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SPLASH into electric savings

6/29/16 9:33 PM

day brighteners for magic mornings


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Refrigerator radiance Refrigerator Pitcher Easily store fresh-squeezed orange juice (in a pitcher to match!) in refrigerator door. Slender design is easy to handle. 2 qt./2 L. $19 value. Save $7! 81974 $12.00

Bus stop approved

They’re back!

Large Bell Tumblers with Seals

Tupperware® Classic Cereal Bowls

Exclusive size! Set of four 10½-oz./310 mL tumblers with flat seals are spill-proof and safe for little ones to take from the breakfast table on to their school day. $18 value. Save $6! 81975 $12.00

This classic favorite has been brought out of the vault with an electric twist. Set of four 1½-cup/360 mL bowls with seals. $20 value. Save $10! 81973 $12.00

more guests, more for you

Save $20


Press Master® Juicer

Tupperware® Mini Classic Cereal Bowls

Quickly and easily extract pure fruit juice. Juice with the accessory alone or use the included press master connection to attach to the base for sturdier juicing. Q $89 value. Save $20! 81976 $69.00

Set of four 1.4-oz./42 mL bowls with seals are available at this amazing price to party guests when 10 or more guests attend a Tupperware party! Limit one set when you attend a qualifying party. $10 value. Save $6! 89427 $4.00 3

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6/27/16 2:48 PM

keep it colorful with storage essentials

SAVE OVER 45% with every $35 spent! Keep it Krunchy Set Don’t lose sight (or the crunch!) of your cereal! Set includes 20-cup/4.8 L Super Cereal Storer and 13-cup/3.1 L Cereal Storer. Limit one set with every $35 spent.

$36 value. Save $17! 881824 $19.00

Save $42 KeepTabs® 15-Pc. Set Includes three each 5-oz./160 mL Mini, 2-cup/500 mL Small, 5-cup/1.2 L Medium, 10½-cup/2.5 L Large and 19-cup/5 L Extra Large. $117 value. Save $42! 81977 $75.00

Storage for every room in your house!


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6/27/16 2:48 PM

brightly organized

easily open with large tabs



6/27/16 2:48 PM

feelin’ the vibes of a radiant set for Hosts

Everything shown here:


with a $600 party + 2 datings*



Ask a Consultant about hosting a party today! Pick a date to hold that party and you’ll receive the 8-oz./250 mL Serving Cup FREE.

Host a party with $175 or more in sales and receive a FREE Date & Hold Gift of your choice from among a selection of our most popular products from the latest Tupperware Catalog. Limit one Date & Hold Gift with qualifying party.


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6/27/16 2:48 PM

HOST GIFT SPECIAL FREE! with a $600 party + 2 datings* Deco Vibe Serving Set** Includes Serving Center® Set, Chip ’N Dip, six Microwave Reheatable Luncheon Plates, and, in our exclusive Deco Vibe print, 2-Qt./2 L Pitcher with Infuser Insert, 1-gal./3.8 L Pitcher with Infuser Insert and six 16-oz./470 mL Tumblers with flat seals. $209 value. 8777 $90 in Host Credit

Both pitchers include unique Infuser Insert!

*Limit one offer with qualifying party sales and two friends who date and hold their own parties within 21 days. **Artwork not covered by Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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6/27/16 2:48 PM

the art of baking with modern favorites

Buy 1 set, get 1 set free a Large Spice Shaker Set Double-hinged seal to sprinkle or spoon your favorite spices. Includes four 1-cup/250 mL large containers. Get two sets at this price for a total of eight Shakers. $38 value. Save $19! 81979 $19.00



Cook in the cover, too! Doubles as its own piece of cookware.


Baked to perfection b UltraPro 2-Qt./2L Square Pan

with Cover


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Lightweight and ultra-durable, it’s safe for the oven, microwave, fridge and freezer. Achieve perfectly crisp Apple Crisp in half the time! $69 value. Save $15! 81978 $54.00

6/27/16 2:4 PM

d c

Only $29!

Exclusive size! d FridgeSmart® Extra Large Container 2½-gal./9.9 L container will hold a whole bag of apples, keeping them fresh for your midday snack. $49 value. Save $20! 81980 $29.00



Add a dash of spice

e Apple Corer It’s the core to perfect Apple Crisp. Quickly and easily remove apple cores without the struggle. Q 1348 $12.00

c Cinnamon Vanilla Seasoning Add a touch of sweetness to your dish with this unique dairy-free seasoning. G 1349 $6.00

All about apples! Check out our blog for an applicious August:



6/27/16 2:4 PM

opportunity My Tupperware career started with wanting to be able to put my son in college. Being a single mom of five boys, it’s very expensive. I knew I needed a second income. I’d heard of Tupperware’s program for Consultants, so I called Tupperware and two hours later my (now) Business Leader Micki Anderson reached out to me. Now my second son is going to college this fall.

What keeps me going is that my kids are involved. They see the benefits of being a Tupperware lady and what it means for them. They’re very encouraging; they watch my team bond and it’s brought our family closer together. The best gift

I’m paying for two college tuitions at the same time and I'm not worried about how I'm going to pay for both of them. It’s all paid for by my

It only took one year, on my anniversary, to earn my first car—the ‘TupperSonic’ as I liked to call it, through the What’s Your Drive? Car Program.

is knowing that with Tupperware, my kids and I don’t have to worry anymore!

Tupperware income.


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6/27/16 2:4 PM

Now I’m at the Acadia level and continue to grow my team. That’s three cars that I’ve achieved, but best of all, my Tupperware car freed up my other car to be able to give my son going off to college. That’s a great thing for our family. I’ve also earned two WOW trips, as well as Cancun and Hemingway! I love Tupperware vacations!

I’ve been working a job for 16 years and will be taking an early retirement to pursue Tupperware full time. If I can do it, you can too! —DIANA REED, 3 STAR DIRECTOR Waterford, MI

JOIN thousands of other Tupperladies and gents by asking your Consultant how to get started or by visiting TUPPERWARE.COM.


available August 13–26, 2016

only by Tupperware

© Disney

Character of the class Disney Magical Snack Set* Choose from either a Mickey or Minnie themed set. Each includes 16-oz./470 mL tumbler with liquid tight seal and flip-top spout, 2-cup/500 mL Big Wonders® Bowl with embossed character seal and two 4-oz./120 mL Snack Cups. $28 value. Save $9! $19.00 Your choice of character: 81971 Mickey 81972 Minnie


set for school

ONLY $5! Apple Keeper Send the kids back to school with a teacher’s gift or a delicious treat. $9 value. Save $4! 81970 $5.00

*Artwork not covered by Limited Lifetime Warranty. Note: Colors may vary and substitutions may occur.

6/27/16 2:4 PM

it’s electric available August 13–26, 2016

Save over 50% Mega Tumblers Reach your daily recommended water intake by filling one tumbler just twice a day! Set of three 36-oz./1 L tumblers. $36 value. Save $19! 81969 $17.00



Tupperware Brands Foundation is proud to support organizations like Boys & Girls Clubs of America and others. For each Side-by-Side container purchased, we’ll donate a portion of the purchase price to support the more than 15 million kids mentored at Boys & Girls Clubs of America and other organizations supported by Tupperware Brands Foundation. Side-by-Side Container Single container, two compartments! Groove under seal keeps contents separated in their compartments. Perfect for snacking on the go. $9.00 Your choice of color: 9494 Electric Pink 9495 Electric Orange $3 donation

$3 donation

for every container purchased

Note: Colors may vary and substitutions may occur.

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Two for $12 Jr. Cereal Storers Preserve that crunchy taste for even longer! Includes two Jr. Cereal Storer containers with seals. 3½-cup/850 mL. Limit one offer when you attend a party. $20 value. Save $8! 89426 $12.00 Made with naturally replenishable vegetable oils, the inks used to print this flyer emit lower VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and minimize any potential negative impact to the environment.



(USA) 2016 Mid-AUG Tupperware Flyer  

Tupperware Mid-Aug Brochure/Flyer USA Version Contact your consultant to order AUG 13 - SEP 9, 2016 (Started one week early on AUG 6)

(USA) 2016 Mid-AUG Tupperware Flyer  

Tupperware Mid-Aug Brochure/Flyer USA Version Contact your consultant to order AUG 13 - SEP 9, 2016 (Started one week early on AUG 6)