This is possible at none other than IKEA, the world’s top furnishings retailer. IKEA will soon be coming to Las Vegas, adding to its extensive amount of locations around the globe. In early April, company representatives,


city and state officials, and community leaders all gathered to witness the Sweden-based store break ground along the northern 215 Beltway and Durango Drive. Given IKEA’s history, the company is indeed groundbreaking. Originating in Sweden in 1943, IKEA has since grown into an international phenomenon with

over 360 stores in 46 countries and more than 40 stores in the U.S. alone. These locations are estimated to bring in 690 million visitors in a single year. Most people know of IKEA, but not many people know what its name means. IKEA is actually an acronym that stands for Ingvar Kamprad (the founder) Elmtaryd (a Swedish farm) Agunnaryd (his hometown). Thanks to Kamprad’s

to neighboring states just to get their IKEA products. Rob Olson, IKEA U.S. CFO, stated in a press release, “The store also will attract new customers from throughout Clark County and Southern Nevada who value good design, good function and affordable prices, but have not had a chance yet to shop at IKEA.” Along with providing property tax revenue for local schools and governments, this IKEA will also feature 50 different room setups and three model home interiors. IKEA is even kid-friendly; children will get to enjoy a supervised play area and their own section of the store called “Children’s IKEA.” The possibilities are endless for anyone looking for home furnishings—or even a delicious meal. If searching through the thousands of unique products gets a bit wearying, shoppers can refuel at the IKEA Restaurant, IKEA Bistro, or even the Swedish Food Market. These dining spots offer a wide range of food: anything from Swedish specialties to delectable desserts. Whether you want to dine-in, or grab a quick to-go snack, IKEA enhances the shopping experience with a taste of Sweden.

By Brooke Dillman vision dating back 72 years ago, shoppers can now find just about any piece of quality furniture or home decor for every room in the house. Vegas’ very own 351,000 square-foot IKEA will be opening in Summer 2016: a highly anticipated arrival for locals. Nevada residents will no longer have to rely on the store website or travel

IKEA doesn’t just cater to its customers; it is also recognized for its outstanding employee opportunities. In the Las Vegas location alone, over 500 construction jobs are expected, followed by 300 employees upon the store’s opening. Much like the estimated 139,000 IKEA employees worldwide, these coworkers can expect benefits including medical and dental for 20 hours a week or more, paid maternity leave, and many other perks. Not surprisingly, IKEA is among FORTUNE magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For.” IKEA is not only breaking ground in Las Vegas, but also breaking boundaries when it comes to the unprecedented shopping experience. MV





7 Steps to a Fear-Free Money Plan


ecent studies have found that women tend to be overwhelmed by debt more frequently than men, says financial strategist Donna M. Phelan, author of “Women, Money and Prosperity: A Sister’s Perspective on How to Retire Well.” Women don’t need to remain in perpetual state of anxiety, Phelan says. She offers seven tips for developing a fear-free plan of action: •

Learn Financial Basics: Go online or to the library and read financial articles, books and newspapers. Also, seek the help of a financial advisor who can assess your situation and get you on track for retirement. Get Organized: Rid yourself of clutter and set up systems to keep track of paperwork. If the task seems overwhelming, take it a

step at a time, such as cleaning out just one desk drawer a week. Balance your checkbook regularly, too. •

Use Cash Instead of Credit: Credit cards distance us from the effect purchases have on our bank accounts, at least until the bill arrives. Track Your Spending: Write down everything you spend money on for one week. Then look in your checkbook and credit-card statements and write down everything you spend money on for one month. The next step is to create a spending plan. Write down how much income you have each month and decide how you want to spend it. Pay yourself first, by saving a certain percentage each month. After that, list all your mandatory bills and find ways to cut non-essentials.


By Donna M. Phelan

Look for Ways to Increase Your Income: When you can’t pay your bills each month, you have two options. Increase your income or reduce expenses.

Develop New Retirement Strategies: Women should create Stackable Income Streams to Empower Retirement Security, or SISTERS. Essentially, they need to “stack” enough dependable income streams to meet their monthly spending needs in retirement.

Talk with Other Women: What are your friends doing to better manage money and prepare for retirement? Phelan suggests women form a SISTERS club that meets regularly to discuss retirement planning.


Summer Time Again?

By Megan Mathis (702) 269-9290 Is summer really upon us again? How did the year go by so quickly that I feel I lost time?  In between the doing and the going and the heaven knows what else, it’s time again to pull out the smallest clothing allowed in public so we can withstand the intense heat... Summer in Vegas means temperatures that keep most of us indoors, only to escape the air conditioning and protection from the intense heat when the sun has gone down... Summer in Vegas means flash flooding and people who have no idea how to drive in the rain... ...but summer in Vegas also means bright colors, whimsical sandals, and mood-lifting sunshine! I have had the most marvelous year that flew by as quickly as all things tend to do when you are having fun - and I am now welcoming another summer with open arms! What do you choose to focus upon as summer joins us again? We can see the world through a better perspective – or not. The choice is ours and I definitely choose to love my summers in Las Vegas, which in turn allows my spirit to find joy and hope in all seasons. I wish you all the happiest summertime ever! MV





G. Dallas Horton & Associates has been serving the greater southern Nevada community for over 14 years. Dallas and his team of attorneys has successfully resolved over 10,000 personal injury cases, many of which were resolved for well over 7 figures. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing an attorney, the staff at G. Dallas Horton & Associates will give you the care you need and the justice you deserve.

702.380.3100 • • 4435 S Eastern Ave Las Vegas, NV 89119

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Why Job Hopping May be a Good Thing!


am asked on many occasions if job hopping on a resume can damage the reputation of a candidate. The not so simple answer is yes and no. Traditionally, moving jobs frequently was perceived as negative. As times are changing, businesses themselves may have limited loyalty due to mergers and acquisitions. Although company loyalty was widely respected in the past, company stability has decreased which allows employees to question if they should be loyal. If an employee has an opportunity to increase salary and move forward, or work with a former boss at a higher position, employers will not question career progression. Employers will question lateral movement on multiple occasions if there is no progression. If a person hops consistently with no motivation, they are most likely not a good employee. At the same time, if

By Chris Tamura

a person is with a company for many years and has not shown progression, companies may not hire them due to a perceived lack of ambition or growth. Less Money: More Problems Earning a promotion at an employee’s existing company usually means the salary of the promoted worker is at lower range of the wage scale. The reason given is usually associated with past experience. Moving to a different company allows for wage bargaining and earning top dollar. The higher a person moves up in the same company, the person will eventually be at a much lower wage than the position should pay. Same Name- Different Game There is a trend towards being loyal to managers as opposed to companies. Many corporations and companies merge and experience buyouts to the point the company may have the same name but completely different corporate culture. Eating a Great Steak Every Day Can Get Quite Tough‌ and Old Being stagnant in the same position may pigeon hole the employee as being too comfortable and lessen their worth to prospective companies. Brain-rot may occur by doing the same thing day in and day out. Not allowing the mind to learn and do new things at the workplace can limit an employee’s overall potential.

September 14 82

Chris Tamura is the Student Affairs Program Manager and an instructor at The International School of Hospitality. Chris offers career advice and guidance. He has a wealth of experience in Human Resources and Hospitality Management positions. For more tips, questions and career education opportunities, visit or please email Chris at MV

39 83

By Brooke Dillman

Photo By: Bill Hughes

Vegas’ Very Own Prima Ballerina Put in the Spotlight


n a city full of nightlife and jam-packed clubs featuring today’s hottest DJs, it may come as a surprise that Las Vegas is actually producing rare talent in the most elegant and classical form of dance: ballet. At the tender age of 17, Las Vegas native Monika Haczkiewicz is taking center stage in the world of ballet, earning incredible honors and achievements—all while still attending high school.

Not only was Monika hand-selected out of 7,000 initial dancers as one of the 457 competitors to continue on to the NYC finals, but she was also later chosen to be one of the 17 global finalists. This is something Vegas had never seen before in its own ballerina repertoire. In fact, Monika was one of nine finalists to represent the USA in YAGP, and she surely made her country and hometown proud in the process.

It’s safe to say that Monika’s talent runs in her blood; her dance skills are a combination of her own tireless practice and a genetic gift. With her parents as Cirque du Soleil performers, one current and one retired, they enrolled her in dance classes when she was just three years old. From that point on, Monika dedicated her life to perfecting her skills to reach her long-term goal of becoming a professional ballerina. This is not a far stretch for someone who is already making Vegas history with her many accomplishments in ballet.

For the NYC finals in April, Monika graced the stage at The Koch Theater at Lincoln Center, where she got the unique opportunity to show off her impeccable ballet skills. This was a chance for Monika to prove herself; the audience was full of artistic directors from all over the world. With all eyes on her, Monika danced a flawless variation from the romantic ballet, Giselle. The aftermath of this once-in-a-lifetime performance was undoubtedly rewarding:

Monika has come a long way since her first days in a tutu. She is currently finishing her junior year at Las Vegas Academy and is about to enter her senior year. Impressively, she finds a way to balance school and her passion for ballet despite a hectic schedule. Monika practices with her ballet instructor, Tara Foy, the former dancer who now runs Elite Ballet. With Tara’s help and mentoring, Monika trained a grueling schedule of several hours of daily practice in preparation for the prestigious Youth America Grand Prix contest in New York City. Photo By: L.E. Baskow


she received scholarships and several offers from organizations throughout America and internationally. After careful consideration of her many options, Monika recently accepted the offer to join Royal Winnipeg Ballet, one of the top ballet companies in Canada. Yet again, this is something unprecedented for the Vegas area. Monika is the first from Las Vegas to join an internationally acclaimed ballet institution. Given her natural grace, seemingly effortless flexibility, and powerful performances on the stage, it’s clear Monika is making her mark in the world of ballet, one step at a time. Showing no signs of slowing down her dancing momentum, Monika has quite literally made leaps and bounds in her continued success as a ballerina. MV



uring a chaotic week, nothing can save my sanity more than a good play date for my kiddos. Whether it’s at my house or a friend’s, it gives me time to complete my tasks while my kids are happy and entertained. The other day, my six-year-old invited her friend “J” over. “J” is a sweet kid and they get along well together. After playing for an hour outside and creating quite a mess, they moved their activities inside. Before they finished though, I asked that they clean up. My daughter went back out and started to clean. “J” said she had to use the bathroom. After that however, I noticed that she lingered around my kitchen and started playing with my three-year-old. All the while, my daughter is still outside, cleaning away. Eventually I was able to coral “J” back outside to help clean up (in a very nice way). This was really not a big deal but it was eye-opening. Considering how “J” is at home, I was a little surprised at how much effort it took to get her to help. It made me wonder if my daughter did the same. Sure, she knew what I expected of her at home, but what about when she is away and the rules get a little fuzzy? I realized that I had missed a step in teaching my own child about my expectations when she visits her friends. This was never a big deal when she was younger and the play dates included me, but now she is flying solo. So the next time she had a play date at someone’s house, I casually chatted with her about good manners while visiting. I understand that everyone has their own rules and she is to respect that, but she also knows right from wrong. I saw this not only as an opportunity to use manners but also to empower her to make choices and be a good example. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a terribly strict mom. I don’t expect perfection, but I do expect my children to be consistently respectful. For example, many of my friends tell my children that they can call them by their first name. Although I appreciate the gesture, I remind my children that if they do use their first name, they must put a “Ms.” or “Mr.” in front of it. Sorry, but in my mind, this is another sign of respect. As an adult, I think we’ve earned it, especially from our kids. Make no mistake, my priority is not to be my child’s friend… I am her Mom, which is so much more than a friend. And that is something they will learn as we go. MV


Las Vegas is Horses4Heroes Country

Las Vegas is the home of Horses4Heroes, a national non-profit created to make horseback riding fun and affordable for Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard, Veterans, Survivors and their families. Join us at The Horses4Heroes Community Equestrian Center located in the beautiful historic Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs. Offering: Camps • Barnyard Visits • Birthday Parties • Horseback Rides and Lessons • Field Trips • Life Skills Workshops



702.885.1943 • 702.645.8446 • Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs Road 9200 Tule Springs Rd. • Las Vegas, NV 89131



Horses4Heroes Use Horse Power to Help the Community service project. The non-profit also receives funds from the South Point Hotel and Casino, Wrangler National Patriot, William Shatner’s Hollywood Charity Horse Show, C-A-L Ranch and the American Horse Council. Donations support free life skills programs and provide scholarships to allow family members of returning combat veterans to take riding lessons or attend camp.


otivated by the tragic events of 9/11 and the heroic acts that followed at home and abroad, Las Vegasbased Horses4Heroes was created in 2006. Horses4Heroes was created to say “thank you” to the men and women whose daily sacrifices keep us safe and free, by making it possible for these heroes and their families to ride a horse affordably. Today, Horses4Heroes, through its growing national network of more than 300 kid-friendly, family friendly facilities in 44 states and Canada, offers able-bodied, affordable horseback riding programs that emphasize fun and safe activities with horses, mounted and un-mounted for all ages. Participants learn valuable leadership and teamwork skills, make new friends, and develop a lifelong love of horses! The organization serves families of all service members, Veterans, First Responders and other heroes in communities across the country.

At the Horses4Heroes Community Equestrian Center at Tule Springs, open seven days a week, program participants enjoy affordable lessons, attend open houses, play days, summer camps, birthday parties, and participate in local horse shows. Guests can take a horse-drawn wagon ride tour of Floyd Lamb Pak at Tule Springs. Free health and wellness programs include: Back in the Saddle for adult men and women; 8-9-10: Ride to Win, a four-week social skills workshop for kids in grades 3-5; Stay Strong, a family reunification program; and Operation Free Ride, the opportunity for military personnel and their families to schedule an appointment to ride a horse for free. Operation Free Ride events are held annually at Cheyenne Frontier Days in Cheyenne, Wyoming; River City Rodeo in Omaha, Nebraska; and in Las Vegas, the Senior National Finals Rodeo and in the Fan Fest during the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. While the organization was created for those whose Call of Duty is to protect and serve, it’s the work with those who need Horse Power in their lives that is truly gratifying, according to founder

Sydney Knott. Horses4Heroes’ programs uses equine facilitated work to teach life skills through guided horse interaction. This is what separates it from therapeutic riding, driving, vaulting, hippo therapy and other methodologies. The life skills taught can be applied to many different areas of life, for all ages from preschoolers to adults. Programs are offered for veterans with PTS/TBI/ MST, victims of domestic abuse and violence, and teens and adults who are battling addictions (gambling, drugs, alcohol and prescriptions). Why horses? Horses are empowering! Horses are large and extremely powerful. Handling an animal of this size and strength increases the students’ confidence and decreases their fears and self doubt. This creates a natural opportunity for some to overcome fear, develop self confidence, gain control over their surroundings, and focus on the moment, not the past or the future. “Empowerment leads to confidence and confidence is linked to self-esteem,” said Nanci Stone, a life skills coach who works with Horses4Heroes. “Horses make you feel better about yourself, allowing you to reflect a more positive image.” MV For more information about Horses4Heroes, visit their web site at or call 702.645.8446 or 702.885.1943. Article written by Horses4Heroes

In March 2014, Horses4Heroes relocated its operations from the backyard of its founder, Sydney Knott, to historic Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs, a 680-acre “jewel in the desert,” conveniently located in the northwest area of Las Vegas. The move was made possible through a grant from Cox Charities and the generosity of the Associated General Contractors of Las Vegas, who built the necessary facilities as a community




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PET SCENE Dognapping & Catnapping On The Rise… Keep your pet safe from theft

Leslie, Gina & Ozzy

Pets and

Cam & Macs

April & Harrison

Christian & Mylee

Vegas is a wonderful place for companion animals – beautiful areas for walking our dogs, dog parks, pet events – yet in Vegas and so many other places, pet theft is rising. Pets, especially dogs, are even being taken from their own yards. A FEW HELPFUL TIPS: • Keep your pets indoors especially when you are not home. • Make sure your gate is padlocked and secure. • Always have your pet on a leash when in public. • Keep your eyes on your dog at all times. Dog parks and other dog-friendly places are popular with dog thieves. • Never leave an animal in a car unattended or tied up outside restaurants or stores – even for “just a minute.”

Dana & Nala

Claire & Jesse

Sam & Miss Galaxy

Fawnia & Leo

Losing a pet is every fur parent’s worst nightmare. See “Las Vegas Pet Scene” May/June issue for 9 Steps for Finding a Lost Pet. Helpful for a stolen pet too. MV Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine

Hammer & Phelps


Kiara, Brandon & Snuggles

their People

Liz, Bear & Klitschko


Raising Charlotte

Meghan, Valentino & Lacey Morea & Kyle

Michelle Velez Anchor/Reporter KSNV-News3

Murray, Chloe, Ella, Kahlua & Abby


ome dogs, like hunting dogs, may not have a problem with the sight and sound of fireworks, but most dogs are terrified of them which is why the Fourth of July can be a stressful holiday. In fact, more dogs run away on the Fourth of July than any other day of the year, so it’s important to make sure that we as pet parents, ensure their comfort and safety.

Rick & Bear

Olive & Hugo

Rufus, Simba, Jazzy & MJ

First and foremost, make sure your pets are wearing proper identification. If possible, see if you can arrange a secondary place for them to go where fireworks will not be prevalent. If that is not an option, prepare a safe place like a crate for them to ride it out. Try not to leave them alone for the night, especially if they hate fireworks, like my dogs. In some cases, you may opt to medicate them, but talk to your vet first. There are also other options for anxiety like Thundershirts, but you will want to make sure they are used to it before you use one. Also, exert your dog’s excess energy before the fireworks start by taking them on a long walk. This will help tire them out and put them in a calm state. MV 

Stefanie, Sadie & Fritzy

Sarah & Chanel



Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar


ou know those times when you have a particular craving for something different? Welcome to Hearthstone, the place to satisfy your cravings! This particular evening, one of us was in the mood for something “trufflerific.” And she found it. We started with a fun appetizer of truffle popcorn with pecorino and chives. The smell was intoxicating. The pecorino added just the right amount of saltiness. We snacked on it through the entire meal. Our favorite was the baked ricotta with black pepper and Gouda. This star of the night, served in a mini spring-form pan, is one you smear on rustic bread and then drizzle with truffle honey. Guess what? It tasted great, maybe even better the next day, and the next for leftovers too. This, along with a bottle from Hearthstone’s extensive wine collection, might just be the perfect beginning to a romantic night. One of us would order it again as a dessert. It was that delightful. Another first time experience for us was the FG&J; foie gras mousse, Virginia peanuts and house-made jelly. The foie gras encompassed a rich earthiness that was complemented by the texture of the peanuts and the sweetness of the jelly. It’s a known fact that one of us could eat charcuterie every day and frequently has it at home for endless dinner snacking. What a treat it was when the server presented us with a stand-


THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID By Michele Polci, CPCE, CMP & Lisa Lynn Backus, CPCE, CMP

alone charcuterie menu with “meats, cheeses, breads & spreads.” The presentation of these will tickle you too, when the cured meats are laid out on pig shape platter. Hearthstone features four kitchens and among these is a wood oven for cooking an eclectic selection of flatbreads. We enjoyed the Carbonara with its translucent pork belly, crispy pancetta cubes, hidden sautéed onion and poached egg which is, after it’s served in front of you, pierced by the server and spread around so all points of the flatbread are nicely “eggefied.” The other flatbread we devoured was the D.O.C., which stands for “Denominazione di Origine Controllata.” In simple terms for us to understand, it is not a deep dish, cheesy bread, stuffed crust or any other else that would take away from this ultra-thin crust of gourmand flawlessness of buffalo mozzarella, basil and red chili! An endorsement by the restaurant staff is the Harvest Quinoa Salad and it was not to be missed. Chickpeas, thinly sliced apple, shredded Gouda and roasted pumpkin seeds were lightly dressed with an apple cider vinaigrette. We loved it so much it made the trip back home! Hearthstone was open, bright and airy. On this particular night, the patio was being utilized in full force. The food embraced the farm-totable concept and so did the understated rustic country, meets industrial, meets steam punk attitude of the restaurant. Seating is a mixture of tables of all sizes, heights and elevated perimeter

booths. The attention to detail from the menu items down to the artisan- made specialty dishware, serving vessels, and the focus to bring the outside-in did not go unnoticed. Depending on what your mood is, you could sit at the expansive bar and catch a featured sports game, or belly up to the open kitchen and gets a bird’s eye view of the culinary magic going on. We ran out of room to have an entrée as we ate our way through the rest of the menu. We did however, save a little room for dessert. The butterscotch pudding with cookie butter crunch reminded one of us of her grandmother. It was rich and decedent. The peanut butter lava cake was a sweet hit with roasted banana and brown butter ice cream with a confetti sprinkle of edible flowers. Seconds please… and That’s What She Said! MV


Chef’s Corner: Tapas by Alex Stratta

Alex Stratta Executive Chef


Braised Beef Short Ribs with Red Wine



cclaimed celebrity chef and restaurateur Alessandro ‘Alex’ Stratta is a fifth-generation hotelier with Italian and French heritage, who spent his childhood traveling from Southeast Asia to the Mediterranean, experiencing a variety of different cultures and culinary traditions. Renowned for his stylized approaches to regional French and Italian cuisine, Chef Stratta’s many accolades include two Michelin stars for Alex at the Wynn Resort; James Beard Foundation awards for both “Best Chef Southwest” and “Top Dining Destination;” multiple Mobil and Forbes Travel Guide five-star distinctions and AAA five-diamond awards and recognitions from Food & Wine and Esquire among other national publications. His television appearances include “Iron Chef USA” and Bravo’s “Top Chef Masters” among others. Stratta’s enviable culinary career features many notable stops: Monaco’s legendary Louis XV, where he rose to Chef de Partie; New York’s Le

Cirque, where he continued under Daniel Boulud; Mary Elaine’s at the Phoenician Resort, Scottsdale, where he achieved his first Executive Chef position at the age of 23; and finally, Las Vegas, where Steve Wynn lured him to open first the renowned Renoir at the Mirage, then restaurants Alex and Stratta at Wynn. A permanent Las Vegas resident, Stratta is now focusing his attention on the growth of “off the Strip” fine dining and fine casual dining restaurant concepts including Tapas by Alex Stratta, which opened in Summerlin’s Tivoli Village April 8, 2015, and two unique concepts in Southwest Las Vegas’ The Gramercy in Fall/Winter 2015.   A proud father of twins, Stratta volunteers with the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health and takes pride in mentoring young chefs. He is fluent in French, Italian, Spanish and English. MV Photos By: Chris DeVargas

8- beef short ribs (bone in/trimmed evenly) 4 TBS- olive oil 1 Cup- white onions (diced) ½ Cup- carrots (peeled and diced) ½ Cup- celery 12- cloves garlic (cut in half ) 2 TSP- black peppercorns 1 TBS- fresh thyme 2 EA- bay leaves 2 TBS- honey ¾ Cup- red wine vinegar 1 Bottle (750 ml)- Cabernet Sauvignon 1 Gallon- white chicken stock ¼ Cup- Italian parsley (roughly chopped)

Directions: Pre-heat an oven at 325°F. Heat a heavy rondo (pan) to full heat and add the oil. Allow the oil to smoke and add the ribs. Color well on all sides and cook until brown. Remove the ribs from the pan and degrease. Add more fresh oil and sweat the vegetables and aromats until lightly colored, then add the honey and caramelize. Add the ribs back in and deglaze with the vinegar. Reduce to dry and add the wine. Reduce the wine by half and add the stock, then bring to a full boil and simmer, covered tightly with tin foil, for 5 hours or until meat is very tender. Remove the meat gently and strain the stock and reduce until thick and rich, or only 1 ½ pints remain. Warm the cooked meat in the reduced sauce, add the parsley, glaze well and serve warm.


We have over 40 vegan, vegetarian items and 20 gluten-free items. ®

“Because your health, is your wealth!”

Open 7 days 11a.m. -1a.m. Take out available until 8p.m. 26 Times Since 1988





8380 W. Sahara Ave. | 804-0293 (Between Cimmaron and Durango) 4147 S. Maryland Pkwy. | 731-6030 (SW Corner of Flamingo & Maryland)


Mexican Restaurant Gaming r Cantina r Catering

1 mile west of The Palms 4930 W. Flamingo Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89103




Hot New Restaurants Grape Street Café Designed to replicate a wine cellar, Grape Street Café, Wine Bar & Cellar has an intimate setting. Bold hues, iron features and a rustic ambiance surround the restaurant. Candlelight illuminates the restaurant at night.  Grape Street has a full service outdoor patio and private room available for parties. The restaurant also offers catering services. With a full retail license customers can purchase bottles of wine to go for 50 percent off or 60 percent off for a case. Downtown Summerlin Lake Mead 2120 Festival Plaza Dr. #160 7501 W. Lake Mead Blvd. #120 Las Vegas, NV 89135 Las Vegas, NV 89128 702.478.5030 702.228.9463

Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar offers guests pure, carefully crafted house-made fare from the highest quality sourced ingredients. At the heart of Hearthstone’s comfortable, eclectic interiors stand two rustic wood-burning ovens where savory, authentic dishes are freshly roasted every day. Chef Massie’s menu reflects a simple and pure approach to refined cuisine that honors and respects food. Enjoy artisanal salads, shared plates, charcuterie selections and signature entrees made from scratch, while also indulging in wine from Hearthstone’s impressive wine list. Red Rock Hotel & Casino 11011 W. Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89135 702.797.7344

Lazy Dog The Southern California restaurant Lazy Dog has become a neighborhood culinary destination providing memorable food & small-town hospitality to each and every guest. Come on by and give us a try! Sit. Stay. Play. Downtown Summerlin 1725 Festival Plaza Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89135 702.727.4784



Hot New Restaurants Tapas By Alex Stratta Acclaimed celebrity chef Alex Stratta serves a variety of cultivated and contemporary ingredient-focused small plates driven by the flavors of the Mediterranean with prominent Spanish accents. Signature dishes include Valenciana paella with authentic bomba rice; Moroccan chicken with apricots; curried lamb kabobs; baked Monte Enebro Spanish cheese and Bacalao salt cod. Seasonal vegetable and fruit selections as well as dinner specials will continuously enliven the dining experience. Tivoli Village 440 S. Rampart B-180 Las Vegas, NV 89145 702.483.3555

Searsucker There’s no better place to “Come Early, Stay Late” than Sin City! Celebrity Chef Brian Malarkey is changing the scene of Las Vegas fine dining with Searsucker Las Vegas, located at Caesars Palace Las Vegas. Designed by criticallyacclaimed interior designer, Thomas Schoos, Searsucker’s comfortable living spaces, retro Americana vibe, New American Classic dishes and specialty cocktails set the mood for an epic night ahead. We’ll plan your entire dining experience; what happens afterwards is completely up to you. Caesars Palace Las Vegas 3570 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89109 702.866.1800

Trattoria Reggiano Upon entering Trattoria Reggiano you are immediately transported to an authentic Italian street side café. This is the real thing! Relax in our casual dining room or patio; enjoy your favorite vino or imported beer while deciding on your choice of our traditional pasta offerings, Neapolitan Pizza or variety of Italian specialty entrees. Downtown Summerlin 2020 Park Centre Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89135 702.749.6966



What’s The Dish? By: Shawn Tempesta Co-Host, “The Morning Blend” KTNV-TV Las Vegas Andiron Steak and Sea The minds behind Honey Salt and Made LV have struck again! Andiron Steak and Sea is one of the latest restaurants to hit the foodie haven of Downtown Summerlin, and is certainly the fanciest dining destination on the property.

Readers Choice

Top Ten Restaurants

{In Alphabetical Order} AVERY’S COFFEE

9440 W Sahara Ave #145, Las Vegas, NV 89117 702.476.2063 | BLUE MARTINI 6593 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89119 702.949.2583 | CHICAGO BREWING COMPANY

The menu is filled with gems you’ll have to visit two or three times to try. For starters, their Grilled & Chopped Vegetables salad may seem cut and dry in name only, but one taste of the kale, garbanzo beans and toasted almonds colliding with the roasted tomato balsamic vinaigrette will have you blown away.

2201 S Fort Apache Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89117

Both the “surf” and “sea” options do not disappoint. Their 16oz dry aged New York Strip was cooked to perfection, featuring stuffed bone marrow and a red wine bordelaise. Pair it with Alaskan king crab and you’ll be in heaven. If you’re looking to split a dish, their 32 oz. Tomahawk Chop can feed two, and is bigger than your head. For seafood, we tried their Alaskan Halibut - amazing! Flakey and absolutely succulent.

11011 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89135

702.254.3333 | WEBSITE COMING SOON! EL DORADO CANTINA 3025 S Industrial Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 702.722.2289 | HEARTHSTONE KITCHEN & CELLAR

Their sides deserve an article all their own. Mustard Spätzle, delicious wood-fired asparagus, even tater tots for the kids (and kids at heart). But our must try? Mac & Cheese Waffles; There are no words… Just try it.

702.797.7344 | HONEY SALT 1031 S. Rampart Blvd., Las Vegas NV 89145 702.445.6100 │ ORIGIN INDIA 4480 Paradise Rd #1200, Las Vegas, NV 89169 702.734.6342 | PAYMONS MEDITERRANEAN CAFÉ & LOUNGE (SUMMERLIN) 8380 W. Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117 702.804.0293 | PAYMONS MEDITERRANEAN CAFÉ & LOUNGE (CENTRAL)

While the checks come in somewhat hefty compared to Honey Salt and Made LV, the service and ambiance certainly rises to the occasion. No matter the occasion, Andiron Steak and Sea is a great place to raise your glass. MV Andiron Steak And Sea 1720 Festival Plaza Dr. • Las Vegas, NV 89135 • 702 685 8002

4147 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89119 702.731.6030 | RICARDO’S 4930 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103 702.227.9100 | SIENA ITALIAN 9500 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117 702.360.3358 |



By Les Kincaid

Choosing Wine Glasses

Honey Salt: Simple Summerlin Comfort

By Abi Wright


imple reminders of home are often in the form of comfort food. When you step into the doors of Honey Salt, you feel like you’re being invited into an elegant country kitchen, friendly and open, with a farm-to-table concept that blends fine dining with familiar favorites. From innovative menus to their handcrafted drinks and homemade desserts, Honey Salt is just as sweet and savory as it sounds.


here are four basic types of wine glasses: red, white, sparkling, and dessert. Most wine glasses will have a base, a stem and a bowl. The stem allows you to hold your wine glass without the heat from your hands warming your wine, and without creating smudges on the bowl which will distract from the visual enjoyment of your wine. All good wine glasses are shaped in a way that will direct the wine to the part of your mouth where its flavor will be most appreciated. Every wine glass will have a slightly different shape, depending upon the type of wine that particular glass is to be used for. 1.

A dessert wine glass should be smaller to direct the wine to the back of the mouth so the sweetness doesn’t overwhelm.


A sparkling wine glass (or flute) will be upright and narrower to retain the carbonation and capture the flavor.


A white wine glass bowl will be more “U” shaped and upright allowing the aromas to be released while also maintaining a cooler temperature.


A red wine glass bowl will be fuller and rounder with a larger opening to allow you to dip your nose into the glass to detect aroma.

You’ll want to purchase wine glasses that are clear and smooth. The best and most practical wine glass will be made with crystal or thin glass. Today, there is one exception to glass shapes- the popular new stemless wineglass. Happy sipping! MV


roasted tomato, parmesan and grilled chicken. It was bursting with flavor and beautifully plated.

Opened in 2012, Honey Salt is a creation from the collaboration of Elizabeth Blau and Kim Canteenwalla, longtime residents of Vegas. Their vision for Honey Salt was meant to be a gathering place for family and friends, while devoting their kitchen to fresh foods and regionally available ingredients. The dining area is highlighted with spring green accents, rustic touches, beautiful mirrors and creative lighting elements. Needless to say, the creativity flows out of the kitchen and into all aspects of the restaurant. Honey Salt offers a selection of several menus including Sunday brunch, lunch, an afternoon menu, dinner, dessert, drinks and a kids menu, too. We stopped in on an early Sunday afternoon and were promptly greeted and seated, passing on cocktails (this time), but opted for a tableside carafe of water and fresh coffee that rivaled any professional barista. Not wasting any time, we ordered right away. The Smoked Salmon Benedict was an immediate hit. It included a perfectly poached egg, charred tomato, wilted spinach, English muffin, hollandaise sauce and fresh slices of salmon with the slightest hint of lemon for a balanced, acidic note. Then, there was the Weekend Frittata which consisted of spinach, garlic, potatoes,

Brunch ended on a sweeter note, having heard that Honey Salt’s seasonal bread pudding is more like heaven in your mouth; and it was. It featured huckleberries layered into the 4 inch thick dessert, surrounded by a pool of lemonbuttermilk caramel with whipped mascarpone. This literally reminded me of my mother’s own homemade recipe, with a fresh summer twist. Almost better than the experience itself, is the price; considering quality, portions and culinary craft involved- if you can put a cost on true comfort cuisine, then it’s worth every penny at Honey Salt. Open daily from 11:30a – close for lunch and dinner, a limited menu from 2:30- 5pm and Sunday brunch from 10:30am- 2:30pm, Honey Salt is located at 1031 South Rampart Blvd. Visit or call 702-445-6100 for more information. MV

Readers Choice

Pizza Man

Top Ten Happy Hours

{In Alphabetical Order}

BLUE MARTINI 6593 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119 702.949.2583 | Daily 4PM – 8PM | ½ Off Drinks | Discounted Food Menu | Live Music Wednesday – Sunday | Every Friday Happy Hour | Enjoy our Complimentary Martini Tasting! CHICAGO BREWING CO. 2201 S Fort Apache Rd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89117 702.254.3333 | Daily, 11:59 AM – 3AM & 3PM – 6PM $2 Draft Beer | ½ Off House wine | ½ Off Select Appetizers EL DORADO CANTINA 3025 S Industrial Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 | 702.722.2289 3PM – 6PM | $1 Street Tacos, ½ Off Bottled Domestics and Wells 11PM – 2AM | ½ Off All Appetizers, ½ Off Bottled Domestics and Wells THE GREAT AMERICAN PUB 4145 S Grand Canyon #109–111, Las Vegas, NV 89147 702.220.8427 | Everyday 2PM – 6PM Food and Drink Specials LINDO MICHOACAN 2655 E Desert Inn Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89121 | 702.735.6828 Monday – Friday 2PM – 5PM at All Three Locations 2 for 1 House Margaritas and Beers ORIGIN INDIA 4480 Paradise Rd #1200, Las Vegas, NV 89169 | 702.734.6342 Monday – Friday 5PM – 7PM Items Priced Under $6, Signature Cocktail Menu OSAKA SUMMERLIN 7511 W Lake Mead Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89128 | 702.869.9494 Everyday 4PM – 6PM | Appetizers, Sushi and Drink Specials PAYMONS MEDITERRANEAN CAFÉ & LOUNGE (SUMMERLIN) 8380 W. Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117 | 702.804.0293 Hookah Lounge happy hours: 5-7pm, 7 days a week and 5pm-1am on Tuesdays | Featuring all specialty cocktails, beer, mixed drinks and lounge food at 50% off! | PAYMONS MEDITERRANEAN CAFÉ & LOUNGE (CENTRAL) 4147 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89119 | 702.731.6030 Hookah Lounge happy hours: 5-7pm, 7 days a week and 5pm-1am on Tuesdays | Featuring all specialty cocktails, beer, mixed drinks and lounge food at 50% off! |

Pizza Forte


t’s no wonder that the Ferraro family’s newest establishment, Pizza Forte, has a name that translates into “powerful pizza.”

With 30 years of experience in local restaurants, this family is responsible for the longest running family-owned and operated Italian restaurant in Vegas, Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar. Since the April debut of Pizza Forte in Sunset Station, a second location is already set to open in the Hard Rock Hotel. Founder Mimmo Ferraro and his father, Gino, have been working eight years to create this casual dining spot that brings a new twist to Italian classics. This quick-serve setting features a variety of homemade food choices: New Yorkstyle or Roman-style pizza, fresh toppings, and even gluten-free options. It’s the only Vegas restaurant offering three types of Hofmann hot dogs: all-beef, pork-and-beef, and pork-and-veal. With its to-go items and room service option, Pizza Forte truly delivers in more ways than one. For more information on Pizza Forte at Sunset Station, call 702-470-0834. MV

RICARDOS 4930 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89103 | 702.227.9100 Monday - Friday 3PM – 6PM & Midnight – 4AM Late Night Dining | Award Winning Margaritas plus Gaming STEINER’S-A NEVADA STYLE PUB 1750 N Buffalo Dr #115, Las Vegas, NV 89128 | 702.304.8084 Monday – Friday, Food Specials 3PM – 6PM | Drink Specials 4PM – 7PM | Everyday 1AM – 7AM



Prince’s Reign Continues

By Brooke Dillman

globe and pays homage to the 1984 movie, Purple Rain. Starting off in local college club appearances and small venues, the cast of talented impersonators and performers have since gained worldwide recognition and acclaim. Opening for Destiny’s Child in 1999 at the House of Blues was only the beginning of a long journey for this Vegas-based group. According to the Purple Reign official Facebook page in 2006, “What’s On: The Las Vegas Guide,” described Purple Reign as “almost singlehandedly” keeping the Boardwalk Casino alive. Not only was Purple Reign the first-ever impersonation/tribute act to appear on The Late Show with David Letterman in 2008, and the first musical performance of 2009, but the Las Vegas Review-Journal also named it “Best Tribute Act.” It is also featured in LA Weekly as one of “16 Things You Can’t Afford To Miss in Vegas.” With countless, rave reviews and international praise, it is no wonder that Purple Reign is rated “excellent” among TripAdvisor contributors and is considered the #1 Prince Tribute, according to the official Purple Reign website.


raveling back in time may seem like an impossible feat— that is, until witnessing the Prince Tribute show, Purple Reign. In this award-winning performance, audience members get the chance to feel immersed in the nostalgia of the ‘80s and ‘90s while listening to Prince’s


legendary songs, watching the flawless moves and admiring the flashy costumes from decades past. Currently located at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, this entertaining tribute brings together Prince Fans from all over the

This thrilling show, inspired by the classic movie, stars front man Jason Tenner. He formed the original group with band-mates back in 1997. With the help of bassist Jason Underwood and guitarist Brent Wheeler, Tenner created the spark that ignited the group’s long-lasting legacy. In Purple Reign, Tenner’s undeniable resemblance to legendary singer Prince, adds to the excitement of the show and enhances the unique quality of the tribute. Tenner’s unyielding energy and dazzling performances make him the perfect Prince impersonator. Besides impersonating the superstar, Tenner also shows off impeccable musical talent and singing

MYENTERTAINMENT that would make any Prince fan swoon. Audience members can rejoice in the musical classics of past eras while singing along to songs that made Prince and Purple Rain memorable, such as “Let’s Go Crazy” and “When Doves Cry.” Besides bringing an appreciation for Prince, the show also includes a tribute to Morris Day and The Time. It seems that even after Prince’s highest peak of past decades, his reign continues for generations to come. The tribute show can now be seen nightly, Thursday through Sunday, at the Westgate’s Shimmer Cabaret. MV Sources: Purple Reign- THE Prince Tribute Show Facebook page,,

103 Whether you’re a mom planning your child’s birthday party, or a bride needing a vendor for her big day PLAN can help you find the best party vendors in town!

Office (702) 205-0795 Email: 105


You Don’t Look a Day Over 19! By Lori Nelson Station Casinos


e love milestones and history and this summergoing-into-fall marks two very special occasions in the Station Casinos’ history book. Two of our entertainment destinations turn 20 years old! For those who have grown up in Las Vegas, you’ll know that we’re gearing up to celebrate 20 years of entertaining the locals at Texas Station (July 1995) and Santa Fe Station (October 1995). Both properties have been popular entertainment venues for our community and both continue to grow and thrive. We have hundreds of team members who will also be celebrating the occasion more than others as they have been with Texas Station and Santa Fe Station since the day the doors opened to public. We are tremendously proud the majority of our workforce has the longevity, passion and commitment to ensuring our guests have a memorable experience. Thank you! What is most special about Texas Station and Santa Fe Station is their commitment to giving back in our community. In late-June, Santa Fe Station was proud to host more than 600 military fathers and their daughters for the 2nd Annual “Daddy Daughter Dance” presented in conjunction with the VFW Post 10047. No stone was left unturned. The team at Santa Fe donated the entire event including catering, entertainment, decorations and more to make it the most memorable night for dads and their daughters.


Concert Hot List JUNE Saturday, June 20 – Billy Dean & The Steel Horses Band performs at Club Madrid inside Sunset Station at 7 p.m. Tickets are $25 plus tax and applicable fees for general admission seating. Guests under 21 years must be accompanied by an adult.  JULY Friday, July 10 - The In Its Entirety Concert Series performing The Best of Paul McCartney at 7:30 p.m. inside Rocks Lounge at Red Rock Resort. Tickets are $15 plus tax and applicable fees and guests under 21 years must be accompanied by an adult. AUGUST Thursday, August 20 – Boulder Blues featuring Eric Sardinas at The Railhead inside Boulder. Doors open at 6 p.m. and cover is $5 at the door. Guests must be 21 years or older.  

Both Santa Fe Station and Texas Station celebrated the 5th grade graduations of their Smart Start community partnership with their respective elementary schools: H.P. Fitzgerald and CP Squires by hosting a bowling party for all of the graduates. Santa Fe Station also invited the 3rd graders over for a special luncheon where they learned all about table manners and etiquette. For anyone over the years who has made a wish and thrown a coin in the Texas Station water fountains, it’s special to note the team empties out the coins a few times a year and takes all of your generosity to help CP Squires elementary school purchase needed supplies for the classrooms. Over the years thousands upon thousands of dollars-worth of coins has benefitted CCSD students. We hope you’ll come out and join us for our special birthday celebrations and raise a glass to 20 more years of loving locals. MV

SEPTEMBER Friday, Sept. 18 – Tommy Emmanuel performs at The Railhead inside Boulder Station at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are $29, $35 and $42 plus tax and applicable fees for reserved seating. Guests under 21 years must be accompanied by an adult. Saturday, Sept. 19 – George Thorogood performs at the Sunset Amphitheater at Sunset Station at 8 p.m. Tickets are $22.50, $32.50, $37.50, $49 and $59 plus tax and applicable fees. Guests under 21 years must be accompanied by an adult.

Meet Miss Universe: Paulina Vega

Photos Courtesy of Miss Universe Organization

Interview Conducted by Vladimir Sergeev

Photographer Darren Decker


n Sunday, January 25th, Paulina Vega, 22, competed and won the legendary Miss Universe title - becoming the 2nd Columbian in the pageant’s 63 year history to covet the crown. MyVegas Magazine was offered an exclusive interview, conducted by acclaimed journalist, Vladimir Sergeev.

VS: How has your everyday life has changed since you became Miss Universe?

VS: Paulina, please tell us, what went through your head after you have heard your name being announced as a winner of Miss Universe 2015?

VS: Being Miss Universe means that you will travel the world and will be participating in various different projects and charitable works. What activities as Miss Universe are you the most exciting about doing?

PV: My first thought was my country because it was a dream come true, not only for me but the Colombian people. It’s been 57 years since the Colombian people have had a Miss Universe. Colombians have always been very invested in pageants and they love respect Miss Universe. I knew when I won that it gave joy for my people, hopefully a joy that lasts forever. VS: Did you easily adjusted to a status of Miss Universe or are you still kind of shocked by it? PV: I think I have adjusted to being Miss Universe a little bit; it’s been two weeks now (at the time of the interview), but it definitely has not sunk in all the way because at one time it seemed impossible. I dreamt about living this life since I was a child. Now that I have accomplished it, it is almost too much to process.

PV: My whole life has changed! It is so different— everything is new for me, but most importantly, I can begin to further my career. Plus, it is the first time I have lived alone without my family.

PV: For me, every trip that I get to go on is really exciting. I love to get to know other cultures-- that’s one of my passions! I am really excited about my work with HIV/AIDS awareness because I had never worked with these types of organizations and it’s something I am very passionate to learn more about. VS: Our world is a beautiful place, but some of its regions are constantly struggling due to an economic and political issues. What is your response to world peace and when do you think world peace will finally happen? PV: I do not know when the world will accomplish world peace – no one does, not even our greatest world leaders.  I think that if you want to change the world, you must change yourself

Photographer Richard D. Salyer

first. Building peace begins with each person knowing that peace is the stem for economic and social stability. World peace seems like such a typical beauty pageant topic, but it’s really such a complicated issue. It’s important for world leaders, and for people like myself who are given the opportunity to have a voice, to work to improve the lives of all people. VS: I know it’s still early in your Miss Universe journey, but what are your plans after one year on your personal life after you will be done with traveling the globe as Miss Universe status? PV: After my year as Miss Universe is over, I hope to continue my career in business administration. As of now, I think that I will travel back and forth from the United States to Colombia, but I think I will embrace the opportunities that come my way this year. I am not thinking about the end yet, of course, but I am focused on the process and this amazing journey. VS: What are your wishes to the MyVegas Magazine’s readers?  PV: I hope that my fans and your readers follow my year as Miss Universe, and I hope to be (a) role model for all people during this time. I hope I can empower all people to follow their dreams and inspire people to pursue working towards a better world. MV



Girls Just Wanna Have FUN!

By Michelle “Roxy” Davis 702ROX Radio Show


All Occassions DJ / Emcee Interactive Line Dancing Video DJ Karaoke

• TOP 40 • Dance • Latin • Hip-Hop • Rock • Country • Oldies • House • EDM & More


hen was the last time you surprised yourself doing something fun with the girls?

Girl power is everywhere in Vegas especially with showgirls, models, competitors, actress’s and entertainers everywhere you turn. Social media can make it easier than ever to connect with fun people. So ladies, let me make it real easy for you to find fun. Go to Pole Fitness Studio with owner Fawnia Dietrich, Las Vegas Burlesque Studio with owner Cha Cha Velour, and even perhaps try being a Steampunk Model and Performer with owner Charlie Yaney-Johnston and the Sin City Steampunk Dolls. All of these glorious activities will have you hash tagging #girlsjustwannahavefun and taking selfies in no time! Be adventurous, try something new. You never know what you’ll learn, who you’ll meet or what amazing experiences you’ll have! Don’t forget I teach Balance Monday’s at 6pm and Tuesday’s at 5pm at Surfset Las Vegas just in case you need a little surf’s up action! Laugh, Live and Love! Michelle “Roxy” Davis Roxy is a Social Media Expert & TV Host every Thu 11-noon on 702 ROX “Beyond the Hobby” TV Show on MV


702.336.3500 |






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ISTS DOCS and DENT FEATURING Crovetti Dr. Michael J.

TOP 100



tta: Chef Alex Stra Inside! FREE Recipe





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Dr. Ed Zimmerman of Las Vegas Laser & Lipo






Long Live the Queen: Celebrating 30 Years with Frank Marino

By Abi Wright

though you’re about to be interviewed on the red carpet… which Frank states that Joan changed ‘singlehandedly’ by four simple words: “Who are you wearing?” At 17 years old, he came full circle with the legendary Rivers, while impersonating her at a show in Atlantic City she was attending. Producers of the Vegas show La Cage were in her dressing room and asked him to interview. He landed a 3 month contract then began headlining at the Riviera Hotel and Casino on September 18, 1985.


hen you think of Las Vegas headliners, most would assume they have ‘diva’ moments. But that’s exactly what Vegas’ longest running headliner has made his fortune from: Being a Diva. Frank Marino, lovingly dubbed as “The Queen of the Strip,” is a celebrity female impersonator best known for his starring role as Joan Rivers in Frank Marino’s Divas Las Vegas.

There are a total of 17 amazing acts (and 17 costume changes for Frank) throughout the 75 minute show with high-energy music that he describes as “the soundtrack of your life!” With over 25K performances and 400K total costume changes, this production has seen more dazzling Bob Mackie designer gowns, Christian Louboutin high heels and contouring makeup than most women will see in a lifetime.

Divas is unlike any other show on the Strip and has out-lasted all the others in town. In fact, Frank celebrates his 30th year anniversary on Friday, September 18th at The Linq Hotel and Casino- continuing his reign as Vegas’ longest running headliner. The show itself is never the same. Frank says, “Comedy comes from what we relate to, what goes on, current events. We’ve gotten through a lot of hard times because we constantly change parts of the act- it’s what’s helped us survive.”

One of the best parts of Divas however, is the audience. The old stigma of a “drag” show was once comparable to having to “drag” your husband or boyfriend to go along, but that’s not at all the case for Frank Marino’s Divas. “It’s not what you probably think before you come. I’m not selling a lifestyle… I’m selling a form of entertainment that’s literally been around for thousands of years...” It’s a celebration of beauty, music and comedy that everyone; men and women, senior citizens and young adults, rave about after experiencing, time and time again!

Though Frank’s role is starring as comedian legend, Joan Rivers, it’s a massive show and opens with an extravagant Vegas production where he brings on all the great women who have performed on the Strip over the years, from Cher to Lady Gaga and Diana Ross to Madonna.


When asked where he’s from, Frank replies, “Heaven… or New York for short.” His quick tongue and witty personality is nothing shy of how the late Joan Rivers would have responded. Quoting her, he says “Can we talk?” and it’s as

The Riviera, which closed its doors after 60 years in May 2015, is another major factor in Frank’s life, who performed there for 25 years. His greatest memory was opening night: In the audience was Liberace, Sammy Davis Jr. and Redd Foxx. Frank says, “It’s like a part of me. I grew up at the Riviera.” Then in September 2010, Frank Marino’s Diva’s moved to Imperial Palace, later renamed The Quad, which is now The Linq Hotel and Casino... but technically, he’s only ever performed in two places during his entire career, which is almost unheard of. So whether you’re local or a tourist and looking for an unforgettable experience, come celebrate 30 fabulous years with Frank Marino’s Divas Las Vegas, performing nightly at The Linq Hotel and Casino… and long live the queen! MV “I will work as hard as I do because I love it.” ~ Joan Rivers

$30 OFF

Limited Time Anniversary Special Redeemable at The LINQ, Flamingo, Harrahs, Ballys, Paris or Rio Hotel Box Offices. Management reserves all rights. Expires 12/30/15.



Do You Believe in Love at First Sight or Should I Walk by Again?


f you ask me if I believe in love at first sight, my answer will unequivocally be YES! I know you might be skeptical, but many well-respected scientists will back me up that love at first sight is an actual phenomenon. While observing partner selection in the animal kingdom, Darwin noted that animals not only are capable of feeling romantic love, but many times, much like humans, they fall in love immediately. Anthropologist and human behavior researcher, Dr. Helen Fisher says, “Indeed, feelings of intense romantic passion can awaken the first moment you see someone who fits within your mental concept of the perfect partner—love at first sight.” Other scientists say that sometimes it only takes one-fifth of a second to fall in love. I realize that when you first lock eyes with someone, you can’t possibly know his hopes and dreams and deepest yearnings. However, spiritual author Marianne Williamson says that you’ll never truly know a person until you love him. I believe that, yes, you can look at a person and in an instant see all the magic inside. I believe you


By Amy Elizabeth

can immediately feel a sense of inner knowing that this person will have a very special place in your life. It’s not just the way someone looks; and it’s not superficial by any means. Maybe it’s something about a man’s smile or the twinkle in his eye that provides you with a glimpse of his true nature. To put it simply, spirit recognizes spirit. I believe if you look close enough, you can see right through to a person’s heart and soul. In yoga, we have a term for this, “Namaste;” the divine in me recognizes the divine in you.

he won’t have the same feelings of attachment that he would for a woman he loves. Thankfully, you can feel both love and lust for the same person; and it’s possible for lust to turn into love.

Since women are naturally intuitive creatures, I thought maybe we would be more susceptible to falling in love at first sight. Interestingly enough, research shows that men are equally, if not more susceptible, since they are visual creatures.

In addition to the number of couples who’ve told me they knew right away their partner was the one, Plato’s mythical theory of soulmates left a lasting impression on me. Plato philosophized that humans were originally born as a “beast with two backs.” Fearing the power of these earthly creatures, Zeus decided to separate the beasts, splitting each one in half with bolts of lightning. Humans were forced to walk upright, scouring the Earth for their other half. If they were lucky enough to find one another, there would be an unspoken understanding between the two, and the couple would feel a joy unlike anything they’ve ever known… don’t you think you would recognize your beast if you finally found him? MV

However, love at first sight goes beyond attraction or lust. From a biological standpoint, love activates different centers of the brain than lust or attraction do. Lust and attraction activate the pleasure center of the brain, which by the way, so does food! The brain in love gives meaning to pleasure and creates feelings of euphoria and a desire to bond. So while a man might see a beautiful woman and lust after her,

Of course, love at first sight isn’t the only way to fall in love. Some people are more cautious and do need more time to get those loving feelings and chemicals going. That being said, most relationships, including ones started in the blink of an eye, will grow and deepen over time.

Matchmaking: We match based on similar interest, passions and hobbies. We assist with finding that special someone every step of the way. Meet: With our resource page you can find a place that fits all your social and dating needs. Share: Come back and share your experience with our dating community. Now with First Impression Love you can start looking for love in all the right places. Make your first impression a lasting connection. “When it comes to dating we are your primary source for communication. Let First Impression Love be your one stop shop for all your dating needs”

(702) 416.4519 twitter: @filove2014 e-mail:

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s a newly single lady, I was quite surprised when I announced my break-up to friends and family. Expecting cheers of liberation and praise, I was instead given hugs, comforting words, and suggestions on where I could go to find a new man. With summer just around the corner, I have a list of reasons why it’s great to be single! 



You’ll Look Better: We get into a relationship and we become complacent. Not to mention, you just don’t seem to have as much time as when you’re single.  Being single means you have more time to hit the gym, and gives you the incentive you need to do so get that gym body! More Travelling: Summer is a fantastic time to get out and explore the open road.  When you are in a relationship, you have to work out both of your schedules, choose a place that you both want to go to, and the list of mutually agreeable concessions goes on.  When you’re single, you have friends and at least one of them will be available and willing to head off to your favorite destination.


Dating: Summer dating is fantastic; there are a TON of summertime activities that are a really good time, and usually FREE. You don’t have to feel guilty about going on a couple dates each week because you aren’t blowing your wallet.


No Sharing Ice Cream: It’s summer. It’s freakin hot out. So you go to the store to grab a tub of your favorite quality cookie dough ice cream.  When you’re single, you don’t have to share!  That tub is simply too small for two spoons.



Finding Your Stuff: You have a way of organizing your things that may not make sense to someone else. So your boyfriend or girlfriend, trying to be helpful, cleans the house and puts your things somewhere and now you can’t find them!  When you’re running out of the house to hit the beach, the last thing you want to do is rummage around looking for your bathing suit.


Bonus Invites: There are lots of events happening in the summer! If you are single and one of your friends of family members has an extra ticket to something, they are going to ask you: you are the token single person there to save the day.


Guilt-Free Adventures: In the summer you never know what shenanigans you’ll get up to. Boat rides with random hotties at the beach? Heck yes!


Belt it Out: Summertime is the best time to roll down your windows and belt it out to your favorite tune. There’s an air of liberation that comes when you are alone in the car that just isn’t there when you’re driving around with a SO.


Let it Hang Low: This point goes for gals just as much as guys. You’re single, you live alone, and it’s hot out. Why not be naked in your own home?  When you live with someone, even someone you’re comfortable with, you probably aren’t just wandering around the house naked. When you’re single though, all bets are off (unless you don’t have blinds; then perhaps be conscious of your neighbors as well).

Visitor in Your Own City: The first date 10. Aalways carries pressure of doing something exciting. This helps you do things you wouldn’t normally do, and in the summer there are so many activities to try!  After a few first dates, you’ll know your city better than before, and have lots more activities to do with your friends. MV Karleen Dee is a freelance writer and the author of, 101 Reasons Why It’s Great To Be Single. 101 Reasons Why It’s Great To Be Single is currently available via all major online retailers.

By Karleen Dee



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So Many Dating Search Avenues: What to Choose?

Going through the journey of dating by the Dating Guru, Calanit Atia


n the old days, there were precious and few options for meeting a future spouse. Some found love through arranged marriages while others met through family and friends, or occasionally while out and about town. Today the internet has opened the world to singles with new avenues and opportunities to find their mate. Now we can find love and compatibility online, which is the key to a successful relationship.

First, there are many web site catering to singles and their unique needs and preferences.,,, and are full of compatible singles, while the Tinder app specializes in helping the traveler find dinner dates and companionship. Those of us approaching the golden years can turn to, or There are several websites based upon ethnicity like,, or Believers can turn to sites such as and, while the gay and lesbian community turns to and caters those of us with a more active lifestyle.

Yes, we can try to do it on our own, but why limit ourselves? Humans were not meant to be alone, we are social creatures, and therefore, we must NEVER give up, or risk the unacceptable alternative of living a lonely life. There is “a lid for every pot,” we just need to be patient. My advice: Try everything! I am and having the best time of my life meeting interesting and exciting people from all walks of life. We never know when our lucky day will come, or where we will meet that special someone who will change our lives.

Dating sites often charge money to join, however there are a few that are free with the option to upgrade for a fee. I say sign up to all the free ones and one paid site catering to a specific need or wish. Online dating isn’t for all of us. Some need a more personal touch. Matchmaking services such as ‘It’s Just Lunch’ or other private services can be costly, but deliver personal attention and commitment to assistance in finding a mate.

Today there are endless ways to meet people. We’ll explore all avenues, from online dating, speed dating, private matchmaking services to singles events and trips. We can meet them the old fashioned way at the grocery store, or in a bar, or perhaps through more modern avenues like speed dating events, through matchmaking services or dating web sites.

Next, speed dating can be very intimidating in the beginning, but also can be a lot of fun. I know of one man who reluctantly went to a speed dating event to help a friend who didn’t want to go alone. Yet he ended up meeting a girl who has been a part of his life for years now. Another option is meetup groups, a great alternative to meeting people based on interests,

ps aker m h c t a ssional m e f o r p � trips s e l g e n t i i s s � ting

grou p u t e e m � �online



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r ow u o y n o t ee

such as wine, hiking, or travel. The pressure is off since it is about having fun together with no expectations. Finally, singles trips are the absolute best! We may not meet our soulmate, but we can meet our best friends, as I did when I went on a singles trip to Cancun. It was the best time of my life. Many of my friends have given up, complaining that the people are not who they state in their profile, it is too consuming of both time and money, and most importantly, it is very disappointing. My answer to them: What choice do we have? Yes, finding love can sometimes be perceived like a full time job, but the payoff is very profitable. I never get discouraged about dating because I truly love meeting new people - whether it would be for leads to friendship, or a love interest. Have FUN, enjoy the dating journey. Because when we find ‘the one,’ it will be over, and we’ll have great stories to tell our friends. MV Twitter @CalanitAtia

Summer Learning Loss


ummertime and the living is easy. Oftentimes, summer becomes a bit too easy. Unfortunately, that can affect a child’s learning. There have been a number of studies over the past one hundred years on summer learning loss and the affect it has on a student’s long term performance. There seems to be a consensus in the research that shows learning loss during the summer months has great consequences in being ready for the fall semester. Las Vegas has several effective summer learning opportunities for students. One such program is through the non-profit, Andson Inc., called Martha Speaks. Martha Speaks is offered through the YMCA of southern Nevada in partnership with PBS, and Andson. Over the course of eight weeks of the summer reading program, young people watch and discuss Martha Speaks episodes. Afterwards, the kids read and discuss a related picture book. The summer reading program is designed to improve the literacy skills of struggling readers through creative, engaging, and fun activities. Kids find themselves getting excited about reading in front of their peers. This program is led by licensed teachers and adult volunteers. By the end of the summer program, students develop a new found love and passion for reading.

By Dawn Gibbons

“Design Squad is the best example of STEM curriculum being developed to combat summer learning loss - it’s fun, engaging, and most of all teaches core concepts that appeal to kids. The student’s enthusiasm last year was easy to see as they engaged in projects ranging from air powered cars made from balloons and water bottles to tables made from newspaper. Students learned to work as a team as they progressed through the planning, designing, engineering, and development of these science projects,” said Andson’s COO, Anthony McTaggart. Reading and science can be great fun when presented in a way that has the students actively involved. With good, summer reading programs the summer doesn’t have to be boring. The edge these programs provide the students will ensure the kids do not lose learning during the summer months, but instead, gain an advantage for the fall semester. MV

Mary Jones, Site Coordinator for Andson, had this to say about her observation, “One of my greatest joys in working with these young people is to watch shy students become more outgoing as their confidence increases with their reading skills. I get a kick out of the way the kids identify with Martha in ‘Martha Speaks’. In a very short time these students become comfortable using new words in their own creative dialog ensuring the staff that they not only can speak and write the words, they understand how to use them too.” Another program that Andson started last year was the Design Squad. The Design Squad was a combined effort with Vegas PBS, Andson, and the YMCA to make science fun for kids. The program focuses on the critical, academic disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics also known as STEM.



Celebrating Hawaiian Music the Outrigger Way

By Lynn Cooke


isualize Hawaii and what comes to mind may be images of swaying palms or rolling waves lapping onto the shore. Today, you have that and so much more with the music of Hawaii becoming much easier to find at venues across the island. Every year since 2005, a Hawaiian musician has been nominated for a Grammy Award. Some win, but all are thrilled to place in the top five. The music covers the gamut, from guitar wizardry to soloists crooning romantic ballads, or a band with a Jawaiian beat – almost-reggae – sound.


Thirty-eight years ago, Hawaii’s music industry created the Na Hoku Hanohano Awards. Referred to as the Hawaiian Grammies, the show is televised live in the islands and streamed on the Internet so fans and newbies can watch from anywhere in the world.   The best news for travelers to the islands is Outrigger Resorts’ E Mele Ana music and performance program that makes this awardwinning Hawaiian music readily available, seven days a week in Waikiki. Unique to the music

world, Hawaii’s Grammy and Na Hoku-winning entertainers are accessible. By providing the venue, Outrigger makes it easy to listen and meet entertainers who headline concerts worldwide.   Waikiki Beach Walk is Oahu’s most exciting entertainment complex to shop, dine, play and stay – only steps from the Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort and close by the Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort. Twice a month, through 2015, the Na Mele No Na Pua Sunday Showcase puts music on the lawn at Waikiki Beach Walk under

MYHAWAII the shade of the palm trees. The crowd is always a mix of visitors and local residents, often fans of the group that is playing music. With a nod of approval from the leader of the band, dancers who know the particular song stand and dance hula. After the entertainment, when hunger strikes, the Waikiki Beach Walk area is filled with some of Waikiki’s best eateries – serving the finest quality steak to gourmet cuisine to pizza at a local-style sports bar.   Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort is the only hotel with the guarantee of Hawaiian music seven nights a week. The Kani Ka Pila Grille welcomes all as they enter the hotel. The music line-up, from 6 to 9 p.m. nightly, reads like the list for Hawaii’s Grammy winners and nominees. Kani Ka Pila Grille has no cover charge, great food and drink and an open air setting with prevailing trade winds. A happy hour menu, from 3 to 5 daily, with more entertainment, has been added. Insider Tip: Kalua Pork Nachos and locally brewed Longboard Lager beer.   Bitsy Kelley, vice president of corporate communications for Outrigger in Hawaii, says the intent of all the programs is to support and present the wealth of Hawaiian music and culture for both the visitors and the local residents.

At Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort, both Duke’s Waikiki and Hula Grill have an everyday, all week line-up of local entertainment. Sunday at Dukes, surrounded by legendary surfers and drinks with tropical toppings, the day only gets better when award-winning, world music charts recording star Henry Kapono plays his way through every hit song on his recent Home in the Islands CD.   Always sponsoring a multitude of free music events, Outrigger Resorts makes music a weekly priority and a monthly celebration. To name just a few of the stellar Outrigger-sponsored events worthy of planning a Hawaii trip to attend: June through August, the popular Ke Kani O Ke Kai summer concert series brings top talent to the lawn of the Waikiki Aquarium at the Diamond Head end of Waikiki, with music, food, drinks as the sun sets and open galleries to watch the vast collection of ocean wildlife swim to the rhythm of guitars.   On July 18th, the 6th Annual Steel Guitar Festival happens on Waikiki Beach Walk when Outrigger partners with the Hawaiian Steel Guitar Association. Then, on July 19th, another partnership happens for the 45th Annual Ukulele Festival at Kapiolani Park, again at the Diamond Head end of Waikiki. Think hundreds of ukulele players all strumming in unison.  

In August, anyone who ever loved the sound of a Hawaiian slack key guitar finds their way to Kapiolani Park bandstand for the day-long, 33rd Annual Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Festival. Called “ki hoalu” or “loosen the strings,” this event draws stars from George Winston of Dancing Cat Records fame, to an assortment of Grammy and Na Hoku winners. The festival is preceded by the August 14th Slack Key Jam at Kani Ka Pila Grille, where you never know which music celeb will be strumming and picking. Also in August is the culmination of the Kani Ka Pila Grille Talent Search, with finalists judged in front of hundreds of fans at the annual ‘Made in Hawaii Festival’ at the Neal S. Blaisdell Center. The winners receive a one month performing contract at the Grille.   Finally, in September, the only statewide festival in the islands, Aloha Festivals, brings a week of non-stop entertainment and a massive parade to Waikiki all governed by a Royal Court, representing the royalty of old Hawaii. The court holds court at the Outrigger Hotels where music is key to visitor, employee and resident satisfaction. MV



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The Country Club at Silverstone


ntroducing a new country club experience to the residents of Northwest Las Vegas: The Country Club at Silverstone, 27 holes of championship golf and much more. Originally designed and built to be the centerpiece of a world class destination resort, northwest of the resort corridor, Silverstone Golf Club is all that remains of the original vision of the developers who planned to develop multimillion dollar estate home sites for locals and a Ritz Carlton resort for visitors. The central feature of Silverstone is the 27-hole golf course. Designed by renowned golf architect Robert Cupp, three distinct 9-hole courses provide both challenge and playability to golfers of all ability levels. A luxuriously appointed, Mediterranean-style clubhouse would serve to welcome guests and pamper its members. Unfortunately for the developers, their vision coincided with turbulence in the local real estate market.  Development on the Ritz Carlton caliber


clubhouse and golf course moved forward precisely as planned, yet the area that would surround them took a very different turn. Since the first golfer teed off, Silverstone Golf Club focused on providing an exclusive country club experience to its Golf Membership, “The Silverstone 200,” and a five star experience to its guests. In December of 2010, Silverstone Golf Club was acquired by the principles of Par 4 Golf Management, a locally owned and operated golf management company.  Since that time, the owners have focused on providing a high caliber golf experience at a reasonable price.  That focus is born from their belief that the game of golf brings people together and serves to build character in those who step foot on the green. Although Silverstone Golf Club is quite literally in the middle of a neighborhood that has grown up around the course, many residents still do not know that the clubhouse facilities, restaurant

and bar are open to the public. The members enjoy a wide variety of social activities that include evening dinners, live music, painting, game night and much more.  In fact, the majority of Silverstone’s activities are open to the public, and guests do not need to be accompanied by a member to participate.   Today, Par 4’s vision for Silverstone Golf Club has become much more than a great golf course.  Jennifer Blanchard, Silverstone’s General Manager, explains, “Our members are like a family.  Many of them have been with Silverstone from the very beginning.  This is where they bring their children, where they meet their friends to unwind.  This is where they enjoy spending their time.”  For this reason, Silverstone is being rebranded as The Country Club at Silverstone.  More than a golf course, it’s a place to bring family and friends.  No membership required.  Eat here, drink here, celebrate milestones here.  It’s just around the corner and it’s all yours! MV





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Experience the Las Vegas Way to Play Golf!

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History of “The National”


he National” has a long history in Las Vegas. Just after completion in 1961, The National, then called the Stardust Country Club, hosted its first professional golf event, the LPGA Championship. From that date forward history was made. The layout, designed by Bert Stamps, is traditional in design and even today is a challenge for the best of players. The National has become a landmark over the last 50 years. It was host to the movie “Casino”, starring Robert DeNiro, Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci. Former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman also had a cameo role. The house used in the movie sits off to the left of the #1 Tee Box between the #1 and #18 fairways. During the 1960’s, The National played host to the big names of the Strip.  The Rat Pack frequently played golf, then spent time in the bar. Although all 4 became good players in their own right, it was widely known that Dean Martin and Peter Lawford were the ones to beat.  Locals tell great stories about late night matches under the glow of the driving range lights.  Many nights would have Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop and Sammy Davis Jr. around the piano, entertaining their guests with songs and stories, enjoying the cuisine at The National. Over the years The National has had several owners and names. The course was originally named “Stardust Country Club”, and was owned by the Stardust Hotel and Casino in October, 1961. In 1969, the Del Webb Corporation acquired the club and renamed it the “SaharaNevada Country Club,” which it remained until 1982, when it was purchased by American Golf Corporation. The name was then changed to the “Sahara Country Club.” In 1994, a partnership was formed between American Golf and the Las


Vegas Hilton and the course was again renamed the “Las Vegas Hilton Country Club.” Finally, in 1998, the name changed once more to the current: Las Vegas National Golf Club. Over the years, The National has seen many professional tournaments beginning with the LPGA in 1961. The PGA tour also hosted events beginning in 1967, with the Tournament of Champions. From 1969 through 1976, the Tournament continued forward as the Sahara Invitational. The National became part of the rotation for the Las Vegas Invitational in 1993 through 1996. The tournament winners of both the LPGA and PGA events reads like a who’s who of professional golf. Mickey Wright and Sandra Haynie were among the LPGA winners. For the PGA, Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino, Lanny Wadkins, Al Gieberger, Davis Love III, and Jim Furyk have all hoisted the winner’s trophy.  Tiger Woods won the event in 1996, for his very first win on the PGA Tour.  The highest score he shot for the tournament was at The National, where

he posted a 70. On the other courses he broke 70 in each round. The course record of 63 was initially set by Arnold Palmer in 1967, during the Tournament of Champions. The record held for 28 years until it was broken in 1991, when Tom Kite shot 62. David Graham also shares this course record. Over the years The National has played host to celebrities from all over the world. Professional athletes, including members of the NFL, NBA, NASCAR, PBA and PBR have all held events here. The course, with its mature landscaping and proximity to the Las Vegas Strip, make it a truly unique and historic site. And it’s still making history: The National is now one of only two golf courses in the country to offer GolfBoards for their golfers! GolfBoards eliminate sitting in carts and help speed up play. It’s a new way to enjoy the game, bringing together modern technology with traditional sportsmanship… and there’s no better course to experience it at than at The National. MV  

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Las Vegas National 702.734.1796

Spanish Trail Country Club 702.364.5050

Black Mountain Golf & Country Club 702.565.7933

Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort 800.711.2833

Taylormade Golf Experience 702.897.9500

Boulder Creek Golf Club 702.294.6534

Pacific Links 702.856.8450

Tuscany Golf Club 702.951.1500

Canyon Gate 702.363.4320

Par 4 Golf Management 702.253.7878

Walters Golf 888.427.6678

Cascata 866.362.7315

Primm Valley Golf Club 800.386.7867

Wildhorse Golf Club 702.434.9000

Centennial Golf Club 541.773.4653

Red Rock Country Club 702.304.5600

Wolf Creek Golf Club 702.346.1670

Conestoga Golf Club 702.346.4292

Rhodes Ranch Golf Club 702.740.4114

Desert Pines Golf Club 702.388.4400

Rio Secco Golf Club 702.777.2400

Desert Willow Golf Course 702.263.4653

Royal Links Golf Club 888.427.6678

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“Who Knew” with Nieve Malandra 1.

First thing I do in the morning is... Brush my Tina Turner wig (lol). I actually like to wake up peacefully and quietly with no stress from an alarm clock. I have to start my day off with green drinks and coffee.


One thing I like to do after work is... Wind down. I have music on all day at home and in my car before my gigs and shows. Afterwards, I like it quiet to collect my thoughts and think about my upcoming schedule.


One of my favorite Las Vegas restaurants is... Norah’s. I love Norah’s. I love tomatoes and Italian food and theirs is the closest to home cooked Italian food that you can get in any restaurant.


One of my favorite Las Vegas shows is... Sexxy! Sexxy is a fairly new show at the Westgate produced and directed by a dear friend, Jennifer Romas. The show not only stands up to its name, but it also showcases some of the city’s hottest dancers.


I wish I knew how to… Draw, paint, and sew. I envy those types of creative artists. To take a blank piece of paper or canvas and make something out of nothing, always inspires me. It inspires me do that with music, take a melody in my head and write a song from it. I will be incorporating artists painting live very soon in my live music shows, featuring young local and talented artists like Serabeth Mullaney.


A person who inspires me the most is... So many people have and continue to inspire me, but first and foremost, I would have to say Maya Angelou, an incredible woman who knew struggle and was always able to express it and transform that into something beautiful and positive. I am a true admirer of people who know true struggle and are optimistic in the face of adversity. 


When I leave Las Vegas I like to go to… The beach! Give me water, please! Nothing calms me, inspires me or makes me feel more connected to the earth than surfing in the ocean.


I wish I could quit… Coffee but it’s so darn good! Smelling the cocoa aroma before that heavenly taste even hits your lips… it’s indescribable.


On my day off I like to… Cook for my family. I love to experiment with all the different flavors and spices. I believe the food in your dish should be very healthy and colorful. I have always felt that dinner time is the soul of the family.

thing I wish I were better at... Time management. I 10. One have no concept of time in mathematical units. As cliché as it sounds, I truly will stop to smell the roses no matter what I have going on.


thing/person I can’t live without is... My baby girl, Gigi: the light of my 11. One life; my sunshine; my world. I have invested so much of my body and soul into my child. I try to give her all the world has to offer so she can be well rounded, intelligent and fully equipped to master being happy in life, run the world and ride the universe. one strange habit is... Where do I begin? Dental hygiene. Rigorous and 12. My intense to say the least.  MV

Thank God It’s Friday Happy Hour! Every Friday


Blue Martini

Prizes! Fun! Bring Your Business Cards! Live Music by Mark Alan & Friends!

4-8pm Half Price Drinks! Discounted Food! Prizes! • Fun! 6953 S. Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119

5540 S. Fort Apache Rd, Suite 110, Las Vegas NV 89148


with surf legends and the beach boys of Waikiki.

Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort

Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort

Where can I be welcomed like family in a paradise far from home?

Find out at H AWA I I F I J I AU S T R A L I A T H A I L A N D G UA M M AU R I T I U S U P C O M I N G : M A L D I V E S C H I N A V I E T N A M

See your travel agent or call 800.688.7444

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