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I was nominated and accepted as a Man of the Year candidate and chosen to raise funds for the 10 week campaign in Southern Nevada. I am raising funds in honor of the Boy & Girl of the Year, Austin (7 yrs old) and Kennedy (6 yrs old), who are local pediatric blood cancer survivors.

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Contents MYVEGAS Ask the Mayor.................................................................... 3 Top 10 Spring Flings........................................................ 7 TOP 100 Women of Influence................................... 24 The Way I See It............................................................ 110 Movers and Shakers................................................... 109 Who Knew with Mercedes Mix............................... 112



The Glamourous Life..................................................... 14 Wake Up Your Inner Child............................................ 16 Double Duty Cosmetics............................................... 17 Do You Have Diabetes.................................................. 18 Tamra’s Transformation Tips....................................... 21


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Wine Gifts That Wow..................................................... 11 The Jury is In; Meet Samira Knight........................... 43 Rising from the Ashes................................................... 61 Untapped Power of Joint Ventures.......................... 08

Perfectly Pampered Mom...............................................9 The Superwoman in You.............................................. 19 Food for Thought............................................................ 60 Anime Revolution is Taking Over.............................. 63



Stay Motivated in a Dead End Job........................... 58

MY REAL ESTATE Real Estate Goals............................................................. 48

Pet Scene: Pet Identification....................................... 68 Raising Charlotte............................................................ 69

MY RESTAURANTS Hot New Restaurants.................................................... 72 That’s What She Said: Echo & Rig.............................. 76 Chef’s Corner: Red Rock Country Club................... 77 What’s the Dish............................................................... 80 Restaurant Review: Origin India................................ 81 Pizza Man: Biaggio’s Pizzeria....................................... 82

MY SENIOR LIFE Avoid Misfortune in Money Matters........................ 56 Bring Me a Higher Love................................................ 57

MY ENTERTAINMENT The Voice of Ryan Whyte Maloney........................... 86 Spring Happenings at Station Casinos................... 90 Meet the SEXXY Jennifer Romas............................... 91 INpowering with the INternet................................... 92 Meet the Amazing Jennifer Lier................................ 95

MY DATING LIFE Must vs Should................................................................ 96

MY HAWAII Home at The Outrigger................................................ 98

MY CHARITIES Your Time, Talent & Treasure.....................................100

MY GOLF Plenty of Perks at Spanish Trails..............................102 Golf Course Listings.....................................................104

Ask the Mayor



The proposed Soccer Stadium is still a I always spend Mother’s Day with listen and pay attention to young people and hot topic of discussion and seems to be my family. Usually I cook us dinner you could see how his presence would cause From the Mayor’s Desk -6-1 Our lovely Mayor Carolyn has graciously agreedchildren tothe answer some from MYVEGAS Maga City Council members voted in early downtown redevelopment and what can we of delicious sandwiches at the new Jimmy moving forward with public support. or we go Goodman out to a nice restaurant to look to light up.questions We will miss him dearly, readers. A special thanks to Mayor Goodman for her willingness to engage with our readers and the community of Las Vegas. October to move ahead on a plan to forward to in the coming year? John’s located on the first floor of City Hall… What are the next steps in its development celebrate. I love my four children and six and there will never be another like him. build a Las $200 million dollar and in walking distance MTO continues to and what should Vegas expect inprofessional terms of a grandchildren and it is wonderful to spend soccer stadium in downtown Las Vegas in which Certainly the momentum downtown thrive. Also, the Carson Kitchen, Kerry professional team coming to town? time together as a family. In my years with 2015, you delivered theSimon’s State Q: Summertime means family fun, top tourist destination, and our skyline In January Visitors come in from around the a final vote is said to take place this December. continues to build. We are seeing new downtown hot spot, is wonderful, andyou I the Meadows School and now as the mayor, of the City address in which you said summer vacations and lots of outdoor is forever changed and improved by that country (and the world) to converge How would the development of this project more and more small businesses, would recommend trying it if you can find a We received notification from the Major my greatest accomplishment remains my four want to build this city with a “forceful activities. How do you and your family magnifi cent and the biggest observation in our city for our huge patriotic help Las Vegas and what will itCommissioner take to make it restaurants, shops galleries table. League Soccer (MLS) children. They haveand grown up andopening. become world-class presence.” Can you describe what like to enjoy summertime in Las Vegas? wheel in the world! It is unique and celebration. Naturally there are happen? What is particularly exciting has but been the that Las Vegas will NOT be selected professionals in the community, most “world class” means to you and what can be done top-of-the-line, I have visited, fi2014 reworks inwhat the sky from opening of The on East and Fremont With comingexploding to a fast close, for an expansion franchise until after 2018. importantly theyMarket are genuinely goodyes people. to make that happen? A: We really do like to spend time but not yet ridden it. In fact, CBS did our hotel rooftops, but during the da It is an amazing project that would in the Entertainment District as it brings a are some New Year’s Resolutions you’d Personally, of course I am disappointed That is something I’m forever proud of. together as a family especially if I can not only bring a first-ever, major much-needed grocery store to an area that like to see Las Vegas make in order to a special on the opening and lucky leading up to the nighttime celebrat that the MLS did not select Las Vegas for an Las Vegas is the top tourism and league sports team to 2018 Las Vegas (and heart of Ithe live-work-play city have a convention prosperous 2015? get some all of them togethera is in theThe me, was asked asTarkanian Mayor to make there are outdoor expansion team in theor2017 or seasons. recent passing of Jerry destination in theactivities world. We galore Nevada!) but it would also result in hundreds core. Too, coming in 2015 is the expansion I still believe our city would beMost the perfect really stopped our community. What areabout whathave had than 41 million visitorsto enjoy. and residents rare happening! times in Las brief comments nationally formore tourists would like seeyear everyone intoour of millions of dollars being invested into Vegas Premium location for a major league and I amour the of the Las some your memories of the Hall of come to Iour city thisto past thanks our Personally, Oscar and I usually walk Vegas we’ll justteam, hang around a of great placeOutlets it is. Itwhich has added great city resorts, continue to conventions, be part of building a community. Inwe fact, thisout private partnership will be including 35 new stores anchored by saddened that miss on the opportunity playing Fame coach? spectacular our fabulous the Summerlin Patriotic Parade wh house barbecuing, swimming, excitement to the Strip where a visitor great city! I’m hopeful that everyone is offering to invest close to one-half a billion Saks Fifth Avenue off Fifth and offer a new to gain $450 million in downtown investment boutique shopping, five-star restaurants, and we can. There is hiking, horseback games, and for sure I’ll be serving food can stroll, shop, eat and enjoy a unique will makeentertainment a commitmentand to give his/her best dollars our economy! My hope is would that Cheesecake and job into creation. A team coming here CoachFactory. Tarkanian was a great man amazing attractions. So in riding, golfing, fishing and boating a from start to end. Our home is where ride. The food there is decadent, from to impacting the quality of life in our entire our city staff will be able to work with these have been the catalyst for other developments and his influence on our community that sense we are already a world-class city, Lake Mead, tennis, biking, and so m our children grew upfinal (same one for Sprinkles Cupcakes to the Ghirardelli burgeoning restaurant scene community. is through helping private partners to consummate in the downtown. I hope the MLS awill still hasThe been incredible. He brought us a but when myWhether husbandittook office in 1999, to for everyone to do as celebrate 38 years), so they love bringing their ice cream and chocolate shop. Brooklyn has also Rebels exploded... diversify economy, helping to puzzle makethey an agreement mid-December to present to consider Lasby Vegas for a team beyond 2018, winner indowntown the UNLV Runnin’ and what his there wereour still some pieces to the that Fourth ofneeded July our MV children here whenever they With really also something special asneeded it is on areBowl one oris two of your favorite new impact theadded. educational front,in addressing the City for its more-than-enthusiast and that Council the league’s decision will not be a can. teams galvanized this community. We to be We to havecity. a some great planning, we’re off to the a new intimate venue for live music culinary hot spots? the cycle of homelessness or working with our approval. The approval will result in negative influence on other major league all have Coach Tarkanian and the Rebels in cultural hub for our city and we have built the A Performing special you tohas beach and then combined gourmet comfortSmith food Centertofor non-profits create a better thank quality of life, itthe Honor spurring other major developments in the come onefranchises coming to our city.the families common. I remember thewith days going to the the Arts which takes each of us to build a world-class city of heart of Symphony and ourinto center city You can’t expect me to answer that!!! Mayor Carolyn Goodman for her by-one toPark squeeze our little condo and a bowling alley. Where else but old convention center rotunda and seeing been such a success. We needed great medical which we are proud. Of course I wish everyone community. How could I possibly pick among Mother’s Day is around the corner. As a his teams play. energy was unbelievable and weto have that with willingness engage with the reade in Coronado. LasThe Vegas would one find such a research great and doctors theCleveland healthiest and happiest ofCenter New Years as the comm them? There so many great working woman and mother yourself, in that building. Laterare of course they moved the Clinic Lou Ruvo forand Brain MYVEGAS Magazine combination of fun and excitementit’s 2015 arrives! MV Most locals have noticed big changes places to eat downtown that you cannot keep what does Mother’s mean tothe youHigh Roller to the Thomas & Mack Health and theofexciting plans for the future foryour ques Las Vegas! Please email Q: Have youDay visited what we Center do! and brought taking placeon in spending downtown track ofthe them all. TheChampionship newly reopened and I and how do you plan it?Las Vegas, the city National in 1990. the Las Vegas Medical District. The final piece is for a ch to: Ferris wheel yet at the Linq? What from a boom in local businesses to remodeled El Sombrero haswith excellent food, also remember how he was children. He major league sports and we continue to pursue to have your questions answered in are your thoughts on it, and how do Q: Fourth of July is a great holiday festivals and more; what is the future of our and the inside is now very chic. I’m also fan was always the father figure, taking timeato having a franchise in Las Vegas.  



you think both visitors and locals will respond to this new Las Vegas form of entertainment?


to spend in Las Vegas! What are some fun ways that you like to celebrate with your family and friends?

future issue of MYVEGAS Magazine.


On Our Covers Every issue, we bring you three exciting covers featuring people and places that make Las Vegas a more exciting city to live in. This spring issue is dedicated to the TOP 100 Women of Influence and features: singer/performer, Jennifer Lier; attorney at law, Samira Knight, Esq.; and choreographer/producer, Jennifer Romas.

Meet the SEXXY

TOP 100


Women of Influence

Readers Choice


Meat & Greet


Mark Shaffer



On The Cover: Jennifer Romas Jennifer Romas is producer, director and choreographer of Vegas’ newest topless review, SEXXY, which was just nominated by Best of Las Vegas for “Best Adult Show,” adding to her impressive list of accomplishments within the entertainment industry. She also choreographed the Britney Spears Welcome to Las Vegas press event, as well as the declared “Britney Day” at the LINQ.



Photo Credit: Las Vegas Image Studio, LLC. Spring has sprung and with that comes a whole new season of inspiration and growth throughout our beautiful city of Las Vegas! As we begin this issue honoring our TOP 100 Women of Influence, we want to make sure to thank the hundreds of nominees that make this place such a prosperous and powerful city to call ‘home.’ Women have always been a major driving force in our own homes and in our community. Mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers and wives all play important roles in our families, schools, businesses and political offices. MOM (Mark One Media) is proudly dedicating the 2015 issue of MyVegas Magazine to the countless number of influential women and mothers that continue to help mold this city into future generations of success. In Las Vegas, you can have it all, and MYVEGAS is excited to share yet another amazing issue with you! As the weather warms up, get ready for even more current news, information and adventures relevant to our city and your lifestyle! Stay on top of the hottest community events, MYVEGAS rewards and get all the current updates for locals by visiting us at! As always, thank you for being part of the fantastic and ever-growing MYVEGAS community. It is such an honor to serve our locals, and we hope to see you at one of our many fabulous upcoming MYVEGAS events! MV

THE JURY IS IN! Meet Samira Knight!

TOP 100 Women of Influence

Readers Choice


ECHO & RIG: Meat & Greet $4.95



Photo Credit: Victor Baars

TOP 100 Women of Influence


Coming Soon! $4.95

Readers Choice

Meet the Amazing




Photo Credit: Patrick Rivera


On The Cover: Samira Knight Samira is partner of Tarkanian & Knight, a general practice law firm that primarily focuses on family law, criminal defense, business transaction and personal injury. Along with starting a non-profit organization for the Iranian-American Community and she also volunteers each week to teach a course on personal growth and positive thinking at the Shade Tree, a local shelter for women and children.

On The Cover: Jennifer Lier Jennifer Lier is a highly sought after vocalist, headline entertainer, model, emcee, oncamera host and is one of the most requested Marilyn Monroe Impersonators in the country. She’s now the current National Sales Manager at the highly acclaimed Las Vegas destination management company Baskow & Associates and was also recruited by the legendary Jaki Baskow to assist taking her company to new heights.

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4555 S Ft Apache Rd Las Vegas, NV 89147 (between Tropicana & flamingo) (702) 476-9800 5

Meet the Writers MYVEGAS MAGAZINE 5540 S. Fort Apache Rd., Suite 110 Las Vegas, NV 89148 Phone: 702.792.2378

Lisa Lynn Backus

Michele Polci

Lori Nelson

Lisa Lynn Backus, CMP, CPCE, is Catering and Convention Services Manager. She has worked in the hospitality industry for over 25 years, including management with Marriott International and owner/operator of a full service DMC. She has worked with The International School of Hospitality, Past president of the Las Vegas Chapter of NACE. Her honors include recognized at the 2010 NACE Experience 2009 George Zell Spirit of NACE, Caesars Entertainment 2006 Chairman’s award for Community Service.

Michele Polci has dedicated her career to building and shaping the Las Vegas catering industry, contributing to the greater good of our economy. Her contributions include leadership in industry organizations, as well as advising and teaching courses at local institutions. She currently oversees catered event sales at Caesars Entertainment’s eight Las Vegas properties.

As the Vice President, Corporate Communications for Station Casinos, she is responsible for the Company’s public relations activities and serves as the Company spokesperson. She serves on the Governor’s Planning Commission for Nevada’s 150th celebration, is a 1999 graduate of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Leadership Las Vegas and served as president of Child Focus at St. Jude’s Ranch.


CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Lovely Day Media Rick Vierkandt Phil Cox Victor Baars Roger Bennett Michael Rogers

Dawn Gibbons

Michelle Velez

Carolyn Goodman

Dawn Gibbons is a successful businessperson and has received many accolades including: Business and Professional Women Woman of the Year: Who’s Who in Business; Who’s Who in Politics; Who’s Who of Women; the Attorney General’s Role Model of the Year, 2014 Distinguished Women of Nevada’s Excellence in Media Award, and the Las Vegas Women to Watch Award. She is a graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno (B.G.S). Ms. Gibbons has served on prominent boards in Nevada and supports the local community with her background in business, politics, and the media. Dawn is a former state legislator (State Assemblywoman 1991, 1999-2004) and the First Lady of Nevada (2007-2010).

Michelle Velez is on Wake Up With the Wagners and on weekend mornings on News 3 at Sunrise and News 3 Today. She joined the News 3 team after spending four years at KSNV’s sister station in Yuma, Ariz. Michelle devotes a lot of her time to cancer fundraisers and related events. Before moving to the Desert Southwest, Michelle lived in San Diego where she attended San Diego State University and earned a degree in Journalism and Political Science. Over the span of three years and three different stations, Michelle worked her way up from an intern to a producer and then made the move to Arizona to start her broadcasting career.

Carolyn G. Goodman became the mayor of the city of Las Vegas on July 6, 2011. Carolyn has devoted much of her life to volunteerism and education in Las Vegas. She has been recognized with the“Distinguished Nevadan” award, and become a Sarah D. Barder Fellow in the The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth and an Alumna of the Year in Education at UNLV. Goodman continues to prove her deep commitment to the community and devotes herself to the highest quality of life for all southern Nevadans through her efforts and dedication.


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CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Dr. Evan Allen Lisa Lynn Backus Katie Bencze Laurence Bronaugh Gaye Cote Angi Covington Michelle “Roxy” Davis Jacqueline Del Rosario Amy Elizabeth Dawn Gibbons Mayor Carolyn Goodman Lark Gould Rosario Grajales Joel Jarvis Eve Jensen Craig Kagel Les Kincaid Tammy Kincaid Elena Kmetz Meghan Leigh Megan Mathis Gady Medrano

Veronica Meter Michelle Mortensen Marie Mortera Lori Nelson Debrah Pierce Michele Polci Chaibia Sarhrou Leah Soares Toni Spilsbury Robert Sluys Adam Sternberg Chris Tamura Shawn Tempesta Tsikki Thau Melissa Torres Ashley Trevino Michelle Velez Tom Warden Jack Woodcock Abi Wright Fallon Hall Dr. Jim Wright D.D.S.

MADE IN THE USA Keeping America Employed

Top 10 Spring Flings

By Joel Jarvis


ired of this wishy-washy winter weather and ready for some fun-in-the-sun? If you can’t get away for Spring Break, how about a little ‘Spring Fling?’ Our very own Joel Jarvis has his latest Top 10 ready to go and packed-full with creative ideas of things to do this season- right in our own backyard!


Brews Best: To benefit New Vista Community, March 14, 2015, at Town Square Las Vegas, 1pm-6pm, $30 per person. Visit for more info!


Great Vegas Festival of Beer: April 11, 2015, 300+ Craft Beers, Celebrity Chefs, Live Music, 3pm-7pm, Downtown Las Vegas, $45-$55 per person: www.


Las Vegas Brews and Blues Festival at Springs Preserve: May 30th, 2015, with Live Bands from 4pm-8pm and $35-$75 per person.


Red Rock Canyon Hiking: Before the heat gets here- this is prime season for a beautiful hike! 100’s of hiking options, 3205 Nevada Hwy 159, $5 per car.


Lake Mead Cruises: To include mid-day sightseeing tours, champagne brunch and dinner cruises, starting at just $26 a person.


Visit Boulder City and check out the Hoover Dam/Museum, Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, Mountain Biking on Bootleg Canyon, or just hang at Wilbur Square Park. Free.


Golf one of the over 60 incredible courses in Las Vegas, or Join the Southern Nevada Golf Association for discounts and events. $36-250 per person


Go to the Drive in Movie at West Wind Drive In in North Las Vegas, $7 for adults, discounts for children under 11. www.


People watch at Fremont Street Experience: The “performers” are getting risqué and very entertaining. Free street access. Slotzilla Zipline onsite, $20-40 per person www.


Visit First Friday Arts Festival celebrating 12 years, March 6, April 3, and May 1, 2015! 1228 S Casino Center Blvd. Free. MV


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lawless is better, right? Let me start with some skin education I’ve learned lately. ou don’t have to be rich to feel glamorous Skin is a lifestyle and your andhealth beautiful. Beautiful is aimproving feeling that appearance very important. let’s get you you starts on theisinside. EverythingSo else just helps expresson it on outside. started thethe right track to youthful, healthy skin. Here are some beauty tips to help get you started from the inside-out: DEXOFITY, REJUVENATE, PROTECT 1) Bumble and beautiful hair! discovered some new of hair products YourI’ve skin is the largest organ your body. by Bumble and Bumble, which is a salon based Every day, your skin is exposed to free radicalsout of New York City! Bumble and Bumble unstable molecules- like pollution, sun, and developed their own line which stress, which damage theproduct vital skin cells like is carried in select, local hair salons such ‘The collagen and elastin that keep you lookingasfresh Standard Hair Salon’ in Summerlin. Ask for and young. One of the most damaging free Sable-she’s an amazing hairstylist Lassame Vegas. radicals is the sun’s rays. UVA rays haveinthe Bumble & Bumble products that I love include: strength, every day, all year long. Antioxidants counteract free radical damage by trapping and Bb Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil- Sulfate Free containing them, preventing further damage to Shampoo and Conditioner. They have 6 skin cells.  feather light oils to help soften, silk, tame, de-frizz, detangle and protect hair. A CryoFacial utilizes some of the most powerful antioxidants to revitalize and protect your 2) Flawless skin is huge! skin. This includes: I’m hooked on Adore facial products from • Dead Cleansing and Exfoliation dead skin cells Sea and I love the way-my face feels are removed to They reveallast healthy new when I use them. at least 4-6skin months, • soAcid Peel - thisworth gentlethe peel helps loosen it’s definitely investment anddirt andmake debris fromholiday pores without irritation  they great gifts for men • and Extractions women! - painless, automated extractions use vortex suction to clean out . Dead poresSea Facial Peeling Gel-Deep Cleaning • HydrationTreatment - antioxidants and hyaluronic acid are vortex-fused to nourish and protect . Dead Sea Regenerating Facial Cleanser • The Rejuvenice Cryotherapy burns up to Hypoallergenic, for all skin types 500-800 calories a session.  • . Adore BoostsEssence metabolism energy Cream levels Facialand Hydrating Organic Innovation, for normal to dry skin • Improves blood circulation • . Strengthens immune system  Adore Advanced Firming Eye Cream-Organic • Instant anti-aging effects  Innovation, for all skin types • Detoxification  • . Go Helps rebuild serotonin to: or for and pricing. • Beneficial against depression anxiety  • Visit: for more details 3) Ridding your rough fat!when you book your and mention this add I’mappointment. obsessed with ‘Electro-Slim’ by Ria and Celeste at Madame et Monsieur Reshape Summerlin. Electro-Slim treatment utilizes

SLIM AWAY equipment that sends trains of pulses with a variable pulse repetition frequency to specific Another beauty tip to share with you is my Waist areas using skin contact electrodes. This helps Trainer and Waist Slimmer Beltawhen I do cardio. detox your body and shed few pounds… I love wearing Waist Trainer least 1-2 a and it’s alsoaanother great at holiday gifttimes for men dayand for 6women! hours atCall a time. I wear my Waist Slimmer for your appointment: Belt702.800.6461 and Waist Trainer when doing cardio. It has helped me to tone up my midsection along with my diet and exercise of course! 4) Best brush forward! Go to to buySome your Waist Beauty brushes make a difference! Trainer and you can purchase any Waist of my favorite and best brushes to doSlimmer makeup areRoss fromStore Coastal Scents and the Morphe Beltwith at any for $5.  Brushes line… reasonably priced, they can be a thoughtful FRENCH TIP DIP gift for your female friends and loved ones for Christmas or Valentine’s Day!flawless Go to or www. Create French manicures and pedicures for more information. at home in seconds with French Tip Dip. It’s the perfect tool for at home nails.  scents make sense! • 5) Seasonal Versatility - use that polish, colors or formulas of Smell great this season! A few amazing choice fragrances for Christmas and Valentine’s • Speed - instant results  Day gifts for both men and women include: • Ease of use - dip and apply  Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf; Ferragamo; • Polish Remover - pro formula moisturizing Narciso Rodriguez; Chloé; Tom Ford; Dior; Marc fingernails polish remover Jacobs; D&B The One; Prada; and Burberry. The amazing secret weapon is so convenient for Men or women can never have enough many women that are trying to cut down on their fragrances! The more, the better and one expenses andoccasion! save money. I know that keeping for every up with our mani’s and pedi’s do add up at the end of the year, so it’s another way to save money 6) Rain and Shine! andRain do itCosmetics yourself from to time. For more is fortime the modern woman details order go  withorantoaround theto:clock lifestyle. They’ve created a product line that lasts all day and into the night and requires little-to-no touch ups. Worldwide development has helped them create unparalleled, high-quality formulas, making Rain Cosmetics the perfect makeup for the woman on-the-go. For more details or to learn more about Rain Cosmetics, email me: My way of living life is: If you want it that bad, you’ll find a way to get it! With the products listed above, it doesn’t make it hard to do! On that note, live life and take care of yourself because we aren’t getting any younger! Love, GlamByElena

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Some favorite products in my makeup kit include: BEAUTY AND BLEND Nail & Skin Therapy As a makeupLip, artist, I am always shopping for new Made with all natural things to use on myself and myingredients, clients. Here’s it moisturizes, heals and conditions. $7.95 some of the products I’m obsessed with and use all the time:  • Runway Hit lipstick with Subculture lip pencil by M.A.C • Heroine lipstickReveal with Magenta lip pencil by Conceal M.A.C Foundation Flawless • Cyber Nightmoth lip pencil by Tanlipstick Teddy,with SPF 15, Oil-Free $28 M.A.C • Black Swan under eye liner by M.A.C • Springsheen blush by M.A.C • Coppertonen blush by M.A.C • Expensive Pink eyeshadow by M.A.C • Deep Damson eyeshadow by M.A.C • Wedge eyeshadow by M.A.C • Amber Lights eyeshadow by M.A.C Beach Club • Vanilla eyeshadow by M.A.C • Glow all the way - BronzerBronzer Tropical Tan by Cabana Boy Hard Candy Cosmetics Casanova $24 • Glow all the way - Bronzer Glamazon Bronze by Hard Candy Cosmetics • Eyeshadows Collection - Green with enemy by Hard Candy Cosmetics “Express your individuality, embrace your femininity Diva Eye Shadow and explore your sensuality as woman!”   Quad - Poker $32 ~Elena Kmetz Love, GlamByElena

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Dr. Lane Smith is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Las Vegas, Nevada who has been awarded the honor of Top Doctor for 3 consecutive years. In his 13-year-period as a plastic surgeon, he

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has performed over 15,000 plastic surgery proce-

dures. Dr. Smith has four board certifications, including plastic surgery and facial plastic surgery. Dr. Smith’s extensive education, training and

expertise can help meet your aesthetic goals.

Contact Dr. Smith today. It would be his privilege to consider and care for you as a patient.

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By Marie Mortera, KSNV Anchor Facebook: mariemortera Twitter: mariemortera

ice job, Las Vegas! We ranked the #31 among the most “physically active” U.S. cities, according to Live in Henderson? You guys came close - #34; Reno, in case you’re wondering, ranked #17.   The top 50 cities list places Southern Nevada higher than New York (#39) and even sunny Los Angeles (#36)!  Why? says they determined each city’s ranking based on residents’ physical activity; percentage of people at a healthy weight and how many acres of park space could be enjoyed by each resident.  This report should wake up your inner child. When was the last time you laughed so hard your belly ached, or jumped so high, you felt like you flew (for a second) or actually visited a park AND PLAYED?  In honor of spring, evoke you – at maybe 5 years old.   Play tag with a friend, swing on the monkey bars; perhaps pick up a hula hoop or a jump rope! Don’t feel pressure to compete – it’s just fun and trust me, you’ll burn calories!  As always, check with your doctor before you try any new physical activity and don’t forget to work your orbicularis oris, the mouth muscle. All you have to do is smile. MV

Double Duty Cosmetics: Glamour with Benefits

By Erika Kimble Dermatology NP


alking into a store like Sephora or Ulta Beauty, where cosmetic choices are practically limitless, can make even the most talented fashionista’s head spin. Yet, there are key factors that can help you determine what the best make-up brand for your skin is.




Chemicals to Avoid: There are a few common chemicals that organic advocates, beauty scientists, and many healthcare providers agree should be on the avoidance list. The ban of these chemicals is mostly owing to their properties as skin irritants, acne inducers, or common allergens. This list includes: synthetic fragrance, talc, preservatives (formaldehyde, parabens), petroleum distillates (mineral oil) and artificial colorants (FD&C or D&C). It’s important to read labels and know what you are putting on your skin. Labels will list ingredient concentrations from highest to lowest, usually written in Latin form. But with a smart phone ready, you may decode words like ‘olea europae’ to find it is actually olive oil. Marketing Mumbo-Jumbo: Be wary of marketing claims on packaging that states “organic,” “natural,” “dermatologist-tested” and “hypoallergenic.” The FDA does not require ingredient review for use of these terms. Look for independent certifications listed on packaging as “green” or “organic” which helps companies to advertise their commitment to healthy products. Beneficial Ingredients: Take notice of not only what is being left out of your cosmetics, but also good ingredients to include. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, often found in mineral make-up powders, act as physical sunblocks. The latter also has calming properties to sooth irritated skin.


Healthy Brand Choices: Overall, mineral make-up brands offer sound picks for skin health and anti-aging. When searching at a local shopping venue peruse the BareMinerals line which incorporates ingredients like Red Algae (Corallina Officinalis), which promotes moisture retention and antioxidant Grape Seed Oil (Vitis Vinifera).

Additionally, high end retail brands like Juice Beauty and RMS thrive on a philosophy of using natural ingredients that pack a punch. Juice Beauty uses components like antioxidants acai, goji, and blueberries, while RMS includes Moringa oil (Moringa Oleifea) and Rosemary (Rosamarinus Officinalus). For those who choose to take the most stringent organic approach, Coastal Classic Creations touts the importance of what is left out. Their philosophy emphasizes a limited ingredient list. Although stringent, this brand does include

use of Argan (Argania Spinosa), Coconut (Cocos Nucifera) and Sunflower (Helianthis Annuus) oils which all offer moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits. These are just a few of the brands that are meeting consumer demand for double-duty cosmetics, offering glamour with skin health advantages. The beauty world is an ever-changing and perplexing run-around of new brands and “it” ingredients. Walking into the make-up aisle with a good grasp of fact versus fiction versus marketing mumbojumbo will make you the master of your skin health. Erika Kimble, BSN, MA, MS, APRN is a Dermatology Nurse Practitioner at Linda Woodson Dermatology in Las Vegas. She is an award winning author of the Malcolm Finney, Medical Detective, children’s health series. The author has no formal affiliation with the products listed. The above information is for educational purposes and does not substitute medical advice from your health care provider. MV


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ow many Americans suffer needlessly with type two diabetes? They wake up two or three times a night to relieve themselves of the excess water that they take in to keep their blood sugar down. During the day, they excuse themselves repeatedly to go to the bathroom. Their mouth is always dry so they have to keep drinking water to keep the flow of urine going, since this is the only way that their body can get rid of the extra sugar in their blood. In ancient India, diabetes was diagnosed because ants were attracted to the urine of diabetics. Anyone with type two diabetes can have the symptoms of nerve damage. The nerve damage starts as a tingling in the fingers and toes, progressing to a sensation of burning warmth, itchiness and irritation. The burning can become severely painful and make walking very uncomfortable. And the fatigue! No energy in the morning when they wake up. No energy during the day, unless they drink caffeine – which makes them pee even more. Get home from work and crash on the couch, fall asleep and wake up to pee. Go to bed and wake up three more times to go pee. Wake up again the next morning and feel as tired as if they’d gotten no sleep at all.

The most annoying symptom of all is the continued changes in vision, day to day and hour to hour. First waking up, everything is a blur, but then things focus. Then back out of focus, then blurry. Reading is difficult, watching TV is even hard. Driving is dangerous. Rapid changes in blood sugar cause the lens of the eye to constantly change shape, creating these problems. One in ten Americans have this disease. Of those, one in four doesn’t even know it. One in three Americans have prediabetes, which carries many of the same symptoms and risks of diabetes. Yet the most common symptom of diabetes when first diagnosed, is no recognizable symptoms at all. The good news is that healthy living and healthy eating can reverse this disease and can stop it from ever happening. It is important to eat a high starch, low fat diet with lots of dark, leafy greens. Our experience has been that patients who follow our program can begin reversing the symptoms of the disease within weeks, even if they have had it for decades. MV

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BRING OUT THE SUPER WOMAN IN YOU! There is a super woman in each and every one of you lovely ladies!


recognize your strengths, your wisdom, your gifts, your multitasking skills, and your ageless beauty.

There is nothing that my ideal super woman could not do... When I think of a super woman, I get beyond excited at the high levels of talent that she carries. A super woman is a super thunderous voice of hope, a true Wonder Woman!  She will create miracles and will attract and heal her surroundings through her inner beauty, faith and strength. She will surrender her pride to her ultimate wisdom, using her powerful instincts to face her greatest fears.

Dr. Jim Wright, DDS AIAOMT, AIABDM (Mentored by Dr. Hal Huggins)

By Tsikki Thau

A super woman carries strength, silence and confidence from within. She is a precious love song filled with tunes of power and passion. Her prayers are always heard and her tears heal our world. “Believe in yourself and bring out the super woman in you” MV Love, Tsikki Thau Holistic Consultant

My ideal super woman is a symbol of love, sensuality and beauty. Surely she will always follow her heart and her own strengths to achieve her goals and dreams. She will always stand up for herself and transfer her passions into mysterious confidence. Her greatest visions will become her super heroic actions! My super woman is… my grandmother, my mother, my wife, my daughter, my sisters, my best friend and my own precious mirror.




and tell your



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Tamra’s Transformation Tips

By Tamra Trainer


ince my transformation in 2012, I have gathered lots of tips along the way. I hope many of them are as helpful to you as they were to me. Here we go! and events such as birthdays, 1. Holidays engagement parties, weddings, funerals, bar mitzvahs and graduations will always come up. Don’t let that stop you from starting or sticking to your diet. EAT CLEAN 80% of the time and you will never have to worry about the other 20%. do diets always have to start on a 2. Why Monday? Sort of like January 1st of every year? If people are truly committed to making a change in their lifestyle and eating habits, then there are 6 other days in the week that we still have to go through. When we fall off the wagon, get right back on it, instead of waiting until Monday to come around again; giving us an excuse to eat badly until then. 5-6 small meals every 3 hours, instead 3. Eat of 2 or 3 big meals per day. It’s much easier to digest smaller meals which will give us more energy and speed up our metabolism. Carry a zip lock bag of snacks if you don’t have time. Great choices are Almonds, hard boiled eggs, rice cakes with peanut butter or a scoop of protein powder in your coffee or almond milk. 70% of the population walk 4. Hydrate! around severely dehydrated. Google the

Breakfast! That wakes up our 5. Eat metabolism and gives us the energy to start our day. Don’t skimp on this meal because it’s the most important meal of the day. fad diets. Learn how to eat clean and 6. Avoid make healthier food choices and you will be able to eat in any environment. much cheaper to eat healthy foods 7. It’s than it is to manage an unhealthy body! I’d rather take the preventative route than the treatment option any day! Simple, yet tried and true tips towards a springtime transformation! Start now, stay consistent and let us know your results! MV Tamra Trainer Facebook, Twitter or Instagram: @Train2behealthy

symptoms of dehydration and you will be shocked! Drink at least 2-3 liters of water a day. Caffeine and alcohol dehydrate us, so make sure to add extra water if consuming them.


22 22

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Las Vegas’ Top 100 Women of Influence

Readers Choice

MyVegas polled over 100,000 of our readers to find Las Vegas’ Top 100 Women of Influence, and these women are the women that make a difference in Las Vegas. Nominated and voted by our readers, through their service, commitment, charitable contributions, and big hearts, these women continue to give more than they receive, and make Las Vegas one of the most fascinating places to live, work and play, in America. Featured are a diverse group from various organizations, including Gaming, Politics, Finance, Government, Arts, Entertainment, Education, Health Care, Philanthropy and more. Along with well known leaders, and the new rising stars, this year we are proud to publish the “100 Women of Influence”. You may recognize some friends and familiar faces, and some have credentials too many to list, however please note that their talents and contributions go far beyond what we had space to print. This year’s recipients are amazing women who have influenced Las Vegas and the community we live in. Enjoy! MV


Las Vegas’ Top 100 Women of Influence


Readers Choice

Jennifer Romas is the Producer, Director and Choreographer of Vegas’ newest Topless Review; SEXXY at the Westgate Resort and Casino. She is highly trained in acrobatics, stilt walking, athletic pole dancing, fire and more, she has been on a number of television shows, is the soloist dancer in the Purple Reign Prince Tribute Show, has her own line of shoes; Sekshual Designs by JR, and launched her company JRR Enterprises LV.

Samira Knight is the feminine half of Tarkanian and Knight Law Group. Born and Raised in Las Vegas, Samira is an attorney and philanthropist. Every week Samira volunteers at Shade Tree, teaching a course “Overcomer: Be Positive, Stay Positive.” Samira also founded the Iranian-American Chamber of Commerce, Las Vegas. She practices family law, criminal defense, business and personal injury.

Jennifer Lier’s prosperous 25-year entertainment career as a headline vocalist, emcee, on-camera host, model and actor boasts countless production shows, national and local commercials, billboards, ad campaigns and national television shows. She is currently the National Sales Director for the leading Las Vegas destination management and Entertainment Company Baskow and Associates.

Amanda Kouretas, Mrs. Nevada-America 2011, Lifestyle Luxurista, Community Fundraiser, is the glamorous voice for moms, women and young girls of Las Vegas. Featured in articles and TV, her brand for over-the-top fun and humor has made her the “It” girl and lifestyle expert on everything from fashion, beauty, and family.  Wife and “GlamMom” of three, Amanda’s passion is teaching children the importance of giving back to their community.  

Chloe Louise Crawford is a professional dancer in the show Fantasy at the Luxor hotel and in the show Murray ‘Celebrity Magician’ at Planet Hollywood. She supports the Friends for Life Humane Society, a no kill shelter and non-profit organization set up to help find dogs quality homes & families. Adoptions are every weekend at Petco on Rainbow Blvd. & Spring Mountain.

Elizabeth (Davis) Rubin, Founder of Adopt A Rescue Pet and Director of Welfare & Services, began a pilot program with friends in 1997 with the Dewey Animal Shelter, “Shelter Dog Rescue” encompassing offsite adoption weekends. In 2001, “Adopt A Rescue Pet” achieved 501c3 status and has saved over 14,000 dogs from euthanasia. Development of a 5 acre No Kill canine retirement ranch is underway in Amargosa Valley, Nevada.

Jennie Haraldson drives and instructs high performance vehicles from Nascar style stock cars, sport cars, and sports bikes. She has talked to students about pursuing their dreams and the determination it takes to never quit. Jennie’s racing passion will launch her to the top in Motorsports. Her challenge to you- LIVE TO WIN.

Judge Melanie Andress-Tobiasson worked as a Deputy District Attorney at the Clark County District Attorney’s Office, served as a Justice of the Peace Pro Tempore and was appointed to the Las Vegas Justice Court Bench. She is an active volunteer for the Trauma Intervention Program of Southern Nevada, serves on the TIP Board of Directors, and the Advisory Board of U.S. Vets.

Carolyn G. Goodman, Mayor of the City of Las Vegas is an advocate of Las Vegas’ $44.9 billion tourism industry, is a board member on the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (LVGEA) and Las Vegas Events. She serves on the Blue Ribbon Committee for Clark County Child Welfare Services and holds national leadership roles on the United States Conference of Mayors (USCM).

Mercedes Martinez of Mercedes in the Morning on KMXB/ Mix 94.1 helped raise over 1,000,000 cans of food for the Salvation Army through the Mark and Mercedes Four Corners Food Drive, works with local pet charities with Mix 94.1’s Pet-a-Palooza, raises funds for community organizations including Rape Crisis Center, Goodie Two Shoes, Communities in Schools, Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Las Vegas, United Way, and The Ronald McDonald House.

Las Vegas’ Top 100 Women of Influence


Readers Choice

Tina Quigley, General Manager of the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada, oversees the region’s public transit, traffic management, transportation planning and funding for Southern Nevada. She recently collaborated with government, businesses and the community on fuel revenue indexing that is directly funding more than $700 million in roadway projects and has leveraged more than a billion dollars in new infrastructure for our community.

Debby Wright, in conjunction with Dr. Jim Wright, envisioned the fusion of a premium medical spa and dental experience. This is what Four Seasons Dental Spa as developed into. Debby is a graduate of GIA, Hoffman Institute, Avatar, and a CTI Certified Life Coach. Debby believes wholeheartedly in giving back and supports many local charities including St. Jude, Easter Seals, Rotary, and Summerlin Ladies Club.

Dr. Jennifer Cha is one of the most sought out female Periodontists. Specializing in cosmetic periodontal plastic surgery, Dr. Cha has made it possible for many to chew, smile, and live a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Cha is also a Fellow and Diplomat of the International Board of Oral Implantologists, one of only three dentists in Las Vegas to be awarded this honor.

Ida Doman, born in beautiful Budapest, Hungary, has been in the Vegas Valley for over 30 years. She specializes primarily in luxury real estate in Las Vegas and Henderson for local, national, and international clients. She has been awarded the Five Star Real Estate Agent, “Best in Client.” She always puts the people in her life first… and that includes her clients.

Jamie Martin is a highly respected makeup artist and hair stylist. She empowers people to see their inner and outer beauty through her unbelievable talent of cosmetology. After graduating from a prestigious cosmetology school, she was invited to train with James Ryder, one of the most sought after Hollywood makeup artists. Today Jamie cares for her clients at The Standard Hair Salon in Summerlin.

Jennifer Bradley is experienced in media and public relations, public affairs, community outreach, and non-profit marketing. She held leadership positions with The Lili Claire Foundation, Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation, and earned the Las Vegas Humanitarian of the Year Angel Award by In Business magazine. Her experience includes variety of healthcare, attractions, entertainment, food and beverage accounts, with clients including Cowabunga Bay Water Park, Nevada State College, and Vegas PBS.

Joelle Righetti is a Singer, Actress, Cher Impersonator, Magician’s Assistant, Musician and Songwriter. Las Vegas native and proud Italian featured in productions such as Lance Burton and Vegas! The Show, showcases her original music locally and nationally, and a lead in the film Billy Topit to be released spring 2015. This single mother has a heart for those in her family and community: leading worship at a local church and mentoring troubled youth.

The Honorable Stefany A. Miley has been serving as a judge for the past ten years in District Court, Las Vegas, Nevada. Judge Miley is the only judge in Clark County who has been elected to the Family, Civil and Criminal court benches. As a judge in all three areas of the court, she has overseen hundreds of diverse court proceedings.

Lisa Marie Smith, singer of “Pin Up” at the Stratosphere Hotel and Las Vegas native became the youngest headlining singer on the strip after returning home with a degree from The Boston Conservatory of Music. LVA alum, she is passionate about giving back to students and speaks at local schools and non-profits to encourage children to stay in school.

Tricia Kean, anchor on weekday editions of Action News, heads the Contact 13 Consumer Unit. Tricia has two local Emmy awards to her credit and has received numerous awards for her work in the community. She was named “A Woman Of Valor” by Temple Ner Tamid in Henderson. She is proud to host “The Hospy Awards” every year, which awards excellence in the Hospitality Industry.

Las Vegas’ Top 100 Women of Influence


Readers Choice

Carole A. Fisher, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nathan Adelson Hospice has led efforts to provide over $1 million dollars of uncompensated care each year. As part of her passion to assist people, Carole initiated a program to provide low-income patients and families with free, home-delivered meals. She also instituted the Angel Tree Program designed to help families in need of support during the holiday season.

A.J. Kung a first generation Chinese American, mother of four, and managing partner of Kung & Brown law firm. AJ is committed and dedicated to improving the community through volunteer work and mentorship programs and believes that it is all of ours obligation to improve the communities we live in, by leading by example.

Hillary Steinberg, Commercial Real Estate Retail Associate for MDL Group and Vice President of Marketing for the Steinberg Law Group. The Board Chair of Baby’s Bounty, she has spearheaded fundraisers such as the “Oh Baby! Tea” and “Starry Starry Night” while serving on the Board of Directors of the Jewish Community Center of Southern Nevada and being a member of Hadassah, Southern Nevada Chapter.

Lisa Lynn Backus, Catering and Convention Services Manager, has worked in the hospitality industry for over 25 years. She has worked with The International School of Hospitality and past president of the Las Vegas Chapter of NACE. Her honors include recognition at the 2010 NACE Experience, 2009 George Zell Spirit of NACE, Caesars Entertainment 2006 Chairman’s award for Community Service.

Lydia Ansel is a classically trained violinist based in Las Vegas. Lydia has performed with Rod Stewart, Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, Jordin Sparks, John Legend, No Doubt, Regina Carter, Randy Travis, Charlie Daniels, Camila, Clint Holmes, and Three Dog Night. She currently performs with Vegas Headliner Zowie Bowie, Rod Stewart for his residency at Caesar’s Palace, and with Bella Electric Strings.

Michele Polci, Director of Citywide Catering Sales- Caesars Entertainment has dedicated her career to building and shaping the Las Vegas catering industry, contributing to the greater good of our economy. Her contributions include leadership in industry organizations, as well as advising and teaching courses at local institutions. She currently oversees catered event sales at Caesars Entertainment’s eight Las Vegas properties.

Michelle Velez, anchor of ‘News 3 Live at Noon’ and morning reporter for ‘Wake up with the Wagners’ has broken major stories including the 2013 Las Vegas Strip shooting, and the Griffin Mansion wedding scandal. She is an influence in the community through her Zumba classes and dedicating time to the American Cancer Society. Michelle and her Husband Alex are preparing for the arrival of their first child.

Punam Mathur is culminating a 25+-year career as an executive in the gaming industry. Mathur is now a professional speaker and ED of the Elaine P. Wynn & Family Foundation. Within a long list of service roles, she has received appointments to statewide leadership positions by Nevada’s last four Governors. She is a champion for children and public education.

Tamra Trainer is licensed Real Estate Broker and Owner of Aston Realty Group, specializing in Luxury High Rise and Residential Properties. This will be her 20th year in Real Estate.  She competes in Bodybuilding competitions, in the Bikini Division with the NPC across the Country and is a nationally qualified Athlete.  Tamra is a CASA Volunteer with Clark County, NV.

Yvette Auger, owner of Cosmopolitan Connections Inc., one of the most successful networking groups in Las Vegas. Her events are always free, and she has showcased several local celebrities, charities and businesses at her events. She also runs a successful Real Estate business with her Husband Eric Auger, the Honorary Consul of France in Las Vegas.

CONGRATULATIONS! To Woman of Influence, Carole Fisher, from the Board of Trustees, Senior Leadership and the employees and volunteers of Nathan Adelson Hospice.

Las Vegas’ Top 100 Women of Influence


Readers Choice

Karla Perez is Regional Vice President of UHS Acute Care Division at The Valley Health System where she provides oversight to the operations of seven hospitals within the Western Region of Universal Health Services. She has worked with many organizations including the Board of Directors for the United Way, and the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. She has been recognized by several groups for her dedication to the community.

Donna Miller, Founder and President of FlyingICU, President of Nevada Nurses Association District-3, an award-winning Woman of Distinction and Ambassador of Peace, was instrumental in revising Nevada EMS statutes improving patient safety and quality of care. She also participated in Governor-led international trade-missions addressing global nursing issues and pursuing Nevada’s global economic development, including promoting Las Vegas as medical and health-and-wellness tourism destination.

Helena Brigelius Gatlin, born in Sweden, is an aesthetician with 25 years of experience. She conducted skin care seminars in Europe and America assisting women in understanding and maintaining healthy, beautiful skin and nutrition. Author of “Ageless Skin Beauty & Nutrition”, she developed a simplified skin care line. She is an educator of Knutek MD Skin Care, specializing in non-surgical facelift.

Ashley Vlastaris is an active charity contributor to foundations such as the March of Dimes, Toys for Tots and an array of animal rescues. She is a voice for women who are struggling with infertility as she herself has struggled for several years. She feels it is important to spread awareness so that no woman or couple should ever feel alone.

Claire Sinclair was Playboy Magazine’s “Miss October 2010” and 2011 Playmate of the Year. She appeared in reality shows “The Bunny House” and “Holly’s World” and premiered her own comic book series with Lion Forge Comics. She is starring in her second year in the show “Pin Up” at The Stratosphere. She gives back to the community and raises awareness for United Way of Southern Nevada and several charities.

Dawn Gibbons, former First Lady of Nevada, co-chairs the Organ Donor and Tissue Task Force at the University of Nevada Medical School. Named Assemblywoman of the Year by the Nevada Police Protective Association, she changed the Nevada constitution with Gibbons Tax Restraint Initiative and Education First initiative. Dawn has served on many prominent boards. Of all of her accomplishments, Dawn is most proud of her son, Navy Ensign, and student aviator, Jimmy Gibbons.

Fawnia Dietrich is the owner of Pole Fitness Studio and Pole Expo. Pole Fitness Studio offers 170 fitness classes a month, and is #1 in Las Vegas for bachelorette and birthday parties. Pole Expo welcomes 2000 athletes from over 40 countries, and promotes the physical and emotional benefits of pole dancing through seminars, workshops, performances and the Pole Classic Competition.

Kendra Daniels is a sought after country singer. Kendra’s single, “Damn I’m Good,” with band KendraBarry is grabbing national attention. She is Miss June 2015 for the International Breast Cancer Awareness calendar, was featured on the cover of Beautiful Bride, and is the spokesmodel for Extreme Live Entertainment! This singer, model, dancer and dedicated mom to a little superstar of her own, is as hard working as they come!

Marie Mortera, anchor for News 3 joined the FBI Las Vegas Citizens Academy Alumni Association, was named Best Anchor by the Electronic Media Awards 2 years in a row, and received an award from Las Vegas’ Filipino-American Heritage Foundation. She gave birth to a daughter in 2014, teaches prenatal yoga, and has been asked to teach victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, natural disasters and first responders.

Wendy Gelbart, owner of Yellow Bucket Janitorial coordinates marketing and sales for the cleaning service she founded with her husband in 2000, she teaches Special Education for CCSD, and created to feature local, free events. Mother of three teenage daughters, she volunteers with her youngest daughter at the LGBTQ Center for their Switch (transgender clothing exchange) program and has accompanied all three girls as Girl Scouts.

Congratulations Karla Perez

Regional Vice President, UHS Acute Care Division The Valley Health System

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Las Vegas’ Top 100 Women of Influence


Readers Choice

Charmaine Lee as an Inspirational Speaker, Author, Coach and Trainer has worked behind the scenes supporting people dealing with adversity for the past 28 years. She focused on maltreatment against others with multiple organizations and started her own business through Foundation for Insight and Giving Power a Voice.  Her advocacy against violence, abuse and bullying inspired the creation of Victor of Abuse.

Cheryl Prater, Mrs. North America, has been an animal advocate for over three years and raises money for various rescues in Las Vegas. She’s a spokeswoman for EMG Charity Partners, a 501c3 organization which serves the community by hosting donation drives and fundraisers. Cheryl has established a notable platform that helps draw major media attention to social issues at these events.

Jaqueline Andrea is a photographer whose art has been showcased in important venues in town. She was also recently selected as one of the top 4 Zumba instructors in Nevada. In 2014, Jackie and her crew set the record for the biggest Zumba class in the U.S., with over 6,000 participants. Jaqueline has dedicated her talents to help worldwide non-profit organizations.

Sandy Scamman, owner of Scamman Figure Training regularly donates personal training sessions and volunteers for charitable causes including the Children’s Heart Foundation, Lilly Claire Foundation, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and Boys and Girls Club of America.  She has won numerous Figure Competition awards including the Nevada State Figure Overall Champion in 2009 and Second Place in The International Arnold Classic in 2011.

Barbara Lacy is the Immediate Past President of Mesquite Club established in 1911. She is Mesquite Club Director, Nevada State General Federation of Women’s Clubs 1st Vice-President, on the First Ladies First Steering Committee, 2014 Las Vegas Sesquicentennial Parade Committee, and Member of Southern Nevada Women’s History Project. She is a wife, mother of three, grandmother to five, and sings in a gospel group.

Elena Kmetz has found her natural calling in makeup artistry. She realized her passion in working with women to achieve their own style of beauty. “Sexy is something that starts on the inside and makeup helps you express it on the outside with something new that falls in between.” Doing makeup is a true inspiration. Making women feel elegant and stylishly fashionable is such an amazing feeling!

Lori Nelson, Vice President of Corporate Communications for Station Casinos, oversees public relations, community relations and serves as the company spokesperson. Since 2005, she has worked on several high profile public relations initiatives including the media relations for four new casino openings. She serves on the Board of Trustees for the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce.

Mikka Moon has been the owner of Tuxedo Junction since 1978. Mikka has had the opportunity to influence many young people to follow their dreams and to make a positive difference in this world. She has also been an avid supporter of education and fine arts in the Las Vegas area.

Stefanie Jay anchors the morning news from 4:30-7am on FOX5. She volunteers with The Shade Tree by teaching students how to keep a journal. She has worked with the National Alliance on Mental Illness to promote awareness and research. She also does community events with the FOX5 Take5 To Care program.

Tatyana Khomyakova, co-ceo of Tatyana Designs, Inc. has the only internationally recognized fashion brand headquartered in Las Vegas. Thirteen stores and hundreds of boutiques carry Tatyana styles, Tatyana is happy to have built a business that employs over a hundred people. She devotes time to animal welfare organizations and multiple charities that use Tatyana’s dresses to orchestrate fundraisers through runway presentations.

Congratulations Top

Cheryl Prater

for being selected as one of the Women of Influence in Las Vegas for 2015!

A Special Thank You for all you do in our community to help animals! Cheryl’s passion for animals exudes and she is currently promoting and supporting the 10, 10, 10 project for A Home 4 Spot. Please contact Diana England at: to find out what you can do to make a difference in the lives of animals throughout the Las Vegas Valley!

702.251.8200 supporting

Scamman Figure Training

Sandy Scamman, has over a decade of Personal Training Experience, and has won over a dozen awards in Figure & Modeling Competitions. She is certified through Precision Nutrition & the National Academy of Sports and Medicine.

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Las Vegas’ Top 100 Women of Influence


Readers Choice

Justice Nancy M. Saitta, elected to the Supreme Court in 2006 and 2012, served as Chief Justice, won the “For the Children” award presented by the Office of the Attorney General for her contribution to Nevada’s children, District Attorney Outstanding Service Award, Child Advocate of the Year (2001), Angels in Adoption Award (2000) by the U.S. Congress, and named one of the Top 500 Judges in America by Law Dragon publication.

Danielle Patrick Milam arrived in Las Vegas in 2008 as the Development Director for the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District and Foundation. She is inspired to bring on innovative library programs and partnerships that accelerate learning and celebrate culture. She is the mother of four amazing young adults that are making their mark on science, philosophy, medicine and criminal justice.

Mildred Schneidman has been a Las Vegas resident for over 2 decades. In addition to her successful career as a Wedding & Event Planner, Concierge, and recently Manager for Max Luxx, her passion is volunteering for Las Vegas nonprofits and philanthropic charities including Goodie Two Shoes, Dress for Success, Shade Tree Shelter, and Señoras of Excellence Señores of Distinction. Her passion and drive for life is her daughter.

Kimber Eggleston has established herself as a top producer in the sales industry for over 20 years. Her dedication and passion towards upward mobility has never wavered in the face of adversity. After the death of both of her parents 6 years ago, she has forged forward creating an amazing life for herself and her 10 year old son.

Colleen Kestel-Raidmae has managed several high volume restaurants and Food and Beverage Departments. She obtained a Wedding Coordination and Design Certification through The International School of Hospitality at UNLVwhere she also served on the board of advisors, assisted with internships, and mentored future Wedding Planners. She most recently serves as the Wedding Chapel Director at ARIA Resort and Casino.

Crystal Payton moved from Kansas to Las Vegas 3 years ago to find change and new opportunities. Always driven by the entrepreneurial spirit, she and Linda Phan launched Paint Nite together to provide the community with a fun, creative way to drink, paint, and socialize while bringing new business to their favorite local bars.

Linda Phan moved to Vegas 2 years ago from the Bay Area, California. She and Crystal Payton opened Paint Nite in 2013 to open a different outlet for people to have fun. “Everyone has a creative piece in them, it’s just about making everything fun and light hearted to help them feel comfortable enough to let it out.”

“Melissa T” Torres is a multi-faceted media professional. She has worked as a network TV host, traffic anchor, a radio personality with her daily radio show on 102.7 The Coyote. Melissa volunteers and has emceed for various nonprofits; including New Vista and JDRF of Las Vegas. Melissa is a proud recipient of the 2014 Electronic Media Award for “Best On-Air Talent” in Las Vegas.

Patricia Lee is a partner of the Hutchison & Steffen Law Firm, practicing primarily in business and commercial litigation. She serves as a volunteer attorney for the Child Advocacy Program where she represents abused and neglected children in Clark County. She is the current President of the Las Vegas Chapter of the National Bar Association Foundation.

Paula Francis, anchor at 8 News NOW, has been doing the news in Las Vegas for thirty years. She has received numerous humanitarian awards for her community involvement, including Buddy Check 8, which sponsors The Race for The Cure, was honored as a “Television Pioneer” by the Women’s Chamber of Commerce, and is a member of the Nevada Broadcasters Hall of Fame and the KLAS-TV Hall of Fame.

A Huge Congratulations to Kimber Eggleston for being recognized as a Top 100 Women of Success! Maintaining a healthy weight just got more fun! Are you ready for the 90 day challenge?

Visit Kimber’s website here: or call Kimber at: 949.446.5659 A Special Congratulations to

Clark County Library Congratulates

Danielle Milam for her nomination in the Top 100 Women of Influence!

Blue Ribbon for Kids Commission

Mildred Schneidman from Max Pawn/Max Luxx

Helping to change the lives of children and families. Danielle Patrick Milam Development Director Tel: 702.507.6179 Las Vegas-Clark County Library District • MAX PAWN 6040 W. Sahara Ave • Las Vegas, NV 89146 702.253.7296 •


Las Vegas’ Top 100 Women of Influence


Readers Choice

Caitlin Shea is a native of Las Vegas with a passion for giving back, Caitlin was named Executive Director of HomeAid Southern Nevada in February of 2014. The organization builds shelters and facilities for homeless populations in the local community. She has worked with many organizations including Rotary International, The RUDY Foundation, CCFA & Delta Zeta.

Esther Rodriguez Brown founded The Embracing Project, a non-profit that promotes Peace and Global Consciousness through programs that helps children, youth, and families around the world that are affected by violence. She created The Center 4 Peace to bring non-profits together to provide integration of services. She owns Ego Friendly Living, where she organizes yoga, meditation, and spiritual retreats. Esther’s efforts are vast, and have been recognized by many.

Radha Chanderraj, owner of Chanderraj Law Offices has served on the Nevada Gaming Commission, is a member of the Nevada Commission on Minority Affairs, member of the State Bar of Nevada, and holds a CPA’s license in Nevada. She is President of United Citizens Foundation, Legal Counsel for the Las Vegas India Chamber of Commerce, and Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees of the Hindu Society of Nevada.

Virginia Adams is the Managing Director of the Polka Dot Powerhouse Chapter in Las Vegas. In addition, she is an Independent Ruby Distributor with Nucerity International, a revolutionary skin technology company. An avid tennis player, she is a multiple medal winner through the Nevada Senior Games and she is ranked nationally.

Eve Jensen is both a licensed travel agent and travel expert, having been in both the travel and hospitality industries for over 30 years. Her passion in Humanitarian Services includes being a member of several charities and nonprofits in which she has taken an active role both in Las Vegas and worldwide.

Jan L. Jones Blackhurst, Executive Vice President of Communications and Government Relations for Caesars Entertainment. Served two terms as Mayor of Las Vegas, Regional Vice Chair of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Executive Committee, a member of the Women’s Leadership Board at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, Nevada Public Radio, Women’s Campaign Fund in Washington, D.C., and Mexican American Legal Defense & Education Fund.

Kim Wagner is co-host of “Wake Up With the Wagners” and News 3 at Noon. Kim is a Board Member for Safe Nest and the new face of the Make-A-Wish Run with her husband Dana. Kim loves watching college football (especially Gator Football) and participating in all water sports. Her biggest adventure so far was “Running With the Bulls” in Pamplona, Spain during the Festival of San Fermin.

Leah Soares, Real Estate Broker/Owner of Realty Investments of Nevada has more than two decades of business experience. Leah stresses the importance of educating her clients by providing Free Home Buyers Education, Credit Coaching, and Investors Edge Programs. She is also a devoted wife, mother of 3 amazing adult children, and a new grandma. Family is very important to her and she is enjoying her expanding family.

Michele Fiore, Assemblywoman, Clark County Assembly District 4 has over 24 years of business and entrepreneurial experience. She owns a healthcare company that provides care to the sick and elderly, has created jobs for more than 1,800 Nevadans, has volunteered thousands of hours to the Trauma Intervention Program (TIP), sat on the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Use of Force Board, and worked with our elite Metro SWAT team.

Sophia Konstantinovna is a Professional Ballroom Dancer, National Competitor and Entrepreneur. She brings sophistication to the Vegas Nightlife by facilitating “Dine, Dance and Date” events, through her company Sophia in Sapphire, voted Top 10 things to do in Las Vegas. Sophia partners with local charities and transforms people’s lives through dance, helping locals feel alive and reconnected.

Congratulations Caitlin!

Awakening the social consciousness of our youth and servicing survivors of sex trafficking since 2007

We are proud to have you representing HomeAid Southern Nevada among the Top 100 Women of Influence!

For more information on how you can get involved with outreach and support of the homeless, visit: or

To donate visit our website: The Embracing Project Esther R. Brown • Founder & Executive Director Phone (702) 994-0585 •

contact Caitlin at:

Your Life. Your Legacy. 702.485.3522

Virginia Adams 702.302.8676 Managing Director Las Vegas Chapter Connections Polka Dot Powerhouse Top 100 Women of Influence 2015

• Women Connections Group based on relationship building • Focused on positivity, personal development & supporting one another

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Henderson 2270 Candlestick Ave. Henderson, NV 89052


Las Vegas’ Top 100 Women of Influence


Readers Choice

Brenda Prinzavalli is a productivity specialist, author, consultant, speaker, and FOX5TV’s MORE SHOW Organization Editor. She founded Balanced Organizing Solutions in 2003, a unique consulting business that perfectly marries her professional expertise as an educator and systems developer with a personal commitment to helping others create a more simplified, organized life.

Christin Griffin is a proud Las Vegas native and a licensed REALTOR®. She serves on the Community Outreach & Scholarship Committees, as well as a member of the Women’s Council of REALTORS®. Christin aspires to become a wife, mother, author and political leader in her community.

Lynn Susoeff, owner of Very Simple Solutions has successfully equipped and empowered people to achieve their personal and professional goals using the Amway business model -- the most successful turn key business opportunity on the planet. She has team members making over $120,000 a year with this proven system and has had a successful career in public service as an internal consultant with a major city and county system.

Patricia Cox is a successful business owner with Home Impressions Inc. for 24 years and Results by Design Coaching for the past 4 years.  She supports people in building their business/career, breaking through the fears that are stopping them and having the time and liberty to do want they want.  She has a oneof-a kind business that takes leadership and masterminding to a whole new level.

Calanit Atia, President/Founder of A to Z Events and Convention Models, Israeli Air Force Gulf War Veteran, UNLV Alumni, Distinguished Women in Nevada Award Recipient, Las Vegas Business Woman of the Year Nominee, 250K Most Viewed Profile on LinkedIn, Golden Key Society Member. Her love for Las Vegas is well known. She ran for State Assembly and has worked with many charities for the past 20 years.

Judge Cynthia Giuliani is a Family Court Judge for the Eighth Judicial District. She hears cases that involve allegations of juvenile abuse or neglect. She emphasizes the need to maintain the structure of the family and to put families first. Judge Giuliani is also known for dressing as a Fairy Godmother each Halloween and performing adoptions for children with her “magic wand”.

D.J. Liz Clark, born in La Paz, Bolivia, moved to Las Vegas to pursue her passion for acting. She appeared in films and TV shows such as; What Happens in Vegas, CSI, The Sopranos, The Mentalist, Entourage, and Think Like a Man II. When movie productions slowed down, Liz started to spin music again and is a resident D.J. in the Shadow Bar at Caesar’s Palace.

Nieve Malandra performs with headlining show Zowie Bowie and her smaller “Soul Cabaret” shows. She is the spokeswoman for The Casablanca in Mesquite and performs at venues including Oscars at The Plaza, Big Dogs Drafthouse, and The Barrymore. She is a role model to her daughter she lovingly coins “The G Star” who is following in her footsteps as a model, singer, actress, and plays the piano.

Schyler Richards has more than 26 years’ experience in higher education; she came to Touro University Nevada in 2010 as Associate Vice President for Advancement after more than 22 years at UNLV. She serves on the senior leadership team at Touro, overseeing all matters related to the University’s external outreach including fundraising, alumni relations, marketing, advertising, media/ public relations, and government relations.

Sydney Knott, founder of The PR Group, has more than 36 years experience in public relations, public affairs, and strategic communications. She along with family members founded the non-profit, Horses4Heroes, Inc. Today, the organization has more than 300 facilities in 44 states. The non-profit relocated to Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs, a 680-acre historic park in the northwest area of Las Vegas.

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Las Vegas’ Top 100 Women of Influence


Readers Choice

Barbara Buckley is the Executive Director of Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, a nonprofit organization serving abused and neglected children, victims of domestic violence and fraud, and community members who have been hit hard by the economic downturn. Barbara made history by becoming our State’s first female Speaker of the Assembly in the Nevada Legislature. 

Erika Kimble, Nurse Practitioner at Linda Woodson Dermatology and Author of Malcom Finney Medical Detective Series, provides care for patients with skin cancers, psoriasis, eczema, and a myriad of disorders. She volunteers for events like Skin Cancer Awareness Month Screenings, elementary school readings, Joy Prom, Create A Change Now, and 5k runs benefiting organizations like Susan Komen, Eagle Quest, and the Arthritis Foundation.

Judi Steele is President/CEO of The Public Education Foundation. She has served local, national and international education and business communities as an educator, business owner, consultant and executive coach. Steele, who has championed public education and the arts, is a respected thought leader guided by an entrepreneurial spirit and the courage to challenge conventional wisdom.

Kathryn Null, owner of Enchanted Florist, is a Las Vegas native through and through. Before she became the Floral Ninja Fairy at Enchanted Florist she completed 2 degrees at UNLV and taught for the Clark County School District for 6 years.  Along the way she has been the lead singer of The Dirty Panties, a swim coach, a girl scout, and a member of OLLV Ladies Guild. 

Kathy Baldieri is Director of Food & Beverage/ Catering at Spanish Trail Country Club. Her passion for excellence and education includes teaching Conference Management and Event Planning certification classes for The International School of Hospitality. She served on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Catering Executives, Las Vegas chapter, including the position of President.

Kim Amato is Founder and Executive Director of Baby’s Bounty. Kim became Executive Director of the Nevada Homeless Alliance, collaborating with social service agencies to provide assistance to the homeless and disadvantaged families. She realized there was a need to provide the most basic items to children born into low income families; Baby’s Bounty distributes essential items to babies in need each month to ensure that they thrive.

Linda Smith, Associate Executive Director of Opportunity Village, has revolutionized the principles of non-profit fundraising, community relations and event management in Las Vegas, Nevada. As a fundraising specialist for Opportunity Village, now Nevada’s largest organization for people with disabilities, she has gained an international reputation as an innovative leader, public speaker, and most of all, a humanitarian.

Marie Osmond has been entertaining for five continuous decades. Since 2008, Marie has performed five nights a week to sold-out crowds at the Donny & Marie Flamingo Hotel Showroom in Las Vegas with her brother, Donny Osmond. She co-founded Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, the largest and toprated children’s charity in North America, where she helped to raise over 5 billion dollars.

Misty Goodroad, owner of Innovative Pest Management, is proud to have one of the few Women owned pest control companies in the Las Vegas Valley; with a background in management and accounting she has both executive and hands on experience. Member of the Nevada Pest Control Board and proudly serves her community by helping St. Jude’s Children’s and Toys for Tots organizations.

Dame Sandy Colón Peltyn, is involved in many charitable and cultural activities, raising almost ten million dollars for them. She is a member, or serves on the Board of Directors of many foundations and organizations. She received numerous awards throughout her musical and professional career and was knighted as Dame of Grace in the Order of St. John for her humanitarian endeavors by Prince Henri Constantine de Vigo Paleologo.


The Jury Is In! Meet Samira Knight... During Law School, Samira became the vicepresident of the Sports and Entertainment Law Society and the Michigan state representative for the National Sports and Entertainment Law Society. Samira’s prior legal experience varies from the field of Sports and Entertainment, to personal injury, and family. Samira has had the opportunity to work and intern for different firms in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Upon returning to Las Vegas, Samira hand the opportunity to extern for then District Court Judge and now, the first Nevada Appellate Court Judge, Abbi Silver.


enry Ford once said, “You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.” Las Vegas attorney and philanthropist Samira Knight is the embodiment of this quote.

Prior to Law School, Samira was also the political director for then, U.S. Senate candidate, Danny Tarkanian. This political relationship developed into a friendship and different business relationships over the years, which led to the opening of Tarkanian & Knight Law Group, LLC. Tarkanian & Knight is a general practice law firm that primarily focuses on family law, criminal defense, business transaction and personal injury. Samira and Danny have created an environment that strives to make each client feel warm, safe, welcome and a part of the T & K family.

For Samira Knight, hard work has become a cog in her professional wheel. She’s a native of Las Vegas who attended Bonanza and Western High School. During this time she also began working at Vegas PBS and writing for the Las Vegas Review Journal. Samira has persevered through difficulties to become not only the owner and partner of Tarkanian & Knight Law Group, but also an integral part of our community.

States. I did not need to fight for the freedoms that I have, my parents fought for me. I could never be the woman I am today if I lived in Iran. I owe everything I have and everything I am to them,” said Samira. Carrying that torch forward, Samira has played an active role in the Las Vegas Iranian-American community. She coordinated multiple rallies in 2009 on the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown, in support of the Green Movement. Recently, Samira founded the Iranian-American Chamber of Commerce, Las Vegas, a nonprofit organization that connects local IranianAmerican leaders with the Las Vegas business community.

As a first generation Iranian-American and the first of her family to graduate college, Samira was raised with a sense of hard work, sacrifice, and determination by her mother, Mina, and father, Sia. Samira’s family escaped from Iran and came to Las Vegas during the time of the Iranian Revolution to seek freedom and the American dream. “I was lucky to be born in the United

Samira graduated from UNLV with a B.S. in marketing and management and a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism while working two/ three jobs to support her academic endeavors. Following the completion of her undergraduate degrees, Samira not only graduated Cum Laude and top of her class at Cooley Law School, but did so within two years.

Along with starting a non-profit organization within the growing Iranian-American Community in Las Vegas, Samira also volunteers each week to teach a course on personal growth and positive thinking at the Shade Tree, a local shelter for women and children. Along with personal growth and positive thinking, Samira’s one hour course entitled, “Overcomer: Be Positive, Stay Positive,” teaches women self-reliance and gives participants a sense of direction and a strong personal foundation through discussion and provided resources. “I enjoy helping and inspiring people, it’s part of who I am. I believe that my experiences and accomplishments throughout life have given me a unique perspective that I can convey to others who may not otherwise be exposed to positive thinking,” said Samira. “At the end of the day, if I can brighten someone’s day and make those around me better than the day before, then I have reached ultimate success.”  MV


Las Vegas’ Top 100 Women of Influence Keri Keep, Senior Catering Sales Manager at the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa is an accomplished and innovative sales manager with extensive experience managing business promotions and coordinating special events. A confidant and determined leader in the hospitality industry, she creates productive sponsorships for charitable events and association meetings. Keri is a member of the LDS Church, supporter of local schools and local organizations.

Beth Schwartz, former Editor-in-Chief of Luxury Las Vegas magazine, has recently joined Fine The Agency as Director of Public Relations. After 11 years with the city’s premier high-end lifestyle magazine, Schwartz, in her new position she will lead the agency in its PR efforts, representing the companies under the Fine Entertainment umbrella.

Debbie Lofgreen, the Practice Administrator for Complete Medical Consultants, a company providing high quality, low cost healthcare to the Las Vegas community. She offers superior management and software skills, training skills, is a licensed Minister available for weddings, confirmations, baptisms, etc., a Reiki Master, Cofounder of Mountain Top Wholeness, and you will frequently find her volunteering her services.

Julie Murray, Principal/CEO of Moonridge Group Philanthropy Catalysts, has been a leader on several Las Vegas projects that have become national model organizations including Three Square Food Bank, Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy, and the I Have A Dream Foundation. Her team at Moonridge Group works on projects that will create vibrancy in the community and make it a better place to live and work.

Kelly Clinton-Holmes has been an active and vibrant part of the Las Vegas entertainment community for many years. She is part of the “Circle of Red”. She also actively works with the Arthritis Foundation. She, along with her husband Clint Holmes, performs at numerous charity events in Las Vegas. One of her greatest passions is working with and mentoring young performers.

Kristin McMillan, President and CEO of the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce, leads the strategic direction and operations, overseeing initiatives to support business, generate jobs and strengthen the local economy. As a lawyer by training and a businesswoman by experience, McMillan has been extensively involved in business and community leadership at the national, regional and local levels during her 23 years as a resident of Southern Nevada.  

Laura Gasperino serves as the Las Vegas Community Manager for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. A New Jersey native, she became personally committed to increasing breast cancer awareness and combating the disease after the tragic death of a beloved family friend. Laura works with local businesses on fundraising events and corporate wellness initiatives. She is a certified EMT and former volunteer for the Lafayette (NJ) EMS Squad.

Rane Rose moved to Las Vegas from the Philippines over 6 years ago. Since her time in Las Vegas she has become a staple in the community as a TV Personality and is currently VUTV’s co-creator and host for the business & politics segment. When not working on her BPO business and other ventures, she donates her time to several local charities.

Rita Vaswani is Vice President/Professional Banking Relationship Manager, Nevada State Bank. President of the Nevada Congressional Awards Board, President of the Indian Chamber of Commerce, Board Member of Touro University, Purple Wings, Centennial Hills Hospital, National Congressional Awards Board, Executive Board Member of Women’s Chamber of Commerce and FristMed Health & Wellness for uninsured community of Las Vegas.


Readers Choice

Susie Lee, President of the Board of Communities in Schools of Nevada is building awareness and effective strategies to help the drop-out epidemic in Nevada. The founding Executive Director of Mobilized Assistance and Shelter for the Homeless (MASH) Crisis Intervention Unit, President Emeritus of Nevada Women’s Philanthropy, on the Superintendent’s Educational Opportunities Advisory Committee, Clark County School District English Language Learners Program Task Force, and the Nevada Accountability Advisory Committee.

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Assisting Sellers in Reaching their Real Estate Goals

By Leah Soares


very home seller has one thing in common. They each want to sell their home quickly and for the most profit. When you choose the “right Realtor” he or she will assist you with out of the box marketing, professional photography, and aggressive negotiation. In addition to that, there are some things that you can do when preparing your home to sell quickly and for the most profit. Buyers will choose the best house in their price range. You will want to make sure your home stands out. Most buyers do not wish to invest additional money or time to fix up a home. They want a home in move-in condition so they can start enjoying it right away. When the condition and presentation of your home is superior, it can literally translate into thousands of dollars and save critical selling time. The following tips are some of the things that must be done to make sure your home stands out and gets chosen quickly: Out With the Clutter Some of the most important of all the basic preparations is removing clutter. Rooms, closets and cabinets need to be organized to make your home look inviting and as large as possible. The


solution to the clutter is to simply get rid of it. Getting rid of excess items can transform a room. Find storage solutions such as packing nonessential items and storing them in the garage, off site or donating them. Make It Inviting You want potential buyers to envision your house as theirs. Consider the view from each doorway including your front door. How can you encourage visitors to want to come inside your home and into each room? Pay attention to your curb appeal. Make sure your furniture arrangement is open, not blocking visitors either physically or visually from entering the room. If your furniture is in good condition, use what you have. If your furniture is badly outdated or worn, bring in several nicer used or rental pieces. Re-positioning furniture and accent pieces, or even using them in different ways, can give you an updated look. Focus on Condition and Function If you are not confident with the condition of the electric, plumbing and roofing of your home, hire a home inspector. Consider updating your appliances if they are not functioning properly or appear dated. It is better to do repairs and improvements now, than to risk losing a Buyer and precious time.

Price Your Home Competitively Avoid inflating the price of your home thinking it will give you room to negotiate. This will cause your home to sit on the market longer than necessary. You will lose the “just listed” excitement and Buyers will think there is something wrong with your home. Another mistake a Seller can make is to be more concerned with how much money they have invested in the home, or how much money they think they must have in order to buy their next home. Your “ideal” price has little to do with the true market value of your home. It is wise to listen carefully to your Realtor and consider the recent homes sold when pricing your property to sell. This will be the information that an appraiser will use to determine what amount a Buyer can obtain a loan for. The professionals on your Home Selling Team will assist you in successfully reaching your real estate goals. For more specific information about selling your home and to receive a free checklist to prepare it to sell quickly and for the most profit, contact us at Realty Investments of Nevada at MV Leah Soares Realty Investments of Nevada LLC 702.553.8939

49 29


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4 2 7 5 B o u l d e r H i g h w a y, L a s Ve g a s N v 8 9 1 2 1



4 Tips Seniors Should Remember to Avoid Misfortune in Money Matters


fter a lifetime of deciding out how to get the best return on their investments, people nearing retirement could think they have this money thing figured out. But they could be mistaken, says financial advisor Dave Lopez, a mathematics and computer science major who applies his analytical mind to solving retirement challenges. “When people move into retirement, all the rules change,” Lopez says. “What worked for them in their investments during their working years may not work as well when they reach retirement.” Lopez, founder of ILG Financial, LLC (, suggests four key points to keep in mind as you plan for, or move into, retirement.


Recovery time has shortened. If the market takes a dramatic downturn when you are in your 30s, you have plenty of time for your investments to make a recovery. In later years, your investing strategies need to adapt so you aren’t as subject to the whims of the market.

Hanging on to what you have. “You don’t need great returns if you can avoid great losses,” Lopez says. “The belief that the stock market is the answer for beating inflation in retirement may be disastrous,” Lopez says.

One and done. “You won’t get a second chance to get your retirement planning right,” Lopez says. That’s why you need to plan carefully the first – and only – time around.

Seek a specialist’s help. It’s important to get advice from someone with expertise not just in finance, but in retirement planning, Lopez says. “You wouldn’t use your primary care physician if you needed heart surgery,” he says. “Likewise, when moving into retirement, you need a specialist.” MV


Bring Me A Higher Love


By Megan Mathis (702) 269-9290

s a mother of two incredible adult children, I must say it’s an honor to be blessed with the position of motherhood. From the moment I knew I was carrying each glorious individual in my womb, to this day, I have felt pure unconditional love and acceptance for both of them. LV Magazine Ad_6th_page_10-30-13.pdf 1 10/30/2013 10:26:03 AM

Pure unconditional love and acceptance. What does that look like? Every mother has her own version and her own stories to tell. Sure, it was tough at times to see my children going in the opposite direction of where I thought was the best direction for them. However, it always worked out and I always came back to the same spiritual place – I loved them heart and soul, no matter what! I do have one lesson that stands out at this time. I learned that acts of loving myself are expressions of love for those around me. “I won’t let myself go or give up on my personal care and wellbeing because I love my family and friends too much to allow them to worry or feel concern for me. A lack of love for myself would not be a loving act towards anyone.” Pure unconditional love and acceptance for yourself- this is an even higher love– a love that starts with me and continues with everyone I touch. MV



How to Stay Motivated in a Dead-End Job


here are moments in time where some people feel they are not reaching their full potential at their current place of employment. Reasons for believing a job is has a dead-end can include: lack of pay increases or low pay, no chances for upward mobility, deprivation of benefits or retirement plans, nonexistence of training, and low morale. If you feel that the job is not for you, find motivational ways to occupy your time at your existing job until you are able reach your full potential. Here are some tips of how to stay motivated. Never Show Your Cards. Positivity is Key! Even if you are miserable and dread going to work, put a smile on your face and act like every workday is the best day. You should always keep your true thoughts about your work experience confidential. Turn the dead-end into a new beginning and build connections while you are in limbo for your new journey. Once you are noticed as being negative, word spreads quickly and could hinder your chances of future employment. Avoid Brain-Rot. Take a Class. Even if you are unchallenged in your current position, take advantage of any educational opportunities or benefits within your company. If your company offers tuition reimbursement, enroll in a class that interests you and will help propel you to the next level. Any type of continuing education will favor you in a positive light.


Get your Mix on. Attend Mixers and Networking Events. Knowing more people in your desired industry will increase your chances and public profile when applying for new jobs. Many promotions are not based on work ethic alone. Show your personality and build quality professional relationships. Think About Your Happy â&#x20AC;&#x153;I Quitâ&#x20AC;? Dance- Focus on the Future If you are truly unhappy, think about how you can get your dream job. If it makes you smile, design

By Chris Tamura

your dance moves when you are finally able to submit your resignation notice. It will be a sweet moment to say goodbye to the dead end. It takes some work on your part to make it happen.

Chris Tamura is the Student Affairs Program Manager and an instructor at The International School of Hospitality. Chris offers career advice and guidance. He has a wealth of experience in Human Resources and Hospitality Management positions. For more tips, questions and career education opportunities, visit or please email Chris at MV


By Katherine Bencze


s a busy multi-tasking mom (as most of us are), I started to notice that my meals had become more impromptu, and consequently, involved less variety. I was getting stuck on the cold-cuts, baked fries, spaghetti, and pork chop tango. When I realized that butter noodles had made it onto our menu three times in one week – I decided it was time for a change. Not only was I failing to introduce my kids to a vast and amazing variety of food, the nutritional factor was waning. After a little mom-guilt and internal whining about how busy I was to plan or shop for much more, I got my act together. Part of this was realizing what is, and isn’t, realistic for my life. The thought of changing our whole structure was overwhelming, but I started incorporating one new dish a week into our schedule. To do this faithfully and as userfriendly as possible, I consulted my good buddy, Pinterest, and started to pin meals that had fast or easy recipes without an abundance of ingredients. My intent was to create an arsenal of go-to recipes that offered variety, but still fit with our hectic pace.

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The first thing I noticed was how easy it was! Online, people have done most of the work! You can search recipes with titles like “easy dinners” or “4 ingredients or less” and there is a multitude available. Soon, I found myself incorporating new meals into our diets with ease. From crockpots to “one pan” recipes, I replaced a lunch here and a dinner there. In the end, I discovered several things: • There is so much information and many recipes already out there. • This change was much easier than I anticipated. • I was shocked at what my kids loved. • Who knew there were so many uses for cauliflower? Seriously. I couldn’t believe how receptive my kids were to these new dishes. Sometimes it was hit or miss and yes, many recipes found their way into the “delete” file, but I also have a great file of new treats that I continue to build. Plus, most of these recipes use ingredients that I already have at home. I’ve found that this change requires very little time and effort on my part. We eat better and I know I feel better about myself for doing it. I even find myself getting excited to try something new… literally, food for thought! MV


Rising From the Ashes ­­— Sha Rezai


ersonal stories of the triumph of the American Dream abound throughout history; the inspiring ones chronicle a “rags-to-riches” story where a hero rises from nothing to the apex of success. Not too often, however, do we hear the reverse– the “riches-to rags” story where the subject protagonist gets stomped on by an incredible ‘Hulk-like’ disaster, but through vision, hard work and perseverance ultimately climaxes in monumental success. One of Las Vegas’ own residents, Sha Rezai, has one of the most interesting stories we have come across. Sha Rezai has been one of Las Vegas’ most entrepreneurial businessmen for the last 20 years. We’ll get to that part in a bit. The chapter that pops the most is what happened to his family in 1979, in his birth country, Iran. Pre 1979, the Rezai family founded many of Iran’s most prized industries- from the nation’s first steel mill factory, to heavy machinery production, to one of the only beer brewery’s in the Middle East, to the world’s largest copper mine- just to name a few. During the rule of the pro-American Shah of Iran, the Rezai family businesses were growing exponentially and the family conglomerate had become a multi-billion dollar empire. Mr. Rezai’s father was also the Vice-Prime Minister and his uncle a Senator. By the mid 1970’s, the family’s combined wealth was into the billions. Little did the Rezai Family realize that everything they had worked for and built over many decades was to become obliterated by one sudden thrust of a revolutionary sword, disguised as a religious revolution by zealot extremists that overthrew 2500 years of Monarchy. Because of their status and relationship with the Royal family, the Iranian revolution stole everything from Mr. Rezai and his family, leaving them in exile with just a small fraction of what they were once worth. Unbeknownst to most Americans still to this day, the People’s Iran, especially Iran pre-1979, was the most pro-Western, pro-American country on the continent of Asia; certainly in the sector (continued on page 89)


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Anime Revolution Takes Over Las Vegas

By: Brooke Dillman


s a college grad after just two years, a world traveler and now a successful business owner—all at the young age of 22—Jacob Anderson is truly making a name for himself in the Las Vegas area due to his love of anime. For most of his life, Jacob has had a passion for this Japanese form of art, which has become a phenomenon in today’s society. Now with his mother working by his side to help him live out his dream, Jacob is the proud owner of the local store, Anime Revolution. Jacob’s incredible backstory explains his success and current state of affairs. Peggy, Jacob’s mother and the store’s manager, explains that ever since Jacob was three years old, he has been hooked on anime. Due to her son’s interest in these Japanese cartoons and art, Peggy soon became an anime enthusiast as well. After countless visits to anime conventions, one day Jacob and his mother decided to turn their love of Japanese art into a business. After getting his proposal approved, Jacob opened Anime Revolution, and his business has been booming ever since. “He knows what he wants to do and is very driven,” his mother says.

Extending far beyond merchandise, Anime Revolution is more than just a store. The team at Anime Revolution is also extremely active in the community, making appearances at expos and other venues year-round. The employees are recognized for cosplay, in which they dress up as different characters, grabbing the attention of the anime enthusiasts at conventions in various cities. By offering things such as gaming demos, in-store competition events, and even voice actors’ autograph signings, Anime Revolution does it all. Those who are unfamiliar with anime will still enjoy the welcoming and knowledgeable employees who can teach everything there is to learn about this niche of Japanese culture. Jacob’s influence in the community does not stop

there: he is also involved with helping children who suffer from diabetes. As a type 1 diabetic himself, Jacob enjoys spending time with kids as much as he can and works closely with several charities and foundations for juvenile diabetes. Besides playing the newest video games with kids, Jacob also offers them incentives for getting good grades. Jacob wants to be a positive example to children and says, “I’m not going to let diabetes stop me from living my life.” It is hard to believe that after just one-and-a-half years of being open, Jacob’s store has done exactly what its name suggests: it has brought an anime revolution to the nation. With its family-friendly environment, this store will make anime fans of all ages rejoice, or as the saying goes, “bring out the otaku in you.” MV

Jacob’s unique store, located in the Town Square shopping center, offers a wide variety of anime products that cannot be obtained any place else—not even online. With buyer connections to companies in Japan, this store has genuine merchandise that anime lovers will appreciate. In fact, Jacob estimates that 95% of his merchandise is imported from Japan. These rarities include anything ranging from collectibles, to board games, to decorative wall scrolls and everything in between. Even video gamers will find themselves surrounded by oneof-a-kind Nintendo products. With the authentic Japanese vibe and abundance of all things anime, customers can experience a little piece of Japan nestled right here in Las Vegas. It is the one-stop shop for anyone interested in anime, manga, or simply art in general. Anime Revolution appeals to visitors not only in the local Las Vegas area, but also worldwide as the store offers international shipping.


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Las Vegas is the home of Horses4Heroes, a national non-profit created to make horseback riding fun and affordable for Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard, Veterans, Survivors and their families. Join us at The Horses4Heroes Community Equestrian Center located in the beautiful historic Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs. Offering: Camps • Barnyard Visits • Birthday Parties • Horseback Rides and Lessons • Field Trips • Life Skills Workshops



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Donations & Foster Homes Appreciated Adopt A Rescue Pet, Admin Office, 1500 E. Tropicana, Ste 105, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

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Wanted: 65,000 Pet Lovers Help Build a NO KILL Pet Sanctuary & Canine Retirement Ranch Change A Homeless Pet’s Future; Donate Today!

Donate $10 Today Help build a safe,no kill haven for pets to live out their lives.

Adopt-A-Rescue-Pet commonly known as ARP incorporated in Nevada for charitable purposes of animal welfare and pet ownership services. As an IRS approved 501.c.3 tax-exempt charity your donation to ARP may be tax deductible! (NRS 82 and NRS 598). EIN 88-0487028 • Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions commonly known as Homeward Bound incorporated in Nevada for charitable purposes of animal welfare and adoption. As an IRS approved 501.c.3 tax-exempt charity your donation to HBC may be tax deductible! (NRS 82 and NRS 598). EIN 26-0569097 • Please consult your tax advisor for deductibility.


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April 15th Kicks Off National Pet Identification Week! Do you have proper identification for your pet? How would you find them if someone accidently left the gate open or they slipped out the door before you could stop them? COLLAR TAGS: Tags are attached to your pet’s collar. A stainless steel tag is more durable than a plastic tag and will last longer. These can be engraved with your contact information. The disadvantages to only using a tag are that: it can fall off or get lost; your pet may not always be wearing their collar; or your pet may slip out of, or lose their collar. SMART TAGS: These are tags that come printed with a QR code (barcode symbol). If your pet goes missing, anyone with a smart phone can scan their tag and get in contact with you. MICROCHIPS: A more permanent type of pet identification is the microchip. It’s an electronic chip (approximately the size of a grain of rice) that is implanted under your pet’s skin. It’s administered quickly and painlessly by a simple injection. Shelters and veterinarian hospitals are equipped with scanners that read the microchip. Both dogs and cats need identification. This way, if your pet gets picked up by the shelter, people know that they are owned and not a stray. There are many pet I.D.s available on the market today. A combination of them is best just in case one form fails and always be sure to keep your information updated. MV

Brought to you by the Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine


Eddie, Pam, Sesi, Shrimpy Doodle & Mater

Leslie, Max & Rusty

their People Lilac, Santana & Paris

Murray, Chloe, Ella, Kahlua & Abby


Raising Charlotte By Michelle Velez and Charlotte

Nieve, Gigi, Lola & Cupcake

Morea & Kyle


s my husband and I prepare to welcome our first baby this July, we have already noticed a change in the dogs. When I first became pregnant, Charlotte started acting up immediately. She was refusing meals, ignoring commands and became very clingy. After a little research we were surprised to learn dogs can sense change immediately – especially pregnancy. That’s why it’s important to prepare them ahead of the big arrival.

Rick & Bear

Sam & Miss Galaxy

Stefanie, Sadie & Fritzy

First of all, establish who is the pack leader and rid them of any bad habits like biting and chewing. Next, set boundaries around the nursery so they know what is allowed – and what is off limits. If your dog has never been around children, start exposing them now. If you plan to take walks with baby and dog – practice walking your pooch with the stroller so they get used to it. Once baby arrives, allow your dog to learn their scent. Have someone bring home a blanket or an article of clothing so when baby comes home, your pup will be familiar and accepting. Most importantly, don’t forget about your fur baby in those first few hectic months. They are family too and still need your TLC! MV

Zoe & Luna

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Camp Bow Wow® Las Vegas 702-255-2267 5175 S. Valley View Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89118


Hot New Restaurants The Charcoal Room The Charcoal Room is an award-winning steakhouse and seafood restaurant well-known for serving up the finest steaks in Northwest Las Vegas including the bone-in New York steak, Rib Eye and Porterhouse, but they also have fresh fish, lobster tail or surf and turf. Generous servings and unforgettable dining. 2 Locations: Century 16 Santa Fe Station, 2411 W Sahara Ave. 4949 N Rancho Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89102 Las Vegas, NV 89130 (702) 221-6678 (702) 515-4385

Crave CRAVE is a new Las Vegas restaurant that offers guests a unique dining experience. Serving lunch and dinner daily- they also have a great happy hour. CRAVE features seasonal, locally sourced ingredients when possible to ensure that their guests leave knowing that they experienced the perfect balance of â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;sophistication, atmosphere, entertainment and service.â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Located at the new Summerlin Mall. 10970 Rosemary Park Drive, Ste. 160 Summerlin, Nevada 89135 (702) 878-5505

Noodle 8 Bar 8 Noodle Bar features a menu with touches of Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai cuisines. Asian dishes are made using fresh ingredients blended with authentic preparations and a special emphasis on noodle and rice bowls. A favorite for any fan of flavor- located at Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa. 11011 W Charleston Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89135 (702) 797-7012



Hot New Restaurants Grape St. Originally designed to represent a wine cellar, Grape Street Café, Wine Bar & Cellar offers a California bistro style cuisine with Italian and Mediterranean flares. Intimate and ranked “very good to excellent” by Zagat for its cuisine, Grape Street Café, Wine Bar & Cellar was named a “Top 10 Las Vegas Wine Bar Restaurant” and has catering services and a full service outdoor patio, plus a private room available for parties. Downtown Summerlin 2120 Festival Plaza Dr. #160 Las Vegas, NV 89135 (702) 478-5030

Lake Mead 7501 W Lake Mead Blvd #120 Las Vegas, NV 89128 (702) 228-9463

Latin Fish LatinFish is your exciting new restaurant for a Latin-fusion style menu, vibrant cocktails, and a soon to be favorite coffee spot— Republic Café & Bodega, located inside the restaurant. Chef Beni Velazquez brings the flair of his cuisine to Desert Shores Summerlin and an electric atmosphere on the Lake. LatinFish is sure to transform your lakeside dining experience. 2620 Regatta Dr. Las Vegas, Nevada 89128 (702) 925-8333

Tom’s Urban NYNY Hotel & Casino Always a good time at Tom’s Urban! A great place for friends and a healthy appetite! The mix of amazing cocktails and good eats infused with an eclectic international atmosphere, brings everyone the kind of experience that is sure to be remembered! 3790 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89109 (702) 740-6766



Mexican Restaurant Gaming r Cantina r Catering

1 mile west of The Palms 4930 W. Flamingo Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89103

OPEN 24 HOURS Call 20 PIZZA (74992) Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner â&#x20AC;˘ Catering

Order Online at:

Good Coffee Good Friends Good Times

9440 W. Sahara Avenue Ste. 145 LV, NV 89117 74

Monday - Thursday 10:00 am - 9:00 pm Friday & Saturday 10:00 am - 10:00 pm Closed Sunday (Except Super Bowl Sunday)

4235 S. Fort Apache #160, Las Vegas, NV 89147 (Home Depot Shopping Center)




Echo and Rig E

cho and Rig had been on our list of restaurants to try.

THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID By Michele Polci, CPCE, CMP & Lisa Lynn Backus, CPCE, CMP

(Photos Courtesy of

Friends and colleagues often spoke fondly about the restaurant. Some raved about the happy hour, others that it was an outstanding steakhouse, and some talked up the on-premises butcher. It turned out all of the above was true and more! We visited Echo & Rig on a lovely Sunday afternoon. One of us loves her Sunday brunch and seeks out brunches all over the valley! Yes, they do brunch too, complete with bottomless mimosas and a berry surprise. Located in Tivoli Village, the restaurant spans two levels with a downstairs bar area, patio and butcher shop and upstairs dining area and patio. Gazing upon the brunch, lunch and dinner menus just for fun, we quickly learned that it was much more than a steak house. We started with a Parfait which consisted of a deconstruction of Greek yogurt, nut house granola and seasonal berries. The yogurt was rich and decadent, the berries perfectly ripe -- and the blueberries were so big you could play marbles with them! One of us fought the urge to fling a few across the table. We also enjoyed the Goat Cheese and Spinach Quiche. The warm slice of comfort had a flaky crust like your grandma’s and the contemporary filling offered big flavors; it was paired with organic greens tossed in a light house made vinaigrette which offered just the right amount of freshness. One of us is addicted to hash and gets it everywhere we go. They served up a Short Rib Hash, and not only was the taste right on, but the micro-dice of the potatoes and vegetables was so unbelievably uniform that it made the flavors consistent from one bite to the next. Two perfectly poached eggs with hollandaise and smoked paprika rested atop this masterpiece.


One of us is on a gluten free kick (again) and to our surprise, the Smoked Salmon Benedict was presented on potatoes pancakes. This hearty base of the benedict amplified the large leaves of lightly wilted spinach, smoked wild salmon and poached eggs with sprinkles of chives. The Farmers Market Breakfast summed up the approach we felt with they took with all of the dishes. They took the time to select the best ingredients—in this case, heirloom root vegetables, baby fingerling potatoes, purple Peruvian potatoes, baby golden beets, asparagus, tomatoes and portabellas—and then seasoned and cooked them perfectly. Fresh goat’s milk cheese created another layer of flavor and poached eggs made it flawless. We were lucky enough to dine on the outside patio ready for any season dining. It is outfitted with both heavy-duty heaters and misters. The butcher shop embraces a modern-day approach focusing on nose-to-tail approach. The butchers share their craft knowledge with guests that include where each animal was raised, fed

and prepared for butchery and offer recipes for meats purchased. A special treat await the shopper as parking spots right in front of the restaurant are reserved for those wishing to make a quick purchase from Echo & Rig’s butcher shop.      However, we recommend taking your time to gaze through the retail area, the slightly intimidating hooks in the meat locker followed by a long stare into the doors housing the homemade charcuterie, bone broth, slab bacon, pork chops and an abundance of beef. Let your mind wander and dream about all the possibilities these delectable meats present. MV And That’s What She Said!


Chefs Corner: Red Rock Country Club

William Pfersching Executive Chef

UNLV, Community College of Southern Nevada and The National Restaurant Association Professional Seminars program. William sits on the Board of Advisors at The Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. He is frequently a guest speaker there on various industry related topics and currently is the intern instructor for two Cordon Bleu students.


illiam served as Executive Chef at Canyon Gate Country Club for 10 years while also handling corporate training and menu development for ClubCorp of America. Canyon Gate was not his first Country Club Chef position, or his last, as he served as Executive Chef at Gainey Ranch in Scottsdale Arizona for 2 years in the early 90’s, and currently is Executive Chef / Food & Beverage Director at Red Rock Country Club in Las Vegas. Trained during a four-year American Culinary Federation apprenticeship under the watch of CEC Christopher Johns, William interned in all aspects of kitchen operations. William studied Wine, Liquor and Beer pairing at The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in Napa Valley. He studied advanced Nutrition, Sanitation and Management at various institutions including

William’s experience at such hotels/ restaurants as: • The Sands’ Regency Room, 5-star European Dining, under Chef Franz Hermann Caesar’s Palace’s Bacchanal Room • The Golden Nugget’s Elaine’s, 4-star Continental Dining, under Chef Dan Henderson The Bistro at the Mirage, French Dining, under Chef Scott McCarter • Private Events & Catering at the Mirage, under Master Chef Gustav Mauler • These experiences have given him a solid repertoire of world cuisine and flavors. He also Owned and Published Restaurateur of Las Vegas Magazine furthering his expansive knowledge of food trends and cookery. Chef William believes in sourcing the freshest products and handling them in such a way as to enhance their natural flavor. He loves to prepare traditional items that are familiar to the eye and palette, while combining unique indigenous ingredients to create a memorable experience for the palate. He loves the hands on aspect of Private Clubs as it allows him the ability to meet and develop relationships with those he cooks for, which where he derives true satisfaction. MV

FREE RECIPE! Red Rock Country Club Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes 1lb. Jumbo Lump Crabmeat 1 oz. fine diced red bell pepper ½ each Fine diced serrano chili 1oz. fine chopped green onion 1 oz. Chopped cilantro 8 oz. Panko bread crumbs ¼ tsp. Cayenne pepper 1 tbsp. Dijon mustard 1/2 tsp. Sriracha chili 2 each raw egg 3 tbsp mayonnaise Salt & Black pepper to taste PREPARATION: Check for Phillips Jumbo lump crab in a can. Combine all ingredients except Panko breadcrumbs & oil together in a mixing bowl. DO NOT BREAK UP CRAB Lumps, be gentle! Add breadcrumbs to mix to achieve a damp shapeable consistency. Shape crab cakes into desired portion size and bread with the extra Panko bread crumbs. Heat oil in skillet and brown crab cakes on both sides. Drizzle completed cakes with Remoulade. RED ROCK REMOULADE (Yield 1 cup) 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 1 tablespoon chopped parsley 2 tablespoons chopped Capers 1 tablespoon Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard 1 tablespoon Whole Grain mustard ½ teaspoon prepared horseradish 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce PREPARATION: Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix thoroughly. Keep refrigerated. Best if used within 48 hours. Serve with a side crisp salad for a light spring dinner.


We have over 40 vegan, vegetarian items and 20 gluten-free items. ®

“Because your health, is your wealth!”

Open 7 days 11a.m. -1a.m. Take out available until 8p.m. 26 Times Since 1988

8380 W. Sahara Ave. | 804-0293 (Between Cimmaron and Durango) 4147 S. Maryland Pkwy. | 731-6030 (SW Corner of Flamingo & Maryland)




May 21 st, 2015 Ticket sales will be available in April through the Palazzo Box Office or call (702) 414-9000 Must be 21 years or older Event proceeds support the Nevada Restataurant Association’s educational and scholarship programs, including ProStart, a national high school culinary skill and restaurant management program. In Nevada, more than 2600 students in 33 schools take part in the program, which teaches students the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the food service industry.

PROMOTE PROTECT EDUCATE The Restaurant Industry in the State of Nevada (702) 878-2313



Village Square Shopping Center


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What’s The Dish?

Readers Choice

Top Ten Restaurants

{In Alphabetical Order}


By: Shawn Tempesta Co-Host, “The Morning Blend” KTNV-TV Las Vegas

n a world filled with cardboard, mass-produced pizza, it’s refreshing when you come across a place that takes their pie seriously. Enter Pizza Rock. This downtown gem is the brainchild of Chef Tony Gemignani. This is a guy with such talent (and dare I say cogliones) that he took his pizzamaking prowess straight to the World Pizza Cup in Naples, Italy, and took the title of World Champion Pizza Maker in 2007. An American won best pizza maker in Italy. Let that sink in.

AVERY’S COFFEE 9440 W Sahara Ave #145, Las Vegas, NV 89117 702.476.2063 | BIAGGIO’S PIZZA 4235 S. Fort Apache #160 Las Vegas, NV 89147 702.207.4992 | BLUE MARTINI 6593 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89119 702.949.2583 | CHICAGO BREWING COMPANY 2201 S Fort Apache Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89117 702.254.3333 | WEBSITE COMING SOON! EL DORADO CANTINA 3025 S Industrial Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

You will not hear anyone at Pizza Rock whining that “the water isn’t right” to make the perfect slice. Tony’s “Margherita” Napoletana Pizza - the one that took home the championship - is on the menu and tasting just as good as it did in the motherland. New York style, Sicilian style, Chicago style, Cali style… they’ve got it all. The number of pizzas on the menu almost pales in comparison to the variety of BTUs the kitchen pumps out. Gas, electric, and wood ovens – oh my! Some heating up to 900 degrees. You’ll understand why Tony’s motto is “Respect the Craft.” They aren’t throwing frozen dough on your neighborhood franchise’s pizza conveyor belt.

702.722.2289 | HEARTHSTONE KITCHEN & CELLAR 11011 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89135 702.693.8300 | ORIGIN INDIA 4480 Paradise Rd #1200, Las Vegas, NV 89169 702.734.6342 | PAYMONS MEDITERRANEAN CAFÉ & LOUNGE (SUMMERLIN) 8380 W. Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117 702.804.0293 | PAYMONS MEDITERRANEAN CAFÉ & LOUNGE (CENTRAL) 4147 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Beyond the pizza, the rest of the menu fails to disappoint. Pasta, salad (try the Gorgonzola & Apple, madonn’!), and traditional Italian dessert… there is something for everyone. Take your friend that complains they can’t find a good slice in town. At the end of the meal, they’ll be sure to say “Pizza Rock rocks”. MV PIZZAROCKLASVEGAS.COM


702.731.6030 | RICARDO’S 4930 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103 702.227.9100 | SIENA ITALIAN 9500 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117 702.360.3358 |


Restaurant Review: Origin India Origin India 4480 Paradise Rd. #1200 702-73-INDIA

By Abi Wright


heir website boasts about “The Origin India Experience” and after having a first-time visit there, that statement couldn’t be any more correct. Centrally located on the corner of Tropicana and Paradise Road, directly across from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Origin India has ample parking and is easily recognizable for those who have never been before. Upon walking in, you’re greeted with the delightful aroma of exotic spices and curry. The dining room is warm and richly colored with the soft glow of candles against elegant dark tabletops and an overall feel that is relaxed and inviting. Not knowing what to expect and admittedly, a little overwhelmed at such an expansive collection of menus, our server Tony was prompt, helpful and immediately gave us sound suggestions of some of their most popular cocktails and appetizers. We sipped on a delicious Mangotini made with mango vodka and pulp, then sampled another called the ‘Cucumber Pearl,’ which was a light and refreshing concoction of green cardamom, fresh cucumber, green apples, pear vodka and black pepper. Both drinks paired well with the bread and savorysweet dipping sauces that were presented to us while we browsed the menu and attempted to decide on our meals. One of us was experienced with Indian cuisine and one of us was not, so we decided to start with both a vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetizer. The Chicken Manchurian was battered and lightly fried, then tossed in an Indo-Chinese tangy sauce. We were warned that this dish could be a little spicy but in all honesty, it was the Chowk Ke Aloo Tikki that was more potent on our palates. This vegetarian option consisted of spiced potato patties stuffed with sautéed peas and dry pomegranate served with mint and tamarind chutneys. Both dishes were surprisingly unassuming, but exploding with flavor!

Between our appetizers and the main course, we each enjoyed another cocktail and I couldn’t help but notice the atmosphere around us. The other patrons were a varied mix of families, couples and parties of all ages. People were taking their time dining, talking, drinking, socializing… fully enjoying the moment. The hustle and bustle of the busy week seemed to melt away in an environment meant for relaxation and elegant cuisine. The time then came for our main entrees. Though we would have loved to try a little of everything off the menu and were told how popular the sautéed Lamb Nihari in a spicy ginger-garlic paste with a ginger, garlic, fennel, cumin based sauce- we each opted to go with different shrimp dishes that sounded too good to pass upon. The Shrimp Molly was cooked to perfection with julienned bell peppers and onions in a creamy, tangy coconut based sauce (which is also a specialty of the south Indian state of Kerala) on top of steamed rice. We also had the Jhinga Nisha (Jumbo Pomegranate Shrimp) in a sour cream sauce that went exceptionally well with the lemon rice. We finished the evening with a nightcap cocktailthis time switching it up for an exotic Indian elixir called the Mumbai Fizz. When asked about dessert, we looked, but honestly couldn’t force ourselves any further, though their poached pear and ice cream was very hard to pass up. It’s no wonder why after the excellent service, perfectly paired drinks and exquisite food, that Origin India was featured on Rachael Ray’s Food & Travel show “Rachael’s Vacation.” Being there felt like a culinary vacation. Our highest compliments go to the chef, gratitude for our server and many thanks for allowing MyVegas Magazine to have “The Origin India Experience.” It most definitely was. MV


Readers Choice


Top Ten Happy Hours

{In Alphabetical Order}

BLUE MARTINI 6593 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119 702.949.2583 | Daily 4PM – 8PM | ½ Off Drinks | Discounted Food Menu | Live Music Wednesday – Sunday | Every Friday Happy Hour | Enjoy our Complimentary Martini Tasting! CHICAGO BREWING CO. 2201 S Fort Apache Rd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89117 702.254.3333 | Daily, 11:59 AM – 3AM & 3PM – 6PM $2 Draft Beer | ½ Off House wine | ½ Off Select Appetizers EL DORADO CANTINA 3025 S Industrial Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 | 702.722.2289 3PM – 6PM | $1 Street Tacos, ½ Off Bottled Domestics and Wells 11PM – 2AM | ½ Off All Appetizers, ½ Off Bottled Domestics and Wells THE GREAT AMERICAN PUB 4145 S Grand Canyon #109–111, Las Vegas, NV 89147 702.220.8427 | Everyday 2PM – 6PM Food and Drink Specials LINDO MICHOACAN 2655 E Desert Inn Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89121 | 702.735.6828 Monday – Friday 2PM – 5PM at All Three Locations 2 for 1 House Margaritas and Beers ORIGIN INDIA 4480 Paradise Rd #1200, Las Vegas, NV 89169 | 702.734.6342 Monday – Friday 5PM – 7PM Items Priced Under $6, Signature Cocktail Menu OSAKA SUMMERLIN 7511 W Lake Mead Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89128 | 702.869.9494 Everyday 4PM – 6PM | Appetizers, Sushi and Drink Specials PAYMONS MEDITERRANEAN CAFÉ & LOUNGE (SUMMERLIN) 8380 W. Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117 | 702.804.0293 Hookah Lounge happy hours: 5-7pm, 7 days a week and 5pm-1am on Tuesdays | Featuring all specialty cocktails, beer, mixed drinks and lounge food at 50% off! | PAYMONS MEDITERRANEAN CAFÉ & LOUNGE (CENTRAL) 4147 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89119 | 702.731.6030 Hookah Lounge happy hours: 5-7pm, 7 days a week and 5pm-1am on Tuesdays | Featuring all specialty cocktails, beer, mixed drinks and lounge food at 50% off! | RICARDOS 4930 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89103 | 702.227.9100 Monday - Friday 3PM – 6PM & Midnight – 4AM Late Night Dining | Award Winning Margaritas plus Gaming STEINER’S-A NEVADA STYLE PUB 1750 N Buffalo Dr #115, Las Vegas, NV 89128 | 702.304.8084 Monday – Friday, Food Specials 3PM – 6PM | Drink Specials 4PM – 7PM | Everyday 1AM – 7AM


Biaggio’s Pizzeria


izza for breakfast has never seemed so appetizing until now. At Biaggio’s Pizzeria, customers can enjoy the only breakfast pizza around! Along with its blend of Italian and New York-style pizza, this quality restaurant also offers a wide variety of foods made with only the freshest ingredients. Owner Biaggio Zaby, has established one of the finest pizzerias with the help of his Italian roots and a knack for whipping up some mouthwatering dishes. Biaggio moved from Newport Beach to Las Vegas, with his secret recipes in tow, to open his own restaurant in 2010. While making his family recipes for his famous sausage, meatballs, or marinara sauce, Biaggio is never too busy to greet all his customers with a friendly reception and warm welcome. Not only does his restaurant have plenty of Italian classics to choose from, but it also offers a full line of gluten-free pizza, pasta, and salads, along with kosher and vegetarian options. Biaggio’s even caters and delivers to The Strip. Whether you come in for breakfast or stay for dinner and dessert, it’s no surprise that Biaggio’s Pizzeria is one of the top rated pizza establishments in the Las Vegas area on both TripAdvisor and Yelp. Visit Biaggio’s Pizzeria today: 4235 S. Fort Apache, Las Vegas, NV 89147, call (702) 207-4992, or get more info at MV











My Vegas

Winter 2014

- COVERS.indd



OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! Get Your Tickets Today!


Top Restaurants in Las Vegas with Free Tastings

Full Liquor Bar

Live Entertainment

Thousands in Prizes







Where Business&Fun come together!

May 7th, 2015 5:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Cherry Lounge at Red Rock Casino


DJ Liz




You’re d! e t i v n I

Peter Pavone

Nieve Malandra

*entertainment subject to change

For More Information Call 702.792.2378




11:50 AM

Ryan Whyte Maloney:

The Voice Heard Throughout Vegas


By Brooke Dillman

oing from a garbage man to a rock star sounds like a mere fantasy, but for Ryan Whyte Maloney, this became his reality. When the Michigan-raised musician first stepped foot in Las Vegas in December 2006, he had no clue how he was going to conquer the valley; all he knew was that he wanted to make it in the music business. Little did he know, he would eventually conquer much more than just the Vegas valley. A few of his many accomplishments include starring on national television, sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in the music industry and releasing five albums on


iTunes. Although his talent continues to spread nationwide, Maloney remains as a stapled name in the heart of Las Vegas: both musically and through helping the community. Even more incredible than Maloney’s musical influence in Sin City is his journey that brought him here. Maloney grew up in Traverse City, Michigan, with a love of all genres of music ranging anywhere from rock to country infused with pop. From an early age, he knew he had a knack for singing and playing different instruments. He later formed a band, Indulge, and together they

began playing wherever they could. Eventually, this ambition propelled them to the epicenter of entertainment: Las Vegas. Maloney instantly started networking so that he could make an impact and present himself to the local music scene. He and his band began playing marquee venues like House of Blues and local clubs to ensure their music would be heard. They later opened for Vegas-based bands such as Otherwise and Imagine Dragons. Slowly but surely, Maloney’s talent was on the rise. “I always believed only those who see the invisible can accomplish the impossible,” Maloney says.

After their friendship and musical harmony began to flourish, the two decided to gather some of their fellow contestants in Vegas to host their own show with the help of Station Casinos. The concept of “Voices” is to show the audience through the artists’ perspectives what it’s like to undergo the journey from the audio-based blind auditions on The Voice, to the visualbased performances on stage. Maloney says the goal is “bringing an emotional and personal connection, putting you through the artists’ point of view and making you connected to the show.” Having debuted in January, “Voices” became a huge success. Maloney and Tucker sold out their first show in Club Madrid at Sunset Station which featured Kristen Merlin, Jake Worthington, Michael Austin, and a special appearance from Randy Couture. Maloney and Tucker not only developed a friendship through their experience, but they also discovered that they have the perfect combination of vocals that makes for an unprecedented collaboration of sound. It is no surprise that the two continue to work together, leaving an impact in the country music industry. When Maloney is not busy performing with The Ryan Whyte Maloney Band at local venues, he enjoys donating his time to various charitable causes. “I am here for the local people and to inspire the helpless to know that you can become whatever,” he says. His extensive list of volunteer work includes: Jim Casey Youth Opportunities, the American Heart Association, cancer research, food and allergy awareness, local homeless shelters, and crisis and abuse centers. His upcoming project this May, in which he will be performing with Cali Tucker, is the Kentucky Derby Run for the Roses event that will benefit the Veterans Outreach Program. Maloney proves that he is not only passionate about music, but also about helping the community. His ambition shows no signs of slowing down; Maloney continues to tour and write and produce songs. It only seems fitting that his upcoming album, currently in the works, is called “Make History Remember You,” because Maloney says he hopes to make a “musical imprint to the future music world.” MV Accomplishing the impossible is exactly what Maloney did: he transformed from an employee of a waste management company into a full-fledged musician. Maloney recalls, “Working towards a goal of singing for a living, and through the meek building-process, slowly playing every dive bar in town.” Since these humble beginnings, he has headlined multiple showrooms, opened for national acts and continues to perform weekly in the Las Vegas music scene. He currently headlines for Gilley’s at Treasure Island, performs at Planet Hollywood’s Cabo Wabo Cantina, and recently embarked on a new show called “Voices” with Cali Tucker, his former competition on Season 6 of NBC’s, The Voice. To go from competing in battle rounds on the NBC hit show to partnering up for a show of their own was a smooth transition for Maloney and Tucker. The two met back in 2013, during the blind auditions of The Voice when Maloney overheard Tucker warming up her vocals to the song “Black Velvet.” He joined her to harmonize and it was then that the combination of their vocals sparked something greater to come. “I knew then we had something special with our voices. What I didn’t know is that a year later she would be living in Las Vegas and we would be performing all over the country!” Maloney says.


Congratulations to the talented Joelle Righetti for your nomination for the Top Women of Influence!

Performing as Cher! Performs with Legends in Concert

For event schedule, go to: For bookings, call 702.703.4718


(continued from page 61) defined as the Middle-East and was known as United States closest ally. America was all the hope that Sha Rezai could look towards for his future. Attending Beloit College in Wisconsin and the University of Houston for a master’s degree in business, Mr. Rezai set out from scratch to build a new future. He’s been actively involved in a host of businesses including the manufacturing of nutritional supplements, electronics, and real estate. Mr. Rezai selected Las Vegas, his favorite city in the world, as the city of choice to rebuild his family’s future. Though business is his forte, the sport of soccer has always been his passion. At Beloit College, Mr. Rezai will forever be the college’s all-timecareer high scorer and single-season high scorer in the original 12-game season format. Now he is combining his business acumen and passion for soccer as President & General Manager of the new 85,000 square foot indoor soccer and

sports complex called Longevity Sports Center. “Soccer is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States and at the LSC we are attracting both sexes, young and old. Our Lil Kicker’s developmental program for children ages 2-9 is one of the programs that I am most proud of because we are making a positive, healthy mark in the lives of young people,” commented Mr. Rezai. “We have just partnered up with FC Barcelona, one of the most popular clubs in the world and home of Messi, as their official youth summer camp facility in Las Vegas. Coaches from FCB Escola and La Masia will train the players here for 5 days this summer.”

around strong, positive people. I have a great team around me, without which, none of this would have been possible.” As for what the future holds, Mr. Rezai says there are more projects in the works, from a mixed martial-art and cross-fit addition, to a new state-of-the-art basketball and volleyball center, to the worldwide distribution of a revolutionary new health related product. It is said that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and just like his father and uncles, he has his hand in many different ventures. Rising from the ashes – the American dream is alive and well in Las Vegas. MV

As far as his riches-to-rags-to-riches story goes, Mr. Rezai remarked, “I’ve learned in life you have to learn to be flexible, to adapt, overcome and never give up. I’ve survived and prospered by following one of my childhood hero’s principles [Bruce Lee], to be formless, shapeless like water. My favorite quote is; ‘If you put water in a cup it becomes the cup. If you put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot;’ flexibility and openness to change is vital. I am fortunate to have been



Spring Happenings at Station Casinos By Lori Nelson Station Casinos


e couldn’t be more excited to usher in Spring and have many new initiatives and offerings to share with the community! The 11-Time World Pizza Champion is in the House Over the past year, Station Casinos has refreshed many of its dining offerings at various casinos to provide our guests with a mix of new restaurants to complement our existing favorites like our steakhouses, cafes and buffets to name a few. 11-time World Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani is opening three new restaurants throughout March and April including Slice House and the award-winning Pizza Rock, both joining Green Valley Ranch Resort, and Little Tony’s, a new Italian concept opening at Palace Station.

In May, look for a special fundraising effort all month long to honor local non-profit Veteran organizations. Station Casinos will donate a portion of its dining, gaming and entertainment proceeds as well as gaming wins to worthy local military organizations.

Concert Hot List MARCH:   Nashville Unplugged with guest songwriter David Tolliver on Friday, March 27 at Club Madrid inside Sunset Station. The show begins at 8 p.m., cover is $10 at the door. Boarding Pass card members receive a $5 entry discount, with Boarding Pass signups available at the door. Guests must be 21 years or older.

APRIL: Speaking of giving back Our 5th Annual Project Pink initiative during Breast Cancer Awareness Month was another huge success raising $87,000 for two worthy local organizations: Susan G. Komen of Southern Nevada and the American Cancer Society. Project Pink is a company-wide initiative to raise awareness and funds for the fight against breast cancer. Funds are raised by our casinos donating its proceeds and winnings of pink-themed dining, entertainment and gaming offerings and venues, including the Grand Cafes, Mexican restaurants, bingo rooms, Revolver Saloon and Dance Hall, as well as at designated blackjack and poker tables. Since its inception, Project Pink has raised nearly $300,000 for the fight against breast cancer. MV

Boulder Blues featuring Doyle Bramhall II on Thursday, April 2 at The Railhead inside Boulder Station. Doors open at 6 p.m. and cover is $5 at the door. Guests must be 21 years or older. Frankie Moreno and his 10-piece band will perform Saturday, 4/11 at Rocks Lounge inside Red Rock Resort. Tickets are $19, $29 and $39 plus tax and applicable fees. Doors open at 6 p.m. and guests under 21 must be accompanied by an adult.

MAY: Other new restaurants that have recently opened include 8 Noodle Bar and Hearthstone at Red Rock Resort. The last new restaurant to open as part of Red Rock Resort’s $35 million reinvestment will be a casual Italian restaurant scheduled to open later this year. Military Appreciation Last year, we introduced a new initiative to honor and thank those in the military that have proudly served our country. Operation Thank You was created to offer veterans and active military special events; discounts on hotel stays, dining, gaming and entertainment offerings as well as other efforts that express our deepest appreciation for those who have or continue to protect our country.


Nashville Unplugged with guest songwriter Lisa Carver and guest co-host Michael Peterson on Friday, May 8 at Club Madrid inside Sunset Station. The show begins at 8 p.m., cover is $10 at the door. Boarding Pass card members receive a $5 entry discount, with Boarding Pass sign-ups available at the door. Guests must be 21 years or older. Boulder Blues featuring Guitar Shorty on Thursday, May 21 at The Railhead inside Boulder Station. Doors open at 6 p.m. and cover is $5 at the door. Guests must be 21 years or older.


Getting SEXXY with Jennifer Romas!

so my very first show in Vegas was topless. My parents almost fell into their graves! At first, it was kind of hard to find work due to my body type- I had a very athletic, muscular frame- not the typical showgirl type for that time.” But that never stopped her. She says, “My career has taken some turns, but has progressed quite well.”


ou may have seen her around town or even on TV. Jennifer Romas has performed in many Vegas shows including: Striptease; Monster Circus Celebrity Rock Show; Splash; ICandy Burlesque; Sincity Comedy & Burlesque; and Femme Magique. She’s worked with Cirque De Soleil, Kenny Ortega and Travis Payne (Michael Jackson’s director and choreographers), Vince Neil, Dee Snider, ESPN, Drew Carey, Sinbad and many others! She’s also been seen on several national TV programs like: Season 4 of America’s Got Talent in the duo act ‘Sexy and Dangerous’ which made Top 15; Rock Of Love; and was the dance instructor for Las Vegas Showgirl Boot Camp on VH-1. This is only a (very) short list. MV Magazine caught up with Jennifer and asked what first brought her out to Las Vegas? She said, “To be honest, I wasn’t even planning on coming here. I was performing with the worldrenowned Gus Giordano Jazz Dance Company out of Chicago and had visited LA… on a whim, my friend and I decided to move there and that’s what the plan was. We were driving from Minnesota to LA and we stopped in Las Vegas during the trip. Randomly, I auditioned for an open call here in Vegas… got the part and have been here since 1997.” Jennifer recalls, “My very first job was called “Exposed” down at the old Union Plaza Hotel…

wonderful, amazing people. And they babysit my dogs for free!” Catch Jennifer Romas in the new smash-hit, SEXXY, at the Westgate Resort Hotel, Wednesday- Sunday, 10:30pm. Tickets and VIP packages available for 21 and older at,, or MV

A few years ago, Jennifer was seriously injured during a show. This required her to have to focus and utilize her talents on the backend of production… not so much on the performance aspect of it all. She connected with famed choreographer Blair Farrington who helped her “look at things from a business perspective.” She ended up working alongside Farrington and choreographed the Britney Spears Welcome to Las Vegas press event, as well as the declared “Britney Day” at the LINQ. Now she adds producer, director and choreographer of Vegas’ newest topless review, SEXXY, to her impressive list of accomplishments! SEXXY was just nominated by Best of Las Vegas for “Best Adult Show,” recently having opened January 4th at the Westgate Resort Hotel. SEXXY has received huge support from much of the entertainment community where Jennifer says, “I’m so overwhelmed by how much everyone cares. The team and cast mates are the fueling fire behind it all. I’m honestly blessed- truly grateful- and I just want to make this show a great experience for everyone involved!” Almost joking, we asked Jennifer what she does in her ‘free time’ and she laughed! “Ha! I work all of the time! I’m not good at relaxing and not good at not doing anything.” She has the support of her parents along with two English bulldogs named Napoleon and Rocky that help keep her grounded. “My parents are my hugest support system- they’re always there for me! For lack of a better phrase; they are the wind beneath my wings. Being in a topless show- some people aren’t always open to that- but my parents moved here, are at all my shows and are



INpowering with the INternet By Michelle “Roxy” Davis 702ROX Radio Show


graduated and moved to Las Vegas in ‘08 with a degree in Audio Engineering and Broadcasting while heavily involving myself in business. I originally reached out with an “organic” approach to promote myself through online radio/TV and social media networking and soon had my own recording audio and visual studio!  My “grassroots” approach quickly snowballed into my very own online radio show called 702 ROX which airs live every Friday, from 4-6pm on  With my “word of mouth” approach, from social media to magazines and radio, my dream has finally evolved into what is now the World Center of Broadcast Media. This fully-integrated online TV network has mobile, interactive capabilities and you can live-chat with other host’s from around the world! Anyone can become a reality star and host their own show with guests, a crew and commercials… all in a professional TV Studio! WCOBM is state-of-the-art and can be viewed directly through your cell phone or any mobile device.  What makes WCOBM quite unique is that in order to watch it, you don’t need to download any specific software.  Just simply type in your Safari and voila! Now you can stay on top of all of 702 ROX and WCOBM news by following me online! Rock on to the Stars! Michelle “Roxy” Davis Michelle “Roxy” Davis is an online broadcaster hosting the 702 Rox Radio Show every Friday, 4-5pm at MV


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Full Service Limos and Sedans Full Service Concierge and VIP Services Airport Transportation VIP Entry to Vegas Clubs Full Service VIP Nightlife Accommodations VIP Protection and Bodyguard Services Call TODAY & Ask About Your My Vegas Hookup! Call Matty Jones at 702.251.LIMO (5466) or 702.875.1515 Email us at: 93

SINGLE , SUCCESSF U L , SELEC T I V E . . . PLY S i n g l e , S u c cSI e SM Sfu l , S eTOO l e c t i v BUS e . . . SiY m? ply too buS y ?

Single , SucceSSf ul , Selec ti v e . . .Sim ply too buS y ?

Amber Kelleher-Andrews CEO Amber Kelleher-Andrews CEO

Amber Kelleher-Andrews CEO

Awarded top global matchmaker Awarded Top Global Matchmaker


Awarded top global matchmaker

ELLEHER ELLEHER ELLEHER II N NT T EE R RN NA AT T II O ON NA A LL making since1986 1986 makinglove lovehappen.. happen.. since

I N T E R N A T I O N A L makingnationa love happen.. since 1986 +1.415.332.4111 w w w.k elleher-inter l .com 702.242.8222 los Angeles San fr ancisco | las vegas | SanDC Diego | Angeles Scottsdale | Seattle | new york || Las chicago New York || Chicago | Boston | Washington | Los | San Francisco | Miami Vegas Dallas | Houston | boston | Atlanta | Washington Dc| |Atlanta Denver | | Denver miami | Stockholm Stockholm || London london San Diego | Scottsdale | Seattle | Dallas | Houston


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Meet the Amazing Jennifer Lier!


ith an illustrious 25-year career in the entertainment industry, Jennifer Lier is still a highly sought after vocalist, headline entertainer, model, emcee, on-camera host and is one of the most requested Marilyn Monroe Impersonators in the country. However, her young self never would have seen this coming… When Jennifer’s parents moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas at the age of 12, she instantly fell in love with Las Vegas and dreamt of performing on the world famous stages. At the young age of 19, her dream became a reality. However, this wasn’t a dream she’d ever thought would come to fruition. Jennifer grew up an unmotivated, shy, quite, overweight teen that topped the scales at 235lbs. Never did she think she could live the dream she had envisioned over and over again in her head until a chance meeting with a female talent agent in 1989. The woman gave Jennifer a word of encouragement to lose weight and follow her dreams. In one year she shed 100 pounds, got in shape and began her long career in entertainment. November of 1990 was Jennifer’s debut on the world famous stages of Las Vegas singing and performing with a popular band. Shortly thereafter, she went on to win the coveted title of Miss Nevada 1995, and received the talent award at the Miss America Pageant. Jennifer continued on to headline in over 20 shows around the world, including “Legends in Concert,” the worldfamous “Follies Bergere,’” and the high energy “Show in the Sky,” at the Rio Hotel and Casino. Jennifer’s diverse talents led her to incredible opportunities and memorable experiences. She received the rare standing ovation while performing on NBC’s “Showtime at the Apollo” in Harlem, New York. Jennifer developed and performed her self-titled One Woman Show in Las Vegas showrooms, toured with Wayne Newton and opened numerous times for the legendary Don Rickles around the country. She earned the principal role in several national and local commercials, emceed for major galas and corporate award ceremonies and has

modeled for multiple Las Vegas Billboards and ad campaigns. One of her most unique experiences was as a participant on Wayne Newton’s reality show “The Entertainer,” where she finished second in a internationally televised 13 week contest focused on entertainment talent, personal excellence and business savvy. Jennifer has always believed in the importance of giving back. She volunteers countless hours to local non-profit organizations as a performer, emcee or event planner and is often asked by various women’s groups to share her personal story of perseverance and how she turned obstacles into opportunity. All this being said, the most treasured and exciting moment for Jennifer had nothing to do with entertainment. It was the day Jennifer married the man of her dreams, Dan Lier in 2010. Dan is a world-renowned motivational speaker, human behavior expert and best selling author who shares with Jennifer his incredible life and two wonderful children. Jennifer has recently taken on her current challenge - National Sales Manager at the highly acclaimed Las Vegas destination management company Baskow & Associates. With the skills she had acquired over the last 2 years as the Director of Corporate Sales and Business Development for Polaroid Fotobar at The LINQ, and her unique talent in sales and creative problem solving, Jennifer was recruited by the legendary Jaki Baskow to assist taking her company to new heights.

This whole life is more than she could have dreamed. Jennifer Lier loves the city of Las Vegas and has grown up with it side by side and is thrilled to see what the next chapter of her life will hold. MV



Must vs. Should A

s we start the dating journey together, I want to share a few key ingredients I have learned, which will bring us to Finding Love in Las Vegas. Through the years I have had great success and failure, but I have always managed to get up due to my clear vision of where I wanted to be. From a young age my father taught me, “A ship always has a course laid out before it heads to the ocean. The waters may carry the ship to the right, left, off course, but at the end it will find its designated harbor.” Life can take you through unexpected blows, trust me I know, taking your life way off course. However, the key is to keep fighting, get back on track and don’t lose your vision! Sometimes your vision needs to be changed, and that is ok. Remember to keep dreaming and live your life with Passion. Living in Las Vegas had been a dream of mine since I was 15. Today it is a dream fulfilled, however there is one dream that eludes me, being married to an amazing man who I have great passionate and desire for and love dearly with all my heart. As an entrepreneur I’ve attended countless seminars to grow my business and during those 25+ years, I have learned that before you become a partner, (or search for one), you have to know who “you” are and what makes “you” happy. What you Can and Cannot compromise on. Knowing this will prevent you from dating the wrong man or woman. The following exercise will assist you in finding your right mate. It may take you hours or even days to complete, but at the end you will have a clear understanding of which mate characteristics you “must have” in order to have a long-term successful relationship. Please be warned, at times you will be frustrated and scared of your discovery but, trust me, it will be worth your while.


EXERCISE: Create 3 Columns and Fill: Title the first column as “Traits and Attributes” that are important to you. Title the second column, “Should”, and title the third column “Must”. Fill out the first column, and based on the importance, put an X in column 2 or 3. For Example on my list you will find Traits and Attributes: NON Smoker Should: MUST: X Traits and Attributes: NON Smoker, for me it is a “MUST”. Even if my ultimate dream guy will ask me out, I will say NO. No compromise. However, If he says “I am willing to quit for you” My answer will be “When you have quit smoking ask me again” (Find more examples ONLINE also Share with us your list Online) After you have completed your list, copy column 1 & 3 to a clean page--KEEP it with you, until it becomes part of you, so next time your passion and desire takes over your body, your brain will be strong enough to say, “STOP!” Don’t pursue this. This does not mean you cannot date for FUN, but don’t get into too deep, or risk getting hurt. Most importantly, as your life experiences evolve, your list may change, so revisit it often. Join us at our seminar, where will discuss and explore how to create this list, share ideas and traits, and most importantly how to live with it! In the meantime, share with me your thoughts, concerns and questions -- don’t go through this dating journey alone, I am here for you! MV Calanit Atia @CalanitAtia

Going through the journey of dating by the Dating Guru, Calanit Atia

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Home at the Outrigger By Lynn Cook   Time to get away. In Hawaii that means “let’s go Vegas,” so it makes perfect sense that the get-away for Las Vegas folks is Hawaii. First stop, Waikiki. Getting there is an easy flight. Stepping off the flight, the air is warm, like Las Vegas, but more fragrant and tropical. The scent of plumeria blossoms really do blow on the trade winds.   The trip from the Honolulu International Airport to your Hawaii home, the ocean front Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort, is a short ride on the freeway with a view of lush mountains on one side and a glimpse of ocean on the other. Turning toward the ocean and Waikiki, Kalakaua Avenue leads toward the majestic icon, Diamond Head, standing tall above the waves of Waikiki Beach.   The hotel is an oasis in the heart of Waikiki. You know it is the best when you learn that the residents of the island of Oahu think of it as the perfect vacation spot even though the 524-room resort is only a 20-minute drive from home.   Walking into the lobby looks and feels like an elegant and comfortable Hawaiian home filled with comfortable seating and history, showcased in Hawaiian koa wood display cabinets and voyaging murals on the walls. This is more than check in, it is a place to relax, enjoy the breeze that wafts from ocean towards the mountains. Cultural classes in ukulele, lei making and creative art classes using the ancient rock art images carved by early voyagers are offered free for guests. A weekly vow renewal ceremony is your Hawaiian beach-side wedding dream come true.   Mountain-view rooms look out at beautiful green peeks while ocean-view accommodations have a view of surfers catching waves below Diamond Head. The wonders of Waikiki are all in a walkable, short, two mile stretch of an amazing island destination, but more about that later.   Check in to a warm welcome by staff who have graduated from the company’s Ke Ano Waa training, based on the Hawaiian cultural values that make Hawaii unique as a state and a destination. The ocean-front guest rooms have glass lanai railings, the better to see surfers catching the perfect wave or the honu, the sea turtles, swimming by at sunrise.

Pick sand and waves or the beachfront pool and pool deck. A rooftop fitness center is the place to work off a few calories before dining at one of three award-winning restaurants. The most famous of these is Duke’s Waikiki. Located on the site of the original Outrigger Canoe Club, it is dedicated to the famed surfer and Olympic Gold Medalist, Duke Kahanamoku. It’s a place to meet a surfer, learn a bit of ocean lore and the history of surfing, and feast on breakfast, lunch or dinner. Music is played all week but every Sunday at Duke’s is the day to celebrate. The nationally acclaimed singer, song-writer, guitarist Henry Kapono holds court, bringing cheers heard for a mile when he sings “Duke’s on Sunday” from his new CD of the same name. Sitting is fine, getting up to dance is more fun!   Upstairs, Hula Grill Waikiki has a nostalgic feel and amazing island cuisine. Open for breakfast and dinner, Friday is special. For folks who want to try ‘real’ Hawaiian food, minus the big luau show, the Aloha Friday Hawaiian Lunch Luau at the Grill is it!  Chuck’s Steak House, serving fine steak and seafood for 45 years, has another great ocean view. Basically, eating is easy and scenic at Outrigger and Seattle’s Best Coffee is waiting at the front door.


Beyond the door of your Outrigger Island home, Honolulu has one of everything and two of most. Waikiki is a walking and shopping mecca. Hula and entertainment happens weekly, farmer’s markets spring up here and there. Some of the world’s most exciting attractions are only a car, cab, van, bus or trolley ride away. Visit the Bishop Museum, Hawaii State Art Museum, Honolulu Museum of Art and the Doris Duke mansion called ShangriLa, poised on the lava rock at the foot of Diamond Head. Hawaii is the only state with its own language, dance and music. The ŒIolani Palace, home of Hawaii¹s last reigning queen, Lili’uokalani, is a tour into the history of a nation able to voyage around the world in the 1800’s, a commitment still vibrant with Outrigger Resorts’ participation of the World Wide Voyage of Hokule’a and the many hours of employee time freely given toward the restoration of another great canoe, Hawai‘iloa. Outrigger Waikiki awaits your arrival as a vacation voyager.  MV



Your Time, Talent, Treasure! Give Your Time, Talent or Treasure and Make a Difference in Someone’s Life. A Home for Spot | 702.239.7986 Adam’s Place for Grief | 702.339.0848 Adopt a Rescue Pet | 702.798.8663 Alzheimer’s Association Las Vegas 702.248.2770 | American Heart Association | 702.367.1366 Andre Agassi Foundation | 702.227.5700 Baby’s Bounty | 702.485.2229 Big Brothers Big Sisters of Sounthern Nevada 702.731.2227 | Boys and Girls Club | 702.367.2582 Boys Town | 702.642.7070 C4S G.I.R.L.S. Club | 855.246.6678 Candlelighters | 702.737.1919 Caring 4 Kids Foundation | 702.544.1400 CASA - Child Appointed Special Advocates for Children | 702.455.4306 Catholic Charities of So. NV | 702.385.2662 The Cupcake Girls | 702.879.8195

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United Way of Southern Nevada | 702.892.2300

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Plenty of Perks at Spanish Trails


eneral Manager Bill Rowden says that coming from Orlando, he was pleasantly surprised at what a mature property that Spanish Trail Country Club was upon moving to Las Vegas. As a now, 1 ½ year resident, he boasts about the beautiful landscape, trees, streams and wildlife that highlight the community. Spanish Trail is a beautifully designed, 27-hole Robert Trent Jones golf course with panoramic views of the distant desert mountains, and located in a perfect proximity of everything else that the city has to offer. Living at Spanish Trails is more like “living on vacation” according to its residents, and with all the amenities they offer, why would you really want to leave? Spanish Trails is more than just a top-ranked golf course and country club. They also have multiple community pools and hot tubs, a sauna and steam room, tennis courts, workout and fitness center, nature paths, dog walks, a clubhouse and banquet facility as well as The Bar and Grill with weekly menus and special holiday events. Rowden says that they offer community members weekly events like Friday Night Entertainment and Wednesday Happy Hour. They also throw seasonal events for things like the upcoming NCAA March Madness mixer and will pair it with a Wine and Canvas event for the women. “Our members have many activities to choose from and there really is something for everyone here. The options are many with plenty of perks.” Social members get to enjoy all the benefits of the clubhouse but with limited use of the golf course. Originally from Boston, Cynthia Short, a 1 ½ year social member and resident says that her favorite aspect of living at Spanish Trail is that, “It doesn’t feel like you’re living in Las Vegas; It’s quiet and nice here with 24 hour security and you’re surrounded by gorgeous landscape, mature growth and streams in the backyards. I


don’t golf, but I use the clubhouse all the time and the pool is clean and private.” Golf members get to enjoy things like private lockers, unlimited use of the practice facility, putting greens and driving range, along with bag storage and shoe cleaning, too. Michael O’Donnell and his wife are both golf member and young executive residents who had originally rented a home at the country club over three years ago. “We loved the beauty of the propertyit was the first thing we noticed.” After renting, they left for a year, but immediately moved back to Spanish Trail as owners because Michael says, “We loved it here and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. We joke with our friends that we bought our retirement home early.” Michael is an

By Abi Wright

avid golfer and his wife has since taken it up as well. He added, “Everybody knows everybody… it’s one of the best places to live.” Bill Rowden couldn’t agree more. Developed by the Blasco Family in 1984, from a concrete site into a massive 64-acre country club, Spanish Trail is the definition of a relaxed resort lifestyle. Its beauty speaks for itself, but the residents gladly attest to its luxurious charm. Perks and amenities aside, the choice is clear: Spanish Trail Country Club is definitely where tradition meets today’s lifestyle in Las Vegas! For membership/marketing info contact: Jeff Drothler (702) 678-1023 MV

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Where Country Club Tradition Meets Resort Lifestyleâ&#x20AC;Ś Spanish Trail Country Club is centrally located with a uniquely all-grass, 27-hole tournament golf course. There are 12 beautiful tennis courts, two large outdoor

swimming pools, two outdoor hot tubs and a modern fitness center. Affordable

family memberships available for everyone. Fabulous venues for meetings, events, parties, weddings, and more! Events supported by a certified planner, professional staff, full kitchen, valet parking, and security. To schedule a tour, call 702-267-8848.

5050 Spanish Trail Lane

| Las Vegas, NV 89113 | |

Christmas Party


Thirsty Thursdays Happy Hour Biz Mixer

Photo Credit Roger Bennett/

Yvette Augerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Cosmopolitan Connections


The Untapped Power of Joint Ventures


o matter what business you are in, the power of joint venture relationships could be one of the most profitable marketing tools you could use. It is as simple as two, noncompeting, but somehow related businesses working together to help each other’s bottom line. A pet store owner and a veterinarian, a restaurant owner and a theater owner, an auto dealer and a car wash owner… you get the point. They can share customer traffic, customer lists, and share advertising dollars. Joint ventures became very popular in recent recession years and should be a part of your daily marketing plan. In practically every industry, it is very easy to get creative and find reciprocal relationships that are out there just waiting to be initiated! Let me give you a few examples of just how profitable this strategy could really become. Quick Example: Imagine reaching out to a carpet cleaning company. This is a company comprised of sales people that are inside of people’s homes for a minimum of 30 minutes every day. Some basic education on a single product / program / etc. that you’d like to promote, along with leaving them well equipped with brochures, business cards and anything that grabs attention… and voila! How many carpet cleaners do you need out there working for you? Now, to be fair, you would want to send plenty of your coveted referrals his way as well. You could split advertising costs, or not. As long as you stay inside the law, you can work on these joint venture relationships as your primary marketing strategy.

A Few More Ideas: That was just a very basic example to give you an idea of how this could work. A few more ideas could be your local pizza parlor, salons, dry cleaners, family owned restaurants, CPAs, and auto dealerships. Basically, any business that has a list of customers (or steady, consistent traffic of regular customers) that knows, likes and trusts them. Businesses spend countless dollars attracting their ideal customer / client. This is a way for you to add new clients without the investment of up front, out of pocket marketing costs. This is a way to add value to, not only each business’s bottom line, but also the mind of the customer. Final thought: Make it easy for the potential joint venture partner to say ‘yes’. It should involve little or no work for the new JV partner. You should have all of the sales materials, documentation and signage that will be used furnished to the JV partner so he/she does not have to invest any time or money. It’s a very good idea to throw in a ‘guarantee’ of some sort (even a communication guarantee), so that the JV partner does not endanger his reputation. DO NOT become cheap at this point. Make it an irresistible offer, send business right back to them, directly from your list of clients. Make it a solid WIN – WIN! Remember how difficult it is to find your own clients, alone! Finally, when this strategy starts to reap benefits, nurture the relationship. Get testimonials and use them to secure other joint venture partners. If you have any question or need help generating leads for your business, feel free to reach out to me at and request a FREE consultation. MV


By Chaibia Sarhrou

Movers and Shakers

Christopher Alfieri

Miranda Fuller

Kathleen Frantz

As a Henderson resident for 8 years, Christopher Alfieri is the Operations and Program Manager of Epicurean Charitable Foundation. He empowers students to become future leaders of Las Vegas’ hospitality and culinary industries. Mr. Alfieri manages all mentoring and scholarship program activities and operations for the organization while working collaboratively with the executive committee, board of directors and the students.

Legalman 1st Class Miranda Fuller of Las Vegas, was named SOY of Carrier Strike Group 4, during the first quarter of 2015. Fuller, who’s been in the Navy for 12 years, is also the VP of the First Class Petty Officers Association, a member of the command training team and part of the command Morale, Welfare and Recreation committee.

has 20+ years of fundraising & public relations experience. Her background includes working at executive and fundraising offices of a major university and a prestigious K – 12 private school. She currently serves as Vice President of Development & PR at the National Atomic Testing Museum. She also held a sales management position at Nevada’s largest media company.

Michele Rothstein

Patrick Bryant

Corey Taylor

Award-winning special event specialist, Michele Rothstein, is founder of Balloons With a Twist and a board member for Create A Change Now, a valley non profit. A fixture on the area’s event circuit, Michele is actively involved in more than a dozen non profits and thrives when connecting clients and community groups for a greater good. She celebrated her firm’s 20th year in business in 2014 and is a go-to resource for families and businesses alike.

is one of Las Vegas’ most accomplished event planners. Through his work with the Michael Corrigan Restaurant Group and properties such as Vintner Grill, he helps create experiences that are remembered and treasured. Active in the community, Bryant supports several charities including Nevada Ballet, Afan, Opportunity Village, and Children’s Heart Center. Vintner Grill has been in Summerlin since 2006 – named, “Top 50 Best Off Strip Restaurant,” and hands down, a locals favorite.

is an actor with over 30 film credits to her name, and also the host of Las Vegas’ ONLY Teen Talk show...”Corey Taylor Talks.” She is a spokesperson for Team BullyProof and Project 3000, and she was named one of the “Top 14 to Watch in 2014!” Corey has been recognized by many organizations for her outstanding efforts in the fight against bullying and for spreading kindness! @RealCoreyTaylor

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On the Hunt This Easter


aster is my favorite holiday. I have great memories of Easter Sunday’s back to my own childhood: wearing an Easter bonnet, patent leather shoes, and carrying a stuffed bunny. Those fond memories carried through adulthood with my own family. My family hid Easter eggs outside unless it was too cold, then we hid them inside. One year it was snowing so we hid the eggs inside. One egg wasn’t found, that is, until Memorial Day. It was in a sock behind the laundry door. For weeks we couldn’t figure out why the laundry room stunk. I blamed it on stinky socks. Turned out I was partially correct. It was a stinky egg in a rotten sock. When I lived in Washington, D.C., I enjoyed taking Jimmy and his friends to the annual Whitehouse Easter Egg Roll. The President and First Lady would mingle on the lawn with the masses. Children of all ages enjoyed a number of activities even if they had outgrown Easter egg hunts. There was always one prized egg for each child to take home. This collectible was a colorful, wooden egg signed by the President and First Lady. This was something you took home and placed on the mantle. As Nevada’s First Lady, nothing would suit me more than to have an Easter Egg Roll in the backyard of the Governor’s Mansion. I found out where the Whitehouse had their Easter eggs made and ordered 3,000. The families appreciated having a collector piece from their Governor’s Mansion. The next year, I had to order more because the word got out. I found a Nevada business that made them cheaper and better than the ones at the Whitehouse. That was great news and I ordered 5,000 for the same price! I have continued to collect the Whitehouse Easter Eggs. I included a picture of my collection that I have gathered over the years. Sometimes they were not so easy to get. Now, they have a website where you can order them for a very reasonable price at http://easter.nationalparks. org/. Start your own collection. Unlike me, you won’t have to be out in the cold D.C. weather, standing in-line with thousands of other people. You can have a Whitehouse Easter Egg by


ordering it from the comfort of your home. This Easter, there are many places where your family can share in the tradition of hunting for eggs while making memories of your own. Leave it to Las Vegas to roll out the red carpet for Easter Egg Hunts. Here are some hip-pity-hop spots to choose from:

By Dawn Gibbons

Craig Ranch Park; Civitan Car Club; Potter’s House; Jaycee Park; Summerlin Church; Valley of Fire State Park; Washoe Lake; Christian Hope Project Festival; First Henderson UMC; and Town Square. Make some blessed memories. Happy Easter! MV


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First thing I do in the morning is… Meditate for 20 minutes.


One thing I like to do after work is… Go get a great workout in with my trainer, John Juadines at WadBod Crossfit.


One of my favorite Las Vegas restaurants is… Honey Salt… I love the food, the service and the fact that I can take my whole family there.


One of my favorite Las Vegas shows is… Carrot Top! He’s hilarious!


I wish I knew how to… Sing! I try and try, but I sound much better in my car, not in front of people.


A person who inspires me the most is… Can I be general? Because the answer is nurses. My father recently had to be hospitalized for several days and it really opened my eyes to see how much nurses do. They are true heroes and truly inspirational.


When I leave Las Vegas I like to go to… The Hotel Del Coronado (San Diego, California).

10. One thing I wish I were better at… Returning email in a timely manner.


I wish I could quit… Binge watching TV shows (The Walking Dead, Scandal, Blacklist, you name it)!

11. One thing I can’t live without is… My girls. Proof that I’m not half-bad at this parenting thing!


On my day off I like to… Get in a good workout, walk around Downtown Summerlin or The Forum Shops with my family.

12. My one strange habit is… I talk to myself a lot. People catch me doing it all the time and think I’m crazy.


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