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This issue, we are also pleased to introduce our all new MY Home & Garden special feature section with top-notch businesses that can help spruce up your home inside and outside. From stunning landscaping to plush carpets, beautiful cabinetry, high quality shutters, fresh paint, and lavish furniture; there’s nothing like giving your home a new face lift for the new year, all while adding value to your home with remarkable upgrades!

We are proud to bring you the Las Vegas Top 100 Lawyers here in our “Legal Issue”. With the impressive amount of Readers’ Choice nominations we received this year, it isn’t an easy task to finalize the Top 100 Lawyers list; but the readers have some incredibly heartfelt things to say about the attorneys in this year’s issue. So don’t take our word for it! It is because of these individuals that the legal community continues to thrive and see exponential growth each year.

A very Happy New Year to the MYVEGAS Magazine team, our readers, and our advertisers! We wish you all a wonderful start to 2017! With the new year upon us, we are excited for the positive changes that we foresee taking shape in 2017! We are hopeful for an economical rebound in our community this year, and increased income for local businesses and organizations. Follow us on social media to keep informed of our upcoming events and online at

Throughout this issue you will see the all new Publisher’s Gold Seal, and this seal is indicative of the validation we give to these businesses in which we have had the pleasure of experiencing first hand. We give them our personal recommendation and encourage you to try their products and/or services to see for yourself. Feel free to contact our office with any questions you may have about these featured businesses with the Publisher’s Gold Seal of Approval, and we would be happy to give you more details about our experiences with these companies. A special thank you to our team at MYVEGAS for a great 2016 and cheers to an exciting 2017!

On Our Covers

Every issue, MYVEGAS Magazine brings you new covers featuring people and places that make Las Vegas one of the best cities in the world! This winter issue is dedicated to Las Vegas’ Top 100 Lawyers, and features some incredible attorneys making a positive impact right here in our community. This winter issue, we are proud to feature Steve Dimopoulos of Dimopoulos Injury Law, Kristin Cogburn of Cogburn Law Offices, Ramzy Ladah and Dina Romaya-Ladah of Ladah Law, and Michael Becker of 702 Defense on our covers.




















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On the Cover: Steve Dimopoulos Steve Dimopoulos is Las Vegas’ up and coming personal injury attorney. Recent highlights include his receipt of the National Trial Lawyers Top 40 under 40 recognition and the opening of his firm’s second location downtown. He is a personal injury and wrongful death attorney who prides himself in winning difficult cases. Dimopoulos has recovered millions on behalf of clients in Nevada, Florida, and Michigan, the three states in which he is licensed.

On the Cover: Michael Becker Michael Becker of Las Vegas Defense Group has over 23 years experience in the courtroom, and aggressively works for his clients’ cases. He has handled literally thousands of cases in his career, almost always winning favorable resolutions including lessened charges, reduced penalties, or having the case dropped altogether. With over hundreds of jury trials under his belt, it’s clear why he’s had so many notable outcomes. Michael Becker and the Las Vegas Defense Group, LLC, provide top notch legal representation.











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On the Cover: Ramzy & Dina Ladah Attorneys Ramzy Ladah and Dina RomayaLadah met in law school over a decade ago and are now partners both in life and in law at Ladah Law Firm, a prestigious personal injury law firm located on 3rd Street in downtown Las Vegas. Together they manage their law firm and have successfully litigated numerous cases resulting in multi-million dollar outcomes. While they have opposite personalities and differing strong suits, their drive to succeed and do well for their clients has made them the power couple that they are today. On the Cover: Kristin Cogburn Kristin Cogburn is a co-founder and partner of Cogburn Law Offices. Kristin practices in the areas of personal injury and general civil litigation. Kristin has extensive litigation experience representing clients in trial, arbitration and mediation, winning both six and seven figure verdicts and awards. This success led to her membership in the prestigious Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, an impressive group of trial lawyers who have settled a case or won a trial for $2,000,000 or more.

Ask the Mayor


With the possible addition of the Las Vegas Raiders, the professional hockey team, and the expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center, there is huge growth happening in our city. Which do you feel will be the most impactful and how will this positively affect the community?


What are your aspirations and words of motivation for the New Year?

connections with better access to downtown Las Vegas. What will be the biggest benefit for locals and what would you recommend on how to handle the growing pains of traffic and construction in the meantime?

The New Year is always a time of renewal and reflection. Of course, I wish everyone a healthy and successful 2017, being mindful that each of It is going to be a tough several years Without equivocation, first and us has an obligation to make our community on our residents and visitors who use foremost, Las Vegas must retain its comprehensively the best it can be. I have the Spaghetti Bowl and travel Interstate pre-eminence in the world of attracting always found that working together, working 15, but this work has to happen. In the From the Mayor’s Desk Our lovely Mayor Carolyn Goodman has graciously agreed to answer some questions from MYVEGAS Maga Cityconvention Council members voted 6-1 in early downtown redevelopment and whatthat canmake we look of the delicious sandwiches at the new Jimmy top-quality business to southern hard and being honest are traits the end, the gains will be more than worth the readers. A special thanks totoMayor Goodman her willingness readers and the of Vegas. move ahead on a plan forward tofor in the coming year? to engage with our John’s located on thecommunity firstdrivers floor of Hall… Nevada. October Thus, in to assessing necessities for our difference. aggravations. I’d ask our inCity theLas interim city, the expansion the Lasdollar Vegas Convention to beinpatient while the inconveniences build a $200ofmillion professional and walking distance MTO continuesoccur to and Visitors Center to accommodate the You shared an image of your first seven and know that there is going to be a positive soccer stadium in downtown Las Vegas in which Certainly the momentum downtown thrive. Also, the Carson Kitchen, Kerry Simon’s ever-expanding demand for moremeans space rises jobstop on Twitter that piqued our interest. Q: Summertime family fun, tourist destination, and our skyline Visitors in easier from to around the outcome. Roadways willcome be much atofinal is said to take place this December. continues to build. We are new downtown hot spot, is wonderful, and I thevote top as “most impactful”. However, not What was the motivation of seeing the post and navigate and will provide more convenient summer vacations and lots of outdoor is forever changed and improved by that country (and the world) to converge How would in theconsideration development for of this projectinto a andplay more small would to recommend trying it if you can find far behind growing how didmore the jobs a part in businesses, your journey to access downtown, and better access to a activities. How do you and your family magnifi cent and the biggest observation in our for our world-class city, high-end medicine care and becoming mayor? connecting roads andcity freeways. MV huge patriotic help Las Vegas and what will it take to make it restaurants, shops and galleries opening. table. top quality medical research taking place in our wheel in the world! It the is unique and celebration. Naturally there are happen? like to enjoy summertime in Las Vegas? What is particularly exciting has been city, continuing to build a deep cultural base, I have a great social media team top-of-the-line, and yes I have visited, reworks inwhat the sky from openingthat of The Market onto East Fremont With fi 2014 comingexploding to a fast close, and becoming home to major league sports keeps me up speed on what We really likewould to spend but notout yet ridden it. In our New hotel rooftops, butyou’d during the da round out aspirations fordo recognition. We time is trending there, and day in the Entertainment District as it that brings afact, CBS did are some Year’s Resolutions It isour anA: amazing project that are on our way allas avenues. someone had started store a post their first together family especially if I can much-needed grocery toabout an area that like to see Las Vegas order to not onlyinbring aafirst-ever, major a special on the opening and lucky leading up tomake theinnighttime celebrat seven jobs. All of your jobs and experiences is in the heart of Ithe live-work-play city have a prosperous 2015? league sportsorteam to Las Vegas (and get some all of them togethera me, was asked as Mayor to make there are outdoor activities galore Child sex trafficking has been a pressing become a part of who you are, and as you Too, coming in 2015 is thenationally expansion Nevada!) butinitLas would also result hundreds topic Vegas; LVMPD isin increasing well know, I am acomments firm believer in education about what rare happening! Most times the in Las core. brief for tourists and residents to enjoy. amount of officers in uniform on our city as the base. However, getting out of the Las Vegas Premium Outlets which of millions of dollars being invested into our I would like to see everyone in our Personally, Oscar and I usually walk Vegas we’ll just hang around the a great place it is. It has added great streets. WhatIn is the action partnership to help combat into world and experiencing will bethe including 35 new stores anchored by community. fact,plan thisofprivate city continue to be part of building a the Summerlin Patriotic Parade whe house barbecuing, swimming, playing excitement to the Strip where a visitor life are also important components the child sex trafficking issue on a local level? Saks Fifth Avenue off Fifth and offer a new is offering to invest close to one-half a billion great city! I’m hopeful that everyone of becoming a complete person. we can. There is hiking, horseback games, and for sure I’ll be serving food can stroll, shop, eat and enjoy a unique Cheesecake Factory. dollarsWhile into our My believe hope is that that will make a commitment to give his/her best oureconomy! readers may From each job I’ve held throughout riding, golfing, fishing and boating a from start to end. Our home is where ride. The food there is decadent, from hasbe only recently begun, in my life, I’ve always learned, and our cityaction staff will able to work with these to impacting the quality of life in our entire Lake Mead, tennis, biking, and so m our children grew up (same one for Sprinkles Cupcakes to the Ghirardelli actuality, the city has been actively it’s from the learning that I have private partners to consummate a final community. Whether it is through helping to The burgeoning restaurant scene addressing this child so sexthey trafficking issue amassed new information and for everyone totodo as they 38 years), love bringing their ice cream and chocolate shop. Brooklyn agreement by mid-December to present to diversify our economy, helping make an celebrate downtown has also exploded... what skills which I continue to use for the past three years through the Mayor’s of July our city. MV children here whenever can. With also something special asimpact it is on theFourth the City Council for its more-than-enthusiast educational front,inaddressing areBowl one oris two of your favorite Faith Initiative. The efforts of our faith they leaders each day. No matter how small or new some great planning, new intimate venue for live music - shared by lawapproval enforcement, members of off to the insignificant the job, there is always approval. The will result inwe’re the cycle of homelessness or working with our culinary hot aspots? our socialother services, the court the system, and somethingcombined to learn, from which A special you toitthe Honor beach and then families with gourmet comfort non-profits food spurring major developments in the come oneto create a better thank quality of life, exceptional philanthropic efforts - continue to much can be gained. Pay attention heart of Symphony Park and our center city takes each of us to build a world-class city offor her You can’t expect me to answer that!!! Mayor Carolyn Goodman by-one to squeeze into our little condo and a bowling alley. Where else but and learn from your experiences. impact this problem. Many may recall that all community. which we are proud. Of course I wish everyone How could I possibly pick among televisioninstations simultaneously showed the willingness to engage with the reade Coronado. Las Vegas would one find such a great documentary, “Traffic No More”, in an effort Project Neon isare thesolargest the healthiest and happiestMagazine of New Years as the commu them? There many MYVEGAS and combination of fungreat and excitementit’s to get theMost community engaged works project 2015 arrives! MV places topublic eat downtown thatinyou cannot keep locals have noticedand big garner changes of Las Vegas! Please email your ques Q: Have visited theofHigh Roller the what do! The more involvement fromyou different sectors history we of Nevada. track of them all. The newly reopened and taking place in downtown Las Vegas, Las Vegas. Together, we will continue to work goal being to improve safety, air to: for a ch Ferris wheel yet at the Linq? What remodeled El Sombrero hasreduce excellent food, from a boom in local businesses to on making bigger inroads into this criminal quality, freeway operations, to have your questions answered in are your thoughts on it, and how do Q: Fourth of July is a great holiday activity,and working earnest reachofand congestion and delays, create and the inside istravel now very chic. I’m also a fan festivals more;in what is theto future our future issue of MYVEGAS Magazine. you think both visitors locals will to spend in Las Vegas! What are some save the victims and punish the pimpsand to the jobs, and build new surface street maximum! respond to this new Las Vegas form of 7 fun ways that you like to celebrate with










entertainment? A: The Linq and the High Roller are

your family and friends? A: Las Vegas is certainly a great


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MYVEGAS Ask the Mayor.......................................................................... 3 Gender Blindness: Meet Pat Lundvall............................ 7 Candy’s Commentary: From a Native’s Perspective.............................................................................12 Vote for the 2017 Top 100 Women of the Year...........23 Local Spotlight: Natalie Drougas...................................60 Got Golf? Get Green!..........................................................91 Top 100 Men of the Year Party.................................. 92-93 MYVEGAS Annual Golf Tournament....................... 94-95 Flavors of the Heart.............................................................96

MYBEAUTY & HEALTH A New Year, A New You: Anti-Aging in a Syringe....... 8 Pregnancy Exercise Tips.....................................................10 Think Inside the Box............................................................14



Presence, Passion, and Purpose......................................15 General Healthy Eating Habits for the New Year.......17 Medicinal Benefits of Cannabis.......................................18 The Life of a Pill Addict.......................................................19 Comparison Shopping.......................................................20 Joe Vargas is on Cloud N9ne after Nevada Says Yes to Question 2........................................21 Emsum Jewelry.....................................................................22

MYLEGAL BRIEFS 2016 Top 100 Lawyers in Las Vegas........................ 24-59 Kristina Wildeveld, Esq. Las Vegas Top Criminal Defense Attorney.................................................................52 Ask A Lawyer..........................................................................59


MYBUSINESS Time for a True Open-Door Policy..................................61 H&R Block: Providing Industry-Leading Consumer Tax Service Since 1955................................................. 62-63


MYHOME& GARDEN New Year, New House!........................................................65 Sunburst Shutters: Increasing the Value of Your Home While Improving the Overall Look............. 66-67 Become the Highlight of Your Neighborhood with Chip-N-Dale’s Landscaping.............................. 68-69® Provides Nevada with Solutions to All of Your Rubbish............................... 70-71

MYRESTAURANTS Looking for a Great New Restaurant?...........................77 Hot New Restaurants..........................................................78 Locals’ Favorite Restaurants..............................................80 Locals’ Favorite Happy Hours...........................................82 Pizza Man: The Pizza Kitchen............................................82 Upcoming Food, Wine & Spirits Events........................84 MYVEGAS Wine Club...........................................................85 MYVEGAS Spotlight: Chef Rick Moonen......................86

MYENTERTAINMENT Station Casinos Hot Concert List....................................87 Station Casinos: Our Love for Locals Continues........87

MYCAREER Workplace Insecurities: Tips on Boosting Your Self Confidence........................................88

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MADE IN THE USA Keeping America Employed

Gender Blindness Meet Pat Lundvall


hen I first saw this exquisite woman saunter into the restaurant her presence immediately filled the room. Tall, lanky and exuding a confidence that captured everyone’s attention, one friend remarked, “She is simply stunning”. Another marveled how beautifully she was dressed, but all of the table was captured. We were celebrating a friend’s huge legal settlement when he chimed in, “That’s Pat Lundvall. Known as a barracuda in legal circles, she’s aggressive, takes no prisoners, and my friends, she’s the reason I am picking up the check today. Meet my attorney!” Pat Lundvall, born into a family of thirteen in the small town of Oakland, Nebraska, credits her strong work ethic to a mother who also worked outside the home and the necessity for everyone to pull their weight, regardless of age or gender. “A large family growing up on a farm means hard work. Girls baled hay, boys peeled potatoes. There was no gender bias, there were just chores to be done.” This was the start of her genderblind view of the world. Her early mentors, three older brothers, were terrific athletes, stars of the hometown’s football, basketball and baseball teams. Since they had to take her everywhere, her competitive nature was originally stoked playing pick-up games of basketball and football as ‘shirts and skins’ with the guys, unaffected by comments from adults that those were boy’s games, especially when she played skins.

McDonald Carano where her well-deserved reputation as an excellent litigator is firmly rooted. Her mentors, both men and women, are from both the legal field and clients who have greatly inspired her. She is absolute in her love of litigation. “I am humbled and thrilled every time a client reaches out for help.” As an attorney and business leader many female limited organizations have offered awards, but they all have been rejected. “I only want to be known as a good attorney, not a good female attorney. In my opinion, if there is one profession for which your gender means nothing, it should be the practice of law.” Government Relations Executive Michael Dayton goes on record to say, “Pat’s been recognized for many gender-neutral awards such as Legal Elite, Best Lawyers in America, induction into the Litigation Counsel of America, Silver State’s Top 100 by Nevada Business Magazine, Chambers USA, and UNLV’s Distinguished Nevadan just to name a few. Not only has Pat distinguished herself in the courtroom, but also for her public and community service. She was the first woman in Nevada history

By Dawn Gibbons

to chair the Nevada State Athletic Commission, which is known globally as a leader in regulating boxing, mixed martial arts, and kickboxing. She is a board member of the Nevada Military Support Alliance, which has raised millions to help our veterans and their families.” The common steel thread in Ms. Lundvall’s personal and professional life is genderblindness, which also translates to all aspects of current culture, whether it be race, national origin, sexual orientation, religious preferences, educational background, etc. “I simply do not see any such attribute as being a help or hindrance when it comes to the benefits or burdens of modern life. All of us have work to do and can benefit accordingly. We should be recognized for our individual ability to achieve, not any demographic.” Such an attitude explains why athletics at any level continue to play a dominant role in her life. “In a legitimate sporting contest, demographics mean nothing, talent prevails.” Pat Lundvall is the perfect example of her own words, “The best will win, no matter where they come from or how they got there.” MV

During high school Pat’s alma mater got a universal weight lifting apparatus that was placed in the boy’s locker room and its use was restricted to the lettermen’s club. Since Pat had just as many varsity letters as any of the boys, she petitioned to the school board to change this arrangement ending with an equipment reassignment to a neutral zone and admittance for girls to the lettermen’s club. From there she challenged the board to abandon other genderbased limitations to the benefit of all. Pat began her legal career with Lionel Sawyer & Collins, later joining (now) Justice Kristina Pickering’s law firm. In 1994, she joined



A New Year, A New You: Anti-Aging in a Syringe

By Erika Kimble Dermatology NP


ith the nostalgic drop of that New Year’s ball, wishes for renewals and dreams amass. The proverbial dream bubbles switch from thoughts of holiday gifts for others, to that which we wish for ourselves. Often times the desire to improve our health and appearance tops that list. When considering the best non-surgical cosmetic procedure for you, a good knowledge base is essential to achieve the look you desire. Here are the most popular fountains of youth in a syringe. 1.



Botulinum Toxin: Medical grade Botulinum Toxin is a purified protein, labeled for injection into the muscles of the forehead and around the eyes. It helps to halt muscle movement in those areas, thereby tightening and smoothing wrinkles. The most common temporary side effects are bruising, redness, swelling at injection site, and headache. It lasts 3-4 months with an estimated cost of $400-$700 a vial. Botulinum Toxin is manufactured as three main brands; Xeomin, Botox, and Dysport. It is a great choice, with minimal pain, to attack crow’s feet and frown lines. Hyaluronic Acid (HA): HA is a natural substance found in the skin, muscles, and tendons of humans. It is used to fill deep facial wrinkles that appear due to natural fat loss from aging. It binds to the supporting structures of collagen and elastin in the skin, as well as, increases water volume to fill in hollows. It is typically injected into areas around the mouth, chin, cheeks, temple depressions, or lips. Common side effects are bruising, swelling, redness, and bumpiness under skin. This treatment may last 6-24 months with an estimated cost of $400-$1400, depending on syringe size and product type. Hyaluronic acid brands will vary by the viscosity of the product, wherein thicker formulations may last longer and fill in deeper crevices better, but as such, they also come with a heftier price tag. Hyaluronic acid comes in the brand names of; Juvederm, Volbella, Voluma,

Restylane, and Belotero. Hyaluronic acid is quite versatile for varying facial areas and can be used for mild to severe facial folds and volume loss. 3.


Calcium Hydroxylapatite: This product is the brand name Radiesse, which is comprised of a gel carrier and the chemical calcium hydroxylapatite, which actually helps stimulate the body to produce collagen. It is typically used for smile lines or to add cheek volume. Common side effects are also bruising, swelling, redness, and bumpiness. Hyaluronic Acid may last 12-15 months, with an estimated price of $600-$1000. This filler is thicker, comes in a 1.5 ml vs the 1 ml syringe of competitors, and works great for moderate to severe facial wrinkling. Poly-L-Lactic Acid: This product, known as the brand named Sculptra, is a filler that will show gradual results over 3-6 treatments.

However, it helps to rebuild areas of collagen loss around the mouth, cheeks, or temples and may last up to 2-years. It has a similar side effect profile to Radiesse and an estimated price tag of $500-600 a syringe. It is a great selection for someone who has more extensive facial fat loss. This is just a brief summary of some of the most popular products on the market. Nonetheless, it is best to discuss in full detail with a dermatology or plastic surgery provider, what results you would like to achieve. Youthfulness is just a syringe away! MV Erika Kimble, BSN, MA, MS, APRN is a Dermatology Nurse Practitioner at Linda Woodson Dermatology in Las Vegas. She is an award winning author, freelance writer, beauty queen, and blogger (Read more of this topic on


Over 20 Years Of Comprehensive Medical and Surgical Care in Las Vegas Kevin Rayls, MD, FACS Stephen B. Horsley, MD, FACS

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By Marie Mortera KSNV Anchor Facebook: mariemortera Twitter: mariemortera

Escape into a world of total comfort, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Treat

yourself to a luxurious experience.

Violeta’s Organic Spa

Pregnancy Exercise Tips


ach New Year, so many consider how to turn a new leaf or find another step toward a new adventure. This 2017, my year starts as a mother of two. It’s an incredible evolution but before I look forward, I must look back at the transition that was lovely but not without work. Getting through the pregnancy required healthy eating and exercise – something I did with my first born child but even more so with my second. Why? Daily chases after my toddler had me looking forward to my own version of running around. While her idea of play was heading to the swing set, mine was heading to the elliptical machine in between newscasts – even if it was for five minutes. As my belly grew, I had to adjust my workout routine and thanks to my husband, a personal trainer, he recommended modified leg extensions and hamstring curls. The resistance training kept my muscles strong and decreased imminent swelling. I also made room for yoga. Prenatal yoga was a major part of my first pregnancy, as I taught and practiced my own flow at least once a week. Pregnancy, the sequel, saw the same amount of yoga, with careful consideration of my growing belly. I pleasantly found the extra physical effort made an incredible difference in my overall fitness level, both for body and mind. As I write this, I am weeks away from meeting my little man. Even at 37 weeks, he manages to twist, turn and nudge – all reminders that physical activity is a gift and, for me, celebrated at all of life’s phases. MV


Please call Violeta’s Organic Spa at 702.595.3100 to schedule an appointment

Organic Facial Treatments Natural Teeth Whitening

Located inside Body Spa West Hydrafacials 8751 West Charleston Suite Suite #190 Laser Treatments Las Vegas, Nevada 89117 Body Treatments • straight up rainbow.qxp_Layout 1 8/11/16 12:54 PM Page 1

Microdermabrasion Airt Brush Tanning Hot Stone Massage Eyelash Extensions Makeup Application


BUY 5 TANS, GET 5 FREE Any booth. Excludes Mystic. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Expires 12/31/16

GET TAN LAS VEGAS LEGS! $1.00 A MINUTE IN OUR LEG TANNER! Cannot be combined with any other offer. Expires 12/31/16

1 MONTH UNLIMITED RED LIGHT THERAPY $25 Cannot be combined with any other offer. Expires 12/31/16


First time clients only. 7 consecutive days, excludes Mystic, with local ID only. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Expires 12/31/16


“...BECAUSE Selfies DONT LIE.” LOOK 10 years YOUNGER IN LESS THAN 2 HOURS Lower Facelift/Necklift Mini-Facelift Upper & Lower Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Lift) Brow Lift Facial Fat Transfer/Grafting Chin & Lip Augmentation Neck Liposuction Fractional CO2 Laser Microneedling/Peels/Fillers/Botox


WE ARE THE ONLY LOCAL CENTER of its kind exclusively dedicated to rejuvenating the fave and neck. LAS VEGAS’ MOST EXPERIENCED SURGEON in performing facial rejuvenating procedures under local anesthesia. A DECADE OF EXPERIENCE, with over 8,000 facial beautifying procedures performed. BEFORE



“Bobbi” (age 54) - Lower Facelift/Necklift & Chin Augmentation

DR. PAUL LANFRANCHI Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon


“Lisa” (age 41) - Upper Eyelid Lift & Fractional CO2 Laser to lower eyelids


Candy’s Commentary, The Legal Issue: From a Native’s Perspective

By Candice Shaffer


lthough it’s been said that America has lights and big city feel that paints the landscape of our city. They kept the progression of growth one of the best legal systems in the of our city today. Along with the legalization of moving forward; good, bad, or indifferent, it was world, those connected to the “good gambling came the mob. The Mafia always made essential in order for us to have this incredible ol’ boys club” know that back in the day in Las big cash profits in the illegal gaming industry, and fascinating city we live and love today. Vegas, being connected to certain individuals and the mob saw tremendous opportunity in the meant having advantages in your corner the desert after World War II, and with the legalization With both our history and culture, the legal vast community at large doesn’t necessarily of gaming. Being born and raised here in Las community became a vital source for laws being know exists. Being privy to private meetings in Vegas, I was all too aware at a very early age enacted into congress. With the recent laws the judge’s chambers without the adverse party that our culture was very different than other changing regarding recreational use of marijuana being present meant that more than likely, you metropolitan cities. Visiting other cities like New and how it will be regulated by the state, it will be were fortunate to have a power attorney in your York, I reveled at the longtime standing buildings interesting to see how the laws develop and take corner. And it was very likely you would win your that appeared as though they had been around place over the next few years as we literally watch case with that type of influence and reputation. for centuries. As a kid growing up in Las Vegas, history in the making. The legal issue is one of It’s no surprise that politics and the legal my personal favorites that we publish community go hand in hand. No matter what Although Las Vegas was established in 1905, it each year. This years’ Readers’ Choice type of courtroom and judge you are facing; wasn’t until 1931 that gambling and divorce was Awards Top 100 Lawyers in Las Vegas is an family, municipal, and/or justice, it’s certainly eclectic group of attorneys that possess legalized in Nevada. The following 20-30 years reassuring to have a good attorney present so much knowledge, wisdom, experience, the presence of the mob flourished. Naturally, and passion for their respective practices. when your fate is in the hands of another. if there were no bad people, there would be no Those that are represented within these good attorneys. Although Las Vegas was established in pages represent various areas of law, 1905, it wasn’t until 1931 that gambling backgrounds, and accolades. They work and divorce was legalized in Nevada. The I knew that once a historic building or casino diligently and tirelessly for their clients’ rights, following 20-30 years the presence of the mob was old, it was simply a matter of time before and we are thankful for their hard work. As you flourished. Naturally, if there were no bad we’d watch it being imploded on television for thumb through the pages, please keep in mind people, there would be no good attorneys. That a new grandeur replacement. Naturally, Sunday that with over 5,000 licensed attorneys in Clark meant Las Vegas mob lawyers were intrinsically morning breakfasts weren’t complete without County, it’s not easy narrowing down this list. cemented into the Vegas culture. Las Vegas’ legal stories about the mob, Frank Sinatra, Sammy There are always far more incredible lawyers in community was very small back in the early to Davis Jr., Dean Martin, Howard Hughes, and our city than we have room to print. However, mid 1900’s. Things were done on a hand shake, many more. And that’s a part of our culture that please join us in honoring and recognizing this and the former Las Vegas skyline was drastically I embrace and hold dear. I am extremely grateful year’s Top 100 for their impeccable service to our minimized in comparison to the shimmering for the mob’s contribution to the development community and to us locals. MV


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Think Inside the Box

Tammy Kincaid


hether it’s a birthday, Valentine’s Day or other special occasion finding the perfect gift can be frustrating and stressful. For longtime friendships it can be even more difficult at times to come up with something new. Let’s be creative this year and treat your friend, spouse or yourself to one of the latest trends, beauty box subscriptions. Investing in cosmetics can be costly especially if your choices leave you feeling short on funds and satisfaction. With a beauty box subscription you will have the opportunity to discover tried-andtrue products for minimal investment before investing on a full-size purchase. One of the most popular is Birchbox. Each month Birchbox will send you a personalized beauty box with five product samples from high-end brands that may include haircare, skincare or makeup all with instructions on how to use them. Women’s gift subscriptions start at $30 for three months. Men’s gift subscriptions start at $60 for four deluxe grooming samples and a stylish accessory or gadget.

Allure beauty box offers at least six deluxe-sized product samples from major brands that their editors have tested and love. You will also receive a mini magazine with product information, howto’s and beauty tricks. Gift subscriptions start at $45 for three months. Glossybox is an international beauty company that offers five deluxe-size cosmetic and wellness samples hand-picked by their beauty experts and mailed directly to your door. Gift subscriptions start as low as $25 for one month. With so many companies offering beauty boxes today, do your research before purchasing to find the perfect box for your budget. But most of all have fun discovering new products each month with a gift that will be remembered long after the occasion has ended. MV Copyright © 2016 Tammy Kincaid All rights reserved

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Presence Passion Purpose


Learning Law to Living a Life in Purpose

Miss Kelly Burton

Q: What inspired you to become a lawyer? A: My dad died when I was 10 years old. I remember people telling me, “Oh, you’ll be a lawyer just like your dad, how wonderful.” Whether that was true or not, I always “knew” I would go to law school. Q: What life lessons did you learn while in law school? A: That you can do incredible things. Even if you don’t love it, I learned you can force yourself into believing you “love” something. I got kicked out of a study group because they didn’t think I was smart enough, kind of like in the movie “Legally Blonde.” I remember being hurt. The main legal idea I took away from law school was from my Preventive Law Class and my time on the “Preventive Law Journal.” And it’s that legal problems hardly ever begin as a legal problem, they begin as a personal problem. This has always helped me look to the root of an issue before worrying about the legal issue. Q: What made you decide to leave law? A: I had a baby and was pregnant again right away, and no law firm would take me. By the time the kids were in school, the recession hit, and no one was hiring. The day a friend told me I was nothing more than a second year law student to any firm, I decided that I was retired from law-firm life.

Q: What is a result from the choices you made in pursuing law and then having a family? A: My kids were too important for me to go to just any job, so I had to evaluate what mattered to me. I was fortunate to develop an awareness that made me realize that maybe law wasn’t the only thing I was capable of doing, and I crawled out of the box into which I had inadvertently placed myself. I acknowledged that I could use my skills, but use them in a different way under different circumstances. Now that my girls are teenagers, I really appreciate my investigative approach, my deposition skills, my rational thought, and my demand for excellence. I drive them crazy, but occasionally they will tell me they are glad I hold them to a very high standard when teachers and coaches won’t. Q: What advice can you offer other women as they are choosing a life in law and raising a family? A: Develop thick skin but be sensitive to others. Everyone is doing the best for their own circumstance. Find your people; your support. Know yourself, know your family, and know your value. When you forget your value, remember your value.

Elite Life - Performance Coach Miss Gina Pero

relationship with law, the concept of presence, passion, and purpose is inexorably linked with professionalism. The actual practice of law taught me that there is a time to unleash passion and a time to direct it. Kelly Burton attended law school at the University of Denver and focused on sports law and sports business. After moving to Las Vegas to work with the UNLV Athletic Department, she transitioned into private practice for five years in Nevada and Connecticut before leaving the workforce to raise her two daughters and volunteer for a few organizations here in Las Vegas. Eight years later she found her passion volunteering for the USA Sevens Rugby Adopt A Country Program at her daughters’ school. Through that activity, she met her boss, who took a chance on her and hired her to coordinate the Adopt A Country Program and other outreach here in Las Vegas. Kelly lives in Henderson with her husband, Travis, and her daughters, Taylor (15) and Tabitha (14). MV

Q: When you hear the words presence, passion, and purpose, what do those mean to you? A: Presence means awareness right now within and without finding the unique connection between yourself and world as it is right now. It means evaluating things as they are, not necessarily as you want them or don’t want them to be. It is a mindfulness that allows you to listen to your gut and match it to the environment. Passion is a drive, a love, a fire, a want, and a desire. It can be externally focused or completely self-centered. To me, passion is a wild card...maybe good, maybe bad. Purpose is that serendipitous link between presence and passion. Purpose is that mix of wants and desire, skills and training, timing and circumstances. Purpose is what takes everything about you, and makes you change the world. In the context of my complicated



General Healthy Eating Habits for the New Year DO: • Eat breakfast every morning to get your metabolism started. • Eat every few hours, even if it’s a small snack -- this keeps your metabolism going throughout the day. • Choose real, whole foods as often as possible. • Choose lean protein and eat some protein at every meal. Good choices are chicken breast, ground turkey, top sirloin, pork tenderloin, salmon, tilapia, tuna, egg whites, and nonfat Greek yogurt. • Include healthy complex carbs in your meals early in the day. Choose from oats, sweet potatoes, quinoa, brown rice, whole grain tortillas, or bread. • Enjoy a small amount of simple carbs for quick energy early in the day and before, during, or after your workouts -- fruits, fruit juice, jam, and honey are good options. • Consume fiber every day through fresh fruits and vegetables to help keep you feeling full. Eat them raw, steamed, roasted, stir-fried, grilled, or blended into a smoothie. • Drink lots of water all day long, starting the minute you wake up and before every meal. AVOID: • Alcohol, soda, juice, sugary and diet beverages. • Processed foods, fried foods, heavy creams and sauces, sugary food and beverages, high-fat foods, anything battered, excess cheese, salt, and sweets.

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By Complete Nutrition

YOUR SEVEN DAILY SUPPLEMENTS PROTEIN POWDER Your protein needs depends on your lifestyle and goals. While it is important to get as much protein from food, protein powder can help to reach that requirement. Hint: Use the BodyComp technology to figure this out. MULTIVITAMIN It supplements your food intake and ensures that you get enough key vitamins, which balance hormones and keep your metabolism active. OILS The American diet tends to be too low in Omega3s (polyunsaturated fat with cardiovascular, cognitive and anti-inflammatory benefits), so most Americans benefit from at least 1,000 mg of Omega-3s per day via fish oil and flaxseed oil to help meet their daily needs. CARBOHYDRATE Carbohydrates are key for a muscle gain diet. A higher percentage of your diet will need to come from carbohydrates as they are the body’s main source of energy that can be easily used or stored for later use. Carbohydrates are best when utilized close to a workout. Make sure to ingest fiber on a daily basis to improve digestion and overall health. PRE-WORKOUT Pre-workout supplements enhance your workout experience; they provide energy and focus, improve and increase blood flow and nutrient delivery to active muscles. POST-WORKOUT Post-workout supplements aid recovery: they feed hungry muscles, reduce soreness and replenish glycogen stores, amino acids and even vitamins and minerals that are used up while exercising. SLEEP Lack of sleep can result in memory issues, weight gain, irritability, impatience, concentration issues, hypertension and cardiovascular issues as well as suppress immunity. MV




Medicinal Benefits of Cannabis

Juliana Whitney CEO, The J. Whitney Group


annabis is a product with medicinal benefits and healing properties. This is not simply a theory; this is not a way for “pot-heads” to trick the system into allowing them to legally consume cannabis products. This is fact. For those of you still on the fence about cannabis, I ask you to keep an open mind for the rest of this article. If you do that for me, you may walk away with a new mindset and understanding of some of the healing properties of cannabis. Tetrahydrocannabinol, referred to as THC, is the psychoactive component in cannabis which people are most familiar with. THC is only one of many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Cannabidiol, known as CBD, is emerging as the second most well-known cannabinoid. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, which can be derived from industrial hemp or cannabis flowers. CBD comes with a long list of healing properties which I think just about anyone can benefit from, yourself and your dog included (for all you dog lovers out there). Because it is considered a dietary supplement and not a medication, CBD derived from industrial hemp is legal in all 50 states! ( Since Cannabis is still in a legal grey area, much of the research is yet to be deemed conclusive, but it is definitely promising. Cannabidiol has been shown in many cases to reduce inflammation, suppress seizure activity, provide pain relief, relieve anxiety and the list goes on (British Journal of Pharmacology, 2013). If smoking is not your style, no need to worry, CBD comes in all kinds of useful forms: pills, lotions, patches, edibles, tinctures, vape pens and more. I have recommended CBD products to my mom for her carpel tunnel, to my dad with diverticulitis, to veterans with PTSD, to women during their visit from Aunt Flo, to hyper puppies, and to my young entrepreneurial friends who just need to calm the heck down. I am not the only believer! The health and wellness community is starting to appreciate and embrace CBD, integrating it into their daily practice. My good friend Angie


Lee is a brilliant health coach and co-founder of Wellpreneur Business Academy, and she has recently started exploring the benefits of CBD, consuming it herself, and sharing it with her clients nationwide. “The human body produces natural chemicals called cannabinoids which interact with receptors within the body to regulate body functions. Given that we already have cannabinoids in our body and receptors for them, this is likely why people claim to have such good results when using CBD. While this is a very limited portrayal of the method by which CBD acts upon the neurotransmitters within the human body, it serves to show we now know where the action occurs.” ~ DiscoverCBD

To the surprise of many, even as the CEO of The J. Whitney Group, a cannabis business consulting firm, I much prefer the non-psychoactive CBD products over the traditional THC products. While I am in full support of cannabis products of all kinds and the right to consume said products, I personally do not love being “high”, but I do LOVE CBD. I love the way it makes me feel which I can best describe as “zen.” My mood lightens and I feel less stressed, but I do not experience that fuzzy feeling of being high. My current favorite product is the 50mg CBD Trokie lozenge which is sugar-free, vegan, calorie-free and discreet. If you are suffering from a severe ailment I strongly suggest that you consider adding CBD to your existing health care regimen after speaking with your doctor. For the rest of you, I suggest you give it a try during your meditation, yoga session, workout, or after a long day of work. MV


The Life of a Pill Addict HEROIN IN YOUR HOUSE You may or may not know it, but right now, you may have a few bottles of Heroin in your medicine cabinet! Yes, most American pain pills in the Hydrocodone family are “Synthetic Heroin”, or “man-made” Heroin, by some pharmaceutical company. Below we have outlined a list of the Top Ten Opioids that are killing Americans. And you won’t believe who’s addicted… Dance moms, soccer moms, parents (male or female), and teens accessing their parent’s drugs from the bathroom. HOW ADDICTION STARTS Usually, it starts with a pain or injury. The pills are taken to ease the pain. Most addicts start by experiencing some kind of physical or emotional pain, like depression or anxiety. The Amygdala part of the brain, in the back of the neck is the part of the brain that “stores pain”. The drugs or alcohol numb the amygdala and covers up the pain, temporarily. The “euphoric” feeling is temporary, and the person wants that feeling again. They are running from the pain, hiding the pain, covering up the pain. And to them, it feels good. The only problem is they never “cure” where the pain is coming from, and they continue to use the pills to mask their pain. Eventually, the

drug takes hold of their personality, and begins to run their life - their actions, their decisions, their relationships, everything. And you are now involved with a drug addict. List of the top ten household opiates, hydrocodones and their strengths. 1. Norco Hydrocodone: 5mg, 7.5mg & 10mg; Acetaminophen: 325mg 2. Lortab Hydrocodone: 5mg, 7.5mg & 10mg; Acetaminophen: 325mg 3. Percocet Oxycodone: 2.5mg, 5mg, 7.5mg, & 10mg; Acetaminophen: 325mg 4. Vicodin Hydrocodone: 5mg, 7.5mg & 10mg; Acetaminophen: 325mg 5. Oxycodone 5mg, 10mg, 15mg, 20mg, & 30mg 6. OxyContin 10mg, 15mg, 20mg, 30mg, 40mg, 60mg, & 80mg 7. Morphine IR: 15mg & 30mg; ER: 15mg, 30mg, 60mg, & 120mg 8. Demerol 50mg & 100mg 9. Codeine Robitussin: 10mg; Promethazine: 10mg 10. Roxicet Oxycodone: 2.5mg, 5mg, 7.5mg, & 10mg; Acetaminophen: 325mg

By Mark Shaffer HOW TO IDENTIFY A PILL ADDICT • Profound Drowsiness and Falling Asleep. At the office, at home, or at the neighbor’s house while visiting. • Marked Mood Changes and Erratic Behavior. Very irritable and aggressive when out of pills. Very mellow and easy going when “on” the pills. • Bloated Belly from Opioid Constipation. A clear sign. Too many years of taking these pills clogs up the digestive tract, and causes what’s called “Opioid Constipation”. • Cleaning All the Time. Constantly cleaning. Not just their home, but anywhere they feel comfortable. • Exaggerating Pain or Lying about Injury to Get More Prescriptions. • Requesting Frequent Refills of the Drug. • Asking Friends and Family If They Have Any Extra Pain Pills in Their Cabinet. • Seeing Two or More Doctors to Get More Pills. • Social Isolation, Spending Time Away from Other People. Many go to nearby gambling hideaways, to try to win more money for more pills. Also, it’s a great way to “get away” from people, and “hide” for a few hours. The poker machines don’t talk to them about their addiction. So the machines become their friends. • Going Through Money Quickly. If you know someone who fits the profile of a pill addict, there’s not much you can do, for they have to want to change themselves. You can love them from afar, pray for them, and let them know if they ever need you and want to change, that you’re there for them. It’s not a crime, you can’t force someone to go into recovery. The worst part is that these pills are handed out like candy by our doctors all over America every day. And death… every hour, two people die from these pills - over 14,000 a year. There is a vast amount of resourceful education on the web. If you love an addict, it’s worth the google.



Comparison Shopping


rowing up in my passionate, overbearing loud and opinionated Cuban family, they always had a lot to say about what I should and would do with my life. I was to be the first in the family to graduate college and obtain the proverbial American dream: mini-van, family of four, single-story home, sold separately. During my formative years, it was made clear that I had to work extra hard to become like that one daughter of that friend in Havana who was not only a straight-A student, but also a math genius and Mother Theresa understudy. A devout and pious mystical creature! In my family and culture, we connect with each other by comparing each other. I didn’t realize how toxic this behavior was because it was presented to my child-self as aspirational. Ranking myself on looks, intelligence, life potential, humor, likability… you name it, I was assessing it. I was a human accountant, taking debits and credits away from every human interaction. I never was good enough because I wanted to be like everyone else, or in my head a better version.


By Ada Casanova

When I turned 30 and left my husband, home and dreams of a family behind (a true soap opera like tragedy for a Latino woman), my self-view was skewed. I was jealous of other women. During a torrential insecurity and appraisal storm, I started wrinkle comparison shopping, zooming in on people my age or close to my age to see if they had more fine lines than me. This is when I knew I had to draw the line (pun intended). Although I’d never be mean to others, I projected so much insecurity and self-loathing that I pushed people out of my life. Guys I dated who told me that I was beautiful, I was numb to.

thoughts. They are most importantly MINE: for me to analyze, savor and expand upon but most importantly to own. Not to decide upon their validity based on how they measure up. As a recovering “compare-aholic,” I have to remind myself to stay in my lane, not look to the side for reassurance. To do this, I wake up daily, get centered with my name (to change the way you see yourself, google the meaning of your name). I meditate to bring forth my intention for the day. Looking in the mirror, I see myself beautiful. When I start to get that gnawing feeling of not

My insecurity turned them off. Then, I blocked out their feedback and blamed their sudden abandonment on my lack of curves, looks and personality. One of the most transformative realizations I have been blessed with is this understanding that I do not need to comparison shop. I am not here to be compared or shaped into something other than who I truly am, and in order to embrace that side of me, I have to tap into my core thoughts and accept them, even if they are unsavory. I must accept them for what they truly are - my

being enough, I call forth sheer gratitude for everything that makes me feel blessed and on purpose. Before I know it, self -pity dissipates. I AM FREAKING GOOD ENOUGH! As I grow through this magical excursion called life, I discover what makes me feel aligned and truly in love with who I am. My challenge to myself and to anyone who can relate to this article is: Leave the comparison shopping for insurance companies and Amazon. Take control of learning about what makes you a radiant, enigmatic being and hug that real tight. So you can JUST BE! MV


Joe Vargas is on Cloud N9ne after Nevada Says Yes to Question 2

By Simmone Park

All of this was accomplished with a product containing absolutely no THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis, which meant it was legal and Vargas’s website could ship product to all 50 States, Canada and the U.K. The CBD products help to cope with pain, reduce inflammation, and can even help with epilepsy, anxiety, insomnia, cancer, COPD (a respiratory disorder), MS, etc…


n November 8th 2016, over 54% of voters in Nevada said yes to Question 2, a bill to legalize the recreational use, possession, cultivation, and sale of marijuana for adults over the age of 21. Despite Las Vegas being synonymous with “Sin City”, the rest of the state is predominantly rural and conservative, so legalization was certainly not a guarantee. So what does legalization in Nevada mean? As of January 1, 2017, while driving under the influence and selling to minors is still illegal, Nevada residents over 21 years of age will be allowed to legally possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana or 1/8 of an ounce of concentrate, and cultivate up to six plants for personal use. Similarly, the initiative has created a new 15% excise tax and will also regulate marijuana retail stores, distributors, and cultivation/ manufacturing/testing facilities. In this third MYVEGAS Magazine installment, we catch up with Joe Vargas, the self-made Las

Vegas Cannapreneur and expert in the medical cannabis industry, with a truly inspirational “rags to riches” story, and find out how the legalization may affect his cannabis business, Space Monkey LLC. According to Bloomberg, 80% of new businesses will fail within the first 18 months, yet Vargas managed to beat the odds and earn a profit from only 3 months after business inception back in 2015. Vargas leveraged his business savvy and marketing acumen to create much more than top-shelf medical cannabis products, such as Cloud N9ne Syrup (a CBD syrup with 9 all-natural herbs), a brand that is recognized from afar. Space Monkey, LLC became a dominating force in the digital, social media and data space and is now not only the largest CBD syrup company, but also the largest social-media-driven cannabis company in the world!

Many companies with less reach and data analytics have managed to raise millions and launch successful IPO’s, a clear indication of the sheer potential of the industry. In fact, many of these companies have even approached Vargas to purchase the company outright or invest in his brand. With legalization in the state of Nevada, THC can now be legally combined with CBD, and Vargas recognizes this as a tremendous opportunity to venture into the manufacturing and distribution of THC products with proper licensing. When asked for his thoughts on legalization, Vargas responds, “There has never been a better time to live in Nevada than now. The legalization of marijuana will boost our economy and pump money into areas that are much needed.” For the first time, Cannapreneur and Medical Cannabis Expert Joe Vargas is needing to make a decision as to taking on hard pressed investors wanting to enter into the space. This would include them into Space Monkey, LLC current scheduled release of innovative new products to remain at the top of the competitive cannabis space or go at this alone and continue to selffund. “We have some decisions to make. We are more than able to fund any future research and development and the astronomical cost to bringing new products to market, but the question Joe is battling with has to do with his vision to help others and that includes investors and entrepreneurs, and at this point, it’s about structure and finding those willing to work as hard as the Space Monke Team that we currently have now.” Nick Pargaz – COO, Space Monkey, LLC. MV



Emsum Jewelry

By Marcia Campbell - Bergenfield


he unique and intricate custom jewelry designed by Las Vegas Native and Entrepreneur Marcia CampbellBergenfield is not only breathtaking and beautiful but also has a purpose. Every piece provides healing and calmness of mind, body and spirit. Her brand EMSUM Design - Bespoke Jewelry collection is drawn from her spirituality and cosmic enlightenment. The success of the EMSUM brand is attributed to her ability to unite her deepest source of inspiration, reflecting timeless concepts of spirituality, sentiment, and personal expression. “The pieces celebrate the uniqueness of my life, with the love of my children, protection, energy and luck in each piece,” Campbell-Bergenfield said. In 2010, the company was founded with one raw gemstone cabochon and a personal connection to its healing elements. To keep true to her personal philosophy and values, Marcia dedicated EMSUM to her family and named EMSUM after her two children, Emerson and Sumner. The acronym stands for; Enlightening Millions Synergistically Under One Moon. Marcia began researching more, educating herself on the healing powers of the pieces in the jewelry she creates. Today, Marcia hand selects all the gemstones to customize each jewelry item. Collecting the pieces is not an easy feat, as she sources them from amazing places all across the globe. EMSUM showcases an exclusive line of Brazilian Agate Geode and Alpaca necklaces that are raw and bold - combined with care and attention to the personal energy interaction of the stones and her fingers while she handcrafts each unique piece. In addition, all the stones are cleansed and energized under sage smoke to amplify the healing properties.

The EMSUM brand breaks conventional jewelry and consists of men’s and women’s precious gemstone bracelets, necklaces, MYSTIC head crowns, and other exclusive pieces - each piece being personal, rare and whimsical. One of Marcia’s noteworthy lines is the “Water Buffalo Horn Collection.” It is absolutely breathtaking. Marcia said, “This piece is meant to radiate strength, feminine courage and humility.” All EMSUM pieces come with the description of the healing properties the gemstone brings to the wearer. The one who gifts the item or has a special need, they can come to EMSUM and get the healing for their obstacles. Marcia highlights the healing and inspiration of each stone, and combines feeling and emotion to every design. From the moment you enter Marcia’s studio it becomes clear this inspirational space captures the essence of a visionary. The centerpiece, an Intention Tree, is meant to inspire wishes by adorning its branches with a ribbon. “Setting an intention is like planting a seed for your hopes and desires. This is the first step in making something beautiful happen,” says CampbellBergenfield. Surrounded by gemstones from


across the globe, each bringing a healing element of its raw nature, everyone who enters the studio feels a source of strength and well-being. You will find EMSUM worn by Celine Dion, Fergie the DJ and Oprah just to name a few. If you are interested in purchasing Marcia’s amazing one-ofa-kind pieces, you can shop at or visit STITCHED, located in the Cosmopolitan Hotel. The jewelry is also carried at Nicole Sassaman in Los Angeles. Most of her orders are custom, based upon a wide selection of gemstones, precious gemstones, fossils, bone, horsehair, and other elements of nature that create the beauty of EMSUM. For personal appointments, please contact Marcia at or call 702-595-6128. MV


The Top 100 Women that are chosen are recognized and honored in this special feature issue for their impact on our local community, making a difference, giving back, their contribution to their respective businesses, and being all around incredible women in our city!



Las Vegas’s


MYVEGAS Magazine polled more than 100,000 of our readers to find the Top Lawyers in Las Vegas. These lawyers and law firms come highly recommended by our readers and for good reason! As dynamic as Las Vegas is, their service to locals within the community make our city still one of the safest places to live, work and play. They provide guidance, protect our rights and advise us. Each individual is significant in our lives. They know the laws when we don’t and represent us so that we see justice. We would like to honor and show our appreciation to them. Featured in this special issue are a diverse group of lawyers practicing various types of law. Along with well-known leaders, and the new rising stars this year we are proud to publish the “Top Lawyers in Las Vegas.” As we love to celebrate our locals that live in the community, you may recognize friends and familiar faces. Many have credentials too many to list, however note that their talents and contributions go far behind what we had space to print. This year’s recipients are amazing attorneys who achieved great success, contributed in more ways than one can name but most importantly, have had a positive influence in the community we live in.


Hire the Law Firm That Nevada Cops Themselves Use

Las Vegas Defense Group, LLC, Provides Top-Notch Legal Representation in Criminal, Immigration, Personal Injury and Family Law Cases Throughout Nevada.

The 2008 financial crisis might seem like inopportune timing for veteran California attorneys Michael Becker and Neil Shouse to launch a criminal defense practice in Nevada’s already saturated legal market. But the immediate and decisive success of Las Vegas Defense Group, LLC, is testament to how exceptional legal service fueled by a modern, consumer-oriented business model prevails over a challenging economic climate. After starting in a 100 square foot office with a one-person staff, Las Vegas Defense Group now boasts an eight attorney-strong legal team with satellite offices in Reno and Henderson. In the nine years the firm has been raising Nevada’s legal bar, it has achieved thousands of case dismissals and charge reductions as well as dozens of acquittals for its clients. The Review-Journal has reported on Las Vegas Defense Group’s Nevada Supreme Court victories, FOX 5 calls upon Michael Becker as a legal commentator, and an entire 60 Minutes episode featured one of the firm’s high profile trials. Las Vegas Defense Group takes cases all throughout the state, and they have recently expanded their practice areas to include immigration, personal injury, and family law. So how to account for Las Vegas Defense Group’s stratospheric rise to the top? Founding partner Michael Becker (third from the right in the above photo) discusses this with MYVEGAS. What sets Las Vegas Defense Group apart from other firms in Nevada? Most law practices fit one of two categories: High-end boutique, or big firm. At Las Vegas Defense Group, we

offer the best of both: We enjoy the resources of a big firm, but we give each client a close personal relationship with his or her lawyer. And we’ve been able to attract a staff of exceptional lawyers and investigators, all of whom are passionate about criminal defense. If you have the best people and take good care of your clients, there’s no way you won’t succeed in this field. How did Las Vegas Defense Group gain a foothold in the Nevada legal community so quickly? Over time I think the biggest factor is reputation and referrals. We not only fight to get good results in court. We also strive to create a personal, trusting relationship with every client. They tell their friends and their friends and the firm goes viral. But it all starts with giving clients close personal attention and genuine care. Why is Las Vegas Defense Group expanding its practice from criminal defense to include immigration, personal injury, and family law? It was a natural evolution based on client demand. Defending non-citizens who are facing criminal charges requires strong familiarity with immigration law in order to minimize deportation risks, so it was a logical next step to help people achieve legal status or seek naturalization as well. With regard to personal injury, we often hear from former criminal defense clients who later got hurt in accidents and who want us to represent them again so they do not have to start over with a new attorney. And we were already regulars in family court on matters related to our clients’ criminal cases, so now we are just opening up our family law

services to everybody. Ultimately, attending to all our clients’ legal needs is a convenience for them and allows us to provide more holistic representation and global resolutions. What are Las Vegas Defense Group’s top three trial successes? Five years ago in the Eighth Judicial District Court, a client faced a life sentence for allegedly conspiring to kidnap. But we showed the jury that our client was too incapacitated to understand his co-conspirators’ intentions. He was found not guilty. Three years ago in the same court, our client faced two life sentences for very serious crimes. At trial we pointed out mistakes and inconsistencies in the state’s case. The jury acquitted him of one of the charges. The jury was hung on the remaining charge. But later I argued that double jeopardy prohibited prosecutors from retrying the case. The Nevada Supreme Court found in our favor, and the charge was dismissed. And last year, we appealed to the Nevada Supreme Court on another very serious case carrying life in prison. We argued that the district court judge committed a “structural error” by failing to swear in the jury pool prior to jury selection. The Nevada Supreme Court agreed and reversed the conviction. The the state appealed to the United States Supreme Court, and the Court denied to hear the case after reading our brief.

One question criminal defense attorneys frequently get asked is, “How can you defend someone you believe is guilty?” So what is your answer? Every citizen facing jail has a right to a zealous defense advocate. Though much of a criminal defense attorney’s job really focuses on the larger justice system. We call the authorities out every time we uncover an unlawful search and seizure, prosecutorial misconduct, or a judicial abuse of discretion that may harm our clients. Our task as criminal defense attorneys is to police the justice system and ensure all defendants receive due process. That’s a role in which I’m proud to serve. What is in the future for Las Vegas Defense Group? As we expand now into immigration, personal injury, and family law, we will continue to acquire and develop the best lawyers, investigators and support staff. And as we grow, our challenge is never to lose sight of our primary purpose: Taking the best care of our clients, and helping them rebound from life’s crises.

Michael Becker, Esq.

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Top 100 Lawyers of the Year Steve Dimopoulos is Las Vegas’ up and coming personal injury attorney. Recent highlights include his receipt of the National Trial Lawyers Top 40 under 40 recognition and the opening of his firm’s second location downtown.

Husna Alikhan, Esq. is the Principal Attorney at Alikhan Law Office LLC, provides legal services in immigration law; family law; consumer bankruptcy and estate planning. She has been voted one of the Top Three Immigration Attorneys of Las Vegas by and Best Divorce Lawyers in Las Vegas 2016 by Expertise.

William Devine, II is the managing partner of Devine Law Firm, and practices in the areas of bankruptcy, asset protection, estate planning, probate and real estate. The firm’s clients come through referrals from past clients as well as other local attorneys. William earned his law degree and MBA from UNLV.

Patrick Kang Ever since moving to Las Vegas in 2007, Patrick has been diligently representing the people. Whether it has been personal injury, civil litigation, or more. He has dedicated his life to helping others in the court room. When not engaged in trial, he spends time with his wife and son enjoying Las Vegas.

Anthony Paglia is a first generation CubanAmerican. His grandparents and mother moved to Las Vegas in the early 1960’s for a better life. Anthony will advocate a case before a jury when the insurance companies will not do the right thing. Clients get his cell phone number.

Michael Becker is founding partner of Las Vegas Defense Group, LLC, offering legal representation in criminal defense, immigration, personal injury and family law throughout Nevada. An alumnus of University of Miami School of Law, Michael Becker has more than two decades of courtroom experience, including upwards of 100 jury trials.

Adam Smith is an award-winning attorney with a unique combination of personal injury and complex litigation experience. Adam has achieved these milestones by focusing his career on helping those in need. Adam’s diverse experience has included representing clients in trial and appeal in both State and Federal Courts.

Chalak Richards is an associate attorney at Benson Lee and Associates, with her practice focused in Immigration litigation and petitions. She graduated from Pepperdine University School of Law, was inducted to the Order of the Barristers, and has received numerous Advocacy and Trial awards.

Tracy A. Gallegos has a multifaceted practice that touches upon real estate, entertainment, cannabis law and others. In the corporate and real estate spaces, services include general corporate formation and structuring, amongst other things. Regarding cannabis law, Tracy has assisted with all aspects of the licensing process, as well performed related real estate and corporate work for such businesses.

Patricia Lee partner at Hutchison & Steffen, is passionate about clients, family and the community. Patricia practices primarily in corporate law, complex litigation, intellectual property law and family law, including matters wherein business affairs become entwined with personal issues. In 2013, Patricia received the ABA’s Pro Bono Publico national award.

Rob Cardenas is the founder of Cardenas Law Group, a boutique personal injury firm. Rob has a perfect 10.0 Rating by Avvo, an AV Preeminent Peer Review rating by Martindale-Hubbell and has been named Top 100 Trial Lawyers by The National Trial Lawyers, and one of America’s Top 100 Attorneys.

Bobby Misko is the Associate Partner at Bongiovi Law Firm, and the Real Estate Guru. He has an extensive and diverse real estate background, working closely with real estate brokerages. Mr. Misko is a member of the State Bar of Nevada, and is admitted to practice in the United States District court for the District of Nevada and all Nevada State Courts.

Nedda Ghandi is a Nevada native. She attended the William S. Boyd School of Law at University of Las Vegas. Her family law practice focuses on cases that involve family-owned businesses and complex financial issues. She is a zealous advocate for her clients.

Carol Hay is proud to have a preeminent client rating review through MaritndaleHubble. She is committed to holding wrongdoers accountable and getting full and fair compensation for her clients through settlement or verdict. For 14 years, Hay Law has been litigating: catastrophic personal injury; wrongful death; collisions; medical negligence, and slip and fall cases.

Gina Bongiovi is one of the managing partners at Bongiovi Law firm. Graduating from William S. Boyd School of Law, and College of Business at UNLV, Gina then decided to dedicate her practice to serving small businesses. She is a member of the State bar of Nevada, The American bar association and more.


Top 100 Lawyers of the Year Ramzy P. Ladah, Esq. is the founder and managing attorney of Ladah Law Firm, PLLC, a law firm dedicated to representing residents and visitors who are injured as the result of another’s negligence. Ramzy has collected millions of dollars for his clients and regularly contributes to numerous charitable organizations, even offering a “Car Accident Scholarship” to future lawyers whose lives have been significantly impacted by a car accident injury.

Tin Hwang is a solo practitioner and the founder and creator of Hwang Law Group. She is currently the Special Legal Advocate for the Asian American Advocacy Clinic, a non-profit organization which provides legal assistance to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and sex trafficking. After graduation, she went on to receive her law degree from William S. Boyd School of Law.

Brian Blackham is an AV-rated Nevada Certified Family Law Specialist. He practices exclusively in the area of family law. He has a broad range of experience in family law litigation, including contested divorce and custody matters, relocations of minor children, alimony, and more achieving exemplary results for his clients in all of these areas.

Dina Romaya-Ladah, Esq. is an attorney and partner at Ladah Law Firm, which she manages with her husband, attorney Ramzy Ladah. While the firm practices almost exclusively in personal injury law, Dina enjoys taking family law cases in addition to helping those who have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence.

Robert Schumacher is Managing Partner of Gordon & Rees’ Las Vegas office, having more than 25 years experience in complex, construction, insurance coverage and defense, and commercial litigation. He was trial counsel In Re CityCenter/Harmon Tower, Tutor-Saliba v. Westgate Planet Hollywood and In Re Venetian Hotel & Casino litigation.

Laura Deeter’s practice focuses specifically in the areas of guardianship, probate and estate planning. Laura understands that her areas of practice entail the most difficult times in her clients’ lives. Her goal is to get her clients through these trying times as smoothly as possible, while ensuring that their rights are protected.

Shawn Goldstein is the founder of Goldstein Law Ltd., a law office dedicated to excellence in the practice of family law. With a decade of experience, he has practiced family law litigation at the highest level with an emphasis on divorce child custody, paternity and child support cases, annulments, and all aspects of marital settlement agreements.

Gabriel A. Martinez Specializing in personal injury law, and worker’s compensation law, Gabriel graduated from Loyola Marymount University and was admitted to the California bar in 1984. In 1984, he was admitted to practice in California and in 1985 to the state of Nevada and U.S. District Court, District of Nevada.

AJ Kung started her legal career at the law firm of Gordon & Silver in 1999. Subsequently, working with Kummer Kaempfer Bonner & Renshaw where she honed her litigation and business transactional skills. In 2003, she founded Kung & Brown law firm specializing in providing legal services to individuals, small businesses, and her corporate clientele.

Jamie Cogburn is co-founder of Cogburn Law Offices. Jamie practices in personal injury law. Jamie believes strongly in protecting individual rights and actively lobbies with the Nevada Justice Association to protect consumers and the rights of injured Nevadans. Jamie is also a member of the prestigious Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

Eric Roy spends countless hours donating his time through volunteer work to those who are less fortunate in our community. Eric is recognized as one of the Top 40 Trial Lawyers under 40 by the National Trial Lawyers and one of the Top 10 Attorneys under the age of 40 by the National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys.

Brandy Brown graduated with her Juris Doctor from Stetson University – College of Law (the Number 1 Trial Advocacy School in the Nation), where she was also awarded with the William S. Blews Pro Bono Service Award. Her primary practice areas are bankruptcy (both debtor and creditor), personal injury, and social security disability.

Kristin Cogburn is co-founder of Cogburn Law Offices. Kristin practices in personal injury and represents thousands of injured Nevadans. Kristin is part of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, consisting of trial lawyers who have obtained verdicts or settlements of $2,000,000, or more. Less than 1% of lawyers qualify for membership.

Mandy McKellar started her career in Las Vegas in 2006, as an intern for Las Vegas Justice Court. She devoted her practice exclusively to the area of Family Law by working at two prominent family law firms and started her own firm in 2011, McKellar Family Law, practicing exclusively in family and criminal law.

Lawrence Chiu Hill has been recognized as one of the Silver State’s Top Attorneys, Legal Elite of Nevada, Super Lawyers Rising Star of Mountain States, and maintains an AV Preeminent rating with Martindale-Hubbell. Larry is a member of the Nevada State Bar, Nevada Justice Association, and Clark County Bar Association.



adah Law Firm first opened its doors in 2009, beginning with only one employee, Ramzy Ladah, serving as his own receptionist, runner, paralegal, attorney, case manager, and office manager. At the time, he was renting a small office in a downtown building. Today, Ladah Law Firm owns that downtown building and the firm has become one of the leading personal injury law firms in the State of Nevada. Currently Ladah Law Firm has approximately seventeen employees, including five attorneys with licenses to practice law in Arizona, California, Kentucky, New Mexico, and of course Nevada. Some of Ladah Law Firm’s attorneys are also members of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum as well as the Multi-Million Dollar advocates Forum – honors extended to less than one-half of a percent of attorneys across the country who have handled cases with outcomes of more than a million dollars and multiple-millions of dollars. Ramzy began his practice with the idea that clients should be treated like family. Every single one of Ramzy’s clients has his personal cell phone number, and he even personally answers all office phone calls outside of business hours. It was this type of customer service that built his practice from one case into thousands. Now, years later, and thousands of clients later, these practices remain unchanged. Clients come to Ladah Law Firm complaining that they never get to see or speak to their attorneys and so it is important that despite the

growth of the firm, the practice never becomes a high volume “mill” that treats clients like a number or a file instead of real people who have legitimate claims. “We only hire attorneys and staff who have that same mentality – treat clients like you would family.” Says Dina Romaya-Ladah, attorney and partner at Ladah Law Firm. Many of the attorneys and staff at Ladah Law Firm came from the insurance defense side. Even Ramzy began his legal career working for two of the largest insurance defense firms in the state where he learned the ins and outs of how insurances companies work and the techniques that their defense attorneys use to avoid paying fair compensation to injured victims. One of the senior trial attorneys at the firm, Anthony Ashby, Esq., spent most of his more than twenty years of legal experience working for insurance companies. Anthony was the senior partner at one of the most successful insurance defense firms in the Las Vegas valley, having argued more than 70 jury trials, over 200 arbitrations, and dozens of mediations on behalf of insurance companies. Now after joining Ladah Law Firm, Anthony uses his considerable insurance defense experience to guide the firm’s clients through the tricks insurance companies use to avoid paying reasonable compensation to those killed or injured as a result of other’s negligence.

“Several of the cases Ladah Law Firm has settled for hundreds of thousands of dollars or more were originally rejected or dropped by a prior law firm. Some of those clients were turned down by numerous law firms because their cases were too risky or too difficult to win, yet we were willing to spend the time, money and energy in those cases, as we do in every one of our cases, to obtain more money than the clients ever imagined.” Says Ramzy. “One of our biggest referral sources is other law firms.” Today, Ladah Law Firm has become one of the state’s leading personal injury litigation law firms, managed by Ramzy and his partner in life and work, Dina Romaya-Ladah. Ladah Law Firm handles high value injury cases, including car accident cases, trucking accident cases, bus accident cases, premises accident cases, negligent security and medical malpractice cases. Some of the firm’s most recent outcomes include a $3.9 million dollar medical malpractice settlement, a $3.8 million dollar trucking accident settlement, a $3.06 million dollar motorcycle accident settlement, a $2 million dollar medical malpractice settlement, and a $2.43 million dollar jury verdict in a case where the highest offer from the defense was $500k prior to trial. While this is the type of work and reputation Ladah Law Firm maintains today, the best is still yet to come.

Top 100 Lawyers of the Year Brett Carter is a trial attorney and partner at Bertoldo Baker Carter & Smith, helping those enduring loss or injury. Brett is Preeminent AV rated in ethics and skill, a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates, speaks and publishes in the field, and has received several honors and distinctions.

Jonathan Hicks Founding Partner Jonathan Hicks is a proud third generation Nevadan and graduate of Western High School. He graduated magna cum laude in 2005 with a Juris Doctorate degree from UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law. Jonathan then worked for a large regional insurance defense firm, where he developed skills in litigation strategy and negotiation.

Glen Lerner is the founding attorney of Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys. His law firm has assisted Nevada personal injury claim victims claim compensation for losses and damages for 25+ years. Now with additional offices in Arizona, California, Illinois and Indiana, his legal team provides a variety of legal services to more people across the U.S.

Lindsay Cullen is an attorney at Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith. She is AV rated by Martindale Hubbell and holds many honors, including National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40, National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys Top 10 Under 40, American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys 10 Best Female Attorneys.

Alison Brasier is the third piece to this super team. Brasier is a member of many groups including the American Bar Association, and many more. She is also part of the exclusive Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, an organization reserved for attorneys who have obtained multi-million recoveries for their clients.

Kristina Holman Practicing employment law in Las Vegas since 1990, Kristina Holman represents individuals, defendants and corporations in employment matters including discrimination, disability, age, and retaliation claims, as well as related tort claims. She has successfully litigated constitutional First Amendment issues up through the U.S. Supreme Court with a published decision.

Tisha Black has been very active in the Nevada medical marijuana program and her involvement has been key in crafting regulations. Tisha is also a go to person in dealing with Nevada foreclosures as she has done several interviews with George Knap and the 8 news now team.

Benjamin Cloward graduated from S.J. Quinney College of Law in 2008. In addition to many accolades, he served as the President of the J. Reuben Clark Law Society and as a Judicial Intern for the then State Court Presiding Judge, Gregory K. Frizzell, Cloward has received specialized training on the subject of low-speed,rear-impact crashes.

Kristina Wildeveld Esq. is a Native Las Vegan with over 20y experience concentrating on First Degree, Death Penalty Murder Defense and postconviction matters. She is a former Special Public Defender and a renowned national expert on juveniles and Criminal Justice Reform and one of the few attorneys representing clients in front of the Nevada Pardons Board fighting for sentencing commutations.

David Jacks is a sixth generation Las Vegas native who proudly served in the United States Army. Following an Honorable Discharge, David opened The Jacks Law Group. David is also a sole parent to a teenager. Finally, David is also an Eagle Scout, a PADI certified scuba instructor, and a pilot.

Robert O. Kurth, Jr. is in his 25th year practicing law. He is an experienced mediator, divorce, family law, criminal, estate planning, and personal injury attorney, who is compassionate to your situation, and provides aggressive, professional legal representation. Robert Kurth focuses on thinking outside the box and finding creative solutions to assist his clients with all of their legal needs.

Michael A. Troiano runs a solo law practice, which is focused exclusively in the area of criminal defense, and represents clients in a variety of criminal matters. He was born and raised Las Vegas, Nevada, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, from UNLV, and law degree from Duquesne University.

Ben Nadig With over a decade of experience working within Las Vegas, Ben’s career is driven by a desire to see clients receive the fair treatment that they are promised. Ben focuses on criminal law, preferring courtroom work, specifically regarding organized crime, drug trafficking, white collar, and sexual assault cases.

Charles Lybarger began his current firm, Lybarger Law Offices in 2002, after having cofounded a previous law firm. He has been a Court appointed Arbitrator for the 8th Judicial District Court in Nevada, and was appointed by the Nevada Supreme Court to serve as a Supreme Court Mediator.

Joseph P. Garin is a partner at Lipson Neilson. His practice is concentrated in the defense of professional liability claims and ethics. He has represented over 500 lawyers, and is consulted nationally by other. Joe is rated “AV-Preeminent” by Martindale-Hubbell® in both Nevada and Michigan and has been chosen as SuperLawyers by Thomson Reuters.



BRETT A. CARTER and LINDSAY K. CULLEN for being named Top 100 Lawyers

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Top 100 Lawyers of the Year Phil Aurbach has spent over 35 years practicing law on commercial litigation relating to real estate, contracts and partnership/ corporate disputes including receivership, fiduciary duty and dissolution cases. After 17 years as a Nevada Supreme Court Settlement Judge and an AAA arbitrator, his practice has shifted with an increased emphasis on arbitration and mediation solutions.

Margo Chernysheva is the founding partner of MC Law Group. Mrs. Chernysheva concentrates on business and investmentbased immigration cases while her firm is a fullservice immigration firm. She is a graduate of UNLV Boyd School of Law and is licensed to practice in Nevada and California.

Scott Marquis is a shareholder with the firm. He has an AV Preeminent® rating by Martindale-Hubbell®, the highest possible peer rating for ethical standards and legal ability. Mr. Marquis was also recently recognized for Lifetime Achievement by his selection to America’s Top 100 Attorneys® (2016)

John T Moran III, graduated from California Western School of Law with a Juris Doctorate degree. His family has a lifetime history spanning 4 generations of Nevadans involved in the practice of law. John Is a member of the American Bar Association, Clark County Bar Association and has many other accolades.

Avece M. Higbee’s practice primarily consists of commercial and real estate matters, including real estate litigation, real estate transactions, loan closings, landlord-tenant law, owners association law and property management matters. Ms. Higbee is a shareholder with the firm. She has an AV Preeminent® rating by Martindale-Hubbell®, the highest possible peer rating for ethical standards and legal ability.

Terry A. Coffing joined MAC Law in September of 1993 after serving as a summer clerk in 1992. Mr. Coffing has gained a diverse litigation background. He is AV rated by Martindale-Hubbell and is one of only 17 trial attorneys certified by the State Bar of Nevada as a civil trial specialist.

John O’Reilly’s accounting business background is valuable when serving clients in litigation, hospitality, gaming, tax, construction, insurance, labor, real estate, corporate and bankruptcy matters. His educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree majoring in Accounting, Juris Doctor, and Masters in Business Administration. John is a philanthropist and dedicated member of our community.

Dale Hayes heads the Insurance Defense Practice within Marquis Aurbach Coffing. His practice is devoted to insurance defense matters including: defense of nursing homes, premises liability and tort defense, defense of real estate licensees, wrongful discharge claims, employment discrimination, worker’s compensation and commercial litigation.

Augusta Massey Massey & Associates Law Firm, PLLC offers services in the following areas: Business Law, Bankruptcy, Litigation and Personal Injury. We serve you with dedication, compassion, and fairness. Here’s what one client had to say: “You will never find a more caring and astounding attorney than Augusta! She’s simply the best!” - Maria A

Timothy O’Reilly’s practice includes business/ real estate matters and catastrophic personal injury. He is an aggressive advocate for his clients, when necessary, whether negotiating deals for a client or litigating in Court. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Administration from UNLV and Juris Doctor from Boyd School of Law.

Jack Juan’s practice includes business, commercial, construction, eminent domain, insurance and real estate law. He is frequently retained as local counsel by out of state law firms and companies. He represents local businesses, Fortune 500 companies and governmental agencies.

Peter Mazzeo of Mazzeo Law, LLC, licensed in Nevada and New York, has successfully litigated numerous Personal Injury cases in mediations, arbitrations and trials and has successfully appealed and argued cases before the Nevada Supreme Court. Mazzeo is a highly respected and skilled trial attorney with a proven track record for amassing numerous trial wins.

Steve Parke Graduating from William S. Boyd School of Law with many accolades, including the Lionel Collin Sawyers Most Valuable Student Award, Steve occasionally takes a break from fighting with insurance companies and enjoys spending time with his family. He is Chairman of the Board for Premier Adoptions, is actively engaged in local politics, and loves a good lawyer joke.

Adam Breeden is a personal injury litigator licensed in four different states and numerous federal jurisdictions. In over a decade of litigating in Nevada, he has handled mediations, arbitrations, trials and appeals including a successful oral argument before the Nevada Supreme Court. He prides himself on aggressive but fair litigation.

Foxx and Martin Sheen.


Albert G. Marquis, is the founding partner of Marquis Aurbach Coffing, has been practicing law in Las Vegas for over 40 years. He began his career as a trial lawyer, with some cases involving high-profile celebrities such as Redd

Injuries – Litigation – Trial – Appeals Adam Breeden, the principal of Breeden & Associates, has been a litigator for more than a decade. In all, he is licensed in four different states and nine different federal jurisdictions in addition to appearing in front of several administrative boards to argue legal matters. In Nevada alone he has litigated in six different districts and handled multiple appeals, including successful oral argument before the Nevada Supreme Court. Having originally been a defense attorney litigator for many years, Mr. Breeden turned his own law practice into a personal injury and litigation law firm for plaintiffs. He’s not only a published legal author but has also completed a formal AAA mediator training and is a tireless supporter of pro bono/legal aid projects in Nevada. He is also a member of the State Bar of Nevada’s fee dispute committee.

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Congratulations to Adam Breeden, MyVegas Magazine Top 100 Lawyer 1404 S. Jones Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89146 P: 702.508.9250 F: 702.508.9365

Top 100 Lawyers of the Year Brandi Cassady is a partner in the firm of Cassady Law Offices, P.C., focusing her practice in the areas of probate, estate planning, wills, trust administration, estates, and prenuptial agreements. Her firm is a well-established, respected part of the Las Vegas legal community committed to helping families plan and protect their futures.

Reza Athari ‘s passion is immigration law. He started Reza Athari & Associates as a solo practitioner in 1997 and his practice has grown steadily throughout the years and now is one of the leading law offices in the field of immigration law in Las Vegas and throughout the west coast.

Brendan McGraw is an associate in the firm of Cassady Law Offices, P.C. He graduated from the University Of Miami School Of Law in Coral Gables, Florida. He has quickly become an integral part of the well-known, familycentered firm and offers free consultations to all new clients.

Roger Croteau has dedicated his firm to solving complex legal and financial problems utilizing the law to create intelligent and cost effective solutions. Mr. Croteau focuses on litigation matters involving commercial / business disputes, personal injury matters, bankruptcy and family disputes. Each member of the firm handles your legal problems with competency, compassion and concerns.

Jasen E. Cassady is a partner in the firm of Cassady Law Offices, P.C. He graduated from the University Of Florida Levin College Of Law. From there, he went on to obtain his Master of laws in Taxation. He is a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys and the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards.

Lawrence Ruiz, Esq. is the founding member of the Ruiz Law Firm. He is a UNLV graduate, earning his Juris Doctorate from the Boyd School of Law. He previously worked as an extern in the Eight Judicial District and is a member of the Nevada Justice Association, American Association of Justice and more.

Ed Prudhomme As a former Immigration Judge and recipient of the Decoration of Honour in Gold for Services Award conferred by the Federal President of the Republic of Austria, M. Edwin Prudhomme has over 50 years of experience serving as strategic business counsel to companies and individuals facing immigration-related challenges. Mitchell Resnick is the co-founder and managing shareholder of Resnick & Louis, P.C. A renowned name in insurance and institutional defense litigation, representing hotels and casinos, retails stores and more. Mitch was previously named as one of the top attorneys with Southwest Super Lawyers and has been the primarily responsible attorney on multimillion dollar cases.


Lawyers in America.

Ronald Truman is an injury lawyer. Ron helps folks get compensation for their injuries while they focus on getting better. He has more than 25 years legal experience. Ron is rated as a Super Lawyer and a member of the Multi-Million Dollars Advocates Forum, the Top Trial

Alan C. Sklar

is a principal in Sklar Williams PLLC, which he founded in 1995. Mr. Sklar has practiced real estate, healthcare, corporate, and securities law since 1982. He has represented many leading Nevada businesses and entrepreneurs in highly-publicized matters, including a wide range of transactions aggregating to several billion dollars.

Michael B. Wixom

is a part of the NSHE Board of Regents; Board of Trustees, Springs Preserve. He is honored as one of the 2015, 2016 Mountain States Super Lawyers; Nevada Business Magazine Legal Elite 2015. Martindale Hubble AV Rated. BS Idaho State University, High Honors 1980; JD University of Utah 1986; Utah Law Review.

Michael Stein’s

practice is concentrated in business and contract law matters, commercial litigation, intellectual property, healthcare law and First Amendment law.

Jason Naimi

has been practicing law in Las Vegas since 2005. Jason is board certified by the State Bar of Nevada as a family law specialist. His practice is limited exclusively to family law, specifically contested divorces, custody disputes, and premarital agreements. Jason has litigated countless cases and also serves as a mediator in divorce and custody cases.

Tom Standish

Brian Blankenship focuses his practice on Personal Injury and Civil Litigation.

Samuel A. Schwartz’s practice focuses on Bankruptcy, Restructuring & Real Estate.

Frank M. Flansburg III’s practice focuses on Corporate & Commercial Litigation.

has been practicing law in Las Vegas, Nevada for over 35 years, devoting his practice exclusively to family law litigation with emphasis on significant contested matters. He has litigated innumerable highly complex cases and is recognized as one of the leading trial lawyers in family law in the State of Nevada.

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Jasen E. Cassady, Esq. Advanced Law Degree in Taxation Certified Financial Planner ÂŽ Brandi K. Cassady, Esq.


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Top 100 Lawyers of the Year Ace Law Group, A Division of Kang and Associates Patrick Kang Personal Injury, Civil and Business Litigation, Criminal Defense 6480 W. Spring Mountain Rd., Ste. 1 Las Vegas, NV 89146 888.206.1951

Bryan A. Lowe & Associates Bryan A. Lowe, Esq. Robert K. Winn, Esq. Estate Planning, Probate, Elder Law, Bankruptcy 4011 Meadows Ln., Ste.102 Las Vegas, NV 89107 702.259.0002

Adam Smith Law Adam Smith Personal Injury, Business Litigation, Real Estate Litigation 850 E. Bonneville Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89101 702.929.2289

Bongiovi Law Firm Gina Bongiovi Bobby Misko Business Formation, Business Contracts, Business Management 2620 Regatta Dr., Ste.102 Las Vegas, NV 89128 702.485.1200

Alikhan Law Office, LLC Husna Alikhan, Esq., LL.M. Immigration Law, Family Law, Estate Planning 3650 S. Eastern Ave., Ste. 210 Las Vegas, NV 89169 702.933.6771 Anthony Paglia Injury Lawyer LTD. Anthony Paglia, Esq. Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Brain Injury 255 E. Warm Springs Rd., Ste. 100 Las Vegas, NV 89119 702.830.7070 Benson & Bingham Joseph L. Benson II, Esq. Ben Bingham Personal Injury Summerlin 11441 Allerton Park Dr., Ste. 100 Las Vegas, NV 89135 702.382.9797 Downtown 626 S. 10th St. Las Vegas, NV 89101 702.382.9797 Henderson 9230 S. Eastern Ave., Ste. 155 Henderson, NV 89123 702.463.2900 Benson Lee and Associates Chalak Richards Immigration Law, Criminal Law, Personal Injury 1820 E. Sahara Ave., Ste. 110 Las Vegas, NV 89104 702.477.7030 Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith Brett Carter Lindsay Cullen Personal Injury, Workers Compensation 7408 W. Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89117 702.830.9478 Black and Lobello Law Group Tisha Black Estate Planning, Civil Litigation, Criminal Defense 10777 W. Twain Ave., Ste. 300 Las Vegas, NV 89135 702.869.8801 Breedan and Associates Adam Breedan Personal Injury, Litigation, Appeals 1404 S. Jones Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89146 702.529.1973


Cardenas Law Group Robert Cardenas Civil Litigation, Motor Accidents, Personal Injury 3145 E. Warm Springs Rd., Ste. 400 Las Vegas, NV 89120 702.538.8883

Eglet Prince Robert T. Eglet Dennis M. Prince Tracy A. Eglet Robert Adams Personal Injury, Products Liability, Brain & Spinal Injuries 400 S. 7th St., Ste. 400 Las Vegas, NV 89101 702.450.5400 Eric Roy Law Firm Eric Roy, Esq. Personal Injury, Family Law 818 E. Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89104 702.423.3333 Fox Rothschild LLP Tracy A. Gallegos Corporate, Real Estate, Entertainment 1980 Festival Plaza Dr., Ste. 700 Las Vegas, NV 89135 702.699.5908

Cassady Law Offices, P.C. Brandi K. Cassady, Esq. Jasen Cassady Brendan McGraw Estate Planning, Probate, Trusts 10799 W. Twain Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89135 702.650.4480

GGRM LAW Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez Gabe Martinez Personal Injury, Workers Comp, Wrongful Death 601 S. 9th St. Las Vegas, NV 89101 702.388 GGRM (4476)

Cloward Hicks & Brasier Benjamin P. Cloward Jonathan R. Hicks Alison M. Brasier Personal Injury, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Slip & Falls 721 S. 6th St. Las Vegas, NV 89101 702.628.9888

Ghandi Deeter Blackham Law Offices Brian Blackham Laura Deeter Nedda Ghandi Personal Injury Law, Bankruptcy Law, Estate Planning 725 S. 8th St. Las Vegas, NV 89101 702.878.1115

Cogburn Law Offices Jamie Cogburn Kristin Cogburn Personal Injury, Short Sale, Loan Modification 2879 St. Rose Pkwy., Ste. 200 Henderson, NV 89052 702.384.3616

Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys Glen Lerner Personal Injury South West 4795 S. Durango Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89147 North West 3155 W. Craig Rd., Ste.100 North Las Vegas, NV 89032 East 420 N. Nellis Blvd., Ste. A-1 Las Vegas, NV 89110 702.877.1500

Devine Law, Attorneys at Law William Devine Real Estate Law, Family Law, Asset Protection Trusts 5905 S. Pecos Rd., Ste. 23B Henderson, NV 89074 702.515.1500 Dimopoulos Injury Law Steve Dimopoulos Car Accidents South West 6832 S. Rainbow Blvd., Ste. 200 Las Vegas, NV 89118 Downtown 400 South 7th St., Ste. 400 Las Vegas, NV 89101 702.623.6669

Goldstein Law, LTD. Shawn Goldstein Family Law 1980 Festival Plaza Dr., Ste. 300 Las Vegas, NV 89135 702.919.1919 Gordon& Rees Scully Mansukhani Robert Schumacher Complex Litigation, Sophisticated Business Transactions 300 S. 4th St. Ste 1550 Las Vegas, NV 89101 702.577.9300

Hay Law Carol F. Hay PC. Medical Malpractice, Premises Liability, Personal Injury 4101 Meadows Ln., Ste. 100 Las Vegas, NV 89107 702.433.3334 Henness & Haight Injury Attorneys Mark G. Henness, Esq. Michael D. Haight, Esq. Personal Injury, Auto Collisions, Workers’ Compensation 8972 Spanish Ridge Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89148 702.862.8200 HDW Law Richard F. Holley Bankruptcy, Commercial Litigation 400 S. 4th St., 3rd Floor Las Vegas, NV 89101 702.791.0308 Hutchison & Steffen Attorneys Patricia Lee Complex Commercial Litigation, Family Law, Collections 10080 Alta Dr., Ste. 200 Las Vegas, NV 89145 702.385.2500 Hwang Law Group Tin Hwang Estate Planning, Personal Injury, Family Law 3430 E. Flamingo Rd., Ste. 232 Las Vegas, NV 89121 702.820.0888 The Jacks Law Group David Jacks Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, Tax Law 1057 Whitney Ranch Dr., Ste. 350 Henderson, NV 89014 702.834.6300 Kung & Brown A.J. Kung Brandy Brown Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, Commercial & Business Law 214 S. Maryland Pkwy. Las Vegas, NV 89101 702.382.0883 Kurth Law Office Robert O. Kurth Jr. Family Law, Criminal Law, Personal Injury 3420 N Buffalo Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89129 702.438.5810 Ladah Law Firm, PLLC. Dina Ladah Ramzy Ladah Motor Vehicle Accidents, Slip and Falls, Medical Malpractice 517 S. 3rd St. Las Vegas, NV 89101 702.252.0055 Las Vegas Criminal Defense Michael Becker Criminal Defense, Personal Defense, Immigration 2300 W. Sahara Ave., Ste. 450 Las Vegas, NV 89102 702.333.3673



illiam Devine, II, is the managing partner of Devine Law Firm. Raised in the small town of Hempstead, Texas, where he grew up working the soda fountain at his mother’s pharmacy, William brings an old-fashioned, caring, and kind approach to his practice that his clients adore. He is a seasoned attorney and known advocate for clients in the areas of bankruptcy, asset protection, estate planning, probate, business, and real estate, just to name a few. William’s vast knowledge and experience has earned him a stellar reputation in handling even the most complex of cases. Not only do clients refer their family and friends to Devine Law Firm, local attorneys do the same, knowing their clients will be in great hands.

The attorneys at Devine Law Firm are licensed to practice in the State of Nevada, and are alumni of the William S. Boyd School of Law, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where William earned his Juris Doctor and Masters of Business Administration degrees simultaneously. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Prairie View A&M University.

William has proudly called Las Vegas home since 2004, and is an active member of this great community. Regularly, William participates in programs and activities for the law students at Boyd, and consistently serves on numerous boards and as a member of multiple legal organizations in Clark County and beyond, including serving on the Constitution Review Committee for the Eastern-Shawnee Indian Tribe of Oklahoma. William is also an Eagle Scout, and maintains relationships with local and national Scout leaders.

William Devine, II is the Managing Partner at Devine Law Firm reflects William’s personality and caring nature, not only through its attorneys and staff, but through its special programs such as its Pet Trusts, designed as part of the full estate planning process the firm offers, where all proceeds go to the Last Chance Ranch Sanctuary in Arizona where unwanted and often disabled animals have found a forever home. William’s work and the work of his firm has been recognized consistently through honors and awards reserved for top attorneys in the State of Nevada.

Devine Law Firm located at 8905 S. Pecos Road, Suite 23B, Henderson, Nevada 89074. He can be reached by phone at (702) 515-1500. Devine Law Firm provides services in the areas of Bankruptcy, Estate Planning, Probate, Personal Injury, and Asset Protection. For more information, please visit

Top 100 Lawyers of the Year Law Office of Benjamin Nadig, CTHD. Ben Nadig Criminal Defense, White Collar, Personal Injury 324 S. 3rd St., Ste. 200 Las Vegas, NV 89101 702.545.7592

Mainor Wirth Injury Lawyers Brad Mainor Joe Wirth Personal Injury 6018 S. Fort Apache Rd., Ste. 150 Las Vegas, NV 89148 702.464.5000

The Grimes Law Office Melvin Grimes Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Family Law 808 South 7th Street Las Vegas, NV 89101 702.347.4357

Marquis, Aurbach, Coffing Albert G. Marquis Phillip S. Aurbach Scott A. Marquis Terry A. Coffing Dale A. Hayes Jack Juan Avece M. Higbee Arbitration, Meditation, Real Property 10001 Park Run Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89145 702.942.2155

Law Office of Lawrence C. Hill, LLC. Lawrence C. Hill Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Immigration 3430 E. Flamingo Rd., Ste. 232 Las Vegas, NV 89121 702.530.5688 The Law Offices of Mandy J. McKeller Mandy J. McKeller DUI, Divorce, Mediation 1404 S. Jones Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89146 702.816.5200 The Law Offices of Kristina S. Holman Kristina S. Holman Employment Law, Discrimination Harassment, Family and Medical Leave Act 610 S. 9th St. Las Vegas, NV 89101 702.614.4777 Law Offices of Kristina Wildeveld & Associates Kristina Wildeveld Esq. Criminal Defense, Post-Conviction Litigation 615 S. 6th St. Las Vegas, NV 89101 702.222.0007 The Law Office of Michael A. Troiano, Ltd. Michael Troiano Criminal Defense, DUI, Traffic 10161 Park Run Dr., Ste. 150 Las Vegas, NV 89145 702.843.5500 Lipson Neilson Joseph Garin Professional Liability, Litigation, Estate Planning 9900 Covington Cross Dr., Ste. 120 Las Vegas, NV 89144 702.382.1500 Lybarger Law Offices Charles J. Lybarger, Esq. Asset Protection, Tax Structures, Real Estate 10300 W. Charleston Blvd., Ste. #13-121 Las Vegas, NV 89135 702.340.2335


Massey & Associates Law Firm, PLLC. Augusta Massey, Esq. Business Law & Litigation, Bankruptcy, and Wills/Trust/Estate 7465 W. Lake Mead Blvd., Ste. 100 Las Vegas, NV 89128 702.722.9906 Mazzeo Law, LLC. Peter Mazzeo Car Accident, Personal Injury, Civil Litigation 631 S. 10th St. Las Vegas, NV 89101 702.382.3636 MC Law Group Margo Chernysheva Immigration Law, Employment and Investment Visas, Mediations and Arbitrations 8942 Spanish Ridge Ave., Ste. 1 Las Vegas, NV 89148 702.258.1093 Moran Brandon Bendavid Moran John T. Moran III, Esq. Business, Gaming, Liquor and Privileged Licensing 630 S. 4th St. Las Vegas, NV 89101 702.384.8424 Moss Berg Injury Lawyers Boyd B. Moss Marcus Berg Catastrophic Injuries, Wrongful Death, Trucking Mishaps 625 S. Decatur Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89107 702.222.4555 O’Reilly Law Group John F. O’Reilly Timothy O’Reilly Business, Real Estate, Personal Injury 325 S. Maryland Pkwy. Las Vegas, NV 89101 702.382.2500

Parke Law Firm Steven K. Parke Personal Injury, DUI 4545 Spring Mtn. Rd., Ste. 102 Las Vegas, NV 89102 702.758.4111 330 W. Charleston Las Vegas, NV 89146 Pintar Albiston Becky Pintar Bryan Albiston Business & Family Law 6053 S. Fort Apache Rd., Ste. 120 Las Vegas, NV 89148 702.685.5255 Pitaro & Fumo, Chtd. Osvaldo E. Fumo Criminal Defense, Personal Injury 601 Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89101 702.474.7554 Prudhomme Law Office M. Edwin Prudhomme Immigration Law 633 S. 4th St., Ste. 7 Las Vegas, NV 89102 702.413.6100 Resnick & Louis, P.C. Attorneys at Law Mitchel J. Resnick Insurance Defense, Construction Defect Litigation, Hospitality & Retail Defense 5940 S. Rainbow Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89118 702.997.3800 Reza Athari & Associates Reza Athari Immigration & Nationality Law 3365 Pepper Ln., Ste. 102 Las Vegas, NV 89120 702.727.7777 Roger P. Croteau & Associates Roger P. Croteau Personal Injury, Commercial Litigation, Criminal Defense 9120 Post Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89148 702.761.3846 Ruiz Law Firm Lawrence M. Ruiz, Esq. Personal injury, Workers Compensation, Wrongful Death 1055 Whitney Ranch Dr., Ste. 110 Henderson, NV 89014 702.850.1717 Schwartz Flansburg Frank M. Flansburg III Samuel A. Schwartz Brian Blankenship Bankruptcy, Commercial Litigation, Real Estate 6623 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Ste. 300 Las Vegas, NV 89119 702.385.5544

Sklar Williams, PLLC. Alan C. Sklar Healthcare, Real Estate, and Securities 410 S. Rampart Blvd., Ste. 350 Las Vegas, NV 89145 702.360.6000 Smith Larsen & Wixom Michael B. Wixom Banking, Finance, Commercial Real Estate 1935 Village Center Cir. Las Vegas, NV 89134 702.252.5002 702.252.5006 Snell and Wilmer Law Offices Michael Stein Commercial Litigation, Healthcare Law, Intellectual Property 3883 Howard Hughes Pkwy., Ste. 1100 Las Vegas, NV 89169 702.784.5280 Standish Naimi Law Group Tom Standish Jason Naimi Divorce, Custody, Prenup 1635 Village Center Cir., Ste. 180 Las Vegas, NV 89134 702.998.9344 Tarkanian & Knight Danny Tarkanian Samira Knight Criminal, Business & Consulting Divorce & Family Law 7220 S. Cimarron Rd., Ste. 110 Las Vegas, NV 89113 702.508.4998 Terry Law Group, PC Zoe Terry, Esq. Personal Injury 410 S. Rampart Blvd., Ste 390 Las Vegas, NV 89145 702.726.6797 Truman Law Firm, P.C. Ronald Truman Car/Truck/Motorcycle Bike Crashes, Dog Bites and Wrongful Death 3654 N. Rancho Dr., Ste. 101 Las Vegas, NV 89130 702.821.1821 Weiner Law Group Jason Weiner Personal Injury, Criminal Defense 2820 W. Charleston Blvd., Ste. 35 Las Vegas, NV 89102 702.202.0500

(702) 347-HELP (4357)

702-347-HELP(4357) 702-347-HELP(4357)  Personal Injury Injury • Personal  Criminal DefenseInjury  Family Law • Criminal Defense Criminal Defense

• Family FamilyLaw Law



WE CAN HELP! Our firm is designed to take care of our customers during a difficult time. That includes offering free consultations and discounted rates for our services.

808 South 7th Street • Las Vegas, NV 89101 •

For anyone who has ever sought the assistance of an attorney, there is something comforting about knowing your lawyer has been practicing law for over three decades.

This is just one of the reasons Gabriel Martinez's clients come to him when they need help with their personal injury or workers’ compensation cases. For over thirty years, Gabe Martinez has been helping his clients find justice, and as a proud partner at Las Vegas accident law firm Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez (GGRM), Gabe and his fellow attorneys are not only committed to helping their injured clients navigate the court system; they are also dedicated to community involvement and improvement. Gabriel himself serves on multiple boards of local charities.

Winning when It Matters Mr. Martinez and the attorneys of GGRM understand their clients' needs for thorough representation, and they take their duties seriously. "We've had incredible settlements that take care of our clients' physical and financial needs," Gabe says of the relationship his law firm has with its clients. Here are some of the wins GGRM clients have been awarded:

$5.75 million for a client of a workers' comp and personal injury case. $3.75 million for a family who was hit by a driver who ran a red light, which resulted in the death of a baby and brain damage to the father.

$1 million for a client who was injured as a result of a defective product in the workplace. The chair she was sitting in tipped over, causing her to fall to the ground and injure her back.

$820,000 for a client who incurred shoulder and neck injuries after an automatic door malfunctioned and slammed into her.

$300,000 for an injured worker whose claim was initially denied by the workman's comp administrator.

As a Las Vegas resident since 1962 and a Nevada attorney since 1985, Gabe has been privileged to represent family members, people he has grown up with, and people he cares about. In return for his warm-hearted and dedicated law service, he is quite often greeted with a handshake, a hug, even a kiss. The people Gabe helps are more than just clients; they are part of the GGRM family, "They greet me with open arms. That's why we work the way we do - we care about people." Contact Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez at 702-388-GGRM (4476) for a free legal consultation today and find out why they are the attorneys Las Vegas trusts.

Awarded for Excellence • • • •

U.S. News & World Report's Best Lawyers Best Law Firms 2016 Million Dollar Advocates Forum • America's Top 100 Attorneys' Top 100 Martindale-Hubbell Preeminent for Ethical Standards & Legal Ability 2016 The National Trial Lawyers' Top 100 Trial Lawyers

It Matters To Us. Call 702-338-GGRM (4476) •

Medical Malpractice Birth Injuries Auto Accidents

We Hold Wrongdoers Accountable

Semi Truck Accidents Wrongful Deaths Slip & Falls Motorcycle Accidents Personal Injuries


Carol Hay is a hands-on attorney from the beginning to conclusion of each case that she accepts. She is passionate about getting to know her clients on a personal level in order to better serve them. Carol is committed to holding wrongdoers accountable and getting full, fair compensation for her clients through settlement or verdict. These are the driving forces of her practice. Carol has had the privilege of practicing law for 14 years locally. She obtained her Juris Doctorate from UNLV’s William S. Boyd School of Law in 2002 and was admitted to practice in Nevada that same year. Carol Hay is a member of the Nevada State Bar, The Clark County Bar Association, American Association for Justice, and The National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers, and is proud to have a preeminent client rating review through Martindale-Hubble. Hay Law handles complex damage cases, including catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death cases arising from car and truck accidents, medical negligence, inadequate security, and slip-and-falls. Hay Law also handles birth injury cases where the statue of limitations may be as long as 10 years.

Carol F. Hay, Esq

4101 Meadows Lane, Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89107 ph: 702-433-3334 fax: 702 - 936-4791

LAS VEGAS FAMILY LAW ATTORNEY At The Jacks Law Group, attorney David Jacks and his team are equipped with the experience and deep understanding of family law needed to protect your future. He is regarded throughout the state for his abilities and success in family law. Our team takes the time to understand your specific situation and skillfully applies the law to create strategies that are customized to your family. Throughout the case, we are focused on accomplishing your goals and wishes. You can be assured that your case will be provided the highest degree of attention and preparation. Family Law We will provide you with the personalized attention that you deserve using all of our skill and resources to represent you throughout the legal process to achieve the objectives you desire. Alimony Divorce can be one of the most emotionally draining and overwhelming experiences you will face in your lifetime. Legal representation can make all the difference in the outcome of the divorce. Divorce The breakdown of a marriage is almost always a difficult emotional experience. Your legal representation can make all the difference in the outcome of the divorce during this time. Child Custody Compassionate legal advice, and counsel with regard to custody matters, understanding that child custody is often one of the most difficult issues to resolve. We are here for you.

Providing experienced, competent legal advice, and fast friendly service | ALIMONY | DIVORCE 1057 Whitney Ranch Dr., Ste. 350 | Henderson, Nevada 89014 | | 702.834.6300 FAMILY LAW

FREE CASE EVALUATION Yes, we do make house calls! Call Today: 702-340-2335

Asset Protection

Privacy and Off-the-Grid Services

on integrity, insight, and understanding. We work hard to be

Charitable Foundations and Trusts

a valuable asset for you personally and for your business.

Tax Structures

Every piece of work is important to us and the wellbeing of

Real Estate

Lybarger Law Offices provides both personal and business legal services and is committed to providing you with top notch legal support. We approach every client with a focus

the client is our primary concern.

10300 W. Charleston Blvd. #13-121 • Las Vegas, NV 89135 702-340-2335 • •

“Tough New York Trained Trial Attorney”

I WIN… for YOU! PETER MAZZEO of Mazzeo Law, LLC, licensed in Nevada and New York, has successfully litigated numerous Personal Injury cases in mediations, arbitrations and trials and has successfully appealed and argued cases before the Nevada Supreme Court. Mazzeo is a highly respected and skilled trial attorney with a proven track record for amassing numerous trial wins.

MAZZEO LAW, LLC 631 S 10th St Las Vegas, NV 89101 (702) 382-3636

McKellar Family Law

Las Vegas Divorce Attorney with over 10 years’ experience working in all aspects of Family law. We have a vast amount of experience in the following: Divorce Child Custody Annulments Spousal Support Post-Divorce Matters

Relocation Modification Mediation Traffic Tickets DUI’s

Parental Coordination There are no winners nor losers in family court, there are only survivors. {702} 816-5200 • 1404 S. Jones Blvd. • Las Vegas, Nevada 89146 •

Standish Naimi Law Group ABOUT OUR LAW FIRM

Standish Naimi Law Group is one of Nevada’s premier family law firms. Based in Las Vegas, our attorneys are known for resolving the most complex family law issues. Many of our clients are high-profile individuals or have significant assets involved in their divorces. In order to protect our clients’ privacy, we offer confidential representation; in order to protect our clients’ financial interests, we provide aggressive legal advocacy. Our office is located in the heart of Summerlin, and is adjacent to the Nevada Ballet Theatre and TPC Golf Course.

Standish Naimi represents the interests of the residents of The Lakes, Henderson, Las Vegas, Green Valley, Summerlin and surrounding areas in matters related to the following: • • • • •

High net worth divorce Uncovering hidden assets Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements Child custody and support Complex property division


Highly respected attorney Thomas J. Standish founded Standish Naimi Law Group with the goal of assisting clients from throughout Southern Nevada as they face delicate family law challenges. Mr. Standish began his legal career in California in 1978 after earning his law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto, Canada. In 1979, the State Bar of Nevada granted him admission, and he has practiced family law in the state since that time. In addition to his approval to practice before all of Nevada’s state courts, the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada also granted its approval for him to practice law in its courtrooms. Tom has done a lot of work in the legislature and is a past president of the Nevada Trial Lawyers Association. As a result of numerous successes, the legal community has recognized his outstanding abilities repeatedly. He has a “Superb” rating from Avvo, and attorney Standish is AV-Preeminent peer-review rated,* the highest rating, through Martindale-Hubbell. In addition, he has served as an adjunct professor of family law and community property law at William S. Boyd School of Law, and he is a regularly requested guest speaker at legal functions. Mr. Standish is also an active member of the legal community. As such, he has served on a number of boards and committees, including the board of Citizens for Justice. *AV®, BV®, AV Preeminent® and BV Distinguished® are registered certification marks of Reed Elsevier Properties Inc., used in accordance with the Martindale-Hubbell certification procedures, standards and policies. Martindale-Hubbell is the facilitator of a peer-review rating process. Ratings reflect the anonymous opinions of members of the bar and the judiciary. Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings fall into two categories – legal ability and general practice standards.


Attorney Jason Naimi is a board certified family law specialist and a partner at Standish Naimi Law Group. Mr. Naimi began practicing law in 2005 after earning his law degree from The University of Oklahoma College of Law and his admission to the State Bar of Nevada. After deciding to focus his career on family law, he joined Standish Naimi Law Group in 2014, where he focuses the majority of his time on high net worth divorces. Over the course of attorney Naimi’s 10-year legal career, he has earned the respect of his clients, his peers and his local community. As evidence of that respect, Desert Companion magazine placed him on its list of the top matrimonial and family law attorneys in the region, and he has a “Superb” rating from Avvo. Mr. Naimi is an active member of the legal community on the local, state and national levels, serving as a member of the Clark County Bar Association and the American Bar Association. In addition, he is a member of the executive council of the State Bar of Nevada’s Family Law Section.

1635 Village Center Circle STE 180 • Las Vegas, NV 89134 • P: (702) 998–9344 • F: (702) 998–7460

At the Ruiz Law Firm, we are committed to providing high-quality legal service to our clients, and we are dedicated to helping their family members and friends. We exclusively represent individuals and their families. By doing so, we are able to aggressively pursue our client’s best interests and take the insurance companies and big business head-on. Our law firm is centered on the belief that a client seeks out a lawyer in difficult and trying times. Our lawyers communicate directly with every client, and are focused on making sure clients are informed every step of the way. Our goal is to build long lasting relationships with all of our clients that extend beyond the length of their claim. As experienced attorneys in personal injury matters, we know what you are going through, and are here to walk with you and your loved ones through this difficult time. Call The Ruiz Law Firm at 702-850-1717

PARKE LAW FIRM Personal Injury • DUI

“Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring deadlines by which bills must be paid.” –Frank Zappa

702.758.4111 • 4545 Spring Mountain Rd. • 330 W. Charleston Blvd

Kristina Wildeveld, Esq.

Las Vegas Top Criminal Defense Attorney


ristina Wildeveld is a criminal defense attorney and litigator specializing in heinous crimes, namely first-degree murder - Death Penalty Defense and postconviction matters. She is a top authority in sentencing commutations, representing clients in front of the Pardons board, and a renowned national expert in juvenile defense and criminal justice reform. In fact, she was the force behind AB267, a bill that ended life without the possibility of parole in the state of Nevada for persons under the age of 18 who were convicted as adults. Kristina is a Las Vegas native who graduated from Bishop Gorman High School. From there, she attended the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and graduated from the California Western School of Law in under 2 years. She went on to intern for Judge Philip Pro in federal court and continued to clerk for Judge Terrance Marren in family court, where she became exposed to the issues concerning abuse, neglect and juvenile delinquency. In 1997 she was recruited to join the newly formed office of the Special Public Defender under the direct supervision of, now Supreme Court Justice, Michael Cherry, handling only First-Degree Murder defense. She was the youngest Death-Penalty-Qualified attorney in the state of Nevada and she remains one of the few Supreme-Court-Rule-250-Death-Qualified attorneys in Las Vegas. It was here where she first began to form her niche of representing juveniles charged with the most serious of offences in both high-profile and high-impact cases. Indeed, because of her efforts, numerous antiquated laws concerning the justice system as it applies to juveniles were updated and progressively improved. Ms. Wildeveld has litigated, and often won, hundreds of serious cases in the past 21 years, many of which were widely reported in the news. Her reported victories include: a 14-year old boy accused of killing his abusive father (Conan Pope); a man facing the death penalty as the alleged shooter who was acquitted of the murder charges outright (Kenneth Counts);


Kristina Wildeveld with Formerly Incarcerated Youth the father who, through her efforts, was finally allowed to be reunited with his own children after an acquittal on a murder case over the objection of the government (Victor Fakoya) are just the tip of her storied career. She is the most successful Pardons attorney in the state of Nevada, and is considered by her peers to be the foremost authority on child abuse, neglect matters and anything to do with the juvenile justice system. It’s not surprising that in 2001 she received national recognition by the American Bar Association as Juvenile Defender of the Year, and in June of 2016 she received the Defender of the Year award by the Nevada Attorneys for Criminal Justice. Running a boutique law firm, Ms. Wildeveld keeps at a break-neck pace while maintaining the

respect and awe of her peers and judges alike. Her pro bono work is also well documented and with a big heart. Oscar Goodman said, “She’s doing the Lord’s work”, and as so she is known in many circles as the problem solver for unique cases, and gets referrals for people in need of assistance from all strata of our community up to and including our most distinguished public officials. She believes in effective counsel and one that is not afraid to stand for her clients’ rights, guilty or not. Likewise, she has taken up the cause of many inmates before the Pardons Board and is arguably the most successful attorney in the last few years with regard to the number and quality of pardons and commutations of sentences. MV

Thank you Las Vegas for naming Roger Croteau as one of the Top 100 Lawyers!

Our Team of Experienced Problem Solvers Provides Practical Solutions and Effective Legal Representation in Las Vegas. Commercial/Business Matters Personal Injury Serious Accidents Work Accidents Bankruptcy Family Law Wills, Trust, and Estates Litigation Let us put you back in control of your life! Protect your business, home, car, wages, family, and future before it is too late.

Call 702.761.3846 Today!


Consistently providing effective legal representation through his team of legal professionals in Las Vegas

We only get paid when you get paid ! America’s Top 100 Attorneys Lifetime Achievement Recipient 25+ years of experience Over $10 Million in Settlements and Jury Awards Available 24 Hours a Day Learn how the Injury Defenders can help you!


(702) 821-1821



Immigration & More

• Personal Injury • Criminal Law • Family Law

Reza Athari & Associates, PLLC


FREE CONSULTATION / CONSULTA GRATIS We offer payment plans / Aceptamos planes de pagos

3365 Pepper Lane, Suite 102 • Las Vegas, NV 89120 Toll Free: 800-565-2030 • Fax: (702) 458-8508 • Web: Your case will be handled by an experienced attorney licensed in the appropriate jurisdiction.

Congratulates Robert Schumacher for being named one of the Top 100 Lawyers in Las Vegas Robert Schumacher

is Managing Partner of Gordon & Rees’s Las Vegas office.

He has more than 25 years of experience in complex commercial, construction and insurance litigation. Mr. Schumacher, a Martindale Hubbell Top Rated Lawyer AV® Preeminent™, has been recognized by Best Lawyers in America® with a distinction in Construction Law (2015-2017), Recommended Insurance Attorney (AM Best), Super Lawyers® with a distinction in the fields of Business Litigation and General Litigation (2009-2016), Top Lawyers 2013: The Best of the Best in Southern Nevada, Vegas Inc. Magazine and among Nevada’s “Legal Elite” Top 100 Attorneys, Nevada Business Magazine (2013-2014, 2016).

300 S. 4th Street Suite 1550 · Las Vegas, NV 89101 · 702.577.9300 55

Resnick & Louis, P.C. is a national mid-size institutional and insurance defense law firm, represented by a team of vastly diverse and experienced attorneys who pride themselves on achieving the best possible outcomes for each of our clients. Over 70% of the firm’s lawyers have 10-30 years of experience. The firm has offices in Nevada, Arizona, California, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Florida, and South Carolina. Resnick & Louis focuses their practice on hotels / casinos, commercial and personal lines, representing the defense for bodily injury defense, business & corporate law, commercial litigation & transactional, construction defect litigation, employment law, environmental law, estate planning, first party property analysis, health care defense, hospitality & retail defense, insurance defense, probate & trust, professional liability, surety, real estate & title defense, transportation & trucking and workers’ compensation. Mitchell Resnick is the co-founder and managing shareholder of Resnick & Louis, P.C. A renowned name in insurance and institutional defense litigation, representing hotels and casinos, retails stores, restaurants, transportation companies, as well as insureds for specialty lines, construction defect litigation, professional liability, bodily injury, transportation (auto/trucking/rental car), life & disability litigation, employment law, intellectual property, insurance coverage, first party property, and damage claims. Mitch additionally focuses his practice on commercial litigation, regulatory/administrative, real estate, landlord / tenant, surety, premises, security, worker’s compensation, construction injury and delay, contracts, public entity, personal and advertising injury, products liability, general liability, and environmental matters as well as advertising claims.

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Mitch was previously named as one of the top attorneys with Southwest Super Lawyers and has been a featured speaker at different seminars around the Country. Mitch represents clients in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Colorado. Mitch has been the primarily responsible attorney on multi-million dollar cases, which have been brought before state and federal trial courts, and through the alternative dispute resolution process in mediation and arbitration. Mitch is licensed to practice law in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Jersey, and New York.

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Congratulations to Robert Kurth

for being named one of the Top 100 Lawyers in Las Vegas! Facing sensitive divorce and family law matters or personal injury from a serious accident is stressful and challenging. Choices made now can affect your life long after the event. It is important and beneficial to seek an attorney, who is compassionate to your situation and aggressive in obtaining for you that which is rightfully yours. If you have been arrested or are facing arrest, Robert will aggressively defend you in all criminal matters, including traffic, misdemeanors to felonies, DUI, drug crimes, white collar and Battery DV. Robert Kurth is an experienced Mediator, and can also assist you with your probate and estate planning needs. Robert Kurth is in his 25th year practicing law, and focuses on thinking outside the box and finding creative solutions to assist his clients with all of their legal needs. Concerned first and foremost with the welfare of his clients, he takes care to afford them the respect and attention they deserve. Robert offers responsive, cost-effective services, along with aggressive, professional representation. Call Robert and the Kurth Law Office today for a confidential consultation.

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Chalak Richards

is an associate attorney at Benson Lee and Associates, with her practice focused in Immigration litigation and petitions. She graduated from Pepperdine University School of Law, was inducted to the Order of the Barristers, and has received numerous Advocacy and Trial awards.

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Augusta Massey, Esq. and the entire staff of Massey & Associates Law Firm, PLLC wishes to congratulate all the attorneys in the category of the Top 100 Lawyers in Las Vegas. Continue to excel in our chosen profession!

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Attorney Lawrence (Larry) Chiu Hill has been recognized as one of the Silver State’s Top Attorneys, Legal Elite of Nevada, Super Lawyers Rising Star of Mountain States, and maintains an AV Preeminent rating with Martindale-Hubbell. Larry is a member of the Nevada State Bar, Nevada Justice Association, and Clark County Bar Association. As a long-time resident of Las Vegas, Larry gives back to the community. He is a Board Member of Asian American Advocacy Clinic, a non-profit organization that provides legal services to victims of domestic violence and human trafficking.

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Massey & Associates Law Firm, PLLC offers services in the following areas: Business Law, Bankruptcy, Litigation, Wills/Trusts, and Personal Injury. We serve you with dedication, compassion, and fairness.

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Business Immigration, Employment Immigration, Family Immigration, Foreign Citizen Employee Transferees, and Immigrant Resident Visas.

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Adam Smith is an award winning attorney with a unique combination of personal injury and complex litigation experience. Adam has been honored throughout his career with many awards, including awards for leadership, advocacy and client satisfaction.

Business Immigration Attorney at Law 50 Years of Strategic Business Counseling

Prudhomme Law Office 633 S. 4th St. Ste. 7 Las Vegas, NV 89101 702.413.6100

Adam has achieved these milestones by focusing his career on helping those in need. Adam’s diverse experience in law and business allows him to find creative solutions to difficult problems. This experience has included representing clients in trial and appeal in both State and Federal Courts.

Visit for more information or call Adam at (702) 929-2289.

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Michael Becker of Las Vegas Defense Group


My boyfriend and I were arguing, and I called 911 and lied that he hit me. The police arrested him, and his arraignment for battery domestic violence is next month. We’ve since made up, and I feel terrible for getting him in trouble. What can I do to get the charge dropped? This is a very common scenario. Logically, you’d think that prosecutors would dismiss the charge if the alleged victim (you, in this case) simply fessed up that you fabricated the allegation. But prosecutors are skeptical, and they presume that victims have ulterior motives for recanting, such as bowing to pressure from the accused’s family. In short, confessing to the police that you lied probably will not coax the prosecutors into dropping the case, at least not initially. But as time passes, the prosecutors may recognize that it will be hard for them to prove your boyfriend’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt without the alleged victim’s (your) cooperation, especially without witnesses or injuries. So it is possible that as the trial date approaches and no damning evidence emerges, the prosecutors may elect to dismiss the case or else offer a plea deal to a lesser charge. As for you, you are taking a risk by telling the truth: The prosecutors may try to press charges against you for filing a false police report and for malicious prosecution. And if the case does go to trial and you ignore the subpoena to testify, the judge can issue a bench warrant for your arrest. This does not always happen, though; in many cases prosecutors let recanting victims off the hook, but there’s no way to know for sure. It’s best to seek out an attorney for yourself to discuss the specific facts of your case and weigh your options.


Steve Dimopoulos of Dimopoulos Injury Law


One of my breast implants ruptured due to a severe car accident. According to my attorney the at-fault driver has only $15,000 in bodily injury coverage so this is likely the maximum I may recover. Is this correct?


Nevada law requires a minimum “15/30/10” auto policy. “15” stands for a per person bodily injury limit of $15,000, “30” stands for a per incident bodily injury limit of $30,000 (in the event that more than one person claims injuries), and “10” stands for a property damage limit of $10,000 per incident (this limit applies to “non-injury” claims such as damage to a vehicle). In light of your injuries your bodily injury claim value likely exceeds $15,000. In theory you may recover more than the at-fault driver’s $15,000 per person limit by suing the defendant and pursuing their personal assets. Unfortunately defendants who carry state minimum 15/30/10 policies generally do not have any significant assets to pursue (people who have substantial assets generally purchase commensurate insurance coverage). This is why it is so important to purchase underinsured motorist (“UIM”) coverage (insurance that provides coverage in the event that you are injured by an inadequately insured motorist as is the case here) and/or medical payment (“medpay”) coverage (similar to UIM coverage). Assuming there is no applicable UIM or medpay coverage, one creative approach would be to argue that your ruptured breast implant constitutes “damaged property” and to claim it under the at-fault driver’s $10,000 property damage limit accordingly. The goal would be to recover both the defendant’s full $15,000 per person bodily injury limit and the defendant’s entire $10,000 property damage limit for a total of $25,000. Your question raises many more interesting issues than can be discussed here. Please consult with an attorney as I cannot provide legal advice based upon the limited facts presented.

Shannon R. Wilson of Hutchison & Steffen, LLC


My son just recently turned 18 years old and his father is well over $20,000 in arrears in past due child support. My child support case has been being handled through the District Attorney’s office for quite some time and leading up to his 18th birthday, they were able to enforce him to start making his child support payments. Now that my son is 18, will the DA’s office continue to pursue the arrearages that he owes, or is there anything I need to do in order to collect the past due child support?


Once the Family Support Division of the District Attorney’s office has established an arrears order and has began collecting arrears, then they will continue to do so, even after the child has been emancipated, until the arrears are satisfied. As a side note, if the DA’s office was also collecting a spousal support obligation contemporaneously with the child support or arrears, it will continue to do so until the child support arrears are satisfied. Unfortunately, once all child support obligations cease, the DA will stop collecting spousal support. Yet another interesting question is whether you can obtain an arrears order after your child emancipates. The answer is highly fact dependent, but if you are in that situation, you should contact an attorney experienced in family law to advise you. For a private consultation, contact Shannon R. Wilson of Hutchison & Steffen, LLC at (702) 3852500. MV

* Please be advised that you should still seek legal advice to further elaborate, this is a general summary and proper legal advice cannot be given in such a forum.


Local Spotlight: Natalie Drougas


passion for fashion, read all about Las Vegas’ very own celebrity stylist. Natalie left school at 16 to work in a high end boutique, and it was there that she realized that she wanted to be more than just a sales girl. Natalie wanted to be creative and put together entire wardrobe looks and coordinate from day to night or special occasions. Twice a year she would organize the fashion parades for the town shopping mall, and from that event Natalie was connected to all the top models from my city that she began to style. At 21 Natalie took the first of many vacations to London and that was where she really began to appreciate the real meaning of fashion. After a few years of work and travel, Natalie decided to make London her home and really give it a good go. Her first position was as Head Stylist with Top Shop, the coolest, most fashion-forward store in all of Britain. In between styling for Top Shop, marrying a British Rugby Union player and having her first son Woody in London, Natalie also worked for a modelling agency, styling the models for photo shoots and comp cards. Upon returning

to Australia to have her second son Rocco, Natalie returned to the fashion world styling for Sportsgirl. It was there that she had the opportunity to dress such starlets such as Paris and Nikki Hilton, Natalie Imbruglia, Danni Minogue, and a wide variety of top models and TV presenters. It was after a 2-week vacation in Las Vegas that Natalie fell in love with the place and wanted to make The States her new home. So, after obtaining her visa, she packed up and sold everything to begin her new adventures here in Las Vegas. The first summer was full


of excitement, working with models and photographers from both Australia and London, styling photo shoots for Playboy Magazine, commercials, and personal shopping for the rich and famous that come to Las Vegas to let their hair down. Since then, Natalie has styled performers from Circ Du Soleil, Floyd Mayweather’s Money Team, UFC presenters to the top ranked fighters, NFL football players, and Americas top basketball players. These days, you will find Natalie styling for the luxury brand, FENDI, dressing her fabulous clients from New York to LA, London and Europe. MV


Time for a True Open-Door Policy


ocial media has changed the way we do everything. From communicating with family and friends to shopping, to getting our news, weather, traffic and sports. We go to it for recommendations, for checking in, for expressing our daily adventures, and of course, to promote our businesses. The phrase “open-door policy” has been around a long time in the corporate lingo but how many of us have worked for a company that truly practiced what they preached? Not many of us have. If your company is one that gives lip service to the concept of an open-door policy, you might want to rethink that.

where your employees will go to complain about things going on at work? You are shaking your head and thinking, “I’ll just fire them”. Think again about that. While I am not an attorney and

Debbie Harris, MA Performance Intermedia, LLC

many subjects that your employees may engage in discussing on social media that are considered “protected speech” under our labor laws. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a company culture where employees feel that what they say is valued and respected? Of course, not everything your employees might complain about are issues you can fix but you can listen. Certain concerns that involve employee or customer safety, wages and discrimination would be better resolved privately versus publicly. Don’t make the mistake that so many employers make and ignore the easiest solution to a challenging situation. Keep things private and let your staff know that you have a true open-door policy. MV

If your company is one that gives lip service to the concept of an open-door policy, you might want to rethink that.

Did I forget to mention that social media is also

nothing I say should be construed as legal advice, I would recommend that you take a look at the past five years of National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decisions regarding this issue. There are

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H&R Block:

Providing Industry-Leading Consumer Tax Services Since 1955


&R Block has a simple mission that guides its actions and the products and services it offers: “They look at their clients’ lives through tax…and find ways to help.”

with objective information and analysis on the real-world implications of tax policies and proposals on individuals and small businesses. Industry-Leading Services and Products H&R Block understands that no 2 clients are alike. As the industry’s only full-service tax preparation provider offering face-to-face, online and software solutions, the company has a solution that will allow its clients to access the brand in the manner they choose. H&R Block also understands that a client’s tax needs differ and evolve over time. For these reasons, the company offers a full suite of tax and tax-related products, from tax planning to tax preparation to protecting a client’s tax identity. Regardless of a clients’ tax situation, H&R Block has a tax solution.

Company History H&R Block has been doing taxes and finding ways to help since 1955, when Henry and Richard Bloch opened their office on Main Street in Kansas City, Mo. As the government pulled out of the tax preparation business, the brothers saw an opportunity to step in to provide this service to its clients. From that single storefront on Main Street, H&R Block has grown into a global consumer tax services provider, producing 1 in every 7 tax returns each year through retail locations and digital solutions. The company has approximately 12,000 company-owned and franchise retail locations in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories, on U.S. military bases around the world, and in Canada, Australia and India.

training. In fact, the company’s tax professionals progress through a 14-level certification program, culminating in master tax advisor status. To be re-hired, H&R tax professionals must also complete at least 18 hours of continuing education annually.

The Industry’s Best Tax Professionals Driving the H&R Block’s mission is its people: over 80,000 highly trained tax office professionals who serve its millions of tax clients. A typical client is served by a tax professional with more than a decade of experience and hundreds of hours of

Supporting the company’s tax professionals with expertise and knowledge is The Tax Institute (TTI) at H&R Block. Staffed primarily by CPAs, Enrolled Agents, tax attorneys and former IRS agents, TTI is the company’s independent research group that provides our tax professionals and the industry


Committed to Its Clients H&R Block continues to evolve to meet the ever-changing tax needs of the industry and taxpayers. By “looking at their clients’ lives through tax” the company and its committed tax professionals find opportunities to strengthen their clients’ financial lives through sound tax advice, and through the industry’s best taxrelated products and services. For more information on H&R Block, please go to MV

Located near you! Maricar Martinez, Master Tax Advisor 3171 N. Rainbow, Las Vegas (702) 658-0425

Fredrick Newman, Senior Tax Advisor 5 2775 S. Nellis Blvd, Las Vegas (702) 432-2277

Patrick Rodgers, Senior Tax Advisor 5 2105 Civic Center Drive, Las Vegas (702) 649-7977

Mary Balchunas, Senior Tax Advisor 2 Sahara Square Shopping Center 2595 S. Maryland Pkwy, (702) 894-9024

Silvia Gonzalez, Senior Tax Advisor 5 29 N. Nellis Road, Las Vegas (702) 452-3151 William McGee, Master Tax Advisor 1455 N. Jones Blvd, Las Vegas (702) 646-4750 Jessica Valentine, Tax Associate 1306 W. Craig Road, Las Vegas (702) 399-0157 Mary Bird, Master Tax Advisor 8518 W. Lake Mead Blvd, Las Vegas (702) 243-0550 Betty Cerva, Senior Tax Advisor 5 10300 W. Charleston, Las Vegas (702) 320-3883

Gale Vere, Master Tax Advisor 1159 E. Twain, Las Vegas (702) 737-6699 Trina Schrader, Tax Advisor 4 6170 W. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas (702) 222-0189 Brit Butler, Senior Tax Advisor 3 5466 S. Boulder Hwy., Las Vegas (702) 214-3864 Helena Zink, Senior Tax Advisor 5 Rainbow Plaza 6840 W. Charleston Blvd. (702) 778-4021

Michael Darzev, Senior Tax Advisor 5 4990 W. Craig Road, Las Vegas (702) 658-1062

Alden Vicuna, Senior Tax Advisor 5 McCarran Marketplace 5905 S. Eastern Avenue #103 (702) 795-0302

Ruby Bynum, Tax Advisor 2 7991 W. Tropical Pkwy, Las Vegas (702) 215-3131

Sonja Powel, Senior Tax Advisor 2 3375 S. Decatur Blvd (702) 222-0550

Evette Chaission, Senior Tax Advisor 5001 E. Bonanza, Las Vegas (702) 438-0885

Norma Eclips, Senior Tax Advisor 5 7345 S. Durango Drive, Las Vegas (702) 316-1983

Connie Jordan, Senior Tax Advisor 5 5595 Simmons St., Las Vegas (702) 319-3676

Annette Ballay, Master Tax Advisor 10650 Southern Highlands Parkway (702)212-6305

Alma Bonilla, Tax Specialist 3 7550 W. Lake Mead, Las Vegas (702) 212-3134

Michelle Dominguez, Tax Specialist 2 Las Palmas Village 445 E. Windmill Ln. #2G (702) 269-2455

Joyce Macintosh, Tax Specialist 3 6775 E. Lake Mead Blvd (702) 437-0182

Nancy Arndt-Haga, Master Tax Advisor 595 College Drive, Henderson (702) 565-1220

Larry Mayes, Tax Associate 1866 E. Charleston, Las Vegas (702) 382-4285

Phillip Schein, Master Tax Advisor 2381 E. Windmill, Las Vegas (702) 896-4272

Latezie Walker, Tax Advisor 2 8465 W. Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas (702) 838-2002

Jacqueline Irwin, Master Tax Advisor 806 Buchanan, Boulder City (702) 294-0648

Lana Chreno, Enrolled Agent 9340 W. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas (702) 212-3131

Lawrence Hotchkiss, Senior Tax Advisor 2 Galleria at Sunset, 633 N. Stephanie Street (702) 458-4611

Warner Tom Denham, Master Tax Advisor Shadow Creek Marketplace 2345 E. Centennial Pkwy, St 120 (702) 399-0865

John Yates, Tax Specialist 3 2642 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy Ste A-10, Henderson (702) 318-2926

Patrick Rodgers, Tax Advisor 5 7080 N. Durango Drive, Las Vegas (702) 396-7143

Andrea McCoy, Tax Advisor 2 Southwest Marketplace 8020 S. Rainbow Blvd (702) 492-0275

Kandis Morris, Tax Associate 6485 N. Decatur Blvd., Las Vegas (702) 675-7460

Mimi Shi, Senior Tax Advisor 5 Silverado Ranch Plaza, 9770 Maryland Pkwy, (702) 270-3869

La’Tonya Leffall, Senior Tax Advisor 5 10420 W. Cheyenne, Las Vegas (702) 754-2833

Reydante Carrillo, Enrolled Agent 4270 Blue Diamond Road #105, Las Vegas (702) 260-8231

Daniel Watkins, Enrolled Agent 2801 N. Green Valley Pkwy, Las Vegas (702) 898-1133

Timothy Terrell, Enrolled Agent 250 S. Hwy 160 Ste 3, Pahrump (775) 727-6611

Karen Findley, Senior Tax Advisor 5 1416 S. Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas (707) 877-0900

Gerald Andrews, Enrolled Agent 2300 S. Jones Blvd., Las Vegas (702)-838-1040

Tina Bondelid, Senior Tax Advisor 4 2949 E. Desert Inn, Las Vegas (702) 369-0117

Christine Yuhas, Senior Tax Advisor 5 2810 W. Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas (702)-878-5773



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New Year, New House! It’s 2017, a time for a fresh, new start AND a fresh, new look - and we’re not just talking about your personal style. Just as your appearance is a representation of you, so is the appearance of your home. It’s time to start those home-improvement projects you’ve long been putting off! Upgrade your interior with premium shutters from Sunburst Shutters, or sleek new cabinetry from Cabinets-N-More. Looking to enhance your curb appeal? Spruce up your yard with help from the experts at Dream Lawns, or get a luxury outdoor living space designed uniquely for your home and your family with Chip-N-Dale’s Landscaping. Don’t forget AllPro Painters, who is there to give your home or business a facelift, both inside and out! New furniture and appliances are the perfect way to update your look without breaking the bank. Furniture Market and A1 Vacuum & Sewing offer diverse selections that combine class and comfort to give your home that luxury feel. It’s in with the new and out with the old, that’s why and Storage West are here to help you declutter your home with ease. Tis the season to give your home the TLC it deserves, and we know the best pros for the job!


f you’ve recently bought a new home, you’re remodeling your existing home, or just refreshing the look, make custom window treatments part of your project. Ask anyone in Las Vegas who they recommend for window treatments, and the answer you’ll get most often is Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions. Sunburst has been in Las Vegas for nearly 40 years and has a great reputation for superior quality products and customer service. Looking deeper into what makes Sunburst Shutters the #1 choice for window treatments, we found many benefits for Las Vegas homeowners. For starters, Sunburst Shutters is locally owned. Even their headquarters is here in Las Vegas. They are local professionals who care about Las Vegas. Their corporate philosophy is to do it better than anyone else: better products, better service, and a better experience. Sunburst has teams of professionals who really take care of customers. From their professional look, their knowledge, and their decades of experience installing window treatments—Sunburst’s people are what has built their reputation as a company you can trust. While great people are Sunburst’s foundation for success, the company’s best-in-class products like its Polywood® Plantation Shutter make Sunburst the only choice. There are many non-wood shutters on the market, and some companies try


Increase the Value of Your Home While Improving the Overall Look to convince locals that they have Polywood too. But Sunburst is the only one that offers Polywood shutters. What makes Polywood unique is a patented material that’s more durable and energy efficient than any other shutter material. Polywood will never warp, crack or split. It comes with weather stripping on the panels for added blocking of temperature and light. It’s patented paint finish ensures the color will never fade or discolor. There is no shutter that offers better durability, energy efficiency, or beauty than Polywood Shutters. It’s so good, Sunburst offers a 100% lifetime guarantee on the product, installation and finish—a warranty no other shutter company offers. If you’re looking for wood shutters, Sunburst offers Ovation--a stained wood shutter, perfect for customers wanting the look of a rich wood stain. Made from furniture-grade hardwoods, Ovation shutters come in dozens of stain colors. Sunburst also offers a plantation shutter made from certified reclaimed wood. The reclaimed wood shutter is new, and something that no other shutter company offers. With Vegas’s love

of reclaimed wood furniture, flooring and wall planks, Sunburst’s offering was truly a bright idea. Another wood product offered by Sunburst is sliding barn doors. Sunburst has 2 different lines of barn doors, including traditional and rustic styles, each with a variety of colors and hardware choices. Sunburst can even use barn doors as a window treatment - very innovative. Sunburst’s product line includes blinds and shades, including hundreds of options on colors and textures. One of Sunburst’s exciting soft treatments is panel tracks—large sections of fabric panels that glide on a track system. These are great for sliding doors and even used as room dividers. Whatever treatment you desire, the professionals at Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions have you covered. Design consultations are free and the results will be amazing! With Sunburst, you will give your windows the treatment they deserve. MV 702-367-1600


Become the Highlight of Your Neighborhood with Chip-N-Dale’s Landscaping


aving a professionally landscaped yard not only increases the value of your home, but it also rewards you, as the owner, with a greater sense of pride and enjoyment. There’s something tranquilly satisfying about being able to look out into your yard and see a little piece of Eden - it’s like that feeling you get when your house or car has just been cleaned. Stepping out into your beautiful, professionally designed and maintained yard brings a sense of peace and relaxation. However, having your yard (or yards) professionally landscaped is no small investment, so your choice of which company to use is important. In a world where few things are built to last anymore, you want to make sure you’re getting what you pay for. For 21 years, Chip-N-Dale’s Landscaping has been a staple in the landscaping industry with their unique yard layouts and creation of luxurious outdoor living environments. The company offers a wide variety of services including: custom landscaping, concrete pavers, low voltage lighting systems, custom barbeques, waterfalls and custom water features, synthetic turf, putting greens, masonry walls, and custom stone work. In addition to these features, Chip-N-Dale’s also


employs a full-service maintenance team to keep your landscape in pristine condition, as well as a One-Year Guarantee on materials and labor. Chip-N-Dale’s is known not just for their exquisite yard designs, but also for their second-to-none customer service. From administration to field work, every team member is committed to the customer and to professionalism. With a team of highly skilled personnel the company operates as a cohesive unit, dedicated to making the client’s vision a reality, delivering quality products and service, and building lasting relationships throughout the community. President Greg Struhl says that more than the landscaping itself, it’s the clients that get him excited. “I love when a client is involved and excited,” says Struhl. “Getting photos of them enjoying their backyard, before-and-after photos, thank-you letters - these are the things that make this industry so rewarding, and get me excited for new projects.” Struhl attributes the immense success of ChipN-Dale’s to its team of exceptional individuals. Everyone, whether in the office or in the field, has a hand in the success. An extraordinary team,

coupled with the company’s mission to provide quality, creativity, relationships and experiences unique to clients, and stand-out landscape designs, makes Chip-N-Dale’s the obvious choice of landscaper in Las Vegas and Henderson. Chip-N-Dale’s was awarded Best of Houzz 2016 and 2015 for both service and design. It was also a 2014 Landscaper of the Year finalist. All accreditations aside, however, Chip-N-Dale’s let’s their work speak for itself. It is clear to see the commitment to quality and attention to detail in each and every project. “I wouldn’t do something unless I was going to do it well”, says Struhl, and it certainly shows. The company’s work ethic, impressive creations and excellent rapport with clients have earned it its ranking as an elite company, and a top dog in the industry. There is an ever-growing demand for professional landscaping, and as such, there is an evergrowing number of emerging landscape companies. Don’t just go with any dime-a-dozen landscaper. Go with the one who has a proven track record of excellence and is committed to giving you the lasting results you want - creating not only a beautiful environment, but a place where you and your family can make memories for years to come! MV

MY HOME & GARDEN® Provides Nevada with Solutions to All of Your Rubbish

By: Ellen Redd

A Dumpster for Every Budget Operating with a “company next door” flare, is unique to other waste management companies in that its team members have actual hands-on work experience in the field. This real work ethic cannot be substituted by competitors who have never left the cozy comforts of their air conditioned offices, to experience what the Dumpster business is about amidst the trenches of trash and waste management. In the 40 years since its inception, the company has gained tremendous respect and review amongst those within the industry, as well as its many valued customers. started out with 1 truck and 1 dumpster, and has experienced rapid growth. They now have 8 trucks and over 400 dumpsters servicing Las Vegas, Reno and Henderson. They offer one-time or ongoing services to local businesses to accommodate any customer need. has the competition beat making their nationwide residential and commercial deliveries with the customers’ best interest at heart. President Bart Carmichael and his team are dedicated to accommodating their customers’ needs under many differing circumstances. Perhaps it is this willingness to make special concessions - including same-day and last-minute deliveries - that has earned the company such prestige within the industry.

70 has made a big impact and set the standard for quality in the industry, with a proven ability to work with your trash safely and effectively. In addition to the work ethic, strong background and history of putting business values into practice, the company prides itself on providing modern and well-maintained equipment, in order to avoid intrusive eye sores in your business or residential atmosphere. has vast experience with all the many needs regarding waste management. Whatever the project is, Big Dumpster has a fit to assist in the removal of debris, garage cleanouts, demolitions, large building projects and more. They offer commercial and residential services, specializing in residential - home improvement, spring cleaning, moving, etc. Working with experts who know the waste management industry is not only a wise choice, but an invaluable decision for your project. The various concerns and responsibilities with waste management include hazardous materials, heavy items, obtrusive objects and many other

factors that most often may be ignored until we are facing a real issue. These are avoidable, however, when using a company with such a valuable background. has the proven devotion and real hands-on experience in providing these solutions to its customers. Nevada is no stranger to projects requiring trash disposal services. The Dumpster business is ever-growing and in high demand for big projects such as renovations, cleanouts or demolitions, and even smaller projects like garage cleanouts, spring cleaning or moving. We have all seen shows such as “Flip This House”, which demonstrate the true need for such services as provides, in various commercial and residential capacities. has a vested interest in local business with licensees, ensuring the highest integrity of your project and needs. Be safe, stay with an expert who knows the waste management industry and has a proven track record of success. MV

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All Professional Paint Jobs by AllPro Painters

Exterior Painting Interior Painting Epoxy Garage Floors Popcorn Ceiling Removal Wallpaper Metal Framing Cabinet Refinishing Drywall Repair/Texture Stucco Repair A Rated on Angie’s List – Over 100 Reviews! • A+ Rated with BBB • • • • • • • • • •

A Family Owned Company


to Sherwin-Williams® Cashmere® Interior Paint luxury paint with every $800 scheduled residential job

NV Lic# 76639, Bid Limit $950,000

(702) 550-4755 • • 3674 N Rancho Dr. #101 • Las Vegas, NV 89130

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Grand Canyon



215 S. GRAND CANYON DR. #105 LAS VEGAS, NV 89147 702.425.3518

10050 S. EASTERN AVE #130 HENDERSON, NV 89052 702.982.6652

4580 W. TECO AVE LAS VEGAS, NV 89118 702.589.8150


We not only promise to deliver beautiful landscaping, but that you will never have to worry about clean-up, we leave every site immaculate. Free Estimates Grass Only Lawn Installation Lawn Maintenance We are also bonded and insured.

NO Mowing NO Watering NO Fertilizing NO Chemicals

NO Brown Patches NO Seasonal Dead Spots NO Irrigation Equipment NO Over Seeding


We Love What We Do! And you will too!

702-641-LAWN (5296) | | NCL#58333

A-1 Vacuum & Sewing

New Year’s Sale!

Applies to all products and services Free estimates for Central LVVacuum Units Magazine Ad_6th_page_10-30-13.pdf

1 10/30/2013 10:2

Central Vacuum Unit


4069 W. Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89102 | 702.870.7986 4136 E. Sunset Rd., Henderson, NV 89014 | 702.456.1485

LV Magazine Ad_6th_page_10-30-13.pdf 1 10/30/2013 10:26:03 AM

2480 W. Craig Rd.

7650 S. Durango Dr.

2700 E. Flamingo

8265 W. Sahara

7485 S. Eastern Ave.

3869 E. Sunset Rd.

4515 W. Ann Rd.

9325 W. Russell Rd.

1501 N. Buffalo Dr.

787 E. Centennial Pkwy.

4230 S. Pecos Rd.

8856 W. Centennial Pkwy.

702-646-9955 702-734-2700 702-454-3700 LV Magazine Ad_6th_page_10-30-13.pdf 1 10/30/2013 10:26:03 AM LV Magazine Ad_6th_page_10-30-13.pdf 1 10/30/2013 10:26:03 AM

702-396-0090 702-255-4800 702-454-4040 990 S. Boulder Hwy.


Call Us Toll Free: 877-917-7990


702-616-2440 702-254-4400 702-450-9889 702-566-5552 702-386-8660 702-656-1155

Looking for a Great New Restaurant?

A new year is cause to celebrate, and Vegas has tons of great places to do just that! Get your morning started right with Avery’s Coffee, or breakfast at Stacks & Yolks. If you’re feeling spicy, add some pizzazz to your day with the authentic Mexican cuisine and ambient dining atmospheres of Ricardo’s or Pancho’s. Liven up your night with Paymon’s, a staple in the local community with their unparalleled Mediterranean fare. Or, for a classy night out with the ladies, stop by Blue Martini, whose excellent live music and unique cocktails have earned them quite a reputation as one of the best places to wine, dine and unwind! Whether you’re looking for new authentic cuisine to try, in the mood for a delicious cocktail, or want a fun dining experience - we know all the hottest spots!


Hot New Restaurants Casa del Matador

Casa del Matador was created to offer an experience like no other, featuring made-from-scratch Mexican cuisine and hand-crafted cocktails along with the most diverse selection of Tequilas anywhere! The Matador is comprised of a team of chefs, servers and bartenders that take pride in always delivering a memorable experience at every turn! Downtown Summerlin 1770 Festival Plaza Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89135, 702.228.2766

Desi Burrito Enjoy unique Indian flavors now with the speed and ease of a drive-thru. Desi Burrito is the first Indian drive-through restaurant, providing fresh and flavorful fast-food with many healthy options for people who want to grab a quick, but healthy bite. In a nutshell, this is what you can expect at Desi Burrito: fresh flavors on the go that give you the most bang for your buck! 670 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 702.987.5310

Other Mama Creative seafood with Asian flavors such as sushi, plus craft cocktails served in homespun environs. Chef/Owner Daniel Krohmer served as sous chef & sushi chef under Iron Chef Morimoto in Philadelphia and also toured as a chef for Taylor Swift, Metallica, Warped Tour, & Coachella, among others. Touring across the world and being classically trained on sushi in Japan, his food is a representation of all of his experience and travels. 3655 S Durango Dr Unit 6, Las Vegas, NV 89147 702.463.8382

Owl We offer the best selection of Nevada craft beer, classic cocktails, 100% farm-to-table organic food, and vegan menu. We take pride in providing top customer service and the best organic and vegan food you will find. Everyone is welcome here so bring your friends, bring your family, even bring the kids and come check out what everyone is talking about! 3990 W Russell Rd #100, Las Vegas, NV 89113 702.659.9762

The Perch

Ohlala French Bistro Ohlala is a modern French bistro that make you fall in love with French food. Ohlala had been created by Richard Terzaghi and Nicolas Sillac, co-owners of L’Osteria Del Forno in San Francisco. In the restaurant Industry since 15 years. Whether you’re looking for a romantic rendezvous or a place to enjoy for happy hour with large choice of different plates to share, you’ll find the perfect spot at Ohlala. 2120 N. Rampart, Las Vegas, NV 89128 702.222.3522 ​


The Perch is a relaxed, casual restaurant serving straightforward, delightful meals accompanied by a new world wine list and full cocktail menu. Located on the 2nd floor of Downtown Container Park, The Perch boasts wide windows overlooking daily live entertainment along with indoor and outdoor seating. Downtown Container Park 707 Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101 702.553.2542

Summerlin! n w o t n Dow n i t n New Restaura

Authentic Mexican Cuisine Live Entertainment Nightly Delicious Hand Made Margaritas

11020 Lavender Hill Drive Las Vegas, Nevada, 89135 702.982.0111

Mon-Thu: 11am-9:00pm Fri-Sat 11am-10:00pm ¡ Sun 10am-9:00pm *Cantina Open Until 2am

Pancho’s is the place to be!

One of the oldest and best known landmarks in Southern California

Readers Choice

Locals’ Favorite Restaurants Good Coffee Good Friends Good Times

9440 W. Sahara Avenue Ste. 145 LV, NV 89117

Join The Pulse of the Nevada Restaurant Industry…

{In Alphabetical Order}

AVERY’S COFFEE 9440 W Sahara Ave #145, Las Vegas, NV 89117 702.476.2063 |

BLUE MARTINI 6593 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89119 702.949.2583 |

CAPRIOTTI’S Multiple Locations throughout Las Vegas visit to find the closest location to you!

DEL FRISCO’S 3925 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89169 702.796.0063

PANCHO’S MEXICAN CUISINE 11020 Lavender Hill Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89135 702.982.0111

Here’s why you need to join: “On top of all the cost saving programs provided by affliated vendors of the NvRA, being part of the Association allows me to keep up with the pulse of the industry from a political standpoint

PAYMONS MEDITERRANEAN CAFÉ & LOUNGE (SUMMERLIN) 8380 W. Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117 702.804.0293 | PAYMONS MEDITERRANEAN CAFÉ & LOUNGE (CENTRAL) 4147 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89119 702.731.6030 |

and to the actual health of it. With such insight it’s easier to plan long term and adjust short term. Joining the NvRA has definitely been one of the smartest decisions I have made.”

RICARDO’S 4930 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103 702.227.9100 |

~ Luciano Pellegrini, Executive Chef, Las Vegas

SIENA ITALIAN 9500 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117 702.360.3358 |

Go to: for information. Call us at: 702.878.2313. Email us at:



Mexican Restaurant Gaming r Cantina r Catering

1 mile west of The Palms 4930 W. Flamingo Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89103


We have over 40 vegan, vegetarian items and 20 gluten-free items. ®

“Because your health, is your wealth!”

Open 7 days 11a.m. -1a.m. Take out available until 8p.m. 26 Times Since 1988

8380 W. Sahara Ave. | 804-0293 (Between Cimmaron and Durango) 4147 S. Maryland Pkwy. | 731-6030 (SW Corner of Flamingo & Maryland)


Pizza Man Locals’ Favorite Happy Hours: {In Alphabetical Order}

BLUE MARTINI 6593 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119 702.949.2583 | Daily 4PM – 8PM | ½ Off Drinks | Discounted Food Menu | Live Music Wednesday – Sunday | Every Friday Happy Hour | Enjoy our Complimentary Martini Tasting!

DEL FRISCO’S 3925 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89169 | 702.796.0063 Monday-Friday - 4:30pm All bar menu items are two for the price of one. Half-off well liquors and domestic beers. $6 VIPs, $6 Red Wine and $5 White Wine.

PANCHO’S MEXICAN CUISINE 11020 Lavender Hill Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89135 702.982.0111 2pm-7pm Monday-Friday. $2.25 off house margaritas, fruit flavored margaritas, draft beer, and well cocktails. $2.50 off bottled beer. Saturday and Sunday happy hour is all day until 6:00pm. Discounted drinks only.

PAYMONS MEDITERRANEAN CAFÉ & LOUNGE (SUMMERLIN) 8380 W. Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117 | 702.804.0293 Hookah Lounge happy hours: 5-7pm, 7 days a week and 5pm-1am on Tuesdays | Featuring all specialty cocktails, beer, mixed drinks and lounge food at 50% off! PAYMONS MEDITERRANEAN CAFÉ & LOUNGE (CENTRAL) 4147 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89119 | 702.731.6030 Hookah Lounge happy hours: 5-7pm, 7 days a week and 5pm-1am on Tuesdays | Featuring all specialty cocktails, beer, mixed drinks and lounge food at 50% off!

RICARDOS 4930 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89103 | 702.227.9100 Monday - Friday 3PM – 6PM & Midnight – 4AM Late Night Dining | Award Winning Margaritas plus Gaming

SIENA ITALIAN 9500 W. Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117 702.360.3358 I Every Day 3PM-7PM I Half Price Drinks I Half Price Appetizers. (Some Restrictions Apply)


The Pizza Kitchen


n 2015 The Pizza Kitchen opened its doors to Las Vegas. It is a breath of fresh air to step inside of this locally owned pizzeria and take a break from the corporate chain restaurants. A combination of modern and traditional vibes that make you feel at home, makes this the perfect place for families and individuals alike. From a wide variety of vegan options, to Gluten free crusts for our friends with gluten intolerance, or that friend with a sweet tooth to indulge in their locally made Gelato, there’s something for everyone at The Pizza Kitchen. They quote the famous line, “the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach”, and they certainly got to ours! MV

5270 S Fort Apache #320 Las Vegas, NV 89148 (Hacienda & Fort Apache) 702.247.1251



Wake N'

Local Food & Wine Events Splendor in the Glass March 11, 2017 from 4pm to 8pm Crimson at Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa 11011 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89135 • Signature wine and beer tasting event. • $90 Advance Reservation or $100 at the door • more than 40 wineries and breweries, courtesy of Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, along with a silent auction and entertainment. • Sponsorship opportunities are now available. For more information, please contact: Amanda Gordon at 702.799.1010 x5344 or Must be 21 years of age or older to attend.

Vegas Food Expo March 30th - 31st 2017 from 10am to 5pm Gold Coast Hotel & Casino 4000 Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103 • 2-day food trade show • $50 for general admission - complimentary for buyers. For more information, visit www.vegasfoodexpo. com, or follow Vegas Food Expo on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. To exhibit or attend, visit the website or call (760) 521-3761. • Features up-and-coming brands, introducing food producers to attendees ranging from retail buyers, chefs and potential investors to allied professionals and curious foodies.

Bacon with Ongoing Local Events Horizon Ridge Mini-Mart - Wine Tasting Daily from 6pm to 10pm 10575 S. Eastern Ave. #190 Henderson, NV 89052 (702) 361-0547

7150 S. Durango 702-260-0535 3200 N. Jones 702-656-0464 84

Khoury’s Fine Wine and Spirits - Wine Tasting Thursdays from 6pm to 8pm 9915 S. Eastern Ave. #110 Las Vegas, NV 89183 (702) 435-9463 Marché Bacchus French Bistro & Wine Shop Wine Tasting Saturdays from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm Summerlin – The Lakes at Desert Shores 2620 Regatta Dr. #106 Las Vegas, NV 89128 (702) 804-8008

Oil and Vine – in The District at Green Valley Ranch - Wine Tasting Thursdays from 6pm to 8pm 2235 Village Walk Dr., Ste. 151 Henderson, NV 89052 (702) 467-0909 Oscar’s Steakhouse - Locals’ Night Wednesday Evenings - In Lounge Area All Night Happy Hour, Half Off All Bottles of Wine & Champagne, Live DJ. *Ladies Night on Thursdays; New Cocktail and Beer Menus Debut Reservations are recommended by calling 702-38-OSCAR (386-7227) or online at









MYVEGAS Spotlight: Chef Rick Moonen


hef and cookbook author, Rick Moonen, has been the country’s leading advocate for the sustainable seafood movement for the past 25 years, bringing national awareness to this subject near and dear to his heart. His flagship restaurant, Rick Moonen’s rm seafood at The Shoppes at Mandalay Place in Las Vegas, showcases his commitment to sustainability without foregoing culinary creativity and innovation, and has been critically acclaimed by local and national press alike. His steam punk-inspired Rx Boiler Room provides the alchemy of food and drink, featuring his very own spin on classic comfort food. Most recently, Rick developed a knife set called BLADES by Rick Moonen which allows home cooks to give themselves the Top Chef Masters treatment.

FREE RECIPE! Chicken-Fried Trout

INGREDIENTS 1 cup buttermilk 1/4 cup minced red onion 1/4 cup chopped scallions 3 tablespoons chopped fresh dill 1 teaspoon minced garlic 1 teaspoon grated lemon zest 1/2 teaspoon chile paste (sambal oelek) 4 (7-ounce) trout fillets Coarse salt and freshly ground white pepper All-purpose flour Corn or peanut oil for frying


PREPARATION For the marinade: Combine the buttermilk, onion, scallions, dill, garlic, zest, and chile paste in a nonreactive baking dish. Whisk or stir well. For the fish: Lay the fillets in the marinade, making sure you’ve got them completely coated. Cover with plastic and marinate in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour, and up to 8 hours. When you’re ready for dinner, remove the fish from the marinade and season it with salt and pepper. Coat the fillets well with flour.

Heat 1/4 inch of corn oil in a heavy skillet (this is a good time to pull out your cast-iron) until very hot but not smoking. Fry the fish for about 90 seconds on the first side, then turn and fry for another 45 seconds. The crust should be golden. Drain on paper towels, then serve with remoulade or tartar sauce.

Concert Hot List

Our Love For Locals Continues

Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa Rocks Lounge

By Lori Nelson

Us the Duo Fri. Feb 03, 2017 at 8:00 pm Tickets on Sale Nov 18, 2016 - General Admission: $30.00 plus Taxes/Fees All Ages, Accompanied by Adult

Station Casinos

Frankie Valli Sat. Feb 18, 2017 at 8:00 pm Tickets on Sale Nov 18, 2016 - Reserved Seating: $45.00, $75.00, $95.00, & $145.00 plus Taxes/Fees All Ages, Accompanied by Adult

Sunset Station Hotel & Casino Richard Cheese & Lounge Against the Machine Sat. Feb 04, 2017 at 8:00 pm Tickets on Sale Nov 04, 2016 - Reserved Seating: $35.00, $45.00 & $60.00 plus Taxes/ Fees Must be 18 or Older Louie Anderson Fri. Feb 17, & Sat. Feb 18, 2017 at 8:00 pm Tickets on Sale Dec 09, 2016 - Reserved Seating: $45.00 plus Taxes/Fees All Ages, Accompanied by Adult


Chris Botti Sat. Jan 28, 2017 at 8:00 pm Tickets on Sale Nov 18, 2016 - Reserved Seating: $35.00, $45.00, $55.00, $65.00, & $75.00 plus Taxes/Fees All Ages, Accompanied by Adult

Green Valley Ranch Resort, Spa & Casino

Grand Events Center Bee Gee Gold - Tribute to the Bee Gees Fri. Feb 04, 2017 at 8:00 pm Tickets on Sale Dec 16, 2016 - General Admission: $15.00 plus Taxes/Fees All Ages, Accompanied by Adult

Palms Resort Casino Pearl

Club Madrid

Chris Lane Fri. Feb 10, 2017 at 8:00 pm Tickets on Sale Dec 16, 2016 - General Admission: $25.00 plus Taxes/Fees All Ages, Accompanied by Adult

Boulder Station Hotel & Casinos The Railhead

Boulder Blues - Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers Thu. Jan 19, 2017 at 6:00 pm Tickets on Sale at Door - General Admission: $5.00 Must Be 21 or Older

Santa Fe Station Hotel & Casino Chrome Showroom

Dennis Wise - “King For A Night” Fri. Jan 13, 2017 at 8:00 pm Tickets on Sale Nov 18, 2016 - General Admission: $15.00 plus Taxes/Fees Keiko Matsui Fri. Feb 10, 2017 at 8:00 pm Tickets on Sale Dec 09, 2016 - Reserved Seating: $25.00, $39.00 & $45.00 plus Taxes/ Fees All Ages, Accompanied by Adult

Texas Station Gambling Hall & Hotel Dallas Events Center

Bonnie Raitt Fri. Feb 17, 2017 at 8:00 pm Tickets on Sale Nov 18, 2016 - Reserved Seating: $45.00, $55.00, $75.00, & $90.00 plus Taxes/Fees All Ages, Accompanied by Adult

Hotel California - The Original Eagles Tribute Sat. Jan 14, 2017 at 8:00 pm Tickets on Sale Nov 11, 2016 - General Admission: $15.00 plus Taxes/Fees All Ages, Accompanied by Adult Adal Ramones Fri. Feb 17, 2017 at 8:00 pm Tickets on Sale Dec 16, 2016 - General Admission: $20.00, $30.00, $40.00, & $50.00 plus Taxes/Fees All Ages, Accompanied by Adult


s we embark on this new year, we thank you for making us your #1 entertainment destination of choice! We are honored that you choose our properties as one of your top choices to relax and be entertained with your family and friends. We have lots of fun in store for you in 2017!

Our Growing Family We couldn’t be happier to welcome The Palms Casino Resort and its team members and guests into our Station Casinos’ family. Coincidentally, 15 years ago, both The Palms Casino Resort and our Green Valley Ranch Resort opened their doors to the community and redefined what entertainment destinations could be for both locals and tourists alike. We have BIG plans to reinvest in the Palms property over the next couple of years. First up, we’ll be renovating the café and the buffet, as well as adding an upgrade to the gaming floor.

My Rewards The award-winning Boarding Pass loyalty card has expanded to now allow you to earn points and status credits on nearly every fun thing you do at any of Station Casinos’ 20 locations. There is a variety of new ways to earn points beyond game play on the majority of non-gaming offerings, including restaurants, bars, bowling, ice skating, spa, hotel stay, concerts, and more.

Palace Station The property where our story began 40 years ago will begin its $115 million expansion to include additional gaming, a completely new casino exterior, a new bingo room, a new buffet and two new restaurants, and improved parking.

Sunset Station Our very first hotel-casino we opened in Henderson is turning 20 in June. We recently invested millions of dollars and completely renovated the entire hotel tower and its nearly 500 guest rooms and suites, and invite you to come check out some of the nicest rooms available in Henderson. On behalf of the Fertitta family and our 13,500 team members, we look forward to seeing you soon! MV



Workplace Insecurities Tips on boosting your self confidence


n the culture of today’s workplace, we foster team relationships as beneficial to the organization. Working with your colleagues sometimes bring out your best, but also sometimes brings out your worst. Unique personalities are noticed and can affect your overall job satisfaction and rating. Below are some tips to overcome these common workplace insecurities:

They make more money than I do!

Am I too annoying?

Do I talk too much about others?

Never be afraid of asking too many questions to your coworkers. It shows that you are interested and wanting to know more about the tasks at hand. However, one should always try to find the answers before questioning the minor details. Your team would appreciate that you are taking action rather than just repeatedly talking all their time.

We all like to talk about our jobs and the people that work with us. It’s hard not to gossip about others but one should always talk about others in a positive light. If you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say it. If you talk nice to others, then others would talk nice about you and make you look good amongst your peers.

By Anthony Lai

Focus on your own self-worth instead of finding out how much others get paid. Prove to upper level management that you deserve a raise based on how much hard work you put in and what accomplishments you have. It is all about deliverables and what you bring. Nobody likes a complainer but everyone likes someone who pulls their own weight and more.

Why is he/she the favorite? Everyone wants to be the boss’ star performer. If you aren’t selected, don’t let that discourage you. Let that be your motivation to make it to the top. Get to know the star performers and befriend them because they will be beneficial in your advancement. Working against them will only make you more envious of what they already have.

There is no one here I can really trust. The belief of only the strongest survive should not be one of your core values. The workplace culture should not be so cutthroat. It’s alright to share your ideas with others and businesses should promote team collaboration.


career placement rate for diploma graduates

Visit our modern campus today 3614 E. Sunset Rd, Las Vegas T.702.947.7200


Overall the next time your insecurities start to show at work, transfer it into a window of opportunity. Regain that self-confidence and be assured that you can get the job done without the personal challenges hindering your outcome. We all have insecurities but you have to be confident in knowing that it can be overcome. MV

Pin Up • Rockabilly Vintage & Retro Clothing Photo Shoots Vintage Hair, Make Up & Outfits Included!


1216 S. Main St., Las Vegas, NV 89104 Monday-Saturday 11a-7p | Sunday 12p-5p 89



Village Square Shopping Center

VILLAGE SQUARE SHOPPING CENTER | SAHARA & FT. APACHE Sober Companion for all your events! Tami Finseth 805-452-8506

YOUR AD HERE Call us at 702.792.2378 for info!

MY MARKETPLACE My Vegas Winter 2014 - Working File.indd 53


YOUR AD HERE Call us at 702.792.2378 for info!



We offer Halotherapy & Floatation Therapy Sessions www. nvfloat. com

TEL 1-702 -776-7766



YOUR AD HERE Call us at 702.792.2378 for info! 90



Got Golf? Get Green!


Top 100 Men of The Year Party


Top 100 Men of The Year Party


Photo Credit Michael Rogers

94 Photo Credit Michael Rogers

Photo Credit Michael Rogers

Photo Credit Michael Rogers

MYVEGAS Golf Tournament

Photo Credit Michael Rogers

Photo Credit Michael Rogers

Photo Credit Michael Rogers

Photo Credit Michael Rogers

Photo Credit Michael Rogers

Photo Credit Michael Rogers

Photo Credit Michael Rogers

Photo Credit Michael Rogers

MYVEGAS Golf Tournament

Photo Credit Michael Rogers


Flavors of The Heart Photos by Jummel Hidrosollo


Log on today to see how your business can reach 1,000,000 Las Vegans‌ /sunny1065lv @sunny1065lv @sunny1065lv /955theBull @955theBull @955theBull /931theParty @931theParty @931theParty /real1039lv @real1039lv @real1039lv

5540 S. Fort Apache Rd, Suite 110, Las Vegas NV 89148