VPC Annual Report 2020

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2020 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

Despite the challenges we faced, God was faithful at VPC in 2020. Even so, our heart breaks for the victims and families who lost loved ones to COVID-19. We look on in sorrow at friendships put on pause, on plans and purposes put in stasis while we tackle new ways of doing school, shopping, and—at VPC—new ways of being the church.

2020 looked a lot different than previous years, and the 2020 Annual Report also looks different this year. Instead of a report from each ministry area, we’re highlighting some specific ways God was at work at VPC. We are excited to let you know about the completion of A New Heart for the Valley Capital Campaign, the Christmas Concert, ‘No Room,’ VPC’s efforts to address the effects of the pandemic on the Navajo Nation, the way livestreaming has been able to bring God’s Word to thousands of households, and the joy of being able to have virtual Vacation Bible School.

2020 Sermon Series

David Joynt

Senior Pastor

Every time I look out the window of my office I want to say “Hallelujah!” How was it possible to complete a massive renovation during the economic uncertainty of a global pandemic? Only by the heroic grace of God, generosity of an incredible congregation, and the efforts of a talented and dedicated team. Thanks and blessings to: the Master Plan Committee, Ed Glady and the Building Committee, Jones Architectural Firm, Porter Construction Company, the subcontractors who developed world class AV systems, turned pews into tables, fonts into fountains, to the organ builders, Keith Kerber and our fund raisers, the VPC Foundation, to Greg Kreizenbeck our owner’s representative, and to Kris Bahr who tracked it all! And most of all, a thanks to you who prayed, gave, were hopeful, and patient during construction and dislocation. This year will be the year of the return. Not just the return to normal meetings, worship, and activities. It will be a return to extraordinary new possibilities for the life and faith of our community. Hallelujah!

David Turner Congregational Care Pastor

Ministry is not easy even in the most ideal of times—and 2020 offered new and unprecedented challenges. With the spread of COVID-19, came the closing of hospitals, rehab clinics, and skilled care facilities to visitors—making pastoral care a challenge. Congregational Care shifted methods to stay connected. We offered a COVID-19 Virtual Workshop presented by Dr. Joseph Zachariah; leading Infectious Disease Specialist from Banner Health. We stayed connected with the congregation through phone calls and ZOOM meetings. We also launched a new ministry called “Angel Cards,” notes written to those 50+ who had been unable to attend worship because of COVID-19. Our ministry sponsored a two-day American Red Cross blood drive in August that garnered more than 80 units of blood. We prepared nearly 50 meals for our church family; distributed care packages to our college students; cared for eight families celebrating a new birth with a baby welcome basket; developed the First Impression Ministry, and conducted a number of outdoor memorials for grieving families. In late spring we were tasked with coordinating and implementing a church-wide mitigation plan for in-person worship. We developed and trained four teams of volunteers who have faithfully staffed our mitigating efforts every Sunday morning since August 23. This effort has proven to be highly successful—and is being used as a model for additional churches seeking assistance in their mitigation work. Effective ministries are ministries that are flexible enough to respond to the changes faced by all, for the purpose of bringing glory to God.

Travis Kingma Next Generation Ministry & Contemporary Worship Pastor

Amidst a global pandemic, national political strife, and chronic uncertainty, the past twelve months were deeply wrenching and disturbing for us all. Things were especially odd and difficult for our students and families. Many schools moved online, events and programs were postponed or cancelled, and physical distance took its toll. Jesus calls us to engage the pain of our neighbors. As hard as 2020 was, we were grateful to see what God did in the midst of great difficulty. God brought new students into our midst, formed new relationships, and created new leaders in the next generation. This season deepened our resolve and reinvigorated our conviction to reach the lost for Christ through new spaces, staff, and leadership. We cultivate an environment where students are adopted into the body of Christ by ensuring they are known, loved, and sent as transformed disciples — our calling has never been more poignant. Despite our anxieties and fears, God cares for each of us and is going before us, we are thrilled for what’s ahead in 2021! Cast all your anxiety on Him, because he cares for you.

-1 Peter 5:7

Chris Woodard

Mission & Engagement Pastor It was such a joy to celebrate Max’s baptism with our community of faith at VPC and our families. My sister’s family traveled up from Tucson and upon arrival discovered that her youngest son had brought his mask... but forgot his shoes. This is 2020 in a nutshell. The pandemic hit hard (it knocked our shoes off), and our most vulnerable communities were hit the hardest. We adapted. We changed how we do life and church­. We wear masks everywhere and register for worship or watch online. But who we are as people of God did not change; we were activated. It was incredible to watch VPC as it responded to the needs of our communities through our mission partners. Family Promise continued to operate, providing homeless families a safe haven and a way through the pandemic to sustainable living. MentorKids stayed open, ensuring the safety and success of the children and families they serve. In Malawi homes were built, schools were opened, and a harvest was reaped. 2020 was a hard year, but I witnessed countless ways individuals and families responded to the needs of others. Nothing can separate us from God’s love.

-Romans 8:31-39


Ed Glady

Chair, Building Committee I bring you good news—A New Heart for the Valley, VPC’s Capital Campaign, is complete! In Spring of 2018 the Building Committee was formed to bring to life the vision of the Master Plan Committee.

This effort would have been impossible without the hard work of the of the Building Committee: Kris Williams, Terry Thomas, George Bosworth, Russ Henzel, and Jim Arner; VPC’s Owner’s Representative to the architectural and construction teams, Greg Kriezenbeck; VPC financial manager, Kris Bahr; fundraiser, Keith Kerber; Julia Tucker and Jennifer Hamm, who guided our organ rebuild effort; Chris Woodard and Doug Eaton and their team developing Awaken Café; Tina Gilbreath, Meghan Gottfredson, Travis Kingma, Beth Glady, and Marilyn Cage, who found the right furniture for our new spaces; the many of you who have contributed financially; and Pastor Joynt, whose vision for a better future for VPC has energized everyone. The efforts of these people have blessed VPC with beautiful new spaces to bless the community around us with revitalized ministries to glorify God and make His Kingdom known to all!

April 2019

$13,500,000 Total project cost

August 2020

July 2019

October 2020


To support VPC’s mission partners


New rooms to support Valley Day School & Children’s Ministry


Speakers in the Sanctuary Constellation system

93% $959,000 Paid or pledged

Remaining to get to $13.5 million


CHRISTMAS CONCERT Jennifer Hamm Minister of Music

Music and the arts all over the world was severely impacted by the pandemic in 2020. Many dear friends have lost their jobs, and watching the symphony, theater, ballet, opera, and choral stages go dark has been so difficult and sad. 2020 was definitely a difficult year, but the music program at VPC persevered! We were able to safely bring back singing. We created small ensembles, hired more paid singers and instrumentalists, and were able to sing in worship. We also were able give the most wonderful gift to our congregation—a Christmas Concert! We are grateful for the resources to allow us to keep our own musicians working and help other musicians by inviting them to participate in worship services.


Volunteers sang in safe, small choral ensembles


Paid singers helped lead small ensembles


Attended VPC’s Christmas Concert, No Room


Households tuned in to the Christmas Concert livestream



Tina Gilbreath

Family Ministry Director Vacation Bible School, a musical, exciting, loud, biblical, fun experience each summer… looked different at VPC this year. But as they say, “the show must go on.” And it did go on! Staff and volunteers filmed daily presentations and interacted on Zoom with kids of all ages. But VBS was much more than just a show—is was a fantastic opportunity to share the joy of the Gospel and the message of salvation with children from VPC and the community, one third of whom indicated no church home.

130 Kids signed up to gather via Zoom


Volunteers met with kids via Zoom each day


Views of VBS content on YouTube

15+ Hours spent filming daily content


from Chris Woodard

In response to the effect of the pandemic, VPC set up an emergency COVID-19 fund. We reached out to our regional Presbytery office to learn how best to help those most devastated by the pandemic. Entire communities on the Navajo Nation did not have access to basic supplies; food, water and personal hygiene. The people of VPC went to work. Through the generous financial giving of our congregation we were able to purchase over $40,000 in food and supplies. Our people organized, packed, and loaded two semi-trailers to deliver goods to five churches who distributed the supplies to the most vulnerable communities on the Navajo Nation. But God had bigger plans. Our National Presbytery caught wind of what we were doing and gave a $250,000 grant to our regional Synod. The fund was used to send $50,000 worth of supplies and food to the Navajo Nation for five months. Thank you for responding to the love God has for you and being a good neighbor to the people God places in our lives.

$40,000 875 100 $250,000

Food and supplies purchased for initial two-semi distribution

Pounds of food and supplies per family

Households received food and supplies

Grant from the National Presbytery to fund five additional supply runs


THE STORY Mike Vreeland Communications Director VPC can be a beacon across Arizona and around the world. Through the creativity, dedication, and resources of our church family, we are able to do great things for God’s Kingdom. 2020 asked much more of us than we anticipated. With less practice and preparation than we wanted (really, when does God ever send us with all the practice and preparation that we want?) VPC jumped into livestreaming worship services, and the response has been phenomenal. People hungered for community and connection in 2020, and I’m thankful VPC was able to help you find a place to virtually belong.

709 11,173 Average number of weekly livestream households

Video plays on YouTube (2672% increase over 2019)

1,361 32,060 Households tuned into Christmas Eve via livestream

Video plays on Vimeo (421% increase over 2019)

YOUR GENEROUS SUPPORT We, the Pastors and Staff at VPC, feel blessed to share this time, this place, and this ministry with you. Your encouragement and energy are a beautiful and powerful response to our gracious God!

Christian Education

12% Pastoral Ministry


Administration & Facility

2020 Expenses

Mission, Outreach, Congregational Care


Worship & Music



Administration & Facility


Pastoral Ministry


Christian Education


Mission, Outreach, Congregational Care


Worship & Music Total expenses in 2020

$235,509 $2,228,405

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