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Mark Shaffer HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Looking back at 2018 is a waste of time! Like looking in the rear-view mirror. Here at MyVegas, we love looking at the FUTURE and what’s ahead! Our 2019 is set to be the Best Year Ever and the changes we made for the new year are so awesome, we wanna share!! First off, the new Sales Crew are amazing, drug-free, upbeat, positive, focused, and ready to make you happy with Red Carpet Customer Service! Also, we’ve added our “REVIEWS” page online at: www. On top of that, we’ve increased the MyVegas Magazine to 160 pages this issue with new content and articles, added Albertson’s 33 stores for distribution, and starting January 2019, we

launch our monthly “Lunch & Learns” for business owners and managers (Join our newsletter email list online to get invited!). Our Social Media presence has expanded with the help of our new hire, Lauren as a full time Social Media and PR Manager! Also, watch for our new updated MyVegas TV Channel, to include new videos on all of our Rock Star Clients who make Las Vegas the Best City in the World!! And lastly, my personal favorite… coming soon… MyNashville Magazine!! We are all so excited for the new 2019 calendar and hope you and your family have an amazing prosperous, safe and new year, full of love and success!

BORN & RAISED: Meet a Las Vegas Local Jenna Montijo Birthdate: July 18 High School: Centennial High School College: UNLV Alumni

Favorite Teacher: Hands down, it would be Coach Karen Weitz! Not only was she a great teacher, she just happens to be the greatest girls' basketball coach in the city!! I am proud to say that I was able to experience both! The lessons she taught on and off the court molded me in to the woman I am today. I am forever indebted to her wise words and guidance. What is your favorite thing to do in Vegas? Attend concerts! I absolutely love live entertainment! What is your go-to local restaurant? Taco y Taco What’s your favorite thing about living in Las Vegas? My favorite part of living in Las Vegas are the people; our community! Las Vegas is full of beautiful and caring people. I'm so grateful to live in a city where we are able to come together as one and make things happencaring in cherishing or challenging times! And of course our Vegas Golden Knights !!! Go Knights Go! What is the typical response you get when you tell people you were born and raised in Las Vegas? The typical response is, did you grow up on the the strip... lol..


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Ask the DA: Steve Wolfson within that structure. Where we have a challenge is that sometimes the victim of a crime, for example a domestic violence, may not come forward, or cooperate with an investigation, because they fear deportation of the accused or themselves and their family. I want people to know that they do not have to be victims and that they have the right to be safe in our community. How can/does the DA play a role in the crime crisis and the advancement of victims rights?

Q A Steve Wolfson, District Attorney of Clark County


What are your thoughts on the current state of the Marijuana Laws here in Clark County compared to Nationally? How big of a part does it play in your day to day work?


Nevada residents spoke loud and clear when they voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use. The role of my office has not changed. Our focus is public safety, and we charge people with crimes accordingly. I have said many times that my biggest concern regarding recreational marijuana is for the people who drive while impaired. We just recently had a case where a woman who tested with FOUR TIMES the legal limit of marijuana in her system chose to drive recklessly and ended up killing an eight-year-old boy. She was convicted of 2nd degree murder and will spend the next 26-65 years in prison. Those are the type of marijuana cases that concern me.


What changes do you feel are necessary for the Immigration issues impacting the Vegas community?

My criminal division processes cases based on the crime committed, not the resident status of the accused. Because immigration is a federal issue, we must work

Our duty is to prosecute violators according to the laws of this state. Many people do not realize we have victim advocates on our staff. These men and women work with the victim’s in our criminal cases to ensure their rights are protected and that they understand the justice system they are now thrown in to unexpectedly. Additionally, my staff and I are very involved with non-profit providers in the community who handle a variety of victim services. I was also very supportive of the passing of Marsy’s Law, which solidified victim’s rights in our state constitution. In each case we have to consider both the rights of the accused and the rights of the victims.


What program, that you have implemented during your term, are you most proud of?

There are several things that I am proud to say came about during my first term in office. One of them is the Conviction Review Unit (CRU) which looks at cases where a defendant has claimed actual innocence from the beginning, but is currently serving time for a conviction. Another is the Second Chance for HOPE program which is just now getting started. This is a partnership with HOPE for Prisoners, a re-entry program in Las Vegas. This new program is one I came up with a few months back, and it will provide defendants an opportunity to go through the program, receive resources, training and mentoring BEFORE they serve time in prison. We have not yet had our first person enter the program, but we expect that to happen soon.

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Do you have any political ambitions for the future?

In January, 2019, I will be sworn in for my second full term as the DA, and right now I am focused on continuing with the reform programs I am working on and making sure I leave this office in the best shape possible. What inspired you to pursue law? Who did you look up to as a mentor when you were rising through the legal ranks?


Honestly, when I was an undergrad student in San Diego, my plan was to become an officer with LAPD. As I neared graduation, I was told that my chances for getting that job were very slim—at the time, LAPD was looking to add more diversity to their force and I did not fit in to that. Someone suggested I go to law school, which was the furthest thing from my mind at the time. Fortunately, it worked out for me, and I always say it’s the second best decision I ever made (the first was marrying my wife, Jackie). I was fortunate to have many mentors along my career path…too many to name. I am grateful for everyone who has guided me and supported me along the way, in both my legal and political career. With your many years of experience in the legal field, do you have any advice for new and aspiring attorneys?


I teach a class at UNLV Boyd School of Law, and I have many students come in to see me to discuss their future. I always give them two pieces of advice: 1) Establish a good reputation and strong relationships now. These will follow you throughout your career. 2) Have FUN! Enjoy the journey. Being a lawyer is a great profession, and I have been very fortunate in all that I have been able to achieve because of my law degree. MV


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Congratulations Alexis Aranda for making Top 100 Women in Business



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Hope for the MS Hug By Dawn Gibbons


ver 4,000 people in Nevada are registered with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a difficult disease to diagnose, as most symptoms can be caused by other conditions. Individuals seeking a diagnosis have multiple tests before receiving confirmation that they have the disease. Unfortunately, there is no cure for MS and, yet, we have hope. Common and early signs of MS can be vision problems; stinging and spasms; fatigue and numbness; dizziness, balance and weakness; cognitive problems, emotional issues; sexual dysfunction; bladder and bowel dysfunction. Nevada’s MS Society can provide excellent resources and information on medications, access and knowledge of the best health care providers, and research offering 16 types of treatments for disease-modifying therapies. Treatment options provide relief for various symptoms of the disease. The society has helped with diet and exercise programs designed to help meet each person’s specific needs and expectations. These simple measures have proven to delay or put MS in remission. Unfortunately, MS symptoms are wide ranging. Many complain of feeling tired, being stressed, and achy. Others are not as fortunate. They can have sharp, and prickly pain that is debilitating, tingling in the fingers and feet, and pressure in the abdomen that is so crushing most sufferers can barely breathe. The agony and experience of this high level of pain is known as the MS Hug. Different seasons of the year can affect and exaggerate MS. Heat may bring fatigue and take a toll on someone fighting the illness, while cold weather may be more draining to another individual. The MS society has a strategy for helping to achieve the correct diagnoses. A careful medical history should be done first with a neurologic exam. Various other tests such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Evoked Potentials (EP) and Spinal Fluid Analysis should be done. Physicians will work closely with a patient to evaluate mental, emotional and language functions, movement and coordination, balance

and vision. The criteria for diagnosis will occur if the medical professional determines there is damage in two separate areas of the brain, spinal cord, optic nerves, or the Central Nervous System (CNS). There are four types of MS: Clinically Isolated MS; Relapsing-Remitting MS; Secondary Progressive MS; and Primary Progressive MSwhich is the most advanced. Hope for MS is demonstrated with Mr. And Mrs. Paul Huether. Paul is an Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Go Wireless. He has been married to Denise for 27 years and together they have raised a family while dealing and navigating with his wife’s MS. Mr. Huether and the company he works for have been steadfast in supporting the Las Vegas dinner of champions for many years. Mr. Huether has a goal to raise funds to find a cure so that MS stands for ‘mystery solved’. The community in Las Vegas have been

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very supportive with sponsors like Go Wireless, Jan Jones, Caesars entertainment, Wells Fargo Bank, Kirk Clausen, NBC, and Station Casinos, just to name a few. Each of us can make a difference by joining Paul and Denise at the Dinner of Champions, February 7th, at the Palms Casino Resort & Spa. We are honored to celebrate this couple’s leadership within the community by honoring them with the highest honor MS society has, ‘The Hope Award’. Please feel free to contact the MS office at 702-736-3715. Linda Lott and her staff are very knowledgeable about diagnosis, help, and guidance on the best medical professionals in the state. We hope you will become involved and help us make a difference until we celebrate our ultimate goal of finding a cure! MV


Beauty and Health

MYVEGAS Magazine is very proud and excited to introduce our expanded Beauty and Health section! In this issue we are privileged to be able to feature many of the top beauty and health professionals in the Las Vegas Valley. With stories from our experts, you’ll learn trendy tops and get expert secrets to looking and feeling your best for any occasion, whether it’s a night on the town, or a day in the park! Get pampered with a visit to the day spa, tanning salon or beauty salon. Improve your overall esthetics at one of our Med Spa’s. Get clear at one of our Vision experts, and enjoy your beauty and health, because you deserve it!


Best Surgeons in Nevada Unite


n January of 2019, Las Vegas will further increase its reputation as being one of America’s hot spots for cosmetic surgery with the grand opening of what may be the largest surgery center dedicated purely to cosmetic surgery in the entire United States. This new state-of-the-art facility for the Smith Plastic Surgery Center is the culmination of the three years of hard work and planning bringing Dr. Lane Smith’s vision to life.


Dr. Smith has been practicing Plastic Surgery in the Las Vegas area for almost 17 years. Dr. Smith states “I started my plastic surgery practice in Las Vegas because I liked the weather, the exciting town and the large entertainment population which creates a high demand for cosmetic surgery. “During this time, his practice grew to be one of the largest plastic surgery practices in the United States, attracting patients from all over the world. Dr. Smith is frequently

by Katherine Jackson

listed as the top plastic surgeon in Nevada, and this year, was the first plastic surgeon ever to win Gold in all three areas of plastic surgery as voted by the Las Vegas Review Journal. Dr. Smith was voted Top plastic Surgeon, Top Breast augmentation surgeon and the current Smith Plastic Surgery Center was voted the Top Surgery center in Nevada. Dr. Smith is a pioneer in the field of Buttock Augmentation surgery, and Abdominoplasty. He is one of only a few plastic

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surgeons that can perform buttock implantation, and his research and innovations in breast augmentation, abdominoplasty and revision rhinoplasty have won awards. “As my practice grew, it became clear that I would need the help of other surgeons,” explains Dr. Smith ‘I had a dream to create the number one cosmetic surgery center in the world, in order to do that I knew I would have to recruit some of the best surgeons in the nation.” This led to the invitation of Dr. John Minoli to the practice. Dr. Minoli is one of only approximately a dozen plastic surgeons in the United States that completed fellowships in both Plastic Surgery and Facial Plastic Surgery (Dr. Smith is the only other plastic surgeon in Nevada who has done this a well.) Dr. Minoli is known as an expert in Face Lift techniques, having trained with some of the greatest pioneers in the field of facelifting both in Beverly Hills and New York City. He is also an expert in Rhinoplasty and has a Board Certification in Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgery as well as Plastic Surgery. Dr. Minoli says, “I love

doing surgery that helps patients restore their youthful appearance, it’s a form of rebirth and healing, a sort of personal renaissance.” “Most of my older patients feel and act younger than they look. It’s rewarding to see the positive changes in their lives after surgery when a much more youthful appearance has been achieved.” Both Dr. Minoli and Smith feel strongly that compassionate care is important to achieving good results. Dr. Minoli is also proficient in breast and body surgery as well. Shortly after Dr. Minoli and Smith began working together, the team gained a new and valuable member in Dr. Shoib Myint. Dr. Myint is a one of only a few Oculofacial Plastic Surgical Specialists in the United States; a surgeon who is an expert in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in the facial area particularly around the eyes. He spent many years as a University Professor in Oculoplastic Surgery, training other surgeons in the art of Facial Plastic Surgery and is the author of many research and scholarly papers on Plastic Surgery. His book on Periorbital Injections is

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

considered the authoritative work on the art and science of injecting fillers around the eyes and face to help patients look younger. He splits his time between Las Vegas and Beverly Hills and is frequently called upon to inject fillers or operate on the eyes of very famous people. Dr. Smith says, “Dr. Myint is probably the best or nearly the very best Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) surgeon in the country.” Dr. Myint has recently returned from Paris, France, where he was asked to lecture on advanced techniques of Cosmetic Surgery of the eyelid to the European plastic surgeons at their annual conference. Dr. Myint says, “my goal is to treat every patient as if they were family and to try to give them the very best surgical results possible.” This unique team of experts has already been voted best Surgery Center two years in a row. Their motto is to provide, “the highest level of artistic surgical care producing the finest results in a compassionate caring environment.” The new facility is located at 7650 West Sahara Avenue. They can be reached at 702-838-2455. MV


Lani Dizon



We are an innovative Lifestyle Company that offers unique health and wellness products that provide amazing results, coupled with a generous Profit-Sharing Program in which we give back 55% of the Company’s sales to our Members who simply share these products with others. In just a few years, thousands are enjoying better health, new adventures, a more positive mindset, personal confidence, inspiration, fun and happier lifestyles. What we’ve successfully created is a culture and environment that’s positive, inspiring and fulfilling. At Sparkle, we call this living a “Life with No Limits.”


We love Japan and have been building successful businesses there for over 25 years. Japan is an amazing country with a very unique culture that values honor and respect. Their society places high expectations on the pursuit of perfection. It reflects on the products they produce for the world, which makes Japan the toughest market in the world to penetrate successfully. Consumer satisfaction is not an issue as it is the norm everywhere you go. A quick trip to 7 Eleven demonstrates this on how the presentation for common items are taken to department store levels. Presentation is important in the Japanese culture, but quality and efficacy is everything.


Our products are expertly formulated in Japan and manufactured in the USA to exacting standards of the Japanese Ministry of Health, which has the most difficult compliance requirements to meet in the world.

Unlike other products in the market that are singular in function, our wellness products are designed with “Multi-Function” properties, meaning each product provides a multitude of benefits. They are also proven to provide results people can see and feel immediately. As far as we know, Club Sparkle is the only company that formulates products to meet the strict demands required by the Japanese government and manufactures them in State-of-the-Art GMP, FDA and Pharmaceutical Certified Facilities in the USA, then imports them back to Japan. The result is purest, and highest quality products that are enjoyed by people of all ages.

We knew if our products could pass the test of the Japanese consumer, they would be world class. On top of passing this test, we have also made an impact on how people share these products with others. In just a few short years,

Look Great, Feel Great, Be Great!

we have helped change so many people’s lives for the better – from wellness, beauty, motivation, lifestyle and new adventures. They're having fun and gaining new friendships, while enhancing their health and financial lifestyles at the same time.


Our goal has always been to ultimately have a successful presence in America. The DNA for Club Sparkle was born here. It is a company culture that represents everything that is good about America. And now with the tremendous success that we have received in Japan, many of the positive attributes of the Japanese culture has fortified our DNA for the better. I am very confident that the positive culture we created around health and wellness while getting handsomely rewarded financially will resonate big here in America, especially for millennials and women. This is truly a unique opportunity for people in the USA with an already proven and established company from Japan.


When we first created Club Sparkle, our focus was on the millennial generation. However, to our surprise our outreach has touched people of all ages from 20 to even 80. Not only was it exciting to witness firsthand the barrier we broke between age and gender, we’re proud that we successfully united these age groups. Mothers and daughters, sons and fathers, sisters and brothers, even married couples are having fun working together in Club Sparkle, so this has really brought families together. It’s so inspirational to us and very gratifying for them.

“Our vision for the future is to continually make a life-changing impact on people's lives around the world.”


Our vision for the future is to continually make a life-changing impact on people's lives around the world. We strive to sustain Club Sparkle's magnetic environment of motivation, inspiration and empowerment for people to thrive and grow, both personally and financially. This is important because people could attain so much more success and happiness with the right mental attitude. It is your mindset that dictates your reality. Club Sparkle’s success as a global company is directly dependent on the success of our Member's results on our products and Profit-Sharing Program. We have already proven that this innovative model works in Japan and Taiwan. Soon we will make an impact in Vietnam and now we are very excited to be expanding into America, which will ultimately launch the world.





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Cl ubS pa r k l eha ss i nc ebec omet hehot t es tgr owi ngc ompa nyi nJ a pa nwi t ha nnua l s a l esc r os s i ng$50mi l l i ondol l a r s a ndi spr oj ec t edt odoubl ene x ty ea r i nJ a pa na l one . Our a ma z i ngpr oduc t sa ndf un-l l edenv i r onment , c oupl edwi t h ady na mi cPr ot S ha r i ngPr ogr a m ha sa l l owedt hous a ndsofpeopl et oea r nmor ei nc omei nonemont ht ha nmos t peopl ema k ei nay ea r . Cl ubS pa r k l eha sa l s oe x pa ndedi nt oT a i wa nwi t he x pl os i v egr owt ha ndwea r ec ur r ent l yi ndev el opmentt oe x pa nd i nt oVi et na m. Nowi t ’ st i mef orCl ubS pa r k l et oc omehomet ot heUS A. Wea r epl a nni ngana t i onwi der ol l outwi t hi n t hey ea rs t a r t i ngwi t hourPr eL a unc hs t a gewi t hi nt he1s tqua r t erof2019. I fy ourr es ol ut i on t hi sy ea ri st oma k eapos i t i v ec ha ngei ny ourhea l t h& na nc i a l l i f es t y l e , t henwei nv i t e y out oj oi nt hec l ub-i twi l l bea ne x c i t i nga dv ent ur eunl i k ea nyot her !

C A L L : ( 7 0 2 )7 2 0 C L U B( 2 5 8 2 ) e x pa ns i on@c l ubs pa r k l e . c om www. c l ubs pa r k l e . c om


Mi l l enni a l T ea m Dev el opment

Looking for the best




Includes Bohyme hair and installation! Based upon length and color Lengths available up to 26”

Call now to book your FREE CONSULTATION! • Packages available including Wefts, Keratip and I-Tip installation • Full spa services available • Many products to choose from! • Clip-ins and halos also available

9310 S. Eastern Ave #120 Las Vegas, NV 89123


PHONE: 702.914.2330

INSTAGRAM: @canyonfalls




A Doctor’s Confession...


ear friend, Confessions are tough. Real tough. But, sometimes a confession can set the record straight, and I want to give credit where credit is due. Before I talk about my confession, let me say a few other things first. Let me start by explaining the photo on this page. You know, when I meet people in town they usually say, “Oh, yeah, I know you, you’re Dr. Devin. I’ve seen your ad with that picture of you and the cute kids.” Well, I’m the guy in the middle. Years ago, something happened to me that changed my life forever. Let me tell you my story. Back then, I was an eager student wanting to save the world. Suddenly, driving home from class I was rammed by a truck into a ditch. I was disabled, unable to sit up from bed without help. The numbness down my arm stopped me from buttoning my shirt. I thought my career was over. I was scared. After being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance (who’s ‘solution’ was a hand-full of pills) I decided against the medication. But, there’s more… A professor tells me about a unique procedure. This new doctor does an exam, takes his own type of films, and then ‘adjusts’ my spine. The adjustment doesn’t hurt, it actually feels good. It was gentle and focused at the top of my neck… even though I had a pinched nerve in my hands! I get relief, my neck could turn again without my body going with it. My hands work again. Did I find the fountain of youth? Oh, did I mention that this doctor is a NUCCA chiropractor? It was gentle, no cracking. It works so well for me, and I’m so impressed with the other ‘miracles’ I see in his office, that I go on to practice NUCCA Chiropractic myself. Now for the cute kids in the photo. I have training in Chiropractic Pediatrics to help kids with improved sleeping, behavior and attitude, and immune system function. That seems like a small thing, but it makes a huge difference to families. As the twig is bent so grows the tree. It is strange how life is, because now families come to see me for their bad spine and pinched nerves. Also, they come to me with their


headaches, migraines, chronic pain, shoulder/arm pain, whiplash from car accidents, backaches, disc problems, arthritis, allergies, numbness in limbs, athletic injuries, just to name a few. Here’s what some of my patients had to say: “Before coming to Dr. Devin I was in extreme pain.” - (Shirleen Stanley-Las Vegas) “Not your typical Chiropractor.” - (Stacy B-Summerlin) “I was at the end of my rope…Dr. Devin’s treatments are gentle, affordable and I no longer take pain medications.” - (Lynell-Las Vegas) Several times a day, patients thank me for helping them with their health problems. But I can’t really take the credit. My confession is that I’ve never healed anyone of anything. What I do is perform a specific spinal adjustment to remove nerve pressure, and the body responds by healing itself. We get tremendous results. It’s as simple as that! The Gallup Poll revealed that 90% of chiropractic patients felt their treatment was effective. That’s just incredible! Many people find that they actually save money on their health care expenses by seeing a chiropractor. You Benefit from an Amazing Offer - Look, it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to correct your health. When you bring in this article, you will receive my entire new patient exam for $37.

That includes our hi-tech digital x-rays… the whole ball of wax. This exam could normally cost you $180 or much more elsewhere. But, please, call right away because this offer expires on March 15th, 2019 and I don’t want you to miss out. By the way, further care is very affordable. By law, this offer excludes those eligible for federal benefits. Great care at a great fee. My qualifications… I’m a graduate of the largest chiropractic school where I received the prestigious Ribley Scholarship for outstanding achievement. I’ve been entrusted to take care of tiny babies to pro athletes that you may know. I started practice nearly 20-years ago. My assistants are Char and Fina and they are really great people. Our office is both friendly and warm and we try our best to make you feel at home. We have wonderful service, at an exceptional fee. I see patients at our Summerlin office located at 1930 Village Center Cir, Suite 11. Our phone number is 702.566.HOPE (4673). Our Henderson clinic with Dr. Hecker can be reached at 702-565-HOPE (4673). Call Char, Fina or me today for an appointment. We can help you. Thank you.

Devin Luzod, D.C. P.S. We respect your time and always try to schedule our patients so there is plenty of time to talk with me. MV

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:




Karen ‘Holy Hands’ Garrett birthday. Not long after, she was teaching an aerobics class and body building in her spare time. By the time she was 18, her focus was mainly on her body building, but she knew since birth that she was born to assist others in their health. Little did she know, that she was on her way to helping people faster than ever.


aren Garrett was made to be active, but more so, made to help everyone be active. Today, she is a Manual Therapist for pain management and has her own practice. There is not one day that she isn’t changing people’s outlook on life or completely fixing their pain. Karen holds God to a very high standing in her life and takes it as a supreme compliment to be called “Holy Hands” by some of her clients. Her business and career are an exact replication of her mission in life, which is to help people reach ultimate health and wellness. Since Karen was a young child, born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, she was always moving around and dancing. She went to every form of dance a mother could think of, from ballet to tap to gymnastics, and it didn’t stop there. By the age of 15, she received her own gym membership for her birthday and was working out every chance she could get. After a year of commitment, Karen received her Aerobics Certification for her 16th

After jumping from different Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach positions, and while entering and placing in Body Building Competitions, she had a deep realization that her goal vision was to be her own boss and make her own moves. Karen says, “I am an individual; a leader, not a follower” and explains that “her whole life was a training course to where she is today,” and “now, she is living it and doing it every day.” One talent she always possessed was giving massages. When Karen was 5 years old, she would massage her brother with her newest techniques and also massage her mother’s calves when she got home from a long day at work. Today, Karen has experience with being in chronic pain, from being in multiple car accidents and sports injuries by the age of 16. She understands what it feels like, and how important it is to have your body be aligned and working correctly. One day, she was lifting weights on a Smith Machine, and received help from a Gym member who realized that she was in pain. He used active release, which is a combination of stretching and pressure, to target and isolate the painful areas in your body’s soft tissue and break down scar tissue, thus relieving the pain. On her way up from the following squat, she literally felt no pain in her hip or back. Right there, the dream was planted. She was going to try and make everyone feel that same relief.

By: Sarah Moninger

She took her practice to whole new heights. She became not only a Massage Therapist, but a Manual Therapist, something completely incomparable to any Chiropractor or Physical Therapist out there. The technique is very manually based, not so much a massage. Most of the time, when people go to get a massage, it feels great at the time, but it doesn’t fix the problem, and that is the gap that Karen wants and yearns to fix. Her intent is to realign the structure of the body through soft tissue. She treats people with ailments such as Frozen Shoulder, Fibromyalgia, Sciatica, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and even fractured ankles. Karen gained use of the only PEMF Machine, which stands for Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency, in Las Vegas. The machine recharges your body’s cells, encourages range of motion, and allows the body to heal itself. After only 5-15 minutes using the machine, clients have experienced reduced pain to close to none, and the feeling of revitalization. Coming February of 2019, Karen is unleashing the opening of her own facility, which she coined the ‘FIX Factory.’ This will be the breakthrough, and dedication, that people in chronic pain have been praying for. The variety of services will include stretch classes, self-care classes, strength and mobility classes with a variety of compression tools, a Recovery lounge, and even an in-house Chiropractor. In the near future, there is hopes for a Holistic Pets Therapy section of the building as well. Karen confidently states that, “I specialize in 20-minute quick fixes and my life goal is to set people free from pain!” MV Call Karen today to get “fixed!”

She went to further her education at Mueller College of Holistic Health and gained her license as a Massage Therapist and Holistic Health Practitioner in Integrated Bodywork, mainly focusing on post-injury therapy. Her practice, Fixed by KG, opened up short months later, in 2012, and has been an utter success ever since. Karen’s technique of therapy is called the KG Technique, which is in the works of being official and trademarked, so that the technique will be teachable to others and they may be certified ‘KG Providers.’


Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

& r ou g h i fe . o h T , yL let e Comp Exam of M e Now!” t s o M l r “ T he D e nt a u S t a r t He e l b a nt Yo or t Co m f e c o m m e n d g u i r e , p a t i e Ma yR H igh l ~ Dr. Pau l

Gentle, Least Toxic, State-of-the-Art, Biological, Holistic Dental Care Our Gentle Holistic Approach Supports finding For Your Health Dr. Wright Uses the Least Toxic,

Root Causes, addressing them and educating you on your Non Metal, Most Biocompatible Dental Materials and options for an Optimal, Integrative treatment plan. Solutions.

Scientific DNA Testing of Root Canals Is available Have Confidence in Knowing Dr. Jim Wright was

to support you in making excellent informed decisions.


Very Thorough Comprehensive Oral Exam • Diagnostic Testing for Cavity Decay • Low Radiation Digital X-Rays • Dual Oral Cancer Screening - Visual & Cellular • Periodontal Gum Evaluation • Mercury Analysis

Ozone Water Disinfection with Non-Fluoride Cleaning • No Toxins or Chemicals • Disinfects Teeth & Gums • Kills Bacteria & Pathogens • Aids in Preventing Gingivitis

mentored by Dr. Hal Huggins, the Father of Modern Holistic Dentistry. Dr. Huggins chose Dr. Wright as His Dentist. Dr. Wright follows Huggins-Wright Protocols® and Standards for Safe Removal of old Mercury-silver Amalgams fillings and all dental treatments.

Dentists, Specialists & Medical Practitioners • Zirconia Dental Implants; Non-Metal, Diamond Strong • Oral Surgery & Periodontal Gum & Sinus Surgery • Sedation/Relaxation - 5 Options for Your Comfort • SAFE Removal of Mercury-silver Amalgam fillings • On-Site Lab with Latest Technology - 1 Day Crowns

Digital WrightSmile™ Imaging and Cosmetic Dental Consultation

• LUMINEERS® No Drilling or Shots in most cases • Traditional Veneers - Instant Orthodontics • INVISALIGN® - Holistic Clear Removable Braces • WrightSmile® Removable Smile Orthodic


• Detox, Anti-Aging, CBD & Stem Cell Consultations • Professional Referral to Functional Medicine Experts

Dr. Jim Wright

DDS, AIAOMT, AIABDM Board Certified Holistic, Biological Dentist


FOUR SEASONS DENTAL SPA 8855 W. Flamingo, Suite 101 • Las Vegas, NV 89147

Fo u r S e a s o n s D e n t a l S p a . c o m

Nevada Pediatric Specialists Quality Healthcare for Children

Congratulations to


for being named one of the Top 100 Doctors and Dentists of the Year

Dr. Zilberman is Board-Certified in Pediatrics and Pediatric Emergency Medicine. He has been certified by the American board of Pediatrics in General Pediatrics since 1995 and in Pediatric Emergency Medicine since 1998. Dr. Zilberman is also fluent in Russian, French and Spanish.

Nevada Pediatric Specialists is a pediatric practice in Las Vegas, Nevada. It exists to provide quality healthcare for children up to the age of 18. Continuity of care is our top priority and as much as possible we try to schedule you with the pediatrician or nurse practitioner of your choice.

(702) 457-5437

3201 South Maryland Parkway, Suite 608 • Las Vegas, NV •

Academic Dermatology of Nevada is a full service practice offering a wide variety of cutting edge treatment options for skin diseases and cosmetic beautification. Dr. Samlaska specializes in all forms of cutaneous diseases, ranging from routine acne vugaris and warts to more complicated disorders like severe psoriasis, blistering conditions, genetic disorders as well as skin cancers. Board certified in Internal Medicine and Dermatology, Dr. Samlaska has written extensively, having published over 72 articles and textbook chapters. Our mission is to provide the most up-to-date medical care that meets your individual needs. From your first consult to every follow-up visit, we strive to build a lasting relationship based on integrity and mutual respect. We pride ourselves in not only taking care of you, but your family also. Our office setting is professional yet informal and children and family members are welcome. you deserve the finest quality of care, and it is our mission to provide you with the best. We have the latest in cosmetic treatments, including Botox, dermal fillers, facial rejuvenation, Ulthera, Liposonix, as well as vein sclerosing. Please visit our website for more details. We look forward to serving you.

2839 St. Rose Pkwy, Suite 100 Henderson, NV 89052 P: 702.837.8988, F: 702.990.5269

We’ll Make Sure You are Dressed Picture-Perfect Weddings. Black Tie. Special Events. A Night Out. Own or Rent Your Look.

20% off YOUR SUIT OR TUXEDO RENTAL OR PURCHASE with MyVegas VIP Promo Code LVVIP18. Offer Expires 6.1.19


(702) 997-3913

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Psychic Consultants of Las Vegas Readings By Katherine and Lisa

Katherine and Lisa have a combined experience of over 40 years Telling past, present and future. Offering Palm,Tarot & Psychic Readings. Meditation Sessions Reiki Healing and Chakra Balancing. Are you looking for answers, or perhaps would like to receive a confirmation your life is on the right track? Whatever the reason may be, you’ve come to the right place. We love helping people develop the tools they need to cope with all of life’s challenges, and We get great satisfaction from seeing them heal and thrive. Contact us today and let the healing process begin. Available for parties, events, and gatherings. LOVE READINGS




Katherine 702-927-5670 Events Lisa 424-653-7045 Headshots Weddings Products Corporate Portraits PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY


Headshots Events Weddings Headshots Products Weddings Corporate Products Portraits Corporate Portraits


www.ja q


m queline uelinean andrea drea.c .comom



702724.6806 702


dio 2510 Anthem Village Dr. Henderson, NV 89052 Suite 150

Studio 2510 Anthem Village Dr. Henderson, NV 89052 Suite 150

Studio 2510 Anthem Village Dr. Henderson, NV 89052 Suite 150


25% OFF OF


7250 S. Durango Drive 702.453.TANN (8266)

Life is Better When You’re Bronzed. Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

Maggie’s Wellness


A Boutique Pilates Studio •

1st Session Free*

Tone, strengthen and tighten your body

Personalized workouts

Perfect for men and women of all ages and fitness levels

Private Appointments

702.772.6233 *Call for Details

1137 South Rancho Drive Ste 110 • Las Vegas, NV 89102 (Rancho & Charleston)

UV RAYS IS ONE OF THE #1 CAUSES FOR PREMATURE AGING AND WRINKLES LAS VEGAS averaged 105 DEGREES and maxed out at 115 DEGREES for June and July of 2018. Are you curious to find out how your skin held up to the most extreme radiation?

Bring a friend or family to receive a FREE skin evaluation and Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Hydrafacial Holiday season is coming up, let us prepare your skin for all the holiday photos!

Call us now to book your appointment: 702.876.0350 Use Promo: MYVEGAS10 - and receive FREE LED treatment upgrade • • 1811 S. Rainbow Blvd. Suite 108 • Las Vegas, NV 89146 Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:



By Megan Mathis (702) 269-9290

Find Your Fitness Niche


n the Fall Issue of MYVEGAS Magazine, I wrote about each of us having our own micro cosmic universe within our bodies. Hence, the reason we all have different responses to food, supplements, and medications; and that the most important thing is to listen to our own body. Well, this is also true for how we approach the subject of fitness. After 12 years in the gym, I knew my body needed a change. It was telling me in subtle ways – I was feeling compressed and rigid. It was not what I wanted my body to feel like as I was aging. I have friends who are die-hard yoga fanatics and the health benefits for them have been huge. I tried yoga for 5 months (that’s my usual try on period for anything), but it wasn’t for me. While I thought it would have been great seeing my friends in class and quieting my mind, body and spirit for an hour, my body’s cosmic universe was not cooperating and instead of feeling energized, I felt sore and out of alignment. We are a full service salon, day spa and medical spa.

My recommendation this winter is for everyone to find their own niche for fitness, and be okay with the fact that it will probably change over time. When we listen to our bodies, we are honoring ourselves, and that alone will bring great rewards. MV

Services we offer:

Ravi Ramanathan, M.D. Family Practice

Voted 2 Consecutive Years as Top 100 Men in the Community

Primary Care, Medically Supervised Weightloss, Physicals & Testing, Personal Injury 2 LOCATIONS:



Hair Cuts, Color, Styling, Extensions Manicure, Pedicures, All Nail Services Massage, Makeup Application Facials, Waxing, Chemical Peels, Botox, Dysport, Juvederm Eyelash Extensions Microblading, Permanent Makeup Threading, Laser Hair Removal Are you a Salon and Spa Professional looking to join our family? We currently have space available to rent.


So, I tried Pilates- and guess what? I passed my 5-month mark and I’m a huge fan now! It was exactly what my body needed at age 63. I feel fit, toned, flexible and most of all I feel fulfilled. I’ve made friends with the most lovely ladies, and all the instructors are caring and helpful.

4280 S. Hualapai Way Suite 200 • Las Vegas 89147 702-233-2020 • @iconsalonspa

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:



Over 20 Years Of Comprehensive Medical and Surgical Care in Las Vegas Kevin Rayls, MD, FACS Stephen B. Horsley, MD, FACS

• General Surgery • Laprascopic Surgery • Minimally Invasive Robotic daVinci Surgery 8530 W. Sunset Rd., Suite 240 Las Vegas, NV 89113

Phone: 702.796.0022


Seven Hills 10608 S. Eastern Ave., Suite H SevenHills Hills Seven Summerlin Seven Hills (Eastern & Horizon Ridge in the Smith’s Plaza) 10608 S. Eastern Ave., HAve., 10608 S. Eastern Ave., Suite H Suite 7664 Summerlin W. Lake Mead, Suite 107 10608Suite S. Eastern H Hills Seven 702.617.2750 (Buffalo &(Eastern Lake Mead in the & Horizon Ridge in the Smith’s Plaza) & Summergate HorizonPlaza) Ridge in(Eastern the Smith’s Plaza)

(Buffalo & Lake Mead in the Summergate Plaza) (Eastern & Horizon Ridge in the Smith’s Plaza) 7664 W. Lake Mead, Suite 107 10608 S. Eastern Ave., Suite H 702.254.6222 702.617.2750 702.254.6222 702.617.2750

(Buffalo & Lake Mead in the Summergate Plaza) (Eastern & Horizon Ridge in the Smith’s Plaza) 702.254.6222 702.617.2750 Northwest Southwest Northwest Southwest 702.254.6222 702.617.2750 4343 N. Rancho Dr. Suite 116 6455 Rainbow, Suite 100 Northwest Southwest 4343 N. Rancho Dr. Suite 116 6455 Suite (Southwest corner of RanchoRainbow, & Craig) (At Rainbow,100 one block North of 215 Beltway) 4343 N. Rancho Dr. Suite 116 6455 Rainbow, Suite 100 Northwest Southwest 702.802.4390 Southwest 702.656.6144 Northwest (Southwest corner corner of of Rancho Rancho & & Craig) Craig) (At Rainbow, one one block block North North of of 215 215 Beltway) Beltway) (Southwest (At Rainbow, Store Hours: 4343 N. Rancho Dr. Suite 116 6455 Rainbow, Suite 100 4343 N. Rancho Dr. Suite 116 6455 Rainbow, Suite 100 702.656.6144 702.656.6144 702.802.4390 9:00am to 5:00pm 702.802.4390 Monday - Friday | 8:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday (Southwest (At corner of Ranchoone & Craig) (At Rainbow, one block North of 215 Beltway) (Southwest corner of Rancho & Craig) Rainbow, block North of 215 Beltway) Store Hours: Seven Hills Summerlin 702.656.6144 702.802.4390 Store Hours: 702.656.6144 702.802.4390 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday | 8:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday 7664 W. Lake Mead, Suite 107 10608 S. Eastern Ave., Store Suite H 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday | 8:00am to 1:00pm on Hours: Saturday Store Hours: (Buffalo & Lake Mead in the Summergate Plaza) (Eastern & Horizon Ridge in the Smith’s Plaza) 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday | 8:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday 702.254.6222 702.617.2750 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday | 8:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday


Northwest Southwest 4343 N. Rancho Dr. Suite 116 6455 Rainbow, Suite 100 Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews: (Southwest corner of Rancho & Craig) (At Rainbow, one block North of 215 Beltway) 702.656.6144



Don’t Be a FLAKE!

Julia Grambo


hen the weather changes, so should your skin care routine! Failing to do so can result in dry, even cracked skin that can become itchy and pronounce your fine lines even more. So, what are some of the things that can help you avoid dreaded flakes?

1. Humidifier: If your air at home is dry a

humidifier is a great way to add moisture.

2. Avoid long hot showers: A long hot







shower may seem like a wonderful idea after a stressful day, but doing so only dries your skin out and washes away the natural oils in your skin.

3. Moisturize: The best time to moisturize is

right after you dry off from your shower. Doing so retains the moisture in your skin.

4. Try natural moisturizers: A couple of

By Tammy Kincaid

If you would rather use an over the counter product to moisturize then you might want to try a past Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner, First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. It’s whipped texture is instantly absorbed with no greasy after-feel. This product is suitable for all skin types, especially dry, flakey skin. This hydrating moisturizer leaves your skin feeling smooth, hydrated, and comfortable after just a single use. It’s available for purchase at Sephora or Ulta Beauty, for $30. Remember, it doesn’t take much to dry your skin out, so be sure and drink plenty of water throughout the year to maintain your healthylooking glow. MV Copyright © 2018 Tammy Kincaid All rights reserved

tablespoons of olive oil along with two drops of your favorite essential oil like lavender added to your next warm bath will help your skin feel a moisturizing effect.

Remember, it doesn’t take much to dry your skin out, so be sure and drink plenty of water throughout the year to maintain your healthy-looking glow.

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

A HEALTHY BODY FOR A BETTER WAY OF LIFE! We offer a personalized approach to health care. Treating the person not the symptom. Helping you live longer and better. • Hormone Replacement Therapy • Weight Loss • Fatigue/Stress • Cosmetic Treatments

5765 S. Fort Apache Rd., Ste. 100 Las Vegas, NV 89148 702.731.1200


Cristy Thomas

for being named one of the Top 100 Doctors & Dentists 2018

Dr Cristy Thomas DNP, FNP-BC, APRN Board Certified in Family Practice

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:


Be Sweet to Your Skin


Hair + Makeup Artist Specializing in: Cut, Color + Styling

Check out my portfolio at or @rubyfinchsalon


upid is full speed ahead commandeering that holiday to profess your love to a secret or known admirer. Yet, let us not forget our first and most important love…selflove! Treat the skin your in to a Valentines festive prep to impress your love with a lovely you!

1. Cocoa Repair: Although cocoa in its best

form is a box of chocolates (at least in this writer’s opinion), used in a face mask it induces skin glowing properties. Popular brand Perricone MD makes a Cocoa Moisture Mask to enhance hydration and provide a firmness to skin with one application.

2. Strawberry Exfoliant: For dull, flaky faces, a bit more muscle may be needed to reveal that glow. Try Mario Bedescu Strawberry Face Scrub to exfoliate dead skin with real strawberry seed and cornmeal extracts. Skin will appear smoother and ready for repairing products.

3. Floral Cleansing Affair: A rose bouquet

provides an atmosphere of sweet scents and beauty for a room, but it can also induce such on the skin. Eminence Organic Sweet Red Rose Cleanser provides a mild unhinging of dirt while its vitamins, lemon, and calendula sooth and tone.

4. Spirited Hydration: Red wine lifts our spirits

and has antioxidant benefits. So how fantastic is it to be available as a topical skin potion?! The brand, 100% Pure Red Wine Resveratrol Cream, uses this grape extracted concoction to repair sun damaged skin while infusing hydration.

5. Bubbly Eye Eraser: For those who are

nursing a hang-over post glass-clanking Valentine’s evening, the eyes are the first area to show it! The company Roots & Blooms utilizes the adage of ‘what can cause can treat’ by offering the Champagne Hangover Under Eye Gel Hydrating Mask. It contains caffeine, lychee, licorice, and chamomile to sooth and smooth after a night of libations.

Valentine’s can be a romantic day to pamper your loved one, but don’t forget to pamper yourself and stay festive with products after Cupid’s own heart. Erika Kimble, BSN, MA, MS, APRN is a Dermatology Nurse Practitioner at Linda Woodson Dermatology in Las Vegas. She is an award-winning author, Health & Beauty Journalist, Founder of Dermatology Store Beaute Lab ( and a pageant queen.” MV

Pamper Yourself for Valentine’s Day 8975 W. Charleston Blvd {Inside Sola Salon Studios}


By Erika Kimble, MA, MS, NP Dermatology NP

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:



Managing Partner of Nevada Brain & Spine Care Neurosurgeon Aury Nagy, MD, FAANS, is managing partner of Nevada Brain & Spine Care. Prior to opening this medical practice, he was a partner for nearly 10 years in Las Vegas Neurosurgery & Spine Care. A Las Vegas native, Dr. Nagy graduated from Bishop Gorman High School, Yale University and Baylor College of Medicine. He is board certified through the American Board of Neurological Surgery and received his fellowship training at LSU and at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Nagy serves as Spine Committee Chair and Neurosurgery Section Chief for Spring Valley Hospital as well as an adjunct clinical faculty member for Touro University. He is a product development consultant, Speakers Bureau clinical lecturer and educator for Integra Neurosciences.

2471 Professional Court Las Vegas, NV 89128 Main Telephone: 702.901.4233

New Patient, Referral and MA: 702.998.6520 • Surgery Scheduling and Prior Approvals: 702.998.7629

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We congratulate our colleagues for being We congratu named



ues for being named

We congratulate our co











We congratulate our colleagues for being



Las Vegas’


MYVEGAS Magazine polled more than 100,000 of our readers to find the Top Lawyers in Las Vegas. These lawyers and law firms come highly recommended by our readers and for good reason! As dynamic as Las Vegas is, their service to locals within the community make our city still one of the safest places to live, work and play. They provide guidance, protect our rights and advise us. Each individual is significant in our lives. They know the laws when we don’t and represent us so that we see justice. We would like to honor and show our appreciation to them. Featured in this special issue are a diverse group of lawyers practicing various types of law. Along with well-known leaders, and the new rising stars this year we are proud to publish the “Top Lawyers in Las Vegas.” As we love to celebrate our locals that live in the community, you may recognize friends and familiar faces. Many have credentials too many to list, however note that their talents and contributions go far behind what we had space to print. This year’s recipients are amazing attorneys who achieved great success, contributed in more ways than one can name but most importantly, have had a positive influence in the community we live in.

Beyond the Best Attorneys: Eglet Prince



n 2003, Robert Eglet, Tracy Eglet and Robert Adams embarked on a collective goal: To be the best personal injury trial law firm in the country. Each had their own unique qualifications. Robert Eglet was known to be virtually unbeatable in the courtroom. Tracy Eglet negotiated cases to the highest settlement. Robert Adams strategized cases, in and out of the courtroom. Although they each had other strengths and duties, these would be the qualities that launched their firm into national status. In 2010, Artemus Ham and Erica Entsminger joined the firm. Ham takes depositions that force the defense into a position to have to settle, and Entsminger corners the opposition with her writings. Entsminger is also indispensable in trial at second chair. Dr. Aaron Ford joined the firm in 2015, and as a Nevada State Senator, he brought the legislative fight for the consumer to the firm. Dr. Ford won his bid as Nevada’s Attorney General in 2018. Sadly, his last day at Eglet Prince will be January 4, 2019. In 2015, Dennis Prince joined the firm. Prince, a veteran trial lawyer, was the perfect fit. He and Eglet had worked as partners in an insurance defense firm in the 90’s, aptly named Eglet Prince, and were regarded as one of the top defense trial firms in Nevada. Prince continued defense work until re-joining Eglet in 2015. Prince’s tenacity and lack of fear in the courtroom keeps him at the top. Since re-joining Eglet, Dennis has been named Nevada’s Trial Lawyer of the Year and obtained many multi-million-dollar verdicts. Most notably, a motor vehicle accident verdict

at $6.9 million and a medical malpractice verdict at $4.2 million. In 2018, Robert Eglet was voted into the most prestigious trial attorney organization in the United States namely, The Inner Circle of Advocates. The Inner Circle has 100 members from all 50 states and accepts only the best trial attorneys in the country, only after intensive vetting. Eglet Prince also has some of the best young attorneys on-the-rise. Their top tier Associates include Kevin Strong (2014), Jack Degree (2016), Richard Hy (2016), James Trummell (2017), Cassandra Cummings (2018), Angel Getsov (2018) and Thomas Beckom (2018). They allow Eglet Prince to operate at the highest level. Eglet Prince has obtained more multi-milliondollar verdicts than any other law firm in Nevada, which include the largest personal injury verdicts in America in 2010 ($505 million) and 2013 ($524 million). They take cases that will help the community and create positive change. In 2008, one Las Vegas doctor and his negligent behavior, coupled with a defective product packaged in such a fashion to make drug companies more money at the risk of patient health, caused hundreds of patients to become infected with the Hepatitis C virus. This small 13 lawyer firm spent hundreds of thousands of hours and millions of dollars prosecuting these cases over a five-year period because they felt it was the right thing to do for their community. The risk was great, and many thought the cases would fail. They were up against firms from across the United States that

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

had access to thousands of lawyers. In the end, the physically injured plaintiffs were monetarily compensated for their injuries. It was the firm’s highest achievement at that point. Over the years, Eglet Prince has been highly active in Nevada politics. It is their intent to forcefully promote laws that will protect its clients and Nevada citizens. In the last Nevada session, Eglet Prince via Robert Eglet was instrumental in passing autonomous vehicle legislation as well as raising the minimum automobile liability insurance coverage limits. Presently, Eglet Prince represents over 2,100 victims of the Route 91 shooting that occurred on October 1, 2017. The firm is also on the leadership committee that is steering the Route 91 litigation; they head the opioid litigation on behalf of many Nevada counties and municipalities against Big Pharma; and they are representing people and organizations bilked out of money paid for advertising they never received from Facebook. Eglet Prince also handles injured victims as a result the negligence of corporations, defective products, and bad drivers. AV-rated Eglet Prince has had innumerable accomplishments over the years that set them apart from the rest. They intend to never rest on their past accomplishments. Eglet Prince looks forward to representing people already injured due to the negligence of others and protecting their community from future injury by making corporations pay for their bad behavior. MV


TOP 100 LAWYERS OF THE YEAR Adam Breeden has practiced in the fields of personal injury and general liability litigation for fourteen years in Nevada. He is licensed in four states (Nevada, Arizona, Ohio and Florida) and nine different federal jurisdictions. In addition to litigation and trial practice, he has handled numerous appeals, arbitrations and mediations.

Andrew P. Dunning graduated from UNR and obtained his juris doctor from the William S. Boyd School of Law at UNLV. As an attorney at the law firm Garman Turner Gordon LLP, Andrew represents clients in a wide variety of civil areas, including business litigation, injury, and transactional matters.

Ash Marie Ganier, Esq. is the Managing Attorney at Mainor Wirth. She has worked within the field of personal injury for eleven years—occupying every position from copy clerk to office manager. After passing the bar in 2018, she continues her role in management, while working directly with the partners on the firm’s high value cases.

Adam Vander Heyden is originally from Eagle, Wisconsin. After graduating from Thomas Cooley Law School in Michigan, he has dedicated himself and his career to helping people through a difficult time in their lives as a criminal defense attorney. When he’s not in the courtroom, Adam enjoys hiking, reading, playing hockey, and competing in NPC Men’s Physique competitions.

Anthony Paglia was born and raised in Las Vegas, and will do everything he can to protect people in his city from insurance corporations. Anthony has an internship program through NV State College where students earn credit for hands-on office experience. This program helps students learn if the legal field fits them.

Augusta Massey Massey & Associates Law Firm, PLLC offers services in the following areas: Business Law, Bankruptcy, Litigation and Personal Injury. We serve you with dedication, compassion, and fairness. Here’s what one client had to say: “You will never find a more caring and astounding attorney than Augusta! She’s simply the best!” Maria A

AJ Kung started her legal career at the law firm of Gordon & Silver in 1999. Subsequently, working with Kummer Kaempfer Bonner & Renshaw where she honed her litigation and business transactional skills. In 2003, she founded Kung & Brown law firm specializing in providing legal services to individuals, small businesses, and her corporate clientele.

April Becker is a founding partner at the law firm Becker Goodey, and received Juris Doctor from William Boyd Law School. She is a top-rated business litigator & real estate attorney, also actively involved in her family’s real estate and gaming businesses. April enjoys traveling, community involvement, and spending time with family.

Avece Higbee is a shareholder with Marquis Aurbach Coffing. Her practice primarily consists of commercial and real estate matters, including real estate litigation, real estate transactions, loan closings, landlord-tenant law, owners association law and property management matters. Ms. Higbee teaches seminars on various real estate subjects.

Allen Cap has been representing victims of personal injury accidents since 1984. He has appeared before the Nevada Supreme Court on several occasions to change the law to help people receive compensation for their injuries. Mr. Cap is Certified as an expert in personal injury.

Arun Gupta of Gupta Law Firm, LLC has been practicing Bankruptcy law for 10 years. He handles Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 cases. He distinguishes himself from other attorneys by his ‘customer-first’ focus. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from law school, and holds the honor of Top Attorneys of North America 2017.

Brian Vasek is the managing attorney of VASEK LAW PLLC. Having dedicated his career to criminal defense, Brian provides his clients the time, attention, and care they deserve to achieve great results. Domestic violence, DUI, sex assault, attempted murder—he is ready 24/7 to ask a simple question, “How can I help?”


Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:


Shemilly Briscoe is the founder of Briscoe Law Group with a focus on reasonable and exceptional service related to personal injury and construction transactions and litigation. Shemilly assists contractors and business owners with Nevada State Contractors Board compliance. She is committed to her clients and family.


1060 Wigwam Parkway • Henderson, Nevada 89074 702.941.7474 •

More Lawyer. Less Fee.

702.728.5500 6785 W. Russell Rd., Suite 210 Las Vegas, Nevada 89118

TOP 100 LAWYERS OF THE YEAR Catherine M. Colombo is the founder of CMC Law Group, LLC. She advises clients to manage their wealth in tax efficient and asset protected structures through the use of complex estate planning, family wealth transfer and asset protection strategies. Catherine is licensed in Nevada, California and Michigan. She earned her LL.M. in Estate Planning from the University of Miami.

David A. Riggi Formerly a U.S. government bankruptcy attorney and bankruptcy judge’s law clerk. With a big-firm background representing banks, Mr. Riggi knows the bankruptcy landscape like no one else in Nevada. He now devotes his 30+ years of experience to helping people and businesses get a financial fresh start.

Eric L. Marshall founded Marshall Injury Law on the principle that client relationships aren’t defined by their case alone. Eric has helped thousands of clients and collected millions of dollars in compensation for their injuries. Eric is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, National Trial Lawyers Top 100, Lawyers of Distinction, NAOPIA Top 10, and has received the lifetime achievement award as one of America’s Top 100 Attorneys.

Craig Drummond is a former Captain in the U.S. Army JAG Corps and an Iraq Veteran. Craig is a Nevada trial attorney who focuses on serious injury cases and criminal defense. He is the author of the book “Saving Sandoval”, a true-story of his defense of an Army Sniper charged with Murder on the Battlefield.

Dennis L. Kennedy is a partner at Bailey Kennedy, LLP. His practice emphasizes complex commercial litigation, legal ethics, antitrust law, class actions, and healthcare law. An author and frequent speaker on those topics, Mr. Kennedy was the co-editor of the Nevada Civil Practice Manual from 2000 to 2013. He was an adjunct professor at the UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law for eight years.

Erika Pike Turner is a founding partner of Garman Turner Gordon’s commercial litigation department. Ms. Turner has developed a reputation for aggressively and effectively representing businesses and business people in their efforts to resolve disputes and pursue other goals through the use of legal process.

Damian R. Sheets has worked as a prosecutor and defense attorney in criminal, family and appellate law, having handled over 7,000 cases from DUI to murder. Only three years after opening his own successful practice in 2007, he accepted a senior partnership at the firm Mayfield, Gruber & Sheets.

Dennis Prince, Senior Partner, has an extensive background in trial practice, personal injury, insurance law and commercial litigation that has resulted in numerous multi-million dollar verdicts. Dennis is a past president of the American Board of Trial Advocates and was named Trial Lawyer of the Year by the Nevada Justice Association in 2016.

Garrett T. Ogata attended The University of Maryland – School of Law. He began his career as a law clerk for Judge Michael Douglas in Clark County, Nevada. He focuses his practice in DUI defense and criminal defense. Garrett is knowledgeable, aggressive, and responsive - providing excellent representation for his clients.

Dana P. Oswalt, Esq. moved to Las Vegas in 2007 to attend the William S. Boyd School of Law, earning her Juris Doctorate degree in 2010. Since her licensure, she has practiced solely in the area of personal injury law representing injured plaintiffs with the law firm Benson & Bingham.

Donald Kudler has been representing victims of personal injury accidents since 1993. He has appeared in nearly 100 Trials, including Short Trials, on behalf of his injured clients when he is unable to reach a settlement. Mr. Kudler is certified as an expert in Personal Injury and Civil Trial Advocacy.

Leland Eugene “Gene” Backus is a well-recognized civil trial lawyer who has been lead counsel in the country’s largest complex cases. He has been recognized as a Superlawyer, Top Lawyer, Best Civil Law Firm in Nevada and his firm as one of the Best Law Firms in Nevada. www.backuslaw. com.


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Representation through experience, diversity and creativity.


MITCHELL J. RESNICK Mitchell Resnick is the co-founder and managing shareholder of Resnick & Louis, P.C.—a renowned name in insurance and institutional defense litigation representing hotels and casinos, retail stores, restaurants, transportation companies, as well as insureds for specialty lines, construction defect litigation, professional liability, bodily injury, transportation (auto/trucking/rental car), life and disability litigation, employment law, intellectual property, insurance coverage, first party property, and damage claims. Mitch was previously named as one of the top attorneys with Southwest Super Lawyers and has been a featured speaker at different seminars around the country. Mitch is also a ranked Top 100 Lawyers in Las Vegas by My Vegas Magazine for 2017.

1st & 3rd Party Property

Fine Art & Species


General Liability

Bad Faith

Health Care Defense

Bodily Injury Defense

Hospitality & Retail Defense

Cannabis Litigation

Insurance Coverage

Commercial Litigation

Insurance Defense


Life Disability & Health


Maritime Defense

Cyber Liability

Probate & Trust

Directors and Officers

Product Liability

Employment Law

Product Recall


Professional Liability

Environmental Law


Equine & Livestock

Transportation & Trucking

Estate Planning

Workers’ Compensation

Financial Lines

















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TOP 100 LAWYERS OF THE YEAR Geri Tomich is a shareholder with Marquis Aurbach Coffing. Her practice includes asset protection, estate planning, probate, guardianships, estate & gift taxation, and business entity formation. Ms. Tomich often gives educational seminars to the community, contributes articles to local publications, and volunteers her time in various community outreach organizations. Gina Corena is the founding member of Gina Corena Law Firm, PLLC. Since its founding, Ms. Corena has established her firm on a platform of excellent customer service. In the decade since starting her legal career, Ms. Corena has established a reputation as a skilled and passionate client advocate. Jenny Lee is a practicing Nevada attorney who owns and operates Jenny Legal, a general practice law office established in 2015. She earned her law degree and Master’s in Business Administration at UNLV. As a Korean born and raised in South America, she is culturally diverse and fluent in both Spanish and Korean. Jessica Goodey is a founding partner at Becker Goodey, and top-rated personal injury and medical malpractice litigator. She is passionate about fighting for her clients and helping them through the difficulty of litigation. Jessica received her Juris Doctorate from William S. Boyd Law School and enjoys giving back to the Las Vegas community. Joanna M. Myers is Of Counsel in the firm’s Technology and Intellectual Property Group. She represents clients in a wide range of intellectual property and entertainment law matters. Her practice focuses on assisting clients with trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, publicity rights, and domain names and is licensed to practice in Nevada and California.


John R. Bailey is the founder and managing partner of Bailey Kennedy, LLP, where his emphasis is on commercial and corporate litigation, administrative healthcare law, and gaming law. Mr. Bailey also serves on the Board of Directors of Boyd Gaming Corporation. For almost ten years he served on the Nevada Athletic Commission as Chairman and a Commissioner.

Joseph P. Garin is a partner at Lipson Neilson P.C. His practice is concentrated in the defense of professional liability claims and ethics. He has represented more than 500 lawyers and other professionals. Joe is rated “AV-Preeminent” by Martindale-Hubbell® and has been chosen Super Lawyers by Thomson Reuters since 2007.

Joshua M. Dickey is a partner at Bailey Kennedy, LLP. His litigation practice focuses on complex civil disputes in such areas as commercial law, healthcare law, corporate law, business torts, and class actions. Additionally, Mr. Dickey advises clients on matters concerning healthcare, corporate governance, trade secrets, and covenants not to compete. Mr. Dickey also serves on the City of Henderson Charter Committee.

Joshua P. Gilmore, a partner at Bailey Kennedy, LLP, practices in the area of complex commercial litigation, handling contract claims and business torts. Mr. Gilmore also practices in the area of professional responsibility and legal ethics, handling matters involving legal malpractice, attorney disqualification, and State Bar discipline defense for attorneys.

Julie Mersch, honors gradute from Boston College and attended Washington University School of Law, and licensed in Missouri and Nevada. A solo practitioner, Julie’s practice represents disabled individuals seeking disability benefits under their employer’s disability plans and whose claims are governed by federal law under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Katie Goldberg, Esq has been a personal injury Attorney at Mainor Wirth since she passed the bar exam in 2014. She has litigated hundreds of cases involving motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice, and products liability. Katie’s efforts have resulted in millions of dollars’ worth of settlements for Mainor Wirth’s clients. Keith E. Galliher Jr. Has been a Las Vegas Lawyer for 45 years. He is a Trial Lawyer, Judge, Arbitrator and Mediator. He has received numerous accolades and is ranked in the top 1% of Lawyers in the United States. Most importantly, he has no plans to retire anytime soon. Kerry E. Kleiman is an attorney at Reid Rubinstein Bogatz where she engages in transactional work and civil litigation, with a focus on entertainment contract negotiation and BitTorrent copyright infringement defense. She can be reached at (702) 685-4313 or Kristy Black advises clients on estate planning, wealth transfer, asset management, and business succession matters. Kristy’s business background and acumen allow her to counsel clients with a focus on short-term and long-term business, finance, and tax implications. Consequently, Kristy often assists clients in the administration of complicated trusts and estates.

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The Singing Attorney: A Biography


eith Galliher has been a Las Vegan since 1962, with the focus and talent to do anything he sets his mind too. From singing his heart out, to annihilating a defendant, or in the Personal Injury world- an Insurance company, in the courtroom. This man will fight for you and serenade you, all at the same time. His catch phrase, and life mantra, is “Every day is a good day.” After 45 years in the Law business, he is keeping that phrase and living up to it every day. Pleased to introduce you to the myth and legend of ‘The Singing Attorney’, Keith Galliher. Growing up, Keith was an incredible arguer, especially with whatever his mother wanted him to do at the time. Of course, it got under his mothers’ skin, and further brought her to say that he would be an excellent lawyer. At this time of his career, yes- starting now, he took this statement with a grain of salt. Even so, it certainly carved him into being an instinctually tenacious person from that age and on.

Before even thinking of delving into the law though, in the 11th grade, he quickly began to love to play ball. And he was great at it. After graduating from Western High School, he received a full Sports Scholarship for Baseball to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He was the shepherd of his family, meaning that he is the oldest of 11 brothers and sisters. Being that he had to be the responsible older brother, he was already ready for his future in the 8th grade. Though, his visions as an 12-year-old were a little unorthodox, including being an Entomologist, he soon internalized his inherent skill for making arguments and getting out of trouble. Before even thinking of delving into the law though, in the 11th grade, he quickly began to love to play ball. And he was great at it. After graduating from Western High School, he received a full Sports Scholarship for Baseball to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. After only one and a half years of attending UNLV, something intense changed his life forever.


While playing versus the University of Wyoming, he suffered a major elbow injury to his pitching arm. He thought his life was over, but “everything happens for a reason,” he says. After losing his scholarship, he dove into his studies. Even through high school, he glossed through his classes and passed with great grades by doing well on tests. He was very bright but didn’t exert any effort for school work. He thought, “well, I wonder what I could do if I actually applied myself.” After his elbow healed, he was devoted to academics and gaining his degree in Business Administration. He is proud to say that losing his scholarship and focusing on school was the best thing to ever happen to him. In his own words, “I was good at ball. Not good enough to make it to the big leagues, but I was good. Now, I am so glad I made it out of that thought process and focused so that I could do something more productive.” Mr. Galliher later went on to earn his Law doctorate at Arizona State University- Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. He graduated in 1974 with the knowledge and drive to be a lawyer. He worked briefly at Lionel Sawyer & Collins when he was first starting out, but quickly realized “it wasn’t really his cup of tea or mentality.” He decided to spin off on his own with a dear colleague of his, Lamond Mills. He successfully opened the Mills-Galliher Law Firm which was open for about 4 and a half years. After short, plentiful years, he gained about 9 attorneys to work along with him, and the simple name of his law firm quickly changed to Mills, Galliher, Lukens, Gibson, Schwartzer & Shinehouse. After the practice turned a bit larger than expected, he made the executive decision to go solo. He prefers to be independent in his work and he knows he operates well that way. When inquiring if he had a mentor while first starting out, he explained that he more so had people he looked up to, but he wouldn’t call them a mentor. Back then, it was a different mentality and people learned things from doing rather than from another. He explained that it made him a much stronger, more imaginative attorney. Now, as the Galliher Law Firm stands, he has

By: Sarah Moninger

one associate working alongside him as an Of Counsel, named George Kunz. George is a retired NFL all Pro Offensive Tackle, and ex Restaurant Owner, and much more. George decided after much of his entrepreneurship, that the one thing he hadn’t done yet was become a lawyer. He graduated from his Juris Doctorate at age 65 and has now served 6 years alongside Galliher. Keith has worked with his daughter, Christy, and his brother, Jeffrey, as Personal Injury Lawyers, and he absolutely loves the support and comfort they bring to the office.

After opening the Galliher Law Firm, he found the love of his life. Not his job as you might think, actually, a beautiful woman named Linda. He was captivated, and after 3 years of courting her, they were happily married. Linda works beside Keith at his office and is the firms’ Chief Financial Officer. He often tells people, “I work for her!” which gets a laugh for sure, but he sees it as complete truth. He also says that “I make the money and she spends it. She is my right hand.” She ensures that all the right people get paid and that their vendors are taken care of. He thrives with her around, and they thoroughly enjoy working with each other. In December of 2008, he wanted to do something special for Linda for Christmas. He knew that

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

purses and jewelry were getting a bit repetitive, even for him, so he had to do something special. He called up a very close friend and music producer, Rock N’ Roll Hall of Famer, Clarence Collins, to help him record a song for his wife. Jokingly Keith said, “After he (Clarence) stopped laughing, he said well okay, okay and we went into the studio and recorded Eric Clapton’sWonderful Tonight.” Keith took the final mix of the song and played it for Linda on their way to dinner. Linda was over the moon, not to mention crying her eyes out, and so impressed with what he did. A year passes, and Keith is back in the studio with Clarence for another song for Linda. This time, he performs Elton John’s- Blue Eyes, as both his daughter and wife have blue eyes. Clarence knew he had a gift by the second song they recorded together. Flash forward to today, Keith is on song number 59. He has recorded nine albums and working on the tenth. He has won 64 International Music Awards. Also, he has an entire room dedicated to his Internet Radio Show, called Two Paths. This is a weekly show regarding Music and Law, and the subjects switch every week. When Keith has spare time, which can be rare, he enjoys making music and spending time with his wife. When asked what hopes he has for the future, he said to sing more and to never retire. Not only is he in love with his wife, he is in love with his line of work. There is not one case that he hasn’t seen to its end conclusion and result. Working extremely hard and working forwards instead of backwards, Keith says, is the key to never being bored. He hopes to help many more people bring their claims and get the best resolution possible.

Keith has never felt more confident in his firm. He has an incredible support team and loving surroundings. After 45 years in business, Keith has never felt more confident in his firm. He has an incredible support team and loving surroundings. His music career is skyrocketing. In fact you will find his music on Spotify, iTunes, iHeart Radio, Google Music and more. Listen to his music or podcast today, you will not be disappointed. More so, if you need a confident and experienced Lawyer to handle your Personal Injury matter, call the office 7 days a week at 702-735-0049. Every day is a good day with Keith Galliher. MV Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:


TOP 100 LAWYERS OF THE YEAR Margo Chernysheva, focuses her practice in immigration law where she works tirelessly to pursue client satisfaction. She assists clients as they apply for family, work, and investor visas, permanent residency, and U.S. citizenship through naturalization. Her experience includes business immigration, investor visa, immigration court, waivers of inadmissibility, fiancée visas, and family-sponsored immigration.

Nick Crosby is a shareholder with Marquis Aurbach Coffing. His practice includes labor/employment law, municipal liability, constitutional law, and civil rights (defense). He represents management in labor arbitrations and labor-management proceedings regarding contract interpretation, discipline and discharge matters. He has litigated over 100 binding labor arbitrations and labor-management proceedings.

Mark R. Smith, ESQ. is a Nevada attorney, focusing primarily on entertainment and intellectual property law, business law, civil litigation, and family law, but is well-versed in all areas of legal practice. Mark is passionate about entertainment, and prior to practicing law he worked as a manager, radio personality, and actor.

Nick Pomponio recently opened his own law firm, Pomponio Injury Law, in order to focus on providing the highest level of customer service to all of his clients, believing that each client is not a number, but rather a part of the family. Give Nick a call today!

Michael P. Balaban has handled labor and employment cases for mostly employees since 1997. During that time Michael has represented numerous clients in cases involving discrimination or other employment related claims, including cases brought under Title VII, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Family Medical Leave Act, for wrongful termination, for whistle blowing, for wages and hours disputes, for unemployment benefits and for employment benefits.

Mitchell Resnick is the co-founder and managing partner of Resnick & Louis, P.C. A renowned name in insurance and institutional defense litigation, representing hotels and casinos, retails stores, commercial litigation, regulatory/administrative, and real estate litigation. Mitch is licensed to practice law in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Jersey, and New York.


Paul Acker is a Partner in the Las Vegas office of Resnick & Louis, P.C. He concentrates his practice in all aspects of civil litigation including insurance defense, bad faith, construction defect, personal injury and general liability. He earned his law degree from Hastings College of the Law, University of California. Paul Powell is a respected personal injury lawyer with a reputation of never taking more money than his clients. In over the last decade, Paul’s settlements and paid jury verdicts have eclipsed $200 Million. In more than 68 cases, Paul has orchestrated settlements at or above $1 Million. Peter Mazzeo, of Mazzeo Law, licensed in Nevada and New York, has litigated Personal Injury cases in mediations, arbitrations and trials and has successfully appealed and argued cases before the Nevada Supreme Court. Mazzeo is a highly respected and skilled trial attorney with a proven track record for amassing numerous trial wins.

Rena McDonald, native Nevadan, has recently relocated and expanded her firm to downtown Henderson. Her areas of practice include Business Development, Family Law, Estate Planning and Bankruptcy. Nominated for the HCC’s 2017 Small Business Award, and as Board member of The Shade Tree, she contributes to her community. Robert Adams is a Partner at Eglet Prince. His primary area of practice is mass torts and product liability. Robert is also heavily involved in trial preparation and trial strategy of the firm’s cases that go to trial. Although Robert enjoys his anonymity at Eglet Prince, trial lawyers that handle multi-million dollar cases in Nevada are certainly aware of who he is. Robert Eglet, Senior Partner, has been trying cases for 30+ years. The only trial lawyer to obtain the largest personal injury verdict in America twice, and has obtained more multi-million-dollar verdicts than any lawyer in Nevada history. Robert is a member of the Inner Circle of Advocates, and Nevada’s Trial Lawyer of the Year in 2005 and 2012. Robert J. Flummerfelt, JCL, ESQ. is the founder of Canon Law Services, a full-service civil law firm that is also a world-renowned canon law practice, operating within the legal structure of the Catholic Church. As a predominant force in American canonical representation, Robert’s firm is involved in recent Diocesan investigations around the country. Robert Lueck provides legal services as both a highly trained and experienced Arbitrator and Mediator as well as advocacy services for individual clients seeking qualified attorney representation for collaborative, mediated and arbitrated divorces in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada.

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(702) 4-INJURY


(702) 4-LAWYER



IRAQ Vtake ETERAN Don’t our word for it… read our reviews:


Las Vegas’ 100 Best | MyVegas Magazine

Robert J. Flummerfelt, JCL, ESQ. ATTORNEY | CANON LAWYER


Robert J. Flummerfelt, JCL, ESQ., is the founder of Canon Law Services, LLC, a fullservice Las Vegas-based civil law firm that is also a world-renowned canon law practice, operating within the legal structure of the Catholic Church. Canon Law Services, one of the largest and most accomplished practices of its kind in the United States, is heavily involved with all forms of legal representation associated with allegations of clergy abuse.

practice, having personally handled hundreds of cases dealing with all areas of family law, personal injury claims, criminal defense, premises liability, civil rights, real estate matters, and general civil litigation.

Robert has practiced canon law for nearly two decades, serving in various capacities of ecclesiastical tribunals from advocate, defender of the bond, to assessor and judge, and Robert has handled more than 4,500 marriage annulments. As a former professor of tribunal studies and a published national consultant on interecclesial canonical matters, Robert is cited as an expert on canon law in publications regularly across the country and the world.

Born and raised in Auburn, New York, Robert received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Cornell University in 1996, majoring in Government. From there, Robert attended The Catholic University of America in Washington D.C., where he earned his Licentiate in Canon Law (J.C.L.) in May of 1999. It was at this point that he began his Canon Law Practice. Robert relocated to Las Vegas in 2000 and while working to grow his canonical practice, he decided to add a new area to his studies and practice. He attended the William S. Boyd School of Law at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, graduating in 2008, and passing the Nevada bar that same year.

In addition to his canon law practice, Robert is committed to his active civil

Robert’s office represents priests, deacons, and laypeople engaging in legal

For more info: ATTORNEYATLAWLV.COM / CANONLAW.US / +1.702.726.6777

processes in the Catholic Church’s legal framework. In doing so, Canon Law Services has been intimately involved in numerous capacities with the investigations associated with widespread allegations of clerical abuse in the United States and around the world that made news just last year. Robert works with the accused and those bringing allegations alike to ensure that justice is upheld and the right to a good defense is met for all parties in all disputes and investigations. Currently, Robert assumes a predominant role in ecclesiastical law in the United States and throughout the world while enjoying an active civil law practice in Nevada. Those who know Robert best would add that he is a loving husband and father of two boys. Robert is grateful for the opportunity to serve his clients and especially those individuals who come to him in an extremely difficult time in their lives and works diligently to serve their interests fully.

MyVegas Magazine

MARK R. SMITH, ESQ. | Mark Smith is my main man. I trust him to handle all of my legal needs from traffic tickets to trademark litigation. Mark always has my back.


Mark is on it when I need legal advice. He’s my guy.

-Dizzy Wright, Hip-Hop Artist

-Todd Kerns, Rock Musician

Mark R. Smith has been accurately described as a ‘reinaissance man’. This designation remains as true for Mark’s law practice as it does his personal history. Mark began life in a Bostonian suburb called ‘Woburn’, famous for its representation in the novel and film ‘A Civil Action’. Mark studied Theatre Arts between 1985 and 1987, then hosted/ produced a local access Cable television program throughout the Greater Boston Area. Mark also began managing independent bands and artists something that he has continued doing into the present for some clients. In 1989, Mark relocated to Los Angeles, California.

+1.702.726.6777 /MARK R. SMITH ESQ.

In the early 90’s, Mark hosted and produced a radio program in the Los Angeles Cable market called “Hunter Smith Radio Program,” syndicated across cable networks throughout the U.S. It was around this time that Mark joined the California Emergency Mobile Patrol Search and Rescue Team, where he served as Treasurer on the Board of Directors. As a member of CEMP, Mark participated in search and rescue operations during the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. In 1999, Mark began working as a civilian contractor at the U.S. Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards Air Force Base. While working on military test flight programs at Edwards AFB, and raising three

young daughters with his wife, Mark earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration/Management, graduating summa cum laude from Regis University in 2006. This was when Mark relocated to Las Vegas, where he attended the William S. Boyd School of Law, earning his Juris Doctorate in December of 2009. Mark started his own practice, the Law Offices of Mark R. Smith, in 2012, and came to work with Robert Flummerfelt at Canon Law Services in 2017. As an attorney, Mark practices primarily in the areas of entertainment and intellectual property law,

business law, civil litigation, and family law, but is wellversed and experienced in all areas of legal practice. Mark’s clients who work in entertainment appreciate that he understands the creative process, and the sensibilities and needs of creative people, given his experience in the industry. Whether it was growing up on a housing project block, hosting his own radio/ TV programs, managing bands, performing search and rescue operations, or practicing law, Mark has always been a a resilient and passionate fighter, a ‘creative’ at heart, and a ‘renaissance man’.

TOP 100 LAWYERS OF THE YEAR Roger Croteau has dedicated his firm to solving complex legal and financial problems utilizing the law to create intelligent and cost effective solutions. Mr. Croteau focuses on litigation matters involving commercial / business disputes, personal injury matters, bankruptcy and family disputes. Each member of the firm handles your legal problems with competency, compassion and concerns. Sagar Raich is the Managing Member of Raich Law PLLC, a Nevada Law Firm serving Businesses of all size – from startups to companies generating nine figure revenues. Mr. Raich has successfully handled many complex litigation and transactional matters. He can be reached at 702-758-4240 or at Shane Young grew up in Las Vegas. While 5 months pregnant with identical twins, she graduated Magna Cum Laude from Pepperdine University. She started law school on her twins’ 1st birthday, and started her legal career in 2005. Her practice areas are Estate Planning, Kids Protection Planning, Business, and Personal Injury. Shemilly Briscoe is the founder of Briscoe Law Group with a focus on reasonable and exceptional service related to personal injury and construction transactions and litigation. Shemilly assists contractors and business owners with Nevada State Contractors Board compliance. She is committed to her clients and family. Soraya Aguirre provides advice on the full range of estate and family business planning issues. With 15+ years of experience, she advises individual, corporate, and tax-exempt clients regarding numerous personal legal matters, complex estate planning, probate, estate and trust administration, family wealth transfer dynamics, business structuring and succession planning, asset protection, and philanthropy.


Stephen Nwogbe As a second-generation Las Vegas native, Mr. Nwogbe takes great pride in providing elite legal representation to his community. His firm exclusively handles personal injury matters, and his zealous dedication to recovering maximum compensation for those injured in accidents is unparalleled. He is currently listed as a Top 40 under 40 Lawyer by The National Trial Lawyers Association. Call today for a free consultation!

Tin Hwang A lifelong Nevada resident, Tin Hwang is a first-generation Chinese-American with her family roots extending from Taiwan. She lived in Taiwan for nearly two years and is fluent in Mandarin, Chinese. She enjoys a diverse general practice with an emphasis on family law, personal injury, and estate planning.

Steve Dimopoulos is Las Vegas’ up-andcoming personal injury attorney. Recent highlights include his receipt of the National Trial Lawyers Top 40 under 40 recognition as well as his launch of two additional legal representation brands (Crash Cashers Injury Attorneys and Ticket Trashers Traffic Citation Attorneys).

Tracy Eglet, is the lead negotiator and Managing Partner at Eglet Prince, and has negotiated hundreds of product defect and general negligence cases, with combined settlements totaling over $350 million. Tracy helped secure the firm’s status as one of the Top 50 Trial Firms and Top 12 Plaintiff Injury Firms in the US.

Terry Coffing is the president/managing partner of Marquis Aurbach Coffing. With over 25 years of experience, he has gained a diverse litigation background in jury and bench trials. Mr. Coffing has obtained multi-million dollar verdicts and served as defense counsel in multi-million dollar claims on behalf of his clients. Terry Moore is a shareholder at Marquis Aurbach Coffing. His practice includes real estate matters with a particular emphasis on commercial real estate, landlord-tenant issues, title insurance and escrow litigation. Mr. Moore represents numerous commercial and residential property management companies, commercial building owners, title insurers and title agents throughout Nevada. Tim Riley With deep experience representing clients before the Internal Revenue Service, Tim brings unique skills to bear on his clients’ estate and family business planning issues. His intimate knowledge of tax code allows him to help his clients structure their wealth so that it grows while maintaining compliance with tax law.

Adam Kutner Alex De Castroverde Amanda Connor Chad Golightly Chris Kaempher Damon Dias Dana A. Dwiggins Danielle Liss Dawn Cica Derek Connor E. Brent Bryson Eric Blank Farhan Naqvi Glen Lerner Jamie S. Cogburn Jason Close Jennifer Lazovich Jonathan Nelson Kristin Cogburn L. Joe Coppedge Lance Maningo Lawrence Ruiz Lyssa Anderson Mark Albright Mark Henness Michael Haight Michael Mushkin Orlando De Castroverde Paul Lal Peter Bernhard Richard Cunningham Richard Harris Rob McCoy Tiffany Ballenger Tony Celeste Xenophon M. Peters

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Injuries – Litigation – Trial – Appeals Adam Breeden, the principal of Breeden & Associates, has been a litigator for more than a decade. In all, he is licensed in four different states and nine different federal jurisdictions in addition to appearing in front of several administrative boards to argue legal matters. In Nevada alone he has litigated in six different districts and handled multiple appeals, including successful oral argument before the Nevada Supreme Court. Having originally been a defense attorney litigator for many years, Mr. Breeden turned his own law practice into a personal injury and litigation law frm for plaintiffs. He’s not only a published legal author but has also completed a formal AAA mediator training and is a tireless supporter of pro bono/legal aid projects in Nevada.

Call today to Evaluate your Case

702.508.9250 Congratulations to Adam Breeden, MyVegas Magazine Top 100 Lawyer 2016 and 2017 7432 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 101, Las Vegas, NV 89117 P: 702.508.9250 F: 702.508.9365 Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:



Driven to be Successful –

How Sagar Raich Became the Most Powerful Business Lawyer in Las Vegas


ow does one become the Most Powerful Business Lawyer in Las Vegas? If you are Sagar Raich, it is straightforward – tremendous hard word, dedication to clients, and consistently winning. The success as a lawyer that he has achieved, however, has its roots in Raich’s upbringing. From a very young age, Sagar Raich was driven and motivated to succeed. Early on, Raich was inspired to chase his goals and tend to his academics. Raich was raised in Las Vegas, and as a child, faced the adversity of poverty. As he describes, it was quite “character building.” Through such ‘character building,’ he has taught himself to work for the things in life that weren’t in his grasp, and it has completely worked to

his benefit. From an exceptional academic performance to working towards giving back to his city, Raich, now, a 2018 40 Under 40 Business Lawyer by the American Association of Trial Lawyers, is an inspiration to many young men and women who dream of achieving more. Sagar Raich, as a younger man, dreamt of growing up to be a lawyer, just like his grandfather. Raich’s grandfather had helped the poor, those whose civil rights were violated, and many who could not help or defend themselves. Inspired by such lawyering, Raich held the Law in a high regard and aspired to help people. After attending high school at Advanced Technology Academy in Las Vegas, Raich received a full Honors Scholarship to the University of Las

By: Sarah Moninger

Vegas, where he sharpened his business skills by double majoring and triple minoring in Finance, Economics, Mathematical Sciences, Accounting, and Business Law while maintaining a nearperfect GPA. Raich later went on to the William S. Boyd Law School, also on a full academic scholarship, and graduated Law School with honors. Today, Raich continues his passion for academia by giving back to our community as a Professor of Legal Studies at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. While studies will get one far, and fast, the way that most people succeed is through hard work and through the pursuit of an absolute passion. Not only does Sagar have a passion for Law, he also has a true passion for animals and for saving them. Watching his grandmother’s love and care of animals was inspiring to him, and in his opinion, “showed great moral character.” Although he doesn’t have any pets of his own due to his work schedule, he does have a deep appreciation for the cause and wants to help as much as he can. Sagar’s goal is to save 100 million animals in his lifetime. Another extreme passion of his are cars – really, exotic cars. Sagar’s passion for cars began when he was a young adult and when he saw cars as symbols of success. If a garage with nice cars is one’s benchmark for success, Sagar has certainly achieved tremendous success and then some. While his collection is growing every few months (literally), Sagar’s three favorite cars from his collection are his classy White Ferrari, exiting Orange Lamborghini, and his comfortable daily-driven Rolls Royce. After working hard, his cars are Sagar’s reward to himself, and, coming from a humble background, he is honored and appreciative to be able to own them today. In his spare time, Sagar can be found at a car show or a race track, participating, appreciating, and of course, winning. Closer to home, from caring for siblings to making sure he was always there for his parents, Raich is a genuinely caring, family man. When asked what motivates him to keep going, Raich’s response was that his family and dedication to


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Sagar’s Car Collection is one proof of his solid legal victories. Pictured above, his collection includes vehicles from multiple manufacturers including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, and others.

his clients have gotten him farther than anything. While, his family certainly was a driving force in him to work hard, it was his dedication to his clients that made him one of the fiercest lawyers in and out of the courtroom. While thoughtfully applying the values he learned from his family, Sagar fearlessly decided to open up his own Business Law Firm - Raich Law PLLC. He chose to pursue Business Law because it was the field he knew would truly help people build something for themselves. Given his conscientiousness, Sagar realized that having a Law Firm where he could constructively reinforce and help others build their businesses and dreams would allow him to help local businesses, thereby allowing Sagar to give back to his home - Las Vegas. Having honed his legal skills at law firms, large and small, Sagar found a complete vision for his own firm. He knew that his firm would be large to handle all kinds of business related issues, but small enough to ensure attention to each and every client. Today, Raich is present in every one of his court cases and focuses on the ‘end result’ for each of his clients. He says that his focus on his clients’ needs is the most important part of what he does. Not surprisingly, inquiring what attributes make him different from other lawyers, an immediate answer was “attention” and “quality for any and everyone.” As indicated to us by some

of his clients, Sagar will “hold you and your case to a high standard and work to the best of his ability for the end result.” His dedication to his clients and winning their cases and certainly led to significant growth in his law firm. Sagar has successfully opened two offices in Las Vegas, one in Central Vegas and another in Henderson, so that it is easy for clients who may live in different areas of town to seek his help. The law offices are always expanding and hiring new associates and paralegals. Sagar has plans to open a third location this year. While Sagar is busy running his own Law Firm and taking time to tend to his cars, he also has proven his commitment to our community. As briefly mentioned earlier, Sagar gives back to UNLV, as a Professor teaching legal studies classes. He finds it thoroughly constructive and a great way of helping others learn and take advantage of his academic and professional understandings. Based on our conversations with those in the legal community, when Sagar has a chance to help others, he, without blinking, takes the opportunity to do so. Sagar’s actions have led him to attain respect within the legal community as indicated by his taking on multiple ProBono cases, Pro Bono Honor Roll of the Nevada State Bar, and winning Pro Bono Awards and recognitions. Sagar has also been highlighted multiple times and even published in the Nevada

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Lawyer Magazine, the official magazine for the State Bar of Nevada, and has written on business issues and ways to help lawyers in light of a changing legal landscape. It is evident, that Sagar Raich and his law firm, Raich Law PLLC are based on hard work, strong client representation, and consistent victories, in and out of court. From his rise from a humble background to his successful growth and from his representation of clients, large and small, for all kinds of Business issues and matters, to his dedication to Southern Nevada, Sagar Raich has certainly earned his ranking as the Most Powerful Business Lawyer in Las Vegas, NV. MV * Raich Law PLLC can be reached at 702-758-4240; Sagar Raich can be reached at



Dynamic Duo of Becker Goodey

April Becker is a founding partner at the law firm Becker Goodey and is a top-rated business litigator & real estate attorney. April is actively involved in her family’s real estate and gaming businesses. This real-world business experience provides clients with an advantage navigating through complex business matters. A long-time Southern Nevada resident, she has deep roots in the community. April received her Juris Doctor from William Boyd School of Law in 2009, and her B.A. in Political Science / Minor Criminal Justice (Cum Laude) from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, in 2006. After completing her legal education, April worked several years at a large local Las Vegas firm. In 2012, April was inducted into the “100 Hours Club” by the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada for providing over 100 hours of Pro Bono legal aid to those in need. She has been recognized as Nevada Legal Elite since 2016. She was also selected as a Super Lawyer Rising Star since 2017. April is also an Associate Fellow with the Litigation Council of America. In 2017, April obtained one of the top ten jury verdicts in Las Vegas. Over the past two decades, April has served in multiple volunteer positions at The Meadows School. In 2014, April was elected to serve as a Trustee on The Board of Trustees at The Meadows School. April also currently serves as a Member on the UNLV Libraries Advisory Board. April is passionate about education and believes the future of Nevada depends on making excellent education accessible to all children. In her spare time, April enjoys traveling, community involvement, and spending time with her family.


Jessica Goodey is a founding partner at Becker Goodey, and a top-rated personal injury and medical malpractice litigator. She is passionate about fighting for her clients and helping them through the difficulty of litigation. Jessica received her Juris Doctorate from William S. Boyd School of Law in 2010, and her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a Minor in Italian from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Prior to starting Becker Goodey, Jessica worked several years at a large local Las Vegas firm, as well as a short time at a large national firm. Jessica gives back to the Las Vegas community whenever possible. She is a volunteer with the Clark County Law Foundation, as well as a Child Advocate Attorney through the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada CAP Program. She also regularly volunteers for the annual Nevada High School Mock Trial Regional Competition. In 2018, Jessica was elected to represent her fellow lawyers on the Nevada State Bar Board of Governors. Jessica not only enjoys her work, but also the success she has earned for her clients. She has been recognized as a Legal Elite since 2015, as well as a Mountain States Rising Star since 2017. In 2017, Jessica received recognition for one of the 10 highest jury verdict awards in Clark County, and, in 2018, Jessica was recognized as a “Top 10 Under 40” in the field of Personal Injury by the National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys. Outside of the courtroom, Jessica enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and baking. MV

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AGGRESSIVE. EXPERIENCED. RESPONSIVE. CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEYS SERVING LAS VEGAS, NEVADA DUI/DWI Criminal Defense Traffic Violations Internet Crimes Drug Crimes Sex Crimes Domestic Violence

726 S. Casino Center Blvd. Suite #211 Las Vegas, Nevada 89101 702.598.1299 Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:



A Pair of Power Attorneys


his is no ordinary personal injury law firm, and these are no ordinary women. When people’s lives, their ability to enjoy life, their ability to work—their hope is at stake, who will be their voice? Many in the industry would agree that the grey-haired male, trial attorney is the classic idea that emerges when that question is asked. Katie Goldberg and Ash Ganier, in their short careers, are demonstrating that flipping the script on that notion is giving them an edge in an industry dominated traditionally by men. The partners at Mainor Wirth Injury Lawyers sought the kind of women that fit that profile, but more appropriately, these women sought to work at a place that embraced it. They want an institution where get out of my way, I’m doing this approach to becoming a great trial attorney is encouraged. “I’ve never understood why partners at other firms stick their young associates in a closet and tell them they aren’t ready for oral argument, depositions, let alone trial,” says Brad Mainor who four months out of law school tried his 1st solo District Court trial. “Perhaps I give these women the same opportunity I had because I know it works.” One year after his first trial, Brad tried a contested premise liability case against a large corporation and a jury awarded his client a multi-million-dollar verdict. It is no surprise that Katie Goldberg argued before the Nevada Supreme Court a mere year out of law school. “It is unheard of,” says Joseph Wirth, “that such a young attorney would be


trusted so much responsibility, but as expected she handled it masterfully.” The Mainor Wirth approach is very deliberate to that end. They liken themselves as the San Antonio Spurs of law firms in Las Vegas. A developmental firm. The Spurs franchise is famously known for taking just about any NBA player, at any stage of their career and developing them in a way that plays to their strengths. In her everyday practice, Katie handles her own caseload, directs her staff, conducts discovery, and takes depositions. One of her most notable qualities is the relationships she establishes with her clients. “They know her, they trust her, and they believe in her,” says James Urrutia, who has teamed up with her on several cases. “I attribute much of the success and client satisfaction to the strengths that she brings to the table.” Ash Ganier is cut from a much different cloth. She started in the legal field as a copy clerk at the age of 17. “There is an authenticity to her self-made story that I’ve never witnessed,” says Brad Mainor. While attending law school at Boyd School of Law, Ash was promoted to office manager while also handling a load of cases as a paralegal. Upon passing the bar, she was immediately entrusted as the managing attorney at Mainor Wirth. “It is remarkable what this woman has accomplished so early in her career,” says Joe Wirth. Brad Mainor and Joe Wirth work very closely with Ash on their high-profile litigation cases. Most of them at a value starting

at 7 figures. “What does it say about a woman who has just earned her JD to manage a group of attorneys much older and more experienced than herself?” The very day she was sworn in, she was scheduled to depose a defendant in one of her cases. Most lawyers in other firms aren’t given that opportunity for years. These women are the future of trial lawyers in Las Vegas. Both received the CALI Future in Excellence Award in law school. Based on where they are, what they’ve accomplished, and what they stand for—you could say those awards were almost prophetic. Indeed, Ash and Katie are no ordinary women. Meet them, they are extraordinary. MV

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CONGRATULATIONS to our very own...

Joshua P. Gilmore

John R. Bailey

Dennis L. Kennedy

Joshua M. Dickey

for being named

MYVEGAS’ Top 100 Lawyers in Las Vegas for 2019 Andrea M. Champion • Scott A. Eaton • Mark H. Goldstein Sarah E. Harmon • Joseph A. Liebman • Kelly B. Stout • Paul C. Williams Founded in 2001, Bailey Kennedy, LLP has assembled a dynamic team of experienced and respected professionals focused on litigation, appellate law, hospital and healthcare law, business and corporate law, real estate law, administrative and gaming law, and ethics and professional responsibility law.

8984 Spanish Ridge Avenue • Las Vegas, NV 89148 702.562.8820 •


Standing Up to “ERISA”


ith few exceptions, those of us comprising the “work force” in America — whether as an employer, employee, or in both capacities — are affected by the federal law, regularly referred to as “ERISA.” We have all opened that piece of mail that purports to explain how our health plan paid, or didn’t pay, for a particular medical service or procedure. At the bottom of the page, in fine print, are notified of our “ERISA rights of appeal.” What? Wait a minute. What is ERISA, what are rights of appeal, and how do I exercise those rights. . . Thinking at the same time: “Do I have a basis for appeal and how do I find out if I do?” Enter the arcane world of ERISA. “ERISA” is an acronym for the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. This federal statute and interpreting regulations govern the majority of insurance claims submitted by employees with benefits through their employer group benefit plans. ERISA created minimum standards that employers must follow: 1) in the administration and funding of pension plans and 2) in the administration of health care, disability, life, and similar “welfare plans” they offer to their employees. While the federal act is highly regulated, enforcement of those regulations and standards on behalf of the employee is generally left to a coterie of civil attorneys across the nation. Those attorneys must be aware of potential obstacles to success and their ability to present an effective appeal, and proceed to federal court if necessary, including: 1) strict time limitations on presenting internal appeals (the “exhaustion” requirement); 2) how courts will review the “evidence” if the internal appeal is denied, otherwise known as the “standard of

review”; 3) limitations on a claimant’s ability to develop and present evidence in support of claim payment; and 4) time limitations on filing suit. I am one of those attorneys. My practice focuses on assisting employees covered under employer group plans to obtain disability benefits that have either been terminated or denied. More and more, disability plans are funded through insurance. That is, the employer obtains an insurance policy from an insurer in the business — like Aetna, Hartford, Prudential, the Standard, Unum — and then offers that benefit to its employees as an incident of employment. In some instances, the employer pays the premium for the benefit which results in disability benefits being taxable; in other plans, the employee pays the premium which generally results in a tax-free disability benefit. Recently, the Department of Labor promulgated new disability claims regulations which went into effect on April 1, 2018. These regulations offer claimants more procedural protections when benefits are denied. Employers, such as physicians and other medical providers, run into the ERISA morass when plans deny payment for services already rendered to patients and “pre-approved,” or otherwise covered under the plan language. Although these medical providers have a time limited right of appeal for denied claims assigned by their patients, as a practical matter, health care providers are not in the business of fighting insurance claim denials governed by ERISA and are not equipped to navigate the many legal “minefields” which must be hurdled for a successful appeal. Consequently, providers are left pursuing payment from their patients, who themselves are frustrated by the situation.

By Julie Mersch

Although the need for legal representation is acute, few attorneys are willing to accept denied or terminated claims governed by ERISA. Why? Because success on the merits of the claim is difficult; the remedies available to claimants are limited; and an award of attorney’s fees is discretionary with the federal court (even if the attorney “wins” in court). Consequently, the people making the decisions to deny or pay ERISA-governed claims – known as The Plan Administrator or Claims Administrator – have little practical incentive to pay a claim indefinitely (no matter how impaired the claimant) or to reverse a denial of benefits. Unfortunately, I have found over the years that moral incentives to pay do not provide very effective arguments to insurance companies to fully and fairly decide claims. Conversely, private or individual disability policies and group plans not governed by ERISA (governmental and church plans, for example) afford greater protections from wrongful denials because claimants have both contractual and extra-contractual (think punitive damages) remedies available, which provide some incentive for insurers to think twice before denying those “individual” or “non- ERISA governed” claims. Because of the dearth of legal representation for ERISA claimants, it is especially important for employees to understand that coverage under group disability policies provides little assurance that, if and when the time comes to present a claim, that claim will be paid. When I first started working on ERISA claims, beginning in 1999, I received few, if any, calls seeking representation on short-term disability claims (vs. long-term disability claims). Over the years, however, my observation has changed, as I am frequently contacted for legal representation on short-term claims as well. Despite the challenges presented in representing individuals whose claims are governed by ERISA, it is always a happy day when I am able to achieve a victory for my client. Who, after all, is waiting for this “bread and butter” money to pay bills, provide for his or her children, and “put food on the table.” This disability money is just that: money to cover some, not all, of the wage loss from unemployment due to disability. I am thankful for, and blessed with, the opportunity to serve these intended beneficiaries of ERISA. MV


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Strength. Strategy. Expertise. Garman Turner Gordon is a Nevada law firm focusing on Business Civil Litigation, Bankruptcy and Restructuring, Estate Planning, Probate, Trusts & Guardianship, Real Estate & Corporate Law, Construction, and Finance & Banking.

725.777.3000 • 650 White Drive, Suite 100 • Las Vegas, NV 89119

Get The Legal Representation You Deserve Call Today For A Free Consultation 7455 Arroyo Crossing, Suite 220 Las Vegas, Nevada 89113 Phone: (702) 888-3887 • Fax: (702) 754-2570 Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:



Heads or Tails: Flipping for the Future


argo Chernysheva’s journey to leading the immigration practice at Fennemore Craig starts with the flip of a coin.

In 1992, after leaving the deteriorating Soviet Union with her husband and two suitcases of family belongings, Margo and her family immigrated to the US to seek a brighter future. With only $32 dollars in their possession and no English skills, starting a new life in the United States was a challenge. Very early on, it became apparent that education was a key to their success in the US. Margo and her husband, Meher Yepremyan, decided to flip a coin to see who would go to school first. Heads: her husband. Tails: Margo. It landed on heads. Margo’s husband enrolled in school and eventually attended Yale University School of Medicine where he earned an M.D., followed by internship, residency, and Retina fellowship. It took over 12 years. And in that time Margo wasn›t the least bit idle. While Dr. Yepremyan established his medical career, Margo went to school part-time earning a dual university degree in International Business and Economics, had two children, and rose through the ranks with Pfizer Pharmaceutical, eventually serving in a senior contracts specialist capacity negotiating their global merger and acquisition contracts. With the needs of her family changing, Margo decided to step back from her role at Pfizer and shifted to a role where she could consult to create some more flexibility for her family. This change ultimately sent her all over North America working for clients -- a demand that Margo and her husband hadn’t fully anticipated. Then, just as with the flip of a coin, fate stepped in during a meeting with a client who assumed that Margo was an attorney. When she reiterated that she was a sourcing specialist, not a lawyer, her client was still incredulous. Margo left the meeting entertained, and thinking. She shared the conversation with her husband who was immediately enthusiastic and declared that it was Margo’s turn to go back to school and together they decided she would go to law school at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, William S. Boyd School of Law.


An immigrant herself, Margo’s legal passion led her naturally to immigration law. Since 2009, she has been practicing exactly that, helping businesses and people globally address immigration issues. From H1B and investor visas to fiancé and family petitions. Being able to serve so many through her work in conjunction with her team has always felt like a blessing to Margo. So, when the opportunity to join Fennemore Craig came along in 2018, the prospect of being able to help more businesses navigate complex immigration issues made it an obvious choice. Today, Margo’s experience -- as an immigrant to the United States, as a woman in business, and her aptitude for the law and passion for helping people and businesses achieve their goals -makes that fateful coin flip all make sense. For Margo Chernysheva, everything happened in perfect timing to bring a seasoned immigration lawyer to a distinguished Mountain West firm like Fennemore Craig. Together with her team, Margo

helps Fennemore Craig Immigration Law clients with: • EB-5/E-1/E-2 investor visas • Immigration services for qualified citizens of Canada and Mexico under NAFTA • L-1, H-1 & H-2 employment-sponsored visas • Human resources general counsel and I-9 counsel for businesses small to large • Family sponsorship visas and family immigration • Advocacy and representation in deportation and other immigration hearings • Representation for those seeking asylum in the United States of America For businesses and people searching for the right team to help with their immigration legal issues, there’s no need to flip a coin, Margo and her team at Fennemore Craig are ready and willing to help. To hear the details of a true American success story and learn more about what Fennemore Craig’s Immigration Law practice can offer, reach out to Margo. MV

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Augusta Massey, Esq. and the entire staff of Massey & Associates Law Firm, PLLC wishes to congratulate all the attorneys in the category of the Top 100 Lawyers in Las Vegas. Continue to excel in our chosen profession! Massey & Associates Law Firm, PLLC offers services in the following areas: Business Law, Bankruptcy, Litigation and Personal Injury. We serve you with dedication, compassion, and fairness. Here’s what one client had to say: “You will never find a more caring and astounding attorney than Augusta! She’s simply the best!” ~ Maria A.

Call us for your legal needs. Augusta A. Massey, Esq. Massey & Associates 7465 W. Lake Mead Blvd., Ste. 100 Las Vegas, NV 89128 702-722-9906 (p) 702-479-7116 (f)

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Protect and Plan with

Young Law Group

Also, who would raise them if you weren’t here to do so. That’s long-term guardianship. The important thing to note is that an estate plan is a comprehensive plan. It covers a lot of pieces, from incapacity and disability to passing away to what happens long after that. What are a couple misconceptions or myths that you come across with respect to Estate Planning? One common misconception that I see frequently regarding Estate Planning is that many people think a will covers every estate planning

What are the firm’s main practice areas? Young Law Group’s main practice areas are Estate Planning (Wills, Trusts, POAs, Health Care Directives, etc.), Kids Protection Planning (Guardianship – Short and Long Term), Business (Formation, Start-Ups, Contracts, Disputes), and Personal Injury (Accidents). What would you say is the most overlooked practice area? By far, the most overlooked area is Estate Planning, which can be attributed to a number of reasons – many have a false sense of security and don’t realize that they’re leaving their families at risk without proper planning. Some put it off thinking that they have more time, and for those that have done some planning, they think they’re covered when they really aren’t and then something happens, and their loved ones end up in court and conflict. This is why education is so important, and it starts with knowing what Estate Planning is. An estate plan is a plan that comprehensively covers a lot of contingencies beyond just who gets what. ‘Who gets what’ is an important question, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle. Estate Planning also covers incapacity and disability. Who is making sure that your bills are paid, and your assets are being managed if you can’t do that? Who is making medical decisions for you, and who can talk to your doctors to find out how you’re doing? An estate plan covers that piece. It also covers guardianship. If you have minor children, you want to make sure that you’ve got the short-term emergency situation covered, who can be with your children overnight or for a short period if you need help.


contingency, all you need is the will and you’re good. That is absolutely false. A will doesn’t cover what happens if you’re incapacitated or disabled and, this might surprise you, but a will has to go through the probate court, be filed with the court, and a public lawsuit is actually commenced for a will to be effective. Another myth is that many people believe that if they are incapacitated or disabled, and they’re married, that their spouse can automatically exclusively act for them. That’s actually not true. Even though you’re married, there is no presumption that your spouse has your best interest at heart, so your spouse would have to go to the probate court to be legally appointed. If you’re needing medical and financial decisions made on your behalf, your spouse has to go to court just like anyone else would to act on your behalf, to get permission from the probate judge. These are just a couple of examples, but there are so many more. Does the firm offer any products or services that involve planning for minor children? Absolutely. We are the only firm in Las Vegas that offers comprehensive planning for families with minor children. It’s called a Kids Protection Plan®, and we include this for all clients with minor children at no additional charge. A Kids Protection Plan® is a set of instructions, legal documents and even an ID card for your wallet, which you need to have if you have kids at home who count on you for their well-being and care. If you are in an accident, your Kids Protection Plan® will make sure your children are never taken into the custody of Child Protective Services, strangers or the care of anyone you

wouldn’t want because the authorities don’t have clear instructions from you. And your Kids Protection Plan® will ensure your children are raised by people you choose, not someone chosen by a judge who doesn’t know you. What types of services do you offer on the business side? We offer a wide array of business services including entity formation, on-going general counsel services, business succession planning, and business disputes. We can help you design, implement, and maintain effective plans to help you reduce your personal liability, preserve all viable income tax deductions, facilitate your retirement, maintain family and business harmony, retain key employees, and minimize taxes. And, most importantly, we ensure that your business has the proper foundation to allow for maximum growth with minimal risk to you and your loved ones. We don’t just respond when things go wrong. We proactively monitor your business, so you can stay focused on the growth of your business. We focus on an integrated approach to business planning. We help you with your Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax issues, and we do all of this in the context of your family values and belief systems. To accomplish this, we encourage collaboration among all of your professional advisors to help create the most effective team for your success. Our fees and packages are intentionally structured so that we are all on the same side of the table when it comes to the success of your business. What sets you apart from all the other law firms in Las Vegas? I worked in the big firm and corporate setting for over 15 years. I saw the disconnect between lawyers and clients, which often resulted in a bad outcome for the client. I didn’t want that for my clients. For me, it’s important to establish a relationship where clients can share information and receive the best value and counsel. I put myself in my clients’ shoes and treat them the way I would want to be treated. I’m a business owner, a wife, a mom…so I’m passionate about helping others similarly situated. MV

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Cap & Kudler

3202 West Charleston Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89102

(702) 878.8778


“TOP 100 WOMEN” and “TOP 100 LAWYER” IN 2018. WIN WITH TIN 702.820.0888 2880 S. Jones Blvd., Suite 2, Las Vegas, NV 89146 702.820.0888 Instagram: hwanglaw_group

Tin Hwang

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Top 10 Attorney Associations in Las Vegas


elow are the Top 10 Attorney Associations that are not only highly-regarded, but are the most influential group of people for justice in Las Vegas. If you’ve wanted to learn more about legal topics and have questions, these associations have meetings and events that are educational! Learn more at each of their websites. Clark County Bar Association – CCBA has monthly meetings with attorney topics and lunch at great local restaurants. Continuing legal education, along with annual networking and mixer meetups. Visit online at or at 717 S. 8th Street and become an associate member.


Federal Bar Association Las Vegas Chapter - FBA is the national connection to events nationwide for the Federal Bar, see the events online at


Nevada Justice Association – NJA has a summer gala, happy hours and care events for local charities as well as educational events with All attorneys, contact them for information at




Southern Nevada Association of Women Attorneys – SNAWA have monthly events to include luncheons and forums, you can find them online at


Nevada Attorneys for Criminal Justice – A group seeking justice for the accused! Education seminars focused on criminal practice. Find out more online at


Las Vegas Defense Attorneys – a group of defense attorneys with monthly educational meetings, mixers, you can find them online at

by Joel Jarvis


Southern Nevada Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys is a division of the State Bar and have events and information for Bankruptcy attorneys, visit them online at


Association of Corporate Counsel, Nevada – Group of in-house counsel for local corporations holding events and education, visit them online at


State Bar of Nevada - The regulatory body for all attorneys in the state, offering legal referrals and local education and events promoting and serving the public interest with regards to access to justice. Visit them online at for events and info.

10. Las Vegas Valley Paralegal

Association, for more information on events with Education and legal information for paralegals and legal professionals. MV

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Violent Crime Property Crime Drug Possession

Casino Markers Traffic Tickets Record Sealing

We Accept Payment Plans 170 South Green Valley Pkwy #300 Henderson, Nevada 89012

(702) 755-1441

“Tough New York Trained Trial Attorney”

David A. Riggi Bankruptcy and Reorganization Attorney

I WIN… for YOU!

Top Personal Injury Attorney!

PETER MAZZEO has Won Numerous Personal Injury Cases and has Collected $$$ Millions $$$ for Injured Clients! He Has Successfully Appealed and Argued Cases in the Nevada Supreme Court.

(702) 463-7777 5550 Painted Mirage Rd #320 Las Vegas, NV 89149


631 S 10th St • Las Vegas, NV 89101

(702) 382-3636

Top 100 Lawyers in Las Vegas Award Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:


Thank you Las Vegas for naming Roger Croteau as one of the Top 100 Lawyers!

Our Team of Experienced Problem Solvers Provides Practical Solutions and Effective Legal Representation in Las Vegas. Commercial/Business Matters Personal Injury Serious Accidents Work Accidents Bankruptcy Family Law Wills, Trust, and Estates Litigation Let us put you back in control of your life! Protect your business, home, car, wages, family, and future before it is too late.

Call 702.254.7775 Today!



Consistently providing effective legal representation through his team of legal professionals in Las Vegas

9900 Covington Cross Drive, Suite 200 Las Vegas, NV 89144-7052 (702) 382-1500 Offices in Nevada, Michigan, and Arizona

Congratulations to JOSEPH P. GARIN for being voted as Top 100 Lawyers

in Las Vegas!

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10 Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask an Officer of the Law


e asked Officer John Cook 10 questions that we believe a lot of people have thought to themselves. His answers below! Q: How often have you actually needed to use your gun? A: I have been a police officer for almost 20 years, and I did over 10 of those working as a patrol officer. Fortunately, I have never had to fire my weapon in the line of duty. Q: What are your thoughts on the mandatory ‘body cams’ controversy? A: I am a strong supporter of body cameras. I worked in Internal Affairs when they were first introduced, and the majority of the footage showed police officers doing the right thing. They are also very beneficial for memorializing evidence. Q: What do you like most about your job? A: I want to preface this by saying my duties have changed over the course of my career, and I currently work in an administrative section, where I plan police staffing for a variety of events. What I like most about my current assignment is planning an event with a large number of attendees, both locals and tourists, where everything goes according to plan, and all of the attendees can feel safe. The thing I like most about being a police officer in general is standing up for people who can’t stand up for themselves. Being a sheepdog.

Q: What is one offense you are sick of making stops or arrests for? A: One traffic law I see broken on a daily basis is the hands-free cell phone usage while driving. I think this bothers me more so because there is no excuse for someone not having a Bluetooth device, or just pulling over if the call or text is that important. Talking or texting is not worth getting into a car wreck or worse. Q: How would you react if you saw another team member break the law? A: If I saw another department member break the law I would be shocked. I would immediately intervene and report the act. I take my oath and my responsibilities very seriously, and I hold myself and my fellow officers to a higher standard. I have been fortunate in my career to have never been placed in that position. Q: What does a typical day sound like? A: Car chases! Foot pursuits! Leaping from building to building chasing bad guys in ski masks! Not really. I work in an office and I

By: John Cook

spend more time checking emails, going to meetings, and typing on the computer than I do anything else. I do get to plan high profile events, such as movie and TV show staffing, sporting events, parades, and even New Year’s Eve. Those are rewarding jobs, but I don’t think anyone will get me mixed up with a SWAT Team officer. Q: Ways that people can avoid getting pulled over? A: The obvious answer is to not break traffic laws. No one is perfect, though, so if people leave a little earlier so they don’t need to speed or run red lights then I think they can successfully avoid getting pulled over. Q: Have you ever let anyone talk themselves out of a ticket? A: I have let a good number of people out of getting a ticket. Just like with anything, sometimes a warning can be just as effective as a fine. I have also heard some very good excuses from some drivers: A hot pizza in the car, having to use the bathroom, and (sometimes) when it is the driver’s birthday. What can I say? I am a nice guy at heart. MV

Q: What do you like least about your job? A: The thing I like least about my job is seeing children who are growing up without hope. Either they are unloved, forgotten, or both. Some kids start on the wrong path and have no chance of getting back on track on their own. Q: Do police officers actually like donuts as much as advertised? A: I think the police officer and donut cliché originated from movies and TV, but let’s be honest; who doesn’t like a good donut?


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Congratulations on being named Top 100 Lawyers in Las Vegas for 2019. Labor and Employment for Plaintiff/Employees, Personal Injury and Business Law Michael P. Balaban

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Joanna M. Myers is Of Counsel in the firm’s Technology and Intellectual Property Group. She represents clients in a wide range of intellectual property and entertainment law matters. Her practice focuses on assisting clients in the development, protection, licensing, and enforcement of trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, publicity rights, and domain names, domestically and internationally. She has extensive experience in international trademark protection, enforcing clients’ rights on the Internet, and resolving disputes before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board and through the Uniform Domain Name Resolution Policy. She also handles defamation and First Amendment issues and has successfully negotiated a wide array of intellectual property deals, including publishing agreements, option and shopping agreements, and licensing agreements. Holley Driggs Walch Fine Puzey Stein & Thompson 400 South Fourth Street, Third Floor

(702) 791.0308 Ms. Myers is licensed to practice in Nevada and California.

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GARRETT T. OGATA 3841 W. Charleston Blvd. Ste. 205 Las Vegas, NV 89102 702.366.0891 CRIMINAL DEFENSE DUI RECORD SEALING PERSONAL INJURY TRAFFIC TICKETS “Gotta Get Ogata”

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uccess has many meanings. You can succeed in life, in business, in faith, or, what most people believe, financially. But, the most meaningful way to succeed is through yourself, by using determination and drive to create a worthwhile life. In the dictionary, success is defined as a desired result of an attempt. What everyone should take from the word ‘success’ is being grateful for what life has unfolded to you, and running with it as far as you can. From their humble beginnings to opening their own offices, these men are the perfect example of being successful within your own boundaries. They have all succeeded in themselves; by working hard, chasing their dreams and finding what makes them tick. We are so proud to feature these 6 men in the finest clothing that Town Square has to offer, a boutique named Kech, a daughter company to Vercini. If you are interested in looking just as elegant as these fine men, stop in and visit... Kech - Town Square, 6671 S Las Vegas Blvd, and their Vercini - Galleria Mall location in Henderson, NV.


Las Vegas’


MYVEGAS Magazine polled over 100,000 of our readers to find the 2019 Top 100 Women in Las Vegas. These women come highly recommended by our readers and our community! There’s no shortage of fabulous females in the Las Vegas Valley, so ranking among the Top 100 Women of the Year is an extraordinary honor and a sought-after accolade. These women truly give their all - sacrificing time, energy and resources - to positively impact our community each and every day. Here at MYVEGAS, we are blessed with the privilege of providing our readers with fun and inspiring content, and the ability to recognize some stand-out women in this special feature issue. The leading ladies honored in this Top 100 Women of the Year issue make up a mere fraction of the incredible women in our city and, although we wish we could honor all of them, there are exponentially more than we had room to print. With that said, we are privileged to be able to credit these 100, very deserving, women.


Living the Luxury Life


ome of the most, high end and luxurious homes in the country are found right here in Las Vegas. Gorgeous and sprawling estates boasting classic architecture. Cutting edge monoliths of steel and glass rising out of the desert, glinting in the mid-day sun. Tuscan style villas complete with cobblestoned courtyards. When you walk into one of these places, you expect the furnishings to match the promises made by the exterior façade. But where does Las Vegas find those perfect furnishings? Where can you go to find the perfect pieces to complete the look and feel of your home? The answer is Furniture Market.


Located on Eastern Avenue, just south of Sunset Boulevard is Furniture Market. The building itself is magical right off the bat. It is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside, somehow. The first thing I noticed was the incredible array of gorgeous, twinkling lighting features. Everywhere I looked there was another stunning chandelier, another ornate handmade pendant light, another elegantly lit glass sculpture. It was a showroom, but it felt like a museum of all the best taste in the same huge space. Pathways wind this way and that, guiding customers through a diverse selection of sofas, lounges, tables, chairs, and every

by Katherine Jackson

piece is clearly carefully chosen. But, who is doing the choosing. Liz Werner. She stood, smiling, welcoming me into this gorgeous space that she has personally created. Nominated over and over again as one of our Top 100 Women of the Year, this was going to be a treat, and there was absolutely no disappointment. Liz is the rarest of unicorns, the true Las Vegas Native. Her business, Furniture Market, is an imaginative approach to the industry. Her store serves as both a furniture sales business as well as an interior design service. Clients can come to Liz with a space of any size, any style, any vision, and Liz and her team will go to work cultivating the exact right combination of colors, furniture and materials to see that vision realized. Her enthusiasm and passion are palpable, and it is easy to see her talent when you look around the magnificent collection of beautiful pieces she has curated for her clients. Her business comes with its fair share of challenges, the first of which is supply. Las Vegas doesn’t manufacture or produce much of anything, so every piece you see in her show room had to make its way to our desert oasis from someplace else. Liz spends a fair amount of her time traveling to trade shows and antique dealers hunting down the perfect pieces. Not just any piece makes it into Furniture Market, Liz has discriminating taste, saying “People don’t want ‘just stuff’, they want something substantial and beautiful that also serves a purpose”. Her

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ability to include the necessity of purpose in the pieces she chooses and combining that with her obvious eye for beauty is one of the things that has made her so successful thus far. More than just a place to buy furniture, more than just a place to go for interior design, Liz’s store also offers home staging. The Las Vegas real estate market is legendary, and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. With the Raiders coming to town and stadium being built at the same time that Google announces they will building their newest campus in Henderson, the real estate market is only going to get hotter. When selling a property, staging makes all the difference. A furnished home typically fetches a higher price than an empty building because prospective buyers can better picture their own belongings there. Good staging makes people feel welcomed and more at ease, allowing them to better see the value of the property. Good staging can be the difference in the number of commas on a final sale price, and Furniture Market is the go-to stager for real estate professionals who demand the best and know where to find it.

With all she does, people will admit to being a little intimidated by Liz, but that doesn’t last long. She is so personable and warm and truly a joy to talk to. Any conversation is such an interesting experience too, given the setting. Speaking with

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this amazing woman in this massive room filled with objects which she finds to be beautiful and functional, and you will be struck by this unique expression of personality and taste that is very rare to encounter, it is an honest privilege. It is easy to see why Liz was nominated for Top Women of the Year. A fascinating personality housed within this dynamic and passionate business woman is the perfect recipe for recognition, to be sure! If you are in need of fresh furnishings to complete the look of your home, go see Liz. If you are in need of expert interior design for your new home, go see Liz. If you are getting ready to sell your home and you know the value of staging to help you get the best price possible, go see Liz. No matter what your needs are, get yourself to Furniture Market, take in the feast for the eyes that is her showroom, and GO SEE LIZ! Tell her MYVEGAS sent you. MV


TOP 100 WOMEN OF THE YEAR Audrey Aker is the owner of Encore Upholstery and Design. She is also Mrs. Summerlin International 2019, whose platform,”Bravery Is Not Forgotten”, represents her passion for taking care of our Veterans in restoring self, family, and hope. Her hobbies include 3-gun competition, snowboarding and hot yoga.

Claudia Marion’s Real Estate career started in childhood when she grew up on construction sites in Las Vegas/Henderson. Claudia knew she wanted to sell homes and that became reality in 1993. 95% of her business is repeat & referral business. Communication every step is key because Real Estate will always be an

Brigid Duffy is a Chief Deputy District Attorney. Brigid has committed her legal career to ensuring community safety, specifically the safety and well-being of children. Her desire to see children succeed inspired her to create, “Transforming the Game”, a non-profit to assist children in foster care and delinquency systems access specialized sports training.

Crystal Schulz is a Loan Officer with Pinnacle Lending Group. Her ultimate goal is to help families and individuals realize the American dream of homeownership. Crystal offers wholesale rates and VIP service. In her spare time, she is an avid road cyclist and loves to raise money for charities. Call Crystal for your home loan needs.

Andrea Clark is the CEO of Bottom Line Executives. With her extensive background in finance and management she works with physicians to increase revenue and efficiency in their practices. She implements strategies allowing them to focus on their patients and enhancing the overall patient experience.

Brittany Provencher A 27 year old wife and mother of 2 boys. She’s been in real estate & assisting in property management since 2011 at Las Vegas Realty, LLC. Her clients range from first time homebuyer to experienced investors. She helps buy and sell all residential properties while helping educate her clients along the way.

Dayna Roselli is a news anchor for Channel 13 Action News’ Good Morning Las Vegas and Midday on KTNV. Roselli is an Emmy Award-winning anchor who was named one of the Top 100 women of influence in Southern Nevada by MYVEGAS magazine in 2013. She is a graduate of the State University of New York at Fredonia.

Angie McClure has been in the lighting industry for over two decades; starting at a lighting agency and moving onto a manufacturing company. She has since returned to her original roots as a lighting agent at Nevada Lighting and has been in Las Vegas since 2012.

Calanit Atia, An Award Winning Entrepreneur and Events Planner. Founder President of A to Z events, Celebrating 18 years. Proud UNLV graduate. Israeli Air Force Veteran Gulf War, Speaker, Columnist, Author. “Women Who Mean Business” Honoree. Commendation Recipient from Senator Reid. Her love for Las Vegas is well known, State Assembly Candidate, Advocate For Dogs Rescue and Chefs For Kids.

Dawn Gibbons is the Former First lady of Nevada and State legislator, and she currently serves as VP of Development for the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ). For 80 years the NCJFCJ has been improving the lives of our most vulnerable children and families through research, advocacy and education in las Vegas and throughout the state and nation.

Alexis Aranda is the proud co-owner of Pure Plumbing. She has been the driving force behind her husband Andrew and has modeled grace and elegance, breaking barriers in a tough industry. She leads a phenomenal administration team and is the brains behind the marketing that developed Pure’s excellent reputation. Dr. Amel Youssef and her staff are dedicated to providing a community-driven, family friendly eye care practice. With one of the most successful optometry practices in Las Vegas, they offer a wide range of eye care services and personalized attention for each individual patient.

Anne Browne is the Executive Director of the Muscular Dystrophy Association Las Vegas. She is a dynamic and dedicated professional who works tirelessly to improve not just MDA-LV, but she truly cares about enriching the lives of the patients and families that MDA supports. She is a star!

the organization’s mission.

Carole Fisher has been honored to serve as President and Chief Executive Officer of Nathan Adelson Hospice for the last twelve years, bringing to the position her vast knowledge of the healthcare industry, a strong belief in the hospice philosophy, and a passion for

Ashley Burney Director of Ambassador Programs & Community Partnerships for the Tyler Robinson Foundation. Proud UNLV graduate with a degree in Communications Studies. Nonprofit professional with over 14 years of experience working with children and the community identifying barriers and providing outcomes. Ashley is a well known motivational speaker, mother and wife.

Carolyn G. Goodman became the mayor of the city of Las Vegas on July 6, 2011, and has devoted herself to volunteerism and education in Las Vegas. A recipient of the “Distinguished Nevadan” award and is a Sarah D. Barder Fellow in The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth and Alumna of the Year in Education at UNLV.

Ashley K Shift is a single mother, mathematician, herbalist, philanthropist, & entrepreneur who recently relocated to Vegas to fulfill her passion for helping people. She is the Founder/ CEO of Hacked By Nature a CBD, Crystal, & Herb store suppling individuals with the tools needed to SHiFT & connect with nature.

Cathy Backus is a recognized philanthropic leader having created Send Me On Vacation, a 501(c) charity, that sends breast cancer survivors on healing vacations in 13 countries. As a former top executive in the travel industry, Cathy has succeeded in involving her resort clientele in this endeavor.


Dawn Houlf Possessing more than 20 years of experience in sales, negotiating, marketing and customer service, Dawn brings her indispensable resources and execution to every real estate transaction. A resident of Las Vegas since 1978, she dedicates her skills and expertise to assisting clients and other Realtors. Debbie Banko, Chief Executive Officer/ Founder Debbie Banko has been the driving force of the company’s success since its founding in 2000. With more than three decades of commercial and government consulting experience, her customer focus and commitment to quality have been key to providing innovative solutions that exceed customer requirements within cost and schedule constraints.

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Debbie Drummond has been a full-time Realtor in Las Vegas since 2003. From investment property to luxury homes and high-rise condos, she’s a local expert. She has a strong online presence with her website and thousands of followers on social media.

Southwest Specialties Inc. has a reputation for being one of the Las Vegas Leaders in High Quality Home Improvement work in the Concrete, Paver, and Masonry arena. Specializing in Decorative Concrete, Pavers of all kinds, BBQ’s, Firepits, Fireplaces, Veneer Stone and more, we can give the front of your house a face lift with a wide selection of Stone or turn your Backyard, no matter how big or small, into an Entertainment and Enjoyment area you will be proud of… Call one of our specialists now and receive a 10% discount

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Get Involved! Learn how you can help Serving Our Kids end child hunger in our community.


Serving our Kids Foundation is dedicated to feeding and serving the needs of Clark County Homeless and at-risk children. The foundation will rely on community organizations and volunteers to make this possible.


Serving our Kids Foundation is grassroots, volunteer organization established to utilize the strength of community volunteers and donations to ensure Clark County youth are fed for the weekends. We will provide personal care items to area youth as well.

Mailing address: 360 E. Horizon Dr. Henderson, NV 89015 Warehouse address: 121 Industrial Park Road, Suite 110, Henderson, NV 89015 702.358.1056


has 8 valley locations.

Debbie Roxarzade is the Founder of Rachel’s Kitchen. The first Rachel’s Kitchen opened in 2006 in Summerlin. Named after her daughter Rachel, the fresh casual eatery offers a variety of wholesome and delicious food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The local favorite now

Debby Wright in conjunction with Dr. Jim Wright, envisioned the fusion of a premium medical spa and dental experience. This is what Four Seasons Dental Spa has developed into. Debby is a graduate of GIA, Hoffman Institute, Avatar, and a CTI Certified Life Coach. Debby believes wholeheartedly in giving back and supports many local charities including St. Jude, Easter Seals, Rotary, and Summerlin Ladies Club. Debi Kinney is the General Manager/Director of Sales for CSI Vegas, with twenty years of experience in hospitality sales, strategy, and management. Her sustained top sales performance and award-winning strategic planning talents have ideally positioned her for the leadership role with CSI and within the Las Vegas community. Denise Valdez is an Emmy award winning journalist and the co-anchor of Southern Nevada’s number one rated noon and 4 p.m. newscast KLAS-TV. Besides news, her other passion is pets. She produces a segment called ‘Pet Project’, as well as supports several rescue groups, fostering kittens for the Animal Foundation, and adopted two boys from the Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Nevada and one from Friends for Life Humane Society. Dr. Eva Littman is Las Vegas’ most trusted and knowledgeable fertility expert. The Founder and Practice Director of Red Rock Fertility Center, she was trained at some of the world’s leading institutions including Stanford and Duke University and has been named “Top Doctor - Fertility” for the past five years.

The World 2015.

Dr. Fauzia Carullo is a board certified Internist and co-owner of Las Vegas Urgent Care, Las Vegas Med Spa, and Las Vegas Vein Clinic, along with her husband Ralph Carullo M.D. Dr. F. Carullo earned Top Doc’s in Vegas Inc. 2015 and 2016, as well as Leading Physicians in

Dr. Maria Corazon O. Regalado, a highly respected MD specializing in Internal Medicine and Age Management from New York to California, and now Nevada. Quality healthcare is a priority with Preventative, Concierge and Aesthetic Medicine. Home visits to her patients enables Dr. Regalado to keep her services unique and in-demand. Servicing Las Vegas for over 20 years.


Elena Bulatova is well known as the talented painter who creates her widely-collected paintings in California and exhibits full time at her 4 namesake galleries Elena Bulatova Fine Art in Palm Springs and Palm Desert, at CityCenter Aria Las Vegas, and Laguna Beach. Her paintings and sculptures are featured in many Hollywood shows

Elissa J Palmer MD FAAFP, inaugural Chair of Family Medicine at UNLV, held multiple academic positions and serves on several national boards. Through federal grants, she facilitated expansion of training programs, increasing family medicine physicians in Las Vegas and rural Nevada. She was honored as the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Distinguished Alumnus in 2015.

Elizabeth Thorn works at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society & consults in a myriad of industries in a variety of capacities such as; Event Specialist, Creative Director, Spokesmodel, House Manager, & more. Elizabeth is a community activist; she is the co-chair of Vegas Young Professionals Community Outreach Committee, volunteers at Junior Achievement & Girls Who Code to educate & empower our youth, regularly feeds the homeless, & she is a volunteer Crisis Text Line Counselor. In her spare time, she runs Spartan races.

Falisha Rexford is a mother of two small boys, a wife to a firefighter, a veteran, a proud American, a Las Vegas investor/landlord and your next real estate agent! Full of energy and life, and passionate about real estate and love the long-lasting relationships with all of her clients.

Gaby Foster is the founder of Jalen’s Gift Foundation. A non-profit agency that provides free services to families after the tragic loss of a baby during a pregnancy or infant loss. Gaby started the organization after the loss of her stillborn son. Her compassion for change has created a place for healing and hope for our community. No parent will ever have to feel alone. Gigi Perry is a loving mother to three beautiful children, and the owner of Inspiring Trees of Hope, a non-profit supporting those affected by depression and anxiety. Recently became happily married to her partner, Antoine. She hopes the organization will inspire all to be healthy and hopeful in your time of brokenness.

Gigi Roundtree, the Founder & President of Common Tree. A local 501c3 Non-Profit Who services local students in need and provides relief to the disenfranchised. Gigi also sits on the Executive Board for Women’s March Nevada. Gigi and her amazing board members stay passionate in servicing our community with hope and love. Georgene’ Glass, the President of Dreamsickle Kids Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to raising Sickle Cell Awareness in Nevada. Since its inception in April 2018, Dreamsickle hosted 1st Sickle Cell walk in Las Vegas in 5 years and many other community events. Dreamsickle has made great progress to #MakeSickleCellPopular in Las Vegas. Janet Franco, well-known as “Soulful Rosie,” is an ionic 25-year radio personality, humanitarian and advocate for Veterans, selflessly serving men and women, First Responders, battered women and the world in need. Janet started Imagine N.O.W. (Nurturing our Warriors), launching it as a movement in 2006 for advanced products and wellness modalities. Jaqueline Baskow 40 award-winning years in business, started company with $300 grew her company to $20 million, one of the most recognized names in Entertainment. Founded Baskow & Associates, Las Vegas speaker’s bureau, and Baskow talent agency. Long-lasting relationships with Hollywood, CEO’s, Authors, recognized as one of Discovery Channel’s Top 10 Star Brokers in the World. Jenna Montijo, a Las Vegas Native and UNLV graduate and Broker/Salesperson at One Nevada Realty Services. She has a natural enthusiasm and love for real estate, while priding herself on providing exceptional care and integrity for her clients. She enjoys giving back to Las Vegas through service and being a mentor/motivator to others. Jennifer Murphy has diligently worked, for over a decade, within the architectural and design community to Light Up Las Vegas! Alongside Nevada Lighting, she excels in providing exceptional representation and knowledge in a constantly changing industry. This MSSU Alumni is a leader in business, however, her greatest honor is being a mother. Jessica Lane, born in Cali, Colombia and moved to Las Vegas at age 4. Received a full scholarship to UNLV, and attend the Boyd School of Law. Previously, the youngest state farm agent ever licensed in Nevada. Now, the owner of Proficient Patios, alongside her husband, Matthew, and a proud mother of 3.

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Congratulations, Dr. Elissa Palmer, Professor, Family and Community Medicine, delivering comprehensive health care to individuals and families of Southern Nevada.

Academic Medicine Education Research Clinical Care Community Service

It’s the Future of Medicine in Southern Nevada.

Accepting New Patients Appointments 702.660.UNLV

Congratulates Linda Bertuzzi

o n b e i n g s e l e c t e d f o r t h e to p 1 0 0 W o m e n o f t h e Y e a r

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Proud Rotarian for 26 years

8345 W. SunSet Road, Suite 200; LaS VegaS, nV 89113 / BRanch nMLS 777362 / noVa nMLS 3087 / equaL houSing oppoRtunity Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:



DR. JANET FRANCO OF IMAGINE N.O.W. WHY WE ARE VEGAS STRONG! Dr. Janet Franco, aka Soulful Rosie, began her life as a

tumbling-acrobat with hopes of going to the Olympics. As time had it, she danced professionally until her injury at the age of 17, then began her second love as a mother. A caring mother of four boys and ten grandchildren, with three of her sons who suffered from traumatic health issues. She dedicated her life to

her family and healing her sons, one of which suffered a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). Her passion was to find answers for these debilitating conditions haunting her sons. Her discovery of Squalane oil

“With gave her youngest son a miraculous the normal stuff recovery. So that comes with a single early on, this mother raising four boys, coupled very personal with navigating the major injuries and mission nearly fatal illnesses that three of the became a life-long four of us suffered, we understand that search for natural solutions to the many what she was able to do is nothing health issues that affected so many around her. This soon encumbered mental health short of Superhuman!” Janet’s four sons

issues faced by Veterans returning from recent conflicts, first responders and victims of violence including those affected by the Las Vegas shooting.

Janet’s ultimate goal is to set the stage for health reform by exploring the greatest breakthroughs in wellness and self-help. She played a leading role in the 1994 grass roots effort to “I derail an FDA proposal to control supplements in cannot say the manner of prescription drugs. Working with enough about her work and Citizens for Health, they helped lead millions our friendship. Congratulations in a campaign to persuade Congress to on this well-deserved award and modify the proposed DSHEA Bill (Dietary recognition of your body of work Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994) to keep wellness supplements for your fellow man.’’

Fielding West, Las Vegas Magician/Comedian

available and out of regulatory hands. It became the most successful grassroots bill in history!

Janet’s outgoing personality quickly found expression in radio in 1989, with a well-known health food chain. She shared her ‘Story of Faith and Miracles’ that was featured on Nevada Woman in 1996, along with a couple television shows. During which she shared her innermost thoughts and feelings with hundreds of interviews with experts on health. While outgoing, Janet is also an introspective, modest person. She eschewed attention

and deflected it from herself onto those around her. She desired to show less about her and more about listeners; during meditation she was inspired by the rose. The term “Soulful Rosie”

“Janet is the most caring, compassionate and tender sought to be, out front as the performer person I have ever known. Those and still deflect the focus from Janet around her see how her optimism, Franco, the person. faith and indomitable spirit power After the horrendous shooting at through every obstacle life brings no Sandy Hook, while watching the matter how difficult. Janet is in was born. Using Soulful Rosie as her radio personality gave Janet the fun character she

news, she sat in tears. In that moment

everyone’s foxhole.”

was committed to do something to Barry Meuse Presidentbring answers to help reduce mental Imagine N.O.W. health and addiction issues. Of the two causes of mental health issues (physical injury and disease), Janet saw that a combination of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, neurofeedback and stem cells, was an extraordinary trio, she then coined them the ‘Triple Crown of Health.’ She partnered with Barry Meuse, a retired U.S.A.F. Colonel and combat pilot. Earlier in her radio days, Janet established Imagine N.O.W. as a brand and together, she and Barry formed Imagine N.O.W. (Nurturing Our Warriors) as a Nevada corporation 501c3 to treat Veterans, first responders, battered women, anoxic (near-drowned) babies, contact-sport athletes and civilians involved in home and auto accidents. Imagine N.O.W. is proud to have Dr. Ram Singh and Dr. Matt Okeke as medical directors for the up coming centers. Janet launched “Pay it Forward Network International” (P.I.F.N.) to provide state-of-the-art healing modalities and to serve as a nexus of information and healthy awareness to provide by donating up to half its profits to Imagine N.O.W. P.I.F.N. provides outstanding health and nutritional products to domestic and international markets. The collaboration of P.I.F.N. and Imagine N.O.W. fulfills Janet’s life-long vision to heal her children, promote healthy life styles and help those in need.

“Janet you are so deserving of this recognition as I know you have worked tirelessly for so many years for your goal of helping our combat veterans to heal with HBOT therapy. Your vision is now a reality.” Charles Spillar-Healing Arizona Veterans.

“What Janet is doing is truly lifesaving work. My life was saved by Hbot and what she and her team are doing have huge implications on the future of health care in the USA. Watch for great things from Imagine NOW.’’ Micheal Bear Clair - spokesman for the (coalition)

“Janet is such a kind soul & has the rare trait of putting others before herself. Her dedication to helping Veterans, First Responders, Civilians & those in need is truly one of a kind.” Andrew Lopez-Marine Corps. Infantry

In recognition of her

“Soulful Rosie” has been through quite the journey with God

life-long and selfless dedication to helping

as her inner guide, and there is a whole new world ahead of her, getting past these unprecedented,

those less fortunate, New Dimension University of California awarded Janet their highest award to a select few, an

trying times during these years as a agent for change, and setting new ground for health care in America. She continues to press forward. Along

honorary Doctor of Theology (ThD) degree at a special ceremony and also awarded her the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award.’ In 2017,

with her charitable success, she is also releasing her first book of four.

Janet connected Imagine N.O.W. with Vegas Strong to treat Vegas victims suffering from PTSD, TBI and concussion in all its forms.

Her debut book, ’Four Kids and Five Dollars’ to be released soon. Go to

“Janet has a true heart of gold and a passion to never quit. She cares deeply for baby Christopher, she is a true Warrior.” P.I.F.N. offers Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy along with the Triple Crown of Health, for minor and severe TBI to advanced anti-aging treatments, and a plethora of conditions seeing historical results with new science releasing it’s studies everyday. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases stem “Janet cell growth 8x at the point of inury. It is a very caring has an incredible success rate and individual. Whenever I’d can support the healing of the reach out to her she would stop brain with normally 80 courses of everything and try to help me save treatment. Imagine N.O.W. has been in talks with the Veteran my battle wounded husband. Treatment Courts to offer similar Despite hitting road block after road programs in their courts. block she hasn’t stopped helping.”

Cynthia Salmon-grandmother to baby Christopher-treating for near drowning.

for more information. Her musical stage show, ‘Forever Dreams for America’ will be released in 2019. To stay up to date with Soulful Rosie’s newest journey, visit her website at PayItForwardNetwork.Net and Imagine NOW at

“Janet is one of the most compassionate individuals I have met in my life.” Dr. Tariku Mekonnen, CEO, T-Medicus LLC

Erica Frensley-Ret. Army

“As God touched my sons to heal them selflessly, I dedicate myself to serving others, this has taught me self-love as nothing else can. I am honored to be an advocate for love and life. Thank you to everyone who has made my journey worth every step of the way, be it tears of heartache or joy on this gregarious journey; to set a new platform for the way we treat humanity, with dignity and love. I am honored to receive this prestigious award.” Dr. Janet Franco, aka ‘Soulful Rosie’

TOP 100 WOMEN OF THE YEAR Jillian Nelson, Las Vegas native and a part of Nevada’s cannabis industry since its inception. Jillian graduated from UNLV. Currently, the Operations Manager for Nevada’s largest edible company, Evergreen Organix. She has been an integral part of Evergreen Organix and has lead the company in developing its operations, branding, media, and product menu.

Kristen Corral is a hardworking entrepreneur. In 2011 she started Little White Dog Co. which is now a leading pet care company in LV. Kristen is also co-owner of Tacotarian a plant-based mexican eatery. Her love of all animals is a driving force in business and life.

Jimena Cortes is an online marketing consultant, author and sought-after speaker. she is the founder of Wizard Media, an online marketing agency that helps businesses generate leads providing an average ROI of 300%. Jimena has generated over $10 million in sales for her clients since launching her company.

Krystal Allan joined the News 3 Team in March 2011. She co-anchors “Wake Up With the CW” from 7 to 9 a.m. and “News 3 Live at Noon.” You can catch her breaking news reports, every weekday morning, on “News 3 Today.” Hard work and humility, is her motto.

Julia Boguslawski is the Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of Investor Relations for AGS, a global gaming equipment supplier. She leads integrated marketing, corporate communications, investor relations, and community relations strategies designed to heighten AGS’ profile with customers, employees, the media, stockholders, industry partners, and communities.

Lani Dizon has empowered people to thrive in entrepreneurship, health, wealth and personal development for over 25 years. She built her first corporate network of 120,000 people by age 20, and her first global enterprise by age 25. Lani founded a women’s organization, global beauty/ wellness lines, other enterprises, and has expertise in branding, marketing, product development, consulting and life coaching.

Julia Grambo is a reliable, knowledgeable and resourceful “real estate matchmaker” in Las Vegas, guiding buyers and sellers effortlessly through the process so they have the best Realtor experience. She consistently makes her mark as a top producer year after year. Grambo is remembered and often referred to as “G-Rambo” by her clients.

Latasha Pippen is from Detroit, MI and has lived in Las Vegas for 7 years. She is a model, actress, brand ambassador, former Medical Assistant and Air Force member. You may have seen her in various music videos, commercials, and billboards. Pippen Productions has staffed events and commercials such as the B.E.T awards.

Kelly Callahan During my 11 year tenure, I have had the honor to represent Anne Fontaine here in the Community. I am able to join people together through fashion and philanthropy. Being able to support charities I believe in, while creating lifelong relationships along the way is a joy for me every day. Kema Ogden An entrepreneur that brings passion of health, wellness and education to southern Nevada. She founded the Ogden Family Foundation, which provides programs for under-served families, for 10+ years. She has the distinction of being the first female-minority, co-owner of a cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas, Top Notch The Health Center.

ern Reporting Services.

27-year-old daughter


Lisa Howfield Vice President & General Manager KLAS TV 8 / CBS Las Vegas Lisa Howfield is the Vice-President and General Manager at KLAS TV-8. She was raised in Las Vegas and graduated from Pepperdine University. Howfield was named Silver State Award’s “2018 TV Executive of the Year,” Broadcasting & Cable’s “2008 General Manager of the Year” and co-authored college textbook, “Managing Electronic Media.” Liz Werner A Las Vegas native and UNLV graduate, Liz transformed Furniture Market from a consignment center to Las Vegas’s premier luxury furniture showroom. Since then, Liz as become an industry leader and interior designer for some the finest luxury homes in the Las Vegas Valley. Lori Couture owns and operates Couture Realty, Bar Code Burger Bar, and E-Strings Poker Bar, here in Las Vegas, alongside her husband Ken. She is a proud Hope Church member and takes pride and gives credit to Jesus Christ for her business and life successes. She enjoys giving back to the community.

Laurie Delre, born and raised in Las Vegas, and in 2014, became President of Western Reporting Services, one of the most trusted Nevada court reporting companies, and has been in business for almost 30 years. Laurie spent 20-years in the legal field before running West-

Leslie L. Mujica, MPA Executive Director of Las Vegas Power Professionals, she represents the skilled craftspeople of IBEW 357 and S.NV NECA Electrical Contractors. Member of the UNLV Alumni Board o. Directors, UNLV Foundation Corporate Council, and Board Member of the UNLV Libraries Latinx Project. Active member of the community promoting her industry and cultivating relationships.

Kim Wagner is the co-host of “Wake Up With the Wagners.” Previously, Kim spent six years as the weekend anchor for News 3. Kim is also a board Member for Safe Nest, as well as a local TV ambassador for Make-AWish of Southern Nevada, with her husband Dana.

Linda Naw, one of Las Vegas’ most recognized real estate agents. She has been named one of the top 25 Women in Real Estate, Top 40 under 40 and is the Past President of Las Vegas Women’s Council of REALTORS® 2017. Much of Linda’s success can be attributed to her community involvement.

Linda Bertuzzi, has been in the mortgage industry in Las Vegas since 1989 and has helped thousands of homebuyers finance their dream homes. She is very active in her community through her involvement with Rotary and Spread the Word Nevada and is the proud mom of a

loud music.

Maggie Mabie opened Maggie’s Wellness to offer a place for people to come to unwind, work out with complete privacy and get the one on one attention they so deserve. Maggie’s Wellness is the perfect place to unwind, get away from all the chatter, cell phones, and

Mallory Nathan brings more than a decade of restaurant experience and a degree in hospitality management to Pancho’s as its office manager. A fixture at the restaurant since it debuted in 2015, Mallory works behind the scenes to manage Pancho’s accounts and plan events, while creating memorable experiences for guests. Margaretha Breytenbach Born and raised in South Africa, Las Vegas resident Margaretha Breytenbach moved to the United States in 2004 after extensive travel throughout Europe. Whether working with a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, Breytenbach enjoys assisting with the entire process of buying or selling a client’s investment in Las Vegas.

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Vena M. Wilson, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, is the owner / operator of Honey Bee Behavioral Health where she provides psychotherapy services to children, adults and their families. Vena is trained in providing Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), a treatment method for individuals that engage in self-harm, learn skillful ways to manage their intense emotions. She also is experienced in providing Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) / Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to individuals that have experienced interpersonal trauma. In this approach, her clients learn effective strategies to aid in healing after a trauma has occurred. Vena M. Wilson, LCSW is licensed by the State of Nevada as a private clinical practitioner and is a State of Nevada, Board of Social Workers approved Clinical Intern Supervisor.

Congratulations, Carole

On your nomination as one of the Top 100 Women of the Year!

We believe no one should end the journey of life alone, afraid or in pain. 702.733.0320

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TOP 100 WOMEN OF THE YEAR Marie Mortera has a mantra, “for the love of the story,” and she puts it into action when she anchors the evening news on News 3 and the CW News. As news anchor and reporter, Marie Mortera is honored to be in a position to reveal stories that may not always make the headlines but deserve the spotlight. Melissa Danielson, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with two Masters degrees. She has been serving the Las Vegas area for 10 years. In the last 5 years, have been voted best therapist 4 times. She works with individuals, couples, children, adolescents, and families. She specializes in trauma, anxiety, infidelity, depression, adjustment disorders, and adolescents.

Matt, and has two daughters.

Mercedes Martinez, the host of “Mercedes in the Morning” on KMXB/ Mix 94.1 and Las Vegas Now! on KLAS-TV Channel 8 since 1997. Her favorite part of the job is being able to bond with people while being a role model to girls and women. Happily married to her husband,

Michele Morgan-Devore, a successful independent business owner and founder of Dinosaurs & Roses, which awards private school scholarships to low-income children K-12. Dinosaurs & Roses has been serving the community for 10 years. Michele also owns and operates Morgan Specialties, which supplies more than 500,000 advertising products to Vegas businesses and local events. Michele Rothstein, owner of Balloons With a Twist, recipient of “Best Event Planner” 2017 and 2018. She is the founder of MasterCalendarLasVegas. com and A member of the Board of Directors for Create a Change and Woman of Global Change. Accolades include ATHENA award, Women’s Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame, and “40 Under 40”. Michelle Feador is the owner & sole instructor of CPR STAT LV, an American Heart Association CPR & First Aid training site in Las Vegas. Michelle is also the regional manager of Advance Medical Staffing, a medical Staffing agency in Las Vegas. She is a philanthropist, who volunteers with the Leukemia & lymphoma society. Michelle Velez joined the News 3 team in February 2011 after spending four years at KSNV’s sister station in Yuma, Arizona. Michelle split her time between the anchor desk and being out in the field covering several notable events. When Michelle isn’t working you can find her in the gym teaching Zumba! She loves dancing, snowboarding, boating, hiking, and any kind of dessert.


Misty Goodroad, born in Phoenix, AZ, where she was raised around her grandfather’s pest control company. In 2003, she moved to join her father’s pest control business. Misty branched out on her own and founded Innovative Pest Management in 2013, becoming a third-generation pest control professional. Misty has a beautiful 3½-year-old daughter and recently married. Monica Jackson co-anchors FOX5 News Live in Las Vegas, as well as cohosts MORE. Starting her career in Detroit, Michigan, her dedication and love to the business opened the door to work for one of the top radio stations in the city- WGHB, where she was then recognized by FOX 2 News, after six months on the air she was pirated away by WXYZ and the rest is history! Molly O’Bryant owns A Touch of Lash and ATOL Lash Academy. Through the ATOL brand, Molly helps clients live their best life confidently and helps students take control over their financial futures. Molly is passionate about giving women the tools to be successful and grow into the best versions of themselves. Nicole Roitenberg received her esthetics license three years ago. Since May of 2017, she has been offering her clients a personalized atmosphere at her salon, Eyelash Junkie. Her favorite thing is seeing the joy spread over the faces of her clients when she hands them the mirror and they see their transformed look for the first time.

professional services.

Pierrette Tanner La Belle Maison is a full-service design firm catering to clients seeking furniture, interior design services and staging. Whether a client is buying, selling or remodeling a home, La Belle Maison makes it an effortless and enjoyable experience by providing exceptional and

Rachel B. Schwimmer, serves as Fundraising Manager for the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance. The marketing, business development and community outreach ace has worked in Brazil, Italy, Bali, Greece, NYC, San Francisco, LA and beyond for marquee brands such as Iron Man, Rock n Roll Marathon, Gap, Levi Strauss & Co., and It’s Yoga International. Renee Milton Making sure you feel great when you get out of my chair is my specialty.” Renee is extremely grateful to all her loyal clients that have contributed to her success. After spending the past 20 years in this profession, she is still passionate and loves going into work every day!

Nikolina Ivanova, a Las Vegas-based makeup artist, licensed makeup instructor and the founder and creator of Glam Sophisticated. She specializes in bridal makeup applications, as well as beauty makeup for red carpet events, TV, commercial and photo shoots. Nikolina is now teaching makeup artistry in Las Vegas. IG profile @nikolina_beauty.

Riana Durrett, Esq., Executive Director of the Nevada Dispensary Association, a trade association representing 95% of dispensaries in Nevada. A graduate of Boyd School of Law and is licensed to practice in Nevada and California. Since 2015, she has focused primarily on cannabis law, advocating for Nevada’s cannabis industry, and helping to shape Nevada’s strict regulatory framework. Rita Vaswani is a Las Vegas resident since 1992, the founding President of the Las Vegas India Chamber of Commerce and president of Asian American Group/AAG. Sitting on several boards, including the Advisory Board for Touro University, Advisory Board of Dignity Health St. Rose Hospitals, and the Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Nevada.

Patricia Farley is a businesswoman with her high-end contracting company, Southwest Specialties. Her love of Nevada and desire to improve its business climate led her to be elected to the State Legislature. Ms. Farley is also a philanthropist, member of the Board of Directors for Serving Our Kids Foundation.

Robyn Yates is the owner and broker of Windermere Prestige Properties. With her focus on creating exceptional levels of service to exceptional clients, she achieves this by providing cutting edge marketing, technology tools and innovative programs to her agents, so they in turn can provide exceptional service to their clients.

Patti Stewart is a proud mother, business owner and self-defense instructor for Defense in Heels. Teaching women and children to be safe in any situation they are in. Not only is she a former model this internationally certified self-defense instructor can teach you how to beat up bad guys in 6-inch heels.

Roxie Amoroso, owner of Beauty Bar, a venue she once played in several different bands of different genres. Her rock n’ roll background and unique fashion helped her design an apparel line based on the historic Los Angeles venue, the Viper Room. She raises four wonderful children with husband and former bandmate, Jessie Amoroso.

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5-Star Service with Lori Couture


irst and foremost, I am very honored to receive this outstanding award of the ‘Top 100 Women of the Year!’ Thank you, Las Vegas! My husband, Ken, and I own Couture Realty, Bar Code Burger Bar, and E-Strings Poker Bar, here in Las Vegas. I recently took over the operations side of the Bar business, which has proven to be a great triumph of mine. Owning and managing Bars in Las Vegas can be quite challenging for anyone, but as a true believer in Jesus Christ, I have prevailed through the behind the scenes portion of the bar business. Through everything, I give all the credit to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is with his love and my faith, that I have gotten through all hardships and have succeeded. I enjoy showing Jesus through my daily interactions with my team and also through our patrons. We opened up Bar Code Burger Bar on East Flamingo Rd a couple of years ago and, in the beginning, the goal was to provide a complete scratch kitchen, 24/7, and we wanted to be different than any other sports bar or gaming bar in the valley. We also strive to provide 5-star customer service to all of our patrons, all the time- and we have whole-heartedly succeeded in that goal. Also, we just won ‘Best Burgers- Off the Strip’ just a few months ago and are just thrilled! Couture Realty, our Real Estate business, has proven to be successful by repeat business and referrals from our incredible clients. My husband and I follow the “Golden Rule”- Treat others as you would like to be treated. By doing that, we have earned lifetime clients and through business, we have found great friends. I was taught early on in life that if you put God First before everything. When you can bless someone, either by being generous with money or by lending a helping hand, you do it with all of your best intentions and it will bless you. God has blessed us so, while living a generous life and helping others, Jesus shines thru my daily routines. Spreading kindness and care with the support of Hope’s Pastor Vance Pitman and all of my incredible Las Vegas customers. I gratefully thank you all for supporting my business and helping me achieve my dreams! MV


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Giving Back to Las Vegas, the Ogden Way

Kema Ogden with former Gov. Bob Miller and Former NFL player Steven Jackson at annual adopt a family event hosted by the Ogden Family Foundation


or Kema Ogden, a community is more than a collection of homes where people retreat to be with their families after a busy day at work. It’s about the idea that everyone in the community is interdependent on each other, through good times and the difficult days, too. As a long-time Las Vegas community-minded entrepreneur, philanthropist and CEO, Ogden wakes up every morning ready to do her part to help move the community forward together.

The Foundation’s goal is to provide homeless, foster and at-risk youth, as well as under-served families, with programs and services that support families, unite communities, and promote healthy lifestyles in southern Nevada. Mrs. Ogden is also executive director of the Community Outreach Medical Center (COMC), a nonprofit clinic that provides medical services for low-income and high-risk Southern Nevada populations. COMC offers a wide-range of medical services that include: prenatal care for teenagers and women ages 16 to 40 in partnership with the University of Nevada School of Medicine and University Medical Center

Hospital’s Baby Steps Program; an extensive HIV/AIDS program; cancer screenings; family planning services for women such as PAP smears, mammograms, pregnancy tests, gynecology services and birth control; case management services and overall general medicine. “I’m fortunate to have been able to bring health and wellness strategies to the community for over 10 years as an entrepreneur and it’s important to be able to give back to the community where I grew up. We are grateful to our loyal donors and volunteers. We are always looking for like-minded people to joins us as sponsors or volunteers looking to positively impact the lives of others less fortunate.” Kema says MV

Ogden, who has the distinction of being Nevada’s first female minority owner of a cannabis dispensary as co-owner of Top Notch THC, a dispensary and cultivation business based in Las Vegas and is on the board of a non- profit national organization Doctors for Cannabis Regulation, the first and only physicians’ organization dedicated to the legalization, taxation and effective regulation of cannabis for adult use, takes pride in being active in the community. In 2008 she founded The Ogden Family Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization along with her husband, Jonathan Ogden, a former professional football player who played offensive tackle with the NFL Baltimore Ravens and inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Kema Ogden with an adopted family at annual adopt a family event hosted by the Ogden Family Foundation

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Beauty and the Bar


oxie Amoroso has crafted her career with the same DIY ethos that helped her create her distinct fashion: Find what others have overlooked or forgotten and restore it to proper standing. She is a Renaissance woman, in the sense that she is an artist of endless mediums, but also because she is all about resurgence. Just take her work with the Viper Room. Where some saw an old venue occupying prime real estate on Sunset Blvd, she saw a history—an iconography—and she parlayed this into a clothing line which was eventually licensed in a collaboration with Coach. This is the scrappy magician’s touch that musicians are forced to develop trying to make something out of nothing, day in and day out. She should know. She has been a Bassist for

touring bands dating back through the past decade, names that linger like the Loud Pipes, Pigasus or Crazy Chief, and she has also been a talent buyer for venues such as Roadhouse, Texas Station and the Las Vegas Country Saloon, among others. She picked up the bass after starting with guitar as a way to get her foot in the door in what was still very much a boy’s club. But she saw her own reflection in dynamos like Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth or D’arcy Wretzky of the Smashing Pumpkins. And she had the same Punk Rock attitude to back it up. This resilience that comes in so handy on tour also helps blazing trails. It has helped her and her husband, Jessie, to run two successful business in the Art’s District, Cowtown Guitars and Exile on Main Street (a vintage clothing store started out of her own closet), since back when most of the foot traffic came from Naked City and not a curation of tourists looking to score midcentury Vegas kitsch or boutique coffee.

experienced hand to curate the lineups, the 300cap outdoor venue is sure to be a boon for both touring and local bands, while the intimate inside stage keeps her flexible. Plus, she is in the process of designing a line of apparel that celebrates the rich history of the bar, all the way back to the original location in New York, the same way she did with the Viper Room. Anything to elevate the lush outsider culture she cut her teeth on. Who knows, maybe she’ll even bring back manicures. We wouldn’t put it past her. If history has anything to say about Roxie, it is don’t put anything past her. She’s a try everything gal, an artist in any format. It’s that old Vegas kind of hustle, because those who create their own success are too busy to be afraid of failure. MV By James Norman

She has a habit of getting there first. Which is good, because her latest project is the Beauty Bar, where she is equity owner and Managing Member. It’s another gem overdue for a polish, and she has made it her mission to restore it to the stature that made it the original venue of the Fremont East Entertainment District. That means she intends to expand the programming, branching out from the DJ format that rules the block into a more diverse live music calendar, everything from KRS-One to Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day (and that was just her first show). With a revamped sound and light system and an


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By: Sarah Moninger


Success through Strength: Proficient Patios

essica Lane and her husband, Matthew Lane, have the power and drive to move mountains together. Jessica, born in Cali, Colombia South America, moved to Las Vegas at the age of 4 after her father passed away. Together, they have owned and operated Proficient Patios since 2006. With Matthew having previous experience with construction and contracting from his family business and Jessica having great organization and educational strengths, there was a great foundation to blossom a new and different business. They started Proficient Patios out of their house, using Matthew’s skills to run to appointments and complete jobs at first. In the very beginning, Jessica was a freshman in college at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Jessica was pursuing a legal career and finished her Juris Doctorate at William S. Boyd Law School, after previously getting a bachelor’s in Political Science. At the time, they saw that they could begin their own business and blossom with their own ideas in mind. She completed college with incredible grades, but never took her BAR exam because the business was booming. She became more involved in the business and realized that her inept skills for business and legalities would make her a strong, organizational asset to the team at Proficient. Her legal career was on hold, but her strengths were constantly put to good use. While diving head-first into managing the team at Proficient Patios and still finishing up Law school, the couple were struck with devastating news. Their daughter, Brianna, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer at just 4 years old. Named Neuroblastoma, the cancer affects children around the globe, and makes a catastrophe out of their nerve cells, causing tumors. Brianna was very brave and bared through treatments, while Jessica knew that her baby and her business were struggling. Feeling hopeless, Brianna was showing much improvement and was getting close to being cured. Jessica stated that, “they lost a lot of employees during this time,” and she “didn’t think they were going to make it.” Today, she knows it made her much stronger and capable of getting through even the worst of times.

When their little girl was safe and healthy, they began to start improving and expanding their showroom and business. Within years, they had gone from their office space in Downtown LV to their 24,000 sq. ft. showroom in Central Las Vegas and had established themselves as the go-to for everyone’s renovation and patio covering needs. They have won multiple awards, including #1 Las Vegas Patio Builder based on the Alumawood manufacturer, and Best of Las Vegas for Landscaping. Jessica and Matthew have found that their secret to success is providing consistently great customer service and understanding of customer needs while still offering them the best packages available. Unlike many contractors, all of her on-project estimators are also design consultants, meaning that they get further involved than what is expected. They take the needs of the client into consideration but guarantee that they will offer the best and greatest ideas for the space- period. Proficient also holds 6 licenses to their business, so that they may do everything in-house without having to hire an outside source for any part of the job. They are a one-stop-shop for all things landscape and renovation, and everything is done in one go-around. After years of seeing

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many people’s gas/electric needs with their landscaping projects, and while having to outsource to a different company, they made the smart choice to open up their own gas/ electric company called ‘Las Vegas Connects.’ It is an independent company but tends to all of the landscaping projects for Proficient Patios, so that the entire renovation job is completed. Jessica, alongside her husband, has dealt with thick and thin times, but somehow will always push through with full force. Her tenacity through dealing with her sick baby-girl, while still running a business, is beyond comprehension. She and her husband have become strong-willed and focused business people, and their business and family has grown with them. They now have 3 daughters, Karina, age 3, Catalina, age 2, and Brianna, who is now 11. Today, they are looking forward to the latest revamping of their showroom, and the growth and success that will come with it. Jessica also has the goal to take the Bar and chase her Legal dream. To stay updated with Proficient Patios, visit their website at or stop by their 25,000 sq. ft. showroom at 3310 S Valley View Blvd. MV



Lighting Up Nevada

By: Sarah Moninger


evada Lighting opened in Reno, NV in 1977 and, at which time, had their main office in Reno, and a satellite office in Las Vegas. Since then, the lighting and controls agency made their return to Las Vegas in 2012 and has continued to bring their state-of-the art lighting and controls technologies to Las Vegas, Reno, as well as to other regions of the State. In their return to Las Vegas six years ago, Angie McClure began at Nevada Lighting as a co-owner of the company after moving from Atlanta, GA. As part of this transition, Mrs. McClure played an integral role as a collaborative leader because of her twenty-four years in the lighting and controls industry; and, will plainly state, she has “never looked back.” In March of 2018, Angie met Jennifer Murphy through mutual business associates and knew that she would be an asset to the ever-building team at Nevada Lighting, Las Vegas. After a few months, Ms. Murphy decided to make the decision to join forces with Nevada Lighting after she had been part of the lighting and controls industry for over a decade. Altogether, the Las Vegas office holds eleven extremely talented employees along with eleven equally talented individuals in Reno, Nevada. Between the two offices, they collectively complete “the dream team” of lighting and controls for The State of Nevada. Nevada Lighting has an expansive portfolio of over 100 lines of lighting, controls, and other building solutions to meet the needs of industrial and commercial businesses alike, such as hospitality, schools, casinos, hospitals, warehouses, and retail. Additionally, they are the salesforce for an incredible product mix which includes interior shades, specialty lighting, and even full exterior furniture/site amenities. Nevada Lighting goes above and beyond to ensure the best products for businesses’ individual needs. In working with a large group of Architects, designers, and contractors from around the world, Nevada Lighting may get called upon to complete a project outside of Nevada. They pride themselves on being the one-stop-shop for more than just lighting, and for all things ‘design.’

how important lighting is to a project until it is changed and transformed to create an entirely new aesthetic.” Mrs. McClure’s team has made a real impact since their start in 2012. They have continually offered consistency and trust to their clients’ and exemplify this with their core value of service. Their company motto is “easy to work with” and they live up to that every day. The team is very family-oriented, and they provide a fresh, and different, level of communication and interaction with their clients’ during their projects; so much so, many of their clients’ end up being true and important friends to not only the company, but also with the team. Angie is proud of the “A-Team” she has built and says she “cares more about her team than any other business relationship she has ever had.” She is a true leader to Nevada Lighting, and has carried them a long way since the company’s reemergence to Las Vegas. Angie is, what she calls, “Momma Bear” to the team and the “Head Custodian” of the office. She is proud to put out any fires that might come up during the day and takes care of any customer service needs which may arise. She also makes sure her people’s voices and opinions are heard-

-which is an imperative trait to have as a leader. While considering her options before choosing the Nevada Lighting team, Jennifer wanted certain core values to be in place, such as a good support team, great moral ethic, and drive. Angie delivers that ten-fold. Their favorite part of their job is the relationships that come about by being a part of the industry. Since the industry is relatively small, it often happens one will come across the same people; and these multiple interactions will organically grow to form a tightknit community of individuals working towards a common goal again and again. “It is truly rewarding,” Jennifer says. Both Jennifer and Angie are incredible workers, mothers, and women. They have selflessly worked day in and day out on multiple projects to help their company flourish. Nevada Lighting is a force to be reckoned with and is slowly but surely working to dominate the lighting and controls market in The State of Nevada; all with the team by its side. In the coming year, Angie and Jennifer are looking forward to the growing infrastructure that Nevada continues to develop. They are ready and willing to take over and ignite Las Vegas. For all your commercial lighting, controls, and design/development needs, contact Jennifer Murphy at 702-220-5577. MV

Angie states, “Lighting changes the feeling of a room, and can truly make a difference in a space.” She continued, “People do not realize


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Congratulations Laurie A. Delre for being named Top 100 Women in Las Vegas!

Buying or Selling a Home in Las Vegas?

“It is an honor to be nominated. Thank you Las Vegas and congratulations to all of the amazing nominees!” ~ Laurie A. Delre


801 South Rancho Drive • Suite E3B • Las Vegas, NV 89106 702/474-6255 • fax 702/474-6257

To learn more about what we offer, please contact Jenna today at

(702) 480-7730 1780 W. Horizon Ridge Henderson, NV 890121 Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:


Home Staging Works, and Here’s Why.. H

ome Staging has become one of the most invaluable tools of real estate marketing. It began when the economy

don’t let you tackle it alone. After visiting your home, we provide you with a detailed report, room by room, item by

crashed, and markets were flooded with a surplus of homes, competition became fierce. How do sellers attract

item, with asterisks next to the items that need immediate attention. You can use the report as DIY list to prepare your

the attention of the buyers in their market? By capturing the attention of the buyers’ realtor! Buyers’ realtors see

home for sale if that’s your preference, or we can be there every step of the way. We can be as involved as you like

hundreds of homes per month online while searching for the “one” property that will impress their clients. You, as a homeowner, have just one shot to make a dynamic and

or need. Because not every home improvement project is created equal, we direct you to repairs and projects that will give you the biggest return on your invested time and

lasting first impression. If you don’t impress the buyers’ realtor, you won’t ever be seen by the buyer! So, the

money. We understand you don’t want to put a ton of money into a property you’re not planning to live in, which

details must be perfect. You need beautiful furniture and stylish accessories. Removing clutter, and excess or worn furniture, is critical to making rooms appear larger and well maintained. Chances are, you’re competing with new homes in your market for attention. You may have features most newer homes don’t have, (like mature landscaping, larger lots, maybe a pool) but that means that the inside of

is great, because you’d probably rather put the money towards your new home.

your home should be “model home perfect” to create the “whole package.”

Most people, without professional credentials, wouldn’t represent themselves in court. Most homeowners use realtor services to buy or sell a home, yet only some of those choose to hire a professional to prepare their home for sale in that same competitive environment. Staging a home for sale is always a good idea, because staging works. Builders set-up model homes with furnishings and accessories because they know it’s effective. They know that few buyers can visualize a full house of furniture from The effectiveness of home staging has become undeniable. A survey by Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation showed that staged homes spend half of the time on the market than

a bleak expanse of empty rooms. By contrast, have you ever seen an episode of Hoarders and thought “there’s my dream home!”? If your home doesn’t feel like an upgrade

homes without staging. Half! And in a survey by Home Staging Resource, statistics showed that “85% of staged homes sold for 6-25% more than unstaged homes.” Staged homes sell

to the home your potential buyer is currently living in, then you’ve probably lost that sale.

faster and for more money. Why? Because 81% of buyers say

After La Belle Maison (The Beautiful Home) has helped you

it’s “easier to visualize the property as their future home” (per

sell your home, we can help you stunningly design and furnish your new home too, but that’s a whole other article.

So why would anyone sell their property for less money? We don’t know. We do understand that it can be daunting. Dumping money into long lists of projects before marketing your homes can be unappealing; however, we

By Pierrette Tanner Owner/CEO of La Belle Maison

don’t let you tackle it alone. After visiting your home, we


Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

Lisa Howfield

Vice President & General Manager KLAS TV 8 / CBS Las Vegas


orn in Prattville, Alabama, Lisa Howfield moved to Las Vegas at the age of 6 months. After graduating from Bonanza High School, she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Communications with an emphasis on Business Management and Television Production from Pepperdine University in California. Ever since, she has been fascinated with all-things media. Lisa is currently the Vice President and General Manager of KLAS-TV 8 (CBS) and its associated digital services, including Me-TV and Movies!; community web portal and HYFN Digital Services serving the Southern Nevada community. Howfield started at KLAS in August 2015 with nearly 21 years of television broadcast experience in the Las Vegas market. KLAS Channel 8 News NOW was the first ever television station in Las Vegas, back in 1953. Lisa is thrilled and proud to be part of a legacy and award-winning news operation that provides quality information to her hometown through programs such as Community Pride, Buddy Check, Cool in School, Acts of Kindness and Emmy© award winning I-Team stories. Prior to working in the broadcast industry, Lisa held sales and marketing positions with Warner Bros., Rhino Records and Polygram Records in Los Angeles, California. Howfield has been involved with various organizations and charities such as Nevada Broadcasters Association, Women in Communications, Women in Film, Working Moms in Business and The Salvation Army. Currently, she serves as Vice-Chair for Core Academy powered by The Rogers Foundation and Board Trustee with the Las Vegas Metro Chamber. She has received several awards for her outstanding leadership. In 2018, she received “TV Executive of the Year” from Silver State awards and previously awarded “General Manager of the Year” for markets 26+ within the United States by Broadcasting & Cable Magazine in 2008. The FCC deemed her as “gutsy” when she pioneered the “Pull the Plug” analog test in preparation of the Digital TV conversion which was then adopted by stations across the country. Lisa has traveled down many avenues and found great success doing so. In March of 2010,

Howfield earned the esteemed title of author with the release of her first college textbook published by Focal Press titled “Managing Electronic Media” written specifically for upper collegiate classmen studying Communications. In her spare time, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband, former NFL kicker, Ian Howfield, as well as her two Miniature Schnauzer’s, Huey and Ziggy. She also enjoys time with her son, Kyle, and his new wife, Larissa,

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

who both graduated from UNLV. Lisa Howfield is an amazing friend, mother, and leader to her team at KLAS. She continues to maintain the commitment of the news channel, which is providing the best quality news to Las Vegas locals. KLAS provides the best streamline for receiving news over all other news stations. Lisa hopes to continue to deliver the best, and most complete news stories to the many viewers of KLAS/CBS. MV



Ask the Pro: Meet Jimena Cortes

Founder of Wizard Media, a Digital Marketing Agency Question: Can you tell us how you got your start in online marketing? Jimena Cortes: I created my agency Wizard Media ( back in 2012 after leaving my marketing job. I was a media buyer for a mobile advertiser and managed anywhere from $200k to $400k in monthly ad spend. During this time, I taught myself SEO and fell in love with the process and the type of traffic it generates. So I decided to leave my cushy marketing job and started my company offering SEO services. I quickly grew my agency using very innovative lead generation strategies, so now my agency offers both done for you lead generation services as well as consulting and training. We work with clients on a global level in delivering the highest caliber of leads for their businesses. From the leads that we have generated for our clients, this has resulted in over $10 million in sales for them to date. On the low end, our client’s average ROI is 300% all the way to over 1,000%. Question: Can you explain how you are able to deliver such a high ROI? Jimena: We use very innovative and targeted strategies to drive traffic to our client’s websites. For example, our clients on our SEO services, typically show up multiple times on page 1 of Google, taking up more of that valuable space on Page One. They basically dominate. Therefore, people see them as the authority in their field and not only do they get more search traffic, but they also convert a higher percentage of their traffic. We also book sales meetings for medical device, tech, manufacturing and B2B types of companies. We have a particular method in which we are able to get through to very high level contacts and book meetings with them for our clients. One of our medical device clients for example, we booked 24 meetings for them in a 4 month period. Now that may not sound like much, but they sell equipment that sells for $400k a piece. From the 24 appointments we booked for them with very targeted high value prospects, they were able to sell 6 of their $400k radiology machines. This led to $2.4 million in sales.


Question: What makes your leads so high caliber? Jimena: We have a proprietary process that allows us to identify who your ideal prospect is, the message to market, and then we have a filtering process that allows us deliver only the highest quality of lead to you, meaning that we pre-qualify them to ensure they aren’t “tirekickers.” Not only are we experts in lead generation, but we have also created an online software platform called the “Lead Conversion System” which allows any business to completely automate how they turn their leads into paying clients. This is one our flagship platforms that allows you to deploy surveys, applications, sales pipelines, and it even has an appointment scheduler built inside of it.

We wanted to create a solution that would allow my team to close sales on the fly without having to be in front of a computer screen. This system does just that, and it’s perfect for enterprise companies. Question: What do you contribute the most to your success? Jimena: Very simple, “We over-deliver and show our clients we have their best interest at heart.” Question: How would somebody work with you? Jimena: The best way to see if we are a good fit to work together is to go to and fill out the contact form on the website. Then, we would get on discovery call. MV

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:


R CoupEles

Las Vegas, the land of love! MYVEGAS Magazine is proud to announce Las Vegas’ Top Power Couples! With Nevada having one

of the highest marriage (and Divorce) rates in the nation, only the strongest of couples survive! Some of Las Vegas’ most successful businesses are ran and operated by couples! These nominated couples are in-love, heavily involved in the community, hard-working, reliable, and are truly outstanding businesspeople. In Las Vegas today, love emanates the town; and we would like to showcase that with this special feature. MYVEGAS is pleased to present our favorite Pairs in Power. (The Top Power Couples below are In no particular order).

cathy and gene backus ouple er c t op pow

ouple er c t op pow

Cathy and Gene Backus are dedicated to giving back. Both have long histories of charitable giving with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Gift of Sight, Nevada Law Foundation, and WIN. Now they team up to help breast cancer survivors heal their bodies, minds and spirits by sending them on vacation.

Dr. Allen Huang and Dr. Victoria Chen are speakers, teachers and Amazon’s bestselling authors. They edit two newsletters monthly and have published four books. They are co-founder and CEO of Significance Dental Specialists, the most trustworthy and dominating interdisciplinary dental specialty group in Las Vegas with four locations. Dr. Huang is award winning periodontist treating periodontal disease and dental implants. Dr. Chen is the champion of orthodontist specialized in braces and Invisalign.

evan roark and jenny lee

fauzia and ralph carullo ouple er c t op pow

dr. allen huang and dr.victoria chen

ouple er c t op pow

The Carullos first met in England in 2000, when they both were in medical school. After 15 years together, the Carullos sum their relationship up with a “math problem”: 9 years of marriage, plus 2 demanding schedules, plus one commitment to helping others, plus their commitment to raising their two wonderful children. The solution is best expressed in fractions: “We can only do it all with the support of our better halves. Together, we add up to a great ‘whole’”.

Evan Roark is the founder of Foster Realty established in 2010. For over 15 years, he has he has worked with countless investors, providing and implementing profitable management and sales programs for his clients. He enjoys solving challenging problems and prides himself on helping others manage their growth and profitability. Jenny Lee is a practicing Nevada attorney who owns and operates Jenny Legal, a general practice law office established in 2015. She earned her law degree and Master's in Business Administration at UNLV. As a Korean born and raised in South America, she is culturally diverse and fluent in both Spanish and Korean.

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:



Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

Award Winning Periodontist & Orthodontist 10,000+ smiles transformed. 10,000 dental implants placed in Las Vegas since 2007


IN LAS VEGAS Since 2007


6018 S. Fort Apache #100 Las Vegas, NV 89148

702.547-9977 2777 W. Craig Road #101 N. Las Vegas, NV 89032

702.647-8114 2430 E. Harmon Avenue Ste., #6 Las Vegas, NV 89121

702.733.0558 7151 Cascade Valley Court #107 Las Vegas, NV 89128


Significance Dental Specialists & Orthodontics is awarded and featured in these numerous magazines, TV shows and media network:


Two Worlds Build a Bridge

By: Sarah Moninger


van Roark and Jenny Lee are a Power Couple if MYVEGAS has ever seen one. After meeting each other just 11 short years ago, they have successfully empowered each other to move mountains, and they’re not done yet. They have aspirational plans coming in the future and couldn’t have done it without each other’s support. The phrase ‘Power Couple’ is defined as two people in a relationship complimenting each others’ weaknesses with their respective strengths and encouragement. Evan and Jenny work together to keep balance, encourage each other, and grow as one. Evan and Jenny met in 2007 through mutual friends. Jenny knew Evan had a certain drive in him to develop his career and life, and Jenny shared that exact trait. They were two steam trains that chose to ride together instead of next to each other. They met when she was in the process of applying to law schools. She had big dreams and great arguing skills, as her mother would tell her. As a young child, Jenny was known for making agreements on paper and having people sign a contract to go forth with things like playtime. To say that her skills are deep-rooted would be a colossal understatement. Not long after they were dating, Evan and Jenny were on their way to success. Jenny supported the idea of Evan opening his own real estate brokerage, after he had worked as an agent for another office for some time. He opened Foster Realty LLC in November of 2010 and has now been successful for 8 years. Jenny Lee graduated UNLV in 2012 with her law degree and a Masters in Business Administration. She worked for another law firm for about 3 years but realized that her goal and vision was for a practice under her own guidance. In likeness, Evan believed Jenny would be successful and more fulfilled pursuing her own vision of managing a business, so he motivated her to do so. He knew she would work diligently for her clients, and supported her as she built her business from the ground up. In May of 2015, Jenny started Jenny Legal, her own client-focused law firm, in available office space next to Foster Realty. Since then, she assists when legal issues arise for Foster Realty clients. For a long time before they worked in the same building, they rarely got any chances to do


something as simple as eat lunch together. Today, they eat together regularly and have time to spend not only their entire lunch but on vacation, which they both value. In the coming year, they have an exciting venture to unleash. They have purchased an entire building, with Evan’s representation of course. This massive executive office building holds 12 offices, and they hope to lease some of these executive suites to complementary businesses such as CPAs, other law practitioners, legal support businesses, wealth management, or mortgage lenders. They are welcoming and encouraging entrepreneurs interested in growing their small business in a synergetic environment to find success as they have. Jenny and Evan know the hardship and the gratification of

owning your own business and yearn to support the growth of local small businesses in Las Vegas. If you are looking for a well-rounded, small business point-of-view, look no further than Jenny Legal and Foster Realty to ensure your needs are met. They are excited to open their new offices in 2019 as a fresh approach to small business. After 11 years together, they are committed and ready to embark on their newest journey together. Contact them today! MV Evan Roark and Jenny Lee Foster Realty: (702) 552-0120 Jenny Legal: (702) 537-0007

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

Don’t take

OUR word for it!

Empower me through my healing journey

Read the Reviews:

Send Me On Vacation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that provides financially disadvantaged breast cancer survivors the opportunity to initiate the process of emotional healing through a vacation experience. Send Me On Vacation empowers survivors to reconnect with themselves on a rejuvenating vacation.

3050 South Durango Drive • Las Vegas, Nevada 89117 • 702.277.3812 Text Message Only

(continued from page 88)

TOP 100 WOMEN OF THE YEAR Shila Sheikhan has been actively involved in her family-owned tattoo businesses for more than 15 years. She opened Soul Food Cafe in 2012, and in 2009, opened a Bail Bond business with her husband Teddy. She has 2 beautiful daughters Bella and Milani. She is hoping to expand the Soul Food Business, while winning Best of Soul Food since 2012.

Vena M. Wilson, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, is the owner/ operator of Honey Bee Behavioral Health where she provides psychotherapy services to children, adults and their families. Vena is licensed by the State of Nevada as a private clinical practitioner and is a Board of Social Workers approved Clinical Intern Supervisor.

Tanice Smith has been empowering women through pageantry as an executive director since 2013. Her work in the community earned her a certificate of recognition by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval. In 2018 she founded United States of America Pageants which is designed to empower women, inspire others, and uplift everyone.

Vanessa Chiodo has a business that she has been able to maintain for 21 years, which has allowed her the independence that she has always craved as a woman, but also the freedom to be a stay-at-home Mom through the years thanks to my wonderful Partner/

Tricia Kean has been a weekday anchor for 13 years, and a longtime advocate for consumers in Southern Nevada who have been ripped off or scammed. Tricia also heads up the popular Contact 13 Consumer Unit, recovering over $1 million a year through the hotline. Tricia also has received numerous local awards for her work in the community over the past 11 years in Southern Nevada.

friend, Chris.

Wendy Wood, MBA, CEO is a highly regarded and trusted professional healthcare resource advocate serving the southwest region. An Air Force Intelligence Veteran, she currently is a CEO for Sana Behavioral Health Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her biggest passions are her faith, family and helping others.

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

Yelena Brezhneva is Las Vegas premier real estate agent specializing in high-end luxury homes & high rise condos, penthouses. Speaking several languages with practical global experience, innovative marketing strategies, and out of the box thinking makes her an expert in this field and sets her apart from the rest. Yvette Williams is a Public Policy Consultant and serves as Chair of the Clark County Black Caucus, a non-partisan community organization she founded in 2007, advocating for social justice policy reforms. An entrepreneur and travel industry veteran of 22+ years, she is currently opening “Your Trips & Travel Agency.”

Christia’n Annice Cristy Thomas Diana Shamirza Jaqueline Andrea Juliet Hebert Lisa Davis Monet Theirault Rosa Florentina Sinni Singh



Cliffs in Summerlin.

Amy Noto A fourth-generation Las Vegas native, Amy Noto has nearly two decades of experience in multiple areas of real estate in the Las Vegas valley. She is presently a Pardee Homes’ New Home Advisor at the builder’s upscale Nova Ridge neighborhood in The

Cathy Rojas Her clients come first. Constant communication with clients, while keeping them fully informed throughout the entire buying or selling process. If you’re not left with an amazing experience, then she hasn’t done her job. Cathy does not measure success through achievements or awards, but through the satisfaction of clients.

Anthony Knight has achieved many accolades in his real estate career, such as YPN’s “Top 40 Under 40” award, induction into their Hall of Fame, and Best of Las Vegas 2016 and 2017. Anthony is also the Founder of Foster Friday, which raises money and awareness for abused

Christina Chipman Devoted mother to three daughters, a top producing LV Realtor 2016-2018, and 2018 YPN’s Top 40 Under 40 Realtor. A self-described and self-motivated “adrenaline junkie.” A Las Vegas native, community is important to her: she is an Advisor of the Just One Project and will serve as 2019 President of Women’s Council of Realtors LV.

Ashley Oakes-Lazosky founded vegas homes and fine estates in 2011. After years in the industry ashley felt there was a need to brand herself and create her own image in a sea of 1000’s of agents. The brokerage was opened with the premise to be different, stand out and change the way real estate was conducted in las vegas.

Claire Susick She got her start in the real estate industry in 2011. Pair her knowledge of the Las Vegas community with her commitment to service, it’s easy to see how Claire’s results-driven approach, integrity and honesty have earned her the respect of her clients and colleagues.

Brandon Mondido is a realtor specializing in luxury properties. He maintains open and honest communication with his clients, and his client’s satisfaction is his top priority. With an extensive background in sales and customer service, he knows how to cultivate relationships that last for years and benefit all parties involved.

Clea Whitney Born and raised in Moapa Valley, she now owns Moapa Valley Realty. She enjoys being a real estate broker because of all the new people you get to meet everyday. Earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Nevada, Reno, and has over 13 years of selling experience.

Brenda Barajas is a mother of 3 and wife. Brenda is a Summerlin resident for 18 yrs, been a Real Estate investor since 2001 and Real Estate agent since 2007. Experienced in REOs, Luxury, commercial, vacant land, multi family, investments, first time home buyers and business.

Connie Esparza was attracted to Real Estate after buying herself, and influence her friends into purchasing homes instead of renting, and played a large part in her decision to become a Realtor. In 2004, Connie became a licensed Realtor and has purchased many properties over the years, which helps her understand client’s needs.

Brenda Wynn As a trusted real estate advisor for the past 12 years, Brenda’s focus is on client satisfaction. Whether it’s helping you get the most out of selling your home or finding the home of your dreams. She is active with community organizations such as United Blood Services and Opportunity Village.

Crystal Miller Real Estate has been my passion since I was a college student attending UNLV pursuing my marketing degree. I’ve lived in Vegas my entire life and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of its growth. My desire to help others achieve homeownership is

and abandoned animals.

what drives me.

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

Cynthia Cartwright has worked with 100’s of Buyers, Sellers and Investors in the Las Vegas Valley since 2002. She holds the ABR-Accredited Buyer Representative and the SRS-Seller Representative Specialist designations. Cynthia’s commitment to her clients is to provide the highest level of professional, personal service with honesty and integrity. Evan Roark is the founder of Foster Realty established in 2010. For over 15 years, he has he has worked with countless investors, providing and implementing profitable management and sales programs for his clients. He enjoys solving challenging problems and prides himself on helping others manage their growth and profitability.

buyers in the right direction.

Helder Mejia, a realtor for more than six years. A master negotiator, Helder prides himself on closing sales at the lowest price possible for buyers. Always professional and goes the extra mile for clients. He is familiar with different neighborhoods in the valley and guides Joe Cordone has been in the mortgage business for over 17 years. Joe is currently the Regional Manager of Guaranteed Rate and has been with the company for 2 years. Joe truly enjoys working with clients and real estate agents. Joe enjoys giving back to his community.

handle any situation.

Jason Wheeler has lived in Las Vegas for 15 years. He loves this city and the awesome people that live here. He takes great care in helping his clients accomplish their real estate goals. With over 20 years of experience in real estate and a mortgage background Jason can

Leslie Hoke, A Los Angeles native with 20+ years’ experience in entertainment, she moved to Las Vegas in 2004 and earned her Real Estate license the same year. She has been award-winning since 2012 in highest sales. A Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE designation) and a Seller Representative Expert (SRS). Lily Ruiz is passionate about Real Estate, specializing in helping our Military both active and Retired. Committed to excellence, Lilly’s Service is unmatched. Knowledgeable and focused on the client’s needs. Communication and results, Lilly is “The go-to” Real Estate agent for everyone looking to buy or sell property or land throughout the valley! (continued on page 119)


LuxeEs t at es&Li f es t yl es Hel der @l uxel uxe. c om


Want to Buy a House? Dunn and Done!


t’s all about providing extraordinary service, according to Tim Dunn. The one-time celebrity impersonator and featured performer in the long running show “An Evening at La Cage”, left the entertainment world in the dust before transitioning to life as a Realtor with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Nevada Properties in its Henderson-based St. Rose branch. According to Forbes magazine, Berkshire Hathaway is the second largest real estate firm in the United States and it is also ranked by volume as the #1 Real Estate Brokerage in Southern Nevada, but that does not mean that Dunn is without competition. There are, of course, several thousand Realtors in Clark County, and early in his career, the personable salesman knew he had to have an angle that set him apart from his rivals. “I first moved to Las Vegas in 1992, so I have a pretty good handle on what Las Vegas is actually about and where it is headed,” he said. Forget the thought that Las Vegas is just about gambling. Dunn actually sees Las Vegas and its suburbs as a family oriented, progressive, high technology region that provides both good schools and excellent infrastructure. In other words, get away from the Strip, and he’ll show you a great lifestyle.

By Richard Hack “When I first walked in after it was vacated I could see that it needed a lot of attention” he said. “In the course of 2 1/2 weeks, I had it completely, painted inside and out, new appliances, flooring, lighting, landscaping, and staged. It was cleaned on a Wednesday, photographed on Thursday, and on the market Friday.” For all we know, it’s now sold. “Most realtors are not going to hire contractors to flip your house for you. It’s just not what they think they need to do. For me, that is the exciting part, to deliver the experience based on my client’s need. Bought or sold. Done.” It is the kind of service you can’t make up and seldom find even if you could. A perfect example is a friend of Dunn’s. She and her husband were downsizing, and had placed their house on sale, and placing an offer on another home.

“They found a house to purchase and we were in negotiations when her husband became suddenly ill and passed away. And just like that,” Dunn says with a snap of fingers. “I had to forget that I had just lost a friend, and grab his wife by the hand, help her re-flip their loan, get her to Social Security to apply for benefits, walk with her through the process and even grass-painted their lawn green so it would look great in the photos.” Long story short, it worked, and so did Dunn, because the home sold in four days. “I like to say, I’m making dreams come true— one house at a time.” Realtor Tim Dunn— extraordinary. MV 702.970.8939 3185 St. Rose Pkwy Suite 100 Henderson, Nevada 89012

But just that opinion (and a bunch of continuing education that add letters like CRS (Certified Residential Specialist), ABR (Accredited Buyers Representative), CNE (Certified Negotiation Expert), and MCNE (which is a Master Certified Negotiation Expert—think Drill Sergeant to his business card) would mean nothing if Dunn was not instinctively drawn to getting into the trenches and doing whatever it takes to get his clients whatever they need to get the job done. “I have a passion for architecture and interior design, and I truly love serving people. There is nothing better for me than delivering something that goes way above my client’s expectations.” From sellers to first time home buyers, Dunn is committed. A recent example of just how willing he is to exceed his client’s expectations centers on a Las Vegas home that had been rented for the past 13 years. The owners live out of state and according to Dunn, they never saw the property in that entire time.


Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:


By Jenna Montijo


KISS: Keep It Simple...

s we enter into 2019 we all begin to reflect on the past and thoughts of what will become of the new year. For some, those goals and task are selling their house. Yes, this is definitely a task. One that many do not look forward to. I mean, who really likes to pack? However, let us start with “baby steps”. As I always say, “one day and task at a time”. If you are seriously thinking about selling your house. Start planning now with baby steps and one small task at a time. Here are 3 quick, simple tips that will help you prepare your home and yourself to conquer the sales process!

personal items. These items sometimes end up becoming the topic of conversation besides what is really the focus, your house. Take advantage of the time that you are cleaning and decluttering to pack a small box of items that you may not use on a daily basis. Tip 2: Curb Appeal Can Make the Deal A stunning first impression was not the same thing as love at first sight. But surely it was an invitation to consider the matter. ~Lois McMaster Bujold

Tip 1: Clean and Declutter The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment. ~ Marie Kondo When buyers walk through your home they need to be able to envision themselves living there and not be distracted by out of order items or even

When potential buyers arrive at your home this is their chance to take in the likes of your neighborhood and finally see your home!! From the moment they step out of the car to take their first steps on to the property they are looking at everything; landscaping, garage doors, light fixtures, paint, paint chips, stucco, siding, roof, and trim just to name a few. Take the time to make light repairs if needed. Replacing broken



light bulbs and a little touch paint can go a long way. Make them fall in love! Tip 3: Interview Your Agent: You are the boss!! Take your time and hire the right agent! Ask questions... lots of questions! Are you a full-time agent? How long have you been working in residential sales? Do you usually sell homes in my price range? What is your marketing strategy? These are just a few questions but very important to know. It is never too early to begin interviewing. Agents are all different. Be sure to hire an agent that you believe is knowledgeable, experienced, responsive, and a good fit for you! Most importantly one who can get the job done! One day and one task at a time will make your New Year’s home selling goals seem simpler and less overwhelming. Just breathe. You have got this! Let’s keep this is simple and safe! Smooches, Jenna Montijo

CAREERS Worth Having



Worth Living


LEGACIES Worth Leaving

Central Summerlin Location 2 Offices for your Convenience Summerlin & Green Valley

Crystal Rose Schulz 6475 S. Rainbow Blvd., Ste. 102 Las Vegas, NV 89118 702.730.2085 NMLS # 14699941 NMLS # 344850 Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

Shaun Marion 10000 W. Charleston Blvd., Ste 130 Las Vegas, NV 89135 702.877.2500



The Lending Hand: Joe Cordone


oe Cordone has been in the mortgage business for over 17 years. He grew up in the business, with his mother being in the business previously for over 30 years as a loan processor. Also, his father has been a loan officer for about 24-25 years. All he would hear at the dinner table while in high school and college was conversations about mortgages. Before Joe got into the mortgage business, he was a concierge at the Venetian Hotel and Casino for about 4 years. Before that, he worked in restaurants, so he has plenty of experience with customer service. His parents made sure he knew the importance of customer service in the mortgage business. When he reached the mortgage business, he knew it was something that he probably wanted to do for the next 30 years, so he approached it as a career instead of a job. Because he viewed this as a career, he knew the importance of having a great reputation, being liked & respected, and to make sure to put the clients and referral patterns needs ahead of his own. Without them, he wouldn’t have much of a career. Even though his job is primarily sales, he tries to never sound like he’s selling. Joe is a great listener and offers the best options to his clients. By doing so, he can usually count on that client coming back a few times over the years or referring him to their friends, family, and co-workers. Referrals are key in this business. That is why, he has been in this industry for 17+ years. A majority of his competition got out of the business from 2009-2012 because they didn’t understand the importance of referrals from clients and agents are the lifeblood of any good loan originator. Joe yearns to provide options and let the client choose what option works best for them and their family. A home loan is the largest purchase 95% of people will ever make. Joe takes responsibility in making sure they understand the process, communicate throughout the process, and receive the best loan options based on their needs.


The mortgage industry in constantly changing. Loan programs, loan guidelines, and technology could change monthly and it is important the keep up with the changes. Knowing the programs and guidelines is usually the difference between a loan getting approved or denied. That is why it is so important for real estate agents and clients to work with a mortgage professional with experience. Gaining trust from real estate agents and referral partners are very important. Joe Cordone is currently the Regional Manager of Guaranteed Rate and has been with the company for 2 years. Guaranteed Rate is the 7 largest lender in the country. Guaranteed Rate is known for many things including one of the industry leaders in technology, rates, best customer service, and having the top originators in the country. Guaranteed Rate has better rates and fees compared to many of the other retail mortgage lenders out there. Guaranteed Rate does national advertising including national TV commercials, advertising on baseballs games, the naming rights to the Chicago White Sox stadium, and we advertise in many other national venues. The White Sox Stadium is called Guaranteed Rate Field. Guaranteed Rate is also known to help originators grow their business. Many of the loan officers have double their business in the first 12-18 months of working for GR. Through Joe’s 17+ years, he has seen the housing market go through many changes from stated income and subprime loans, to regulatory reform brought on by Dodd-Frank, and now back to traditional full-doc qualifying loans. He knows that even with the appreciation we have seen over the last few years that the housing market is in a good place, because all buyers over the last 8-9 years are fully qualified and actually have ‘put-down’ money to get into their homes. Also, a vast majority of the loans are on 15, 20, or 30-year fixed mortgage. There are very few arms and no negative amortization loans anymore, so

we should never experience what happened in 2007-2010. Over his career, Joe has worked for a few mortgage companies, but, next to owning his company, he thinks Guaranteed Rate is the best company he has worked for yet. In July of 2011, he decided to close his doors and from there, jumped around to different branches. He landed, along with a team of motivated and driven loan officers, as the Area Manager at Guaranteed Rate. Within 6 months, he was promoted to Regional Manager of Guaranteed Rate. By 2015, he had closed around 90 transactions but now holds the responsibility of growing the region, hiring, and day to day responsibilities, but says that he will probably always originate because it is a beloved part of his job. Joe truly enjoys working with clients and real estate agents. “Seeing a client smile when they get their keys makes my day,” Joe states. MV For all of your loan and mortgage needs, contact Joe Cordone at (702)963-0560, Joe. | NMLS #(366298)

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:





Photos By: Robert King & Jesse Marquez

Owner of Cre8ve Home Solutions a Real Estate Investment and Service company. Driven by service, community and value. Offering a wide-range of real estate services to accommodate the individual’s needs. Guiding each client thru the transaction to ensure they are well educated and building value thru human connection.Â

Tyson DeLaCruz [702] 340.2726

Debbie Drummond

Debbie Drummond has over 15 years experience in Las Vegas Real Estate. She and her team know how to produce the best possible results for your real estate goals. Debbie specializes in the luxury home, golf course and high rise markets. She is a full-time Realtor who has achieved numerous designations. Her knowledge of the local market will help you make the most informed decisions. Debbie is a skilled negotiator. Whether buying or selling she will help you get the best price and terms. She will make sure your interests are protected. She and her team will stay on top of your transaction from the initial offer to closing.

Her job is to help you achieve your real estate goals.

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The prices of our homes, included features, plans, specifications, promotions/incentives, neighborhood build-out and available locations are subject to change without notice. Stated dimensions, square footage and acreage are approximate and should not be used as a representation of any home’s or homesite’s precise or actual size, location or orientation. There is no guarantee that any particular homesite or home will be available. No information or material herein is to be construed to be an offer or solicitation for sale. You must visit a Company New Home Gallery to purchase a home. Please consult a New Home Advisor for specific price and other information for each community. Please see the actual purchase agreement for additional information, disclosures, and disclaimers relating to any home, homesite and/or the features thereof. A Broker/Agent must register their client in person on client’s first visit at each community for a Broker/Agent to receive a commission or referral fee, if available. Not all features and options are available in all homes. Unless otherwise expressly stated, homes do not come with hardscape, landscape, or other decorator items. Any photographs or renderings used herein reflect artists’ conceptions and are for illustrative purposes only. Community maps, illustrations, plans and/or amenities reflect our current vision and are subject to change without notice. Maps not to scale. Photographs or renderings of people do not depict or indicate any preference regarding race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, handicap/physical disability, familial status, or national origin. Our name and the logos contained herein are registered trademarks of TRI Pointe Group, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries. NV Contractor’s License No. 3633A. © 2018 Pardee Homes, a member of the TRI Pointe Group. All rights reserved.

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Born and Raised in South Africa, Margaretha has been living in the USA since 2004 after extensive travel through Europe. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, invest as a first time home buyers or a seasoned investor; it would be Margaretha’s honor to apply her strong negotiating skills to your transaction. “Top 100 Women in Real Estate in 2017” by MYVEGAS Magazine and been consistently in the Top 10 Real Estate agents with Urban Nest Realty

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Cynthia Cartwright has worked with 100’s of Buyers, Sellers and Investors in the Las Vegas Valley since 2002. She holds the ABR-Accredited Buyer Representative and the SRS-Seller Representative Specialist designations. Cynthia’s commitment to her clients is to provide the highest level of professional, personal service with honesty and integrity.


s n o i t a l u t a r g Con

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her own.

Mary Preheim, a resident of Las Vegas since 2002, ranks among top 1% agents in Nevada for 7 years. Named Nevada›s Women›s Council of REALTORS Top 25 Women in Real Estate the last 3 years. Mary is dedicated to every transaction with her client’s goals as if they were

Richard “Mr. Q” Querney is the broker and realtor with Centennial Real Estate who has built his real estate success on “putting the client always first” above everything else. He believes in good communication and making himself available for his clients 247. He has the experience, technology skills, knowledge and negotiation skills to handle any issue or obstacle that may appear while he pays attention to the details. Rose Naghdi Coming from a family of business owners, real estate agent, Rose Naghdi, studied international business. Raised in Southern California, but has lived in Las Vegas for about 19 years, and fluent in Spanish and Farsi. Her focus is first time home buyers along with VA and culinary union bartenders. Shaun Marion With over 30 years in Las Vegas and over 20 years as a Realtor, this is the only industry Shaun has known. He has dedicated himself to his clients and now as the Team Leader of his Keller Williams office, he is now dedicated to the success of his agents.

Residential and Commercial

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Tim Dunn A top agent at Berkshire Hathaway, Tim has a strong track record of proven results and an unwavering commitment to high standards of service. Tim specializes in residential properties and views Las Vegas as a progressive, world class city that provides both good schools and excellent infrastructure for a fantastic lifestyle. Tyson DeLaCruz, owner of Cre8ve Home Solutions a Real Estate Investment and Service company. Driven by service, community and value. Offering a wide-range of real estate services to accommodate the individual’s needs. Guiding each client thru the transaction to ensure they are well educated and building value

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Yuval Zookin has been helping clients successfully purchase and sell real estate for over a decade. Consistently top rated by his clients, Yuval’s focus is on helping people make smart decisions to meet their real estate goals. An avid traveler, Yuval speaks several languages, and particularly enjoys working with clients from diverse backgrounds



Home Improvements Under $200? No Way!


pgrading your home can be tricky. Especially when you are trying to save a buck or two! Doing it yourself can save you a pretty penny and can turn out to be a fun experience to share with family or friends! Below are 10 (semi) easy, and great, home improvements that you may DIY or hire someone to help with. Let us know your favorite or if you try one!





Kitchen Roll Outs If you own your home, your kitchen is about to get 20x more satisfying with this small improvement. Head to Lowes or Home Depot and find the perfect size rack for your cabinet/s. All it takes is about 4 screws and some elbow grease, and your cabinets will go from struggle stacking to easy-peasy. This one will cost you $50 to $100 per cabinet. Crown Molding Crown Molding is a great way to make any room look larger and taller. It is such a small, but beautiful, way to spruce up your living room, entryway, or kitchen. Being a bit of a strenuous task to install, you might need 2 to 3 people to help and a saw to make the corners fit right. With the price point being around $2 per foot if you place it yourself, or $8/foot if you hire someone to install, this is an affordable improvement that could be a great bonding tool for you and your other half, or with your children! Fresh Coat of Paint Did you know that every 5 to 10 years, your home needs a new coat of paint? If your living space is widely used and may have some scuffing, it might be time to head to Home Depot or Lowes for a wide gallon of paint! You can even change up the color or do a fun design with Painters tape. Keep it modern, but classy, right? You may find a 4-5 gallon bucket of paint for around $150, which is perfect for your living room.


Plant Some Greens Every chance you get, get green! Seeds and dirt only cost about $20, for everything! This is an easy way to make your yard a bit more pleasant to the eye and could be quite relaxing to do on the weekends or in your spare time. Either plant the greens straight into the ground or purchase a couple of pots and planters to place in a line. Seems simple, right? It might be time consuming but get your family to join in and the project will be done in no time!


Organize your Closet The dreaded messy closet. We all avoid it, but this Spring season is the perfect time to get it out of the way! Starting with hanging all the clothes you know belong on a hanger. Then, travel to the nearest department store (even Walmart!) and purchase a Vertical Closet Organizer. They can be quite different price points, but the most you should spend would be around $120. Install the organizer to the middle of your closet, and BAM!, storage space at your fingertips.



Modular Shelving White walls can be blinding and boring. If you have white walls, do not fret! Simple decorating can be quick and easy to install. Similar to a bookshelf or hanging shelves, modular shelving is cheap and gets drilled into your walls, so barely any floor space is taken up. Place some greens/succulents or pieces from your infamous collection, along with books and bookends for a simplified, chic look. You can find these shelves at IKEA or the Home Depot for around $115. Backsplash A simple kitchen can be a great, but some need that little extra touch of pizzazz. If you are looking for that touch, try adding a backsplash! It can be very affordable, at nearly $10/per sq. foot, and you can do it yourself! Have two set of hands just in case you need help making the tiles fit together. If you need a step by step guide, it can be found at


Add Panel Shades There’s nothing like a plain window to really spruce up a room… just kidding! If you are craving a comforting and homey addition to your living room or bedroom, try panel shades. They cover just the sides of the window, not supplying a full shade, but still adding color to the blank space. You will need a rod for above the window and a panel curtain, which will run about $20-$30 for each pair of panels. Some people prefer a white or cream curtain that fits the entire window space (behind the panel curtains) to partially block out the light.


Under Cabinet Lighting Cooking in your kitchen can make you feel like an actual chef, especially with under cabinet lighting. It is a small addition, to an already bright room, but can really brighten up your counter space and open the room up. This improvement can be really simple or quite complicated depending on where the nearest outlet is located in your kitchen. If the outlet is inside your cabinet, you will need to wire it through by drilling a hole in the bottom of the cabinet. If the outlet is below your cabinets and you don’t want the wire to show, search for battery operated lights to install! This one will cost you about $100!

10. Cabinet Rebirth

If you know your bathroom or kitchen is a bit outdated, but don’t want to spend an arm and leg for new cabinetry, buy some paint and a sanding block. It is time to repaint and reinvent your cabinets. Make sure that you unscrew the cabinets off before you start painting or buffing! The best way to put color into your cabinets is by using Gel Stain which is shiny but will stick better than paint. The required materials will run you around $75 total, including the Gel Stain! Brand new room in 3..2….1. MV

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Home and Garden

There are many ways to improve your home this season! And it’s never too late to make those upgrades! Add to your interior with premium shutters or sleek new cabinetry. Painting an old room makes a huge improvement and sometimes the entire house needs a paint facelift! Sometimes adding new carpeting can increase the value to your home! Looking to enhance your curb appeal? Get a luxury outdoor living space designed uniquely for your home and your family. Replace that rusty backyard gate! Change out your old landscaping! Bushes and shrubbery can overgrow and look old. New furniture and appliances are the perfect way to update your look without breaking the bank. Find a store that offers diverse selections that combine class and comfort to give your home that luxury feel. If your home is overloaded, book a storage unit to help you clean and declutter your home or business with ease. Tis the season to give your home the TLC it deserves, and we know the best pros for the job!


Carpets N’ So Much More

By: Sarah Moninger


oday, Carpets N’ More sits with high esteem against any other local, flooring companies in the industry. Since it’s fruition in the early 2000s, the company has grown rapidly to opening 4 locations in the Las Vegas valley, but not without some help from current CEO Steve Chesin. Steve comes from 40 years of experience in the field, and is an incredible leader to the, now, 500+ staff members that Carpets N’ More employs. Steve Chesin comes from a very entrepreneurial background. When Steve was just 18 years old, not even graduated from high school, he started Steve’s Flooring Company and they supplied sales and installation of all flooring product, which included a flooring maintenance division and a nationally certified inspection service. Steve took the industry by storm. He decided to sell the company in 1995 to Carpet Barn/Nation’s Flooring. He was therefore named COO, and took the business to 7 states, both in the West and Eastern borders. After the company sold, he jumped head-first into managing Floors N’ More DBA Carpets N’ More in 2003. His starting position as Executive Vice President served as a catapult for his future with the business. After assuming his new seat, Steve helped to build the company’s revenue from $7-8 million to over $100 million, which was largely thanks to Vegas’ booming economy and infrastructures at the time. Unfortunately, the recession hit right when things were heading sky high. There had to be staff reductions by 80%, and even more so, pay cuts. Also, their “revenue dropped dramatically from $100 million to $10 million in just 30 months,” says Chesin. “Las Vegas went from over 36,000 new homes a year in 2007 to just under 3,500 homes per year by 2010.” It was a dramatic change, but they stayed above water while many other companies similar to them went down under the pressure. A reinvention was in the works and Steve was the pilot. While making changes and creating a new salesforce, the company took on granite fabrication and also added a cabinet division and began making installments of more than just flooring. They started a window covering


campaign and were quickly becoming a Full Finish Contracting company. Carpets N More was staying above water and it was going to stay that way. On the brighter side, since the recession, the housing market has firmly bounced back, and so has the business. Carpets N More has found substantial success in their residential division of business, while working with big name home builders such as DR Horton, KB Homes, Lennar, and American West Homes, among others. Steve is proud to say that, today, Carpets N More has presence in over a third of new homes built in Las Vegas. They’ve also made their way into the vertical works off the Strip, for example One Queensridge, One Las Vegas, The Ogden and the Juhl. The other divisions, including commercial and retail business, make Carpets N’ More the one-stop-shop for all things renovation and design- for business and consumers alike. In the coming year, they are looking forward to numerous improvements and expansions. One of them being the opening of their new Retail Design Center which will be a showroom that holds over 100 different varieties of style and color in products, not to mention the availability to change your cabinet, carpet, countertop, tile, and much more. It is set to open up in early or mid 2020 and will be located near the 215W and

Durango offramp, sitting close to Ikea. If you can’t wait until then, don’t fret! They have an additional location near Decatur Blvd and Sunset Ave, named their ‘Teco Design Center’ and retail location at St Rose and Eastern, where you may design your heart out. While growing their reputation as the go-to place for modernization and home makeovers, they are also sitting nicely with their company stock. Their hopes to prosper with the Stock Market are being fulfilled daily, as well as their hopes to expand in Las Vegas. Keep an eye out for the opening of their new location- coming soon! For all of your contracting needs, contact Steve at Carpets N’ More at 702-458-9999, or stop by one of their 3 locations! MV

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Get smart and save hundreds with Farmers multi-policy discounts!




DAVID CORBETT | Your Local Agent 101 S RAINBOW BLVD STE 25 • LAS VEGAS, NV 89145 Restrictions apply. Discounts may vary. Not available in all states. See your agent for details. Insurance is underwritten by farmers insurance exchange and other affiliated insurance comapnies. Visit for a complete listing of companies. Not all insurers are authorized to provide insurance in all states. Coverage is not available in all states.

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Call Us Toll Free: 877-917-7990 •

2480 W. Craig Rd.

702-646-9955 2700 E. Flamingo

702-734-2700 canvas, fabric, acrylic, wallpaper, aluminum... custom lettering | graphics decoration custom lettering | graphics decoration

7485 S. Eastern Ave.

7650 S. Durango Dr.

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702-254-4400 3869 E. Sunset Rd.



4515 W. Ann Rd.

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8856 W. Centennial Pkwy.

702-396-0090 702-255-4800 702-454-4040

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990 S. Boulder Hwy.


glass window custom decoration brushed aluminum custom prints glass window custom decoration

702.677.2570 702.677.2570

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f you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of CBD, but how much do you really know about it? Here’s a little summary. Cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today, and for very good reason! People who suffer from all kinds of ailments are getting relief from cannabinoids, but there is one in particular that arguably shows the most promise, and this very special cannabinoid is cannabidiol, or CBD.

CBD is similar to other popular products. The consumer has many choices, and CBD products are vastly different in quality and price. Many CBD products are made using concentrated CBD extracted from industrial hemp. Concentrated CBD typically comes in two forms: CBD full spectrum oil and CBD crystalline isolate. The difference between these two forms is important. As the name implies, CBD full spectrum oil contains all of the compounds that were originally in the plant with, perhaps, the exception of THC. CBD isolate as the name implies has been isolated, meaning the oil extracted from the plant undergoes


or it was not a full spectrum product. Don’t get me wrong, CBD isolate is a wonderful product that has worked well for millions of people, but we are starting to realize full spectrum oil is actually the much better option. With that being said, not all full spectrum oils are created equal. There are a lot of CBD brands out there, but the truth is very few of them actually extract there own CBD oil, so what ends up happening is full spectrum oil is being mass produced and sold to many other companies for them to use in their products, and sometimes during this mass production, quality suffers, short cuts are taken, many important purification processes are completely eliminated, and the resulting oil can be contaminated with pesticides, heavy metals, and THC.

PharmaXtracts Word Search

PharmaXtracts Word Search

CBD is a cannabinoid found in cannabis just like the very popular cannabinoid THC. However, unlike THC, CBD does not get you high. CBD has many health benefits, especially when it comes to its anti-anxiety, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. There is also something very important you should know, not all CBD is created equal.

many advanced processes needed to isolate pure CBD. As great as CBD isolate products can be, what we are learning is when you leave all the compounds together like we do in our new full spectrum oil, they work synergistically to create what is called the “entourage effect.” This provides a much more effective and natural CBD effect. For some medical uses, the difference is massive! If you have tried a CBD product and were disappointed with the results, it could very well be because the dose was either not high enough

by Patty Gold

Here at Pharmaxtracts, we take every possible step to create the purest, most potent full spectrum oil possible. We apply artisan techniques secretly practiced for years in the THC community that are often never thought about by large scale CBD manufacturers. The complete process is considerably more expensive, but by using our exclusive, proprietary technique, we have created the Pharmaxtracts “Gold Line.” A CBD full spectrum oil product with an incredibly beautiful, golden glow, and far superior in quality to anything else ever offered. Far superior. So, if you rely on CBD to improve the quality of your life or have been let down by other CBD products, give Pharmaxtracts’ new Gold Line full spectrum CBD a try! It could completely transform your experience with this amazing cannabinoid. MV

25% off one order today Promo code: BIS Limited to one person. Expires 12/31/18

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PharmaXtracts Word Search

“Not All CBD Is Created Equal”


By Taylor Burk

The CBD Commerce Showdown


elcome to the Wild Wild West Showdown of the ever-growing beauty, health and wellness products infused with cannabinol (CBD). Resistance to anything related to cannabis seems to be losing the battle. CBD used to be a best kept secret among Americans as it wasn’t commonly spoken about due to its classification technically being a Schedule One drug. Now that legalization seems closer every month, industries across the board appear to be intrigued by its seemingly miraculous healing properties for people and pets, as well as the environment. Unfortunately, when there is a quality product market, soon after follows the trend of knock offs. Many wholesalers and retailers online have great digital marketing techniques, although often their products are nothing close to pure CBD oil as advertised. CBD is the non-psychoactive oil found within the cannabis plant family. Online you can find a vast array of CBD products ranging from beverages and consumables to topical lotions, beauty products, and vapor pens. In some states, you can visit dispensaries and even dine in CBD cafes that offer CBD treats for us to take home for our pets. Although a health conscience mindset is a good thing for humanity, the new market already is becoming saturated. Savvy consumers are starting to focus a lot more on the quality of the CBD and less on the shimmer packaging with rose gold trim.

water, coffee, teas, smoothies, soda, beer, wine, cocktails and even mocktails. Be sure that your CBD beverage does not have triple amount of sugar than traditional teas in the marketplace. To combat taste challenges of infusing CBD within beverages, many brands use too much sugar to be considered a healthy option by fitness gurus. Even though CBD is often marketed to be extremely healthy for the body internally and topically, it heavily depends on the consumable or beverage the CBD is infused into, its ingredients and serving size. There are CBD candy, cakes, brownies, artisan chocolate, frosting, protein energy bites, gum, honey, coconut oil to cook with and a buffet of options. But just because CBD is proven to enhance your overall health does not mean that it doubles as an excuse to eat excessive amounts of treats you otherwise shouldn’t. And no, the upcoming holidays are not an exception!

which is a valuable incentive when it comes to natural beauty. Quality haircare is typically advertised to be sulfate-free, paraben-free and sometimes even salt and gluten-free. A legitimate wellness premium hemp haircare line will be proud of formulating their products with organic cold pressed hemp oil and active botanical ingredients that nourish the hair for health, strength and flexibility.

The same principals apply for skincare and haircare. With a click on the Internet, you can find CBD topical lotions, cleansers, eye creams, bath bombs, lip scrubs, premium hemp haircare, makeup, and even vegan CBD eyelash serum. Quality CBD infused skincare is packed with whole, organic ingredients and antioxidants that can correct damage caused by free radicals,

It’s the Wild West of experimentation with the accessibility of products infused with CBD. On this frontier, there is no shame in taking your rootin tootin time observing CBD credentials to ensure it will benefit you best. Legend has it, the rewards of finding the CBD: Most Wanted could be life changing. Hempy CBD Hunting! MV

In the information age, it may be tempting to jump and purchase some of these products, but it may be best to hold your horses and remember to first focus on the ingredients in the products and then on the quality of the CBD or hemp oil (often found in hair products) before making a final purchase. The difference between CBD oil and hemp oil is that hemp oil is only extracted from hemp plants and CBD is found in hemp plants as well as various cannabis plant types.

For shoppers who care about purchasing quality CBD oil, it is important to become educated about what to look for, if expecting to benefit from its properties. A legitimate company should roll out the red carpet for you and show you their credentials to prove they supply the “best” quality of CBD. If the company does not display credentials, ask if the CBD they wish to sell you is air extracted, third party tested, 100% pure or less than three ingredients. Pure CBD is not cut with various filler oils or typically considered inexpensive. You want the CBD to be green in color and if it smells similar to cannabis, it’s a great sign that you have a quality CBD in mind. When it comes to CBD infused beverages, consumers have plenty of options, including CBD


Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

Game Changing Hemp CBD Nano - Global CBD, LLC From one of the most cannabis adverse States in the United States, thrives a company that is making waves in the Hemp CBD world. Joel Bordeaux owner and founder shares “Global CBD, LLC started because our family and friends needed CBD”. Idaho residents were not able to get purchase cannabis products and were previously forced to drive sometimes hours to get products or have them shipped from people they do not know and/or trust. Global CBD, LLC and are leaders in the CBD industry with their doctor recommended products created from agricultural hemp CBD with No

to honey to CBD water and more. If you have products that you would like to launch into the Hemp CBD space you can save money and time working with Global CBD, LLC for your raw material. Testimonials of Global CBD, LLC customers speak for themselves. “When you are saving people money, providing benefits and improving peoples lives, it really makes you feel good about why you get up everyday.” Shares Stephanie Thurmond, one of Global CBD’s other business owners.

THC. They are the first only hemp CBD store in Idaho, their full line of premium products are 3rd party tested, employee drug test safe, and taste great. Global CBD, LLC has thousands of clients that have experienced the known health benefits of hemp CBD. At you will find all natural tinctures, vapor, chocolates, skin care products, massage oils, and their award winning Nano CBD products.

Global CBD’s Pure Relief Ultra Nano is one of the most raved about products in the CBD industry and won 2017 Supply Side West top five products for pain relief. Most non-nano products have a 15-24% absorbency rate within the body. Global CBD’s Nano products have 98% absorbency rates. “That means if you purchase a $100 worth product and get only 24% absorbency you are only getting $24 value, with our products you get $98 value” Joel explains. Their award winning Nano products are a game changer and should be a first choice for people with chronic pain cancer and other known conditions. For more information visit or visit their facebook page at globalcbd. Their retail store is located at 205 N. 1st Ave., Sandpoint Idaho 83864. Global CBD, LLC is one of the few companies that actually posts their physical address along with their domain online.

Global CBD, LLC also provides an affiliate program, retail, wholesale, distributor accounts and consulting services to help others begin or expand their Hemp CBD business’. Their wholesale division provides bulk wholesale isolate, distillate, full spectrum oils, and water soluble powders at competitive rates. They are working with several new lines of products from beauty serums Advertorial 130

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OP E N 2 4 / 7

1 1 1 2 S. COMME RCE ST. DO W N TOW N LV [ CHA R L E STON + COMME R CE ] 2 7 55 W. CHE YE NNE AVE . # 1 0 3 N OR TH LV [ CHE Y E N N E + SI MMON S] Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older.


471 45 2

SIMPLE. DISCREET. PRECISE. CanTabsTM were developed for delivering a convenient and measurable cannabinoid micro-dose with an exact and consistent experience with each use. The discreet packaging along with the simplicity of the product itself allows for a no-nonsense and sustainable approach to Cannabis consumption at any time and in any situation.

You can find CanTabs at your local dispensary. TM

For any inquiries please email


Keep Out of Reach of Children For Use Only by Adults 21 Years of Age and Older

Don’t take our word for it‌ read our reviews:

Best Restaurants

Las Vegas is home to thousands of quality bars and restaurants, with one of the largest nightlife scenes in the US. From coffee shops and breakfast joints, to dinner restaurants and classy bars, this city has it all! In a city teeming with locals of all ages, there’s always something for everyone, and we at MYVEGAS know all the hottest spots. Whether it’s a family outing or ladies’ night out, we’ll help you find the perfect place to wine, dine and unwind!

HAPPY HOUR Monday-Friday 2pm-7pm Saturday and Sunday Open-7pm Discounted Appetizers and Drinks Cantina Only

11020 Lavender Hill Drive Las Vegas, Nevada, 89135 702.982.0111

Mon-Thu: 11am-9:00pm Fri-Sat 11am-10:00pm Sun 10am-9:00pm

Pancho’s is the place to be!

One of the oldest and best known landmarks in Southern California


Chef Spotlight:

Yuri Szarzewski Executive Chef


xecutive Chef, Yuri Szarzewski, started his professional career at 17 as an Apprentice Chef at “L’Ambassade” restaurant in Beziers (south of France). At this time, it was the only 1 Michelin star restaurant in town. He attended Restaurant School for four years, where he got two professional degrees. He won the apprentice competition in Beziers and won an international cooking competition in Stockport, United Kingdom. He spent the next two years working at the 2 Michelin star restaurant “L’Oustau de Baumanière” at Les Baux de Provence. He has pursued his career and has gained valuable experience in many of Paris finest Palace for four years such as: Le Bristol, 3 Michelin star (chef Eric Fréchon), Palace George V, 2 Michelin star (Chef Eric Briffar), Palace Shangrila (Chef Philippe Labbe) After working for 10 years in Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris, les Baux-de-Provence and Courchevel, Chef Yuri, Pastry Chef Vincent, and Nicolas, our Manager, moved to Las Vegas in December 2015, looking to build their own American dream. They arrived with nothing but their backpacks and savings, sharing everything from a house, to their recipes, doubts, hopes and joy.

Yuri is an award-winning executive chef, who has trained in some of the best Michelinstarred restaurants in France, such as L’Ambassade, Palace Shangrila, Le Bristol, Palace George V and Jean. Yuri has developed his own style of cuisine and cooking techniques, and his creations have already won the hearts of everyone who’s dined in our first restaurant in Las Vegas, Eatt Gourmet Bistro, which was elected Best


Neighborhood Restaurant of the Year in 2016 by Desert Companion. He was also recently named the CHOPPED Champion in July of 2018, congratulations Yuri! Try Eatt Gourmet Bistro and Partage today! Eatt Gourmet Bistro 7865 W Sahara Avenue Suite 104-105 Las Vegas, NV 89117 702-608-5233 Partage 3839 Spring Mountain Rd Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702) 582-5852 Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

Photos by Sabin Orr

Partage means “sharing” in French, so the name came naturally when they had to pick the name of their second restaurant, and they are looking forward to sharing with you their passion for amazing food. Yuri brings all the techniques learned in high end restaurants to make healthy food very tasty.




Other Mama Makes Your Actual Mama, Jealous

By: Katherine Jackson


hen I was told I was going to review a meal at a place called Other Mama, I truly had no idea what to expect. I knew they specialized in seafood, but that was about all I knew going in. When I entered the restaurant, I was pleased by the intimate setting and the eccentric décor. Hand painted, ocean themed murals line the walls, colorful and expressive, the mood is perfect for the setting. As I browsed the menu, I was impressed by the wide variety of fish and oysters found in their raw bar. The wine selection was wonderful, and the staff was knowledgeable about pairing options. I was also surprised to see over a dozen different options for fine sake, something you normally only see in an upscale sushi place. Dishes like Tuna Tartare served with Waffle fries and Amberjack Crudo were particularly eye-catching. Enjoying the Spicy Tuna Tartare on those crispy Waffle fries was a refreshing and unique twist on the usual Sashimi, and a great start. Once it started, the dishes and small plates just kept on coming! The smell of fresh fried seafood was wafting from the kitchen while plates were carried out to my table. Oysters with Wasabi Cocktail sauce and traditional Ponzu came out in the beginning. I am an oyster FANATIC, so I was very excited to try these, and I was not disappointed. They were the freshest oysters I’ve enjoyed anywhere in Las Vegas, and when I remarked on this, the server informed me that they go to great lengths to ensure freshness, flying their seafood in mere hours after it is caught, and all that effort is SO worth it! Oysters served raw on the half shell is a class presentation, but the twist of the Wasabi and Ponzu sauces really set this dish apart. When you go, don’t miss this! The Amberjack Crudo came next, dressed with a Ponzu Salsa, the dish was both bright and earthy and the presence of cilantro within the dressing brought out the naturally herby flavors of the fish itself. It was light, yet substantial and the fish was incredibly tender. I was offered a drink, but as I am planning on driving myself home- I did not partake, but the bartender did whip up a virgin Mojito for me which was truly the best Mojito, virgin


or otherwise, that I have ever had. Crab Hush Puppies followed with a Habanero Remoulade that has haunted my dreams ever since, so crispy and spicy and wonderful, true fried decadence! Then a surprise, as we were presented with the most beautiful devilled eggs I have ever seen, each topped with a pickled chili and a fried Osier, dusted in smoked paprika. It was complex, both in texture and in taste, and I simply could not get enough. Avocado tostadas followed, and the whole thing was capped off with braised Octopus, simmered for 8 hours under low heat and finished on a hot grill, the Octopus was tender and smoky, not at all chewy. This is difficult to accomplish with Octopus and is a testament to the talents presented in the kitchen. I don’t have enough ink and paper in this magazine to fully describe my pleasure and delight with this experience. Just trust me. Go to Other Mama, put yourself in the hands of the staff, and prepare for the best meal of your life. MV Other Mama 3655 S Durango Dr #6 Las Vegas, NV 89147 (702) 463-8382 Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:


Mexican Restaurant Gaming r Cantina r Catering

1 mile west of The Palms 4930 W. Flamingo Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89103


Siena Italian Authentic Trattoria

We’re a family oriented restaurant that you can come and enjoy a truly authentic homemade Italian meal with your significant other or your whole family! We also have a great banquet room for any special party or event!

Good Coffee Good Friends Good Times 9701 W Flamingo Rd. Suite 2 Las Vegas, NV 89147


9500 West Sahara Ave Las Vegas, NV 89117

9440 W. Sahara Avenue Ste. 145 LV, NV 89117

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

702.778.7093 139


Best Restaurants:


2225 Village Walk Dr #181 Henderson, NV 89052 (702) 560-6500 Bella Vita is a fine family space in which friends, future and old, come together to experience the best of authentic imported flavors. As night falls, craft cocktails and eclectic sounds pave the path to evenings we’ll never forget.


2550 St Rose Pkwy #110 Henderson, NV 89074 (702) 902-5743 A fast, kid-friendly spot that serves healthy, whole foods, with satisfying portions and a menu diverse enough to satisfy everyone’s tastes is nearly impossible to find. We created these delicious, healthy foods to feed our families and we are proud to share them with yours.

Served An awarded long time chef, Chef Jaret Blinn, opened CRAFTkitchen in Henderson in 2015. Their everyday menu features favorites like avocado toast, birthday cake pancakes and short rib hash. While using fresh, local, organicwhenever-possible ingredients and offers a number of vegan and gluten-free pastries.

Mediterranean inspired eats, elevated. All natural, locally sourced, vibrant, clean eating in a fast-casual, lively setting. We serve bowls, wraps, and fresh squeezed juices using ingredients prepared daily in small batches for a seasonally inspired, personalized experience to satisfy the individual tastes and dietary needs of our guests. Locally owned and operated by two brothers, Najib Saab and Rany Saab


1770 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy Henderson, NV 89012 (702) 263-0136 Chef Matthew Meyer open Served, a local restaurant in Henderson Nevada that is guaranteed to bring your “Cultural favorites, redefined.” Guests will have a chance to savor the flavors of the world in a single dish.

Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana 140 Green Valley Pkwy Henderson, NV 89012 702-222-3556

Settebello, named after the most sought after card in the Italian card game, Scopa, opened ten years ago with the sole purpose of bringing an authentic pizza from the birthplace of pizza, Napoli, Italy, to its customers. Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

Winter 2019 Food and Beverage Events. 2019 Great Vegas Festival of Beer April 5-6, 2019 | 7pm-10PM, 2-7PM Downtown Las Vegas Event Center 200 South 3rd Street Las Vegas, NV 89101 This event is Las Vegas’ flagship annual beer event. GVFB features 100+ of the world’s top craft breweries in Downtown Las Vegas. Sample from over 500 different craft brews, enjoy over-the-top culinary and craft beer creations and experience craft beer in a whole new way Ticket prices vary from $35-$75

24th Educational Taste of Excellence

Brew’s Best Downtown Summerlin

March 9, 2019 | 6pm-10pm

March 16th, 2019 | 3-7pm

Palace Station Hotel & Casino

The Lawn at Downtown Summerlin

2411 W Sahara Ave,

1980 Festival Plaza Drive

Las Vegas, NV 89102

Las Vegas, NV 89135


Brew’s Best Craft Beer Festival is the

Patrons dining at Milos-Las Vegas will

longest running open-air beer festival

have the opportunity to experience

in Southern Nevada. Attendees enjoy

organic and world-class wines,

an afternoon of unlimited samplings

produced from local varieties by

from both local and national breweries,

outstanding winemakers. Includes a

entertainment, activities and games.

six-course tasting menu.

Participants receive a souvenir tasting

Tickets are $70.00 in advance, $80.00

glass and tasting guide.

at the door.

Tickets vary from $30-$45

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

Text “Stacks” to 57827 For Deals!



Seafood Lovers, This One’s for You!


irst Impression: A family friendly Asian Restaurant- with an upscale “Sports bar” atmosphere.

This one-of-a-kind place is tucked away in a strip mall just off Jones Blvd and Desert Inn. I brought my son, Jonathan, as my co-reviewer on this excursion (he is a foodie- just like his mom!). When we walked in, we were immediately greeted and seated at a table. I couldn’t understand why they gave us such a big table just for the two of us, but once the food started coming out, I understood perfectly- the portions are huge! Our Waitress was Luisa, she was very kind and courteous and knew a lot about the menu and just what to recommend. We ordered 5 things off the menu to get a good feel of the place.

and it reminded me of my grandmother’s chicken soup but Asian style. It had fragrant veggies and an out-of-this-world broth. It was very comforting to me. Just the type of food I want on a winter’s day. Jonathan loved it so much he took it home and had it for lunch the next day. He said it was the best he’s ever had. Now, about my entrée, and before I start, I need to explain I love sauces- anything extra I can add in, I will. But in this case, I added nothing! Luisa brought out the Whole Main Lobster Pho. And let me tell you the presentation, was just exquisite! And that portion size was gigantic! The broth was typical pho broth but the flavor was like a lobster bisque. It was decadent and amazing, as is. No extra’s needed. The lobster was cooked beautifully and in very large pieces throughout the dish. If you’re a seafood lover, like me, this is a must.

By Kate Johnson and Jonathan Stevens-Andro

Finally came the Shaken Beef Salad, and I am telling you, this is my new go-to. It was tender and flavorful, and came with a salad of greens and tomatoes. Perfectly balanced- I highly recommend this dish. Remember: make sure to ask for Dessert! MV District One Las Vegas 3400 S Jones Blvd #8 Las Vegas, NV 89146

The first was Blue point oysters (one of my favorites) and we ordered a half dozen. We asked if they could do the “House Special” on 3 of them to which Luisa happily obliged. What’s the house special you ask? Well, let me tell you! It’s a delightful Ponzu sauce, with a thinly sliced serrano pepper, and micro herbs. It was wonderful! I’ve never had oysters like that and, honestly, couldn’t get enough of them. (luckily for me my son isn’t an oyster guy, so I got to eat them all) Next came the Belly Buns, and those were so flavorful. It was a braised pork belly with a flavorful Asian slaw, and a hoisin style BBQ sauce. They were so good we genuinely considered getting another order. After that, the star of the night came out the Garlic Serrano Wings! It was everything you could ever want in a wing. Super crispy and meaty, and the seasoning on them was perfect! And that Serrano pepper on them added just the right amount of heat. I can’t wait to go back next Sunday for football and enjoy another order of these. And yes, this is the perfect place to watch the game. They have a full-service bar and plenty of televisions, and did I mention the chicken wings? My son couldn’t get enough of them! Then Luisa asked us what else we’d like to try, I had her recommend something for me. Jonathan got the “Pho Ga” which is a chicken Pho soup,


Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:


We asked the MyVegas staff “What’s your favorite Mexican Restaurant?” and here’s their top picks!

Mexican Restaurants Pancho’s

Javiers in Aria


They have amazing food and great customer service! Every time!! — Mark Alan Shaffer, Publisher

Every time I dine there the experience and food is amazing. The tequila choices are great as well. — Layla Hooper, Events Manager

I love this place! The owner and the staff are very friendly. The design and decor are stimulating. My favorite is the Blue Frozen Margarita! — Shelly Williams, Accounting

Pinches Tacos


Tacos & Beer

The staff treats me like family every time Such an incredible and modern interior. I come in. Make sure to try the “Gringo Taco.” Also, their queso is amazzzing! I would recommend to anyone! — Laura Damian, Production Manager — Sarah Moninger, Editorial Manager

Juan's Flaming Fajitas & Cantina They are always super friendly and treat you like Family, I love the outdoor patio section. The food is very authentic. Service is always great. — Kate Johnson, Sales & Marketing Director

It’s a great hangout for locals and has great appetizers and Margaritas. — Fred McClure, Graphics & Design


El Torito Café

Perfect rellenos, great service, everything is AMAZING! Been going there for years, my absolute favorite! — Katherine Jackson, Sales & Marketing Director

I would definitely recommend the chicken enchiladas or the fajitas to try! — Isha Paymuo, Magazine Receptionist

By Lori Nelson Station Casinos

Concert Hot List

Brad Williams

FEBRUARY FEB. 1 & 2 - Brad Williams performs Friday, Feb. 1 and Saturday, Feb. 2 at Rocks Lounge inside Red Rock Resort. Both shows begin at 8 p.m. Tickets are $35 plus tax and applicable fees for general admission. FEB 7 – Boulder Blues starring Anthony Gomez at The Railhead inside Boulder Station on Thursday, Feb. 7 at 6 p.m. Cover is $5 at the door and guests must be 21 years or older. FEB 21 – Boulder Blues starring Golden State Lone Star Revue with Mark Hummel and Anson Funderburgh at The Railhead inside Boulder Station on Thursday, Feb. 21 at 6 p.m. Cover is $5 at the door and guests must be 21 years or older. FEB. 22 – The Pianomen – A tribute to Billy Joel and Elton John will perform Friday, Feb. 22 at the Grand Events Center inside Green Valley Ranch Resort at 8 p.m. Tickets are$15 plus tax and applicable fees. FEB 28 – Boulder Blues starring Albert Castiglia at The Railhead inside Boulder Station on Thursday, Feb. 28 at 6 p.m. Cover is $5 at the door and guests must be 21 years or older.

MARCH MARCH 2 - Under the Streetlamp at Grand Events Center inside Green Valley Ranch Resort on Saturday, Marc 2 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $25 plus tax and applicable fees. MARCH 7 – Boulder Blues starring Zac Harmon at The Railhead inside Boulder Station on Thursday, March 7 at 6 p.m. Cover is $5 at the door and guests must be 21 years or older. MARCH 22 – Adal Ramones at the Dallas Events Center inside Texas Station on Friday, March 22 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $20, $30, $40 and $50 plus tax and applicable fees for reserved seating.

Kicking off 2019 In Style


alace Station, The Palms, Red Rock Resort and Texas Station are hitting on all cylinders the start of 2019 with new dining and entertainment for our guests to experience. PALACE STATION: As we conclude a nearly $200 million modernization updating and expanding Palace Station from head to toe, we welcome our last new venues including Regal Cinemas nine-screen luxury movie theatre and its unique Cinebarre restaurant serving fresh handmade pizzas, burgers, and homemade desserts, beer and wine before and during the movie experience. Also newly opened is Mumfresh Asian Eats, serving up a casual quick-serve teppanyaki-inspired menu including banh mi sandwiches and noodle soups as well as the popular San Diego Salud! serving up authentic street style Mexican dishes. TEXAS STATION: Beaumont’s Southern Kitchen is now serving up an incredibly extensive menu of smoked meats, sandwiches, burgers, appetizers, salads, sides and desserts paying homage to the great heritage, tantalizing flavors and regional styles of barbeque and downhome comfort foods found throughout the United States. The menu is house-made from-scratch serving up oversized portions of comfort food favorites with a creative twist on presentation and flavors. Highlights include: grilled Elote street corn, deviled eggs with jalapeño-candied bacon and chicken-fried bacon as appetizers; a full barbecue board including sliced or chopped brisket; pulled pork, turkey breast, hot link sausage, smoked chicken and St. Louis ribs smoked to perfection for 12-14 hours and fan favorites of brisket street tacos, brisket Philly cheesesteak, fiery fried chicken and Mesquite or Hickory-grilled Rib Eye steak. And for those with a sweet tooth, we highly recommend the chocolate pecan ball, black bottom pie or peach cobbler. RED ROCK RESORT: Craving sushi and sashimi??? Well Red Rock Resort is soon serving it up with the arrival of Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill. THE PALMS: The Iron Chef trifecta will soon be in place this spring with the arrival of Bobby Flay’s seafood restaurant “Shark.” Flay’s opening in March comes on the heels of two of his culinary friends having recently debuted including Michael Symon’s Mabel’s BBQ and Philadelphia chef Marc Vetri has opened Vetri Cucina. Here’s to an incredible and flavorful 2019. MV

Las Vegas Top Talent


ARTISTS: Sign up for FREE! VENUES: Complimentary Agency - NO FEE!


Las Vegas’ First Family of Entertainment In Las Vegas, a city unlike any other in

Photo by: Ira Kuzma

the world, anything and everything goes on, from 24/7 gambling, drinking, partying, and God knows what else. For the locals, we don’t want to know “what happens” in our city; we call Vegas “home.” We proudly cheer for our Golden Knights, soon the Raiders, and WE ARE the entertainment mecca, having the best of the best of everything at our fingertips! The best “BAND of LAS VEGAS,” Zowie Bowie, has been electrifying Las Vegas audiences for 23 straight years and was recently awarded the “Best of Las Vegas!” for the sixth time by the Las Vegas Review Journal. One man’s passion and perseverance created the band and is the reason for Zowie Bowie’s success. He stars front and center with his swiveling hips, his usual splash of leather and chains, and gives you his David Lee Roth kick at the end of every performance because… HE CAN! His name is Chris Philips.


By: Charlene Carabeo Tappeiner

Born and raised in Tempe, Arizona, Philips grew up in a musical family, his father being an attorney and jazz pianist, and his mother, a first-grade teacher and top-ranked opera singer. Philips’s childhood was flooded with records playing of Neil Diamond, black and white movies, Sundays waking up to the Sound of Music, and evenings acting out scenes from different musicals. But Philips recalls two specific events that made him want to be a Vegas showman and entertainer. During his first visit to Las Vegas, Philips at age ten went to the Hilton with his uncle to seeTony Orlando. Already blown away by the stunning showroom, 32-piece orchestra, and sophistication of what Vegas used to be, Philips was hypnotized when Tony Orlando chose to greet him and not the other hundreds of screaming fans saying,“How are you doing, young man?!” That one moment inspired Philips to want to make people feel exactly as he did — special and exhilarated! This coupled with Philips’s first experience at a live concert seeing Van Halen, he explained was “like when you do ACID for the first time— it changes your perception of the world!… That powerful, overwhelming presence and energy that [David Lee Roth] had, running out on the stage and hitting you with this explosive rock music… He started doing those KICKS!!”Laughing, Philips asked himself, “How do I do that for a living?!”

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:

drummer in the Hollywood circuit for ten years, but it

Turco had never seen Philips on stage, she did know

“opposites do attract.”

wasn’t until his late 20’s that a friend asked him to sub as a lead singer. After one night on a microphone,

him as the “orange (slightly tanned) guy” on the billboards around town. At first glance after he called

What she is strong in, Chris

Philips, sold his drums, cut his hair, and decided that that was it. His calling was to be up front and singing! He

out her name, Philips remembers seeing Turco turn in slow motion, like in a movie, and said to himself,

compensates by being

started a band in Scottsdale and put together a show

“Okay… I’ll be seeing you the rest of my life!”

strong in all

with the intention of bringing it to Las Vegas. Philip’s band became somewhat of a phenomenon to 4000

Within a few months, out came the “I love you’s” and the

other things. They are

people every weekend for high-end celebrities and sports figures and got the attention of the Fertitta family

discussion of marriage. Turco, already a proud single mom to a sixteen-year-old son at the time and true scholar

a tag team caring for Ava.

who owned Station Casinos. “Chris, we’re building a flagship property called Red Rock,” said Frank Fertitta,

named Logan, did hold onto dreams of having a daughter. After deciding to tie the knot at their lavish Hartland

Chris cares for the baby during the day

and he mentioned that a club was being built with the

Mansion wedding for 300 guests, the Philips’ immediately

while Jennifer is at work, and then Jennifer takes over

intention of housing Zowie Bowie. Philips’s big break came, and he remembers driving to Las Vegas, seeing

began trying to have their first baby. After a year making gallant efforts to conceive and using every type

when Chris leaves to go perform in the evening. “When you realize that something is PERMANENT

billboards of himself, and newspapers and magazines all

of fertility medication, Jennifer remembers looking through

and forever, like, a wife and a child, you perceive

advertising his band. Just like that, Zowie Bowie’s dream started to take flight.

a microscope to view Chris’s“seeds”and exclaimed,“It looks like a dead warzone!” Losing hope, Chris admitted to

everything differently and treat what you have with a lot more respect. It has forced Jennifer and I to

Jennifer, “I don’t know if I’m going to be able to have kids.

deal with our differences and make everything work

Going on its 14th straight year of residency at Red Rock Hotel and Casino and 9th year on Fremont

I understand if you want to leave me.” Breaking up was not an option for Jennifer, so in that moment when they

no matter what,” says Chris.

Street, Philips stated, “I’m 52 and I feel like I’m not even 20 and never want to grow up! I’ve had so many

decided to continue trying for a baby versus landscaping their backyard — POOF! Jennifer took a pregnancy test

Regarding Zowie Bowie’s continued success, Chris expressed, “Our show is about involving ourselves with

wonderful experiences and met so many wonderful people, but nothing has come close to the past two years…” Behind every strong man is a strong woman, right? Philips went out on a limb and asked a beautiful woman named Jennifer Turco, whom he had been

and it came back positive... Ten months later they gave birth to their beautiful babygirl, Ava, makes sense, but my life now has a purpose.” With a new, wonderful chapter for Chris and Jennifer,

the people’s lives who come to see us. Be it celebrating a birthday, or anniversary, it’s my job to make them feel good, and have them leave with some sort of substance that makes them want to come back… Its more about the feeling that they get when they see the band.

eyeing on facebook, whether or not she would be interested to meet him and see a show. Although

so many factors go into making their marriage and professional lives a success. Jennifer claims that

They see us as... Visit for the rest of the story!

Laurence“Coole High” For The Love of Sound If You Love Sound, You’ll Love Laurence • • • • • •

Artist/Producer Musician Studio Engineer Mixing/Mastering Private Recording Lessons Studio Setup

Call for a personal appointment

Tel : 347.871.8077 Email:

Music is My Business

Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:



MSG Sphere

Comes to Vegas in 2021

By Brenda Damian


as Vegas is a city that continues to stand the test of time and continues to reinvent itself and find ways to attract tourists from all over the world. The city has gone through many eras and has embraced and remained opened to change to remain a top world destination. Even in times of struggle, we find a way to sustain our city. It says a lot about the state and business leaders responsible for sustaining our economy and finding ways to come out on top.

To prove how dynamic the city really is, a ceremony to announce a brand-new entertainment attraction right here in Las Vegas was held in the fall of this year. A partnership was formed with the Madison Square Garden Group and Las Vegas Expo Convention Center. They have teamed up to bring the groundbreaking MSG Sphere to Las Vegas. Speakers at the ceremony included Jane Gibson, Executive Vice President of development and construction, The Madison Square Garden Company Executive Chairman and CEO James Dolan, Las Vegas Sands President and COO Rob Goldstein, and Governor of Nevada Brian Sandoval. Some commented on the impact the MSG Sphere will have not just in Las Vegas, but in the world and its potential for becoming historical.

MSG Sphere will help the Las Vegas economy in tremendous ways. “It will create an estimated 3,500 jobs during construction and 4,400 jobs

once the venue is open. An economic output of $730 million in the economy,” said Governor Sandoval. It is truly impressive what this city has accomplished in recent years and what the city has in store in the coming years. Robert Goldstein said, “It’s truly a great time to be in Las Vegas, there are so many things happening in this amazing city… Down the street we have the Golden Knights...In two short years from now… the Raiders in 2020…Tonight the third iteration of this amazing evolution of Las Vegas: the Sphere…We couldn’t be happier what this will do to Las Vegas…It will truly change things and take it to a level people don’t quite understand.” MV

Photos and Story Credit: Madison Square Garden Company

Where else can you place a giant sphere and command the attention that Las Vegas has commanded for decades? Sandoval said, “It’s unlike anything on planet earth. The first of its kind, right here in Las Vegas.”

The iconic MSG Sphere at the Venetian will be located on Sands Avenue between Manhattan Street and Koval Lane. The Sphere will have a height of more than 360 feet and a width of 500 feet, holding a scalable capacity of more than 18,000 seats, with all seats at the front of the stage. The MSG Sphere will not have a bad seat in the house. The sound system will be crystal clear and convey bass through the floor, so the guests can “feel” the experience. It will come with the world’s largest and highest resolution LED screen that will wrap around the interior of the bowl creating a visually stunning experience.


Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:


Make Your Cover Letter

S t and Out! W

hen applying in today’s market, applicants are generally required to submit resumes. However, many applicants often forget to (or even decide not to!) submit a cover letter. Cover letters are an integral part of the hiring process because they allow the employer to get to know you on a more personal level than a resume does. Writing a cover letter can be difficult, but below are a few tips to make things easier and ensure that you letter stands out. Don’t Copy Your Resume Reiterating information already in your resume is not going to convince the employer to contact you. Instead, emphasize your special skills and abilities. The cover letter is an opportunity for your employer to know your personal and professional background. Cover letters should be more about your story and less about the facts of your career.

By Anthony Lai

Focus on You The cover letter should focus on why you are the ideal candidate for the position. Describe what you can bring to the organization that other applicants cannot. Demonstrate your talent by explaining your work achievements and highlight your experience with specifics. “To Whom” is Definitely your Concern Do whatever is possible to find out the hiring individual’s name and contact information. You are writing a letter and it should be addressed to a person, not “To Whom it May Concern.” At the very least, you need to mention the job position and company’s name somewhere in your letter. Change it Up A common mistake that applicants make is using the same cover letter for different jobs. Customize your cover letter according the job duties and company to which you’re applying.

Be specific in regard to job requirement and why you are qualified. Do not let your cover letter be a generic statement of interest. Keep it Short The cover letter should be a single page. You want to get your point across quickly; if it takes you more than five minutes to read your own letter, it’s too long. No employer is going to call you if they grow bored reading about you. Remember, having a cover letter helps you control the narrative in candidate selection. Oftentimes a good cover letter can put you on top of the must-hire list … and that’s where you want to be. MV


Don’t take our word for it… read our reviews:



Providing expert maintenance, modifications and avionic services for privately owned aircraft and corporate jets worldwide since 2009.

Excellent reputation in turbine, piston and rotorcraft maintenance and repair.

Our factory trained techs are fully equipped to take superior care of your aircraft.

We provide meticulous full-service avionic services for corporate and general aviation. Henderson Exec. Airport (KHND) 1410 Jet Stream Drive Suite 100 Henderson, NV 89052 (702) 735.2739

Call... 702.735.APEX 24/7 AOG SUPPORT! Our "Go-Team" is a global mobile repair team with no borders. ANYTIME... ANYWHERE!

North Las Vegas Airport (KVGT) 2634 Airport Drive Suite 106 North Las Vegas, NV 89032 (702) 636.6555


Debbie Banko for your “Women of the Year” honor.

Inspiring SUCCESS


Link Technologies is one of the very few successful female-owned and operated IT businesses in the country. Your influence and leadership are an inspiration to women and men all over. We are proud to work with you and help connect companies with the most talented IT engaged, hasand a services. big entrance professionals


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Inspiring Inspiring SUCCESS InspiringSUCCESS SUCCESS Inspiring SUCCESS

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Link Technologies 9500 Hillwood Drive MOVE OFWITH THECLASS CLASS WITH SYLVAN AHEAD OFAHEAD THE AHEAD CLASS SYLVAN MOVE OF THE WITH SYLVAN child to the head of the class. Summerlin Sylvan Suite of Henderson your child needs anSylvan advanced challenge to stay engaged, has a big entrance exam 112 INof SCHOOL AND BEYOND er your childWhether needs an advanced challenge to stay engaged, has a the bigdifference. entrance Whether your child needs an or advanced challenge to staywill engaged, has a bigexam entrance exam for private school or college, has bigger academic goals, Sylvan make Las Vegas, Nevada 89134 ate for school or orcollege, hasapproach bigger academic goals, Sylvan make the private school or will has bigger academic goals, Sylvan willdifference. make the difference. Ourcollege, personal or learning propel your child to the head of will the class. MOVE AHEAD OF THE CLASS WITH SYLVAN rsonal will propel yourpropel child to the head the class. Ourlearning personal learning approach will your child toofthe head the class. 702-233-8703 Whetherapproach your child needs an advanced challenge to stay engaged, has a bigof entrance exam Sylvan of Summerlin Sylvan of Henderson for private school or or has bigger academic Sylvan will make the difference., Fort Apache Rd. & W. goals, Sahara Ave. N. Green Valley Pkwy. & Wigwam Rd. Our personal learning approach will propel your child to the head of the class. 702-876-4090 702-795-7323 VILLAGE SQUARE #130ofPkwy. LEGACY BUSINESS PARK #8C Sylvan of Summerlin Henderson Sylvan ofRd.Summerlin Sylvan S. Fort Apache & W. Sahara Ave. N.Sylvan Green Valley & Wigwamof Rd.Henderson SCHOOLapproach AND BEYOND SAT/ACT - Reading Writing - IN SYLVANLEARNING.COM - Homework Test Prep - Math difference. Our-personal learning will propel -your



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Sylvan of Summerlin


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Top 20 Things To Do With Kids


f you think Las Vegas is just for adults, then think again! Get some new ideas for adventures with your children below...








Stratosphere Tower Big Shot – Take an actual shot into the air with the whole family! If you don’t like roller coasters, then run for the hills.. This one takes you 160 feet up! All day passes, $39.95/per person. Bonnie Springs Ranch – There is a world to explore at Bonnie Springs, either take a tour of the entire site or, if you’re 6 and under, take a Pony ride! They are chalked full of Kid-friendly fun plus an entire Old Town with a wax Museum! Admission starting at $10/person. Lion Habitat Ranch – Recently opened, enjoy one of the few Animal Habitats in Las Vegas, home to the original MGM Lions!! Admission starting at $20 locals, $25 Adult. Hot Air Balloon Ride –This one is out there. If your family adventurous by nature, this adventure is going way up in the clouds at Sin City Hot Air Balloon Rides. See the Las Vegas valley like never before! Priced at $149/rider. Las Vegas Natural History Museum – Located just five miles from the Strip, bring the entire family to the LVNHM! From the prehistoric times to the present, get ready to interact, learn and explore history with your kids! An excellent way to save on a night out, kids 2 years old and under enjoy free entry; while kids 6 and under get in for just $6. Adults $12. Tournament of Kings - If your kids are absolutely enthused by the medieval times, this dinner show is perfect for your family! Located at the Excalibur Hotel, see Jousting matches, Performances, and Knight fights! Don’t forget the food! Priced at $55+/ticket. Don’t want to buy tickets? Pro Tip: Visit the Court Jester’s Stage at the Medieval Village for free performances every 45 minutes! Mount Charleston - Most people born and raised in Las Vegas have already seen Mt. Charleston’s grand beauty, but there is always more to explore! With over 50 trails to try, hiking just got a little more interesting. Not to mention that nature is free! Take your whole family!










SeaQuest Interactive Museum - A new addition to the Boulevard Mall, get the chance to truly interactive with sea life! At SeaQuest, get face to face with Stingrays or just view the colorful and exotic sea and animal life they have to offer! Starting at $10 for kids, and $15 for adults, all day pass! Indoor Trampoline Park - There is nothing more exciting to children than trampolines, we might never understand. But we will jump with them! Visit Sky Zone, located minutes off the Strip, and get a three-hour pass for dodgeball games, basketball, and a total Foam Zone. Starting at $11/person. Red Rock Canyon (Natural Conservation Park) - Bring your kids, strollers, and backpacks to the hiking capital of Las Vegas. With only a $7 charge per vehicle, this is the perfect place to get out of the city for some fresh air! Marvel Avengers STATION – You may think you get all of your fill of these characters in the movies, but just you wait. Your children are about to get the FULL Avengers experience at Treasure Island Hotel. Finish out missions and minigames to become an official Agent! Also, take up all the photo opportunities you possibly can! $22/person. Kids under 4 get in free! Escape Reality - Fun for any and everyone! Want to be a prisoner in Alcatraz? Well.. Yes! As long as we can escape, right?!! Take a trip into virtual reality with your family. $30/per player. Pole Position - Get the NASCAR experience at Pole Position Raceway! A mile step-up from normal Go-Karting, enjoy adult and youth rides! Kids must be at least 48”! Take a 10-minute ride! Starting at $22/rider. The Void - Step into the virtual reality of ‘Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire’ with three other players! New to the Grand Canal Shoppes, the Void is the experience you’ve been waiting for! Only being given some props and directions, find your way through! Starting at $37/person. National Atomic Testing Museum - Learn the entire story about nuclear testing and the site located in Las Vegas! Understand the power and effect that Nuclear weapons have made in our history and in our city. Local with ID Price: $18/person! Kids under 7: Free.

By Sarah Moninger

16. Jumper’s Jungle Family Fun Center Welcome to the Jungle! Your kids will love this indoor bouncy house and obstacle course! A great place for a Birthday party or just a weekend play adventure! Kids Ages 3-17, $10. 3 and under, $7/person! 17. Wet N’ Wild – Everyone’s favorite spot when the heat comes to town! This outdoor waterpark is the perfect spot for the entire family to have fun. From water slides to tube rides to a giant wavepool, you’ll be sure to stay cool next Summer. Season Passes now available! Children $30. Ages 3 and under, Free. Adults $35. 18. Discovery Children’s Museum – Yet another great spot to take your children if they are eager to learn! While being thoroughly interactive for the children, everyone in the family will learn something new today! Don’t forget to get your locals discount, $12.50/person for Adults and Children.

19. Pinball Hall of Fame – Ode, the greatest American pass time. How about over 100 of them in one room? Sounds like every child’s dream! Enjoy the largest Pinball collection, ever, and also learn about the history! Admission is free, but each game will be $.25-.50! 20. Mob Museum – For the mature Las Vegas family.. Take a dive into Las Vegas’ history and learn about the Mob and all about organized crime in the Prohibition-Era. Also, flash forward to today and take a lesson about Crime and what Law Enforcement is like in 2018. Go in a Group for a discounted price! $12/person with Local ID! (Must be 10 or more people)

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Your Time,Talent, Treasure!

Give Your Time, Talent or Treasure and Make a Difference in Someone’s Life.

A Home for Spot | 702.239.7986

Dress for Success of So. NV (DFSSN 702.684.6412 | www

NV Childhood Cancer Foundation 702.735.8434 |

Adam’s Place for Grief | 702.339.0848

Family Promise | 702.638.8806

Olive Crest | 1-800-550-CHILD

Adopt a Rescue Pet | 702.798.8663

Foundation for Positively Kids | 702.262.0037

Opportunity Village | 702.259.3700

Alzheimer’s Association Las Vegas 702.248.2770 |

FUPI Forclose Upon Pets | 702.272.0010

Pawsitive Difference Pet Rescue 702.435.6422 |

American Cancer Society | (702) 798-5938

Global Charity Foundation | 785.608.7129

Pekes, Paws and Tails Rescue

American Heart Association | 702.367.1366

Goodwill | 702.214.2066

Project 150 | 702.721.7150

Andre Agassi Foundation | 702.227.5700

Habitat for Humanity | 702.638.6477

RAD Foundation (Real Autism Difference) (702) 463-6723 |

Angels Haven Charity | (800) 205-8913

Heaven Can Wait Animal Society | 702.227.5555

The Rape Crisis Center | 702.385.2153

Baby’s Bounty | 702.485.2229

Helping Hands Surgical Care | 702.242.5393

Refuge for Women Las Vegas | 618.567.1918

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Sounthern Nevada 702.731.2227 |

Hope For Prisoners | 702.586.1371

Ronald McDonald House | 702.252.4664

Boys and Girls Club | 702.367.2582

Horses 4 Heroes | 702.645.8446

Safe Nest | 702.877.0133 |

Boys Town | 702.642.7070

Impact Las Vegas | 702.285.4838

C4S G.I.R.L.S. Club | 855.246.6678

i.m.perfect | 702.807.8433

Calvary Downtown Outreach | 702.474.3030

Just One Project, The | 702.480.2215

Southern Nevada Newborns in Need 916.276.6171

Candlelighters | 702.737.1919

Las Vegas Binky Patrol | 702.459.4464

Speedway Children’s Charities | 702.632.8242

Caring 4 Kids Foundation | 702.544.1400

Las Vegas Rescue Mission | 702.382.1766

Sprit Therapies | 702.373.7607

CASA - Child Appointed Special Advocates for Children | 702.455.4306

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Southern Nevada | 702.436.4220

St. Jude’s Ranch | 702.294.7100

Casa De Luz | 702.684.5866

Lights of Love | 702.489.6007

Catholic Charities of So. NV | 702.385.2662

Miracle Flights for Kids | 702.261.0494

Calvary Downtown Outreach | 702.474.3030

Muscular Dystrophy Association of Southern Nevada | 702.822.6920

The Cupcake Girls | 702.879.8195 Diabetes Association (JDRF) | 702.364.5604 Dinosaurs and Roses | 702.277.3752 Divorced & Widowed Adjustment, Inc. 702.735.5544 | DJs for PJs® | 702.944.2464


Salvation Army | 702.870.4430 Shade Tree | 702.385.0072

Superheroes 4 Sully | 702.672.9483 Three Square | 702.644.3663 Trial by Peers | 702.333.8277 United Blood Services | 702.228.4483

Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation 702.735.6223 |

United Way of Southern Nevada | 702.892.2300

Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth 702.383.1332) |

Urban Seed Foundation | 702.850.8575

Nevada SPCA | 702.873.7722

Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada 702.967.0530 |

New Vista Ranch | 702.457.4677

WestCare | 702.385.2090

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Preparing Students for Success for Clark County high schoolers who excel in and out of the classroom. Students are awarded up to $48,000; the monetary gift covers their entire academic program of study, books and fees. Currently all students attend UNLV.


ast October, seven gifted Clark County high school seniors ran towards their dreams and into the driver’s seats of brand new cars---a thrilling surprise from United Nissan. All from at-risk backgrounds, these students felt inspired for the future ahead of them, which included mentorship, full-ride college scholarships and career guidance provided by Epicurean Charitable Foundation (ECF). “Epicurean Charitable Foundation was created to empower young Las Vegas high school students wanting to pursue their education and college in hospitality and culinary arts. Education is extremely important as someone who excels in college will more than likely be a lifelong learner.” – Michael Kennedy, Director of Food Operations, South Point Hotel and Casino, ECF Chairman of the Board ECF was founded in 2003 and is currently operated by more than 20 hospitality executives who’ve come together in the name of education and professional development to pave the way

Throughout their college careers, recipients of the ECF scholarship receive one-on-one mentorship through the Future Leaders of Hospitality Program where they are matched with a board member who serves as a sounding board through their ups and downs. Additional benefits include internship opportunities and job placement upon graduation. Ethnically diverse candidates who demonstrate promise as pillars of their communities from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds with an interest in hospitality careers are eligible. “I am proud to be a part of ECF and the first student turned board member. The Foundation provides more than just scholarship awards, it provides real world examples of what it takes to be successful in the hospitality industry. You can put a dollar amount on scholarships, but what ECF has meant to me is truly priceless.” - Martha Morales, Class of 2009, General Manager, Nobu Hotel Las Vegas ECF graduates are currently employed in roles of Nobu Las Vegas General Manager, Green Valley Ranch Director of Beverage, Four Seasons Hotel Event Sales Manager, Project Director at Kelley Jones Hospitality, and Concierge Supervisor at

Wynn Las Vegas, just to name a few. The 20182019 school year approaches, ECF is preparing yet another cohort of deserving young people and is currently inviting the community to join in on the fun in Hamptons-style at ECF’s annual fundraiser: Mentoring and Educating Nevada’s Upcoming Students (M.E.N.U.S.) 2018: Rosé Soirée. M.E.N.U.S. 2018: Rosé Soirée will be held on Friday, Oct. 12 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s Paradise Pool from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. and will feature more than 50 Las Vegas restaurants, chefs, mixologists and beverage distributors. Singer-songwriter, Mat Kearney, will headline the event, performing hits including “Nothing Left to Lose” and “Heartbeat”. Guests will enjoy a gourmet dine-around, a large silent auction and a memorable after-party. Attendees are encouraged to dress in festive pink and white attire. ECF board members and associates strive not only to make a difference in the lives of aspiring hospitality students, but aim to collectively change their lives forever, making a special mark on their own journey in association with ECF. In its seventh year of existence, ECF continues to make lasting strides in the Las Vegas community, offering families a silver lining for their children and inspiration for those around them. For more information about M.E.N.U.S. 2018: Rosé Soirée, Visit or call (702) 932-5098. Follow Epicurean Charitable Foundation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @EpicureanLV. MV

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Enhancing Lives with Opportunity Village


roy R. came to Opportunity Village not knowing what to expect. He was nervous and unable to express himself, stemming from intellectual disabilities. Over time, Troy was assimilated into the organization’s Fine Arts program, Employment Resource Center and Pathway to Work and has since evolved. Going to Opportunity Village was a pivotal moment that helped define Troy as a confident individual with a sense of independence. Parents seeking to improve the lives of their children with intellectual disabilities spurred the creation of what is now the largest non-profit community rehabilitation program in Nevada. In 1954, seven Las Vegas families founded OV, defying the notion that people with disabilities are without hope and unemployable. Since its conception, OV has served adults with intellectual disabilities through their programs, with over 2,000 people benefitting annually.

EMPLOYMENT RESOURCE CENTER brings to fruition the “Pride, Purpose, and a Paycheck” mantra at the core of Opportunity Village. “ERC is the heartbeat of Opportunity Village,” Joseph said. He expounded, “We have business lined in the ERC which is typically contractual work, so we are working with, for example, some of our wonderful casino partners at the MGM or Golden Nugget and they’re giving us contracts for packaging and production and adults with disabilities are on those work crews, so they have a sense of pride coming into work every single day.” FINE & PERFORMING ARTS PROGRAM encourages its participants’ creative side through art, music, dance and theater. Joseph cites that for some clients who are “non-verbal,” the program is “their way that they’re able to tell you how they are feeling.” The program helps promote self-expression and social interaction through

By: Olivia Kuntz

artwork exhibition and sale, or with the participants performing at OV special events. PATHWAY TO WORK is a training program to assist participants in transitioning from employment based at OV to jobs that are community-based. “Pathway and part of our job discovery program efforts are really about identifying individuals that have disabilities at a younger age and working on planning their progression as they mature in finding employment opportunities for them in the community,” Joseph said. Opportunity Village’s popular fundraising event, Magical Forest, showcases the spirit of the holidays through magnificent lights, trees, rides and entertainment. However, if there was one thing Joseph would like people to know about the organization, it’s that OV is beyond Magical Forest. “It’s a long-standing tradition here in the community, but we do so many other great things here,” he said. MV

“We’ve been in the community for over 60 years and the organizational mission is to serve adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, to enhance their lives and the lives of their loved ones and we do that through a variety of programs and services, mainly day habilitation, job training, and supportive services to advance them through working crews in Las Vegas. That, in a nutshell, is the goal of the organization,” Adam K. Joseph, Vice President of Philanthropy at Opportunity Village, stated. PRIDE is an OV program that caters to people with “the severest level of disability, many of them are wheelchair-bound and need help being fed,” Joseph said. There is a full-time nursing staff onsite to assist with the clients’ medical needs. Joseph mentioned that more people are now moving to Las Vegas to be a part of the program. ENABLE program differentiates from Pride in that its clients “have a greater level of ability,” according to Joseph. Activities for the participants include classes on reading, assistive technology devices, and socialization, plus pet therapy. Participants in both the Pride and Enable programs also go to community outings.


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the mirage 6pm event information at: Silent and live auctions, cocktail reception, gourmet multi-course meal with wine pairings, entertainment, and a few surprises!


About the National Atomic Testing Museum Las Vegas: Common Tree is a 501c3 Non-Profit that helps local students in need and provide relief to those experiencing challenging circumstances. The organization raises funds to support their activities, raises the visibility of the need to support these members of the community with the general public, and coordinates efforts to deliver goods and services such as food, clothing, hygiene kits and etc. At Common Tree we strive to bring back the idea of community purpose. Together, we can truly make a difference for those less fortunate. With the utmost of respect and compassion for the disenfranchised segment of the Las Vegas population, Common Tree’s goal is to raise the visibility of the needs of these people such that communities rally together to support Common Tree in providing them with the necessary services to support their daily needs. Common Tree has also adopted Walter Jacobson E.S. in efforts to support their needs, mentorship, and bring smiles to their students faces. Thank you for your continued support and efforts. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, community partner or a volunteer, please contact us: • 702.738.8694

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Looking for something really interesting to do in Las Vegas? Visit the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas where secrets are revealed and histories are told. Find out the history of the atom bombs and witness what employees were forbidden to speak of. This almost 10,000 square foot building hosts the pictures of history where, in the 1950’s, travelers would come to see the famous ‘mushroom clouds’. Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that out of the 928 nuclear tests that were announced, 828 of them were conducted underground? Come visit The National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas and see why this historical part of our culture is so iconic that it put Vegas on the map for something other than gambling. 755 E. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119 General Information 702-794-5151 Admissions 702-794-5124


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Wednesday • December 19, 2018 • Blue Martini • Town Center • Las Vegas 158

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